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While a Muslim is asked to believe and obey the words of God at the same time we are made to be aware the greatest gift of God, the brain that mankind is commanded to give an utmost care, not to pollute and intoxicate it, and Allah is always the merciful of all. I hope the great Al-Mighty will forgive for what I am going to say here if I have caused any wrong.

First it is about the conception of the Jews. Could we say more than 98% of the Muslims would say that all Jews are bad, inhumane and therefore must be destroyed ? I asked several friends why they condemed the Jews so much and the reply was 'it is stated the Quaran'. I said no more.

Vaguely I remember my religious teacher narrated about our Holly Prophet Mohammed gave protection to a Jew. I believe there is something else that we do not know beneath the hidden context of the Quaran.

One of our lecturers was a Jewish lady. There were several Muslims in the class, the Egyptian and the Nigerians. The first day the lecturer told us where to get the Kosher meat. Kosher meat is the meat slaughtered by the Jews. Muslims can always eat such a meat. She treated us well like any other person. Then during the fasting months she gave us a break for our breakfast when the time arrived. We could feel her kindness when we were invited to her house for delicious meal.

Generalization is a fallacy.

The Malays were once generalized as stupid, lazy, cannot learn mathematics and sciences. So much so they believe in their own inaptness, can never excel in mathematic s and sciences.

Discriminations and prejudices are dangerous diseases that degrade mankind into savagery and destroys civility. We propagate wars, killings and oppressions.

Likewise the other side should not regard all Muslims are terrorists. Mahathir once believe the religious schools are places where terrorists were bred.

You notice that people who think they are powerful and superior tend to make sweeping and generalize statements. Of corse angry people are ruled by emotion and sentiment. I myself generalize UMNO people are dumb, stupid and bad, not knowing the numbers who are not in favor of Rosmah and corruptions.

Once in a while it is just fair and reasonable to look deeper to see reality.

Even the phenomena of Illuminati needs scrutinization. It may not fit to our believe and culture, it is worth while to learn the philosophy laid to be perused. United States's founding Fathers were of illuminati group that laid down the principles for the growth and progress of the nation.

In the old Malaysia education system a subject called Logic was taught to the sixth formers to provide them with a basic thinking skill. It could lead to the development of a mature mind and good ethics and attitude.

We should be educated not to generalize and believe what we hear without a detailed and vigorous  investigation.

26/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Hooliganism and gangsterism invite an immense hatred and anger. What more if a politician is seen a a head of a Mafia group. Graduate ministers do not seem to use their intellect in doing things, instead of upholding law and order they advocate criminal act. And the use of hoodlums and hooligans to intimidate opposition leaders and other barbaric act made people despise the party.

I knew the independent would all lose their deposits in Gelugor. Lucky the two Malays got a few hundred votes. Their association with the UMNO's mobs should earn them less than the number of mobsters.

Ramkarpal won. His father was harassed by BN and the court altered the previous not-guilty verdict. It satisfied the UMNO members but it was a great injustice and insult to the other party. The idiotic Noordin did not even respect a dead man. If Karpal had opposed Hudud, there were no less coming from Mahathir, Mashitoh and Ustaz Kazim.

Dirty habits could have come from dirty parents and rogue grand parents. They planted false evidence and manufactured the non-existing thing against Anwar, threw him in jail because of his ingratitude towards Mahathir and UMNO, created clips and pictures to assassinate characters. And now they are targeting the young lady.

It is indeed true what Mahathir said about UMNO; the smart ones are out of UMNO leaving the half-fast six people managing the stupid kampong folks through lying and deception. Putting bikini pictures in a mosque is bad enough; Dyana or not. Even it is forbidden in the vicinity of the Holy Place. Such an act will reflect Najib in the mind of the people. UMNO can go to any extent once emotion rule.

Najib's high income and developed nation won't benefit the general public. Every damn price of goods and commodities in the super market climbs up. Price of a decent home has nearing a million.

Corruption will never die because it starts from the top. Money given for BRIM is called for the exchange with votes. This was clearly stated by an UMNO lawmakers to people who did not give their votes to BN after the BRIM. If the head corrupts how could we expect the officers below not to corrupt.

UMNO is calling for Malay support especially from PAS for it's survival. When I met an UMNO members I would ask "Do you want Malay unity ? ". "Join PAS then." was my reply.

Teluk Intan will speak the loudest. And if Sarawak goes UMNO will surely be buried alive.

A party sent by God should not breed gangsterism and hooliganism, playing sex movies for public viewing, put bikini pictures in a Holy Place and make people suffer unnecessarily. The party has disgrace the Malays and Islam.

BN could learn a lot from Dyana. Despite the attack on her she kept so cool and gave intelligent replies. Even her mother was quick to reply to Mahathir that she was trying to bring up Dyana, breeding her to be Mukhriz but what could she do when she turned out to be Marina. Like mother like daughter. And Lim Guan Eng, like father like son. Najib is always a good man but he seems to be under the influence of an invisible domestic power. But in any case he should stop the rowdiness and hooliganism among the UMNO supporters. Otherwise he would be accused of being a part of the movement.

If UMNO thinks that it has done a lot to the people, it does not need to hire hooligan or to threaten the voters as what what Zahid had done to the Rela group in Telok Intan. It doesn't need high expenditure in the campaign trail. It doesn't need to seek sex or pornography to win the election. Somehow the masses will vote for the party.

26/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Young people who went for computer course had always thought they were the smartest. I remember a few  ITM student programmers came to my school to sell their soft wares they developed. I showed them the applications that we have been using for years and I heard plenty of remarks. I asked them if theirs were better I would buy from them. They admitted ours were better.

Those who learn graphics using several sophisticated soft ware were happy in making effects.

The best of the Malaysian graphic arts and animators could not produce what we have seen in movies like Narnia or Transformers. They can make you be in the movies acting as if you were there when all the time you are sleeping in bed at home.

With the little knowledge they started to show off, making fake pictures and clips hoping to be handsomely awarded till they grow 50. The sad thing is when they involved themselves in politics that is heading towards their destruction.

In the Face Book there had been many UMNO supporters. One was fond of throwing slur on Anwar before the GE13. Bad words were used on the opposition party. When he went too far I commented about the future of the Malays who will become beggars in their own land and hunting garbage for a living. He responded saying 'I will never be a beggar'. I also said that after the election the citizens will suffer and PM will continue to deceive the people.

After GE13 and prices of goods went up he was away for some time and later he was seen again but now with different tone. He mentioned about being broke and had to struggle for a living.

These were the young men being poisoned by UMNO. These are the Malays whole land is facing a very rapid reduction. MCA is getting the upper hand on the property business. Now they can't afford to own one of those bungalows. Prices are near to a million.

I am very convince they will be having problems with their kids, schooling and education. School leavers have to spend more than RM20K a year for private education.


The young people who worked for UMNO by faking facts and pictures created a big sin that can never be forgiven. Hooliganism and gansterism had never brought the Malays as a respected race. Instead they will be hated more and more;

It is true that Malaysia is not Thailand nor Egypt nor Syria. It is also true that UMNO is not the only the best thinker. And it is also true uncertainty can always strike. The unthinkable can wipe us devastatingly.

24/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It was a painful march to Thomas Cup 2014. Malaysian government had put the utmost effort to bring the local talents and sought the best coach to shape up a good team. A good team is not the team that will bring back the prestigious cup but who had given their full focus to winning the game.

All other teams have shown much improvement and are getting better. Japan emerged as a giant killer, taming the Favorite China.

I could not narrate much on the matches for I do not subscribe to ASTRO which I dumped when the fee increased, I did not read the newspapers because they were too bias and contain lies. I watch the game while having dinner at coffee shops and restaurants, but not the complete matches.

The lanky Danes scared me. Their long arms gave them advantage and their smash were fatal. Winning in 2014 Thomas Cup was in the state of the mind with the almost equaled skill. That was what Chong Wei's remarked on Darren's losses.

Lee Chong Wei is a more than a player. You need to know and dissect his mind. Let the young learn from his thought. To me he is far better than Rashid Sidek yet he showed much respect to his coach. If he had cared what ISMA, PERKASA and UMNO hoodlums said about the Chinese, he would not have put his full effort and mind to strive hard in every match.

We should let the legends live. The current generation may not know Tan Aik Huang and Eddy Chong. They may not know Ghani Mehad, Mahat Embu dan Soh Chin Aun. And they may not heard of M Jegadesan and Rajamni. It looks like we don't have time for those legends. We only show interest in them if they could bring us political benefit.

Malaya is a small country that glitters a bright light in the world. Nicole and Chong Wei are the current National Treasure. They brought honor and respect to us.

24/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A man with a two wives is a great master of deception. He brought a piece of cloth to one wife, presented her with it and said he loves her dearly." It is unfair of you. You must also buy for the other sister." "No. I bought only for you. I did not love the other one at all but you."

Then he went to the second wife, presented her with a clothing of different design and said," Here's one for you. I didn't buy for your sister. I only love you so much and so dearly."

Our cordial friendship with USA has been very long and the closest was in 1960's when the United States sent it's covert force to defense Malaysia against Sukarno's threat of Ganyang Malaysia. We are so very oblige to the United States and we confirmed our stand to Obama during his visit. We can't say for sure how happy we were when the MH370 went missing if it was due to the technology transfer.

At the same time we can't afford to antagonize the Chinese including the locals. Najib's position could be shaken witrh the anti-Chinese sentiments. UMNO has shown this sentiment immediately after the GE13. Panda is some sort of an illicit love affair, to show the close relationship with the Chinese. 37 million dollars is never an expensive amount to retain and gain popularity. It would appease the local Chinese as well. Would the Chinese believe in Najib and UMNO ?

To Najib he is playing a win-win game.

To his adversary it is just like a prostitute who sleeps with everyone around for money. After all Christian Keller and Matahari were prostitutes who served their political master well.

Ahmad Masalan argued that Panda rental would help the Malaysians as they don't have to go to China to see the animal. To him those who visited China would go to see Panda. I doubt even 1% of Malaysian visitors visited the zoo..

Her facial feature is as cute as Panda. This is what that scared UMNO that has to resort to gangsterism to intimidate her. Samseng has been the culture of UMNO who think they can get away with. Would the local Chinese forget what UMNO had said 'without the Chinese BN can still survive' with the Panda stun ?

24/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We don't educate human being to do evil deeds and to think evil stuffs. We don't educate them to be hooligans, drug peddlers, cheaters and liars. We want our people to be responsible, honest, sincere and be useful to all mankind. After giving education we expect a new generation with a free and creative mind to serve the country for the benefit of all. A famous UMNO man, Dr Mahathir, does not have all the perfect children who are of his stature. And even Najib does not do and think like his great father.

Only the Mafia group who sent their children to the law schools with the hope their illegal activities could be protected. Yet who knows how many of their sons had advise them to give up bad jobs and turn their focus on other legal businesses. Let us ask our Education minister the objective of our education system. I am sure he will not say "to breed hooligans, corrupt officers and liars'.

Dyana is in fact a success of UITM. She sees the different between an UMNO and the men in the UMNO. UMNO itself is now called UMNO BARU. When it was first formed the men behind the masses were teachers. There was nothing else but the nationalistic spirit within them. Mahathir slowly replaced them with business communities. And if we see Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Abdul Razak, Dr Mahathir and Najib they are not the same. Spending under Tun Tan Siew Sin and spending under PM Najib are totally different. Nobody but Mahathir and Daim mentioned about Najib's wastage. Those words fell on the deaf ears. Najib kept on spending lavishly and probably his spouse too.

Instead Najib used millions of dollars to pay to get support and say his system is the best among all the Prime Ministers. And billions went missing; the PKZ, the lost jet engines, and failed projects. Mahathir would have wasted more; the demise of Bank Bumi, PERWAJA, MAS and more.

If you are given money to say 'Never mind...' at those evil deeds, you must be a real hoodlums. Dyana is not. She can't change everything. But the people can. The people must support her to send a warning that the continued misuse of power will not escape punishment. Mubarak was jailed for three years.

It is pity the tactic deployed by UMNO in using hooligans or they made themselves hooligans in their rouge behaviors. These people will never go scot-free when the time comes.

22/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When you are born in the world of Cocaine and Shabu you won't find anything strange. How could you tell those eople the evil of the killer drugs to this generation ? Lies, gay marriage and corruptions are becoming the norm in some parts of the world. Religion has become a political tool. The Jews claimed land extending from Judea to Sumeria because their holly book  says so. Religious clerics worshipping Satan who stuffed them with money have been on the raise in Malaysia and other countries. Each day you hear the new law of God from them known as 'fatwa'. The lifted themselves above the Holly Prophets and the Angels of God and went on to call women who protested against GST as prostitutes. Leaders use money to corrupt the people using various pretensions and guises. There is no feeling of guilt,  for evils are angels to them. These are the norms of the day, nothing strange and nothing to lament about..

However history has shown us that the tradition of goodness survived in the norm of evil. Communism had been in the Soviet Union for centuries where religions were persecuted. It would have been completely vanished. Yet after the fall of the Soviet government we saw religion began to surface. The numbers were still significant. The very long years of brain washing failed.

People with conscience and under consciousness live  side by side with people without, one with regret and sadness, the other without even an atom of it. They are lifeless.

Somehow we are living in such a world where the authority will wronged you when there are thefts in your house, mosquitoes in your village, your bags are being snatched and when your kids are being kidnapped. It is a simplified version of a job, just create and enforce the law to shed away responsibilities. You were also wronged at the the  rising cost of living in despite the increase in petrol price and the raising electrical tariffs. Soon we will find criminals who will sue you for causing hurt on them, house breakers will win the case if you knock him with a bat while breaking into your homes. Now comes the age where people are asked to accept corruptions and repression as the will of God, fated by the fatalistic providence.

Once we despise the institution of kingship because of it's absolute power and it was hereditary. Today even without it the similarity of the ruling party to the old system were almost identical. The leaders seem to inherit from fathers to sons or from the family members. Whoever is holding power will rule like a despotic king of the ancient times. They forget who they were and claimed that they gave life to the people. Without them people would still be using the pit hole toilets. As they gave life and the modern toilets they have the right to plunder the nation's wealth, divide among friends and spend in whatever ways they desire.

Those who live long enough to compare the changes and the affect on human values would very well know how futile and folly of our leaders with their deceptive efforts. They stepped on the Malays in the name of helping them. One gain a million, the other thousands  are losing their future, losing the ability of buying homes and land, losing the water catchment areas, shrinking farm land dragging them to laziness and pushing deep into the abyss of economic hardship.

Today I went to a steel shop to mend my wheelchair. "I don't have workers," said the Towkey."I can't do it for you." My friend asked him what had happen and he narrated about the laziness, productivity and minimum pay. He talked about a sheet metal that he had to pay 100% more. Prices is on the raise everyday. Business is hard. My friend agreed. Workers in another workshop also played truant, demand for minimum pay which the owner can't afford to pay and always ask for money. And I also over heard on the trunk radio of workers talking about high salaries and working under the comfort of the air-conditioning.

Najib put on 5000% effort to convert the mind of the young and masses using all the available resources and weapons,  hoping the new generation would see what the government desire.

As the people are fooled the more intelligent people is fooling us left and right. Billions of dollars are siphoned out via KFC, Mac Donald, Burger King, communication and entertainment hard ware and soft wares. Wasn't our leader told to close down the curtain of MH370 by the announcement that "MH370 ended up in the Indian Ocean" ?


Why must Malaysia be made a vortex of evil ?

Of all the Prime Ministers only the present one made the world knew he was very desperate to retain power and went all out in the international arena to gain popularity. Dealing with Mahathir was a tough task. He didn't even succumb to the international monetary policy.

Australia wants our favor and showed appreciation on Rosmah for whatever thing. Israel wants to make sure Malaysia will not provide any form of assistance in the development of Iranian and Pakistani nuclear weapon. The United States seek to close any remaining hole to block Chinese tentacle in the region. Najib chose to join the Club of Evil, engaging Western consultants to set our education and financial system. The fictitious Dorian Gray sold his soul to evil for eternal youth. Did Najib too sold his soul to remain in power ?

Lately evils were seen on the Malaysian sky. It rises through religious clerics in the form of men. Internationally it fell to Israel's plan to make Malaysia anti-Iran and anti Shiite. Iran was painted as a co-worker of Israel and going all out to destroy the Shiiet Muslims. UMNO being a hoodlum declared war on the sect and pointing fingers at PAS as Shiiet supporters.

Locally the clerics were saying that it is legal to kill the Muslims protestors, who oppose  the government . UMNO is the part of God, sent by God. God sent flood to destroy those who voted for PAS. And price increase and inflation is predestined. They twisted words to denounce the law of Gods. They did not misinterpret God's words. They acted God themselves.

The Malays are easily deceived. The younger generation see things in different way. To them more important than the future is NOW. The more activities organized for them the more they don't realize they are being dragged into the deceptive world. Najib handled them with the gifts, a promise of money that will never end.

21/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Hamming in the yester years were full of joy. Sunday used to be the joyous. It was one of the days when most of the local hams would be coming on 40 meters. It was always the day when MARTS would be having the Council meetings on the air. There was nothing to hide. Others would be listening and had never been any interruption.

Several frequencies were occupied; a group of 2 working CW or SSB, a group of 3 and more would be chatting jovially somewhere else. While on other days the band start to be populated in the evening, on Sunday hams started to come on as early as 9 am. And all conversations were in English even among the Malays. There was also an extended spot where the Malaysians were joined by the Philippines hams. Eshee and DU6BG would be on constant contacts. It has been a very long time that I did not hear Bob, DU6BG. I wonder whether he knew his friend is in a bad shape, bed-ridden and lose his speech.

I think there were a few groups of hams who were very close to each other, a kind of kinship; Idris, Tunku Archiebald, Eshee and Rajamani were in a team and close in rank. After the late Tunku went a silent key the spirit of the team could no longer hold together. When Kew and Chong left the gang fell apart. One by one began to disappear. I was away for further study. 9M2EG, 9M2GV, 9M2DW, 9M2AV and a few others went silent key. Things started to change.

It is hard to say when was the total collapse took place. My guessed is when the MCMC replaced Telecom and when the license B came into picture. There were too many pseudo-intellect hams came into being who started to stand up by launching vicious attacks on the old-timers. I didn't know for what reason. There was a chaos that led to the downfall of MARTS. The era of 'showing off' was taking shape, of who were knowledgeable and who were not, who was fit to be the leaders and who were not. A new Radio society emerge on communal line.

What is happening on Sunday now ? I don't know. I was told there are Sunday 40 meter net on 7.130. I did not go above 7.1 anymore I was not allow to move beyond 7.1. And I don't even hear old hams below 7.1 too.

I don't think we could resurrect the joyous Sunday anymore. Never. There are too many people who love to transmit and passed bad insulting remarks when people are talking. There is no more monitoring on the part of the authority like before when local intruders would easily be caught and faced the music. The situation today is beyond description. It is best not to talk.

I have expected the new 9Ms to revive the past by populating the band and slowly form cohesiveness. They too do not make themselves appear and known. I would not know at least 30 new class A hams. Once I was asked whether I knew so and so, which I was not able to answer.

But there is one thing that I know of what happen outside the band. Hams would use their phones to tarnish and lash another ham behind their back, even to the extend of spreading a character of a person throughout the nation.

18/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



" I don't beg, steal or join UMNO to feed my family. I looked at what people throw that I can make money." The murmuring of the garbage hunter could not  be heard by the passing people.

Garbage hunting could either be a part time or a full time job. Plastic bottles and cans are most hunted. I would wrap them in a plastic bag, rather I prefer to put those items outside, and the hunters would not have to open up the plastic one by one anymore. Usable and saleable items like old computers, old working washing machines, radios and electric fans, shoes and dresses could help those people. I felt it also helped me in getting rid of those stuffs I don't use anymore.

