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Let not the law and Cartel and Mafia be merged into one and they in turn determine the leaders of nations. May God saves us.


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Blaming Time Wasting


All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. - Wayne Dyer

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1193695








The data that negative mental states cause heart problems is just stupendous. The data is just as established as smoking, and the size of the effect is the same."
--Dr. Charles Raison

How many of us ever realize our own weaknesses ? We are always right and the rest are always wrong. Though I am too far from perfection, sometimes I cannot tolerate such a kind of people who only throw the blame on others when encountering numerous problems. From time to time we were warned about dangers and the steps to be taken to avoid heavy damage. And not everyone would heed to the advice. When problems come they would throw curse onto the others, blaming all but themselves.

We can't fool everybody all the time. Finally the truth will prevail. Eventually people will know our true colors. How  long can we sustain our weaknesses and lies. If those blamed do not fight back it is just a lucky episode but if it is being challenged then they will have to do the tongue twisting again.

I remember a man calling the other man senile and 'nyanyuk'. 'Nyanyuk' is quite a harsh word to indicate mental disorder mainly due to ageing. Just a few days later I found he himself was talking iNn a confuse manner and forgetting to do the right things.

I think it is a form and kind of sickness like a real stupid person calling the others stupid. I quote from a Medicine World "Paranoid personality disorder:
Persons with paranoid disorder usually will have suspiciousness, litigiousness, jealousy, and envy. A person with this disorder may not look in to the depth of a particular problem. The having paranoid personality disorder will have a tendency to blame others. These person may not have any sense of humor at all.

Here is another headline

Blaming others can ruin your health - CNN.com
Aug 18, 2011 ... Blaming others can ruin your health ... The disease is the leading cause of heart-related sudden death in people under 30. So sick he couldn't ...
www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/08/17/bitter.resentful.ep/index.html - 66k -
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Harboring bitterness is a prolonged 'Sakit Hati' towards someone at time just for an unknown reasons. Truly I am observing people with this behavior to see what will become of them, especially their health conditions. It may affect the other aspects of their lives.

But there is one thing for sure, 'Sakit Hati' is not a disease harbored by a particular race. It is a global sickness.

14/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Often blaming others for their inability to change, they not only become "blame-passer's", but"life-wreckers" as well. Many times they pass on this illness to their own ...



There is no health without mental health



Ask yourself; do you think Saddam or Ghadafi had ever thought that would die a violence death and being treated like animals ?

Big sinners live in constant fear. They move and sleep with body guards around, paid by themselves and paid by the tax payers. They fear of their fall. Hence they will do everything to make sure they remain in power. Lies and corruption have become part of their lives. They will do anything to keep the people disunited. And they keep a strong army ready to accuse their opponents as terrorists and the nation's enemies.

History has shown that no nation last forever how strong they are. Knowing this Israel and the United States are making sure that history will not repeat itself and at least not in the United States and in the Jewish states. Will they ?

Leaders are looking for assurance by nearing themselves to the invincible governments like USA and Israel. A Muslim leader is ever willing to prostitute himself to retain the status quo to those countries.  It is safer to be under their shades  than that of Russia or China.

The fear of defeat is not without reason. It does not happen in England or the United States where ruling parties keep on changing. Even there were calls to persecute Bush for the war crime, nothing is done. But it happened in Iraq and Libya, and the leaders were treated worse than animals.

Do all BN leaders are fearful of defeat ? I say NO. Those who do not conspire to cause pain on others and those who are free of corruptions are not. The list of the sinners does not restrict to the mere politicians but also those who conspire to manufacture non-existing cases. The names could not escape any avenge.

Will the sinners be severely punished if a new government takes over ? I think the ordinary Malaysians are very sensible and non-aggressive. People like Nik Aziz will surely ask the citizens to forgive and to leave to God to carry the punishment. Thus the fear is unfounded.

Whatever the case may be BN will not rule forever. The doomsday will come. The fate will follow. Only God knows.

13/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Future Son In Law

It is true that nobody should blame Najib for his future son in law. Daniyar Nazarbayev who was being sued for cheating his former step father and for fudging his records to gain entrance to Colombia University was engaged to Najib's daughter.

Some sees it as a bad omen and bad luck for Najib and Rosmah. It is nothing to do with politics but has something to do with God' retribution.

On the other hand many Ulamak would say that it is always a test from God to those whom the Almighty will elevate to the higher level of fame and success.

If the case were in Malaysia Daniyar;s would have been washed out clean.

Someone in the family would surely feel ashamed and very sad about it. It added to the existing problem.

Aren't those sign for the defeat and God's wrath on those who cast shame on other people's family ?

Now or Later

They get big money now, just a few hundred dollars and they forego their bleak future. They retire with a few hundred bucks the politicians enjoy the billions they made.

Mamak and Keling

They called Ambiga Keling. What do they call Mahathir, Shahrizat and others of the same feature ? Is Patail a Malay name ?


It works best with Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
I would throw off my Internet Explorer



Among the laptops I enjoyed my Macbook the most. The disply is fantastic. It is easy to use the application. And I think it is very robust.

If you have money it better to go for the Mac and invest a little for the soft ware like the Iweb and the ICloud. You will find it most fascinating.

My former student messaged me asking,"Cikgu what are you doing at the age of 65 ?"

I said I do not do anything but looking at my computer screen most of the time.

"Haiya...Old man is boring la,"she commented.

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="<%=request("fail1")%>" width="182" height="110" style="float: middle; ">
<param name="movie" value="prettyribbon.swf" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
<param name="loop" value="false"/>
<param name="autostart" value="true"/>
<param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" />
<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />
<a href="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash">
<img src="http://www.adobe.com/images/shared/download_buttons/get_flash_player.gif" alt="Get Adobe Flash player" />


The codes above will be displaying a shockwave video on the website. I put it in my server 9M2AR.COM to display some music while surfacing my page. But they behave differently when using different browsers and computers. I have not tested with UBUNTU yet. Running the same code with Apple Mac will straight away play a song 'pretty ribbon'. And each time we click the option button a song of our choice will be displayed.

Running 9M2AR.COM using Firefox will not auto start the same song. We have to start a song by choosing it by choosing from the option button.

Internet Explorer would give the worst result. It displays an icon of adobe flash player on the start. The choice of the song is identical to all.

If I were to swap this <%=request("fail1")%> with the 'prettyribbon' the behavior will be different. Ir would work better with internet explorer.

Normal programming and website development aren't the same. I never bother the website at all. Whenever I need to do something with it, then only I would start to search and experiment with the codes.

10/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The codes below is extremely best displayed on my windows laptop. It does not show any refresh page as in internet explorer. ie is the hell lot of waiting. I am sorry for the ie user.

<p align="center">
<select name='fail1' onchange='this.form.submit()'>
<OPTION SELECTED VALUE=""><%=request("fail1")%></OPTION>
<option value="Oh Carol Neil Sedaka.swf">Oh Carol Neil Sedaka</option>
<option value="Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely.swf">Only the Lonely</option>
<option value="Los Lobos La Bamba.swf">Los Lobos La Bamba</option>
<option value="Bonda.swf">Bonda</option>
<noscript><input type="submit" value="Submit"></noscript>

13/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Go for Mac


MacBook is a little more expensive than the normal Windows computer.




My solution to enable all the browsers to start playing the music at the start using the same codes is to open the main file thru another page, redirecting it to this with sending variable of the song I want to start.




Before and After

Before an election the leaders wear sarong and songkok, visit mosque and old folks home, holding babies and riding pillion, promising wealth and the world.

After election they will be thinking and planning the projects, privatization,  acquisition of land for development and the division of public funds among themselves.


Need Advice ?

If you can't think by yourself get the help of Ibrahim Ali


We build and erect pillars for perpetual memories. Otherwise we would forget the most vital goodness and achievements, or the main principles we need to follow. The time is ripe for us to erect pillars of major crimes done.

Just ask the normal people about the past crimes of our leaders. A big majority can't even remember even 30% of them. Those crimes committed must be recorded and published, put in archives and must be told to our future generations.

The Bank Bumiputera's death and the murder of Jalil is unknown to the young people. It was a heinous crime of those we still regard as statement. It was about the person who commanded the unpaid loans to the UMNOs and about the great swindlers. Bank Bumi is now unknown and being replaced. These criminals are still arrogant.

The fate of Industrial Master Plan (IMP) and what really happened to PERWAJA too is swept under the carpet. Again the millions were stolen and nobody was found guilty in the country where the Rule of Law prevails. Again the criminals escaped and everybody just keep quiet about it.

After the millions and billions of wastage the latest is the story of Shahrizat's family who never have any guilt at using the public's money to build an empire to themselves and i n fact is working hard to victimize those who exposed their misdeed.

The pillars will have to be tall and numerous enough to carve out both the corruptions and the conspiracies.

No crime shall escape persecution.

11/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The pillar of Asoka




Enjoy the fun


I seldom switched on my VHF. But the other night I put my handy to the scanning mode. At one point I heard there were numerous voices using call signs like 05, Echo 6 etc. I was trying to figure out the service. Someone said RELA is using 455.025 UHF.

Out of those one mentioned Seven Three. Of course it puzzled me. Later I asked Hanafi, but he was silent about it. And I did not want to comment anymore.


As I have said before the younger 9M2s have shown much greater skill than the old hams with the exception of Eshee and Mazwan. However I can't make judgment at those who have been sleeping with the keyboard and CW decorder machines. 9M2AGC has long been in the Master class. More and more are getting in.

When I visited Mazwan I did comment on the superiority of some of the young hams. Names mentioned were Iqbal, Hairie, Azman and the most praised were Azlan and Piju. Piju sent with constant rhythm with a good space between words, making the copy  easy. The last time I worked him was at 29 wpm. What is 29 and 32 or even 35 wpm ? Aren't they almost the same ?

My praise is genuine and honest. It worth more than the T-Shirt. When my commitment was not as great as now I would usually send those who worked me 18 wpm several times, but now I have to reassess my financial commitment.

Nobody can implant and instill a CW skill in you. Everything is up to you. There is no such thing as subsidy mentality. You make your own success.

Piju has made the grade and now is enjoying the admirable class.

Probably one of these days the CWers can meet and sit together and talk about the experience and the sweat of learning the skill, joined together by those who intend to face the challenge. I suggest we choose one good day where most CWers can attend and enjoy the fun.

09/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof










ISpecial People

Mastering CW is not a trivial matter. It has to be a special people to qualify a Master class. We can count the number of Malaysians who we can call 'expert' in the Malaysian class.

9M2FK ,Eshee, is a legend. Nevertheless Malaysia will still be in the world map of CW many years to come. There are prmising young men whom we can depend on to fly the Malaysian flags.


Though Mazwan's kids are not interested in ham radio, his 7 year old kid has shown promise in Morse code.

The way this hold the key impressed me very much. I see his future, not in becoming a ham but his other potentiality.




The key below is more than RM700. It is not the key that count but the man behind it










Faces of criminals

How do we define crime ? Wikipedia's definition 'Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crimes may also result in cautions, rehabilitation or be unenforced. Individual human societies may each define crime and crimes differently, in different localities (state, local, international), at different time stages of the so-called "crime", from planning, disclosure, supposedly intended, supposedly prepared, incomplete, complete or future proclaimed after the "crime".

The person who commits it is called criminal.

There are areas of crimes that have not been discussed but to the laymen they are criminals. Blood Suckers are heinous criminals. Takaful and other insurance companies are blood suckers. People who hunted land and pushed for Land Acquisition Act are blood suckers. People who think nothing but only thinking of forcing people to pay for the unnecessary services, people who used public funds the way they want, and people who run some of the franchise are evil suckers.

The modus operandi are almost similar. They seek friendships with the politicians and Ministers, gave them favors and probably money and pushed things they want. These are people with big money, wearing gorgeous dress, broad smiling faces and have big lawyers around them.

That's the reason why the public had to pay millions for work not done when the projects were scrapped. And they put the law to make the blood sucking activities legal.

Corporations and the people who run them are usually arrogant and immoral, no feeling of pity and very inconsiderate. People in Takaful Insurance need to be studied. What is the state of their  minds. They charge high premium even for a small old car giving the unscientific excuse that old cars have caused most accidences.

Those who are involved in agreeing with the high insurance premium for small old cars are also heinous criminals, may they be from any political party.

Can't someone there sit together and think how they could serve the community with the minimum self gain ?

To them crime and criminals are what the law defines. And the narrowing of the definition sometimes allow criminals to escape persecution.

Of course the easiest way to fight crime is to legalize them as the legalization of
marijuana in Europe and Canada. Rather than fighting them, join them



If you choose the wrong people to be your leaders you will have to pay a very high price. These people will lie to you time and again. You will fall to their lies and promises. Listen to them carefully of what they are saying, "We will .........at any cost." They even use the security forces to defend the illegal and criminal acts.

Big time and blue collar criminals are not unknown to us. You rob a dollar you go to jail, you rob millions you can are cleared  They rob you in a bright daylight. They are ready to engage lawyers to bring you to court. They deny they robbed public funds.

When Knowledge is no more free


Knowledge is power

The best thinker

Who is the best thinker in Malaysia ? Answer - Ibrahim Ali. Do look for him in the You Tube and else where.




Sometimes things simply do not make sense. I used to get much knowledge from the internet especially on computing. So much so I could develop my own software. But lately what I need are all priced. I have been wanting to run multiple swf videos one after another the free web page which lead to the codes and methods were not found.

Was the failure due to my web browser or some kind of virus or is it

 a deliberate effort to block information so that the soft wares for many applications could meet the market ? I tried with both Firefox and Internet explorer on my Acer and Safari on my Macbook. The same urls could be opened. My guess is it could not be due to my browser.

Life in the United States isn't anymore easy. People are looking for ways to make money for daily survival. Normal Americans have to strive hard to make a living. There were unemployment everywhere. People were evicted out of their own homes. And many migrated to Canada.

Since education is now costly young people cannot be generous anymore.

Our tradition said that knowledge comes from God and it must be disseminate freely to all. What more if they are God's words.

Had not it been true that priests and Muslim Ulamas find disseminating of religious knowledge gave them good money ? 

While goodness aren't anymore free there are free stuffs on sex . There are tons of free sex videos. We have to wonder why these are given free.

Some people really want to pay for good thoughts. They engaged advisors and consultants to do the thinking for them and set program and plan. Million of dollars are allocated for this purpose.

I always advice my friends and students to grab any opportunity when people are willing to depart their knowledge and skills without any fee. Yet many just ignore the chance, either out of  their ego or laziness.

Books are very costly nowadays


Supply Creates Demand

Classical economists said that Demand Creates Supply which means as people demand for a commodity, the commodity will be produced. But today it is the other way round 'SUPPLY CREATES DEMAND'. New commodities unknown before are displayed and people buy them after learning about them.

Flying Motorcycle


Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great temptation. It is nicked as 'iPhone Killer' because of it's superiority. Millions of sets have been sold out and the Malaysian are queuing for the stock to arrive. It picks up at about RM2200 without a contract.

What am I going to do with my iPhone if I buy one ? I cannot go on hunting for more and more beautiful women if I already got a wife though she may not be as pretty as the others.

Right now the Galazy SIII is superb and stay above the iPhone. The rush will not shake me up. My iPhone has given all what I always wanted; browsing web sites, ;ive video chat, exchanging pictures, and driving guides using GPS. In fact I have been using it for logging my radio communication.

05/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof







How much money have I spent for traveling ? At least 100K. And you can't see anything in me. I too can't see a thing. With the same amount of money I could have purchased a house. 30 years ago 100K was big enough for that.

Spending is better than saving. Our money multiply and people get job out of our spending. If everybody keeps his income, nobody want to eat-out and spend on luxuries businesses will slow down.

And how much is enough ? If you want to be a Jew you can never have enough. If I want to be myself then I have to compute my age and the amount of money that I have. If you think you want to live forever then no amount is enough.

What is there to compute the cost and the benefit of our spending if you know you won't go 80. I don't want to live till that age. Imagine at the end of our days when our strength and appetite deteriorate we still quarrel with people and we are being cursed like hell.

So spend wisely. Enjoy while you live. Buy things. Make oversea trips. Eat delicious food.

Yahoo Answer Why People Are Greedy

Lots of white people I know love $ too much. All they talk about is how they are going to make an extra dollar. Tichhey seem to forget about the beautiful things of life. I cant even hang out with my white friends anymore. They make me feel like I need to worry about $. I make good money, but I do not feel like I need it to make me happy. Are you guys naturally and historicly greedy or is this something your parents teach you? Look at all the corporations damaging the earth....They are all run by white people.

White people, please dont beat around the bush.....Answer this question truthfully. You guys know exactly what I am talking about when I say you are greedy. Please dont put your feelings into your answer.....FACTS PLEASE! I have posted this under pets because I know that you people like pets more than some ethnic groups.










The root of UMNO's problem is greed. Sadly enough nothing is done to appease the people by repenting and stop taking people's money to enrich one's own family. People want to see how arrogance these people can be.



04/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I won't give 1.5 million to my girl friend


"My business was good. I don't know where the people come from. Everything sold out...every stall", a roti jala owner said.

Musa Must Act

What has not been said about Musa Hassan by the former policeman md Zain, Among others Musa was involved in the Underworld activities. Musa should act against Md Zain.


Malays Kufur

Ever wonder why a group of Muslims called the real Muslims infidels ? They called Nik Aziz as the Father of Infidels.
Not only that thugs were deployed to throw stones at the opposition with a strong denial.
What's wrong with the Malays ?


Psycological Warfare

The Psychological Warfar Division in the Security Forces is to be deployed against our enemies not against the local people. Turning them into bloggers to discredit and lodge a constant attack on the oppositions are not the wise move.


The enemies of the sates and our nations are the immigrants whose generations turned out to be great robbers.


Tell your friends that they are all over the web sites pretending to be a one of you.

Web templates for MS Expression Web

Really I didn't know there was the Green Gathering on Friday simply because I cut myself from all news which I do not believe anymore. No doubt there was already a traffic jam on Thursday night. I was warned not to go out. I stayed put in my shack.  As usual on Friday I went out for my breakfast. There was a big crowd at the stadium area. I thought it would be a soccer match at night. Crowd was already swelling. As I drove I began to notice PAS flags on the oncoming cars and around the stadium compound. I thought it was a normal 'ceramah'. After my breakfast I came home and glued myself to my Macbook again until the prayer time.

At about midnight I opened the Facebook and there was an image of crowd in the stadium. That was the first time I knew that it was a PAS function. I was told that people who could not enter the stadium were sitting outside watching the live telecast using the close circuit system. Just now at the kenduri we tried to estimate the size of the crowd. The minimum would be 300000 people. Bersih could be up to 700000 or over.

At the kenduri table there was an UMNO youth, a strong supporter of Mahathir, 2 fence sitters and probably a police officer. I guessed he was a police when he mentioned he pitied the police personnel working in Kuala Lumpur because they have to carry out so much duty. While he mentioned the word 'anak-anak buah saya' someone else broke the discussion with a loud greeting. I asked the UMNO man how to cheat to make sure UMNO is in power. He did not reply. One ustaz was narrating the Friday night events. People from all over came and had to find places to sleep. They were also talking about Istaz Idrus. The UMNO youth asked whether Idrus was schooling in Vocational School. I said no. Idrus was a student of SMK Darul Aman.

After some time the suspect  police officer excused himself. I knew the report accumulated. And Najib is haunted by the SB's feedback.

Crowds and hearsay should not scare Najib. And Najib should not drag the date. Extending the time just to clear people like Shahrizat could have a reverse effect. People are getting angrier. Even simple people could see thru the veil. And they knew the game. These simple people are not university or college educated. The smarter people could see the reason why Altantuya was killed, related to Scorpene dealing.

Najib should remember that in the last Saeawak's state election BN had never have big crowds anywhere. The opposition always won by the crowd. The outcome of Sarawak's election was not at all related to the crowd size. So why wait anymore. Every moment will drain national resources. Money will have to be pumped out or bombed as Kadir put it. And something is bound to happen. And every time things happen million of ringgit were spent to cover it up. To avoid being called to France's court is never free and it just does not come that easy. Stories would eventually leak out. People can always put two and two together.

Whatever the Malay politicians must not be like what happened in the history of Johor "Make me a King and you take whatever you want", because you are sure to sell yourself and your soul away.

Crowds count in the sense that it helps food and other businesses. Hearing the stories about the good business with so large crowd on Friday sounds like everything was at the peak. Every stall had to surrender and close shop despite the additional supplies. They were talking about a few hundred chickens sold out by each of the stall. The Roti Jala towkey said she was so tired that she closed for two days after the Perhimpunan Hijau.

When the government media reported of 20000 people they made those few hundred thousands further confirm of the government lies. And they would spread the news when they go back home. The policeman at the table commented that 'you can lie to the smart people only once'.

But the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Crowds does not indicate people's support for the opposition. Dissolve the Parliament immediately and proceeds with the election. I can put a bet that BN will still rule probably with a major seats from Sabah and Sarawak. It is a high probability that Najib will face a hard fight in Pahang. Lynas could kill his carrier. The next PM may come from Sarawak.

 04/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

UMNO dikudai MCA

Renung-renungilah tentang bagaimana MCA telah menuggang UMNO dengan pelbagai cara ? Tidakkah Melayu akhirny rami yang sudah menjadi pengemis di negara sendiri ?


Kalau perjuangan semata-mata berpaksikan wang maka akhirnya tahi ju ga yang bertimbun-timbun.



My queuing up took me alost an hour.
People are patient and disciplined enough not to jump queue. Though Tutti Frutty has been long in Kuala Lumpur it is just starting in Kedah. My first taste was in Sungai Petani.

It is a yogurt sold in ice-cream form with various flavor. I can't remember how much one gram cost but my usual purchase is about RM12 per small cup. The average price per meal is about RM20. It is expensive but delicious.

Behind me were three kids who have not taste the delicacy yet. Each brought RM10. I warned them not to fill their cups too much."Never mind Pak Cik, we will ask from you if we don't have enough," they replied.

"Pak Cik is an old man and don't have much either,"I said.

"Pak Cik used an iPhone. Pak Cik must be loaded." The three kids are seen in the picture with blue, white and brown T-Shirt. I took my student's son with me.

I was darn lucky because the owner of the shop gave me me a free treat worth RM30.  

As a new food stall opens all the existence ones will be earning lesser and lesser. Finally someone has to close shop.

02/06/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Try to go to some shops to buy something. Someone would use a handy to ask for the goods to be sent to the counter especially when the stock is kept somewhere else. UHF is very convenient and they are found everywhere. New set would cost us between RM200 - RM600. Products of China are the cheapest.

The other day when we made a convoy to Lumut I asked my student to use a handy. She insisted on using a cell-phone. It really swallowed my credit.

UHFs seldom used by the ham operators. National link repeaters are on VHF.  If you decide the use radio sets to communicate during a convoy UHF should be more comfortable. You can buy a single unit of VHF but for UHF you need to purchase at least two units. For that purpose we don't need a high powered units. During the convoy always use low power.

I have been using Wei-Wei VHF for more than 3 years. I find that the battery is quite lasting. For RM210 it is a good buy.

When my friend's daughter is going back to Aceh I was thinking what to buy for him. 9W2TZ already purchased the Malaysian food specialities and I was think of a T-Shirt. Size will be a problem. Then it came across my mind; the small radio gadget, the VHF set.

When is my next convoy trip ? May be in 200 years time. I am thinking hard how to make use of  couple of UHFs that I just bought.

The next question is how far does it go in town and city of concrete jungles. And even in the padi field area. I think I need to test it with Hanafi.

31/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We tend to think that those high speed CW comes from computer. Only last night I worked 9M2PJU at the speed of 29 wpm. I could have set my speed to 30 or 35 wpm which I think Piju would be able to read it. And Mazwan, 9M2ZN, could easily copy and send at 45 wpm without error and without computer.

In the good old days when CW was used by the fellow Malaysians I don't remember any station went more than 20 wpm. The average was 12. And many used the straight keys. I learn to use paddle only at the age of 60 plus.

Sending and receiving depends on neuromuscular coordination. How fast the signal is sent to the ear to the brain and the brain to to muscle. Though the speed is a function of our age it needs training as well. Athletes and sportsmen need to train themselves too to gain the high speed. Younger hams do have the ability which they are not aware of. The main culprits that hinder the skill development are their minds and sentiments.  They made a quick conclusion on themselves and other people without any proven data.

Sometimes we wonder people could do greater things like lip reading and able to decipher long distant tapping to read messages. That would be harder. Yet people could do it.

I would advise those new 9M2s to continue practicing the code sending using either a straight key or an electronic gadget. Electronic key enabled us to go high speed CW. Constant practice will enhance our confidence and sharpened our skill. We don't lose anything by going on CW mode. Rag chewing with DX stations using keys will give use greater satisfaction.

When CWers meet they discuss CW. They don't sit down to create imaginary enemy, which has never been any part of the ham culture before. And I always looked closely at those who are good in it to observe the bone structure of his head trying to analyze which part that made him so good in Morse. Is it correlated to his brain or hos wide forehead. Has it got to do with smartness or pure training ?

People like Joe, Hairie, Iqbal, Azman and Piju have shown their skill and ability that amazed me very much. I was not at all near their skill at their age.

CW will never die in 400 years to come.

31/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If there are 5000 people above 150 years old in the election roll, how long for the EC to delete them all ? Two months ? Four months ? At most it will take 10 minutes including the preparation of codes. A single line SQL would take less than a minute. Even the search for a certain group takes a mere seconds. A smart link program can always erase a dead government servant or retired workers automatically. A simple line such as this will delete all those born before 1924

                                                                           delete * from database where value(right(birthdate,4) ) < 1924

Yes it is as simple as that. They can use other Ministry's database to cross-check and erase unwanted data.

A computer database is always easy to temper. The programmer can do wonders and the data is at his mercy.

Election is not everyday affair. What do those in the EC do during the rest of the non-election days ? As I pointed out the search for people of certain categories are not difficult and it does not take days. And it does not cost anything at all. Did I hear someone said it would cost 5 billion ringgit to do the cleaning ? What an utter nonsense.

Is it too much to ask for the cleaning of the electoral roll ? What are the reasons for the demonizing of people who demand for a clean and fair election ? They called the BERSIH kotor, calling Nik Aziz infidel and the protestors Communist, knock down the mosque and declaring civil war for nothing. Then they engage Samseng to intimidate and throwing stone at the opposition. These are the people without shame, religion and morality.

A computer program can always recall data by addresses or names and to cross check with death records to erase the unwanted data if they want to do it. There are thousands of volunteers who are willing to help for free.

UMNO does not need foreigners to win. It does not need gangsters to terrorize the opposition. It does not need even the postal votes or vote rigging.

Winning a gentlemanly election is the best for UMNO. Najib could still be a PM even with the clean electoral roll. No need to panic.

29/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



They regret but too late. When they were young they follow their leaders blindly, listened without any effort to assess the truth, trying to show off their greatness. Not knowing being used as tools they shown their blind loyalty. 99% of the rank and files of the police and security forces will have to struggle hard to make ends meet after retirement. Mahathir made millions they have to moonlight to make a few hundred bucks to find finance their kid's schooling. Likewise the UMNO samseng with no pension and work shall face darker life.

When I was working I had a tough time with the parents and sport's teachers because the kids who played soccer did not attend the classroom teachings. I told the parents that soccer do not guarantee the kids future. If they play for state or Malaysia it will not be more than 20 years. After 35 years old they may be useless. They pay for their stubbornness at a very high price when they are injured at the early age.

A great number of young people simply do not compute their future. Those who work as a police or an army has no choice. But at least they must think whether they are going to retire poor as a murderer or a samseng, or retire poor without any sin. Several suffer from mental disorder. Domestic violence were rampant among the retired low grade officers.

How much do you think Mahathir or Shahrizat will give away to the poor retired officers if asked ?

Committing atrocities for corrupt individuals and will end up poorly deserve greater punishment from God. Yet those they serve are continuing reaping millions from government coffers or direct corruptions. We have just to pity these poor 'nationalists (?)' and say 'serve you right'. It was my profession as a teacher that I had witnessed the problems of the police kids especially those who suffer emotional instability from domestic problems.

Is it worth for a police officer to commit atrocities for a corrupt individuals ? Carrying out a duty does not mean kicking and ramming people with a police car.

By the grace of God, if something wrong happen to this country who will live and who will escape to the foreign countries ? In one year when there was a strong haze, Taib Mahmud escaped from Sarawak for the fresh air and the poor Sarawakians had to suffer. How many already had a land in Argentina and saving in a foreign banks ? The poor Mat Rempit and the Samseng will be throwing stones at nobody. Their masters left them in pain to suffer.

When they regret at the later part of their lives it will be too late. That's what happening to UMNO now. Over their long sleep they have missed events that finally endangered them and fading of the Malays. And the Malays feel UMNO is no more relevant.

But the most to regret are those who protect the corrupt leaders. And those who inflict physical pain on others will suffer a severe mental agony. I will never forget the former policeman who had to sell nasi lemak to finance his kid to university and cried foul before his death. "Inilah yang saya dapat dari dediksi saya, Man," he said.

What is to become of Umi Hafilda ? We will see together.

29/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Whenever I see a face of an unknown Malay today I have a full of distrust especially the younger generation. Is he a Muslim ? Is he a drug pusher ? Is he one of those who petted eggs at public figure ? Is he an UMNO's thug ? The term 'Orang Kita' has lost it's spiritual essence. How could the Malays be proud of samseng and gangsters who display their thinking ability using their butts ? Even Khairy ( syok sendiri guy) put on stupid arguments trying to justify the stupidity of the EC. Is he not stupid by putting the burden on the voters and the army guys, like the policemen saying if nobody reported robberies, drugs usage and pushers there is no crime happening. I am not going to rebut all KJ arguments here one by one . But I expect him to denounce all the uncivilized actions of the Malay thugs. Otherwise he is one of them too.

PAS has been the opposition from the beginning of independent and has never won a convincing victory. How many time the party had attempt to overthrow the government or run amok ? It is good that the old man Mahathir still live to pass a remark on the opposition because at his age his mind is still in fear and he could not sleep well thinking of his destiny if the government changes hand. Have we not heard the cry for the nullship of Ambiga's citizenship ? This is a good opportunity to null all the Mamak, mummy and the Keling citizenshps. And certainly the Pakistanis.

We know that UMNO wants to rule forever. By their rule of law ? The police permits thuggery as seen in several cases. Have we not seen an attempted murder by police car on the Bersih's crowd ? The police kicking and beating people at random ?

Atrocity and brutality, and gangsterism do not put fear in people. If they don't challenge back , they promise a revenge.  We are building up tension and hatred among ourselves. Each day the hatred among the Malays heightened. History will repeat itself, the battle between the White and the Red flags as the Gee Hin and the Hai San. It looks like the future conflict among the Malays will be very bloody, started by the UMNO's thugs and Ibrahim Ali.

What's wrong with some of the people ? Have they gone crazy and started to dispel with religion and throw away the remaining little morality left ? They call each other infidels, petting eggs and stoning the innocents, showing their butts to the whole world, praising criminals and law breakers, accepting lawlessness, drug pushers and addicts to be part of them. They can't identify the civil people with the uncivil aggressors. They are shaking off the little respect they have in them.

The few response we read in the blog may come from the same persons but millions of silent majority agree with them. There is a strong tendency for those who are oppressed chose technology to fight the government. If the government cannot erased drugs and failed to stop the drugs in the streets the government will also fail to fight those who develop gears to fight. We may see this as remote possibility but with modern oversea education anything can happen.

In the last GE Ummi Hafilda had brought much damage to UMNO. Many people I talked to said the decision to vote for PAS was the last minute one. They were angry at Ummi Hafilda who was aired by the national TV on the eve of the election night. Now she is on again. UMNO used her to shout and yell at Anwar and his daughter. Someone compared her to a woman who yell her voice out during the days of our Prophet saw. Someone in his blog put THE BITCH as her caption.

Could the opposition send out a defense force to encounter any attack by the thugs ? Certainly it could and if it is done the bloody clash among the Malays may result in death. Is the government inviting this to call for emergency rule ?

Resorting to gangsterism and intimidation will smear the image of UMNO .  If UMNO denies it and Rais Yatim brags with the Rule of Law why not they call for the arrest of the Samseng ? And had it not been pointed out that the ex-soldiers butt dance was a show of defiance towards the King ? I do know the Russian marines did show their naked butts at the Americans navy. Were our military train to follow the Russians ?

Najib should not allow PERKASA to pull him down the drain and he should study more about Ibrahim Ali and the family tree. The deployment of thugs does not do UMNO any good. If it continues people will start to see UMNO individuals as thug wherever they go.

27/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Shall university education be free ? The answer is not simple because we need to trace back to our resources. In short 'DO WE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY ?' Laymen like us do not know how much do we have. I believe most European countries and North America are wealthy enough to provide free university education. But the Americans chose to spend a large sum of it's income on military hardware but claiming the military allocation is small. Of course we know it is a big lie. In Belgium and some other European countries the education is free.

Malaysia has been endowed with natural resources for a long time. During the era of Tan Siew Sin our money was abundance and we spent the money very wisely. There was less or no news of the great robberies as there are today. Today the BN members are eying on the funds and had planned to empty the national coffer by various means. They call them development. They provide projects to their friends and made agreements to favor them ie to pay by the billions if the projects are cancelled. And giving free money for unviable projects. What we know is one NFC. Many are hidden. Billions are wasted in PKZ and Perwaja. This continues.

If the money is not stolen the government can surely provide free university education.

I am of a view that the free university education cannot be given to all without quality control. The quality of the students and the universities are vital to meet the need of our nation. We can't afford to pay for those who get all the Cs or Ds at the entry level and only get 2.5 CGPA all along their university days. And we can't afford to have a university which like to give all As even to the undeserving students. I would not finance a university that provide courses in Greek.

Incompetent students do not deserve any aid. A big majority of IPTS do not deserve any help too.

I am sure there are people whose loans were turned into scholarships after showing excellent achievements. Quality students in quality universities must be given free education. Period.

25/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If you want to buy TS990S please order one for me. May be the price is about RM30K. May be RM15K. The price was not unveiled yet at Dayton Hamvention 2012.

200W RF output
Outstanding Rx performance
Band Independent Dual Rx
Dual TFT Color Display
built-in filters for main band
built-in Switch Mode Power Supply (European type)
built-in Antenna Tuner
Dimensions: W x H x D: 460mm x 165mm x 385mm

 * Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change without notice.

  The rig is not out yet. It may be around September. By then may be I could accumulate enough. Else I would borrow from 9W2TZ, a millionaire ham who is willing to throw some for the radio friends.

For more information watch the clip on the left.

Nevertheless old hams used to tell us that it is not the radio that count but the juice is always at the antenna. Investing on the antenna system is always a worthwhile effort.

Any 70 foot tower would sound fine even with the cheapest rig. For about RM10K we can have an excellent radio station.


Japanese  knickers...

What  you see are not see-thru skirts.  They are actually  prints on  the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible.   They are the current rage in Japan !





21/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


( Wonder why the police and the army and all other UMNO members allow such a corruption as below takes place. Those guys made millions and millions even after they have retired. The members of the security forces may have to sell burgers after retirement. Even those police who kicked and punched people will be suffering after they left the job. And the Muslims and young Ulama are supporting corruption of this magnitude.)

  Shocking RM 7.55 BILLION Corruption !!tion !!

  Shameful Corruption or is it Shameless?? 
They still dare to deny it!!
The Malaysian government pays Deftech RM7.55 billion (RM29.4 million each), which in turn pays FNSS RM1.7 billion for these 257 vehicles 
(RM6.6 million each).  
How would you feel as a taxpayer if someone tells you that our defence ministry pays RM7.55 billion for some armoured vehicles that are actually worth one quarter of the price?
If you really know what RM7.55 billion (or RM 7,550 million) means, you would most probably be stunned and express some kind of incredulity and exclaimed: “Is our government that bad? Are they really so daring?”
The answer is yes; and the drama is unfolding right in our parliament, not some anonymous allegations in some websites. Member of parliament Tony Pua asked Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi in parliament why the ministry was paying the exorbitant price of RM7.8 billion for 257 wheeled armoured vehicles, and Zahid’s answer was that the ministry had no knowledge of the price of RM7.8 billion as claimed by Tony, as the finalized contract price was RM7.55 billion.  Zahid added that he also knew nothing about the deal that enabled the supplier to procure the same armoured vehicles from Turkey at less than one quarter of the MinDef price.  
But Zahid’s denial fell flat, as Tony pointed out that Zahid himself witnessed the signing of the agreement that sealed the deal in Angara, Turkey in February this year between the Malaysian supplier Deftech and the Turkish defence manufacturer FNSS, (which is a joint venture between BAE Systems Inc. of UK and Nurol Holding of Turkey.)  
The deal was reported in a press release dated 3 Jun 2011 in BAE System Inc. website as a USD559 million contract awarded to FNSS for the “design, development and manufacture of 257 DEFTECH AV-8 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles and Integrated Logistics Support for the Malaysian Armed Forces”.  
The vehicle, though tagged ‘DEFTECH’, is actually a “FNSS-designed PARS 8x8 multi-purpose, multi-mission, wheeled amored vehicle”
Atrocious price hike.
This means that the Malaysian government is paying Deftech RM7.55 billion (RM29.4 million each), which in turn pays FNSS RM1.7 billion for these 257 vehicles (RM6.6 million each).
If you as a taxpayer are incensed by this daylight robbery of RM6 billion from the public coffer, wait till you hear of market prices that are even much cheaper than that offered by FNSS.

Tony Pua in a statement dated 9 Mar 2011 in his blog reported the following prices for the equivalent armoured vehicles transacted or offered in the market:  ·  
The Portuguese Army paid RM4.4 million each for the Pandur II 8x8 armoured vehicles (EUR364 million for 353 units). 
The latest version of Pirahan III 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicle developed by the Swiss MOWAG GmBH costs RM3.9 million each (USD1.2 million).   With these prices as reference, it is reasonable to expect that, had MinDef conducted an open tender and sealed the deal at arm’s length, we could have slashed the purchasing price down to no more than RM4.5 million from the present RM30 million each, bringing the total contract sum to RM1.15 billion instead of RM7.55 billion.  
This means that the Barisan Nasional government has hiked the price by 6 to 7 times through its defence procurement policy that totally LACKS transparency and accountability.  
Such an astronomical scale of artificial cost inflation is so mind-boggling that it is probably unheard of even in the most corrupt of countries.
Outrageous spending spree.
And this armoured vehicle deal is only one case amidst defence ministry’s multi-billion spending spree that saw it splurging on patrol boats and helicopters at equally outrageous prices.   For instance, it is purchasing 6 offshore patrol vessels (OPV) from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd at RM1 billion each (total price RM6 billion), which is 5 times what the Royal New Zealand Navy paid for its OPV, procured at only RM210 million each (NZ$90 million) from the world renowned BAE Systems, which is the second largest global defence company.
Similarly, Malaysia is buying the Eurocopter EC725 helicopters at RM190 million each (RM2.3 billion for 12 units) while Brazil purchased the same helicopters at only RM82 million each.
A quick glance at the figures for these 3 contracts alone – armoured vehicles, patrol vessels and helicopters – would indicate that there could have been a total leakage of RM12 billion arising from these dubious MinDef transactions.  

For this amount, we could have provided low cost housing for a quarter million families, housing more than a million have-nots. That Malaysia’s opaque defence procurement is a hive of corruption is well known among international defence executives and documented in a recent exposure from Wikileaks which revealed US Embassy cables during 2004 – 2009 recording conversations with relatives and agents of Malaysia’s top politicians including prime minister (Abdullah Badawi) and deputy prime minister (Najib Razak).  Besides giving specific instances of corruption, the US cable also alluded to such corruption as a major source of political funds that sustains the local power structure.
Unacceptable draining of resources  
Looking at the larger picture, the leakages of the 3 contracts mentioned above is only a small corner of massive leakages that pervade the entire procurement system of the BN government, as starkly reminded by the freshly released annual report by the Auditor General. Such annual reports, which unfailingly chronicle widespread corruption and management failure (some to unimaginable extremes), serve as regular reminders that we have been stuck with an entrenched system of governance that extensively and continuously drains our reducing resources.

But if we were to realize that what the Auditor General reports is only the tip of the iceberg, as he can only cover a small fraction of the sprawling government bodies every year, don’t we have reason to be concerned, very concerned?
And do we see any remedy through institutional reforms under the present political leadership? From the deteriorating credibility of our institutions and federal leadership, isn’t it apparent that the needed remedy is not institutional by political solution.  

Only through a change of political leadership can we bring sweeping reforms to the country.

21/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I think there is a different between prophesizing and predicting. Prophesizing has something to do with vision that comes from some sort of super natural power, whereas predicting is more on the causal effect, what will follow as a result of some events.

It has been prophesize that the world will end at the end of this year. It started from the study of the Mayan calendar and the people was trying to relate it to the current events. Every Muslim MUST believe in the end of the world 'Kiamah' but there are signs before the end arrives.

I passed a bookshop and saw a book entitled 'Najib is the last Prime Minister' . Is this a prophesy or a prediction ? I predicted the same thing base on the list of UMNO and government errors. But I observed that the government is fighting very hard to control the mind of the general public to make them forget everything except on what is focused on the TV screen. It looks like BN is winning. People will either forget them or just couldn't care less because they don't feel hurt by the NFC250 million or 5.2 billion PKZ money gone or by the missing of the jet engine.

There is nothing left for me to say. I am now uncertain over my own prediction. That's the reason why BN plays for time, to plan any counter attack. You do notice how the police and the ex-police are attacking BERSIH right now. It is a cold war within with psychological tone.

If it is a haunch then it has the essence of divinity, a super natural power.

Else I just have to satisfy myself with fate and destiny instead of prophesy and prediction. There those who don't believe in all the three. They believe the future is carved by mankind. Prophesy is a guess of co-incidence. Prediction is the possible outcome of a certain action. And there is is no fate because man decides his future.

Najib should not fear of anything whether it is a prophesy nor prediction. He just need to clean his party from corruption and nepotism even after the winning.

21/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Price given away at the Hamfest 2012.



We are all hunting for the cheapest phone and internet services. We don't have many vendors in Malaysia. TMnet, Celcom, Maxis and Digi had been told not to compete in package price. For the internet I was first on TMnet. There were complaints of the slow speed and people were backing out. I opted out when every time I complained TM sent a third party vendor and charged me saying the slowness was due to the inside cable. It could not of the same fault every 2 or 3 months. Something fishy must be going on. I waited to change the ISP.

The time for the changed began when I bought an iPhone. I needed a broadband to be used with my Wifi router. I chose Celcom RM138.00 package. I used the system to go mobile. With my iPhone in my car I could Skyped or Tango my friends. I can also did the logging using my phone when I went on the air. After several years I decided to look for another ISP because it began to slow down after about 5 to 10 days. Within that period my 10 Gig would be used up. I did a lot of downloading of the Youtube on various topics.

Friends were talking of the UNIFI. The speed was amazing. But it has not reach Alor Setar yet. UNIFI belongs to TM. In the meantime TM offer a new package; phone & internet. I went to register the RM140 4 Megabit and stopped the Celcom broadband. Celcom asked me for my termination. I said it slowed down after 5 to 10 days. The company will refund my credit in 6 months time. I told myself that these people want your money very quickly but they will take 200 years to pay back to you.

TM promised a free cordless phone. Till now I haven't got it. I was asked to pick it up after two weeks of installation. To be honest I don't remember the installation date.

Right now I have done plenty of downloading. The average file size is 360 MB. A few is above 1 GB. I watched as I downloaded the clips. My external amplifier speakers are doing fantastic job. I really enjoy it.

I prefer Macbook to Acer laptop to download and watch movies.

Rusli, 9M2RB, and Hanafi, 9W2TZ, recommended the Streamyx Package for me. Hanafi said Hairi too is using the identical system.

In all those companies there are bad hats who think they are serving the customers. The customers are thinking otherwise. We are helping them not they help us. Most workers at the kiosks have no PR, and no communication skill. And even at the HQ workers could be very nasty with their answers. One Indian lady at Celcom Kuala Lumpur said that my credit was zero and my usage had reach 10 mega bytes. I asked her to pinpoint the exact date my record showed zero balance. It made me think about Celcom and about an Indian because my credit was never zero.

With the right attitude and efficiency TM will gain back the lost customers. 

I ran away from Maxis because of the two workers whom I would consider as arrogant. And some time later I learned Maxis' money at the kiosk was missing.

At this point of the time I would recommend you to try TM the Phone and Broadband package.

20/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Dayton Hamvention started on 18th. May and ends up on 20th May. There are at least  Malaysians at the festival. We go to W5KUB.com to see live transmission from the site. Since W5KUB is selling some stuffs in his tent we can't see the inside of the Hara Arena where the whole festival is held. We have been hoping for 9M2RS, Rashid Sultan, to pass this way. From yesterday till now there is no sign of Malaysians.

I planned to visit Dayton with my wife, It is not too far from Bloomington Indiana where we stayed before for about 1 year. We want to see the changes made to the town. But the plan went astray after my wife had to go for kidney treatment. The dialysis is 3 times a week.

9M2RB too had a desire to visit Dayton again but he was surprise because Rashid did not inform him.

Dayton Hamvention is a yearly affair. You have to start thinking now if you intend to go in 2013. Occasionally you have to check the car rental, fuel price and lodging cost. You also need to decide places you want to visit.

If you get the right airline you can even stop at Honolulu for a day or two before you proceed to the mainland, break a journey in California to enjoy Disneyland, Universal Studio, Yellow Stone, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

20/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib must not be scary of the future. Hadn't BN has a strong team of Think Tank and able people in the Cabinet ? With all the resources and a huge amount of goodies given to the people I don't see how Najib could not maintain the government. Haven't the Malays agreed to sing 'UMNO dahulu, sekarang dan selama-lamanya ?' and showed total support for BN ?

With the 'butt dance' and the 'Burger Sale' and the hundred thousands of RED shirts at UMNO's rally BN should no longer postpone the GE13. The more Najib delays the election the more the people see the weakness of BN government. People have been saying Najib is very scared and started to demand even the impossible.

Now that Tengku Aziz quit DAP and called the people to give a chance to Najib I am sure the Malays will heed to the call. There is one thing I would like to remind that the more one talks the more one makes a fool of oneself. Too much of publicity and pomposity can have a reverse effect.  Similarly if enough airtime is given to the opposition the populace may get bored and may see the true colors of the opposition by their speeches.

BN can always win by using the brain, intellectuality and the ability. A one sided arguments without rebuttals  would not give a winning edge. It may be a 'Syok Sendiri' stuff. Unless BN realize it may be wiped out by dire ineptness and the uncontrolled corruptions. But sharing the money with the public would erase any bad perception towards UMNO as a corrupt party.

With the current momentum it looks like BN is successful in demonizing PAS as a 'Sesat' party, Anwar as a sex maniac and Ambiga as 'Kotor'. Had not all Anwar Ibrahim's friends are now with the government ? With the soaring poipularity Najib should not wait much longer. Just dissolve the assembly.

19/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My Icom MK2G just gave me problem after I took the rig going mobile to Penang. It would switch off and on again for every 10 seconds. I checked the cable. Through checking found it to be OK, I suspected a capacitor's fault near the relay. I took it to an electronic shop belonging to my former student. He dared not open up the board as it was multi layered. He did not suspect the condenser. He asked me to take to someone who repairs hand phone and a walkie-talkie.  He gave me the phone number.

As I only have ten cent credit left I did not ring the number. I took it to one phone shop. I told the young man there to change a couple of capacitors which I bought from CB Electronic. Before he did it he warned me that the service charge will be RM20. I agreed. While waiting I went to have a lunch at Secret Recipe.

I went back to the shop to pick up my good. The boy said he can't open up the board. He showed me the parts that blocked the board. I took back the transceiver.

One of these days I will open up the board and will bring it to the phone shop to do the soldering work. I would not be able to do it  by myself even if I have the equipment. My blur sight and shaky hands could ruin the whole board.

The rig functions well in transmitting and receiving. At bad time it certainly can be used in spite of it's intermittent trip.

My other alternative is to take it to Thailand. There is a mechanic who seems to be good at repairing transceivers. He can't speak English and we can't speak Thai. Nevertheless we managed to send our messages across. It would take me almost a day's trip. The longest wait will be at the border checkpoint.

I have yet to make decision.

Would I buy a new rig ? Now my financial commitment mounts. I have to spend more than 1.5 monthly for my wife medical treatment. The dialysis is paid by the government but the other additional dialysis medicine, the transportation and other lab materials I used to monitor My wife health condition. The Acu-Check strips cost me about RM100. It also include the payment for the maid.

The shrinking real income would not permit me to spend 4K to 5K for a new equipment. I would prefer to have a high end transceiver if I could.

When food price  goes up I blamed the government. Who am I to blame when the price of ham radio equipment goes up ?

18/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Here I quote  from Free Mason "The true Mason labors for the benefit of those who are to come after him, and for the advancement and improvement of his race......To plant trees that, after we are dead, shall shelter our children.....".How would you react to my quoting the Mason ? You have two choices to make. The first is to attack me vigorously for quoting the phrase saying Mason is not our culture. The second is to look at what is said rather than who said it. The saying reflects the different between UMNO and DAP. UMNO would not labor for the benefit of those who are to come after him except for their own family. The DAP does labor for the benefit of the next generation, sacrificing themselves and willing even to go to prison, being tortured by the police and lost the parliamentary seats.

UMNO has been living in the comfort zone and have been sleeping for a very long time living to the civil servants to do the job. Once the civil servants are chosen from UMNO active members the decay began. Instead of laboring they start to think the easy way out to make money for themselves, play for the quick office and promotion. They don't have time to think of the future generation. They let the Malay youths become drug addicts and changing religious faiths, working together with the greedy people to rob land and left nothing for the next generation who will have to pay exorbitant rentals of their lodgings, and astronomical price for food and milk for their children.

There is so much different between an UMNO and DAP's symbol, namely a Kris and a Rocket. Isn't a kris  signify a symbol of the past and a rocket the future ? And look at UMNO's backside dancing. Saiful's giving his backside is actually nothing strange. UMNO is broadcasting to the world that the brain is at the bottom not at the top. For more than 50 years a large number of UMNO members have been sleeping like a log. And a man like Ibrahim Ali is still blind as a bat.

When facing with problems they would lose their minds and ran amok. If they can't foresee the future they will not be able to do so, ever. So they would behave like monkeys, like 'Beruk Kena Belacan'. Try to ask them what do they see in year 2035 and hear the answers. Would they say 'Forget the future...we will not be there anymore..' But Mahathir will be there and all of us will die by then. DAP's direction will not be lost. UMNO Ministers will be fugitive running from their pursuers. A few of them will be buried in foreign land like Argentina.

Though education does not promise success it has to be a prerequisite to be a politician. A chief Minister and all Ministers should be well educated and at all time updating themselves the latest global development. They must be taught not to think with their buts and avoid behaving like one.

The Malays who still hope for UMNO to protect them will be disappointed and will sadly regret perpetually.  Vultures care to eat rather than to think. They hire people to think for them. And those thinkers only think how to make UMNO retain the the government. It lets Ghani Patail  thinks for them. It seeks the police help and advice.

If UMNO could have thought straight Bank Bumi and Perwaja will not go bankrupt, Takaful will not be sold to Hong Leong, properties will not be sold to foreigners, the Malays will not depend on drugs to live and MAS & PROTON would not be in CRITICAL CONDITION.

I pity the ex-police and military personnel who had shown their devotion to the government and end their remaining lives in hardship and poverty. High ranking Jusa officers enjoy fat pensions and the lower rank officers are suffering to make ends meet. One former officer cried foul and said before he dies, "This is what I get for my devotion." He had to sell Nasi Lemak to finance his kid to university.  And many former UMNO gangsters who get access in a few business dealings are now finding themselves kicked away. The new UMNO men get a new group.

Short sightedness weakened a race. UMNO can never stop the growing power and strength of the DAP. While one is nurturing and professing corruption the other is nurturing ideas for the security and well being of the future generation. The above quotation is not owned by Mason. Mason mentioned great names including Prophet Mohammed who had worked not for themselves but for the future of the generations to come.

17/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have retired as a teacher since almost ten years. Everywhere I go people called me 'Cikgu' which means 'a teacher'. Almost all the food stalls I went to eventually addressed me with the title. My students and their children feel comfortable with it.

Tomorrow will be the Teacher's Day. I would like to wish all the teachers Happy Teachers Day and work hard and love all of the students as if they were the teachers kids. Forget the root, creed or race. There is nothing better than becoming a dedicated teacher.

My student bought a beautiful expensive hand bag for her kid's teacher."This is a special peson," she told me."She is an Indian teacher." I didn't ask her what's so special about that teacher. I know that she must be really special and lovable not only by the students but also by the parents.

At time I was wondering how could a teacher make the students love them so much. I felt sorry to myself that I am so lacking compared to these teachers. Many long to see their teachers at Re-Union parties. While some attended many could not make it. I could see sadness and unhappiness in the students' faces at their teachers absent.

I was never a good teacher. I was never kind. Yet a few remember me well. For this year I got a John Master shirt valued at RM170 as a present from one of them.

On the eve of this day one popular teacher passed away after being hit by a lorry. A few of his students shed tears of the sad news.

I have always want my students to be responsible citizens when they left school and grew up, kind to their parents, honest and to stay away from bad practices. God does not grant all of my wishes. But there are many successful ones.

I thank those who wished me luck. I am only an old retired teacher whose words are empty and ideas are archaic, mind of senility. I too would like to wish Happy Teachers Day.                                                              16/05/2012


The Malays being poor sold away their land. Even those middle class could not resist the temptation. One by one chose money to land and in the end the whole village changed hands. BUT ONE. The surau was unsold. As the Muslims moved away the surau became empty. A few people maintain it and later turned it into Hong Leong agent selling Takaful.

Those owners of the houses who bought the land from the Malays in turned had to move out because big corporations used the Land Acquisition Act to acquire the whole area for bigger businesses. PERKASA stepped in to save the surau accusing the PAS government of property robbing. While surrounding the surau construction is starting the formerly holly house remained intact. It cease to be a real surau but rather a small wooden hut for a few caretakers to make money.

Who is to be blamed ? PAS ? First and foremost the Malays themselves are to be blamed for selling their lands and houses. By the time they moved out the surau will cease to be one because of it's emptiness. PAS ? Ask Mahathir who passed the amendment to the Land Acquisition Act ?

Next after the UMNO landslide victory I can assure you that this surau will disappear. And PERKASA will say something else.


What is the Kris doing in PERKASA ? It can't even defend Pulau Batu Puteh. It can't defend Melaka against the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British imperialism.

The Kris is no match for the brain and mental prowess or the gun. The Malays can't defend on the Kris to protect and defend them. It has failed the Malays. By now UMNO should start thinking about  the Kris symbol on it's flag.

MIlitary strength owes it's power on weapons. Today it has gone beyond the hitech. It is more than a bomb. It is using alien technology. Economic and political power lies on the brain and attitudes. Thinking is better than listening to hearsays.

The Malays must know who are their enemies and try to shake them off. The enemy is not the Chinese nor the Indians but the ignorance, drugs on the streets, laziness, surrender to hardship and difficulties, corruptions and nepotism.

We can always build the nation together by building up a Malaysian unity. Quit using the Kris.                                                                        15/05/2012


FELDA has been a great news. Really I can't write anything about it. I never did any research. What I know is what I heard from people. But I knew very well the beginning of government's projects before Mahathir's era. FELDA was nothing other than to help the very poor Malays to rescue them from poverty. The settlers started hard and started poor. But many years later with the booming market and more dollars rolling in problems began to loom.

The government was controlling the sale and income, keeping part of the money and the rest given  to the settlers. When the coffer grew up the owners demanded for the return of their money. Frustrated with the ungrateful people, Tun Razak gave them back their money. From rags to riches many live like a Lord, purchasing luxuries and spent the money extravagantly.

Businessmen found FELDA an excellent ground for business. Drug pushers found FELDA as heaven. Intoxicated with the new found wealth the parents could not care less about their kids. There was a research done, which might be of interest to you. You can click it HERE to download it.

Today the settlers are having problem with the government. And the government with them. It is believed that FELDA will be sold out like that of  Bank Bumi and Takaful. Tabung HAJI sold it's Indonesian interest to Kuok. Takaful to Hong Leong. Someone else is ready to buy FELDA. Najib insisted that nothing will happen. The track record of UMNO was never good. UMNO has the track record of selling the Malays and want to do away with monarchy. Mahathir knows the story better.

The fun is FELDA was said to run at a lost. It was denied. Quietly it was borrowing from EPF. AND Najib threw RM15000 each to keep their mouth shut. And the settlers were happy and jumping with joy. They are going to give 64 parliamentary seats to BN to scratch Najib's back in return for the kindness.

The story of FELDA will never end. People can still picture a man using a ten ringgit note as a torch. Now the drug pushers are smiling with more money is pouring in. There are always vultures everywhere preying, from baby to king vultures. The bigger ones are looking for bigger bites. If by destiny FELDA  changed hand and the poor settlers realize the pinch BN guys will be laughing aloud. "Serve them right for being haughty and greedy..."

14/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How About Them….!!! ???

Still complain of discomforts despite working in an office with all modern comforts…!!!???


How about her…!!!???


Do you still complain of hunger..!!!???
How about her…!!!???
Tired of sleeping in your cozy bed!!!???
How about her…!!!???
Tired of walking on your feet!!!???
How about him…!!!???
Still don’t appreciate the love and care you get from parents & friends!!!???

How about her…!!!???

Comforts make you sleep while studying!!!???

How about them…!!!???

A luxurious bath…& still complain about life!!!???

How about them…!!!???
Do you still worry that your hands will get hurt washing your own dishes!!!???

How about her little hands!!!???


Louis Vitton not enough!!!??? More brands..!!!????

How about him...!!!???
  Tired of pleasuring yourself from playing games!!!???

How about him…!!!???


And nothing else to do!!!???


How about them…!!???


Always remember this:
When you complain about your life, there are people out there struggling to be “you”.

Also, while you complain about the little wrongs of your food, there are people out there starving for a scrap of food.
Therefore, find happiness in who you are, appreciate what you have and try to bring happiness to at least one person who is struggling in life and give them a helping hand at your potential.

14/05/2012 ( composed by a friend)

If the Malaysians see a bare land they will approach the politicians persuade for a law to possess the land for housing trusts and business structures. They call it development. And the government would play to the tune of the greedy devil and made and passed the law to legalize robbery.

Have you been to New Zealand ? Countries like New Zealand and Turkey made huge sum of money from the beautiful country side. Million of tourists came to see the beauty. Foreign currencies are flowing in. The  earn whole citizens can earn a living with honest and clean money.

Then came a politician who looked at the beautiful land and his min begins to spin. How could he make money for himself. He calls his friends and discuss ways and means to get the land for himself and share it with his friends. 'We have to have a team to rob the land,' one would say. The others agree. "Can we turn the land into an airport ? Rear cows ? Build condominium ? May be the dumping ground for Lynas ?

14/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just came back from a wet market. I notice people were looking for the nearest location to park their cars. Not too a distant away there were many empty parking space and this guy was trying hard to squeeze in between cars. During the soccer game I saw people park their cars some at more than 1 KM away and walked to the stadium. I think park and walk is better than looking at the nearest walking distant. The farther you walk the better it is for your health.

Since we are too busy nowadays we should look at the opportunity to exercise ourselves. Many would stay back in their office till late night. If this goes on for months and years it would effect our health so  much. Park and walk is one of the chances we should take.

In Alor Setar there are still free parking areas. You can park somewhere along the railway station or in front of the stat mosque. Walking to Pekan Rabu, banks and super market would take us about 7 or 15 minutes depending on the distance. 15 minutes one way plus the walk in the supermarket would add up to about almost 60 minutes. That would be quite ample to replace the daily exercise. And choosing ladders to climb is always better than using the lift.

Already many people are aware of the health benefit of the Park & Walk. Besides we don't have to waste time looking for the best parking space. At least a dollar can be saved, which would add to about RM90 a month. Think what you can do with the RM90. Right now I save about RM45 for not buying newspapers, RM50 for not using ASTRO and a little of Park & Walk. The total amount could buy me a comfort of air conditioning or a meal of crabs and lobsters. One friend of mine said that I plucked money from a money tree, not knowing how money could be saved in various ways. And he was surprise to see me taking 'poinson' because I am a diabetic, not knowing my blood sugar level is below 6 just by a little exercise.

Walk & Park is a little exercise, and cutting grass is another, gardening squash our sweat out. But busy corporate people and dedicated officers don't have time for gardening or cutting grass. They must try to look for chances and opportunity. If not Park & Walk then climb the ladder of the office building. What if he is on the ground floor ? Still climb the ladder up to 7 or 8 storey and come back down using a lift.

12/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We have to remember that Haniff and his contemporaries are dying generation. They would think in the old fashion way and could not accept what the new generations are thinking. The word Communist is equivalent to hell and it means Chinese to them. The best example of a very close and narrow minded person is Ibrahim Ali. Didn't you hear him threatening the Chinese asking the later to keep food and ready for trouble. I would rather ask him to keep stock of food in case trouble happens. And he does not stop barking and yelling.

Communist eh ? Thousand of Malaysians are visiting China and Vietnam every year. We send student to Russia and invited the Russians and the Communist for the Bahasa Melayu Oratory contest. What has Haniff to say about it ? The American brothers of Haniff killed more people than any Muslim Al-Queda and the Communiist combined.

Just because he saw one Hishamuddin Rais he concluded the whole BERSIH was Communist.

I have said before that the police was systematic enough to photograph and video-tape assemblies. The younger generations are doing the same and they are sending out video clips to the world . And now our affair  has become an international interest. Our sovereignty is not an immunity to commit crime.

Why BN is trying to avoid the real issue. Ambiga and Anwar is not an issue at all. Without Anwar and Ambiga the fight for freedom and fairness will go on.  But it is about a fair and clean election, cleaning of electoral roll, about bringing foreigners to vote for UMNO, about multiple voting, about the mysterious postal votes, about open corruptions, the biggest of which is RM15000.

UMNO can still win a land slide with fairness and liberalism.

We don't need a country run by hooligans and criminals. It is indeed disturbing when UMNO is using thugs and hooligans to pursue the ambition.  And UMNO clearly shows of it's incivility and savagery.

Is Communist our real enemy today ? If Haniff couldn't think straight he should not be in the panel. In fact it is a waste of public resources and time for the government to probe into the incident. The rakyat already knows who started the ball rolling. There are tons of video clips that went viral. And tons of articles written by those who were at the scene.

The new Malaysians are different from what Haniff might have thought. They are more smart, more educated and more liberal in their thought. They are educated and civilize enough not to cause problems. They would find Haniff's statement about Communist as very hilarious.

It is true that Haniff has been one of the best IGP. criticize the government for recognizing China and have a business deal with them

But his statement kills it all. He showed bias from the beginning.


Who does Najib referred to when he said the uncivilized would ruin the nation ?

Between the nation and the Malays who is more important to Najib ? Who ruin Bank Bumiputera ? Who ruin Perwaja ? Who ruin MAS ? Who ruin the cow project ? Who killed Malay Reserve land ? Who sold the F$ jet engine away ? What happen to PKZ ? The listings are unending. They have been ruined even before the un-civilize rule the country.

Let's say the Bersih 3 guys are un-civilize what ethnic group they belong to ? And how about Adnan Yaacob and his famous 'F***k' action ? How about Shahrizat's threatening to show open her ??? by rolling her sarong up ? How about the numerous usage of gangsters to assault opposition ? How about the brutal murder of the Mongolian ?

 Oh we know that when the red shirts were outnumbered they dressed in yellow. They behaved like hooligans for the press to make people think they were the Bersih people. People has learned the trick of wolves in sheep's cloth. People know what False Flag is.

This is an image of civility

Najib should not make enemy with the people. They can still put him there. His enemy is the same as people's enemy. Those are the people who robbed our national coffer by the millions and billions. Those are the people who are working for drug cartel, dressed in government's uniform, to kill our future generations. Those are the people who are selling the Malays and their properties to the foreigners.He should slash those corrupted officers without fear, built our national integrity, inject moral and social responsibility, built a strong and intellectual citizens. What good of UMNO to tirelessly selling the words sex sex sex sex. Is that civility ?  People will put him there with full support.                               12/05/2012


Ask several Malays whether they tried to help the Malay businessmen. How many are happy with their endeavors ?

I went to Malay restaurants and at least 7 out of ten did not want me to go again. 7 out of 10 waiters and waitresses didn't even know what smiles and sweet faces mean. They didn't remember what you order. Bad attitude Malay workers are to be found everywhere. May be they think the business are not theirs.

The best to run any business is the Chinese. They know how to please their customers and you want to go to their shops for the second time. Even in these few days I have been comparing my dealing with a Chinese working in a hardware shop with the TM net people in my town. I bought a grass cutter and had to go back to the shop two time to seek assistance. The man was friendly and very helpful.

I went to TM point ordering a 4 mbps Iuternet and Phone package. I was told the fixing will be done within 48 hours. It took almost two days for the Tm people to arrive to install the internet. I asked the procedure to change passwords. One said that only the Wifi pass could be changed. I must not touch the rest. About two hours later after they went back I opened up the router with the usual and altered the Wifi password. It resulted in the internet failure. I could not connect to the internet anymore. I rang up the Tm guys using the phone number on the TM document sheet.

\The boy scolded me for changing the password. He said he would come to reinstall the router the next day. The next day came. No one came. My repeated dialing were not answered. At about noon, I decide to go to TM Point with the hope someone would fix the modem.  At Tm Pont I asked the officer to install the modem again. "We don't have workers to to it," he said. He asked me to contact the group who came to fix the network. I learned that they were the third party people, different vendor. I told the man the software wasn't like any other modem software that I have had used to setup several of my modems before. And I am not going to contact those people anymore because I do not buy the service and the package from the third party people but from TM net. The officer rang and passed the phone to me. They promised to come to my house at 4 pm.

At 5.30 nobody came. I dialed 100. The reply was the same. TM asked me to contact the vendor. I gave the identical response. I did not buy the package from any vendor. I bought from TMnet. It is TM's responsibility to give them order.  Finally the officer agreed to call the vendor. A little about 20 minutes later three young people came, different from the original group. The phone number was not the one stated on the document. I knew that the original vendor picked by TM was given to someone else. We termed it sub and sub.

What if the Malays fail to make the grade and business begin to decline ? Are they going to blame the government or the non-Malays for their failures ? Or even the customers ?

To help the Malays in business is not to give them million of ringgit in grants. But to teach and train them in how to handle customers and their departments. They need to know what are the good and bad attitudes, responsibility and listening skill, and other things that are other than financial award.

10/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If you are a member of a secret society, a Mafia and a group of hooligans you have to abide by the rules and laws set out by the group. Failing which you may even be put to death. The members accept and obey them. The general public too needs law to protect and to facilitate their daily transactions and activities. The laws were enacted from time to time and their categories were recognized by the world. Laws made by a government is for the whole nation to obey and those made by the societies only belong to the organization.

The strength of the law lies either on the numbers or power. By the number it implies majority's acceptance and by the power is the backing of the police and the army. Parliament or Congress makes laws. The President could overwrite them. Obama, for instant, had overwrote American constitutions.

As anybody can enact acts, rules or laws there are also people who will not agree to those regulations. The Jews treated the gentiles differently. Hitler suppressed the Jews. The Americans had their own definition of terrorist. Foreclosure has never been agreed and accepted by the poor who have been ejected out of their own homes.

Repression occurs when people were barred to do something not stated in any rule, regulation or law. People were caught for wearing Yellow T-Shirt, arrested when the name Al-Tantuya was mentioned. But repressive law is also found in USA. Some are worse than what we have here. Those who question the 911 are regarded as terrorists and they may be picked at 3 am from their home by the police.

Those people would not know how the general public feel about the abrupt regulations they made. Now let us made a rule 'No Ministers are allowed to pass this road. The penalty for trespassing is one month in confinement with hard labor'. And a Minister wanted to use the pathway. You tell him of the law. What would he feel ? If he is alone, he would turn away. If he is with a police guard he will ram the barricade.

A law is to protect the general public, not an individual at the expense of the whole nation. Once it is passed nobody is above it. Do you notice in Malaysia there are several persons who are above the law ? Mahathir would not to go to court. Once we heard rumors that TUN has the special immunity not to present themselves at court hearings.

Today the spirit of the law has change it's course. Unjust law created to suit the few individuals or a political party.

The worse of the impasse had been resulted in the civil war. The unjust law that cause the American War of Independence. The most unjust is the law that permits the robbing of people's land under the name of development.

07/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


After dinner I called CQ on 7.043. Nobody came back. The CW portion was full of pirates. I switched to 15 meter band. The band was quiet as a grave yard. Then I went to 20 meter. On the phone side there were several stations. I moved to the CW and heard quite a number. I parked at 14.009 and called CQ. After two calls HS0OAG responded.  The speed was about 10 wpm because I called at that speed with a pause to every character and a longer pause to every word. Nipon too was using half size G5RV but with a higher power. I was on 50 watts and he was running 100 watts. After some time we signed off.

Immediately after that I heard like somebody called me but a little off frequency because I was on the narrow filter. I used my RIT to have a comfortable copy. K6II. Cliff followed my phase and I prefer to stay at that speed. Though this is our first QSO the chit chat was quite some time, Steve worked with ESSO and had been to Kuala Lumpur and Penang several time. He is now 72 years old. And I told him about my one and half years of schooling at Bloomington Indiana in the early 80's.

Unlike the Thai station Cliff signed out without asking for a QSL and I too did the same.

Both stations were logged at my server. Both can check our contact details.

I am very glad CW has been alive and kicking. Monitoring 15 meter band in the afternoon and early evening we can hear thousand of Japanese hams on their keys.



" Unjust law is no law at all"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "An unjust law is a code that a numerical or power majority compels a minority group to obey, but does not make binding on itself."


As St. Augustine said 'an unjust law is not law at all.' In other words, an unjust law would be a law, that takes away ones freedom, or causes harm, or basically just causes chaos. Which is the exact opposite of what a law is put in place to do.

False evidence

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False evidence, fabricate evidence, forge evidence or taint evidence is information created or obtained illegally, to sway the verdict in a court case. Also, misleading by suppressing evidence can be used to sway a verdict; however, in some cases, suppressed evidence is excluded because it was found hidden or locked away in areas the accused could not be proven to know. In Britain, falsifying evidence to convict the guilty is known as 'Noble Cause Corruption'. Some evidence is forged because the person doing the forensic work finds it easier to fabricate evidence than to perform the actual work involved. The planting of a gun at a crime scene would be used by the police to justify shooting the victim in self-defense, and avoid possible prosecution for manslaughter. The fact that the police/prosecution, (one of the parties with a vested interest in a trial), effectively controls the supply of most or all of the evidence, is a fundamental problem of the adversarial trial system. However, the accused might have falsified some evidence, especially if not arrested immediately, or by having other access to a crime scene and related areas. Falsified evidence could be created by either the police/prosecution or the defendant(s), or by someone sympathetic to their cause.

06/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't remember the url where I picked up the blatant article shown below. It is disgusting and shameful. Believe me all what is written below is only imaginary and false.

 French prosecutors: Najib sought US$1bil for Perimekar

  - Aidila Razak
  - Malaysiakini
  - 12:45PM May 3, 2012

French public prosecutors probing shoddy deals in the French-Malaysian arms deals found evidence that then-defence minister Najib Abdul Razak had sought US$1 billion (RM3 billion) for local company Perimekar from French shipmaker DCN's subsidiary DCNI.

According to prosecution papers revealed by NGO Suaram today, a fax shows that Najib had asked for the amount for Perimekar as a condition for a meeting with him on July 14, 2001.

The fax dated June 1, 2001 was from Francois Dupont, the Malaysian representative for private company Thales Asia International, to one D Arnaud.

The document, one of 153 shown to Suaram, was seized by French police from the office of Henri Gide, an officer with Thales.The actual copy of the fax was, however, not provided to media at the press conference today as Suaram was not allowed to take the documents out of France.

Instead, the NGO, which is pursuing a civil complaint against state-owned DCN for allegedly paying 114 million euros in defence kickbacks to Perimekar, provided media with notes by its French interpreter.

According to the notes, Dupont had in the fax detailed out chronology of visits and future actions during a visit to Malaysia, including details of “negotiation meetings with the Ministry of Defence and the management members of Perimekar”.

“(In the negotiations) two contract proposals would be mentioned (from DCNI to Perimekar as well as between Perimekar and the Malaysian government).

“(Dupont) finally indicated a meeting with Datuk Seri Najib in France on July 14, 2001 with the condition that DCNI offers a maximum sum of US$1billion for Perimekar’s stay (in France,” it read. Perimekar is owned by Najib’s associate Abdul Razak Baginda, who was acquitted without his defence being called of a charge of abetting in the murder of Mongolian Altantuuyaa Shariibuu.

Razak Baginda’s company paid 360,000 euros

Suaram added that another document obtained by the prosecutors also revealed that Terasasai Sdn Bhd was a company owned by Abdul Razak and his father. French prosecutors had investigated the matter following a civil complaint by Suaram against the alleged 114 million euros (RM454 million) kickback paid by French state-owned arms dealer DCN.

Prosecutors had on Aug 22, 2011 obtained an invoice faxed to Terasasi Sdn Bhd on Sep 19, 2004 to then-Thales chief executive officer Bernard Baiocco for the purpose of “success fees”.

The invoice states that the 359,450 euros (RM1.43 million) was to be paid to a bank in Petaling Jaya, while a handwritten note on the fax reads:

“*Razak demande si ce SF peut etre pris en compte assez vite. Le Support Fee suit avec un rapport *(Razak is asking whether the SF can be paid into the account quite urgently. The support fee follows with a report.)”

However, Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel said that prosecutors are still trying to determine if the ‘Razak’ stated in the note refers to Najib or Abdul Razak.

‘The Great Malaysian Robbery’ Referring to the case as “the Great Malaysian Robbery”, Cynthia said the prosecutors also found “a slew of companies” were formed to muddy the money trail.“More retro-commissions have surfaced allowing the misuse of such bodies as a pilgrimage fund (Lembaga Tabung Haji) and the military pension fund (Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera).

“The Malaysian and French people have clearly been misled, cheated and robbed of their monies through blatant corruption and mismanagement of
funds in the name of national safety and security,” Cynthia (*right*) said.

As such, Suaram demanded that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission open investigation papers on these new revelations and for the Malaysian government to cooperate with the French inquiry.

It also demands that the Defence Ministry list out to Parliament the companies involved in the procurement process involving DCN and the commissions paid.

 *...and FLOM won't be going shopping there for quite a while!*
Paris court can issue arrest warrant if subpoena rejected

  - Aidila Razak
  - 1:30PM May 3, 2012

An international arrest warrant can be issued by a French judge if a witness refuses to assist in an inquiry following the issuance of a subpoena.

[image: NONE]According to French lawyer Joseph Breham (*right*), who is acting on behalf of Malaysian NGO Suaram on the civil complaint on the multi-million ringgit arms kickbacks, a "red alert" can be sent to Interpol as a last resort.

"If the witness refuses to abide by the subpoena, the court can issue a notice *mandat d'amener*, compelling the witness to appear before it. If the witness (still) fails to oblige, a warrant of arrest may be issued.

"The warrant of arrest is applicable within the French territory, and may be internationalised, if the judge deems it necessary."

Last month, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said *neither he nor anyone from his ministry would assist* <http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/195932> in the French inquiry.

Zahid was named in the list of seven witnesses proposed by Suaram, which was accepted by French investigating judge Roger Le Loire.However, this does not mean that all seven witnesses, including Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his associate Abdul Razak Baginda will be subpoenaed by the inquiry.Criminal charges soon The judge is currently in the process of issuing subpoenas.

[image: NONE]“The judge did indicate that Abdul Razak Baginda is a key person (in the case),” Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel (*left*) told a press conference today.

Reading out Breham’s explanation to media, Suaram activist and lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri added Breham was also informed that criminal charges will be brought upon those involved in the kickbacks.

Fadiah said that French prosecutors told Suaram’s lawyers that it is about to conclude criminal investigations, separate to Suaram’s complaint, on the same matter.“The civil case has given birth to a criminal investigation. The prosecutors have told our lawyers that criminal charges will be brought soon,” she said, although it is unclear who will be charged and when.The scandal involving DCN is also linked to prominent French politicians.

05/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO should stop talking about BERSIH. It should quickly start cleaning up the electoral roll  and announce the election date. Voters are impatient to go to the polling stations. The faster the better. After all Najib's popularity has hit over 65% mark and continue to raise. Mahyuddin riding a motorcycle with the kampong folks already gave him 100% of Malay vote. Morover BN government had given much to the rakyat and I am sure the rakyat would not forget the kindness.

There is a little chance for the Malays to remember or aware how UMNO had sold the country and the Malay race. And the educated would not remember the list of sinful acts and poor management of the country that lead to the missing jet engine, the demise of Bank Bumi and Perwaja, the failure of drug busters, the missing billions. I am sure media has play it's best role to control people's mind. Most of all UMNO and WANITA has claimed the party has millions of members and supporters. Wasn't BERSIH's rally was only a trivial matter ? Didn't the participants said they went out just to enjoy the picnic.

BN can relax and prepare for a another win and a big celebration.

05/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I live in a small world. I don't look outside and over people's shoulder to find out whatever happens to the outside world. My knowledge was gathered from the web site. Even this  is confined to only a few the addresses. Other news came from friends and phone calls or during a rare eyeballing. I don't have time to pay attention to things that do not interest me and things of no value. If you write a blog to attack and discredit me I would not know about it and I don't care how much you demonize me. It is of my belief that whatever bad things we say about others will be bounced back to us. The re-bouncing effect phenomena.

May be I was designed that way. During my college days I would stay foot at the same dinner table  wearing the same colored shirt till the end of the college days. If I park my radio on 7.043 I will stay there almost the whole day no matter what.

Being unknown or unpopular does not strip me of anything. I don't have to have a thousand friends to make me happy. One good friend is better than a thousand bad ones.  I don't believe in gathering all sort of people to be friends. There are  those you can just talk and forget. There are those you can talk and bring back home. There are people we should totally avoid .

Within my small world I heard all sort of stories about people in amateur radio. I was not surprise at many of them. I knew from the beginning it will happen. When bad things happen I would trace back to the root, the source of the problem. I would form my own opinion of persons concerned , right or wrong. They would hide their hands after the damage was done.

My big question is who was responsible for bringing MARTS to the brim of death, pushing it into the quicksand and then  walked away leaving the society choked ? They don't have even an atom of guilt for the major disaster they created. I heard unthinkable and incredible stories. Were the old hams stupid enough not to do things as what the people of today does ?

People who championed the radio pirates are just people who championed drugs and gay,  nothing less. People who defend recklessness and rudeness on the band are the same as the murderers and terrorists. In no time hams could be composed of hooligans and normal people. They terrorize the DX band and people they don't like.  The new authority is too very liberal to stop the vicious operators from running amok. And it cannot sympathize with illegal operators who openly broke rules.

And societies are not in unison like the breaking up of religious sects. Tracing the root of each new ones they did not show a good history. They were the history of splits and disagreements. There didn't seem to put any effort to work for and towards the common cause namely to enhance the glory , the standard and the sanctity of Malaysian amateur radio, for the general betterment of amateur radio. Instead there is a new trend in the world of ham radio now; the want and competition to make money out of the hobby. The none pecuniary motive of ham radio is always cherished and remembered.

A HAM has the right to be a member of any radio club and society. At any point of time he can be at any club of his choice regardless whether we like the not. If the two clubs or their members were having activities at the same time, you being a member of all the clubs, have the prerogative to join the activity of your choice. And what right do I have to command you to attend anyone.

It is best for a ham not to ask his friends the society and the political party they belong to, like a teacher who don't want to know the kid's father political belief. If you are running a free CW class you must not restrict your students base on their society's memberships. But you do it for the sake of amateur radio. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO HAVE A MOSQUE FOR MARES, ONE FOR ASTRA AND ONE FOR MARTS. In one university in USA there is a building where the Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hindu go for the prayer.

Now that we are going to have a SEANET again we don't want it to be a flop. It should have been the work of everyone to organize it not a mere one society. You just notice if it fails to be the really successful one there will be a fierce defiance by the organizer to reject the blame. If it turns out to be a success there will be someone who will brag his capability and ability. I don't know whether all the radio societies were called to discuss it.

So we have all sort of people in amateur radio. I can't imagine what I will hear if I walk out from my confinement and open my ears to the whole world. And what I fear most is that the MCMC would agree to things like people seek to change the content of the Koran to fit the new society.

05/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The legitimacy of law - Read this beautiful article.

by Zairil Khir Johari
The Malaysian Insider
May 04, 2012

MAY 4 — I don’t know if the government actually noticed, but more than 100,000 people broke the law last Saturday. They did so not only unashamedly, but also proudly and cheerfully.

The Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28 saw what is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of Malaysians gathering at six different locations in Kuala Lumpur before marching towards a single destination point — Dataran Merdeka, or as some temporarily-erected signage labelled it, Tel Aviv.

In case the authorities have forgotten, this constitutes a breach of the newly enacted Peaceful Assembly Act which clearly outlaws “street protests”, legally defined as an “open air assembly which begins with a meeting at a specified place and consists of walking in a mass march or rally for the purpose of objecting to or advancing a particular cause or causes.” Which was exactly what a few hundred thousand of us did.

I point this out because for everything that has happened, no one, especially those on the side of authority, seems to have noticed this technicality. If the authorities did, then they certainly didn’t do anything about it. In fact, the Inspector-General of Police himself has claimed that his officers had been instructed to give way to demonstrators.

Am I to understand that our police will now facilitate law-breaking? Perhaps, if one were to grant them the benefit of the doubt, one could say that they were being pragmatic, or understanding, or merely turning a blind eye. Or perhaps it is simply that there was nothing they could reasonably do because the law made no sense in the first place.

In other words, the legitimacy of this particular legislation now comes into question. Here, I think it is important to distinguish between legality and legitimacy. Legitimacy hinges on popular acceptance, while legality rests solely on conformity and observance of the letter of the law. Just because a law exists doesn’t make it legitimate. After all, Hitler’s systematic subjugation of the Jewish people was for all intents and purposes perfectly legal, yet can we accord legitimacy to his actions?

At the end of the day, governments and laws are considered legitimate only if they rest on the consent of the governed and protect basic rights. Thus, while the banning of street protests under the Peaceful Assembly Act may be legal, the fact that it infringes upon a basic right — that of freedom of assembly, which by the way is constitutionally provided for — unfortunately renders it illegitimate, at least in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians last Saturday.

Some have continued to insist that we shouldn’t have broken the law, that Bersih 3.0 should not have been held at Dataran Merdeka when alternatives such as Stadium Merdeka had been offered. As justification, they point out the incidents of violence that occurred at the tail-end of what was for the most part a peaceful rally.

Yes, some violence erupted, committed by both sides. But the real question is: why did it even have to come to that? Everything would have gone smooth and fine had the authorities simply allowed us to gather at a public square — something which should not require permission in a country with laws that make sense.

Sometimes, the advancement of justice can only be achieved by breaking laws. After all, if everyone obeyed all laws, even if it made no sense and had no popular legitimacy, then change will never happen.

Such a premise may appear to be self-contradictory. It is in fact a recurring one. This very conundrum was once posed to legendary civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr, who replied in his 1963 treatise, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, which states:

One may well ask: “How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?”

The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St Augustine that “an unjust law is no law at all.”

That said, government politicians are right about one thing. Bersih 3.0 had indeed been hijacked. What started off as an event aimed at raising awareness for free and fair elections was by the end hijacked by hundreds of thousands of Malaysians with a variety of causes, from electoral reform to heritage preservation to education and even the environment. Some causes were political, some were not, but what we all had in common was a desire to brave the blaring sun and face the possibility of police action, even if it meant breaking the law, because we were determined to voice out our many frustrations about what is wrong with our country. And any law that prevents people from doing that peacefully has no right to be a law.

As for me, I’ll be damned before I let anyone tell me that I can’t hang out with my friends at our own Independence Square.

04/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


MARTS's repeater in northern states cease to function but one on Gunung Jerai. Kedah and Perlis could access the National Link for quite some time. When we went to Penang yesterday we were told even Penang is down too. I stopped using the National Link even before it went down because there were irresponsible people who were jamming conversations. Educational topics seemed to be hated by those morons whom I considered a pest. The rudeness were never known during the years before class B. This was one of the repeaters which hams could use English to chat.

The advantage of using repeater is that I don't have to have complicated antenna system and high powered rig to talk to distant stations on very high frequency. The noise is almost nil as compared to HF communication. The best of all people can communicate using a small portable transceivers. The ease of mobility and portability made repeater communication is utmost sought for.

A ham repeater when put up can be used by any license operator . There is no question of payment nor membership. It has to be used with courtesy, ethical and in a civilize manner. The need of high civility that requires hams with ethics and morality. If not there will be unending rogue behavior disturbing the users. Ham radio would cease to be a novel hobby.

When there is no more fun and joy there will be lack of interest to put the kaput repeater in order again. It will be left unfixed for years on end.

My regular contact was with 9W2KB, Khoo, from Penang. I tried to teach him CW on the repeater starting at about 5.15 am not to disturb other disinterested people. I stopped the session after hearing a wild news about the abandonment of the Morse. I felt very desperate because without it ham radio will be just like any other radio and ready to bury my radios into the sea bed. Later I heard the repeater went down and nothing was done till today. I lost contact with Khoo.

ASTRA's repeater is active and being used every minute. That keeps the repeater healthy and hamming lively. I did not join because I felt let those other many hams enjoying it. I have other frequencies and mode to go.

Scanning around while on the way to Penang I found the repeater at Gunung Jerai works. My friend 9W2TZ had been telling me that it did not produce intelligle audio. I tried to call Khoo while mobiling and he replied with a fair clarity. At home with a better antenna I tried to call Khoo again. He came back  with a good audio quality without any problem.

Now when I work on my computer I would park on 146.262.50 and 7.043 in case someone were to find me to talk with.

May be the 9Ws are getting matured now and would not cause deliberate disturbance and value courtesy and ethics. If it is so we welcome the fixing back of the National Link MART's repeater.

04/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Scientists, engineers, architects and many other professions give attention to colors. Each seems to signify a certain meaning and purpose. The whole world uses RED, YELLOW and GREEN for the traffic light. Malaysia could choose to be different to choose BLUE, WHITE and RED to replace the generic traffic light colors. And RED always indicate danger. Why not use green to indicate alertness or danger ? It can also symbolize bravery.

Once upon a time Malaysia ban green to be used by government departments. To Mahathir then green means a political party of PAS. He should have painted his house and cars blue, and wear blue and white dress. I don't care much about colors though I like bright colored shirts like red. Lately green attract me very much.

Colors can make environment lively or dull. I have yet to see housing estates painted in bright red, green or blue. Buildings seem to be nice with any light color. Police stations are painted blue. Firemen go for red. And BERSIH go for YELLOW.

I don't know why BERSIH went for yellow. Would it signifies something ? I don't know. I just want to see how a web page with YELLOW-BLACK looks like. I am in no position to judge it. How about RED-WHITE ? NO. Not red-white because I don't want to associate it with Wanita UMNO. I don't like Shahrizat when she said she could roll up her RED sarong, and the rest of the women jumped with joy. Those ladies lost their grace. Pomposity turned many men off.

Are colors quarks or photons ? Don't we wonder what particles are there to make it yellow, red or green ? Is it just the various intensity of white light ?


We are made confused by artists who told us there are cyan, rgb, pantone and others ? What are they ? Whatever colors are beautiful. They will become filthy when dirty people use on them

04/05/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof