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There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person

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When UMNO wins GE13

Malays and Muslims

After UMNO wins the GE13 many anti-UMNO members will have a big laugh probably the biggest of the century. I am not going to say what will make them laugh so big and so loud. The laugh will continue for a long 5 years. Believe me it will happen.


A lady friend said to me 'you are dead when your mind is dead'. So how to keep our mind alert and alive ?

Reading newspapers and watching TV can make our brain stop working if we just believe what we read and hear. But the urge to find out more on what we read and hear, to analyze the validity and to reason them out will make our mind active.

That lady friend told me way back before the age of the internet. Now I realize keeping myself busy with short essays like this will make my mind awake.


Maziya is a team from Maldives, met Kelantan in the AFC cup recently. Looking at Maziya, the players looked like under-nutrition, with bodies unlike the sportsmen. I also suspect the team is under budget. I did not trace any import player nor any foreign coach.

Kelantan is superior in any aspect, including the game play. We would expect the Malaysian to crash Maldives by a big margin.

It did not happen that way. It was Maziya that shot the first goal. Kelantan equalized later and the game ended in a draw.

Hence we cannot underestimate other people at any time. And we can't afford to make mistakes repeatedly and get away with them.

Why the IKIM radio was talking about the Malays and the Muslims. I did not hear the total episode but the statement I briefly heard carried weight and of some concerned.

'...we cannot relate the Malays and Muslims.....when Malays did bad things people will say the Muslims did it.....'

Was the topic ever been discussed before ? But many have expressed their concern and shame at the behavior and actions by the Malays especially the politicians that brought disgrace to the religion. And it made the non-Malays distant themselves from Islam. To them Islam is the practice and the demeanor of the Malays.

The rouge Malays and the leaders who preach violence and hooliganism would not care about the image of Islam. They gave the impression that the Muslims are looters, aggressive and violence, robbers, cheaters and liars.

The Malays may feel they walk tall without realizing they are being sneered. Even the honest young people are sees as hooligans, drug addicts and stupid.

In the Facebook we see the Malays slashing and calling names at their political opponents. The cursing goes on in the government media. One ulama called the other Satan.

I watched a documentary clip on what a Christian comments on the Islamic conflicts and even murder of their own kinds. Though untrue, the little bad behavior has created a big public impression.

The image of Islam is not on what you say. It lies on the behaviors of the Malays. The Malays cannot stop people from forming such perceptions no matter how stringent the law and regulations are.

The Ustaz can continue talking about it. The Malays won't heed it. Their brains are not functioning. They consult their sentiments most of the time.

08/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




We have to go back to school to learn the history of Nusantara to understand more on the Lahat Datu's incident. The social history of the people and the story of the spice trade could either be found in libraries or at universities.

What has taken place is frustrating to all sides.

Let us be Orang Asli who have been living in the Malayan jungle for more than 400 years. We don't know about the Dutch and English activities in the 19th century, who in 1824 cleverly devide Nusantara into 2 divisions. When the British took over Malaya the whole country belongs to them. Then after 1957 the whole country belongs to Perikatan.

Actually there isn't land that belong to us. The selling and buying of land and forest to build dams and cities were done without our knowledge or approval. Later we heard the government is taking us somewhere, promising us a better and modern living.

Just because we are uneducated, stupid and ignorant people simply claim our land as theirs.

It is our right not to recognize the law and the government. Only if we have a strong military power our voice will be heard and our right may be respected. Israel's going back to the land mentioned in the Holly Book indicates the non-recognition of other law made by man. The Jews says they are following the law of God.

Similarly, if a country turned Communist, no previous and existing law will be recognized. Even what Iraq owed us during Saddam Hussein's era was gone astray.

It is a matter of recognition and power. The right lies in the arms.

Digging back the history of Nusantara could raise questions of the origin of the people living in this region today. It may very well mean the Suluk has more right over Mahathir. Pakistan or India is just too far away from Nusantara.

The Moros and other island people in the region presume the people of similar culture are of the same stock. They thought they can get help from Malaysian government. They seek military training and elected UMNO's man to advise them. While the Malaysian exposed of her involving by sending Misari back to Manila, the Thais are running heavy espionage network over here to trace whether Malaysia is training the Thai Muslims. Both countries do not trust Malaysia.

The Orang Asli have no place to go. They have to play by the government's rule. Those island people at least could stay in their islands and live by the sea. Their fate depend much on the Manila-KL's relationship. Both may join hands to wipe these people off the earth, which is a happy episode for the Philippines and a tragedy for Malayan Malays to see the Muslims are being killed.

Mahathir said the Suluks do not follow the teaching of Islam. How about him ?

Most likely than not our government will used the same psychological approach to split the Suluks and the Moros by using money. We will also produce plans to develop the economy of the island people in fishing and agriculture. UMNO's offices will be set up to overseer the economic development. Just what the British did to us.



The first thing crossed my mind when I heard of Chavez' death was he was given a slow death poison by his arch enemy. He was an outspoken man, smart and when he hit, he hit it hard and right on the head. I never thought USA like him at all.

There is one thing that we can be so sure; that Chavez never murder millions of civilians like Bush, Vhenney and Rumsfeld did.

To the United States the world is better to live in without Chavez as they always said to those others they want to eliminate like Osama, Gadafi and Saddam Hussein.


Lokman Noor Adam

If you want a clear picture of what happen in Sabah do ask Lokman Noor Adam the UMNO Youth Exco man. He is the advisor to the Sultan of Sulu.

The Sultan is not without a friend in Malaysia. He has one and he is an UMNO man. What role has Lok,an been playing and what were his advice to the Sultan ?

It does not stop there. MNLF, the Moro fighters, known to be trained by Malaysians are joining the Kiram fighters. The Philippines knows of our involvement.

Why all these events happen now just before the GE13 ? Why not much earlier ? I believe Lokman, the UMNO man, knows the answer.

Before jumping to conclusion think about it. Investigate Lokman.



The Jews said they do not take anything from the Palestine. They only go back to the land that belongs to them as stated in their holly book. The Sultan of Sulu said the same thing. And they simply could not accept the artificial division created by the colonial power.

Land has always been urgent and critical. In West Malaysia only the Malays who are happy to sell their land away and the greedy are looting people's land using the passport created by Mahathir, the new land acquisition act.

A big portion of the Filipinos are happy to get Sabah back. Sabah was claimed by the Philippines during the formation of Malaysia.

The issue is a question of right; between ours and the Sulus. Israel defies the United Nation on settlement. The Sulus won't stop fighting. Giving them Malaysian IC may not be enough.


This is the time for Ibrahim Ali to show his patriotism and go to fight with the Sulus. Rahim Noor being an experienced high ranking officer can plan the attacking strategy.


It does not take 200 bombs to kill the 200 intruders. If they split 1/2 a mile a part and each hiding under a terrain the army has to be about 10 - 20 meters apart following the bombing trace. Hishamuddin does not call it a war despite the heavy bombings.

We expect a win but at what cost ? And the army simply could not start packing home after all the intruders are killed. Money will be poured in this critical area against potential attack.

To reduce the cost we have to send emissaries to negotiate with Sultan Sulu and the MNLF. I believe Lokman and the group that trained the MNLF will be sent. This time the Sultan of Sulu must be offered with some big sum to quiet him off and make him happy.



We don't negotiate with terrorist, gangsters, drug dealers and murderers. We fight to win without favor nor fear. I think our authorities prefer the easy way out, giving leeway to those whose professions were to destroy others. If the enforcement units and the police are afraid because they are being threatened then evil will continue to command and control, crimes continue to grow, drugs will never end.

An individual officer has a very difficult time because he feels he has no protection from the team. We still remember a young policeman in East Malaysia who was murdered for investigating illegal logging. He had made reports but was advised by his police friends not to go too far. And he was murdered.

Gangsters and criminals have upper hands over the police. And these are things that we have been hearing day after day as the conflicts between retired police bloom.

What the thinking people were asking was 'are the police only used to deal with the unarmed peaceful protestors ?'

People had called the government to send the army and stop the intruders. We heard the answer "We know what we do...." , ".."we will prefer negotiation to prevent bloodshed...". When shots were fired and there were casualties, our PM blamed Anwar. Anwar was not the advisor of Sultan Sulu. BUT the advisor is an UMNO strong man.

The best of Tak Sin was he never negotiate with drug pushers and dealers. He even hunted the Muslim insurgents.

We don't negotiate with terrorists and those who go to destroy our society.

I was adviser to ‘real’ Sulu sultan, says Umno Youth exco man

UPDATED @ 03:57:12 PM 04-03-2013

By Zurairi AR
March 04, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, March 4 — Umno Youth executive councillor Lokman Noor Adam today denied having links with self-professed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, whose brother is leading an armed incursion into Lahad Datu, Sabah.

There is no other treasure in ham radio other than CW. It has been the pride of all hams in the yester years. It was an elegant symbol of greatness, displaying the special intellect and the special ability. That was what make Ham Radio so very great hobby.

Others regard terms like 'QSL', 'ROGER', 'QRX' and ' and '73' as the greatness and made those who mentioned them so great. In their perspective those are very spectacular.

The pleasure of radio communication could not excel the rest. It is more fun to use the video chat soft wares on the computer like Tango or Skype. But what pride has the computer owners other than developing some fantastic soft wares ? It is one of those entertaining gadgets that excelled amateur radio communication.

The crisis of amateur radio today is it is going against the traditional norm, covering the dignity and the treasure and making it just like any other hobby without it's special characteristic. It is the treasure itself; the CW.


My Ticket 7.00 - 7.10

I just received my ticket from MCMC. I checked the frequency allocation and found I am only allowed from 7.00 to 7.10. Would I complain ? NO. I would not encroach on frequency above 7.10. I am not so heroic as some others. 7.043 is good enough for me.


The UKK Guys

A frequency is being used by an organization, which I always monitor, giving reports of their location.

The other day I passed an accident area where I saw several young Chinese men with uniform and a cap with the word UKK. I know than it is an organization that provides a kind of service to the community.

I applaud the activity and the high discipline shown on the band. There was no rowdiness, no sermon and no chatting whatsoever. They do not use the ham band.

So the hams should not claim that without them the world will be in chaos.


First of all I would to apologize to my Jewish brothers. I am not making a wild accusation on any intent of the Jews but merely making an assessment when watching the movie ARGO.

When I watched movies which I think has any ill-intend towards Islam I always observed the facial structure and the skull of the actors and actresses to see whether they are of Jewish descent. In ARGO several characters confirmed my suspicion.

The intent of the movie is to make the Americans hate the Iranians and Islam, to push the United States to go to war against Iran. I believe Israel will not attack Iran alone without any of the United States backing.

I think ARGO is a totally a Jewish movie.


I just finished watching a movie Kabul Kid. The main character in the movie was a taxi driver. He told the woman who left a child in his taxi to pull off the veil because it was too hot and his father that the beard made him look older. It signifies the call for the change in tradition and culture.

The urge for the modernization of Islam in Malaysia started quite some time even before Islam Hadari. The banning of music in Nasyid at the Koranic Reading competition was lifted. Nasyid was later accompanied by the band.

Islam was most attacked during Mahathir era. Sammy Veloo asked 'Can Koran build highway ? ' The women's movement attacked Islam for not respecting individual right and freedom. Then there was a cry saying bathing is enough instead of the procedural ablution.

Modernization of Islam is not in the change of the content and the core teachings. The use of technology in aiding the teaching does not affect the contents.

Would the Muslim change the content of Quaran and Hadith and all other laws just to keep phase with the changing society ?


A church somewhere allows the congregation to drink and get drunk and dance. More than 80% of the Swedish are Atheists. Gay marriages have been legalized and drugs are allowed in some countries.

Filial Piety is almost diminished both in the West and in the East. It has been a critical issue in Malaysia right now. The change in value from the interest of others to self-interest would kill the human gregariousness.

Many of the changes are not for the better but to fulfill self-interest and gain. Bad things will be seen as good or normal. Once boys are scared to smoke. Students will be sacked for smoking. Today kids smoke everywhere, even in the school compounds. They can't even be punished.

Corruption which was once regarded as an evil has now become legal. The whole population was given money in return for a vote. And on this event I think the anti-corruption bureau should be abolished.

We are changing from 'let the court decide to let the people decide'. A murderer is not a murder if the people says he is not. A robber is not a robber if the people say he is not. People appeal to public opinion instead of the law of the country.

One of the most to change is the Malays.

Forced Change

A Forced Change is the change one has to adopt because the old are no more in production. They may be in footwear or computer hardware. So are the procedural changes those are required by the central board.

If there are choices and alternatives one can either stay with the current status or move to the new one. You want the traditional dress or nudity. You want BN or PR. The change is not forced on you.

The shift to accommodate the stupid and lazy people is not healthy for the society and the country. School curriculum, with degrading content, eliminating the hard part and leaving the simplest portion was once introduced in the KBSM.

The lifting of tests and examinations would increased the number of non-competent part of the population.

The transfer of problem staff to other promotional post is one of the worst practices ever in this country.

The Joy of Amateur Radio is Over

I speak for myself. All other old hams may not share the same view.

Before I became a ham in the 70's 40 meter band were always full of people. There were at least 8 active members from Penang, 6 or more from Ipoh and the rest from Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor making themselves heard every day. All conversations were in English as it was regarded as an international hobby. As a beginner I used two normal radios beating them to hear the evening chats.

Chow, Chong, Eustace, Kuan Kew, Mal, Eshee, Leong, Feild and a few others from Penang would join the Perak group. Avarta, Idris, Rajamani, Tunku, Ibrahim Oxford, Ari, Phang Choo, Bill would open another group when the number was getting bigger.

The first communication radio I bought was ICF5900W. I would take the radio with me anywhere just to listen to them. The fun and joy of listening was indescribable.


Every week I drove to Eshee's and Malcom's house in Penang to talk with the others. Ten to 15 minutes of chatting was very ecstatic.

When I became a ham I joined the local and international group. The international group called Kangarudarimau net consisted of station from Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. But JA2AUI, Kiow San, joined as a regular member. We were there everyday over the years. On the same day I would return to the local net.

We discussed, told stories and argued. 9M2GV had plenty of stories to tell. So was 9M2DW and 9M2EG. Ari was telling me about his grandsons learning and working in Canada and about his cultural trip to Europe. Bill taught me about golf and telling his travel experiences all over the world.

A man with most stories was 9M2DW, Dato' Tan. There were stories about court cases he attended to as he was a magistrate, his personal life and how he combined food to eat.

A few others were in their own group and would pop in from time to time. CW sessions was on every Sunday. The most active was Chow, 9M2CF.

I don't exactly remember when Manan came in. But I remember working regularly with Pawan Teh, his father. I and Pawan Teh would go on both CW and SSB.

Aziz, Zainal, Marzuki and Lim came later but I don't remember when.

The SOP and terminology were not a problem for me because I learned them from SWLing. I followed the existing hams, their ways and styles.

Before I went into the hiding a few hams began to disappear due to sickness or passed away. 9M2AP went a 'silent key'. He, Eshee, Rajamani, Idris and Ari always pulled each other's legs. 9M2AT, Tunku Archibald, Kew and Chong left the world when I was about to exit in the 80's.

My return to ham radio was in 2002. I was shocking to find a very vast change. People who always came to my house talking over the radio and seek my help for many things were having call signs, repeaters were everywhere, license B operators had been created, new terminology were coined and the whole ancient world changed.

I found the old joy of amateur radio vanished and buried.



I did not bring out this topic but it was raised by fellow hams in Malaysia. The first statement was ' One leg of the 9Ms are already in the grave yard....' which implies that the 9Ms should prepare themselves for the next world. They will die first and soon. Then another statement came later which said that 'those who play CW are the dying breeds and CW itself is already dead'. This also contains identical implication.

Only when you want to know whether CW is still on, you will hear thousands of them. Put up a good antenna and scan the band at the right time and the right band. It may be true that it will die.

So let us see who will die first CW or those who say the mode will disappear ? Who will die first; the one who said 'one leg of 9ms is already in the grave yard' or the person or persons who said it ?

Hearing less and less the ageing 9Ms on the band is not because they are all dead. Many passed away even before the birth of the class B hams. By the age computation the old 9Ms will go first even before the CW is dead.

Expatriates who are hams and foreign hams operating overseas like to work on CW. These stations from Kampuchea, Vietnam and even Malaysia got a pile up. If so they are the dying breeds then let us see who will die first.

Of course history can cause pain. Many Malaysians do not want facts to be recorded in the history books because they inflict injury. But without history there can be greater turmoil. The people who insulted the others demand the victims to forget the past and their crime.