Sometimes I met my old students who were seeking my view on how to better themselves. My quick answer had always been "Join UMNO". I don't mean to be sarcastic or having any element of cynicism. But that might work for some people. BRIM isn't enough. To some I told them to buy shop houses also through UMNO.

To a garbage hunter who refuse to make life easier, making a choice not to go to UMNO, I would give him a high respect for his principle and belief, which may not be true. For 2000 out of 28 million men who prefer hardship than worshipping UMNO the number may seem very small but the staunch spirit is tremendously high.

Anyway it is a job without a license and a boss. They command themselves, no instruction to follow, no threat of demotion or punishment. They are free though with far less income. To them there might be fulfilling but to the children life may be difficult. Probably they have to quit schooling and work somewhere to help their parents.

17/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Congress Party has finally fallen. It is a good for a change. The Indians can always throw the new government if it does not serve the people well.

That is in India. I think the Indians should follow the identical trend. and give 100% vote for the opposition. Government changes in Great Britain, USA, Australia and other countries provided better experience to the people. Congress Party may be the winner again. Likewise if MIC put their full effort the change the government here, they can reinstate BN government again.


The Indians love GST. I think it became a law in 2011. Congress party will continue to push for the tax even if the new government may scrap it. GST simplifies the work for the government. It generates more income and enhance GDP. Only a handful argued against it saying what is rosy on paper will work in a real life. Murphy's Law will creep in.

GST does not cause the fall of Congress Party. But it is interesting to ask the Indians nationwide whether they were better of with the tax system

17/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When a man utters a word pay no attention to it. But when he does something his action needs an observation. People just say anything they feel like saying. Yet those can impress and drown the masses. They could hear Sukarno's speech hours and hours on end. Revolutionary leaders could captivate their listeners and hypnotize them.

Actually words are nothing and meaningless. When Bush said 'the terrorists are jealous of our freedom' he spoke of a non-existing sentiment. The talk of human right and the killings of innocent women and children do not coincide. 'Rakyat Diutamakan' is a pure nonsense, and even the Pro-Palestinians and Anti-Israel slogans by the Malaysian leaders. Those are words to paint their goodness, care and their gentry.

Malaysian leaders were never anti-Jews. Would they allow Malaysians to be enlisted in Hamas or Hezbollah group to fight against Israel ? You can bet they won't. You may be arrested and thrown into deep dungeons if caught being a Hezbollah's fighters.

All the leaders want are to be elected and remain in power, if possible perpetually. To those who can be easily capitalized false promises and words are used. To the difficult ones they would say '...make me a king, I will give what you want...' These difficult people will not believe in the words bet need the proven in deeds.

In this country the Malays have been the victims. The leaders say something and did something else. Each day the Malays are finding difficulties in buying land and houses because of the high prices. The normal folk would not be able to purchase a half million dollar abode. Young people in big cities have to pay a high rental for a room.

I saw young people struggle to find a proper education in areas they wanted. Institutions only accept selected few of the high achievers, not as doctors, lawyers and engineers but as 'cookers' and other low level jobs. Vocational schools are replaced by vocational colleges. Private college that offers Culinary courses charged up to RM30K per year.

Young people are made to live in a believing world that there will be a great future for them, the very high income nation for the benefit of the young people. In the meantime they can have pleasure with income from their parents or following some entrepreneurial courses somewhere. And slowly the bussiness community are grabbing land to sell to those guys for 1/2 to a few millions.

Politicians and non-politicians are happily making promises, all for the better.

Even the followers and staunch supporters of UMNO feel the pinch of the unfulfilled promises when their kids have difficulties in pursuing the desired education, and to find a proper bridge into the world of work.

Newspapers are regarded as toilet papers and National news as garbage news. The agenda is to enrich themselves. They don't care about the plight of others and the fate of the nation. Hence they chose to utter words that sound nice to hear. And killed the anger by the BRIM.

The reality is on the ground, the daily happenings, not on the TV news and words from the Ministers. Look at our own homes, the number of kids inside who will grow up for jobs and lodging to stay. We can start to compute the future from here and look at the trend of our surroundings.

You hear what they say in parliament and you see what's happening on the ground. You will realize that words can mean nothing.

16/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't know how many never experience the ups and downs in their lives. At one time you are somebody. At another you are nobody. Or could it be that we design our own fate that sometimes we call good luck and bad luck ? Or is it something natural and bound to happen on a person ? It is almost impossible to remain at the same point and level in the ever changing world that would affect our economy, living, culture and sentiments. There is a yo-yo between happiness and sadness, successes and failures, healthy and sickness, and time we have money and time we are are broke.

Prices and cost of living seem to go one way, only the upwards trend.

I have just received my electricity bill. It is to the level that brings me happiness, only RM63. I used to pay RM250 when I had my air-conditioning on. Now I disabled the machine, a freezer in my kitchen and a mini bar in my shack. The yo-yo in the bill depends on my washing. The bill will be in proportion to the frequency of the washing.

Fighting inflation is tough for the retirees and the jobless. There is no Union nor NGO to help in making the ends meet. I have to cut corners here and there. No matter how you strain yourself in daily spending you cannot go any lower unless you starve yourself.

The affluent will never know how the poor suffers. And they believe there must be poor and uneducated and stupid masses whom they could manipulate and deceive to prevent their downfall and public hatred. Yet they have their moment of anger and sadness when the masses by the thousands went out to parade their unhappiness that created fear among the higher echelons that they could follow the fate of Ghadafi who was sodomized even after his death.

It looks like the behavior yo-yo pattern the the fate carved by mankind themselves. The powerful 10% decides what the rest should have. It is a phenomena where the multi-national companies are operating. There is no moral obligation other than hunting for maximum profit.

Najib lives in the sky kingdom ( Kayangan ) where the fairies stay. He draws and paint pictures, creates a dream of a nation rained with money that everyone will be wealthy. The picture went on the invisible canvass. The moment of the immense wealth would stay in the sky kingdom. The people toiling the earth find no more earth to toil, and before they have time to raise he poured them with money.

Ahmad Said has had a moment of falling. Najib never yet. Then he had to continue carving to ensure that he will never fall.

Once, history was defined as a study of the rise and fall of a nation which implies every nation has it's day. The United States is doing it's best to halt the maxim, and goes all out to bar all other countries from producing nuclear arsenals. UMNO is striving extremely hard to make sure history will not repeat itself.

As fate is believed to be man made, there are those who believe it is the will of God. So they believe much that some other nation will supersede North America and UMNO will be ruined and the arrogance will badly suffered. The lowly and the poor populace will have their days of joy and happiness even at the smallest benefit and an alms they get.

My electricity bill is down due to my own act to cut expenditure. I stopped traveling, cropped my own hair, wearing dresses not ironed and T-Shirts given by friends and my students.

15/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Days in and days out Najib is pounding the idea of a high income nation, developed country with great prosperity. He is inviting the leaders of those nations to tell the Malaysians the goodness of GST. Which country could be better than the great United States of America. Najib must have seen North America is a nation of heaven and havens, every household earn a very high income and everyone is wealthy.

I have been to the United States for many time and had enough observation to conclude whatever the reality is in the nation. I saw beggars and homeless, jobless youths peddling drugs, vandals running wild, and people are losing their homes and jobs. Many shop houses ere being taken over by the Asians.

You need to do a little research to find out the number of Americans who work outside and refused to go home to the land where they were born. They said jobs are difficult to get.



To me it would be much better for Najib to work for the lower cost of living and to bring back the prices down to the previous affordable level.

There is a reason for Najib to struggle hard to make the public believe in him as he did before the GE13. He feared to see what is happening in Thailand. The most fearful is prospect of what happened to Muaamar Ghadafi who was sodomized even after his death.

Najib thinks BRIM and other hard cash to appease the people could offset the economic and social illnesses.

I know prices will never come down even after GST, instead it could continue with the hike. And the government will come up with a new story and tons of excuses. The stupid UMNO youths will yell and threaten the others whom their leaders will throw the blame upon.

Many of us take the price downfall after GST as a fairy tales, as they are laughing and joking at the MH270 bomoh.

13/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



VB.NET is something new. I ignored it when it first became a popular language, replacing VB6, because I decided to give up learning computer language. But when Afifah, a university student whom I did not not before, approached me for her biometric project, I have no choice but to have a peep at it.

I searched the web for free download.

Below is my first project for a mere exploration. There are many repetitions and used variables that I declared. I will be removing them one by one. At least it got me to start something. Of course there are better codings which I already saw from the web sites. Copy and paste won't be a challenge.


Would it be too late for a 68 year old man to learn programming language ? Nothing is never too old. Learning could be a joy and full of fun. If I can do it everyone else too can do it.


I placed two pictureboxes on the form. The pictures on the left used array. I dim pik2(30) as string and named each array as call signs that I will be taking from my ham radio folder.

The coding is exactly what I used to do in Visual Basic. The program technique is not very neat, but it work for my purpose.

You can declare pik1 and pik2 under the Form Class. The codes for the two boxes are shown below.

Private Sub PictureBox1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles PictureBox1.Click

pik2(0) =
"9m2za" : pik2(1) = "9m2FK" : pik2(2) = "9M2GL" : pik2(3) = "9M2SX" pik2(4) = "9M2HC"
i = i + 1 :
If i > 4 Then i = 0 If pik1 = "" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2yp.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2yp.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2fk.jpg" : GoTo lompat
pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2fk.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2hc.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2hc.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2rb.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2rb.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2za.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2za.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2zc.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2zc.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2ar.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2ar.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2hh.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2hh.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2mh.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2mh.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2get.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2get.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2ri.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2ri.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2mz.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2mz.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2sx.jpg" : GoTo lompat
If pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2sx.jpg" Then pik1 = "c:\ham1\9m2yp.jpg" : GoTo lompat


PictureBox1.Image = New System.Drawing.Bitmap(pik1)

PictureBox2.Image = Image.FromFile("c:\ham1\" & pik2(i) & ".jpg")

End Sub

Using arrays made the coding shorter and faster.

12/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We laughed at the Bamboo Shaman and condemned the idea of the Burmuda Triangle theory, and deeply believe it was the work of CIA in the light of the cold war of weapon's race and espionage system. Wait until you hear what what Dr Greer and Bob Lazar talked about the reality of alien and UFO.


Both believe in the existing of real aliens. You need to follow their lectures and read more about them. Assuming that they do not lie, which many believe they aren't, the one area that we would not want to talk about the missing MH370 was caused by the alien and the other dimension.

There were several UFO sightings in 2014. On the 23rd April 2014 it was seen in Cancun Mexico. On April 22, 2014 Turkish military aircraft gave a chase to an UFO. In Argentina it was seen over over Santiago on 21st April. In 2014 only the number of total sightings were 161.

But no one would want to think of the UFO factor on the missing plane. Surely it would awkward and absurd as the absurdity of the Bomoh Teropong Buluh.

The illuminati group is talking about a GATE to the third dimension. Some said at the Bermuda Triangle there was a gate like the Black Hole that suck things through the Worm Hole into the White Hole, another dimension. Is it not possible that the gate can be anywhere as commanded by the gatekeeper. Of all we know MH370 had passed through the gate and now it is in the third dimension.

Let us be reminded that there are two types of UFOs; the alien and the man made using alien technology. The German was the first to make flying saucer. But the ones made by the Americans were more successful because they are built using alien technology. Aliens were said to bring the material for propulsion to the Americans.

What I am talking is about the real alien opening up the GATE for our plane.

11/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Free energy is also known as Zero Point Energy. It is a real thing that does not reach us unless we do our own thinking and research. The multi-national companies, the oil industries and those selling us batteries and lighting will not want the world citizen to obtain it.

In Malaysia we wonder whether the politicians namely UMNO leaderships and lawmakers are aware or are interested in scientific progress. They probably put much confident and trust in our colleges and universities. The Deputy Minister of Education talked with pride about our achievements in robotics.

Our technology depend on the components which we do not develop and manufacture ourselves. We apply the logic circuits and the sensors to interface with things. So far we have not thought out of our mental boundary yet.

Don't we have thinkers ? YES, we do. We have Shahidan Kassim, Noordin, Ahmad Said, Ahmad Maslan, the Aman family and the main talkers in parliament and government. You ask them any damn question, they have any damn answers for you.

Malaysians do have genius and great thinkers. They died as normal and ordinary men. Our political and  office environments do not prepare the appropriate flat form  for the growth of rich thought.


Who should take the responsibility to organize the the scientific youth ? We have people to get the youth to throw stones and attack political foes, and teach them to be gangsters and tools to carry lies.

In every budget speech we were showered with news about money. And in UMNO general assembly speakers were creating jokes and talked on non-substance topics.

The project on free energy must be put into motion as soon as possible. God has given us everything. It is up to us to think and search how to get the hidden secret.

While we still have the chance to gather information and ideas on free energy, we might as well do it and let our young to start from there, and the government can assist by investing in industries that can shape metals as design, create gears and hard wares required for a project. Most projects need forming machines and lathe work. Right now it is almost impossible to get the hydraulic machine the design I want.

We should not be tied up with ideas we read. Though traditional physic may differ from quantum, both can contribute to the concept of free energy, in perspective differ from each other. One man built a home roller coaster for his child without using fuel or electricity, but can achieve a perpetual motion through the law of gravity and motion. The 'anti-gravity' vehicle is using the space-time-pressure environmental concept.

A thought can be absurd but with a proper explanation and experiment can turn out to be wonderful.

Let me tell you of how to get a free electricity from the thin air which I tried about 35 years ago. As you know there are a lot of electromagnetic wave in the air. You can tap by using a coil of wire as you see in the receiver. Use a diode and an electrolytic capacitor. The diode changes the electricity induced in the wire and store it in the capacitor until it is fully charged. Use a LED to test it.

10/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The number of joggers and walkers have increased at Taman Jubeli Perak, Alor Setar. It is also known as Taman Rimba. The Kedah Race Course used to be here and now turned into a Golf Course. The office of Menteri Besar, the second abode of the Sultan and several rest houses for the VVIPs are around here.

But every evening the Mat Rempit without helmets are tearing their throttles to the maximum at a deafening sound, pulling their bikes up and lie flat like a superman. And the girls would yell and shrek and scream shamelessly. It has always been a pain to the eyes and the ears. These are all the Malays.

The guard house at the palace and the VVIP's rest houses are manned by the police. I would expect someone to whisper to the authority to take some sort of actions and to deal with the parents.

Joggers came from all walks of life, young and old, retired and professionals, doctors and big towkeys. None is entertained by the Malay youths on the showing off stun. Imagine if they grow up to be politicians or ministers.

From time to time I would bumped into youths with crutches. Every time my heart would say '...serve you right...' assuming they create the sins on the motorbikes. And I am waiting to see someone swimming on the road while showing off the stun.

There is nothing the public can do about it. The laws forbid it. Teachers can't take actions on their students. Parents are barred from administrating corporal punishment. The Human Right group will be howling at you if by a slight action that may harm these young bikers.

The Wisma Negeri is here. The palace is here. The rest house is here.

What may come across your thinking ?

10/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

WHY I GO ON CW ON 7.04224 ?

I was an ardent SWL. First I used to beat the two radios to resolve the SSB and CW signals. Later, when I purchased ICF5900W, it remained as my main receiver for a long time. I taught myself Morse codes and trained myself by listening to CW signals and messages from everywhere. I was able to read Morse  before I obtained my ticket around early '70's.

CW by Malaysian hams were almost a weekly affair before the 80's. Malaysians worked each other from 7.000 to 7.100. 9M2CF, 9M2CW, 9M2MW and 9M2FK were the masters. The pairs would stay separate. Those were old timers before the many of the old-newer hams. When I became a ham, it gave me much pleasure pounding my straight key, working some of those stations. We were not strictly on the CW-ONLY frequencies. We were everywhere where the spots were empty. CW is allowed from 07.00 to 7.100. There were no complaints and they were no back-stabbing. There were no showing off. Hamming were fun.

9M2GV, 9M2EG, 9M2DW, 9M2AV, 9M2AT, 9M2RJ, 9M2BS, 9M2DW, 9M2FZ and a few others were very regular with me. 9M2DW and me would stay foot on a fix frequency chatting for hours on end.

I am having a fuzzy memory on those SWLs who came to see me. Haris, 9M2ALL, said he visited my shack but I don't remember it vividly. 9M2MZ, 9M2AT and Hassan came to see me about the learning of Morse. 9M2HC was working in Alor Setar and we operated a Field Day station together. Rusli came at a later period. My house was opened as a Jota station for several years. Some of those who came to operate are now class B operators.

It was after 1982 onwards I started to stay away from the ham band. When computer came in, I was engrossed with IRC chat, and spent a lot of time on developing computer softwares. My interest faded. I forget ham radio for a while.

In 2002 I found my FT-10B covered with cobwebs in my store. Termites attacked my shack, eaten away books I brought back from the United States. After some hassling with the radio, I heard 9M2HC talking to 9M2ZA on 7040. I had no proper antenna. I could not transmit. Only Zainal and Choo were on the band day after day. I did not hear hose old timers anymore.


















Only in December 2002 I was able to come on the band. The frequency was 7.040 and it was SSB. Three of use were active. I didn't know what happen to the rest. Zainal was not a stranger. I worked him in late 70's after his return to Malaysia from Germany where he lived for several years.

News about radio came from Hanafi, who one day came to my house and found me on my roof. "Are you strike by a lightning, he first shouted." He told me that he was a ham but in a class B category. He told me stories about the demise hams and hams who had leave the hobby. I was sadden and deeply disturb to hear about Eshee, Datuk Tan, Ibrahim Oxford and Ari. He told me that MCMC has replaced Telecom.

No wonder the ham band was so quiet.

On 18th of July after chatting with Zainal on 7.040, there was a disturbance on the frequency. Zainal was with Choo on 7040 until August 2003. I would go to 7043 to call CQ when found Zainal and Choo were in deep discussions. But when Zainal was not there the Indonesians were there.

From 21st August 2003 Zainal made almost a permanent choice to come on 7.043 with me. It was he who told me that to make CW heard on 7.043 I need to go to 7.04224. So from August 2003 till today, 9th. May 2014, I stay foot like a faithful dog, calling even without any reply. Old hams would not let people simply call without a response, but that was the story of the yester years.

21st century is the period when the conception of ham radio changes, locally or internationally. It is too complex and too deep to critically crack the source and the wind of change. People used to say new ideas are better. They brought progress to the universe.

Technology changes by leaps and bounds. Human being remain as they are. They lie and deceive, robbed and killed, greedy and selfish.

The evil in the changes were not the technology but the human species itself, the two legged animals.

09/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The annual competition was held in Houston Texas. The winning team with the above car came from the University Laval in Quebec. In the Urban category the Mater Del High School from my second home state, Indiana, won the top honor that reach the efficiency of 849 mpg.

Soon Malaysia will organize such a competition. How about in 2016. Give 2 years for the colleges and universities to design their stuffs. How about having the UMNO, PAS, DAP and KEADILAN team compete with each other ?

07/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


He is so very confident that GST will make people happy because the price will come down. Why not when foodstuffs were not taxed. Sorry, I don't know his university education and his discipline. I am sure university Professors were the proponent of GST and learned enough to predict the future price.

Many stupid laymen like me simply do not buy the argument food price will be down. There are taxes which are not directly incidental to the food per se. Like one local man says 'vegetable ,are not taxed, but all other that required for the growth of vegetables will be taxed. The farmers will have to increase the price of the editable plant' . Does he need a university degree to foresee it ?

The government, Ahmad Maslan, Tengku Adnan and the PM will be ready to blame the middlemen and the consumers again when there is a price hike after GST. They would not believe it, not because they are stupid but because they were fooled by the rosy theory and the written formula they see. Or may be they already knew it, but find is pleasurable at seeing people sufferings. In other words the lying is planned and deliberate.

The fouled mouth Ustaz, who said that women who protest against GST, are First Class Prostitute, are just like many other Ustazs. Their thinking is shallow and narrow. Many school administrators, known as Ustaz, had caused much problem to the nation.

Sellers who pay more for their living will charge more though not related to the goods. If I pay higher rental, more for my clothing and utility bill, I will have to charge more for my whatever service or good s I am selling. The additional expenditure caused by GST in one area, will have to be compensated in any other area even though not affected by the sales and service tax.

You have to wait next year to trace the fallacy of GST brings down the price.

If you care to trace failures and inefficiencies you will find  numerous  habitual past that will continue. That's explain the reason why the Chinese are not happy with the NEP. The government declared that it has not achieve the target after the lapse had passed, year after year. The NFC failed in it's original quest. MAS and Proton, PKZ etc paraded a string of failures. If it based on the trend I would say the citizens will not enjoy cheaper stuffs.

It is good to see Ahmad Maslan with great confidence and a happy face. I am waiting to see his face again next year.

07/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Our hospitals prescribe aspirin to save us from blood clotting and to prevent stroke. Aspirin has been there for some time to save lives, and are used by patience in USA as well. But recent findings believe it could cause internal bleedings.


We will die anyway, sooner or later. To some death at the younger age is better. The faster the hard-core drug addicts die the better. We tend to pray and wish somebody should die the quickest so that we can live a more peaceful and tranquil life. Instead we would go first and these people continue to breath the fresh air , contributed to chaos and make noises day by day as they are growing older and older.

Time travels fast. The past was just like yesterday. If there is no calendar and days, and if we live far in the deep jungle we would not know that we are growing old. Our mind will be set up by our children and grand children. Would we care when we will die ?

In the cities, town and in civility the awareness is greater. We try to fight ageing by feeding on special food and vitamins, buying collagen and food containing stem cells, run a daily exercise and had a regular medical check up. Despite those our strength and agility deteriorate. There are bound to be wrinkles. Our faces undergo changes.

Though I am almost 20 years younger than Mahathir, I have a feeling he will live longer, probably 20 to 30 more years. Would it be better for him to die now than later ? Many of us will say, "If I were him I won't want to live any longer."

If I were a reporter I would ask Mahathir,"Is aspirin good for our consumption ?" That would be better than asking him, "Do you want to replace Najib ?"

07/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Call it Human Right, call it freedom, they are nothing but beautiful words to use and never to be practiced by any country in the world. Lee Kuan Yew was not the only person who jailed and tortured his enemy, the Presidents of America showed no respect towards Human Right at all. Guantanamo Bay is a famous torture center. Those who marched to question the 911 and show support to the Palestinians will be arrested before dawn. There was a ban to protest against the Wall Street.

China accused the United States  of spying on its own citizens, discriminating against women and ethnic minorities and allowing gun crime to run out of control, 2012 bill  "authorizes warrantless wiretapping", eavesdrops on phone calls and intercepts emails, women and ethnic minorities in the United States were discriminated against and  the religious discrimination is on the rise, with an increase in insults and attacks against Muslims." The law on the right to hire and fire speaks all.

ou might not know about the selling of  land to the Chinese in the United States. It would be a topic of interest to dig in.

Today the right and the wrong depend on who says them. The cowed citizens would swallow the command without questioning.

Right and freedom are defined to the convenient of those who want to uphold their agenda. Some want them all, the desire to be in complete dominance. There is no compromise and no give and take, no negotiation, but an absolute power and control. Conquest and expansionism is the game played by the mighty. The braves would stand to fight and die.

People are still confused as to the concept and ideal of freedom. Our media did not educate us well about it, and to define the concept without any element of bias. We speak of Born Free yet at the same time we talk about the Law of the Jungle; about absolute right to do what we want, what we like and where we like. If we need to kill each other for our final agenda then be it, because it will finally balance itself. The world need people to die, and die fast and rapidly, in order to check the population expansion.

Else you define it which contain the spirit of mutual respect, not to hurt and insult the others, not to rob away the freedom of others emotionally and physically. We do not intrude into the belief and culture of others, believing in the goodness of harmony and happy living. We can enjoy this limitation even without force or the rule of law.

Somehow we are living in the savage world. You give the right to kill by defining those you want to kill as terrorists regardless of their ages. They pissed at the dead corpses, and laugh aloud after shooting innocent men and women.

Then we have robbers that continue robbing the people using laws they enacted, and divide the wealth among their friends using several smoke screens, and lie to the people that those were good for the population, and at the same time dragging those who opposed them to jail. The defined what's right and what is wrong. A careful thought you would find that we are still in the savage world.

Savage define freedom, human right, right and wrong, and the world what would benefit them and strive in whatever ways and means to achieve their desires.

It is not easy to understand the world. Take for instant, if a the same thief keep on stealing things from you house over and over again, you will learn a little of the philosophy of stealing and thefts. People seldom learn what had not happen to hurt and injure them.

Truly this world is full of bad people in as much as good citizens. What do we do with the bad guys ?

06/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


With the lucrative price of mangoes those who have a few Harum Manis trees were frustrated to find there were no mangoes left on their trees the next morning. Several people who were at the dialysis center were narrating their frustrations.

Thieves steal dokong, latex, papayas, rambutan and anything they could lay their hands on. We don't know the racial composition but many guessed they were Malays. Those who came to steal in our area were the Malays.

Some fruit vendors are selling stolen fruits. Buyers are unaware of their purchases.

Harum Manis is picking up between RM25 - RM28 a kilogram. The minimum you would pay is twenty five ringgit per fruit. Last night I was told one ordinary mango costs RM5. 

But human is human. Some like to buy cheap even knowing the goods are stolen. Ask yourself would you buy a RM5K camera for RM200. I can't imagine how I would react if someone is selling me a stolen Icom 756 Pro3 for RM600. Last year a fruit vendor was approached by a small lorry filled with local fruits offering him those tree products. He came back and told me about the bad people who want to sell him stolen stuffs.

It is forbidden for a Muslim to buy things which he suspects as stolen even though they are not. 96% of the buyers would not have even a slightest suspicion. Probably 98% of the goods sold are legal commodities.

Once you start eating the known stolen food you would always want to have them as long as they are cheap and tasty. It is difficult to find one out of ten people who fears God.

When Mahathir said about cutting hands will leave the Malaysian Muslims without hands, what he meant to say was the Muslims and the Malays are thieves by profession. Nothing else. To him stealing helps the government. It is a form of employment and good for the nation.  Would stealing contribute to the GDP ?

It is a crime for you to persecute a thief or a trespasser. If he dies in your compound or in your house you may be facing a life imprisonment or death by hanging. If you chase him outside your compound and hit him, the thief can take legal action on you.

I have heard of a story about a man who stole rubber latex in the estates for a long time. Later he went missing. His motorcycle was left untouched and he was never to be found. Nobody claimed to know anything about the missing person. Probably he was eaten by a tiger.

06/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The last time I talked to Zainal was on 26/10/2010 at 1548 Z on 7.043. Since then he was missing from the band.

Zainal moved to a new home where putting up an antenna is almost near to impossible. The environment is very unfriendly.

So he was stuck on the internet, which is his new world.

I don't remember exactly the first time I worked him on the ham band. When he was living in Germany the news of a Malay man with a German call sign spread like a wild fire. Many Malaysian stations talked to him.

Zainal is not an ordinary ham. He is a genius, a scientist and a joker. There was a joke in every QSO. One famous joke I will always remember was a question 'Which is better ; Pau Kaya ot Pau Kacang'. His research work was in rubber.

I am not giving him a complement. He was really good. He could learn things very fast. He learned Thai on the band and he delivered a speech in Thai language representing Malaysia at the Seanet convention in Thailand. He is a master in CW, manual and electronic sending without the help of a computer. He was fast.

The document posted on the Facebook showing his expiry license threw a little doubt. Printed on it is the 'mobile/portable station'. I really don't know what it meant. Assume that it is a normal AA ticket it could mean Zainal is no longer a ham, which is a ridiculous thing to happen. I am waiting for his coming back to rejuvenate the old joke and fun that we used to have. From 2002 till 2010 we had had about 314 contacts, mostly in 2002. Also on 7043.

License B started with 9M2SS and materialized during Rashid Sultan and Zainal management period of MARTS. Probably only 2% of the current Malaysian hams know Rashid and Zainal.

It is of my opinion that Zainal must come back. We can't afford to lose a brainy like this man.

07/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


GST in the United States has been there long before Najib became a Prime Minister. We did not enforce it here.Was it because all our previous Prime Ministers were dumb and Najib is the smartest ?

The first reason given by Najib is people do not pay income tax. The question is since when ? Since Najib became the Prime Minister ? Indeed we need to compare the time frame before and during Najib's era. We could either talk about failure and inefficiency in tax administration or the lacking of money in the government's coffer. Taxation and money could have not been a very critical issue before. And why only now Najib raise it as an urgent matter ?

Secondly Najib argued that more than 190 countries accept GST. If it is bad, it would have been rejected. Therefore GST is good.

To Najib a norm or a standard is the number of approval. Before Marijuana is illegal. Then it is a legal drug in Holland. Grass is sold everywhere and people are queuing up to inhale the smoke. The government distributed free condoms to prevent aid. Then state by states in the United States is legalizing Marijuana. Once the number has reached 190, would Najib say that Malaysia will have to make it legal ? If it is bad those countries will not approve it. So it goes with trial marriage, exchange spouses and public nudity.

GST is to cover the borrowing and the huge spending by Najib to keep his position. Corrupting the citizens by hard cash for votes benefit them. The more the money collected the more Najib and UMNO can throw for permanent survival, the more they can spend lavishly and share among the cronies.

If GST would bring the prices down then let it be to stand. But will it ? Promises by Najib before the last GE were broken, do you think Najib will not lie again on commodities that will not be taxed ? You see beautiful stuffs on papers; item A.B, C will not be affected. But when the time come they won't be left aside, and Najib will come up with another excuses, one after another. The lies and deception can go on and on.

Failure to administer taxation before may not be a success this time. Failures of government agencies are reported in the news almost everyday and in the auditor's report. There is nothing that the government can do with the increasing cost of living, the everyday price increase. The enforcement officers either gone asleep or could not do anything. Who could you expect the officers to be effective in their duties when the seats during the parliamentary debate were empty ? There is a favorite phrase used by Sanusi Junid "The fish rots from it's head'.

Bad behaviors are hard to discard and lies is nothing to those who always practice it. They find pleasure in cheating the people.

It is good to look at what is happening in the United States which has both the GST and the income tax. You don't learn about the nation from the TV and looking at the wealthy people. You have to go there, travel widely and observe well. There is a scary situation of crime and joblessness, homelessness, people losing their jobs and houses. At any time our medicare system is much and far better. Asians are becoming more dominant in businesses, vandalism were everywhere and the chain stores are either closing down or numbers decreased. What happen to the money collected ?

We do not forget the words of the government "Malaysia is Malaysia. We are not ......If you don't like our ways, go to those countries..." UMNO has been pounding our own uniqueness over and over again. And  now Najib is talking about copying from the other nations.

I had had a big laugh when Ahmad Maslan said prices will come down when GST comes into operation. Either one of us is a great fool.


05/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My wife always asked me to buy her Nescafe ice.  The price is never the same from vendor to vendor. Almost all the Mamaks would sell at RM2. Pak Chop, the famous mee rebus seller at Pantai Johor, Alor Setar has just raised his from RM1.50 to RM1.80.

A few yards from Pak Chop is a stall that brought down his Necafe ice from RM1.50 to RM1. This small store is run by a small man with one helper. I don't know the price of other drinks but people are queuing up, which made me think he sells everything for a ringgit.

Money collected from the sales were thrown into a plastic bag. From 6.00 pm to 12.00 pm I gather he must have collected more than RM400. Besides there are cookies and nasi lemak. He owns the Nasi Lemak and the rest probably belong to others.

Not many hawkers are selling foods at very cheap price. One sells kueh at 10 cent each. A dollar would fill our stomach. These are a few greedless human around who can still make good profit at the end of the day.

One of these days, when I find no crowd, I am going to ask the hawker why he brought the Nescafe price down from a one-half dollar to a dollar. I hope to hear his answer and share with the rest. To me he is a small man with a great heart. Probably he had lead a hard life before.


05/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Several states in the United States acted tough with the labor unions which were seen as evils that brought bankruptcy to the states. Unions of private enterprises do not only push for inflation but also weakened global market competitiveness. Foreign commodities would be much cheaper than the local products. In the United States goods from China, Taiwan, India and Indonesia flooded the market. Automobile industries had to look for new strategy to keep alive.


Government interference in imposing higher import tax to protect the local firms would be fatal once meeting retaliation. Stringent laws on the firms could chase those firms out of the country where labors are cheaper and corruptions are lesser.

The fate of the workers in the private sectors depend on the sale of the products. MAS and Proton are two good examples. The government cannot force the public to finance those companies not owned by them. True indeed the government could go bankrupt if borrowing continues. It is very scary to hear that Najib is borrowing 600 billion a year.

I just feel Najib could not care less to the future of the country. Politician like Mahathir owned properties in foreign land where they can always go. Najib, in needing votes and support, would bow to the demand of the trade union. In Malaysia we have bad and unproductive workers who could not be fired. We don't have the law on the right to hire and fire.

I would say there are at least 10% of the government workers are problematic or unproductive. Some are running their own private businesses; house contractors, restaurant owners, maid agents and even frying mee in the evening.

Pushing the retirement age higher would make the jobseekers hunting for other new jobs and in new organizations. The expansion of government agencies could not be as fast as the number who leave schooling and universities.

The jobless were driven to seek bread in other areas. Many went to business, from selling burger to becoming proxies to politicians. Because shop lots are expensive and difficult to get many are on the move. A few found drug as a lucrative business.

It is worth to retain and reward scientists and experts, skill and able employees than the lazy unproductive workers who the unions are protecting and awarding. If Najib and Union leaders are scratching each other's backs, it is not very healthy to our economy.

04/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This is not a new subject, like an American TV that repeatedly screening old movies over and over again, similar to our TV which has been screening P.Ramlee's movies week after week. But circumstances drove me to pen it once again. How smart are you or how smart am I ?

Now on the facebook any comment rejecting GST will be met with harsh criticism by the people whom I suspect as the UMNO Blue Army or similar to it. UMNO had trained a few hundred personnel to explain what GST mean. And these people believed what was told. To them those who opposed it are stupid morons who do not understand it. To them the public will profit much out of the policy. Indeed the arguments and explanations were convincing when looking on the surface. But the GST itself is not relevant here. It is the people who arrogantly pointing fingers at the others as stupid and ignorant. They think they are the smartest lots.

And a few days ago a female university student humbly showed me her fingerprint application written in Visual Basic Dot Net, which is very Greek to me. Her software amazed me, and I realized I am nowhere compared to millions of other people out there. How could I be smarter than her ?

Today I met someone who write program for aircrafts, built sophisticated hardware, mastering EPROM and PICs and construct a HF SSB transceivers. The meeting was short but I gathered alot from the discussion, and gauged my knowledge in comparison. I know where am I.

I have met smart Chinese and smart Malays. I could not be sure how many Malays work with NASA though I knew one who had work there for several years.

We tend to think that we are the best in everything and our ideal is beyond any challenge. When we become so arrogant and selfish we would tend to despise all others and perceive ourselves as the most superior. It would be a big problem when the less schooled and less educated feel they are the greatest. Their behaviors tend to be wild.

We all clearly remember on what we were told by our government; only listen to our national news on MH370 and don't listen to the others. If we did, what do we know by now ? If we stepped out of the boundary we would have seen the wider world, the island of Diego Garcia, the Taliban shooting US drone and more of the conspiracy theories. Our government want us to have a single tracked mind and to swallow as what we are told.

I would never encourage laziness in any way. It could create a stupid person with a narrow mind but with big emotion and sentiment to pompously depict the wrong which he thinks is right. Even the real men of knowledge do not agree with each other, traditional science as oppose to quantum science, the unending theory of wave characteristics and behavior.

Wise men knew what they were talking about. Fools quoted phrases that were fuzzy to them, parroting what they heard. A person can continuously say e=mc2 without knowing the whole concept.

Knowledge and skill are wealth. You feel it, the greatest wealth imbedded, unseen, but it enhance your real-self. It is self-fulfillment.

How smart are we ? There are others who are smarter. How smart am I ? 90% of my students who are better and smarter.

As you listen to people on TV and read the news from any newspapers, you need to listen to yourself afterwards.

When our hockey team was beaten by Canada, it as not because we are less skill or less smart, but because of the edge of emotional state of the Australians over the Malaysians. We lost a little concentration after leading the game.

In game, skill and brain the hockey players are so much better than many of us, including me.

04/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I knew today was Thursday but I didn't know it was the 1st of May till late last night. Yesterday I sent a message to one university student who is designing a thumbprint application to see the administrator  of the local vocational college to witness the software I developed. I would go to see her soon after. Late at night I read her message that Thursday is a Labor Day. I replied telling her to meet me at the Seri Malaysia hotel.

As usual I went to buy breakfast for my wife at 9.00 am and continued for my usual brunch at Majid restaurant. As soon as I arrived the owner quipped, "Big prawn for you on the house." I nodded my head but I took it as a joke. After a delicious meal I went to the counter for payment. "No. It is free for you." It was a good day for a start.

At noon I went to Seri Malaysia. I met the student who came with her brother and father. She showed me her application written in Visual Basic Dot Net, which is Greek to me. The design was superb but how could I help her with my zero knowledge. She said her Professor wants the application start with a certain module and that she had a problem in printing the listing. I asked her to look for the startup module. She found it. And I asked her to open the logging data file on a DataGridView. I had a short time reading about it on the website. I showed her how to populate the datagridview. She gave a ponder, grasping the concept and nodded giving a sign of understanding.

She thanked me and handed me with some cash. I rejected it. The father shook my hand with the cash, which also refused to accept. The father is a teacher and her mother too is a teacher. She heard about my writing the application through her mother. After a short talk with her father we bade good-bye.

Evening was my walking time. I had to go late because my sister-in-law came to help in house cleaning. She would come to see and arrange things once a week. At 6.00 pm I found no parking space at the jogging track. Cars everywhere even at the no parking area and on the doubled lined road. I had to park at quite a distant away. I realized of the big crowed due to the public holiday.

At night while nursing my wife having her vowel I heard Najib appealing the people to help the government. TV was blasting and lambasting those who went out to protest against GST. I didn't stop to watch the TV. Instead I switched it off.

I just went to the super store looking at price tags. What was sold at 80 cent before is now more than RM4.00. Prices climbed so fast. It does not come by itself. It is made by Najib's policy, probably advised by some PHD economists. Daim said Najib borrowed RM600 billion a year. My question is 'For what ?' At the restaurant I heard a few UMNO's big guns were discussing million dollar project, about land price bought at RM5 and sold at RM75 per square foot.

We all heard about Rosmah and Najib's lavishness, about giving money to friends and cronies, about the missing billions, military purchases that went astray, and about corrupting the public for votes. Najib is appealing to the general public to pay for the wastage and the stolen billions. Let us ask ourselves how much was spent to hang Rosmah's pictures in Putrajaya. This is not a slender. It is true and you are asked to pay for it.

This is the 1st. of May 2014. We are going towards the hardship. Najib is going for the repression and the fear of any citizen who have experience in holding military arsenal like the rocket launcher. Those who were in the battlefield fighting Israel under Hezbollah and Hamas will be all be arrested. They could be a threat not against Malaysia but against the politicians.

Nevertheless the seed of militancy and violence began to surface. All eyes are watching and will be  nipped in the bud. All must be wiped out before it has the chance to grow. But the same happened in all other authoritarian countries including Soviet Russia.

Najib's mode of soft pitiful request will not sustain forever as the high cost of living keep on climbing.

