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Ham Radio is not a small matter

There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person


It is the result that counts not the process

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Someone commented that those who do not know how to tune will use tuner. I am one of those who are stupid enough to use tuner. How do I use a tuner ? Every time before I start transmitting I would put my drive to the lowest power and the tuner to SWR measure. Slowly I would increase the drive and adjusted the two variable condensers to get the lowest SWR. Then I would put the function switch to power to check the output. The adjustment continued until I get the power I wanted and the lowest SWR. The final position of the function switch depends on the weather. If the day is gloomy and I sensed a slight drizzle the switch will be on the SWR measure at all time.

My G5RV will cause a significant change in SWR as the antenna become wet, or from wet to dry or when the rain stopped. SWR were adjusted from time to time.

Old hams are scared of SWR. Final tube would easily get blown up upon excessive standing wave. Today's rigs have protection units. But if the rig does not power-off at the high SWR the reflected wave will somehow reach the final. I believe it hurts.

Using a high powered final which can stand high wattage of reflected waves can go without any tuner. Military equipment may be built to withstand stress. Using 1 hundred watts equipment can withstand the low SWR. Because  most of us don't know the strength of the QRP final it is better to go on the safe side.

The durability of the final which can stand reflected waves still does not stop me from using a tuner. I don't want a 5 watts transmitter to push out only 2 watts. Tuner can push efficiency.

If you don't need a two meter or HF antenna tuner then sell them to me. Let me continue be stupid.

12/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

My new car costs RM24.4K. A new motorbike costs RM90K. To me it is ceazy. Yet people are buying the expensive two wheelers. And now I realize a ham radio gear is priced equal to my Viva.

That was not about inflation. It is about taste and quality. I can't imagine people buy cars costing more than RM150K and above. It would take me more than 20 years to save for the vehicle.

And a decent home cost you about a million. The affordable home must be around RM400K, the high rise building with little room to breath. You only realize the problem when a member of your family is sick or pass away.

When I said those people are crazy, the response was it was I who were crazy for buying a car without comfort, rejecting the spice of life. Living in a million ringgit home, driving a 200K car, wearing a RM2K T-Shirt made them feel good.

I think this is a crazy world.

If I Can't Other Can


Being what I am at this age I very much realized my lacking compared to others around me. At  least I know those brilliant people can bend their efforts to fight for the good of the nation which I have always wanted but I can't owing to my great inadequacies.

To compensate the lost is almost impossible due to the degrading of memory, poor  retention,  and fading physical strength. I would not be able to chase the language and mental prowess of those who presented excellent political essays on blogs.

To be on the top of everything we have to start young and parents must show interest in their children's education.

The lacking and deficiency must not be allowed to hinder us from  contributing to our nation. We cannot rely on every other people to do things for us, talking and fighting on our behalf.

As I have said before I should not regret to be me, even a moron I am. There are thousands more in the fore ready to mend and fix the damages. I am not talking about the political figures but of the ordinary men with commendable ability.

Young men of principles with wisdom are numerous, from all walks of life. They are vocal enough to make their voices heard. In the meantime I continue to do my part.

11/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

You won't be able to guess what I have in mind. I am thinking of using a mosquito net instead of using aerosol. That is not an easy thing to do now with the brick house. It is a hanging problem. In the good old days we put nails on the wall and at 8.00 pm I started to hang all the four sides of the net. It took about 10 - 15 minutes to search and kill any mosquito after the net fell.

The net is not cheap anymore. But the design is not suitable with the modern home. We have to design a tent like self expansion net when opened. There is no hanging to be done. The electric folding and unfolding with the squeezing ability would be very fine. I wouldn't mind paying over 100 ringgit for it. ( On browsing a website I found one non-hanging net )

We would spend much more on aerosol than on the netting.  If we use RM18.00 a month for aerosol the ten month total is RM180.

Non-hanging mosquito net

A mosquito net can last for years. I wonder how many of you out there are sleeping under the net.




I like to taste Nasi Goreng at the hotel I stayed , except for one or two where it would cost more than RM25 a plate. Compare to most roadside stalls the hotels servings are almost oil less. The dressing arose my appetite.

More than 90% of the normal restaurants and stalls will serve you the rice wetted with cooking oil. For the last 2 dinners I found a stall that served me a perfect Nasi Goreng served with a bowl of soup, an egg and vegetables it costs me RM4.00. Though the dressing is simple, it pushed my appetite up.

There are more than 5 types of Nasi Goreng, s few with exotic names like Nasi Goreng USA, Pataya, Kerabu, Ikan Masin, Kampung, China and Paprik. These are available in Thai restaurants.

Many years ago while I was with my wife at a Sate House in the heart of London, I heard an English couple ordered Nasi Goreng. I whispered to her that the English couple must have stayed in Malaysia for quite a time to know the Malaysian food.

In Thais the words Nasi Goreng is 'Khao phad'. I noticed the Thai stalls in Alamoana Center Honolulu sold the Khao Phad with pork in it. In Bangkok I always enjoy the meal in Muslim stalls.

I have a simple way to make my own. I would buy a curry with mackerels from Pak Hassan restaurant, kept the curry for a night for the next day. The next morning I cook some rice. I do not need any chili anymore as Pak Hassan's curry has all the taste, delicious spice, hot curry with enough salt. Combining the cooked rice and the curry the khao phad become the best ever in the whole universe.

You give me a beautiful young woman and a plate of Nasi Goreng, I would pushed the woman away for the joy of my life. Nasi Goreng is always better then UMNO or DAP or even PAS.

09/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



How on earth counterfeits creep into ATM ?

The bank's ATM and the money inside it is not run by the bank. It is run by a third party. The Third Party Expert in Malaysia is Mahathir Kutty Mohd. It has to be somebody with money to supply the money through the ATM. Who is he ? This guy has connection to a Minister or Ministers or a Minister himself.

Would the public feel angry if it is Mahyuddin's friends or family won the tender ? I would say NO. BUT if there is a share between the counterfeiters and a politician to distribute the illegal notes through ATM it is too bad. To put it bluntly the head of the culprit whoever he is should be chopped off.

On this sole issue alone I would not vote for BN unless BN can prove it has nothing to do with spreading counterfeits using ATM. I am beginning to believe the RM500 gifts to the kampong folks were printed by the same group.

I am going to cancel all the ATM cards the soonest. Not only the problem of counterfeiting but our money could even disappear. Most private security organizations are problematic. At least I can minimize fraud and cheating from a bank.

Really I didn't know of cases of counterfeiting reported in the newspaper because I do not read newspapers anymore. Several guys at the scene informed me of the news of the counterfeits in circulations.

The ATM machines in CIMB Alor Setar do not have sensors to check the authenticity of the note. It measures by size of the paper only. That was the answer I get when confronting the Safeguard officer.

Really it is hard to run away from the robbers. They have lawyers and a few are lawyers themselves. When they are politicians they make use of the government media to hide their satanic lusts.

Between the two bank officers, I would not keep the CIMB irresponsible in the banking world anymore. He spoke rough, blaming me for not getting the half note. Could he be one of the counterfeit shareholders ?

I have reported to Bank Negara and the bank promised investigation. If LIM KIT SIANG is in Alor Setar I would have gone to his house urging him to do a thorough investigation on the new banking policy, who are the real guys benefiting from the ATM farm policy. Does the counterfeiting involve any family members of any Minister ? Who propose the idea of the ATM farming ?

Those of you who read this and have enough weigh must bring this matter to the fore. It is the relationship between the false notes and the ATM runners that need investigation.

I didn't intend to buy a VIVA from a Malay salesman anymore because of the way they treat me. I was very happy with the Chinese lady who was selling the car. She didn't beat about the bush. She answered all questions asked and she was very energetic.

And when the people I encountered with made things so difficult to me and they were all Malays you can imagine how I felt.

You may say counterfeits are all over the world. USA too has the problem. We should be very concern if the money comes out from the banks. And CIMB never has a good history. It took shape from the tranformation of Bank Bumiputera. Jalil was killed investigating the bank hanky panky.

That was another great success of Mahathir whom you might call a great statesman. Were not Bank Bumi robbed and killed ?

If the counterfeits emerge in super markets or a Nasi Kandar stalls we would not be much puzzled, shocked and taken aback.

My wife's account is in CIMB and my account is in Maybank. Because I am not qualified for a credit card I made a debit card, hoping it would facilitate my expenditure. And my wife had her ATM made because her health condition deteriorate; with the card I could draw out her money when she needs them.

It was recently that I made a car booking, VIVA. We were to share the cost; me 15K and my wife 10K. The easiest way to transfer my wife money into my account is to use the ATM card, bit by bit until the total amount. On Friday Nov 22nd I drew 3K and kept it at home. Today, Friday the 23rd. I drew another 3K. With the 6K I went to my bank to deposit the amount.

The officer traced two counterfeits of 100 ringgit with the same serial number. The notes were confiscated. I was asked to make a police report. 'How do I get back my RM200 ?" I asked. Maybank asked me to deal with CIMB.

I rushed to the CIMB and reported of the counterfeits from the ATM machine. I was ushered to see an officer. I repeated my narration. He asked me for 1/2 of the note. The note must torn intotwo parts by the bank. One given to me and another half kept by the bank.

I rushed back to Maybank asking for the half note. "What a nonsense," the officer said. "Bank Negara needs the whole note. We can't give back the note. You tell CIMB to phone to us."

I rushed back to CIMB telling the officer of what the Maybank said. "No way. We need half of the note. That's our procedure."

Confused and tired, missing my dinner and Friday prayer, I went to the police station to lodge a report. "Where are the counterfeits ? " The police woman asked. I said the bank kept it. "No money no report," she said again.

"How come you people make life so difficult to the victim ? I rushed here and there. Now you say I can't make a report without the notes that the bank refused to give back ? " She lifted the phone and talked to someone. Then she took my report.

I went back to Maybank informing them that the report was lodged. I need proof that the bankkept my RM200 counterfeit or not. "We don't issue receit. The police report is enough. We will deal with the police.

To me it was hell. My RM200 will vanish for nothing. I decided to go bck to CIMB and saw one the same officer I talked before. This is what he said,"The ATM is not ours. It does not belong to CIMB. We are not responsible. This one belongs to Safeguard."

"But as far as I am concern it is CIMB. The money is CIMB. The ATM is CIMB.  And the different in banking procedure is blamed on me ? And you can't even phone to Maybank ? " I raised my voice.

"You go to the Safeguard and reported it. Just now I have informed the company to check the ATM machine and they are checking it." He said.

"I need back my RM200." I insisted. He rang up the company again. Someone in the company requested to talk to me and agreed to refund my money. I waited and at 4.15 pm I finally get back my money in exchange for my photo-stat copy of my ID and other documents.

23/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Am I a member of opposition ?

Are you a You Tube watchers ? There are tons of video clips and articles on what will happen in this December, mainly on apocalyptic and some even believe in the coming of the Mesiah. For us the Muslims it is better not to pass any remark about it. This short article is not for the Muslims. But for those non-Muslims with knowledge on what will happen on December 2012. I am in no position to state my view because my Islamic knowledge itself is far from profound.

The last wave about the end of the world where Jesus was to descend and rupture to take place was May 2011. This one comes in different form. The end is said to follow the bible, where there will be a big war of armageddon where the Jews/Christians will fight the Muslims coming from the land called Iran.

Another is talking about the dead star Nibiru which will collide against the earth thereby resulting in the devastation of the world. If the earth is knocked off it's orbit it will have no sun and moon, the effect of which will be very colossal and unknown to what may happen.

There is also a talk of the shifting of the earth magnetic field that will cause the big earth quake that will destroy civilization and mankind.

Philosophers, archeologists, scientists and churches are already keeping their eyes open. The Atheists are waiting to laugh.

The local Muslims just simply ignore it as seen by the many marriage invitations until the end of the month. Najib and UMNO is planning hard for 2013 election. The opposition party is counting the number of UMNO winners jumping ship in order to go to Putrajaya.

Today is 7th of December. The Christians have little time left to decide what to do.

What if nothing happen ? Somebody will make money by publishing a new book on the new Mayan prophesy.

I do see the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. The Israelis will provide an autonomous Palestinian states with it's own police provided the HAMAS lay off their arms and Hezbollah agreed to cease the aggressive design towards Israel. If HAMAS and Hezbollah agreed and the Palestinians are happy with it then there will be no war between Iran and Israel.

As for Malaysia I do not see what's going to happen to Najib. I don't know how many people detest Rosmah and will put Najib off for good. But if catastrophe happens this year Najib, Rosmah and others will follow the crowds to hell or heaven. Those believers of the true God, the only ONE God, may survive.

Just wait for 2 more weeks.

07/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I approved what I perceive is good and denounced what is bad. If the source is from UMNO then I will have to curse the party. If it comes from PAS my response would be identical.

I cannot say 'yes' for the misuse of the public funds. The government servants are asked to strictly follow the treasury instructions on public finance. The procedure is good and clear. Because it is the money that belongs to the people the rules apply to all. If UMNO gave to Shahrizat's family and the fund was misused it comes under the criminal breach of trust.

I read the Malaysian Law on corruption and understood it very well. Whatever is described as corruption is what Najib is publicly doing. Then I would have to say UMNO is a corrupt party.

We cannot come to conclusion on who killed Altantuya and whether it had anything to do with Scorpene kickback. But we could be sure of the missing jet engine, the inaction of Ghani Patail when he is accused as accepting corruption, of the bankruptcy of PERWAJA and the missing PKZ billions, mega projects given to Mahathir, Shahrizat threatening to cause riot and UMNO using the samseng to hurt the people.

Isn't threatening May 13 amounting to threatening to kill and murder ? And when Ibrahim Ali asked the Chinese to store food what does he mean ? Is murdering people is now hot in the mind of the UMNO and supporters of UMNO ? Did TBH died because of the mentality ?

I always wish for UMNO leadership to make some sensible remarks because I have a desire to respect them. Instead I have hearing silly and stupid statements from them. Adnan said if UMNO lose in Pekan he would let his ears been cut off. And he called himself a Muslim. Doesn't he know it is sinful to utter such a statement. What more in public.

I see clearly BN goes for divide and rule policy. UMNO is telling the Malays that the party is protecting them from the Chinese. Voting opposition menas voting for a Chinese country. The MCA tells the Chinese that the party is protecting the race from the Muslim. I saw them sharing the loots. UMNO gets a project, MCA runs it.

Those who went out joining the BERSIH believe the election must be fair. The story of phantom voters and vote rigging were told by those who were involved. Bringing  the outsiders were not imagination. Anomalies were traced. And BN deprived those who appealed for a fair election. Now Najib rejects international observers.

How could I praise and support UMNO's gangsters hurting and threatening others ? How could I exalt the party who encourage their members to do the butt dancing which brought a disgrace to the Malay race ? How could I vote for inefficiencies ?

