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Really I still can't imagine how waves mix. People put effort to see the invisible by manufacturing equipments to display some sort of images of atoms, photons and waves. We would not know whether those are the real shape or merely some graphic representation.

Wave forms have the ups and downs. The down trend can either be positive and negative or both sides be either positive or negative. Oscillators that I am aware of move back and force, giving the positive and negative values. It oscillates at a different speed depending on the materials cut or the design set by the components. We term them frequencies. Later they said that every sound has a certain frequency. They then categorized these into groups like audio and radio frequencies.

They discovered that electrons passing through a coil of wires at above a certain speed would produced the repelling electromagnetic wave due to the building up and the collapsing of the wave at a very rapid speed, that push the wave out before it has the time to collapse. The electromagnetic wave travels through the atmosphere. They call it radio wave.

Radio wave can be a plain wave without carrying information or you can make it to carry information. It may take only a little ingenuity to create a message. The radio wave without information, move plainly in a constant shape and speed was called a carrier. Samuel Morse manipulated with the carrier. 'Stop-send-stop send' were made into patterns. Short sending is a dot and long sending is a dash. A short send followed by a long sending with a a short pause in between is termed as a letter A. 'Oh! It is a simple. Anybody can think of it," we might have said. But we did not do it. So for a long time messages were sent using this method.

Then they tried to add audio wave into the radio wave. They were exited to see the shape of the radio wave changes. Thye found that if the carrier is 1000 khz per second is mixed with 300 khz, there were two more frequencies produced, 700 KHZ and 1300 KHZ. The 700 khz is the lower side band and the 1300 is the upper side band. Hence numerous radio stations bloomed up broadcasting radio wave which they called AM, amplitude modulation. 700 KHZ, 1300KHZ and 1000KHZ all carry identical messages and information.

When Ham Radio came in they found that it was a mere wastage sending both the sidebands and a carrier together. They decide to send only a single sideband. They came up with a module called a Balance Modulator and SSB filter. The Balance Modulator is to suppress carrier leaving the SSB. The SSB filter is  to choose the Upper or the Lower Side Band. In the good old days the circuit for carrier suppression were complicated but today a single IC would do the job. The MC1545G will do the work. They arrange the components in such a way that the RF will follow the circuit with equal and opposite voltage to a transformer that will cancel each other in the primary coil. No current will be induced in the secondary coil. This is possible as the sine waves of the oscillators are of equal magnitude. The moment an audio input is applied, it will upset the balance, There will be RF+audio and RF-audio. They pass the primary and induced in the secondary without the carrier. The carrier that of equal magnitude disappears as they cancel each other.

I know of a few old hams in the AM days who ventured themselves into the construction of the SSB transmitter. When I came in I felt scary to go on AM for fear of heating up my final tubes. In my mind then with 50 watts SSB I could go round the world with much ease while 50 watts AM would be tougher. The BBC and VOA used tubes that needed water or vapor cooling and transmitted 500 kilowatts.  True or false I believed my final tubes would last longer. I had never expect a high fidelity audio in a SSB signal. But today they invented ESSB. Some guys took more than 6 KCs of bandwidth.

23/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Before I have the time to jump to non-political topic, Mahathir uttered another statement about the Malays who have to beg from the non-Malays to remain in power. Perhaps Mahathir is half right. It is not the Malays who are begging to retain power. It is UMNO. Observe to what extend Najib is willing to go. Didn't Najib has flexed all his muscle and tentacles all out at the expense of taxpayers' money to win popularity ? The starting point was during Mahathor's tenure of office. It was his policy which derailed the Malays politically and economically. Najib speeded up the agony and the wrath of the Malays.

All along UMNO have been short sighted and practicing giving rather than protecting the Malays. What do they always want to see in the near and distant future ? The answer is MONEY and quick wealth. If they have been concerned of their future and the generation to come, the would have not acted foolishly and arrogant in their manners. They keep on blinding themselves and destroying their own race by arresting those with visions.

If I were to tell Mahathir what sins he had done to the Malays, surely he would vehemently deny it. 98% of the criminals did not plead guilty. It was he who opened the gate to Malays  poverty and turned them into beggars. There is no savior for UMNO who had endorsed what their learders were doing. I was never wrong in my previous prediction. I had said more to that. In 35 years time UMNO will be buried forever.

That old man was never wrong. He would be dead of old age by now. "There are two races that God would cast into the hellfire; the Malays and the Jews; the Jews for their cruelty and the Malays for voting the party that always lie and deceive them and kicked them..." Yet UMNO is continuing with the recruitment of the new members, to boost their haughtiness and running crazy with corrupt practices. Government officers could be worst than the hooligans and mafia.

In a sense Mahathir is quite obervant. But it was him who kicked Pak Lah and put Najib in the Pak Lah's place. Therefore he has no insight, otherwise he would have not call upon the Malays to sell off their land.

It is a great pity if Najib does not know why he is becoming very unpopular. Luck is against him when Malaysia was beaten by Thailand, otherwise he would have exploited the winning glory credited to his effort, as to many other UMNO's claims such as '..without UMNO the Malays will die..." and " without UMNO there will be no Malays.." He is thinking of another lie and deception, of giving more cash to the people to make them accept the economic downfall. Already the evil ministers are blaming the world economy. The moronic Ministers are telling the people that the declining currency value benefit the Malaysians.

A political party could not continually win elections thru frauds like the changing and manipulating the ballot boxes. And judiciary cannot be forced to dismiss all the authentic contests all the time. And the police cannot forever obstruct the rise of militancy in the country. To fight a war within with our own citizens would lead us to the destructions of the Malay race. We would return to savagery.

The reasons for the normal Malays to hate Najib is different from that of Mahathir and the old UMNO gangs. Big guys do not feel the economic burden. That's why they can afford to buy million dollar rings and use jet planes to take them around. They can buy properties in foreign land. They just can't stand how Najib spend the money and prefer their own candidates to run the country.

Malay unity under UMNO is almost impossible. People hate to see the detestable faces like Ku Nan, Shahrizat, Mashitoh, Adnan and a few others though they may tolerate Najib. Under PAS, it is also very unlikely, as Hadi is not perceived as a visionary leader. Hence the race will forever remain disunited. The Malay based political party does not have any other alternative but to beg from the Chinese for votes.

I have been waiting for Mahathir to talk about election fraud, about the change in the ballot boxes and about all other mission impossible stun stuffs. He just mentioned about the Malays voted BN because they feared the worst evil of DAP, not because they like Najib. Even this summation is wrong. In such a situation they will not go out to the polling stations. Rashid knows better in this arena. He allowed multiple registrations of voters, which mean groups of mobile voters that move to several voting stations after each vote casting.

There is no need for begging, cheating, promising or corrupting. Just be fair to all races, prudent in spending, avoid wastage and the giving away of cash to cronies, make arrogance a taboo (UMNO politicians and civil servants), don't allow a wife to run a country, fully understand the meaning of corruption and don't start any monstrous project without prior consultations. Be humane and don't burden the citizens with the evil economic scheme.

With genuine sincerity to all regardless of their race, creeds and beliefs will make Najib a real respectable leader, without begging and huge spending.

21/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is only of my conjecture and interpretation of the event that does not carry the truth of the reality. My mind pokes the whole bodily system when Dr Asmah is awarded with a title Serikandi Negara. It is a move to cushion Mahathir's anger and the award is another form of trying to appease the former Prime Minister akin to 1MDB that aims as a cooling agent against the rising cost of living. The question is obvious 'Why it is only now, at the point when Najib is under attack ?' It is the observed tactic, a favorite of Najib, in dealing with pressure - promises, money, meeting the critics, slumber and smiling face and togetherness with Rosmah.

Will Mahathir halt putting pressure on Najib with this award ? It is a game played by Najib to win. Najib will never want to step down and he never will. Even without any deceitful maneuver there is no way UMNO can throw Najib out, with any amount of police report or criminal accusations. AG is his triumph card. Patail and Shafiee are behind him. PERKASA is nobody, a paper tiger headed by unpopular personality known as frog.Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali had declared himself a hero of the Malay community and slams his critics within Umno as 'bangsat'. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, December 19, 2014.

Literally speaking UMNO does not have enough strength to push Rosmah and Najib (combined) out, for the first lady herself takes up the fight.

It is a very interesting game to watch. As we watch the game of chess, we were trying to figure out the next movement and response of the players in the battlefield. Soon, I guess, Mahathir will be awarded with a title we have never heard of before, specially tailored to win the heart of the man who put Najib on the throne.

As I have said UMNO is more scared of the Malays than the Chinese. The police keep on suspecting them as a potential terrorists group that will take up arms against the BN government. We are seeing a string of arrests. I think that the Chinese will be charged as Communists and the Malays as terrorists. Even military personnel are under scrutiny by the police.

The United States is studying the situation closely. If they find that it is easier to work with Najib than Mahyuddin, then The Prime Minister will not be scared by any form of challenge from anybody. He does not have to pay to get the support of the congress. Any furyher award to Mahathir and his spouse could reduce any vocal cry calling for a new leader.

18/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Will DAP introduce Draconian law and practice despotism if the party were to rule the country ? The future prediction depends on what we see now and the trend from the past. And as I see it DAP will practice despotism base on the party's consistent bickering on the application of Syariah's law in the state of Kelantan where the Muslims are the majority. The command that there will be no Islamic Law is itself harsh, despotic and undemocratic. It will make no different between DAP and PERKASA.

There is actually no such thing as absolute freedom and the freedom of choice. The Arabs, the Chinese or the Koreans community in USA cannot make the part of the country where they stay as part of Saudi Arabia, China or Korea under the administration of the mother lands. When in principle Islamic Law is repulsive to DAP, it will be enacted as illegal, even practiced by the Islamic community.

DAP is vocal about it, had fought against it and will ban it if the party were to gain power. Like BN, DAP will arrest protestors.

 18/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The huge 1MDB debt, the cutting of subsidies, the GST, the spiraling price and now the declining ringgit concurrently increasing the momentum of turbulence.  Najib is under attack from all angles. I guessed they are hitting at Rosmah Mansor indirectly. My last question on what's next after MH370 and MH17, has already surfaced. Rosmah has to use all her awards and popularity bought from overseas to save and protect Najib.

Shooting Anwar and Lim Guan Eng does not make any different to Najib anymore. Najib has already been disgraced by the same party he is in. I heard the grassroots calling each other to change the leadership when they are paying more for the gasoline and daily foodstuffs. yet the mentally retarded Datos are calling the normal people to change their lifestyles, to go on bicycles and don't buy food that double the price, stop eating out etc.

Worst will be coming if every one of  UMNO members come to know Goldman Sachs, a friend of Najib who loaned 1MDB big money, with a high interest rate. The debt is mounting. People are forced to pay for the reckless spending.

The guys who were willing to die for Rosmah in the last GE are now dying. What they get were the Barisan Blue Flags which are now used to scare the birds in the padi fields. Rosmah enjoys many great tours and a special private jet while these guys are paying through their nose with their meager income. Even the paid cyber troopers were very unhappy with the current economic downturn.

Rosmah won't want Najib to step down. Najib has to make his own decision from now onwards. As Taksin's wife broght his downfall, Rosmah would be the cause of Najib's.

It is a big turbulence. Even if Najib agrees to step down, there is no one qualified to immediately take his place. Mahyuddin gave RM250 million to Shahrizat's family of rakyat's money just like that. That was not a small blunder. He could have made many more big blunders if he becomes a Prime Minister. I don't see any other talent in UMNO like Azmin or Guan Eng. It is unfortunate for UMNO that talents are in Keadilan.

Hence Najib will continue to stay. The turbulence will embarrass Najib, losing respect day by day. Would he care ? He has the money. And that is the power. Mahathir may know a lot about Jews and AIPEC but he does not know everything about them and how they operate to gain power. I don't see any way he can put Najib down. He was lucky with Pak Lah, who himself was willing to quit. But not Najib. Those who want Najib out are rallying around the former Prime Minister who is too old to remain mentally active. The whole structure will collapse once Mahathir leave the world.

The Malays will find no peace, only after they die.

 18/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Another Dato' on TV1 said that if gasoline price goes up, the people must not blame the government but to change their lifestyle. "Go on a bicycle and take public transportation." he said. "Subsidized gasoline only benefit the rich." This Dato' blamed the opposition parties for politicking the issues that benefit the government and the people.

What public transportation was he talking about ? In many areas there isn't any public transportation system. People cannot cycle to buy monthly supplies for their homes or carrying their kids to schools. This UMNO Datuk must be a nut. Subsidized petrol is not to benefit the poor but to control the price of goods and services. All will get the benefit. It has been there for decades in our country and the previous government didn't become poor by it. The decision to increase government income are due two reasons; the government has lack of money owing to lavish expenditures including 1MDB to corrupt the people and secondly there were too much of privatization that gave divide the profit among themselves.

I think the national media like TV1 should stop inviting the toilet paper personalities who are indirectly ruining our nation, with bunch of lies. These idiots have been talking of cheaper prices with GST and the various government policies while the masses are paying more and more each day. Yet they are saying the people can afford to pay but the lawmakers have to 'ikat perut' . 

And now they come up with a rosy words 'LAND BANK' to ensure of cheap land for the cheap houses. Land Bank was an idea brought about more than 45 years ago. Nothing happened. What land bank are they talking about when there is little land left. Many have been sold to property developers. Agriculture land were reduced by a big amount and even the hill top were raze. Jungles were raped and homes for the native as well as animals were taken away.

You just wait and see. Najib has promised millions of things and how much were delivered. This Land Bank is not a trivial thing and they will find a lot of hindrances and walls which they hardly climb over.

I am not an opposition. But that's what I see will happen as GST will never reduce prices and the cost of living. In the end the rakyat will be blamed and put to force, to boycott and to change the lifestyle.  It is a pity that we have too many evil in our midst.

16/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Learning religions as a pass time is like learning foreign languages. Bible is one of them. But bible has more than 50 versions. If you happen to read all of the 50 and the basic 8 of them, you won't know which one is the truth. There are plenty of contradictions and confusions. Some changes were made on purpose to suit a certain parties. The joke is they believe in those words and want others to believe in them too. What proved to be false and contradicted cannot be legalized even under the name of freedom and human right. Even in USA religion is barred from school and Darwinism is given a place instead of Creation.



Religion is under attack. Even some educated Jews in Israel blamed religion for many wars and many said that they are not religious. People still want to believe in what has been proven false and continue zealously to spread the proven false and contradicted. You can preach the truth but not the fallacy. It is a crime to lie to the people, may it be politics or religion.

In the above article, it is amounting to saying that the cross should be thrown away as it carries the perception of trinity. The Christians have a choice either to embrace Judaism or Islam.

You can believe in whatever you want, right or wrong, but you must not destroy the minds of others. That's why a few religions were losing disciples, leaving them with people they once termed as savage.

15/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I already have two young teachers from amateur radio fraternity. Azlan is an expert in electronic and radio communication and Piju who is very knowledgeable in computer and networking. Piju never failed me when I consulted him on several matters. It is a short cut for me for not having have to read and do much research.

Many of us are still lacking in knowledge after graduating from colleges and universities. Science and technology move so fast that what we know today will be obsolete in no time. Though growing old seems to be so quick, knowledge leaps like a super speed train. Sometimes we feel that it is better for a slow life, to enjoy a longer acquaintance with our current possessions. Imagine you buy an iPhone 6 today and by next month they announce an iPhone 7, not at a cheaper price.

At this phase Azlan and Piju are still handy. After all I am almost static with my computing and ham radio activity. When my friend, Hanafi, talked about the multi type and brand of antenna I just listened. I did not bother to quiz for more details. To me dipole is my world, less money and effort need to be sacrificed..

Azlan proved his ability by winning several robotic competition and successfully design equipments for repeaters. He does things with ease while most of us still do not understand the wisdom of the LC circuits. And Piju guided me how to maneuver through some blocked website by clever means, and while I am not produce any program on the mobile phone, he has put a few soft ware for the benefit of the hams. Soon I will request the total codes from him.

Why am I telling you all these ?

These are the resources nearest to us where we can reap knowledge for our benefit. At the same time we are showing recognition to our fellow hams made in Malaysia. I noticed that their effort to share their know how with the rest on the facebook and else where were met with scorns from our own fellow hams, with all sorts of accusations.

Not all hams are smart. There are numerous other hams like me, who are hungry for information. A few were seen to ask questions seem to be trivial and silly, which need answers. A question last asked 'What is meant y 60 Mhz' actually needs a very long answer. Some old teacher would probably start with Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison before proceeding to oscillators.

Instead of criticizing any effort to spread knowledge, we should learn from their writings. We can always rebut if we have answers which we think we are right.

 15/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now another bombshell falls on PM Najib as the ex-Election Commission chief is lashing the Prime Minister to stop lying. PERKASA is barking at UMNO Ministers and the old veterans are bashing the Malay extremist group. Yet  none of them ever asked who actually runs the country; Najib or Rosmah ? There was a malicious tale about Rosmah phoning Putin on MH17, not to say about using the government jet for her comfort.

I heard the young Malays blamed UMNO 'Pelungkup Harta Melayu' , a serious accusation which has been dismissed and ignored by the Malay voters. This one was the work of Mahathir, another Malay hero. And more funny the UMNO cyber trooper is defending Mashitah who insulted God's words and falsely creating lies about the Chinese.

During the last GE many Chinese I talked to spoke about Shahrizat and Rosmah, the NFC and the ring. Wanita UMNO has been the target of hatred for showing their rowdy support to the lady who said 'Now I only fold my sleeve, not my sarong yet'. 

Lots of people still believe money had been used to free Najib on Scorpeen case, buying popularity and getting awards for Rosmah. The suspicion was bad enough. The Wonderful Chinese New Year should be taken as a lesson, at least for avoidance if not for repentance.

Those who believe in God and fear the retribution will not sacrifice everything just to put Anwar in jail. People are not fool. They gathered the evidences and heard words in court and they were not wrong in  driving a conclusion. Then you shove their mouth with money and broadcast your deeds daily on the national media, until they became so stale.

I won't support Mahathir who is working hard for his son. I noticed Mukhriz inherit some bad traits of his father in 'pelingkup harta Melayu'. Neither would I support PERKASA for the extreme view which I think will doom the Malay race completely. But Tengku Razali sees there is no way that UMNO can transform.

Though Tun Razak has left us he left his friends and administrators with us. Najib prefer to use foreign consultants, including the Sabahan to run the nation for him. The eminent 25 were actually double that number. They represent the old administration. The past PM wives never took active role in running a country, nevertheless they are a very strong motivational force.

