There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person

Band Plan Region 3 IARU guideline - ethics and operation

Talent-Bartender Ladies Ham 2

It is the result that counts not the process

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The killer acted good when he first applied for the job. He showed good behavior, punctual and obedient to gain trust and confidence. He was praised. So were all other hypocrites in amateur radio or in other disciplines. The planned was to rob a bank and to escape with the money.

I learned how to distrust people a long time ago as I saw bad people in white dress, behaving like angels when they want something from you. And quickly turned their backs once they get what they want. Even your friends can stab your back.

Should the employer learned  a hard way about employing staffs or stick with the policy and procedure set by the rules ?

I saw how the British immigration officers dealt with foreigners who were about to enter Britain from Calais France. About 14 Malaysian tourists from my group were rejected at the immigration points. They were very strict and as fierce as a tiger, not allowing a single of us to near the rejected Malaysians.

Our kindness, laziness, stupidity and 'tidak apa' that brought in thousands of criminals in our country; thieves and murderers. The import of Africans were due to avarice and greed. Didn't we know the probable consequences ? They prey on people in Europe, Saudi Arabia and now in Malaysia.

If you are somebody big, a lot of people will come to seek your favor. They will put on innocent faces, talk lowly with full of courtesy, bow and nod their heads always in agreement with you. It is a grave mistake to trust and assume they are all of good people.

Never trust anyone but yourself. Innocent face, soft spoken and docile look will not tell who a person is.

Most of us fall to the lies and deception. We chose wrong leaders to lead us. Then they stole millions and got away with their crimes. You will pay for the lost money through your teeth.

23/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Fish burger at KFC cost 9.95 between 6 - 9 pm. At all other time 10.55. One girl was strict enough to provide chips with the set from 6 - 9. All others would ask me chip or wedge during those hours. I would say, "Anything as long as the 6 -9 pm price.

To me there aren't any different between the two, except they came in different form. I think they contain starch, which is not to my liking. I go for protein. Even my wife has changed her menu from chicken to fish.

What choice do I have but to eat out. The expenditure is much higher than cooking ourselves. Previously my wife didn't believe when I told her that a lot were spent on food. But when she saw that each time I purchase our dinner at KFC I would be paying for at least RM25. Sometimes it came to about RM30, chip or no chip. Chips or wedges do not make any different to me. I took all.                                    24/1/2013


Today I put on a sun-glass at the jogging track. No matter how I tried and what I placed on my body, I will never be seen young. But my purpose was not to look young. This is a season  of insects. There are plenty of them ready to enter your eyes and nose.

With the dark glass I could look at people without them knowing. I winked at everyone who passed me to see whether they are young or old.

Actually I wore spectacle from form 4 till the age of 63. After a cataract operation I stopped wearing one. To the Malaysians dark glass is a fashion, a style of a Playboy of some sort- suitable for young people.

Today I did not feel any insect rushed into my nose either. Funny thing about these insects is that they will be there whether there is a strong win, drizzle or sunshine. I hope I will not forget to bring it to the track again.                                                 24/11/2013


A glance at some remarks on repeater I decided not to add any further fuel to the comments. I also refrain from listening to Astra National link for the reasons of my own. To entertain myself I listen to lorry drivers talking.

MARTS repeater at Gunung Jerai is not linked. Ghost resides there. It is as quite as a graveyard. It is free for every licensee to use. You can speak English or Malay. Nobody will chase you out if you happen to converse in English.

The primary purpose of repeater is to extend the coverage for mobile and hand held units. Fixed-station should use it at minimum. It is good for highway accident reporting and emergency preparedness.

The message posted by Rashid Sultan has a loud message, which nobody seemed to catch it. He said he has 2 meter equipment to be sold in 'kati'. I heard of a story of one ham who threw his hand held in a drain after listening to a 2 meter communication.

Though repeater is free and open to everyone, it has to be supported. Regular donation to the owner help to maintain and prolong it's life. Without any support and when the owner is out of fund he has to take it down.

Chasing out any user is not good either. It would be an invitation to more problems.

23/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Watching 3D at a distant of about 4 - 5 feet gives the best effect. The latest movie I watched was Pacific Rim. I didn't enjoy the story much as I enjoyed  the effect.

It took much patient to download a 3D movie. It took days depending on the size. The average size I chose was 10 GB. I have more than 70 movies kept in my external drives.

I felt as if I were there at the scene watching the characters. My active spectacle and the 3D TV of high quality made viewing so very real. Movie makers are fond of making objects fly towards the spectators.

Pacific Rim did not portray beautiful sceneries. Animation movies do. The Epics, the Croods and the Smurfs were fun to see.

Moving father away from the TV gave a reduced effect. The best I would say is about 4 - 5 feet away. The bigger the screen the better the effect be.

My spending about 3.5 K for the hardware has brought the satisfactory return. It is worth my money by now.

God has given me more than what I deserved. I have seen places, flew on Business Class, staying in the best hotel, eat the best food, developing computer soft wares and enjoying wonderful hobbies.

I am just a normal man like any other laymen on the streets.

23/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


ARE YOU A MALAY ? - She asked

WebSdr opens up a new frontier for me. My short wave radio ceased to function and I don't know where I put it, just like my Garmin JPS, simply disappeared without a trace. These few days I seemed to enjoy monitoring a string of rag chew stations on 40 MHZ, mostly from the United States, a high speed CW chatting. I got a very clear and strong signals from the US nodes.

Attempt to listen to the Indonesian pirates on 7.000 to 7.030 was in vain. Probably due to the band or the different time of the day. The nearest node is from Melbourne, Australia. That enabled me to hear the Indonesians on 7050.

As I am building up my skill in copying high speed Morse I choose the ragchewing stations. I either went to K2SDR New Jersey or WebSdr at the university of Twente. There are numerous strong Morse signals coming from those nodes.

I am still weak at copying call signs despite my being able to read the communication, except those calls that I have heard before like W4CI, WA2TGE and N6TT. These stations did not use computer to send or decipher the Morse. Neither did they condemn those who used computer tools.

My learning how to use the electronic key was when I reached 64 years old. I know I can't achieve my proficiency owing to the deteriorating neuromuscular co-ordination which is due to ageing. Somehow by God grace I can read the messages. But it is not perfect and was never achieve even 80%. Even with the missing words I could make out the total sense.

If boredom does not embrace me, I figure I will be a SWL for a long time to come. It is just fun and a great challenge for me.

22/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Chinese women at the jogging track were fast and strong. I cannot beat those who always overtook me. One slim lady, beautiful and tall, is about 40. I adored her beauty and  her  power. She floats like a butterfly leaping passed any man on te track.

The day before yesterday  was drizzling. I took the track at about 5.15 carrying my usual umbrella. I was the lone walker. The garden park was empty, not even a hawker selling the rojak. My step was slow since there was nobody.

After the second round I heard a footstep behind me. To my surprise the adorable lady passed me and talking in Chinese. I smiled. She turned and looked at my face for a few seconds and asked me, "Are you a Malay." She slowed her stride as she was overtaking me. I quipped that I understood her Hokien and asked whether she could speak Mandarin.

"Anybody else talk Chinese to you ?" She asked again in Malay. "Yes, several people did." "You look like a Chinese." Within a few seconds she was a few feet away, then a few yards. I was struggling to keep in phase but to  no avail.

As the rain subsides more people arrived. I continued with the same phase following the same track. When my final round arrived the lady was doing her final exercise. "Are you done ?" I asked while passing her. "Done," came the reply.

It was the lucky day for me. I didn't see her yesterday and today.

However I did tell my wife that one day I need to ask those ladies on their diet, and what made them so strong and so fast, and of course so beautiful.                                               23/11/2013


Soviet Russia once believed that ideology the strength and wealth of a nation. The American were trying to prove that Capitalist countries are better. Sports, economy and technology are factors of ideology, politics, national planning and thinking methodology. In Asia Korea and Japan have been Asian qualifiers for over some years, correlating with their technological progress.

Before the last GE, UMNO had been fanning the Malays saying Kedah soccer under PAS was bad enough. If BN took back the state Kedah woild be on the winning side again. So they believe that government determined the strength and progress of sports in the nation. UMNO exploited it whenever there was a winning in major games. Even Chong Wei was not spared.

We have to believe that mental superiority contributes to the state of international games and sports. It is our will and our thinking. It starts from the players to the Sport's Minister. And even the Prime Minister.

Do we ever put effort to study the champions ? I mean the champions of every sports and games. It is not merely seeing the events and the games, but the roads to their championships. At time it went too far back in the years.

The Japanese were very concern about them being short just after WW2. And started a program of talling the population. They saw the importance of food. Try to talk to the Malaysians about food, height, skill and speed; I got a repulsive response, saying height is never a factor in soccer and other sports.

Does anyone ever make a study how many of our soccer players smoke ? What food they take and how they manage themselves when not in the field ? Does anyone care to observe and record the attitudes of our players ?

In our old system there was no professional soccer. Players were not salaried to play football but employed by government agencies. Jobs were not so competitive then. Good players could get jobs quite easily. What this mean they can work until their retirement age but could play soccer until the age of about 35. If they were injured at the age of 22 they are still employed. Today a soccer player could not earn a living until 55. If injured at 20 then his earning ends. What I am trying to show is the government's direct involvement by employing the soccer players, making them more secured.

Malaysian players, as I observed, would kill a dangerous player from the opposing team, to injure him for life, by the hardest tacked possible. They don't realize they were killing the national team as well, by the dirty attitudes. No coach can ever enhance a team of bad players with bad attitude. Some of them even thought they are better than the coach.

To be frank, I don't know the real task of a coach and a manager in this country; who decide the players ? Which team has the manager as a coach ? Which team has a coach player ?

Remember when we lose it may not mean we are bad. We could have been better than the own past by some degree. It is just other teams are better. If we are good others are better. If we are smart others are smarter.

We must first look at our players; height, skill, speed, attitudes and mental state. Taking the best coach in the world he would not make Malaysia a champion/ It is difficult, near to impossible, to build a strong team  with the stark competitive deficiencies.

Ask Khairy what make other team stronger and what made the champions.

22/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


(I made a slight modification to it)

If you hear no CQ you may want to make such a call yourself. Refrain from CQing unless you are wiling to establish contact with whoever calls. CQ means "I wish to contact any amateur station." If this is not your desire, than don't call CQ, or being specified in doing so. A CQ call can somewhat be longer than a call to a specified station, because you are trying to attract the attention of casual listeners, including those tuning around looking for  someone to call. However, please avoid the common calling discrepancy of calling CQ endlessly. The average call would go something like this: "Hello CQ CQ CQ, calling  CQ, this is W)PAN, W zero Papa Alfa Novemver, Bloomington, Minnesota, calling CQ and listening, go". On CW: CQ CQ CQ de W0PAN W0PAN W0PAN K. After a brief standby fo replies, and no one answers and the frequency is still clear, you can try again.


Mixing with hams, observing them and hearing their communications I conclude that Malaysian hams are not the same. Each has his own value system; what one thought as rude, the other just find it normal. I always advise one ham friend of mine to restrain from asking question on personal matters like the job, religion, the monthly salary and more about the family.

To some boasting is merely a normal statement. Hams with inferiority complex talk differently from the other normal ones. The sentiment could be felt in the ways they communicate. Hence DXing could tarnish our nation. It would create an impression that all Malaysians are just like him.

MCMC is too good enough to allow all classes to go on DXing without any filtration nor control. They are let loosed to communicate in ways they chose and say what they like.

Guidelines by ARRL and IARU touched on ethics and rogue people on the band. If they were not serious the subjects would have not been addressed.

In our Asian region hams of a certain country had tarnished the the good name of the nation, creating bad perception of the racial group and even at the radio authority of the country.

It is too bad when people insist on believing they are smart enough and others are no match for them. They think they are even better than the foreign and local hams. Some old hams are blaming the new ones. I just say to them 'You reap what you sow'.

