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When to travel ?

Considering most of us are not rich, spending more than 10K for a trip is not an easy thing to do. If we are a family of four the trip would cost us more than 40K.

Most of my friends told me they would make a trip when their children all grown up. They want to take the whole family along. For the modest income group I told them it would be quite impossible due the high total expenditure incurred.

There are two possible time we can make our travel dream come true; before having kids and after all of our kids are stable in their jobs. That mean our average age would be about 55 by then.

The least amount of money spent will be in the Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The cheapest of the Asian country is China. In my opinion China is very much better then India in term of development, progress and cleanliness. Even the Middle Eastern countries are affordable.

The decision to travel is usually at least one year ahead to enable us to plan our finance and budget. A monthly saving of about RM200 would be ample to take us around Southeast Asian countries.

21/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Last night I watched a movie called Hard Cops. As several others it depicted the involvement of a police chiefs in gangsterism, mafia activities and accumulating wealth by protecting the criminals. A big majority would dismissed Hollywood as  money making machine, showing fairy tale movies and other fictions to entertain the public with excitements.

Total dismissal of it's absurdities need a little reflection and thinking. One of the most important event which had altered the world history was the 911 or the bombing of the World Trade Center on 11th of September 2011. It was this event that Islam had replaced Communists as a new American enemy. But the number 9 and 11 has long been in several Hollywood movies, from the time on the clock to the post box address and the height of a structure. And later a movie on the bombing of World Trade Center before the real bizarre happening happened.

Messages on Illuminati, Pre-Mason and New World Order had been conveyed. And hence Hollywood is not a pure nonsense and a media for mere entertainment. It could very well be true that a high ranking police could use the power to collect protection money from criminals.

When watching Hollywood or any other movies be on the alert and search for the messages. Of course some may be seen directly to disseminate government propaganda and false ideas. Justice Pow is showing  the life happenings of corruption and the misuse of power. Though the periods are different the mode of operation and manipulation are the identical.

Entertainment as such is actually calling us to ponder and investigate whether similar practices and behaviors are part and parcel of our high ranking police chiefs and people in power. The most dangerous is the sharing of drug money because drugs kill our generation. Only Singapore and Taksin were very effective in waging wars against drug. A few articles on the web did expose how the gangsters in Kuala Lumpur were protected though they were vehemently denied. Politicians cry of the increasing crimes without mentioning of drugs met with not only opposition but also a write up in the newspaper about the success of the country in combatting the crimes.

The messages sent by those movies and received and understood by the laymen like us are meaningless. We are in no position to do anything, no power to investigate, no resources to work and we just enjoy the entertainment. They are more useful for the politicians. Yet we wonder how many politician watched Justice Pow or Hard Cops. If they do would they be discussing with their friends not about the movies but about the crimes and injustice and the misuse of power.

Hollywood also has the prophetic movies on the screen like the Armageddon and on the happenings of 11th September 2011, movies on Illuminati and Masonry. These are not a child play entertainments but more to it.

20/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof  



I met Anwar Ubrahim only for a short while when I was in Form 2. We were both still a young boy. His mother was a strong UMNO woman who I considered as a very smart woman and good in politics. At that time at his tender age boy he told me he wanted to be a Prime Minister after I argued with him over some political issues. And after that I had not meet him since.

I had had no interest in politics from the younger days till my present age. All I did was just follow the events and observed the people around me and their political behavior. In 1972 when I entered University Malaya I came across Hishamuddin Rais who would always be at the Speakers Corner every now and then. At times I stopped to hear his fiery speech, which I did not understand especially when he said that Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Colgate etc was under one company. It did not make sense and I just dismissed him totally.

Towards the end of my semester names like Ibrahim Ali and Anwar Ibrahim came back. There was a big demonstration then in the campus. I was sleeping at the 5th College when I heard commotion and people running around. Our door was knocked. When we open the door several plain clothe policemen entered our room and made a few search in our cupboard. A little laterthey went out.

Later I heard that Hishamuddin and his few friends went missing and Anwar was in prison.

When Mahathir took over I later learned that he took Anwar to groom him as his successor. A few years later Anwar was ousted, I believed not by Mahathir but by those who long have been in UMNO. But Anwar after being expelled had attack Mahathir bitterly. And at this stage I was thinking that Anwar should not attack his former boss even how wrong Mahathir was. It was Mahathir who took Anwar in and gave him a good place and position. Anwar should have accepted his fate and should quit politics and involved himself in community work like Lee Lam Thye.

I was not surprise at all when the first set up of the 1st sodomy was made. We all could see the role of Musa Hassan then. And when Mahathir was under attack and found he had to have a full control, he began to rule like a tyranny, manipulating the justice department, changing the legal ways and systems, arrest his enemies, wanting to fight the Sultans and even insulted and disgraced the Malays.

When Pak Lah released Anwar ( which he denied ), Anwar should have quit politics again. But he is too stubborn. He miscalculated the power of Mahathir. Mahathir is on a plan to put his junior as a Prime Minister and he wants to have shares in the country's development. He wants his mega project to be carried out. Pak Lah was advised to postpone the mega project to a later period. Mahathir ,angry with Pak Lah, went around Malaysia campaigning against Pak Lah, and forced Pak Lah to step down.

When Anwar waged another war with Najib he found himself in another sodomy trial. I don't side Anwar blindly. Neither should I hate the government for putting him on trial BUT...

But I found doctors changed their statements from no-penetration to something else. And the last one there were several different semen found on Saiful's swab. These are more dominant to the one of Saiful. It creates doubt, of course. For a normal court proceedings the clear doubts like this would have been thrown out of court. I just feel the doctor will be forced to utter statements of other possibilities how these semen got there.

The analysts have been thinking that the strength of PKR lies on Anwar Ibrahim. So Anwar must be put away. The fear of UMNO being defeated also clings Mahathir. Wild things are haunting their minds, especially the fear of the stupid mass reckless revenge. But I see things in a different way.

The current government has been accumulating enough money to buy a WIN. It is using the APCO to build fences around against foreign attack. It is using all the expertise and the big guns to filter the dangerous messages and to indoctrinate people's mind with media machinery. I don't see why BN should fear of losing in the GE13.

BN can only lose by divine intervention. Winning or losing will make Mahathir still in fear of being remembered as a tyrant which in fact it will.

And I think Anwar should quit politics and embrace a peaceful life for the remaining of his life. Let God decide what to do with those who had thrown their souls away.

18/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In the age of reason men of intellect would reject and dismiss inequality and unequal treatment of mankind. All men should be treated equally and justly according to law. Men come and go the same way the world over, not one from the mouth of a dragon and raise to the sky after 60 years old. No one comes from the sky and turn info fairy when the time for him to leave the society.

Yet services are divided, people put in different compartments and group into categories, separated by jobs and wealth and titles. They have the normal and the fast lane. Historically the division was in the religious practice itself like the varna system which divide people into Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisya and Sudra as economic division of specialization. Then there were the division of between slaves and masters.

The different in status and class is to facilitate the economic division of labor and pave way to specialization. Persons with the lowest mental ability and poor in their study are fit for the hard labor and unskilled job. The tall and the strong for the armies and the police. The smartest to design buildings, interpret laws and dissect human bodies.

They may born the same with a slight differentiation in traits as determined by the genes but the social, physical and economic differentiation began to shape each one of them. Kids of poor people grow up differently from children of wealthy people in different countries. The opportunity which offers to bring the large differences is schooling. If education system is properly set and provide equal chances and having excellent teachers who can create successful students, then the inequalities among them would be narrowed down. At least their thinking ability and academic qualification would be at par.

Efforts to break or reduce the gap have always been challenged by human buildup. The sentiment and feeling disinterested and social environment. The pull and push factors retain the differentiation and inequalities. Again it is good for the division of labor. The channeling of men to jobs usually matched with academic qualification or other special ability.

But deficiencies can always be fixed by continuous effort to replenish them by hard work, effort to improve themselves by learning and acquiring the lost skill using the available time. In the United States and other countries we saw farmers and other working people going back to colleges and universities. Classes were arranged at night.

Other than the economic division of labor base on educational successes, division of mankind also happens by prejudice. Racial prejudice is much influenced by the color of the skins. White skinned people have been looked as a superior race and the darkest would be damned as barbaric and once were barred from entering bars for White skinned men.

While Air Asia provide no special class on it's plane, the rest of the carriers  divide the service separately for those who can pay extra and the normal fare. Though there are rich and people of high profile who join the normal people not out of misers yet a big number would want to feel superior.

In spite of  the importance of capital in economic activity, there are many factories and work which desired the labor intensive. It could have been that the total cost of labor is cheaper than the total automation cost. And helpers in supermarkets, small shops, government institutions also need human beings. The people fit for these jobs are matched with their physical strength and education.

Hence specialization in work and productions required that men should not be equal. By the process of nature they are shaped by mean of other law which does not seem to be natural. We have been made to think that natural law implies merely to the law of sciences of physic or chemistry. We overlook that even opportunity is natural and created by nature.

We can try to think of what could have happened if everybody is equally good, honest and wealthy. There will be no further competition for more wealth, nothing to steal nor cheat. I think the world will not be as complicated as it is today, not even lawyers will exist. People need to organize themselves to determine who need to produce what, and how to produce them.

Though we don't like inequalities yet it needs to exist. What mankind is against is not the natural inequalities but of an equal treatment and of equal services.

17/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Shoes and Barefoot

Mankind started with barefoot for decades. Even up to 20th century some world class runners from Africa ran barefoot in the great race and even became champions. When men began to  dwellers in houses and sleep in bed , bare footing is suitable to keep the house clean. People swept the floors to put away small dusts which may be brought up by wind or foot so that sleeping on the floor would be comfortable and food would be clear of dusts. In fact the Asians had their food covered when not eaten.

Shoes were invented at the later period to protect the feet against the pebbles and thorns, snakes and leeches. Later they are designed to match the dress and the functions. Shoes worn by the right feet differs on the ones worn by the left.

The shrewd British colonists of the yesteryears took the shoes and dresses as a part of civilization, to distinguish savages and nobilities, Dukes and normal paupers. Dress would tell whether a person was well-bred or not. When the English colonists came to Malaya in the 19th century they brought with them shoes and put them in the feet of Malayan ruler; the left one to the right and the right one to the left. They took the picture and brought back to England and show to their Ruler that the Malayan King was absurd and stupid. And narrated that the Malays were pirate, living on trees and emotional tribe.

To us shoes carry dirt and minute pebbles. We don't wear them inside our houses so that the dirt will be left outside because we sit or kneel on the floor. A savage people like me sleep on the floor. But I noticed the lustrous British slept by the five foot way in London at night, not one but many.

The Thais kneel either to pray or in events of showing respects. The Muslims are more elaborate in mosques; they sit during recital, kneel and place the forehead to the surface of the floor as part of the prayer. And I saw the Jews place their forehead like the Muslims too.

Praying need cleanliness and a proper attire. There are several reasons why the Muslims do not wear shoes during praying; the first is shoes possess all sort of dirt and secondly shoes would not enabled the persons to sit and kneel in the special and right way. It can cause pain at the sitting position.

Those are the reasons why shoes are not allowed in the mosques because the Muslims who pray need to put their foreheads on the floor or mattress therein.

When a group of Muslim students including me visited our lecturer's house during Christmas one day, all of us left our shoes outside the house because we saw the carpet was so beautiful and plumy type.  We were so sure that our shoes would drop what we collected from the earth onto the luxurious and expensive carpet. She called us to put on our shoes and laughed. We obeyed her.

Being the Westerners who believe in their superiority and the feeling of haughtiness and the father of civil liberty and human right, barring them from wearing the shoes inside the mosques were seen as insulting to them. The so-called non emotional visitors got damn wild and start to belittle the Muslims and start to interpret the customs by saying barefoot in the mosque is to please Allah, and despise such a practice.

It is to be noted that the Malay pirate do not get knighted like the English. The more gold they robbed from the Spanish and Portuguese the more they are exalted. They got the title of SIR. It is similar to the murderer who killed the Vietnamese, the Iraqis or the Afghans; they got medal and promotion and called a hero. Imagine, murdering the unarmed innocent people in a far away land is regarded as hero.

The British has always been shrewd and cunning. They have been cheating the Malaysians for a long time until recently. But being smart and cunning our people do not realize it.

I am barefoot at home. My wife wears shoes in the slippery kitchen. The shoes worn in the house are not to used outside. The shoes worn outside will not be worn inside. It is not a taboo, a rule or a custom. It is the rule of common sense.

But most Asian , Muslims, Jews and Catholics wears the long invented dress and attire. We do away with shoes at some places. Many Westerners prefer to wear nothing on their bodies but wear shoes in bed while having sex. And vulgar assemblies of erotica are shoeless and dressless. When making love people kiss from foot to the chest. Imagine with the shoes on. They would miss a fun of kissing the feet of their partners.

The Malaysian Malays of the '40s and '50s had been walking everywhere without shoes. Men and boys kicked the soccer ball with their bare feet. Today we would feel very painful when step even on the soft grass. The skin has become sensitive. Then we need to buy shoes which could cost us even more than RM200.00 for a simple rubber footwear.

Let us imagine the African Masai with the red rob wearing a boot and me going to Los Angeles barefoot from Alor Setar. I have seen travelers wearing sleeveless singlet on the plane but not any barefoot passengers yet. In one  USA town I saw a barefoot woman came out of her car and walked into a supermarket during Summer. It did not surprise me because I knew then that she had a reason  to do to it.

One Western journalist asked a Chinese student in China about freedom and he replied that the Chinese enjoyed similar freedom as the Westerners. And when I read somewhere about the 'right', it did mention about the right of both sides. If they have the right to call us savage likewise we too have the right to call them savage. At least our King did not knight pirates who rob and killed at sea.

And the number of Muslim adulterers stoned to death is far too unknown compare to the number of people burnt to death for blasphemy and accused of witchcrafts. The so-called enlightened race got the heart of bombing it's own citizen, pulled down their buildings and blamed the imaginative enemies for the 911.

The shoe wearing people must walk barefoot and place their shoes for scanning. They not only make shoes, they also think they put bombs in the shoes. On the other hand they throw away their dress, showing the nipples and hairs and the creeks. but they have the shoes on. But when they want to practice Kamasutra, they have to go barefoot.

16/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To most of us England and America are just any other country in the world. I have not visited the whole world yet. Traveling is hard now without a job. The income is low and the expenditure is increasing day by day. I traveled mostly by government expenses and some from my savings. I am going to say something briefly about my visit to one or two places.

In 1980's we were in London for a few months, staying at YMCA Walthamstow London. Today the town is a little different from it was in those years. If you walk from the Walthamstow underground rail to YMCA, you hardly find a White man. The Pakistanis like in Malaysia would be running a small book stalls and selling magazines at the bus stops and along the road. The restaurants are run by either Pakistanis or the Turks.

On several occasions while at the YMCA and colleges we visited we were asked, "Where do you learn English ?" The bluff instinct clang into us without plan. Almost all of use provide with identical reply,"We learn in Malaysia before coming here." Then they would appraise us saying that we spoke good English. Did we ? We cannot admit or brag of our English because at any time we feel our spoken English is bad. We do not have confidence to use it in our daily conversation. But that was what we heard the English people commented. And I felt so strange about it.

And while I was in North America I met several people who can't understand me saying "No English.." During that time I didn't think that the Americans could not speak the language. Only later I began to realize that they could be the illegal immigrants from Mexico. But while going mobile with my neighbor from Los Angeles to Lubbock Texas, several time we could not find any English radio station. Every frequency we tuned to was Spanish. We were wondering whether the people those area did speak or understand English.

To me those part of the world are strange. Nothing is like home where we can still have the taste of the fresh air, enjoying the greens of coconut palm and banana leaves and strong cool wind blowing. Besides the faces we always see everyday seem to be familiar and kind. Each day we can go to a food stall and just shout 'Macam biasa' and our beloved menu would be served in no time.

I have expected to see Englishmen while in England but I saw almost all Indians or Pakistanis in some towns. I expect every American to understand English but some would shrug their bodies when asked a question. I remember one black boy asked me "What time do you have ? " and a shop keeper said "The price is a dollar even". And in Honolulu Hawaii, a bus driver pulled up his bus and walked towards three boys at the back and held two by the shirts for talking vulgar words. The three immediately stopped talking and hid their faces.

And when you cross over into the Mexican border the shop keepers would say 'Mari...murah murah" or "Ni Hau Ma.."And the same thing in New York city. To me it is strange.

15/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Basically we are the master of our own destiny and we decide ourselves what we want to do and what we want to think. The freedom of thought and civil liberty that has crept into our soul for so long made us feel we are absolutely free. However we create a boundary to determine as to who can and cannot dictate us. If we bind ourselves to religion than we have to allow the rules and regulations of Islam to be dictated upon us by the Imam. We allow our husbands to tell us what and what not to do. We even allow the law enforcer to command us to obey the rules.

But some of us made themselves slaves to their friends for fear of being isolated and thrown out of the group. Usually they do so by suggestion, spreading slender and lies to convince us, or even outright demand for allegiance. Youth are easily susceptible to fall to influence, just want to be accepted in the team. That's the reason why smoking and drug taking spread so fast.

At awareness we should reflect and ponder our social intercourse with the people and assess the limit of our friendship. First is the necessity of the neighbors and our relatives. Usually they don't dictate us. A very few exceptional friends would come to our help in time of need especially when we are broke. Who are willing to give ( not lend ) us RM10,000 to settle our debt without any condition or string attached ? We are usually oblige to listen and do what the people who feed us tell us to do in the name of gratitude and thankfulness. And yet we don't call it as a demand or dictation.

Mahathir said that the government had done much to the people and provide them with prosperity. It is time that the people pay back to the government by voting Barisan Nasional. He was not wrong. That was the expectation and even today that is what expected of the people as a pay back and the show of gratitude.

Even parents of today do not dictate to their kids as to the choice of their spouses. A handful still follow their parents wishes. As always the same tune is played over and over again "It is for your own good." "It is for the good of the Malaysians","To protect the American citizen".

In our lives, most of us, possess the spectrum of liberty and obedience; from the total liberty to the total obedience. And not all men adopt the total freedom and liberty. At many instances he made his own decision. A working man must follow the regulations dictated at his work place. He has the working ours to follow and to follow the procedure set forth. The level of willingness depend on the type of command given. We simply wont give our daughter for a short sex to our boss, will we ? At time we should reject straight away to such demand like 'Hey speak Malay la..." Our response would be who is he to dictate us what to do.

The more educated you are, the higher your academic achievement the more difficult you are to be easily influenced and controlled. You will weigh things, analyzing the relationships and consult the historical perspectives before making a conclusion or decide what to do. The less educated are more susceptible to suggestions and  rumors. But psychologists find a new way to persuade people, by indoctrination of people's mind by mean of advertisement and repetition using the media. Human senses are easy to conquer rather then the brain. Yet the wise men are not easily swayed.