What now ? Hishamuddin's KLIA2 'OK nothing wrong with it' is now a laughing stock. I could still imagine Hisham's face when he said 'KLIA2 is OK...' Truly, if I were him, I would have resign by now. While others are talking about mismanagement of 1MDB fund, I question on the choice of Goldman Sachs. A nation is not an object for gamble. Could you imagine if one day Goldman Sachs says 'Malaysia belongs to us' ?

Keep in mind that running a country is not like running our own home.

15/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


PM Najib always go with Rosmah to squash trouble within the countries. One regard it as obvious, another thought it otherwise. After MH370 and MH17, I asked the same question 'What 's next ? ' I would have not been rational to believe in bad luck. How could we tell Najib to shake away the mysterious dark side that has been hitting Najib one after another. All along Najib believes that money can command devil to things for mankind. Najib should have known that he is running a country, not a home. At home the mother is a Queen.


There are a big number of fan sitters in UMNO, waiting to see who will turn out to be stronger; the old retired veteran UMNO lead by Mahathir or Najib and his police force. The shots have been fired, even by the vicious PERKASA. If the fan sitters jump ship Najib will declare war against the Old UMNO gang. All they want is Najib to resign.

Najib said that he used Rosmah's word BANGANG, which  we assume the word spurted out of Rosmah's mouth while family discussion at home. Mahathir and other bloggers are called moron by probably Rosmah and Najib.

It would be a very offensive name to call Mahathir and Zainuddin with a debased title. This time if Rosmah were to go and see Mahathir, the late Prime Minister should ask Rosmah 'Who is running this country ? '  The war has just begun.

What's next ? If there is a disaster, it will be bigger than MH71 and MH370. Mark Mahathir's words 'Somebody is going to jail' under 1MDB. Who is on Mahathir's mind ? It is a very scary phrase from the former Prime Minister.

14/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Khairy seems to smarter than Anifah Aman in his response to Binden on seditious act. The Patriot Act is more suppressive than the seditious act. The Patriot Act does not allow a person to THINK or to SYMPATHIZE with the Muslims. And even after the cleare case proofs of False Flag they still pursue against the Muslims, not because of the 9/11 but for other hidden reasons; to justify the invasion of Gaza and to rob the oil in the Muslim lands. A strong ISIS would threaten the oil field in Iraq, Syria and Libya. And Malaysia showed it's loyalty to the United States for also two reasons; to ensure the Malays will not use force against the government and to avoid intervention by American politicians. Malaysia has always been a good military ally of the United States.



Mahathir was right to say that USA has no high moral value to tell Malaysia what to do.

As for us, the problem of seditious act does not lie on the act itself but on the people who will abuse and interpret the clause to suit themselves. Rosmah can sue the politician on defamation but not on sedition, when it is her duty to find out how the public money is spent by PERMATA. We don't have to compare with the cruelty of the Patriot Act. JUst because Americans kicked a Muslim, does not mean we can kick any of our citizens whom we like.

Khairy's question should not be used to condone the abuse and made the law a Draconian one. In many aspects we are better of, especially our social family value, the filial piety and the respects of the elders, our medicare system has a great human touch, where in USA you may be allowed to die if you do not have insurance. We are not too liberal to legalize drugs and gay marriage, nudity and exchange spouses. We do not have the law of the right to hire and fire.

If Khairy is aware of Patriot Act and other repressive Act surely he would have known who Goldman Sachs is. This man had made several visits to Malaysia and nobody says anything. The worst is 1MDB took loan from him.

If Khairy were to very well know Sachs, it was his duty to the nation to voice it out before the loan was made. An agreement signed cannot be undone.

Politician has been used and made fool by mafia and shark gangsters, conning them to say OK to things which are not like the case of KLIA2. I still remember seeing Hishamuddin haughtily warned those who oppose the KLIA2 and called for further checkup. And soon there will be meeting on 1MDB which may produce the same result. I am sure someone will defend Goldman Sach in the cabinet meeting.

At least Khairy had asked a pertinent question. As for a Sabahan or a Sarawakian, I have nothing to say, though I show much respect to my lecturer the late Mr James Ongkili.

Try not to wag the dog by repeatedly challenging others to insult Islam and the King. All we know the Wanita UMNO and other Malays themselves would have done those. The main issues of corruptions will stay fresh in people's mind. Just because corruption is rampant even in the United States, we are going to point our fingers at them and say 'ours is not as great as yours'.

The strength of UMNO is not in it's members, military or the police but on the integrity of the members and the party, free of corruption and nepotism, honesty, farness, concern over the rakyat. Khairy, in his spare time, should be made a teacher to teach the cabinet Ministers.

12/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Arrest and  intimidation do not create fear among the populace but instead elevating greater hatred towards BN and UMNO. As one UMNO law maker said that the desperate attempt to regain 2/3 majority in parliament will not work this way. UMNO has caused wrath among the Chinese community by despicable speeches and accusation that do not represent the Malay thinking.

Issues and criticism raised on Rosmah are not in the mind of the sole opposition members. The grassroots talked the same stuff, and people are observing her ways on the national media. The whole population, not only the DAP have been observing her. Any act by the government will not erase questions on Rosmah's expenditure or expenditure by organizations where she is a part of it. Threat, arrest, lawsuits and intimidation would mount greater hatred. There are tons of articles not in her favor.

I do not believe all what I read are true. People accused Rosmah  for using shaman and black magic. It is a pure absurdity. But somehow I do believe in the mystery of the in-explainable stuffs like the Feng Sui, which the Chinese believe very much.

One reader equates her to Marie Antoinette, which carries the message of intense hatred and the boiling feeling of an avenge.

The voters are waiting for the next GE. Once again Najib has to summon all government departments to plan for the sure win, by clean or dirty mean. Rhetoric, by big words and more promises and by corrupting the people under the guise of assistance. Will the people forget the mountain of unfulfilled promises. Even at present whatever he says is not what is in reality. Prices of medical stuffs are on the rise. My pension shrunk by about 50% . I have to struggle to make ends meet. The village folks are lamenting at the high cost of living.

If the immense hatred come from the bulk of UMNO grassroots, it would smell doom. And Najib's association with Goldman Sachs itself is as good as surrendering the nation to the Jewish matrix of power. It is a great error that cannot be undone even by his successor. The whole nation lives to pay back the loan for the rest of their lives like borrowing from Chettiars.

I am not calling the government to haul the Chinese on the charge of sedition. But I am asking the Malaysians how many Malays were being hauled under the act and charged for terrorism ? Would the government close the local universities to the Malays as they give more threats to UMNO ? These poor Malays are being sucked and victimized while the Chinese are being hurled with sinister words.

Enough is enough. Either UMNO change their leaders or make itself diminished/

For UMNO to survive the leadership has to change. Talented leaders are not masters of rhetoric. There are thousands of them inside and outside the party. At least we have the chance to see young leaders in Azmin and Lim Guan Eng who have shown talents and proofs that younger people can run the country in a very efficient and innovative ways. There are a lot of dynamic young people with superb education. The rejuvenation  could be made possible by the younger blood, and older faces like Tengku Adnan should give ways for the new ideas. And some others in the current lineups are very repulsive as they paraded themselves as despotic and emotional.

To choose a new leader UMNO must not be too hasty. The history of their spouses and family members must be taken into account. A nation is not a home where you can run at your own whims and fancies. The responsibility is to the people not to yourselves. A spouse must not be made to rule a nation by any barbaric means.

In the meantime, Najib can clarify the truth in court himself, not running away from the a house of justice. Let Rosmah prove herself innocent from all the malicious accusations. The public is matured enough to judge without prejudice. It will be a good platform to clear themselves and earn an outstanding ovation from all the citizens regardless of their political belief.

I have been through all the Prime Ministers since the first day of our independence but I hd not seen such a dramatizing events as today's chaotic episode. What actually went wrong were loopholes in the computation, the abhorred attempt to justify errors, the expectations do not match the outcome, and the aura of bad luck that is surrounding a creepy personality.

The shame of Malaysia is 'the seditious act is only apply to the opposition members' . Else Mashitah will be top on the of list for insulting Al-Quaran and for inflammatory false accusation of the Chinese burning the Holly Book. Second is Ibrahim Ali for threatening the Chinese with another May 13 and called upon the Chinese to keep stocks of food.

The deteriorating value of ringgit - A Minsiter said in a TV3 interview that the declining value of money would benefit Malaysia because the prices of our commodities will be cheaper. The demand for our products will be higher.

The big bulk of Malaysians are consumers. They don't export rubber or palm oil. Even then the price of rubber is on the decline and the palm oil is experiencing uncertainty. The most important to these Malaysians is foodstuffs. Mahathir once said, "Use our land for factories. We buy food outside with the money." We are happy to depend our food on outsiders.

Importing would cause the rise in price. People will suffer. Poor parents have to pay much much more to feed their infants. Powdered milk fetch a very high price. Bhasmati rice cost RM28 per medium packet. The cost of building materials are pushing the house price sky high. The Malays can't afford to purchase new descent home which is touching almost 1 - 1.5 millions.

If Shahidan says the lawmakers are poor, how could the normal Malays be richer than those under nourished politicians ?

Income and Inflation - The same Minister said that there will no more poverty when people's income has reached an affordable level. He also insinuated that increase salaries and probably minimum pay would solve all the economic woes and the rising cost of living. He spoke like an economist but doesn't he know that increase income will not catch the price that will be pushed up by the increasing volume of money. It is called inflation by whatever rate.

Comparing International Oil Price - Can we compare countries just by looking at the price of gasoline and say we are much better than those countries ?


Looking at the above list Malaysia is one of the cheapest and Malaysians should be thankful. Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore is paying more. But we can't compare oil price on plain basis. The mother earth of each does not produce the same amount of wealth. In a plain term we can't compare a bare desert and an equatorial land. US1 in a desert has a different value with US1 in a fertile land. Gasoline is expensive in Thailand but prices of goods are cheaper.

Yes, we are trying our best and do as much as we could for the country and Najib has done all and promised the most, yet Najib's administration is still facing a mounting criticism from every corner. The old UMNO veterans do not spare him.

I think the rakyar is wrong in criticizing Rosmah for her lavish expenditure and oversea travel. Why not give a try, pay for her 5 year vacation oversea only to return home 5 years later, and see the difference in Najib's administration and people's perception of the government. Will it be the same ? Gauge Najib's popularity within the 5 years. I predict a tremendous rise in popularity and support.

So far no others blamed Rosmah. They blamed Najib's advisors and those who want Najib to go. Already two Ministers admitted Najib did not keep his promised but he is still a great leader. As for remarks by Mahathir I never want to take any into account. He started all the problems. When he talked of other capable younger people, he is talking about his son, nothing else.

It is a great pity for our nation. In the yesteryears university lecturers were gathered to make economic policies for the government. Today who decide what for the ruling party ?

12/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Islam, Judaism and Christianity were all born in the Middle East. Atheists were born in the West from the womb of the White race. When earth was the center of the universe and flat in nature people were wiling to die for their religion. Religion was used to justify imperialism, to bring light to the savage. The savage were people in the East. The Chinese were the Barbarians. And finally these savages were tamed, made slaves and to obey God by obeying the colonial administrators.

When individuals chose to put away God's words we would say they were isolated case. Religion is still a strong faith. How would we conclude when a state legalize gay marriages and drugs and nudism ?


The above article is about a man vs a nation, portraying the people of the Western culture. It confirms of a great debate about the death of god in America and other White Christian states. Religion is left among the people whom the colonial government described as savages.

That's the reason why Judaism is gaining momentum in the United States. It is time for Asians to open their yes, not trying to be a blind Christian martyr.

The Jews look at Trinity in a different perspective from Atheists. The Jews used the religious perspective, the Atheists through historical angles which are more convincing with proofs.

Among the conservative society religion is now a strong political tool. People simply love to congregate to hear talks and speeches.

 09/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


1. Alvin Tan is one of those youngsters who believe in the absolute right of a person to choose what he likes and do what he wants. He has to wait for more than 20 years to change his belief himself. There are thousands others who criticize the Head of States but never get caught. In the facebook there are numerous offensive and disturbed remarks made insulting the opposition leaders. Many chose not to fight back. Why ? Any sound man won't pick up a fight with a young boy, a mad man or an uneducated people.

2. You cannot question what Rosmah or Najib does with the public fund. It is the public money, mind you. It will not be crazy if Najib did not announce that seditious act will not hinder the process of democracy. He did. The whole word comes to know about it.

3. Big guys are expressing anger on the choice of Mueller as MAS EO. Mahathir said, "Choose White man to be our Prime Minister." Others say "Mueller should be chosen as a consultant not as EO." I say nothing. I am anxious to see whether Mueller can put MAS in order again. Why not try to investigate how many Malays and Chinese are running foreign firms and companies.

4. Mahathir said "malaysians are stupid because they did not know how to manage MAS". It was during his era and his doing that pushing the carrier into bankruptcy.

5. NFC was owned by Shahrizat's husband. Funny the government gave RM250 million of an outright cash instead of installment. Now it looks like they are not willing to return public money. And Shahrizat is hanging herself around Datin Rosmah Mansor and Najib as shown in public media. Why ? So that her family can go scot-free with the money ? We  just have to wait and see.

6. RCI took more than 6 months to release the 366 page report ? Surely it has to be scrutinized before it was allowed to publish. When asked to revoke back the IC, the answer is 'too many people. We can't manage the big number'.

7. 1MDB borrowed money from Goldman Sachs. Doesn't anyone know who Goldman Sachs is and the Jewish matrix ? This is the most crazy of all. UMNO members do not know this man at all. What a pity. I fear we may be losing our country to this man.

8. Last but not least. Instead of uniting the people. We want them to kill each other. Does Ibrahim Ali think the Chinese will let him kill them just like that ?

09/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Are you angry at our 2 - 1 defeat by Vietnam ? Those who have recorded the game can watch it again. Observe the speed, skill and agility of the Vietnamese players. I am sure Dollah Salleh applied the scientific ways and developed agility of the players. The Vietnamese were better. The coach must have done a better job than Zainal.

The video clip on the top shows one of the techniques of developing agility. Other team may device their own methods. Certainly we know that football training is not taking a ball, put 22 players in the field and ask them to play. 50 years ago weight lifting was unknown to the Malaysian footballers.

50 years ago I told my friends that one day the Koreans will beat us in Takraw. The prediction was base on their  ways of thinking and doing things. It is about mental prowess. When the stupid people say 'we will do the thinking for you', it spells the end of progress. The authoritarian-slave relationship has been our culture for a long time.

Our government spent millions in importing foreign coaches to lift some of our sports to the international standard, like gymnastic, synchronize swimming, hockey and other sports. They did their work well and our athletes have raised themselves to the required level. While they were in the competition, the national leaders branded them as immigrants and threw harsh words on them.

Mental disturbances weakened the spirit.

Our football players may not be affected by any political turmoil. But it could affect the planners and the team of managers. Wrong people were chosen for the jobs.

Sports especially soccer has always been politicized, a political tool to draw support for the Federal government. It is BN that is financing the champions. Every winning gives Khairy and BN a political mileage.

Failure means a disaster to the coach. Kim Swee was very frustrated and decided to forget football.


Who among us would think about the lack of agility ? Agility is the automatic response to a stimuli, quick to move without thinking. It is also a factor of age. Our agility declines as our age increase. So is our speed. Safee could not be as good as he was before. He had reach his peak and now it is on the decline.

You have to believe in the element of luck as well. At time we were puzzled how on earth five accurate shootings hit the post after passing the keeper.

We need to study each of the successful coach of the world, their biography and how they go about training the team. We need to know how and why Japan, Korea and China excel in the world of sports. Then even though we may become strong, we must remember others are doing similar thing. The edge lies in the secret kept by the better team.

Malaysians must strive to change the thinking mind from a single track, inward focus to a larger and open dimension. We have to stop thinking that we are the best in everything, and the smartest in the world. If we follow the mental trait of UMNO we will finally find we are in the middle of nowhere. Then we will run amok and start to blame everyone else for our own deficiencies.

08/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What is meant by ZL land ? ZL is an international prefix to denote New Zealand as 9M as an ID to Malaysia.

This is a second visit to New Zealand by Rusli, a ham radio operator with a call sign 9M2RB. This time thr group consist of more than 30people, each family has a caravan to drive.

This is a summer time yet it is very cooling. 9M2RS, Sultan Rashid, follows the caravan tour.

We will hear more of the stories when Rusli return. He just posted pictures. But pictures speak a thousand words.

He told me about the trip before departure, that it is headed by a fine young Malay man who is now living in France and who has a vast experience in traveling.

The land is well preserved. You can see sheep when traveling from North to South, by the thousands and probably millions. The state or federal roads are almost empty. I would imagine what could happen in Malaysia. Developers would be rushing to build houses and condos. Mahathir and Najib would say 'It is for development.',t>

I will soon write the cost incurred by Rusli. The last time I traveled to New Zealand, I paid RM7K for two weeks. The trip was worthwhile but I would never want to make another visit to the beautiful island.

Don't be shock by place name like Orepuki. It is just a native word. It is a lovely word for the Malaysians.

07/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


MAS, an ailing carrier, was one of the objects some people want to fail because it was conceived as a Malay carrier. Before Mahathir's privatization scheme no amount of curses, condemnation and sabotages could affect it. It was run by an honest and capable personality. When Mahathir took over the Premiership, he saw the profit by MAS was very tempting. He used his proxy, Tajuddin Ramli, to buy over the airline. In fact he began the privatization scheme to rob the money from the people. His greed was without end.

Now he blames the Malaysians as STUPID for ruining MAS. He was responsible for the sickness and yet he put the blame on others. In other words he is blaming himself.

Would we denounce Khazanah for employing Mueller as a new CEO when they have no more trust on the Malays ? If Malaysians are stupid Air-Asia would have followed the fate of MAS. If Mahathir is still a PM of Malaysia I have a feeling he would use his power to acquire the carrier as well to plough the profit and divide among his cronies.

The smart thing about Air Asia is it is selling the future tickets and people are paying them right now. And recently Singapore was selling the Business Class at the economy price. Even if the profit is lesser it is still a profit.

Yesterday I asked my friend who flew to Istanbul about the food on MAS. "It's OK. Nice," was the reply. A couple of days earlier I asked another friend to who took a flight from London to Kuala Lumpur. "Last time it was bad. This time I asked for a vegetarian meal. It was nice," he said.

MAS has to be more careful about some trivial thing like food. It is the people who give life to airlines. MAS must always remember it.

06/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The traditional Malays were mainly agrarian society except those who live near the coasts, making trading within the coastal strips and sailing inter-islands for the extended trade. Some historians describe Melanesia and Micronesia as a seafaring people. For decades the Malayan Malays locked themselves in fishing, agriculture and inter-island trade.