You may want to argue about the rising number of wealthy Malays. The Malays who are getting richer are those in businesses which they had to struggle on their own for years. The government claimed these were the product of UMNO's policies. At the same rate the number of unemployment and joblessness are on the increase. This will push crimes and the evil ways of getting money in order to cope up with expensive living.

Only good governance can ensure peace and security, not the practice of deception and lying, wastage and lavishness.

If I have not heard Najib appealing to the people to say 'aye' for GST, the 1st. of May 2014 would have been a really beautiful day for me.

The best news is our hockey team beat New Zealand on penalty after a 4 - 4 draw. Our hockey team, Nicole David and Lim Chong Wei have done an immense job in promoting and selling Malaysia to the world. Remember we are a very nation. Without East Malaysia we would be much more smaller.

To attain a world class standard is almost near to impossible. But these few people could be moulded into super-Malaysians and above the many millions people of the world.

Hockey wrapped out my happiness on the 1st May 2014.

01/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There are contented people, even with small and modest income. Those who live far from the cities in the deep jungle, survived by the what nature give them, may be happier than many of us. Many people are slave of their emotion and mind that cannot be freed by the immense wealth and power they have. Those who complain will continue to do so forever.

The turmoil in Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan do not cease. New government replaced the old. Poverty continued.

I see Mahathir never stopped at blaming the wrong trees, barking each day showing his discontent, over the missing pane, Najib and Anwar, and all others. I saw Najib artificial smile when with Obama. PERKASA is shouting their heads off on Obama's remarks. DAP and MCA gearing all their resources criticizing Islamic law.

Obama's visit was not a happy hour occasion to Malaysia. The President's views could either be ignored or implemented. Najib will be pressured to ignore. Some will say that Malaysia can stand without the United States. or the world.

Every praise by Obama is followed by hidden statement 'Najib's reformation is great but he has to push more....' He quoted more freedom which can mean anything including the right to peaceful assembly. He sent envoys to meet Anwar and commented on the Rule of Law. The insinuations can go on and on.

We did the best to appease Obama, expecting the President to totally support the administration and ignoring all oppositions against the government.

You have just heard of the government crackdown of local terrorists who are linked with international movement ready to case mischief. You see the police seem to know these people more than the drug kingpin. Unbelievable. Who are these people and what are their targets ? Do you know what I think ? I think the police is trying to tell the people not to attempt using force to throw Najib down. If there is such a militant force they would have assassinated the unpopular politicians long time ago.

Even the resignation of Korea's Prime Minister on the ferry disaster throw a bad light on Najib as a less responsible leader who wants to hold to his post at whatever cost. People see two type of leaders in the world and compare their greatness.

We just have to wait and see what Malaysia is going to do after Obama had left Malaysia. Heads will roll and already we hear Ibrahim Ali and his wicked mouth, not to talk about the less educated UMNO supporters who care more for themselves than their future generation.

29/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Sebelum ini Dr Mahathir menuduh PAS dan PR hendak menjatuhkan kerajaan dengan ganas. Tapi tuduhan tersebut tidak diambil indah. PAS berulangkali sejak dari dahulu lagi berkata bahwa perubahan kerajaan hanya akan berlaku melalui pilihanraya.

Kini dengan tiba-tiba beliau menyebut tentang rakyat boleh menjatuhkan kerajaan dengan ganas kalau mereka tahu caranya. Segala susunan ayat menampakkan apa yang terdapat di dalam minda beliau. Beliau tidak lagi berupaya menggantikan Najib sepertimana beliau lakukan kepada Pak Lah. Rejim lama tidak tahan lagi dengan tindak tanduk Najib yang terlalu boros sehingga membawa masalah kepada ekonomi negara. Daim mengatakan Najib berhutang sebanyak RM600 billion setahun. Najib sendiri dikatakan mempunyai jumlah pengiring keselamatan yang lebih dari 2 kali ganda dari Dr Mahathir.

Di dalam semua percaturan Dr Mahathir tidak nampak jalan lain untuk menjatuhkan Najib selain dari menghasut rakyat menjatuhkan Kerajaan secara ganas.

Macam mana Najib nak jatuh kalau beliau memberi wang kepada rakyat dan secukupnya pula kepada penyokongnya ? Mana ada Perdana Menteri yang memberi wang tunai kepada jutaan rakyat di dunia ? Walaupun kos sara hidup meningkat, tidak ada rakyat yang mati kelaparan lagi. Menyokong Najib dapat habuan yang cukup, menyokong Mahathir tak dapat apa-apa langsung.

Najib tak perlu bimbang dengan kenyataan orang yang melantiknya dahulu. Kumpulan Mahathir semuanya sudah tua-tua belaka.

24/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Respect of the dead -  The way the Muslims show their final respect to the dead is not the same as the non-Muslims. As shown at Karpal's funeral the Muslim PKR leaders bowed their heads. The pictures went viral accusing those Muslims bowing to DAP, and did not do the same at Azizan's funeral. The Muslims take a few seconds to recite a surrah, and prayed at the mosque. The recital and prayers were seldom pictured. I would not say those who yelled insults at the PR leaders as stupid but has an evil mind in their heads.

Property Price -  An UMNO lawmaker was shouting her head off, giving detail on the property price in Penang. Land and houses were high in states under BN, before and now. No normal Malays can afford to pay RM500K to RM10 million for a house in many states including Selangor under BN. The working people have to pay through their nose for a RM500K. How about the prices in Johor Baharu and Kuala Trengganu ? Will the lawmaker be willing to sell her property for RM200K or lesser ? Why BN government encourages property development ? They say property prices will fetch astronomical price in the future. UMNO created hardship for the people and now they are blaming the others. Aren't that stupid or evil ?

On Muslim Students - I had touched a lot on the education system, the Malays and the drugs and the morality of the Malays. UMNO had not care about all those for many decades and keep on devising an education system which would further problems to the Malays. The TV Malaysia was showing the concern of the UMNO lawmaker of the Muslims students who can't pray and even take ablution. Would she want to be a champion ? However, with a due respect to an UMNO Minister, Dato' Ahmad Bashah, I would like to remind readers to know that Dato' Ahmad Bashah had known about the Muslim students when he was an Exco member in Kedah a long time ago and participated in the program of re-educating such kind of students. The Ministry of Education just would not care about the illiteracy of the secondary school students and the poor Muslims. I had brought up the case to the higher officers but was ignored.

On Sedition and Teresa's Video -  UMNO supporters accuse Teresa for insulting the Malays and the Royalty. Karpal's comment was taken as seditious for quoting the law. Who were actually against the Sultan and attempted to unseat the Malay Sultanate ? It was Mahathir. Mahathir was a Prime Minister and elected by the UMNO supporters. Was it not a mandate given to Mahathir by the Malay voters ?

Parliamentary post sessions on national TVs only select the speakers to campaign for the government, attempting to cover the reality of the events. What are these realities ? The government's large annual borrowing that force the people to pay for the lavishness and wastages, the lost of big sum of money since the era of Mahathir till now - from Bank Bumiputera to PKZ.

It is also evil and true that the Malays are losing their land everyday that were used for agriculture. A Malay farmer sold his land for RM300000, and with the money he can't even buy on shop house that cost RM700K to RM900K. Agriculture lands were grabbed under the Land Acquisition Act at a very low price and sold to private sectors at a much higher price.

No matter what the BN law makers say about the government operation on foreigners, the faces of the Bangla and other foreigners are still seen. The Indonesians and the Chinese were given Malaysian citizenships. Similarly on the successful operations on drugs. Yet drug addicts do not shrink; addicts killed their own parents.

What they are talking is not as what is happening on the ground.

24/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now the government is saying about the PBS, "Hey don't blame us for any problem on PBS because we have asked for your opinion and the opinion of thousands of experts and educationists."

No matter what I do not agree with the new system because it kills the opportunity for the school leavers to improve themselves. They cannot reseat for the a test as part of the final grades come from classrooms.

Last night I heard Idris Jusoh mentioned about training the teachers and soon the parents to let the parents do their roles. I don't know what is the plan and what are the roles of the parents. The moment I heard of 'parents role' I quickly jumped to conclusion. "If anything goes wrong, don't blame us. Blame the parents." If any parent were to say that they do not have the time the Minister will say, "Make time. If we can do it, why can't you ?"

Do you ever notice of the present trend ; if thieves come into your house, it is you who is to be blamed for not locking your house or not putting gadgets for theft prevention. If there is dengue in your area it is you who is to be blamed for allowing mosquitoes breeding. If robbers snatch your handbag, you are to be blamed because you carry the handbag.

Parents do not have capacity to teach because they do not have knowledge. Many work from 5pm - 2.00 am,
leaving their kids alone at home. The best they can do is to send their kids to tuition classes. Those who can't afford will not be able to do so.

Today form 5 school leavers have a lot of offer from private colleges even before the SPM results are announced. Students' achievements for the entry level has never been important. Private colleges need money and they need people. What follows are left to our conjectures.

How many thousand leave their final schoolings and with whatever skill level a year? How many have enough money to go to pilot schools, medical and law institutions ? How many have enough skill to run their own business ?

Education has to be discussed in line with the social and crime condition. This include PBS and the present system. The general public may not be aware of the policy, the dynamic of the system and the future consequences. Many items are left untouched during the questions and answers in the parliamentary sessions. And the reply is not the same as what is really happening. There are a lot of deceptions untraced.

You want to know the reality, you have to open your eyes and observe around you with critical mind. For instant you may not see what is behind GST. The wastage and lavishness and a poor financial management is the main culprit.

When price jumped the government blamed the populace for not exercising consumerism. People are asked to boycott the goods, not to buy food outside. Government can do no wrong.


One of our main problems is that the voters are either ignorant or lowly educated to grasp concepts, or mentally lazy to analyze. Many found it easy to swallow what have been fed and to repeat what they heard to others. They don't know that lies are interlaced with the truth.

24/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



USA is highly disturbed by China's military build up. As soon as China started on the second aircraft carrier, she was demanded by the United States to explain the build up. And was warned to halt the sea monster further constructions. The answer given by China was merely for self defense. USA chose to maneuver the economy of the Middle Kingdom to weaken her

But China is a Communist state. The manpower is almost free. If she has all the resources on her soil the built cost would only be nominal. The real threat is not now but years to come. The present Chinese leaderships are more rational, cunning and give priority to science and technology. The United States have to break the Chinese backbones by corrupting those high ranking Communists. And she needs every country in Asia and Southeast Asia as allies.

Putin has said that Russia is not afraid of USA but China said nothing and didn't show any hatred or her disliking towards America. Simply because she is not ready to compete with the mighty Americans. Friendliness gives her time to build stealth aircrafts and drones, improving her satellite capabilities and slowly strengthened her sea power. USA understands carelessness could give China dominance in this region. There should be zero error.

At this scenario, I would relate the missing MH370 to this cold war.

Najib is facing a hard time because what he needs most to be the Prime Minister at whatever cost. The local Chinese is pressing him. Ong Kah Teng is close to China. He could make many decision for Najib. Would Kah Teng tell Najib what to do or lost his post in the next general election ? Najib has to show that he is more incline to China to the local Chinese and at the same time he has to appease the Americans. After all Malaysians security forces schooled by USA and Australia.

USA need to observe the Chinese maritime activities. Kelantan and Trengganu would be very favorable. And she cannot allow even a small piece of land in the middle of an ocean left without any control. It can be another Diego Garcia. China must not be allowed to form a Chinese military base as what USA is having.

.24/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One teacher always expressed her unhappiness on the Face Book. The most recent was she cursed the students who can't read, write and count. She complained to the school administration about her sad affair being given such kind of students to her.

Then I wrote a comment about a teacher who had very keen to have the total illiterate students. He was very successful in transforming them into normal students, able to master the 3 Rs. His name, I quoted, is Abdul Razak Botok.

In my mind everyone is teachable. People can train animals and fish, and the mentally handicapped. If they are morons they won't be able to remember thousands of words and things they see. Razak Botok is in my school of thought. The effectiveness of a teacher is when he is able to transform his students to be the better.

There are many brave teachers who welcome the weak students and ever willing to enhance their capabilities. Razak Botok made a graduation ceremony and inviting the parents for the occasion. If you are a parent try to imagine your feeling when your once poor kids showed his ability to read during the graduation ceremony.

Of course it is a hard work that needs creativity and ingenuity.

People like Razak Botok are unknown and taken for granted. Our education system, the system of promotion and appraisal tend to ignore good teachers, but rather define a good teacher in a different way.

To me calling a student stupid is a taboo. And I would not want to employ such a teacher.

I always remind my teachers, "How about other teachers in other schools calling your kid stupid and moron ? "

Many of my great teachers have retired. When we met we would recall the events of our visits to students' home if they absent themselves. I prefer to provoke and challenge the less motivated to prove their worth. The present pain is for the future gain. Good job done is not for show or promotion but for the sake of our God and the students. The reward is not money and the feeling of staisfaction.

Likewise the education ministry should not ignore the low achievers and those who failed and the illiterates. Do think about it and do something sensible.

22/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After three busses plunged and killed passengers, MH192 heading to India with 166 people on board had to make an emergency landing in KLIA after the tire burst upon the take off. A school Principal killed himself as the Korean ferry sank. Here everyone would go scot-free after numerous bus accidences. In the primitive world the bus owners would have been hung.

But Hishamuddin had called the police to investigate the possibility of criminal sabotage on MAS. After MH370 and before MH192 there were reports on technical failure on the carrier at Hong Kong airport. I am anxious to know what is in Hishamudin's mind and what made him suspect of such an insidious and vile feat. He follows the right course of action.

Don't we see people checking tires and other stuffs before take off ? The checking steps were seen to be thorough by several persons. Let the police investigate and come with the right conclusion, specific and beyond any reasonable doubt.

In the dark ages the continuing mishaps would be blamed on evil and bad luck brought by a person in a community. If they are bad omen from hell, we can expect more bizarre happenings to take place, one after the other. The bamboo shaman called it the intervention by the unseen world.

We hail and praise the MH192 pilots for the safe landing. That should not be the end. The government and MAS should also look in the mirror to see all the details that could lead to causal-effects manifestations. Please don't feel insulted when I say Rosmah factor too has to be considered. Could anyone just tell her to shut up her mouth ?

It is lucky that there is no major damage that led to any major lost. What if all the 166 passengers die and the plane broke up into pieces ? Isn't that about the three busses of bus loads that had had the recent accidences within 8 days ?

With all the chaos and bizarre happenings, Najib is happily talking about millions and billions and the high income nation. The traumatic events are too small to think about. The high cost of living is nothing too. If there is a kind of Presidential election here Hishamuddin will be the Prime Minister.


21/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What can you figure out if the missing plane is not found ? If it isn't under the sea bed it cannot be found. If it is somewhere there there are only two possibilities that could have happened; it is put there by someone after it had landed somewhere or it is a deliberate dived of a suicide mission. In both cases it has to be lured by some reasons.

There is a theory focusing on the suicide drove by emotional instability. Would it not come across our mind the target would be Putrajaya or the abode of some VIPs or MAS officers ?

The public is pressing for the information on the cargo. It could lead us to what really happened to the plane. It is a drone theory. But Taliban has to tell the world that they had shot down a drone and was selling the hardware to China.

The Chinese are as cunning as the British but forget to compute the Chinese Embassy is under the full time surveillance by the CIA on the ground and by the satellites. What moved in and out were monitored.

If the drone was in the plane it had to be the work of CIA. Nothing more and nothing less. The plane had to be brought down on land. If it hidden somewhere it would never be found anywhere. Somehow it has to be put back into the sea to avoid suspicion. Australia, being a close allies of the United States, was given a task to carry the dirty job.

Remember, in the first place the flight destination was China. How could it ended up in Australian water or close to the sub-continent.

Hence if MH370 is not found anywhere in the sea, it could not be the deliberate plan of the crews to commit suicide. It would better to dive the plane at the enemy's home.

The plane cargo could be the main clue as far as we are concern. To the Chinese they would probably be certain if they put the cargo on the plane to be flown back to Beijing. Najib could have been told about the cargo but has to stay mum. Nancy Pelosi said that the moment any Congressmen blamed CIA for anything they would come after 'you'. Utusan  Melau had been warned not to expound the CIA theory.

To most Malaysians the cold war between USA and China means nothing, the drone means nothing too. Even if it is brought down by CIA or Taliban, they hope everyone is alive. The rest no revenge and no pain.

To Najib all he wants is the people must not blame him nor his administration. He would be happy if the blamed could be shifted to Anwar Ibrahim. You may call it crazy notion. But you have seen too much to dismiss it as a crazy stun.

Until we find the plane everything said is only a mere conjecture.

 21/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



No modern Malaysians would believe the world is flat. You would be snubbed and laugh at even by a tem year old boy. This is the age when mankind has conquered space, shutting back and forth on space vehicles and stationed the satellites on the 4 corners of the earth. Yet many Americans still believe that the Earth is flat and does not rotate on it's axis. If you care to join the Flat Earth Society by all mean visit the webpage and become a member.


Several documents on video were arguing and trying to prove that the earth is flat in term of our sighting and viewing. Even looking at the earth through the ISS we would not see the earth like a ball and rotating like one. We see it as flat. Then it is flat by our sighting. Would it not be better for a space vehicle to stay foot at the geo-synchronous orbit and see countries passing bye rather than the spacecraft flying across those countries.


What is the speed of the rotation at the point where we are standing ? What do you imagine if you fly an airplane 100 mph Eastwards and 100 mph Westwards, is there such thing as 100 mph + earth rotation and 100 mph - earth rotation ?

My religious teacher told me more than 60 years ago that flat means flat to our eyes. The shape of the earth is designed cleverly to create day and night. It made sense.

What if I see clearly the true shape of the earth in 3D or 4D real form and it's rotation ? I believe in what I see with a conscious mind that there might be something in my religion that I may not understand yet.

The Christians are worried. The belief of the non-flat world could drown the faith among the young and intelligent generations, except for the occidental converts. I traveled quite extensively in the United States and found churches were empty on Sunday. There are a lot of churches in Las Vegas for people to have quick marriage.

Try to ask your kids what is the shape of the earth.

21/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When the government is unjust people are angry. In the show of strength and power, backed by the judiciary and the police force the winning will always on the government side. As the court passed judgment the people too made judgment. Worst thing when thieves sue those who saw and accused them stealing.

There were many intolerable cases that fumed maximum anger; Teoh Beng Huat's death, Major Zaidi court's proceedings, the reversal of court's judgment on Anwar and Karpal, the arrogance of Shahrizat and her husband, and the harsh words Karpal after his death. The arrest of those who protest and racial slur thrown on Ambiga and the Chinese could not be calmed down by the money given by Najib.

Karpal's funeral has thousands of mourners who showed their strength and unity and anger towards those stupid UMNO idiots with foul mouths. The police should arrest the Perlis MP and the Perkasa man and slapped them under seditious act.

These are never a good sign for the nation's future.

What is Najib's trying to do at his talking about millions of ringgit and the wealth of the nation when the price is going up day by day ? Is he thinking MONEY talk and the BRIM would cure all the disease and everyone will be happy ? Didn't he learn anything from Sungai Limau and Kajang ? And now with the demised of Mr Karpal he should open up his eyes and mind to sense the reality.

Anger could be shown in more than one way. The most dangerous is to dive an airplane down at Putrajaya as Anwar had pointed out.

Does the government think quieting the protestors would evaporate all the anger and the hatred instilled among the people ?

We have been calling UMNO to analyze national problems in relation to UMNO's policy and the attitudes of it's members. They simply ignore it or arrived at the conclusion in the simplest way that they want to see; may it be the problem in drugs, education, apostasy, crime or the economy of the Malays. Instead they defy the accusation on corruption and the rising spate of crimes. They gave so much focus on wealth gathering through developmental and mega projects which robbed away water catchment areas and our own rice fields.

When the Malays are at lost they looked for Mahathir to show them light to the right path as if Malaysia only produce one thinking Malay since the independent. The rest are just like Ibrahim Ali, Nordin or Noh Omar. So much so they have to employ foreign consultants to teach them things.

Intelligent Malays either refuse to toe the line and stay away from politics or show their anger by silent protest. UMNO's effort to draw them back into it's fraternity would meet with futility. Only the less brainy will be deceived. Even the racial card tactic would not work. DAP members are less wealthy than the MCA who are around the Prime Ministers for major projects and favors.

The real strength is not in the strong police force or pro-BN judiciary but it is in the sharpness of thinking and the power of the brain. And in the modern world brain in mightier than guns. The mastery of knowledge and skills in all areas of technology, arts and administration has it's beginning from the brain which are accoutered with language ability and skill. They are followed by a strong positive attitudes with ethical conducts. They would be serious with their work and always pay attention to small detail. 

Bad and authoritarian government would not last forever as the momentum for the quest for knowledge and skill moves at the steady speed.

Mahathir always want the Malaysians to come back and work here for fear of the consolidation of the smart brains outside the shore.

Within the country the suppression will drive the hard-core anti government individuals below the surface. Once in a blue moon they would surface to show their anger in a remote way.

The death of Karpal or Anwar or Lim Kit Siang would not be a relief to UMNO. One goes a new thousands stand up.

If UMNO has enough brain it may ease a little tension and anger yet it has to be honest and sincere. People could trace lies and dishonesty.

20/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It is indeed a sad affair that UMNO chooses to declare war on the people using the large army of cyber troopers, including the total control of the Facebook, youtube and the network. You would notice that nearing the election time you can't escape from seeing Najib as soon as you go into web pages like the You Tube. Right now the Face book is under full control of UMNO, who would manipulate postings as they like. They are planting false information to derail the people.

Deceiving the populace won't solve the problem. First the evil continues year after year, wastage and corruption until it drained off our national coffer. Though the UMNO guys are getting wealthier the economic and social sickness will never recover.

Secondly the effectiveness of UMNO, gauged from the result of the two previous by-elections in Peninsular Malaysia, showed total failure. Internet censorship and manipulation, the used of cyber troopers to plant deceitful information is another waste of resources.

Each day the cost of living is rising up higher and higher. Rhetoric had not solve it. The operation on the middlemen accused of price hiking never work. Nothing came down but chicken for Najib.

I pity the young people who are working for UMNO, yelling anti Anwar and Karpal at the top of their voices have to pay more and more each day. People who fell to their lies and earned less than RM2000 a month deserve to get what they are yearning for. They yearn to pay more. That's all.

You should also know that the old guards refused to give ways to the young people whom they think will jeopardized their future. They need the young adults for votes, not to replace them.

Why can't they choose the other alternative to win popular votes ? They simply cannot shake off their bad habits, greed, arrogant and egos. Just try to hear Rosmah's speech; each time she tries to defend her and her husband, she made more people angrier at her. People can feel her sarcastic remarks. And each time Mahathir was trying to spin facts, he made more fools of himself.

What is the different between Putrajaya and people in the main streets ? Whenever the weather is extremely hot, the people in Putrajaya enjoyed a cooling air. Whenever there is water rationing imposed on the men on the streets, Putrajaya never had water difficulty. We, the street people, notice garbage hunters and criminals waiting for a prime time to strike. Putrajaya is blind to what the people down here are sufferings.

Cyber army needs to have smart people at worst. There was one guy who wrote '...Kalau pelewat jadi PM tak tahu apa nak jadi pada negara ini..' ( if a person who likes sodomy were to become a PM what could happen to this country). That would not be a smart statement because such a provocation could immediately invite an unwelcoming and abusive response ' about a murderer become a PM ? '

Provocation and lies do not help to recover the image of UMNO. Censorships too won't be a good remedy. As days gone by people see and feel the changes, both good and bad. Najib is assessing how much he can push the people together with the money rain. He is very confident with the power and the capability of the police.

Anwar was too honest to tell what the MH370 could have done if our military is too negligence. The plane could dive down at the buildings in Putrajaya. Do we need to say more ?

It is foolish to assume that the citizens are fools. How could corruptions be eliminated when Najib himself paid out a hard cash to the people for the return favor. UMNO MP condemned the people who received BRIM for not giving their votes to the party, calling the ingratitude citizens. We can't define corruption as we like and different meaning to different people. The police chief denied the allegations of top police taking bribes. People do not see Najib is serious in fighting corruption but a mere eye-washed.

People also want to see criminals be punished. Yet everyone goes scot-free with Bank Bumiputera, PERWAJA, PKZ and even the NFC. Whereas Teoh Beng Hock died over an alleged matter of corruption by the opposition.

The list of evils done is beyond this brief description.

Would it be very difficult for UMNO to be sincere and honest to gain back the support of the great majority of the people ? The usage of all the resources had been exhausted. UMNO stands because of the Sabahans and the Sarawakians. That is too bad.

Make Rakyat Didahulukan a reality or else people would vomit when hearing the phrase again and again. The 5 years given is ample to revamp the party, to clear all the vile and malices, the greed and avarice.

19/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





A rumor gives an atom of hope. But we can always hunt for the author to find out where he get all his information from rather than doing nothing at all.

18/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Our condolences to the family of Karpal Singh for his demised owing to an accident this morning near Guar Tempurung in Perak. He will be 74 in June. His assistant Michael Cornelius also died on the spot.

Karpal was facing a jail term for sedition, a revert in court decision.

May his soul rest in peace.

17/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I think I am one of the most selfish persons in the world. All I care for is myself. National leaders and politicians from all parties are not the people I would be willing to die. This include Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who is know as A Master Teacher ( Tok Guru or Sifu ).

But he is the man who amazed me most and I think the only man I would respect the most. And I felt very disturbed when he was attacked, smashed, slammed and degraded to the lowest ever level by what I know as UMNO disciples. They called upon the anti-corruption agency to investigate the sponsorship for a pilgrimage to Mecca, called him an infidel who pray to idols, and slammed with insult after insult. One of these people is Ibrahim Ali, the self-styled Malay Hero.

This poor man is the poorest among the Chief Ministers since independent, He is comfortable with the simplest life-style. Truly I never heard about his wife, who had never been on the spotlight. Compare with Najib or Mahathir they are far apart, trillion light years different; in every aspect. My respect towards the opposites are in the reverse order. And I have a deep hatred against those who think they are gods.

I see Malaysian leaders as hypocrites, who lie through their teeth and continue to deceive the citizens to fend away the economic brutality, which drives the rocketing cost of living with the crazy financial acts. They seem not to believe or fear God with the treacherous false promises, and boasted of their good work. They said they give life to the Malaysians.

Whereas Nik Aziz is a very humble and lowly man, living in a small abode, much lesser than the normal Malay men whose abode is like the ancient palace of king of kings. He believes in the perpetuality of the next world. There is no greatness in the world, not with status nor the mountain of wealth, the Presidents and the Prime Ministers. All will be buried or cremated. History will determined whether they are villains or valiant.

I see bigness and greatness in a small man. There are many people like Nik Aziz. I can only pray to meet him again in the next world. As for now he is just a man who amazed me much, but he is never my icon.

16/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I had no dream nor ambition because my mother was not educated and I lived with my step father. I was never good in anything at all. Going to school was just like going to hell. I realized about the world in 1963 when there was nearly a world war 3; John F Kennedy was about to strike Cuba. Each day I would asked my neighbor what happened, would there be a war. I hoped for the world war to escape from the Lower Certificate of Examination.

Today I realized there are so much things the world have to offer. I don't have to go to library anymore. I read stories from my iPhone 5, a few pages a day when I go for my dinner at KFC. I have the freedom to write even with horrible command of English whenever I want. I can share jokes and movies with the people of the world. I can talk to distant friends using ham radio or computer softwares.

To the young present generation things are just normal. To those who were born when electricity was unknown, water only from well, river and rain, toilets were outside the house today is a world full of magic. Our views could be heard all over the world, pictures and video clips are shared by all within seconds. Blogs and Facebook enabled us to be writers. We write our hearts and our heads off. These would not be possible 60 years ago.

We may not have any dream before but there are so many chances and opportunities opened up to us. Thousands of elderly people like me traveled the world over to see the beauty, to learn the culture, to taste the exotic food and to experience the ecstasy of traveling itself. I remember asking a bus driver at Indiana University Bloomington in 1982 whether he had ever been to the East. His reply was, "I have never been out of Indiana."

Technologies opened up a vast frontier for the young and old. Imagine an old man like me having an iPhone and a Samsung Note 3, two laptops which are always on, and a couple of ham gears. Movies seldom show old folks with the modern gadgets. And I have a little extra than many of my friends; I can write computer soft wares.

Big dream, big thinking can make a big and powerful man.We either share their creation or forced to accept what were left to us by accident. These were the debris of wars, the weapons that killed or maimed us and the hardships and poverty that were forced upon us by the greedy and the heartless.My wife  told me that she saw a TV program which showed an officer from the Social Welfare department visiting a solitary old man to give RM60 monthly allowance. She asked me why so little; a question without an answer.

Somewhere people are saying "There must be life and death, the rich and the poor. It is all part of our life."

What dream and ambition had the poor and the homeless who begged for the daily bread, hunted the garbage bins for any saleable object ? They hoped for the hard labor jobs but given away to the citizen of Bangladesh and the Indonesians. As the price climb the Ministers told them to be thrifty and to spend wisely. Those without jobs would robbed or steal and faced jail term for 2 or 3 years. They never dream of sleeping in the filthy cells.

There were hardship before independent. And there are still here long after 1957.

While the lucky ones are happy with the world today, they must not forget the many unfortunate people who are struggling for the bare necessities.

13/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Which is worst, seizing the bible or burning the Koran ? And do you believe it that in the 21st century the Christians killed the Muslims and pissed on the dead corpses ?

In the United States religion cannot go to school. The teaching of creation is banned. The Pope of Rome has no say in the US policy, and in fact Catholic Pope of Rome is ridiculed as anti-Christ.

JAIS didn't seize bibles in retaliation with the burning of the Koran and the pissing on Muslim corpse. They are not happy with the continuing intention of the church to spread what the Jews called false religion among the Muslims. The bible scholars have shown the contents of the bibles were contradictory and man made. JAIS just believe false stuffs cannot be taught to deceive the people. And on the contrary the American priests who burnt the Koran saw Islam through his own eyes.

In this world there is no absolute freedom, human right and democracy. Muslim women are not allowed to dress according to their own free will. There is a Christian nation that ban Islam, tore down all the mosques. Wearing Intifada scarf would invite trouble. Those who questioned the 9/11 would be arrested. In the previous Olympic in China bible was not allowed into the country.

In Malaysia the attempt to convert the Malay students are undertaken by the Indian Christians. I would salute the Chinese Christians for keeping the religion to themselves. The Hindus and the Buddhists too keep their religions to themselves. Sometimes it made me wonder; why when the White Christians are jumping out of their religion the Indians are jumping in.

Men of science in the West professed nominal religion but regard religions as old fashioned and an opium of the people. Free sex, gay marriage and drugs are rampant in the West. Younger generation no longer believe in them. If you ask 1000 Americans whether they read and understand the bible, may less then 1% will say 'NO'. And only  handful would know the many contradictions in the various versions.

JAIS has to prove that the bible they seized is not a true but a fake book. Anything fake is not legal.

A bible is a bible. God's book cannot be many and cannot contain contradictions. There is only one original bible. It is not faked and it is not to be seized.

12/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There is a report about 1000 Chinese who tore Malaysian passport and now asking back to return to Malaysia. It really puzzled me why they tore the passports ? Could they hated Malaysia that much and did not want to return anymore like many other emigrants.

The United States also deport her own citizens to the country of origin though they were born in the country. You need to find out what is meant by the country of origin. Assume someone wants to deport Mahathir back to the country of origin, where would it be ?

I can't speak for anybody. I think there must be vigorous deliberation and the existing laws and rules must be invoked.

Tearing your own passport and losing it are two different things. The UMNO extremists are calling these people to go home to China. What would the United States government do in this situation ? I think it is easier for a US citizen to lose their citizenship, even by evading income tax while working in foreign countries. Tearing a passport is amounting to denouncing the citizenship.

I was at Calais with a tour group to London. The British immigration turned back more than 15 Chinese and 2 Malays from my group. They suspected those people would not return to Malaysia.

How often do we find organization that promised jobs and citizenships in other countries ? There are advertisements that offer Green Visa to the United States which may attract some of us. And don't tell me that you would tear your passport once you have entered the target ountry. We keep our old passports either as souvenirs or a kind of important documents we used to have for future references. We don't throw our electricity or water bills once we made the payment.

I can figure out only one thing for a person to tear a passport. It is out of an extreme hatred.

11/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What is most feared by UMNO is the Chinese-Malay unity or Malaysian unity. UMNO never stop working to make the Malays hate the Chinese using the Cyber-troopers and their stupid Malays. They did everything to make people hate Anwar but failed. Then they attacking Guan Eng, started with sexual accusation and continued with his administration, claiming DAP is going to ruin the Malays and Islam.

One Kampong guy, an UMNO important man, is charged to propagate the anti Chinese sentiment with all sort of things and about anything he can grab on. I only hope the Malays will not be swayed away from the fact that UMNO is ruining them by robbing their properties and sold them for commercial use, including the Malay reserve land. The Malays also should not be swayed away from the evil of UMNO who failed to see the number of Malay criminals, drug addicts and thieves are climbing. They did not attention to the declining morality of the youths and the increase number of Muslims apostasy.

In many aspects the Malays are never better than the Chinese. I came across Malays working in sundry shops belonging to both races. The Malays working under the Malay boss were not given bonus or holiday during the Aidil Adha nor Aidil Fitri, while the Chinese boss gave ample Ang Pows and holidays to them. The lorry drivers under a Chinese boss were laughing at the driver of the Malay owner for giving a low class trunk radio.

During my time school administrators were discussing teachers in their respective schools. All agreed the Chinese teachers were better than the Malays and gave less problem. Some Malay teachers were using the school hours to run their food and contract businesses, slipping away to attend to their work outside. Not only that even a primary school headmaster would sell mee at night. In my school the Chinese teachers work hard to bring success to their students.

In the social ethics and attitudes I owe much to the unknown people, the many Chinese, who came to the aid of my wife. She fell on several occasions and Chinese men would rush to help her up. My wife was too large and too heavy. When we went for tour the Chinese family who would care to push her on the wheel chair.

And out of nowhere the UMNO goon in my kampong would bring out about the Chinese Communist and the Chinese saying 'Lancau', forgetting the mosque he always go to were intruded by the Malay youths to steal the mosque property. He may not be seeing the big number of boys who are outside the mosque during the Friday prayers every week. I think this man should work hard to keep criminals and thieves away from the kampong, which is infested with daytime criminals.

UMNO can try to call the Malays from Singapore to come and make Malaysia their home. What do you expect the response would be ? It is very interesting to try and test about the UMNO-Malay cohesiveness. I remember during a discussion on crime on Malaysian TV, one caller from Singapore mentioned," Singapore the law is crime..." In the mid of the caller Singapore is a better place and more secure.

And in business the Malays prefer to deal with the Chinese than the Malays.

If the Malays and the Chinese unite against corruption and nepotism and gross misuse of power and great deception it will spell the downfall of UMNO. UMNO ministers have to beg from Sabah and Sarawak, like the old Malay rulers had to beg from the colonial power to ensure their kingships.

UMNO will not allow the opposition to rule Malaysia for even 1 year. They know what can happen within than ONE short year. And at any cost UMNO will do what it can to split all the three component parties. Moles will be planted everywhere and PAS members would be lured using the 'hate Chinese campaign' to put great fear among the Malays of Chinese dominance.

I asked a group of UMNO friends about the Malay unity. They agreed. Then I told them to join PAS for the brotherhood and unity.

Let Sabah and Sarawak give an opposition for 1 year of rule. Then chuck them off. We just need to punish 3 or 4 people. That's all. Even the whole nation of UMNO members will not be hurt. And Malaysia will be as good as new.

11/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Amateur radio equipments are used by all because some people simply encouraged their usage by all. First the hams talking to their non-ham friends. Second by some organizations that gave report to where about the opposition leaders were. Then by RELA that operate them like the hams. And now the thieves and criminals to report the movement of the patrol cars to secure their crime jobs.

Scrambled two way radio are more desirable for illegal and illicit activities.

The raid by the authority on the illegal supplier of walkie talkies is actually nothing. The damage is much greater and beyond repair. I think I can say that much, and no more. Being a spectator could sometime be fun.

Malaysia is endowed with many things that rest of the world may not have. We have more than 45% of the people who fought hard to pay high price for everything and willing to die for it. They chose capable people to build structures that collapse and crack. We have money lost without thieves and takers, people killed without killers and a female minister who threatened to pull up her sarong, a man higher and greater than a constitution, radio frequencies free to be used by everyone, and much more gifts from God.

Don't talk about the famous MH370 Bomoh ( shaman ). Let us talk about Magic Water and magic Malay medicine. Here we have magic water and magic Malay medicine being advertised by our National media. The magic water can cure hypertension, diabetes, heart illness and much more. It is similar to the Malay medicine and supplements. Malaysia must be the greatest country in the universe to have such a grand stuffs for all cures.

The concept of Prevention Is Better Than Cure is not our practice. We are fond with the phrase 'When we come across a river, we will think of the way how to cross it'. We did that with education and we did the same with the immigrants. We did the same with everything else including activities pertaining to crimes.

The main theme in Malaysia today is Infinite UMNO's Dominace.


10/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You don't have to go to college or university to be a successful businessman. Boon Siew and Guan Tong as well as many others had shown proofs. If Rohizat who runs a small workshop is asked to run Proton or MAS I am sure he would bring profit to those companies.

The most important in business is there are customers. Selling goreng pisang would attract more customers than selling sea water. In the modern days businesses are creating demand from the supplies through advertisements. Secondly we need to compute the cost. Let us divide the cost into fix and variable cost. Rent, water, and electricity are fixed. Salaries could be in between the fix and variable commitments. Variable costs are costs that we pay according to the volume of the goods and services we buy.

If we buy a good at the average price of RM1 per piece, you can't sell it at the same price. Price put to sale must include the rental, utility and the salaries paid. These are the basic of a lost and profit. The selling price must be higher than the cost incurred.

Business is not just buy and sell. There are competitions, government interferences and taxes, unions and minimum wage, and other political and social constraints.

When a company is running at a lost, would it very difficult to trace which part that is causing it ? Rohizat who runs the small workshop could find faulty points no matter how big the company is. We would suspect that Proton and MAS expenditures are more than the revenue. And there are reasons for the excessive spending and shrinking revenues or just more spending than the revenue even if there is the absence of excessiveness.

It does not take a university graduate to point out at where it all started. There is an element of evil in it, the involvement of the politicians who prevented the total overhauling of the sick companies. Such an attempt is a crime, whether defined or undefined.

They don't have to depend on Mahathir to advise them. Just let the old man rest and leave and ignore him. He drowned MAS and he is drowning Proton. He is the greatest con man in the country, in the history of Malaysia.

The failure of MAS and Proton come from the whole system; the production, the management, and the sale sides. Workers and salesmen in Proton are overbearing, lazy and have bad attitudes. Didn't I tell you about the request to pass a cassette to my son who had just entered to departure area but was refused and the beef-chicken incidence ? How many managers would care to stare at the figures ? Do they display the total running cost big enough so that they can see clearly before taking their comfortable seats in the air conditioning room ? If MAS and Proton do not have the running cost displayed in the office then I would call them idiots. They must at all time know the cost incurred and the daily revenue. Else what is the use of the computer on the table ? And of course they have to review the salaries of the upper level management staffs ?

You know what, they just don't care about the lost. They want the public to pay for their big fat salaries. They make laws to suck from the ordinary men and women. Pity the police and the army who are being used by these politicians.

07/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Social media like the Facebook is being controlled to block the truth that may seen to be harmful to UMNO.

That drove me to think what made those Malays who do not care what will happen to their future generation. And I came to the conclusion that those people would not care for the welfare of the posterity because their greed have ruled them and have turned them into another specie without mind and passion. They just don't care.

Being wealthy and leaving in comfortable life, their homes and offices became their cocoon. They see the fate of the Malays as what UMNO want them to see; before the Malays use the pit hole but today they have a luxurious toilet, before the Malays used bicycles and now they have cars and motorcycles. Those were the progress brought by UMNO to the Malays.

What they don't want to hear and want to be erased are the increase number of Malays become drug addicts, robbers, thieves, gangsters, garbage hunters and Christians. Would they compare the homes of the Malays before and today ? Today they live in a smaller flats and terrace houses. The gaps between the haves and the haves not widened. The agriculture land have been reduced in great magnitude, being replaced with housing estates and super-markets. The water catchment areas were being replaced by expensive condos and bungalows.

I heard the young guys saying that those greedy Malays bought property outside the country and would vanish there if anything happen here. They would use an army of bodyguards to save them.

I just see them as a  blind specie and could not care less about the welfare of other human being. They are not concerned where their race is heading to. By the time they themselves come to encounter with the evil of destruction it would be too late. They themselves  could not stand erect among the weak, poor and the grounded Malays.

Do they think UMNO can revive MAS or Proton or other Malay run companies ? Do they think by repelling and ignoring the criticism they could heal the Malays again ? The past damages on Bank Bumi, PERWAJA, PKZ and billions of other wastage was never recovered.

The more the blockage the deeper they dig the grave for themselves and the Malays. Since they focus on only their agenda, they would not care about the drugs, morality, Malay criminals, stupid education system which will drowned the Malays themselves.

What kind of businesses and entrepreneurs are the Malays in today ? Selling 40 types of poison coffees and foodstuffs, selling the magic drinking water that can cure all diseases, selling food and supplements that can cure hypertension, diabetes and all other heart ailments. A great joke. Kak Ton is the main show on TV1 everyday.

07/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I read about the fate of Al-Bukhary university which provides free schooling to the local and international students. I never knew it was all free until a couple of months ago when my radio friend told me so. I did not believe him immediately. On checking the website I was surprised of what the university could have offered. I praised Syed Mokhtar, but with great wonder how he could manage it.

Through friends I came to know Syed Mokhtar took over Proton which has been losing money. Then it came across my mind that Syed Mokhtar was made by Mahathir, a kind of a proxy like Tajuddin Ramlee. It was all the game played by Mahathir who think the wealthy Syed could bail out Proton.

Proton is a big burden. The lost continued, not by the thousands but by the millions. Sometimes I wondered how the Malays run a losing businesses. Didn't they compute the cost-benefit and organized the company to ensure the revenue will exceeds the cost ?

Al-Bukhary university is a victim of Proton. And Proton is a victim of BN government. Proton and MAS are legacies left over by Mahathir.

Last night on TV1 when a panel member start to mention 'problems began with the involvement of the politicians.....' he was interrupted by an immediate advertisement. I lost my mind cursing 'bloody fool' at the person who cut what the panel member was trying to say. A national media like that thought it could protect disaster by such a behavior. Let the people hear in what way politics could bring disaster to the Malay businesses. The public is matured enough to weigh the truth.

Mahathir would have said that closing Al-Bukhary cause less damage than closing Proton. In the first place why must Al-Bukhary asked to take over the national automobile industry ?

There is nothing else can be said about the fate of the university. The staffs could discuss among themselves on the next step they need to take.

07/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hatred is like a germ, fast to spread even without reason. I can just hate you because my friends hate you though you did nothing to harm me or to cause any pain on me. We may be miles or years apart. Hatred is a state of unwelcome emotion.

When I met a few staunch supporters of UMNO I would ask, "How's Najib ?" "Najib is OK," came the reply."But not Rosmah." Then came stories about Rosmah's activities in Putrajaya, that there is a slot for her weekly lecture to the staffs, which were ab hored by some of the listeners. And the unquestionable payment to bills that were related to Rosmah's purchases.

That was only stories. Stories could be invented and made up. Yet I saw a few write-ups praying for her denise. Much were related to the FLOM, the death of Altantuya, extravaganza and lavishness and  added by her past history.

If she is bad the government of Australia would not have conferred her with highest honor and  honorary degree. She was a graduate from the same university where Anwar, Shafiee, Adnan, Shahidan and Hishamuddin Rais were. She has to be equally as great and as famous as the rest. After all she is a Prime Minister's wife.

Another friend of mine said,"The problem with Rosmah is that she wants to be in the limelight. She wants to bring herself in front of Najib."

But this is a free country. It is her right to feel great and does whatever she wants. She is a wife of the most top person in the nation. And most of all she did not rob or hurt the people. If she does not put on the proper head dress, it is none of our business. It is between her and the God.

To those who have live under all the Prime Ministers will find Rosmah a little different from all other Prime Minister's wives. Others did not create a FLOM office, flew private jets, did not give lecturers to the civil servants. They were being shadowed by their husbands. Dr Seri Hasmah was the most qualified among all yet she lied low. She understood her position.

I heard more stories about her companies running businesses with the government on military hardware and many others. I dismissed all of them because I believed they were all made up.

Looking at the picture posted by one young Syed I found how much a person could hate the fisrt lady for no good reason. Probably millions more of Malaysians who loath to hear of her name or hate to look at her face anywhere. Eexcept for the East Malaysians who seemed to adore Najib and Rosmah. The last battle for Sungai Limau and Kajang was not against Najib but either against Rosmah or Shahrizat.

If anybody wants to punish a lady, punish Shahrizat for her arrogance and pomposity, whom the public is waiting to see her pulling up her sarong . She said it and people are waiting. Rosmah is forgiven because she showed no arrogance, and did not hurt anyone.

07/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is interesting to note about the Drone Theory of the missing MH370. The theory goes like this: Taliban shot down an American drone and wanted to sell it to China who had agreed to buy it. Chinese experts were sent to examine it, and kept the weapon in the Chinese Embassy Kuala Lumpur. The drone was  part of the cargo on MH370.

USA together with it's agents, including the Jewish intelligence, decided to hijack the plane which was brought to the island of Diego Garcia. The drone was recovered, the passengers killed and the plane was sank somewhere in the ocean.

If the theory is true then Najib is free from blamed.

I am so certain that the plane was brought to the American base on the island. This theory brought some light to as why the plane went missing. The Chinese knew about it and is gathering intelligence about it. Najib must have been told by the Australian but warned to keep quiet or else ready to face the music.

Whether the drone theory or Yoishi Shimatsu's theory of Pivot Theory, the fingers are pointing towards the United States. The Chinese citizens may be believing that Malaysia, a partner of USA and a friend of Jewish people, must have a hand in the conspiracy. They accused the Malaysian military did nothing to the unknown plane passing the air space and Malaysia is withholding the cargo information.

If half of the population of the Malays and all the Chinese are against Najib we would not know the fate of Najib in the next GE. Again BN had to depend on Sabah and Sarawak as the fixed deposit.

How far the United States could go could be understood if you know what really happen on September 11, 2001. False Flags have been proved to be true and life was of no value.

06/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


At least ONE Malaysian knows the real story behind MH370, if it was a conspiracy plot. He was not a part of the plot but could be the cause of it. Despite the many hypothesis made by well known people, I went back to my original belief. To put in a single word it is 'authoritarianism'. Full stop. I am not going to say more about it.

We need to learn that we cannot buy everything with money though we may be successful with 90% of the people. We can't afford to continually deceiving all people all the time. That's the reason why more voters chose PR rather than BN. The outright corruption combined with authoritarianism may have offended some unknown people somewhere.

How much money can you pay to the whole world to agree with all our actions ? And I believe Najib is now caught between USA and China. The real problem is complex and sophisticated. Let it not be our burden. Leave it the persons who asked for it.

We also need to learn that boasting and pomposity do not pay. The leaders boasted, the followers act magnificently like mafias and big time gangsters. We are capable of every thing and having the best system in the world; education, political and economic. We chased the locals out of the country if they do not agree with the government, with education and everything else. We threaten to revoke citizenships of those who criticize the authority. We think we are so very powerful and invincible. We think USA will protect us all the time.

If you buy the conspiracy theory then you have to believe that any other plane could be brought down as well, including private jets that carry nation leaders or their spouses. You have to investigate about the modern weapon system which are incredible and shockingly effective. At least it keeps our awareness awaken all the time. Otherwise just dismiss the idea and continue with the despotic policy; kill whoever we want to kill, jail whoever we wish to jail.

What we did to Altantuya will not go scot-free. All other repressions and injustice will not be forgotten and ignored.

It is to be remembered that whatever Najib or UMNO see things will not be the same as what others see. I am very sure by now someone has delivered the message to Najib and the later  knows what had been going on.

In Pentagon they have units for each country in the world, including a unit in charge of Malaysia. How significant is Malaysia ? Once, a long time ago, there was a talk of uranium beneath Kelantan's soil. Of course that was not true. But we can't completely threw it out. It could make Malaysia a very significant country in this region.

06/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



While Selangor, Taiping and Penang were talking of water rationing, I began to see black clouds hovering our sky. They came from the North and the Northeast. I observed the flag at my neighbor's house indicating the wind blowing from the West. I was puzzle by the phenomena. I told myself what the hack should I care about the work of nature.

For a couple of days I saw the rainfall began at about 6.30 pm covering part of my jogging hours. To beat it I have to start my walking at 3.30 or 4.00 pm. Though the track is under the shades of the woods the heat taxed me a little. Nevertheless I chose the time even without thinking about the rain. If my wife were to be called in for her dialysis at 1 pm, then I had to start an early exercise.

People are funny these days. Sun or rain they would still go strolling or do the brisk walking, carrying umbrella with them. A few wear rain coats. I decided to emulate them.

This time my preparation is a little elaborate. I want to have a cap in case of a small and sporadic rain drop to protect my head. My mother used to tell us to first wash my head if I were soaked by the rain water. That would save me from fever. I just believed her until I grow up. People were talking about acid in the rain water. Recently a standard two boy told me that acid in the rain would be in first few minutes. The rest would be free. Did it make sense ? I chose not to believe him.

Caps are expensive, range from RM15 to RM25. At one store there wasn't any men's cap. Instead I bough a raincoat for RM10.50. That may be handy beside my umbrella. I was lucky, however, to find a cap that was tagged at RM6, at an Economy Shop where I went to buy a dress for my wife.

So now I have a couple of caps, an umbrella and a raincoat. All for the preparation to face the coming rainy reason.

Today I went out late as I went to another town for a feast. Looking upwards I saw a huge piece of black cloud floating still. I didn't know where it came from. At the far distant North there was darkness. There were several people on the track. I parked my car and took out my red cap and started walking. I felt a strong wind blowing from the Northeast. There was also the sound of thunder. Small droplets fell.

After the first round the rain get heavier. I was quick to change to my new rain coat. I saw people with umbrellas moved away from the track as the wind was getting stronger. One man continue running in the rain without any protection. And I enjoyed walking in the rain until the rain stopped at about 6.45 pm.

Rainy season is coming. Thanks God for all the providence to mankind.

Someone in UMNO would say, "Don't thank God. Thank us." How could I forget what Shahrizat had said,"Had not because of UMNO the people would be killed by the flood." Doesn't that imply that UMNO gives life to everyone in Malaysia ?

05/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We are very close to USA and Australia. Our security forces were trained in North America. So was Argentina, trained by the Americans. So much so the Argentinian pilots became so skillful in air combat. But when war broke out between Britain and Argentina, the United States sided Great Britain.

Heads in the Oval Office were not the same; some prefer arming the Syrian rebels, others prefer to deal with Assad for profitable deal. Not everyone agrees with Obama's policy. Different level may act differently on several issues. Covert operation may be going on without the approval or knowledge of the President.

We let known our military ties with the United States. We arrested and imprisoned the owner of a firm that supplied a uranium enrichment hardware to Pakistan. Malaysia has the potentiality of supplying such equipment and therefore she has to be closely scrutinized.

How much can the United States exploit the social and political turbulence in Malaysia right now for her benefit ? Who are pro-Jews and America and who are against ? Who are willing to provide assistance to China ?

UMNO has to show that the party is anti-Chinese, at the same time to allow the American army to exercise on Malaysian soil. After all America was all out to defend Malaysia against Indonesia during the confrontation. The mutual trust with USA and it's allies was without question until after 2001 when the New World Order was taking it's shape.

In the past the world was divided in two camps; communism and capitalism. Then it changed to Muslims and non-Muslims. This new form was created as the first step to the New World Order to enhance the security of Israel and to completely destroy the nations that oppose Jewish  States. The position of Malaysia as a Muslim country came into question. Will Malaysia be pro-Jewish or anti-Jewish state ?

Najib is working hard to show that Malaysia is not anti-Jews. At the same time Putrajaya is giving complete support to the Malay radical group, PERKASA, who are anti-Christians and anti-Jews.APCO was attacked. The purchase of computer softwares and hardwares from a Jewish company stationed in Singapore surfaced and under attack too.

China struggled hard to establish a strong trading partners with Malaysia and the rest of world. The Chinese is never interested in having war with anybody including USA. All she wants is money. It worries the Americans as well and they have been working very hard to weaken the economy of the Middle Kingdom.

The building of Malaysia-China bridge is undertaken by MCA. They are negotiating education and businesses and other social relationship. The number of Malaysian Chinese is considered very significant.

I think CIA is deciding the fate of Najib, to retain him as a Malaysian Prime Minister or to depose him. If there is any show of adamant or arrogance CIA can always show Najib what  they could do. Najib has no choice but to bow to the Americans for his protection. And to continue the traditional close relationships between both countries.

Our defense capability has been tested time and again, first by the Singaporeans. Then the stolen jet-engine ( not by CIA). Then the incursions in Sabah.

We don't have to be militarily strong if we don't have enemies or if we don't intend to make one. But our relationships with our neighbors have weak links; with the Philippines over Sabah, Singapore over water, Thailand over Thai Muslims, Indonesia over illegal immigrants. And the Sultan of Sulu is waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

So far Australia had played vital role to ensure the survival of Najib. Looking in the crystal ball we can see Lynas, Hon. degree and award to Rosmah, the refugees and even the Scorpene. Remember, MH370 was reported missing in the South China Sea, and now it all ended up farther South, in Australia. Does Najib's Australian visit could make the plane afloat ? Or Tony Abbot is whispering something to Najib's ears.

Najib would do anything to stay as Malaysian Prime Minister. Mahathir could never ever be able to unseat Najib.

Who is a pawn and who is the Grand Master ?

05/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It made me wonder what made Rosmah shed her tears in Australia on an issue pertaining to MH370. Was she so sad at the lost of the lives in the missing planes ? Or was she thinking why it should happen during her husband's tenure ? It could be one of them, both or neither. I just wonder. NGO or any other person could not force me to stop wondering about.

Just now a form 2 girl asked me hesitantly, "Pak Man, what do you think happen to MH370 ?" That was a surprise question from a form two student who seemed to show interest in the popular subject. I said nothing but asked for her views. She was talking of the missing plane being brought down by external remote control....bla..bla.. The mother nodded with agreement. "Where did you pick up all those ? " I asked. Her reply was Google.

That was a view. I did not ask her of the reason why Rosmah cried in Australia. Probably I could hear some interesting answers.

I am of the view that Rosmah broke down because of a sudden impulse pressing her mind on her misfortune as bad things happen one after another during Najib's premiership. While Lahat Datu incursion was more on the local incident MH370 has attracted global interest, that drew so much foreign media's criticism. Even before the Chinese were cooled down, another event happened again in Semporna.

In the history of Malaya the spouse of a Prime Minister had never been attacked and made fun before. The public has been very unfair to her, when Najib was trying his best to appease the citizens with lots of generosity. Domestic attack is one. International attack is another. Malaysia is planning to take action on foreign media. AG has been ordered to gather evidence to sue those who criticize Malaysia.

For whatever reason crying did good for her, cooling and stabilize her emotion. It would be wise to ponder herself and the rakyat. If it is just a comeuppance she should be thankful to God. It is a blessed that the general public are still up to their senses, avoiding the rage that no amount of police and the army can stop.

It is also of my view that Rosmah should be closer to her current mother in-law and seek advice from the honorable and much respectable lady about life.

04/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib announced the minimum wage law just before GE13 to gain additional popularity among the younger voters. The workers in fast food restaurants and other private companies were happy.

I am not an educated person. Neither am I an economist. Please do not take what I am saying is something the truth.

Today we are hearing complaints and court procedures on the employers who refused to follow the law. The penalty is severe, and many would not heed it for a simple reason; the profit was too little to enable them to pay the required amount. Some of them chose to close down and the workers lost their jobs. And new companies cease to hire the Malaysians but opted for foreign workers who agree to work in Malaysia with the lower pay.

Many big companies moved out of their countries to the countries without the law or with workers who are willing to accept the stipulated amount. Lower production cost strengthened competitiveness. There are strong competition in cell-phones, automobiles and other electronic gadgets. A car manufactured and assembled in USA would cost more than a car manufactured in Japan or Korea.

However companies may be willing to abide by the rule for a skilled workers. The workers have to give back every single cent he get from the company; restricted rest hours, more work with higher productivity.

I think job opportunities for the local youths will be shrinking, putting more burden on the government to create jobs for them. BRIM and other cash-gave away is only a brief  temporary measure. The youth will later realize the government is hurting them by the policy.

There are big companies that closed down owing to the union's push for minimum wages. Wal-Mart in USA felt the pinch and now many had to look for new jobs. Did I hear Radio Shack too had to close down ? I read about known companies closing down stores to cope up with profits; Circuit City, Ann Taylor, Lane Brynt, JC Pennies and more in the list.

It may very well coming to Malaysia where shops begin to close down or reducing their branches. Workers who would be transferred away from home to big cities may have to quit their jobs. RM900 won't survived them in Kuala Lumpur.

Mahathir's and other Ministers's siblings won't understand what I am talking about even if they could hear me. They are very wealthy people.

03/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I sensed the government is up with a malicious scheme to defend stupidity and efficiency. I just feel my haunch is absolutely true. What were they ? The latest was to defy the audit report on The hiring of the security service by the schools and the lost of firearms in the police force. The PAC chief OKed the missing weapons saying it is small in numbers. And in the case of the C4 bomb that killed Altantuya no bomb was said to be missing from the store.

What's the PAC has to say with the missing jet engines ? All wastage, lost and even corruptions seemed to be well defended, like the FRU protecting a bias referee in a football field. Any referee dares to be bias for a handsome rewards.

What could be the reason for such a defense and the formation of a defense team ? UMNO was made to believe that the weakness was due to government's agencies ineptness and stupidity. Without the audit report the suspicion of corruptions and inefficiencies were of a greater magnitude.

The schizophrenia and the phobia were well understood by foreign nations. When Rosmah's purchase of bags and diamond ring were exposed, soon after they came denials from those sellers.

It would be foolish for the foreign nation to add fuel to fire. The response of the schizophrenic Malaysians by the call to boycott Malaysian commodities drove BN to a kind of insanity, with raving response from Putrajaya. The Chinese leaders were quick to react condemning all those who criticized Malaysia.

UMNO had used LPKN, clerics and university lecturers to harness the full support. Najib was almost sure of getting Kajang back. The whole party had a great expectation of absolute majority. Yet they failed to capture the constuency. And someone came out with the idea for the reasons of the defeat blaming the negative audit report and because of the internet freedom.

People who went for the post-mortem probably were the same people who design the stupid plan for Kajang and Sungai Limau. How many university lecturers were there ? Didn't they realized they plunged down our university in the international ranking ?

You don't go around saying the lost of firearms are OK because the numbers are small. It could be the missing one that will shoot a bullet through one VIP's head. How many Prime Ministers were shot by a gun ? Hence it is never OK for losing guns and jet engines. The lost jet engines implies our weak defense network, sleeping Minister and our total inefficiency. No foreign country will murmur even a short syllable of word on our defense.

It is stupid to defend stupidity.

Do the government ever wonder what we need to be a great and strong nation ? A Minister who only cares how to make money and left his Ministry to his people to run it will also leave a  big problem. The officers who only go for money and promotion, and leave the work to their subordinates would be leaving big loopholes.

It is imperative for a nation to have a strong system with people of real caliber running it. At a lower level we heard of a school principal who would be praising Mahathir in every school assembly. He  was regarded as a great school principal. Another wanted to sell away computers in the school saying they posed bad influence on the students. Imagine the kind of people the government has in her offices.

A nation need competent teachers to teach higher science and mathematics. And I have been telling teachers don't passed the failed. Teach the failures until they learn and pass. We cannot compromise the quality of education. We need people of high discipline, positive attitude and strictly follow the system of network set.

We need citizens with mental resilience, brilliant and systematic. We need leaders who have distant vision, smart to solve problems and could rejuvenate the sick organizations.

An image could not be built by verbal defense or rhetoric. It must be run on the rule of law, do away with the authoritarianism, be honest and sincere, fair to all races, promote the able people, stop plundering national coffers using any pretext whatsoever, and do not defend criminals or criminal acts.

Using a team to defy weaknesses may work in Sabah and Sarawak. The West Malaysians have long been freed from the slave and docile mentality. The only way to fight them is to do the right things and being civilized.

03/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Michio Kaku (born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science. I think Malaysians should watch all the video clips on Michio as well his idea and conceptions of the future. I promise you  that are very entertaining, educating and interesting.


For a time being take a break on our missing 777. After all we have been losing a lot of things;  billion of dollars, jet engines, firearms and even cows. You can kill yourself thinking about crazy people. You feel like eating them. It is bad for your health. Relax and enjoy Michio Kaku.

01/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



USA has begun to notice fingers of suspicion pointing at them. MH370 was flown to Diego Garcia for some motives. The suspicion can somehow go deeper and stronger. The reticent Chinese keeps their suspicion hidden.

As time goes by USA will be planting disinformation while deliberating the most logical ways to make the world buy the consequent of the missing plane. A Japanese writer predicted the hostages will be killed. The plane might be thrown back into the ocean or parts of 777 from USA will be flown to the affected area and thrown into the sea.

Australia, Great Britain and USA are in one team, talking the same language. China has to watch hard for any tactical move.

In any case Malaysia has to bow to the need of those nations, on refugees and on defense pivot. She will be allowed to trade with China and manage it's own internal affair without US  interference. or intervention.

Suspicion is a form of national defense that would put people on alert. Those who are suspected as terrorists will not be allowed to enter United States. But any suspicion can turn out to be true.

31/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ask the UMNO guys how much they love Mahathir and want him to come back as a Prime Minister ? Looking back at everything he did, I would say he was the worst Prime Minister of all time. He was above Law, controlling the masses through secret police, commanding judiciary, stealing money for cronies through privatization, attempted to unseat the Sultans. Yet there are people who would lick even his spit.


His root was from the sub-continent, like Syed Mokhtar and a few other Mamaks and Mamis. They seem to be all alike in their words, thinking the brains are above the local Malays.

Musa Hitam said he knew Mahathir in and out. We too know the ex-PM inside out; his so-called plan to make the Malays rich. He was the master of the creation of proxies.

The citizens are very patient. They do not want to revenge on the old man. They are just waiting for his death. Unfortunately enough, they don't know that Mahathir cannot die. They will go first leaving Mahathir fighting with his enemies till 30 more years.

31/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Several years ago I talked to a ham on two meter band. He was at home with his father who was anxious to speak to me. So I talked to the father who had full enthusiasm for quite a number of minutes. I didn't ask his age but I always knew he had to be younger than me.

I would have guessed that the way I treat his father is different from the way he perceived him. I and his father were of  the same wavelength. There was no gap between us. So the chatting was interesting and lively. As a son who cared about his father he would fear the old man wouldn't know how to carry himself. I like to use the term senility.

I admit I am senile, forget things all the time. Pawanteh, the late 9M2PZ, was older than I,  when he studied and sat for his RAE and passed his Morse test with ease. I started to learn and write articles in bad English at 67 and learning Indian numerals just recently.

Yesterday I watched a movie called Vegas. It was about 4 elderly friends who made a journey to Vegas and had an enjoyable time. One had to lie to his son saying he went to chapel. His son was worried about him and finally hunted for him and found him in Vegas. He said to his son, " I am a grown up man. I know how to look after myself."

The average age of your father is about 60. Never think the life for them has ended. My auntie said to us one day ,"If they want to know whether I am senile or not, give me money, lot of it. And watch how senile I am." If your father showed interest in ham radio then guide him for RAE.

If we have enough number of people, 65 and above who want to be hams, there are thousand and one ways we can always go about. A Senior Citizen Class can always be created, and  with proper paper work it might catch the eyes of the authority. There are many senior hams older than your fathers who are ready to welcome them in the ham fraternity.

30/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



From a normal laymen to the Presidents, they all talk about aliens coming to our earth. President  Ronald Reagan announced it in the United Nation about the common enemy of the earth people. The subsequent Presidents were accused of covering and destroying the evidence. The story of Roswel and Area 51 were read by the whole world. Alien technology of levitation and transportation is in human possession.

There were documents that told about the jamming of nuclear facilities by UFOs and airport hardware were disabled where the UFOs were sighted.

Some claim they are all hoax to pursue some political and military agenda. Others believe they are real and USA has it all. And science has talked about the electromagnetic shield to fend any attack from the aliens.

Are we hearing facts or fictions ?

If it is true than it could also be true that MH370 is merely a test guinea pig. The hijacker was not in the plane but in the island of Diego Garcia. MAS was chosen as it served as the best timing to shift the blame on human error, related to the current politicall atmosphere.

 I don't believe in alien or alien technology. But I believe the amazing achievements of new technology that many are still unknown to a great number of people. If I am right it means that lies are just like a cup of tea. It is nothing to the people of science and the leaders of even a great nation. They lied about the aliens and they lied about 9/11.

Much efforts have been put to kill remotely without having to go to face to face combat. Drone is one of them, HAARP is another. These are factual, not fictions nor imaginations. Remote control is now a common toy. The moved the positions of their satellites, and use the satellites to control global gadgets.

You may ask why then USA needs bases to attack China or North Korea when they could deploy their remote technology. The answer is USA would not be able to precisely know the capability of the enemy. Iran had grounded the US spy drone before. China may be prepared with HAARP technology too while the electronic wars using lines or magnetic waves. All sound like fictions and fairy tales. But they are real.

What is the meaning of military superiority and the  highest technology when thousands are homeless and sleep on the roads and streets till 10 am in everyday daylight ? And thousands are unemployed and lost their jobs ?

30/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Malaysians need to read back 11/09/2011 in the light of MH370 to understand what could have happened to the world repeatedly. Many of us are conclusive to the terrorist plane attack on WTC and Pentagon, without knowing what controlled demotion means and the mystery of the collapse of building 7.

The deeper you go into 9/11 the more you will understand what 'inside job' and 'false flag' means.

At the same time we need to really know what the Australian and the American want from Malaysia.

Global happenings and incidences may not all the time be independent. The death penalty of Al-Ikhwan Muslims in Egypt, the Syrian uncertainty, the Ukranian and African clashes, the North Korean test missile and a few other isolated skirmishes may have some commonality.

The basic of MH370 disappearance is POLITICS, whatever and however it comes about. Toss up a coin as many time as we want, head or tail, it is still a coin. The suspicion is not without any basis. Either Najib is a cause or he is a victim. We glorify our parliament, others may see it as a cow shack. In this case he is a victim, out of his own making.

Try to recall the death of Princess Diana and Altantuya. Investigations and unanswered questions would relate us to political motives, not merely the issue of money or Al-Fayed. Push your head behind the scene and you see what the actors are doing..

The 9/11 Truth Movements consist of brainy people, like engineers and scientists. They have done their best and did their part well. It's up to God to do the rest.

I have laid out a board for you to fit pieces of the jigsaw puzzles. You may get the final picture but you can't guarantee how things will end. I know there will a lot of deniable syndrome, warning of arrests and threatenings.

Najib cannot run away from responsibility and accountability. If I were him, I would have resigned as a Prime Minister. The rest of my remaining days I will play badminton.

29/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Today, 28th Mac 2014, I heard a sermon at a local mosque. I heard the same thing before in a radio given by an UMNO cleric, Ustaz Qazim. Qazim is desperate for money to run his religious school. Najib is desperate for popular vote. It looks like Ustaz Qazim will be writing sermons for all the mosques in Malaysia.

The sermons called the Muslims not to believe what they read in the social media because they are all lies. It is very sinful for the Muslims to criticize leaders or to put shame on them, followed by quotes from the Koranic verse. It also touched on the reason for the rising spate of crime. "People are too careless. They don't lock their cars and houses."

The usage of religion to protect crimes, corruptions and lies is a sad thing to happen. It is alright for UMNO to call Nik Aziz infidel and PAS is not Islam. It is alright for UMNO to shame the leaders of the opposition. If all what were said were all lies, then why Rosmah said she bought the ring from her own saving ? Were people not heard the court case of NFC about the purchase of condos and the failures ? Was it not true about cronyism when Mahathir himself had admitted that it was the way to make the Malays rich ? Was it not true that the indelible ink were able to be washed out and the person who cheat and wasted public money went scot free ?

Crimes happen not because people just don't take care. You lock your car, the thief break the windows. Even the police and UMNO's houses were not spared.

When Ridzuan Tee talked about headscarf for the air hostess, immediately the younger people pointed out to Rosmah.

People are very critical nowadays, not like the clerics whom UMNO itself despise as men of the books and incapable of administering institutions or a state. Mahathir even said religious school are breeding ground for terrorists. He banned the wearing of white cap in schools and spelled dress codes for Muslim teachers; to avoid Islamic dress.

Malaysia must not gamble in using cleric to spread propaganda in mosques. It is detrimental to the Muslims in Malaysia. Sungai Limau and Kajang had shown that the Malays and the Muslims did not buy UMNO's sermons and rejected them.The youths may not find Friday prayer as a place to meet God but rather to listen to UMNO's propaganda.

People had it enough; UMNO is the party from God, cost of living is God's given, flood in Kelantan is God's punishment to PAS, without UMNO the nitizens will die washed away by the flood water.

29/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The Morse examination was just over. 6 out of 16 get through. The question is "Was it a tough test ?" The first part of the test was listening. Candidates needed to recognize sounds that represent characters and wrote them down. The speed was 12 words per minutes. The ability to copy depend on the sound familiarization, and the full concentration. To have both one has to organize oneself and has to have a high degree of discipline. The second part of the test sending, which was believed to be easier.

Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can learn and pass the test like not everyone can write computer software or solving complicated mathematical equations. A hundred days of reading on Morse codes will not pass a person. It is not the cut and paste version. Of course harder than Morse is the lips reading.

I am always curious to know more about those who pulled through. I guessed they must be thorough in their daily work and systematic with the office procedures. Persons I worked with did show proofs of my thinking. They are different from those who talk and boast of the abilities but dared not go for CW test, and with full of excuses. The attitudes differ by leaps and bounds

CW exam is a form of control to filter hams from the rogue ones. Not hams who can't do it are rogue but it is extremely difficult for a mischievous person to organize and discipline himself. The number may be small but amateurs can't afford to have even a tiny evil. It can take away the sanctity and the greatness of the hobby.

Persons who sit and fail are as good as the persons who pass. They have the spirit and the courage. The attitudes is enough to qualify as those who pass. It is a commendable effort.

Refusal to go for the exam does not mean a person is a rogue amateur. His CW ability may be better than those of others. If they put a little effort they could achieve a great success. They are just not interested. I have to respect their stands. But among the many a few do not want to leave suspicion and strive to prove their worth.

Talking about tradition, there are several groups that want the traditions alive; the illuminati group, Islam, several religious groups ( some change the principles and altered the Holly Books), the Chinese with their culture. Those are their ID, their root.

28/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




If the story below is true, indeed Malaysia is striked by a really bad luck of a lady and the cruelty of  UMNO over the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim. Yoichi Shimatsu only focus on the PIVOT nothing more other than the military factor. None might think because of the high handed policy of UMNO government over a string of measures reported to Obama. Najib simply refuses to learn from Libya and Iraq.

Najib cannot totally depend on Malay Nationalism to fight the United States. Morover sooner or later the Malays will learn that there is no point dying for  Rosmah. Our leaders are too arrogant. The woman like Shahrizat dared to parade her behavior to the world; so arrogant and so haughty.


When Ministers lie to the Malaysians, they always get away with it. But what they do not realize is that they also insult the intelligent of the world. Ahmad Said went to Antarctica for a research work ? Najib must remember that the word 'terrorist for nationalist was first coined by Henry Kessinger', which is now a common usage to mean the Muslims. We start to hear 'authoritarian traits of Malaysian leaders' from Washington. "Malaysian Liars' by the Chinese.

Mahathir was more vocal yet foreign nations can tolerate him. The present Prime Minister is not in dilemma but worse than that. He is being pinned and squeezed, in between USA and China. You may call it a causal-effect factor that comes with time, which may not have existed during Mahathir's era. I call it a bad luck.

Najib had promised the world something else but what really happens was something else. He was believed to revive the manipulation of judiciary, arresting and persecuting protestors, fabricating evidences, overturned court judgement and harassing political opponents.

If Yoichi take a little time to look into the internal affair of Malaysia, the writer may add aother additional cause to the MH370 tragedy.




There is a trend today to blame MAS for the missing plane because the carrier serves wine and the female dress code is too appealing.

I flew several airlines before and found Brunei Air has the Islamic air. Most of other airlines serve wine and used the normal dress code. But they were not thrown down onto the land or sea to crash.

I remembered many years ago that wine was serve free on most airline except on the Nothwest. Northwest charged both on wine and headsets. One Palestinian man on my right asked me whether I was a Muslim and he asked me to recite verses from the Holly Al-Quaran. I recited several and he was very glad. After a little chat meal was served. He ordered wine and I took only mineral water and orange juice. He took a sip on the wine and said to me, "Abdul Rahman, busmillah... halal..." What a new way to turn the Haram into Halal, simply say "Bismillah".

If wine was the culprit, the plane might have dive down into the ocean.

I don't say it is alright to serve wine or any intoxicating drinks but I am saying we cannot simply jump to conclusion, and believe that was the reason for the disaster.

Air hostesses have a special story, covering all the international carriers. I heard sensual story about passing the test before. I met several MAS staffs in Hawaii - ladies smoking with the half bare breasted bodies. None surprised me. The Malaysians just want to cope up with the progressive Western culture. If sins were the factor all MAS and other international airlines may have faced closedown long time ago.

The fact is MAS is an airline that was facing immense problem starting during the era of Mahathir. Mahathir himself recently admitted 'Cronyism is to make the Malays rich...' The buying and selling is his work using his proxy Tajuddin Ramli. Since then MAS is losing millions every year. The stubborn people up there just refused to overhaul the carrier. Instead they put new people who wasted more money by buying useless paintings. In fact MAS can still operate without the EOs and the managers. Leave it to the normal employees and in no time it would heal slowly. It happened in US airline before when employees bought the carrier and ran it.

The current tragedy must be studied by looking at the whole scenario. We can't even dismiss political factor or the current sins of UMNO. It would be tough for Najib's defenders to waive the possible accusations.

We show a great remorse for the lost. But we can't continue to be brutal to our own souls. We have to start looking at everything starting from the evil of Mahathir, the whole domestic and international scenario, our style of administration, our greediness and stupidity and our willingness to admit mistakes and promise to repent.

If serving wine could plunged MH370 down, Malaysia would have been drowned by anther Tsunami and huge flood for the licensing of gambling, wine, prostitution, deception and social chaos.

27/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A friend asked me whether the MH370 could be controlled by someone else remotely and my answer was YES. I said it is not rare or strange for the plane maker to insert gadgets that can do that. He believed that the plane was hijacked by USA over a certain agreement Malaysia refused to sign. I dismissed his view because mine is totally different.

Mahathir insinuated to Najib to censure internet. "If I were a Prime Minister again, that's what I would do," he said. He should also suggest to Najib to ban all opposition parties as Sarawak is banning the opposition leaders.  Najib is already telling the government servants and the people that PKR should be buried. I would agree to the banning of all political parties but UMNO.

Why election then ? To display to the world that Malaysia practices democracy.

If leaders and UMNO do not want to be insulted then they have to prove their sincerity, honesty, avoid misusing of power, robbing land from the poor farmers and do not protect bad people and criminals. In fact the most cursed till now is Mahathir.

The other night I watched a documentary on police communication system and network on the TV. It confirmed my believe that they have a standard system, probably as used in USA. In fact when I was schooling I already listen to communications by several services. I didn't find any flaw in them.

How could 9W2TZ said Malaysian Amateur Radio operators are the best because they are well verse in propagation and technicalities ? And he was active going after the 5 -6 mhz antena as well as the rig to assist in the SAR of MH370.

If DCA approached someone in HAM radio for help, that particular person must be the best in Malaysia and having an equal footing with the international SAR personnel.

All PKR leaders but Anwar was allowed into Sarawak to campaign. Is it not strange ? Can you make out the reason ?

27/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The other day TV1 called someone from one university to ask a view on MH370. "I am in Kajang," came the reply.

What in the hell university lecturers did in Kajang when they should be reading more books to teach their students. Reading should free them from the a single dark hole. I thought university people see things from all sides and angles. Especially in the current era of quantum each one of them should understand the philosophy of quantum science.

People of high academic qualification must always be very careful during any discussions when broadcast to the public. They would not realize when they made fools of themselves. They thought they had put forward the best argument. People were assessing their wittiness, their knowledge, the ability to debunk with concrete data and facts.

Even if they are on vacation Kajang or Sungai Limau as such is not an appropriate place. Public may later despise all other high school teachers including the university teachers. To earn respect they must not let themselves be made political tools.

It is not surprising that Malaysian universities plunge down the international grade list, or not listed at all. It depicts the quality of the staffs and the head running the institution. Promotion should be based on ability not on political ground. UUM was once known as UMNO university. Indeed disgraceful. How many active UMNO members hold important and top posts in other universities ?

A bad lecturer will have a bad brain. He will be educating his students with bad ideas and false conception. It bars mental development, open mindedness, critical thinking and making good decision. It hinders progressiveness. The graduates will be useless.  Even the government does not trust them, and seek foreigners to advise us on many matters, including our education system.

Some business organization will straightaway reject job applications from some universities for a number of their own reason. Certainly low standard is one of them besides the non-proficiency in English.

24/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After Sungai Limau's defeat there was a vigorous meeting to dissect the cause of the lost despite a huge spending. It must not happen again in any next by-election. I argued that Shahrizat brought a very bad luck to Sungai Limau. She had shown a bad behavior by her arrogance and her sinful deceptive words.

Only God knows what BN did in Kajang. They brought in maximum arsenals to cover every hole and every inch of the land, former Prime Minister and ministers, ex-judge, and everything else. There were tons of promises and even cheaper stuffs. Again Shahrizat was there, showing her kindness to the old-folk.

BN had a full confidence to take back Kajang. From the day the time table was set we already smell what's coming. Kajang itself is nothing. It is not a battle between BN and PKR but it is between Rosmah and the people, not even Najib.

More than half of the people in Peninsular Malaysia do not like her hair. Najib is there by the courtesy of the Sabahans and the Sarawakians.

How long Najib can sustain the support of the people who gave their votes to BN ? Sooner or later they will feel the pinch of Najib's policy. Some how they will wake up and open their eyes to see the truth.

Puting Anwar and Karpal or even Kit Siang away will not revive UMNO's supremacy. Intelligent people see through the wall, the manipulation of judiciary, the lies and the arts of fabrication of evidence, a clause in law means differently as applied to UMNO and opposition parties. Do they think people are blind to what Shafiee and UMNO is doing to overturn legal decision ? UMNO thought the people are fools.

UMNO will be destroyed by it's own lies and deception, and the bad luck of just a few women.

POMPOSITY AND ARROGANCE  -  You don't offer yourself to debate with someone. It is a sign of haughtiness, thinking you are better than the rest of the world. Sabree Chik, Ibrahim Ali, Shahidan Kassim and Ahmad Said did parade their abominable characters. UMNO had repeatedly saying that opposition party cannot rule because they do not have expertise and capable people.

We don't have to compare Shahidan and Rafizi. Within UMNO itself there are smarter and more intelligent people who lie low, honest and humble. In a scale from 1  to 20, I am only at level 4. There are numerous professionals and intelligent in the party itself. PHDs are not the criteria of measurement of smartness. Scanning the blogs and feedback we will discover there are great people out there who do not share their views with UMNO. They express themselves in jokes they created, instead of hurling curses and   intimidate people.

 THE UNISLAMIC UMNO MALAYS - As I have said, Anwar has never been my hero and I won't give a damn on him. But following the court case carefully I saw unfairness, pressure and clear fabrication. They chose doctors to side them and the doctors fumbled on several questions, rejecting another doctor that believe otherwise. Md Zain accusation of fabrication of evidence was silent. The whole process was deemed faulty.

Hudud is another one where Dr. Mashitoh and Jarjis criticized the Koranic Law. A person has his own right not to believe in anything including in Islam and the Islamic law. But telling the public or the member of parliament it is an archaic religion is amounting to denouncing themselves as non-Muslims. Yet Ustaz Qazim praise UMNO to the sky. Didn't someone said Najib is smarter than Prophet Mohammed s.a.w ?

Pak Lah said, "I have to be fair to all races. If not I am answerable to God." That is very Islamic. What was all the blame on the Chinese and calling the Malays to hate the Chinese and threatening May 13 and start to screen Tanda Putera to incite hatred ? Was that Islamic ?

What else ? They brought in sex to bring the downfall of their enemies; they tried on Lim Guan Eng and them his daughter, Mat Sabu, Mustapha Ali and other PKR members. They wanted the whole world to believe what they want to believe.

Many Muslims express sadness and shame at what UMNO had been doing to tarnish the image of Islam.

THE SPATE OF CRIMES - Denying facts would never solve the running problems. laymen observed and saw things. If the big and top police officers work together with the timber robbers, drug cartel and other illegal syndicates how could we expect the crimes to go ? Fighting crimes begin from the state of mind. If there is a will, there is a way.

Watching video clips on youtube I found the public is at the mercy of criminals. People are living in fear. Many pray for the criminals to strike on UMNO people and top police officers to make them realize and feel how the normal citizens feel.

The police are quick to arrest political people and peaceful protestors. They seem to be very active in protecting the politicians than putting the full force on hunting and watching out for potential crimes.

DEMAND FOR RESPECTS - You don't demand or command a respect just because you are a wealthy man, a Datuk or a Minister. People regard you as equal. Just because you a spouse of one big guy, you think you must be treated as a prophet.

Yet people can respect you for many reasons. If you have a duty to do, do it by the procedure. You should know your boundary. Imagine of a wife who is telling everyone that she is too busy attending the country that she has no time for her hobby. Would she earn more respect by saying it ? The statement only might vex many people, and could stirred hatred and an immense abhorrence.

When everyone hates you, your privacy will be invaded even by the eyes of the wall. What you do in your toilet will be seen and broadcast to the public.

MONEY MENTALITY - Mahathir, before his resignation, was telling the rakyat that he was making Malaysia a high income nation. Each household would received more than RM4K a month. And now Najib is saying the same thing. Najib believes that money is everything, from buying popularity to giving money to the citizens. He raises salaries and passed the minimum wage law. What he failed to see is the side effect of increasing the volume of money without the corresponding increase in productivity, causing higher demand and increasing prices of homes, food and utilities.

The people never pay less with whatever Najib did. Prices keep on climbing. The value of money is decreasing.

THREATENING THE CHINESE - It is a sad thing that Putrajaya is supporting PERKASA to pass threat to the Chinese. Today is not the day for racial disintegration. The current Chinese generation were long born here and to them Malaysia is their homeland.

Together we have to solve the water and land problems, rising cost of living, costly homes, education and employment. People with the right set of mind would not want the water catchment area to be razed and changed to housing area, land for food being replaced by Giants and Tesco.

Ibrahim Ali is never arrested for racial incitement, threatening another May 13.

WASTAGE AND EXTRAVAGANZA - What the kampong people may not know or may forget with the money given to them by Najib is the lavishness, wastage, and the extravaganza of Najib's spending. Price markup had been in UMNO for decades. It is absurd a Cadbury chocolate bar sold at RM4 is paid RM18 by the government. Payment for consultancy ran into millions. Buying international popularity cost millions. To satisfy Rosmah's taste taxed a lot of public funds. I would have guessed that even Shafiee, the errand boy, is a millionaire by now.

That was not counting the billions lost in the thin air; PKZ, PERWAJA, Failed projects, stolen jet engines, scorpene legacy and unnecessary payment to crony contractors.

Professionals and educated people are very much aware of Najib's generosity.

REVENGE AND RUNNING AWAY - I am not going to touch on this. Read on what the Jews are doing in the hunting of the former Nazi who escape to foreign countries. Taksin was considered lucky because his enemy did not hunt him down when he was outside the country.

We can avoid the unnecessary by not declaring war with our own citizens. Avoid being arrogant after taking millions of public money for enriching themselves, using whatever ways and means. 

23/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I was amused by a few sentences that I came across in a story written in 1890. Here's part of it:

"They say that when good Americans die they go to Paris," chuckled Sir Thomas..... "Really ! And where do bad Americans go when they die ?" inquired the Dutchess.

"They go to America," murmured Lord Henry.

Sir Thomas frowned. "I m afraid that your nephew is prejudiced against that great country," he said to Lady Agatha."I have traveled all over it, in cars provided by the directors, who in such matters are extremely civil. I assure you that it is education to visit it."

"But must we see Chicago in order to be educated ?" asked Mr. Erskine.....
If you find it amusing it means you have a sense of humor. Think about it. It tells us more than what were written.

When you find kids laugh at jokes and satires it shows they are normal and healthy. For a grown up, it indicates the soundness of the mental health. And living around people with healthy mind is safer and more secure.

23/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I hired a Home Nurse Service for a month as I planned to leave my wife for 3 to 4 days. I conveyed my intent to the person in-charge of the Home Nursing, describing my wife and what I wished them to do. The lady visited by house to look at my wife to have an idea of the burden of the lifting job. She told me it would cost me RM1.3K, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm with a lunch break between 12.24 pm - 2.00 pm. Saturday would be the off day. The starting date was 24/02/2013.

The Home Nursing Agency employ the nurses from the private nurses college who are waiting for the job. Once they are employed they will leave the agency.

On the 24 th. February a nurse reported for duty. She is a lean young girl. She said she would be taking care of my wife until 3.00 pm. She would be replaced by another person. She had to go to another house where she would be working till 7.00 am. I thought her how to lift my wife, demonstrating the procedure. I showed her how to bath, dress and prepare the daily medicine and injection. She did well despite her unstable lifting of my wife. The following few days with her I did not let her do the lifting job. I was very happy with her.

On the third day the owner of the agency came to collect the payment. I paid RM1.3K for the service of one month. It was written as such on her receipt.

A few days later another girl took over. She too told me she had to work somewhere else after the job was done in my house. I did the lifting and transferring job. My wife like her but I was nit happy because she did not know how to put on pampers to my wife. I told the first nurse to teach her on pampers.

After a few days she told me there will be another one coming to replace her. This one was bigger than the last two. She was briefed by the first nurse on what had to be done. Indeed she could do the lifting job well. Yet I told her not to lift my wife from the bed onto the wheel chair unless someone hold the wheel chair. The rest of the task were done according the required standard.

In fact the real task is only in the morning, from managing my wife's vowel to pushing her in front of the table for breakfast. On the dialysis day the additional task was staying at the center for 4 hours until the completion. On the days without dialysis there was plenty of free time. The last nurse never arrive on time. She would be here between 9.00 am to 10.45 am and would go back at exactly at 6.00 pm. I allowed her to go back early for two days for her nursing interviews and another additional day as she said her brother was coming home from somewhere.

I noticed she was watching TV most of the time and sometimes having a comfortable nap. That would not bother me. But when I saw plastics and papers lying around on the floor I was not happy at all. It may not be in the scope of her work. I bought meals for her, and I expect she would clean the table and clean the floor. I told my wife to ask her to sweep the floor. The area is not big and it won't take even 10 minutes to do. My wife told me she asked her to do the small chores. My wife said she did it.

Today she was not here at almost 10.40. On the way to buy breakfast I saw her car passing me. Nevertheless I sent a message to her boss asking for the last date on the contract. The reply came back, 23/03/2014. She insisted it was stated in her receipt. I asked her to count back the number of days and she returned with 25/03/2014. The nurse won't come to work on the 23rd because she would be going to Kuala Lumpur. The Nursing Home asked me to negotiate with the current one for another 2 days. While preparing breakfast the nurse said she would be free only next month. I kept quiet and controlled myself, and went out for the regular exercise.

When I came home she was gone. I went to the sink to clean a spoon. It drove me mad as I saw dirt in the sink.

I told my wife that those who were poor in schooling would carry the poor attitude and stupidity and laziness if nobody intervene to alter such bad habits. Nurses entered the government colleges were all bright students. It is indeed true that education and attitudes have positive correlation, unless there is a source of intervention. I have friends who are university and college graduates, and friends of lower education. In many aspects they are different. The lesser the education the louder will be the voice and the yelling.

22/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Before appealing to God we have to do our best, strive to our utmost limit. More often than not we would not praise the Al-Mighty if our effort shows success. When our effort failed us with our maximum energy and resources we would feel very frustrated. Some would appeal to God for the light but many do nothing else.

The God that created the universe is not your God. It is our God whoever we are and where we are, no matter what your faith or religion is. We seek forgiveness for our sins but we don't seek God's help to do work for us. Each man has to do his own job, do them the right ways that would not hurt the others. We fish, grow food, drill for oil, buy and sell for daily bread. If we don't do any of those and ask God to provide us with beef burger in our kitchen we will get none. Should we be disappointed and start to blame God for not helping us ?

There is nothing can be done to the unbelievers and we could wonder how they encounter with frustration. Would they just forget their failures ? They say mankind set their own destiny for good or for  bad. They determined success or failure.

We get frustrated when what we hope and expected is not there. WE get frustrated when we don't know who cause damage to our properties and to our souls. We feel bad when the promises are not delivered.

Millions of people are suffering at the moment with chronic illness, maimed by bombs and guns, extreme poverty and daily disappointments. At least 40% regard it as destiny and submit to God's  providence with the believe that reward will come in the next world. The sufferings in the secular world is temporary. The frustration and despair soon disappear. In God they put their trust.

At time I do think of the reason, science and civility in relation to the total eradication of men's sorrow. Mankind almost command the universe, dictate the earth what and how to grow new breed of seeds and foods, created technology to facilitate work and to provide entertainment and to shrink the world. Yet even in their own soils people are starving, chased out of their homes, killed and tortured. Misery never seem to cease. Diseases never seem to end.

Let me ask a man of reason; which has more suffering  to live or to die ? Living men, no matter how wealthy and powerful they are, will somehow suffer, the agony of mind, the weakening of physical body and the decaying of metabolism and biological function. Whereas death could be so quick that you feel no pain. Death release pain suffered by many people. And everyone will die sooner or later.

A main of faith and a strong believer in God and destiny of mankind is stronger and may not be frustrated though come the disappointment, does not lament at a death of the love ones.

But human is infallible. He is angry at the broken promises, disappointed at the futility of efforts and frustrated when the hope break to pieces.

22/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Evil comes, one after the other. Death due to drug overdose indicates the magnitude of drug abuse and circulation in this country. Mafia, gangsterism, and criminals seem to be in control. We can guess to what degree the police may be involved but we can't tell which politicians are involved. The police must take Tak Sin's step, waging a quick and fast war on drugs and the source, wiping out the corrupt officers and arrest the politicians working with the under ground movements.

Bad luck and bad omen are dismissed by intelligent society. Yet Nikolai Tesla chose special number of his hotel room. The deeper you go into studying numbers the more you will be intrigue by the magic and your mind will be wondering into mysteries.

For centuries bad luck had been associated to a person or persons. Then the people burnt men and women they deemed as witches. Savagery ran wild until science and reason rule. The beliefs in luck seemed to vanish from civilization.

Now is year 2014, a decade of total reason and science. Among the Malays the Bomoh never ceased, used by the normal men and by big politicians. The Chinese consult Feng Sui for the better lives and draws millions of believers. They named their shops and companies after their divine consultation. At time I was wondering why the Chinese throughout the world are wealthy and successful.


y not someone try to consult Feng Sui as to why undesirable events are striking the country one after the other ? The Muslims can't do it but the Chinese can.

I wish it is not my sentiment that influence my strong haunch of seeing a bad luck in a person that is dragging the nation into a series of turmoil. Whenever I came across the face in the TV, I quickly switched channel. It is not Najib nor UMNO Ministers, however foolish they were in making statements. I am so very sure even Mahathir once saw the same thing at the same person.

This is a country not a home. We don't simply apply what we do at home to the nation.

If nothing change, worse things will continue to happen. The Malays will get a greater impact while  the non-Malays whose survival rate excel the Malays will get less. Bad things may loom from bad policies or unknown things. Just wait and see. The drug festival came too soon after the MH370.

What I see is coming is our sour relationship with China as Malaysia will be towing US policy over military matters. What follows only God knows.

16/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When Rais Yatim was vocal he shouted to the whole world that Malaysia Runs On The Rule Of Law. Does it ? As I see it some countries introduce Common Law for it's convenience, just to join the community of civilize people. Whether they use or apply them is immaterial. They have it. They have lawyers, judges, Attorney General, Public Persecutor and the courts.

In an authoritarian country the political leader gives several choices to the judge. First is to side the government when the government wants it, especially in political issue or issues involving favorable politicians. Second it is up to the judge to decide in whichever way. The judge who do otherwise would either be dismissed, forced to retire or transferred. The lightest punishment is just to over rule the judgment. An appeal by the government on matters pertaining to opposition members is actually an order. Some judges would show their protest through messages only understood by smart and intelligent people.

Mahathir would always want judgment fell on his way. He kicked away the jury system and his total legal system was worst than the Kangaroo court. And he called that the government strength. And even after his retirement I still felt he determined whether a person is guilty or not. You can see this clearly in the case of PKZ where crimes was committed by no criminal, by no one. Later I found out many other persons shared the same thought.

The right and the wrong has now changed to the public opinion. The media is vigorously used to convinced the general public of a person's guilt. Those who are cheated most believe most. In the United States people who believe in the government about the bad economy suffered since the late 70's till now.

I don't know whether the government fabricate evidence against her own citizens in the United States. It is not hard to make a person a suspect and being arrested. Put a bag of drug in his car or throw it on the roof. Then press the charge.

Fabrications have always been some loopholes. If the sentence were predetermined the charged will be altered continuously in the case of alibi. We saw this clearly in the first Anwar Sodomy case. There was the constant changed of the goal post.

The most recent happenings in Malaysia were the previous court decisions were overturned. Karpal quoted the Law and therefore the court didn't find him guilty. Then the appellate court altered the decision. Anwar faced the same delusion. He was freed by one court and later found guilty by another though from the legal process we saw no process of fairness and justice.

Justice not only must be done but must also seen as done. More than half of the population sense the political maneuverability.

Law is always a mockery in a despotic nation. Teresa Kok was accused of insulting the Malays and the Royalty and Karpal slapped with seditious. Mahathir had wanted to kick Royalty and made this country a Republic. Khairy recently insinuate that even Royalty must be punished in the case of Terowong incident. The most recent was the challenge of Yang Dipertaun Agung's speech by PERKASA group.

It applies to one party not to another,

I wouldn't give a damn on Anwar, Karpal or Lim Kit Siang but I would not feel happy when I found unfairness and injustice, the manipulation of the law and absurdity plaguing our country. It will drain away the respects towards the Malays.

15/02/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Many a time we heard people telling us,"You see too many movies." It was to imply untruth and fallacies.

I have just finished watching a 2 hour and 15 minutes movie called The Butler. It was about a person who grew up as a slave to a White House butler from Eisenhower to Obama. There is one thing I learned from this movie, when the chief butler told the newcomer ,"YOU HEAR NOTHING AND SEE NOTHING." That was what he carried in himself as a butler servicing in the President's caucus. There was secret discussion on many big matters. He was inside the room. As it was, he heard nothing and see nothing.

I don't want to be a man who 'hear nothing and see nothing' because I do not have such a quality nor the capacity nor the ability to be a very discipline man. Probably you can find such a quality in autistic persons whom you can trust in keeping money and doing good jobs. Everyone has to audit himself as to whether he can hear things against his beliefs and principals. It takes a great loyalty to die for a man who is either good or evil.

It is admirable. To us it is something impossible to do. But that was what a worker with a full wisdom does. It is difficult to look for such a personality trait, yet there are many out there. Movies therefore can instill morality and propagate desirable attitudes.

There were several movies depicting stories on airplane which contain messages as well as a warning that such events could have happened anywhere at anytime on any carrier. Flight 2012 was about a pilot who inhale cracks and could do crazy stuffs while flying. Others about kidnapping and hijacking. And also a puzzling story on the bombing of WTC even before it really happened.

Never think movies are solely for entertainment. Some Malaysians followed what was seen, like breaking into bank vault by digging tunnel underground. Just never take movies for granted.

I don't quite remember when the movie The Star Wars was made. I do remember of American Congress was debating on Star War Weapon when bidding for funds. What was a science fiction is now a reality. Laser weapons can wipe out objects easily.

Watch movie with full awareness, extract as much as you can and reject what can derail you the society.

15/04/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Is it the view of all, some or a fistful of Malaysian hams that hams are the best radio operators in the country ? I asked one ham the reason of such a claim. The answer was a ham is well verse in antenna, propagation, technicalities and the operating procedures. And those people can't even recognize between UHF and VHF. They need the hams for assistance. That may explain why they are so nosy in the current SAR procedures, running everywhere looking for rigs that can transmit on 5-6 MHZ as well as the antenna.

At the time when ham population was very small and I wasn't even an amateur yet, I have monitored other services by beating radios together. I found the communication network was well done, proficient and competent. As far as I am concern I would refute the claim of the grand ability of ham radio operators.

On the other hand in the course of communications with the local ham operators I experienced immense problem in copying some of the signals from those radio expert. Even the point to point communication of a nearby station was unreadable. While I could trigger a repeater with 1 watt, the station could not do so with 80 watts. For whatever reason it shouldn't be the case from an expert in amateur radio and antenna.

You can call me anything, but what I said above is real and true. I just said out the reality, what was happening. Poor stations could not claim to be experts and try to evade the SAR frequency no matter for what reason. Believe me they may not know even what an ion is.

I never dare to claim I am good at anything simply because I am good at nothing. What I may know a little, many other people know much more. Operators from other agencies are not fool or stupid as charged.

In the good old days signals from all local stations were excellent, not as it is now. Name it 9M2GL, 9M2GV, 9M2FR, 9M2FK, 9M2CF , 9M2FZ, 9M2PZ etc. None claim that they are the best operators in the country.  They prepared for emergency procedures, going field day and forest exploration. None I knew was nosy, nor bragging away of his knowledge and ability.

If you notice on those frequencies, about 6 mhz there was also a CW signals. Do these expert know what those CW messages are ?

14/03/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof