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Your lover - Mac D



At least there are three outlets in my town that sell Ramly burger and other Western like hot cakes. Even before the minimum wage law was introduced Gemilang Burger paid RM900 minimum to the employees. What I can assure the public these burgers are 10 time more delicious and 1/6 of Mac's price.

It is a high time now to set national outlets selling Ramly. Why we need Mac Donald anymore and why must we send money to Israel for nothing ?

How about drinks ? Are we not capable of producing our own ? More than 60 years ago I used to have free bottle drink from a small factory near my house. They already have the F & N and alternative drinks. Cocacola and Pepsicola are new kind of drinks. There are ever ready towkeys who are happy to produce our own.

Sometimes we are too crazy about franchise that come from the West. You can buy cheaper stuffs in China Town than the 7-11. Normal sundry shops are selling more items. The owners do not have to pay for any franchise fee at all.

Lower and middle income group are enjoying cheaper food like Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng and the roadside burgers. At least three persons can eat with the same amount paid to Mac Donald for a person. For RM15 at Mac D one can buy about 10 packets of Nasi Lemak.

Since the boycott call I chose to have my dinner at Mimi Tomyam, Hussein Nasi Kandar or Nasi Lemak Bungkus. A couple of Ramly burger plus an egg cost less RM5. The taste is 'AROY' ( wow in Thai ).

I kept Brahim Briyani and Nasi Goreng Kampong in case I would be too busy to buy food. Barahim products are simple to prepare. I am always aware of my support for Malaysian product and suporting Ibrahim, a fellow Malaysian.

Someone should initiate Ramly Burger's expansion. Owners of the outlets are Malaysians of all races. We share the wealth together and at the same time we can close the gap of our disagreement. Malaysians could prevail as one race.

04/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Mac D owners in Malaysia who fear of losing money and business shouldn't worry. You turn your Mac D into Ramly burger's outlet. By doing it you will gain more profit because you don't have to pay any franchise fee. Invite a few excellent burger maker like Gemilang Burger Seberang Perak Alor Setar for the type of menu and how to prepare tasty and delicious burger.

You will get shock to see the number of Chinese at Gemilang Seberang Perak. UMNO can extend it's tentacles in Muslim countries by going Ramly using Gemilang style and taste.

Don't wait anymore. Roll your heads and get cracking.



A minister in Great Britain quit because she is not happy with the Prime Minister over Gaza issue while Khalid is still holding to a straw and refuses to abdicate the post. Khalid puts himself first before the party that put him there. The total exposure have tarnished the stupidity and dishonesty of the Malays. How could a man be honored and dignified if he failed the public promise and made his own decisions on several financial matters including his own salary ? And Hadi all the way from Trengganu throw his support and chose to divorce PR. This Hadi has sold Kedah to Mukhriz and now he is selling Selangor to BN.

The party is unimportant as compared to the mental state and the principle held. I won't hire a traitor of my enemy and won't even welcome him in my camp. Would PM Najib offered Khalid or Hadi a Minister's post if they join UMNO ?

The stupidity covers many other sectors, particularly in designing our future. Instead of building up an independent society the Malays are heading towards economic dependency. They feared the boycotting of Cadbury, Mac Donald and all other Israel products as voiced in the national media. They sell their agriculture land to build Tesco and Mac Donald. Selling land that grow foodstuffs means the dependency upon foreign countries for food. That goes against our national security. But we were told the agriculture land were bought by Yayasan Islam and sold to MCA men.

The worse is when there are Malays to support the killings of the Palestinians and a strong supporters of Zionism not realizing that their big brother's mind on non-Jews. A Jew must be of a race and a religion. If a Malay called himself a Jew he is still being regarded as beast, an animal like dog. The so-called intelligent Malays showed their lack of knowledge on Talmud, the guide book of colonialism and the killings.

There are the whole lots of confusions and crazy stuffs from outright corruptions to other moral decay. The youth factors are the most unspeakable.

That's why we see people dealings with millions and millions and people hunting the garbage bins to find daily bread. These are all Malays. And today we can find pools of Malay liars, cheaters, robbers, Christians and Jews (claimed to be Jews). They sell magic water that can cure all kind of chronic diseases and they buy such water at a costly price. They pay a few hundred ringgit to hear lectures how to make money and when they went home they still could not make any even many years after that. Crazy ? Indeed crazy.

By the time they come to their senses they find the race lost everything and behind the other races in many fields. No amount of howling and arresting and intimidation could revert to the formerly sane position.

06/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Jews are people with brain without hearts. They organized themselves well, remain united against hostile environment, mastering sciences and invent technologies, earning nobel prizes and controlling the world economy. Even the mighty Americans are subdued.

Is it the pride of Talmud to teach Jews to kill the non-Jews because they are beasts and animals like dog ? When the soldiers going to Gaza they were to go and kill the unarmed women and children by their Rabi, and they have no pity nor compassion against another human being. It was not about who started the escalation because the Jews continued settlement on the Palestine land never ceased. It is a very simple way to rob. Just say "My Holly Book says this is a Jewish land" and kick the legitimate owners away.

What is the use of the brightest brain in the world with feeling of compassion, pity and humanity ? What kind of Talmud that called all others animals and deserved to be killed or being made slaves to serve the Jews ?

We happen to know Jewish design on several False Flag to discredit the enemies and to justify killings, even at the current Gaza attack and turmoil. The False Flag were present to the Americans to get their support and sympathy. 9/11 was a clear False Flag that pushed the Americans to pursue the innocent man, Osama, at the tip of the world and killed him. It was heartless and conscienceless.


Jews should be aware that to some, religion is only a mere perception. Their intelligence and strength lie in their believe in themselves and they worked towards them. It was not the Talmud that elevate them to be the Masters.

At least several other races in the world would bloom the same way as the Jews and finally gaining power and strength. It would not be the Arabs or the Malays, the Iraqis or the Iranians. Not even the Muslims.

It is not only Mahathir who thought it that way. There are millions of others.

When the Nazis murdered the Jews, the later cried Holocaust repeatedly from 1940's to 2014 and hunted the Nazis till the end of the earth in every hole and pit. Now they are doing it to the Palestinians.

I am not anti-Jews by nature but I have to rely on causal-effect to a certain event. Israel sees no other way to it's national security other than military option and of the extended boundary. It takes a good heart to see the hearts of other people, to analyze the causal-effect outcome of compassions and love, of friendships and mutual respects. I even see to the extend of dissolving Hamas and put them in the Israel police force for mutual defense, a united Jewish-Palestinians. If peace and tranquility can drag for one year, it will stay there forever.

But would the Jews accept it as the Muslims in other Islamic countries accept Jews in their midst ?

05/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Prostitutes go for money. Black, White, criminals, addicts and whoever else have money and willing to pay can have their bodies. Some Malaysians are just like them. Soon you will see the so-called Muslim be selling pork in the open, no more hiding it in Cadbury or any ice cream. They opened up their frocks and let the Black, White and Jews f**k them for money. The Malays and the Muslims are helping the Zionists to kill people.

If they think the Palestinians are deserved to be killed, likewise these people deserved to die a violent death too.

The South Americans and the British vehemently protested against the genocide. They boycotted Israel products. Yet these Malays are so hard up of trade with Israel government, buying computer soft wares, selling their products and announced direct support to the purchase of arms that killed young children.

All we have now are people with Islamic attires who had put away the Holly Book of Al-Quaran, like Dr Mashitoh Ibrahim and a few of UMNO clerics. Those people are fake.

Many White Americans including Jimmy Carter and Kerry said that Israel is adamant and liars. Though there is a split of opinion on Gaza AIPAC with a strong influence on the Congress is trying to put Obama away and commanded continual arsenal supplies to Israel,  a few Congressmen demanded for truce.

Has God leave the Malays and leave them to design their own destiny ? The Malays have really gone haywire. These Malay Jews thought they could be accepted in Israel. Try to migrate to their beloved land, they will be kicked home like dogs, because the Israel Jews consider them as animals and dogs. I don't say this. Those non-Jews don't say that either. But the Talmud says so. That's what the Israel Rabi told the Jewish army when they are entering Gaza. It is alright to kill the Palestinians because the non-Jews are animals.

Prostitutes who let anyone f**k them for money are full of dirty semen in their vagina; the syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV and all other filthy stuffs mixed in them. It is just like a politician who is willing to go to Hindu temple, to Bhuddist shrine, to Christian Church to pray to each of the gods to gain votes. After more than 55 years of independent we are producing the Malays who are happily paying to murder the Palestinian women and children.

It has been a long time that we have been saying that agriculture is security. Yet agriculture land are sold for housing estates to be sold to foreigners. A sovereign nation should be able to stand on itself to survive. China and United States have enough food to feed themselves in case of war. Yet these Malays are saying Malaysians will starve without trade with Israel.

Once upon a time bad people used to say that Malaysian Indians are two headed snakes. If there was a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first before the snake. The fallacy of such a saying could be reverse to be the truth by substituting the word Indians with Malays.

We do recognize the strength and power of Israel. But if we have to fight them with only bare hands and die, we should fight. If Israel were to strike us, we will have to find  the most effective way to counter strike and it has to be devastated. If Malays can do it it will awaken the world about the unknown Malay race.

While America is creating Captain America, the Malays are creating cowardice and prostitutes who think Malaysia will starve without Zionism.

04/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Sickness and health awareness generate a new front for economy, large enough to create employment and job opportunities. It is a billion dollar business. The more the sick people the more the doctors and nurses needed, manufacturing equipments to cater for the sick people is another related activity.

In the recent time we see plenty of products that claim cure and prevention of acute diseases like diabetes, kidney and heart attack. They range from a pure water to wearing stuffs like miracle socks. Among the popular products are stem cells that  is said to rejuvenate youths and blood corpuscles. One stem cell product says it can repair the damage pancreas.

The number of supplements are numerous and costly. How real are they ? A friend of mine spent thousands on supplements that he claimed could lower the blood-sugar level. And now he is on the Viken Socks.

I have been wondering all along why our hospitals and doctors do not propose the alternative treatments for the cure. Recently I was searching for information on Viken Socks to find out what our doctors or hospitals say about them. I found nothing. I expect government authorities to approve or disapprove medicines and gadgets that say they could cure diseases that the Western medicine could not.

The relevant government bodies must make sure that fake medical products must not reach the public. FDA's approval should be observed and the department must test the content of supplements sold in the market.

Any alternative effective medicines and supplies could pose a danger of factory closure of the traditional hospital drugs. The reduction of sick people due to health awareness and alternative cures could shrink the number of health centers and nursing schools. Health insurance companies will not be happy too.

Hence views given will not be factual nor base on thorough investigation.

Diabetes is incurable yet stem cell says it could. And numerous other alternative medicines claim they could. Which one are you going to believe in ?

We have more than six public TV channels but none has a devoted daily program on health care to educate the public on matters pertaining to personal hygiene, diseases, medicines, supplements, treatments and all other matters pertaining to health care. This will make the ministry of health on it's toe, investigating products and inform the public of their authenticity. Manufacturers of health gadgets would always paint a rosy picture of their products. In this way we do not have to depend on the internet to seek more information and review about each of the marketable item.

Healthcare is a booming business. Foreigners seek medical help in Penang. As far as clinics and medical centers are concern foreign demand depends on the testimonials of the patients who went back to their country and talked about them. The standard could be maintained even without government supervision.

Unlike the kind of medicines and gadgets that are pouring in the market, the possibility of fakes are great. It is an attractive venue to make fast bucks. Sick people are willing to spend on products that promised miracle cure. There had been items that contain steroid and other poisons. There are items which merely depend on placebo effect like the magic water.

Now we have the medicative pillow, medicative socks and medicative cushions. if those items can cure chronic diseases then there will be fewer patients in hospitals and medical centers. Probably some drug factories will have to close down.

04/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Who start to poke on racial sentiment in our country, that it has come to an alarming stage - the Malays can be criminals, bag snatchers and robbers. Affirmative actions does not mean the Malays have the right to commit crime.

It is not wrong to say that some users of social media are siding the wrong doers and the criminals. Watch and read closely the content and remarks on the face book and the blogs. They thought they can pressure the police to follow their commands.

All criminals should not be treated like gentlemen whether they are Malays, Indians or Chinese. Robbers have cause death to many victims causing frustration to the general public. Don't blame the government if your area is unsafe and you can't sleep soundly.

Are you waiting for the time when a robber whom you knock sues you for hitting him ? And if he is a Malay you are going to tell him, "Don't do it again. Go home." I would not forget racial sentiment was brought in in the case of Ling Leong Sik. There were voices saying he was charged in court because he was a Chinese.

No one should escape persecution because of his age, sex or race of a criminal offence.

We were told not to take law in our own hands. Not everyone believes that justice would be served if left to the court. The same person seems to repeat the same crime over and over again after the jail term. We do hear of latex thief went missing, and dead bodies were found here and there. In one country a bag snatcher would be burned alive by the public when caught.

Social status and race are not a free license for complete immunity. Bush, the ex-President, was arrested for carrying cocaine.

It is unfortunate that we like to polarize ourselves and inciting racial hatred. We gained our independent in 1957 and have been living harmoniously. Only at the present decade racial and religious insult loom and spread to a dangerous point.

Wouldn't we want to live in the world of tranquility with the peace of mind, sleep with windows and doors open again like the old good days ? There was a moment of such happiness and security during the Japanese occupation when heads of thieves were displayed at the market place. And there was a report that in Southern Thailand thieves simply went missing.

Bad guys are evil, not a Malay, Chinese or Indian. If a Malay beg snatcher happened to be kicked by an Indian, he deserves it. There is no question of an Indian kicking a Malay but a man kicking a criminal. Sometimes people need to take law into their own hand. We don't protect nor made a hero out of a criminal.

If you put racial sentiment in front then do not go to Mac Donald and boycott Israel products, do not buy goods from shops belonging to other races, and only keep your money in financial institutions owned by your own race. At least I have seen Petronas being boycotted but not yet PETRON.

02/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This very man killed innocent women and children, invaded Iraq and killed Americans in the 9/11 incident. He became a President because the people voted him to the office. Then he made American citizens suffered. Unemployment rose, millions of foreclosures and Americans migrated to Canada. While American citizens went hungry billions were sent to Israel.

He does not suffer yet but we can be sure that his mental health will deteriorate, worst than senility. Those whom he had killed had died and rest in peace. Bush family will feel the agony for many years till he followed those he had murdered.

The rest is left to the family's victims to describe.

01/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is shocking to know that at least one ham who does not know antenna's name. The common ones are dipole, yagi and vertical. Dipole is the cheapest and simplest to build and can operate well even without the ATU. But it consumes space for 40 and 80 meters. All along since 1975 till now I have been using this antenna. I think every ham knows it.

In the 1926, Dr. Shintaro Uda and Dr. Hidetsugu Yagi of the Tohoku Imperial University invented a directional antenna system consisting of an array of coupled parallel dipoles. The Yagi Uda antenna is commonly known as only Yagi, sometimes called Beam. It is a directional antenna. With the present technology it save a lot of space.


Another common antenna is Vertical, like a single pole standing up vertically. It is good for DXing. Vertical antenna needs something to push against to be effective. In the picture below it is pushing against the earth.

But not all verticals are put at the ground level. They need counterpoise acting like the ground. When the antenna is on a tower, the tower is the counterpoise, on a car the body of the car, on a ship, the ship and the water.

Whenever a kind of radials are put at the bottom people called it Ground Plane. Ground plane is a flat horizontal conducting surface that serves as part of an antenna to reflect radio wave. It does not have to be connected to the ground.

Cubical quad is rare in Malaysia. Old boy Eshee was fond of building quad for three band. But it is good if you browse around to find out more about it. At Saito's house you can find another rare but hard to build antenna called magnetic loop.

Remember every time you work a new station you need to tell them your antenna name.

Never be fooled by small and short antenna system that claim space saving by sheer of their sizes. The too many loops of loading coil may have a kind of dummy effect. When someone tells you about a short and small 40 meter antenna you need to hear the transmission before arriving at any conclusion.

01/08/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


With Israel fingers pointing at Malaysia as HAMAS training ground someone is already pissing in his pant. Israel has a base in Singapore and Diego Garcia and it does not have to declare war with Malaysia. It just strike at the military area where Mossad has it's fingers on.

My previous article did not mention specifically which and how Malaysia could be in war, but I mentioned of such a possibility of foreign intervention in whatever form as the government was making the citizens as it's enemy. The growing dissatisfaction in politics and social matters could lead to public prayers and curses. The government had thought it was a kind of Arab Spring.

The whole episode could turn out to be very complicated, much worse than the missing airplanes. How many million of Malaysians had wish for the demise of political hooliganism. In other words the government had declared millions of Malaysians as it's enemies. What could we expect from these people ?

If we have enemies within and enemies without and the potential air strike by Israeli jets stationed at Diego Garcia or Singapore would the government called Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang to go to war with Israel on the front line ?

Fearing Israel, Malaysia will have to investigate, and the result could be devastating to some military personnel. Mosad will follow the situation very closely. And our leadership had to make a deal with Israel government, hiding from the public.

If it is a catastrophe then the bad luck has come again.

There is no further comment but to wait and see how we could wriggle our way out. Hope for the best.

31/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Our only problem is we live in the world of enlightenment and we believe in the culture of civility. If we have live in the era of savagery and conquest we wouldn't have questioned the killings of the innocence, foreign invasion, corruptions, lies and deception. We thought we  are moving towards the perfection of the world where all men live in happiness and heavenly world.

The minds like Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, and Alexander never ceased. The power crazy head accompanied by the mountain of ego, the feeling of superiority, the want to be the master of the world has never stopped even decades after the birth of human right and liberty. Colonialism and conquest were followed by Communism, Nazi, American expansionism and NOW the Mastery of Israel.

In the past it was all regarded as total destiny. Mankind were at the mercy of nature and the power of other group. There were pressures from church, government and powerful kingdom. Most seemed to submit to the authority that ruled them. A small error could end up with death. The Kings and the Emperors would just issue death command for no reason.

We would have thought that those were all history as the world is getting it's light. It is about the right to live and to pursue happiness.

Today is already the 21st century. Mankind created justification to kill and bomb the innocent. They found it a great pleasure to see children being shots and mutilated. They pissed on dead bodies and laugh with joy.  It is easy to kill a person. Just call him a terrorist and you are done with it.

Savagery never end. Not even in the far future. No amount of protest and criticism will end it. The protagonist of the killings will claim it as an act of self defense. American war in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan were all acts of self defense.

USA and Israel do not believe in the divine destiny. They believe that men shape their own future. There is no such thing as 'history is the record of the rise and fall of a nation'. They are certain they will prevail perpetually.

But we are told that there are ancient cities being buried in the large desert and under water. They were there by the work of nature. As to how it happens are left to hypothesis and conjecture. America has been attacked several time by cyclone and huge flood. A day may come it will sink perpetually. And nations will disappear by accidental nuclear blasts. Israel too may disappear and other unknown nations grow up.

Most of us may have not have enough time left to see the work of destiny whether on the divine plan or accidental.

31/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Obviously you just won't sit and watch intruders and foreigners coming into your land and by sheer force drive you out of your house and your land. You will have to fight back at any cost. Imagine, you are being called a terrorist. These are the PLO's and the HAMAS. The occupiers are the Israelis.

A person who fight for his country and fought to regain the lost land is called nationalist, not a terrorist. Henry Kissinger was the first man who coined the word terrorist to replace nationalist as a total justification for the invasion and conquest of the Palestinian land.

All Israel army in the land that belongs to Palestinians are terrorists. On the other hand any Arab who are the citizen of Israel living in the nation will be duped as terrorists if they rise against Israel's government.

Using arms to challenge against a rightful and lawful government is illegal whether the government is right or wrong with an exception. The exception is when a national leader is selling or handling the country to a foreign government or individual as what had been done to Singapore and the surrender of the Malay states to the British in the 19th. century.

It is indeed a misnomer to call HAMAS terrorists. Most Americans follow Netanyahu. Indeed a pity that the Americans do not realize that ANIMALS are worst than the term terrorists. Look at what Talmud says about the Americans and other non-Jews.

"The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts."

"The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. "

"Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form."

From it we gather that the Jews regard the Americans as beasts who are to serve them. This is what is exactly happening today. Americans are nothing more than a tool of the Zionists.

We sincerely hope that Malaysian leaders won't parroted Henry Kissinger and bow to Goldman Sachs. Right now we should be concern of our close relationship with the state and government of Israel and bow to gain the benefit of our banking and financial system.

29/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I do not under rate the Malaysians in any international game. I just don't expect Malaysians to be the best in any international sport competition. We are a small country, a former colony of Great Britain, in fact once we are unknown to the people of the United States. For Nicole and Lim Chong Wei to come on the international limelight, it is indeed a great honor.

To get a medal in an Olympic or Commonwealth Game is a tough task. We are competing with lanky sportsmen of European and African stocks. I won't snub our rugby team losing by big margin to Australian. Our losing 1-8 to England in hockey is sad but not a humiliation to me.

Achieving a medal, any of them, is commendable. It is also true we engage foreign coaches to shape us. Anybody can have the world's best coach but without good athletes even a heavenly instructor will fail.

If we strive to alter our physical frame and put agility in our people probably we have the edge in track and field events. 

I notice the happiness in our athlete faces even with bronze for they knew they had to struggle very hard. Each competition is extremely fierce.

To be a champion like Nicole and Chong Wei need a long history of build up. They have to be super human to be at the current position.

Almost every country invest in sports and plan strategies to win. Australia, for instant, is very systematic and scientific in the training programs. Yet there is no one country takes all the gold, leaving all others with zero medal. No matter how big the commitment of our government in sports we must not be disappointed if we fail to get any reward. To me a medal is as good as a gold. A gold is brings luster to Malaysia.

29/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNNO used to say that religious people can't run a nation as their world view is narrow. I remember once when there was a Tabung Ekonomi Islam aimed at making the Muslims independent economically; there were huge donations pouring in. Later the foundation vanished. Those religious minded people didn't know what to do with the money. Clerics have the tendency to be arrogant.

Kedah, under Azizan, had had a major problem. Azizan was a good friend of Hadi. He had pro-UMNO guys as his advisors, refused to listen to other people's view on many matters. Tension arose within PAS and led to PAS downfall. Hadi was the main culprit. Now he used his same crazy notion and threatened Selangor.

Whatever the case UMNO will get back Selangor. Hadi is the main factor.

Khalid is not a politician. He made his own decision believing his corporate mind will work well. His stubbornness is dragging the whole PKR down the drain. And with Hadi Kelantan too will be buried in the next General Election. Penang will remain intact because Chinese are more matured politically and they have deeper insight of their future.

Khalid won't budge even a centimeter. UMNO contractors like him. They won several contracts under him. Beside Hadi he got a strong support from UMNO. Khalid is PKR in name but BN at heart.

As Lim Guan Eng said PKR will break just because of the adamant of Khalid and Hadi. Else PKR has to leave Khalid to end his term on his own will.

Head or tail Selangor can bade good-bye and embrace BN.


28/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Forget about Gaza invasion for a while and observe the daily events in our own country. We are facing the hell lot of problems which see no end to them. I am not talking about political problems and all other issues of politics but the strong turbulence of social and moral issues which made our senses and common sense went hay wire. Our lay people have discarded the values of right and wrong. We let our ego rule us and we be slaves to it.

I am very disturb when bag snatchers were made heroes, and drivers who knocked other cars were praised as innocent good people.

It is not surprising that ancient sages like Confucius is teaching ethics to his disciples. Mankind without education tend to be savage. "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do unto you" is a simple saying.

Malaysians seem to be saying "I do what I want and what I like. It is none of your business." So they rob, steal, peddle drug, hurting others, double parking, cutting queues, call others by name and even threaten the weaker ones.

Criminals are criminals. They are from different group not identified by race or religion. There is no special treatment to them whether they are Malays, Indians or Chinese. It is not alright for any of the ethnic group to do what they like. Bag snatchers have killed many lives. In some countries the culprits are caught by the public and burned alive.

A group of school boys were smoking during the fasting months and were making funs as well as insulting a member of a public who admonished them.

The problem is these type of people somehow get into government jobs. I am sure you may have encountered with staffs whom you may labeled as idiotic, moron or bastard.

Today it is wrong to expose the wrong of the others. You can be sued for that. It is called seditious or defamation. Money laundering is not a crime but a person who leaked about it is a criminal. Lawyers seem to lose their senses, defending criminals, murderers, drug peddlers and name it, any damn thing as long the money is good.

The citizens too are facing monumental problems that were generated by bad policies of government and business communities. For instant the disabilities have no real sympathy at all. I myself am having an immense problem of getting helper to look after my sick and disabled wife. You have to be wealthy enough to afford a maid.

Then we have many illegal who came to help the locals who suffered and died just to escape punishment. My sick wife cried on hearing of the sinking of sinking boats. "They came to earn some money to feed their poor families and died like this," she said.

It is true that the Gazans are sufferings, much worse than we are. But we cannot forget our role and duty as a civil citizens to be specie of high moral value. To know our degree of social illness just browse through our social media to understand where we are.


28/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Israel tank is equipped with the mini iron dome to destroy anti-tank missiles attacks. Hamas has to find ways to dismantle the radar equipment attached to the tanks. One best weapon is a suicide bomber using a very effective anti-tank weapon. Since Hamas is already aware of the secret they are thinking ways to destroy the tanks. Prolonged conflicts would give them enough time to develop weapons to overcome the tank defense system.

Israel developed the mini dome used on tanks after several of her tanks were destroyed by Hezbollah in the previous conflict. This time it goes out with confidence using a new invincible machine, indestructible by enemy's anti-tank guns. Hamas only learn about it during this present conflict. Heads will roll. Time decides. Weapons used by Israel are being monitored by USA, Russia and China. They will come up with solution.

Hamas has to think quick and fast within the short term. It is just like the game of chess. Both sides will think hard to win. But Hamas is a little creature as compared to the giant Israel. Whether winning or losing this battle has to be decisive, no surrender but to fight to the last man. There is no other winning war for Hamas after this.

To the Israelis Palestine belongs to them because their holly book says so. And Talmud allows the killing of the non-Jews. The White Anglo Saxon Americans are non-Jews and they are animals.


As long as the Jews are holding on to the above teachings there can never be perpetual peace in the world. Even without Hamas and the Arabs the Jews will fight with the other White races.

Hamas need to sustain time, to seek help to counter the powerful Israel, not from the Islamic nations but from all other non-Jewish nation.

I can tell you of one sure thing. This time Israel has a great head ache. Time will tell when Israel tanks could be destroyed.

25/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Netanyahu is a brilliant man. I would call him an American Jews as his family reside in the United States for about 10 years and he went to American school. If you hear him speaking English, he sounds just like an American. He always shuttled to and from Israel for military training as well took part in the Yem Kapur war.

As a Prime Minister and believing in his acuteness he thought that Israel is an invisible nation with the sophisticated weapons system and using space surveillance technology, and powerful and smartest MOSAD machinery Israel could even win a war against United States. Netanyahu would always remember that Israel had crushed the Arab coalition forces only in six days. What is Iran and what is Hamas ?

Netanyahu's strategy in splitting the Muslim world is under way. First to enmity the different sects among them using Mosad operatives, targeting Iran against the Sunnis's governments like Malaysia. Books, clips and other posts on the social media are gaining momentum. To this effect I say Natenyahu is very brilliant.

The Blue Print to attack Iran has been laid down years ago. But there are members of Knesset who warned that an attack on Iran could be detrimental to Israel. It needed the support of Washington, as in the previous Arab-Israel war. However the main and elite troops are ever ready for the defense of Israel against major international confrontation. The lesser army could be sent to crush the small time Hamas.

How safe is Israel and it's powerful tanks ? The Iron Dome surely need replacement with a new version. Hamas rockets penetrated hitting the Tel Aviv airport and could drop again and hit any commercial carrier. We can't say about Hamas anti-tank weapons. If it's effectiveness equals what Hezbollah used  then Israel would lose the honor once more after the Lebanon experience.

Hamas can afford to die but not the Israel armies. Death tolls on both sides will rise and damages will increase. It is not a walk over by Israel on Hamas. They have to face a fierce fighting.

Someone suggested that Netanyahu, the brilliant Prime Minister, had miscalculated the ability of his enemy. It is not about winning but about the number of casualties and the cost incurred in the clash. Both could be very heavy.

All the Palestinians want is their land, not to conquer Israel. Yet at peace time the Jews continued to built settlements despite United States interdiction. The Jews is not scared of the other Americans. I even noticed they warned to intimidate American congress women. They are so very intoxicated with their unchallenging strength. True indeed that the world come to believe in the superiority and the mastery of Israel. Singapore seek Israel for military advice and Malaysia employed APCO and purchased computer soft ware from the Jews.

Was it the wisdom of Netanyahu to press for more settlements ? For war with Iran ?

The Jews should stop saying that 'non Jews are animals and deserve to be killed'. Sooner or later the White Anglo Saxon Americans will know it and will resist from being made  tools by the Jews. It would be better for a brilliant person to create a better world by NOT thinking everyone else is against Israel for nothing, to promote peace even with Iran, which could contribute to it's national income and expanding economy. War is always a savage.

Only if Netanyahu use his brain to formulate a permanent peace with the Palestinians and returned part of their land, live side by side to promote the regional economy and prosperity.

24/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Accountability is a principle to be observed by all leaders, head of departments, Prime Ministers and Presidents. We demand the answer from President Putin. Putin could easily said that it was not him who shot the plane. "Go and arrest the man responsible."

A Korean Minister resign for the sinking of  a ferry base on the principle. That is what Malaysians want and call for it's practice. Of course our leaders or political party could ignore the concept as what we have been practicing. All faults and blames will be cast on the subordinates and the citizens. I say this, not because I simply want to find fault against the government but it is a bare fact of life.

Almost everything has been thrown back on the citizen, from the despicable crime rates to the climbing cost of living. I have argued with enough UMNO men who did not want to accept responsibility for any social, economic and political upheavals.

There is nothing wrong for rejection of it's principle. If the engine jets were stolen, just punish the culprits. Liong Sik escape PKZ affair. But the nature has to be global as well. There are many laws that blame parents and household for the events of child care and thefts.

And it is alright to apply selective rules and principles; accountability for one and not  to another.

I have a haunch that Putin will not take the responsibility unless he ordered the shot. Putin was born in the authoritarian rule and the KGB head. Though Russia is no more a Communist it still carries the trait of dictatorship. He may regard us as a mere street fighters. In the course of the exchanges Putin would surely ask  'who ordered the plane to fly over the war zone ? '

Accountability is a principle that a head, a leader and a Minister could not pass the blame on his subordinate and acquaintance for any mishaps, errors, failures and criminal events. It is honor of a man, a symbol of civility. Otherwise every soccer coach will say, "It is not my fault that we lost...the players are bad, never follow the instructions...I was not playing. They were in the field. Blame them, why me ?"

Accepting a post as the head means accepting responsibility and must be accountable to whatever happen in his department, without his knowing it or not. It is his job to know, scrutinize, and put extra senses over  his department.  It is an honor and a moral duty to be observed.

It is a hard job and unfair too. But it is how the things go, way of civility of mankind. We have to show to the world that we are men of principles, gentlemen and honorable. If we want others to be responsible, we have to prove to the world who we are.

21/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Be yourself. Don't let others bother you. There will be people who will try to stop you from doing what you want and like to do. What authority have they to control you or to discourage you ? Their education, Master or PHD degree do not give them any mandatory power to do so.

Speak out and speak aloud, and speak your mind out. Let them debunk your ideas if they are so smart rather than just criticizing you as a 'Keyboard Warrior'. If they disagree with you on a certain issue they have to put it down in good algorithm with convincing arguments so that you won't be able to challenge them back.

You don't have to be commissioned or license to express or give your view. You don't have to have to be an excellent graduate. What is required as a matter of courtesy, to be prudent and civilize. Try to present facts.


Ivan Illich said some failures and dropouts are those who simply do not agree with the form of establishment. Formal education is a prison. If you don't follow formal education you can always build yourself up mentally, gathering experience and knowledge as long as you are not lazy and idle. Today knowledge is free and you can grab it from your home.

The hot topic under extensive discussion now is MH17. We have been exposed on the conversations recorded among military fighters, to the height different instruction and the path that the plane took. We have been told about the clashes in Ukraine and to what extend Russia has involved itself. You have read articles from both the local and foreign publications. And finally you feel like giving out your own. By all mean expound it however absurd it may sound.

Readers may ignore or put a thought to it. Others can compare the maturity of the view from different category of people of different educational level.

I watched the discussion on MH17 by three high powered individuals including one Dato'. It was very interesting, matured and comprehensive. They gain my utmost respect. The three agreed that we are a small nation, we are helpless and doubt of getting justice. I found this side splinter as philosophical as well as reality. Our own citizens used to say 'We are small people. We are being arrested, charged, bullied....What can we do ?' Graduates at time uttered words that reflect our domestic situation.

Laymen like us should not be authoritarian to force their will on others trying to degrade others by calling them 'Keyboard Warrior' or names of similar character.


19/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Some educated and Western people do believe in Bad Luck. Like an aura around a person, bad luck is said to be a negative energy that a person carries without his or her own knowledge. The prediction does not base on any scientific evidence but merely base on observation of happenings. Thing like Feng Sui is strongly believed and people are willing to pay a huge sum to consult the Master, on business and building constructions, the design and the layouts, and the arrangements in the house.

Malaysians would frown at the idea of magic and mysterious phenomena as they dismissed and made fun of the Coconut Shaman searching for MH370. Voodoo and Black Magic is pure nonsense. Luck is a probability of happenings. It just happen on purpose of by accident.

I have a strong premonition of continuous bad happenings that befell Malaysia. There have been a series of events that befell the nation. I saw the bad aura in persons, probably by the fallacy of my mental image and evil imagination, which I believe as a true phenomena. And I have predicted bad things would happen one after another as in my previous articles.

Rather than dismissing it as absurdity I would like to call upon the government to consult international experts on Feng Sui, astrologers and skeptics to find out more about it. Else enjoy bearing the on going co-incidences, one bad thing after another. The most fatal is the civil war which Mahyuddin almost lit a fire. Thanks God it came to an abrupt stop because that 'co-incidence' could change the history of our beloved nation. Mahyuddin finally saw the point of dangerous remarks.

The Christian faith believes in curses as an utter of a wish of evil meant to bring people into great calamities. Islam mentioned Satan and falsely of the magic, the malignant witchcraft including spells, curses and 'evil eyes'. The Humanists reject supernatural beliefs, including the curses, magic, shamanism, and the bad luck of a person.

We are in the middle of three tragedies at the moment; the Sulu intrusion that result in a death and the capture of our police personnel, the nightmare of the MH370 and the shooting down of MH17. There were a series of misfortunes prior to these events. Would you believe me if I say more major shocking things will strike the nation ?

Predestination comes through the cause and effect. When the Angel of Death comes to take away our life it performs through a procedure such as fatal accident, blood poisoning or blood clot or we are strike by a bomb.  But taking the standpoint of a fatalist one has to reject the element of bad luck. It remains as a big puzzle, why us.

To say we are a nation of sin, there are many others that defied the command of God and putting away religious beliefs. All of these nations should receive equal degree of retribution. Did they ? We need to study the calamities in each of those countries before we can start a hypothesis.

Looking at the three incidences mentioned the cause seem to have a political root; the territorial claim, the control of military hardware and the Ukrainian clash. It is dangerous for any country to allow the growth of the seeds of hatred which can erupt in a bloody conflict that can affect anyone. What we fear most is the severe political chaos in our own country. What the government thought as antidote could turn out to be deadly fast spreading virus. Government's perception of the Malays as terrorists, militants and suicide bombers is self predicting of our future fate. Each of them is actually a state of mind. Communism worked hard to change and control the mind of the people for centuries. They failed.

Even threatening the May 13 is dangerous and could de-stabilize our security. People would be prepared for war. If we are hit by a series of bad luck the greatest devastation is the bloodshed.

Have we not putting all effort to do the right things and follow the proper procedure to correct our errors, after MH370 ? Then out of nowhere a missile knocked our plane down. Did we create our own fate ? Sound like a swarm of evil spirit over our sky.

In spite of the belief of bad luck there are ways to pave them away. Consult the Masters. Seek advice and views of the right religious leaders. Arrogance and ego would not help. Parading sinners to speak religion in public forum could add fuel to the current turmoil.

Let us study and record all the misfortunes that befell us by the political reign. We have nothing to lose but we could get a new knowledge of the mystery of the world. We can check ourselves and start to be prudent and wise in making life meaningful to all the Malaysians.

If fate is man made than mankind can choose to alter his destiny. Ask more question; WHY ? The late Tunku took an evening walk alone without any bodyguard in the Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur. He was spotted by the police chief who was concerned over Tunku's safety. The great Prime Minister replied, " Why I need bodyguard. I don't make enemy and I don't have one."

If you don't believe in bad luck, it will make you happier and less worry. Follow your own conscience. After all living is only temporary.

19/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How to navigate to a certain position on your web page ?

I have more than 50 topics in a page. In front of each topic I put a name to it, any name as long as they are different from each other. It is a simple code <a name="anyname"></a>

<a name="wckiss"></a>
<font face="Times New Roman" color="#FFFFFF">
<p align="center">
<font size="6"><i>WHEN CARS KISSING</i></font><p align="justify">
<i>A video of a woman whose new

A combo box with the topics is inserted anywhere. On my blog it lies somewhere on the top portion. You notice the word 'Select Topic'. Below is a code for it.

<select name="selectName" onchange="goto_URL(this.form.selectName)" style="color: #FFFFFF; border: 0 solid #000000; background-color: #000000" size="1">
<option value="">Select a Topic:</option>
<hr size="0">
<option value="#wckiss">When Cars Kissing</option>
<option value="#wctct">Whhechair to car transfer</option>
<option value="#waw">Where Are We ?</option>
<option value="#nwtd">No word to describe</option>
<option value="#sinap">Sins Against Parents</option>
<option value="#ranh">Ramadan Almost No Hamming</option>


Clicking the combo box will take you to the name topic. Notice the sign # in front of each. On the navigation mark at the position where we want it to go the sign is absent.

If you have ever browse LIMKITSIANG blog, the main page contain the topic followed by a summary. Then you click Read More.. You will be taken to the new page just after the point you just left. From time to time I want someone to go to a specific topic in my blog. I have more than 25 pages, each containing the average of 50 titles. Say I want to direct you to a topic Shoes and Barefoot in a page called index2.asp, I just go to the Facebook and type .

9M2AR.COM is my domain name. Index2.asp is the page name and #shoesab is the mark point of the title.

Good luck.

18/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It was yesterday, 16/07/2014, 9M2FT left the old remaining hams. I don't know much about Monti except for his plight, a victim of a kind heart betrayed by someone who never pay back the bank loan that he recommended. A Ham in Kuala Lumpur, probably Rashid Sultan, must have paid for his license, when I told Rashid about Monti's pitiful situation.

I worked Monti several time on CW. He was using a QRP rig. He told me that he had been monitoring my communication at his work place during the night. The first time I met him was at Port Dickson.

The news said that he had a liver failure and the morning burial was done quickly. To the Muslims he died in a good month of Ramadan. Without him his family's fate could hardly be predicted. Let us all pray that some kind hearts will look into it.

We used to say,"Hey come on the band more often and make a lot of noise, so that everyone knows you are still alive and kicking." Things are not the same today. The living old hams stay away from the band. We don't know whether they are still alive. Occasionally news arrive about the demise. I don't know what happen to 9M2FO, Weng, and 9M2YP, Yee. Eshee is sick. Lokman and Kamal said they have antenna problem. 9M2PV is not well too.

Ageing is inescapable. It is usually followed by sickness of some sort, and may be so worried of death. But death is also inevitable. Why worry about it ?

I wonder , what do the old people do at home ?

After Monti who will go next ? Only God knows. We can only say 'you go first we will be after you'.

17/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A video of a woman whose new expensive car kissed by another car went viral. Some people found it as an opportunity to bash a Muslim by her behavior. What if your new expensive car suffer the same fate ? Would you just smile and thank the guy and say ,"Thank your for the kiss ? "

I have seen a double parked car was knocked on the screen. Both were Chinese. In some area even the unnecessary horn will be met with a baseball bat. The worst was when the culprit who knock you, attack you, blaming of your sudden brake.

There were vehicles that not only kissed but also killed and the driver went scot free. In the above case the woman became a victim and apologized. The person who knocked were coaxed to press charges.

It is true that insurance may pay. The whole process consume time and taxed our energy and affect the daily job.

Just because she wore a Hijab and a Muslim it does not mean everyone has the right to lash her. If it was somebody else who has a gun, we can guess what would be the outcome. Her emotional outburst would not be worst than political antagonists. Go and try knocking every new car in town, and you will understand who humans are.

My car has been kissed several time. Two time by taxis. They refused to pay anything, so very arrogant. Making a report could be frustrating because the police deal separately with me and the taxi driver. I get nothing. I did not yell. I just start to hate taxi drivers and pray so that they will suffer in their lives.

What if I am a samseng ? I don't have to narrate the whole story. Samseng can knock people and they can't take knocking. Careless driver who kiss others will one day find a good match. And let us wait to read about us being kissed by others. We want to hear a loud 'THANK YOU for kissing my car.'


17/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


For years I have been trying to solve the problem of transferring my wife from her wheelchair into the car. She is so big and heavy and totally disabled the waist down that lifting her is almost impossible. Then one day I found a 28" transfer board which I am using now to move her from the wheelchair into the car seat. I did not realize that not all the car seats are of equal height. Even the distant to the outer end of the window differs. I was just lucky that the seat of Kancil and the wheelchair are of equal level.

Kancil is too old and there is a leakage in the engine which I need to overhaul it. In addition the window is not at 90 degrees when sling opened. So I bought Viva. I was surprise that Viva's seat is about 1.5" higher. The 28" transfer board could not be pulled up. I made a ram about 1.5" high. At home the transfer is made easy with the ram but there is none at the dialysis center.

For more than 2 years I hang on my Kancil. At the same time I have been looking for a longer sliding board. There was one called beasy board. Beasy boards are of three different length. To me the 40" unit is suitable but it requires an even surface.

Beasy Board

Nevertheless I emailed the company for a quotation. The answer came back,"We don't sell to Malaysia." Malaysians must be of terrorist group, suicide bombers and militants as what our political leaders are telling the world.

Elevating wheelchair could be a solution. I browsed websites and the youtube clips. I saw India manufactured some fascinating seat-elevating chairs. I wrote in for the quotation, two times without a reply. India, I thought, is too proud to sell one unit to a layman. It wants big orders from big companies. 

Don't blame USA or India for their policies. Proton and Produa too could not offer help. They replied saying that they do not cater for disabilities and do not do car modification to suit people of special needs. Despite all that I still went to Proton with my wheelchair to measure the height and the distant. Proton has a much higher seats.

I finally decide to do the last alternative, to switch seats, Kancil for Viva. This morning I examined the derail of the Viva and Kancil seats. The bases are not the same. The floors are curve for the bolts and nuts. It is almost impossible. I need to cut the cushion by 1.5". I drove to a car cushion shop. The man said,"Are you crazy ? We don't cutout cushion. Go and find a Kancil seat and modify it."

Further browsing I found amazing US made products with different trade name but they look identical.



I know the solution will not be very simple for a simple reason. Mankind has no compassion as they seem to show. They have to survive by money. Today I don't expect any help fm anybody anymore. I remember when friends asked me to buy things for them during my trip overseas. It took me almost a day going around looking for the shop. It was hard but I did not want to hurt them.

My mind will never stop thinking until I resolve the problem. I know that one day many other people will face the problem and feel the agony.

Many of those who went to dialysis center have passed away though they looked well and healthy. I whispered to my wife that their relatives just want them to die to release them of the hardship taking care of the sick person. Not me. I have to make sure that my wife is healthier and live longer than I am. I notice that she enjoys living.


16/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is anger everywhere, people talked and discussed, published pictures and video clips and emotion ran high. What can the Malaysians do to help the Palestinians other than giving material and medical aids ?  Israel is almost invincible. Every part of the brain is fully utilized to think substantively. And it's defense system is amazingly unbroken and beyond assault.

The Malaysians and the Malays are not stupid. They have developed microchip technology and work in the American companies. There are brains among us. Yet we are lack of almost everything. We don't have the criteria and the system to develop and built technology. We don't have to compare with the United States, just with China - we are centuries behind. We have been the consumers rather than the producers of technology all the way.

Our huge allocation for research went astray because we lack the research basic facility.

What I am going to say here will anger many people as usual. But it need to be said.

How could a country be progressive if the brainless rule ? That's the reason I always ask about the PHD in a person particularly among the politicians, their academic qualifications of all other lawmakers and in what fields, from which universities. They put their focus somewhere else which could be destructive to the nation and the populace. They love hooliganism because these youths helped them in maintaining their power and status quo. The top priority in their minds are MONEY. One politician asked, "Do the people think we have nothing else to think other than money ? " The answer is YES. What sort of news and advertisement do we always hear on TV ? BRIM, RM500, high income nation, 'projects for the people', land acquisition for commercial purposes. Progress is development. It is all about money.

PERWAJA steel was one of the basic features of production. But it went bankrupt. Our politicians just let it go like the PKZ affair. We just don't care about failure, and building up a respectable society with the fast expanding knowledge of sciences, mathematics and technology.

We don't have schools for teaching laser and metallurgy, no school for space technology and engineering, schools for remote sensing and remote control and other scientific research institutions. China even make and sell drones and hundreds of other hardware like hydraulic, anti-gravity machines etc etc..

The most advance Muslim country is IRAN which it is most hated by Malaysian Muslims owing to the different religious sect.

I am of the view that our weapons are strong enough to fight against the fellow unarmed Malaysians whom were dubbed as militants. I am sure Singapore has have it's own iron dome. The test of our defense is Sabah. Zahid Hamidi is now blaming the laymen for the failure to stop the intrusion of Sulu's militants.

If we can't fight the small force in Sabah how could we compare ourselves to the might of Israel ? To build a future strong Malaysia we need to re-oriented ourselves.

Our task is not to be selfish and power crazy. Our foolishness will take us nowhere. We cannot afford to be a dependent race, weak and dishonored. Leaders should no longer leave the tasks only to civil servants and use their time to play golf, touring exotic places, thinking how to distribute national wealth among friends by privatization and giving away projects. They must have enough education to understand the written knowledge of sciences and mathematics. Most of all they must stop making mockery of the parliament.

At least India has a full pledge astronaut and aerospace school.

We may not realize that there are invisible eyes monitoring our brainy young people and invisible hands to ensure they do not form into a constructive unit that may cause a threat to the international security. So long as they are scattered and there is no effort to bring them together it will be safe. Else they would be eliminated like those electronic hitech genius on MH370.

I believe Malaysia is taking a pro-Israel stance inwardly and the friendship with Palestine is approved short of military aid. We do not show any resistance to Goldman Sachs running banks in Malaysia and we import products of Israel. The  government used their clerics to soften the hearts of the general public dismissing fighting for Palestine as Jihad. Our preference for peaceful Palestine is for our export products. While the masses show anger and absolute contempt, some of our leaders take different stand.

Unlike United States which shivered the nation as Russian put her Sputnik in the space in 1957 Malaysia is almost indifference in it's educational policy with the assaults on the Muslims globally. Kennedy called for space race, funding science and technological education, special scholarships for foreign language students. And today America is almost the Space Emperor and making tons of money with the mastery.

China gave a priority and emphasize through great funding in areas of science education, basic research, encouraging independent innovation, developing space capability and more. The progress was rapid and pose a challenge to the United States.

The Malays will not gain any respect and honor with the foul mouths and uncontrollable sentiments. Instead of stuffing the minds of the youths with science and technological awareness and encouraging innovative projects UMNO prefer to teach them hatred, racism and hooligansim.

Even before Mahathir's era Malaysia did have the growth plan for heavy industry and manufacturing. The Industrial Master Plan somehow disappear. Those who were in it were either dead or are now ageing. In Malaysia past innovators and contributors are as good as dead when they retired.

Where are we now ? We are in the middle of political trauma, phobia of losing power, dreaming of a wealthy nation and clamoring for success in our education system. Our social and moral problems are getting deeper.

It would have been much better for the BRIM money be used to tap foreign talents, engineers and scientists in some desired fields for our nation buildings. The government must stop pampering the Malays but could guide and show them the right way. Ego must go. The character of education funding must also change. Money is not for diamond ring or handbags.

14/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

No word to describe


13/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is a great sin for children who treated their parents as stupid boys, yelling at them and hurt their emotion. Elderly mother cried and moan seeing their children kicked and tore away their requests and appeals. They simply do not believe in the comeuppance and the great retribution of God. 10 years in jail for assaulting one's own mother is nothing compared to life long suffering that one will be facing. The agony would be more painful.

While I was driving the other day all of a sudden I remember my dead mother whom I have not served as well as I should. My tears ran down my cheeks and called the great God to fulfill my wish when I die, to see and be with my mother again.

I used to hear people say 'Today, God pays cash to those who mistreated their parents'. True or not we just need to observe. In a radio lecture I heard of the kind of comeuppance the sinners will receive, from the mental instability, continuous unhappiness and doing wrong things in their lives. Religion even forbid for a child to say 'hmm..uh..' to his mother.

Parents are hurt when good advice were ignored and dismissed with a loud scorn. A mother used to tell me about her kid taking away all her money saying she was not fit enough to keep her own stuff.

A form 5 young adults already regard their parents as senile, cheated and lied to them, thinking their old folks could not compute conducts unseen else where. Parents do see the future through causal-effect behaviors. They are still lucky because their parents still struggle for their college education, some time meeting VIPs and political personalities for help.

One staff of mine who got a job through his respectable father had had a quarrel with her father, cutting his phone service to teach her father a lesson. One day she came to see me to report about her father. I shouted and yelled at her and chased her out of my room. "You got a job here because of your father,,, I don't want to talk to an ungrateful child like you..."

She never listened to her parents, having a second marriage to a taxi driver, suffered from a disease and later passed away. I saw one suffering and another and another. I fear for the other young people who are hurting their parents on end.

The retribution is great. The wise would repent. The arrogance would not care.

12/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The whole scenario of Ramadan today takes a total change from the days when my wife and I were strong and healthy. Hamming was one of the main activities then, before the breaking of fast and the final meal of Sahur. After office and Asar prayer we used to make ourselves heard with all sort of stories until the a few minutes before azan. That was almost a tradition for us, years after years until everyone was ageing and tired, ill and died.

My daily program is buying food, fetching porridge and going for exercise, a 5 kilometer brisk-walking. It takes me between 45 - 60 minutes to complete the four round circuit. The average completion time is 6.50 pm, ample for other preparation.

The number of Muslims at the jogging track was reduced by a big number. There are three ladies who are very regular but would start at about 6.20 - 6.30. One is a brisk-walker and the other two jog at a slow phase. One of the ladies do it for 2.5 km. Young men of between 20 - 45 join the session at about 6 pm, mostly doing a slow running. I could follow the phase of a few Chinese ladies but could never overtook them.

I felt much lighter than other non-Ramadan months. The amount of sweat was much lesser owing to the lack of water in my body.

Going home has always been rushy. I have to take a bath, administer insulin to my wife, prepare the food on the table and put her on the wheelchair.

My HF set has been quiet for some days. I don't know what's transpire on the ham band, who is active, who died and the band condition. My mobile antenna is on the car roof while the mobile set is in the house. The handy lies idle. Either it is lack of time or the due to the vanishing passion.

If there is a World Cup at midnight I would it. Game play at 3.00 - 4.00 am will be ignored. I browse for the result early morning and wait for the replay.

Tonight I spent a lot of time browsing for adjustable height wheelchair. I found a company in India manufacturing various kind of aids for disabilities. They have the hydraulic raised seat. I am waiting for the reply.

Computer and the internet made different to many people, either for good or for bad. Those who fell for scam were simply had bad luck. I spend more time on it than on watching TV. I don't even subscribe to the pay-TV. My companionship with my laptops are the same between the month of Ramadan and the other months. 

There was a moment that I had a fear of not being able to shake off ham radio. It used to be my passion which is slowly fading.

11/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Every time there was an ongoing process of the peace talk sponsored by the United States we heard of Hamas taking up some sort of military action against the Jewish state. This time we heard about the kidnapping and the killing of the Israel youths. To me it simply does not make sense; either Hamas is crazy or it is merely a False Flag. If the peace talk continue Israel has to give in something to the Palestinians.

The power of Israel lies in the technology. The defense system include satellite supervision covering the whole nation. Any land penetration and movement could well be monitored. Malvinas was beaten because Great Britain was offered the satellite supervision. British troops were dropped at the heart of the Argentinian military force on the island.

Israel prefer aerial attack rather than moving forces to combat with Hamas.

The free version of the Google Earth is nothing compared to the live system. What we see in the movies was not a science fiction. It is very real. It is not likely that Israel is paying Google or the American companies for the surveillance system. Probably they have their own.

You guess by yourself, what really happen to the Jewish Youths who were murdered. We cannot be sympathy with Hamas if deplored such an act of barbarism. If it is a False Flag then Israel must be punished by the United States.

Malaysian government will never provide any military assistance of any form. Neither will she permit her citizens to join Hamas to fight Israel. They will be regarded as terrorists once they join Hamas.

The superiority of Israel could never be defeated by Hamas who needs a big number of smarter people to plan a more effective clashes. Otherwise simply just don't fight. The commando has to figure out the camouflage technique and prepare to shoot at the attacking choppers.  It is just like going against a giant wave generate by tornadoes.

The only country that can beat the Iron Dome is the United States. They even have the Star War weapon to shoot spy satellites of the enemy. It is all about stealth technology. Else an army of heavy commandoes sent to dismantle the dome. Either way they are an almost impossible for Hamas. It has to concede defeat and leave their future to fate and let destiny decides.

Let us all remind ourselves that NOT every Israel citizens and Jews are bad or believers. As there are Atheists everywhere there are Atheists among the Jews who do not believe in Torah and Psalms. Right now the believers have a strong believe that the Palestine land belongs to the Jews as stated in the Holy Book.

The big question has to be answered. Was the Jewish youths death the work of Hamas or False Flag to undermine the peace process ?


11/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Today I saw Tun Razak in Dato' Najib who finally made a point to have a look at the unfortunates, the homeless and the vagrants. He has fulfill one of his duties and announced a home for the homeless. Poor people do not tarnish the name of any country. It made a lot of people realize that they are lucky compared to millions of other people even in a wealthy country. Thieves, addicts and other criminals would make us ponder of what really went wrong and where. Why it happened or has to happen.

Dato' Najib saw the kids and the elderly sleeping on the street, not realizing their Prime Minister was visiting their home. It could very well happen to us and our children and the children of any VIP. If God permits Tengku Adnan may see his sons or grandsons become one of them one day. He had thrown a very harsh and disgraceful words to the public who might want to do good deeds by giving alms.

A long time ago I heard a story about a man in Muar who invited the poor and the trishaw peddlers every Thursday night for feasts and prayers. And unknown to us there are many of our affordable citizens who are doing the same. I witnessed Chinese giving alms to a Malay beggar hidden from public sight. A good and sincere man can be of any race or creed.

The great part of the President of Uruguay is that he gave away 90% of his salary to the poor and living simple like any other ordinary man. I saw this in Haji Nik Aziz too. Dr Fuad and his PHD wife are so humble and simple. She pushed my wife who was on her wheel chair. Both of us were not aware of his position and in fact I did not know who he was due to my own ignorant.

I would like to thank Najib for his concern and had shown the blood of his great father in him. The trait of the great Tun Razak must prevail. Don't stop doing good and always do the right thing.

10/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



These are


What British PM says about charity



03/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What was 50 years ago and what is today are not the same. Knowledge expands by leap and bound and they can be grabbed from our home. People know more of sciences and philosophy, mastering the modern technology, and inventing appliances . Kids are more wonderful than the adults in using gadgets. They seem to be more intelligent than the kids of the yesteryears.

I think we need to do some research work to compare generations categorized by the timeline of centuries to compare the mental capability, ability and achievements. We need to know the standard before and the standard of today. Were Copernicus and Einstein of equal caliber ? How was Da Vinci as compared to Tesla ?

I think the instrument invented by United States to test graduates could be applied to the people of the yesteryears who are still living today. It is called the GRE assessment module. Let us take one of the smartest man in UMNO, Dr Rais Yatim, for GRE and look at the score sheet. And all the other cabinet Ministers sit for the test as well.

Head of departments tend to think they are supercilious, better than their subordinates and others in different institutions. Politicians do think the same way. If you praise and dignified them then you will be in their favor. If your idea does not meet theirs you have better buckle up and brace for unforeseen eventualities.

GRE is an aptitude test, not a test to determine political maturity. But it is a distant indicator of general ability, the system thinking and general emotional state. The qualifying exam for a PHD degree in the United States is to ensure the degree holder is up to date with general affair, never stop hunting for knowledge of the world. Clever people are assets to the country.

To others educated and smart people are dangerous. They should either be subdued or vanished. The Pol Pot regime chose to annihilate them, killing teachers, educators, doctors, and other professionals. Their existence pose national threats. Such evil thoughts do travel and spread.

There seem to be such a movement against institution of higher learning nowadays, first targeting University Malaya. Intellects who voiced the truth are regarded as enemies and labeled as militants. It is just like telling people that there shall be no smarter people in the country. To be safe they must be linked to UMNO and be the voice of the government. The systematic intimidation and suppression is under way.

How far intellectual jealousy drives government action ? The government had to call for the First Class and a highly qualified Rais Yatim in. 

Statement from Rais Yatim is portraying his ego as he believes his intellectuality cannot be superseded by any from the newer generation. People of today cannot be smarter than the people in the past. MAS made profit under the old administration and at the edge of bankruptcy when managed by the new people, graduates no longer proficient in English and university standard is slowly declining. PM Najib prefer foreign consultants to local graduates in planning our system. There is a lost of confidence in our own university.

Local universities were seen to produce graduates who challenged the government. Anak-Anak Peneroka Felda and Dyana were enough to spark debate on gratitude. There was a great disappointment and frustration on the part of the government for all the sacrifices and efforts to appease the citizens. Much has been spent to educate the young people. They turned out to be ungrateful lots.

Are the modern universities consist of low grade professors, failing to produce grateful citizens or potential recruitment center of suicide bombers ?

Have independent research bodies and open up the culture for learned individuals to debunk the findings with another research proofs. There shall be no compelling fotce from UMNO or government to work on a bias project.

Secondly Najib must have full control over his cabinet and ministers; to oust the useless ones, those of the single track mind, ignoring consequences in awarding project awards, clean it's gangsterism image and avoid lavishness.  Such type of ministers would not have survived during Mahathir and Tun Razak's era. Didn't the police and Najib have enough record on Tenku Adnan ? Mahathir would have kept it his Buku Tiga Lima ( book 555)

Old minds do decay. Even the remaining active minds find things strange in the new frontier. New generations think differently and are more creative than before. They dare to venture into the unknown. There are more millionaires today comprises of the young people today than 40 years ago. Their knowledge is in abundance.

There could be a probable gap in the attitudes towards work and life, the seriousness in doing a job and the work ethics. It looked like ancient people looked and planned for the future. Today 'NOW' is the utmost important.

It is the mixing of the old and the new minds that gave UMNO more problems today than 40 years ago. It is about mental liberation and the dare to speak the truth. It is not enough to fight antagonism merely using fire and force. It is a darn stupidity. We are regressing to the third world mentality. UMNO simply cannot depend on Rais Yatim solely to legalize it's action. Rais is just one man. Out there, there are thousands of PHD holders from USA and elsewhere with quality of higher magnitude.

Just clean the party and the people.

10/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My life today may not represent any other ordinary Malaysians but there are probably many who are like me . There might be slight variations to our life shape and mode.

I am 68 and my wife two years younger. We stay together and she is considered a bed-ridden because her malfunction feet. I have written quite a reasonable length about my daily routine of my nursing. The people at the medical center where my wife is undergoing her dialysis had been asking me whether about my cooking during the month of Ramadan. I just sigh.

I don't even have time to clean my kitchen yet. And I don't even organize this shabby shack of mine. I have to start my day by cleaning dishes and arrange them on the table. Rubbish has to be sent to it's home. Floor has to be swept or else my feet would gather dust. The normal household chores is not complete without laundry.

By 10.30 I have to complete her bathing and dressing ready for her blood treatment.

I have almost four hours of my own time, for computer, paying bills and having a short nap.

A maid would do only one kind of task nowadays. Now I know what it is like to do everything alone single handed. Very rushy and very busy.

That's not the point and never was a problem. It will be a problem if I have a heart failure, drop in my shack while my wife is in bed. "Try to imagine if I don't wake up tomorrow morning. You could shout and yell your head off and nobody can hear you." I told her. It is very scary. She knows it and very concern about it.

Getting a maid might help. There has to be a third person in the house. My wife told me she just want a company to talk to when I am away. But finding one is not easy and it is very expensive. I had one before and I allowed her to go back home for her daughter's wedding and never to return. I paid 7K to a school teacher who runs the agency to have about  8 months of  her. Could a teacher doing other business do proper work in the school ?

I never stopped computing our longevity. In the meantime just follow my fate. Others are worse. At least we have a home and food to eat. I can enjoy my computer and going hamming once in a while. But what most of us don't have are what the  ministers have. They have even body guards and gang protections.

Every suffering man speaks. But only a few can speak trough blogs and social media.

The life of an ordinary man can never be the same as those of the higher echelons. The President of Uruguay who used to crawl and ate worms in the cell for 25 years knows what  poverty and sufferings like. Today he leads a simple life like Haji Nik Aziz does.

I don't suffer. I do not find life miserable and hell like. I enjoy living and doing what I do. So are many other Malaysians.

08/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not that I like to lash BN ministers but silly things simply crop up, painful to the ears, and it brought shame and disgrace to the Malay race. It protrudes the kind of mentality of people managing and administering the country. If I could I would like to stay away from writing on UMNO personalities.

As a former civil servant we were told by our boss to know every detail about our department, the people and the physical environment, and even 'it is your work to know where the rats are'. We accept it as our responsibility. One Head Mistress could remember everyone of her student and how they performed. We were punished for the mistakes made by our subordinates.

Then Idris Jusoh came up admitting he didn't even know Mr. Redwan and the existence of the research unit in University Malaya. It is the work of a Minister to know the staffs and what's in in every educational institutions. And another statement by Datuk Rohani that the soup kitchen benefited the tourists. Since she has never been on the street to watch the food charity, she must have listened from some hoodlums about the food being distributed to the tourists. I don't want to mention about stones and monkeys anymore because it is a waste of energy to talk about strange animal.

I remember several years ago, a minister summoned diplomats to brief on Anwar's sodomy. Do we need to summon foreign diplomat every time a crime occurred to brief them ?

Bad habits are hard to shake. You fool your fellowmen and you are trying to fool foreign countries too. First Anifah promised to work together with New Zealand. Then Hishamuddin confirmed of the extradition. When the unwanted man was said to be examined by psychiatrist people can scent of the effort to save him. Now we are hearing there will be a little delay.

As ministers they must always be conscious of their words and actions. I felt disheartening, sad and morose to read comment by the readers. How could they win intelligent people to their side ?  It is a shame to lean on those less educated kampong folks for votes. For not having shame being scorned by millions of our own citizen is a disgrace to our culture. It made people hate the race, language and religion. Our mentality may be deemed as Pariah.

If opposition party members blindly accuses the government there are laws that could be taken like what PM Najib did to Malaysian Insider. Sue them for making issues out of nothing and blaming the government without any fact or evidence.

Smart and cunning foreign leaders would do nothing and say nothing at our foolishness. They prefer to share our wealth and resources, exploit our stupidity and foolishness in  ways they can.

Morality and shame are related. People without moral are shameless. There are some repulsive Western culture which we call very immoral, like public nudity and public sex. All political leaders must have a high moral value. Clinton has never been ashamed for having an affair with Monica as our MCA minister with his woman.

The Malays may have said that they have nothing to lose by their demeanor. True indeed the ministers remain as ones, exercising their power according to their own will. They rule. They do not lose a single cent for being scorned.

But once people hate your behavior, they will hate your language and culture, and they will despise your religion, and would continue to believe the whole race are stupid and unintelligent, visionless with low IQ. That's why you can be made a chairman of a company without any payment.

Should we plead to our ministers to say something sensible and to have some shames in their conscience. Please never think ministers are the smartest and flawless.


08/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


"We are building a high income nation that will make every Malaysian rich and wealthy at par with the Western countries, enjoying the high standard of living and the luxury of life. The Prime Minister talked of nothing but the money and the wealth of the nation on the national media, giving high hope with the promises.

It is impossible for the Malaysian to be poor with the government's program and the flawless of UMNO's government. Poverty is the making of the people. They made themselves poor, vagrants and vagabonds. These are the lazy portion of the population, gamblers, drunkards, drug addicts and filthy thieves. They are the menace to society.

There are beggars because there are givers. Givers therefore collaborated and drive people to beg. The way to stop from begging is to ban people from giving. Fine or jail the givers.

The best way to erase poverty is to put the poor people away, arresting them and put in a ship, shoot them and dump the bodies for the sharks. And the safest for the poor to do is don't show or tell about their daily plights. Sit at a place where nobody can see them and be safe there.

Beggars and vagabonds are dirty people who brought down the image of the country. They are takers not givers, take away from the nation and burden the country. They never pay income tax and other taxes. What they give is only the bad name to the nation."

That's the reason why Eric Cantor hated poor people. 46% of the Americans do not pay taxes. To capture tax from the poor is through GST. Even the baby has to pay. If the poor has to die because of deadly disease or of a heart problem let them die. It will better for everyone. The American poor shed their tears and pray. The powerful Cantor finally was brought down. From the distant his fellow Jews do not approve him.

Is UMNO of the view that the poor must be vanished ?

07/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There was an interesting discussion on TV1 on ISIS and the concept of Caliphate by high powered academicians. The participants put forward a very strong argument that a Caliphate government has ended and can never be resurrected. Modern politics is far from the the era of the the Islamic Khalifatullah.

What is Khalifatullah ? The concept is not too far distant from the Christian concept of the Divine Ruler. A ruler as a shadow of God to run his nation inline with religious culture, to follow the divine teaching. Khalifatullah is the ruler who will see his country follow the teaching of Allah. The ruler has to be an Imam himself.

Despite the strong narration of the political changes showing the transition from spiritualism or to secularism it does not mean a nation cannot and should not revert back to the old concept of a Ruler as an Imam and to upheld the religious teachings and governing in the modern society. It does not need international approval. Thought the Chinese government outlawed fasting for the people in Xinxiang,  what is done in the house is not the affair of the others.

Who are we to say that ISIS cannot run an Islamic state according to the rule of Islam ?

The only difficulty come from outside the country like our secular government and other Presidents or Prime Ministers who have embraced the religion of secular humanism and the absolute right of mankind. The powerful secular nation would want to force it's will on the others.

It is dangerous to make judgment base on our own value system. Just because we value the modern system, we want to ban all other values we don't believe in. You may allowed nudity and walk on streets and beaches but you want to forcefully ban the wearing of Hijab. Our intellects do not believe in the unseen spiritual world anymore. Religious law are categorized as archaic.

United States will covertly support the Iraqi government against the rebel with the most modern weapons and equipments. It does not want to lose it's interest in oil.

The turbulent in Iraq has a long history. The supporters of Saddam are still there.

We can't totally dismiss the possibility of Caliphate government, more so not within our own value system. 

06/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Porridge distribution is part of Ramadan activities. Our local mosque starts the distribution just after the Asar payer. That is about 5.10 pm. People donate for it. Some a lot and some small. Rich individual gives some handsome amount. The best porridge cook was Pak Mad who seemed to move away. He was a PAS man and he made it clear by the flag at his home.

I did my prayer at home as I was busy nursing my wife and prepared her her for the breakfast. It is more comfortable that way to avoid a few UMNO extremists at the mosque. Most of us avoid talking politics and some tried to avoid the known party strong men.

There was always a long queue. Each brings his own container. You will be surprise that the size of the containers are huge enough to feed between 8 to 14 people. "I have 15 mouths at home." Almost everyone murmured as they were pouring the food in the containers. I would ask just enough for one person, a very small amount. I saw many boys with small plastics with them. Very sad indeed, at least 7 to 15 people had to go back empty handed.

What could I say. I am not a pious man as those who scooped for 15 mouths at their homes.

It would have been better if the porridge are wrapped in plastic bags, giving only one to each person. If they have 15 kids at home let the kids join the queue. Or they ordered a separate delivery from the cook by the amount of the money value. At Ramadan stall a packet for each person costs about RM4.00.

My wife said it is an appetizing food for her breakfast. I have never taste it. I guessed it must be very delicious. I always told her that she may not be lucky all the time. She must not be disappointed if I were to come home with an empty flask. And each day after I came home, I have some story to tell her about the behavior of those people.

But they are people, not an angel. What can be wrong to others, are right to them.

06/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

 Deliberate Or Simply Stupid ?

I came across statements in a Facebook posted by a known UMNO man which says something like this


The Chinese  has been under the love care of the British for 200 years,
The British made them very wealthy and successful
The Malays had been under government's care for only 44 years
Just a year of running a business they were blocked
When they are successful the government was blame for helping them

Of course I am curious to know in what manner the British helped the Chinese to be wealthy businessmen. At least I know how Boon Siew and Guan Thong became wealthy by their sheer sweat. The British did not make a kind of Malay College Kuala Kangsar for them. The generations after British had no other way but to survive by going into businesses. They fried mee, sold rojak and peanut, cut lalang to make thread, applied TOL for agriculture.

Jobs were easy then. Passing standard 6 could be a school teacher. The Malays went into government jobs as police, clerks, and teachers. The rest remain in the traditional sector; agriculture, farming and fishing. The Kelantanese were on the traditional trade from the beginning. They became wealthy on their own effort like the Chinese.

The British created the current MARA to help the Malays. For the future of the Malays they created Malay Reserve knowing the Malays would later sell their land to the Chinese without it.

Who cut or blocked the Malays after a year of business ? Business is a combination of luck and skill. Both the Malays and the Chinese opened and close shop just within a year. In some the competition is stiff and the source is limited. A farmer has more experience in rearing cows than Shahrizat's family. People have been eating local meat for decades. If the Malay fail in his first year it is just because he is either incompetent, out of luck and having no knowledge.

Today I had Brahim Fried rice for my breaking of fast. This is one man beside Ramli Burger that gain my great appreciation. Brahim food products are very excellent and blessing to Muslim travelers. I pray for his success and may his products be in the market forever. I learned that he is a brother of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He is a qualified man and started a business with a Japanese. He has nothing to blame the Chinese. Ramly Burger has nothing to blame the Chinese. No Pakatan Rakyat people expresses  unhappiness over their undertakings.

But one thing the Malays should know. The Malay Reserve done by the British was undone by the Malays themselves under the revise version of the Land Acquisition Act. The property developer can sell them even to the foreigners.

The above statement if deliberately comes from UMNO man would prove how bad the a person could be, evil and satanic. If it is due to his ignorance, only God would guide him through the right path.

The Malays have become so smart in business that they barred their shops to people who support opposition parties. Is it not great and interesting ?


06/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The last I remember was the 6 Day Arab-Israeli War where the Arab nations thought they would crush Israel within days but instead it turned out to be the most disgraceful and shameful episode in the Arab history. Within 6 days they were severely subdued. With the expensive hired consultants, great psychologists and university professors on the side of BN's government I wonder why Mahyuddin could still threatened such a despicable act. It is a sign of the lack of resilience and the bankruptcy of mental will to fight the enemy using brain.

BN has the great lawyers and the power to enact law is in BN's hand, and in the party's favor. Didn't BN claimed the people are moving into it's camp as shown by Teluk Intan by-election ? With such a support and the existing law why the DPM is still contemplating of a civil war ?

If there is another clash it won't be a Malay-Chinese fighting anymore. UMNO will kill the Malays and the fight will not end there.

The peace loving Malayan must unite now to encounter any possible UMNO's aggression and the killing spree. We can't wait for the incident to happen before we start to to roll our head together. Otherwise the police must warned Mahyuddin of his possible detention for uttering such a threat to destabilize the nation.

Opposing Mahyuddin does not mean cowardice. It is just the people are not terrorists.

If UMNO cannot face criticism it has to educate itself more, to acquire enough knowledge to debunk any false attack with a strong sense using proper logic. BN can't even fight back intelligently against Teresa's video clip other than using threat and uncontrollable emotion.

Instead of repenting projects were given to Shahrizat's family again. Surely such an abuse of power would draw a harsh criticism.

Let me tell Mahyuddin that the Chinese had learned their lesson and at all time prepared for any eventualities. We can take the best of a military commando to have a hand combat with a local Chinese woman and we cannot be sure who will win. And they have never show disobedient against  the law; pay their quit rent and other utility bills on time, form a community police to combat street crimes, organize community fire brigades and abide by most of the rules.

A respect is earned not by any command or demand. What Tengku Adnan did is a reflection of the party and of UMNO. To the eyes of many people they are comparing the Muslims and the Christians attitudes towards the poor and the unfortunate. His very harsh words as seen as the character of Islam. UMNO can use the loudest rhetoric to say the party is very concern of the homeless but it is too late. The true character has been exposed and that's what people would be thinking of Islam.

And words of the cyber troopers in blogs and social media itself reflect the mentality of UMNO, angered more people instead of gaining sympathy. Gangsterism creates empathy and intense hatred. Some people hit back and some just don't.

You lose not only respect but also the economic battle. You begin to see apparition. Your mind is haunted by phobia and fear. You strive hard to please the people. Yet you find many are against you. You have to perform a direct cheat in by-election to force win though knowing your popularity is declining.

DAP accused Mahyuddin call for May 13 statement as a result of BN's failed policies. I call it whatever happened as a result of UMNO 50+ of ruling the country. The greatest casualty was during the era of Mahathir. He mishandled the nation and he left no talent to take over the Premiership.

Opposition parties should not be scared if BN is left as a sole party to rule this country. The whole universe will be watching them and let them fight the world using their mighty power. Let their greed plunder the wealth of this nation. Together we observe their fatalistic fate.

When PERKASA vocalized May 13 people were just winking. But for a DPM to yell it, the parliament must convene a session because it is extremely dangerous. The civil war he called for will not be confined within our boundary. Singapore which is as strong as Israel could any time intervene militarily without any warning.

Mahyuddin must apologize for his call for another May 13 or his insinuation to the scary civil war. He won't lose his honor, instead he will gain greater respect for his civil steps. A government can be strengthened by a serious and effective war on corruptions of civil servants and of the government Ministers. Politics must not be added to public administration and universities.

When the Chinese discuss among themselves the topics are more substantive. They had talked about the declining ringgit long before it happened, of the effect of minimum pay and wage increase without the corresponding increase in productivity, about the high price of properties as a result of competition with the foreigners and about the unavoidable inflation as a result of government policies. The Malays only know how to say 'Go migrate somewhere else',' Don't bite the hands that feed' and more stupid remarks found on the facebook.

UMNO must learn what made Israel so very strong. Ever hear the leaders say 'leave everything to the parents to shape their kids ?'  Even in Singapore schools must show concern over the welfare of their students and reached the parents for the children's development. It is the responsibility of a government for any mishaps in economy, social, crimes and morality.

It is better to listen to his own conscience rather than the people around him. The ordinary UMNO members could be greedy, insight-less and visionless. They live in the cocoon of Malay community, with a little of social interactions with other communities. Most of them are very blind. Just ask them about the land acquisition act and it's implication. They see blank.

There will be no another May 13 and there will be no racial disintegration. Wit, time and a lot of patient is what BN government needs to win the popular support. Popular support means the support of all races and creeds.

05/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


eople were alcoholics and lazy to work or even drug addicts. I didn't know where they get the money to buy those stuffs.

Soup kitchen is found everywhere not only in Kuala Lumpur. It is a concept brought from the West. Vagrants are in Europe, Americas and Asia.

In LA alone here are more than 300000 homeless. The city has several organization to look for the homeless and rich people donate for their food and medical care.

To some of us homeless are useless people and they deserved to be ones for being gamblers, drug addicts, lazy and garbage to society. Tengku Adnan said they cause dengue, made Kuala Lumpur dirty and should be put away. He has supporters behind him.

To many onlookers they are seeing the different between Islam and Christian. What can you make out of it ? What would the onlookers say ?

Would we suggest to UMNO to haul these vagrants and vagabonds and filthy people and shoot and dump them into the deep ocean for the sharks ?

05/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

UMNO and MCA-Who is the master ?

What I am about to tell you is just one of the many stories that had been happenings between UMNO and MCA for a long period of time.

A friend of mine from the family of UMNO is still a strong believer in the party. His father was an UMNO strong man in Perak. "He ran a company with an MCA guy, having a luxury car and a house in Kuala Lumpur," he told me. "After he passed away, I went t look for his car and the house. There was a car but not under his name. So was the house. He had nothing." I narrated to him about an UMNO Exco man in Kedah a long time ago, being made a chairman of a housing development. He brought the purported Malay Reserve land to have it changed to Freehold. After the completion of the project the MCA man came to his house and said, "Dato' our partnership is over." He walked home. Not a single cent was paid to the UMNO man. And I tried to warn a friend of mine about being elected a chairmanship without payment. He boasted that he wasn't stupid. He suffered the same fate.

While DAP was accusing MCA being a tool of UMNO, the later was enjoying much privilege. Even Noh Omar thought he was a partner in the prawn project when the other side said he rented the land away. Similar system of conning is still going on today and nobody talks about it. MCA at anytime looks at UMNO members as people who are easily fool, just play with their emotions and they can strike gold. All ruthless UMNO members could easily be tamed.

UMNO hooligans had been attacking 'the Chinese' on many things, equating Chinese to DAP. But when come to Gerakan and MCA they were like being charmed and hypnotized. We saw that in Telok Intan.

Najib's 'Apa Lagi Cina Mau' and the 'ingratitude Chinese' were shortly forgotten. They finally realized they have to beg from the ingratitude Chinese. They know 'no Minister no vote' and they could be ousted in the GE one day. Each day they are assessing the number of Malay votes for BN. Any relationship with MCA is to make sure they could maintain the status quo.

Some of the UMNO members are of the view that the Chinese aren't important in BN. Hence there was no Chinese in the cabinet. PERKASA was waging verbal wars, hurling curses at the Chinese. Hishamuddin with his Kris and Ketuanan Melayu. The Malays were push to hate the Chinese.

In spite of those anti-Chinese drive, MCA knows that they could still conned the UMNO leaders. In Kedah MCA traded votes for land. UMNO agreed. Both sides won.

I sounded about the selling of properties to foreigners to my UMNO friend. His response was simple. "Other countries are doing it." Of course that comes from the partnership of UMNO and MCA. Certainly that will drive the price up beyond the affordability of the locals. How much the UMNO Datuk got and how much does the developer earn ?

Ousting MCA and Gerakan did not give UMNO total dominance. The covert battle of wit continues. The economic fight was hard. The government plans to look for new market and trading partners. There are many brittle trade relationships, with countries like Iran  and other Shieet followers. Asean countries are looking to sell their products too. We all did remember once when the Malays tried to buy Mandarin orange from China with an intent of killing the traditional trader, tons of those fruits had no market.

Almost everyday there are voices calling for the boycotting of the Chinese shops. These are either from the PERKASA group or the UMNO Blue Army squad. No Malays in our area took note of it. I am sure those hoodlums too would sneak to buy from the Chinese.

Najib, in the meantime, is trying to shake off from total dependent on the Chinese and is trying to go about to be dominant in economy. Mahathir knows he could not do it alone. He called on his Chinese friends and did things for him. Vincent Tan knows Mahathir better than Mahathir himself.

In the battle of wits, the Chinese will win. They have been in global trade for a long time and had strong establishment world wide. Najib has to bow to the Chinese. To them MCA and Gerakan is the Chinese. A strong MCA is not by the number but by the persuasive force. UMNO has to give in.

05/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Suicide bombers and explosives come together. There is no suicide bomber without a bomb or bombs. Whatever news and announcement on suicide bomber I believe it is just to warn and scare the people, and to have the topic blown up to draw resentment against the concept and the idea. Clerics and the Fatwa group started to discuss it as non-Islamic and as a great sins.

Suicide bombing is the most powerful weapon feared even by the mighty Israelites. Feelers and spies were sent into the heart of the recruitment center and elaborate plans were made to counter it, at the extend of using the Muslims themselves to denounce it. A walking bomb is much easier to kill national leaders than anything else.

As I said, no bombers exist without the bombs. Bombs are not sold in the supermarket or even in the black market. Only the government has them. The best bombs the Malaysians know is the Molotov cocktail. Even if you may have the knowledge of the bomb making , you can't assemble it without the materials, which are not available too. You can call me a scum for not believing in the existence of the squad bombers in Malaysia.

In Iran the populace registered as squad bombers in preparation for retaliation gainst Israel's strike. The government can sponsor it because they have the bombs. They manufactured weapons.

The weapon of the Japanese Kamekaze pilots were the plane itself.

Likewise militancy comes together with the weapons including the bombs. I would not call the vocal Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali as militant unless they hold a gun in the hand and sending a warning message to Najib. Yet we don't call a man with a gun a militant if the weapon in hand is used without political intent. A robber with a gun has never been termed a militant.

The Syrian rebellions will not materialize without the arsenals and hard ware support from a foreign nation or from some wealthy donors for the purchase of the weapons.

We are happy to use Henry Kissingers' invented words that replaced nationalists with terrorists. And later extend it to all Muslims. And we are moving towards the new definition. Terrorists are people who  who are against UMNO leadership. Nevertheless, I don't see any potential terrorism in Malaya. But with Islamic spirit thousands would be willing to fight for the Muslims in the Middle East.

The latest government's target is University Malaya because the resignation of the prominent academic staffs could spark the following brain drain leaving the government. If professionals and academicians show their resentments towards UMNO the party's volatile position could be worsened.

The domino effect could trigger the spread of such resentments to all other sectors. It would be very hard to balance public unhappiness with the great cash distribution. I believe UM as a recruitment center of suicide bombers is a total farce.

If bombs are around there is no recruitment necessary. I would buy them and hurl them at the drug cartel and the criminals first, never at the police nor the politicians.

I would say 'Come on, let's not talk about suicide bombers without bombs available'.

Where are we now ? Mahathir says all Malay Muslims are thieves. Government says only Malays are prone to terrorism. The poor people is saying government is robbing the public through their cronies and proxies via various projects and privatization. So all the Malays combined would formed a community of thieves, terrorists and robbers. These are not our desire. But doesn't it seem they are made by our leaders ? Think about it. What is left in the Malays ? Anything decent ?

Imagine a country of thousands of suicide bombers without even a single bomb and militants without even a bullet. Or is it a riddle ?


05/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now my Galaxy Tab 3 has been idling at home for a long time. I do not bring it out and it is without a SIM card. Once I transfer my card from the broken iPhone 4 to Samsung but I finally replaced it back into the older phone. I did not know the setting to disallow it from accessing the internet. I could always find out from friends but I prefer to use my iPhone.

Splash screen is the main nuisance on the Tab 3. Probably some Malware had crept in with some of the soft wares I have downloaded. The gadget is almost a virgin. Most of the time the power is set to OFF.

What is useful for me right now is the Malay-English dictionary which I often used from time to time when I forgot some English words. Words decayed as fast as my mind. Tab 3 had been rescuing me from the blank spots. Imagine, come the iPhone 6 and another more powerful Samsung, I dare to swear that I won't be falling in love again. The present utilities have never been touched except for a few common tasks.

I won't sell the Samsung. Neither would I give it away. When I die let the living decide what to do with them. I have a Macbook Pro which is my main companion for browsing and downloading. This  very article is typed using an Acer. And there is another old Acer which is used for developing soft-wares.

I don't know what will happen to ham gears. None of my kids are interested in ham radio.

All the gadgets except an electronic key ( belongs to 9M2GET) are mine. Let no one claim that rigs in my shack belong to them. Neither do I borrow money or property from anyone or any ham operators.

You too need to spell things to protect your properties from falling to some possible scum. I have been hearing things when attending funerals. We can't trust anyone anymore. People have lost their conscience, morality and humanity. They can act in despicable manners.

At the very moment my Galaxy Tab 3 lies among the other junks on the table. It will lie there for quite some time until I may need it for the Malay-English dictionary, the Papago or the camera.


04/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Wastage of Food

I thought the amount of food for the breaking of fast is ample. For the last two days my wife did not touch the kuih at all. She started with the porridge which I finally timed myself to chase for the supply from the local mosque. With a heavy traffics jam I would surely missed it. There was a long queue for the delicacy. After porridge she would rest for a while and proceeded with a jelly (agar-agar). Then she would say, "I surrender. No more food." I persuaded her to have a few bites on the cookies.

If we can hear the kuih cry, we will lnow how sad they are. Instead of serving human beings they were thrown out.

Yesterday I stopped buying the rice from the Klantanese lady because she would put too much. I changed for another type, from a different seller at a different price. The packet was smaller with less rice. She finished it during the sahur time.

Today we will not be buying the kuih anymore.

My parents used to tell us wastage and throwing food is a sin. The food cry. And God might stop providing us if we continue with the unnecessary wastage. One garbage hunter almost moan seeing the food being thrown out. He had to hunt from the garbage to feed his family when some others were simply so very reckless with foodstuffs.

My first priority when buying food is the thought of my wife. I have to know what she likes. Over the years I am very familiar of her favorites. Mine is much lesser. Thank God I can control my lust. Similarly when I go to a buffet I will never overfill my plate no matter how delicious the array of arranged delicacies were.

When you fast just try to remember those poor people who are really starving. Only bones protrude from their bodies. I saw kids collecting falling grains left on the road, collecting one by one for a cup. Even in a wealthy nation like the United States young people beg for food not money. A lady approached me for a dollar in KFC for food. I gave her enough for a meal instead of a dollar. Her face brightened and certainly would thank the Almighty for a good meal.

Some sellers were generous. What was  5 for a dollar was given 7 to 8 pieces. Pak Chop would give tons for RM3.50. I always told them to give half for the full price. Many ignored. "I can't finish them. I always throw the extra," I would told them.

Especially during a feast a neighbor would send us food for 15 persons for the two of us. No amount of mantra and magical words could finish them. What I would do was to sneak out at the dark night to find it's home in the garbage bin. During her healthy days my wife used to keep food in a freezer for years refusing to get rid of them.

The best for me is to minimize the purchase so that they are not wasted and at the same time I can save a little.

03/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has always been the tactical move of the government or the people in it to twist and turn facts and information. UMNO trapped it's enemy to destroy them, planting or fabricating evidence, disinformation to confuse the public and applied all the dirty tactic. The only thing which it may have not done yet is the false flag act. Everybody does that.

In the case of the MH370, what surfaced was the real convincing reason for the lost of the plane. Many believed the group responsible will plant disinformation, even the black box and other fabrication at the right time and place.

To avoid the blame the finger pointed back to the pilot, as a hijacker. Like the 9/11 tragedy, the blame was planned on Al-Queda and the Muslim terrorists. The real proof showed otherwise. The building 7 told the complete tale. The world is no safer place after the demise of Saddam, Ghadafi and Osama.

If MH370 had been the work of CIA or Mosad, it is just something obvious militarily. The blame on the pilot was just paying a price that we ourselves have been practicing. Now we hear the government is hunting for terrorists in University Malaya following the dismissal of the professor in charge of a research work. The same kind of tactic will be used against Malaysia by foreign countries. It is just like big fish eating the smaller ones.

I was trying to see how Anifah Aman carried himself in dealing with the New Zealand government. Was there any attempt to dupe the islander as they are duping the Malaysians ? So far so good. He did very well.

Foreign countries will deal with Malaysia using the same methods and procedures used by us on our own citizens.

I am certain there will be more unwanted incidences forthcoming within a short time. Right now Malaysia loves to use the term terrorists invented by the American Jews to define the Muslim nationalists of Palestine. And America is calling those who proved the 9/11 as False Flag as terrorists. Convenient, isn't it ? What is in waiting is those who had voted for opposition will be called terrorists.

Look at Australia. First she conferred Rosmah with PHD. Now she is moving Lynas to Malaysia. She wants Malaysia to accept the refugees deal. They play psychological game which we apply on our own citizens.  And Hishamuddin as well as PM Najib have been assessed closely in the course of MH370 affair. Foreigners are witty and cunning to find ways to deal with us.

CIA has had an ample time to manipulate evidence and to dunk them into the Indian ocean. probably we have to swallow what is shoved into our throat. Didn't the West had longer civilization than the Malaysians ?

03/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Extremists are not people with guns and weapons. Extremists are people who want the government and authority to follow what they want by force or threat, respecting no law and regulations. In Malaysia, Ibrahim Ali, Catholic groups and those who dare to insult other religious groups are extremists. They want their way.

The extremist groups would force the repressive of the facts of history and want to change or delete it from being taught in school. How could a history be blocked, changed or erased ? This happen within the UMNO group and among all other races too. I remember writing about the errors of our ancient rulers who gave away this country for a post and relating it to the present leaders. "Why talk of the past ? " came the remark. And UMNO called the people to forget their past string of errors.

The Chinese, Indians and Mahathir want the social and economic history to be erased, finding it offensive to know their roots. These are all extremism. There will be vigorous challenges and yelling if the words extremists were used to them.

Extremism is a mental state that believe in 'might is right', 'superior race', 'the smartest mind'. A person who thinks he is most smart and superior forcing his will on others, and wanting the rest to follow and believe in his view would be vocal and aggressive.

Guns are only tools as much as literature on papers and websites.

One extremist will call other extremist.

When analyzing the Muslims movements one must also analyzed the  Western imperialism and the military bases on the entire globe, the espionage global network spoofing every government and the military capability, and the direct or expansionism using proxies. Wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan must not be discounted. And the American enclavement of China and it's sea expansion capacity is worth to be noted. Would anyone say the Chinese, the Indians and all other colonies should not know the history of Western colonization. Following them were the priests with crosses to bring light to the savage world.

There were wars and killings in India, China and the rest of world. They were silent revolts of the Pariahs to come into the mainstream society. Communism beheaded tenth of thousands of the landlords. The Catholics and Protestants killed and slaughtered each other. The remnants of the shooting and bombing in the United States is still alive till the very day.

The simplest concept of extremism is generalization. All Malays are stupid. All Chinese are greedy. All Americans are immoral. Those are generalization. Only extremist would utter such words and insisting their truth.

Many people fear the truth.

The past is our reference for construction not destruction. Our common task is survival. We have to sit down together to solve the main problems that are facing us today and in the future, for the generation to come; the land and housing, the water and the food, peace and security, the evil of drugs and crimes and the education for all. We have to give and take, to put aside our ideal of dominance and superiority.

There should be a real and deep commitment, serious in our work, always be responsible and sincere in our undertakings.

Unfortunately unity is seen as a threat. Racism was used to divide the populace to win a place in political arena, and to halt any opposition to nepotism and cronyism. We were made to wonder why Shahrizat's family won project awards, one after another.

I would not nod to theft or crimes done by the Malays. The bad ones are inconsiderate and selfish, even those with religious robs. They peddled drugs, snatch bags, steal things, double parking their cars, run red light and no-entry, threat political foes, vandalized public properties and show great greediness. During the fasting month these Malays were on karaoke with full blast audio that even penetrated the close building of KFC outlets almost every night. It happened that the non-Malays do respect Ramadan more than these Malays.

Devil knows no race nor creeds.

02/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Try to work CW with old hams in Malaysia. Those who never on it since passing the test 30 or 40 years ago will crawl and struggle, and surely will decline your request for CW communication. The word for it is RUSTY.

When I was in form 2 a teacher told us a story about a Malay man in England who will go to the airport on hearing of a Malay visitor from Malaysia, for one simple reason ie. to speak Malay. He was brought by an Englishman to Britain when he was a kid. My own experience is in Mandarin, which I learned in 1962 and now have forgotten 90% of the characters I used to know and my vocabulary had vanished greatly. You will be rusty for leaving a language for a long time.

Fearing it I never stopped monitoring Morse codes, mainly at high speed. Using Websdr I could copy strong stations.

These few days I worked Mazwan just before the breaking up of fasting. Originally we planned on 8 wpm to help those who will be sitting for the September test. Gradually the speed increased to about 12 wpm. It was the busy time for me to make preparation. What I did was I increase the volume and started to work at the round table, putting ice cube in the jug, pouring drink in it, arranging food stuffs on the plates and prepare medicine for my wife. My ears was copying Mazwan while attending the chores.

At 12 wpm hams do not have to write and concentrate. I believe all new 9M boys found it elementary to copy the messages while doing something else. With Mazwan the overs are long. It gave me ample time even to take my bath in the nearby bathroom.

I know some hams started CW using computer after passing the exam. The bad point of not training the ears to copy is you can't copy other than reading on the screen, at even 12 wpm. It is really fun and a mental exercise working in this mode. It will develop a pride in a person.


01/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Ramadan seems to pass very quickly. When I sat down talking with my wife I would ask her "How many days have we been fasting ? " Then she started counting with a Wow, a week was just like yesterday.

As old folks, one with sickness and another with mental and physical deterioration, the fasting process does not hinder us in anything at all. I have to make some adjustment to my timeline. So far I was unable to use my usual jogging time for the activity. Yesterday it was a very heavy downpour. The day before I went to survey for places where food were sold.

By now I have programmed my food purchasing, what and where to buy, even where to park my car. 4.30 pm would just be an appropriate time when there is no dialysis for my wife. On the dialysis days it has to be about 5.00 pm.

I simply love the fish curry. A three dollar curry gives me three mackerels. "I love your curry," I told the woman yesterday. "It is very delicious." "I blend the spices myself," she said. It was very tasty and I could drink it like water.

I planned to cook rice but a pack of rice with fried mackerel with coconut and a salt-egg costs me only 3.5 dollars. It was plentiful. I ate half during the breaking of fast and keep another for my sahur. I bought one more packet for my wife. I have decided to buy rather than cook.

Just with the two it was a grace and a luxury for me. They tasted much better than any restaurants anywhere.

Sometimes I murmured to my wife about our kids in Kuala Lumpur and about the Prime Ministers and the King, whether they were enjoying the good tasty food as we were having.

I have to ask the curry woman of her business outside the month of Ramadan. I could have save a lot of money then. Fast food like KFC and Mac Donald suffocate our budget.

Thanks God I can still enjoy Ramadan this year. We never can tell whether we will step in 2015/

01/07/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I used to download movies from Kickass torrent and watched them in the middle of the night. It was not an ethical of me to steal copy right stuffs. But they are there for downloading, provided by American programmers. It is the United States government that should blocked those download torrents. If they can send people to the outer space, I see no reason why they can't fight the internet vandals.

Not all movies are of quality. Bad quality movies seemed to be videotaped in a cinema. Pictures are not adjusted and the audio was not clear. Movies from the Youtube are of much better quality. Youtube permits some old movies for viewing. I also enjoy those movies.

Only a few days ago when I entered the kickass address a splash screen was shown informing the authority is blocking the address as the downloading is illegal under copy right law. It is good that the Malaysian government is assisting the United States in this area. Obama's visit has shown some fruitful result.

But bad people are bad people. The mind won't stop the evil thought. It cannot be me alone who has an evil mind. I am sure millions of others as well. I didn't seek help from any friend. I wriggled my way through. If you were to ask me how, my answer is 'wriggle your own way through'. Life is not so miserable after all.

Malaysia viewed the Malaysia-America relationship as vital in many ways. Visiting United States today is not as simple as many years before. Now we need to go for an interview at a great cost. I don't know whether it affect MAS. MAS had stopped it's New York destination for a long time.

What United States had requested would not be too much as compared to the guarantee of our safety against any foreign aggression.

To those who still want to watch free movies need to find ways to wriggle themselves through.


30/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The splash page pops up as we type kickass url.


Below are Youtube movies. Click to watch


The other day we were discussing Zahid Hamidi whose several remarks did not shine him as a minister. My friend reminded me that Zahid has a PHD. I immediately said that he must have acquired it from local university. I have heard complaints that graduates from some universities could not express themselves in English when going for job interviews.

I really want to know from which university he got his degree, who was responsible in awarding him, his dissertation, when he wrote it and the resources as well as the research method. I wonder whether he knows what chi square analysis is.

His mind does not seem to match the educational standard. The conducts and words of a civil leader mus always check himself to make suion and sentiment does rule.

The university that conferred him the PHD does not only will lose it's credibility, it may affect the public conceptions of the whole graduates and the professors. Commercial bodies may despise the students and may not even consider them for the job interviews.

He gets away from the corruption charge in the last GE election just because he is a Minister and a leader in UMNO. And he did not want to take responsibility in the stolen jet engine. The incident was very shameful as it exposed our military capability. We sent Ghani Patail to get back the engine and he came back with nothing.

Would you exchange insult with a mad man ? Would you kick and curse a mango tree when a fruit falls on your  head ? A sanity of a sane man would disappear the moment he yell a loud swear words to a fool. It looks like Zahid is just a Minister to UMNO people not the people as a whole. UMNO does not feed Zahid with their own pocket money. Zahid is fed by all Malaysians.

Zahid would have been more civilized and would have gained enormous national support if he had shut his mouth up and did his work according to the law of the nation. If he thought Rayer was a fool, wouldn't it be better for him just to keep quiet ? Wasn't it enough for his people of the lower thought and rank with their clowning actions ? If beheaded cow's head was found at Rayer's home, how about the pig's head at the Holy mosque ? To say Rayer deserve it would reflect similar comment on the pig's head. For every action there is always of an equal opposite reaction. Only either you know or don't know it.

Diyana Ibrahim blamed Abdullah Badawi for bringing back Zahid to the limelight after Mahathir. But I blamed the university who award the PHD to him.

It's a pity that Malaysia has the most Ministers in the world yet we hired foreign consultant to teach us what to do. The most disgraced, we lost Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore, the demise of PERWAJA, the billion ringgit disappearance in the PKZ, the shrinking Malay Reserve land and the purchase of faulty sub-marine.

How happy we are with the 'kacang puteh' degrees in the country, some with A in English but could not speak the language well.

29/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you were to ask me to develop a soft ware for you for RM500 - RM1K, I won't do it for you. May be I will reject it at any price. After 8 - 9 years of using it, you may bethinking to do the upgrading with a small token of RM100. It usually took me about 50 hours. At least I need to alter the complete modules, almost like developing a new one.

One of the common problems has been the virus had infected the computer from the carelessness. A few would call for a free service because they thought the RM500 payment for the whole life span. I don't do anti-virus which may lock the keyboard, the regedit or any other thing. Just trying to figure out the cause and the problem would consume at least an hour. Imagine if I have to travel 20 miles to set thing straight again for free. I had no choice but to quote them the total charge for the service and the upgrading. The school just near my house required the upgrading of the biometric attendance system. I quoted RM200. They agreed. After the service and installation I was told the clerk was not present. Three weeks later I was called again for something. I reminded the school that I was paid yet. The school need an invoice for the payment. Simce I don't produce invoice, I don't make the claim anymore.

The second problem is that each secondary school was allocated with a computer technician. These are experts who would like to meddle, trying up to open up codes, moved the program to different drive and folder and finally the system refused to work, missing or corrupted. They would always deny and 'No, we did not do anything' when I could not find files in the located folders.

One other common thing is they started to call me when they had done the reformating of the hard disk, or re-installing the windows. The time and date system would revert to the default system. One user just send me a SMS expressing his unhappiness 'Your program has gone mad...mad...mad..The date shown is 6/28/14. The previous date showed 28/06/2014.

I could develop sophisticated software if I want to. I can't make a living peddling them. Sooner or later I will have to write to my customers that those programs used for more than 10 years will not be supported anymore. They will be recommended to purchase the cheaper ones in the market. If they still need the support I will quote them a frightening charges.

My original intent was to help my friends. Many softwares including the biometric attendance system were developed free of charge. All they need to buy was the finger scanner. Alteration was unavoidable as the name of the institution changed. They wanted to use more computers to monitor the attendance that was using the network. There were too much hassles and time taken. I did murmur about the time and petrol. From time to time I was paid a hundred or two.

Slowness In Clinics
Whenever I went for a medical checkup or for a blood test I had to wait hours. On each day at the same clinic or hospital I have the registering work had to be done more than one time. They have the independent computer system. Why should it be a poor system when they can use a more efficient and faster system. Every unit and department can use the same data. Data entry would be done for only new patients. With a small team of computer wiz retirees we could have always set up the state of the art system with most minimal government expenditure.

Retirees could contribute for the sake of the common people. We won't make a living out of it.

Computer Software Is a System Thinking and a Language Used
At least 80% of programming languages are using logical flow of algorithm. The different is the language structure to command a task. Though the Mac Operating system tries to create the system of it's own, there are languages opened to different platform. We still need to plan and configure what we want to do first and the desired output and input stuffs. X-Codes and Visual Basic are of two different entities. If you are 60+ now, would you start with the X-Codes or the Dot Net ? I still do, not with the intent to make money but for the sake of knowledge.

Survival Is Whom You Know
Survival and wealth is a political issue. They call it pulling string. It is whom you know and how much you are willing to depart with the money in the project. You can be a great genius and a great inventor but you will be nothing if you know nobody. Even lobbying is a competition. Usually an honest and sincere man won't go anywhere. Just stay at home and enjoy the small providence from God. I won't want to prostrate to a man who think himself as a Hindu god.

I think I should stop hunting money. My stomach is getting smaller. Food intake is lesser. Appetites have been shrinking. Soon I will announce that I have to give up support for the software older than 10 years old. The days of commercial softwares have ended.

29/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


USA is just like my second home

My visit to USA was the most frequent. I lost count. May be more than 20 times. I visited Cape Kennedy no less than 3 times. So was Hawaii. My main vacation place was Los Angeles, where I always put up at Gaslite Motel known. It has a new name now. The distant to the capital was about USD5 and to Disneyland about USD2 by bus.

The country is just like my second home. My heart is always in Bloomington Indiana where I would like to make my final visit. My sick wife still has a great desire to go back to the small town where both of us took the driving test and passed with flying colors.

Not all the life experience in the United States were rosy. I was mugged once in downtown LA, conned several times and cheated at the hotel counter in an Indian country.

In general the people were very friendly. They like to talk to me at the bus stops and on the busses. A bus driver in Irvine called me Malaysian as boarded the bus and introduced me to the others. An elderly woman was narrating about Las Vegas on my first trip to the Nevadan gambling town.

Once in London I met a woman from Indiana and we talked and talked about the state, about Bob Knight and the lovely environment.

I have never enjoyed England despite my several visits. London was never organized, like Penang. Roads were narrow, building cramped and I saw no esthetic beauty of the layout. Beautiful sights were from Calais to the city center. Paris was well planned and better than London. Europe as a whole was too expensive, tripled USA in the cost of living.

Americans are not of the white Anglo Saxon race. There are thousands of Vietnamese occupying one area in LA and the Koreans. Many could not speak English, especially in cities bordering Mexico. In New York there are Muslim area filled with Pakistanis and the Arabs. Chinese occupied San Francisco, New York and other localities.

Mt favorite American food had been Long John Silver that sells crispy sea food and lovely sweet corn. Red Lobster was expensive but I finally tasted the delicacy. It was a superb menu and worth the money. Yet when at LA I took Indian Briyani everyday. It cost USD12 at the Gaslite Motel restaurant and USD 4 at Queen New York.

Several Malaysians went to buy meat sold by Jews. Jewish meat is halal for the Muslims. I dare say that American Jews are kind, friendly and like any other good Americans.

As for the politicians, I think they are all the same. If Bush is bad probably Najib is the same as Bush. They are being influenced by their advisors and close aides. If there are millions of Malays do not like Najib , there are millions of Americans who loath Bush and Obama too. Someone whispered to me that American Presidents did not rob or strangled national coffers.

Today to visit the United States is hard. One has to go for an interview, which is not free. It costs about RM500. If one fails the interview there will be no refund. The air fairs climbed so notoriously. I used to pay RM3K for the return ticket. Now MAS charged RM8K on the economy class. How much do you think the price for Business Class ? I can buy a Viva with the amount.

28/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Because Muslims do not know much about what's going on in the Christian world, it is good to do a little research on the internet. Beside the less and unknown opinions and documents there are various exposures made by people and media with authority.

In Malaysia we have Catholics and Protestants. So far only the Catholics showed defiance pertaining to whatever they want to do to the Bible. The Bible was subjected to changes from time to time. The Roman Catholic church has been under constant attack by the Protestant for decades until now. Below is just part of the criticism plugged from a web site.


It is the law in Malaysia that the content of the Holly Quaran cannot be altered however conservative it may look. It is the supreme Book, not to be altered by anyone, even by a religious authority or a King or a Prime Minister. Whereas the Western theologians and scholars have been showing the many fallacies and contradictions in the Bibles. I do not say it. Just read it by yourself.

I think it is best for the Catholics to get back the original bible and to re-translate it once again with the help of the Jews, Muslims, Atheists and the rest, sentence by sentence, to ensure there will be no contradiction. Then they can distribute these Bible among the Muslims. The Muslims must believe in the original Bible and the original Torah as well. The distribution of altered by Bible is a crime and a religious felony.

Interesting isn't it , one seized the bibles and the other burned the Quaran.

If the Catholics and Protestants had been warring each other before, there is no reason why they would not court for another major bloody conflict with the Muslims in Malaysia too.

The Whites are leaving Christianity but the Black Asians are spreading Christianity. Sound like a joke but that is what it seems to be.

28/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just acquired a used PIC programmer. The unit is without the USB cable yet. My old student expressed his surprise to my wanting to venture into learning adventure. Why shouldn't a 68 year old man investigate more on the secret of this universe ? Let me tell the young people that they too will be old. I am sure they can't figure out what will become of them then. Just look at the above picture taken more than 30 years ago. Except for ageing and forgetfulness my heart and my mind is just like the old days. Florida Disney World was just like yesterday in my memory.

I had kept programs and all other information on PIC in my CD, which I had downloaded many years ago. I have to look at the particular PIC again in the website and study the structure, the pins, the internal parts and contents, what is PIC 16F877A, and to examine the board that I have just purchased.

I don't have a specific goal, only to know what it is all about, merely for an understanding of something that young Malaysians are good at. At technical exhibitions I am fond of making enquiry of the working of the exhibits. So far more than 80% said they were not involve in the project of the exhibitions.

Really, I don't know what those people do in the PLKN. Some military and survival training may be. A lot on indoctrination perhaps. Do they teach computer programming, micro-electronics and other sciences ? I doubt.

What do the young school leavers without jobs do ? Painting wall cursing Lim Guan Eng ? Parading their ego of empty nationalism ? Being trained to insult the opposition members ?

There is nothing better than learning by doing while at the same time trying to grasp the concept underlying the principle operation of the objects.

My conception of ladies and the elderly changed after several years in the jogging tract. I would not underestimate them anymore. Both in running and walking they proved to be better and stronger than many men, beat me flat on speed and stamina. Reading Mariam Mokhtar's articles, she amazed me much by her mental prowess.

Guard your mind and don't let be idled, because it can lead to mental laziness, and weakens it. When your mind is dead then you are dead.

27/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malaysian government is at all time alert to ensure that that there is no Malaysian who will take up arms to overthrow the government. No one will be allowed to fight for any foreign forces especially in the Middle Eastern countries, either against fellow Muslims or against the Jewish army. These people are seen as potential threats to the security of the country. Those Malaysians who fought in Syria were branded as terrorists and will be severely dealt with. Don't dream of joining a Hamas or Hezbollah or Iranian army. You will be hunted down from end to end.

The more evil the system becomes, the more and greater fear will cling the leaderships. They know they can always win in the democratic election system, not through the popular votes but by all the illegal and dishonest means. They know their immense crime had created enough hatred and people are waiting for a ripe moment to strike, to fulfill the deep revenge.

Regional and political relationship among other thing is to tighten the security, to protect the flow of weapons into member countries and to nab any individual known to have knowledge of bomb and weapon making. Government eyes are everywhere.

I believe that the best way to fight insurgency and militancy is by exercising good governance. A good government is not corrupting the people with hard cash to make them forget the cruelty of an administration that is insisting on putting an economic burden over the populace through lying and deception, corruption and unnecessary taxation, unfair towards minority group and repressiveness.

A good government values a high moral and ethical standards free from continuous deception, and work hard for the masses, not only to enrich the cronies and reaping national wealth through proxies.

If they really want, the locals do not need to seek foreign military training. We have enough trainers in the country. As Mahathir had said the government can be overthrown if the people know how. The well organize local militancy can always be set up if the people want to. Tons of weapons could have been smuggled. Is it not possible that there are hidden weapons somewhere in the country ? May be yes, may be no.

Though Malaysia has tried very hard to befriend all the countries in the world not all will regard us as a friendly nation. We had made clear to the world that we are anti-Shieet. Iran is not a fool. Syria is not a fool either. Sabah is our testing ground for good or for bad. The Sulus could pair up with the locals, who have the killer instincts that grew  intensely against the wicked leaders.

From what I am seeing, Malaysia will join up with Israel and the United States to stop the flow of arms and insurgences into the country. The eyes of Mosad are everywhere, effective and efficient enough to tract the movements and the flows of arms.

Those few who were arrested may not have any intention to rebel. Only the phobia drove Zahid to arrest them. They could post potential danger. Zahid must also remember there are thousands of retired army and policemen in the country.

In fact we don't have to go as far as the Middle East. Just look at Indonesia and study the downfall of Sukarno and Suharto. Who brought them down ?

We need a good governance to fight hatred. If Najib prefer to fight and let his people continue with power abuse to reap the wealth of the nation, Malaysia will have to take a big risk. If not because of a paranoia why Zahid ordered the arrest of the Syrian fighters ?


26/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You can come up with 1001 stories of your ability, strength and a string of successes in conquering the world, I would give you a little time in hearing your word but I will not believe you. Our school used to have a bluff story competition to pick up the greatest and the best bluff. They were very hilarious and entertaining. And when I listened to questions and answers in the parliament I simply treat it as the bluffing competition.

I assessed the effectiveness of the school workers not by seeing them toiling the soil and cutting the grass. Were the plants healthy and the flowers bloomed, was the filed with the short grass, were the compounds clean and tidy.

The ministers can quote tons of figures and talked about the great wealth of the nation until the end of the world. It means nothing if I am paying more for basic food each day and feel the diminishing purchasing power of my money. Each day I try to become more thrifty while maintaining the comfort of life.

They will bulldoze all the way to increase the price of the utility bill, howling of the increased operational cost. Words do match the reality - TNB was making billions of profit. You may see the minister as a respectable and a smart person. Not me. No liar should be respected and not fit to be in parliament.

There are people who sweat to struggling for the result. In study one has to plan, read, think and ponder the abstract. Without those activities you won't expect to pass the exam, no matter how loud you speak about your effort and diligence and all your programs. I had written about a group of people who did not learn Morse code but went to sit for the test before.

Observe our lawmakers and listen to their speeches and explanations well. They will quote figures and programs undertaken. And on GST the sound of public benefit and cheaper stuffs stunned the whole nation. And I have been telling people that those mean nothing, just wait for the time to see the reality.

People who made promises are not bad nor Zombes until they just forgo and forget their promises. And each day on our TV Najib is bragging on the amount of money given to the people, the high income nation, the wealthy Malaysians, GST with cheaper goods and we are the best in this region. And each very day our ringgit weakens as compared to the Thai Baht and Singapore dollar. What it means we will be paying more for both the local and import products. Najib will deny the declining competitiveness is due to the folly of his total administration. Didn't Malaysia deny the selling of it's assets ?

Politicians will not suffer. They earn a lot The unemployed, the pensioners and the middle and low income group will have to bear. They will continue to flip flop and twist their tongues like tornadoes.  The stupid young hoodlums who are happy to become the samseng will have to hide themselves in the graves they have dug. Serve them right.

25/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My blog will vanish from the website in 2019. That's when the server rental expires.

Is it not stupid of me to pay for a blog when there are a lot of free ones on the website ? Yes, it is true that I am stupid for not utilizing it for making money. There were several free courses organize by the company to enhance revenue.

I pay to buy satisfaction like others paying for the ASTRO which I don't. I had wanted to experiment with web database using normal and biometric data, retrieving data using laptops and smart phone, and logging radio communication using web server. It delivers what I desire and I am happy with it.

I think the volume of my short essays is big. Though expressed in hay-wired English and in confusing manners, some articles contain good facts and pure truths. They will vanish too like my computer art and methodology programming knowledge. The server will not erase them like people keeping the world's information in the microfiche.

Why up to 2019 and no farther extension ? I don't think I will live much longer. 2020 was never in my vocabulary of my living. It never ever exist at all.

I would expect some young readers to download interesting articles and later reproduce them after refining the grammar and putting some rosy scents in them. Use their names. At the moment I am reading stories written in 1700 - 1800 from my iphone as I find them interesting. At time I feel the life of the novel is like now and today. I learn so much on people's behavior and thoughts to compare the present and the past.

Fahrenheit 911 was the story of 2001. It was a past event movie that made us understand the real people behind their position and status. It shows how evil and filthy a politician can be. At least I can remember what Mahathir said to the Malays about selling their land and about his policy to kill the reserved land. I did mention about UMNO's role in making the Kuala Kedah's Malay fishermen so very poor and revolve to be drug addicts and the shift of wealth to the others.

9M2AR.COM was first started mainly for articles pertaining to ham radio. My first batch of essays were sent to QSL.NET. But I could not do much with it. Later contents changed to focus on political matters. It is not my liking to lash and criticize but I can't help myself when knowing what really happened out there.

There were time when I was out of topic. What else to write. I could have done so by writing some sort of fictions if my English is good and vocabulary is extensive. With the limitation I have almost reached my limit. I would not know what I would have been if I had taken an interest in schooling and studying.

Destiny brings me to this part and I thank the Almighty for giving me the chance and the opportunity to express myself though in a crude way. The goal is to make it reaches the readers no matter how small the numbers are. I always believe that one good person could be better than 1 million ignorant individuals. Popularity is unimportant and what people might say about me is unimportant as well. After all my days are numbered.

I appreciate those Malays who learn Arabic and Chinese and write articles in those languages. It would have been better for UMNO and PERKASA to teach the young hooligans foreign languages so that they could elevate their self esteem and discarded the filthy behaviors. Wouldn't it be better to criticize DAP using essays written in Mandarin rather than pushing full throttle at Dyana ?

Anyway from time to time I will be publishing my views on amateur radio.

25/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Who would oppose government project blindly ? I overheard on the TV of a BN minister blaming the people who oppose all of the government projects.

There were many projects that went unopposed. Do we need to talk about PKZ and PERWAJA STEEL again and about billions that gone into the drain, money swallowed by the cronies and incompetent friends. You built a small school costing a million and you built the school of the same capacity for one billion-do you want the rakyat to say 'YES' to the second school ?

If privatization can be called a project then it is the most demonic and satanic decision. First they were given to cronies. Second they would go for maximum profit and would suck as much as they can from the public. Later Najib said the government has no money and has to raise the revenue through GST. The father of all evil was Mahathir who made so much wealth through cronies and proxies. What a joke when he commented on Sultan's involvement in business; only he could do anything, others couldn't.

I am trying to figure out which of the government projects were constructed on clean, honest and sincere intent. Desired and commendable projects like schools, colleges, police stations, clinics and hospitals would have been very perfect without the additional massive increased in cost, and with quality finishing. In a tender the company with the lowest quotation might have won but soon after appealed for extra charges to meet the rising cost of materials.

Opposing a project does not make a person a member or of an opposition party. Criticizing the project system does not mean opposing the project. For example it could be criticized for the choice of consultant or engineers working in a government. The choice of Musa to lead FELDA, project given to Shahrizat's brother may very well met with harsh confrontation.


It is the manner, the process and the intent that matters most and called for vicious attack if they were found to be malicious, dubious, crude and dishonest.

It is those kind of people who are involved in such projects are using the media to demonize anyone who aimed a big gun at them, using all the available government's media.

Compare the dynamic of UMNO with the daily rosy pictures of the nation given by Najib. Is it not giving RM500 from the billions they robbed ?

25/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Never ask for sympathy and help from others if you happen to be very sick and disabled. The woman who locked her own child in the room knows that too. She must have been suffering mentally in her life.

When my wife fell down from her wheelchair face down I had to wait for hours for her brothers to arrive to lift her. The only neighbor whom I always asked for help was not at home. The neighbors in front who always know what happen in our house was not seen, not only this particular mishaps but also on many others.

We have to take care of ourselves. I realize how selfish people are. They double park their cars blocking the others. They take things when given opportunities. They raise prices at will. They want high salaries without thinking the social and economic effects. Car manufacturers never thought of disabled people when designing their cars. All my writting for a simple seat modifications were dismissed. All they want is money.

The law on handicapped in USA was made available during John F Kenedy because someone in his family was handicapped. If Rosmah were to have 3 OKU's children then we may be able to enjoy some extended facilities for the physically disabled people.

But I won't blame the people or the government for any hardship, for it is our own duty to manage ourselves and our families, handicapped or otherwise. And I learned a lot from helping my wife by myself; the art of transferring from the bed onto the wheelchair and returned, the technique of transferring between the car and the wheelchair. Yet each day the degree of difficulty increases as the car design changes.

Our society is more concern on the masses, the majority. People can be poor or sick or die if the numbers are small and negligible. In fact some would joy at the death of someone they hated-be it Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock or Karpal Singh, like US President always say ' is better and safer for the world and the United States'. Believe me if 76% of the disabled and the handicapped have the voting power to decide the premiership these people will be getting the first class treatment.

Observe the UMNO's Love Squad, will they go to the front to resolve the unfortunate lady's problem and agony. And there will be no politician from any political party would take step to extend their help for the lady and for the rest. If it is the concern of great wealth then there would be an exodus of rushing.

The Malaysian Chinese have been surviving long on their own. They depended on their wits and energy, struggled in businesses and other economic frontiers. Likewise we have to learn the art of survival from the Chinese and the lady who left her child in the room for many long years alone.

23/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After the surfaced of new evidence of the roles of USA and Jews on the disappearance of MH370 I knew that America and Australia will finally force Malaysia to go back to the early theory of pilot's intentional sabotage.

There are several convincing articles and video clips ( some videos have been removed from the youtube ) trying to prove that it was a well covert plan akin to 911 False Flag attack.

As usual the work of the Dirty Trick Department to plant false evidence and disinformation were let to spread to sway the public from believing the truth. That was the reason why question on the cargo was never addressed. Australian authority is the spokesman of USA and they are very close to Hishamuddin. Najib will announce what Hishamuddin asked him to. China tries her best to keep an eye on what is going on.

If it was true that the replica of MH370 was found in Israel's airport it proves that the missing plane was not due to the irresponsible pilot.

When Najib announced MH370 ended in Indian Ocean it did not come from his knowledge or expertise. I believed he uttered what the source had wanted him to say. Najib will do anything to have international backing to remain in power. I would not know the role of the United States in the recent Malaysia-China's bilateral relationship. Even if Najib followed Obama's instruction he found it to be very beneficial for gaining the local Chinese support.

Secondly, Israel will never approve Iran which post a nuclear threat to the Jewish state. The Mosad started to inject poisons in the mind of fellow Malaysian Muslims to go against Iran and all the Shieet Muslims. Fake pictures were distributed to depict that Shiahs are not Muslims. And discussion on Shiah using the national media has been very vigorous.

The Mosad international movement seem to take effect among the top political echelons.

To blame the pilot and to make Malaysians to declare war on other Muslim group is a deep tragedy in the history of the Muslim Malays under the current political era. It shows nothing but the real innate stupidity of the Malay race, who are losing everything day by day. The only intelligence left is to make law to rob money from the public and to find ways to make corruption as a legal practice.

The government should not condone hearsay and stuffs without concrete and reliable proofs. They made a mockery of DNA finding and talked about contamination in one and not in another. Avoid being accused as the Jews or USA's mouthpiece.

The next question that every Malaysian must consider is 'Can we believe foreign media ?'

From my observation the local media is as good as foreign media. They mixed news with propaganda, truth with fallacy. depends on who owns the media and what are the goals and objectives. The ideal of reporting and publications is non-bias and factual. But that had never been the case. Pictures and clips were faked, and altered.

If you can't believe foreign media, you can't also believe the main stream government media.

We heard about media being paid for spreading propaganda. If Malaysian leaders could pay to the world media we don't have to talk about what could be done to the local newspapers, radios and TVs. Important staffs who opposed government policies were known to be sacked.

How could the ministers and the police ask the people to believe the local news rather than the foreign news ?

Of course there are people who want to confuse people as to what was really happening to MH370. Media is the most influential force. They are to convince the people and the politicians. Our work is to judge and not to jump to conclusion. Bit you can have your own view to the MH370 tragedy. For the government, it must always remember that it is not to be pushed by any foreign power or Mosad, or CIA or even Chinese Spy Agency to be their mouthpiece.

23/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I never compute my longevity but I never thought of stepping my feet in the 21st century. Time was too fast that I never knew where I actually was. The 2020 Vision of Dr Mahathir was nothing to me and I brushed aside of the thought of the world, which I had never dream of seeing.

Wow ! I have the chance of being under all the Prime Ministers of Malaya and Malaysia from Tunku to Najib with my grey hairs turned me into an old tired man and bones protruding out of my ankles that made me understand of the folly fighting ageing. I missed the World War2 and life under Japanese occupation. But the shrieking sound of low flying jets that dropped bombs on the Communist terrorists could still be heard in my mind.

Many of my friends have died and many younger people had gone to meet their fate in the next world. Pondering back at human destiny I realized I have crossed far into this current decade, already 2014. Could I reach 2020 ?

Some people say that we are not to entertain the thought of growing old and never think of ageing. Do what as others do. I am not the only old man at the jogging track. As I saw many men and women as old creatures, they too saw me as an old creature as well. I am sure one old man is older than me but he was doing a non-stop jogging which I would estimate more than 10 miles. I could not chase a few elderly ladies who walked so fast, floating like a butterfly. Women about 50 put on pink cheeks and red lips. They just want to feel young.

I did my exercise not to fight ageing. I just want to feel fit and strong so that I can lift and nurse my wife. Yet I have been telling her time and again. "There will be a time when I can no longer lift and nurse you. I am getting older and weaker. Pray to God that my strength and health won't fade so that I can continue helping you." My wife is two years younger but she is afraid to die.

You have two choices. Either continue to live as if nothing happen and you are as ever, and let the fate follows it's destiny or be prepared to die. The first step is to realize and always be aware of our final day, any time, anywhere and by whatever cause. Then let fate takes care of itself. There is no need to hide our accumulated wealth from our families, and not to spend on what we like. Eat what we want, and go where we like. Do what we feel like doing. If you are a believer then do what is required by your religion.

I saw people, preparing for their death solely by spending more than 70% of their lives in going to mosques and churches. They are not interested in the progress of knowledge and science. My auntie would go to Mecca every year. They totally denounce the pleasure of the world, yet they are obedient to their political master. I can't say how many prefer their bodies would be wrapped by UMNO's flags when they die, or even by DAP's flag.

Death is no more free. It is a costly affair in the modern world especially in areas where land is scarce and burial is near to impossible. The Malaysian Muslims have an extended ceremony that need to be paid for prayers and other ceremonies. Though in some communities paid ceremonies are abhorred and banned, in other areas thousands of dollars are needed. A portion must be saved for our funeral. The other way you can always say " Why keep my money for my funeral, somebody got to bury me somehow. "

Would you still be concerned with the world after you have died ? Imelda Marcos said, "I don't want people to remember me as a thief when I die." Or we can say 'why worry if anyone want to piss on me or my grave after I have died". If you are then you have to stop doing bad things at your remaining life. Mahathir is never concern about it and he keeps on making political and racial remarks, and still quarreling with fellow Malaysians.

Healthy and strong people died. Young people below 40 died.

The Muslims are asked to work hard as if they aren't going to die and to follow the religious teachings as if they are going to die tomorrow. Many Muslims say 'I am not scared of death but what I am scared is to face God for the lack of religious practices...."

My wife and I have a little time left probably due to our age and sickness. Since we managing our own welfare and busy in the daily chores and problems, we don't have time to think of our kids anymore. The tasks are tough, the problems are huge, we are overcoming each of the problems vigorously and patiently.

If we die, we die. We don't have any regret.

22/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Nursing my wife and sending her to the dialysis center is not an easy task. There are problems coming ahead. The main problem is the transportation back and forth to  the dialysis ward, for the only suitable car which has the seat level equals the wheel chair height, is now too old and the engine gasket begins to worn out. All other cars' seats are higher and farther than that of the wheel chair. Direct lifting of her body into the car is almost impossible. She is 81 KG and I am only 64kg. The current transfer board available locally is only 26 inches long. I can't lift the other end of the board to address the uneven height of both of the chairs.

Browsing over the internet I saw several types of sliders up to 35" long. One is 50" which is very ideal.

I wrote to the shop asking for the quotation. "We don't sell outside USA," came the reply.

I talked to my wife of sending my kid in Kuala Lumpur to USA. "I don't think they will buy them," said my wife. True, kids want easy way out. One of them went to USA recently and didn't want to find out and purchased the items back. My wife asked me to go by myself.

For a 10 day trip would be alright for me but she will be facing lots of problems. I can make an arrangement with the medical center to fetch and send her home for the dialysis. 6 trips would cost me about RM600. The main problem is to hire a nurse to stay with her and managing her food, toiletry and lifting her from the bed. That I have not talk to the agency. I estimate I may have to spend about RM2K for the service of 2 weeks.

Of course I have to do a lot of homework on gathering of information about the locations of the medical outlets that sell such facilities. Then I have to shop for the most economical fair and the accommodation.

I estimated it would about RM10K for the facilities and the board. I could pay double the price if I can get someone to order for me. The existing plastic slider I am using is about RM40.00. The Beasy board on the website is about USD300 and other items would cost me a total of USF800.

Assume I can overcome all the nursing and dialysis problems, I need to decide whether I should spend that much for the whole trip.

My wife said,"If you go to USA I want you to take pictures of K-MART, Sears and JC-Penny." I told her I used to stay in a place where I could not even find Long John Silver and K-Marts and JC-Penny. She told one of the nurses about my possible trip. The nurse said, "You must buy back something for us."

It may be just a dream. In the meantime I will be asking my radio friend, Hanafi, to buy the Beasy and other transfer board by the e-Bay. He agreed to help me in the order if I provide me with the detail.

I am going to ask another radio friend, Rusli, whether he will be willing to accompany me. It will be around August or September. If it is in August we may be able to catch some of the Summer heat.

The nearest shop is in Santa Monica. Using car the purchase could be done within one day and without much hassle. Going by bus would be very hard. I have to figure out the bus route, else I need to take a taxi from the nearest bus stop to the outlet. The second shop which sells almost everything I want is in Las Vegas. Vegas is a fun place for happy go lucky people. Similar problem applies; it is about a car. Or the other way round is to order stuffs from where I will be staying.

One of my major problems is that I do not have any credit card. That would hinder the online purchase and car rental. With Rusli accompany me many problems would be solved.

If the whole purchasing episode could be completed within 5 days, then there are 5 remaining days left. It would be a fine time to attend hamfest at the nearby location, enjoying Universal Studio and Disneyland, visiting some exotic places around the area. Or even visit San Francisco.

I will also have to plan my communication with my wife and inform her of my daily activities using Skype or some other applications. All will be  managed by the hired nurse.

Will it materialize ?

17/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Did your kids ever defy and challenge you ?

If they did, I would say they spelled doomed to themselves. I don't know whether it is a part of natural law that will embrace every race and creed in the world. But many other races and religious groups believe misfortune would befell on them, possibly for the whole of their lives.

Some young people think they are educated enough and smart enough to navigate themselves through life, and even look down on the elderly, thinking they are senile and incapable. They simply refuse to learn how to respect people.

Let me remind ourselves not to be so egocentric and underestimating all other individuals. Men, especially, should never underestimate the strength and energy of women who could beat them in sports and other running events. Some could break men's bones if they wish to. And we should not despise people with darker skin color. They could be much wiser and attain the highest degree of mental intellectuality. And finally not to have negative concepts of the elderly who could forecast the future through trends and behaviors.

When my kids have grow to be a full grown adults and did not listen to my single advice I would not say anything else and anything more. Let they carve their own destiny, for good or for bad. My wife and I are too old and too sick to take care of other people. We strived hard to survive our remaining days. I met many lonely old men who left their families for the broken hearts.

I missed my mother very much and felt I have not done enough for her. As a compensation I told my students the 'barakah' of doing good to the mother and father. When my teachers told me that their parents are visiting them or fell sick at home, I wanted them to give priority to the parents. One teacher requested to back early to take care of her mother attended by only maid, to clear her vowel and provide her a meal. I gave her permission. Another asking for a permission to pick her mother at the airport. "Arrange your class," said I."Don't come back to school. Attend her for the rest of the day."

If you are still young and your kids are challenging and defying you, you can say 'Thank you" to them loudly or deep down in your heart.


17/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I can't say much about ESSB because I have not been monitoring DX band these days. On the Websdr I only monitored CW. But on 7 Mhz , I did hear hams on the SSB modes.

Did the ESSB signal impress me ?

I can't assess the quality of the audio as I have impaired hearings. Hence my judgment do not represent the views of the hams. It is according to my own taste. ESSB does not impress me at all as compared to the normal non-bassy sound. I just like audio with a high pitch. Once I heard 9M2MRL whose signal came with full clarity into my home. From the scale from 1 to 10 I would give him 10 as compared to his counterpart who was using ESSB which I would give the maximum of 3. It was hard to figure out from the bassy audio.

As I have said, it is a matter of taste. I am not going to discourage anybody from purchasing the gadget. Millions of other people may find it pleasing to their ears.

In my opinion the most important part of hamming is the good antenna system. A mast of more than 50' to house a Yagi or a Quad would do us wonder even with a simple cheap and basic rig. We can have a 100K transceiver which means nothing without an antenna like a wealthy handsome man without a dick marrying a beautiful actress. Power amplifier helps a lot without the aid of the band condition.

ESSB, APRS, Flex Radio and using computer for Morse communication are new items in ham radio. Without them amateur radio is still a complete stuff. With them amateurs gain more experience and greater knowledge. If a ham can't afford ESSB, APRS, Flex and computer he can still enjoy the hobby as much as his predecessors. I won't buy the ESSB stuffs even if I am a rich man.

Those who have been working DX are in position to tell more about the others; how many operate such a gadget especially the Americans and the Europeans. The volume has been on the increase it indicates there is the trend is changing.

16/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




People blamed the government and the police for the rising spate of crimes. The police blame the public to cause crime to happen. If your child is being kidnapped or murdered you may be charged. The public were told not to carry handbag, lock their cars and houses, and put ant-burglary system. Once there was a suggestion to charge the victim for any reported crime. ( WHAT A MAD IDEA !!! )

Then came the health department who issued summon on the finding of larvae bred by Aedes mosquitoes believing such larvae were only found at homes.

It is a sad episode in human history for a government to shed away the responsibility and passing the bucks on the public. It is an easy way to deny extreme failures. This is what UMNO is telling the people, shoving it into the mind of the young supporters. They are to deny their foolish and failed policies. They believe UMNO can do no wrong because it is a party sent by God to decide which kind of gambling are sinful and which are not, which type corruptiion is sinful and which are not.

Juvenile delinquency, school dropouts, academic failures,  drugs addicts, free sex and all other crimes by the young people are the faults of the parents, neglecting all other sources to the problem. Yet we have delinquent students of the police parents, UMNO, very professionals and religious figures. Would anyone want to investigate how many of the ministers siblings are drug addicts and involve in gangsterism ?

The UMNO Cyber Trooper and the Blue Army were told to deny failures and social upheavals are not from the government or any of it's policy. Were they told that the Singaporean parents are always better than the Malay parents in Malaysia as the Singaporean youths are more disciplined than ours ?

If the government does not cause anything in the life of the people then there is no point of having a government. And there is no need for any policy, goals nor a vision. It is the policy that carve the future of the nation and the civilization and culture of the society.

There are many discoveries, inventions and technologies found but not displayed or put in the market, simply because those government do not want people to know. So people don't know and don't have them. If they put the guns on the street when anyone could buy them, would you blame the parents ? So you put drugs, cigarette, weapons, Playboy magazine, sex videos, dildos etc. on the street and tell the parents to make sure their kids will ignore those. The first to be sold out will be the guns.

It is not merely a parent who made a good son. Poverty and society contribute much. Some could hardly earned RM10 a day. It would be better for the kids to look for any kind of job. They can't afford academic tuition nor religious education. Such kids that I know became dropouts. What type of jobs available to these kids in the world ?

Outside the home there lies the platform of evil staring and ready to lure the kids. Parents send their kids to school themselves and picked them home after school. What they do not know is that their kids could be polluted in the school society itself. Cigarettes and drugs, gangsters and sexual activities could begin here. Kids ran out of the school compound or played truants. Teachers are not to peek into student's welfare and discipline. It is the policy of the Ministry of Education. Nobody can sack any student now regardless of any kind of offence.

Even parents cannot lay their hands on their kids. The NGO and the government will come down on the parents who try to discipline their own siblings. It is against the law. Kids begin to lie to them taught by their buddies in school.

How long do the school going children be with their parents ? Generally they were 2 hours in tuition center, 8 hours in school and 8 hours of sleep. They have 6 free hours including the time for the homework and the game in the evening. Some parents still work at night till midnight. You can compute the remaining time left.

Why so much a hassle as compared in the good old traditional days ?

These are all the cost of progress and development. It changes the characters of housing, domestic functions, businesses, economic and social activities, developmental growth of children and human beings. In the United States I still saw houses with fencing, but not here. People now live in terrace house which altered the closeness of community's social intercourse. Housewives are hardly called housewives anymore because they would go out for the jobs and returned in the evening; they won't be doing any cooking. Food vendors loomed everywhere with numerous kind of food stuffs. Women began to lose cooking skill. Kids do not play games with their friends, spending more time with the iPads and a few would go out for a game of footsal or badminton.

And worst we are reducing farming activity by turning the farm land into the housing estate.

Industrialization took girls and women away from home and stay in apartments or rental places. In some men and women stay together. A thousand and one thing happen. Puteri Islam was originally formed to overseer these young women but later shifted to schools. Freedom is the happiness. Sex is free.

To those UMNO goons who say social chaos and upheavals lie with the parents I wish them all the best for their children and their own economic and social well being.

When my school told me that they have 8 students with straight As, the first thing I would ask was about the parents; the job and the economic status. When a teacher sent me a problem child I want to know where he live, his parents economic status, whether he lives in a flat or a terrace house. Home environment could shape and influence his behavior and academic interest.

What used to be far and remote has become so near; 25 miles is just 20 minutes. Technology compressed the world. Information on the other end of the globe arriving our home within a short wink. Electronics and media equipments opened people's eyes and learn both good and bad. Technology and high speed vehicles brought the spread of drugs to villages and FELDA areas. Where progress is none and the world is almost close crimes, challenges to authority and mischief are rare or negligible. Nobody would want to peddle drugs in a place of no money.


The impact of fiscal policy, foreign debt and value of money on populace could be very great. It can cause the lost of jobs, unemployment, emigration and increasing crime. The declining value of money causes price increase and the climbing cost of living. It stirred human temperament. The layer of poverty thickens. Don't blame a family who struggle to make a daily living and can't provide proper breeding. Economic havoc can break families apart. Imagine the whole family got to go to work to beat the rapidly rising cost.

100000 well bred kids do not grow up to achieve equal successes and achievements. Not everyone will have equal opportunity towards proper education and jobs. A few may become politicians who are honest and a few corrupt , some may become professionals. The rest will cover the whole spectrum between the hated crooks to the wealthy businessmen. If Mukriz is not Mahathir's son he may end up carrying banners and flags for UMNO. The door to opportunity becomes narrower towards the end. Those who can't make it would opt to the alternative dubious mean to amass wealth. It is not the parents who decide the fate but the socio-political system. Greed is the greatest evil.

If UMNO wants to blame the parents for the evil deeds of the kids, then one day let the parents go to jail for the crimes of their kids. Blame Nazri for his son's problem. Blame Rosmah for her son's lavishness. And people will find it a pleasure to follow and catch the siblings of the Ministers to put them out of the office, an easy way.

UMNO is cheating itself by denying of it's responsibility on the downfall of the Malays and the lack of competitiveness, social deterioration of the race they claim to protect. They can't expect the RM500 BRIM to cure away the price hike and thge degrading social conduct of the Malay youths. Yet none want to blame the Land Acquisition Act of UMNO Mahathir, the UMNO's IPP robbing the rakyat and the ignorance of the declining morality of the young people.

Your education, economic, laws and regulation, and the acts and the media shape and influence the masses. What you parade and put in the market would be used and purchased. This include the increase of the cost of living, the houses, the land and much more.

If you say you have nothing to do with them and put all the blame on the people, you don't have to be there. If you don't believe in God and Islam, at least as a human specie you must have a conscience. Else you be ready to burry the Malays in the grave that you dig. Don't ever think with the lies you can stand to rule there forever.

11/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Try to figure out the number of PHD holders, the Dato's and the Pariah in Malaysia today. What are the differences between them ? It is up to you to think and say basing your assessment and judgment on observed behaviors and on what they say.

The most questionable is the PHD; on what knowledge of research finding, which university and which Professors award the degree. Is the PHD in Arts or engineering and other discovery in technology ? I won't be surprise if all UMNO lawmakers will come up with a PHD degree soon.

PHD in area of science, medical and technology could come from a simple e=mc2 as long as it is something new to the world. You can't award a PHD to Amerigo De Vespucci for discovering America because America had been there before he was born. Surely we want to know what the PHD is all about.

A degree could be earned, bought or given if it is in arts discipline. It has been tested before to find out the authenticity and the validity of an online colleges. Should we talk about the free degree ? People may not be happy and will deny it with utmost anger.

Dato' would be a nice thing to have. The only person who refused the Dato' or Tan Sri was Mohd Khir Johari. He said," There is enough Dato' in this country." He viewed it like selling 'kacang puteh'. The title is an honor and awarded to good people. A Dato' has to check his demeanor, speech and other deeds. He should not make a foolish statement that could opened up an attack or criticism. He must be wise and full of wisdom.

The most in the country is the Pariah group who have been bullied and bluffed and lied upon days in and days out. Some are so very stupid that they celebrate the rising cost of living, happily paying more and paraded their champion at being the forerunner of any climbing hardship. Cows are stupid because they are brainless. There is nothing could be done to this category of Pariah.

The word Pariah almost to mean 'out of the cast system'. The Brahim, Ksatriya, Baisya and Sudra are in fact the economic division  of social function. The ancient Europeans too had had the church class, the military, the business and the normal labor groups. If you are not in any of those four in the cast, you are out of cast. In ancient India the outcast group was the lowest and the others were barred from mixing or dinning with them.

Our Dato's and dignitaries still mix and dine with the normal people, especially near the election time. They would even cast away the gentlemen's attire, the coats and the neck tie in place of the sarong and kopiah lebai just to win the heart of the Pariah groups.

Without the PHD and the Datukship the people from the lower rank have detached themselves and moved into the higher economic ladder akin a Vaisya of th varna structuref. They became wealthy with commerce, beating the PHDs and the Datok's. Even the Mee goreng seller earns more than 1K of pure profit a day.

There is one thing that we need to remind ourselves that we must not trust people by their looks, dress, titles and their degrees. A wise man has all awarded by his own wisdom. Let us try not to despise local universities with a strong political ties that want their grduates to love UMNO not to produce the best thinkers in the nation. Nevertheless we just keep our eyes open and try to validate the authenticity of the PHDs through their speech and behaviors.

11/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Chess is a game that requires thinking. Hooliganism throws away God's greatest gift, the brain and bulldoze at anything at all, disrespecting law and order, threatening and staring satanically, and would do anything at all at any expense for the demonic boss. You see them during the election period and in the social media.

Chess, studying, quest for knowledge and hard work are evil to them. What more if you mention Chinese Chess to them. Without knowing anything it is likely they would response 'Lan Chau' to you. I started to play Chinese Chess in form 2 and reaching the peak in form 4. My regular opponent was a worker at a Chinese Medical Supply shop. A game would take us about 1 hour at least.

What we call English Chess today is not English in origin. Chess started in India around the 6th Century AD. It was called chaturariga. Today the Malays called it catur.

The Chinese Chess called Xiangqi is almost similar to the English companion. The position and movement of the 'Che' ( written in Chinese as CAR') is identical to rook or castle. It has the horse too MA moving in L-shape like the knight. There is one that is not found in the English version called Pau. Pau jumps a piece to eat the opponent.

Chinese chess may have started much longer before the Indian chaturariga, may be more than 1300 years before.

There are astounding numbers of Malay youths and kids involve themselves in the game. It is encouraging and something to be proud off. It would be much better that they also must participate in the Chinese chess competition and become a champion. I did register and play in a Chinese chess tournament in a Super market once many years ago. I won the first game. I shook hand with my opponent, thank him and walked away, giving him a walkover. I went home with a smile.

I would like to call UMNO and PERKASA members to fight the Chinese using the brain, not in science and mathematics but in the games of Chinese chess. And fight the Chinese with the brawns in the games of basketballs and badmintons. If you can emerge as champions in Qiangqi, basketball, badminton and a debate in Mandarin, PERKASA does not need the Ketuanan Melayu anymore. The honor lies there, in being the champions.

One good thing of Xiangqi is that it is cheap and not bulky. Sorry I can't say how much it is. May be less than a dollar.

It is true that hooliganism help UMNO and BN including in vote rigging, stealing away ballot papers and other deceitful moves, but it would not help the Malays in the end. Leaders would lose respects and UMNO would be associated with bad elements. 28 out of 30 thieves caught were Malays. The main cheaters in UMRAH package were the Malays. UMNO should be concern of the criminals, liars, cheaters and drug dealers

Would it not better for UMNO and PERKASA to have brainy people in their group rather than the hooligans ?

10/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Tonight is another satisfying night for me as Kedah beat Sabah 2 - 0 towards the end of the game. The first goal came in 70th minute by a player I know not and the second in the 91th minute, also by an unknown player. I really don't know how many Kedah players are really the Kedahkians, born and raised here. I used to know the names of every player. We had become the champion before without any import.

Tonight I didn't yell and shout so much as before mainly because Kedah made less errors, except for the two players who did not stay at the right spot, and slow in their movements. One in particular has a slow reflection.

The Korean was closely marked and he could not do much. I would forgive him. It let others unmarked, providing chances for the scoring. For that reason the two goals were not from the import players.

The ticket costs RM15 for the grand stand. There were RM12 and RM10 too. I have a better view. The only drawback about going to the stadium is there was too much smoke. I brought a face mask with me, a part of my soccer attire beside my usual green-yellow shirt and a Bermuda pant with a pair of jogging shoes.

If the players played like fools, can't control the ball, passing to the opponent and kick the ball wildly, I would leave the stadium and wasted my RM15. Occasionally I simply did that. I could bear to see loses as long as they played their best, tried hard enough but just unlucky.

I could not say how many external coaches were there at each game. I was one of them. We shouted to whom the ball should be passed and calling for the close marking. It looked like nobody listened to us. As we paid RM15, we need to do to make the money wirth. RM10 was for coaching, yelling, shouting and scolding referee and lineman.

I would witch we can develop our local players to be as skillful as the imports. The basic of a player is height, speed, know how to kick the ball and dribbling skills. African players have skill but lack speed. Even in hockey the strength of the world class team lies in their speed and dribbling skill.

It took much pain to win. But we won.

Another day, another match and another RM15. It is on the coming Friday.

10/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am a part of an old senile hams whose number is vanishing towards zero. I am out of date. Probably the remaining old timers are out of date too.

When I first knew ham radio I remember the definition of amateur radio having the following characteristics

                      a. A hobby with a license
                      b. Experiments in radio technology  
                      c. Technical investigation 
                      d. Service during disaster
                      e. All of the above without pecuniary motive

Does such content still hold in the current definition of ham radio ? I came across the term in the Facebook which totally depicts different thing. Some define it as the ham equipment itself. Could they be wrong ? I am not in the authority to comment but I just think those people who define amateur radio in whatever and whichever way is very great and creative.

Starting a ham station after passing all the tests were almost nominally free. I did not buy coaxial and plugs. A few hams gave their old rigs for free. I bought a used set at about RM800 far below cost. The seller did not make profit but just to cushion off a bit of his damage. Hams like 9M2WT and 9M2AT (Tunku Archie) even gave away rig and antenna for free. Radio and parts were hard to get. We helped each other to make the hobby alive, healthy and running.

Hence it fulfilled the concept of 'not for pecuniary motive'.

We can't force people to give away things for free, for everything incurred cost. Selling ham gears and co-axial cables are not to make profit, instead to help fellow hams. It is easier to get ham equipment today than the old days. You don't have to hassle for the import permit and making an oversea orders. To set a complete station within 3 to 5 days is amazing in today's world. We need to thank the radio vendors such s One and Wave Communications.

But if I were to sell a RM2.50 coax plug to Hanafi for RM4.00, it would not be a wise thing to do. With a ham spirit it is appropriate for me to give him free.

Malaysian hams are still carrying on with experimentations and investigations with the ham radio. They tried with homebrew and commercial antenna and mast of different height and arrived at the conclusion, manufactured repeater gadget of various design. One ham said 'the band condition caused the transmission on 2 meter going into 40 band'. 40 meter intrusion did happen with 9W call signs once. That was the answer given. It would be a good topic for PHD degree.

In disaster situation Malaysian hams are quick to act and has to be commended. This include during the missing of MH370. A few even worked hard to get into the SAR frequency.

There are many terms that the old hams would not understand. If I were to tell Raden Lokman, "Radin lend me your PTT" he is sure to get puzzled. It is the same as saying 'lend me your push to talk'.

Terminology is a function of time as 'halal-haram' is also a funtion of time.

Even the tuning method evolved. It started with a carrier tuning. Carrier tuning for the old vacuum tube will deteriorate the efficiency. Then they went to voice tuning with suppressed carrier. Some whistle and some would say "Hola" or simply "Haaaaa". Today you will hear 'One Two Gedung Gedung.....One Two Gedung Gedung".

Who can stop the change ? People are trying to change the concept and the practices of religions too.

Malaysian hams are great because they want to move forward fast and putting progress ahead of them, like any others who said 'We are the best in the world....Even America is copying from us...'

08/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


After bashing and lashing UMNO most of the time, I think it is unfair not to praise anyone at all in the party. I think it is fair and reasonable to ponder the different between the party and the member. The last time I argued with my UMNO friend he mentioned one bad thing about Anwar. I asked him whether Anwar was in UMNO during the time. I pointed to him that since Anwar spoke with UMNO's tone then.

One UMNO man who is a Minister now is Dato' Ahmad Bashah who had been the Kedah exco member for quite some time. Dato' Azizan Taib and Dato' Ahmad Bashah had taken much interest in my school. Both were humble and  friendly. We would invite them in almost every occasion which they would never decline. Dato' Azizan Taib left us too early at his young age. Before becoming an exco man he was a Principal of a school just a few steps away from mine.

Dato' Ahmad Bshah had contributed much to our chool and showed much concern about the Muslim students who could not read the Holly Quaran and could not perform a simple prayer. He agreed to a kind of a Summer camp which we made a yearly event in Sik. He even visited the training and motivation site..

When Dato' Bashah is in Alor Setar he he would go to Majid restaurant for rice-tomato. Long after my retirement I always meet him at enjoying his meal. Dato' Johari too was a regular customer. But I felt comfortable with Dato' Bashah.

I feel as a Muslim every individual must take interest in the affair of Islam. It is not about being a missionary to spread it among other non-Muslims. It is about looking at the future of the Muslim youths. The Jihad is not to make them drug addicts or criminals, to give them proper education, to develop them to be a good Muslim. A good Muslim is good to all other races and creed, to be kind and fair to all.

Dato' Bashah had done his part and his duty to God. He didn't tell the world of his contribution to enhance more Muslim to gain support in the election. And he didn't even ask me my political views and belief. Moreover my school was not in his constituency and the students came from all over. There was no such intent as 'you scratch my back as I scratch yours'.

One UMNO blogger accused "PAS only knows how to pray for the destruction of UMNO leaders....." when PAS leaders have been praying for the well being of those Muslim leaders and pray to God to show them the right path.

08/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



DAP quit work after Teluk Intan by-elction ? Now is the time that DAP must go back into the villages, systematically asked the voters whether they went out for voting or stayed away. Do I need to tell more of the reason ?

If my hypothesis is right Dyana had won by a large majority. But PR does not want to do it, to take time and sacrifice some energy to investigate and record what the people say. Otherwise the question could be very simple. 'Did you go out to vote ?'

To be a defeatist before the completion of the struggle would be very naive that gives  advantage to BN. It would not be healthy to the nation. I would not even want to congratulate  Mah until the fact finding mission is over.

From the Royal speech I sense fear in PM's mind. His Highness appeal for peace and tranquility.

In Teluk Intan and election areas troubled were caused by BN supporters. With such threat more than half the population( including the Teluk Intan voters) did not show their love towards Najib. I mentioned this in particular because I saw people wearing I LOVE NAJIB's T-Shirts.

I said that Teluk Intan can determine GE14. Hence fact finding mission is vital. It may prove something.

07/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Last Tuesday 3rd May 2014 I received a message from 60179286230 with the message "Mr/Ms ABDUL RAHMAN BIN ABDUL RAOF. Ur CIMB BANK BERHAD acc are seriously overdue. Pls cl SHAHRUL at 0392326144.Tks I just ignored it because I do not have any account with CIMB.

Today 6th. May 2014 I received another SMS from 60124952037 with another message 'Mr/Ms ABDUL RAHMAN BIN ABDUL RAOF. Pls make payment into your CIMB BANK BERHAD and call SHAHRUL at 0392326144.TQ'.

This time it made me mad at CIMB Bank HQ Kuala Lumpur. I called Shahrul. Shahrul asked for my IC number, both new and old. Unsuspectingly I gave both. He then told me about my overdue account with CIMB. I said that I had no account with CIMB. Then he said about me having a credit card. "I had no account with CIMB and have no credit card with the bank."

"You have a debit card with Soutrhern Bank." He changed. That confused me more. "I have never been to any Southern Bank and never had an account nor a debit card." I shouted over the phone. He said that I had made a payment last year, which I asked him no more. He asked me to check with the nearest CIMB Bank.

I went to CIMB, the main branch. The officer asked for my IC card. "You have no account here." The lady asked me to verify with an officer name Viki. Viki took my IC, went inside and she came out to tell  me,"You do not have any account old or new, no credit card and no debit card." She further told me that Shahrul is not a banker but an agent.

I rushed to the police station to lodge a report. After a verbal narration the police woman told me that next time I should reply to such a message. There are too many scams now. Criminals hack and get information about people from various sources. "Are you cheated yet ?" She asked. "Not yet," was my reply. She asked me to come back again if there is any document of claim comes to me.

Just now I checked back back the first message and the number from the website. There were many complains. One says it is a bot. There are two words that made me conclude it was not a bot. The first was Ur to mean your and second is Tks to mean 'thanks'. These two words are regularly used by hams. And I checked 0124952037 and I saw two complainants about this number.

Funny the police said there is no point investigating those numbers because anybody can use anyone phone number by conning or hacking. Nevertheless it made sense too. It is just like saying 'don't report anyone threatening you because you are not dead yet.'

06/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


32 Million ringgit loan free of interest

Najib just announced of a free of interest loan to business of Pasar Ramadzan. Truly I found it very hilarious equal to kang-kong story and the RM1 ringgit chicken. It is not that I want to insult our PM but it pokes a laughter. Instead of answering who ordered for the 32 million of interest free loan to Deepak Najib tries to close people's mouth by announcing the loan without interest to the small food vendors.

It will not end. Bank Rakyat under the new management cannot charge any interest to others as well. Other business individuals will be rushing for the loans.

Do you think the bank will approve ? NO. They will come up with insulting excuses for saying NO.

There is a strong philosophical that need to be asked because people are asking for it. Why God does not strike the evil Satan with the mother of all lightning ? If Satan is the worse being created by God, the Jews believe Nazis were much worst than the Satan.

What Najib had done was what Mahathir had done to Bank Bumiputera. It was not only about loans without interest but loans that were not paid.

I think people must not be fooled. There could be a mad man who detested us so much when he was sober, would dig our grave to sodomize us out of his extreme anger and hatred. When Karpal died there were people who paraded their happiness, celebrated with joy. I can bet that if Mahathir were to pass away there will be an immense celebration, within or outside the country. Mahathir had made both the Malays and Chinese suffer until now, paying to IPP and Indah Water.

BN is still lucky because people are not aware on how cheating on ballot papers could be done. Or may be they do not want to bother much. May be many know why Deepak was given such a privilege. He did expose the favor he had done to Rosmah. Would Najib care if Bank Rakyat will meet it's fate like the Bank Bumiputera ?

BN knows what really happened at Teluk Intan. I always believe until now that Dyana is the true winner even in the ballot majority. Najib knows his popularity. Though many do not realize the invisible malicious affair, a few know enough. Or may be the people know but they chose to remain silent. The Panda diplomacy and the visit to China is the layout for the GE14, to appease the local Chinese, to regain their support. But the laid carpet can always get splashed and covered with mud.


Prices continue to climb. The government can never win over the business community. Their incurred  commitment are also rising. With the coming GST even the UMNO goons and gangsters will be suffering.

Najib will have to come up with some juggling on free interest loans. Millions of people will want it. So te lies will continue. More sins and more 'soey seow'. The momentum of the spiral of lies and deceptions will pick up a greater strength of infinite magnitude until UMNO becomes the uncontrolled vortex of rvil.

Try to list down the string of bad events happening under the reign of Rosmah Mansor. To the Muslims especially, they are very scary. Are the Malays wrong to say that JAKIM and UMNO are telling them pork is OK to eat. ? After all the Malays have been smoking cigarettes with similar type of DNA. How about the exodus of Muslim students into Jewish-Christians ? WAIT. More are coming.

06/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My definition for Malay Muslim educators are those with powers and the people who carved the education system and policy. They do not include the normal teachers. They started from the school heads to the Minister of education. Teachers are to do what they are told to do. One lady educationist in the education department said "Teachers are to do not to ask". Many bring home their jobs because there are too much to complete. They bear heavy burden without a word.

The Ministry of education created policy, curriculum and visions and shove them down into the tunnel of the school system. Those were never static and underwent changes very quickly from time to time. The secular education caused fear among several concerned parents and choose to send their children to have early education in religious institutions.

I saw disaster in the system that would cause the social chaos, declining morality, new value system that elevate human right and liberalism. We could wonder how they chose officers to important posts. One retired school Principal would only praise and talk about Mahathir during the weekly assemblies. Another wanted to get rid of computers because of the bad influence on the students. The majority believe they are dedicated enough and know their job well.

My boss used to tell me that it was my duty to know all about my staffs and whatever happened in the school and it's surrounding. It sounds like an impossible task. But it is a task. We need more than the third eye to sense. Despite the effort there might still be some blind spots we fail to see.

I have narrated before about the students who can't read nor write, about the Mislim students who can't perform ablution and prayer, and about those who can't do academic learnings. If Ustaz Kazim and Jakim could not know the damage of the Muslim students how would they know the existence of haram shortenings in Cadbury and other foodstuffs ?

When there were cases of apostasy of a big group of Muslim students overseas my first thought was the sin of UMNO and the MSD. I murmured to my sick wife about the role of MSD and an Ustaz placed in them. "UMNO must have put the pro-UMNO ustaz in the MSD to campaign for PRO-UMNO club". Don't I know any officer at all in the MSD, their ability and mentality ?

I never think UMNO is worried about the present storm of Cadbury and apostasy. Everyone is busy with protecting the interest of the party, fear of losing money and position. Everyone is thinking how to be an illusionist to win an election. Would Mahyuddin be alarmed at the deterioration of the Muslims morality ? But let me praise Datuk Ahmad Bashah who anually donated RM5K to my school for the training and coaching the Muslim students who lack the practical knowledge of religion. I would to call all the UMNO members to be more concern of the weak students, and carefully scrutinize the current secular education system.

We are told that progress is wealth and the attainment of the state of the art technology, high GDP and high per-capita income. The Malays will be backward and left far behind if idling in the economic race. Those indulging in the spiritual world will not be contributing to the growth and development. We give our focus to those with high academic achievements to enhance global competitiveness. Everyone ignores the dropouts and the low achievers.

Now we are living in a violence world. Criminals caught were with many previous records. The law and punishments are very kind to them. Big time robbers who robbed Bank Bumi, Perwaja and PKZ went scot-free. You can steal as long as nobody sees you. Even if someone is seen stealing he is not 'stealing' unless he is reported.

The side effects of secularism  are the blind spots people just can't see. In the mind of the educationist every planning and policy is perfect. If they care to investigate every individual they wouldn't have made the force streaming of 60-40 science-art cohort. The poor in mathematics will sure to plunge additional mathematics. At the end of day we will produce enough people to be called 'pariah group' who have no insight of the eternal world, neither would their feet touching the ground.

What is the cause of so much confusion in Malaysia ? Our leaders have lost the ability to think. To be more specific and precise 'the Malay leaders have lost their ability to think'. On education and economy and other matters they engage other national and paid millions for the policy. They consult some Indians or Chinese to tell them on GST and other local economic policy.

They put all their effort to make sure of winning all the elections by hook or by crook including the use of hooligans and smoke screen deceptions. They were thinking how to enrich themselves and their cronies via various projects and gifts. They arrange all the public resources for their benefit. They seek the help of the clerics to justify their evil acts, corruptions and misuse of power. The highest of all they claim that they are divine and UMNO is the party sent by God.

Did our educationists see the type of citizens it would have produced for the future, NOW ? Or they deliberately chose to produce confused and chaotic Malaysians ? And should the school's heads and educationists created more jobs to do the extra jobs which they are not paid to do. Matters of morality and religions are the jobs for the parents. After all God creates heaven and hell. Let some go to heaven and some to hell

06/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have both the Chinese and Malay friends doing big businesses. Their fates were similar. Many had to close down their businesses. The Chinese I knew did not show their tears but keep on struggling, opened up a new and different outlet. Successive failing opened up their minds to took for some luck to start a new in Australia or the United States. There were Malays who did the same, migrating to those places to open up restaurants and work on a farm.

Life is a struggle for all races. To the Chinese idling is a suicide. To them they can't expect anything from the government. Skill is only through being an apprentice somewhere from the young age, working without salary except for free meal. Some took 15 to 20 years to gain total experience to receive RM3K a month.

Never think any business can make you a millionaire. Just try an electrical outlets. You may have the minimum of 7 workers and a monthly commitment is about RM10K. The sale must at least give a profit of 11K to cover the cost. Selling durable goods is not like selling goreng pisang or mee goreng. My friend who closed down his computer shop worked under his sister who opened up a restaurant. "Rstaurant makes money," he told me.

Shops selling computers were most found to be closed.

It is not the same as selling a few hundred thousands 1Malaysia laptops to schools by a company belonging to a crony. The supplier made millions by a single stroke, and the members of the public are paying for the machines. There are business that forced into people's throat in exchange for a forced payment like Indah Water and the IPP. Even the Telco siphons for unanswered call.

Like the Malays, the Chinese too borrowed money. Chetiers are gone. Loan sharks replaced them. It is seldom for the poor Chinese to get help from the wealthy ones. The poor Chinese suffers as much as the poor Malays. Compare with the Malays, the Chinese find it extremely hard to get a free entrepreneurial or skill training.I seldom hear MCA gave away money to help the troubled Chinese. They collected much more than any possible contribution to their community.

I can't talk for the Indians due to my poor knowledge about their community. I had had three Indian workers in my school, two of whom I encouraged to do part time businesses, making and selling muruku. I supported one to buy a grass cutter. One Indian student is now in the air-force. But I guess the Indians and the local Thais had to do a lot of struggling to survive.

Some believe that crimes are related to poverty and joblessness, except for the drug addicts. You smell crimes everywhere, and they seemed to be beyond control.

The Chinese who work with the government do not think much about survival. The rest are thinking about it day and night.

Poverty does not recognize racial composition nor creed. There are millions of poor Americans in the land of the wealthy. There are many wealthy Malays among the poor community. An independent person needs a survival skill and dexterity to live on, with the hope their siblings would come to their rescue when grown up.

04/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Anyone can exercise his own view to himself or form a belief out of it, as long as he does not force his will on others. If you don't agree with it, just be it. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

I always believe in good and positive attitudes, diligent and hard work. I can't say whether those characters are innate and hereditary. But I know that culture must be taught and trained. A King can keep his son indoor for safety or send him to battle field to combat with the enemy. Ancient court gave importance to breeding, of habits, manners and attires to be looked cultured.

The creator of Amateur Radio fraternity saw pride in the hobby in two things; the making and construction of communication equipments and the ability in sending and receiving Morse codes. Both possessed a certain degree of difficulty to achieve. To be a ham one has to have a certain mental setup and made a fairly elaborate preparation. As time went by ham radio created and formed it's own tradition. CW had been associated with the hobby.

But in the modern era almost everything underwent great changes, pushed by liberalism, education and technology. Even the content of religious teachings changed. Especially in Asian region people began to throw away the traditional dresses, and only wore them during functions and on a certain festivities. Traditional food slowly became exotic and young people had to pay a huge sums to learn cooking. Women went out to work, drive lorries, busses and taxis.

What is inevitable is inevitable. VHS tapes and CDs will somehow be obsolete. Manufacturers and firms decided the change. We can sustain them because of the minute and sophisticated technology. New things were born and spread like a virus; came the smart phone and the LED TVs and the different kinds of computers.

To many the most alarming is the change in value system. Gay marriage, drugs legalization and living without wedlock have become the norm. A few Muslims questioned about the taking of bathing in place of the procedural ablution. Corruptions are considered favors and gifts of helps. But these are not inevitable.

Why should we change the non-inevitable practices and hardware ? Many houses prefer cooking pots to microwave, sweeping the floor using brooms rather than the vacuum cleaners.

In the radio world manufacturers are producing ready made sophisticated and light portable transceivers. And there are plenty of commercial made antenna system. Have money everything goes. Hams prefer not to waste their time in constructions. Since the mother boards are so minute and compact it is becoming more and more difficult to do the repair work. The kaput equipments are either sent back to the companies or thrown away. Without any electronic knowledge anyone can operate a transceiver. Only a few left in the world who homebrewed radio equipments.

In such a situation Radio Amateur Examination is irrelevant. There are thousands who use ham equipments and staying on the ham bands without having to learn electronic.

Yet we require RAE and in Malaysia a pass in CW. They are to keep with the tradition of ham radio. And to keep a certain standard and status of ham radio as compared to the other radio hobbies. CB is another form of a radio hobby.

A certain portion of the objective tests relies on the element of luck. That's the reason why some still cannot describe the reason and the working of a balance modulator or the theory and application of an impedance. How true is that that some do not know the resistor color codes and to read their values ? Students went through all the past year questions and to choose the right answers without understanding any concept.

But it is not the same as CW. There is no element of luck. One has to master the codes to pass it.

By co-incident the preparation for CW itself build and developed a certain desirable attitude. First it is the dare to face challenges and difficulties. There is no such thing as spoon-feeding and luck. Once there were many class B hams who went to Morse test without learning anything, hoping to pass. Of course it was a hilarious affair.

The thrill seekers would do almost the impossible. The daring sky jumping and acrobat, climbing stiff mountain and rock, challenging the severe weather at the highest mountain in the world and ll sort of other daredevil stuffs. These people carry different demeanors with them, and looking at life in different ways from many others. They possess genuine leadership skills.

Though discrimination is detestable you won't want your kids to mix with thieves and drug users, do you ? We have no alternative but to categorize human being, the lawlessness and the gentry, hooligans and nobility. Even an innate mental capacity compounded with acquired knowledge differ between person to person. Categorization into specialization of tasks and economic productivity evolved on it's own. I cannot be better than a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot or an engineer and caanot be at par with them in the social status.

However there is a margin of tolerance for the social interactions and intercourse. We go to mosque and pray together regardless of social status, mental ability and wealth accumulation. We form a society of acceptable people. We would still have to reject criminals, rogue individuals and murderers.

We have to look back and determine the characteristics of a radio society and the people who choose to embrace this hobby. Right now don't we hear hams who borrowed things and money and never return them, hams with foul mouths, hams who broke any law they chose ? We would not want swaggerers, liars and cheaters, do we ? I am very disturb and sad to hear that one ham welcome all the criminals into the ham fraternity because they have all the right to do so. To you it may not sound absurd.

To me CW is a form of control and a filter towards a glittering and joyous hobby. Hams must have a certain caliber and acceptable characters.

03/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In a far far away land, father than the land of Timbuktu, ham radio was a part of a past time of many people. They chattered day and night among themselves. They were jolly good fellows having enjoyable time chatting on many topics.

They had only one class then, which is today called Class A. Exam was tough as it was held in English and in descriptive forms. Those who listen to their conversations were called SWL, a short for Short Wave Listener. Though transceivers were difficult to get, some of the SWLs could accumulate them to a big shocking numbers. They had one dream - to talk to those hams they had been listening to.

Years passed. Many SWLs sat and passed the radio examination, applied for a Morse Test and awarded with a ham license after passing both the written and Morse tests. To qualify for a ham ticket was tough for the masses as many were not well verse in English and Morse codes was the main hindrance. To those who could not get through either gave up listening or continued with the dream. One of them was Men Kong Gong.

In the later part of the century a Class B category was introduced. Hams under this class were restricted to VHF ( Very High Frequency ). The exam format changed. The questions were in objective forms. Men Kong Gong sat for the test and passed. Since his dream hams were on the HF, he could not communicate with them. He needed Morse certificate, which he found difficult to obtain.

Ham Radio was not only in the land beyond Timbuktu but it was an international hobby. The world seemed to worship the United States as a god. The great nation changed it's policy, to abolish Morse requirement, and it was a great opportunity for those who can't  learn Morse to put pressure on the authority to follow the United States.

In the meantime one by one of the old hams passed away. A few living ones were ageing rapidly. Some are ailing and a few gave up their licenses. As the old hams were diminishing it followed that the dream of Meng Kong Gong would inevitably followed the same path. It became a dying dream of the ham, Meng Kong Gong.

What can we learn from the story ?

To achieve a certain dream we have to put out our optimum energy and resources, working very hard with patient through time. It is a process of attitude development, erasing fear to face hardship and difficulties. The harder the barrier the bolder we shall be to overcome the obstructions. I have heard words of a few teachers "Come what any type of Principals we are not worried...." because they were very hard working and fulfilled the total job requirements.

Changes and innovations do not guarantee a perfect world. Drugs, crimes and other social illness remain despite the tremendous technological progress. People continue to live in fear. Houses were broken into. Bikers snatched bags and get away with it. Drugs trafficking never seem to cease. Internet conning is rife. There are killings in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and the world over. Masanto cheated farmers in India. Corruptions, gays and free sex have become a norm. Your kids are not safe outside your house; they may be kidnapped for the body parts. If Iceland had stayed to themselves they would had not suffered from the economic downfall of the dollar bubbled, but they invited in the multi-national companies. Why do we press for changes then ?

If you start to flout with rules and laws before becoming a full pledge hams it is a tendency that you would do the same after becoming one. At least you will find ways to enabled those who can't to come on the radio through different twist and turn. Political platforms were usually used - radio for RELA, radio for PERKASA and radio for some other NGO groups. All do not use their radio for the jobs set. They chattered like hams. You tend to open up loop holes to confuse the authority. There is no need to keep 15 or 30 transceivers before becoming a ham, and to use HF sets to intrude on banned frequencies for you.

I noticed that those who broke rules would pressure the authority to pass the law of what they had been doing.

Men Kong Gong would have his dream became a reality if he had followed the style of Chong Meng Ren, who would not wait for free stuff but would struggle hard for his Morse exam.

As time becomes older Men Kong Gong will perish together with the old hams. The dream fades.

03/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO's money, FELDA, Tabung Haji or government comes under one category; government sponsored or supported or approved. They come on TV telling the people to eat and not to be afraid of Cadbury product, a form of encouragement for Cadbury consumption, a direct advertisement and campaigning and . I would call it a distorted thinking with a bad intent, filthy and smelly.

When thousands of Iraqis were bombed the American did not bomb on the selected few. They should killed only Saddam Hussein, not the whole innocent population. Didn't they say Muslims are terrorists and Muslim hijackers were Al-Queda ? Even our government arrested the Malay fighters who fought for the Syrian rebels, labeling them as terrorists.

It is the Cadbury who need to prove in court of it's innocent not the people from the government of Malaysia.Their breached must be punished.

You can't protect the cocoa industry and the investments that UMNO or it's entourage put in and going on to advertise the chocolate product which may contain the pig's fat. I would ask each and every chocolate be checked for it's content. Yet some hoodlums become heroes for Cadbury. Try to argue with them and the sure response will be '..if you don't want to believe us, just don't buy them...'

For the sake of money people are willing to sell their souls. Satans love to befriend the ulamas who follow it's footsteps.

It has been a talk of FELDA's money in the chocolate. Who run the cocoa farm ?

We want to know how much money of UMNO and it's cronies in the Cadbury production.

02/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A student once told me he got free marks for the monthly test without having to sit for it. The whole class was wondering how they were given the grades. And a student of mine who became a lecturer passed the failed students out of pity.

Crazy stuffs are happening everyday. 32 millions of bank loan was without interest and millions of dollars given to friends out of public funds. And I myself go for exercise under the heavy rain using either an umbrella or a rain coat.

If we are already crazy other nations could be crazier. They legalize pots, gay marriage and abortions. They found pleasure in killing people, pissing at dead Muslims and sodomizing a dead body.

Only this morning Ah Hwa stopped by my house telling me that his bike was stolen by three Malay youths while he was washing his hand. One Datuk's house he was working on was broken into by thieves and stole many valuables. He suspected the same Malays.

When Najib gives out BRIM the drug addicts enjoyed themselves most. The government is kind enough to provide money to buy cracks. One Chinese towkey said, "Crazy...the government is making people lazy." I saw a handsome lady with a Samsung went to a bank claiming her BRIM.

It is a high time we need to be serious in life to enhance the competitiveness, mental prowess, diligence, creativity and a real ability among the citizens. We need to compute how long our resources can sustain our GDP and how they could be smartly distributed. Our oil with somehow deplete. Rubber and Palm oil are facing stiff competition.

A girl being raped by 34 persons did not surprise me either. Even without reading I have guessed that she and the boys were in the same group, as I always see the motorbike gangs of male and female riders, ridding wild with full throttle and some without helmets. And more crazy the police rider passing these guys pretended he saw nothing and heard nothing.

I am a ham operator. I found amazing things are taking place on the ham band and outside the ham band caused by people related to the radio. Even the RELA group communicated like the hams, jabbering away on various topics and more strange things. There were such thing 'lesen ampun kurnia' and without.

You just observe busses accidences, one after another. Try to chase a bus on a highway and you will find they are running at more than 120 km/h. Who cares about it ?

But people are people. They chose easy life, why wasting time and effort busying in other people's affairs. The Malays are fatalists and accept whatever the outcome. A mother with a rebelled child said to my wife that rebellious youths are common today. It is everywhere. Don't bother about them.

The ancient people may know the term breeding and cultured class, a character of ladies and gentlemen.

Probably we are too intoxicated with civility, human right and liberalism.

Would the police say that there is no thief until their belongings are stolen, no robbers until their wives' bags were are snatched, no bad people until one of them is shot at ?

02/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was impressed with the TV series Mission Impossible. There are many intrigue schemes to make what seemed to be impossible possible. Since childhood I began to think how to win an election using various malicious ways. I had never surprise to hear stories of ballot boxes floating in rivers.

I have always believe that there are already ballot boxes with ballot papers ready. They are very well hidden and ready to be executed, added or switched.

The best counting place is at the place where people cast out their votes. Yet the representative of each party must be well scrutinized to ensure he is not a mole or easily corrupted. Light could always be switched off and ballot papers added or the box changed. More party members must be placed to observe outside and inside the counting room which must have an auto power supply if the main goes blackout.

Any recount has to be done in the room and once the result is agreed by all, they are publicly announced and recorded and witnessed. Otherwise the Election Commission can always change the figures. There is no second count at any other place. The carrying of the boxes can always be replaced with new ones while in the vehicles especially design for the bad deeds.

The most remarkable way of cheating is to use the unsuspecting chemical paper which will erase the voters marks on receiving an electromagnetic wave. It uses different frequencies to make a mark appear.

There are 1001 ways to cheat. Some are easy and others are difficult. The plans must be well laid out. The normal laymen and political party members do not think about it at all. The most common in the last GE were the light off.

To curb any suspicion it best to win the whole election marginally. Cheating husbands and wives always know how to keep their spouse happy and unsuspecting. Likewise in gambling, Casinos will not win all the time. The people must be made to win as well.

Either the use of technology or manual procedures were deployed. If you want to win in the 50 - 50 or 60 - 40 areas, you need to know the groups that will forever be the opposition. Your task is not to make them come out to vote, either using feelers to bluff, corrupt or threaten them.

Looking at the local scene I would not make any conjecture.

Once, a very many years ago I told my friends that UMNO will fight among themselves and kill each other. It will happen once the resource is nearing scarcity. The continued means of raising money through taxes can push the public to the limit. Such thing has happened and it will happen again. This time the clash will be of a much greater magnitude. Many UMNO members will realize they are being deceived all the time.

02/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I can't even solve a basic problem. The current method of sending my wife to the dialysis center is only a temporary measure, as my Kancil will cease to function in a short time to come. No other car but Kancil has the seat level the same as the wheel chair, and the gap between the wheel chair and the seat of the car is only about 4 inches. Viva's seat is about two inches higher with the gap of about 6 inches. Saga SV is more than 3 inches and the gap of more than 1 foot. I use a slider board and a thick cloth to pull my wife in and out of the car.

A second hand Kancil of 2002 costs RM6800. It may have an accident before and I would not know the engine condition.

At home I made a raised cement to make the height of the wheel chair equaled the Viva's seat. That could solve my bringing her onto my Viva but I could not do the same at the dialysis center. There is no provision for the raised floor.

I wrote to Proton and Produa for the lower chair by the side of the driver, and both replied that they do not do any modification to their cars.

Then I looked at the hydraulic gadget of any possible way to raise the wheel chair or it's seat. Using the gadget would consume a lot of time which may slow down the transfer and will annoy the waiting cars in the long queue at the hospital.

What is left for me to do is to change the Viva's seat with that of Kancil, with the hope the resultant height is the same and the gap is within reach of the slider board. If it could be done it would solve my problem though my Viva will look a little ugly with seats of unequal height.

I wouldn't have any problem if my wife is thin and lighter. But she is at least double my size if not tripled. She can't stand nor walk.

I have been telling her all the time,"If I were to die before you, only God can help you/"

01/06/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In China more and more people leaving their homes in cities for the deep jungle, on mountain tops thousands of miles away, bringing with them an initial supply of food and faiths. They settled by building small shelter to sleep, rest and protecting them from rain and shine. Slowly improving their homes, plant seeds they brought with them. It took almost 25 years to live a basic comfortable life, free from noise and pollution, taxes and authority.

How long more could they live in tranquility before big machines and bulldozers came in to destroy trees and chase the wild animals away as what had been happenings in South American jungles ? All under the name of development, high GDP and wealthy nation.

Never think you can find a place anywhere to settle like those Chinese or the highland natives of South America. Even the monkeys, tigers, elephants and other creatures that have been living there before the existence of UMNO are not spared, being driven out of their natural home and lost their source of food. Te savagery of mankind is untold and the most evil in the universe. The greed is baseless and will never end.

We used to live in a wooden tilt house, enough to accommodate our small families, without even a tap water and electricity. We made our own cooking oil from the coconuts, accumulate enough rain water from the gutters for cooking and bathing, planting foodstuffs around our houses, no TV nor radio and slept with windows open to allow the cool breeze to enter our houses. We did not know development. We were happy and had plenty of time to remember God to thank the Al-Mighty for bestowing us with enough providence.

New Zealand and some of the Western countries still preserve their greens, agriculture and forests. Quietness,  , serenity, peace and tranquility is felt when you travel across those nations. If you are proud of sky-scrappers in Kuala Lumpur and Penang the New Zealanders are proud of their farmers and the farming land and the beauty of their landscapes. Towns are smaller than the smallest towns in Malaya.

Try to ask our civil servants and UMNO and Najib why they are so aggressive and obsedded with the idea of development, higher GDP and a high income nation.  Listen to their answers. They would paint very rosy pictures of a much better and luxurious living and enjoying exhilarating life. None will will speak of the side effect of developments and how it could change our social communication and values and our attitudes on traditional practices and beliefs.

In the past marriages are forever. Divorces were rare, only till death they depart. There were true love then. In many developed countries the institution of marriage has almost gone. Couple live together and bear children without tying any knot. Living partners change from time to time. Male and female communion is only for the love and fun of having sex. Yet some claim the partners remain but live on wife swapping.

The divorce rates are alarming in Malaya only. The drugs and gay marriage have been legalized. Crimes like corruptions and murdering people whom they labeled as enemies, are becoming a norm. We don't have to talk about the developed Western nation, it is ample just to look at our own country. An open corruption is called 'help' yet with a demand for a reprocity. If Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and XYZ are my enemies, they deserved to be killed.

I don't see mankind are becoming better, sincere or honest. Selfishness is always behind the smile and the innocent faces. They want to be first, running red light, double parking blocking other cars, a man grabbing 15 tissues for himself in a restaurant, conning, collect money from the public wherever they can. And politicians are the worst lot especially Mahathir, the ex-Prime Minister, who opened ways for the land grabbing under the name of development. Seeing many VIP passed away this month at the age between 85-89, one Chinese man told me Mahathir will live until 130 .

If there is no more land where you can escape hell then try the sea. Live in it, attached to land around a remote place somewhere near Lahat Datu.

30/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


They are not one. A nation cannot be a traitor. A party is too dumb because it has no brain, therefore it cannot be a traitor. But a member of the party whoever he is can always be a traitor to the nation, the race and the people.But we are made to believe that a member is a nation. The nation is the highest. If a member holds the post of a Prime Minister or a President he is free to do whatever he likes because he a nation. Challenging him is a traitor.

The sanctity of a nation should be preserved and protected. No president, Prime Minister or King can sell it to any foreign government or foreigners. Global punishment standard has to be set for any traitor.

Let the leaders realize of the consequences of being a traitor.

In every nation there are two main type of courts; the court set up by the government and people's court. The legality depends on the guns and weapons, the police and the army. If the masses own the weapons and made judgment then the power and legality of people's court is recognized. The French and Bolshevik revolutions were the period of change of power. In France the King and the Queen were executed.

The ruling party is not a nation. It is subject to change and vanished. The flags and symbols of the party do not possess any sovereignty. Flying them everywhere ignoring the Malaysian flag is amounting to an insult to the nation.

Any agreement of ceding part of the nation to foreign government by the heads of the ruling party, lawmakers or with the consensus of population is null and void. The living people betray the nation. Betrayal is an act of treason.

In the past when people obey religion and a strong believer in God, the power of a King was almost obsolete. King was said to be divine, the shadow of God. Challeng a King could cause in a sudden and a violence death, strike by lightning or struck by an invisible power.

Today, the educated liberal does not fear of people around him, but respect them as friends, as people who are kind and helpful, at those who educate them and their children and people who protect them. He says all man are equal in the eyes of the Al-Mighty. How could they fear a human specie when they do not fear God.?

When Mahathir sadi 'The government pays you the salary therefore you must vote for the government', people shouted back 'You are there because the people put you there. Your salary is paid by the people'. Newton Principle of action-reaction has become bolder that brought down Iraq, Egypt and Thai leaderships. Syria is the most bloody.

Ancient cruelty has been displaced by despotic and authoritarian rules with different form of power and strength. The use of money to corrupt, promotion and threat combined differ from the use of sorcerers and fear of divine punishment. We begin to hear rulers deploying hooligans and police to threat and attack the people, paying jobless young to spread and propagate lies.

How much money and how long can perpetually blind the masses ? Money rot. Continuous digging spoil the source. Once they wake up and realize the different between a nation, a party and a member of a party, they will know it the nation that they have to protect and save not the betrayers and the traitors.

Bush and Obama were called to be impeached. Somehow they escape.

Is there any clause in our constitution about impeachment ?

29/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



MH370 isn't really over yet. Now comes the pork in Cadbury. It could have been before the era of Rosmah, but only shows it now. Bad luck will never end until something is done to it.

Bad luck could be a curse. The curse can come from someone else or from within. But science rejects the element of luck and curse, replace it with probability, chances and even Murphy's Law. There may be millions who gossiped and talk bad about Rosmah, it has nothing to do with MH370 or pig in a Cadbury. An intense hatred does not change good into bad.

The fun is to record and wait for catastrophes, their frequency of happening and the seriousness of each calamities.

The question 'What's next' can imply 'bound to happen' or 'may or may not happen'. It is bound to happen because it is a strong force, unknown to us, that is pushing for bad luck. Those who believe in Feng Sui and made changes to the situation deemed to bring bad luck, experience great changes in their lives and businesses. A couple who bored all female children shifted the bed location as pointed out by Feng Sui finally get a male child. Call it an accident but the Chinese are wealthy and more successful in many part of the world. The mirror at the front door can chase out evil and bad luck and they invite their god of Quan Yin to enter their houses. So they believe. They pay tenths of thousands for 8888 plate numbers.

Before the '60s the Malays had had an annual celebration called 'Mandi Safar'. The month of Safar is the period of bad luck. To clean oneself from the bad luck one could go to the beach for the cleansing. Later it was stopped as the practice was said to be of a Hindu rite. Yet at home kids and those who deemed to bring bad luck were given a bath using the water that underwent incantation with Quaranic verses.

A large numbers of Malays still believe in mystery, black magic and shaman (bomoh). Even Presidents have astrologers to forecast events and bad days. Many Malay politicians have their own shaman to ensure of their position and safety.

But doctors and technologies and scientists never appeal to spiritual world to assist them in their quests. They would laugh at your face if you were to tell them of the bad luck brought  by Rosmah or Obama. No one can perform an event across the world by telepathic waves. There ere rumors on the experiment of mind control through the amplification and transmission of magnetic waves to implant control into human mind. That requires sophisticated machines. Hence it is impossible for a normal man to possess such a powerful telepathic power.

We have to wait until Najib retire from his Premiership to enable events comparison. It would be a thought provoking if all bad things stop abruptly, and Malaysia became so lively with the new takeover. It may take another 100 years to prove that bad luck really exist.

If in the past the sea and inhabited land turned to be desert of sand covering a huge area, we can't say what's to become of the world in future.

Whatever the next hell will be, let us pray it will not be the bloodshed.


28/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There was a small  Surau located at the junction of Tambang Badak in the city of Alor Setar. This small prayer house was empty except during the day time as it was turned into an insurance office. Tambang Badak, once a Malay kampong, were sold to the Chinese leaving almost no trace of the Malays. It is now a business area. Hotels, medical center and shop houses are filling the place. And where the Surau was, is to be developed into a Hyper Market. When land acquisition was in force, the committee members of the Surau opposed. PAS was accused of robbing the prayer house. They seek the help of PERKASA. Leaflets lashing PAS government were distributed everywhere, especially in mosques cursing PAS to the most foulest language.

Azizan commanded to leave the land alone.

The construction of the Hyper-Market began. The minds of the Surau owners changed. They started to see the big money and the benefit.

After some vanishing act and juggling came an announcement that they are submitting to land acquisition as the ruler needs it.

Indeed I saw a filthy specie.

PERKASA, the Malay right group headed by veteran politician including Dr Mahathir who approved the Land Acquisition Act, that any land could be acquired for economic development. The greedy groups found it to be very lucrative to rush for land. UMNO gave priority to the property development. Hill tops were raze. Agriculture land were raped. Malay land were taken away by an act passed by the Malay Right leader.

PERKASA, a paper tiger, is fanning hatred instead on focusing on mending the weaknesses of the Malays and putting the morally declined Malay youths on the right track again. They should have declared war on drugs, clear the Malay youths from the world of crimes and prostitutions, look deep into the education system that ignored the slow learners and the less motivated youngsters and geared their effort to enhance the Malays without using tax money belonging to other ethnic group.

Why PERKASA when UMNO is already there representing the Malays ?

27/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Money seems to be above everything in UMNO. The whole evil started during the reign of Mahathir with his brilliant idea to make the Malays as rich as the Chinese. He wanted to create the aristocrat groups of business communities that will control the wealth of the nation. The historical crux of UMNO, the Malay school teachers, were slowly replaced.

Mahathir found that the Malays were slow to move. Farmers and fishermen only know their traits and left distribution to the others. They lHe acked knowledge and education, no business acumen.

The solution is to create proxies and cronies who will work under the order of the Master. He is one of the Masters. He had to use his autocratic power to pass laws forcing the public to pay to the bodies under his scrutiny. He taught Tajudin to sell MAS to the government when the carrier was not making profit and bought back it made profit. He used public money to bail out ailing companies under his care.

Somehow he found out he needed the Chinese as his partner.

Greed never end. He saw prosperity only through industries and business. Dealings were made with foreign firms. Mac Donald, KFC, Burger King, telcos poured in. The country prosper. GDP rises. Those aren't enough. They saw in land for property development that bring quick money. Houses on hill-tops could fetch up billions of dollars if sold to foreigners. Again there were growth in GDP and National Income.

People saw big opportunity in joining UMNO. Followers bidding for projects. The awards came in several forms. The owner of a license gets a few percent which can be of a few hundred thousands and the rest by the Masters. Smaller projects were left to the head of departments.

But later the numbers hunting for the opportunities grow. The competition between the members become stiffer. Those who fail to get them became a virus to the party. Unhappiness and breakup in UMNO were not due to the difference in ideology but the scramble for the share. So was the ouster of Anwar and Pak Lah. Pak Lah was not a sleeping Prime Minister but he saw through Mahathir's design in the mega-project.

 Najib has to find more money to satisfy the members. They were accused of plundering the national coffer until the nation has come to the verge of bankruptcy and to sell national assets which were vehemently denied. Economist is telling us the economic growth is on the positive side and foreign investments are increasing.

GDP is GDP. You grow a plant and earn money from it, it is a domestic product. The 100 dollars you get is with you, not in the national coffer. The government has to devise methods to get part of your earning into the national treasury. If you live in a remote area nobody can force you to pay any income tax. But to put it in goods you buy, you can't escape paying. Giving away money does not add to your saving. It minuses.

What the people need to know or already they have known that how much money goes to the proxies and cronies from KFC, Mac Donald, Piza Hut, Burger King, Lever Brothers, Cadbury and communications and entertainment ?

Let me tell you about a modern robbery that had happened in my town. Robbers broke into the goldsmith shops, took all the precious metals, and walked out. While going to their car they threw out parts of the gold to the people nearby. The people rush for the goodies. Nobody cared about the robbers.

Taking billions and throw millions. It is a great business. They pay the hooligans to protect their crimes.

27/05/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof