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There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person

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< Islam is not Pagan and Mohammad was not born on 25 th December

The Protestants are saying the Catholic pope is anti-Christ - the Beast. They believe that the end of the world is near. The Dajjal, gog and magog is already here. There will be the distruction of Damascus and Mecca due to the war. Islam has to stay mum but signs of the end has been numerous.

The Dajal is associated with the one eye symbol of the NWO. The Eye is found in Catholic churches. Pope of Rome is a Beast or a Dajjal. Islam does not say so but the Protestant.




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An Imam who passed Morse Test

It is of our Malaysian record for an Imam to pass a Morse Test. CW has never been easy and it takes only special people to be able to master the skill. It also disproof the Western prejudice that the uncivilized cannot be civilized. Religious individuals were said to be backward and could not contribute to physical development. Leong Sik and Sammy Veloo had been insulting the Muslims and Islam insinuating religious people are moronic.

Today an Ustaz can write computer soft ware, repair cars and even expert in welding. For a very long time Ustaz are very well verse in mathematics and astronomy.

On 23rd October 2012 Ustaz Ilyias was one of the thirteen who grab the flag. Twenty others failed. Now he can converse in at least 4 languages; Malay, English, Arabic and Morse. Just imagine when Ustaz Ilyias communicate with HZ or and other Arab stations and he told them his profession as a cleric or Imam or Bilal, surely his popularity will spread far and beyond among the Arab nations.

I have heard Ustaz Ilyias on CW before from a club station. I was amazed at his ability and I knew he would get thru with flying colors.

CW is a test of perseverance and endurance, a strong will power and mental concentration. It trains a person to organize himself and instilling a positive attitudes.

Ustaz Ilyas found a great Elmer in 9M2ZAK, Zaki, who coached him the best possible technique. In Islam a Muslim is required to find a teacher who could pinpoint any error made. Ustaz Ilyas complies with the requirement.

Congratulation to Ustaz Ilyias.

30/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I was to busy to make a backup for this page. I did not expect I will encounter with the problem and human error. As such articles written in October are all missing and I can't remember what they are except for one topic about a Malaysian cleric who sit for the tough Morse Test and passed it. I don't even remember what I wrote. What I will be writing will certainly be different from the original one.

A Day In My Life

Watching 3 D at Home

I never knew before that we can watch 3D movies at home until I went to an electronic shop. It was just like the 3D I saw in Disneyland and Universal Studio. The birds flew out of the screen and came straight to your face, and you dodge when objects flying to your face. You buy a 3D TV you will get between 2 to 6 3D glasses. LG gives 4-6 glasses and Viera 2.


Knowledge is no more a monopoly. Thanks to the internet which would provide a quick answer to questions asked. You can also listen to life lectures from renown Professors in your room.

The last I was trying to find out  is the different between the LCD and LED TV. The illustration was clear and explicit.

I found it hilarious when I heard nurses giving lectures about food to patients with high blood sugar reading. Patients were told not to eat sweet fruits. Deducting all fruit without sweetness there is nothing left a diabetic can eat.

There are information on healthy food in the internet, on sicknesses and diseases. When one has any doubt one can always consult the web site, for example 'Does metformin affect kidney..'

While knowledge is in abundance and freely available a skill cannot be accessed through reading. It is acquired through repeated practices.


Our life style changes with time and age. Now I am 65 and my wife is 63. We are both alone as the kids are working in Kuala Lumpur. My wife has been sick for more than 15 years suffering from stroke to the removal of a bone in the spinal cord. Now she is unable to stand nor walk and under the dialysis treatment.

Each morning I left her alone going to look for food. Her favorite breakfast is Nasi Dagang. Occasionally she asked for a change. And I would go for Nasi Kandar Majid.

Arriving home, I would first feed my cat, arranging breakfast on the table and transfer my wife onto a wheel-chair. She is big and much heavier than I. Lifting her is not easy. I learned from the YouTube video how to do the transfer.

Taking her to bath is not a simple matter because she prefer not to take a bath. I pushed the wheel chair into the bathroom and cleaned her up. It took about 15 minutes before I combed her hair and powdered her. Covering the wet wheel chair with rubber mats and after waiting for a few minutes I pushed the chair back to her bed. Again I lifted her back onto the pillow to put her pampers and her dress.

After a short rest there was another lift. I used a different wheel chair to bring her to the breakfast table. I injected insulin, putting a couple of Calcium tablets in front of her, preparing other medicines and I gave her a go for her meal.

At 11.30 I would take her to Kedah Medical Center for her dialysis. To transfer her from the wheel chair onto a car I put a plastic slider beneath her butt, pushed her body forward and pull her onto the car using a piece of cloth placed on the slider. It would be much simpler for another helper; one pushing her body and another pulling the cloth.

The hardest task was lifting her up onto the bed from the wheel chair and vice versa, and from the wheel chair onto the dialysis chair and back.

At about 4.30 pm I went to pick her up, went to buy her dinner and came back home. After administering her medication I left her alone to take her dinner while I would go for a walk for an hour.

At 830 pm - 9.00 pm there would be her call of nature. She had to do it in bed. I arranged the pampers for easy removal of her bowel. The total process will take about 15 minutes inclusive of the replacing of the new pampers.

I let my wife watched TV until she went asleep. From time to time she would call me up at 2 to 3 pm to push her body to the left and right.

I had a maid working for 8 months. She asked me for a permission to return home to Medan for 10 days but never to come back again. Another maid ? Not in the near future and not the Indonesian. I treated her extremely well, spending thousands of ringgit buying dresses and foodstuffs for her kids back home in Medan, paid her all traveling expenses, buying her make ups and dresses, providing the best food she ever had. She came with one bag and she went back with 5 heavy bags. Indonesian maid is a phobia for me. My taking care of my wife gives me pleasure and satisfaction.

I told her, "If you die first it is not a problem. But if I die first you are going to have hell of a problem."

01/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Feeding Stray Cats


I have written on the same topic before on this page. I did not remember what I wrote. This missing topic just came back and I will  try to briefly  recalling as much as I can.

It was one late night when I felt hungry and went out for a baked burger. It was almost midnight and the stall was about to close. I saw one Chinese lady came out of a car with a bag. In the car was a man whom I assume as her husband.

The cats went to her. She took out something which I figured as some kind of food. She was talking to the cats. I remember a story from a friend who narrated about a Chinese lady going to fish market every morning feeding the stray cats, talked to them and even gave them medicine.

This could not be the same lady. I also remember of a Chinese lady teacher who worked with me buying a cat food. She said it was not for her cats but for the stray.

Of course we should ponder over the small incidences. Kindness and humanity do not recognize racial group. Any politicians who are fond of demonizing any particular racial group is himself a demon.

Certainly she has a heart rather than believing in the reincarnation or rebirth. She would not believe any of those cats are her great grand parents.

I feed the cat because I believe in God. I believe the cats also pray to the God to give them lives through the men who feed them. What God gives us is to be shared with others.

02/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One of my cats named Bat Cat has given birth to three kittens which are now big enough to catch a tiny mouse. They still feed on their mother's milk. At time they took the cat food I gave them. The food the kittens like most was the fried chicken from KFC. My wife enjoyed feeding them with chickens.

This is nothing compared to the one cat that I had before, which was ran over by a car.

That particular cat was fond of durian. I bought the fruit just for her. While opening the durian she would patiently waited until done.

I talk to my cats. Hopefully they would somehow understood me through the brain wave.

Do I get richer ? NO. Do I get poorer ? NO. To date I still can afford to buy food for them. The price is soaring. I manage it.



Funny People in Ham Radio


I am one of the funniest people in Ham Radio but much dislike by others. There are people who are very popular and likeable by many but I see them in different perspective. There are senior hams who fought for no-CW, proposing their ideas to the MCMC made themselves present at the CW test center to show support for the candidates. I just simply could not understand these people. You have to take only a single stand; either supporting the CW or not supporting it.

Secondly there have been a lot of back stabbing going round. A and B are friends. A tells B about C. Both are stabbing C to the worst possible words used. Later B will tell C about B spreading hatred on C. They spent time on the phones more than on the radio. Harboring of hatred has been normal in Malaysian ham radio.

Thirdly, I have heard news about the senior hams expressing regret for bringing in the class B in Malaysian ham radio because of the abuses and deteriorating standard of communications. 9Ws were heard to broadcast information and talking alone like a teacher on various subjects. They invent other call signs, going out of ham frequency and talk to their non-license friends using the invented call signs. They talk to the pirates and proudly and aggressively championing both the local and the Indonesian non-license stations.

At the same time they are talking of million hams in Malaysia to boost the business of ham radio. They said even criminals and drug pushers have their right to be ham operators. Terrorists or criminals or drug pushers are not the affair of amateur radio. They are the affairs of the police and the law.

The objective of ham radio is now taking a different shape. It is becoming a political tool. People related to the hobby direct or indirectly are forming the PERKASA group, reporting the movement of the political foe to the political leader to ease the throwing of red paint and the stoning of their vehicles. What if the other group were to hit back at Najib or UMNO leaders using the radio ?

When those senior hams regret it is nothing to console them. They had been wrong from the beginning and will always be wrong in the future. They said that nobody can see the future. The imbecile excuse can never be accepted. Future can always be computed by investigating all the possibilities. It is very true that the stark different between the Chinese and the Malays is one compute the far future and the others don't.

03/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Morse Code Test Is Difficult


I have to admit the Malaysian Morse test today is more difficult than before. The passage could be anything. If I were to sit for the test again I might fail. The last test held on the 23rd October 2012 even had the name Norodom Sihanouk and Pnom Penh.

During our time the test  was held anywhere there were candidates and testers in that area. Because there wasn't any tester in Alor Setar  I was instructed to go to Penang. There were only candidates, and we were called to a room one by one. The tester sent passages which he said at 12 wpm. I felt it was much slower than that. After reading my answer he gave me a passage to be sent.

Today candidates were gathered at one center, Cyber Jaya where the office of MCMC is. I eavesdropped to listening session. I Thought it was faster than what I had before. The passage is longer. Certainly it is more difficult than before.

No wonder the new 9M2s are very good in CW and able to decode just by listening. The average speed when they work DX is 25 wpm. I could only work 12 wpm.

This ability proves that the uncivilized can always be civilized. We can attain what the others can.

Only at 60 I can do Morse fairly well at 12 wpm. And when I worked CW most of the time I would close my eyes listening and sending. At a certain time I went into a short nap especially during the long chat. Speed below 25 wpm is most comfortable using the straight key. Between 25 to 40 wpm I would use an iambic key borrowed from 9M2GET. High speed chat were always with Mazwan ,9M2ZN.

I would not complaint if the test is set to a high degree of difficulty. Those who pass are really good and excellent. Their rate of survival is high and they will be able to conquer other harder challenges in their lives.

01/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793
Louis XVI in better times

Louis XVI, king of France, arrived in the wrong historical place at the wrong time and soon found himself overwhelmed by events beyond his control. Ascending the throne in 1774, Louis inherited a realm driven nearly bankrupt through the opulence of his predecessors Louis XIV and XV. After donning the crown, things only got worse. The economy spiraled downward (unemployment in Paris in 1788 is estimated at 50%), crops failed, the price of bread and other food soared. The people were not happy. To top it off, Louis had the misfortune to marry a foreigner, the Austrian Marie Antoinette. The anger of the French people, fueled by xenophobia, targeted Marie as a prime source of their problems.

In 1788, Louis was forced to reinstate France's National Assembly (the Estates-General) which quickly curtailed the king's powers. In July of the following year, the mobs of Paris stormed the hated prison at the Bastille. Feeling that power was shifting to their side, the mob forced the imprisonment of Louis and his family. Louis attempted escape in 1791 but was captured and returned to Paris. In 1792, the newly elected National Convention declared France a republic and brought Louis to trial for crimes against the people.

Procession to eternity

On January 20, 1793, the National Convention condemned Louis XVI to death, his execution scheduled for the next day. Louis spent that evening saying goodbye to his wife and children. The following day dawned cold and wet. Louis arose at five. At eight o'clock a guard of 1,200 horsemen arrived to escort the former king on a two-hour carriage ride to his place of execution. Accompanying Louis, at his invitation, was a priest, Henry Essex Edgeworth, an Englishman living in France. Edgeworth recorded the event and we join his narrative as he and the fated King enter the carriage to begin their journey:

"The King, finding himself seated in the carriage, where he could neither speak to me nor be spoken to without witness, kept a profound silence. I presented him with my breviary, the only book I had with me, and he seemed to accept it with pleasure: he appeared anxious that I should point out to him the psalms that were most suited to his situation, and he recited them attentively with me. The gendarmes, without speaking, seemed astonished and confounded at the tranquil piety of their monarch, to whom they doubtless never had before approached so near.

The procession lasted almost two hours; the streets were lined with citizens, all armed, some with pikes and some with guns, and the carriage was surrounded by a body of troops, formed of the most desperate people of Paris. As another precaution, they had placed before the horses a number of drums, intended to drown any noise or murmur in favour of the King; but how could they be heard? Nobody appeared either at the doors or windows, and in the street nothing was to be seen, but armed citizens - citizens, all rushing towards the commission of a crime, which perhaps they detested in their hearts.

"We are arrived,
if I mistake not."

The carriage proceeded thus in silence to the Place de Louis XV, and stopped in the middle of a large space that had been left round the scaffold: this space was surrounded with cannon, and beyond, an armed multitude extended as far as the eye could reach. As soon as the King perceived that the carriage stopped, he turned and whispered to me, 'We are arrived, if I mistake not.' My silence answered that we were. One of the guards came to open the carriage door, and the gendarmes would have jumped out, but the King stopped them, and leaning his arm on my knee, 'Gentlemen,' said he, with the tone of majesty, 'I recommend to you this good man; take care that after my death no insult be offered to him - I charge you to prevent it.'… As soon as the King had left the carriage, three guards surrounded him, and would have taken off his clothes, but he repulsed them with haughtiness- he undressed himself, untied his neckcloth, opened his shirt, and arranged it himself. The guards, whom the determined countenance of

Marie Antoinette, wife of
Louis and Queen of France

the King had for a moment disconcerted, seemed to recover their audacity. They surrounded him again, and would have seized his hands. 'What are you attempting?' said the King, drawing back his hands. 'To bind you,' answered the wretches. 'To bind me,' said the King, with an indignant air. 'No! I shall never consent to that: do what you have been ordered, but you shall never bind me. . .'