Who will die first is not my topic but the voice of the others. It is written here to recall what people may have been forgotten. It is merely a literary exercise.

Democratization of amateur radio means the right of individual to adopt amateur radio as his hobby without any test requirement just like the usage of any other radio equipments. The current amateurs are of the view that ham radio is very important to the community. It is not only for relief purposes but also as crime busters. There is a great effort to promote amateur radio to the Malaysians.

The compartmentalization and division among the radio operators was regarded as unhealthy and divisive. In the amateur world there is a category called a CB ( citizen band), the class B ham and the class A hams. The instruments which divide them is the exam. The CB does not need to sit for any examination and the hams have to sit for RAE and Morse test.

CB operators operate like the hams except for the frequencies. The members can be as expert as the ham guys. They proof that RAE is irrelevant.

Knocking down the wall would unite the CB and the hams, and would open up the hobby to millions of Malaysians. Though it gives more work to the regulatory body, the increase in revenue would be enhanced by four or tenfold, to offset the additional task of the government.

It is not right to dismiss the idea by saying these new people 'don't know this and that'. There is always a public education to disseminate via virus media.

Whatever arguments of the present class B amateurs for the abolishment of CW can be globally applied. The argument also includes the growth of a new economic sector in relation to amateur radio.

The motto 'I can you can't' must be thrown off. And we can head towards the new world of Malaysian Amateur Radio. The abolishment of CW must go together with the RAE for the total fairness and democratization.


The Malays no longer respect mosques. The holly house has been the target of theft, known to be by the Malays. Also we saw shoes and objects were thrown to persons they don't like in the Holy premise. This is the result of more than 50 years of independence.

Beside apostasy there are numerous Malay women prostituting themselves. How many of them are drug pushers and gangsters and hooligans ? Are those the respected right of the Malays ?


When a Malay made himself so stinking

The Malays should be proud of us

The day will come when the Malays could no longer accept a Malay as a Prime Minister or their leaders or ruling the country. Being a Malay does not provide them authority to lie and rob, to commit crime or to be gagsters, to be unfair and to sell the identity away. The behavior and act that brought shame to the whole community could not be tolerated.

As it is in the United States the Whites are accepting the Blacks. Obama first became popular when he promised to stop the killings in the Middle East and the white Republican leaders were murderous and evil. That was in Bush ad Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Being a Malay does not give the right to be a gangster, to fabricate evidence and to kill.

Question has been asked 'Are Malays so mentally savage, so crazy for power and willing to go to any extent ?'

We don't have to wait for the majority to reject the Malay leaders. At the start , 10% is big enough. The number will grow as the immorality among the Malay leaders grow. People will prefer a descent, honest, fair and efficient leader. The total sentiment could take immediate effect if the non-Malay leader is a Muslim.



School Certificate which is equivalent to SPM today took many persons to England to be English teachers. School leavers in the early 60's with current PMR, LCE then, could find jobs in government department. The numbers in the pre-university classes were small.

In those days we were talking about India where people with university degrees were like Kacang Puteh. At that time we were talking about Thailand and Indonesia with a vast corruptions. "Everybody is corrupt," we said.

And today in Malaysia we are beating those nations in term of corruptions and people with Master degree spread like wild fire. Try having conversation with these people with Master degrees, first go through English conversation and then ask them to analyze issues.

What is the value of the certificate in the job market ? The certificates could be very useless to some firms. Our value may not lie with the paper qualification but the university or colleges we are from. The rest of the degrees are useless. They are just like the Kacang Puteh's papers.

How many thousand people are looking for jobs today ? The expansion of firms cannot be in phase of school ad university leavers. Government prefers privatization. Private companies set up by government do not employ people base on meritocracy.

If you have money send your kids to nursing school, medical school, aviation college to ensure of a job. Else the young people will be joining the crowd hunting for limited jobs. We can't even sell Kacang Puteh nowadays.

Soon enough people with university degree will work in a petrol kiosk, selling burgers and involve themselves in illegal trade.



The founders of an Invisible Empire met and discuss POWER. What do you think they talk about ? Our guess can never go wrong to say the basic of their discussion was supreme military, world financial control, and media monopoly. Today the United States have all the three. And each world government is using to maintain their power.

The tools that boost the  military supremacy are sciences and technology.

Today when they meet they are talking about how to make sure the rest of the world cannot rise up to compete in those three areas.

The age of enlightenment had reached the peak. People are moving back towards savagery. Innocent kids are bombed and killed. Land are robbed and the owners are evicted from their homes. Political leaders are becoming autocratic. And human values are thrown away.

The controlling on other people become more and more intense.

They use the police and the military to uphold their evil agenda.

What did we talk when we met ?



When I passed through some Malay houses I felt very sad and dishearten because of the sight that the Malays are very blind. When pointing to real facts to my friends who have university education including a university teacher I heard very frustrating answers or they dodge the question.

One day in the history book someone will say 'SERVE THE MALAYS RIGHT'

You can't run from Najib

I do not buy newspapers, watch TV news or propaganda stuff and switched off my radio when I heard Najib's voice or his name. It is not because I hate him but I can't bear to see his face and expressions. Now he creeps into the internet ad. I opened up the You tube page I saw his face and the political slogans. That is too much. And this one is different from all other Prime Ministers. I won't be surprise to see Najib's face on our currencies.


Why The Malays Cannot Progress

As long as the Malays are trained to use emotion and sentiments as their guardian in life they will never achieve the level of thinking and intellectuality of the highest order. They will continue to be the slave of ignorance and stupidity. The Malays are taught hatred, hooliganism and profanity. Universities and colleges have been corrupted with air of sentiments and emotions. Sciences, mathematics and rationality are not the food for the students and the younger generations.



Faith No More is a famous musical group in the West. It is also the nature of our new society which does not have faith in the religion and God anymore. How do we know of their religious stadig ? It is by their acts and deeds. They worshipped politicians who are corrupt who lured them with money, lies thru their teeth without any feeling of guilt, fabricate stories and evidences to defame and putting shame on others.

The supermarket's cop is just like me as far as radio operating is concerned. The company he works for has an apparatus assignment and he just use the apparatus. I don't have an amateur radio license too. So are many others.

I just went to renew my apparatus assignment but to date I have receive nothing yet. I was told the authority issued a card which I don't know what's written on it. If nothing is written linking to ham license it means nobody in Malaysia has an amateur radio license.

What does it imply ? It means anybody at all can talk over the air using the apparatus that has been assigned by the MCMC. Put the said radio in a club and therefore any Dick, Tom and Harry can run it. And for a mobile or portable unit any member of the public can go handy.

Does anyone want to try contesting it in court ? I bet the MCMC won't win the case. Piracy actually is not a person but the unassigned set.

The apparatus assignment is suitable for commercial category, not for the ham radio.

We always assume thing. Once it is contested in court only then Malaysia will start thinking whether to blindly follow the other countries.



People with archaic minds like me still love what are still left in the traditions. I still love Zapin dance, songs by Clif Richard, Helen Shapiro and P.Ramlee. I believe changes would kill the culture and identity. What could left in a race is the facial features and probably the language spoken.

Shouldn't people fight to retain and maintain their culture and tradition; of marriage institution, social interactions and respects, religious rites and practices, languages and identity ?

I find there is an aesthetic element in the tradition. It stands bold amongst the modern environment and architecture. That made it so very grand. The drum dance of the Koreans and the Chinese with perfect synchronization have always been superb and interesting to watch.

The mantra and sounds of the Morse codes of the ham radio, not only show the high dignity of the radio hobby, but also the quality of the people in the hobby.

If those who want change than choose the total change and free the hobby from any old practices. Do away with CW and RAE.

New setup, regulations and requirements could be orgainzed.





The West always keep phase with the changing technology, prefer NEW things and continue with the change. Social and moral values take a new form. What some considers sinful has been accepted as a norm. Even the content of bibles change to cope up with time. So we contradictions everywhere, free sex as a symbol of freedom. Gay marriages and drugs have been legalized by the government.

After decades of hamming somebody decided the ham requirement should be altered. The question of relevancy has taken over the tradition and radio culture i,e Morse codes are not made mandatory for a ham radio operator.

In Malaysia the wind of change has been in progress from the material to religion. From Islam to New Islam implying the religion is outdated. The concept of social value has changed to individual value. An individual claims he has every right to do what he likes. Rais Yatim announced that nobody can interfere in the private life of other people in term sexual practices.

People in amateur radio is calling for the dispelling of Morse requirement.

If change that we want than change that we call for. But let it be total. The point of relevancy should be complete; both the RAE and CW are not relevant anymore. I have pointed out this point in my previous article before.

CB operators are at the same far with their fellow hams. They reach the whole world, exchanging QSL cards and meet in international convention. Is it not a high time to abolish the border and put them in the same boundary ?

The Father and the Money


The father, being a farmer, does not buy health insurance. His several kids are not wealthy nor holding government jobs. The padi field is just enough to provide the family with rice for the year. At 78 he still work hard to earn a living. Only one kid was doing a business.

When he was diagnosed having heart blockage by the doctors in the private hospital it creates problem to the family. The operation would cost RM40K. Doing or not the risk is high.

One kid was thinking of an operation in government hospital. That may take months for his turn.

I sensed money is a problem. Who want to finance the operation ? I observe the reluctance of spending even by sharing the cost among the kids. I believe they were thinking of letting their father dies as he is too old. What if after spending RM40K and he passes away ?

Some modern kids are hypocrite. They will tell people how they love their parents but would kick their old men to their brothers and sisters. "Take turn," they said. Or they employ a maid to take care of their old folks. Everyone has his own problem.

For this man someone has to sacrifice. The rest but one will not be able to raise even 2K.The RM500 money given by Najib already vanished in the thin air.

I hope something positive will happen. Someone will go for the father and sacrifice the savings.



If you are accused of committing a crime you can always pay  another person to admit that it was him who was guilty not the accused. Crooks, gangsters and politicians have the mean to pay for the shift.

Public should always analyzed the events under investigation.

Even Israel adopt this tactic by blaming the Palestinians play with fire crackers for the smoke, not the tear gas fired by the police. But this one the Palestinians were not paid to shift the blame on them unlike what is happening to political leaders struggling for survival in some countries.

An arrest of the third person who claims his crime has a low chance of winning for the prosecutor. With the lack of evidence and the probability of appeals he would finally escape. OR he may accept a jail term in exchange for million of dollars received.

There are millions of people who are willing to go to jail for a million. Even 10 years of jail term is too short. What about if the pay is more than 5 millions, would you accept it ?

If you understand this game you can discuss with your friends and let them make their own judgments.

Some people just don't believe in hell.


Don't Argue With Stupid People

Just before the sunrise 7MHZ CW portions gives me the nod that ham radio is alive in the world. It is just like the sounds of the cock crows waking us up in the morning and the early birds chirping as the sun rises. Without them the world is so mechanical without an artistic beauty of nature.

The Japanese gave the last go before proceeding to work, and South American and European stations responded. Signals were good this morning. As usual I would leave my radio on and I went back to bed. That's what is so great about retirement.

I heard friends saying they don't hear Morse on the band. I would just stay mum but deep in my heart I was saying that those who believe and have faith in God will feel the God is always near them and those without will feel nothing.

One thing good about the band at this time the skip condition only allows us to hear the distant stations, otherwise we will be deafened by the Indonesian and Malaysian pirates.

CW is just beautiful. It is the identity of ham radio. A race exist if the language exist. The Malays, Chinese and the Indians exist because their languages exist. Like Islam, a Muslim who does not pray, fast and practice Islamic teachings, is meaningless as a Muslim.


The joy of argument is found when the opponent is knowledgeable and educated. Each rebuttal is always accompanied by concrete data. Once locked there is a need to look into another new framework to examine the truth.

When you argue with the losers they would just throw their disagreement without proofs, raised their voices or jump to wrong conclusion. Less educated persons argue differently. They do not want to listen and accept facts or data.

To be a braggadocio one does not to have high education. An illiterate can boast and brag, coining terms and words to satisfy the ego. Imagine if we have only 20% of such guys in ham radio. They always want to be number one, to be respected and start to protrude themselves. They know all and they want people to follow them.

Disagreeing with them could be fatal. They will spread words about you while projecting themselves.

I found that women were sharp in argument. Without facts and data they could easily pinned me.

What do we do when hear silly people talk giving stupid idea ? If he talks about science you ask him to explain back in detail to make you understand. In most things just don't argue with them. That is the best thing to do.

The Magic Water


I was amused at seeing the Malays buying plain water for more than RM80 believing it can cure them from chronic diseases. It was even advertised on the radio channel. The water was filled up with Koranic verses which we called 'jampi'.

As always the Malays are easy  prey to everything. They believe what they were told without thinking and analyzing.

Each day there are health products promoted by the radio or national TV, which are supposed to be better than the hospital medicines because they can cure almost every disease. On Radio IKIM chocolate that can make you smart are heard everyday.

I am not condemning the divinity of the magic water. Why the sick person could not seek God's help himself.

Today even the ordinary Malay can cheat and lie outright for money. They steal, sell drugs, collect donations, prostituting themselves and even commit murder.

Believing in magic water is purely absurd. Buying them at a high price made them more moronic.

Being stupid made the Malays susceptible to bribery and cheat.


The classical economists talked about population control and it's effect. Nature controls over population through natural disasters and calamities and people's made wars. Freemason had set the maximum target of the world population.

The need to control was because of the limited resources available. There will be land and food scarcities as the number of people increase. The demand of goods will increase that will shoot the price up. Land and houses would become more expensive. There will be social and political upheavals.

But the new economists saw things in different ways. Population growth could create better wealth for a nation. There will be a very strong labor force. The economic growth create greater demand for products. Those creates more job.

With the modern technology food can be doubled or triple to meet the population growth. The annual farming of land has changed to double cropping, with higher acreage. Homes do not have to expand in length and breadth but to the top and top.

And when you die there is no need for land. Bring you to an electric furnace and you are burnt to ahses.

No matter what the economist say, we have to think by ourselves too. The main problem in this country is the rush for land grabbing and the youths hunting for jobs. We are struggling for survival. We cannot guarantee bright future for everybody. Jobs have become scarce for several reasons, one of which is we are taking in foreigners to work here.

Family splits because of the properties. Conspiracies on land grabbing and cheating grew wild. People are getting corrupt.

Our population growth is not moving towards stability. The fittest survive.


Those old  hams who are still listening to the ham radio would agree that ham radio in Malaysia has changed a great deal. It is not worth striving hard to rejuvenate the old messy station just to come back. I did not foreseen the ham band and what I will hear on it will be as what it is today. Only yesterday I heard 9M4CNY on the band running a special event station which spin my head. I chose to move away rather than staying on the spot.

Many hams learn communication styles from Indonesia or 10 meters. I can't comment on how the 10 meter people speaks but I know very well the Indonesian styles. I don't say that those are wrong. Since I started as a ham I don't remember Malaysians follow the Indonesians, the pirates or the CBs. May be we are comfortable that way. And we don't have people who championed the pirates, or making the hobby belonging to political parties. Law breakers were rare, very rare. But will sure to be arrested. The authority did not negotiate with rude or rogue people advising them to go on to different frequencies or forming special repeaters.

But change is inevitable. Christianity and bibles change from time to time. People change Islam and gave it t special name. There is a great push in our ethics and value, on sex and freedom, gay marriages and what is right and wrong. People just change. So they change. Those who refused would find the world is moving towards evil.

The Chinese fought hard to retain and maintain the slowly losing tradition; the Chinese characters and languages, the lion dances and other tradition. Otherwise their identity will be vanished. The effort to balance progress and tradition is going on.

I heard local hams are talking of the change. The changes have taken place. Old hams should not complain to the unavoidable progress.

So far there was no strong and solid response to my suggestion of opening ham radio to all by abolishing all type of tests. I don't think there is any rebuttal good enough to cast the idea out. Could it be due to selfishness ?

Try to find out what those old hams are doing.  May be some are sick. Some do not have rigs and antenna. How far will they strive to be back on the air as compared to when they were younger ? There is always an alternative. I enjoy the HD TV. Others may enjoy the facebook and the internet chat.

When people are getting smarter they kill people without going to war. They robed the world without aiming guns at people's head.

You want to call that progress ? It is your choice.



Mahathir's 2020 vision was followed by Kedah Maju 2010. That was more than 15 years ago. Now we have passed 2010 and Kedah has more cars on the road, traffic jam, housing estates and super markets everywhere. That's what they call progress.

The Malays when in power will do anything they want without thinking of the repercussion.  When bad things happen they would not care and continued with the blunder.

Remember if Putin could tell Obama that Natenyahu is a liar, the leaders of other countries can sit together and describe Malaysian leaders worse than Natenyahu, no matter how hard and what Najib was trying to convince them.

After more than 50 years of independent Mahathir described the Malays as beggars. It was a statement of Malay deterioration, from bad to worse. 60 years ago I would not dream the Malays can hunt the garbage for a living and millions given away for nothing.

The sickness become more and more chronic.

If their thinking and vision were sharp they won't be as what they are now. Each day they are destroying themselves, inviting instability and international focus. For each error the redemption fee is extremely high.

When the country has come under international focus, people want to know more about the Malays. In 100 years time people will write books on the disappearance of the Malays, a race with myopic vision.



People have been ringing me up asking for so and so  phone number. I don't usually keep people's phone numbers. Whose numbers are  in my iphone ? My kids, my sister in-law, and a few radio friends. I have 9W2TZ, 9M2RB, 9M2GET and 9M2NZ. I seldom call people and likewise people do not call me.

I have deliberate intention to squeeze off the less usable data from my mind. The lesser I know the better I felt.

If you ask me how many hams I know in my home town my answer is just 7 or 8, namely Hanafi, Halim, Aziz, Chen Kok Hoon, Hassan, Rohizat and Din. How about the rest ? When 9W2TZ mentioned called signs, i really didn't knew them. Even the late 9W2FYI need to be described in detail before I could recollect the person.

In my previous articles I mentioned about a Deputy Minister I talked to whom I was not aware of. Those politicians and their wives must have been very special type of people if I remember or know them.

I didn't buy and read newspapers for years now. I did not watch TV for a number of years too except for the recent HD movies I downloaded. Occasionally I bumped onto the news my wife was watching when I attended her.

I only go for the knowledge that I need to know or use. All come from the internet. Friends did post articles that provide me with interesting information. That's how I come to know about the 'listen listen' and 'are you ready'.

Discarding bad knowledge and bad people reduces mental and emotional burden. I hope to gain by it. At least I can avoid harboring hatred as much as I can.





Who can afford to buy a RM200K home ? Buying a house is almost a lifetime effort. It takes almost the whole life to settle the loan. And that 200k is not the end. If you live in a condo and a flat the 200K is just enough for a small family. You may not renovate anymore but you may spend more than 20K for repair and furnishing. If you buy a terrace or a bungalow it is likely you will spend at least 50K more to renovate and repair.

The Malays, Chinese and Indians are having the same problem. The normal workforce earning normal income can't afford to pay hundred of thousands. Wealthy people are not Chinese but people doing businesses, not people working in a business firm.

We must also remember that a RM800K or a million ringgit home cannot be the same as the RM200K. Who will buy a 4/5 million ringgit house ? Find the answers yourselves.


For a big majority they don't have time to learn about the working of equipments they are using. So they bought 3D TV, sophisticated smart phone, hitech cars etc and enjoy using those technology built into them. A TV even switch off itself if nobody watches it.

Soon there will be a jet plane that can be piloted by all. One only has to push a button and there will be verbal instruction step by step for the pilot to do. With the logic circuit equipments with vocal instructions will be at our home soon.

Technology and science are knowledge for people who are building and developing gadgets and products to be used by the people.

People need to learn how to use the relevant technologies. You buy a car you must know how to use not how to repair it. You may argue that the mechanic cannot cheat you if you have the knowledge about the car. Are you sure he can't cheat you ?

Even if you are an expert in breaking up and putting the car back again, you'll find it easier to brig to the workshop. You don't have time to do all those.

Small equipments do not need repair. Instead we replace them. Buying a new printer is cheaper than repairing it. Who cares about how the printer work and how our watches run.

Buy and use them.




The abrupt growth of radio pirates in Malaysia started when the MCMC took over from the telecom. Whatever the reasons or the excuses given there is a single and the only truth for the epidemic. Today Malaysia and Indonesia is a paradise for the radio pirates.

From the third eyes it is a sign of inefficiencies and failures.

If the authority thinks that our values need to be changed then let us do away with the Radio Amateur Examination. People do not need the understanding of electronic theory to be a ham radio operator. It could be replaced by a short course on SOP.

The MCMC not only elevate the piracy problem but also could increase the revenue. People in radio business would be very happy as the market would grow and GDP climbs.

For those who still want to sit for the RAE can apply. A test can proceed with even a single candidate. Remember in the old CW test system a test could be administered even only on one candidate. A minimum fee could be set. He might want the RAE test result for reciprocal license.

Any argument for RAE will not hold water because it has been proven by the pirates stations.


Let us talk some sense and try to be rational about the issue.

When ham radio began transmitting and receiving equipments have to be constructed. It is vital to understand the electronic details as not to cause interference to other services. In short ham radio had been a home brewing hobby.

Today the equipments are readily available, sophisticated and it is a kind of plug and play. It is hard for you to repair the minute and complicated components. Antenna sold could be automatically synchronized by the radio. You don't have to worry about the SWR.

You don't need any ohms law, reading the resistor's value etc. What do you need to know ?

The answer is practically nothing.

There are thousand of people who operate radio with those knowledge and authorization. They want to know something they opened up a web page.

The authority can think deep about it and see that the RAE is irrelevant. The only concern is the interference with the other services. And that do not have to be in RAE too.

Let us abolish RAE and open up amateur radio to all.



Tyranny of the majority was used by John Adam in 1788. It spoke of the overbearing majority.

An individual's right or wrong is not subjected to public votes. If judgment and decision is made by public votes then there is no need to have a court and evidences.

A man who have a thousand supporters cannot be right over the one with only ten supporters.

The strength of a minority can be seen in the UN Veto power.

Let me remind our fellow Malaysians to be more open minded and give a thought to it. There are a lot of articles on this topic for perusal.

You will come to know and understand when the majority is wrong and would dispel with the concept pertaining to the topic of majority and minority.

We have deprive the natives like the Penans and Indians, robbing their lands and cutting down trees in the name of development and increasing national income.


When ham friends refused to recognize IARU because it is not a governing body I asked them the location of the United Nation and the IARU. Here's the answer, "IARU is in the United States, the United Nation is in Geneva.' Why did I asked such a question ?

Neighbors usually consult each other and discuss things. They do not usually contravene each other. Otherwise ITU will protest the existence of IARU.

First let me informed my friends that our visit to the United States included the visit to the United Nation in New York. 9M2RB even bought a T-Shirt from the United Nations. It has main offices at Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna.

I am sorry for these hams who reject the IARU and do not know where the United Nation is. Probably only the Malaysian hams do not recognize the IARU.

If we have teachers who teach the wrong facts and preachers who call for the change of religious dogma and law then eventually the whole society will be filled with people who never know that the United Nation also resides in New York city.

No wonder Malaysian Amateur Radio is going haywire.



Putting down a government by mob will not bring a long term solution. The mob will keep on demanding the government to fulfill their unending needs. This is what happen in Egypt.

It is difficult to bring down a bad government by normal election process because of  fraud and money politics. The massive deceptions using all the media at hand can make a government rule forever. Gadafi and Saddam would always win a big vote.

Malaysians are never ready for 'Arab Spring'. Unhappiness with the government and protesting will continue probably until the leaders are arrested by the world court for international crimes or until a few hardcore rebels are swift enough in their operative to eliminate the traitors.

The people will have to seek foreign support to set up demands from the fraud government. The popularity of a government could not be known by election result because ballot boxes could be manipulated or added by some 'magic wand' of money. Gangsters were sent to threaten the people. Had it not happen under a mafia ruler of a remote state ?

Most intelligent Malaysians are doing well economically. They will not go to the extend of perpetrating chaos unnecessarily. Though they want the government to evaporate, they will not armed themselves to force their way through.

People who went out for BERSIH wasn't like an Arab Spring at all and never intend to force the government out. And they did not get the foreign backing and support. So was the Himpunan Hijau. They were no sign of militancy and the intent to sacrifice their own lives.

Arab Spring and the Rule of Mob will not happen in the near future. But if the rising cost of living could not be caught up and lies could no longer be tolerated anything eventuality can take place.


Recently I have an interesting talk about Malaysian Amateur Radio. From the discussion it was concluded that all radio clubs and societies in the world are not legally binding. In other words none of them can make law or set up regulations. The band plan set by IARU was said irrelevant and non-binding. The local authority use ITU guidelines rather than the ITU.

So I checked out the ITU Band Plan. And here is what I found among other things; Region3 3500 - 3900 and 7000 - 7100. It wasn't much different from the IARU.

Then why must we be a member of IARU ?

And therefore why clubs and societies at all ?

MARL is still not happy with MARTS. The clash will never end until MARTS is totally crashed.

The behavior of radio members is following the behavior of the politicians. This is a big change in Malaysian Amateur Radio. Smart people who are thinking they building ham radio are actually destroying this hobby.

Ham Radio is out of control unlike the days of telecom. Ham Radio equipments are easily available and owned by numerous non-hams. Comparing the two worlds the different is far apart.

SOP are not followed. Communications between hams and non-hams is just nothing. Rudeness and lawlessness have become ways of life on the air.

That's the change these people want and that's what they are getting. IARU has been put aside because it doesn't agree with them. Then let them talk of the ITU.

Let the hams know the ITU word by word, and understanding them.



Right now we have the world police to police the terrorist groups. They will dictate what and what not to do to countries all over the world. They defined terrorists base on their own perspectives.

That shouldn't be enough. They should also arrest nation's leaders who corrupt the people and throw them into solitary dungeon. And illegal governments which are there by fraud and corruption should be dealt with severely.

Do we really need such a policing ?

The world can't afford to have mafia, gangsters and murderers as leaders though they may be elected. They bully and terrorize other nations and their own people. They legalize drugs and gay marriages. They rob the people using smoke screens.

The birth of the New World Order was with the aim of bringing perfection to the world. Let those who live enjoy living with peace and tranquility.

Idi Amin was put away. Marcos was thrown out for corrupting the people with money for votes by the locals not the international police.

World policing may be deemed as meddling in the internal affair of the sovereign nation. But the world cannot allow nations to be run by criminals. The concept must be applied equally to all nations. The world must not protect criminals by any code of law. The banks too must not collaborate with these people.

I think we do need the world police to arrest leaders who are criminals.


We can't exactly say how many percent of the Americans are stupid. By stupid it means uneducated, lack of general knowledge, easy to be deceived and easily believe what they hear. The smartest of the Americans are really unbeatable internationally. By ratio the number could easily be 1:10.

When Mac Caine called Ahmadenihad a monkey, the rest of the Americans follow except for the few thinking ones. TV advertisement could convince the house holds about the products.

Government gains when people are stupid and ignorant. Just tell them anything they will believe without analyzing facts and data. Lies and deceptions are re-enforced by artificial gifts of money and kinds.

Analytic thinking has to be taught and trained. The higher the level of education the easier to teach systematic thinking.

Lately we have been hearing people buying products just like plain water because they believe the water can cure diseases, and all sort of supplements which are not scientifically proven. With such kind of a mentality a government can rule forever until it is brought down by force.

Only if the American knows that there is no different between a democrat and a republican, they would have acted in a different way.

If people are smart they would have not elect a crook to represent them and lead a country because as time goes on their generations are leading harder and harder lives. They can't own homes because of the extremely high price. Many Americans lost their homes due to foreclosures.

When people are stupid they vote for bad government. After voting they suffer another 5 years. They live i n insecure homes. Kids have to struggle to get decent jobs. Drugs menace continue to flourish. Ethics and morality continue to fade.


Caring For The Future


How many percent of what we read and hear are lies ? We usually hear several versions of stories about an event. Only one has to be true or none of them are true.

Some statement of promises have ill intent to cheat or make people believe that they will get the benefit. And the statements will be repeated to brainwash our mind.

Why do people succumb to lies ? The main reason is they are lack of knowledge and unable to compare and analyze facts from the data. They don't know what the data are.

It is indeed a tragedy to know that people only realize they made mistakes when they about to die or after they have retired. By then it is too late.


Do you think our grand fathers care about our future ? And our leaders care about ours too ?

When I manage a school I always asked myself what the students will do after passing their SPM; will they get jobs ? Will their future be bright ? Could they afford a home ? I computed the number of school and university leavers, the number of people retired, the available firms to hire these kids year after year and the available agriculture land for them to work.

I saw people will not only compete with each other but will also stabbing each other to survive. People don't have time to think of others and the future of this nation.

We sell land and properties to foreigners. We rent rooms to our own people at a very expensive price. We become greedy. We rob, deceive and bluff. Who cares for the future of our generation ?

Killing, deceiving, and robbing have become the job of the ruling class and the the local populace. The ideal of freedom and democracy do not truly exist. Strong nations dictate to the weaker and the growing countries. Leaders keep on deceiving the people, corrupting them with money. People blindly chose gangsters and mafia to be their leaders. Our morality is in the state of chaos.

When you are on the streets and highways and in the crowded areas you will encounter with all sort of people who put their self interest before the others. They run the red light at a high speed, block your parking, shove their ways instead of queuing up.

Look at the behavior of the lawyers and people with the knowledge of laws; how they fought for the wrongs and the criminals and fabricating and destroying evidences.

We no longer respect each other.

What do you do everyday cikgu ?

While waiting for my video downloading to complete I opened up a CW trainer from my iPhone. I listened to various speed, from 10 - 45 wpm. It seemed that speed between 25 - 28 wpm just fit for my mind. I didn't have to give full concentration to decipher the codes. I can do other chores while rag chewing with someone on CW. I will try to work stations at the comfortable speed, less than 30 wpm. With the new comers 12 - 15 wpm would be just nice.

Would I buy a radio costing more than a car ? The answer is NO. TS-990S is priced at about RM30K. But I believe there are Malaysian hams who will own this rig. The rig is superb. The money is not.

I usually had  fish sandwich at KFC. The whole set cost me RM10; potato, a cup of Pepsi and the sandwich. Last night I went again, ordered the set and paid RM10. The lady said RM10.55. Price has come up. That is about 5%.

That is just for the start. Many more price hike will follow. You ask for it and you will get it. Some jobs will close for the local workers because of the minimum pay. Products that are not highly demanded can't afford a raise to the workers.

Every time there is a raise in wages people are initially happy until inflation slap them. Then they will ask for more pay and threaten the government with votes. The vicious cycle continues.

Whenever she contacted me on the facebook she would ask me the same question. Pensioners always say they don't have time. Ever wonder what they do ?

I met friends who are still lecturing at the universities saying they are going to work until they die. They either love being a lecturer or the work is easy and the pay is good.

Today at the hospital while having my medical checkup the officer who examined me was talking of the same thing, no more work after retirement. I won't want to work anymore because I don't want to be a slave and I always have my own way to do things.

May be God gives me enough job to do after retirement. Now I nurse my sick wife, which takes more than 70% of my time. Washing cloth and house keeping work is a daily routine job. Feeding cats and see that the water for the animal is no less than half in the container. Cats drink a lot of water.

Now I watch some TV and the downloaded programs from the You Tube on the new LED 47" flat screen. I spent a lot of time looking for interesting HD movies and downloaded them. I have a little time left for browing web page, facebook chat, and reading political blogs. But every time I work on my computer my radio set will be put on and park on the same frequency 7.043.

Evening after prayer I enjoy myself with the one hour walk burning some of the fat away. Whatever I feel extremely fit these days.

My student didn't seem to grasp what I was telling her. It is hard for the young people to fit the mind of the elderly. They will have to wait for the time. Nobody can escape old age except when they go to meet God earlier.



Are Mamaks By Nature Haughty ?

I have been to the dialysis center for more a year now. When a patient arrive his/her name would be written on the white board by some volunteers. Today I decided to write the names. The first name I wrote really surprise a Chinese woman. I wrote a Chinese character to represent Chau. She never expect me to know Mandarin at all. Actually I was not smart. I saw the patient writing her name in Mandarin for several time. I recognize the character. And I only reproduce it.

Fifteen minutes later another patient arrived. His name is Chong. Again I wrote his name in Chinese using the word Zhong as in Zhong Guo. The woman showed her surprise again. Chong was cool.

Chong was explaining about the pictures and the Chinese characters. He mentioned water. I said 'sui'  and 'sang'. I listened to his explanation. He said characters combined to mean something else. He said a girl and a child means good. I wrote the word 'hau'.

The conversation stopped when the nurse called for my wife to prepare for the blood treatment.

At 4.15 pm I went to pick up my wife. She was not ready yet. Chong was not ready either and he was watching the TV. I said to him, "Hau fen yeow,  i kan se me tong si ? " After his reply the nurse announced that my wife was done. I left Chong and bade him good-bye.

I know the next time he sees me he will be asking where I learnt the language.

I learned Mandarin in 1962 for less than a year attending an evening class. I just wanted to learn for fun and to enhance myself. Nobody forced or asked me to. I didn't remember how much was the fee. But my mother was willing to pay for the class.

Today is year 2013. What I didn't practice would be forgotten. I did. With the fading memory learning is becoming difficult.

But with the few words left I think I can survive if I were to get lost in China.

21/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Are Mamaks by nature pest to society ? Before I came into contact with Mamak's friends I learned about the role of Mamak in the Malay Annals. It was the Keling who opened up the gate of the Malaccan fortress for the enemy to attack the Sultanate.

From form 1 to form 5 I have 2 Mamaks in my class. And now I have two in my kampong. These Mamaks I knew like to talk a lot, and strong supporters of Mahathir. One of them will always tell stories about the good things about government and boasting about themselves winning arguments with graduates and intellectuals, propounding his brilliant ideas. I would just listen and said nothing.

When I discuss with my other friends they seem to agree of the special characters of the Mamaks. They are haughty and think they are smarter than the rest in everything.

When we talk about Mamak, we have no choice but to talk about Mahathir. You see Mamaks and Mamis holding high posts in UMNO. They call themselves Malays. Names like Zainuddin Mydin, Shahrizat, Mohd Yusof and a few others began to emerge as vocal personalities.

That was not the last. Name that I have never heard before suddenly popped up; Sharifah Zohra Jabeen. Watching her behavior I come to make a hypothesis about the Mamak and the Mami ie Mamaks are by nature haughty, arrogance and sombong. A further research must be done to test the hypothesis to confirm of it's truth.

I have to agree that the Mamaks are smarter than the Malays in ways of making money. They are good at running business. Their food is always more expensive than the Chinese stalls. With a single breakfast at Mamak's shop I can have two at the Malay stall.

I do not know whether Patail is a Mamak, an Indian or a Malay.

But 4 Mamaks/Mamis can shake the world; Mahathir, Shahrizat, Patail and Zohra Jabeen. If the Malays accept them as their kin, namely, the Malays then the Malays can be very proud to have strong voices speaking for them.



What Happen To Our University Students ?

Of course not all of our university students cannot think rightly and cannot hypothetically sorting out facts but to have more than 1/3 is considered an alarming numbers. I saw the clip on Listen Listen Listen and found the students were clapping when Zohra said,"...go and stay in those countries...." That was a primary school kid's answer and yet the university kids were clapping.

If we can't give free education as practiced in those countries at least we want to hear the reason followed by concrete data. If Zohra claims that she was so smart and educated I am sure it wouldn't be difficult for her to provide with the facts. If our weighing that those facts were convincing then the university kids can clap.

If you have the chance to interview university students for jobs try to do the conversation in English and ask them relevant questions. Then you will know how great our universities are. And if you investigate the grading system in detail you may be surprising.

A university teacher has a lot of non-teaching time. Those are for them to turn themselves into lecturers and professors by putting in as much knowledge as timely possible. If they really do this they wouldn't have time to think of politics or made themselves political tools.

When Zohra belittle a student of the same university she is saying that all UUM students are low class kids. None could think better than her. And those kids again were clapping. They were either blind enough or stupid enough not to know Zohra was insulting them too. They can't ask questions because they haven't enough knowledge yet.

One of the problems of universities is that they accepted the SPM students. And now the students were not taught thinking methodology as the old STPM students.

Do you expect our country to be at the same par with foreign countries when we are told to look only inwards ?

Many persons are asking what right has other people to stop them from doing what they want to do. Even a law has no right to rule the mass. Once the King was the law. The masses believe the King has a divine power and the law was divine. People were burnt, killed and executed for blasphemy and thought as witches.

Later those law were thrown out and replaced by others with the spirit of human liberty; the right to think, talk and express their views. A particular clause in an act was accepted because it brings benefit to the community. People understand the rationality of it.

I believe it is my right not to recognize any law which is deemed repressive and created to protect the high profile criminals. Saying a TUN or a Prime Minister cannot be taken to court is purely absurd.

I do follow the law which I regard as a guidance and those with rationality. Traffic rules and regulations eliminated chaos and disruption. Stopping a red light at 3 am where there is no car found is merely a discipline that has been enforced in a person, not because he is scared of an arrest. Income tax is for the running of government agencies and enhancement of peace and tranquility.

Once I sensed the public money is being ushered to a friend and used for individual benefit I will question the matter.

We have the right to do what we want so long as we do not rob other people's rights by our action. We can assemble in an empty and unused fields but not on a premise belonging to you. We have the right to think what we want so long as we do not co-coerce you to believe what we think.

A Draconian law is not a law. A law made for others but not for yourselves is not a law either. A law to protect only a few by suppressing the majority is not a law.

When a government has no right on the people it seeks to a force to arrest and punish. A democratic mandate is atrocious to the minority. A majority can do wrong as much as the minority. In the management of human affair we can't afford a small wrong.





A respect must be earned. The old must respect the young and the young to the old when it is deemed to be shown. We don't respect a crook, gangsters and robbers who robbed us and other public, and people who lie and cheat other people. We don't respect people who do not respect us. We don't respect people who corrupt others for a return of a favor.

Respect does not mean we can't ask question, giving opinion and debunking views. Giving the chance to others to complain and arguing their point and giving back our opinion and proving our facts convincingly with data is one show of respect.

People question things. And they know the art of robbing and giving and recognize the evil intent of bad leaders.

We can't force the people to respect the evil and the demons and their supporters.

To earn a respect just be honest all the way. Don't be a season liar. Don't invent and manufactured fallacies.

And most of all do not portray our stupidity and low mentality.


A person with SPM and STP is very much better than Cat Gila. Cat Gila is a legend. With a songkok and an umbrella he would beg, usually at the railway station in Bukit Mertajam. He didn't seem clean wearing the same shabby and dirty dress days in and days out. This Chat Gila, was a nationalist. He talked of Merdeka before the independent and to him Tunku Abdul Rahman was a hero.

Wisdom can sometimes be learned from a mad man than from people in universities. How many millionaires are university graduates and how many successful people with only a SPM or SRP ?

Look at what is said, not at the person who said it. A mad man ever talk of the sins of mankind. Listening well we hear wisdom. A normal university student or a university teacher can talk shit.

Always look at an issue in detail, analyze and dissect it carefully rather than to dismiss it because it was brought by a mad man. A mad man is always better than a devil.

University teachers should take care not to make people think they are useless. When bad people become teachers they will produce bad students and the country can be filled up with bad graduates. It is a fact that among the commercial businesses the reputation of some of the universities are low. I am not going to narrate on the statement about bad university teachers for now.

University students and teachers are expected to think scientifically and always test a premise before a statement is made. Rationality in their thinking must be based on and backed by data, not by imagination, feeling and intuition.

Remember one does not have to have a university education to gather knowledge except in some medical and engineering areas. With an easy access of knowledge from the readings and online lectures from renown institutions.

Smart people can come from anyone and anywhere. If they developed a good attitudes they are at par with anybody else. Mathematics, sciences and computer programming students could be assumed to be more rational than the arts and philosophy.

What do you say of a graduate who scores an A in computer program, but could not develop one descent program for the work place ?



Hey !! Look around you what are Malaysians and what are not ? Start a journey from your home. What kind of dress and attire are you wearing ? Cotton or silk ? What kind of foot wear ? What kind of a make up ? Are those Malaysian products ? We don't produce cotton nor silk aren't we ? If you drive Proton or Produa you use Malaysians. The moment you come across the traffic light you must know that's not Malaysian anymore. Arriving at a super market you are seeing the total foreign stuffs, from the price tag to the computers. At the shopping center you want to have a snack. You go to Mac Donald, KFC or Marry Brown. Do you hear the Malaysian names ?

As a student where do you get your knowledge from ? Internet ? Books from foreign writers ? Knowledge from outside Malaysia ? Then you learn about democracy, anarchy, despotism, communism, liberty and human right from those books ? You practice them ? Those aren't Malaysian.

Who among the students apply to do their PHD in USA ? Why going abroad at all for further education, courses and to seek technical knowledge ? How many of the high profile groups sent their kids to USA, Russia and other Western countries ?

No wonder students from some universities have no value in the job market. They are blind in many things. I happen to know the competency of some university students.

Lately we have been hearing lawyers committing crime and highly educated people were making fools of themselves and defending the wrongs they did. I have come across two persons who ere boasting of their academic qualification and belittle the others who tried to argue with them.

Our knowledge is very limited despite our highest academic qualification. Having a PHD does not mean you know everything in the world. You may be exposed to more things than those without. But your behavior can be worst than the uneducated prostitute.

When there is a topic to be argued than argue on the topic. You do not talk about the qualifications of your opponent comparing with yours. Or else you make people wonder how you obtain your PHD.

Be humble.

My wife was being pushed by a PHD woman, a Deputy Minister's wife whom we did not recognize. When my wife asked her what she did, she only replied 'a house wife'. She helped my wife all the way during the week holiday trip. Only last night she told me that fine lady was a Professor.

I felt so very small when knowing a highly qualified person could be that humble. I asked the Deputy Minister himself what he did in Malaysia.

I was very ignorant for not knowing the Ministers and the Deputies. BUT I learn a lot on human nature.

Never ever think you are the smartest.



You really want progress ? I would start with an educational system where government schools design their own curriculum content, choosing their own teachers from local or abroad and the right to be given on hire and fire.

Each student has to undergo at least 11 years of education and can continue a few more years for specialization courses. The education package will contain of 2 categories; the basic and the core packages. The basic will contain literary ( for year one ), geography, local history and religion. The core contains languages, mathematics, sciences, arts and philosophy.

Each student will have to master at least 3 local languages and 4 foreign languages, mastering in basic mathematics, calculus and higher mathematics, well verse in scientific principles and astronomy.

Only excellent teachers with full competency, knowledge, and capability will be chosen. And the right to fire is to ensure the maximum efficiency and the total elimination of laziness and irresponsibility.

I mentioned government schools because of the funding guarantee. If private schools have enough funds, ad do not merely operate for profit then private institutions should be a better choice. The best for these government schools are to given full autonomy for the complete running except for funding. Of course the government can place an overseer to observe any activities detrimental to the nation's security.

Not all such institutions would be offering similar courses though a few may be similar. What is in the space science may not be the same as an artificial intelligence school.

Right now I am very disturbed to discover some teachers are teaching the wrong fact like saying rice contain a very high level of cholesterol content and a lot of Malaysians die because of the rice intake. What a crude teacher and a crude educational system.


Disseminating Fallacies

Remember my telling a story about a friend who argued that there was air on the moon because the rocket ship could return to the earth ? He was not the only one who believed what he thought was the truth. I also met a Master student who did his degree based on his SPM result who seemed to know everything about economy and were talking the total nonsense on economic principles.

But it is extremely dangerous and disturbing if teachers are disseminating wrong things taken as facts to the students. I tested a few teachers on radio wave propagation by asking them why at night we can hear a lot of stations worldwide as compared to the day time. Almost all replied saying at night there is no disturbance.

When teachers taught wrong facts they were not lying. To them those were the factual truth. I would suggest that teachers read and understand things in depth. There must be no guessing and no thinking. In the teaching of science facts should be proven by experiments. Saying Malaysian's death rate is the most because they feeding on rice that contain cholesterol is questionable by the facts the Thais and the Burmese are feeding on rice too.

At this very time nearing elections I heard teachers were talking with the total usage of emotion, instead of teaching themselves to disseminate facts with proofs. Facts are not majority's word. Even 90% of the world population says that sound travels faster than light it will not make the statement a factual truth. Neither can we quote an authority. It has to be based on raw data.

Academic qualification does not make a person right most of the time. The words of a President or a Prime Minister do not contain the truth most of the time. Especially when a PHD person is saying something it is best for him to check the truth of the pending speeches.

If we don't know, we say we don't know. If we are not sure we admit we are not sure. As a teacher he can always tell the students that he will check for the fact and will return with the answer the next day.


What if someone park his car behind yours blocking your way out ?

What if someone enter the NO-ENTRY and scolded you because you going out your way ?

What if you seek the help of someone to pass a present to another friend and he lost it and pretend nothing has happened ?

What if you loan money to a friend and he just forget about it ?

What if your friend promise to pick you up at 4 pm but never turn up till 8 pm and later inform you he is busy ?

What if someone asks you to buy any drink, and when you buy a 100Plus, he says you should not buy a shit for him ?

What if you enter a restaurant and order a mee goreng that never came and an hour and half later you are about to leave the food is brought to you ?

What if you enter a Proton outlet and no one ever attend to you ?

What if you hear a person brag and brag as if he is the smartest and the greatest ?

What if an evil comes to you and cure your illness and gives you plenty of money, will you praise him and choose him as your god ?

Watching several LG 3D samples clips I realize LG TV is better than my Panasonic TV. LG TV does not need an active spectacle to watch 3D, meaning I don't have to use a spectacle with battery. The main problem with the spectacle using battery is that we have to either regularly change the battery or re-charge it. Rechargeable spectacle is not free. It costs more than RM150 each.

But I enjoy my TV. The HD image is crystal clear. There are plenty of the video and movie clips on the Youtube. Either we locked our TV to the Youtube and watch the movies directly or use the recording pieces from our thumb drive or external hard disk.

Hindi songs and movies are free. The bluray HD clips are fantstic even from the normal You Tube download. I put them in one folder and let my wife watch them while I went out to do some shopping.

The 47 inch Viera cost me RM3.5K. It is worth buying. The LED display is superb. Reading the browser thru it is good too. I used my iPhone to make search on the browser.

But the Bluray 1080P quality You Tube direct doesn't come smooth all the way. It does jerk from time to time. For my wife bluray or n0 bluray does not matter. So I put to one Malay movie from the You Tube direct internet and let her watch. Finishing one movie it will proceed to the next one by itself.

I don't know how to do the downloading of the 3D movies other than from the You Tube. I was ask to register. I fear they would charge me. If I don't have the 3D, the Bluray 1080p movies are good enough. There are plenty of Hindi movies of this quality.

In my opinion the 3D TV with passive spectacle is much better. You will enjoy the same. The LG TV is cheaper. You have to wait until Pnasonic will stops making money from the 3D spectacles before you purchase any. I was too quick. The sale's girl was too glib giving me impression the battery will last forever. One piece cost RM6. It may last you only 3 hours. The RM150 rechargeable spectacle last you 3 hours for just 2 minutes of charging.

LG gives you 6 free spectacles. Will somebody from Panasonic read this article.


Don't Only Think of Benefit

My New TV

Who Is Richer

Must we always think only of benefit ? If we put benefit and gain in fore then of all our activities and companionship  will be without our emotion, sentiment and love, without innate fulfillment. We would leave our wives who are suffering from sickness as they could provide us with money and properties. And even murder our akin whenever our economic security is threatened.

FROM 4.0 to 6.0

I jailed break my iphone4 when I first bought it and filled it with lots of garbage. I tried to download some free books which was not suitable with IOS 4.0. I tried to upgrade my IOS to IOS 5 but failed to do at every try, and had been using it for a long time.

Only recently when I failed to download the QR Scanner I tried to upgrade the IOS again using my Macbook Pro. The new IOS is 6.0. All went well until it stopped and freeze saying it need to be restored. I had a tough time because my Itune was showing pictures.

I had to run the internet looking for the way to cancel the freeze. It took me about 2 hours to complete the new IOS installation. Never dream my iPhone4 could go IOS 6.0

I decided not to do any jail breaking again. So I look for free software from the Apple Store. I got whatever I want; skype, Tango, E-Book, QR scanner, Morse code trainer and key, Viera remote, Gmail, Facebook etc.

Viera Remote would be used with my new LED TV to watch You Tube 3D Video.

My old Toshiba LCD is crystal clear even without ASTRO. I was amazed at the 3D image I saw from Viera THL47ET50K. The picture was sharp and the objects were flying right to my face. It was RM6K then. I couple of days ago I went to the shop again. It was offered at RM3.5K for special promotion. I paid the booking fee and promised to pick it up on Tuesday, almost 3 days later. I also need to buy a Blue-Ray player.

This morning I went to ASTRO office making enquiry about the package and the price. The average price is RM150 a month plus RM100 installation fee. When the salesman said it took 2 weeks time to install, I walked out. I need to try the normal TV channel first and the 3D movies I downloaded and from the borrowed 3D DVD first, I can try to watch the You Tube 3D direct using my iPhone as a controller.

