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HAM operators capability of going into SAR frequencies demand hams not to be too nosy to go and tune and test their signals on them. They are to restrain themselves. Having ham gears do not make them heroes.

Go and join the SAR group to offer your service, and wait until they call you.

Tuning and testing on those frequencies would invite international condemnation if they come to know the source of the signals. SAR units should record all their communications messages and their frequencies at all time. They are to identify back those stations heard.

At the moment the safety and procedure protocol does not include ham radio operators. Intrusion into SAR frequencies is a serious offence. Let the SAR people handle their own affairs according to their own ways. If anyone happens to discover any plane wreckage just report to the nearby authority. You don't go on their frequency to report. More so if you don't even have a ham call sign yet or a 9W. Not even a 9M can show his greatness by unnecessary encroachment.

11/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Being nearer to the infected area China should be there faster with a greater force.

There is an air defense system, and there is the water defense system. Otherwise the enemy could easily penetrate and landed on China's shore without any pain at all. The sonar wave sent would gather all information of China's defense system as well as on MH370.

Obama's visit is not for vacation and having a good siesta inhaling Malaysian air. The priority is to ally with Malaysia for logistic support or as a flat form to attack China. The Commander of the 7th Fleet already praised Malaysia in the handling of the SAR. If Najib thinks USA needs Malaysia more than Malaysia need America then it is to Najib's advantage in his dealing on the Malaysian politics. All he needs to say is to request Obama not to interfere in our internal affair.

Najib has to send feelers to sense the sentiments of the local Chinese. How many percent of them are willing to die for Obama. Sabah, Sarawak and Chinese votes can determine the fate of Rosmah.

What could the Chinese do now to ensure the secret of their water have not been gathered by the US intelligence and the Australian frigate ?

The faster the plane is found, the better for China. She can breath a little and plan to start to build the sea defense system around the Chinese water.

I glanced through an article in the facebook entitled 'Red flag or False flag'. The writer's vision is extremely commendable. It could be his imagination. But it could be the imagination of Dick Tracy and the Davinci of flying machine. They are all real today.


At the same time China is worried about the individuals with the stolen documents, for they could be the Uighur rebels that recently went on the killing spree. Thus the attack was aimed at the Chinese passengers.

The tragedy is a wake up call for the Chinese. She has to face another enemy within which the world called it Terrorism. All China would realize she has the enemy in the backyard and at the same time the enemy at her doorsteps.

To us is WYSIWYG, we see events as they happened ; take off, lost contact, search and rescue, and looking for clues. They are more of the co-incidences rather than the timing. The aids and extended aids are the duty of friendly nations and humanity.

Mind you the first to mention 'political issue' is the authority. We were warned not to politicize the tragedy. Millions of people won't understand the relationship between MH370 and politics because they only see things as it happened. Whoever wants to look deeper into the unseen thought of the pilots, or even in the mind of the suspect terrorists ? On the contrary people are not allowed to think or making hypothesis or face arrest. The government wants the people to think as it commands.

Finding the plane will not be the end and everyone could sleep well. Right now people have forgotten about the court decision on Anwar and Kajang. It is good for BN, good to USA and her allies, and a nightmare for the Chinese.

11/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To most Westerners the Arabs and the Muslims are terrorists. Even the government of Angola and other African countries treat Muslims with such an ID. What surfaced in the MH370 suspect list were people with fake passports. Further check shows the two of them bought the plane ticket at the same time from the same source. Now there is another fake passport of a Chinese nationality. All were not Arabs. Could the three of them be Muslims ?

What if they are all not Muslims ?

You may not know how many passengers are using fake passports each day. Many years ago one Bangladeshi was asking me something about Malaysian immigration at the Changi Airport. I asked for his passport and was surprise to see his photo was attached with a slight glue on it. I said I could not answer his question but deep in my heart I believed that the Malaysian immigration will not allow him through.

Biometric system may work well with the normal men but it may not work with a person with any ill-intent. He has ways to go about beating the finger scanners.

What puzzled me is about the stolen passport in Bangkok. The Italian or the Austrian man flying from their country of origin could not have purchased the passport in Thailand. It would be easier for a syndicate to forge any traveling documents themselves. A well organized international terrorist would have more sophisticated machines for anything.

What if all do not pass the terrorist test ? On checking their background and ideological beliefs they may not show any association with any of the dangerous group.

Again, why they chose MH370 to terrorize but not any other airline ? Anwar was not on the plain, so was Rosmah or Obama.

If you believe there were explosives in the plane, it has to be in the luggage compartment, triggered by a timer. The rest of the puzzled is left to conjecture.

While a thorough investigation is being made to establish the fact of the missing 777, MAS and the people in the government must also check and investigate themselves. Do they contribute to the accident in any way at all.

It is not easy to identify the terrorist by a race, skin color or religion. You may suspect a bearded man in a white rob, not a white man with a neck tie.

Zahid Hamidi is mad at the immigration for failing to identify an Asian with European passport. Let me tell Zahid that it is not strange at all. When I mention there are 100 Americans visiting Kuala Lumpur do not imagine them as people of White specimen. They could be a Malay, Chinese, Indian or Japanese using the whole European names and American passports.

Let us be reminded to cast aside the 'tidak apa' attitude, and the philosophy of 'solving the problem when we come across them'. Prior precaution for prevention is what we need not to find the cure after misfortune has landed. It is applicable to all situations, managements and planning. The right and wrong, good or bad are not matters of public opinion and sentiments. They are based on facts, data, realities and reasons.

There should be zero tolerance on matters involving million and billion of dollars and the safety of the people. Ministers must not take chances. The friction over the safety of KLIA2 for instant should be viewed seriously. Hishamuddin should have not just simply dismissed what was voiced by the other party.

I flew out to Hong Kong with a tooth paste. I could not bring home the same tooth paste. A fine young lady took it away with a smile. I flew to Singapore with something small in my hand luggage ( I don't remember whether a battery or tiny blade), but they were taken away by the Singapore airport staffs.

Since it is difficult to identify an evil we have to have a system to prevent any malicious intents both before boarding and on the plane. Several security officers should be placed on every plane with equipment to transmit data of plane location at every single minute and any act and movement of the officer.

The truth will surface and let us wait for the result.

10/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Educated or not every normal man has a strength in himself that no other man could challenge. My uncle for instant didn't go to school yet he was an expert in making boats. A small part of the brain contain intelligence and knowledge which would him an expert.

But not every educated and knowledgeable man has wisdom and master in everything. You can know his mental limitation by his words and deeds, his analytical ability  from his generalization of events and happenings without proofs and data and the the single track world view.

Comparing a doctorate obtained from the United Sates University and universities in Malaysia we can be assured that the former is more knowledgeable in general affairs of things as the candidates have to go for the qualifying exam. Even the GRE is tough enough to pin a person down. The wiser man is not the one with the PHD from USA or Malaysia but in the way one manages oneself in public, not condemning others as stupid and useless not bragging of one's own ability.

There are people who are ruled by their emotion and sentiment in making comments and decision. I asked several men who would win when Kedah meet Johor in the soccer match. Everyone said that Kedah would win by at least 2 goals. None said that he could not tell until the game was over. When beaten they blamed the referee and the linesmen. To be reasonable one has to look at the opponent's team in detail, and analyze the strength of one's own team. The weakness could be due to the unskilled and indiscipline players, bad coaching, poor managers or even financial problem.

Well done means to be very comprehensive, looking at every aspect and framework, now and the future. It is more than a system than an individual ability. It is foolish to project oneself and belittling the others. Every other man may be wiser in a certain relevant aspect that can contribute to progressiveness.

Behind a normal and a stupid man there is an intelligence and profound knowledge. Behind every educated man is a small iota of foolishness. If he is wise he would always hide his foolishness.

To avoid to be all the time stupid and foolish, I make my point to check for facts on every item before I push in my memory. What I don't want to know and care, I just ignore it.

I am one of the stupid persons. My education cannot make me an intelligent and smart. There is a part in my brain that housed my stupidity and my foolishness as there is an intelligence and smartness in a man without education. It is the part of my own stupidity that made me respect an illiterate parent than the smart son. It was the poor and stupid parent who strive and sacrifice for the son education.

It is a pity when a man of letters remain to stay in a closed world of cocoon, blind to see every aspect of the universe. It sad indeed.

09/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There must be no stone unturned during the flight MH370 investigation. One area the FBI must find out is the political believe and sentiments of the pilots. Surely their close friends must have had heard of their unhappiness towards someone in the government.

That is all I can say. We just have to wait and see the outcome of the investigations.

Malaysian government is taking step to check the detail of every passenger. Coordinate help from the US authority terrorists could be discovered. It will take some time for the names to surface. But that alone would not be completed until all MAS staffs including the pilots have to be examined.

So far nobody talk of the possible suicide yet.

09/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Why God gives and takes lives ? The economist, Adam Smith, talked of the balance of human population. The Illuminati also speaks of the World population. But mankind will always fight for longevity. The modern economist says population enhance economic growth and activities, driving higher GDP.

Every minute a baby is born and someone will die. Though death is a  natural phenomena, it is a sad thing to happen, for we depart with our love ones.

As we are destined to die there are various ways the spirit departs fromh the body. The angel of death pleaded to God to remove his tasks because he pities the human, and God says to the angel that the death will come in different ways. We die from a disease, sickness, accidents or being murdered.

When I look at the timing of the missing MH370 and the judgment of Anwar Ibrahim as well as the sacking of MAS employees I began to see another possibility. You may reject it totally as an absurd idea. It is for the same reason why Rosmah was put on a private jet to attend a convention. It was nothing more than of the security reason.

Malaysia is looking at the possibility of hijacking of reason unknown to us. But I look at another way. It was the pilot factor. As any other human being a man can be angry at the dismissal of the airline staffs and at Anwar's being jailed. An excessive anger and unhappiness could have drive him to commit suicide. In the United States army every pilot is being observed at all time to ensure no pilot with emotional disturbance is allowed to fly an airplane.

If it is the management factor the prolonged dissatisfaction would pose more potential danger to the airline. Silent protest can never be known. Only God knows the degree of anger that cling on some people when Anwar's acquittal was reversed. The timing of event is very significant to suggest what could have happened.


The possibility may be very remote but it should not be totally dismissed.

I believe someone in the military also take this seriously. But nothing could be said until the final investigation which may takes months to complete.

The authority must not let no stone left unturned. Political sentiment of some men is not visible and not obvious. Indra Ghandi was shot by her own bodyguard. Anwar Saddat was shot by his own militia. We can't tell how many of MAS staffs who hate the cruel management. A loosing nut can take away the whole plane's life. Even if the whole plane is found floating and everyone is found alive, in the coming deliberation the authority must cover every issue no matter how remote or trivial it may seem.

DCA will surely check back the background of every passenger to trace their background to see any trace of terrorists or spies on the plane. The political or ideological war simply took place on the plane. It could happen on any airline unlucky enough to be boarded by those armies. We expect the black box to tell us something when found.

As always, you may see everybody seems to be very busy. Some take it as opportunity to show their dedication towards their jobs or show their concern over the people. The less said the better. You just need to observe. One Ministry had declared the number of counselors it has throughout the country ready to support the victims.

We have done our job by sending the troops and the team for the Search and Rescue, working together with other countries. At the same time we have to make sure that there will be no casualties on the part of the members of rescue team.

The number of people killed on plane accident may be about 500. The number of people killed by the bombs and machine guns were by the thousands right now in Africa, Syria and Iraq. Hitler killed tenth of thousands of the Jews.

All we have to do is to pray and hope. Miracle can always happen. The plane may be safe somewhere.

Why God gives and takes lives ? God knows the reason why.

 09/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Words and dress do not fool everyone. A disbeliever is known by their actions and behaviors.

There are three categories of unbelievers; those who do not believe in religion and those who do not believe in God. The final category is those who do not believe in both.

I recently watch a movie called The Blind Side. A lady said, "It is a Christian duty to help the others..." It is a simple word that carries a strong message. Does it not also apply to the Muslims, to do good to all others regardless of their roots and beliefs, and to help the helpless and the poor ?

Those Malays who believe in religion will follow the teaching of Islam. Those who don't will dismiss it as archaic and reject all or part of it. There is no fear of divine comeuppance, no regret for the stealing, lying, cheating and murdering. They don't even believe in life after death. There is no fear of God nor hell nor the eternal punishment.

Such people won't have even a conscience though they dressed and spoke like men. They will crash anything that do not pave their desired way, using all the available resources and means.


I speak through my religious believe and my conscience. It has to be  the truth and nothing else but the truth, undeniable by any common sense. How could a man who purchase the fake ink go scot free when million of dollars were wasted ? How could there be no murderer of Altantuya when she was bombed in a bizarre manner ? How could the PKZ man escape when billion of dollars went missing ? How could stating the clause of a law is wrong and unlawful ?

Those do not sound Islamic or ethical. We are angry when people burnt our Holly books, pissed  on the dead Muslim soldiers and ban Islam in their country. We cried foul on the case of apostasy and Allah. Yet what is stated in the Koran is totally dismissed.

Is it not true that we are trying to camouflage our sins using money, bribing for support and to say 'aye' to our sins ? If we know God is seeing our ugliness and filth, and that we fear of the great retribution we wouldn't have done what we have been doing all along. It is a clear indication that the unbelievers do not believe both in God and religion.

Honesty and considerate are not the property of the religious people. Even the atheists are trustworthy, honest and responsible. The Muslims used to despise the non-Muslims as infidels who know no sin. Yet many of these infidels respect the right of the others, would help people in difficulties and are kind to animals.

A bad act tarnishes a race and a religion. They think they can get away with everything they did. Disbelieving is one, causing pain on another fellow human and pillaging the public property is another. It is the combination of both that made a man a savage. The dress and the words won't hide the evil in them.

08/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am glad my old ailing Kancil has changed the ownership to one mechanic mechanic, an Indian Christian. To Maniam RM500 is a good buy. To me I could clear the junk away and provide space for my new 660 Viva. On the way to JPJ for the final transfer Mamian told me he has changed the carburetor and bought a new cushion. The shafts were also replaced with a new one. I figure the total expenditure he has to incur will be approximately 2K including the new painting. The car is for his son who is studying at Selangor University.

A friend of mine sold his car to another person. About more than 5 years later he received a police summon for a traffic offence. The reason was simple. He did not execute the transfer of ownership. I was very relief at my final transfer. I can be sure I won't be receiving any ticket for any offence in the future.

Maniam has been my mechanic for a quite many years. His workshop is small and he alone run it. Bringing a car to him may not get an immediate attention because he would always be busy. His son is taller and a handsome young man, very proficient both in English and Malay. The car will be driven back to Selangor as soon as it is well done.

The beauty of the small low cc car is the fuel economy. For Kancil I usually filled the tank no more than RM37, for Viva RM50. It will last me for at least a week. But the other day I was very puzzled someone bought petrol for his Kancil for only two ringgit. It didn't make sense at all, why only 2 ringgit.

The Kancil had been very faithful to me, had served me well. I toured almost the whole Malaya with it. It climbed hills and slopes, ran into deep water, hit by strong storm. It never show any exhaustion. Parts did worn out. But it stood tall. Now it is in the hand of a good mechanic it will surely rejuvenate as a almost to a new car.

For those of you who use big and expensive cars, please do not fill your tank with only two ringgit. It will disgrace your car and puzzled people about your status.

07/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




This morning I received a SMS from my former school invited me to the Vocational College as they were having a PTA meeting. Among the parents was Datuk Mohd Arif, our former SKM student. SKM is a student that went for a mere skill training. Only the lowest grade achievers applied for the course. In short they were formerly regarded as the 'useless' students, despised by their former schools, and they were in the lowest category of students in vocational education. At that time we have vocational education and vocational training. SKM is the later category.

The SMS was too late. I have decided to take my sick wife to Padang Besar, for a ride, to kill her boredom. I replied the message, "Sorry I cannot attend the PTA meeting because I am taking my wife to Padang Besar. Send my best regard to Mohd Arif. Vocational college is now neglecting this type of student. I feel sorry for the country."

My abhorrence towards the present educationists is because they do not give any priority to the future of the weak students. The Ministry of education would not be able to answer the number of form 5 students who can't read and write, the Muslim students who can't perform prayers, and what to do with the weak ones. They hold the PHD degrees. That made me wonders what kind of mindset they have to enable them earning the doctorate.

It is true that to make a diamond out of a stone is not easy. But it is always a possibility. It comes from a belief and an effort. Building up a person is a building up attitudes and discipline. You accoutre them with skills, wake them up from their sleeps, make them grow up and be matured, challenge them to prove their ability.

What is so great about vocational college that endlessly talk merely on human resource development ? Could it chase the fast changing technology ? Within 5 to 10 years  the country will be flooded with unemployed graduates as well as wild criminals.

Education is not solely for human resource but also for the betterment of the whole nation and the society, peace and tranquility, free of crimes and drug addicts. Out of 100% youths, 30% will be on the higher echelon group. Probably about 45% will settle for the middle end jobs and the remainder will be jobless, unskilled and pose great problems to us. The video clip below as described by The New Way of Stealing, should concern us. Ignoring the 25% of our young men could robbed away our happiness.

Education could be costly but it is always better then the social cost. A person like Datuk Mohd Arif had the chance to go into the practical stream where he picked up several social and communication skill during the group work. Such kind of educational training developed a greater survival skill. With the right environment and flat form a stone can be polished into a a diamond. This is the real success and a great achievement for a teacher. The challenge is far greater than teaching the very bright students.

At least I was invited to attend an activity which is no concern of mine. May be the school did not have any prior intent at all to call me. May be the Datuk asked to see me. Whatever my reply that touches the policy would penetrate into their minds.

06/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof











To feel great you don't have to go to outer space. Camping on the cliff may be a difficult task but to make a hanging bed for the night sleep would be easier. Even without the mosquito nets the insects will be blown away by the breeze.

Ahmad Said may want to try these to compare the thrill with the Antarctica trip. But not for Ibrahim Ali who can't even run 1.5 kilometers in 10 minutes. Khairy and Guan Eng may have enough energy to venture into the thrilling adventure. Ministers and statesmen no need to worry about their jobs. Rosmah can look after them.

Our Dato' Khalid gained my high respect when he proved he is also a great climber and a sportsman. He spoke as much as he work, and strong and agile. Ibrahim Ali has no match for Dato' Khalid.

To those adventurer, try them before you die.

05/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have said much about Malay unity, which I am never in favor. The Malays composes of good and bad people of Muslims and Christians. Nobody knows how many Indonesians residing in Malaya today are Christians. Muslim unity unite all Muslims regardless of their racial stock. Listening to PERKASA and UMNO to segregate from the Chinese could ruin the Muslims.

PERKASA had been too vicious followed by brainless UMNO goons, attacking everybody they can lay on, declaring war on Mohd Sabu and the Shiet and other Muslims. They are joined by UMNO ulamas. The first price they pay is the boycotting of Malaysian rubber by Iran. Only recently oil palms were cut down replacing them with rubber. Now rubber price may experience a steep flung.

With Ulama being dragged into politics and campaigns they are losing respects from an increasing number of Malay Muslims. They have given out Fatwas like selling 'kacang puteh'. They attacked the opposition members and declaring that Islam forbid voting the opposition parties.

The moment the people pissed upon their words the respect towards them began to dwindle. Islam will be insulted. It was a great joke when PERKASA seek clarification on the Silk Batik from the clerics. The latest is the vandalism in a mosque where holly books were thrown apart and flushed in the toilets by the unknown people.This has never happen during the period of other Prime Ministers, not even during the despotic Mahathir.

The aggressive political stance by UMNO ulama is a grave mistake and a tragedy for Islam in Malaysia. The hatred on the clerics will be mounted.

At least 70% of the Malays, politicians and administrators, look at things in a single perspective. As I have said in education they only think of the education of the bright students, not building schools for the problems ones. They only look at the Muslim youths following religious education and who can recite verses but they do not care to know about those illiterate in morality and religion.


04/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I would avoid being a judge if I could. It is a hard job, very perilous to safety and life could be miserable. If you always keep your door open there will be a lot of visitors who will come to plead for help and leniency. You will also have a hostile visitors who would come to threaten to harm you and your family, or to corrupt you for favorable judgment.

The magistrate life is much better. Making decision on petty matters and the wrong doings of simple laymen.

What if a Prime Minister or a politician call you to favor them ? How many time do you think such things have been happening ?

I still remember what Nik Rashid, a law lecturer said about the conflict between the state and individual. If there is such a conflict the judgment will be for the state. Was that the statement of the law or his mere opinion ? If it is the statement of the law, Mahathir was correct in manipulating judiciary.

But what is a government or a state ? An individual cannot be a government; not Mahathir, not Taib Mahmud and not Musa Aman. If there is any signing of a contract by any of those is considered a government, they could sign a contract to sell the country or to legalize cocaine.

Judiciary has to be independent. There must be an element of fairness. The judge must be very brave and fear no threat, showing no favor even to the request of a Prime Minister or a President. He has to take all the risk. Mahathir took to transfer any judge who he deemed did not favor the government.

In the Unitd States there had been furor about the choices of judges. Ironically public came to know which judge was a Republic and which a Democrat, implying the political belief of judges could influence judgment and decision. In Malaysia thr Christian group wants the court judgment as what they wish in the issue of Allah, for they do not believe in the judiciary system.

People are puzzle in the case of PKZ and Altantuya. Court decision created doubts in their mind. And also in the case of election petitions.

You constantly need to consult yourself whether to be fair and hold justice or to protect your safety, to bow to political pressure or to see justice done.

04/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



UMNO is beating the drum that Peninsular Malaya is about to become a Christian country. Pictures were faked to scare the Muslims on the apostasy of the Muslims. All merely a weapon to draw the Muslim support.

If any Malay from Peninsular want to see a Christian state just look at Sabah, the land of the churches and Christians. You may have to hassle with the Malays to prove that Idris Jala is a Christian.

The building and the operation of the Malay Church in Kuala Lumpur was heightened more than 10 years ago. The general public were alerted on the drinking Malay youths and the declining of morality of the Malays. All I knew UMNO just ignore it. They are more concern on Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim, privatization, the fight over the mega projects and happily clearing hill tops for property development.

UMNO has to blame the supporters and the party for the growing of Christian faith in the country. It has to blame itself for the vanishing morality. They did not give the right focus as they were occupied with money and projects. Come Najib, he is destroying our economy and happily continue to deceive the public on his policy such as the 'pukal subsidi'. He loves the phrase very much. In fact he is deceiving himself.

The dress of Wanita UMNO should be taken seriously. Could it be a coincidence or deliberately designed to equate with Christianity. Red-White-Red looks Santa Clause and Christian. Lim Kit Siang called it 'Thieves calling others thieves' or 'Thieves shouting thieves'. If is not deliberate UMNO should not allow it to be Christian alike. It would be more prudent to change it to GREEN-WHITE-GREEN. Green is not the color of PAS. It is the color of life, the earth and the sign of the highest order of the universe.

At least 47% of the people have been badly deceived on all accounts. Only if they open up their eyes and observe what UMNO is effectively doing for the race and religion. These guys are only busy in enriching themselves. They brought the Ustaz in to campaign against PAS and to praise UMNO to the sky.

Would you not say Sabah is a Christian state ?

04/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof






I saw a man with a telescopic pole attached to his motorbike and a handy talkie in his hand talking while riding. Many questions came into my mind.

Talking to my neighbor she said it is a trend for some bikers carrying such pole to go into villages to steal fruits. The modus operandi is similar everywhere. When asked they would answer they were trapping birds. Be on the look out for these kind of people. Observe them well and capture their actions on videos.

Rosmah Mansor is busy to help the rakyat to solve crime problems. She has to forego her badminton.

So far people of such a descriptions are Malays of about 30 Plus. They would form a great thieves for using radio sets as a mean of communication. Any sighting of the patrol cars will be transmitted to the other members. Probably they are using their own repeaters.

So what do we see here ? Ham gears can be used for good purposes as well as for evil deeds. Thieves are getting more sophisticated. I wonder where they learn how to use radio for their network. Is it not possible that some of them may check net using various IDs ?

I could not tell which other race adopt this as their profession. If it is dominantly the Malays then the Ketuanan Melayu would degrade the Malays that low. Ketuanan Melayu means the Malays took to the paves for the night sleep. And ISMA said this is a Malay country when the Malays have to have an average of 1/2 a million to buy a descent home.

Robbing and stealing goes on. It is difficult to escape fees for parking. On the weekdays the town counsel issued the parking ticket. The charge is reasonable. In several areas the parking meters were destroyed You still have to pay the parking fee, to the unknown operators, much more dearer than than charged by the town counsel. At a certain entry point the robbers charge you RM2 per entry during the week end. Nobody does anything to the daylight robbery.

The rising crimes and menace that is gripping our nation do not prey only on the DAP or PAS supporters. They attacked the UMNO and the police and even the politicians.

Is Malaysia a heaven for criminals, prostitutes and thieves ? Watch the video above and make your own conclusion about BN government. Spread the clip among the people of Kajang, quick and fast.

03/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof






Rosmah Mansor is a public figure. Everyone knows her. Some like her and some don't. You can't force people to like you. This is a free country. Rosmah has the right to put on head cover or not. Others may be indifferent to her dress. Some hate to see her without the cover. I read about persons who do not like her body size. You can't scold the guys for that.


"If that is still not right then I don't know what to say,” said Rosmah. /Google Images"If that is still not right then I don't know what to say,” said Rosmah. /Google ImagesROSMAH MANSOR has no more time for badminton. And it is all because of you, the people!

“Everything has been taken away from me, including my time, including my hobbies. I don't get to play badminton now because I am very busy doing things for the rakyat,” Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

She also expressed her hopelessness if what she had sacrificed was insufficient to turn people’s perception towards her.

"If that is still not right then I don't know what to say,” said Rosmah.


The NGO went for her support and demanded the comment on her should be withdrawn. Someone asked a pertinent question about Rosmah's work when she said she has to forego her hobbies because she was busy with the rakyat. Her statement implies that she is a de facto Prime Minister. There are Ministers looking for the rakyat in their perspective areas.

That was not a manipulation of facts. All other Prime Ministers wives didn't say they were busy with the nation. Those were the job of their spouses as well as the Ministers.

It does not take anyone to fan the citizen with her statement. Even without the Youtube or the anti-government media, her stories spread like a wild fire; from her university days to her other personal likings. Why people are so busy body ? Because she is a second wife or a wife of a Prime Minister.

Human being are human being. They love to love and love to hate. They can love a Satan and hate an angel. It is lucky that they are stupid and unreasonable. If everyone is smart they would have voted BN out.

The NGO and Rosmah should be thankful because there are people who like her. The NGO who goes for her support is one of them. Could it be 95% of the Malaysians love Rosmah ? It could be. Then why bother those who chose to hate her.

Her work is recognized by the world, isn't it ? She was awarded with a PHD. If she is still be dislike it is not harmful to anybody. It is just matching with her statement that she has no time for gossip and lies.

Let us be honest and ask whether Rosmah's statement was ridiculous. To me it sounds like a statement from our Prime Minister.

It is very hilarious, just like a story of a King walking naked, believing he is wearing an invisible dress. You are what you parade yourself to the public. It was she who made the statement not the Malaysiakini or the Malaysian Insider.

If people do not respect God, religion and Prophets, do you expect them to respect fellow human being whom they don't like ? Rosmah cannot be greater than any of those words mentioned. She can always resort to legal action on any person who manipulates her words.

How about me, do I like her ? I like Michelle Obama. She is so beautiful and tall, sweet and look smart. I like Toh Puan Raha because of her soft and sweet smiling face, that is very cooling to look at.

03/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




You need to read Mahathir between the lines. BRIM, the money, does not belong to Najib. It belongs to people. What Mahathir might have not heard is the amount given to the people is to make them forgive the 3 million ringgit given to his second wife, Rosmah, for the ring. Or probably he says the same thing to his close friends.The 17000 may be the hardcore group who can't stand Rosmah any more. I believe it is hard to find even one who hate Toh Puan Raha or Dr Asmah.

A household does not gain much with the immense expenditure. Mahathir sees it as a waste. All thinking people say Najib is guilty of corruption, which the doctor mum about it. The very word from Mahathir would put Najib in detrimental position. Only strong morality on the part of the police , MACC and the judiciary will put an immediate end to Najib. What will happen to Rosmah then ?

By now Mahathir should have known that Najib buys everything with money including the Scorpene case, not from his second wife's saving. He never beg or pay for popularity. Neither were all the other Prime Ministers.

I am waiting for the ex-PM to summon Shafiee, the errand boy of Najib. If he does, would Najib confront him for the second time to seek sympathy ?

03/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I really expect anybody to provide bread and take care of us when I and my wife grow old enough till we cannot manage ourselves. From the observations children would regard their old folks as burden and pest to them. One of my lady teachers was the only one having to take care of her mother. The rest should not be bother as everyone was occupied with his own problem. Those affordable kids prefer to hire maids and leave the mother or the father with the maids.

I know of a man who goes around selling cookies to support themselves when the daughter was working in the United States with an oil company.

Base on a long period of observation I decide to save for the rainy days. We don't have to beg from our children or plea from anyone for our living. Even if I am eligible for BRIM I won't claim it as I did not claim the flood fund, not because I hate UMNO but because there are many other needy people.

I would have to thank God and the man behind ASB. It is the one that helps me to save for the rainy days. The time has come and the umbrella is always opened.

Whenever I met my students who are wealthy and successful I would quipped with the short advise. They accumulated millions while we have the bare minimum, cutting corners all the while. Spending is on bare necessity.

A hundred a month will amount to 1.2 K a year, 12K for 10 years, almost 50K for 50 years. It is good that I don't smoke, using a 660 CC car, buying cheap clothing, wearing cheap sleepers, abstain from buying newspapers. At dawn days of our live we think we want to enjoy a little bit of living. I rejected ASTRO for Internet. Once in a while we enjoy good food.

As I have repeatedly said life goes beyond reason. There are mystery things that happen before our eyes. The possibility of time travel has shown some concrete evidences. This mysterious belief that made some people went to look for stray cats and feed them. My non-Muslim teachers said to me, "Cikgu, you give your knowledge to people, you will get back the same amount or greater than what you give." To a Muslim it is simpler to believe. You give a little God provides you with abundance. Only the day before yesterday someone we have never expected came and gave us so much food, and the neighbor gave my wife her favorite fruits.

Donation, alms and any form of giving is giving without any hope. The best gift we get back is the happiness and great satisfaction for doing good things.

I only pray to God not to let me die first before my wife.

02/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





When I started as a ham I have several elmers; 9M2FK, 9M2MW and 9M2GL. The late Idris was in fact our radio consultant. In those days the authority monitored our communication closely. I remember Idris told me to speak clearly in languages understood by them. Plain language then was either English or Malay. You might notice the very old hams in Malaysia would mention their call signs at every change of transmission.

As time pass things change. In soccer obstruction is allowed. And in hockey I saw a lot of turning which I knew was not allowed in the past. And in the ham radio in Malaysia I have been hearing various styles of using and mentioning call signs. A few, not all, would mention calls that need deciphering machine, simply cannot be comprehended by my ears. Prefixes seem to be vanished.

A person's ego can be known by the melody of the communication style. Messages sound like singing a song, there was the unnecessary high and low vocal. It reminds me of the colloquial English on the CB by the truck drivers. If we take it as an entertainment then it is fun to listen.

A ham may have other special call signs assigned by the group or club, like 01, 02, 03.... or 45,32, 18.... These were to be used by the members whether having AA or otherwise. They operate outside the ham band, using the ham style and lingo. You can hear these 01 and 02 even on ASTRA national link.

MCMC has a new job to do, more on web browsing or tracing for video clip like that of 'onedeful malaysia'. It is the quick path to promotion. Monitoring and putting right things on amateur radio earn no extra income. Ham band is getting more rotten, losing the once dignified status.

Those are all changes. It is not strange to the new comers but it is strange to the very old timers.

01/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Already, Rusli is on his way back to Kuala Lumpur from Melbourne. He posted only three pictures through Whatsapp application. The rest were corrupt. The Australian guys couldn't recover back the picts. I think the Malaysian can do it.

Further news and information will be discussed on 7.043 once he is set to come back on the air.

Below is another picture of an antenna system. No detail is given about the owner. We hope to hear some interesting news about it.

Doesn't it look so great ?

At this age I won't invest for gigantic system no matter how well it perform. I won't even accept a free gift. The late Tunku Archibald, 9M2AT, had wanted to give me a new Yagi. I had to thank him for the offer.

I was told that 9M2PV is getting rid of his tower too. His health is giving him a little problem. All the old gangs are dying off.

Grand antenna is nice to look at, like appreciating a beautiful woman. And it is  good for yelling 'Wow !' and enjoy the sight.


28/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




They are observing each other; one with the arms of law and all the weapons behind, the other with eyes open, weaponless and powerless. We all must remember that words we used to hear," There is no report for the police to take action." It carries a meaning that crimes do happen if they are not reported. A policeman does not have to take any action if someone snatch a handbag in public unless it is reported.

At time it is difficult for the masses to identify between the police and the mafia. In the King City, California, almost a third of the force, terrorized the Hispanic population. Investigation was made base on a mere hearsay and the city police were arrested. It was the talk of the town the city residents in Malaysia have to pay protection money both to the police and the gangsters.


International Mafia, the highest class of the gangsters, are feared by authority and politicians. They have big money and big influence and they threaten anyone they like including big people like Mahathir.

I don't see policeman takes money with my own eyes. Those who gave told us of the event  and the methods to to evade proofs. I knew of a former police who ran a drug trade who later died mysteriously. He was my neighbor. That was more than 55 years ago. The talk of police corruptions continues till today. There were also talks of politicians rubbing shoulders with the mafia bosses. What inspire such a talk ?

As the people are watching the police, the later too are watching the people. From the reading in the blogs the police were accused of preying on DAP and other opposition members rather than on the criminals.

Now the corrupt police officers with millions do not have to be scared. They are protected by the big taiko in many ways. You just need a small portion of your grey matter to discover the operation. Taksin Chinawat knew the dirty work of the cartel and the Mafia and the police. He waged an effective war against them. And  the South American leaders and the policemen too fought hard against the drug dealers and big time criminals.

The term invisible government is given to the government of the United States. Some say the invisible hands are the hands of the Jews who control the banks and the financial institutions. Some say it is the Illuminati group. The big question is are there any government run by the invisible Mafia and gangsters behind them ?

What the laymen can do is to organize themselves well to gather all the data. Every culprit must be identified. The proofs are to be validated and re-investigated by some foreign organization for subsequent actions. For a bad country like North Korea a punitive action is difficult because the people are loyal to the regime.

Khalid has a different conception of public confidence on the police. Exposing bad police won't make people hate Najib. Actions on those officers could boost  a solid support to Najib. Denying it creates a perception that the police and the UMNO leaders are harboring criminals and corruptions. In fact it lead to a greater distrust in judiciary criminals go free.

You can't stop people from thinking the ways they prefer. We can't afford to have more than 25% of the population to think on the dark side of the police and the ruling Minister. Don't blame the people. Blame the internet, the news, the ASTRO and other media. Even the government media is telling the people many things. I always say, "Hey, this is not from the opposition. This is what is printed in the Utusan or Berita Harian."

The police are fond of staring hard at people's eyes as if the people are criminals. When the people can't stare back they will curse back using the worst ever words that they can think of, all deep down in their hatred. They switched off their TVs once some of the faces appear.

Who else will protect the people if the police is busy protecting the politicians ?

27/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Never will I forget all the teachers who taught and educate me. I still met a few who taught me in Primary school. Old teachers do not go to universities, not even a college. Most just passed standard 6. But they were all great human being whose students have achieved the pinnacle of successes. One Cikgu Ismail, cried when I called and wished him. He cried because "You still remember and greet me" My love and respect towards them will never depart till my death.

Mr Chooi Kok Keong is still active till now. I always read his postings on the Facebook. Both he and his wife taught me art and craft. Everyone loved them.

The most fearful teacher was Ajmeer Sigh. We had wish he had not teach us history. We were shivering scared when he became our form and history teacher. The words we will always remember is 'Jangan main dengan Pak Bai, ni."(Don't play the fool with the great Singh). The best ever kept note book was history. We had wished him the worst and kept on cursing him behind his back. But when everyone of his student scored an A in his subject, we felt like kissing his feet. That was the only time he gave us his Pak Bai smile and we were very jubilant.

Sport's teachers were Bonnlert Soy Som Chit, Jeremiah, Abdul rahman and Ismail Puteh. I heard Ismail Puteh had passed away. I still meet Cikgu Abdul Rahman. He never grow old.

None of our teachers sleep in the class. I have to mention this though I hate it. Several teachers were reported to sleep most of the time and one even fell on the floor. I caught one Ustaz and had to deal with him. Later I realized he was suffering from a kind of disease. He could fall asleep while driving, and died of accident.

I had 2 Primary school Headmasters who were as great as any great leaders. Cikgu Ibrahim and Lim Cheng Ho. And the greatest of all was Mr Long Eng Hwa who applied rewards and canning to mould his students. When he canned in his office it sound would be broadcasted via the loudspeakers. He was stern but friendly. Any improvement in mathematics, languages and sciences will be awarded during the weekly assemblies.

During his period we won various championships in sports and games rivaling Penang Free School and Anglo Chinese School. Educational achievements were at the peak, all time high. And when he went for a transfer we were all very sad. Story went around he argued with an officer from the education department. Only towards the later part of my life I see filthy people were promoted to important posts.

My conversation with a ham friend in Ipoh confirmed that Long Eng Hwa was a great school Principal. He was good in our school and he was good in Anglo Chinese School Ipoh. The last time I talked to my friend he said My Long is very sickly.

I wish all the present teachers will be respected and loved by their students.

Today the form and mode of education has changed a great deal. Teachers teaches according to modules. Curriculum changes every now and then. Teachers don't have the time to think how to make difficult things simple. They can't touch the students. The parents enmity them. They are being squeezed left and right. They brought the work home and complete them at mid-night.

They can't even give their views and ideas.

27/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Certaintly I have to praise Mukhriz for bringing kites from Pasir Gudang to Alor Setar. Actually I was not aware about it. Yesterday when I was taking my grand children to Taman Jubeli Intan for a horse ride they were crying out 'Kite....kite...' at a distant away from the destination. On arriving they were pointing up to the sky where there were all sorts of kites flew. A huge number of people began to gather to watch the international flyers putting the skill on displays.


I was thrill to see kite flyers wearing elegant uniform with gloves. I am more glad that these international flyers come to know my state, Kedah. It added to their vocabulary and the mental image of what they see here.

As far as I know active kite flyers of international reputation are in the Northern state of Perlis. One of them is a ham radio operator who have been to the United States for a similar occasion.

I remember of our kite flying days where we have what we called 'fighting kites'. The strongest kite would remain haughtily flying alone after all the rest were put away through maneuvering skill and the string soak with minute glasses.

We chased the defeated kites cut off from the owner but always in vain . A small and short guys like us just enjoy the running and the chasing.

27/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Mahathir used to be an admirable doctor as a doctor. Khalid was a good administrator especially things that concern money, not as a chief minister, but as a civil servant.

If you still remember in the GE13 campaigned he once said "Vote for UMNO". People accept it as a slip of the tongue. During his tenure he chose contractors who were UMNO sighting them as capable. Then he sacked the PKNS workers without the proper procedure. Now he met Najib and Mahyudin to sign agreement without any consultation.

PKR was not careful in choosing people and members. A man like Saiful should be a lesson. They seemed to be UMNO's moles to destroy PKR. Khalid probably is an UMNO's mole. Being rich and wealthy all his years he does not understand the plight of the people. Doesn't he learn about Najib, Mahyuddin, Rosmah, Shahrizat, Ahmad Said and those UMNO spinners ?

The amount of money to be paid to the concessionaries are too high. Water was privatized by UMNO to cronies. And look these people took Najib and Mahyuddin in to sign for the cronies.

When there was a water furor from the beginning it was all part and parcel of BN plan to weaken Selangor. I am not wrong in saying this. It is a deception of the highest order. Khalid fell hard in the game. He lacked the smartness and the art of a force win. He did not learn about real politics and what does 'DIRTY POLITICS' stand for.

I feel very sorry for PKR for the lacking for sophisticated office of people with killer thoughts. With Selangor's wealth they could have set aside a sum for this purpose. BN all this all along, paying god salaries to these perpetual planners.

Khalid has disappointed many million people. Does he care ? Each day he is becoming Mahathir.

27/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Is everyone responsible, considerate and trustworthy ? People are getting greedy, from a businessman to a government servant. They want to suck in as much money as they can and give as little as possible. Workers want more pay and less working hours. Drug cartels would corrupt their way through to achieve their objectives. The Mamak mee stalls are the worst.

Nobody would think that all resources will somehow be depleted in time. Though increased population can result in economic growth it can also result in the reduction in share of the fixed or depleting resources. Land is becoming scarcer. Our tin almost has come to s stop.

Yet Malaysians will keep on demanding. What does a leader do to meet with the wide range of demand ?

A responsive leader will try his best to meet all the demand . Either he is too kind or he wants to keep his status quo. He will not think of the consequences. I would not call a responsive person a responsible person. He does not want to risk himself. He wants popularity. If he can't deliver the demand, he will make a convincing promises.

Rejecting a request with valid reason would be acceptable. It is his responsibility to explain why he can't meet with such a demand. If the government tells the citizen to spend wisely then the government must spend wisely too. There is no point hiding the expenditure from the public.

Najib never show that our coffer has a bottom. Shaking it will produce loud sound. Yet we have been hearing billions here and billions there, promised on the spot on the eve of every election. Then he promises of a high income nation to make people happy.

Income is not an independent word. It comes together with expenditure. No one who receive money, never spend it. And high income always correspond to high expenditure and greater demand. It will reach a point when the value of money obtained from the higher income will be so very low. It kicks up high inflation. The dollar bubble will ebb the economy.

There is a tolerance to responsiveness. A responsible leader will make it a point to understand more about the resources and realize a long economic problem of the United States. Since the 80's the normal American citizens have to strive for a living, many lose their jobs. In 2013 tenths of thousands were losing their homes. Poverty rate increased. The good part is the people still believe in the government, saying, "The hardship is only temporary."

We are depending so much on palm oil and rubber. Now rubber price is down. It is hoped it is only temporary. What if palm oil follows the fate of rubber and the price dip remain a long time like the fate of MAS that never recover. What I can say that if our economy goes so bad for a long time Mahathir and Najib will move somewhere else like the Ukranian President. They must also remember that the German Nazi living in South America with large body guards were also dragged back to Tel Aviv by the Mosad.

Najib has all the time to check his spending and responsiveness. But not Mahathir. He will be shock to know of his doing against the Malays and the Chinese. He sold the Malays out and he angered the Chinese as well.

26/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




When Lim Kit Siang called Ahmad Maslan the 3.85 CGPA man, I realized why some PHD and top scorers are so proud and so haughty. They thought they are the smartest people. I have a few friends who were bright and excellent in school, who continued to think others are pariah.

I came across many Malaysian students who scored 4 flats in foreign universities, meaning there are more smart people, even better than Maslan. Mr Cheah's son from Union Book Store, Alor Setar, obtained his PHD in an area I know as rock, is now carrying books from his store onto the van and back. He is a labor while someone with a PHD in Arts discipline is a policy maker for the government.

But getting CGPA of 2.8 in MIT has to be better than 4 flat in ITTAR or UUM.

You want to know how he got his PHD or his high CGPA scores you look at his behavior and hear his words. Rais Yatim, a First Class Hon, in Law, was a witty man, the champion of government's spokesman, pounded on Malaysia's Rule of Law which is in contrast with the dynamic of the events.

Taib praised his son. Salleh of the former NFC praised his son and Idris Jusoh too did the same in parliament. We want to know the schools they went to. Some schools are as generous as Najib. Private institutions are attracting students by selling cheap degrees.

If my CGPA is 3.8, there are numerous other graduates with 4 flat. If I have a PHD in history there are many others who earned their PHDs in physics and technological disciplines. But the wisdom is never lies in the CGPA and degrees. It is on how you deal with yourself and the people, your honesty and sincerity.

Shamelessness is just like animals. At one time they can say they save money from young to buy a ring. At another time they say they don't have the ring. They lie over and over again, denying their actions and continue to be robust and vicious. They know they are crooks. They think people do not know about it or just don't care what people think about them.

People like Ahmad Said may be getting just a normal CGPA but to enhance his position and to justify his visit to the Antarctica he said he is a political science graduate to do some research for the Malaysians.

You may not heard of Malaysians who graduate from MIT and working with NASA. I would like to give some credit to Rafedah Aziz, an economic lecturer, and Fuad Dakashi and a few others who never show off their ability. Fuad had a PHD wife who was very humble and always lie low unlike somebody's spouse from only university Malaya.

Some mad, really mad people, could burst out bright idea.

If I am a PHD holder with 4 flat CGPA all along, I still won't dare to go for debate, for I know my mental limitation. I can't fill it with all the available knowledge.

Politicians too can rot mentally if they do not keep themselves up to data. If they are still chosen by the people it could be due to either the voters are really stupid and dumb, or because the exercise their wisdoms very well.

What are the 3.85 CGPA politicians and the PHD officers doing for the country ? They are proudly parading their weaknesses to the populace. The biggest sinner who opened up the door to the destruction of the Malays was Dr Mahathir. He lives long enough to see the seed of his destruction. Those 3.85 guys failed to see the failures of UMNO and those PHD officers failed to see the far fetch result of their policies.

This week our population is topping up 30 million. Too many or too few ?

26/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The Malays may not believe in Feng Sui and an element of good luck as the Chinese do. But I am calling them to name their sons well. Bad names may not bring bad luck but the aura of the names may developed him into the men of hell who may cause problems to the society, the people and the country. With the shift of the earth polarity strange things seem to happen, a mystery unknown to mankind. Obama is about to declare that it is alright to smoke marijuana. Political leaders are advocating corruptions and lies. The magnetic field change affects thinking and behaviors, including names. One of the big names to be avoided is IDRIS. The second name is MAHATHIR.

The last time I wrote about names I mentioned KUM BU TOH and ONG POH KEE. These were real names. They were our school's principals before.

Idris is one of our prophets. But Idris is also a Christian Malay close to Najib. There is nothing wrong with the name as far as names are concerned. But from my own point of view it is not a good name. I see an aura of arrogance and stupidity, sadist in causing pain on others, the mindset is trapped in the cocoon. As for Mahathir I see an aura of masterpiece in the name; the mastery in accumulating great wealth, the mastery in great lies, the mastery in using national resources such as the judiciary and the police to protect his position.

People are just careless, refusing to make further investigation about names. What happen when 2 names are combined as one like AHMAD and SAID, AHMAD and AL-BAB. I have a worker AMAD SAAD, only God knows, what kind of a person he is. It is interesting to observe the different between IBRAHIM BIN ALI and IBRAHIM ALI BIN ABDUL WAHAB.

I don't see good omen in Ibrahim bin Ali or Ahmad bin Said or Idris bin Jusoh. I only see haughtiness and pomposity in the names. They are peevish, disdainful and annoyingly self important, a great swagger. If you insist in adopting those names it is your own funeral. Pray to God they will not be possessed by demon and satan, distant themselves from lies and the mind of a Pharaoh.

We don't have to get bright young mind to compete intelligence with some of the swaggerers. A 12 year old kids could beat them left and right, in running and sports, in playing the game of chess, in computing and programming, and even in politics. I may be truly stupid when a form one guy said that my idea was not bright enough. These kids see from different perspective. Believe me that your three year old grandchildren are assessing your intelligence.

Let us be serious about naming our children. For God's sake avoid names like Idi Amin, Mugabe, Mahathir and Bush. They brought bad luck to the people and the nation. Names like these could bring war, typhoon, flood, dry-spell and other natural disaster to the nation.

You may be a skeptic. Just observe the bad aura befell our nation day by day. People are becoming shameless. Some behave like hooligans and gangsters. Some defending the wrongs. Dry spell is becoming worst. Night air is almost frozen. And Mahathir is struggling hard for nothing. Very strange indeed.

25/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




All Head of Departments are accountable for what is happening in his department. There is no such thing as passing the bucks to the subordinates and blaming them for any error. "It is your duty to know how many rats in your compound and where they died." I remember such words came from my bosses. And the audit told us that if there is any fake currency came into possession the HOD must pay from his own pocket.

I was fond of sending my representative to a meeting whenever I had something important to attend. And I would tell him to say anything he likes and any decision he wants without having have to further consult me by phone. Good or bad, I took it as my decision. Accountability and responsibility was part of my job. To agree or disagree with my subordinate's view is also part of my job.

That's why you hear of a Minister resign for a slight accident that happens though it was not directly of his fault. It wasn't fair at all. But it is the way of a civil administration. Zahid Hamidi would totally dismiss any responsibility for the lost jet engine. Mahathir blamed everybody else under his administration thinking he would be clean by shaking them off.

Doing a job is not tough. I can work from morning till late night and would never grumble about it. Enjoying the work will make the work more lighter. But bearing the responsibility is the heaviest. It is always painful mentally and emotionally.

The most irresponsible culture is the habit of blaming the others. Even blaming the middlemen for the higher cost of living is very irresponsible. Ministries don't work only when there is a public cry of inflation. They must have been sleeping not to know mackerel sale went up to RM19 from RM5. I cannot be wrong to say all those busy Ministers and officers were merely acting to protect the wastage on many projects for the cronies and the lavish expenditures.

No one claimed accountability on MAS woes when we know the beginning of the furor was during Mahathir's regime. It is similar to what happens in PKZ, PERWAJA and even the NFC. And now on our education system. The Malays are going towards a crazy system of destroying the fellow Malay generations. If they are blind enough to see the future they should give way and leave the post.

We have several million smart and responsible young people in the country.

24/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If it is a hearsay, hearsay it is. It may not be true but you can always think about it. It is about Taib's resignation. If I were the authority I might have done the same thing.

Taib resigned. It was not of his own accord. It was a pressure by the MACC. "You either resign or we will charge you in court." He chose the option that will save himself and the family. And the authority came up with the announcement that the huge logging land were approved by his senior officers.

I don't buy it for a simple reason. How could my officer approved such a vast area of land for me ? Soon for every corruption you will hear the junior officers approved them. When I was a school Principal I didn't choose companies run by my friends or the member of my family is working in to gain any tender. And I would do the same if the applicants come from my boss of a member of his family.

Now what ?

What should be done the timber concession period must be terminated with some leeway given for his service. Let the wealth by shared by all Sarawakians. We are seeing too many prostitutes are loitering around in the state owing to poverty.

Being old Taib should spend more time with his grand children and enjoy his remaining life with his family, going to mosques and enjoy the company of the congregations. He has all the time to repent. With his extra money he could help the needy even by some trivial amount.

But we could be sure that Taib is not a Mafia as being accuse by some. A Mafia boss will never be haunted by MACC. It will be the MACC who will be haunted and threatened by his people. Big politicians who use gangsters to protect them will use the same gang to threaten the police and the judges and his family. There were stories of civil services were visited by unknown people who offered a choice between bullets and money. Later we may hear the 60 high ranking police officers who were amassing millions will go free by the same mob modus operandi.

As I said it is all a mere hearsay, a wild imagination. But in between the lines it would be interesting to ponder and to question why evidence were missing, the police station evidence were kept caught fire, drugs business do not halt, PKZ and PERWAJA went scot free.

24/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I don't mean to be rude to anyone but I don't have alternative words to describe Najib's announcement of BRIM as a new form of subsidy is another great deception and insulting. Anything subsidized has a long term effect but the amount paid by this scheme is short lived. It amounts to RM50 a month of extra income. What can RM50 do in a month ? You divide it by 30 days it is less than RM2 a day. To a lorry driver it is just enough for one bungkus of nasi lemak for breakfast.

A twenty cents increase in patrol will push the price up by at least the same amount. Most shop pushed the price of each item up by at least  thirty cents. For an office worker he will have to spend about RM1.50 more for his meal. Any other day spending will quickly upset the BRIM. I also believe BRIM will cause a slight inflation because the people will not divide the money into days, rather will do immediate spending.

With higher demand there will be price increase, which may not be obvious to the naked eyes. A shirt that cost RM20 may be tagged at RM250 with a discount of between 50% - 75%. And imitation goods will flood the markets as original. All that come from the sea will jump more than 30% costlier. And as the value of our currency plunged because of excessive notes the price of import products get more expensive.

The normal subsidy does not project a person as a giver. It is regarded as the government's task to curb spiral inflation. It is like a donation from an anonymous person. It is a form of service to help the general public. It does not come under a category of corruption. Whereas BRIM clearly shows the giver who paraded himself to the world without any anonymosity. He demanded reciprocity. UMNO demand for the repayment by voting the party. In such a manner it is a clear corruption.

What will follow behind BRIM is the Thank You song on the TV, the religious ceramah about gratitude and regular TV discussion on the subject matter.

If my intelligence does not insult me, it is telling me that Mahathir is coaching Najib how to make use of judiciary to deal with the opposition and to say it is not corruption. The words may be simple, "We will all die if UMNO falls. WE have no choice but to command the judiciary, the police and military."

It may sound strange to you that people are talking of Mahathir and Rosmah, less on Najib. They said Najib was charmed and hypnotized. It is true that Mahathir will never be spared if BN falls. Even the UMNO men will drown him.

So they say BRIM is not a corruption. It is the duty of UMNO to help the poor.

We are showing good example to the world. Mugabe is following our style of administration. And people love him so much despite of the country's declining economy and huge unemployment. People celebrate his 90's birthday with joy.

Thai Prime Minister and Ukraine President are missing right now. At one time people were computing of Mahathir's escape to Argentina. The Thai Prime Minister and the Ukrainian President are not as smart as our leaders. Just give people the money they do not have to seek safety elsewhere.

24/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Munshi Abdullah a.k.a Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir (b. 1797, Kampong Pali, Malacca - d. October 1854, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), son of Sheikh Abdul Kadir d. 1820 Malacca). With a very strict Muslim upbringing and scholarly education, Abdullah's abilities made him a language teacher and interpreter proficient in Arabic, Tamil, Hindustani, English and Malay. He wrote the critically acclaimed "Hikayat Abdullah" which in Malay means the "Story of Abdullah". He was the first local to give a written account of everyday life in Malaya, published in 1849. For his early literary contributions, he was given the name, "The Father of Modern Malay Literature."


Munshi was not the only scholar in those days. In the mainland Malaya there were religious and vocational educations. The Malays were skilful in building and constructions and the making of artistic weapons. Though the old technology was simpler, the Malays then were not dumb.

I used to joke with a friend who is living in big city about his going home to his village to see his mother. The mother will prepare the food she used to cook for his son, the tapioca and a boiled banana. I warned him not to throw away those food and yell, "Ma, I am on cereal now. I don't take those stupid boiled banana and tapioca. " The mother will feel very hurt. "You were brought up with those tapioca and boiled banana, and now you have a good job."

The rejection of the past people and the founder of hobbies and the creator of knowledge were unknown or dismissed. They cast all for their new idea. New things look progressive but those progress that killed thousands of innocent lives, destroy morality, separate families, bore more greedy people. War and killings are still going on to this very day.

As those people looked down upon us, we the pariah group too regard them as arrogant and menace to society with their stupid policy.

23/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




How many UMNO members whose children were sitting for SPM in 2013 ? At least 50% of them will be struggling what to do next with their children. Let them predict the future of their kids themselves. By the time they throw their blames on someone it will be too late.

I do not see the problem of PBS through the implementation point of view. The teachers know better. All the teachers I talked to were not in favor of the new system, and it culminated in the direct confrontation resulting in the transfers and disciplinary actions.

The teachers were talking about data entry and the workload. As they described my imagination ran wild, looking at the vast amount of data in the database to be arranged and computed. A single line of programming error will produce false result that the educationist would not suspect and traced. A 40 marks in history entered in one school does not carry an identical weigh with the same mark keyed in other school.


I used to tell the teachers to make difficult things easy to understand and made the lessons interesting and attractive. I remember the days when all students were waiting for Mr So and So to enter the class for the lovely and interesting lessons. Can I tell them the same thing today ?

And I remember the days when kids going to school with chalk and slabs, no text books and no computers. Not even a homework. They still can run the countries and became good administrators. Dr Mahathir lives long enough to tell about the chalk and slab way of learning. Good or bad he is one of the products of the old system.

As I repeatedly said my main concern is with the late developers who had left the school and wanting to compensate for the lost wasted days of their schooling. Their chances were totally closed by the PBS. There is a fear that they could become pests and menace to the society.

It is too much to accuse the protestors to overthrow the government. If it comes from the words of any PHD holders it shows how stink the PHD is. If it comes from a politician, it is from the hell politician. It is easier to put a bullet into the neck rather than 100 people protesting in the street to overthrow it. Only concern people protest, for the sake of the future of our nation.

To Najib things are simple. To appease the public and to make them forget everything the formula is BRIM. Indeed it is kind of him to solve the major problem by giving money to the people. He thinks BRIM is a magic stone or batu geliga.

Mahyuddin may think PBS is an educational issue when it is bigger than that. It is a social issue, the future tranquility of our nation.

23/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




So far crazy things on the ham band from 7.000 to 7.2000 came from Indonesia. Some of what you may hear could be described but some beyond comprehension, like the sound of a mantra. It is strange and bizarre.

Would it one day spread to this country ?

You need to know what is going on today to predict the future. The current behavioral pattern, the mental setup, the emotional and mental state of the populace could somewhat show the possibility of weird happenings.

Once we used to say that a radio is like a gun. Can you give a gun to anybody at all ? In USA owing a gun is a freedom under American constitution. Many own guns and many do not use them as they like. Yet we hear a lot of shootings and killings and deaths.

When crazy people get the radio they will do crazy things with them because they know they can always escape arrest and persecutions. As the numbers become big it will be out of control. That's one example as some of us might have heard on 7.1000 on 21/02/2014.

22/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Prime Minister of Thailand is not the only one who told the people to vote her out to remove her. The leadership of Ukraine uttered similar words. From Libya to Egypt the rulers announced a new election if the people are unhappy with the government.

The people in those countries no longer believe in the general election. Bad governments do dirty things to win. The dirtiest is giving a direct cash as a corruption. Marcos was put down because of this type of act. Voters had been threatened, deceived and even false promises. There were vote riggings. The ruling government controlled the police and the army.

There are more death tolls in Ukraine than Thailand. The people demanded the Ukranian President to step down but he promised an early election.

Democracy is a farce. It is only a word of rhetoric. A real democracy would allow the opposition parties to have their own radio and TV stations. No radio station is permitted to broadcast opposition's views. International democracy is more farce. USA would spell who can and cannot develope nuclear weapons.

In the democracy of money and corruptions evil men can become Presidents and Prime Ministers. Mafia and drug lords could win a big vote. People would adore and worship them like gods. The more they throw the more popular they become. Stupid people would fall to their deceptions and lies.

Vote Me Out is out of question in countries where the governments are held by immoral and irresponsible leaders. The Thai Prime Minister is hiding herself and let the police to shoot the protestors. She seems to be missing and running away for her safety. A word about Thailand now is there is a battle between the Chinese Thais and the native Thais.

In Malaysia I would to advise the government not to beat the drum calling for the civil war. If PERKASA and UMNO push for the civil war, in the end the country would lose. Malaya will permanently be losing a few states supported by some foreign nation. We need to learn this from history.

Instead of fighting with our own citizens we should quit bad behaviors and throw out bad people in UMNO. Intelligent people don't like to hear about private jets used by Minister's spouse because all the previous wives didn't waste so much of the public funds.

22/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Israel doesn't have to worry about Iran because  Al-Queda will be looking after her. The recent Beirut bombing targeting Iranian Cultural Center was one of the clear proofs that sects conflicts among Muslims are very bloody and deadly.

The disease has spread to Malaysia where it was already declared killing the Shieet is legal in the eyes of Muslim's Suniee. And UMNO claims that it is the party from heaven, send by God. PAS and Nik Aziz are deviants.

It is interesting to note that the Malays who talk the loudest can do the least. Don't ask them to toil the soils and plant vegetables. Just ask them to run 5 kilometers in 15 minutes. But they yell the loudest about the death to Shiet sects, threatened another May 13 and proposing reward to those who slap Teresa.

What did they do when pigs and pig heads were thrown inside a few mosques ?

The start of the tension begins from the words of mouth. Even the newsreaders were trained to shout on cases involving the opposition party members, stressing them with strong words to show the guilt of the accused. After the big yelling they ordered the police to do the work for them.

The Al-Queda is killing the Iranians. The Pakistanis are killing the Talibans. Didn't we hear UMNO would eliminate Mat Sabu as he was accused as a Shieet ? They make an easy job for the enemy of Islam. Surely there are group of people somewhere who will laugh at things they see.

21/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

BEIRUT (AP) — Two visiting U.S. senators condemned a double suicide bombing that ripped through a Shiite stronghold of the Lebanese capital Wednesday, saying they were concerned about the spillover effects of Syria's civil war.

Two bombers blew up their cars near an Iranian cultural center in Beirut, killing at least four people and wounding more than 100. It was the latest in a string of deadly attacks targeting bastions of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

An al-Qaida-linked group claimed responsibility, saying the attack was retaliation for Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian war alongside President Bashar Assad's forces.



Pemimpin yang disegani dan pemimpin yang dihormati tidak semestinya terdiri dari orang Melayu. Pemimpin Melalyu tidak semestinya pemimpin Islam. Orang yang menggelarkan dirinya Islam tidak semestinya pula mengikut ajaran Islam. Mereka yang memakai songkok dan baju Melayu juga tidak semestinya orang Islam.

Jika ada pemimpin Melayu atau isteri mereka dihina bukan bermakna hanya orang kafir yang menghinakan mereka. Ribuan kakitangan kerajaan di Putera Jaya sendiri yang 'meluat dan melugai' dengan lagak yang berlebihan. Di dalam tidur mereka menyebut-nyebut tentang pembayaran pembelian yang tidak boleh dipersoalkan jika ianya dari Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Berita percakapan dalam tidur juga boleh merebak.

Taktik mahu menutup mulut dengan mengapi-apikan rakyat tentang adanya penghinaan terhadap pemimpin Islam kerana mereka itu Islam dan penghinaan Yang Dipertuan Agung hanyalah semata-mata untuk menutup pelakuan pembaziran orang-orang tertentu.

Orang yang bersalah dan sentiasa penipu rakyat hanya mempunyai satu jalan sahaja untuk menyelamatkan diri mereka dari disumpah. Pada orang-orang Melayu mereka menuduh bangsa lain mengutuk Islam. Pada orang-orang Cina mereka membisik supaya hancurkan PAS dan Melayu. Itulah yang lahir dari kata-kata Tiong Lai mahu kuburkan Anwar yang bermaksud kuburkan pemimpin Melayu di Kajang.

Yang paling banyak kena tipu ialah orang-orang Melayu oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu dengan dasar-dasar yang menguntungkan diri tetapi merugikan bangsa dan agama. Dasar yang paling ketara ialah dasar pelajaran Kebangsaan. Dasar pengambilan tanah telah meragut kawasan tadah hujan yang membuat rakyat terpaksa beralih pada air-air sungai yang tercemar; air babi, air tahi babi dan air-air najis kekotoran yang lainnya. Air-air paip begitu kotor sekali sehingga air-air minuman segar menjadi begitu mahal sekali, lebih mahal dari minyak kereta.

Soal orang-orang Melayu kehilangan tanah tanih tidak dikira lagi. Masalah runcing akan dihadapi oleh generasi mereka akan datang yang nantinya tidak ada pilihan lain dari tinggal di rumah-rumah pangsa.

Kalaulah Mahathir yang menjadi punca yang membawa kemelaratan kita terpaksa menyumpahnya. Ugama yang dianutinya tidak boleh digunakan sebagai pengadang. Penghinaan terhadapnya adalah tidak pula kepada penghinaan terhadap Islam. Apakah orang seperti ini patut dihormati ?

Mengapi-apikan rakyat adalah jua dengan tujuan mengalihkan orang ramai daripada kenaikan kos sara hidup kepada isu ini. Orang-orang yang buta hati dan buta perut sahaja yang tidak nampak akan muslihat yang tersirat.

Jauh mana dan lama manakah orang-orang Melayu akan tinggal jahil dan membiarkan diri mereka ditipu ?

Namun, bukan semua Melayu bodoh walaupun ramai yang bengong. Sehingga pergolakan di Thailand pun terhidu peranan kita dalam memberi nasihat kepada rakan sejawat kita. Tapi ia memang baik. Kita juga ingin melihat perkembangan gerakan rakyat seterusnya. Ia boleh membawa implikasi besar terhadap kita.

Sebab tidak kesemuanya bodohlah maka Sungai Limau tidak mudah ditipu.

Memperisaikan agama untuk mengelak dari tuduhan rasuah dan boros hanya dapat menipu segelintir orang yang dosogok dengan wang ringgit. Orang-orang ini sanggup memakai baju T dengan logo 'Saya Kasihkan Rosmah' atau 'Saya Kasigkan Najib'. Mereka tidak sedar ramai orang yang mencemuh mereka.

Pemimpin Islam ialah Khalifatullah, Khalifah Allah di bumi. Khalifah Allah ialah Imam yang mempunyai pegangan agama yang kuat dan mematuhi hukum-hukum agama dengan mendalam.

Sebagai Khalifatullah pemimpin tidak boleh berdiam diri ketika Chua Soi Lek atau Samy Velu mempersendakan Islam. Pemimpin Islam berkata-kata benar, menepati janji dan tidak hidup mewah dengan wang rakyat.

Cuba tanya dinding-dinding di Putrajaya segala percakapan yang mereka dengar. Bisikan-bisikan itu yang menyalar keluar tentang siapa yang angkuh dan siapa yang boros dan siapa yang riak.

Khalifatulah tidak menanggung biawak hidup dan tidak memuji biawak sebagai seekor haiwan yang banyak membuat jasa.

Jasa adalah milik semua orang. Seorang buruh kasar yang mengutip sampah sarap juga sangat berjasa. Kita berterima kasih kepada penjual ikan dan makanan sebab mereka membantu kita di dalam kehidupan. Tanpa kitapun, orang lain juga boleh membuat jasa.

Apa kata Shahrizat ? "Kalau tidak ada UMNO ramai yang akan mati hanyut dibawa arus'. Apakah kalau tidak ada UMNO semua orang akan mati kelaparan, akan mati dibawa arus banjir ? Adakah itu kata-kata dari pemimpin Islam ?

Tidakkah orang-orang yang angkuh sesama manusia akan juga angkuh terhadap Tuhan ? Apa kata Jarjis ? "Agama menyekat kemajuan". Tidakkah kata-kata yang sama disebut oleh Mahathir dan Samy Velu ? Cuma bedanya Samy Velu itu bukan orang Islam.

Mari kita tanya diri sendiri, siapakah yang dipermainkan oleh Teresa Kok ? Toh Puan Raha ? Dr Asmah ? Isteri pembesar-pembesar lain ? Saya bercakap benar jika saya katakan saya tidak kenalpun isteri Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Ramai orang tidak dapat bayangkan rupa paras beliau, sedangkan PM dan TPM itu hampir sama sahaja tarafnya. Rakyat sentiasa memuji Dr Asmah dan menyanjungi Toh Puan Rahah.

Apabila Taib Mahmud letak jawatan terdapat soalan lain mengekori di belakang. Tekalah apa soalan itu.

Pokoknya mengapakah isu penghinaan ini diperbesar-besarkan ? Tepuk dada dan tanya selera.



There is a specie on this earth set the mind that was impossible to be altered no matter how true it is. If they want you to believe that ghost exits, they will strive very hard though there isn't any ghost. They want to believe in fallacy as the truth and real.

When the government first start to shift the blame on the Middlemen, everyone declares war on the Middlemen. The Ministry raided shops and markets. At that time I already said that no matter what the price will never come down. When the war on the Middlemen failed they will go down on the public saying it is the consumers who can decide the price. Later they will blame the foreign countries.

Then the value of Malaysian currencies flunked. I am wondering how the government is to twist words to blame the people again.

We have heard people shouting of Najib dragging the country to bankruptcy by his ruthless spending and fiscal policy. As usual Najib wants to show that the country is wealthy enough. You are hearing of billions of ringgit for this and that projects.

I think the advisors to the government and the consultants who are keen in enriching themselves are the dirty culprits. MAS continue to bear great losses.



You don't have to be an economist to analyze the 2014 rising cost. If BN is right about the businessmen then by now we should not see prices would come down.

The denial syndrome benefit the ruling class because they still continue to rule. They could force the police to protect them and wink to judges to favor them.

Now what ? The UMNO supporters believe they pay more because of the greed of the middlemen. You watch the constant brainwashing on the TV trying to make people believe in the lies.

Greed factor exist. Najib factor is also exist. UMNO knows it always get away with whatever broken promises made. Don't forget what Najib said,"I am a responsible person. I have but no choice to agree to TNB and toll hike." Luckily for us the men in the toll said the increase will be in 2017. But Mahyuddin said something else.

Last night the enforcement unit said they do not have enough manpower to go round the country. Talk and talk and talk.

The second way to make people forget the rising cost of living is to attack DAP as anti Malay and anti Islam. This seem to be the biggest bomb for BN. In the meantime the helpless poor citizens are paying more whether they eat in or out. Every item sold in the super market has gone up. Every item in Mamak shop has gone up. Postage price increase several folds. The talk about cheap houses remain a talk.

What we have here is the rapid increase in currencies without proportional increase in productivity by Najib's BRIM and increase crazy salary. We have very excessive expenditure in mega projects. We have purchases like a four ringgit item for eighty ringgit. We have a very lavish spending, unaccountable payments to goods purchase by a certain people, gasoline hike, removal of subsidies, hike in TNB rate, higher insurance premium and other rates. And of course the greedy Mamak shops.

It is not the DAP, PAS or Keadilan guys who are paying more, it is also the die hard UMNO voters and supporters. Ironically the UMNO guys are happy about it. They worshipped those who caste lies upon them.

The discussion here does not touch on the borrowing made by our government yet and where did the borrowed money went to. The opposition had said even if they take over the whole life will be spent on paying the debt.

Now it is up to the consumer to beat the high cost of living. That's what you will hear from time to time. Good luck.



Language month had been a glorious and splendid events, full of colors and joy, culminating in the final live debate on the national media.

We have four main languages in this country. We can add another in, Arabic. And have 5 months of celebration with a different degree, which Malay and English would be compulsory for all students in all schools. Mandarin only for the Malays and Indians. Tamil for the Malays and the Chinese. And Arabic for all ethnic groups.

Live telecast of Joget and Zapin have been popular and draws a big crowd, I sure having live telecast of debates in Mandarin by the Malays or Tamil by the Chinese and the Malays would be equally interesting to watch. People may not understand but they will watch with pleasure.

The introduction of foreign languages in Primary school is commendable but not everyone take it seriously. A few kids I talked to either shy to speak or they do not show any interest, showing the poor motivational factors.

Competition is not a waste of time activity. In USA the Spelling Bee is still on till today.

It is a shame when a Chinese could understand Malay, the later does not understand Chinese.

We used to have the grand language month. Now it seems to disappear. We should resurrect it and put a better life to it, make it more grand.

It would be wise to inform the schools at least 6 months ahead for the preparation. The publicity must be wide to let the masses know of such events.

Right now I hear the Malays go Arabic on IKIM radio. I was informed that the Insaniah's students converse in Arabic among themselves.

Organizer can have a variety like the combination of English and Bahasa month, Tamil, Mandarin and Arabic.

Let me tell you, with the PBS the teachers will be de-motivated. Their morale will ebb. Even with the learning module they expressed problems in doing extra voluntary work for the school. Those taxed them very much.

I would like to call the educationists to read the past documents of the 18th Century with the old system of education, to find out how complex the thinking were. Thomas Jefferson, for instant, was living in those country. His futuristic vision lives until today; te spirit became stronger with an enhance energy. If you read illuminati then you are reading the old minds.

Throwing the old practices and system does make Malaysia education much better. Burying the language months resulted in the new side effects.



I am not a reasonable man. There are three type of people that I can't command my reason to rule. They are the taxi drivers, the women drivers and the great motor cyclists.

Generally taxi drivers are greedy lot of people. The fare from a bus station to my home about 3 to 4 miles away is about RM15. It would go up RM25 at dawn. My staffs were charged RM15 each to go to the same distant. When they are on the road you can expect anything. Just be careful when you see a taxi in front of you.

Women are dare devil drivers. They run the red light, overtake on all sides without prior notice and signal, and irritate you at the round about. Today I came across one whose car stalled in the middle of the main road. What she did was staying in her car with the hazard light blinking. Other cars were waiting in queue unsuspecting of what the lady was doing. I figure she was waiting for her husband or boyfriend to come and rescue her. Other sensible human would come out of the car and wave for help.

The motor cyclists are the greatest of all. They always run the red light at high speed, some without helmet. Every evening they are showing off their acrobatic stance near the jogging tracks. Once during a night race a raider fell down and probably dead. The people in the nearby eating shops rushed out to see and clapped their hands.

Of course not all taxis are owned by the greedy people and not all women drivers define driving their own way. Some women would go only 25 mph and take a long stop at a junction or the Stop-Look-Go to be on the safe side. The high powered bikers are wealthy middle-age adults. They have nothing to show off. I respect them for their gallantry.

Other than the above people, I am very scared of the public bus drivers. They too run red light and speeding up even in town. I am not surprise why accidents are very frequent.

If we talk about enforcement and authority the vicious cycle begins again. There will be a thousand and one excuses, and things would be left as they were.



We may think the making of a certain policy is a concerted effort. What used to be university lecturers from the whole nation would meet, discuss, debate on something a Minister request them to look into. This may not be the case anymore. A policy can be made by one man, and he forced his subordinates to design what he wish to see, and tried his best to influence the Minister concerned.

A Minister can be as good as any layman or the kampong folk. He would put much trust on his officer. If the officer bluff him, will bluff the citizen. Surely we often heard of the phrase 'The Minister is ill advised...' It is the second type of policy making that need to be taken into consideration. There must be punishment for the sole person who was happily pushing up his policy. Even if he has long retired he must be pulled to court and let it be assessed the lost in the damage done.

I have encountered with such arrogant officers before. When you tell them to compute every detail, they will tell you 'We will solve as we come across the problem'. By the time the problem occurred these officers were already retired.

A good policy can also fail though we have done every detailed computation. An unexpected and disaster beyond our control may cause it to fail. But there are policies which the failures have been predicted at the beginning, and truly the predictions happen and there are huge damage done.

It is too bad for a country to have such an arrogant officers who are great swaggerers as well, threatening and warning the subordinates. The punishment must be very severe.

The policy blooms from consensus and group discussion can be spared. If consultants are used to make policy then the person who ordered the service must be punished equal to the arrogant officers.

Education policy maker is one of those that need attention.

In my view the best KPPM for the Ministry of Education was Dato' Murad. Dato' Murad was not a PHD holder. Yet there wasn't any polemic as much as we have with those holding PHD degrees.

To be fair the degree of punishment decide by law depends on the fatality of damage done. The more the damage the harsher the punishment. It is nothing more than to avoid any individual from forcing the masses to accept any stupid policy.

19/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I find it a pleasure reading Mariam Mokhtar. Here is another of her article. I may not absolutely agree with her.

Let us be reminded that what we say and do are observed and recorded. Mariam opened the past and the present, moving her eyes from North to South, East and West. Likewise all other concerned and smart citizens.

Her quotation of what Rosmah and Taib had said interest me most as they sound purely like a jester. Of course there is nothing that we can do. But least we can know why the Malays found themselves being look down with disdain and contempt. So much so Tiong Lai did not even spare the opposition party member because he is a Malay, "Let us bury Anwar  because he is a Malay." You hear the first part but you don't hear the second part. Did anyone hear Tiong Lai said 'let us burry all the Malays."

If the Malays continue with the stupid act and using the stupid words they will be despised perpetually.

19/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


We don't have to wait 5 years to see the casualties of PBS. Already the last SPM candidates who thought they didn't do well are struggling in their minds of the next level of education. One said to me, "Cikgu, I am too young to work. I want to go to school."

Her parents, wealthy and affordable, planned to send her to private institutions, either in Penang or Kuala Lumpur. I just don't believe in private colleges aiming merely to make money. And conservatism would not agree a young girl to rent a room either in Penang or Kuala Lumpur. The pornographic video online made me feel so very scary. Girls from IPTS were the actresses. I have heard the news of a few of my female students who went to find job in Kuala Lumpur were involved in immoral activities. I have yet to tell the parent about it. It is up to them to decide.

No more that I can advise her to work and study at the same time and sit again for the exam as a private candidate. PBS kills that. The Minister does not think of the welfare of the citizens. The planners' intellectuality is not used to create goodness to mankind.

The father is a staunch UMNO supporter. Had he not been my student and had the children are not close to me, I would have just say 'serve you right'.

When I went to my old school, I would scold the Vice Principal for not talking whenever he went to a meeting. I was made to understand that teachers are warned not to question policy.

How about the law makers ? I saw how they were being duped in parliament. They can only see what was laid in front of them, but did not see the whole human frontier. Education is not only for manpower. It is an effort to create a civil society living in peace and harmony. We can't afford to breed criminals and failures by negatively ignoring the young population.

The Malays are the greatest losers. Their survival rate is much lower than the Chinese who have been striving without the government's help.

Those who did not perform well and living in kampongs and can't afford to go to well known private colleges will stay idle. Since they do nothing they will be prone to drugs. And we can't tell how many will turn to be robbers.

Today at the jogging tracks there were more than 30 young Malays of both sexes, some with and without helmets, were yelling and shouting with full throttle irritating the people.

Further education and evening classes used to be our culture for the unfortunate to go and study again. I went to Mandarin class with full of young Chinese girls who might have missed schooling owing to poverty.

Many of us earned university degree from self study and sitting exam as private candidates. And many score the CGPA above 3.8 in well known universities in the United States.

These policy makers that totally neglect the secondary young people possess the hearts of worst than the devil, inhumane and deserved to be strike by the hottest lightning, till their charred body become so very black, even worms will stay away.



Ada beberapa perkara serius yang perlu diberi perhatian; apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan menghina Islam dan mengapakah Islam dihina ?

Sesuatu perbuatan yang terang-terang secara bongkak tidak menghormati agama Islam atau kata-kata seumpamanya adalah penghinaan terhadap Islam.

Samy Velu pernah bertanya di dalam parlemen 'Quaran boleh buat jalan raya ka ?' UMNO pula berkata parti Islam tidak boleh membangun negara kerana Islam adalah untuk akhirat. Berapa ramai pula orang Melayu UMNO yang mencemuh-cemuhkan Hudud ?

Pelakuan yang menjatuhkan imej Islam adalah termasuk di dalam perbuatan menghina agama; pembohongan terang-terang tanpa malu, menerima dan memberi rasuah, melibatkan diri dalam pembunuhan dan penipuan, tidak menutup aurat, mengaibkan manusia lain dan puluhan lain yang mencemarkan agama dan bangsa sendiri.

Mengapa orang menghina Islam ? Ada manusia yang tetap berbuat demikian walaupun mereka tidak nampak satu-satu keburukan pun.

Jika pemimpin negara yang beragama Islam berdolak dalih, berbohong dan memapulasikan undang-undang untuk kepintangan sendiri, maka dia akan dibenci. Bangsa, agama dan keturunannya akan dibenci. Orang akan bertanya "Itukah perangai orang Islam ?", "Orang Islam berbudaya menipu ? "

Lihat sendiri pada kes dakwat kekal yang tidak kekal. Kalau dakwat itu tidak kekal, siapakah yang membohongi rakyat ? Tak bohong ? Kalau tidak berbohong mengapa pembeli dan penjual tidak didakwa ? Dan yang paling besar sekali ialah orang yang mengemukakan laporan dikenankan tidakan keras. Tidakkah ini membusuk dan menjatuhkan pemimpin dan pegawai-pegawai Islam ?

Islam yang suci perlu menunjukkan contoh teladan yang baik oleh umatnya supaya ianya dihormati dan disegani.

Keruntuhan akhlak orang-orang Melayu beragama Islam amat ketara sekali. Muda mudi tidak malu-malu bercumbu-cumbuan di khalayak ramai dengan kelakuan yang amat tidak senonoh. Anak muda menggunakan azan Jumaat sebagai isyarat permulaan perlumbaan motosikal,lebai dan perempuan bertudung melanggar lampu merah di jalan raya, pembikinan video seks oleh wanita-wanita Melayu Islam secara leluasa.

Itu semua tidak memaparkan keagungan agama Islam. Apakah ia tidak dicemuhkan oleh orang lain ?

Jika kita mahu orang menghormati bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam, kita hendaklah menjadikan diri kita orang yang rajin, mahu usaha, pintar, mahir di dalam perubatan, perundangan dan kejuruteraan, jadi ahli sains terkemuka, bijak di dalam berhujah menegakkan agama, berpeadaban tinggi, menghormati orang lain tidak kira kaum dan keturunan, bijak di dalam sains, teknologi, sastera dan segala bidang ilmu.

Tapi orang-orang yang menjatuhkan maruah Islam disimpan di dalam UMNO.



Hearing words of the Minister, you may think the whole system is rosy. I have said enough about PBS and touched a little on Vocational College.

I would like to repeat the present system of technical and vocational education is towards the preparation of manpower. Both PBS and vocational colleges are ignoring the mediocre and the low achievers. The low achievers are those without interest in the current academic subjects.

Hearing that vocational colleges end up with a diploma many applied and they would have to be interviewed for the entry.

What the public is not aware is their sons may not be allowed to continue for the diploma after the two year course if they do not perform well. The dropouts will be without any certificate at all.

I already heard from a parent about his son who leave a college without certificate. That made me wonder how that could happen.

As for the vocational colleges to award some form of certificate after year two it must be recognized by a certain body. MLVK cert can only be issued with the required standard set, which were rejected and thrown away by the system.

Your son who got into the college may be a victim.

It would be worst for the very low achievers to either waste their time in school or stay away from schools. The parents may not know whether the kid goes to school or joining the contemporary group.

The biggest and immediate damage will be faced by the 2013 SPM candidates. Parents with money can send their kids to private colleges.

You can't ask UMNO for help. Many UMNO members and staunch supporters will be getting head ache about their children's education after form 5.

Ministers who have bright children may not feel the pain. Those with lesser ability would be sent to private colleges overseas.

My worry began when our kampong is no longer a safe place and the number of bag snatchers are on the raise.

UMNO blame the joblessness and the problems faced by these dropouts on the Chinese and the opposition parties. Some were deployed as gangsters attacking the opposition leaders.

A hundred lawyers produce by our education system can't even match the lone house breaker and a thief in the village of 200 lawyers.

How many percent of our population must be the jobless, skill less and brainless ? Do we want to multiply them as fast as we can ?

Already we are tagged as number six dangerous country in the world to visit. The American citizens were warned of the crimes in Malaysia.

People do not seem to bother the possible roots of this evil. I relate it to failure of our education system. There is no mention of peaceful and harmonious society, free of crimes and drug abuse, and attainment of tranquil living. The system that do not cater for the poor kids has a stinking smell.



What I see from the outside may be different from what is really happening inside. The top in my list is the POST OFFICE. Post office today does not only deal with postings but offering a multitask services. It is one place where we can pay rates, taxes, renewal of driving licenses, buying insurance, paying all sort of bills, top-up smart phones, ASB and ASN and much more from a single counter. My experience in the newly built UTC was hell. It did not make life simpler. A big credit must be given to the person responsible for bringing this innovation to the modern post office.

Second departs are the NRIC and Immigration where work completion could be done within a short period compared to the old 14 days. With the current thumb print database to keep records of foreigners and foreign workers the efficiency will surely be elevated.

The most scary is the police station. If I could avoid making any report, I would not want to do it. I remember I had to park my car far behind the police station because the space was prepared for some function. The police personnel were never soft with people. They made you feel like an outcast. Don't be surprise of a lady raise her voice at you.

Hospital and clinics differ from location to location. The best I would say is the old Hospital Besar which is turned into clinic. The service is good and getting medicine excels private hospitals. Waiting to get medicine in Kedah Medical Center can be from 30 to 60 minutes but in this clinic it could be between 5 - 15 minutes despite a big crowd.

Departments that are dealing with the people should be more sensitive.

Among the many the Post Office is the most innovative.

16/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In the years before many of the current generations were born, the part of the Khmer Empire were taken by Vietnam. In the modern time Vietnamese refugees found a sanctuary in Cambodian border territory. When the Cambodian attacked the Vietnamese they slaughtered the civilians, cut the body, and bite the heart with full of vengeance. There was no pity. And there was no forgiven.

Revenge can be very bitter. One of the worst in the current century was the sodomy of Libyan leader, Muammar Ghadafi.

Citizens and political leaders must always watch their words and behaviors, never to think they are invincible. There are  errors that people can forgive and forget, and there are those only God may forgive.

There will be some who can forgive Najib but not Rosmah. They can forgive Mahathir but not Shahrizat. They may sneered Ibrahim Ali as a moron but they may not forgive Ahmad Said.

But the pious Muslims are easy to succumb to forgiveness and leave things to God to decide. To err is only human but to forgive is divine.

Forgiving is healing. It makes the forgiver feel very relief and near to the God Almighty. He expects nothing in return but may be happy enough to see the devil has turned to a new leaf. We forgive people of all races and creeds for any misdeed done on us.                                       16/02/2014


People with a huge wealth may think they are big. People in high political position with power think they are big. They can shout at you, threaten you or even lie to you right on your face. 

How about the rest of the population, do they find those people big and great ?

Public remember what the ruling class do. I remember what Mahathir said to the Malays about asking them to sell their land to invest in stocks. He might not remember. I very well know how he destroy the future of the Malays, which he might have totally forgotten and many Malays do not know, and even the current UMNO don't even care or realize.

Now Mahathir mentioned Anwar in the Op Lalang.

Today, everyday, we hear of the praise on Taib Mahmud who had done a lot to the people of Sarawak. And later about Mahathir as a great statesman who did so much for Malaysia.

Tell the world that what would this country be without those big people ? The citizens have been living very well under the previous Prime Ministers. And let us take a bet, that without a government running this country the economy can still flourish.

To the fellow citizens everyone is equal. The respect will not go on pomposity but kindness and honesty. The wealth, the greatness and the title will not go with them when they die.


Can money be used to stop rebellion ?

Dissatisfaction and unhappiness could drive people to revolt. A rebel can be of a single man, a small group or a big group of more than a hundred. Their strength depend on the available weapons and their brain. The hardest rebel to cope was the IRA. The Irish Republican Army's operatives were untraceable. They were successful in sending bomb into the house in Downing Street. Fortunately enough after a long undeclared war there was a win win situation.

Money can buy 99% of the populace who may shift their allegiance. The 1% invisible and untraceable movement could cause unending terror to the government.

Because it is difficult to plant moles in such a movement, they are planted at the source of the weapon suppliers, who would report to the relevant government who were the purchasers. American and Israel spy agencies have moles everywhere.

USA put every individual in the database and try to monitor everyone of them. With the electronic surveillance it was not impossible for a few men to control a precinct of a few millions. Cameras capture every corner and drones will re-enforce the watching.

Despite the elaborate and sophisticated system there were murders and crimes that escape law. They could not win the drug war, instead chose to legalize marijuana.

The awareness by the rebels that they are being watched would make them better planners. We have heard that the people were angry with the Wall Street and the bankers and even the President but so far we have not heard of those hated people being shots or bombed.

If the dissatisfied people are ruled by civility and consciousness they would choose the democratic process to throw out the government.

Can money appease everyone ? To study the case we have to look at Kajang by-election. At the eve of the election BRIM was announced. All earning below 3K are eligible. A big number of Kajang folks will be getting the money.

If in the election more than 40% who receive the BRIM vote for opposition, it proves that money could not buy everyone. This is applicable anywhere in the world.

If money cannot buy people at peaceful situation, it will not stop any potential terrorism.

Right now militancy is seen in Bosnia, and partly in Thailand. In the Philippines it is almost coming to a halt, where the Muslims are gaining their autonomy.

Malaysia is in a volatile position because the threat from PERKASA of a possible conflict drive readiness and preparedness to defense and counter attack. The victims could be concentrating the steps to retaliate. Smart people will just ignore the toothless body. A very small portion may move underground.

I do not see it is wise to harass Teresa Kok. Many thousand people would feel insulted. Just browse through and read what some angry people called Zahid Hamidi. People of respectable posts must not act in such a way that they would be called names, and gangsters and mafia. Such wars could escalate more for they have no more fear of being arrested and jailed.

We have to pray for no bomb explosion and no shot fired. We have to make sure that there will be no potential IRA like movements. Right now Najib is using the money weapon.

14/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My highest electricity bill was RM250. That was when I used my two horsepower air-conditioner to cool me down. That was before the price hike. I decided not to use it anymore and it abruptly reduced to an average of RM150.

I bought an energy saver but it didn't seem to work.

The irony is only I and my wife are living in our small abode. Yet electricity usage was high. We had three freezers; one in the kitchen, one mini bar in my shack and one in the hall. All bought during our working time. There have been nothing in my mini bar except for the cold water. There were fish and vegetables bought many years ago in the kitchen freezer. I have not been to the kitchen for a long time.

I finally decided to switch off those two to beat the new rate. But I could not switch off my light and fan that always run for the comfort of my sick wife. Two of my laptops are running more than 12 hours a day.

Yesterday the new bill arrived. It was the lowest ever, only RM79. My austerity drive work as far as electricity is concerned.

I used to have ASTRO. I cut it off after the company rises the fee. So I don't have an ASTRO, and do not buy newspapers. Instead I used the money to pay the TMNET.

Cost cutting does not mean we stopped spending altogether. A large sum was spent on take away food. Much goes to KFC and Mee Pak Chop. Those were my wife favorite. Starting from 2014 Pak Cjop charged us 80 cents more for the fried mee and drink.

Life is getting harder for retired people as things are getting more expensive. Majid, the nasi tomato mamak, told me yesterday that our money is getting smaller. He has no choice but to increase his price.

It is easy for a politician to comment on the lowering value of money. One said it benefit the traders. The masses have to pay more and their long time savings are shrinking badly.

Government's effort to appease the people by giving the BRIM does not interest me at all. I did not get the flood money and never care to ask about my wife eligibility in receiving it.

We survive. That's all that count. We used our little  ASB dividend to settle our rates and road tax. The extra we donate to the local mosque.

For RM79 electric bill is much lesser than RM250 or RM140. The domestic electricity does not offset what happen outside. The business community said they have to increase their prices as they are paying more for the utility.

Life is hard nowadays. But we are still lucky compared to the other millions out there in Latin American countries, Kampuchea and North Koreans. I can't imagine the Syrians and the Egyptians and the Palestinians. And of the shocking poor people in the United States who lost their homes and depend on free meals.

But I will always remember Mahathir's mega project and Najib's lavishness that drained our coffer. Jala was trying to fix it by putting burden on us.     



The ink seller who sold the delible indelible ink escape with million of dollars and the person responsible for buying it enjoy the luxury of life. Najib says nothing about it. And Mahathir Kutty too pretended as if nothing took place.

We were all told to report to the police if the ink did not indicate what it was suppose to be. Immediately when I went home and washed my hand the ink fade. I went back to the voting center and complained. The EC officer replied it wasn't his job and asked me to complain to the HQ.

Later I heard about a housewife and Major Zaidi made a complaint. Major Zaidi was transferred for reporting and now he is facing a court action.

Tell the world about it. Isn't that crazy ? How could we expect the people to respect Najib and BN ministers ?

True that Kit Siang is a Chinese. Didn't he point out the right thing by saying

"Why is the Najib government so unreasonable and even perverse as to want destroy Malaysia’s fragile international image with the latest scandal of sending a patriotic air force pilot to jail for two years not because of any heinous crime or moral turpitude but because of the basic honesty of a decent human being in speaking the truth about the “indelible ink” used in the last general elections which was in fact quickly washabke and deletable?

In contrast, the really corrupt and heinous characters in Malaysia, particularly the “big sharks” of corruption who steal tens and hundreds of millions of ringgit of public properties and wealth, enjoy total immunity and impunity"

I think it is a great error and an injustice of the first degree. It is ashamed indeed. Yet we are telling the world that we have the best democratic system in this region.

Can a person be imprison because of his belief ? Even if a government drew out the list what can and cannot be belief, should a government punish him severely for having a different thought ?

People can be very unreasonable. It would be insulting to the people and the act is very provocative. It steered  madness. I understand that some people appealed to foreign countries for help, writing even to the President of the United States.

I am pretty sure that Najib has a lot to answer to Obama on several matters including this unreasonable issue of Major Zaidi. More often than not the President will listen politely, shake his head with the show of courtesy. If that happen Najib will feel very relief. But any unfriendly response spell bad luck for the country no matter how vocal the nationalists may protest and show anger by burning the effigy of Obama and the American flag.

Problems occurred on small or silly matters but leaving deep scars that will lead to revenge and hatred. That's how things started in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The action on the Major is amounting to war against those security forces who do not think in line with BN. It is an intimidation. In this case let us recall the events in Indonesia of the split of the Indonesian arm forces after Sukarno, and the execution of Saddat by a small group of military forces. And remember the incident of Mahathir's face get the spray ? Mahathir was lucky to get the spray, what if the man had a gun ?

What I am saying is unreasonableness has a limit. So is human's patience. If they don't resort to act by themselves, they will seek outside help.

What is in Major Zaidi is far much less as compared to Teresa's video. The Major did not insult anyone. Like everyone else felt taken aback when the ink could be easily  washed away.

It was the purchaser and the seller who should end up in solitary dungeon.        15/02/2014


I have written about this topic before, and now I am doing it again as I was watching partly of the TV1 discussion on the war on dengue. It was the old SANTARIBOT. More than 60 years ago before the independent there wasn't any development and there were plenty of growth, wild plants and grasses around our houses. We had no tap water yet. But we have enough for cooking and bathing from the rain that we never waste.

My mother used to ask me whether the SANTARIBOT has arrived every weekend. There were people who would come around and spray insecticide, cutting the grass around the brook and made sure the water always run.

We slept with the windows open, I don't remember having any heavy rain during the night time. I would hang the mosquito net around 8 pm. There was no electricity yet.

Only later I realized what the SANTARIBOT means. It is the SANITARY BOARD. And there was no dengue heard or known then. We knew malaria.

Today with development and scientific sophistication and the growing department of health Ministry all those what we used to have during the occupation has become an unknown event. We have graduates, many of them, and smart doctors and administrators with high salaries is dealing with mosquitoes in different way. "The people must be educated. They must clean the compound. The whole society must move together." They said. They made law to slap you with fine if larvae are found around your home.

Just visit the offices in the health offices. The officers work in a very cooling environment with comfortable seats and settees.

If you talk to them and point at the blocked waterways you will hear plenty of excuses. They talked about their problems. Issuing tickets cause them no problem. I told my former school which was slapped for the larvae in the brook not to pay and question them the brooks and waterways outside the school frontier which were bigger and there were hundred time more places for mosquitoes to breed. Weren't they stupid and dumb enough ?

There were no TV and computers yet in the '50s and '60s. But there was a Malayan Film Unit that made movies to educate people on many things. They were all well done. I remember Zainal Alam as one of the main actors. The British showed the movies through Pejabat Penerangan that would go round the country quite frequently. Today we have the HD TV in our homes and the laptops on our desks. Our TV sings TERIMA KASIH and portraying our Ministers visits and activities.


13/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Why bar Anwar from broadcasting his interview with BMF Radio ? BN has been using all the media to propagate it's vision, ideal and philosophy. It us using every available resources to strengthen it's position. I am sure to allow Anwar to voice his idea on the radio would not affect the powerful Barisan.

Matured citizens would not believe everything what Anwar would say. Moreover BN has said more than enough of the immoral man who put self-interest before the people, of the project in Kajang, of the relentless efforts to fight against the greed of the middlemen for the sake of the masses.

I am sure people want to listen to Anwar merely as an entertainment not to hear his arguments against the government. They have decided to go for the popular BN candidate.

Najib declares to the world Malaysian democracy is the best in the region. The opposition said Myanmar is better than Malaysia. How about barring Anwar on a local radio station ? What freedom and democracy was Najib talking about ?

Later when Obama made a visit to this country, Najib will have a lot of explanation to do about democracy of Malaysian style. And PERKASA may be chasing Obama back home for interfering with our national integrity.

We are blaming and accusing foreign countries are gathering information about Malaysia. Information are out there in the open. Anyone can pick and put them in the bag.

The President will be asking about Allah, about opposition, about peaceful demonstration and about our relationship with China. Already USA has been informed about the barring of Anwar to broadcast his interview.

Najib will have to offer more to the United States to appease the nation, so that we will still be in the good book of the United States. Remember flying West to our shore is nearer than flying East.

Can our form of democracy and freedom cushioned US intervening in our internal affair ?

13/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Beware. You cannot be as fat and as short as Rosmah. If you are you need to be extremely careful in what you say and do. You might be accused of trying to imitate and insult her. You must not mention the word RING and must not say that you like bags. Every woman in Malaysia who is growing flabby has to do something to halt the growth.

All attempts to reduce their body weigh must not be made known to the public, else you might be accused of trying to insult Rosmah by sending the message that fat and flabby is bad. If the first is considered a positive insult, the second will be taken as a negative insult.

Which women do not like ring, bags, cars and money ? There are wide market for those items, from the cheap fakes to the expensive fakes and from cheap genuine to the million dollar genuine. Those who can afford the expensive stuffs will buy the best and the most beautiful.

There is nothing wrong for Rosmah to own anything and there is nothing wrong for Rosmah look alike to love them too.

How to stop someone from forming a conception of something ? It can be done to some by the process of brainwashing using lies and deception, but not to all people despite putting them in prison. What one group think about Anwar, another would think about Rosmah. Not only Rosmah but they also have disagreeable on matters of God and religion. Human cannot be more supreme than God. Do we elevate our fellow politicians or their spouses to the divine holly status ?

It is a pity that we live in the world where everyone is insulting each other in the open. Once we tried our best not to hurt people's feeling. While doing it sometimes we are exposing our stupidity.

11/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Community college sounds good. The nearest to my home is in Jitra. I doubt whether there is a bus that can take me to the college and I wonder whether they have a culinary program to offer. And not all form of education are vocation in nature. Some are interested in language, arts and philosophy. Others in arts and law. Hence the rhetoric on life long education is only a political jargon.

Fortunately today the internet technology provides all sort of knowledge and a lot are given free. One can hear a live lecture from universities overseas. All we need is the understanding of English or Spanish. Of course there are also available in other languages.

The advantage of web learning is we can stay at home and don't need to travel. But the learner need to have a certain level of understanding especially on something abstract.

Outside our home there is always a free religious education in the nearby mosques, churches and temples. It educates us to be a better and more responsible person, about God and death.

A community college as a place of life long education is nice to talk and hear but could turn out to be a hell once you decide to enroll in your desired program. I have a desire to learn on hydraulic and soon I will inquire about the course.

But the college itself is useful. It helps the unemployed youth to acquire skills and knowledge in their respective disciplines. Claiming it to serve the community for the whole life education is too exaggerated and a jargon to draw favorable voters.

A degree does not guarantee a wise and learned man. Informal learning that  provide real experience can make a person smarter, wiser, and able to solve intricate problems. Even skill acquisition can be obtained with apprenticeships. These people without certificates or degrees are serving the engineers and doctors repairing vehicles and other equipments. A mee seller earned four time more than a head of department.

They wouldn't be bothered with college community and universities. The most vital to them is the knowing how to add and multiply. Their errors in adding always benefit them than the customers.                                             11/02/2014


What I am writing here is based on mere conjecture which I gather bits and pieces from here and there.

Not all code hams are avoiding the no-coders. To them everyone is a ham and all they want is to talk.

Some move to the only CW portion of the spectrum and gave up phone conversation for fear the no-coders might interfere in their conversations. I traced a few young hams in the countries where Morse is no more mandatory working CW with all others. This initiative was acceptable and the no-codes hams were accepted into the community.

A few gave up totally, feeling very unhappy with the no-code policy. Initially it was a pain to stay away from the radio. After some time they would gain back their composure. If there were new hobbies they would never return to ham radio.

My believe a radio hobby without Morse code is not a ham radio. You call it by whatever name. To me it is not a ham radio.

I would either choose to abandon it or move to the CW only portion.

There are many new things at our disposal today. Soon with the nano technology new wonders will enter the market.

Knowledge exploration is lengthy. It can consume the rest of our time.

Abandoning the hobby won't make you crazy . There are Malaysian hams with radio and antenna, simply don't want to come on the band. Each with his own reason.

Whatever ham radio in Malaysia today is, it is not the same as before. The new hams are more educated and smarter. There are tremendous amount of new ideas, pushing aside what were archaic.    11/02/2014


I don't want to remember the past. It can either made me happy or sad. It was all about mankind and what's in their hearts and mind. Many of those with me had passed away, many were younger than me. I even hardly recalled their names.

This evening I met my old teacher, Abdul Razak Botok, who was my school counselor, at the jogging track. He attended the recent re-union of the old boys on the 2nd of February 2014. He was a popular teacher among the students for he had a very effective way to motivate the lazy students.

In the course of our discussions I told him that what had been built was buried and never to revive anymore. In the late 1990's after the Najib's visit we became a bench marking school. But winning at one award a year started in the late '80s. We won championship in hostel competition, landscaping championship organized by the City Board and several championships at the National level.

Cikgu Abdul Razak and a few of his friends were invited to Sarawak and other states to talk about building excellent school. I did not build the school but my teachers did. I only applied a slight touch of my former Principal, Mr Long Eng Hwa of Kiet Hwa Secondary School in driving the students to study, the touch of Dr Abdul Syukur with building a school with a character and the spiritual  battle cry of Japanese form of Banzi. And finally of Datuk Haji Ahmad on the utmost welfare of the students. That's all.

The school landscaping was excellent, I would say, molded by a teacher, Abdul Rahman Zakaria, and his team who build up arches and resting places, planting trees and flowers. Razak turned the toilets into a really beautiful rest rooms.

Building self esteem among the students was to create pride in them. The competition for beautiful classes and hostel rooms were very stiff. Winners and non-winners get the reward of weekly outings. The classes and the school compound must be at a certain standard at any time. The conducive environment was followed by the loud battle cry of 'We got to be number ONE'. The cry must shattered the world.

We did not have a speech day but an open day with full of colors. The hostel and workshops were opened to the visitors while the students were working on their projects. The could sell their products on that day. There was the prize giving ceremony in the hall. The stage show and other entertainment would start just after the prize giving. The VIP would visit the exhibitions and watch the stage show in the field. There were the sale of food that weren't enough for a few thousands visitors of school children coming from all over the state. The Open Day was to be one day but the teachers requested for a two day extension. Every year we had had a two day of glorious events.

The enhancement of the self esteem turned the low achievers into successful students with better public examination results.

We gave importance to both skill attainment and the academic exam results. There was no additional mathematics in our curriculum but we introduce it outside our school time table for those who want to learn. We have Art and Craft for the Building and Constructions to open a way for the bright student to become an architect. We introduced Basic Economy for the Commerce students to enable them to enter Malaysian Northern University. All were done on my teachers initiatives.

We did not encourage our students to go to tuition. I did not say or force anyone to run an extra classes. But the teachers were fighting to find slots for their subjects. The classes went on until a month before an examination where we have what we called Flexi Classes. Teachers come following the flexi time. The students will start classes from 8am to 10 pm with time to rest. The last day of the flexi class was a week before the final exam. There were always a big feast that began from the early morning when teachers did the cooking. We had sponsors from parents and other people, of meat, fish, rice and many more. At night parents would bring the whole family for the feast. I would give my last talk and advices while the parents were eating and watching a big screen movies. Young children enjoyed the ice creams and the balloons. It was really a grand occasion.

Parents came to see to thank about their lazy and problem children who changed a great deal. They were very please and happy. I told them that it was not me who change their children. It was the teachers. One of them was Abdul Razak Abdullah, a dakwah teacher, who would voluntarily tamed the hard-core students.

At the jogging track cikgu Razak echoed our mission. Our mission was to mold the bad into good, the good into better, those who hate learning into those who want to learn. A success is not to obtain all As but to improve the status to a higher level. Turning an E to a C was good enough. That we did and that we attained.

Toilets were the most talked about. A teacher from Kiet Hwa who attended a meeting in our school, came to look for me and with great jubilant and excitement said "Abdul Rahman, your school is very clean and your toilet is superb..."

There were a few Teachers that mad the toilet a restroom; cikgu Yasmeen and cikgu Abdul Razak Botok. The daly maintenance was under a contract worker, a lady by the name of Maryam. I called her Kak Yam though she was half my age. She took care of three toilets. I was so pleased her that I wanted her to take a plane to Kuala Lumpur with another worker as a reward. She never sat her foot on the plane before. And the blue-collar workers who took care of the landscaping were also rewarded. Where did I get the money ? I had entertainment allowances which were used to entertained my school workers if I did not have visitors.

I believe in vocational education and training, not all together in the system itself but for the general benefit of a peaceful society. I want those who have no interest in academic subjects and in schooling to get themselves into training and skills. If no place is provided for them the country will later be filled with criminals and bad hats without any ability to make a living.

The government pushed for a change in policy. They wanted to changed the school to technical school. I protested and request for transfer. In 2000 I moved to an academic school.

You want to know more about the nostalgia you can ask anyone who were with me till 2000. These were the tecahers who built the school to be an excellent institutions, a bench marker that pull thousands and thousands of visitors from all over.

Today things change. I hardly see the past. They erased all and I too want to erase from my mind. What am I and what are we, the pariahs of the land.

10/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Yesterday I saw a banner advertising a home costing RM300K. 300K is much less than 600K or 800K. A house selling at between 300K - 900K is considered a standard home on a standard price. Before the GE13 BN announced of cheap and affordable homes of less than 50K. After the election things went very quiet. Nothing is heard anymore except for the poster of the 300K affordable abode for the public.


Opposition party is not allowed to run any campaign of hate. But BN is allowed to do it every day. Almost in every news reading BN calls the public to hate the opposition leaders and the party. Anwar and Teresa have received the most and the hardest. BN members have been inciting the people against them. Many people voted for opposition because they could no longer stand the vicious mouth of BN supporters parading by the national media days and nights.

Did Teresa insulted the Malays in her video ? Hating Rosmah is not hating every Malay. Criticizing NFC is not criticizing UMNO. The Malays should not be dragged blindly like the buffaloes. No thinking Malays will be condoning the lavishness of minister's wives using public funds.

There is nothing wrong for anyone to speak the truth. To call a thief 'a thief' is not an insult nor a crime. There is nothing wrong to call the people to reject and hate a thief.


To get into a PHD program in the United States is tough. You have to pass the qualifying exam, the main barrier that would oust more than 60% of the candidates. You need to have a wide knowledge of everything from sports to sciences.

The simplest PHD program is on the online school. Any fool can earn a Master easily even without higher education.

I am quite shock to know several politicians with a PHD when their statements and speeches are never matching their 'qualification'. In such a case we can conclude that their PHDs are useless, nearing to a fake degree from a  fake university.

I remember of a teacher who claimed he got a master and working on his PHD, who became a laughing stalk when he mentioned UBI OTOMO instead of Budi Otomo.

People like me who can't even spell rightly and write a proper English grammar are not fit to earn any PHD. A scholar must be bright and good in everything including a good command of English. When I heard Fandi Ahmad spoke English I was amazed at the brilliant speech, perfect pronunciation and grammar and sound like an Englishman.



It is a great joke. Some people just trust computers. You may ask if computers are vulnerable why nobody steal money from the banks. I am not answering the question asked, not because it is something impossible.

PBS is very vulnerable. The defense is much weaker than the banking software system. You won't know when people would sneak in  and what they will do with the data.

Security is not my concern as compared to the fate of the dropouts and the young school leavers who wish to continue their further studies by improving themselves. Will they be able to sit for the PBS again while they are working ?

I would to remind Mahyuddin to sack those who propose and plan the new system if the whole system fail in the future. In fact they must be jailed for at least 10 years.  10/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mukhriz is the opposite of Najib. Both are opposite of their fathers. Mahathir should be proud of his Menteri Besar's son whom I would give him a thumb up as a simple and humble man. I believe he is a pious person.

He could easily capture the hearts of the Muslim Malays with his religious activities. When I saw him at the Maulud's festival recently I  noticed that he humbled himself to God and saw him as a normal man, whom we could always respect.

Putrajaya and UMNO seemed not to like him for their own reason. I think because they dislike Mahathir, who had criticized Najib poor administration .

Not all genetic traits would pass from the father to the son, despite the scientific findings. Intervening variables could very much influence and shape new behaviors. I am too convinced of the impact of Rosmah on Najib which is extremely great. Mukhriz as a boarding MRSM student picked up his adorable attitudes from the school itself. The hostel discipline was tight. By 5 am everybody must be ready for Subuh prayer. The training was harsh and hard.

I saw Bush the son is less smart than Bush the father. Hishamuddin has not even half of his father's class. Guan Eng shows the trait of Kit Siang. I don't smoke but my kids do. My kids dismissed my political beliefs as nonsense.

We cannot equate the sons to the fathers in Malaysian politics. And we should never hope the sons will follow the footstep of the father. And we should not think that there are no better and smarter people in this country to rule the nation other than the Minister's sons.

Our feudalistic mind still separate the people into peasant and the ruling class. So we chose the leaders from the aristocrat families, ignoring our ability in running a country. There are million more people who are smarter than Hishamuddin, Najib, Guan Eng or Mukhriz.

Among the UMNO Ministers and Chief Ministers there are evils and angels. Nobody can hide himself behind the fiery rhetoric  or hypocrisy. People do no assess the level of intelligence by their qualifications but what they say and do.  Neither would we tell the son's characters by their fathers.

So far Mukhriz is doing good and I hope he will be himself for the remaining of his political years, a long more years.

10/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Already there is an offer of a 10K reward for anyone who slap Zahid Hamidi. This man must be serious. What is 10K to a large number of people. Zahid said the offer is not a threat because it is not pertaining to murder. Will there be more offer with a bigger reward for slapping Rosmah, Najib or Ghani Patail ? If Ghani Patail remain to stay silent about it, it means he also agree such kind of a display is legal.

Offer for slapping Teresa is 1.2K. Offer for slapping Zahid is 10K. We have to wait for the offer to make public either using a blog or an opposition media, or there may be posters stuck on trees and walls.

It is up to you to judge Zahid. The minister is not judged and heard within our border. When I was in China a member of our tour group criticized Communism and our China tour leader questioned our integrity, discrimination and more that left the Malaysian speechless. When I was in USA, a bus driver asked me about Anwar Ibrahim. When I was in a restaurant in London, a worker approached me saying Malaysia was not an Islamic nation. When you can convince a Japanese leader to reject Anwar Ibrahim, you can't convince all other of Japanese citizens.

If I were to go abroad and someone were to ask me about Zahid Hamidi, he would put me in great difficulty. I had defended Mahathir before though I didn't like him. Surely I would not degrade him in front of any foreigner. I would have to bear a great shame.

As a Malay, I have been fired with questions pertaining to policies that I could not answer. I had been a victim, as if I was involved in the making of the policy. I could only answer one question that I paid for my university education, not free.

I remember sometime ago and somewhere, public is not allowed to mention the word ROSMAH. Why, was mentioning the name amounting to a threat to take her life ? You may ask me for the reason I like to mention her name. Many people adored and like her. So they mention her name. I saw her different in every aspect from all other Prime Minister's wife. And she is a hit. So I mention her name.

So are UMNO ministers who like to mention Anwar's name because he is like Chua Soi Lek.

The world heard Zahid and they heard Lim Kit Siang. It is up to them to make judgment. People have been telling me that Lim is a Chinese and I should support the Malays. Why not they discussed the truth of the matter without referring to the ethnic factor ?

When a person becomes a minister he is a minister of all because he is paid by all. If anyone just want to be a minister of UMNO members then do not collect any form of tax from the non-UMNO members.

As a man, we must have something. If we don't have religion, God, shame or morality we must have at least a conscience. If we don't even have a conscience than any other man can call us anything at all as they think fit.

09/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I feel very relief to know that Taib Mahmud has a conscience. I concluded he is a man. It takes a man with a conscience to release his post. A crazy man intoxicated with power won't budge an inch under any form of pressure and continue to be adamant, defending himself against ant criminal or non-criminal charges.

The rest of his time he should go and visit the natives and see their plight, their children's education, their economy and their hardship. Bush went soul searching to see how much damage he had done to the people.I believe he will discover that many poor people are happy with living, and life is fulfilling, as compared to a wealthy person like him. In no time leading a life of a normal man and doing some good work in the community, providing part of his wealth to the needy, I am sure he will feel happy, at peace and very tranquil. He has all the time to repent in cases of his wrong doings. The people whom he have helped will pray for his longevity and happiness.

Taib could have whispered to his successor about the evil of Putrajaya, and how Sarawak has help to put BN in power and what he got back. Any smart and awaken Sarawakian would realize the game of the government in Kuala Lumpur.

In Sarawak the people allow the heads thought for them and submitted to the state decision.

By now Putrajaya has all the plan on Sarawak for the next GE.

If Sarawak and Sabah move away from BN the later can start thinking of moving to other countries as they are chasing those who are not inline with them.

The attack on Taib and his family had been robust and tremendous. The divorce case put so much shame to the family. Even the question of virginity was brought out for public attention.

When will all these diminished from public forum ? Hopefully by this resignation the gossips will slowly faded. And could spend his time enjoying life with his grand children. Life as a normal man is happier even though in poverty.

Mahathir is waiting for Najib to offer his resignation, which will never happen. If Najib quit Shahrizat will have to find a new rob to hide, for we always see her around Najib, with the intent to maneuver the safety of her husband. Rosmah won't allow Najib to give in.

As for us, we have just to wait and see. Things could be fun or fatal. But for sure we can't live with all the constant lies and deception.

To Taib Mahmud, I wish him luck and all the best for the rest of his life.

09/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Award for slapping Teresa ?

Why offer an award when the members of the NGO themselves can go and slap Teresa ? And Sabree Chik himself could sue Teresa instead of calling the police to take a stern action on her. All what we hear from those mouths were Teresa Kok insult the Malaysian leaderships.


As Najib was talking about the up and down of prices Teresa was talking about the bad years that crashed our nation. I too had observed that 2013 was a year of deception and 2014 as a year of payment. The voters fell to the cheating and lying 'People come first...' Life will be better if BN win GE13. At that time I already knew of the consequences the people will suffer from the spendthrift of Najib on the GE alone, not to mention his spending in buying popularity abroad. People will have to pay for their extravagant and reckless wastage.

BN had been making agreements that benefit the contractors and concessionaries. Anyone in the right kind of mind would not tolerate this. Teresa didn't divulge every evil deed of the government yet. They hide corruption behind the law, yet it could be seen through the flourish drug trade and the foreigners illegally running business in this country. The kampong Malays fared the worst as their land were bought cheaply for commercial purposes.

When Ahmad Said lied about his Antarctica trip we can sense it by flipping through the web pages. And the pirates and intruders in Sabah is still going on till recently. When Rosmah spent in Australia and else where the news traveled fast.

Now Mahyuddin is going to spend more on 1Malaysia outlet to beat inflation, trying to show the government is concerned to the high cost of living. A dinner only cost RM5 in Putrajaya. But my nasi tomato with egg, meat and drink cost me RM4.70 at an expensive Mamak stall. Joining Najib is Mee Pak Yusoff who charged me 80 cents more starting from 2014. Everywhere else price tags are soaring. Try to ask the vendor. They will give you these answers," Salaries have increased, electric bill rise, transportation cost has gone up, insurance goes up.....we are paying more and we have to charge more."

And the bright young man, Ahmad Maslan, is telling us with GST everything would be cheaper, which I am not going to give any rebuttal. Do you believe him ? Or will he get a greater insult later ?

Watch the video above and analyze the message. Don't try to call the Malays to hate Teresa. She was speaking for everybody, even for the stupid followers who will experience greater discrepancies of living, bullied by irresponsible politicians.

Shahidan and Sabree may have thought they have the best brain in the country. Shahidan said that he is ready to debate anybody and Sabree offered himself to debate with Anwar. Why not they use the video as evidence and together take Teresa to court.

Have you seen Najib dancing the Lenggang Kangkong on the youtube ? If Putrajaya can show Anwar sexual act using video clip then why not show the Lenggang Kangkong clip for public entertainment ? Honestly speaking, I think the footage is fake.


07/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It might be too much to assume that a Minister would find it tough to run a school than running a country. In school there are head of departments, senior subject teachers, form teachers, teachers in charge of sports, co-curriculum, landscaping, corporative, discipline, students, hostels and parents. In addition there are finance and accounts the school administrators must look into. The Principal is both accountable and responsible for all happenings, events and expenditures.

Ever wonder what is the work of a Minister ? What does he do everyday in his office ? I don't know their tasks really. But I think their first job is know what is happening in the country under the portfolio. He consults the people under him and seek information on the current situations and conditions. He has to set a goal and a vision to achieve either by himself or request his subordinated to draw the whole plan for him. He decides a policy  and put to cabinet for approval.

He can avoid the work and left to his people to run the show, and at the same time he would be thinking how to retain power, how to corrupt the voters, what to lie and how to deceive them. A few might be thinking how to escape with million of ringgit without being traced.

Like a school administrator a Minister can be autocratic, democratic or laissez faire. A Minister can be understanding and open minded but his advisor may not and would push him to run a policy under any circumstances.

As far as the job is concern a Minister  should not brag that he is looking after a country and the rest don't do vital jobs. The farmers and fishermen are doing a greater and more commendable job wherever they are. They feed the people.

The heaviest task of a Minister is to bear the responsibility and be accountable for any mishap happens under his ministry. If he cares to scrutinize himself a big money given for any project, the NFC would have not failed, Bank Bumi would have not gone bankrupt, money in PERWAJA and PKZ would not have been stolen.

As things went, we do not need a graduate or an educated individuals to hold a Minister's post. A clerk had been a Minister before. PMR holder could run a state as well. And take an illiterate and made him a Minister, things will run as usual.

To employ a consultant or to put someone to look for things could be done by anyone. While they work for you, you can go cruising at the Antarctica.

The worst of the modern President was George Bush. He had a very poor knowledge of foreign countries and always fumble when questions were asked.

A humble Minister would not boast that he runs a country as if he is the smartest and the rest are not important. Any fool can be a Minister.

What if no one wants to collect garbage, plant food, go fishing and slaughter animals ? He cannot be better than those who put him there and those who paid his salary.

Mary Yap could tell more about the Minister and Principal's jobs.

08/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The furor on the 'sacking' of PKNS workers seem to be aligned with Kelang By-Election. Most of us really don't know what is really happening other than what we see on the TV and read in the Newspapers.

Khalid claimed it was not sacking but the termination of a contract. Even on this basis we need to scrutinize the terms and the documents of the contract. I doubt there is a proper document kept knowing how the Malays operate an organization. They always take thing for granted and doing work in a 'cin-cai' way. Could it be the contracts made during BN era. If there is a proper document of contract, the termination method should follow a proper procedures. Workers should be informed of the termination date at least a month before.

There is also a possibility of sabotage by the opposition in Selangor. The pro-BN group were merely carrying out their plan to tarnish Pakatan Rakyat by taking such actions without any prior consultation of the state administrators. The timing is proper near the election time.

If it is due to the pure decision to simply sack those unwanted workers it is just like the rule of The Right to Hire and Fire, as practiced in the United States. In USA an employer can just fire any of his workers at any time without any reason given. This is American Democracy.

A good administrator may not be a good politician. A good politician may not be a good administrator. But anyone can be cruel and vicious, inconsiderate and inhumane. He may wear a Pakatan or BN's hat.

Ending a person's job happened everywhere including in Trengganu when BN took over from PAS. Whichever side fired a shot, it is not good for humanity. Just think what if you are sacked and becoming unemployed.

On the other hand workers must be responsible and work hard to enhance the growth of the company and organization, do not play truant and give problem to the employer and the organization. With lack of performance and productivity he would be seen as useless and should be kicked out.

I saw shouting and yelling of people in the TV, condemning the 'sacking' with fiery words like a roaring lion.

There is an industrial court to go about. Why all the yelling when cases could be brought to the court ? They won't be seen as champions but as a great fool.

06/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I loath to hear the new people condemning and speak lowly of the past system, implying the product of the past are useless. Schools and colleges would always fall back to the old students for donations and funds.

I won't give a damn to such an attitude and won't donate even a single cent to the new administrator. He can wait for the products of the new system to ask for donation.

The old boys of the current Vocational College were useless and stupid, unwanted by their academic schools. Many were fit to go for vocational training and some for vocational education. But the old system made men out of these low achievers. Now they are big guys and millionaires. The vocational schools save them from being wild and unemployed.

Then they kick out the system, closing doors to low achievers. The funny thing is they are seeking help from these young and successful people.

If my any of my student is reading this, I am not inciting them to boycott such kind of people. It is up to them to amass funds but I won't praise them for their good intent. It is just a tit for a tat. Only help those who deserve the kindness.

Near the vocational college is a mosque which is empty at night. The students who reside at the hostels can always occupy the mosque and made it more merrier. It is less than 5 minutes walk from the hostels to this House of God. In my opinion there is no need for the college to seek any donation for the mosque anymore.

Schools or colleges can always generate their own funds by seeking internal monthly donation of RM10 a month. A school of 100 Muslim teachers can accumulate RM12000 a year. In 5 years the amount is enough for some useful school projects.

06/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Antarctica is not a new land. Scientists have been there since the 19th century. As a ham operator I had talk one scientist in the region more than 25 years ago. Volumes of research reports have been written. Today Antarctica is a paradise tourist attractions.  People with money simply love to go and enjoy the beautiful scenic sight.


You don't have to do anymore scientific research because what you may have in your mind have been done and available in the science database. There are numerous articles about Antarctica in the web sites. Don't tell me you are still required to make further investigation about the glacier, the ice and the environment. And don't tell me among the 27 millions you are invited to expedite the hemisphere. I would say you are lying through your teeth.

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The most we can lie and fool are the poor Malays. People can find out more about the continent while having leisure in the room with the laptop or even a cell-phone. Type Antarctica in your search engine and look for Cruise and Tours if you wish to travel and have fun. Who says it is a hard and horrible place where no people would want to go.

Do you think you can fool all the people all the time ?

Cruise 1  Cruise 2  Cruise 3  Tour by Vavilov

05/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


New hams might not know how hard we went through to set up radio stations in the past. There weren't ham shops in Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand like it is today. Becoming a ham in 70's was considered late yet we had to strive looking for equipments, co-axial plugs and cables.

Whenever there was a new ham the old timers were ever ready to lend support and material help, by giving the coaxial plugs and cables free of charge. I remember Eshee provided me with coaxial cables and others with the co-ax plugs. We would for some of the write off stuffs to come by from somewhere.

Buying a new rig cost a fortune. Somehow someone brought new rigs home from overseas. Second hand transceivers were sold to the newcomers at the average price of RM800.

Even in the last decade hams had to travel to Singapore, looking for rigs at Sim Lim Tower. The Northerners traveled to Thailand.

Life has changed when ham shops began to bloom in the country. All we need to do is to visit the web page, made a few phone calls, deposit the payment and in no time the equipment ordered will reach our doorsteps.

If you have lived in the two different world than you would know how blessed we are with the ham shops set up to help the Malaysian amateurs. You pay a little more but you have the comfort of staying at home without much hassle.

So support the local ham shops.

04/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How bad is Teresa Kok's video ? The video tells nothing but the truth, criticizing the dark side of BN's rule. It is about inefficiency and what the people feel. Is it good or bad ? Sabri said it was not proper for such a video to be made for the Chinese New Year. The Chinese will ask who is Sabree to decide what and what should be said during the New Year.

How bad is the video ? It is bad. First thing the quality is excellent. Secondly millions of people just love it.

It is as bad as what UMNO says about Anwar, DAP, PAS and Nik Aziz. To say that Nik Aziz worshipped idols and in his religious school there are full of idols is bad. It is as bad as UMNO says PAS is teaching a deviant Islam. It is as bad as saying God is punishing those who do not vote for UMNO by sending them floods.

You see, I can call you an idiot, but you can't call me any.

During Sabree-Anwar's debate the former attacked Anwar's personality rather than debating on the topical issues. Attacking and degrading the opposition leaders in public using public media is legal and considered normal. Only UMNO can do it.

The satire is very strong but very true. But even without the clip, the masses already discussed wastage and lavishness by Rosmah. 100 out of 100 people I talked to have identical perception on the First Lady.

How to avoid the gossip and criticism ? Just do the right thing; be more efficient, think rightly, avoid lavishness and wastage using public funds.

You see, any right thinking person will have to wonder about 'no murderer' in the death of Altantuya, nobody took the billion of the PKZ when the money went missing, Ghani Patail does not sue Mat Zain, and many more folly stuffs. Things simply do not make sense. So they talk.

And we can't force people to respect us. People might respects gentlemen but not fools. Fools are not made by others on us. We made fools of ourselves, mainly by our speech which may be arrogant and pompous, lack of depth in analyzing issues, twisting statements and even behave like one. A respect has to be earned.

Taking Teresa to court and winning the case would not present UMNO with honor comparing with the lost of our Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore. It would be a kind of a Kampong Champion. And Sabree didn't talk about Perkasa threatening May 13 at all, which is more dangerous for the safety of the people and to the peace of this nation.                                                                                                         05/02/2014



What do I know about Kajang, almost 300 miles away from Lorong Bayu. While I was nursing my wife I heard someone was discrediting Anwar Ibrahim as a man who put his own interest before anything else. He was lashed and bashed left and right. One hawker with Kedah-Penang slang said "Anwar is an outsider. Why should an outsider contest in a place outside Penang...'

So Anwar was bad enough. PKR did not do anything to help the people of Kajang. The public is told no UMNO politicians have any self-interest. Najib would say 'I don't want to be a PM. But Mahathir put me here.' He never spend a single penny on promoting himself or his wife. He never fought hard to retain his post and power.

Rosmah is at all time better then Anwar. She never spend public money for her comfort. She traveled on the private jet on  a working trip, negotiating for the government. Of course Najib is perfect. He tried hard to stop the rising cost of living. All the rise are due to the greedy Middlemen who are anti government. "I am a responsible person. That's why I raise petrol price, permitted TNB to increase more profit. I listen to the cry of the poor....'

Najib has to spend more on Kajang, probably triple the amount in Sungai Limau, to make people forget of the high cost of living, about his policy that push for spiral inflation, to convince the people how good his wife is. And he will be putting another Baju Kurung wearing a Japanese sleepers to walk with the people. He will do anything. He will do anything for the people 'Rakyat didahulukan'.

Kajang is famous for Sate. Mark my words Rosmah will go to the Sate stall. And BN will spend a few thousand ringgit for the sate, to feed the BN campers and those who want free food.

Karpal said Kajang is a contest of an honor. We all know that Anwar has no honor. Mahathir totally dismissed him as Anwar is unfit because he was a sex maniac. For a honorless man to lose an election there isn't any shame at all. For BN to lose one will have to look hard where the honor of Najib and Rosmah lies.

Rosmah knows this and Najib knows this as well. And this is the opportune time to make money, just to ensure Najib of his victory. Didn't he do well in Kuantan despite the Lynas issue ?

Anwar is the underdog. BN will not allow to be beaten again a second time behind Sungai Limau, because if it is, it spells a sure demise of UMNO in the next GE, no matter what UMNO does.

Hence the battle is on the do or die basis. Anything goes. It is not the fight between an immoral Anwar and a BN candidate but it is between Anwar and the glossy First Lady.

03/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This morning my thermometer shows 19 degrees celsius. It is almost a Winter in Los Angeles. LA would experience 15 degrees in December. People have been talking about the reversal of earth magnetic pole and the world would change it's rotation. It is a scary  happening for the Muslims believe nearing the end of the world the sun would rise in the West.

Strange things do not only happen to the world. It even creeps into mankind. There are too many of them. Yesterday the Mamak charged me RM47 for a plate of rice when it was just only RM4.70. Two nights ago a stall charged me RM2.40 for a cup of coffee when elsewhere it would cost me only a dollar even.

At the dialysis center both the first and the second wife go to fetch their common husband at the center. Being good to each other may not be a strange thing to many but they look like a twin; both are of the same size and height, rounded and overweight.

Last night I saw Mahyuddin at a wet market. He saw the price of mackerel was tagged at RM16 per kilogram, said nothing and just continued his so-called price checking. Mackerel was RM4 - RM5 a kilo.

The pious sages would tell us not to be taken aback at strange happenings because it is the sign that the world will end soon. How soon only God knows. But mentioning 47 instead of 4.7, charging 2.40 instead of 1 ringgit could not be passed as something to be accepted though it is the sign of the ending. And Mahyuddin just commented nothing of the RM16 mackerel could not be taken as a fate.

You may have seen more strange things than I. In the West people have been strange things happen in the sky and more predictions came into discussions as to the end of the world, not by the prophesy of religions but by the collision of the earth and the asteroids or the dead sun. How true is it that the United Nation is talking about the coming of the alien god.

The 47 ringgit rice, the 2.40 coffee, the chilly weather, the two wives and Mahyuddin's mind may look trivial but they are very strange.                                                                       04/02/2014


My students

Salah satu penyakit kita ialah, kita gemar membuat perbadingan dan kemudian kita mendesak supaya dasar kita menyerupai apa yang dilihat dari tempat lain dan orang lain. Salah satu sebab pertelingkahan rumah tangga adalah dari akibat perbandingan dan mahu meniru segala cara hidup and perolehan jiran sebelah rumah, sedangkan tahap ekonomi tidak sama dan serata.

Negara yang kaya raya dengan sumber alam, tanah tanih yang subur dan penduduknya tidak ramai tidak semestinya mengukir dasar pendidikan sekolah sepertimana dunia lain.

Asas tujuan hidup adalah untuk manusia bagi duniawi, untuk Tuhan bagi ukhrawi. Untuk Tuhan itu sangat membantu manusia di dalam kehidupan sosial, membina nilai dan moral yang membawa kepada keamanan, persafahaman dan kerjasama. Dan untuk dunia itu pula adalah bertujuan membawa kebahagian dan kepuasan jiwa serta ketenangan hidup. Kita bukan bekerja untuk membina satu tugu emas yang besar dan cantik, bukan berkorban untuk menghasilkan kenderaan angkasa lepas yang boleh mencecah alam semesta yang lain. Kalau itulah semuanya, maka kita akan lupakan kemanusiaan.

Pendidikan bukanlah untuk menghasilkan teknologi semata-mata, atau untuk mengharumkan nama negara semata-mata. Yang sama penting ialah kita mahu mewujudkan masyarakat yang bertangungjawab, bertolak ansur, bekerjasama, mahu keadaan dan suasana yang aman tenteram di mana kita boleh tidur tanpa mengunci pintu dan tingkap, dan kehidupan yang sejahtera.

Lantas apabila kita mengukir sesuatu dasar, janganlah kita melihat dari satu sudut sahaja. Pernah dalam KBSM satu masa dahulu dimana semua pelajar sejarah dimestikan menulis sejarah kaum keluarga mereka. Pada saya pada masa itu pembuat dasarnya adalah seorang yang hanya memikirkan diri sendiri, melihat semua orang sepertimana kaum keluarganya, tidak berfikir tantang anak-anak di luar nikah, yang bapanya dalam penjara dan mereka yang kehidupan dalam keadaan musibah.

Hari ini pembuat dasar pelajaran adalah terdiri dari kumpulan manusia jenis itu, yang hanya memikirkan dari satu sudut sahaja, yang tidak perihatin terhadap mereka yang miskin dan lemah, kurang berminat dan sukar memahami sifir dan angka. Mereka tidak fikir tentang lepasan sekolah yang berkeinginan memperbaiki diri setelah muncul kesedaran. Kata-kata liar tentang latihan dan keperluan pendidikan itu semata-mata untuk sumber manusia adalah amat sedih dan menjijikkan.

Tidak payah tunggu 30 tahu lagi untuk melihat Malaysia dipenuhi dengan kekotoran dan kekeliruan. Hari ini sudah heboh tentang orang Melayu memeluk agama Keristian, membuat video lucah, perkongsian seks percuma dan keruntuhan akhlak yang semakin serius. Nanti kos sosial negara akan jauh lebih tinggi dari kos ekonomi bagi melahirkan manusia yang bertanggungjawab dan sejahtera.

Anda mungkin akan berkata sistem pendidikan Amerika Syarikat adalah sistem yang baik dan berjaya kerana anda pandang kepada perkembangan teknologi yang pesat dan maju. Tapi anda mungkin tidak tahu sejak dari 1980'an lagi rakyat Amerika sudah mengalami tanggungan ekonomi yang teruk. Pengangguran sudahpun ramai. Semakin sehari ia menjadi semakin tenat, dimana kedai-kedai mulai bertukar milik dari orang kulit puteh kepada orang-orang Asia. Dan dalam abad ke 21 ini pula ramai yang jatuh miskin dan kehilangan rumah tangga. Anda juga mungkin tidak sedar sejak tahun-tahun itu kadar jenayah sangat tinggi, pembunuhan berlaku setiap hari.

Apakah ertinya teknologi mencecah bulan kalau di bumi tidak terjaga.

Nama Kolej Vokasional ialah sesuatu yang harum didengar. Tetapo kosnya ialah  penutupan peluang kepada mereka yang tidak berminat di dalam akademik. Pelajar-pelajar ini akan terus di sekolah masing-masing sebagai sampah pada sekolah dan nanti menjadi pula sampah masyarakat. Masalah sosial akan bertambah parah. Pembuat dasar ini menunggu anak-anak sendiri gagal di dalam peperiksaan atau menjadi penjenayah nanti.

Tidak perlu diterangkan lagi pendidikan hari ini untuk siapa. Anda lihatlah dan fikir-fikirlah sendiri. Apakah kita mahu berkata 'biarlah yang boleh jadi doktor dan jurutera jadi jurutera, dan yang boleh jadi penyamun dan penjahat itu jadi jahat...' Sebenarnya itulah yang kita katakan.

Anda perhatikan anak cucu mereka. Apakah yang mereka akan lakukan ?

02/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Isn't there anything good done by the government to the people ?

One of the praiseworthy deeds of our government is the medicare. I don't remember since when patients are not charged or pay the token sum of a few ringgit for the medicines and treatment. You want to know the price you try the private hospital. If you are warded for two days you may have to pay more than RM3000. The government is spending enormous sum to give the service to the people.

Secondly we still have the pension scheme. Retired government servants can still survive until the end of their days. And they are subject to free medical treatment. When the minimum pension was raised to RM700 it gave life to those who received less than RM350 - RM500. This would be considered a very humane endeavor.

Those not working with the government has the EFP scheme for the future of the employees. Both the employers and the government contribute to the welfare and the future of individual workers. People can still survive after leaving their jobs at the old age.

Education is free. Again to know the price is to go to private schools, some of which are charging RM60K for a semester. A big budget has always been set for education. School buildings are like universities. Teachers' salary is one of the highest in Asia. Students were provided with free notebooks. The immense expenditure were announced at every budget speech.

Aren't all those good work not known by the public ? Why then half of the population are still unhappy with the government ?

People tend to look at the good and evil side. Claiming the good work is jeered for it is the duty and the responsibility of any government to serve the people and provide the best for the welfare of the populace. The people gave the mandate to rule and pay taxes to ensure of excellent services to the public.

The money paid was stolen, not by the government but by some people running the government and the people in the government. PERWAJA  had to close down. PKZ losing billions. NFC failed to run the cow project. Mahathir disguised the stealing under the guise of major projects. Najib spent for popularity hunt and to maintain his power. Wastage was colossal. What all other Prime Minister's didn't do, Najib did it; the FLOM and the use of private jets. Rosmah's extravaganza excels Emelda Marcos.

Property development is to please and enrich the greedy people. Hill tops and agriculture land were raped. Water cathment areas gave way to expensive bungalows and condos. So much so people had to seek water from the rivers which are polluted with all sorts of dirt. Now they claimed the pig's heads and excretions polluted the river water. The agriculture land were bought at RM3 per square foot and sold to business communities at RM15 to RM25. Mahathir defended his scheme saying 'We can always import foodstuffs' and he recently said development does not benefit Malaysia.

Drugs, illegal immigrants, foreigners residing and doing businesses in this country, criminal activities are all related to corruptions. People have been accusing the police to be involved in crimes and under ground activities, which are now proven to be true. Even top politicians were seen to rub shoulders with the big time gangsters.

The people who were expected to help and be the savior of Malaysian people are now becoming arrogant, fanning racial hatred, twisting their tongues and corrupting the public for votes. They became swagger like Shahrizat and Ahmad Said. They misuse their power to protect criminals and their own crimes. They deployed gangsters to pursue their insatiable desires, attacking their opponents busses and vehicles.

The government should purge these people out otherwise it's white side will slowly be darkened by blackness, the sweet aroma will be displaced by the stinking smell of lies and deception. It is this bad element that tarnish the good  name of the government.

01/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A mother with 8 grown up children recently felt sick and warded in a private hospital. It was the daughter in law who took her for the treatment. It is our Malaysian tradition for someone to stay with the parent at the hospital though it is not necessary. The daughter usually stays. As I learned everyone was pushing the responsibility either to look after the mother or to talk about the medical fee. But at least they came to see their mother at the ward.

Grown up and working children who work away from home are always busy. A big majority do not have time or too busy to look after their parents. Some didn't even care to come home at all. One didn't come back even for the funeral but sending check through someone for the expenditure.

More often than not the children will have meeting among themselves to decide who would pay for the maid and how much. Then they will employ a maid to take care of their lone mother or father.

Cases like these also happen outside Malaysia. And we heard stories about the maids were named to get the property and the savings. It is during this time the family members would contest for the inheritance.

If you are a believer you must know that God does not favor the unfilial. There will be no 'barakah' in our live, which means we are never happy and never satisfied, always facing domestic and office problems. The more serious, we will fall sick.

You don't have to believe me. You can observe your surroundings, and see how your friends and neighbors fared. Even greed and insatiable condition is a bad omen.

Getting old is not merely getting wrinkles and facial changes, but also different perceptions and treatments from younger generations. Old people are associated with senility, sickness, filthy and helplessness. It is tasteless for the children which they abhorred, and want to impose theirs on.

The elderly are not afraid of being old or sick or death but they are worried their kids will die and get sick first before them. As I always say that I am not worried nursing my sick wife but I am more worried if I can't help her due to my sickness.

Are your parents still alive ?

How much have you done to serve them and made them happy to know that they have a filial children ? Or are you busy with your own problems ? Or are you hoping they will die the soonest to elevate your mental burden ?

The family re-union of the Chinese for the midnight dinner remind us of the great Asian filial piety. The picture below is showing Chin with the family, whom I always see at the dialysis center, sending and picking her up.

02/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is happiness in good time and bad time, in good health and in sickness. We see smiling faces among the sick people. Race has never been a barrier at the hospitals, wards and in kampongs.

Chin would never feel lonely. When her name was called and the family was a way for some task, the woman shown on the right, would take her by the hand, walked her to the weighing machine and placed her on the dialysis chair. Everybody helps each other. Really, life is so beautiful.

When the sick patients grouped together there were stories told. There would be laughter at jokes and the show of surprise and shock at scary stories.

When I told about my daily chores friend felt so sorry for me. My female students told me their husbands would left them if they fall sick. Young kids may wish their parents to die the fastest.

Why the sadness when life could be fulfilling with the sick people. We have companies of the jovial faced partners, talking of our good and fun time.

We must always remember that we can die first before our old sickly parents.



In Norway everyone is now a millionaire. Thanks to the oil that is not being monopolized by only a handful of people. The philosophical question is will the nation come to a standstill, and nobody wants to go to work anymore ?

In a civil society work will go on as usual. The garbage collector will still be doing his work as much as the doctor will operate his patients. The sense, conception and the sentimental feeling might change to a certain extent. Workers work not because of the money but because of the pride and the fulfilling that embrace them. Each will want to the best he could attain.

But those who are lazy will continue to stay idle and those who employ maids will be finding foreign maids. Some of the local maids will continue to give the service for the love of the family they work under.

How about the thieves and robbers ? The numbers will be reduced drastically but may not be absolute because a few will regard stealing as fun and to maintain their skills.

Even in our society the rich and the wealthy sent their kids to school to get education, knowledge, good values and morality. Jobs to them would be some kind of pleasure, to have a good feeling at the end of the good work done.

There might be some structural change here and there as the preferences might shift to a new desire. Since everyone is affordable to buy what they want, some might want to change the mode of their movements and entertainments. Yet even if everyone buys car, not all will travel to work by their cars. Many will still prefer public transportation to avoid congestions.

The world must not get worried if everyone becomes a millionaire.

30/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The utterance, the speech, the statement and whatever come from the mouth would either crystallize from the mind, emotion, the interaction of both or from sub-consciousness. I always hear football supporters predicting scores in favor of their team. This does not come from their mind, rather from their heart. They want it that way, hence followed by their rosy predictions. It is the quick way of making conclusion.

Statements from the minds are based on the factual past events and factual knowledge, more on probability than on certainty. Base on the track records and the past successes our soccer team may win. The probability is high but not with absolute certainty.

When somebody says something we must first examine the authenticity and the validity of his words. The authority is not a book, a sage, a PHD holder, a great politician or a judge. The authority is the truth which is a body of solid and real data. Everyday we are hearing statements from every source. Most were born from the sentiments.

We expect people of education with degrees and PHDs to be more rational and not to issue wild statements, especially of the future without holding to any data at all whatsoever.

You can create things out of nothing and make people really believe in it. It can still come from your mind from the compartment of imagination. Then we give a touch of a character that follows the command of our sentiment, to make it a demon or a hero, a valiant or a villain.

It's our mouth that determine the degree of civility, not our wealth and social status.                                                 31/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib and Mahathir are ridiculing Anwar as a fool. So Anwar is a fool. How about Najib and Mahathir ? Mahathir is the greatest fool when he is responsible for selling the Malay land away by his stupid policy. And he is more fool to criticize Najib, a PM of his choice.  And when two of candidates of his choice did not win the last GE13. How could PERKASA's head, the champion of the Malays, were rejected even by his own race ? Are they not fools ? As for Najib you can make your own judgment.

No tongue twisters and flip-floper is an honorable man. We, the pariah group, unknown to the world can be anything, from an idiot to a moron. For an ex-PM, ex-Presidents, PM and Presidents, to portray their foolishness, it is a great shame. What worth the status and wealth to be despised by millions, or booed by the crowds, witnessed by a great masses of people ?

When fools are fooling the kampong and uneducated Malays it is a regrettable tragedy. That's why PERKASA came into existence, indicating the Malays were being fooled so much that they are becoming weaker and weaker each day. All are the making of the UMNO. They ran stupid policies that brought disaster to the Malays.

How about them being made tools and conned by con men ? They are being dignified without salaries and payment, called as Presidents and Chairmen, name as a project developer but the money didn't go to them ? Those are greater fools. I know at least 4 fools who were conned but shameful enough to divulge their bitter experience.

Do you ever observe that the Mamaks are the most vocal in protesting against the others ? And the Patail, the Kutty, the faces on the TVs, the condo-Queen, the ex-PM, the Syed Mokhtar and many more as you always see on the TVs. It is nothing wrong for them being more vocal. I am just saying they are all Mamaks.

Of course we don't mind to be fools as long as we can grab unlimited wealth without being charged in court, or being called immoral as long as we have power, or being criticized as long as we can use public funds to finance our lavishness and personal spending.

How many people call Anwar a fool ? How many people call Najib a fool ? Let's put it to a vote.



I was at the jogging track when a young man about 25 walking on my opposite approached me, asking me whether I could coach him to run 3 kilometers within 13 minutes. I told him joggers and walkers in the inner track were doing at about the speed.

He told me about his applying for a job at the Town Counsel and he was required to show his ability in completing the three mile distant within the stipulated time. I didn't ask him more though I was confused with the requirement.

I told him I had to skill and not all qualified to coach anybody anything. At the outside track there was another young man who would run for miles and miles at a constant speed. He was there and asked him to seek the help from the man. He left me. Later I saw him talking to the man.

What has running to do with the labor job he was applying ? How many other jobless young people are seeking blue collar jobs in town and in the whole country ?

The next time I meet jobless people who approach me for some kind of help I will be asking him to seek the help of UMNO's JKK or write directly to Najib.

31/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There are volumes of books on values. It is about what is right and what is wrong. A French Canadian PHD student pinched her daughter who did not listen to her command. When I told her about using psychology, the response was 'What psychology ?' A couple who canned their kid's palm were jailed for more than 40 days pending the court proceedings. An Indian diplomat who paid RM2000 to her maid was hailed to court for not paying USD3000 a month to the same maid.

It is all about how a person or a country defines good and bad.

One world and one law is to command for a universal value. NWO is moving towards a single government applying one single law and the value system. United Nation has long been regarded as the NWO.



Right now I am watching Liverpool plays  Everton on my note 3. Live sports, movies and even adult movies come free with a few downloads.

Though I have a Papago and the Co-Pilot in, I prefer to use my iPhone for navigation. I have more than 150 video clips of the top famous songs of the 60's. which are used to entertain myself while going jogging or driving.

As a ham I have SDR radio, and an excellent Morse trainer. So far I have not read any E-Book yet.

This thing kills my time, really.     29/01/2014


Kodiang has been famous for it's Pasembor for quite a number of long years. The old shop  isn't there anymore. A new stall is opened in the mosque area. Old Boy Hanafi would not miss this place if he were to pass this way. Yesterday, we stopped for the delicacy while on the way to Hairie's house.

One noticeable thing is a plate of pasembor is halved the previous amount. Hanafi had to call for additional plate. This time it was filled up. I knew it was all due to the cost factor. There was no crab nor prawn as used to be. Every businessman grumbled about the price hike which Najib seemed to wash away, pretending as nothing has happened.            29/01/2014



Education planning is not only to produce manpower source for the country, it should also to set the over all culture and life of the populace; a society free of drugs and crimes, a nation with responsible, courteous and trustworthy citizens. Setting up a goal is not simply making a mission statement without considering the dynamic side of the events and human behaviors.

The Kedahkians would still remember 'Kedah's 2010 Progressive Achievement' to follow Mahathir's Vision 2020. Now it is 2014, four years passed the targeted period what great achievement has the state attained other than traffic jam, the robbing of agriculture land and the increasing numbers of garbage hunters.

Education planners design a very elaborate and rosy structure, consuming a huge sum of money. Today we hear of PBS, Vocational Colleges and what more. A system that will provide manpower for the scientific progress.

PBS itself is heavily depending on trust. We can trust the machines that are very precise and to do exactly what is programmed. How much trust can you put on a man ? The probability of leakage is greater, and opened up more opportunity to more people to make money.

Of a greater concern is, it locks off opportunity for self-improvement in attaining a better academic qualification and thus climb to the higher social status, of those who left schools in Form 3, 4 or 5. How many million of school leavers who could not pursue higher study at good universities ? Najib is trying to lock them by the minimum wage policy; why worry of higher education when the salary is enough ?

But the whole system failed to look at the dropouts, those who are not keen in academic education, those who can't read and write, and at those Muslims who can't read a simple Koran. The dynamic of life is, it is these groups that are breaking up families, creating chaos and vandalism, apostasy and the decline in religious morality.

Idris Jusoh was proud of his son who can recite the Holly Book extremely well without knowing the numbers who can't do a simple abolution.

Policy makers and planners have no idea what are happenings outside their cocoons. They create ideal without looking at the dynamic of events and reality. They tell the kids to apply to ILP when there are one or two ILPs. But there tenth of thousands of disappointed students who do not know what to do.

I was informed that the Ministry threatened teachers who questioned the policy. Mahyuddin said schools do not understand the system. I say the planners don't understand the reality, probably hiding behind their dirty PHDs.

29/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof 

edWhen the government kicked up the painful cost of living by several of it's crazy policies the masses began to get angry. Nay. UMNO can do no wrong. Prices went up because of the greedy businessmen. Najib organized playful army to fight against price increase. Ministers were ordered to go to the ground. Enforcement officers raided business premises and made surprise checks to wet markets, sending reports of what they found. They picked up on kangkong because of the price they saw. Najib was happy to see at least there was an item that was cheaper than the day before the raid.

I said it was a gimmick base on the past track record, that no government action was effective, because everyone would say they have to spend more. Even the middlemen who were accused as the culprits would deny of their obsession and argued that they have to spend more. They won't be able to bring down the price at any cost, except they have to stop executing the foolish policy and abstain from excessive and lavish spending. Najib has been spending like nobody's business, as if the well is without a bottom. As I said before billions were spent on General election alone. You will be surprise to know the cost of flags, banners and giant boards with Najib's face and BN flags.

I was not wrong at all. It is less than a month Mahyuddin already admitted the government can't control prizes and mentioning 'depend on consumers to deal with the price hike'. Wake up people. They blamed the middlemen and the suppliers. Now they tell you that it is up to you.

If the government with the big army, the police, the law makers and the lawyers can't bring down the price, what do you expect a man on the street to do. Does the government want the people to tell TNB not to increase the electricity price ? Tell the oil company to reduce the price ?

Najib and BN cheat the people who vote for them. I just love to hear the UMNO supporters grumbling about the prices they have to pay. And I have been wondering about the type of people who are happy in paying more. You observe the number of these people who fought back when people made comments on the increase of gasoline price. A few months later they felt the pinch.

Worse will be coming. Believe me these UMNO people will still be smiling when they are spit and kicked by the people they love so much. They love Rosmah.

28/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am sure many of you have experienced some strange phenomena that befell your life but you just it allow to go because you know people would dismiss your story. The skeptic would always say it is just a co-incidence.

For the last one month there was a sudden urge within me to use GPS and buying a camcorder. I combed the whole room for my Garmin but to no avail. I browed through the web pages to look for the Garmin price. I was frustrated because it is too expensive.

I searched from the Apple Store for any offline soft ware, downloaded a few, but none seem to work well. Dismayed by it I decided to buy Note 3. The shopkeeper said he could provide Papago. I found there were several free offline navigation soft ware for Android. Note 3 was not cheap either. I had not desire to have more than one smart phone. I was finally overwhelmed by my own greed and selfishness. I purchased the Note 3.

Note 3 is too big and too new to be used as travel companion. Nevertheless I tried going mobile to test Papago and a few other downloaded navigators. I could not get Garmin Pilot Street on it. Neither could I purchased the soft ware which need a credit card. Already I get bored with the new toy.

The day before yesterday by the Grace of God, I saw CoPilot and Sygic in Apple Store. It was never there, or they were purchased items. I quickly downloaded and installed several others including those two.

This is what I called a mystery. It was never found before but now it loomed there before my eyes for free again. It was a miracle. It is God's providence. Sygic is on a 7 day trial. Co-Pilot is not.

Today I used my iphone to navigate.

Call it anything, like co-incidence, but I called it a mystery. At time an unexpected events took place that enrich our happiness; things we had wish to happen but did not materialized till many years later , when we already forget them.

The other day my wife shed her tears when I said God provides us with abundance, neighbors and students sent us foods, too much of them. I was bubbling about giving away to people and mosque.

Muslims or non-Muslims who do good will somehow be awarded.

Yesterday my wife narrated to me about the oldest dialysis patient, about 85, sang several traditional songs in the wards, putting some joyous atmosphere. The whole room was filled with laughter. This may not be a mystery. How about the baby in China who was about to be buried suddenly cried before the burial ?

23/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Whoever is threatening May 13 must be arrested immediately and dealt with without fear and favor. When all others do not want it's repetition and reject violence, the group of two legged animals are blowing the fire of threat.

The world psychologists have been worried of leaders with unsound mental health, who talk without thinking, who never compute the future consequences of their words and deeds.

I remember vividly how the Arab nations were threatening Israel in the Arab-Israeli war, marching their forces with great confidence, but in 6 days the whole combined battalions were crushed.

The police must first arrest Ibrahim Ali. If he is deemed a mad man, then send him to the mental wards. He has been insulting men and God.

The root of the problem was Najib's kangkong speech. And UMNO leaderships including the Menteri Besar of Trengganu must know how the citizens felt when the ikan kembong price was tagged  at RM19 per kilo. Using one tongue to say they understand rakyat's pain and another dismissing the masses as stupid goons, continue with expensive leisure and lavish living, add more fuel to unwelcome statements.

PERKASA must know and learn about the different between talks and ability. People can yell as loud as they can but without the ability to run even 5 miles. The leaderships are old guards who can't even satisfied a 50 year old woman. Yet they are talking about fighting and going to war.

Such people must not be allowed to go free for threatening and inducing others to hate the Chinese. The rule is still true that there are million of bad Malays that we can't even made as friends.

If the leaderships are experiencing the Respect Crisis then they must know that respect is earned , not demanded. Ustaz Fadzil Noor was highly respected by the people, not because he was as PAS man, but because he was a humble man, making himself available at every feast and enjoying the fun of cooking with the kampong folks.

A swagger, pompous and arrogant individual like Shahrizat and Ahmad Said will be spitted on.

I would prefer Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh to distance themselves from the unruly PERKASA.

The problem with the world is the bosses think they are powerful and strong, while the citizens think everyone is equal. Any salute given is not due to the rank but to the appreciation of the work done and the service given.

Malaysia would be a better place to live in without the bad mouth politicians.   23/01/2014


Ahmad Said, the political science graduate, went to Antarctica to study the region. A great scientist indeed. But I wonder whether he can explain what carbon 14 dating is. And  a greater wonder knowing the political sciences comprises the principals of physic, Newton, Einstein and Teslar.

Such kind of a lame excuse given doesn't deserve any attention. Does it come from a man ? Or is it Nang Pu Nang, Kui Pu Ti Kui, not a human and not a ghost. It is worse than the Satan and more vicious than a beast. They insult the masses as if the people are animals.

I could not tolerate hearing his speech. "If a baby is registered as UMNO member we will give him the best." It was the words of a rare specie untold by the Koran and the bible. It was the words of the beast.

When they beast the masses, the masses will beast them back. And the people will be waiting for his research report at the Antarctica; what is so political about the glacier and the thick ice ?

To him saying sorry is something sinful, degrading his status as the representative of God. Didn't UMNO say the party is God's chosen ? UMNO leaders as shadows of God ?

As the majority of the people are struggling to face the rising cost of living, the UMNO elites are enjoying the luxurious lifestyles. And giving unacceptable responses to the mitigation of the rakyat. It is very despicable.

The very arrogant of Ahmad Said is beyond description.

A house in Trengganu 

As a scientist Ahmad Said should be aware of Newton's principle on force.

25/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Bad weather is in the East Coast. The catch in the West Coast will not be affected by the strong wind and wavy South China Sea. This is an annual phenomena. Hence we cannot take the current fish price to be different from all other years. Yet mackerel went up from 5 ringgit to 19 ringgit.

You want to look at the price you just need to look at your own expenditure you have to incur as a result of the policy imposed or approved by the government. How much are you paying for the rate and land tax now compared to before ? How much are you paying for your vehicle insurance now than previously ?

I used to modify my software for free or for a minimal charge. With shrinking income I have have no choice but increase my fee. It is idiotic for the government to instruct me to lower my charge or demand for the old free of charge service. Because I could not hoard my service, I just won't provide the service again when requested.

Prices are not merely determined by the force of supply and demand. Taxation, the value of money, rental, minimum wage, salary scales and other government fiscal policy will push them up.

I was amused by the seizure of goods from shops which did not display the price tag. A RM20 shirt could be tagged as RM200 and a sale discount of 75%. All products in supermarkets are tagged. So there was no arrest and no seizure. But the amount always change to the higher price. The Mamak food shop would slaughter you even with the price tag.

People want to know whether the extra expenditure faced by the masses go to the business community or to the government/ Is it as a result of greed or due to the government policy ?22/01/2014

American Presidents always say "The world is better and safer without Saddam, without Osama". Probably the world would be safer without Iran and North Korea. Would Malaysia be more tranquil without Anwar Ibrahim ? Most UMNO minister are thinking that way. Anwar is the source and the root of all problems.

Problems will never ceased even if there is no opposition party and no Anwar for the root of all problems are human sentiments and emotions; the greed and the ego.

Even if DAP or PR run the country and Najib as well as Mahathir are dead troubles won't go away. We heard of corruptions in North Korea, China and the United States.

As long as there are greed and misuse of power there will be people who will fight. The lesser is the protest, the other end is the bombing and bloody violence.

Anwar was in UMNO before. The oppositions were as strong as ever and as vocal as anybody else. PERWAJA, Bank Bumi and PKZ were not the making of Anwar Ibrahim, The purchases of refurbished military hardware were not of his doing either. Mohd Said Antarctica's vacation trip was not whistle blew by him too.

When bad things happened people will know. You can't stop people from talking about the rising cost of living if they are paying more for everything.

There are thousand of jobless graduates who are able to sense and see the avarice of a nation. A nation can simply let go the indelible ink scam costing million of ringgit. Even a stupid man can see the crime without any action.

The young blood would not stay idle. Anwar and Rafizi may be gone, there are tenth of thousands of others ready to take the fight.

The remedy is not using force, cheating and deception the masses. The remedy is to be wise and prudent in spending and halt corruption immediately, not to tax the citizens by lavish spending and sheer wastage, not to create bleak future for the nation - in jobs, housings, water sand food prices and shortages. Take away agriculture land is committing suicide.


Listening to trunk radio is fun. In my area lorry drivers use it to communicate with each other while at work. I just find it more interesting to listen to them than listening to the ham operators, which at time can cause severe mental agony with their styles and terminology.

Drivers talk on many things. Whatever comes across them while driving will be met with questions or remarks, even about a car number like KR4 and a sexy woman walking on a street.

On several occasions I tried to catch up with these drivers. At the rest area along the highway I approached a few lorries and asked about their radio. "Rdio JPJ ? ",  They would ask me. "We don't use them."

I understood why they called it radio JPJ. The drivers always used the term 'Tangkap Lori' , signaling to their friends. But it is seldom heard.

I would say they could be heard almost 18 hours a day. Some operate from their homes.

The operators do not have to be a ham. I sense they enjoy the fun, kill the boredom while driving alone. They always have company to talk to. Several could speak good English indicating their level of education.

A neighbor behind my house whom I think owns a transceiver as I see an antenna erected in his compound, one day saw my mobile set and commented about me going hamming while driving. I told him that I did not listen to the ham radio but to lorry drivers. He showed a surprise countenance and never asked me more, only with a puzzling 'eh..' from his mouth.

So far I have not heard the words QSL, 73 and other ham lingo from them, only  ROGER by some guys. Unlike the RELA who love to use ham lingo. But the lorry drivers are fond of saying 'ADUIH' and 'CLEAR'.

I think lorry drivers earn a good pay. A few are known to own Viva and paying installments with the honest earned income.

Right now is 12:15 am. I still hear them having conversation.



They are all about human beings. The priest in the United States burned the Koran, the Muslims in Malaysia seized the bibles, the Protestants and the Atheists called the Catholic Pagan and the West called the Muslims terrorists.

It looks like that religions and politics are intermingling and mixing at a floating convenience. It was puzzling whether the burning of the Koran was due to an anger at Islam or at the bombing of the World Trade Center. Scientists and engineers had proved that WTC were controlled demolition yet the priests crazily and madly insist on his dire action. Did the Malaysians retaliate by burning the bibles ?

The Malaysians were only angry when the Indian Catholic priest used his freedom to disrespect the local Muslims. Freedom has been a farce concept when it is used with absolute meaning; freedom to hurt others, or murder others or to rob others, and even freedom to lie and deceive. The people did not attack the church but merely seized the bibles.

Protestants called the Pope anti-Christ since the 19the century and earlier. Others called Catholics Pagan with tangible and convincing proofs. It wasn't the Muslims who created the Pagan image of the church. Even the current Papacy is still shaken by the sex abuse of the Catholic priests and dismissed many of them.

You may not know that it was Henry Kessinger who first started to tag the Muslims as terrorists to justify the killings and the taking over of the Palestinians and their land. The coined word has become so popular even Mahathir saw the Islamic schools as the breeding ground of violence and anti-government citizens.

But religions sharing with pornography have been the weapons of the Capitalists to weaken the Muslims and the Communist regimes. Converting the Chinese and North Koreans to Christianity was the strongest to sway the populace from Communism and it would be a hindrance to the raise Communism to it's pinnacle. So is the pornography and drugs that are powerful mind altering tools.

Priests become spies as well as wealth collectors. Muslim clerics become government spokespersons. Each with a hidden intention and agenda.

The Jews are not interested in converting negroes in a small island. They are more interested to spread their influence in the United States and Great Britain and other European nations, not because of Judaism but to gain support and sympathy for the quest of a strong Jewish nation.

To the American Atheists religions are just a farce, the cause of the conflicts, the pagan practice, the way to make money and the way to build power.

Hi Gang,

To me, Christians are like children blowing out candles on a birthday cake. They do it because they want to believe that their wish will come true.
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The Koran burner, the bible seizers, the Pagan Catholics and the Muslim terrorists are all people. One sees the right to burn, another see the right to seize. One calls the other Catholic Pagan, the other calls the Muslims terrorists. And all having a hidden agenda behind them. Some are political tools. Some propel for self interests.



Call it carelessness or forgetfulness, I lost two of my Garmin Nuvi GPS. I had two in my iPhone, TOM TOM and Papago, downloading from Installous after the jailbreaking. Now They disappeared after I unjailbreak and changed my IOS a couple of times.

Recently I downloaded several offline GPS maps and it's system, tested all of them, then uninstalled them. They can be used and take you to places where you want to go. But a few will not recalculate the route in case the original route is not followed. I didn't even hear Papago said 'Recalculation' though it  continue to give a new directions.

Among all, I would say Garmin is the best. The new nuvi cost more than 1K. The older version is now about RM350. The Apple Store tagged it at $29.99. That would be around RM100.

I am willing to depart with my 100 ringgit rather than using the free inferior navigators. But as usual I can't buy it. A bank required 40K in my account to issue a credit card. 40K is like 40 million to me.

Even if I have enough money I will not go for any other except for Garmin. Below is a clip and a write up taken from the web page. The price stated is higher than I found from the Apple Store.

Some people may like Garmin, others may not. My assessment is based on my mere experience.


To me GPS is a new baby which I used once several years ago, treating it like a toy, enjoying it for a period of time, later neglected it after getting bored with it.

The free stuffs were either developed by a team or by a single man. The team project was always better than by the lone man. But they are too inferior in all aspects though some come with the audio interface. Even the professional Tom Tom and Papago are of no match to Garmin.

At times when I looked at myself in a mirror I was wondering what the younger people are thinking of me if they were to know what I have been up to. "That old man must be preparing for his death...". I tried to dislodge myself from software but two days ago a school requested for modification on the biometric attendance system which took me more than 20 hours of man work.

They would not know that I have been jailbreaking and unjailbreaking, loading and erasing Cydia, strunggling to get the Installous, for hours and hours.

GPS is not of much use now to me. But I felt I have missed some technology I used to play with.




Reading on the arrest of Sultan Melaka by Malaysian government reminded me of the fate of Saddam Hussein who repeatedly said in court 'I am your President' to the judge and the same judge hanged him. And don't tell me that there isn't any Royal blood individuals in China with a long history of Kings and their wives and consorts.

Before the Presidents and Prime Ministers there were Kings and Sultans. Don't tell us that with the emergence of the current government the Kings and the Sultans completely vanished from the earth surface.

It is about the power game. People in power decides the history and the fate of others. They made laws and gave divinity to the law. They defined history to fit themselves and used religion for their own benefit. They themselves fear of their fate if they lost their grips on the power.

What is the power ? The police. The power of the police is the gun and all the weapons.

Law is made by men. A person has the choice to recognize or reject it. Try to recall a cowboy movie of bad guys who took over a town and became sheriff. A hero who was quick in a draw and fast with his gun had no fear and challenged the sheriffs. His power lies in the gun and his ability. United States can make a no-fly zone line in foreign countries because it is militarily strong.

USA and Israel command the Iran and North Korea not to go nuclear. Could Iran and North Korea made the same law on Israel and USA ?

If there is any law on the issue of the Sultan of Melaka, the law is made by one party, and the other party has his natural right to reject it.

Powerful people can draw and carve laws as they like; to take people's land and how much to pay them, to take public fund to give to anyone they like, to raise taxes as much as they like.

People obey for fear of reprisal and punishment. Motorbikers do not wear helmets in places where there are no police and AES cameras because there won't be any reprisal or arrest. People disobey religious teachings because they do not see any punishments and reprisals. If anyone who insult God is immediately strike by a lightning, you can be sure that everyone will follow God's words.

There are laws to prevent the spreading of the truth. They call it inciting a rebellion.

We also know a law known as OSA. That was the act to stop officers from talking the truth about bad things that happened in a government departments.

A change in government is normal in the Western nations. But it is feared in Malaysia. People are told to be fearful of the change. A new power will decide the fate of Mahathir, Rosmah and Shahrizat. Would Mahathit say "I was your Prime Minister once and brought prosperity to you and your family' ? A new government can choose not to recognize all the past laws and consider them null and void.

It is good to know the history of Vietnam War with the Americans. Much will be learnt, about the bravery and the sacrifice. A powerful government could be brought down by the bravery and spirit of the people.

The Royal blood in the world will not fade. It is just they don't have any power at all and prefer to live as a normal citizen. But before the Prime Ministers, and Residents there were the Sultans and the Kings. If Zahid can show his ingratitude to a Sultan, likewise the Malaysians too can show their ingratitude towards Zahid and the government.

How is Iraq today after Saddam Hussein was hung like a dog ?

The traditional sciences disprove the existence of the Creator. The quantum science is moving towards the existence of God and the philosophy of existence and reality. By the will of God quantum will convince the world that bad people will go to hell. The time won't be too far.


The question is simple and straight forward. Do you think after BN Ministers going down to shops and wet markets and campaigning against the Middlemen the prices and the cost of living will be down ?

Remember it was a promise made by Najib that prices will not increase, people will not be burden and even vehicle price will come down. Remember the giant wooden boards displayed along the long highway from Perlis to Johor, showing Najib and with promising captions ?\

A promise is a promise. The government must ensure of the promised made will be fulfilled. Hence there must be no blame on anybody for the increase price and the escalating cost of living.

Najib himself admitted that he has to make unpopular decision because he is a responsible person. What decisions are unpopular and why he said he understood the pinch felt by the people. He was talking about the toll hike, electricity tariff, the oil price and the liftings of subsidies. More to that - reducing allocations, increase premiums and other taxes.

The lavishness, extravaganza spending and wastage, election spending, purchasing of second hands hardware, corrupting the voters, payment to void projects, failed projects and much more drained out the money from the public coffer. Mahathir never spent a cent to boost his popularity. So were the rest of our Prime Ministers. Their wives did not create a FLOM office and bought expensive things.

Now they talk of GST and lifting the subsidies. No matter how well they argued to convince the people, those acts were not done during all the past PMs, yet we survived well.

The current actions you see on the TVs will be realized as a gimmick in a few weeks or months time when prices will keep on rising and people have to pay more for their livelihood.

But I can assure you there will be the next drama, of blaming the world for the rising burden. The people will be told that all nations have to pay more taxes and insurance and prices for commodities. And in the meantime the UMNO guys will be taking luxurious cruise to Antarctica, and enjoying the wedding ceremony on the cruise ship.

It is partly true that the greedy Mamak shop will exploit the opportunity to increase prices of their products; roti canai to a ringgit with smaller size, mee increased by 30 cents, nescafe by 30 cents. Fish, crabs and praws goes double or tripple.

When I have to pay more for everything, I will have to charge more for my service and goods. So were you.

But behind the curtain there is a hidden hand. You need to look into the national coffers and look where the money goes to before the current PM and the past PMs. When the government has no money it will find ways to look for them. It has to take from the people.

If the Middlemen are the culprits then surely the government has an effective way to deal with it.

Remember well. THE MIDDLEMEN. The shift is on them. Nothing else. We wait. Just for a month or two. Will we be release from the increasing burden ?

There are two type of people who will blame the others; the corrupt politicians and the stupid UMNO goons.

If my prediction is wrong I swear I will praise Najib till the end of his tenure.



Different people learn Morse differently. I prefer listening to hams rag chewing or to essays or paper cutting to familiarize myself with words rather than the characters. I developed a software to train myself, where articles from websites were copied and paste on my CW Trainer, saved and later listen to them.

I found there are several free Morse softwares for the Android. Morse Player Free is one of them. If Apple used Application Store, Samsung is using Play Store.

Open up a browser and search for a topic of your interest. Choose Select All and then Copy it. After closing down the browser, run the Morse Player. Paste the article on it and Save the Text.

Set the speed and start playing. Start with 15 wpm and gradually increase the speed. Enjoy yourself.



Rabits and some other animals are fond of kangkong. Mixing the vegetable with peanut curry and squid is a delicacy. But squids are very expensive today. Kangkong is easily grown at your backyard along the dirty brooks.

There are two reasons why Najib asked the citizens to thank the government for the cheap price of kangkong. Firstly, it is to encourage the people to change their staple food from rice to the easily available plants. Rice isn't good for health. Millons of Malaysians are  diabetics.

Secondly, we Malaysians are as stupid as animals, as pigs and rabits. We deserve to be fed with kangkong. The conception is not a jester. It was thought by UMNO all the time, that the Malays are stupid. No matter what they would go for UMNO.



One of our rights is to talk the truth. Our opponents do not like to hear what we are talking about. The most matured and courteous way is to present a rebuttal. The third party will decide who speaks the truth. But that wasn't the case as I observed in the Facebook and else where. There was always a short cut challenge; the throwing of stones and the yelling of insults, telling the other side not to talk and shut their mouth, and ask the opponent to leave the country.

Issues on the raising cost were discussed with lavish expenditure and wastage, wild spending to gain popularity and the great corruptions using the public funds. What was raised by the audits did not touch the purchase of bad goods like the used war planes and the sub-marine, the wastage involving mega projects.

But the stupid people are blaming the business communities, not the TNB or PLUS or other profitable organizations that are raising the selling prices of their products. Remember, listen to what is said not to who said it.    14/01/2014



The other day I took the highway to Pendang with my wife. At the toll booth, I asked the man in charge of the ticket "When is the toll hike ?"

                    "2017", came the reply.

Really I don't hear the news anywhere because I do not buy newspapers anymore, and my TV time is only two or three hours a month. I would spend my TV time on Mari Berjoget, the gorgeous  traditional dance with beautiful music and song.

Probably it was announced that there is no toll hike in the near future. Whatever I hope I heard the true thing about toll hike only in 2017. It would indeed be a great relief.

Last night I read about there won't be any increase in RON price as yet. Will it last till 2017 too ?

A decision should not be based on a mere rationality. Mixing humanity, sentiment, pity, conscientiousness, and rationality to derive  the right action is difficult yet it is an imperative procedure.

Government should first began with the austerity drive; decide whether to buy or to rent, to use energy saving device or anything that come, to be spendthrift or thrifty, to buy or not to buy.

People were angry when Mahathir ordered an agreement for the crooked bridge that trapped the government to pay if the agreement was void. A huge sums was paid to his cronies.

Secondly government must enhance and increase it's efficiency to ensure security and to stop wastage. The missing jet engine, payment to non-existing projects, indifference to quality and specifications and buying cheap stuffs at a higher price.

When I saw the number of Barisan National blue flags and the huge giant propaganda boards the first question that came to my mind was HOW MUCH WERE SPENT AND WHERE DID THE MONEY COME FROM. Just the flags alone would draw out all of UMNO's fund.

When your pocket went dry and you still want to spend, with the intent of robbing from the people later, then you are a BAD person.

The treasury instructions are clear. Following the guide line by all, including the Prime Minister's Office would be wise and prudent. What has never been practiced by all the previous Prime Ministers' wives should not be put into practice now. We don't spend millions on FLOM or purchasing expensive ring or bags, or travel alone with private jet.

10/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Imagine Malaysia is taken over by the cartel and Mafia gang who would not touch but further donate money to mosques and religious people, Ustaz Qazim Al-Hafidz would be telling the Malaysian Malay Muslims to devout themselves to the cartel and the mafia bosses for giving money to mosques and religious teachers.

Rather than delivering his rhetoric it would be more meaningful if this Ustaz devote himself in gathering data as to how many Malay Muslims schoolboys who can't perform ablution and daily prayers. Mind you he is a school ustaz, a teacher. If I challenge him to do the work, he would aggressively respond with excuses and blames, trying to avoid the task. Now let us challenge him to work rather than to talk. Anybody can talk. Just go to the mental wards you will hear great speeches.

Condoning crimes by bad Ministers and UMNO supporters cannot be worse than condoning crimes and corruptions by a religious clerics. What were the crimes ? Bank Bumi Putera, Perwaja Steel, PKZ, payments to void projects, misappropriation of funds, breach of trusts, murder of Altantuya, purchasing of outdated military hardware, indelible inks, NFC, and other form of corruption, plundering of Malay Muslim lands, and privatization to cronies. Wastage, lavishness, and expenditure for personal enhancement are associated with sinful acts, selfish and unaccountable.

As an Ustaz and a school teacher he should know about the plight of the school children. Here's one headline which he ought to take interest on


The mother is a prostitute. The Ustaz is enjoying a big money from UMNO.

The youths who found Christianity as their faiths were the Muslims who were neglected by the school and the teachers. Did he ever try to investigate their background, outside activities and crimes, drug habits and the religious practice ?

Readers can try to invite him for an evening sermon and pay him RM50 or RM100, and hear what he would say. One teacher was given RM400 and commented, "What I and my wife can buy with this amount ?"

This Ustaz is working hand in gloves to deceive the people and the Malays, giving a great impression of the government efforts to help everyone. TV news announced that food prices came down, interviewing people for confirmation. Outside the TV screen people are complaining about mackerel costing RM19 per kilo. This Ustaz never knew that there are parents who would bring lunch to their school children for lack of money. In one case it was the non-Ustaz that finance the children education.

I commented about an officer from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat whose salary is RM5K giving a monthly allowance of RM150 to one poor family. What influence has this Ustaz over the Zakat's money ? Didn't Zakat's money was once used for general election ?

I began to see Ustaz Qazim like the Korean warlord priest who deceive the followers and amassed a huge sum of money. The Koreans was a tycoon and ran gun business too. I would put him in the same cell as the Catholic priests who were condemned by many Christians for their sins.

I heard him telling the Muslims about the use of Allah by the Catholics, but he was telling the wrong people. He should challenged the Catholic priest for a public debate like what Ahmed Deedat did. He didn't have to support the protestors if he had awaken UMNO to look into the desolate youths in schools and take the right steps to strengthened and giving them emotional support.

Instead of continuing with constant deception, it is better to do the cleaning up, starting from rejecting bad leaders who support the family members with the misuse of the public funds and who were causing the lost of billions and billions of ringgit. Since the future depends on our schools more vigorous work should be done to prepare for the more responsible citizens, good in manners and religion with responsibility and good work ethics. I can tell Mahyuddin that he has not done all those. Teachers simply don't care of the students and take things for granted.

The Malays would not be better by the prolonged deception.

09/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Iphone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, both picked up the same price. Who actually fix the prices ? For RM2399 the price looks higher than in the United States. And every time I looked at the gadgets I was wondering whether they were clones or real. China is expert in producing the exact clone.

The only place I could trust for the original is Telco companies like Celcom, Maxis and Digi. Celcom only sells with plan. And the plan really cuts throat. I was surprise to see the plan for Samsung Note 2. The phone price for the 24 months plan was already above the price of the unit at other outlets. To be a phone vendor and to draw a plan does not need any talent. You and I can run such a business.

I am intrigue by Samsung's over all capability and on the verge of buying one but for the price. If I need a camera there is a 13 MP ready to be used. Only if Samsung could include Garmin GPS the price is worth the money.

I kept on asking myself what am I going to do with either iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. My iPhone 4 is still serving me well. My phone usage is below RM30 a month, indicating I didn't use it very much.

Young people will be asking what an old people like me would want the Samsung for ? I would have asked the same question if I were to see a 67 year old woman bargaining on the Galaxy Note or iPhone 5.

I think it is better for me to wait for the price to come down if I want to fulfill my desire. In the meantime I can continue to enjoy reading I-Books using my Apple iPhone 4.




Always check the originality by hook or by crook. You don't pay more than 1.5K for clones. The expert in cloning is China.


If you were in New Zealand 60 years ago you won't find it much different from today. The Arrow Town remain as the Old Arrow Town. A big vast of land is green. The kampong setup is seen everywhere, serene and peaceful. 67 years of living in Alor Setar is not a luster of life. They called it development, I called it hell.

UMNO forced the land sale under the name of development, paid RM3 per square foot and sold to some big Towkey for the current commercial price. Development followed by greater number of population. Roads are congested, traffics are slowing down, crimes are climbing, the air and rivers pollute.

When the town turned into the city, rates increased. The people have to bear the burden. The social cost of development is too high.

The most tragic was the Malays in Kuala Kedah who became poorer and poorer. I remembered well when Khir Johari introduced and license trawler fishing. UMNO enjoyed the award. Trawlers were operated by the big Towkeys and the UMNO 's big gun. In the brawl the poor fishermen went down. Today many became workers and many are drug addicts.

While in Holland, I saw flat green land almost like New Zealand. People went to work using bicycles, and there were thousands of them parked in the work place.

UMNO loves development. That's what Shahrizat had been repeating during the Sungai Limau. Only if you do a little traveling around the world you can assess the relationship between progress and development.                              08/01/2014