The Malays were mainly docile, passive, obedient, honest and trustworthy. They had plenty of land and food were abundant. Children had their education in Arabic, Malay or English schools. Religious schools were run by individuals who were of te Middle Eastern influence. English schools were rare and only selected few could register as students. The sons of aristocrats were sent to special school.

Until the independent passing standard 6 Malay school could end a person as a school teacher. Most government jobs did not require secondary school education.

Students' discipline were subject to stringent corporal punishment.

Until early 1960's passing Form 3 could still earn school leavers government jobs. Around 1964 upwards the minimum requirement was the for 5, School Leaving Certificate.

The British, heretofore conceive the Malays as an emotional and stupid race, easily intoxicated by praise and countenance of respect. Later on the British administrators realized that the Malay civil servants were easy to work with for their loyalty, obedience and easy to please.


The Malays for decades were deemed as stupid, lazy, incapable and not cut for mathematics and sciences. The Malay students were made to believe that they were only good in arts. Only a few would dare to enter the science stream. The attribute of greed came later, started during the period when UMNO was filled up by business group, slowly phasing out the school teachers who were the first freedom fighters.

In the '60s voices were heard arguing that if the Malays were lazy the rakyat would be starving, for these were the people who work in the padi field and in sea to catch fish for all Malayan. They set the boarding school teaching mathematics and science, sent a few to foreign schools, and later found the Malays possess competitive mental capacity equal to others. We can therefore conclude intelligence is not a factor of ethnic hereditary.

Even in the 20th and 21st century the British still regards the Malaysians as dumb, especially the Malays. Our SPM and STPM are not recognized if we do not pay them. Even though we pay for recognition it will last for only a given period of years. And when Proton wanted to buy the auto technology they wanted us to pay in hard cash. You better go for education somewhere else, not in Great Britain.

In spite of better education the Malays are still being fooled, especially the top echelon in the ruling party. A few were known to be deceived by big towkeys, threatened by unknown gangters. Many were craving for wealth and strive to have a share from the national coffers under different camouflage they called development, privatization projects.

At the bottom level there are increasing numbers who become thieves, garbage hunters, bag snatchers, drug pushers and addicts, Mat Rempit and odd jobs laborers. A big numbers ventured into business selling fake supplements and medicines, and some became very wealthy in their avarice. And a big number were driven off their land which were acquired for developments.

The Malays do not realize that education alone won't help to elevate them. The development of attitudes, resilience, distant thinking are imperative for their survival. We had expected the universities to produce graduates with those characteristics, but they were hindered by politicians who commanded that university students are to seek mere knowledge, and to get degrees.  University students and lecturers are regarded as detrimental to the security of the nation, a place where the recruitment of terrorists are taking place. Again it is about the Malays being suppressed by their own ethnic group.

It is indeed strange when the Malays can allow 1MDB to borrow from Goldman Sach who is duped as the top terrorist who murdered thousands of innocent lives by a few American nationalists. Hence the prejudice on the Malays as a stupid race never end, and hold water.

The conglomeration of various agencies to shut people's mouth and criticism of the folly of the government is never a brilliant idea. It is a short sighted decision. It is driving an immense hatred and anger down below the surface, hidden and multiplied.  The problems of the Malays continue to drag and tension continues to rise. The rising cost of living shrinks people's income and savings. All resulted from lavish spending for the glory of a few.

It is greed, stupidity and the lacking of other vital attributes that is shoving the Malays into increasing difficulties. The blind spots in the minds of the politicians are destroying the race day by day. They are too deaf to hear the grousing of the people, and  too blind to see the consequences of their actions. 

Our Fist Lady had been receiving numerous foreign awards lately. What's so great about Malaysia as compared to the other First Ladies of the world ? It would have been guessed that there has to be something fishy around. It has to do with the make up of our attributes.

Today the Malays are suffering from mental confusion. From UMNO as a Malay savor they formed PERKASA. Now there is ISMA.  Perkasa fought against each other and UMNO is trying to down Najib and his old guards. Clashes among themselves are becoming more intense. The current leader is seeking all avenues to silence his critics. The normal Malays criticized on Rosmah lavishness, power abuse, and mismanagements of public funds.

More than 50 years after independent the Malays do not seem to grow stronger. They lost the respects of others and constantly being challenged ferociously. They thought rhetoric could compensate their lagging behind in various areas. Mountain of lies that accompany their promises have become a norm.

With the ongoing drama the race could become a laughing stock.

06/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You will be surprise to know that vote rigging is not only in Malaysia. Russia, Scotland, Turkey and in many other countries, including the United States. Ballot boxes were found floating in rivers. More boxes were brought in as the count show the ruling party lag behind, the overstuffing of the boxes with ballot papers. Big money rolled in to corrupt those involved in the ballot processes.

The winner by fraud later knew the actual votes they get. And several knew they really lost. 







When the number of votes do not tally there is a sure indicator of vote rigging. It takes less than 15 seconds to change a ballot box. Usually the court and the election commissions were called to support the government. Prior to the election various bodies including the police are called for briefing and brain washing, and all bow to ensure the winning of the present government.

The government claims that it is the victim of democracy. Democracy. Majority of the people are stupid. They are stupid enough to vote for the bad people who are in opposition parties. Only the current government can guarantee prosperity to the people. Fraud and cheating for the good is legal and justified.

04/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What pride has UMNO shown as a Ketuanan Melayu during the last UMNO national convention ? There was nothing of mental prowess to parade, nor was there any substantive idea that could elevate the dignity of the race. All that we heard was the lashing, bashing and cursing of the members of the opposition and the Chinese. And there were claps and yelling at every dirty words hurled at others. Najib said, " I have to borrow a word used by my wife 'bangang' ".So Rosmah was that powerful. Good for the nation building.


I know of at least 3 Malaysian hams who have passed RAE and Morse test in the United States with American licenses have to sit both of the tests to qualify for the Malaysian tickets. There is no such thing as converting US ticket with Malaysian and vice versa. But out of goodwill and the spirit of amateur radio a country provide a special privilege for a licensed guest to operate in the country for a given period of time and permission from the local authority according to the law of the country. After the given period the reciprocal will be invalid.

It does not state the quality of the foreign license because it is a privilege as well as for cordial relationship. We always treat our guest very well.

The rules, regulations and law in one country is applicable and good in that country. Many of us want to apply the law of foreign country in Malaysia. You go to China and break a law and tell the court that it is legal in our country.

Let us not our system be made so very crude.

01/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This is not Rosmah. She insulted God's words and accused the Chinese burning the Quaran. She is a big fat devil liar.

I really pity Rosmah. People seem to dislike her. I have been under all the previous PMs and I simply adored all of their spouses including Dr ASMAH. The top in the list was Toh Puan Rahah. But, I don't know what came over me that I too do not find Rosmah attractive at all. I have a feeling that she brought bad luck to Najib administration.

I never read any article or heard any unfavorable comments on those other PM's wives. Mahathir was attacked but not his spouse.

There has to be something wrong with the first lady. And Najib is facing a lot of tremors, one after another, diving more and more citizens to hate her. Najib is not spared even by Mahathir's camp.

My scientific mind is almost overpowered by sheer absurdity of sorcery. I started to sense bad luck is hitting Najib caused by the aura of Rosmah. The country is ailing with growing debt, shoving us to imminent bankruptcy. Najib is being attacked even by his own mentor. Because BN's popularity was at stake the party had to resort to fraud and gangsterism to win the election else  BN would be thrown deep down into the bottomless well.

This is the first time ever that the wife of a Prime Minister called the people to be loyal to her husband. increasing the intensity of people's hatred on her save Shahrizat who is also struggling to secure safety for her husband. Despite the various external award conferred on her, many still find her very repugnant and detestable.

The voters must try to control themselves and try not to think bad of Rosmah. She does no harm to the rakyat, nor rob them of their money. She has no time to do any of the filthy and stinking things. She just want to be better than all other PM's wives. She wants to serve the nation.

30/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In amateur radio there are call signs that do not belong to individuals. A Club call sign is allocated to a club that is easily identifiable. In Malaysia club stations would start with 9M4 as the prefixes. The radio authority can assign any call to a club, not necessarily begins with 9M4.

The unique special event call given to SEANET that I always remember is 9M0SEA, for the occasion of Seanet Convention held in the country. Hams usually apply for call signs from the authority for events like jamboree on the air, the light house day, exhibition station and other special celebration. As I remember it, the authority approved the call sign to be used for a duration of events held. And when we wanted to operate a portable station, we informed the authority of our intent.

For a seasoned amateur who have worked all the countries in the world, call signs has a special sentimental value. An experience ham in USA might have worked Indonesia from 0 to 9 area like YB0 to YB9. When he heard YB45C, he would want to add to his log. In fact the whole world would be attracted to the special call YB45C. If there was no pile up, I would have asked what was the occasion for such a call sign.

One attribute of a special event call sign is the duration is within the time frame of the event. It cannot be permanent or for a year. Let me examine a single suffix call like 9M2A. The maximum numbers can only be 26. It cannot be issued to the next two applicants if the time period is given for a year to all. A short period within a time frame say for 3 days allows a call to be passed to someone else for another activity eg. 9M2A could be given to 100 operators at different places at different time.

Single alphabet is usually given to a guest. Reciprocal license is for the citizen of other countries whom we regard as out guest. We don't reciprocate with our own citizens.

The big question is why can't we allow our own citizen to have a single alphabet ? He does have any pecuniary gain with it and it does not degrade the image of our authority or our country. If it is sinful, it is a sin of a special call sign to this country and to the DX stations. It would be special if it is rarely used. Imagine if it is heard everyday for the whole year, it's fragrance will dissipate. It won't be so special anymore. It's property cease to exist.

There is a new trend in Malaysia today, that there are a few stations tailored themselves to be contest stations. In the old days there were no dedicated contest station. I don't apply a special call sign only for the contest. I would say none of the old ham applied for a dedicated contest call sign.

The dedicated contest station wants a difference, wanting to lay aside the stale old double or triple suffixes. A single suffix call will be more luminous, lustrous, glittering and more glittering, that will be carried by a grand antenna system on a tall tower, echoing a rare call sign that will tell the world 'We are Malaysians".

I don't see any rationality on the part of the authority to limit a single prefix call to guest operators only.

The station can request but could not force the authority to give the call they want. The authority has the prerogative to award with any single alphabet from time to time.

On the other extreme imagine if all ham stations are demanding for a single alphabet and a dedicated call signs for contest and special events. Setting a precedent could have caused more problems in the future unless they are willing to accept the call to be given to the next 26 sets of ham on other occasions. The reluctance of the authority is understood.

This morning I listen to CW contest on 7 MHZ. I heard RT6A, B7Q, HS0A, HB2T and a few more single suffix station. I checked only HB2T to find out that it is a contest call of HB9EE. Only 26 special call with this characteristic can be given for this particular contest. Those will be the lucky stations.

The award of these special call should also be based on merit. The seriousness and the setup of the station must be taken into account. The station setup is above the normal standard. My 20 foot dipole should give way to a Quad and Yagi that stand 70 foot high.  Yet in spite of this I must be given a chance to enjoy this at some other time. So the locals and the visitors would enjoy an equal opportunity. Would it be an innovative idea to put this special call for bidding, or at least for a price ? If Malaysia start this system, may be the rest of world might follow.

In any case I believe it would be glittering atmosphere if a single call suffixes is given to a local contest or special event station as well. Malaysia would stand tall in the world of amateur radio.

29/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There were many things that our Elmer told us about amateur radio. A radio name should be short. It is just like a nick name. A short name could be retained as it is. Mine is MAN instead of RAHMAN or ABDUL RAHMAN. 9M2FK, Ismail Razak, chose ESHEE, a name called by Japanese when he worked in a Japanese sub-marine. It is nice when given in CW, all in dot without a single dash. There shall be no Encik, Sir, His Highness, Mister or even Cikgu unless I myself chose CIKGU  as my radio name. It is a symbol of equality in ham radio.

Secondly we were told that THE JUICE LIES IN THE ANTENNA which means between a rig and an antenna, the antenna has to be given more attention. We can have a million dollar rig bt it won't perform well with a 5 foot tall dipole as compared to a thousand dollar rig with a 70' full size yagi.

Thirdly e were told that a 40 meter full size dipole can be used for 15 meters working on harmonic. Those days we did not have tuners. Most local ham use Oscar block which indicates power and SWR. I worked 40 and 15 for a long time until I got an antenna coupler that allowed me to work on 20 meter band as well with the same antenna.

In the course of daily communication, I don't remember using the word I . We used We to mean myself or I. I did not ask why. I just followed. All conversations were in English.

As we went on we learned more and more. There was no internet for us to look for information. I didn't have even an idea there was antenna for sale. I washed Eshee construct a dipole, how he soldered feeders, soaking the feeding points into lacquer and dry it. And followed his method when cutting my first dipole. Some made their own Yagi. USM Penang club station had a full size yagi which could be considered one of the lowest. The lowest Yagi was at 9M2MW, Malcom Westwood's house, less the  10 foot high. And I never wanted a Yagi even for free. I thanked 9M2AT who wanted me to take a new set of Yagi home, which I declined.

To us 40 meter band was our home.

29/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There have been discussion and arguments on the topic of mobile and portable since I first became a ham. But I was clear enough because I have a mobile license. Nobody can carry a rig on his bicycle and hamming while cycling. The rig was heavy enough to rip your muscle carrying it even for 200 meters. A mobile was clearly defined by the license.

Look at what this person said about it " in the 30's you could not run mobile without special permit from the fcc on 160, 75/80, 40, 20, you could run mobile on 10, 5, ect on up.

That was the older rule in the United States, and here's what was in Great Britain.

I think much of the confusion arises from changes in the rules. M1MAJ says (sota):
Way back in the days before BR68, the standard licence did not permit operation from a motor vehicle.
You needed to obtain (and pay for) a separate licence for that (just as you once needed a separate licence to have a broadcast radio in a car). That licence specified the /M suffix, which wasn't mentioned at all in the ordinary licence. Self-contained equipment that could be carried was much less common in those days, but such operation was possible, and legal under an ordinary licence, but could only be under a /P suffix. BR68 changed all that several decades ago, but the myth that /M means motor vehicle (only) has persisted to this day.


But past was considered outdated though it would not generate insults and arguments. But as usual people want changes and progress.

In the course of discussion among the local hams in those years, there came one young man with a bright idea. He said, "Why not use stationary mobile when the car is at rest so that the other party could picture the situation." We neither reject nor accept it as it made sense.

A person on a car would be using " /mobile" when he was resting at a location. We wouldn't have known it. If he chose to use 'stationary mobile' we would know he was at rest. It made sense and therefore nobody insulted him. If ha had used a mobile ticket then there would have been no confusion at all.

The FCC is contemplating at banning operating mobile which is opposed by ARRL. If the FCC were to win and other countries adopted the regulation, it can spell the end of mobile stations. Taking the old rule all portable station need the nod of the authority. The old regulation was stricter because of Communist insurgency, which is now being replaced by the threat of terrorism.

I think the authority must publish a separate papers on guidelines and regulations. Some part of the guidelines like the SOP should be made a regulation, like the mentioning of the complete call sign. FCC had arrested and acted on stations which did not mention call signs in the course of communications.

Of course we are MCMC not the FCC. MCMC had shown a lot of tolerance, with the hope the local hams would show their good ethics, educated, courtesy, responsible and full of wisdom.

It is hard to be a good and perfect ham. But we can always try.

27/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I started Morse codes with a straight key bought from one of an electronic shops in Penang. It cost me RM24 then. I don't know when electronic keys began. But the old rig like my FT101 did not have provision for electronic key. Years later when the new keys flooded the market I was still on my old faithful.

CW contest is not a recent history. It has been here for a long time. Hams had been using the manual pounder in the contest. I joined in, not for the award, but merely to help the others to gain some points. Eshee was more serious. He was heard pounding his key till late past midnight.

I can't say how fast I could go with the key. I think it was less than 18 wpm at the best. Eshee could send faster.

Would I depart with my old and archaic key ? I wouldn't sell it for any price. It served me well, not only in the rubber stamp boring QSO but also in my ragchewing with Zainal, 9M2ZA, and Eshee, 9M2FK.

Today I used a key, more modern, loan to me by 9M2GET. For high speed CW with Mazwan, the new key would be called to do the service. Otherwise I prefer the old Himound pounder.

27/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof




From time to time hams go for a field day or venture into a deep jungle. A special event station was always brightened by the present of VVIP or His Royal Highness in the opening ceremony. Hams in the country would know the date and time of those occasions. When the day arrived they would stand by to support. Experience ham would be chosen to speak to the VVIP or HH concerned, for he knew the protocol and manners of addressing the eminent personalities.

Even the Indonesian hams would give support to these stations. No one has to yell to call CQ until his throat dries up.

I would cancel all my other appointments to assist such activities.

It was not a rule to do so. Neither was it an ethic. But it was out  of a  ham spirit. We kept people in company because we did not want them to be frustrated. The expedition along the Pahang river by the group of hams was always in touch with other fellow hams. We felt like we were there with them, camping in the deep jungle. And when Idris and Mat Komando went outing somewhere in no man's land, other hams were in constant contact with them. That was the time I came to know Brahim Kurma. Both Idris and Mat Komando were on those menu.

We had had several exhibition stations. Whenever I was called to provide support I would make a point to be on the band the whole day to make sure the event would run smoothly. And I could talk to any visitor who wished to over the radio. If I had something to do, other station would be there to help.

I did not remember any CQ call that never had a reply. You call and somebody will come back. The reason for the response was just we did not want the caller to feel frustrated.

I don't remember who were the people who stood by when we ran an exhibition station at UUM to talk to His Highness the Sultan of Kedah. Probably we decided for 9M2AT, Tengku Archibald, and 9M2DW. Eshee and Manan were there from the beginning to end. So I heard someone told me a SWL from Perak either cycled or rode a Honda Cup to join the excitement. The man is now known as 9M2RR, Rahim, the repeater master.

Before is not always better. But to an old folk like me it is something of a sweet memory which will never die, something to cherish forever.

26/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What was in the past does not mean better. I am going to tell you a little of what I remember about Telecom Malaysia managing Amateur Radio here. There are still several telecom workers who are hams who can narrate more of the topic. My memory is fuzzy to describe every detail of it.

In those days to go mobile we have to apply the mobile ticket. There was a separate fee for it. My mobileClick To Return to Ham Page license stated that my equipment was Yaesu FT101B and the address was my vehicle number, KU1727. The type of rig to be used at a station need to follow what was in the ticket. If it was FT101 then it had to be FT101, nothing else.