That does not solve my problem. My main problem is where to put my Toshiba flat screen. I don't have space already. I am thinking of putting it in my shack. But I don't seem to find the space. Tomorrow the toy will arrive.

Hopefully I can find a way in the morning.


My friend who owns a Wira and a Perdana and a motorcycle, a 200K house and 30 radio transceivers always say I am rich saying he can't afford to buy a car and a new TV in cash.

I told him that a poor man buys cheap thing and pay a lesser price. I don't have a credit card. I can't afford to buy a RM40K for RM45K. Instead of paying RM40K he might pay RM45K. I can afford to buy only a RM24K car.

My shack is simple. I only have a HF and one VHF transceiver. But my rig is expensive. I paid 8K. 8K is always less than 30K. 30 rigs would at least cost that much.

I don't have extra property except for this house but he has at least 10 acres of land. His house renovation only cost RM150K. I can't afford to pay even RM5K for a small renovation..

Who is richer than ?

Am I not rich in actuality ? YES. God gives me good health. I can walk about and enjoy my life. God gives me strength to nurse my sick wife. I can eat what I want . I can still buy cat food. God gives me the ability to budget my small income.

The best of my wealth is I don't feel miserable, do not harbor jealousy at my friends ability, success and hard work. Thanks God.


Gathering Information Thru Internet

It is of interest and value to the United States and Israel to know whoever in the world are smarter than they are, and how many Muslims are intelligent enough can can post a threat on them. The mind set and the mental state of individuals in the world could be gathered easily thru the blogs and the facebook.

What one expresses, the description and the pictures given are assessed and extracted.

How many fools and stupid people like me in Malaysia ? Blogs are categorized according to IQ set. Similar categorization is made on the face book. Then it is known whether we are of any threat to Israel or USA, whether we have good brain to plan strategies, whether we are full of fools and corrupt people.

I am sure I am in the lower rank, low mentality, emotional, poor command of English and lacking of gist.

The worst of all when all our government and defense matters are stolen and scrutinized. Our Ministries are so very confident with the e-government and keeping all the information inside the servers.

Server programs are getting smarter. It can track individual even his location from the various application. You go into Yahoo, face book and Google knows you are in Yahoo. And they get your profile and combined all your internet activities. They can see your intent and ever ready to counter them.

I was on 7.043 since December 2002 and almost never missed a day except when I went for holidays or sick. It was only the empty space I could go during that time, All other frequencies used by Malaysians were taken over by the Indonesian counterparts.

7.043 was not my frequency but I would use it when it was free. The Japanese and the Indonesians also used the frequency from time to time. Never did I intrude their conversations to chase them away. All went well until the end of 2012. Indonesians began to disturb us saying we were disturbing the net on 7045.

7.050 was regularly used for the net too. Respecting them I never bother to use it even when it was empty. But stations from China would came on even during the net hours and I observed the Indonesians had a tough time with the Chinese.

In my mind the most radio enthusiasts came from Indonesia. The spirit was high. You can hear them everywhere from 7.000 to 7.199. Music, songs and name it they have it. You can even hear audio with echo sound, and the ESSB tuning with 'deng...deng....one two...one two...'

What is good the Malaysians adopt the tuning procedure with the deng..dengg..one two..one two... It is a new technology and a new tuning method. To tell the truth many a time I would not know the country of the operators except for their language used. May be they identify themselves but I didn't hear any even after 15 overs.

Now ask yourself between the two colonial powers which is better; the British or the Dutch ?

CB on 13 Kilo Watts ?


Brilliant School Principals ?


When a Form 4 student does not know how to read a verse of the Al-Quaran and perform a prayer what do the Muslims expect a primary school kids to know ? A Muslim should be concerned on the education system than Anwar Ibrahim. I have never once heard our leaders mentioned it on the TV.

As usual the Malays only see one side of the glass. After giving fund to IKIM to run it's program and having Forum Perdana every Thursday night on the TV the government thought all is enough. Any apostasy case is blamed on the opposition party and by the Christian preachers.

Every Friday kids with prayer dress didn't go to pray but motoring around. Form 4 students do do not know Quaran and praying procedures. Nobody seem to care. Teachers are complaining about the education system and no initiative from the head masters and principals. Teachers who go back at 5 pm won't have time to volunteer for extra religious job.

Why then blame on the opposition party ? NONE. NONE of the UMNO members discuss the issue either at the meeting or on their own free time. You can see the attitude of the education directors of this matter is brought up. If you tell Rais Yatim he will say it is the responsibility of the parents and wash his hands off.

Nobody has time for morality. Religion is only mention to woo for votes.

I remember one American commented on the Western propaganda using the media and satellite TV, "Why not they put up their own satellites and debunk the Western media....." You want to be strong don't wait for the others to become weak. You have to strengthen yourselves without disturbing the interest of the others.

In the district of Kota Setar there are approximately 40 secondary schools. The top and famous ones are Sultanah Asma, Science Pokok Sena, Agama Kedah, Kiet Hwa and Sultanah Bahiyah. They also topped the public examination results. The Principals of these schools are dubbed brilliant and effective.

Schools that have been performed poorly get pounded and frowned upon. The head of those schools are not good enough.

There was an urge to transfer the so-called brilliant principals to the non-performing schools so that these schools could be put on the right track again. Darul Aman and Simpang Kuala secondary schools have been at the bottom for years.

Most of the top schools are controlled except for Kiet Hwa. Only good students are allowed. Students with less than 5As in PMR will not be accepted. Kiet Hwa has a different history. The PTA is very strong and the school is well protected from total control.

If the Principal from Asma is transferred to Simpag Kuala or Darul Aman and can push this school to the top of the ranking list then it is confirmed that this person is indeed brilliant and worth a promotion.


CW 12 - 18 wpm

Unequal Work for Equal Pay

When planning education two aspects must be in mind

1. Manpower requirement
2. The future state of Social and Morality of our society.

I always set myself to a real relax when working CW. Once logged I would lean against my chair and close my eyes listening and pounding away. I foud the best speed for my mid was between 12 to 18 wpm. I prefer rag chewing to the short RST report QSO.

If I don't work Morse I just listen to others. To me that's the sign that ham radio is alive. I distinguish between ham radio and amateur radio. Amateur radio would include the CB with or without CW. Ham Radio must always with CW meaning code amateurs are hams. Mind you it is just my own identification protocol.

40 meter is my favorite band. But the CW only portion is filled with stations spoken in Indonesian language, some of which are sure to have come from Indonesia and others are from Malaysia.

Regular were VU2SGM and VU2MDM at the comfortable speed between 18 - 25 wpm. I would park on them and doing my own chore in my shack while listening.

The new 9M2s are good in this mode. They can copy without writing and many start to works Morse by the ears. I would like to remind the local hams to avoid recording and sending the CW QSO to the Youtube because it scared the new hams off. Sending the QSOs with no-error or minimum error may not scare them.


Teachers of equal qualification, receiving equal pay but do not carry the same amount of burden. Do you know there are teachers who go back at 1.00 pm, 2.30 pm and 5 pm ? How not to expect the 5 pm teachers to grumble ?

The Illiterate

How many form 3 and form 5 boys who can't read and write ? Zero ? Ten ? Hundred ? You may be surprise if the number is a few thousands.

When people can teach animals to learn we do hear Malaysian teachers are saying the Malaysian students are moron and unteachable.

Focusing On Only The Bright

Do you notice our education system merely focus on the bright students ? Colleges and Residential schools were given special allocations and attention ?

What programs are there for those illiterate and students who are not interested in learning and low achievers ?

Which came first ?

Which came first, the day and night or the sun ?

Will there be light without the sun ?
Will there be day without the sun ?
Will there be time without the sun ?
Which came first, light or darkness ?

What is the meaning of the new year to me ?

Waiting for CW people to die ?

When will you not hear anymore CW on the ham band ? It is like waiting for the world to end. Both will happen but when ?

As long as there are countries that made CW mandatory there will be noise on the band. And as long as ham radio lives CW will live. Ham and CW are part of each other.

Even if you don't agree with the above contention you have to ask yourself who will die first; CW or you ?

The new 9Ws who don't want CW didn't want to wait for it to die were smart enough to sit for the test and pass. So they don't have to wait for the demise and enjoying their hobby very much. Secondly they don't have to habor hatred and jealousy anymore.

Unwanted stuffs are either thrown away, given away or sold to some crazy people at a very low price. But this never happen to CW key. They are even much more expensive than a rig.

While I was at a Hamvention I thought I could buy a new key but looking at the price I had to cancel it.

We are crossing the imaginary border from 2012 to 2013. Without it things are the same. I didn't feel a different between yesterday and today. The day is the same, the air is the same and the sun shines as usual. Without the media I wouldn't have known of the new calendar year.

People celebrate. Politicians all over howling speeches of promises and curses, praising and bragging. Younger men and women considered it as a point or a special day to decide what to do with their spirits and souls, whether to start with a new drawn agenda, to overhaul themselves by setting a new goal and determination OR to remain as what they are. Many just celebrate it without specific reason.

It is not my age that stopped me from celebrating the new year or to set a new goal. Goals have been set a long time ago. Why must I have a new one ? I live by my principles and belief. The only thing is I need to dance to the changing world; politics, inflation, technological progress. These are the processes beyond my control and it was a continuing events and as causal effects.

The changing of years are earmarks for our growing older, which many people are scared of . Tell a woman that she has a white her, she will get panic. Bush is sick, Hillary is sick and others will be getting sick even surrounded by the state of the arts medical sciences.

Though we always hope that each coming new year would bring something better we always get disappointed. We will be confronted by rising crimes, drug addicts, joblessness, rising prices and even natural calamities.

I don't fear the future for myself but for the future generation. Will each day be filled with mounting challenges and harder struggle for their future ?

A new year meaningful to others is just another day for me.


3D and Head Ache

 Jackpot Question !!!

Who will die first YOU or MORSE CODE ?


When Morse Code is dead Ham Radio dies together with it. Amateur Radio will continue in a new fashionable mode.

The time will come when all radio hobbies will join up together to be one and RAE will totally be abolished.

Radio techology will be so advance, even a total idiot and moron can operate it without any technical knowledge. It will be the touch screen type for every operation. You don't even have to talk, just by typing or thinking using a headgear.

A plastic spectacle costs me RM10 ad mistakenly I bought a permanent red and a blue marker. I could not get a 100% perfect coloring as the ink dried fast.

Not all the clips mark 3D on the you tube gave me a 3D effect. The best was on the ocean lives. Fish came straight to my eyes. After almost of two hours on entertainment I took off my spectacle and felt head ache. I don't know whether it was due to the uneven color or the blue-red system itself.

If tou feel like watching 3D on your computer try to cut the blue-red transparent papers and stick them on the spec instead of using the marker ink.

I have to postpone my intent of buying a HD 3D LED TV which is about 5-6K. I was told that LG is much cheaper.

Anyway you can watch 3D movies on your laptop. The bigger the screen the better is the effect. The fun of the 3D is when the objects come out of the screen and move near to our eyes.

The total cost will be less than RM15. Actually it says RED and CYAN. It is difficult to find CYAN and therefore we ca opt to BLUE.

Try it and enjoy the 3D at home.


What Does Minimum Wage Mean ?

Minimum wage for government bodies mean different thing to the private business and organizations. It also has a lot to do with the elasticity of demand of a product. Business that can raise the price of the commodities will do so to offset the increasing labor cost. This mean it leads to inflation. Products which are hardly sold can't afford to raise the price.

Electronic goods are competitive. Productions are greater than consumption. Survival depends on the price and quality. Firms will have to move out in countries where labors are cheap. China, Vietnam, Thailand and South American countries are attractive enough. Several products produced in Malaysia before are now produced in Thailand.

Small business will threaten to close shop. Workers will lose their jobs.

Within a year there will be the public outcry and all will fall on the deaf ears.



I got a phone call informing me that MARTS survives. What happen to MARL then ? International radio organization knows MARTS since we are not hams yet. MARL is a new pop up from the thin air. Either we like it or not MARTS will continue to represent Malaysian amateur radio.

This is 2013, a new year. We expect some mental changes, matured people who can see reason and wise enough to learn from mistakes. To make a new start is not very easy. I believe there should be an advisory body to begin with, containing people without vested interest and have been involve in MARTS since the old days.

I think there should be a brainstorming to set the layout again. There must be some financial sacrifice from own pockets to visit ORARI and RAST or JARL and China's amateur club to gather information and to learn, not necessarily to follow those societies.

MARTS also need to look hard at the filing system and financial management. Remember it doesn't need only bankers or accountant to manage the fund wisely. And the members should also know the mentality and the mindset of old MARTS members.

I have a simple believe; if you can't QSO properly you can't run MARTS properly too. If you are never honest and sincere you can't run the society too.

Among The Finest CW Men In The World

Let's share with the world that Malaysian hams are not dormant by joining the world in wishing happy new year 2013. Remind the newcomer to observe the proper procedure, speak slowly and clearly. For CW, response to the speed of the stations that are calling us.

Enjoy the special event nite.



I monitored several QSOs between N6TT and JA!NUT on 40 meter band. They are among the finest CW men in the world I ever monitored. From the beginning I knew they were not using computer CW. I had the chance to work both stations but not at their normal speed. N6TT, Steve, would had a CW rag chew for hours on end.

JA1NUT is certainly the finest ham in Asia. I am sure this fine man has a very high IQ to be able to master CW like that. He is a legend and will never be forgotten.


di di di da di da (S and K combined)

It has to be continuous when you are finalizing the contact. Please do not break this six part into S and K. They are one word.

Good luck in CW contact.

Listen to didididadida 1
Listen to didididadida 2

Listen to didididadida 3


What I like about the new 9Ms is that they are brave enough to work DX stations on Morse codes. Now we don't hear old hams make themselves available either in SSB or CW.

Believe me that some of the international stations are scared of these Malaysians because they go too fast. There are no-code hams who learn CW by themselves coming on the band with 10-12 wpm. They don't use machines to help them. Keep this in mind when working the DX stations.

If we are not in the contest 12 wpm would be comfortable enough. If both copy well at that speed we would say that 'their CW is good'. On the other hand you may hear a station with 45 wpm having a ragchew and you like to work him, you can wait until he finish his QSO with the other station. Then call him and have a pleasure of high speed Morse.

Also remember that not all DX hams follow the SOP. Have you ever hear two stations having QSO without a single time of identification? You don't bring the habit to the local QSO, especially with the older hams like me. I am old fashioned ham who prefer identification regularly.

Please do not tune on frequency in used. Move a few KCs up or down to the empty spot and do the tuning there. Never say, "If I tune nobody knows it was me." Ethical hams don't do that and do not hide themselves after throwing stones.

Getting involve in ham activities like the field day, jamboree and special event day is commendable. Go ahead with such activities. Keep records, document them and keep a proper logbook.

Try not to use Q-Codes in SSB. Q-Codes are design for CW. There is a new CW word OP. OP is a new word to replace name in Morse. OP is a reserve word for Operational Procedure. When DX stations use OP, you just use NAME. Never comment or make correction for them.

When a Muslim misbehaved and commit crimes, and plunders public funds and misusing of power he may escape punishment because of his status and power, and influence and his rhetoric. Shahrizat's family may escape. Mahathir may escape. the Malay community may give them full support. BUT the image of Islam has been affected by those behaviors, lies and crimes. Others will show less respect to the their religion, just because of those moronic crimes and bad behaviors.

And we can't stop people from thinking they way they want.

Both in politics and the ham radio the same thing applies. The Malays who are trying to hide themselves but causing havoc on the radio band would left a mark, fatal enough to affect the Islamic image, and the image of the Malays.

Let us look at Iran whether we like the country or not. It is true that it cause some concern in the West and Israel about it's nuclear program. But we are intrigue by it's ability in bringing the US drones drowned down and at it's technological advancements.

Though it is no match to the Israel and USA it is the best achievement a Muslim country can attain.

Malaysia could have progress more if the country act correctly and move on the right path. We have more politicians and Malay hooligans than the renown Malay scientists. We saw a lawyer who represent the MACC on the case of TBH and the way he argued in court. We have answers and excuses given by those Ministers. We made fools of ourselves and we are losing ground day by day.

In term of religious knowledge the Islamic religious teachers should be well verse in Hebrew and English to study all the different versions of the bibles and remember them as much as they can recite Al-Quaran, and learn the contents of the Torah. Search for the God's name in those books. And study the literature of the atheists. And well verse in sciences.

It is bad if the Muslims were told that God chose UMNO to lead the Muslims while UMNO is showing bad behaviors.

One of the best a Muslim should do is to invent, to discover by research and to develop. Inventing is not copying or making projects out of the existing blueprints  produced by others. It has to be original.

People know about PERKASA more than the Muslim scientists in Malaysia. Ibrahim Ali is everywhere. Najib is everywhere. If they carry bad image of themselves then they will also drag Islam down with them.



One educated and respectable man was a radio friend of mine, One day we had an argument about the moon. He said there was air on the moon. I said there was none. He was very angry and asked me to explain how a rocket ship can fire to come to the earth without air.

I knew then that this man and many others are carrying many misconceptions in their minds. When I explained about Newton's principle of motion and the action and opposite reaction he said I was talking nonsense.

I didn't blame this man. Some teachers teach the wrong things and some preachers preach the non-factual things.

Let any argument or statement followed by a source, seen and proven, Teachers should be a fully knowledgeable persons.

Misconceptions about the earth was the center of universe was carried on for hundred of years.

People murder each other just because of misconceptions, ignorance and stupidity.

Up to Date

I am an old fashioned and conservative old man. This does not mean to reject the modern goods and commodities. I like most gadgets but the i-Pad. But if I talk of ham radio I would not touch the SDR, ESSB and computer CW for my reason, not because they are bad.

Why I turned off on SDR ? I just like radio with knobs and buttons I can press. I enjoy seeing the needles movement on the S-Meter and holding the microphone while closing my eyes.

What about ESSB ? I have a problem with my hearing. I always prefer to hear a high pitch sound to the bassy one. The high pitch seems to be clearer. After all I don't hear my own voice. I just want to make people hear me better. If I want to hear my own voice I have to spend on more gadgets for the purpose.

Some guys were trying to enhance their transmission by putting on the echo sound. I was just laughing to myself.

How about using computer to send CW ? If I want to send a message i can just choose other digital modes or using SSB. If I want to have a pleasure in pounding the key or moving my fingers and enjoying deciphering the codes then I use CW. I can also sharpen my mind, keep it on alert and feel happy with my skill.

Let the others keep themselves up to date and be in phase with the moving technology. We don't want the Malaysians to be left behind, do we ?

29/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Terrorizing the Ham Band

Think Big, Think Modest, Think Small

If you do not want to be left behind then think BIG and think great. That made great countries grew by leap and bound, conquering the ocean and the sky, shaping the earth and mountains, digging deep down to make cities below the land. The West thought big and they braved the ocean to acquire more land and subduing the natives.

If you think modest you are satisfied with what you have and happy with a little more than comfortable. You can be wealthy and have a comfortable home and a car. You accept what is given to you including the promotion but you wont play for it till you stab your friend's back. You progress by buying technologies and commodities from other countries.

You don't think small. But I do. I don't have ambition to be a leader, a politician, a millionaire or famous. I don't crave for big and luxurious cars. To me a home is a home even if it has no room.

When I work, I don't work for promotion or hunting for higher salaries. It never came across my mind that I had to please my boss or superior. If they want to demote me or put me away at a lower post it was up to them. In fact I applied for demotion when I disagree with those people upstairs.

I wouldn't want people to think small. They either think big or think modest. I can live with a small car and a home, wearing cheap shirts un-ironed, wearing torn dresses, and even cropped my own hair.

Cropped my own hair ? YES, I cropped my own hair. Before my wife was able to stand and walk, she was my barber. That she is very sickly I barbered myself. Friends didn't believe I did it.

So think big so that you go for the big and you will be someone big.

Only if the administrators of ham radio put their focus on the activities on the ham band and HF/VHF frequencies they will know how bad the band can be due to their carelessness.

Once radio equipments were in control. A radio shop was not even allowed to sell the communication receivers. Keeping a transmitter without permission was an offence. Ironically now we know of a certain country allows the population owing transceivers which they are not suppose to have and even approve piracy.

Most of us are thinking that the epicenter of radio terrorists is the Southeast Asian region ie Indonesia and Malaysia. The Indonesians pirates would take over ham frequencies. The Malaysians are disturbing the local and international hams using the CW key. But now we know the sick people could also be found in the United States and Great Britain.

Video clip The Idiot depict the great terror. I somewhat recognize the terrorist who likes to come on CW. He was on 40 meter sending the same thing disturbing the Malaysians and international DX stations. At one time when he was disturbing us I called him to give the call sign and he said he was a pirate.

I have always known that bad people will terrorize all the ham band. Once they become hams they will carry the bad habits in other ways.

Somehow the international ham community will zero-beat to the areas of the terrorist homes. If they point at Malaysia it will put a great shame on both the authority and the Malaysian hams as well. We will be accused of not co-operating in lodging a report of such activities. By now we have enough ham to know the culprits.

What do we know now ? Problems even exist in the United States and Great Britain. White people too can be as rogue as the moronic savage.

Guy snoring on Ham Radio

29/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Since No Code

Islam call a Muslim to hide the help in kind, money or effort towards a person and forbid the boasting and bragging. At time we need to tell someone of a simple and modest aid but it must be not to a point of boasting and expecting for a reward. Refer to the surah on relevant matters.

A Muslim extend his hand to relieve another man's burden for the sake of God and Islam. He has no hidden agenda behind the help given and does not boast about it. He must help people in distress and difficulties without considering their faith and creed, or their skin color.

We also see the non-Muslims are helping the Muslims and the Malays who are total strangers to them, not driven by political or any other motive but by the good conscience and the feeling of responsibility towards mankind.

If we help then help without the hope of the re-payment and gratitude. We don't even hope the God will repay for kindness. Just do it with a full hear and sincerity. The believers do it for the sake of the Al-Mighty.

I met people who said, "Thanks God not me." Then we pray to God for his well being and God's guidance to the right path.

29/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Ham Radio can be just as bad as CB Radio - click image

Funny on ham radio 1
Funny on ham radio 2
Ham Radio is not that different from ch 19 CB

Another Abuse

Ham Operators Gone Bad

The Idiot

Another shout

It's a pity and a tragedy for ham radio since the introduction of class B and no-code hams. The authority must wake up. Are Malaysian hams follow those spoilers ?

RM140 Internet


Common QSO I Heard

I pay RM140 a month for my internet to explore and discover the finest things in the world. I wish I were younger to cover as much as I can.

I don't confine myself to political menu. One of the most intriguing is the world of music. The You Tube gives us the music of the world. I enjoyed the X-Factor as much as the solo daff or the frame drum. Type the words 'Street Music' on the You Tube search engine you will discover fantastic people play fantastic music on the streets, the homeless sings as good as the famous professionals.

The discovery of people and the richness of their culture made you wonder of the nation that mercilessly killing the innocent, the skill and beautiful people.

I saw Bill Clinton play saxophone beautifully. Many of us never know a President can play music so well.

I never knew Christianity and Judaism before the internet. I never knew there is such thing as New World Order until I know the You Tube.

That I have touched the internet chat yet.

I can spend hours on my computer.


Go to the You Tube and type Bill Clinton play saxophone. I am sure you will enjoy the clips.

Instead of playing music after his retirement, he gained much from lecturing. He earned millions.

Street Talents - Music
Frame Drum

9M2Q? :  Bla...bla...bla.. 9M2Z? , 9M2Q? over

9M2Z? : 9M2Q?, this is 9M2Z? returning....Bla ..bla..bla..

Anything wrong ? NOTHING. But my style will be different. When I talked to school boys during the JOTA I usually follow them in the use of 'over' but when communicating with other hams  I seldom or do not use 'over' anymore. Mentioning his call sign and follows by my call already understood as passing the transmission.

And I never use the word 'returning' if I start with mentioning his call sign and mine. But if I continue the conversation without first mentioning any of the call sign then I may use it in the middle to indicate the mentioning of the call sign at that point is not the act of passing the transmission. For instant

9M2Q? : bla...bla...I found the price of fish in our local market is very high. How about in Alor Setar ? 9M2Z?, 9M2Q?
9M2Z? : Yes nowadays nothing is cheap. The fish here is expensive too , 9M2Q?, 9M2Z? returning, but what to do people still buy at that price....bla..bla

If I do not use 'returning' he might think I am passing the transmission to him. Of course it is better not to do the identification in the middle. Might as well go without it and only identify at the end of the message.

It is good to study the international communication as well whether they use the word 'returning' in the course of their communication.

Just think about it. Use the style that suits you.


Don't Politicize HAM RADIO

Looking at the frequency of protest in Malaysia, the Muslims protested more on the Jews than anything else. Observing carefully we find that there are Jews in Malaysia but they never cause any problem, so much so we can't see or smell them here.

Lately the tension between the Muslims and the Christians began to emerge. All because people think they can go to heaven by converting the others. Sensitive issues have come to the open. One talks about liberty and freedom to preach religion to the whole population and the other could not accept such an activity.

Christians have a tough time in the United States and many parts of Europe. A big number of Swedish are atheists and the younger generations have forgotten their religion. In America Jewish religion is spreading fast. There is no Christianity in schools; no symbol and only Darwinism is allowed. Hanukahs are allowed in public places but the Christian crosses are not allowed.

And there is a tension between the protestants and the Catholics.

While the Whites are slowly shaking off religious beliefs the colored are picking up what were thrown . One could very well study about the religion and the world with the advent of the internet. It is good to read a little on the Atheists, the Torah, the Protestant, the Catholics and the bible on creation and rupture.

If the Muslims and Christians conflict does not subsides it can finally resulted in bloody clash.

What are the Jews in Malaysia saying on seeing the growing Muslims and Christians tension ? Keep your faith to yourself.

On Catholicism   Protestant kill Catholics   Death of religion

Jesus is not God  Pagan   Atheists and Christians


A ham can be a Democrat or a Republican, PAS or UMNO. Almost all Malaysian hams keep their political beliefs to themselves except me. Don't follow my example because it is not nice for ham radio.

Once we are on the air we are all equal. King Hussein or King Ahmad Talal just address themselves as Hussein and Ahmad. Just imagine you calling a King by his name. In the old days you would lose your head by doing so.

Ham band is one of the places where a PAS and UMNO members can joke and pull each other's legs. Let the fun remain.

Lately there was a tendency to politicize the hobby. It looks like an attempt to make ham radio as the property of UMNO though it is fuzzy in nature. There were words about RAE test center for UMNO members. Guys were pulling in Dato' into ham radio and were hanging around him with some express intents. And efforts were made to ask UMNO Minister to push for a certain policy.

Those are bad for ham radio.

Giving permission for Bulan Sabit or Red Cross to use ham gears to operate on VHF is acceptable as compared to giving it to PERKASA. In the first place why PERKASA ? And the radio was heard to send report on Anwar's location while visiting Kedah.

It is bad because it can lead to verbal exchanges between the members of BN and anti-BN groups. This is yet to happen. With mobile capability hams and non-hams can throw slurs on political people and their wives, accusing each other of the bad things they did.

And never elect a President of a radio club from any UMNO or PAS strong man. With the former they expect to gain something. But if we don't know his belief and he doesn't show his though he might be some big gun, then it is acceptable.

Similarly we don't elect a man who is running a radio  business to be our leader. It is acceptable if his business has nothing to do with the radio. One will push for policy to enhance sales and more openings for his radio sales and the other just regard this as a mere hobby.

Was there any attempt to bring all Ministers into the hobby ? Surely they don't have to sit for RAE.

What If You Don't Know ?

If you don't know the existence of D,E,F1 and F2 layer and the concept of wave propagation does it stop you from being able to transmit ? And you don't know a thing about electronic; does it mean you cannot operate a radio ?

Everything become so simple, kind of plug and play type. Just buy and fix. Antenna is made to work multi band and radio is made with everything in. You buy you use. Any fault is sent back for repair.

What do you need RAE for ?


When You Have All Band Transceivers

If you are a class B licensee allowed to transmit on 10 meter band only on HF, what would you do with the all band transceivers that you have ? At least 20% of you will cause mischief. You disturb other people. Go as pirates. Start a club station at your home.

The other 80% will learn how to be SWLs, listening to various stations, logging them and learn whatever need to be learned.

But 9Ws are not allowed to have all band transmitters.

What If I Tell You You Are Wrong ?

At least 50% will gather strength to make me their enemy and start to demonize me.

Another 50% will try to discipline themselves and remedy the errors.


I Don't Know the Bibles

To the best of my knowledge there are many versions of bibles. I don't know which one is the real words of God. And none in those bibles mention the word 'ALLAH'. The Jewish Holly Book does mention the word. When the Muslims and the Jews refer to God they refer to the same God. God is only one. Quote me the sentence with the world Allah in the bible. Don't just talk.

Who were born on 25th December ?

Born on 25th December - Horus, Osiris, Krishna, Zoroaster, Mirthra, Haracles, Dionysus, Tammuz, Adonis, Hermes, Bacchus and Prometheus. Strange names ? Those are Pagan gods.


Who help you ?

Who can help you ? A good man with a good intention, a bad man with bad intention, a bad man without any intention and a Satan. What is the meaning of the word THANK to any of them ?

Rezeki comes from God. We don't thank the devil who command for our worship.

Never Gamble Our Students

The new school session will begin soon. Parents are planning and preparing for the new term, especially those who have just sat for PMR and the primary school children who are looking for the best secondary schools.

When we see crimes we must think of the education system that we have. What sort of school leavers are we expecting to have ?

Let The New 9Ms Enjoy the Hobby

Let the new 9Ms enjoy the hobby and experience the world of Ham Radio. Never criticize their working for awards and joining the contests, putting up the best of the antenna system and the best shack. It is not nice to comment on things they do that we didn't.

CW using computer

I have a message to send 'I LOVE YOU'. What is the different if I were to use RTTY compared to computer CW ? Both do not need skill. In this case CW and RTTY are the same except for the sound. If I don't like machines to do the work for me then why should I choose the key instead of just using my voice ? You think of the answers.


First Time Travel


Dr. Marc Faber, the investment guru, concluded his monthly bulletin  with the following comments


The federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China . If we spend it on gasoline it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer, it will go to India . If we purchase fruits and vegetables it will go to Mexico , Honduras and Guatemala . If we purchase a good car, it will go to Germany  and Japan . If we purchase useless crap, it will go to Taiwan . In short, none of it will help the American economy.
The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in the US .
I've been doing my part.....

At last one of my radio friends is flying outside the country for his first outside tour. He had been telling me of his desire to visit places since 5 months ago.

About 10 days ago he called me asking what to do when the travel agent he went to asked him to buy his own ticket. I told him to go to another agent and discuss the trip with the agent. A few days later he rang me up again asking about the making of international passports for his kids. I told him to go to immigration office and brought his kids along.

I think the first time traveler should ask around about traveling tips. I like to teach people about it. When I paid for my staff's trip to Sarawak I described the detail of what need to be done on the plane from how to fast the seat belt to how to eat and what to expect. I gave them coins telling them to first phone back home to their kids on arrival.

I reminded Rohizat, my radio friend, to get the traveling bags from the agent, making a photostat copy of the group ticket, collecting all the passport of his 14 strong team and how to check in, where to keep the tooth paste and large quantity creams and knife, what sort of medicine he should bring and even the junk food like 'asam ko' and small snacks to eat while on the bus.

His flight will be at 8.am tomorrow. He told me he would drive to Kuala Lumpur at night. I warned him of his being tired, sleepy and fatigue by the time he arrives Jakarta. He corrected himself saying he hired a van with a driver.

My first oversea trip by plane was to Jokjakarta with Rusli. It was not difficult for me because I just followed him. What he did, I did. The second one was to the United States via Narita and a stopover in Honolulu. I was bombarded with cultural shocks. I saw things I never see before. Those entered my memory registered. I was calm..very calm.

I learned to follow the crowd when arriving the destination. Luggage claim and immigration are still a long way, most of the time we have to pass the free duty shops or we have to take a train.

Rohizat's group was not accompanied by a tour leader from Malaysia. This was something I forgot to inform him when recommending the agency. Afterwards I have to tell him to follow the crowd when arriving Jakarta and to ask around and the meeting point after passing the immigration.

His tussles will be over once he is met by the local tour agency holding a card with either his name or the name of the travel agency in Malaysia. But my traveling alone to several places for the first time gave me a lot of problems and confusion; where to go to the bus station, where is the airport exit, how to go to a cheap hotel, where to buy the ticket for the transport.

I think for the first time traveler it is better to join the tour agency.




Give a man a fish helps him for a day. Teaching him how to fish helps him throughout his life. Helping the Malays to progress is not as easy as fishing either. It has to start with the building up of attitudes.

Once there were discussions on subsidy mentality of the Malays which implies the Malays always want thing in an easy way without having to strive. It would make them comparatively lazy and remain unmoved without outside help.

Attitude is a components of mental setup. Perseverance, determination, fearlessness, dare to face challenges and hardships, positive thinking and diligence are some of the characteristics need to be implanted.

Education and awareness are important tools. Malay teachers who are lazy and not fit to be educators should be released of their jobs. Knowledgeable and hard working staffs will put their total energy to teach and educate. Those who are in education are not people who play for office and promotions.

We can't help the Malays if those people are stupid enough not to know their core business.

Private vocational and technical schools with quality curriculum must be allowed to bloom without harassment from the government. The Malays can set up their own funds for educational purposes. A strong private financial institution and a group of intelligent planners can be a booster to help the Malays.

A Muslim can collect at least 5 millions a week or 20 millions a month. Notice how much the Tabung Haji collected. The body had too much money until it used the money for other investments.

With money, proper education, good teachers and desirable attitudes Muslims and the Malays in the country would be able to stand high without hurting their brothers of different religions or ethnicity.

24/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have heard two stories about will left to total strangers, one to the maid and another to the neighbor. The two strangers were honest and sincere in helping lonely persons. The kind neighbor showed her kindness by doing groceries and accompanying a lonely woman.

They never expect to be millionaires. Theirs were the true kindness. They deserve their rewards.

While I heard stories about a husband or a wife leaving their sick spouses, I also witness a few devoted men and women who sacrifice for their sick husbands and wives. I saw them at the dialysis center where my wife is having her treatment.

Among all one woman would be there everyday for more than four hours waiting until the procedure was over. Today I heard her saying that before she would leave the house for work from 8.00 to 4.00. This is just her work.

This particular Malay woman is very kind to all other patients. She embraced the Chinese women like her family. And today I saw the daughter of one Chinese patient's daughter embraced her.



My memory is fuzzy. I just know that I lost interest in ham radio once upon a time. I was a very active ham then both on CW and SSB. I remember during my stay in USA and years after I came back I was on computer, first absorbed in programming and later in IRC.

When I came back on 2002 amateur radio was a new world for me. First of all I heard many hams with whom I had been working almost everyday had passed away. Secondly there were class B hams crowding the VHF. Radio enthusiasts who followed me to several scout jamborees got their tickets.

What made me coming back to ham radio was the termites. My house was attacked by termites. Books were destroyed and wooden window frames were eaten away. During the cleaning and organizing my room I saw my Yaesu FT-101 covered with cobwebs.

I switched it on. Nothing was heard. The valves lighted. I play about with the various switches. There were click sounds on the speakers without the radio waves. I sprayed with mosquitoes aerosols all over. To my amazement I heard voices on 7.040. 9M2HC was talking to 9M2ZA. I was asking asking myself how on earth those guys were still on the radio.

Day  by day I learnt new things. The regulatory body changed. New society cropped up. New terminologies were used. One call sign were use used by several persons.

The most surprising news was ITU was discussing 'no code' hams. Once we wanted to be hams because we were proud to know Morse. Those who could not learn CW could go on CB. To me a radio hobby without a Morse is not a ham. Call it by whatever name.

I also observed there were lawlessness. International SOP were not like before. My interest in working DX stations faded, compounded with the high cost of sending confirmation cards.

Now I am telling myself that once ham radio is out of control and the authority decide to do away with code I will be throwing all my radio equipments deep down the sea. In fact I have packed my transceivers when there were news that code test were to be cancelled and the class B will be allowed on 40 meter. To me with the death of Morse code the death of ham radio follows.

Knowing of the regression I told my friends that they are not welcome to my home to discuss or mention anything about ham radio. I also believe that those who are responsible for filth will themselves express unhappiness and will put the blame on God saying 'nobody knows the future'.                              24/12/2012

Already there are signs of degradation. People began to see this hobby as opportunity for making money in ways I am not going to mention here. They are talking the freedom of radio to criminals and drug pushers and other rogue people. An old radio society ,MARTS, was butchered and killed. Things looks like so uncivilized and chaotic. There are attempts to use politicians to advance their needs. Radio frequencies are used by PERKASA for malicious purposes.

The future is based on the current trend. Through the causal effect we should be able to predict what may be happening. To me the total ham quality is fading. What people see as progress were actually nonsensical.



ASB dividend for 2012 is 7.75% with 1.15% bonus. Last year was 7.65%, with same amount of bonus. Instead of dreaming you can start calculating and plan what to do with the money. Ready to rush to the bank, ASB center or post office and queue up to update the book. 1st January 2013 is Tuesday.

Most will use the money to pay rates and taxes. The thinking people keep for their children's education; buying books, college and university entries, and all other schooling expenditures.

I already discussed with my wife to give a small angpow each to those helpers at the Kedah Medical Center. Their help could not be compensated with money. Each dialysis day they assisted to transfer her from the car onto the wheel chair and pushed her to the dialysis room. One young boy in particular would lift her onto the seat. There are about 7 of them. Only God can repay them with their kindness. They gave more than what was required in their job.

I don't know how much I will get. A few ringgit is enough to lessen the annual burden of helping the local government. They collect our garbage and cut the wild grass, and keep people in their jobs. We always want our tax money to be used wisely.

In term of generosity no one can beat our Prime Minister. No leader in the world would give a hard cash to almost every citizen.

7.75% is considered high. Even last year's dividend was already good. I had suspected it to be rosy because of the election. I am sure the ASN will fetch a reasonable dividend too.

24/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We were told that holidays were not our right but a privilege conferred on us. We tend to think we have rights over everything. The right of a man is his power and strength. He will do anything he thinks is right.

Many government servants do not know that they don't have right over the holidays. Teachers especially would not want to serve the school during the term break. They would challenge the authority if called to school during the break.

Government servants should be aware that holidays are not their right but a privilege conferred on them.

Similarly ham radio is not a right but a privilege. You don't threaten the authority for not submitting to your demand. Threatening is more than rude. It is equal to terrorizing.

Some of what we think as our right are taken away from us; the right to do a legal business, the right not to pay rates, the right to stay with any man or woman we choose and the right to choose the type of government we like. Try to run a business without a license then you will know what I mean.

What is a right to one may not be to another. A terrorist may not be given a right that is given to a law abiding citizen.

A privilege is an advantage that some have and others do not. It is a kind of an award. People of a certain stature may be given privilege that the normal won't get. Some clubs restrict their memberships and give privilege to only high ranking government servants.

At time we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and try to understand who we are.


What could I say on a new Society I never knew ? I am just mum when someone comes to tell me, "Hey Man, I represent you.....You are under me..." What if ASTRA says, "Hey, we have the most number of memberships and we are representing the Malaysian ham radio population...." ?

It is just like a story of two rivals; one shooting at another to kill and then claim leadership when the enemy had died. You need to examine the new counsel members one by one and determined the legality of each, whether there is any vested interest and the conflict of interest.

I think the members of MARL themselves should ponder and contemplate on the organization much with rationality, with the deep historical knowledge of MARTS. Since when MARTS exist and since when it first struck by the stupid virus ? Who were responsible for injecting the virus ?

In my view it was very insincere and dishonest of the few known personalities with hidden agenda.

I would not conclude that MARL is good or bad but I could not approve and championed it.

It is vital for us to study the background, the work and the history of each of the office bearer and the advisors behind any dirty work. I know much of the dirty work and the conducts of those few behind MARL. You need to see what's behind the hypocrisy veils.

If I am the type that like to destroy people I would have seen the MCMC and exposed every dirty job of some of the members so that they too would realize how filthy things really are.

Is this the end of ham radio here ? I say it will deteriorate if left to the old 9Ms and 9Ws.

What About Mayan Calendar ?

Can a 9Ws Own all band HF Rig ?
Will someone ask the authority this question ?

Lincon - 10 meter transceiver

10 meter transceiver

25th May 2011 was more serious than 21st December 2012. The first was from the prophesy of the Church. People were quitting jobs and gave their homes away. The believers waited for the rupture. Jesus the savior was suppose to take them to heaven. When it didn't happen the church had to look for justification.

The second hoax were yelled by the historians, who studied the ancient pyramids and architecture and came up with interesting stories about aliens, Anunarki and the Mayan civilization. They compared and contrasts the Eastern and the Western literatures and studied the hypothesis and came up with the conclusion on the end of the world.

Islam believes in the day of judgment and the end too. Jesus will descent in Damascus via the White Minaret. There will the war of the gog and magog, and when the day is near the sun rises from the West. Other prophesies like the one on 21st December 2012 was observed as an entertainment. It is fun to see the public reactions.

In the meantime we can put aside the Mayan calendar and let it rests on the top floor of the museum where it may not be found anymore.

Predictions using crystal balls and joysticks can just be waived aside. It has to be based on the data sheet which shows a momentum of a certain trend, the behavior pattern and the causal effect. In spite of that the hypothesis must be tested. Somehow this kind of predictions are more reliable.

I don't even believe even in aliens as shown in Area 51. I was laughing to see it like human beings. You see, our mental boundary can only imagine things in the shapes that we used to see.

Only God knows the day the world will end, not the historians.


Value of Liberty



Were men born free and yet they are in chain ? Or they were born to depend on others and thereby have to adapt to the norm of the society ?

No one is totally and absolutely free. For whatever reason his freedom is limited and checked by the various laws on land. If you scrutinize democracy and liberty in the United State you are bound to find that it is mixed with morality. What we may think as liberty is actually the standard of morality accommodating it's own value system.

Basically freedom, human right and liberty are not there. We see Guantanamo Bay, the spy on it's own citizens, the arrest of anti-war protestors and several new Acts that lock freedom of the Americans. As to freedom sex and consumption of marijuana is more on the side of morality.

In countries known as undemocratic too has the line between those who can and those who can't. This boundary itself shows that liberty and freedom can be abused and misused. The drug dealers call for the freedom to sell and the addicts call for the freedom to consume.

We have all the liberty to talk but not to insult or anger another or to disturb the peacefulness and the tranquility of the others. You can't beat a drum until all your neighbors could not sleep.

The most extreme end of liberty is no law made by men is binding. We are the sons of the world and nobody can claim any right over a country or a land. As to our actions we can do anything we like with sex and marriage.

When total and absolute liberty comes into force the strong will prey on the weak. The fittest will survive.

To understand more about liberty in the United States just go to the yahoo search engine and you will learn a lot about the philosophy and practices in the so-called the Father of Democracy.


Mazwan has not been on the air for quite some time. He has been my high speed CW partner after YB6LD went off the air.

It puzzled me a bit. I knew his wife was not in favor of ham radio. For what reason she banned him from hamming ? Could any ham warn him not to come on CW especially on 7.042 ?

I posted a message asking for the reason. He said his wife requested him to move his shack.

This evening when I called CQ he came back. Mazwan put up a temporary antenna for about 5 feet. His signal was 599. I didn't know what the speed was. Probably more than 35 words per minute.

I made a lot of mistakes. My mind didn't co-ordinate well with my fingers. Somehow my messages reached him. He said he was busy with examination papers and had to go to plant padi everyday. And I was telling about my daily exercise. Then finally we had to sign because his wife was asking him to do some work. It was almost a prayer time.

A single high speed CW rag chew gives enough satisfaction. I didn't hunt for any other station once the fulfilling event was over, though my radio was kept on my usual frequency.

For high speed I don't have time to write but to focus my attention on the coming sound. Words formed by themselves. It was not because of my skill but it will happen automatically if we always practice listening and working on the mode.

I saw new hams interpreting codes without pen and papers. I was happy that the ability of the new breed, excel over most of the old hams.

Mazwan promised to erect a proper antenna when he is free, and I am looking forward to working high speed CW again.

As a ham radio operator I have yet to hear Indian station speak English with an English accent. When I overheard that the Malaysian government is taking English teacher from India I was getting worried and cold.

Probably the Indians have to learn English first before coming to teach our kids..

The last time I remember buying India's product was lathe machines which were easily broken and many were put aside. The iron was very brittle.

The declining standard of English in schools were not because of the lacking of teachers but the make up of the whole system and attitudes. It started from the parents to the school heads, and of course the teachers.

Most parents just don't care whether their kids learn or not. They think sending their kids to tuition classes was everything.

And teachers teach English using Malay. They speak Malay in the English class. Try checking the teachers in remote schools. I can imagine chaos Were they in their classes at all ?.

Observing the Malay students, I found that they do not study like the Chinese kids. I saw a Chinese kid at the study table from 8.00 pm to midnight. One Malay mother had a weekly program for her kids; tuition, karaoke, bowling, and futsal.

It is hard to recall any national program for English in the country like the Bulan Nahasa Kebangsaan. Schools do not have the English Language Week anymore, where students who use other language would be fined.

Now that Najib is bringing in English teachers from India I am seeing more problems than the solutions. Had we not brought in teachers from United Kingdom before ? No report was made public on what the British said about English in Malaysian schools.

I believe we really need to deeply ponder the whole educational structure and the teachers as well as the ways to inculcate desirable attitudes. A big fat teachers salary won't solve anything.

PERODUA Service Center

ASB Dividend

From my own perspective I would give a thumb up to Perodua Service Center at Mergong. Today is the first time I visit the center and felt very happy and satisfied with the total service. My criticism that Malays cannot do business fell apart by the great service and the show of efficiency. The only thing that I don't find attractive is the interior decoration of the office. To me it looks like a kampong house. The arrangement is a little messy.

I think Perodua must have given enough training to those staffs. Except elsewhere the salesmen do not seem to be serious to make money for the company.

My wanting to buy a Proton ended up with Viva just because of the salesmen and the poor management of the Proton outlet.


While some part of the world are waiting for the end of the world schedule to be on Friday tomorrow, I am estimating the ASB dividend for 2012 and thinking what to do with the money. I don't believe the world will end on Friday though I believe the time will come.

Between the year end and the beginning of the new year I usually settled rates and taxes. This time the car insurance and the road tax for 2013 has been paid. A small amount to be used to repair my house.

The percentage may be lesser or greater. With the current government expenditure and the economy I do not dare to guess. Every year I computed  the lowest interest. This could be a strange year as seen from the strange political campaign and events. And this month is the last month of the Mayan calendar.

Even if the Mayan calendar tells tale I believe it ended because the person in charge of writing it had passed away before he was able to continue it.

Hoaxes and stories can make money. And people have look for popular topics, wrote books about them and put them on sale. After the death of Ben Laden media still find something to write about him.

After Friday there will be another news and stories about the Mayan. Apple will continue with it's production and dominate the world market. Israel's design on Iran will get more aggressive.

What else do I need to buy for me and my wife ?  The three D LED TV has been in my mind for quite some time. I had seen Viera but not the LG yet. LG is 4 times cheaper and gives 6 3D spectacles.

Shall I add up my collection of transceivers ? Right now I have one HF and one VHF. That should be enough. I don't have to buy 30 rigs to be a ham. Right now I think it is enough.

In part of our life dream is essential. It occupies our time and provides pleasure. It takes away any problem and sadness. The small sum is of course far to less then RM250 millions. Yet the dream and imagination is much more.


When a help is rejected

My iPhone 4

Not everyone like to beg for help. I for one prefer to resolve problems by myself because I don't want to put people in difficult position. At time I need to beg and request for it.

Are helps sincere ? It is difficult to read a person's intention for offering the help. The help from a community is traditionally for the good for the society. Nevertheless there are people who bend to extend their help for the sake of God and humanity. The reward is satisfaction and happiness for doing good to the people.

I offer to help a friend in teaching him a Morse code. He refused for his own reason. My reason is to release a stigma in his mind that continuously bothering him even without his own knowing. I judge him through his words and expressions. If he were to sit for the Morse test and pass the stigma will definitely go off.

Every of my offer to guide him was rejected. I had to respect his stand.

What I fear is the future. By some unknown cause or reason  he might want to learn the Morse code and seek for my help, I may not be able to do the needful. I may die. I may be sick. I may totally denounce anything to do with ham radio.

I remember of a true story concerning a man who with his friend were gossiping and laughing at an ugly fat co-worker in the office, he finally married that woman. In Islam we say God is Great. We forbid bragging and boasting for fear of the reverse effect.

Another is a story of two Muslim converts; one was not wearing a headdress and the other did. The later refused to talk to the former. The first lady didn't get angry and never retaliate. She said, "Right now my heart does not feel like wearing a hijab yet. Let the feeling comes by itself...' It was a humble answer. Many years later she wore the hijab all the time. God is great.

Since God gives mankind to right to choose, good or bad, heaven or hell then let us choose the best specially when there is a chance and opportunity.

18/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Only yesterday I took my iPhone 4 for cleaning and change the plastic skin. It looks so brand new. How could I replace it with the more advance iPhone 5 ?

I like this stuff because of the clear display. I love reading the e-book . The page is pure white. With the black words it is just fantastic. Samsung Galaxy III S could not beat the Apple display.

To date I do not utilize it to the maximum. Browsing takes up 80%. Radio logging is much convenient as compared to the laptop. Al-Quaran, e-Book, GPS and camera are some of the others I would regularly used.

The best of this iPhone is it still function well though it had dropped more than 10 times from a considerable height. How not to praise the American product, if the quality is so very excellent.

I don't need an iPad. And at the moment I am not thinking of Samsung at all.

Nevertheless iPhone 4 which I am having could not open several e-books with graphic illustrations. My IOS need to be upgraded. That's something I don't know how to do. After all that won't kill me.

Now that it looks so brand new I think I will keep it for a very long time to come.


Today I took my wife and her sister in-law to Penang to break the monotony of staying at home. The plan was to go to feed the monkeys at the Botanical Garden. The same place is known by several names like Waterfall Garden and Monkey Garden.

We took off a little late. After crossing the Penang bridge I took them to the beach facing Jerejak Island. We had a close look at the new bridge which seem to be longer than the current one. About an hour later we drove around, passing the airport and Gelugor, Finally we arrived the Waterfall.

I was surprise to see there were many visitors. Being Tuesday I didn't expect a big crowd. At the outskirt of the garden proper children and adults were throwing ground nuts to the monkeys.

I stopped by and joined the crowd throwing the KEROPOK I fried for the this purpose. Then I gave the monkey a coned ice-cream bought from a hawker near by. Human beings were enjoying themselves watching the monkeys.


Intent carries a heavy weigh. Even in law 'intent' makes things different. I am not trying to split hair in term of law, between the first degree  and the premeditated murder. But I need to clarify my articles on the morality of the business community.

A society, organization and political parties will be bad if the people inside them are bad and rotten. It will be good if the total composition is good. If a government is bad we do not have to sell our country to others to take over the government. We just change it, maintaining the country's name, national anthem and the civil service. The same has to be done on MARTS. If MARTS is bad we don't kill the society but we just change the people and some of other components but maintaining what have traditionally been in MARTS.

You may not believe a man who opened up a business with the intent to help the people. There were many of such kind of businessmen. The intent was honorable. He made profit to cover the lost of income if he were to work somewhere else.

But not all men are the same. We have someone who wants to make money by selling a certain machine and use all of power and ability to lobby for a law so that he can sell his machine. When we see the business community is pushing for a law that will open a door for their products then we see the INTENT is hidden under the veil. This is where the value and morality comes into scrutiny.

What if a ham radio operator opens up a radio shop ? Again we have to look into his intent. Does he try to influence or push the authority for a law so that he can make more money ? Likewise it is bad to persuade the authority to maintain the CW requirement so that he can make money by conducting CW course.

Are we not blind enough not to see how MARTS was killed and by whom ? More so do we not see the INTENT behind the whole episode ? Who reported to ROS ? Who reported to the police ? Who brought in the new people into MARTS counsel in the first place? Are they not the same people who are running the business ?

In Islam the word NIAT has a big place. If a Muslim drink a glass of mineral water and he has the NIAT or in his heart he drinks wine, it is already a sin. A ham who runs a ham shop without the intent of pushing the law to open up a bigger market but instead with the NIAT to help other fellow hams to easily buy a radio has no pecuniary motive. A little profit is essential to cover the various costs.

17/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Blindness of a Soul


There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her.
She told her boyfriend, "If I could see the world, I will marry you."

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandage came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend.

He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me ? The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyes shocked her. She hadn't expect that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life let her to refuse to marry him.
Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.'

This is how the human brain often works when our status changes.
Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side painful situations.

Life Is a Gift

Today before you say an unkind word -
Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food -Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven. 

Before you complain about your children -
Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep -
Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive
Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job -
Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another -
Remember that not one of us is without sin and we all answer to one MAKER.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down -
Put a smile on your face
 and thank GOD you're alive and still around.

And before you think of signing out, Please think of sending this to people including the one who sent it to you.
God Bless You.

14/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



      RAJA ZARITH IDRIS (Sultanah of Johore)  

Season of goodwill
MIND MATTER  by RAJA ZARITH IDRIS (Sultanah of Johore)

If Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Isa (Jesus), a prophet respected and revered in Islam, is it so wrong to wish a blessed day for those who celebrate it?

DURING the days before Christmas last year, I wished my friends who were celebrating it "Merry Christmas" in much the same way they would wish me "Selamat Hari Raya" or "Happy Eid".

I find it rather sad that such a simple greeting – one which I grew up with and which I have never regarded as something that would compromise or de-value my own faith – is now regarded as something so religiously incorrect for us Malaysian Muslims.

When I was at boarding school in England , I had to go to church every Sunday because it was part of the rules. My father advised me to consider it as part of my quot;education" and he had no doubt that the experience would strengthen rather than weaken my own faith.

I was able to see the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam. I learned more than the average Malaysian Muslim would about Christianity. I learnt that just as we Muslims categorise ourselves according to the four different schools of thoughts of the four Imams (Imam Malik, Imam Al Shafi, Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Ahmad Abn Hambal) and are either Sunnis or Shias, so Christians too are divided into different sects or churches.

Going to church did not make me less of a Muslim when I was a young girl, and neither does saying "Merry Christmas" make me less of a Muslim now. My faith has not been shaken just because I wished some friends a time of joy with their families. Neither will I suddenly suffer from amnesia and forget what my religion is.

What I do not wish to forget, however, is that there are good, kind people who are not of the same faith as me.

As Harun Yahya, the Turkish writer (he was selected last year as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Isla mic Strategic Studies Centre of Jordan ) noted:
"Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerance".

Today, however, some circles have been presenting a false image of Islam, as if there were conflict between Islam and the adherents of the two other monotheistic religions. Yet Islam's view of Jews and Christians, who are named `the People of the Book' in the Quran, is very friendly and tolerant.

"This attitude towards the People of the Book developed during the years of the birth of Islam. At that time, Muslims were a minority, struggling to protect their faith and suffering oppression and torture from the pagans of the city of Mecca . Due to this persecution, some Muslims decided to flee Mecca and shelter in a safe country with a just ruler. The Prophet Muhammad told them to take refuge with King Negus, the Christian king of Ethiopia . The Muslims who followed this advice found a very fair administration that embraced them with love and respect when they went to Ethiopia . King Negus refused the demands of the pagan messengers who asked him to surrender the Muslims to them, and announced that Muslims could live freely in his country.

"Such attitudes of Christian people that are based on the concepts of compassion, mercy, modesty and justice, constitute a fact that God has pointed out in the Quran."

I do not wish to be a self-centred Muslim who expects friends of other faiths to wish me Selamat Hari Raya or, for those who are not Malaysians and therefore do not know about Hari Raya, a Happy Eid and yet do not return their goodwill when it is Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Vesak Day.

Every year, friends who are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs or those without any faith come to our home to celebrate Hari Raya with us. They do so with sincerity and as a mark of respect for one of the most important days in the Muslim calendar. Why should we not reciprocate their kindness, show them the same mark of respect for their religion and wish them the same joy on their holy days of celebration?

An Islamic scholar and lecturer also reminded me that as Muslims we must remember the importance of both the five Pillars of Islam and in the six Pillars of Iman (Faith), which are:Belief in Allah;

Belief in the angels;

Belief in the revealed Books (which include the Bible, the Torah and the Holy Quran);

Belief in the Prophets (May Peace be Upon Them);

Belief in the Resurrection and the events of Kiamah, the Day of Judgement; and

Belief in the predestination (Qada' and Qadar) by Allah in all things.

The prophets include not just Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him) as the last prophet and as the Messenger of Islam, but also in the 24 earlier ones who are mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran. Four of them are Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Daud (David), and Isa (Jesus).

So, if Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Isa (Jesus), a prophet respected and revered in Islam, is it so wrong to wish a blessed day for those who celebrate it?

We are now in the second decade of the 21st century. Surely, we should, now more than ever, be far more enlightened at a time when information of any sort and of all kinds are so readily available to us.

What is most important is that we regard one another as fellow citizens and treat each other with respect, regardless of our race or religion.

The writer is Royal Fellow, School of Language Studies and Linguistics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and holds a BA (Honours) degree in Chinese Studies, University of Oxford .

[The writer is also the current Sultanah of Johor]

13/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Dedicated government servants do not come from UMNO or PAS. They can be anybody. They are brought up that way. I found PAS teachers were more hard working, dedicated to their jobs as much as a good UMNO teacher.


Incapable and lazy people should not be employed by the government. Drivers can be very problematic. Store keepers cheat whenever they can. Most hike the prices up. When general auditors submit reports on departments pertaining to expenditure they are not wrong. One school head master ever asked for a commission when I install a software in his school.

Imagine if civil servants are drug addicts or gamblers. I have experience with workers who are quick with their hands. Money kept were stolen.



Yesterday I went for my exercise unusually early. I sent my wife for her dialysis at 12.00 am. I decided to go for jogging at 3 pm and at 4 pm I would fetch her. The sun was bright. Who would go for exercise at that time, and surely the Taman Rimba would be quite except for the workers who were upgrading the landscape. I was wrong.

The hawkers were already there. Taman Rimba is famous it's rojak. I saw about 5 government officers on uniform enjoying the rojak. There were another group at another table and one group playing takraw. I was wondering who they were. They cannot be unemployed.

I remember the habit of a lorry load of  LLN workers parking their lorry and played takraw and smoking for hours at Anak Bukit and Jalan Pangkalan Kapal during the office hours.

At one time the anti-corruption officers were asked to arrest government servants who were at super markets and strange places during the office hours.

My student's brother was an accountant in town. When I rang him up telling his sister was hospitalized, he left a note on the boss desk telling he went to see his sister. When he went back to his office he found a letter of termination. I offered to help but the brother refused. Of course some time later he got a job somewhere else.

Hell is running havoc. 2 Colombians convicts could escape on the way to court under the eyes of the police. A teacher in Jakarta but the punch card showed he was in Alor Setar. Teachers group to talk about salaries leaving the classes unattended. Officers in charge of finance never followed treasury instructions.

May be the officers at the rojak stall just stopped by on the way back from outstation. May be the young people at the takraw were teachers who are on vacation. I don't know. When the time was up, I drove to the dialysis center to pick my wife.

13/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Two hams converse ( True event )

New Ham: I enjoy the 10 meter. My three element yagi is a superb homebrew. When I wanted to change it's direction I brought it down a little and rotate it.
Old Ham: Why must you manually rotate. Buy a rotator.
New Ham: No need. It is easy to hand rotate.
Old Ham: What if it rains ? How to go out and rotate it ?
New Ham: Why transmit during the rainy time ? I never do that.
Old Ham: How many watts do you use ?
New Ham: 50 watts.
Old Ham: 50 or 1 kilo-watt ?
New Ham: I don't fool around with regulation.

Old hams should not be jealous of the new hams who are very enthusiastic and ambitious. Those who work hard for CW want to compensate with the pain they went through. If they can afford to buy expensive gears and build a tall tower let them do it. Let them feel the ecstatic and experience whatever in ham radio. I don't like the ESSB but I should not discourage them from trying and  experience the fun. What we did not do but the new does should be appreciated.

But one thing for sure. 99% of the new 9Ms are much better in CW than the old hams. They are better then me. I consider myself as good but they are very much skilful. They copy high speed without even writing . As whether they choose to come on CW or not it is not ours to decide. Whether they want to join the contest it is their own prerogative.

Old hams should guide in areas of errors made in the SOP and terminology and ethics.

So far so good. Let them fly our flag internationally using the state of the art technology.

Who is the radio authority in Malaysia ? This question is very pertinent in this country. Observations seem to show that there are individuals who think they are the authority, the knows all and the masters in ham radio and  have been commanding the MCMC what and what not to be done.

I have to admit that I did not read the latest radio regulation but was told that Malaysians were not allowed to go above 7.1 mhz. If it is stated in the regulation then it is a law. There is no such thing as unwritten law that allows the Malaysian hams to go above that, regardless of any written or verbal approval. If someone in the authority thinks the rule is wrong then he must change the procedural change the relevant clause.

Individuals cannot challenge the authority and giving permission to other hams to go above 7.999 because the other country can, the Indonesians can and the whole world can.

The band plan stated by IARU region 3 says that 'in all cases of conflict between a band plan and the national regulations of a country, the latter shall prevail'. The word is the latter , not the former. The usurping of the authority by individuals or clubs or authority is no authority at all.

One of the problems of ham radio in this country is when people with distorted mentality lead or want to lead the hams in the nation. How not to say the problem doesn't exist when MARTS was killed or allowed to die ? MARTS is not a new society like Astra or MARES. And now out of the blue there is MARL taking over MARTS work.

I really hate to hear the invented phrases 'a guideline is not a regulation' and the 'regulation is merely a guideline'. The law, right or wrong, is a law. If we don't like the law, we have to change the law following the set procedure. Defying a law is punishable by our penal code. If we don't want to change the law we change the government.

Read the band plan carefully. Are you saying it is a mere guideline and you can do anything not to follow some and reject some ? Put a little thought to it and ponder what I am saying here. Don't be mislead by false prophets.

13/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The Destroyer and the Builder

Unwritten Law ?

Money and Morality

A tree takes years to grow and serve mankind. We took care to protect and nurture it. Some took more 20 years to reach maturity. It applies to nationhood and organizations. Likewise MARTS experienced the same built up and growth.

To destroy a tree takes only 20 minutes or lesser. To destroy a nation may take a month or a year. To me a builder is always better than a destroyer.

When your mother is sick you have the choice to bring her to a hospital, plan a home nursing and try to revive her. Would you find a stick and hit her so that she dies fast ?

What did some people do when MARTS was ailing ? My question went further, who were responsible for injecting troubles into MARTS ?

Now that MARTS has a big problem it needs some people of good nature to provide medication and putting it up upright again. It has to re-start.

It is hard but that's the right path. That's how a nation rise and fall and rise again.


I have been hearing about some senior hams went around preaching about unwritten law in ham radio. What unwritten law are they talking about ? It was mentioned about the use of LSB and USB on 7 MHZ. When someone mentioned about this I asked him to read articles on the technology of BFO and VFO in history.

Ham Radio rules and regulations are clear enough. Band plan are provided with explanations. I never know of anything as unwritten law.

Lately I heard several ridiculous statements like the band condition can cause 2 meter transmission to go into 40 meter band and I outlawed other people from using 7.043. And of a new CQ call  ' CQ ragchew ...CQ ragchew...'

The root of the illness is the want to be popular and well known, and the pursuance of radio business. Money can break friendship and create enmity.

You want to know how bad ham radio in Malaysia is you look at the history of MARTS. It also depict the personality and habits of the Malaysians.

People use to say politic is dirty. Ham is dirty too.

People with money like to buy people with money. Most but not all will kowtow to whoever rain them with the 'the green stamps'. The money hunters will disregard any devastation and ill effect they brought to society. We see this in drug pushers, gun runners and other rogue individuals. Prostitution rings and porn run by gangsters and mafias are the malice of money economy.

Business communities see things in their ways, always right in their point of view.

We set standard in our society. We reject criminals and dirty people. We want them out of our sight. But not with the business men. As long as they see the opportunity of making making they will accept any Dick, Tom and Harry.

Only strong individuals can resist temptation, and weigh between friendship and money grabbing. They would rather die then to prostrate to evil. At the end time the evil will say, " Will you submit to me and say I am your god if I give life and wealth to you ? " Those greedy for moneys will say 'YES'.

A morality is shed; the wrong become right and right is wronged.


Trend in Amateur Radio today

Someone uploaded the above topic on the You Tube on 16th August 2010. To be frank I really do not know whatever is happening on the band. Try to click the picture above and hear carefully. Before this one I came across an article entitled 10 meter is just like CB.

To some there is nothing wrong and nothing strange. The author did not make any remark except for the title. Remarks can spark retaliation. No fool will admit a mistake. What I would do is just listen to their pomposity and remain silent.

12/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

 The founders of amateur radio had declared from the beginning that amateur radio is not for pecuniary motive.  This is no more the case. The story of code vs no-code began with the business in mind.

In Malaysia old and new hams looked into ham radio as a source of income. It started with the few 9Ms and followed by the 9Ws. It was the 9Ms who started the radio business and were lucky to find buyers from the government agencies. Efforts to get a larger market are on going. They are pushing for no-CW to sell rigs made in Indonesia. And they are pushing for larger number of hams to widen the sale.

Let the new hams open their eyes and study the design of some of their friends.

There may be many blind people but not everyone is blind. Some new hams can see behind the veils.