UMNO has to prove it is not robbers, gangsters, liars and corrupt. Words are not enough at all. The deeds must be seen at all time not only just before the election. The dirty rug needs to be cleaned.


The Truth About Ham Radio -  A View


K1OIK almost  aired my view on the current trend of ham radio. Bad practices happening can be very viral. They think terminology and procedures are the liberty of the hobby. But the world is not so crazy to use 72 to replace 73 yet or to use Q-Codes all the way on SSB. Malaysians are 10 steps ahead of ham radio and electronic. They called a microphone a PTT and a car a CANOPY. And they very much like to say '...and all the monitoring stations....' They want to be Deejay and feel they are when talking over the radio. At least K1OIK did not condemn CW using a computer while I scorn the person who developed and encourage it, We hope we don't find persons who work 45 wpm could not understand a CW message sent to him when he has no computer with him.                                                                                  07/12/2012

Stupid Khairy

Insatiable Lust


When people got hurt during PKR's Ceramah Khairy yelled ,"Who start the provocation...".

It was the PKR's ceramah and why must the UMNO samseng be there harassing it ? When BN had a ceramah, no opposition people with flags went to disturb. Unlike UMNO who threw red paint and stones at opposition's vehicles, the opposition never bother to send any force to cause havoc at BN's gathering.

Khairy is either stupid or a an evil spirit. He cannot be any other. But he could be both.

Right thinking people are asking the same question. Why must the UMNO samseng be there in the first place. Khairy should answer his own question.

How could a person with a US degree from a prestigious university be that so stupid or simply be so satanic, dare not fight a clean and honest election, instead using gangsters and intimidation.

The PKR and the other opposition supporters hatred will mount to be so very intense that the Malays are heading towards a grand disaster. IT WILL sooner or later.

What extreme joy a man can have ? Taking all the greatest desire, the most beautiful woman, the ecstatic of the best sexual experience, flying the space shuttle, eating the best food in the world and becoming the king of kings and commanding the world, what amount of happiness and satisfaction does he get ?

He doesn't feel the end because he does not really feel satisfied. This is what made his need insatiable. When others already felt the end and the happiness, arranging their time to convey the gratitude to the Al-Mighty for giving the abundance.

How could we say a President or a Prime Minister has attained the life fulfillment when we see them condemning others with sour faces almost everyday, and begging for votes and using body guards to protect their lives ?

Insatiable lust is not only a disease but also a satanic stance. Satan never hide and never can shame, never feel guilty and has it's own morality of no wrong, no sin and no bad.

Some people steal to survive. Rich people steal because they need more. They get more and they want more. Insatiable lust of anything has no end until the last breath.

A few realized their enormous greed which never found the ultimate happiness. They did the soul searching. Finally they gave back what they grabbed. Some donated for medical research. Some helped towards the benevolent cause. They became philanthropists. So we see this in George Soros but not in Mahathir; one a Christian and another a Muslim.

While sexual appetite decrease with age the lust for power and money never. The desire for women do not fade.

A simple life in a forest can be very fulfilling. Humanity prevails.

The worst of the lots are politicians.

05/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Two criminals guarded by the Malaysian police went missing while on the way to court.

The police and the Minister in charge of the police have become a laughing stock of the public. Most of us are not surprise.

Dogs that bark at the wrong trees were coerced to do so until they see criminals are OK but politicians are not.

We don't forget cases of missing important evidence that free dangerous drug dealers, police stations burnt and police themselves committed felonies.

Do you know why such things happened ?

It is because the head has different priorities in mind; first is to ensure UMNO is in power. Second the police should make as much money as possible.

It is a pity and a big tragedy for our country when the police is turned into political tools.

Despite of several mishaps and the call for resignation the Minister shamelessly responded with arrogant and adamant remark.

No wonder Malaysia can be a heaven for criminals.

Tuhan Maha Kaya

I Just Don't Want To Be Greedy

A direct translation means God is extremely wealthy. It implies the greatness of the Al-Mighty. This is the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed saw. God of all living things and non-living things.

Once I detested Musa Hassan very much for reasons known to many. I had never expect Musa to finally change, not because of Anwar Ibrahim nor he is in favor of opposition parties but because he knows many facts in realities. Most of all the God has pity on his pious father.

Many retired high profile government staffs are speaking against evil. They were in better position to know what were going on. We pray the best for those who repent and decide to fight evil.

The first shocking statement was politicians were the main cause for the increasing crimes. Police were diverted to do jobs to protect UMNO; in fact protecting UMNO's criminals.

The second statement was accusing Hishamuddin of power abuse. Indeed Hisham never looked and act smart. Like Nazri he thought his power is absolute and he is above the law.

Even without Musa's exposure we know the reality. He just confirmed what the others were thinking.

How about Deepak ? To many learned and educated people Deepak is the fallen angel, suddenly dropping from the sky to announce the red-white color are colors of devil.

UMNO should brace for more shocks.

03/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

When government servants and fellow citizens were making money on pyramid scheme I was  one of the few who were could avoid the temptation. Even my wife disobeyed my instruction not to be greedy. My neighbor, an agent, was getting wealthier and wealthier.

I had a big  laugh when the pyramid scheme collapsed. And deep in my heart I condemned the Head of departments and big guys who were in education department; they are not fit to be employed by the public for their greed and foolishness. Yet they continued to get promotion.

Then friends told me about the gold investments. There were advertisements everywhere. Many withdrew from their ASB and other savings to buy the metal. I was very certain people will be cheated by some designs. I even did not trust the banks as my wife cheated once by a bank.

ASB does not give me much. The track record has been good. And I still won't believe a bank promising a 9% of annual return for fixed deposit.

Now even the Gold trader Geneva Malaysia has experience a great debt. UMNO is blaming Bank Negara not their own folly and stupidity. Then there were stories of impurities in the gold.

I can't talk for the Chinese but I am in a position to talk about the Malays who are never enough with what they have.  Those who can rob will rob. Those in position to demand in return for a favor will demand. Those who have the opportunity to sell their race, religion and wives will do so without shame and guilt. They don't possess any morality.

Don't follow the crowd all the time. Don't believe what the politicians, the newspapers and the media are telling you about anything. Don't be greedy.

Be the few who can avoid temptation.

Eating Out


What choice do I have but to buy food outside. Prices of food have gone up by more than 100% . Working people don't have much problem on inflation. The retirees are. Our real savings decline by the same amount.

The cheapest breakfast for both my wife and me is RM10 for our favorite food. It would be cheaper if we just buy bread costing RM3.20 per loaf. My daily nasi kandar is RM5.00 and my wife nasi dagang plus drink is another RM5.00. When I have a maid I spent about RM15.00 - RM20.00 for breakfast only.

Each day my wife takes breakfast and dinner. I take something else before my evening exercise and a simple dinner. And every time I wanted to buy a dinner I have to compute the price because for the same kind of dinner prices are different depending on where I have it. A plate of fried rice in a hotel plus a drink and a tax would cost me about RM20. Outside I paid RM6.00 including an apple juice. If I decide to consume protein I have three places to go; Mary Brown which cost me RM13.00 for Fish & Chip, KFC RM10 for a set of Fish Burger, Don Bake Burger RM6.00 with Black Coffee.

I am laboring myself looking after my wife to save almost RM1K a month without a maid. They called it invisible income. Whatever it reduces my burden of eating out.

When we pray we don't pray for money and wealth. We pray for good health and strength to face challenges, to lift my wife from her bed and wheel chair, able to send her for dialysis, buying her breakfast and dinner.

Some friends said it is better to buy food than to cook since there are only two of us. Actually cooking save a lot. For RM25 we could it would last us for at least 7 days. If only I can cook I would have done it.

Physically I do not bring my wife along to eat outside due to the transfer problem. I bought the food home. Once in a while when I brought her to KFC and Tutti Fruity she would eat in the car.

I have to be extra careful when buying to make sure there is no wastage. I reduced the purchases of 'kuih' from Rm2 to RM1. The other day she asked for some rice. I brought back a packet with an egg and a fish. After just a spoon she put it away.

Eating out is not my liking. I just don't have a choice.


This is a RM7.50 Majid tomato rice with a medium size prawn, a papadom and an egg. I don't usually accompany it with a prawn because prawn is never cheap. Squids and crabs are another expensive items. Once in a while probably at the beginning of a month I may order the delicacy

My wife doesn't like Majid. Today she dipped the bread into a delicious Indian curry bought from Pak Hassan yesterday. The curry is well kept inside the freezer. I would use a microwave oven before consumption.

The breakfast will last me till evening. In between I would quench my thirst with cold water.

I had wanted to take my radio friend, 9M2ZC, to this stall when he was here on the 20th. I could not made it for several reasons. The first was I had to take my wife to dialysis. The treatment was only four hours but the whole preparation and completion took a day, from buying food, feeding her, bathing and other nursing jobs, dressing and driving her to the medical center. When coming home the procedure repeated. Secondly my car was having a heating problem. I have to depend on another ham friend, 9W2TZ, for the transport. But the later refused to see Zek. Hence Zek missed Majid and Pak Chop delicious noodles.

Rather than asking a friend to accompany me for meal I find going alone is better. The time is mine. I don't have to look at my watch to meet the promised moment. When someone promised to arrive my home at 2.00 pm but only reaching my house an hour later, I would get frustrated. What more after two hours later he cancelled the meeting.

Last night was not my night. Instead of going to Merry Brown for a Fish & Chip I decided to have a friend rice at one stall. I was talking to myself to order additional egg, what drink to order and happily computing how much I would save. Merry Brown RM13.00, the nasi goreng RM6.00 with Apple juice. I was laughing at myself for being so smart.

On arriving the destination the whole row of stalls closed. Never mind, I said, there is another place for fish and chip nearby. I saw a lot of people at Joned Koewyeow. Inside they have Western Food, Satay and Roti Arab. I saw on one at the Western Food area."Sorry sir, the cook is absent tonight."

Half frustrated I move around slowly. About 50 meters away I found several type of nasi lemak. I took nasi lemak ikan masin and nasi ikan, ordered black coffee without sugar.

It cost me RM3.20. Minus from the origonal Mary Brown I had save almost RM10.00.

I am planning a dinner of a fish burger set from KFC. My wife already has hers, the bread and a roti jala. Now it is almost 2.00 pm. At 4.00 I will be going out to fetch her.



03/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




30/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I am no good at using electronic key compared to the straight key. Since 1975 till 2009 I had been using the Hi-Mound pounder.

Straight key is good at the normal speed of 12 wpm. Even in contests I used the same key. My aim of entering the contest was not to collect points but to help people to gain them.

I have bad habit when working CW. I always close my eyes at which some time I dozed off. Once I copied the call sign and logged it I would go to the usual habit. Working with local guys like Zainal 9M2ZA,Eshee 9M2FK and Mazwan 9M2ZN would take more than an hour. Even with the new hams CW contact means chatting.

LIm,9M2LC, always complained I sent him too slow. He doesn't want me to have a long pause between characters. I was asked to pause between words.

The first electronic key was given by 9M2SX, Saito. The key would moved left and right when I slapped the paddle. I used a G-Clamp to stop the movement. I made too many errors . Slowly I picked up the speed but still making mistakes. Hairie, 9M2GET, loaned me a Venture key. I found it very comfortable.

But nothing can challenge my straight key. I worked Azlan,Piju,Hairie and many other 9Ms with this key for the exception  of Mazwan. I deployed Hairie's iambic key to work him at a speed greater than 25 wpm. We used English.

The video clips on the left are devoted to straight keys. Go to the you tube and type CW HAM RADIO WITH STRAIGHT KEY and you'll plenty of clips. Enjoy the video.




There were two time when I thought it was the end of the world for me. I would not be able to enjoy the normal life. The first time when I had had an accident. I was in agony for three months. My collar bone broke and never fused properly again. The second time when I was diagnosed as a diabetic. My blood sugar wasn't too high then. It was just 7. That kept in in morose mode for years. I thought I was going to die.

This very moment I feel like normal people. Life is meaningfull. I felt healthy, fit and strong. Somehow I can manage distress and enjoy my life.

Last night I talked to my radio friend over the air. He informed me about 9M2VOT,Rashad, who is about 10 years younger, has lost interest in ham radio since his heart's problem. I knew how Rashad felt because I felt the same thing before. Sooner or later he will come back on the radio and will be looking for old men like us.

Sick people in the West form group. They meet and talk. They know there are many other sick people like them. They build confidence and making life more meaningful.

There are people who die due to stress, mentally and emotionally. A sick man who does not know he is sick may lead a healthy and active live. Once he goes for medical check up and told that he has a heart problem, diabetic,hyper-tension and  high cholesterol he will start worrying about it. The kids will ask him to abstain from all kind of food. Slowly he will get tired, the energy start to fade and within two years he may die.

If we know when and why we are going to die we will not be happy anymore. So let us not know when we are going to die and how. If stroke strike us let we be killed by it. We die without the feeling of sadness or distress.

The choice is yours.

30/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

After the daylight robbery of FELDA 's money now UMNO is blaming the opposition for the decline of FGV share price. This is another pre-justification given by the stupid and greedy lots of Malay robbers. Someone told me the reason for fielding FELDA in FGV is nothing more than to rob the money.

Somehow I come to believe that those who talk a lot are not good in their jobs. Daim Zainuddin does not talk much. He is good in dwindling and swindling and quietly making millions for himself. You give a million to Isa Samad to run a business he will close shop in three months. You give 250 millions to Shahrizat's family they will use the money to build their own wealth.

Even Mahathir could not run a business other than forcing others to give him the contracts. Ask him to sell bread in no time he will leave the business.

When the Malays fail in business they will blame the rest of the world. They don't want to admit their deficiency, ineptness,  bad attitudes, arrogance, lazy and poor decision making. They can't solve complicated problems because of the short sightedness.

Try to see a Malay salesman and compare with a Chinese.

UMNO guys want a quick and easy money. Many want to be sleeping partners. Business is not only knowledge but also experience and diligence. If UMNO knows that an opposition can cause the price to fall then why invest ?

UMNO simply cannot see big money somewhere. They will be thinking of ways and means to get them. If  they don't, they will be thinking how to force people to pay them. Mahathir likes to set up third party, made agreements with the government for big compensation if  projects are cancelled.

It is a big hell to give money to UMNO to run a business.

What Do I Know

ATM Bank's Responsibility

How Could I ?

Today I decided to take my sick wife around on our new Viva. After taking her to bath and dressed her I pushed her to car ready to place on the front seat. My neighbor, seeing of the transfer rushed to give us his hand. He, like me, was surprise to see the car seat and the wheel chair are not of the same level. Viva's seat is about 3 inch higher. The gap between both chairs is 8 inch apart, almost the same length as Kancil.

I told my neighbor that since I have taken her out of the house, we might as well put her on the car. Tilting up the transfer board is difficult but we decide to it. We finally made it. She was aboard.

I drove her to town. There is ample space for her legs and feet, further than Kancil. And I don't have problem in managing the gear shifts. On Kancil her right thigh would be pressing against the shaft, but not on this one.

I told her something has to be done to make the chairs are of the same level. I was thinking of modifying the height of the chair in Viva. Then I remember Ah Hwa who is doing minor repair for homes. I called him to see me in the evening.

After almost two hours I  took my wife home. My neighbor rushed to my house again to assist. Before he arrived I already completed transferring her onto the wheel chair. When Ah Hwa arrived I discussed a three inch cement ram to be built. Work will start tomorrow. p.s. boarding problem is not solved outside our home. How to lower the seat ?

29/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

When I complained of the counterfeits in the ATM's machine of the CIMB the officer was unkind to me.  With anger's face with confronting manner he said the ATM do not  belong to the bank.  It belongs to the security company.

Is it the policy of the government to set such a policy ?

We put the money in a bank. It produced the ATM's card. Now it says the money is not theirs. It is similar to somebody owes you a few thousand ringgit but asking you to collect from one other person who owes him money but do not pay back.

If I were the bank manager I would seal the ATM's premise and immediately report the case for immediate actions. Firstly at that point of time we can stop the machine from spreading the counterfeits and secondly we can catch the culprits red handed.  The action need to be quick.

It is very despicable for a bank to shed the responsibility and transfer the burden onto the victims of the false money.

CIMB will never be choice of anything. Never trust it's investment scheme. My wife felt cheated when the promise was not delivered and name like Takaful was seen on the end of the year's notes for the investors. Her money was in fact reduced. I asked her to withdraw before her total money disappeared.  She did and invested in the ASB. She got back the lost amount after several dividends.

I want to have a short  break. Feeling exhausted and tired writing bad things about UMNO.  I want to write on something else other than politics.

But how could I when hearing dirty phrases from UMNO ?  Shahrizat threatened another May 13, which she should be thrown into prison on such a threat and incitement. Another was insulting Islam and God when he said UMNO is God's chosen.

If UMNO wants winning so much let the Malays vote UMNO but vote OUT Najib, Shahrizat, Hishamuddin, Mahyuddin and those who insulted Al-Quaran. I may like Najib but I can't bear nor tolerate Rosmah.

That's the best gift from the Malays.

Only blind and uninformed people would put UMNO there without any condition. The Malays who lose their soles would still elect the party that had destroyed them.

The lashing and bashing on the opposition parties and Anwar did not surprise me.  I could just ignore them BUT not the threatening of waging war with the Chinese.

Why Shahrizat is so proud of May 13 ? That;s one of the characteristics of Malaysian Malays of Indian origin. 'Ranggi' was the common term used on these people. You can compare Mahathir, Shahrizat and others of Indian origin.

We are fed up with corruptions and mamak and mami's behaviors.

I am dead broke


As I have said time and again if UMNO wants the Malays to unite let them unite under PAS. Malays are less important than Islam. There are big time UMNO Malays are Christians.

The fear of UMNO is not the Malays losing the political power but fear of losing the right to rob the [ublic and the fear of losing the public funds they are holding. They fear of being parraded in people's court for the crimes commited.

First UMNO insult HUDUD and Al-Quaran.Refer to Dr Mashitah'c comment on HUDUD and prostitution. Now they are saying God chose UMNO to rule,which implies plunder public funds and corruptions and lying and decepting. It is a real satanic statement. By and large several UMNO peoplehad stepped out of Islam.

If PR wins PAS will not seek revenge. Anwar won't do the same. But millions want to see the criminals be harshly punished, painfully and slowly, harsh and toturous.

Actually I pity the UMNO guys who see their other comrades sweep millions while they have to struggle toget a few thousands. The worst guys are those who receive a few hundreds and willing togoand throw stones at innocent people and shoes in themosque.

I have seen these lowest goons struggle for life when their livelihoods were robbed by the other grouup of UMNO. Once they were UMNO's samseng and now beggaring everywhere.

They should realize those who are corrupt and making millions and billions are scared of losing their money. Those who were involved in serious criminal activities are working very hard to ensure of UMNO's victory.


I don't blame the government for me having no money now. I put it in a car which I can open a door almost 90 degrees for easy transfer of my wife from the wheel chair onto it. The car cost less then 25K but it drained all of my savings and my wife too.

At least I have food to eat and a little to spend for vital necessities. There are many others who are very much worse off. The other day while on the way to pick up my wife I saw a man with his wife on a motor bike carrying a newborn baby. I was thinking of stopping my car and took the wife and the baby in my car but I simply couldn't do it. This man must be very poor. I am luckier than many Americans who are jobless and homeless.

It is a big hassle for pensioners to buy a car or a house on loan. They need the pay clip. Pensioners receive their pensions through banks. No slip is provided. And bank cannot print only the pension statements. It prints all our income and withdrawals, exposing our total privacy.

I accumulated to buy expensive things.

I never asked from my kids nor friends for financial help. I am almost free of obligation. I don't owe anyone. Being broken live like a broken man; spend less. And as a Muslim I thank God for providing me good health, active brain and not greedy for wealth and money.



When UMNO Ustazah Talks on Gratitude

I have just listened to Radio Malaysia Alor Setar to Ustazah's scolding the people who condemn the leaders who do us the good services.

I think it is better for the Ustaz and Ustazah to leave politics alone. Their views are narrow and they fail to see the evil side of the leaders who never practice Islam and inflict pain on the others. This guy is too blind to see of our services to these leaders.

The king of the service is we put them there. And the people pay huge sum of money. Ecery cent they earn is from the pocket of every citizen. And even the Ustazah's salary comes from people's pocket including the money from the non-Muslims.

If a Satan came down to the Ustazah, gives her money and luxury, cure her sick baby then by her definition she must worship the devil.

We do not put a leader there to do mischief to the country and the world. What mischief she may ask. Isn't plundering public funds a mischief ? Isn't corrupt  practices a mischief ? Isn't manipulating of justice a mischief ? Isn't manufacturing of evidence a mischief ?

It is a pity for a religious figure to worship evil so long as she gets what she wants. And when we pray we don't plea to God to place the Satan in heaven.

End of Time

BN seems to think it can fool the Chinese as much as it can fool the Malays. I like to read comments to judge the strength of the debunking. Almost all of the rebuttals have utmost strength pushing aside the denial by UMNO.

Even in daily event, it is easy to explain things to the Chinese than to the Malays. Their level of maturity is higher.

Most angry Chinese keep themselves calm while their hearts burnt with fire. On Musa RM40 millions one asked a) where the money come from b) Why was the money in cash c) What is Michael Cheah's involvement ? d) Why the car to Nazri's son ?

A law is a law.A Mafia is a Mafia. Sometimes they mix and sometimes they don't.

When someone wanted to sponsor NikAziz for the Haj BN sent for investigation. When come to RM250 million and RM40 million we see the twisters and the jugglers.

BN said it financed Chinese schools and temples and fair to them. At the same time offering help to USA in the regional security, which means to conspire with the Americans to kill the Chinese. We should side and support China in good or in bad shape. China do not send bomb to kill the Palestinian children.

Doesn't UMNO think the Chinese do not see behind the veil?

27/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Drugs are legalized, men married men and women married women. I came across a short verse 'At the nearing of the end time Our verse will be sold......'and indeed God's words are being sold in many forms in badges and stickers. The bad becomes good, wrong becomes right. People worshipping Satan. Even my rambutan bears two time this season which never happened before.

You need to be awaked to recognize who are the people possessed by the Satan.

At the end of time you can ask anything from the Satan and you will get them as long as you worship it; wealth and health, contracts and tenders.

Political leaders lie and lie, takes millions and buy votes, the Muslims willing to do what the Hindus do in the temple. They do what they like ignoring what others say. They reject the words of God and twisted them to suit their political goals.

There are hundreds of other bigger signs and happenings. Open your eyes.Wake up.


Mahathir is really senile and stubborn and scared

If they want to use force in spite of their small numbers, they either able to bring the government down or will draw direct foreign interventions if enough lives were killed. Whatever Malaysia will never be the same again.

So far they tried to avoid clashes though the police were using force and car to ram against the people. Neither did they organize themselves for the show down. Once they decide to die for a cause they believe in we can only stay and pray.

BN already insinuated the possibility of fraud and heavy cheating be denouncing foreign observation in the coming election. The intent should be clear.

I remember a teacher said,"Give me any Principal I am not worried." She is a hard working and efficient teacher, lovable by the students and administrator alike.

If we don't have any intent to cheat we are not worried whoever want to come an observe. While we called others not to meddle in our affair we are busy with the affairs of the others.

So far we have several marches with a very huge crowd. They feel the government is cruel and injustice. It printed out garbage of law to inflict pain on the others. The trend pose a grave threat.

What the government should do is not to allow people to group and launch a protest. The manner is not thru challenging the public but to fulfill their real need. Najib simply doesn't care about the health of the people. He thinks he can get away with all those evil intents by raining money to the people.

Let us see his fate.

25/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

When Mahathir asked what more reform do the Malaysians want many responded that the first reform is HE to shut his mouth. The first great reformof UMNO which no world has ever done yet is to legalize corruption and robbing by UMNO. Najib proudly called the people to vote UMNO in return of the money given to them. Mind you they are proud of this.

Secondly mega projects are given to him and UMNO's cronies. And his sons own oil fields. These are the major reforms he is very proud off. And all the criminals under him go scots free. We see this in PERWAJA, Bank Bumiputera and many more. That's his great reform.

Sharing wealth among UMNO Putera through the various technique of robbing like creation of projects called developmental, create third party fun collection. That's how some new private companies come into the business like Indah Water and now private companies managing ATM machines and the money ( now ATM ) contains counterfeit notes. Then they form Takaful with some brilliant plans to rob poor people. Tenders projects given to friends.

Another reformation is to make ad hoc law as you see in the case of Bersih's gathering. Dirty and very filthy methods were used to attack those who seek fairness in election process. Of all UMNO is proud of having people who use their butts than the brain. They define their own term on Whistle Blower. The term is only fit to be used for UMNO.

Mahathir is scared if UMNO falls. He is sure to be in line among those queuing the court's cases.

Must the failed government be allowed to rule ? Drugs and crimes fill the streets and the FELDA areas. Property prices sky rocketed. People are chasing inflation.

Must liars be allowed to be leaders ? You want to know what they lie ? You see the promises they are making now. The promises are the remnants of the former lies. Think about it and think hard.

What UMNO can never change is to value the morality and know what is it. And to know what shame means.


I said in this country robbing starts from the Minister to the banks. Her awareness on political matters is profound.

Seeing the rain started to fall I excused myself and came home. I informed my wife of new development in the car price. She needs to help me a little more. I told her to forget the withdrawal using the machine. I don't trust the stupid private company anymore.

Someone said ,"This is a lawless country...." Indeed it is. They robbed people as they like. When I saw a group of people wearing the red T-Shirt with the BN symbol I was like being possessed. I saw them like gangsters. They were very cocky indeed.

If UMNO robs, the bank rob and the mad people become masters,

what are we to do ?

Surely there are people who know what to do to the lawless country. Even a lady can say that there are at least two different law types in this country; the one to the laymen and another to UMNO politicians.

You see chaos on roads and highways pertaining to the traffic machines, chaos in daily robberies, in morality and now in the distribution of counterfeits through the banking system.

What a crazy government.

If I have another place and another country to live in I'd rather move away than staying among the crazy people.

These criminals must pay. I would prefer torture to normal punishment/

Will somebody find out the relationship between UMNO and the ATM and the counterfeits.

Mind you these come from the bank not from the fish or Night Market.

You see they have various ways to steal your money. Among the worst is Takaful. Now using banks and ATM.

Najib's daily yelling on the TV is really 'Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin' ( Talk something and does something else) I don't know how many percent of his total yelling contain the truth.




The trauma of ATM bank hasn't subsides. How could I forget the scolding of the CIMB bank's officer when it's own ATM gave out counterfeit money. And I was kicked from bank to bank.

Nevertheless I decided to go to the car outlet where I am to purchase the VIVA. I met the Chinese lady asking for her advice whether to buy this year or in 2013. She said if I buy this month there is a discount of RM500. If I wish to wait there might be a special offer.

I said I will let her know my decision. And we talked on other matters as well, about my wife and maid and children. She is about 40 - 45. When I told her about the ATM machine she was very surprise.

Parents Who Think of Their Kids

Most parents who keep money are thinking of leaving their life savings to their kids. They do not spend for their own luxury and even necessities. A friend of mine keeps a million for his sole son.

If we decide not to leave anything for them, we should keep some for ourselves. How much should we keep and how much should we spend ? That we have to look at ourselves, our age and our health. The external factor is the inflationary level.

Living without dependants need vigorous computation of daily expenditure. Home cooking for two will be less than RM500 a month. It is about 6K a year. If we are 60 years old and we expect to die at 80 then we have to have 120K of savings.

Looking through another angle we need to have an income of 6000 a year. If we have 100K in ASB and the average dividend is 5% then there will be an income of 5K per year. Consider the inflationary rate the ASB investment of 200K is quite comfortable.

It means if we have the saving of more than 200K we better spend them for our own comfort and necessities.

Kids of today have so much commitments and so much problems of their own that they don't have time for their parents.

Nursing a Wife

My Friend Who Knows My Financial Standing More than I do

I don't have interest to know how much my friends or neighbors have in their savings, their monthly income and how they spend their money.

But one of my radio friends does. He seems to know my savings, my salaries and now my pension. And he concluded that I am a rich man. Of course I let him know of my intent to purchase car cash and I prefer brand new to  used commodities.

He on the other hand owns a big prestigious Malaysian made car call Perdana V6 and an expensive Waja. I am only using Kancil because it is a cheap and economical. Even VIVA cost somewhere around RM25K or less.

He assessed my several traveling to drive his own conclusion. He refused to understand a tour fair is lesser than each radio he ordered from USA or Great Britain.

We Muslims believe that each time a person say we are rich and wealthy he praying for our good and wealthy life. I  responded with Amen.

I grumbled when the electricity and water shot up I don't want the TV to be on when no one is watching , and light on when no one using it.

Each cent saved I can buy myself a good transceiver or bought a ticket to China. I just smile to myself hearing people talking about my money and investments.

Today a close friend of my wife came all the way from Negeri Sembilan to see my wife. I told them she is 20 times better than the first few months she had a dialysis. She was totally bed-ridden. For almost five months she was picked by the van to the dialysis center. She saw images, asking us to put her in bed when she was already there. She talked to people we didn't see.

My Indonesian maid who left us had done a lot changing her life. She put her on the wheelchair and brought her out of the house, nursing her patiently until she went home and never to come back.

When we were younger and stronger my wife took me to see her auntie who was in bed for years without speech. She was totally bed ridden. I was wondering how her husband took care of her.

Now I understand the world better. I narrated to the visitors of my daily chores. The most difficult is to transfer her from the car onto the wheelchair. She had dropped down several time and I had to wait for people to pass bye for help. Lifting her from the wheel chair onto the bed and back were difficult because of her size and weigh. The easiest way to fulfill her call of nature is to put her on bed.

Before he went back the friend embraced me. He cried, sympathized with me. He asked me to be patient.

What is so bad and difficult in nursing a wife or a wife nursing her husband ? Yet I heard stories of wives leaving their sick husbands. Her only problem is if I die first before her. That I will have to leave to God to help her.

I don't write this to tell you of my misfortune. In fact it is not at all a misfortune. I am telling you to take care of your spouse if they are sick and helpless. It will increase your resilience and endurance. It makes you feel good every day.

I have had enough worldly happiness, visiting almost half of the world, having a good job and enjoying hobbies that I don't have to leave my house. At least I have a job after retirement.

Though sick she is, she allows me to leave the house to buy breakfast and dinner and doing an hour of exercise. I would ask her where she wanted to wait for me, at the table or in bed. She always chose the table. I would push her near the table, prepared some drink and food and switched on my transistor radio and bid her good bye.

Her common bowel time is after my evening walk. I would hurriedly place her back on the bed, put on a mask and glove preparing for her chores. She said maid gave her a better service on the subject of toileting.  By the amount of excretion I knew a large quantity of poison in her body were flushed.

I saw wives at the dialysis center with their sick husbands. No one looked gloomy nor sad. Life for most of us are coming to an end. Everyone takes things as normal.

We may not be as smart and as advance as the Europeans and the Americans but our family value is still high.

24/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

My Heart Is In Bloomington Indiana

Between Them and Us

Even at the time she was on the wheel chair my wife expressed her desire to make her last visit to Bloomington Indiana to see the old abode 205 Redbud Apartment Indiana University. I wrote to US Embassy Kuala Lumpur making an enquiry about her interview. We have an encouraging reply. She yearn to visit all the stalls and the market place where we used to buy raw fish and prawns and even the coconut milk.

I was in Bloomington for almost 1 1/2 years. My three kids went to a Primary school less than a mile away. My wife did the marketing and the cooking.

I took the driving test and passed straight away with flying colors. So was my wife. at every semester break we hired a car from one friendly Jack and we would visit places laid out in our plan. My was strong and energetic enough to be a driver. We visited American Fall, Corning, New York, Cape Kennedy, Orlando and places around the state of Indiana.

Once a week we had our class in Indianapolis. A few PHD students were in our class including a French lady from Canada and Kentucky.

Bob Night was our hero. He was our college basketball coach. One of the basketball players, Randy Whitman, was in my Collective Bargaining Class.

The people were friendly. I remember going to Long John Silver at the closing time when the worker who was cleaning the floor opened up the restaurant and attended to my order. A Jewish professor would halt a class to allow the Muslims to break our Muslim fasting when the time come.

But the yearning went crashing to the ground. My wife was strike by a kidney disease. She is bed ridden and I am the sole person looking and nursing after her. Yet from time to time I rekindled her memory by recalling names and places we used to go. Opportunity House is never fade from her memory and mine too. Poor Americans and people like us could get cheap stuffs from there.

Whenever I opened up the Google Earth I would navigate to Bloomington IN looking at the College Mall area and the whole town with full of imagination.

22/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

They are there by chance put either fools or selfish people. They have power but we don't. They command the army and the police, we can't. Many of us are better educated and more learned.

When they feel so proud and haughty and powerful we them like animals of lowest specie. We don't respect them a bit and regard them as dirty garbage. They are so low that their names are not worth mentioning.

We may not be wealthy and never count our money by the millions but we don't rob and cheat. We don't lie and deceive. We pray to God who heartedly and plead for honest money and for God to make us good people.

We have pride for not prowling others. We can walk with our heads high. We don't have to wear bow or tie and have several body guards to feel  strong , powerful and on top of the world.

We were wondering and confuse how they can afford to protect the criminals and to punish the whistle blower, shamelessly robbed public funds and cheat and lie and corrupt the people of their own race and creed. A garbage collector is worth talking to rather those wealthy people with titles. We may be of  a lower echelon but we see them so lowly and disgusting.

They thought they are different from us in live and death. A few went to a special grave. Our heart would be laughing hard seeing their demeanor.  To us they are like anybody else. And we too are not better or worse than them. You carry your deeds to God and the good deeds you do to the people.



Netanyahu Should Go

Israel is waking up suicide bombers. It may not only be the Arabs. Obviously the continuous atrocities would draw up international recruitment the bomber force.

Prior to the HAMAS-Israel engagement several people try to analyze how the war would go if Israel attack Iran. It was pictured of that HAMAS, Hezbollah and other local group would attack Israel in addition to Iranian's retaliation.

Now we begin to understand how it happens. The escalation of the battle will be in the heart of Israel. What we can't tell is whatever is waiting for Israel tanks and bull dozers that were ready to march into Gaza.

The Iron Dome is now become an interesting item to discuss in China, Russia and Uran. There will be though and ingenious  idea how to over come it. When Clinton announced that cease-fire is good for both the building up of Palestinians and the security of Israel she was indeed right. There could be assaults from any possible lethal rockets.

Netanyahu probably could estimate how fatal if rockets continue to pound the cities of Israel especially Jurusalem and Tel Aviv. The accuracy of the missiles fired is confirmed though the Iron Dome could neutralize them. Netanyahu should realize that HAMAS is not easily kicked. The act of terrorism by destroying the homes of the Palestinians and chasing them out of their own home would never be forgotten.

History show that nations rise and fall. Great civilization went missing. At time the downfall was not brought by foreign enemies.

Netanyahu boasted of Israel's victory. True indeed. Otherwise he may be put away by his own people. The Israelis will think. They either will detest the Palestinians or will seek a new leader who is not crazy and mad.


Israeli Iron Dome Stops a Rocket With a Rocket

Iran may have to find another way to defend itself against Israel's strike


One HAMAS member said, "We don't want war. We only want our freedom." As to whoever won the battle does not matter. Both claim victories. Israel can now re-assess her vulnerability and strength. Netanyahu will not win without United States. He must know that Obama listen to him and Carter too, and to many other veterans who had been attacked by Israel before. Even the 9/11 still live and strong. Some Americans believe it was the work of the MOSAD.

And the Jews were strong and active to kick Obama out during the last election. What other game plan Netanyahu will play to fool the American Presidents ? If Obama seeks a peaceful path and Iran agrees that it's nuclear facilities will be under USA's supervision it will open a better future for the Palestinians and the World Peace.

People agree that Israel has the right to exist in as much as the Palestinians have their right to exist too.

Freemason is Sumerian

Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations were believed to come from aliens from other world that came to either settled on this earth or taught the earth people. The remnant of those lost civilization became Freemason. The codes of numbers and symbols were connected to the ancient gods and the stars.

Freemasons are to toil their sweats for the benefit of others and create a perfect world.

A big part of it is pointing towards Judaism.

Freemason does not look itself as evil like what is painted by other religious people who accuse Mason as the worshipper of Satan Lucifer.

Please click the image entitled Secrets in Plain Sight on the right and learn more of the world Masonic symbol.

Whatever I don't think Bush, Clinton and Obama are good Masons as they were destroying the layout set by George Washington who was believed was brought to heaven.

Jews and Muslims pray the same God

Does PAS and UMNO pray to the same GOD ?

The question is simple but it anger many Muslims. Let us look at it in detail.

PAS Malays are 100% Muslim. But we cannot be certain of the Malays in UMNO. Mahathir's twin tower and Putrajaya deliberately put the Masonic symbols and once there were rumors of Masonic initiation composed of UMNO ministers.

A person's religion could be seen by what he does which are against the teachings of Islam in his daily life; lying, robbing, manufacturing evidence , rape and corruption.

Outright denial of corruptions and kickbacks  without wanting to clear the name in court and deception and conspiracy do not like the work of a Muslim.

Perhaps many of the UMNOs who fear God pray to the same God as PAS. If they worship Satan then they lie and deny the truth. Isn't Scorpene issue a denial ?

It is ironic that the Jews kill most Muslims than the Christians. And the Christians kill millions of Jews in the WW2. The Jews pray to Allah. The Muslims pray to the same God Allah. The word is written both in the Jewish Holly Book and the Quaran. The Christians on the other hand pray to Jesus. The concept of Jesus had transformed from Jesus as the son of God to Jesus the incarnation of God.

Certainly there is something fishy out there at the highest level of  conspiracy.

In many aspects it is easy for a Muslim living in a Jewish community rather than the Christians. Food is not a problem. The Muslims can eat meat slaughtered by the Jews but not by the Christians. Circumcision is legal in the Jewish state but recently we heard of a Christian country wanting to ban it.

It is not easy to provide a simple answer of the deadly conflict between the two. Some Jews do understand of the Christian design. But politicians, where ever they are don't believe in God, embracing so many religion and some don't know what morality mean. They go for popularity, becoming a Hindu, a Muslim and a Jew at the same time.

Evil is everywhere disguised as men, happily enjoying the chaos.

Death is never a suffering. The livings do. They don't have peace of mind.

21/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Gone are the days when psychic power and crystal ball were used to predict the future. Today prediction is based on collected data and the behavioral pattern over time. We have to study and know the people and the environment.

Today a gender of an unborn kid is known for certain by the work of sciences. Doctors tell a kidney patient his life duration if he stops the treatment. If you drive a car without a brake you are sure to meet an accident.

I would predict the bleak future of the Malays based on the current behaviors of the corrupt UMNO politicians with unending greed. Today the Malays hunt garbage to survive.



Future Time Line


Earth 2050

By the year 2050, the world's population will reach nine billion. The demand on the world's resources - energy, first and foremost - will be severe. But the road from now to then doesn't need be bleak. There is a path to a future filled with opportunities, with amazing individuals and extraordinary projects leading the way.


Many pf us were talking of the nonsense of weather forecast. Weather they said was the work of God and no mankind can k now what God is going to do. The same kind of people pushed away the blame for any action, decision or wrong doing they do because no one can tell the outcome. In this 21st century the archaic and short sighted people are still around to cause havoc to the others.

The word CERTAIN belongs to the description of the future. In many things we can be certain to happen and in others we are uncertain. Salary increase by collective bargaining will certainly push prices up. If we fire a missile into Israel there will be a strong retaliation. These are certainties of the future.

If you want to leave your beautiful wife to a good friend to take care of while you are away for a long time can you be certain that there will be nothing happening between the two ?

If I am not certain then I won't take a risk. Would I say I can't tell the future ?

The magnitude of the risks vary. It is our task to reduce the risk to the minimum or totally eliminate it. Compare with a person who met someone in town, bringing him to his house, letting the stranger putting up a night and exchange other information before he goes away.

The study of human nature, characteristics and attitudes, culture and civilization is to facilitate predictions. We choose friends and companies to ensure our future is not at stake. The person whom we choose as a friend may be peddling drugs or a con man.

Decision made must be based on absolute certainty. Find out what we don't know. Otherwise take no risk. Future can always be computed.

21/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Najib is desperate for Malay supports


Boycotting Israel's Goods ?

Najib is really desperate for the Malay support, knowing without them UMNO would be doomed. He hope for the best from the Chinese and willing to fulfill whatever of their needs BUT he never trust them. Within the short period he is using all the might to harness for Malay unity to support him.

The Malays can unite but under PAS. And he will not get sympathy if he allows corruption to go free and take no actions against the plunderers of the public funds. Each day when people get angry with the arrogance of Shahrizat's family they see Najib in the fore trying to protect the criminals.

He hopes the hands of the FELDA guys would open the door for his premiership. The hands that receive the money may lock the door or may open up another for new people to rule the country. We never know.

BN has to depend much on the EC to play tricks and magics, throwing dusk on people's eyes.

The Chinese even think UMNO will not step down even if it lose the election.

UMNO exploit religion. They used ulamas calling the Muslims not to vote for infidels. They were trying to associate opposition parties with Christianity.

The solution for the better Malaysia is for the Muslim UMNO to join PAS, The other parts of UMNO embrace Islam and join the Islamic party, and the last parts to repent and seek God's forgiveness for failing the Malays.


People told Najib not to put FELDA in FGV. He does not care. When FGV goes down he is trying to keep the settlers quiet  by giving them more money. It is really a hell.

People were not happy with Lynas because of the future health hazard. Najib did not care about it. People can die if they want to. There is another hell.

Instead of being humble saw cockiness in Law Minister, Home Minister, Shahrizat and a few other UMNO agents. To the laymen these people are just normal persons. Home Minister refused to resign on the police rape case. Nazri Aziz did not want to take responsibility on his son's relationship with a tycoon. He dismissed Rafizi as NOBODY. "I have the power,"he said.

Every dog has it's day. It is true that being UMNO does not promise hell. But a few will face a very great hell if instability pushes up a new government. The guilt must pay.

I received SMS calling for the boycotting of Israel's goods. But he never list down what goods are we importing from Israel except the computer soft wares used by our security team. Najib and UMNO certainly favor Israelis to advise him.

You yell hatred towards America and Israel, you take your kids and family members to KFC, Mac Donald, Pizza Hut and subscribe to ASTRO. You are financing Israel to bomb the Palestinians.

People don't call for the boycotting but should call the sellers not to sell them and the importers to stop importing and the customs to seize all the American products.

In short the next time one faces a crisis think with the brain not the butt.

How about sending the stone throwing UMNO/PERKASA to Gaza to assist HAMAS in the battle field ?


Look Before You Leap


Of course I sympathize with HAMAS for receiving bombings and bombardments from Israel. HAMAS was very engrossed and elated with the missiles they get from Iran. Hence the emotion ruled over reason.

Hadn't anyone inside HAMAS ever thought of any possible consequences if they fired rockets at Israel ? Aren't there any Islamic nation advice both HAMAS and Hezbollah anything about new technology acquired by the Jews ?

Always know your enemy, 'strength and weaknesses. Winning is not determined solely by the success in the battlefield. How could one win using a stick against a machine gun.

The Jewish won over the Americans and the Congress over their side was not through war. And it did not take a month or a year. It took brains and manpower focusing out high powered energy to achieve what they have achieved today.

In my judgment Anwar Saddat was the most smart President in the Middle East. He won back the lost land from Israel without bloodshed. It is best for Egypt to keep the peace treaty with Israel. Any feeling of animosity must be crushed and contained.

HAMAS and Iran should understand the reason for not an early attack on the Persian state. It knew what Iran has because of the bragging and the showoff  of the Iranian military strength. Hence it prepared itself first against Iranian missiles.

One advice to anyone at all 'Look before you leap'. The consequences can be very grave.


Tackling Financial Crime

A trustworthy partner

“The Bank’s reputation for being a trustworthy partner depends on its exemplary governance and ethical standards. A tough stance on tackling financial crime (money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and corruption) is essential in maintaining strong partnerships.”
Vis Shankar, Group Head, Origination and Client Coverage

Criminals must not be allowed to hide behind a law. A bank that helps a robber keeping all the stolen money from the public and the government is equal to the robber itself. It is abetting the criminals.

People don't make law to protect criminals. Rational people don't pass an act to protect the guilty. Only despotic government passed laws to save guard the atrocities and the criminal acts against humanity.

Government and the public should have all the ways and means to monitor illegal and criminal activities. One way is to follow the money tract. If it is not done it means we are all part of criminals; pushers, money launderers, enemies of the countries or great robbers. And NO LAW SHOULD PREVENT US FROM MONITORING THE MONEY TRACT of suspected individuals.

If we work well on putting our nose on this we can be sure many criminal activities can be resolved. We could monitor the money tract of the politicians, officers of anti-drug squads, land and immigration officers and even small time detectives.

We cannot allow our country to be run by a mob, mafia or gangsters. We cannot allow those criminals to dictate our Ministers what policy to pass and what not to do.

Now everyone knows the law on corruptions only apply to the general public and opposition leaders. It is not applicable to UMNO.

Intelligent public can decide the right and the wrong. If we have the whole population who can think well then BN will surely go in the coming GE no matter how much money is bombed to the public.



Western Mentality

Watching North Korean kids play musical instruments on the You Tube was interesting but reading the comments made by some Americans are disappointing. Comments like 'We are not slave and we have food to eat..' depicts the extend capitalism goes to enslave the ignorance.

When American school kids had no food to eat everyone says it is only temporary. The recession is world wide. When the people lost their jobs and living is a struggle they only blame the Wall Street and the bankers. When they lost their homes they say the end of days is near.

When the world trade center was bombed they blamed the Muslims. Who would they blame when Sandy caused them much devastation   ?

The misery of the North Koreans are not as great as the Americans. Homeless and street people were still sleeping on the streets till 10 am.

Today not only drug abuse are out of control, they are legalizing marijuana.

The Folly of HAMAS and IRAN

What do we have ?

When America started American Idol and American Got Talent the rest of the world imitated.

Even the Chinese Communist followed USA. She adored the country which is trying to destroy her economy and ready to declare war on her.

Malaysians are the worst copy cat.  They try to copy almost every program they can lay their hands on.

If we don't have even our own brain then what else do we have left ?

In Malaysia we depend much on the initiative of the individuals to project our identity rather than the national program.

Thanks God we still have Dikir Barat and Boria competition. They do not find easy path into the TV screen.

At least we should have the Dikir Barat and Boria once a week on our TV.

I assure you if Dikir Barat finds it's way to Epcot Center it will be a hit.


A lethal missile can still be deadly even if it is shot and destroyed. The active debris catching the atmospheric atoms permeating the air on the ground kill lives. An intelligent missiles can always cheat the anti-missile missiles if they are designed and deployed.

Rather than racing towards arms superiority and capability which somehow would be disastrous for all mankind, it is best to settle the difference at a negotiating table. But a rogue nation only wants the winning side. Today there are several rogue nations like USA and Israel.

Obama or any of the American politician would not care less of the sufferings of the fellow Americans who had been severely hit by Sandy and the economic down turn. 

Iran has to be more cautious and not to brag with it's military power. Any new invention that is lethal must be kept secret. There shall be no warning to the enemy. If USA and Israel strike her let the destiny takes it's course, even if it spells the end of the world and the destructions of civilization.

Imagine the Jewish propaganda telling the Christians that God commands the Christians to support Israel. But the Jews themselves do not believe in the Christian God. The normal and less educated Americans may buy it.

No country call for the destruction of Israel and United States. They want fairness and their land be return to them. How could American believe in the absurdities of the Jewish Book that the land belongs to them and it is only their right to take back their land. In that case we too can write a holly book and say USA belongs to us and it is our right to take back the continent.

Isn't Obama a fool for bowing to the people who had wanted to pull him down during the last election ? He was called anti-Christ, a Muslim, a devil and a nigger. Almost half of the nation called him so. Yet recklessly he supplied weapons to Israel to hit HAMAS.

I would say Iran's plan A has failed. It's missiles strike against USA and Israel is ineffective. Couldn't  plan B, C, D and E will all fail too ?

The testing of Israel's defense using Iran's weapon has caused many lives. HAMAS or Iran should have computed Israel retaliation. In the game of chess only fools moves without computing what the opponents plan to do.  Iran has a long way to go before she can catch the tail end of United States military power.

18/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Iron Dome

As I have said in one of my articles that Iran's missiles are useless as far as attacking Israel is concerned. The missile defense system was deployed by Israel using Scud against Iraq's missile attack during the reign of Saddam Hussein.

Netanyahu was so very confident the war with Iran will only take less than a month with only 500 Israel soldiers killed. The boast was not without reason.

It is the Iron Dome defense system that deterred the HAMAS rockets. Israel is increasing the purchase of the Iron Dome to cover the whole of the country.

Iran has to think of a devastating once and for all non nuclear attack if it is attacked by Israel.

From Kancil To VIVA

PM - Whoever

People who go for Pakatan Rakyat should not worry who the next PM will be. It doesn't have to be Anwar. It can be Hadi or Lim Guan Eng.

The most vital characteristic is that he is fair to all regardless of their race and religion. And clean, free from corruption and will not plunder public funds.

Matters on religion and culture can always be resolved.

There are thousands of capable and smart people who can serve the citizens. Why must they come from Hussein Onn or Tun Razak or Mahathir ? Am I mistaken for saying ONE Hussein is looking like a dumb person ?

Tony Pua and Rafizi are samples among the hidden thousands.

I have to have a good car to take my wife to dialysis. My present Kancil is too old and had had an accident before. A good car means it is in a good condition. The cheapest new car today is VIVA 660.

I went to an outlet not far from my house, paid the booking fee and promised to take it in January. I don't have any money now. I depend solely on ASB Dividend for the full payment. I just don't like to borrow.

The fact that I can open the window almost at 90 degrees attract my wanting to have it. It facilitate easy transfer of my wife from the wheel chair onto the car and vice versa. I told the salesgirl my purpose of choosing VIVA.

I don't understand of the technical specification of the engine. I never want to know what is the new engine all about. What I care is the amount of expenditure I have to incur on this car. For normal people to buy the small and cheap car is nothing more than the economic reason.

The other day, at a petrol kiosk, I asked an owner of a motorbike  about the price of his machine. "90K uncle but I have to stop at every two hours." I laughed and pointed at my Kancil saying I could buy three of those for the price of his bike.

VIVA's price vary from model to model. The size is the same but the engine capacity and the accessories offered are different. MIne is lacking of everything, not even a power window. My present Kancil has the front power windows.

Never mind the power window, the radio and the transmission as long as I can move about and fulfill my immediate need of transferring my wife to and fro for her dialysis. I have to wait for two months and be patient  enough until next year.

17/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What Do You Do ?

Almost everybody I met wanted to know what I do after retirement. Surely they expect me to continue working.

My reply was 'full time pension'. I don't want to work anymore even if a job is offered.

Retirement is a freedom. I don't have a boss to order and dictate what and what not to do.  There were rules and regulations I had to obey and observe. I had to be a parrot and to repeat their slogans. I felt like a slave.

Now the time is mine. I rest, sleep, watch TV and do whatever I like by my own time.

The pleasure and enjoyment that I am experiencing is valueless. No amount of money can buy it.

Now that I am looking after my sick wife the chance that I may be working again is near to impossibility, even if it is my own job and I am my own boss.

My mind is free. This is the best thing I ever have.

Walking does me good

How'sYour Radio ?

Another frequent question people were asking was 'How's your radio ? ' Friend around knew I was a ham operator since 1970's. After 30 years later obviously they want to know whether I am still with the hobby.

Today my time with ham radio has been much reduced. Almost all old hams are not heard. 80% passed away. A few migrated away. One or two are having problems with either the antenna or the radio.

There are other differences that made hamming less attractive. There isn't anymore 5 pm CQ call by the late Idares,9M2GL. Those active operators had gone silent key.

The really old timers who I always made a contact were Rusli and Rajamani. That would be at almost mid-night.

The fun is very much over when the present hams split into groups. And even the main society was murdered.

I didn't jog but only took a brisk walking whenever I went for 'jogging'. There were people of different ages, male and female. I knew a couple whom I am sure were older than I probably about 80 or more. Both husband and wife were fit and healthy. They too walked at a medium phase. I knew my steps were faster because I always overtook them.

There were several men whom I guess were older but all the time overtook me and in no time vanished away. They moved like a bullet train. Now you see now you don't. Young women, jogging or walking, beat me anytime.

The inner circular track is smaller than the outer, but cooler because of the shades provided by thick woods. I would choose the inner track if I began my exercise at 3.30 - 4.00 pm. A four round of walking along any of the track would take about an hour.

I didn't go to the stadium and the padi field area for quite a long time. I didn't know girls could attract me. At the current tracks there are many beautiful ladies. One or two didn't seem doing the walking for the sake of exercising rather than showing off. With a long soft hair and seductive dress they would stroll slowly with the hips moving up and down.

The inner part of Taman Rimba is under construction, messy and blocking old routes here and there. The playgrounds for the kids were knocked off and will be replaced with new ones. The huts remain intact. Love birds were occupying the huts.

Feeling fit is one, feeling young is another. I like both feelings. What hinders my aggressiveness is the thought that my wife is sick and ill. Feeling fit helps my wife as I am strength to lift her onto the wheel chair. She is heavier than me.

My shoes are old. It is not really a jogging shoe. I bought them for my oversea trips, usually below RM40.00. After the trips to Turkey, Indonesia and China the color changes from white to reddish white. Last night I went to shoe shops. Finding each pair costs almost RM300 I decided to use this same old faithful. It serves me well.

My pant is called Bermuda. I only learn of it's name after of many years of usage. There is nothing beneath it for easy air circulation. I took them to repair my broken zips the other day and that save me money from buying new pants. Prices shot up sky high within a short period of time. Najib gives too much free money to the people. Nobody arrested him for corruption.

Besides there were people playing Sepak Raga and badminton on areas off the walking tracks. I thought jogging would give them more sweat.

The best of all is to appreciate the beauty of young ladies around.

16/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof 

USA Never Fear Islamic Influence

USA is never scared of Iran or any Islamic nations. But it made the people believe that Islam is a great threat to Christianity and the Jews. It wants unanimous support for any attack on Muslim nations. What USA wants is the control of the oil.

Iran has plenty of oil. Iraq's oil did not offset the gasoline price the States.

We would hear the American Presidents repeatedly said 'It is for the good of the American people. American army is the finest and the best the world ever known. The world if better without Saddam Hussein.'

Are the American people better now after the death of Saddam HGussein and Ghadafi ? They are much worse off now than before. US government gave them hell and nature too gave them hell. Millions were jobless and millions lost their homes.

Image of Islam

It is a joke when the proponents of the Christians are saying Atheists side Islam. In addition they acussed those who questioned 9/11 are atheists.

Atheists are people who don't believe in God and religion. They cannot side or support Islam based on the religion.

Atheists questioned the fallacy and contradictions of bible because they are dealing with the Americans.

Atheists appeal to reason and the Christians use the feelings and beliefs. When the bible says on day 1 God created light and separate it from darkness calling them day and night and sun was created on the day 4, the Atheists do not see the logic because the day and night is the making of the sun. The sun should be created first.

They would not be able to comprehend rapture.

Because they don't believe in hell and heaven while the Muslims do therefore there is no way Atheists and Islam are the same.

USA government  never gave up to accuse the 9/11 was the job of Muslim terrorists after the clear proof it was an Inside Job.  The last I watched was analyzing the historical perspective of  Islamic expansion into Europe and in between the truth they planted string of lies about the killings and death of Hindus, Jews and Christians by the Muslim. Those were brought to relate with the 9/11 event. And the road show to spread this is ongoing to convince the citizens of the False Flag.

From the beginning I suspected that Ahmad Deejat was murdered because his arguments and analysis on the bible was strong enough to weaken the Christian beliefs.

It is not my intention to discredit people of other faith but I want to inform the local Muslims that with UMNO's crazy insanity Islam would continue to be under attack in this country.

UMNO was trying to display to the world that Malaysia practice a moderate Islam but in the daily practice doesn't seem so. It is telling the people that the Malays must be forced to be Islam whether he likes it or not. They go to the extend of saying the Surah that said There Is No Compulsion In Islam is wrong. They express phobia on Malaysia being a Christian country.

Of course UMNO's leaderships could not be serious about Islam. Even the exploitation of religion for it's own benefit is enough to bring disgrace to the religion. It pays the ulama to right the wrong with the purpose of hiding the corruptions and the plundering of public funds from the public.

While trying to tell the people that UMNO is a defender of Islam, it is promoting violence like the actions of throwing stones and shoes, shouting and yelling in the mosque and threatening the Chinese. What were done on Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya were never Islamic, nothing to do with the defense of Islam.

Being a Muslim one must keep on thinking. Think of anything and search for a solution. It will make one awake at all time and not merely concentrate on money making project from UMNO. They are to form discussion groups and expand their knowledge on science and technology, on social and value changes, on the way to balance the secular and the religious world.

At time you may feel that it is better to talk to plants, dogs and cats rather than to mankind.

15/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Mind Reading

There are people who take serious interest in reading the mind of the others; to see their ability and potentiality, whether they can provide any potential threat. At the same time they can plan how to exploit the situation for their own benefit.

Instead of using brainwaves and clairvoyance they are reading minds using the face book, and what were written on the blogs.

When I read a literature written in the early 19th cenrury by a woman I was astonished with her mental prowess and ability to write and organized,

What you write in the face book and blogs and what you yell on the TV screen will depict your mentality. How smart a race is and they could predict the possible future of a certain race and nationality.

FELDA will evaporate


The disappearance of compassion towards others and on our our own kin has begun to show. They try to justify the actions of killings under the name of war and to defend democracy. Others hid behind the  religion fulfilling the god's demand for the killing of non-believers.

Domestic compassion shows fading when  grown up children were too busy with their own problems to take care of their own sick parents.

Filial piety could still be strong among the non-European stocks. I can't say about the Chinese. I observed a few among the Malays that brothers and sisters were passing the buck towards taking care of an ill mother or father. They would find sharing among themselves to pay somebody for the job. They have their own problems to solve.

You have to prepare yourselves for this phenomena.

Not long FELDA will evaporate and the ownership will change hand. And the history of Malays in FELDA will end. Already FELDA in the FGVH is experiencing the first shock. The shares hovered around the lowest price. VLCC rates plunge below cost.

Fearing he will not be re-elected Najib is opening up another big ang pow for the settlers. I bet after Najib is reelected not only the big ang pow are used up but even the FGVH will slowly evaporate. History had shown that any political involvement in business and shares did not sustain and plunged into the mud without a trace.

The intense corruption and plundering of people's money is continuing like hell. They think money will keep the FELDA guys quite. They thought they are smart enough to put FELDA into the market. Why should they care as long as they can rob and enrich themselves first.

If FELDA people wish to choose their end then they vote for Najib. The choice if theirs. We the owners of nothing will wait and sigh when we see the painful evaporation of FELDA.

I remember well when UMNO opened upASK ( Amanah Saham Kedah ) when my sister, a strong UMNO follower, joined the others to invest. I told her that it would not last long because records had shown the series of failures of businesses run by politicians, except for the business of robbing. Mahathir was good at inventing the kind of businesses that rob people.

Another Malay business I witnessed was Peladang Corporative. Peladang ran a huge super market. Business was good for some time until the management was taken over by Mahathir's relatives. Slowly it went down the drain finally evaporated. This time we saw FELDA was given to Isa Samad. From the beginning I started to burst out with laughter.

I am sorry for the FELDA people. By the time they are destroyed Najib will not be there. Mahyudin and the rest will do nothing. The settlers and the Malays themselves are to be blamed but it will be too late.

13/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The Dajjal-system is of course as we know is  FREEMASONRY

Don't forget to view the second part of the videoclip

Let me remind you what Rais Yatim said about religion and morality. He said those were not under the affair of others. They are of private affairs and matters. When JAIS was raiding the illicit sex and a group of people went to seek his help, Rais warned that the privacy of others are not to be harassed.

You don't put a dagger at people's throat and forced him to utter Shahadah.

You attract people by good deeds and examples, by being fair and just, by not showing your arrogance and rogue behaviors, by telling the truth, by showing the right path not by throwing stones and shoes in the mosque, not to show you are immoral and shameless.

Clerics should learn more about the bible and Torah to see the fallacies and contradictions, to learn foreign languages and be well verse with them and NOT to be the spokesman of UMNO. Else the younger people will start to detest Ulama.

Freemason and Apostate


13/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

At least 10 buildings and structures in Malaysia are of Masonic design including Putrajaya's Vactican layout.

Freemason is a kind of religion believing the god Lucifer will be coming back to the earth.

It says Islam, Christianity, and Budhist can be a member. Much of the secret symbols are Jewish. It has it's own temple called Lodge. President Kenedy called it a Secret Society.

Why Mahathir talks so much on Islam and Nurul Izzah when his Hasmah Twin Tower clearly hung a Masonic symbol ?

Living in a Masonic building everyday and in a building with a Christian design doesn't seem to be strange. Nobody says anything.

So it follows by a question 'Are those people sinners or are they Mason ? Wanita UMNO,Hassan Ali and all the UMNO Ulamas must answer to this.

Is Freemason approved by religion but apostate not ?

Think about it before making wild accusation on someone who merely quoted the Holly Book of Al-Quaran.

In fact there are many government buildings built under UMNO's administration took the shape of a Christian Cross. Is this a trivial and insignificant matter for UMNO ? It seems to be that UMNO has been Christianized without their own realization. Since Khairy like Google Earth so much why not he take a look at government buildings from the sky.

When UMNO meets they did not talk of the moral decay of the Malays, the immorality of leaderships, the uncontrollable corruptions, the Malay drug addicts, the primary education of the village schools, the lazy teachers and the effect of secular education, te meddling of the Muslim affair by MCA women, the insult on Islam by Samy Velu and Leong Sik.

Shahrizat rolled up her sleeve and threaten to roll up her sarong too. Najib talked of defending Putrajaya to the last blood.

UMNO does care about the Malays but themselves. Number one in the list is Mahathir who camouflage his greed using the strategy of development. How on earth 3oil fields belong to his children.

Where is the reason ?

Since when the Malays left Islam ? Ask Hassan Ali and Ibrahim Ali and the UMNO clerics ? After all Malaya was never ruled by opposition party.

Secondly ask all the UMNO people why those Malays denounced Islam. They should be able to a
nswer because the happenings took place during UMNO's era.

If we look at the issues of drugs and crimes they are all under the responsibility of UMNO. There is nothing wrong with Nurul Izzah.

Allowing MCA and MCI to insult Islam shows how important Islam is to UMNO.

Can we ask a simple question; how many surahs our Minister can recite especially Mahathir ? How many times a day UMNO people pray ?

Try to ask any UMNO guy whether he/she prays ? Would the answer be 'It's none of your business' ?

To UMNO personal matters is never a public interest. Shahrizat didn't even know what her husband and kid did. Nazri Aziz said his son's doing has nothing to do with him.

If a person denounce his religion what could you do ? Hang or kill him does not solve the matter.

UMNO is responsible in cases of apostate.


Ashame of being a Malay

Are all the Malays like that ? Like what ?

Giving millions away and never be able to get back ? And the person who take it shamelessly refuse to pay back.

Shamelessly lie and cheat the people endlessly

Arrogantly created projects and opportunities to suck public funds.

Openly created a corrupt culture, both taking and giving money in return for favors.

Issuing stupid statements time and again that made the Malays look like morons.

Torturing Teoh Beng Hock until he met his death, Denying that he committed suicide does erase what people thought of the reality.

When people were against putting FELDA in the open market, they arrogantly did it and now the price dives down.

There are tons of folly actions and statements made everyday.

Aren't there anything the Malays can be proud of ?

I think the lesser they talk the better. When they talk less they don't make fools of themselves and they do not disgrace the Malay race. At least the world will not look down upon us with scorn.

I very much believe the UMNO Ministers must go back to school for re-education. Let the attendance be compulsory or else strip them of their posts.Let Dr Dakashi, Rafedah Aziz and Mustaffa Ahmad be their teachers.

Ibrahim Ali will be in front seat.

I didn't create success for the students. They created and shaped their own destiny. Some held high posts in government and some are entrepreneurs.  My Kiet Hwa students once said to me," Cikgu, we are much richer than you are....."

My first school where I taught was SM Kuala Nerang which is now known as SMK Syed Ahmad. Four years later I went back to school at University Malaya. My second school was SM Air Itam Kedah. Two years later I was posted to SM Kiet Hwa. In 1980 I became a Principal of Vocational Secondary School in town.

I would not recognize 99 percent of my students if I saw them. One or two has become a millionaire. Several became politicians. Several had retired or quit their jobs. A few continue to pursue  glory and climbed to the higher positions.  I am glad they were successful in carving a brilliant future for them.

A few showed gratitude by thanking me. I would asked them to thank themselves for making everything possible. They wete to thank God and to take care of their parents well.  A prayer from a mother would always be glorious.

I was never kind as a Principal and as a teacher.  I canned even the female students for failing my subject. Those who dirty the compound and did vandalism would never escape punishments. I forced them to sing 'YES WE CAN' every week and shouted a battle cry 'WE GOT TO BE NUMBER ONE' at every chance.  They would feelthe pinch if they can't recite multiplication tables. Most of all I reasoned out for things I wanted them to do.

In return they kept the school so beautiful; toilet as clean as Disneyland's, classrooms so clean and attractive that want to see everyday,  and a neat compound. So much so we won national awards almost every year. I always gave the credit to my students and always pray to God for their well being in spite of my constant scolding.

I was in the vocational school for twenty years, with full of memories. It reached the peak about 5 years before I asked for a transfer. Really I don't remember the year our Prime Minister visited our school. Someone out there might remember the event, and all other lustrous events and festivities.  To those who are reading this let me tell them that those things are no more there; no more reward for the best classes, public speeches during the assemblies, night classes before the exam, Open Day and creative chairs and tables constructed by the students.

Vocational School was my life. I don't remember other schools well, though old students from those other schools greeted me from time to time. I really love the teachers and the gorgeous students. When Noorwati Abd Ghani met me on the Facebook and narrated her adventure after leaving school I felt extremely happy. She is working in Shanghai now. I also have a student working in Sudan.

They shaped their own lives and their own successes. 

I retired in 2003 and still in contact with them thru the annual re-union programs and the Facebook.  Being old and tired I could not make myself available for chat most of the time. And each of them is busy with their own kids and spouses.

I am reluctant to broadcast my blog to my students because of my opposing view towards the government. They would not know why I threw much slur on UMNO. Only if they question me during the eyeball I am certain they would understand my stand. 99.9% they would be convinced and begin to see things they never saw before.

Noorwati is just about 37 years old. I am already 65. The rest are marching ahead towards the old age. One female student of mine who is just 40 is struggling hard fighting ageing. She paid to keep slim and to ensure of the young look, aerobic and cycling, weighing herself everyday. I smiled at her and wish her all the luck. If her husband pass away she could me a younger man.

I don't know how many had gone to meet God before me. Life is too short and it is temporary.

12/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Civilization is a Value

Civilization is actually a value system determined by a society. After mankind organized themselves and inventing new technologies they documented various codes for the society; dressing, social intercourse, set desirable habits and procedures rules of law. It is a virtuous value.

Natives without sophisticated utensils and without education and codes also have their own value. In our term they are poorer, unfortunate and uncivilized.

What is civilization today ? Killing innocent children and women, sucking people's money, sending bombs and missiles.

Malay Unity Under PAS

End of the world or end of civilization ?

21st December 2012 is predicted to be the end of the world base on several ancient prophesies. There will be two suns seen on that day.

The Muslims do not have to believe in it until Jesus/Isa descend in Damascus through the White Minaret.

But civilizations came and gone. Some buried in the sea and others beneath the desert. When men became so arrogant and challenged God, they were put away in ways we don't know. The earth may be destroyed by bombs, quake and calamities created by the man made HAARP.

A few men may live and multiply again slowly building up a new civilization. They may be from a hidden group unknown to us which right now totally divorce from modern world.

I am not so exited about Malay Unity. To me Islamic unity is more important. If people are talking about cohesiveness of the Malay, they can unite under PAS. NOT UNDER UMNO. There are too many sins of UMNO , from the abusing of power to the robbing of public funds for personal use. UMNO even allows their close friends to insult Islam and once plan to oust our Sultans. What UMNO wants from the Malays is to approve all their criminal breach of trusts. The Malays are blind enough not to see how UMNO has cheated them.

Islamic unity is global in nature. It is tied up by the continuous Azan throughout the globe by different races. It is the unity of peace. You can visit an Islamic restaurant and eat anything without doubt but you cannot simply jump into any Malay stalls for food in Indonesia.

When you call yourself a Muslim you have to be one true Muslim. You don't cheat and lie. You are honest and trustworthy. How many Malays who call themselves Muslims abide the teachings of Islam ? They throw stones at innocent people, shouting and act like a hooligan in a mosque, destroying cars and busses, showing their thinking using their butts and happily holding to the money belongs to the public for family's benefit.

UMNO wants the masses to polarize and split so that they can play each other for their own benefit. They can continue to share the loots. MCA get this much. UMNO get this much. And they resort to the divide and rule policy.

We don't unite with drug pushers and crooks and robbers and gangsters even of the same language and skin color. Malay unity is a dreadful word. We can't mix dirt with anything clean. If we are to take a moronic effort to unite the Malays, then do so under PAS not UMNO.

In fact in this country we need a national unity minus the rogue individuals. We have no other option.

11/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

While 90% of the Americans do not read bible there are a big number who called themselves Muslims and with a songkok on their heads do not professed Islam. They lie and lie, cheating people all the time, plundering people's money, support and practice corruption and can't even read Quaran fluently.

How could a person defend his faith if he doesn't have one ? The faith of the many is none other than MONEY. They believe they can get everything with that.

A Muslim does not go to Hindu Temple to celebrate or to patronize opening ceremony. He sends a representative of equal standing.

A Muslim does not manipulate and manufacture evidence to turn lies into truth.

Najib Offered Support to Obama - Regional Security

When Obama won the second term Najib offered Malaysia's military support. Of course  there is nothing wrong with such a gesture. We don't have to guess anymore of the Malaysia's stand in case of a war between China and USA in this region.

I on the other hand have a strong regional nationalism. I always support Asian nations in any of their global endeavor and competitions. We have to know what some of the Western elite individuals are thinking of themselves and the others particularly the Asians, the Africans and the Middle Eastern people. Words like moron, barbaric, uncivilized and sub-humans are commonly associated with the former colonies.

At all time I am proud of our Asian achievements. South Koreans and Japan had colonize the world market with quality products. China has stepped foot on the outer space and is catching up with military hardware.

The least I would do is not to take side.

The Chinese should stop prostrate to America as god and follow everything Americans. One has to look closely at the plight of millions of normal Americans and the movement towards fascism and the double standard practice on human liberty.

So we know of Najib's stand. And he also think the Chinese could be bought with money forgetting that 70% of the Chinese are wealthier and they have been surviving for a long time even without government's money.

Once Najib knows that the Chinese are not happy with Najib siding USA he will be doing the flip-flop act again to plough for Chinese vote.

11/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Has Evil Finally Rule Malayasia Ham Radio ?

Islam Is Not Malay

Sandy Superstorm

It's a common quandary after natural disasters displace lots of people and destroy homes and possessions. Relief groups need very specific things, along with cash and organization. Instead, they get vases and vacuum cleaners, or interference from well-intentioned volunteers who think they're helping but are just hindering efforts.

Bear in mind that unnecessary helpers can hinder efforts.



MARTS was synonymous with Amateur Radio in Malaysia. It stood with pride from the beginning until Ham Radio were slowly filled with crazy people who lack maturity but filled with stinking ego. How could a strong society simply went dead just like that ? Was it not the fault of the 9Ms themselves who could could be manipulated and controlled by even a single 9W ? Didn't they predict what would happen to MARTS after believing so much in some guys ?

If a person or persons have destroyed MARTS he should not be allowed to take charge of Malaysian Ham Radio anymore. A traitor once will always be a traitor. No man with radio business ambition and is doing a radio business should represent any Malaysian. There is a conflict of interest. A man who goes for popularity think less of the hobby but the hidden agenda.

There are names in my list that are not fit to head or become a committee member of any radio society or even any society at all. There is a correlation between a person's character and his profession and his view about jobs. We can't afford to take an un-employed, uneducated and criminals to run a society. But a person who hunt for popularity has a different view.

If evils were brought by devils and ham bands have become so screwed up, you could trace the source.

11/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Time and again we have been reminded that Islam and Malay are two different things. One is a religion and the other is a race.

When I see a Chinese I never came to a quick conclusion of his religion. He could me more pious and more knowledgeable than I am.

Islamic unity is more important than the Malay unity. A Malay can be anything from a Muslim to an Atheist or Christian. He can be a shameless Minister to a respectable pauper, from an intelligent engineer to a moronic politician.

Talk of the Muslimunity rather than the Malay unity. Talk of the Malaysian unity rather than the Malay unity.


Malaysia Needs To Learn History


Both Chua Soi Lek and General Petraeus have something in common. Both had extramarital affairs. One felt shame and disgraced and another has no shame at all.

David Petraeus had affairs with his biographer and a reserve army officer. His resignation was not called for but he did it like a gentleman.

Another case of concerned is the development in Syria. Assad's ending is near. Russia and China will just have to see his going and bid him good bye. The number of rebels may be small as in Libya. The goodies Assad and Ghadafi might have given may be more than enough yet the decision has been made that they have to go.

A warning to UMNO to stop atrocity, abusing of power, plundering of public funds is for the good of the nation. Winning by fraud, and cheating will not take BN anywhere. 100000 people who negatively see BN leaders as liars, arrogance and filthy would be enough to create instability.

BN has no choice but to learn from Libya and Syria. United States will cease to support a country's leadership once there are rebellions. Forget about the popular and elected government. If Syria and Libya had called for national referendum wouldn't Ghadafi and Assad remain in power ?

I have yet to see come morality somewhere; no shame after a proven sex scandal, did not return rm250 of public funds, AG accused of corruption, grand corruption of UMNO to buy votes.

USA will somehow agree with the enemy of UMNO and MCA.

11/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

There are nursing colleges and there are institutions for pilot training  and several more colleges to train professionals.

If you have money you can go to any of the colleges of your choice. If you don't you can go to find jobs at the fast food restaurants. Or else go and open stalls selling the cell-phones.

Oversea studies on your own ? May be Ibrahim Ali can help you.

School Based Exam Disastrous For the Malays

Have I not known the officers in education departments and how they are promoted, and their way of thinking and their ego ?

The brave ones who dare to debunk are few.

Whenever a policy has a long far fetch effect on the citizens yours is to ask them and warn of the grave consequences. If not you will be part pf the plot.

Any failure they must be severely punished.

I am not going to show how the school-base examination system could ruin the Malays and the poor citizens. There will be people who benefit from this. Teachers I talked to could see the drawback of the system. As always it was the Malays who were destroying the Malays by their short sightedness. 5 years after the implementation after much damage has been done and the Malays are never better off the government will start to lie again. And the poor Malays will forget the misfortune inflicted by UMNO. The cycle is vicious. The Malays will never learn. They will continue to vote for UMNO even if they see UMNO with a demon's head.

Job polarization will be so intense that the Malays and UMNO will cast the blame on others refusing to admit the blunders made. In science and engineering there will be the constant and rapid change of ratio between the non-Malay and the Malay professionals.

They never learn.

10/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Today 09/11/2012 I went to Friday prayer a little late after sending my wife for her dialysis. Around the mosque there were young children with prayer dresses, about 20 - 30, lingering and chatting outside the compound of the mosque.

You can't blame Nurul Izzah for this. Those are the children educated by the UMNO education system and brought up by parents who leave their kids in the hands of the others.

And UMNO allows MCA to meddle with the affairs of Islam and what the Muslims do to their kids. It is alright for Soi Lek and Sammy Velu to insult Islam as long as Najib get Chinese votes.

Our Malay school teachers are too busy with something else business perhaps.

What If America

Nurul Izzah is too young and very much lack of experience. She quoted the Quaran but she forget that this nation has major mental problems.

Her quotation is never wrong compared to what Mashitah's several un-Islamic statements.

If UMNO/PERKASA can afford to make road show to condemn Anwar, can't it have road shows to propagate Islam using 10 Ahmad Jeedat of Malaysia. Probably Ibrahim Ali can be one Ahmad Jeedat.

PERKASA/UMNO is losing the focus. They focus at the wrong thing and shoot at wrong target.

Ibrahim Ali must do 2 things; go to pondok and study the whole Quaran again and secondly study all the available bibles. I bet he can be a great preacher and able to pull others to Islam.

What does ulama do after completing the study ? Become UMNO's mouth piece or propagate Islam ?


This time the Jews are all out against Obama just because the President doesn't want war with Iran but looking for alternative ways to stop nuclear Islamic nation. Not satisfied with that, drones were sent to provoke Iran. It was not a False Flag but to arouse American anger to push Obama for retaliation. There are more to come to manipulate Obama's reaction.

Obama's administration should remain calm and composed. There are views daily expressed in the You Tube and other media about the war, money sent to Israel, Israel's design on America and about the United States to take back the country from Israel. A few called Obama not to compromise with the war monger GOP.

America should take back the power of Central Bank and to determine it's economy, not the Wall Street or Goldman Sach. It is a rough ride and a tough battle to give liberty to the people; their right to protest, to express and question. The wealthy will continuously putting pressure on Obama.

Keep in mind that it is not the Black who is running the country. The Whites, Hispanic, Blacks and all others are behind and with the President. Obama's administration must see the promises will be fulfilled.

The above clip does not tell all. It tells us a lot. It is also telling us to think of our own nation.

09/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Raja Nazrin Pertinent Question

When Raja Nazrin Shah was asking whether the King should do nothing as the government agencies are dragged deeper and deeper into politics, he was asking a pertinent question.

It is not merely the political partisanship of the Departments but also at the abuses of the people in power like giving oil fields to their own kids, and like the daylight robbery of the public funds.

The answer lies in the constitution.

The complication comes because the politicians think they are above everything including the constitution and the law. They are above the law. Cockily they even claim that judges are not even elected like a President.

It is up to the general public to recognize the constitution or not. An individual has the liberty not to pay tax or obey laws of the government he does not recognize.

Yes the King should step in even if the constitution has it's own saying, if we do not recognize the current government.

In the old world the strength of a government lies in it's divinity. Rulers were believe to have magical power over the subjects. Today the legality of a government lies on the strength of it's security forces. That's where the power lies, not in the court but the guns.

As longs as the people accept and recognize a government the real sovereignty exist. If the whole people rejected a despotic government and refuse to recognize it then it cease to be a legal government.

Khalifatullah must rule.

CW Speed

Nothing is like doing

Talking is good. Doing is better. To attain proficiency in Morse code we have to practice. Key is no more a problem. There are many types and kinds of micro-electronic switches which can be used as Morse codes keys. The price range from RM 2.00 - rm4.00.

Listening ability can be achieved by constant monitoring to hams or other CW stations.

Remember SWLing is also a form of work.

Go on the band and work Morse and you will know your weaknesses and strength. There is nothing like doing.

Never fear of making errors. Some time we are quite suspicious of perfect high speed sending. If you go to a wet market looking for a vegetable, buy the ones with worms or known to be eaten by the worms. The fresh ones may be chemically sprayed. This not not perfect CW is machined produced. It only make people suspicious.

Mazwan told me not to correct my spelling anymore because he knew what those words were.


The Devils Struggle

The devils struggle to stay in power because they committed a lot of crimes. They use every other means and ways, moral or immoral.

Do you believe they will survive for long ? I don't. Bad people shouldn't be killed as what were done to Saddam and Ghadafi. They should be tortured.

They know what happen to those who abused the power and practicing corruptions.

Winning an election does not guarantee they will stay in power. Destiny will tell.

I have to admit that some stations I worked on CW never responded to my several question but continue with the routine messages, giving the weather report. After several communications I decided to slow down, sending my message character by character each time.

Morse code is fun. It gives me a fulfilling day after a good session of a ragchew. The common speed would be 12 - 25 wpm. But with Mazwan I would go as fast as I can send. My sending is always worse than my receiving.

Repeatedly I have said that knowing and the ability to send high speed Morse does not tag us as a good ham. It does not make us a good CWer too. Good hams contain a string of characters, ethics and SOPs. A good CWer can make people understand the messages and he can read them without problems.

It is a good habit to send Morse at the speed that we can copy. The normal standard is at 12 wpm. It is a speed that made many SWLs like to listen.

Constant practice will enable us to recognize words rather than the character. Get a sparring partner to have a ragchew. After some time sounds of words begin to appear in the head. High speed CWer were there even before the introduction of computer. And many are still deciphering using their ears rather than the machine. I saw people working Morse at 55 wpm and that really amzed me.

I am not going to tell you the speed you should master. You decide on your own adjust to your own capability. The Russians like the fast speed for their own reason. The Japanese are using from  12 - 25 wpm. The Indonesians would adjust to your speed and they are extremely good.

The CW trainer I developed is outdated because I used the DOS sound but it serves my purpose. Passages were copied from the websites and pasted and saved. I listen to the various passages to get pass as many words as possible. After several repetition I began to recognize a few words. Whenever I used my CW trainer I would run it at high speed.

Yet I did not prowl the world over to hunt for high speed people. JA2NUT always had a high speed ragchew. I never want to work him on high speed because I know I can never excel his ability. I could make a fool of myself.

Hams who want to know the speed he should know are advised to do it at 12 wpm and eventually will automatically picking up higher speed after getting used to hearing the same words several time.

08/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What the bible doesn't prophesize

Any Prophesies in Torah ?


The Origins of Christianity. Note: Ezekiel 8:14 describes the worship of Tammuz some 600 years before Jesus supposedly walked the earth. Websites:

The Bible Contradictions by Atheists

The Atheists denounced religions as the main cause of war and killings. It started with the Christians killing the Christians and later the Christians and the Muslims went into war. Now for political agenda religions were pulled in to justify the military actions.

Observe the billion dollar missing gold from the World Trade Center on the 9/11 event. Ask yourself a question and follow the money/ You will get the answer.

Much have been said about the bible prophesy but many happenings were not quoted by the media and the YouTube.

The split of Christians between the Protestants and the Catholics that lead to the persecutions of each other by the thousands and even today the curse does not end.

The bible does not talk about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed many innocent lives and the terrorizing of the Iraqis and Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

The translation of the verses is mainly for justification of terrorist attacks on innocent men and women. Hitler was not a Muslim but a Christians.

Bible does not prophesize that one day USA will become a Fascist nation where every Christians are subjected to surveillance by drones and body search by the TSA.

The most important is the prophesy of the end of the world on 25th May 2011.

There are too many prophesies in the bible. The last I watched was about the where about of Noah's Ark. The movie maker was trying to prove of the fact by showing several cross signs ( Christian Cross) found on the site, when all we know Jesus came much later than Noah. The prophesies were said to have taken places and the end is happening.

So far I have not read of prophesies by Torah compared to the numerous quotes of the bible.

Any prophesy in the book of God will certainly to happen. No one can stop it. If there is truly anything mentioned about the destruction of Israel then there is nothing Israel could do about it.  If there isn't then no amount of threat would bring down Israel on it's knees.

Islam mentioned about the plundering of gold of the Kaabah and other destructions. If it is destined to take place then no man can do anything to prevent it. Similarly if Torah mentions  the war of Gog and Magog,  Iranian  destroying Israel then the effort to bomb Iran is a waste and futile .

Are attempts by Israel to bomb nuclear Muslim States religiously motivated ?

I don't think Benjamin Natenyahu is a staunch believer in the Jewish religion. He is more politically motivated. So are many other head of states regardless whether they are running a Muslim states or not. They use religion on for their own convenience.

When Jews control the money and the banking system they are just as greed as any others. One does not have to be  a Jew to have a desire to make money and controlling the world economy. If anyone is smart enough to plan and patient enough to wait, then time will decide the outcome.

07/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Obama wins!!!!!!! @ 11PM est - Election Night as it happened

Barack Obama Re-Elected President

Immediate and fast recovery in the United States cannot happen. Obama's administration must listen to the voice of the American inttelectuals on financial procedure and the banking system.


Names like Bush, Mac Caine,Chenny and Rusmfeld really haunted me. One common thing among them is they are all Republicans and with minds of White superiority. They were all war-mongers and ready to kill the Muslims.

When the Americans were protesting about the lost of liberty it wasn't start during the era of Obama. Plans before 9/11 was immediately executed just after 9/11. The push for the war, the FEMA camp and the talk of American Security against Al-Queda was way back whwn GOP was in power.

When Obama took over, Bush always made himself present around the new President. First to whisper on the policy Obama should continue and second was to make sure Chenney, Rumsfeld and he himself will not face any charge on war crime.

Though Jews financed both Romney and Obama, they were unhappy with the Black President who delayed the attack on Iran. At one time Obama refused to see Natenyahu who was confident enough that he could command American President. Natenyahu was rude.

Obama was demonized as anti-Christ, a Muslim who will destroy Western culture and a man without a 'ball'. Obama is a sign of the end of the world.

Farakhan though not a friend of Obama pledge of his support for Obama against any Zionist design to assassinate him.

I believe Obama will not attack Iran though USA will continue to assist Israel in the defense of Israel. And Iran will never attack the Jewish state.

The win allows the Obama administration to consolidate peaceful negotiation with China, North Korea, Iran and other hostile-tag nations. With the proper financial plan as a result of military withdrawal from overseas more jobs could be created. All eyes must follow where the money goes.

For a while we can take a breath.

07/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Don't Borrow and Don't Lend

Friends who borrow your things seldom return them  to you. I have the experience in lending friends money and felt bitter about it.

One borrowed a few hundred ringgit from me a very long time ago and never talked about it anymore until about 15 years later when he successfully traced my house. I welcomed him thinking he wanted to repay the loan. He was telling me about him having the chest operation and asked me for some money to pay the electricity bill.

You can imagine what my heart said. I thank him for coming and told him I too need some money.

The other was a lady whom I lent RM3000 and kept quiet about it for more than 5 months. When I asked her for the payment she said she already paid it.

What is Happening ?

I can't say about the Chinese primary school but I am very well aware of the Malay schools. I heard one person loudly said that the education officers are scared to check the school. Rather they put the blame on the school head.

I encountered and confront one UMNO teacher asking him what is UMNO and PERKASA doing about the primary school children who have disinterested teachers ? Nobody said anything. No sigh and no word.

Let me tell you, even Mahyuddin could not do anything to irresponsible teachers. Transferring them means transferring problems but not solving it.

Parents are having tough time to send their kids to good schools because school placement depend on the vicinity of the house to school.

Since PERKASA talked a lot then let PERKASA solve the problems. The Malays will disappear without good education.

There is only one invigilator when there should be four at the current SPM examination. This never happened 20 years ago. Public servant dared to challenge the authority both on matters of work and on salary. They moved in the opposing direction; lesser work and more pay.

Primary school which called me to set up the biometric attendance system had been expressing concerned about teachers who arrived late and going home before time. One primary school teacher punched and kicked his Principal for asking him to come to work on time.

Take a surprise visit to your nearest primary school and observe what goes on in the school.

Job should be a package, either we take the whole package or we leave it. A United State system of Hire and Fire should take care of ineffective and lazy workers. You want a job, do a job. If you think it is hard and cruel then leave it. There are millions of better people wanting to shoulder the whole package.

Do good to good people. Do bad to bad people. Base on this principal the United States torture, killed and treated people whom they perceived as bad. Do they practice human right ? Or they may be talking the right of an individual and the right of the public. Exercising an individual right that rob away the right of the others is not in our culture and society.

If we do not to adopt the rule of law on Hire and Fire then we have to bear of any happenings however weird they are.

06/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

High Code of Conducts

It is imperative for hams to have a high code of conduct and ethics without which it would ceased to be a useful body to society.

Lawlessness and hooliganism could drag the hobby into the mud. We can't achieve a high standard of ethical hams if we allow others to use our call signs, sharing frequencies with pirates and rebel against the rules and regulations.

If 10 out of 8000 hams are rude, lawless and do not have any code of conduct the number is too many. We can't afford to have even a small leakage. The small leak could drown the whole country.

In time of disaster and other calamities we may be called for support. Bad conduct individuals might go astray so that they can fulfill their own agenda.

Do keep this in mind and open your ears . You will know where we are.

Realizing the importance will allow us to think and plan for the benefit of all hams in this nation.

Remember amateur radio is not merely a talking hobby it is more than that. It reflects our culture and civilization. It could create a respectable race or display us as rogue and uncivilized.

If we don't have any morality we would just ignore all the ethics and the code of conduct.

What a ham speaks and his total behavior on international band project the image of our people and nationality.



Rumors are flying that thieves dressed as Con Edison workers are taking advantage of Hurricane Sandy victims and robbing people in several neighborhoods across Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Public should be educated what to do during natural calamities. The security forces are not wholly to help and rescue the victims but also arrest unauthorized people and strangers.

Mischief and crimes happened at the time of the happening or immediately after it. The first target would be the super markets, followed by the sundry shops.

So far Malaysia had not experienced any colossal and major disaster as what many other countries had. The biggest we had was Tsunami.

Even during the last Tsunami it was reported a victim could not leave his house or else he would find something missing when he returned.

During major flooding the so-called unknown helpers who knocked at your door will grab anything he can get hold off if you aren't home and your door is unlocked.

There isn't much different between the Malaysians and the Americans.

Authorities must spell clearly as who are allowed to help during emergency and set the codes of procedures and the type of ID printed by the Federal Government for those who are outside the emergency authorize units. The last flood and Tsunami were the heavens for the thieves and looters. And the in recent Sandy storm USA looters were all over. Some identify themselves as government officers of a certain agency. If the authority does not start thinking about it people with ham radio gears themselves may seize the opportunity to loot . Remember one senior ham operator said even criminals can be hams.

We do  only need straight thinking ham to be in this hobby.

Looting after storm Katrina

Looters and hams are two different entities. Anybody with a radio could go prowling while acting like helpers. Disaster areas have always been condoned and only authorize personnel are allowed into the vicinity.

Looting After Sandy Storm

The New York thefts identify themselves as FEMA officers and asking for credit cards and other stuffs info.

Disaster meeting finalizing the complete procedure and to audit back any problem base on foreign experience has to be done on a regular basis. There has to be a line of command and control in every state and locality. IF looters and prowlers were kings during the disaster in USA it indicates there is some lose chain somewhere.

We don't wait for flood and hurricane to start thinking. We ought to act now.

05/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Show Some Pride

To be on the TV screen most of the time can either make people like you more or hate you more. It all depend on what you do, the feature of your face and the mode of your actions. Bad motions can make you detestable.

We could lower ourselves by our speeches. We were seen as fools. We strip our pride and show our foolishness. The world would wonder what kind of leadership our country is having. Where are we being lead ?

Pride and integrity are not things to be bought. We don't pay people to say we are good, benevolent or trustworthy.  Only fools pay millions to buy it.

So long as people know and have proofs of our crimes we would always walk with stain on our face. When we appear on TV some will see us as dirty evil with satanic face.

Try to look at ourselves on TV time and again. I am sure we will agree that we do look like fools.

The Case of Nazri Aziz

The case of Nazri Aziz is totally different from the NFC. It is true when Nazri said that he never slept with his son like Shahrizat with her husband. There is a possibility of one and a probability of the other.

Nazri is a sample of UMNO being made tools by business people. I know 10 out of 10 UMNO people who were made tools and even  cheated outright by either conmen or gangsters or so-called businessman. We had witnessed the Ligam Video and followed the story of the game .

If I were a businessman I would always want to make a gift to a judge's wife or children, to the Attorney General's wife or family, a friend or a family of Ministers so that I can have a smooth sailing in my venture, may it be legal or otherwise. Nazri falls under this category. Shahrizat falls under different category.

Nazri never expect the bomb to drop on his head when he defended the 40 million ringgit donation. He forget that he was a small fish in a pond in a tycoon's yard, a tool. At this point he said he is not a rich man as compared to Najib's friend in Kedah who was reported to accept a few millions. If the businessman cannot take Nazri, he takes his son or his wife or any other family members. Didn't he wants to take more timber from Sabah ? Didn't we hear of a young policeman who was killed in Sabah for wanting to investigate a crime ?

What Nazri is trying to say why should a father shoulder the burden of the sin of his children. Aziz asked the right question but he had asked the general public. On the other hand the public were asking the same question why should  traffic offences made by someone else must be shouldered by the car owners ? Our friends or kids might break the traffic rules and the owners are to take responsibility.

Ask My Son How He Got the Hummer: Nazri Responds to PKR's Question on Son's RM459,000 Ride

The Hummer H2 with the registration number WNX9776 being used by Nedim's bodyguards. Pix: Sarawak Report


If it is so then Nazri does not have any choice but to take the same responsibility. Zahid must take the responsibility for the missing jet engine. The list can go on and on.

The best Nazri could have done is be cool when confronted by reporters. Tell the reporters to wait for the statement. He could take 4 or 5 days to think about it and provide answers. If he needs to apologize just do so. And at the same time must push for further investigation.

Never be too confident that UMNO will win in the next GE despite much of the spending and corrupting the people. People may realize that Najib gave them the money that belongs to them. Take millions and gave back hundreds.

04/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

We may not be stupid but we can always be greedy. What morality has a greedy person has other than his own lusting value ?

I always have negative opinion on businessmen, who in my view will do anything to push their agenda, mainly in making money. They can go to the extend of selling things to their own mother.

The worst businessmen are those who deal with drugs. They buy anybody influential and with power to ensure the smooth running of their endeavor.

All others would not care much what will happen to the people and the country.

Like criminals the habits of greed will never vanish.

They can lie with the glibness of their astounding speeches which contain tons of fallacies and hidden lies.

You see what happened in USA. The informed populace already realized the role of the corporate bodies, the bankers and those who contribute to the election funds.

 We Aren't Stupid

It is a FACT

We tend to overestimate the capability and smartness of a particular race, ethnic and white skinned people.

I have encountered with three dumb cases. The first one when my wife was having a flue and had a cough at which a young doctor persistently insisted it was due to her kidney ailment. I did not argue with him but felt very bad indeed. The doctor in private hospital administer the flue and cough medicine and she was cured.

Secondly I requested an expert in computer program for a certain service. I saw him handled the computer like a real expert. It took him about 6 hours later to resolve the problem.

Last but not least I was billed twice for the amount I have paid by a company which had had the start of the art computer system. When I asked for the reason of such an error after providing the proof my payment, the person simply did not reply.

Every race can be smart as well as dumb.

Most of us are mediocre in our mental capacity. It is not because we are stupid but we are not from educated or wealthy parents. Economically our parents just manage to survive. If were born in 1940's and before we know our parents were illiterate. My mother didn't even recognize alphabet and numbers but she could read Koran pretty well and can tell time by look at the clock.

Because we were low achievers we were called stupid. I remember my Mathematic teacher threw a duster at me and hit my head for being stupid. And many of you might have the same experience.

I hated schooling and hated teachers who had been hitting me and ran away from school for many days.

When I was in Form 2 a boy by the name of Syed Aswad taught me chemistry and opened my eyes on elements, metal and non-metal, what was an acid and alkali. My Principal, Long Eng Hwa, though very strict and caned failures, was popular among us. We liked him. I began to get interest in schooling just because of Mr Long. He was a magic Principal.

I never did well in tests but eventually seldom fail a subject. Both English and Malay languages were my drawbacks. I didn't perform well in my MCE. I failed English and only get a pass in Malay.

I was not the only stupid persons. There were others then and others now. But being stupid is not the end of our lives. Boon Siew didm't even had a secondary school but he became a millionaire out of hard work.

In the 60's job was still easy. Just by the stroke of luck I became a teacher. At the same time I looked back at my deficiency, my lacking, my laziness. Could the lost be compensated ? Age was catching up. I saw thousands of others like me began to attend night classes studying to go to university. I didn't. I did my own study.

I realized success is of our own making. We face challenges and overcome difficulties. We must not be scared to venture into the unknown world. With the same reason I decided to write this blog in the language which I can't.

The reason I write this essay is to tell other ham friends who are like me to improve themselves if they think they need further economic enhancement. Find ways and means and strive hard. Actually we are not stupid nor un-teachable. We are not moron nor imbecile.

Getting something thru hard work gives us more fulfilling than getting them free of charge.

04/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Graduate Preference


Alien from hell


Do You Believe It ?

The video footing above is telling us there are structures on the moon. There are Pyramids and the probably alien space stations. It could be mere hoax or it is real.

Do I believe it ? I don't believe in the whole video narrations. Some areas is worth examined.

Watch the hour long video by clicking on the image and enjoy it.

Research shows Chinese and foreign firms prefer Chinese to Malay graduates even of equal qualification including the ability in Mandarin of both candidates. The discrimination could either be due to racial discrimination or the preference of the same kind. The detail interview could unveil the reason.

My working world is small. I managed two secondary schools and observed only about 200 staffs. There were about 20% Chinese teachers.

Basically out of 20 you will be satisfied with all the 20. But out of 100 Malay teachers I will be disappointed with about 4 or 5. The rest of the Malay teachers are as competitive, efficient and as mature as the Chinese.

I heard complaints of Malay Department's Heads giving favor to Chinese staffs. The complainants were problem workers of bad attitudes and a burden to the public. These were mainly the non-graduate staffs.

The maturity level is low among the Malays. The ladies are much sharper, neat and efficient. If I run a company I will only have male Chinese, female Malays and a really good male Malays.

I can't say how much attitudes play the part in employing workers. We can't afford to have workers who always arrive late and going home early, going out for meal for hours, do not pay attention to details, always complaint and lazy.

I never like any policy that could drive the Malays lazy and non-competitive. Even in 20 years time they must be pushed to stand on their own, dare to face challenges and must work hard to achieve something.

For a long time the Chinese do not depend on government's help or government's job to survive. They looked for land and applied TOL to plant vegetables, rearing fish and produce other foodstuffs. They ran businesses and took plenty of risks. Some were successful and some were not.

A man like Ibrahim Ali can make all other Malays as smelly as he is. The UMNO politicians have done much to cause abhorrence on the Malays. If my eyes could trap and see trough the evil of UMNO what do you expect the world to perceive the race ?

02/11/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Comparing Najib to Marcos, the former is much worse. Marcos corrupt the people with money but did not publicly demand for the return. Najib is shamelessly telling the people to vote for BN in return of the favor he gives. If you read the Malaysia law book on corruption, you will find Najib has stepped on those pages and totally disregard it. The Rule of Law pounded by Rais Yatim is a laughingstock.

When Mahathir said greed leads to the downfall of the Malays he is right. Both UMNO politicians and the general public of the Malay stocks are all greedy. The level of corruption in the country is unbelievable high. The whole nation is soaked with it. Nazri, Shahrizat, Noh and all others defended the right to corrupt and be corrupted.

UMNO's gaining of power will mean greater downfall of the Malays. Mark my words what will happen after the coming general election. The general public will start to feel a big pinch. The Janji ditepati will vanish in the thin air. People will find their money value declines rapidly, house price continue to soar, the Malay youths involvement in drugs will continue to climb. And the school-based examination system will take a longer time to show a disastrous effects.

To really save the Malays either UMNO must go or Najib should be put to rest. High profile UMNO members can easily conspire so that Najib will not be elected and block any attempt to cheat. In a Chess game you win if a King is mated.


Before a general election UMNO will go all out to show that it always support and in favor of China. It is a ploy to win Chinese support. But at heart and in mind Malaysia will side United States in case of China-US confrontation.

To Malaysia Al-Queda, Taliban and all other Muslims nationalists and Jihadist are enemies and tabooed. She adopted well the word 'terrorist' as coined by Henry Kissinger to mean the Muslims who are fighting for the rights and the Principle of Islam. It wants to show to the United States that it has one voice and one thought.

Najib paid million to be in the good book of America and was happy to receive US navy. Malaysia will give logistic support in case if US-China war. Friendship with the Philippines and the allowance of the latter government to allow Malaysians to economically help the Moros is not a free alliance. We have to agree to a common enemy ie. China.

Haven't we shouted to the world that we are anti-communist and anti Al-queda ? Are we not accusing Bersih members as Communists ?

China is not a dumb nation and the Chinese are not stupid. At the very moment what interest China is a two way businesses. In railway and other project developments the Chinese will want to get involve. China will never confront Malaysia. It goes for economic benefit.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Play God

HAARP station

We have always believe that God creates weather and day and night. But mankind became so haughty, pushing the Almighty aside and set to do what the believers say the work of God. This time they used the magnetic wave of extremely high voltage to push the earth atmosphere out of the normal position and layout. In the process and experiment they killed millions of birds and animals. They modified weather and cause earthquakes. The technology is called HAARP.

They are so haughty that they bullied nations they dislike, killed innocent women and children and insulted God in many ways.

What really is Sandy ? Natural ? Man made ? Or God's retribution ? No Americans will say it is God's retribution. If the Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis and Palestinians were asked they would attribute Sandy to God's punishment.

Only a very few would think that the end would somehow come. Sooner or later the big quake would hit USA after it had shaken Canada. It is also highly probable the War with Iran would bring devastating disaster to the American cities. The wrath of God might destroy the current intelligent civilization as what had happened to the ancient  lost civilizations.

If aliens are real. could they not be divine ? And came to punish the evil unbelievers and liars ? If it was nit a HAARP's error, could it not be from the Aliens ?

There are many who still believe that calamities and disasters are related to God's punishment for the sins against God.

31/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


No one can stop the rage of Sandy when it struck the East Coast of USA. The sufferings of the normal Americans are much worse than the wealthy ones. The citizens begin to live with the hardship as their contemporaries else where. First they were out of their jobs. Then they lost their homes. And now the vicious storm slams their towns and villages.

Malaysians should extend their helps in any way they can regardless of our lacking. USA has always helped nations when disasters strike. I am sure our SMARTS team has acted. We are not just going to look at the people sufferings. The fellow Americans are as human as we are.

We pray for the safety for all the Americans.

30/10/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Secrets in Plain Sight