Who can dictate us ? Probably our beautiful wives or handsome husbands whom we know love us so much. We are willing to die for them and for the love of them. Grand fathers and mothers tend to obey their grand children. Probably the persons who can pour us with plenty of money and wealth.

15/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Egyptian would not walk away after Mubarak had stepped down. They continue with their demand from the immediate release of the prisoners to the increase in their salaries. The behavioral pattern of 'give an inch, want a foot' is not confined to a certain racial group. We see it among the Jews, the Malays , the Chinese and right now we witness the Egyptian. With Mubarak stepping down the world were thinking that the protestors would go home and return to their work.

The return of our students is a good move. I believe it will take sometimes before Egypt stabilize and return to normal. Between now until September 2011 there will be all sort of demand, mostly unreasonable. The new interim government has to settle down before any decision can be made, and that will take some time. The 'some time' can be months. Even in the implementation of pay rise will have to be scrutinized. I am sure even after the pay rise, the protestors will continue to pressure the government to halt the inflation. They will dictate things one after another.

The students should be given a place in the local institutions. We can bring their teachers to Malaysia to teach similar disciplines. Or else they need to stay idle for several months at home.

If the protestors do not go home. What could very well happen is there will be a collusion and fight among themselves. And I believe there is always a 'third person' in between to fuel the crowd to fight among themselves, namely the hidden enemy of pro-Mubarak. It could probably be the Mosad.

The Egyptian administration though smart in dealing with foreign enemies, were not smart at all in dealing with the protestors. If they have used the water to itch those group, no gas nor bullet would be necessary. Without the group or the big mob Mubarak could have stayed in his office until September.

Now the crowd feel they are invincible and too powerful. They think the government will have to meet to all their demands. The result is not a stalemate but an economic disaster to the people. Those living under tourism will suffer a substantial lose of their income. Business came to a halt or losing momentum.

Like wars there are people who see Egypt as opportunity, especially those who want to bring down the Iran government. It takes only a few Mosad or CIA agents to put poison in the minds of the Iranians. If Ahmadinejad could be pushed to step down as the Egyptian style then Israel can work undercover to slowly disarm the nuclear facilities. Israel can breath a fresh air. All the other Arab countries are not a threat to the security of Israel.

In Yemen protestors were driven home by the public.

But it is expected that the wind of change in The Middle Eastern countries will come on the voluntary basis.

15/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been several days when my internet went on intermittent. Yesterday it was totally dead. This morning I went to the Celcom office to investigate the reason. I took a number and waited for my turn. When I was called to the named counter I quickly approached the lady at the desk. "Can I help you ?" She asked in English. Certainly I responded in English but in my head I was wondering what on earth made her think I can speak this language.

I was informed that my SIM card was faulty. I told her that Celcom just charge me RM5.00 for the SIM card. It was a new one to replace my lost broadband. It was less than a year. She said Celcom does not provide warranty for the card. I said that RM5 was not much but as a matter of principal that Celcom should bear the responsibility, giving a warranty of  at least one year. As I said before the government is always on the side of big companies.

After testing the new card and thing seemed to work well, I dismissed myself and straight away shot towards TNB. This morning I received an electrical bill amounting to RM284.00. My bill was never that much even at the time when I run my air condition. At the TNB office I saw one Chinese man of about my age doing some checking on his bill. I waited for my turn. When his business was over I showed my paper to the lady. "That's an estimate. You need to pay only RM134.00," she said in Malay. "Must I take a number ? " I asked her in Malay and she nodded her head.

"Please take my number," I heard a male voice said in English. I turned my head towards the voice and I saw the same sitting near the lady just now. I took the number and thank him. Again I was addressed in English. Already two time. A few time people talked Hokien and one in Mandarin. I never looked like a Chinese, far from the Orang Puteh. But when people spoke Mandarin I would say, "Sorry I am a Malay. I don't speak Mandarin." Of course in Mandarin. I knew he would believe me because of my intonation and slang. "But you are talking Mandarin," he said. "I learn a few words. Just a few words but I can't remember all that I have learned more than 30 years ago."

Those people who care to learn languages or anything at all would lose nothing. There is nothing that I can comment on those who like to insult people speaking English or Mandarin. Of course a country should have an official language. But it would be wise enough to encourage the younger generations to master as many languages as possible. The more proficient they are the greater is rate of survival.

I am still puzzled how those two persons figure out that I understand English.

14/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Historically the split of religious group among other things was due to the different interpretation of the Holly Books. The debate on predestination was not only among the Christians but also by the Muslims. The habit continues until the very day. If you are a Prime Minister for instant and you announce a phrase the meaning of which you know very well in your head, you will be amused by people in the street giving different interpretation. You may find a few of them are better than what you have in mind. Your enemy will interpret in different ways.

If ten people happen to notice at you looking closely at a girl, the ten people may understand different things; one may say you are a playboy, another may say you are looking and trying to remember who the girl is, another may think you are not are thinking something else not even aware of the girl of your focus.

In fact the habit in ongoing everyday. Good people tend to think and interpret in a good way and bad people can only think of the bad things.

If you still remember I did write about David Duke who wrote so much about the Jews and was accused of spreading hatred. David maintained that his proofs are based on the facts he collected from those other sources. I argued with someone about a political party doing bad things. I said I did not make them  up. Those were the quotation from the mainstream media. I did not interpret but merely stated the facts from the original source.

When we don't know or understand, we tend to denounce things as what Chua Soi Lek criticism of the Muslim women. And when a non Muslim PKR woman joined in the Gotong Royong to clean up a mosque a harsh criticism was thrown  at her. It is excusable for the 5 blind men to interpret elephant in different form, but funny for 5 normal men to see a rose in different colors.

The element of bias can be dispelled if a detail and thorough investigation is made by the open minded men. A concrete proof not mere a hearsay must be seen. Law has discussed the fallacy of hearsay. And most tyrants would want to justify the blind and baseless accusation by appealing to the public using the propaganda messages and lies to approve the non-existing stories.

When interpretation or an accusation is wrong, a person will be victimized. In the olden days the religion was victimized until it tore people's belief towards it and chose not to practice it.

Lawyers are fond of interpreting laws even though the law makers had put some clause as clear and straight forward as possible. Criminals tend to escape and go scot-free. They sometimes call them loop-holes.      

A view or opinion is not an interpretation. There is an element of admittance that a view may or may not be correct or true. It's readily opened to rebuttals. One can or refuse to agree with it. A verdict or judgment cannot be made out of opinion. But what is common among them is that interpretation, view or opinion cannot be taken as true. If otherwise we may be carrying a false or wrong information in our lives. To put to one extreme we may be concluding that all Jews are bad and all Muslims are good.

In court and to find real justice judgment or verdict must not be made on what is interpreted by the judge's mind or the dictation of his opinion. Or even the views of majority. Majority may be persuaded to say something thru corruption or avarice or to  gain a certain favor. Majority always want things in their favor without regard to consequences. Everybody prefer free stuffs or high salary.

Hence the court must rely solely on scientific evidence and proofs beyond reasonable doubt. And the media should stop displaying the distorted stuffs to make the public believe what is not true. For instant the flood in Kelantan is caused by PAS and the flood in Johor is caused by nature. Or there are more criminals in Kelantan than in Johor because Kelantan is ruled by PAS and Johor by BN.

Though false , the repetition and persuasion will capture the less educated people, an estimation of 75% will fall to what they hear in the media. For this reason the government in many countries including the United States want to control the whole media.

Those who do not respect the truth will not care less of the consequences that may fall on the society. Public is regarded as slaves to serve the few people in the nation or to throw verdict on their favor.

The 25% of the people who go for the truth either will be placed as an enemy or terrorists. Interestingly in yesterday's media Dr Mahathir was crying foul at an invisible enemy because the Malays cannot and dare not speak the truth. If we reflect deeply what Mahathir was saying, we would take it as a joke. It was BN who had long educate the Malays as what they are now. He was talking about the political consequences, not the moral and other consequence yet.

Of course my opinion, view and interpretation of the government can be wrong and dangerous. They do not hold on any scientific evidence. It could be asked ' isn't there anything good at all in BN ?' Aren't we enjoying almost free medical care, free education , saving agencies for the people and other physical development ? If so why the continuous pounding on the government ?

If all the goodies have brought a complete welfare and satisfaction, Dr Mahathir would not have shouted the Malays whom he regarded as 'mudah lupa', and the DAP had not accused UMNO as racist and unfair towards the other races. And there would not be talks on the second hand expensive naval fleet and billion ringgit missing from the government coffers caused by failed project.

A little of everything is dangerous when they are mixed together like a little whisper of each student in a classroom that create a noisy class; the education policy, policy that drive people to laziness, the alarming growth of drug menace, bag snatchers, petty thefts, daily murder, unequal distribution of scholarships and other opportunitists , corruptions and other business dealings.

I want the readers to think and not to swallow everything I say. It can turn out everything is wrong. I may have interpret the wrong things, pounding views without strong proofs or understanding. You have the highest gift from God; the brain. Use it and think hard and deep.

14/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

This morning I wrote data on several RFID cards. RFID card is as big as the normal credit or debit card. The school I worked before is using the card as a name or a school card. Data has to be written on the card. I developed a simple program to do such a task. Using the ready access database would speed up the data entry.

The smart card system is used in Vocational Secondary School, Alor Setar, both by the students and the teachers. One other school request for the upgrading of the biometric attendance system to be able to read the RFID cards too. Since the school has the staffs of less then 100 persons, it took me about 2 hours to complete the job including the checking session.

Waving the card will not only search and register the person named in the card but it also snap the picture of the waiver. This prevent cheating. The normal punch card has always been the subjected to cheating. A person having a vacation in Jakarta had been recorded as present at his work place.

I don't make a living out of computing or any other business, and I need to do a lot of resting and enjoying my life with whatever technology available. My little saving is ample to feed our two mouths at home. The need for more money as to be greedy is not in my mind.

Afterwards I will continue with my I-Book reading. I never knew that reading is interesting and joyful. And I thank God and the fellow Americans who provide free software for the I-Book and provide free books to download. I would have to purchase or donate but for the last few years my credit card application has always been rejected for the reason I am a retired person and too old to own a card.

13/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Coincidently I have just finished reading a fairy tale called The Sky Island. Three persons from earth by accident were flown by an umbrella to an island in the sky where thee were three Kingdoms, one of which was called the Pinkish Kingdom with a female ruler who was the poorest in the country. She finally beg to return to the normal life she was ecstatically happy.

When Mahathir and the UMNO people had wanted to force Pak Lah down as a Prime Minister, I had wish that Pak Lah should accept his ousting with the positive thought that it was a devil in disguise, for he can spend more time with his family and enjoy his grand children and beautiful wife. It would relief him from burden and sins.

Initially Mubarak would be filled with sadness after being accused as a dictator. He had to think and planned how to maintain power, which would usually involved immoral and sinful means. We seldom see the true smile and happiness of national leaders everywhere. The more avarice they are the more things they are thinking. People come and knock their doors day and night, or hunt them at their offices. Pressures from the advisors and foreign lobbyists fell upon their heads unendingly. They are always in fear of revenge by their political foes. Some had been jailed and a few were murdered or executed.

Total resignation from every part of politics and adjust to the new life will relief him from pressure and provide much happiness. The only problem left to Mubarak is the question of his wealth. How was it accumulated ? Will the people demand all that he has with him or willing to let him go ? If good things come Mubarak can find happiness by going back to the community and voluntary serve them in the non-political way helping the people, going to the mosques regularly and stop talking politic at all.

I don't know how the Egyptians think. We remember Anwar Sadat who fought a winning war against Israel and his long vision won back the lost land without bloodshed, was murdered by his own army. Anwar had done a great service yet his own people killed him. That's the reason why I said that I don't know how the Egyptians think.

If he leaves the country fast and go far away somewhere to find sanctuary for a few years and giving full attention to the family he will be in a great deal of happiness. He got to thanks God that he was not treated like Saddam Hussein.

That the ruler should be fair, honest and benevolent at all time. Showing off the power and run a country like a tyranny has not always be a safe business. Similarly the people around the ruler must be the same too. Most of the time the people below were toying around with the country by doing sinful stuffs thinking that their power is invincible and they will maintain it with the help of the military and the police.

In the story I just finished one 'king to be' wanted to revenge on the cruel tyrant but stopped by a young girl who said there should be no more killing and revenge.

The lesson in Egypt is not only for the Malaysians to learn but more so for the Americans. They are suffering more; the Jews pressed for the Executive Orders which throw away several clauses of the American constitution especially the First Amendment. The strength of the American Administration lies on the number of Jewish population in the country. The protest would not be powerful just by the mere non-Jews with smaller population.

In Malaysia no amount of protest can bring the government down because of the racial composition. Both the government and Karpal Singh were splitting the two races apart. As long as there disagreement between the Malays and the Chinese, the government is the winner.

The different between Malaysia and Egypt was Malaysia gave money to the rakyat and the officers to gain support before any trouble. But Mubarak announced the pay rise just after the call for his resignation. And while Obama is holding a cane in one hand, he is giving the free broadband to the Americans .

With a full sentiment without any truthful proofs, I would like to say that most politicians would go to hell. Some lawyers will follow them. All involve in evidence manufacturing will be the first.

I pray for Pak Lah's well being and happy, spending his remaining life much more with the family. He has plenty of time to repent. And Mubarak, if escaped safely, should think of the good side of it, and forget the filthiness of politics, and all other dirty slogans like 'New World Order','One Malaysia','To protect American lives must kill the Muslims',"PAS is responsible for flood in Kelantan, Nature is responsible for the flood in Johor'. Does God creates mankind to let them throw stones at each other ?

12/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I remember when life was easy, population was small and land plenty. Our town was small. People seldom used the word unemployed because a Village Work which almost meant jobless was considered a work then. Life was without challenge and marriage was an arrange one.

With progress and development and the increase in population, and education has become essential and a passport to secure job, competition becomes stiff. Land become scarce and the price has gone up beyond the capability of ordinary men . In Alor Star even a single storey terrace house has picked up almost RM300,000. Flat dwellers will soon have to pay as much as the people in Hong Kong.

Traditional culture like marriage and death ceremony will take a new turn. Marriage has started to be done in Hotel and Club instead of the house. Flat dwellers can still enjoy the 'Gotong Royong' spirit down stairs.

And land's scarcity made death expensive unless the Muslims had to consult among the religious people to dispel the dead by ashes. While the body can still be kept in the house before the burial, the flat dwellers will have to figure a new way to keep the corpse.

Younger generation find it hard to save their small income for the future. I don't see any way they can afford to buy a RM500000 abode or any descent little dwelling place. The time will come when none can own a home, and will have to rent a flat or a condominium.

Jobs and employment will have to depend on the oil availability. It will some exhaust. The shrinking of our economy could create a mass of poverty.

In addition to the uncertain future, we may find a big burden given by our youth and general population who have been the slave of drugs and the walking dead. We will not be living in peace and tranquility. Our kids and properties will be stolen, house broken in, and the addicts will haunts us.

The rate of survival will depend on our competitiveness and quality. We cannot solely depend on the government to provide us with free houses, food and employment. The fittest will survive. Those trained to fight against all odd and hardship will find ways and means to stay alive and earn enough for a descent living.

The classical economists believe that wars and natural disasters are ways to check the population growth. While science promise  of ample foodstuffs for the world population, they are not free to produce. In other words food will not be free. Most people see the vast piece of land available on the earth surface where they can go like Australia, Europe and the United States. It takes a certain type of people who can venture to unknown foreign land. The mind has to be set up for encountering with hostile environment and hardship.

The competition is not only among the populace but also among the nation states. We have to compete with our neighbors in the sale of oil palm and rubber. Those are also dependent on political environment. We have to bow to many countries to sustain our economy.

Though the future is still at a distance, you can start to look at it today and see where it is going to bring us; our youths, educations, the jobs they are having now, the rising costs of properties and any other probabilities. From the day of independence until today we have seen much changes, some are confronting and some have been considered as big errors. I don't see the far future is good at all.




Nature or biblical a man comes in a complicated form. The highest of the making is the CPU portion of it called the Brain. The unseen and the still debatable part of it is the Sentiment, the feeling, the avarice, the curiosity the emotion which could very well be a part of a soul. It is the second part which call upon the service of the brain to fulfill the desire of the sentiment. Almost every man find a shelter to hinder the fierce wind and heavy rain and followed by other inventions out of necessities.

When families grew into tribes the history of fighting , battles and wars began. It could have started from the stealing of food by one tribe from the other.  The conflicts were either to defense themselves or to assert the tribe's superiority. In today's world if a person he is strong he tends to bully the weaker ones, extort and demanding for protection money.

With the emerging of nation states and the complete embodiment of civility and rule of law and the sound political system we say we are civilize people living in a civilize world. Is it ? Are we in control of the evil sentiment in ourselves ? Civility demands that we should control our evil emotion when it suddenly erupt and drown the brain, putting us at level as the savages.

Rules were drawn against public canning in schools and teachers are not allowed to lay their hands on the students fearing the act of anger drown the thinking mind. The teachers could not measure the speed of his swaying hands and the impact that may land. But the same type of law does not to be seen in the police force. In the recent protest against Mubarak, we did see one policeman acted like a mad man for losing control of himself. And we always people die while in a lock up.

The Israelis looks like pure animals in human dress. The brain is utilize to support the savage acts and supporting the sentiments of evil. The Americans in Abu Ghaib and in Cuba.

The basic of a man never changed from the beginning of his creation no matter whether he is dressed or undressed. If he feels he is strong enough then he want to bully the others, rob of their land or money and demand everyone to obey him.

However the actions of the Israelis, the American army and the Malaysian police and of even the common men are being recorded and kept. In fact they are being distributed to the world. Someone did say 'Bush will be remembered as the worst President of the United States'. Because Bush has no conscience and shame he may be able to live with what is conceived of himself. But long after his death, his future generations will read about his evil doing on the Muslims and the American citizens.

Though God creates heaven and hell to remind mankind to check the evil sentiment well, and to do good to himself and to the people, the brain has been put under intoxication of power and money. And money is never enough to them. Let us all observe our Dr Mahathir; he is over 85 years old. He lives that long to teach us many things about mankind. His last remark was he blamed the operation lalang on the police not on himself. He quarrel with Lee Kuan Yew, commenting about Tanah Melayu and the rest. Mind you he was the Prime Minister for many years. He had done enough to sell the Malays and called them by name. You analyze his own contradiction carefully, you will understand more on a man created by God.

God wants us to think by the many verses; think about the making of the day and night, of man and woman etc. God starts to tell us the beginning of man's creation in our womb. After out of the womb, it is for us to think.

Don't ask a question; why God made man as he is ?

10/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Jews is moving forward to turn the minds of the Americans using the various media to say America is owned by China, just because Chinese products is flooding the United States. The Republicans showed that it is anti-China by not going to the state dinner while Premier Hu was there. China has no influence in the White House and it does not call for the dispense of American Constitutions.

Jews is so very influential and had control several American Presidents and their men. They are able to push for the dispensing of American Constitution by several executive orders to shut up the Americans on what they have done to the World Trade Center and the inhumane crime in Palestine and other Muslim countries. The Americans should not fall under the trap of the Mossad and other Jews machinery in the United States.

Obama bought what the Jews say about civilian spy to spy on the fellow American citizens and had plan to fund the organization. This is nothing new in countries run by a tyrant of any nation and regardless of the period. Much had been written about the Dark Ages and the rule of tyranny during those years where people who did conform to the state religion or church were burnt or decapitated.

I have the opportunity to witness how the American police severely dealt with the illegal immigrants from Mexico and again today how they deal with the fellow Americans.

The Jews like the Muslims are strong believer in their religion, and practice it during the very day. While the other Americans do not have God in them, believe in nothing and tend to put themselves in fantasies, happiness, and be indifference towards their environment. A big number involve in drugs. And many youths prefer to skip colleges. The non-Jews are weaker and leave everything to their elected leaders to solve the problems for them, not knowing the people up there is almost successful in taking a complete control.

Please refer to the internet and find out about the 'tyranny in America today'. You brace yourself for a big shock.

Washington had expected the possible response of the clever Americans, like the Chess game, computing all the opponent's moves and analyzing the law of causation. FEMA detention camps and equipments are ready to house the insurgents whom they called 'The Backdoor Terrorists'.

The word terrorist belongs and solely owned by Henry Kissinger who is not only alive but has become the American Jew's walking god.

Like any other world population, only 25% of the people can see thru the thick wall. It would be a very tough job for the American nationalists to convince the people of what has been happening. Nevertheless the call for civil disobedience and resistance against those who dispel with American Constitutions are in momentum, and it is a chance for us to witness to see who is supreme; the Jews or the non-Jews Americans. I am calling it the 'Battle of the Titans'.

Similarly I am calling the UMNO members to always open their eyes and at all time alert to see who owns the country. In the previous article I touched on the ownerships of the banks and even Takaful, a few other companies with whom we are buying stuffs. The police and other security forces too must always stay alert and observe. Please understand how the Mossad operate and won their penetration, of media, influence and our economy. I am extremely sure that Mahathir would be able to narrate the detail.

Sometimes the King Maker forget what he had just done. It was Mahathir who talked about the Jews ruling the world.

07/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Marriage is still a beautiful and colorful event. People use to say the Satan would cry at every marriage because it hinders the couple from committing adultery. In Malaysia matrimonial event is still an expensive affair on both sides; the bride and the groom. A Malay man has to commit two type of financial procedures; the 'Maskahwin' and 'Hantaran'(dowry). The traditional 'Maskahwin' is the amount to be paid for the wife and the money must solely be used by her. Traditionally the Maskahwin had been between RM24 to a few hundred rinngit. The Hantaran could range between RM5000 to RM200,000. The money could be used for any expenditure. But today most people reversed the amount. The Maskahwin is higher. The money is for the purchase of ornaments.

The traditional arranged marriage is almost fading. A few scattered cases still take place when a woman does not have any boyfriend and come to age. In the modern days the number of spinsters are on the rise, especially the working women.

Another fading practice is the choice of the good day when the ceremony should happen. The Chinese would consult the medium and the Feng Sui. The Malays would consult some old folks and pious religious leader to choose the auspicious day. Today the Malays would arrange the feast during the school holidays. Even in between a few days of school vacation the ceremony would be celebrated. Thus a person could have receive 10 invitations on the same day.

I believe in a cycle of a man's life he must undergo a family building process. Marriage institution provides a chance to feel of ownership and real love towards each other. the sense of belonging and a long life partner in time of health and sickness. The phrase 'This is my wife. This is my husband. This is my kid' could have been strange in the future world of a society who cast away the institution.

The feast or 'kenduri' will be held at two locations; the bride's house and the bridegroom. It started at the bride's house. It is at this point the marriage is solemnized  either at home or mosque. The function is either headed by the bride's own father or his representative who is usually a religious figure. The Imam would first confirm with the lady whether she accepts to be married to the man. Then the oath ceremony ( 'Aqad) will take place with a couple of witnesses. After the oath the marriage contract is signed and they are legally married. The feast at the groom's house could be held the in a next or a few days later.

The bridegroom will be lectured briefly by the Imam immediately after the 'Aqad of his responsibility and advised on a divorce. No divorce should take place.

The dress of both of the married couple is elaborated. The bedroom is well decorated. This incure quite an expenditure. It would be approximately RM1,000 for the rental and bedroom's preparation. And as for the feast the expenditure depends on the number of people invited, which would range between 800 by the poor people to 5000. The meal is about RM7.00 per head.

Certainly it would sound strange for most of us to hear about a couple whom we think are married but say, "You don't owe me. I don't owe you. We don't owe the kid." But those are the words of emancipation and civil liberty where no ownership of human is allowed. People can own, buy and sell chattel. Slaves were considered as chattels in American history.

But in Malaysia the marriage procedure is made difficult by the religious body. The basic and standard Islamic Law pertaining to marriage has been altered to meet the demand of the women for fear of their husbands taking more than a single wife. A man can commit adultery, taking any woman out and bear as many children as he likes out of wedlock but he cannot marry her.

The joke is the women who fought for the rules of matrimony themselves are old maid.

Though marriage is a forever promise, holly to stay till death they depart, yet the divorce rate is quite alarming among the modern generation. It is not so much due to boredom but because things do not come right; a husband become a drug addict and threatening or lay his hand on the wife. Flirtation and jealousy is also quite common.

A Muslim man is permitted to have 4 wives if he qualifies a certain condition; wealthy enough to support his wives, strong enough to provide sex satisfaction, able to be fair to the wives, the first wife must approve the second marriage.

That does not mean all wealthy and able Muslim men possess more than one wife. It is difficult even to gather 1 percent of the population. In some countries the number is nil.  

07/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Have you been called a 'Bastard' ? In the Malay World another significant word having the same strength with it is 'Pig'. A bastard as we understood is a person born out of a wedlock. A child without the legal father is to take a name 'Abdullah' as a father by a Muslim. Because in Asia a child is expected to have a legal father, a child born without one would be murdered to avoid shame, or given away. Many took to a quick marriage with the real father or any other man.

If you are being called a bastard, don't kill yourself for it, have no worry nor sorrow. A good man will not call you a 'Pig' or a 'Bastard'. Though it made no sense to believe that only a real bastard or a person born out of the sexual intercourse between a human and a pig, the remote hypothesis could be true beyond our human imagination. Jews called Jesus a 'bastard' and Mary a prostitute. If a prophet could be so lowly degrade, remember we are just the mere lowly human being.

Recently I read an article written by Raja Petra about the bastard Kings of Europe. To me it is a hilarious episode. Some might called Raja Petra a bastard too for writing such an article at the timing of an issue of the Palace.

The behavior of those who like to use those words is different from any normal stable men. The habit would go with them and brought down to the generation by means of the genes. You don't be surprise to know the Jews of the yesteryears are the same as Jews of today.

Anyone being called by those words is advised to ignore rather than to fight back. It would be awkward  for you to fight with the generation of a pig or a bastard. You don't have to make friends out of these people. One good friend is worth a million of a pig generation. For me it is hard to believe that the members of the congress are Christians as almost all seem to bow to the people who called Christ a bastard and Mary a prostitute.

After all a bastard is not a sinner. It is not of his own doing. What matters are his demeanors. Savage like behaviors even of a normal person is as much detestable. People of low morality can always repeal and do good to the society and any mankind. So far I have yet to see the leniency of the Israelis towards the helpless Palestinians. We do expect some changes in them to respect the people and the prophets of the God.

The Malays have been slow to realize and understand facts. They lost their sights on the vital aspects of life instead throw their focus merely on their own survival, living the rest to be uncompetitive, weak and lazy. I am sure there are more Malays who are Mat Rempit, bag snatchers, house breakers and drug addicts than other races.  A few is fond of using the word 'Pig' and 'Anak Haram ( Bastard)'

'Barua' is another harsh and strong word. I don't know whether it is similar to the Indian scolding word 'Badua'. I heard Indians had been calling the other 'Badua' in the quarrel. The Chinese would start with "Lu Ma Ey P___i and  L____u " and even habitually use them on their close friends jokingly. So much so it lost it's strength as a swear phrase. Recently the Malays in Labis were calling DAP as 'Barua' after UMNO lighted a hot fire during the election campaign.

Philosophers and many learned persons have been saying 'You want to know a person's character, listen to his spoken words and what he says about the others'.

07/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Shops started to re-open on Monday. I went out about 10 am, first to Majid Restaurant for Nasi Kaskas, then to an electronic shop with the express purpose to request the workers to change a few resistors. I told them I could not do my own soldering due to my shivering hand and poor sight. From there I went to a photo shop. "Passport photo," I said. After three snaps I was told to wait.

My passport expires on the coming August 2011. My trip to Turkey on February 15 was cancelled due to the lack of people. The next sure trip will be on 25th April. Turkey will not allow me because it needs the passport to be still alive till six months. I have to renew.

After about 10 minutes the pictures were ready. Four pieces cost me RM11.00. Everything goes up in price. BN or PR, Democrats or Republican, all sympathized with the greedy business people. I did not complaint, in my head I saw a couple of big letters BN.

Immigration Department is about 5 to 7 miles away and the way to get there is a little tricky. Somehow I manage to reach there. The office was filled with people, mostly Chinese and a few Malays. Few Malays travel though many like to make trips to Mecca for an Umrah. Today I saw only a few of them. From my observation I sensed efficiency. Compartments and tables were arrange to make work fast, smooth and systematic. Probably about an hour later my job was done. I need to collect my passport tomorrow.

Because I will be going alone without my wife, I have to pay for a single supplement. My estimation is 6.5K. I do not request for partner to keep the price down. I have more privacy.

Already 3 persons who told me Turkey is a nice place to visit. Things may be expensive as compared to Malaysia.  But the women are pretty with beautiful blue eyes. Anyway I have been a friend of a British Turkish before in Walthamstow London for three months. I don't think they are strangers to me. How beautiful and scenic the country is yet to be seen.

My package trip will be with the Poto Travel stationed in Kuala Lumpur. I think it is better than a few other travel agencies in the country. It is not cheap but they would tell you before hand about the optional tour. Once I had chosen not to take the optional one and it would be no problem at all. The optional tou in Turkey is not cheap, valued at US dollars. The hot air baloon ride would be US240. That will pay for my return ticket to Sabah or Sarawak.

As usual I have to plan my trip to KLIA from Alor Setar. I will take either a train or a plane, not a bus. Taking a bus need a connection with a taxi. KL taxi is ready to swallow you; a mile trip may even cost you RM25. When come to money, it recognizes no mutuality of a race or a creed.


After I acquired a new passport I rang up Poto to furnish the updated information. I was told that there is no trip on April 25 or 26 but the confirm trips will be on the 2nd and 13th of April. From 30th March till 13th April I will be be very busy with my medical and dental checkup and appointments. The lady asked me to talk with one Faidz who is on leave at the moment.

The change in date of travel is common when following a tour group. Even the itinerary can change without any notice.

07/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Do I hate, detest and abhor a person just because he is rich and wealthy ? Yes I do hate people not because they are wealthy but because their behaviors are not agreeable to my taste. I may even hate a beggar if he seems fit enough to work. Lazy people asking for charity, working men who gambled their money off will not be tolerated. And I will continue to be the proponent of hard work.

A person who become wealthy out of corruption, cheating the masses, peddling drugs and systematically robbing the future generation of their welfare is as good as the filthy stray dog no matter how he displays his haughtiness and power. I would not care to bow at such a person regardless of his social status and titles. Or even if he throws money to show his benevolence.

For a wealthy man to own a million ringgit car, a house bigger than a castle, marrying 10 wives and calculated his money well, it would not make me jealous and to wish him bad luck, provided he reap the wealth after toiling the soil and sweat his body day and night. A mee rebus seller can accumulate as much wealth as he can while his mee is still on popular demand.

A friend of mine told me that he went to China with one Towkey, slept in a very cheap abode with a double bed and ate at the roadside stall. With surprise I said the Towkey was very stingy person. He denied it, saying that man bought him a very expensive present and spent him lavishly back in Malaysia. The Towkey enjoyed the experience he had and remembered the time when he was a poor man.

There are many wealthy people who care about their unfortunate relatives and helped them to make ends meet. No good wealthy men would continuously provide outright charity to any beggars or his own relatives. Otherwise the laziness will linger and finally become their profession.

The gathering of wealth by illegal means with the hidden accomplice have been the the talk of the centuries. In some countries almost the whole populace including the main politicians put their priority in the lucrative trade of drugs. Almost the whole South American states is mapped with the symbol of drug. The drug kingpin and the evil entrusted government officers who amass wealth a mountain high are soulless and spiritless. Not an even a atom of respect or praise should be given to them.

What is wealth to a Macau Tycoon when at the brim of his death he uses his breath to fight against his own relatives ? 

The value of wealth is when it is turn into utilities and share among the needy people. There are those hard working who will never ever be rich by their profession like those aloof fishermen and trishaw peddlers. So I was told of one man in Muar Johor who would gather the poor trishaw peddlers at his home on every Thursday night for a good feast and prayers. I can imagine the happiness he had and the number of people to carry his body to the gave on his death.

Another man I know would his kampong people to perform pilgrimage in Mecca every year, finance a mosque and donate to the needy. The transform of the wealth to utility with hard earned honest money give him perpetual happiness and fulfillment.

Wealthy people usually build high brick fences and stay aloof from people. They may find companies at dignified or exclusive Club. Some set no boundary, no security and find companies in mosques, more regular in his own village.

On several occasions I was lucky to have met persons whom I assessed as wealthy on an air plane. One hotel owner insisted that should follow him in Taiwan despite my telling him that my ticket was LA-KUL ( Los Angeles - Kuala Lumpur). He said that could be arranged. Probably he was happy to get acquainted with me though I told him I was a teacher. Mind you he is a Chinese and I am a Malay. Isn't he a man of virtue ?

Being wealthy sometimes happiness can be found in a simple way.

06/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Civil Wars and blood-shed did not explode in a single day . Vicious words could spread wildly underground like a flu virus. In fact I am scared to write about this topic for it's sensitivity would dethrone me in a solitary cell. But out of love to the country and the people I am compelled me to say a few words about it against my own will.

Europe has lost touch with divinity and solely rely on pure reason. The maintenance of Monarchy is out of civility. After all the political history of a vast land of the earth begun with the divine right of a King. With the age of reason the idea of King as a shadow of God has become a fictitious fable. Nobody knows what has happened to the last blood of the Chinese Emperor today.

Powerful Kings or Emperors were seen as the symbol of tyranny. People can be burnt by a mere suspect that they were practicing witchcrafts. The super natural power was suppose to come from god and imposed by religion. So the rebels started to attack on the religious dogma, argued about the truth of the holly books and many years later gave birth to liberty and the right of individuals. Eventually the power of the Kings and Emperors were taken away.

Some saw the wisdom of maintaining the monarchy as an institution to unify the people. Thanks God that we have King, we have religion and we have morality. Giving the right power the King can squelch anarchy when political leaders go to fight and using the military to enhance one individual self. In this case a King must always be neutral and treat his subjects equally.

Political animals have no regard nor respect towards anything so long as they can enhance their power and can rule like a tyrant. They can bomb and kill thousands of their own people. They would show their disrespect towards religion and the holly books. And there is no surprise if they involved the King to gain their own footings.

A King is a King to all. Pak Lah had said well 'I am not an UMNO Prime Minister. I am the Prime Minister of all Malaysians'. Malaysians of high profiles should learn the history of the world and the evolution of mankind. The knowledge may be a tool to check oneself of the vice and virtue of his action.

History shows that it did not take the whole population of Europe to weaken the religious dogma and wash away the power of the Kings and the Church. There were a handful of men with venomous tongues which brought changes to the continent and finally the United States. The cultural history of China tells us how the Chinese spread words using the Tee-Kuih under the suppressive rule.

The power of the instruments of coercion cannot guarantee the perpetual rules of tyranny. We are yet to observe what will happen in America under the coercive rule of Obama and the coming Presidents. It all depend on so much how much the seeds of hatred could be sown. A nation which decide to wage war on it's own citizens is putting itself on peril. Once we command our army to shoot at their own family and wives, the guns would be swung the other way round.

I hope our beloved rulers should have a very excellent non-partisan advisors so that he can see the games played by the politicians and use his wits to combat any effort to drag the monarchy into conflict with his subjects.

One acute problem that enslave the political leaders is the short-sightedness which they are blind to see. It is the law of causality. The effect will be at a very long time to come. In fact they can consider themselves lucky when those who oppose them express themselves vocally and plan for the next steps.

I would say those who are pulling the Rulers to be bias have not been honest and immoral. We don't want the name of the Ruler to be mentioned during lunch and dinner hours within families and friends in every house hold, or the media showing the faces of angry rulers in their papers, which the media tend to do irresponsibly.

The behavior would not arise of these people do not think that they are the most powerful, invincible and above the law.

 It is imperative that we shall all learn from the current unrest in Cairo, Tunisia and regress back to the Philiphines during Marcos era. Marcos won the election and was supposed to be a popular government. Egypt was said to practice a FAKE DEMOCRACY. If Mubarak steps down it would be almost like the history of the Philiphines. We don't want to import the undesirable evil into our shore, not now and not in the future.

The pushing to mental unrest by politicians and their bogey has negative effect whether or not it involve a physical violence  as it becomes a talk of a families and friends when it should not be there. Dragging of Royalties to make decision for the politicians is very irresponsible and pernicious. In my view this wind of chaos started during Dr Mahathir period, And later we how how Ibrahim Ali insulted the Menteri Besar of Kelantantan at one Royal Ceremony when Nik Aziz was not invited.

Our beloved King is the King to all, PAS or UMNO, DAP or MCA. A big majority still believe in the concept of Khalifatullah, the King is divine and an Imam. If the King does not lead the prayer himself, he appoint a representative to carry out his duty. To the Muslims God is the greatest and politicians are merely detested human being. An Imam and a King has been respected since the early period. In fact the Muslims respect all King, may he be a Queen of England or the Royalty of Thailand. They are the symbol of peace and tranquility. The institution is symbol and a tool of unity.

The police report made on a PKR man over some Royal issue ignited the volatile atmosphere. The picture of a King published in the Internet is thing which is not suppose to happen. It is just like a sober man fighting against a confirmed mad man. It made both of them mad. You reflect and ponder deeply, and see who is more rude and who has no morality. As I said before a savage can bomb and killed a few thousand of his own countrymen or prostituting his own wife and worship Satan with a promise to honor it as a god, just because of the desire to be the most powerful.

The aftermath of Iraq is also a good subject to study to see how revenge and the long waited hatred still continue even after the war was over. Wasn't Iraq a well known country in the fable of the Mid West ? The great country in history has now become a chaotic dust. It will also happen to the United States which has started to reign with iron fist.

Iraq is without any Sultan and without even a descent President or Prime Minister. It is becoming of Afghanistan.

And let us all guard our boundaries well from any incursion of reckless idea and philosophy by throwing the lies and evil intent. The showing of power and arrogant act will not sustain a long peaceful nation. I say so base on the history of the world starting even before the Greek time.

04/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How true of the saying that 'Nothing is free..' We don't have to pay single cent to write blog, the communicate using Facebook and Skype, and even watching and downloading pornographic movies. And I have enjoyed many free iBooks and free sot wares. But I pay for my web pages because I want to buy pleasure and satisfy my soul with database experiments.

The new agenda and thinking of mankind is in fact the insurrection of the past history of conquest and mastering the world, to build an empire and be the master of the world. Be it Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great or Napoleon. In the age of atomic bombs and laser weapon superiority it is vital to make sure that no other countries can challenge the current masters. Not only whether the other world possess the capacity to challenge their strength with weapons but also to see the ability of the other people to think as shrewd or as smart as them.

Blogs and Facebook are a few of the free stuffs for the world to display the thinking ability, the label of education, the emotional states and the cohesion of the nation. What is written by Mahathir and Khairy and Lim Kit Siang would be very valuable and filed in a folder. The rest simply be an assessment to the superiority and the potential state of thinking of the people. How many morons and idiots do we have ? Are we all morons and idiots ?

It would be very difficult to penetrate and influence the Muslim youths. If a nation is run by the extremist religious group, it would be hard for the Jews to spread their tentacles across. The belief in martyrdom  has been an obstructions and a feared weapons. Vietcong sacrificed lives to break thru the American defense. To break the camel's back is to indoctrinate and corrupts their minds. Pornographic movies is one of the weapons to soften religious fanaticism.

Media roles for divide and rule effort is real. CIA was highly successful in breaking up the Soviet Union. Now it is working very hard in Iran. China is a little hard to crack. Indonesia has been dealt with and the penetration is much more deeper because of it's a very high degree of corruption. Criminals with money can have their holidays over seas while serving sentences. Malaysia has opened up the doors and windows, except for the total control of the populace.

We do not know how our mental state and ability has been assessed. Population with educated minds and intelligent would provide a potential security threat. The eyes of the Jews in Putrajaya is  on our atomic power plant. As long Malaysia is being controlled by the present government, Israel will be lack of one threat. And the stupid population assessed thru the blogs and the other free internet stuffs will make those people having a reduced problem.

May be less than 5% of the Malaysian internet users are using the technology to express themselves or using it to cast hatred. If none pose any potential danger, at least information as to politics could be gathered as assessed.

I am not in a habit to read blogs or political pages even though I was told many people are expressing stupid ideas in them. They are of no value to me no matter on what topics they write. On whatever language they used all will be translated at least by the computer if not by mankind and kept in the special folder for later perusals.

Though free internet stuffs like blogs and facebook have a concealed agenda, I do not believe that every free thing has a cost behind them. It is some human with the nature of wanting to share with the world and believe in the well being of the global mankind.

03/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I found literature by the 17th, 18th and 19th Century people contain matters of a high mental capacity. Observing and hearing the contemporary individuals of letters, they are no match with those of their predecessors. Even in the field of sciences and technology Copernicus, Newton and Darwin still hold their place till today. As of Tesla he had left too much power to the Americans in the ability to destruct the whole world.

The evolution of liberty was not without pain. It had met all the challenges and the hostile arguments and finally survived and almost become a dogma, which is expected to stay forever without changes and alteration as some books of the reveal religions. If anyone starts the argument on civil liberty, he will be repeating what has been argued before, rebuttals after rebuttals . We just can't disqualify the old merely based we are more intelligent. How much more intelligent are we to those ?

The nature and the products of Industrial Revolution had met the requirement of the time; cotton gins and printing machines had brought a gigantic impact to the world. The discipline of the research methods and procedures left to us help us to discover more of the natural laws and progressive sciences and inventions.

The moment America made changes to the constitutions which were built up after a long period of time , it has turned itself a tyrant state.

What is against reason is the dogma of religions. The rise of freedom and liberty was after a long fight between them, on the controlling of the people by edicts and severe punishments in the name of God. The victory of free thinking did not stop the believers from practicing their beliefs. The Christians, the Jews and the Moslems carried on with the tradition; the teachings of morality, marriage and social interactions.

Some atheists statements said that religion is essential to control the people and to win popularity and support.

Nevertheless while reasons proceeds concurrently with scientific development (for enjoyment and destructions), religion keeps cohesion among the families, race and a nation.  It keeps the moral value respectable among the many. Free sex, lesbians and gays, same sex marriages, and exchanges of spouses are barred, and the realization of the sweetness of family and affection will be felt at a certain point of a time.

The effort to cast the old reason and the old moral value will shift the people further from humanity and love. Life means nothing. Killings mean nothing. Inflicting pains on the others is nothing. Lying, cheating and prostituting oneself or one's wife is nothing.

Old is not an archaic stuffs for the museum.

Why should we be so ignorant ? Is it because our lack of reading the laws, the rules, and the history ? Or that we are not but we are just a filthy lot of people, just being different from animals merely by our dress and we know how to clap our hands ? Or there is something disturbing our brain ?

Human can be very funny: One man going into a room where there are 10 empty chairs. He want to sit on the chair used by someone, chased him out. Could he not go to the other empty chairs ? The funny thing is, when the man went away, he just walk away, not even wanting to sit on the same chair.

It is impertinent to wildly say that a filthy person is born from the filthy womb. It is not only harsh and unscientific but also extremely a rude comment. It should be said to any moron or head of any nation. But the total ignorant of history of liberty and the disrespect for religious value could invite any harsh words from the very uneducated.

Right now the only country which still respect the old is China. She has a university built for them. Even a retired old scientist could still contribute their knowledge to the students, young or old. By the of causality I foresee the alteration of the archaic would end up in chaos and instability. 

02/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just came back from a soccer match between Kedah, my state, and Felda United. In the yesteryears no women attended the game. Today at least 20% of the spectators are women, young and old. Some brings kids with them. The thrill of live soccer as compared watching thru TV is you can shout, yell, clap, boo and laugh. You talk to people whom you have never met before.

One of the most noticeable behaviors is the yelling and shouting using all the swear words we can find in the dictionary, profane and vulgar and the tone would go deeper then profanity and vulgarity. The target would be the referee and the opposing players. The man behind me almost did not stop using the swear words. The lady in front of me pretend not to hear him. The kid beside me was looking at him all the time.

When he finally mentioned the name of our political leaders and yelling bad words, I immediately warned him to watch himself. He might be caught and sleep in jail for nothing. He heard my remark and stop mentioning the politician's name.

It reminds me about the freedom of speech and human liberty and right. How far can one go at hurling curses and using bad words on other people ? Limitless ? In my opinion the limit is the extend when the words he uses has painted himself to disgrace his race and religion. He turned himself into animal. Because there was a lady and the kid among the crowds the profanity must be checked. And because some of the spectators may be the supporter of that political person, he may be physically attacked and suffered injury.

The referee and the players did not say anything to these people. The political leader has nothing to do with the Felda team and he was not even there.

At time in fact many a time we notice a group of persons calling the other party names and hurling curses at them but when there was a retaliation, the later would make noise and report it and demanded for apology. The freedom of speech is good for him but not good for the others to use.

How about lies and calling people liars ? Similar to the above example the freedom of speech to lie and call people liars can only be practiced by them but not by all other people.

Most religions revealed or not teach the followers to respect and help fellow human kind. Only one race justified man as animals and should be treated like one. Coincidently I happen to read an article by a Jew about Judaism and explained much on Torah and the books and the Talmud and most interesting of all was about prayers. He talked like what my religious teacher taught us about the number of times a person must pray, about the danger of postponing , about the various type and time. The Muslims practiced similar things but in different way and language.

Hence by the shallow interpretation even the Jews should respect all other human race and should check the limit of their freedom including the freedom of speech, and giving freedom to the people of the conquered land, not to treat them like animals. And freedom of speech is concurrent with the freedom of others to live in peace and tranquility.

Taking a very powerful man who command the world with wealth and fire power and a poor black slave, we don't see much different between them. The blood color of Golman Sach or Bush is no different from the slave. The color of their semen is the same though once upon a time the color of blood and semen belonging to the black slave was said to be black. When the so-called superior man dies his body does not turn into gold and only the slave would turn into ashes.

The checking of limit towards using vulgarity must be complementary to the government limit of executing the enactments. Enactments must not be seen as tyranny or savage like. Some protests and peaceful demonstration which does not cause any damage to properties and havoc to the traffic flow, do not turn the protestors into savages.

So far I think hooliganism in soccer games were found among the British fans and the Malaysian from a certain states.

The game did not go clean. There were several brawls among the players. Did I yell ? Yes I yelled. "Fight...fight...fight.." and the rest follow, "Fight...fight...fight..." Then we broke with laughter. That had put us almost the sane flat form as the savage. No women and children offended just by the mere words 'fight'. It wasn't even a firey word of urging the players to fight. We hope they know what we mean, that the game was soccer not a wrestling match.

Kedah did not play a good game. I think the coach knows how to play football but lack the thinking ability. I saw no strategy but playing game like a kampong boy with soccer ball made of newspaper. Kedah won 1 - 0.

02/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Please relax, be cool and think. When flood happens in Johore or Pahang it is called Natural Calamities. We always hope the people of Johore in the affected areas would be patient and wait for the water to subside. The agony is also felt by the Australians and European countries who seldom face the wrath of the water. There is a portion of the people who believe it comes from God.

But when the flood attack Kelantan, it is not called the natural calamities. The media called it PAS's job. We heard the ordinary people cursed PAS government and the media unendingly swearing at PAS. In the recent media and the swearing of the Klantanese towards PAS government made me shrugged my head. I said, "Wait till it happen in Johore and Pahang and all other BN states." Due to the law of causation the flood spread.

Just by con-incidence a couple of days ago, two men came to my house to hand me a letter with UMNO's letterhead inviting to go and collect UMNO's donation to flood victim. I looked at the letter and saw it was not my name though it was my address. I gave back the letter. But I remembered well how UMNO had bashed the state government for not showing any caring.

Today on the way to a bank I stopped at UMNO HQ. Outside there was a large banner written "BN MENANG RAKYAT SENANG". I went up and saw a lady. "I want to ask you something....the other day I was given a letter about...."She asked for my IC, queried the computer and handed back the card. My name was not there. I said nothing more and asked nothing more.

As expected UMNO does not donate to every flood victim. MY expectation has always been true. A dollar given out will be howled in the TV as loud as it can. The rest would be siphoned. At least I am not a darn supporter of the party. In fact I don't support any party. When I tumbled with filth and dirt, I will write about it. But I believe even the UMNO supporters do not get the money though they are the victim of 'PAS' flood.

Will the flood victim in Johore be given 200 - 500 ringgit each ? Now that Tenang is over and BN has won, we just wait and see what is going to happen. After all it is a Natural Calamities not a 'PAS' inside job.


01/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

DAYTON 2011 ?

After learning about the gigantic plan of Washington, the filthy thought of world domination and the murder of liberty of the Americans, my heart sank deep down in the mud. I just could not believe, the country I looked upon as the Father of Democracy and benevolence, has become a country of savagery. The whole government agencies have been spelled to tell lies. There is no need for the fellow lay American to question who did the 911. It is no more a conspiracy theory. It is confirmed it was the planned and operation of the administration. It was not about Bush knew it before hand but it was him who ordered it. What is behind the New World Order was about money. It is the superiority of the military might that pushed Washington to terrorize the world. We can see Iraq was the opportunity for companies to make money, big money thru the named reconstructions and the personal bodyguard scheme ( many people knows it by Blackwater).

30 years ago I met one American Filipino woman at Los Angeles airport. We chat over several things. I remember well one of her remarks "America is MONEY. No money no love...nothing.." It just passed my ears.

Later I realized many other things; the culture of fund raising before the election which is not healthy at all for democracy. The most money came from the Jewish lobbyists. And later whoever became the President would have to oblige and would design policies demanded by them. The government of the United States today is the spokesman for the business community like the Microsoft for instant. And any other government agencies are competing hard for federal funding while the business community depends on the policy.

I told my wife to forget about US visit though my Visa expires only in 2017. After all I am about to forget ham radio once our radio authority passed out a new law. I won't be buying any more radio and would neither accept even any gift. Instead of spending my money there, I should find alternative places to visit. People are talking Turkey and China. My visit to China was confined to Senzhen only. Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries except Mecca has never been visited before. I heard so much about Korea and the Koreans yet I have not seen the soil yet. Japan, at least I have slept a night at Narita.

China was painted as an evil for many years. The Communists behind the iron curtain paralyzed the religion and destroyed mosques and churches. People's movement were constantly watch. I remember the late Tunku even show suspicion when China presented Malaysia with Al-Quaran during one Recital competition. The fear was so intense.

Today we know that there are more Muslim in China than Malaysia-Indonesia combined. The old mosques are still intact and I have wished to celebrate 2011 Aidil Fitri in Beijing.

True China is hard to crack. The Republican party knows it. The Jews and the Democrats is trying to outwit the Chinese. But there is something for certain which may kill Washington; if China has attained high quality in their products the world will be buying from her.

Dayton Hamvention 2011 would lay rest in my mind. If I go the immigration may ask me to take the first flight home or declare I am a pro-terrorist like many of the Americans are now suffering.

01/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have been sleeping almost all my life. My focus or attention was not given to the quest for knowledge about the world but instead wasted it on other invaluable madness. I now realize how drugs, pornography, wines and entertainment poison the population and put them to perpetual paralysis. Only recently I learned about how a few men had planned to control the world. The more I read about 'freedom', the more I discover how the evil plan was carried out and has reached our shore. Once the plan started it never stop and continue to flex and push the tentacle worldwide.

It is about the buying of media and banks and all other businesses and political bodies by using BIG money. I began to smell the real ownership of Takaful and a few other financial bodies too. Is Takaful own by Hong Leong and Hong Leong in turn is owned by the few people in USA or Israel ? Are all our media owned by the same persons residing over seas ? How evil has we become ?

At the moment I don't know the real ties between UMNO and those foreign evil. The ordinary American citizens are revealing their activities thru a lot of research work and show how strong they are. The propaganda is going vigorously and aggressively to blind the world.

Nobody can see the extent of foreigners controlling the Malaysian media and financial institutions. The normal laymen would not even believe the existence of the 'invinsible government'. No opposition parties can convince or urge the governemt. Only UMNO itself can start to secretly check what's happening between some of the party members and the Jews or Singapore. Do the scientific and detail investigation of every financial institutions like the banks and insurance companies and find out who the real owners are.

The Prime Minister might have not realize of the game because he is more concern of his post, to continue to rule. Then look at those who are around him and check their history one by one and know their previous and current movements. Who are their contacts and their daily business. May be there could be only two or three persons in UMNO who are the masters but puppets of the invisible foreign hands. We are not talking of the CIA but the business American Jews.

If by now UMNO is still clean and free from foreign manipulation or non-involvement in masonry, then it is better to get prepared for any eventualities, learn more about the secrets of the evil men of the world and their plans. I believe Dr Mahathir knows much about this international invisible tentacles, and is thinking about it's enigma.

If UMNO is just a bad boy in a kampong, bullying and extorting people, it is not a scary thing. It still maintain the country and the economy, the media and the financial institutions. We just fight back with hope. There is still a hope. But if UMNO is a bad boy in the international arena then the whole of our generations will suffer and will live under the govern of the satan.We can only pray so that UMNO will not be instrumental to these people.

This government is extremely powerful in USA and no amount of public cry will ever be heard. It has robbed the individual liberty and changed the American institutions. But the American fighters are not as stupid as many of our Malaysians. They fight back like the unseen fire but like the war between religion and the free thinkers in the earlier part of the Western histories, it will take a very long time for any victory for freedom.

Right now I believe our Malaysian leaders should seek a Sifu from China and learn the secrets of the West and how to combat the invisible enemies. We need a Tai Ko. We need to look East. Though for so long I have never agreed with some of Mahathir's words, now I began to see what Mahathir had seen before. May be he was not sleeping then. Only ta few of the UMNO members knows what nationalism is while the rest chose to worship money and compete for projects. When they get nothing they would jump ship and join PKR. When PKR had no money, they jumped back to UMNO.

The Malays always want a quick and easy money. If they can't get the charity then would sell their land. Wasn't Takaful sold to Hong Leong ? I don't know. Find out and let people know about it. And who own Hong Leong ?

Then when there was a leak of the purchase of software from Israel, even before Anwar's loud mouth, the fear mounted. Now when discovering the plan and the activities of the few evils, the shock almost striket me to death.

UMNO members must wake up. The police and the army must wake up and be on guards against the intrusion of foreign spies among our midst.  Go and read as much as you can about World War III. Find out what the fellow Americans said about the decline in morality.

Now Washington is labelling those who are anti-war and the truth seekers as pro-terrorist. The media called them 'Backyard Terrorists'. FBI and the government are intimidating their own population by marshal law. Imagine how Bush change the constitution to pressure the people. No wonder the Jews have been campaigning for the change in American constitution so that their agenda can be met.

Of course the American constitution has nothing to do with us. But you must see who is behind the changes. The same hand is pushing for the New World Order. Are we already soaked ?

01/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I would like to begin with my humble apology to write something which I am not an authority nor having an expert knowledge. To God I pray for forgiveness for my effort in case of errors therein. I also do not mean to belittle any other creed or to exalt any proof of the truth of any religion. I merely want to explain what I think some misunderstandings about what I am about to touch.

Many literatures repeatedly use the term Mohamaden to identify the Muslims. There is no such thing as Mohamaden but there is a Muslim or Muslims. All Muslims believe in Adam and Jesus and Moses and all the other prophets. And the prophet Mohamad is the last prophet who received the final episode of the revelation.

Islam just happen to be an Arabic word. It has a universal meaning. It implies to mean perfection. The rotation of the earth and it's moving around the sun and the law and the process of nature to provide life to the people is all that perfect. Imagine if the world come to a stop and the solar system cease to work, what can happen to our world. The universe itself is Islam. People all over the world cannot accept it because of the Arabic sound. Even a school of Christianity called the Natural Religion gave a good description of a single God beyond human imagination and the law of nature.

A Muslim is a person who believes in a single God and Prophet Mohamad as the last prophet on the earth. A Muslim also believe in the resurrection of Jesus during the day of Judgment. What beyond the comprehension of our mind is what will happen to the followers of the reveal religion on that day. This is not an article to debate it and it should not be debated at all.

In the age of reason and in the world and a country of multi-racial and culture, what is required of a citizen is not to insult each other's religion but together put a concerted effort to fight against drug abuse and pushers, thieves and robbers, gangsterism and  mafia. We should respect each other's culture and have some toleration.

A good and responsible social animal is not displayed in any dress or creed. A good man is a good man.

31/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We feel living in the age of reason the nation of science and the master of technology would run the nation by total reason and rationality not by the source of fear, distrust and other emotional characters. No amount of learning and education can create a full rational man. He would serves first his feeling and greed and the wanting to maintain power and stay so that way by any mean.

But mankind in reality needs both in some controlled ways. Our mind has it's limitation in the thinking. It perceives things thru experience. Hence a blind man cannot dream because he has no prior experience in seeing things and the world and shapes. When an atheist rejects religion or God and an artist tries to draw a god or any Extra- Terrestrial l being the products will somehow contain parts as seen by human before. They have lines and shapes, head, eyes or body and a god deity with human face with an elephant trunk and several hands.

Reason cannot solve every problem because there are things which our mind simply cannot imagine. To demand for the absolute use of reason means to put away our emotions aside.

In managing a nation or an institution we do see the utilization of both. Mankind could not simply live with reason because he would need some emotion for his family; the love for the wife and children, the feeling of jealousy as a sign of love. Otherwise nobody would feel what is a happiness a fulfillment.

One unmarried school principal who is a lady would put many questions to her subordinates who asked for permission to bring the children to hospitals. She asked rational questions. But if she were a married lady with a child, it was most likely she would understand and gave permission after reminding the teacher to give work to the student.

The application of feeling and sympathy need to limitation as set by the reason which acts like a check and balance. It cannot be applied to activities which could result in crime, dishonesty or any other bad intents. The selective sympathy is natural. A case as has been mentioned in the essay below is one of them. The manager may be charge as inconsistent by heart without consulting the brain.

Political responsiveness without any check could end with some various kind of disaster, from financial to social and cultural. Every worker wants a high salary, PMR worker demand as much as the graduates. Those who got 8 As demand for medical university entry. And in some demand there would result in reverse discrimination which would take the populace to the social unrest.

So is the concept of democracy and majority. Even the United States of America has thrown away an absolute democracy and civil liberty by putting away the First Amendment on matters relating to 911, American involvements in Afghanistan and terrorism. It was not put to the vote of the majority. When majority demanded for the re-investigation of 911, it was boldly rejected. Majority is only applied to political voting. 75% of the people cannot make good decision.

It is quite sound to say that meritocracy produces an assured good result. Meritocracy appeals more to reason and rationality with some consultation from human emotion. It is fairness and goodness, halting the greedy from exploiting the mass and cheat them of their saved earnings.

It is the rule of a minority chosen by the majority to use their intelligence to the fullest for the welfare of the people. Singapore and Israel, and now Washington is applying the rule of meritocracy. But Israel and Washington would adopt anything else for their own convenience. Israel would appeal to Talmud to kill the Palestinians and cheat against the Americans.

We can use reason only to a fix limit to know God and the rest no mind can imagine. Because of the scepticism we see people are not fearful to swear to the Quaran and other holly books, and insult Islam and the ulamas. In the ancient time it was believe lying when sweared to the holly book, bad luck would befell immediately. And because of such reason people accept corruptions, went to gamble, cheat and lies and want to buy power by dishonest mean.

Some hold that MONEY is all the reason in the world. Had money been in abundance in the middle or dark ages all the deists, atheists, churches and dogmas could be bought with money. Last night in the C-Span I watched some programs which I found as a propaganda as 4 persons engaging in the projects in Afghanistan giving report to a Committee. First I observed their oath which reminded me of the Jews words "A Jew can lie for the god of the Jews" and secondly I knew that none care less about the oath they took. Then they were reporting about their work in developing the Afghans.

What was hidden and not mentioned about the projects undertook to construct the pipe lines or the oil search. Of course nothing was mention about the poppy. The most important of all is the oil project. America is running out of oil and that has a very negative impact on American economy. The reason and rational aspect of imperialism is for the survival of the Americans and the hunt for wealth ie MONEY. The least holder of Building 7 collected 7 billion as a result of his order of the Pull Down. Was it not because of money ?

The philosophy of reason still holds and has to be up-kept with the minimal consultation to emotion so long as it is not for the detrimental of a race, creed and a nation. 75% of the populace are guided by emotion and that is quite disturbing and remorseful. This give advantage to the ruling party.

31/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Out of anger towards a worker the officer told me that that man, a store keeper, had forge the signatures of the Head of Department on several order form. In a quick and forceful response I asked what action had been taken against the store keeper. "Was the police report made ? It is a crime." I said. The officer said that the police report might have been too harsh and that a report had been lodge to the HQ. "What was the response from Kuala Lumpur ?" I asked. "They said they will be coming for further investigation."

                          "Mark my word," I warned. "They will not come till the end of the year or never at all."

The officer looked at me with puzzled but did not ask me the reason for my comment. After a long experience I observed that most, not all, of the Malays don't want hard job. They always want the easy way out. They know that making a case out of one criminal act of their own workers would take a long process and procedure. The Malay officers would not want to make jobs difficult to them. Even the normal Malays prefer easy things. A few struggled hard to survive and do not to depend on charity.

A year later I asked the officer again whether anyone came down to investigate this guy. "NO". I was right then. The store keeper carried on his work. He still keep all the local order. If the work is not given to him, they said he will 'makan gaji buta'. Several time I heard the word pity was used.

A couple of days ago while I visited the office for some computer work, I heard a commotion in the office. I asked the clerk why all the noise ? "He lost the Local Order, cikgu," the clerk told me. I said nothing and commented nothing. In my heart the worse thing will be coming before his retirement. I have advised the administrator not to let this person keep any books of Local Order if the school refuse to take an action against him. It fell on the deaf ears. They probably still believe in him and pity him. In fact at one time he was awarded a jump salary scale for the reason of pity.

Similarly, when one of my student who is a lecturer told me that he has no heart to fail his students, I felt not only disappointed but also offended. The opposing team of the political parties had been criticizing the government agencies for promoting inefficient officers to important job. If it is within the legal frame work, we could have seen injustice being done. In the case of police and security it could be be the resulting of the flourishing of drugs and explosion of crime rate.

Showing pity towards workers like this store-keeper will burden whoever become his head of department, and other clerks.

I would never pity any person who commit crime. Several times I heard a sort of plea, "Plase pity me, I am a Malay like you are. If a Malay does not help the Malay who else ? "

Is that call benevolent ?

 30/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We have surpassed 50 years over independence and BN has been ruling Malaya and Malaysia since then. 50 years is a long time. Like any other countries the should be outcome of the long period of nation building is the nations should be at almost a perfect country, peaceful, secured, free of crimes, the enlightenment of sciences and technology and a nation of Utopia.

Instead those nations are chaotic; people are barred from asking questions, arrested without the right to defend themselves, the flourishing of drugs, the rise in corruptions and some are moving towards economic turmoil.

When the result does not match expectation, it shows that there is a failure in the nation building. These are signs of the lose minds and the lack of morality amongst the ruled ones. This morality is a component of conscience and the believe in God. Using the so-called holly testaments to find just to murder thousand of people and even of it's own citizens constitute the immorality of the worst order.

When the world is facing the moral turmoil, it is not an excuse for us to say our failure is a natural phenomena. It is not natural to change the name of Islam given by any other name, involve in masonry at the same time going to Friday prayer, worship illuminati and behave like a savage. Like the one Satan causing havoc to the entire universe, even one man can cause havoc to a nation.

Most government fail not because of the top leadership but because of the officials or the Ministers below him who practice savagery and formulating some short sighted policies. People in power always forget that they will become mice after retirement and may be remembered as the permanent members of the eternal hell.

If we claim to have achieve perfection or near to it, we would have attain national unity by now. People live in tranquility. Government rule without opposition party because of the full support it gets.  Illegal immigrants would be unheard off. The road is free of drug pushers and bag snatchers. Young girls will not roam the cities at night.

Then we have to admit that Utopia is something impossible to reach. Only God is perfect. But it can only be accepted if everyone has tried his best to do good, fair and honest to all human being, and avoid the savage behavior. With good officers who do not make their own rule of law, who always see the far future, do not invent stories and manufacture lies, who fear God, we can be sure that our moving up to perfection will be in motion though we may not be able to arrive at the so-called Nirvana.

Freedom of speech is not the main yardstick to the civilization as it has to be defined as not to hurt other people religion and feeling. There is always a tolerant. Disagreement can me resolved by the friendly talks. Hurting a person has no absolute meaning because men have to talk about corruption, mismanagement of offices and power, cheaters and liars and robbers. Historically in some nation states people are not allowed to criticize the government or they will be put away. 

Nation building comprise the building of individuals in their spirit, skill, attitudes and knowledge. In the modern world it is called 'Modal Insan' ( Human Capital). Because everyone has to go thru schooling, the philosophy must be of a very long term vision and be continued with it for several decades. The failure of the education policy can put a nation in social and political disturbances for a long period of time. There are many schools are known to implant the survival course by themselves because it is not found in the school curriculum.

It is also vital to educate people how to recognize and choose their leaders. Right now a big number of the population fail to choose the right leaders who do not live on greed and corruption. At the moment it is estimated that 75% of the world population are easily influenced by what they hear repeatedly. That's the reason why you can find advertisements in the TVs all over the world. The inability to think compound with laziness are factors contributed to the continuous problems.

Religion which has been a practice for a very long time has become a tool today. The Jews use it to justify the killings of the non-Jews and to rob of their lands and countries. The politicians use them to gain the support of the voters. Even the unbelievers would dress to fit the culture or religion. Songkok will be the main item of political posters.

When I was a very kid people already talked about the sign of the end of the world: men dress like women and women like men, human being will resurrect the dead, people worship the bad and despise the good, the words of God will be sold everywhere with a few cents, people will worships devil rather than God.

At the peak of the turmoil Jesus will return and some will obey him and some will not.

Had not one ask why our world rotate in one direction, or why it rotates  at all ? Will it not be a force which to stop it or making it revolve in randomly mad direction ? Had you not think of the existing of gravity and how it comes into being ? Why at all gravity ? If it can come, can't one day it goes away ? If it does what will happen to you and me ? And to our souls ?

Yes Utopia is imperfect but that's does not give us a license to be obstinate, arrogance, robbers and thieves, liars and cheaters, bad officers and evil.

30/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If you are running a business or an organization would you choose all your close friends to work under you ? I know of someone who has many close friends, who finally had a fortune of running a million ringgit company but did not take his unemployed friend to work with him. And I just try to imagine if I were to run a big and critical business, what sort of manpower do I need to have.

Title of 'friends' or 'relatives' will be out of bound. I will have to look at the ability, mental alertness, capability to solve problems, good attitude and really knowledgeable. It is not an easy job to do. One day of interview will not tell us everything. We can know our friends well; his education, attitudes, mental ability, trustworthiness, skill and a few others but we could not recognize a person in a day.

We usually start at looking at his paper qualification; his grades, number of days attending the school, and comment on demeanor . During the course of the public examination, somehow we can depend the validity of the grades shown. But with the implementation of the school-based examination, we can't tell the standard of the certificate. Some schools are good and some are bad. Some teachers are honest in giving grades and some are not.

Even universities are graded. Some graduates from a certain university are easy to get jobs and some universities are not listed in the list. Candidates from such universities may not be called for interview. Likewise with the school-based examination it would be difficult to choose the reliable candidates.

If you still don't know about the present education system in the country, the government is now enforcing the school-based examination system. At the moment Bahasa Malaysia and a couple of other subjects are still held in the common examination. Slowly the school will run all the examination shows.

Even though in the United States the education is more localized, there are common test for all to go for higher institution like SAT, GMAT or GRE. GRE would analyze the aptitude of the candidates and it tells a little more of a person. It analyzes a person's mental ability and achievement. It may not tell us the attitude and manual or mental special skill. Mental alertness can be a seen a little thru the test score in mathematics. The problem solving questions would some how tell us his ability.

The question put to you was 'would you just employ any Dick, Tom and Harry ?'

Attitudes are difficult to see during just a short interview. The use of a referee could not be trusted as well. We have to investigate the likely candidates after the interview like doing the FBI job. The last time I took my school workers, I failed to investigate one. Two others did not fail me. They are what they are; a good and hard working workers. The one who I did not investigate turned out to have a mental problem nothing more. He had just passed away.

Once upon a time we have school gardeners who refused to do any other work other than gardening. Until many years later the job title had to changed to 'General Labor'. We have workers who stole from school's workshop, teachers taking home school properties, workers who always missing from the office and using the work place as a gambling den.

To most of us, when come to choosing workers for our own we are extremely careful. But when we set policy we just don't care of the future outcome. With the school-based examinations parents or educationist with money would prefer to send their kids somewhere else not the government school. Schools running the twinning programs would be more preferable.

Observe some financial institutions and the running companies. The Malay companies hardly survive without the government's life line and help. A few has changed hand without your knowledge. All of our own doings. Our own policy.

29/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


By accident I heard Najiib announced that the Highway Concession will not be renewed. Are you happy with it ? So you are going to vote for BN for that ? You can vote BN but not because you believe you don't have to pay toll or no more toll for you. Somebody else will be given the concession to run the highway. Do you think the toll will be reduced ?

Now you can start guessing who will get the concession. It will be taking away from a tiger's mouth and giving away to the lion. God forbid betting or else I would bet my fingers for that. We never get any cheaper utility rate when they were given to private companies.

I don't ask you to be anti government or not to be ungrateful to it. But I am telling you to use a little portion of the grey  matter in the brain on analyzing any politician talks. They may not lie to you: not to continue with the concession to the same company is true. But you hear silence of the rest. Saying Felda has 10000 for instant is not a lie. But that 10000 is in the form of the trees valued in money form.

You should know that the government is hard up of cash. Yet everyday we hear million and billion of ringgit for the people. Do you get the money ? May be you may get some if there is an election in your area and you have to pray for the elected representative to die more often. But instead of getting the money mentioned, you are paying for the high food price, poor people pay more for the vehicles insurance, the increasing utility bill and nothing less for any other things.

We have to agree that we should pay for the tolls, some tolls. The government should build the new roads and highways for the people not the private companies. Repair the old roads with the fund paid by the people namely road tax. And the tolls should not be excessive and the excess profit must go back to the people.

I am sure Najib and the rest must have known who will be the new concessionary . And most people would guess it would be someone linked to UMNO. Later if you hear of the bailout and financial problem of the concessionary don't be surprise or shock by it. Profitable projects can go bankrupt just by one or two evil men. We have seen so many undertakings handled by UMNO members simply went dead or changed hands. Please check who really owns Takaful. From the distance I heard it is Hong Leong. Isn't it ? Or Just some lies somewhere.

At least we hope the new company would at least be Malaysians, not someone from Israel or Singapore.

29/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was schooling library was like a ghost to me and reading was not my business at all. The laziness and the book-phobia clings on me till the present day.

It took me several time to force myself to glance a few sentences on my iBook in my iPhone4. I found History of Freedom and Thought to b interesting.  I read the first and the last chapter. Now I select the topics in between.

At the same time I find the the novel The Secret Power using very simple English portraying a love story full of philosophical stuffs and of a supernatural woman.

I told myself that I must read although my readings will not give me any economic value. I can't get a job with it. And I am too old to utilize any gain from it.

My target is short and abrupt. I just want to be able to express myself to broadcast my unhappiness and dissatisfactions with the bunch of liars who care less for humanity and lack of morality. As I discover more of the hypocrisy and people are so obsess with power, the urge to go on a verbal fight erupted. If I can't express well then it would be enough in the simplest possible terms.

27/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I would like to pose a big question to UMNO or BN - WHY GENERAL ELECTION AND WHY OPPOSITION AT ALL ? Looking at what's the government is doing today I think there is no point to have any opposition party and general election at all. Opposition parties are seen as a threat to the national security and the members are said to be anti-national elements. In fact BN has a big desire to shut up any critical views. Already controlling all the media and close free TV station for the opposition indicate the intent of perpetual ruling and power.

If BN wants power and desire the complete control of the nation then forget the parliament and the constitution. Rule it the way it wants. Take as much money and project without being haunted by the enemy.

Democracy just to show to the world and the United States ? TODAY even the United States is shutting people mouth, arrest without trial, no show of anti-war opposition, no question asked on 911. The day of Washington telling Malaysia not to squelch freedom of expression is over. It is free for Malaysia to do whatever she wants to do.

General election and democracy is a new ideal in the world. The phenomena is new. Even in the good old days when there were no political parties and free speech there were benevolent rulers who ruled with fairness and showed love on their citizens. Only the cruel Kings were put away by execution.

The amount of lies, the use of gangsters, the disrespect of Islam by MCA and the monumental amount of sins culminated during the election campaign clearly show that BN simply wants to rule for ever by hook or by crook. Then it is very much better to rule without false competition. In other words just kill democracy. After all even the so-called Father of Democracy is now putting it away.

There is no point to talk about morality and shame. People don't know shame nowadays. They keep on going public though they are actors in pornographic movies. They deny of their illicit sex. They plead not guilty on the crimes they do. They dodge accusation of their conspiracies. They clearly misuse of the given power.

At least the politicians do not have to go around and telling lies over and over again, insulting people's intelligence and commit much more sins. Then who would be the Prime Minister ? Let the party choose. May be from father to son and to grandson. So long as the party members are fed with enough wealth everyone will continue to give the undivided loyalty and support.

The modern world is so strange that people began to talk about the end of the world, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Day of Judgment. New slogan like ' FREEDOM OR DEATH' had never been heard before but today it has been echoed. But people who are used to be slaves would not agree to such a slogan. They care more about daily survival. The Malays have been using 'untuk sesuap nasi' and 'kais pagi makan pagi...' and many would submit to any form of tyranny. They still bowed and worshipped the politicians who have cheated and kicked them to death.

Don't be surprised at any government policies to push the Malays especially backwards to stupidity and backwardness. The more stupid we are the more submissive we will be and easily brainwashed and made to believe all the lies.

Why general election at all ? To gauge popularity ?  Only a true clean election can gauge popularity, not voting in front of an UMNO boss, putting in false vote , bribery or threatening. By now UMNO should have realized how popular the party is ; 95% of the Malays like it ? 70% ? Measure by the Malay, MIC and MCA vote count and see the majority.

When BN wrested Perak, The Menteri Besar's first task was to gain popularity, to do good as much as he can, give what the people want etc etc Then BN can call of democracy and do away with election and rule good to gain popularity as what Zamry was trying to do in Perak.

So BN has one of the two things to do: either respect the freedom and liberty or let it be remembered as a tyrant government in history. If both are undesirable then answer a question: Why an election at all ? Why parliament when a Minister is so powerful than the institution ?

26/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When Proton does not run well it lobbied for government intervention to swallow the profitable Produa for it's own benefit, not even a win-win situation. It was just like a day time robbery of a tyrant. Most government backed agencies are not efficient and stood behind the BN politicians for the funds. Post office for instant had to push school children to write letters of flattery to the Prime Minister to survive. Felda had to count the number of trees and convert it into money value to tell the people of the wealth in it's possession. MAS continue to bear the agony. Syabas is hoping for the bailout too.

I have said about MAS and Proton, based on my experience with several sombong and arrogant officers as early as Tiara first production to the 21st century flight delay and check in. Imagine what will Air-Asia say if MAS lobby for the government support to swallow Air-Asia.

But Produa is still manage and has the Japanese influence. Proton which once sold as Mitshubishi has been using a lot of the local firms' components. Today you see more Produa on the road than the Proton. And you have been reading about the maintenance cost of Proton V6 at astronomical price.

The behavioral pattern of inefficient and less smart people have been the same over the years namely appealing for help from the highest authority. In this case it is either a bailout or wanting to rob from the rich and successful agencies. I am very sure Produa will not like it.

The government should not give face to the inefficient and stupid agencies. No matter how much the help is, it will make them more lazy and more inefficient.

I believe Proton should sit down daily or weekly to dig out any possible problem from the root to the top. Of course customers should be the number one source to discover where the problem lies. My son who bought a Gen2 complained about his gauge showing the false level of petrol. Instead he got to pay for the replacement. I got fed up with the Proton saleswoman. State government detest the high maintenance cost. And I think the amount of money paid as salaries to the managers are too high and should be cut to no higher than 3K each.

Or try to sell Proton to private companies base on merit not to somebody related to UMNO or MCA. The worse sell it to Produa.

26/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


More than 30 years ago a lady friend of mine from Korea told me about the tough time she had with the young Korean girls who want to marry the American GI. She told them that job wasn't easy in the States and the military guys may be jobless when they return to USA. That was 30 years ago. During that time I found many shops in the Mall were still owned by the Whites. On my later visit I found the Asians had taken over many of the stalls. I knew than the economy was bad.

In the 1980's many factories closed down. The automobile and flight industry went so bad. The laid off was very great. I remember they called it recession. During the same period Malaysia was experiencing similar phenomena.

The US economy did not seem to recover even many years later. In USA the taxes were high. Yet the competition for funding were very stiff. I have always thought that the biggest expenditure were the military and the aero-space industry. And the government saw the return for the funds paid to these agencies yield a great return. They gave the competitive edge in military competition with the other nations; the espionage system, the ability to control remote military weapons, international eaves dropping and the development in the star-war weapons would make USA as the strongest and invincible nation in the world.

Secondly most money were in the hand of the Jews. A big bulk were sent back to Israel to strengthened the country.

The emerging of Asian giants like China, Korea and Japan further put more economic burden. Asian products are cheaper and the quality has attained the standard set up by the United States. Japanese cameras and cars, Koreans cell-phones and other Chinese products are conquering the world.

Washington realized the big flow of the American tax payers money go to military. It uses the principal 'buy , beg , borrow or steal ' to survive. With the military might it can bring back riches and wealth by conquering the Middle Eastern Countries which are rich in oil and other resources. To justify intervention Washington must create the hatred feelings against the Muslims and labeled them terrorists. Hence a doctrine and course was set and must be followed by every President. The course is conquest and the creation of the New World Order.

Washington realized that the Great Wall of China is hard to break. A vigorous espionage on China had been going on even before the 60's checking for China's ability in producing atom bombs. And more money were spend on spying when China put it's first man on space. Economically China's growing capitalistic policy poses a major threat to the United States. When President Hu visited the United States, you notice it was the Jews who had been working very hard to quietly over power China.

Obama was seen to repeat what the American business community and the Jews wanted him to say.

I believe the ailing American Economy can be slowly cured by making a big cut in military hardware spending and USA has no need to fear of threats from any other country in the world. The war mongering attitudes must be scrapped off the heads. With the cut in military spending and suspending war in the Middle East, the fund can very well be distributed for the benefit of all the Americans.

One of the economic activity which  could create jobs among the people is the tourism industries. The multiplier effect of the money is great. The Arabs chose Asia as their destinations rather than USA. Many of us would not dare to visit the country if the immigration is going to  treat us like a robber or a murderer.

USA cannot force or persuade China to bring up the currencies and hence the price of the Chinese goods. If China does so she will experience a sudden drop in international income. If the car from China is as expensive as the Japanese or Korean car in Malaysia, the people would go for the Koreans, or even the Malaysian made products.

The Jews had a simple formula for Obama; just attack Iran. America gets Iranian Oil and the Jews gets it's Israel security. The Jews told Obama of the win-win situation as Obama told President Hu of the win-win situation. The Chinese is not what the Americans think. Chinese President did not speak as loud as the President of Iran. China is a very tough to break. And I did hear the Chinese said that what goes with trade and policy agreement must also go with other international things. Not merely China-USA. That includes USA's attitudes towards the Palestinians.

Washington must take a bold step to cut military spending and war abroad, and drastic action to destroy the secret society and the Jews influence in Congress in order to resurrect it's ailing economy. Those are the root cause for the US economic illnesses.

25/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How old is your kid ? Look at his face and ponder what his future will be. Which school is he going to ? Will he be good in education ? Will he be a good boy and be safe from smoking and being bullied ? Will he go for further study ? Will he be employed after graduating from a university ? Can he survive the future challenges ? Can he own a home or stay in a small flat or living in an expensive rental room forever ?

50 years ago there was a promise for a better future. Year after year; a promise of high income, job for everyone and the very bright future. Parents are not aware what's going on in a school and the current school system and curriculum's content. One teacher believe very much in the government 'think tank' that is planning for the best of the citizens and the children.

In spite of that we heard of school children being killed, an alarming numbers of smokers and drug addictions, disobedient, thefts and house breakings. The school leavers who are willing to work at fast food restaurants and helping friends in small businesses are of course better than those without job but go fast on motor bikes night racings.

Many people experience challenges by their children who threatened to run away if they are being controlled. Children who seem to be good too lied to their parents. Many parents give up too early on their rebellious kids and would not care less about them anymore.

I am not talking about morality but about their future. I am sure you have seen your neighbor's sons who are drug addicts and there is no peace of mind in your village. The story is heard everywhere in the whole nation; in cities and Felda areas. May be the Felda boys have better future because ther recent government statement that Felda's asset is billions and billions of ringgit. I was smiling hearing that. I was trying to count the number of trees in the Felda's scheme and how much does each tree worth. And added all up will give the wealth Felda has.

Can anyone tell me the percentage of the youth in Felda are hard core drug addicts ?

The number of trees valued in money form does not say the future of the children. So and so is a Professor...holding high post....Enough ? Probably more than enough. 

You have to plan and decide your own future, your kid's future. Many professionals are sending their kids to private religious schools today. That includes even the UMNO guys. To them the future is a high level of morality, God fearing and good citizenships. Jobs and profession is a secondary factor. Some start to save for their kids, and send their children to colleges which ensure of the jobs like college of aviation to become pilots, school of nursing and even to medical colleges. The richer you are the more advantage you have. You can invest a few hundred thousand ringgits to send your sons to aviation college.

The people from the middle and lower income groups mainly live their fate and the children to God. And many of you are helpless but to call for God's help. Those Malays who have some fore-sight look at UMNO as an opportunity to ask for many things; jobs for their kids, business projects, colleges and university's entry.

The future is the survival of the fittest. Competition will be stiffed. Any current policy to make a person lazy or academically deficient could end a person in a competitive disadvantage. There are stuffs which would be beyond normal people's reach like the ownership of a descent abode to stay. And the society and morality will be turmoil as corruption, body selling ( prostitutions ), stealing and robbing will be rife.

Unless the political people can sit down together and start to compute the detail of the coming future and plan what to do now, otherwise the future will be bleak.

24/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I read in a Malay newspaper saying academic qualification is not important in today's world. I wonder how many other Malays think in the same way. It is the sane as telling people not to pursue academic excellence and there isn't a need to study hard. No wonder at one time we do see one political party members with Minister with very low qualification and soon to come a Minister with a mere LCE certificate.

Does this paper is trying to say the Malays should not go to school or don't work hard ?

I think we have had enough with the effort to make the lazy people lazy, automatic promotion, downgrading the delivery system and some of the curriculum contents. Neither do we concern with the building of attitudes and to instill good discipline. When you see the increase number of drug addicts and pushers, snatch thieves and robberies, you should be asking yourselves where do these people come from ?

The blame goes back to the parents. There were attempts to enact bills to punish the parents for any mishap done by the children or even any crime fell on the children like kidnapping.

It is true that education does not guarantee economic success and wealth. One can be wealthy by accepting dirty money, becoming a drug merchant, cheat in business, swindling and a few by running an honest business. Of course the new trend is by selling their lands away.

If the Chinese do not see as what those Malays and continue to invest in educational excellence , in no time we will be the Malaysians would be divided into distinct categories by race. In fact there have been many indirect call by the Malays not to work hard to get something, but demand them  free from  the government.

Reading a book has many things in it. First the want or urge to read. To get a book one has to put effort to find it like either going to a library or buy them. He organizes his time table for reading and other work. He gains knowledge and he improves his language. All those steps unknowingly shape his attitudes. The more he reads the more information he gets and finally could understand the world, science and culture.

You have to have an excellent academic qualification to be professionals. Admitting the less good students for medical and law may result in a doctor who removes a breath for cancer when there is no breath cancer, or a lawyer who acts circus in the court. I have teachers who got As in computer but could not write even a simple program because she passed base on the group project without her involvement. I am aware of the electronic projects of the Polytechnics students done by shop keepers. One of my student lecturer told me that 'If I don't pass him, pity him...'

Instead of pushing the good value of hard work and struggle for success, we are making them lazy.

But if we think we are already the best in the world and smarter than our neighbors then we have to continue to lie to the people when we experience economic downturn and broken morality, and uncontrolled corruptions and the increase in drug abuse.

The top politicians already lost confidence in the capability of their own racial group. They import foreign advisors, and bought soft wares from foreign countries. They fail to see inefficiencies; the fate of Bank Bumiputera, the owner of Takaful, the coming bailout of Post and Syabas, and probably Proton too.

I remember at one time UMNO was busy with the talk of 'MARUAH BANGSA'. It is suppose to enhance the image of the Malays, not only among the local population of all ethnic groups but also the world. The Koreans have reached the upper limit of the 'Respected Race' ; be it in technology or in Sepak Takraw. If we take a brain of a Korean and a brain of a Malay and study their cells, what do you think we an find ?

The cries and yelling that educational excellence is unimportant is nothing more than the euphoria of killing the Malays. If the call is from PAS then I would not agree with it. If it comes from UMNO then I would have to wink my eyes.

23/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Historically skin color has been the main factor that created prejudice. Skin was known to divide into three categories, White, Yellow and Black. Brown and colors between them came at the later part of European voyages of discovery. The European stock was of the white skin, African was black and the yellow skin people were the East Asians. Less was heard about the Middle Eastern group then.

The brighter the skin color the more superior a race is. Black was the lowest category . Some even believe that the Blacks were a symbol of sin and a product of man-ape intercourse. Blacks therefore are slaves to the white skin people. The agents of the slave trade then were the Jews. Jews brought the Blacks from Africa to the Americas to be sold s slaves who work in the cotton field.

When the Europeans began the voyages of discovery one of the objectives was to bring light to the barbaric world and to christianized them. Active intervention begun after the Industrial Revolution.

Imagine a junk with a handful of people can succeed in taking over Malaya, India, Indonesia and the rest of the world. Was it due to the gun and superior weapons or the wit of the imperialists ? Today it is true that the hitech superior weapons and space technology is powerful enough to to build a Master Nation. Cluster and phosphorous bombs were deployed to kill the inferior race.  But before the 1970's the brain was the most powerful weapon of conquest. If a country fell to the foreigners in the yester years it must have been due to the stupidity of the local people.

Try to imagine the Malays 100 years ago and the Malays of today. Take the majority of the kampong and Felda people. Do you think there is much difference in their thinking ? I did not see the Malays of the yester years to be different from the present one no matter how high their level of education is. That includes me. Probably with a few exception.

But there has been prejudiced; the Malays has been regarded as a stupid and lazy stock, brown skinned people, living on trees. The British conceived the Malays as the tree people and in the later period as pirates.. Today many Malays are fair, not yellow or as white as the Europeans. Many graduated as lawyers and engineers from the foreign universities. Could they still be lazy and stupid ?

How about the Blacks in America and Europe ? The history of black slavery has it's own character in USA because of the large scale cotton growing in the South. The Northern part was more liberal and slaves were freed. Many slaves escaped to the North. In today's America in areas where Blacks are dominant, we would be able to see the high rate of crimes, a huge amount of broken glasses in the parks and heavy drug peddling .

Hence the skin color is associated with the economic activity, attitudes and culture. It is not only be frowned by the 'superior race' of brighter skin but also the later sown the seeds of hatred among the younger generations. While Obama is instilling the hatred on the so-called non-existing Al-Qaeda, the White is instilling the hatred against him because of his skin color. Obama is seen to be evil not so much on his lying on 911 and taking away people's freedom, but more so because of his root. A few American think Bush is shrewd supporting of the terrorist Jews in the White House.

Dress is a new phenomena and cause of prejudice. A man wearing a rob and a woman with Hijab are seen to be of low class and barbaric, no intelligent and old fashion and uneducated. If the Arab women open their body and free to exchange spouse and giving their bodies freely and the men wearing neck ties and jackets, they may not be called terrorists. Even in Malaysia Mahathir used to associate those with Jubah and ulamas as a gang of Al-Queda.

Some of the Asian leaders has long realized the importance of progress especially in technology and the change of attitudes to be strong and be respected. Japan, Korea and China are among those countries who have made a quantum leap and competing the military hardware with the West. Generally the normal Chinese, Koreans and Japanese citizens are hard working people.

How true the black and the brown skin people are lazy ? The Bataks and the Javanese are known to be very hardworking than the normal Malaysian Malays. And Malaysia has to import workers from overseas to work in areas where the local youths refuse to participate. But all other brown skin people of Southeast Asia are not lazy.

Though the grading of human race thru skin color and dress is false yet it is being used by many to justify the killings and terrorizing the 'lesser' human. Either Obama thinks himself as White or he is being hypnotized by the Washington Jews certainly he forgets that he is also Black African-American. The Bushes and McCaine mind is no different from the ancient mind of Gengis Khan.

The hate speech and campaign by the Jews always have been against the gentiles. The hate speech of Washington with the realism of New World Order is against the Muslims, and even regarded those who do not tow their way as terrorists, The hate campaign against PAS by UMNO is because UMNO said PAS members are narrow minded. The hate campaign against the Malays because of the belief they are stupid, lazy and dependent on government.

There is always an attempt to stop any inferior race from developing nuclear power or space technology for fear of losing the superiority. The agenda of bombing the nuclear facilities of the hated race will not be abandoned.

The Blacks cannot be Jews. Neither are the Asians or the Malays nor the Chinese. But if they can't be Jews it would not be good to the Israel Jews. They need security and spies all over the world. Hence they got to create Jews out of the other race by false historical invention. These would be the eyes of the Israelis, the Blacks, the Malays and the other Asians. Deep in the heart of the Jews they are gentiles who serve the Jews. These are the Jews by deception. These Asians and the Blacks were seen to hold Israel flags not knowing they are being deceived to think themselves as Jews when their face, skull structure and eyes are never Jews at all. They are gentiles to serve their masters. The Talmud and the Rabbi had said that it is good for the Jews to cheat and bluff and even kill the non-Jews for the sake of the Jews.

Laziness, stupidity and short sightedness are the belongings of the inferior race. Let it not be confirmed by the skin color or a named race. No amount of education can earn them respect. And no amount of time can make them economically superior.

If we are viewed as inferior what are we to do ? If we are said to be stupid and lazy lots what are we to do about it ? Simply fight back by verbal exchange ? Retaliate using the web page ? Burning down their flags ?

We have no choice but to enhance ourselves, be skill in every aspect of disciplines;  from literature to finance, from economy to technology. All come together with attitudes and hard work. It is very sad and unfortunate that the Malaysians do not have time for this. The leaders are busy fighting their own people and a few busy in gathering wealth, busy in finding projects for privatization and to lie to the people.

And the Jews are very happy with the government like ours; the easily submissive gentiles.

22/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I went to my bank to change the new book. While processing it the officer, who knows me as her daughter was in my school before, told me about the new investment. It is a property investment giving 6% per annum and the dividend will be given in May. She knows that I am investing in ASB. She advised me to take the previous ASB dividend and put it in this one.

Not to hurt her feeling I took the prospectus and told her that I would give a thought to it.

In fact I don't have to think about it and I hope you won't fall into it also. For instant I have the ASB dividend of RM50K. If I follow her advised what I will be doing is to change the 7%+ dividend to 6%. Am I not stupid ? I hope you won't do that too.   Don't be greedy and be hypnotized. Always remember that 7% is always more than 6%. You won't get the May payment the full amount. You'll get half of it. Of course she was repeating about the coming May dividend time and again.

To me moving my money from 7% to 6% dividend is a joke. Of course I don't get 50K from the ASB dividend. If I get that much, I might as well buy a Proton V6 rather than hanging on the old shaky small Kancil which is about to fall. She pleaded for at least RM500.

What's the meaning of RM500 to the bank ? If one person pays 500, 1000 persons investment of the same amount would multiply the amount by 1000. What does it mean to me ? It means RM30.00 per annum and RM15.00 in the coming May. What is the RM15.00 ? A Large Prosperity Burger. You see the RM500 means different things to the bank and to us.

But at least the banks are not robbers like the insurance company using the Islamic name, having political affiliation. This insurance company rob from the poor people mercilessly with the help of the government, charging a high premium even to the old motorcycles used by the kampong folks. I was told it even refuse to make payment to those who buy the insurance.

Hellfire is waiting for these group of people. Later I will expose another bigger robber run by government agency and I am sure you will agree with me.

Last time my wife was cheated by a prospectus by another bank. Later after the investment of RM20K, the amount was reduced and I saw it was some from Takaful which I detest most. We decided to withdraw after one year. My wife lost a few hundred ringgit for an early withdrawal. I told her that she would get back more within 2 years in the ASB.

Be careful with the swindlers especially the license ones under big name like financial institutions. Notice that banks change name and owners, losing money, people killed and finally unknowingly owned by some Jews. I saw one local bank with a Malay name using a name Goldman Sach, a terrorist American Jews who is very powerful who called for the killing of the Palestinians and the Muslims.

The Malays should be more alert so that they would not be duped by the fellow Malays who do not have any soul in them, from the beginning giving land to the British as long as they are given power to rule. More so be on the look out for Arabic name like Al-Rahnu, Rashidlah and others. It is easy for them to bluff and cheat the Malays rather than the others.

Did the bank lady try to cheat me ? NO. She saw 6% is high. Truly it is high for those who do not have any investment in ASB. Even ASN is a good flat form for our future. There is no need to hunt for more if we are above 50. But unfortunately human beings are funny. If we are 80 or 90 and going to die in two weeks' time, our eyes will open wide when we heard the word 'Money coming in ...' Still want more than 7% dividend.

Money...money...money. You come into this world you need money. You die, there must be money to bury you. You want money you join UMNO. There are many instances when a normal teacher can buy a couple of Alfa-Romeo and a million ringgit house just by holding a certain UMNO post. I want money too but it is too late to be greedy. My stomach cannot accept much food anymore. My eyes are not bright enough to drive a 500000 ringgit car, and limbs are too soft to climb a 4 storey house.

21/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Look at the type of program we can have on our cell-phone now. Sex Drive Up is suppose to produce a sound which is said to stimulate the part of the mind that enhance sex drive. What a joke. I tried to run it but never feel any change. In my mind it is merely a psychological hoax.

But the cell-phone tracker is something true but it does not work for us. This is something that allows the authority or some agency to monitor the location of the cell-phone. Signals of the i-Phones are picked up by satellites and transmitted back to the station. During the war of Malvinas the British satellites can even picked up the land line signals. It is easier with the hand-phone.

This morning at the hospital dental clinic I brought my i-Phone along because I know I have to wait for hours for my turn. I was lucky there was the Wifi signal at the location. I passed my time reading web pages, local e-newspapers and watching a Ma;lay movie using the U-Tube.

The Jews can easily track me thru my i-Phone signal and send a drone to shoot and kill me with a 200 tons bomb may be. I think it is better for the Jews to sex-up rather than going around and killing people and bombing Christian church in Muslim countries.

20/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Nobody can deny that Amateur Radio of today has lost it's original character. In fact it is moving away and away. It started with CQ and CQDX and now changed to CQ RAGCHEW to CQ 9M2AR. Hams call CQ in the new style. The use of the Q-Codes by the Coders has shifted to the anti-coders though the codes are for the coders. Vocab foreign to ham radio has become a regular practice; people roger and and there and even takes the place of the term 'over'. The original motive has changed, from a hobby to a business activities and move further to politics.

The interest is fading. I keep ham radio just for mental exercise to keep my old brain working. While working in my shack I would park on the Morse stations and listen. The shift of interst from radio to 911 started when Malaysian media was yelling about WikiLeaks and Anwar Ibrahim. On searching for information I tumbled across 911. To me it is a new story, when 911 was said to be an inside job or the work of the Mosad. I first hardly understand about what they say on the collapsed of the buildings.

The proofs shown made sense and indeed I become so sure that it was not the work of Osama or any Muslim. And more and more articles on Zionists were published and how they control Washington. The activities are relate to the Illuminati movements. The Jews plan on ruling the world is not a dream. I began to see the activities in Malaysia and to what extend Jews has penetrated our defense and the government.

I began to ask myself who was responsible for bringing the Jews into our administration and when. Did our leaders realize and know the plan of the Jews, or just took things for granted. I know then to about Malaysia is to understand about Jews operation, their philosophy, what they think of the non-Jews, their espionage setup and how they insert their control in the United States.

911 is much bigger than the Radio. Further more ham radio has lost it's respect. Once a ham can feel proud of his Morse ability, and that made ham radio as a unique hobby. In addition to it 911 is a historical and meaningful event as it fall on my birthday. It is not because I insist all the Muslims are good but because it was to make the world and the Americans believe the Muslims are terrorists.

You read about the  number of drug smugglings by the Iranians. Those were the ones caught. What about the escaped smugglers. My big question marks is WHO ARE THESE IRANIANS ? What are their religions and what race ? And you also read about the Afghanistan's poppy growing and distributions. If these are the Muslims then we have to say these are the bad Muslims.

911 provides more insight. It sparked the momentum for the new New World Order. Today it tells us that even USA is pushing for the Marshall Law and Obama already push the button to close off the human right and Amendment 1 of the US Constitution.

20/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Executive Order 12425 (Find out)

Today Washington cannot command us to stop violating human right and talked about civil liberties anymore. Instead of us copy America, Obama chose to copy our system of banning the protestors and arrests those who are against him. In his recent speech in Tucson Arizona he said he wants a good and decent democracy in America.

The type of democracy in some of the countries were condemned by Washington because it was different from the full liberal democracy. Sukarno called his democracy as 'Democracy Terpimpin' (guided democracy) and the Chinese said they have freedom and democracy in the Communist China too. Now Obama adopts a named democracy. He called it a clean and decent democracy.

We are not against Obama. He can practice his own and do what he likes to his own people. I am only concern about his denial on what really happen on 911 and put on the blame on the Muslims and called the Muslims terrorists. The Americans realized it was the Jews who are terrorists and Obama called the truth Hate Speech, and now planting agents among the mass to monitor any 'hate campaign'. It was just the same as what Mahathir did before by sending special branch everywhere dressing like ulama and other laymen.

The new moto in Washington now is NATION come first. National Security is above anything. People found to be threats will be arrested. What constitutes threats are matters of convenience. People calling for the impeachment of Obama, people who say the 911 was an inside job and people who tell the truth about Jews are threatening the nation.

So Washington has no right to command any country to do what it wants them to do like accusing the Muslim to let their women follow the Americans in term of dress and freedom. It has no right to tell Myanmar to free Ssyuki. It has no right to tell China to give full freedom to the people. It has no right to stop any country from torture.

Now, what's the heck the sisters in Islam talking about individual's right and complete freedom to women, and trying to force their will on other people about marriage and other religious practice. If Washington does not believe in civil liberty and the right of the individual, what can we say about Malaysia. I believe thru controlled democracy we can discipline our youths and reduce crimes. Remember what Rais Yatim said about 'Jangan Jaga Tepi Kain Orang' ? And the schools are no business to teach discipline.

Looking another way democracy can be very harmful. That's why America is planning a police state. USA pushing for a police state ? YES...YES...YES. We can even go one step higher ie scrap election and let's have a one party system. In USA the bill is being pushed to arrest those who question the constitution. Don't believe what I say, go and check yourself. You can start with infowars.com or davidduke.com. There are numerous other websites which express dissatisfactions against Bush and Obama.

I bet that when American goes a complete change the domino effect will take place. Many other countries will follow suit and become tyrany.

18/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A big number of Malaysians send their kids to religious schools before the going to the public schools. The Johoreans, Kedahkians and the Kelantanese probably were the highest percentage of Muslims going back to Quran class. People go to mosques, young and old to pray and submit themselves to God. In spite of the call for individual freedom by the Sisters of Islam, many Muslims still want their kids to be good Muslims and obey God. Big sins like adultery as stated in the Bible are known and the Muslims are trying avoid them.

In many ways the contents of the Bible and the Quaran show similarity in term of social intercourse. The Muslims were told to respect the reveal religions and their holly books. That include the Torah. Of course the original and unchanged version of the Books.

Observing the social intercourse in Europe and the United States and knowing a few of the state's legislation on matrimony, I find that 'God' is dead in those countries. Except for the Jews I saw the younger generations are wearing a small hats on their heads, meaning they still believe in their religion. And the Rabi always the Talmud.

When Communism said that Religion/God is an Opium, I find that the Westerners only use religion as tools either to be aggressors or for defense purposes. The Jews quoted the Talmud to justify their killings and cruelty because Talmud approve the killings of the non-Jews. They studied the bibles to discredit and criticize the Christians in public rally. The people were clapping when the bible was ridiculed.

When Washington accused the Muslims attacking the Twin Towers and ridiculed Islam, the people want to know more about Islam, and buy the Holly Book to read the translation. Some ridicule it, and some became convert. As to the percentage of the Americans who rush for the bible and Quaran, I don't know. May be the educated groups who start to look at Torah, Talmud, Bible and Quran. And the rest still in dream land and prefer to believe what they hear without examining the details.

If the Americans just try to spend a little of their time and observe carefully of what happen on September 11 2001 and lend their ears to the Truthers for half an hour then they would really understand what really had happened.

There is only ONE God that creates the universe. When the Bible and the Torah mentioned God, they mentioned the same God. Call the God by any name like Allah, Rahman or God, the God is our God. We can't imagine the appearance because God is not the same as any other creation. The revelation might mentioned 'God's Hand' just to make human beings understand and able to perceive the words. We do not imagine as the hand like us. Words like 'We roll the earth ( like mat ) ..." enabled the people of that time to understand when teaching the human beings. Some are telling mankind so that they would further investigate the facts like '..we create day and night....male and female..."

The God of the Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all other mankind is the SAME. It is hard to believe that the Jews asked the people to murder the non-Jews. It is unthinkable when the Jews teach the Jews to tell lies to non-Jews.

17/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


NWO is the idea of one world one nation. Thre is one rule of law for the one nation. It is not a new idea. It traced from the day before the day of Jesus Christ. The world is to be united and run by the enlightened one or the chosen ones. If you remember Communism and Hitler, then you would be able to understand why there was a desire to conquer the word or spread the idealogy throughout the world.

Today it is the United States of America that shows much interest in the New World Order. Bush was the most ardent and then the mastermind further educate the rest of the coming Presidents.

The Americans are told that it is a new culture for the world so that the world would be in law and order.

Let me tell you and please believe me NWO is a new imperialism to satisfy a few people. It started with the economic problem and the feeling of superiority supported by strong weaponary hardware. NWO is put as the utmost important agenda of the United States. It is above morality. Killings for the NWO is just for the good of the nation.

There are two ways to bring the world into ONE; thru cordial relationship with countries which would bow and follow Washington and/or conquer those countries by force. 911 was a mere small thing to spark the conquest of Iraq and sooner the other Middle Eastern countries. The Jewish philosophy and the Illuminati activities are not seen as major things. They are being overshadowed by the NWO concept.

It is expected the American economy would be recovered. Washington will be the head of the New World Order. Even the United Nation of today is almost controlled by the United States. It had run the embargo on Iraq and Iran.

Your mind may or may not be able to visualize the agenda and the activities of the NWO and the movement of the Illuminati. If you open your eyes very widely, you still won't be able to see clearly. APCO is something very serious. I don't think Najib is aware what the agenda of the person who recommended APCO to him. Illuminati had been in Malaysia even before the time of Mahathir.

NWO, the Jews and Illuminati is not for Malaysia. It is not for BN or Pakatan. We are our own government. We have enough skilled people if we educate them well, not pushing them backward by our education system. It is the same as Nazi and Communism.

16/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Do you know if you protest against Israel killing the Palestinians in the United States, you are sure to get a visitor from FBI ? I happen to watch a video about the FBI's visit to one of the protestors, a lady with  5 kids. The lady rushed for her video camera, opened the door and asked who they were and request for the ID. She asked them whether she hurt any people or destroy any building like the Jews did.

After a long questions and answers she asked them whether it was alright for America to send million of tax payers money to Israel everyday to kill the women and children ? The woman agent's body language seemed to have a silence response which I think she too did not agree. Both of the agents said that it was their duty.

America is not a free country after all. Yet it demands a lot from the third world country asking us to be civilized and to respect human right. Bush said that Osama hate America because he hates America's freedom. I happen to read about American history and the evolution of the free speech and freedom. It would boil up to the check and balance and the nation will benefit.

I think all the Americans including the FBI, CIA, the military and the Congressman should listen to the words of the people on the scientific and logical proofs of the fall of the buildings. While the owner of building 7 already admitted of the pull down of the building with minimum human damage, Bush still insist it was the work of Osama. Even if the Mosad admits it was them who pull down the buildings, I am certain Bush will stay it was the work of Osama.

The FBI would surely narrate to their friends about the woman's argument and sending the huge sum of money to help Israel killing and destroying the Palestinians properties.

When Mad Sabu warned Zahid Hamidi not to drag the army into politics as been done in the police, MACC and other agencies, in America it is worse. It all started when the truth of 911 began to emerge. You hear Congressman with Jewish name arrogantly and vocally reject and re-investigation and pushed for the ISA.


I had put into words about my observations in the United States about the unemployment and the deteriorating economy. Shops were taken over by the Asians or the Jews. I also had pointed out that it was a result of the war. In fact the economy was not only killed by the war but also by the huge amount of money sent to Israel each day and the trillion of dollars spent on weapons.

The thinking of some of the people in Washington ran like a wild fire and with the unthinkable thought. United States was advised to create 'TERRORISTS' jargon. It started by calling the Arabs and the Muslims terrorist. I remember very well I heard it from Kissinger's mouth. Then later Bush said that if the Americans oppose the bill he put forwards they would be terrorists too.

The Americans and the world should not be surprised when the government itself pull the three New York buildings down just to go into the Islamic nations assumed to be rich by resources hoping to recuperate the ailing US economy. That was the time exercise of Marshall Law was running around the United States with the name of fighting against the urban guerilla. And the planned on Martial Law continued even at the time of Obama. A Secret meeting was held in 2008. Even during Bush's time Bush was given a strong power to halt the congress and sign a decree to execute the Marshall Law.

I am sure you have heard of slogans that 'Terrorist is coming to US mainland'. It is not the Arabs but the white 'terrorist'. It is expected that the American population would rise up against the government when the economy collapse.

September 11, 2001 is a tip of the iceberg of American economic problem. Obama is trying to put things in order but fail, like what Pak Lah wanted to revive the huge damage of Mahathir.

At least the Jews were smart. One who already knew of the United States planned on 911, insured his building against terrorist attack specifically, and got trillion of dollars from his investment. Right now I don't think that Jew is not a terrorist but an opportunist who overheard of the Bush plan. And the Jews knew the plan. AM I CRAZY TO SAY THAT 911 WAS NOT EVENA MOSAD BUT BUSH's job ?

Marshall law kills democracy and freedom. Bush was permitted to repeal the constitution and the congressman. But when the foreign nation like Thailand, Burma or Malaysia execute Marshall Law, it was the United States who demand these countries should be return to the people quickly.

Not only USA is experiencing a bad economy, trillions of dollars went missing here and there. Everybody went scot-free. Surely it is worse than the 52 million ringgit PKZ story.

What do we know ? Malaysian leaders had wanted to been seen with American Presidents very badly. We even pay to do it thru our consultant.

I am not against the United States but against the reckless murder of the innocent people, hunting Obama for things he did not do, taking away the attention of the Americans from the ailing economy to continuously hating Islam, display the pictures of the Arabs everywhere as terrorists. It is nothing more than to make the Americans forget about the ailing economy. And Obama even demanded China to follow his command.

I used to believe that America is a free nation, the father of freedom and democracy, the hater of tyranny. But now I start to see something scarry. Everybody is saying that America is going to start the Third World War. IRAN is the sparking point.

When several policies were changed in the United States I already saw it was due to the economic problem. Businesses were running down. Unemployment on the raise. Again I would like to thank to TV Malaysia for yelling loudly about Anwar Ibrahim sodomy, which made me dig deeper and deeper to understand more on the WikiLeaks and the United States Presidents and on Jews with the agenda. More so about the Free Mason movement in Malaysia.

16/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Living in a small room I would not know much about secrets which are kept at Pentagon.

So long as Osama is alive there is a chance for Washington to penetrates countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the other Middle Eastern countries. If he is dead then name like Taliban or Terrorist would be used for the imperialistic ambition. Washington and the Jews have been shifting their target from Osama to Taliban and now Iran.

Though the Jews called themselves the chosen ones, I saw them just like any other two legged animals. If any man has weapons at disposal, there is a great tendency to use it. What more if the law allows him to kill. Washington has always wanted to test the new secret weapons and would be happy to use them in countries which they call terrorists.

Osama means something to Washington and something else to Israel. Israel does not need Osama or Taliban to murder because they do need any excuse to kill. Talmud tell them to. Washington always need excuses. It would be simpler to go into countries which habor Osama.

The plan like any others at time could be shaken up by some unexpections. The inquest and the cry for the re-investigation of the 911 had to group the big gang to plan for the counter attack. But the world has begun to see what had happened on the 9th of September 2001. And some began to understand by the date 911. The people even began to discover the symbols on the United States dollar bill. The whole scenario has shown proofs that it was not Osama or Islamic Jihad who did the 911.

Even if Osama had been killed, Washington is thinking whether to make him alive so that they can continue to pursue their aim for conquest ? In the modern world they can make the already dead people walking on the road and the living person dead when he is still eating and talking.

However I believe Osama has been killed. Please observe what Washington is going to say next.

15/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Had not because of TV1 which shouted the loudest about Anwar and Wikileaks, I would not have come across about the topic on the Free Mason movement in Malaysia. I may not believe what Hadi Awang said about Free Mason because he is a PAS member. But whatever Hadi narrated is identical to what I read articles by the White American anti-Jews .

The cell registers in my brain are combining like the jigsaw puzzle , putting two and two together. Now I remember the talks during Tunku's era that several UMNO leaders were members of Free Mason and had the initialization ceremonies for the new members. It is hard to believe that the Malays can be the members. I just ignore the talks and dismissed it as a pure nonsense.

Then there was an issue on Malaysia buying the computer soft wares from a Jews company, and Najib has the Jewish consultants and followed by ONE Malaysia. My reading on Illuminati, New World Order, One World and One Israel reflects the One Malaysia concept. Reading deeper about the plan of the Jews, it creates a very great fear in me.

I think it is my duty to call all the UMNO members to educate themselves more by learning more about Talmud, Jews, Illuminati and to observe what's happening in UMNO and the government to daringly put back things in order. If the UMNO members are so concerned about Islam and the Malays then observe well and must dare to stand up. If one person stand up the rest must dare to stand up together.

The Allah fearing UMNO leaders must always be mentally active, continue reading with critical mind and weigh between the rights and the wrongs, the morality and filth. Today there are a lot of information available easily and free. You tube is one of them. Key in like 'FREE MASON IN MALAYSIA' , "JEWS AND THE 911", "DENIAL OF 911", "ILLUMINATI" and many other topics. Even the topic on One World and One Israel.

UMNO is making the Malays fear of the Chinese and threatened of the Chinese scrapping away the Malay Rulers. I don't think it is the DAP which want to set up a Republic. UMNO was the one going around to campaign against the Malay Ruler. Ask Mahathir whether he did it or not. What we should be most fearful is the Jews dominance and control the country thru the political leaders.

One thing I agree with Mahathir is when he warned us of Western Imperialism and Conquest. That time I dismissed Mahathir for talking nonsense. But now I realize the conquest comes thru mind controlling, running thru proxies. Hadi Awang mentioned about controlling the judges, Attorney General and the Police. That's what I found in the video of David Duke. David talks about the events and happenings in the United States. As David talked I saw some Malaysian personalities in the mirror.

All these digging was pushed by the TV1. Thanks to you for opening my eyes.

 15/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Do you know who this man is ?

In one of my articles I wrote the posibility of a country being run by a mob and the people adore mob like a god.

The man here is Guliani ,a Mayor. He was a lawyer and portrayed himself as anti-mobsters. Guliani's family was a Mafia and his own brother too . His opponent believe he is one Mafia.

When a Malaysian government officer is connected to gansterism and mafia, please do not think it is a mere hoax and a defamatory remarks.

MCA did talk about gangsters in the party. Outsiders were talking about Samy Veloo using gangsters.

Let's pray so that mob will not run our country.

Abolish Radio Test

Radio pirates are illegal radio stations which operate without the permission of the authority.  Because they are free to operate the broadcast materials are usually against the government. However there are hobbyists who broadcast music and operate within a country. As the power is low and the content does not contain any threat to the government and the people, they are being ignored.

Pirate Radio can be of the broadcasting type or using the amateur radio equipments. The second type does not broadcast but using normal chatting like the walkie-talkie. The equipments are cheap. And no special skill are needed. As to the antenna setup a pirate can follow the instructions from the internet.

The pirate using amateur radio has improved a great deal that it is almost identical to the amateur radio license operator who has to sit and pass a Radio Test.

The Radio Test is not of use today because modern radios are sophisticated and of the state of the art technology. It has been proven that amateur pirate can run the stations as well as the license ones.

In the yester years to be able to operate amateur radio one has to pass the theoretical aspects of it and the Morse skill. The Morse code test hinders many from becoming amateur operators because only people of special ability can do it.

With the coming of Internet Chat the sale of amateur radio gears were declining. The business community lobbied for the abolishment of Morse Test ( known as CW) using the irrelevancy as an excuse. It said CW is not relevant in the amateur radio. Hence several countries do not make CW as mandatory to be an amateur.

But not all countries agree to abolish it. One great and progressive country like China still maintains CW and would not easily provide a reciprocal license to foreigners.

Following the point of relevancy, even the Radio Examination is not relevant. It should be done away as the Morse Test so that everyone can operate the radio. In that way pirate amateur radio will be legalized.

No argument to maintain it will be true as the pirate stations have prove it's reality.

Radio Business

Radio is a good business. With the increase number of the radio enthusiasts the market would be very lucrative. Selling the radio gear to the government can give a profit of at least 20 times more than the original price. An antenna which can be constructed at less than hundred ringgit is sold to the government at RM70000. That's not talking about the equipment yet.

These business people are pushing for an easy access to amateur ( known as HAM) radio to make money. Several has sold to the government agencies and now eyeing for the citizen's market. The once ham radio sanctity was ham radio was not for pecuniary motive has now changed abruptly.

With pecuniary profit one can lose one's soul and morality. The decayed value can be seen when one says that anyone criminal or not drug pushers or not are welcome to join the hobby.

Band Plan

A band plan is a radio spectrum permitted to radio stations. In Amateur Radio there are band plans for various regions. Malaysia falls under Region 3. The major part of frequency allocation are given to phone and CW. CW is between 7.000 and all other phone frequencies. Phone has it own frequency but does not include the CW portion. Local hams are not happy because the local authority does not follow the Region 3 spectrum and demanded for the changed. The authority agreed to give it to them. Once they get it they want to draw their own band plan ie to change the CW spectrum to follow their own but not the region 3. What kind of people are they ?

My Stand

We have 2 choices to make

                                a. Open the hobby to all without any test but with police       

                                 b. Retain the traditional Amateur Radio

Quality, courtesy and maturity should be the utmost important. The dignity should be protected. Only people who are hardworking and of desirable attitude should be a ham, not every Dick, Tom and Harry.

My point of view is merely in the spirit of ham radio. I don't have any vested interest in it. I can always leave the hobby and let them take all. I know one day the same guys will be calling me telling that and this. I have already said that I will not entertain any call from any ham anymore by then.

02/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


1. It has been several time when I went to a restaurant and ordered fried rice without chicken but what came back was the plate of rice filled with the bird's flesh. I made a complaint but I would be ignored. It happen these people are Malays. And recently I ordered 20 pcs of Sate Daging and when I came home I found it was Sate Ayam. Similarly when I wanted to buy a hand phone or a car, I had not found a Malay lady with a smiling face.

Yesterday I went to a bank, wanting to update my ASB. One male Malay officer gave me a ticket. He had a bunch of tickets in his hand. I waited for 4 hours though the crowd was small. Numbers kept on changing, jumping up and down. Finally I went to inquire why my number was not called when the figure had jumped high up ? "The officer below gave the wrong number," the counter lady replied. I told her that the officer should not punch 20 or 30 tickets out at once. He should punch when a customer arrive.

I am sure you too have across such people either in restaurants, food stalls or shops.

2. Many students did not pay various fees in schools. And parents even complaint as to the type of fees which are not relevant. At one time the Education Minister wanted to pay all the school fees. I was in a Chinese school for about 5 years. I went to their houses during the Chinese New Year and found that many were from the poor families. But in the Chinese School I taught, there was no problem about school fees. At that time they may not get the scholarship but they never owe the school of any fee.

Why ?

3. Recently with the announcement of the PMR examination result we do hear students getting straight As. But there were bigger numbers who fail to make the grade. We can either blame the teachers who were not doing their work well or the parents who just neglect their kids. But on observing school children today, they are very free ; roaming the town at night at the tender age, smoking during and after the school hours, riding around their motorbikes while Friday prayer is ongoing. At one time as soon as there was a Friday Azan, the motorbike race began.

Why ?

4. Report said that more than 2/3 of drug addicts are Malays.

5. Last month my water bill rose from RM5 to RM71.00 . Written on the bill the balance was RM5.00. Everyone we paid the bill at the post office, I am sure by the next bill there should be RM5.00 tunggakan. My wife rang up SADA, the water authority, the EO of which is an UMNO man. She was told they were making 'pelarasan',  meaning they are making adjustments to the previous bill, adding a few dollars here and there. I went to complaint because only I and my wife stay in the house for more than 5 years. They said they would send people to investigate. About a week later two officers came and said there could be underground leakage somewhere. All but one of my pipes are on the surface. When I asked about the previous bill, I was the bill was base on the meter reading, nothing more. It means no 'pelarasan'. To be frank 2 of my bills showed a negative amount.

However we paid the total sum. We wanted to observe another month before we stopped the one underground pipe. Today the bill arrived. Current charge is RM36.00 and Tunggakan is RM22.00. So probably I got to check the underground piping which is about 4 meters under a cement. But I was fumed by the RM22.00 Tunggakan. I gave a call. "Tu penyelarasan Encik. Encik ada tak bayar 2 bulan." The 2 months were the negative amount which SADA had to pay to me for over charging. If any pelarasan it was to appear in the last month's bill. "Enck telefon bahagian pelarasan," he said.

I drove to SADA. The formerly sombong lady knew that I did complaint, took my bill and said, it was not deducted yet because there is only person doing the job.

You can continue with the listing.

So far I have not met with any non-Malays yet with the problem. Probably there are as many non-Malays as Malays but so far only these people proved to be funny.

04/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


TV corrupts people's mind, brainwash them and condition the minds to follow a specific behavior. Without our knowing our brains were accepting the suggestions. We can fall  prey to lies and propaganda watching it without active minds.

When we are watching TV programs like the news or documentary we must wake up and make our mind active. We interact by questionings; is it true ? Why ? Logical ? What's the message behind it ? If I were to ask whether anybody get the message of Najib's New Year's speech , how many are aware of it ? I asked my wife and she did not get the message. She believes everything in the news.

You want to know the state of mind of the Westerners look at the number of advertisement they have on their show. They indicate how weak their minds are and easily fall prey to the various advertisements, repetitions, color and the people in the show. The next time you go to a coffee shop and asked to order your drink, without thinking you would say 'Coke' or '7-Up' whatever come most on the TV.

In USA almost all of the main TV media are owned by the Jews. And in Malaysia by the government or companies attached to the government. Whoever control the TV control the power.

Not only people shown on TV can tell lie but also the videos of the happenings. A video shot 6 years ago at different place can be shown as the current one. Only last night I start to think about the twin tower in New York in 2001. It was on the 9th of September 2001 when I woke up and saw a plane hit the building. It was in the morning. It means in the United States it was still at night 8th of September. Could the video be released to the world including Malaysia earlier than the happenings ? But it was confirm the London news showed the collapse of building 7 earlier than the real one.

Wasn't there any truth at all on the TV ? The answer is YES. The mixing up between them is the tactic to make you believe that everything is true. We don't know how critical our Malaysian minds are. Do we just simply follow and believe what were told by the news or our friends ?

It is good to check the facts on several other media and do the detail and logical analysis before believing them. One of the best question to ask is WHY ? WHY NOW ? WHY IT HAPPEN ?

05/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is very difficult for me to seek people's help. I did ask for help but I chose the person. If I am without food for days, I also would choose the people from whom I am going to beg. I talked to several elderly people who struggle to make a living though they have children working. One sold goreng pisang while his daughter was a big shot in New York. They did not blame their kids because they want to be independent and self reliance.

Many tycoons and wealthy towkeys were not well educated, work hard without any assistant from the government. Guan Thong and Boon Siew were some of those diligent, and hardworking men who labored themselves until they became famous.

While many Malays have been working hard and climbing high on their own without the government's aid, there are many others who are begging from the government .The response made them lazier and lazier, and they would not really know what survival and hardship means.

At the moment I have not seen the relationship between the declining moral of the Malay youths with their lazy and negative attitudes, the relationship between the government policies helping the lazy and the rise in crimes. There could probably some hidden relationship somewhere. Young men who run small businesses and food stalls are prone NOT to commit crime. They even help their unemployed friends.

I believe that success and progress can only be attained thru a hard work. There is a feeling of pride and satisfaction at the labor a person put in. And more so he has no obligation to anybody. He can vote for any political party without fear.

Our youths today need to be sent to Summer Camp and learn how to survive. The English monarchy would also send the male children to face hardship and difficulty, and even joined to military, not staying in an air conditioned room but joined the war and risked their lives.

However there is always alternative to hard work. We can cheat, con, steal, rob, sell drugs and other immoral stuffs. The less immoral is begging.

06/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Jews has formed the internet defense force to wage wars against anti-Jews, attacking those who are against the Jewish by making them devils, changing the contents of the video and blocking the downloading of any search engines pertaining to Jews. Now my downloading of videos using the search engine is out. The You tube is being controlled and the Facebook is being manipulated. My article in the web page here is printed on the facebook as if I put it there.

I have not monitored how effective the Jew Internet Defense Force is against the Americans. People like me is too old to be smart and dig into the foreign servers. I want to see how the Americans combat with the war. But watching the bombing on the USS Liberty by the Jews and a Jew woman called for the American Jews to buy arms against the Americans, I think they are strong enough. You need to dig out which part of the internet is controlled by the Jews.

If the FOX, CNN, ABC and all other media belongs to them, it is highly probable they own the internet too. And they are ruining our Islamic youth by giving free access to pornography everywhere on the internet. And interestingly enough our ISP allows all the dirt to flow in. Who actually own the internet system here in Malaysia ?

I found that the Internet in China is filtered. Probably the Chinese have more sense than the Malaysians who are drunk with power and money. The people up there lost their mind and conscience. You find out about Ghani Patail and what other UMNO people are doing. I don't think they ever care about our defense, the future of our generations and the country.

Our Minister praised the good Jews. They said our Jews are not Zionists. Malaysia is a friend of Jews but not the Zionist. Though we are not going to war against the Jews but we must have consciousness and not be hypnotized.

Nevertheless I have had enough information and evidence about the Talmud and the thought of the Jews. I realized about what really happen on September 11, 2001.

Will the Jews change  ? And think like any other human beings ?

07/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malaysian media vocally and loudly announced the WikiLeaks content on the status of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy. Then Malaysia was angry with Singapore for commenting on Najib and the inefficient Ministers. Now the WikiLeaks is found to say about Rais Yatim rapping the Indonesian maid. Rais Yatim denied it. Because it was written in blogs, Rais Yatim should sue the writer, and not to simply accused other people wanting to defame him.

If the world does not read the WikiLeaks, at least Singapre did and all along the politicians in Singapore would see Rais Yatim as a rapper when they shake hand with him. The government was seen as bias and let it went free. He was not investigated.

Malaysian media always believe the WikiLeaks is telling the truth but keeping mum and quiet about it. Raping is more serious than mutual homosexual. If the government can believe Saiful, the government has to believe the maid also. It has to be fair and non-discriminatory.

If the government thinks WikiLeaks is telling lies, then announce that in the media. Attack it and deny what were written has always been wrong.

I think WikiLeaks was lying about Rais, Najib and Anwar. Only the government is saying 'Kalau tidak ada angin daun tak bergoyang' ( If there is no win, the leaves won't be shaking ). Because I have not been listening to the news for a very long time, I asked my wife whether she heard any news on Rais Yatim on the TV. She said NO.

I got the habit of typing big name on the Search Engine. When I keyed the word Rais Yatim I came across the WikiLeaks news about Rais Yatim rapping the maid and calling the media to explain and argued against it. But I can tell you that that maid would produce plenty of evidence if the case goes to court. Imagine that the opposition is running the country; Rais will be brought to court similar to Anwar Ibrahim and he will be shocked to his life hearing the maid's story.

Right now it was Rocky Bru, who wrote about Rais. Rocky is known to be pro government and anti-Anwar. As a first class lawyer, Rais should pull Rocky to court and clear his name.

In some countries a wife like to see her husband having sexual intercourse with another woman and vice versa. I do not believe it can happen here.

WikiLeaks must be banned for lying and the founder be put away for lying about our leaders, Najib and Rais. More things will be out soon  and we just need to ignore them.

06/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Majid Tomato Rice is not the best in Alor Setar. It is not cheap either. But it suits my taste. From the feedback fried chicken is the best though many still go for Chicken Curry, Because I do not take chicken, I would call for rice with fish or beef. Fish costs RM5.00 and beef only RM3.00 - RM3.50.

Madid used to famous for Large Prawn. It is not today. Prawn is not sold anymore because of the low demand. I told the owner the decline in demand is due to the high price charged. A prawn sold at RM9.00 from the other Indian restaurant is sold at RM20.00 here.

Majid is still alive but at the moment of this writing he is back home in India. His son (left picture) is looking after the shop with a few of his relatives coming from Southern India. His brother who was also working in the restaurant here passed away when he went back to India. Majid went to St Michael School Alor Setar at his younger days.

One of my dear Radio Friend, Tengku Yusoff, has been a regular customer since he knows the shop. I took another Radio friend, Hairil, here and he commented the food is good.

One of these days I will be bringing a few kilos of big prawns to be fried by this restaurant for my friends to taste them

12/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I planned my second day in Kuala Lumpur to go Low Yat Plaza. After the good Sunway Hotel breakfast I got myself ready. My wife stayed with her daughter and the grand daughter. I have decided not to drive but to take a public transport. I thought I could get the information from the hotel workers on how to go there. You guess what, the workers I asked were all foreigners, either a Bangladeshi or the Indonesian.

My GPS showed the direction so I guess I have to cross the road and hoped for the good luck. I was lucky to see a bus going to Kuala Lumpur. I paid RM3.00 for the ride. Observing the route I recognized some of the roads like the Federal Highway. I did not know where the bus would be going. I stopped at the Central Market and went up the LRT flat form to ask the way to Low Yat. The lady told me that I need to change train.

I was thinking of walking to Low Yat. When I reached Pudu Raya, I decided to look for LRT because it was too hot. The LRT station is behind a hotel. I was told by the lady that I need to change the train at Hang Tuah. I bought a ticket which cost me RM1.20. There was a train when I arrived the flat form but I was uinnsure where it was going. The train went off. I walked around and saw an old man sitting. "Is this the flat form to Hang Tuah ?" The man nod his head. So I waited.

Finally I reached the Imbi Station. I bulldozed my way thru and somehow I was there at Low Yat.

There were many booths and shops. I asked around for the cable which connects the iPhone to the TV. My wife had wanted to watch Siti Nurhaliza singing Wuduri on a bigger screen. There was only one shop selling the cable. "How much ?" The salesman replied,"Two hundred ninety." I was very surprised because it was too expensive.

I went up another floor. There was one shop selling a different type of cable which priced at RM300.00. He said an Apple iPhone stuff are expensive. I went up another floor and loitering around. There was one lone shop having the cable and selling it at RM99.00. I bargained but was not successful.

Crazy. Different shops sell thing at different price.

There was another Apple stuff. I went to 3 shops and each one of them quote different price, RM100, RM60 and RM150.

It was almost 2 pm. I decided to go back to my hotel. Now I did not remember the way to the LRT station. So I decided to walk to Pudu Raya because I remembered seeing a bus written Sunway Pyramid. The sun was almost vertically on the head and I walked slowly towards Pudu Raya. I don't know what the distance like and did not consult my GPS anymore.

I was so tired that I went asleep on the bus. I woke up when I heard the conductor mentioned "Sunway Pyramid". Looking around I did not recognize the place. It could be further up. The bus moved. After about 15 minutes I still did not recognize the place. I stopped the bus and decided to consult my GPS.

I noticed I got to walk back towards the Sunway Pyramid. I crossed the roads a couple of time, walking straight and several turns. My body was sweating, throat dry and thirsty. May I had been walking for more than 5 miles.

The day is not crazy. I may be crazy for walking that far and once from Low Yat to Pudu Raya. I could have taken a taxi. On the other hand I told myself to have some exercise. The best thing was I was alone. Going alone can mean many things. I used to sleep in New York bus station while waiting for the bus to Ithaca. I used to sleep in the open somewhere near Waikiki Beach while waiting for the night flight. I used to hitch hike going thru lonely and a quiet place.

12/01/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof