There are 2 type of people who will go to hell; the Jews and the Malays. The Jews for murdering innocent people. The Malays for voting UMNO - from a decease person

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It is the result that counts not the process

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I am sorry I am not a liberal man in dealing with the question on religion. It happens that I believe in God, the only one God, God of all mankind. As the followers of Islam I also respect other religion. Having friends from all faith and believers I never coax or persuade anyone to embrace Islam and never said to them Islam is the best and the true faith. For more than 40 years having non-Muslim friends we never encroached our friends' feelings.

The Malays especially the UMNO group have never compute and anticipate the future. Assessing their debates during the UMNO assemblies, and being with them during my working days, I found that they have no insight to the future of the Malays.

Does UMNO ever anticipate anything, predict anything and observe happenings around them ? If UMNO's top brass do not think religion is important what do you expect the future of Islam in this country ? Try to recall what Samy Veloo commented on Al-Quaran and what Mahathir said about the Holly Prophet. Try to recall what Dr Mashitoh said about Hudud and Jarjis commented on Islam.

And Najib went out all out to get international approval including the approval of the Pope of Rome. Who bears the sin of Najib and the issue of Allah other than those who vote for UMNO ? Even the phrase 'Malay Unity' sound like a non-Islamic connotation. Islamic Unity and Co-Operation is more meaningful and sensible. A Malay can be anything; a good Muslim, a bad Muslim, a Christian, an illuminati, drug pusher, a robber or a liar.

In my last article 'The Future Is Now' I mentioned of the Malay ignorance on the current status of school children and simply nobody cares to relate it to the future time of this nation. Rais Yatim, the First Class Law Degree holder, an UMNO strong man, insisted that morality and ethics belong to home, the responsibility of the parents. One Deputy Education Minister sided a student who kicked his teacher rather than siding the teacher.

When I was a school Principal I was told not to put up any question to an official from the Ministry of education. My questions were known to be biting though not offensive. Of course I even challenged them to bet as a result of their policy.

During Mahathir's era worst thing could have happened in school. In short he didn't want Muslim students to near themselves to religion. He believed Islam bred terrorists. He almost close religious schools had not because of some of the UMNO members who sent their kids for early religious education.

UMNO should have known the political history of Christianity and therefore could have anticipated what they will be doing in this region; their plans and modus operandi. They should also be well verse with Catholic-Protestant conflicts in the early period. The Jews do. and prepared well to deal with the Christians.

If UMNO did take interest they would have prepared a thousand of Ahmed Deedat.

Najib is more interested in digging Anwar's past than looking at the Catholic Bishop's profile and his detailed background. And UMNO goons are wearing 'I Love Najib' T-shirts without shame.

I wonder how many Ustaz dare to debate about God in English with the Catholic counterparts ? But we all know the number who could speak Malay well to persuade the Malays to vote for UMNO and said it is sinful to go against the government. And the Home Minister is aggressively weakening Muslim's unity.

The intent for the use the word God must be defined and recognized clearly, and compare with the usage of the Word God in India, China, Japan and the rest of the world. It must also be established which one is God in the Trinity and which among the three is used throughout the world during Christian sermons. Which was the original bible and terms used in the various translation ? Are Catholic anti-Christ and it is a Pagan religion ?

UMNO is busy in bragging on their effort to help the flood victims, giving them money and various help. Shahrizat said, "Without UMNO the people will die in the flood."

If UMNO had cared about Islam and the economy of the Malays, Noh and Ibrahim Ali would not have to protest against the church.

08/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

"The priest is, indeed, another Christ, or in some way, he is himself a continuation of Christ." (Pope Pius XI, Encylical on the Priesthood)

January 31, 2000

(AP) -Roman Catholic priests in the United States
are dying from AIDS-related illnesses at a rate four times higher than the general population and the cause is often concealed on their death certificates, The Kansas City Star reported in a series of stories that started Sunday.

The Kansas City Star
Date: 01/29/00 22:15
Rich Sugg/The Star

Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease. The actual number of AIDS deaths is difficult to determine. But it appears priests are dying of AIDS at a rate at least four times that of the general U.S. population, according to estimates from medical experts and priests and an analysis of health statistics by The Kansas City Star. The deaths are of such concern to the church that most dioceses and religious orders now require applicants for the priesthood to take an HIV-antibody test before their ordination.

One theory is that priests molest young boys because of the abstinence in their lives. But, my question is, why not little girls? At least they're female. Or are those priests all gay as well as sexually deprived?

Read more: One theory is that priests molest young boys because of the abstinence in their lives. But, my question is, why not little girls? At least they're female. Or are those priests all gay as well as sexually deprived? | Answerbag

Ask Marina Mahathir for the answer. She loves Catholic priest.


What is a Catholic God called in India ? Vishnu, Krishna or Brahma  ? Probably Agni or Suria ? How about in China ? Kuan Yin ? Roman Catholic church of Rome had been proven to be anti-Christ. Are all Catholic priests and bishops too ? 

09/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To have a leader being respected by all is almost impossible. There are a few who hate even God.

But there is always a difference, a good man being hated and a bad man being hated. A good man does not create sin and caused no pain to the people. A bad man is full of sins and cares for himself, serving himself the excessive luxury of life. He wants to be a God. Or he wants to be the mother of a Satan ?

Najib is the first ever Prime Minister I ever saw followers wearing 'I LOve Najib' T-Shirts. He has the most TV time among all the PMs. How many actually adore and respect him ?

The article below describes the popularity of Najib. It could only be the opinion of the writer. You judge it by yourselves.

A Prime Minister need to be supported or respected by a big majority of people. 80% is just fine. Above 89% would be better. 100% is impossible.

07/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Do the Malays care about illuminati ? It is easy to ask but it is not easy to answer. Try to ask a more broader question; "Do the Malays care about anything at all ?"

One may want to know which Malay because there are several kinds and categories of Malays; the evil and the bad, cheaters, liars, drug peddlers, and honest and sincere. We can't even tell how many percents fall under each category.

We could guess that a big majority cares more about the Brim and money and money. Some will bow and  pray to anything that promise them even a few hundred ringgit.

Even if Abu Hassan is a Christian Prime Minister they will praise him if Abu Hassan shows his generosity.

At this juncture we cannot jump to conclusion the concept and ideal of illuminati. Is it connected to Jewish religion ? Is it a form of Paganism ? Is it Christians or an anti-Christ ?

PAS members might convince that UMNO is illuminati. UMNO says Keadilan is illuminati. before the era of computer and TVs I have heard about some big time UMNO members participating in some sort of rituals. But I didn't know about illuminati then.

But one thing I do know, that the illumati always think they are strong and powerful. Some members are very disciplined and others are bad apples.

You have to read more but do not fall to anything that you read.

07/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Do Catholics KNOW they are pagans ?

"When i became a Christian i knew i needed a church to go to and blindly became a Catholic. Some time ago i came to my senses and saw the Catholic Church for what it is. They dont worship the Son...they worship the Sun.Their church is packed with idols and the changed the Sabbath to SUNday and erased Gods 2nd comandment of the Ten comandments.Do Catholics read the Bible??? "

read more....






Starting from yesterday a small mini bar in my radio shack was put  off service. My freezer in the kitchen too shared the same fate. Now my old second hand freezer is the main server for keeping things cool. I am sure my electricity bill for the next month won't experience a shocking increased.

I have an air conditioner in my room, a low power unit, suitable for a small space. The shack is hot and stuffy. The machine gathers cob-webs. It has not been on for months. May be this year it was idle all the time.

What to do. We are not Putrajaya.

  • Obama Tells the Catholic Church To Go To Hell - America's Conservative News

    Catholic Priest helps people go to Hell
    Gloria.TV – News Briefs  27/11/2013 19:44:34
    Photo ~ Rev. Bill Kenneally

    "I am a retired pastor of a Catholic church in Edgewater where there are many gay and lesbian couples, many of whom are doing their best to raise children as a family. I admire their constancy and care while they continue to belong to a church that “officially” seems wrongheaded and bizarre in its resistance to legalization of same-sex marriage. Lobbying and liturgical pyrotechnics are both costly and embarrassing.

    "At times I have wondered why faithful Muslims do not distance themselves publicly from their fellow believers who perpetuate violence. I wish to distance myself publicly from the misguided efforts of
    Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield and his rite of exorcism.

    "God bless Gov. Pat Quinn and all who are trying to live a life of faithful love."
    — Rev. Bill Kenneally, Pastor Emeritus, St. Gertrude Parish, Chicago

    Sexual Abuse Files of 42 Catholic Priests Will Be Released Tomorrow; ‘Prepare To Be Shocked,’ Archbishop Says

    Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time), a new chapter opens in the long, sordid tale of Catholic clergy raping children. That’s the hour when the Milwaukee diocese, which has found itself in bankruptcy proceedings since early 2011, will make thousands of pages of incriminating records available, including personnel files and secret depositions by the highest Catholic Church authorities in Wisconsin. Both the archdiocese’s site and a website run by victims’ lawyers will publish the documents.

    There is speculation that the disclosure may be a body blow to New York’s Timothy Dolan (pictured below), the most powerful Cardinal in the United States. Though Dolan denies he did anything wrong, critics say that when he learned the Chapter 11 filing in Milwaukee was inevitable, he had millions of dollars funneled into special trusts, out of reach of abuse victims and their lawyers.

  • But Dolan isn’t the only one who may be having Maalox moments. Lots of current and former priests will probably not sleep well tonight, reports Milwaukee’s Journal-Sentinel:

    “Needless to say, there are some terrible things described in many of the documents,” Archbishop Jerome Listecki said in his weekly letter to local Catholics in advance of the release. To those deciding to read the files, Listecki advised, “prepare to be shocked.

    The records will contain parts of 42 priests’ personnel files as well as depositions of former Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now cardinal of New York; retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland; retired Bishop Richard Sklba; and now-defrocked priest Daniel Budzynski… The documents are expected to include… correspondence between the archdiocese and the Vatican, which has the final word on defrocking priests; evidence that the archdiocese under Dolan paid some priests to accept that decision without protest; and graphic accounts of sexual assault of young people.

    Listecki’s letter is an odd mix of straight talk and disingenuous blather. “Prepare to be shocked” is an example of the former. As for the latter, he repeats the strategic canard that the disclosure may do further damage to the victims’ psyches. The concern for the beaten and the buggered comes a little late and would draw a chorus of howls in a sexual-violence case concerning “civilian” suspects. Can you imagine a serial rapist à la Ariel Castro stalling the investigation and the legal proceedings as much as possible by arguing that it would hurt his victims if further details of their ordeal surfaced?

    The archdiocese has recently begun spinning its opening of the records “as part of our commitment to open and candid communication,” which sounds lovely until you realize that the same Catholic authority long fought the release tooth and nail, again out of ostensible concern for the victims — more specifically, for victims’ anonymity.

    Survivor groups aren’t buying it:

    “Releasing these documents is not going to hurt us. The damage has been done. We can’t suffer any more than we already have,” said Charles Linneman of Sugar Grove, Ill. ”I haven’t met one survivor who wants those documents to stay sealed.”

    Linneman was sexually abused by a pedophile priest when he was a teenager; in a rather wonderful twist of fate, he now serves as chairman of the bankruptcy creditors committee.

    The 42 priest files to be released by the diocese will pertain to those whom the Church pretty much knows are lawbreakers — clergy who were the focus of “substantiated allegations” of sexual abuse.

    They include some of the archdiocese’s worst sex offenders. Among them: the late Father Lawrence Murphy, who is believed to have molested as many as 200 deaf boys, most during his decades at St. John School for the Deaf in St. Francis; and Sigfried Widera, who was facing 42 counts of child abuse in Wisconsin and California when he jumped to his death from a Mexico hotel room in 2003 as authorities closed in.

    And tomorrow’s cache of documents will most likely show that, once again, higher-ups in the church moved pedophile priests from one parish or school to the next — without disclosing their crimes.

    Milwaukee’s archdiocese was the eighth one domestically to file for Chapter 11 protection. It may or may not survive financial bankruptcy, but in 24 hours we should find that its moral bankruptcy is no longer in question.

    (Dolan image via Jim McDermott; cartoon via Independent Australia)

    05/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Only if they are really concern of the future they will give prior interest to the welfare of the students rather than the putting themselves ahead of everything else. One is called educator and the other mistakenly called educator.

    The future of our country and our generation can be traced in the classrooms. We would recognize malnutrition, poverty, parents' background and the social status of the students if we want to.

    If I put a question to the Ministry of education as to the number of students who can't read or write at Form 5, could we get the answer ? Honest answer ? How about the number of Muslim students who can't witness Allah is the only God and Mohammed is the Messenger of God, or who can't perform a simple prayer at Form 5 ? How about students whose fathers are inmate and the mothers are prostitute ? Which students peddle drugs ? Which students are breadwinners for the families ?

    Whenever students from my former school scores straight As I always asked the school about their parents economic status and employment, the number in the family etc. Some Form teachers knew and some didn't.

    The Ministry of education could categorize the students and several logical categories. Bad, good, poor, rich, illiterate, bright and problems are examples of some of the headings. Couldn't we predict the projection of the future crimes, the state of religious affair and even a threat to national security ?

    And UMNO educational bureau had never discuss the future of the Malays base on the current standing in the classrooms.  Did they ever discuss the students who are not interested in academic curriculum, students with emotional problems, what cause the poor discipline etc ?

    Every time when PMR and SPM results were out the focus were given to the high achievers. I don't hear discussions on those who fared badly.

    Fighting crime are steps taken too little and too late. We could have eliminate it or trim it down to the bare minimum if we have plan our education and training system well. PERKASA and UMNO would not have to worry much about Malay conversion if they have done the right job after more than 54 years of nindependent. How many thousand Muslim students who can't perform ablution ? Does the MOE knows about this ?

    Teachers are burden with clerical tasks especially with the modern system of computerization. They spent a lot of time in keying marks and student's information. School Principals did not support them whenever conflict arises between the teachers and the parents. Ministries bombed them with so much dos and don'ts in relation of disciplining the students. They then chose to be indifferent. It turned off their self-motivation to shape the future of the students.

    School Principals work for their respective department. The departments work for the Ministry of Education, mainly to please the top bosses to be in the good book. What should have been is that the Ministry, the State Education department, and Principals should work for the students, their main clients.

    They ignore the students because of their selfish interest. That's the reason they won't be able to answer the number of deficient students in reading, religious practices and the protein-deficient boys and girls. Ask them again as to the number of potential criminals and garbage hunters. Those are within their views, just in front of them.

    The future of the nation and the people is now, not in 5 or 10 years time. PERKASA and UMNO are running berserk with insanity at what they have missed for those past decades.

    05/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Catholic sex abuse cases

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of allegations, investigations, trials and convictions of child sexual abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests, nuns and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as three years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.[1][2][3] These cases include anal and oral penetration and have resulted in criminal prosecutions of the abusers and civil lawsuits against the church's dioceses and parishes. Many of the cases span several decades and are brought forward years after the abuse occurred. Cases have also been brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who did not report sex abuse allegations to the legal authorities. It has been shown they deliberately moved sexually abusive priests to other parishes where the abuse sometimes continued.[4] This has led to a number of fraud cases where the Church has been accused of misleading victims by deliberately relocating priests accused of abuse instead of removing them from their positions.[5] As recently as 2011 Fr Curtis Wehmeyer was allowed to work as a priest despite many people having reported concern about his sexual compulsion and suspicious behavior with boys. Wehmeyer was employed as a priest without proper background checks. Wehmeyer was later convicted of sexually abusing two boys. After Wehmeyer's arrest there are complaints the responsible clergy were more concerned with how to spin the story in a favorable light than in helping victims.
    Read More ....


    Malay Muslim clerics must check themselves so that they will not be looked down contemptuously. Lately we have been seeing religious teachers who came up to defend corrupt practices and bad politicians.

    The most recent is the Mufti of Perak who said that killing the Turun protestors are legal in the eyes of the Islam. He does have to agree with the protestors who are concern with the rising cost of living. But he does not have to issue an edict that level him to the status of Nazi Hitler.

    None has reached the intellectuality of Ahmad Deejat to be well verse in English, knowledgeable in bibles and other holly books.

    Would they know how to make use of the Zakat money for the benefit of all Muslims ? At a time there were commotions about Zakat's money being used for election campaign.



    It is not surprising when the BN blamed the trader for the price increase. I knew that will be the excuse, and the government will send out the enforcement officers to make price checks, arrest some guys and broadcast loudly on the TVs.

    You know what will happen next ?

    The government will agree to the new higher price and the people will pay more.

    Did the government blamed TNB and Plus and other insurance agencies for the hike ?

    From the traders factor the government will soon change to ' prices are higher everywhere in the world' . That will not be the end of it. 'We should be thankful to UMNO that we have food to eat. But there are other countries money cannot buy food. Nothing grow in the desert. Africans die of starvation. We don't.'

    Those arguments do not answer the questions of why TNB and PLUS raised their prices ? Why ASB dividend is lower than the previous year ?

    I am sorry that I could not halt my criticism on this issue. TV1's comment blaming price hike solely on the traders, made me shout how about TNB and PLUS at the poor brainless TV.

    Price control is not new. Yet it never stopped climbing.

    To repent is to admit the wrong, apologize for the sins and swear that people come first 'Rakyat didahulukan.'

    Bad people never repent because they fear no God. They think they can do whatever they like putting themselves at the level of gods.

    Compare what they say before the election and what they are saying today. It is not merely flip-flopping but also tongue twisting.

    God made heaven and hell, for there are people who will be placed in both. One wish the people can ask from God is to see these sinners suffering in hell.


    Operating a school canteen


    I thought I could complete my work within an hour or so but it took me longer than that. Measuring 69' 5.3 " is not a straight forward job. Using a steel tape is much more tougher than the cloth-tape. I do not use any balun for my dipole since the beginning I became a ham.

    Lowering down the old antenna is fast. But hoisting up was horrible. The wires get entangle with the rope, and the rope finally got stuck. I had to bring down the 20 foot aluminum mast, cut the hoisting rope. The sun was right on the top of my head. I was sweating profusely. Looking for replacement took me more than half an hour.

    My 40 meter is up, about 20 feet high. The first station I heard was the ONE TWO on 7020.


    Mee Pak Chop went up 30 cents starting from today. I didn't ask why, just paid as I was told of the new price. This morning Majid charged me 30 cent more also for my usual breakfast; from RM4.70 to RM5. There is no escape for me and the rest, to pay for Rosmah and Najib's popularity expenditure stunt.

    There are many old retired men like me whose pensions are fix. Business people can also pass their burdens to others. Government tax them 10 cents, they will in turn raise the price by the same amount. Government servants get their raise and keep on pressing for more pay. The most to suffer are the low income group.

    I talked to my sick wife about own cooking to cut cost. But I have to make preparation for it. There is nothing left in my kitchen. I need to find help to set up the stove and the gas. It was the only choice that I have.

    There is no point barking at the mountain. I pay more as much as the UMNO goons. The only different is, I don't like paying for Rosmah, the rest are happy doing it. They love Najib. By Jolly !! They love Najib.

    04/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    2014 can be a nightmare year for a school canteen operator. Comparing with 2012 the reduction in profit margin is quite substantial. Those who run a small primary school in a remote areas would suffer the most.

    Mackerel which used to be RM4 - RM5 a kilo has reached up to RM15, more than 100%. Every raw stuffs showed significant increase in prices. To force the canteen operator to sell cheap food would be a great mental torture.

    Government effort to check prices would not sustain even for a short period of time. In due course the prices will be pushed up again. There will be pressure by the business community on the government to accept the change. The government will submit to a new but reduced price.

    The reduction in profit margin is further driven by the minimum wage regulation, The monthly basic expenditure would shrink the profit.

    Many canteen operators did not pay the rental fee to school. Legal action had always been very difficult. In the end the students will suffer. The staffs went out for their meal.

    You have been monitoring the situation from the national media, which is trying to show the people that food prices are caused by the food vendors, nothing to do with GST, toll and electricity hike. Enforcement officers were busy harassing sellers. Ministry of education putting the blame on the school administration.

    How long would it last ? It is just like the cat and mice game.

    Teachers and staffs would be the most and the first to complain about the prices though in a school canteen we can still eat with RM3 inclusive of a drink, compare to the minimum RM5 at the outside stall.

    2014 will be a grim year, full of nightmare for any school canteen operator, if forced upon to retain 2013 prices.

    04/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    5 Billion for AS UTC ?

    Undeclared War

    Two men in particular as I observed behave as if they are the smartest Malaysians. It is not that they are UMNO that made me despise them but their words are intolerable. I dislike opposition members as much as UMNO guys.

    UMNO as a whole has mainly two things in their heads when encountering the truth. One, to say 'Go out of Malaysia and live somewhere else'. Two, to say 'In other countries no price increase ?'. Other phrases 'We are the best ever', 'Malaysia is Malaysia, other country is other country.'


    It is often that graduate politicians think their ideas and thinking are the best and others are wrong. Sabree Chik, in a debate with Anwar, attacked on Anwar's personality rather than the gist of the topic. Now he says prices hike here is normal because in other countries prices go up too. When a fool fools the public I exercise some tolerance but when a graduate tries to fool the public, I just can't stand by and let things go.

    People are asking why the profitable companies like TNB and PLUS are allowed to increase prices because they can cause further inflation. Why the government allows insurance companies increase their premium to unreasonable level ? What drained out our national coffer ? Who were accountable for the missing billions in PKZ, PERWAJA and oter failed projects ? How much were spent on promoting Najib's popularity ? How much BN spent on flags, bill boards and giant promising planks before the general election ? How much were spent on Rosmah's travel and expenses ?

    FLOM, for instant, has nothing to do with price increase in other countries. BRM has nothing to do either. But to say corruption is OK because there are corruptions in other countries is similar to saying inflation is OK here because others are experiencing high price as well. And for graduate politicians to make sweeping statements of other countries do not parade any intellectuality. No wonder Malaysia lose Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore.

    For a long time UMNO were used to have Ministers without even college education. Good or bad the country didn't experience economic suffocation or threat of overthrowing the government. When UMNO began to require graduates the party had hope for the better leadership who can speak with rationality backed by facts and data, and aware of the existing events. Just because we have UMNO's logo in our head we can say anything we like in any manner ?

    If Shahidan challenged the protestors to debate with him, that night he should have been at the scene, putting up a flat form and called any member of the protestors to debate with him. And it could be telecast live, and let the public hear whether the topic on subsidy would be mentioned. I could imagine Shaidan's reply 'Ask our PM...ask our mahathir..ask Mahathir...' The big question will be on wastage, by billions and billions. Of course the final answer will be 'Go and live in your country of choice....'

    How much does Shahidan receive in a month and how much a lorry driver earned ? Ministers won't be affected a small bit. Mahathir with his mega project too joined the politicians.

    Don't think we are smart just because we are graduate politicians. Boon Siew had never even been to high school.

    02/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Someone said the newly opened Alor Setar UTC cost 5 Billion ringgit. It doesn't make sense, and untill now I choose not to believe it.

    If I miss heard 5 million with 5 billions I may believe it with a big wow. It is better to go to post office to settle my bills. I don't have to climb ladders and hunt for the respective paying booths.

    In fact the government did not have to spend that huge sum because there are several unutilized government buildings that can be turned into the booth. There is a former Day Training Center and Sekolah Rendah Sultan Abdul Halim.

    If it is true that the cost is 5 billions then we do know where the money went to and why we are asked to pay more for everything. Even the UMNO goons are paying. That would serve them right.

    You see, a lorry driver gets RM200 brim, how much the people involved in the UTC project get ?

    It is not about the price in other country increases. It is about the lavishness and great wastage. Today I went to the post office to update my ASB book, there were many people chose the company to do their billings and even paying road tax.

    A classroom size space can be used by three agencies. But applying the post-office method and procedure the same room can house at least 10 counters. There isn't a need of UTC at all.

    I would conclude it is a gimmick to siphon public fund like many other developmental projects.

    Informed public found it ridiculous to open up a UTC costing 5 million or 5 billion. For 5 billion it has to involve a group of satans dressed in human uniform.

    Bad government of the world would last as long as the police and the military support them. They are smart enough to pay those heads most. Would it not be a time those officers will choose to clear the nation from all evil ? Right now they wait until they retire to show their dislike towards evil doings, may they be in America or Malaysia.

    UMNO veterans except Mahathir is still supporting the wrongdoings because he has wrested much from our treasury for his projects. Even the former press secretary of the late Tun Abdul Razak showed his dispair on Najib's administration.


    The episode is sad. Mahathir had wanted  mental revolution of the Malays, to be aggressive rather than docile. Indeed they had. The movement of the yellow shirts and the recent Turun black T-Shirts were not solely the non-Malays. Such show of defiance happened once during the protest against Malayan Union, and now resurfaced against the bad practices of the government.

    It was not the opposition party members who called Mahathir Firaun. Even the UMNO members are using the word gangsters to call government Minister.

    The mind can change and develop the hatred anger of vengeance like what the Jews had towards the Nazis, hunting for the murderers even long after WW2.

    Public are not crazy. They just want to see a clean, responsible and accountable government. Who can stand the swagger like Shahrizat who had been maneuvering behind their professions and qualification to do what they like with the public funds ? They will bark back with the counter offensive words thrown at them. There will be people who see Shahrizat, Mahathir, Ghani Patail and other Mamak faced politicians as foreigners who are manipulating and deceiving the Malays. What different does it make between the British and the Mamak ?

    Instead of showing remorse they further stepped up the spending spree lavishly hiding the evil deeds from the public. Walls have ears. Otherwise the public would have not known about the million ringgit ring, lavish expenditure in Australia, using the government's jet, the purchase of 110 million home in Nrw York and the 5 m/b UTC in Alor Setar.

    How much the screening of Tanda Putera could command the obedience of the Malays ? Judge at the Turun movement, Sungai Limau by-election and the unending momentum for the clean government, it could be concluded that Najib is not a popular figure.

    They just won't repent. That's the way of the evil.

    In a way, I would give some credits to the police, for restraining their actions on the protestors. Poor actions would drive  the youth towards militancy. Individual acts of terrorism would be hard to contain.

    We don't have terrorists yet. We must not push for the formation of one. American armed terrorist would be fatal.

    You declare war you invite for one. The people will appeal to the police and military to bring down cruel government. There should not be even the undeclared war. Never ask for one.





    The present  generation may not know Tan Siew Sin nor Tan Chee Khoon even Ghazali Shafiee. Tan Siew Sin was a finance Minister during Tunku Abdul Rahman's era. This man, from Melaka, was not a popular man among the Chinese because he can't speak Chinese. But he was the most brilliant finance Minister of all time in Malaysia.

    His prudent spending accumulated so much money making our national coffer grew bigger and bigger. Tunku was not a greedy Prime Minister, not tempted by the overflow of the currencies. He could have thought of projects under the name of progress and development to siphon out the national wealth.

    What did the government do with the excess money ? It did not set up FLOM or financing PM's wife flying a private jet. Tan Siew Sin created jobs with the money. He never bragged of the intent to help the citizens.

    We forget the great man like Tan Siew Sin because we think we are better.

    Tun Tan Siew Sin (Chinese: 陈修信; pinyin: Chén Xīuxìn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tân Siu-sìn; 21 May 1916– 17 March 1988) was Malaya's (later Malaysia's) first Minister of Commerce and Industry, Finance Minister for 15 years, and president of the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA, later Malaysian Chinese Association)

    The only son of Malaysian statesman and MCA founder Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Siew Sin was born on 21 May 1916 in Malacca and educated at Malacca High School in Malacca[1] and then at Raffles College in Singapore. Before then, he went to a Girls School which his father decided to, that is Suydaim Girls School which is now the Methodist High School.

    In 1935, he felt ill and was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. He fully recovered after an operation in Switzerland for treatment. Three years later, he moved on to his higher education in the field of law in England and graduated with First Class Honour at the Middle Temple, one of the four inns of court in London.

    Tan Siew Sin took over as president of the MCA in November 1961, and became Minister of Finance from 1959-1974 . He held on to both positions until retiring for health reasons on 8 April 1974. After resignation he became an advisor to the government on economic issues.


    I remember listening to his budget speech for hours. There was no TV yet then. I was amazed that he knew so much things; about illegal money in circulations and under ground activities. I was still young and still schooling yet I already appreciated him.

    I can see two distinct kind of leaders now; the prudent spender and the lavish spender. One went all out to help the citizens the other went all out to help himself.

    01/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    What is a vote book ? A vote book is a cash book where receipts and payments are recorded for accounting purposes.

    Government departments keep the book, not only for recording purposes but to guide the department on spending. The book shows the real balance of money in our account.

    Let me give you a brief sample. If you have RM1000 in your account, it will be stated at the top of the page. Then you decide to make an order from a shop of goods costing RM100. You record the order and already minus from the original amount even though the goods have not arrived. I called it a commitment. When the goods arrive and recorded in the stock book, the payment record is made. By the column usage the balance would remain RM900.

    Managers are to see the balance before deciding for a purchase. He should not buy if the amount is less than the price. If the goods are so essential he has to seek permission for virement or applied for aditional grant.

    Any person who spend money without referring to the cash balance is not fit at all to be the administrator.

    A responsible person will act responsibly. If he isn't then he is not responsible and the term given is irresponsible person. It is a degrading term.

    Only a person who think he is a god will do anything in the world as he likes with whoever money within the gaps, and threaten people using the power invested in him, pointing a warning fingers at others.

    We must know that selling a country to another is a treason, selling nation's assets to foreigners are treason too. No one should escape such a treacherous act. We don't spend all our money then sell our land to foreigners.

    Patriots must take note and observe such a wild act. Administrators must spend within the limit.


    The sinners are now paying for their sins. Prior to GE13 I posted several remarks on what would befell upon those crazy supporters for UMNO. Voting a party is one, becoming a crazy supporter is another. Throwing stones and shoes at opposition leaders in mosque were too much. Putting on T-Shirt 'I Love Najib' had never happened in Malaysian history.

    The sinners love to pay more for the cost of living. That was their wish. Come GST and TNB and toll hike their eyes will start to open. JKK will be ordered to host feasts and kenduris by Putrajaya to appease the members. They will be informed of the situations in other countries saying life in those places are worst off. High price is better than the Chinese and the Christian rules. The stupid sinners submitted and continue to pay.

    Government will blame the business communities for profiteering and put people in difficulties. Again they will fall to the satanic deceit. They will go out to protest against the Chinese. The government claimed there are hoardings.

    Prices will stay foot. The sinners will continue to pay. Insurance will go up to follow the trend.

    Come GE14, UMNO will blame inflation on the opposition, will make another promises 'vote BN prices will be down', and the stupid guys will vote for BN again.

    In the meantime the police and military retirees are struggling to make ends meet. Rosmah will enjoy the luxury of life. Shahrizat enjoys  the acquired wealth.

    Let me tell you something that you may not believe. If all the Chinese leave this country, the government will immediately fall. They don't have the scapegoat to blame. The economy would plunge at 32 feet per second square, dropped hard. and dropped dead.

    While waiting for GE14, let them suffer.                          01/01/2014


    In this world men are ignorance to a specie worse than a Satan and wilder than the worst beast. It sucks your blood and dry your bones. With a grinning teeth they tell you to be thankful to them. They have no pity and enjoy seeing people in pain.

    Who are they ? These are people called 'lebih bubur dari sudu'. They are the power behind the Prime Minister. Observe well and you will know who they are.

    What do they do with the money they squeeze from you ? They gave  back to some of you, asking for your vote in exchange for the gift. They buy popularity, engage consultants, giving to cronies and friends, and God knows what else they spent on. They are despicable.

    The broken promises are being replaced with brainwashing your minds. National media is trying hard to convince you that government actions are good for everyone, deceiving you left and right.

    But among you there are good people. Below is one article writen by Muzliza Mustaffa for your perusal.


    Tanya Ustaz Qazim Al-Hafidz yang giat berkempen dalam pilihanraya Sungai Limau dan berdakwah di RTM setiap masa, apakah hukumnya berdusta dan mungkir janji dan membelit-belitkan kata-kata ? Tidakkah Ustaz mendengar janji-janji dan kata-kata yang berbelit liku ? Tidak ustaz membaca janji-janji di papan janji gergasi uang berjuta-juta ringgit yang dipaparkan di sepanjang lebuh raya sebelum pilihanraya ?

    There are many other concerned people in Malaysia who cares about the plight of the poor. There was one in Muar who would called all the rickshaw pullers to his house every Friday night for feast, giving them the taste of good food.

    It is not the food that matters but the kindness and understanding, giving without telling the world that they gave, neither did they seek any returned favor.

    At time I felt sorry at Saddam's death, at other time, when thinking of what he did to his enemies, I said that he deserved to die.

    31/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Minyak naik 20 sen bising, dapat BRM tak bising, naik gaji tak bising. Berapa peratus rakyat Malaysia bekerja dengan kerajaan dan naik gaji berganda-ganda sehingga lupa pada masyarakat mathaen ? Minyak naik 20 sen, rakyat bayar 20 sen lebih ?

    Tanya diri sendiri berapa banyak belanja tambahan sesudah minyak naik ; 20 sen ? Sebelum 2014 kenaikan sudahpun menjangkau 100%. .Pemandu lori gembira dapat RM200 dan undi BN. Kemudian mengeluh menyambut tahun baru, RM200 macam sampah bila beli persediaan anak-anak sekolah.

    2014 cekiklah kamu. Budak-budak yang mengkibar bendera BN dengan motosikal, kali ini akan telan balik hasil tanaman mereka. Bayar lebih. Bukan bayar sikit. NIlai pendapatan sudah jatuh di sekitar 50%. Lantaklah anda.



    The police should arrest the bloggers and those who lodge reports about the bombing during the price protest. Usually those who plan the bombing will accuse others so their actions will be blamed on others. The term is called False Flag. The world trade center was proven to be the False Flag too.

    If people have a desire to throw bombs, they don't wait for the procession. They will continue the bombing spree at any time at any target as what the IRA did. And no one got caught.

    Who actually owns bomb other than the police and the army ? Even weapons carried by criminals were suspected from the missing ones as reported by the AG. You can imagine if people are in possession of bombs, what they will do with them.

    If there is some explosion during the protest it will have to be the False Flag. And we know bombs could be implanted to arrest a person. The dirty job is well known throughout the world.

    Those laymen who own bombs are terrorists. Organized terrorists have plans and targets. They would move quietly and unsuspectingly. No sensible person will side or support them.

    Smart people do not forget a series of election promises, and jargons used by BN and Najib, about prices, taxes and housing. Those promises are quickly broken and media are used to justify the false promises, and religious figures are paid to influence the people.

    The political maneuver is dragging the country down into savageness and incivility. It disgraced Islam and the Malays.

    As the people are sufferings the politicians are increasing their salaries, BN and BA alike, Najib and Rosmah will continue with the lavish spending. Either they are not out of their cocoon or simply indifferent towards public mental agony. And including those who will suffer are the police and the army and many other government servants. They will suffer more when they retire. Their kids may even involve in drugs. A retired policeman had told me some years ago, "Look, Man. Now I am selling nasi lemak to finance my kid in college education. I am poor and sick. This is what I get after my long service to the government."

    We can die for our country but should we die for a lavish and despotic leader ? We are ever willing to fight and die for the beloved nation, but should we die for rogue politicians from whatever party ?

    Any opposition to the rise in the cost of living is the opposition by the people and for the people. It does not come from terrorists or any bomber. Bad government will be brought down but not  by protestors.

    30/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Ministers should mind their ministerial post, look into the jobs and the nature of of the work, rather than left the jobs to the subordinates to manage them while he spend his time somewhere else like running a business. And at the same time they must know their limits. They are not God or gods. The behavioral pattern would change once someone thinks that he is a God. He will say what he likes and does what he wants.

    Knowledge and reading help, opened up the minds to see relationships, able to forecast base on the past and the current trend, understanding of the causal effect. Otherwise his trusted subordinates will command him and control his thought.

    The consultations with the subordinates based on brainstorming and sincere argument is always better than a one way traffic without pros and cons.

    And the most important in decision making is MONEY. If they go against the maxim that Money Is Decision Making then they will be inviting for trouble and start to create problems. No government can print money as much as she wants to create wealth. Every spending made must first look into the coffers.

    The specialty of Mahathir was privatization. The specialty of Najib is spending without looking at the source. Some people called Najib generous others called him lavish. But even without any Prime Ministers some departments incurs huge wastage through corruption and setting expensive prices. A hundred ringgit door was purchased at four hundred ringgit. Ministers must see that no such wastage should take place. And Najib should not simply spend to win popularity. No Prime Minister of Malaysia ever paid huge sum for that purpose. If people decide to vote for BN, they will even without any gift or promise.

    If they make decisions without first referring to the coffers,  giving away millions on the spot, soon enough they will dry up the treasury. People mentioned FLOM and BRM.

    Wastage in PKZ, mega projects, payment to cronies for nothing projects, Perwaja Steel and tons of others were made worst by Najib's generosity.

    Government has no choice but to get the money from the people by force. It was due to the problem created. And more problems are coming in.

    Both, the head of departments and the generous ministers started the way to rope people's heads. If Lim was found not guilty in causing the great lost of PKZ then the officers did. Lim was certainly was very negligent. The government allows wastage owing to it's inefficiencies.

    Money lost under a Ministry is the responsibility of the Minister himself. The normal government servant would be slapped with accountability factor and charged for his negligence, yet a Minister can go scot free. And one in particular unashamedly yell back at the general public.

    Chaotic situations is hard to describe within a short space. At the bottom there were bad and inefficient civil servants, and the top there were Ministers who were keen on something else rather than in their jobs, and those who think they are gods or God.

    To avoid the problems either the whole setup be thrown out or the people managing them should be changed. Would the right to hire and fire be introduced to deal with bad officers ?

    31/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    An essay by Muhammad Arshad, Religious without religion, seems to imply that corruption in Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia is high as compared to the non-Muslim countries. He based his remarks on the report made by Transparency International.

    In fact it is difficult to make generalization on religion-corruption relationship, for this evil happens everywhere. It is rampant in the United States, China and the rest of world as in Malaysia and Indonesia. Jeb Bush won several contracts under Bush administration. And there were hanky panky during American Presidential Election. And in Communist China and North Korea top brass leaders were persecuted for the same offence.

    Arshad pointed out the cleanliness in Japan and European countries as compared to the Muslim countries. Again this is not a factor of religion. I saw dirty spots in China and America as much as clean environment in these countries.

    Attitudes play very important role in determining cleanliness, education, technological progress and other cultural matters. A society can shape the attitudes of the community dwellers. The Malaysian Malays are trained to obey and not to think by themselves. Schools are teaching rather than educating. Leaders show bad examples.

    Bad attitudes can be in anyone, any race and creed. You won't be safe in Malaysia, America, United Kingdom, China and even Japan. Najib spent millions to get elected. Obama spent $684 millions to get elected. While Obama would not be seen by the Transparency International, others will. Korean leader went to jail for the same practice.

    To inculcate good attitudes and habits stringent laws could be deployed. From the words of law and enforcement, it creates fear. From fear it creates habits. From habits it bores positive attitudes. After several years people behave as guided by habits and attitudes, no more by the fear of repression.

    We read about a taxi driver in United States who found USD$300,000 in his car and returned the money to the owner recently. Ask the Malaysians whether they would do the same. I believe some will do. Many would enjoy with the money. Ask ourselves what guides the behaviors of those people.

    Strong discipline is what required to keep the city clean, and the people reject gifts and corruptions. A country of bad leaders will not produce responsible and trustworthy citizens.

    29/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Aku tidak boleh memikirkan mengapa manusia beriya-iya menyokong kenaikan harga barang, letrik, toll, cukai dan lain-lain keperluan hidup. Malahan sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk menyekat sebarang rasa tidak puas hati terhadap penambahan kesempitan hidup. Mengapa ada manusia yang jahat dan bodoh seperti itu ?

    Makhluk yang dinamakan manusia tidak dimakan upah untuk menganiayai manusia lain, tidak sanggup menggadaikan bangsa dan maruah, malahan negara sendiri. Apabila tergadai tanah tanih dan harta benda, maka mereka melontar tuduhan terhadap orang lain.

    Bayangkan betapa anihnya kerajaan yang menyokong syarikat yang membuat untung berbillion ringgit bagi nenaikkan tarif elektrik dan tol.Hari ini sebelum tahun baru, harga barangan sudahpun naik mendadak sehingga ada yang mencecah 100%.

    Kalau ada lagi manusia yang menyokongnya tidakkah ianya satu-satu yang benar-nebar jahat ?

    Binatang adalah ganas tetapi ada lagi yang lebih ganas dari binatang. Syaitan itu jahat tetapi ada lgi yang lebih jahat dari Syaitan. Makhluk Allah ini adalah satu specie yang menyokong kenaikan kos sara hidup sepenuh-penuhnya.

    Inilah bunga-bunga Juj Makjuj. Anda tidak perlu tunggu masa keluarnya makhluk itu di dunia ini. Mereka berada di sekeliling anda dengan rupa paras manusia. Bukalah mata dan perhatikan mereka.

    Pada satu ketika berjumpa saya dengan seorang tua yang saya kira sudah meninggal. Katanya,"Ada dua bangsa di dunia yang dilaknati Allah." Hairan saya mendengarnya dan terus menanyanya siapakah bangsa-bangsa itu. "Yahudi dan Melayu. Yahudi keranakezaliman dan kejahatan, Melayu kerana mengundi orang yang menipu dan membohongi mereka. Mereka sedar akan penipuan dan rasa marah. Bila dipijuk mereka lupa sebentar dan mengundinya. Kemudian mereka ditipu dan dibohongi lagi. Mereka naik marah pula. Sekali lagi dipujuk, mereka undi semua. Ini berlaku berulang-ulang kali."

    Sukar dipercayai. Tetapi kata-kata itu tidak dapat dilupai. Itulah sebenarnya Melayu yang dipandang hina oleh bangsa-bangsa lain. Yang bodoh itu bodoh. Yang lebih jahat dari Syaitan dan lebih ganas dari binatang itu, tidak ada kata-kata untuk menggambarkannya.

    Apa yang anda alami sekarang adalah hasil dari 50+ pemerintahan UMNO. Sebarang rasa  ketidakpuasan hati PERKASA adalah juga hasil yang sama. Bukalah mata dan renung-renungilah.

    30/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    The modern America does not want to kill Castro anymore. The story of the young president were full of events particularly in the effort to kill him. Cuba was a small country then and USA was a strong and powerful nation. America could have walked over the small nation state, instead of killing Castro.

    There is always a different between a government and the head of the government. A government becomes stink if the head is stinking. To kill the head is much easier and using lesser effort and resources then overthrowing a government.

    A leader could easily be executed if the people really want him killed. There is less effort needed however tricky he is and his security protection. Castro lived just because of luck as if he was protected by some unseen magical creatures. And if his own people did not love him he would have died.

    A big majority of Malayan Malays have not known how to topple the government. PAS says 'PAS is not a new party. We have been competing in a very clean way. We fell yet we continue to fight. We never use any dubious mean to topple the government.' The worst of a treason by the Malays was going against the King and the Resident. Jebat threatened to kill the King. Sultan Mahmud was killed over his cruelty. And Birch was murdered.

    Even today, when I talked of Rosmah and Najib, the angry Malays only say, "We have God. We appeal to God in our prayer." But no common men could stand the increasing cost of living and Najib's support of profitable agencies like the TNB and PLUS. They have to let the world hear their grouses and chose to protest. That's the full stop.

    I remember listening to many people who had wished for Mahathir's sudden death during his demonic administration. And how many are wishing for some UMNO and PERKASA leaders to be strike by lightning. Though getting rid of bad leaders are easier than toppling the government, no one embraces the idea of violence and militancy. The Chinese deployed the psychological approach to deal with stern and tough  Mahathir on many matters and won many policies that favored them.

    It would be folly for anyone to think of toppling a government, how despotic the rulers are. The government is aware of it as well, but more concerned on the attack on individuals rather than the government. That's the reason why Rosmah was not put on the commercial jetliner for fear of any attack on her. We say it is an absurd imagination. The government simply didn't want to take chances, recognizing it is easier to kill individuals rather than toppling the whole administration..

    For the same reason the old US administration prefer Castro's death rather than a direct conquest of Cuba.

    The Malays won't do both no matter how mad they were. They prefer to seek for God's help, calling God to show the right path to amend the bad leaders. Now we began to hear Mahathir criticizing the lavish expenditure and the climbing cost of living.

    27/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Why should we be so concerned as to who does what with his money ? We can be sure the money for the New York Penthouse does not belong to the Rakyat. If it is not from the rakyat, and not stolen, where does it come from ? Again that is not ours to concern.

    As a curious creature we tend to start thinking about the source of money. Some may think it comes from buisiness and others may think from a gift. It can even come from gambling table. A lot of people are talking about Rosmah having big companies. I wouldn't know where they plucked the information from. A talk like that was strongly condemned by Ustaz Qazim.

    Whatever the sources were, it does not concern us. The Malays are happy seeing another Malay can afford a very expensive place, like the success of Shahrizat's family running a cow-condo business. Doesn't that prove the Malays are capable and wealthy ?

    After all Riza Shahriz is not Najib's son. Najib is too busy with politics to take care of his step children. He has his own.

    What would you do having that kind of money ? I don't need a hundred million. I only need RM500,000. Shahrizat's family get RM250 millions !!! The penthouse is only RM100 millions. Wish them luck and happiness. As for us we can help UMNO by paying more for taxes and other commodities.             29/12/2013


    I am done with X-Code stuff in my blog. I will be exploring it quietly with a slow increment. Just now I experimented a program without writing any single line of code. It is simple but interesting. It is an image viewing that will show the image as I click the thumbnail. What I will see on my iPhone is the most left picture, with the caption 'When I was a young man of 30'. Below it are thumbnails of me in San Francisco and a beautiful Indian lady. Clicking the image will push upwards this image and display the corresponding picture.                      27/12/2013







    How not to enjoy my learning how to program the iPhone despite my hard crawling with my utmost patient when I see fascinating results. Thanks to those who are generous enough to share their knowledge with others, writing tutorials and guidance to help enthusiasts like me.




    Pious people did remind me of finding a teacher to learn something. I feel self-taught is really hard as compared to teaching by a teacher, who will choose the best way to make difficult and abstract things look simple. Time will not be wasted.

    I taught myself many things, from learning for my Higher School Certificate to learning Morse codes and computer languages and programming.

    Most X-Codes tutorials from websites assume you have some basic programming languages like C or Java, and you already understand several concepts like class and file ended with dot h and dot m. Different tutorials used different approaches. Exploring helps but won't make you an expert and it will take a long time to master.

    The Muslims are required to learn the Holly book and other religious matter through a teacher, and teachers are to be respected at all time.

    I learned CW at the age of 20 plus. My proficiency takes more than 40 years later. I learned programming alone and until today I don't have any skill and still blind in JAVA, C and many others including the current X-Code.

    It is imperative one has to organize oneself in order to acquire skill and knowledge through self-taught. A system and plan have to be drawn, the time table, the logging so that one can know where to pick up after a break and other administrative procedures. In short one has to have a high degree of discipline.

    Today knowledge acquisition involve money. To find someone to teach also required it.

    24/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Puting on codes on the iphone programming may have to come later. Tonight I just play around with the given objects. There are several of them and I think there are more in the library.

    I hope I won't go to 70 to be able to produce one iPhone program that may be useful for some people.

    I know that to publish a program costs about RM300. I don't think about that at all. It is good enough Apple gives free X-Code.

    I believe people have developed all programs that people need to develop on the iPhone. What it means any program that I may be developing in a few years time will not be anything new.

    I have been very curios about the iphone programming from the beginning. At least now I know how it is done. It gives me satisfaction. My Macbook has been worth my money. I love it. The time will come when I will totally say good by to Windows which are torturing many people by the Malware and all sort of viruses. I wish myself luck.

    25/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Can you run VB executable on Mac OS ? The answer is yes if you install wine in your Mac. I tried putting all the available generic control on the form, compiled it and had it run on Mac. All work well with one exception. I can't bind data from in MDB or DBF. If I can bind the data I will be able to run my radio logbook on my Mac and Windows.

    What I need to experiment is to use my VB to open up MySQL file in the remote server. Right now I run my logbook using asp. Logging is elementary for me for I can do it with my iPhone, Acer laptop and Macbook.

    23/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I have no other way but to learn X-Code. Recalling the reason for my purchasing of Macbook was to develop soft ware for the iPhone. Then I stopped after finding I have to start from the beginning. It won't be any issue if I were 30 years younger. At my dawn what reasonable benefit will I get, even if I can master the X-Code coding.

    My remaining activities are hamming where I need to run my logbook and listening to Morse codes. I have developed visual basic programs for both. But I can't run them on Macbook despite my using Wine.

    While waiting for VB for Mac to be produced I might as well start learning this programming language again patiently and slowly.

    Another alternative is Real Studio. I think it is almost near to Visual Basic. But it is difficult to get the Activation Code even on the trial version.

    Soft ware prices are considered reasonable though many are darn cheap. But I can't even purchase the US$0.99 cent. I can't have a credit card. The bank won't give to retired unemployed people.

    X-Code need to be paid too but not at the time we are learning. Once I obtain sufficient competency I will think the way I can make my payment. Surely writing codes for an iphone would be interesting.

    I hope my mind can still go, moving like a turtle. It may take years.

    24/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    During the eyeball session with 9M2MGL, Azman, we both tried the Mine worked first. CW sounds came out of my iPhone4. Azman quickly commented ," That's a contest." Indeed it was. "How do you know it is a contest ?" I asked. He replied the word TEST. TEST was sent at a very high speed. What actually happened was Azman did not combine characters of the alphabets. He recognize the sound of the word TEST.

    You see, the more words we constantly and repeatedly hear the more will we got accustomed with words recognition. SWLing on CW frequencies would help a lot. And with the we can get plenty of CW stations tp practice with.


    UMNO is opening branches throughout Malaysia to amass support and at the same time is spreading lies about the opposition. The program no doubt will strengthen the party. The strong support will result in less opposition.

    This will create greater opportunity for further plundering of the Malay land and properties. The Malays will be coaxed to say YES in every rising cost of living, in every poor policy that will weaken their competitiveness. You should know by now that even the halal products are not controlled and not dominated by the Malays.

    The stronger the party is the more the wastage will be. Cronies will get richer at the expanse of the rakyat.

    You must not be blind to know and see what UMNO has done since independent.                     23/12/2013

    Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is an UMNO man. So are many other UMNO veterans who do not express well on Malay matters. They are telling the people that UMNO has failed the Malays. Look what he says about the them.


    Lending call sign means a licensee allows another to use his call sign. This can go on for a year or more. If this happen on VHF it can also happen to HF. All we know one call sign will be used by 5 or six persons including the wife and other siblings.

    Why it matters ?

    Once foreign stations start to recognize and identify such a station there will be talk among themselves and that would embarrass the whole nation. How do we perceive the Indonesian authority with the numerous pirates on the ham band and the constant tuning of a person called 'ONE TWO' ?

    Bad habits hard to go. Liars will always lie. Law breakers will always break law. You can't tell that they are wrong. They will get fumed by it.

    I also heard the single person using several call signs by the voice and style recognition. This one didn't come from Malaysia.

    The more you do the SWLing, the more you will learn about people. When I was asked what I learned in Ham Radio my answer was I learn about human behaviors. Which are the discipline and non-discipline group. And to what extend they can tarnish the the good name of then once a great hobby.

    MCMC must take interest to monitor the band and put some effort to trace rogue hams and people who flout with the regulation and did not respect the international amateur radio practices. The authority must also anticipate such happenings as it had happened before. The TIDAK APA attitude would bring greater damage that will be beyond repair. What's happening in immigration and custom departments must not happen in the MCMC.

    Stern actions must be taken against those who lend their call signs and championing the pirates.

    22/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    Have you been listening to Najib's speech before and after the election ? Did you observe his countenance and listen well to his promises ? He was trying to convince the masses of his sincerity, honesty and truly will make a better Malaysia.

    Today he is playing with words to justify the hike in prices. In as much I try my best to show a great respect for our Prime Minister, I could not control my emotion but to recall the promises and all the slogans made by BN before GE13. Comparing with what he is saying now, I saw them as twisters.

    We are now paying much more than before by some 100% in some commodities and food. I paid RM54 for a fish and RM10 for a crab. The fish was only RM10-RM15 before. And land grab goes like nobody's business, destroying the agriculture land and hill top. He sold our country's assets as reported by the World Bank.

    If it is true that Pulau Batu Puteh was sold to Singapore then somebody in his government is doing an act of treason.

    The Malays who adored UMNO are committing suicide and digging graves for themselves.  I was talking of the bleak future of our generations and of the population. But it does not wait for the next 10 years. It is already here and now. Those who threw stones at their opponents are enjoying higher living cost. Serve them right.

    And Najib will cool the morons down again by another promise, and they will further submit themselves to UMNO's whipping.

    A big number of UMNO members are not well educated. They have short vision. They only see what's around them. It is a waste of time telling them that Najib is pulling down the country down into the economic dungeon. Nobody question about the mega projects given to Mahathir and the current financial status relating to them.

    When they saw the money they forget the world.

    Let them feel the catapulted inflation, taste it, embrace it and kiss it. Print more I Love Najib T-shirts and wear them every day.

    21/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Najib loves you and he is your savor. But he doesn't feel a pinch of the rapidly increasing cost of living. And those who put him there are made to suffer by his spending spree, digging and digging the national coffer until none left.

    The attack on his and his wife lavishness is indeed prudent. It is nothing more than for the sake of the well being of our nation. And those in parliament who say nothing about the disaster are equally sinful. They talk and talk and talk with tons and tons of words, spell bounding the listeners. Not a word of it halt the evil spiral and quick inflation. It is not pending. It is already on the rise, right now.

    A few thousands to most of us is a lot. A hundred thousand is colossal. A 500 ringgit is gigantic. But 10 or 20 millions to those up there is nothing. The mistaken diamond ring only cost millions.

    The young Malays rode motorbikes, carrying BN blue flags, shouting and yelling they love Najib. Najib loves them too. He made them pay much much more higher price than before.

    BN is working hard to make the Malays forget about the rising cost of living, insolently cheating the poor Malays to the grave, continuing using racial sentiment to make them forget their hardship.

    People blamed PEMANDU. They blamed Najib's advisors. The first and foremost to take the blame is Mahathir. Second, the most important, are the supporters. Yet the same people are grumbling about the high cost of living, which they themselves created.


    Whenever I felt sick I leave it to God to take care of it. I know there is something wrong in my body, feeling pain in my stomach and at the end of my buttock. I just have to bear them. Going to hospital is always a risk of being detained. If hospitalized no one would attend my ailing wife.

    My wife is almost totally disabled. I have to nurse her vowel, carried her to dinner table using the wheel chair and transport her to the dialysis center. Her large body made the work extremely difficult.

    Once in a year at least I suffered from flu and high fever. My body was weak. There was nobody to help me with the chores. So I had to do by myself. The task had been hard.

    I have been telling my wife that I could not be sick. I would die fisrt before her and if I did God will look after her. I gave her a phone to use in case of my sudden death in my sleep or dropped in my bathroom. She didn't know or didn't want to use it. Somehow the phone went missing.

    She would have to bear the worst if such incident takes place.

    Getting a maid is very expensive. I have finished more than 10K hiring one last time and she went back to Indonesia after only 8 months. I won't want another. I have to leave it to fate.   22/12/2013




    Big and brilliant thinkers can be found in Malaysia. Malaysia amateur radio lead the world in many things. We are the only country that legalize repeaters to allow non-licensees to come on without apparatus assignment, said that 2 meter transmission could break through 7 MHZ because of the band condition and expert in coining creative terms in ham radio.

    Old hams were not creative enough. They used the term SWL to listen and log all sort of stations, including the beacons. Some love to hear foreign broadcasting stations on medium wave. There were some fun in sending reports to BBC, VOA, Radio India and others, for in return they got calendars, books, other souvenirs and even T-Shirt.

    The creativity of the newer hams are superb. I used to hear a station broadcasting science topics on VHF daily to educated the people. I think you won't find this in the rest of the world.

    SWTL is Short Wave Transmitting Listener. These people are heard on national repeater and the authority keeps quite about it. The MCMC was doing a splendid job. Again, this is not heard of in the other part of the world.

    The current discussion on the Facebook is about SWAL ( Short Wave Amateur Listener).

    Malaysia could boast to the world of it's greatness. Malaysian hams could teach the rest of the world about new terms and new system. One of the greatest inventions is the 'CQ Ragchew...CQ Ragchew..CQ Ragchew..'. After being hams for more than 40 years this is the first time CQ Ragchew is being used and made in Malaysia.

    I don't know what more are coming up ? Whatever they are, they will be some great and fantastic things. We should be proud that Malaysians are very highly sophisticated and intelligent.

    All the best.

    20/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Real observation had been made to see whether there was any positive correlation between PMR and SPM result. I kept records of PMR results in my database, of students entering my school when I was working. And I kept on telling the students that nobody was stupid and the PMR result would not fail anyone in MCE with a little mental transformation. "Success," I told the teahers, "is when we can turn the potential failures to passes. That's the real achievement."

    I provoked and challenged the weak students, and warned those high PMR achievers of the danger of over confident.

    From 1990 onwards the first graders were more than the failures, second and third grader combined. There were some interesting findings over several years of observations.

    a handful who were good in PMR were also excellent in SPM. A few good ones dropped to second grade. More than 10%, categorized as useless for poor performance in PMR, obtained grade one with good agregate. And the mediocre improved a great deal, either they were first grader of obtained second grades.

    Parents should not feel sad if their kids did not perform well. All the kids need to do is to re-oriented their minds, putting in strong determination to learn. And of course the teachers need to apply a very effective methods to turn the stones into precious ornaments.

    On the other hand bright students are assured to fail if they start to neglect their studies, and too over confident.

    I would consider myself an authority because of the result of long observation. Failing is not the end of the world, passing does not guarantee success in life.

    20/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Profitable enterprise like TNB and Highway concessionaries are also hiking up their prices. Najib supports them and start to cheat the citizens again by the rhetoric of words. A 2% price increase could be acceptable but 100% or more is just very absurd.

    High income group may not be bothered by the quick rise in price. But millions are suffering. Then Najib comes with the magic project to blindfold the masses, showing a pity face on the TV.

    Rakyat didahulukan. Kami mendengar keluhan rakyat. What more can we gather during the last GE13 promises ?

    If it was the Malays who put UMNO in power then they must be the most stupid lot in the world. They throw themselves to be whipped over and over again. They defended the government all out for the increased gasoline price and again willing to die for the GST.

    Is it the punishment for not supporting UMNO ? Ironically it is the reward for the low and middle income UMNO supporters for being stupid of wanting to pay more for everything. On many items 100% more.

    And during the last UMNO general meeting, they were yelling something else ? What a joke. After returning from the meeting the kampong folks were still wearing red, and went to shop to pay more, grumbling at the price increase.

    I found it very hilarious when a group of men and women wearing T-Shirts with a picture of Najib - I Love Najib. We have had Prime Ministers before Najib, nobody wore such a T-Shirt. And the same people are payong more.

    Those with high salaries do not think about the hardship of the masses. They do all things to put people in difficulties; lying, threatening and cheating. What is Malay unity for ? A freeway to cheat and suppress the masses.                             21/12/2013


    Quantum Philosophy or Science ?






    PMR has just been announced. Parents  celebrate their kid's excellent achievements. Getting straight As were great jubilance. I obtained only one A when I sat for LCE in 1963. Kids are getting smarter today.

    Children of  my two friends also scored all As. At my student's house a parent came with her son who fared quite badly in the same exam. She knew that I worked at vocational school before. "Cikgu, help my son to get into vocational school," she said after showing me his son's result.

    I am nobody now. I can't even advise anyone anymore. Vocational education system has changed. It doesn't cater for dropouts or low achievers anymore. I rang up the school inquiring about the minimum requirement and the type of courses offered. "Your son is not qualified," I told the woman. "He has to continue in the same school."

    I observe a morose countenance in the mother who said his son is not interested and would not be able to learn academic  subjects.

    There are thousand other disappointed parents who cannot turn to vocational school anymore. Their hope shattered.

    My disappointment and frustration is greater. Government promoted the wrong people to make the wrong policy for the people. I had heard stories of threatening and warning on the subordinates who showed opposing views.

    I had talk of education in relation to society and social issues. Educationists should understand about the source of crimes and where it could have have started. Children living in flats do not seem to do well, for instant. Young people who hated school system could end up in criminal activities.

    If educations only give priorities to high achievers and ignore the less than mediocre it would result in the breeding of criminals and joblessness in the country.

    Poor family will have to follow the path laid out by the government. Wealthy people can afford to choose private institutions like International school or professional colleges to avoid further disaster to their children.

    That is without the PBS yet which will be very disastrous especially to the Malays. And we are paying millions for the disastrous and fatal policy. Is your son OK in his PMR ?

    19/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Is it not funny for quantum science to discuss what was once heatedly debated among the Christians and is still a living awareness among the Muslims ?

    It is about man's free choice and predestination or fate. When I sat for my MCE exam in 965 there was a question on such a subject in the religious paper.

    Happenings on a man is either pre-determined by God or the choice of the man. In quantum science the topic is Determination vs Free Will.

    The more you look at quantum the more you will think, it is a philosophy closely linked to religion and God, whereas the traditional sciences altogether dismissed God, super-natural and religion.

    The position of religious belief depends on the battle between traditional thought and the quantum. How could science be talking of fate and determination ?

    Puzzle began when observations were made on atoms and electrons behavior that do not make sense. How could an atom behave differently when it is seen and not seen ? How could things be at different places at the same time ? How could something could be a wave and matter at the same time ?

    Today many predictions are base on trend and causal effect stuff. And even in writing computer programs we follow the same argument of IF and THEN. But quantum does not assure the projected result for a certain cause. The result can be anything.

    The question of whether quantum a philosophy or science is pertinent and interesting. You don't need a university degree to learn more about it. It is all here on the websites.



    Each of us has some forms of ego in ourselves. We think we are a little higher or lower than someone else. That will determine our attitudes towards others, which is of course very inappropriate.

    As a weak specimen I can't help myself but to surrender to my own ego. My basic tendency is to regard everyone as equal but I would feel low when I think someone has a profound mental ability, which I assessed through their logical algorithm in putting forward great argument and debate.

    Another is I would vow and respect those who constantly beat me in Chess. I consider Chess is a game of mind, a battle of smart minds. There were plenty of guys who beat me all the time. I knew when he learned the strategy of winning and when he thought to counter my move. The strategy he learned from books and his coach would not bother me but the thinking ability he put forth to counter my mission that intrigue m as it came from his mind, not from books or his coach.

    A second type of person is the person who developed some refine computer application soft wares. For instant a person who write a search input using name, IC, part of any of those in a single field is better than those who called for input of only a single item. The former need imagination and smartness, the later may just copy and paste from his lecture note. I would vow to those creative and smart developers.

    Once I used to respect religious scholars and the Ustaz but later it waned off. Finding them defending corruptions and un-Islamic political leaders and participated in election campaigns made me shook them off. I will always look upon clerics with full suspicion.

    Professionals and university professors do not impress me too. I have been observing and hearing their words closely. Their words and deeds do not always show positive correlation with their degrees.

    To a certain degree they are better qualified than me. To deny them of their mental prowess is totally absurd. But education is a factor of opportunity and chances. It is almost impossible for the hardcore poor to climb to normal economic status and getting proper education. A low educated person may think better than the professionals. He may have a clear vision of the future.

    I noticed some wise persons, in a humble tone would ask to learn, hiding his knowledge, to see whether he can learn something newer from others. We may be amazed by the kids who can tell us more than what we know. Just try to talk to kids to enjoy the fun.

    My style, ego and attitudes would not benefit me. It is non-confirmative to the social norm. It would be better to think that I am always a little lower than the people around me. What have I got to lose ?




    My interest in computer went way back when I was young. There weren't any PC yet. Already my imagination ran wild, trying to figure out how to invent one. Of course that was a pure nonsense but that was one of a dreams many young people could have today. My radio license was before the incoming of PCs. In the early 70's I was one of the active stations. If there were no Idris or Eshee or anyone calling CQ at five, I would be the one to fill the vacant. Radio was part of my life before I went to school again. During my second school time, I got entangle with a PC, learning BASIC programming using Texas Instrument in a Radio Shack. I made a point to drive to the College Mall for teaching myself BASIC programming. PC entered Malaysian market in the 80's. My kid told me there were chatting programs on the computer, which I can talk to the world like the ham radio. And I was hooked to the IRC and MIRC, forgetting ham radio, not knowing the ongoing development and changes that had taken place. I didn't care about my expired ham ticket anymore.

    It was at the end of 2001 I saw my rig again, naked with cobwebs. Around that year I received a letter from the tuckshop reminding me of my expired ticket.

    My store ie my current shack was attacked by termites. Books and printing materials were destroyed. After clearing and burning the stuffs, I switched on my radio. I heard no sound. After a little knock and spraying with mosquito aerosol the sound began to appear. I heard Choo and Zainal chatting. "My God ! People are still on the radio ?" When I stopped hamming I thought the whole world stopped too.

    I started to check my antenna. By co-incident Hanafi came to my house. "Bang Rahman, are you strike by  lightning ?" He shouted surprisingly on seeing me on my roof. He told me about him getting a ticket, about license B, about 2 meter repeaters, about several deaths, about the demise of telecom and being replaced by MCMC.

    Slowly I moved back from computer to radio. Things changed without 9M2DW, 9M2EG and 9M2GV. They were my old buddies. But Alex was still there. At this stage I was R-C-R, from radio to computer and back to radio. I n 2002 I was active again.

    But the world and atmosphere of ham radio has changed, a great leap of quantum change beyond description.

    Each day less and less old hams came on the band. some few hams would go above 7.1 defying the authority, saying it was gazetted.

    Technology moved. There were iphones, tablets, iPads, new laptops and 3D TVs. I followed technology and own some of those. While working on my new gadgets, I would switch on my radio parked on my usual frequency. Sometimes people call, other time it was empty. In the meantime I downloaded movies, HD and 3D. I quit writing soft ware. My Macbook need cocoa and Xcode to develop. It was not a trivial matter. I only wish to run all the VB6 Windows on Mac flatform so that I can use my logbook and other applications I developed without much hassle.

    I finally found out the task is very possible. What I need is further exploration. Right now I am testing a Winebottller. There are plenty more to learn. The time is too little. I may die before I finish learning.

    90% is spent on my computer work, making it R-C-R-C.

    Thanks to God for making life so very interesting.


    Nicole and Chong Wei are simply amazing. They brought glamour to the nation by their splendid performances.

    To be a world champion for a long time is indeed a great achievement. With the age catching up their skill do not show any decline.

    Chong Wei seemed to have a super strength, beating opponents who were much stronger and younger than him.

    Thumbs up for those great guys.


    Criminals who think they are untouchable as they are being protected by the police and politicians will not take heed to any criticism. With defiance and arrogance they are telling the masses, " What can you do to me ? "


    True indeed they are invincible. But they are people without honor, shame and moral. And to them this world is without God. They don't care about life after death. Simply they do not believe in it.

    Do we have to wait for them to die to record their crime in history  ? They should be pissed right now. You can start doing it in your own home. Paste their pictures in your toilet and do the pissing. They will feel the pinch after 4444 people doing it. If they do it at the same time the power of telepathy would be be of greater force.

    Everyone is watching closely the battle between Md Zain and Ghani Patail. If Najib sees Ghani as a person who always protect him and other UMNO members, it will be indeed a sad episode. Najib must understand that resources used will finally come to an end. Money can never be enough to pay for popularity. We corrupt people. Others corrupt us.

    Who is the criminal then ? Ghani or Md Zain ? We are watching both. I never mentioned Shafiee for only one reson. He is a Mamak to me, and I always distrust a Mamak. Their betrayal and treason had been recorded in the Malay Annal. Whose picture are you taking into your toilet  then ?

    Malaysians are not fool. So are the rest of the world.



    Is it not  suicidal to keep the corrupt money in your own account ? A person collecting a hundred ringgit a day would spend the money the same day. When the sum is huge you need to find a way so that it would not be traced.

    Ancient pirates kept wealth in term of gold, including gold coins, a few with them and much buried in a hidden ground. One stupid wife buried currencies to hide from her husband.

    I saw a movie showing a high ranking police officer who turned the corrupt money into gold and kept the money in his secret compartment.

    Lawyers are smarter than the rest. They can very well advise how to go about doing illegal things that look legal.

    Corrupt money and kickbacks many a time did not reach the destination. Here is a true story:

    A towkey with a bag full of money went to see Mr A who was not in the office. Mr.B, also a big guy, told the towkey that A would be back later and promise to deliver the bag to A. Guess who get the bag and the money ?

    If the amount is huge, it would be better to ask the return favor by demanding properties in foreign land. Properties and investments and shares are almost invisible. And difficult to track.

    If you are about to be arrested you can always say the money is not yours, but belonging to the party. Musa Aman and Shahrizat had shown the way to save themselves or the family.

    Many of us are well versed with the destroying or changing of evidence.

    No matter what they do, we know they are evil of the worst degree.

    17/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I came across an article about Alpa-Lipid and Gamat Healing, both having steroid content. I would not believe it because they were licensed by the authority to be in the market. Whatever I have given up Gamat Healing since I read the article.

    A long time ago an article in Readers Digest narrating Olympic champions who met their death at the early age, knowing they get their strength from such chemical.

    A few days ago my student told me that she has been very tired, couldn't lift her feet and slept most of the time. I know that she is quite aggressive in making herself look young, taking a lot of direct-sale supplements and stem cell stuffs. My immediate non-professional response was "Stop taking all the supplements." I told her about my wife's friend who passed away trying to make himself thin.

    Health Ministry should be more aggressive and put double effort to check every shop that sell drugs and supplements, and announced the brand names that contain dangerous solution. People are making money. There are fake and bogus supplements around. Be careful.                                         17/12/2013



    Whatever I have been seeing too many Malay women Santa Claus around. Are these women celebrating Christmas ?

    Some people just want history to record them as villain after their death. We loath Chin Peng that much that the later generation will loath them as much. Names like Pharaoh and Abu Jahal are never sweet to the Muslim Malays.

    The writing about the bad things done would never be erased by any amount of money. There might be future pillars, low enough on the ground where passer by can stop and piss at the names engraved on them.

    So far there is no known object erected for such pissing. Someone has to start building one with a standard feature; faces to be pissed, names and the crimes done. A public toilet would be a good idea,

    Bad people can come from any political party. They can have million of supporters in the country, the recorded avarices will remain.

    A criminal is a criminal. A million mouth said no, he is still a criminal. Even if all the courts in the country say you are not guilty, no money stolen, the missing billions are real. The word plunder is very appropriate. Yet everyone goes scott free.

    People keep records and will put them down in history. Thieves and robbers will be remembered.

    16/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    These few days I saw many Malay women wearing red, some red-white, displaying clearly their political belief. Deep down in my heart I said they were celebrating the coming Christmas. It is just that, what else ?

    It is good that Wanita UMNO have a high Christmas spirit, choosing to wear the color of Santa Claus, making the coming event merrier. Idris Jala would surely be glad to see UMNO prefer the Christian color.

    No people perceive thing as I do. And don't take it serious for my imagination. I just see red in supermarket and hearing jingle bell everywhere, a lot of them- during December. December 25th is the Christmas day. It is also the day for the birth of Pagan God Horus and many other gods.

    Color is not a playful thing. During the era of Mahathir, green was a taboo. Mahathir ordered color changes everywhere. Green could influence masses to go for PAS. Interesting enough I saw many PAS members just love to wear green.

    What does RED of Wanita's attire signify ? It is an attribute to bravery, good fortune and Santa Clause

    The color red in the Bible means love, forgiveness, or even blood sacrifice. Red in the Bible meant the chosen people whose doors were paintef red were to be kept alive and the doors that were not painted were killed.

    Was the color red chosen deliberately from the bible or by a mere co-incidence ?


    Najib meant well when he said the party fought what Mandela was fighting for. But his statement is viewed differently by other people. Here is one that does not agree with Najib's declaration.  15/12/2013

    Saluting M’sia’s Mandelas

    Dean Johns
    Dec 14, 2013

    In the wake of the death of the man who led South Africa to freedom from apartheid, many here have wondered whether there will ever be a Mandela-style leader to liberate Malaysia from the curse of Barisan Nasional.

    Of course this robber-regime has already made a brazen bid to steal the spirit of Mandela for itself, with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak ludicrously claiming that his Umno party’s ‘struggle’ is similar to that of South Africa’s ANC.

    A claim that was neatly rebutted by US President Barack Obama in his speech in celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela, in which his statement that “there are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba’s struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people” was clearly directed at the Najibs of the world.

    In any event, there was never much of a struggle to free Malaysia from colonial rule, except by socialists, trade unionists and communists.

    And the Alliance that finally achieved Merdeka under the benevolent and broad-minded leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman all too soon degenerated into the Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional that has ever since so disgracefully re-colonised the nation for its own and its cronies’ benefit.

    So that just as Mandela’s dream of a resurgent South Africa has degenerated into the current reality of a sink-hole of gross inequality, rampant crime and corruption under the unlovely Jacob Zuma, so has Tunku Abdul Rahman’s idea and ideal of Malaysia descended into today’s Najib-style nightmare.

    Vastly aided and accelerated in this descent by 22 years under the prime-ministership of Mahathir Mohamad, a cynical, self-serving autocrat who modelled himself not on South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, but on his old pal Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, in his efforts to turn Malaysia into some kind of personal Zimbabi.

    And he claimed to be doing it all, as his successors have similarly pretended, in ‘defence’ of the Malays and Islam. When in fact as any intelligent person, Malay, Muslim or otherwise, very well knows, the BN regime would be an absolute disgrace to any race or religion.

    BN has also by implication insulted Malays by falsely patronising them as backward, ignorant and ineffectual, and, considering they compose the majority of the nation’s citizens systematically robbed them even more unmercifully than Malaysians of other races.

    Stealing so many countless billions of ringgit that should otherwise be spent on health, education, public infrastructure and social services that Malaysia has for years led the world in illicit capital outflow per capita.

    And otherwise misappropriating such a fortune in public funds for such purposes as buying votes, funding regime-propagandist media and supporting regime ministers, members and cronies in their preposterously profligate lifestyles that the country can no longer afford even the pretence of properly caring for the people.

    Attempts to keep up the pretence

    Though of course the regime makes strenuous attempts to keep up the pretence, as with Prime Minister Najib’s laughable claim that removal of the subsidy on sugar sold by BN monopolists is an anti-diabetes initiative, and increases in electricity tariffs are necessary for the continuing profitability of filthy-rich crony power companies.

    However, none of Najib’s endless flow of frauds or falsehoods are as low as his attempt during the recent Umno general assembly to pass off BN’s 52 to 47 loss of the national vote as ‘proof’ that Umno is the “bravest and most popular party in Malaysia”.

    Everybody is patently aware that this alleged popularity was achieved through blatant voter bribery and every other conceivable kind of electoral corruption and fraud.

    And as for the claim of bravery, just how brave does a party have to be to fight elections, in blatant breach of the democratic principle of the fundamental democratic principle of the separation of powers, with the entire might of the police, judiciary, civil services, election commission and mainstream media on its side?

    With such overwhelmingly superior forces ranged against the rakyat, Malay and non-Malay alike, and with the whole corrupt and criminal system illegally funded with public money, it’s no wonder so many Malaysians have taken to hoping and praying for a Mandela-style saviour.

    But what’s the point of waiting for the kind of charismatic leader who arises as rarely as a Nelson Mandela? In any case, as I’m sure the great man himself in his legendary humility would have been the first to concede he was just the foremost among many.

    Hundreds if not thousands of black, coloured and even white South Africans suffered, and a great many died for the anti-apartheid cause. In fact one of the common ways in which the white regime’s jailers killed anti-apartheid activists in their custody was by what they called “defenestration”: throwing them out through high windows.

    A practice later allegedly adopted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in several cases, most notoriously that of the young DAP “witness”, Teoh Beng Hock, whose ‘fall’ from a 14th-floor window of the MACC building was subsequently deemed by the BN regime as “neither murder nor suicide”, and whose interrogators have never been charged with his killing.

    But back to the point I’m ineptly endeavouring to make, which is that it takes more than one man or woman, even one as gifted and courageous as Nelson Mandela, to overthrow a corrupt, criminal, racist and repressive government.

    And it’s clearly evident that Malaysia is blessed with countless such honest, upstanding, tolerant, truth-loving people. From many if not most of the leadership of opposition parties PAS, PKR and the DAP through unprecedented numbers of activists in opposition NGOs to countless individuals who blog, write, cartoon and otherwise fearlessly express the Malaysian Mandela spirit.

    I mention no names for fear of missing some out, and in any case there’s not space here to list even a small fraction of them. But I will take a line or two to pay particular personal tribute to the Malaysian family in which I am proud to have married.

    A family currently headed by my 90-year-old Chinese father-in-law and much younger Malay mother-in law, and so dedicated to the concept of racial equality as to welcome not just me, an Australian, but other members from afar afield as Botswana and Germany.

    But of course Malaysians and their families don’t have to intermarry with other races to demonstrate their enlightened, egalitarian natures.

    All they and the individuals of which they are composed have to do is proselytise, protest and above all vote at every opportunity in the spirit of Mandela and out of love for an honest, clean, inclusive and thus, by definition, BN-free Malaysia.

    As a majority did in GE13, and as I’m willing to bet almost anything you like overwhelming numbers will do come the increasingly eagerly-awaited GE14.

    DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he coaches and mentors writers and authors and practises as a writing therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include ‘Mad about Malaysia’, ‘Even Madder about Malaysia’, ‘Missing Malaysia’, ‘1Malaysia.con’ and ‘Malaysia Mania’.




    The British never conquered all the states of Peninsular Malaya. Some of our Kings found it better to invite the British to advise on the running of their own states except on religious matters. Rather than mere advise we allow them to plan and run the administration and the state. Easy work for us.

    Don't be surprise if Najib keeps on hiring advisers and consultants. It was the traditional aristocrat practices.

    How many of us are depending on others to think and make decision for us ? Old housewives always said ."Ask your father....." when the kids asked for some decisions. Husbands did the thinking job, wives did the household chores.

    Our leaders prefer to do the thinking for us. They told us everything, everyday on the public media. The submission of our thought to their commands will keep them in control. And how many of you prefer your children to listen to you rather than let them think and decide for themselves ?

    Thinking people compare relationships between events and phenomena, of the past and the present, observing comparative behaviors, digging for facts and truths. Because of their nature, they always be the victims of persecution and punishments. They sometimes rebel.

    Somehow Najib does not trust the Malaysians to do the thinking for him. And Mahyuddin seemed to follow Njib's footstep. So they hired thinkers and planners from abroad. We paid millions to the foreigners to make our education system at the lower rank.

    Can't the Malaysians think well ? Looking at the question and answer sessions in the Parliament, I tend to think Malaysuans are not smart enough. Seldom do we hear discussions on issues detrimental to our economy and security.

    Mahathir used to say smart people are out of UMNO leaving the useless guys trying to control the intelligent mass. Would you believe that there isn't anyone able to think for the best of our nation ? Probably Malaysians are really dumb. You can judge yourself with the various statements made by the top officers and politicians. And the masses are at loggerhead on language to be used in Mathematics and sciences. And now we hear of PBS, of which our Ministers are painting beautiful pictures about the new system, which probably they get from the foreign consultant.

    Of course our final question is 'Can't our Ministers think by themselves ?'  Or is it easier and more convenient for them to let the consultant do the thinking for them so that they can think of some dirty ways to retain their power ? It does not require a university degree to think evil. It does not need a law degree to utter stupid words and to become beastly. But it takes a great politician to buy the refurbish jets and sub-marine, to destroy forests, agriculture land and water catchment areas, and to import foreigners to work in our country.

    You think for me please. I am going to play golf.

    14/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Najib should pay someone to tell the world that Malaysia is the top country in Southeast Asia and probably better than all the Islamic countries of the world.

    Would New York Times be the best choice ? There is no known Prime Ministers and Presidents of the world who are so generous as Najib. Najib likes to give away money for anything, especially for good things. Isn't it not good and great to broadcast the greatness of the Malay race, superior to all others and the best to run a nation ?

    Currently there is a sports competition in Burma/Myanmar. Superior race would usually be at the top. And Burma, the undeveloped Kampong with Kampong mentality Burmese, would not be able to run the SEA game well.

    How about Vietnam ? Could Vietnam excel us in any way at all ? So all the Southeast Asian countries except Singapore. Probably Malaysian leaders would recognize Singapore as a little better than Malaysia.

    Open your ears wide. You will hear someone will say we are the best in the world in everything; the cheapest gasoline, the cheapest food and commodities, the cheapest toll, the best in education, the highest standard of leaving and the most developed.

    Those wouldn't be enough unless more is spent on the world and popular media to tell the world how great we are. Najib has the money. He can pay for it.

    Even the ordinary Malaysians do think they are smarter than the rest of ASEAN counterpart.





    Our local mosque has a lot of money. Unknown persons paid for water, electricity and other maintenance. They prefer to remain anonymous. And every time there is natural calamity helps arrived from all over the world. USA would send manpower, food, medicines and other hard ware stuffs. Do you ever notice the American Presidents telling the people of the those countries that it was USA that provide most of the support ?

    For Muslims and other non-Muslims believe that whatever God provides to them are not merely for themselves. It is also for the others.

    Helping others are either out of sincerity or a duty. A Chief Minister or Ministers must fulfill their duty to help the people in distress. They are paid to do so. And taxes collected from the populace are also for the purpose.

    When America went to China to help the victims of the earth quake we never heard the American government demanding China or the Chinese people to pay for the gratitude. The aid was sincere. That's the way of the cultured society.

    UMNO must ask the Ustaz about helping others. Right now they are yelling at everyone in Malaysia,"Look, UMNO is very kind enough to provide aid to the flood victims. Najib boasted about giving millions away."

    11/12/013 - old acer

    People must try to do and be good, sincere and virtuous, honest and trustworthy. Goodness is not in a race or religion. It is not rare among the the non-Muslims. As I said before one has to either rely on his conscience or his belief that God is around him. There are millions of anonymous philanthropists in this world.

    It is wise to befriend the good people rather people of our own kind just because of similar color, language and ethnicity. We have to accept that there are good Chinese, Indians, Malays, Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

    It would be folly if you don't know the bad Malays or Chinese until now. They lie through their teeth, killed lives, peddle drugs, robbing the  poor, plundering public funds and did shameless acts.

    The 1Malay and 1Malaysia act is actually a farce because we are now having too many bad people, plenty of criminals, addicts and cheaters.

    Uniting good people together is an ideal idea but it is something impossible to achieve, yet it is enough to debunk the concept of 1Malay and 1Malaysia. To the politicians words and lies mean nothing. They will do anything to remain in power.

    A good atheist cannot be worst than a Muslim criminal.                            12/12/2013-old acer

    Macbook is superb and splendid. It may be a little more expensive but you are paying for comfort, peace of mind and aesthetic.  I bought my Macbook Pro some years ago and I don't regret owning it, paid for a long battery life, sharp and beautiful display and free of virus.

    Microsoft is now developing softwares for mac OS. MS Office may be pretty penny but you get what you pay. You would surely love the Word, Power Point etc. The format and display are simply fantastic.

    Only yesterday I paid RM250 for servicing my Acer. With the anti-virus , RM70, added up gave a total of RM320. It is 10% of Macbook air. If you go a regular service, you might as well buy a Macbook.

    My grandchildren are still small. I will buy them the Mac products. And I hope the government will soon opt to Apple rather than staying with Windows.

    Someone said to me that once I stuck with Apple, I won't go for any other. To me it will be complete if I can master the coca X-Code, tools for developing applications for both iPhone and MacBook. But age slows me down. I have too many things to do with little time.

    I am sure someone up there will go for Mac.




    It has not been a good day today. The worst was my Acer laptop went haywire. It did not mention crash though the symptom looked like one. My old Window XP CD can't do the formatting. I used the Winows98 and I think even tomorrow night the formatting won't be complete. 80 Gig is considered big for the slow machine.

    I the meantime I opened up another older Acer. Searching for the power supply took hours and when found the cables were razed by the rats. Mending it was about 45 minutes and I made the machine run again. The antivirus was outdated. Again I hunted for another search, the 2013 version of CD. I got the 2011 and 2012 but not the year Iwanted.

    My shack is in jumble tumble like a war torn enviroment.

    It's late in the morning. I did not have my dinner and my bath yet. I told myself to try typing this page on the old computer, transfer to my pen drive and upload it using my Macbook Pro. At least I have the way to go about updating my blog while the problem will be sent to a mechanic to fix. And I will be buying the 2014 anti virus version tomorrow after sending my wife to dialysis.

    We cannot have good days all the time. When bad time arrive we have to accept it as fate, to take things easy. My bad day is not as bad as thousand of others are facing; flood. Only the other night there was a house on fire not far from my home. My student told me she had to change a tire of her new BMW for 2K this evening after a mishap.

    At least I can resolve my power supply problem and made my old laptop run after staying dormant for a long time. And After clearing the mess tomorrow m shack will be a little more tidy.

    10/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    It is now 10.20 am. Formatting status is 80%. I don't know how long it will take before it gets to 100%. My using the current method seems to work well; doing my job on the old laptop, transfer to Apple Mac for uploading. At least I will be comfortable this way until tomorrow.

    11/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    The word ghost doesn't frighten me at all. I don't believe in one and I am not scared of any haunted place. At 9 I walked across a graveyard, taking up a challenge from my peers. But around the age too I did see some flying being among trees behind my house. I was told they were called 'tengelong'.

    I also believe that there might be other things with different characteristics and nature exist side by side unknown to me. They were talking of 'Toyol', a small creature that can penetrate a small hole. Some people bought the 'Toyol' from the Middle East and brought back home, asking it to steal either fifty dollar or a hundred dollar note. At a time it will steal only one piece. I am skeptical, not amounting to disbelieve.

    But lately something really bother my mind. The Kedah soccer team for the Sultan Shield has an eerie goal keeper. How could more than 20 supposed to be goaled ball missed the net ? The one-to-one always missed the goal mouth. Really weird. Pahang had more than 10 chances of sure goal, Selangor more. It was a deep frustration to both teams. Last night Selangor had to change the striker before the game ended, unsuspecting of the strange phenomena..

    Was he using a Toyol ? If he does he need to teach the being about goal keeping, blowing the incoming ball off the net. I discussed with my wife. She was talking of Makhluk Halus. Makhluk Halus a creature, not visible to human eyes, but can take form if it wished to be seen.

    There are Western scholars who are doing research on this type of creature. Jinn is the main subject of research. To believe in the power of such creatures, Kedah has been the beating team in the last FA cup, and even the team from the Middle East was never a champion any any sports. And in wars they were badly trashed.

    Would you say Manchester United or Barcelona were using these creatures to make them champion ? Or the Jinn might say that the power could not fight the fusion of nature made by man ?

    The next game will be televised, the final between Kedah and Perlis. You try to closely watch Kedah goal keeper. If you do notice strange happenings, you can start to ask similar question. Is he using the mysterious unseen creature ?

    09/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



    A coach, referee and linesman are always at the receiving end. One of those who yell aloud at those three is me. I paid RM15 for a ticket. RM5 for watching the game and the other RM10 for shouting and yelling.

    Last night I yelled at a referee for allowing Selangor's goal against Kedah while he was pointing the free kick spot Selangor player quickly took the ball away from the spot and dribbled for the goal even when every of Kedah player was looking at the referee and the spot he was pointing. At the Kedah-Pahang game the linesman flagged offside a free-kick ball. Occasionally I yelled at the coach whenever the players repeatedly made the same errors.

    Of course it is easy to shout and yell than to do the work. If I were a referee probably stones will be thrown at me after the game and mob may attack my car.

    Coaching job is tough. It also depends on luck. Indiscipline players mean 'a very bad luck' for his carrier. Besides a coach must know the dribbling skill, body shielding, the art of kicking the ball, stamina training, health sciences, about food and nourishment and most of all strategy in the playing field. The hardest is to build an individual skill.

    Most of all the coach, players and those involve in the team should know what made the champions. There are some footage documenting the making of the champions. The one I saw could be described as 'bizarre and cruel'. The training was painful. The coach demand for the maximum. There were tears in the training. Other team and other game may use different approach. We need to know them, sending spies and spend money.

    Rajagopal said "I don't regret." He chose good players playing against the best team in the world. If you do a good job, you would not bother what people say about it. I would always say "Go and get a better person and make the team a world champion."

    09/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I could remember well and vividly how PAS get the lashing when flood happened in Kelantan. In fact when a tiger killed a victim in the same state PAS was blamed.

    Flood is not the making of Nik Aziz or Najib. Sea water found it's way to cover residential areas in mainland China and the United States. Heavy downpour ever flooded the Holly Kaabah.

    Man can be blamed when flooding is not caused by the wrath of nature. Light but prolonged rainfall can caused flood if the water has no way to escape.

    My form four student wrote that the felling of trees on the hill tops and the barren hills could not in anyway slow down the rainwater down the hills, which can cause flash flood.

    And it is absurd to say," Your flood is due to poor planning. Our flood is the wrath of nature. It is OK to have flood in our states but not OK in yours."

    What we should do is try to prevent and prepare for the worse. When we suggest the manufacture of a cheap and durable dinghy to be kept at home probably no one will take heed.

    Food, water and electricity can come later once we are in a dinghy. We can stay alive for days without them. Even then, if the rapid is too strong big boats may not be of use.

    Only silly people vote for politicians who exploit flood to project themselves.

    09/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    I propose Rosmah Mansor as a Prime Miniter of Malaysia and Shahrizat as either he advisor or Deputy Prime Minister. Read what  Kadir Jasin says about Rosmah.


    And Shahidan Kassim as her errand and speech writer.

    09/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Is UMNO following Christianity step by step each day ? Declaring war with other fellow Muslims had long been criticized by Christian scholars to demonize Islam. Of course at that criticism we can back-pointed that Christians too kill each other. My friend added Hitler and Americans killed more people than the Muslims.

    That was not the point. The point is in the Middle East the enemy of the states exploited this issue to weaken the national bond for easy conquest and to maintain power.

    Today Malaysians are clever enough to use the words Divide and Rule policy. Is it not irony that it was we ourselves are making the division ?

    Israel never discount Iran as the biggest threat. She sees Iran as a Muslim country not as a Shiet nor Sunni. Wasn't it Iran that plays important part in strengthening Hezbollah ?

    UMNO is the starting point to split Islam, splitting the Muslims so that they will hate each other by wanting to put it in the constitution. YET we claim that Islam means peace.

    Wouldn't the world be laughing to see UMNO like a snake with two heads ? One head says 1Malaysia. Another says 1Malays. Soon out of this confusion someone will come up with a new idea 1Malaysia and 1Malay.

    UMNO members do not seem in favor unity. They call PAS deviant, throw stones at opposition ceramah, called NIK Aziz infidels, call the Malays to hate Chinese and now declaring war on other Muslim sects.

    On the other hand Najib went to see and shook hand with pope of Rome, went to Indian temple, engage Jews and Christians to either advise or participate in governing.

    It is a waste of money to make themselves jesters at UMNO General Assembly. That's the highest IQ they are parading to the world. There isn't even a unity of thought between the leadership and the grassroots. All they want is Muslim disunity. The Christians find it hilarious. We ought to be ashamed.

    08/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    :"Make me a king and you take the country," said the local head to the colonizer. Happily the foreigners agreed, brought gifts to the King including the Western shoes. Shoes were something new, for the Malays have been barefooted for a long time.

    The White men put the right shoe on the left foot and the left to the right, photographed the King and sent back the picture to England. The English nobles were laughing seeing the Malays wearing shoes on different feet. "That's the Malays we are dealing with," they said with laughter.

    Anybody else is saying that ? "Make me a king and you take the country ?" Open your eyes wide and listen to the words, decipher the behaviors. You may hear it and see it and finally realize it.

    The British once defined Malays as a human specie with brown skin, living on trees and emotional. The early nationalists were from Penang, Melaka and other Straits states, either of Indian or Arab origin,  married to the local women. They were inspired by what was happening in the Middle East. They set up schools that also taught skill for vocation.

    They were not pure Malays.

    The people of the East coast, Kelantan and Trengganu were doing business even before the coming of the colonial power, using boats that sailed to Patani and other Nusantara area. Patani was a strong Islamic center for a long time. I don't remember people from these states ever said "Make me a king and I give you this country".

    Changing the phrase 'I give you this country' to 'I give you the forest to plunder, the agriculture land and the hill top' is more pertinent. That's just a small part of it.

    I have many stories about the foolishness of the Malays. It happened in the past but it never ended there. It is still here, alive and kicking, with greater magnitude.




    Food for thought


    Minimum wage in the United States is balance by The Right to Hire and Fire. Firing a worker is as simple as saying hello. 'You are fired" is the end of you.

    Malaysian and other foreign students were easy to get job; the men went for house and building cleaning, the women went to wash bottles. I don't remember how much they were paid. One student could pay the whole university fee. The women, mostly housewives, were really enjoying the income.

    Factories and contractors prefer the outsiders to the local. Why not when they only paid US800 for architecture jobs to foreigners but US3000 to the local architect.

    Collective bargaining drove firms out. Here in Malaysia we have firms that escaped minimum wage in Canada and USA employing our people that take more than 2/3 lesser.

    Our minimum wage law will bring both happiness and frustration. Those who can escape will try to escape, and those who can't will transfer the burden to the consumers.

    If people come to me and ask for a job, my answer is ' There is no job. But if you want to work, you can work. I give you the bare minimum. Take it or leave it. I don't need workers'.

    I predict that the firms will move out to the countries without the minimum wage law. And at the same time the Malaysians will have to pay more until we say 'Look ! Our ringgit has no value....'

    07/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    How bad is the illuminati ? How bad are the Jews ? Those are not as bad as beasts in human form. By their speech and deeds we would immediately recognize them as animals that should be cast in hell fire. And they don't deserve to die but they deserve to be tortured as long as possible. Make sure they won't die and can't commit suicide.

    So far I saw there is only ONE, the female beast. I wish I live long enough to see her being tortured, while asking her to repeat all her words that she shamelessly thrown.

    Many of us don't have any power. We can appeal to God to show her the right path, and use our telepathic mind to send an anger message. Among the millions there will be some with strong mind and ability. Mine wants her to fall sick and mentally unstable, near to madness.

    The Beast talk as if there is no God in this universe, and as if it has no religion; the words are like devil and the behavior is beastly.

    From the Islamic point of view the speech is recognized as syirik or kufur; claiming oneself as a God has to be worse than beasts.

    Open your ears and hear well who else will claim that he or his group is a God. I believe more will come forward to claim as one.

    Other people assess us by our words and deeds. They won't say stupid to our stupidity. They play to appease our emotions. Emotional men and women are easily captured by soothing words and soft talks and praise.

    Day by day they are losing respect and integrity, the properties they own, and the power they have. They will keep on talking of the same till the day of judgment.


    WOULD I LIVE TILL 2020 ?


    It never came across my mind that I would be living until now. Touching 2000 was a great blessing. My friend who was about 10 years younger had just passed away this morning. Mandela went much farther up till 92.

    It is somewhat bizarre to think of 2020, a vision by Mahathir, which may turn the dream into reality, not as a perfect Malaysia but Malaysia in line with the rest of the most progressive countries. Those who live would enjoy the very state of the art technology.

    Despite my not being there, I still renewed my domain, 9M2AR.COM, until 2022. I told my wife that I may die anytime now. Instead of contributing to the nation, we are burden to the public. Longevity without contribution is totally useless.

    When we were boys among other rhymes we used to yak was 'Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilam. Pak Hang Berak Bercamur Tengah Jalan.

    What we didn't know was the rhyme was about the Federated Malay States. The federated Malay States were Pahang, Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. The federated Malay states had a common law. They have their weekend on Sundays.

    The Unfederated Malay State,  Johor Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah and Trengganu each with a British advisor, has it's own law. They have the weekend on Friday.

    Perlis and Johor changed their weekend from Friday to Sunday a few years ago as the UMNO state government thought it was better that way for the economy. Certainly it was not under the pressure of any opposition party. Neither was any intention to change the Friday prayer to Sunday.

    Friday weekend leave the impact among the Muslims that this is an Islamic nation. Yet no Muslim passed any remark to the weekend changed by Perlis and Johor.

    Recently Johor wanted to revert back to Friday. Surely it would be met by opposition especially from the business community.

    What transpires out of this proposition and opposition was PAS was blamed saying that PAS supported DAP demanding the Muslims to have their Friday prayer on Sunday.

    It was similar to UMNO accusing DAP wanting to abolish monarchy when it was UMNO that really had wanted to throw the Sultanate.

    Why didn't someone blame UMNO wanting the Muslims to pray on Sunday when Perlis and Johor changed the weekend ?

    Shops and banks that prefer Sunday's weekend in Kedah operate their business on Friday and close on Sundays. Many car shops did the same.

    I would like to see UMNO to be more reasonable and rationale rather than depicting their mere sentiments. Protecting wastage and corruption and price hike is not only stupid but greater than moronic. How could we show that we are that silly, like the Hassan and Hussein who gave away the countries as long as they were made King.

    Come on UMNO. Please ponder and look back at history.

    07/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Dec 5 at 10:54 AM
    Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd

    Thank you for your payment.

    This is a payment receipt for Invoice MY-PAID-80205210 sent on 28/11/2013

    Amount Paid: RM200.00 MYR
    Payment Transaction ID: Bank Transfer - Cash Deposit 023822

    Invoice Items

    Domain Renewal - - 5 Year/s (30/07/2017 - 29/07/2022) RM200.00 MYR

    What's the point of renewing my domain then ? I don't call it renewal but payment for uncertainty. Renewal is juts co-incidental. Domain name is not so expensive, average RM40 a year. But the hosting cost a fortune. I have to close my eyes and sacrifice, not as investment, though we were encourage to run the website for business. I pay for the pleasure and ease of experimentation with database. Indeed a lot of people pay for pleasure and enjoyment.

    The small iPhone 4 in my possession is a small wonder. At my young age I had a great imagination but never imagined of a rectangular object which I can be used as a book, video and audio communication equipment, mosquito repellant, machine that can take me to the place I have never been before, pointing qiblat, take picture and capture video, listening to surah, and much more. Thanks God for bestowing a great gift before I depart from this world.

    My privilege to transmit on amateur radio expires in 2017. It is also a year that beyond my imagination that I will live to yak my way through the increasingly noisy band.

    God has bestowed more than what I deserve, and what most of us deserve. I don't think I need to enjoy life till 2020, which I figure will not be within my touch.

    06/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    PAS and Flood

    Whenever there was a flood PAS got the bashing; PAS that, PAS this. In what way PAS is going to be blamed for the flood in Pahang and Trengganu ? I am waiting for the national media to curse PAS for the flood in those states.

    As UMNO can do no wrong, flood can be in BN states but not in Kelantan. You would hear the the continuous criticism lambasting PAS for at least a week, attacking the poor and unplanned development.

    In the realm of the current flood situation some might want to know whether only the PAS areas are experiencing the disaster and the land belonging to UMNO is free from disaster ?

    If you have been following the case of flooding you would come to realize how sinful can UMNO be. All seem to show that there were no fear of the Al-Mighty  and dispelling believe  in the retribution.

    This is only a flood, not the typhoon or the Tsunami or the earth quake yet.

    What now ? All the able bodied men and women regardless of their political beliefs must work together to save the victims.

    05/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Najib asked the Malays where would they be without UMNO ? If he wants to know the answer just close down UMNO and see what the Malays would be and where.

    UMNO is new, very new in Malaya. The Malays were here even before the Sunda flat form sank. Najib is newer than UMNO.

    Where was the Malay before UMNO came to limelight ? Couldn't they survive before the party was born ? How many beggars were there before the independent ? How many Malays were drug addicts then than now ? Did the Malays before UMNO knew what corruption was, kickbacks and the plundering of the public funds ?

    The Malays under UMNO are losing more lands ? A great number of Malay fishermen became poor and addicted to drugs. They became gangsters, bag snatchers, house breakers and robbers.

    Where would they be without UMNO ? Where would they be with UMNO ? Today they live in high rise, dingy flats with small space. They hunt for money from garbage bins, and preying their victims at parking lots and ticket stands. Some became so ruthless. The Malays survived well even before the birth of UMNO.

    05/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    A ham in Malaysia threw a question in a face book, asking the different between amateur radio and two-way radio. There were several replies. Assessing some of the answers were not suitable I gave one, something like this 'Amateur radio is a hobby where a person with permission to transmit could use a two-way radio to communicate. One is a hobby. The other is an instrument. Two-way radio can be used by the police, army, security, business etc. including the hams.' I posted my reply.

    Because they didn't like my answer, they plug it out, and re-paste the messages without my response.

    Of course it does not hurt me. But not knowing the different between a hobby and equipments would surely depicting to the world the type of hams we have in this country.

    Similarly when Rashid, 9M2NZ, corrected the usage of wanting to know signal strength is to ask for the signal strength, not the audio report, he was bombarded, saying he was trying to show off and try to teach the others.

    Just because one is well verse with microprocessors's flags does not mean one is the best in ham radio, and could not accept a small correction. Are they joking ?      05/12/2013


    The charge on Ghani Patail is very serious. He cannot be made innocent by media or Najib, like what seem to happen to Liong Sik, who was seem not made guilty by Mahathir's words. Nor the grandness of UMNO general assembly can turn a guilty person innocent.

    Remember the government tried to propose to change 'a person is guilty until proven innocent' from  'a person is innocent until proven guilty' ? Lucky for Ghani the change did not materialize. He is saved by it.

    If nothing happens, what goes down in history will be recorded both in the global database as well as in human minds. No matter what they think about God, people perception remain.

    What and who among God's creatures are without shame ? We do see a lot of people without one, shameless and conscienceless.

    When drums are silence to mourn the burial of some dead specie somewhere people are celebrating the joy of the parting evil. Only the unbelievers see that was the end of the evil when in reality his days are not over yet.

    Ghani must challenge the charge.

    04/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Past back in time we used to talk of corruption in Indonesia and Thailand. And it was hard for me to figure out the daily killings in the United States.

    Such sickening state of affair is right here and now, where corruption has been a norm, starting from the most top to the lowest bottom. And killing is almost an everyday affair. What went wrong and why ?

    Just now I rang up my student asking whether her teen daughter is aware of the most recent murder of a young girl and two other kids in the family. Teen girls sneaked out quietly without informing the family members where they went. At the jogging tracks, in the park, they were seen with group of boys smoking, or at a more quiet place intimate courting. Several young girls had been reported missing and found dead. It was an UMNO strong man, Rais Yatim, who said morality is parent's responsibility. It was the NGO and the government who were talking of the right of individuals. Schools are not allowed to discipline the children, and the teachers just couldn't care less.

    I heard people talking of the suspect murderer, a boyfriend of the murdered girl living in Perlis. But it could be anybody. And another body was found in the river in Kuala Lumpur. Religious official was shot. A custom officer was murdered. Altantuya was bombed.

    How bad is corruption here ? They even corrupt the devil to say they are good. People who gave did not report but whispered they gave money to the police and the immigrations. And they pay for the good report card.

    We can take a stand to say we are free of corruptions and our country is safe. We can write volumes of our greatness, while at the background there is a report of daily killing and paying for gratitude and favors.

    Is paying the devil worth the effort ? Are we saying our killing crime is lower than the United States ?

    We used to sleep with windows open, the incoming breeze chased away mosquitoes. Other than the Communist insurgents murdering spree were unheard off. The known drug was opium consumed by elderly people. We were scared of our teachers and dared not tell our parents if we were canned. During the Japanese occupation you can leave your belonging unattended because head of thief was hung at public place.

    Today, stringent laws are considered savage. Parents attacked the school and the teachers ferociously and aggressively. So much so smoking and administering drugs by kids have been ignored by the schools and general public.

    Partly we are responsible for what is happening in our country. We are too emancipated, too liberal, too enlighten. We become so very greedy and wanting more for our life. They stole millions. The young and junior officers want some too. It is easy to close our eyes than to sacrifice our lives unnecessarily. And partly leaders are to be blamed too. They left to others to run the country while they merely put their whole energy and mind to thinking how to retain perpetual power. We should ask ourselves, are crimes imported ? Who taught the public how and what to corrupt ?

      04/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Do we need to be economist to know about wealth, money and resources ? A country rich in petroleum, uranium and other resources can choose to print few currencies, enough to distribute to the productive population. What happen then ? When supply is in abundance people cam buy with smaller amount of money. In short the value of money is high. On the other hand a bare country without resource and other wealth, can choose to print tons and tons of currencies. Imagine the cost of an apple.

    When we compare countries and income it is vital to compare the wealth of the nation as well including the ratio of the population to the amount of available wealth. A national income of 200 billion with a population of 5 million is different from the NI of 200 billion with the population 50 million.

    If printing more money can enhance people's livelihood, Bangladesh and other poor countries would have increase their volume of currencies.

    I am not against minimum wage. But when I heard the big man of Najib mentioned foreign countries in comparison I merely asked myself how they were compared; did they took account of comparative resources and wealth and the population ?

    A pay rise is shot-lived. The neck to neck race between salary and prices will never end.

    Could a blind in economy be wrong ? Already we felt the rapid rate of the declining value of our money. The purchasing power has plunge down.

    Our money, resources and population will determine our future.

    03/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    You would not care to know about Bob Lazar or Mariam Mokhtar. You know a lot about Shahrizat, Rosmah or Khalid. You know a lot of people paraded on our TV that is pushing your mind to vote for UMNO for peace and stability. I have to say sorry to myself for ignoring the mainstream media to avoid hearing to big lies and deception from day to day, so much so I didn't know about the recent murder of three young children not far away from my home. I didn't even know Johari Baharom despite meeting him every now and then at the Nasi Kandar restaurant except recently.

    But I have special interest in people like Mariam and Bob Lazar. Knowing Bob Lazar will take us to look into free energy, TESLA and Edison.

    Bob Lazar is famous for his exposure of Area 51. He spoke about the alien beings, the alien ship and investigation of a portion of the alien craft.

    He explained the design and the working of the alien spaceship, the anti-gravity system. All seem to indicate that the United States has come up with a space vehicles that can travel at the speed of light.

    Do I believe in his exposure ? On the anti-gravity propulsion system I very much believe in the technology being developed. But I am very sceptical about the alien that looks like a human. I just think the form and shape of alien, if they are true, will be beyond our imagination.

    I would like to suggest to the young Malaysians to take more interest and deepen their insights into the profound anti-gravity concepts rather than becoming mobs to throw stone and shoes into mosques and at people hearing ceramah, or take to street to call the Malays to hate the Chinese. They should form themselves a scientific society, emulating the anti-gravity as well as free energy projects. Organize the fund raising themselves rather than asking from the government. UMNO is never sincere in giving you things. They want something back in return.

    I think it is better for our nation to have more Mariams and Lazar than Ibrahim Ali or Patail or Shahrizats.

    04/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    The statement by Khalid that PM's salary must be revised to make more than his cannot be accepted. I think the salary of Selangor MB is too high and does not reflect a politician for the people. Who could accept Khalid's excuse of him being thrifty as not to waste public money. On this account I will not support Kahlid's proposal and I think Selangor should review back the salary scale and went back to the previous or less than the previous.

    The question of payment for consultancy has to be examined in detail.

    It has been our long tradition and practice that we don't hire consultants from our own party members. Najib cannot hire Shahidan Kassim as his consultant. Khalid cannot hire Anwar as his consultant too. If they still want to do it then they have to pay from their own pocket money. Yet it could not be a fee.

    Is Anwar paid for consultation ? Khalid denies it. That won't be enough. He can clear the air by suing the relevant accuser to court.

    Unfortunately I see Khalid as a stubborn person.

    03/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Would it be wise for the IGP to threaten Mariam Mokhtar ? We do compare statements by politicians, top government officials and normal laymen like Mariam Mokhtar. Can't we make conclusion out of their words ? "The missing weapons fell into the sea", "Ours the lowest in the world", "Nik Aziz worships idols", "Balik Cina la.." cannot be construed as smart connotations. They reflect the state of mentality. And it boggles our mind when it was said that Siti Aishah was under the police scrutiny in London and then the police didn't know where she went for three months.

    Mariam Mokhtar is one rare of the intelligent specie. I would say she excels top women politicians of both BN and PR, and smarter than ten a thousand men of UMNO's echelon. She hit right on the head and hit hard. We aren't savage enough not to use our mental capacity to debunk what we think is wrong. Why should we act with the sentiment using the power vested in us ? Just because we are the police or UMNO Ministers we can say whatever we like and do whatever we want ?

    I used to read Tunku Aziz and Mariam Mokhtar's article and praise their mental sharpness, and have pride in them being Malays of caliber. Young women should emulate Mariam rather than Shahrizat, who always made herself to be around Najib with the known expressed purpose.

    It is a pity that the government keeps bad eggs that constantly causing huge wastage of public funds and national resources. The buyer of the indelible ink is still there and no arrest was made till now. We just tell the corrupt guardian of the law to shun corruption without arresting those suspects.

    What if we let Mariam and Khalid settled their scores on the chess board. I am sure Khalid will surrender within a few steps. She is a genius Malaysia should be proud of and she could be a better consultant to Najib so that Malaysia could be put in order again. How much different of a lawyer and a lawyer buruk ? But there is a lot of different between a lawyer and another with pure scientific mind, mental prowess, eco-warrior, chemist and environmental control scientist. And Mariam Mokhtar can write extremely well.

    Try to read her articles and you can feel the depth of her thinking.

    03/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Here is what my ARRL 1977 says."When desiring to make a contact, all that is necessary is to indicate you are in frequency. On some machines this may be accomplished by 'This is WA1RDX mobile one monitoring.' On others, standard practice calls for a single CQ followed by identification. Never send a long CQ;..." Note that mobile one is a location like mobile Bukit Berapit etc.

    But there are other views. . 

    What then when some say 'yes' and some say 'no'. From the my ARRL I conclude that the final say comes from the repeater owners. The owners have to apply the rule of common sense, to know between the open and channelized band.

    To me what is in one's mind that matters. "9W2XXX this is 9W2ZZZ' is proper to call for a friend. "9W2XXX mobile Telok Intan listening" to let others know that he is on frequency. "9W2XXX calling CQ" indicates he wants to talk to anybody at all. Certainly it is not "CQ CQ CQ CQ ON 144.600. THIS IS 9W2XXX CALLING AND STANDING BY.

    Sensibility is sweet.

    02/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Either this MP is stupid or born to be bad. He said, "The government help all citizen. Therefore in return they must vote for BN."

    Time and again with a loud and audible voice the citizens are talking of PUBLIC fund. Giving money to Shahrizat's family is not the money that belongs to UMNO or Mahyuddin. Unless all taxes are collected  only from UMNO or BN members.

    The Chinese outcry is because much of their money were discriminately spent.

    The salary of the said MP is paid by DAP, UMNO, PAS and almost every person in the country. He should be grateful to the people and not only to UMNO.

    Words like those so far came from the Malays or stupid natives. "The government will not develop those areas who did not vote BN." If they are not stupid then they must be very bad people, who themselves, do not understand what gratitude mean.

    This country does not belong to UMNO nor the opposition members. It belongs to those who are the resident citizens. We don't pay tax to fill in UMNO's pocket. Calling it's citizen to leave the country for not submitting to UMNO's demand is not from the sound mind, and not fit to be people's representatives.

    Mahathir too has the sick mentality. I said sick because they can't compute where their salaries come from, and who should be thanking whom. They can talk on gratitude if they serve the

    02/12/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

     people using their own money from their own pocket with their own sweat.

    The perception of the world and mankind may differ between the ruling class and the ruled class. The ruling class think they are god, the most powerful. The ruled class says human are the same in the eyes of God. No matter how much gold used to ornament the grave yard and the money they have in the banks, they are of equal status in the next world.

    The health of  democracy lies in the check and balance, to minimize the power  abuse. There should be a strong opposition. If PKR is running the government we want to have a strong BN as opposition too.

    For a layman to have a single track mind, it would not harm the country. We can't afford to have lawmakers to slow down the progress of a nation.

    Corruption is giving for a return of a favor. That was vividly defined by the law. At one time it was defined to the government servants what constitutes a gift.





    I have yet to compute my end-of-year total expenditure. So far I have renewed my Viva road tax. Waiting are my server rental, Kancil road tax, land and house rates, a new wheel chair for my wife, the final utility and internet bills. It could be as much as 3.5 K.

    Sony Camcoder, PJ380, is about 2K even. It's opportunity cost is traveling overseas. Unfortunately, Najib's policy, has pull down the currency value, making our saving plunged to half the previous value. Tai Baht has beaten our ringgit for quite some time. Buying a camcoder with a minimum use could be a wastage.

    What an old man like me will do with a handycam ? To record my QSO and upload the clip on the Youtube ? ( In fact I don't even know how to upload video to the Youtube )

    With whatever decision I think I should better visit a Sony dealer in Alor Setar and find out more about the gadget.

    So far I can contain myself from unnecessary spending on upgrading my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, and dispel my desire to replace my missing Garmin. I don't even think of buying another additional ham gear.

    Let me hear from myself before I make any decision.

    30/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I went to Sony outlet and had a look at the said handycam. It has no 3D as advertised. The battery last for two hours and the built-in projector did not impress me at all. The zooming capability is excellent.        01/12/2013

    Anything can be done in Malaysia because it is the desire of the government to make as many people happy as  possible. There are many ways that people go round the bush to legalize things.

    To legally going on the air you either apply for a commercial repeater license or pay to use the approved relay terminal. You can use the it at your own will, without having to register your equipment. The MCMC either doesn't bother to check the user nor monitor the communication.

    A second method is to apply for frequency to be used by a certain organization; name it as RELA, Jawatan Kuasa Keselamatan, or any other. Create special call signs and distribute them among your friends. Once given they can call themselves the members of the relevant unit. Buy rigs and use them at your will.

    Of course the next step is to erect your own repeater.

    So far we did hear these kind of activities used against the opposition party, giving report the movements of the opponents but the supporters of the opposition has yet to use these radio to attack the ruling party. They could easily break into the repeater and throw slurs and curses at their opponents and the leaderships.

    I think that will not happen.


    I have to be a nut to define AA as I see it. The phrase apparatus assignment seems to imply  the assignment of the apparatus, in this case the transmitting equipment, to a person or a company to use them. In other words it is the permission given by a radio authority to a person or organization. Four things would be involved; the type of the hardware, the name of the user, the fee and the certificate of authorization.

    All government and public organizations need to have authorization for the usage of the transceivers. Hence they are to be registered.

    No where in the permission mentioned the need to pass the Radio Amateur Examination. Security forces for private bodies do not sit for the exam.

    There are two type of radio tests. Normally for those who completed a course or pass a test would be awarded with certificate. C & G does award such valuable document.

    I don't have any, neither for RAE nor CW.

    I think 99.98% of the apparatus assigned do not match with the users. To fix the anomalies is some hard work which is not worth attention.



    One of the biggest sins in Islam is Breach of Trust. To tell a person that he cannot be trusted, would rage him. Yet he is of a habit of breaking promises, cancelling an appointment at the last minute and didn't deliver what he is supposed to convey. A habitual person will think that is just a normal thing and nothing wrong with it. To such a person telling lies is just like taking a breakfast.

    I find that such a person is a glib speaker, with the intent to impress others of his capability and expertise in every body of knowledge. He will come with a lot of excuses and reasons, always blame other people for any mishaps and more so cleverly maneuver himself to get what he wants.

    You have to be awake to recognize a person, smart enough to trace lies and deception. If you are asleep he is bound to sting on you.

    I am really annoyed when I postponed all my activities because a person promise to come to my house at a certain time but hours later informed me he had something else to attend to. The whole day was wasted.

    To me punctuality is utmost important. I don't want people to wait for me at the promised hour. If there is a traffic jam I would call him to inform of the situation.

    It is true that human are infallible. We make mistakes  The fact is we do know when a mistake is made or a promise has to be broken at time of emergency. But if they are repeated, we will eventually trace the deliberate efforts just to satisfy his own needs or lusts.

    To many to be honest and trustworthy is a strife. No matter what the world is we can't just follow it. The world is full of contradictions and hypocrisy. Refer back to the teaching of religion. No religion would condone unfulfilled promises and lies. They are sinful in they eyes of the Al-Mighty.

    Those who don't believe in God do live with their conscience, governed by self-discipline that creates responsibility, courteousness, trustworthy and honesty. It would be ashamed if we find more credibility in an atheist rather than a man of religion.

    Punctuality will not keep people in abeyance. Fulfilling a promise creates an atmosphere of sweet friendship.

    30/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


    Clubs, societies and individuals are advised  to document their activities, a copy of which is to be sent to National Archive. The arrangement and the layout should be like what is found in magazines; the instant of the cover like the ARRL Handbook below, chapters and introduction. All photographs and other images should be well explained and dated. Use color laser printer to print the documents.

    The modern Amateur Radio in Malaysia began with the birth of license B hams. This modern history should began with the idea and the fight for the new class. If MARTS does not have this historical perspective the authority, MCMC, should force person responsible to prepare the complete documentation of the events.

    100 years is a short time. People who have live more than 70 years never felt they have live that long. We don't want our posterity to be blind on the history, the events and activities of the hobby in this country. Your pictures may be nothing to you now but will be very useful and valuable in the coming years.

    The present generation do not know the games we used to play-chasing kites and hunting for fighting fish. They don't know the trees we used to climb, the kote mamak fruit, the buah gorah, the pokok pudak, pokok nona and much more. They don't know the type of hawkers coming to peddle various kind of foods in our kampong. And more so, they don't know how close the Malays and the Chinese were.

    Efforts to pass the present to the future generation is called civilization building. It shows we care about our future. Only if you know how the illuminati and the Jews planned for the far future, you will realize how backward can we be. Theirs were detailed and very profound.

    Zaki, 9M2ZAK, has thrown a thought of preparing a documentation of the CQDX World Wide Contest at Hairies's house. That's indeed a very encouraging idea. Once published and perused the feeling of achievement and joy will transpire more effort and interest to systematized our activities.

    If there is no taker, I expect a few individuals to think hard about it, a thought how to gather useful information for the future generation.

    29/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    There is nothing unlawful for BN to instruct it's machinery to prepare for the next General Election. And I find it a real fun to observe how they work. Money has started to roll out buying as many as opposition members are possible. The parliamentary debate is exploited to show how good and honest BN is. Religious teachers are engaged to hate PAS on the radio. They poke someone to suggest the 12 year car life, then BN came to the rescue saving the people. The PAS-UMNO unity talk is more serious to discuss issues threatening the Muslims to weaken PAS-DAP unity and to break PKR completely.

    The ulama is telling about sectarian conflicts in other Islamic countries, the value of peace in the country, the flourish of Islam in Malaysia to convince the people that BN ensure peace and stability. Voting opposition will cause killings as what is happening in the Middle East.

    The early marching is not without fear. The defeat at Sungai Limau showed the the failure of BN's full enforcement. If they do not step up the effort the defeat would put some people in the deep dungeons. Since Sabah and Sarawak gave life to BN, Najib has to show his concern over the welfare of the Sabahans. Either Sabaha or Sarawak should demand the Premiership to be given to either the Sabahan or Sarawakian. And from my point of view the Sabahans were the most cheated.

    Would pillars of evil disappear from people's mind with the strong BN's campaign ? People with strong character won't forget the missing millions of PKZ, NFC, Perwaja Steel, indelible ink and billions paid free to the contractors of Mahathir's cronies. They will still question on the millions wastage to entertain Rosmah and the abuse of power in dealing of public funds, the failure to manage drugs and crimes.

    Just erect the pillar in our mind, we will not be swayed by ongoing lies and deceptions.

    It is indeed sad and a tragedy for the Malays who prefer to be slaves, kicked and cheated. They are happy to live in a small abode in flats, pay more for goods, services and commodities, hunting for money in the garbage bins. One man said to me,"Never mind about the millions they grabbed. They can't eat more than we do..." UMNO has the Ustaz to say never mind and the Felda guys to say the same thing.

    We tell UMNO to repent, said sorry for the errors made. Nay, they said. They did no wrong. Corruption and failures and the lost money are better than the Christian country. Malaysia is a peaceful country. If the Christians take over worst things will be happening.

    Instead they continue to swagger, approving what is not legal, taxing people quietly and each day pulling the Malays down the abyss. Even the Malays in Johor is being pushed away for Iskandar.

    29/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    The ARRL Handbook 2014 is expensive, estimated at RM240, but it is worth the price.

    It is 6.19 pounds in weigh. It is considered heavy. How much more do we have to pay extra ?

    I hope someone orders a book and inform us of the cost through the Facebook.




    What amazed most people in the years before the cell-phone and the internet were known, was that private individuals can communicate with people across the globe. Mobile phone was considered a new phenomena and we have to pay a considerable amount to own first production.

    The pride of those hams were they could master Morse codes, which not everyone could acquire, and transmitters were homebrewed. There were no ham equipments in the market in the early days. RTTY were using a big noisy machines which could be found in the junk stores. I remember buying one for about RM50 and homebrewed the interface. The highest the old hams achieved was the SSTV.

    In the early '80s PC started. Communication soft wares like the IRC and MIRC began without voice. It was a very interesting mode where the whole world meet. Today internet gives us everything; visual communication with extreme clarity of voice and image, which from the edge of the globe  could be seen and heard  at our home.

    And now knowledge is in abundance. We can follow live lectures by Professors from overseas universities, learn sciences and history, watching movies and live events. The magnificence of computer and internet is beyond description.

    Yet I find people who praise ham radio as a source of everything, when it can't provide even 5% of the computer ability. I was asked what I have learned from ham radio. My answer was I learned about people and a little of their culture. I learned the different between the old and the new hams; their thinking and attitudes. Try to monitor the ham band and draw out what you can learn from the communication.

    I can't say how many percents of the Malaysians hams are on computer rather than the radio, and how many percent of their time spent on each. It is easier to find a ham on the facebook and yahoo rather than on the radio. I believe the same situation applies to the rest of the world's ham operators. Those who totally left ham radio parked themselves at computer communication soft wares.

    It is the human psychology that attract some people to the radio; the crave to be a DJ, wanting to have their voiced heard by the public on the air. It is the awareness that people are monitoring to them made them feel so great and satisfying.

    That's the reason why I suggested that SARES and MARES to do a lot of training on First aid and rescue procedure, learning knots and bandages and mouth to mouth respiration. The radio is a mere communication tool, not a magic wand. They must not have a belief that holding a handy gives them a super energy that comes from Krypton.

    The most significant progress of ham equipment is it's transformation into SDR stuff that can process incoming signal to the best quality the normal radio could not do. It is a quantum leap of technology, so much so the past knowledge of radio electronics is left far behind, nearing a total fading.

    No doubt Ham Radio is a good hobby and  interesting but it does not possess the power of Thor.

    28/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Would I beg or force someone to like or talk to me ? Surely I would not. That is his preference and taste. Similarly on the radio band. You can't complaint why the 9M seldom go to 2 meter. Some do and some don't. They might feel more comfortable to stay away from the band.

    But as usual, the non-matured and people of non-cultured class will start to create stories base on their own perception and sentiments. It was amazing how they derive at a conclusion for my staying on 7.043. In fact I am planning to disappear myself from 40 meter when the time comes and start my venture on 80. I have never work 80 since I became a ham.

    No two individuals have the identical form of taste.

    USA and Israel would not give face to countries they presume as rogue and having rogue leaders. They reject both North Korea and Iran's right to do what they like to their countries. Iran and North Korea insist on their own right, and free to do what they like. USA enforced sanctions on both of them.

    Would we force our will on others ? Even how right you think your thought is you can't point a gun on a person's head to accept your ideas. Pulling the trigger will not solve the problem. We all remember what American President said about the better world. "The world will be better without Saddam Hussein." Then "The world will be better without Osama". Then "The world will be better without North Korea." Will it end ? It won't unless everyone submits.

    There is no different between my belief and my stand with those of North Korean, Iran or the Afghans. One speaks on area of ham radio, the other on politics and nationalism. To me radio is not merely a simple hobby, it represents a nation. It hoists the flag of a race, creed and nationality.

    Many hams around the world have been running to find a peaceful place with people of similar wavelength. I heard CW stations being disturbed by rouge specie, probably by hams, because those CWes refused to go on SSB, running away from no-code hams. They were trying to force the rest to go on SSB just because they can't do Morse. If it can happen in the Western hemisphere, it can happen here too.

    Utopia is a dream. A society of cultured people is a dream too. You can't recognize people anymore by their face and words, by their dress or titles. You can somewhat feel them by their bad or repugnant behaviors, their attitudes towards rules and laws, their pomposity and swaggering.

    Those who shot people wear innocent faces, speak good words. Those who peddle drugs are friendly and sportive. Those who plunder your money will show they are fighting for the people's welfare. They are right here among amateur radio community.

    Someone has to bear the responsibility for any vices and avarices, the failures and inefficiencies. But none would want to admit as if there was nothing happen. You see this in NFC, PKZ, Perwaja Steel, Bank Bumiputera and the spiral inflation. You will see the same things repeated by other agencies and Ministries.

    They wait for the total chaos. Then they blame the citizens.

    28/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Less than 1 year old, my Viva was defaced on several parts. I didn't know who knocked the back and when. There were several scratches which I think could be due to the quick wash machine. I just ignored it. What happened outside the car won't affect my driving. I felt comfortable inside. But the Produa lady was surprise at the condition of my car when I took it for servicing.

    The day before yesterday somehow the left side of the body kissed and embraced the back side of a huge parking 4 X 4. Thinking it was minor I continued to drive until I reached my destination. I took a look at the body. The scratch was long and too bad. I decided this time I must take it for painting to hide from severe ugliness.

    I passed through a workshop 'Knocking and Painting' and stopped by. There was a man washing a car part. I told him of the scratch and asked him to have a look. He said he need to do the bumper work too. He could do it there and then but I need to wait for several hours. I suggested the next day ( ie today ). He agreed. The shop opened at 9.30 am.

    This morning after buying breakfast for my wife and having my usual breakfast at the usual restaurant I drove to the workshop. The man was there. I told him I need to know the price. "RM280," he said. I showed him my surprise for thinking it costs only RM150. He insisted on his price because he had to adjust the bumper. Seeing that the deface was quite serious, I agreed. He sent me home and took the car with him, promising to send back at 6 pm.

    Today is a dialysis day for my wife. I used my old Kancil to transport her to the dialysis center. At 12.45 pm she was called in. I estimated the completion would be at 5 pm. At 3.30 pm I went out for my daily exercise. One and  fifteen minutes later I went to pick her up my , bought her some dinner and went home.

    As soon as she was inside the house and having her dinner the workshop man rang me up saying he is on his way to send back the car. Several minutes later he arrived. I jumped into the driver's seat, took out the money and gave him, asking him to count . The distant is about 2 or 3 kilometers away. The traffic was very heavy. I talked to him about Alor Setar before and Alor Setar now; about traffic jam, food and the astronomical property prices.

    He said he rented his business space. And he told me about the danger of foodstuffs that contain oil and starch when I told him about the strong Chinese ladies at the jogging track.

    Finally we arrived at his place. "Thank you," said I. He took out RM30 and gave back to me. I refused to take it because I found the job was well done and I was happy with it. He went out, put the money on the seat, thanking me ,and close the door.

    How could UMNO people made me think bad about the Chinese ? He didn't have to return the thirty ringgit to please me. I am not a Datu' or a wealthy man. He just finally strike a balance between his survival and the reasonableness of the charge.

    A conscientious man does not born out of a special race. The citizens can make judgment on the politicians and their wives and siblings, whether they are good or bad, conscientious or not.

    This mechanic has some good conscience in himself.

    27/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I know of a man who would travel the world over for a song in the native language. The song was Besame Mucho. At hotels or night clubs he would request for the song and recorded it.

    Another man traveled for the best tasty halal food. He can talk about it for hours and it was interesting to hear his story. Since he is now staying in Kuala Lumpur, he has tasted all the best food and had gone to the best restaurants.

    Later I developed a small portion of the taste traveling for food. But it was for the same kind from different countries, namely Briyani. Except for the visit in USA I would hunt for Long John, sea food restaurant. Once I tasted the long desired delicacy, the Red Lobster.

    Briyani was easily found in London and New York because the restaurants ere clustered at one single point. The best so far was from Hong Kong, second went to Australia. They are tastier than the Malaysian cooking.

    Yet there are people who travel to sleep with women and then boast of their experiences with the world's women, to which I would say travel in search of HIV.

    Of all food is the best. The Muslims can still hunt for the best Halal food from the world over, or at worse food free of pork or pork products. They could always feel relief at food shops served by the Jews. In term of religious and common sense the Jews are always better than the Christians.

    I remember when I was in Hawaii where I didn't know where the Muslim's restaurant was, I usually went to Alamoana Center for meal. There were Tai and Chinese food. There were fried rice and fried mee. They were serve with pork. I went to Mexican and Spanish stalls and asked for pork. "We don't sell pork here," came the reply. So I purchase my meal from them.

    With the modern GPS system it is easy to navigate to our favorite restaurants.

    28/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Malaysians are not so much concerned about the weather. Either we have rain or hot and dry. The concern on weather is when they intend to travel North like China, Japan, Korea and European countries. They need to know what dress to bring.

    I know that Summer is about June in Northern hemisphere and December would be the opposite. Yet one must know what's the temperature like in Summer London. I always know that Winter Los Angeles would be about 15 Celcius. And I know pretty well how it feels at 15 degrees.

    Malaysians are more worried of flooding during wet season and water shortage when it is dry. The water catchment areas had been raped for condos and expensive houses. Such calamities have always been exploited by the politicians to blame  their political opponents for the cause of flooding and the shortage of water.

    Citizens are called to recycle rain water and to reduce car washing when it dries. VIPs and Ministers would not suffer as what the citizens are into. Rakyat diutamakan untuk menghadapi musibah. We too are concerned about haze. Some big guys escaped by going overseas for vacation. The citizens are paying RM1.50 for a face mask. Hawkers are worried about rain.

    Our water crisis is not due to dryness but it is the sin of privatization. Think of Mahathir, the king of privatization, opening public services and utilities to cronies. And think of the UMNO's policy on property development that raze the hill tops to satisfy the greed for money.

    Learning about the four season is one thing, feeling them is another. Entrepreneurs built a Winter House where those who want to experience cold weather could pay to feel the cold air. Else people make a trip to Korea and Japan in Winter.

    California 15 degrees with bright sun shine was a lovely weather for me. Short pan and T-Shirt made me comfortable enough. But daylight is short during Winter. 5 pm could be very dark. And when win blew it chilled the inner bones.

    The heat in Summer could kill people in some places. We feel like living near the oven. There were heat waves at some part of Saudi Arabia as hot as the American Midwest.

    For travelers and people who plan to go for holidays within or outside the country they must find out about the weather at the place of destinations. Malayan East Coast could be at the mercy of Typhoon and the strong easterlies.

    UMNO Ministers are always protected from the hostile or severe weathers for they claimed they are God's party. Would they care about whatever weather, water source and flood ?

    26/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    In fact I have discussed with my Chinese friends about the problem of raising the retirement age. The government added 5 more years means those young people have to wait for 5 more years before they can get employed. There were nurses going to private nursing colleges too are waiting for vacancies.

    Would you blame the government or the current workers ?



    We have immigrants from all over; China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Philippines. I knew of Bangladeshi with fake passport could enter Malaysia via KLIA. And I was informed by a local maid agent that she paid to make her work easy. Already there are foreigners in our localities who have been residing here for many years. We believe of financial link between them and the government officers.

    The business is lucrative.

    We all know the failure of NFC and the business shifted to condos. Auditors do not simply things out of the thin air. Yet you see how Shahrizat's husband and she herself fought as if they didn't do anything wrong.

    The police advertised of the lowering of the crime rates. Najib says he is fighting corruptions. Shahidan says Rosmah has the right to ride the Executive Jet.

    They fought to deny. But I say they are cheating themselves, dragging the nation down.



    Income tax could be evaded but not the tax you pay when you buy things. Call it by any name, you pay as you buy. Unless you decide to produce food by yourself. The natives in the deep jungle would pay the least tax, only when they buy for consumption.

    There are people who aren't happy when their tax money went to Rosmah's expenditure or to Shahrizat's husband. And they want the police to keep them safer with the money they paid.

    The government got the money from it's citizen and from God. Petroleum is God's given. Both are for the whole population. The fairness of the distribution and a wise usage will not be questioned by the people.

    GST or sales tax, corporate or income taxes are for the governance of the country. It is not for Mahyuddin to decide to whom the money were to be given. But he did, to Shahrizat's husband and for Rosmah's flight expenditure.

    Or else let us propose that the government should only tax BN supporters.

    26/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    Time, money and energy were put in to get the group together for the CQ Worldwide DX Contest. All were for the spirit of ham radio. More so it was fun.

    I monitored DX stations in the contest. What excite me were a few stations went back at about 10 - 12 wpm. At that slow speed they won't be able to catch up with big points. But I knew they were there not to win. Giving support in participating is healthy enough.

    I don't know whether any living Malaysian hams today were so enthusiastic to sacrifice for such an event. I knew Eshee was one of those active participating in CW contest but he went alone. So was I.

    The effort of 9M2SM is commendable. From my point of view it placed Malaysia as a cultured class. It is the CW itself. Only the other day I heard a 85 year old man rag chewing with a 23 year old youth in Morse codes.

    I salute 9M2SM and the crews for flying our national flag and it made Malaysia proud.

    25/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    JPAM is an official government organization for emergency, search and rescue. They are paid to do the job. MARES and SARES are private bodies.

    There shall be no conflict between the three as to the procedure and the process of operation. The line of duty has been laid clearly. MARES and SARES must know them so that they will not step over the head of respective units.

    The public and the government are concerned of public safety and security. Disaster area has always been cordoned to avoid thefts and robberies. Hence the private voluntary bodies must make sure the memberships are of people of splendid reputation, honest, having integrity and trustworthy.

    To be of substance both MARES and SARES must understand they are not merely to provide communication support. They have to know first aid, the art of rescuing and survival skill. JPAM are trained and undergo regular exercise.

    MARES and SARES members must undergo the rescue and first aid course from time to time. It won't be enough relaxing in the armchairs checking net and having chats on the band days in and days out.

    May I ask what sort of curriculum  is followed by both of the private organization ? If they haven't any it is a high time to draw one to cover all required skills and knowledge. They have to know the knots, mouth to mouth resuscitation, and bandage methods. In short rescue is more than holding a hand held. And they must abide by the set rules.                    25/11/2013

    Could I be a good ham when not using QRT at all in my regular communication ? Below are some of the samples usage:

    "Gentlemen, I got to make this my final. Thank you very much....9M2ZZZ, this is 9M2AR, signing and listening for all final..."

    "Rusli, the band is very noisy. Let's call it a day. Thanks for the chat..."

    "It's time now.I have to go gentlemen. See you all again...."

    None of the samples above mention QRT. I figure people who don't use it in telephony must be very stupid, like myself.

    Really I found it difficult even to use QRU as much as QRT. The one I commonly used before QTH has been transformed to 'location' -'My location is Alor Setar' and QSL too has changed to Affirmative.

    How about QRX ? I do use it at a specific point of time to tell someone to stand-by, to hold on for a minute, until I call back again, when my wife called me for something or when I am to quickly attend to something else. I never tell myself to QRX but to tell the others. Still to use plain language is better for it does not create confusion.

    I am of a view that the Q-Code should not be a part of RAE. It should be  a part of CW test. When people are too smart and too clever, they want people to know that they are expert. They keep on using things even more than the ship to shore messages.          25/11/2013


    I think it is a high time for hams to recognize between interrupting  and joining a conversation.

    When two stations are in deep discussions over  a certain topic like the preparations for an examination by the kids, it is not wise for us to sending message that we want to join the conversation. I have much experience of a foreign station who understand our language, breaking in. He gave his name, our signal report, weather and passed the transmission back to me. Passing back and forth made us forget our topic. Not only that it would be very awkward for me to continue with the topic with another station in. He didn't add nor contribute to the topic in discussion. I would call in interrupting.

    Can't you interrupt at all ? You can. You may have something emergency or probably need a quick report for the newly fixed antenna. Get the report and the info and asked those stations to continue.

    On the other hand those two stations may be talking about camera and both are not well verse with the terms and the gadgets themselves, you can break in to join them. You can tell them more of the kind of camera, the art and technique of using them and providing much more information. The topic can be general and not of personal matters will not cause any interruption. You join the conversation.

    Mention your call sign between a pause, usually when one station is passing the transmission to the other. It is to be full call sign. Remember this is not a pile up or a contest.

    What you may hear from the international stations may not be right at all. To copy the practice is never a welcome. Foreign stations were heard to use CB lingi and style in passing transmission. A few you may not hear call signs at all.

    25/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The killer acted good when he first applied for the job. He showed good behavior, punctual and obedient to gain trust and confidence. He was praised. So were all other hypocrites in amateur radio or in other disciplines. The planned was to rob a bank and to escape with the money.

    I learned how to distrust people a long time ago as I saw bad people in white dress, behaving like angels when they want something from you. And quickly turned their backs once they get what they want. Even your friends can stab your back.

    Should the employer learned  a hard way about employing staffs or stick with the policy and procedure set by the rules ?

    I saw how the British immigration officers dealt with foreigners who were about to enter Britain from Calais France. About 14 Malaysian tourists from my group were rejected at the immigration points. They were very strict and as fierce as a tiger, not allowing a single of us to near the rejected Malaysians.

    Our kindness, laziness, stupidity and 'tidak apa' that brought in thousands of criminals in our country; thieves and murderers. The import of Africans were due to avarice and greed. Didn't we know the probable consequences ? They prey on people in Europe, Saudi Arabia and now in Malaysia.

    If you are somebody big, a lot of people will come to seek your favor. They will put on innocent faces, talk lowly with full of courtesy, bow and nod their heads always in agreement with you. It is a grave mistake to trust and assume they are all of good people.

    Never trust anyone but yourself. Innocent face, soft spoken and docile look will not tell who a person is.

    Most of us fall to the lies and deception. We chose wrong leaders to lead us. Then they stole millions and got away with their crimes. You will pay for the lost money through your teeth.

    23/11/2013 - Abdul Rahman Raof