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Why LSB below 10 MHZ ?        Students/Ham/Web Search variables.


Do the ministers and politicians asked themselves this question ? Then try to ponder and imagine the root of the crime. It is easy just to say the man is bad and heartless.

There were talks on immigrants and drugs, and other possibilities outside the man that lured him to take such an action. Mankind should stop blaming God for shaping the hostile environment.

The death of Altantuta and the bank officer is all about money. The failed effort to put away drug pushers is about corruption; about money too. NFC, PKZ, mega projects and name it, are all about greed and wealth. A young police officer in East Malaysia who complained and try to investigate himself about illegal logging too was murdered

The police said the suspect did not use his own ID when applied for the job. That mean we cannot be certain whether he is a Sabahan and identity. He could be a guy in Peninsular Malaysia who had been planning the robbery for quite some time. The execution of it was simple and smooth; join the security, get a gun and wait for the right moment to strike. In this case it is difficult to assume he is under the influence of the drug. He is either trained to be inhuman or he trained himself to be one.

A man's mind will lose it's normal function under the influence of  drugs. There is no fear and no pity left. He has become an animal.

Do you think politicians are alarmed ? Try to talk to them, they will blame everybody else and say it is outside their power. And finally they will say that it is all from God.

25/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To the Muslim Allah is the Al-Mighty, one and only God. In the Quaran, literature and daily life the name is mentioned more than 20 times are mentioned. Though there are translation of names in the bible as in the Koran, like Abraham and Ibrahim, Moses and Musa, Noah and Nuh there isn't one which near to Allah. Jesus is Isa. Mary is Mariam. Christian gives emphasize on Jesus Christ, and some say he is the incarnation of the Holly Ghost.

Malaysian Insider, Lim Kit Siang Dot Com and other opposition media are mocking and attacking the government and the judge for not allowing the use of Allah in their publications.

UMNO pointed out to the Muslim voters of the intent of the opposition media and publications, fighting for the Christians.

Sungai Limau is a PAS stronghold. If it falls to UMNO it is the media and the bloggers are to be blamed. And as the issue lingers UMNO will pull the Malays back to the party, weakening PAS and Keadilan. Hadi's statement on Allah issue was not a smart move. He could destroy the whole party.

The Sungai Limau Malays will forget Shahrizat NFC-combo stuff for they put religion first and foremost ahead of them. UMNO has the upper hand on this matter. The denial of the opposition cannot be washed with what is in the blogs and the media.

PAS must not lose this by-election. If it does it is going to lose even Kelantan on the next GE. Just because of Allah issue.                 

 25/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is stress a medical or emotional problem ?  Doctors can tell you. When one of my workers had a mental problem I went to consult his psychiatrist. I was briefed on the imbalance of a certain liquid in his head. I don't know whether excessive blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar contribute to temperament and stress.

In those cases drugs ere used to control the sickness.

But I also heard of the Mind Over Matter stuff. I relate it to the power of the soft tissue and body of a human being that can break hard bricks and punched through a wall, and the power of meditation, the different level of sub-conscious minds. If these are true and real then I also would believe that stress can come from several emotional attributes.

Harboring hatred and jealousy would build up an unstable emotional state. We always appeal to sentiment rather than reasons, the result of which we become very aggressive and impatient. We want things our way and refusing to submit to standard and norm.

An indirect way of dealing with stress is to go for survival training, overcome hardship and conquer difficulties. I advised one of my friends to set himself for a Morse exam to combat with stress. He dismissed it immediately saying that it would create greater stress in himself. From the planning and the patience of learning he could transfer them in other situation in dealing with shock and other rouge events. One can also try the constant prayer and appeal for God's intervention.

25/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof






If you need some practice on the normal Morse go to the you tube and type Morse code for the enthusiasts. There are several videos you can spend your time on.

Flash morse would be more interesting.







I am glad that some of my students are doing very well now. Not all of them were high achievers. One of my Kiet Hwa female pupil said, "Sir, we are richer than you are now." She owes several houses and a factory.

The other who live nearby has just bought a BMW for RM316K, paid RM200K deposit. His motorbike fetched up a price of about RM90K. They don't have any space left to park their cars.

Tomorrow there will be the school prize giving day. A former student is invited to deliver a speech to motivate the juniors. I am invited to the event.

I have students who have been very active in politics and were awarded Datukships. They are wealthy and highly respected. But a man of my character simply cannot bow nor address them with their grandiose title awarded to them.

Nevertheless I could bow and show my greatest respect to a lowly and humble man. The wealth and power belong to them. My living and my hardship is ours to deal with without their help.

My gladness is that their successes benefit the whole society. If they are not what they are now, they could have been graduated as criminals and unemployed, and became menace to society. And I would feel guilt the rest of my life.

After all when we educate them we thought of nothing else but for their secured future.

Likewise we tend to treat the same to our own offspring. Once they are own their own and attain success and wealth in their lives, they don't have to provide us with anything.

To those who are arrogant, we just wish them good luck and the best.

23/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Either he is a fool or he was convinced by the bible that May 21st was going to be the end of the world. This man, Harold Camping, preached that Jesus Christ would return to the earth on that day to save the believers. He computed that from April 1, 33 AD to May 21, 2011 were 722,500 days the Biblical timeline that began with Crucifixion and the day of judgment. Many gave away their wealth and leave their jobs.

A huge majority of the people are blind followers. It may not be merely among the Christians who were easily believe in what they heard from persons whom they regard as authorities. But Harold did not lie. He just believed of the rupture. Politicians lie most of the time using the mass media.

22/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny, first they say the world would end in 2009. People gave away donations and their wealth believing the final end. Then in 2011. Both have the religious touch. Except for the 21 December 2012 prediction that was linked to the Mayan calendar.

Now NASA predicts the end the end through meteor-earth collusion. You see some religions change their arguments with new proofs after being cornered left and right.

The pirates on 7Mhz were well known to most of us. They usually use their own styles and lingo. Their favorites were 'I monitored I copied' all the time. Later I heard them using 'Roger' to pass the transmission, which sounds like the CB. But lately terms QSL and 73 were adopted. And a few new hams, on the other hand, love to 'roger' when passing transmission.

Are those matters ? That's the sign of mixed marriage. Nobody seem to oppose the HAM-CB marriage. I am sure eventually the volume will increase. Once accepted as a norm all the radio hobbies will be known under one identical name ie Amateur Radio.

In USA shops that sell radios sell both CB and HAM gears, giving an equal standard to both. It is not surprising to find Malaysian hams with their own call-signs. Talking outside the ham band the use of their own call-sign will be applied. And the normal call-sign is used within the ham band.

The authority is still mum about no test for all bands radio tearing off both CB and HAM. It will be happy for all. Most of all the radio vendors.

With or without force the marriage has happened.

22/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



People still believe in Sung Myung Moon who said Jesus came into him and adored him like God. He built an empire, siphoning funds and ran a gun business. Followers are not criminals. They are just dumb cows.



The first huge movie I saw was at NASA, Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was in 1982. The movie, The Journey to the Outer Space, was fantastic as if I was there on the space vehicle. And I remember saying to myself that the movie worth all the trip expenses to the United States. That much and that great.

Tonight I watch another 3D movie on my 3D TV called The Croods. It is an animation but it gave me another exhilarating experience and an immense satisfaction, happiness and joy. The 3D effect was so real. More so the beauty of the scenic environment was very enchanting. The arts and creativity of those involve in the making of the movie were superb.

The Croods was more than the entertainment. It seeps into my blood, emotion and sentiment like a soul entering my body. I felt I was at the colorful location together with the characters.

I used an active 3D glass. I need to charge it for about 2 minutes and able to watch about 4 to 5 hours.

I felt the money spent for the TV is given back by the Croods. I said the same thing for the space movie in the big cinema at the Cape where I had been for at least three times. Each time I saw different movie pertaining to space and space station.

Today I don't have to travel far to feel the realistic sensation. I don't have to depend on drug to kill remorsefulness. It takes away any tension, healing the trouble mind. Really I enjoy The Croods, a fantastic and superb movie.

22/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Is the million ringgit and the mega project enough and everything to the former Prime Minister, Mahathir ? That was what Njib gave him after becoming a Prime Minister replacing the ousted Pak Lah. Pak Lah was a man of religion and he left to God to decide Mahathir's fate. But that was UMNO and Mahathir should know the party himself.

Najib didn't stand still knowing that Mahathir was trying to put him away. The attack on him by bloggers sympathetic to Mahathir's cause sent a signal for a defense. They fought back but quietly and covertly. From the waning influence, it shifted to a totally venomless person. They assessed Mahathir in the failure of Gelang Patah and Ibrahim Ali. Mao termed it a Paper Tiger.

The choice of Shahrizat was not about the old vs new guards but it is a show of defiance, showing Mahathir of his fading power and influence. Then Mukhriz was rejected. Now he has to tell Mukhriz that once he was ousted by Tunku but fought back to regain his composure.

To some it is a retribution. If Najib's camp were to continue pounding hard on Mahathir's family they will campaign for the boycotting of PETRON. The legacy of Mahathir is over. The ageing leaders of PERKASA will be over too.

But the sin of a father should not be borne by a son. Mukhriz at the moment is very promising, quick to act, honest and capable. The pure Pakistani blood has been diluted as a result of the mixing with the Malay blood. Marina was outspoken and spoke what she thought was right, even against his belief. Mukhriz is worthy of a praise.

What is next for Mahathir ?

21/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Nobody talked of incarnation since the beginning of the faith, neither was it stated in the multiple holly books. Today they are talking about it. People just like to create fantasy like the time machine. Now the great scientist is saying time travel is possible.

  When the modern culture and enlightenment is moving towards peace and cordiality yet we have people who want to go to the Holly War as in the ancient world and die like a hero thinking they can die and go to heaven. This is what they will get even before going to war.

To see what happen right click the image on the right and click Play.

A puzzle for you; what religion has so many bibles, and they were not the same and conflicting ? What religion can change in doctrine, and practices and use human arguments to justify instead from the hollybook ? Can a god die and being killed by fellow mankind ?                             20/10/2013

The Jews do not have missionaries to convert the world and never forced upon others to convert to Judaism. All we know Catholics are accused of as 666, anti-Christ by fellow chrch.



Believing differs from factual in one we just hear and in another we see with our own eyes. Once we see it has become a fact and the believe has vanished. It is something we know for certain to happen or to exist. It is real. It has become a true knowledge that we know. So we either believe OR we know.

What we believe can be true or false. If fallacy is deliberately invented to make people believe it is true it has to be a reason for it. The reason has always been sinister, with malicious intent. At best it is for entertainment. People tend to believe words from authority, clerics and pastors, government and politicians, teachers and professors. We all remember well on the Mayan calendar so called prophesy. It was not the calendar but the man who talked about it, cleverly interpret it to make millions of people believe the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. And the Christian groups who left home for the rupture in 2009 and in May 2011 waited for something that never happened.

We have been believing in so much things that we hear. If they were repeated lies you will believe they are true and willing to die for the lies.

Try to create a story about a stone you find somewhere. It will be given additional value, Add a yellow cloth and invent a word, say incarnation, and convince the mass it is not a mere stone but an incarnation of a powerful force. Get someone to write a mantra. We notice there numerous sci-fi and fantasy fables. Some even believe and dream to be a cartoon hero, Superman.

There are people who refused to believe the sun is the center of the universe and the earth is rotating on it's axis.

Believing is not real and not a fact. Seeking the truth is a long time and painful effort. At the end we can meet the truth of the truth or fallacy.

19/10/2013 (the original is missing (???) This is thr re-construction.



Statistical Research had been one of the subjects of fear by the students. I was advised by the not to take the paper as it promised an E for me. I defied and ignore them. My only Asian friend was a Korean lady who was a lecturer at Korean university. She was my free tutor in the discipline. If I were still single I would have married her.

The Professor was quite elderly, may be about 55 plus. I just don't remember the name. He was smart, intelligent and knew his stuffs very well. The best part of him was when one day he said, " mankind is funny. He walks dogs and talk to the animals. They don't talk to men."

American students looked smart and studious. I talked to them but nothing like talking to my tutor. What amazed me was during the final test a few of them submitted their answer papers within about 15 minutes and walked away, while I was struggling less than a quarter way. They must have been very smart. I finished at the full time. So was the Korean.

I met a few outside the hall after the exam and expressed my surprise that they could finish that fast. "You must be very smart," I said to one of them. The reply was, " Either you know the answer or you don't." I understood what it meant.

When the final result was pasted on the board I saw more than 80% got an E. It was true what they said.

We can't simply judge people. They can be anything and everything.

19/10/2013  ( re-written version-the original rticle went missing ??)

I don't quarrel with my cats. We communicate with each other quite well. They 'meow' me either for want of food,  wanting to go out of the house or trying to tell me something about their young. And when I say 'jom' they would head to the door knowing I want to feed them. Each of them knew whom I called by the name.

 Dealing with men has always been the worse business. They have the minds of their own and a different level of ego, different educational achievement and experience. In him there is a battle between his reason and emotion. He thinks he is the greatest among the greats, the smartest among the smarts, and best of the best. To which I say MY FOOT.

You tell their wrongs, they will fight back.

Rashid Ghani is very concern about the new hams. He says there are so many sects. Rashid should have realize the opera of ham radio has undergone a great transformation for greater splendor, making the hobby more sparkling. There are new terms and the style of communication has changed. People are putting in more juice to make it more glittering and colorful, building up more repeaters, setting up clubs of all sorts.

Rashid should have known my saying that ham radio is not invented by our great grandfathers. It is treated that way. They love something new and want people to follow them. It is true that at time I can't identify whether hams or CBers on the ham band as if ham radio cease to exist.

It is of a new glorious feature with a new set of standards.

The best way to avoid collusion is to stay away from monitoring  and reading stupid blogs by stupid people.

Pompous people and swaggers are everywhere. Watching the audition of the popular American Idol we saw people of such character who swore at the judges for not qualifying them.

We shan't be angry with the changing world. Men changed the environment, culture and civilization. They change the values and the norms. They call them progress.

Cats behaviors never change from the beginning. Try to talk to the animals. They will look at your face piercing through your eyes. They meow the same. Once they love you they will follow you around, jump on your laps and sleep on your bed with you. Whereas a man whom you help can stab your back.

19/10/2013 ( re-written version-the original rticle went missing ??)


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My blog contains database which I want it to open on another page. I chose ASP because it is easy and suitable for the less sophisticated brain like mine. The codes above may be useful to those who are new to asp and want to have a new page for a link.

Good luck.





The first taste of a 5K sofa was at 9M2RB's house. I was so tired then after the whole day activity at MCMC that I felt asleep in the sofa. It was indeed comfortable.

Yesterday I saw the sofa at Tesco Alor Setar, had a second sit and felt the comfort. For 5K it is not cheap. It contains two sets, one for 2 and another for 3 persons. The booking fee is 100 ringgit. The delivery in two weeks times. I did not have the money to pay for booking even.

Really I am thinking of buying one. It is priced at 3K I would not hesitate to buy straight away. It is just an opportunity cost to Icom 7100. After all the ASB dividend is coming soon.             


We were warned by our boss before a course in London not to paint picture of our savagery by telling the Londoners that we live on trees and there were plenty of 40' snakes ready to swallow us. Some students had done that before.

But we were asked when we learned English. To that we bluffed saying we had English course before coming to the city.

A few Americans tend to think we are morons. If we tell them that we play chess, write computer codes and copying Morse codes at 25 wpm, they would say 'You must be joking'.

People of dark complexion are always at the disadvantage. The brown skinned were perceived to be inferior to the farer skinned men, stupid and lazy.




It would be better for us not to compare men women, pointing at what men can do that women can't. A woman could excel ten thousand men in physical strength. This chubby  medium age Chinese lady walked as if she were floating on the ground, so fast overtaking the others on the jogging track where I went to. I was trying to chase her yesterday by increasing my phase. She simply disappeared from my sight and I got so damn tired within about a mile.

They also possessed a strong reasoning power, profound in analytical ability. I read several articles by Mariam Mokhtar and I have no choice but to respect her ability. I am surprise to see  her so beautiful and handsome, attractive and very smart. And several of my young female teachers had outwitted me in several arguments.

I think the Arabs, Afgans and the Pakistanis should stop looking at women as docile and weak specie, inferior to men. How could they be banned from driving a car when they could fly a space shuttle and fighter jets ?

To say they can't drive is absurd when they could be a very rogue driver, beating the red light, entering the one way road and mingle themselves left and right on the busy road at high speed.

You won't believe if I were to say they can even rape men.

When I see a lady, I see a person, not as a weak specie. At time of difficulty you can appeal for her help.

Who say they can't do mathematics and physics ? A young girl can beat many experience adults in chess game. They scored a string of As including in additional mathematics and engineering physic.

During my working days, I had a habit of rewarding mothers for their children's excellent achievements in academic performance. Mothers sacrifice more for the success of the children.





Bragging is an action to assert oneself as the most capable person than the others. If a weight lifter said he has lifted 200 kg he is not bragging but merely  express a statement of his true achievement. But if he adds saying that he is thr strongest and nobody could beat him then he would be bragging.

Islam does not permit pomposity and swaggering. I also found courtesy and humbleness among the Chinese. Many Chinese I know are afraid to praise their kids and brag about themselves as if they were aware of God's wrath. They lie low with their successes and ability.

The worst of a kind is when a person project himself above his ability and believe himself as a perfectionist, master of all, the champion of the champions. He dismisses others as stupid and incapable.

People are intelligent enough to distinguish between bragging and a mere statement of facts. Two men talking to each other about flying an airplane or about the trip overseas merely discuss their experience. Compare  what Shahrizat said about herself and what we heard from many others, we would shake our heads.

Once, very many years ago, I met Marina Yusoff while boarding a flight back home from Honolulu. There were a group of them. I was wearing a jogging suit. "Hey Malaysians you wear jogging suit home ?" They were jesting. Marina laugh as well. I realized she was very humble and very friendly person. So were the others.

And I was with a Deputy Minister in Australia for almost a week, not knowing him as one, never address him as Datuk, yet we talked so much on many matters like close friends. His wife a PHD scholar pushed the wheelchair where my wife was. I felt so little and so embarrassed and so guilty when I knew he was a Minister on the last day of the trip. He lost in the last GE. And I told myself that people were simply funny. They praised evil and rejected what is good.

 If you have been watching the audition part of The American Idol you will see a lot of braggadocios, who can't sing and who had bad voices.

We just ignore and tolerate bragging that come from the normal populace. We can't afford to have a swaggering and pompous Minister.

17/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Obama, being  Black, is not popular among a few White Anglo Saxon Americans who believe in the White supremacy. It was a democracy that put the slave to run the United States.

The constant harassments of Obama's policy till the Close Down of American government indicated how they hated the Black President. The Jews are unhappy with the policy towards Iran.

But the Americans, both Whites and non-Whites are already used to Obama. The laymen didn't feel any different between a White and a Black President.

Without the White support he wouldn't have won either the first or the second term.

The economic problem in North America was seen even in the '80s. It dragged on till the present century. The 9/11 incident has something to do with the economic downturn. The intelligentsia group blamed the financial system of the country, even the Central Bank is privatized. The money went to another directions, did not reach the local populace, no job creation on the part of the government. The wealth  found in Iraq were divided among the few. The masses continued to take the pressure. Homes and jobs were lost.

The masses did not feel the different between Clinton, Bush and Obama. They are all the same and the mass experience the same happiness or sadness, good or bad.

In Malaysia there is a great fear among the Malays if the Chinese became a Prime Minister, the fear that they will be annihilated. The fear of uncertainty could be reduced by observing the United States.

What the Malays should somehow think is whether they can survive without the affirmative actions. In fact even without the change of leadership they should learn how to survive, compete in businesses and education, building the economic system of their own using their own fund. They should amass money to build foundations. In short they must be thought to survive on their own. Pampering can hinder progress.

To help the Malays is to prepare them for the worst, not to pamper, and giving them an outright cash. Since we can't tell the future then we must prepare for the coming.

18/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Shahrizat a role model for women?

Last updated on 16/10/2013 - 07:25
Posted on 15/10/2013 - 09:30

OUTSPOKEN: Disgraced former minister for women, community and family development Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil won a second term as Wanita Umno-Baru chief in the party polls. She trounced her rivals, Datuk Maznah Mazlan and Raihan Sulaiman.

A triumphant Shahrizat declared her success as a victory for all Malaysian women and said, “To all the women of Malaysia, think of me as the beacon of hope.”

Describing the anguish of the past two years, which was created by her family’s involvement in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal, Shahrizat claimed that “the tragedy had developed her inner strength”.

She said, “I know what I did not do – that’s why I soldiered on because I want to be a role model for women who think life is hopeless, when it is not.”

Really, Shahrizat? These are 10 incidents from your past to refute your claim to be a role model for Malaysian women.

First. Shahrizat was defeated in the 2008 general election but when Datuk Seri Najib Razak became prime minister, on the resignation of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he made her a senator, one day before she was sworn in as minister. This was done to satisfy the requirements for an appointment to a ministerial post. Worse still, this started the jibes about her being a “back-door” minister.

Second. In GE13, Najib did not consider her worthy to represent a constituency; nevertheless, she was deemed worthy of being a party nominee in the Umno polls. That says a lot about the party.

Third. Shahrizat’s family, namely her husband and children, were accused of abusing taxpayers’ money. Around RM250 million was siphoned from the cattle-rearing project to be used for the purchase of expensive cars, luxury condominiums, overseas holidays and pilgrimage trips to the holy land. Did they ever think of the poor rural farmers who should have received the funds?

Fourth. Shahrizat claimed that she was not aware that her husband and children were involved in the NFC scandal. If she is clueless about her family’s involvement in an alleged major financial fraud, how can she claim to be able to solve the problems of Malaysian women?

Fifth. The spineless Najib could not bring himself to sack a minister who was tainted by corruption, nor did he make her resign. When her senatorship expired, Najib nominated himself as the minister for women. This begs the question, what hold does Shahrizat have over Najib? Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned so was Najib fearful of Shahrizat spilling the beans about his alleged scandals and thus made a deal with her?

Sixth. As the minister representing women’s interests, what did Shahrizat do to curb the marriages of young children to older men? What did she do to persuade the minister for education to promote sex education in schools, to reduce the numbers of abandoned babies?

Seventh. When Kartika Dewi Sukarno was arrested for drinking beer in a hotel in Kuantan, why did Shahrizat not prevent Kartika from being hounded by the press, and intervene to ensure that Kartika would not be flogged? Kartika was not flogged because of international condemnation. That episode brought international notoriety to Malaysia but Shahrizat’s only follow-up was to arrange a conference on whipping a few months later. Shahrizat did nothing to help Kartika, whose family life had been destroyed by the incident.

Eighth. After the Kartika episode, three other Malay girls were reported to have been flogged for having sex outside of marriage. The laws of the land state that no women will be whipped in Malaysia. As they were first-time offenders, the syariah courts should have shown a modicum of leniency. Why did Shahrizat keep silent?

Ninth. Why has Shahrizat not pressured Najib and the law-makers to tighten the syariah laws pertaining to marriage and divorce? Many women complain that men avoid making alimony payments, or circumvent the laws to marry again. Current laws are not enforced strictly and men are happy to pay the minimal fines.

Tenth. This is the most contentious episode in Shahrizat’s past. Her most irresponsible act, as the minister for women, and one for which she cannot claim to be a “role model” for women, was when she abandoned the Penan girls who were raped by timber loggers in the interior of Sarawak. The deep pockets of the politicians, and their cronies in the timber trade, silenced any investigation into the rapes, which were first reported in 2008. If the minister representing women’s and family interests fell short of her responsibilities, what hope is there for other women, Penan, Malay or non-Malay?

With Shahrizat’s re-election, does her “survival”, despite the various corruption scandals and her incompetence as a minister, vindicate her and absolve her of her previous sins? Is her triumph something which Umno should be proud?

Any person with a whiff of scandal, who was rejected by the Malaysian electorate and who is irresponsible is without doubt unsuitable as a role model.

Shahrizat’s re-election says a lot about her party and the Umno delegates who voted for her. Although she may think she is a beacon of hope, we ask: Which is the greater evil? Is it that a person who is tainted with corruption has proven herself a winning candidate? Or is her spectacular comeback proof that she is the best her party can offer?

Mariam Mokhtar is "a Malaysian who dares to speak the truth."

http:/www/   Go to the web page and read the comments.

16/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why are you asking the people to take you as a role model, not Datin Rosmah Mansor ? Are you saying you are the best woman in Malaysia ?

Though I am not happy with Dr Mahathir I would say Dr Asmah is 500 time better than you. So is Puan Rahah, the mother of the current PM. There are thousands more better women I can list but they are in your opposition camp. Even within UMNO itself the number of non-boisterous, non-arrogant and non-swaggerer are enough to be of a better grade than you are.

Are you saying you are much better than Datin Rosmah ?



I don't think Mahathir can be bought with money. It is wrong to tell him, "I gave you project and money, what else do you want. Just keep your mouth shut." Eventually the former PM will read what is in Najib's mind.

Najib has been advised not to fear the old PM. They have a better strategy to counter Mahathir's move. I have a haunch that the defeat of Gelang Patah and Ibrahim was the game played to deface Mahathir by UMNO circle itself, sending a message 'You are not popular anymore'. Hand twisting and back stabbing is a normal game of the party.

Both Najib and Mahyuddin will strike to paralyze Mukhriz if the later is found to threaten the position of any of them. By now they have known the remaining strength of Mahathir. Mahathir had no control over the media, the army and the money.

Do you think Mahathir gave a standing ovation to Shahrizat's returning to lead the WANITA ?

Let us all wait and see.



In character and spirit NFC and PKZ are equal in nature though the magnitude of the money involved are different. My hypothesis is PKZ will go free if NFC goes free.

All what we will be hearing is the rhetoric of words and reasons and arguments, leaving the reality of religious morality aside.

In my childhood days religious and pious people were saying that nearing the end people will get more and more blind. They right the wrong and wronged the right. If they can't find the justification they will blame God.

Nobody was jailed when Bank Bumi went bankrupt and Jalil was murdered, PERWAJA steel closed down and money were missing. Nobody was arrested when the indelible ink purchased was found and proven faked.

But Anwar get slapped and jailed. Teoh Beng Hock mysteriously committed suicide.

Pray for some morality somewhere.

Hindu caste system - read to understand it

In Malaysia the Hindu and the Jews keep the religion to themselves. It is not like the Christians who seem like to create problems with the local. They are seeking international support to pursue the jobs to spread Christianity among the Muslim youths. When in USA and Europe the truth of Christianity has been exposed by the bible scholars themselves. It is despicable for a man of Church to be so aggressive thinking they could be a martyr and willing to go to the holly war again. How could people become so savage in the modern scientific era. They have even a new Christian religion called SCIENTOLOGY. I think the Indian priests should join the scientology.



How many young people compute their economic future ? Do they compute the saving they have when they are out of work or retired ? I observed a few who spend their money lavishly. There aren't any social security in this country. We don't have the free daily food for the poor either. Those with working children would depend on their kids. Once their kids have a big family to support parents will be a big problem.

Some chose to stay single, thinking they will be healthy and strong forever. They don't want to know what will happen when they fall sick and hardly move.

In school we tried to educate the kids for their bright future, to have good jobs, and trained them to think by constantly advising them. We talked about the future. Instead we found that a few became hard-core addicts.

The other day I was reading about a ham radio operator in USA who had to sell all the radio equipments and quit being a ham because he was out of job. Someone wrote about the poor and the jobless who searched for money to buy an iPhone 5C. Malaysians youth too would spend their savings on such ever changing gadgets.

I have both the Chinese and Malay friends. The Chinese I talked to indicated that they were very calculative. They saw their and their kids and prepared for the eventualities. The Malays spent all as they earned. My students could spent RM400K in less than a month for BMW, motorbike and other stuffs.

May be they leave everything to fate and destiny.

16/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Interesting Question and Answer by Christian

Sun Myung Moon, the Korean-born founder of the Unification Church built a secretive global business empire that sells cars, guns, newspapers and sushi. To thousands of followers, Moon was the benevolent “True Father”.

64-year-old Roman Catholic priest has been arrested after an investigation into the theft of church money. He is accused of stealing funds in order to support some very un-priestly habits.

Florida Catholic priests 'stole millions from collection plate'

An Irish Catholic priest has admitted to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his Florida parishioners to fund a lavish lifestyle of luxury homes and holidays.

Malaysian Muslim clerics are exchanging punches among themselves too

Is the catholic church all about money?

  • mike asked 6 years ago
I went to a sweet sixteen party at a catholic church (mass and reception) and the father of the birthday girl told me they charged 1300.00 to rent the church and hall, but wanted another fifty bucks to turn on the heat. What's up with that caths?

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  • Grazie answered 6 years ago
Yes it is. Control the gullible, brainwashed masses and they'll give their money to the church.

Great system isn't it?



Drugs split families and destroy souls. A son killed his mother for money, and threatened the father. A husband pressured his wife, even to prostitute herself to support the drug habit. A drug pusher destroys a big bulk of our society and if he is to be destroyed we only lost one evil life.

I criticized my lawyer friend for defending drug pushers and criminals, accusing him of corroborating with people who cause chaos in our community. Though his answer was simple that those people were known innocent to him, I simply would not accept his excuse.

Students who pushed drugs will not get GOOD remark on the report card. He may claimed that he had changed and promised not to peddle drug again but he can't change those many others he had destroyed. You may ask how he escaped police persecution. The answer should be known to all. The police need to know the main source of the drug from him. Once they captured the bigger ring, they left the student to the school to be dealt with.

The future depends on his employer. He has to beg for a job and swear that he has changed. I am sure one out of 20 will believe him. If the other rejected him, they just share similar view with me. You can't say I am bad and he is good. The chance is to be given by the prospective employer. Commonly these category of students would tear the school leaving certificate and sought for a new one from the school.

A criminal who stole RM200 from a tycoon did not destroy families. Politicians were known to steal millions in a smart way. There were robbers who rob bigger robbers. They didn't destroy families either. Smokers who puffed in smoke into their lungs only invited lung cancer to kill themselves but not the others.

That's why I very much condoned Tak Sin's way of waging war on drugs in Thailand. Despite of the immense difficulties he was successful. We just cannot guess the involvement of the drug lords in putting Tak Sin away. If Zahid were to shoot at the drug criminals running with a gun in hand, I would very much support him. Drugs destroy families. British conquered China using opium. Vietnamese weakened US military personnel using drugs. Some say the Jews prefer the American youths to be addicted to drugs and sex.

15/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I heard stations but not as strong as before. From time to time I would scan 20 and 15 meter. Once in a blue moon I went to 80 meter. But reading from the report by 9M2GET and 9M2ZAK they were working on DX band and confirmed their contacts with many South American stations. I used to hear many Japanese on 15 meter band, which seems to be vacant.

Once, a long time ago, I was told that if I can hear a station, they too is able to hear me. Today I find it insensible. The station may be using 1 KW and me 50 watts. How could he copy me if I can read him only 53 or 54. Whenever my CW could go through and I gave them 599, I only got 549. Theirs were on amplifier and me barefoot using 40 watts.

Hairie has a tower of 70 feet and a superb Yagi. Mine is only a 20 foot mast with the half-size G5RV. Probably the poor receptions were due to my setup not the propagation.

I am sorry that I do not read anything on the current state of propagation. If it says the situation is not good for ham radio these few months, then I should not be worried about my antenna. Any way I don't have any intention of improving the system to make it simple for my work. I could do everything single handed.

The only band that I could hear many strong stations is 40 meter. It is almost occupied by the Indonesians from 7.00 to 7.200.

May be I have  to wait a little longer to observe the situation.



Years ago my friends were jesting about marrying a Bengali or a Pathan. They said they would chain the wife when they were going out. Either they fear their wives would be having an affair with someone else or the way they distrust their women. Some might associate Dr Mahathir with a Pathan, Pakistani or Taliban. I think canning women is deep rooted in their culture. Don't blame Islam for that matter.

Taking one Afghan woman being canned does not mean all of their women were subject to daily canning and punishment. We can compare with the number of sex slaves in the United states. A Missouri man was sentenced to 20 years in Federal prison for holding a young woman as sex slave. And thousands of American children went missing for child prostitution and sex slaves. Could it be a Christian culture ?

Cantankerousness does not born with the Muslims. Look at the police brutality in the West and in the United States and everywhere else. Look at the number of prisons, the daily murders and crimes.

Always look at the mirror when demonizing others.

14/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Pope to Protestants: “Piss off.”

The Vatican just released a new document reiterating that protestant churches aren’t really churches because they don’t have apostolic succession, hence no sacraments. That’s boring–the Vatican II teaching there was pretty clear. What was interesting is that Papa Benedict felt the need to defend Vatican II against conservative catholics.

Protestants said Catholics worshipped idol

Funny people. People are funny.The Mafia, gangsters, murderers and drug cartels love to wear cross. Jesus will save them from hell.


Philosophy and religion are two different things; one comes from God and the other is the imagination of man. What comes from God are not questionable and we do not manipulate and try to create explanations.

Once a man tries to create explanation from what first considered as religion, it becomes a philosophy. Philosophy is a creation of mind, a dream, and a fantasy.

A man who bows to a frog will explain when asked for his action, that the frog is not a real frog. It is the incarnation of the God. It is recorded in a holly book written by Eon chapter 2 verse 4 bla bla bla.

Justification from imagination that comes from man will remain an imagination. He can make it more complex that demand for a deep thought, which is a philosophy.

What comes from religion is straight forward. One of my professors said that there is no Islamic philosophy.    14/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We used to know all the new hams as soon as they got their licenses. They made themselves heard and would meet the active members one by one. Somewhere I came across 9M2OHM whom I never knew who he was, and never have a contact with him.

It is not wrong for the new 9Ms not to make themselves heard. We can't impose our values on others. The global philosophy of ham radio itself was changed. We have the choice to like it, hate it or just ignore it. If we disagree with the change we could leave the hobby.

If my conjecture is correct even the YB boys experienced identical problem. I hardly traced the old stations on 7 MHZ nowadays. The CW net on 7.025 does not seem to be there anymore. And I did hear about the gathering of only the old hams.

The latest group I knew were 9M2GET, 9M2PJU, 9M2MGL, 9M2AUR, 9M2ALL, 9M2RZL, 9M2SQL, 9M2BAL, 9M2ONE and a few others. After this badge I hardly know any.

Not knowing does not affect the health of amateur radio. We have just to live with the new culture or just quit.

14/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The movie 'The chase for freedom' was about a Afghan lady, a university graduate, who was trying to seek freedom in the United States. She was accused of teaching Afghan women reading and writing. I had doubt over the truth of the story, thinking it was a propaganda to demonize the Muslims. Today in the Yahoo News I read about a 16 year old girl who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 for championing girls' right in education. She is alive and becoming more active in Pakistan politics. She is Malala Yousafiza.

At least the Malays can appease themselves a nd feel please that they are of much a better specie than the despicable Taliban. It is said that the Pakistani Taliban are deterring girls from seeking education.

My step mother, an illiterate, was enjoying her reading class organized for old women 50 years ago. My own mother still could not read until her death but could read the Koran extremely well. And the Malays would cane their daughters who do not want to go to school.

you don't shoot or cane girls who want to learn ABC.

Another movie 'The son of an Afghan farmer" showed the fate of an Afghan boy murdered because he was in love with an American college mate.

14/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The first time the story of RM6K breakfast came into my knowledge was when I tumbled across a Youtube footage depicting the owner of the restaurant explaining of the charged. The rest I don't know. Kak Yah the owner claimed that the number dinning for the food were 400 people.

As I said I only hear story. So my thought ran wild again. If it was true that 400 people having a meal, she would have charged each person RM15. This amount is just reasonable at a restaurant. A plate of Mee Mamak at Seri Malaysia cost us RM10. A plate of Nasi Tomato with prawn at a roadside non-air conditioning Mamak shop is RM15. Kak Yah said many 'ta-pau' the food with them.

On the second thought if there were 400 delegations from Kedah visiting Kelantan there would be about 10 busses or 100 cars. Or any other combination of the two to add up to get 400 bodies.

The question is; were there 400 people eating at Kak Yah's restaurant that morning ?

What I saw in the video clip, there was an absent of price tags for the food items. Kak Yah could have been slapped for not abiding by the law.

We have to get the fact straight before making any judgment. It is not between PAS and UMNO. We need to seek the truth.                           14/10/2013


What sin have I committed to the MCMC for not allowing me to go above 7.1 MHZ while the rest are allowed ? Rather than defying the authority and joined the rest, I chose to stay away from the prohibited frequencies as it was not in my AA.

I understand the Indonesians are allowed to go above 7.1. Whatever is Indonesians won't surprise me at all. They are everywhere even on sole CW band. We live in Malaysia and must abide by our  Malaysian laws.

If there is anybody who says it is alright to go above 7.1, I really want to know who the person is. If somebody is from the MCMC it would not be appropriate at all.

Really I am still puzzled by it.

13/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Waikiki was a man made beach, the sand of which, were brought from the mainland. Yet it is one of the most attractive beach that attracts millions to this island. I had never soak myself in the sea water except for walking along the edge of the sand.

The Kodak Hula Show was a bit inland but not far from the beach. The road was parallel to the shore. On the sidewalks there were resting place and a table with chessboard on it. There were several of them. I don't remember how many. It could have been more than 15.

There were crowds at each table watching chess game. A Black man won. The crowd moved away leaving me with the Black man. "Hello, where are you from ? " He asked me. "Malaysia." "Want to have a game of chess ?" I smiled, sat on the existing chair opposite him. I thought I must have won the first game. Otherwise he would not have request me to play another match. I remembered I won some and he won some.

I had to excuse myself because I need to go to the airport. He gave me a card. "Please come and see me again the next time you visit Hawaii. I will be around here. We will play another game." When the bus came I left for the airport. It was sunset but my flight was past midnight.

I am sure if you have been to Hawaii you will be seeing a lot of chess tables in many places. They say it is the same in Russia. Can we have some in recreational areas here ?                            13/10/2013



I thought I could still travel even though my wife is sick. But the hope is over. She needs a  strong and patient person to take care of her for her body is big and heavy, making it hard to lift and transfer her to do her dialysis.

There are places I had planned to visit. I have never been to Africa and to South America. POTO travel always sent me brochures and notifications, which I just have to brushed aside. I can't even go to Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur now.

My world is my home and my shabby radio shack where I sleep and wash my clothing, and updating my blog.

Someone, deep in his heart, might say to me," Wait for your wife to die and you can travel again..." That is not only a cruel thought but it has the essence of impossibility. I have a strong feeling that I will die first before her. She is disabled physically but clinically healthy. Her blood sugar level is good, her BP is around 135 65. Her blood contents show normal readings. Her appetite is excellent. The blood purifying really made her good.

If I am sick, I can't go for treatment. I can't be sick. Someone has to nurse her bowel, bathing and lifting her. Hence I am prone to heart attack and other killer disease. And I repeatedly told her that I will die first before her. My computation of the last of my day would be around 75, the longest. It could  possibly be shorter.

Despite her drawback she always pester me to take her either to Singapore or Bloomington Indiana. She would say that she is willing to die after the US trip. I would just laugh. "If you can stand and walk. I would surely take you to see your old abode, 205 Redbud Apartment, Indiana University. Instead I would show her the location and the university area on the Google Earth.

I told her to forget about traveling as much as I do. Next year she should have a new wheel chair for dialysis and another one to be used at home. That won't be even over 1 K. She would remain silent and commented nothing. The portion of money save for traveling is now diverted to buying medicine and other facilities for her.

Though the dream is over, the past is clear in my mind. I could still feel my walking in the streets of Belgium, London and USA, the beautiful scenery of New Zealand, encounter with rogue people and robbers in the United States, a Japanese woman asking me something in Japanese at Narita, the chess game at Waikiki Beach Hawaii, the Communist protest in Ankara, the smoking Turkish girls, Indonesian officials insinuated for money and everything else I saw before. They were all just like yesterday.

Disneyland and Disney World were the most I visited, with diminishing enjoyment. Hawaii was the second. I saw the dancers at Hoola Kodak Show from their young age till they grew wrinkles. Washington DC, more than 4 time visited, with my family, neighbor and friends.

If I can't go anymore it won't be the end of the world. I only pray for my good health so that I can manage my wife.

13/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

In our context the law gives guns to the police and military and those applied for a special license to keep gun for the requested purpose. Am I wrong to say that other than those allowed by the law, criminals own guns ?

The premise a person is innocent till proven guilty does not hold to a person who owns the weapon of murder. The very moment he buys a gun and keep it with him he is already a guilty person. His expressed intention was to shoot. Are we waiting for the gun to fire at us before we fire back ?

A gun is never to protect oneself. It is more of an offensive object. It is different from the bullet proof vest. If criminals wear the vest to protect himself, it poses less danger to the public because the vest does not kill people.

In the war against drugs Tak Sin was accused of annihilating the criminals and the drug pushers. Since then Thailand becomes a safer country till now. It has been a talk that a car thieves will be missing after two days of stealing a car.

What is feared is that the gun may shoot the wrong person either by the law enforcement officer or by the gangster.

Currently the police is applying a rule 'shoot first before the gun shoot at you'. It has become a controversial issue. And the police chief is finding a hard time defending Zahid Hamidi.

Ministers should watch their mouths. It is best to have a spokesperson for any policy. And it would be better not to rush in making statements.

Reading the American second amendment and the philosophy of owning a gun could open up our mind, and try to understand the reason why American administration is trying to ban the assault weapons from being sold to the public.                                                   13/10/2013

Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus That He Believes Could Rock the Christian Faith to Its Core



When I was a kid a stamp exhibition amazed me. I just loved to see the beautiful stamps arranged for the display. Later I found printed stamps sold in shops that made me realized stamps could easily be faked. When I became a ham, I did not detach the stamp from the envelop.

I urged the new hams to keep the stamps on the enveloped. The name and the address are witnesses to the authenticity of the envelope with the stamp on it. The world send you something inside them. Why not arrange for an exhibition in your town, school or supermarket.

Reading the article I found that it is a challenge even to the Muslim faith because the later believes in the existence of Jesus. Muslims do not say Jesus is a god and Jesus was killed. Try to read it for your interest.




The Morse code proponents in the United States never gave up the struggle to retain Morse code. They opened up classes, giving tutorials and using their websites to promote the use of CW.

There are code sites for you to learn and practice it. Do a little homework and go and search for the site.

But once a mistake had been made it is irreparable. May it be in amateur radio or in politics. We have to live with the error the whole of our lives.



Many senseless things happen in the world. Americans are the most to lose their values. The rest of the world follow. In the case above , a worker at Lowe's store, Karen saw a man shoplifting goods worth USA600. She was trying to get back the goods but failed. She took down the car's plate number that finally led to his arrest and conviction. She was sacked because her action put herself and the customer in danger. She was with the company for 18 years.

In USA an employer has the liberty to sack the employees just by merely saying 'YOU ARE FIRED'. That's the kind of liberty and democracy Bush said the people are jealous of America. Tenths of thousands were losing jobs and experience foreclosures. They legalized gay marriage and marijuana.

The Americans can do the unthinkable and the despicable.

In Malaysia sacking is very difficult, even of rude and unproductive workers. Some employees even threatened their bosses. UMNO is behind them. Yes, it is senseless but it happened.

Media is backing Karen up. Just follow the trail to know what will happen to her. But no Democrat nor Republican has the command to put her back in the job. If it happens here the victim will either seek DAP or UMNO's help. Then come a hero, a savior to put thing back in order. Karen would be safer in Malaysia than in the United States. But then America is a country of enlightened people. As for us and other Arab countries, we are despised as savage or terrorists.

What a joke.                                10/10/2013

People are saying if PHD guys were to sit for the PMR again they would probably failed. But I am one of the stupid hams around, when I go to look for the  coaxial cable, I will not ask the shopkeeper for the RG8 or RG58. I don't know what RG stands for. If the coax are there I would look at the size, the center conductor and the thickness of the braid. I always prefer the bigger conductor and a thicker braid. I have to make sure it fits my coax plug. Of course I would want the 50 ohm cable.

When I first became a ham, I was given a large size cable to start with. Old hams didn't sell cables and plugs. Rigs were either given on loan or sold at very cheap price. The standard price of a rig, like Yaesu FT101, was RM800.

At the later stage when old hams began to disappear one by one I had to buy my own. At Hatyai I could not find the type I desired. I had to compromise with the smaller diameter with lesser braid. Yet mine seems to be bigger than what my neighbor is using. Every time he goes to a shop he would mentioned PL259 and RG8. He would buy a thinner cable. He told me that the coax was a good conductor with low lost.

I would ignore him for I was not so well verse with those terms and my mind cannot conceive the small wire gives lesser lost than the bigger one, however true his saying was. At least I felt pleased when I saw big size cables used by the ARRL HQ when I made a visit there.

I only knew that electrons find it easy to move along bigger path than the smaller one.

A station with a large drive would not matter about the loss. Driving an output of 1K or 500 watts would not affect much even if only 70 percent of power shot out from the antenna. With a powerful aerial and a tall tower a station could be a king.

I would not still bother on the RG and the PL stuffs. Let me be stupid forever. What I want is a coax with a big central conductor, a thick braid and the length of a multiple of quarter wave.

10/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

They fell trees, clearing forests under the cloak of progress and increase national income. The raping of the forest in South America finally brought economic upheavals, unemployment and poverty, and people have no choice but to plant poppies and run cocaine business.

In Malaysia even forest in the water catchment areas were not spared, cleared for luxurious and lucrative homes. People start to hunt for water everywhere and ended up in using the polluted river . Then they blamed those pig farm owners who have been at the river for the past 60 - 70 years.

The evil of men is the greatest greed that lies entrenched in their blood. Those who plundered could carry their wealth away and live in other tranquil country, leaving the local to struggle with life, and the hungry wild animals that slowly moving towards extinction.

I am very scared to hear of government active involvement in promoting and encouraging property development. If you ask them in parliamentary session, they give you the answer which I perceived as a deceptive. The answer seemed to be sound. The reality is full of thorns.                                                                         



Drugs penetrated secondary schools especially the schools with hostels. The known type was marijuana. Parents are not worried. Teachers are not disciplinarian anymore. Nobody dares to touch students who flout with the school rules. Reading the circular from the Ministry the teachers prefer to stay mum, only do the teaching job following the procedures and instructions.

Public is not alarmed because they don't know about it. Parents would side the kids if they were informed of their kids vile acts. It is shocking to know the trusted and innocent student could be the vendor. And the ring has always been alert and would easily traced any suspicion on them with lightning response.

Smoking has always been rampant even during the school hours especially in toilets. The brave one would do so in the classroom. Nobody dared to report.

Schools cannot be blamed for the deterioration of morals and indiscipline. Teachers hands were tied. Parents put pressure on schools, threatening to take action on school and teachers concerned.

Statements by Rais Yatim on the teaching of morality was clear enough. It was the parents who were responsible.

What is best for the parents and heaven for schools' kids are hell for the nation. But I believe it is good for UMNO, for the party seems to like stupid and indiscipline youths, as a tool or weapon to fight the political opponents.

The nation will have a bunch of workers who will be causing problems to the department in many ways, and to the public who are dealing with them. The root of corruption, leakage in exam papers and other malpractices is the indiscipline of the workforce. Otherwise they would not have smuggled the jet engines out, stealing firearms, and other malicious spending of government funds.

It starts from home and the new school policy.                         09/10/2013

I was the only soul at the jogging track for the two consecutive days of the rainy days. There wasn't even a ghost. Usually I could see a few Chinese men and women with umbrellas. May be the rain started early from morning till night, pouring heavily. Defying the shooting water from the sky, I made an hour of walk with umbrella in one hand.

Yesterday and today the weather seemed to be fine. I saw several new faces of Malay women. The young ones ran and overtook many of us. The elderly walked like snails. Chinese ladies have been very strong all along, running fast wit the men folks non-stop for more than 10 rounds, about 10 km, and those who walk would open their strides wide and high speed overtaking men and women. I envy the Chinese ladies for their strong stamina. My wife said the Chinese are strong because of the vegetables intake.

There were a few group of Malay youths probably young adults of between 20 to 25 who were on the workouts. Probably they would take to the tracks after the workouts before they went home.

Today I saw kids with motorbikes loitering without the helmets with full throttle, whom I gather were boys who had completed their PMR. It was painful to the eyes, giving bad impressions about government's affirmative actions on the Malays. What would become of them when they grow up and go into work place.

Among people I saw at the garden park were postmen, several of them, went to rest after finishing the morning delivery, and would left the place about 5.00 pm. These are among the product of the wild kids who cared for no law.

But I am certain the number of joggers have increased. It is hard to find an empty place to park a car. My advantage is my car is small. I squeezed in whenever I found a small and ample space. So far so good.

09/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof





The whole set cost me RM10.55. Between 6 - 9 pm it is priced at RM9.50

Tuning a radio without a tuner had never been trivial, especially tuning for the dip. Our eyes had to be sharp and quick. But with the tuner it made life so easy and comfortable.

"Forget about the dip," I would tell myself. "Go for maximum power and minimum SWR". As for me I would always start with SWR. After moving away a few KCs from the frequency in used I first make sure the band switch is on the desired band. The carrier is pushed up to a few watts. I rotate the R and X tunes on the tuner to the minimum SWR reading. Then I increase the carrier a little more and just for  SWR minimum until the reading is stable at all carrier level

But after a long experience we will know at what carrier level to get the required power. In this case the switch is always on the SWR. In fact the tuning process involves only the adjustment of R and X knobs on my tuner for the lowest reflected wave.

Do I need to tune again after I have done the tuning ? YES. When I change frequency. Even if I park at a fix spot, I might have moved to another point which I may not remember. Secondly SWR will change when the antenna is wet. My dipole shows a substantial change in SWR when it is raining or when there is a strong wind  blowing it back and forth. After the rain stops Ithere is another djustment. Else just use automatic tuner, save all the trouble.

08/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What is meant by dressing a mike ? It is some sort of s housing for a microphone, covering it with a piece of cloth. The microphone is shoved inside none fingered glove, a pouch. Hams were getting smarter. Instead of making the gloves themselves, they used socks. Socks are cheap and easy to wash.

Each time we talk to the mike a small portion of our spit will fall on it. After a period of time the smell becomes stronger. It is alright if we are the sole user, but at time we have ham visitors who might want to use our transceiver.

Idris used sock. Eshee, a custom made pouch or glove. I have not have any till now. Only just now I used Fabreeze to spray on my microphone to kill the odor and the germs.

May be tomorrow I will be buying a few China made socks to dress my Icom microphone.




If you go to Mac Donald you ask for Fish Fillet. If you go to KFC you ask for Fish Burger. I chose Fish Burger over Fish Fillet because KFC is nearer to my house. I did not take chicken and all other animals or birds with two legs since I was a kid.

I don't remember the price of Fillet O Fish. I have not been to Mac D for quite some time. A set of Fish Burger containing, potato wedges, a cup of Pepsi and a burger, cost RM9.50 between 6 - 9 pm and RM10.55 at any other time. I just love to bite the burger, intermittent with potato wedges dipped into chili source. During the whole meal I would be reading an I-Book. The current story I am reading is The Lost World.

One politician said that eating fish made one a smart person. Of course I think it is an absurd statement. But it is true that eating a lot of Ikan Tongkol can make a person smart. Ikan Tongkol contains an ingredient that develops our brain. That explains why the kids from Kelantan and Trengganu are very bright.

I hope my eating fish burger can turn me into a bright old man. A meal of Fish Burger would fill up

my stomach. I feel good and smart after the meal, despite my fading memory. Oblivion comes with age. How much can the fish offer to recompensate the fading memory.

In my assessment the fish burger is much bigger than the fish fillet. It is crispy and tastier. It is worth my money.

The sales girl must be wondering why I like the food so much, and asked me how delicious the fish is. They wanted to know whether I take any rice at all. I told them that the fish made me smart. That was the only reason why I purchased it everyday. Forgetting my brakfast has always been Majid's  rice-tomato, I told them I seldom took rice.

I had a plan to cook some time. But I found my cooking stove was put away by my daughter when she came home.


In the days when I started ham radio the smallest mobile phone was about one foot long. It must have been pretty expensive. Ordinary people could not afford to own one. That was the time when they talked to the mobile the speech was so loud that the world could hear them. It was a splendor. It was a show off.

PC was unheard of. No IRC and no Facebook. So everyday, after office hours, Malaysian hams would emerge one by one. We would not know what could it be if there were internet then. Probably hams would park on the FB and use computer as their base.

Technology changed the habits and culture and the values. FB is not as splendid as Yahoo chat for it does not have voice facility like Yahoo, where we can speak in a group, just like the ham radio.

Once we form a group chat and opened a chatroom for the group we could be hooked by it and probably abandoned ham radio. There is no point for those in the group to think of other mode of conferencing. Skype is more superb but conferencing is not free.

The decision now is merely psychological, except for mobiling, where it is more convenient to use ham radio.

I used the phrase local band to imply 40 meter band because it was the most reasonable band for local communication. 20 and 15 meters were always on the skip zones, and 80 meter needed a longer wires for the dipole. 40 was just fit and nice. That's the reason Malaysians chose 40 for evening chats. We were there because there was no internet and no cell-phone that enabled us to talk free of charge.

We can't force the younger generation to think like us. No matter how beautiful we paint the picture of the past none would be able to imagine the splendor and the glamour. Neither can we persuade them to occupy the local band. Things are just different.

06/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I bet several thousand hams in Malaysia do not know what MARTS is. Are there any American hams who don't know what ARRL stands for ? Staying aloof and expecting people to know us by merely parking on a website will not take the society anywhere. It must go out and sell itself.

If ARRL can go commercial and selling publications I see no reason why MARTS can't. Going commercial means it is generating income to itself. Creative ideas would put attractive products on the shelves. The success enabled the society to employ workers and pay allowances to the relevant personnel.

People had been telling me to go to MARTS web site. I do not agree with MARTS's passive stunt. That's not the way to recruit new members and to pull back all the old members to the society.

The counsel members must have interest, imagination, energy and brain. Interest in MARTS will not reach the peak if there isn't much interest in radio. Interest in radio means working hard to improve oneself in all aspects of radio communication and licensing requirements, and making them heard every time on the local band. Make people know who they are.

Imagination is to inspire vision on how to project the society to all Malaysians, hams or non-hams. How to generate and perpetuate  income ? And documenting all the listed methods and procedures to be adopted.

Energy means going out to sell MARTS, at forum RAE and CW tests, going places meeting hams and doing technical presentation. It can organize various programs like  antenna construction, project day and other form of gatherings.

And of course the members must be brainy, acute and smart in planning and working. Brainy person does not necessarily implies higher academic qualification.

It is a tough qualification to be in the team leadership. But that will determine the stature of an organization, in wealth, resourcefulness, respect and glamour.

I do not believe that a man in radio business is suitable to be involved in radio society, for instinct will push them to manipulate for the enhancement of their business, lobbying and urging for policies that benefit them.

The choice is theirs. To continue sleeping or waking up and leap high aiming at the sky.



Things change. Either because we change them or it was incidental. In the days when only radio was the sole equipment for entertainment almost everyone put their ears to listen to broadcasting stations. There were MW, SW1, SW2 and SW3 on the radio. Today we only have FM radio in the market. Finding a communication radio is just like hunting for a treasure. It is easier to find a handy talkie at the same price.

Some were so keen to increase the ham population and to help their friends to join ham radio fraternity. They did not have insight nor did they compute of the comings.

If we expect people to do SWLing today, what are they going to listen to ? Local hams do not fill local frequencies. Pirates are everywhere. The SOP styles totally changed. A few old hams in USA were blaming the no-code hams for the deterioration. What were used to be wrong before has become a norm today. Partly these were shaped by the radio policy.

When good hams stay away from the band, there is nothing good to listen to. All you will be hearing are the nets and people testing their ESSB with the one-two counts.

Any discourse in Malaysia amateur radio is the making of the old hams themselves.                           05/10/2013


Below is a view I picked up from a website forum

I am giving up Ham Radio for two reasons.

1. Been there and done that.
2. Ham's attitudes (The BIGGY!)

I have done everything I have wanted too in ham radio. I have talked all over on and OFF the planet. Did some experimenting and other things. I truly enjoyed them.

The "BIGGY" is Hams attitudes. I find most of them are self centered and very cliquey people. It has gotten a lot worst since the introduction of the no code license in the 90's. It has gotten much worst since then. Both on local repeaters and on HF, you find these same types of people. No wonder why the rest of the world hates us so much. Just listen to the American Hams on HF!

My license comes up for renewal in 2014. I am thinking about it lapsing. Being a Ham has no meaning to me anymore. I used to consider it an honor. I don't anymore. I have sold my HF station last summer. I keep some VHF/UHF equipment for my rail fanning (train watching) trips. I'll probably sell that in 2014 and just buy a scanner.

What will I do for a hobby? I do rail fanning and post my pictures on the Internet. I am also a model railroad builder. As I once told some one. "I can play God and build my own little world as I see fit. As some of you who plays God on the radio, you hurt peoples feelings. At least model railroading wont hurt anybody." Those are my feelings for this hobby.

73 and good bye,


No matter what we say bad things about others, it does not make us perfect persons. How truly honest are we though we always try hard to be sincere, honest, considerate and rational. Many a time we would forget ourselves and be ruthless, selfish and dishonest.

Many refrain themselves from condemning the vice of others knowing their own imperfection. I know people who spread vicious words about others are mischievous, liars and cheaters themselves.

Try to ponder and reflect back every moment of our past. Whatever sins we did not fall into. Were not at any moment that we were not acting selfish, on the road, at public places and in our office ? Were we not having even a slightest greed in ourselves ?

One of the worst thing to do is back-stabbing our friends, destroying their reputation with the express purpose of pushing ourselves up. We could fool most of the people most of the time but we can't fool all people all the time. Some smart people will judge us by our words about other people.

In fact letting the sentiment rules would hinder us from looking at facts and reality. I had said before about people who viewed the Arabs and the Muslims as terrorists, or the Malays as stupid and lazy.

It is not many who made the unpaid profession of rumor mongering as their hobby. But there are numerous number who believe them blindly.



Zahid just held the post. He should not be blamed for the missing 44 guns and 29 vehicles. After all those firearms and vehicles had fallen into the sea. Again it is fated by God. UMNO supporters are happy about it. They have been defending fuel hike, Shahrizat, all sort of corruptions and certainly this one too.

They have to wait until these guns are pointed at them. Even then they are not worried and will not bother with the missing things like the jet engines and now the firearms. Najib has two things to do; pay the people RM500 or telling the Malays these are trivial issues as compared to Chinese dominance.

There seem to be a pattern where criminals are hiding behind UMNO. It is clearly visible in matters of cow-condos, indelible ink and other failed projects.

Don't blame the people for thinking hell about the government or politicians. I tend to think 80% of the thinking is to retain power, how to make money, retaining status quo, getting favor and promotions. While yelling 'vote for for UMNO...' they are stealing behind the curtain.

The rhetoric painted a great picture of order in the country and the government. The reality is far from the truth.

If the police is truly not aware of the firearm theft then we can be sure one day the bombs belonging to the government will fall on the Minister's houses themselves. The missing bullets could possibly tear some of VIP's chests.

Other nation would find Malaysia a hilarious country; missing jet engine, missing firearms, cow-condo and the indelible ink case. Are we not ashamed when face to face with Obama and the Chinese leader ?

Is it not pertinent to question the different between the Malays of today and the Malays in 1800 ?

04/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


7100 CRAZE


If someone tells me that so and so is bad and commands me not to near that person, I would not take it as a truth right away. I need to see proof. Enmity could be due to mere misunderstanding.

People came to tell me of badness of the others. I could not make an immediate assessment without further investigation. In the meantime I have just to be on the lookout.

There is an element of goodness and badness in a person. Sometimes I chose to entertain my sentiment, simply to distrust and hate another. It was not right for me not to rationalize myself.

A woman told me she she was going to marry a man whom I knew as untrustworthy. I didn't tell her the bad side of the man. I would not want to force my will on  others. He could turn out to be different from my perception. But I know one thing, a good man can turn to be bad. A bad man can turn over a new leaf. We never know. God is great.      02/10/2013

Just because I loath UMNO and Mahathir, it does not mean I must duly hate Mukhriz too, There are 4 things I noticed in Mukhriz. Firstly he is sharp, mentally sharp. Secondly he has a strong memory. He could remember someone he first meet even almost a month later. Thirdly he does not postpone critical project. He acts immediately and quickly. And fourthly he is a simple man. There isn't a trait of arrogance in this man.

But I could not say what he can be in the future. A man may or may not change.

As usual there will be people who like him and people who hate him. I don't have any of those because he is not my acquaintance nor is he my foe.

I think he should win a post, not because he is Mahathir's son but because of his personality trait. UMNO members should be smart enough to choose leaders for the good of this nation.



The collapse of roofs in Trengganu were too soon and too many. And they are expensive too. Our conclusion is always simple and true. But when you hear those goons talking they would talk for hours and hours, giving all sort of excuses. The sequence of collapse were too soon, from the stadium, bus stop and now mosque.

I am sure another cleric will be engaged to justify those incidences as fated by God and we should submit to the Almighty. Even in the West stadiums and bridges collapse. Accidents happen everywhere even in the nuclear power plant.

May be Trengganu is a unique state, endowed with the richness of oil, and the wealth is too huge. The indigenous people are smart. The ladies are fair and beautiful. There are swaggerers like Idris Jusoh and Ahmad Said. We hear the rakyat calling the King 'natang'. They razed down a mosque dispelling the House of God. They chose secularism as their way of life.

It is indeed an amazing state.

If come another collapse in the near future would you say it is still a co-incidence ?

Or it is just a bad luck. To the Chinese 'soay seow' is more than a bad luck. It is a kind of malevolent spirit resides in the office of Menteri Besar.

To say it is a retribution from God may be too much and too far. But we simply cannot waive the possibility. It could be the prize for razing the mosque down. And the price for a vengeance chief minister.

From the point of view of rational people it was just a hanky panky in the awards of the contracts.



Some of us may be thinking that Americans are people of white or red skinned, just as what we see in Bush and Clinton. I can't gave a perfect picture because I have not been to all parts of the country. What I am going to write hers is based on what I saw at the places I visited.

If you have been to Waltham Stow in the heart of London you will be thinking that you are in Asia; India or Pakistan. You hardly see a White British.

Similarly in several parts of USA you will see non-White people in the whole area. The Vietnamese and the Koreans occupies a large part of Orange County California. There were miles of shop houses belonging to them. The Chinese occupy a large part of San Francisco. Chinese restaurants are everywhere throughout the continent.

The stock of Latin Americans and Mexicans are all over. A few I encountered with in California could not understand nor speak English. And  in  some  states  you  hardly  hear

radio broadcast station in English. They were all in Spanish.

The rise of the KKK was a result of the fear of foreign domination. KKK is a White supremacist group who believe America is for the White Anglo Saxon Americans.

In Hawaii Japanese are everywhere.

On busses I met Filipinos women whom I first thought were Hawaiians. They spoke Tagalog.

It is my conjecture that Asian Americans are well to do group. A big majority are running restaurants and doing other businesses. Many still look upon USA as heaven. I don't. I prefer to die in Malaysia.                   01/10/2013


Hams are people. People have prejudice. Color and education tend to separate human beings. Even people of the same color and education were categorized, as superior and inferior race. Once we were  called savage, uncivilized and morons.

Even today we are still inferior and backwards in many things. Ever dream of Malaysian team beating European clubs like Manchester United or Bayern Munich ? But European visitors to Malaya and Asia could very well assess us today, not to be so moronic and uncivilized.

Those who don't know us are surprise to hear us speaking English. We visited a high school in London where the teachers expressed their honest views on our  grammar and the words we used. Though we were warned not to tell the Englishmen that we lived on trees and anacondas were hunting us, we did tell them a little lie. "We learned English before we came to London."

The movie I just saw 'Chasing Freedom' depict the general concept of the Americans about people of Arab origin. Arabs are terrorists. North Koreans are dying of starvation. The Chinese are not free to move. The Malays are a little less than the Arabs.

Ham operators who never travel abroad, never encounter with the dark skinned people like us always think we are morons and inferior. One one occasion when I was in a ham shop in London, I was not allowed to touch a rig on display. On the second occasion in Athens Ohio the crowd clapped their hands when I played around with a Morse key sending intelligent messages at one hamfest.

Would they clap their hands if I were to talk like any other ham ? CW elevate my ham status a step higher. Exotic people too can learn Morse. I had to narrate to them all hams in Malaysia had to pass both RAE and CW.

That was way back in 1982.

Similarly when we hear the Chinese, the Russians, the Australians and the Japanese could converse a fluent Malay we would be amazed by their ability.

That's the reason why I feel very proud if a Malaysian lady goes on CW working DX stations. It is not that I want to praise 9M2OUT, rather I view thing in my own perspective. Once her image is on the worldwide circulation, it speaks many things. A Malaysian Muslim woman is not a docile creature and has extra ability of sending and receiving Morse codes by manual method. It could remove negative stigmas on Asians as a whole.

Mandatory or not, the no-code hams in the United States will somehow feel inferior if they were to see how a Malaysian lady work Morse like nobody's business. Morons cannot master Morse, can they ?

30/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Boh sia in Hockien means no sound, soundless. It was quite sometime I did not buy the Roti Canai at one Mamak stall. Yesterday I stopped to buy for my wife. From 90 cents it has increased to 1.00 ringgit and the size is so much smaller. And a couple of days ago I bought a ringgit of goreng pisang, giving me 4 very small slices, enough for one swallow.

Price increased has been very quiet. I always took note when going to super-market. People have no choice but to buy.

What drove me mad was the price of the car insurance premium, taxing the small old car much more than the new big car. Insurance companies lobbied for the hike in premium sighting old cars are prone to accidents. Takaful is one of the most ruthless, senseless and conscienceless two legged creatures in the world.

We have been hearing of the constant lies from the politicians about the affordable home. People are being deceived day and night about the hundreds of thousands of low cost houses. A single storey terrace house costs RM140K. To Tengku Adnan that is cheaper than a million ringgit home.

No businessman is hit by the lowering value of money or the increased in gasoline price. They just charged the customers. Working people then would ask for more pay, and annual salary review. The retired people find their pensions are shrinking fast. I give priority to food spending. I have not been buying dresses for several years except one or two for the Raya prayer.

The quickest to raise their prices are the Mamak. Yet customers queued up. I gather they must have used some sort of a charm to attract people to their shops. And people do not seem to bother about the climbing cost of living. They treat as if nothing happen.

There was not a slightest sound of the climbing prices of goods and commodities. The Kacang Mengelembu is now RM3 come with smaller packets, which was 80 cents before with a much bigger packing.

What comes quietly does not stir emotion.

The shopkeepers blamed the government. The government blamed the shopkeepers. Come the UMNO guys, will yell at the people ' can own a big car and a big house, an iPhone and a 47" LED can't pay for the milk ? "

What else is climbing up ? You won't know until you check all the items on the shelves and record the prices in your database. Even the overdue batteries  are fetching up increasing prices. It's crazy.  It's real.

The Thais are enjoying cheaper stuffs though their fuel is more expensive. The Thais have the tut-tut to go about the cheaper way.




We used to have only about 300 hams before the 80's. We would know almost all the active ones. But it is not so today. There are more than 8000, a climb of more than ten-fold. I hardly count my fingers as to the numbers I can still remember and the new active members.

Looking at the 5 names who has just got through their CW test, I know none of them. It is not strange anymore. I asked several others whether they knew those people. They too do not know any.

Try to ask all of the 8000 nine whiskies whether they know who fought for B license. I wonder whether they ever heard of the call signs. These people are still alive and kicking.

True, it is not mandatory to know fellow hams. It is worse if hams are bitterly disagree among themselves. I chose to stay a solitary life, monitoring trunk radio rather than fellow hams communicating.

Do I know Malaysian hams ? No. The memory is fading fast away.

29/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The law to arrest without charge and trial indefinitely of a person suspected as terrorist is a new law that has been passed. A suspected terrorist can be anyone who protest against 911 to anyone who keeps a Palestinian flag in his home. The act is still fresh and warm. Many have been arrested or found dead.

Where is the Human Right Watch group in the United States to see the God given and Constitutional right being exercised to maintain the dignity of human right in the democratic country which talks so much on human and religious liberty ?

No wonder UMNO would ask the Malaysians to migrate to the West if the party and the government are criticized for being a fascist.

If Malaysia turns to America as her godfather and follow every line engraved on the pillar in Washington then we have to brace ourselves for more and more social, moral and economic decay.

USA today is not USA before the 70's. The normal Chinese in China claim China is freer than USA.

29/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Scouters could enjoy ham radio in the good old days during the JOTA and other time. Those exposed to HF during the JOTA became so well verse that I invited them to my house to talk but with a very close scrutiny. Many current 9Ws had the pleasure operating ham radio in my shack.

I was very strict then. At the JOTA site scouts could listen but could not talk while I was away. I would pluck off the microphone and brought it with me.

The most active was the scouts in Jitra. They organized JOTA as well as other events and I was called in to set up the station.

There had never been any problem with the antenna. The boy scout had always find a long bamboo for the mast, high enough to bring in the most distant signals. Those days everyone spoke English. With that they went Dxing.

I don't quite remember how many of those I helped and guided have got the 9M tickets.

My character never changed, before and now, no matter what people say and think. I want the best from my students. I want them to go for a high standard, whether they like it or not.

29/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


At the speed sent by men in the clip I would relax and copy with my eyes closed. It is nothing to brag about. There are two things that enabled me to do so. Firstly I recognize the characters by the sound. Secondly I always listen to Morse codes.

28/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I only gave advice once to either my family members or to my friends. I really hate most when they would counter it with their glib arguments, thinking they are smart enough. And I won't pity or having any sympathy when they suffer as a result of heeding my advice.

I always tell them not to come back and narrate their problems. Deep down in my heart I would say serve them right. After all I have myself to take care of.

If you think you are smart then do your way. If you are successful and become a millionaire it is your fate. I don't need a help from you and will never beg even if I don't have a meal for the day. Likewise if you fail, suffer and falling sick, you are never to come and tell me either. That's the price we all have to pay. 28/09/13


When George Bush was a President, his brother Jebb Bush was offered a contract. When Malaysian government offered a 2 billion ringgit project to the former chief justice wife and an UMNO lawyer it is just a copy of malpractice. Who cares ? The normal  men say that it doesn't affect their lives. And on the part of the government 'So what ? What can you do about it ? Go and fly kite....."

And why the fuss about killing only a woman from Mongolia when Bush killed millions of Iraqis and the Afghans ?

It is a vivid display of the death of religious morality. The right and the wrong is not a factor of religion and God's word but the might of the ruler.                                                  29/09/2013


Forget about the dots and dashes. If you don't you will start to count them when you hear them. It is a bad habit to count them. You have to recondition yourself to the new method of studying CW. Recognize the sound. It will take you about 7 days to try the recognition process taking 7 to 8 characters a day.

Put those sounds on the CD or MP3 and listen to them about an hour a day until your mind will automatically decipher each sound.

Old timers learn CW without any computer. PCs started around '80s. Most practised by listening. There are still CW training stations around the band. Else you have to devise your own system using your own creativity.

I am talking of a common way of learning by the common man. People with special gifts have their own method and they could master stuffs within a short period of time, not only in CW but in everything else.

Not everyone in the world is equally smart. I am not. So I go using the procedures suitable for the normal IQ and ability. I took almost a year yet my CW is still crawling.

28/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Malaysian Insider September 27, 2013

 A report just released by Ernst & Young  ranked Malaysia as among the most corrupt nations in Asia.The report, titled Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013, said Malaysia, along with China, had the highest levels of bribery and corruption found anywhere in the world. The report was consistent with past surveys such as the Global Financial Integrity report, which named Malaysia as one of the countries with the highest amount of illicit capital flight.

In July, global ratings agency Fitch Ratings revised Malaysia's sovereign credit rating outlook from stable to negative as the possibility of addressing public finance weaknesses had deteriorated after GE13."

Once we were of the conception that the most corrupt were the Indonesians and the Thais. If the report is true and without any malicious intent to report the truth then the present administration should be ashamed of itself. It has to work harder to deceive the people especially the Malays who are easily fall into the trap.  We hope the report is false.                   28/09/2013



Old politicians should give way to the younger ones who are brighter and full of enthusiasm. People like Tengku Adnan, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and all other 65+ should rest and enjoy family life, having fun with grand children, joining the prayer and Murhaban group, attending social gatherings of other races, and at time look at the active politicians and laugh at their follies.

Rafizi and a few other young people from PKR can always take over. DAP has Lim Guan Eng and Tony Phua and Teresa Kok. UMNO has Mukhriz and Khairy. PAS can still go with Hussam.

What is there in the Prime Minister's post ? Wealth and money won't last us forever. Power ? What's the point of having power when the public despise us and look down on us as a garbage ?

The normal man has more fun. He doesn't have to hire a body guard. He reached the exotic places for good without restriction or fear of being executed. He goes to coffee shop to talk about politics, cursing the top men of the world with great laughter, and even creates joke on Shahrizat.

He feels like eating Tom Yam at Hatyaii, he just drive to the border town and have some good time. It is a high time for Anwar to find an alternative for perpetual pleasure.                          27/09/2013


I just finished watching a movie, Job, about Steve Job. Job was more of a sort of entrepreneur rather than an inventor. There was someone else behind the Apple technology, the genius. But Job was a founder of Apple Computer, finding capital to market the product. Apple corporation was owned by somebody else. I would say Job was just an employee. He was even dismissed by the company and later re-employed.

It did not surprise me much. I knew even the Disneyland, founded by Disney, is now not owned by Disney families. In the last court proceedings it looked like the workers had voices in the company. It is a shared company now.

That is the life, part and parcel, of a corporation. It is a game of money, industrial espionage, stealing of ideas and copy right. You need a backup from political power, which in turned need to lean on the shoulder of military might. "Only ME who can make an atom bomb. If you do it I will kick your ass hard...."

The demise of Steve Job leave a big question mark in my mind. I just say it is a mysterious death.

The gaming of banking in Malaysia right now is also a part of corporate life.         27/09/2013

I won't die for both Chin Peng and Najib but I am willing to die to defend my country against foreign incursion. Ching Peng had been a terrorist. I won't bow or sympathize with terrorists. Najib likes Rosmah and Shahrizat. I don't like both of the women for thinking Malaysia belong to them and Malaysians have no right to criticize them.

But Malaya is my only land that I love. I was born here and will die here. It is treacherous to allow foreigners to rule us politically or to run our country using the system of their own and paid by us. How could we claim ourselves independent if until now we beg for their advice and procedures to run our system ?

Chin Peng killed to make Malaya a Communist country and part of China. I do not see dignity in such a pursuit. Najib pays the foreigners for many things including the constant consultations. I see no dignity of using money to corrupt the public to be a leader.

People can be lured and deceived to make angle out of a devil by playing with their emotions and sentiments, hiding the real facts behind the curtain.

The best that we can do is to go for the honest, sincere, God fearing and non-racist person as a leader. WHO ?

27/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To be honest I was never a bright nor a hard working student. My mind was simple, no ambition, except the thought of being a labor when I grew up. I was told of students who already studied for MCE/SPM examination while they were in Form 5, a year before the exam. Only after leaving school I realized I need to improve myself, and free myself from laziness.

It is vital to understand that every goal set must meet the target. Every undertaking must be successful. Once we decide to go for an exam we must pass.

For me I always think I am a stupid ass. I cannot pass without studying or doing it last minute. It suits with a Malay saying that continually sharpening the back side of a hatchet will make it sharp. I went for the repetition method.

It is quite disturbing to hear only 5 out of 27 passed the last CW test. It is not that we do not try to help the candidates, by letting them having a constant practice in copying. But each time we go on the air there will be someone who deliberately coming on to disturb us. We have nothing to lose.

Effort to advise on how to study for the Morse test had always meet with frustration. The hams beat the gun, instead of listening they gave me lecture the way they went about to master the Morse. Well, good for the so smart guys. That even discouraged attempts on my part to suggest to the MCMC what the hams need to know in CW test.

I always want to know about the 5 who passed. They must be great guys with the right mental setup. They must have follow the right path. They must have analyzed their own ability and planned the journey well.

The quest for success is always a great challenge, resilience, strong mental setup, determination, positive attitude and the right ways.

The 9M2s can always help these people by coming on CW at least an hour a day at the convenient time when everyone can listen and copy. A ragchew of 12 - 14 wpm would be preferable. This must go on constantly. The pairs  can take turn.

At the same time someone must be on the lookout for the mentally sick people who might come to cause disturbances. If caught a tough lesson outside the rule of law must be taught. No pity. No mercy.

26/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Datuk Razali Ibrahim said,"...don't say UMNO members are stupid. UMNO members are smart and can work..." in response to the remark by Dr Mahathir.

Who determine whether a person is smart or stupid ? Why Razali said UMNO is smart ? Smart in what way ? Swindling ?

UMNO has been ruling this country for more than 50 years. How come the smart and hard working UMNO is complaining Bumiputera is far behind in economy ? It is so smart that our jet engine could be stolen, Bank Bumiputera closed down, PERWAJA is smokeless and the Malays have to rush even for living in flat houses. If UMNO is so smart why didn't it uses the brain instead of brawn in the last GE ? If UMNO is so smart why it allows the water cathment areas are taken for property development and properties are sold to foreigners ? If UMNO is so smart and working hard, why it allows the moral decay among the young and the Malay youths are converting to Christianity ?

To cheat, to lie and to swagger does not need brain. It needs an evil mind with the help of a devil. To rob and plunder do not need a college degree. To buy the initial unsinking sub-marine does not need wit also.

To wronged Mahathir means Mahathir must be damn stupid. Is he ?

But the public do not have to listen to Mahathir. The swaggering of Razali and a few others are enough to tell the public about the state of UMNO's mind. There is a Malay proverb 'Alah sabung menang sorak'. The party should take time to ponder what is 'menang sorak' and what is 'alah sabung'. I even heard a Minister admitted of a failure in 150 million ringgit project in the parliamentary session today. That is nothing as compared to other major loses.

Ever thought why the formation of PERKASA now ?

Bright Ministers do have bright children. Bright children compete among themselves in Malaysia. There are UMNO Ministers with really bright kids. At time we see the father by looking at the kids.

Debunking statements by Mahathir without the latter's knowledge is good for the former follower. I wish Mahathir is aware who among the groups members are all out against him. Then he would be thinking about Anwar and compare with those are are railing against him now.

27/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Being content does not a man lazy. It does not make him greedy and avarice, always dissatisfied with what he has and could eventually causing problems to the members of society.

The basic idea of communism is properties such as land belongs to the state and capitalism means private citizens own properties and things. The early stage of the raise and spread of the communist ideology was at the time when there were many poor people than the rich.

A contented man is seldom financially wealthy but his his other wealth is enormous. He is happy with what he has, never stop expressing his gratitude to the Al-Mighty. A true happiness cannot be valued with money nor tons of gold.

At one extreme a man with a meal a day is content with what he got for the day. The Orang Asli and the Penan are happy with their own ways of living.

It is observed that people with abundance don't know what to do with their money. My student spent RM100K on a motorbike and RM200K on a car just like that. The wife told me that she does not need anything anymore.

I too have almost everything that I want. Is it not enough with the small 24K Viva and the old iPhone 4s ? Why should I go for a BMW and the new iPhone5 ?

When a bank suggested that I should doubled my saving by buying ASNB with the ASB , I declined. Similarly when friends were craving

 with the get rich quick scheme I just snarl at them. And I was offered a 4K job which I rejected.

At a certain age with a certain income people may need a lot of siesta, and enjoy the relaxation of old age.

What if every Malay is contented with their lives ? Probably they will not progress in this competitive world. A contented person may not want to work for more wealth and money.

But everything has to be thoroughly weigh. The pursue of happiness and it's attainability is not a factor of the amount of the wealth accumulated.

The feeling of content and the nearness to God should come together. One never feel lonely when praying and conversing with God, thanking for the providence and the good health, and a good meal even once a day.

If you want more in your life, the path is there, in front of you. Step into it and proceed ahead. I won't.                                  25/09/2013

The few landlords were controlling the the wealth and the land. The peasants were poorly fed, working like slaves under those land owners.

The early concept of one world government, NWO, began when the Communists believed that the whole world must believe and practice it. Soviet Union was the father and the influenced spread to Cuba, and China.

The battle between the two ideology was, which can lead a better life for the people ? Propaganda magazines on both sides were trying to depict the happiness of the populace, the smiling faces. Both locked their people within their ideological boundaries.

When the strongest of the Communist block collapsed the face of communism changes. Capitalism crept and spread. Private individuals opened up businesses and owned vehicles and properties. They want foreign currencies and goods. The citizens are allowed to travel overseas.

Ask the Malaysians whether they prefer private ownership or state ownership ?

Most will want private ownership with a few of state control. Beaches, fields, forests and public utilities should be under the state. Whatever involved the public should be owned by the state for the state affairs is to provide welfare to the people without profit, whereas private companies are to maximized profit neglecting the public welfare.

People are matured enough to make choices for their own well being and gain.

During my last visit to China, one of our traveling members criticize communism about ownership and baby control. The tour guided responded saying China does not suppress it's own people like the Malaysia does.  

People are looking at the same thing
in different perspective. This is ac

tually the problem anywhere.          26/09/2013



Cape Canaveral Florida

Will our Malaysian Roshini follow the Indian and Chinese astronauts ?



In the '80s I made a trip to USA with my front house neighbor who wanted to see his son in Lubbock Texas. Actually I planned to travel alone. He insisted on following me though I have bought the plane ticket. It was by MAS. I was not so smart then. I purchased an open ticket. My neighbor, after consulting me, also followed my style.

After arriving Los Angeles we rented a car and put up a night at the airport. The next day the trip began. I first stopped at Universal Studo. On the way to Las Vegas we up a night along the way. It took us 0ne week to reach Lubbock.

We met a lot of Malaysians. Many said they could not go back yet because there was no seat available. They had to wait for more than a month's more. That scared me. I started to ring up MAS about the trip home in a couple of weeks time. The reply was there was no vacant seats.

Nevertheless we continued with our trip. The destination was Orlando, Florida. We took turn driving, stopping at the Alabama Space museum and later at Cape Kennedy. We were over a week in Orlando enjoying Epcot Center and Disney World.

My partner was not as worried as I was about the seat. He retired a long time ago but I had to go back to work. There was still no vacant seat. We drove back from Florida to Los Angeles using the most south E-W highway. If I can remember we put up a night while on the way back. On arriving the LA airport we stayed a night after a long drive.

I told my neighbor that we had to go to the airport very early, at 3 am and continue with our sleep there. We did. I found there were many more people slept on the floor, whom I recognized as Malaysians by their faces.

The counter opened early. At 7 am I already saw MAS officer going into the office. I was loitering around the counter and finally one officer asked me whether he could help me. I narrated about my desire to go back but no seat was available. The man asked me to collect all the passports of those people who were like me.

I made the announcement. They handed me their passports which I took to MAS officer. About 20 minutes later he called me whispering that all can go home. If there is no seat on MAS we will be put on SIA. We were exhilarated by the news. But we have to let other passengers to check in first.

You know what ? All of us went back by the same flight, MAS. There were still more empty seats on board. It was a surprise and a puzzled. What actually went wrong ? Students who wanted to come home could not do so by the notice of NO EMPTY SEAT.

That was in the '80s. MAS was still a profitable carrier then. Strange things can happen, unbelievable but true.

24/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Well, Roshini was chosen to go to Space Camp in USA. I don't think to be an astronaut flying on a space shuttle is easy as going with the Russians. The Russians need money to finance their space program. You pay for the training and for the trip.

USA needs brain and qualified people, an IQ of probably exceeding a hundred.

There are several places in USA to train astronauts, not only in Florida. There are in Houston, Alabama, California, Huntsville and somewhere else. The space camps took school students as well.

Going to space camp for a term does not qualify Roshini to fly American shuttle. Even the news about shuttle is uncertain. There was a talk that NASA would abandon shuttle project and space exploration was to be taken over by some other agency.

It was either NASA is facing the funding problem or the development of the new alien technology has reached the maturity. Travel with the new ship takes only a few hours to Mars and return.

I just want to see who is right; me or the general public. I say Roshini will not fly shuttle to outer space.

There is a launching and a mission control in Cape Canaveral.

Visitors can go to the space center and enjoy the trips to see both of the above and at the same time can enjoy excellent space movies. A single day tour will be a rush. Three days will be just ample.

In Alabama I saw a big tank of water with people wearing space suits in them simulating the condition in the outer space. There were rockets and old Russian capsules. I was amazed at the materials used to build the capsule. And the wiring on the rocket ships were fantastic. Would I say there are millions of wires ?

Kids in USA were exposed to space technology. Summer camps for this purpose are yearly affair.

If somehow Rushini could make her way into the ISS it is surely a great achievement for the Malaysian women. Time will tell. And we continue to hope and pray.

If you decide to visit USA, I would recommend that you go on your own. Rent your car through the internet. It is cheaper and more convenient. For a man of science East Coast would be a better area. Make cape Kennedy as your first choice. If you pass Alabama then make a point to visit the Space Museum.

Do examine the space vehicles carefully and look for the detail. Having done all those you will realize that we are too far behind. That's the reason why I marvel at the Chinese space success.

24/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



USA has built up more than 200 under ground cities linked by the underground rail transportation. We may ask why it built such cities throughout the continent.

First and foremost we have to understand that the Americans are practicing BIG THINKING besides their progress in the minute hitech stuffs. One of the thinking big is the building big; big transformers, big driller, big machines and big cables. One big machine they have is the tunnel boring machine to excavate tunnels and remove the unwanted earth within a short period of time.

Second the Americans are war mongering specie that like to speak  of  war and  murdering the inferior specie.

George Bush said America was attacked because the terrorists were jealous of it's democracy. I bet none of us really know what American democracy is and no one can get jealous of something one does not know.

There are many stringent laws that curtailed even some basic freedom and liberty. One is free to talk but one cannot talk to support the Palestinians and questioned the 911, and one can't even condemn the Jews. You can even be arrested for protesting against the government.

There are things people can and cannot do. What are forbidden set limit to absolute liberty. Let me give you one real and true example in USA. If you are an Arab residing in USA since 1920, built up your generations there, your kids and the rest are American citizens. If in 2013 your great grand child of 7 years supported the Palestinian struggle, the government of the United States can send him back to the country of origin.

The type of freedom and liberty America fought for is just a mere myth than a fact of life.

Do we ever hear of the United States making a hero out of a terrorist ? In fact the whole family would be eliminated. The sons, daughters and the family of Ghadafi had to be on the run from their hunters. So were Saddam Hussein.

Indeed unfair. We have been under the control of both humans and environment. They determined nad shaped our skin colors, our languages, our culture and civilization. Liberty is a myth. The powerful rule.


race. One good man of this category is John Mac Cain and Bush families. And at the same time they are sufferings from phobia of nuclear strike. Any nuclear strike could be withheld and millions of people could be saved.    

Underground cities is not a new idea. For many centuries some of the countries in the ancient world have built these cities hiding themselves from the enemies. But the current ones are huge enought to be able to accommodate  millions of Americans in case of nuclear war.

God made men to live on the surface of the earth, to appreciate the beauty of the forests and sunshine, to enjoy the cooling sea breeze and the colorful twinkling stars.

It was said that the gog and magog  came from a race living in the ground and will one day conquer the earth.

Do you think what I think ? Several literatures pointed to Iran as the Gog and Magog. But Iranians do make cities underground.

Only evil live in the ground. Angels live in the heavenly sky.

It is yet to be tested the ole of these cities at the time of major catastrophes. In the mean time they are used for military bases though some known ones are temporarily used for underground transportations and shopping centers.

And in the event of the next world war and the possible of nuclear war only the chosen part of the population will be placed in these cities like the family of the military personels, those working and supporting the current government policies and well known personalities. The Arabs, Mexicans, and other Asians are left to die on the surface.



Do we need to remind ourselves time and again that little knowledge is dangerous. Knowledgeable people seem to be taciturn and reticent. Coming across errors they would correct and rectify them without even claiming the credit.

There are many things people know that we don't, but we think we know them all. We claim ourselves to be profound at some little things that we know. Among the blind one eyed man is a king.

I have seen too many of these people, the laymen who are non-politicians, who have been trying to teach some experts in stuffs they just learn.

Is it not a fact that the more we learn the more we realize we know little ?

Little knowledge does help as long as we keep it to ourselves and continue to enrich it through constant investigation and the true understanding of a phenomena.

If our live is bound by the little knowledge that we have and we want to stay in the cocoon then we will all the time wronged the world.

22/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Only the day before yesterday three fat Malay women with a small child were sitting, chatting and drinking on exercise bench in the Taman Rimba, and they loitered the area with garbage. They could have sat on the special chairs made for the sitting. The young men who had been using the exercise facilities were sitting somewhere else waiting for those women to clear the workout area..

And last night I could not go to KFC for my dinner because people who went to watch a soccer match packed the restaurant and hotel areas with their own vehicles.

You wouldn't know the heart and character of a person merely by talking, even of a long time friend. A person's true color is observable during the critical moment, when they have a choice to make, between themselves and others. Or at a time when they want to make their jobs easy.

Human being generally think of themselves first. How many time when I came home to find no parking place. The visitors would take all the empty space available,  not giving any allowance to the owner.

Vandals and gangsters were cursed for their bad habits. How about millions of other normal plain people with innocent looks ?                                        22/09/2013

When a topic of linear amplifier strike my mind, I have much to regress way back to look at electrons in the tube. It is easy to understand electrons behaving in the tube rather than the transistor.

I tried to imagine how to make the control grid more positive or more negative and to look into different bias system. What does the screen do for amplification and how the non-linearity is engineered to linearity.

A 30 year old mind would be able to see things lucidly. When a 67 year old mind starts to think and imagining electrons and grids the time will come that he sees a voluptuous woman dancing a sexy dance in front of his eyes.

When the makers of RF power amplifiers called their products linear I am sure they know what they are talking about.

I, with a little knowledge, only would be thinking only class C amplifier is made the rf power because of it's known efficiency. I have yet to observe the type of rf input and where they are located and why.




Wow! Lucky guy! THD makes fine equipment!

No matter how good the amp design or manufacture, tubes wear out. That's why you have to replace them. They are similar to light bulbs in that respect. Now for the tech-talk...

Tube bias for guitar amplifiers?
It’s easy to understand tube bias without an electronic-engineering background. Imagine that electrons are a bunch of energetic little guys, who run around when you put pressure on them. The pressure gives them energy, so they want to move. The pressure is called VOLTAGE. (Voltage is to electrons what Starbucks is to humans.) The number of electrons moving thru a wire per-second is called CURRENT.

Think of electronic current exactly as you would of a stream or river. Some streams are narrow, but flow down a steep incline. Gravity is akin to voltage in the sense that it provides the impetus to move downhill. If a stream is narrow, it has less “current” than a mighty river. Here, electrons are analogous to the number of water molecules. The big river could have much more potential energy, because it has more water, even if it flows down less-steep incline. Of course, you could have a BIG river that flows straight down, like Niagara Falls. That is a LOT of CURRENT!

In a vacuum tube, electrons emit from a hot thing called a CATHODE. They pop off the cathode and float around in the empty space around the cathode. They do this because the cathode is made of a material that emits electrons when it is heated.

Remember that electricity is like magnetism; it has a positive and a negative component. With electrons, as with magnets, opposites attract, while like-charges repel.

Since electrons all have a NEGATIVE charge they tend to REPEL each other. So a cloud of them in a tube tends to want to disperse OUTWARD. (“negative and positive” are both part of an arbitrary nomenclature standard that was established hundreds of years ago by Benjamin Franklin.)

Now we have the cathode with a cloud of electrons all jostling to get away from each other, but there isn't anyplace for them to go.

So there's another metal thing in the tube. It's called either a PLATE or an ANODE. Now, we put a POSITIVE charge on the plate.

The electrons, which are negative, are ATTRACTED to it, because of its OPPOSITE POSITIVE CHARGE.

Electrons pop out of the cathode and zip straight to the plate. They hit the plate, penetrate, and become moving electric current in a wire. This current can do useful things, like push a speaker-cone to make sound.

That is (basically) how any amplifier works.

OK, but are there a LOT of electrons moving through the tube? Yes, there are lots of them. So many that if we left this tube operating, it would destroy itself! The electrons hitting the plate cause it to heat up. If there are enough electrons heating it up, it will turn red-hot, melt the tube's glass envelope and the tube would die a dramatic death. (hissing, sparking and other dangerous fireworks.)

So, we apply a BIAS voltage to a grid (of little wires) that acts like a sieve. This is a steady NEGATIVE voltage, more negative than the cathode. Since like REPELS like, the negative voltage will REDUCE the number of electrons passing through the grid.

You can think of this bias voltage as a shutter or venetian blind on your window. You control how much light gets through by adjusting the blind. In a very real sense, this is exactly what we do with bias on the grid. It acts like a shutter to repel some of the electrons, just as a shutter repels photons... (light.)

We set this voltage so the current to the plate is a tolerable IDLE current. The current is determined by the tube's design and ability to handle it, plus by the circuit outside the tube. Each kind of tube has its own optimal operating point.

By making this bias voltage adjustable, we can set it as desired. However, only certain amplifiers have an adjustment for bias, and those that have bias adjustments usually don't make them accessible to the user.

With so many litigious lawyers around, manufacturers are understandably squeamish about letting unauthorized people play with deadly voltages.

I am NOT joking here! I have seen idiots get knocked down to the floor while diddling with amplifiers.

It is kind of funny in a Darwinian sense... maybe electricity is meant to weed out the weak.

However, if you like your musician "buddy" enough to buy him that expensive boutique amp, you probably don't want him to catch a jolt from the large capacitors in that tube amp while he has it open on a bench.

Professional technicians have strict procedures for evacuating capacitors and grounding the amp-chassis before they putz in the amp's guts.

I am not kidding at all. If you don't have the know-how, and you poke around inside an amplifier, even when it is off and unplugged, it can KILL!

THAT is why you pay a technician!

So why do you have to re-bias when you replace tubes?

You have to understand; tubes VARY from sample to sample. Applying a given bias voltage to a tube is OK, if it's adjusted the tube will idle properly (and work properly). But if you CHANGE your tube or tubes, how do you know they'll bias properly without adjusting the bias? The new tube might be different in bias requirement.

It would be GREAT if tubes were rated by their individual bias voltage. Actually most companies that sell "matched" tubes usually print the bias current the tube operates at, right on the box. Unfortunately, each company has their OWN STANDARDS for measuring bias. Plate voltages, plate currents, and other parameters are DIFFERENT from one dealer to another. So they may or MAY NOT be interchangeable.

BIAS POINT RATINGS split up the Gaussian distribution into a series of ZONES. This scheme is very similar to the 1-10 rating scheme used by one of the major sellers of pre-tested tubes. (I won’t mention the name, but the initials are “GT” and name rhymes with “move boobs.”)
Basically, that company says that tubes with a lower number on that 1-10 scale "BREAK UP SOONER" than usual. And tubes on the high end of the scale "BREAK UP LATER".

Even though their rating system is based on the individual bias variances of the tubes, the other company likes to claim their system is "secret" and "proprietary". That’s BS, …a marketing lie. Their "5" rated tubes are smack in the middle of the Gaussian bell curve. That's all it means!

The tubes that are on the LOW side of the bell curve are low BIAS POINT tubes. They are usually prone to "breaking up" or going into distortion at lower than the proper volume (for that kind of tube).

So they have LOWER HEADROOM. For some musical-instrument applications, the user may want this effect. (distortion mongering Rock-guitarists for instance)
That is undesirable for high-end audio, because lower idle current means higher distortion, which most people dislike hearing in their music playback.

Tubes in the MIDDLE zones fit the average profile for that tube type. They are most commonly recommended for the average amplifier user, especially for high-end audio amplifiers. These tubes will give the PROPER amount of headroom for their operating point. So the amplifier will perform as the manufacturer intended.

Tubes with a high BIAS POINT will idle at a higher current than specified, and give more headroom than the amplifier designer intended. With high BIAS POINT tubes, your amplifier volume / gain will need to be turned up much higher to achieve "break up". Some instrument amplifier users might wish for this sound effect. ( i.e. Jazz guitarists)

If you want more information about this subject, go to the TUBE DEPOT website. There you will find some nifty animated graphics that help people understand tubes and tube-amp operation.

Tube Depot is a good company in my opinion. Tube Depot does not “sell” in the pejorative “lying” sense… (you know, like used-car salesmen.) Instead, they inform customers so that we can make appropriate choices.


Asker's rating & comment

5 out of 5
Wow! Back atcha! Great answer!
Although my guitarist buddy was right, he couldn't explain what tube-biasing was or why we pay to get it done. Now we know.

Your descriptions and analogies are very clear; the best I've read! Thank you!


Vaguely I remember the decline of religion and church as the idea of liberty and freedom sprung up to attack the too dogmatic churches which once rule over the life of the Christians. It was always the preaching people who have brought problems to society rather than practicing people.

The problem of preaching, these people tend to project their own views and opinions and stressed they were God's words.

Listening to preachers have become a form of entertainment. The educated groups will scorn the events. The late churches were exposed as money making machines for individual luxuries and wealth.

It is not surprise why the Pope of Rome is under strong attack to be anti-Christ and has some relationship to Bohemian movements.

The Malaysian Muslims and preachers and clerics should learn the history of religious Europe and the rise of liberty. Each day I have been hearing views and opinions, some with myopic visions, which could make the people lost respect and rejects the Ustaz and the clerics.

Islam must not follow the fate of Christian Europe of the past that saw the lost of political power of the church and later even losing believers.

Notice the effectiveness of the preaching activities in Malaysia today. Do you see selfishness and greed vanish from the local Muslims ? The arrogance and corruptions ? The crimes and drugs ?

The clerics start to poke their noses into issues they are not qualified to handle. And also making Fatwas like selling kacang puteh. Other religious group would be thinking the clerics are fatwa factories.

Practicing Muslims are so much better than the Preaching Muslims except for the religious teachers whose job are to teach.

Here we don't have a movement towards replacing religious dogma with liberty. But we do have problems when some stupid clerics come in the open and telling the Muslims that God choose BN to rule, the prices of things, and giving the indelible ink.

If it is then there is no wrong in the world as the God puts it that way. The following words are 'DON'T COMPLAINT'.

It was the subject of fate and pre-destination that the Christians had been discussing during those ages. And the clerics are following the footsteps of their medieval Christian brothers. Then just shoot to kill them. Nobody should complaint because it is pre-destined that way.

So far I have not heard opposition party exploiting religion on Public media. UMNO ulamas have made fools of themselves several time, thinking they can fool all the Muslims all the time.

If the ulamas start to make themselves experts in economy and other political issues, condoning the murderers and corruptions and corrupt practices, one day they will start to talk nonsense and rubish.

Some of their statements were only heard by the Muslims but the public comments and remarks broadcasted by the media are loud enough to be heard by all.

Other than PAS members, a wise cleric and ustaz's political belief is always behind the veil. He preaches what's in the Quaran, Hadth and Qiyas.

Ustaz must not made themselves a laughing stock.



The food is delicious. My favorites are Kurma Daging Lembu and Briyahi Kambing. Whether it belongs to Mahathir, Najib, Rosmah or Pak Lah, I would not complaint a bit. I enjoy the food.

I would keep a few packets of each at home. It rescued me from late night hunger. I don'y have to go out to Mamak restaurant anymore especially when I didn't feel well.

The only complaint is the price. It is too costly. A Briyani meal is about RM12. With additional Kurma a meal can cost about RM17.

Brahim belongs to the brother of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Before similar kind of food by different companies were on the shelves it was Brahim that came to our rescue. Traveling was no more the problem for we brought Brahim Halal with us.

The manufacturer of Brahim's products, Dewina Food Industries Sdn Bhd (DFI) was founded in 1986 by it's Managing Director, Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, a former university lecturer and specialist in food and agricultural consultancy and research, together with Mr. Tatsunobu Abe, a Japanese Entrepreneur.

My rusty mind found it hard to grasp input and bias concepts of various types. Instead of torturing  it I went to bed to take a short afternoon nap, still trying to imagine the input and the output shapes of waveforms.

I started to see an input waveform at the control grid above the positive point. I could see it would always be always positive on both peaks of the envelope. It draws more cathode current as it is more positive and less current when less positive. Hence the shape of the input and the output will be the same.

What if the input is below the negative point ? The output shape will be just the opposite.

We have to be very clever enough to control and adjust the input state to the level we want. Should I think about it ? Our teacher used to say 'Go and fly kite...' It is better to fly kite than to think.

But fantasy gave colors to the world.

20/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Shall Malaysia be part of the United States to quell the growth of China's military power ? I think Najib prefers the Americans to the Chinese.

I wouldn't want to make enemy with either but history showed me that the West had subdued and conquered our nations and nations in Asia as early as 16th century. Even in the current age of enlightenment USA had attacked and killed millions of Iraqis and the Afghans. It is ever ready to attack and conquer Syria and Iran after driving Ghadafi out of office.

But China has never conquered Malaysia and there isn't a slightest indication it has the intention of taking Malaysia, Thailand and even Vietnam.

My top preference is China.


The Chinese government must tighten the manufacturing standard of all products for export. Compare to Japanese and products from the West, the Chinese are far too inferior.

We have to decide which will be our pillars, the rule of law or public opinion. Even the Draconian Law is a law. The only way to repel the law is to change the government. Any head of department who disagree with any statute can either quit the job or work to dispel with the clause according to the stipulated rules of law.

Selective choices to suit ourselves and for our own convenience would be very selfish and defined in term of morality is immoral. We break the law because our friends do it, and in fact said it was permitted by such and such a department. If it is so then they are making the mockery of the law.

Appeal to public opinion in matters of AES and frequency usage of Amateur Radio are among a few examples. You can the can't because of opinion of others would creat chaos. One big case called for the opinion of Dr Mahathir whether Lim is guilty or not, if used, without the strength of the evidence would create a bigger chaos and great injustice. Then we rule by public opinion, not by the rule of law.If we are immoral, uncivilized and savage we would disregard and insult the rules. We digressed ourselves to the dark and savage

 world. It provides opportunity for other people to call us savage and terrorists. Being Asians is one.

Remember when we call the West as terrorist and likewise the West call us terrorists too, we are always at the losing end. It is our lawlessness that is being paraded.

We don't kowtow to the West but we have to stand strong on our civilization. We don't play around with the law that we made. Or else we will be losing respects.   

Either we brace the law we made or we erase them at all. Rais Yatim is fond of saying 'We are running base on the rule of law'. Do we ? We also can't afford to have citizens who show no respect to our law and constitutions.19/09/2013


I needed speed to download rather than to watch movies. My migration from Celcom back to Tmnet was because of the unlimited download as compared to Celcom broadband. I took the 4 MGB package. It was good at first but later slowed down for several hours of the day. At a certain time of the day the speed was satisfactory. I managed to download a few hundred movies including some 3D stuffs.

On the 4th of September Streamyx people from Kuala Lumpur called me up offering special package for the upgrading to 8 Mgb with the additional cost of RM20. I could watch Hypptv at no extra cost and could lock into TMWifi wherever available.

The transaction over the phone line went so fast; the agreement and the 'YES' reply from me. Right now I don't remember what was in the agreement too. Somewhere I heard about RM500 fine if I broke the agreement. The way the whole thing flew at the high speed, I think it was not done in a good faith. That's how many kampong folks's land had been robbed.

On the 11th September the new speed was given. I went to pick up the Hupptv hardware with no instruction from the TM Point. "Everything is in the box," a lady said.

At home I fixed the gadget to my HDTV, followed the instructions step by step. For 4 hours I still could not log into the Hypptv. I rang up 100 two time. The first explanation of the username and passwords were given. After several tries, it still did not work. I called again. The officer asked me to add a few more characters to my username as given to me by the Tmnet. At long last my Hypptv works.

I don't count the number of channels available. More than 50% were not clear. three soccer channels were satisfactory and a few movie channels were also fairly good.

But my youtube HD Bluray movies are jerking and slowing down. Of course I could speed up the downloading by switching off the Hyppytv. Would I be considered as breaking the agreement. If so would I be fined RM500 ? I sent an email to TMnet asking for a copy of the agreement. TM must be very busy not to reply to my request.

Don't simply jump to a new speed unless you first get the total information from your neighbors or friends.

18/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




AES caught not only speedy drivers but speedy drivers who are UMNO guys and strong supporters of UMNO. My son, an ardent supporter of UMNO, also get a ticket.

What I didn't like of AES was the history of it's beginning, awarding the job to private companies when it should be done by the government.

Even someone closed to a Minister was slapped with the RM300 ticket. It became a laughing stock and guys were thanking those who voted for UMNO in the last GE.

Last night the government announced that it is taking over the job and reduced AES to RM150.

So far I have not heard anything from the ticket holders. Are you happy with it ?

Don't complaint. God has set the AES, all written in the destiny of mankind. Pay the fine and thank God for it.



Actually I am more concerned with the speedy express busses on the highway. And they seem like a sorcerer, escaping the eyes of every electronic devices and the police.

For sure these busses have a third eye that tells them when to slow down and when to speed up. I would say their average speed is 120 km/h.


555 is not like the 666. Both could be equally bizarre. 555 is actually a small notepad, usually used by the grocery stores to note down the purchase by the customers who paid for the purchase monthly.

In Malaysian politics it was a well known story that the former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, kept the 555 pads for each of the bad people under him. If he called a certain Minister and demanded something to be done for him, he would read aloud all the corrupt practices and errors made. Then he gave a choice whether to follow him or face justice.

It was nothing sinister about the 555 notepad. It was just an art to command and control over the bad people. Compliance means good for both sides.

The 555 notepad practice has gone global. To call it black mailing it may be too harsh.

When Obama is meeting our people he too has the 555 notepad with him. He doesn't have to read them as he meets our leaders. He just let them know that he has them.

The gun-boat diplomacy of 1824 and 1874 resurrects in a new mode and form. We have to agree to make Malaysia as part of USA defense asset to curtail the increasing power of China and North Korea. After all USA has been our allies and was protecting us against the Indonesia Crush Malaysia campaign.

Banking, petroleum and other trade co-operation must bring benefit to the United States. Part will go to the Malaysians.

At the same time Obama would also raise up the local grouses of elections, racial discrimination, religious persecution and greater democracy.

Malaysia is happy with some and unhappy with what may concern the Islam and Malay Rights. Neither could it reject and dispel with the request for fear the book 555 will be opened.

The biggest word in the book is Altantuya Sharibuu.

If you were a head of a state of other nation, wouldn't you keep such a 555 book and show the Malaysian political leaders that you too keep the book ? Isn't that how the politics work ?

19/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Browsing the websites for the brand and price of RF power amplifier, would be easier to type something like Ham radio linear amplifiers. Even the makers of the amplifiers advertised them as linear. The makers design the amplifiers and know the type of biases, the linearity of each yet called them RF Linears.

Technically class C amplifier is no linearity at all. Read on valve amplifier and notice how bias are sets to get the high plate current even for a small change. People are so smart to get the complete signal output.

I don't want to believe class A control grid input amplifier is truly linear as it is argued to be. The input sign wave and the plate output are of opposite directions, not of the same form.

Modern and educated people would make a jester out of the word God. Many scientists scorned Einstein for his belief the very possibility of God's existence. Similarly even the idea of the NWO were made to look absurd with narrations of Lucifer and he Fallen Angels and the bringing in of bibles to discredit it.

The economic downfall, people losing jobs and houses, overt and covert protests, the non-stop rise of the spate of killings, the burning of the forests, the big flood and other calamities are not meaningless and co-incidental phenomena.

People are not people by the characters, for they lack humanity, divine values and passions towards their own kind. When millions were losing their homes due to foreclosure there wasn't a passion of sentiments on the part of the government to rescue it's own citizens from poverty.

Were not the people live so comfortable and had distant themselves from God ?

The cruelty imposed on it's own citizen is nothing compared the treatment on the innocent women and children. We saw how American  armies  shot  the  people on the street happily.

Going into Afghanistan brought them another evil back to the country; drugs. And worst is they legalized drugs as much as the gay marriages.

There is a few real family in this country. Kids grow up without fathers. After 21 they were on their own. To them a marriage that last more 10 years seem something strange.

The beginning of retribution is real and it is happening whether they admit it or not. Their own technology will destroy them for the sins they did on others and sins they made on themselves.

We are still full of pious people and the true great believers in God though we see hell and sinners in our politicians. We pray safety for our people and our nation. Let the evil stop here.                                           18/09/2013


When you are a Prime Minister, you are the Prime Minister of all the subjects living in the country. Declaring yourself to be a Prime Minister of the Malays only implies that you are nothing to all other races. You don't have the right to apply taxes to people who are not your subjects.


For Mahathir to attack UMNO he must have known why BN won the unpopular vote. It was plain and simple. First to discount Sabah and Sarawak Second is to look at Peninsular Malaya at areas won by BN and how much money had to be poured to buy the votes. Realizing the unpopularity, UMNO chose Tanda Putera to make the Malays hate the Chinese and not to vote for any party that works with the Chinese.

He said UMNO is ageing, with the ageing leaders running the ageing ideas. The use of gangsterism in the last GE was not something new. Long ago they had the Seberkas to do the dirty job for UMNO. Now they gathered the jobless and the less educated youth.

Who has more influence on the oversea media; Mahathir or Najib ? Najib pays millions. Mahathir doesn't. If the foreign media somehow sides Mahathir there will be more vicious campaign against Najib.

I am sure Mahathir knows better about Rosmah than we all do and I never think he is happy with her at all.



It took me more than a year to learn Morse codes but the younger hams could do so within a few months .How not to respect them. I just think they are brighter and sharper compared tp hams like me and those who can't face difficulty.

Though it is true that there were no computers and the softwares to help us but we have devices the best ever method that fit our learning.

I recorded the sounds of A - Z using the old radio parts applied a feedback to get the sound, a cassette coder for recording and the visual codes for the characters. Having done that I would listen to it  days in and days out. Still my CW is bad.

Similarly you can't be a Prime Minister only for the Chinese or the Indians. Yet you want everyone to call you Mr Prime Minister. Would it not be ridiculous ?

Taking revenge on those who do not vote for you is an invitation for a long term confrontation. It is just like declaring war on your own citizens.

Are we not at times show our stubborness, not wanting to examine why we are not popular and even to examine why some people vote for us. Could we win without money and deception ? What made some people hated us ?

Successful Malay businessmen who started young  were not on government assistance. They were on their own. Many get the helpfrom the Chinese.

Privatized projects went to the cronies.

The declaration to help the Malays will hurt the non-Malays even if you may whisper favors to the Chinese and the Indians. And only a few attached to the programs would benefit. This is where the terms UMNOPUTERA and BUMIPUTERA  were identified and classed.

After more than 50 years only now  Najib declares shop lots for the Malays. It was not mentioned in the previous years. Why now ?

Is it not an empty promise that will never materialize ? It is a bait for popularity in the coming UMNO's election.

Rather than whispering everyone wants to hear Najib says 'I am the Prime Minister for all..."



Asking for confirmation documents that Venofer had been administered to my wife seems like ages. I could made a claim from JPA only once when Sheila was administering the dialysis patients. The subsequent claims could not be made as nobody responded to my request of the document.

About 3 months ago when I repeat my request, the nurse instead told me something else, that the medicine is free but the patient needs to fill some documents, go to government hospital and contact the supplier. A month ago I asked for the new form. The forms needed to be signed by the doctor.

Today, I asked again. I got the form. I did not know what to fill in a certain items. There wasn't any guideline given. Lucky I consulted the website. For 2 months Venofer was not administered. Nobody said anything. And nobody bother to hand out the signed forms to the patients under JPA.

Imagine I have to rush to find the doctor in the hospital. There will be a long queue up.

JPA and the company concerned should work together to make the distribution under the new system easier for the patients. Instead they make life so difficult to us; first by delaying the forms for months and secondly they are making us running around like a dog.

In the course of my wife treatment 4 were known to have passed away. I pray nothing bad would happen to her.

It is all about money not a person's life.

Though I am already old, I am patient enough to wait until these nurses get sick, very sick. I am certain they would not feel very comfortable though they work as a nurse. God will let them feel what others have felt.

14/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A straight key night is an annual event in USA where hams participate in CW communication using straight key. It is held on the first day of every new year, as a day dedicated to celebrating the CW heritage. Participants called CQ CQ CQ followed by SKN then by the call sign. It is a chance to enjoy Morse with old straight key at a comfortable speed.


People were grumbling and complaint in the face book and other media about the rising prices due to GST and gasoline price. UMNO supporters and Cyber Troopers were defending the government, cursing those who criticized.

Out of the chaos came a government savior, a cleric saying the Muslims should not complaint about inflation and price increase. It has been decided by God.

So now everything has been decided by God; the indelible ink, the murder of Altantuya, the corruptions and cronyism. Will somebody go and f**k the cleric wife and say it is God's will. Let's wait for his daughter be robbed and raped. He should not complaint because it is the will of God.




In what capacity and under what authority do we say religion is dead in the West ? We are looking at a glaring evidence of pushing the vital part of religious dogma down the drain. The gay marriage law is gaining momentum fast and quick except in the former Communist state of Russia. Do we know Christianity advocate same sex marriage ?

I will begin with the mouth. Public hate leaders with a foul mouth. It hurts more than the lies for the later is hidden under the cloak, whereas the utterance from the mouth is heard. The most vicious was Ibrahim Ali. Recently we heard Ku Adnan, Menteri Besar Trengganu and Idris Jusoh.

What I don't know whether gay goes to church. If they do there is no meaning of religion as their faith.

Secondly we are looking at the rate of adultery, swingers, free sex and the legalization of pornography in those countries.

Thirdly, when we observe the American Presidents who claimed they are Christians, they also went to Jewish pilgrimage. Could we say the American Presidents embrace two religions simultaneously ?

Surveyed show only a few percentage of the Americans read bible, probably a small part of the bible. More than 70% have sex before marriage.

Several accused churches were making money and showed distrust in them.

It is really difficult to really Christianized the White Americans.

Jewish religion is stronger. The Jews are not happy with the Christians who made god out of a man. Yet the Christians insist that Jesus is the God incarnation. And in the bibles Lord Jesus was mentioned all the time. There has never been the word Allah in all versions of the bible.

Jewish youths are more pious and discipline than the other so called Christian youths.

The rise of atheism is quite alarming. Catholics are leaving the faith. Some churches condoned gay and same sex marriage.

Else where outside Europe conversion could be easier.                   13/09/2013

They will not be respected, scorned and hated. They can't elevate the status of the Malays as civilized and a race to be respected. It takes knowledge, wisdom, wit  and intelligent mind to debunk challenges.

Skill is vital as it shows a person's capability, dexterousness, and even creativity in production. Even a simple EKK transformers is enough to put the maker among the respectable echelon. Certainly the Malays have not yet attain a skill for the production of marketable hitech products. Skill people must parade their skills and products to prove their competitiveness. They will not easily be despised.

Brain is usually measured by the academic and professional achievements and is  seen in  the light of mathematics, sciences, and technology.

The ordinary Malays have the skill and the brain. There are many capable doctors and engineers and even scientists. But even parading them would hardly earned respects due to the foul mouths of a few politicians.

To Okayed the rising price of the house, to punish those who vote for the opposition and chasing people out of the country for non-conformity are not smart enough to deal with the public, for the unreasonableness.

During my oversea trip, my room mate, a Chinese, bombarded me with a series of questions about many things which gave me a very hard time to debunk. It showed a deep disrespect towards the government. I am not the government. I can't answer for some of the follies.



Only yesterday I found the wire cable of the left winch of my wheelchair broke. The wire protruded ready to find victims to cut their skins. The spring was missing. It could have dropped at the entrance of the medical center where during the unloading of my wife.


Following the two dollar charge for the repair of the wheelchair I kept on thinking about it. What was behind the charge ? Then I remembered about a week ago when I was in the KFC restaurant a shabby lady approached me, saying something that I could hardly understand. It didn't sound like Mandarin or Hokien. My hearing has always been bad. Then she changed to English, "A dollar.." She was about 30 and I would say beautiful except for her shabby and unorganized lady long pan and a singlet with a towel on her shoulder. I asked her, "You want to eat ? " "Yes. I want to eat."

What could she buy with a dollar. I took out ten dollars and handed to her. She thank me and went to the counter. I noticed she was happy. She bought something and had her meal at one corner. I narrated to my wife; she could not be mentally retarded and she could not be a local woman. If she were a Malay probably I would approached her asking whether she want to be my maid looking after my wife. I only hope somebody would pick her up and made her a lady. I am sure she is not mad nor mentally unsound.

I told myself that was God's repayment. I didn't expect any return from anybody for the small help. Believe me that's the truth of life, covering all mankind of all races and religions.

I did write about a Chinese woman who went around town to feed the cats. One talked to the cats while feeding them. And a Chinese teacher who worked with me said she bought the cat food for the stray cats.

Muslim leaders and politicians should remind themselves to do good to all regardless of their origin. The Holly Prophet had been kind to dogs and Jews. There is no reason why the Muslim leaders cannot be kind and fair to everyone.


An hour later, after arranging meal for my wife, I went back to the hospital. Parking my car, I went back to the entrance looking for the spring on the floor. A worker asked me what I was looking for."A spring," said I. He went in while my eyes were still scanning the floor. The man came back with a spring."Is this the one ?" He asked. After confirming it I took it and went home.

I tried to fix the cable to the winch. It was too short. I decided to take it to a bicycle shop which I used to bring my wheelchair for repair. It would be done the next day.

This afternoon I brought it to the shop. A mechanic was working on a bicycle, fixing a new one. I told him about the broken cable and need to change it with a bicycle break.

"Cannot use the bicycle cable. We don't have the spare part," he said while examining the chair. He pushed his hand inside the back upholstery and pulled the cable to get an extra length.

Within 5 minutes everything was done. The lever worked as normal.

"How much ? " I asked. I was willing to depart about RM30 for the work. "Pay as you like," he said. "You must say it." I insisted.

                 "Two ringgit."

I was taken aback. I gave him a few pieces of the dollar bills. He took two ringgit and put the rest back onto the chair. I gave back the money. He refused. I thank him and walked back to my car.

I have never been wrong when howling at Ibrahim Ali and UMNO. They created racism for their own benefit and greed.

What can he buy with the two ringgit ? Not even a meal. May be he just thought he was doing a service for an unfortunate person who uses the wheelchair.

Would somebody be saying "Go and stay with the Chinese la... if you praise them so much..." That's the only defense mechanism left in them. When they are out of words they use their butts. Now they chase you out. Very arrogant indeed.



Numbers are full of mysteries. They can rule you or you can rule them and construct the future with them. To rule them you have to master and organize them, turning them into formula, lock it and utilize it at the appropriate time. Let us have a short glance at among of the bizarre characters of numbers. There are seas of them but here I just give one example for you to examine.

Any string of numbers of any digit when added, and the sum is abstract from the main number will result in numbers, the sum of  which will be the multiple of 9.

132 addes and get 6   -----> 132 - 6 = 126
111 added and get 3    ----> 111 - 3 = 108
765 added and get 18 ----> 765 - 18 = 747
584 added and get 17----> 584 - 16 = 567

11234567899 added get 55 and 11234567899 - 55 = 11234567844

126 and 108 has the sum of 9. 747 and 568 has the sum of 18. The sum of 11234567844 is 45. Also 9. But to many of us 9, 18, 27, 36 may not be significant as other mysterious numbers.

What come across us in everyday's life is number 7. There are 7 days in a week. Why not 5 or 6 or 8 ? I remember during those days our school going age was at 7. And it went on for many years later.

Though numbers are significant in mythology, religion and determination of fate and luck their real wonders are in front of our eyes. They are shaping up DNA and technologies and micro-sciences.

The Chinese in general are not skeptical about numbers. Nobody would want 4444 as a car number. The first choice will be 8888.

Tesla's room number 3327 in Hotel New York too has some meaning. Here is what it says "(3327) Mystery of the Nikola Tesla Hotel New Yorker Room #3327 has been solved. Tesla preferred to perform repetitive tasks and activities in threes, or numbers divisible by three because of Earthquake #333 on September 3 at 3:03. The inventor, especially sought the number twenty-seven because three cubed is twenty seven. Earthquake No. 333 lasted 27 days. (09/09/09 9:09)" There isn't anything magic about it. At least it contains some message in it.

This very topic may poke your interest to investigate more about numbers. You don't have to be a mathematicians or another Ramunajan. But you can start to believe in the importance of numbers and mathematics and coax your kids to like the subject and lure them into scientific thinking and to play around with numbers.

11/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

This man asked the rakyat to send their kids overseas if they are not happy with the government blue-print. Already many had registered their kids in private institutions. Poor men could not send their children to these schools, which prepare for the A and O level, twinning with overseas colleges.

Local private institution cost RM60K per semester or per year. Yet parents send their kids here.

People voted this kind of man to be their leader. Serve them right.




PERKASA charged major shopping complexes discriminate against Malay businesses. I have to ask PERKASA why must the Malay businesses depend on the Chinese ? Can't the Malays survive by themselves ?

The word PERKASA itself display an immense and colossal strength, capable and the protector of the Malays and the Malay right. It must not beg from any other racial group especially the one it constantly threatened.

UMNO has been the savior of the Malays for decades. Don't tell the people until today the Malays are too feeble to stand on their own feet, especially in businesses. I would not forget the warning echoed by Ibrahim Ali for the Chinese to keep stock of the food stuffs, implying an amok by the Malays or PERKASA group against the Chinese. That very words should have landed him in jail.

Didn't somebody called the Malays to boycott Chinese shops ? In less then three months they are begging from the Chinese.

You continue wanting to act stupid just go ahead. When you fall, don't blame anybody.


The above question could always be rephrased. I was thinking before I went to bed last night about the part of our existence that can make us smart. I can't help myself thinking about it after seeing so much stupid and silly statements made by well known Malaysians today. What made them so dumb ?

I think the most vital component in the existence is mathematics. The basic of it are numbers. Really if we study numbers, their arrangements and characters we will be amazed by the many secrets they contain, full of mystery and magic. They could be wired too.  Sometimes we will think God is Great for creating numbers.

The equation of numbers, leading to formulae, that tells us the state, quantity and behavior is one aspect of it. It tells us there are things beyond nothingness, the infinity of negativity.

Leaders who are poor in mathematics and numbers will tend to utter dumb statements. Try to assess them by their speeches in parliament.


When should a school be renovated ? Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor, the headmaster of SK Seri Pristana, did it during the fasting month. He renovated the school canteen. He must be a fool to do so.

Renovation work should be done during the school holidays. Immediate renovation would be inevitable when the roof is blown off by the strong wind, or the canteen caught fire.

We can't afford to have such an educator, who looked for excuses to free himself. If he cheats the people he will cheat the government too. Does he think he has immunity just being a Malay ?

I would not even believe if he said he had the canteen renovated. He must have the answer from some deliberations and consultations. Even if he was telling the truth, I would say he is a fool for carrying the work at the wrong time.

From the course of the events and the flip-flop, I see him as a man of ego. I even guess that he is an UMNO man as he behave like one. Arrogance.

This very man has cause problem to the government and had drag down the police and education department into the mud. It is because of him the people recorded the police quizzing the kids in their bad books.

 And he keeps the voters persistently hate UMNO and BN.

Putting people on TV defending his foolishness made the public saw those people as demons. Unless you don't bother how you are perceived by millions of viewers you can go on making fool of yourself.

There are two period when no renovation or new structure not to be done; during the examination time and during the school days.

The headmaster does not have to have to wait for directives from the education department or the Ministry pertaining to the time table. He has to use his common sense.

Doesn't he have one ?



PC is a new story to me. It was never there before 1983. Ham radio was a manual affair; no electronic logging and there was no CW visual decoding. Eshee was active in the various contest using the brass pounder. And I too pounded hard on my Hi-Mound key.

I joined the CW contest, not for an award but for the fun of it and thought I would make the band merrier. I helped people to get some points.

In those days stations from Malaysia was popular. It was considered as rare. Whether on CW or SSB I would always experience pile up.

I would say almost all CW signals were 100% copyable by ear. I don't remember the 50 wpm CW coming through the contest.

Unlike today contest or not I hear a lot of high speed and errorless codes. It is a new style and practice in working Morse codes. Computer genius who are hams are making life easier, interfacing computers to external sound source and to enable outside communications using programs languages.

But I still prefer the old way. May be some older people are less flexible. They can't shake off their habits. Or they believe RTTY or AMTOR is a better way to use as far as digital mode is concerned.

I remember Eshee would take a nap to get ready for the contest that continue till the morning. I didn't. After about a hundred stations or so I would quit to rest. And I never submit my contest sheet.

Despite the new technology I am convinced that there are contestants who are using either straight or electronic keys. Probably they had the same intention as I was; to support the event and to help people to get points.

Those days are over. I no longer participate in any contest.                     10/09/2013


Those are the pictures of three women I once have in my heart. They are my wife, my clerk and my student. My relationship is eternal and infinite with my currently sick wife. My clerk had served me extremely well, making my job so very simple and light but we seldom meet each other since our retirement. And my student would seek my advice when she face some domestic problems from time to time. She has helping me and my wife alot.

My wife is two years younger than me. When she was young she was strong and energetic. She would be the driver when we traveled in USA, traversing the city of New York, crossing bridges and the undersea tunnels.

At 55 she suffered from stroke and later one bone in the spinal chord had to be replaced with a metal. She could still walk using a walker tool until she had the peritoneal dialysis. Now she can't walk and she can't even stand.

I conduct all of her affairs from bowel care to getting her to the dialysis center. Other than her disabilities she is healthy and having great appetite. She gains weigh by a great deal and that taxed me a lot. I would take for her outings when there is no dialysis. Her company has always been fun. She would tell me stories while on the move. Without her things can never be the same. I realize my servicing her was nothing but  my deep affection and love for her.

When I was working I was lucky to have a good and efficient clerk whose book keeping was excellent. She was neat in her work. And most of all she could be trusted. Her meticulosity and her suboridination and conformity to my instructions resulted in our schools winning several awards. Despite our large spending the school save hundred thousands of ringgit. There were tricks and it needed talent to accumulate funds.

People were jealous of our working relationship. But who cares as long as the work was well done. Since her retirement we seldom meet. But I will always remember her as a great clerk.

Last is my capricious student who was in my school in 1987 till 1988. Her husband was also my student. She had had help me and my wife in many things till now. Living not far away from my house her daughters would send us food for me and my wife. She would seek my help whenever there was a domestic problem. I would advise her to the best of my ability. At the moment she is trying to find a maid for me.                                           09/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Images of poverty in Bangladesh, China and USA

Simply we cannot depends on literature or words of the authority to confirm that life in Malaysia is much better then somewhere else. We have to live in those countries to compare the difference.

Both the cost and the standard of living must be taken into account, and to observe the affordability of the populace to pay for the basic living and the luxury of life. Finally to see the state of happiness and the contentment.

Under the assumption that we are better than in many other countries, does it mean the guardian of our money and people whom we thrust our trusts can do whatever they like with our money, raping our forests and water catchment areas and turning our farmland into Super-stores and hotels ?

Does the show of gratitude means a person cannot ask about Altantuya, Mahathir mega projects, the misuse of money for NFC and glaring corruption ?

We are hearing the same thing again and again from different people, of stripping the citizenship, chasing those who seek the truth to go out of the country and asking some people to go back to their country of origin.

Somehow I admit that I have pre-conceive ideas on countries like Bangladesh, Kampuchea, India and even the United States about the state of poverty or crimes as compared to Malaysia. There are more poor people in those than what we have here. Seeing people living under the bridge and having homes in boxes made me thank God that we are much better. We don't lose homes as many as the Americans do.

Living in prosperity does not mean we can allow power abuse and excessive wastage and policies that pinch the people. Similarly being responsive does not mean we can close our eyes to malicious and irresponsible acts, and cronyism.

We can't pass drugs, crimes, corruption, huge wastage, power abuse and the fast climbing cost of living under the cloak of prosperity.

09/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Since I was a little boy I didn't find anybody bothering much about the weather. People don't want to know what would be tomorrow, next day, and at the end of week. If it rained, it rained. They always prepared for the downpour, with huge and small vases to collect waters.

I think even today we don't give a damn to know what will be the weather for the whole week.

For travelers they need to know what the weather like and the daily mean temperature to decide what sort of attires to bring with them. When I was in USA I took much attention on daily weather in Winter

especially in Los Angeles. 15 degrees Celcius would be a good day for my trip to Disneyland or Universal Stdio. Knowing the whole week temperature and weather facilitate my travel plan.

Rain or shine you see people in the jogging arena. I too carry my umbrella on the rainy days.                                         08/09/2013


When Machiavelli wrote about a Prince he described how they came into power and in what manner they rule the country. Some were good and some were bad. Rulers were not borne from divinity. The ruled, the masses were busy conducting their daily activities that nobody would bother what happened in the palace.



A Prince could tell the people that his salary is cut by 30%. Would the masses know whether it is a lie to parade himself as a good King ? The masses tend to believe the King was divine and a shadow of God, and would only speak the truth. But Machiavelli knew the true color and the origin of the Prince.

Scientific generation only believe in things they see, not in things they hear. Presidents and Prime Ministers lie through their teeth. Remember Clinton "I don't know who this woman is..." ? And Bush about him not knowing the demolition of the world trade center. Lie is the culture and the profession.

Only yesterday I went to a shop to buy a battery. I asked "Whatever things the price have not come up yet ?" The man replied that he never ordered new stock yet so he did not know of any recent hike. "But many items have been raised immediately after the GE13."

I remembered the promises before the election, of free water and cheaper car , and Rakyat Di Dahulukan.

Once intoxicated and lie enters a man's blood, he has to spit it every now and then, days after days. It becomes an addiction .to utter lies.

Try to tell your boss to cut your pay. Tell everyone that you ask your boss to cut your pay. What I can say your boss won't do it. There are laws and procedure to cut salaries.

If a King asked his treasury to cut his pay, they will instead raise it. Nobody wanted to lose his head. for they knew the King never meant what he said. The malice of some Prince were in detail.

The fate of Machiavelli and Confucius were almost similar. Confucius was ousted due to jealousy but towards his old age he took back the old literary job. He would not want to contribute to the Kings that put him to suffer. Machiavelli got a job of writing but he was not wanted and out of his office.

A bad Prince will die without honor but will be remembered as crooks and liars.                    08/09/2013


Hollywood movies like Oz the Great and Powerful, The Great Gatsby, The Epic, Avatar and a few others are given aesthetic touch in them. The scenes and colors are so very stunning and lovely. Those responsible for the design and the setup have to be artistically genius from the heavenly world. Forests and trees were made so green, so elegant, giving a cooling effect to our spirit and emotion.


When we listen to music with melody we close our eyes. It penetrates deep into our heart and soul. But a rock n roll would make us jump. I never like Elvis and his song. It is so much different comparing with the Green Green Grass of Home.

The joy and beauty of CW is in the ragchew with the constant rhythm of 12 to 15 wpm, with ample space between words. Faster than that is a great Morse but I won't categorize it as a beautiful rhythm to copy. When I listen to the chat at the melodic speed, I would lie on my sofa bed, close my eyes and enjoying the lovely sounds.



Tourist flock to see the Change of Guards in London. Couldn't the change be made simple ? When the time arrives the new guard just walk in and the off duty one should just walk off.

But order, tradition and ceremony are what people love to see. They photograph the events because there are events with attires that is not seen in every life. They notice order, system, tradition and discipline.



Nazri must be thinking he is a great man to simply dismiss Rafizi. We all know how Saddam Hussein was treated. It was not so as bad as Ghadafi. The person who sodomized him was not a sex maniac but someone who must have said Gadafi was nobody and worst than animal.

No matter how powerful and wealthy a Minister or any person is there are millions of Malaysians who see him as equal as they are. You call people pariah, they will give you an equal response.

A wise and noble person is more sullen and taciturn.

I know of a layman, less educated and not even a wealthy person, who condemn all Ministers as stupid, liars and cheaters. I know his sentiment rules. The point is ordinary people could wildly accuse Ministers as they like.

Why the aesthetic value ? Does it not show a state of mind, emotion and how civilize a society is ? But God made man to appreciate beauty. People travel far to beautiful and quiet places to appease their minds for serenity and tranquility could award them with some inspirations of great value.

The retreats are never in busy and noisy cities.

Yet some Malaysians love to fell trees and clearing jungles. And they became head of departments and mayors and head masters.

08/09/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof