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There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person

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It is the result that counts not the process

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I love reading Mariam Mokhtar and Tunku Abdul Aziz for two reasons; the beautiful English, which I need to learn and familiarize and the sharpness of their minds. Tunku Aziz ceased to write since he left DAP, leaving Mariam with her voluptuous article worth perusal.

Not many young Malays can write good and simple English that enfolded with sophisticated idea. She is one of the most talented lady who was born in Ipoh. To find more about her just type her name on the web search.

For those who are learning English like me reading her articles is interesting, fun and thought provoking. I assure you that she is better than 98% of UMNO women.

A good article with a good English is good, either it is pro or anti establishment. The analysis must be convincing and profound. Reading their ideas made us realize our status, mental ability and where we are. I feel so base and inferior and need a lot more to learn.

It is a pity many smart Malays are not in line with government leaving the g*****e tip-toeing for office and recognition, so much so Najib has to engage foreign writers to discredit the opposition.

A pity.

18/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Price differ from place to place. Panaflex cost RM21, RM25 and RM14 at three different locations distant less than 2 miles. Lena pampers sold at Giant is about RM23 and at another place RM17. A jelly for skin growth was RM150 on one brand and RM19 on another. A can drink at Mydeen is RM1.30 and at one Seng grocery priced at RM1.00.What I need to do is just to go to the cheapest shop.

Thank God that some people are still humane and full of conscience and considerations, understanding the burden they could cause by maximization of profit.

A businessman who can charge a ceiling price but sells much more cheaper with the feeling of compassion towards others are rare. Let us be reminded that good hearted people do not lie in their skin, race or creed. One Malay lady in her face book said she paid RM27.00 for a dry chilly in a Malay shop and RM19.00  in a Chinese.

Greedy people are found in all communities. Money is never enough. When they robbed they took millions. If found guilty would face 2 years of jail term.

Ask around for prices. It is good to jot them down in the 555 book. Don't complaint if the price is high. Just go to the shops that sell them cheaper. Some shop keepers are still humane and conscientious and will not cut your throat.




When people talk about corruption they do not merely imply to the malpractices of the government servants but they are focusing on big money from the government coffers being divided among the members of UMNO under various guises like mega-projects and project cow-combo. Whatever was in the court proceedings captured by the public formed perception. They are therefore true and there is nothing of misconception. People being robbed and killed by the thugs were real and not a misconception. The robbing away of vital farm land and water catchment areas for individual profits were real and factual.

Those who are not blind and understand the fiscal manipulation did not vote BN was not because of distorted perception but it was based on concrete data. There were money lost in PERWAJA and PKZ, the bankruptcy of Bank Bumiputera and the killing of Jalil, the arrogance of UMNO leaders were all real.

A few can trace the creation of fallacy by UMNO and fed to Pakatan; when Pakatan fell to the trap and announced them true enough Pakatan spread fallacies which were created by UMNO and cleverly fed to Pakatan. Eventually people will be aware of these tactical moves too.

UMNO managed to hold to the straw after spending billions to brainwash the JKK and young people brought to Putrajaya. It fed fallacies and lies about opposition members, and put phrases like 'go somewhere else if they don't like this country' was fed into these people. We heard the same phrase from the low class gangsters to the Ministers.

BN could win the hearts and minds of the people if they really tackle all the grouses and of what people think of the party. There were talks of UMNO's arrogance, and proven by Shahrizat and Zahid's finger pointing, facial countenance and the loud vicious voices. The perception formed in people's minds is that UMNO think it is invincible and will live perpetually.

The culture of lies within UMNO is not a misconception too. Among the certainties are the indelible ink, the discrepancy of voters tally, and the crime data.

I am of the view it is UMNO's perception of those Chinese who did not vote for MCA and UMNO is always wrong. A few UMNO leaders are talking about the Chinese wanting to become the Prime Minister and hence want the political power. The question APA LAGI CINA MAU implies the hidden perception of the leaders.

Time and again we heard the grass root Chinese were talking about high corruption, abuse of power, bad education system, manipulation of judiciary, crime and arrogance. Even a day before election a Chinese still mentioned Shahrizat rm250 cow-condo project.

The intended war of perception will open up to more lies and fallacies. 'Thinking people' will get angrier.

UMNO must be totally overhauled to change the conception and perception of the citizens. If nothing is done to the existing criminals and corruption. UMNO will be facing more tougher time.

18/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



How sick are you ? Ham radio operators who have to go for dialysis treatment or suffering from diabetes and heart diseases tend to shy away from  ham radio and everything else as if he is going to die the next hour.

There are million others who suffer the same sickness, some know and some are not aware of sickness they have. A big number just ignore and go their living as usual as if noting happen. They are not worried about it or about death at all.

Once the Malays and the Muslims believed our lifespan will not exceed our Holly Prophet. it was estimated most people will die before 60. If they are now 55 they don't have to worry about their fate and destiny. Just go on living like a normal life and don't take to much note about your heart, kidney or diabetic problems. Take the medicine, go for dialysis and enjoy your remaining days which may extend 20 more years.

What I am worried about my sickness is when I can't help another sick and disabled people. I need to help my wife, daily nursing and lifting her to fulfill the vital tasks. Even a simple flu drauned away my strength and I felt so very weak. When this happen I had a difficult time in helping her.

Friends always popped us with a question, "Are you healthy ? " My answer is always YES. As long as you can move around, driving a car to super-market, attending feast and funeral and manage yourselves then you are healthy.

If you are medically defined sick then take the medicine and go for the treatment. But you need to define healthy by yourselves. If you are a ham operator then come on the band and talk to your friends.

Enrich your living while you are still breathing. Moroseness won't io cure you.

17/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Lately we have been hearing un-intellectual and stupid statements either from university kids or university teachers. Sweeping statements are stupid and not intellectual. It is similar to the half-baked proposition such as '...a Malay who support DAP' is a traitor. It is halved because it hid the other half, about the Malays who support MCA.

Coming from people with university degrees especially the teachers or professors is a shocking event. More of the stinking statements from the Head of such institutions would automatically degrade the university and the people inside it.

Would a head of a university support corruptions and power abuse ? And called the citizens who criticized malpractices and injustice to migrate to countries they like. Such a base statements and words only belong to the drop-out and uneducated.

Doesn't those stupidity creates doubt on the quality of their degrees ?

Many a time I came across persons with an A in computer programming who could not produce one descent program. Prompted with how the A was obtained, the answer it was a group work.

Fake degrees can either be a real fake paper certificate produced without any exam sat, or the none-quality grade given to unqualified person. A night stand with a lecturer gives a free A to a beautiful student.

I would like to advise university graduates especially PHD holders not to be analysts in the public TV. More often than not they make fools of themselves with stupid analysis and conclusions.

The best for Professors to do is not to give their views or opinions but to state facts base on real and solid data. Let the viewers derive their own conclusions. But it must not be the 'half-baked' and one sided like supporting DAP is a sin and quiet about supporting MCA, Gerakan or greedy businessmen or even liar and robbers.

No wonder the boys of Pol Pot regimn shot and murdered teachers and university teachers during the Communist revolution in Cambodia.



The bussing experience I am about to tell may not be there anymore. The system might have changed or replaced. It was the experience in Buena Park California where I used to stay whenever I visited United States.

It is about a bus or busses that could take to places I wanted to go. The motel where I stayed was at Beach Blvd, Gaslite Motel now turned to be Hometown Motel.  If I desire to feel the cool air at Huntington Beach I took a southbound bus tillI reach the destination which is farther than the Disneyland. Though this bus did not go to the theme park, I could stop at a junction to take another bus using the transfer ticket without having to pay extra. Of course there is a special bus to the entertainment park.

The city of Los Angeles is father in the north and outside the county. The ticket cost USD2.50. It went through highway and state roads, entering small towns, loading and unloading passengers. The journey had been more than one-half hours.

Irvine is on the other  part. So is Southgate Mall. I could go to any of those places by exchanging busses using a transfer ticket or the day ticket.

For two weeks at my son's house in Irvine and taking the bus daily to various locations, the driver and the people on the bus came to know me. They would greet me 'Morning Malaysian...' whenever I boarded it. And they bid me good-bye on my last day riding the bus. All same people, going to offices and old-folks home everyday.

Here back home, we have bus stops along the road but without busses coming. In many areas you could not go anywhere without your own transport.

What if we were to ask UMNO leaders why there is no bus anymore in many localities and roads. I fear the answer would be, "Go to USA and live there la...."                                    16/06/2013

UMNO simply love paying more for everything. A few attempted to force the car makers to sell their cars cheaper, which was denied. High car price is not the fault of the car makers. UMNO put a high levy on them. Now the happy UMNO supporters are happy to pay car tax to their beloved government.

The FELDA guys get thousands of ringgit. What is there to pay a few percent more to food prices and other sale taxes. I heard the poor mamak get the scolding for charging more. "Semua sudah naik harga," the reply from the mamak.

May be UMNO members' skins are so thick that they do not feel the pinch of rising prices. Or they have pride in serving their chosen leaders, and the fantastic insurance premium for motorcycles they are riding.

I observed BN does honor the pre-election promise by celebrating the winning with big feast. Crowds flocked for free food. The promise was honored. They dance and sing with joy.

To me it is a great tragedy for the Malays and the Muslims. They 'aye' to the rising price, to the higher insurance premium, to the high tax on cars, to a high price of home. And they said covering the head for Muslim women are not Islamic but the Christian practices, and rejected God's law.

What is the critical issue in reality ? Stupidity ? Lack of morality ? Shamelessness ? Innate slavery mentality ?

The concern of PERKASA, the treason law and current phobia are all the making of UMNO. Nobody rules this country for the last 53 years. IF the Malays lose their right, nobody took it away from them. IT HAS TO BE UMNO'S DOING. The thought of ousting Royalty was from Mahathir. Blame NOT the others but themselves.

16/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It is no joke. People still go jogging during the heavy rain. They either bring umbrella or wear the rain coat. What is noticeable during the rainy days the number of joggers are much smaller and hawkers do not make themselves present to sell rojak and ice-water.

Seeing joggers and walkers with rain-coats and umbrellas, I too would go out of my house under heavy rain, carrying with me an umbrella. Nurses at the medical center where my wife go for treatment seemed to be amaze, "Uncle, you still go jogging during the rainy days ? We saw you." I would just smile and said nothing.

During the summer time the West coast of Peninsular Malaya is having the South-West monsoon. Cold air travels from Sothern hemisphere to Northern hemisphere. Rain clouds lingers the sky everyday until it gets heavy in the evening to bring the downpour.

I just bought a few pairs of cheap Bermuda trousers and a pair of BATA shoes. With the attire I brave the rain or shine to push away minor body ache for an hour or so. But the others took 2 or 3 hours o stringent exercise.

Really I had never thought that people would still take the track on the wet days. Seeing is believing. I choose to follow them. In no time the crowd will be getting bigger under the rain.

I don't know why they do it. I do it because I follow them, no specific reason of my own. After all it takes me only an hour. It completes my daily routine.


On the sunny day the crowd is so big that it is hard to find a parking space. About 65% go by car and 34.999% by motorbikes. About a couple use bicycles.

But I always heard the 90 plus lady grumbling 'Juak...juak..chut si tiam juak si..' (hot...hot..come out at 4pm it is deadly hot). But during the wet days the lady is absent.

There are two jogging tracks; the inner and the outer. 4 rounds of walk at the inner track took me 45 minutes on the average. Three rounds of outside track gave me an equal time to the inner one. The inner track is shaded. There are many trees but it is slippery. It is a bad track for the rainy days. Yet I saw people walking in this track. May be the sole of their shoes provide better friction. Mine is a fifty dollar shoes, theirs a few hundred.

A few shows discipline in their attires. One man would wear a hat and white gloves in both hands. One woman wears a tennis cap and an arm slings to both arms. A few Muslims would cover themselves from head to foot. The last won't be there during the rainy days.

Rain or shine I will be there with an umbrella. Later I might change to rain-coat.

15/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I have a fuzzy memory on my past ham radio activities especially the timeline of my contacts and chats with fellow Malaysians. But I know it was a nostalgic period, the golden age of amateur radio in this country.

If only my log book was not destroyed by the termites, I could trace and track the past and put back the pictures of the daily activities. The past is totally vanished. Penang, Perak and Johor where active hams were vocal with words and chirping of the Morse are dead. The guys from Penang were either dead or migrated to Australia; Malcom, Leong and Eustace made the VK land their home. The CW man, 9M2CF, is in Kuala Lumpur but the interest disappeared.

Perak was once as dominant as Penang and Selangor with at least 4 hams on the band each day is now diminished. Where are the rest beside Nadesan, Hock and Ari who left us for the next world ? Never heard and never know what happen to them now.

The number of hams were small then, about 300 in numbers but the percentage who were active were high on the local band. The spoken language had been English as ham radio was regarded as international and the exam was in English of essay type. The best English speaker was 9M2FZ, Leong, an English teacher from Penang Free School.

From time to time I heard Eshee talked in Japanese with Idris. We laughed and enjoyed the fun. Both of them and Rajamani and Tunku Archibald, 9M2AT, were in a team. Ari would be late everyday joining the group.

Council meetings were run on 40 meter band on Sunday. The rest would be listening to the discussions and decisions. Nothing was a secret. We listen with solemn and commented nothing when the meeting was over and opened for any comment. Again it was in English.

I can't compute the phase of the demise of Tunku and Azkan's sprang up as a ham. 9M2AT belonged to Tunku and later owned by Azlan. Again only the log can tell.

The later group were Chew (9M2HC), Rusli (9M2RB), Aziz (9M2AU), Lim (9M2LC) and Zainal (9M2ZA),  Selva (9M2SD). Both Chew and Rusli were in Alor Setar before and I got to know them while they were SWLs. And Rusli later married my 5th college mate, Robetoh to my surprise.

Stations that I don't remember of their first existence were 9M2FZ, 9M2MP, 9M2SB, 9M2DS, 9M2SH, 9M2RS and a few others.

I began to fade from the ham radio starting in 1982 and came back later in 2002, to discover the shock of my life, MCMC has replaced the Telecom, license B and national repeaters were almost alien to me, and my regular buddies had passed away.

With the new system and people which are better and smarter no amount of re-creation will bring back the golden age of Malaysian ham radio.

The additional factor of the joy was the long excellent band condition. I started with a dipole but the local and DX communications were superb.  That low dipole took me to the edge of the world.

14/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Haji Nik Aziz was called The Father of Infidels by UMNO Muslims and there were a number of clerics going around to condemn as one. Many Malay Muslims were lead by UMNO to believe the party is ordained by God. And on the other part of the continent the Christians are saying the Vatican in Rome is anti-Christ and Satanic. Pope Benedict and the current Pope Francis were 666 anti-Christ and spell the end of the world soon.

The attack on religious figure need to be in detail to find out what is behind the agenda. For an atheist to attack and criticize religion, it is something considered obvious. So is an attack of a religion on the other.

But for an authority in religion like the Muslim clerics and priests to do so smell something fishy and not right. On the other hand there was almost a mum or agreement on free sex and same sex marriage.

Do we need to be god and play the game to give the final godly judgment as to who is infidel, anti-Christ and the future residence of hell ?

In my early age my mother used to tell me not to call anyone infidel regardless of his race, for we don't know what was in his heart before his death.

Observing the severity of the attack on Vatican by the American Christians made us wonder the truth and the sanctity of Christianity. What is happening among the Muslims in Malaysia would surely leave a similar impact and perception among the non-Muslims.

The war of the Christians is very interesting to note because it involves the concepts of the aliens, Lucifer and the coming of Jesus Christ. Stories of aliens visiting the earth, the UFO are being broadcasted by the media. Even the American Presidents announced it. One alien, Amunarki, will make a visit and received by the Masonian. The Lucifer, the Satan, is the anti-Christ.

With the numerous UFO sightings and the possible aliens in the form of Vatican Pope the end is near. Rupture will happen soon. Iran-Israel war will come to light again.

On our side nothing significant is worth a special attention other than the making of Kafir out of Muslims who are anti-government. And from UMNO we hear that head cover by women is not in the Quaran and it is a Christian practice.

What is to become of UMNO and what is to become of religion in this country ?

And what is to become of religion in the world today ?

13/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I really had a tough time with my soccer teachers when I was working because I didn't allow the teachers to take the students to have the training during the school hours. In the Sports School the students spent most of their time in the playing fields.

Teachers argued that their boys all became state players and they became professionals. I wanted the students to give prior attention to academic and studies. I called a parent whose kid was chosen to go Korea and talked about the importance of education and left to the parent to decide. The parent chose Korea.

Economic life in soccer is short, I would tell them. The longest they can be professionals is at the age of 35 whereas jobs can go till 55 - 65 years old. If they are injured at the age of 21 or 22, that will be the end of their carriers.

My argument fell on deaf ears. The teachers and education department were betting on the glamor of being professionals.

Before the professional soccer in Malaysia players were employed either by the government or private agencies. The jobs were secured. And those who were good in sports and games would easily get the jobs base on their academic qualifications.

Indeed I am very right with my contention. It is hard to find players above 30 today. State teams prefer younger players. My students were either moved to play for other teams or cease to play for any team. Once a star, Akmal Rizal, moved from team to team and now sit on a reserve bench in Kedah team. His future will end as his age catch up. So are the other players.

Sportsmen and women who brought fame to the nation were all forgotten, even in badminton. The legend of Tan Aik Huang is tottally vanished. Who still remember Angamah, Mubaraq, M.Jegadesan, Rajamani and even Ghani Menhat ?

40 meter band could be considered as Indonesian band. Almost all the time when switching on the radio we will hear the Indonesian stations on 7030, 7035, 7040,7045, 7050,7055, 7060, 7065, 7070, 7075, 7080,  7085, 7090, 7095, 7100 and upwards till 7.2.

The 5 kc distance won't cause interference to the next stations. The experience of the Indonesian hams cannot be matched by the Malaysians. They know the system and what they are doing.

Down below 7.030 are also Indonesians on SSB. Malaysian too joined their counterparts using Indonesian lingo.

40 meter band has always been the band for the local because it lacks skip. Some hams prefer local communications to the distant stations because it facilitates rag chewing.

Malaysian hams find it a problem to find a clear frequency. Frequencies in-between would cause splatter. My using 7043 made people using 7045 felt uncomfortable. But that is the place where I used to stay since 2002. Where else can I go ?

A few Malaysians went against the authority by going above 7100 which is not allowed  at this time because the broadcast stations are still there. Slowly they found the frequency was occupied once they left .

I don't monitor the Indonesians except on 7.025 where I can enjoy listening to Morse stations. The Indonesians are excellent in CW and I just love to listen to their contact.





When China sent another three astronauts to space with Shenzio-10 on 11th June 2013 who among the UMNO members will be asking 'What else the Chinese want ? Mahathir and Zahid would team up and asked the Malaysians to migrate to China.

Who realized that the Malays were treated like morons ? Otherwise they won't sell the submarine that could not submerge and second hand military aircrafts to Malaysia. And now we are making billion dollars contract with the West on media and communication.

We are not anti-American nor Western nations but we should be proud of Asians' achievements to dispel the concept of Asian Barbarians and savagery. Even the yellow skin people were not spared.

There is already somewhat a twinning educational program between Chinese school in Malaysia and China. You have to be well verse in Mandarin to follow the Chinese education. And China never give an easy path at the university education.

While the Malaysian Chinese is focusing on progress in technology the Malays are busy with brewing the young to be violent racists, hooligans, and anti-Chinese. We saw these before the elections; the attack on PKR busses and vehicles, the throwing of stones and shoes in the mosque and the but-dance.

What is to motivate the Malays to leap through the fast moving technology as compared to the Chinese ? Each day we are hearing degrading and stupid statements from our politicians as if bashing and lashing are the main part of our lives. That's what we are good at.

How many percent of our mind is allocated to building a progressive and respectable nation as compared to planning to divide our wealth among the UMNO members ? Shahrizat's family cow-condo project is clear enough to depict the tip of the iceberg on mental agenda.

Do we see the PBS system in our education could lead our nation to be a little behind Korea, Japan or China ?

Wang Yaping

Born on January 27, 1980 in Yantai, Shandong province, Wang Yaping is the second Chinese woman to fly in space.

She was a cargo plane pilot before being selected to the taikonaut team in March 2010. She was a Captain in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

Wang Yaping was an Air Force cadet at the age of 17 and became part of the seventh batch of female pilots to fly four kinds of aircraft.

She participated in several readiness exercises such as the Wenchuan earthquake relief operations, and the “cloud extinction operations” during the Beijing Olympics to create less rain. In May 2009 she passed the selection process to become China’s first female astronaut.





I don't call myself a jogger. I only walk for about one hour a day. Someone said it is about 6.4 km. But I am not the only walkers. There are about 20 to 40 more, of all ages. The youngest is about 4 and the eldest 90. 98% of the workers are faster and always overtook me.

There are two types of joggers; the slow and the fast ones. Lately the fast joggers got into a group and run together at almost a high speed jogging, men and women. By race they are Chinese, with full stamina and ever ready to beat Ibrahim Ali at any race anywhere.

The slow ones beat all the walkers; men, women, young and old, comprising all races.

Outside the track lane, on the roads are young Malays riding motorbikes without helmets. I don't know what they were doing. If they don't ride they would stay at a corner and smoke cigarettes.

I see the same people almost everyday. They never seem to miss even a single day. I don't know how long they have been running. I was absent for the last two weeks when I was down with flu.

A form one kid told me,"Cikgu jogging needs discipline." I don't know where she plucked the idea from. She must be intelligent enough if it came from her own observation.


I believe her. It really takes people with discipline to do the exercise daily.

If there were to be brawling between the local police and these joggers I am sure the police would be subdued in no time. The Home Minister should make it compulsory for the police to have daily exercise.

Exercise for the police would keep them in shape, preventing hyper-tension. It is this sickness that made them aggressive and emotionally outburst at the public and prisoners. People like Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin should go for daily running around the Putrajaya playground.

You will be surprise to find a few Muslim women did the running with the full Muslim attire complete with Hijab. Since they like it that way the let them do at their way, as long as they are not ashamed to join the rest of the joggers and walkers.

The pleasure is in the sweat and the feeling of fitness.




What we hear on the band today is totally alien to the old hams. We heard it here and even the Americans were mumbling of the idiots on every band. Those are indicators as to the number of sick people getting involve in the hobby.

Pirates who stay on frequencies outside the ham band and who do not disturb the hams are not categorized as emotionally sick. Those who find pleasure in inflicting pain on others are called sadists. There are numerous of them in Malaysia, who found it fun to drive people away from the repeaters.

Listening to the CB in the United States we could conclude that many Americans too suffers. No wonder each day we hear of people being killed by gunmen, the latest of which is in Santa Monica.

Why there are disturbances of the ham band today than before ? As I have said before the main reason is the shift of radio authority from the Telecom to the MCMC and secondly with the influx of the new hams without police screening.

Thirdly the decline of morality and civility. Many Malaysians who do not have the feeling of shamefulness, moral responsibility. Criminals and robbers parading themselves in public without any guilt, fear or shame.

The fact that severe exchanges among the Malaysian hams today prove how intense the split is.

They are just murdering the sanctity of amateur radio. The evil and the moron want to rule.

It is a pity that those who throw stones finally found the windows in their homes were broken too hit by the people they created. Would I say it again 'Serve them right' ?

The trend does not look good. People can always fight back. When it happen it will be too late. Then there will be talk on reconciliation, ethics and responsibility. They should have done so several years ago. Those who met the MCMC discussed something else, not on the ethical point and the effectiveness of enforcement.



I got real fed up with the UMNO racists who are using harsh words against the Chinese on the Facebook and elsewhere. We all know that they called the Malays to boycott all Chinese businesses.

Why call the others to boycott the Chinese ? Call the UMNO guys not to buy anything from the Chinese. Wear the BN cap and T-Shirt everyday wherever they go to show they are hero enough to run the boycotting.

Else the Chinese take action only to sell to non-UMNO Malays. There is always a way to do that. The wholesalers must join the action. After all it is the wish of the UMNO group. The first person to lead the rest of the boycotting should be Ibrahim Ali.

When I saw hundreds of Malays flocking the Chinese grocery shop each day I felt like shouting 'UMNO guys get out of this Chinese shop and go somewhere else..' Remember UMNO called for the boycott.

Cursing the Chinese do not erase the multi million and multi-billion corruptions and crimes done.

Sins created by UMNO are slowly shifted to the others. Wasn't that Mahathir who wanted to do away with the Malay rulers. But UMNO is shifting it to the DAP ?

Inciting hatred and making the Chinese angry would backfire. The ordinary Malays were made to victimize themselves. The daily interactions will not be in their favor. They might to pay more or do not get the best of the quality. Or the existing products are not made available. And even the possibility in job discrimination as a tit for a tat.

What choice do the Malaysian have other than living together in peace and harmony, We are all having the same problems, the basic problems of living; affordable home, reasonable cost of living, the future of our kids, jobs and security. The number of the poor Chinese and the poor Malays are almost the same except for their different localities.

UMNO has to remember that the government does not merely impose taxes on UMNO members only. And for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

10/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Right now I am listening to a music called Apache. It is a YouTube clip on Cliff Richard. Many of you do not know who he is. Singers like SM Salim, Rafeah Buang, Orchid Abdullah might appear strange to the young people. Cliff is now about 73, but his voice still stun me and the crowd.

The team broke up in the 70's. It is amazing how the team get back together and did not lost the touch of the '60's. I was still green and young then, and every Saturday I would listen to the Top Tune not from my own radio but from our neighbor who would put on the full blast to share the fun with those without radio.

If you ask me the new singers and actresses I only know Siti Nurhaliza, and Sharifah Ainee.

Apache is an instrumental, a guitar track was originated by the Cliff group, the Shadows. To me it is beautiful and nice to hear. 33 years later the melody never change a bit, still firm and beautiful.

What is old is not necessarily for the museum.

Confucius was thrown out and cast out the country, facing hardship and sufferings. He was sought when the country was in turmoil, but he was too old and tired and rejected political involvements.

The Haji, Lebai and the old are only useful to fulfill what many could not perform, like the tradition of death and marriage festivities. AND when kids need money and properties.

But here it is even hard to hear Sharifah Aini anymore.                                                    09/06/2013




I was trying to figure out why hams prefer to use computer communication rather than coming on the ham band. Some go for daily or nightly eye-ball. I can't imagine whether similar phenomena would have taken place if PCs were available in the years before the '80s.

One of the oldest chat program was IRC developed in the early '80s. There weren't sophisticated soft wares as what we have today; Skype, Yahoo and other audio-visual stuffs.

Are we trying to acknowledge the superiority of computer over ham radio ? Why not, when Hairie's activity in Makan and Madinah were kept up to date with high definition pictures published on the website ? He didn't have to carry a rig with him.

May be we are thinking of the privacy factor. Talking over the radio is heard by everybody.

Some repeaters are not used at all. The term we used to use was 'hantu pun tak ada' (not even ghost exist)

Beside eyeballing and using computer chat programs there are people who use their telephone to talk to the other ham for hours on end. This too made me wonder about the modern perception of amateur radio.

BUT This is a free country. Everyone is entitled to his own method and style. We can't force our will on others. My failure to figure out is just a matter of different world view.

in my mind private chats are usually malicious and venomous, painting bad characters of other fellow hams, some create stories which were made real. Some have habits and find satisfaction in telling tales.

Giving first priority to the ham band does not imply one cannot touch a computer or go for an eye-ball. There are things we don't want others to know.

Something is not right somewhere when repeaters are not used at all. Something is not right when old hams who used to be very active shy away from the ham band. Neither do they spend their time on computer chat.

Probably the whole world is experiencing the same phenomena. It is dangerous to say it is a sign of regression in amateur radio. The increasing popularity of computer may not be perpetual. People just want to experiment until they get bored.

Will they get bored, with either one or both, computer and radio ?

Probably when the time come everyone might jump back to ham radio. We never know.

09/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't have people to stab their back because I don't have many friends. But I do hate people without harboring the feeling. Most of the time we are busy with our chores. And there are seas of knowledge that we have not known before which occupies much of the time seeking for them.

In my room there are two set of laptop computers which are set to ON most of the time, one for writing programs and typing essays, and another for downloading movies and browsing websites. I don't go to read blogs. And there are two sets of transceivers, the HF and the small VHF. The HF is parked on 7.043 and the VHF is for monitoring lorry drivers on the trunk radio. A 14 inch cathode ray TV is sleeping 99% of the time. And at the corner is a washing machine.

I wash cloth but never iron them. I wear the non-iron attire all the time wherever I go. After all I don't need to be or look smart smart.

I don't lie down to think about people or friends. Why should I ? I have not been ambitious from the beginning. There was no ambition of promotion or go for  a better job during my working days.

That does not mean I don't care about the world and people's issues. Political and racial issues bother me much. I want to see progress and civility, friendship and peace, secured future for Malaysian generations.

Those do not provide me with any chance for back stabbing or harboring hatred for nothing.                                  08/06/2013

At the age of five, every Friday I would sit up at the brim of the door of my silt house waiting for SANTARIBOT to spray mosquito insecticide using sprinkler around our kampong. The work was between eight to nine in the morning. Once a month someone would come and cut the long grass and wild plants.

My mother would always ask from the kitchen whether the SANTARIBOT had arrive.

That was the days when we depended on rain water for cooking, bathing and washing. It was always ample because we had plenty of rain then. We didn't have even a gasoline lamp yet. And we slept under mosquito net with windows open, no fear of thieves or robbers. Life was very peaceful.

In our kampong only one house had a radio. The volume was so loud that we were able to hear news and music. The owner knew he was entertaining us.

We only know what the word mean a few decades later. It was a SANITARY BOARD. During the era of colonial ruling there was such a program by the government to go into the kampong area spraying insecticide. Today the people from the health goes around to issue summons and fine people if mosquito larvae are found around our houses.

I doubt whether the old type of santaribot aka sanitary board still exist. It is a trend now to make the job easy by punishing the public and made laws of similar nature.

08/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A ham said nobody can tell the future. Only God knows. You can argue with the educated group but you waste your breath arguing with the lesser educated ones.

Nations make predictions base on the dynamic data, which we call trend. Some prediction is as simple as one two three, base on a simple common sense. What will happen if we legalize drugs ? What will happen if there is no religious education at all ?

The number of schools and teachers to be built and trained now is based on our young population. We don't wait until they grow up to find land for school buildings and start searching for teachers.

Projection is based on the past and current trend. The manpower planning involves university education. We just don't built universities just for the sake of increasing the number of graduates.

Looking at the current trend in ham radio and the type of people in the community I don't see it will be an enjoyable hobby anymore, no matter what they think and say. The number of 9W call signs heard on bands that are prohibited for them do not seem to cease. It is said even the 9Ms seem to support the operators.

Don't blame the pirates when ham bands become polluted and filled with filth. We have full pledge hams who talk to them and fought the right of the pirates.

Moreover  MARL can never come to term with MARTS. Each will claim for supremacy for helping the 9Ws to be on 40 meter band. MARL will say it has more members than MARTS does.

I also predict that more political people will join the fraternity and in my view will cause havoc, dragging on new concepts and putting pressure on the MCMC to approve their demand.

BUT  I know there are 90% of Malaysian hams have a positive outlook at the future. And they will pray for the best. May God be with them.


07/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




My many articles on Malaysian Ham Radio has been based on the observations of human behaviors. In the '80s when America suffered from economic downturn American sociologists were examining comparative work culture of people in several countries and sustain their economy.

The problem of workers are not only in the government sectors but also the private sectors. The numerous human problems flood the whole human society from the beginning of human history.

If all mankind is good then there will be no prison, police, lawyers and law and punishments.

If you are running a business you need to think of the type of workers to employ. Would you just employ every Tom, Dick and Harry ? Even if you are very careful in choosing workers you still have to keep an eye on them.

We should make our business to know people whom we call friends or those to be our acquaintance. We need to trace and observe the hypocrisy in them. Friends steal your things, borrow your money and never return.

Ham Radio enthusiasts should know amateur radio was once 'the king of all hobbies', not because of it's uniqueness but the members were of respectable standards. They should guard the sanctity of the hobby, making sure no rogue individuals can slip through.

But that did not happen. License Bs started with crime and indiscipline, flouting with all radio communication rules; breaking into repeaters of other agencies, allowing non-licensees to use their call signs, non-licensees were allowed to check nets, selling transceivers to whoever want to buy them.

They join and support illegal stations. AND they would confront those who disagree with their practices.

Those who own many HF rigs but incapable of learning Morse push for free entry into all ham bands without CW. When the 9Ws are supposed to only own 10 meter rig, they have several multi-band transceivers with linear amplifiers. For what ?

I had predicted of verbal wars between BN and PR supporters on ham band. Lucky it did not happen. Otherwise there would have been more stringent measures on the part of the authority to deal with Malaysian hams.

Old hams stay away from VHF repeaters because of the rude and insolent people access to ham gears.

Of course there are extremely effective ways to deal with rogue people. I called it ' Fardu Kifayah' to mean if bad thing happen on the ham band that may be caused by a pirate or any ham, all hams are responsible for the happening, until the culprit is brought out by any existing ham.

It is harsh but it works well. It has been tested before and the result was fantastic.

Radio authority must be firm and understand the consequence of being too relax and do nothing to deal with the rogue behaviors, reported or not.

07/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




When Kelantan and Selangor played against teams from Maldives who expect both Malaysian teams would be ousted. We lost by a big margin.

We can never know the strength of our enemy. Underestimating them could be fatal. Our method and mode of thinking is identical, applying to all, sports or politics, education or general administration.

Doesn't UMNO ministers possess the same structure of thinking, underestimating the ability and the mental strength of Malaysian citizens, and other people ?

I observed that UMNO engaged university teachers and administrators doing the thinking for them before the election. The team was supposed to think and discuss every area, leaving no stone untouched. But the comprehensive strategies inclusive of gangsterism did not take account of what the opposition and the people are thinking.

When the enemies are driven under ground we won't know what their plans are, and how they will strike and in what manner.

UMNO has no choice but to leave the cocoon and think intelligently. If the party and the ministers are so obsessed with it's power and mental acuteness it could end up in great frustration as the two soccer teams that were tamed by the people of Maldives.

The Malays are so much lacking not competitively but in the basic of Islam and morality that can lead them to cultural disaster. There are thousands who can't perform prayers at the high school level, indiscipline on the roads, kids smoking in public. They are also lacking in positive attitude, not wanting to face hardship and strive for excellence.

But they think they are great.

Leaders should not show bad examples.

And never think others are not prepared to strike back if they are attacked. Avoid challenging them.




Defending the wrong under the name of civility and liberty can never be right. Almost all criminals especially the murderers never plead guilty. Defense lawyers always try to create doubt and alibi.

It is not the public to decide whether a person is guilty as charged. It will be decided by court.

Rather than saying 'no case' without investigation the procedure of finding the evidence must be done. We do know about one of the death in police custody. The initial report was to imply the heart attack. Taking it as a truth without further investigation would allow the cops concerned go free without bringing them to justice. Then we can expect more death to happen with the same excuse.

A past records though could not be used as evidence can help the investigators in many ways. We group them under one category to study human behavior. We want to know whether people with strings of bad habits will deliberately continue to do wrong things.  criminals caught have bad past records and were arrested before.

Don't ever think defending the wrong is noble and respectable. Neither we do help the lazy people.

Making heroes out of bad people will victimize good people. I mentioned about 'king-upstairs' before, where a department wanting to get rid of a bad worker by promoting him so that he would be transferred out. And of Mat Rempits who were once given special treatments. The law breakers were awarded. Or Dr Mashitah who said thieves should be given jobs leaving the good jobless people unemployed.

What pretext of not knowing the law is not acceptable in law. What more if a document in his possesion already prohibit him from doing a certain thing.

School teachers have been frustrated with the school administration who let the rude and students who broke laws to go scot free without any punishment. So much so many decided not to mind students indiscipline.

Chaos and problems will mount without enforcement. If problems are not nip in the bud they will grow to the unmanageable proportion. When all else fail people will join the group. Bad things will be a norm. That's what we see in the legalization of drugs and same sex marriage. They are becoming a norm in Western society.

05/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The war of words between Zahid and Kit Siang is getting louder. What the public had never known has now come to light. It was about Zahid's legal record. Kit Siang called it a criminal record, but it looks more like a civil case. I believe more secrets will be out. Some people in the government just do not like the Minister.

Consistent attack on DAP will invite an equal response. Both sides are looking for foreign support. But Najib and Zahid do not seem to move towards the same direction. Najib wants to show to the world that Malaysia is liberal, free and non-oppressive, Zahid is performing a war dance, pushed by the new IGP.

Some external powers are watching and studying the duel. For a certain favor they will praise Malaysian government though it is contrary in their minds.

In today's world we don't see many politicians parading their arrogance. Malaysia has some. minus Najib. Shahrizat, Zahid and a few personnel from EC, Immigration and the police are flagging their characters haughtily.

Instead of consolidating the resources for nation building we are utilizing them for political ends, planting instability day by day with racist statements and the instilling of hatred towards the Chinese, ignoring the current turmoil in the other part of the world. The latest is Turkey. ( In Turkey the Communist party is strong and from time to time took to the street protesting against the government ).

UMNO is facing a gigantic problem because the Malays do not find it a party for the Malays anymore. The petro-dollars for the Klantanese Malays were not given to the people but enjoyed by the UMNO group. UMNO took the Malay land under the name of development driving the future generation to landlessness and homelessness. UMNO politicians are building wealth for themselves.

There is also a great fear of some of UMNO members being dragged to court if the new party takes over.

UMNO only depends on Sabah and Sarawak to survive. Many believe both countries run their states using threats and put fear among the uneducated voters.

There have been voices that the only way to change the corrupt government is by overthrowing it. UMNO is working hard to ally the total Malay support against the Chinese, the effort which is known to have failed.



Someone asked me about 9W2HDK. I said I don't know. I was told he worked on 20 meter band. It was by DX stations but not the local. I don't know, I said. If it is true he must be a brave man, because in the old days his ticket would be forfeited. Some people heard him and put it on the Youtube.

I don't know. The MCMC allows the 9Ws to own the all band HF rig when they are only suppose to have a 10 meter rig. Ask the MCMC then. Ha ha Malaysia BOLEH.

04/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Tracing a person doing a wrong thing could show us one of the two things. Firstly he did it without consciousness and secondly he had a track records of doing bad things. To him his actions were never wrong.

Lending money to people or someone labeled as friends need detail scrutiny. There are people who borrow but never pay. He met you and pretended he did not know you or nothing happened between you and him.

Therefore make it a business to know someone who you plan to be your acquaintance.

05/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To be a ham 30 - 40 years ago was really tough. One of them was to buy equipments and accessories. I have to depend on the old hams for coax plugs and cables and used rig from a ham that acquired a new one.

When words spread that Sim Lim Tower was a heaven we have to plan trips to the island. It was really a hassle.

Thanks God Malaysians can now enjoy hamming without much pain as far as rigs are concerned. There are shops in Malaysia that provide stuffs that we want. The price is reasonable. You pay a little more but you rid yourself of hassle and head-ache. You just order from home, pay today and get your stuff the next day.

In my previous article I mentioned a little about running a ham shop. It is a hard job that has to cover the operating cost of electricity, rental and labor costs. These shops can only survive with the helps from local hams. Supporting them help the hams themselves.

03/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What do I see in the facebook ? The smartest of the facebook are those who sell their things. This venue is free. They don't have to pay a bit for the advertisement.

I saw groups who share technical knowledge and improving each other on many subject matters, namely the radio amateur group. Questions and answers enhance knowledge. Remember, no question is a stupid question.

Most use the flat-form to release emotional tension, frustration or expressing happiness and joy. In between secrets are exposed and we read characters of people, and we can guess the educational level and conclude their mental capacity.

Those who are politically motivated too find space to express their feelings. From what they wrote we would know how smarts or stupid they are, who use brain and who does not. Tracing the speech to find out the education and profession we would discover, we tend to come to the right conclusion.

But we have to know the world is judging and assessing us on what we do on the facebook.


Early Retribution

Things that we had heard what the police had voiced before; women are not to carry the hand bags to prevent the snatch thefts, if kids are being kidnapped the parents are to be charged, house owners were to be blamed if thieves broke into their homes. TODAY - motorbikes  must be banned in cities to prevent crimes.

Good. The government promote all the police to JUSA posts. Police are trained to combat street protestors and opposition members.

Some people just don't know and do not have shame to expose their mentality to the public and to the world.

Why not ask Dr Mashitah Ibrahim how to prevent crime ? She has been telling everyone that give jobs to the unemployed, and thieves. If not the Home Minister can ask the Indonesians how they dealt with snatch thieves.

Crimes among other thing has some correlation to politics. During the era of Taksin of Thailand crime rates drop substantially. Crime in Singapore is lower than that of Malaysia.

Crimes increase when law enforcers sleep or in clubs or enjoying life, reduced or on the run when the police hunt and eliminate them. The ban on motorbikes won't change a thing. The vehicles will still be used in the operation.

Banning arms you don't see them around. But people are still shot using the banned weapons.

02/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Drone attack kill people far away from the United States. Mission accomplished. United States is too strong and nobody can beat her. And nobody dare to send drone into the country. It is a feared Master.

But there are people who cry and remorse at the death of their siblings and pray for God's retribution.

Sometimes we have to wonder the happenings in America. People are murdered almost everyday by the Christian Americans. Kids shot fellow school mates and even their own parents. There are cyclones , floods and wildfires, grave and devastating. Sufferings have been great. Those do not come from Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam or Afghanistan.

North Koreans are said to be starving. There were sanctions faced by many countries that keep food and medicines away. While in America thousands of people lost their homes, trying to migrate to Canada and elsewhere. Joblessness were too great and drove people to crimes.

Does Obama ever wonder about God at all, and the receiving of sufferings inflicted upon the others, the retribution by God ?

You read the daily misfortune that befall America, many are tragic.

The Americans are not all rich and wealthy as the Asians used to think. There are beggars everywhere. People struggle hard to survive and to make a living.

The sins are paid back by early retribution. Surely Obama does not believe it. Then continue to fight God and defy the Al-Mighty.   03/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Idris Jala style of raising the money or reduce spending does not need a genius stroke. Really. Any fool can do it. To cut spending sack as many workers as possible. To raise funds just increase tax. And this is the type of Sabahan employed by Najib. I think he must be sacked as soon as possible.



Alor Malai Indians are still flying BN flags within their premises. Now another Indian was found dead under police custody. I am sure with the police involvement in politics more Indians will be found dead in police lock up. Isn't the Alor Malai Indians like it that way ? We already k now the Malays like their lands to be taken away under BN's enacted law of land acquisition act, and now the Indians seem to love BN that much too.    02/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I can't describe and answer the above question. Can you try to imagine ? But you may say it is an impossible for such a case to happen.

In democracy anything can happen. To be in political arena and to climb to the top post you need money to buy yourself through. At some point it is hard to know what has really happen; the legalization of drugs and marijuana is a sure real, a real real. Is it not possible the man at the epicenter is a mafia and also a politician at the same time ?

The basic operation of crooks and gangsters are the creation of fears by threatening, murdering of traitors and those who dare to challenge, corrupt and control the law.

In such a situation a small warlord can grow up to be a big time politician and rule a country.

Please check the mobs who run mayor offices in the United States.

If I can't answer and you too can't imagine then try to ponder over it some time later.

01/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




People like to be a DJ or TV anchorman. Who do not want popularity and be known to all ? In USA and elsewhere some people set up their own radio stations. A basic FM radio station can cost below 10K for the whole system; a FM transmitter, a lap top computer and an antenna. But you need to have a license, which is almost impossible for a layman to get. Operating without a license is illegal and the transmitting premise is called a Pirate Station.

The recent event in the United States pirate broadcasting stations were raided by the authority, the FCC. But it was not without opposition. There are people who support the stations voicing against the suppression of the human right. It is the right of a human being to do whatever he likes as long he doesn't harm anyone. The FCC holds to the regulation and do  not vow to pressure.

There are ham radio operators and people using ham equipments use the machines to broadcast like a DJ. It also happen in Malaysia.

What's wrong with those stations ? They do not disturb anyone.

The wrong is in the eyes of the government because there is a law prohibiting piracies. It is a man made law after all. It is not divine. The choice to accept or reject it depends on each individual.

The discussion in several forum was more on the 'idiots' who are causing disturbances on the radio band. Someone said 'there are idiots on every band' , exposing the current state of amateur radio. There is an indication that the 'idiots' is also referred to ham operators who do not welcome new hams beside those stations that never mentioned their call signs from the beginning to the end.

Those who can tolerate stand and those who can't quit or look for a new ground to get away from undesirable people. And why monitoring pirates or rogue stations ? Why monitor stations who are rude and practice lawlessness ? Just switch off the radio or stay away from them.

The prohibition of the right to transmit is just to control the radio spectrum for the ease of usage by authorize agencies, to ensure clarity of transmission. Otherwise the whole spectrum will be jammed with chaotic radio broadcasts. A frequency with 10 stations robbed away the comfort and peace of listening.

It is argued a limited power and limited distance signal would not cause interference to other service and station. True, our authority understand this. The illegal stations in Bukit Ibam areas among enthusiast is within a small boundary, unheard somewhere else. The authorities close their eyes. In Medan only there are numerous home radio stations transmitting music and local information escaped the law. I am sure they will hunted down if they were to go 10K of power.

If the law is deemed civilized then we have to obey and recognize it. All law curtail freedom and human right. The right to transmit will be met with the right to arrest, the right to exercise and impose restrictions. And as to the community of idiots the world is unfortunate to have persons of such sick mentality.

22/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof 





Everyone wants to be rich and wealthy, low level workers want equal pay their counterparts, everyone want freedom to do what they like. Are we all not born free and equal ?

Looking at the world we find classes of people, split by religion, jobs, economic status and educational achievements. Communism has long tried to establish a classless society, where everyone is equal. Animal Farm criticized the communists 'every animal is equal but the pig is MORE equal'. There is a resistance against the ideal even today in mainland China. And Communist Russia broke to pieces. Not everyone in those countries love communism. Communism cannot satisfy everybody.

In the liberal and capitalistic America the battles in congress never end. What Obama wants to do are oppose by the Republicans. People are losing jobs and lodgings. Crimes never cease to rest, people were shot almost every other day. People took to streets to protest and hauled by the police at the wee hours in the morning. Some claim that liberty is dead in USA.

The impossibility of perfection is natural because no two person think alike in every way and time. Fairness means differently to different people. If I give my ten cent away to you my kid will ask me why I gave away to stranger. If I gave to my son you may say why I gave it to my family.

There are people who questioned the fairness of God, of why some are rich and others are poor, why some die of quake and Tsunami and others are enjoying a happy life ?

Now let us all go to England and claim it is the land of God and no man can claim England belongs to the British, what do you think the British will do ? They already stopped people from entering their country for no reason given. How about going to India and doing the same thing ? What right of a country to say the country only belongs to them ? Are we all not the citizen of the world ?

What right ? The right of occupation and claimant is the strength, either military or manpower. With a strong power the United States can walk into Iraq and Afghanistan, using the excuse of terrorism. Israel goes to take Palestine because the land is stated in the Torah. The White Australian says to the natives that in numbers Whites are more than the natives.

All lies in the human greed. The rest is just justification and the rhetoric. I want what is mine and I want what is yours. And the pocket is never enough and the stomach is without bottom.

Can the government give us some millions as given to Shahrizat's family for cattle-condos ? We cried foul. Shahrizat cried foul too because we cried foul on her.

20/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My body is susceptible to flu virus. These few days I felt tired and my joints are aching. I took a little cough drops and slept almost the whole day yesterday. But I cannot allow my body-ache to ruin me. I have to nurse my wife and take her to dialysis center. Sometimes I felt frustrated and sometimes I felt fated.

Usually it took me about a week to recover. This time I don't know. Probably by making myself busy I may forget that I am sick. But sitting on my chair and leaning against it would take me to sleep. This happened several time this morning.

Somehow I could go to the airport after sending my wife to the dialysis center, to see 9M2GET and his family flying off to Meca. He will put up a night at Concorde Inn tonight before departing KL to Jedda by NAS tomorrow. Hairie will be away for two weeks.

If I got flu I am sure many others are suffering from the same fever. So far people are not scared of flu unless it is announced as deadly. Bird flu is something new to us. If I were to go to pharmacy to buy flu drugs it is put 3 in a packet; the one for fever, one for cough and another the anti-biotic.

I don't feel that very weak to go for drugs. The cough syrup was the remnant of the last one.

The only advantage is that I could not come on phone on ham radio. I can go CW but Malaysians seem to loath the mode. So these few days people will not hear me on ham radio.

24/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You should know that the way your kids go in schools today are totally different from yours. Your might not heard about 'bands'. Bands group students according to ability. If your kids don't learn and improve they will not move band. Then they have modules or packages in some schools. Students follow package to the letters from end to end. A teacher must make sure the package contents are followed till completion.

The decision of the streaming should be made very carefully. Get the book on courses in Malaysian universities and their requirements. if the desired programs are not offered in Malaysia then get the information about foreign universities. You have to study the job market and our future national need.

Some parents and kids are not ambitious. What they care are jobs for their kids after form 5. After all all jobs offer good salaries. Nobody compute inflation and the future. The rest is left to the Almighty to take care of everything.

The decision should be based on the future opportunity. Pure Science students have more and wider openings from an architect to a scientist. Technical school channeled your kids to be engineers. Trade schools prepare for skill labors.

Lawyer demand a good knowledge in history and English and other arts subjects. So are other administrators.

Competition is getting tougher and stronger. Those who can't compete join UMNO or join somebody strong in politics. UMNO can do almost the impossible thing to you. Those who can but sees no future in the current system seek education overseas and hope to get jobs outside the country.

When jobs are difficult people would go for illegal and immoral jobs. Drugs and pimping are very lucrative. Even the law enforcers find comfort in closing their eyes.

Some Muslims with properties chose religious schools with a simple object, to make their kids good Muslims to escape hellfire in the next world. Remember a good Muslim is not equivalent to a terrorist. A good Muslim is good to all races and religions. I was surprise when my doctor friend sent his son to an Arabic school.

Parents with children who obtain straight As must avoid vocational or technical school. Open the eyes on the various other professions that are highly demanded or will be demanded in future. Decide just before an entry to a university of your choice; a doctor, an engineer, a physicist, astronaut, a pilot etc.

Wealthy and affordable people who send their kids to professionals schools have better advantage of job security. Ministers prefer to send their kids overseas.

Poor parents follow their kids' choice.

19/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The clip shown is too brief for us to conclude what the Pope was trying to say. Surely he did not mean that Christianity is fake as what the video maker had concluded. The shattering of the Christian faith among the White skin people is due to the conflicting versions of the different bibles of the conflicting versions of so called word of god. Bibles are therefore tainted. It is highly possible the Asian version will soon be changed. The word Allah will placed the word Jesus.

If all those bibles were put together and we ask the Pope to choose the correct one, he would not have known. How then the Pope said Christianity is a religion of the book ? The changes will continue, even on the concept of trinity.

18/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is a river full of crocodiles and your boss ask you to jump into the river would you do it ?

In administration anybody can go for the office but only persons of a certain caliber are chosen.

We want people who can make judgment and dare to make decisions for the benefit of all.

If things do not seem right then tell the boss, provide concrete reasons. Or tell him that you are not happy to follow some instructions and ask for demotion, or even resign from the job.

I am the type who won't vow for anything and prepare to face the consequences, even if they are very bitter and deadly.



It has been almost 13 years since I left my school, my work place. The same institution underwent the change of name for 4 times. Presently it is called College Vocational Alor Setar. Five years before I left it was made a bench marking institution where all vocational and technical schools throughout Malaysia were instructed to visit and learn something from it. But non-technical schools from other states too stepped into our doors.

We won awards, prices and competition almost every other year from 1985 at the state and Federal level. It was a grand and colorful school.

Yesterday I visited the school again to find out about the RFID cards that I published teachers data. I didn't realize it was the Teachers Day. Walking from the office to the hall where there were presentations by the students I found there was a vast transformation in the environment and the landscaping. But people say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. After me there were four principals, each with his own personal touch. What I saw as beautiful was seen as garbage and were torn off. I didn't see climbing plants with twinning flowers anymore, artistic resting areas constructed by the students, sparkling arches and colorful structures. The toilets went back to the old toilet concept 'a dirty place'.

I heard from school's principals that the role of schools is to educate not to beautify the structure and the land, or the toilet.

My heart sank, and fill with frustration on thinking why administrators fail to see the relationship between aesthetic value and healthy emotional growth and development, and how they correlate with academic achievements; the relationship between beauty and good discipline. And they don't know what the School Character means, the importance of morale and future leadership.

I remember we were invited to Sarawak to talk about excellent school. I didn't go but I sent a few teachers and workers to narrate our school. Our programs and activities are too long  for this space. The more I talk the more people say I brag. But all the successes were not my doings. The staffs were just excellent, hardworking, initiative and find the work place fulfilling. I just shared their joy.

I rang up a teacher who molded the school landscaping and asked 'What happen to your school ?' He agreed. Teachers were saying the same thing.

I knew there is some deep problem that started after I left. The small dirt accumulated little by little over the years. It is becoming worse when school finishes at 5.30 instead of 1.30 of the primary schools. Students are tired after 1.30 pm. Frustration mount when teachers feel they are a mere slave.

I was in Disneyland and American Dream. The land was well utilized; the garden, lamps, structures and everything that we see are all well design, unique and artistic. Civility can be gauged by beauty and functionality. If others give attention to environment and beauty, why can't we. Education is not just teaching and learning, it is to shape humanity as well.

Retired people are to rest. Live the nation to the younger people. Let them manage their own way, whether going to heaven or hell. It is none of my business anymore.

Some of the things above aren't there anymore

17/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Judaism rejects Christianity because the Jews do not recognize Jesus as God. The priests and the ministers address Jesus as 'Lord Jesus'. central belief of Judaism is the absolute unity and singularity of God unlike the Christian's beliefs of trinity ; Fundamentally, adherents of Judaism believe that God, as the creator of time, space, energy and matter, is beyond them, and cannot be born or die, or literally have a son. Judaism teaches that it is heretical for any man to claim to be God, part of God, or the literal son of God. The Jerusalem Talmud (Ta'anit 2:1) states explicitly: "if a man claims to be God, he is a liar."

It is interesting in the later part of the century the Christians say Jesus is the re-incarnation of God. None in the bible God is referred to Allah but to Jesus Christ. The most to change to suit time, argument and itself was the Christians with many versions of bibles with some conflicting contents.

In the prayer of Christianity the sign and actions clearly show of trinity. The Jews believe that God is indivisible.

17/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Religious morality is dead in the West. States are legalizing gay marriages and drugs. Sex and drugs is become a norm. Even churches submit and trying to fit to the changing society. Or are we hearing that Christian legalize gays and marijuana ?

Faiths Allowing Same-Sex Marriages
  • United Church of Christ: The United Church of Christ was the first mainstream Christian church to fully support same-sex marriage and perform marriage ceremonies. 
  • Metropolitan Community Church
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • Unity Church


I have three card readers; to read data from our IC, to write and read data for security uses and the ACR120 the RFID. RFID is mostly used among the other two. Teachers data were kept in the RFID cards of Kolej Vokasional Alor Setar.

KVAS use the attendance system that record attendance either using finger print or RFID. The later could be used as the school/college ID, when present to hotels would get reduction as a government servant.

Every year teachers and staffs come and go. For the last two years they used only fingers to register. This year they want a new card.

Browsing through my files and folders with titles as Rockey, ACOS and a several others, I don't know which is for the RFID and which is for other cards. I don't even remember the right application to write data manually, not using the database.

The current laptop does not have the program for RFID reader. All applications for school and education are in the old Acer. I hate changing computers, so I decide to install the ACR120 soft ware inside this one.

After a few hours the reader refused to function. Checking with Sperskey showed there is a malware inside the driver. Suppressing the malware means the hard ware could not run. I could install in other computers. I guess it is the Spersky that stopped the installation.

I had to find the driver from the website. After downloading it  and installed the reader's light  blinked. It is working.

After several searches I found the right stuff to start writing data. I cheated by only entering the IC numbers and the name. If data is taken from the database I don't have to type.

There is something that I learned, that I cannot trust the vendor of any hard ware at all. The drivers they provide steal data and information from our computers.

17/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The best news of the day to me is Mary Yap is chosen to be the Deputy Education Minister. She was the only Principal who ever sent me encouraging messages when I was a Principal in Alor Setar, and whenever there was an award giving ceremony in Kuala Lumpur she would come and seat by me. Like my school she won prizes every year and with sparkling uniform they went up together proudly to receive the awards.

When I left my school my successors revolutionized, to make it more excellent and  threw awayt what we had set out for years Till  few years later they were instructed to visit Mary Yap's school to learn from her.

I followed her carrier and had always been proud of her success. Whenever I visited my old school we highlighted the brilliant lady.

Surely I believe she can transformed schools in areas of management. Education administrators today are always proud of themselves, haughty but the total vision is too narrow. Many brag and simply refuse to learn from  others.

Being a VIP, I hope she will not forget her root, and will not change her educational methods and philosophy. She must not allow others to command and bully her. She is there to put stars to the education system.

I wish her all the best

15/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Peddling radio to make a living is hard when radios are made to last and when population is small with static growth. Wherever hams are poor new products with enhanced facilities would not attract buyers. Equipments are expensive.

There are 2 categories of people who think hard about survival; the manufacturer and the distributor.  They always wish for new hams coming to the hobby.  The threat was further increased by the coming of the hitech gadgets which facilitate global communication either at no cost or minimum charge. Information of the globe is ever ready available at any time.

The business community has to push for the policy change using some form of smoke screen to hide the real agenda under the veil. They lobbied and they won.

Vendors of ham equipments incur costs; renting of space, utility bills and paying salaries. With the minimum pay the burden is getting heavier. There is a minimum number of sets must  be sold every month to cover the expenditure.

To cut cost one has to use his own home as a premise and run the show by oneself.

Nasi lemak and cendol sellers earn more than people in ham radio business.




I think most of us, the old men, are the same, in ways of our thought and thinking. We think we are as strong as ever, sharp in our thinking and perfect in prophesizing the future. That's why I keep on with my computing, joining the chat group, trying to learn programming language, write blog and even develop soft wares.

We feel we can exercise and do heavy work like any other young men. We tried to beat the young people in walking and jogging, stretching our strides and to quicken our steps. Our mind say we can do it, overtaking the young boys and girls.

But it is a mental exasperation. The mind has to submit to the body. We can't do what we think we can.

I remember of occasion when young woman gave away her seat to me, She saw me as a tired old man. I did response by thanking her and said I was strong enough to beat her in a race.

Only Dorian Gray never grew old. The rest, even under stringent medical observation and care,  pant after a short workout and get sleepy under the hot sun.

One of the things I am trying to do at this age is teaching myself English to compensate my idleness during the school days. I downloaded free E-Book soft ware and get a few free books. These are old books written in either 18th or 19th cetury. I discovered that people in the past are brilliant in their thought, the philosophy was high and the arguments were superb.

I thought I could improve my English. Nay. My memory is poor and rusty. I can't remember simple words and expressions I come across. Surrender means a suicide. Only rusts will occupy the brain. A body is dead when a mind is dead. I have no choice but to think and do as if we were still young.

The only useful treasure that I have is the comparison of the various Prime Ministers of Malaysia from the first to the current one. I know who is the worst of all. And in the ham radio I can compare the yesteryears and now.

15/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Many a time a Malay car outlet disappointed me for numerous reasons. My last car was bought from a non-Malay outlet. Actually we avoid a business premise not base on racial reason but because we do not like the attitudes and the system therein. 

At least 95% of the commodities found in the Malay shops are supplied by the Chinese. They gave good prices to businessmen regardless of races. 

The NGO that call the Malays to boycott Chinese business must be naught, brainless like Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali. What if it is the other way round; the Chinese do not want sell to the Malays. If you threaten them, they too could threaten you.

Do these people ever survey how many Malays work with the Chinese and under the same people ? How many of them prefer Chinese employer to the Malays ?

We go to whichever shops we like as long as we got a good service and things are cheap. It could Malays or Chinese or Indians.  How about the Chinese shops do not sell things to people they know as UMNO ?

15/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Without my logbook I cannot recall the exact time I left Ham Radio. In those years I so very engrossed with IRC. Home computer came into Malaysian market in the '80s. It was my kids who told me that we can chat using computer like the ham radio and showed me how to do it.

My radio lay somewhere in the store but my bamboo mast was still intact. I had a rotten apple as my company, opening a new world through internet chat. Months passed into years. Ham radio did not exist anymore in my mind. Never give even an iota of thought of the activity and the people I used to talk to.

After more than 14 years later, I wanted to see whether my radio still work. After much hassle I heard Zainal and Choo. The first thing I asked myself was 'People still talk on ham radio ?' I realized then that unknowingly I assessed the world according to myself. When I stopped Ham Radio, the world too followed me. That was the feeling in me, lying dormant without my knowing it.

A few friends have left amateur radio for good. I know thy won't regret it. They have found a new world that gives them more happiness and satisfaction.

14/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is your money part of the salaries paid to BN Ministers ?

You may not pay an income tax but you are paying other taxes. Each time you buy something from a shop you are paying tax to the government. BN or PR do not grow their own money trees. You must have hard of BN refusal of building roads in areas belonging to PAS. Forcing the public to pay high insurance premium and other forced collections are brutal and savage if they are not returned to the people in term of services or goods. Mahathir was fond of saying ' the people must pay back to the government '.

When Menteri Besar Trengganu announced that affordable homes are for UMNO's supporters only he forget that he is paid by everyone.  Of course he can choose to be what he likes and do what he wants. The best he could do is not to accept salaries and live on his wealthy properties. Let every Minister reject salaries and allowances and live on the money they get somewhere else. People like Taib Mahmud doesn't need government's money. He has a sea of timber within his possession.

A Minister can say that he was there not because people put him there. The unsound words from the conscience are ' I am here because of fraud...' The people read the leaders through their words and deeds, the show of arrogance. So far the Mamaks who have no shame to expose the hated character.

Talking about affordable home there is nothing to crave about. It is just a place to bath and sleep, not for the emotional development of school going children. It is a home for a small family. It also shaped the sentiments of the adults living there. And the really poor people would not be able to buy one. Those who can afford to pay will have to do so almost their whole life.

The UMNO BARU is different from the old one in ways corruptions were given to the people. They gave a hard cash by the millions to stay in power. FELDA people got the most. It is really very attractive for the drug peddlers to have their centers around FELDA.

14/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Pak Lah was still a Prime Minister when pillows were sent to him, rudely telling him that he was sleeping. My mamak neighbors were slashing Pak Lah for the great lost of BN seats and Mahathir did a nation road show to throw slur on him. I was telling a few close friends Mahathir wanted to oust Pak Lah because the Prime Minister said the mega project would have to wait.

If Pak Lah was responsible for the decline of UMNO then his replacement could put UMNO back to the peak. All the think-tanks and experts gathered to plan for UMNO. The first slogan was Rakyat Didahulukan. And I heard complaints parking in Putrajaya was difficult and there was no sign of Rakyat Didahulukan. All the slogans that we hear like 'a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP', 'DAP wants to destroy the Malays' etc including the racial slurs were all planned. I happened to bump into several of BN's meetings with other agencies to gear the big win for the next election (ie GE13). The target was to kill PAS and draw the Malays to UMNO.

Najib planned on corrupting the voters, which he called gifts, aids and helping the needies.

No stone was left unturned. Money bombs were dropped. The Chinese were promised with equity in jobs, schools and financial aids. Words followed 'TERIMA KASIH' ,'You scratch my back and I scratch yours'. Ustaz, Imams and mosques were utilized to promote Najib and BN. Nik Aziz was broadcasted as infidels by UMNO clerics.

There is no way that BN could be worse than before. Pak Lah slept but Najib was on the TV days and night, on every tree, busses and trains and even toilets.

When election results were announced the parliamentary seats decline from 140 to 133 including the fix deposit  seats of Sarawak.

Najib was stunt with disbelief. It could not happen when Gelang Patah fell, Ibrahim Ali was kicked out and Raja Nong Chik had to stop grinning. It was not him. Even the word Chinese Tsunami was prepared.

So Mahathir followers were not bright after all. Mahathir get back the mega projects. They did not see Mahathir's design and they were wrong about Pak Lah. Even shameless men felt a big shame.

The words Chinese Tsunami was an attempt to cover the sins known to many. Rosmah was never popular among the many for many reasons. People see her as lavish and arrogance. If PAKATAN had exploited the character and pressed hard on her in the campaign probably more seats would have been lost to the opposition. There was a sin of Shahrizat's family and Najib was seen as a protector of the family. There was the sin of the death of Teoh Beng Hock. There was a sin of Lynas.

The racist campaign of Utusan and BN is nothing more than a mere effort to covering the sins.

14/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof





To put it bluntly - the Chinese control the economy because they have the survival mentality and the Malays have the subsidy mentality. Secondly the Chinese are more independent to think whereas the Malays were taught to obey what were being told; someone else did the thinking for them and put the concepts in their mind.

Ask the Malays who are doing business starting from the ground upwards the struggle they have to do. They didn't get 250 millions to start a business. Several get help from the Chinese who provided goods on credit ( take first pay later ). For many years graduates from Chinese schools did not get jobs in government sectors. They only have one choice to survive ie to open up a business. Shahrizat;s husband could easily get RM250 millions but to one Ah Moi, she only start with a seamstress. I took my trousers to sow buttons she accepted the work. Her husband opens a workshop to repair motorcycles.

Pak Rashid started with selling 'kueh' from house to house during his school days. Before marriage he learned how to make a simple batik used for circumcision. He accumulate the small profit margin for more than 25 years before he venture into supplying science equipments to schools. Now he is almost 70, had had a long sufferings and hardships.

The ex-judge is a learned man. He must not let emotion rules.

A person has the right to vote for any party he likes. That's why we choose democracy over communism. If you want to continue ruling you don't have to have election. There are voters who do not like Rosmah and Shahrizat and therefore they won't go for BN. You can't force people to love Rosmah or BN. Even the ex-judge has his own preference of foods, friends and women.

Would the Chinese forget the death of Teoh Beng Hock ? Would the Malays forget the murder of Jalil Ibrahim ? People believed in what they want to believe like BN wants the Malays to believe that Anwar Ibrahim is a sex maniac and a Jew. The ex-judge should not be surprised if the Malays reject a Malay Prime Minister in favor of Lim Guan Eng. At the lower level there are Malays who prefer Chinese boss to the Malay.

The Chinese had given a landslide for BN before. If they are bad now they were bad before. Were they bad when they voted BN for the landslide ?

The Malay intellects are losing their intellectuality. Nobody discuss corruptions and power abuse. Who discussed Mahathir privatization and the buy-sell ( sell-buy) of profitable agencies, Tajuddin Ramli-Mahathir epic, the mega project and petroleum of Mahathir's family ?

When people called for the government to learn from outside the response was disheartening 'Go and stay in those countries'.

May I ask the ex-judge; is it true that it is easy for UMNO to cheat the Malays than any other races ? Does he remember what Mahathir said about selling the land and buy shares ?

Putting in simple words the Chinese are politically more matured than the Malays and they used to think by themselves whereas the Malays generally asked the government to think for them.

13/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The taller your tower is the more pleasure you will get. Coupling with yagi distant stations could break your meter. How could I compare my 20 foot dipole with the 70 foot tower using a 6 element yagi ? I have to beg for the mercy of the band condition.

Hams maximized the usage. Some add flags on them either flying PAS or Barisan. Mind you the flag is not a pin sized. They are king-size, may be bigger than the bed sheet. Flying a PAS flag won't guarantee you of a cash because to be a PAS supporter you have to pay. Flying UMNO's generates an income.

If you have money then get a tower, the higher the better. It costs you between a few hundreds to a few thousands. The value it provides is much more than the money. You call, come the reply. What more if you go CW. You can get the whole world in your palm.

I don't have tower from the beginning. The beginning of my hamming was with years of excellent band condition. A 30 foot bamboo mast worked like a giant, punching out signal that reach the whole globe, and receiving DX stations just like a neighbor.

I too had a desire to fly a flag. I prefer a moon to an eye or a weighing machine. The moon cause tides. The Chinese believed there is a monkey god residing on the moon. The eye belongs to human beings and it peeps at sinful pictures and movies. And the balancing machines can never be balanced. You go and buy a kilo of meat and weigh it again at home and find it is less than 1 kilo.

What are towers for ? Putting up antena and flying colored flags.

12/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Land will become a big issue when people do not have place to stay. It is a scarce commodity in relation to men population. When it is scarce and highly demanded it fetches up a very high price. The greed will do anything to influence the politicians, painting rosy pictures on nation's GDP, employment and an immense profit.

Water cathment areas on hills and mountains were turned into housing lots driving the people to seek rivers as the water source. Farmlands experience similar fate.

Which minister ever know what water shortage is ? Which of them know what homeless is ?

The United States, Great Britain and China have plenty of land for farming. They understand the importance of agriculture for national security. And New Zealand is a green country with a few buildings in towns, and with cities smaller than PJ.

In the United States once the land in Nevada was very cheap but now has turned into gold.

Landlessness is not a Malay problem. There are as many poor Chinese and Indians as the Malays. They too can't afford to pay for a 500K home. Ah Hua who has been helping me in domestic maintenance has to struggle hard to make a living.

Acute problems could be solved if we want to solve them. Greedy people prefer hardships befell on the people. They can make more money. they would use racial cards for their own benefit. The more corrupt they are, the more crimes they committed the more fire they fanned to split the populace. When the lower echelons fight among themselves, the greedy and the corrupt are at ease.

At the same time they will find more land to grab.



Flying car is here. Do I live long enough to see a few of them roaring our sky ? But it is no more a dream. The fantasy has turned into reality. Again it came from the Western Hemisphere, too far apart from the reach of our Malaysians.

We are crawling at snail's phase because we are busy with something else. We can't even manage cattle and quietly turn to buy condos. It is not to say we build jet engines, we can't even kept what we purchased and let it be stolen away. We are good at buying things like the sub-marine that could not find it's way beneath the water.

Though there are several proto-type of the flying machines the Terrafugia TF-X is made easy for the driver using the computer automated landing system.

One F-Car already crashed in British Colombia but the technology differs from that of Terrafugia.

Mind you we do have Malaysians working with NASA before in building space shuttle. He was jobless when he first returned home and ended up as a teacher, the work he didn't like, at the time I was still working. What become of him now only God knows.

May be he can't stand the pungent of Malaysian politics and went back to USA.

12/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Do we hear NFC-Condos RM250 million or the PKZ or Businesses run by Mahathir or Rosmah anywhere anymore ? Like before election Najib's pictures start to reemerged ' I love Najib and I love BN' stuffs. Everyday we only hear about the Chinese that and the Chinese this. It sounds unanimous with what Mahathir  said about riots if Kit Siang wins Gelang Patah.

The whole issue is about protecting people whom some described as criminals. Land grabbing and other siphoning of public money seem to diminish and does not happen at all. Those who keep the long list cannot be bluffed. Those who recorded the past history of Bank Bumi, PERWAJA, IMP and other robberies could never be deceived.

The last bomb dropped was 'the Chinese want political power, having have the economic power'. Was it not seditious and trying to totally erase names like Shahrizat's family and Altantuya ?

Anyway for the sake of argument let me pick up the question of political power. If the Chinese who vote against BN want political power, what do the Malays who vote against BN want ? These are not a small number. Let the people who love BN answer this.

And what had UMNO done to enhance the economy of the Malays ? Asking them to sell their land and buy shares ? Giving the unpaid loans to Mahathir's friends and other UMNO members who have no knowledge or experience in business ? ( check Bank Bumi history ) Open up wine factory ? Take away their farmland at a low price and later drove them to poverty ?

Now things are getting complicated. People are seeking the help of the foreign nation. This is never a good sign and Najib is never smart at all in dealing with the citizens of this country.

We don't have to talk about intangible concept. Just talk of the indelible ink. We are taken for fools. A major was transferred for nothing.



Malaysians and the rest of the world no longer recognize goodness and lost the sense of moral values. That's is seen in the ever disagreement among them to what is the body of goodness. At a glance Nik Aziz is a holly and pious person but he was called a Father of Satan by another religious cleric. In the world of Ham radio such ability to distinguish between good and bad has vanished.

To create a body of goodness in ham radio is near to impossible. There is an absent of mechanism to only allow people with ethics and able to recognize between good and evil to join the radio community.

What we call pirates and illegal operators are dismissed by another group. In such a case effort to build ethical hams would be futile.

In the West there is a total rejection of religious morality because it curtailed freedom to act in ways one likes. Law of churches was over ridden by human right and individual freedom. In Malaysia there had been a strong protest when religious body was trying to impose religious laws like sexual intercourse and public drinking. Rais Yatim indirect words were hell and heaven is one's own choice.

We have to prepare boxes of goodness and badness and take our time to select each item one by one putting them in respective boxes. That too won't be an easy task. What is a corruption to one is considered a gift to another:  in which box should it go ? It is left to a group to value the value of goodness and badness, and to form a body of ethics and wisdom. Failingwhich this we will just be the walking upright animals.

I would say Malaysians are generally matured and sensible. On the civility threshold it ranks among the highly civilized nations of the world. Despite the anger and dissatisfaction there was no attempt of violent riots or protest aka Arab Spring. To date only a few UMNO supporters were known to hurl stones and burned cars belong to the opposition.

Secondly not all the Malays buy 'the Chinese is bad' and reject the racialism fanned by people like Ibrahim Ali. They voted him out and they voted Lim Kit Siang. The aggressive fanning of anti-Chinese by UMNO failed to unite the Malays against the Chinese. The degree of emotional control and the use of rationalization is high.

Malaysians could be militant if they want to. No amount of brainwashing and persuasion could stop them. But they were fair to all including the government they may not like. In many ways we are better then the Americans who lose their jobs and homes. So far nobody dies of starvation yet. Even beggars have plenty of money.

The opposition took six cases to court instead calling the people to oust the government by force. The hated Ministers can go about even without body guards.

The protest held at Putrajaya ended well. Imagine if it were somewhere else, you can expect the participants would tear glasses and burn vehicles after a gathering.

Public rage can occur at police brutality as seen during the last Bersih's gathering where a police was trying to ram the protestors with the car. But there was no call upon the crowd to fight back. Imagine what could have happen if only 10000 of crowd strength took to fight back. a death of 100 or 500 could force the government down.

It is not the people are scared but the people do not find it necessary to change the government by street protest, violence and militancy. This does not mean UMNO can continue with it's abuse of power.

12/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




We are familiar with one way mirror. from one side you can see yourself and on the other side people can see you. The invisible gate I am about to tell you is just like the mirror, you see the gate on one side but you can't see it on the other.

It was way back about 10 years ago when we drove to the Mexican border, Tijuana, on the southern part of California. I had been here before in the '80s with Reliance Tour, entered the town and came back to the United States without our passport being checked.

We (Rusli, Rashid and I) found a parking place and were looking for the immigration entry point. I was the leader because I had been there before. While walking we saw a gate where Mexicans went in. I told myself it was an easy way to enter the South American country. We followed the Mexicans and there we were in Mexico.

We took a leisurely walk, strolling and peeping into the line of stalls but bought nothing. After some hours we got tired and decide to have a snack. We settled at a restaurant. It wasn't a snack. We ordered grilled fish with rice. I was amaze at the taste of the food. The rice was just like briyani and the fish was very delicious. After paying for the food and tip we decided to go back to where we came from.

We searched for the gate. It wasn't there. It was unbelievable the gate could disappear. Or was the gate invisible on one side ?

The continued searched took us to the immigration point. The queue was very long. There was one lane for non-Mexican.

The immigration officer asked for our passport. In my previous visit our passport was not seen even. The officer was furious to find there was no entry into Mexico. I had to explain how we get into Mexico and where we parked our car. I tried to convince him that we were not lying, showing our entry point at LA airport a few days ago, and we have to be in USA first before going into South America. It finally made sense to the officer and it took almost two hours to process the database.

At last we were on the way back to our car. I wonder whether the gate is still there today.

12/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Remember we all started with 256K with streamyx ? It was a hell of a crawling. Some how when the internet users increased the crawling was getting worst. I left the service provider and opted to Celcom 3G. Years later Streamyx  came out with the 4 Mbps with a free modem. There was no limit. Celcom had a limit and will slow down above the given amount of data.

It wasn't streamyx people who came to install and set up the new package. It was farmed to the third party. For the first year I found there wasn't interruption or jerking on the Youtube. But lately it slows down.

I didn't trust the speed test program. I remember checking the speed by opening the modem page. My Hyundai showed the speed perfectly. I recorded them and sent for a complaint. TMNET reimbursed me my loss. So I thought of checking the present day performance using the DSL Modem provided in the package.

After the, I entered the username and the password admin. It didn't work. It took more more than 5 hours trying to figure them out but to no avail. My solution was to reset it.

It puzzled me when the admin still did not work out. I started combing for the CD and literature for installation. I got the CD. The installation CD gave errors after several attempts. Looking at the CD I saw a few PDF files. One of them instructs the use of tmuser instead of admin. TM really made life so very difficult for me.

I did not find anywhere on download or upload speed. The contents were too brief. Hyundai was better and easier. The frustration was intense and painful. Now I cannot connect to the internet. I have to enter the internet ID and the password. Both were written on the modem. But nobody could make out what was the ID. Again it took hours trying several combinations and possibilities. I slept at 4 am. I told myself that I would go to TMPOINT to install.

At 9.00 am I was at the TM office. Soon enough my number was called and a lady officer attended me. I narrated my agony and showed her the ID, hoping she would be able to comprehend it. She gave me a new ID and a password, asking me to install at home.

After one hour and several tries nothing happen. The modem light was red. I called 100. An officer gave me a new password and guided me step by step. The light was still red. He told me to wait for half an hour and ensure me it would be OK then. One hour later the light was still red. I called again. Another officer attended me. He himself tried on his side and informed me it did not on his side either. Then he asked me to try to wait another half an hour.

One hour passed. The internet connection still fail. I called again. The new officer found it did not work either. "Make it work this time and now," I said. He asked me to wait on the phone and after 5 minutes later the red light turned green.

But the internet is still slow. There was an offer for an upgrading to 8 Megabit. Would I trust TMNET anymore ?

03/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How expert are we ? When I heard one Ustaz with a PHD, a Dato', gave a talk on democracy and leadership over the IKIM radio I really felt sorry for the Malays who will swallow the words of the Dato'. He was talking of the Parliamentary Democracy as Islamic and the best ever system of a government. He condemned the Arab countries whose rulers are hereditary.

I remember more than 25 years ago while I was having a meal in London at a Pakistani restaurant, a worker approached me asking where I was from. Hearing that I was from Malaysia the man said,"Malaysia ? It is not an Islamic country...." I was taken aback and argued back. "Your country is using the Western and Christian system," he said.

To know who is right it is not too easy. We need to study and understand the dynamic of democracy and parliamentary democracy or even the congressional system. The ideal and the static theory is not the same as it's dynamic.

We even have to go into the conception of values and morality. What is good and bad , and what is the real truth. If robbing, killing and deceit is considered good then under democratic system we see people will be championing leaders who approved and upheld that murdering of innocent people.

There were ancient kingdoms which brought happiness, wealth and tranquility to the populace. There were the absent of thefts during the short reign of Japanese rule in Kedah. Ghadafi is much better than Mahathir.

The dynamic of Malaysian democracy is corruption, deception, cheating and the use of gangsterism. The Prime Minister is not an Imam, not a Khalifatullah. Hence our system is not Islamic. And the system of choice by election contains the element of threatening, lies, corruption and illegal voters. The wife of our head does not observe Islamic tradition.

The Dato' preached the supremacy of parliament, hiding the real power behind it. The Speaker is the most powerful and the power is almost absolute. The Parliament belongs to the government and not vice versa.

Please read more on the Tyranny of Democracy to grasp the idea how the 51% of the population can impose their will on the 49% of the population. And understand on the judgment by public opinions rather than the real scientific data. To put in a simple way,

               "The public say he is guilty therefore he is guilty"

If it based on the real valid and concrete data the accused was not even at the crime scene or away in foreign countries.

That's how atrocities on the Muslims are taking place today, based on the public opinion. The Americans are fed with the idea that Muslims are murderers and terrorists.

I think it is bad if our intellectuals think they are the expert in everything. Throw away the PHD in the drain.



I have a fuzzy memory of my first flight. Probably it was more than fifty years ago. It was a direct flight from Alor Setar to Kota Bharu, using a plane with fans unlike the current 737 jet. The 45 minutes journey hit me with the a terrifying experience when I felt a sudden fall and the sudden rush of the whole organ to the head. Later I was told that was common among the Fokker aircraft to lose altitude abruptly when passing an air pocket.

The second flight was in the 80's. It was the first international flight to Jakarta with Rusli to attend a SEANET convention in Jogjakarta. It was from Subang. I felt so great and ecstatic the first time stepping on the bus to the aircraft. The flight to Garuda was normal but at nearing Jogjakarta the pilot 180 degree turn was just like on a coaster. We nearly felt had not saved by the belt.

The subsequent plane travel did not make me a 'JAKUN' anymore. I did not feel like a wealthy or a great man .  I would call it a maiden DX flight, the first to USA by MAS to visit my two friends who were studying in Hollywood California. I was anxious to see how Hollywood looked like. From Kulala lumpur to Japan MAS stopped at Hong Kong and Taiwan. Food was good and plentiful. In Japan the transit was a few hours. On the way to Los Angeles I stopped at Honolulu, staying at YMCA for a week. Every morning I went to Waikiki Beach to buy a breakfast from a hawker I recognized as Asian, either Vietnamese or Chinese, and enjoyed the free Kodak Hula Dance Show. After the enjoyable Hawaii stay I proceeded to Los Angeles where I was met by my two friends.

The first huge carrier I took was Northwest Orient. It was in 1982 when I was to go to school in Athens Ohio.  The trip to the United States was from Kuala Lumpur to Narita and Narita to Seattle Washington. From Seattle I took an American Airline to Los Angeles. KL to Narita was by MAS. At that time MAS was superb. I felt it was the best airline in the world. The service was excellent. It was Narita to Seattle that the carrier was the Northwest.

I never saw such a big plane before, cool and very comfortable. The pilot once said 'we are going to fly through turbulence, please pray....' and we all laughed. I didn't feel the plane moving at all and never felt even the turbulence.

I don't exactly remember how many time I went to the United States. One carrier worth mentioning was the Thai Airline. Comparing Thai to Singapore, Cathay, China and Malaysia the uniqueness of Thai was the ever changing of dresses by the stewardess every now and then. The traditional dresses were beautiful and elegant. It was just a fashion show. And I had a fantastic briyani meal as soon as the plane leave Bangkok.

I was in Florida for at least four time. I enjoyed most in Orlando and Cape Kennedy. I think I went to Disneyland at least 10 time.

Only the trip to London gave me the only experience and taste of a business class. It was on MAS. The seats were on the top cabin. I was a real JAKUN, a real moron for not knowing how to watch the TV and to use other utility attached to the seat. I remember getting souvenirs even before the lift off and the nasi lemak plus sate Kajang soon after the plane leave Kuala Lumpur. That was not from my pocket money but from the reward of several services I sacrificed.

Pondering back the past, I could recall some of the flights that I already enjoyed; Vietnam Air to Vietnam, Lankan Air to India and Sri Langka, British Airline to Heathrow, Gulf Air to Turkey, Brunei Air to Brunei, Qantas to Australia, Air New Zealand to New Zealand and a few more small planes. How not to thank the Great Almighty for giving me a chance to fly though I am just a normal man doing just a normal job.

01/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

In London around 2002

In Belgium around 1984


I paid for my internet mainly to watch Youtube. On opening a movie there came BN's clip calling to vote for Barisan Nasional. How could I not use the word BASTARD to the party and to the head of the party.

I have the choice not to watch Najib on TV channels. From a respect to man it developed to a deep hatred owing to this dirty act. Putting Najib's picture on every tree is not only great but also a joke. Even that one I can avoid.

But forcing people to see on the web page as soon as they link to Yahoo, Facebook or e-mail is too much. Deepening my only hatred is alright for Najib but how many others felt like me. What sort of psychological warfare is BN deploying ?

My friend who was inclined to UMNO made a final turne to vote PAS in the last GE12 because he was fed up seeing Umi-Hafilda's nightly campaign against Anwar on the TV.

BN knows no respect of a person's privacy. After resorting to gansterism now it is doing a bastardly act of meddling in people's privacy.

29/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What is an Affordable Home ?

It is a home you can afford to buy because you can afford to pay. The monthly payment is low. A long time ago my wife bought a terrace house, she retired 8 years ago, and her payment is still continuing until a couple of years more.

Today business people prefer you to make loan to paying cash. Try to compute the amount you finally paid for a seventy five thousand bird's nest home.

A home is a home. You may think it is a place that protect you from rain and shine. It is actuality to it.

When I had students with disciplinary problems among other things I wanted to know about their home and family size. A few drug cases came from students who live in a flat and the family size is rather big. The home is too congested, there is a lack of room to study and rest.

Affordable home is not a mere bait to win an election. When Raja Nong Chik promised more conducive environment the people forget who started the inconvenience, Wasn't it of BN's ruling policy ?

01/05/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Mice in your home can cause a big threat. Beside the disease it can bite your legs, fingers and even your eyes. Some cats still hunt and catch mice while others just saw the animals passing them. The biggest mice seen was in town, as big as a cat, loitering for food around the food stall.

One common weapon to fight mice is the mouse trap. The normal one costs RM4 and the black painted costs RM8. The question of the trap is what do you do when a mouse is trapped ?

I saw people pouring hot water on the pest to kill it. I also saw people sank the whole trap in water to drown it, which I used to do. But later I discover I didn't have to do all those. I just put it outside the house, exposing it to the sun. When I came back home the mouse was dead and covered with red ants.

Once there was a red biscuit which rats like to eat. After eating they feel thirsty and went for the water anywhere and dies after drinking. Food poisoning could be a problem because we do smell dead rats, very pungent but we don't know where it is.

If your house is rat free you can thank God that you live in peace.

Why can't UMNO or PAS say 'If you vote use we will free you of the rat threat'.

29/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

CW is still mandatory in Malaysia. And there are three categories of hams that response towards it.

The first who fight against it, and detesting those who have it. The second are those who wouldn't care at all, no fight and no support. It is the what will be will be style. And the third is the specie that is worth analyzed for the willingness to go against all odd.

While people crave for the easy way, money from the sky, and life without a struggle, there are people who want to go the hard way, challenging the terrain, the wild rapid braving themselves with the wild beasts. They waive all the teasing and ridiculing to go ahead with the CW test.

What a character each of them possess if not the innate leadership specie. It is not the CW that is important but the attitude of wanting to be themselves without fear of consequences. Nations need people of strong character, able to solve problems.

If the three type of people are attending an interview for a certain office, I would always go for the last type. They don't need much explanation to carry a certain job. They would find ways to solve problems. And they are dependable individuals.

The greatness of the sky diver is not so much on the diving but the dare to take the challenge.

29/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Each day the Malays are losing their land. Many could not buy even a small piece to build a home because the price is too high. The government encourage property business saying it is a boost to economy. Land grabbing was a rush. UMNO opened the gate.

Land and properties was one of the reasons for the Communist revolution in China and Soviet Russia. Common folks were slaves of the rich. The Jews wanted the land which they said belong to them by the Torah. The Palestinians sold their land before the war to the Jews. In New Zealand land control is very strict to ensure the people will not suffer of landlessness in the future.

UMNO and developers are happily taking away the Malay land by the Act approved by the Malay Party. By another 20 years those who supported UMNO will regret but will be too late. You want to know what will happen to the Malays you look at what happen in Gaza and the remaining Palestine.

Najib and Mahathir will not suffer. Taib has billions. So are Mahathir and Najib. The future generations will be hunting for the RM900 jobs and will even bargain for lower pay. I already saw school leavers doing odd jobs, families hunting for garbages for salable items like plastic bottles.

This is what UMNO means by Rakyat Didahulukan.

They pull the noses of these poor people to do the dirty jobs of protecting their unending lust for money.

But the Malays always leave their fate to God. People take their land and God will give them another piece. So they let themselves to be pulled by the nose.

Cigarette smokes made me sick. Watching soccer in a stadium is sickening with  volumes of smoke occupying the air, attacking kids, women and people like me. We do know that smoking is banned at public places especially at crowded area like the stadium. So much so I have to bring a face mask to cover myself.

Why made law when it is not imposed ?

I remember an occasion when we were on the express bus to Kuala Lumpur. All of a sudden the bus driver halted and shouted, "Which idiot is smoking. Get off the bus now." Everyone kept quiet. I was sure the smoker must have put away the cigarette immediately, probably in his pocket. The driver with an angry face walked to the back as though he was checking the culprit. He again gave a stern warning that he would throw out anyone who try to do it again.

That was a bus. What if it is on a plane ? Would the flouter be thrown off the airline ? If he is the rest might give a standing ovation.

If a law made but without enforcement, we made a mockery of the law. It depicts our civility. How could we expect the rakyat to respect a government ? Enforcement officers are paid to execute their jobs. An officer is is lazy, inefficient and corrupt should quit the job and go somewhere else for other work.

Smoking is of our own choice. Freedom means we do things that do not effect the peace, tranquility and health of the others.

At least the stadium could have a smoking area separated from the non-smoking spectators. Enforcement officers must be around to observe and arrest the culprit who flout with the law.

28/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A couple of nights ago I watched a soccer game between Maziya from Maldives and Kelantan. Most Maziya players looked like malnutrition sportsmen as compared to the Malaysians. What do you expect from Maldives ?

They beat Kelantan 6 -1. I did not see any import players. I don't think they can afford to have one and I am sure they are not professionals.

They didn't look so great but they won by a big margin.

Never underestimate people's ability and other race.


What used to link politics with sports were Nazi's Hitler and Soviet Communists. With Olympic in Germany Hitler had hope to boost himself up. And Communists was to glorify the ideology; under Communism a nation could excel in Science and Sports.

To my astonishment I heard my UMNO fiends said Kedah team is weak because PAS rules the state.

Najib was ever to declare how good and great BN government was if Dato' Chong Wei had brought back the Thomas Cup.


When Robert Albert was Kedah's coach he was medium built, young, and handsome. Just now when I saw him on the national TV, he looked very much different from before, like many of us we are afraid to take another look at us. We tend to put on more weigh and wrinkles will start to show fade lines.

Albert is now coaching Sarawak. I believe, if the players follow his instructions, and politicians stay away from him Sarawak will be a fearful and respected team. He hated smoke and stress much on personal health of players.

I used to see him from my seat how Albert got mad when players made errors in sending ball. There were several basic things players should not do when passing. He taught scientific football.

When he moved away Kedah went hay wire. Today I saw one or two players with bad attitudes and do not deserve to be in the team.

From now on I will be following Sarawak team because I believe much in Albert's capability to guide the team to be among the top respected states in Malaysian soccer.

26/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not a computer programmer though I found it fun playing around with codes. My Visual Basic knowledge is plucked from books and the internet. At 40 my vision was sharp, able to solve sophisticated algorithm problems especially on MCE/SPM grouping of subjects for the grading. But as time went on I found I could not recall the functions of each program line. The main drawback was I wrote a street program, wild and no line documentation.

Five years ago I developed one soft ware for my friend. Below are two

Private Sub init()
On Error GoTo kel
'ambil baki tahun sudah
bakitahun = Val(Text7) 'hutbal
abf = bakitahun
Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='01' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(1) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakitahun: bf(1) = bakitahun
Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='02' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(2) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(1): bf(2) = bakih(1)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='03' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(3) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(2): bf(3) = bakih(2)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='04' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(4) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(3): bf(4) = bakih(3)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='05' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(5) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(4): bf(5) = bakih(4)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='06' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(6) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(5): bf(6) = bakih(5)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='07' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(7) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(6): bf(7) = bakih(6)

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='08' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(8) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(7): bf(8) = bakih(7):

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='09' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(9) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(8): bf(9) = bakih(8):

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='10' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(10) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(9): bf(10) = bakih(9):

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='11' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(11) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(10): bf(11) = bakih(10):

Data1.RecordSource = "select sum(jumlah) as jum,sum(bayar) as bay,jum-bay as bak from servis1 where mid(tarikh,4,2)='12' and(UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)='" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I'"
bakih(12) = Val(DBGrid1.Columns(2)) + bakih(11): bf(12) = bakih(11):
Label2 = "Selesai Proses Kiraan"
Exit Sub
End Sub

Private Sub pikira()
On Error Resume Next
'kiraan sebelum tahun dalam text2
Data4.RecordSource = "select * from kodpelanggan where ucase(trim(kod)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "'"
'Data2.RecordSource = "select * from servis1 where (ucase(trim(nama))) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' and right(tarikh,4) < '" & Text2 & "' and status='I' order by mid(tarikh,7,4) asc,mid(tarikh,4,2) asc,left(tarikh,2) "
Data2.RecordSource = "select * from servis1 where (UCASE(trim(NAMA)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(ID)) like '" + Trim(UCase(Text1)) + "' or ucase(trim(nombor)) like '" + UCase(Trim(Text1)) + "') and mid(tarikh,7,4)< '" & Trim(Text2) & "' and status ='I' order by mid(tarikh,7,4) asc,mid(tarikh,4,2) asc,left(tarikh,2) "
If Data2.Recordset.RecordCount = 0 Then GoTo kel
Dim tot, tot1, tah, SP, bil
SP = Space(6)
tot = 0: tot1 = 0: Dim jumhut, jumbay, jumh, JUMB, BEZA
jumh = 0: jumhut = 0: JUMB = 0: BEZA = 0
tah = Right(Data2.Recordset("tarikh"), 4)
tah = Right(Data2.Recordset("tarikh"), 4)
Do Until Data2.Recordset.EOF
If tah <> Right(Data2.Recordset("tarikh"), 4) Then
BEZA = BEZA + jumh - JUMB
jumh = 0: JUMB = 0
End If
tot = tot + Val(Data2.Recordset("jumlah"))
jumh = jumh + Val(Data2.Recordset("jumlah"))
If Not IsNull(Data2.Recordset("bayar")) Then JUMB = JUMB + Val(Data2.Recordset("BAYAR")):
If Not IsNull(Data2.Recordset("bayar")) Then tot1 = tot1 + Val(Data2.Recordset("bayar"))
tah = Right(Data2.Recordset("tarikh"), 4)
BEZA = BEZA + jumh - JUMB
Text5 = Format(tot, "######.00")
Text6 = Format(tot1, "######.00")
Text7 = Format(Val(Text5) - Val(Text6), "#####.00")
End Sub

sub-routines used to compute monthly and annual balance of a company. Say you want to see all the transactions of a company with yours for year 2010, the program lines will compute any previous balance prior to year 2010. It also shows the month by month balance.

Today when I looked back at those codes I found them weird.  And I can't explain the function of each line except the few direct commands.

The other day when my friend called me for a little modification it took me more than four hours to trace the fault.

Now I am almost 67. I realize my mind is getting more and more rusty. I don't remember names, where I put my things and to turn off my pipe water.

Now I know that even if I am a street programmer, I should document my programs in detail, explaining what each variable is for, why the sub-script, and plan the block program well.

I had wanted to transmit program writting on finger scanners and RFID cards to the others so that people could still continue improving and servicing the software in case of my demise. I wrote to the state education department expressing my intent, free of charge. But there was not even a line of response.

RFID program should be interesting to learn and how to write information in those cards. Of course I developed software to do the job. Again I may not remember the function of each line.

I am now tired, very tired. I dream to developed software for an iPhone and Macbook. Nothing happened.

Progress lies in the attitudes. Those who can't themselves from the beginning will remain where they are. Those who believe they can do the impossible will however succeed.

Nevertheless street programmers do not have place among the professionals, the master in computer science and engineering.







25/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Wheel chair-to car transfer during the going home has never been a problem. The same people came to help.

Counting the lifting work, it is about 8 times a day. Some time 10 times depending on my wife request.

People at the medical center were wondering how I could do the job. I admitted that it was a little hard. My body felt the pain. As to all other chores including managing her waste product there is nothing to grumble about.

I told my wife that I am getting older and weaker and that she is getting heavier, I don't know what's going to happen later.

Relatives and my kids are telling me to get a maid. It is easier said than done. I had a maid before, paid 7K to a school teacher doing the maid business. The maid has been working at several houses before for a short term. Even on the first day when the teacher sent the maid to me I heard she was telling her mother in Medan that she would be hear only for two years. After a few months the maid told me that her son was getting married and I let her went home, paid for all her trip, gave her plenty of things for the marriage festival. But she never came back.

Another Indonesian maid ? Another 7K ? And each month I spent about 1K on her.

I felt better without one but only my vanishing strength of lifting my wife. Some how I leave everything to fate.

I remember the time when there were too many mice in my house, I wished there was a cat. On one day by the grace of God one cat jumped in through my window.

Who knows may be one day there will be a poor and hungry woman pass this way and looking for a home.

Miracle can happen.

25/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Lifting my wife is not a trivial matter. Her great appetite added weigh till she is now over 70KG. I have to lift her from the bed onto the wheelchair every morning. After bathing I have to put her back on the bed to dress her with pampers, and take her down again.

To transfer her to the car I use a sliding board, but her body pressure made it very hard to pull her in. At the medical center where she is having her dialysis there were several helpers to transfer her onto the wheel chair.

For the first few months the nurse seek help for a male staff somewhere to lift her onto the dialysis chair. Some time later a nurse whispered to me to bring the helper by myself. That won't be a simple matter because the time when the seat is available is unknown. How could I ask anybody to wait when he has some other work to do. So I decided to do the transfer job by myself.

The dialysis space is small. Many a time I had to squeeze in as the nurse was around preparing the machine. That made the turning extremely difficult. Until one day I dropped hard on my back while lifting, knocking a plastic pail and broke it. My wife fell on the floor as well.

Miraculously I was not injured and I didn't feel any pain. By the fall I should have a blood clot on my head.

After help from several persons my wife was seated on her chair. I left the ward to buy the pail to replace the broken one.

About four hours later I went to fetch my wife bringing the new pail with me. There were three nurses around my wife and me. One told me not to do the lifting job without them around. I said nothing because every time I wanted to lift my wife I saw the nurse that attended my wife would turn away. In fact a few months before a nurse said to me it was not their job to lift a patient.

Now I notice there are two nurses nearby watching me doing the lifting job. One hold the wheel chair.



There is no simple way for my iPhone to block incoming call from a certain disliked individual. I need to jailbreak and download a software to do the job. I jailbreak once. I am not going to do it again.

I went to investigate Samsung. Samsung has a blocking mode. Samsung Galaxy Note II is a little bigger than Samsung Galazy III. The former costs almost 2K and the Galaxy 3 is priced at RM1.6K.

Migrating from iPhone to Samsung for just a single person whom I don't like to talk is a real wastage. To withdraw my saving would reduced me to a pauper. But emotion always rule over reason. I was about to go to the bank had it not been a Sunday.

An iPhone can block all calls and allows a certain listed numbers. It would not serve my purpose. There might be important calls from people whose phones are not listed.

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy 3 ?


It was yesterday I heard comments from another PHD lady about the need to introduce sciences in pre-school on the IKIM Radio. She was talking about the teaching of awareness to the kids and the importance of sciences in nation development.

I said to my wife that the lady was talking shit.

We don't teach awareness or the importance of sciences to the pre-school kids. We expose the magic of science principles to them. Science gadgets for inertia, gravity, static electricity and others.  We let the kids do the experiments and enjoy the fund. Our intervention is as little as possible.

Getting a PHD is not the end. PHD in English is talking about quantum science ? The learning must continue.        21/04/2013

One was shot dead and one is under custody. Dzokar and Tamerin were 19 and 26 years old respectively,  already knew how to make bombs. They were Chechen by origin. The broad reason given for their action was they were Muslims.

Most articles disclosed on their character but not on how they learnt to make bombs and where they get the materials from. That's what the FBI should find out and let the public know about it. To which terrorist group were they attach to ? How close were they to Osama Ben Laden ?

There is a saying 'Dead man tells no tale'. When the brother was shot and killed there is a period in the defense. I can't guess what the 19 year old brother is going to tell the FBI about the bomb; where he get them.

I am sure the American Patriot group will study the case in detail and will response to the case if they found it false flag, set up for a certain purpose. Otherwise the group will issue no comment, only defending their assumption base on preliminary statements that are conflicting.

Though making a bomb may not be difficult if you know what to use and how to do it, the bomb has to be tested. Surely the explosion would cause a loud bang. If the two brothers know where to buy the bomb materials surely the other young Americans would also know where to get them.

In other words there cannot be only one or two bombs in the hand of American youths. There have to be a large numbers.

Could we believe it ?

So let us wait and see more of the coming stories.

20/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Things are getting more interesting. The mother said the sons had been under FBI surveillance for at least three years and been framed in the bombing case. The initial response of the patriots was the False Flag. What could have been a puzzle is why the FBI put the Chechens under surveillance ? And what is the objective of the False Flag ?

Remember the poisoned letters sent to Obama and several congressmen by the Americans ? The news has stopped. Is it not worthy of the news to be expanded like Boston bombing ?



The Malays, majority of them, depend on their ears rather than observations. They look but they can't see. They can't comprehend what they are looking at, no question and no analysis.

Their experience in their surrounding, of what they might see, made them think that the whole nation is like their kampong. Those who are locked in their offices and work places for years, only travel by the highways will never focus what is not within their views.

I took a slow drive from my home to Sungai Tiang to witness the flag display, almost all were blue and green. The blues were everywhere all along the road, big and small. The green around Pendang area were almost at par despite the blue dominance.

I saw several things; good  money for the businessmen selling cloth and dyes. UMNO must have spent millions while PAS do not have such a huge sum. Where do the money come from ? I saw a deep and long Malay split and conflict, which would never be healed by anything. It is a rift between good and evil. One of them has to be on the dark side.

And there are many people who are like me, who do not embrace any particular color but would readily criticized what is not right. Corruption, for instant, is not right. Mismanagement of public funds is not right. We might see things differently from both blue and green flags.

Ibrahim Ali found himself being rejected after his loud vocal. By all logic UMNO should have accepted him as it's candidate. So is the number two in Wanita UMNO, who got no place, suspected being kicked by the number one. Hatred deepened even among the same team.

The good thing of the Malays is that they are easily cheated and fell to words of praise. That's how the MCA rides UMNO, and cheated them high and low.

If people who supported UMNO knew the real identity of the party they won't let themselves being used by the party.

Yesterday while I was passing a man with a phone I heard him saying "Today the Malays vote for DAP". What I heard was more than that. He would probably mean the Malays can't stand the Malay leadership anymore.

How could we expect the Malays to settle down and mend the wound that is so deep, so far beyond the abyss  and so far beyond repair.

18/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

My student who is a staunch supporter of UMNO was rage when I said I would NOT vote for UMNO. Then she passed the smart-phone to her son to convince me. I told them to mark my words that her father and mother would be thrown out of their kampong after BN wins the GE13. I said BN robbed the Malay land and the Bendang and sold away at expensive price to developers.

Woman won't want to stop talking, giving reasons and excuses. "You have to take all your family members and your in-law and stay with you or put them in flats. Write whatever I say on your wall and wait after the election,"I said.

But I knew she was scared because the area where her parents and sisters live have been taken away for shops, super markets and housing projects. I know she will start thinking hard about it, not about who to vote but about the future of her parents home.

In Alor Setar farmlands are diminishing. Foreigners and outsiders moved to those areas. Roads became jam because of the increased of cars and people in the state. Houses became unaffordable to many people except flat dwellings which are narrow and hard to buy.

I won't call my student again but will be waiting for her call. This time she will not talk about politics again. Soon she will tell me that I have always been right, that her parents have to find a new place to stay. My estimate they will get around RM300K, which is far less than a descent bungalow for four.

Her husband is very close to UMNO Ministers, including Mukhriz. She will be telling him my stand. Even with Mukhriz intervention the father will have to move away. It is imminent to happen.

She rang me up to seek some donation for someone who needs about 6K. She said one UMNO Wakil Rakyat said he could give only RM200 after the election. I did not mention Mukhriz for I knew she would get more mad.

People are people. After they made mistakes and we point out their folly they would simply say 'APA NAK BUAT'. That's typical of a Malay. The same person who fought for UMNO will be cursing the party a few months after that.

There will be tons of unqualified people coming to their elected leader asking for help for university entry, jobs and other assistance.

They simply do not learn history, look but do not see. The smartest of their reply was ,"Ambil pi lah tanah tu, harta bukan nak bawa mati.' ( Take whatever the government want. Properties could not be brought to the grave)



What is actually happen in Boston in particular and USA in general, where killings and murdering are rife and of almost an everyday affair. The first that crossed Obama's mind was the Muslim terrorist. Didn't he say that the world is better off without Ben Laden and Saddam and Ghadafi ? They are all gone, dead. Yet in the heartland of the United States bombing and killings is taking place.

Economy and politics in America are not good. Millions are jobless. People of higher qualification are doing the low level job. Healthcare issue is not agreeable. And the group that call themselves patriots are not happy with banks and Wall Streets and the non white Anglo-Saxon control of the economy and politics of the great country.

The attempts to make people forget their problems by creating external threat of Islam terrorism has almost diminished by the death of Osama. Now it turns to North Korea, telling the people of the nuclear threat that will be  dropped on American soil. Some can accept and others are fully aware of the hidden intention.

American patriots questioned the 911 no matter what the government was trying to do; using the Arabs to admit the bombing and causing death of main 911 witnesses. The controlled demolition issues were not met with satisfactory replies.

The authority arrested the suspect at the wee hours, not the Muslims but the White Americans, calling them terrorists. FEMA camps were erected to deal with the possible internal revolt.

Boston could be the voice of the unhappy Americans who saw through the veils of the capitalists and the New World Order.

If USA uses it's strong and powerful military and police to quell the dissidents it is doing nothing other than killing it's own populace.


Watch out Lahad Datu. Learn what is False Flag, 911 and even the recent Boston bombing. It is almost parallel to the move against guns' . The idea is to prevent and to crush the Patriots. The Patriots is pointing against the invisible government, the NWO, who plan to eliminate those movement against them.

The right winger is waiting to see who the American government is trying to strike.

Watch the Infowar.com.

Understanding False Flag will open up our eyes, to the understanding of the strong possibility of Lahat Datu.

In USA it was trying to turn attention away from economic illness.



A man with the right set of mind will not respect criminals, murderers, robbers, hooligans, crooks and rogue individuals. Being a Malay does not give him immunity. As a criminal he must be treat as one regardless of his background or his status.

We don't know who is the Malay when we see one. He can be a prowler, a pimp, an addict, a drug pusher, a con man or a big time criminal. His talk and dress won't tell us a thing. We cannot even trust a man with a rob and a 'serban' and a songkok.

Lately the Malays are horrible. A Haji wildly calling another Haji and infidel and idolater, framing and trapping another for sex scandal, cheating another of their land, selling magic water to cure diseases, and destroying the Malay race slowly. They are so very greedy, stupid and arrogance.

One may know a little more of the office mate because of the mutual visit, after more than 5 years of working relationship and social interactions. Even then there are bad apples among the workgroups. And the bad ones are not worthy of friendship. How many became guarantor and losing thousands of dollars for nothing ? And how many simply do not pay back their loans ? They finally know who can and cannot be trusted.

But somehow bad people have friends and good people have enemies. Drug dealers and bif time criminals have followers and supporters. A few get themselves to be politicians, and continue to plunder national resources for themselves.

Do you think they think themselves as Malays ? Their kids and wives are foreigners. They dressed themselves as Europeans at dinner and wedding festivities.

I always tell my friends 'You cry when they die. They won't care about you when you are sick, poor or die.....'

15/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Are we denying that computer communication is efficient and reliable ? Even in the event of the local electrical failure the electronic gadgets can still conserve power for more than two days.

A pocket size smart-phone is a great traveling companion. My son does not have to have a radio license to send free messages from USA back home. He doesn't have to know RTTY, AMTOR, and all other digital terms to have visual contacts.

The era of communication difficulties are gone. Those were the days when ham radio license was handy if your kids were studying abroad. I have to dig 3 months old newspapers in the library at the underground level to read the stale news on Malaysia.

Today a miniature gadget does everything for us. It is indeed amazing when I sent live images from Beijing and Shanghai back to Malaysia. It was all free.

Most hams own a computer or a smart phone each. When someone says internet cost money and ham is totally free, I don't see the logic anywhere. Communicating or not through the internet one has to pay the internet fee. Is it not ironic for hams to communicate with other hams using computers ?

Without an intense campaigning and propaganda there is a great possibility the numbers of hams will slowly be fading. What will be left is radio as mobile companion. One can talk while going to office and back, and going for a long traveling trip.

Some people look at amateur radio as a source of income generation. They set up commercial repeaters and collect membership fees, importing and selling equipments, lobbying for task privatization ie managing ham radio on behalf of the government.

Hams must point out the uniqueness of the hobby which are not found in any other hobby or technological culture that made the hams feel proud.



Sex as a political weapon is not a new thing, neither it is Barisan Nasional's cup of tea. It existed since the beginning of political espionage, war and early conquest. The more modern scene that exploded was the Promo-Keller affair.

Political learders who travel alone are always trapped in a hotel or guest room with a woman and pictures or video were shot. When Sukarno was blackmailed by the Russian with him and a woman, he welcomed the Russian to show the picture to the Indonesians.

I talked to Social Escorts about their work entertaining politicians local and abroad with sex. They are being employed either by government or some third party guys to do the jobs.

Smart politicians always take their wives along on trips and prefer to stay in their close friends' home rather than the hotel rooms, which are ever ready with cameras to capture them for political gain or money.

Politicians who stay alone will always get a knock on their door. In some hotels the women can be so very beautiful. Men tend to forget themselves when lured by a beauty queen.

Sex Blackmail is not a rare thing. Some people are keeping sex pictures of every politician. It is a profession, a way to make a living for normal people. Usually one political party has a special unit to do the dirty job.

14/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I can't imagine an 86+ year old man being dragged to court and being drilled by lawyers for his dirty mouth. The business of a country should be left to the younger people. There are many of them out there, much brighter and abler than 80+ old men.

True indeed that long life pose major problems to the younger generations. At least Mahathir can manage himself up while many others are seriously ill and sick, giving burden to their offsprings. The appropriate age to die may be around 70. When old people die many feel very relief.

The best for 70+ people to do is to near themselves to God. The Muslims go to mosque, the Christians go to church, the Jews go to synagogue and the rest go to temples. If they still have strength they can attend to their grand children, telling stories of adventures and epics, of the days of fantasy and magic, and of the old days before there was electricity and pipe water.

How could I say Mahathir is normal when he asked the Malays to sell their land and buy shares, putting police force in other government departments to spy and arrest people who were against him, manipulating judiciary and the most recent to say there will be chaos and riots if Kit Siang win Gelang Patah ?

The sign of unstable mind indicates a great fear of being put to jail and losing all the wealth and money made from the rakyat. He sees apparitions. Longevity is a hell to the person and to the nation. Yet Mahathir believes he will never die. He has the way to fight death with mere batteries.

The longer he lives the more crazy things we will be hearing from him. He  should go to mosque and prepare for the next world.




USA is ever ready to attack North Korea. The show of force by both USA and South Korea met with a furious North Korean response. It has been a long intention of Israel and USA to paralyze the Communist nation. The main concern is USA does not want North Korea to be a nuclear nation or passing the technology to other Arab countries.

If there is a war, it will be a costly war. To what extend the Yellow skin barbarian could inflict damage to South Korea and USA's fleets is hard to guess. USA may win but the damage could be huge.

10/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



PBS ( Penilaian Berdasarkan Sekolah)


An Indonesian air jet, Lion, crashed into the ocean on 13/04/2013 injuring up to 45 people. It happened in Bali.

Accidence happens.

I wonder how many people taking cheap flight do take insurance.

If you watch a movie Flight 2012 you are sure to be scared to death when taking a flight.

14/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



UMNO does not fight for the Malays because there is nothing to fight for. What is left  is the power to grab from the people to be divided among the family members and their friends. 30% economic policy for the Bumi ? The Petron ? The NFC ? The toll road ?

When the Chinese has pride in their languages, Mahathir find Malay language and Jawi stinking smell. He prefers English. While the Chinese have been working hard to buy land, Mahathir asked the Malays to sell theirs and invest the money in shares. Is that what UMNO fight for the Malays ?

13/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Why all the stuff of 'balik China and balik India' ? Let us assume that the Chinese and the Indians are stronger and wealthier, smarter than the Malays in law and businesses. For more than 50 years what has UMNO done to make the Malays more superior, wealthier and smarter ? Why only now Mahathir, PERKASA and the rest of UMNO goons are telling the Malays about the Chinese and the Indians ? While the 'balik China and India' is on one side, the Indians and the Chinese is calling their people to vote BN on another side. WHY ?


I used to spend at least RM3 a day buying The Star, Utusan Malaysia and The New Straits Time. It has been more than 4 years since I stopped buying them. The reason is simple. They contain at least 10% of lies. I also stopped watching TV for more than 5 years except for soccer matches. From time to time I would watch American Idol.

Three dollars is not negligible. I can do many things with it.

Media lies because they are owned by either politicians or their friends. The aim was to deceive people so that the same government can keep control of the country. They lie to the Malays but they can't do it to the Chinese. The Chinese wants to see the deeds immediately. The Malays wait and it never come.

I don't have to know what the government does from the papers because I see the government's work and deeds everyday with my own eyes. There are the good sides of the government and there are many bad sides as well. The ONE bad can erase all the goodness because of it's grave and devastating outcome that totally kill the hope and aspiration.

Whenever I saw someone reading Berita Harian or Utusan Malaysia, I felt so very sorry for them no matter what their intents are.



My son who is a staunch supporter of UMNO just flew to USA a couple of minutes ago. He will miss the GE13. By the time he return to Malaysia everything will be over.

I tried to point out all the deceptions of UMNO, he just laughed and said my imagination was unreal. Whatever when one UMNO is gone UMNO will be losing a vote.

My wife is another strong supporter of Najib and Rosmah. She would support Rosmah all the way despite her being very sick. She is so sick that she would not be able to go to the polling station. UMNO will be losing two known votes from my family.

One thing that I am certain, that I am more smart than any of them. I can differentiate honesty and dishonesty, recognize the forms of corruptions, understand UMNO's operative procedures and all the covert actions. They don't.

In an election like this when the incumbents are deadly fearful of revenge a single vote is extremely significant and very important. Even Mahathir has to go out with the most powerful arsenal to win votes for UMNO.

I think without fraud UMNO would not win. A police has two votes. Extra invisible ballot boxes will appear when the counts are towards Pakatan.

12/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Majority and minority are concept implanted by philosophers and politicians. It is just opinions and views. We are made to think that majority rules and majority is right. We should know that we cannot depend solely on majority to get justice. Neither can we depend on the minority.

Don't we hear stories of judgment of guilt is made by the majority ? A criminal has to be taken to court. We don't seek people's voice or opinion to judge him as guilty or otherwise. Else a murderer can buy freedom if he has enough money to donate to every member of the public.

The authenticity or validity of a club or society does not depend on the size of the memberships.  Similarly the military strength of a country is not by the body or weapon counts or population size. And we do hear that this world is run only by a handful of people controlling the banks, media and military.

Do we need to educate Malaysians on this topic and issue, splitting hairs and dragging other sensitive political phenomena ? The HAMs in this country need to understand this carefully and try to be rational as much as possible. The TRUTH of a radio society does not depend on the memberships.

ASTRA and MARES were formed by the splinter groups either on racial basis or disagreements with individuals. We have to study the history of the splits and the individual involves without hiding anything. There is no short cut and easy way to come to conclusion.      CLIK TO CONT.


When hams no longer respect the ancient tradition of ham radio that was passed from generation to generation, ham radio no longer carries the natural identity. The characteristic is missing. Like the Holly Books of Al-Quaran, Bible or Torah we don't pluck phrases out or replace them with a new ones.

The core of the ham radio is it's basic characteristics; SWLing, RAE, CW, jargons and Q-Codes, identification of stations, SOP and communication through the air wave.

The hams titles and the call signs are hollow if there is a show of disregards towards Morse code, SOP or the absent of station identification. To many CW and Ham Radio are synonymous. Without the former there is no ham radio, though the people are happily priding themselves with the title.

Ethic is another big question and issue. Is it not important at all ? Is it ethical to be the champion of the pirates, talking to them, lending the call sign, setting up a club station at a non-license ham, making direct money from the hobby ? Does ham radio accept criminals or terrorists ?

 The traditional package, the habits and ethics combine together to defines ham radio.

In a Christian country where gay marriage is a norm and 90% of the people are Atheists, it ceases to be a Christian nation anymore. In a ham world where CW is discarded, ham radio is dead.

03/04/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I bought Panaflex gel at three shops at three different prices yesterday. The first pharmacy charged me RM21. Not far away from it is another pharmacy which sold me at RM24. I bought it to compare the box to see whether there is any hidden difference. The final shop about a mile away sold it at RM14.00.

There is a stark difference between RM24 and RM14. Studying carefully they are of the same exact item. Why so much a different ?

Prices differ from shop to shop in many things. I already wrote about a face mask which picks up between RM1.50 to forty cent a piece.

In case you are not in a hurry and there is no urgency in buying something just walk a bit to the nearest shop to find out the price. If the different is more than a ringgit it worth while to do a little exercise.

Now I know where to buy the cheapest pampers. At Giant it is RM23.00 per pack. At another place it is only RM16.00.

All in all we can lose almost RM100 for nothing in a day of shopping.

Just a little walk made us good and we can learn the characteristic of each shop are different from one another.

30/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It was not an  April Fool. I handed the cashier RM11.00 for a Fish Burger. She gave me back a ringgit and a few coins. I told her the burger cost RM10.55. She said the price was below RM10.00. Why on earth the wealthy KFC became so generous ?

I used to pay ten ringgit even for the combo set which includes a wedges and a drink. Then it went up abruptly to RM10.55. I don't believe KFC could be that kind for a sudden price dropped. Whatever I enjoyed my fish burger while watching a game between Manchester United and Chelsea on the TV hung on the wall.

Today a meal costs seven ringgit. At Mac D be ready to spend more than 10 ringgit for a meal. I would spend fifteen ringgit at the outlet.

The Fast Food Restaurants make tons of profit. Probably a small portion is donated to a political party or a certain individuals. If they gave to the government, the PM will distribute part of it to the voters.

My cheapest dinner is RM3.20, containing two package of nasi lemak and a glass of coffee. The starch is not too good for health as compared to fish. Fish at Merry Brown is about RM12. Certainly KFC is cheaper. In the ordinary stall and the Regent Hotel a plate of Fish & Chip is priced at RM9.

My wife has her own meal; porridge, chicken and bread. For her I never care how much I spent. Her favorite is KFC.           02/04/2013


This morning on my ICOM I heard Nordin, 9M2NM, calling CQ. I called him back using my iphone running this software. But Nordin never came back. I heard somebody else with an Australian accent came back, didn't sound like a ham.

I knew then all communications using this virtual ham radio go through a server. It is therefore just like any other ham soft ware. I decided not to even try it again.

I remember reading a short story about using a bow and arrow to shoot a bird. One man suggested to use a gun. The reply was "There is no glory using the gun...." It is just like going up a mountain using a helicopter and climbing the steep using rope and manual energy. People still choose the silly and the stupid way.

Going through the ham radio by RAE and Morse is just another adventure for a glory. Or else scrap both for the easy way. If it is just for worlwide communication there are enormous soft ware which allow us to achieve it with the clarity of audio and video.

Pressing a real button is like holding a real woman. Clicking an image is just like touching a woman on a screen.

If you want to try it go to Hamsphere, download it and try the radio. You may enjoy the fun. But I don't.\


Virtual radio on a PC ? Anyone has downloaded and pay a fee for operating ham radio using a PC or the smart phone ? I have just downloaded it on my iPhone. The free usage is ONE week, after which if you want to join the group the annual fee is USD40.

Heaven the Afterlife


Those who do not believe in life after death and heaven and hell will not smell heaven ever. A good Muslim ham who obeys God and do good to others- men, plant and animals can pray to be placed amongst the good souls in the indescribable ecstasy of the glorious abode.

If you are a ham what sort of life do you want to have in heaven ? A 500 foot tower and a super-duper antenna system ? A shack made of gold and diamond with a rig without a knob but operate on verbal command ?

Most of us have seen fantasy movies showing colorful and beautiful sparkling landscape and flowers. Even the Arvatar landscaping is beautiful enough that made us wanting to stay and enjoy the tranquility.

I would not want to be a Superman, having a golden home and beautiful wife. I want the life like I am now, driving a small car, having a messy shack with the intermittent rig and antenna, to work CW with the same straight key.

Imagine your current life and imagine a more luxurious and the lustrous magical world where everything is automatic, would you opt to stay foot or move to the fantasy world of magic ?

Even now I already missed the old fun of chasing kites, catching fighting fish, shave ice ( ais kepal ) and climbing trees. If I have a time machine I want to go back to 1950s.

Actually God has given us the joy of life in this beautiful world. Heaven is infinitely better. It lets you feel the type of life you choose if you want. Surely you would want a 800' antenna with 20 element beam and 1 mega watt of power, and a rig that can talk back to you.

In heaven I would request 1950's life with trees and undergrowth but without mosquitoes, no sickness and illness.

How many percent of the world population are Atheists, sinners and simply do not believe in life after death. Good luck to them.

29/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Nikolai Tesla, the father of AC current, was made an enemy by Edison. When I was in school no teacher and no book mentioned the name Tesla. Only now I know Edison was not an honorable man. Jealous of Tesla he tried to buried Tesla.

Tesla came from Europe to try his fortune in the United States. It is only today the glamour of his name arises.

I have been thinking who among the Malays are genius before and today. We have Malay scientists but how eminent are they compared to the world great inventors. We also have never heard of any Korean names in our history books. Yet today Samsung and Hyundai almost rule.

The trace of genius is currently done by the United States with the use of the internet. Free soft wares for blog, the facebook and other instruments are monitoring the mentality and the ability of the world's population. Smart people from other nationalities are dangerous and must be constantly monitored.

But the Malays are far behind the Koreans, the Chinese and the Japanese. Mahathir said it again the Malays are stupid but did not state whether for supporting UMNO or PR. But I see the Malays as people who cannot think well, instead believing lies told by their leaders and  very short sighted.

How could we produce half of Nikolai Tesla then ?

It does not take the American to assess our brain. You can try to make your own assessment by reading the face book and hear statements by fellow politicians.

No genius in Malaysia can be projected especially if he is in disagreement with the ruling party. Jealousy and greed pushed them down the dark abyss.

You follow you survive. Nobody would entertain a genius even if there is one but they will entertain you if you prepare to destroy the members of the opposition. We are rich with the heart of the Edison, evil and viscious.


The Malays are now aggressive in supplement business. Each day on national radio and TV several herbal products were introduced, some claiming to cure diabetes and heart diseases. The most interesting of all is the 'magic water'. If you think of purchasing any of the supplements or the herbal medicines you need to know about the diseases. You can read the internet to investigate more about the sickness. Diabetes for instant cannot be cured but the blood sugar level can be controlled.  Consult a doctor before you proceed with any herbal or supplement consumption. I read an article in the website about the danger of Alfa-Lipid and Gamat Healing that contains steroid. 

Even if the products are imported from USA, GB or Australia they may be freak. Look before you leap.


I like to observe the relationship between students' exam performance and their socio-economic background. My case observations had been from my old school where I worked for 20 years.

In the most recent 2012 SPM the best student was a girl who scored 8As and 1 B. Her father who was a carpenter had passed away and she is living with her poor mother. Her sister a village Koran teacher is the breadwinner.

Comparing her with the children of my other friend they are far apart. Those other kids own an iPad even at year one primary school, a RM5K camera while in Form 3 and follow tuition classes to boost the learning. Yet the performance in the public examination was never excellent.

Socio-economic status can assist success but it is not the main determinant factor. The most important is the hard work and a very strong determination. God helps those who help themselves.

Lazy people who ask for free things are parasite to society and a disgrace to his race.

Many Malay stalls in Alor Setar are selling food and beverages at a reasonable price but not the Mamak shops. A glass of coffee fetched a price between RM1 to RM1.50, the later of which from the Mamak stalls. Other Malays follow the Mamak prices.

One student of mine asked me about her son's college education with a mediocre SPM result. What can I say and do ? What can we say and do ? She should seek the help of PERKASA.

She represents other thousands mothers who care much about their children's future. She said PTPTN is expensive. She has several kids to look after. To cut the long conversation short I typed ' JANJI DITEPATI'. Indeed she quit the conversation.

I would like to call the Malays to write to PERKASA on the problems faced by their kids; housing, jobs and education.





HAM RADIO is not a show of smartness, not a political body, not a hobby to make money and not a battle field to kill and injure people. But what is happening is otherwise. I find ham radio is a character assassination, righting the wrong, deception and lies, fortune hunting and the members are using the radio merely for political purposes.

Rogue and frequency terrorists is one thing. A bad character ham is another.

For all those reasons Malaysian hams do not unite; there is a MART, ASTRA and MARES, historically formed either on racial basis or disagreement among groups.

 Once we used to say ham radio keeps a husband at home. Today hams have a nightly or weekly meeting. I never attended any of them so I don't know what transpire out of those gatherings, what  their topics of discussion were. One, which I guess, could be the injecting of hatred towards the other hams.

I don't make myself a habit of reading blogs. The articles may be good or useless. There might be blogs that are attacking personalities. Some just want to inform the readers. And some are expressing their bullshit views ( like mine).

Whatever hamming today it does not have even 1% fun as the yester years. May be the old hams are too stupid to enjoy the old-fashioned hamming culture with  the full ham spirit.

Take a ball and throw it to a group of kangaroos, what will they do with the ball ? Give to a group of Jakun what will they do with it ? But mind you, if you bring a chess to the native chief of Papua New Guinea he will play the game and beat you.


At this age the urge to do research to seek the truth is almost nil. Instead of a thorough investigation I chose to use my common sense. This time it is about antenna.

Once a dipole is a dipole of full length. As people are getting smarter they want to reduce the length and came up with several versions of it commonly identified with the person inventing it, like G5RV.

One way of shortening the antenna is by coiling a portion of it. Coiling shortened the width but the physical length remains. Some hams believe the shortening by coiling is a superb way to save space.

Now let us take a 33 foot wire and turn it into a coil and transmit RF into it, will it act as an antenna or as a dummy load ? Common sense tell us that if dummy load can transmit then might s well use dummy load than the antenna.

A coiling an antenna reduces efficiency. A Yagi regains the lost by the use of other elements, the reflector and a series of radiators.

Before buying a too small antenna that claims it is good for 40 meter band, think about it first. When I worked a field day station using such mini dipole I had to strain my ears trying to figure out what the operator was trying to say.

Whatever I write here does not guarantee the truth. It solely lies on my conjecture of common sense. But sciences is not guessing or common sense.

Make a point to describe your antenna during a communication with a new station. We hope they do not use strange antenna system that we have never heard of.

If you enjoy coiling your antenna to shorten it by all mean do it and enjoy the fun.

Someone asked a PHD Ustaz on IKIM Radio about Islamic country and the rule of Hudud. The Ustaz glibly explained about moderate and extreme Islam and went on to explain that some of the Arab nations moved from moderation to extremism.

A stupid guy like me see thing differently, far different from the PHD Ustaz. The question actually addressed two separate issues; ISLAM and the PEOPLE.

ISLAM itself has no moderation, extremism or any other similar description. It is the people who set the level as to his own value. From the different point of view a penalty to a certain crime differ, from a light one to a severe one for the same crime.

And the same man will give different value to the same crime; death penalty is considered a savage but murdering innocent souls are not.

If the Ustaz refuse to apply Hudud law as a Prime Minister it is his right not to obey the Hudud but it has nothing to do with the moderation or extremism in Hudud itself. And the Ustaz himself does not come under any of the category. He just do not care about Hudud.

And the Ustaz has all the right to value Islam in his own view and perspective, which may be true or false.

What the PHD Ustaz is implying is Islam is out of date using the rhetoric of his PHD. Sometime being stupid is better than having a PHD trying to manipulate Islam for his own political survival.



The stupidity of the Malays almost reach the peak. They are killing each other for honor and money. There is lawlessness; each day the looting of public fund, the corruption, hooliganism and deception is spreading and getting worst. One ulama called another ulama, Nik Aziz, the Father of Satan and now they came up with a Fatwa that voting PAS is forbidden by God. A group of Malays ran wild throwing stones and injuring another Malays.

MCA and DAP are enemies but they do not act as what the Malays are doing now.

The Malays are too far different from each other today except for some of the similar names and language. Some minds are still clean and others are getting filthier and filthier. Murder and attempted murder, threatening to kill and arrest, and the animal instinct seem to rule.

Since when the Malays have become inconsiderate, drug addicts, aggressive and big time criminals ? Since when the Malays began to go to church ? Since when they became so rude and involved in hooliganism ?

The brotherhood of a Malay race is a false dream. More important is the brotherhood of Islam. A good Muslim can be of any racial stock. Between a bad Malay and a good Chinese we must reject a bad Malay. My sentiment is; if there are two good Malays, one is a Muslim and another a Christian, I would reject a Christian despite him being a Malay.

Why the Malays are losing their direction and culture today ?

The fish rot from it's head.

25/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

No winner should think of making money for themselves and their cronies. If there are elements of sincerity then there will no privatization and de-privatization; profitable agencies are privatized and when losing money given back to government. Mahathir is the King in this area.

Solving the economic problem of scarcity in relation to our population and it's growth by all the races, find the best solution to share the resources among all races. Let the debate be broadcast to all and the public can judge who are among the members are unreasonable. Of course the government must be prepared for the impasse.

Set a clear rule that the police can arrest even a Prime Minister who offered corruption and let the court decide whether it isn't.

All projects must be open tendered.

Housing projects on hills and agriculture land must stopped in the Peninsular Malaysia. We cannot hpe Sabah and Sarawak will provide us with whatever things we want. Sabah is a volatile state that can change ownership.

There must be a big scale war on drug menace. Eliminate all.

Economic and technological development must be in front aiming at becoming technological production not merely consumption. Competency of manpower must be fast enhanced thru an effective education system.




A mother was very happy when her son fared the 23rd position in a marathon run recently. "Are you happy with that position ? " I asked. "No 23 in Malaysia you know," she insisted.

To her 23rd position means her son is above the 20 million other Malaysians.

Such a simple mind will always be grateful to God and the political leaders. Similarly, in the recent SPM result; while others were celebrating with the straight As, a parent whose child obtain D,C, and Bs were happy with the achievement. "That's better than all Ds or Fs."

Many Malay parents are thankful with what they have. That was the traditional Malays thinking. The good thing is they never get greedy. The bad thing is they will never be at the top and will be left behind.

Parents whose kids became drug addict would just say, "Modern kids are like that. It is not only my son, but the whole kampong boys." They leave everything to fate, fighting misfortunes with prayers.

Traditional Malays could not tolerate being challenged by younger generations. Kids and young people are to respect the elders and to always show gratitude.

Many parents do not expect good jobs for their kids. Any job will do as long as it is a job.

Such simple thinking Malays are of the advantage to the political master.

23/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What is not in the Quaran and the Hadith is brought and resort to FATWA. Issuing a Fatwa is something serious and has a long implication. The mind set must be opened up to the global view so as not to open to contradictions, degradation of Islam and regarded as 'kang puteh'.

Many of us do know about the Fatwa on smoking. And every time I was at the stadium watching soccer games people on my left, right, behind and front were puffing out tons of smokes.

Ulama needs to be very careful so that people will not discard Islam. Too much talking tend to mix with stories that mind could reject.

Ulama should not allow themselves to be herd like a cattle to make Fatwa for purposes other than that of religion.

When I was in Bloomington Indiana I found that the Friday sermon conveyed by Imams from countries other than Saudi Arabia would condemn much of Israel. But the Saudi Imam only talked about death and topics only pertaining to religion. That was in the 80's.

When an Ulama said voting PAS is haram because PAS is a supporter of DAP the Fatwa is not consistent with UMNO's corroboration with MCA that promise to stop Islam in Malaysia. It is not only the Ulama lost respect and made a laughing stock but also the divinity of the FATWA is compared to Kacang Puteh.

Why do people accept corruption ? Because the leaders accept money and gifts, and corrupt the citizens with all sorts of things. Even Ghani Patail's house renovation was paid by other people. Therefore there is nothing wrong in giving and taking.



Once we were made to believe that Muslims are good and trustworthy. In Malaysia it is otherwise. Here we see heavy exchanges between the Muslims . One Muslim going around calling the other a 'Jew' and a sex maniac and received a counter accusation of  murdering, corruption and womanizing. Then another group of Muslims doing a but dance in public, throwing stones and that resulted in injury and damage. And we see Muslim looting public fund to create wealth for the family. We see the spread of fallacies,  manufacturing evidence and involve in gangsterism. Are all those the image of Muslims ?

Even people without religion and do not believe in God do not commit crimes, practice corruption or brought shame to other human being. They have 'conscience' that guide them to do the right and good things.

And there are Muslims who live among the Jewish community without being harassed, harmed or insulted both in USA and Israel.

Goodness does not come from a race either.

The Malays are being told that the non-Malays and hence the non-Muslims are bad. I don't easily buy it as I see the Malays who call themselves Muslims are even worst than the animals. They are shameless and proud to be criminals and never stop deceiving people and lying thru their teeth.

Yet you want to vote Rosmah Mansor ?

When God, religion and conscience are no more in a man, shame, morality and humanity cease to exist. This is the shape of Malaysian civilization today. OSA, the Official Secret Act, was aimed at protecting criminals and criminal acts and wrongdoings of government servants.

Much has been seen in the case of Rafizi versus Shahrizat when the whistle blowers who exposed and told of crimes done were arrested and charged. Now the persons who taped the criminal acts of Taib's family are facing similar retribution.

PI Bala was hard to arrest and charge. So is Deepak. Then we heard Bala had an heart attacked. Tell me that nobody meet to discuss Bala's exposure and how to deal with him. Did Najib say that he had no time to entertain Bala as Rosmah said that she had no time to discuss Deepak ?

Bala's death for exposing crimes was not paid by anybody but God. God took action on Bala for telling what he had to tell. God punished Bala for exposing sex relationship.

We are soon to see the murderer, drug pushers and other criminals suing those who report and accused them. They will use the same game as Shahrizat did '....we know we will be found innocence...' Hence the criminals will sue those accuser even before their court cases ended.

They made law and they twisted the law. They behave much worst than the Satan.

21/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Iraq War vet pens 'last letter' to Bush and Cheney


Young (TruthDig.com)

An Iraq War veteran who joined the U.S. Army two days after 9/11 has written a powerful open letter to former President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney accusing them of war crimes, "plunder" and "the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole."

Tomas Young, who was shot and paralyzed during an insurgent attack in Sadr City in 2004, five days into his first deployment, penned the letter from his Kansas City, Mo., home, where he's under hospice care.

"I write this letter, my last letter, to you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney," Young wrote in the letter published on Truthdig.com. "I write not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole."

The 33-year-old, who was the subject of Phil Donahue's 2007 documentary "Body of War," continued:

I joined the Army two days after the 9/11 attacks. I joined the Army because our country had been attacked. I wanted to strike back at those who had killed some 3,000 of my fellow citizens. I did not join the Army to go to Iraq, a country that had no part in the September 2001 attacks and did not pose a threat to its neighbors, much less to the United States. I did not join the Army to “liberate” Iraqis or to shut down mythical weapons-of-mass-destruction facilities or to implant what you cynically called “democracy” in Baghdad and the Middle East. I did not join the Army to rebuild Iraq, which at the time you told us could be paid for by Iraq’s oil revenues.

Young believes he was injured fighting the wrong war:

I would not be writing this letter if I had been wounded fighting in Afghanistan against those forces that carried out the attacks of 9/11. Had I been wounded there I would still be miserable because of my physical deterioration and imminent death, but I would at least have the comfort of knowing that my injuries were a consequence of my own decision to defend the country I love. I would not have to lie in my bed, my body filled with painkillers, my life ebbing away, and deal with the fact that hundreds of thousands of human beings, including children, including myself, were sacrificed by you for little more than the greed of oil companies, for your alliance with the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia, and your insane visions of empire.

"When Tomas Young saw President Bush on television speaking from the ruins of the Twin Towers, his life changed," his bio on the "Body of War" website reads. "As his basic training began at Ft. Hood, he assumed that he would be shipped off to Afghanistan where the terrorist camps were based, routing out Al Qaeda and Taliban warriors. But soon, Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq."

In an interview with Truthdig.com, Young—who suffered an anoxic brain injury in 2008—said he had been contemplating "conventional" suicide, but decided to go on hospice care, "stop feeding and fade away."

"This way, instead of committing the conventional suicide and I am out of the picture, people have a way to stop by or call and say their goodbyes," Young said. "I felt this was a fairer way to treat people than to just go out with a note."

21/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The Malays who are throwing stones and injuring people and carrying blue flags are willing to die for Shahrizat and Rosmah.

How does cyanide act in the body?

After exposure, cyanide quickly enters the bloodstream. The body handles small amounts of cyanide differently than large amounts. In small doses, cyanide in the body can be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and is excreted in urine. In the body, cyanide in small amounts can also combine with another chemical to form vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells. In large doses, the body's ability to change cyanide into thiocyanate is overwhelmed. Large doses of cyanide prevent cells from using oxygen and eventually these cells die. The heart, respiratory system and central nervous system are most susceptible to cyanide poisoning.Then it turns the skin green.



It is interesting to know more about poison; the different types, how they work in the bodies, and on what part of the organs the affect take place.

KGB and CIA killed people by touching the poison to the skin. By now there may be better poisons other than cyanide.


On 20th - 21st Mac 2013 DX band on 40 was exeptionally good. Tons of stations from Europe were heard. But as usual CW frequencies are full of Indonesians  on SSB.

The dying breed ? Who will die first ?

Some people talk to animals. Some to plants. If you talk a lot to animals and plants eventually you will come to understand that they understand you.

It is indeed true that talking to animals and plants is better than talking to people. It would be a waste of time and breath talking to stubborn and people of low IQ.

If you want to talk to human being try talking to kids. I enjoy talking and listening to their stories and explanations. But be prepared to answer questions without lying. If you don't know the answer tell them that you don't know or forget the facts and you will return for the answers once you get them.

A farmer just called a name of his cow and the animal went to him. Once I called a horse on the other side of the field she came to me.

Are animals better than men ?

There are thousands still come on Morse codes. I did not notice stark difference between today and 40 years before except on 40 meter band where the CW portion is full of SSB stations from Indonesia using high power transmission.

I noticed that foreigners in Malaysia, Thailand, Kampuchea, Vietnam and the Philippines are on the same mode. 15 and 20 meter band seem to be very popular. Despite the mutiny against it the hams continue to run CW Clubs and coaching classes. Though CW is not mandatory hams rush to join the CW academy. Why people still work CW ?

I can't speak for all. My views are not shared by everyone. Certainly there are good reasons for hams in countries where Morse is no more a mandatory to sacrifice their time and effort to go to Morse class.

I was worried about Malaysians becoming the silent key in Morse as the old hams are fading away. Astonishingly the newer hams are making the country proud. Malaysia will continue to parade Malaysian flag on CW band.

Probably people still believe that ham radio and CW is synonymous. Even the new hams may feel that way. Those without one crawled to be a real ham, attending classes, sacrificing time and money. And once passed they come up to furnish their skill.

There are times when I felt lazy to talk, or having a sore throat and a slight fever, or have not taken my bath yet when I woke up; then I would go CW. The best of it was I don't have to put on high power. My usual power was 10 watts.

Several say that CW is fun. They just enjoy the mode and getting greater fulfillment.

I believe CW is a form of control. It reduces rogue people to join the ham community. Even RAE could serve the same purpose.

But if we use the argument that ham is a free hobby and rogue people are the business of the police and 'self' then we have to do away with RAE and CW exam.

So what do you believe in; theory X, Y or Z ?

How many feel CW is a pride of Ham Radio ?

20/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why Some People Are Arrogant ?

Public examinations like UPSR, PMR and SPM brought pride and shame to many. For a son of normal man the achievement of 9As is a pride and happiness. For the sons of politicians who can't get even one A is shameful and a disgrace.

It has to come from a person with brutal mind to scrap all the public examinations so that the big guns have no need to accommodate the shame.

The jealousy started when students who took more than 12 subjects scored straight As. First they changed the rule of the maximum number of allowable subjects, followed by the eliminating the public exam.

So they send their kids overseas to study. Some to the International School and a few others to private schools that twin with oversea colleges.

If we don't want to use the phrase 'brutal mind', we can replace it with 'savagery'. With the mind as this they recruited and trained gangsters and terrorists to attack and terrorized their opponents.

The whole episode is extremely sad and tragic, reflecting our retrogress towards the dark ages.

19/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Most arrogant politicians feel they are invincible, nobody could touch them and they think they will be there forever. To them they are the smartest and the most brilliant. In actuality they are suffering from their wounded ego. What they may not realize they sow the seed of deep hatred that will spread and grow day by day.

In some countries no generation of such evil person is allowed to live. The sin of one is the sin of all.

In the modern world strength does not solely lies on the weapons and military. The highest of them all is the strong and persistent mind, that cast all the fears, planning for destruction of the enemy and seeking ways to fight evil. It is from the mind people build technology for superiority. They can destroy the economy and spark a revolt.

Arrogant individuals are in safe keeping and ready to be divulged. Their faces will not be forgotten. They will be sent into the same box as Idi Amin, Hitler, Napoleon, Pol-Pot and Stalin.

To many Malaysians they could not care less about these sickly people.

Asians used to be humble, soft-spoken, greeting each other with vows, bragging was a taboo and women did not parading their anger in public. Yet they were known to be firm and had great political influence.

Thanks to the internet that exposes faces and videos of arrogant women.




I started hamming with FT-101B. It was a second hand transceiver bought from another ham at RM800. Several hams were using the brand. It was a tendency for the local hams to follow the examples of their fellow members. I came to know that the standard price for some of the rigs were RM800.

Tuning procedure had always been very critical. We have to do the grid and plate tuning. When antenna tuner came into being the tuning process was made simpler. We tuned for minimum SWR and maximum power, skipping the plate and grid tuning procedure.

The driver 12BY7A feeds the signal to the two final tubes 6JS6C.

Though I have the problem of drift, I worked thousands of DX stations both on CW and SSB. I worked a King, congressman, Hollywood actors, scientists, pilots and many others pumping out only 50 watts thru my dipole.

The repair was easy because of the components' size. Capacitor leakage was always the culprit.

Today a second hand rig is much more expensive and almost impossible to repair. I always want to know the owner of the second rig to ensure there was no mishandling of the rig. You take a big risk if you buy a rig from a poor owner.

Rather than buying an old used rig above RM1K, it is better to buy a low end HF rig just above RM1K.

My Yaesu FT101B is still in my possession. I need to change some components before it can go on the air again. But it is stark naked. It is not for sale nor for a gift. It gave me so much joy in my many years in ham radio. You just don't throw your wife just because she is old and malfunction.

18/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A teacher's task is to make his student accomplish a learning target. The purpose of the test is to find out whether his mission is successful or not and he had to look into ways to impart a knowledge to ensure everyone understand and remember them.

It is not his task to categorize the students giving by the test result. In other words the test result is not to group the students by their ability but to remedy his teaching methods. By the year end all of his students should be able to achieve the target.


Schools are now using modules to teach. Each student is to follow the module step by step until he completes it. If he does not understand it he cannot go to the next module. If the teacher is to guide each of the students individually he will have 45 students to attend to for personal coaching. Cam he accomplish this task within the specific period of time ?

Some brilliant teachers were complaining that they were tied up with the modules that they could not teach something else outside the modules, which they think the knowledge is vital for their students.

There are bound to be schools and teachers who will not follow the instructions but using their own methods. For instant the instructions of teaching of multiplication using fingers will be replaced with rote memorization of tables. Similarly there are schools which will provide an easy path to good grades.

If a teacher's task is not to group the students into a various categories then whose task is it to choose the students for streaming ?

The exam or test by a teacher is to investigate the cause of failure and to remedy it. The test by the Examination Syndicate is to stream the students into the various discipline. If schools are required to implement the task of Examination Board then there there will be educational discrimination at the school level. The teachers will not care to make all students master the curriculum contents. Hence there will be the smart and the stupid among children.

Thought and premonition can deceive us. I had a bad feeling that PI Bala will die soon. If the haunch has come true the cause of his death too may be as what was in my mind.

My thought could have deceived me as many others. People continue to talk, and the stories will be passed from generation to generation.

Teaching our kids to throw stones at others is never healthy to our society and to us. Soon enough the same persons will throw stones at us. We will reap what we sow.

You don't have to wait 60 years to regret and curse your former team members. You were once one of them.

It is a pity and a tragedy that the Malays can only learn destruction of others and themselves. They think they can get away with their actions. They can't learn sciences and astronomy and physic and morality.



Though I did not believe the world  would end in 2012 I expected a great bloodshed in the Middle Eastern region. The war between Israel and Iran seemed to be inevitable. Nothing happened.

The Christians had a bigger belief. The anti-Christ stuffs were everywhere, from Pope Benedict to Obama and rupture was to come in the same year. Nothing happened.

Those weren't disappointments. They were better for the world. And it shows people do come to their senses.

Let us all hear a lot of good news. Let us stop triggering our guns and bombs and the deadly missiles.

Actually our main enemy is the deadly drugs that are killing our society, breaking up homes and families.

We hope the lies and rumors will stop. I don't even believe in alien beings and the war and the killings.

Sci Fi or science fiction movies are fantastic. The animals and other creatures looked completely real, the movement of the hair at the various parts of the animals, ears, and bodily gestures were just superb. Movies like the Ghost Rider, Narnia, the Hobbit, Green Lantern and the Journey to the center of the earth fall under this category to name a few.

By getting your physical feature they can produce you live in the movie while you are not even there acting for a second.

For each movie I saw I would ask myself how they did it. Superimposing a still picture can easily be done using a graphic software like photo shop. But putting animals as if they are there live and talking and acting is simply terrific.

I love the Sci Fi movies for the fantastic realism they present. They made me wonder of our ability and mental acuteness, what are we good at, what sort of things are in our mind.

I am sorry to say that I do not watch any Malay drama for the lack of scientific features or the substance. It also lacks thought provoking dialog.

Even Chinese and Japanese movies could not compete with Hollywood though the themes and the stories of Asian films seem to better. Kabul Kid and To Live are simple movies but enough to depict human sufferings and touched our hearts. Korean movies may be the most popular among the Malays.

The only drawback of these superb movies are the price. The 3D blu ray would cost between RM99 - RM150 a piece. I can't afford to spend RM1.5 a month to buy the CDs. My retirement money is just enough for food and basic utilities. So the choice is downloading or watch them on the internet.

In movies and pictures anything can be done.

17/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



As a teacher you want the best for your student. You want him to get a job, get a wife and raise his family and live happily forever and ever. His fate is in your hand. Would you fail him and destroy his future ?

Probably 60 percent of the teachers may say they will fail their students if they deserve to fail. Later when they hear the students become criminals they might change their mind.

The 40% who will help their students to get good grades is big enough to create social and economic chaos, producing problems in the work place, mismatching jobs to people and really good work force are left unused and jobless.

This is what will happen in the School Based Examination.

I happen to know teachers who care much of their students future and always provide them with higher grades, and passed the failed students.

SBE will eventually open up to corruption and corrupt practices.

We need to be fair to our people. Otherwise the education system creates greater discrimination. Rich and affordable will send their kids to professional colleges like nursing, medical and aviations schools, ensuring of the future employment.

The poor section of the communities will remain poor. Kids will involve themselves in illegal and immoral jobs. Crimes and drugs continue to increase.

We need to recognize our student's ability to stream them to the right vocation and training. Professional schools and colleges must be run by the government not the private colleges.

We don't sacrifice qualities.

16/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Millions of Malays grew up like anybody else. They do not attend schools or became dropped out at the early age, went out looking for jobs without their parent's attention. The parents were too busy themselves looking for meals for the family. Somehow these poor kids got hooked to the drugs and became petty thieves, broke into houses or became pushers themselves.

Some, when in group, were discussed jobs; ways to become lorry and bus drivers, how to run business, where to find employments.

Those in schools from the affordable families go for tuition. Failing to enter college the seek employment in fast food restaurants, supermarkets and enter a small cell-phone businesses.

Many of them dies in poverty. People donate for the funeral.

What Malay Rights do they taste ? The authority destroyed the food stalls they erected if they did not have licenses. The hard earned money had to be given to the government if exceeding a certain amount. If they do not pay the quit rent their homes would be forfeited by the government. What Malay Right are they talking about ?

I saw hundred of Malays who slept in town along the five foot ways, salvaging garbage for salable items, going around the housing estates looking for scrap irons, newspapers and things of value. There were stories about robberies by these people. What Malay Right the politicians are shouting about ?

I think the right left to the Malays is the right to lie and deceive, to loot, to commit crime, to seek kickback, to use public money for anything they want.

These poor people are paying all sort of taxes to feed the people who said that people must be grateful to them. Not enough with that they control the businesses and the corporations, monopolizing the mega projects.

The right to be a Prime Minister ?

Good people are not determine by a race of ethnic group. A Muslim cannot be known by the name and the dress.

WHICH ANTENNA for a field day?


I am not a CW man. I don't go CW above 50%. Before taking the morning shower and dressed myself, I let the radio called CW for me. At that time I can do something else. Also when I felt sleepy and tired I rested on my chair and let the radio did the same. I didn't expect my local friend to come back on the same mode. But if they were to come back on Morse I could still relax and enjoy myself.



I stay away from TV and do not buy newspapers just because I don't like what I see and hear. In that way I stay more relax, less tension and I believe it is good for my health.

Once I always monitor the 2 meter band. As more and more funny things appeared I do not monitor the band anymore. While changing memory I did come across a few words but didn't stay to hear more.

What is bad to me may be good to the others.

The congestion in my head is reduced by a great deal. That's the reason why I did not know a Deputy Minister with whom I had been talking for the whole tour trip.

Knowing Ibrahim Ali and Shahrizat from the blogs had given me much head ache, taxing my emotion and sentiment. I can't avoid Lahad Datu because even my sick wife is talking about it. She picked up things at the dialysis center. Each patient would watch TV attached to their chair for 4 hours before the procedure completes.

The less I know the better for me.

Not every ham has a good hearing. With heavy noise and strong splatter weak signal would be totally drowned. It is excusable for flat dwellers not to produce a signal below par but for a Field Day station or a home with ample space to transmit a weak signal is something to think about.

Once we used to say 'nothing is like a full size dipole' for the local work. With a proper feeder line and a reasonable height it always give a 59. For many years we have been using a dipole for JOTA and other field day events.

If you are using a 'cin-cai' antenna be prepared to go on CW. When your audio is not readable you have no choice but to go Morse to convey your messages. Otherwise the other party would not be able to copy your name and location until the end.

So far stations with Rotary Dipole seemed to be doing extremely well. When 9M2NZ was using some experimental antenna his signal was down in the mud. But now with his homebrew rotary the strength increases by 10 fold. 9M2RB, YB6LD and YC6CDN are all using Rotary Dipole. Theirs were superb.

Don't have a misconception on the commercial antenna. Not all of them are good no matter what the literature says. I have never heard some of the exotic name brand, expensive but useless.

Of course dipole is not the best. It is cheap, easy to carry and setup and perform fairly well.

To me a superior antenna is for superior hams. For many months I had been monitoring a station from Jakarta using a Log Periodic, bending my s-Meter both on the long and short path. A huge antenna like that is not cheap.

For a Field Day a full size dipole is good enough. 9M2FK, Eshee, always bring his trap dipole for the occasion working DX and local. The height of the bamboo mast was always above 30'.

The proponent for dipole on the local communication was Idris. But towards his later days he shifted to a Long Wire.

13/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I really salute the Malaysian hams who dare to defy the authority, transmitting on the band disallowed by the regulation. And the allowable frequencies are clearly printed in the tickets.

And we know that a Malaysian ham must passed CW to go to class A. Yet there are people who went their way getting 9Ms without a Morse test, using the fallacy in reciprocal. If we argue the philosophy and rational of reciprocity we would come to the conclusion that a Malaysian must pass CW first to be a 9M.

And the radio societies in Malaysia must be given credit too for their greatness.


Dream To Be a DJ

When we  started Amateur Radio we never dream to be a DJ. We didn't even have an iota of thought Amateur Radio makes us a DJ. So we never mentioned the phrase "....and those who are listening..."

When hams mentioned "...and those who are listening...." it has the connotation of a radio broadcast. Deep inside they think they are DJs.

Since to be a radio DJ is difficult they have the chance to be one through ham radio.

I don't have that dream and I won't do broadcasting.

Servicing a radio station means the annual checking of the antenna, coaxial cables, connections for dry join or any possible decay and the possible worn off of the feeder line due to weathering. I think it has to be done from time to time.

Changing all the cables is expensive. I don't know how many years before a feeder coaxial cable should be changed. I told myself to change them every four or five years, which was never done. This one is already more than 10 years.

This few days I have the intermittent surge of SWR. I first decide to check my antenna coupler, to ensure all the internal connections are good and in perfect condition.

The best thing about me is that I am very messy. I could not find my screw drivers. The futile search made me decide to buy the new sets. I have yet to buy at the moment of writing.

The soldering iron is ready. The solder lead is also placed in order. But nothing is done yet.

My friend 9M2RB, Rusli, is opening up his old computer. He is one year younger than me. At 65+ we the old men are picking up m our hammers and soldering iron again.




A simple ordinary man may not have much money nor a big house but he has many things the high profile and the big people don't. Every time he goes to a village stall and enjoying a superb and delicious food he would ask, "Does our Sultan and Prime Minister ever taste the food like this ?" He enjoys the waterfall in the deep jungle, the community of mosque goers, the daily jogging and most of all he has a good time preparing himself for the next life. The simpler the man is the less thinking he is doing because he doesn't have much problems as those ruling group. More so he commits less sin.

The beauty of an ordinary man he has his own time. He is not subjected to public meeting, attending parliament, hearing briefings and other designated programs.

When I saw one Royalty going around the night market bargaining the price of ikan bilis I told myself this great person wants to enjoy the life of an ordinary man. Bargaining is a part of it, and having fun of holding the various type of ikan kering and talking to the towkey added up to the spices of life.

Several Western politicians resigned for the error made by their subordinates. I don't mind going back as an ordinary man if I were a Prime Minister. I would not stay in big city, far away from people, like living in a dungeon. Money does not guarantee happiness and emotional stability.

The only persons who fear giving up the high posts are those who committed big sins and serious crimes.

09/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My latest Radio Certificate allows me on 7.00 - 7.10. Yet the Malaysian hams are heard on 7.140. There are some senior hams there. As far as I am concerned my understanding is the frequency allocation is consistent with what is in the Malaysian Ham regulation.

Are the Malaysian hams so arrogant to defy the radio regulation ?

I ever asked the Chinese hams of the reason for their not going to 7.140 or frequencies above 7.1. The answer was simple. "It is not stated in my ticket." Does this reflect the different form of mentality by ethnicity ?

My presumption is the issue on frequency allocation is settled and is based on black and white.

Frequencies above 7.1 is still being occupied by broadcasting stations.





The best way to decide the status of Sabah is to go to the World Court. Let each side prove and counter disprove the right and the claim as to the ownership of the island. Losing Pulau Batu Puteh does not mean we are going to lose another one

We have good lawyers, not the kampong or loyar buruk, which we have seen and heard. Shafiee, Shahrizat and even our PM are lawyers. And the best is none other than Rais Yatim who is a truly brilliant personality.

There is a pressure in the Philippines to take the case to the International Court of Justice. Najib said we have strong proof too. Then there is nothing to worry about. Let the court decides.

Remember we don't make decision base on public opinion. It must be based on concrete data and concrete evidence. If we are so expert in fabricating data and evidence then surely we can do the same.

I have been following arguments on the websites from their fellow patriots in Malaysia. The Filipinos see the arguments from the side. Much come from the emotional outbursts and sentiments.

The other alternative for Malaysia to win the case is by corrupting the members of the court. We are good at this too. We have been paying foreigners to fight for our palm oil, popularity, disgracing the foes and corrupting other people.

I am sure we will somehow win the case.


My radio friend always complain that the new hams don't even know the different between current and voltage. The statement not substantiate by evidence and data is merely a hearsay, and a hearsay is not valid.

I just wonder how the concept of electrons flow and potential different is relevant to operate a radio. Unless we want to be an electrical or electronic engineer then the knowledge is important and mandatory.

Nevertheless I feel the radio enthusiast should go back to building radio and transmitters using a much larger components so that it is easy to solder and unsolder, the values of components are big enough for them to read. The easiest to contstruct is a single transistor CW transmitter. Built it and work it.

The modern sophisticated radio is hard to repair. To a big majority repairing is almost impossible. The components are too tiny and unreadable, pasted on a layered board. Sending back to the company for repair is near to impossible. Moreover the gadgets are expensive.

Going back to home brewing means electronic and electrical knowledge is vital. We need to trace faulty capacitors and resistors, the voltage drops and the amount of current passing through a circuit.

But it also mean one must know CW.

Otherwise just forget all those current-voltage thing and buy the rig and use them. It makes life so easy and simple.

07/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof