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I would like to call UMNO, BN, and the Malaysian government to look back at the usage of computer in the police and the military. The usage of e-mail to send important information should be scrapped immediately. Just go back to the old manual system OR we create our own computer hardware and firmware. OUR OWN wafer and Processor. If we can't develop our own microchips then simply go back to the old manual type-writer and paper filing system.

Do not put me in ISA if I were to say we already sold our secrets the police and the military to our enemy. If UMNO members care to educate themselves more rather than yelling the hatred words on opposition parties, then the steps would surely be good for the nation. We can enhance ourselves from being the slaves of the world.

If you educate yourself more on the evolution of the modern computer and the smart-phone, I am sure you will be extremely careful in using the technology. You type and other people read. All the information that we have on the internet including these articles are in the hard disk of the foreign nation. You got to read more to know about it. All what we say on our cell-phone could be heard in a room somewhere and all being recorded.

Our police and UMNO leaders must learn why we cannot employ the Jews although we are promised the meetings with the American Presidents. It is a akin to the worshipping of the SATAN. You worship the Jews as long as they promise you continuing power and wealth. As I said before it does not matter whether we come to know about it or not. If we know at least we can caution the leaders, the police and the UMNO. If we don't the nation will be dissolved in the world pot of satanism. And we continue undressing our national security to the foreign powers and even to our close neighbors.

During the British time, there was no computer then. All the very secret and confidential stuffs were carried by personnel, not in hand bags but in the brain. We don't send out a General's name and his background using e-mail or kept the information in our server or hard disk. If UMNO is too dumb to read or understand English then go and travel a bit to see the simple phone gadgets used by the people of the world and see how it can access satellite TV and signals and understand how the firmware works.

Right now the Jews and the Americans are planning to put worms on Iran computers. That means it can create havoc in many facilities in Iran without being noticed. It manipulates and change the data.

Do not think you are smart enough just because you use computers. Computers can make you very dumb.

We already have too many dumb people in our nation. Am I wrong to say the Malays are the worse ? Aren't they plundered the water catchment areas and agricultural land and the hills for money ? Now they are giving discounts to criminals for pleading guilty rather than to fight the them and give them the maximum for putting pain on other people's body and soul. That I am not touching on the current education system of the school based exam yet, and about the our currency relating to our economy.


16/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We tell lies to save our souls, friends or the people we like. We call them 'White Lies'. Once upon a time and it has been a very long time I have always been thinking that Americans don't lie. My first shock was when Clinton said "I never know that woman". He was a President of the respected country the great United States. Then it was push into people's mind about Anwar Ibrahim blackened his own eyes. After that lies after lies befell.

How do you know whether a lie is being told ? If I am accused of having an affair with my dear lady clerk and I deny it, it means a lie is already exist. Either the accuser is a liar or I am the dishonest person. The most recent is when bloggers accused one of our Ministers rape a domestic helper. In this case we would see many liars and dishonest people. Either the WikiLeaks, the bloggers, a few Ministers or even the woman involved.

Lies can hurt the innocent victims from the normal shame to the horrible death. Lying to justify killings of the Muslims without any feeling is worse than the animals. Even animals show their love towards their kinds.

Though our Minister is innocent no amount of proof would make everyone believe him. The woman might be said to have been paid a substantial sum of money to deny it. And people do not believe in the police and judicial system in the country. If 5 or 20 people are in the group of anti government, it is very negligible and we can ignore it. But if the number is by the millions, it is a big shame.

I would like to call all the people not to believe in the wild accusation and the WikiLeak. The woman herself has admitted that there was no sexual relationship between them and the Minister is a kind man. Just take her words.

But if people accuse me of raping then certainly it could not be true. It is not because I am an old man but because I am not a healthy man. I am experiencing the male dysfunction order. Old man still has heavy sexual drive. I too can't resist a beautiful woman. I think I would be much satisfied just by caressing her. Would it be a raping or molesting ? Surely it would not be both if both of us have mutual feeling towards each other.

Have you ever had an affair with a married man or woman ? If both of you are really in love, it would be a very painful affair. Either you die together with her by suicide or force to break up. If she is a foreigner the break up is much simpler. She just vanish from my eyes and some time later I would forget her.

But I would not lie if questioned about my affair. I would admit that I love her.

At least the Minister would understand how the other person feels if being accused of something that he has not done. In spite of calling the law to help there could not be peace in the Minister's mind. I can only think of a way to get peace. Quit politics and perform a Haj, umrah and join the others in the daily prayers. And those who throw wild accusation will not live with a peaceful mind too.

Lies are everywhere. The worse comes from Washington and Israel. I pray to God to put some morality, souls and conscience in them. The second which are more numerous are from the Malaysians regardless whether they are politicians or laymen.

09/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't listen to all the songs in the world. My worldview of the songs is narrowed to those I used to listen. Though songs of the 60's are my favorite, I think the most beautiful songs in my own chart are Besame Mucho, Widuri and Sukiyaki. But let me tell you the Beatles killed Besame Mucho. If you hear the Beatles version you may want to sue the onnce famous pop group. To me the best of the Beatles is the Hey Jud.

And the best innovation of it is the one mixed with rap. The combination of the new beat and the old cooks very well. I played it over and over again and compare it with the other singers.

Widuri is an Indonesian love song. The melody is just beautiful and several well known singers sing it. I downloaded almost all the different singers and judged the best of Widuri. Bop Tutopoli and Broery sang with the best vocal. Siti Nurhaliza topped the female singers. The last time I visit Bandung, two young men boarded the bus while we were having our dinner. One played a viola and the other a guitar. The younger man sang Widuri. The music was extremely beautiful. Our donations was really worth the money.

Sukiyaki is a Japanese song sang by a Japanese male singer. It sound like a female. The song was a top hit in the 60's. The singer dies in a commercial plane crash.

All of these songs are in my iPhone. shockingly enough I downloaded them for the second time. The first group of songs, mixed with several videos including the topics on Jews and 911, were erased by accident from the computer not direct from the iPhone. Now I cannot download anything more about the Jews or David Duke because they were blocked.

New songs are mixed with the Bollywood too. One of Sharifah Aini is Bunga Tanjung which is as beautiful as the others. Bunga Tanjung is about an married lady. It has a lot of meaning in it. I think the young and unmarried girls should hear and understand the lyric.

Just try to look for those songs in the You Tube and you will like them.

Right now I am downloading a song called Pretty Ribbon sung by Engelbert HYmperdinck. I wonder whether the young people ever heard of this singer.

08/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Nujum Pak Belalang is a Gypsy Woman And A Crystal Ball. But Pak Belalang's always guess what he saw in the magic bowl of water and his bluffs came out to be true. I call myself Nujum Pak Belalang because several of what I have guesses turned out to be true. Some of them were confirmed by my friends and others were only my own observations. Bluffing and guessing are not my profession. When events happened in front of me I would say so and some are too abusive.

If I were to mention here what had just really happened, I might offend very many people. I have said it before and it fell on the deaf ears. So when it happened it brought a big disgrace to the nation and a special group of people. I said worst will be coming. To me what had happened was already too bad. It has something to do with my once dear hobby.

I don't have to fight against any smear campaign against me. Let the world form more images in their minds about the Malaysians. Later it will be too late and no amount of work could be undone the error. Even Najib recently said in the New Year's speech that people must not experiment ( with the change in government ) because the error can never be undone. I have always been calling for a deep and long thinking for any decision.

In my world of work I saw people gambled with the future of our generations. These are short sighted officers who sold their ideas to the Minister who bought them. The philosophy, the substantive contents to be delivered to the clients would even be consumed by themselves. They just do it for people. Several consequences  matched my crystal ball.

Just stay calm and open your mind. Put a little thought to things around you, to your work place, your hobby, your home and a little of everything. You will see the good and the bad people, the very stupid and the smart people. I am not talking about politics because to me it has no morality or conscience. It is a flat form to get wealth.

That's the reason I always said that 'Don't say I have not warned you'. My bowl of water shows nothing inside but I tell people that I see things. Many later came back and told me that what I told them were true.

08/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Human beings never change from the beginnings of it's history. It had been a story of conquest and empire. The strong became master and the weak submitted. For every imperialism and conquest there was always the justification like to bring light to the barbarian, to do what the God asked the people to do. So were the history of the Master Race, first it started with the skin color and later the shape of the skull. Those chosen by God can do whatever on those living in the dark, to educate them, made them into slaves for economic end.

Economic factor later became an important aspect. Sailors who robbed for the survival of the country were knighted and became the heroes. It is just to steal and robbed from people of lower class or an outcast.

Though United States is a wealthy nation. It's economy was sufferings for some time. It started with the stiff competition from Japan. Then Korea and now China. In the 1080's the auto and aviation industries suffered badly. Many shops had been taken over either by the Orientals or the Jews. The bulk of the money went to military spending and aerospace. Unemployment was high. The oil start to become scarce and the price began to go up.

Hence the top brass like the former Presidents, Secretary of states and several Jews went to a meeting. I am going to rephrase in my own word what the Jews told Bush and the top Americans.

       "To recover and to ensure the growth of America we have to look for countries rich with resources. Iraq and other
         Middle Eastern countries have those. Just attack them." That's what the Jews said.

       "Attack them ? Just attack them like that ? "

\      "We don't simply attack them. We attack the terrorists. We make them the terrorists. Our people would support us.
         And the world would support us."

Then the plan for the 911 transpired. Everyone agrees to hear the presentation of the Jews. There must be sacrifice for the survival of the nation. Let the casualty be minimized. So Israel won by winning a more secured Israel. And Washington won Iraq and the Oil Field.

Now you understand why Washington labeled everything 911 as classified. It cheats. It could not answer questions asked. It confiscated camera which witness what happened to Pentagon, 89 of them which showed no plane. Pentagon release it's own camera with the picture of the plane hitting the building.

As far as Washington is concerned the lies is for the national interest. As far as the people are concerned they have learned so much about Jews and saw the excessive power and influence on the Congress and the exercise of cruelty on the Palestinians. Changing a few words of the Talmud it would say "Jews are animals with legs"



Are we anti Jews and anti Washington ? A big majority of us, the Malaysians and the citizens of the world, just would not care who you are, Jews or no-Jews. That's the reason why Malaysians would not care whether our government employ Jews or not. They just don't care. To those who know what the Jews think of the non-Jews, the Gentiles, feel very uncomfortable when Jews are applying what is written in the Talmud in their daily lives. It is not the word of the Book only that matters but also what the living politicians in Washington had said about the non-Jews and what those dead Israel Prime Minister had said about non-Jews as animals.

Many years ago when I was in USA, I overheard a few fellow Americans were talking about Jews killing Jesus Christ, calling him a bastard and Marry a prostitute. I did not care and thought it was just a talk of normal hatred. But with the beginning of the WikiLeaks and our Malaysian media big story about Anwar Ibrahim, I began to dig deeper using my iPhone. Even the recent attack on the Church in Egypt was suspected as the work of the Mosad to make the Christians hate the Muslims as it was done on September 11, 2001. I read about the collapsed of those buildings, about the cover  up, about the missing evidences and about David Duke.

David Duke mentioned Talmud several time. I did not want to know more though we were lead to refer to Talmud time and again. It is not me or many of us hate Jews, not al all, but it is the the Jews who hate us that much. We are animals. For animals to serve Jews they must be in human form.  Mahathir had said that Jews are ruling the world thru Proxy and it was the Jews who did the 911 job. Is he wrong ?

Below are some of what Talmud teaches Jews.


"The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts."

"The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. "

"Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form."

"A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal."

"The souls of non-Jews come from impure sprits and are called pigs."

"Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human."

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog."

"If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: "God will replace 'your loss', just as if one of his oxen or asses had died"."

"Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals."

"It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile."

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah."

"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands."

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God."

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God

 If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.
 Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work.

Jews Have Superior Legal Status

"If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full."

Jews May Steal from Non-Jews

If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews

When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

All gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Sanhedrin 106a . Says Mary  was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men.

Horrible Blasphemy Against Jesus Christ

Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is being boiled in "hot excrement."

Sanhedrin 43a. Jesus deserved execution: "On the eve of the Passover, Yeshu (Jesus) was hanged...Do you suppose that he was one for whom a defense could be made? Was he not a Mesith (enticer)?"

Talmud Attacks Non jews beliefs

Christians (minnim) and others who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.

Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament.

Dr. Israel Shahak of Hebrew University reports that the Israelis burned hundreds of New Testament Bibles in occupied Palestine on March 23, 1980 (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21).

Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.

Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).

Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

Abodah Zarah 17a. States that there is not a whore in the world that the Talmudic sage Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with.

Hagigah 27a. States that no rabbi can ever go to hell.

Baba Mezia 59b. A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

Pesahim 111a. It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads.

Menahoth 43b-44a. A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.

Here are two early "Holocaust" tales from the Talmud: Gittin 57b. Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews.... that tells us about today's modern Jew's lies about those 6 million jews killed by Nazis ?????

Abodah Zarah 70a. The question was asked of the rabbi whether wine stolen in Pumbeditha might be used or if it was defiled, due to the fact that the thieves might have been gentiles (a gentile touching wine would make the wine unclean). The rabbi says not to worry, that the wine is permissible for Jewish use because the majority of the thieves in Pumbeditha, the place where the wine was stolen, are Jews. (Also cf. Gemara Rosh Hashanah 25b).

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").

This passage is from the original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617).

This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, " the various versions the reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].

Israelis annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press, June 9, 1989, p. 56B).

On Purim, Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque. Goldstein was a disciple of the late Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane, who told CBS News that his teaching that Arabs are "dogs" is derived "from the Talmud." (CBS 60 Minutes, "Kahane").

University of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and Goldstein's philosophy: "They believe it's God's will that they commit violence against goyim, a Hebrew term for non-Jews." (NY Daily News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5).

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

Moses Maimonides: Advocate of Extermination

"Moses Maimonides is considered the greatest codifier and philosopher in Jewish history. He is often affectionately referred to as the Rambam, after the initials of his name and title, Rabenu Moshe Ben Maimon, "Our Rabbi, Moses son of Maimon." [Maimonides' Principles, edited by Aryeh Kaplan, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,, p. 3].

Here is what Maimonides (Rambam) taught concerning saving people's lives, especially concerning saving the lives of gentiles and Christians, or even Jews who dared to deny the "divine inspiration" of the Talmud:

Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Moznaim Publishing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, 1990, Chapter 10, English Translation), p. 184: "Accordingly, if we see an idolater (gentile) being swept away or drowning in the river, we should not help him. If we see that his life is in danger, we should not save him." The Hebrew text of the Feldheim 1981 edition of Mishnah Torah states this as well.

Immediately after Maimonides' admonition that it is a duty for Jews not to save a drowning or perishing gentile, he informs us of the Talmudic duty of Jews towards Goyim, and also towards Jews who deny the Talmud. Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Chapter 10), p. 184:

"It is a mitzvah [religious duty], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minnim, and apikorsim, and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot."



The Zionists are accusing David Duke for teaching hatred and when he made a visit to the Czek Republic he was arrested with the charge but later released. Who actually teach and preach hatred other than Washington and the Jews, calling the Muslims terrorists and used all the mainstream media to condition the mind of the Americans about Osama ben Laden. Not only preaching  Washington and Tel-Aviv also murdered the people of  Iraq and Afghanistan. David Jones merely quoted the words of the Zionists or Jewish media on the gentiles and non-gentiles. He educates the world about Jewish philosophy and thinking, about the strategy and exposing the actions of the Jewish Lobbyist during the Presidential campaign.

I wouldn't have known what gentile is and never heard of the word Goyim. I would not be aware that the Christians Jews cross were forbidden to be publicly displayed but the Jewish Menorah are all over the United States. Telling the truth and facts are with proofs.

As we have seen that the Zionists arts and tactic was to label the non-Jews by hatred name like Terrorists. Jews in Washinton were the first to start with Terrorist Muslims. Now using the media they are facing people like David Dike and Alex Jones and even the Truthers in America preaching hatred. Most of the Americans wanted to know more about the collapsed the three buildings in 2001, where the plane debris and parts went to, why building 7 was insured in case of terrorist attack. Washington refused to reply and dodge these questions. Instead of answering Washington and the Zionist created the phrase "Preaching of Hatred'.

The quotation that "The reason why gentiles exist is to serve the Jews" was not the invention of David Duke. It was in Israelis newspaper. And as an American David wants the American to rule America, not the Jews.Hence there is nothing wrong with David. It was Israel and the Zionist who preach the hatred against the Muslims.

David also educate us that Jews had a master plan to take over the world like what the Communist once did.

Najib no need to follow what the Jews adviser said to win the election. Just listen to the heart of the people. Find out why the Malays hatred BN so much before and understand the feelings of the Chinese. The greatest mistake of BN is allowing the Zionist to install communication gear and open a wide door of painless espionage on Malaysia, and controlling the mind of our leaders.

03/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Interestingly enough when I played thru a You Tube Video, I found one describing the Americans today as what were said in the bible line by line. It includes about the greed, money and power. They were as a result of the making by the Zionist in America.

Another was talking about the amount of money made by the company of the body scanners. You see, many policies including on the dropping of Morse Code lies big money behind them.

The desire for power and wealth would make people's lose their souls and do the unthinkable.


David Duke, the arch enemy of the Zionist, proved that the lives of the non-Jews could be taken if the Jews need them. The Christians forbid it. That explains why the Muslims and the American Christians were killed for the hegemony of the Jews.

Learning about the happenings in America could make us more understanding of the happenings in the country. You just need to open your eyes and ears to see and detect lies, and see the types and style of corrupting.

BN members must know which ones of their members are Jews and which are not though they mat speak the same language and wear the same dress. You can notice by their talk and act.









03/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


ISA, the Internal Security Act, started during the British time, as one of the tools to combat Communist threat, A person will be caught without trial. It is a special rule which does not acquire Natural Justice in order to save the General Public. In Malaysia the ISA is still running even long after the Communist threat. There are movements both by the Malaysians and foreign sympathizers pressuring the government to scrap it off. It is always a danger of injustice when a person or a political party is equate to a country; anything against a political party will be accused as against the country. In addition to it we are moving towards human right and the right of an individual. And it is absurd to equate a person or a political party to the nation.

In the age of benevolent and high civilization the world must not be barbaric.

What sort of info my iPhone tells me ? Interestingly the American Congress is being pushed to approve at least two bills; the bill against the media and the bill to imprison without trial of those deem a threat to National Security. Both have been seen as barbaric by the Americans and the Western World. Soon no one will be allowed to talk about 9/11 as it is a threat to American Security. As the Malaysians asked how can so and so is a threat to the national security, the fellow Americans is asking the same thing. ISA is already in the mind of American Congress.

When people were asking for explanation for how the building 7 collapsed without being hit by any plane and said that these buildings dropped due to controlled demolition, American President could not answer. They were classified. The answer would be a threat to national security. To continue to say Osama did it, it will be alright. Now it would be simpler to close people's mouth and gag them by the ISA.

What a joke; a nation which preach freedom, democracy, human right is deploying the ISA ? Is America going nut and barbaric ?

What is the national security about telling that 9/11 was not done by the Muslim ? It means the American must stop going to Afghanistan and Pakistan to test their droned and other weapons, to provide threat to Pakistan, to be able to explore and steal the natural resources. Bombing it's own country would start the New World Order, to create justification to attack the Muslim world especially those with oil. One Congressman even suggested to the Congress to bomb Mecca. That's what American National Security Means. It is justified and permissible to attack those countries rich in resources as long as they are the enemies of the United States.

In the Utubes there were videos on the coming of the BEAST as found in the bible. The producer was trying to equate the Pope of Rome as a Best turning people's attention towards the Jews and the NWO.

The ISA in the United States is exposed by the big majority of peace loving Americans. They want the country to have conscience and morality and more so to have SOUL. As we the Malaysians we want our police, Attorney General and our leaders to have SOUL too.

I foresee that China will be greater than USA in many ways soon, both in military and economy. China has been observing the United States for a long time and understand it very well by now. Yet she does not a fuss on anything now. Quietly she put people on the outer space.

Some of the Malaysians do not look at USA as everything good and copy them especially when they understand how the policies are being made under whose demand and influence. When Obama came to China and demanded China to follow US economic policy on currency, he is following the demand of the lobbyist Jews. China must have smiled and said "Is USA is kidding her".

Americans and America is not the one and same thing. One is the citizens and the other is the Congress. Even the Congress is behind the invisible hypnosis. Now ISA in USA.

02/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

a. White Anglo Saxon American ?
b. African American ?
c. Jews Business Community ?
d. Spanish American ?

Which Malaysians have the Jews business mind in relation to the above ?

a. The Mamak
b. The Malays
c. The Chinese
d. The Indians

Learn more about the Jews in America.


Most of the Malaysian Malays including me are very ignorant on many things. When I have the internet I did not browse much. With the new cell phone, I explore much, not only to know about the soft ware and the use of the small marvelous toy but also stepped further into the far distant land and on the main current issues.

I was surprise to know the number of Muslims in China which exceeds the Malay Muslims in Malaysia by many fold. Yet some Malay politicians are sadly blind.

Islam is not Malay. Not all Malays are Muslims and those call themselves Muslims do not even practice the teaching of Islam and brought disgrace to Islam. You see, observe and hear yourselves.

Islam forbid robbery, forbidding the formulation of law to rob people.

I take my iPhone to bed. I slept on the hard floor yet I would browse the internet while lying down. And at early morning when I wake up, I would first open some blogs, read online newspapers and explore the internet.

Internet is actually a new phenomena. It started to be active around 1980's and the iPhone is more recent. Those who studied abroad then would know how difficult to get news from Malaysia. Everyday they would open up the letter box.

 Looking at the world we learn many things; on world economic, politics, culture and able to compare with the local happenings. To me my iPhone opened up my eyes, and mind.

Let me tell you that when some Mamak brought up the case of Lim Guan Eng immediately said these people are totally useless for bringing up the issue of a Chinese.

Never think only the Malays and the Mamaks are Muslims. Islam does not teach hatred and racial slur, lying and cheating, robbing and robbing, giving concessions to put people in hardhips.

When you go to a Chinese cemetery never think everyone beneath it is not a Muslim. You never know.

But there is one thing I can say; if we have 1 million of Chinese Muslims in this country for sure the Prime Minister and his Deputy will be Chinese.

30/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A cruel government has several criteria

                                a. It is unjust and discriminatory
                                b. It helps the wealthy and the greedy and suppressing the poor
                                c. It privatized utilities and allow the price to increase
                                d. It steals billions and give away less than a tenth of it for corruption
                                e. Using the police and security forces, the papers and electronic media to lie and cheat
                                 f. It abet insurance company to charge the rich lesser than the poor

This morning I went to renew my insurance for the new year road tax. I was very surprise when told the insurance for my old Kancil was mire than RM300. I was told the older the car the higher the insurance is. It is a new rate. How about the new car ? The newer the car is the lower is the premium.

To tell the truth, the first person I cursed was Najib and I called BN as JAHAT. No wealthy person will use the Kancil especially when it is so old. Do we have proof that old cars have had more accidences than the new ones and whether the car age are the cause of the accidence. Low income or poor people can't effort to buy new car.

Government approve the insurance policy because it sides the business companies. It all started during the time of Mahathir. Privatization were rampant. MAS was bought and sold. Billion of ringgit and public funds were robbed. Who gets away with that ? Who lobby for the increase insurance on the poor old car ? In USA the Jews always lobby. From my guess Tafakul is the great lobbyist. And the government bought it. Or already calculated the benefit it gets.

If the government does anything it always get away with it. Name it, they get it. UMNO can make corruption legal. Buying and giving away camels to the people was alright. When Selangor government did it was an act of corruption. When people want to pay for Nik Aziz to perform the Haj, every UMNO made a big noise. Was it not JAHAT ? When old folks were given RM100 UMNO Penang cried foul for taking Haram's money. When UMNO did it, it was alright. Was it not JAHAT ?

For a Kancil owner who can't afford to buy a new car RM300 for an insurance is not small. It is a third party premium. Rakyat Di Dahulukan ? In the country there are many wealthy people using new expensive cars. Certainly they will be happy and BN expect to gain many votes from this group.

The government is now aware that the Chinese does not like it because it is said to be unfair and discriminatory. The Malays are saying the Malay government is so very cruel. Many prefer to vote for the Chinese party. Is it not strange ?

It is a little of this and a little of that. I dpn't like because I have to pay a high third party premium for my 15 year old Kancil. Some are not happy with the water problem. Some saw policemen taking money. Some saw contracts given to UMNO cheat on people and the government. And a little of everything made people hate UMNO. What is left for UMNO is to play racial card, scarring the people if the Chinese rule the nation.

Goods and commodities are cheaper in Thailand and USA than in Malaysia. Why the Thais can do it and we can't ?

UMNO had given way too much to business community till they plundered the hills and mountain, robbed away water catchment and land that gives us food. Who can buy houses for RM500 thousands now ? The poor people and the Malay community should open their eyes and not to allow being cheated and being bluffs.

UMNO is very sinister and creating a cruel government. If no one believe in God at least have conscience and morality. What more if words like Takaful and Muzarabah is used. They use Arabic word to sound it Islamic. They use the Islamic dress to prey on people and squeeze as much as they can

Those poor old Kancil owners have to shed tears.Would they still go for BN ?

28/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


iPhone can drain your battery if it is heavily used for videos. Browsing web page consume a little of the power. And you need to close all applications and put it to sleep when not using it. Hence there is almost no program running at the background. If your usage is not heavy the battery can last you for one day.

I bought a power pack thru my student who went to Kuala Lumpur. It costs me RM150. Because my student did not know anything at all about it, she just bought what the salesman showed her. It has no brand.

The power pack is easy to use. The top portion can be removed to slide in the iPhone. Once fit the top cover is plugged back. The iPhone should be fully charged. We can either charge it separately or while it is in the power pack. The time taken to charge the iPhone is very much shorter than charging the power pack. I am of the habit removing my phone out to satisfy me psychologically.

This pack only has one LED. During the charging it will be red in color and turns green when fully charged.

Beside the LED is an ON/OFF switch. I put it to OFF when I want to charge only the power pack. I put it to ON when I want to use the power pack for the iPhone. When all the power is drained off, it will switch automatically to the iPhone battery. In fact it will charge both when the iPhone is in the casing.

My charging time is either at night or the next morning.

I would enjoy my watching and learning songs from the You Tube almost the whole day long.

My downloading from the You Tube already exceed the given amount. As I am using Celcom, it is slowing down. If I use Maxis I will get nothing after reaching my 5 gig of data.

28/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Dear Americans

More than 30 years ago and many years after that I made a regular visit to America. My 1 1/2 years of schooling in Athens Ohio and Bloomington Indiana, we the whole family, enjoyed ourselves. Though we found there are so many similarities except for the color skin, we found that the Americans were more honest than the current Malaysians. Even with the strict rules we encountered with individuals who trust us as people with integrity. I have lecturers who were Jews and non-Jews. They did not show any hatred towards other mankind.

When I was in London on a tour trip I met with fellow Americans. We talked about Bob Knight and Indiana basketball after knowing that they were from Indiana. We talked about the British with a wide smile.

But September 11 2001 changed everything. It was my birthday when in the early morning the TV beside my bed showed airplanes hitting a building which I later understood that it was a sinister happening. Days later the Muslims were blamed. I felt so very bad and sorry for what had had happen. And many years later the Muslims were painted as terrorists. Bush always mentioned Osama ben Laden and Al-Queda. Because I felt I did not do anything wrong, I continued to make a visit to USA. In 2002 I went for my son's graduation and 2005 for a Radio Festival.

I knew many Americans took Muslims as terrorists. Everything is associated with Al-Qaeda. I saw Osama being hunted and innocent people killed. Droned being sent to Afghanistan and Pakistan to shoot at people.

When our Malaysian media loudly mentioned Wikileaks which said Anwar Ibrahim was really guilty in the Sodomy trial, my curiosity enhanced. I wanted to dig deeper. First I not only found that even our Prime Minister was accused to be involved in the death of Mongolian woman, but also about the new story about 9/11.

I have to watch the You Tube several time on the way the buildings collapsed. Even the one without airplane vanished to the ground. Truly it did not look as if they are being hit or fire but by the planned demolition. I also read about the scientific investigation on the materials found. Those are not the propaganda stuffs but the sciences of it.

I have been telling my friends at home about the Street People I found sleeping on the roads in Los Angeles, about the jobless people, about the many shops being taken over by the non-White, about the daily robbery and murders. Was American economy that bad ?

Now I realize that the nation spent trillion of dollars in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan . That amount of money would be enough for many projects for the citizens of America. Many Americans who worked overseas feared of going back to the United States. They said they would be out of jobs.

Keep cool and don't listen to words but open your eyes. But unfortunately I had been watching your TV too. Your TV close people's eyes. The people of New York are more exposed to the events in New York. Little of the world news are told to the people. Unlike in our country we are exposed to the world as much as  the local happenings.

I think someone just want the Americans to focus on other things. People of the world are made to conceive the Americans are sexual people. You enjoy sex. You forget how to make money. Other people bought buildings and ensured them for big sum of money in case of terrorist attack. True a few days later the buildings were attacked. The Muslims were accused to be terrorists and the buyer get trillion of dollars. What do the American get ? Free sex.

Now who run what businesses in America ? Who lobby and paid huge sums of money for the Presidential candidate election ? Understand how the lobbyist made the receivers  follow their words and even put them at important places and policy making. When you vote the Republicans and the Democrats you are the same. You don't see much different because people up there have locked the congress.

For a long time you have been thinking the Muslims were devil. The church wanted to burn the Koran and you hated those who want to built a mosque near the ground zero. Imagine how the American army hunted Ben Laden using tons of bombs tearing a hill without any pity.

You go back to your bible and read the Koran and seek about information about the day of judgment. Read about the Gog and Demagog. What was shown on You Tube about The Beast is not the pope but the new power of Israel. American people must stand up and do something solid and of substance.

27/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just want to write though I am not a writer. I can't grammar right and spell right. So I bulldozed my way thru. My friend asked "Why do people write ? " I really don't know the answer. But as for me it is a form of releasing tension and relaxation. It is a chance for those who were lazy in schools to make up some of the loses. From young until 40 years later nothing of substance was done. No self contribution and continue to be scared of books.

The good part of the anti-government blog is it attract me to read. Reading essays written by Tengku Aziz in Lim Kit Siang web page made me praise the Tengku for his beautiful and powerful English. I just wonder why a man with such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence does not go on the government side.

To emulate Tengku Aziz I would have to start reading. At 64 ? I think it is too late. However by God's grace I h I came across an Apple I-Book, a fantastic soft ware giving free books which I can read. Some of the e-books are old but were written in good English. If I can find time to browse a page a day, I think my bulldozing will reduce a little.

At least I am aware of the formula how to improve myself. Yet there are many others who still want to write and would do so haphazardly using all the modern short forms and symbols; like X for not. I saw a few of my students write in English in the facebook. Many do not have the bulldozer machines to do it.

Many a time when the ideas cannot be matched with words. I see things in my mind but I simply could not find the word for it. My vocabulary is narrow and very limited. When this happen I can't even do the bulldozing, and would simply erase the whole essay. For days I would just stay idle, doing no writing. These few days I made myself busy at listening to songs like Besame Mucho and Widuri.

27/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Almost done with political stuff, I am now downloading songs that many younger generation might not know. My download speed is slowing down now because of my huge data usage. It really creeps. Yet I managed to download songs sang by Clift Richard. Almost all of his songs were top hit when I was somewhere in Form 2 or earlier. Have you heard songs like Judy Judy, Seal With A Kiss, Listen to the Rhythm of The Falling Rain, Oh Carrol and the most evergreen and will forever live is Besame Mucho.

I downloaded more than 10 Besame Muchos sang by different singers, each having his own style. Even the Sanjaya of American Idol is in iPhone4. It is a beautul Spanish song like by many.

Then my wife asked me to download Widuri. Even Widuri is sung by many famous singers. Aneke Gronloh and Siti Nurhaliza also entertain people with this beautiful song. It is as beautiful as Besame Mucho. I have Bob Tutopoli too in my iPhone. The best of Sharifah Aini which I love is Bunga Tanjung.

My iPhone has taken up much video spave from the You Tube. I think somehow it must come to a stop.

Downloading at home is a very slow process. My Celcom broadband allows the maximum of 5 gig data usage. Exceeding it would slow it down. I would take hours to do the downloading. The answer is the Old Town Cafe which is only about 10 minutes drive. With the order of a set of spring rolls and a glass of juice, I started downloading until the desired files were all completed. So far I went there a couple of time.

I was more surprise at the downloading speed at Suntech building in Penang. I went there to check my webpage status from the Exabyte company which is on the 18th floor. Within a few seconds several files on Siti Nurhaliza were completely downloaded. I believe at that speed I could have obtain movies from the internet within a few minutes.

My travelling companions are the You Tube files and files in the iPod libraries. At midnight Besame Mucho would be nice to play. And all in the iPhone 4. The only problem I have not sort out yet is the prayer warning which is about one hour late. Probably I will have to play around with the setting.

Picture taking is fantastic. It is better than my 5 mega pixel camera. Night capture is flawless. When I was at Disneyland Hong Kong the night capture from my camera was very bad, all almost useless. The next time I travel my companion will be the iPhone and a small radio and amplifier. Group traveling had been almost boring. Everybody slept when they should enjoyed themselves with singing some songs. Imagine some trip was over 200 miles.

If you want to use your phone only for sms and normal call, no need to buy the iPhone at all.

Certainly I will increase the application day by day.

25/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The two young entrepreneurs running small stalls of mee goreng and drinks are very hard working. The Nasi Goreng, meehun, mee and koiteow always sold out even before 11 pm. They started the business at about 6 pm.

The first to finish is Nasi Goreng. I have always appreciate young people doing business how small it is. The delicious food cost between RM2.50 to RM4.00. Something special would be 4 ringgit but it is really special.

As far as the drink is concerned I would give them A++. The boy seen in the picture would be very busy all the time. Most of the time we have to queue up. My wife would always ask me to buy the drink from here.

Young and old, boys and girls would gather at the stall's tables chatting while eating and drinking. Most of the time I would buy home.

When young men are busy with this kind of jobs, we know it is healthy and commendable.

When I ordered the drink I always say "Kurang kurang manis". He understood it well. It taste good and not sweet.

About 80% of my going to the stall is at late night. And more often than not I am never lucky. All food would be sold out. Deep in my heart I feel happy at their success.

22/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Finally I gave myself a chance not to wildly accuse anybody on the 9/11 issue. Instead on focusing on the questions raised, videos and articles are focusing on something else like the good and bad of the Muslims and the Jews. I think those questions should be addressed and we should hear the answers.

The main question is "ARE THE BUILDINGS BROUGHT DOWN BY THE PLANE ?" For several years people are thinking that those buildings were brought down by the planes. Then someone saw the manner the buildings dropped. One was not hit by any plane. The other two were hit. The building collapsed later straight down in manners of demolishing procedure. The three of them even the one not hit by the plane.

Did the plane cause the collapse or something else. You look at the event again and again. My non-expert opinion the plane did not bring the building down. It was following the demolishing procedure.

The second big question is "WHO DID IT AND WHY ? " Circumstancess would immediately strike people's mind it was the anti-America job. Who could be the anti-America ? Because America had been supporting Israel against the Palestinians, America must be taught a lesson. Hence it could very well be done by the Islamic group.

Could it be any other group who do not like America ? To say the Jews it would very ridiculous. But we on reading of attack by Israelis on Liberty during the 1967 war and what the Zionist thought of the non-Jews and the Jewish philosophy we could not discount of the possibility. Jews would do it to demonized the Muslims so that the whole world would go against the Muslims. Hence it would open ways to attack Iraq and all other Muslim world.

There are several other questions asked and they will bogged the minds of the Americans.

Jews must answer those big questions and not to avoid them by repeating the holocaust on end , and it's right to exist.

It is very interesting for me to watch video entitle THE BEAST. In my mind that video was mean to degrade the Pope and Christians. Each sentence of the bible was connected to the pope. What I think is each of the sentence about the BEAST implies on the new order of the world.

In my younger days my religious teacher told us that many prophets of Islam were Jewish and God gave them intelligence of the highest order. But we were not told to be anti Jews by our teacher. And because we are not Arab and we have much problems of our own, we let those things passed by. But seeing the innocent being killed is a pain. Seeing the drone invading the nation and shoot unarmed and helpless people is beyond reason. Just because they are Muslims and their lives worst nothing at all.

The 911 is something to be remembered and investigated again. May be the Americans will get the answer why the employment rate is quite high and many Americans still live in poverty as the people in other countries. The Americans must speak up without fear.

21/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When a man is in deep pain and a devil promise him a cure as long as he agrees to worship him, the man will accept it. Will you ?

When Malaysia is employing the Zionist to plan the strategy and purchase the computer soft ware for the security forces it simply confused me. Even if we don't know and everyone just keeps quiet, doesn't the government sense danger ? Isn't Malaysian defense is that fragile and the enemy did not have to struggle to spy on us. We invite and nurtured them with huge sum of money. The point is most of the civil servants are Muslims.

Words from the Ulama about Zionist may be dismissed because people might be thinking the Ulama's thinking is shallow and simply cursing the Jews merely from the Quaran and Hadith. Modern people only used Ulama at the death and kenduris ceremoney. But the West has begun to see the arts of the Zionists, their thought and philosophy. They do not come from only the Pope but also from very highly educated Americans and English.

I am not going to tell you where to get all the information. Recently the Jews have met and agreed to hack the servers and the internet to disinformed the people. The history of brain washing and how the tactics were applied during 9/11 attack told us to be aware of the Zionists in our midst. The penetration in our military and police force is very dangerous.

Assume that Anwar Ibrahim didn't bring this out, do you think it would not have been known ? Assume that nobody knows and Najib and our government is very happy with the Jews, do you think the Zionist will end just there ? Sit tight and wait for instruction from the government ?

Say you meet a person whom you know as a Jew or even a Zionist, can't you talk to him ? Sure you can. Take him for a cup of coffee and have a casual chat. Then say good bye to him. Your eyes must open. Your ears must listen.

We don't trust our friend 200%. Would you left your wife to your friend to take care of her when you are away from home ? If we don't trust our friend that much why should we trust Jews to handle our communication system and let them move freely around. They can't be members of Mosad ? Merely a kampong Jew who only believe in humanity ?

Zahid Hamidi must think hard now and check our police and military security system, understand the computer networking and the most modern wireless technology to understand how our data can be hauled back to Israel or Singapore. If you don't know about these phenomena, then we just have to say sorry for our generation and nation to come. I am sorry to say that the Malays had been stupid by giving away our land to the British very easily before, and is it continue to act stupidly ?

Israel spy it's own mom, the United States, attacking United State's ship, lying to the Americans and kill them. Yet they get away with that because they in control of United States. The Malaysian politician who depends so much on the Jews to survive is bound to follow what is commanded and hence become the slave of the chosen one. People keep secrets even to close friends. We stripped naked for our foe to see. We don't create enemy with the Jews but their teaching does. Jews says that the only reason why non-Jews exist is to serve Jews. It is moral to kill and steal your heart if the Jew needs one. Goyim were born to serve them. The different between aJewish soul and the soul of non-Jews is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle. Most of us are Goyim but I can't say of some of the politicians. If the politicians are Goyim than they should know why I am against the relationship between UMNO and Zionists.

Whether Anwar is alive or dead, the damage has been done. It is up to you to let it stay as it is or do something about it.

19/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Telling something else which is different from the real ones with deliberately is a LIE. Countries lie to their citizens under the name of National Security. Questions have been asked what type of lies and what kind of happenings constitute a National Security. If you invent a new weapon and you hide it from your citizens as you don't want your enemy to know it is different from hiding about the group of suspects Talibans who you tortured mercilessly. Lying to save yourself and party as a result of your major errors would be immoral. Inventing the non-existing stories on a person because he is deem a political threat is also immoral.

When Singapore aired 6 comments on Malaysia, we only broadcast only one of them and hiding the others which are more serious ones. It also constitute a lie. But we tell our kids and school children not to lie.

Today when a lie is told publicly people can trace it easily and all over the world is reading or hearing it. If we don't have moral and conscience and we just ignore the existence of God and believe in religion, we would just don't care about it.

Now that with the leaking information people can read and know more about Zionists and their thoughts. Then they would be compared with what the local politicians do and say. Are they identical or similar to Zionist mind and practices ? Political leaders and high level professionals should refrain themselves from lying to people. If they do inside people heart, they would equate us with the Zionists.

The world would disgrace us as a nation of lies. America is accused of as a nation of lies by it's people for not telling the truth about the 9/11. Britain is accused as a nation of lies for hiding it's cruelty in Afghanistan by it's own people too, the White English not the Asians British. With the recent Wikileaks stuff Malaysia is also a nation of lie, joining our big brothers.

Leaders and professionals must be aware that ordinary people know that they lie. Do not underestimate the normal citizens. The facts that they came and shook hands with us did not mean that they did not know that we are liars. They did because they were good and respectable people. They just respect human beings.

What is actually behind most of us is that we just forget God and religion most of the time. That's why we lie and manufacture things and tell people to believe our lies.

I also would like to call Najib and all other officers to throughly check our security leak and for eave dropping equipments that may have been planted by the Jews in our military, police and putrajaya's buildings. When I found out how the Jews did it on USA,I got really scared. How could on earth do our government trust Zionist ?

A person lies to get promotion, getting praise and award and would not care less on anything as long as he gets what he wants. Asking or demanding people to keep their thinking quiet is as good as wanting to hide the truth. Suppressing the truth will allow words to go under ground and could spread like wild fire. It would take years before the evil show up.

I have several questions to UMNO. Do you always tell the truth ? Never cheat people ? Never cheat in the election ? Do you believe in heaven and hell ?

16/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Natural justice or procedural fairness is a legal philosophy used in some jurisdictions in the determination of just, or fair, processes in legal proceedings. The concept is very closely related to the principle of natural lawthem and save for safe keeping.

Another words it is the right of a person to defend himself. We all want that right. Denying the others the right but you demand it for tourselve and your children and grand children is not only unfair and unjust. I would not place you in a human group.

The World Trade Center in New was brought down by the plane. Observing the collapsed it was done by people expert in demolition. A few believe there were no plane hijacking. Other then the American and other Jews in the world they believe Osama and Islam has no connection to it.

Right now articles you may be reading must have been disinformed by the Zionist group. They had had a meeting and had agreed to do the disinformation. What looks like their enemies articles have been changed in contents. Always read them between lines and try to get the the articles or videos by some other mean. Once you check the authenticity you should download

My other essays on Wikileaks have been removed to political pages.

Ham radio operator sentenced for jamming police radio

San Jacinto, Calif. woman threatened police, gets probation.

 On Friday, October 8th, twenty-nine year old Irene M. Levy, KJ6CEY, of San Jacinto pleaded guilty to seven charges including making terrorist and bomb threats, obstructing arrest and interfering with transmissions of the Hemet, California, police and the Riverside County Fire Department. Levy agreed to plead guilty to one felony count of making criminal threats.

A Murrieta judge sentenced the Technician Class ham operator to three years probation giving her credit for the 98 days spent in jail since her arrest last May. She will not have to serve any additional time. As part of her probation, she was ordered not to harass, annoy or threaten law enforcement officers. Levy may not possess any equipment capable of accessing police radio and to undergo psychiatric care. She is scheduled to return to court Jan.19 for a progress hearing.

She was arrested on May 3rd at her mobile home for randomly broadcasting on CalFire and Hemet Police radio frequencies. Police said in the 30 hours of radio frequency interruptions, Levy made at least one bomb threat and many references to the death of police officers and fire personnel. Levy's threats and antics also jammed radio communications during search and rescue calls, fires, and a major traffic accident.

Levy's location was eventually pinpointed to her mobile home by investigators who tracked her down using direction finding equipment to triangulate her transmissions. She was arrested by officers from the Hemet Police, CalFire and Riverside Police as she was making transmissions on a Hemet Police frequency.

Hemet police said the transmissions began May 1st and ended in the early morning hours of May 3rd. Levy boasted that police would never find her and disguised her voice as a man. She reportedly suffers from a medical condition but the nature of her illness was not made public.

Hemet Police investigators seized 11 radios, 7 radio frequency scanners, radio frequency lists, computer equipment, and other miscellaneous radio equipment from Levy's trailer. She was booked into the Hemet Police Department Jail and charged with “Making terrorist threats; False report of a bomb threat; and maliciously interrupting, disrupting, impeding, or interfering with the transmission of a public safety radio frequency.” She initially pleaded not guilty and remained behind bars in lieu of $25,000 bail,

On her now removed bio page, Irene Levy had claimed to have a General Mobile Radio Service license, but the call sign attached to it is actually registered to her husband, Michael Levy, KE6ALV. She had also claimed to have monitored the Keller Peak repeater as well as the Hemet repeaters. Levy also said in that now gone QRZ bio she was active on Citizens Band radio prior to getting married and described herself as a CB'er at heart.

Irene Levy's problems may be far from over. At this point the FCC has not yet entered into the matter. If it does and decides to cite KJ6CEY, she could face a fine, a license suspension or even a hearing to determine if she should be permitted to continue as an FCC amateur radio licensee.



While the politicians are struggling to maintain the status quo so that they can continue feeding projects like privatization to their friends and families, many laymen are enjoying the miniature invention of the magic iPhone. I paid high for the phone because the sale girl was either stupid or simply good for nothing. But all in all I become to think that the Mat Salleh is better than many of the greedy politicians and businessmen. The Apple gave the soft ware free and with bundles of  E-Books too.

Never Had I dream the soft ware would be that fantastic which would have taken a great number of human resources to produce them. And the Mat Salleh gave it for free to the owners of the iPhone.

The library consists of a bookshelf, looking so realistic and beautiful. The downloading of each book was very fast and the display was magical and excellent. Putting a finger on the book would open up the book and you can move from page to page. The page would open like you do it in real life.

I was a lazy and naughty boy in school and feared of books and library. Reading and studying had been hell to me. But now at the verge of my death I began to have interest in looking at the e-books, open them and started to read paragraphs. They say while men go ageing their brain sells are dying down in big numbers. How much live cells do I have ? I hope the cells which always think bad things die down faster and living the cells which keep up my smartness.

Because of the size of the iPhone I can put it in my pocket and bring it everywhere. Reading from iPhone is like reading from a pocket dictionary. While the pocket dictionary could not enlarge the font size, the iPhone can. But the size is comfortable enough for my eyes to read. The producer of the Quaran said," Don't stay idle waiting and resting, read it while at the airport and anywhere else to fulfill the time." The E-Book is a revolution when it comes on the iPhone.

Longevity can be fun if one can enjoy new inventions and technology like the Flying cars and motorcycles, and the miniature stuffs like the iPhone. But it can be hell to some people if at 70+ you still talk foolish politics and continue to show your filthy power. People would be cursing you like hell and would remember you as tyrants and hell-goers.

To those who do not get involve in politics, better enjoy the new technology. Have a look at the iPhone Apple E-Book. When I ponder and think about mankind, I find that good and bad people are not hidden beneath their skin color, creed or race.


14/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof

( Benjamin gave me a tip after reading this. Read it below this aricle in blue)

When I ran application soft wares in the iphone I cannot exit and close each of the program except one Quaran program. The Ipod songs will continue to play even if I put the phone to sleep and lock it. The Sleep button does not close those soft wares I run though the screen goes dark. I would be thinking pressing the button does switch the iPhone off.

I went to Maxis Alor Setar two times today. The first time in the morning to ask about the battery. "No, we don't sell battery. The iphone comes like that. If it runs off, you recharge it." One young Chinese boy told me. It did not help. Earlier on I saw in the U-Tube showing how to open the iPhone and how to replace the components. I noticed the battery rectangular in shape.

Early in the evening I went again because I was surprise to hear my GPS still talked when I press the top right button to switch it off. I tried with the iPod song and closed it, and the sound was still there. After about 15 minutes of waiting I went to a lady. I said I have several question.

                                                        "If I order an iphone here how long do I have to wait ?"

                                                        "No. You don't have to wait. We have the stocks."

                                                        "But the Maxis at Pacific said I have to wait for a few months."

                                                        "That's not Maxis. It is an agent."

I was annoyed listening to the reply because the Maxis shop in Pacific supermarket did not tell me to get it from this real Maxis instead asked me to wait. In fact I did not notice there is another Maxis in town. I went to Kuala Lumpur to purchase the iPhone. Imagine the type of manpower the country has. Young people at the counter can sometimes be very annoying.

Then I asked the lady about how to close all the soft ware in my phone. She just ask me to quit the application by pressing the home button. I played one MP3 and press the home button. The song was still there. I pressed the sleep button. The song was still there. She asked me to quit the song first by pressing the stop play image. I told her that the soft ware would still runs and that consume battery.

                                 "All iPhones are like that. You press the home button. And the sleep button to quit," she said. "I have been using it that way for all my iPhones 3 and 4. It is that way."

                               "Than show me how to close the iphone alltogether."

                               "No. That;s the only way. Recharge your battery if it is weak."

                                "Ok then. How much is the battery ?"

                                 "We don't sell battery. iPhoe doesn't need to change battery."

                                "But all batteries have their life span. Somehow they are going to die down."

She gave a thought and asked one male stuff, also a Malay, beside her. The boy replied that the battery has the life span and it would cost RM300 to replace it. Just bring the iphone to Maxis and it will be sent to Singapore. He said the life span would be two to three years.

I came home and browse the internet. To switch off the iphone is to press the top right button for a few seconds and push the slide button on the screen. I did it and all sounds went off. At least I know now how to switch off my iPhone before I go to bed and that will stop my battery from being used up. And I also found that there are casings with special battery which would last very long with a warranty period of one year in USA. Certainly it will be in Malaysia soon.

I listen to Quaran while driving. Or I would enjoy a GPS talking sound overriding the old songs which is played simultaneously. If I play the Surah Al-Quaran I could not go to GPS. Going to GPS would close the application automatically. In coffee shop and restaurant I would read Malaysian newspapers while waiting for the order to arrive.

All those activities would drain my battery. I have no choice but to buy the special casing I was talking about to save my battery. I am sure I will be enjoying my small mobile gadget for a long time to come.

The MiLi® Power Spring 4 is the world’s thinnest iPhone 4 case with battery charger that doubles the life of your battery.

Say goodbye to chunky and clumpy additions to your iPhone 4 that can make it almost impossible for it to fit in your back pocket.

The MiLi® Power Sping 4's sleek form fitting design will also protect you iPhone 4 from scratches.

It even prevents your iPhone 4 from the dreaded "Death Grip" reception problem.

Tip from Benjamin ( 9M2LMF ) Press the home button twice. All the running software will be listed at the bottom. Put a finger on one of the image for a few seconds until the red minus sign appear. Press the red minus sigh and the image will disappear indicating the soft ware is closed. My friend is better than the Maxis people. Come on Maxis !!!

 14/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof

My iPhone is not bad. I photograph the Kacang Poi boy with one of the photo soft wares. Kacang Poi is quite rare these days. When we were young boys we would be able to purchase this kacang everywhere. What is common now is Kacang Kuda, Kacang Rebus and Buah Berangan.

Long ago the price was 30 cent which is now costing RM2.00 for a pack. Not much but it tste delicious. Because my wife likes the Kacang very much I would buy RM6.00 each time I ent for a purchase. Usually I can find it at only one night market. It means I can enjoy the Kacang only once a week.

This Kacang Poi is sold in the small town of Pendang. We just went there for a ride with my old small Kancil.

My iPhone4 consume batteries. I always use it to browse website, facebook and mails. Most of the time when I went driving and switch it on to hear the Koran recital, I would attach it to the car battery using a special adaper. The sound is amplified. The radio/ amplifier cost RM80 including the cigarette lighter 12 to 5 volt adapter.

To make the life of the battery longer, I just put it to sleep. But when there is a call or a message coming it would wake up and I can response to the incoming call or message.

What I like most is that I can use it as a mobile Quran and listen to the recitals. How about music ? I have not downloaded any free old songs yet. I would go for Besame Mucho, Oh Carol and a few Cliff Richars of the 60's.

Beside the Kacang Boy, more will be coming and recorded by my iPhone4.


11/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Finally I got hold of iPhone 4. It is not like the computer. I could not create folder and everything I want into that folder as I did on my laptop. Folders are created by the software that I downloaded. I downloaded all the Quaran content and recitals completely which I would amplify using a small mobile radio with the rechargeable battery. I let my wife hear it while I went somewhere and she waited in the car. I would experimented with a couple of GPSs. I downloaded several cameras and test all of them. I learned to download iPhone explorer software to erase application and folder which gave me big problems. I had to look for something called plist editor. While doing it I encounter with software and iPhone 4 programming.

So much to do but so little time left. I got to start looking and remembering the codes, learning the iPhone data structure, libraries etc. I think I won't have enough time.

My aim of using it for video chat has not been successful . The skype does not have the video facility. So I downloaded yahoo messenger and tested it. But the video is not too good. The best video is the facetime. I tested with Rusli in Kuala Lumpur. Facetime showed the complete screen of him with clarity and the picture is reasonably smooth. But facetime needs an iPhone to iPhone talk.

These few days I seldom switched on my radio or even writting computer programs. Most of the time is to search information on the iPhone like the manager, the editor and how to work the inner side of the phone.

Because it is not a computer, it cannot do everything as the computer does. I use a wifi and carry it around in my car to browse the internet and mails and even to open the facebook. I can enlarge and reduce the web page but I can't save the picture on the page. In places where there are free wifis it facilitate my browsing work. I read Harakah, the Star, Lim Kit Siang blog and other newspapers with this miniature stuff.

If I were younger and still single, I can imagine the amount of facetime I will have with my sweet heart. When I tested with Rusli I took my phone around the house and outside the house to show him what's around. Imagine how wonderful it is.

If many ham operators own an iPhone4 each, then radio communication would not be interesting anymore. Imagine what can the near future be. There is no problem of rude people anymore. The only speciality left on the radio is the Morse code as it would be a leisure to rest and do the mental exercise.

iPhone is a great invention.

 06/12/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I got news that the water supply returned to normal after the flood, I decided to return home from Taiping to Alor Setar. After packing I and my wife started to depart Sri Malaysia Hotel, driving slowly as most people in Taiping did. At one point a vehicle bang me and it was a taxi. My bumper and the car boot were pushed inside but it was not so noticeable. The taxi stopped and offered me to settle down. I did not know the price I would have to pay for the repair. He said we had to make a report.

We went to the police station. There were two Chinese making a report. One policeman asked us to wait. The taxi man went out. I asked the police how much would the bumper costs ? The two Chinese said it could be about RM150. I asked the policeman would it be wise for me to ask for RM180. He commented that would be OK but may be too small.

I went out looking for the taxi man and asked him whether he could pay me RM200. "No," He said. He was willing to pay me only RM100. I knew he would have to pay a greater fine. Then we went in. There was another police traffic to take our report. "I take the report individually." After giving the report he brought me another policeman. This new police officer said the bumper cost only RM50. He asked me to negotiate again and grabbed for RM100. At the same time he called someone to take photograph of the damage.

After finishing he told me it was over. I went out. I saw the taxi man was reading a report from the computer which was turned towards the him. I went back to my car and observed again. The bumper was damage and the boot was pushed inside. I have to look at it carefully. The damage could not be RM50 for the cement and paint. I remember the policeman said that it was minor and the car need a little spray.

Because it was Sunday, I could not get the report. I have to wait for some other time to buy the report.

My main concern is not whether I get any money now but whether the government get the fine paid by the taxi man. The taxi man must pay the fine, at least the minimum but it could not be RM50. How would I know whether the fine was made and paid into the

government's account ?

08/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof



At last I booked the Iphone4 from Maxis. I paid RM200 and had to wait for over a month. At the moment there were 20 Iphone4 orders with 2 year contract. They will be served first. By that time I will have enough money. In the meantime I will have just to wait and learn more about it. I have yet to buy the Wifi modem which is RM350 for downloading and watching video and even surfacing the internet.

They said that the Iphone and the smart phones fit the younger generation and younger people. Kids think elderly people are senile and are not smart as they are. On the other hand I have been thinking that kids are not sharp enough in thinking. I need people to help me in getting the Iphone work with Skype. I want to skype with a PC users when I am away from home like when I go mobile.

Iphone is more  expensive then the laptop. But I want to feel it before I die. I want to tell the whole world I have an Iphone4. Actually I don't have money to spend on the phone. Since the waiting time is a little longer, I can starve  keeping some money for the state of the art technology.

Even before the arrival I am having day dreaming about it, thinking what I will do with it. My main interest is the internet access and GPS. Global visual chatting would be the first choice. That's the reason why I want to work hard for the mobile skype, to enjoy the technology which was never been dream of 50 years ago. I lived at the time of no electricity and pipe water, walking 2 miles to school.

When I was 10 there were talks on a talking box showing live people. People went to Mecca by ship and it took them 3 months one way. Today it only takes 8 hours to arrive Medina and one does not have to carry big piles of foodstuffs.

Though ageing my mind still feel the same as before. It never feels old in spite of the decayed memory. That's why I keep on developing computer programs and seeking new technology like the flying cars, 3D high definition TV and things like that. When I traveled abroad I went alone, finding my ways on busses and even walk a great distance. Now with the aid of GPS movement is made easier. My concern on international map is not without reason.

The other day when I went to Shenzhen there was a sale of the I-phone4 clone. It looks real and the touch screen behave like the original Iphone. It was only RM250. May be it works, may be be not. I just did not to take any risk. I chose Maxis and Digi as a trusted vendor. I remember buying my lost GPS for RM1800 which perform better and differently from the new one which I bought for RM500. Now it is RM350.

If anyone says Maxis or Digi is expensive, at least my mind feel very clear. I know the price will be down as time to come. May be by next year it will be halved the current price. If you care to wait then wait.

At least Maxis already sells Iphone without a contract.

Soon I will be buying the mobile Wifi modem which will take the SIM card from my Celcom broadband. If I am lucky the modem can take the SIM card from AT & T too. In other words when I go to USA I will be using my mobile Wifi modem. In that case I can email back home where ever I go. Compare to the yester years even in early 1980s when I was studying at Bloomington Indiana, I got to go to the university library to read newspapers from Malaysia of a few months late. And each day waiting for mails from back home.

My recent trip to Hong Kong

What else after Iphone ? I think all of us will enjoy the 3D High Definition TV in year 2012. The normal flat screen LCD costs approximately RM1000 now. I bought one and enjoy the clarity of the picture. I threw away the ASTRO because I do not get the signal and use the normal free channels. The picture and color never fail.

08/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Alor Setar was a school that would always be in my mind. I was there from 1980 - 2000. Almost 10 years later the school has changed a lot. Of course for the better. The landscaping that you see in the pictures below almost vanished.

To me beauty is important for human being. The aesthetic value can mould students towards a better discipline. I believe in the development of self-esteem and the feeling of pride of being the students on the school.

The top officers from the Education Department used to think differently about schools and Principals, always on the negative side. I used to tell them that I am more concerned about my students and my school than they are.

We won awards after awards. We were made a bench mark. Today ? The school may be very much better today and probably won more and more recognition. Good luck to the school.


















09/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In New Zealand with Dee

In Indonesia 2010

09/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When someone asked to purchase my soft ware, I would not be excited about it. I never made soft ware development my profession. It started as a hobby and will end as a hobby too. I did not go around to sell or offer my service for money. I don't earn a living that way. However if I think I want to  help then I might be oblige but I can't provide free petrol, time and accessories.

Yesterday someone request for my attendance soft ware. I said I would accept to offer it with conditions. I need a responsible person who will take care of it and willing to sacrifice his time to do any necessary updating and photograph all the staffs. The person must be honest and have integrity.

In my mind the organization does not have problem in spending money but will have a tough time in looking for such a person. I know people too much. I know the people who can work and effective in his work. I know people who show interest but could not do their work well. And I was never wrong at it.

Similar soft ware is cheap in the market. Below RM1000 any organization will be able to buy one. I used to charge people from RM1900 to RM2500. Now with the combination of the thumbprint and RFID I need to raise it higher. May be I am going to ask them to set the price. If it is OK with me then I will install the soft ware. If not I will say that I am tired, can't think well or all my codes went missing.

The databases will be the combination of Mysql and the MDB. There is no limitation in the number of people and the thumbprint as many soft ware does. They can use the fingers or RFID card to register themselves. Using RFID their pictures will be taken each time they sway their cards. In that way they can't pass the cards to their friends.

Hopefully everything goes very fine and it can finance my Iphone 4. Otherwise my life would go as usual.

Update 11/11/2010 - After giving a long thought I went to inform them that I do not want to install the soft ware. I don't want to go thru much hassle anymore. "Get the commercial one," I told them."It costs only RM800". I will have to finance my Iphone 4 in a different way. There is a saying "buy...beg...borrow or steal.."

 09/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This brief article is merely for the Muslims to ponder of the future of the Muslim youths in Malaysia.

To be a Hafidz is never an easy task for a Muslim especially of the non-Arab origin. Al-Hafidz means the ability to recite the complete Holly Book of Al-Quaran. I have never come across any person who can recite Al-Quaran who can be considered as aggressive. Many Al-Hafidz become Imam in the mosques. Though they may not be wealthy they have a lot of Hidayat.

Today there is an institution that teach pure sciences and mathematics, technology, computing, religious knowledge and a Hafidz. It is a real tough job. These people got to be genius to be able to master all those. The intent is to revive the historical scholastic Muslim scientists of the past. It won't be easy to get even 100 persons of such a caliber out of a  few millions but there will be some.

To the Muslims a doctor, scientist, astronaut or an engineer who is a Hafidz is the highest of human echelon.

The success of producing Muslims of great personality can prove that the Malay Muslims can learn after all if they believe in themselves and shed away the perception of the lazy Malays. They must be left to compete and struggle to survive instead of giving them everything they want. To build a good personality a Malay Muslim must learn to be independent, working hard to achieve success and must be mentally strong.

I appreciate the effort towards creating a great Malay Muslim personality but hope it would not be made an issue for political gain.

11/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I was in Amateur Radio since 1978. My antenna was always above 30 feet high. All along I had been operating it rain and shine, thunderstorm or not. But in 2010 the lightning hit my house , taking away 2 house phones, a modem, a built in laptop modem, a power supply and one walkie-talkie. Lucky my more expensive items were safe. I was quiet for some time.

A few months later another friend, 9M2GET, had a similar experience. His damage exceeds mine. His Yaesu and a power supply went kaput. I quickly thought it was the repeater . The only different between our experiences is I do not have to climb high. Hairi has a tall tower about 70 feet high. He has to bring down the repeater gadget. Even if the coaxial cable goes kaput yet the climbing is necessary.

It is desirable to disconnect the power supply and the radio connection to the antenna. The work is easy but we find it a hassle to do that little work each day.

Hairi has to decline the repeater now. It has to find another place and somebody need to find a way to ensure the static would collapse quickly each time it activates. And the rest of the members of the amateur radio should always take care. Though there is always risks to everything, we should try  to compute the minimum of the misfortune which may come.

Many lost more than RM3000 to lightning strike. What matter is whether we are a poor ham or a rich guy. 3K can be a very big amount to some.

Why after more than 35 years of transmitting during the thunderstorm, only in 2010 the lightning strike me ? Does it get more fierce each day ? Does the change in environment is a factor to it ? I just don't know. And hope the new comers would take some note.

20/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof 

FROM 18 TO 39

Most of the students in the picture were learning computer from me. I thought them data processing at Sekolah Menengah Voksional Alor Setar. They were 18 then. I can't recognize them when I met them again. There were many great transformation from the age of 18 to 39. In a month or two they will be 40. And I am 63. A few resign from work to be a full time domestic engineer. Certainly I am very proud of my students.

We all want to be 18 again and wish to stay at the age forever. And schooling was the best time. In the 20th we would be deciding to look for spouse. Many of our boys married the school mates. Most of the old teachers married their students. In the world of work time would fly. Everyone would be busy with work and family. Having kids is not an easy job.

But 18 is the most critical year where love and jealousy bloomed. Most decided to choose who for the life partner. Another year will be around 30s. This time we may find other people attractive and want to test whether we are still the same or getting older. We want to test whether we are still appealed to others.

Can you recall all of your experience from say 19 to 39 ? You will remember some. Especially the nasty ones. And the sweet ones.

When the facebook appear students began to look for friends. First the 1992/93 started to meet. Now they already had three meetings. Then the 89/90 group at Pendang. The 88/89 did it a few month later. During the last Hari Raya the 91/92 group. A few gatherings coincided and held in Kuala Lumpur. I would want to attend all their reunions.

I was told a few had gone to meet God.  I can't give them nothing but to pray for their best and well being. 

27/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof

TP-LINK 3G ROUTER - Before I got my I-Phone4 I have been hunting for a portable Wifi to be used with the face time. Digi and Maxis do not sell the modem but you need to buy the package. The Modem is listed at RM 350. I made an inquiry from one computer shop which recommended D-Link which priced at RM 450. I was almost frustrated.

I decided to go to one shopping complex where only cell phones and computers are sold, something like the Low Yatt in Kuala Lumpur. I asked around but nobody knew about it. One shop introduced me the P1 wifi but it is sold with a package. I already got a Celcom broadband which I have been subscribing for a some time. It is fast too.

Finally I went to ask one young lady. "Do you have a portable wifi modem using a sim card ? " She gave a thought a little and went to look for it. She came back with a TP-Link which has a USB slot for the broadband stick. That suit me very fine. It cost me only RM140. It worked very fine after I install it. I open it. No webkey. No password. Anyone can use it as well. However I will put in a password when I feel like it.

The only disadvantage is that is that I need a wall plug. Unlike the Maxis and Digi, theirs are using rechargeable batteries. I am sure I will enjoy it. Right now I am using Wifi with Celcom 3G.

27/11/2010 - Abdul Rahman Raof