Stations that were regular on mobile were 9M2AT, Tengku Archie and 9M2GL, Idris. In those days a lot of preparation had to be made because a rig was huge and heavy. It needed a separate battery and a space for itself. Tengku would be mobiling from Ulu Tiram to Kuala Lumpur. He would used 9M2AT mobile whether his car was at rest or on the move.

There was no confusion on the term mobile then.

Portable was a fix station at a different location stated in the license. A ham had to inform the telecom before hand that he would be operating a portable station at a new location. We used to do it for the field day. When I was running a JOTA station in Jitra, someone from telecom would visit our station. I did not ask whether they were from Alor Setar or Jitra office. One solution for the field day or JOTA was to request for a special call sign. Usually the preparation was made about a month ahead, writing to the HQ in Kuala Lumpur.

Kamal Edirisinghe, 4S7AB, from Sri Lanka, operating a portable Amateur Radio station south of Stockholm, Sweden.

From time to time officers from Jabatan Telekom would randomly visit our shack, examining our logbook and equipment and signed our logbook.

Those days were never a heaven for the pirates. A few illegal broadcasting stations were caught, equipments were confiscated but a few were brought to face charges. Only one station who used other people's call sign was charged and the person had to seek the forgiveness of the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

That was the past. Hams were fewer. The exam was in English and of essay type. Though not comprehensive to pass a candidate must understand the concept of the working of the radio and transmitter very well. It was the language that hindered the Malays from involving themselves in the hobby.

The past was not always better. I write this to give a picture on what was a mobile station in those days. There wasn't many hams on 2 meters. I remember old boy Idris scolded me for using a handy in a public place. I was not to use  handy while on the train or a taxi. To use the word mobile while I was driving, my license did not incorporate the handy inside it.

25/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How about the MCMC revert back to the old system. Charge RM10 for a mobile ticket. If a ham has 2 cars than he has to apply for two mobile tickets. The rig on the mobile must be identified unless he uses the same rig for the two mobile tickets. Hence it will make things clearer what mobile means. Whether your car stop or on the move, you are operating mobile on the car issued a mobile ticket.

As to the status of taking handy around in the public place the authority needs to gather more information and discuss in the IARU meetings.

Absurd eh ? Think deeper about it.


The plight of the Bushman and the Red Indian has it's basis on their land being taken away for development. So were the natives of South America in the Amazon area. And the Chinese in Malaya started their own education system and business organizations to ensure of their survival. While those natives were slow to multiply, the Chinese grew fast in numbers.

Our natives are on the run too. We raze their land. Even animals are losing their sanctuary, short of food and land to stay. What different does it make between American, Australian and Malaysian government ? When the Malays were suppressed they were easily drowned and suffocated, not the Chinese who had long learned how to survive. The smart Malays are threats to the authority. They see what mischief behind the veils.

We don't have to say much. Let us try to remember what PM Najib said before the election. And examine what is really happening now ? It is not the Chinese who are cheating the Malays. When the whole machinery are used to deceive the ethnic group, they do not realize that they are deceiving themselves. Would Mahathir or Najib and all the other Malay ministers become Red Indian one day ? They own land and houses in the country and in foreign nations. They market gasoline and run public utilities. They own millions and billions.

Even under the administration of UMNO at least 3 million of the ethnic Malays have to be given cash by Najib, and now appeal for free PTPTN. Do the Malays need to wait until the change of government to be beggars ? Already they are. How many can afford to buy a 1.5 million home ? Do the Malay youths have to wait until PR rule the country before they become crude and insolent and rowdy ?

A national leader is accountable and answerable at the current plight of the Malays. What do they discuss at the siesta hours in the air-conditioning room ? How to generate income by what projects and have shares in them ?

Any two headed snake leader inevitably ruin the future of the Malays. He whispered different things to the Malays and to the Chinese. He will go to any extent to stay foot at his position. Would he cares about the future generation ?

Let us do a little fact finding and to seek the real truth. Are the minority Malays in Singapore are like Red Indians in USA ? How many Singapore Malays are seeking to apply for Malayan citizenships ?

This is something for us to think about.

25/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have just heard a new term when I discussed judges with my friends. Words like 'Hakim Kera' is very offensive to my ears because our judges are shadows of the divine and final judgment of the eternal world. Those who respect God must also respect judges. Zunar in his caricature scorned over judges and blaming his cartoons on the judges themselves.

Shoe throwing and name calling happened during the court proceedings. The dignity of judges are tainted when the term 'Hakim Kera' is used by the public. Some members of the public may be derailed but majority are not. Try to do a survey on public opinion of judges.

A judge without wisdom would say that he is a government servant and abide and support the government that paid him salaries. An UMNO judge will always find the opposition guilty. From the beginning we already knew that Saddam Hussein would be found guilty because the judge was a Kurdish. In USA when Republican was in power the party put Republicans to be the judges of Supreme Court.

The English proverb 'Kangaroo Court' to signify a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregard or perverted. Malaysia is not the home of Kangaroos. It seems the animal 'Kera' is conveniently used.

We can't afford to pay foreign individuals under the counter to perpetually enhance our image. It will not wash the dirt from the eyes of the Malaysians. You must remember the MH370, that one theory was the pilot suicide. Even if it is a very remote possibilities, it is one worth considered. That was a tragedy just after the judgment of the court. To many there was a pure bias in the judge decision. It caused a far fetched distant consequences to our nation and our national carrier.

The key word is justice. Justice to whom ? Between a robber and a victim, the justice is for the robber or the victim ?

Judgments must be based on evidence but evidence can be manufactured and manipulated. Witnessed can be paid or threaten to lie. The biggest question is are judges being threatened ?

The judiciary crisis in Malaysia is well locked and sealed in the memory of our judicial history. Mahathir is still alive and kicking and those involved are still breathing without guilt and shame. The legacy will live forever. It leaves a black mark in our judiciary system. Rais Yatim 'we run our country base on the rule of law' has been a farce.

When Najib is suing Tony Phua, DAP accepts the challenge. To a simple mind, if Najib takes Phua to court he must be there in court and ready to answer question. Malaysians must listen to arguments and rebuttals with open minds, less the sentiment. We want to know more about 1MDB, how it was formed, who were involved, who made decision, who approved the money, was it a failure ? How much waste was incurred ? And Najib has the opportunity in proving that he is the most efficient finance and Prime Minister among all the rest.

My discussion with a friend was that comments made by political party members won't affect much on Najib. Opposition parties are well known for their wild attack. At least 50% will just ignore them. But what should be of concern to Najib is the criticism of his mentor, Dr Mahathir. It will leave a deep impact especially among the UMNO members. Mahathir still have some influence and insinuated that Najib should step down. It will be a tough time for Najib. That's may make Najib to seek help from court against Tony Phua, probably as a warning to the late Prime Minister.

Judiciary must buckle up and show to the world that we are a nation of civility, fair and full of integrity. The dignity of judges must be protected.

 23/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A person, a leader and a nation cannot be one and the same. People seem to be loyal to their own kin and will do anything for the betterment, welfare and survival of their own kind. There is no question of right and wrong. The consensus of the group that matters.

A leader is not a nation. He is not chosen by all the people, or he may be up there by the dubious mean. But he has to serve all the people, whether they vote for him or not, for his salary is paid by all the tax payers. And no leader should command loyalty. People should not be loyal to him but to respect him for his good deed done to the populace. His kindness must be recognized.


But a leader like Idi Amin does not deserve even a small respect. Bad leaders can sell their nations and land to foreign citizens. We lost Malaya to the British by the deed of our leaders. Are we not traitors if we made ourselves the proxy of foreign nation at the extent of arresting our own citizens ?

It is to our nation that we must show loyalty and willing to die for, to defend her against any foreign attack and domination. The normal man will be ready to take up arms to dispel the enemy. Nationalists are those who care about the nation's welfare, wanting the best for all citizens and will resist any form of act that is dragging down the country. There are so much malice that have been going on that must be stopped because they are ruining our economy and our integrity.

Bad leaders terrorized their own citizens, threatened and arrested them. In Yemen nobody dares to open their mouth or give any opinion or any remark. It is not the people who are terrorists but the real terrorists are the suppressive government. Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were terrorists.

Mahathir has recently pointed out about people and Ministers who sent their kids to foreign schools. The members of the public want to to know how many Ministers send their kids to private colleges inside or outside the countries. To some those are not the act of loyalty.

One person commented on Rosmah's statement "Fly economy to show your loyalty." Do we have to say more ?

23/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When will we have the full thinking Malays who can carve certainty of the future  ? Prime Ministers after Tun Abdul Razak are all myopic with a lot of blind spots in their minds. The current dilemma is the result of the past policies designed for the benefit of the greed.  Today their minds are conditioned to fear the threat of the ethnic group whom they have made to be poor, instead of examining the blind spots in their brains to investigate their failures .

We heard of the lament to protect the position of the Malays. May we ask to protect what position ? What right ? Giving away the BRIM ? Repeatedly bailing out our national carrier ? The right to lavishly spend our money in ways we want ?The right to protect white collar robberies ?

Corruptions and other dubious means of making money among the top political echelons never seem to cease. Civil servants followed suit in making dirty money. It makes the wrong vanished, turning abnormality to normality and bad into good.

Some showed alarm at what would become of the Malays. They would eventually fingered the blame on the community for being idle, lazy and non-competitive, discarding the ill-fated policies of their own creation. They created something for their own glorification, later to realize a string of loopholes. The makers of Vocational college is one examples. And we did hear statements like 'KLIA2 is OK. No problem and it must be passed" and 'This is a free country, the government has no say about housing prices".

The certainty of the future does not rely on the word HOPE. It has to happen as what is laid to happen. If you have been playing Chess then you will be certain to win by the in depth calculation. Would UMNO know the consequence of the Land Acquisition Act they chose to change ? And now they are attacking Penang DAP at the act they created . And in some other states the robbing of the agriculture land continues in a big rush.

Air Asia was one of the first to ensure the future certainty by selling tickets for the future traveling. Most tourism industries do the same. They display several attractions for the future sale. The amazing thing is people pay now for the future. You would already know for certain the future profit for the goods have been sold.

To make a strong future there must be a strong team. It comes from the brainstorming. It starts with an objective and all the possible problems and hindrances, and attempt to compute the unknown which may intervene with the processes. Usually laws are made to protect it. Once sealed and locked, tomorrow will bloom as what is set today. And contingencies will be captured by our present layout too.

We prefer to copy than to think. Our excuses for any ad hock job is "we'll solve them when we come across a river, whether to  build bridge or to swim..." When they found no timber to fell and the river is full of crocodiles then they will start to put the blames on others. It would have been worst if the leader says "Jump and swim across. I will follow later." Of course he will never jump to die with the others.

It is true that it is misleading to accuse all Malays are short sighted. The majority who chose wrong people to be their leaders have shown enough proof of their stupidity for they have caused much damage to the Malay community. Pity the young adults who were being deceived and to become hooligans for the party. These guys did not see their bleak future. Instead of educating the youth to be academically and economically competitive, the youths were taught to be petulant.

The racist stand taken by UMNO is aim at harnessing the Malay support so that they can maintain the status quo does not benefit the Malays who are cowed and made to obey without thinking and criticizing. The Malays will eventually become the Bushman of Australia and Red Indian of North America as a result of the foolishness and stupidity. One angry man said 'Ketuanan Melayu is at the ass'. Ketuanan Melayu is the drugs they peddle and consume, the cigarettes they smoke, the land they sold away, the hills they developed for condos.

Among all the most heinous was Mahathir whom the stupid people praised as a great thinker. He spoiled the nation. He can't see between a good and a bad successor. He asked the Malays to sell their land and bought shares. He altered the land acquisition act. He privatized services and created separate departments to rob from public. He lives long enough to see the outcome of his policy.

As long as the Malays remain stupid, UMNO will still prevail. But it is this continuing stupidity that is dragging them down the mud.

22/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


So I heard of complaints from two friends of mine about the food on Malaysian Airline System MAS. They were sore and stale, tasteless, so simple and without dessert. Though the flight to Bali took only about 2 1/2 hours, it was an international in nature. It is of my conjecture that all other MAS international flights serve with similar kind of meal. And the head phones were collected 1/2 hour before the landing.

I would not want to take a risk flying MAS to a distant destination. Forget about sympathy and nationalism. How could we help the ailing airline with such type of management. Probably the food contract is still expensive, using the UMNO-Mahathir mentality of robbing people by dubious means. The catering agency might tell us that the company did not determine the price but the airline itself set the price for them.

I used to fly Singapore to Jakarta, and we were served with satisfactory meal. Recently my friend narrated of his pleasant flight to Korea by Korean Airline.

If you decide to hold on to MAS, it is better to prepare your own food as our old folks used to do in the past. At least bring with us fresh fruits like apples, oranges and banana. There are airlines that start serving food hours later. You can starve on the plane. Imagine the long wait at the airport.

People resort to domestic flight not because they are rich, but the trip could be cheaper than driving through the highway. Fuel, toll and food added up to be about RM200 one way when flight cost much less. Nobody complaint about meal owing to the short flight time.

MAS has to compete with other airlines in the region and to know their in-flight menu as well. I was on Lanka before and praised the airline, one was on the way to India and the other to Europe. The trouble with the high ranking people is that they do not fly economy class that would suffer much of discrimination. If other airlines can make the economic class passengers feel like VIP, then why can't the Malaysians do.

MAS is still at a sorry state. It is driving people to other airlines. The political stink is hard to remove.

19/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

teaching patients and caregivers how to transfer from a manual wheelchair to and from a car




"How do you get your wife into a car using the sliding board ? I can't picture it." a friend asked me.

True, if my wife is skinny and light I would have carried her easily into a car. The only solution is to use some sort of board so that I can pull her inside the car using a wheelchair. I started with a plastic board. Then I bought a kind of furniture board from a supermarket and finally my radio friend Hanafi helped me to order from the e-bay. The board you see here is an imported Beechwood from the United States.

I have to place the board on the wheelchair. The side going into the car seat is longer than the other. Secondly I place a cloth onto the chair covering the board. Then I lift her onto the chair. To make her comfortable I put a pillow behind her back.

The wheelchair is pushed to the passenger's front seat of the car. I locked the chair tight. From the driver's seat, I pull her slowly in.

That's what I have been doing for years alone. Now that I have a maid, she helps to push my wife forward for an easy entry.

As long as the height of the car seat and the wheelchair are the same, there isn;t any hassle. But things are not as they are. Almost all car seats with the exception of Kancil, are higher by at least 1", and secondly the car seat is too deep inside the vehicle.

I just think Malaysians are selfish and only think of profit maximization. I wrote to the local car maker about making a seat that can be adjusted to several heights, the lowest being the height of the wheelchair. The replies were the same from all companies. "We don't do modification." We have to wait till the family members of our leaders are born handicapped. I used to tell the nurses who are arrogant, "Wait till you grow old and got sick. Then you will know how we feel."

The maid helps us a lot. She work for bread, leaving her family, husband and children. I don't foresee she will be long with us. Right now she is part of the family. When she leaves I have to go back to my old chores again.

As far as lifting my wife my maid and I were doing it intermittently. The rest were done by her except for the car transfer.

But whenever I have to leave home for several days, I would arrange an ambulance to take her to the dialysis center which is about less than10 minutes away.

I hope this little article have given you some idea in case you may need it some day. It could be for your parents or your spouse. In case you have some better idea you can email me at . My name is Abdul Rahman. Some radio friend called me Man and some Rahman.


19/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof                          





In the freedom loving country, a model to be followed by the world, United States has the highest crimes. When we were in Queen New York, one Pakistani Piza delivery boy quipped, " This is not a good area." Truly at the night time the streets were full of Black youths and a very scary place to walk alone. Way back in the '80s we would feel that Malaysia was a safer place to live in.

Despicable things are now happening in Malaysian schools. Smoking and drug taking have already crept in. The worst can happen is in a boarding school where bullying and smoking are rampant. Even drugs were smuggled in.

What used to be our tradition has now been totally crushed outside the school area. School kids smoke in public. Young girls smoke and shriek while on motorcycles. The passers by just look and say nothing.

Are those for the better ? Malaysians just saw what happen in the Posted by chedet on Monday, August 10, 2009neighborhood. Teachers do not care about disciplining the students.

With the recent exposures of bullying in schools, the members of the public were throwing blame on the parents.

No one wants to take responsibility for any crime and misdemeanor of the Malaysian youths.

Teachers cannot be blamed for any misbehavior and indiscipline. There is a new regulation that student cannot be subject to any sort of punishment; physically, emotionally and mentally. There are schools that there is no teaching and learning taking place because no student will pay attention but talking among themselves when the teacher teaches.

Parents are ever ready to side their kids and threatened schools to take cases to court. And Rais Yatim, a prominent politician, said minah awek rempit &zcy; &zcy; recaro gambar koleksi gambar supplymorality is the property of individuals. Nobody else should take  care of other people's affairs.

We have no choice but to be the passers by. All you know, you can't even control your own kid. They may be angels at home and devil outside.

The police is ready to punish the parents for the crime of their kids. Yet I had had several police's kid breaking school rules and doing mischief.

I am not suggesting any form of remedy or corrections. First you need to think whether the social condition today is something normal. Crimes, bully and drugs are normal, accepted and even recognized by law.Cinta tiada Ganti,Tanah Airku~MALAYSIA If they are considered as abnormal and unacceptable, then how are we going to face the problems.

My personal view of the situation is our society could be heading towards social chaotic disorder. If any of these people were to hold public office, only God knows what will become of our nation. There could be public servants who may murder people and get promotion. Officers and politicians dress as public officials and gangster in one uniform.

Malaysians made USA as their gods; emulating the Americans in every way. It is the human right ideals that legalize the use of marijuana, same sex marriage free sexual practices. We are heading towards liberalism and individual freedom.

Our society must begin to learn to live normally as their kids become drug addicts, school bullies, criminals, robbers and social wilderness. There is nothing much that we can do in the world of liberalism.


 18/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof                          








A friend always frown at hams whom he said have passed RAE but do not know the different between a currant and a voltage. I have to stay mum, for I know that my knowledge itself is very limited. I wouldn't dare to brag on any matter. Some people just like to compare themselves to others. I remember when I was a student before. I entered the higher learning institutions at a later adult stage and the other young guys always wanted to know my achievements. I was never interested to know what their CGPA were, nor their majors and minors.

I then asked my friend whether he knew about propagation. He affirmed it. "Tell me what ions are ? " I asked. He stuttered/ "I don't remember." Then I went on to explain about atomic numbers, about the normal atoms with equal number of electrons and protons. Before explaining about how an atom becomes an ion, I asked him whether he ever heard of the 2n2 formula which tells us the number of electrons in the first, second, third and fourth orbit and the free electron in the last orbit. "There are ways for an atom to lose and gain electrons," I told him. "One of them is by the influence of the Ultra violet rays. If an atom lose electrons it became a positive ion. If it gains, negative ions ."

He asked me to write about it in my blog. I told him it isn't necessary because those who are learning for RAE would be studying them. There are an abundance of information available freely on the websites.

Among the interesting knowledge are on the parallel LC circuits which many parts of the radio projects are using it; the trap, resonance, tune circuit and the band pass filter. It is the understanding part that is important, the behavior of a coil and capacitors when DC and AC pass through them. Ham also need to know about the Balance Modulator and the process how to filter for SSB and the suppression of the carrier. And the hard stuff is the receivers which need more understanding of how a signal is able to be selected, the concept of an IF, the working of the mixer and the rejection of the unwanted images.

In fact those knowledge are not relevant to be a ham radio operator. Knowing and a deep understanding would create more confidence and give a feeling of not having an empty head. Just buy a radio and an antenna anyone could go on the air. To a ham, the most vital part is the ethics, considerate and respect. No amount of wealth is meaningful if a person neglect his parents. He is debased as low as the filthy mud in the brook.

I do not pursue knowledge to compete with others but for the betterment of myself, for eternal fulfilling and satisfaction. But I always know that they are just an atom in the wide universe, even less than whatever a person next to me has. I choose not to look down upon others as less learned than me. Yet we a sea of arrogance and swaggerers who sometimes shove us to difficult situations.

A ham may not know what a voltage and a current is but knowing how to listen, tune his rig at the empty place, and courteously breaking in with a full call sign at the right time, is ample as a desirable individual. I worked with a new ham who seems to be a ham for a thousand years. He handled the network like an experience expert and work Morse codes like professionals. I would not care the content of his mind.

When a person of authority is preaching facts and concepts on electronics, he is educating us. When a person with a little knowledge is trying to teach us a big thing, he is trying to parade his ability, to draw respect by scaring others for social submission. I fully recognize 9M2AGC as a person with authority for his surmountable of knowledge in the field of electronics. We could rely on him as our teacher to guide and teach us. I have never heard of Azlan boasting of his electronic literacy.

Many of us are anxious to know about many things; how an airplane flies, how animals think, why are we here and why emotions are created. Not everyone pays to read for economic enhancement. Elderly spend their time in examining Holly Quaran and a Bible, and listen to talks by sages and top speakers.

Knowledge provides fulfillment and happiness. Let's seek them for nothing more than knowledge's sake. And never ever underestimate others for the lacking of anything.

17/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I can't describe this gorgeous lady. I have no words for two reasons; firstly my vocab is too limited and secondly her greatness is beyond description. Her replacement is in waiting, Alka Yagnik, who will continue to enlightened Hindi songs in decades to come.






The House of Seven Gables was published in 1851. The house was built in 1668. Nathaniel Hawthorne visited the house and wrote a novel, and added fictitious characters in the novel. I watched a 1940's movie base on the novel, which depicts human greed that we can always compare what is happening today. There isn't much excitement about the story but it keeps us spellbound. This is how the story goes.

In the middle of 17th century in New England, there lived one Colonel Jaffrey Pyncheon, a powerful leader of the Colonial Government. In order to acquire a valuable piece of land he cold bloodedly accused its owner, Matthew Maule, of practicing Witchcraft. The innocent man was condemned to hang. The Colonel built this mansion on the dead man's ground. On the day of it's completion he was found dead in his library, with blood trickling from his mouth.

One of Pychean generations whose insatiable lust had the heart of putting his brother in jail. And it was the generation of Maule who put an end to the brother's greed. Mystically the brother died the same way as the ancestor Pncheon.

The house of the seven gables is now a non-profit museum.

The story was written even before British intervention in Peninsular Malaya in 1874. And the greed as such is now a political culture in our land. Powerful politicians are using their utmost power to protect their crimes, sponsoring land grabbing from the poor Malays via the land acquisition act. Any challengers would not be accused as practicing Witchcrafts but as sex offenders or terrorists. You want to imagine the end of it, you hear what Mahathir is talking in his blogs. He has blind spots in his mind, but that is the ending to be. He has seen his errors in Najib for the stupidity and lust he created while in office.

I have watched the movies. I am also reading the e-book from my iPhone, which is still a long way to go. I am on 285 of 1233 pages.

The past could be the mirror of the present.

16/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One facebook user showed his outrage when someone defined ham radio as 'walkie-talkie'. This has been going on for years and many has accepted such a definition. Nowadays the word mic or microphone is seldom heard. Instead they used PTT as a replacement. We also found that someone was trying to replace 73 with 72.

What was used to be a deviant has become a norm. It has become somewhat like a political body, using politics to over rule the rules and regulations. Those who can't do RAE have always have other venues to use ham radio equipments like using a special repeater with an approve frequency for anyone who wish to do like hams without a ticket. Or using the name of RELA and the frequency allocated to the organization to have normal ham radio chatting instead of  RELA's work. Or using a club call sign from any location. The use of other people's call sign is still rife.<b>Pirate</b>+<b>radio</b>+<b>stations</b>

If they are wrong, it is not the job of the full pledge ham operators to put them in order. It is the work of the authority. If RELA members chat like hams it is not the welfare of the hams at all. All others were provided and approved by the authority. Fellow amateurs are not to question MCMC.

Even on the DX band we can hear a lot of ROGER nowadays. The passing of transmission is using ROGER. The old system was by mentioning the call sign of the other station and followed by ours.

People resort to public opinion instead of the fact of reality and evidence. Even a judge can deliver judgment base on public opinion rather than the clarity and reality of evidence and facts. And in a free country anybody can define anything they want by their own perceptions. There is no point in making a fuss over matters that give dignity and pride. Instead of responding and trying to be a hero, it would be better to burry our heads in the sands. And don't monitor any station.

If you notice, in Malaysia, problems do not end. The economic status of Bumiputera remains year in and year out. In fact a few are becoming worse. They called it reformation and innovation, yet the complaints never stopped.  People never bulge from their stands and will never admit the weakness and errors they made.

You can fight against evil. Evil has been here since the beginning of the earth. We bark and yell, and later we will die. Evil still lives on.

There are people who defined amateur radio as ASTRA. Is it strange ? I would not say anything anymore. I would divert my topic of discussion when hearing odd things.

In public political forum, Daim and Mahathir, are now criticizing the new innovation of cash handout through 1MDB. Would Najib care about it ? Give a chance to new ideas and allow them to prosper. They may turn out to be better than the existing.

We have the MCMC, the regulating body, to take care of the radio frequencies and licenses. If she says nothing to them all, then who are we to shut up other people's mouth. If the present trend is the future, let it be.

15/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Palm Oil industry <b>in Malaysia</b>. Is it sustainable ?We need foreign workers. They work very hard and they are willing to accept lower wages, which is affordable to some of the local employers. Malaysia needs workers in plantations and domestic helpers. Our young adults have been living a luxurious life since their school days. More than 60% ride motorbikes to school. After form 5 numerous colleges offered them places. Later they became college graduates. They look for the jobs that match their college degrees.

Malaysian youths prefer jobs with attractive earnings with less hassle. College graduates would not want to work under the hot sun, carrying heavy loads and doing manual labor. With minimum wage law working in fast food restaurants and salesmen are comfortable enough. The BRIM provide them more. One employer said, "They become lazier."

Due to emancipation homes need domestic helpers and home nursing to take care of the old folks. Today we have such a service in the country. We pay RM1800 from 9.00 to 6.00 for a specific job only. With the same amount foreign workers are willing to do all kind of tasks. Local maids are almost none. If you can find one  you will have to meet a lot of demands. "I can only work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8 to 6," one lady told me. "My price is RM1500 a month."<b>Illegal</b> immigration in <b>Malaysia</b>

Construction workers are harder to find. Developers need foreign workers to keep the project going.

When the British took over Malaya they knew the traditional Malays looked down upon many manual jobs. Hard labor  were taken by the willing Indians. Night soil carrier and tin mining by the Chinese. They brought in the Indians and the Chinese to develop and enhance the economy. The Malays who were jobless were never called jobless. They said they had a job called 'Kerja Kampong".

The young generations of Malaysians of all races chose easy jobs with good money. Many go into smart phone businesses, selling burgers at night and open other food stalls. Malaysian government is giving training to the Malays to make them entrepreneurs.

They made a class of themselves. They want to be a high class Malay Malaysians.

The preference for the foreign workers are great. The cost of acquiring a house maid has risen sharply. People find it as an immense opportunity to make money, and pushed politicians to enact policy for their own benefit. Corruptions began to creep in. And human trade is becoming more and more lucrative. Those who were not chosen as agents by the government, will revert to the illegal mean to smuggle in illegal workers. Prices are cheaper.

As a house maid, the local Malays chose the Indonesians for reason of easy communication. In fact there are other poorer people especially the Roghiya groups, who can't communicate in the local lingo. The government does not put effort to school them.

The number of foreign workers have grown to several millions, which caused panic and alarm. Some expressed that the foreigners have robbed their jobs.

Private individuals tried to avoid the locals because of the minimum wage laws. And one of the biggest culprits is the Union. Many companies move out to countries where labor is cheap.

Foreign workers do help us. Plantations and constructions need them the most. They help us in the growth of our GDP, including the illegal. Employers are happy to have them though the government regard them as our nation prisoners. The illegal are hunted, arrested and those who hid them were severely punished.

Many risk their lives to do any aught for bread, taking dangerous boat to slip in to work in plantations. And many met their death while going back home using similar boats. My maid told us, "We are very poor. We owed a lot." She does not want to be an illegal or to go home by the dangerous boat. She has a family back home.

14/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


HEARD ON 143.100 mhz

143.100 MHZ is a frequency given to RELA in our area. I never deliberately monitored them. I would come across it on the scanning mode. Today I heard something interesting.

"002 this is 001"

"001, this 002. Where is your location."

"002 and the monitoring station, I am in the hall of a university attending my niece convocation."

Earlier on on the scanning mode also I heard something like this,

"Thank you to 9M4call and 9M4 call2..."

Probably you do not sense anything. But I do. And I am not going to elaborate more. Look at the picture of Mahathir below. His finger is pointing out at something in the head. I am sure you can get his message.



At about 3.00 pm today, I and Hanafi went to CB electronic. Hanafi was looking for some components. I asked the shop owner whether he could solder the tone oscillator kit. He was ever willing to do it. "Make sure it work," I said. "sure," came the reply. I sold a lot and each person purchased a a pair of them." Hanafi looked surprised. There have been many newcomers who are successful in getting the 9M call signs. He is stagnant at the same point, refusing my help in learning it.

To me it is a good sign. Class B hams are showing interest to improve themselves. I wish them all the best and pray for the success in gaining proficiency. And I hope they are willing to visit my webpage and listen to the articles in the CW form. Just for a practice. Below I will print some of the characters that may not be found in my daily article.

Here is your practicing part-

When we learned how to count we started with 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10. When we learned how to read we learned ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, and a coma as well as a period. Hams do not use many characters, only 26 alphabets and 10 numbers. The additional symbols are / for giving date like 12/08/2014 or giving call and name like 9M2AR/MAN or to mention several guys in the group conversation like 9M2ABC/9M2DEF/9M2GHI de 9M2MYSELF.

Professional practice copying using groups of alphanumeric like 987654 jh1234 0?KJAL 0,.?LK ??P,./ 98752G UH765;

But nowadays the ship-shore CW is seldom heard.

11/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


MAHATHIR MUDAH LUPAHUDUD Tiada Dalam Al Quran - Tun Dr Mahathir Muhamad (Video)

The environmentalist panicked when forest were cleared robbing land from natives and helpless animals. Mahathir who was the Prime Minister then hit back  hard, lashing the West for meddling with Malaysian forest. "They themselves have raze their own forest," he said. He then altered the land acquisition act that permitted the raze of hill tops and agriculrure land for development purposes. UMNO supported all and the Malays were happy with UMNO.

Todday he and UMNO criticized the felling of trees by those who have insatiable greed. Penang UMNO attacked Penang's government on the law

passed by them, created by Mahathir. Mahathir has a short memory. No matter how much UMNO is vocal against the Chinese, they are weakening themselves day by day. They are blinded by the deception from their own race and leaders they chose.

On subject of agriculture land Mahathir argued that Malaysia could always buy food from foreign land and we are going into a new technology in food production. UMNO leaders are pointing Sabah and Sarawak as  a potential agriculture area. And more Mahathir once called the Malays to sell their land and to invest in shares.

Doesn't anyone know the evil of Mahathir's era ? Noh had recently said corruption in UMNO happened under Mahathir's eyes. They also know that more Mamaks and Mamis came into the limelight during his era. Even the present Prime Minister was chosen by him.

The Malays have been confused. Many are drug addicts, criminals, robbers, and Mat Rempit. The growth of avarice and the bad Malays has been under the eyes of UMNO. More will be undermined as they will be the first to be suspect terrorists, Al-Quaeda and IS members. Already arrest have been made. UMNO is fighting against the Malays today.

The greatest sin of Mahathir was privatization. He taught his posterity on cronyism and corruption. Now he is barking at the policies he once created.

What is to become of the forest and the hill top and the agriculture land ? All UMNO's heads could only just stand still for they could not do anything. In the meantime more land are razed to give way for commercial buildings. Homes of the poor people were torn apart and the poor people were chased out to meet their own fate.

I won't blame Najib. Our PM is more concern of his popularity and willing to go to any extend to win it, both locally and internationally. He has to erase all ill-founded rumours about his involvements in the Mongolian case. He expected his subordinates would put things in order for the citizens and the country. They worked very hard to find means to cool the people about the rising cost of living and the foreign debt that is burdening us. And they expect the BRIM as the best shot that will cure of all unhappiness.

The dynamic and the reality is not the same as the rosy words you hear in the parliamentary session.

Mahathirs is a sad episode in the history of Malaya. He started the destruction of the Malays. The rest is witnessing the slow weakening of our national unity. And the Malays have become spoils.

11/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We don't step into the future because we can't.. The present is only a moment of time. What remains for a long time is the past which led to now. We can look back a moment ago or 600 years past. Our culture is the composition of our past. And we always compare the past with the present that we are setting for the future.

To know the present one has to understand the past. It might be painful or it might be a reminiscent of joy and a pride. People are trying to figure out the condition of the ancient civilization to sense the ancient thought as compared to us now, and through investigation surprisingly discovered the possibility of the amazing technology of flying vehicles. The Malaysian and the Chinese folklore narrated about the sky kingdom of lying fairies that sometimes visited the earth. It looks like it was not a conjecture anymore when it is exposed that several aliens are working in the United States government. Try to peek deeper into the mystery of area 51, now has been shifted to a new location. we have today has it's past. Some want to destroy them for their own vested interest, and to hide their evil roots, battling hard for the complete ruin, only to project their own rights and successes. To them the past is considered very threatening.

But the law has never forgotten or forgiven the crimes committed yesterday or 20 years ago. The Jews still hunted those Nazis who murdered them. Wars and revenge took place owing to happenings in the yester years.

I love to recall and rekindle the past of the ham radio because it brought me an intimate pleasure. It loomed happiness from the nostalgic recollections. Many things seem to happen just like yesterday. Ariffin's laugh is still audible in my ears and he told us much about his grandson who is a full grown adult now. Datuk Tan also talked of his grandson who is a medical doctor in the country at present. I can still form images of their voices and laughs. The old living hams still carry their tradition of communications and styles.

Present is so very narrow that we need to redefine the time frame. Who has the authority to say 24 hours ago as now, or 1 year ago is present ? Each day we are losing and gaining something ie our age. A year is too long  to consider as present. I felt 30 years ago was just like the past 24 hours, yet I lost my youth that much and gain ageing by the same volume. It is too absurd to say 10, 5 or even 1 year as now. Any definition of time could be only for a matter of convenience.


We are not in the future yet and will never be, though we seem to see and imagine what we see now as afterwards. We draw the time frame for tomorrow, next week, month and year. In fact we crammed the coming time with programs and objectives.  Moure often than not future does not abandon the expectation and the timeline set. People set the day and the time for salaries, meetings and events. Ar every moment of time we are at the it's border .

You can always ignore and forget the present and the past. Or putting away the bygone days only. Or you can choose to refer to history and the past performance for comparison of improvements. Appraisal of performances need a starting point to observe the upwards or downwards trend. To choose a friend we need to know his past records and demeanor.

A question is always being asked, "How much of the past should we bring forward ? " A new head of department decided to bury all the past achievements and successes and start anew of his own. He cuts down trees, repainting the building, draw a new rules and policies. Leaders threw out the archaic rules of law and replaced them with new ones. Society want all the past tradition be changed or thrown out.

There is always a group who want to tear up tradition, pressuring for the change of constitution, religious practices and history. We start to see the washing away of religious dogma, mutual respects and the spirit of 'gotong royong'. Everyone shouts 'Follow the world... follow USA...follow progressiveness.."

We are still lucky for we can still see kindness, care and mutual respect here and there. To me future is dead without bringing a part of the past with it. Our past is our ID, our root, our prestigious value. Now is meaningless without the toil of the past.

10/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have been fighting hard with myself, whether to think of happiness or sadness all the time. To think sadness is not difficult at all. Just buy newspapers and read whatever on political stuffs, about corruptions, arrests, murders and politicians. When I read, I think. When I think I always see evil in mankind. At least 50% of the news are bad news.

But thinking of happiness would bring me in a dream world, nothing is real, only imagination. Nothing in a dream is impossible. Excitement is to go into something real that I like. Internet brings me to soccer matchers played in a far away land. Spending on such sports would take me away from the hell of politics. After all I paid to surf the websites. I should get back whatever I paid for.

Today not all movies have a happy ending. A movie I saw Nothing But The Truth depicted a story of a reporter who fought for her freedom but ended up in jail. It ended in her re-arrest after a year of her confinement. And there were stories on murders, but the murderers were never caught. Imagine a Superman movie that ended up in the hero being killed by a a dark soul.

The most disturbing and depressing is the featuring of human greed for power and money. They robbed almost everything from others with pretense and deception, bringing miseries to many without any feeling of pity nor regret. Choosing to ignore them would make me irresponsible and immoral. The least I can contribute is using my pen.

I used to hear people say that the God created goodness and badness for some reasons or others. We must learn to bear them, for the earthly living is temporary. Submit to the Almighty and accept what may come. The coming heaven is eternity and infinity.

The robbers robbed land from mankind and animals, razed down the forests and cleared the hills. All under the name of development. They were backed by irresponsible politicians who simply do not want to view the coming future.

Sadness is seeing things those are against our own moral value and cultural heritage. People find it as a great pride to questioning God and religious teachings, to harass the freedom of others living in peace, to label terrorists at those who oppose their despotism and cruelty. Almost everyday the young Malay adults wearing Barisan National T-shirt are showing off their acrobatic skill on motorbikes with full throttle without helmets. There were excessive bullies in schools and hostels. Justice has become a mockery. Police and gangsterism and mafia have become one. Nationalists are called terrorists. Innocent women and children were bombed and shot. Judges and court of the world no longer respect and care about religion and God. They legalize gay marriage and drugs and destruct the norm of human culture.

Happiness is when people seem to show care at my sick wife, when kind officers and nurses do not treat us like animals, when judges are fair, when government shows sincere concern on Malaysian public without prejudice to ethnic composition and when everyone is tolerant and knows what mutual respect is. Happiness is when knowing that there are people who still care.

Effort to run away from evil news failed. They came to you and haunted you; vehicles insurance and fuel prices increased. Crabs that I used to pay RM10 is now RM25 per kilo. Cost of living climb while retirement pension remain the same. How could I think of happiness while nature rained devils ?

08/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have been wondering why and how the total sum of the loan was given to NFC instead of the progress payment. Though Shahrizat said she was nothing to do with her husband venture, I am convince she was the main factor in the whole woe. "The Malays should be proud if other Malays are wealthy," she declared. Like a mad person the family threatened and sued those who exposed about how the money were used. And she was seen to be with Najib most of the time.

We have been borrowing from Japan and ADB before. The lender just did not throw the bag of money to us. Neither did they send the money only in progress, but we have to accept their engineers and experts. And even our government did not handle all the total sum of the loan to us in buying houses and scholarships.

It is a pity several whistle blowers have been victims of the scrupulous individuals.



"The money belong to us. It is up to us to do whatever with the money," said Shahrizat's kids. The public maintain that the money belongs to the government and the rakyat. It was never a giving away spree like the BRIM. Even the people in UMNO are not happy. They can't get as much as what Shahrizat's family gets. "We have to tightened our stomach," Shahidan Kassim said when requesting for higher salary for the law makers.

Our government has no money. We expect to gather back from the people by GST and cutting subsidies. At the same time Najib would not want to stop BRIM fearing of the adverse consequences. There must be a drive to get back all the money loaned out to college and university students and everything else. And would we know whether anyone dare to advise our First Lady to be very prudent with her spending ?

The hell of giving mad loan started during Mahathir period when he instructed Bank Bumiputera to give out loan to his people without collaterals. In fact the Mamak who killed the Bumiputeral the bank diminished. CIMB is a witnessed to Mahathir brutality. Noh Omar has recently asked Mahathir, "Under whose watch that UMNO members were corrupt ? " Mahathir could not blame Mahyuddin for approving loan to Shahrizat's husband.

Effort to recover the money lost to NFC somehow would recuperate part of Najib's lost popularity. Najib has to put his house in order as well to prevent attack from Shahrizat's supporters.

Leaders and politicians merely depend on their power to defend their avarice, creating excuses and defense mechanism to divert public attention. Anger and hatred will mount, some being exhibited and some goes hidden. That was what happened to the Berlin Wall and the cracking down of the Soviets Union to pieces, and the fall of the Germany Nazi masters.

It is not sinful to approve loan to NFC. Only the procedure was wrong. And only the company failed to run the show, and instead used the money the wrong way. It is also wrong for Shahrizat to accuse those people who talked against it as inclined or supporters of the opposition.

Just pay back the money and show that integrity and sincerity still prevail.

06/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When a Malaysian Muslim dies the family would announce that if anybody lent the decease any money he was to come forward and claims. And I always hear people claim of ownership of things left in the dead man's house. "That radio is mine. He borrowed from me last year," someone would say.The Malaysian ringgit (plural: ringgit; currency code MYR; formerly ...

I have written on this topic before and I think from time to time it needs to be reminded.

At the moment only an electronic keyer that belongs to Hairie, 9M2GET, is with me. He did announce that was a gift, but I always regard it as a loan. I want to buy my own. If I die that will have to go back to Haire. Radio sets are attractive items. I don't want people to claim they belong to them. Neither do I own anybody any money. On the other hand at the moment of writing people do owe me money. 9M2JL, Halim, owed me RM500. And a school does not pay RM200 for my service it promised to settle.

Radio will be left to my kids. They can do whatever they like with them.

Hams should always remember about their equipments, especially the grand expensive transceivers and linear stuffs. They should somewhat declare so that no one would come forward and claims things belong to them. You won't believe it just because you are sincere and honest, thinking that the whole world is as good as you are. You will be surprise a person with a countenance of an angel is actually a big time robber.

Nevertheless I do owe a lot to people who have been very kind to me, the value of which is much more than anything else in the world. A student who says 'Thanks' has awarded me a great deal with the wish. At least he remembers our intent during his schooling days. A friend, Hanafi, who helps me a lot in getting things done, teachers who taught well and brought success to their students and others were all doing good jobs and had awarded me with immense happiness. And most of all to the government who takes care of the pensioners and my ailing wife ( the goodness will always be remembered despite my great criticism to the policies). Only God will repay them.

Even Halim had done me good work before and I understand he is in bad position now.

I don't like to borrow, even in buying a car. Buying cash does save me a lot of money. I have to save for a long time for the purpose. A little of borrowing here and there will make them a mountain of molls. You create yourself a hall of fame. You have to be very thick skin and to throw away your integrity and morality.

We don't claim what is not ours. We don't steal the parts and components of what are sent to us for repair and then declare they are beyond repair, nor sell what belonged to others. They are the family of running away from paying the loans. They are stealing and robbing, a filthy and despicable behavior. Ham operators must be of the best breed.

There is nothing wrong in borrowing money. Just pay back as promised or according to schedule.

05/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A couple of days ago I said to my wife, "Indonesia is getting wealthier. The development is very rapid, the GDP is growing and the Rupiah is getting stronger. What if we were to become poor suddenly and we have to struggle for our living ? Would we go there and work in their plantations and as maids ? What if they treat us like slaves ? " My wife was silent.

In spite of the growth, Indonesians in remote places are still poor and many are looking for jobs elsewhere. Malaysians accept them because the locals did not want hard and laborious jobs. Ladies love the factory work. Working as house maids would limit their freedom and the salary would be low. With the introduction of minimum wage law and BRIM they become lazier and prefer more pay with less work. Life is more comfortable.

There were numerous stories on the Indonesian maids, and maids from other countries. Many were controversial and became the subject of discussion. People talked about theft, misdemeanor and runaway workers. In areas where construction workers stay there were thefts and robberies. The whole stories were sour.

Some Malaysians abused their maids. There was news about a Chinese helper being pushed into the swimming pool and died. Young Indonesian ladies were tortured with canes and hot irons. Many were bitten.

The relationship between the citizens of Indonesia and Malaysia was bad and full of distrust. There were silent exchanges that involved both government. Indonesia wanted to raise the labor transfer procedure to a higher level in every aspect. Maids must be from government to government.

In August 2013 Malaysian authorities bared individuals from employing Indonesian maids but allows maids from other countries. All maids and workers must start from permission of the Labor Department and only the selected agents could handle the process. With the change in policy many former agents found it hard to continue getting the Indonesian maids. And now it opened to deception and cheating especially by the agents in Indonesia, offering cheaper workers to unsuspecting households who do not know about the new law.

They organized illegal entries without documents. And maids who came as tourists could get the working permit with additional payments. They said the payments were to share among the immigration officers and the runners. Giving the passport the employer just wait for a few months for the complete approval. That would cost about RM7K.

Someone said that the whole process was a fake. It won't appear in the system record. If caught the penalty would be very stiff.

Several people I know have been taking maids from Myanmar and Thailand.

If you are thinking of employing a maid from Indonesia, you must first consult an immigration office. Taking an illegal is at your own risk. I am sure you have been hearing of death in the sea when the boats carrying the illegal capsized. You are part of a murderer. Your conscience will not forgive you, ever.

A maid costs between RM13K - RM18K now. It is for the high income group. But even the low and middle income groups need helpers of some sort. The monthly expenditure on each maid is above RM1.5K

Some of my friends saw my position was unbearable. It has been several years that my wife had been paralyzed waist down. She is stout and double my size. I had to see her daily call for nature in bed, lifted her onto the wheelchair, bath and dress her, bought her meals and took her to dialysis center. Medically I too am a sick old man. For that reason I had been telling my wife that if I were to die first, she will be in agony for weeks until the smell of my corpse spread into our neighbor's house.

At a kenduri my neighbor only knew of my plight. He has an Indonesian maid before the August 2013 and had to undergo a long process of procurement. One day he rang me up that there was a maid in supply and asked me whether I want it. I asked him about the whole procedure which he had undergone before. It was quite a job but it won't kill me to do the same. He introduced me to an agent who asked for RM5K.

Within 3 weeks the maid arrived on social visit visa. I went to the local immigration office. "No way. You must send her back," came the reply. "The closure was last year. Sorry." I informed my neighbor. He felt so very sorry. He was just trying to help. I called the Indonesian agent who said about the local immigration need to be paid, and asked me to pay extra RM5K to a person for the processing. My student who live nearby said that one agent she knows asked for RM6.5K.

I rang up Putrajaya. I was asked to send the maid home. The maid next door came and insisting that I should pay RM5K more. "Maid is expensive now," she told me. "You only pay the total of 10K. Else you have to pay between 13 to 18K." She was very aggressive.

I seek Rusli's help to find out what I should do. Obliging , he went to Putrajaya. Everyone asked him to advise me to send her home. Rusli was a view that my condition was unbearable and narrated the whole picture of my difficulties and sufferings. "The only person who can approve is the Minister. Ask him to appeal. Show proofs."

Until today things are still undone.

The interesting thing was that my neighbor's maid keep on asking me whether anyone else need a maid. I said nothing and commented nothing. I know that she is becoming a partner in this venture. What I can do is to tell the rest to go by the proper way, never to trust anybody. People are making money through lies and deceptions. Never trust even a Haji or an Ustaz. If you need an a maid just follow the advise of the immigration. To date I have spent more than RM8K running around.

04/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

LET FATE DECIDESSoldering Iron Clipart Clip...

Gone are the days of the project making. My trying to solder a few components for the CW tone oscillator was a total failure. I gave up with a failing little project. My eyes are bad and my hands are shaky. The solder fell everywhere. I am thinking of running a CW class, applying a method I believe the learner can acquire the sending and listening skill at the same time. All the students have to have a tone oscillator and a keyer. A key is simple to homebrew using two small metal plates, else each has to improvise his own key.

II wonder how many elderly hams still have steady hands and sharp eye sights. Radin Lokman, 9M2GJ, is the oldest living ham. Only he can testify on his own ability. Kamal, 9M2FX, used to do a lot of repair work. Let me ask him later whether he still do the soldering job.Senior man working with soldering iron in workshop.

Beside the lacking of my manual skill, I realized my brain too is slowing down a great deal. I had to take some thinking to upgrade my CW soft ware, to add a recording facility to record and save the Morse while it was playing. I used to write codes on the fly without references.

But those won't worry me. They weren't much use to me anymore. If I need them I'll get people to solder for me. If I want to write computer programs, I just have to refer to the old projects in my keeping. What a joke, I always tease my friend of his ability to hold the soldering iron. Probably by now his talent is above mine.

For all those reasons I stopped looking at younger women nowadays. I only watched their buttocks at the jogging track when they passed me. If I can't grab the soldering iron well, I would not be able to grab any woman at all. Occasionally I would look at elderly women who dyed their hair. Probably they robbed the cradle, never to realize they are over the hill. It entertained me very much.

Life moves on. We do what we need and have to do as long as we have the energy and strength to do so. What we can't we don't. What we don't, do not harm us. Just continue to live and let fate decides.

04/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof















Having done the purchasing we took a boat to Pantai Merdeka on the opposite side of Tanjung Dawai. The cost for each passenger was RM2. It was a sunny day. The heat was biting. As soon as we came across a shade Hanafi stopped and took a seat on a bunker. I went to a toilet.


Only a couple of days ago I went to Tanjung Dawai to buy some dried fish and Keropok for myself. I took my wife and my maid with me. I told my wife that I will take 9W2TZ, Hanafi, with me at an appropriate time. The appropriate time is when my wife is willing to stay at home on the days without dialysis. It so happened that my son came back from Kuala Lumpur on Friday. I took this opportunity to ask Hanafi to go to Tanjung Dawai. At 9.30 am I went to pick him up and drove to the destination via Kuala Kedah. I took a slow drive by the coastal road, passing through Yan and the foot of Kedah range.

The trip was more than one hour. Hanafi straightaway went to the shopping complex to buy some goodies for himself. I didn't because I wanted to buy them somewhere else.

  When I went back to look for Hanafi he was already having a friend to chat with. I kept on walking along the beach. I stopped by for an ice-kacang and beehun soup. I paid RM9 for those.

From Tanjung Dawai to Pantai Merdeka by boat is cheaper and nearer than going to Pantai Merdeka straight from Alor Setar. Pantai Merdeka is a good beach for swimming. There was quite a big crowds. Parents brought their kids to picnic. The beach was windy though the day was hot.

Hanafi continued with his chatting. I joined in. About an hour later I requested to leave the place for home. It was during the journey home that I bought some salted fish and keropok for my home.


02/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In our system of morality, adultery is a sin, same sex marriage is a total taboo, sinful, pure absurdity and evil. It is not so anymore in UNited States and Europe, where religion was once a way of life, a pillar seeking by everyone to guide them in their lives. There was heaven and hell, God and Satan, award and retribution. Unhappy with the church, people revolt against papal control, freeing themselves from religious dogma. The rise of secularism and humanism gave birth to new concepts such as human right, civil liberty and civility, the right to pursue happiness and one's own beliefs.

Now we begin to see the legalization of drugs in those countries.

It is not about the right or the wrong value. The norm is decided by the community.

Democracy too is a value, a moral value. It does not have an absolute and divine goodness. Neither it possesses goodness by reason. It is a rosy idea that may sound attractive to those who want a complete freedom. An absolute democracy has to be without a BUT. A minority is always being suppressed by the majority. Freedom  is a selective word with different meaning to different people. Paternalism cannot coincides with the concept. And there are ladders of power and wealth which defeat the moral value.

Why a man is not allowed to choose communism if civility propels the freedom of choice ? A person could be arrested for being a Communist. Similarly a person is barred from joining an ISIS or Al-Queda. The modern concepts are more of convenient and profiteering.

Most educated Malaysians are the inheritance of past Western reformation. The women who called themselves Muslims do not know the content of the Al-Quaran and totally show a disbelief in Islamic rules. Like the former Western reformists they want to be free of religious dogma. To them Islam is a narrow religion and not suitable in the modern world.

If that is the value they embrace as open and rightly then that is their belief.

Fatwa is never sweet to many people because it forces a mind to obey restriction. Some of the new fatwas were smoking is haram, and voting DAP is haram. And there are fatwas that have never been liked by many. At times I felt they are like kacang puteh. If not well formulated and persecuted the ulamas will be losing respect from the educated masses.

Malaysians in particular would feel offended if their practices are being stopped abruptly. When they told that the Cadbury contain pig DNA content, it was quickly challenged by those who have interest in the chocolate company. And those seasoned eaters was unhappy with the disclosure. Similarly the fatwa about cigarette that people do not see why they should be declared as haram.

Not everyone knows the make up of things and utensils we are using everyday unless they are exposed to such a knowledge. I was surprise to watch a video clip about pig. But it is true then that the Muslims have been living using pig stuffs all the time, even the toothbrush that we are using everyday.

What do I do as a Muslim knowing what is good and what is forbidden ? It is my choice to do or avoid it. I know very well that Islam says 'try to avoid it if you can...' This is so especially on forbidden food. Being in a place where there is no halal food and there is no way one can avoid, then one can consume the non-halal food. In the United States we were reminded of non-Muslims about the availability of a Kosher meat.

If I am a smoker and I heard about the pig material in the cigarette, I would first do a total investigation as to find out more about it. Some may and some may not. Then I could make my own decision.

I won't show my defiance in the open, challenging the cleric like what had happened in the history of Christianity. Yet the trend is bound to happen. Everywhere people are going against the authority, believing in their own rights. Somehow they would get people to support them. Both angels and devils have admirers.

Clerics must check themselves, especially those on political matters. A wrong move they would be accused of legalizing corruptions and deceptions. Like the age of reformation they are gathering hatred. This time the so-called Muslim women are against them. As it was in the past Europe, real Islam in Malaysia will be facing a fading faith.

Top Muslims are interpreting religion in their own ways. Dr Mashitoh, for instant, defied the Hudud law completely and preaching it in mosques among the Muslims. Mahathir Mohammad was adamant against the content of the Holly Book, using his logic and rhetoric. They defined Islam as a personal religion and each person has her own right to practice.

Whether freedom, secularism and humanism is good for mankind only time will tell. 

02/11/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A transceiver costs RM30K. an amplifier RM28K and an antenna system about RM40K - a WOW to a hobby. The appetite is high but I see no way to have them all. Among the three the most important is the investment on the antenna which may not be that expensive at all. My Elmer used to tell us that the 'juice lies in the antenna'.

People would usually ask which is the best antenna, which I am in no position to answer simply because I don't have experience in using them all. Neither I do have enough enough knowledge on them. My wife has always been a normal dipole. I worked 40, 15 and 20 meters with it. It seemed to be better in V shape of a small angle. The reason why I love it is that it is cheap, easy to construct and you can easily put it up single handed.

Sophisticated rig is lovely to look at and good to bring in a dream.  Yaesu FT-DX9000It is smaller than a car but more expensive than the most affordable Produa Axia. Add a few thousand more I can go for Proton SV.

But rig like this should not be used with a poor man's antenna like a simple dipole. It's match is a 70' tower and a minimum of a three element yagi. Log periodic would be more comfortable. You can have a cheap rig with high class antenna but not vice versa.

$ 3,345.00 Each

Amplifier is between RM10K to RM28K. It is quite an essential item for a season DXer. If one can afford a 30K rig and a 60K antenna system, one can afford to own super duper amplifier too.

The most scary thing about an amplifier is it may shriek into our neighbor's TV and radio. Our houses are too close with each other. Despite all the band pass filters and the TV filters a neighbor always knocked my friend's door whenever he tried to come on the air.

To some big expenditure, superior setup and the most finest facilities would not provide him an infinite peace of mind.

I know that there will be some fellow Malaysians equipping themselves with the best and the most sophisticated. Then we will visit their homes to appreciate and say WOW! And to share their enjoyments.

However, I have computed my spending on traveling. The total could have brought me another bungalow and a big car.

30/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been quite a long time when I tried to call Halim, 9W2JL, but to no avail. My friend 9W2TZ had been asking me to go to his house. He has two houses. I could not remember the other house. I passed the other but he didn't seem to be in sight. If he has died I wouldn't have known.

The last time I saw him was when he came to my house seeking a RM500 loan which he said requested by one religious teacher. It was at almost midnight. He said the teacher was in need of money. He was very fortunate because I had the sum as I was about to use the money for my trip to Kuala Lumpur. I was ever willing to help a religious teacher.

Halim is a big time contractor, a wealthy ham radio operator who had just have inherit properties and large saving from his dead mother. He has a wife, a son and a daughter. He is soft spoken, kind and very obliging, always talk in a humble and courteous manner. Whenever I was in need of help and called him he would quickly be in front of my home.

I am quite worried to his where about. Today we have been hearing plenty of bad news about murders, headless and unknown bodies found in various places. People were being killed for unknown reasons. And my days are too occupied with the daily chores attending the matter of my sick wife. Not even a day that I am free enough to go and find out whatever had happened to him.

My wife is worried about Halim too. Anyone who knows whatever has happened to him please contact me, 9M2AR.

29/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What do I consider in buying a car ?

a. Do I need a new car ?

b. Has the car enough space for a wheelchair and traveling bags ?

c. Can the back rear seat accommodate 3 persons comfortably ?

d. Does the front passenger seat equals the height of a wheelchair to transfer a heavy totally disable people ?

e. Is the car cheap and affordable ?

The two new cars, Iriz and Axia do not impress me at all because they do not fulfill my total requirement, at least two of them, the space for the wheelchair and thtaveling bags, and the front passenger seat which are too high and too far from the wheelchair. They are not design for all people.

Only Saga FLX seems to comply to my requirement. The gap between the seat and the wheelchair is still wide. Price wise it is one of the cheapest.

Two years ago I was making almost an identical decision to buy a car as a transport facility of my wife to the dialysis center. I bought Viva, only to find out later that the car seat is a few inches taller than the wheelchair.

That did not serve me as much as I needed. There is no space for the wheelchair in the boot. I can't even take my maid and another person to Kuala Lumpur for the lack of room for human , bags and wheelchair.

The new year is coming in a couple of more months. We are trying to figure out how to buy another suitable car. Hopefully the ASB dividend would be attractive enough.

29/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Muhamad Noor Fadzil Osman in a Facebook posting mentioned the phrase Satan Anwar. With a few events taking place in Malaysia such a phrase is depicting that Satan is a Muslim and by race is a Malay.

It could be very confusing because the race is slowly diminishing in term of comparative numbers and strength and properties and land and the ability to think, whereas the power of Satan remain strong for the rest of human history, till the coming millennium.

Civility of a race could be traced by the filthy phrases they plant in their tongues. In the facebook we come across too many fouled mouth individuals calling people names like pig. It is not difficult to know the breeder of the Malay morons.

They called the Chine 'Pendatang'. When the Chinese hit back at them as being Pendatang nobody has any word to response back, simply because they are stupid enough and uneducated enough. All they can do is to yell 'pig' like a jughead.

Even Nik Aziz was called Satan. Who else. How many Malays and Muslims are Satan ?

These people are telling the world that Satan is a Muslim. When the Jews and the Christian pounded the Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Syria, was it not justified ? Aren't they only killing the Satan ?

Portraying and calling a Malay Muslim Satan is amounting to telling the world the type of Malays we have in this country. Probably we have too many of the Satan here, the chief coming from the boss of the cyber trooper who recruited the less educated jobless middle school leavers, trained them in word processing and graphic design aimed at howling at their enemies.

What kind of Malays are we having today ? The old maxim was 'A strong state is lead by a strong leader'. What is the new saying ? 'A chaos and problems in a state are caused by the citizens'. My boss used to tell me, "You are to know whatever happen in your school, even a rat died at the end of the remote field'. He was talking about responsibility and accountability. A leader is answerable to the many Satan loitering around in a country.

No matter how hard we try to depict Malaysia as a moderate Islamic country, she cannot escape the eyes that see Malaysia as a potential terrorist breeding ground. Already Malay Muslims were arrested for being terrorists and supplying centrifuge to Pakistan. The Malaysian Chinese are free from being terrorist suspects. The evil still lies on the Malays.

In many instances it was the Malays who created their own rogue images. They created Frankenstein in themselves and in others, transform and re-transform between Jackal and Hyde, causing damage after damage as partly pictured in Mahathir's blog and non-absolute Malay support on Barisan Nasional. Sadly enough this does not seem to be the signal. Even the MH370 could be related to the evil deed.

Calling Anwar and Nik Aziz Satan could not have come from a normal, non-political and non-bias blogger and individuals. It could have not come even from Najib himself. It has to be from a lowly, myopic poor educated  group. But these few people could dig destructions to the whole race and religion. They created greater animosity among the Malays and the Muslims, not because people support Anwar or Nik Aziz but because of the deplorable words used to spit on other Muslims by the rude Malays.

Mutual trust among Malays has experienced a great decline. The Malays has begun to trust the Chinese than the Malay counterpart, and happy to more work under the Chinese boss, and with the Chinese companies. Many have opted to the controversial party, the DAP. A Haji who came for a RM500 was never been able to contact. Robbers, liars, swindlers, pushers and pimps have never been shameful of their roots.

Mahathir has been seeing evil in his own creation, but forgetting it, he blamed Najib. The Frankenstein he created multiplied and some of them are hiding under the cloak of Najib. Today's Utusan Malaysia was talking about the diminishing Malay Reserve land, given away by UMNO's policy starting during his tenure. There has never been any logic to put all the blame on the Chinese or DAP.

 Let us ask one pertinent question to these people; Is Malaysia the home of the evil Satan ?

 27/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

2nd Deepavali Trip to KL

I had to go to Putrajaya again after all my description on the hectic repeated trips that cost me a lot of money to the immigration office. This time I paid RM300 for the flight. The whole system is really stinking but being a beggar I have to bow to people that I ask for help. My flight was suppose to be at 8.45 am. Owing to the heavy mist it was almost noon that the plane took off. I arrived KLIA at about 1 pm.

For the previous few trips, Rusli, my radio friend fetched me up and took me to Putrajaya. This time he went to Korea on vacation with his family and will be back in a few days time. At this very moment he is still enjoying the tour. I asked around where to take the train to my destination. I had to take the KLIA Express on the ground floor. Rusli had reminded me before about the senior citizen's price. Showing my ID card the ticket was sold at RM4.50.

There were many people waiting. Almost everyone was playing around with the smart phone enjoying the KLIA WIFI. The train arrived about 15 minutes later. I don't remember how long it took to arrive Putrajaya. I didn't even have time to take a brief nap.

I did not know what to do next but just walked ahead to find the way out. I saw a taxi dropping a Black passenger who paid him about RM30. "Can you take me to immigration office Putrajaya ?" I asked. "Hop in," he urged me. He was an Indian, neatly dress and looked gentlemanly. "You should buy a coupon," he told me. "Never mind use the meter." The meter started at RM3.00.

"Do you not celebrating Deepavali ? " I asked him. 
 "Are you a Christian ? "
," he answered.
"Commonly, even though a taxi driver is a Hindu, he will be doing business on the 2nd day nowadays. Make a lot of money." He smiled.
"Are you a Catholic or a Protestant ? " I asked again. He looked surprise.
"A Catholic," he paused. Looking at me he commented. "You know about Catholic and Protestant eh ? "

He must have seen senility or stupidity in me. Many a time when we see shabby looking persons we tend to think their minds are empty. We tend to have prejudiced base on skin color, race and age.

"Today is the world on computer and internet. Information could be found at home by the click of a keyboard. I know about Catholic, Protestants and Judaism. The world is so advance that I could talk to my friend in Korea for free and receiving immediate pictures." I told him. And I was trying to avoid further discussion on religion.

 "What do you use ? Whatapp ?" He asked.
 "Whatsapp and Viber."
 "I used to hear Viber ? Can I download it ?"

He has several gadgets in his taxi. Instead of using a radio he was using a smart phone with the internet to receive information and to fetch passengers. It is a kind of GPS stuff. The bigger screen mobile was for his phone calls.

As we reached the immigration office the meter showed RM7.00. I thanked him for my enjoyable ride.

It was a lunch time. There was nobody at the immigration counters. I waited until 2 pm. At 2 pm the officers began to take their positions. I approached counter 10, handed my ID and my maid's passport. He checked it from the computer and asked me to wait.

I waited for about 20 minutes. He called me, handed back the passport and the ID, and printed a document. There were one original and three copies. "Here," he handed me the 4 pieces of papers which I would consider as a single sheet of a document.
"That's all ? " I asked.
"That's all,"
"How about my agreement ? I gave 2 original and 2 copies. Can I have 2 of them back ? "
"No. Don't worry about it. Either you make another agreement or just forget about it. We just keep them for records. Go home and process the rest in Alor Setar.

My RM300 called to Putrajaya was just to take the one piece of approval letter which they can always post.

I was very tired. I slept at 2 and woke at 5. I decided to go back fast to the airport and took a nap somewhere. At the 1st floor I asked the security guard about taking a taxi or a bus to Putrajaya Central. Gathering the detail information I stepped out, first to the taxi counter. "How much is the fare to Putrajaya Central ? " I asked a lady there. "Nine ringgit," she replied. I thank her and walked away across the road to a bus stop. After 2 minutes of waiting the bus arrived.

While boarding I asked whether it went to where I wanted to go and the price I needed to pay. I had to drop 50 cents in the ticket box. To me it made a lot of different between RM9 and RM0.50.

On the second deepavali day I learned a new thing, the way to go to Putrajaya the cheap way from the airport. It is easy too. Pilots were seen to shuttle to this place from KLIA. And the next time the taxi driver took a passenger he won't underestimate him anymore.

Life is never too easy. Administration and policies and a desk officers can be so stinking smell at time. People are losing good values and virtues especially the Malays who have been making numerous headlines these days, parading foolishness and immorality.



The best ever way to cope up with life is to go back to religion, which is not easy for everyone to do, except the believers. Though Marx and Lenin regarded religion as an opium, it is still the best medication. It restores peace of mind and tranquility in a person. The beauty of religion is, it is a kind of cure all sort of medication, from death to divorce and poverty to all other frustration. The old Malaysian Muslim won't sue for the cause of death even caused by negligence. To them it is all fated. Behind the bad omen there are good things that will embrace a person in the time to come.

Some look for support group, only to realize that many others are suffering from the same fate. If we are poor, we would know that there are many other poorer people. If we are divorcees that there numerous others like us.

Many failures and frustrations come from ourselves. We expect the world to understand and be sympathize with us. We would be disappointed that if the expectation is too high. We need to do a lot of pondering and thinking, and most of the time we have to surrender to the unkind world and submit to things we found oppose to our likings and ideas. Some come from the foolishness and stupidity of the others.

During my younger days,  have three strong disappointments and frustrations before, very depressing indeed. I pray to God to lift each one of them away. Eventually the morosefulness and the feeling of melancholy evaporated. Would I care what Marx and Lenin said ?

For a non-believer the task of fighting disappointment and frustration depends much on the strong will power and reasoning or even the culture of his society. To him life is like that. Accept whatever may come. Life must go on.

I find that the young people today have their own idea. They regard their old men as senile and incapable of managing themselves. To me it is a period, the dead end. I would not give advice or say anything to my kids with such a stand. They think they know better and think better. When they approach me with a problem, I would say nothing, not even a single word for one and only one reason, that I have said that before. Everything that I have said will receive a robust response.

People like me are lucky because they do not depend on their kids to feed them. Many either live as a vagabond or in the Old Folk's Home. Their kids never visited them and hated them for some reasons or the other. At my age the philosophy is simple. Why to worry about the world when my time is short-lived. My major focus is on my sick wife. I don't have time to think of others.

A support group is good for both the believer and the non-believer. The organization is found everywhere. Internet browser would help us in finding the organizations. 



At the local airport I saw young and old holding either a smart phone or a tab or a laptop computer in their hands. That is the common companion of most people while waiting, mainly to kill time. I don't know what did they do with those gadgets. I have two in my pocket, a Lenovo and an iPhone4. I would use the iPhone to read the eBook stuff. I don't have any game in them.

A Chinese was mocking the Malaysians for their paying too much atttention on the phones, forgetting that in China young men and women were holding the mobile phones in their hands too, some talking while walking. I think it is a global phenomena. It will be there for some time, especially to a single traveler without human companion.

Like all things the companionship will end with a death of a person. All wealth, the love ones, the delicious food and all the electronic gadgets will be left for the enjoyment of their posterity.

What we may not realize is that we are surrendering our privacy to others. What others can do to us is unknown. Most programs that we download take most control of the smart phone. Be very careful.

24/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Farouk Musa said that Malaysia needs thinking Muslims. It is indeed a hilarious statement to me as if there is no Malaysian thinking Muslims around.

There are two categories of thinking Muslims in this country. The first group are those who do dot go to open protest or taking the street but would show their disagreement on ballot papers. The second are those who involve themselves in politics.

There is another hidden category with great ideas and knowledge but waived aside by their superiors, either because of jealousy or due to the state of conflict between them. Bad bosses will not get the maximum from their subordinates.

A smart and thinking people lives in jeopardy. When they see the truth they tend to talk. The law is always behind them ready to drag and slam them.

The best of a Malaysian is to be a parrot and to follow without questioning, let the boss do the thinking.

If we do think then we will see the flaw and the future . And there are people capable enough to bring life back to MAS, and rescuing the nation from a great debt. Even though they are known, they will be either dismissed or ignored. Thinking Malays are threats to the nation.

Our system is 'we do the thinking for you'.  There is a head of department who barred anyone from giving any idea, pushing his policy forward, convincing a Minister. Later new and bigger problems crept in. The Malays will bear the damage.

Those who shared the view of Farouk Musa will have to ponder it again. There are plenty of thinking Muslims in this country. The best for them is to carry on their own affair.

24/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hams I used to speak with from India, Pakistan and Indonesia are not heard anymore. Probably many have passed away. Eshee and Bob were close friends. Once in a blue moon I could hear DU6BG but Eshee is totally off the band, lying in bed, speechless till today.

Most hams we knew were from Java island. Offhand I could recall Chepy, Hadi, Mas Henro, John but could not remember many of the ladies. Today I could hear none of tehm on the band. The one from India, VU2AU, Paran, is still heard from time to time.

I love these old hams because they have a lot of stories to tell. We were keen to see each other then. There wasn't any form of internet as it is today. SEANET was something that we were looking for.

It never came across my mind that the old ham atmosphere could come to an abrupt stopped. The method and style of communication on the DX band are of new ways. The passing of transmission used 'Roger' instead of mentioning call signs. The word microphone (mic) is replaced by PTT. The CW is so very speedy. Old hams are dying away and some simply gave up the hobby.

Even the universe seems to change. DX band used to break our S-Meter, booming like nobody's business. That was the time when I talked to Hollywood actors, congressman, scientists in the Antarctica, pilots while flying and a Prince of Saudi Arabia. They weren't just giving the name and the location, but a chat that sometimes took hours to end. All the time I was relying on my homebrew dipole, no higher than 30'. Yet DX were at my fingertips.

Now, only time will tell. Anything can happen.

24/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There are plenty of things left undone. I promised to send the updated software to a friend running a workshop months ago, yet it is not delivered. I wanted to develop a CW trainer using the sound card, it was done half way. There are at least ten more tasks that have not been touched yet.

I felt that there is something in my body that is slowing me down. Even during the evening walk I felt like stopping after just two rounds. I pushed myself to continue the third when the two rounds came to an end. Somehow I could complete the 4 round daily session of 4.8 km.

How could I fight ageing and senility ? The days are coming soon to depart from this chaotic world of selfishness and savagery. We can exercise everyday, eat good food and have ample rest. Rarely we can reach 100. People who did their by-pass may live forever, like Dr Mahathir. In the obituary section of a newspaper I saw yesterday there were 3 to 4 persons who passed away at 90 plus.

Longevity may not always be an award. Many who do not see the world is becoming better and brighter. Mahathir is still struggling with PM Najib. Lim Kit Siang feel tortured at the demeanor of his enemies. Karpal was brought to court. Kassim Ahmad is facing a music. The number of racists surfacing is increasing, and blowing the fire of hatred and insecurity.

Elderly has always been an object of curse in this part of the world. They will suffer without money. They become burden to their children who have commitments of their own. They have been struggling to find time for their own kids. They would either abandoned their old men in the old-folk homes or hired maids to do the job of caring and nursing.

If we can't bear the sufferings of being old, forgetful and senility then we would always wish for the early death. If we are sick we are too tired to go to hospitals or clinics. We just want the illness to take us away the soonest.

People spend a lot of money to fight ageing. Pharmacists are making tons of money selling all sort of supplements and vitamins. There are names and phrases that we have never heard before but now have become a common usage.

Medication do work and prolonged life. I used to consume Pharmaton for several years. I quit it for about 6 years ago. I want to rely on the common daily food without boosters. I hope the change in my lifestyle is not the main factor for my deterioration. May be the mental congestion due to other problems like the procurement of  a maid which taxed a lot of my energy and money. It was due to the evil of the system and the stupidity of some officers.

I have to restart doing one after another, starting by looking back at the X-Code and other information attached to it. The software for my friend just need to be transferred to another media storage for delivery. It would take less than half hour to complete.

I must reboot myself and my mind.

22/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


All animals are created by God. Mankind cannot be cruel to them. The Jains were prohibited from killing even ants and barred from slaughtering animals for food. Fish, worms, birds and insects could be categorize as animals.

Animals or any other living organism that threatened human life were killed or destroyed. If not there may be no man alive in the world if being infected by plague or any disease brought by them. The believers are aware that animals were created for a certain purposes, which mankind should investigate. Dogs and pigs are animals of God.

Dogs are admirable animals, smarter than cats. In serving mankind dogs are far better than many other animals. I can't say about pig because little is said about it in the social media like the Youtube. Pigs are totally forbidden to the Muslims to eat or touch. Dry dogs could be touched by dry hands by the Muslims. If the dog is wet or the hand is wet then touching the animals need heavy cleaning following some rituals. It is not complicated but a hassle step.

I am not pious enough to explain why. And I am just obeying my religion.

Touching dogs using glove would solve some complications. A friend of mine saw a limping dog in front of his house. He wore a rubber globe and examined the dog's feet. A bone was broken. He pulled the broken bone and put a stick and bandage the leg.

Days later he found the dog could walk normally. Everyday the animal would wait in front of his house and while cycling to school the dog followed him till the main road. When he came home the animal waited and accompanied him until he entered the house. The dog went away.

The story is amazing but it is a true event. Even the Prophet Muhammad cared about the animal.

Though it is not wrong to touch dry dogs, it would not proper to have a special event of dog touching session. It is sensitive to the majority of the Muslims. It is an act which could be deemed as insulting the Muslims.

Islam is a faith. So are the many other religions. Faith is an obedience and believe without questioning. It may sound ridiculous to the modern and logical minds. But it is a faith. People believe in God that they never see. There is no tangibility, no smell nor shadow. And the God does not reveal the image to halt the conflict among the various religious sects. Yet the people are willing to die for their religion because of the faith they have.

In Europe an act of intercourse was shown in the public under the name of sex education. There was no shame and no guilt. The minds of the people are totally free. It was a sign that religion and God were dead in the West.

We are embracing the religion of Western thinking, much greater than humanism, about the total freedom of a man; not even his family can own him. Marriage is just a name of convenience. Millions have children without matrimony. It is again about human right and human freedom.

Those who want to touch, kiss or sleep with the dogs have their right to do so. What's the purpose of having a big ceremony other than to provoke other fellow Muslims ?




How not to love the modern technology when I have just finished talking to Rusli using my smart phone for free ? Rusli is in Korea and have been sending me pictures while we were chatting. It is easier to talk to someone thousands of miles away than talking to a local ham friend about 1 km away who always have problem with his handy. At the time of peace and tranquility smart phones and computers are beyond challenge.

Both of us have Whatsapp and Viber installed. To date they are still free. If voice will one day be charged, we can always use the text mode.

 Rusli told me that Korea will soon be putting the 5G in the market. The advertisement said a movie can be downloaded within one minute and the speed if 100 time faster than the 4G.

My art teachers, Mr and Mrs Chooi, are now in Turkey. There was a WIFI on their tour bus. Pictures were posted to the Facebook at every new places visited. There is no anxiety to their health and whereabouts. They don't even know what a ham radio is.

Tomorrow Rusli will go back to Seoul and early in the evening I will be calling him again and asking him to narrate about his visit and will ask him to send more pictures.

We appreciate the modern technology because we are from the old world where the word TV was still in the world of magic. In those days radio was a King, the master of communication. We thought it was the only greatest gadget in the world for the layman.           21/10/201


9M2GET checked the SWR after installing his new antenna. He expected to be resonance at 7.180 but it was better on the CW area. I quipped about the height of the antenna that influence it's resonance. Manan mentioned about the possibility of the element problem. As I am no expert and never have a wide experience with any multi type and form antenna I said nothing more.

A dipole is longer. The inverted V for instant capacitance in related to the ground will be different from a Cubical quad about 70 feet away. A dipole will have more capacitance to ground low and less higher up. Resonance is computed by a given formula. While the rest remain unchanged, the change in capacitance would influence the resonance.

My humble apology for making such  statement. It is only my theory.

If the SWR is high we can use a tuner to adjust it. Tuner could be put away if it is well resonance.

Most of us who do not have any instrument like the antenna analyzer to construct a dipole would only believe in the formula of using the formula to find the antenna length, and the length of the coaxial cable to be the multiple of a quarter wave. That's what I did all the time. We were exposed to two formula, 472/f and 468/f . The later takes capacitance into consideration. I don't care which is better because I merely rely on my antenna coupler.

I am so dumb that I don't even remember the RG term. I would go for a big 50 ohm, never a small 75 ohm coaxial. When guys mentioned the RG numbers I can't imagine the size. A friend likes to buy a small diameter coax. He told me that so and so recommended the low lost smaller cables. I always prefer the bigger one and the thicker screen and a huge core. To me the bigger the conductor, the lesser the resistance. Could I be wrong ?

Does an element size affect the transmission ? To me it does. People are talking about the Q of an antenna. I only remember about the bandwidth. The bigger the size the larger the band width. I think Manan was not wrong when he mentioned the element factor. But Hairie ordered the manufacturer for the center frequency of 7.180. If it so the main factor was due to the antenna height.





At long last this morning Putrajaya rang me up to go and get the approval documents of my maid. I have bought the ticket costing me RM300. But this is the final of the shuttle event. Who cares about the large expenditure incurred just the desk officers pushed me back and forth from Alor Setar to Putrajaya.

The image on the left is my maid when she first arrived  The picture at the bottom is a transformed image. She looked younger and healthier after almost 2 months serving my wife.

But before today both of us have been facing trauma due to ignorance. At a point she asked me to send her home and she didn't eat the whole day. I too had lost my patient when the lower rank officer scolded me for retaining her for two moths, refusing to listen to explanation and rejecting an approval from Home Ministry. She felt very hurt when I told her to get ready to go home.

She wept and told me that she had caused a lot of problem to me and that I have spent so much money on her.

"Yours is not to worry about money," I said. "God give the money to your family through me." That cooled her a little.

I paid her on every 20th day. This morning she told me not to send all home for the first time. She wants to keep some for local spending. My wife and I insisted on sending all because she has 3 school going children, an odd job husband and an elderly mother. "Feed them," I said. "Use the bonus for the expenditure."

The Pahala ( divine reward from God that will be weigh in life after death ) given is not for me but for all the kind officers who have shown their sincere work like one Puan Nik in Home Ministry, Fahmi, and immigration officer in Putrajaya and an immigration lady in Alor Setar who helped me in filling the form day after day.

My only problem left is a class B radio friend who took a 500 ringgit loan promising to pay back within a week but never to reply my phone call when I called him. If he does he would lessen my burden a little.

I too am surprise at her transformation. I will be sending her several photos back home to the family. She said she wants to go back after 1 1/2 years. I have agreed to her request. She is welcome to return for the job. The contract is for two years. I have to understand that she is married and has several children.

"Eat what you want and tell me what you want to eat. I'll buy for you." In my mind she is a guess, a poor guess who is trying to relief the plight of her family, who owes a lot of money.

I still lift my wife from the bed onto the wheelchair. It is not that she could not do it but I fear a little mishap could spell doom it will take 4 persons to put her back in position. Over all her job is superb. She does all except for cleaning my room and my clothing. I need some for myself. Otherwise I have nothing left for my pride.

There are angels among the devils. Thanks God.



People sell news and stories about other people and everyday people pay to read the news. They are about achievements and failures, death and birth, the cruelty and kindness of mankind. Those will never end. The invention of printing and the growth of media made the world news reached every home. What do we learn about human beings after reading so much about them ?

Not everyone cares about what's happening around them. They have more important things to do, mainly to find the daily bread to survive. Hawkers would start at the wee hours of the day and end their business exhausted. Swindlers are all the time thinking how to swindled and con their victims. Prowlers' eyes are wide open to prey at the fine opportunity to strike. The number one in their lives is money. They too know about the colors of life.

Life is full of good, bad and ugly. It is about human sufferings that matters most to some. The insanity of mankind, the heartless murderers, the immoral and cruel leaders and politicians, and the very selfish human specie crazy for power. People have pleasure in killing and murdering. They looked for justifications to blind their conscience.

The Malaysians were told to accept whatever good or bad that befell upon them. What they are now has been predestined, fated by God. They must thank God that they are still alive. 

Not many were born with golden spoon in their mouths. Not everyone can walk erect and everyone can see the beautiful world. The unfortunate don't cry everyday with disappointments or frustrations.

The poor and the oppressed have their happy days too. Heaven is for all, the wealthy and the poor, the smartest and the mentally retarded. The hell too is for all  They will feel the pain as they had inflicted on others.

Should we lament for being poor and pain and suffering ? Should we avenge on those who kicked and torture us ?

Life is a mystery. You will get back what you do on others. When UMNO called the Chinese Pendatang, the GERAKAN called the Malays Pendatang too. It did not come from DAP but from the component party.

Life is just like that. Every dog has it's day. As history told us that nation rise and fall, kings and emperors were replaced by normal people free of divine right. Presidents and Prime Ministers met their ill-fated destiny. Arrogance could be short lived.

I have been deeply pressed by frustration after frustration. Each time, I thought I thought about God. I calmed myself. There are many others who are worst off. The sadists will pay for their actions.

From the news and the stories we should understand mankind by now. We have all sort of people around us. We cannot avoid everyone of them, for they are everywhere. Some are destroying the nation and brought inevitable destructions, anger and hatred.

People buy newspapers. I don't. I don't even listen to TV news. Truth is hard to find. Honesty is almost dead. Humanity is still a puzzle. The Malays have lost their directions. The political leaders with their empty rhetoric could not do anything as the vigorous responses are against them. They create chaos in the nation and the government departments. They refuse to reflect and ponder over their actions and policies.


19/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We have been telling hams to begin learning Morse codes by listening and forget the key, so much so, those who went for the test found sending was disturbing them. Observing the students who could learn codes quickly I conclude that the younger generation could master the skill within a short time if they try the method I am writing down here. Probably some of us might have tried this method before.

The first step is to learn visually, recognizing the dots and dashes and what they represent. Then the learning process to acquire both the sending and receiving skills need a team of least two persons, both having a Morse key each, plus a tone oscillator. There are several simple circuits using IC 555 in the websites.  Below is one that I copy from a website.

It is also sold in a kit form.

The two persons should face each other. Both must be ready with a pen and a paper. When one person send the other writes. At the beginning a character could be punch repeatedly by the sender. Then the other partner does the sending and the other doing the copying. 30 minutes a day should be ample. This enabled both sending and receiving skill could be acquired at the same time.

This does not mean we cannot do the listening from the software that we have downloaded. Even if we have mastered all the characters sent at whatever speed, we need to find a partner to spar. One send and the other receive. Check the result before the turn shift.

Good luck.                       18/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Bright kids learn well and quickly. I was there watching how 9W2HH and his wife ran the class. Astonishingly when he quizzed the scouters with the alphabet sounds they responded correctly. It was amazing. Let the world open to these young people and I believe they will be hams with CW skill very soon.

A teacher is a teacher. None of my primary school teachers went to university. They are as great as the others. They molded us into responsible human being and had put a strong ethical foundation and a good platform to make us as what we are now.

I salute to 9W2HH and his XYL.

I just love the activities held near the lake, in the open, like a Field Day. I did not ask them what were the activities. I saw small kids carrying small yagi antenna, which I knew there was the ARDF activity. I moved from tent to tent to observe the scout activities. Both the 9Ms and the 9Ws worked hand in hand, the show of a strong cohesion. It is good for scouting and good for ham radio.

I have a bad memory. I remembered 9M2RDX and 9M2PRO well but many seemed to know me. Probably from the web page or the Facebook postings. One Siti Aishah from Changlun was accompanying me at the CW tent.

I had a good rest while chatting with several others. 9W2HH was narrating he got involved in amateur radio. I enjoyed myself at the JOTA site.

To me the Timah Tasoh Jota is great and successful. I don't have any complaint nor criticism. The organizer surely had work very hard to make it good and well done. Indeed it is.

I was invited for the evening activity but I have to go home. And Hanafi, 9W2TZ, had been pestering me to leave the camp site. He had made an appointment with 9M2GET. At the same time he had to meet the call of nature which was becoming more intense.

Hesitantly I bade them goodbye and drove out of the JOTA site.

At 9M2GET we saw several hams were putting up the a three band Cubical Quad and aYagi. Those are giant antenna that could burst the S-Meter. These hams, including 9M6SYA, Syed, will be attending the Jota evening session.


18/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


More than 80% of young people killed themselves by simply consuming all sort of food recklessly. I can't exactly pointed out the number one killer. The young people would ignore the advise of the elderly because they thought they are invincible to everything, including to the dangerous drugs.

There are few elderly above 60 who are free from diabetes, heart ailment and blood disorders. The organs were weakened by ageing.

For younger persons food control is essential. High calorie food is one and the food of high cholesterol content is another. Even sportsmen cannot escape cholesterol built up.

Daily exercise helps a lot. It can stabilize the blood sugar level. I can't exactly say how far one can stay off the diabetic tablet with exercises and starch free food and normal sugar. But I have a strong believe it helps immensely.

My evening walk at a medium phase does show the health result. I took about 40 minutes to complete 4.8 km walk, not fast enough for other elderly men and women overtook me like a leopard.

I can die anytime despite the daily exercise. My favorite is the whole prawn part, the head of which contains the most cholesterol. But that is the the most delicious part.

I always told the younger guys to watch their food because they are still young. There are still much more of the world that they have to taste and they have many more years to go. On the other hand the elderly have little time left. They might as well taste whatever they can get hold of; durian, mutton, squid, prawn, coke, pepsi and all of the other poisons.

Lately I saw many young adults took to the jogging track. I hailed such an activity. They would stay away from the wild youths who enjoy showing of their acrobatic skill without wearing helmets, with maximum throttle in the sane area. I noticed that younger women had more energy than their male counterparts.

Don't easily be duped by all sort of supplements. Probably more than 50% won't help or contain dangerous chemicals. If you are on hospital medication, stick to them. The effectiveness have been tested.

Sometimes simple things could give us longevity, like the habit of drinking plain water and daily exercise. Yet we tend to postpone them because we are too busy with our work. On arriving home from work the exhaustion almost kill us.

I hope someone will do some survey to find out the number of young death by profession. Are we not anxious to know what kind of jobs that kill people most ?

If you have done any exercise, just try it once or twice.                                              17/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I stopped ASTRO for quite a number of years because it is too expensive. I missed favorite soccer matches world wide. My sick wife only wants TV3. I didn't watch TV anymore except for soccer matches if they were available. Furthermore internet subscription is expensive enough.

Not having ASTRO is not the end of the world. My Lenovo gave me life. Live transmission of the English Premier League is crystal clear and of a high quality, no jerking nor stalling. Right now I am watching Totenham and Manchester City. At other time I would watch soccer played in Europe or South and North America. Of course I also watched other sports.

I had Samsung Note 3 before but given away to my son because I did not use it for a long time. I bought Lenovo as I was buying the RM180 version for my maid. It cots almost 25% of the Korean set.

Lenovo has a FM radio, not using internet. I heard Najib budget speech while doing my normal evening walk. It may not have a live TV but the internet movies and videos are good enough, The movies provided by a TV software was amazingly clear.

I lost interest in watching TV since I traced the element of deceptions and political bias.

Prices of smart phones are declining as the competition is getting stiffer. Countries with cheaper labor cost are of better advantage. Big phone companies like the Apple iPhone and others chose to operate their factories in China because of the lower labor cost.

We were being made to believe that the iPhone and Samsung are the best and most powerful. But both companies are playing psychology on the people. Didn'y we observe the versions change within a very short duration. Our old phones are still in good order yet we were coaxed to temptation.

Now they have the radio in. Soon a live TV without having have to lock to the internet. I believe the Chinese will have all in one at a much lower price beating the rest. Everyone is waiting for a durable product from China with Apple quality.

To most of us, our resources are limited. We have to make the best used of what we earned. The utility bills are above RM100 or may be more than RM200. The internet is RM160. I don't know how much is ASTRO. Cutting corners does not mean we have to abstain ourselves from enjoyment and entertainment.

At the same time try to avoid ourselves from being hypnotized and deceived by any media.

17/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


On the 14th October 2014 Rashid and Rusli picked me up at the airport and we shot off to Putrajaya Immigration Office. Here's what happen :-

     -  Officer on the 1 st floor asked me to go to 2nd floor.

     - We went up to 2nd floor. "Go to 7th floor and check. It is not in our record."

     -  Back to the 1st floor to get a pass to 7th floor. "No. You go to 3rd. floor"

     - We went up to the 3rd floor. "This is the wrong place. Go to 2nd.floor."

     - Back to the 2nd floor. This time I was referred to go to counter 10.        

      - At counter 10 my IC and my maid's passport was given. About 5 minutes later the officer came back.

        "We don't have your record.". I  explained that I posted it on the 7th of October. "Who ask you to post ? " I said it was Mr Siva.

       "There is no Siva here. You  go back  to Alor Setar and  make a new application, plus a new stamping". I insisted on checking it.

        I was asked to go to 7th. floor.  

     - Went down to the 1st floor. This time I got the pass.

     -. Went up to 7th. floor. The officer took the documents shown. He went into a room and came back."Go to 6th.floor."

      - Shuttled back to the 1st floor and changed the pass. Then went up again to the 6th. floor.

       - 2 lady officers checked the letters and found in the record. "The letter had been dispatched to 2nd. floor on the 10/10/2014"

      - This was the last shuttle. "The officer is absent. You go back first. Come back when I call you.But at the same time prepare

         for the new  application. We will have a meeting to approve your application."

There is not a single word of lie. That was what really happen. People find it very entertaining and enjoy at doing such thing. Sometime we should wonder about the Malay Malaysians. Public frustrations not from their own making are never healthier to the government. No amount of coaxing and wooing could appease them. The budget 2015 would not deplete away the discontent.

14/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Passing Morse test is not only just an achievement, it is also a great happiness, euphoria and ecstatic. The joy is beyond comparison with any amount of money. The feeling of a great relief from mental tension and agony and emotional stress could not be described by words. It is just simply happiness.

CW is simple and almost within the reach of everyone. What seems to be difficult is the false illusion people are seeing, the wall of fear that was causing withdrawal within. It takes a strong mind and guts to break the wall down. This is not a motivational statement but a fact of life. We have been fearing at the non existing things. We are seeing apparition.

People pay to do bungee jumping, risking life to climb steep mountain and sky jumping. It is the quest of adventure and thrill seeking. CW is much less than those but enough to shiver a lot of people. Bungee jump gives a short feeling of thrill after the job but Morse codes gives us many days of thrill and joy.

I am happy to see people celebrating their success.

Each time there was a Morse test only a handful passed. In the last test only 6 out of more than 30 passed. CW is not luck, unlike the reading and marking test. It is not impossible for those who never study could score at 40% grade in the objective test. There is a good reason for the 6 to jump with joy. Their labors pay. Only naive people would insult and tease them.

To me CW cannot be compensated with a PHD, engineering, law or medical degree. A scientist cannot say that he is the smartest and therefore he could be a ham operator without it. A ham who had been working ISS all his life could not do the same claim as well. It is like a Muslim who need to know the Shahadah before he can claim he belongs to the faith. There is no point for a Christian who wears a foot cross around his neck if he kicked away the ten commandments and lives an adultery life. Among the pillars of ham radio since it's birth was CW.

Those successful candidates may not think the same way as I do. Never blame them. They have their own reasons for keeping with the tradition. For whatever reason it is a hard work. It is a positive attitude. It is a tough battle. The battle was won. Obviously they need to celebrate.

13/10/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof