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Today - 2019-08-26 Jika anda membaca muka-muka surat lain letakkan kursor di atas  perkataan surat dan klik


I happen to know a crook dressed like a Haji and started giving  Fatwa to favor the government. The Fatwa has the indirect implication that cheating and lying, corruption and hooliganism is alright. It is similar to a drug pusher who dressed like a Haji with the Koran and drugs hidden in his dress. Those are the biggest sinners we have to be aware of. They spoil and disgrace the God's religion. They brought shame to the Malay race.

Have we not known that Islam is not Malays and Muslims are not entirely Malays ? And Malays are not all Muslims. And the people who claim to be Muslims condemned the Islam and the Holy Prophet.

At my young age we used to mentione 'China Mampus' whenever there were funeral ceremony. My mother scolded me saying how would we know that the dead not a Muslim.

There are millions of non-Malays who know Islam more than the Malays. Some of us may have known Raylond Bony, a university lecturer, who was found dead as a vagabond. One of his close friends said he was a Muslim.

What is the point of mankind who claim to be a Muslim when he treated people of other religion unfairly, stealing, robbing and killing ? Is that Islam ?And I am sure many of you have watched the You Tube showing several policemen kicked and stepped on the victims like what the anti-corruption officers did to TBH.

Those actions made the non-Malays hated the Malays more and prefer to stay away from Islam.

After demonizing Ambiga, Azmin and Anwar with the full force what do you think is the outcome ? If the government dare to allow BERSIH4 I believe more Malays will join the march or the sit-in. And the next time they are attacked there will be a fierce fight back.

We observe well our brilliant Minister, Rais Yatim, losing temper and balance. A few could not sleep well alarmed at the massive turn out. With all the effort and resources used by BN to divide and rule, and the various False Flag and brain washing, the crowd did not shrink.

Now we are reading and watching news that depict the state of minds of those in Putrajaya. It is at a very dangerous point, showing behaviors akin to amok with a parang slashing at those who he can lay his hands on.

Rais sees thing through his own perspective. Others see thing in another perspective. And UMNO is looking at Anwar, Ambiga and DAP. The people are looking at the pillaging of national coffer using various menthods, from a direct robberies to the more subtle ones like the mega project and Iskandar and Bakun.

I look at our young generations spoiled by the drugs and their bleak future. The Malays are now becoming the garbage hunters, thieves and bag snatchers. I see the declining of our morality. I see people abuse religion for personal benefit.

04/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Extract from http://arstechnica.com

Satellite-jamming becoming a big problem in the Middle East and North Africa

The Arab Spring has had yet another consequence—satellite jamming, and the practice is serious enough to threaten the satellite operators' business. Two operators, Arabsat and Nilesat, complained about the jamming in the Satellite 2012 Conference in Washington, D.C. last week, according to an article in Space News. Arabsat is a 21-country consortium that provides broadcasting to over 100 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Nilesat is an Egypt-based operator that carries 415 channels to the Middle East and North Africa. The satellites also provide broadband, telephone, and VSAT service.

Jamming and rounding up satellite dishes has become a common practice for governments wishing to limit unfavorable coverage in their own (or sometimes other people's) countries. An article in February at BroadcastEngineering.com detailed the decision of the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to condemn satellite jamming in Iran as "contrary to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." That decision came after complaints by several broadcasters, including the BBC, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and Voice of America. Last year Reuters reported that jamming of satellite phones and other services occurred in Libya during the uprising. 

But the issue may not be limited to Middle East governments. The Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting English website claimed in January that British technicians were jamming Iranian broadcasts on Eutelsat's Hotbird sat network from a site in Bahrain. If that's accurate, it may suggest that European governments think it's acceptable to jam European companies' satellites as long as the broadcasts themselves aren't European.

Any attempt to jam satellites in the United States is generally tracked and stopped quickly by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which strictly enforces the licensing and sharing of US radio spectrum by the many parties that use it. Off-frequency or overpowered broadcasts in the United States generally result in an instant broadcaster shutdown and possible fines or jail terms. 

In Europe, a new pan-European regulatory body entitled the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) began meeting in 2010. BEREC has broad authority for licensing and enforcement and has, from all reports, even broader and stricter powers.

Unfortunately for customers or companies seeking redress, there is no pan-African or pan-Middle Eastern authority available to prevent illegal transmissions. There are, instead, cooperative agreements between the countries that make up each body of operators. The countries that are doing the jamming are member states of this consortium, and at times they have even jammed their own broadcasts. 

In a few cases, according to the Space News article, the operators have been able to identify the antennas doing the jamming using Google Earth. Notifying the governments involved is ineffective, and there is at present no practical way to stop the jammers.

The two companies were hesitant to name the culprits, but countries that have been mentioned elsewhere in the press include Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, and Iran. Syria and Bahrain, in particular, have ongoing domestic problems right now.


There is always a potential danger when pushing the people to the brim of their patience. As the government is making enemies with more and more of the smart people it is building up potential problem. So far we don't have people who are declaring wars but merely presenting a polite request for changes. It is a tragedy if the government is thinking nobody is better and smarter than Rais Yatim.

Foreigners may not jam our satellite but they can always pass the knowledge or the hardware to brilliant young men. The fight will no more be in the battle field or at Merdeka Square but in the world of imagination. Young Malaysians have the capacity to create wafers for the microchips and they can do the unthinkable with their brain.

It is safer not to invite trouble. Prevention is better than cure.

03/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



So I rang up my friend after finding government gave me some money. I told him I will vote for UMNO. "Take the money,"hesaid."But vote for BA." I could not sleep for a couple of nights thinking about it. How could I be a leader at all if I am easily be bought ? Take the money, 'YES'. But what kind of a man am I to bite the hand that feed me ? Alas, I am not the only one who think like that. How could they bite the hand that feed them ? Those are the UMNO men up there who gain much from devotion and obedience. Mahathir loath Anwar because Anwar did not repay his kindness for pulling Anwar from nobody to a deputy PM.

I would be charged as an ungrateful lot.

When the flood victims were paid RM500 by UMNO and I did not get it, I never complained. I have the choice not to accept. But this one there is  no way I can reject it. Others would just say, "Take it but don't go for BN."

How could I stay mum and pretend not know what is really happening. It would not be enough just to say 'NO to corruption". I have to make sure it stops. I would not want to see the police working together with drug kingpin or the Mafia group like whatever happens in some countries. I could not condone the stupidity and the arrogance of the Malays, the robbing of the poor farmers under whatever pretext, the manipulation of judiciary, the failed war against drugs, the lies and injustice. And the robbing through agreements( Mahathir is smart at this technique)

Najib can get more than my vote if the EC is fixed and rectified and the corrupts are put behind bars.

Money can buy most men but not all of them. Remember we have to account to God for our action. Why we obey and fear mankind but not God ?

I have conscience and morality. I have God and religion. I can't approve corruptions and other crimes. If the money given as an incentive to vote Najib then I will vote him with the condition. Don't lie and cheat the people. Stop plundering government coffer.

if he does that Najib will get my one vote.

03/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I drove 10 miles to get the crabs and the prawns. The crabs cost RM20 per kilogram and the prawns RM40.When I compute the average price of a crab it is about RM3.50 a piece. In food stalls the same size would cost me between RM10 to RM20 depending on the location. The 6 -7 inch prawn costs me about RM3 whereas the Mamak shop priced it as about RM8 to RM10 a piece.

Things are no more cheap. The hyper inflation is not caused by the government but by the high demand. Salaries increased not in proportion with productivity. Raw food is much cheaper in the United States than in Malaysia. I would blame the Union for the inflation.

My maid has been an excellent cook besides a good nurse and house keeping. I asked her to cook for my wife and herself. I seldom eat at home. Today by the time my wife comes back from her dialysis the delicious food will be ready. We eat together with our maid.                                                                                                                                                      02/05/2012


BBC complaints ASTRO's Censorship

During the Argentinian war with the British, the latter suffered a heavy loss at the initial phase of the battle due to the air superiority of the Argentinian. Argentina was using the American made plane. Seeing this the Americans told the British to park their warships a distance of of an air-fuel. The Argentinian went to USA quietly to purchase the extra-size fuel tank, paid the money. But could not bring the goods back.

BBC is a Western agent. ASTRO is using the service of the Western nation and their technology. They are making money no doubt. It is very unlikely they are going to stop their services rendered or to stop selling their products. BBC, ESPN or CNN is aware of the business dealing. Could it not be other way to teach ASTRO a lesson ? ASTRO should compute all the possibilities of a series of possible actions by the West.

I remember a comment that just passed many ears. Someone said, "Put up your own satellite to fight against your enemy's propaganda." It has two implications. The first is to really send up a satellite by ourselves. The second is to jam the transmission.  While the first option needs a huge sum of money, the second is much more simpler. Our electronic engineer can always aim at the satellite concern to cause problem to ASTRO. We have to keep in mind that genius and smart people are not of the same wavelength as the government who they deem corrupt. Don't be surprise if our police force kick them as you have seen in the pictures.

And to raise billion for the satellite is not an impossible task to do. There are brilliant ways to do without the possibility of thefts. Arent Maxis and Celcom took our money that way ? If the victims seek global help vigorously it could be certain that the day of vengeance will be near.

Will not the West side the dissidents ?

We are waiting to see what ASTRO is going to say to BBC. 'Fuck off !!' ? "Sorry" ?

Has Malaysia decide to declare war on foreign media ?

01/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Anwar's giving sign to Azmin, protstors breaking the law, over turning of the police car and Nik Aziz supporting Bersih 3 are not issues to be debated. The main and the biggest issue is the ELECTION COMMISSION REFUSAL to clean up the electoral roll. Blogs and many others are turned away from the real issue. Keep with the path. Keep with the track. Keep with the issue.

Cleaning up the EC does not  mean clean up of Najib and UMNO. If UMNO wins it can be more proud that it wins without any cheating. An UMNO camp itself disclosed how Khairy Jamaluddin won in the last GE by postal votes which was brought in later.  No wonder many young UMNO members were not in favor of Khairy. It was different from the first GE where UMNO and the coalitions won a clear land slide.

Putrajaya said it would cost RM5 million to clean up the electoral roll.  Whatever it takes it has to be done.

In spite of the aggressive efforts to demonize Ambiga and the call on the Malays to stay away from the street it did not show any sign of declining numbers. Young Malays were together with their Chinese brothers on the same mission. The mission was never to topple Najib nor the government. It was never to fight with the police. It is nothing more than a clean government.

Najib should not fear of losing.  There are three simple things he can rely on; his generosity, his mother and God. He should not consult Rosmah, a shaman or Ghani Patail to make a decision. Toh Puan Raha is always a respectable mother and adored by all. God will accept her prayer. Losing or winning will always be for the good. He is lucky to still have a mother. ASk the Indians and the Chinese about the respect of a mother.

Cleaning up does not mean a defeat or a kowtow. It makes Najib and BN government feel good. And to win again just choose the right people as candidates. Nevertheless the country needs both parties in the parliament  and the state assemblies. We need matured and educated, learned and wise. When they debate they will do it in a civilize manner and go for the best piece of idea regardless of the political party.

But it looks like the government chose to fight the rakyat. To do so Najib has to further delay the election. Else he has to adopt what was done in Sarawak to stay in power. Else kill the election altogether and UMNO rules forever.

30/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Pickep up from a web page.

Subject: Fwd: HIDDEN MISDOINGS REVEALED-summarised.. more fodder for you

With all the money Mamak has, he could mobilise a Jihad on the head of George Soros.just like Salmon Rushdie still has on his neck.

Or Mamak could sue G S for defamation of character. Like PM Najib did to shut -up Dr Tan Kee Kong on the FELDA scandal. How can G S, a Jew go about simply saying things like this about Malaysia's ''Hero'' . Najib should use some UMNO approved funds to defend the good name of Mamak.
One thing is certain, when the Mamak dies eventually, long-suffering Malaysians will be waiting to write 'glorious' praises in Obituary Books placed at all Malaysian Embassies all over the world. UMNO itself will have one and I will be ready with my praises.

Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: FW: HIDDEN MISDOINGS REVEALED.. must read The corruption of Mahathir
 Subject: HIDDEN MISDOINGS REVEALED.. must read The corruption Mahathir who as an Indian Muslim disguise as a Malay UMNO Leader to plunder our countries funds and resources and leave the blame on the Malays for corruption. Shouldn't UMNO be called United Mamak National Organisation.

The Sorrowful Mystery of Mahathir Mohamed - By George Soros
By Admin

Subject: The corruption of Mahathir: published by Bangkok Post

The corruption of Mahathir: SOROS' REPLY TO MAHATHIR -
adapted from Bangkok Post (Not published locally)

I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput. 

Single handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.

The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the world show how stupid you are
Not only does it cause massive traffic jam, it has totally no purpose.

If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there for free.

This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The satelites make this totally unneccesary. A fool and his money are soon parted. 

The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in every project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of shares corruptly acquired.

Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where do they get this money? Of course, corruption.

You are known as the Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.

You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about the ills of corruption.

Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you.

A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?

You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness. 

You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. They now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility.

Instead they just add on to traffic jams. What is this reclamation of 10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurd and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%

And the bridge across from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters?

Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%. You called me a Moron . How can a Moron make so much money. 

By allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations.

You lose all Malaysians' money, therefore you are the Moron .
Now you know too late and start crying over spilt milk.

In Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans from the UK . They are useless to us and you still want to buy them.

What about buying British reject submarines through your agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of the Malaysian government..

Your purchase of our battleships is at least 50% more than others are paying. 

Your purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does not support your local architects or your industry and the British send you obsolete medical equipment. The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity.

In the UK your face appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a
corrupt dictator

In Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth.

In Japan they call you the 'smallest one' (brain size). 

In Pacific islands, the Santa Claus (giving advice left and right). 

In south America they call you the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about). In Manila the living Marcos.

In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talk rubbish scaring every oreigner away.
When he is dumb he is doubted a fool, when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt."

While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your actions are not the wisest either. 

Your EAEC has totally no support even in Asean. Your South-South dialogue meets with the same fate and what is this I hear of the Bridge from Peninsula Malaysia to Sumatra covering 20 miles across International shipping lane?

How crazy can one get? Even the Japanese don't have the money. This 
world's stupidity seems to be concentrated in one man's mind - yours.

The multimedia super corridor - MSC -. Well in USA its Most Stupid Concept because we Americans, would have thought of it light years before. Even if it makes money, we can copy this concept can't we?

Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable
projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted and another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be involved in business. 

Your ministers are also businessmen and almost every official is enriching himself. Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling thousands of Approved Permits (APs) for cars each worth 20-30 thousand Malaysian dollars

Why not your government sell them and make the money? She has acquired millions of shares meant for bumis for free before she agrees to list them.

Look at your Selangor Chief Minister collecting millions for approving high rise buildings from businessman. He is worth a few billions. Unfortunately he was caught with a few million pocket money in Australia .

Every Chief minister is awarding useless projects to his cronies then collecting secret pay offs on the side. 

 The Land Development Boards and the Economic Development Boards are used to bail out any loses suffered by politicians. The profits they keep, the loses they force the Government bodies to absorb. How can your poor ever close the gap when every good deal is snatched by your politicians? How can your country get out of poverty if all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the country?

Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas. 

Thousands of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river..

Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies for plantations while the natives do not have even one acre to their name. He is selling sand near the beaches to one company for earth filling and then ask the government to spend millions to protect the coastline when erosion occurs.

He lost 300 million of the Sarawak government money trying to make computer chips. He has built a port in Northern Sarawak town in water so shallow it needs dredging every year. The Prime Minister built highways
without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double. 

Your Langkawi airport runway was built double the cost by your own company, Ekran.

The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last 10 years of corrupt rule. 

One billion lost from the purchase of phantom Skyhawk war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the Nevada desert, USA ?).

3 billion lost from the London tin scandal
(you thought you could corner the London tin market without knowing the Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity
at its best. 
6 billion Perwaja steel mill where nobody even knows where the money goes, 

3 billion bank Bumiputra scandal when George Tan bribed all the bank officials to lend him the money. 

6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara (the fool and his money are soon parted) and 
6 billion to build three of the world's tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture
imported from France - not Malaysia ) and 

1 billion lost from purchase of British warships including fees paid to the broker and under the table.. 

Add the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and with losing their jobs

In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting, the most corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and second Dr Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but bribed the Indonesians to take honour of Number One.)

There are Fifty thousand of your university students not given places in Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting in billions of dollars lost. 

The British and the Australians are thinking how stupid. Your best students are sent overseas raising their standards while as in most countries the best are kept in local universities and the rejects sent overseas.. 

A university student in Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than any Australian counterpart. You have been colonised by the British so long you cannot even educate your own people. 

Look at Hong Kong or Singapore , less than 5% study overseas. All the money saved. Your country could save billions if every student overseas is recalled to a local university, and at the same time raising your own standards.

Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, without homes, bathing in rivers shitting in holes in the ground, without water and electricity. 

Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery and open spaces. Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep on building high rises. You should come down from the clouds and stop daydreaming and firmly plant your feet in the ground. 

Your schools are cramped 500 students to an acre and thousands of acres are given free to some politicians who leave them idle. Your parks are being taken by politicians to build shop houses and every cabinet minister is a land-grabbing businessman who builds roads only to their cronies' land.

The Malaysians' Prayer, 
 "Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain. But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain and look we are back to square one again. So just take Dr Mahathir back to Hell and we will be alive and well."

In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.

Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crooked you. Then use your left hand and handcuff your right hand. 

You have put the opposition leader and his son in jail when they said in parliament you are the richest PM in the world. And his colleague Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years.

So I get a reward or bribe if I now say you are the poorest PM in this world?

Your 3 sons are sitting on the board of directors of more than 200 companies.

They must have been educated in Harvard school of business and obtained distintions? Or is it "you don't know me, you don't do business in Malaysia"
law that applies. 

Billions of ringgit of Employee's Provident Fund and
public Petronas funds are used to bail out your sons
who make losses investing in every venture you thought you could make money. How unethical and corrupt. 

Every one of your politicians is sitting on the board of tens of companies making thousands without any effort, lending their VIP names to borrow millions from local banks without collateral.. Now these have become non- performing loans. 

Now you want 20 million Malaysians to sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign and admit he wasted and took most of the money. 

I could teach you how to put your economy on track but first you must apologize to the Malaysian people.

30/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why kicked and punished those who asked for clean and fair election ? What is the different between a Zionist and UMNO ? Won't Najib's son will be kicked the same way one day.



Police car ramming the protestors. He should be charged with attempted murder

This police guy has to be crazy driving a car fast enough trying to ram the crowd at Bersih protestors. He should be charged as attempted murder.

Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian did not tell the story behind the damage police car.

The spirit of Bersih has inspired the general public. Rais Yatim should realize that there are many brilliant young people who excel his faculty.

BN should stop waging war on it's own people. Ghani Patail must not think he is the law. Muhyuddin should make sure of no further stealing of public funds.

Eyes do not see only the Ministers but also those government servants who manipulate public money, and misusing their power.

Leaders, whoever they are, must always remember the fate of Saddam and Ghadafi and other Presidents and Ministers.

WOLVES AMONG THE LAMBS - Among the huge crowd at the Bersih 3 there are government's eyes and hands, wolves dressed as lambs. They were government agents. This is something inevitable in politics and other international events. One of the tasks is to create havoc when the need rises. UMNO has been practicing it for some time by planting moles in Pakatan's camp. Saiful was one of them. The same thing happened in the last 'American Occupy' where the government was accused as planting trouble makers among the protestors.

The mingling of Special Branch and  UMNO's mobs might not have been thought. The security forces always have a division to do the work. Other than to spy they may be ordered to stir up trouble. If the situation does not favor to change the crowd because they were too big, they will create the trouble themselves to discredit the movement. This is termed False Flag. The 911 was indeed a False Flag attacked to ensure the blame would be on the Muslims. False Flag is an art to make an innocent guilty.

Before jumping to any conclusion one has always to bear in mind of the False Flag and the wolves among the lambs.

DO YOU NOTICE ? - The crowd at Bersih march could be more than 300000 ?

They are certainly much more than the police. If they gathered with a plan to fight the whole force would be humiliated. Ambiga had wanted the protestors to behave, to sit just for two hours. If the picture above does not cheat the massive crowd beat the Egyptian and the Occupy Wall Street. Najib should be thankful to God that the strategist did not tabled the plan B and C. The West Malaysians are more sensible then the Sarawakians who still go for some s**t.




Watch the clip  and try to figure out what UMNO could have been thinking. It is not just snubbing at it and forget everything. Bersih 3 is not about Anwar at all. I do not think of the leadership at all. So are many others. They are fed up with the open and continuous corruption.

It is not about winning or losing. Neither it is about sit-up protest. It is not even about the Dataran Merdeka on 28 th. April. It is about the sending of message to the world.

The crowd was really huge. 99.99% of them were not there to topple the government. They want the government to do some spring cleaning; enough with corruption and robberies, enough with arrogance and boldness, enough with power abuse and any involvement with drug dealers.

The same people who went out can vote for BN if there is a total cleanup and fairness to all regardless of their ethnicity or creed, or skin color. Remember, for every action there will be an equal opposing reaction. Newton's Law has always been true in human relationship.

Najib may be happy with Ghani Patail and those who were working hard to bring Anwar down. The people judge themselves base on the court proceedings, on Anwar, and on Teoh Beng Hock. It is not that they love Anwar or TBH but they feel so dirty and ugly at the manners of those officers.

Saddam and Ghadafi would not know that they would die like animals. They thought they were invincible. Notice the behavior of those people; they think they are invincible too. They think they have the police behind them. Saddam and Ghadafi thought the same way.

28/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof







Yes the dog is OK. Dogs don't rob public funds but people do.The robbers call themselve patriots. What a joke.


An iPhone is never cheap. It can easily be snatched from your pocket. Better lock it. Just copy the security design here. The picture on the left is locking sleepers to a bike, not a vice versa.

You don't need crowd to be heard. Even a single listener is good enough. This one man will spread words around.

27/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been quite some time that I did not follow about the doomsday. It had been a topic in the Friday prayer that Muslims must not predict the date but to believe the end will come.

Just now I opened up the YouTube again. The number of clips do not show any reduction. I clicked one at random and I felt very scared. This person talked about Nibiru and the shift in the polar poles.

He spoke about nobody could escaped death.

Only God knows the future and whatever may be happening. I know it is a sin for me to say more about it. But the author does not see through the eyes of the atheists and the sceptics.

There are new technologies unknown to many men and scientists. The failure of the North Korean rocket was a result of the new technology. Invisible weapons are being tested using Tesla's technology. HAARP has advanced much since the founding. And alien vehicles have been tested successfully.

These vehicles could bring  men to the moon within 6 hours. Hence the venue for escape is always open. The rest is up to God to decide.

The believers do not worry about the end. They will not try to escape. Death ends all the worries and problems. It is the living who are seeking help, struggling to survive, unhappy with the amount of money they have.

The Muslims are waiting for the signs of certainty; the coming of the anti-Christ and Christ himself. Refer to the You Tube on the judgment day by the Muslims and compare with the Jews and the Christians.

Nearing the end morality will vanish. What is bad is

considered good. The good has become bad.

A woman dresses like a man and a man as a woman. The Anti-Christ can bring the dead to live and putting artificial hearts and other organs.

As more mysteries were found and resolve and new technologies are being deployed there are more uncertainties that may pop up.

2012 is our general election. It is also an election in the United States. It is the year of the end of Assad of Syria. It could very well be the end of Barisan Nasional government. There may great violence in Malaysia if BN were to lose.

The dissidents in Malaysia are getting more stiff and bolder which has never been before. The turmoil may be global, with North Korea becoming mad. When I told my sick wife that Tsunami will hit us if it comes again, she looked so very scared. I think the end is near.  
26/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof                 



So you want to buy a Vietnamese wife and also be a millionaire ? Good luck and all the best.

25/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



At last it is a relief. I don't have to type C>mysqldump -user -ppassw mysqlfile > backupfile anymore. I can now back the data in mysql server anywhere to another PC/laptop.  Please be at your liberty to experiment and modify with the codes below.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Me.MousePointer = 11
Text2 = Trim(Text2) & Format(Date, "ddmmyyyy")
Open "C:\" & Text2 & ".bat" For Output As #1
Dim ComandoSh As String
ComandoSh = "c:\mysqldump.exe --host=" & Trim(Text3) & " --user=root --password=" & Trim(Text4) & " --database=" & Trim(Text1) & " -R " & Trim(Text1) & " > c:\" & Text2 & ".sql"
Print #1, ComandoSh
Close 1
ProcId = Shell("C:\" & Trim(Text2) & ".bat") ' Shell(Trim(Text2) & ".bat")
Me.MousePointer = 0
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Open "C:\" & Text2 & ".bat" For Output As #1
Dim ComandoSh As String
ComandoSh = "c:\mysql.exe --host=" & Trim(Text3) & " --user=root --password=" & Trim(Text4) & "--database=" & Trim(Text1) & " < c:\" & Trim(Text2) & ""
Print #1, ComandoSh
Close 1
ProcId = Shell("C:\" & Trim(Text2) & ".bat")
Me.MousePointer = 0
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub Command4_Click()
Frame2.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub Command5_Click()
Kill "c:\" & File1
Frame2.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Command6_Click()
Frame2.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub File1_Click()
Text2 = File1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
File1 = "c:\*.sql"
End Sub

25/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I remember several of my friends went to India after Form 5. They, including me , were not good enough for Sixth Form. Though all were to go for medical doctors several failed to make the grade. Some ended up in dentistry and pharmacy. So the brighter ones joined the local universities and the less smart guys who have money went to foreign countries.

Later the number of universities grew. Today we have universities even under a cherry tree. You don't have to be good in your study to get a degree.

How many students who can't make a grade go to foreign colleges ? In what sort of colleges are they in ? How many Ministers whose kids result were too poor for good local universities  sent their children abroad ?

Even universities and colleges in USA were categorized. MIT, Havard and Cornell are said to be better than UCLA. MACEE can provide you the list of good colleges.

If you asked me which university is better I would not be able to tell you. I have always respect the my local lecturers,  as people who are  full of knowledge and wisdom. At any time I would say Rafedah Aziz is ten time better than one or two professors in Indiana University Bloomington. And Khoo Kay Kim is one of the great professors.

A bright student is a bright student wherever he is. The non-bright ones like me had to struggle very hard to keep above 3.5. I studied the same way at the local university as in the foreign land.

BUT I always believe educational institutions must not easily gives marks. You have to fail your own son if he deserve to fail. The moment you gave As to all non-deserved students in return for a favorable , you are lowering the standard of your college down. I do know the local who are too generous with their students.

There must always be external examiners to validate the grades.

Colleges and universities that teach technologies must be rigorous in research and development. But it does not happen that way. When I talked to Polytechnic people , they said Poly is not a research institutions. When I talked to vocational teachers about creative project buildup, they said the current syllabus and teaching procedures give them no time and space to do anything extra.

Today our graduates could not express themselves in English. Partly it is not because of the universities but the attitudes of the students and the parents. They thought learning and speaking English do not make them patriots.

I browsed several web sites on topic 'does college and university education make a better man ? ' Almost 95 percent do not agree. Quality of a man does not come from his level of education but from his experience.

Steeve Job and Steve Wozniak were college drop outs. Tan Boon Siew wasn't even well educated in Chinese.

What make a college great among other things is the quality of the manager running it. Secondly the type of teachers the university employ.

25/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

"An excellent writer and a piece of Malaysian history . . .and its “politics” since “Independence”
and a great Biographie . . ."

University of Qatar
author's CV

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Contributed by Krishna Singh

Books have been written about Tun Daim Zainuddin (pic above), but not many people know who the real Daim is. He is famous for being taciturn. Everyone knows that Daim is the silent type; so silent, in fact, that the victims of his scheming and conniving have fallen like ten pins without ever knowing what hit them. He has, on the quiet, made a career of shooting poison darts, laying booby traps. and knifing friend or foe in the back. His hand is never seen, but his mark is everywhere. Truth to tell, he has been at the root of many national crises, but his name has never been smudged, thanks to the wealth he wields and his bond of friendship with Dr. Mahathir.

Most members of Umno's new generation are aware that Daim is an acquisitive millionaire and a macho man with a taste of young women, but they concede him these weaknesses because they see in him a clean and competent Economic Adviser to the Government. But the generation of Harun Idris, Musa Hitam and Manan Othman to name just a few of the old hands - they are the ones to ask in order to discover who the real Daim is. It was Datuk Harun who plucked Daim up from the depths of failure in the salt business. Daim's wife, Mahani and Harun's wife, Salmah were good friends and an influential pair in the early 1970s. It was wife power that moved Harun to give Daim 160 acres of prime Kampung Pandan land. And thus Syarikat Maluri was born.

There is no use speculating over how much Daim paid Harun. After all, the two were fast friends. For the gory details, just ask Low Kiok Bow or Thamby Chik. They can relate how Daim cheated a land broker and greased Selangor state executive councillor and Mahathir's brother-in-law, Ahmad Razali for that piece of land.

Of course, Daim still had to pay for the land. In those days, it was not easy to borrow from a bank. Hence, he was forced to corrupt Bank Bumiputra. Lorraine Osman and Rais Saniman know how much he spent. Manan Othman can no doubt confirm the figure, he was so close to Daim that they tried to share a girl friend, with Manan often borrowing the bedroom at Daim's office in Taman Maluri.

Daim's elevation as Senator and, subsequently, Minister of Finance, was part of Mahathir's strategic plan. Mahathir's choice should surprise no one, after all the two were intimate friends from the same kampung in Seberang Perak, Alor Setar. Upon becoming Prime Minister on 16 July, 1981, the first thing on Mahathir's mind was how to sideline his archenemy, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Daim told everyone he had no interest in politics, but all the while he was confident of getting the Finance Minister's job after a stint with the Senate. A few months after joining the Senate, Daim became Chairman of Fleet, which owned the New Straits Times. In 1984, he finally got his dream job and became the third most important man in the Federal Cabinet, after the Prime Minister and his deputy.

Musa Hitam, the Deputy Prime Minister, was at first oblivious of the closet ties between Mahathir and Daim. Innocently, he expressed to Mahathir his disquiet over Daim's wheeling and dealing, particularly his award of projects and contracts to his own associates and cronies. It must have baffled him when his complaints fell on deaf ears although he was Deputy Prime Minister, he has no say when it came to economic matters, particularly privatisation and the assignment (to supporters) of economic projects. How disappointed Musa must have been to find that Daim could not care less about his effort to help his supporters secure some projects or contracts. Daim succeeded in making millionaires of such cronies of Wan Azmi, Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli,
Samsuddin Hassan, Razali Rahman and Tan Sri Basir, but Musa in the end was cast off as a poor ex-DPM. Musa once complained to Mahathir that Daim had stolen a number of supporters' project proposals, but again Mahathir ignored him. These were the first acts in the eventual breakup of the Mahathir-Musa partnership. As the interests of Mahathir and Razaleigh bloated, Musa got squeezed out.

Many Umno members assume that Razaleigh is Musa's number one enemy. In fact, the reason for the 1986 split in Umno must fall on Daim. It was he who drove Musa to the edge until he had no choice but to resign. Again, Daim's man of few words demeanour to his advantage. Few knew of his behind-the-scenes role in that Umno rupture not many more know it today. One really should not wonder why Musa called a truce Razaleigh and the two decided to collaborate in the 1987 fight, the one that eventually caused Umno to be outlawed. At that time, Daim was almost invincible, what support coming from such strongmen as Sanusi Junid and Anwar Ibrahim. The comradeship of the three was rock solid, and the Musa-Razaleigh camp could do nothing except to make a joke of it by giving them the nicknames AIDS.

The formation of the new Umno, Daim and Mahathir had first to get rid of the Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas. Again, Daim was the chief plotter in the sacking of the pious and respected Tun Salleh, and his replacement with Tun Hamid Omar, a playboy and chronic gambler, but Mahathir's and Daim's schoolmate. The appointment of Tun Hamid Omar triggered the collapse of the integrity and the independence of the judiciary.

Finance Minister, Daim persuaded Mahathir to give the Economic Planning Unit and Treasury full power in implementing the privatisation policy. Hence, it was no longer necessary to call for tenders for government projects. Instead, the projects were awarded directly to favoured companies. And so began the era of wealth accumulation by him and his cohorts. The United Engineers Company, bought for RM2, changed into a multi-million- ringgit corporation. As Finance Minister, Daim practically ordered banks to lend to companies that he himself owned. And no Daim crony every complained of difficulty in securing bank credit. Indeed, bankers lived in fear of Daim. Having appointed Wan Azmi and Basir to head Malayan Banking and Bank Bumiputra, he would give any project to any of his cronies because funding was not an issue.
If those physical projects were not enough, Daim also took every opportunity to take wealth from the share market as well. Every time the Treasury approved a company for listing on the stock exchange, Daim cronies received their lion's shares. That was how Southern Bank, Resort World, Sports Toto, Berjaya, Tanjong and scores of other blue chip firms landed with Daim and Company. Once, when share values were high, Daim boasted among friends that his visible wealth alone totalled RM65 billion. To shut the mouth of Barisan Nasional leaders, Daim gave lucrative projects to Samy Vellu and Ling Liong Sik so that their children could be big-shots in batches.

Daim managed to fool Umno members into believing that Mahathir would not let him go although he had asked to be relieved of his Cabinet post on a number of occasions. With Musa and Razaleigh out of the picture, Daim could grab as much wealth as he wanted without even Mahathir stopping him. Besides, he was Umno's treasurer and he could make it look as if the companies he controlled were those in which the party had a stake.

Daim's avarice damaged not only his own image as finance minister, but also Mahathir's and Malaysia 's reputation with the international community. It is said that he used to demand exorbitant fees for himself in negotiating contracts involving foreign suppliers. The chairmen of Japan 's two biggest banks - the Bank of Tokyo and Sanwa Bank - once complained to Mahathir that his Finance Minister demanded commissions that were too high when negotiating yen loans. Margaret Thatcher, too, has complained about Daim's role as a commissioned agent. He had - or still has - accounts in Zurich , London , Hong Kong, Tokyo , Singapore , Caymen Island , Channel Island and Virgin Island . Indeed, instead of keeping his billions in Malaysia , he has stashed them overseas.
With his immense wealth and far-reaching influence, Daim eventually became a burden that Mahathir could no longer bear. In every deal he made, there was something in it for himself. It was not beneath him even to conspire with Lee Kuan Yew to snatch KTM land in Singapore . The Malaysian Cabinet had no knowledge of this. But this issue of Malaysia being cheated by Lee Kuan Yew and Daim is far from over.

Mahathir eventually realised that he had to end Daim's lordship over the Finance Ministry. And so he told him to quit.

Mahathir worried that if Daim continued as Finance Minister, complaints would come not only from Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Arumugam and other members of the Malaysian business elite, but also from foreign leaders. Signs of a Daim-related scandal were ominous and it could break anytime in Japan or Britain , therefore, Daim had to go.

Daim's resignation was planned such that it would not appear as if he had been sacked. Indeed, it does not make sense why a powerful Finance Minister, rich and in control of so many public companies, would suddenly quit simply because he had lost interest in the job. The truth is that he was ordered to resign. Observers will recall that Mahathir's first comment on the so-called reaction was, 'He has asked several times for permission to resign, and I have finally allowed it. I hope Daim would not leave the country after resigning'. That statement was pregnant with meaning. Mahathir knew Daim was sulking. So did Anwar and Sanusi. Mahathir retained Daim as Umno Treasurer for a good reason, he wanted to ensure the safety of Umno money, a lot of which was under Daim's control.

But Daim who holds so many of Mahathir's secrets, is only a sly one. After resigning, he ran off to live in his San Francisco residence. He told the Malaysian public he wanted to study at Harvard, but in fact he wanted to leave Malaysia . Mahathir, who was familiar with Daim's antics, pleaded with him to come back, saying he need him to advise on economic matters. Daim returned and announced that Mahathir had named him Economic Adviser to the Government. Rafidah asked Mahathir to confirm this, but all she got was silence. Daim was never formally appointed as Economic Adviser, a post which Tun Raja Mohar once held. The appointment is the prerogative of the Public Services Department. Daim gave himself the job. To keep Daim happy, Mahathir allowed him to open an office at the Economic Planning Unit, and this strengthened the public perception that he was still in control as far as economic affairs were concerned.

When he was to told to resign as Finance Minister, Daim asked Mahathir to appoint Anwar Ibrahim to the job. Obviously, he thought this would help to ensure that his skeletons would remain closeted. He warned Mahathir of the peril that Rafidah would be to both of them: the secrets they shared would be uncovered. Daim also persuaded Mahathir to appoint Mustapha Mohammad as Anwar's deputy because these two could be depended on to fill up the holes he had left gaping. Anwar is nobody's fool, but he sacrificed his idealism to protect his towkay.

As far as we know, no Finance Minster in this world has retired a billionaire, except Daim. In the book Daim yang Diam: Sebuah Biographi (Daim the Silent: A Biography), Daim explains his retirement: 'I am happy in retirement. It was too heavy a responsibility. In truth, I love the business world. Business is in my blood. I love to make money. I know how to do it. I can do it just by sitting in this chair. On a lucky day, I can make millions.'

Friend of Soros

According to an internal bank analysis, collaborated by the corporate community, and from Daim crony Amin Shah, Daim's wealth, in ringgit and foreign currencies kept overseas currently amounts to RM20 billion. With so much money at his disposal, Daim can manipulate the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. He showed his hand in 1991, just to prove how much influence he wielded. After selling off his stocks, he made a statement to the effect that the market would crash. And crash it did. As we can all recall, even Mahathir could not help but make a wry remark when Daim boasted that he invested in KLSE only for pocket money. But to his good friend, Daim said he could turn in profit on RM90 million a day when the market was up. When the market plummeted in October 1991 Daim bought back his share on the cheap. When the market turned bullish again 1995 and 1996, Daim made billions of ringgit from it. This, then, is what the work of an economic adviser amounts to.

So it turns out that Soros is not the only big time market manipulator and currency dealer. Daim met Soros twice in London when the ringgit was being hotly traded. Anyway, when the ringgit fell below RM4 to the US dollar, Mahathir asked Daim for help and, according to a source in Singapore, he lost RM1 billion trying to prop up the Malaysian currency. To lose that much in currency trading, imagine how much money he had at his disposal.

The falls in currency and share values put Mahathir in a feverish panic. He knew his policies and his own belligerent attitude were partly to blame. Seeing Mahathir in such a frenzied state, Daim recommended that he declare a state of emergency to enable him to restore the economy and at the same time, bury the corpses that were beginning to stink. We hail the Chief Secretary to the Government and the Solicitor-General for opposing the move.. If Daim's plan had been followed, Mahathir would turn dictator and the Malaysian economy would be utterly ruined. Having failed to declare an emergency, Mahathir set up the National Economic Action Council, headed by Daim, with the Economic Planning Unit as its Secretariat. The original plan was to give the NEAC complete autonomy, but the Cabinet ministers opposed this for fear that they would lose any vestige of power they had left. Eventually, the council became merely an advisory body, with the Cabinet having final say on its recommendations.

The establishment of the council was a wedge between Anwar and Daim. Thus, two old friends who had together stood behind Mahathir against Musa were now turned against each other. All of the council's recommendations were rejected by the Cabinet and Bank Negara. Daim openly assailed Bank Negara for dismissing his proposals, such as those relating to interest rates and credit control. We salute the Bank Negara Governor for maintaining a prudent monetary policy in the face of Daim's bullying and insults. Unlike Daim and his cohorts, Bank Negara's officials are not self-serving. Daim's appointment to the NEAC was a major national mistake.

Going by press reports of its deliberations so far, the NEAC's sole preoccupation is with saving mega corporations from bankruptcy. No doubt, these are Daim-related companies. Daim has yet to show any concern over the rise in the price of chillies, or the leaps in fish prices or how the price of rice has boiled over. Neither has he talked about small businesses in their death throes. Class F contractors going bankrupt or kampung road projects being abandoned. In his dictionary, there are no entries for the small man's worries, nothing about low-cost houses, water cuts or study funds for the children of poor Malays. In fact, it contains only billion size figures. While the Malaysian economy is close to ruin, Daim remains a billionaire, living a life of glamour, jet setting with his new wife Naimah and the attractive Josephine , an Indian lass who helps him run one of his firms, the International Malaysian Bank.

We have merely given a sketch of who the real Daim is. A thorough account will soon be available in book form. We recommend the book to Umno members, especially those with big ambitions, because they will learn much from its fantastic but true tales of economic and political intrigues. We denounce the likes of Vincent Tan and Tan Phek Khiing for land-grabbing, but perhaps we should ask the Menteri Besar of Johor and the Menteri Besar of Kedah how much land Daim has taken. Ask Sanusi how much Daim paid to the Kedah government for 12,000 acres in Sungai Petani and how much profit he made from them. For 12,000 acres, Osman Arof had to be sacrificed. The true story of the Daim-Sanusi conspiracy in Kedah will be exposed in the book.

Umno is at a crossroads and has to decide wisely where it is going. One road heads to glory, where stability and democratic practice will abide. The other leads to division, autocracy and ultimately, utter destruction. The call for reform, which used to be made only in whispers at small, secretive gatherings, is becoming louder. Umno members, showing that they can no longer contain their restiveness and frustration, have begun to openly debate the need for change, even at party conventions. Can there be a clearer indication that they have reached their tether's end, that they can no longer stomach the leadership's undemocratic attitude and the prevalence - whether in the party or the government - of favouritism, cronyism, nepotism, graft and other misdeeds? Malay nationalism is dead and materialism and egoism are running amok.

We cannot depend on the Umno Supreme Council to initiate reform because few of the members have the guts to speak up. In fact, the council has lately been transformed into a monologue theatre. But of course even a monologue can flop without good supporting players - fools, clowns, jesters, attendants and the oh-so- important flatterers. As far as these bit players are concerned, Umno's ideals and principles are not as important as their jobs. This keep-your-mouth- shut syndrome serves only to embolden the party leadership in its conceit, arrogance and haughtiness. A president has become a dictator. Woe are the Malays and Umno. What is to become of them? That is a question only Umno members can answer.

Professor Mohamed Zain
Professor of Technology & Strategic Management
College of Business & Economics
University of Qatar

Source: http://margeemar.blogspot.com/



There are many truths that we like to suppress  or even want to change them and anger at those who pointed at them. We don't like history that tells the truth and the bad things we do. We attacked those who revealed the reality. We punished the whistle blowers and others who championed the real fact of history.

If it is a game of survival or a battle to survive then let it be a battle. In a war there must be computation for all the possibilities. The impasse is not without a sacrifice.

There is a history of UMNO and the history of races, the history of colonization and nationalism,. Nobody likes to know the root. Mahyuddin said forget the past. Past is past.

But the history of robbing does not end. Not only the politicians robbed, even government officials do it. The big purchases of equipments are full of hanky panky resulting in a huge wastage. And they are trying to punish those who leak the truth.

Each of us has things that we don't want to remember and things we want the world to know.

So far there is no history written yet on the emergence of Mamak in Malaysia. It would be interesting to know how they grew up to be wealthy, the different between Syed and Sayed, which if of the Arabic and which of the Mamak. Don't we want to know how Syed Mokhtar became so wealthy ?

I believe that the history of each Minister must be dug and told to all. You will be surprise to know how many thieves and robbers you are worshipping. I would always remember the old man's saying about the two races that God will cast to hell, namely the Jews and the Malays. For the Malays, he said, they continue to vote the people who knocked and kicked them.

The great swindler is now going around and telling lies to the people, promising the hell of the goodies. Sadly enough people just don't know the history and the ongoing robberies that are taking place. One robber puts another robber to take care of public funds.

History and truth can be very nasty. But it must be told and be known. Our generation may want to know our root and what we are capable of other than robbing.

 25/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Extract from Wikipedia

List of Nobel laureates

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nobel Prizes (Swedish: Nobelpriset, Norwegian: Nobelprisen) are awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Academy, the Karolinska Institute, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee to individuals and organizations who make outstanding contributions in the fields of chemistry, physics, literature, peace, and physiology or medicine.[1] They were established by the 1895 will of Alfred Nobel, which dictates that the awards should be administered by the Nobel Foundation. Another prize, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, was established in 1968 by the Sveriges Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden, for contributors to the field of economics.[2]

Each prize is awarded by a separate committee; the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Economics, the Karolinska Institute awards the Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee awards the Prize in Peace.[3] Each recipient receives a medal, a diploma and a monetary award that has varied throughout the years.[2] In 1901, the recipients of the first Nobel Prizes were given 150,782 SEK, which is equal to 7,731,004 SEK in December 2007. In 2008, the winners were awarded a prize amount of 10,000,000 SEK.[4] The awards are presented in Stockholm in an annual ceremony on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death.[5]

As of 2011, 826 individuals and 20 organizations have been awarded a Nobel Prize, including 69 winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.[6] Four Nobel laureates were not permitted by their governments to accept the Nobel Prize. Adolf Hitler forbade three Germans, Richard Kuhn (Chemistry, 1938), Adolf Butenandt (Chemistry, 1939), and Gerhard Domagk (Physiology or Medicine, 1939), from accepting their Nobel Prizes, and the government of the Soviet Union pressured Boris Pasternak (Literature, 1958) to decline his award. Two Nobel laureates, Jean-Paul Sartre (Literature, 1964) and Lę Đức Thọ (Peace, 1973), declined the award; Sartre declined the award as he declined all official honors, and Lę declined the award due to the situation Vietnam was in at the time.

Six laureates have received more than one prize; of the six, the International Committee of the Red Cross has received the Nobel Peace Prize three times, more than any other.[7] Among the 826 Nobel laureates, 43 have been women; the first woman to win a Nobel Prize was Marie Curie, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.[8] She was also the first person (male or female) to win two Nobel Prizes, the second being the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded in 1911.[7]

In years in which the Nobel Prize is not awarded due to external events or a lack of nominations, the prize money is returned to the funds delegated to the relevant prize.[9] The Nobel Prize was not awarded between 1940 and 1942 due to the outbreak of World War II.[10]


Year Physics Chemistry Physiology
or Medicine
Literature Peace Economics
1901 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Jacobus H. van 't Hoff Emil Adolf von Behring Sully Prudhomme Henry Dunant;
Frédéric Passy
1902 Hendrik A. Lorentz;
Pieter Zeeman
Hermann Emil Fischer Ronald Ross Theodor Mommsen Élie Ducommun;
Albert Gobat
1903 Henri Becquerel;
Pierre Curie;
Marie Curie
Svante Arrhenius Niels Ryberg Finsen Bjřrnstjerne Bjřrnson Randal Cremer
1904 Lord Rayleigh William Ramsay Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Frédéric Mistral;
José Echegaray
Institut de Droit International
1905 Philipp Lenard Adolf von Baeyer Robert Koch Henryk Sienkiewicz Bertha von Suttner
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Giosuč Carducci Theodore Roosevelt
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1908 Gabriel Lippmann Ernest Rutherford Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov;
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1909 Ferdinand Braun;
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1910 Johannes Diderik van der Waals Otto Wallach Albrecht Kossel Paul Heyse International Peace Bureau
1911 Wilhelm Wien Marie Curie Allvar Gullstrand Maurice Maeterlinck Tobias Michael Carel Asser;
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1912 Gustaf Dalén Victor Grignard;
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Alexis Carrel Gerhart Hauptmann Elihu Root
1913 Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Alfred Werner Charles Richet Rabindranath Tagore Henri La Fontaine
1914 Max von Laue Theodore William Richards Robert Bárány None None
1915 William Henry Bragg;
William Lawrence Bragg
Richard Martin Willstätter None Romain Rolland None
1916 None None None Verner von Heidenstam None
1917 Charles Glover Barkla None None Karl Adolph Gjellerup;
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International Committee of the Red Cross
1918 Max Planck Fritz Haber None None None
1919 Johannes Stark None Jules Bordet Carl Spitteler Woodrow Wilson
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Year Physics Chemistry Physiology
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How many are from China, Korea or Japan ? How many are from the world's renounce universities ? There is no correlation between Nobel Prize winners and quality education.

24/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why finally the police and Najib stopped the peaceful sit up by the Bersih 3 ? My intelligent conjecture is the report from Special Branch is not favorable to the government. What is favorable and what is not ?

The initial thought was the number of the sitters was small. The government would use the small number to discredit the opposition parties saying the people do not support Bersih and PR. That would be very favorable.

But the number turn out to be extremely large. Huge support went to the sitters from all over the nation. Perkasa has set out to steer trouble probably with wild gangsters. What is likely to happen there will be a bloody conflict resulted in severe damage and PERKASA would lose the street fight. The police know that Bersih's sit up would be peaceful but terrorism from the anti-Bersih could cause a deadly clash.

Najib has no choice but to order for the cleanup of the electoral roll for the clean and fair election. Clean election does not guarantee the opposition will win. BN should not be fearful of losing. Even if Bersih sitters reach the 50000 marks, it is nothing compared to the total voters.

There will be no spring like the Arabian countries. Mahathir said so. From the track record the hooligans would spring up from PERKASA or UMNO's camp. The frog tried to make it racial, forgetting the Malays have been frustrated with UMNO and corruption and the plundering of the nation's wealth.

If the sittings are allowed there could be no space at the Dataran. Only the SB knows the estimated numbers who would attend from all over the country. Could the figure be alarming, much more than my 50000 estimation ?

The world is watching every moment of it. Ambiga is a world's figure. Clinton is watching her very closely. She doesn't have to buy popularity nor pay millions to be published in foreign newspapers.

If Najib does not order in the cleanup then he would not get the respect of all Malaysians. Once the respect is lost, there will be name calling. Maha Firaun and Maha Zalim is still found on the website. Life without honor is a life full of shame.

Clean election does not mean BN's defeat. Don't be intimidated by Bersih 3 sit ups.


24/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now that Anwar's popularity is on the way down and Najib is picking up, it is a good time for the GE13. Najib can expect a landslide. Even Mahathir is of the view that now is the time. And I think June will be the right moment.

I think Anwar and Najib should not be the issue. The leadership comes later. What is more important is what has been done to the country and the people and what will done again in the next five years. The people should not be influenced by the eloquence of the politicians but by the experiences they have had felt. Those who feel they lead a better life than before should stay foot with the current government. And those who have to strive every other day for the daily bread should cast the government far aside.

How bad Anwar is being displayed and exposed, it cannot overwrite the great amount of public funds that have been plundered recklessly. Is the public going to say 'Amen' to the lost billions. Are the people going to say 'Amen' to great inefficiency of the governments that opened up our nation's secret to our enemies and allowing the jet engine being stolen away that easy ? Are the Malays happy with the demise of Bank Bumiputera and the Malay reserve ? Do the people want the PKZ, NFC and other wastes to be forgotten ? And say 'Amen' to everyone of them just because Anwar is bad ?

If Anwar is bad does it made Shahrizat's family good ? Those responsible for Teoh Beng Hock's death good ? Those who stole billions OK ?

I would not worry about Anwar. Without Anwar or Najib there are many hundred others who are able. Just throw both out.

In the last GE I never expect that BN can suffer a big lost. All along I have been thinking that the Malays are easily fooled. An when Anwar was talking of forming a government I thought it was a 'Gempar Keling'. Though it did not materialize I found later there were real dissidents who were about to jump ship if their demands were not met.

The truth is we never can tell. You can guess the coming of the Tsunami but you can't guess the earth quake.

BN is working hard to twisting and control people's mind, to let them forget the bad and controversial issues and bringing in other irrelevant stuffs. Those who are strong enough could not be pulled off the track. PR has to display BN's follies continuously to keep people in tracked and not to fall into the trap of the new issue.

BN has professionals working for the party and paid the body handsomely . Mind you the Jews are extremely smart people and they are still in there planning for the win.

23/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The classical economic theory still hold the truth about food and population. So far I don't remember any economist talked about human greed and inconsideration. The theory on capital and resources could not be separated from the evil of human nature.

There has been a quest to increase food production to feed the world. The commendable  intent is spoiled by greedy nature of human being. The food price is increased making life so very difficult to many.

Population increase creates scarcity of resources. A piece of land could cause much havoc. Family breaks up. People push each other to get it. Conflicts loomed between the have and the have not. It resulted in racial and political issues.

Land is still in abundance in North America and New Zealand. It is getting more and more scarce in this country. Land for agriculture is turned into hotels, motels, and super market. New houses were sold to the foreigners. The locals have to struggle.

Competitions are increasing. Students compete for scholarships and places in universities. 

 Young people compete for jobs and many are jobless. Prostitutes multiply. Crimes levitate.

It is true that the GDP increase as the population increases. Firms have more market opened up and can get cheaper price for labor. Telcos are enjoying much surplus of profit.

Population increase and poverty resulted in mass migration. Wealthy countries like USA, Europe and Australia are the recipients. In no time those countries will be polluted by the Asians. The new migrants will claim their right and later will end up in social conflicts. Tension grows day by day.

There is a belief that the world population must be checked. The classical theory said the world population will be checked by war, natural disaster like earth quakes. People have been silent about it. But today the topic re-emerged. 1/3 of the world population must be reduced deliberately or otherwise.

Thus the question is who must die and who must live ? How to reduce them and in what manner ?

Who do you think must die and who must live ? I don't want to know the answer.

But I am very sceptical about the various earthquake recently though the purpose if the Iraq war may have a different motives.

Weather modification, magnetization using radio waves and a few other weapons could be deployed to kill people without being realized. The philosophy is for the better world and those who live.

China is one of the very few countries who still control the population and is monitoring the marriage pattern. There is quite an alarm when women are still single at an old age. And Singapore was worried about the ageing population once.

Over population combines with greed would cause problems to the poor citizens. Prices of commodities also depend on the scarcity which is being created by the excessive demand.

Once we have the Family Planning Unit. But Mahathir announced that the bigger the family is the better will be for the country and there will be a tax relief. Mahathir is still alive and kicking. They called him a genius and a statement. While many see the implication of his policy he sees nothing to it. Mahathir can afford to spend a thousand ringgit a day while a large number of kampong folks are struggling hard to buy a packet of rice for the family.

The plundering of land is at a critical and alarming stage. Younger kids will have to compete hard to own a lodging. Jobs which were once considered filthy are waited by the thousands.  Lobbying is everywhere.

There will be a point where the expansions will halt. Now they already chased people out to acquire land. There won't be a secret area for military bases and police stations. Soon we will be living in a world where we will stab each other's back.

We will pay more for everything.
23/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have never been good at programming. And never concentrate much on the user name and password stuffs. I am too lazy to look for literature about it either. Actually I never know how to create and design passwords. I am still wondering how they do it.

Just for fun I decided to explore. I created a MySql database with three fields, name, password and program name.  I know that the program name has to be very difficult to be remembered and no one can ever guess it.

I have a hard time remembering databases and field names. So I have to make sure I can see the databases when I run the program.

Private Sub Form_Activate()
Dim con As ADODB.Connection
Set con = New ADODB.Connection
con.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};uid=root;PWD=9m2ar;port=3306;server="
Adodc1.ConnectionString = con
Adodc1.RecordSource = "show databases"
Do Until Adodc1.Recordset.EOF
List1.AddItem Adodc1.Recordset(0).Value
End Sub

I need to see the table names because at time with no reason I would give funny names to them. And listing is shown below

Private Sub List1_Click()
Adodc1.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};uid=root;PWD=9m2ar;port=3306;server=;database=" & List1 & ";"
Adodc1.RecordSource = "show tables"
Do Until Adodc1.Recordset.EOF
List2.AddItem Adodc1.Recordset(0).Value
End Sub

The codes below consists of two options; to change the passwords or to open up a web page. In the example below the browser's url is deliberately given as 9m2ar.com. The actual one should be the content of text3 which is a long and funny name.

Private Sub Command2_Click()
If kod1 = 1 Then 
' layari web
Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from " & List2 & " where trim(" + Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(0).Name + ") like '" + Trim(Text4) + "' and trim(" + Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(1).Name + ") like '" + Trim(Text5) + "'"
If Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount > 0 Then wb.Navigate "9m2ar.com"   'Text3
End If
If kod1 = 2 Then 
' tukar kata laluan
Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from " + List2 + " where trim(namaname) like '" & Trim(Text4) & "' and trim(passsulit) like '" & Trim(Text5) & "'"
If Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount > 0 Then Frame2.Visible = True
End If
End Sub

May be I have to read more on how to design and manage passwords. But as you see programming is as fun as Morse code. It is much more simpler. Self-taught won't take me anywhere. But it is just enjoyable as much as the other hobbies.

I believe my way of password creation is not tight. At least I put a thought to it; long application name to avoid guessing.

Yet I have to translate the codes into asp. What is written here is in Visual Basic. There isn't much different between both of them. I know to be more serious I need to go into the encryption part. Right now it is beyond my mind to comprehend what it is. O saw the word SSL many time but it is more than Greek to me.

We used to say in Ham Radio 'Slowly...slowly...catch the monkey'

22/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When millions practice satanic rituals, chose and praise a Satan as their god, what else a non heathen can say ? The end of the world is near is the answer.

A man can get pregnant. Laws to legalize  robberies were enacted and passed. The cloning of human beings have become reality. People will do anything for money.

It is difficult to distinguish between a man and a Satan from the outset. You have to have a deal with him to know one. An alert person could see one by reading the newspapers.

When we look at politicians you have to know their past and the covert activities to detect the true identity. Yet we hear people are worshipping and praising the Devil.

Each day the public were robbed. Robbers were protected by law. They robbed your land and your money. We are all helpless. They shut your mouth by giving you RM500 and RM100. Poor man pays more for the insurance than the wealthy man. Telcos eat up your money in many ways. And the Land Acquisition Act is the worst of all.

Yet the evil is praised and worshipped. The people are forced to swallow the daily lies.

What is if it is not the nearing of the end, where morality among mankind has vanished. Public and free sex is shameless, cheating are rife among the corporate bodies on the public, each officer work for an office rather than the clients welfare.

A Satan says he is a savior and pointed at others as a devil. And the general public says 'AMEN'. Amen to corruption. AMEN to plundering under the name of development. AMEN to the silent robbery of their own money.

In   1950's  I  already  heard  my religious teachers

 talked about the end, about the signs, about the people. I myself read on the sale of the God's word in the market places for a few cents when nearing comes.

The earth shook. To many it is a warning. To some it is a common phenomena. But when it last shook the people seek for God's help by appealing through the reading of the Holly Book and the Praise of the Almighty through the loud speakers in Aceh and else where.

We are waiting for the Savior, both the Muslims and the Christians. Where will Isa show himself. The Muslims never believe that Isa was killed nor dead. God raised him to the sky and will send him back. The Jews claims they kill Isa.

Certainly it could not be Khairy Jamaluddin or Ibrahim Ali. Or does Ibrahim Ali think he is the Savior himself ? Is he not ?

I urge you not to follow and praise the Satan. And learn how to recognize one. Remember, once a Satan, always a Satan. They robbed you before and they will always robbed you ever. A sinner can repent and asked for God's forgiveness but a Satan will never.

22/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

PROTON PREVE - I still think Preve is lack of quality as I found it a little hard to open the front compartment from the driver's seat though the internal design is almost BMW. For RM73K it certainly is better than Perdana. I don't own Perdana nor BMW because I can't afford them. If I were still at work I would certainly buy one of the PREVEs. The monthly payment is about RM800 and the down payment is about RM8K. And 9 years is a long time. I don't think I will live that long anymore.

I told my ailing wife about it and her response was not supportive. There is no point buying, she said, because we won't be able to travel far with it. She is on dialysis and I can't leave her alone with a maid at home. The battle within myself is very strong. The desire is too great. I have to have a strong discipline not to purchase it.

What if UMNO asked me to promote the party in return of a Preeve ? Then I will have to turn away from hell and choose the heaven.

21/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



Someone rang me up recently and asked me several questions about the future and about Najib. I am sure some of you may have received the same phone call. I tried to answer them rationally and put my bias aside.

The hardest to answer was 'Is Najib fair to all races ?' If you have two kids, try to be fair to both, one will not feel happy. Equality means different things to different people. Putting to debate on fairness DAP and PERKASA will not agree with each other.

Whenever I bought gifts to friends one or two will get something better and more expensive than the others. The recipients themselves are different and not equal. Teachers are not always equal. Some put more effort than the others.

Nevertheless unfairness is easily felt when the sources of wealth from the public were not equally distributed or given to it's own kind. UMNO has been practicing this most of the time.

My response the question was brief. I can't answer it within a short frame of time but fairness is very difficult to manage. Whatever you do there can never be fairness.

21/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

But Najib has no confident and always in fear of losing his post. He has been struggling very hard to be popular both local and abroad. He tried hard to clear his image in Altantuya's case.

I am trying to compute on Najib's future as a Prime Minister. I have a haunch that Najib will lose if the election is clean. It is Lynas that will bring him down. It would be interpreted as Najib is willing to kill the people in favor of a corporate body. No amount of money can make people trade life for wealth.

But I didn't tell the one who phoned me. I just said Najib has no confident and always in fear of being beaten.

The second last question was which and what media source I sought to get information. I replied I made my own conclusion after reading all newspapers.

The last was whether I received any goodie from the government. My answer was a pension and he hooked off. I never received the RM100 nor RM500, and not even the flood money.

To me a  Medicare for my wife dialysis and monthly medicine are something that drive me to feel obliged. In USA you can die or go to hell if you are sick without any insurance.

But with the good deeds of the government I could not

say 'YES' to corruption, inefficiency, greed, robbing the pauper and pay the wealthy. I can't condone lies and cheats. I can't stand the bad mouth of the UMNO supporters, the arrogance and the robbers.

I can't shut off my mouth when seeing the manner our money was plundered, of how billions taken by Mahathir in what they called in legal ways.

I can't stand the mouth of Ibrahim Ali as well as his face his PERKASA and the sight of him.

Worst of all is the dirty tactic used by UMNO.

Though I am not on the opposition camp I am not one of UMNO myself. But I know as everyone else that oppositions are not the enemy of the country. They too have all the right as what UMNO has.

Of course if the opposition wins some faces will have to be tried. Mamak Kutty will be the first in the list, followed by those who manipulate judiciaries and laws to protect the criminals.

Najib's fate has been pre-determined. Untung Sabut Timbul, Untung Batu Tenggelam.

The last time I topped up my pre-paid Celcom was at the Giant. A sheet of paper was printed with numbers to be ounched The number was long and the process was hazardous. I usually paid RM50 for every top-up. The company I used to go moved away and I have to opt for new vendor and new method. I don't remember the date of the last prepaid but I knew the credit shrink so fast. The balance was message twice for every call and call without answers were charged too.

It was yesterday my iPhone message from Celcom showed my last balance. It IS RM9.98. The next minute I tried to call my friend it said my credit was insufficient. I need to know the answer. This morning I went to the Celcom HQ in Alor Setar. The lady officer asked for my number. She said my balance was SEVEN cent. I must have used it to browse the internet. I said I have a Celcom broadband. She asked me to check my balance using my iPhone. It showed EIGHT cents. I asked her to explain the three discrepancies. She can't explain it and sent me to see another officer.

I repeated my narration. Again he asked me to check my balance. It still showed eight cent. In the system it showed seven cent. Like the previous officer he blamed my iPhone for the possibility of having the internet data on. He went on to explain that there is a delay between the call and the data entry. I told him about online data entry which is almost immediate and even if there is a delay it could not have been a few hours. He too could not explain the difference. I agreed that he would not be able to explain but requested him to put it in a report for further investigation.

The SEVEN and EIGHT cent makes a lot of difference and it is a big error. The error is either genuine made by the computer programmer or it is deliberate made by the vendors to steal customers money. Whatever way it reflects the image of Mahathir and UMNO. You call it efficient ? You call it World Class ? Whoever run Celcom is either a nut or arrogance or too much. Why Mahathir and UMNO ? These were the people who favor the corporate bodies over the citizens.

Before this EIGHT and SEVEN cents I encountered a Celcom Indian lady who said my account was ZERO. I immediately responded demanding for the month or any time my account showed ZERO because it had not been at the null status. Another lady emailed me saying 'sorry'.

This time is something more big. The discrepancies indicate a major programming error and it seems to rob the customer. Robbing in any way is a crime, whether it comes from Celcom, Maxis or UMNO Ministers.

Please open up the Celcom Web Page to see who run the company.

Is this called effiency ?

20/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

At about 9 pm I went for a top up. I want to see what happen to my RM30 without my calling out anywhere.



If you want to travel with POTO TRAVEL, think again. POTO has been my first travel companion. I had been choosing Reliance for a long time before the Muslim travel agent emerged. It was superb and I had no grudge against it until my European trip when more than half of the Malaysian tourists were turned back home by the English immigration. The Reliance tour leader did nothing to help them.

I was so happy with POTO that I chose the agency to send my four in-laws for an Umrah trip. I made a booking and paid the agency almost 5 moths ahead. It started with RM8330 but later reduced to RM7 K plus, competing with the other agency charging between 5 to 6 K. But ours were with a three night tour of Istanbul.

From January to April I had had problem with the agency, mostly with documents. There was no clear instruction as to the types that we need to send. First was about the passport and a week before I was asked to post the marriage certificate. And on two occasions the agency rang us about attending the Umrah course not aware we are in Alor Setar. 

Last night my brother in law express his unhappiness when the hotel they were to check in was not cleared. The room was shabby and there were food left by the previous occupant. It took more than 3 hours before they were able to go in. And more so the hotel was not listed as advertised.

RELIANCE's hotel was very excellent. There had been no hanky panky on the part of the tour leader. The price had been very fair. Even our European trip was about 6K for more than a week.

POTO needs to do some post mortem.

I just warned you to think again when you decide to choose  POTO. My brother in-laws did not go for the river cruise because they had to pay US50-US60 for the trip. It was not warned that they had to pay, or otherwise I would have paid for them. My previous trip to Turkey with POTO was not free either but I was aware all along what were optional and what were not.

My another in law came to see just now. He seemed to be happy with the trip and narrated only the good things.

20/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


19/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Frankly I don't know what does Brahim means. The first time I heard about it was from Idris, 9M2GL,when he went to  camping with Mat Komando. "Iam cooking BrahimKurma," he told me.  And he explained about  foodstuff sold in packet under the brand name of Brahim.

It was at 1 a.m. this morning I felt hungry.  Brahim's briyani came to my rescue. I boiled the water and soak the packet for about 10 minutes. I finished almost half of the packet. To my taste it is very delicious.

I presume Brahim is a name of a person. Someone said he is Pak Lah's brother. True or not I didn't bother. I felt this person had help many of us locally and internationally. 

If you want to go to Japan or Korea Brahim is very handy. A journey of less than a week will take the worry of many Muslims. Bring along a loaf of bread and Brahim's kurma, rendang lembu or ayam.

I also never want to know whether this Brahim is PAS or UMNO as long as he helps us. The price is reasonable. In Japan you could pay a fortune for a decent Malaysian style food. Even if he is a Mamak I will regard him as a Malay.



In the old days we added fun to local hamming by giving special name to local and foreign ham friends. Rajamani was known as Raja Jepun. Rosli was Roti Bakar. Bahar was Sambal Belacan and me Anak Raja. We had our own philosophy then. There was no Malay or Chinese hams. We had Malaysian hams. Then name like Nong Brabo came out. Eshee would always mentioned it with additional greetings Cheers Boo Boo and Atoro Kahuni.

Rajamani had been absent from the radio for a long time. I had a couple of record on 2007 and 2003. He must have come from somewhere in 2007. The first time I met him was in the 80's when I went to his abode near the Angkasa Puri. I was with a T-Shirt and a sleeper. He looked puzzled when I asked him something not related to Amateur Radio.

When Idris, Abraham Oxford, Arvatar, Ari, Kuan Kiew and a few others went silent key Rajamani went missing. One day after a long pause silence I received a phone call from him. He was monitoring to my CW contact with VU2MDM and said I didn't answer a question asked. Indeed I was glad to know that he did the monitoring despite of his being absent.

Last night at almost midnight I was shocked to hear him like the old Raja Jepun "Nine Mike Two Romeo Juliet breaking in..", like the old Rajamani with unchange voice and mode of QSO. We had a chat until the my signal went fading.

9W2TZ is one of those who worked hard to bring back the old hams though the number is already declining. He promised he would sit for his CW test if Rajamani came back regularly, which he defines it as 'at least once a week'. There were about 6 hams went to Raja's house to put back his antenna. So we talked like the old time.

English had been our daily chat because we the old hams viewed it is an international hobby and we want the rest of the world who heard us would understand and enjoy the SWLing. SWLs were not few and they monitored. They would continue the daily monitoring if the topics were lively and interesting. They would comment so in their QSL cards.

I never called him Raja Jepun. It doesn't suit my ears. But old boy Hanafi would always mentioned Raja Jepun whenever the topics on the old hams were discussed. And I hope with the coming back of the old hams the old fun would revived. But the very very old hams will never be back. Even Eshee will not be back. And  Raja will make himself available regularly.

18/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It was on the 4th of April that I was told the DOE from Kuala Lumpur wanted to see me about a computer software mean for a new college. We met. He mentioned the need of a software to print transcripts and he had asked the Examination Syndicate to ring me up. "Did the examination syndicate ring you up ?" He asked.,"No," I replied. "Why must you go through the syndicate ? " He told me that he needs the body to pay. I told him that the syndicate has it's own people to do it.  He kept quiet. And when he left the school he never met me again. I presume the deal was cancelled.

Last Thursday night I got three phone calls. Two from the school's staffs telling me about the DOE asking them my phone number. Another one was from DOE himself asking me to go to Kuala Lumpur to discuss with him and the examination people on Tuesday ( today 16/04/2012). I told him it was a good time because I need to talk to to a few teachers for ideas.

Immediately after the conversation I started to figure out the data structure for the project. I started to draft and create files. Coding ran from my fingers till 3 am. I continued the next morning until before the Friday prayer. Before I went out for a soccer match at 8.30 my sample program completed.

I went to the game without my iPhone. When I came home I saw a message from DOE that the deal ended because the examination syndicated had engage someone else to develop the software. That's it. But I still wrote a document and procedure of the usage.

Main Menu

Folder creation and copy file  for coming years

School's basic data and grade entry

Registration of subjects

Student's registeration- done at the beginning of each year for new student intake

Marks entry by subject teachers

Processing - grades and GPA -After processing it is ready to print

I don't have a desire to cast a curse. Neither do I feel bad about it. That's only the tip of an iceberg about Malaysian managers and management. There is no more the old ethics of honesty, integrity and considerate. It is true that I am not a paper qualified person. If it is they should have not mentioned my name in the first place.

This is the color of our life and our living.

16/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Me in the PPU's staff room with 5 out of 8 teachers.

I promised a prize to PPU for the good work they did for the workshop. PPU is an air conditioning workshop.

The other day I followed their big boss from Kuala Lumpur around to see the workshops, hostels, libraries and classrooms.  I was there because the Director had just wanted to see me as an old friend.

All workshops were well organized, neat, clean and attractive. But I noticed the PPU had an additional item the rest didn't have. On every freezer and other machine I saw the date acquired, the price and the suppliers.

I did not know what to buy for those teachers. There are eight of them. Finally I decided to buy them a snack plate each.

I am very happy that they are pleased with the simple treats. Six of the teachers worked with me before. I always remember their dedication and they made me happy.

'Thank you, cikgu for appreciating our work.' But I have left them since 2000 and retired somewhere else in 2003.




A teacher argued with me about 'Change'. She says that change is towards progress and when a boss brings changes all subordinates must accept them. I pointed out that for every change there will be the formation of perceptions towards it. The difference in them will cause disagreement or resentment. One Principal  cut down trees because he deem those as junks and do not look neat. Another knocked down the wall of a toilet to ensure students cannot smoke. But the resultant concepts form among teachers are not as what in the mind of the school authority.

If progress means change or change means progress then people even want to change religious dogma and the content of the Holly Books. Bibles changed to suit the people. Koran cannot be altered. Had it not been said the change in the Malaysian Muslim laws are for the better ? Muslims women fought for the changed. But the change do not stopped adultery. It is better for some men to keep mistress rather than to marry one. Is the same sex marriage is considered a change for the progress ?

Teachers in a school are longer than the Principals. Principals change for every 3 to 4 years. They are subjected to different style of management. They formed a reference point and judge each Principal whether he is above or below the point. They see the boss who give every credit to himself, the boss who give credit to all the staffs and the boss who never care for anything. Hence the change in the school head is not always for the better as much as the change of our nation's leadership.

Teachers on the other hand could not pressure the boss to follow them. You have 10 sons you want them to follow you. Firstly because of the nature of their job. They are subordinates. They need to follow orders. If the boss says RED is beautiful they have to agree and follow the chief. They have to pretend to like RED. And learn to accept that the change made is for the good.

Whatever the basic of a school is the students, our main clientele. We have to know what to do to them, what to make of them, how to make our efforts pay. We want to give them knowledge, to shape them to be responsible and honest citizens, to instill the love and affections towards their parents, to build up their morale, and to guide them as people who are to serve the nation. I would give priority to my students rather than my boss who is crazy for office. And the nation wants dedicated teachers who understand their first priority.

When you want to shape your environment you must have the students in your mind not the office or to show to general public. Environment is to create a conducive learning world, to instill the aesthetic values and the sense of beauty, the development of healthy emotional growth. When we talk of a Battle Cry we are talking of a morale and attitudes. We need to know and apply the positive and negative re-enforcement at the same time. In short a Principal must have a vision. I have always told my Director that 'I am more interested in my school than you are. I am more concerned in it than you are." Sound aggressive but I did.

We depend so much on the teachers to share what we have in mind, to let them feel as we are. Therefore there is no harm to consult them in many things concerning our plan and program. We call it a Participative Management. If we need to change why not hear from all about the changes and let them put their arguments. Let the changes be our change and not my change. If the teachers argument is sound then accept them.

I will always a remember when I was about to give hints on how to study Morse code and the person concerned gave me a long lecture of his way. I stopped short. If you think you are smart then be it. You may produce nothing till the end. You may be happy with yourself but it is sad for the nation to have people like you.

Others cannot be all wrong and yours is not always right.

12/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

These trees and plants are cut off because they are deemed to be ugly and school junks. It is a matter of perception.


I just acquired a maid from Northern Sumatra. She has been with me for about two months. But I didn't ask her much about her family and background. My wife knows better about her. She has two daughters working in Malaysia and other children back in Aceh. I don't remember the name of her town. I called her Yuni. My wife called her Mini. Her two daughters about between 19 and 20 years visited her after a month serving here.

Her youngest son is 9 years. Her husband passed away after the last Tsunami.

She is 40 and strong. The second day I bought a new Koran for her asking her to complete it by a year or two. I heard her talking to her mother with tears asking her mother to take good care of her youngest son. She will be here for only two years and repeatedly assuring the family that she is working in the Muslim's house.

She is working hard, praying hard and my wife is very happy with her. Only yesterday her daughter in Seremban told her about three of her children back home felt ill. My wife whispered to me to allow her to go back.  I asked her the same question. She cried and said she would not go back now but pray for the kids well being. I asked her to call back home.

One of them is hospitalize. One is at home and recovering fast and another is also recovering. One of her niece passed away. My wife felt sad too. She was composed.

Today at about 4.30 she felt a strong tremor. I was having a nap and my wife was not back yet from dialysis. She had a strong haunch over something happening and went to pray until my wife came back.

When I woke up I got a severe head ache, not knowing anything. I read my facebook about the tremor. It was on the Yahoo news. I told Yuni about it. She was very sad and looked scared. I felt so sorry for her and told her to watch the news. I kept her update of what I read in Yahoo.

My wife is sick and in pain. But I know she felt more pain than my wife.

Last night she told me that she wants to go back to Aceh for her son's wedding. I gave her the green light and probably I will financed her trips. I can feel the feeling of a mother who with other daughters went out to look for bread for the poor family. They plan to accumulate to make a small business.

I pray for tranquility in Aceh tonight. I can't stand seeing my maid in agony. I think if by 10 pm there is no Tsunami then there won't be any at least after this quake.

I got a good maid and I pray for her well being and the family. She kept on saying that she wants to take my wife back to her home. My wife is on dialysis. She will stay here and die here.  And for Yuni she is just like a family.

11/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Several people have been asking me about 9M2GET's wanting to sell his whole radio station. I told them I don't know. And I don't even ask Hairie about it and will never ask him. That does not mean I totally ignore Hairie. I have my own reservation and I don't like guessing which could  lead to fallacies. Non existing things could run like wild fire.

At least we all know that Hairie is alive and kicking. My CW partner, 9M2YP, went silent without any trace. It was more disturbing. But I just sensed that Yee must  have some  problems which may resolve in the near future. I think we should not be alarmed at many things.

Hairie is much softer as compared to me. I was about to throw my equipments into the sea for my own reason. Rusli too was talking about casting his radios and seal his shack. I was not haunted by mobsters, for fearing is not my profession. I was badly disturbed by the talks that CW was to be catapulted to an unknown world As far as I am concerned CW is part and parcel of ham radio. The idea of quitting starts when CW about to be killed. That's all. It is nothing to do with people but more on a principle.

Ham radio is friendships through the air. It is not a daily meeting or an e-group forum. So I am not keen on daily meetings or e-group gossip. What usually transpire from those were more harm than good. Ham Radio is also not a competition of an ego, smartness and ideas. It is not an arena to make money.

If we go astray  from the original path then we can never have a unity of words and spirits. One says we should condone and support pirates, another says it is wrong to do so. One says we can response to an unknown station, another says it is very wrong and illegal. There is no unity of words and deeds. For me that is one of the big different from the old and the new world.

Asking means concern. If we are so concern then we don't create stories. Keep the conjecture to ourselves.

One must know that whatever we earned in a very hard way will be treasured and kept for a long time. Hairie did not beg nor putting pressure for free goods. Like many others who persistently went to the battlefield at Cyber Jaya Hairie is not easy to accept things blindly.

Anyway ham radio today is full of impurities. You monitor the band you sense them. It is politicized and possess an aroma of racist. Tracing the history of ASTRA and the history of the fall of MARTS I would say ham radio is facing a crucial moment. Who spoil MARTS ? I would trace the root to the 9M heroes. Who starts ASTRA and why ?

You think I ever forget who was chasing me out of 7.043 for sending CW ? And they are better than any body else in the world and an expertise in band plan ? To right the wrong and wrong the right does not come from the right mind.

There is always a big question; what kind of people are we having in the ham radio now ? To a business man who wants to make money out of the hobby type and kind is not relevant. There will be hills of justifications and lobbying for popularity.

Where are the old hams who can show the right ways ? I am aware of those who teach the young to break rules direct or indirect means.

The leaders in Kuala Lumpur should put MARTS on the right track again. It was the oldest radio society in the country and had been running extremely well under the old hams. Those responsible for the bringing of the destroyers  are responsible in the killing of the society. Those who throw stones hide their hands.

Today gossips are more than hamming. They meet in a club house and in a coffee shops and start to choose the targets to hit. The sharper the shots are the more satisfied they feel. Not enough with that they filled in the web sites and causing mischief on the band.

Nobody but me mention 9M2YP because he was more on CW than SSB. Instead Hairie had been mentioned several time. Why ? It is because of pollution and impurities, the vanishing philosophy and spirit.                                                                                     11/04/2012


If only Najib and Shahrizat talked to people they would not act as they are acting now. The RM100 and RM500 for vote purchasing is beginning to have a backfire. "What can I buy with this money as compared to 250 million ? " This was heard from a Malay man working as a Jaga. The woes of the poor men are picked up by the men in the middle and talks went viral.

The Malays began to realize that UMNO has been selling the race. It is no point blaming the Chinese when the party itself endorsed the policy set by their leaders, robbing the Malay land for supermarket.

When Najib chose to defend Shahrizat people saw it as a challenge by Najib against the masses. The issue of Scorpene money is traveling fast. The Altantuya's puzzle began to take shape. It is now haunting the GE13. Teoh Beng Hock's ghost too will haunt the coming election.

What we are heating is "YES we take the 250 millions....What can you do ? " That is exactly what it is. It is more than the arrogance. And the voters are waiting for the chancee. And UMNO knows the coming consequences but boldly proceeding with the plan to juggle with it.

You will be shocking to know how large BERSIH got the support. That is not a good sign for UMNO. And a bad sign for Ghani Patail too.

2012 is a year of uncertainty. Both scientists and soothsayers are watching it, carefully analyzing any possibility of eruption anywhere, and looking for any possible sign.

Israel prefers to kill Iranian nuclear scientists rather than bombing the country  Any military operation anywhere could result in predicted disaster.

The growing resistance towards the government is the effect of UMNO's bravery and arrogance. You can see by yourself what is happening. The robbing and plundering continues like nothing happen. The great robber is the Mamak Kutty. He called it development.

If you have been to New Zealand and a large part of European continents you can understand what development means. There are more little towns in New Zealand than big towns and the cities are much smaller than ours.

Here they chase people to build shop houses and hotels, pay the poor people RM300000 for a big land and sell a house built on it for half a million. UMNO and MCA are enjoying the fun of making money out of the poor people under the name of devlopment.

UMNO accuse Anwar as traitors of the Malays.  Anwar did not bring hardship to the natives. But UMNO has been selling the soul of the Malays to the MCA. They destroy the

the Malay youths by not stopping the drugs from entering FELDA and kampong areas. And they failed in stopping the Muslim youths to become Christians. UMNO was heavily drugged with money and went asleep for a long time.

Why ? Money here and money there. Project here and project there. Privatization here and privatization there. That's why Bank Bumi vanished, MAS almost dead, crimes rise. Tabung Haji invested in Indonesia and now selling the plantation to Kuok. The whole list of sins and criminal acts have been published and Mahyuddin said, "Forget the past..."

Almost everyday we read about Toyol and Cow Woman and the Frog as if Malaysia is full of cows and frogs. UMNO is using the paper tiger, the frog, to warn everybody against the non-Malays.

If UMNO is too brave, just wait.






Hard Disk logging is interesting because I can have various effects on my E-Log Book. After a while I decided to log from my server. So I developed a simple program using a few lines of basic asp codes. I can log through my Linux, Mac or my Acer. And the station I worked with can check the QSO and have the contact verified.

It didn't last long for I went back to the local logging.

But the other day when my CQ on CW was answered by E20 station I knew that he would open the QRZ.com looking for my detail. I was sure that he would check the contact following the instruction therein. So I logged our contact using the website.  I use Mac Book for the purpose.

 Wherever there is a WIFI mobile or going portable is never a problem anymore. I can use my iPhone to log without the hassle of a notebook or a laptop.

It is also convenient of me to use whichever computer or OS I want. I had locked with Ubuntu, Mac OS and Windows. Anyway there are plenty of superior free logbooks you can find on the internet. Enjoy them.

07/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have not work Mazwan for almost two weeks on Morse codes. Today at 0330 GMT he called me while I was surfing the internet.

Working CW with Mazwan is fun. I can't tell our speed but I know it is above 25 words per minute. At time I felt it was really fast. My sending has always been bad. The co-ordination is poor. Some spelling simply vanished from my head.

I have a desire to work with a few stations that go about 35 wpm, rag chewing for more than one way on 40 meter band. I traced no error. That made me scared to join them because I can't achieve such a perfection.

Mazwan homebrewed his key. I borrowed from 9M2GET. But Mazwan's sending is almost flawless. What I like about him is that he could copy the words I sent with errors. He used to tell me not to repeat my error.

New 9Ms are actually good in Morse but scared to come on fort the same fear of errors. But those who dared themselves have prove that they are much better than many old hams compared at the same timeline.

I am just glad we chose to retain CW despite tremendous pressure from the business community and those who can't. CW is synonymous to Ham Radio. Once the talk went viral about the abolishment. Guys have been putting up antennae like mad.

The division between CB and Ham Radio is the Morse. Otherwise from the beginning the radio hobby would be lumped together.

CW was almost at the brim of death.

I have a friend who loath Morse code but bought several expensive keyers. I offered to buy any one of them and he refused to depart with it. He is right. He knows without it there is no ham radio.

I believe it is a mode that makes the mind alert and it sharpens our mental awareness. Once I just simply could not believed myself watching one Japanese ham working with his counterpart at very high speed without any writing.

When I first heard Mazwan I was so amaze at his speed. I thought I could not match him. And people were saying that 9M2SZ could go 35 wpm. That too left me mum. My speed was only 12 wpm then.

CW test of our time is not as what it is today. There is no special date and place set. It depends on the availability of the

testers. I took the test in Penang because there was no tester in Alor Setar. There were only three candidates. You can apply to sit for the test once you are ready. The telecom will reassigned you to take the test at the nearest available tester.

Because there were no ham in town yet and there was no computer I have to teach myself Morse by recording the sound and play them back. Short wave radio was very handy to monitor ship to shore and other maritime CW.

The new generation of CWers do not let down our country. They braved themselves to go into the international arena. They keep the flag going; Malaysia the land of the able people at par with other countries. Never say we are Moron.

But Mazwan has not always been free. Without his spouse permission he would be barred from the radio room. The wife told him to do something better. Radio is a waste of time.

He is just about 30 minutes away from my house measured by Kancil standard. I am yet to see his homebrewed key, which sounds like a magic. We share the same profession.

9M2PJU worked CW with me recently at a respectable speed too, more than 15 wpm. I sense superb and great Malaysian CWers are coming. We are beginning to come on the limelight.

06/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I can't tell you the current story. This is 2012 but my knowledge went  back in 1980's when I was one semester in Ohio, Athens and the remaining years in Bloomington Indiana. There were not many Asians in our Research Class. My friend from Korea was coaching me statistical analysis because I was dumb at it. 97 percents of the students were Americans. When the result was out the Asians performed better, not  to mention the Malaysian. At Bloomington  I heard one Malaysian Indian scored straight As and was offered scholarship by that university. And one Malay student would take over his class when his lecturer was away.

It is hard to jump to conclusion. And we can't even say the Malaysians are better than the Europeans or the Americans. As somebody pointed out 'where is Steeve job in Malaysia'. The Apple founders were once a college dropped out. And what scientific achievement has the Malaysians lead the world ?

Employable and unemployable could not merely be blamed to the quality of education. When people are few and jobs are plentiful even uneducated people can get job.

Today even the competitive job market do not match workers to the jobs.  A chance, luck and who and whom you know would give you a job, not the quality education that we get.

I would say the funding of Malaysian schools are much better than the United States  Most schools in the United States belong to states. The welfare of the teachers are not as good as ours. A Japanese Peace Corpse once said that in Japan teachers had to struggle to own a car. We have quality teachers with skills equal to West.

And I have always said the government schools are better than the private institutions. Creative Principals could push the school ahead at par with any other schools in the world. Visitors to my former schools from Japan, Thailand and Indonesia were so impressed and even thought it was a college universities. May be at the outset and the physical layout. I was at Irvine Valley College and assessed the physical environment too. It reflects the mentality and the thinking of the school manager.

What is the criteria to compare the standard of one school to the other ? The result ? The curriculum ? Employable graduates ? Competitive school leavers ? The ability and language and communication ?

If UMNO and DAP shouted at each other about quality school and education I do not see it will come to the right answer and the truth. To compare an apple with an apple is more appropriate ie.  take a class and compare with similar class in USA or Germany. Both go to those countries and study the syllabus, the teachers, the environment and the job market.

I sense trouble and problem when the school's heads are more politicians than an administrators. A former education director of Kedah was very arrogant just because he was an UMNO man. Another head would be talking about Dr Mahathir at every school assembly telling the students to follow the Prime Minister. A normal worker, a very strong man in UMNO, acted as if he were the Prime Minister.

When we have UMNO people leading organizations we can smell stinking things around. But DAP or PAS could not take this as the point of preference to compare standard.

It is true currently that there are many graduates who can't speak English. Why is this so ? It all boils up to the attitude of the students. They thought it is not nationalistic to learn or speak English. University lecturers who can't speak English should find their way home and give way to the better one. There is a tendency to proclaim that PHD from USA is of higher quality than PHD from Malaysian universities.

The awarding of certificate must match the ability and knowledge. I say so because there are teachers who gave away free marks. A C quality product earning an A certificate would produce disaster. Schools that are tough to get good grade would be distanced by the parents. There are Malaysians who want to go for free As or grades.

Curriculum has changed a lot. Many parents do not know what their kids learn today. There were subjects thrown and new ones came to fore. At time teachers were left blank. They have to teach the courses they were not trained for. As such what can we expect from our children ?

BN and PR should do the study together to compare and contrast by going to schools in USA and Germany. As for me I have been to both local and foreign universities and I have my own reservation. In both I did not make good grades, not because of the institutions but lack of mental prowess. 

05/04/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The United States is moving her marine to Australia in preparation for any possibility of engagement with China.

China is seen as a threat when the country acquire an air-craft carrier and stealth bomber. USA warned China not to expand it's military, which the Middle Kingdom insisted they are nothing more than for self-defense.

Japan is seeking US's help to prevent North Korea from launching it's rocket across Japanese sky. South Korean warned the North of the consequences if the North launched the rocket carrying a satellite across it's space.

The fate of an all out war depends on who rule America. The Republicans are war machines, wanting to strike nations they do not like. And it looks like the Republican will replace Obama this year.

At the same Washington is extremely careful in insuring that what the Mayan prophesize will not come true. End of the world will be at the end of this year by any of the foreseen events. World War is one of them.

The Chinese is also observing the American maneuver in this region. But she has to build up enough force to defend the nation against any enemy. When USA built air-craft carrier or drones or weapons of mass destruction, no other country put a bar to it. And USA was not using them for defense but to destroy innocent lives.

I think right now there is no balance of power. USA is much more superior in it's military hard ware as compared to Russia, China and North Korea combined.


Why must it happen to me again. This time it was another hospital encounter with a nurse from Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital. Last week the hospital rang me up telling me to come on the 4th of April instead of 11th April for my wife's appointment. This morning I checked up the time of the appointment. It is supposed to be at 11 am. Because my wife will be going for her dialysis and she is bed ridden I have to go alone to supplement her medicines. So I went early to the clinic.

At the counter the receptionist questioned my coming today instead of 11th. I told her it was the hospital that phone me for the new date. She asked me to go and look for Sam. I saw several nurses inside and showed my card. Everyone asked me the same question."Why I come today not on the 11th." Then I saw them checking the calendar. One nurse confronted me and asked me who issue the card and the date. I did not who rang me up, who issue the card, the time and the date. I told her I did not know. All I know is it comes from the hospital. Her face turned. She was rough in her talk, "Tau la hospital buat, kalau pak cik tak cakap macam mana nak tolong."

Look at her answer and attitude, attacking people for the mistake of the hospital. I did not say anything because in my heart she is a bastard and the government employs a bastard like that. Then Sam came. I think she is a Thai. She told me that there is no kidney clinic in the morning. The ward must have made a mistake. She asked me whether I could come in the evening. I agreed to come back. And again I will see the bastard nurse once more. Imagine if someone is staying very far at a remote village. The waiting for the evening will be agony.

That's a counter with a mini hell at the hospital. How not to use the word bastard and called her a Malay bastard.

Even a private Malay agency can cause you hell. More than 4 months ago I booked 4 places for Umrah Ziarah from a Poto Travel Kuala Lumpur. I requested the agency to book the local flight from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur. They asked me to do my own booking. With the schedule date and time I went to the local tour agency, Jagong Emas, to purchase Air Asia tickets. I showed a lady the International flight schedule to make sure my brother in laws will not miss any local flight to and fro. Coming back from the Middle East will be on the 16, 0640 pm +1 ( local time) She explained to me +1 means coming back on 16 and arriving Kuala Lumpur on 16th too. She issued the flight home to Alor Setar on 17th at 08.20 PM.

I realized the error yesterday at the airport after asking the returning plan from my in-law. He said they will be back on the same day. When I rechecked with the Air Asia it was confirmed that they won't have time to catch the flight. If I want to change to 18th April I need to add extra payment. I had to pay RM420. Had the Jagung Mas guy been correct I would not have to waste unnecessary additional expenses. You can call me a stupid Malay. Yes I do and so the Jagung Mas stupid lady.

After sending my in-laws yesterday I was on the home by the same airline, the Air Asia. The security guard asked  me to open my beg because there was a trap dipole antenna given by Rusli. He asked me to take the stuff on the cargo. I went to the cargo counter. I was asked to pay RM40. When I was about to pay the Malay lady said the cargo is now close. She asked me to carry. What to do with the trap dipole ? I can't carry home. I can't cargo it. So I went to the security people and threw that thing to them and joined the queue.

04/4/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have been rejecting offers asking me to develop soft  wares. Only just now a school rang me up asking me the price of a thumb print attendance system. I asked the school to buy the system outside which is 25% cheaper than mine.

My soft ware is not so very user friendly. Somebody has to learn many things about it. I need pictures of the staffs, knowledge on how to record fingers and deleting them, adding and erasing and the management of the output. There must be a course to maintain it.

I charged 2.5 K then. The hard ware like the finger scanner is getting more and more expensive.

This school has a new Principal coming from another school which has been using similar program for more than 5 years. She found it to be very efficient , and desired it . But each time I want to have something different so that the school will feel it's originality.

I am no more young. Going 65 with fading mind may not give me the luxurious free time that I always want. The decay and rust is felt rattling in the body. Tiresome clings on me every minute of the day.

The school will discuss with PTA for funding and will contact me again. If they call and I accept then it will a hard work again. Money is not the matter. With the current new expenditures on maid, my wife's ambulance transportation for her dialysis and others I can still make ends meet.

I am glad I am still useful and make things happen. The standard of my soft ware is graded as 'self-sufficient'. That's what my log book, CW trainer and a few others which I use for myself. They may not be great but they are sufficient for my own use.

When people called me STUPID on the ham band, let them be. That title did not bar me from making money if I want to. And let the clever people be endowed with wealth and good office.

Nevertheless I will have to check whether I still have any finger scanner left. Ordering from USA cost me a fortune. A US25 would be taxed almost RM300. I can't argue with the custom. They want me to apply for the import permit for a twenty five dollar finger size scanner.

If I don't have it probably I have to say sorry and bid good bye.

An old system at one of the schools


7.1 - 7.2 not for 9M2s

Though the Malaysian Radio Authority has prohibited the Malaysian hams from  using 7.1 - 7.2 Mhz it is not my concern to celebrate nor oppose it. Someone commented that I am happy with the decision. Why should I ?

It is true that I always stay on 7.043 regardless of the condition. Noise or no noise I was there from 2002. The frequency was not affected by stations nearby then, because there was no ESSB which takes up quite a bandwidth.

Though IARU has opened up to 7.2 the band is still occupied by broadcast station. Not all commercial station would be willing to give the frequency away to ham radio.

It was not clearly or officially stated yet when the Malaysian hams jumped to frequencies above 7.1. They went to 7.130 but I stayed foot at my usual frequency. A few accused me for not wanting to talk to the new ham. And the absurd accusation went viral.

I just ignore. Ignoring unproductive and irrelevant stuffs lightened our mind.

Let the new hams learn things that they have known before, which many of us have already been aware. Eventually they will become more and more mature.

When I was in Arau I heard Rusli on 7.130 and quickly informed him of the new regulation. He checked it out and started to come back to the old spectrum. Ody is still yaking away happily.

In fact I have done the computation on the ratio between the hams to the frequency spectrum before, after arguing on the proposed million hams in Malaysia. I said it was more with a business in mind rather than the sanctity of the hobby.

If we start with 7.030 and moves 5 KC apart, how many spots can we have ? If those frequencies are being used by foreign hams all the way where are we to go ?

At time we need to talk among ourselves only on matters pertaining to the Malaysians. We don't want to join chat with the Indonesians on our privacy matters.

It is up to the Malaysians to decide and act prudently. As for me everyone knows where to find me.  It is not my frequency but the frequency where I used to be.

In my opinion the MCMC needs to reconsider giving away above 7.1 to 7.2 by first constantly monitor the daily available spot on 7 MHZ, the number of Malaysian hams making themselves heard and the time they would be there. If all frequencies are occupied by the Indonesians then the authority should give a due consideration.

In the mean time no Malaysian should beat the band wagon and as always, act like a hero, forming a squad to invade Cyber Jaya. I remember in the last invasion someone was said to demand the authority to kick me out of 7.043 CW. Why me ? What have I done to them to kick me out ? Again I just don't care and did not keep a grudge.

No matter how much spirited new hams want to tour the world and get new friends across the borders, one day they will come back to local hams to chat with. That's the time when they will have to find the home.

Malaysians have been a vagabond. Malaysian frequency net had been taken away. Though nobody owns the band , we have been respecting the others by not intruding the frequency when our foreign friends have been using for the net.

Years ago 9M2LC whispered something to me, which I found he was perfectly right. Ask me what it was when you meet me.

If you don't want to come on 7.043 you need to look for another one or two spots to settle down while waiting for the broadcast station to clear the prohibited spectrum.

If you continue to ignore the regulation and publicly challenge it, you are setting example to the other would be hams to challenge the authority. You may be right but I do not think it is wise at all.

We are not a political party.          

There are 15 spots between 7.030 to 7.100 with a separation of 5 KC apart. Figure out how many have been occupied by the Indonesians. How many are on the time sharing basis and how many have been totally monopolized.

Our problem is not merely on the shrinking band but on our operators refusal to come on. You can't tell the new comers what 40 like before, because they won't be able to understand it. And they may hate hearing it. Past is past. You can't bring back the dead.

Marginal frequency is never a good spot. 7.043 for instant is a marginal frequency in between 7045 and 7040. Splattering will be strong. ESSB almost kill everything.

Probably the 7.1+ boys will have to jump just across the border to about 7.095, 7090, 7085 and 7080.

If we have enough hams coming on I believe the authority might be sympathized with us and will study the band again. There is no point rolling our sleeves for any confrontation.




Proton Loses Money, MAS Loses Money, Khazanah Sells Family Silver. Dont Worry, Everything Is Under Control.

Here is a comment from Godfather in my previous post.
Anonymous said...
Syed: MAS has to rid itself of all the leeches. I'm surprised Badawi hasn't voluntarily resigned as Advisor. He gets RM 40k per month, plus a car and a secretary and an office. Sell the paintings that Munir Majid bought from his friend. Then tell the world how much MAS has lost from these stupid purchases. Finally, sell MAS to whoever gives Khazanah the best price. That'll stop the meddling from your friend Azman Mokhtar and will also get rid of Danny. You give MAS away to an experienced operator and it will make money.
Godfather - Friday, March 02, 2012 11:45:00 AM
Anyway here is the news:
Proton Q3 results down
Proton plunged itself deeper into the red with a net loss of RM88.2mil for its third quarter (Q3) compared to RM68.1mil recorded in the previous corresponding quarter. Revenue declined to RM1.43bil from RM1.83bil previously.
Group chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh said the lower profit was largely attributed to lower revenue recorded from domestic sales. “With the increasingly stiff competition faced by Proton, the prospect for Proton does not look rosy...” he said.
Folks, this has been the fate of Proton under the management of people like Chairman Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, CEO Syed Zainal 'sembahyang hajat' and whoever. Yet we still keep these people in place - year after year. These are the fossils from the Jurassic Park who have been running some of these businesses into the ground for the past umpteen years. I suppose they meet all their KPIs too - without fail, year in and year out.
And Lotus is getting into deeper sh*t. For Lotus I have a solution. The Lotus Elise 2011 sells for less than RM150,000 in the UK. In duty free Pulau Langkawi I think the Lotus Elise also sells for about the same price.
Unfortunately in the rest of Malaysia the Lotus Elise sells for RM245,000. Few people in Malaysia can therefore afford to buy the Lotus Elise. So Lotus suffers poor sales in Malaysia. Kalau tak boleh jual kereta, mesti lah Lotus / Proton akan rugi.
Here is my question : how come Lotus can sell the Elise so cheaply in the UK and in Langkawi? Why not allow the Lotus Elise to sell for the much cheaper RM150,000 price in the rest of Malaysia as well? What is so special about the UK or Langkawi?
At RM150,000 I am sure the sales of Lotus Elise in Malaysia will shoot to the sky. Then the Lotus company can be saved. Or at least Lotus can clear their old stocks of unsold cars. Malaysians can drive high tech cars like the Lotus Elise at much cheaper prices.
Folks is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can the Government of Malaysia please explain why you do not want hard working Malaysians to buy and drive better and higher quality, high technology cars at much cheaper prices? And you still cannot save Proton - which is now making even more losses?
Then MAS is also losing money. There is a huge rip off going on. Now Air Asia is also a shareholder in MAS. Tony Fernandez is so much more cleverer than the boys running MAS. Everyone is a schemer but some people scheme better than others. .
But to whose benefit do they scheme? The airline passengers? The shareholders - ie you and me the taxpayer? I think someone is going to get a ride on a plane. But you and me folks, the taxpayers, we are going to be taken for a ride as well. Just wait and see. I think this is the beginning of something much bigger. There is no honour among schemers.
Despite announcing the largest ever losses of RM2.5 Billion yesterday, MAS still has to take delivery of 23 new aircraft. Here is the news :
MAS is staring at a capital expenditure (capex) of RM6bil this year and RM3.5bil for 2013 because of the aircraft deliveries that have been lined up for this year and next.
This year alone it is going to take delivery of 23 aircraft - five 555-seater A380 which it will deploy for the Kangaroo route (Sydney-KL-London-KL-Sydney); 13 B737-800s and five A330-300s.
Most of these aircraft were ordered during the time of Tengku Datuk Azmil Zahruddin (previous managing director of MAS)
Air Asia has ordered 200 Airbus A320 Neos plus an option for another 100. MAS is getting 23 new aircraft including FIVE Airbus A380 Superjumbos. For comparison SIA has bought 19 of the 555 passenger Airbus A380 superjumbos since 2001 (the development phase of the A380). Maybe MAS is cleverer than SIA.
Folks all these troubled GLC companies suffer the same problems. They are all run by the same dunggus - all the way to its Board of Directors, their controlling companies and the Minister or Ministers in charge of these entire GLC fiasco companies. Dunggus are in charge and nothing is changing.
It is now beyond the Peter Principle already. The Peter Principle states that "in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence". Thats it folks.
These people at Proton, MAS, Khazanah Nasional, their Boards, their controlling companies, their con-sultans, their Senior Managements, the Minister in charge etc have all risen to their highest level of incompetence. They cannot go beyond this anymore. It is going to be yet a continuous series of losses, losses, and more losses. They have hit their ceiling. Just wait and see.
I personally think there is absolutely nothing wrong with MAS, Proton, Khazanah Nasional or any of the other major GLCS. If I were to run them, I am quite certain they can be turned around, make a profit, do not burden the taxpayer and most importantly they provide products and services closer to market prices. Not just me, but I think many of you can also do the same. All you need is some experience and a determination to do things right. And you must not have greasy fingers.
There has to be a complete overhaul of the human beings, the people who populate this entire chain of command. They all have to be removed. Sorry - but the greater good of the taxpayer is a much better option that protecting the narrow and selfish interests of a few lagards, marauders, nincompoops, pirates and even the corrupt who populate these troubled GLCs. They are all in there folks, they have fully infected the system.
Here is news about Khazanah Nasional's RM5.0 billion profits for 2011. But lets read carefully ya.
·         KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 19, 2012): Khazanah Nasional Bhd posted an impressive 156.3% jump in pre-tax profit to RM5.3 billion for the year ended Dec 31, 2011 from RM2.1 billion in the previous year, boosted by continuing strategic divestments, particularly the privatisation of PLUS Expressways Bhd.
·         The government investment arm has declared a record dividend payout of RM3 billion.
·         A selection of the 20 largest and significant government-linked companies (GLCs) under its stable are estimated to record total earnings of RM19 billion for 2011
·         Realisable asset value decreasing by RM4.5 billion or 4% to RM108.1 billion
·         Net worth adjusted declined RM5.2 billion or 6.9% to RM70 billion from RM75.2 billion as at Dec 31, 2010.
·         The major deals included the sale of a 32% stake in Pos Malaysia to DRB-Hicom Bhd for RM622.8 million
·         The others are IHH's acquisition of a 60% stake in Acibadem Saglik Yatirimlari Holding A.S.
·         and the completion of the PLUS Expressways acquisition through UEM Group Bhd and EPF.
And here is more news about Khazanah Nasional :
A DIVERSE portfolio of companies under Khazanah Nasional, the Malaysian Government-owned investment arm, is helping to shield its investments from volatile global markets amid dark economic clouds gathering over the horizon presently.
Azman: ‘When we started in 2004, our portfolio was very heavy on utilities, but today it is quite balanced.’
Khazanah's stakes in UEM Land Bhd has surged more than 400% since its listing in November 2008.
Azman explains that figure, however, was not exhaustive per se as companies such as CIMB Bank and Axiata Group Bhd are categorised as Malaysian companies while in practice these were companies which have invested in other parts of Asia.
It is to be noted however, that comparing with 2010 however, these RAV and NWA figures declined slightly in 2011. Its portfolio RAV declined to RM108.1bil in 2011 from RM112.6bil in 2010, while NWA also declined to RM70.0bil from RM75.2bil respectively.
The surge in profits and dividends declared was attributed to continual divestment of its investments especially the recent RM23bil privatisation of PLUS Expressways in 2011, Khazanah says.
In 2011 alone, Khazanah made gains on divestments of RM2bil and made new investments totalling RM5.8bil.
Azman Mokhtar keeps repeating that Khazanah Nasional began operations in 2004 (when Slumberjack took over).
This is so typical of the bullshit coming out of the Slumberjack era. Khazanah Nasional was set up by Tun Dr Mahathir in the 90s. The job of Khazanah Nasional was to open new frontiers in high technology industries in Malaysia and create new high technology jobs for Malaysians. It was part and parcel of the entire technological upliftment of Malaysia together with the launching of the Multi Media Super Corridor.
Instead Khazanah Nasional has now become a company that buys and sells shares in other companies. There is little "new wealth" creation and very little new job creation in Malaysia.
If you ask Azman Mokhtar, 'how many new jobs have you created in Malaysia for all the billions that you have invested' I think he will not be able to give you any answer.
The latest example being an investment by Khazanah Nasional in Turkey. Why should Malaysian taxpayers money be invested in Turkey creating jobs for the Turkish people? Our own graduates are unemployed or unemployable. Pasal apa kera di hutan disusukan padahal anak sendiri kebuluran?
Khazanah Nasional was also supposed to help in the upliftment of the bumiputras. Orang Turki ini bumiputra ke? Other than Boards of Directors who fly first class to attend Board meetings, just how many Malaysians are employed in all the companies which Khazanah has invested in overseas? Can we have a total figure? 10 Malaysians? 100 Malaysians? How many? For what amount of investment : RM5.0
billion? RM10.0 billion?
Khazanah Nasional has become no more than a fund manager - playing the share market, taking positions in companies no different from any other fund manager.
Folks here is a question for you : How many 'Directors of Investments' do you think an investment holding company should have? I would assume just one. Guess how many Directors of Investment Khazanah has? One? Two? Three?
Well Khazanah has eight "Directors of Investments". Yes eight. And how much is each one of them paid? Lets see lah.
1. The Chief of the 'let me spend all the taxpayers money' guy is one Ganen Sarvananthan, Executive Director, Investments
This is the guy who basically tells Azman Mokhtar when to go to the bathroom. Folks say he does all the thinking and talking. Azman Mokhtar just signs on the dotted line. The typical 'Ali Baba' set up. How much is he paid? Well he drives a Ferrari around town - they say. He makes most of the deals for Khazanah. Lagi satu kes India lagi pandai dari Melayu.
2. Ben Chan Executive Director, Investments
3. Michael Jude Fernandes Executive Director, Investments
4. Joseph Dominic Silva Executive Director, Investments
5. Kenneth Shen Executive Director, Investments
To my Perkasa friends, dont worry. Ganen Sarvananthan, Ben Chan, Michael Jude Fernandes, Joseph Silva and Kenneth Shen are actually "young Turks". That means they are also bumiputra. Jangan risau, there are some Melayu as Director of Investments. Here they are :
6. Tengku Dato’ Sri Azmil Zahruddin bin Raja Abdul Aziz Executive Director, Investments - this is the guy who bought the FIVE Airbus A380s for MAS (when he was running MAS). Then he split from MAS and now sits as the Director of Investments at Khazanah Nasional.
7. Dato’ Noorazman Abd Aziz Executive Director, Investments
8. Hisham Hamdan Executive Director, Investments
Somehow I get the feeling the last three Melayus are for the purposes of filling up the "Ali Baba" quota only. Saja nak kasi penuh quota Melayu sikit. Otherwise Khazanah is run by 'young Turks' - bumiputras one and all.
Here is the catch folks. Khazanah made RM5.0 billion in 2011. But a huge chunk of that was made from selling shares in Plus Expressways and also the RM622 million they made from selling shares in Pos Malaysia Bhd.
I say Azman Mokhtar, this was Dr Mahathir's handiwork lah. His free gift to you FROM BEFORE 2004 lah brader.
The Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan or PLUS Hiway was completed in 1994 (15 months ahead of schedule - so typical of Dr Mahathir). So the Gomen parked its PLUS shares with Khazanah Nasional. Now, 17 years later, you sell the PLUS shares given to you by Dr Mahathir and make a huge profit and tell the world that you are "very very crever". You keep saying "When we started in 2004, our portfolio was very heavy on utilities, but today it is quite balanced".
Kepala hotak engkau lah. You are now making money by selling PLUS shares which Dr Mahathir gave to Khazanah Nasional Bhd in the 1990s. Jangan bohong.
I say brader Azman Mokhtar, this is the "nenek tua" punya business model lah. I say 'nenek tua' because my mum-in-law once sold very old shares (some of the share scripts were from the 1960s) in Sime Darby, Singapore Press Holdings etc given to her by her father in the 60s and 70s. This is the same business that you are doing man. Selling old shares given to you by your great grandpa Dr Mahathir (Najib is now the third generation PM after Dr M) and then claiming to make a huge profit.
And the Prime Minister is the Chairman of Khazanah - completely oblivious to the wool being pulled by some of the other Board Members of Khazanah Nasional Bhd.


The goodies offered to the people is nothing more than to cover up all the crimes done and asking the people to say 'YES' to all the robberies done.99% of the people do not see what's going on behind the smoke screen.

Are the Malays that so bad and filthy ? Or that so very arrogant and immoral ? Nobody can take for granted that being a Malay he would carry with him a very high moral standard, strong in religious faith and could be trusted.

Being called stupid and lazy could not be that so filthy as being robbers, dishonest and irresponsible. Using the law to protect the guilty is despicable and shame.

Criminals must not let be free and die peacefully. The whole generation must be punished severely both by men and God.

My eyes saw nobody else other than Mamak Kutty from Pakistan as the man responsible for all the filth and dirt, severely continued until the very moment.

The country has to depend on the young and brilliant Malaysians living overseas to put things in order again and to plan for no escape to any of the criminal. Those who migrate must be hunted even to the grave yard.

They disgrace the Malay race and the Islamic religion. They continue to cheat the Malays day by day using the main stream media.

Notice how the TV is trying to popularize Shahrizat portraying her as a dedicated Minister as if she is the only Minister who take care of the people and the rest are not. The intent of the media is as filthy as the drugs on the street.

WE must expect the police to bring the criminals to justice and not to protect them because they are destroying the nation and the future of our generations.









A Malaysian Don Quixote

fighting a wrong enemy when he should charged at the traitors who plunder the nation's wealth and pushing the Malays to poverty.


What can PERKASA do to stop the pillage of the nation, the robbing of the agriculture land and to halt the drugs from reaching the young Malays ?


What can Hishamuddin Keris do to make the Malays more competitive, hard work, and successful ? OR even to stop the pig head entering the mosque ?




If you are suffering from an acute diabetes and a new discovery claims it can take away your sickness for good BUT after five years you will die, would you accept it ?

For 10 years I would surely accept it but for 5 years I need to another question. HOW WILL I DIE ? I would not want  a slow and painful death. A sudden collapse or death in sleep is acceptable.

Once doctors and scientists said diabetes is incurable but a recent medical break through claimed it is curable by operation. Patients undergoing the procedure were shown to be happy.

But the doctors and scientists are still observing those patients for any side effect. That struck my mind on the assumption the side effect will result in death in five years time.

If you are a school principal and you are offered one million ringgit to be naked in the school assembly, would you do it ?

I challenged Ooi Hui Fang, my female student, to shave her head bald. I would give her RM 200, she accepted the challenge by asking me to shave my head bald for RM500.

Try to increase the amount to 250 million and and challenge Ibrahim Ali to walk nude. Will he do it ? I would not dare to challenge some of the women who wear red.

Don't ever try to challenge the Westerners. Many would offer free nude walking even in town and other public places.

And who among the local operators dare to do it for IC-756 Pro 3 ?

If you are in a time machine and you are given only one chance to go back in time, at  what age or year you would want to go back ?

Actually I don't regret with the past life though not all memories are fond. There had been sweet and bitter events, many were hurting, being jerked and jilted by girls being called shortie; they are part of life.

Even at the current condition of my wife and the tough new lifestyle I would not regret it. I would not blame God for any misfortune that befell me.

To go back to tour the past is unnecessary. To go back and to change my destiny is not a desire.

Being me is already a blessing. Being given a life and feel the world for more than 64 years is the greatest gift of all.


If you were given RM250 million loan how would you do with the money ?

I would seek an advice from a lawyer how to make every of my move with the money looks legal.

If you are given a power to mention only three names so that they will die immediately, whose names would you mention ?

Anwar, Kit Siang Karpal ?
Ghani Patail, Musa Hassan Shahrizat ?
Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Ali ?



I heard about a book called the Straight and Crooked Thinking when I was in form one. The Sixth form at those time were called the pre-U class. All students must learn how to think logically. By the time they enter the university they would be able to think well.

There are 9Ws who sit for the CW test. Some pass and some fail. Those who pass become the target of attack. I am not going to expose anything about the attackers, or else I would be just like them, like the other stupid Malays.

If those guys want to go for the test, it is their funeral. They use their own money. Their fathers and mothers allow them. Our mothers do  not milk them. Our fathers do not raise them.

Once they pass it is up to them to come on the band or not, SSB or CW. It is nothing of our concern to dictate to them. Who are we to command on others. We are not their employers nor their parents.

Unless things are clearly stated in laws; what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Intruding and disturbing because of the ill-willed  are the design of an evil, of someone with an undetermined mind. Read my comment on 'LU EY MA HO LANG KAN', a kind of product a human can originate. In the history of slavery the White said Black was the product of human-monkey intercourse. Black was the product of SIN. They could have said to the Brown skin race.

I wonder whether the book is still in use today.

What could have influence the way people think ? Surely his own personal bias and interest. A man with the intent of making

money always find ways and means with excuses, paper works and lies to push his desire. Filthy words never end.

With the hidden intention they tend to make wild statements. Unthinking victims will feel bad. The thinking ones will strike back. "It is my business to come on the band or not, phone or CW."

Those who go against all odds and fight and survive must be special people and they will not heed any vicious attack.

What other way to deal with rogue people ?





Today is an award giving day to the successful students in the 2011 SPM. Students with 4As and above were invited. It was a school affair but I made a visit with the hope I could see and talk to the 8A's students. I also want to see my gifts being given away.

I was a little late. The ceremony had begun with speeches by the PTA and the school's principal Puan Maria.

I was cordially welcome by those teachers outside the hall. They ushered me to take a seat but I preferred to float around, free to snap photos with my iPhone. I saw Rahmad, a Berita Harian repoter and "HIed" him.

The best student, an Indian boy, Haritharan, scores 8A and 1B. He entered the school without any A, only Bs and Cs. The girl, Nur Farhan Natsha, entered with 2As and another ,Zulfaqar, with only 3As. The chairman of the PTA stressed on the importance of the hard work, which I also agreed.

Haritharan's Mother

Haritharan was the last to give a speech when the prize giving ceremony came to a close. Rahmad was busy interviewing and taking pictures. I only talked to one of the 8As parent. She was telling me how she controlled her son, only giving him a bicycle to school.

About one hour later I decided to take one of the teachers to a lunch. He told me about Rohana, Pang and Foo whose kids also scores 10As and above. After lunch I rushed to a supermarket to buy three boxes of tea sets.

On arriving the school I had a pleasure of calling my old teachers and presented them with the gifts. We talked and laugh.

God provides us with rezeki to be shared if excess.  We don't need a million or tenth of thousands. We don't need any repayment from any one. Feeling good is already a reward.

But everyone of them were asking about my wife. They did hear about her plight. That's concern enough.

I met Poh Hong too and talked to her about many things. Mey Chong was there too. Her daughters, one doing a Master Degree and another an engineer. Once one Chinese teacher told me that giving away knowledge will be replaced by mountainfull of the lost ones.

I told Mei Chong who is going to retire this December about dedicated teachers and the divine reward. She agreed. So are many other teachers of mine.

The day is fulfilling indeed.

The new principal, Puan Maria, is the happiest. This is the best for her and the school so far. And she is working very hard for the glory of the school.

Giving her a chance she can bring the school to the apex.


The return FA match between Kedah and T-Team was in Trengganu. I was reminded by my student's son. He asked me to wait for him at Mimi Tomyan, the Thai restaurant. He was having a tuition. He would join me at 10 pm. So I went earlier. I had no ASTRO simply because I refused to pay the installation money after the decoder problem.

The game already started. There were many fans focusing their eyes on the TV screen. Every one shouted but I was the loudest. When our center forward failed to make the best out of the good chance, I stood up and shouter,"Go bak...go back to Africa.." I heard people laughing. I knew they laughed at me.

Later I heard other fans were yelling as well as if those players could hear us. When good chances were missed we shouted and yell the cursing words forgetting we were in the restaurant not the stadium.

How not to get angry when one to one with the goalie was not utilized. The African forward did not shoot but instead passed to his friend who failed. I stood up and repeat the same thing,"Go back to Africa."

From groans and yelling the spectators jumped with joy when the same African guy whom I chased home scored a goal. "Dpn't go back....don't go back."I would say. Every one was laughing again.

When the T-team leveled the score to 1 - 1, we kept quiet . I sighted Sabri Abu for leaving the unmark T-Team forward. "Useless Sabri," I shouted.

My student and her family arrived. I checked myself. I behaved like a good boy until the game was over. The same import player scored the second goal.

My student's son called Angah keep on reminding me about Friday game betweem Kedah and Perak. The youngest son also wanted to follow me to the next game. The father is not interested in soccer. They would send us to the stadium and picked us up after the game.

Being an ordinary man we can be almost anything in most places. You don't expect Najib to yell and shout when watching a match.  What if the Queen Elezebeth wave a F*****G sign at a football stadium.

Ordinary men like us can enjoy life more than a President or a King. Thanks God for making us as we are.                   29/03/2012

CW TEST 28/03/2012

Today is a sad day for most of us. It is a day of funeral of 9M2PD, Hari, after several weeks of illness. It is sad because many of his friends will be going to Cyberjaya.

There were 40 candidates registered but only 34 attended.

As usual there are supporters from the 9M2s.

At the time of this typing the result on the receiving side is already published. There were 12 out of 34 passes. Those candidates were said able to copy all texts but failed to copy numbers. Too many number sets. My comment is hams do not communicate using numbers. A large part of our communications are in texts. Chats have always been in plain language. When I monitored chats between JA1NUT with his American friends 99.99 % are in plain language. Numbers will start at the signal report and later the weather.

Wisdom must be applied at anything. It is not to pass or fail stuffs

The latest update according to 9MBAL Sabah - 11 passes.


28/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Putrajaya invites bids to run NFC

March 27, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Putrajaya is to invite bids to take over the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) from the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), whose chairman is facing charges for misusing part of a RM250 million soft loan for the project.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar (picture) said the government was serious in ensuring that the project could go on as proposed previously, Bernama Online reported.

I can't help but to agree with what Noh is doing right now. The money need to be recovered. There is no such thing as payment back of loan by Shahrizat's family because the money is not for property acquisition. Every single cent must go back to the government.

Noh had first invited trouble when he sided Shahrizat's husband without first doing the thorough investigation.

A Minister should think before issuing statements.  The whole world is monitoring and recording every words said and move made. They escape no one.

BUT farmers may not know how to bid. They know how to rear cattle.

Noh must rethink about the bidding because I feel that people who bid may not  have experience. A big number of successful farmers are not men of letters.

There is no harm calling Rafizi for the discussion. After all it is for the good of everyone.


Rafedah said people would vote for government not the personality. Is she right ?

Base on observation, not the proper evidence, we saw goons were elected as people's representatives. Had Ibrahim Ali be under independent he will be thrown out like an old rig.

People can sell their honor with only RM500.

I won't go for party but for a person. I would not vote a bad PAS man as well as an UMNO robber. I would not want an immoral and unethical representative. If I push Anwar would push Chua Soi Lek as much,and Shahrizat the hardest.

If I see a government run by a Mafia gang I would be glad if a foreign government erase the total Mafia government.

I know Rafedah is always a smart lady, and witty too.


I have a great obligation to the government for taking care of my Medicare and my wife, for taking a good care of my pension. But I cannot give a thumb up for the mismanagement of the public funds, failure in managing drugs that are murdering our young, wasting of resources and many other listed things in my web page.

I can't condone lies and arrogance, abuse of power by the police and Attorney General.

I think the Chinese is just like anyone of us. They are like family and must be treated as well as the others. There is always the need to share the luxury of the nation, the businesses and the wealth of this country.

I can't accept racial hatred as what UMNO is fanning.

The government must do more and fear no lost of votes by getting rid of the corrupts.                                                         27/03/2012



When Poh Hong was diagnosed having cancer she was in the morose mood. I did'nt know of her plight until I asked where she was. It was quite some time ago before the teacher's room  was transferred to a new location.

I told her friend to convey my best regard and to tell her that my auntie and my other relative too were suffering from cancer more than 20 years ago and they are still alive and strong today.

Some days later I saw her. She looked cheerful and responded that hers was not a serious one and could be controlled with drugs.

When I was her boss she called me Abdul Rahman, the title I love to hear. Only one man called me Tuan or Sir ie the Nasi Kandar Mamak from India.

People called me with all sort of names; PIG ( babi ), Shortie ( Pendek) and Napoleon.

Poh Hong like many other teachers is a dedicated teacher and she has traveled the world over with all female gangs.

Once in a while we bumped into each each other in the school. She looked happy and seem to forget about her cancer.

Sometimes worry can kill us faster. My aunty had so much faith in God. And that's what I told Poh Hong, to have faith in God and make the full use of our remaining life.

I am proud of my teachers, including Poh Hong and wish her all the best.


You can rob as long as you show you are doing a good job. This is one of the happenings in work place, where an employee who does his work well can move in and out of the work place as he likes.

Our TV is telling the rakyat exactly that. You can be any hell as long you show you are  a hard working person. This is what we call the change in value and UMNO has lost it's morality.


At least 50% of the people who are enlightened with the Mayan calendar are keeping their fingers cross. Scientists are trying to compute all the possibilities but do not predict 2012 is the end.

The Jews saw the end as they saw fire burning in the country probably known as Syria today. But sciences and religion could not agree in many things.

The Muslims believe in the end of the world but do not predict the date.

Believe it or not many people pray for disaster striking Putrajaya. Of course the wish is never condoned by Islam, we can't stop people calling for chaos and the end of the world.

I used to hear a saying 'Good man dies young. "


If you study and follow Najib carefully you will find that he is no weak. He can make a bold and brave decision on his own.

What we can't be sure is that whether his decision is right or wrong. He has to depend heavily on reports from Special Branch and his special force on what the public think.

Najib is assessing his popularity almost everyday and he is of the opinion that he is popular enough by the crowds around him at the places he visited.

He learned a lot from Sarawak. Taib Mahmud could still maintain his status quo though the attack on him was bad. Notice that UMNO is beginning to deploy gangsters now.

Defending his wife and Shahrizat do not indicate he was scared of them but he is not scared of the rakuat.



Finally I purchased the gifts to be given to the parents of the three students who scored 8 As in the last SPM. It will wrapped and send to the school administrator tomorrow. On the 28th when I could not attend the ceremony because I will have to go for my blood test. Blood has never been convenient because of the long wait. I already my maid to prepare breakfast for my wife before she goes for her dialysis. Dialysis begins at 12.00 noon.

I didn't ask the school how many students will be awarded by the PTA. Usually each 8A will get about RM300.

The ceremony is in fact a motivation to those other student. It is to prove that success do not follow the past history but the current desire and hard work. Those who want can succeed.

Secondly the school will highlight the importance and the role of the parents, so that the children will always remember and respect and love their parents.

It is a tragedy and sad to hear that children are too busy with their jobs and family to care of their old parents, sent them away from home. A few never make a visit anymore.

We are part of society. The success and failures of others do affect us very much. We can join to celebrate from the distant to share the happiness.

Remember one bad citizen can cause havoc to the whole nation and one good citizen can bring wonders to the nation.

I can't afford expensive gifts as much as I would like to. I asked my female student to decide the goods and she did.

Of all the schools why should I be concerned about the Vocational Secondary School of Jalan Stadium ? Yesterday I took my maid around and showed her the school. "I worked here for 20 years and before I retired I moved to another school in the same locality."

A few teachers who worked with me are still there. The current Head Master is a lady and to my assessment she is good and dedicated. She works hard to bring back the school to the former glory.

More than 50% of the staffs are new. I don't know them. Some new teachers treated me so very well. When I talked to them I refer to this school as OUR school.

 The PTA's chairman had given me due respect in many ways.  If I were at the Prize Giving Day, he would pull me up the stage to join him in giving away those prizes in turn., Strange but he did it.

Some of the stude nts wished me as I were their teachers. I felt they know me from somewhere.

The other school, SMK Syed Mohd Al-Bukhary, has a totally different culture and history. For three years there I felt so very tired and fell ill. I failed. I didn't even attend my farewell dinner. I only knew that parents were rushing to send their kids to this school for some reason or the other.

Vocational School is always at my heart and I want to see it as excellent school with glory. The MOTTO 'We Got To Be Number One' is still alive.

My visit to the institution is not as regular as before especially after the incidence with the guard. Surprisingly enough every guard seem to know me now. With my wife needing more attention I only make a visit when the school calls me or if I have an important thing to do.

Other than devoting oneself to God and religion to find happiness, showing kindness to animals, helping the sick and the unfortunate can also make us satisfied and fulfilling. I wish I were a billionaire.

Greatest philanthropists by amount of USD-The following table orders the greatest philanthropists by estimated amount given to charity, corresponding to USD.

Name Amount given Cause
Warren Buffett $30.7 billion healthcare, extreme poverty, education, access to information technology
Bill Gates $29 billion Education, AIDS-prevention
Li Ka-shing $10 billion Education, healthcare
George Soros $6 billion Democratic governance, anti-Fascist publications, human rights, economic, legal, and social reform
Azim Premji $2 billion Education, healthcare
Howard Hughes $1.56 billion Medical




Can you trust anyone anymore ? Though there are still a few honest men left we could not pick up the different. We can't trust a person by his race, creed, dress, position and sweet talk.

Even Presidents and Prime Ministers lie and cheat. Not only lies but also order for the killing of millions of civilians. You saw that in Bush and Chenny and Rumsfeld. Do you know such a person somewhere else ?

It is difficult to find a principled man nowadays. When comes to money and properties brothers fight each other, children suing parents in court, God is  thrown aside.

Money does not only charm the UMNO Ministers but also the men and women on the street. Taxi drivers ran away with lap tops and people's belongings left in their taxis, young officers marked up prices of department's purchases.

Most would put their interests first.

No secret should be told even to the closest of a friend. Some how it will leak especially the bad one. Non existing things will be added.

There had been a debate about mankind, whether they are born good or by nature bad at birth. The Muslim says that everyone is born good, he is shaped and carved by the environment. Environment includes the parents and society around him.

When we see the son of a religious person become so bad or a Haji committed crimes you must not be surprised. There have been long stories of Padi Kunca where those who trust the Haji in the kampong were swindled by them to poverty.

Salesmen and some business people would not be listed as persons I can trust nor respect. The best of the relationship is merely a superficial casual conversation, no more than that.

Back stabbings by friends are common events. Some do it for money, office and some do  for the sake of doing it. Sadists.

One has to be strong to keep things to oneself  and would strive alone facing any problem and to maintain straight posture. When he decides to kill, he will kill without much talking or warning. He just kill and walk away and never to be found. When he decides to do good he does it quick and effectively and walks away the same way.

Fools continue to believe liars. You knock their heads, kicked them and wound them, they would forget after RM500 later.  The cycles repeat. And they keep on running after their land were robbed by the same people they chose. Their kids become addicts and they continue to praise the wicked devils. Just because they are fools.  Their homes are being harassed by petty thieves and  robbers. Yet they prefer the same politicians who promised them security.

You must not even trust your kids. They lie to you thru their teeth. They went out with

boys and romance with them. You thought your kids go to mosque to pray but instead they play around with their motorbikes at the time of the prayer. Your kids lies as much as your politicians.

It is a risk to put a trust on someone. Take your own risk. Luck is not always against your side. There are also people with integrity regardless of their race, color or creed.

At time your intuition has always been right. You may be gifted enough to judge characters by their looks.



Old Malaysian hams have been using BREAK to join in the conversation.  With the turn of the century literature viewed as authoritative re-defined it's use and to wrong the past.

BREAK in CW is BK. BK in Morse is used in several ways. I ask you a question and call for an immediate answer, I used BK to pass back. And once you have given the answer and pass back the transmission you use BK.

Of course another use is when you want to join the conversation, you press BK.

Then if we translate the CW procedure of  breaking in to join the conversation the old hams use BREAK. 9M2EG would say 'BREAKER.......

BREAKER' to join in and 9M2WT woud say 'BREAK. BREAK..'

As I have said before those old hams must have learn from the older hams. To say they are wrong we have to scrutinize the SOP on CW.

I think we have to define and recognize the authority. If the FCC or MACC rules does it mean everything they say is right ? One man's decision, however high his position is, cannot be deemed as the righteous and has the authority over everything.

I fear that  the use of BREAK was different at different time line and the 'command' was not on consensus.

If we have different rule for different mode we really have to justify it.

But BREAK and BK is to break a conversation. The term has

a clear meaning. The point of contention is whether it is suitable to break a conversation because one wants to join the group.  The use of BREAK is said should depend on the degree of urgency which needs immediate attention. Why use BREAK at all if one can mention his called sign indicating he wants to join the group.

By and large I am really blind about this. Coming from a remote less civilize locality I can only give a wild view base on logic and common sense not the true knowledge.

It only make sense if there is a total consensus of those who are responsible for the designing and shaping terms and SOP for amateur radio.

In SSB the BK of CW was placed with GO by the old hams. And I do the same, passing by GO after a question asked. I am sure those old timers do not invent stuffs themselves.



The mother of all national security threat is corruption and abuse of power. Corruptions involve billion of ringgit and saw major failures in combating drugs which are killing many of our young. In fact it has taken our blood day by day.

Ibrahim Ali and UMNO has been fanning racial hatred, provoking both the Malays and the Chinese, creating imaginary enemy and threatened the Chinese.  And who beat the war drum and called the opposition the enemy of the state , and start to deploy Rela and the police to guard Putrajaya ? Who give a threat to whom ?

The public does not destroy MAS,  PKZ or Perwaja Steel. Those people in the limelight are responsible. It was no more a threat  but already destroyed the nation. Land grabbers are robbers who rob the people. Mahathir uses development as a smoke screen to siphon national coffers.

Turning agriculture land to housing estate is greater security threat. Food has always been our national security and the security of other countries.

The Mamak Gang is more mysterious. They link up and play for support and striked. Aren't Mamaks are threat to national security ?

Let's open our eyes wider and accept the truth. How do we expect the public to condone and support Shahrizat's behavior ?

People are free to talk when bad things happen. And many many bad bad things had happened. The list is well kept for future reference.

The country will be secured as long as we don't have enemies.  Do the laymen harness any army, police and Reserve Units for war ? Even with the  finding of pig's head at the mosques people do not declare war because they don't have or create enemies.

The citizens have the right to choose the clean and good government. They have to know who threat their money as his own. They have to make sure no mafia or drug kingpin will have no share in government. Exposing criminals is never a national threat.

There will be public cry if the police seems to be working for corrupt politicians and use public funds and arsenals to protect individuals who abuse their power, plundering public funds and despotic leaders.

Is protecting bad leaders the right things to do by the police ? Are people who protest for clean election are far more worse than the drug pushers ?

Is it a crime to ask for a fair election ? Is it threatening when people want to do away with all the voting frauds ? Is it wrong for the public to lame Mahyuddin on the issue of  NFC

? The police must know and remember that Najib or Mahyudin is not a government. Similarly if PR rules this country Anwar or Lim Guan Eng is not a government also.

Political leaders can represent or be foreign agents themselves, as much as the ordinary men. The citizens have the right to remove traitors or agents working for other countries.

When I analyzed the happenings and the causal effects of the Middle Eastern countries, I am just reminding ourselves not to repeat similar abuse, suppression and plundering spree. It is true that Libya fell just because of a few Al-Queda agents. It was true that Saddam was a popular government.

It would be much better if the government does not create enemies with it's own people. Ku Adnan and Mahyuddin see only Shahrizat and her family, while million others are focusing on the misuse of their money. It would be more secured if the government takes back all the money and put those involve in jail.

Hence the state of national security lies on the will of the political leaders. They can either create the security threat or erase them for good.

There is always the opposite reaction of an action. There will be no BERSIH if there had been no hanky panky and vote rigging, and now about the extra voters from nowhere.

People are just not docile anymore. They want to see a good government.                                                               23/03/2012

Read some of the responses to the statement made by the big shot in the police force. You can assess the future yourself.

Facebook, Twitter foster national security threats, say police

March 23, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made Malaysians “liberal” and thus more willing to commit acts that can threaten national security, the police have said.

Internal security and public order director Datuk Salleh Mat Rasid said the Internet posed a challenge to the police as it allowed people “to know what was going on in and outside the country”.

This would encourage those who have been “influenced by liberal thinking” to replicate locally what was happening in other countries, Utusan Malaysia quoted him as saying today.

“In a borderless world, human thinking will change greatly, particularly towards the liberal. They will say things which cannot be done can be done...,” he said at the 205th Police Day celebrations in Bukit Aman yesterday.

“This is what we’re afraid of because when the thinking of Malaysians is driven by negative things, specifically those that can threaten security and public order, it can lead to a situation where the country is no longer safe.”


Finally I understand why the police shot tear gas and water canon during peaceful assemblies. These words do not come from a low-ranked police officer but the very person assigned to be in charge of public order. Let the whole world know about what this government is thinking about the freedom of its citizens. I am eagerly waiting for the PM of 1Malaysia to comment on his officer's "enlightened" thinking.

Reapers's avatar Reapers

If it threatens peace in Malaysia, ban it. All these slander regarding Barisan National just make me sick. Cyber friends cannot be replaced by actual living friend anyway.

Christy's avatar Christy

Anything that is not in favour of the BN government is a threat to security. So shall we go back to the caveman mentality? What rubbish is this guy talking about, instead of going forward, he is asking to go back wards.

Conservative Liberal's avatar Conservative Liberal

“However, the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are not absolute as they have limits, depending on regulations and laws that every citizen of this country should obey.”

True... Freedom of speech isn't absolute. It doesn't allow you to shout fire in a crowded cinema if there's no fire. And it doesn't allow you to lie to a poor widow to scam her of her life savings....

But true freedom of speech should always allow one to speak the truth even if some might consider it "liberal" or hurtful to others.

gotrobb's avatar gotrobb · 8 minutes ago

Example, speaking the truth should not be curtailed. That's what freedom of speech all about. PDRM should not be in cohorts with the ruling govt to suppress the voices of democracy. Today in Malaysia, PDRM is used by the BN gormren to dictate the terms of freedom of speech,@ cannot assemble where there is a school, mosque, bombaq,
etc nearby, so much so that one wonders where to assemble, in the sea, is it? There is no security of country at stake, it's the security of BN/UMNuuu at stake.


Just a Man's avatar Just a Man · 12 minutes ago
Well, I think there will be a new law for social media in future after GE if BN win


Dark Knight's avatar Dark Knight · 14 minutes ago
with internet, people are more prone to discover their wrong-doings and by saying so, they are afraid we, the citizens of Malaysia, dig out their skeletons in their closets. BN, this is People Power!


Adik Manja's avatar Adik Manja · 16 minutes ago
If the Government extremely,tremendously & fabulously come neat,clean & tidy there will be always positive comments.Unfortunately,it in a mess.


Md Isa's avatar Md Isa · 16 minutes ago
It is truly shocking that a police chief like Datuk Salleh can make such a senseless statement and that a useless newspaper like Utusan can publish it.

He should quit for talking nonsense.

And Utusan should wind up for good.

etc nearby, so much so that one wonders where to assemble, in the sea, is it? There is no security of country at stake, it's the security of BN/UMNuuu at stake.

Just a Man's avatar Just a Man · 12 minutes ago

Well, I think there will be a new law for social media in future after GE if BN win

Dark Knight's avatar Dark Knight ·

with internet, people are more prone to discover their wrong-doings and by saying so, they are afraid we, the citizens of Malaysia, dig out their skeletons in their closets. BN, this is People Power!

Adik Manja's avatar Adik Manja

If the Government extremely,tremendously & fabulously come neat,clean & tidy there will be always positive comments.Unfortunately,it in a mess.

Md Isa's avatar Md Isa

It is truly shocking that a police chief like Datuk Salleh can make such a senseless statement and that a useless newspaper like Utusan can publish it.

He should quit for talking nonsense.

And Utusan should wind up for good.

Md Isa's avatar

“However, the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are not absolute as they have limits, depending on regulations and laws that every citizen of this country should obey.”

Let me rephrase that statement above and see what you think you stupid police person you:

"However, the powers enshrined in the Police Act are not absolute as they have limits, depending on regulations and laws that every Police officer of this country should obey"

Instead of thinking its your God given right to act like a licensed bully, try reading the law yourself and understand it before making comments. And make sure other police officer follow suit.

daniel's avatar aniel ·

Does PDRM has a FB page? The police top dog should advice the gov to close all their social media account and twitter..

scyeo's avatar scyeo · 27 minutes ago

It is said that as long as the Government acts to serve the Rakyat and not as the master of the Rakyat, there will always be peace and prosperity. There is no need to fear the people and putting them in the darkness of ignorance, propangada and censorship will not do any good.
Just be of service to the Rakyat. That goes for the Authorities like the Police as well.
Rakyat diDahulukan! Tapi jangan bikin tak macam cakap.

MrTee's avatar MrTee · 33 minutes ago

This policeman lives in stone age indeed! To some extend, I do agree but on overall, this is the life we live nowadays. That is why we need police.

Life keeps changing and certainly for human race, we need to upgrade ourselves with such advancement. Are you suggesting we should go back to letter writing? No, this is impact we need to deal with. While the society has improved with such technological advancement, you as policeman should tag alone. Sad to say if you can match, better retire early and get the younger policeman who can monitor through Facebook!

Opiyelguabiran's avatar - Go to profile

Opiyelguabiran 152p · 34 minutes ago

Too liberal? Oh, I forgot. We're in a police state.

tuan haji kkk · 34 minutes ago

Internet Information should be free and borderless. Up to us to use info for benefits and not to commit crimes. I think the police wants us to be "katak di bawah tempurung".

funcjay's avatar funcjay · 36 minutes ago

alamak! camana ni? Those guys who fought the Malayan Union had FB and Twitter??

Haiya! classic case of: Hire a monkey and you get peanuts or bananas!

Humans have been congregating and expressing their will/rights from time immemorial la kawan...and what has gone in tandem with that is the fact that the people in power have just like you!

screen20's avatar screen20 · 46 minutes ago

Too bad. Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. Police is powerless. Padan muka. Go catch some real criminals and don't waste your time with nonsensical viewpoints

anon's avatar anon · 47 minutes ago

The internet/social media is a threat to UMNO/BN & their cronies because corruption, abuse of power and injustice can no longer be hidden.

It is a cause of grave concern when the police consider truth to be a threat. They forget that their responsibility & loyalty must always be to the rakyat at all times, and never to a political party, especially to one which has held their position through highly dubious means.

They must remember their name is Polis DiRaja Malaysia, and not Polis UMNO/BN.

carboncopy's avatar carboncopy · 48 minutes ago

Police can close their Facebook and Twitter account and move to the halal facebook.

Mat's avatar Mat · 48 minutes ago

What's wrong about being liberal? Is "liberal" a bad word like "corruption", "cronism", "nepotism".

So now liberal thinking is a threat to the nation! Everyone should submit to dictators, corruption and nepotism. What complete idiots we have up there! We are becoming more and more a laughing stock in the world!

cccc's avatar cccc · 59 minutes ago

oh please! did you not use facebook, twitter etc to disseminate info about crimes, traffic, missing person etc? talk like serving a colonial master/communist regime. embarrassing given the fact they received the royal charter.

Tenicc's avatar Tenicc · 1 hour ago

Ok... Call Najib to close his FB and Twitter account...


1BankruptMalaysia · 59 minutes ago

yeah....GOOD ONE.....FB & TWITTER is bad influence on najib already..

Jonn · 1 hour ago

The statetement reflects the officer's outdated and obsolete perception in relation to ICT....please focus more on the benefits of ICT to mankind..think about how we use the knife everyday in the kitchen...

the first thing a totalitarian state and dictatorship does is to clamp down on freedom of expression and suppress all lines of communication within and without its borders. take a look at north korea for example.

amoker's avatar amoker · 2 hours ago

Geez, and Najib plans to invite his 500,000 twitter fan and 1 million facebook friend to a tea party. Must be a liberal tea party than republican.

Yes, keep the Malaysians stupid and ignorant.

entropy's avatar entropy · 3 hours ago

it isn't a problem in other countries, why should it be a problem in ours? it is only a problem to dictators, authoritarian regimes and those with vested interests to remain in power forever.

very true!

Anything can be made to pose a security threat. Not voting for the ruling government can   be construed as a threat. Listening to a sermon in a mosque or a church can be deemed the same. Praising Anwar Ibrahim in a private function can be said to constitute a 'threat' to national security. However the government simply cannot prevent voters from exercising their electoral preference, attend prayer services or ban private functions. In the same vein blaming Facebook and Twitter is an exercise in futility. It'll not gain a single extra vote for the ruling party. On the contrary it might hemorrhage whatever support they already have.

scorpionixit's avatar scorpionixit · 3 hours ago

The country will be safe as long as the police uphold to their principles and integrity and be really bi-partisan, not submitting to the whim and fancy of some political masters.

spider's avatar spider · 2 hours ago

what kind of comment is this from a top police senior official I think he is not aware 500 million people registered in facebook and he is not aware

The Adventurer's avatar

The Adventurer · 2 hours ago

Why don't they worry more for the corrupted police force in Malaysia instead, they are 100 x larger threat to security. They are influence from within core of greed and influence of their seniors and piers!!

It's a generation gap. The world is changing. The police and the law will have to keep up. If rallies are now accepted by the people as not a crime, then the law must keep up.

WTF1986's avatar WTF1986 · 3 hours ago

'Security' eh? Freedom (or the pursuit of it) is never 'safe'. Our forefathers disregarded 'safety' a long time ago when they fought for our very independence. I'd rather be 'dangerously' free than 'safely' ignorant.

bigjoe's avatar bigjoe · 3 hours ago

You replace facebook, twitter and internet with the word 'free minds' and that would be what they are talking about...

Zyorn's avatar Zyorn · 3 hours ago

What an total idiot!

Hallo, we are living in 21st century lah! Mr. Internal security and public order director!

Everything is going exponential, every seconds, every minutes there's new technologies, new world issues!

It's actually the PDRM themselves who have been the major security threat. Not the free-thinking people. Free-thinking people are inherently peaceful. Liberal countries are more peaceful than other countries.

Instead, the security risk in this country is strongly linked to the issue of corruption. It's corruption that prevents the PDRM to clean up the criminal underworld in this country.

Cyberman's avatar Cyberman · 3 hours ago

Datuk - you better get used to this new networked world. If you don't like it, it's going to get "worse" as we move towards Gigabits connectivity. You can either bury your head in the sand or change the way you police the people by being genuinely honest and caring. Then you will love this networked world which will commend you and work with you.

Ahmad Sobri's avatar Ahmad Sobri · 3 hours ago

The only visible obvious security threat Malaysians are facing today are the Police working for tainted BN!

If our Constitutions are not absolute, then it be rubbished.

The truth always scares the guilty.

abu's avatar

abu · 3 hours ago

our men in uniform really need to mature up and discard all their old and umeno controlled way of thinking

change is inevitable.....learn to adapt for crying out loud


anak malaysia's avatar anak malaysia · 3 hours ago
polis more threat to all malaysian.


VanGogh's avatar VanGogh · 3 hours ago
Sadly, you have a senior government servant who is out-dated and fear the spread of information or disinformation. He clearly does not understand "mass communication". A sword has 2 edges, and will always be so. One got to learn how to teach people to use it for the betterment of society, rather than try to control. Sad....
What do you not want the Rakyat to know? What are you trying to hide? Typical BN atitude.


hustler's avatar hustler · 3 hours ago
so whats wrong with liberal thinking? only corrupt govts should fear this.

Do you see FB and Twitter cause chaos in proper democracy like Britain, Aus, US, Sweden etc? Malaysia govt wants citizens to be stupid so their cronies can continue to milk (NFC?) the country.


xing's avatar xing · 3 hours ago
Hello, it's our right to know what is happening in or outside the country, it's our right to demand what we want. After all, we pay your salary. If you are afraid or can't do the job, p*ss off!


teabagthis's avatar teabagthis · 3 hours ago
Are they making an excuse for the government to create censorship for contents published on the internet? While the rest of the world progresses, Malaysia is becoming more like North Korea.

Are they making an excuse for the government to create censorship for contents published on the internet? While the rest of the world progresses, Malaysia is becoming more like North Korea.



At the back of my house across the street there are pirates. I don't bother to know who they are. I did not ask the informer more question. But when one press the PTT on 7.043 with the drive and mic gain on the signal hit hard into my shack, I know he has to be my neighbor.

This guy must be foolish and thought he could get away with the stupid move. He must be inviting big trouble. What if he is a government servant ?

If one day he gets a ticket he has to be bold enough and shameless enough to come on the band. It is not because I recognize his voice but because he comes from the same house. I would know who he is.

He might one day forget his foolishness but I don't. Such kind of a person does not deserve

to be a ham operator.

There is always a limit to a patient. Hitting a neighbor is always within my reach. If this guy can guess the consequence he will be more careful with his equipment.

Rigs are easily available nowadays. Those with money can own them.

They know that the MCMC has been very ineffective. When the new authority took over from the telecom it discarded several practices of the former authority. It had a hard time to trace even the Radio Free Sarawak.

What the illegal broadcasting need to do is shifting the transmitting stations every now and then. Talking with former telecom officers we will know the total difference.

The statement that ham radio should be regulated by the fellow hams does not hold

water and not applicable to pirate stations. Moreover the authority is said to approve and legalize pirate stations as long as they are not on the ham band.

Today ham radio is already being used as a political tool. So far by one political party. The other is still restraining from the same activity.

Because the new was born in the new environment they did not have a slightest idea of hamming before. If you compare them it is at a sorry state.

It is the old hams themselves who were responsible for introducing the beginning of the havoc. I have already said this an will not repeat it anymore.

Blaming me for a harsh remarks will not change things. To know the worst is to listen and open the ears and eyes. It is just my friend who said no one is using CW because he did not hear them.

If he cares to scan and listen at the right time he will be shocked to know otherwise.

The rogue behavior is not new. The Chinese dialect 'Lu ey ma ho lang kan' would be used already by those who experienced the QRM. The curse always go to the mother. Was not the mother who produce such a kid ?

So far in Malaysia the troubles shot up from the Malays. Why has it has to happen this way ?

A man looks like a man, talk like a man but inside him could be a beast. You witnessed the killing and the burning of the young kid, the rapping and murdering of a bus passengers and many more abuses.

When the same kind of men come into the ham radio we can imagine what sort of things can happen. My neighbor must stop being one hell of a beast.                        23/03/2012


Three students from my old school scored 8As. Two of them are from poor families, one Indian from Tanjung Bunga Penang and the other a Malay kampong girl. The girl entry level was with only two As in her PMR.

When I was working I always give credit to the kids' parents on their success. First and foremost is the mother whom I believe as the most important figure in the children's life.

I asked my student who had been so caring for my wife about the gift. She suggested a laptop. A laptop ? That shook me very much. She could do it being a towkey, And this morning when I asked the school Senior Assistant he said I need to give nothing.

I would like to share the joy of the parents though I have never met or know them. I used to give tea sets and head scarf . My student is thinking I am loaded. The school knows I don't have much to spend.

I forgot to count the 7As. There may be more than 20. Certainly I can't afford to spend too much.  I  just   bought

one new wheel chair for my wife for easy transfer from bed onto it and possibly from it onto the car. The whole set cost me about 1K. I think something costing RM200 does not tax me much. But what to buy ? Not for the kids but for the parents.

The money that God gives us is not for us alone. You buy things and the money moves to someone else. You can give part of it as a sedeqah, meaning you don't expect a return.

Will it be a tea set again ? Will it be a complete suit of cloth ? I think I should ask the view of a few women.

The sacrifice of a parent is surmountable.  They took leave when the kids sit for the exam, saw that nothing hindering the course of going for the test, relentlessly  praying for the well being of the children.

I asked a 14 year old boy of why she should respect the mother more and his reply ," She carried me for 9 moths and 10 days."  And I took a seven year old boy for a dinner, he ordered a packet for his mother as well.

When my mother was alive, I had not given her as much as I should have done. When she passed away I regretted and I shed my tears. If I have missed I hope I would do it in other ways that I can.

I called the head of departments not to be fussy with employees on matters pertaining to attending the parents. Though they are not a mother to these heads God will furnished the deeds to the demise parents.

It may sound crazy if we say extending our hands to other old folks is paying back to our own parents whom we missed to give much care.

The award giving day will be on the 28th.  of this month. It is the same date as the Morse test in Cyberjaya. It is also the same date when I have to go for the blood test to read my kidney. Hospital will be one solid day.

I still have good female friend teachers in that school. May be I should talk to them again. What am I to give to the Indian mother and the two other Malay mothers ?

The best is an Indian. Looking at the picture I commented that that boy must be a good student in every aspect. I was not wrong. The school explained his demeanor, his proactive attitude and very commendable.

May what your religion be, always pray to God for the well being of your kids and the kids of others, for their own and nation's sake.                                                      22/03/2012

Shahrizat must go, repeats Wanita Umno No. 2

March 22, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil must quit her Wanita Umno post to preserve the credibility of the party and Barisan Nasional (BN), the wing’s number two has said.

Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim told The Star it was not enough for Shahrizat to step down as federal minister next month and urged the latter to also retire as head of Wanita Umno and Wanita BN.

Kamilia (picture) pointed out that public thought something was “morally and politically wrong” with how National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) was run and that this was affecting polls preparations.

NFCorp is headed by Shahrizat’s husband, Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail, who has been charged with criminal breach of trust for allegedly misusing the cattle-rearing company’s federal loan.

“I’ve gone down to the grassroots and this is generally what the members are saying. They are finding it hard to meet the people when the image of their leader is tarnished,” Kamilia told the daily.

“People are poking fun at Wanita and calling us ‘cows’. The Wanita grassroots are saying it’s difficult to work (for the general election)... As a leader, we have to listen to what the grassroots are saying.”

The prime minister has already made it clear he no longer wanted Shahrizat as minister and it was now up to Wanita Umno and BN to decide if they would still accept her as their head, she added.

Shahrizat announced on March 11 that she would step down as women, family and community minister when her term as senator expires on April 8.

Her resignation came after nearly five months of allegations that she and her family had used a RM250 million government soft loan earmarked for NFCorp to pay for personal expenses.

NFCorp, which supervises the National Feedlot Centre (NFC), hit national headlines after the company made it into the Auditor-General’s Report last year for missing production targets. 

Do you notice the stubbornness of Shahrizat's husband ? When PAC summoned him he sighted court case as an excuse. Not to be sub judice the PAC will call the children and will ask questions not pertaining to the court case.

Today someone asked me about Najib's throwing money for votes, will he win ? My answer was Shahrizat alone can kill UMNO. The corruption on the citizens may not work. Najib was almost beaten in the last GE had not because of the Orang Asli. And this time they have to increase voters in Pekan by a big number.

BN should be ashamed for cheating to win.

I am sure those who saw Shahrizat's behavior during her speech would start to loath her. Never look like a lady and never look like a man. The red color and her face and her behavior shown an image of a demon. While Najib was begging from the people, she is declaring war on them.

The PHD husband had said "We are paying back the loan otherwise we will be in prison." The next day he blamed the government for delaying the abattoir. In fact no money was paid yet. For a simple rakyat they have to start making payment even before the completion or the beginning of the project.

Now, at home doesn't she discuss anything with her PHD husband ? It is difficult to believe that she says nothing and pretend nothing is happening. Try to check the telephone records to see who they rang up and what they discuss.

I have another UMNO friend who has experience in rearing animals. He said instead the government should help the people like him. We already have a PHD and a lecturer who failed in cattle even before NFC. Some time it made PHD certificate smell like shit. It could be a certificate of arrogance and stubbornness.

Her showing defiance towards her God Father is the highest ever arrogance on her part. If she is put to debate with Rafedah I am sure the later will tear her apart. It will so bad even the jumping Wanita who supported her will lose their sarongs too.

Would we be jealous of successful Malays ? There are many successful women who had to struggle to climb up onto the highest echelon. Many without the aid of the government though some started with the help of FAMA.

We pray for their continued successes. We don't look at their political affiliation and ethnicity.

The other day I went to an aluminium shop manned by a young and beautiful Chinese lady whom I presumed as a Towkey. She was so very friendly and jovial, running a business not a business like. She made good money. I can't help but comparing her.

Shahrizat is not even 1/10th of Aishah Ghani. Sorry for the nation.         22/03/2012

Attention on mentally sick

We are observing each other, and saw common and strange things, normal and abnormal events.  And we form opinion. We must remember that mental capacity and the structure of our minds are not always the same.

I have been seeing the relationship between educational level and behavioral pattern related to mental characteristics, to trace the correlation between them.

Several behaviors seem to be destructive, causing unstable emotional state which in turn affect their health. Or it could be the reverse ie the health that cause the destructive behavioral pattern. For instant, the imbalance of a certain liquid in the brain can cause madness.

Brain could be damage by drugs. Addicts would do anything that  a normal person doesn't.  It takes a certain kind of mind to make a person a cold blooded killer, shooting children without any regret or remorse.

I have been wanting to know the whole family condition of a mentally sick person; the schooling of their kids, educational ability and successes and other social behaviors.

When I rang up my former school asking about the number of students getting straight As in the last SPM result, my following question was about the parents; economic standing and occupations of the father and mother.

On the other hand I would want to know the family size, the type of home and the economic standing of problem children. Behaviors are usually derived by mental, emotional and medical state or by the environmental factors.

Bad behaviors can be passed from a father to s son, which in turn could inflict mental injury to the father. The kid could not adjust himself to the social environment.

Too many of them could hurt the society, brought disgrace to the race and religion. The religion, ethnicity and the language will be despised and rejected.  A person of a certain race or religion may be treated with suspicion and distrust.

The topics on ethics and morality is in the international forum. Tons of literature  are  written  on  them.   But  I  don't know how far they are related to mental sickness. Could shame, morality and ethics be determined by mental state ?

The fire intended to burn someone burns himself is applied to bad behavior which is inherited by the son who can cause havoc to his own family and the circle of friends.

Rude people does not only cause problem to his enemy but also to his friends. They should cast him far into hell fire.

In the days when tradition and religion was strong and dominant, such abnormal human being may have been burnt as a witch or a friend of Satan. There was no psychologist  and psychiatrist then. There was nobody to investigate as to the cause of bad behavior.

The less severe mental sickness are usually ignored by many. It would be a waste of time giving attention.

Those who are rude are rude no matter what. He could not surely be the product of a few fathers or his mother's intercourse with animal, could he ? But when I was a kid, I have always heard the Chinese boys cursing 'Lu ey ma ho lang kan'. That's what the brand is."Lu ey ma ho lang kan."

True or not that's the dialect used everyday by boys to express the anger. You are what you are as a result of your mother's lust.  That's what the phrase means. When we see rude people then we know the product as the saying goes.




I don't quite like Apom Lenggang. But it is my wife's favorite. There are two places that I know selling this apom, one at the Mee Abu store beside SM Sultanah Bahiyah and another is at the Giant et market. The Mee Abu is sold by a mamak price at RM0.90 per piece and the other by a Malay lady sold at RM0.30.

I would buy twenty pieces; ten for my wife and the rest for my maid. I did not buy for my own. My break is Majid nasi tomato. For a plate of rice with an egg and a fish cost me RM5,00. Replacing fish with beef cost me RM3.50. Mutton will be RM6.50.

The Apom Lenggan at the wet market started at about 8.00 am and ended at about 10.30 or even earlier. Last time it was my former student doing it. I am yet to ask the lady the history of her business there.

I think the ingredient is simple. It was the preparation and other hassles that people prefer buying to DIY. Moreover housewives are also part of the workforce of the nation. Do It Yourself is harder than to buy.

At the average five pieces is ample for a normal person. With a glass of coffee which is a ringgit and the apom it can drag us till lunch.

This woman could make a modest profit. She does not have to make her sale everyday. She sells three days and doing something else at home for

the rest of the week.

Good businesses is a bless to all. The customers can enjoy nice and cheap food. And the sellers earned an honest living. The authority should assist especially the unemployed youths to do useful things.

The Chinese in Kuala Lumpur also sell the same kind of apom, but using basic technology for mass production.

The number of Halal Malay delicacies in Americas and Europe is almost nil as compared to the Chinese and Thai Tomyam. You can find both in almost every town in the United States. At time we have to make an advance booking of day before the meal.

Once in London there was a Sate House which sold most of the northern delicacies. There were rojak, mee rebus, ikan bakar, laksa etc. Business was good. I don't know what happens to the sate house now.

If we have a restaurant selling goreng pisang, ais kacang and apom lenggang as

what the Chinese are doing then it will be only be fair. We allow Mac Donald, Kentucky and Pizza Hut here. WE should also allow the Americans to enjoy our food too.

Let us pray for the well being of the small scale hawkers who are struggling to make an hpnest living to finance their children's education. Let's encourage the young men to run small business instead of wasting their time on motot biking and meeting friends.

Tomorrow if the apom lingam store opens my wife and maid will continue to enjoy the delicious breakfast.







In January this year I already paid the property tax to the local authority, Majlis Perbandaran Kota Setar for the half yearly rate. In fact I have paid all the government taxes. As always the general public spend more in between December and January; school uniform, bags and books for their kids, driving license, insurance and road tax. I set aside about 2K of my ASB for the common anual expenditure including the land and property taxes.

Yesterday there was a red warning letter from Majlis Bandaraya demanding the quick payment of Cukai Pintu. The warning was very severe ie foreclosure.

This morning I went to the department asking a lady at the counter the difference between the two documents; the new bill and the bill that has been paid. The lady asked me to wait. After 10 minutes later she ushered me to see a man in the other office.

 "Have I not paid ? " I asked the man at the computer. He looked at me and said, "Yes,  you have paid and everything is clear ?"

"Then why the warning letter ?"

"I don't know."

"You are wasting our time and money."

"Yes, I know."

"Who is in charge of your computer system ? "

"Me." The man stood beside him said. I looked at him as asked me to explain why the letters were still printed."

His friend showed me a few hundred of the same complaints. And the officer in charge of the program said,"Even bank made mistake."

I was damn mad at the answer. I responded, "No wonder the Chinese said the Malays

are stupid."

"U don't write the software. This is from Kuala Lumpur," was his instantaneous reply.

I grabbed back my bill like a tiger and walked out of the office.

With piles of complaints they could have taken appropriate actions rather than preparing the answer with 'Even banks make mistakes'.

I have prepared a letter to Dato' Bandar and will post it tomorrow. The letters to Biro Pengaduan Awam and other relevant ministries will depend on the action taken. If within a week I do not get the reply I will have to proceed.

The dumb programmer is as dumb as the officer in charge of the ICT. I am sure he must be a graduate.

We are seeing too many educated people doing stupid things and talking like stupid kids.

50 years after independent the Malays still show their inefficiency and stupidity. If an important institution acted like a robber then it is not surprising every politician looks for the chance to be one.

I was about to yell at him at the answers given, the bank making mistakes to justify his own  Such a man should not been pitied and thrown out of  office.










The dream of a woman is to be the powerful queen at home. I know at least two women who made rules for the husbands to follow and place all the kids under the command.

The husbands obey, washing and cleaning dresses belonging to the whole family, looking after new born babies and followed the programs set by the wives.

One of the husbands grumbled but not to the wife. We termed it as Queen Control.

Men can submit without any resistance. At the same time they find better women who in turn serve them like a slave, and the wives never suspect what really happen.

I see nagging wives every where. And I wonder whether Rosmah nag as well. And I wonder how Shahrizat treat her husband. From her statement Shahrizat seems to express that she does not care what her husband does.

But I always believe Queen Control is sinful. Shouting and arguing with a husband comes under a major sin. Liberated Malaysian women could demand total freedom.

Nagging is not as bad as neglecting a sick husband, or scolding her sick spouse when he asks for help, or coming back late leaving the helpless husband hungry.

It would be interesting to observe what will happen to such a wife. People of science will not believe in God retribution. If the wife falls critically ill beyond normal medication they will say it is just a co-incidence.

I have students who asked their wives to quit jobs and be a full domestic engineer. I observed the docility of an educated wife brings happiness to the family.

Children do keep the family intact. But there are cases where spouse with several kids divorced and each went his own way.

Try to imagine Rafedah Aziz; is she a nagging wife ? Rafedah is a tough and highly intelligent woman, fearless and 'obstinate'. She is a perfectionist. Her husband has to cope up with her to keep in phase. I think her husband is scared of her. But it could not be her dream to be dominant. She was cut that way since birth.

A nagging woman usually remained unmarried especially when they hold high post jobs. Several school principals remain spinsters.

Men may tolerate a beautiful wife, nagging or no nagging. If she wants to be the queen let she be. They may be wiling to be slaves.

As for my friend who is conscious of the wife complete control I just feel sorry. At time he must show that he is the master of the house.

I can't say about other women in other world. But it Malaysia there is such thing as 'Nasi Kangkang'. A wife prepares hot food for the husband and trap the steam guiding it to her vagina. The vapor that dropped back onto the food would made her husband obey her in every word.

The 'nasi kangkang' is also called 'nasi tangas' .

I wish and hope the women ministers do not believe in Nasi Kangkang just to control their husbands.

Every time I saw a shouting and yelling women on TV, my imagination ran wild. Are they iron fisted women or women with chattering mouths.

A brave man fight a lion and show no fear of hostile giants, but he is darn scared of his wife. He talks aloud in public but says nothing at home.

And women are always proud of their gifted power, the power to charm people.







pass the exam. Fprget about pride and throw the ego away.

Take a challenge to prove that those who accused you as stupid is wrong. And you can give a wide smile and demand them to salute to you. You are not an incapable person.



CW test is on 28/03/2012. I don't know how many from my town will be sitting for it. And I don't know the number of candidates.

As usual I offered to help people to learn Morse and to make sure they pass the test. Our time was without computer and without teachers. We strive hard to make sense out of strange sounds. I took a year to learn the basic because I was not so smart.

I know that some people try to learn but they found it difficult. I never believe in impossibility. People can train animals to do work and even to operate machines. If animals can be taught surely it will not be difficult for a human to learn.

I think these people are too proud of themselves, or they think I am not fit to train them. Or they think I would look down upon them. It is more of a pride than an arrogance.

A person who assessed himself as highly intelligent and smart is always afraid of failure and being ridiculed. They fail to understand that everyone in this world has weaknesses. Teachers who ridiculed their students are not fit to be in the profession. They themselves are full of weaknesses.

Obviously I have to praise those who go for the challenge. The gut of facing hardship and to conquer the unknown was the way of the old adventurers. They conquered almost the whole world by their courage.

I would scold students who asked their mothers to do things for them, even to fill in application forms. An 18 year old boy is not a small kid anymore.. Pampered kids have a low survival rate.

Learning from a teacher is not a 'kowtow'. It is just a process of getting knowledge and skill to enhance our inner self. The success of a student depends on the teacher. If I can't make them pass, it is me who do not have the ability to teach and instruct.

Would I charge any fee ? Would I any favor ? At least one Chinese teacher in my former school told me,"Cikgu, you give a knowledge away, more will come to you." Once upon a time and even now many people believe that knowledge comes from God. Sharing the knowledge for free is one of the good thing that we can do. And helping people with the hope for a return is not wise either. It can end in disappointment.

Let our friends be humble and low profile and willing to accept our help to make them acquire the CW skill and


Most of the people I met give a high assessment of themselves especially people of higher office. They think they know all.

That is the reason why we see changes after the change of a new Head of Department. The new always think that before was always bad.

A  change will not always be better though a few may be a real efficient innovations. When it deteriorated and showed a decline the current administration would still think it is great.

Institutions sometimes take 10 to 20 years to build and achieve excellence but it could take only a few months to collapse. Malaysian Airline is one of them. UMNO is another. And it always happen in government departments.

I hate a Head of Department who would immediately fell big trees of the office compound. This is usual in schools. Trees take 20 years to grow and it takes 20 minutes to destroy. They destroy trees they also destroy shades and wind breaker and increase health risk.

Why did they do all those changes ? Because they think they are smart enough. These things happen at all level of society. People assessed themselves highly. They are the most capable and the most perfect.

I live in a small world. Most of the new knowledge were acquired informally. I thought myself computing. So are many others who taught themselves.


I developed a simple web page using a simple software for my former school. I was one man who is half blind the blinds. I left the school in 2000.

Teachers came in and out and the Head changed almost every 3 years. New courses were introduced. When highly qualified teachers came in, expert in programming and other computing stuffs, I had to withdrew.

The school web page changed name from smtjs.net to smvas.net. It has been since five months it is under construction.

I talked to the teacher concern. I felt so small because my knowledge could not match his. I used a simple ASP for managing database of all sort. He will be using a PHP and JAVA. Both are not within my grasp.

This change is for the better. Good things do not come fast and easy.

In my previous articles I described the physical change and landscaping.  The school won several awards at the national level and waves of visitors came to learn what we did. The peak was Najib's visit.

When I left the next Headmaster wanted to make things better, and better, and better. It was so well done that the winning spree disappeared. The school has to make a visit to other winners.

Privatization was suppose for the better. They started with elegance. A few years later they felt sick, one by one. Proton changed head and Proton went almost astray. Felda is the next to make the settlers and the Malays sick and die.

Conversing with people with pride could be fun if we are good listeners. They can tell you that the whole world is at their feet. They speak like great philosophers.

Remember my previous article on a young doctor who insisted that  my wife's coughing was due to kidney ? He is one of those.

Ego is the word. Everyone has it but not everyone shows it. It is only sickening when one is trying to downplay the others. The current VC of University Malaya's statement that the University has never been excellent is another example.

How much better of the world today than yesterday ? Even in the United States today there are many depressed people. People lose houses and jobs. Killings happen almost every other day.

When ego and arrogance combined there is a tendency for tyranny. Morality fades. Religion vanished.

We hope our kids grow to be honest and trustworthy
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