The path leading to the scaffold was extremely rough and difficult to pass; the King was obliged to lean on my arm, and from the slowness with which he proceeded, I feared for a moment that his courage might fail; but what was my astonishment, when arrived at the last step, I felt that he suddenly let go my arm, and I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard it the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words: 'I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.'

Louis' head is shown to the crowd,
from a contemporary illustration

He was proceeding, when a man on horseback, in the national uniform, and with a ferocious cry, ordered the drums to beat. Many voices were at the same time heard encouraging the executioners. They seemed reanimated themselves, in seizing with violence the most virtuous of Kings, they dragged him under the axe of the guillotine, which with one stroke severed his head from his body. All this passed in a moment. The youngest of the guards, who seemed about eighteen, immediately seized the head, and showed it to the people as he walked round the scaffold; he accompanied this monstrous ceremony with the most atrocious and indecent gestures. At first an awful silence prevailed; at length some cries of 'Vive la Republique!' were heard. By degrees the voices multiplied and in less than ten minutes this cry, a thousand times repeated became the universal shout of the multitude, and every hat was in the air."

   Cronin, Vincent, Louis and Antoinete (1975); Edgeworth, Henry in Thompson, J.M., English Witnesses of the French Revolution (1938, Memoirs originally published 1815).

How To Cite This Article:
"The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793," EyeWitness to History, (1999).

30/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Words spread around among the ham radio communities that I don't like to mix with people. True that I do not know who the local ham members are and never join their regular eyeballing. I am aware of the various radio clubs in town.

When people get together they talk and joke. Some gossip and find satisfaction at inventing tales and lashing at people they don't like. A few meet to discuss technical and social issues.

I prefer to stay home and watch You Tube and learn things about the world. I would not join a group whom I don't know their back ground, behaviors, characters and morality. I could not go along with rude people and people who do not respect laws. I would not want to be a hero to drug pushers, cheaters and criminals. Even one bad guy in Ham Radio is too many.

Even if the community consist of responsible and ethical people I see no benefit in the prolong chatting. Since we already have ham radio equipments might as well use them for chatting.

Being discarded and labeled as a deviant does not hurt me. Neither would I regard the group as my enemy.

One the other hand if I were invited to teach Morse Codes I would be very glad to provide free service. The desire to learn is a great reward for me. That will be a fruitful eyeballing and the same time it enhance the group ability.

31/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Some people think with radio network they could combat crimes. Criminals are everywhere and we can't recognize them. It takes a sharp eye to pinpoint a suspect, and we can't simply arrest a person just on a mere suspicion. Even the real counter with one, the best a ham can do is to report. The criminal may be armed or an expert in Tae Kwan Do.

If hams are zealous to be a crime buster they must go for proper training including the first aid and combating procedures.

We have the police , RELA and other security bodies to do the job. The professionals have all the time. Only the unemployed hams have all the time to do the patrolling work.

I over heard on a radio of someone reporting of a burning stolen cables. The command center asked whether the thieves were caught. The thieves ran with the copper loot. Nobody was caught. So much with the crime buster.

Why are there so much fuss in crime busting and other activities ? The real reason is there are many people who own radio equipments but do not pass the Radio Examination. With the idea of providing community services they expect their activities and equipments would be legalized.

How about disaster communication ?

Even disaster communications need training and exercises. There are local and international disaster frequencies allocated. JPAM and the police are professional people who have been handling disaster very well.

You can't bust crimes by staying at home and start bragging away about the greatness of your organization. It is not your radio that can fight crime but yourself.

Fouled-mouth politicians never cease repeating the phrase the rakyat should should show gratitude to the kindness of the government.

By the show of gratitude the rakyat should not grumble when rewards were given to UMNO Ministers, like the projects and the 250K. Rafizi should be thankful to PETRONAS and should not join opposition parties.

Who should be thankful to whom ? The salaries paid to the Ministers belong to the people and it was the people who put them there. It is Mahathir and Sharizat who should thank the populace.

Just look at the Mamak and Mummy's faces when they shamelessly uttered such a phrase. Telling the mass to thank them is telling them to say 'Yes' to the plundering of public funds.

Mahathir - Malays Are Beggars in their own country

The Blunt PERKASA's Keris

PERKASA's keris is not only blunt to save the Malays from drugs, laziness and poverty but the leaders are composed of old men who are counting their days.

PERKASA / UMNO admitted the Malays do not achieve the economic target. Are they blaming the Chinese ? They should blame themselves, nothing less than that.

What PERKASA is that if they are training the Malay youth to be Samseng and hooligans, instead of finding ways to enhance their skill and academic standings. The number of Malays on heroin and other dangerous drugs do not show fading. The morality of the Malays are going down.

Ibrahim Ali is an expert in goat's sex.

Mahathir is saying that the Malays are beggars in their own country after more than 50 years of independent. And from that time onwards to this very date UMNO has been saying it the party that is saving and taking good care of the Malays. Try to remember what UMNO has been telling the Malays at every election.

Who are not beggars ? The Mamak or the Pakistanis. They are wealthy in foreign land like Malaysia, and calling themselves Malays. They get the mega projects, RM250 million of free money and much more. As observed all Mamaks have the same character which is termed as ranggi.

The Malaysians and the Malays can't afford to buy a descent home now.  A house costs between 500K to 800K. It is UMNO's policy that drove the house price sky high, giving encouragement to property development to be sold to the foreigners, whereas in China even people across the Province need to seek permission to buy a house and migrate to the new province. Here UMNO talks of the GDP's growth and develipment. New Zealand does not abuse and plunder it's land for development.

The poor Malays were either robbed of their land by Land Acquisition Act or were told to sell their land and invest in shares. The million ringgitb these Malays get last them for only a few years. Their children and grand children can't afford to buy a small house then.

We could still ask Mahathir what he did with Bank Bumiputera, MAS, PERWAJA. But we know his children own oil fields in Kelantan.

It looks like Mahathir was voicing the grudge of the Malay Chambers of Commerce for the lacking of shares in the MRT. If it was so certainly the man he chose to replace Pak Lah was to be blamed. Yes, he blamed Najib for giving too much concessions to the Chinese. He should blame himself.

Najib is begging from everyone in exchange for money and promises. The promises were made 50 years ago and repeating itself year by year.

31/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Temple of Solomon is said to be the Stargate where the aliens meet the the selected people. The Freemason said the extraterrestrial will come back to the earth to continue the work they had left. This aliens are said to have tremendous energy as described by the visitors to the Stargate at the temple.

Some say the powerful being is Lucifer. The Christians believe Lucifer is a Satan.

Others believe the aliens are called Annunaki.


Vimana was an ancient Indian space craft. The 5000 year old machine was found in Afghanistan mountain. And again the American was hijacking the machine back to USA.


UFO was said as a HOAX with the purpose of uniting the world under ONE government called NEW WORLD ORDER.

To make NWO possible is to create a COMMON ENEMY. The common enemy is the alien.

Hence all footings and books on the coming of aliens has a single purpose. It will be combine with the project Blue Beam to make the world believe of their lives are threatened by the aliens.

As the stories go there were several UFO crashes on the earth. One famous crash was in Mexico at a place called Roswel. Somehow the United States hijacked the space craft to a secret area in Nevada called Area 51. All other crashes in the other part of the world were stolen back to North America. It was in this secret lab the military studied the design of the anti-gravity propulsion system of the alien and at the same time were learning how to navigate the vehicles. The success made USA manufactured several designs of the flying machines and tested them.

The achievement was astonishing. The craft can travel at the speed of light and it was claimed that the journey to Mars will be within minutes.

Several American Presidents acknowledge of the existence of UFO. Reagan addressed United Nation about the world uniting against any hostile attack by the aliens.

There are scholars who don't believe in alien technology of UFO. It was said the first saucer was experimented in Germany during World War 2. After the war the scientist who fled to South America continued with the saucer projects. Those UFOs sighted were either from South America or the United States of America.

The archeologists who studied the world's pyramids believe that there were extraterrestrial beings that came to the earth and taught the populace or human engineered mankind. Long and huge skeletal remains called nephilim were found. They also believe the aliens were using spaceships called Vimana to travel the earth. Today the Vimna is said to be in Afghanistan.

Aliens were said to communicate with us using Crop Circle. Crop circles are patterns have been created in wheat, barley, canola, trees, ice, rice paddies and linseed.

As far as I am concern there are surely man made flying objects. USA has the most and had warned China of it's capabilities. Though skeptic I could not totally discard the possibility of the real aliens are around us. As for why they are here it is for our conjecture.

31/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


May 25th 2011


The churches said the Bible guarantee the end of time beginning from 25th May when there was a Second Coming of Jesus from Heaven saving the believers. The process of bringing the Christians to heaven by Jesus is called RAPTURE. The rest will continue to suffer for another 5 months before the whole world will be destroyed. The message of the end were spread by the radio, internet and groups going by vans all over the United States. Many quit their jobs to go to heaven.

The Jews found it very hilarious because they do not believe in Jesus. The Muslims never have a date though signs of the end have been identified.

Now that the date has passed and nothing happened those who lost their jobs and homes were trying to start anew again. Some still believing in the bible. Certainly it was a winning for the Atheists and the Jewish influence will continue to strengthen in the United States.

It is interesting to note that there are several Jesuses already in several areas. There was one in Siberia and another in Australia.

Jesus of Siberia

Jesus of Australia

The Christians never gave up. They said the end will still come but this time in December 2012 when the WW3 happen. Iran is said to mentioned by the bible and a form of Gog and Magog. The Bible prophesized the coming of the anti-christ. The first to be accused of the Vactican Pope. Then Obama. Then the Muslims.

Islam believes that Jesus will descend in Damascus Syria through the White Minarret. Before the end Jurussalem, Mecca and Damascus will face destruction.

30/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We thoght all the past 30+years BN/UMNO was looking after the nation's interest . . !
 What a joke ; we have all being screwed thru' & thru' . . . . !


All this time stupid old me thought that the oil fields belong to the people under Petronas' management.

Now we find out our oil fields belong to umnoputras ??? 
Malaysians being screwed by you know who  . . ! ! !

 2 oil fields in Kelantan owned by Dr M's children

- PKR's Saifuddin

PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said oil producing states would be able to operate their respective oil operation through state government-linked companies should Pakatan Rakyat come to power.

 Saifuddin said this was different than the current practice.

 “That is because the companies operating on oil fields are owned by UMNO leaders’ family. For example, two oil fields in Kelantan are owned by Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s children,” he said at a ceramah with PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu in Kota Bharu yesterday.

 The new deal, according to Saifuddin, forms part of PR’s pledge if it wins the next general election.

 In Kelantan, the Machang member of parliament said there were 23 oil fields yet to be explored.

 “Every oil field is estimated to be worth RM3 billion. So to avoid those oil fields being controlled by UMNO leaders’ family, the government in Putrajaya must be changed,” he added.

 In its alternative budget, PR pledged to increase royalty payment to 20 per cent for petroleum-producing states, from the present five percent.

 UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin had spoken out against the idea, saying it would affect the government’s tax revenue and profits for national oil company Petronas.

 Earlier this week, the Kelantan state government, locked in a legal battle over unpaid oil royalties, was allowed by the Federal Court to pose questions of law surrounding its suit against Petronas.



My Jogging Track


I have shifted my jogging track from the stadium to the Taman Rimba and the padi field behind my house. If clouds provide shade at 5.00 pm I would choose the Bendang track otherwise I would go to Taman Rimba where big trees blocked the hot sunlight.

One hour a day is ample for me. It made me alert and fresh.

30/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It is a deadly tragedy when the Malays go all out to cheat the Malays for their own selfishness and greediness.  They volunteer themselves to be tools without thought and visions. They have eyes they see not. They have brain they think not. They are being imprisoned by their own ignorance. They are frogs under coconut shells.

They can't recognize between treacherous leaders and the sincere ones. They go forward to show that they are heroes to protect the Malays unknowingly they are protecting corruptions and cronyism and the people who are destroying the future of their generations.

The history of modern Malays and Malaysia has been very short. It has been the history of a slow deterioration, slowly losing without realizing it.

Even before the end point there is already a great desperation. Mental and emotional instability erupted.

But the end will come. When the Malays become like Palestinians, it is not the others who are to be blamed.

From 1800 to 2012 there has been the story of losing spree.

Budget 2013 and You

Take Big Give Small

Government takes your money everyday. People who work on their own with sweat and blood, may they be businessmen or lorry drivers they pay much more than what they get.

Poor and young people who own a motorbike is paying more than RM250 for the insurance. That may be once a year.

You are paying taxes the moment you buy food and commodities. A few cent for each item paid will add up to a few hundred ringgit in a month. Including the utility bills, the Indah Water and all others you end up in paying thousands of ringgit in a year.

You pay big and you get back a very small sum as compared to the amount paid.

Ikan Kembong cost RM17 per kilo, prawns starting at RM16 - RM50 per kilo. Name it nothing is cheap. One hour in a shopping complex will swallow the RM250 of the election money given to you.

The money given does not come from any minister's pocket. It is from your own. The RM250 million of NFC too comes from your pocket. Both get the figure of 250 and 250 X 2.

Grateful people hailed the budget 2013 and would thank Najib for the gracious gifts. People all over are happy. As always every good thing is always meet with criticism. Good people have enemies. Bad people have friends.

I am not going to talk on the good side of it because everyone knows and appreciate it. So I choose to talk on the opposite side.

Money can come from good and bad people. When a drug warlord gives you the money it comes from a bad guy, an evil man who had destroyed mankind and families. When bad people donates there is something fishy hidden behind it. The purpose is never good. When good people donates they don't have anything expected from the people. They seek happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

I don't categorize Najib as good or bad. But it is interesting to look at one or two areas and think about it. This time it is focusing on the young voters who work with private companies and on their own. Young adults who work at KFC, Mac Donald and other fast food restaurants and other odd job workers are significant enough for the votes. Because of this there is a vote incentive of RM250 and a cell-phone rebate.

Consensus may have shown that a big bulk of the Malaysians come under poverty threshold. A vote incentive for RM500 is seen to be enough for each.

The soc-called Budget For the Young People came into focus after seeing the Bersih 3.0 turnout of a great number of young people. These people could push out BN government.

Clever indeed. BN has experts working for it.

Actually this is a battle of will between BN and the young people. How far the imagination and reasons of the young voters could see thru the clouds. And how do each of them value himself. Are they cheap prostitutes who can easily be bought with a few hundred bucks.

This is a real test, a great test for the young adults and the poor people who have long been struggling to survive and cutting corners all their lives. This is also a test for the religious and pious Muslims and non-Muslims whether to condone bribery and corruptions or not; the choice between God and evil.

The rest of the budget analysis is left to you to tear.

How about me ? How do I see the budget 2013 is all about ?

My friend asked me to hand all of Najib's gift to him if I think it is the money for corruption. And I told him to pool his and mine and return to the government. He laughed.

Then let us ask Najib onces again whether the money is for voting. If he says NO then take the money and spend them. It is of NO obligation for you to vote BN. If he says YES then I may return the money back to the government. Imagine if all return the money back to BN, there is a sure sign of the end of Najib. His advisors and consultants said NO. Nobody will return the money, stopped by their greed.

29/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




All is seem just like yesterday; the scenery, the people and pleasure. It never fade as days draw by. The pleasure lies in the blood. That's what traveling gave me. We buy a radio and a TV, big cars and expensive cameras and we see them. We spend our money to be in foreign lands we do not see them. Yet they are there near our heart.

I just don't remember names and places, and people I was with. Their images are always sharp and clear.

Do I get bored visiting the same place repeatedly time and again ? But it was not as much as we are in the same place year in and year out, eating the same food everyday for the whole of our lives. And we are seeing our spouse till death we depart.

I still take my sick wife around though we cannot go to distant places anymore. She does not want to lie in bed the whole day when she does not go for her dialysis. She even has a desire to go overseas. I know one day she will get tired of going to dialysis and appeal that I take her to some distant place. That will be the hardest time for me to make a decision because life will be short after quitting the treatment.

From time to time I talked to her about Indiana and Florida, about London and Australia. She became alive and responded with pleasure. When visitors came and talk about traveling she would narrate the story just like it was just yesterday.

When we were in Bloomington Indiana we would make a trip to the Eastern states. It was my wife who went to rent a car from one JACK who did not take any collateral and would give us a medium size car instead of the small car we booked for the price of the small car. She would drive from point to point.

When we can't get into a hotel or find a campsite area we would sleep in the car at the Rest Area. Camp grounds were of our interest. We have Asians and Jews as our neighboring campsite. My wife would start cooking after we set up the tent. The lot is ample for a tent and a car. There was a table and electrical supply. The toilet and the bathroom is at a walking distant. We can rent a fishing rod if we want to go fishing. Camp grounds were usually deep in the woods but the price was cheap.

The best accommodations were the motels. 90% of the motels we stayed might be belong by the Indians or Pakistanis. We would checked in at night after a long drive. We never stayed in motels over USD40.

We went to Florida a couple of time, New York, and all the Eastern and the Mid Western states.

My wife never went to Las Vegas. She was only in Los Angeles with my three kids on the way to join me in the States. She went to Europe with my kids without me. Another time she went to London was with me.

Now that she is hardly move about without help her days of traveling is over. And I had asked her for a permission to make my last trip to USA next year to Bloomington and Dayton Hamvention. I first have to negotiate with my kids on her transportation to the Medical Center for her treatments. Right now I am searching for the cheapest air ticket.

If somehow I could make for another travel then the money will go for a new rig which cost about the same price of the traveling expenditure. The rig will never be the same as the joy of seeing places, enjoying the favorite American food like Long John and Red Lobster. Ironically enough when I was in Hawaii I fed on Pineapple drinks and potato chips all the way long.

29/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How to stop Nuclear Iran


Israel is worrying about it's national security and it made the whole world crazy and mad. While no Israelis is losing their homes thousands of the Americans are losing theirs and their jobs too. Instead of feeding it's own citizen America is feeding Israelis.

How to protect Israel from any attack ?

Let USA go inside Iran with friendly gestures negotiating the assistant and control of the nuclear sites for whatever reasons they are for. USA open up more business with the Iranian government including the arms sale and a defense contract.

Thereby jobs can be created in USA. There will be no lose of life. And Israel will be safe and secured.

Together with the demonizing of Islam and Jesus there have been exposures of the Talmud portraying the stand of the Jews, rightly or wrongly. How would the American Jews Defense League manipulate explanations about the Talmud ? It clearly declares that the Goyim or Gentiles are to serve the Jews, including waging for for Israel.

President Carter is not happy with Israel. Now Obama. Netanyahu is now soliciting Mitt Romney to attack Iran. It is not because they are not concern with Israel security, but to put in the blunt form Israel is too much. American intellects are beginning to see what Jewish is.

With the conquest of Iraq the Americans are still paying a high price for gasoline and economically are getting worst. What benefit does the Americans get other than mental agony and emotional sufferings from the lost of their children in the war, losing homes and jobs, and later to know that the 9/11 was an inside job.

USA can always try this approach in Iran instead of declaring war on Iran.

Even right now Apple is making millions in Iran. It could sell more cars and the car industries in USA will become alive again. Selling education and tourism will multiply the National Income. This is a good opportunity. I am sure Iran would be glad to allow it's nuclear facilities been administered by the Americans. Hence Israel is surely safe.

28/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Yes. You read my articles. I did say things about people. Of course I may be wrong and the persons concern can take me to court. And you don't have to believe what I am saying.If someone tells you that I say something about you, you better ask for my clarification. If I really said something I won't deny it. A certain remark that I might have passed may have volumes of additional stuffs that has to come from the one who is carrying tales.

Someone told me that if Mr A is brought together with me there will be a fight. How on earth he came to that conclusion ? With how many persons that I have fought before ? What more if it is something to do with amateur radio. If I don't like something I just don't make myself present or go near it.

A teacher is a teacher, never take a student as his enemy. He scolds his student, pull the ears or even cane him but he always love him. I might passed a remark on a ham that talk to a pirate or on the inferiority of the antenna but it does not mean I don't like them or angry at them. The champion has never have an easy time. No coach smiled at the mistakes of their trainees.

Somehow by some training and education and probably the upbringing I am molded to have high expectations on people. I know it is difficult to achieve excellence, the problems that hinders successes. What can the Malays show the world something that others can't ? Can't we go for a Nobel Prize ?

Malaysians must strive for excellence. You don't tell the world that you are good in everything and the most capable person on earth. The best you can do is trying to be perfect and try to be the best. You must be strong and stand alone and don't be cowed by anybody.

How could I keep quiet when our money is wrongly used , or hearing people telling lies. How could I keep quiet when we do not plan the full effort to raise ourselves from ignorance and poverty by ourselves ?

If you are rude I will have to say you are. We can't afford to have bad breed around. Added up all together it can destroy a race and a nation. We don't need people who always throw the blame on others instead of enhancing themselves and help the others of their kinds to be as competitive as all others.

Do I say something about people ? YES. Words like lazy, rude and immoral are frequently used. I called people robbers and blood suckers because they rob us, may be legalized by an act or atrocity. And they will die without the chance of repenting.

I will always stand by my views, whether political or on other matters. You don't have to agree or like me.

In HAM radio I always want a standard and ethical amateurs so that this hobby will not be splashed as a hobby full of rogue people.

27/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How not to salute and respect those fellow hams who excel and beat me in the skill of CW and wide knowledge in amateur radio. All those new 9M2s surprised me in their ability to work CW at the speed of more than 15 wpm. I took one solid year to master the 12 wpm.

I am entitled to my view. It is my own prerogative to respect, salute and give a thumb up to whoever I feel like to. I do not steal anybody's money to give credit to the deserve ones.

Ability, endurance and perseverance that belong to these people belong to them. No matter how much slur were thrown on them because of their special strong characters they will not be drowned. Diamonds that fell in the mud will never lose it's luster.

This does not mean the rest are useless and not worthy of respect. They will be respected in their other areas of expertise.

A job must come first

How can we think what others are thinking ?

Basically there are two orders of thinking; the lower and the higher order. The higher order thinking enables to read what the lower order thinking is but not the vice versa.

The higher order thinking comes from intellectuality and deep understanding of the world. It has a strong rationality in deducting to the conclusion.

The lower order with the low intellectuality tends to come to a quick conclusion as what is in their minds. They insist what in their minds are what the others think.

If you argue with the people of lower ordered thinking you will be wasting your time and breath. It is better to talk to woods or to your cats. Somehow you will believe the cats will get your messages.

By coincidence today I went to Penang to feed the monkeys and saw how smart they were.

I told a ham friend that amateur radio is a mere hobby. What is utmost important is our daily bread and butter. With this world view he starts his day with executing the work plan he made the previous days. Each day is a day of hard work and he earns well. At the free time he would come on the air to say hello and has a chat with his friends.

Many new hams are giving prior attention to their jobs. The self employed have to strive more than those working with the government or the companies. Private agencies are more taxing. Hamming comes when they are on the way or back from work.  Chatting takes away stress when the traffic is heavy and jam everywhere.

A handful may find ham radio is nothing great after all. They get more pleasure in computer or an iPad.  They can communicate  with visual contact. With the Wifi on visual chatting can be done while on mobile or in a foreign country.

What made hamming a lasting hobby is the spirit. Yet it can be snatched away by something else of better attraction. A ham can jump into a CB and other non-hamming radio communication. It is the spirit that takes a ham to attend the distant hamvention even though he does not buy anything, the spending of money to be together with the CW candidates and share the happiness with them.

But the disruption and the breaking of bonding can come when we have sharp needles poking and back stabbing among fellow hams. They don't use radio but the hand phones to push their agendas, daily meetings to throw slurs and inventing tales. The splits lead to the moral downfall of amateur radio..

It is good for hams to have experience in contests and gather certificates and QSL cards as much as they can. There shouldn't be a question how long will they last. I never ask such a question if I see active hams who organize themselves to go into contest or who invest a big sum of money on antenna and radios. After all they have struggle hard to pass CW.

Each of them has his own taste. Whether he comes on the band or not, talking to me or not, is his own choice. It is none of my business to spread bad things about them. They do not ruin anything nor causing the society to die. At the appropriate time they will make themselves heard, and even talk to the person of not to our liking.

A worker who devote his time and energy to his work is a commendable person. His effort brings a direct benefit to the nation and the people. At a leisure time he may be a SWL. At a real free time he may come on the band to say hello to his good friends.

A job must always come first.

27/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Israel doesn't use complicate procedures to save the people and the army in case of wars. They dig bunkers and keep the gas mask. And the army is wearing the bullet proof vest and the head gear that covers the most part of the head. Random shooting will not kill an Israel army. You have to be a very sharp shooter to aim at the face. 97% of an enemy fire that hit an Israel army will not kill any of them. And 98% of rocket attack will not kill the people in bunkers.

The enemies have to use a more complicated means to kill the Israelis like the bombs that dig into bunkers as what the US army used in Iraq and the bullets that tear through metals. Both are not owned by either Syria or Iran. And of course in every inch of the land along the border there are numerous mines. No enemy can pass into Israel or even the buffer area.

During the last war with Egypt Israel's army could easily passed the Egyptian army because they change their outfits, passing the Egyptians waving at the enemy. The war was treated just like a simple game.

Natenyahu was very confident that the coming war will be very short. The attack was delayed for further espionage and underground operation to spy on other possibilities and new weapons the Russians might supply to Iran and Syria, and to make sure there can never be any ground penetration into Israel by Hezbollah.

The usage of HAARP by USA on Iran was seen as a test recently. If Iran arrange identical system to shake Israel with quakes the war would be very fatal. The third world war will really be a devastating one.

I never believe Iran will attack or wipe out Israel even at it's strongest state. Liberal Muslims have no time to think of making war with people. They are more interested in the modern life full of fun and entertainment than to suffer in war. The Jews in Iran or in any other Muslim countries are not persecuted today.

Israel has the money to have the most superior military attire as it was heavily financed by the United States. War is a big business to many companies. It also check the world's population. Netanyahu predicted only 500 Israel soldiers will die in the coming war but thousands or millions of the Iranians.

Of course there is always the better way for everybody. Israel must choose a new leader who is more humane, a non-war monger to give a place for the Palestinians to live side by side with them, to develop the economy and create wealth for everyone living in the land for all.

26/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A country with close economy may not enjoy the highest standard of living but will not face the global financial crisis. Attaching to the world finance and banking, international trade would facilitate economic growth and enhance the living standard. But once a financial crisis happens in the leading country like the United States life will start to shake.

Imagine if the World Bank and all the Central banks are under private individuals and the world and the governments are borrowing from them, how vulnerable it is to the citizens as a whole. A private individual can control our whole livelihood by a certain action.

Lowering the interest rate alone would give a strong effect on the economy. Easy borrowing and the rush for the borrowed money could push up inflation.

Countries like North Korea will not be hit by what is happening in USA and Europe, where the culprits are trying to use psychology to offset the economic problems.

Bullied by advertisements

ad: l-assoc


Many Malaysians associate 1 Malaysia with our Prime Minister Najib and it is a symbol of UMNO and atrocity.  Therefore it would be difficult for a general public to depart with their money to buy UMNO. After all they have the Apple iPad to buy and it is not an UMNO pad.

We all know what come to be. The government will buy the product and distribute to the school children.

Of all the name why should they chose 1Malaysia Pad ?


Try to avoid politician's face in a product. If we are a Communist country the situation is different. You can put a product name as Kim Jun Un or Mao Tze Tung. Or even PERKASA Ibrahim Ali cofee for manhood.

We are easily succumb to advertisements. It is not that we are stupid but we want to keep phase with technology and development. And companies have new ways to force us to buy the latest, either by not having the replacement when damaged or they have a new system and soft wares that are not accommodated by the old hard ware. The discontinued product will not be supported anymore.

Old laws demand a long term components or spare parts before the companies were allowed to enter a market. There should be a regulatory body to ensure the customers were not victimized. But governments tend to side the corporation and work things out to their favor. This is where immorality of the governments came in.

The transition of the iPhone was too short in time. Normal person would not be able to buy at every upgrade version. And the iPad too. Then they have the tablets. Similarly with other items of luxuries.

But affordable people will follow and keep phase with the developments. They will enjoy the technologies.

I thought my 32 meg iPhone 4 is already the end. Slowly I find the soft wares are not compatible with the OS. There are many books and magazines that need the latest OS. Surely there an attempt tp phase out the old iPhone, forcing me to buy the new one. If not one has to go for the philosophy of BUY, BEG, BORROW or STEAL. That explains why my Garmin GPS was stolen.

Though I believe I have a strong mind, the advertisers were successful in shaking my mind. I admit I have to surrender to the persuasion. There is a desire to own iPhone 5. If the price is RM400 I would have bought one. The people in the United States enjoys the cheap upgrade whereas we in Malaysia have to pay a fortune. Luckily I do not have interest in an iPad or 1 Malaysia Pad or a Tablet.

When the new Proton Preve came into the market, I wasn't at east. Altogether I went to the outlet about 10 times, looked at the engine, the bonnet, sat on the driver's seat. And came home to compute the money. The strongest bar was the maintenance cost. That stopped me totally.

Automobile industries always made changes. Produa ceased producing Kancil, Kelisa and a few others. And the lower end car like VIVA is changed for the higher price.

The worst of the car is when the government tax the poor more than the rich by allowing insurance companies to suck the blood of the cheap car owners. Cheap cars are small and sub-standard, poorer engine and low performance. It is suitable for the poor people.

Somehow for the start we have to train ourselves to be critical, not to easily believe in what people say, and keep in mind of conning by showing sympathy, don't trust any people, news or media. Just ignore the advertisements. Then we prioritize our expenditure from fulfilling the basic needs of food and paying utility bills, savings for the rainy days and sickness, schooling of our children.

We have to think of the importance of the new gadgets and any other hard wares. Without them how badly they affect our lives.

To people like me I would appeal not to be bullied by advertisements.

25/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Unknown


There are many things that man will never understand how hard he tries to. He is bounded by the logical mind and the senses. He can perceive only things by what is endowed on him.

But man is also selfish and can be very arrogant. His personal achievement could make him feel he is above everyone else.

People tries to see the current Palestinian problem, the potential war between Iran and Israel and the possible World War 3 in the eyes of religion and it's prophesies. As such they predict the happenings and the outcome, the second coming of Jesus and later the end of the World.

The Atheists and the Jews do not believe that way. There is no way will there be the destruction of Israel and the final war of Gog and Magog. If Israel is strong it will prevail and eventually rule the world, may be forever. This implies the Bible is incorrect and Christianity is false. It fits with the Atheist view that Christianity is actually a Pagan that was brought down from generation to generation.

There are questions on God, on human sufferings and wars and famine. Aren't they because they are non Jews ? The God of the Jews is the right God ?

If the God of the Jews protect every Jews life, Hitler would have not killed thousands of them and Hezbollah would have not repel them in the previous engagement.

The killings, the turmoil, the earthquake, the typhoons and the hunger and poverty made many ask about God and religion. Why God lets it happen ?

I was told during my younger days that I should accept what takes place and whatever that comes. We can't comprehend God by reason and our mind, except what is given in the Holly Book. God asks us to think about the Day and the Night and Male and Female. It is the hint for us to explore the universe and the existing of mankind.

Dying and been killed is not the end. It is my faith that says so. You and your belief and you and your communication with God. What do you say in your daily prayer ? Asking for more money, for a beautiful wife and to be the most powerful man ? Ever asking for those who suffer and killed be placed among the good men in heaven ?

Try not to think about unseen things, the millions of other unknown. Our mind will not be there.

25/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A couple of Ham friends of mine seems to be good towards each other. Let me call them A and B.

One day A told me that B was so bad bla..bla...bla... He said B talked bad about me.

The next day B came to see me telling bad things about A bla..bla .. bla. B said A talked bad about me.

I can't get a perfect person, can I ?

The best for me to do was to keep quiet and laugh when I find something hilarious.

Eventually everybody is bad except the one who carry tales.

There were things told that made sense and there were nonsense and pure stupidity. That's the kind of hams we have today,


1001 excuses

Are you fond of giving excuses  ?

I rarely meet a person who like to give excuses. Rather they would tell the truth when they could not fulfill a certain promise or fail to accommodate someone.

We have to identify the line between excuses and telling the truth.

Excuses sometime is similar to justifications of wrong things done. They will come up with all sort of explanations of justify the stupid things they do.

I do not believe in excuses. You can always see other deficiencies  in the person and how hard he will try to convince people.

Universally, lazy people are full of excuses. They want things the easy way. When they are in power they will cause hell.

I strongly believe in a saying 'To know a person hear what he says about others." During my working days there are teachers who would come to see me and reported about other stuffs including the story of the parents. I just heard the story until they finished. I didn't ask the reason for their coming to tell me those things. What they didn't know was I found people who carry tales were entertaining.

It was not a report of a staff gambling in the school compound or trying to cheat a school but on the personal matters that had nothing to do with the schools and the students.

Neither did I tell the teacher of whom he was narrating as bad. Believe me or not months later a female student came to report about that clown saying he was a sex maniac. Could it be that bad ? On further investigation it was confirmed by the department that it was the same problem that happened in other school.

One other teacher was not as bad as this one. Later I heard there were conflicts between her and the rest of the staffs.

People who like to carry tales are sick, suffering from a kind of inferiority complex due to the low education or something lacking at home. By spreading news they would compensate their own deficiencies. They expect they would be elevated and respected. They are pushing themselves up telling people of their abilities when in fact they are lacking in many ways and in many things.

I don't fall to sweet or seditious talks. I would know people real behavior and their ability inside out after a few years with them and observing their work. Hard working and illustrious teachers always produce result. One new teacher complained about the incorrect system of the teaching of sciences. He refused to attend the monthly science meeting. I told him right or wrong I have to side the science team because they produce results and the students are happy with their teachings.

I believe nobody can be fooled all the time. Eventually smart people will come to know the character of bad people.

A person character belongs to himself. But a low educated people can destroy big things. He could steal and destroy important information belonging to an agency, reporting fallacy using poison pen and criminally sabotaging the agency he works in. I have seen one who had caused a devastating destruction to one institution and I ceased to see him again.

A sick person will blame all others all the time but not himself.

23/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My walk


Evening weather has been fine for me in the past few days. After sending my wife home from her dialysis or after the evening prayer I set out for 40 to 60 minutes of strolling. The last two days I took the bendang way. Going thru the padi field is always windy. The only drawback was the path is narrow and there are cars using it.

It is almost a month since I resumed my exercise. I did not use the proper jogging footwear which I need to get new ones. I use the croc type rubber shoe because it is light. The sole is easily worn out.

Altogether I have three places to choose; the stadium side, the race course and the rice field areas. When there is no cloud and the heat was burning I would go to the stadium site. There are many trees and the shade helped a lot. The race course area is the place where people gather for exercise and aerobic dancing. Women dress fancifully and my eyes could turn away from their shaky butts. It gave me a lot of sins.

If it rain I stay home. It could make me sick for a couple of weeks.

Small stones would enter my shoes from time to time. Since I was barefoot they bite me and I had to stop from time to time to clear them off. I know I need to buy jogging shoes which are expensive. I am really broke for excessive expenditure for the last two months mainly on my medical stuffs for my wife. Without notice the medical center would ask me to buy medicines for RM300 RM600.

The rest of the people are wearing proper jogging dress, nice shoes and socks. The ladies put on the head and wrist bands. I wore a Bermuda pant and sockless in my croc shoes.

I feel the improvement. The blood sugar level is almost normal. I feel very fit and YOUNG. But no adults called me brother. Everyone called me UNCLE. My student's kids called me TEACHER. The whole family address me as 'teacher'. This particular student remember me because I canned her for failing my subject.

Weather, rain or shine, is always good. Hawkers selling ice water and coconut could make more than RM500 on a hot day. Padi field owners are happy to have rain. My cats prefer rain  to tap water. That's what I called perfection. Nature does create perfection and opposites; day and night, man and woman, hot and cold. Today I went out while the sun was setting down. The heat was not burning.

Exercise or not, when time comes we will go like the rest. So the walk and jog is not to defy death. It makes us feel good. It wrapped the whole day with good feeling and fresh. It reduces stress too. I did not listen to music. Neither did I let my imagination flew. To keep phase I counted the steps, like zero zero zero two...instead of one...two...I always lost count after some time, and would re-start with any other numbers until I ended my walk.

Don't be surprise if you hear the news of my death. Young people die. I think Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali won't die so soon. The older they are the stronger they become, the louder their voices. Between the two Ibrahim will go first. He needs the keris to prolong his life.

23/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof





Aaron Russo speak the truth before his death. He was believed to be murdered by CIA or Mossad. In USA today talking against Israel or government will be met with death or death threat.

Socialism - Rob the Reach and give to the poor ?

Democracy - Rob the poor and give to the rich ?

Democracy is the freedom of oppression of the 51% majority on 49% or the freedom of oppression of the majority over the minority. It is forcing the majority's will on the rest. It does not represent the righteousness. Neither does it represents wrongness.  It has a lot of flaws.



Another of Hisham's Blunder

I will try to define SEcurity Threat to Hisham, direct and clear to be called treason.

1. Buying a second hand military hardware that cannot function well is not only a security threat but also a high treason. Superior artillery from our enemy will crush our hardware in no time.

2. Using computers and computer software by police or military pose a direct danger because our security information flow to the enemy side will be very enormous.

3. To expose our defense weakness to the enemy in the case of the missing jet engine is making our enemy laughing at our defense weakness.

4. The selling of our secrets to foreign government is a direct treason and punishable by firing squad.

5. Employing the enemy as any form of advisor and giving them home in the country opened up to espionage activities.

6. Borrowing money not for development but to buy vote by direct or indirect mean can drive us to economic turmoil and it pose a security threat.

To expose corruptions and to put away the corrupt government is never a threat but it is towards a betterment of a nation.


A Minister or Minister to be can't afford to depict himself as too unlearned. Rather than making his own statement to every issue it is wise to have a spokesman. Statements by the spokesman must first be discussed in the most intellectual ways to make sure it would hold water.

At time we Ministers passed to Rais Yatim to make statements. This is better than making the announcements themselves because Rais is more smart and intelligent than many others. He has a First Class Law degree.

The only thing is that there are more people who are more genius than Rais. Some are in politics and some are not.

Stupid statements portray our low mentality and we are susceptible to being cheated by greedy businessmen and easily fall to their pray. UMNO members fall under this category. And our security is vulnerable.

A nation cannot be strong if morons are allowed to plan for war.

You may ask 'War with who ?'

With mouth like Ibrahim Ali who like to provoke foreign nation can invite imminent attack by the nation he declares war witht.

Leaders must not totally depend on their advisors and leaders, especially a woman he sleeps with.

When Mahathir lies he really lies. But when he talks the truth, the truth it is. Mahathir's last comment was 'BN will remain in power but with much reduced majority'. Is this a lie or the truth. The UMNO Ministers did not call it a lie. They only deny that won't happen.

Does denying it won't happen mean Mahathir is lying ? If he is not lying then there is no such thing  as it won't happen, because their ex-boss has been very sharp when he does not lie.

How does Mahathir compute the future ? He has a 50/50% view that the Sabahans may not be bought with money as a trade  to their security and instability. In fact it was Mahathir's own making that brought in the foreigners who threaten the peace and tranquility of the indigenous Sabahans. How much lies can BN throw into Sabah and how much money the Sabahan can accept ? Mahathir sees a considerable seats will be lost on this issue.

The Mafia timber tycoon in Sarawak with all the dirty might will still maintain Sarawak.

In Peninsular he counts the number of Malays who distant themselves from UMNO. Najib himself knows it. That's the reason why he applied the philosophy of the power of money. Billions were spent to woo the voters.

Mahathir's made prediction based on his observations and his discussions with his friends. So far he was right about 9/11 as an inside job and Jewish economic power. This time he may be right again. Though future cannot be known, the causal effect factors will land the prediction into one of them. Crowds still dominate Ustaz Idrus. Seas of yellow shirts packed the roads. Bus attacks still draw thousands of  people at PKR's gathering.

On the other hand the opposition firmly believe BN will pack and go. They believe the people could not be bought with money.

In the yester years BN used to say 'People will vote us even if we put a songkok there...' 2008 gave it a real shock. Najib had to put the Baju Kurung and sarong and went into villages wearing sleepers, eat with bare hands together with the kampong folks and Mahyuddin rode a pillion on a Hinda Cup. Now nobody putting an UMNO songkok or Keris to win a vote. Instead they are replaced with big bucks.

When Mahathir predicts it shook UMNO and MCA, really shaken.

Even winning by fraud does not guarantee permanency. It all depends on how much of hooliganism and threatening take place. When people are pushed they will shout for help. In my previous writings I touched on the possibility of arms retaliation if weapons are brought in. Already we know foreign countries do not agree with our government. Among the many continents which deplored our corrupt practices couldn't it be one that will be tough with BN's government ?

The world is always observing us; what Shahrizat's says and what her family does. They probably know more of Musa Hassan and Ghani Patail than we Malaysians do. They see and downloaded clips of our policemen kicking the Bersih's protestors. They sensed our dirty jobs, our inefficiency and our weaknesses. They hear what Hishamuddin, Ibrahim Ali and Rais Yatim comments. They are assessing us.

Mahathir once commented that PR may use force to bring the government down if the party is defeated. What was in his head that made him pass the remark. Was he thinking PR will run wild discovering the fraudulent vote processing ? Or was he foreseeing covert foreign involvement in arming the oppressed ? I remembered Mahathir was talking about foreign conquest and invasion and I dismissed the possibility in this age of reason and benevolent. Years later we saw Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were invaded.

I think using the security force and the police to defend corruption is absurd. And trying to wash away the evil practice by corrupting the people is the most immoral thing a person can do. At the critical juncture BN leaders continue to show their arrogance. They are creating more hatred rather than sympathy.

So let us wait and see what is going to happen.

22/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not who says it


I notice most of us rather see who says it but not what is said. It implies that a person whom we adore is always talking facts and disseminate nothing but the truth. I would not go with the premise people who we dislike will always lie and always wrong in his word.

We Asians were born without the concept of liberty and freedom. We made rules to be followed and rules are never liberty and freedom. Rules were to protect our culture and for social benefit. We have traditional practices of marriages, setting roles for families, create bond with communities.

When Mahathir commented on Western mothers sleep with any other men, I tend to agree with him. I have been watching a lot of adult clips which prove Mahathir is right. Public sex and gay marriages are the essence of freedom and liberty. A wife has her own right and so is the husband.

In spite of such a freedom and liberty there are laws and rules, patriot act, NDAA, Trespass bill that are curbing the freedom. You cannot speak anything you want in USA. So is China, Russia and everywhere else in the world. Some how we are enslaved by rules and laws.

America would stop another nation from building it's own defense system. It is telling North Korea and Iran to close atomic research stations, setting the no-fly zone on foreign soil and arrest dissidents without trial.

Could I reject Mahathir's words because I don't like him ? As I have said it, "It is not who says it, but what is said."

We don't teach our children to reject what are said by a mad man. We teach them to listen some of the truth in his saying. The legendary Arshad Gila always advise school children to study hard, get good jobs and take care of the parents. And one prostitute who attended a PTA meeting stood up after haring someone commented on her, saying. "Yes you say I am a prostitute. Do you want my kids to be like me ? I send her to school to make sure she will be like your children too..."

That's why the sage says to be wise one must be patient to listen, and listen well.

I would like to advise the politicians and high profile individuals to think before they talk. But as Ibrahim Ali let him talk whatever he wants. I am yet waiting for some sensible sayings from him.

But be careful. Don't be CRY WOLF. Constant lies will make people stay away from TV sets and newspapers. When you decide to tell the truth even once nobody is listening to you anymore.

19/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Answering SMS and Calls


I do not always carry my cell-phone with me when I go out. If anyone were to call or message me he will be frustrated for not receiving response. And he should not expect me to reply even hours after that.

My credit has never exceed RM30 and that's the amount used each month. When the credit depleted I just have to disappoint the caller. And every time I call or SMS someone I do not expect the answer. He may be having similar problem.

I would not spend more than the monthly 30 ringgit. My office workers would spend the average of RM250 per month. This is a lot of money.

I too have a bitter experience before. A person whom I always send SMS did not reply to my call lately. I kept on asking the health condition and other things. Still no answer. I did not not want to feel frustrated by it. I can't force someone to attend me. May be she has other important thing to do.

Likewise, I know sometime the caller get angry with me after failing to reply 7 to 8 of the call. I could not reply because of the depleted credit. I had to explain when I met the person. But when a  person close to me did not reply to my several calls I got really angry demanded for explanation. And there were always reasons, lies or not.

I think it is not wise to call everyone who does not reply to our SMS or call as imbecile or rude. We can express our unhappiness if they are our subordinates, family members or close friends.

Even if the phone is with me and I heard a ringing tone once or twice, I would not call back. Imagine if someone in Kuala Lumpur wants you to call him back for a chat. You will be paying the hell of bill for him. I had such experience once when someone rang me up and he asked me to call him back. He put down the phone.

Phone is money. Talking is money.

Most of us do not attend to every person because we have many other important persons and things to attend to. Why should we attend to someone who has no interest to us, who do not bring any benefit and who could not influence our lives ? We claimed that it is our right to choose our own actions. And we can't force people to like nor hate us.

If we are ignored then we have to look at ourselves; where is our lacking, our way of thinking , our attitudes or even our social status. People may not see us the way we see ourselves. If we are not happy we can always reciprocate similar action. Just ignore their SMSes and calls.

19/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I think I can recognize a police woman when I see one. The hair cuts are the same, of a special style. I met the plain cloth personnel in several places, jogging together with the civilians at exercise venue and other public places. I also saw guys who I suspect as prowlers on the motorbike ready to strike their victims.

If I can identify a police I am sure the criminals too could recognize them. At least it is a good start on the part of the police to patrol on foot like this. But more care has to be taken of to ensure the criminals do not recognize them. If wigs are unsuitable for jogging, a head dress would be better.

Mere patrolling is not enough. The police must also eyes on the public to see suspected snatchers.

Criminals and law breakers are also smart. They may be using communication equipments to send messages to their gangs the locations of the police or the police cars on patrol. Criminals seem to know and  recognize the law.

There is a different the police and a SB. Some how people were talking about illegal trade or business that involved a bat hat of the law. Bad police personnel could paint a bad image of the police. The force can't afford to have even one of such kind. There should be a police to police the police, to make sure people will have full confidence.

The dark side of the police is when they are being made use by the politicians to protect their wrongdoings. In such a situation a duty must be carried as stated in the law, no further than that. The excessive use of force on a helpless protestor where 5 or 6 policemen were kicking unendingly would make the people hate the police, keep the record of their faces and will seek revenge when the time ripe.

We all remember in the yester years when a kid answer why he wanted to be a policeman. "I want to arrest a bad man." What is a bad man ?

This is what the police must recognize, identify and know. Could a man who make bad  law is a bad man ? What is a bad law then ? Do you see any bad law around ?

I only ask question. You find out the answer.

What if the policemen hands are tied ?

18/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How Many Transceivers Must You Have ?

If you are not a license ham and you collect 10 to 20 transceivers what are you going to do with them ? And if you are a 9W and owned 20 to 30 transceivers what will you do ?

I can't answer for you. Certainly your behavior will be a bit different from the others.

A full pledge hams with money may have a passion of keeping rigs. To fulfill his dream he strive for his CW test, after which he feels secure and emotionally stable.

For normal average hams who have to cut corners for a living should try to have two sets of transceivers.

As time lapse and the accumulated saving permits for another purchase, he can increase the collection.

Basically two HFs, one for daily use and another for a backup, and one VHF is ample.

Modern solid states is difficult to repair. The life span is shorter than the old valves rigs which can easily repaired.

My New FT 7900R

Why Regret ?

What is the point of expressing regret when big errors were made. Stupid people will say 'We can't see the bad future. Don't blame us." But it had been pointed out before of the possible consequences.

Because we can't see the future, we have to compute all the possibilities of the future. Taken a risk to implement something will open to the tendency to regret.

Someone just told me that the new hams are rude. I said nothing at his sweeping statement because I see him as a part of the problem itself.

When a senior ham said that any Dick, Tom and Harry has the right to be  a ham I found it very disturbing. He was not seeing all and was not seeing what's coming.

Now PERKASA has come on VHF, security guards and other unknown stations were heard. On one frequency I heard someone was craving for a drug.

Some may not use the radio to commit crime but they teach the other criminals about the use of the stuffs to run criminal activities.

It is too late to regret.

I just bought a dual band radio Yaesu FT 7900R from Wave Communications Kuala Lumpur and am now enjoying SWLing.

I didn't press for a bargain for several reasons. I computed the monthly overhead cost of the shop and the number of radios it could sell. To my calculation the shop owner has to struggle. A little profit could help himself and the workers.

Secondly with the opening of the radio shop in Malaysia I don't have to rush to Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand to buy a radio. It made life easy for me. While I am helping the local vendor, he too is doing some service for me.

I first started with Yaesu because at that time many Malaysian hams were using the brand. Yaesu was known for a good support. Reading on several reviews I come to have fear on ICOM. Those with ICOM may have experience hard time especially on the discontinued transceivers.

FT 7900 has features the others have. But I didn't make use all of them. I just want to know how to set tone, repeater shift, step and saving and recalling from memory.

I enjoy listening to non-ham stations on UHF. I minimized listening on VHF. VHF made me headache. There are several alien call signs. And on ham band itself you hear people talking without mentioning call signs from the beginning to the end.

My IC-706 MK2 G bought from 9M2DA about 10 years ago is in Singapore for repair. The spare parts are not available yet. And for my backup set it will not be an ICOM anymore. I am eyeing for YAESU and KENWOOD, all band and all mode radio.

18/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Dayton is a town or a city in the state of Ohio. It is not the capital. The capital of Ohio is Columbus.

Dayton's hamfest is not held in the city center but at the outskirt of the town. There isn't much traffic around there, just like our kampong; peaceful and serene.

The place where the festival  is held is called O' Hara convention center.

Traveling in a group, not by tour agency, must consist of people of the same wave length or else traveling would be hell. And there is always a give and take.

You don't just go to Dayton for the hamvention and immediately fly back after it is all over. Make your money worth by visiting places as much as possible.


Hamvention center at Dayton - click to enlarge.

People just ignore a brown skin person loitering around a hamfest site. But the moment you hold a CW key and send 50 wpm with someone on the other with the same speed, eyes will be focus on you. What more if you are wearing a T-Shirt with 9M call sign and a Malaysian flag.

That is one pride that I carry with me. Immediately you would feel you are being respected when you got a thumb up of crowds are clapping their hands.

If my skin were white and I am an American probably the people takes things for granted.

Already I am making inquiry about the total flight cost from Kuala Lumpur to Chicago by Etihad Air. The best date of departure would be either 14 or 15 th May. I plan to stay in a motel a distant away to beat the high cost. It would be almost near to the state of Indiana, where I am planning to make a quick visit.

I cannot go alone because I don't have a credit card. It is vital to book a car from Malaysia via the internet. The maximum expenditure is expected to be around 8K Malaysian inclusive of the air ticket, food and lodging for about 14 days. Extra expenditure at the hamvention is not included. I only plan to buy books, which are extremely costly but the contents and illustrations are very xcellent.

Hamvention takes 3 days. Other places to be visited are Corning factory, ARRL, American Fall and probably Washington. Or traveling around Chicago, St Louis and the country sides around the states visited.

Actually the main attractions are Disney World, Miami Beach, Cape Kennedy. But those take up stamina and endurance. It takes 2 nights just to reach Orlando from Dayton. Orlando itself would require 3 days minimum. With strong minds and strong guts it can be met.

In the Northern states the lodging is more expensive than the Southern areas. There is always an alternative namely camp sites which are usually a little outside the city, many in the woods. There is a provision for cooking as well. I think tents are cheaper here than in USA.

Traveling in four would be very economical.

From now on till next year anything can happen. But I need to keep on dreaming about it.

17/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Patriot Act


American Citizens Arrested based on racist Arizona Law


American arrested for for dancing Welcom to Marshall Law


Former Marine Arrested


Students arrested for reading constitution


Deportation of US citizen speaks


Teacher's Strike in Chicago


Foreclosures increase in August 2012


Teachers revolted last week against sweeping education reforms sought by Emanuel, especially evaluating teachers based on the standardized test scores of their students. They also fear a wave of neighborhood school closings that could result in mass teacher layoffs. They want a guarantee that laid-off teachers will be recalled for other jobs in the district.


America is a huge country. Not everyone knows what is happening all around the nation and all around the world. World news and events are controlled items on TV, with news what the government want people to know.

One bad thing in America is the 'homeless'. The homeless sleep on the pathway and roadsides, not one, not 10. In the downtown Los Angeles you find them still sleeping even at 10 am. You go to the Greyhound station you will find the place has a pungent smell of urine. I saw the homeless in Los Angeles and New York city and they are every where.

You can't walk alone at night and early morning. You may be mugged. And you have to avoid any lonely place especially the downtown area. In Black areas drug peddling was almost in the open. The streets will be alive at night with black youths filling the street and full of policemen and women on patrolled.

We have been to two Parks, thinking to enjoy our meal but could not find even an area without broken glasses. It had to be drunk people throwing bottles into the Parks.

Poverty is raising. States like Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina among the poorest states. People are losing jobs. The government says it is a temporary phenomena. But from 1980's to 2012 is too long. Within this two years people are losing their houses. Teachers are losing jobs. And many are migrating to Canada.

In term of medicare Malaysia is 100 times better because it is extremely cheap for the sick people, except for the medical center. In the United States there have attempt to scrap any form of free medical care. Doctors don't sell medicine. You pay for a consultation fee and you have to go to pharmacy to buy medicines.

While in Malaysia we have the ISA, in the United States they have the Patriotic Act,  NDAA, the Trespass Act where people who are suspect terrorist would be detained indefinitely without trial. You can't show your support on Palestinians and question the 9/11 without the risk of being arrested at 3 am in the morning.

The Trespass Act is an attempt to unlawed protest assemblies.

And now America is keeping alert on domestic terrorists. Domestic terrorists are not the Muslim Americans only but also the White who oppose United States policy on wars against Iraq and Iran and those who said the 9/11 was an Inside Job.

To keep people's mind away from the raising economic turmoil the government is turning people's attention towards Iran by saying the Islamic Republic wants to bomb and kill the Americans on American itself. And they promote free sexual events to keep the minds of the Americans away from the economic blunder.

Many shops belonging to the Whites are taken over by the Chinese and Pakistanis.

Not all Americans are open minded. A Democrat in Republican area may not find a job. You have to show you are of the same feather. Muslim women wearing Hijab are sneered at and Americans converted to Islam would be under constant attacked and humiliated. You may be arrested for having a PLO flag in your home. And many lose their jobs because they expressed unhappiness over Wall Streets or American Banks.

The good point of America is the public and the intellects are fighting for the truth and the right of the oppressed including the Palestinians. From my point of view the Whites fought more than the Muslims on what Israel and America is doing to the unlucky Palestinians and even proving that the Muslims were not the cause of 9/11 attack.

I found the normal American Jews were as considerate as any other people in the world. They treat the Muslim students like anybody else, told us where to find the Kosher meat, invited to their houses and didn't show any hostility towards the Muslims.

The disable folks have their places in this country. They have special seats on busses and entertainment centers like Disneyland and others. The law of special need people was passed during John F Kennedy era and is still ongoing till today.

Office workers are commendable. They took pain to accommodate you even at their lunch time. They won't let you wait till their lunch time. When I rang up to ask about my friend's phone number or the status of my university's home, I got an immediate answer, unlike here where I would be directed to contact so and so. Recently I wrote to Bahagian Pencen asking about my wife housing loan and the medical claim, I was directed to ring up two other numbers when they could have solved the problem by finding out themselves.

Americans are considerate, helpful and kind to animals. Drivers stopped their cars to let animals and men cross the road anywhere. They did not think the right of way and therefore would move first at junctions.

The list can go on and on and on.

But in a basket of eggs there tend to be a bad one. The bad would be very bad, taking away people's life is nothing, not only the lives of the Arabs but also of fellow White Americans.

16/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Would I want to migrate to USA ?

I like to visit USA because it is a fun place for entertainment and relaxation. Driving is always fun because of the excellent highway and road system. Beautiful sceneries are everywhere if you care to drive into the country side. It is just a different environment.

Most people are friendly. They talk to you even though you don't know them.

To live in America is not to my taste. You have to struggle to be alive.

For old people like me Malaysia is always the best. I don't have to pay for my medical treatment.

There are many good and delicious food around, sold at a lower price. I just discover a very delicious burger, huge and tasty at the price of RM5 each.

How fantastic this Malaysian burger is. It can beat Mac D anytime and anywhere in the world.

Today to make a visit to USA is not easy. An application for a VISA cost you RM500. You have to go for an interview and may lost your money if you fail to get one. Then you will be subjected to thorough check by TSA on coming back and may have a hard time with the immigration officer.

I have been visiting the country for more than 20 time; one time being mugged by a homeless.

I don't exactly remember how many time I visited Hawaii. The last visit I remember playing CHESS bited me to by the Waikiki beach with a Black man whom I beat several sets. He invited me to the island again to play Chess with him.

But nothing is like home. Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri.

PM From Sarawak

The next election sees Sarawak giving most Federal seats to make up BN 2/3 majority. Without Sarawak BN can pack up and go from Putrajaya.

Sarawakian will not standby to see both the PM and DPM are from Peninsular. Najib will not be able to buy the tycoon Taib who has more than enough. What Taib will want is a Premiership.

What do you think ?

Gangsterism is not new to UMNO. The first was called SEBERKAS, formed during Senu's period. Old gangsterism was confined to tearing and bringing down of flags and banners belonging to the opposition. Stone throwing and splashing bus and destroying cars are current phenomena. Mubarak too deployed gangsters.


A Home Minister is to maintain peace and stability. It is indeed unwelcoming for him to give a thumb's up to any hooligans that destroy the property and insulting the opposition. In short he welcome violence and show he loves them.

The opposition has shown a great patience and did not resort to similar actions.

Hishamudin must know the seriousness of PERKASA/UMNO's hooliganism. It could lead to bloody violence like May 13 but this time among the Malays. I don't have to elaborate on the potential danger.

A Home Minister must quickly stop before the Malays kill each other. The identification of PERKASA members could be fatal if revenge takes place.

The poor padi fields owner are now rich under BN's rule. Many can't resist selling their padi fields for a miilion ringgit with a free house of their design. They have to thank Barisan government for the land act that enabled them to sell their land and made them richer.

A million computed divided among 4 children will be about 1/4 million each. Still a million. How long will that last ? May be forever ? Some will buy a 60K cars, some 45K. Expenditure will be more generous. 10 years later they find their children could not buy even a small land or even a house.

That was what happened in Langkawi.

Oh, the government cannot make the normal Malays rich because they can't think well. Let the better Malays keep the wealth and be wealthy. There is no better Malays than the UMNOs. UMNO's wealth is the wealth of the Malays. So the Malays must support the party. Have not UMNO proven the wealth they have belong to the Malays when millions ere giving away ? FELDA settlers get 15K each and huge angpow during the raya. Taxis got free tyres.

Don't worry about the 800K house, the government is building low cost houses for everyone. Those expensive houses are for foreigners or merely for wealthy people.

PERKASA will see to it. Don't worry.

15/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Teaching Tiger Cub Eating Meat

If we encourage criminal then in no time our nation will be infested with criminals. The smarter criminals can plan to steal ATM machine and escaped. The stupid criminals end up in getting a few hundred ringgit.

What will these people do later when they find survival is hard. Could not they be turning back to their Masters and demand for promises ?

Failing which they will bite their Masters.

Huge Crowds

Last night I did not go to Ustaz Idrus's talk due to the time constraint. At 10.30 I decided to go and assess the crowd.

The crowd was so huge,  triple in size of Najib or Anwar's visits.The number of police and RELA was quite considerable.

I didn't wait till the end.


Foreign Support

Our leaders desired foreign support and recognition. We engaged foreign firms and pay them by the millions to enhance our image.

Ambiga too has friends overseas. Mrs. Clinton and Obama know her more than Ibrahim Ali. Try to touch her and see what can happen to us.

Foreign countries support our government. They also support non-government bodies. Who knows what more they are capable of doing.

They have eyes and they see. They have ears and they hear. They have brought Soviet Union without war, Libya and now pushing Assad out of office.

It will inevitably comes if our people appeal for their help.

I won't want to spark fires. And let us not start any fire. A fire is friend when small, an enemy when big. We don't want night mares in every sleepless night.

Hishamuddin Tun Hussein said the Johorean had expressed themselves in attacking PKR's bus and other vehicles. This is what Najib means by 'We will block them ( Kita kena sekat ). Then it is good for BN because people are against PKR.

Let the election be quick so that there will be no more wastage. After all people have spoken. Hishamudin is implying that it is legal for the Johorean to commit crime or murder on the opposition party. The PERKASA was given a passport to commit crime by the Home Minister himself.

Anwar was attacked throughout Malaysia. Doesn't it means the whole of Malaysia has spoken ? UMNO is at it's peak now. Let be an ELECTION NOW.

His statement is heard throughout the world. Let the world judge what kind of man he is, his mentality and capability.

If people have spoken then there is no need for Najib to speak on the TV every day and night. It is just a waste of breath and time, no need to do the road show, no need to waste any more money. Borrowing means a big burden for us.

The EC said it is ready. First the people have spoken. They are for Najib. And secondly BN can use a magic wand. The first is enough. In any case BN will continue to rule.

We are sure Hishamuddin will get 100% vote in his constituency.

Beat the drum now. Have the GE13 the soonest. All will be over soon. BN can enjoy another 5 years or forever.

15/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

FELDA suicidal move and the plunging of the newly FELDA share. Don't worry Ibrahim Ali is there to save the Malays and FELDA.

Land and properties in Malaysia have been sold to foreigners. As such the price has gone up sky high.

Don't worry PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali can prevent more land from being sold to foreigners and bring down the price for the Malays to buy them.

Now that PERKASA members are given a walkie talkie each to form a network using the call sign PK, they can report the number of agriculture land left over.


Have eyes they see not. Have brain they think not.

We call them fools for failing to see their future, their kids taking drugs and involve in crimes and hooliganism, hunting for jobs and houses to live in.

It would be too late when they realize they are fools. What broke and torn could never be amended. Their corrupt leaders won't attend their funerals, won't care the plight of their kids and grand children.

That's what happen in Palestine. The folly started with the Palestinians who sold their land away.

Muslims have been insulted before, and repeatedly time and again. The greatest was the 9/11 when the False Flag shifted the blame on the Muslim. Muslims were called terrorists. Did the Muslims took to street the world over and attacked every White men ?

There is no  better word than 'be cool' to mean 'bersabar'. Even patience would not match it. Calmness does not mean losing or surrendering. It is a faith within a man that will further strengthened his closeness to God. Notice how Islam gain more converts after the 9/11 in America and Europe.

Christians were viciously attacked, humiliated and  insulted by the Jewish TV; Mary was called a prostitute and Jesus a bastard. The Christians in the United States could have run amok and killed every neighboring Jew. But they didn't.


There are Christians and churches who condemned Israel occupation of Palestine, and exposed the culprits of 9/11 and pointed out how the Arabs were made tools by the CIA to confess the murder. There were churches that were against the burning of the Koran.

In Malaysia we see the Muslims were very cool when pig heads were thrown in the mosque. I gave the thumb up to the Malays whom I  constantly condemn as stupid and lazy. They kept cool with strong composure. Nobody accuse anybody but rational enough to suspect a foul play and the possibility of the False Flag act. The fact that nobody get mad did not mean they are not  devout Muslims.

 I have seen many You Tubes clips of insult on the Muslims. IN spite of it the White conversion to Islam were overwhelming.

Are you going to kill a man who call you stupid moron ? Smart people take the insult with a smile. It would be worst if you were to punch somebody else not the man who insult you.

You may ask, 'Are we going to keep quite and smile if someone is going to kill us ? ' No, we don't keep quite. We defend ourselves. We don't go and kill innocent people like what the Jews did to the Palestinians and the American army did to the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even after that the Marines who served in those countries came home to the United States finally showed their discontents to the American governments and they sided the American Muslims who were discriminated. That's what the faith is all about.

I don't agree that US Embassy is to be targeted. The Film has nothing to do with the Ambassadors nor the workers of the Embassy. The culprit is the film maker. Go for him.

14/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Don't Poison Our Young Men

We need to discuss our future together with good heart and sincerity. We are Malaysians and we need to discuss the various issues that will face all the Malaysians in future. Let us make this OUR COUNTRY not the Malay, Indian or Chinese.

We need to discuss the future of our basic needs; shelter and food, economy and living, peace and happiness and safety and security.

We must learn how to share rather than being greedy, how to build our nation together.

We must make sure there will be no future hatred among ourselves and learn how to give and take. That's the only choice we have.

Wooing Chinese Voters ?

When we are sick we feel the same. The Malays, Indians and the Chinese didn't have different feeling. When we are hungry we feel the same too.

We are very united until the politicians say we are not, we are different and we cannot mix.

Don't let the politicians command our life and split us.

At oversea gatherings the Malaysians only recognize themselves as one. No Indian felt he his the India Indian o China Chinese. In their hearts they feel deeply that they are Malaysians.

Kissing the Keris gallantly the Malay Hero, Ibrahim Ali with Mahathir around, took an oath to defend this country from being taken by the Chinese. The Malays were told how evil the Chinese is. Was it not seditious ? Mooning is seditious but telling the Malays that Anwar is selling the country to the Chinese isn't. And Ibrahim even warned the Chinese to keep stockpile of food.

Then why woo them ? Didn't UMNO announced that it could go alone without MCA ? Yet Soi Lek is meowing around UMNO's feet.

I think PERKASA think the Chinese are stupid like the Malays. You kick the Malays, pay them RM500 and they will vote for you again and let themselves be kicked again and again. The Chinese are mature voters. A Chinese who corrupt you with RM10 will look down upon you and will never respect you, ever.

How could you beg from people whom you cast like a dog. Anwar Ibrahim was attacked by PERKASA not because of his sexual case but because he was accused of selling the country to the Chinese. Whenever someone mentioned about it, I just kept quiet. I just see those people as pure dumb and stupid. Even today the other part of UMNO is accusing Najib the same thing.

Truly indeed, I pity Najib for being manipulated, most likely by the corrupt group within the party. If Najib didn't threaten the Chinese the people who support him did. And the persons who want to see him down did it.

If Najib put Ibrahim Ali  and the rest who are anti-Chinese behind bars for good then it does make sense for BN to woo the Chinese voters. Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA had done too much damage to UMNO. It's stances made the Chinese distanced themselves from BN and it made the Malays feel more hatred towards UMNO/PERKASA at showing disrespect towards mosque.

Yes BN does not have to woo the Chinese to continue for the next 5 tears, even without the mandate of the populace. It does not have to give 15K to the FELDA settlers.

But I dare to swear to God that the future is uncertain. What's going on in the world will affect us. If Fascist America is replaced \back by democracy our country may see the change of leadership too. If WW3 explode and a serious conflict takes place in Thailand, it will also affect us . Internally we can't tell what the fire burnt underneath will do.

I would not want to take risk. Winning by fraud and cheat open to a great risk.

14/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I worked several club stations in China and Russia, mostly in CW with operators who were not a full pledge hams yet. They are training themselves to be hams. There were a number of young children as members of the club stations in Russia especially who are well verse in Morse.

3 Eelements 80 meters yagi full size

Club Station is not easy to set up and run. A full pledge ham has to be there at all time. He has to open and close the station and coach the non-license members to communicate the right way, not the way he likes, or the way he heard the distant stations were talking. Many hams are still using their own styles.

Several clubs in Malaysia were heard to operate by people who were not suppose to do so, without the full pledge ham at the club. The rules were not observed. A club was known to give it's own special call sign to the members and they were told to operate using their own handies using the call signs. It went overboard.

A Club Station is a place where a would be ham is trained, not the so-called the commercial stations as allowed by the authority, where the non-hams are known to own radio sets without a license. Is it not a paradox ? And I think it is shameful to the world. I notice there are more chaos than order.

There are 4 basic activities a club can have; teaching of electronics and regulations, learning of Morse codes, building electronic projects and communicating. It is good to have communication between club members locally under constant supervision.

Hence the committee members have to really organize. There must be someone to run the RAE class or the teaching of electronics, someone to run the Morse class, the making of the project, the chairman, treasurer and other relevant posts for several other tasks.

The best of a club is a comfortable place, perhaps an abandon house or a house given away by some wealthy tycoon. With be bed and cushion sets it attract hams to go for chatting or playing chess and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Else the government can provide a special unused buildings or offices. In this way we can assure the club will sustain for a long period and the activities will continue for a long time.

The memberships must be controlled to avoid bad elements and criminals. This mean the club must be ready to expect criticism and attacks. This is just common. People criticize Prophets and Messiah and even God. We are only men and a club is only a club. Memberships do not have to be wooed. But the filed day and the exhibition organize by it will attract people. Memberships are not free.

Activities for fund raising would bring in revenue and believe me if it is well run it could grow up to as wealthy as ARRL or RSGB. The more the work the more fun the members have. Have a newsletter even if the memberships are very small.

13/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Language as a heritage

To retain our heritage is not a chauvinistic effort. It just to make sure our root and our race survive.

If we do away with our culture what is left is our skin and our facial structure. We recognize each other by the skin color and by our looks.

Language is one that we must protect and prevent from being killed and diminish. Jawi, Chinese characters and Tamil alphabets must not disappear.

The government must know it and take step to protect  and promote them across various ethnic groups. We need every Malaysian to be well verse in at least 4 languages. Right now the Chinese and Indians are better than the Malays.

Does Language Matter ?

There is a need to do an extensive research of our workforce. We need to know their performance, productivity and capability, their educational history.

We have to be very objective, non-bias and drive at the conclusion base on the data. How bad is our education system ? We somehow can assess from the result.

The effectiveness of our education system  also depends on the quality of the school's principal and the teachers. We can't afford to have lazy teachers and teachers without appropriate knowledge. We also can't afford to have heads of schools who do not know how to administer schools.

The current renumeration and promotion system is stinking. Bad teachers are handsomely paid like the hard working teachers.

We used to have three medium of instructions of secondary education; Malay, English and Chinese. When we decided to lunch Bahasa Melayu as a National Language we decided to have only a single medium ie Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan. The government abolish English schools. Even with Malay as the medium of instructions the performance of the Chinese students in Bahasa Malaysia excelled the Malays.

Mahathir being a little smarter than the rest think Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka was too slow to produce books of knowledge whereas there were tons of them in English. To be able to progress like the West we must think like the West. Think in English.

The Chinese on the other hand were proud of their language and at the same time want their generation to move forward. The West had humiliated the Chinese in the Opium War. Chinese technology was not to be belittled. China first created papers and gun powders.

The Chinese printed cheap books and magazines on electronics, electric, lathe and other technologies in Mandarin. Terms were created where ever convenient eg Tien Hwa, Tien Naw, Tien Chi consisting the common Tien to mean electrical devices. Those un-translated remained English. In 1960's tons of cheap paper back books and magazines flooded the bookstores including Malaysia.

Though China was build up with Mandarin the nation did not ignore foreign languages. They spoke American language like Americans, Malay like the Malays.

It is the attitudes, mental setup, hard work and believing in themselves that drive them almost at par with the West.

Can't we revive the English schools ? Let the parents make the choice. Even at the moment where Arabic schools do not promise too bright future, thousands of parents sent their kids to those schools. They have the choice.

More important than knowledge is the attitudes. There is a saying 'give a man a fish, he eats it for a day, teach him how to fish he can eat for the rest of his life'. The Malays who are pampered will not go far. It is not the medium of instruction that helps or hinders progress and improvement but it the desire to achieve it. Persons of positive attitude and full of resilience will find ways to be at the top.

If we are skeptical then let have the three medium live side by side together. Let the parents make their own choice.

12/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Q-Codes commonly used by HAMS


Non-Ham in Emergency

Code Meaning Sample use

Q-Codes design for CW has been misused or over used on telephony. In phone conversation one must try to use the plain language as much as one can. There are many Q-Codes hams never use at all in CW. The most used by hams in CW communications are QRZ, QRL, QTH, QRM, QRN, QSB, QRT, QRX. Occasionally QRS, QRU and rarely QRQ, QRO, QRP and QRV.

Even QSL is now changed to CFM by some stations.

Now we do hear OP instead of NAME. OP is a radio term for Operational Procedures. The worst to abuse the Q-Codes are the 9Ws. Some smart guys are using QRA to give their names.

Q Codes used commonly used in amateur practice

QRL Is this frequency busy Used almost exclusively with Morse code
QRM Man-made interference There's another QSO up 2 kHz that's causing you a lot of QRM
QRN Static crashes The band is noisy today; I'm hearing a lot of QRN
QRO Increase transmitting power I need to QRO when propagation is poor.
QRP Low(er your) transmitting power I'm using a QRP transmitter here, running only 3 watts
QRS Send your Morse code more slowly Please QRS, I'm new to Morse code
QRT Stop sending I've enjoyed talking to you, but I have to QRT for dinner now
QRV Ready to receive Will you be QRV in the upcoming contest?
QRX Hang on a minute, I'll be right back Please QRX one
QRZ Who is calling me? QRZ? I hear someone calling, but you're very weak
QSB Fading of signal I'm hearing a lot of QSB on your signal
QSL Acknowledge receipt I QSL your last transmission
QSO A conversation with another ham Thanks very much for the QSO
QSY Change frequency Let's QSY up 5 kilohertz
QTH Location My QTH is South Park, Colorado
QTR Exact time QTR is 2000 Z

RAE is tougher than it was. In the '70s the questions on Q-Codes were not mandatory yet the new licensees must go CW for a year and CW used them. The test was in English and of essay type. There was question like draw and describe the working of a superheterodyne receiver, design a dipole antenna and explain the propagation, draw and describe a class A amplifier, explain the logbook etc. The first part was on regulations and procedures.

Today it is tougher. Hams are smarter. For that reason they use Q-Codes all the way on phone and some terms which were not heard in the yeteryears.

12/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Previously we were too careful to make sure a man only did a single job. Today a man even hold 3 or 4 posts. If a teacher runs a business, and an a PERKASA chief his concentration on the job divides and there could be a conflict of interest. Or he is the head of UMNO and the head of PAS. It would be absurd and funny.

One cannot be a President of two opposing companies. It is like a person with two or three religion. Putting him to take charge of his own money and the money belonging to the public, he tends to plough the public fund into his own.

At one time we asked a Malaysian with dual citizenships to denounce one of them.

There is a public cry when a Minister is running a business at the same time. He will not perform well in his public service though he may claim otherwise. He will make use of the government properties to his benefit. And he may manipulate procedures to gain a government contract for his companies.

This is not merely applicable to politicians but to all other organizations and institution. One man must only hold one post.

Listening To Stupid People


In my opinion, two of the worst characteristics one can have are arrogance and stupidity...arrogance because one always thinks he knows what's best and stupidity because he rarely does.

i think you said it all but i can add know it alls and nonlisteners.

Selfishness, and the use of an ability to Manipulate.

Um , mine would have to be people who think they can school you on everything- even if they know it's not true! another would have to be cruelty, I try to love, it just gets hard.

Arrogance is like my #1 all time thing that annoyes the piss out of me!
So, Arrogance and... Well, like you said- stupidity.

I cannot stand when someone is conceited or lazy. I have no respect for either one of those.

Lack of common sense and tact...........

Narcissism and thinking they are always right-never at fault

Their excuses never end

Arrogance and stupidity are the same thing. One cannot exsist without the other. This person thinks he knows everything, but is to stupid to realize no one does.

People with knowledge and wisdom listen a lot. People without any tend to teach and talk a lot. Stupid people who think they are clever could be a menace to society. They preached wrong things, hoping others to solve problems for them, fail to see the logic of relationship and lack of profound knowledge. They appeal to emotion rather than using rationality.

If we cannot identify them by the look we must look at the academic qualification. Though degrees do not prove ability and intelligence we can rely on them more than the less educated group.

Stupid people are full of excuses which are mostly childish. It is best to just listen but not to argue. They don't want to listen to your argument and they will be talking with the loudest voice to satisfy their ego.

But wisdom is not the property of highly qualified individuals. It can be within anyone who enrich themselves with knowledge gathered from literatures and from fellow humans. Without academic qualification a person can be wise if he knows the relationship between good and bad, understand the characters of other humans and always take the safe paths.

There are not many wise men as compared to fools. Fools are not the property of the ignorance and uneducated too. Even lawyers, engineers and people with degrees were cheated and fell to prey though the numbers may be small.

We do hear of highly qualified men and professionals being ridden by the lesser educated. They later realize their folly when everything went down the drain and chaos rules.

We can't afford to have a Minister with only SRP qualification. He will rule a country like a tyrant, forcing the citizen to listen to him. He will shut everybody's mouth and resort to despotic means, enacting laws and suppressing the people. Yet the more stupid people listen to the stupid guy. He has no imagination nor creativity. His vision is narrow and blur and fuzzy.

Putting him to run an organization he would ruin it.

This is a free country. You can choose to listen to the stupid people. You can choose to be their tools.  Or you reject them.

12/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What Could I Say About MARTS ?


I just met this man about a week ago at the jogging path. I do not jog but only walk. This area is unlike the Taman Rimba which is akin to a garden. It is at the outskirt of Darul Aman stadium near to Jalan Bakar Bata. The trees provide shade and made the walking comfortable.

This Chinese man is friendly and every time we passed each other he would say something or asking some question.

Yesterday he asked,"Do you know what my age is ? " I was  mum. I could not guess though he looked about my age. Instead of answering his question, I told him my age. "I am 66," I said.

"I am eighty plus. I am a sportsman," he said."I play basketball for Malaysia."

I was elated knowing that he was a national figure before. No wonder he looked fit and young. And I tend to like him. Today if the weather permits I will go to the stadium again and will say "Hi" to him on passing him or asked him how many rounds has he completed.

What if I have met Ibrahim Ali doing a jogging exercise at a lonely and quiet place like that ? After a couple of HI I am sure there will be a heated debate about WHO SOLD THE MALAYS.

Solving the Mystery pf WTC 7

What else can I say about MARTS ? I have said enough about MARTS and the future of Amateur Radio and about the need for quality hams. I have no more to say. Outside the topic I repeatedly touched on myopia, the short sightedness of our actions and planning. I did mention if I were to throw all my rigs into the sea I would not allow hams to come into my house to talk about radio but they would be welcome to speak on other matters, because I know they will be telling me about the demise of amateur culture and the filth on amateur band. I also tend to believe that the fish rot from head down.

If I were to give my view people will not listen to me. I think too far reverse from theirs. So it is better to say nothing at all.

I would like to say a little to some little people. Don't look at what happen to MARTS as an independent issue. It has some common factor with Malaysian Amateur Radio, the authority (MCMC) and the memberships of every club and society.

As for me I even look outside the radio world, at human attitudes, the level of education, the mental and emotional state. These are the people who are in the work force, in politics, in businesses and our society. And in our clubs, society and hobbies. It is about a bad and good citizen, the efficient and inefficient administrators.

Maturity and creativity are utmost important for a healthy community. Without wisdom there will be no peace and chaos will rule us.

My SWL number was 65162. I was proud to be MARTS members in the early '70's. I knew all the active hams and enjoy listening to their evening chats, full of jokes and knowledge. I learned about flying from 9M2GV, about golf from 9M2WT, law from 9M2DW, music from 9M2SB and how to repair my FT101 from 9M2DJ. I pinned up the certificate for conforming report of Malaysian hams. There was a pride.

My Elmer were Eshee and Malcom.

Now that MARTS has been terminated, I have nothing to say though there are so much that I have to bury with me.

I am sorry.

11/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




We ought to ask ourselves why should someone else should force us to think as they do and why they must force us to believe as they do. They do their business and we do ours as along as we do not step on their toes. We have been forced to believe that the North Koreans are evil, do not provide freedom and liberty, a country without the respect to human right.

I think it is a battle between good and evil. As who is the evil depends on a person perception. We have been told that Communism is bad and evil. And we all know that.

But not many of us understand and see the design of those who control the world's wealth who fear of losing their grip if socialism were to be in control of the world. They would lose all the wealth and property. They will end up in jail. They are too powerful to be thrown out using democracy. They can buy winning. They even control the Military Industrial Complex.

Countries like North Korea or Iran could export agitation against capitalism.

North Koreans standard of living may be lower than their southern brothers and the rest of the non-Communist world. In term of luxury we are much better off. But in the capitalist United States people are losing jobs and houses by the millions. The Americans on the street even claim that democracy is fascist. The First Amendment that prohibited the making of any law which contravenes it in term of free speech. Yet Obama signed the Act against it. There are Patriot Act, NDAA, Trespass and several others that can arrest the suspect without trial indefinitely.

Be careful of the Youtube video which are aiming of demonizing countries like North Korea, China, Iran, Syria and the former Libya.

10/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Obama Outlawed Freedom of Speech

Ex Marine Brandon Raub Arrested

Brandon mother talks about the freedom of speech


What constitute sinful and insolent acts?


A group of veteran doing a butt dance, a Chief Minister doing a f*****g sign, the burning of Guan Eng image, the stone throwing that hurt people, the shoe throwing in mosque, the sending of a coffin to Pak Lah's house by UMNO, the fabrication of DNA, the approval of the C4 bomb, the threatening on the Chinese etc. etc seem to be alright and legal. But the students who butted at Najib and Rosmah's image was considered rude and insolent. Yet there are those who throw stones at the public transportation with Najib's image on them go scott free. Tenths and thousands of ringgit had been  spent to repair the damage.

Mahathir said during his time people didn't shit him because he was not aware of it. And there were celebrations when he was warded for the heart failure. Only if he had heard and saw what people said about him and did to his picture, he would have known the loath towards him were too very great. If this is Libya he would have been sodomized even after his death. Everywhere we heard people wishing for his quick demise.

We don't condone disrespect. But a leader is of no different from any other layman because in the eye of God they are the same. And in the eyes of many millions living men they are the same too. Showing a but by the student and by the veterans ere equally disgusting.

How could we say it is alright to piss on Guan Eng and Anwar but not OK on Najib ? How could we say f*****g by UMNO is not insolent but people can't do it on UMNO ? It is alright for Soi Lek to be a leader in spite of his sleeping with other woman but not alright for Anwar ?

An act is sinful and insolent on both parties and both sides if it is forbidden by God and religion.

A respect has to be earned. Some of the speeches and rhetoric turned the people off. Constant public harassment can make us losing respect. As PERKASA had been beating to raise the emotion of the Malays the other people too are feeling the same, the rage and hatred towards Najib increase.

A fight with the people won't benefit the government because the seed of hatred will grow. The people may seek foreign help quietly. The other day one man in my tour group was criticizing the Communist government in China and he was met with a furious response by the Chinese tour guide who pointed out how uncivilized our government is and how we treat the Chinese in Malaysia. And the Indonesians are frowning at us too.

Iraq, Syria and Libya were cases where the few people went to seek for foreign help. No amount of security can stop or halt the foreigners armed support.

It is therefore unwise for a government to allow the number of dissidents to grow as the proverb says 'seperti api dalam sekam'. We don't have choice but to unite the Malaysians not trying to split them. We will not be able to sustain stability as the demographic pattern changes.

So cool the people down instead of putting insurmountable pressure on them. There cannot be a double standard. What constitute insolent to one party is also insolent to another.

Gadafi had been very generous to the people. The Libyans get most of what they want. Yet we saw what had happened to such a benevolent leader, just because of a few unhappy people.

The unhappy people who express themselves in blogs, criticizing the government publicly and those young people who were butting the Prime Minister were not dangerous. We know who they are, the barking dogs that do not bite. The danger ones are the unknown, unvocal, never show public anger and we can't trace them. We must not allow the number to grow. It can pose a grave danger to our tranquility.

08/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Parents and School


Like many others I am anxious to know whatever is happening the Communist North Korea. Communism has been a fearful word for us because of the war we have with the Communist terrorist . 

Communism has been associated with human controlled. There is no freedom of worship. Religion is suppressed. Individuals do not have freedom of movement and speech. Layman cannot own a car nor property.

Somehow the Communist world was opened to all to visit. Waves after wave of Malaysians visited China. Thousands went to Soviet Union. Today we do not see communists in China and Vietnam. And the fear of Communism has been replaced by the fear of Islam.

Thanks to the You Tube that allow us to see what's inside North Korea. It is up to us to wisely used our mind to judge the country.


I have been observing at least  three schools in Alor Setar which I  termed 'Ailing Schools' by the performance of the Public Examination. For over several years they fared badly and maintain their positions at the bottom of the list. These are town schools, not far away from the District Education Office.

School's Head changed from time to time. There were improvements made to infrastructure. Yet the educational achievements remain the same. One has to look into the administration of the school, the teachers' attitudes, the students and the parent's involvement in their children's education.

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I started to walk again. It is a new route from Seri Malaysia across to Jalan Bakar Bata and ahead towards the junction of Jalan Kancut. At the junction I turned left to Jalan Telok Wan Jah until the round about where I took Jalan Stadium until I reached the starting point. It took me about 30 minutes to do so.

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05/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A considerable number of Americans do not believe there will be next year. The Iran-Israel War will end it all. The war will be within this year. They say the 'Anti-Christ' has arrived. It could be a symbolic mean of those who fear no God, cheating and looting, passing to legalize gay marriages. The prophesies were not only from the ancient sages but also stated in the bible. Behaviors of politicians show shamelessness. They buy people with money to cover the sin and habit of corruption and cronyism.   Read More

January 22, 2009

Earlier this year Amateur radio operator Bob Williams, N7ODM, of Bozeman, Montana, heard a faint Morse code signal. The transmission was coming from Glenn Russell Ruby Jr, W7AU, who had just broken his leg in the wilderness. Glen was using a portable radio and Morse code to send out a call for help. Although the signal was very week, Bob was able to pick up Glen’s call for help.

Injured with a broken leg, Glen was able to get out his exact GPS coordinates, and detailed information on his physical condition. He was able to tell Bob who to contact for emergency assistance.

The whole thing started when Glen slipped on a wet rock and broke his leg while hiking in the high Cascades of Western Washington. Once injured Glen’s instincts to survive took over, before even calling for help, he set up his tent, got into some warm clothes, had a snack, and strung up a wire antenna.

Glen then fired up his Ham Radio and put out his call for help. Thanks to his radio, rescue crews were able to locate and rescue Glen.


Amateur Radio: Not an Emergency Radio  Service

Well, that’s what the FCC says: the Amateur Radio Service is not an emergency radio service. K1ZZ’s QST editorial quotes the FCC and points out that the mission of the Amateur Radio Service is indeed broader than emergency communications. (The FCC does recognize the role that amateur plays in emergencies — see this web page.)

The ability to communicate can save lives

Radio experiments and testing had been part and parcel of Ham radio.

There is an art to radio listening a ham should master especially in picking weak signals in heavy man-made or static noise.

Ethics, procedures, patience and courtesy must be observed at all time. Occasionally we heard four letter word, yell and shout on the band.




How could not Ham Radio be mixed with politics when politicians were drag in and behave cockily as if this hobby belong to them and was made in Malaysia. The politicization of Amateur Radio, and the attempt to bring in the picture of Royalty has been a very sad episode of hamming in the country. In USA the FCC warned that Amateur Radio is not a tool to display one's patriotism.

Some overzealous hams want to make hams to do the police job, the rescue job, the security and health job by using the ham frequency as if the world does not care to address those  services, and not allocating frequencies for those organizations.

At the time of disaster hams who are not at the affected places are ever ready to help. That's good and commendable. While affected hams may be struggling to free themselves from the raving flood, with  ham gears are under water. It is just proper for hams who want to help  to go together with the Search and Rescue team. Independent move could  result in possible blame for looting.

HAMS are not KINGs in disaster. They are also not kings in police or health job. Each service has it's own procedures, communication equipments and frequencies. Those without communication facilities need to apply from the local authority; be it the Anti-Dadah, St. John Ambulance, Le-Tour Langkawi or RELA.

The police always create zones in disaster area for safety and security and to ensure there is no looting and theft. People who bulge in can also do a lot of mischief. This has happened everywhere.

If HAMS are so zealous in extending their help, it would be wise for them to help train the JPAM personnel in their HQ. A weekly visit would be good. To arrange a communication drill among JPAM HQ would be good too. Nevertheless Hams can offer their volunteery services during emergency when needed.

The importance of this understanding is to avoid un-authorize politician to halt ham communication at will to make a certain announcement which can be deemed as personal. Hams must know their limit, and when to jump in or not to  during the disastrous  time.

At the time of peace and tranquility the Radio Authority can set special frequencies for hams to assist At a location where there is no JPAM or police or any rescue organization then Hams can come into play, abiding by a strict code and procedure. For this purpose it is mandatory for Hams to learn the rescue procedures, the first aid, and other relevant skills.  Also they must be approved and recognized as one of the organizations to run the operation. That they have to follow the order from the command center.

To be a Superman by involving a political man and to show high handedness in various aspects could not be acceptable. Stepping in into an amateur world is the willingness to put aside one's greatness and big title, one's power and political beliefs. The ethics must be observed.

05/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Products from China


Are these real or imitation ?

 As time goes by the trust on Chinese products begin to diminish slowly. Firstly it is due to the quality and secondly it is because of the freak imitation. The second is the most serious.

Initial sale would bring in money and profit. Because of the low price people go for the Chinese but the second buy will go to the European, Japanese or American. Most of the Chinese products I bought did not last me long enough. They get rusty though kept indoors. I decide to buy the non-Chinese but branded utensils and hardware even with much higher price.

I pity those who visited China and bought a clone iPad and iPhone. They thought it was original from the casing and the packing. After a quick bargain and payment they moved away happily but later to discover those merchandised were fake. My student didn't get cheated in China but in Mecca when he brought back a fake iPhone.

The global recession may not affect China if the volume of trade within Asian countries continue to flourish. With the increasing numbers of people losing confidence in Chinese products China could be in trouble as well.

Hence the government of China should look into the products and to take stern actions on the makers of imitations and the low quality products. She cannot wait until the economic turmoil hit the continent. It must start now.

If I have money I won't dare to buy even Cherry. At least the Malaysian made are better than the Chinese.

04/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mat Rempit Malaysia

Drug addicts among the Malays are alarming

Poor Malays

Bag snatching has lead to several deaths


In the 50's the Malays looked down at many of the jobs done by the non-Malays, like the night soil carrier, and hard labor jobs done by the Indians. A Malay does not have to work in those days because they have land for 'Kerja Kampong'. Life was very easy. They don't have to struggle for survival. About 20 years the situation began to change.

Perkasa and the Malays

Pissing on pictures

A few pf the American Christians aware of the Hollywood movie made by Jews portraying a person urinating on a picture of Jesus Christ.

UMNO had been burning and pictures of PKR leadership and PKR people are also pissing on UMNO's.

Pissing on pictures, dancing showing butts, burning flags and pictures have been a common practice.

May there are four or five who pissed at pictures are aware of the telepathic waves, sending messages of curse and hatred to the person appeared on the image while pissing on it.

Such actions will not be the practice of the persons with a strong character.

The curse using the brain MAY result in a certain effect if the brain wave is big and huge enough to reach the person hated. WE don't know how each wave combine with the other thousands if the thought of curse come together.

Telepathy has been tested before. The brainwave was measured and the distant it covers was also tested.

The group prayer and the chanting of verses could give a more devastating effect than the pissing on the pictures.

PERKASA is a new organization formed with the express purpose to prevent this country from being a Chinese country. It was actually to garner the diminishing Malay support towards UMNO so that UMNO would survive the 13th General Election.

I think it is moving towards the wrong direction and the actions of throwing stones at innocent people and shoes in the holly places have nothing to do with the Protector of the Malays. They are myopic enough not to study the various acts passed during Mahathir's era that is has a negative effects to the Malays in particular and the Malaysian in general. They don't see the flies on their own nose, that as a result of UMNO's policy they can't even buy a descent home for their families. A house is costing almost a million in the state of Kedah and the average price is half a million.

The recent Usahawan Melayu gathering headed by Mukhriz and Mustaffa with PERKASA members promised business opportunities, and the same guys attending the seminar would not be able to get a shop lot to run their businesses. And if anyone gets the franchised project they will be squeezed to their last sweat.

The blindness seems to be a permanent mental drawback.

They fail to see the morality of the younger Malays who are prone to end themselves with drugs. School boys and Mat Rempit failed the drug test. Petty thefts and house breakings, bag snatching and day light robberies.

Why not they bind together and attack the illness of the Malay youths and declare war on drugs and crimes particularly where the Malays are involved ? Instead they fought to allow the cheatings in election, and throwing stones and shoes in the mosque.

Didn't they know that the Malays are still behind in education and competitive business ? How many drop outs are they each year ? How many can't read and write after 6 years of education ? How many parents could not manage their children's education ? Where are the PERKASA members ?

Malays are no more a dominant race in this country. Day by day there is a shrinking ratio. The demographic pattern change. They must learn to live together as a Malaysian for permanent peace and tranquility. Ibrahim's Ali threatening of the Chinese calling them to keep food storage showed how stupid he is. It is not the Chinese who must keep food, it is he himself must keep enough of them.

Noh Omar has a land and he farmed it out. Why not Ibrahim Ali and the PERKASA's boys go and rear prawns or cows ? Shahrizat's husband were given RM259 millions to rear cows yet he manipulated the gift to buy the two condos. Why not Ibrahim Ali and his PERKASA boys form their own corporative to rear cows and run super markets instead of throwing shoes in a mosque ?

This so-called Malay nationalists are Malay destroyers for not acting against corruptions at the highest level, says nothing about the demise of Bank Bumi Putera, says nothing about Takaful and Hong Leong, say nothing about cronyism and plan nothing to make Malays as a respectable race.

04/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Najib is cornered by his own men

Najib was stopped by his own men. If my guess is right the most vocal man is Rais Yatim. It looks like Rais is doing most of the planning for Najib.

They are pushing Najib to carry on with the war with Pakatan Rakyat, convincing him that BN has a strong machine to maintain power. We see this in the 114A Act when Najib suggestion was rejected by his man. Rais was the most outspoken.

It is difficult to be good though he would like very much to do. He is cornered by the crimes committed by the those who were trying to make good of the government.

Gani Patail was accussed of committing crime of corruption and fabricating evidence. Others are known as corrupt.


Not enough with throwing stones the UMNO Samseng is throwing shoes in the mosque.

What good of UMNO to throw shoes in the mosque and destroying the House of God's property.

Instead of pulling the Malays to UMNO it created a much deeper hatred towards UMNO. Pictures of UMNO samsengs were captured.

I don't think so they will escape punishment.

Najib's declaration of war with fellow Malaysians is indeed folly and unwise. It can result in Civil War as in Syria. Doesn't UMNO foresee the danger of what can happen ?

21 st Century saw the beginning of the culture of global lies by political leaders. Presidents and former President from a big nation did not show any shame or guilt at all. Clinton's biggest lie was  he denied knowing Monica Lewinsky. Bush and his total administration concertedly lie to the American public about 9/11. To date Obama continues to defend the lies of Bush administration.

Across the oceans and continents the same sin occurs. Leaders were dodging issues on the Filipinos immigrants, 30 million contract to Raja Nong Chik's daughter, kickback from the Scorpene dealings, Gani Patail's fabrication case on Anwar and the crimes in Malaysia. The diversion and lying tactics do not make the wrong things right.

Big liars either do not believe in God or skeptical about religion. Enough had been said  about this sinful act by the Muslims and the Christians , yet the practice is surprisingly adopted by clerics and priests . They help  to defend the avarice of the politicians.

Why the 21st century has been the turning point of lies becoming a political culture ?Philosophers are equating it with the prophesies on apocalypse in year 2012. Churches are looking at the bible prophesies on the end of the world. They are talking about the Gog and Magog war in relating to Iran-Israel war which was projected to begin in October this year.

Towards the end mankind will be losing their morality, the ability to judge the right and the wrong and will commit sins after sins. Lies are on of those strings of sins; gay marriage, free sex, incest and spouse swapping. Islam does not predict when the end will come but confirmed the signs of ending have been numerous.

Liars will somehow pay the price. The time will come.

03/09/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof





9/11, pilots say "No Way"


Let not the law and Cartel and Mafia be merged into one and they in turn determine the leaders of nations. May God saves us.

Those who abuse public funds must be severely punished