20/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is almost everyday the mainstream media is campaigning the new test system called PBS. PBS will replace PMR,SPM and STPM. PBS means Penilaian Berdasarkan Sekolah ( School Based Assement). The Education Minister and the whole organization are confident enough the new system is the best the government is offering to the citizens.

UMNO had been making mistakes after mistakes which could not be undone. I am not going to list nor talk about them. It is their stubbornness that lead to some fatal outcome.

Education policy and the curriculum contents have been a big farced. It failed in the implementation of education policy, abrupt curriculum changes, teachers not trained in some new subjects, mismatching education to job requirements.

PBS closes the door for second chances to those late developer and other school dropouts. No SPM, for instant, implies no more private candidate students who may want to improve their last failure.

Your son will be the victims. Your choice is to send your kids to private schools which design their curriculums to the need of foreign institutions. You notice how much people are willing to pay to go to the International School.

I predict majority of the Malays will find PBS is a cruel system in the coming years. For thousands who will be left behind their peers life will be very miserable. The side effect will take about 5 - 10 years to show. The immediate would be seen from the demand by the job markets. The quick raise in private schools will be sooner.

A question of Malays becoming Christians, the weakening of UMNO and the Malays, economic backwardness, the increase of Malay criminals and poor in competency with regard to competitiveness are due to miscalculation made by the Malay leaders and administrators.

When disaster strike they will start the blame game, seeing others as trouble makers not pointing the root problem to themselves. They suffer from denying syndrome.

When PBS resulted in socio-economic disaster let us call upon all the PHDs involving in it to jump into the hell fire. Public can start to scorn at their useless degree.

20/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The car accidences - were they caused by old cars or by the drivers ? Drunk drivers, sleepy drug addicts and recklessness have always been the reasons. Putting the blame on the old cars for profit and siphoning money from the public is despicable. I see those people are worst than the Satan.

The only car which enabled me to transport my wife to her dialysis center is my old Kancil, more than 12 years old. It is no more in production. I bought Viva to replace her but found the seat to be  much higher than the wheel chair, making the transfer extremely difficult for one man.

I am not the only one who will suffer. The rest of the UMNO voters will suffer too. But they like it that way. They want to serve the government by paying more.

The real agenda is money and profit for the cronies. We cannot exactly say how much these people spent for BN's general election. It is time to pay back as a favor for 'you scratch mine and I scratch yours'. Every lobby is accompanied by money. The devils never stopped doing it.

12 years life span means the price increase of the car and gasoline indirectly. It will push up the cost of transportation. The UMNO goons will be happily paying much more for their food and other daily expenditure. Then they will be deceived again by the Ministers campaign that ours is always lesser than the rest of the world. While they go on tax free cars and these goons pay a higher premium and higher car price.

You love UMNO then go for the 12 year policy. Serve you right.

19/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Voice Code Meaning
Over AR After call to specify station
End of message AR End of transmission or recorded message
Wait: stand by AS Self explanatory
Roger R All received correctly
Go K Any station transmit
Go only KN Addressed station only transmit
Clear SK End of contact or communication
Cosing station CL Going off the air

It is therefore true that the old timer always used K during the CQ call to mean inviting any station.. Using AR to mean OVER is absurd because there was no station yet in contact. Nevertheless in the process of communication the use of AR to mean OVER or end of Transmission was logical and sensible. Sometimes new people confused the old folks.


It is a sad phenomena and a great tragedy for the Ulamas and Muslim clerics are joining UMNO calling for the Malay unity rather than the Muslim unity. What we know of the Malays today, they are  different from the old traditional stock. The old Malaysian Malays were all Muslims. Today they come with several faces in different facades. There are Muslims and Christian Malays, thieves and robbers, liars and cheaters.

If the Ulamas and clerics couldn't see through PKZ, NFC, PERWAJA STEEL and what have been in the audit reports, then they do not deserve any respect. What more if they do not see nor investigate the great plundering of public funds. They play around with the public money as if their own. The amount paid to the non-existing and failed projects were not small. They doesn't seem to bother about the huge wastage in purchasing military hardware. They kept quiet about the millions wasted on the indelible ink. They didn't mention about the Malay youths involved in drugs and decline in morality under UMNO, and the state of crimes in the nation.

The more they show their support to UMNO the more the people who will lose faith on them. To keep to themselves their trust on the party will not jeopardize Islam. But campaigning and championing it the election will cause great split.

Assume that PAS is a mad party. The people don't have to vote for the party. And the Ulama does not have to yell back in the capacity of UMNO. Doesn't yelling back at the mad people depict another stupidity and another mad individual ?

These people are saying if PAS rules there will be chaos and no stability. The country will become a Christian nation. Certainly it is a big puzzle. Did PAS brought in Christianity in this country or was it UMNO ? Idris Jala and other big people in Christianity are within BN fraternity. Idris is not a small man. The UMNO Ustaz must have been very blind.

When I was in USA all Imams  the Saudi, were attacking the Jews during the Friday sermon. The Saudi was conveying sermons on death and the avoidance of sins, non-political and purely religious. I had a great respect for  him.

The more they yell, the longer they preach the more mistakes they make. May it be PAS or UMNO Ulama. One PAS Ustaz said that God makes two things of opposites; the good and the bad, day and night, male and female, happy and sad, rich and poor, strong and weak. Whereas in Islam the Muslims are called to be moderate in many aspects. There are riches, poor and mediocre.

Ustaz too are carried away at times. Pressing with big money in mind their speech will tend to sway out out control. They even said  Nik Aziz's worshipped idols.

Can't Ustaz preach politics ? They can. But they would be fools to defend huge wastage and corruptions. They cannot condone the millions wasted on the indelible ink, the 250 million cow-condo projects, mum about hanky panky of PKZ and corrupt practices. Telling the people not to criticize those misdeeds are condoning sins.

UMNO doesn't have to use gangsters and religious teachers to gain popularity. Just prove it is sincere in building a peaceful nation by stopping the evil practices, lies and deceptions. How could people respect the party which still adore the woman who threatened to pull up her sarong ? ( If she does, what do you expect to see ? )

18/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Thanks to the webSdr stuff. Now I can tell those who are serious in wanting to master Morse codes to refer to webSdr to go for their listening practice. There are numerous stations. Ragchew sessions would be the best choice. Get the slowest stations and try to copy a word or two to determine whether the communication is in English.

Call signs with G, VK, VE and W are usually having conversations in English. I am sorry for the Malaysian hams who said the mode is now dead because they don't monitor them.

It is just fun to be able to read all the messages. There is a feeling of success and achievement.

When we were kids, we like to find ways to codify our secrets, hiding our writings using soap, writing messages in ways only our gang can understand, talked backwards etc. CW is one of those funs that kids can really use, conversing where parents could not decipher.

There are efforts to teach Morse to youngchilfren today.

The WebSdr allows a radioless SWLing like any other internet radio. I can hear the commercial and the hams stations with ease. Star to search for CW on 7.000 or 14.000 upwards.

The CW enthusiasts are sure to enjoy it. I would choose the English node because I would hear a lot of British stations conversing in the language I understood.

CW has it's own language called CW language. But in the rag chew common words with full spelling were always used. When going for a long conversation nobody is in a hurry. Nobody is worried about a quick contact.

Try the Sdr at .



The Web Sdr node that gives a continues spectrum allows me to make a continues manual scanning. University of Twente, Netherland, is hosting this kind of facility. I believe 9M2AGC, Azlan, can persuade his institution to spend some money for the identical purpose.

It is just like a SW receiver except it runs on computer. I monitored the ham band, the CB and the broadcasting station. And , my favorite, the CW bands. I am yet to search for BBC and VOA. China Radio is on 9590. The BC stations are very strong and crystal clear.

Today it is difficult for the laymen to find SW radio. The standard receivers sold are the FM with limited frequency range. Unlike last time when we used to listen to Suara Malaysia, Suara Indonesia, VOA and BBC.

WebSdr radio has been on the band even at the beginning of the 21st century. I didn't care to know. Only when Hanafi, 9W2TZ, mentioned about it recently I put a little effort to look for it. Since I got the, I didn't care for others anymore.

My iPhone doesn't seem to accommodate the software. I could not hear the audio. If you have the android you may try to go to the website. If it works then SWLing can be made using your android. The Dutch people can afford not to buy SWL radio anywhere, instead they can donate to the university to maintain and develop a more advance SDR stuff.

18/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To some, parents are big burden and are pests. Growing children who do not live with the mother and worked outside the state are always busy with their work. After getting used to living without their mothers and fathers they tend to forget the old folks. A few are reluctant to go back home even once in several years.

If we have faith and believe in God then we should also believe in some mysterious things that can happen to us with regard to as how we treat our parents. An Atheist should have a conscience to satisfy.

That children who forgot how they were brought up, the great pain and sacrifice of a mother will not have peace in their lives. Their minds are always troubled by many things at office and at home. They always experience shortages in money and other drawbacks. Money is never ample. Work is never satisfactory. Mind is never at east and at peace.

Giving money to the parent would not affect their livelihood. Parents may be wealthy or affordable and can survive without any financial financial aid. The Muslims shoud believe that the small amount sent will be compensated  by an unseen gifts from God called  'barakah'. Parents pray for the good health and the well being, and seek providence for the kids. It is to keep the mind at peace, their would always be appreciated, and the feeling of perpetual happiness.

Children who regard their old folks as pests and burden would always hope for the quick demise. Each day they hope to hear of the good news.              18/11/2013


I got my ticket in early 1970's. We had to go on CW for a year before allowed to be on phone. I worked plenty of DX stations. Calling CQ then always end with K ( invite to transmit ). Today things changed. It ends with AR to invite for any reply.

Calling CQ
Calling CQ
Calling CQ

CQ Call

CQ we used to call long ago
CQ we used to call long ago

I learn of 9M2GL, Idris, a radio man, a professional who passed the Radio Operator License, not the RAE. Those days we used AR K because K was understood as invite to transmit then.


I have not been to Johor Baharu for a very long time. The last time I visited I saw people sleeping along the five foot way all over the town. I guessed they were drug addicts. It was a similar sight in Kuala Trengganu.

It is unbelievable for Johor Baharu to rank No.4 for crime among the world's cities. The Singaporeans snob the Southern city.

Crimes in Malaysia is not confined to Johor Baharu or Trengganu. It is a common factor throughout the country.

It is a big absurdity when the Ustaz is saying BN provides tranquility and peace, and the police says it is one of the lowest in the world.

They are happily waiting to be the additional victims. You choose the wrong Federal government you will have to pay for the price. Blame yourself.

16/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Extract only on some parts

By Steven R. Hurst, KA7NOC

You've decided to call "CQ". Here's the procedure:
  • "CQ CQ CQ DE (Your call) (Your call) (Your call) K"
    Then LISTEN..... if you don't hear anyone answering your call try again.

  • "CQ CQ CQ DE (Your call) (Your call) (Your call) K"
    Again, LISTEN..... You might also tune around from your transmit freq. to see if anyone is calling you that you may not have heard. Lets assume someone is calling you. This is what they may say:

    It is now up to you to establish communication. Example:

  • "WA9ZZZ WA9ZZZ DE KB1XXX , TNX fer the call OM es GA (or GE). Ur RST RST is (give signal report). My name is (Send your name twice). My QTH is (Send your location twice). So hw cpy OM ? BK T U . WA9ZZZ DE KB1XXX KN"
    Then the other station will tell you if he/she copied all of what you sent or if you need to repeat anything. They might send all of their information as you did during this time.

    This is just one example of how to make your first contact. You will of course find what you like and what is comfortable for you. Just try to remember to keep your CQ calls short, no one likes to sit for five minutes listening to an endless stream of "CQ CQ CQ..." . They may get tired and move on , and you will therefore miss the QSO.

After all of the standard information is passed and copied, you can move onto other topics. What do you talk about on morse code ? Try to make it interesting for the other station. You might tell them your age, how long you've been licensed, what you do for a living, or what grade your in and what you like to study the most. It's just like talking with someone on the phone ( well almost, CW is much more fun ! ). Are you familiar with the "hamspeak" being used ? If not keep reading and I'll explain what all these things mean. I have most of these listed on another page, but will reiterate them here for your convenience.

  • CQ is a general call for any station to answer you. You are "seeking" any station to call you.

  • DE means "FROM" or "THIS IS". From the French , DE means FROM.

  • K means "OVER" .

  • TNX means "THANKS". You could also use "TKS" for the same meaning.

  • FER means "FOR". Easier to send an E than an O I guess !

  • OM is "Old Man" . Hams call each other Old Man no matter how old you really are ! Helpful hint: NEVER call a female ham an "Old Lady" !!!!
  • ES means "AND". Again , easier to send ES than AND.
  • GM / GA / GE / GN . Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.
  • Ur means "Your".
  • RST is "Readability", "Strength" and "Tone". This is the way signal reports are given using CW. I'll be setting up a page explaining how to give meaningful signal reports soon.
  • QTH is your location.
  • HW means "HOW".
  • CPY means "COPY".
  • BK means "BACK".
  • T U means "To YOU". ( This can also mean "Thank You" in some cases )
  • KN means "Over, only the station I'm working respond".


For a hobby to be prestigious and respectful the members in the fraternity must be ethical, discipline and urbane, which would enhance them to the status of an elite and give nobility to the hobby. One has to adhere to the standard and the norm.

But the ideal is far from the truth. People who called themselves hams erected illegal repeaters, disturbing people in communications, passing rude remarks on the air, working and encouraging pirates and trying to bar people from improving themselves.

They would attack those who were trying to rectify their errors, defying and arrogantly used terms they want to use, and ways they want to do.

Then ham radio has become a hobby where people come to fight, to swagger and show off.

Mind you these are all new phenomena unknown to hams in the yesteryears. It is outrages and strange but it is happening.



Obama has been facing a series of problems recently. The most hated is his policy towards Iran. No Jews are happy with the American cordiality towards the Islamic Republic. It is feared that USA might be helping Iran in the development of Iran nuclear project.

Israel is poised to attack Iran, believing it is strong enough to do so. The calculated risk, unknown to the Jewish state, is the power of Iran to strike back. The strong Israel was humiliated by Anwar Sadat and Hezbollah once. Without the logistic support of USA anything could have happened then.

Some of the elite American sentiments are against Jews. But the Jews control the Congress and the Seanet. With the increasing of Presidential power the American Jews have to work hard to confront the American President.

What matters is time. Somehow Obama won't be long as a President for his term will end within a few more years. Natenyahu couldn't stand even a few more months, believing for every minute the Iranian is gaining ground in technology, military and nuclear arsenal. To me it is just a phobia.

The White American nationalists are having their distrust against the Jews who had attacked US warship before, spying on America and even mastering the 9/11. Their movement might have gone underground, trying to influence the military sectors about the evil of the Jewish state of Israel. Though America is stepping up it's surveillance and espionage against this group the danger is still there and real.

As in the game of Chess, to kill a King determines the winning. One can even sacrifice the paws and the Queen, the final strike is to mate the head.

Obama is taking up punches, very heavily from all directions. Will it be a knock out ? 16/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Civil servants are always reminded that a leave is a privilege not a right. When it is a privilege it can always be taken away without any reason given.

Even if it is a right the other side too will demand for the right. And many judges had sided the government whenever the two rights were in conflicts.

By the standard of governance ham radio is only a privilege.

The authority is the authority whether we like it or not. A ham should not try to depict that he is more powerful than the authority, by dictating, commanding and defying the body. A privilege conferred can always be snatched away.


The government is worried on two things among schools children-poor English and not interested in history. It is thinking to make those subjects a compulsory passes. People just don't care if things are not made mandatory.

HAM Radio will eventually be losing it's identity as new stuffs are pouring in. Does it matter ? It matters when we mix CB and other things in this hobby. We might just remove the boundaries and merge them into one, Else stick to the long tradition.


Ham Radio in Malaysia used to be in English since it first started until the past recent years. RAE was in English. All the daily chats were in English. Our walking reference was the late Haji Idris, 9M2GL. I remember him well telling us that the conversation must be understood by all Malaysians. At that point we understood Malay and English as the plain English in Malaysia.

It was a joke of a century, one day an Indonesian station, replied to a DX CQ call. This guy spoke in Bahasa Indonesia and the other in English. As the other station could not understand him, he bade the Indonesian good bye with 73 and picked up another station. That particular Indonesian continued to call him and continued to speak Indonesian.

Since the authority was monitoring to trace any illegal stuffs like businesses we had to keep in mind that they must understand what we were saying. Simply, a plain language is the language understood by all Malaysians.

14/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hallucination is a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind caused by a certain physical or mental disorders. When someone says he was despised because of his poverty, having physical deficiency or inability he is doing injustice to his own health. He lives in agony with the feeling of revenge. Some went to the extend of telling tales to others about the person whom he thought treat him with disdain.

Many of those accused may not have the time to think about other people. They have their own affairs to attend to. Several of my phone calls and messages sent were not replied. Would I think the other guy did not like me and harbor it for revenge ? I know that I myself left my phone at home and would not call back after a few hours of noticing the miss call.

It is good to look at ourselves and ask whether we have done any sin to the others. It has no reason for people not liking us if our company is interesting. Some people are repelled by pomposity and swaggering, rogue demeanor, and distasteful thoughts. They would try to avoid us rather than wasting their time with us. But if we think we are perfect without any drawbacks and deficiencies then we would tend to hallucinate the worst.

Mental disorder comes under mental health. There are persons with the sound minds and people without. Those without tend to suffer from depression.

How could we know a person hallucinate ? One clear method is by listening to what he says people thought of him and in what manner he was treated. If I am imagining that Special Branch is watching me and ready to arrest me for writing distasteful stuffs about Shahrizat and BN when they don't have the time to do that then I am hallucinating. The best thing for me to do is to stop criticizing BN and the Ministers. In other words, stop doing the unnecessary.

Should you entertain those who hallucinate and try to please them or just ignore them ? For working men their utmost important are their jobs. Jobs come first. Friends aren't important. So there is no such thing as to devote part of their time on those crazy guys. Second, they have themselves to please first not at the expense of the others. Do the home and family chores first before pleasing their friends.

Before creating more damage to themselves those who hallucinate should stop imagining the non-existing things.

13/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



HAM operators have their own right to take the CW test and elevate to 9M or not to take the test and stay where they are. There is nothing wrong with both and none creates sins to themselves and others. It is of individual liking. There is no obligation to anyone for any decision made.

One who wants to upgrade oneself does not owe  anyone and doesn't have to justify or give any reason to the world of why one does so. As I observed, there are many working people who find time to study for a higher degree. A person who dropped out at Form 4 can finally be a lawyer after enduring much pain to study while working. From SPM to STPM and later joining a university. Should he ask the permission of the world to go for the better job, better salary and better living ?

I saw several hams who with torment humbly tried to explain for their upgrading to the 9M. Explain to whom ? What sinful act is it for people wanting to enhance themselves ? If by any chance a person achieve his goal it is his prerogative to feel proud of himself. It is his right to have the perpetual happiness at infinity.


And those who want to stay where they are must also be respected. They have their own reasons as well and likewise they don't have to explain for their decision. They may be busy or too full of other commitments to attend to other things. They already achieve happiness and fulfillment.

At the same time we can't force others to like us and hate the rest, or hate us and like the rest. Usually the bird of the same feather flock together. People tend to congregate with their own kind. Yet it is not always.

While there are freedom of choice and human liberty human have to conform and abide by the rule of law.

The law says it is it's right and freedom to set order to the world and society, to do away with chaos and turbulence and anarchy. A standard is set. Manners are spelled. There shall be no mob rule nor the rule of the jungle. If everything mix well and run well then a civilization is set up. Otherwise we would be equate with savages and terrorists.

If you choose to apply your freedom to break a law, the state will exercise the freedom to arrest you. Only one man is allowed to defend the wrong. He is called a lawyer. Recently, the North Korean government executed those who smuggled South Korean movies into the nation. No lawyer could stop it.

Whatever right you have, do exercise it without fear.

12/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Thanks to Youtube for the entertainment

Those who pass Morse exam do not steal or rob anybody's money. And those who work DX and contests do not snatch people's money either. Don't entertain any dog that barks.


Do we need to be philosophers to know mankind and their behaviors ? Ancient Malays came out with thousands of sayings and idiom about people and even the well known song Oh Bangau. They didn't go to university to understand things. A mere observation over time would make conclusive evidence of their demeanors and their potentialities.

Religion has taught us about hell and heaven implying that there are good and bad people, arrogant and docile, criminals, philanthropists an of all other sorts. We could not know a person by his appearance and his words. It could be a long years before we can discover his true color.

When you take an unknown man into your home you could expect any possibility. A good man thinks that all others are as good as he is.

It is imperative for us to take precaution when befriending a person. Carelessness and indifference could be fatal to our lives. And I always insist that we must not take chances in accepting a person into our fraternity.

Whether we like or not, we must predict the future base on the past dynamic trend to the present; the behavior of a man, a small  and a big group, a man when he is poor and he became wealthy, the status of gratitude given by a person whom you help when he is weak and when he became strong and wealthy. A person is humble when he seeks a help and arrogant after getting all he had wanted.

I have seen persons who thought they were so very smart with the little knowledge they just acquired, jumping to conclusion judged by sentiments, despising the abilities of others, right the wrongs, condoned crimes and corruptions.

When 9M2NZ cried fouls over the fault over amateur radio practices, I was not at all surprise. I had expected many more will complaint about it. The late 9M2JL, Ong, had predicted what will happen before he died. I had declared that once I left ham radio, I will not permit any ham to visit me except his coming is not as a ham and will never touch anything on the hobby. I know if he does, he will release his emotional tension about many misdeeds and problems .

My blame is not on the current errors by the new people but on the old hams to simply refuse to compute the future, or I would put it, as arrogant as those they breed to be. Remember, 50% of 2 is 1. 50% of 10000 is 5000. 50% of 1 few millions ?

We use the present trend to forecast the future of amateur radio. I would start with the level of education, job category and maturity to observe the attitudes. At a time there was a positive correlation between attitudes and educational level.

The FCC policy is not about  ham radio but about the lobbying by the business community. USA is having it's own problem. Ours originated from different root. So much so listening to descent communication has become a task rather than the mere easy scanning.

I would advice Rashid to be cool. The more frequent we listen to garbage the greater the tendency all be sound like normal. Once they become normal we can live with them. Listen to the clip. It is worse than what we have here.

Yet all are layed out in the ARRL handbook. In my old Handbook it is under chapter 24 'Operating a Radio Station'. Old hams had no computer then they struggled to buy the ARRL book as a guide. That's what we are, keeping the archaic literature.

11/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO paid Ustaz Qazim Al-Hafidz to give ceramah in Sungai Limau recently to persuade the Muslims to vote for UMNO. As a religious person most of his comments were implying to some clear messages. He said UMNO is for Hudud and wants to enforce it BUT not the time yet. Listen to what Dr. Mahitah Ibrahim said about Hudud.

Qazim told the people that it was sinful to condemn corruption and Ministers plundering public funds. It is alright for NFC and alright for PKZ and PERWAJA Steel and Bank Bumiputera and the Indelible ink. He did not mention names but by telling people of the sins, the Ustaz condoned all UMNO's doing.

I traced a lot of lies, which he might call it a minor jester for the fun. He dialoged with God saying 'It is not we are against Hudud but it is not the time yet'.

He stressed that UMNO built plenty of mosques and financed them. He never asked for the reason for fthe gesture; whether for the sake of religion or with other ulterior motive. BN also financed the building of temples, giving out money to voters. All with a very clear and distinct motive. "You know what the government wants from you in return." said Najib. At some other places he voiced,"You scratch my back and I scratch yours."

During the election time you see BN leaders with songkok and kopiah lebai, even wearing robs. After election they would go back to their suits and bows.

Ustaz can talk well but lack of knowledge, blind to economic waste, drug abuse and inefficiencies. They are always bad administrators in anything but in matters of religion. They had not been aware how UMNO had wasted millions for unknown, undone and failed projects, and in the inflated cost of a small things.

UMNO went for Ustaz Quazim because he was very popular in Kedah.

But what I don't know whether his students faired well in the school exam.

I think he should learn and understand the concept of development, the growth and the effects, the declining of the Muslims youth morality and how corruptions had thrown the Muslim youths into drugs and criminals activities. He forget about the missing jet engine, about the water problem caused by the raping of water catchment areas and the reduction of land for food. He doesn't know the suffering of  students staying in hostels of which caterers were from the UMNO cronies. And most he is not aware of the the amount of counterfeit money in circulation as a result of the policy of  giving the jobs of the ATM machines to the UMNO cronies.

Yet he is calling the people to give their lives to those people.

The easiest for Ustaz Quazim is to observe whether any of our leaders are Islamic in their behaviors, talks and deeds. Shahrizat shouted in public about her not yet opened up her sarong. What say you, Ustaz ?



We take medicines and consume supplements. Do we ever ask about the side effect ? Even though one is aware of the effect one simply ignores it. Smokers still buy the cigarette packet with the the scary picture. Who cares about the outcome though it is sure to happen.

The shift of policy in amateur radio inevitably would bring changes to the old traditional rigid system; you must pass CW, go on Morse for a year before coming on the phone, security check, keep to the proper SOP, and pirates together with the supporter would face music from the authority. Hams kept to tradition.

Listen to the international stations. Some didn't even give their names and location. You are expected to search them from the QRZ.COM. Rarely we heard stations talking without the call sign mentioned from the start to the end. CB lingo mingles with the ham language. They dragged in new things which were unheard of before.

9M2NZ, Rashid Ghani, could not stand anymore with the terms and SOP put into practice. I called them creativity and innovations. These are the side effect of the new policy. It could not be avoided. If they are used everyday, they will become a norm. You tell them they are wrong, they will response that we are nuts. The world is changing but the old folks still refuse to budge.

Bad things spread fast; drugs and HIV, flu and criminal activities. When we allow millions of foreign workers into our country we should also expect what would come with them.

The crave of a perfect world and perfect human being began since mankind has first started to erect civilization. Religion was later followed by Communism and now the New World Order. It would never be achieved.

We have been told by our elders 'fire is a friend when it is small, a big foe when it is big'. Anything that become so huge is difficult to control. What more if there is no effort to control them at all. Didn't we use to hide matches from kids so that we can be sure they will not cause fire ?

If we don't like with the changes we can always put away the radio. Or avoid them. Else we have to live with it. Life must go on. Ask yourself whether you were involved to change in local and international policy.

10/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I thought the day of cracking my head over computer codes is over. Kids are learning fast and learning more of the new things. I don't want to exhaust myself anymore.

But I found using a pop-up is easier to be used with Youtube video presentation. The display looks nice. Soon enough I discover it is not the best solution because the popup will disappear and moving to the back if I were to click on the main window. And I can't put text on the new window, like  'Downloading Data' when I opened up a pop-up that is downloading a big data. The screen went blank until the completion of the loading. Hence I can't make my webpage look professional.

I have no choice but to peep into Java Script. I did not start with the vocab but with the functions; how they were written and how they were call. I learned to put text on the new window and discovered putting text will not open my url-link.

There are plenty to look into if I need to improve my web page. Java is as large as the sea. I am just at the beginning of the brook.

Once I left Ham Radio over computer programming. It taxes your brain and snatch your time. You wouldn't care even if a naked girl come your way.



It is difficult to get a balance picture of North Koreans from internet which is totally controlled by the West. By now we should know that web sites are not only to disseminate Western propaganda but it is a spying tools. And if we can get hold of the Communist literature we also could not believe it.

The United States is trying to undermine and weaken the Communist influence through the propagation of Christianity among the North Koreans. Religion to the Capitalist is a mere political tool. American Presidents could dress themselves in Jews, Christians and even Muslim cloak as long as they can get a big money.

We have to make several long visits to intelligently observe the North Koreans and talk to them over several matters. But we can be sure to them children are the property of the states, the future manpower to build a strong nation base on science and technology. This put a great fear among the Western nations.

The way of a communist is for the commune and the nation. The way of the Malaysians is for the 'self-benefit'. Education policies have been on the experimental stage for quite a long time. Curriculum design was determined by the state of ego. Once set the government would defend it regardless to how bad the design is.

I observe that the Malaysian Chinese tried to give as much as they can afford to their children; paying for music class, swimming, badminton, art and craft and self defense. A few would teach ohm law and Newton principles to their small kids, and others even teach additional mathematics.

The Malays solely left everything to the government.

Every child in the whole world has identical potentialities. If they are taught a subject they can master it. If not they will forever been ignorant. Even American kids don't know how to find USA on the world map.

For some reason North Korean government give emphasize on musics. Schools were to worship nuclear scientists. Kids were discipned while they were young. I think both Malaysians and North Korean kids have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our kids are living a lofty life, going places in big air conditioning cars and enjoy the luxury of life. Many grow up without significant skills. On the other hand the North Koreans possess skills and several abilities but life is just like the Orang Asli and Dayaks in their jungle abode.

09/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Do you ever notice that American companies are tapping brains from all over the world ? There are young brilliant Malaysians who contribute to the progress of American technology. INTEL for instant is not only in Malaysia but all over the world employing the bright young people to design and develop wafers. We can talk for INTEL we can also talk of other companies.

American companies keep America militarily strong as they give much focus on Research and Development. MIT is one of the sources for supplying brains. Yet in American classrooms Asian Americans climb on the top.

In many aspects we cannot adopt American ways in every way. Normal Americans are facing many problems, out of their way of life and out of the government policies. The economic woes that started in the early '80s are not vanishing until today. The latest you have heard was about the closing of the United States Government and the Obamacare.

There is always something behind a certain policy. Mostly involve money grabbing scheme, like the word 'development' and mega projects in Malaysia. People with power robbed from the poor, drive them out of their land with a little compensation.

American policy is accused of being commanded by the Jews and Jewish community. Obama has a Jewish advisor on Obamacare. Insurance will be from only the cronies.

If we turn to USA or Great Britain for everything, copy and adopt them, eventually we will be losing our own identity and we will not grow strong. If the American companies could tap the intelligence of our youths, we have every potentiality do grow on our own.

There isn't much the ordinary American can contribute to the world for they are struggling to survive, homeless and jobless. Sometimes they lost their jobs over a trivial matter.

The Japanese and the Koreans are conquering the world. Koreans are leading in some areas. Samsung will surpass Apple.

It was in the '80s the West looked East to learn from Japan on Japanese work ethics.

Soon when China has  more control over space and put their communication satellites with cheap rental many countries may shift to China for communication and other media services.

The new Malaysian generations must not imprisoned themselves under the mind of the current political leaders. They need to think and act on their own without fear of repression. They have good brain and good mind to offer for a strong Malaysia.                         09/11/2013


Someone came out with a remarkable idea to sell cheap sugar and rice in Sungai Limau during the election campaign time. Barisan Nasional sold the RM18.20 rice for RM5 and the RM2.80 sugar for RM1.00. It was a great idea which must be extended to radio communication equipments. Can someone propose to BN to open a ham shop selling gears at 50% or more discount or open up RAE test center where those sitting for the exam will all pass the test ?

Malaysian is full of great genii. The one who advise BN must be a great genius and the one who agreed with the idea too is one hell of a genius.

Shahrizat was not so smart. When she was there she could have asked the farmers to do cow breeding for her family with a promising income. Each family would start off with a couple of cows, a male and a female. She could have brought them down by lorries and distribute to the Sungai Limau residents.

Soon the world will follow our BN ways. Democrats will have a sale and Republicans another 50% sale discount. But the Americans like the smart phones and the tablets.

It is not a hilarious matter . But BN has just done that.

09/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In the world where savage and Barbarian live the people have three myths about the enlightened people of Western world. The first, White people are wealthy. Second, they are very smart and intelligent. And third they are very healthy and strong.

Even if we think we are not savage or Barbarians, a big number of Malaysians are having positive perceptions of the British and the Americans. Strangely enough even the Americans think the same way of themselves. They condemned the Communists North Koreans saying the people live in poverty and hunger.

In the real life many were losing homes, jobless, migrate to Canada and depend on food stamps.

Likewise there are as many stupid Americans as  stupid Malaysians. Not only in term of knowledge but in the mode of thinking as well.

And in USA you are left to die without an insurance. There are millions of sick people as everywhere else.



If you want to be a SWL but do not have a radio, you don't have to worry. There is a web sdr for you to listen to conversation either using phone or CW. Those who have difficulty to practice listening to Morse you can start by going to Follow the instructions given.

Right now I am listening on 7017.25 a ragchew conversation between two US stations at the speed about 25 - 30 wpm. It is really fun.

Click on the image to enlarge

Really, I don't know whether I am listening to ham radio for two reasons. The first is none of my ham gears are plugged to voltage source. Secondly the sound came from the computer.

Try by yourself, and explore the web sdr. I tried 7.120 and heard CW station both on my Icom and my Macbook. The one coming through my laptop is a little slower than the radio. The web sdr I opened is located in Australia. The signal is no as strong as the one through my radio.

At late night and early in the morning there were many strong CW stations. On 7027.72 especially the ragchew was about 25-28 wpm in German. That's the sign ham radio is still alive. The moment CW is dead, ham radio is dead too. Don't be offended at my personal view. And they are alive on the internet as well.

It somehow opens up a new frontier for me to explore.

Go ahead and try it.


If you need clarity in audio communication go to the web chat, skype and all other communication soft wares on computers. Would it be a ham radio without hearing a single noise ? The weaker the signal is the more challenging would the listening be. Instead of using 5KW there are people who use 5 watts for international communication. The fun is when one can copy a weak sharp CW signal that comes across the globe. Flex radio for me ? NO. Free may be.


Some questions coming from the members of the oppositions were not smart and intelligent. They did not show profound knowledge of the future effect and outcome to the society and the country. Questions on PBS did not touch on the drop out and the late developer, the possible growth of poor quality of private education and the impact on the poor after landing in the low level job at the early dropout, and who can't continue their self-study to compensate the lost they faced.

And the replies were a mere form of justifications, only parading the good points while hiding the possible fatality. And at some answers were only base on sentiment. It looks like the government has been stuffing 'Malaysia is not X country. If you mention X so much go and migrate there' into the minds of the Rakyat. It is just like stuffing toilet papers down the throat. People like Shahidan Kassim is one of of the victims.

Law makers must provide profound reasons with concrete data for not formulating a certain policy.

Without  the in-depth knowledge in the debate a law that may be passed could be detrimental to the people and the country.

In the United States many congressmen and Senators consult university professors on matters to be discussed in congress, and they chose the good professors.

We must remember parliament is not a showcase of democracy or a place to justify every wrong we did. It should not be a place for deceiving people. There is no point giving exuberant pictures of the decline in crimes when houses were broken, drugs were filling the streets and people were murdered and shots.

More so Parliament is not for a party campaign for both BN and PR. Debates must not leave no stone unturned. It must be honest and faithful.      08/11/2013


Malaysia's response to spying case is a jester. At least 80% what happened here and what the government is doing is known by the world through the internet system. We don't make the system. Obviously whatever secret we keep in the storage will be siphoned out. Not only that we let out everything in the blog, face-book and other stuffs we are using. It is easier to know what you and where we are today than the yesteryears. Our hand phones carry things we can never know about.

Even the local people know what Najib is thinking, not to talk of the hard copy documents or things hidden in computer storage.

Foreigners know more than what the members of the cabinet know. Do we call them spying when they observe us in what we do and say ? Do we call them spying if they only read our publications on our government organization, system, departments, offices etc that we put on the web sites ?

What others are interested is in the knowing of the emotional states and sentiments of our leaders so that they can manipulate to gain benefits. Offering an honorary doctorate to Rosmah Mansor was not without reason.

Every country has at least one spy agency. They spy both on their own people and on foreign countries, mainly to know whether they are siding us or our enemies, their covert operation which may be detrimental to the current government.

In short spying is the gathering of information of EVERYTHING in a country or organization. What in Malaysia could be threatening to the United States and Australia ? Are we pro-China or the United States ? What tender we gave to the Chinese as compared to Australia and America ? Do we provide support to other Islamic countries to develop weapons of mass destruction like the selling of the centrifugal hardware for enriching uranium ?

All in all there isn't much significant stuffs that the country can offer, except of the possibility of giving sanctuary to terrorists, or the base for them to plan attacks on the West. In that USA will always open their eyes wide. The Thais want to know to what extend do we provide support to the Muslim South.

Hishamuddin was trying to give the impression to the people that Malaysia is so very significant country that everyone wants to spy on us. For what reason ?

Our military is trained in USA and Australia. We hired the Jews and British as consultants and advisors. We purchased computer softwares from foreign countries. We have stripped ourselves stark naked.

Could Hishamuddin tell us what the foreigners are interested in us ? I think Mahathir sending the police to spy on the people in  kampongs, mosques, kenduris and Muslim gatherings were so much worse and immoral.

06/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO should stop dragging the Malays to stupidity, putting words in their mouths and continue with their lies. They should wake up from the dream and release themselves from the fantasy world.

Hear what this woman says"

The Chinese are much smarter. They systemized their vote counts. They pointed out that the victory that Najib and Mahyuddin's claimed came from them.

UMNO can't afford to have the Malays hate the party because of the few rotten people who were supported by the leadership. The honor is at stake.

I like to ask a question 'How many is many'. To the United States one can be too many. That made them spent millions to hunt and kill Osama. One pregnant school girl boarding in a hostel is too many for the school and society.

If with full force, machinery, money and other resources at Sungai Limau more than 40% of the Malays reject UMNO, what could Mahathir could have said about Najib and UMNO ?

UMNO lives in a defiance world, refusing to check themselves to see any malign and evil practices and weakness. On the other hand they righted the wrong and defended the malevolent deeds. And corrupting the populace to hide the evil practices of plundering public coffers.

After the defeat BN announced the highway project promised to the people of Sungai Limau will proceed. To show UMNO is good and benevolent ? In the old days before the election you can see bulding materials were laid by the roadside. When losing they were taken home. The project halted. But in those day PWD construct the road. Today the contract was awarded to either cronies or UMNO members. The continuance of the highway is not for the love of people of Sungai Limau but for the love of those who were awarded.

Shahrizat is still leaving in the fantasy world. After the fuss on the cow-condo stuff she still thought she is a super woman, and loved by the people. Najib still keep this kind of people. Seeing her made people look at UMNO with contempt.

You may want to think why the Chinese swing their votes to BN in Sungai Limau. How much more lies are we going to hear ?

07/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mukhriz should not worry much about Sungai Limau. Among my circle of friends we praised him. We could have said 'Vote for UMNO' for his sake. But on seeing Shahrizat it turned off the intent to vote for the party. Only the people of cow mentality would look at her as a leader.

Mukhriz had made quite in impact in Kedah, even among the PAS members. But Putrajaya thought the other way round, thinking he is too young, and they brought all the ageing heavyweight up to Kedah. Not many people knew Mahyuddin but I do. But people have known much about Rosmah and Shahrizat. Putrajaya people are 'KACAU DAUN' group that might have lead to UMNO's defeat.

In one general election only one woman, namely Umi Hafilda who was put on the TV nightly, had made many people changed their support from UMNO to PAS. Shahrizat is seen much worse than arrogance.

People know about Mukhriz visiting the late Azizan in his hospital bed and talked about how close they were. Putrajaya might dismiss as nonsense if Mukhriz can take Sungai Limau leaving him alone.

Would UMNO see Shahrizat as the main culprit when they go for the post-mortem ?

06/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You have to have enough experience with both in order to make a right decision. You don't have to travel to Indonesia to know the Indonesians.

Though bad people are not dressed in a race, I prefer Malaysian Chinese 20000 times more than the Indonesian Malays. The reasons are in my heart. You need to observe both with reasons and rationality, not on mere sentiments.

I don't mean to offend any Malaysian Malays who love the Indonesian Malays so much.

It is true that I cannot generalize all the Indonesians as the same. Neither do they like each other well. Otherwise there would have not been killings between the Malay Christians and the Malay Muslims in their own country.

Neither do I have any hatred towards them. Only if I were given a choice I would always choose the Malaysian Chinese.

UMNO on the other hand is fanning the Malays to hate the Chinese. For what reason ? So that they can maintain their status quo and siphon as much money as possible from the government coffers and privatized services to friends and cronies ?

06/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


About 2 weeks before election I was told by a  teacher that BN had given away RM16 million. I didn't ask in what form. Only on Thursday I went down to Sungai Limau driving slowly with my wife. The assessment was simple. BN had put every part of their energy, muscle, money, people, machineries, and name them-they have all. They conquer almost every inch of Sungai Limau with flags and tents, using public facilities not given to the opposition, trucks with loud hailers, police road blocks.

Do you know why ?

Sungai Limau is a small place. UMNO can afford to give to PAS. But that's not the point. Sungai LImau is a great struggle for Najib who was trying to disprove Mahathir that UMNO is dying . Winning means the former Prime Minister would have to hide his face. Even losing they are are claiming Mahathir's mind is on the wrong btrack.

Even after losing the media and UMNO is stressing on the reduced PAS majority.

Mahathir is not a fool, neither the thinking people. Discounting the element of refine cheating, the amount of input was very monumental. Let me tell you how to compute; you take the number of people gained by UMNO and the total resources valued in money form, and divide them ie total resources (amount in money)/number gain.

The efficiency ratio is very starkly small.

Mahathir could have easily sneer at Sungai Limau's drama. What if the opposition is given only one TV channel to broadcast ? I cease to listen to radio and TV a day before the election. Yet when I went jogging the I heard the campaign through Radio Malaysia Alor Setar from the hawkers radio.

Mahathir is not wrong in his saying about UMNO. Given an equal footing UMNO would surely went down the mud. The use of psychology and lies could be considered remarkable among the Malays, who are easily cowed by lies and promises by the thieves and robbers.

What the media will be saying about Sungai Limau is to insinuate that the people approve Shahrizat's Cow-Condo family and happy with Rosmah Mansor.

I was actually surprised at BN's defeat after seeing all the heavyweights gave a total focus and camping themselves in this small area. Money flew out day and night. People could eat and drink free. The Malays usually were easily succumb to strong persuasion and money. BN had put everything they had.

I am sure that the Special Branch had provide the report to Najib and Mahyuddin even before the voting process ended. I noticed a jet flew South. The men on the jet already knew the outcome even before the counting.

What you will be listening is nothing but a sour grape.

05/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Mini-dialysis units demonstrated

Patient using new dialysis unit

Mini-dialysis machines which kidney patients can use at home have been unveiled at a Hertfordshire hospital.

The Lister Hospital in Stevenage has demonstrated the units which are the size of a portable television.

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust hopes the machines will increase the number of dialysis patients treating themselves at home.

The number of patients requiring dialysis in England and Wales is predicted to reach 40,000 by 2018.

"We are inviting patients to try the NxStage units for themselves and receive training on how to use them," consultant Dr Roger Greenwood said.

Government target

"It is our intention then that patients will subsequently be able to take them home.

"We have created a home setting so patients can understand for themselves just how compact and patient-friendly the unit is.

"The historical image conjured up by home haemodialysis is of Portakabins in the back garden to cater for the sheer size of the hardware and the amount of medical consumables required."

Only 1.1% of haemodialysis patients in England and Wales treat themselves at home and the government wants this increased to 15%.

The units are the size of a portable television

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust hopes the machines will increase the number of dialysis patients treating themselves at home.

The number of patients requiring dialysis in England and Wales is predicted to reach 40,000 by 2018.

"We are inviting patients to try the NxStage units for themselves and receive training on how to use them," consultant Dr Roger Greenwood said.

05/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Are you one of those having a Death Book ?

Death Book is the appointment book for a medical checkup, usually three months once. It was my friends who named it as such. Those with the book are nearing death. Hoping the regular checkup will prolong their lives.

I figure those without it will live much longer, yet I heard one by one fell, either due to heart attack or hit by lorries. The Muslims say that God decides but mankind must strive hard for longevity.

I have one of those books. My anxiety heightened whenever the day arrived. I would have a sleepless night for fear of the result. Today is my checkup day and I could not sleep well. The appointment is at 8 am. I was at the hospital at 6.45, me alone waiting. By 7.30 there was another lady.

I was the first to see the doctor. It is a day in history for being the leader. By 8.30 everything was done.

I am not afraid to die, But it is sinful if one knows he is dying and does nothing. It amounts to committing suicide. Taking one's own life is a crime in law and it is a big sin in Islam.

Furthermore I have more in the world I am looking for to taste, particularly in the progressive technology. And soon ASB is coming. That already made me dreaming of what I am going to do.

Remember today food kills a lot of people, not merely the Malaysians. You can see the image of the problem by looking at the Obamacare. USA is having an acute problem of sick people.

When people are dying more jobs are being created. More doctors, nurses, supporting hospital staffs, people working in factories producing medical facilities. Now we have plenty of supplements on the shelves. At time you must shout back at the arrogant nurses that she is there because you are there.

And if you die there will be some people who make money. Funeral is not cheap  nowadays. One day the government will have to make a policy to throw away the dead in the sea full of sharks.

Sharks eat people. People eat sharks.

03/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malaysian hams on 7 MHZ has been a vagabond. There wasn't a fix frequency for long to park for an evening chat like the Indonesians do. I did not have the old logbook to trace back the common frequency. But I have the electronic logging starting from late 2002. You need to click the image on the left to see the date clearly.

Malaysian hams were sitting on 7040 since when I came back to ham radio after a long leave. Of course the frequency did not belong to us. But we respect those who have been using their common chatting frequencies for evening chat, namely the Indonesians.

It was on 17th July 2003 when we had to move to 7043 when someone wrested the frequency away. It was not a happy memory but that was what had happened. From then on I noticed any frequency used by the Malaysians would soon be taken away. Would we do the same to 7050 ? I found the BG/BY stations did. It was very inconvenient and followed by a chaos from the SE Asian station.

I decide to stay foot on this frequency. If the Indonesians are using it, I just wait for them to finish. But I still park here. 7045 was recently used for the net and as a regular chatting spot. Both are causing splatter. I never went up to tell those guys that they cause heavy splatter, especially the high powered station with the ESSB.

I hope the new Malaysian hams will do a little bit of observation pertaining to this matter. It is not to wage war but to understand people's behavior.

By Indonesians I don't mean every ham in the country. Malaysians were robust too. So were others from other countries. It is not that they did wrong. The principle that ham frequency does not belong to anyone holds. We too know the rules. But we do not simply wrest the frequency where they have been using for their nets. Out of respects and brotherhood we move to another empty space.

Look at 7.00 to 7.029, where the spectrum is only for CW. Some Malaysians are joining their counterparts helping to occupy the empty area, using phone. The old guys who stayed on the border 7.000 could very well be respected. Even at 5.00 am when there were plenty of CW stations you can still hear them screaming.

Why must pirates come onto the ham band when they have frequencies adjacent to 7 MHZ ?

One day the local hams may find the need of a home on the band for chatting. We need to know who is alive and who is sick Right now we don't have any daily report on Eshees situation. I don't know what happened to 9M2YP who had suddenly disappear, who are the new hams, and where have all the old timers gone to.

It is not good to show defiance by encroaching to the frequency which is not legal to the Malaysians. You make a working paper, documenting the problems of frequency usage and who cause them, narrating the 7030,7040,7045,7050, 7055 etc all being occupied by the Indonesians and we don't have anywhere to go to.

One day those who are fond of working DX stations and contest will get bored. I have not heard old international hams anymore. Some were dead and some are still alive. I gather boredom might have seized them.

If you don't think and act now later you will realize saying "Yeah 9M2AR was right..."

Again I must stress that 7.043 is not my frequency. One 9W station said if they are given 40 m to operate he will kick me out of the spot. Good. Excellent mentality.

Ps. Click here to see the whole list of logging. Be patient because it takes a few minutes to download all data.


03/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have not been using navigator for quite some years now. I combed the whole shack for my an old Garmin Nuvi 350 but to no avail. And the ones I had had in my iPhone were washed up by the new IOS.

I took a few hours browsing for information on free offline navigator for Apple. It is one for USA. There are plenty for Samsung Android. Then I tried to look up for Garmin. The latest versions are around 1K + . Nuvi 3592LM seems to be quite interesting.

What do I need a navigator for now, since I cannot travel anywhere anymore ? The farthest I could take my wife is Taiping. And I don't need a navigator to do that.

I will not be buying Samsung, either because I already have my iPhone 4.

I told myself that it is a wastage to buy another smart phone and a GPS which I won't be using anymore.

I better donate my saving to the local mosque a little, pay insurance and road taxes for my car, annual rates to the state government and local authorities.

May be one day the GPS would be found somewhere, usually at the time when I don't need it at all.

02/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is never to late to compensate with my school days deficiencies. I was a useless, good for nothing brat, hated school to the utmost, never study and only planned to quit schooling.

Thanks to the new technology that allows me to creep back into the land of opportunity. It gives me a chance to compensate my weaknesses as much as I could.

Blogging is fun. I experiment with the database and used the available facilities like the Youtube and other media player to entertain and learn at the same time.

Right now I incorporate two types of video clips; direct from the youtube and the list of songs that I upload on my server. And they are played at random as someone logs to my webpage. It means if 5 different persons running my blog at the same time each of them may be listening to different songs. And even the Youtube clip will be displayed differently.

I used to put feedback and discussions but I need time to peruse them. Taking away some of those lifted off some of the burdens.

Bad English does not matter as long as people can make out what I am trying to convey. That's good enough for me.

The asp codes below may make some sense to some people to get the song to be played at random.

dim rn, song(40)
song(1)="12 Girls band.swf"
song(2)="12 Girls band 1.swf"
response.redirect "index20maina.asp?fail1=" & song(rn) 

But ASP could never beat JAVA. I have tried to squeeze in Java in my learning time table. So far I could not the space. As usual I would depend on internet for tutorial. I need to use a little imagination and experiment with the codes in order to gain proficiency. For an old man like me with rusty mind I have to put more energy.

Because ASP is almost like Visual Basic, I don't have much problem in writing codes without any reference. Once again, I thank God and the man who made the internet possible.

02/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I first purchased my iPhone 4, I immediately jail break it and filled with several navigation softwares. I was enjoying my iPhone for quite some time until I found that my iBook could not open up a few books with the IOS then. I needed to upgrade the OS.

It was at this point I had some problems I don't exactly remember the nature of the difficulties I was facing. The upgrade proceeded. I lost all the navigation soft wares and other illegal programs. I made a promise to myself that I won't do any jail breaking again.

Without the navigation software I feel at a lost. I have not been using my Garmin GPS for a long time and don't remember where I put it. I don't even remember how to update the maps and POI.

Today my iphone is on IOS 7.03. I  might just be happy with all the current soft wares, particularly the iBook. To date I use less than 50% of the iPhone stuffs, and never thought of upgrading it to version 5S or 5C. With the previous IOS I could not block callers. Now I can.

Could I die first before my iPhone 4 ?



ISS is not in heaven. It is about from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur. My daily communication with 9M2RB in Nilai is almost twice the distance. Radio wave that travel upwards meets with less hindrance. Hams were known to use handy working through satellites. It is good to log the ISS and provide experience and the enhancement of one's knowledge.

If anyone come to me bragging about the ISS I would just respect him, say nothing more about it. I won't invest in radio merely for satellite work.

ISS is orbiting at an altitude of approximately 220 miles. It is in the Low earth Orbit (LEO). LEO is from 99 - 1200 miles.

Would you consider working ISS as working a DX station ? It is not a DX but could be considered as a rare one. It is the rareness that add to the value.

The basic point of anything is happiness and satisfaction. As long as you are happy and satisfied with the achievement then the goal has been accomplished.

It is not to be used as a tool to compare ability and superiority. Certainly talking to astronauts would be fun and one can be very proud of himself.

To many there is nothing like a ragchew with someone across the border, like JA1NUT and

N6TT. Strangely enough one amateur radio operator defines Ham Radio as a ragchew hobby.

You can see how happy and ecstatic David Pruette in the clip was. The pride is it gives one a chance to be in an Outer Space community.

A part of amateur radio definition mentions for the experimentation of radio communication . It never include distance at all.

My mentioning of the distance us just to make one realizes that the space stations is not that far. We tend to imagine the geosynchronous orbit as the standard space distance. Geosynchronous orbit is 22,236 miles above the earth, about twice the distant from Malaysia to USA.

Some people just like to experiment a long path communication. Instead working Medan with my yagi pointing West, I pointed East. I have to check the front to back ratio to make sure Mean does not read me from the back of my beam.

But the earth is only 7926.41 miles in diameter. Funny, isn't it ? It is about the distant from Malaysia to New York.               01/11/2013


A writing utensils are vital in a shack. I cannot copy CW by mere listening all the time. Even in a rag chew I have to jot down the main topic. Most of the time we jumped from topic to topic and most of the time we do not remember all the subjects mentioned. Conversation with Mazwan has been based only on memory.

But when working a DX station in Morse codes a pad is a must. Even you can read every character well, you will not remember the place name. Foreign names have strange spellings. It is easier to jot on a piece of paper than to type on the keyboard.

Phone conversation faces similar situation. A conversation between two men would touch several topics at one over. And we always forget them. Notepad is to jot what we are going to say and what people are saying. In a roundtable chatting we write what each of them say so that we can address everyone of them when our turn come.

We are not writing every word what others are saying. A single word is enough as a keyword for a topic.

I find 9M2HC, Choo, has been very consistent in addressing everyone in a group as to the relevant items. He could not have done it without writing them down.

It is a good practice to have the pad handy but it is not mandatory to use it if you have a good memory. In the video clip of more than one hour of communication, N6TT just listen to a conversation with his counterpart and reply back when taking his turn.

31/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is there any different between Rais Yatim and UMNO, and UMNO and Rais Yatim ? This man told the world Malaysia runs on the rule of law. And he told the Malaysians that morality is the affair of the parent. And the Human Right group says parents cannot touch their children.

It has been several time when I saw young Malay girls smoking cigarette without any fear, shame or respect of the adults. The sick sight forced up the image of the great Rais Yatim and UMNO in my mind.

When I  narrated the event to my wife, she blamed the parents. But I blamed UMNO and Rais because they are the same,  they fought for individual liberty and freedom. And the human Right group only dictate about human right to the Malaysians, not the Americans, whom I saw of much greater suppression and arrests without trial in their country.

The Malays are getting worse each day. Pictures of nude young Malay girls for free sex were posted on the websites. Romance and caressing in public is everywhere. They robbed, broke into houses, drugs and even going for murdering spree.  The list of evil deeds are of the Malays are shocking.

As always UMNO would  blame the people and DAP instead of their own folly and stupidity. They love their own destruction.

31/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Being old and retired as an ordinary man has no use to society. You can't get a credit card, cannot make a bank loan, rejected by health insurance and will get poor treatment in hospitals and other agencies. The other day someone from Swiss Inn Sungai Petani rang me up, something about free stay for 3 days 2 nights. After a short conversation the offer was retracted. It was only for working people not for the retirees. At least it tells me something ie not to stay in Swiss Inn ever. It is not fit for retired people.

The Mamak restaurant where I always have my breakfast is about the same age as me. We always have conversation in English. Young and professional people always looked at us, the old Mamak Tongkang and the wrinkle old Malay man, as if in their hearts saying 'wow those old guys could speak English.....'

I always have fun at the exhibitions. I like to ask questions. Of course I always assessed them by their answers; how profound their knowledge were, and what were they thinking of the old men. On matters concerning computer I would questions until they could not answer, because they were only users not the makers.

It was sometimes irritating. You pass a person trying to enroll you on a credit card or ASB loan. They called you. Then they would ask for your age, followed by 'sorry' because it exceeds the limit.

In short, not only the young people think we are going to die soon, but the policy makers, bankers and people who want to make money, too are thinking alike. Many old people would always laugh in their hearts, knowing many young people dies before them. Before me there were no less than 20 persons I know went to meet God.

Old people are only useful for eliciting money. Bank officials might call you talking about investing your savings or giving you ideas how to grow your money. Even the government is talking about erecting more of Old Folks Home, a house where the elderly wait to die.

When the Swiss Inn cancelled the invitation for the retirees I kept on asking for reasons of their rejection. After all everyone has to pay the same amount for a lodging regardless of age or working status. Probably it just adopt the credit card policy.

31/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A person with a double standard is never nice. I will have to admit my drawback and the bad attitude. I don't mind errors made by those who came on CW, even of their bad sending but I mind much about the phone communication.

It doesn't mean I approve the exclusive right for a CWer to make errors. It is difficult to make errors pertaining to procedures and even terms used. Spelling mistakes are always excused. To use EN to mean R is a matter of style and habit. Many a time I heard E(.) and N(-.) instead of R(._.)

As one became more and more proficient and had been in Morse for more than 20 or 30 tears one tend to develop a style. The Indonesians have a unique way of CW. The capabilities are from the very long time CWers.

To me what is more important the fluency in sending and receiving.

I really enjoy watching and listening to N6TT. I hope the Youtube will not remove it. I include the footage in my website with other clips, and display them at random. Each time someone logged in my site the video will show a different clip.

My listening to ham radio is to listen to CW stations. To me that's ham radio. Killing Morse means killing ham radio. The moment everyone stops pounding and no CW-chirps heard it is a sign of the death of ham radio. Remember, this is only my view.

That's the reason I would tolerate mistakes made as long as hams brave themselves to shout on the air using their fingers.

30/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is it not possible to upgrade CB in term of frequency allocation to share with those in the ham band ? After all many unknown stations are already occupying the ham sanctuary, breaking the fences everywhere. Many live in dual world or we may say triple world. He is Ham, CB and a Pirate. Or a CBer who also park on the ham band.

Forget about electronic and radio knowledge. Without those people do talk all over the world. Everything decides by money. We do not need to compute antenna length because they are computed for us, readily sold in the market. Almost all radios have tuners built in. All one has to do is just buy the stuffs, go on the band and count 'SATU DUA...SATU DUA...'

Did we not hear of a proposition to open up a huge new market a new economic sector ? Ham shops and  stalls would expand as a new feature in business. Jobs are created. The government get more money for the licenses.

I have listened to the Trunk Radio and enjoy the conversation among the lorry drivers. Very hilarious and interesting. The only different is that they do not use the Q-Codes, 73 and ham SOP. Or else they just sound like the normal ham operators. They do not need the RAE, nor electronic knowledge.

This will be a real liberty. Any man can join a radio hobby regardless of his ability and  background. This is a real democracy. Is it not what you want ?

30/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My wife has a new tenant. The previous one has bought his own home for RM140K, a single storey terrace house. The new tenant came to my house today because I request to see him. He moved in last month.

He is a nice young man, an engineer in profession working in the department where my wife last work before retirement. He told me about him being cheated RM500 by someone who promise him a house for rental. From the story I guessed he was not the only one cheated.

The former tenant paid RM180 for the rent. My wife charged the new tenant RM250. I told him that I don't impose any written agreement but merely a simple oral understanding. He said he did a paint work and a little wiring. I asked him whether he agreed to my proposal that he does not have to pay for the rental this year at all, and he could undertake to repair or modify the house on his own accord using his own money. It may exceed the free stay this year. He agreed. "Make it as if your own home and do anything as long as you feel comfortable in it."

My wife didn't say anything. They seemed to be happy.

I didn't care at all about my wife property when she was abled and healthy. Husband could be scrupulous and takes money from his wife. Only when she became weaker and could not manage herself anymore I took over on matters pertaining to her house.

I trust and believe the new tenant is responsible enough to take care of the house and would not assume we are a form of leeches that look for opportunity to suck blood.



I think Malaysian hams are great and excel the world in matters of radio. It is good that I can learn something new that I never knew before.

I never came across a logbook with the headings QRA and OP. Mine is archaic and old fashion. I use  DATE, TIME, FREQUENCY, STATION/CALL, MODE, HIS_RST, MY_RST, NAME, PWR, HIS_RIG, ANT, QTH, END_TIME, QSL_S, QSL_R.

The new one uses QRA instead of Call or Station, and OP for name. I know OP to mean Operational Procedure.

In fact at the RAE test time there was a question on basic logbook. We were to describe the contents. That was in the  1970's test. Surely today it may be different.

Old mind has always been inflexible and inclined to resist changes. I chose to stick to my own logging system, which of course taken from the MARTS logbook.

Click to enlarge

Logbook is our own. So we use our own style. In the old days the authority would visit hams and checked the logbooks. MARTS printed and sold the standardized version. It made simple for the authority. There are items which are not mandatory, like the time-end. But in case it is going to be used as evidence in court to prove alibi then time-end is relevant. You can choose to put both the UTC and the local time in case it is going to be the court exhibit.                        30/10/2013



To me trust is something big and heavy to undertake. It is as small as the task to convey a simple Best Regard or a Salam to a third person to taking care of billion of dollars of money not belonging to us.

I don't quite like asking people to buy things for me when they travel overseas. If I do I would place burden on them. Buying by post from Malaysia is very much easier than looking for the goods at the traveling location.

I had two experiences before, in the early '80s. While in England I had a very tough time looking for a shop selling a digital hardware based on the address given. I had to ask several persons, took several type of transportation system and walked for miles to locate the shop. It was one day's work. And another in USA I had to travel more than a hundred miles looking for the distributor. I did but had had a hectic time. And once while in Las Vegas I had to take a bus, traveling for more than 20 miles searching for a ham shop which was not there anymore when I finally reached the location.

Friend did ask me to buy things and post back the commodities. It was as good as impossible if I went with a tour group. The bus won't take you to the shop that you want to go. They will take you to the shops that you don't want to go. Secondly you might see a post office about 20 yards away, but you may have to drive more than 20 miles to the visible destination.

Knowing the problems I restrained myself from asking a favor from a friend who are going overseas either for vacation or vocation. I know hunting for stuffs is not a trivial matter.

And whenever anybody were to ask me for favor, I would not make any promise. Don't keep any hope and don't trust me either.

29/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A Breach of Trust could not be offset by any amount of money to replace a misdeed. The Malays always asked someone to send the best regard 'KIRIM SALAM' to someone through a friend. There are four responses one can make with the entrusted message. Firstly to say Insya Allah ( God willing ) to mean "if I remember, if not please forgive me". Secondly he could say "Sure, I will". Thirdly, is the total rejection "Sorry I can't." And lastly, "I will try my best but I don't promise." The last one is something like the first with a slight difference.

Only the day before yesterday I asked a worker in my former school to give a package of rice with a huge prawn to one

 of the students. "Give it by yourself to the person." He promised saying "Sure, I will." Instead he gave to his friend to send the food. This person just left the food on the table saying "For Aiza". Aiza was the student to be given. It happened the recipient was absent. The package was opened by the other students and consumed the delicacy.

This breach of trust is irritating and uncalled for though it looks small and light. It frustrates me very much.

If we can't trust a little thing how could we respect the person as a man of morality ?



Let me quote a small portion from Malaysian Insider;

“We have a government that is weak because of weak support from the people, and with a tendency to accede to the demands of extremists in the opposition,” Dr Mahathir said in his Perdana Foundation office, across a lake from the prime minister’s office in Putrajaya.

“The worst part is that they make extreme demands to unseat the government who can’t get rid of whatever they don’t like. But if you think that they will then say ‘thanks, we will support you now’, you are mistaken,” said the country’s longest-serving prime minister.

Najib was there because Mahathir put him there. You and me didn't start the Vision 2020. Many of us are Mudah Lupa. How could a man with 2020 vision, praised by many of his supporters of a man of great vision then did not see Najib so very well ?

I am sure many of us still remember the most recent remarked  from Mahathir that Najib is better than Pak Lah as he got back the state lost to PAS. And now he said Najib's government is weak as the support is weak. Najib never thought that he is weak, or else he would not have given a thumb up to Shahrizat nor boasted that the Malays are giving him a solid support.

Attempt to discredit Najib met with a soft retaliation, of Mukriz being putting aside. It was a big insult to the former Prime Minister. He has lost the respect and credibility even from his own UMNO men. Only a few old frail men are around him.

I said before that Najib gives money to people right now whereas Mahathir doesn't. A big majority join UMNO for money, hoping to get contracts and projects. These people will fight for those who endowed them with wealth. Mahathir can't afford to pay them despite his mega project.

Pak Lah will smile at Mahathir's anger. He won't make any public comment. Deep in his heart he will say God is Great. In the meantime Najib is stepping up the government's propaganda using the public media day and night to brainwash the masses. Rosmah and Shahrizat are smilling from behind.

29/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Q-codes, used in CW, used by hams are not many. The most common ones are QTH, QRL, QRM, QRN, QSB, QRU, QRO, QRP, QRX, QRT, QSL, QRV, and QSY. I ignore the rest of the Q-Codes. Overusing them especially in telephony does not make a man a better ham. Not using them in SSB does not degrade a person as a ham.

In CW the short form helps. Other than the Q-Codes there are many other short forms used in almost every session. These are Tks/Tnx, GE/GM,GL,GB, HPE, CUAGN, UR, PWR, ANT, WX, YL, OM, XYL, GUD, MNG, BTU and K.

In phone operation a plain language is used.

But in the CW ragchew many hams use full words because they are not in a hurry, no pile up or several stations waiting by the side. I take a rag chewing as a mean to sharpen the copying and sending ability. Most will go at more than 25 wpm.

But there are people who are using straight keys to rag chew. We cannot expect a high speed sending with it. To train a new comer I usually go slow when having a long chat. If he request for a higher speed I would increase my sending. Once I know he can copy fast enough then I would not start with 12 wpm.

When the CW is in Malay language we are inventing the short forms ourselves, which we know the other party could understand. SP can be for Selamat Petang or Selamat Pagi.

It is my believe that knowing and using Morse by a person with an AA made a person a real ham.  Of course my view is not necessarily true. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Neither using excessive Q-Codes on telephony could make him a great ham.

You disagree with me, done. You want to criticize me you are welcome. I won't fight back. If you want to know all the Q-Codes by all mean, learn them for it enhance your knowledge. All you need to do is to find the right place and time to use them.

Those who wish to be Elmers should  teach the right things and the right communication procedures. Otherwise we will be hearing "kembali...kembali...returning...returning..." all the time when accepting transmission. When misconceptions are being repeated over and over again, they will become real, and put into practice and become part of our culture. Then nothing can be done.

29/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been almost 10 years since I retired from my job. I don't remember everything vividly, for my memory is fading and secondly it lifts off plenty of burden and release me from worry and depression. Only event at occasion would bring back some of the forgotten memories.

When Hanafi, a radio friend of mine, told me that a doctor prescribed an anti depression drug, I remember a worker in my school, whose mental problem was brought to my attention one day. There was no indication that he was mentally ill. He was a normal  and a hard working person. I talked to the other workers about some jealous people who wrote me about the worker's illness. They confirmed that he was. He was on medication but causing no problem to anybody.

I went to see the psychiatrist  to find out more about about my worker who was under his care. I was told about the imbalance of a certain liquid in the brain. The medication was to rectify the deficiency of the solution. He only need to have the regular consumption.

 I don't remember well how he came to confide in me of his sickness. But he did. Probably he was advised by his co-workers. I sympathize with him and reminded him to take the medicine as prescribed.

He was with me for more than 10 years. Each day when I met him I always asked him whether he had taken his medicine for the day. He showed no sign of madness nor aggressiveness.

His fate changed when the government had a new policy on school's workers. Workers are privatized. Private companies will provide the work service with contract. All the existing government blue collar workers had to be transferred out including him. Before he left, I repeatedly reminded him of the constant medication he must observe, and bade him good bye.

Years later quite some time before I retired I was told that he had passed away. He was very aggressive and became very violent that even his wife and kids ran away. I knew then nobody had taken care of his health, to remind him of his daily task to himself. I believed he had left the medicine totally.

Though his departure would be good for the family, I would have to say that an atom of care would have save him and he could remain a normal person for a longer time. Death is God's hand but is it not part of our duty to do the best we could to help a fellow mankind ?

29/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My good neighbor planted two papaya tress in front of my house outside the gate. I left it to God to nourish the small plants until they grew so big and so tall, bearing fruits. I was so busy to pluck the fruits. A couple of months time both trees dies down. I didn't know for what reason.

Actually I love the fruit. Buying from the hawkers it cost me a dollar a slice. When I had the fruit I did not eat it.

A few month later another two trees grew up at the same place, and another two across the road. This time nobody planted them.

The ones in front of my house bored a big number of fruits. Then after some time one turn yellow. This time I have a desire to eat it. But when I plucked I saw it was almost hollow inside. Birds ate the delicious meat, leaving me with nothing.

The other day I found a small whole as big as my finger. I was very happy and thanked the birds for eating only a small portion of the fruit.

I think there are about 20 left on the two trees, still green. I hope the bird will share the rest with me.

28/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Two (2) pieces of raw Pawpaw (Papaya) leaves. Clean the leaves and pound and squeeze with a filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon of juice per leaf. So, take two (2) tablespoons of Pawpaw (Papaya) leaf juice once a day. Do not boil, or cook, or rinse the leaves with hot water, as it will lose its strength. Use only the leafy part of the Pawpaw (Papaya) plant, and not the stem or sap. The juice is very bitter, and you have to swallow it. But it works.

Simple and Effective - blend the leaves, squeeze the juice, drink immediately.

When my son was attacked by dengue we just boiled the leave, took the juice to him. The doctor dismissed it with nonsense. The palette raise to normal immediately.

I was told by a friend who did the same when his son suffered from the fever. That was a very long time ago.

Please browse the website to get more information about papaya leaves remedy for dengue.

You won't lose anything believing in it. It won't kill you either if you drink it. Cigarette is more dangerous. Even then you won't die immediately.



I read about a boy who went on a stabbing spree, who was under the influence of drugs. And I read about the former felon who murdered after he became a free man.

What good do these kind of people have for the community, the country and even to themselves ? They are just pest and nothing more. They don't deserve the right given to human beings because they do not behave like one. They should be banished from this universe.

It is better for them to die than to live.

Any law applied to human being is only for the normal men that follow and abide to the wishes of the people. The right to heard and defense are never given to cats and dogs.

Person who looks like a man, may not necessarily be a man. What made him a person is his brain and his humane behavior.

A person who is useful to himself, the community and the country somewhat serve and contribute, the minimum of which he provides peace and tranquility.

When the rouge, the robbers, the murderer, cheaters and liars are deemed threatening and disturbing, it is better for them to die than to live.       20/10/2013


The band is not always good and 7Mhz is full of Indonesian and probably Malaysian pirates. N6TT and JA1NUT prefer to work daily CW on this band, usually after the sunset in Japan and Malaysia. They would be around 7.025 plus-minus QRM, enjoying the 37 wpm CW for hours rag chewing.

Each time I would try to copy them with my eyes close, resting on my lazy chair. I admit that I did not read all the message because I would doze off. When I woke up they were still there. I knew I could sharpen my listening skill by constantly listening to their communication.


Both may not be there at the same time. I heard N6TT called Shin for almost 3 hours but Shin wasn't there. It looked like N6TT only love working CW with Shin.

For those who don't believe high speed CW can be sent and copied manually the video clip on the youtube will provide as a proof. I just don't appreciate computer CW, either reading or sending. It is nothing wrong with it but it is just not to my taste.

I had the honor and pleasure working both stations before but not at the high speed. I dare not go more than 15 wpm on DX band. The only fast speed Morse is with 9M2ZN, Mazwan.

Those who can't want to destroy it, not realizing they are killing ham radio as well. Talking on the band is not necessarily hamming. RAE does not make it a ham radio too.

What puzzled me is the disappearance of Indonesian CW net on 7.025. They might have moved somewhere else for their own reasons. Otherwise we could listen to them as a practice.

To know more about JA1NUT you can browse the website.
 27/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


HAMS make mistakes. If he doesn't he is an angel. I am really annoyed when people are making fun of others as if they are immune to making errors, sins and crimes.

The problem is not the mistakes made but a deliberate attempt to annoy; a sadist. Or simply to show defiance to protrude one's ego. Even then the best is to correct it or to ignore. Commenting to poke fun on others is not palatable at all.

Ham Radio is international. Whenever you are on the air you are parading yourself, your country and probably your race. Our counterpart may stay silent at our folly but it would create an everlasting impression that we are hams of a pariah class.

There are several things that we have to observe, such as

a. Avoid being haughty and pompous or swaggering.
b. Avoid annoying the other party questioning them
    on personal  matters like their jobs and salaries.
c. Don't correct them if they create any mistakes in procedures.
d. Avoid using CB or pirate language and their style of
e. Try not to use Q-Codes on phone communication; use 'stand
    by one' instead of qrx, 'my location' instead of QTH,
    "understood" or  "affirmative" instead of QSL.

If we need to tell our name just say, "My name is ___" or "My handle is __"( not my handle operator or my my handle operator name is ). Address a person as his name given, not 'Your honor ....Sir  .....Datuk...Tan Seri...."

Talk slowly and clearly on the DX band, never to rush. Our pronunciation may not be understood well. We usually have problems with some of the Indian stations. If we find it difficult to understand the Indians, others may find it difficult to grasp what we are saying as well.

Wherever there is a normal group, not a contest, do not give merely your suffixes. I get annoyed when I heard only BY shouting his suffixes several time, because I need to ask him again his full call sign. He could be a YB7BY, YC3BY, 9M2BY or even HS2BY.Among local members who always having a chat together such a manner would be tolerated.

Telling you is not harming you. It is not an insult as what other people are making fun at the error in front of our face.


27/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Wave of High-Profile Crimes Has Put Malaysians on the Defensive

Malaysia Confronts a Growing Crime Problem: Kuala Lumpur, the largest city in Malaysia, was once considered one of Asia’s safest cities. Now it’s fighting a rash of burglaries and other crimes.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia’s population has tripled over the past four decades. Its largest city, Kuala Lumpur, a place once so sparsely populated that it looked like a botanical garden, has exploded into a cosmopolitan metropolis of shopping malls, luxury hotels and sprawling suburbs.



But with modernity and urbanization came an unwanted corollary: a soaring crime rate that has blighted Kuala Lumpur, previously considered one of Asia’s safest cities, and other urban areas across Peninsular Malaysia. It is hard to find someone in Kuala Lumpur today who does not have a story about a purse snatching, a burglary or worse.

“Whatever defense we put up is not enough,” said Chong Kon Wah, a British-trained engineer who was burglarized twice at his home in the Kuala Lumpur suburbs and robbed once while in his car — all within 10 days in August.

Residents in middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods have begun to gate their communities, often without local government permission. And the demand for personal guards has soared, with the number of certified security companies nationwide more than tripling over the past decade to 712 from 200, according to the Security Services Association of Malaysia, which trains guards.

Last month, the United States Embassy in Kuala Lumpur sent a warning to American citizens here: “Remember to carry your backpack or purse on the shoulder AWAY from the road to prevent having it snatched by motorbikers.”

The possible reasons for a higher crime rate are a matter of debate — some say the country’s ethnic-based policies that favor majority Malays are partly to blame; others say the police force is corrupt and ineffectual. Even the extent of the crime wave in this country of 29 million people is in question.

Despite the widely held perception of a sustained crime wave, the government says that after doubling from 2000 to 2009, the number of reported cases of violent crime nationwide has declined sharply since then. Government officials say they have achieved the drop by adding police officers on the streets and security cameras and barriers along roads to deter thefts by people on motorbikes, as well as by studying policing methods in cities like New York.

But a series of high-profile crimes this year — including some against government officials or their relatives — have led the authorities to begin to acknowledge the depth of the problem. Since August, the police have arrested more than 11,000 people suspected of being gang members. And in a reversal of earlier changes meant to shed some of the country’s authoritarian legacy, the government last month passed laws that would give the police the authority to detain suspects without trial.

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Guillem Valle for The New York Times
A sign in Kuala Lumpur warns of a common form of crime.

As worries rise, the opposition says the government is manipulating the statistics. Critics note that, after years of providing the public with data on murders, rapes, thefts and other crimes, the government has changed the way it presents crime statistics, focusing on what it calls “index crimes” rather than giving a detailed accounting. Tony Pua, an opposition member of Parliament, said he had “no confidence at all” that the figures were accurate.

The Malaysian government has also stopped providing crime statistics to the United Nations, according to Enrico Bisogno, the official responsible for compiling crime data at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

But in response to a request from The New York Times, the Malaysian police provided detailed crime statistics that show the number of homicides over the past 12 years has remained relatively unchanged at about 600 a year. The data also show wide swings in some categories of crime, including a reduction in robberies using a firearm to 17 cases in 2012, from 722 cases nationwide in 2000. Another category, gang robbery, fell to 110 cases in 2012, from a high of 1,809 in 2010.

One crime that did show a steep rise was rape, with the number reported from 2000 to 2012 doubling to 2,964 cases.

Teh Yik Koon, a criminologist at the National Defense University of Malaysia, says it is widely accepted that crime rates are higher than reported, and she says one problem is a sense of hopelessness that the police can solve crimes.

“There are a lot of people not reporting crimes,” she said, “because they feel there’s nothing the police can do.”

In a country that has long relied on foreign visitors — investors and tourists — for a good share of its economic growth, Malaysia’s paternalistic government had consistently minimized the crime problem.

“If you try to make a fuss out of one or two cases, it will only worsen the situation and create a picture that the country is not safe,” Hishammuddin Hussein, who was home minister at the time, said last year.

But in the months since Mr. Hishammuddin made those comments, the string of high-profile cases in Kuala Lumpur and other cities has brought crime to the top of the political agenda.

Close relatives of the deputy prime minister and the chief of police were burglarized in separate crimes last May. The former head of a local bank was killed in July, and a top executive of one of the country’s most successful companies, AirAsia, was killed during a robbery in August.

When the house of Khairy Jamaluddin, a prominent politician and government minister, was burglarized in June, Malaysians got the straight talk from a government official many had been hoping for.


“The burglary is a reminder to all of us that crime is a serious problem in Malaysia,” Mr. Khairy wrote on his Facebook page.

This month, the home minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, highlighted the government’s new get-tough approach in a speech in which he said it would “no longer compromise” with criminals, according to the news Web site Malaysiakini.

And in comments that drew outrage from the opposition, he said the police should “get the evidence” and “shoot first.”

Human rights groups say they are alarmed by a number of recent cases of criminal suspects who died in police custody.

Critics of the government’s approach say that amid what they call an obfuscation of crime statistics and the sudden crackdown, any real discussion of the roots of Malaysia’s crime problem is being lost.

They blame not only a police force that they view as corrupt and ineffectual, but also income inequality and the alienation of ethnic Indians who represent 7 percent of the country’s population, yet, according to the police, make up two-thirds of gang members.

A restaurant across from Kuala Lumpur’s domestic airport hired an armed security guard in May to deter would-be thieves after attacks on several restaurants in the area.

“A lot of people think it’s a gimmick,” said Terence Wong, the restaurant’s manager. “It’s too expensive to be a gimmick. And my customers say they feel more secure.”

Some suggest the government needs to modify the country’s seemingly inviolable preferential policies for Malays, who receive scholarships, cheaper housing and government contracts as part of a policy dating from the 1970s.

Ahmad Ghazali Abu Hassan, a professor at the National Defense University of Malaysia, says the system of preferences for Malays “should be modified to address inequality within our society, without identifying race.”

Particularly in need of help, he said, were ethnic Indians. “I still believe that poverty is the root cause of this,” he said.

As the debates continue, Malaysians have begun trying to protect themselves.

Mr. Chong, the engineer who was burglarized twice, helped pay for a guard booth and two security guards for his neighborhood several years ago. Thieves stole the television inside the booth while the guards were on patrol.

“We told the police, ‘This is serious. The thieves are everywhere,’ ” he said. “ ‘Something has to be done.’ ”



Both the people and the Ministers should know of the fact that government coffer is not a bottomless pit. While the politicians spend lavishly and gave away free money to their friends (NFC is a good example), the people are asking for higher salaries all the time.

Najib gives out the most money to the people in the history of the world. I say the world. He is concern about the poor and the rich people. Together with cash, raise in salaries and minimum pay would drain off both the saving and the collection very rapidly.

When the government has no money it has to find them. Somehow and somewhere it has to come from the people; either the people are taxed or the government reduces or stop subsidy. Hence the government and the people are to be blamed for any raise in price of commodities.

The raise in salaries were between RM400 to RM2000 per person a month. How much more he has to pay for the inflation ? Could it be more than RM400 a month ? Each individual has to compute by himself.

One cannot demand for a higher pay without the corresponding increase price of goods and services.

26/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

A song is one. The singer is another. I love both the song and the singer. This singer is unknown to me. The ever green songs live forever. Widuri and  Besame Mucho are among the many that would bring joy, that permeates deep into my soul.

Music and arts are vital parts of human life. They pave way for serenity and tranquility, crushing tension and lift us onto the higher form of civilization. A song with melody is like a woman with a beauty. The rock and hip-hop burst my brain and drive me crazy.

Enjoy the song and the singer.

26/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If we form a club or society would we give a damn on the discipline aspect of the membership ? I would. There is no such thing as a walk in membership regardless of the wealth, level of education and status. He must be known to be a man of a refine character who can abide by the standard and the norm of the club.

Person unknown needs a referee from the existing member. Probably a few clubs or societies observe the importance of good demeanor and the tradition set forth. But most could not care less, including the ham radio clubs and the ham fraternity as a whole.

I have expressed my unhappiness before when a senior member of a ham said ham radio is free for all regardless of whether he is a criminal or drug pushers. I believe whenever there is a liberty to join there is also a liberty to reject.

Indiscipline in amateur radio, among others, are to use terms or style other than traditionally practiced. One example instead of using 'Ganti' for over, the word is changed with 'Ganto'. It looks small and trivial to be mentioned but it is out of the tradition.

Asserting one's own invention or a copy from non-approved sources is nothing more than the ego. I would call it misconduct.

Hearing the regret coming from those who welcome everyone of every character to ham radio really get on my nerve. Then came excuses after excuses.

Would I be wrong to say that the person who complaint most is the person who wants hams to multiply fast for a few million members ? I would blame the predecessors than the current generation. They did not compute the future based on trend and human behavior and common observations.

As the number grows the harder the control will be. The government ifs facing several acute problems today with the growing numbers of pressure groups. The size of the members could have reached millions, strong enough to make the government bowed to give in.

In ham radio we have a key but we don't use it. We simply do not want to use it. If we don't care about indiscipline it would be acceptable in the new setup and the new culture. But don't complaint and don't grumble.

After all human values have changed. We have lose the old sense of good and bad, right and wrong. We have to live in the new environment and accept GANTO instead of GANTI and PTT instead of MICROPHONE or Mic.

26/10/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof