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Most of us have no choice but to cut corners in spending money. The first priority is on food. I can't do home cooking. The time and other chores do not permit me.  Buying food involve high expenditure. Then  the spending follows by the necessities. What were once luxury have become necessities today, for instant a car.

There is a wide range of cars we can choose, the cheapest is about RM25K. The expensive is RM1 million. The mid range is between 60 - 100K. I call it lavish to spend on car above RM50K when there is a cheap car around. Lavish spending is the expenditure on things that are not vital for us. But if you have the money and 1 million is nothing to you then by all mean spend in whatever way you  like.

What is wastage ? It is the spending that is more than the cost or the price. You buy a ply of door for 100 ringgit, the government buys the same door for 800 ringgit, then the amount of wastage is RM700. And the worst is money paid for the non-existing projects. When it involve billions of ringgit the immense wastage is really liability to us. Mind you it is tenth and hundredth of billions.

If we follow the trail of wastage the most come from the procurement department. Products bought were not only too expensive but also of of low quality. This happen to heavy machineries bought either from China or India. And the same thing happen to the purchasing of Scorpene, military hardware and even the items used for general election.

The long list of wastage is very scary and abominable. The people have to bear for the rapacity, the corruptions and kickbacks.

Some people spend out of anticipation. I don't have enough money now but I anticipate a large bonus from my company. So I borrow to spend. Spending more than our income in anticipation of future bonus or profit could be a big gamble. Some of us might still remember how we lost billions of dollars on forex when we bought American currencies expecting for the future profit.

Seeing money in your coffer you may start thinking how to use that money. Seeing public money in the coffer you may start thinking how to take the money for your own benefit. Then you will come up with projects. You call them developmental projects to eyewash and getting the approval for your greed. What cost a dollar, you charge hundred dollars.

The implication of the spending draws the money away from other important commitments, and throwing the burden on the people.

When the pocket is empty we either beg, borrow or steal. The principle is simple. Make law and take from people. We don't have to pay Idris Jala to tell Najib that principle. It is not a talent to injure the people and to draw new ordinance to repress the public.

The audit has given ample but not totally complete and true report of the wastage and spending. It has to be approved by the government before the public is informed about it. There had been no mention of the unequal agreement to benefit the crony companies.

As far as the government is concern the departmental expenditure is more of a wastage rather of it's lavishness. The lavishness is more on personal and individual spending. It is not only confined to the wealthy and the powerful, it is also the taste of the normal man. A factory worker can own a car and a motorbike and cools his house by air conditioning  machine. A school clerk buys a 50K car instead of a 25K vehicle. They spend on wedding ceremonies and a gallant life style.

When the government's coffer is approaching emptiness it raise rates and taxes and device ways to draw money from the public. When the government servants found their money is diminishing they pressed for higher salaries. And the factory workers consult the union for collective bargaining.

The jobless with families to feed even cutting corners has difficulties to make the ends meet. They can't afford a wastage and lavishness. Yet they have to struggle with the continuing price hike. A laborer and the garbage collector with RM900 salary somehow have to have a motorbike to go to work, and a mean of transportation to the whole family.

If the government were to spend wisely and prudently, not giving free public fund to cronies for nothing, not wasting in purchase and construction there won't be spill over of the hardship onto the poor people. It is the insatiable lust for money and power that turn them into demons. The lust will be infinite. The wastage will not end until the populace wake up from their sleep and intoxication. They must not let themselves be drugged by BRM500 or fear of Chinese dominance.

UMNO does not want Malaysian unity. Malaysian unity can end it's dominance and arrogance. Corrupt leaders fear being imprisoned. Lavish wives could face identical fate to Ghadafi. Those have been happenings in some of the countries. The world is patiently observing the fate of Syrian leader Assad.

Opposition leaders do not promise revenge. Their magnanimousness might not be shared by the mob.

But I feel the greed can never stop because they feel they are invincible, even gods cannot harm them.

06/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Record shows our government cannot control inflation, including the pending 10% increase in house price. Any stringent control will lead to shortages. Businessmen know their ways how to wriggle through to escape persecution. No matter what action taken by the government prices of control items kept on climbing. What we used to buy a dollar for a catty is now ten dollars for a kilo.

There will be no hoarding for the building materials. There will be  no import of the production will slow down. Government direct purchase won't bring the price down either because the purchase price will be inflated to a new level. The network of business community had formed like a blood brotherhood.

Mahathir projected only 5% inflation. Prices are not controlled by him, not even by the economists. It is a factor of opportunity and greed. A salesman may hike a price of a certain goods. He takes a chance. Would you report it ? 100 people going to mechanic all paid for the price charged. They said they are paying more for the building rental, food and the spare parts. In short they have a thousand and one excuses.

The Malay contractors would find it a good opportunity for housing projects, promising the government they could build cheaper houses. Past experiences show the contractors that offer the cheapest price in the tender ended up either in raising prices or simply went missing.

Remember the 5% projected by Mahathir is not on one item. The multiple of 5% on 10 items is 50%. The economist may tell us 5% means 5%. You buy less or more you will need to pay only 5% more. Actually the more you buy the more you pay.

Even if it is a real 5%. 5% for a 140K is 7.5 K. RM7500 more is not a 20 cents increase. Many UMNO goons are yelling why bother only 20 cent increase.

We are about to watch the battle between the government and the developers.



The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy. If in the yester years you hire a labor to clean your house compound and he charged you RM15 and today he wants RM50. It means the purchasing power of your money has declined.

The purchasing power of money depends also on the the amount of money in circulation. As the volume increase the power decrease. The rapid increase of currencies do not match the increase of goods and commodities. It is one reason for the price hike; too much money chasing for a few goods.

Hence the ringgit shrinks. A ringgit in 1900 for instant may equals to 2 ringgit in 1930, 3 ringgit in 1940, 10 ringgit in 1990. Simply printing notes as much as the government likes would cause the decline of money value. Within these few years the increase in salaries, the giving out of cash without corresponding amount of work or production and the gasoline price had contributed to the downwards flung in the currency value.

Government servants and workers in the firms belonging to cronies may not feel the pinch. Pensioners, the low income group, the odd job workers and other blue collar workers have to bear the pain.

The economic situations in USA is getting worse. People are losing their homes, migrate to Canada, jobless and millions are leaving on free food and welfare. They blame the banks, the Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. Billions were sent to Israel every year, while the fellow Americans are hunting for free food.

Are we heading that way ?                                              07/09/2013


Do you know what is a multiplier effect of money ? The simple explanation is as follows.  If you have 2 ringgit and you a good for 1.50. Basically the money in circulation is 3.50. Then the person buys something else which cost 1.00 ringgit. The total in circulation is 4.50.

Akin to it but different in term is spill-over. The increase in gasoline by 20 cents would spill over to other goods, commodities and services. The inevitable increase in prices are due to the increasing cost of transportation. It is the consumers who have to pay for them.

You don't buy only one item for the whole month. Say you take a car to a mechanic; first you have to pay more for each of the parts changed. Then you have to pay for the increase service charge. Te total spill-over you have to incur will be big, upsetting the amount Najib is trying to appease you. The RM500 received is not even an atom of what you have to pay for the rest of your life.

What is 10% increase of a RM140K terrace house ? It is not 20 cent. It is RM14K. You give a mandate to Najib to command for the price hike. It is a pity that you choose to stay a blind slave.

05/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I would salute a PHD holder from USA universities. To qualify for a PHD program a student must first pass the Qualifying Test. The test covers the over all knowledge of arts, sciences, sports, politics, current affairs and other general knowledge. Less than 25% would pass and qualify at every test.

In Malaysia or United Kingdom one does not have to sit for any test to qualify for a PHD. Just write a book or a complete work on something new can earn a person a PHD.

A plain man like us do not need those paper qualification. But a wide range of knowledge could make us a rounded person. We can adapt ourselves to various environments and when we talk of some foreign topics we won't make fools of ourselves.

High academic and professional qualifications are to be used wisely for the good of mankind. Unfortunately things do not go that way. Clever people make bullets and bombs, chemical weapons and drones. Some smart brain used their ability to outwit the people, cheat the government and the general public to satisfy their own greed.

Nevertheless if you are given the opportunity to do your PHD would you choose USA or Great Britain ?  05/08/2013


There was a time when we perceive Europeans and Americans are all wealthy, with a high standard of living. My frequent visit to this great nation earned me some conclusive observations. Today Americans are not composed of entirely Anglo-Saxon race, the generation of the Puritans. There were Mexicans, Spanish, Polish, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Arabs and a great number of Israel Jews.

The Chinese and Koreans are getting momentum, running shops and super stores. The Indians and Pakistanis run motels.

Beggars and prostitutes are everywhere. Young and handsome men would approach us for a quarter, young couples begged for meals and the homeless too would whisper for the same amount.

I am of the opinion that the non-White Anglo Saxon are economically better off. The Chinese and the Thais make their fortunes in restaurants. You need to book at least a day in advance for your meal.

Yahoo has a short write up on the poverty and hunger in America. Click here to read more about it.



With the demise of religious morality people no longer recognize colors and good and bad, right and wrong. They condoned robbery and corruption, praise the policies that injured the citizens. And yelled at those who oppose higher taxation and prices. Yet has to come is the legalization of drugs and same sex marriage.


The screening of Tanda Putera and the threatening action to the cinema owners did not show any aggressive challenge. Neither did the DAP leaders put any pressure on the screening. But the response was there. The cinema was empty.

But the goal of Tanda Putera is to instill the distrust and racial hatred among the Malays towards the Chinese. So they will take the movies everywhere where the Malays are dominant.

I don't expect the Chinese and those Malays who are unhappy with UMNO to submit and remain passive. First they would avoid PETRON. And other unseen attacks will soon followed. It will be like 'api dalam sekam', the eddy below the water.

My only hope is in any subsequent attack by the Chinese will not fall on all the Malays except the UMNO supporters.

From the beginning the Chinese use their brain and the brawn to survive without the help of the government. They have resilience, strength and power. On the other hand the Malays have long been pampered and they need people to do the thinking and decision for them.

Their thinking is low. Their have  a myopic vision .

From my own observations I found the Chinese have gained ground in many ways. I would never think Tanda Putera would resolve what UMNO is aiming to do.

How long and how much money does UMNO think they can keep the Malays with them ?

We have to wait and see the  number of Malays who will sway to the Chinese and prefer the Chinese to lead them.

Already we are seeing the increasing number of the Malay parents send their kids to Chinese schools.

I don't think it is wise for UMNO to push anybody to the brim of the abyss. Who in the world will allow themselves being kicked and slapped like animals ? If they can't fight with their muscles they will fight with their brain.

The very idea of reconciliation is smashed to the ground, buried deep in the mud. Tanda Putera is not a reconciliation. It is a bacteria injected to spread the hatred disease.

You create a battle ground you can expect the battle to take place. Brains work. The smarter wins.


This evening at the Pasar Malam I was told the price of chickens have come up. Yesterday the Mamak shop showed me a bill of his purchase increased from RM45 to RM60. More will be coming.

No people with the right kind of mind would celebrate with joy at the pending inflation that will pinch everybody else. And they further told the people to thank God for the small raise in petroleum price.

And no people with the right mind set would be happy with the high premium rate for the small old car, which is higher than the new big car. And these people do. And the insurance company is sucking up people.

They love the AES, said OK for PKZ and Perwaja and Sxorpene wastage and other expanses paid to cronies for nothing, and that involve millions and billions of ringgit.

I notices those who campaigned for UMNO on the FB continue to condemn those who disagree with the price hike. These people must be really sick. Some of their statements indicated that they do not possess any religious morality at all.

 At time it crosses my mind that the Chinese are so much better than the Malays who showed no respect towards the fasting month ( I talked about the Karaoke during the month of Ramadzan before).

The show of Tanda Putera is in 2013, not during the long era of Mahathir, has a hidden agenda. " Why go against NFC and projects to make the Malays wealthy ? We are better than the DAP. " It is a long term defense plan to continually doing injustice and misappropriation of funds, with the support of the Malays. Mahathir didn't have to seek the help of Tanda Putera to discredit the Chinese.

Simply, some people like to see other people suffer. They get every pleasure out of it. Look at their statements in the FB and their blogs.

Sadists are sick people. No wonder they support and condone sick policies. The funny thing is that they yell at others.

Last time we took Jews to advise us. Now do we change the Jews with the Christians ?



My Professor, Khoo Kay Kim, said that one must think at least once a day. I realized that I was much mentally alert 20 years ago than it is now. I assessed myself by looking back at my computer algorithm. I have to think again why I wrote such lines, the purpose I found it hard to remember.

When my mind was able to imagine and mapped complex and complicated algorithm then, today the old valor cease to exist. I know the deterioration is very rapid. I even forget names of people and friends.

Ageing is catching fast. But life has to go on. I need to keep the brain cells working by thinking and analyzing events. I exercised myself once a day, believing healthy mind is in the healthy body.

Thinking involves looking at the trend, the dynamic of events from the past to the present to see the pattern of behavior. Hence I would predict the future. It would have been better if the data was gathered and documented. It also needs a lot of imagination.

To keep up with order I told myself to do a thing a time. It is a little slow but I don't miss anything. When I came home from the dialysis center, I would first open my house door leaving the rest in my car. Then I took whatever things I might have bought like the dinner for my wife, and leaving my wife until I have placed the food on the table. And finally I would take my wife inside the house. And I took my own sweet time to do each task at a time.

I talked to a friend about forgetfulness. He suffers from the same disease, the sign of mental decay.

People are making money selling supplements. I used to buy Ginko for the brain. I don't need to be smart as a layman. I don't need a brain to flip flop like the politician. I don't have to think how to deceive people to stay in power. Go to hell with Ginko. It saves my money a little.

My looking at Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew is the same as what the younger people are looking at me. "Those old men are senile. They talk shit all the time."

They say when the Dajjal arrived one could ask for anything. The Dajjal would honor his promise as long as you vow and obey him. That will the chance for the old folks to request for vitality, vigorousity and lust like the young men. People will vow and prostrate for longevity, money and good health.

But decayed minds seldom harm people. They lack venom and won't spit " tax the people ".

Decayed minds sit in decayed faces, with wrinkled foreheads and eyelids, face bones protruding and with the probable dark pigments on the cheeks. The grave is seconds away.

04/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


At the time when Thailand hosted it's first SEANET convention Ham Radio was not yet legal in the country. Yet there were a few persons closed to a Colonel who run factory for the Thai military hardware having the HS call signs. It was the big occasion for the Thais because it was the day Ham Radio was declared to be legal.

The contingent from Malaysia was one of the biggest from outside Thailand. Several army personnel running 9M2MT club station, Loke ( 9M2AP ), Eshee ( 9M2FK ), Chow ( 9M2CF ), me and SWL Lim ( now 9M2LC ) and a few others joined up to take a train to Bangkok.  We did not stay at the convention hotel as it was a little expensive.

We met friends who we always talked to. I remember Cheppy was there and a few Karen hams. Mas Henro YB2CR was with his wife.

One of the attendees was the man who made OSCAR satellite, a Japanese with purely American slang. We gathered around him to appreciate his rapid sending and copying high speed CW with his ears. That was really a marvelous man. At that time I could not read CW at that speed at all.

I could not imagine how God created a man of sciences, who design and build satellite, mastering foreign language and very skillful in Morse Codes.

The reminiscence of this great man loom as I heard an immense bragging out of the local hams trying to portray their expertise, greatness and super-ego.

To me it was the first SEANET. The Opening ceremony was gallant and grand, glowed by the beautiful and gorgeous Thai girls. When the Head of the Thai Telecom declared that Ham Radio was a legal entity the celebration was very jubilant.

Lim, in the lucky draw, won an ATLAS transceiver. He had yet to pass his CW before he could make use of the rig.

I don't remember the day of the Idil Adha. But I, Yaacob, Dhalan, Cheppy and a few others were taken to the Muslim village by two Thai Muslim young girls. We went for our prayer and visited a few houses.

Aidil Adha in Bangkok was also glamorous and colorful. There were waves of visitors going from house to house, reciting a short surah and move to the next house. There was no TV on. Only the Koran recitations were heard.

The experience was fulfilling.

The fun and excitement of hamming had been great. To me that was one of the best SEANET I ever experience. I don't know what happen to the Japanese scientist now. Probably he is still around.

04/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not saying what the old hams practiced was right. Neither  would I say we have to emulate them.

Groups meet. Sometimes there were more than 3 groups. This happened usually on Sunday because the crowd was big on the weekend. I don't belong to any particular clan. If I need to talk to Chow and Chong I would go to the Penang group.

Our group communication differ from the Indonesians, not because we were right and they were wrong. It had been our tradition having the round table style. If there were 4 persons, A will pass to B, B to C, C to D and D back to A. If on the course of the chat E broke in and A was talking, A would pass to the new comer. E would pass the turn to C. The circle went on but the labels changed, and the the sequence follows.

If one of them decided to sign off and he passed the transmission to the next person. The next person just wish him good luck and subsequently everyone would wish him before the normal chat resumed.

Surely this is different from the Indonesians.

Every passing of a transmission mentioned both call signs. This is vital because we were in a group. The ding-dong, back and force, without mentioning the call sign has never happen in a group. It won't be awkward if only two persons were in contact.

Even then it was rare for the ding-dong, no mention of the call signs, to take place. Out of 100 passing back more than 80 times the call signs were mentioned.

May be ham radio was regarded as a grand hobby, created by the degree of difficulty to qualify for the ticket. Morse codes were the pride then. To maintain the grandiose and glamour, it had to have characters differ from other radio services and hobbies. Pirate and CB languages and styles were regarded as the lowest grade.

The intelligent used of the PTT was to allow people or our counterpart to break in. The PTT was pressed as our vocal chords sent our voice out, and released when we stopped talking. I don't know whether this is Malaysians or International. I saw Eshee and Idris doing it, and I followed them. Eventually everyone came to know how to use the PTT.

It was on Sunday when we went on CW for a short practice, not on frequency below 7.030 but at any empty frequency below 7.1. 9M2CF and 9M2CW and 9M2FK were the masters and the most regular.

As far as I can remember all communications were in English even among the Malay hams. We sat the test in English. They were essay types. Amateur Radio was regarded as an international activities. That was the old culture. BUT old does not mean better.

04/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Who did not know Edison, the great inventor ? Who are we to compare with such a masterly minded man. The intelligent surpassed ours and Edison goes into history. Yet years later we know how he downplayed Nikolai Tesla and cheated the poor Nikolai, belittled the young man's ability . But today we know it was Tesla who is far greater than Edison. From the AC current to the current fearful HAARP the intelligent of Nikolai Tesla was beyond comparison. He supersede the DC current Edison.

Another case of the conflict of intelligent minds were when Marconi was trying to send radio signal from one continent to another. One group of the intelligent people duped it as an impossible task as the earth surface is not flat but in curvature. Last but not least the labor of Wright Brothers were criticized by the Physicists saying the density of the plane is higher than that of the air. There was no way the plane could float in the air.

We also know that Singapore practice meritocracy. Only the intelligent people are fit to rule. Long after the intelligent people running the Republic they realized that Singapore was ageing. There were more older people than the young population.

Base on those few and others I came to the conclusion that I must not look at who said things. What is more important is ' what was said '. Intelligent minds may not necessarily speak intelligently or trustworthy as I saw in Edison. Tesla was only credited decades later after his death. How bad, inconsiderate and selfish some intelligent people can be. If Edison live till today probably he would be booed for his idiosyncracy.

There are too many people with distorted mind today. They fought hard for the price increase and inflation. They condoned GST and the raise in gasoline price. They supported people who lied through their teeth. Indeed the sad part of human tragedy. The error was injected into mankind so that the hell will not be empty.

03/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The towkey of an electronic shop I used to go is a lady, sweet and beautiful. She looked younger than her working daughter. A couple of months ago she told me that she was going to France with a group of business women. I went to her shop again about a week later to hear stories about her trip. She was not there. I was told by another shop owner that she was robbed while in France.

I was very curious to know more. This morning I dropped by and she was there. " I just come back from Russia," she told me. "Very cold, isn't it ?" I asked. "Yes very cold summer."

I goaded her to tell me about the robbery. How was it done. She said in the evening 14 of them, all women, went out to do some window shopping. All of a sudden a group of Blacks  rushed and rammed them. 14 of them fell on the floor of the shopping complex. When they stood up they found all their hand bags were missing.

Black men cause problems everywhere. There was a kind of ring including professionals who worked out to bring them here. And they cheated and deceived hundred of Malaysians.

In Mecca they created problems to both the authority and the visitors. They also cheat and steal.

In USA you will find them by the hundreds in Queen, Chicago gathering during the night time probably peddling drugs among themselves.

"Malaysia is better," she finally concluded. I said nothing to refute her remark, knowing that we too are not safe.

But I can assure you that shooting in USA is an everyday affair. It is dangerous to walk alone.

Vandalism is rife in both continents, North America and Europe and hard to control. Sometimes it makes us wonder the effectiveness of their police force.

Could we gauge the crime condition based on the number of prisoners ? If it is so, USA has the most prisoners followed by China, Russia and India. But they have a huge population.

Figures do not tell the whole and true stories. What if the criminals are not caught. In Europe pick pockets are many as in other places. What if the criminals simply went missing, secretly murdered by secret vigilantes ?

How many arrest were there in Mafia town ? Perhaps this area is a heaven for criminals and drug peddlers.



UMNO is telling the stupid youths that Malaysian gasoline is cheaper here as compared to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Gasoline has always been expensive in Thailand but commodities, food and services are cheaper than Malaysia. And the prosperity of Thailand is leading this country. And Singapore's strong economy, money as well as the income of the people could buy them more than fuel. They could also buy the whole of Malaysia. I would touch Indonesia at all. You need to know the people and the country better to understand what's happening there.

The UMNO Cyber Trooper is running around yelling that 20 cents is a small amount. Why make a fuss of it.

20 cents increase in fuel will drive every other goods to rise by at least 10 cents. You buy ten goods you are paying a dollar more. The more costly the commodity is the higher will be the raise.

All government efforts to control prices never stop them from becoming more and more expensive.

The Malays were accustomed to live like slave and be cheated their whole life by those they happily chose. The more stupid the people are the more happy UMNO leaders are.

Serve you right by choosing them. Had not I said before I will have a big laugh and clap my hands at those stupid goons.

03/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


BRIM has it's own agenda, which was a bait and has the element of corruption. So was the increase in salaries and other promises prior to GE13. It was for the benefit of the ruling party to retain power. The GST, the raise in tax and other premium have another agenda. Hence they have to be treated separately. We don't lump the oranges and the apples into one basket and call the people to give the same name. It is bad to demand equal gratitude for both. Further more BRIM and salary raise do not affect all people. But gasoline price affect everybody.


I have long wonder why the cost of living in Thailand is lower in Thailand despite the high gasoline price. For decades our currency had been stronger but for the last few years we have to pay more for the Thai baht.

I don't know the situation in USA today. I remember the price of many commodities and raw foods were much cheaper than in Malaysia though the exchange rate was more than 2.5 to 1. Car price was amazingly low.

The other day at a mini market I saw someone paid almost a hundred ringgit for a small tin of baby milk. Even without the GST prices were more than triple. The ground nut I used to pay for 80 cents is now RM3.

However in Malaysia price increase will follow as the gas price increase. It does not come to soon. No amount of government's warning and arrest will halt the hike. A meal that cost RM3 is now RM8 to RM15. Fish and squids are darn expensive now.

When you go to a market you don't pay 20 cent more. You may be paying RM2 more. If the government gives you RM500, it does not last you even two months. The spill over is just like the multiplier effect. A 6% increase in GST may cost us ten times more. You go out everyday and you pay much more than the initial 20 cents. Today the Mamak showed me a bill of his purchase which he used to pay RM45 is now RM60 starting from today.

Government servants aren't affected because of their high pay. As prices increase and the cost of living fly up they will seek for more pay. And after the RM500 has vanished those recipients will have to start crawling again their whole life.

A single storey terrace is now RM140K, a bungalow costs between 1/2 a million to a few millions, the common ones are RM800K. When the local can't afford they sell to the foreigners. People are driven to flats and other high rise.

Yet we are told to support UMNO and to thank God for the folly. When UMNO slap a man, the man is told, "You should thank God because I don't kill you. Thank me because I only slap you."

03/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Of what state of mind a person is to say YES to billions of wasted money in the purchase of unsinking Scorpene, PERWAJA, PKZ, indelible ink and much more ?

Of what state of mind a person is to say YES to corruption, inefficiency and the declining morality of the Muslim youths and even to gangterism ?

Learn about Dajjal to understand more of the leadership and the followers. Are we not prostrating to such a sinister being, to right the wrong, to worship for the promise ?

The art of deception is the Dajjal approach. Get the Youtube clips on the Dajjal, and think deep about it. Find out more what the Dajjal Approach is as you peruse those documentaries.

Our minds have been distorted by the media.



A terrace house rental in Kuala Lumpur is RM800. My wife rented her house at RM180 though all other houses within the vicinity cost RM250.

But rates had gone up by leap and bound. The value of money flung way down. Now with the gas price business communities will hike up prices, further pushing down the purchasing power. What choice do I have to combat the rising cost other than to increase the rental.

That's how rental climbs from time to time, to adjust with the current money value as inflation catches up. Go to the super market and jot dow the prices of the commodities and compare them with the price in a couple of months time. UMNO goons will still love it.


Almost everyone pays taxes of various forms. We don't pay taxes to God for giving us life and good health. All what God asks was for mankind to remember the Al-Mighty and always be thankful for the daily providence.


In 1965 after leaving school I went to Bangkok to watch an Asian Game. On the day of the Opening Ceremony, I dressed up in a Malay costume, wearing my Songkok and the Sampin. I took up the grand stand seat.

Soon after several Chinese and Indians came to surround me. They spoke Malay and introduced themselves as Malaysians. The whole group made themselves heard when the Malaysian contingent passed by.

More than two decades later, when Rashid, Rusli and me were on a train to the heart of New York City, a young Chinese boy approached us as he heard our Malay conversation. He introduced himself as a Perakian from Ipoh, working in a Malaysian restaurant. " I yearn to go back to Malaysia...", he said so in Malay. He never talked about a permanent resident in USA but instead expressing his sadness to miss the people and the country.

There were numerous other occasion when I met the Malaysians Chinese in USA and other places who only identified themselves as Malaysians.

To identify Malaysian to the Malays is a pure absurdity. The Thai Malays have always been proud of their Thai nationalities despite their hard life in the South. The Indonesian Malays have pride in themselves for being Bangsa Indonesia ( Indonesian Race ). The Mamaks grouped themselves together but conveniently called themselves Malays to reap whatever is available in the street..

The game of nationalism through ethnicity has always been a cloak to hide individual greed, may it be a Chinese, Indian or a Malay. It is a game to gain support and popularity so that the covert agenda can proceed without interruptions. The trick is simple. Let the people fight each other while they can enjoy the big projects and the big money.

We are all Malaysians. We have been living together for ages. Don't let the greed and the robbers split us apart. Don't let the politicians play us against each other. Each and everyone of us must not give face to extremism and to tell our kin not to tolerate racial ego and superiority. Or else we will be heading towards bloody relationship, lives will be lost for nothing. We are not savage and don't think like one.

We are all Malaysians and must unite to combat the many problems we are all facing.

02/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

We pay the road tax for the making and maintenance of the road we use. We pay all other taxes to run a government; pay the salaries who govern, of the civil service that serve the people and for other developments and services.

It is to be concurrent between the welfare of the government and the governed.

I found it disturbing and awkward when an UMNO Menteri Besar was insinuating that only UMNO and BN supporters pay taxes. Why not when he threatened not to develop any area won by the opposition. And many are waiting for the government to announce that only UMNO and BN members and supporters pay the dues.

The conscientious citizens would want to know the trail of their money so that it won't be misused. And any Muslim who are trustees must performed their obligation well to spend the fund for the benefit of everyone regardless of their political beliefs and racial back ground.

I pay rate to the City Counsel by a few hundred ringgit a year. So far I see where my money goes to. They cut the grass and clear the garbage. And they provide jobs to the poor people.

I got damn mad when the money for cows went somewhere else and arrogantly use their influence to punish those who cried foul. And when a Malay Muslim Minister declared to use they money collected from the public for selective development.

The Pharaoh was condemned for being too haughty, showing no respect to God. Are not the Malaysians disregard Islam and God to claim they can do what they like to whoever they like to ? To say " To stay in this country you must pay us .. otherwise live somewhere else..." is thus claiming the absolute ownership of the land that belongs to God.

The Caliph of Allah has to be fair and understand his duty to those who feed them with bread and butter. The people.



Wash and Dry washing machine is here now. I don't know how much it cost and I don't want to know it. My daughter bought it when she came home for the Hari Raya.

The old machine is in my shack. I washed what belong to me and my wife, manually filling and draining the water, and spin to almost dry before I took out to the sun. It has never been a burden and never been a hassle.

I never iron my cloth, making me a shabby old man. I don't need to be looked nice except when I attended a wedding festivals or special events. Nylon clothing would serve the purpose for many occasions.

Wash and dry ? I used to laundry my clothing in foreign countries. They have separate drying machines. I had to manually transfer from one to another. I was curious and put it to try. My daughter had briefed me the setting. I just followed the three steps. It took 2 hours plus to complete. Indeed wash and dry. They were warm too.

The machine is splendid but I don't know how much of electricity it consumed. The heating element always consumed power. The other day I wrongly pressed the button twice and it washed three time for hours and hours but never dry. I told myself it would cost me a fortune to pay the utility bill.

Otherwise it is really a wonderful machine. When I learned of the minimal power usage I would fully utilize it to my benefit.

I would not even thought about such a machine 60 years ago. Today we are being invaded by 3D TV, a palm size gadget that do thousand and one tasks and many more techno wonders.

This is not yet the highest achievement of mankind. It is fearful to think of the future. To the old people like me it is a bizarre image of zombies and other experimented creatures. Believe me I even see Zombie in Mahathir. And you can kill people a thousand mile away via drone object.

Wash, spin and dry all by itself and in one go makes life easy. All you need to do and buy this wonder technology.

02/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

9M2RB in Bukhara

Again another wonder of life. You can get immediate picture of someone thousand of miles away.



Arrogant and despotic ruler had to divide and rule to retain power and at the same time will strengthen his position by allying himself with strong foreign powers to ensure his domestic foes will not get help from them. Assad thought he could escape foreign intervention by his offer of goodwill to the Americans and at the same time his Russian brothers behind him.

His army is pounding on his enemies, the locals who could no longer  stand him. Weak and suppressed people would seek help anywhere they can, and there are countries which bound to provide military aid. In Syria there is no question of escaping the civil war because the war has happened, and there had been great tolls.

Malaysia has been thinking very hard how to contain similar eventualities, and had done almost everything within her power to ensure domestic tranquility.

Nobody wants bloodshed. But we can't afford to create hatred among ourselves, playing one race against the other, and arrogantly displaying the avarice and the loathful act of crime done as to say " Yes, we take your money. What can you do..."

When the enemy become bigger they become stronger. They won't stand still to allow themselves being bullied and lied upon. Wasn't that happen in Iraq, Libya and Syria ? As I see, the way things go it will not reduce the tension between the citizens, those who support BN and those who don't.

The only healthy way to stop the expansion and growth of political hatred and revenge is not to commit things the public seen as crimes. The overbearing behavior of the EC chiefs on the indelible ink and other election matters, the arrogant behaviors of people in the cow-condo projects and a long mile list of other crimes could never be bought with money.

And to avoid any atrocities, which are still under controlled.

At this juncture Malaysia is still free from civil unrest or civil war. Even poor people can have daily meals and the leaders are still able to make some people follow them.

Despite the control, unforeseen disaster might strike any time. The polarization is there. UMNO is continuing with the fueling of racial hatred and racial tension continue to heigten. With some UMNO heads who are very very bossy and mischievous the wind of future civil unrest would have to come. It may be in the next 20 or 30 years.

31/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Movies that I watch and blog that I read had created great fear in me. The White House Down, Olympus has Fallen and the Retaliation of GI Joe are epic and splendid movies, entertaining and warning the Americans how the White House could be attacked and the possible consequences that could befell upon the Presidents. Even President could be faked and the members of the White House could be traitors.

Just now the news on TV1 was talking about the Malaysian gangsters and the denial of the involvement of the politicians in the organizations. Gang 04 and 08 were reported to come out in the open marching displaying the gang banners, challenging the police. It was reported that our most top politicians were rubbing shoulders with the gang bosses.

Many members of the public accused the police to be members of the underground activities, accepting money and gifts from the illegal activities.

The biggest fear is when the country is ruled and under the control of Mafia and gangsters. If the police had watched the above mentioned movies I am sure they will be more careful, and would watch the politicians more closely. If they have to act then they must act.

Machiavelli wrote,"....consuming their time and money in idleness, gaming and women, their chief aim was to appear well dressed and to speak with wit and acuteness, whilst he who could wound others the most cleverly was thought the wisest...." So the ignorant voters thought they chose the wisest by their clever maneuver.

Zahid Hamidi must act tough regardless of the status of the politicians by a direct act or by using the tact of the same clever maneuvering and acuteness. The task is tough but it has to be done. Put some fear in those politicians named. Make them shiver and resign in a dignified way and a gallant manner.

Democracy is bad when the populace are stupid and ignorant and easily  deceived. BN does not need to beg from gang members for a place in parliament. It would betray the people and the nation. Wake up and open your eyes. Our last hope are the good people in the police and the army to save the nation from destructions.

29/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Both Hollywood and the Tamil movies do not serve us movies merely to entertain and educate us They also aim at the persuading and inspiring us to awaken tand fight against crimes and injustice. One Tamil movie depicted the incarnation of a Hindu God into a doctor and a university Professor who fought against villains and suppressors. It made the ferocious killings of the gangsters and inconsiderate landlords legal and vital for the justice of the suppressed.

Many movies portrayed the involvement of the high ranking police with the underground movements; illicit drugs and prostitution, and running illegal businesses which  are menace to society. In the United States killings are of daily affairs. In some areas people are living in fear. Drugs and gang fights are rife.

If the movies are pure fictions, it however showing the mental setup of the movie makers who were fed up of the continuing crimes and corruption. They dreamed of the existence a super powered man like the Judge Dredd and the man incarnation of a Hindu god to pop up and eliminate the villains once and for all without the distrusted police.

Malaysian movies have different agenda. Tanda Putera is more on the political propaganda. My sick wife was astounded by Malaikat di Tepi Pintu ( angle at the door) until she talked in her sleep about the story. Many programmed themselves to watch Khurafat and cancelled all other plans. Those were merely a normal and entertaining movies. We dared not project any stories that are gibing.

Foreign movies could sometime be the mirrors to our nation. Stories wrote as if they were for us. You see these in many Tamil films.

But we cannot solely rely on movies to guide us in our living and our actions. Movies are imagination. We must not allow ourselves being drugged into the same world of imagination no matter how strong the persuasive power. And in Malaysia no person is strong enough and powerful enough to clean the nation of evil and demon. Evil force prevail. It is the choice of the people.

30/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My memory of the independent day 31 August 1957 is very fuzzy. I was 10 years old attending a Malay school in standard three. I remember the spirit was strong. Remember the Babu Ubat Gegat and Chat Gila I told you about ? Every time I saw Chat Gila he would shout MERDEKA with an umbrella in his right hand and the illiterate Babu would die for Tunku Abdul Rahman. My family, the fishermen from Kuala Kedah, arrived our home at the wee hours in the morning to celebrate the 1st independent day.

Everywhere we saw smiling faces, happy and enthusiastic. The word MERDEKA uttered  was truly borne from the heart.

At some occasion I heard scholarly adult making sinister comment about our fate and our future. They said that the trishaw pullers life will never change and the poor would remain poor. I really didn't understand what they meant. I just ignored them.

As kids we shouted Merdeka aloud from time to time; when we were at play and when we passed each other. To me Tunku Abdul Rahman was a real hero who freed us from the British rule without any bloodshed. Later I heard someone remarked about getting an independent in a sissy manner, unlike the Indonesians who out up great fights against the colonizer.

Crowds gathered at Padang Court in front of the national mosque to celebrate. I had wanted to wear the new shirt I called Baju Kertas, a shirt with newspaper design. Those with radios tuned to Radio Malaya to hear Tunku's speech, loud enough to let the whole village heard. I gathered only one house was equipped with a radio in my village.

In the evening my relatives began to make a move back home to Kuala Kedah by boat. But the night was still jubilant and the town was glittering with colorful light.

Today the joy and ecstasy has faded. The celebration takes a new form; Mat Rempit would go for the racing, people partying and drinking and instead of uniting the people we are splitting them to strengthen our political position.

30/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny things still happen in schools. I saw pictures of students sitting on the school corridor writing punishment posted by a teacher in the facebook.  And following her write up she always condemn her students. She even accused her students for damaging her car. She did not publish a picture in a session but from time to time she would publish showing her students were asked to crawl. Those are secondary school kids. I told the school administrator to advise her for fear of defamation suit. Te school did not take my advice.


Mr Z was a non-graduate mathematic teacher who pride himself as a good and competent mathematician. But the school mathematical result had never been good. The whole group blame the stupid students who were poor in arithmetic at the entry level into my school. One day Mr Z came to my room, pulled my hand asking me to see his class. A boy standing near the black board was said didn't even know how to divide one by two. I said nothing and went back to my office.

I cannot tolerate teachers who always blame on the students stupidity. I was recommended by a friend of a teacher from Penang who wanted to a transfer to Alor Setar. I worked out for Mr Wong to be placed in my school.

The first thing I told Wong was not to say the students are stupid. Sick people need treatment, not to send them home and wait for their death.

With Wong came a few more science teachers also graduates and I told them the same thing about the students.

In the end Mr Wong proved his ability. Mathematics shot up from about 20% to 80% plus of quality passes. Science above 95%. It is attitudes that matter.                                               28/08/2013

Teachers and head masters are sometimes sadists. The case of using the toilet as a temporary canteen did not provide with sensible explanation. And I am of the opinion the head master is not smart enough. Things would cool down and errors would have been forgotten if the head master was transferred out. Instead the school is taking revenge.

We are hearing that the young Indians are getting themselves into gangsterism for a number of reasons. Among other things is the hatred for the government for the discrimination and mistreatment of the Indians. Already SK Seri Pristana has been dragged into political scene. Names like UMNO and Mahyuddin had been mentioned. In fact it has become a racial issue.

And probably someone at the far corner is clapping his hand and said, "Serve the Indian right for supporting BN." If it is so BN is not worried for the Indian will forget with another handout of cash in the next GE.

The case must be settled meticulously and wisely. Parents may yell using whatever swear words and curses as long as they do not resort to violent act. On the other hand the gangsters say nothing but resort to shooting and damaging properties.

Only history can tell if the same incident happen in a secondary school.

The discipline of fasting is not turning the face away from those who are eating and food on the table, or even sleep the whole day to rest the weak body. The business is like usual. Sitting with the non-Muslims friends who are eating should not make us more hungry and crave for the available food. Laboring oneself or exercising doesn't drain one's energy. They strengthen the fasting discipline.

If we go to war we hide from the enemy. We penetrate into the heart of the enemy line.

Could we blame the Indians for their sensitivities when their temple had once been attacked, Indian prisoners found dead in the lock up, their youths were shot and PI Bala mysteriously suffered from the heart attack at the inappropriate time ? They felt they were being discriminated against.

I think the act of photographing the kid concerned was not a prudent move. That is the striking factor that triggered the prolonged confrontation.

What now ? Every error made has to be paid, both the head master and the parent who was alleged to threaten the school. A Guru Besar is not indispensable. He has to go.

28/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A murder, taking away one's life, has always been regarded as a crime. Again words are manipulated when the same act is not called a murder in time of war. For a country to legally kill lives it would be very simple. Just declare a war and go for the killing spree.

We don't go around and simply killed any person we want or feel like killing. People kill to defend themselves. Even defend could be interpreted in different ways. You can go an ambush or attack a group of people saying that you have to eliminate them or else those people will kill you. It is like saying 'the best defense is to attack'. It is better to fight the enemy in their land than on our soil.

A planned murder does not come from an immediate impulse and it is called a premeditated murder. We have an intent and plan to do it. The non plan and the outburst of the act to kill can happen when you go home and find your wife sleeps with a man.

It is interesting to look at the case of Altantuya. We are about to say that the lady is not murdered and not killed. Have we said that ? Or are we saying it is not a murder at all because she is the enemy of the state ?

At times we come to conclusion that bad people deserve to die. So we kill the gangsters, mafia, cartels, robbers and other criminals. In the pursue of universal justice some innocent lives may have been killed too. Justice is not without a cost.

Justice or not, right or wrong, we want to know who cause the killings. It is easy for a man to put the blame on the gun. But the gun blames the finger. The finger blame the man. The man blames the person who give him the gun. The man who provides the gun blame the person who force him to give the gun.

You know what the final words are. Blame God, it is fated that God let he dies that way. Are we all fated to die and have been pre-destined to die that way ? It is the will of the God. Didn't the EC people use this excuse ?

Simiar to Altantuya there were many other cases that crimes do not happen because no people went to jail for it. It happen to Perwaja Steel and Bank Bumi. And it would probably happen to PKZ too.

We call it chaos. They call it order.

25/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To resurrect the existing old hams to come back is almost impossible for some reasons or others. Neither could we resurrect the past atmosphere, which is almost to impossible. The total spirit disappear, evaporate with the demise of the gang groups. The absent of enthusiasm is due to the disappearance of the traditional atmosphere.

There are still a few old hams around; Radin Lukman, Raja Iskandar, Rajamani, Chin, Yee, Chow, Weng, Linggam, Bahar,  Rashid, Yusoff, Khalid , Othman, Monti, Kamal and several more in Peninsular Malaysia. Many still monitor the band.

There is one ham, 9W2TZ, who tried to bring back some of these people by  sending them antenna and even rigs. The effort did not bear fruit.

Even if they come back on the band the pleasure will not be as before. In the past there were no rogue people coming to disturb. Any bad transmission would soon be caught by the authority. From the remarks passed we could in fact identify the racial stock, creed and the status of the ruffians. If it is a kind of filth and deterioration I blame the old hams who have the myopic visions.

Anyway SWLing is fun too.

It is not only Malaysian hams who disappeared from the band. I don't hear old buddies from Indonesia too. Though many had passed away, I did hear names like Hadi and Cheppy coming to Kuala Lumpur. In the North were Kadir and Supomo; they too vanished from the band.

I guess the whole world may have identical experience.

Could ageing be the main factor for the withdrawal ? Or could it be the other commitments demand more attention ?

I believe the buddy effect came into play. No buddy killed the complete interest. The time to hunt for DX stations had been over. Coming on the band is merely to chat. And chatting with buddies bring more fun.

I expect the new hams to raise up their own buddy groups and would park somewhere for an evening chats. It looks like the preference is on computer chat.

26/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a person's own wish and choice whether to sit for CW test or not. I can encourage people to take CW but I can't demonize them if they chose to stay away from it. I am a Pro-CW guy, bad or good.

But those who are sitting for Morse may not be Pro-CW protagonist. Neither were they anti anti-CW proponents. First they want to test themselves of their ability to learn what people said as tough. How tough was it or was it a mere myth ? Secondly they have the desire to work all the band, without going the easy way to beg from the authority. They believe in their own might and struggle for survival. Thirdly they want to have fun.

While those who reject CW because they want Malaysia to follow what USA and some other countries are doing.

Each person is entitled to his own opinion, views and stand.

I learned that those who passed the test do not want to come on the mode just to please their friends, which I think is not a wise move. Their friends must respect them as much as they were respected. The term mutual respect means respecting each other.

Morse, like any other language, can get rusty if it is neglected. We don't simply let the hard-acquired thing to go vanishing itself. You need to keep it by regularly using it.

Though we can use computer to work Morse we also need to use our fingers and ears to send and copy them from time to time just not to let the rust begin to gather. At contest computer helps to speed up the logging and communicating processes.

Don't let CW or CW issue hinders friendship. Never bring up the topic in the discussion in the mixed groups. When the CWers get together obviously CW topics would be fun to discuss, without the mentioning of those who are not interested in them. The other night when I had an eyeball with 9M2NP he had a pleasure of narrating how he copied and sent the codes.

I would not encourage a person to totally abandon Morse just to please his friend and to get himself into their good book. Likewise they should not isolate or condemn him for his interest in seeking knowledge, skill and experience. There must be a mutual respect.

26/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has more than 10 years a factory worker who married a staff of my wife rented a single storey terrace house belonging to my wife for RM180 a month. He came to our house expressing his wish to move to his newly bought home, also a single storey terrace but a little longer.



The police said the bus that plunged into the ravine was in the police black list. I admit that I don't understand what it means. What does the black list mean ? It is just like pasting a piece of paper on the bus saying 'you are a bad bus' and the bus will go it's usual affair.

At each of the accidence you hear a Minister talks. Then it was very quiet until the next accidence and more death. A Minister is seen again. It goes on and on. Should I blame the Minister or you who put them there ?

Did I hear the police saying accidents happen because people do not pay their summons ? Someone did ask the question 'what has not paying the summon to do with accidents ?'

Of course the supporters of UMNO will ask 'what has the government to do with the bad bus driver ?'

They will only smell the stench at the later part of their lives. At that time they will know the answer.

It is the smell of money that creates distortions. They will have to swallow what they had created.

It is a dream of most people to have a home of their own. I didn't ask him much except the price and the monthly payment incurred.

His house cost RM140K and the monthly payment is above RM600. His is a medium range. The low range house cost RM80K. I talked about the probability of the renovation on the low range home, which could reach to about 20K.

I stopped there. I did not talk about the political rhetoric and the promises, as not to fan up anger against the politicians people seem to trust.

A home I know costs between half a million to 900K in the state of Kedah. Hence the greedy people will rush for the property development. There is a rush for agriculture land and water catchment areas. Even forests are cleared for the big money.

It is not the Malays alone who can't afford a million ringit home. There are thousands of other races found them very expensive.

Our future generations will live in flats. If I were to blame UMNO the party will say even under DAP the people will have to pay the same amount. They will not take any responsibility and the blame, faced by the people.

A home is not merely a place to stay and sleep and rest, to protect against rain end shine, it is also a place for the nurturing the growth of emotional development of their children. It is a place where the sick rest and a rite for a newly born and the death.

Once the government create a ghetto, it will also creates the epicenter of drug factory.

A home can be a flat but not a nest for a flock of families. No politician or Dato's want to stay in such a nest. Look at their homes, as huge as a palace of fantasy. They are the Rakyat. The Rakyat come first.



Amateur radio repeaters, once set up, are usable by all license hams. There is no question of membership or paying the fees. Else any repeater only for exclusive members could only be triggered by the members using a given code.

It is bad to chase a fellow Malaysian from the repeater for not paying a fee but allowing the foreigners using it from their own home. I would say it is improper to discriminate users.

On the other hand it is very pertinent for users to donate, not for using it, but with having an equal responsibility to share for the maintenance and repair. Concerted effort to voluntarily donate or pay for the repeater maintenance fee would lighten the burden of those who sacrifice part of their earning for the purpose of the hobby.

22/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Two more old hams left us in the recent bus accidence that plunged into the ravine. Chan Fook Choy and Leong Siew Meng were good buddies of Zainal, 9M2ZA, who always meet once a week for eyeballing. Chow, 9M2CF, who had a pain on his back finally decided not to join the Genting trip.

We send our condolences to families of the demise hams who had long been with us.

22/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The graduates in IT and those other jobless need to find jobs. A good and a secured job is not easy to find these days. Many were given hope that UMNO could save them.

To create an army there must be enemies. If the government can spend a few millions each year it could help these people. Hence the enemy has been found; the Red Bean Army.

UMNO has formed an army of cyber trooper to focus on popular web sites, countering all the comments though they sound so very stupid.

A strong Najib or UMNO would not benefit the nation if the members keep  on pillaging of national coffers. The pursue for wealth would still neglect the plunging of Malay youths into the abyss of drug abuse, the decline in morality and the raising crimes in the country.

I can't say how much each of them is paid. I would estimate it could have been at the minimum of 5K a month, a salary not for the named-job as cyber trooper but with other name.

A few questioned the source of money paid for political agenda. Even the money for the Open House was perceived from the tax payers. Could someone provide with the detail account of the expenditures for the Open House, the family weddings and the millions spent on the voters ?

If there is no Red Bean Army it is imperative for the opposition to gather volunteers to fight the government owned troopers. Pakatan Rakyat does not have the source to pay to the people to do the job other than depending on those who care for their survival and safety.

22/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Cars on the road are bumper to bumper. Kids are carrying Samsung and the iPhone. Aren't Malaysians wealthy ?

My clerk with a salary of about 1.5K owned a hand phone and had just bought a new MyVi. I asked her how much she paid for the phone bill. She said RM250 a month. I was surprise because I only pay RM30 monthly. Her installment for the car was about RM450.

One other worker was a gardener, an Indian, who would moonlighting working mending railway track. He told me his wife needed a freezer, a washing machine and a big screen TV. The take home pay from my school was about RM86. The rest went to Moccis.

Business people prefer a long term loan with fewer amount to pay. The longer the loan the more they get. More people can own expensive hard wares.

Counting the number of cars on the road would not tell the  economic status of the whole citizens.

Then we should count the number of people commuting on the train and busses at each Balik Kampong. These are people without cars though they may own smart-phones.

Domestic violence and confrontation due to the low economic status and hard living were not shown by the vehicles they own. In other words even people with low income would squeeze themselves to buy used cars. Yet I saw a mother carrying a new born baby on a motorcycle driven by her husband.

But UMNO is telling the people,"Look at the Malaysians. They are very wealthy and prosperous. Otherwise they won't be cars on the road."

22/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When the days were fine and I was not at the troubled age my radio would be on at 5 pm almost every day. Idris would be the first to call. I remember the frequency, 7.040 mhz, when at exactly 5 pm the same CQ call was heard. Years later when Idris were busy with his chores I would be the first to call.


I developed a preconceived idea on persons who came to see me to lobby or asking for promotion. And my thought on someone who was trying to teach me to do my work is worst. The Chinese used the word 'face' to describe many things. It is akin to honor. I just simply don't have 'face' to seek promotion from my boss, or even asking for a favor. Anybody who is good will be recommended for promotion, and those who do not deserve should even resign themselves. It was the low achievers who always approach for a better post. They don't have 'face' and integrity to do such a thing.

I hated lobbyist because they took a lot of my time.

I could have been rude, by postings on my door, barring the lobbyists and those seeking favors and promotion.

I just adore the hard working people, and respect them to the finest and highest degree. I deplore beggars and people who constantly begging and persuading the authority to give them awards and rewards without doing anything. It drains resources and turning us to be lazy and stupid citizens.

My brother in law's firm and a company belongs to a friend entered tenders for my school's projects. I told the board not to choose them. They could apply for the jobs somewhere else. I can lose a friend and a relative but not my face and my honor.

When you work to your principal many people will not like you, and you tend to reject things that you think are not at all beneficial. I don't need popularity and I don't need position and post. And when bad people got promoted because of their political affiliation or cronyism, I did not complaint. I just don't respect them and did not fear of any retaliation.

You may say that beggars are better than thieves. To me both are equally bad. They retard progress and development, and discriminate against the hardworking and people with positive attitudes. Should they be spitted upon ?

22/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I disappeared from the band around 1982 when I went for my study. Yeras later I was intermittent until I came to a complete stop till 2002. The band was almost empty and old hams were not heard. I learnt that many had passed away.

My radio time started after I returned from an evening exercise at about 6.30 pm. I would be on 7043 as it was the only available frequency.

Things were totally change when my wife had to go for her dialysis. It has been almost two years now. The timetable is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At 11 am I had to move out from my house. At 4.40 - 5.00 pm I have to go to the dialysis center.

Some time she would e released at 5.00 pm and other time at 5.30 even 6.00 pm. We did not come home immediately. There was a need to go to buy dinner.

Arriving home was always late. I could go out for my exercise after I completely arranged the dinner for my wife and administered medication on her. It would be between 6.00 - 6.30 pm. Occasionally I could start my exercise earlier.

There was nobody at 7.00 pm on the band. I would rest but sometimes called CQ.

It is at 11 pm when I was fully at home, switching on my radio and worked on my computer. If I heard a call on 7.043 I would attend the call. If I were outside watching the downloaded video I might have missed the call.

The change of my radio time is not at all to my own convenience. It is the inevitable choice. If there is anything urgent just call me on the land line, or message me on the FB or even e-mail me.

21/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


People seldom realize about their phases in life. It begins with the day we were born and end up when we die. Most will pass the childhood, the young and the late adulthood, and the dawn of our days though a few do not have the chance of passing the next stage, leaving the world as a result of accidence or whack by serious illness. Many are fighting hard not to grow old, to delay the journey. It is good for business community to produce anti-ageing supplements and cream. Yet the internal organ kept on decaying themselves.

Once when I was very mad with a foul mouth nurse at the local hospital I said to her, "Wait until you get old. I swear by my words that you will get sick and may be worst than the current patients. You will feel what the sick people feel."

I heard someone called so and so 'the senile old man' and making unwelcome remarks of the old guy. He didn't have to wait until reaching 70, for I noticed he was as forgetful in senility form.

At 50 more than 70% are vulnerable to diabetic and hypertension and heart disease. With other complication the deterioration in health will be fast and fatal. That's when the arrogance will be queuing up with the rest except for the few wealthy ones like Mahathir and Shahrizat.

As we poke and making fun of the elderly, other young people will do the same to us.

Who in Alor Setar didn't know and fear Bakar Karan, the samseng ( fearful head gang ) from Seberang Perak in the '60s ? And now people are playing with his head and jokingly insulted him.

I feel pity and sorry at those who mistreated their parents. They may be encountering worth and more painful experience, the retribution from God on their sins. If you don't believe me, just observe those around you.

A few young men who helped the elderly returned the gratitude of the men they helped by saying "Our turn will come". Indeed it was an amazing and thoughtful remarks.

Even jumping out of the norm we can't halt our ageing process. One living example to observe is our former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohammed, who is on the constant struggle against death. May be many of us will die first before him. People who are waiting to celebrate his death will long die first.

I can't speak for the Jews, but I can say the Muslims are aware of the stages of life. At the last stage they spend their time for the next world and leave everything to God to decide when they will bring their 'ibadah' with them to God.

I can't yet imagine how prostitutes, cartel, gangsters and other sinners are going to transform themselves as they are passing the path. Will they remember God at the time when they find they are so lonely and live in desolation ? Would they regret to what they

had done to other people ?

Drug addicts do not walk the path as any other normal persons. They cannot feel the serenity, the happiness and the taste of real life is. They can't judge and recognize between good and bad, right and wrong.

Would habits change in correspond with age ? Does bad habit fade as body metabolism weaken and physical strength fading ?

What happen within ourselves and what others perceive us are different. We may think we are as agile and strong as ever, young and attractive as ever. But others see us archaic old men and ready to die, weak in thought and everything else.

Our stage will always will be filled up as we move to the next, and next. What we see ourselves is not as important as what others see us.

You are only not what you are when they need your help, your money or your favor for their sons and daughters, or when they are too broke.

Never think we will be as what we are for the next 200 years.

21/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Government servants must know their duties and their missions, and to carry them out without fear and favor, to do them well regardless of their political beliefs. There are three things that he must always remember.  First is the rules, regulations and other procedures as set in the General Order, Treasury Instructions and other government instructions. Second, the most difficult , is the immediate boss. And thirdly the public.

I said that the most difficult is the immediate boss because he may not follow what has been set by the government and commanded his subordinate to obey his orders. He may break all laws under the sun and be a corrupt as well as mischievous. At the same time he can be closed to the bigger boss.

But if he is a man who play by the book, honest and put the public first before himself then he will open an easy path for you to devote your full self to the job.

And the public is the most important clients. Yet on many occasions the people were facing frustrations. Below I will narrate a few examples as seen to have been happening in this country.

A man from a distant village travel 60 miles to an office to deal with a certain case. At the office he is told that Puan Z is on maternity leave and the man is asked to come back in a month's time. Similar to it is when a member of general public is told to come back after 2 pm because it was a lunch time.

To the general public, office hours is from 8.30 am to 5.20 pm. And in a few innovative and concerned department there set a system that no work shall be halted in absent of any officer, and someone will be at the counter even at the lunch time.

This is not the case of the general office workers but the head of the office. What kind of boss is running it.

Public dissatisfactions were with the officers with foul mouths that shouted and threat people like small kids. My own experiences were in hospitals and police stations. I told my staffs not to give any special treatment to any nurses and policemen when they came to seek for special favors. But treat them well with courteous and smiles.

I am sure you might have met some humble old folks dress shabbily coming for your help. One small stall owner who always converse in English with me said, "They think I am Mamak Tongkang...".  One old woman shouted back at a nurse who was harsh to her, "How much is your salary ?" And I saw one old Chinese woman wearing a singlet went into a bank with a sack of money to deposit. That humble old folk could be a former judge or a former magistrate.

Whatever is beyond your power to approve could be nicely explained to the clients. State whether it is prohibited by the law or regulation or circulars. You are only carrying out your duty as an officer. One police officer defined a polite arrest as 'a warrant in my hand on his shoulder..'

You have nothing to lose by being courteous to your clients and other people.

19/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is a tremendous growth of college of vocations giving openings to the less able and intelligent students but with enough wealth to enroll themselves and get jobs. There is a fear of incompetent personnel in the world of work.

An aviation school advertise the requirement of merely three credits. Once I was informed the fee for flying school was RM250K. The advantage is certainly goes to the people with money.

Today people can buy themselves through the certificates if the price is right.

I always believe that the government colleges are better then the private institutions in term of facilities and competent staffs. What may be deficient is the system.

While we are looking for equal job opportunity for all, for smart and less smart people, let it not be at the expense of public welfare and safety.

Private colleges hardly would fail their students so as not to retard revenue. This is another way quality is sacrificed.

But common to both, government and private, is the lack of communication skill and public relation. It is not a part of the conveying curriculum.

I also believe that all schools and colleges are subject to public examination for recognizable certifications.  The test has to be thorough and comprehensive.

The accreditation system must comprise all vocation colleges and universities.

We have to avoid the system where only the have and the affordable can get the passports to avocation.


It must not have the effect of discrimination against the smart and the intelligent, unless the jobs do not a high mental ability such as the pre-school teachers and the welders.

Then there should be a list of vocations with mental and skill requirements.

The type of vocations that I am focusing on that relates to the services to the general public health and safety, the lowest of which is a bus driver. What it mean is that a bus driver must go to driving school run by the government with rounded academic and driving curriculum.

It sounds absurd. But the current spate of bus accident and the high speed busses it is only pertinent to shift the qualification of the bus drivers. They must be schooled.

Public institutions must employ workers graduated and trained by the government institutions. In the shortage of staffs where graduates of other private colleges are needed, the later must be subjected to in-house assessment and further training.

Those who think they have a short cut mean of buying jobs may have to think twice.

But it is to be kept in mind that all government colleges of vocation must have students of all races.




I have no word to describe the good of this man, Haji Basharuddin, a good buddy of mine in the work place. I wish I could be like him. He never spoke bad about any person. Never at all. He would smile most of the time. The best of this man is if he knew you are not in a good term with me and on meeting me he would say you send my nest regard to me, and on meeting you he would say I send my salam to him. Of course when I later meet you we would be good to each other.

Unlike Basharuddin most men find pleasure in fueling animosity, spreading venoms and telling the world how bad other people are.

It is indeed true that to know a person is to hear what he said about the others.

17/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I just started with Round the World in 80 days, reading from my iPhone 4. Even the beginning of the story stirred my mind up on matters outside it; the conceivable impossibilities, the challenge, the disputes and the betting. The number who believe of it's possibility finally shrank to almost nil. To go against all odd one has to be an absolute optimist. It was about the feat the conquer what was imagined as an impossible task.

What was seem to be very absurd has become very normal today. Even with stoppages and rests we can go round the world in 3 days or less.

Old stories from the West told about struggle and survival, about feat and effort to conquer hardship and about the inventions and the future.

I usually read it while having meal at KFC. There are many e-book applications for free downloading. Try it for fun.

18/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Many American jokes are making fun of lawyers. Even Rowan (Mr Bean) grouped lawyers among the big sinners. In Malaysia bad lawyers are called 'Black Sheep', insinuating that not every lawyer is bad. Malaysian public are not aware what all the lawyers are doing except on what they read and heard in the news, about lawyers who murdered and cheat their clients. And about lawyers who advice the spouse to do bad things but looked like legal.

Cheating on the clients also happened in the United States as else where. Also lawyers were said to defend bad people and let criminals go scott-free. Read more about the lawyers in America.

I think lawyers are smart and intelligent people, do you ? One be you can be a lawyer is to let yourself be caught under ISA, and while in the lockup study law and sit for the exam paper by paper until you have covered and pass all the disciplines they have in Malaysian law.

18/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A sick man is not only the medically sick person like fever, diabetic or heart problem. It also comprises of a mentally unsound mind not amounting to total madness. By the sick man in this context is the person with the unsound mental health, physically seen as any normal man.

I don't go to read blog of such a person. Neither would I encourage others to do the same. Just ignore the blog and ignore the man. Any form of confrontation will bring us to his level.

Sickness can be hereditary. His whole generation may be suffering from the same disease. That's why when someone behaved in erratic manner, I always want to know about his children in school. The same behavior may have been transmitted through the genetic process.

Only the loser and a sore person injected into himself the labor of hatred and jealousy towards other successful people and high achievers. He can't do the same because of his innate deficiency.

Some of you who might have followed my articles will now realize the truth of my words about the standard of ham radio and the hams in Malaysia today. But I blamed the old hams for any existing chaos today.

You have to see the eddy current to know the danger beneath. You have to sense it.

You don't have to know the owner of the sick man's blog or pointing finger at any suspect, which may wrong us. But it is enough to know that there are sick people among the radio members. And you can somewhat prophesize what will happen to the ham band in the future. I can bet 8 out of your 10 prophesies will turn out to be true.

Spend more time on the radio band than the time on reading radio blogs, which may not be beneficial whatsoever.

16/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hear what they tell you but don't take all as truth you can rely on. Words usually multiply, boosted by extra addition. They tell one side of the story. Similarly you don't have to believe what I am writing here.

If I were to tell you so and so is bad you must not immediately believe me. You don't have even to investigate him. And of course we can never trust a stranger for we knew not of his background and origin.

Frictions can cause sparks. Sparks can cause fire or even explosion. Seeing clashes of the two titans, we hide ourselves in a cave avoiding any stray weapons hitting us.

Say nothing. Comment nothing when you read a blog or messages in the facebook that may look like the volley of fires. It could add to agitation and factionalism. You can avoid involvement this way.

Put away your ego if you wish to listen to other people's conversations. Hams talk of various things under the sky. Some discuss their experiences of higher level, which to them is normal but to us sound like bragging. Some discuss topics beyond our grasp or not to our interest like photography and luxurious cars.

If you put your ego as the best ever perfectionist then you may get jealous or angry. You could act like a wild beast by pressing your PTT, causing QRM and even pass remarks. That would add fuel to the already existing split.

I think it is vital for you to know the history of the major radio society and the people behind them. A society is always dead and soulless. It is the men behind them that shape the characters. And each of them may have some hidden agenda behind.

The idea is not to drag ham radio into farther chaos and frictions. And we have enough egos flying around like the arrogant devils. The Master of all, unseen and invisible, is like the fire burning the husks. It would be sad if you fall into the trap.

16/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The economic jargon of price is determined at the point when demand equals supply, which is not necessarily so.  Price cannot be lower than then production cost. And at the outlet the prices of commodities are marked.

At time the psychology of buying and selling do come into play. The other day I went to an electrical shop that is not so popular to buy a 3D glass. I very well know the overhead expenditure is high and the sale would not give big profit. Things must be sold everyday.

The salesgirl quoted me a much higher price when I first bought the glass. I said I did not need the spectacle badly and would not buy it at the new price.  I was willing to pay at the old price.

I noticed the salesperson with a worried countenance. She made several phone calls and finally came back to me that she could sell at the old price.

The shop would either obtain a very small profit or at no profit at all. So I told myself that the classical economic concept of demand and supply came into play after all.



They said North Korea is incapable of going Hitech. When the nation claimed she is currently producing cell-phone for home use the South and the West are sceptical about it. Probably they would it a bluff, and the same time they will smuggle the phones out to examine the make up and the design.

If the Koreans in the North can go Hitech certainly it could make the missile hardware more sophisticated. Someone just could not sleep well thinking of the North Korean capability.


At least I know more than two men who got a US ticket in amateur radio ,  passed in RAE and CW were asked to resit for both RAE and CW in Malaysia. They never protest, complaint, seek the help of the lawyers or lobby for the 9M tickets.

Aren't they great men ? Those are the admirable attitudes we are looking for in our hams.

14/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The stories of lawyers sometime tickle me. Why not, when I saw one lawyer ( I considered AG is a lawyer too) sues another. When Karpal Sign was brought to court, it had to be under the advice of a lawyer. They were so sure that he would be found guilty. But Karpal said he merely quoted what was in the constitution. He won because he was quoting the words of law. Weren't those who helped in bringing Karpal to court knew about the law ?

Then I watch a clip of Razak was trying to grill Porntip. I asked myself how he became a lawyer with such a command of English. Indeed hilarious.

14/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Robinson Crusoe was not a poor man deserting on an island his whole life. He was a wealthy sailor and ended up as wealthy as ever. I have finished reading his story from my iPhone. Thanks to the iPhone in general and to God inparticular in permitting me to enjoy the technology which the ancient men never ever dream of.

14/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


An institution, government or private, offices or clubs would not move far without money. To fill the organization with furniture and men incur cost. To buy or not to buy, to employ or not to employ, to travel or not to travel, and ten thousand more questions are questions of money.

Yet it is the most sensitive thing because it is too very attractive. People can kill, cheat and run criminal activities to get it.



1. When someone is causing QRM on your frequency pretend not to hear, say nothing and do nothing. A long tuning or continuous carrier to disturb you would soon spoil his transceivers. So much the better.

2. Never tune on frequency used by people. Go up or down a few KCs. Tune there and come back to the frequency that you want to communicate with.

3. Press the PTT when talking. Release it when stop talking or at pause. People could break in even at the time of our transmission.

4. When somebody in the group chat is going to sign, we keep it short. Pass to everyone to bid him good bye. And when someone break in to join the conversation, pass the turn to him.

5. Listen a few minutes before calling CQ on frequency or even at the group QSO before joining in. We will know the turn and to whom we have to pass the transmission to after our turn.

6. I heard somebody commented he felt too old when he was addressed as OM ( Old Man). OM mean Buddy. To a lady we address as Young Lady regardless of the age. Don't feel bad when you hear someone address you as OLD MAN.

15/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Economist coined the phrase Opportunity Cost to mean the cost in term of a choice between the two opportunities. Say you have the choices of either go to London or going to Hong Kong, and you choose Hong Kong then the cost of Hong Kong trip is London.

I would always keep a small portion of my income for traveling Each year I would enjoy myself going to see places. The average total expenditure would be around 8K.

For the last few years I was struck with a misfortune. My wife's ability to walk halted after an operation for peritoneal  dialysis. And now she is on normal blood dialysis three times a week, and it is only me who is taking care of her, all my travel plans were shattered.

What do I do with the travel savings ? Somehow the money has to be spent as it was already rejected from my saving from the beginning. I bought a Viva, priced at 24.5K, much more than my saving. Hence the cost of Viva is the trip to South Africa.

Traveling has been my passion. It is not that someone can see in my house as compared to a 14K sofa or a new automatic washing machines. My last wish is to go back to 205 Redbud Apartment, Indiana University, Bloomington. I talked to my sick wife about it. She forgets her being very sick and wanted to go too. I told her that only she could stand and walk, I would talk to the doctor about the trip. That she could not do.

I asked my kids to apply for two week holiday, they just smile. I know they would not be able to nurse her; lifting and transferring her from her bed onto the wheel chair and vice versa, or managing her bowel and other essential chores. So it will remain as a dream.

Te year end is approaching fast. By January we are going to get some ASB dividend. What do I do with the money if I do not go anywhere ? Again it is coming back to the opportunity cost.

I have got almost all that I want. There is no point to buy an iPhone 5 when my iPhone 4 is serving me faithfully. My Macbook too does not need further enhancement. Ham gear ? I have almost what is necessary.

My only frustration was the Viva which was supposed to be used as a transport for dialysis is too high for the wheel chair. It does not accommodate the transfer board. The notion of buying another car is playing in my imagination.

If I go traveling then there will be no car, no new TV or other visible stuff. The choice is the opportunity cost.

15/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The last time I worked Mazwan was on 20/12/2012. When he suddenly disappeared  I was thinking that someone might have convinced him not to come on CW. I was quite surprise when he called me today at 7026 GMT. After about one hour my co-ordination went hay wire, found it difficult to send extra dit or dah. I am better with the straight key as compared to the electronic. Yet I have to go electronic for wanting to go on a higher speed.

9Ms are encouraged to sharpen their CW or else it will become rusty in no time.

13/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have come across persons with vicious mouth, loud at criticizing the others, calling people by names, crude, ruthless and parasites but when voted to hold a post and given tasks to run the show which they were insulting much, destroyed the whole system.

It happened in my school where two teachers were so pompous lashing and criticizing those were in charge of school's corporative body. In the democratic votes they were chosen to run the club.

A short time later a statement of account belonging to the corporative was accidently opened up and found the bank statement was negative. On investigation by a board of teachers at least RM7000 was missing. The loud voice teacher was running his own business abetted by the other crooked one.

Before reporting to BPR my boss wanted me to settle the case amicably by asking them to pay back the amount lost. Both agreed to pay by installment. The two non-graduate teachers had left a big impact on the whole good name of the profession.

That was not the only one. There were many other institutions with such people, with vicious and foul tongue who only know how to criticize and talking cock their whole lives.

In my view such rogue and good for nothing people should be vanished from the earth surface. But before this is done they must be severely tortured days and nights, putting fire ants in their mouths.

It will be alright if they run the system very well after being given the tasks.

Watch out for people who are vocal at meetings, who criticize everything what others did were all wrong. Know them before you elect them for a post, or giving them in charge of money matters. The best is not to elect those who talk so loud in the meeting.

Democracy can be harmful in this manner. Bad people can be elected as leaders and Ministers. They can call people pig and shit but you can't call them even by the word bastard. They will be fumed and yell louder with the viciousness of their dirty mouths.

14/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is too early to tell. But after the takeover of the post by Mukhriz I would say the current team is much smarter than Azizan's. First the pictures of the new MB with the Ulama and Malay attires had captured the imagination of the Malays that he is not a person of arrogance. Second there were words that went round of his quick actions on critical matters.

The ongoing activities in the state like the Bicara Ilmu and others are organized by his team to keep the constant afloat of Mukhriz sparkling image. With the current trend the popularity of the MB will rise among the Malay communities.

We began to talk about Ustaz running institutions and arrived at similar conclusion. It is not about PAS or UMNO but about the content of the mind, the science and political knowledge, the use of reasons and logic and the multi focus 360 degree vision.

My stand on Mukhriz depend on how much more agricultural land will be reduced. And also whether the water catchment area will be cleared for housing projects. Mukriz and his team must balance between the security of the nation and the support of the greedy business community to gain the votes.

There should not be compromise on food and water. USA and China will not say 'lets buy food from other countries...' Agriculture is a national security. I would not support for such a negligence. Other people may show their support just by the dress and the words they hear.

By the look the new MB will also be favored by the opposition party members as compared to Azizan. As for now the governing of the state that is more important. The welfare of the people regardless of their creeds, races and political beliefs must be treated equally. Taxes are not only paid by UMNO members.

I also believe that what God gives to the human beings must not be snatched from the people and charged major fees to use them. It is quite disturbing to threaten the people of Penang for the use of river water in Kedah.

Kindness and fairness would be met with a great reward both by God and by men. I can only wish the best of luck to the new MB.

14/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't mean to brag. You may have the same experience as I am. Most of us are deficient in many ways. I was stupid and lazy at school. My English never crossed a pass mark. And I was a real dumb.

If you notice the number of lines in the codes below you can imagine the effort I had put in. Some soft wares exceeds 2000 lines of codes. And there was no computer during my school days. How then I could develop application soft wares, including communication programs ?

I began to learn that begging is a hindrance to progress. It makes people lazy and will continue to depend on others forever. The only way to progress is to work hard, labor to procure goodies and services. People tend to value hard work ethics.

I told myself that it is not too late to educate myself. And later I found other people have been doing that a long time ago. Teach Yourself books were on the shelves and made available in the markets, and they are telling people that self-education is possible.

What we can't teach ourselves, among other things, is heart operation and transplant.

A friend of mine taught himself Morse codes, overhauled his car engine, construct a radio mast, homebrewed a Yagi antenna and pursued a Master degree. Though he is a bright person, he put effort and labored himself for prodigies.

I believe that positive thinking, hard work and good attitudes are accoutered for survival. They are essential assets. Those who begged for favor are bad collateral for the nation, under whatever reasons and excuses. They drag away the resilience of the citizens.

My programming standard is low. For a blind man I pride myself for using my own product. I am nor schooled in electronics nor computer. If others can self built themselves why can't us, me and you ?

12/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A long time ago I was told that one Minister was a meter reader. I believed him straight away because I was very well aware of Exco-Members with SRP qualification. Furthermore I already have a pre-conceive idea of people involving in politics.

Today a friend made a Hari Raya visit, and we started talking about politics, covering from corruptions to Ministers qualification. When I mentioned about the meter reader, he challenged me to check the bio data from the internet, which I dismissed as lies.

From one Minister we jumped to examine another, analyzing each of them as if we were great expert. We both agree on the problem of religious graduates on managing the country and other institutions, giving focus on the issue of financial issues.

On the issue of the meter reader he asked me to make further investigation. It was a mere hearsay. And I will. And I asked him to check the status of another Minister's education.

The value of a highly educated politicians is in the intellectuality of the arguments and statements issued. It opens a mind to a broad thinking, considering every detail and aspect of issues at stake.

But education in itself does not guarantee an effective leadership. Leaders who are responsive are more popular. The limitation is the availability of resources. Many voters go for money not for educated politicians.

Ministers are good or bad not because of their education but on their services to the people, not to their friends and families.

Before my friend went home, I commented about his wife as a strong UMNO member and him being a strong PAS man. His wife responded saying that he was a strong UMNO man because he forbid his brothers and sisters from voting for PAS.

Both of us have an assignment to do; to check the background of a few Ministers concern.

12/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I was having a chat with Aimil when a YD station broke in to say I cause splatter on 7.045. I did not say they were causing splatter on 7.043. Instead I told him that I was on 7.043 since year 2002.

The stations from Borneo took 7.045 only recently as their campsite.


At any time I choose Malaysians to foreigners. We have been living together long enough to know each other. Despite the effort of the politicians to divide us we still intermingle with each other without racial hatred. I felt different when seeing foreigners, even of the similar language and creed. If you have been observing them long enough you will begin to understand their opportunistic behaviors. I just don't feel safe with them compared to the fellow Malaysians.

It was my several experiences that developed into my distrusts against them.



Passing transmission in ham radio is by mentioning our counter part call sign and followed by our own. That is enough. Some added the word 'over' or 'go ahead' after it. The usage is of convenience.

Passing transmission using 'roger' is not appropriate and commonly used by other radio hobbies or pirates. Mixing CB or Pirate Style in ham radio indicate a rapid deterioration in ham radio.

If such a practice occur you know whom to blame.



I have long observed wherever the 9M2 put up a campsite on 40 meter soon enough some others will come to sit and setup their camps, or near to it. Trace back the frequencies and frequencies for the net the Malaysians were on the moving paths, going up and down, so much so there is a need to go above 7.1 which is not allowed by the authority. There are time when we need to talk only among ourselves, and of course time to talk to all. We have to learn when and when not to intrude or interrupt into a conversation.


E-QSL is less simple. Again it is a street programming style. The form contains two modules as shown by the image and the codes.


<title>New Page 1</title>

<frameset framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="0" rows="11%,*">
<frame name="top" src="kad1.asp" scrolling="auto" target="bottom">
<frame name="bottom" src="kad2.asp" scrolling="auto">

<p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p>





The code in kad1.asp is as follows

<base target="_self">
<body bgcolor="#CCFF99">
<form action="kad2.asp" method="post" target="bottom">
<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="441" valign="top"><b>Enter Your Callsign </b>
<font face="Courier New">
<input type="text" name="CALL" value="<%=request("CALL")%>" size="16">
<input type="SUBMIT" value=" Click " name="SUBMIT">&nbsp;<b><font face="Book Antiqua">Date</font></b><font face="Courier New"><input type="text" name="rek" value="<%=request("rek")%>" size="8"><br></font>
<font face="Book Antiqua"><b>
<font size="2">Date
is optional. Only if you want the card to display on that date</font></b></font></td>
<td width="392">
<img border="0" src="9m2arl4.jpg" width="383" height="69"></td>
<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="65%" height="1"></td>

The codes in kad2.asp is as follows

<form action="kad2.asp" method="POST" style="border: 0 solid #000000">
on error resume next
'Session.LCID =4105
dim numfield,CAL,nam3,DAT2,ada,yak,fail,ayat,namafail,myurl,bill,conn2,conn,ssb,fm,cw,conn3
'on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
if len(trim(ayat))>0 then
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "'"
end if
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
RS.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
response.write rs2.recordcount


<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="600" height="341" valign="top">
<body bgcolor="#CCFF99">
<input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:157;left:153;width:154px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q1" value="Confirming QSO With" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:185;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q2" value="DATE" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:235;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ" value="FREQ" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:211;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q3" value="TIME" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:260;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ0" value="MODE" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:285;left:238;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ1" value="NAME" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:311;left:238;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ2" value="HIS RST" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:336;left:236;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ3" value="MY RST" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:363;left:235;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ4" value="QTH" size="11"><img border="0" src="qslcard4.jpg" width="620" height="376"><br><p>
<font size="1"><font color="#0000FF">Validate the print via&nbsp;
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:156;left:318;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:bold" name="t1" value="<%=rs2(5)%>" size="11"><font color="#0000FF">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:183;left:317;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:bold" name="t2" value="<%=rs2(0)%>" size="11"><font color="#0000FF">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:208;left:317;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:bold" name="t3" value="<%=rs2(1)%>" size="11"><font color="#0000FF">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:233;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:bold" name="t4" value="<%=rs2(4)%>" size="11"><font color="#0000FF">
<font face="serif">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:258;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:700" name="t5" value="<%=rs2(3)%>" size="11"></font><font color="#0000FF">
<font face="serif">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:283;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:700" name="t6" value="<%=rs2(6)%>" size="20"></font><font color="#0000FF">
<font face="serif">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:308;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:700" name="t7" value="<%=rs2(7)%>" size="11"></font><font color="#0000FF">
<font face="serif">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:333;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:700" name="t8" value="<%=rs2(8)%>" size="11"></font><font color="#0000FF">
<font face="serif">
<input style="border:0 solid #000000; position:absolute;top:360;left:316;width:115px; color:#FFFF00; background-color:#000000; font-weight:700" name="t9" value="<%=rs2(12)%>" size="20"></font><font color="#0000FF">
<td height="341" valign="top" width="346">

dim yak1
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),3)="SSB" then ssb=ssb+1
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),2)="CW" then cw=cw+1
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),2)="FM" then fm=fm+1
YAK=YAK & left(RS2(5)+space(10),8) & " " & LEFT(RS2(0)+SPACE(10),9)+" " & left(RS2(1)+space(10),8) & " " & left(rs2("mode")+space(10),4) & CHR(13)
yak1="SSB - " & ssb & " : CW - " & cw & " : FM - " & fm & chr(13)


<textarea rows="19" name="S1" cols="38" style="background-color: #CCFF99; font-family:Courier New"><%=YAK%></textarea></td>
<td height="341" width="261">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="600">
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\callbook\log.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath
SQL = "select * from log"
Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS.Source = SQL
Set RS.Activeconnection = Conn
RS.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
IF LEN(TRIM(CAL))>0 THEN 'line 20
<font size="2">If you need a QSL card, you can get it printed by
using the printer of the browser. Beneath the QSL card image is the list
of our QSOs. If you want the card of a certain date only to be printed
please enter the date as seen and your call sign in the above box.Then
click the button.</font></b><p align="justify"><font size="2">The date in my card may not be the same as your
card for several reasons. My date will be one day ahead of yours because
I am about 8 hours ahead of GMT zone. Secondly my computer time is not
adjusted properly or the CMOS is giving us problem without our
<p align="justify"><font size="2">However I am trying to set my logbook program
according to the GMT time.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="2">Also my database is not up to date because on
several occasion I forgot to make a backup when the virus were causing
havoc.</font><p align="justify"><font size="2">On drawback about this web card is the
appearance of the card would be distorted as you reduced the width of
the browser.</font>&nbsp;</td>
<td width="346">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="600">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="346">&nbsp;</td>

If you have interest to experiment, just try the codes. You are at liberty to change and modify them without any copy right restriction. I got the knowledge for free.

11/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't make a fancy and stylish form for the logging because I felt it was just for myself and nobody is going to look at it.

The code for this form is shown below. Choose your own file name to save it.

Te same form is used for editing and the entry of the new data.




<base target="_self">

<body bgcolor="#CCFF99" topmargin="0">
<form action="yourownfile.asp" method="post" target="bottom">
<table border="0" width="95%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="44%" rowspan="3" valign="top">
&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Enter Your Callsign </b>
<font face="Courier New">
<input type="text" name="CALL" value="<%=request("CALL")%>" size="13">


<input type="SUBMIT" value=" Click " name="SUBMIT">&nbsp;<font face="Book Antiqua"><b> Enter
Date</b></font><font face="Courier New"><input type="text" name="rek" value="<%=request("rek")%>" size="8"><input type="checkbox" name="check" value="ON" checked><br>
<font size="2">To edit any record uncheck the checkbox and enter the calsign and
the record number.</font></font></td>
<td width="56%" height="30" bgcolor="#CCFF99">
<font face="Book Antiqua" size="7" color="#FF0000"><b>New Logging</b></font></tr>
<td width="56%" height="1"></td>



The yourfile.asp has a form as shown below. The total codes is seen below the picture. These codes contain for the new data to be added, for editing and deletion.

<body bgcolor="#CCFF99">

<form action="yourownfile.asp" method="post" target=bottom>
<%dim NOMBOR,nom2,CAL,CHET
if trim(CHET)<>"ON" then CHET="OFF"
if request("SUBMIT")=" Add Data " then
'on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog" ' where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
Session.LCID = 2057 '4105
Dim a, b, c, d, e, date1,text3,text4
Dim masa
Text3 =time ' Format(Time, "HH:mm")
date1 = date
If Left(Time, 2) > 7 And Left(Time, 2) < 24 Then b = Abs(8 - Left(Time, 2)): date1 = date
If Left(Time, 2) < 8 And Left(Time, 2) > -1 Then b = 16 + left(Time, 2): date1 = date-1
a = Mid(Time, 4, 2)
If a = 0 Then b = b + 1
If b = 24 And a = 0 Then b = 0
if len(b)=1 then b="0" & b
if len(a)=1 then a="0" & a
e = b & a 'Format(b, "00") + Format(a, "00")
'If Len(Trim(e)) = 2 Then e = "00" + e
rs2(0)= nom2 'DATE1 'request("t2") 'DATE
rs2(1)= e 'request("t3") 'time

RS2(3)=p1 '"-"
rs2(3)= ucase(REQUEST("T5")) 'MODE e 'time

RS2(4)=p2 '"-"


rs2(5)=REQUEST("CALLSIGN1") ' UCASE(request("t1")) 'CALLSIGN



end if

if request("SUBMIT")=" Update " then
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog WHERE BIL LIKE '" & REQUEST("T10") & "'" ' where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
'RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
'Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
response.write rs2("bil") & " " & rs2(6)
rs2(5)=ucase(request("t1")) 'callsign
rs2(0)=request("t2") 'date
rs2(1)=request("t3") 'time
rs2(4)=request("t4") 'freq
rs2(3)=ucase(request("t5")) 'mode
rs2(6)=ucase(request("t6")) 'name
rs2(7)=request("t7") 'his rst
rs2(8)=request("t8") 'my rst
rs2(12)=ucase(request("t9")) 'qth


end if

if request("SUBMIT")=" Delete " then
on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "delete * from BUKUlog where ucase(callsign) like '%" & ucase(request("T1")) & "%' and date like '%"+request("t2")+"%' and time like '%"+request("t3")+"%'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic

end if

if request("SUBMIT")<>" Add Data " and request("submit")<>" Delete " and request("SUBMIT")<>" Update " and len(trim(cal)) > 0 then
on error resume next
'Session.LCID =4105
dim numfield,nam3,DAT2,ada,yak,fail,ayat,namafail,myurl,bill,conn2,conn
'on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
if len(trim(ayat))>0 then SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog where bil like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
if len(trim(ayat))=0 and ucase(cal)="ALL" then SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog"
if len(trim(ayat))=0 and ucase(cal)<>"ALL" and CHET="OFF" then SQL2="select * from bukulog where ucase(callsign) like '%" & UCASE(CAL) & "%'" '
if len(trim(ayat))=0 and ucase(cal)<>"ALL" and CHET="ON" then SQL2="select * from bukulog where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "'"

'end if
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
response.write rs2.recordcount
<input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:335;left:419;width:177px; color:#000000; background-color:#FFFF00; font-size:24pt; font-weight:bold; height:51px" name="CALLSIGN1" value="<%=ucase(REQUEST("CALL"))%>" size="20"></p>
<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="602" height="341" valign="top">
<input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:47;left:19;width:91px; background-color:#FFFF00" name="t10" value="<%=rs2("bil")%>" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:363;left:235;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ4" value="QTH" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:157;left:164;width:140px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q1" value="Confirming QSO With" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:183;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q2" value="DATE" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:210;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="q3" value="TIME" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:235;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ" value="FREQ" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:260;left:239;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ0" value="MODE" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:336;left:236;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ3" value="MY RST" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:311;left:238;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ2" value="HIS RST" size="11"><input type="text" style="border:0 solid #FFFF00; position:absolute;top:285;left:238;width:67px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#FFFF00" name="FREQ1" value="NAME" size="11"><img border="0" src="qslcard4.jpg" width="600" height="356">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:155;left:313;width:98px" name="t1" value="<%=rs2(5)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:183;left:313;width:98px" name="t2" value="<%=rs2(0)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:210;left:315;width:98px" name="t3" value="<%=rs2(1)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:237;left:314;width:98px" name="t4" value="<%=rs2(4)%>">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:263;left:314;width:96px" name="t5" value="<%=rs2(3)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:288;left:314;width:94px" name="t6" value="<%=rs2(6)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:312;left:315;width:95px" name="t7" value="<%=rs2(7)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:338;left:315;width:96px" name="t8" value="<%=rs2(8)%>" size="12">
<input type="text" style="position:absolute;top:364;left:315;width:96px" name="t9" value="<%=rs2(12)%>" size="12">
<td height="341" valign="top">
dim yak1,ssb,cw,fm
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),3)="SSB" then ssb=ssb+1
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),2)="CW" then cw=cw+1
if left(ucase(rs2("mode")),2)="FM" then fm=fm+1
YAK=YAK & left(RS2(5)+space(10),8) & " " & LEFT(RS2(0)+SPACE(10),9)+" " & left(RS2(1)+space(10),8) & " " & left(rs2("mode")+space(10),4) & " " & rs2("bil") & CHR(13)
RS2.MOVEprevious 'NEXT
yak1="SSB - " & ssb & " : CW - " & cw & " : FM - " & fm & chr(13)
end if

<textarea rows="19" name="S1" cols="44" style="background-color: #CCFF99; font-family:Courier New"><%=YAK%></textarea></td>
<td height="341">&nbsp;</td>

<table border="0" width="51%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="34%" height="68" valign="top">
<p><font face="Book Antiqua"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="<%=cal%>">QRZ</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </b></font>
<b><font face="Book Antiqua">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></b><b><font face="Book Antiqua">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></b><b><font face="Book Antiqua">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></b></p>
<td width="8%" height="68" valign="top">
<font face="Book Antiqua"><b><input type="SUBMIT" value=" Update " name="SUBMIT" style="float: left"></b></font></td>
<td width="10%" height="68" valign="top">
<font face="Book Antiqua"><b>
<input type="submit" value=" Add Data " name="SUBMIT" style="float: left"></b></font></td>
<td width="12%" height="68" valign="top">
<font face="Book Antiqua"><b>
<input type="SUBMIT" value=" Delete " name="SUBMIT" style="float: left"></b></font></td>
<td width="9%" rowspan="5" valign="top">
<td width="1%" valign="top" height="68">
<p align="justify">&nbsp;<p align="justify">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="1%" height="68">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="88%" rowspan="4" valign="top" colspan="4">
<td width="1%" rowspan="4" valign="top">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="1%" height="307" valign="top">

<td width="1%" height="30">&nbsp;</tr>
<td width="1%" height="1"></td>

That's so much for the logging. For eqsl the codes are not so much complicated. Watch for the next write up.

11/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


At the jogging track I went to about 70% were Chinese at the scene, of all ages and sexes.  29% were Malays and the rest were of other races. In term of strength and stamina I am at the scale of one compared to them at the 195 out of 200.

There were always a group of Malay youths of male and female, loitering around with their motorbikes at full throttle, some without helmets.

In one area there are the Sepak Raga group comprising of elderly Malays who enjoy kicking the ball so it won't fall to the ground. It needs concentration and skill. At the end of the day they were sweating like mad .

The impression I get was the Chinese is stronger, healthier and fitter. Of course I would be dead wrong.

As healthy mind is in the healthy body it follows that those who keep themselves fit are always alert. Minds that think could built a strong community of people, with an enhanced survival rate.

My jogging hours is being spelled by the inevitable chores of nursing my wife and confined by her dialysis time period. Nowadays the completion of dialysis is at 5.30 - 6.00 pm. Yesterday I had to go out at 6.30 for my exercise.

At my age I do not contribute any to the country however alert my mind is. Healthy heads on the younger generations would indirectly benefit the nation, mainly in aspect of National Domestic Products.

Jogging tracks, like playing fields, could pull young people from drugs and hooliganism. It could release tensions and emotional stress. Believe me, if Ibrahim Ali goes for a two hour running exercise everyday his mouth will be softer in tone.

11/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Those born in the world of chaos will not realize abnormalities of the environment because they were not exposed to orders and never knew what orders mean.

A right or a wrong is meaningless without each other. A right has to be seen and identified before a wrong is recognized. Similarly a future cannot be predict without a base; past and present.  Future is a dynamic of a trend.

Hence people who start to know ham radio in the world of chaos will not sense the tribulation. The inter migration of styles and terms between CB, pirates and the hams is considered normal. To people who are used to ham rituals will see such things as unhealthy practice.

No matter how big one amass the support to approve the wrong to be right, it will never change the face of the errors and the wrongdoings. The character of absolute right and wrong is revealed and divine.

Senior hams must stand and speak out rather than collaborating  with the those group, just to get popularity, and possibility favors. Condoning chaos to gain material or economic return is indeed a corrupt practice.

It is not wrong to use a CB language but use it in CB. Use and do anything but it has to be within the fraternity. Freedom is both ways; if you have a freedom to say anything, there is a freedom for people not to hear something abnormal. You don't go into people's house and tell them don't hear what you were shouting there.

At one time one 9W was talking to 40 meter to an Indonesian full pledge ham. Every now and then he would say 'di copy...di monitor...' Though it was a field day station it was not a welcoming SOP as it was a full pledge pirate lingo.

It is your duty to protect the sanctity of amateur radio from pollution and abuse. Stand up and say something.

12/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I am glad to meet new 9M who are from the higher learning institutions. I am sure they are there through their own struggle, not with the help of a third person.

Once again I have to apologize my publishing codes in street manner. I have no computer training akin to a radio pirate without the RAE.

If you need to keep data in a server you have to decide to use MDB or MySql. In my case I keep my logging data using MDB. I keep the data in the root directory of the server.

The code below is to access my data from the bukulog.mdb

Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB. Connect ion")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" DB Path1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKU LOG. mdb") & ";" Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "select * from BUKULOG" ' where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic

The above code connects to the logging file BUKULOG.mdb and at the same time searching for previous data of the callsign entered. The callsign is entered in a different module, which simpler and shorter.  Watch out the module in the next write up.

I log my QSO either using my iPhone or my laptop. Most were through the iphone.


If you are stupid in school, are you going to be stupid forever ? Some men tend to think that way. More complication would occur if a stupid boy finally earned a PHD degree in a prestigious university.

Scientist had never talk about Dormant IQ. Else it will give a quick answer to the question.

Ivan Illich talked about failure because a student does not accept the establishment. He valued his own thought rather following what people said.

Whatever, we don't think that we are the cleverest and the smartest. One ham friend showed his disbelief when I said so and so could speak German and Thai very fluently and belittle other hams as lack of technical and other knowledge.

I could not say I am better and superior to someone who had conquered the world. My being a ham for more than 35 years does not make me better than a new ham. I have never achieved what the new ham has.

I could not have assessed someone whose voice I have not heard on the band, for I would not know how he manage his antenna system and probably his transmission gears.

Similarly a man who thinks he is smart but no invention and contrivance or any other visible product seen from his labor could not be proven capable and competent. His IQ might have decayed and those in dormant starts to rejuvenate and active.

Whether it is a truth or a fallacy a judgment or assessment could be based on the current professional and academic status and the current production of a person. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, computer programmers and scientists are always smarter than the lowly educated public.

They may be stupid in your class or my class. How could I continue saying I am smarter than they are ? Never envy those whose achievements are higher and experience are wider and knowledge in abundance. Laboring jealousy affect our health.


My grand daughter asked me to go outside the house last night. "Do you want to play with fire crackers ? " I asked. "Yeah," she replied. "Play with fireworks." I don't know where she picked up the word fireworks instead of fire crackers.

Kids picked up languages very fast. Surprisingly she spoke good English too. When she goes back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, I will be with my wife alone again.

To keep away from boredom, I always travel to Penang or Perlis on the non-dialysis days.



The sentiment of love and affection is fading among the Malay communities. Money and greed are all what is left in them. Kids are too busy with their families and jobs. Old parents are becoming a big burden and robbed away their happiness.

A teacher whose mother who could not control her bowel was left alone at home, asked me to allow her to go home a little early, which I immediately approved. As I understood her brothers and sisters did not want to take care of the mother. They called for the maid or sent her to the Old Folk Home. There were many stories about kids passing the sick mother to each other like a ball and finally settled for a maid.

During the 'ID Malaysian TV screened an episode of the Old Folk Home. Of the several interviewed were parents whose kids did not to visit them. My emotion was filled with anger and a

How many of us are planning of sending our parents to the old folk's home ? Or engaging a maid to live alone to take care of them ? And you may say your parents are very difficult and stubborn. They themselves prefer to stay away. You only want to honor their wishes.

As a Muslim one should know how sinful for a son to mistreat the parents. Even the day of 'ID is not respected. This day is not merely for kids and young adults but for all Muslim regardless of age.

Taking them home for a day or a week during and after the fasting months would do our soul good.

I prefer to stay away from people who neglect and show no respect towards their parents. The vanishing humanity had made them soulless.  They do not have to wait for God's retribution when they die. They will suffer at their dawn  days.

10/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


Test a used radio first before you decide to purchase it. Get someone who own the transceiver before for the thorough test. I am not telling you not to buy used products. There are trusted second hand dealers which we can rely on. We never get disappointed with our purchase.

I started hamming with a second hand rig purchased at RM800. That was the price sold on the second hand stuff those days. I used the rig till rigs turned to complete solid states. And now I would not pay more for the used equipment.

The average price of a new rig in Malaysia today is 3K and there isn't much hassle in the procurement. The buying process takes no more than two days starting from the order to the final delivery. Though new, I take it's life span for only 10 years. Exceeding this will be a bonus.

The dark side of the used equipments in the market is we don't know their history and the owners. Some owners might have used the radio to send out continuous carrier for a few hours to jam frequencies with mismatched feeder to antenna. Some have lost their sensitivities. Other disabilities might have occurred. We never know.

We can easily be fooled by a glib speaker who wants to rid off his equipments for a reason or another. If you are too in need of a radio and can't afford to buy a new one then your choice is to have it closely examined first. Get the right person to help.

Of course it is unthinkable for hams to have such malicious intention to find preys to sell bad rigs to unsuspecting customers.  But in a dealing it is good to agree of the trial testing period before the final phase of purchase.

The story of radio equipment is related to the survival of radio companies which are facing stiff competition from internet communication. The hope lies on the increasing number of hams and ignorant hams who would butcher and abuse their equipment until they become as good as useless.

As you get to know more hams, you will learn more of their characters and capabilities. And I am sure eventually you will  begin to read what I have been trying to warn you.

09/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The second day of the Raya was still a busy day. I started the morning by buying breakfasts for my wife and three kids who will be here till Sunday morning. Soon enough I have visitors, my wife's cousin and the whole family. Then my neighbors.

Lucky the dialysis schedule for today is pushed to Saturday, tomorrow. Otherwise I would not be able to entertain the visitors. But in an hour's time I would have to go for my Friday prayer, leaving the visitors with my wife.

Our Malaysian Malay tradition on the Raya day, we give out money to children who visit our home. The standard amount is a dollar for the children who come from nowhere. Kids of relative are given ten dollars, and kids who are very close to us about fifty. The crowds were bigger in the morning on the first day. Straying kids were not seen on the second day.

As an old man of 67 I still enjoy the festivities and playing with all sort of fire crackers I bought on the eve of the Raya Day. I still have some to play for tonight.

09/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

After the prayer, as I drove home, I notices 99% of the houses closed their gates. Even on the first day a few houses along my lane have their gates closed. I had wanted to drop by my student's house but had to cancel the plan seeing the closed gate.


You have been working very hard for your RAE and CW. Now that you have been awarded the license to transmit by all mean go ahead and enjoy the hobby.  But always bare in mind you are the ambassador. As an ambassador we have to have the highest possible degree of ethics and demeanor, humble and most courteous.

You can start with the simplest gadget if you have the mean for the sophisticated equipment. You need a logbook, a 24 hour clock set at a GMT time, a pen and a rough pad to note the conversation. A simple diapole about 20 feet should be ample.

To go international your English must not necessarily be good. What is most important is the clarity of your speech. Don't speak too fast. If phonetics are to be used applied the common and standard ones and followed by countries to ensure the other party could comprehend the message. For instant when spelling MIKE ALFA NOVEMBER it is repeated by  MEXICO AMERICA NORWAY. It is possible that your counterpart may repeatedly ask for your name again and again.

The best ever station is when you can have a mast of 70 feet and an array antenna. Compounding with the linear your soft whisper could be heard till the edge of the globe. And incoming signals would shake your S-meter.

It is your prerogative to work as many DX stations as you want, participating in the contests and waving the country's stripes and crescent. 

Certainly there are jealous people around who had not been happy because you sat and passed Morse test. They came out with all the excuses in the world. It was disheartened to see new people brought fame to the country with awards after awards. But any spread of seditious words won't stop you from conquering the apex of hamming.

Imagine, if the world hears a YL station from the United States on CW and also from a remote country like Malaysia, the perception is similar to what we would have perceived if we hear a YL from Timbuktu on the same mode. The pride is yours. You earn it and you deserve it.

Good luck and enjoy your hobby.

06/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How senile is your old man ? Are we not of the view that our old man has lost many abilities and capabilities ? I talked about it with my teachers, and whether they are aware how their kids perceived them.

I always knew that my kids think we are not capable of managing things. They would re-arrange the house until I did not find what I need, throwing away what were important and buying things to cause redundancy. My wife plays with senility and cautioned me not to say anything.

All along they have been dismissing my advices on various aspects and finally I decided to let them decide on themselves. I would lost my temper when they faced problems on what I had been warning and telling them.

Occasionally I talked to my wife about people who left their fortunes to neighbors and maids, instead of their akin. Could they be senile to do it ?

Excellent and brilliant teachers who coached their students to score A+ in additional mathematics were treated with senility by their kids.

One parent told me that her kid is ashamed to walk with her because she was not educated and shabby village apparels. I made a point to address the issue, telling the students that their uneducated parents are much far ahead in their thinking and struggle to make men of their children. For every prize giving day the mother received much better present than the kids. Parents were treated like the VIP. 

My kids asked me with a surprise where I get the 3D movies. To me they were asking stupid question.

My aunty recently said, "If they want to know whether I am senile or not, just give me cash and I'll show them...."

The senility of many independent old folks are they live a better life than their kids. Never being chased by banks or credit card or loan shark. To many they didn't even beg a single cent from their children.

Hanafi, a radio friend of mine, showed surprise when I told him how I solved a computer problem by going into regedit. Didn't he know that I design biometric software ? And once he asked me about a yagi antenna trying to test my knowledge, which I explained in detail the different between director, driven and reflector. In my mind it was him who did not understand the system.

Today I dare not under estimate people including women who looked weak and docile. I talked to a fruit seller who narrated me his globe trotting experience. And countries found tired old folks could be better spies for the nations.

I don't claim I am not senile. I forget names and terms. But I sense the unforeseen and compute the probability of the future.

07/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was a small kid a neighbor took me to see a play in a school. It was about a smart daughter who was successful and left home for a job in Kuala Lumpur. Many years later the parent decided to go to see their daughter whom they have not heard any news. With the help of someone who knew of her where about they decided to visit her. The preparation was obvious, to bring her the food that she most like, the ikan pekasam, ikan kering and pucuk putat.

So they set foot and arrived in the city. The daughter on seeing the parents pretended not to recognize them and kicked all the village goodies they brought for her. It was at this point the drama was made alive with song, music and splendorous display of lights. I saw spectators crying. The play was very successful.

Then I read the history of the first radio and the persons involved in them. It was about telegraphy and Morse codes. I was trying to trace the event of the radio signal that went around the curve that took me to the activity of the sun that produces electromagnetic radiation measured in Angstroms.

Comparing the drama I watched and hearing what they said about CW it strengthened my belief of the arrogance and selfish a man can be. They quickly abhorring their root. How could I not despised a teacher who condemned his tutor for not knowing something that he just picked up from other person. He thought he was already great.

Today even a good man doing good things should not hope to get respect from those they delivered favors. But I have always believe of the evil of man; greedy, ungrateful, arrogant and think they are the smartest. They cast the archaic culture, dying their hair to be looked like Europeans and crave for modernization, cutting loose from the past.

It is good and fun some time to dress like a real kampong folk, with songkok and Malay costume and shoeless going to watch a technological exhibition and ask a few stupid questions. I did it once but with sleepers, asking about the thumbprint stuff.

They should have known the power of illuminati that holds strong to the ancient secrets and traditions. The root remain firm.

05/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

By Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA

The sun emits electromagnetic radiation and matter as a consequence of the nuclear fusion process. Electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths of 100 to 1000 Angstroms (ultraviolet) ionizes the F region, radiation at 10 to 100 Angstroms (soft X-rays) ionizes the E region, and radiation at 1 to 10 Angstroms (hard X- rays) ionizes the D region.

Why do I print this out ? Because someone said to me ionization is caused by UV.

I don't need a camera to capture image. The tiny magic box does everything from showing live pictures of someone thousand of miles away to chasing the mosquitoes during my sleep. Do good, fear God and go to heaven. We can enjoy more wonders.


Only last night on 7.050 I heard a CB style QSO by one YD. I believe more of such a style will pollute the ham band. And in no time the pirate lingo will creep in. I read articles on CB lingo on 10 meters and never expect to be on 40. 7050 have been used by respectable Indonesians hams.

I am sure many Indonesians do not like it also and keeping the sadness in their hearts.

Bad things spread fast unless it is quickly suppressed. As always who have the heart to spit the truth for fear of retaliation.


Why Hide Our I.D ?

In my working days I never wrote any poison pen letter. Surat Layang comes from a coward and irresponsible person. I wrote a harsh letter with name printed and took responsibility for whatever I laid out. I dared to face the consequence.

Using some other people to write for us is worst. I always remind someone to be careful and not to be used as tools. There are bad hams and good hams. It may take a long time to identify them.

Bad hams would use other people to push for their own goals and would spit badness of the others but themselves. Studying closely we could trace the agenda behind them.

Hiding one ID is one thing, pushing others to write for them is another; the worst of it's kind.

As I said, I never read blogs but they were posted to me for my perusal.

Though many are neutral, they still abhor the action itself.  Hence let us be more responsible for what we write, right or wrong.

06/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A Guru says SWR has no value. It is only a ratio. It is indeed a fact and bare truth. But my imagination sees value in them. A ratio cannot exist without the comparison between the relationships of two variables. I see the output power of a certain value and the reflected power of a certain value. Their relationship that made the ratio.

I imagine waves with legs that runs through a path. The final length of the path must not be shorter than the step, or else a part will go and another part will fall back. The path to the take off and the take off field must have the right length. Imagination may not be a reality.

Similarly I imagine impedance as the opposition of electrons flow. The behavior of the opposition differs in a coil and capacitors and normal wires. The behaviors cause the voltage and current relationship whether in phase or out of phase. I see the resultant actions in a coil when current passes through it. The field built up that induce the opposing force. Resulting opposition depends on the frequencies of the ac current passing through a normal resistors, coils or capacitors. It is not merely knowing the inductance increase as the frequency increase but to to imagine how such phenomena came about. So the behavior in capacitors.

I have always imagine the change in the reactance as the values of the wire, a coil or capacitor changes. In the parallel LC circuit there is always a point when both reactance are equal in value and gave the total impedance of zero at a certain frequency. The negative and positive phase difference cancel each other.

In the air say there 5 radio stations transmitting at frequency 1, 2,3,4 and 5. Changing the value of inductor or capacitor will result in zero impedance to either 1,2,3,4 or 5. This allows the radio signal into the tank coil selectively.

Try to imagine what could have happen in the circuit if the impedance is zero.

Please do not believe on what I am writing here because I only use my imagination. Get a good Guru and try to understand the real fact. Can you imagine how and why the radio wave can travel far ?

03/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I was reading about antenna impedance which talks on the relationship between antenna length and frequency and wavelength and the capacitive as well as inductive effect of the wave-length effect. Then I said to myself why the hack  should I know all these. It would be easier to buy the ready made or cut wires to the right length.

To operate a radio station I don't need all those knowledge. Most people just buy the equipments, antenna, tuners and a matching device. And off they go sending the signals flying throughout the world. There are millions of operators without having have to sit for radio examination.

Many of us know but don't understand things. We know the length is 468/f but do we know why the number 468/f or 472/f ? Then we told ourselves that we are not going to be technicians or electronic engineers.

If a person with technical knowledge joins the feeder line at the input part of the antenna where the current is at maximum and the voltage minimum, does it mean an illiterate in electronic will get different current-voltage behaviors at the same point ?

If we are not going to be a technician or an engineer then what is the purpose of passing the electronic test ?

A man talks so much on double, triple and quadruple conversion; I wonder whether he could provide a clear explanation on why the if frequency is always the same when the incoming radio frequencies vary. Again just buy the radio with excellent selectivity and enjoy it, rather than cracking our heads in knowing those stuffs.

Unless examinations are made as a form of control. That is different story altogether. Then the art of test administration has to be varied from test to test. An essay type of test will tell a lot of things of a person. And test questions are not taken from a mere cupboard year in and year out.

The other alternative just scrap RAE.

05/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

While cleaning my shack I found an old coax antenna switch. I opened it up and made a little adjustment. I murmured to myself while joining the coax to it 'two rigs one antenna...two rigs, one antenna..' What we usually do is to fix one rig to different antenna. I did it otherwise to see the performance of two different rigs, not of two different antennae.

The dark blue one was a free stuff I got from a hamfest in Athens Ohio.  The right, light blue, was purchased in Medan a short time ago. Both work very fine.

The good of spring cleaning is sometime you find things you lost.

05/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Each day we are entertained by SciFi movies and movies of fantasy and imagination. Some hit the box office. The Arvatar, the Transformer, Harry Porter, Man of Steel and GI Joe Retaliation were among the popular attractions.

Imagination began as early as history of men, Facing the hostile environment they imagined demons and gods, the invisible assistance and fury. The story of ferries were not owned merely by the West. Even the Malays wrote about Kayangan, the sky kingdom with ferries in the old annals. The modern was Dick Tracy, a detective with miniature spy gadget. There were numerous comic books hit the market.

Leonardo Da Vinci endeavored to put the dream and imagination into real life by designing flying machines. And scientists are making making men and machines to fly.

It was the imagination and fantasy that creates the magic smart phone and computers, powerful military hardware and the super robots.

The investigation of nature and the unseen made people saw the magic of numbers, the fundamental aspect development and design.

The world of fantasy and imagination of kids should be nourished by the adults, which later will develop creativity in them when they became adult. I believe it creates intelligent children.

It needs a strong imagination to understand many scientific facts, of astronomy and universe, of Higgs Boson and millions more.

The bad of fantasization is when one starts to imagine ways in killing people, especially the most strong and powerful.

03/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why going to college and university when knowledge is available everywhere. I always consult www when wanting to know something. I don't claim my computer soft wares are good. I didn't go to school to learn programming. Again internet taught and guided me.

Must knowledge be in us when there are plenty freely available at the spur of any moment ?

But what cannot be cut and paste in us is the skill. We can't ask a History doctorate to do the proper welding unless he learned it physically. Neither could we ask any ordinary man to operate a patient. These are skills that we have to acquire direct from human interactions.

We don't compare knowledge and skill though skill acquisition generates knowledge on the theory and procedure.

We don't have to carry the formula in our heads to find the length of a 40 meter dipole. It is readily available in the web site. That's the reason why RAE on the technical aspect is no more relevant these days. There are thousands of pirate radio stations who could set up radio stations without passing any radio examinations.

Colleges and universities that trained professionals make sense, else we have to have the old system of apprenticeships. From it to Master Craftsman. More than knowledge, research, and development , experiment and planning. These  are not elements of cut and paste. They are vital components in the progress of the relevant fields, not the persons involved. Ask ourselves what contrivance can we  provide to the nation with our own research and experimental activities ? For most laymen we are consuming rather than producing.

My boss once told me that university education carves and shapes attitudes. I still can't figure out how it does and whether it is true to all universities ? Or whether they are applicable to all disciplines. To date I am still trying to observe and learn people through their comments in the facebooks and blogs, and relate to their level of education.

Whatever education we have, we are always lacking in everything. Yet we survive and live like everybody else. Some of us are extremely wealthy even without degrees. It is foolish to pride oneself mainly base on the amount of knowledge one carries because others could do better . And if they want to know something they can always pluck from any literature or ask someone to give it to them.

Wise people never brag and never belittle others, never show excessive pomposity. When victims do not fight back, calm and sullen it does not mean they are stupid and defeatist. It is just they don't want to be equally foolish. Is it not foolish to fight and quarrel with a mad man ? A person who always boast that he has a vast knowledge must remember even the stupid can acquire information easily and freely without pain, without having to have university education. What is a person without any skill ?

What we cannot borrow and easily get is dexterity. No amount of thinking and reading can do the transformation.  If we can, we can . If we can't, we can't. The worst of a person is when he can't  also study well.  He might resort to combining brawn with emotion to assert himself. All his life he lives on excuses and escapism, and laboring perpetual hatred towards successful people.

03/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have not done anything to my kitchen yet, and the room for my former maid, my radio shack and one more room. I have just finished 95% on my lounge. Yesterday I rushed to Padang Besar, departing home at 2.30 pm to buy plastic flowers. A bouquet in my home town costs between RM150 to RM200. At Padang Besar between RM30 to RM50.

After sending my wife to the dialysis center I immediately worked on my shack. The arrangement and the cleaning took about 4 hours. I skip my daily walk to give to the house cleaning. Tomorrow I  can resume the evening exercise.

For Berbuka I bought a pack of rice with kari Kepala Ikan and the fish head and a boil egg. It cost me RM7.50. That's all. Six more minutes to wait. And another fulfilling day for me. Thanks God.

Altogether I paid RM95 for assorted flowers and a couple of arrange flowers in bunch. With this I think I will end my purchase for this new year.

It is estimated it will take two days to clean my radio shack, a day for the kitchen and maid's room combined. But the raya is too near. I need to squeeze the time for computing, nursing and sending my wife to dialysis, buying food, and cleaning utensils.

The last to work on is the floor . It is so dusty that I need to wash it. It will be a monumental job. My wife suggested that I labor someone else to do the cleaning, At this point I am already exhausted.

My wanting to work for myself is owed to my mother who trained me to do the household work when I was a kid. I washed my own clothing and ironed them, frying rice to take to school, shutting windows when night fell, fed my ducks and released them and doing the grocery.

I had never had chance to do what I am doing now. Being retired I feel free to do whatever I want.

Nothing is better than doing a good job, a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I am happy to see the three umbrellas that I hang on the wall. I have not seen like it anywhere else.

My cat, Kipas, would lie and observed what I have been doing. Her little kitten was jumping around playing with what she found on the floor. I talked to the cat while working.

Outside the house is still messy. I don't know what to do with it yet.

Soon afterwards I have to bath my wife, dress her and take her to the dialysis center. When I arrive home at about 1 pm, I will go for my Friday prayer. From 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm will be the cleaning time. While on the way to fetch my wife I will be stopping by buying food for the break fast.

Life is still good. Food is still plentiful. I can sleep peacefully; no blasting sounds of bombs and rockets, and the cracking sound of gun fire.

Exhausted but Life is still beautiful.

02/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Traditionally palaces worldwide have their own document writers, not only to document the King and Palace procedures but also the events that came to the knowledge of the writers concern. Eventually the practice went to organizations, institutions, governments and offices. Some individuals wrote accounts of themselves and their observations.

The BIG QUESTION IS 'Do amateur radio in Malaysia has been documented well ?'  I wish some young blood will take the initiative to do some research studies, gathering as much as data as possibly can.

If the former authority, the Federal Telecom, submitted all it's documents to national archive it will be a good start. It is highly probable the telecom files were passed to the MCMC. Files over 10 years were usually permissibly burnt and destroyed. Secondly the registrar of societies may still have the records of the radio society that was registered. And the last scattered source was the living old hams like 9M2SS, Sangat Singh, Raja Iskandar, Raden Lokman and a few Singaporeans.

The current societies like ASTRA, MARES and MARTS and other scattered clubs can start writing up on the beginning and their history. ASTRA has plenty to write on it's repeaters and the people behind them.

Every event and activity must be documented with pictures. A copy is to be sent to National Archive.

Nothing should be laid aside,  even how stinking they are. Names like Sangat, Rahim (9M2RR), Lay Suan and Oja are among a few that people might think are unimportant. But these are either the contributors or people who set records.

It is advisable for a ham to start his own document, writing tales on how he first came to know ham radio, how he studied for RAE, setting up his station, his first contact and all the following activities.

Documents must be well preserved.

30/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


MARTS must not rely on the internet to broadcast of it's existence or activities. With the present condition soon enough thousands of Malaysian hams will not even know what MARTS is and may never heard of even the word.

It has to stretch it's tentacles across  the members of radio fraternity to make it known to the people. To sell itself, it must not stay aloof in the remote corner. It has to go out to meet the people, at RAE and CW test centers on the exam date, prepared with the proper handouts.

Before making any publicity stunts MARTS must write to the hams or sending out a kind of a newsletter with contents that are appealing to the local hams. The capital is large but it is a wise thing to do.

It would be sad that people who are active in clubs and societies are not active on the ham band. Else radio would be one of the best promotional avenue. Radio means active on the local network, and on 2 meter band as well. For this MARTS national link must be revived.

If the society does not come up with something substantive, it has to bear the continuous attack from other radio organizations. And with only a fistful of members it will remain a solitary palace without majority's mandate.

I for one wants MARTS to continue to be prominent and stay healthy perpetually. To show it's health it must move, active, vocal and prove of it's strength. Yet it allows others to organize SEANET and other gatherings in Kuala Lumpur. Who in MARTS ever made themselves heard on local band ?

I believe that one of the first thing MARTS must do is to raise fund to expand the coffer. It is tough but it could be done, and at the same time effort to reach all the hams in Malaysia must be planned. I suggest a monthly publication similar to CQ or QST magazine.

Else they have to hand over the society to those who want to manage it. Let those who strive to kill MARTS work with their own clubs. Let sense and reason rule for the sake of Malaysian ham radio. Don't be an easy prey, or being used as a tool. Think.

31/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Babu was Ubat Gegat seller. My mother would cut the colored papers, glued the parts and made it as containers for the white mothballs. Each packet was sold at 10 cents. That was more than 60 years ago. Babu had long passed away leaving a  wife without a child..

He was totally illiterate. He can only recognize numbers. He knew how to count and returned the change of his sale. When he went out selling he would dress in black, baju kurung attire with a songkok.

His body was stout, small eyes which gave him difficulties in seeing distant objects. His voice was loud and ears sensitive.

Late in the evening he would come to our house where my mother would count and organized his shillings for him to keep. And as always he would come with political stories, spoke like an experience politicians convincingly and with strong impact. He was pro-UMNO and adored Tunku Abdul Rahman.

He seemed to know a lot. His narration was interesting. I later knew that he picked those from the coffee shops. In the old days people went to coffee shops to meet friends and chats. It was like a community meeting place.

He pride himself for being an UMNO man, vocal during the fight for independence. When the government first call for the blood donation, he was among the first to register himself as a donor.  A few of his contemporaries are still alive. I am sure there are people in Alor Setar could still remember him.

I saw him reading newspaper as if putting deep contemplation at certain topics. What he actually did was looking at numbers. Just  numbers. While perusing the numbers he would also speak about politics, giving the impression that he got the information from the readings.

Before nearing his death Babu strike a lottery, quite a substantial sum. My parents did not want to talk or ask him what he did with the money. Being conservative and believing the fortune was 'haram' we chose to stay mum. His wife, my mother's relative, used it as capital for a small business.

Illiterate and uneducated did not stop Babu from being an honest and a sincere person. He didn't cheat not lie.The Chinese towkey who supplied him the mothballs and other things to sell liked and trusted him too. To me Babu was a legend like Chat Gila. The different was Babu was totally sane.

01/08/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have just finished my breakfast on the 20th day of Ramadzan. and in a minute will perform my prayer and then continue with this essay. Today I bought two slices of Tepung Talam and two of Bengkang Ubi Kayu costing RM4. I heated unfinished food bought for yesterday and they took up almost all my table's space. At all time I remember the poor and hungry people in other parts of the world. There is too much food on the table.

That was not all. Two minutes before time, my student sent me rice, gravy with fish, friend fish and cucur jagong. It is impossible that I and my wife could finish the providence.

What do I do with the excess food ? Two days kept in the freezer is already too long. When there came time to throw them I truly felt very painful.  Will God be angry with me for throwing what were given to me ? What if God stops the providence ? I saw people in Africa picking up bit of rice on the street, to accumulate to fill a pot. The pain was always mix with the fear.

But many a time I forgot what God gives me, and lost temper when a restaurant did not serve me with the food as ordered and leave without eating. When I reminded fried rice without chicken, I was served the one with chicken.

Lately I realized even in the United States there were White Americans have to beg for food, not to talk of the homeless. How about the kids in Bangladesh and other poor countries ?

Unfinished rice can always be given to cats after mixing with chickens or fish. Gravies had to be thrown off.

Pondering at our live, we really must thank the Al-Mighty for giving us peace and tranquility, almost free from calamities and disasters, and plenty of food at our disposal.

I and my wife are enjoying our berbuka puasa much more than other millions of Muslims. Thanks God.

29/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A new school's Principal started her adventure to create a system of her own for the future without looking back at the history and past of the school. She said the past was past, nothing could be done and called upon the staffs to move forward with the new programs. Each day the staffs were grumbling about the change. Months passed. Progress continued. Two years later a new Principal was sent to replace her. He was told to revive the past glory of the school.

Progress cannot be built without knowing the present and the past. You have to have a bench mark to start with. Had the Headmaster took note of the level and highest achievement of the school she would have not started from the beginning.

Many top and glorious institutions ebb because the history of the institutions were ignored, killing the culture and the characters of those institutions.

When I came across a few new Principals bragging about their capabilities and methodologies I said to myself 'let's see what those cocky achieve at the end of the year'. True indeed their schools fared very badly.

General Paton read the art of ancient Chinese war and applied in the WW2 against the German. The wisdom of the past is seen with it's successes and achievements.

The tasks of the new Principal is to learn what was the glorious past and to resurrect it. That is the point where he is to start, to add the recipe to his own menu.

Philosophers say the reason to learn history is to avoid repeating the past mistakes. Ignoring it could end up in chaos and blunder.

Will the school be at the peak again ? Mary Yap would know the answer.                                                            29/07/2013


A woman said  that she spent almost 20K for every Raya festival. That was almost the price of a Viva. To many 20K may take the whole live saving.

Recently I went to a furniture shop and saw a sofa set costs about 10K. My student told me that she was ordering a new set for the Raya. And yesterday she told me the delivery has been made. The sofa costs 14K.

No wonder they claimed spending that much money for a single festival. That was for a single item. To match with the new sofa, she put a new curtain and painted the wall. Her husband bought another new car.

I was asked why I do not add decoration to my house, change the old sofa and the curtain ? My reply was that my home is now known as a sick house, a home hospital, and an abode for my sick wife. I do not need those new stuffs. Secondly I can't afford to spend even 3K.

So far I have not bought any apparel yet but I intend to buy a frock for my wife. The garment of size 48 is only available in black and it costs RM150. I told my wife about it. She said she does not need one. "You are not going to stay in bed on the Raya day," said I. "I will dress you and put you on the wheel chair. Neighbors might come to visit you."

So far I spent less than 1K buying some small items and 7 packs of Brahim Kurma to be consumed on the Raya day because no breakfast will be sold. Afterwards I will be looking for some plastic flowers to brighten my house. The most expensive items were the running lights. I spent about 70 ringgit for a couple of sets.

Lavish spending is the lifestyle of the wealthy people. Indeed they are wealthy. I saw houses much bigger than a bungalow and qualified enough to be called a palace.

Spending help to generate national income and generates greater economic activities.                                      30/07/2013


A car is a car. We licensed a driver not the car. The car has it's own consignment ; an insurance and a road tax. So are the pilots and the flying machines. An apparatus assignment literally means the assignment of usage of an apparatus. The apparatus has to be licensed and needs a licensed for a legal use. Hence all communication apparatus owned by agencies public or private need to be registered. Once registered anyone can use them. Commercial bodies come under this category.

It is imperative for a Radio Authority to issue a license to a person who has met the requirement to be amateur radio operator. If he passed RAE then he should be awarded with a B operating license. If he passed both RAE and CW test his license is categorized as A license.

An apparatus to be used must be registered and the usage is assigned to person with the radio amateur license. It implies that a person who own 4 transceivers must register all his equipments, and de-register them once they are not usable. It is up to the authority to charge for the registration or not. The registration is made only once. When the equipment change hand it must be de-registered by the former owner and re-registered by the new owner.

The notion may not be agreeable, even by me. But it makes more sense and has a connotation of equipment control and more work to the authority. The computer system has to be redesigned to accommodate the requirement and the authority has to visit ham radio shack to observe the compliance. Who in the world want to do more work without extra income or revenue ?

The current system is not originated locally. We copied the model from other nation.

Browsing through the web sites I found the phrase Ham Radio License were conveniently used rather than Apparatus Assignment. Whatever the authority has the final say. It has it's own valid reason to adopt any policy it deemed fit. And the authority has been very lenient all these while for not exercising the full task as to the control of ham gears and hamming activities.

We are considered very lucky.

28/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't know what to exactly called a shop about the front of KFC at Jalan Stadium; either a coffee shop or restaurant. Outside the fasting month I didn't see people eating or drinking in the shop. It never attract me to stop by and try the food. Somehow it survives.

Every fasting month I saw quite a crowd. Girls were singing or shrieking at the top of their voice probably with the full blast volume that even penetrated the closed doors of the KFC. That was worse than then the Vili's issue. First it is a Malay restaurant. Second the authority allows the eating shop to run Karaoke. I am sure the authority also composed of Malay officers.

These days I went to KFC at the wee hours of the day which is still a dark night. At 2 am the singing was still on. While having my Sahur I saw Malay girls with red dyed hair came into the chicken restaurant ordering food. I knew they were from the shrieking center. I knew they were Malays but who were these people and where do they come from. I believed even the Chinese and other non-Muslims looked at them with scorn.

If we are talking of freedom then the freedom must be followed by the respect of the tranquility  and peace of mind of the others. The full blast audio was indeed disturbing and a great nuisance.

Couldn't it be concluded that the Malays and Islam are two different entities ? I always prefer Islam to the Malays, and never will I endorsed Malay unity. If Malays show no respect of Islam what can you expect from the others ?

On the other hand the Pumpong Mini Market closed from 6 to 8 pm to allow the workers to have the break fast. And the Seng Mini Market would close a few days to allow the workers to celebrate the Raya festival with the families. And in the United States a Jew Professor gave a time out for the Muslims to observe the religious rite of Ramadzan.

We don't force these people to go for Taraweh prayer or reading the holly book, but we are only concern with their behaviors of insulting Islam.

29/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malaysian HAMS are advised to operate on frequencies allowed by the AA. If you operate outside the allowable band and frequencies the authority could always slap you and take away your ticket. A change of officers and a push by a third person could put you in deep trouble.

You cannot be above the law and be more authoritative than the MCMC.

Today amateur radio in Malaysia has reached a state where the ham spirit has completely shattered. Cold war is going on. Police report on certain issues had been made. What you have to do is just open your eyes wide and you will see and feel the stench of the covert war.

I am just telling you, not putting any coercion or force you to follow me. In the AA hams in Malaysia are not allowed to go above 7.1. Today I don't go above 7.1 to hear who and who among the Malaysians are there. It is better for me not to know.

Somebody is telling the hams it is alright to go to the banned area. If actions are taken against you he won't be able to save you.

7.043 is not my frequency as claimed by some foul mouth. I just happened to be there because I was there since 2002. You want to use it, take it. It is a free spot for all. At least I stayed within the approved limit.

It is funny that to stay on the approved frequency is wrong but to go above 7.1 is right. This is what I called mental distortion. At least I pride myself not going around to spray poison about bad people and the bad things they have done.

I just feel it is my duty to remind Malaysian hams about the danger of breaking law.

26/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In the past when school's head changed bad things usually happened. Before the new head could settled down there came a heap of bills from shops and vendors. The total amount could reach up to hundreds of thousand. New person usually jumped.

There were cases when the new administrators refused to pay and lodge police report on the previous head masters for criminal breach of trust.

Some might call for the local orders, checking the stocks and the availability of the goods. And will not honor the payment without any local order.

Staffs of disorderly schools would feel the pressure and pain when the systematic and no-nonsense boss took over. There was no such thing as 'before we can...'

I always remind my close friends not to be so complacent and safe with the current state. A sudden change could be a Tsunami. Now is not before'. Even  a little mistake could be fatal. As the law goes, pointing evil at others would not free the evil in ourselves. We have to answer for our own.

A new administration could and would not take any action on those who abide by the book. Rules and procedures are to set order. It keeps an organization strong and efficient.

Those who flout with rules and regulations like going home early before the official time, not in the classroom during the teaching time, doing other business during the office hours and cheating in card punching would have to face the consequences.

Always beware of those rogue culprits who want you to suffer with them. Follow the rules and do the right. We will be safe in case of the head change.

26/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

WWW wonder

The wonder of internet is beyond description. Sixty years ago we were already wondering with the amazing story about a box that shows live images. The first black and white TV was a marvel. In the 70's there was a plan of putting the world populace into a web, stretching every corner of the globe.

The state of mind of the people 60 years ago is similar to the present condition on the concept of flying cars all over us. Try to imagine the world with flying cars taking over the current road attached cars. That's how the mental perceptions 60 years ago. It is unbelievable fantasy.

Among the common men ham radio was the most wonderful in the years before the world wide web. Hams from Japan and the Philippines came to my house to communicate back home. A ham encouraged his son to pick up amateur radio in case he went for further study overseas.

In the '80s the world was taken by surprised by the opening of windows of the world, where everyone could hear voices from all walks of life covering the whole globe. The dream came true. The world appears in front of you at your command within seconds.

But very few men admire the contrivance. They bought and used but never to wonder how they were made and who made them. Kids never even asked questions on the gadgets they used, like mankind never asked how the food they ate came about.

The inspiring technology attract every man. 90% of ham operators locked themselves to network computers rather to their radios. A friend of mine who had been following my hamming activities finally said to me that he didn't need ham radio anymore, as he had a nightly visual chat with his colleague and students around the world. He is a university lecturer. He enjoyed Skype very much.

Global travelers only needs a smart phone or a tablet when they go overseas. Live communication is free. The WWW is a wonder. everywhere you will see young people holding hand phones while they are walking or sitting at rest.  Thanks to the great idea.

26/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Asking the question to different people will get different answers. Ask the Catholic, they will say the Protestant, ask the Protestants they say the Catholic. You ask the Hindus they will talk about re-birth and the final karma. Ask the Muslims they will say the sinners and the non-Muslims. You ask the Jews they will shake their heads. You ask the Atheists they will laugh at you. And you have to tell them that hell is made for them. It looks like only the Jews do not believe in the life after death though there is a day of judgment.

Whatever your faith is you must respect the others, hurt no people, be kind to men and animals and plants and trees, be fair and honest and sincere. We have been living in mutual respects for more than 3 decades. We should continue to do so. You may be smart and superior, rich and powerful, you will not be respected by your arrogance.

But in term of values, morality and religions things that are bothering our minds are the same sex marriage, the legalization of marijuana and the disappearance of shamefulness. These never  originated from the Jewish or Muslim nations.

  •,2933,161508,00.html   Cached
    United Church of Christ becomes largest Protestant denomination to endorse same-same marriage.

    Only God knows who is going to hell.

    25/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    MARTS is not a religion but it has been here long before any radio society in Malaysia. To bring out something new to replace it is something like a Christian Scientology, something new to the religion. That's why the Muslim cannot accept the concept of Islam Baru or New Islam.

    The crisis is never a happy one. It is a crisis of mankind not the organization. From my point of view difficult things could be trashed out at the negotiating table with the chairmanship of our radio authority. We have to recognize the authority of our radio administrator. Certainly they are much better and have gained enough experience than most of the smart Malaysian hams. Good or bad they are the authority.

    Though MARTS is not a religion you just don't tear it apart, burn it and replace it. It has been here before many of us were born. If we don't change religion, we don't change MARTS too. It is our tradition.

    Don't talk about numbers and quorum because many would not favor such measures to be applied to what we don't like. To put it bluntly, if the non-Malays are voting out the Malays with their big numbers in future do these people like it ?

    I even sense some defiance towards the authority. Even on the question of band plan; at a time they force people to accept it, at another time they say it is useless and not binding. Any Mister Know All should apply for a job in ARRL or ITU.

    25/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    You pass you gain and enjoy the band. That's not the only point. It is the process of building up self-discipline. I talked to a young girl, form one, about going jogging, and she said one has to have a strong discipline to sustain it. A person going cycling or jogging for over 10 years is strong in mind and in spirit.

    Once you pass the test you will have a certain pride in yourself. You can overcome something difficult.

    Building discipline is accompanied by attitude built up; the dare to face challenges, positive thinking, resilience, self confidence and most of all you enhance and elevate yourself. The skill is not plucked from a text book, copyable and transferable.

    A person cannot claim that he is good in Morse unless he passed the test. We know of a signal man who failed his first CW test.

    Staying away from the exam just to please them is always silly, as if they are your saviors at time of you facing hardship and difficulties. Remember a good man has enemies and a bad person has friends. In other words don't fear of losing friends.

    When I went to school in USA Malaysian friends told me not to take analytical statistics because it was difficult and the lecturer failed a lot of people. They took Badminton and Takraw because they were easy to pass. I ignore them. I took the paper and a Korean lady assisted me in the subject.

    Follow your own heart.                                  25/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I feel like playing fire crackers again. My neighbor had been firing the crackers every night. I asked my ham friend to buy some for me if he were to go to Hadyai and he told me there are plenty at Danok.

    Actually I don't make any preparation yet for the new year. Both me and my wife do not need any new dress. But the Muslims are encourage to put on a clean and new clothe during the 1st Syawal.

    I have to set a day for the shopping of some basic stuffs for  the raya festivities, and to list down all the necessities. I don't need shirt as there are a few which are not even used till today. I will buy a pair of gown for my wife. I have to put some glittering and sparkling lights as soon as possible within the next few days. I also planned to replace a few missing jugs. Yes, missing jugs. I can't blame my former house maid for it.

    13 days are too quick. It was just like yesterday. Probably my mind was occupied with something else; nursing my wife, doing the domestic chores, browsing web sites, writing blog and evening walk before the breaking of fast.

    My weight didn't decrease much. It dropped down only about 2 kilos but I feel very light when doing my walking exercise. I would not make a fuss on Alvili's remarks. First other religions fast too. Secondly the Muslims could amicably asked Alvivi to try fasting for a day or two. I am sure he will enjoy it.

    Fasting is not just refrain from eating and drinking, it tests our self discipline. Conquering the desire of a thing transfers the same emotion towards other things too. I don't miss a thing when honoring the fasting.

    13 days is al most half of the journey. I know the remaining days move too fast to catch up.

    22/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Field Day is somewhat an exercise of emergency communications participated by radio amateur operators. It is an annual event. Hams are encouraged to set up their stations outside their homes, possibly in camp sites, using portable staffs and alternative power supplies.

    Though in our country MARES is an appropriate body to run and organize the national field day, MARTS usually took the lead. Before the existence of MARES, MARTS ran the show.

    Today a new society called MARL is running the show. I don't know who gave the mandate to MARL to host the event, and why MARTS did not come forward to host it.

    Participants are not determined by radio society memberships. They have to recognize themselves as hams, not as ASTRA, MARES, MARL or MARTS. They should join force for the activity and at the same time have fun together. Having barbeque with beriyani would be just nice.

    I think to call it MARTS or ASTRA or MARL national field day a clear show of disunity of Malaysian amateur radio. The name National Field Day would be ample. It does not have an aroma of arrogance and tyranny.

    It would be very awkward and strange for the words hams to mean chaos and divisiveness. Else the components of Malaysian ham radio will be consisted of clashes, piracies, and low level savagery of verbal and physical abuse. And power wresting is almost like a civil war.

    With or without errors by any quarter let hams go out and set up stations outside their home for a day and enjoy the experience on the set date. MARL set a date on 15 the September 2013.

    23/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Toilets and bathrooms, how clean and beautiful they, have always been associated with a place to clean off the filth. If the Guru Besar of Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pistana used the the bathroom as a canteen for the non-Muslims it is not at all appropriate and a big disgrace. I am convinced that he or she is an autocratic type of an administrator.

    The same canteen must be used. There isn't any problem for a fasting person to see other people eating and drinking in as much as there is no problem for a fasting person to to a labor work and exercise while fasting.

    The teachers in the school should some kind of protest and reasoned out with the Headmaster of poor decision. In many cases the old principle of the age should be taken into account 'Don't do unto others what you don't like others do unto you'. It is not the principle of truth but of tolerance, understanding, peace and humanity.

    The person who posted the pictures in the Facebook cannot be blamed. You notice that many used the facility to express themselves, to release emotions, to tell something out.

    And now the Guru Besar has to face the music.

    There have been numerous untold stories of Guru Besar yet bad cases never seem to stop. There must be something wrong with the promotion system or with the people in charge of promoting people.

    The most is about the mismanagement of funds, neglecting the financial procedure laid out by the Treasury Instructions The government financial procedure is excellent but only a few who followed strictly the method of purchases and other procurements. And now come the eating in the bathroom.

    23/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Use your own money to spend and nobody would bother you. I remember an auditor who queried a Chinese school principal about using the school own private fund, and the board told the auditor to leave it alone. There was nothing the audit can do.

    How would you respond to the external interference and intervention on how you spend your money ? But if you were to spend public fund according to your own whims and fancy you could expect a public cry. You have to face the anger of the people.

    The Chinese has a lion dance every year with the purpose of collecting and amassing funds. Metaphorically speaking if they distribute the money among the poor Chinese the Malays have no whatsoever right in saying anything. In fact it has to be encouraged.

    Do the Malays collect and gather the money for the advancement of their own race ? Mosques were known to have tenth of thousands as a result of donations and weekly collections.

    More than 40 years ago there was a launching of Tabung Ekonomi Islam. Millions were collected and we don't don't know where the money went. If it was running well by now the Muslims could have a fund of billions of ringgit to spend for the well being of the Muslims. Even if the money is used to send an astronaut to the outer space no other ethnic group would say anything.

    From the past and current events I would conclude the Malays have not been smart. They were beaten by Karpal and Utusan Malaysia was pinned several time by the oppositions. They failed in dealing with more the addicts. The priority is in privatization and contract awards to cronies. SELF is the only desire. The community can go to hell.

    With huge funds they can build their own medical universities, engineering schools and other professional institutions. They can build research foundations and start a think-tank groups to combat the sickness of the Muslims and the Malays.

    Instead of instilling the culture and practice of sacrifice UMNO gives away money to the people. Many would ask 'Where does the money come from ? '

    20/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Why in movies drug lords are depicted wearing huge Christian cross in their necklaces ? Even the nig Mafia bosses were seen wearing one. In real life are those part of their attires ? I did not observe the detail of their dresses when I was in Queen where at night time the whole street was full of Black youths. During the day they seemed to disappear. Now I would have guessed may about 10% of them, drug dealers or not must have worn.

    In movies these people talked softly and kindly but vicious with their hands. Shootings were like a play.

    If it is true that Black drug Lords do wear cross I could think only one thing. They were told that Christians do not go to hell. Wearing cross puts Jesus near their hearts. Jesus promised heaven to all Christians. Hell is only for non-Christians. Going across the Youtube videos and other Christian literature, it does say Jesus is a savior of mankind. Being criminals would still bring them to heaven.

    May be that could be the reason why Hitler murdered millions of Jews and other Christians murdered millions of Iraqis and Afghans and the Japanese. They can't go to hell. Jesus save them. Nazis wore a big cross in their uniform.

    Sorry, what I commented here is from my haunch and imagination, a conclusion without real evidence.

    21/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    A large portion of men do not fear the future because they don't see the outcome, no matter what scary picture you instill in them. You tell them that cigarette cause cancer with a clear image of the affected lung on the cigarette box, they still buy and happily puffing it passionately.

    You tell them about God and sins, and the hell that burn the sinners, none will show any freverence, not even an atom of it. It is just because they don't see God, neither believe in life after death. The future is too remote for them.

    The instant joy and benefit is what count and to be grabbed.

    How many care about the future, the fate of their siblings and generations, of homelessness and joblessness, of conflict and destructions ? These future depend on the present, the current planning and events.

    But there are people out there who are striving to shape the future of the world. It began with dreamers who imagined the world without borders, networking the world citizens with instant visual and audio communication, creating huge robots in their comic strips. They believe in the future, And their believe is here and now.

    Those who don't fear the future will do nothing and those who do are thinking ways for the survival of their  generations and culture. We allow the clearing of water catchment areas for housing development, farming land for the same reason. We multiply ourselves with leaps and bound. We accept and condone corruptions. We let our youth go astray instead of building a strong and competitive force to be a nation builder in the coming years. We pampered our people too much. We plunge into actions without thinking.

    Even the loathed illuminati believe in the Almighty and talked about men who fear men not God. It is an organization that built up the United States and the present layout of Washington. They computed the coming and the fate of mankind and even their possible sufferings.

    We need to address our morality, our economic and job security, the ways our money to be spent and our religious identity. We have to dispel all lies, sack those who waste our money, halt in supporting the greedy people who cut down trees and plunder land that grow food.

    Else we have to brace for bleak and dreadful destiny.

    19/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    When land was plentiful and the population was small survival for living was simple. The standard of living was low but no known people were starve to death. With economic growth the demand for labor expanded. There was a rush for land and jobs.

    First the work place was full of men. Women stayed home as housewives. Young ladies waited for the hand in marriages. There was a need for women in hospitals to take care of female patients and deliveries. Eventually families found with women at work place the income of the family grew. The evolution of emancipation and equality of salaries and tasks finally ended up at what we are having today.

    Women turned out to be very competent and some excel their male counterparts. Problems arise when the workers become mothers. Who are going to take care of the infants, the milking and other baby cares ?

    Today mothers have to travel up to 60 miles to the office. While in USA I saw a long queue in Irvine at 7.30 pm. Those were the people who worked in Los Angeles, going out early in the morning and arriving home late in the evening. Even in Malaysia the situation is similar.

    It is a high time for the relevant authority to look into the welfare of the work force. It is not merely a matter of salaries and job satisfaction, it is more to those, involving the nurturing of emotional needs, caring and understanding.

    Offices should be of a new design to cater rooms for child care up to 6 years old, room for worships for Muslim, Jews, Christians and others, and sick bays with basic medicines. At appropriate time mothers can go to milk their infants.

    Baby sitters are also trained to teach pre-school. For Muslim baby sitters they must be well verse in Islam. Incase there are no baby to take care of and no pre-school children they can teach religion and recitals to the Muslim ladies.

    The injection of humanity could produce a happy work force, enhancing articulation, creativity and productivity.

    Moving out of the house at 5 or 6 am and be home at 7.30 pm left the school going children without parents almost half of the day. At time things are not good for the kids. We can hope and pray for the best.

    This is where the grand mother comes to be handy.

    19/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    A Muslim should know the retribution for not honoring a made promise. Those who know dare not promise even deep in their hearts they will keep it. The phrase that accompanied was Insya Allah ( by the will permission of God). Allah does not allow a promise without adding 'if Allah gives permission'.

    Making a mockery of a promise when demanded is nothing more than insulting God.

    There are people who refused to participate in the election because they do not want to be part of the lying system. Tons of promises were made during the campaign, and they were quickly vanished after everything was over. It is a big word, either it makes something or shattered everything, leaving people in frustration.

    When asked about the promises there came a mockery of all sorts to blind the people broadcasted by the mainstream media. A few could sense and compute the cheat and the lies. Instead there were foul cries on the fish and other food prices, of raising rates and taxes, of the declining value of the money in hands.

    One man in the Facebook wrote 'THANK YOU BN VOTERS' for the increase in  electric bill. Another for the price of mackerel at RM12 per kilo in a fishing village.

    Both BN and PR could break their promises. When promises were made there could be either of two intents; to lie or to honor. You have an intention to honor a promise but you may not be able to honor it owing to inevitable circumstances. You would feel regret and deeply sorry.

    There was a promise of hundreds of affordable homes. Yet the subject was still discuss in the parliament. Now every purchase is by affordable payment. I came across a car vendor that refused cash but loan. The time period is pushed from 5 to 9 years making it more affordable. You are happy with the payment. You don't care about the over all price and additional expenditure you have to incur.

    We call them to act rather than to talk, to show rather than to say, and to prove rather than to promise.

    They think by throwing money on the road people would forget the promises. You vote and you should get the credit.
    20/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    18 th.  of July is the ninth day of fasting. It is another day for my evening walk at the usual track. The inner circuit is about 1km long. I usually did four rounds to complete four kilometers and doing some exercise before I went home.

    I arrived at 6 pm and started with a fast stride, faster than the days before Ramadzan because of my lighter body. After about 200 yards I could hear women chatting behind me. I could sense the distance of the approach by the strength of the conversation. One was telling a story about a man who like to cycle and she never like him. I tried to increase my phase so that they could not overtake me. Somehow at the end of the circuit they overtook me.

    They were about 40. I saw no force in their strides. They walked so relax and so fast. I increased my speed but lagging about 6 feet behind them. As they overtook other walkers I too followed them.

    Instantly I remember Ibrahim Ali, the loud-mouthed Perkasa man, who threatened the Chinese. I told myself even a single Chinese lady in front of me could pin him down in a wrestling contest within 2 minutes. Never under estimate woman's physical strength.

    I completed four rounds just a few feet behind them. I felt tired and strenuous. The women continued with the same phase and speed.

    19/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Moving around I saw banners promoting and advertising private colleges and schools. There are private schools that charge a fee of RM60K a year from form one to form five. And there are vocation colleges like the medical and flying schools. At the same time I read about a straight As student who has no place in the university.

    Our schools are going towards no public examination. PBS takes over them. Already I overheard that the PBS was not held according to schedule. If SPM was havoc with leakage and the selling of test papers, the PBS opens up a bigger hole for questions to be known before the real exam days. Hence it creates doubt in the validity of the certificate issued.

    The rush to private institutions will give advantage to the affordable.

    Though the phenomena is new it is imperative for the government to make a research to know who are employed in what sectors and with what qualification from which institutions. After all we have many PHD scholars and people working with the government.

    The data could shed a clear result of the effectiveness of our system and we could plot the trend and the possible projection with what we are doing today.

    We don't want to have engineers building the falling bridge and stadium and other structures, and lawyers who swindled their clients and murdered them.

    19/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    A fact is something real represented by a real concrete data. When we say the jet engine was stolen, Bank Bumiputera and PERWAJA were badly and dishonestly managed, the hanky panky in the awards of government projects, they are facts.

    Yet there are people who either deny or approved them. Even in the case of indelible ink we do see behaviors and actions which could be sensed as strange. On one side the waste of million ringgit of public fund is nothing, and on the other is an abuse of power. How could I praise and support for such a waste ?

    The manipulation of facts to convince the people are nothing more then for personal interest, namely to get favor, promotion or rewards.

    Here is another simple event about the month of Ramadzan. A sex blogger was hauled up for insulting the month of Ramadzan. In Alor Setar, at the stadium cafe, every night there was a loud karaoke being sung during this month. Doesn't it brought shame to the Muslims who were eating together at the KFC with the non-Muslims ? It is ironic, isn't it ?

    We all remember Karpal was suid for seditious for his statement on Sultan on judiciary matter. He won the case because he merely stated what is in the constitution.

    As I see in my perspective may be seen differently by the others. The legal right may not always be a moral right. No amount of suppression can stop people from talking. With heavy communist indoctrination, Berlin wall could still fall. Religions were alive and kicking and healthy under the severe Communist suppression.

    19/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Cheaters and those abetting cheating must be severely punished. Even those in the government are not happy with the abuse of power and dishonesty. Government must not protect those culprits in any way at all.

    The issue of indelible ink cannot be squashed. It is not merely a case of the possible fraud but went further than that. Najib could have mean well about the ink and never even thought of it being washable.  It could not be Najib who ordered the ink to be tempered.

    Now that Rafizi has exposed the supplier we could have guessed that even the members of UMNO and government officers are  not happy wit the dealing.

    Let me say out here that the Chinese and other Malays were not at all happy with Shahrizat's family's case, which led them to sway to the opposition.

    In this case the named company cheated the government, the Prime Minister, the UMNO Ministers and the general public. And the behavior of the top EC men seemed to abet the supplier then those involved must be severely punished.

    17/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Never think only the Ministers, doctors, lawyers and engineers only have pride. Every man regardless of his status and professions too have a pride.

    The feeling of greatness of a man with power and money may not all the time gain respect of everyone. He could have been scorned by even a garbage hunter and being looked as a stinking animal.

    A person who has done a good work in a day with honesty and sincerity feel proud of discharging his duty to the country, public or to himself. He feels clean and God is with him all the time.

    The garbage collector that comes to collect garbage around our habitation is serving us. We owned him a respect. A farmer who starts his work early in the morning to provide us with food too must be respected.

    The feeling of pride is usually accompanied by the good work done in the name of God to serve the people, community and the nation.

    Some faces we see on the public media were seen as criminals and thugs. We spit on looking at them as sinful, shameless and immoral.

    Remember even a service to oneself and one's family from a good and honest work is enough to provide one with a pride.                                             

     18/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The White House Down is fiction about attempts of high ranking individuals including the Vice President to wrest power from President Barrack Obama. Obama was save by a security personal who was rejected in an interview to be the President's body guard.

    Try to watch and enjoy the thriller. It is entertaining and thought provoking.



    I felt my body much lighter walking during the fasting month. It has been 9 days including today that we have been fasting. I jumped the exercise two out of 8 days because of the time factor. After completing the food preparation and placing my wife at the roundtable listening to the local radio, I went out with my jogging attire. The average time was 6 pm.

    For the last few days my radio friend, 9M2FL, Chen Kok Hoon, joined me. The day before yesterday I was alone. The jogging track was almost empty with the usual Malays except for two or three. As I felt lighter my steps were faster. I thought nobody could beat me. But two Chinese ladies overtook me. I was trying to chase them by increasing my striding. I failed to catch them.

    At seven I went home, feeling fresh. After a few minutes the break fast time arrived. I think a little exercise generates energy. It is better then sleeping.      18/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    a. Not all drivers care to watch the fuel gauge. Surely you don't even wink at it if you have just filled full tank. Only just now I saw a man pushing his motorbike. "Empty tank ?" I asked. He nodded his head." Petron is around the corner," I said.

    I know that old motorbikes were without fuel gauge. I am not sure of the new ones. But I figure there aren't any. But all cars have the meter. It won't bother us if it shows full or the medium portion. What usually bother us when there is a warning signal, the yellow light was on or blinking.

    Questions began to pop up in your mind; is there a gasoline station nearby ? Should I go for refueling now ? If I don't know how far can the car go ? Persons who do not want to take risk will immediately decide to go for refueling at the nearest gasoline kiosk, wind down the window  and switch off the air condition to reduce the consumption. A few will tell themselves not to worry because the car can still go 20 more miles.

    If you are with your wife, she will tell you to go for immediate refueling. And you will convince her it can still go farther.

    I did meet cars that ran out of gasoline. It has to be the risk taker who didn't even bring a spare petrol with them.

    b. I took my student's children for a drive quite some time ago. I enjoyed talking to kids. They would ask me several fantastic questions. On approaching the traffic light the signal turned yellow. I quickly pressed the break. The kids asked me, "Cikgu, why do you press the break ? " I explained to them the light codes and what action to be taken.

    "My mama press the accelerator and speed up the car. She said that yellow means speeding up,"they said.

    No wonder at the junctions cars are speeding up at yellow light and even continue when it turn red. Yellow is now a code for acceleration to beat the red.

    c. Soon there will be a rush to Balik Kampong. Alor Setar will be filled up with foreign plates. As always cars with W or B will be overtaking others on the queue or slowly following the others. The W and B drivers are town people, great, educated and superior to the kampong folks. So they show off their driving skills, overtaking others on left and right, speed higher than the rest.

    We can't just blame the Ministers who are arrogant. May be the big town people are all the same, being shaped by the concrete jungle and noisy environment that made them reckless and impatient.

    15/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Don't worry. There are slow Morse out there on the band. I heard about 8 wpm CW on 40 meter last night. It could possibly be the operator was pounding a homebrew key.  Though I did not find it too comfortable for my hearing, it gives chances for the new hams to dare working DX stations on Morse.

    At the early stage you don't have to have a long contact. Get use to the simple rubber stamp first, then slowly enhance to the longer one. There are four things that we need to exchange; the name, location, rig and antenna. We can add another information i.e weather.

    I suggest use NAME rather than OP. OP stands for Operational Procedure. For location us QTH, antenna is ANT and weather is WX. Please do monitor more on the CW communications. Search for the slow Morse. There are plenty of them.

    Good sending enables the other people to copy us with ease without even having have to write down the incoming messages. The standard 12 wpm is not a magic speed plucked from the thin air. It is just like the 55mph driving speed. 55 mph is the optimum fuel consumption for the engine. 12 wpm had been pleasing to normal hams.

    Once you are good at the speed you can opt to 25 wpm. This is another comfortable speed for the medium skilled CWers. You can still copy without jotting the characters.

    I prefer the speeds of between 12 wpm - 25 wpm. I don't have to put my full concentration. I would close my eyes, leaning against my chair, and relaxing while working on this mode.

    Those new 9M2s are advised to use CW as much and as often as one can. It will dissipate if we cease using it. There were Malays who migrated to England 100 years ago who had a hard time speaking the lingo today because they left the language.  It will be a pity because a lot of efforts had been put to acquire the skill.

    Take as fun. Go international and you will find there are many slow Morse out there.

    There are many old hams who already have lost the skill in this mode because they have not been working with it since they passed the test. Today many of them are scared to go CW for fear of making errors.                 16/07/2013


    Pelesit is a lost word that almost all of the younger generation from the Malay community had never heard. It is not a ghost, neither a Satan. It is a specie that is being harbor by a certain woman.

    When the term is used it is to indicate a person who will move around to spread poison and to demonize someone else and called for challenge, hatred or effort to put away the person demonized. The work was done quietly and covertly.

    Though the word has never been mentioned today, the number seems to be increased by many fold. Probably the appropriate word today to replace it is the INCITER.

    The INCITER is never being regarded as a nice and good.

    When someone whispers in your ears that so and so is a demon and you find he whispers to every other ears then you can call him a Pelesit.

    The agenda of modern Pelesit is to amass support for his own gain. Even the less educated would push himself up with boasting and bragging that he knows everything and the rest knows nothing.

    When someone came to tell me a bad thing about another I would always ask myself his purpose, and I wanted to know more about his past. I also told myself not to be his followers. It would be a sad thing if educated people and other professionals vowed and submitted to him. I am sure the Malays do remember the story of Ayah Pin and the Sky Kingdom.

    There are many respected professionals. We must not be misled by some goons of lower status or even the uneducated lot.

    The Pelesit has a vicious mouth, phoning everyone to whisper the ill of other people.

    A friend who tells you to be careful on dealing with a certain individual is just warning you so that you will not fall as a victim. He does not tell you to attack or take any action. He does not incite you.

    I was told by someone that so and so stabbed my back and spread bad news about me but I did nothing, and just dismiss it. It does not bother me at all.

    We should know that we have some better things to do. Take the trivial matters as something that does not exist. When come the Pelesit just listen to his other joke, smile and say noting. If he asks you to join a party tell him you have a better thing to do.

    17/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    How many women from Malaysia that passed Morse codes and go international with it ? The first Malaysian woman to pass CW was Lay Suan, 9M2PA, who has given up amateur radio due to antenna and other problem. I never know whether she ever  went DXing using this mode.


    So I was told that Mukhriz gave away about 1500 motorbikes to those boys who were hoisting BN's flags prior to the election. That is a good reward indeed. What I don't know is whether these boys are getting free gasoline for life.

    I don't know how much does each of them cost. It could be around 2 to 4K, I suppose. As to whether the total payment has been made, I can't make a guess. Not all UMNO guys pay the suppliers for supplying gadgets to department. I heard of stories of computers being taken back from schools. But Mukhriz has money. I believe he has settled the damage with the vendors.

    I have yet to confirm the story. People like to create something out of nothing. But with the generosity of the current Kedah MB these flag bearers surely would have been awarded with handsome gift.

    With the rising prices and inflations gifts are getting bigger. Billions were spent to appease the voters. People like Nik Aziz won't be able to donate to the voters.

    Of course there is always the question as to the source of the money and the wealth. If Mukhriz had not been the son of Mahathir would he be able to gather that much of a wealth ?

    Can Mukhriz donate one used motorbike to a 67 year old man ? I would put up BN's flag on top of my roof with 1 5K motorbike.

    14/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Record is being created by 9M2OUT, Oja, a teacher from Arau who brought pride to this country, as the first Malay woman to go international with her Morse codes. And really she is good at it.

    If the Malaysians do not feel proud of Oja, I do and the world do too. Women on CW are rare breed. And the world would be glad to work with one.

    Please don't hate me if I were to compare 9M2OUT with one 9W2. Oja was a 9W2 too like the later. One fought for enhance band by hard work and struggle and the other did not. How would I assess both of them ?

    Oja is a history. I am very serious to say that the achievement should be recorded in the archive for the future generation. A time will come when someone needs data to write the history of amateur radio in Malaysia, and we need to include Oja in the book.

    At least for now Oja has made the world know of a Malay Malaysian woman who has the ability in many things. She is no ordinary woman. She is an English graduate teacher as well as a excellent domestic engineer.

    Malaysian women are not only emancipated but also able enough to excel men in this country. CQ world wide magazine,  carried her picture and being perused by the whole world. By a quick glance people already know that 9M2OUT is a Muslim woman, who knows CW. Muslim women have been regarded as docile and backward.

    Talking of a Malaysian woman I cannot cast aside the ability of Indonesian women in CW. They can run high speed with paddles. I salute them for their amazing ability..

    As to the experience and expertise we are no match to the Indonesians. But to have one woman CWer flying Malaysian flag is good enough at the moment.

    We have many ways to observe attitudes and persons characters. You can choose any one way you like. I chose to see the determination and resilience, the dare to face challenges and find thrills in conquering colossal hardship.

    My choice is just my preference.

    13/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    What can I say ? If you want it just pluck it out from the screen. Ike San ordered his Icom from Japan, not from Singapore. I would buy one if the price is 4K but it is more than USD2K.

    11/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    How much should I spend on ham radio ? A lot depends on the amount of money in my possession.  It has to be RM1 million at least. Below it I would not spend more than 20K for the whole set up. That will be my ceiling. The propensity to spend differ from person to person and it does not depend on one's wealth.

    My traveling had taken up more than 50K. I could not criticize those who spend their money on things they like.

    After all they will not take their wealth with them when they move to the next world.

    Though the new rig is attractive, I won't buy one. My Pro3 is ample and satisgying.


    Zahid Hamidi said that the Red Bean Army is spreading lies and it is a crime. Who had been telling lies all along ? And when the chance was given for a debate UMNO ministers were dodging themselves but one Khairy. That's the opportune time to question the opposition about things were said to be lies.

    But I did stumble over several challenges by what I considered had to come from UMNO members who were trying to defend Rosmah Mansor on her dress code. They furikously said that head coverage by women are not Islamic. It is Christianity and stated in the bible, not in the Quaran. How about saying there were plenty of idols at Nik Aziz habitation and Prophet Mohammed wanted to kill Nik Aziz ?

    Was that OK for Zahid ?

    UMNO has to decide whether to give importance to Islam or to totally cast it away. We cannot allow blasphemy to go on and on by UMNO minister like Dr Mashitoh Ibrahim who regarded Islamic law as savage.

    Supporting and inaction towards blashemy means the whole team is religiously rotten, including the voters.

    I read comments and feedback in a few blog. Here is one which Zahid would say is a lie

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Q. Who decides policy in this country? Is it the police? YES.

    Q. Are we as a nation supposed to be subservient to the police and ask their permission first before we implement anything? Absolutely YES.

    Does it look like a lie to you ?     13/07/2013


    Ramadzan or not I never did a full cooking at home but for the rice which was done in this month. Expenditure for food had been very high. My wife's preference was the KFC dinner plate and I the fish burger. A single meal costs RM28. The average breakfast was RM15 for two. Just for food only I had been spending at the average of RM50. With this amount it would last me about 10 days of home cooking. Since I no longer go for traveling it somehow offset and balance back my annual total expenditure.

    My wife told me to buy a few type of curries and eat them with the home cooked rice. That's what I did. I bought the talang curry, the sotong kering, the pindang, a fried large mackerel, a saltish egg and nasi daging ( I knew my wife like it so I bought for her ) from one Kakak Rengku, which cost me RM14.50. That was on the second day of the fasting month. Other than the nasi daging, the rest were brought to the third day. The pindang curry moves to the fourth day.

    The first day expenditure was much less. I only bought Nasi Dagang for my wife and a fish burger for myself. For sohor we took only a few assorted kueh. My freezer produce enough ice which were used with the Twister Orange I bought a week ago.


    Today being  the fourth day  I have not exactly decided where about I am going to purchase the curry.  My wife asked me to request my student to make fried rice for her. I won't do it. If Pak Hassan open up a stall I will buy some fish curry and sambal belacan to make friend rice for her. I am not sure whether Pak Hassan opens up his small restaurant. Probably at about 3.30 pm I will drive to have a peep at the shop.

    Food at the Ramadzan stalls are not cheap and they are of variety. But none could lure me from buying the real attractive delicacies. I controlled myself not to buy.

    I told my wife that fasting means to eat less and to spend less. That's what we are going to do. So far I enjoyed the food at the breaking of fast and I hope it will remain this way for the whole month.

    Ramadzan does not stop me from carrying out my normal exercise chores. I could not make on the first day because the dialysis ended at 5.30 pm. On the second day at 6.30 pm, after the domestic work and food preparation, I had half hour of fast walking, totalling more than a mile. Yesterday I went out at 6.15 pm and managed to finish about an hour of exercise.

    I thank God for the Providence and Deliverance.

    13/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    You would mark it as crazy if I were to tell you what some educated American think. The story of UFO and the aliens is very serious in the wake of sightings of unidentified objects in various part of the world. Americans are blaming their Presidents for hiding the matter to the public while working closely with the aliens.

    They believe aliens are real and had taken in human form, convinced that some of the world leaders including the American Presidents are aliens. Even Papacy of Rome are not real human.

    But President Reagan had announced in the United Nation that the world is facing a common enemy, the alien. The significant of Area 51 in Nevada is the place where the transfer of alien technology is taking place. It was said the alien is training the piloting of the fast anti gravity vehicles that can travel in space faster than light.

    There are several footings exposing scientists leaking the secret and are running away from being persecuted. Wherever it involved high ranking people we have to regard it as serious. Even if we think it is a mere conspiracy and a hoax.

    The aliens in the human form are evil in nature, powerful and they are in control of the world. Putin succumb and bowed to the evil power.

    Many thousands Americans claim they have seen and met with the aliens. Would you believe if an American come to tell you of his encounter with an alien ? I am sure you would dismiss him as crazy and mentally unsound. Yet the belief is very strong in the continent.

    To recognize the alien look at the eyes. They possess the reptilian eyes.

    A few relate illuminati with the aliens.

    The big question is 'How many Americans are actuality non-human but evil aliens from other world ?'

    08/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Don't blame the world if good deeds and other goodness are not seen nor appreciated. Humans are just like that. One bad thing done will be seen and remembered. There is a Malay proverb Panas Setahun, Hujan sehari ( a year of sunshine could be changed just by a day of rainfall ). In life we must strive to avoid errors.

    UMNO being a Malay party is always associated with Islam unless several of UMNO representatives or Malay leaders declare they are not Muslims. Hence being a party of Muslims UMNO must guard the sanctity of the faith. It is tough but it is imperative for a ruler to do.

    Many Muslims have been feeling ashamed and sad at being branded as terrorists. A name, beards and dress could make one a victim of suspicion. As victims we appeal for the stoppage 'enough is enough..' We know Muslim terrorism is not innate but the making of the enemy.

    But the attitudes and the behaviors of the Muslims could erase or enhance misconceptions. Hear what UMNO says 'Those who do not vote UMNO will not receive grant for development', and 'because you don't vote for us you will not be given a place for Pasar Ramadzan'. And see what they had done by attacking the bus, destroying vehicles, throwing stones and happily jumping at Shahrizat's wanting to pull off her sarong.

    How could Islam be enhanced and respected at such a behavior and attitudes ?The non-Malays would distant themselves from the faith after seeing Muslim leaders lying and cheating and defending crimes. The normal people do not question hudud or circumcision or prayer and other practices.  They see how adamant, arrogant and tyrant UMNO members can be.

    Ketua Menteri Melaka and Menteri Besar Trengganu could not be of people without faith. The Christians sent food and help to the Muslim nations at time of hunger and natural disasters.  And the Muslims are setting revenge and retaliations on those Muslims who disagree with them.

    Some behaviors are absolutely disgusting. Every Muslim in questions were dodging on the issue of indelible ink. It is a clear cut issue. It involved million of citizens money. And everyone get away with it. To top it all I saw these EC people with Malay attire on TV welcoming the Ramadzan. Wasn't that an advertisement to make the religion look bad to the others ? Is that the standard and practice of good Muslims ?

    UMNO can tell the people that it a party whose members are good Muslims. But a good Muslim does not practice corruption, cheatings and lying. And this is the first time I heard of chasing another Muslim out of this country on point of disagreement. Then they chase the Indians and the Chinese. Is that an Islamic teaching ?

    Allow me to inform the readers that if you do not like hudud law it is fine for you but don't call all the other Muslims to follow you and describe the bad things of punishment for theft like what Dr Mashitoh did. Similar of the practice of praying. If you don't like praying then it is your prerogative but don't call all other Muslims not to pray as you are.

    09/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The last time I learned English was in 1965. I was in Form 5 then. At 65, without a teacher, self taught is tough. Being weak does not stop me from writing a blog in this foreign language. Nobody would fail me for any amount of grammatical errors, no teacher would pull my ears.

    There is a world that I could not find in English equivalent ie REZEKI. I asked a few persons but nobody gave me an answer. I always want to thank God for the REZEKI endowed on me that had me one of the luckiest persons in this world. I have enough food and do not beg for any.

    The search for the equivalent was halted. After all I am not going to use it in my article all the time. So I forget about it.

    Either by co-incident or divine intervention I did not realize the story I am now reading, Robinson Crusoe, from the E-Book on my iPhone4, provided me with the word. I passed it several time but only today I made a point to look into the phrase; God's Providence.

    Crusoe mentioned several times of the words Providence and Deliverance. He had an abundance of food in the island. He thank God for the providence.

    Every cent that I got is not only for me. It is a providence for my cat and other needy people too. Thanks God for the word.

    06/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    There was a question to Mary Yap in the last parliamentary session, about the problem of computer maintenance. If it was an additional question, Mary could not give an instant reply. Te situation was complex and been hidden from the public. And the government put OSA to protect bad officers in government departments.

    The government did allocate money for computer repair but schools did not receive them. The grant was not directly awarded to schools but through another department. It stopped there. Nobody knew what happened and none dared to ask about it for fear of repression.

    I remember during my working days; each school was allocated a million dollar for pest termination. There were a group of people from the termite company chosen by Kuala Lumpur that came to my school checking the buildings and then went home. And never to come again.

    Years later nothing happened. I complained to my headquarters about the endangered structures and the absence of the pest terminator. I was told that the work was done and the money paid. 7 million ringgit paid for the seven schools.

    Somebody stole the money and be rich with it. Somebody get away with his idiotic brand of management. It remained a cover up.

    In case of computers and laptops even Mary Yap is not really aware what her officers could have done with the money. Many bad people were put in the office they were not suppose to have. Many professionals are crook too.


    HOW MUCH ?

    When the Malays were good Muslims the way we went about at the restaurants and food shops was different from today. We ate first and pay later. It was a culture everywhere. Most food vendors would ask the customers what they ate, making mental computation and mentioned the price.

    Today thing change at many food stalls and restaurants. You pay first before you eat. What it means is 'no money no food'. A handful of so-called customers walked away without paying. They did not have conscience nor fear of God's retribution. You can't trust the Malay customers anymore.

    At some of the Mamak restaurants the tradition of eat first and pay later is still in practice. So are the Malay stalls. But they would jot down the price after a fast gathering of information of what you eat.

    Paying after your meal is not always easy. People are queuing up, and the Mamak would refer to a cigarette paper to tell you the amount you have to pay.

    But in my case at three outlets they will ask me 'HOW MUCH ?' To Majid, the owner of Nasi Tomato, I would hand him with a piece of currency and said 'four seventy' or 'five ninety'. The former is for beef and the later for fish.

    Two other stalls belong to the Malays.

    They know that I know the prices of the cakes and other cookies, tea or coffee. The roti jala with dyrian gravy costs RM3, the pulut and durian gravy is RM4, three pieces of any kueh combined is a dollar. They didn't check what I took but only asked me HOW MUCH.

    07/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    When mankind is out of darkness, education led to reason, media shrinks the world, mankind cannot be treated like the bulls and the cows. They question and rebel.

    Managing by the show of power and strength, punishment and repression will be met with antipathy and challenge. There will be protests in all forms and shapes that can result in disastrous effect.

    Management is an art to win the heart of the people for a nation, and the heart of the subordinates in an organization.

    It is an art to utilize the available resources for the best and optimum output, the elevating of quality of the department without the use of force or threatening words.

    Productivity and creativity will be enhanced and bloom, moving towards excellence and enlightenment.

    As how it is to be done, the literature need a much bigger space. What is to be conveyed here is using sword and guns to get things done is not an art but it is a savage and barbaric disposition; bad and ruthless.



    Only recently an officer from Amanah Saham called me to the office purporting to enhance my saving from my current account. She suggested that I should take half from the ASB and put it in the ASN. By doing it the immediate value would increase because ASN is below one ringgit. Her explanation was sound but I told her that I need to think more about it, especially on the risk side.


    I told the lady that my time is near and I won't benefit much from any increase wealth. The yearly dividend is used to pay various taxes, rates and insurance. It is just enough. Telling me that I would be a millionaire within ten years time is meaningless, for I may not live even another 5 years. Money would not help me much at the old age. A certain amount does help but half of a million won't.

    When the end is near there are things that I have to throw off. Ham Radio is one other beside excessive wealth. I don't find it so much fun as before and I may cast them into the ocean when the time come. Already I throw the habit of going to the VHF. When the end is near the interest began to decline.

    The interest in women too has faded very rapidly. The only woman I have to take care is my ailing wife. I do see beautiful women when they passed by, but without passion. What can I do with them when the end is near.

    At the dialysis center I saw an old and tired Chinese woman whose health show deterioration each day. I asked myself what use can she be to the family other than spending two hundred ringgit each day for the blood cleansing. Wouldn't the same thing can happen to us ? Her family is kind and responsible enough to continue supporting her.

    When the end is near, the Muslims need to ask themselves whether they have enough preparations to bring with them to the next world. Or else fill in the remaining time with repentance and pray, fast and feed the poor.

    Among all, money is the most important in this world. Several would hunt for it despite their end days. The opportune like what was told by the Amanah Saham lady would be good to strike. It does give a gain of a few thousands but I told myself not to be greedy. Reap What I have in possession, for I am not starving yet. Ageing reduce my appetite for everything.

    Before leaving this world, I am keen to see and taste the progress that mankind has achieved. It is a short pleasure trip to enjoy the modern technology as computer, the smart phone, the 3D TV, the flying car and other strong words for progress."Believe," said the wizard of Oz."And we will achieve what we believe in by our labor and diligence...'

    I am amazed at our former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, who is still active in everything, from wealth accumulation to the politics of confrontation. Each day we hear comments from him about many things. He already passed his dawn time. I believe he has a way to make himself alive forever, the modern Dorian Gray.

    When the end is near I need to do a little modification to my life but not to the enhancing of financial profit. Thanks God for the bread for me and my cat.

    06/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Apple is always been great, either in the eating or in naming fantastic equipments like the iPhone and the Macbook. It has been more than five time my iPhone 4 jumped off my pocket to the ground, with a strong impact and shocking sound. Though the edges had been rounded the performance remain intact. I paid a high price but it is worth the payment. And my Macbook Pro had given me a great satisfaction.

    My grand daughter is still too young. I will be buying her an apple computer for usage like some of my friends do. So far Apple had not given me any problem like hanging or missing cursor. I just love it.

    Movies that show computers, showed Macbook. So much so I came to believe Macbook is a standard in USA.

    I have two operating systems in my Macbook Pro; the Windows OS and the Apple OS X. All along I use the OS X leaving the Windows untouched, in case my Acer gives me problem. Acer is used for developing window based software and updating my web page. Apple is for general usage mainly for browsing and watching movies.

    I would buy another Apple if I have enough money. The price double the Windows. I think it is more durable.

    05/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The red bean or ang tau has never been red but brownish in color. It has always been a Chinese delicacy. One of the most popular is ang tau seng or red bean ice. It is certainly different from Red Army bean. The Chinese Communist does not call it's army the Red Army anymore. They use green or grey uniform.

    Certainly there are computer users who love BN and those who loath the party. They write blog, barking on face book, place a forced advertisements and write feed back. Some are volunteers and some are paid. And the number grew, they polarized, and form groups.

    Among the cyber troopers, UMNO's were the strongest and the rudest. Why do I say the rudest ? A few went around to say covering head by women is Christianity, just to defend Rosmah. It is an insult to the Muslims, and UMNO cyber trooper could say that.

    If people who are out to defend themselves can get organized or suspect to organize themselves it was just an obvious thing to do when threatened. Did we not hear how many time Ibrahim Ali threatened the Chinese ? But the victims were not seen waving banners yelling for all the Mamaks to go back to India or Pakistan.

    It is bad to slap and threaten people and made fellow Malaysians your enemy, chasing people out of the country like a crazy hound. Problems began when you made yourself a supreme being or even a god to be feared.

    DAP was tickled to death and invited the rest to taste the Ang Tau seng.

    05/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    It is strange that our earth is different from the other planets when the historical source of their existence was the same, the sudden happening of an explosion out of nothingness. By the theory of Newton all the splinters including our earth are continuously moving in the space of the universe at the same speed away from the point of explosion. Hence there is no question of collusion and meteor rain. Such clash and meteor hitting the earth only can happen if there were several explosions at different points.


    And as life began they came in different forms and shape; a snake is different from a fish, a bird from a tiger. And there were leeches and scorpions and hundreds and thousands of others. How could nature create purpose when it has no mind, and created animals of different shape and form. And why only on our earth ?

    Nature has to be ridiculous not to be consistent.

    No matter what they say about nature and the big bang, my mind conceive a creator of the universe and the world. Our mind cannot transcend what it is set for no matter how genius we are. Our limit is that we can think like a human being, with logic and the help of perceived data.

    If it is not by natural existence it has to be a Creator.

    People of all nations who believe in a Creator look up at the sky with a mind of appealing or submission to God. The God is the God to everyone and of everyone. Do you claim that you have different God ?

    If a man carved a wood shaped like any living object, painted it with colors, giving it a name and told others to worship it as a god then it has to be a god created by man, newer frim the 'big bang', implying man came first before god.

    God is forever, never been born and never die. But if someone believes that God dies, he must also believe that dead God can do no labor, can vanish altogether and leaving him without one.

    Though God is one and it is a God to all and of all, there is no unity in the definition and interpretation. Imagination takes mankind to the world of philosophy and penned down into volumes of books. The debate to the interpretation goes on until now, with additional convictions and description, which were non-existence in years before.

    Questions were asked as to the purpose of creation. Of what use to us to know and explore the purpose ? But ask ourselves another question 'Are we happy being created ? ' I would say almost all human being prefer to live and be in this world. Te fought death and pay to stay alive. Could we feel the purpose of life that lies in our desire to live ?

    Why bother God at all ?

    Because human being seems to say that their god is the true god and willing to die for their believe. And there were killings and murdering, hatred and oppressions. People made god of themselves.

    03/07/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Hanafi asked me out for a breakfast this morning. I agreed as I have several matters to settle outside. While driving Hanafi suddenly uttered of a Chinese girlfriend.

    I had one, I told him, while I went to Mandarin class. It was in 1962 when I attended an evening class for about 1 1/2 years. It was that time I had one. I was in Form II then.

    The reason I penned this story is not about the girl friend but about the students who went to study Mandarin.

    The students were between 10 to about 25 years. One Malay businessman exceeded 30. The other Malay was me. The rest were 90% Chinese female and about 10% Chinese boys.

    As I remember none of the Chinese knew English. They did not go to English school, nor the Malay school. The fact that they went to evening class indicated two things; they were busy working helping their parents who were not so concern about education and secondly they simply did not attend school at all.

    That was in 1960's. I don't know whether Chinese kids still do not go school today, which I don't think so will happen.

    We may be different but there is some similarities that we don't know about. Poor people are poor people regardless of a race or creed. There is no reason to sow the seed of hatred among ourselves.

    What of the girl who was so kind to me and sat beside me ? When I stopped schooling I did not see her anymore. Probably because I was too young then. And I forget all the past girlfriends and never to see one again.



    The running man is a movie I watched from the Youtube. It is a fiction for pure entertainment. But thinking it carefully it is a philosophical movie and mankind whose value system has changed back to savagery, enjoying to see a duel of death.

    The running man is a person whom the public saw as a bad criminal portrayed by invented event judged as guilty. He was to be hunted by one of the gladiators chosen by the spectators of the Running Man TV show. The public saw the hunters as the heroes and the hunted as a villain.

    This is what happen in today's politic; the ruling party made the opposition members as the enemy of the states using all the available media and resources.

    For more than 20 years all the running men, being hunted and killed, witnessed by people through the TV.  But in this show the victim was hard to beat. The hunter with the killing weapons were all subdued and died. The public were sad as the gladiators were defeated.

    The Running Man is not the only show depicting in the shift of human value. There were several others like the Hunger Game, where people were brought together to kill each other. The one survivor would be a winner.

    The population regarded the game of killings as entertainment.

    Equating the movies and our political situation, I find it is no more a fiction. It is almost equal in nature.  Suppressing the truth by eliminating the whistle blower, the creation of false evidence and lies about the enemies were severed during the period of Mahathir and drag to the very date.

    The time will come, one way or the other, the evil will be destroyed. Someone will be the hero, fighting hard to bury the tyrants who think they are invincible. If you have come across the movie, watch it again.



    Having a ticket and talking over the radio isn't an achievement and something to be proud of. Having a ticket but never came on the band even once is nothing to be proud of. And having a ticket and encouraging pirates are worst of it's kind.

    Bad boys don't like to be told that they are bad. They will retaliate like mad dogs. Bad boys will break law and when caught will say they are new hams and do not know the law, and fight to create doubts. They throw curst and slur on the band thinking they could escape forgetting they left filth on the ham band, pulling down the sanctity of amateur radio and the nationality and religion they professed.

    It is hard for a ham that sprang from a pirate to change. At least a few who will continue the bad habit of propagating piracies and march on the band forbidden to them, and speak in the lingo of the perpetrator. There is always a fear of using a foul language at the international level.

    Even downplaying a big offense purporting it to be insignificant is equal to committing the offense themselves. We know of hams who let their kids talk to the mic as if it is a mere toy. Going around to make illegal things legal is bad enough.

    I never know, or it may had passed my notice, that hams who went to MCMC for discussion ever brought out the subjects of ethics and manners. Instead I heard a phrase 'rules are made to be broken'. Meeting with MCMC was merely to pressure for approval what they think is good and right.

    Do we hear anyone saying hams and ham band cannot be controlled because the population is too big and we are lack of man power ?

    The lack of ethical conducts emerge from our 'couldn't care less' attitude. Minding people's business can have bad repercussion and vulnerable to attack, insult and retaliation. Malaysian hams were known to be violent over the matter of radio, and confrontation over piracy and other unethical conducts.

    RAE, education and enforcement must combine force to combat mischief , bad habits and lawlessness. Examination and passing format need changes. Incorrect answer for a certain vital questions means fail. This is in area of regulation. Every question to be pooled for the test has to pass the analysis test. And every person who want to be a ham must go for a special education and pass the course. Itis not only on regulation but also matters of manners and ethics. I did overheard a Malaysian ham questioning the experience Indonesians on the style of Indonesian SOP, purporting to show ours is better. Finally there must be a stringent enforcement and arrest of those flouting with the rules. Let the court decide after hearing the explanation.

    I   would like to ask the organizer of the Malaysian Radio Convention whether there is any paper on such a subject matter. A convention must be holistic in nature, to cover every aspect of non-broadcast stations that are using equipments that can intrude into ham frequencies, surveillance and control, scanning of would be amateurs, fees and frequency allocations, technicalities and last but not least the global image of Malaysians on the band.

    Even if in their perception that there is no problem of unethical and rowdy hams in Malaysia, they have to give equal attention as to the others.

    30/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Out of the blue someone organized the radio convention at UKM Bangi. Does anyone wonder the reason behind this convention  at this point of time after the recent revival of MARTS ? Some persons involved had been to the MCMC to discuss issues, and pushing hams to defy the authority, and never seriously discuss the issues of ethics, piracies and rogue behaviors on the band.

    This meeting  is either for the good of amateur radio or hiding behind it a form of hidden deception,  and to show strength and putting pressure on the authority to submit to their demands.

    I am not against the convention, neither do I support it. I just say it is not necessary unless it has some illicit and malicious purposes. It is just like the nightly eye-balling of the hams, which is not necessary, for they have the radio to chat with at their own convenient time.

    There had been an anger that the MCMC only recognize MARTS. MARTS is said to consist of people who do not know about ham radio and people of bad characters. Once, before,  a certain person in MARTS opened up an office at the MCMC and seek to manage amateur radio in this country. The same person is said to be controlling the society today. MARTS therefore needs to be crushed. In this convention the strong muscle will be flexed.

    If MARTS consists of problematic people the non-MARTS people too consists of some sickly and problematic people. The dissatisfaction  is just because they are not in there.

    As I said before the root of the current problems was the 9Ms themselves. Refusing to reap what they sow is too bad. If the EC said it is the act of God that the indelible ink became washable then these people are now saying 'Only God knows the future', again throwing excuses as a defense mechanism. They can do no wrong.

    Even if my wife is not sick, I won't go to the convention because I have better things to do. A job is always ahead of a hobby. It provides bread and butter for the family. Today's radio is fanning  hatred and enmity. 

    29/03/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Shame is a feeling of guilt of what we are,  the feeling of something wrong with ourselves that is not complied to the norm.  Civilize people should have such an emotion. Animals don't.

    A man walking nude in public is the same as the man who take your 7 million ringgit to burn it and tell you right in your face 'What are you going to do to me ?' He is as shameless as a man who show his penis to people around him.

    If he does not possess a religious morality, we expect that he would own some morality that comes from his conscience.

    First we have to look at ourselves. Do we have shame or religious morality ? Do we always throw stupid excuses for everything ? Do we always tell lies and cheat anybody at our disposal ?

    Then we look around us and see and observe shameless people. There are many out there, parading themselves with pride of the sins committed. They look at you and say, "What can you do ? "

    Such are the men from EC and people who use public money for the cow-condo.











    The late 9M2MX who was quite regular working CW with me. He came down to Alor Setar and I had the opportunity of visiting his shack before he passed away.

    His CW was clean and excellent. I really enjoyed Morse code communication with Pak Mus. He asked me a question which I am still wondering until today, "Man, do you send CW from your mind...."

    "Certainly," I replied."I copy your sending with my mind too."         



    Several old hams trying to make a come back. Bahar, Eshee and me were active on MARTS national link. After some time rude people began to come in and causing a lot of interference and insult, not only to the 9Ms but also to the 9Ws. These sick guys didn't even like to hear good topics discussed. I heard two hams were talking about camera and photography, which were resourceful and interesting. Then somebody pushed the PTT to cut them off.

    And on HF they never seem to stop until now. They puch CW key because some 9M told CW is not allowed on 7.042. And record the conversation and play back, and did all sort of disturbances. Such kind of incidences did not happen before this very age of ham radio enlightenment in Malaya.

    I don't know how many of these will go on bands that are not given to them under the pretext of not knowing the law. But bad habits will be in their blood, not only in ham radio but in anything else. If it is hereditary then the whole family will be carrying the same habits. The off springs will post problems to the friends and the school.

    Rather than fighting back some of those old hams prefer to stay silent.

    26/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The latest hunted by USA is Edward Snowden, a spy agency contractor who exposed US government surveillance of the internet and phone traffic. Would it be a secret when we all know most governments spy on it's own people through internet and phone exchanges. Snowden was not the only one.

    Whistle blowers in Malaysia were harassed and dragged to court.

    OSA was suppose to protect misconducts and power abuse and even corruption. Government servants cannot voice their grievances and expose crimes in the offices. A public remark by an officer about the washable indelible ink could earn him an immediate transfer and demotion.

    The case in the limelight is the cow-condo public money spending. Rafizi is facing the music for exposing how the public money had been used to enrich Shahrizat's family.

    When morality and religion profess truth and honesty, politicians prefer the culture of lies and deceptions. People are still questioning who approved the C4 and a Minister's bodyguard.                                         

     27/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The rest of the world are not perfect. That's the reason I have been criticizing the wickedness and the stupidity and evil of other people. I have a pleasure of going around and whisper poison into their ears about the evil of so and so.

    What is my purpose of degrading the others and laughing at their folly ? It is none other than protruding my own self; my  greatness. I would be pompous and raise my voice to draw agreement.

    Actually I am smart enough to be a lawyer, an engineer or a doctor but my parent was too poor to provide me with proper education. The fact that I am not does not mean I am not capable. Paper qualifications and degree do not match my mental acuteness.

    I am smart enough to use people to get what I want. They are very impressed with my perfection, ability, and kindness. Only one or two useless guys who are bad enough not to follow what I told them.

    In short I am the best and the greatest. I can get away with many things which others may not. And most of all I am fit to be your leader. Please use a little thinking to know who I am.

    28/06.2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Like many others I don't remember the first time I talked to 9M2RI, Alex. It was impossible to say I knew Alex before I was a ham. A university friend of mine, Nordin, who worked In Prime Minister's department told me about his jobs and some of the people he knew. Could he have mentioned the name Raja Iskandar to me when at the time I was not  a ham yet. He also mentioned Adibah Amin and I could not recall the relationship between the two.

    Alex that I knew through ham radio was a writer and wrote several plays for television. He would always response to my CQ call. His signal was never below S9 mark from the start till his absence from the band.

    We talked about many things, mostly academic and intellectual stuffs. He said several other hobbies like music and body building. He described how he homebrewed a guitar step by step, and made tools for body building exercise.

    A little of weigh lifting would avoid him from a certain sickness, he said.

    Alex spoke excellent English like 9M2FZ did. We always enjoyed our conversation as his vast knowledge was bottomless and I was fond of throwing him with barrages of questions.

    To tell you the truth Alex is younger than his age. You will never guess his age right if you see him.

    Whenever he came on OB Hanafi, 9W2TZ, would message him giving him a very poor report, which made him asking me to confirm of his signal strength. He must have thought I was dishonest in giving the report as Hanafi's contradict mine.

    Later he vanished from the air. I blamed Hanafi. But during the eyeball he said he has problem with his landlord, who did not allow him to erect antenna on the premise.

    Let me take the opportunity here to warn any ham who received SMS from 9W2TZ giving signal strength, to ignore the report. Take the report from your counterparts who are working with you.

    25/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The start of the sour and split when one wise and powerful guy decided for the n-code rule. Once it becomes law it cannot be retracted. No amount of regret can undo it. It has been quite some years FCC executed no-code rule. By now we expect all the hams should embrace each other. The debate and exchanges are still on though nothing could be done about it.

    A few run their own pro-CW web site, like KK9G,  And there are in as much who opened up sites condemning the code-hams. Such split has never happened in the history of ham radio.

    Strange things have been happening these days. What were considered as abnormal are regarded as normal, like the culture of lies and corruptions. Even a President can tell lie straight in your face.

    My stand on the code still remain. I define ham radio as a totality of the traditional package created by our fore-fathers that carries RAE and Morse. Without them they can be called something else.  I also believe the coders are better than those without in many ways. I would not award anything free to the lazy people.

    But USA is not Malaysia. It professes it's own value system. I can't speak for her.  If I can't talk to each of the individual ham, I have to depend on the website to solicit their views and opinions.

    Deep contemplation will show it is not a factor of code or no-code but it lies in type of people embracing the hobby; their attitudes, demeanor, ethics and morality. It would be praiseworthy to have ethical, trustworthy, good manners and people who respect law and orders. Hams should protect and prevent this hobby from being penetrated by undesirable elements.

    A bad ham will flout rules, disturbing people on the band and when caught will say he does not know the rule. He support pirates and  call upon his friends to operate as pirates, and use political ticket to justify the mischief done.

    Whatever ham radio will meet a new fate and will move out of traditional direction. People want something new, which they consider as progress. Gay marriage is modern and new.


    Honestly I don't remember Ong's call sign. I can't refer to old logbook that was destroyed by the termites. Ong was one of those hams working in RTM besides 9M2GL(Idris) and 9M2BH(Lim). He worked in the mw area, sending and receiving broadcast signals for TV.

    Ong was not so regular, busy with his work, but he seemed to be comfortable chatting with me.  I considered him as as a large person, very well verse in electronics and good with his hands.

    He told me that the RTM always bought extra gadget for the technician to rip and put them back together. Ask anything technical and electronic he would explain in detail.

    He told me of his observations. He and his friends who work in the microwave section did not have baby boys. There was some effect of the microwave on men's body, engineered the genes and chromosome parts that went with the semen to bring a kind of female babies.

    I was just told that Ong passed away. I really missed him.

    25/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The only man who would call Rusli as Rasli was the late 9M2BS. Rusli on the other hand would call him Big Stomach. On the air Brown Sugar is well known to all.

    If you were to go to electronic or electrical shop. look for transformers or power supply with a brand name EKK. EKK stands for Ewe Kuan Kew, the grand man from Penang, 9M2BS. He may be in the other world but his company still run and kicking.

    I vaguely remember someone told me that 9M2BS was a co-founder of MARTS. But I do not know who was the other founder.

    He was not too regular but at least once a week he would make himself available talking to the rest especially the Penang gang. If 9M2RB was not around he would ask me, "Rahman, Where is OB Rasli ? "

    Penang group was quite big. The very active on 40 meter was Chow, Leong, Eustace, Chong and Mal. Eshee would join Idris and Rajamani group ( sometimes known as the Nong Brabu and Bamboo formula gang).

    I would go to Dato' Tan when all other groups were too big.


    Whatever happen to Burung Hantu is beyond my guess. 9M2BH, Lim Phang Choo, an RTM man operated his station from Kajang. Like any other RTM staffs his signal was very strong.

    It has been decades that Lim disappeared from the band and I don't know whether he is still in Kajang or migrated somewhere else. Other people do not seem to him as well.

    I won't forget him because of the special memory he brought to me. It was about Sharifah Aini. I can't remember how we came to talk about the singer. When Lim told me that he was a good friend of the classic singer I was very surprise as well as excited. When Lim asked me whether I wanted to meet her, I did not believe it. To me it was a great joke.

    One day the RTM crews came to Jitra. In the evening Lim rang me up saying he was in Jitra, and added that Sharifah Aini agreed to meet me during the show. He asked me to be there at about 8 pm.

    It seemed like a fairy tale story. Nevertheless I dressed myself up quite prettily. When night fell and I was to move out there was a heavy downpour. I drove in the heavy rain. On arriving I found the field was flooded with water. People with umbrellas found themselves a higher place. There were several stages for different shows.

    I rang up Lim who told me to go to which stage. I told him I could not make it due to strong downpour and the soaking field. I wated for more than hour but the rain did not subside. The wind did not abate and the water was raising. I told Lim that I had to go home and told him to send my best regard to Sharifah Aini. It was fated that I could not meet her.

    How interesting if one of these days 9M2BH would pop up on the band, and at least I could recall the past nostalgic event in Jitra.

    25/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The speed of time varies from moment to moment. 10 minutes of waiting for your love ones to arrive is painful and like forever. Another 10 minutes of togetherness and happiness then departure is too short a moment.

    Everyone experience this phenomena of time stress. Many of us still remember the speech of President Sukarno who could speak so well that spellbound the listeners for hours and hours without realizing of the time length. The few hours seem to be short and quick to pass. A 40 minutes with a fierce history teacher was like a year.

    The past six months of year 2013 seems to be too quick for me, a week just like a couple of days and a month like a week. My mind did not think of it because I have been busy with my wife. Today I take her to dialysis. Tomorrow is a free day but she wakes up late and I will be with my computer. The next day will be Wednesday, almost at the tail end of one week. The daily task and routine compresses the time and time slipped my mind.

    In other words if you think about time, it will be long and agony. To be at a place you don't like and hear a boring talk seems to be like years.

    Whatever,  time is long if you think about it, and short if you don't.

    Passing 50 or 60 years is fast. There is always a useful question; what useful thing have I done within those years ?

    24/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Out of necessity at least 1/3 of living is in sleep. We never think about it. A person of 30 years old would be sleeping 10 years. The remaining 20 years could be anything from being lazy to being hard working and productive. The 20 years are divided into the period of school and working days.

    Another 10 years is spent in school. If we labor ourselves in study and other school activities time pass quickly and the students will always complaint of 'no time' for many things. Those who are disinterested and lazy would find each school day is a long drudgery  period to bear with.

    The remaining period is the path to total adulthood and the dawn of our lives. My perception of myself is I am lacking in knowledge, skill and other abilities. To compensate the lost is almost impossible even how hard I try. To acquire those skills will take more than 7 or 8 years, if permitted by physical strength and mental agility permit, which we know will not be possible.

    We grow old so fast because we don't think about it. We don't tell that we are old by ourselves, but the mirror we look into everyday, the people outside who call you brother, uncle and grand pa, by the doctors who tell us our lung and muscle is weaker due to ageing.

    If we are told we have 5 more years to live we say it is too short and pray for longevity. If we are locked in prison for 5 years in prison for corruption and abuse of power we will say it is too long and painful. Time is a factor of mind.

    Cascading time into different  periods, their characters are different. 50 years in year 1700 for instant is longer than 50 years of the current period. We have much more things to do and more busy with our lives than before. In 1700 people sleep when night fell. In 2013 people may be drinking and dancing in the bar.

    To the Muslims the formula is simple and clear; work hard as if you are going to live forever. Be pious and obey God as if you are going to die tomorrow.

    Do you ever feel time is too short and has to miss the many things you desire to do ?




    Yesterday, 23 rd of June 2003, I took Hanafi, 9W2TZ, to Pendang to buy goreng pisang and kacang rebus. Pendang is about 16 mile away from my home. Taking a highway would cost me RM3.10 but it is faster to reach and more comfortable as the traffic was nor heavy. On the way back Hanafi reminded me about Rajamani, 9M2RJ, who always asked whether the chatting buddies took kacang kuda when came on the band.

    The story of kacang kuda started with 9M2FK, Eshee. But it was a second stuff brought out by the legendary Eshee. The first was bamboo formula . As to when and how the topic came on the band passed my grasp. But when Eshee, Rajamani, Idris, Ari and a few others were on there would be a joke and accompanied by a roar of laughter, when the word bamboo would was mentioned.

    I was puzzled what it was all about , and endeavored to find out more about it. The mystery could only be resolved through eye-balling. When I went to Eshee's house the story was revealed.

    Bamboo formula was about the manhood; how to get a strong erection and a lasting sex. A bamboo size bigger than your sex organ and about 6" long is cut. Every morning during the first urination, pushing the penis hard into pressing  the pubic part, and piss inside it. It is continued to be pressed until  the urine is cool.

    That's just about it.

    The common question on the band was whether Rajamani or Idris had cut the six inch bamboo and tried to venture into it. Ari would always had a big laugh.

    24/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

            "If you don't have a bamboo,"said Eshee,"there
              Is one other way. Use
    kacang kuda."

    Everyone stayed quiet listening to Eshee. The best kacang kuda was the smaller ones and brown in color. Cook it. Put the kacang in a bowl and place it on top of the roof or at any higher place at night to collect the dew. When consumed it made the manhood strong and lasting too as the bamboo.

    So when the crowd gathered on the band Rajamani would commented that he had taken kacang kuda and in turn asked Ari whether he did.

    For the kacang it is easier to find as compared to the bamboo.

    When Zainal came back from Germany, we always heard  the ending '73 altoro kahuni'. And became a daily practice for quite some time. If you want to know what it means go and ask Zainal, Rashid or Rajamani.

    Eshee is still alive but has not fully recover from stroke. His voice has not return to normal. Let us pray for his full recovery.

    Thanks to Hanafi for reminding me of Rajamani's kacang kuda.



    The first 3D movie I saw was Captain E-O in Disneyland California way back in 1980's. The excitement was almost ecstatic.  It was Michael Jackson in 3D. Never in my life I ever believed that I can watch it at home.

    Today I have a 47" LED flat screen TV at home, bought at the price of RM3.5 K. It is a high definition stuff that provides excellent clarity. The sales girl gave me a few 3D movies copied to a 500 gigabyte hard disk. And with a laborers search and patience I could gather a few more.

    The movies shot in 3D are enjoyable to watch. Even the animation is fantastic. It contains depths and distance.  Watching alone, I would pull my chair about 3-4 feet away from the screen and entertained myself with full pleasure.

    Depth and distance made me see a near and far objects in layers. The nearest is just in front of my eyes and I would stretch my hands to capture the object or touch a person. Many a time I saw my brother in law dodged his head seeing a flying object coming to hit him.

    I have not seen the complete 3D movies in my keeping. I classified them by the quality of protrusion of depth and the effect by renaming movies starting with numbers. Those with the poorest effect will go at the bottom.

    If you ask me which is the best, I would not be able to say. One of the latest I watched was The Final Destination, a horror and mysterious fiction. It can make you scared. There was no ghost and no apparition, neither was there a murder.

    Cartoon, the Madagascar, is one of the finest 3D. I asked my student's son whether he like to watch cartoon, he rejected it. Animation movies themselves are commendable and fantastic.

    24/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    I didn't know much about my ham friends. There are some questions that I won't ask them unless they revealed themselves. One is about their jobs and salaries, their kids' occupations and things related to their personal affairs.

    I did not know about 9M2EG's profession when he was alive. But he told me he traveled to Europe and other Asian countries with the Ipoh cultural group. He could not be a dancer certainly. He had to be an officer of some sort.

    Ari told me about his son, an engineer, taking a job in Canada earning a handsome salary every now and then. Then he got a grandson. He would narrate about him with felicity.

    The best I remember Ari was about a SEANET in Jogjakarta. I don't remember the year. We talked over the air about the trip. In the course of the conversation we mentioned about the Halal Food. "Don't worry about it," he said."I will take care of it".

    Days after we were informed that he had contacted the SEANET organizer and discussed the Halal matter.

    9M2RB, Rusli, arranged a ticket for me. We were to meet a Medan ham in Jogjakarta wo had been very regular with us on 40 meter band. 9M2OK, Osman, went with his wife, Ari with someone else I don't remember who.

    24/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    At Jogjakarta we met with hams that we always talk to. There were YLs hams as many as OM. Ari too was busy meeting with people and laugh and joke with them.

    Before lunch Ari reminded us again not to woory about food.

    Before the meal there was an announcement for the Muslims that the food was guaranteed Halal.

    The lunch was good, tasty and delicious. I chose my favorite but I did not remember which. After completion we set to rest and chat again, while some went for the souvenirs.

    Rusli approached me, "Having a good luch ?" He asked. I said it was superb. He asked again, "Do you take Ikan Lompat ( the jumping fish)?" I was puzzled. I told him I didn't take any fish or even the crab's legs. "The crab leg was the ikan lompat. It is a frog." I had a big laugh. Osman took it too. I consoled Osman that it was good for skin, a medication.

    We were looking for Ari but not could not be seen anywhere.




    There are two faces of emotion,. One is the anger, the vicious, destructive and the warlike. And the other the is the loving, felicity, forgiving and submissiion. Even the angry and furious savage can be tamed to submission by the wisdom of the brain. Any battle between emotion and a brain will finally give victory to the later.

    The early colonial power observed the Malays as emotional people, savage and destructive, stupid and easily deceived. Even in the present centuries the English is manipulating them for their own benefit. They want our money. They want to profit. JPA knows what the British is doing. You should smell something fishy when Australian university conferred an honorary degree to Prime Minister's wife. Is it not about refugees ?

    Taming the savage by the show of respect will cool the fury, and out of felicity will surrender everything. The systematic encroachment won the British the whole country.

    The extremist UMNO leaders could and had been overwhelmed by a mere show of concern and hypocrisy of care, even to ask about  a small pain in the leg ( happened to Mahathir). The tiger stopped roaring and lost the course of thinking and conceded to appeal.

    It is easy to command and mastering over the Malays than the other race,  just  by exploiting the right emotion. Taking a Malay land is easy, but to take a Chinese land is hard and laborious,  no matter what law they apply.

    While the leaders were being tamed and deceived, these leaders in turn  exploit the poor Malays. The top was the brain over sentiment and the bottom was the greed over sentimental Malays. To gather the support and sympathy just inject the sentiment of anti-Chinese. The benefactors conned the UMNO leaders by the manipulation of sentiments, and reap the loot. The UMNO leaders conned the Malays to gain support. They are not concerned in freeing these people from mental slavery,  or to upgrade their skills to be competitive professionals.

    I see the gangsters and hooligans are running around the Facebook barking shit. All along they live with destructive sentiments. How much are they paid by UMNO is something to be wondered about.

    The Malays can't afford to continually breed hooligans. Proper education could abate them away from bad habits and rogue sentiments. Or were they the people who dropped out of universities and schools ? Or jobless graduates ?

    How many Malays have freed themselves from the emotional cocoon and using reasons to make daily decision and national policy ? It is hard to say. But there are some. The numbers may be significant.

    Lately we see a powerful nation like USA is pursuing the psychological approach in dealing with those they see as rogue. Instead of showing it's force around North Korean territory and the war game in the South, USA chose to withdraw those forces from the war zone to cool down the young Kim Un Jong. And similar psychological effort is played on Iran.

    Many of us may still remember nations that went to war over football game. It happened in 1969 between Honduras and El-Salvador. The quarrel in the stadium spilled over throughout the country and between borders. Both nations were at war for four days. People were puzzle because war broke out because of football. In fact the detail was a story about a bad leadership and governance, about the appeal to sentiment rather concerted effort to build and run a nation, about reason and maturity.

    Do you think the British and the Australian didn't watch and observe the civility of our leadership ? The emotional outburst, the roar and the pointing of fingers against the citizen did portray the residue of the defined race. The Malays of 1800 and 2013 never change much.





    23/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    When I first became a ham I was told about name to be used in radio. It should not be a full name. A name like Abdul Rahman should be avoided. Eshee is a name used by Ismail Razak, 9M2FK and Mal is Malcom. Malaysian Chinese do not much problem with name, Huang Lai Hau is either Huang or Hau.

    One interesting name to be noted is the one adopted by 9M2RI. The real name of the operator is Raja Iskandar. Raja Iskandar reminded us of the King Raja Iskandar Zulkurnain. In the Malay Anal there is a mythology of the origin of Malayan Sultanate from Raja Iskandar Zulkurnain. Historians relate the person to Alexander the Great, the same man with the Malay and English name. 9M2RI prefer the great and grand title of Alexander the Great. He chose Alex for short to Alexander the Great. Alex used to be active but stopped after I heard criticism from 9W2TZ about his weak signal. But Alex denied it saying he has problem with his landlord. He is not allowed to erect any form of antenna.

    Ari was a short form of Ariffin, 9M2EG, who passed away during my absence. He is very jovial and always had stories to tell.

    Two syllable names are common in the world. You will hear thousands of Alex or Igor of Russians. Peter, David, Ahmad, Zaki andhairie are examples of two syllable names.

    I underwent three radio names; Rahman, Abdul and Man. Currently if you hear Malaysian hams calling me Rahman, it means they are old hams. 9M2LC, Lim, started to call me Man even from the beginning.

    22/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    The transformation began when one day I worked an Arabian King whom I was not aware as one. His Royal Highness scolded me for using that name, saying it is a name belongs to God. True indeed the word Rahman and Rahim are a few of God's 99 names. Giving him my whole name was not a problem. He suggested that I used Abdul.

    So Abdul was my new radio name when working DX stations. On the local band it did not changed no matter how hard I tried to inform that what transpired out of my previous QSO with HZ station.

    Thinking over, Abdul is two syllable. After all Lim had been calling me Man all the time. My last radio name is MAN.

    Asians are Asians. The courtesy of respects is hard to shake off though they know in ham radio titles are to be ignored. Tunku, Dato', Tan Seri, Sir and Cikgu should be avoided. But how could we call Tunku Archibald as Archie or Tan Seri Aman Shah as Aman ?

    We keep carry the title in the name and followed by others. New hams called me Cikgu. I would feel younger and more comfortable with the name Man. 9M2ZN and 9M2PJU obliged to address me with just Man, my radio name.

    New hams should always remember to speak slowly and clearly when giving their names on the DX band,

     to help the other side. Or else exchanging name only would consume a few wasted minutes.

    As for a place name let it be full. Who would understand us if we were to say 'My QTH is PEN' to mean Penang or 'My QTH is GANU' to mean Kuala Trengganu. ? But in CW I did hear 'QTH is LA CA'. It happened many know LA CA means Los Angeles California. Still I would say it is not good to use a short form for place names.

    Refering back to Eshee, one might ask where did the name come from ? According to 9M2FK, who is in bed for stroke, ESHEE is a name called by the Japanese during Japanese occupation.

    It is easier to call him Eshee rather than Ismail. He worked in a Japanese sub-marine in gathering intelligence. Young Eshee was handsome and strong. Even a Japanese lady officer fell for him. To hear more of the story you need to wait until Eshee is able to speak again.

    If I am not mistaken 9M2GL has the longest radio name; I-DA-RES instead if ID-RIS.

    If we keep a list of radio names we will find that Russia has the most identical radio name. No matter at what speed they send, I could always copy the name ALEX and IGOR.


    The chat with 9M2DW didn't go until night time. At night I worked a lot of Indonesian stations from Java because of the strong and clear signal. One of the stations which was regular to me was YB0HH, A.K. Jailani. If I heard Pak Lani working DX stations I just monitored his communication.

    A.K Jailani was a Chinese by ethnicity. He told me his story from his younger days till the time of our chat. He attended Quaran class, able to read the Holly book, wearing sarong and fought hard for his Indonesian identity. He was not a Muslim. That was the secret he whispered on the air.

    Most important of all he was an artist, well known as a Keroncong singer and had made many albums. Pak Lani was not just an ordinary man. So we talked about Keroncong as well.

    I informed Dato' Tan of my regular conversation with Pak Lani, who had passed away a long time ago. When I brought up the topic on Keroncong Dato' Tan picked it up happily. :Keroncong is my favorite," he would say." I hear it every day."

    We discuss the type and the origin of Keroncong. I came to learn that there was a possibility that Keroncong originated in Holland. The Dutch brought it to the Malay Archipelago. A few days later I received a package from Muar, containing cassettes on Keroncong. I learned that Dato' posted to other hams too.

    Really the Keroncong mentioned by Dato' was beautiful, very beautiful. Dato' had the taste for music too.

    Who else got the Keroncong from 9M2DW ?

    22/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    When I first emerged at 9W2TZ's house Yusoff and 9M2PN, Tsangao, did nor know who I was. 9M2NP had never seen me before. Yusoff saw me but at that time I had mt spectacle on.


    On every Sunday more than 30 years ago there were several CW stations by the local hams. During my SWL days I used to copy 9M2CF, Chow, working with local hams. I could remember only a handful who would go Morse from time to time. Eshee, Idris and Chow. And when I became a ham I worked with all these stations.

    New CWers came up after 2000. Among them were 9M2MX, Pak Mustaffa and 9M2FF, Yusoff.

    Yusoff was one of the finest CW man. The normal speed of 12 wpm had been our practice. I didn't know how to use electronic key then. The Hi-Mound straight key gave me hundreds of local and DX contacts.

    Then 9M2MX passed away and Yusoff had problem with his antenna. Until today Yusoff never came back. Otherwise he would be telling me about his running, participating in the international run and the Penang bridge competition. The CW rag chew had always been fun and interesting. At 12 wpm almost every ham could copy.

    In the later part of this century Mazwan, 9M2ZN, and Yee, 9M2YP, were regular. I worked Yee almost every day until he totally disappeared, never to hear him either on SSB or Morse. And Mazwan is busy with his wife's farmland.

    CW needs constant practice in copying. Abandoning it will inject rust, a great one until we will lose our total ability to copy. Even the sending will be followed by tons of errors. Even though the locals seem to vanish, I make a point to listen to it, whether of the Indonesian contacts in their local lingo or the DX English rag chew.                                                                   22/06/2013

    Eat Banana With Cheese  by 9M2DW

    Dato' Tan bin Hussein, 9M2DW, was a magistrate. He would narrate cases he threw out because of negligence of the prosecutor. He was right and fair. The story made us have a big laugh at the end of the day.

    As usual our communication started of with daily chores, started with what we did in the morning and the time of the chat. Dato' told us he seldom had a breakfast but began with a BRUNCH. Until today I did not consult any dictionary whether the word exist. BRUNCH means a meal that we take between the time of breakfast and lunch. That will be our breakfast as well as our lunch.

    Dato' said one of his favorite food was banana. How many of us take banana as our breakfast or lunch ? He did not east just the banana but always accompanied by cheese. The cheese was cut into several pieces; bite the banana and put the cheese in the mouth; there was a taste of sweetness and there was a taste of saltiness.

    I did not try the combination though I was told by ham friends they did try and the taste was fantastic.

    Datok Tan was well known as Dancing Witches, not only by the local hams but world wide. I was still active when Dato' was first  strike by the diabetes. He passed away during my long absence.

    22/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Bill, 9M2WT, went to Ginza as many other tourists with his friends, to drink, relax and have some fun. He told me several interesting stories about his travel and how they even missed the plane. And he never stopped traveling till the end of his days.

    The Ginza story was the most unforgettable. They sat at a table and chat and drank. While drinking women would come in and said 'hello' or 'hi' to the people. When a girl said 'HI' , Bill and his friend responded with 'HI' too. The women went to sit somewhere else. Wow the Japanese women were so wonderful.

    The chat and drink went on till almost midnight. They called for the bill. When the bill came everyone got a shock of his life. They never drink that much ( I don't remember how much). They don't have that much, combined all the members. One of them got mad, refusing to pay and a fight almost broke out.

    The police came. It was explained that the bill included what the women drank. "Which women ? " They were the women Bill and company responded with the 'HI'. The manager gave the discount. But their pockets went empty.

    Bill was a jovial ham. I just love to hear his tales and experience. I met him when I went to Muar and he took me for the delicious sea food. He passed away quite recent and once again the old and fun ham left us for the next world.

    22/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    9M2AV, Avatar Singh, would come on the air a little late, after coming back from work. I don't exactly remember who his radio buddies were. He knew a lot and he had enormous knowledge of things.

    One day we came to discuss man's landing on the moon. It was one of the greatest achievement of mankind. I said we can't inhabit on that planet because it was airless. Avatar rebutted my statement saying there was air on the moon, otherwise the rocket cannot fire to gain pressure.

    I explained about Newton principal of motion, that every action is followed by an opposite reaction, without other factor to push forward an object.

    He did not agree with me and formed a negative thought on me.

    Only recently when 9M2FX visited Alor Setar he mentioned about that argument. I said I will not forget it. It was not about a quarrel but about a knowledge many people are not aware of.

    We live in the modern period, Newton was a man in the past. Could those people be right about their theory ? Copernicus was the man of the past too. What made him able to draw the new idea on our solar system ?

    All in all, Avatar made the band merry and  cheerful. I knew of his sufferings and death after his demise.

    22/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    There were not many hams way back before the '80s because it was hard to be one. The exam was of essay type and in English. If it was an objective in design then even those illiterate in English could get some marks, or even surpassed the 50% level. That was one stumbling block. Secondly there was a Morse code to pass.

    Till the '90s I think I was the only ham in my town. But amateur radio had been known by the scouts long before I obtain my license. There was the anual activity known as JOTA ( Jamboree on the air). The Boy Scout association from Jitra presented me with a letter requesting a JOTA station to be run at SM Jenan. One of the active scout teachers was Cikgu Khalid who had passed away a long time ago. I accepted the request but I needed to seek permission from the Jabatan Telecom Kuala Lumpur.

    Because of insufficient time I just wrote in informing the authority that I would be running a JOTA station at SM Jenan on a certain date using Yaesu FT101B and a Diapole antenna. A day before JOTA we set up a station. The boy scout brought a bamboo about 35 - 40 feet long, dug the hole for the bamboo.

    In those days the band was good. With that height all signals band the S-meter.

    On the first day of the JOTA the officers from local Jabatan Telekom visited our station saying they dropped by to look at the scout activity. They did not identify themselves. I had a haunch they were from the 'tuck shop' and asked whether they were from the department. The reply was affirmative and they glanced trough my log book.

    I briefed the scouts the SOP and warned of strict observation of the law; no talking nonsense. The way they run the stations was excellent. They were doing very well. I was there until past midnight. When I left the station for home I brought back the microphone with me. With my ICF5900 I continued to monitor from my home, in case some clever guys used some clever methods to transmit. I gave a stern warning of 'NO TRANSMISSION' when I was away.

    I provided my service almost every other year at the same location, doing the same procedure. Thinking back, I am surprise that the telecom people made themselves available on the spots all along those years. I don't remember when I stopped.

     am glad many of those scouts are license hams today. It is a pity Cikgu Khalid who was good in CW did not live long enough to see the progress of amateur radio.

    21/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Two things from 9M2GV, Ibrahim Oxford, that I will always remember. The first was the saying 'Man, kalau tak campak jala mana nak dapat ikannya' ( if you don't cast the net you won't get a fish). This is a meaningful saying that I put into practice and treasured most. If we are passive and doing nothing we can be sure we won't achieve anything. An effort may or may not bear fruit but there is a chance of success.

    9M2GV used to fly a small plane. He told me that to fly from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur is not just aim the head at Kuala Lumpur and let the rudder brought you there. A pilot needs to know the wind direction and it's strength. If there is a wind blowing northeast to southwest you have to fly to a point east from Kuala Lumpur. The wind factor will push the plane to the city.

    My contact with 9M2GV who was in Jasin Melaka was almost daily. There were plenty of stories he loved to tell. I told little due to my lack of experience and knowledge compared to him.

    Those were the days without computer. I have not met him and I don't know how he looked like.

    I did not know he passed away in as much as I did not know 9M2DW and 9M2EG passed away. I left ham radio completely for many a year. Each person had his own speciality and uniq story to tell.

    Many years later, in 2005, I came to know that 9M2DU is the son of 9M2GV. I contacted Maidin on 16 occasions but his signal strength was not as strong as 9M2GV.

    21/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The enjoyable days of SWLing are over. Occasionally I would search for the CW stations and would park myself whenever there is a CW rag chew, to ensure of rust dissipation from my ageing mind. It was an exercise for mental alertness.

    I don't make a point to monitor communications which I considered as junks. Neither do I visit blogs which provide no benefit. Even at the quick scanning of the band I heard the wrong usage of Q-codes. My contention that the decline of ethics and manners stands. The most painful I had ever heard on HF was when a ham follow the procedures of the Indonesian pirate 'di copy di monitor..'

    I stay away from those wise hams. One other old ham I talked to expressed similar views.

    I have stopped going above 7.1 mhz because I don't want to know which Malaysians are still going there in spite of the band by the authority. Not knowing who they are will lighten my mind a lot, otherwise it would create a wild perception on those innocent people.

    It is the work of the MCMC to monitor the band and to overseer the ethical conduct. They are paid to do the job and let them do them well.

    The problem with people is they like to come to your place. A few deliberately causing havoc, making noise, playing back the recording when hams communicate and even passed remarks.

    Any filth on the band is a concern of every ham. Someone could retaliate and causing disturbances on national link repeaters on end. There is always a smart way to hit back. So far reasons still rule. Continued havoc will certainly killed the joy of this hobby.

    A few hams decide to stay away from the radio, not only from the frequencies used by certain sectors of hams. I was about to that too when there was a talk that CW was going to be abolished. Cutting away ham radio from our lives is just like shaking away drug addiction. I have left ham radio before and if I do it again it won't be a difficult task to do.

    In the meantime my choice is to stay away from a certain band to avoid pain in the ears.

    20/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Rafizi and PR promised a cheaper car by reducing the ever high import tax. UMNO said it was UMNO's idea to bring the car price down. High quality and standard car are much more cheaper in Great Britain and USA.

    If UMNO claims it was the Malays who gave a strong support to BN then it was them who believed the promises of PM Najib. Now that BN has another five years, it has to prove to the rakyat that the promise will be fulfilled. First, it announced car makers will reduce the price, which te foreign car makers denied. Then it pressured the new owner of Proton to announced the reduced price.

    It did. Proton took out all the accessories and announced Proton SV price at RM33800.

    I went to Proton this afternoon to see what was all about the new Proton. There were many people with salesmen attending to them. One salesman handed me a brochure of Saga FLX saying the Saga SV is Saga FLX. Changing FLX with SV  pendant and taking away the accessories is what actually happen to SV.

    That was what BN's promised was all about.

    I remember buying Saga a few years back from a Chinese salesman. He gave me futher discount of RM500, which I learned later cut from his commission. And my last Viva was also reduced RM500 which I don't know from what reason, making my Viva less than RM25K.

    Don't believe me per se. Try to visit any Proton outlet and find out more. May be Syed Mokhtar can change his mind to help UMNO to keep the promise made.

    If UMNO cheats again, it is cheating it's own members. Wat Zahid gave to his supporters would not even enough for part of the accessories. Since they love Rosmah that much then serve them right. Further price hike in other goods and commodities and services would be felt when they go to supermarket , groceries and wet markets.

    But for RM250 a month you can afford to buy it.                                           20/06/2013


    At one time there was a rigorous discussion on the Tidak Apa Attitude and today it seems to be totally disappeared. This attitude prevalent among the Malays made UMNO ran wild blaming the other races for ineptness and the problems faced by the Malays today. The latest that we heard was about foreign hawkers hawking and doing businesses in Malaysia. The number of foreigners residing here are alarming and a big number was given citizenship. There are Indonesians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Chinese and the Indians.

    Such an attitude coupled with corruption are posing greater problems. One has to know the Indo China's history to understand how serious could the result be. The Cambodian natives, angered by the encroaching foreigners took a violent action against the Vietnamese refugees. What has been happening in Malaysia is crazy and mad, treacherous of the highest order. Who get the money and who made the policy ? Who just say 'never mind' ?

    Secondly the crime and drug menace never show any decline. Ineffectiveness will lead to suspicion of the possible involvement of the relevant officers. When big money rolled in and life is made easier, why should ones find problems. You can't fight them , join them. If the suspicion is false the failure might be due to something else, either inefficiency, tidak apa attitude or focus on protecting rogue politicians.

    Thirdly government officers are promoted not really base on merit but on friendships or just at will. You need to tow the line even how precarious it is. You can't question policies nor give the rebuttal opinions. An clerk who was bad in numbers and accounts was promoted to chief clerk because of the long time friend. How could a school Principal be good when he cut down trees and made computers his enemy ? You may ask whether such a person exist. The answer is YES.

    The most serious thing is the pampering of our society like giving free money without service, easy certificates and degrees, low quality educational curriculum. The young need to be trained to face hardship and survival skill. The money given to kids must be exchanged with work done at home. But we are doing the opposite; kids were allowed to drive without license, expensive motorbikes given as a transport to school, iPad and iPhone has become like a cheap toy.

    When these people grew up and join the work force they will drag the nation down, making it more corrupt and more inefficient and ineffective.



    Mobile on HF ? Never, because I simply refused to invest on the antenna. My mobile is confined to VHF, merely on monitoring mode, listening to the lorry drivers on trunk radio.

    Whenever I felt like going mobile I would bring out the rig to the car. At the bottom of the radio I attached a strap which I called an 'active strap'. And there is a 'passive strap' on the front board of my Kancil. Putting my Yaesu FR7900 on the board, the straps gave a strong bond. Hence there was no special bracket or tray, easy placing and removing. Permanent harness may be not to the advantage.

    Peel to remove the rig

    The antenna is the mag-mount attached near the rear end of the car roof.

    It has been more than 5 month the rig stayed foot in my shack.

    HF mobile is more challenging. First the antenna has to be fixed well, at the right place and with a correct mounting to get a good ground, unlike the 2 meter plug and go. Secondly we may experienced complaints of our weak signal. But during the good band condition anything goes. Europe may give us 59 plus report.

    In the yesteryears it took a damn preparation to go HF mobile. We have to charge a battery for the huge rig like FT101, decide where to put the rig and the battery. The modern rig is 10 to 20 time smaller, lighter and does not require  a separate battery.

    New hams should seek the experience and enjoy the mobile fun.

    20/06/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof