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To whom it may concern,

I think it is time that you pay back the loan which you took from me. Your promise of a week's payment has taken more than 5 months. You are a Haj and a Muslim. You went to Mecca several times, and I always respect you as a man of God. It was you who told me that some ham radio guys cannot be trusted with me and tarnish their images giving me a bad perceptions of those guys. Now I realize that you are one of them.

Your arch and number one enemy, also a ham radio operator, told me to HALAL the loan and forget about it. I was very surprise at his contention. How I could I when I am very broke now. I need money to repair my car, and I told you several times that I was broke. You never reply my SMS. I am jobless. You should understand it. You are a big time contractor, getting projects valued a few millions. You pay cash for a house and you have just inherit a huge property and your parent's saving of a few hundred thousands. What is RM500 to you. Surely you should not keep me waiting in abeyance.

Probably you have been doing this to many other people as part of your profession.

If I lost RM500, it is sadness that I feel. It is a lesson for me, not to trust anybody anymore with any money. But loosing a friend like you is a blessing. The more people become your victims it will be the worst for you. At time you call for help, nobody will go for your help. I am already glad that I do not have to attend your kids wedding and when you fall sick or die.

If you can whisper about other distrusted hams withy money, I too could have whispered about your honor and integrity to the sates of Kedah, to JKR, to education department and to UUM where your relative always call you for projects. For just 1 RM500 I won't do that. But with God's retribution as you are a man of a Haji, someday you may hit very hard down the earth.

You ought to know that I can be very mean.

This is for your perusal but it is not the end of it. More to come until you have settled the loan.

And those repeater users, please have the courtesy to donate for the use of the machine. Repeater needs maintenance and upgrading of components. People travel up the hills to repair so that the rest can use them. All need money.

Thank you


Our IGP is threatened by someone who posted it on the youtube. I am sure he will be apprehended soon. This rang me up to the years of 1970s when a number of top cops of ethnic Chinese were shot one by one. The assassins were unknown.

Those who threatened Khalid will not carry out the act. They are having some psychological problems, anger with him as many others who are not happy with they called anomalies or inconsistencies.

Executioners do not tell the world of their intents or send any threatening letters. The IRA who was a great menace were never caught in their bombings. And any individual planning in murdering someone won't even tell his closest friends or family members.

In Peninsular Malaya the Chinese won't rise against the government. They will use a democratic means to overthrow BN, by the ballot papers. The police suspect the Malays to be more militants. At every Friday prayers the police are there recording the sermons and in every area division they have at least one to spy on the people. But the Malays do not have the means to buy weapons and they could not be bothered to use any kind of force against the government.

However the police must take serious of the threat, not only to bring the enemies down to their heels but at the same time must also look back at any complaints made against the police by the opposition and by the commoners on the social media.

The job of the IGP is extremely tough. But at all time he must weight between the interest of a nation and the people and the interest of his political master. If they move in opposite ways he must act or honorably request for retirement. 1MDB is a big issue to investigate to find out any element of conning or blackmailing. The report made by NYT on Rosmah's spending and the source of payments must be studied carefully.

I think Khalid somewhat knows those who threatened him. They have to some educated young men with strong ideal because they talked about the evil of democracy. Mahathir himself had touched a little on the same thing-UMNO leaderships have to beg from the Chinese.

Khalid does not have to worry about Najib's premiership. No one can bring him down. No way. Not even Mahathir. The later is wrong to say Najib is weak.

26/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If I were the police I would investigate 1MDB, not because of any suspected crime or wrongdoing but a matter of precaution. Where big money is concerned checking is just a normal routine. First 1MDB said Ananda Krishnan is not involved in the rescuing the company of a 2 billion dollar bank loan. A while later it was announced that the loan had been settled. Najib was asked to clarify whether the government settled the 2 billion dollar debt. Now we are hearing that Ananda did make the payment. AND 1MDB is asking for more cash from the Malaysian government.

It is a shameless and the most immoral spin of the century. The way things go, I have a strong haunch that some guys in 1MDB is blackmailing Najib. That is why the police must step in and dispatch a team of covert investigators to find out whether there is an element of blackmailing. Secondly the police must follow the trail of the money, where the 42 billion dollar went. There should be several layers of investigating team.

The police has to be fast and swift. No more money is to be given to 1MDB. At the same time national media must stop promoting 1MDB until the police give a green light. It is a great to know why all records in 1MDB computers and mainframes were being deleted, and probably now being replaced with falls data. The police and the auditors can always check the trail of the money. Right now I have a strong haunch that these people relentlessly are putting pressure on Najib to do and say what they want.

If the police find there is an element of a blackmailing then the most severe action must be taken, quietly and the public need not be told of the action taken. Remember with the 42 billion they can hire a big time gangsters to protect them.

With such a hypothesis the police can start with systematic investigation. Otherwise they would not know where to begin.

As a concern Malaysian I always wish 1MDB is not a scam, not run by con men and there is no element of blackmailing. Arul just need to tell the truth instead of spinning. For God's sake stop demanding cash from the government. The rakyat must not be burdened with filthy failures.

23/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Several times the Presidents of the UNited States said 'The world is a safer place without Saddam, Osama, Ghadafi....' Now those people are not there do we hear anyone saying 'YES the world is at peace now and the Americans can sleep well...' ?

And I picked a statement said by Shafiee that putting a Anwar away is better for the nation. If it was aconspiracy, it is good for the people and the nation. And Ahmad Maslan recently said "What Shafiee said about Anwar is the truth..."

Today the police are hauling one by one of those who criticize the apex court judgment. This move had been expected even before the delivery of the judgment and had been put in a list of actions. The whole episode, as I see it, has been the work of the learned Shafiee. Didn't he play his role to convince the judges as what he is now doing with the UMNO members on the roadshow ? Anwar must be put away for the good of the country.

I can still remember Shafiee with a sling bag watching Hishamuddin Rais and others at the speakers corner in the '70s at University Malaya. I didn't know that he was a law student. He was much handsome then. Seeing him like a Mamak, I had guessed he was from Penang. Most of my History major friends ended up in politics and becoming some sort of Ministers. Only 40 years later I was told Rosmah was a student too. But I could not remember her.

I did not know where Shafiee was during the Student's demonstration. Neither did I remember Anwar Ibrahim. I only knew Anwar was arrested. Hishamuddin went missing, which later I came to know he ran to England.

Things didn't end in 1970's. The two names popped up again in the 21st century when both Shafiee, Anwar and most of the 1970's university graduates are really at dawn, waiting for the day to meet God. A few like Fatah, a close friend of Adnan Yaacob, had passed away. I know Anwar never changed from his schooling days but I can't tell about Shafiee. Probably they continue to carry forward their traits. "I want to be a Prime Minister," said Anwar while he was a school boy. His mother was a vocal UMNO politician.

The verbal engagement between Anwar and Shafiee at the Apex court was nothing strange. True, both were from Penang and both men knew each other.

What the public see is different from what Shafiee sees. Judgment base on fair evidence is different from 'Anwar must be put away for the good of the nation'. The later must brush away any evidences and witnesses that would strengthened Anwar for a sodomist cannot lead a nation. The court use a different value in delivering a judgment and the public use the normal value which they called the fairness. It is only fair when Saiful is jailed too.

Surely Shafiee and UMNO leaderships will never accept Saiful as a candidate at any constituency. If he so to be trusted and admirable, brave young man, UMNO should give him a very important post in the party. A Senator would be the best.

I can bet, our lerned prosecutor, Shafiee, will be haunted by his own conscience. He has to force himself to believe that he is doing the right thing by putting Anwar away for the best of the nation. But Shafiee must know the Malays are not all fools and stupid.

When Nik Aziz passed away there were thousands attended his funeral. Would it not be possible when somebody else die people will be called to attend the funeral by offering a hundred ringgit each ? Let our posterity be the witness.

23/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The UMNO run Amanah Saham Kedah had gone down many long years back. My elder sister, being an UMNO strong lady, bought the share. At the trailing sickness they tried to give live to it, calling a few people whom they thought were experts. When nothing could be done, more money were wasted by sending these guys oversea to study how others manage their coffers, the man in charge asked them to declare that the ASK was benefiting. The investments made gave a good return. Fortunate or unfortunately those people refused to do so.

So when 1MDB chief announced 1Billion profit in the questionable investment, I was not at all convince, simply, lies has become the culture taught by our leaders. They lie on GST that benefit the people and prices of houses will be down and they lied a lot before the GE13.

What does our nation gain by lying ? We must remember the scuffle when Felda decided to put Isa Samad in the FGV, and saw the extreme degree of arrogance, pushing everyone aside and ensuring the public it was a wise move. What are to hear soon from the plunging of the share price ? We can be rest assured that Najib or Isa will put the blame on some others, as they are blaming the sole-towkey for the shrinking ringgit.

It is true that some individuals will gain, as we are now seeing in the 1MDB 42 billion dollar debt. If that amount is shared by 42 persons one will get a billion each. Even divided 1 million each, you can imagine the 'chak bo leow' (enough for entire life). The amount can command a devil to pull a bullock cart for you. But the citizens will have to pay through their nose.

Najib announced the increase in the Brim for the rakyat. Does it bring the prices down and our economy better ? When Bank Negara announces that our GDP increase by 20%, does the cost of living stall or getting lower, and our economy beat the rest of our neighbors ?

Ku Nan once accused the Chinese were sabotaging our economy because they want BN to fall. Then we need to ask Ku Nan since when the Chinese hate the government and sabotaging our economy ?

Doesn't the government has all the think tanks mytres?

It would be better for the government to be really transference as far as our money is concerned, not to hide what it does to our national coffer. The 1MDB issue should be put to public debate so that the public can truly see the total amount of money, the debt, the investments, the profit clearly. The second debate is to call upon all the financial institutions involving in it's credits or debits, for clarifications, confirming the truth.

The 42 billion dollar debt, the shrinkage of rubber and palm oil share prices, the shrinking of ringgit cannot be welcomed. We all should be scared. Our nation won't be any stronger.

Lying and deception are weakening the Malays. The government has to arrest more and more Malays for some reasons or the other. Mahathir says ISIS exist because the failure of the Islamic nations. The Malays are arrested and oppressed because of the failures of UMNO, and because they voiced what they thought were the truth. It does not look Islamic. When questions are raised and you can't answer them, you arrest and jail them.

No wonder the Book of Illuminati says 'people fear men, not God'.

22/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



PAS must not depend on DAP, PKR or UMNO. The party has been on it's own for decades, rising and falling. Joining PR to topple UMNO has not been successful. The party simply cannot mix with DAP. The party has been accused as a tool for DAP. The later will never respect PAS to implement Syariah Law even in Kelantan.

UMNO is a vulture calling PAS deviant and to a certain extend being suspect as the potential terrorists. UMNO says that it is a party sent and ordained by God.

If PAS and DAP do nox mix, so do PAS and UMNO. To UMNO lying, decepting, currupting, cheating, abusing of power are not sinful. No action is taken against the delible-indelebile ink supplier. Prices to government departments are sorely inflated. And innocent people are arrested or jailed. When MIC and MCA meddled with the affairs of Islam, UMNO mumed about them.

UMNO is a party for the Malays by it's acronym alone. Whereas Islam composes of all races.

It is better for the two parties to remain split. It is more natural and it has been that way from the beginning.

If any Malay wish to be rich and wealthy they should join UMNO. They can rake a lot of money. PAS could not give them material wealth and money.

I would predict that if PAS free itself from PR, the Malays would make themselves available in the Islamic party. The exodus will be a great one. Eventually UMNO will be left with some countable members. The rest should be decided by fate.

22/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A day will come when the Malays prefer Chinese to lead this nation. At present the current fear is on the fate of Islamic practices. They see it will be a doom for Islam with the Chinese leadership. Even if Islam flourish in Communist China, millions are free to live the Islamic lives, the Malay fear will remain. UMNO will continue to put the Malays in horrific state, especially among the rural folks.

I can assure you that if Lim Kit Siang or his son, Guan Eng, is a Muslim, in no time the Malays will opt to Chinese leadership. A Chinese Muslim does not have to practice Malay culture and tradition. Many can still remember Admiral Cheng Ho who sailed to Malacca and other regions in the Indian Ocean to extend the Chinese maritime and commercial influence. Cheng Ho was a Muslim. His full name was Cheng Muhammad Ho.

A religion does not come with a race. A Malay can be anything and practice any religion. He can be a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew. Neither has he a perfect and admirable demeanor. He can be good, honorable and honest. Or he can be ruthless, evil, stinking and filthy. For God's sake just do not trust a person just because he is a Malay or calling himself a Muslim and dressed himself with Arabic robe. My mother was cheated of her jewelry and I had been cheated more than three times by Malay teachers and a contractor. These are all junk Malays.

At this juncture the Malay fear of DAP still hold water with the leadership stance on Islamic Law. DAP leaders are seen as despotic as their UMNO counterpart. Yet the number of Malays embracing the once Chinese party is on the rise. It causes a great panic. Despite the all out campaign the Malay leaders are beginning to buy homes outside the country, hoping they could escape persecution in case of any unpredictable events. And like German Nazis in South America with totally different identity, be hunted by Israelis.

BN has to show to the Malays that it has their support. I doubt the numbers shown by ballot papers are real and authentic. With huge money, magic tricks and illusions were played by the Samsengs and the special squads. Votes and voters are not always tallied. Even if when the Chinese population outnumbered the Malays the twinning would be in the favor of the ruling party.

To stop the day when the Malays will choose the Chinese as their saviors UMNO has no other alternative but to play the racial card at the ground level. To stay in power it will woo the component parties with promises and goodies "Make me a King and I will give you what you want".

The only way to avoid the Malays run to the Chinese for protection is PAS must be independent and stand on it's own again. It must not be part of Pakatan Rakyat or the sympathizes of UMNO. The Malays will flock to the party to escape the cruelty of UMNO. It can contest more seats and there is no way for UMNO to accuse the party as being part of DAP master.

PAS has ample time to split from PR. The divorce would be bad for UMNO, and let it be. And PAS does not lose anything by being alone again. Nobody can dictate anything.

But BN too has predicted the Chinese dominant in Peninsular Malaysia by 2035 when the young voters emerge in great numbers. It has to depend on the Sarawakians and Sabahans. That's the reason for the new electoral map in those regions to ensure more seats for BN. The Chinese must try to offset BN,s plan by pushing themselves out of the densely populated area to be scattered everywhere else  for the more equal voting distributions.

The normal Malays who have been living together with the Chinese will not find any different.

a. Only God knows why there are so many criminals among the Malays especially at their young age. They broke into homes, snatching bags, taking and peddling drugs. Young boys and girls shrieking and showing off their acrobatic skills on their bike. Parents attacked and threatened school teachers who administered discipline their kids.

The young Malays broke into mosques and stole whatever things that can be liquidated.

b. Inhumane treatment of the Malay government officers are very intolerable. I can't say the frequencies of such the case happenings. People were talking about the police and the town counsel enforcement officers. I had had an experience with custom departments. They said nurses had laser mouths.

c. UMNO members especially someone with a post were very arrogance. They would be happy if others bowed, licked their boots, praise them and called them Dato' or Yang Berhormat. An ordinary school worker went in and out of the school on his own will, feared by his own boss.

d. Non-Islamic behavior and acts of the Malay politicians; the late Nik Aziz is now laid at rest. His UMNO foes called him infidels and his abode is surrounded with idols. Mashitah said a single mum can be a prostitute. She also rejected the Muslim Holly Book. Najib continue to break his promises openly. Corruptions have become a norm.

e. The Malay government have been arresting the Malay Muslims on suspicion they are terrorists.

f. Partisan judges were promoted to the highest post. They are known as UMNO judges and prosecutors. Members of the public see them as bias.

Less is argued on the welfare of the Malays in Singapore. There is no literature about the state of satisfaction to record their feelings. But it could have been the Malays in the island are much better off than the Malays in Peninsular Malaya.

There is a relentless effort to prove the Malays in Penang are oppressed by the Chinese, either under MCA, Gerakan or DAP. The rest of the Malays are following it very closely. If Penang can prove that the Malays are saved under Chinese rule then the future can be anything. The preference to the Chinese rule will be due to the bad perceptions of the current Malay leaderships.

22/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There are two main questions asked by a lot of people; who was Altantuya to Sirul ? Where did Sirul get the C4 ?

Altantuya was known to be Abdul Razak Baginda's woman. Razak is a friend of Najib. It is no interest of Altantuya to Sirul, Najib's bodyguard. It would be unthinkable for Sirul to kill Altantuya for no reason. He has no motive to do so. Like any ordinary policeman, including the IGP, he will act under order of his immediate boss. Does this make sense ?

Assume that he acted on his own will, out of his own insane mind like any other mentally retarded with disordered mind, or under the influence of heavy drug, where did he get the C4 bomb ? All these happened when Najib was a DPM.

All intelligent minds are pondering.

We are in the vortex of evil today, a serious one, which has it's beginning during Mahathir's era. How could we not put the blame on Mahathir who was rude enough to kick Abdullah Badawi out. Yet with all the turbulence the Malaysians will not act like Korea or Thailand. The leaders will still be saved.


19/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Everyday I talked the same thing to my wife about the many expensive cars we saw on the road and palatial houses almost everywhere. We can afford only the cheapest twenty four thousand ringgit Produa. With a meager pension, I have to strive hard for a living. Annual rates, vehicle insurance and other bills came to about 1K. At least 20% of the pension goes to the medical supplies for my bed ridden wife.

We thank God for the providence. We can have what we want. The saving under ASB gave us some fresh air to breath.

Yesterday I gathered back some of the old shirts that I want to bring to Vietnam, a RM2K trip which I long yearn to go. One red shirt I love very much is torn. I bought and wore it for more than 30 years. Most of the others were above 30 years. The colors are as lustrous as ever, they do not fade. Those were branded shirts. They really worth the money. They were the same for my trousers. I do not buy any new ones for a long time.

I am not so concern of myself. We can survive. But I know many of those are much worst, all Malaysians of all ethnic groups. Poverty knows no boundary nor skin color. There are millions in the United States too. The poor me can still enjoy good food and able to take nearby oversea vacation.

Whatever God gives God can take away without warning. It happened in Iraq, Libya and many other countries. It can happen in a million of ways. A patrician can be a plebeian, aristocrat to pauper beggar.

A few days before the Chinese New Year, I went to super-market hoping to see a few new cheap shirst for my Hanoi's visit. The discount was fantastic, 70%, but the price was more than RM200 for a short sleeve shirt. After more than four visits, I finally bought a RM70 shirt. I hope it will last at least for 10 more years. Probably I won't live to see the sunny day by that time. A man showed me a T-Shirt he bought in Hong Kong for about RM2K a piece "Cheap. In Malaysia is twice the price," he told me. Mind you, the shirt has no radiance, no luster, no color and to me it worth just RM40.

One ham radio friend, a class B licensee, bought a house cash and a big four-wheel drive, and he owed me RM500 and went missing until today. Then I know people with a big house and a grand expensive car cannot impress me nor simply could earn my respect just by their sheer materialistic gadgets.

People just above the poverty level like me are still poor and facing hardship in life with the mounting cost of living, the shrinking dollar, the inconsiderate greedy billion air that are running our lives and the evil politicians who fear no God nor believe in religion.

18/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It looks like justice is taking a new look, swearing by the Quaran is considered the truth and righteousness. First we saw Najib swore and now Shafiee. The pinacle to parade their righteousness is the swearing in Mecca. It was repeatedly said that Saiful dared to swear but not Anwar.

Someone commented that the Muslims won't tell lie and won't dare to swear by the Hollybook if they are guilty. Do we want the swear to be used as evidence and a court standard ? Then try to cut short the court proceedings by asking those under criminal charges just to swear by the Qaran. My prediction is ALL will take the swear to plead innocent. And the jails will be only be filled with the non-Muslims. Even the non-Muslims charged on murder will eventually convert to Islam and seek the swearing as the others.


Like the death of Altantuya, people keep on asking about Sirul's motive for killing the young lady and who gave him the C4. There was no interest of Sirul on Altantuya. It creates doubt and people are blank. They want to know what were in the blanks.

Not only the Malaysians were following the proceedings, the whole world did. And they did so very closely. And never say those who criticized court's decision as pro-Anwar Ibrahim and anti-Najib. But Najib has to be mentioned because Saiful went to see him. They want to know the motive and what transpired from the meeting. Any random answers would not erase suspicion and may not be thr truth.

Lies are traceable by the unfulfilled promises, not by the swearing of the Quaran. Neither it is from who said them, a Mamak or a Malay. Look back at the promises before the GE13, mountains of them. Yet they said Muslims don't lie. If swearing by the Hollybook is taken as a standard then cut short the court proceeding by requring the accuse to swear by the Quaran.

18/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I suspect 1MDB is a conned project planned by a group of con men who went to see Najib and painted  some rosy picture about's it benefit to the nation. When Najib agreed to be a guarantor it was the greatest sting of the century and the saddest event in the history of Malaysia. These con men spent the money in manners they wish and like, in unknown and non-existing project. But who cares because the government of Malaysia is paying for that. The burden is on the Rakyat to pay the 42 billion dollar debt. The GST is geared towards the huge payment.

The UMNO Malays as stupid as usual attacked those who voiced about the 1MDB, saying it is a profitable undertakings and it will benefit the nation. They do not know what had really happen and how UMNO leaders have been conned for centuries.

There are two pertinent questions that need to be looked into. The first is do the liquid assets plus all other 1MDB assets attain the value of 42 billion minimum ? Can the Malaysian government take over the total management and administration of 1MDB ? Do you think the 42 billion debt will slowly be reduced or will keep on climbing ?

The explanation by TV media of all aspects of 1MDB issue is much better than the hourly advertisement of  GST.

The police must not keep quiet. So is everybody in the Ministry, Central Bank and more so the UMNO people. Malaysia must not be drowned just by a handful of people. If proven the con men had cheated our Prime Minister then they must be hunted to their graves, arrest and tortured, and cut their limbs and let they live.

I think the same error as RM250 millions to the NFC was made by the government. They did not scrutinize the movement of the money. But RM250 millions is nothing compared to 42 Billions. And Najib should not be allowed to sell our country. When Cabinet Ministers meet they must make sure Najib is there and bombard him with questions, every reply must be accompanied by proofs. The cabinet members must check the authenticity and validity of Najib's answer. Our nation is at stake. The full force must act; the police, lawyers, judges. bankers and everyone else. The nation must be saved.

17/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Chief justice warns those who make unfounded attacks against judiciary

Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria has issued a stern warning to the public that appropriate action will be taken against those who tarnish the image and dignity of the judiciary.

His warning came in the wake of criticisms levelled at the judiciary after the Federal Court last week upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal in finding Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim guilty of sodomy.

Arifin said the judiciary was open to criticism but will not tolerate unfounded allegation in the social media and at public forums.

"We view with seriousness such conduct and will not hesitate to act?'" he said in his speech during the elevation of four judges to superior courts at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya today.

Arifin said any baseless criticism against the bench would weaken the administration of justice and erode public confidence in the institution.

He said due to advancement in technology, many displayed their opinions and comments to what was happening around them in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Arifin said their remarks had wide following although some were unjustified and could be questioned.

He said it was the responsibility of everyone to protect the image and dignity of the bench so that the administration of justice was unhindered.

"In this regard, I urge, especally the lawyers not to act in a way that they side step the rule of law to channel their dissatisfaction on court judgments," he added.

He said the public must also be careful and responsible in their opinions and comments on social media because of the wide repercussions.

Arifin, who last week led a five-man panel to uphol the conviction of Anwar for sodomy was coy when asked if committal proceeding will be instituted against the opposition leader for attacking the judiciary.

"That one I do not know. It is a different matter," Arifin told reporters after attending the elevation ceremony today of four judges to the superior courts.

Accordng to procedure, it is the judiciary that will have to begin proceedings since the incident happened in the court room.

He said he did not hear what Anwar uttered from the dock as he had suspended the proceeding.

"My approach is when what is uttered is not fair, I just adjourn the proceeding to calm the tense atmosphere. I did not bolt from the bench," he added.

He said he had no personal grudge against anyone and that he wanted to do his duty with utmost sincerety.

Anwar's outburst was witnessed by those in the packed court room before Arifin could decide on the sentence to be imposed.
Arifin, who delivered the 116-page judgment had earlier ruled that Anwar’ was guilty of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in 2008.
Anwar attacked the bench for "bowing to their political masters and becoming partners in crime in the murder of the judiciary".

Anwar told the bench there was something amiss when the Prime Minister's Office issued a statement barely minutes after his conviction was upheld.

"In bowing to political masters they have disgraced themselves and have become partners in crime in the murder of the judiciary," Anwar said, before Arifin asked lead defence counsel Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram to tell Anwar to stop.

But Sri Ram told Arifin that his client had the right to address the court, to which Arifin retorted, "yes, on the appeal but not to condemn the court".

But the opposition leader continued attacking the judiciary, adding "you had the opportunity to right the wrong but you chose to remain on the dark side".

At this juncture, Arifin and the rest of the bench members walked out.

Anwar continued to speak and shouted into the microphone: "I will again, for the third time, walk into prison but with my head held high.

"I will not be silent and will fight for freedom and justice and will never surrender," Anwar said.

The bench convened later only to affirm the 5-year jail term imposed by the Court of Appeal last year.

The warning above is carried on by Malaysian Insider. Below are some of the responses by the public.


The rakyat fight back irrespective of who issued the warning. The article below 'Anwar, judges and Islam' talked about some of the reasons why people do not see justice is done. None analyzed the show of praise by the judge on Saiful but deeper analysis can show the color of the inner heart. Judgment must be base on ALL evidences not by the liking towards individual. In this case the high praise on the accuser, Saiful the brave boy.

And none dare to take the issue of Saiful's father who had passed away un-peacefully. The respectable judges, lawyers and all other mankind who have children would know their sons and daughters very well. They know which is good and which is bad and always pray all will become well. Wouldn't Saiful's father knows his son well enough ?

I read an article written by a young man about Saiful did not go for his call of nature to preserve the sperm in his anus.

The people knew what the judge delivered and they also followed the court case closely. The phrase justice must be seen to be done is not justice must be seen to be done by judges.

They even argued on the movement of the goal post; from rape to consensual. Surely somebody was asking Saiful to change the charge so that he could talk of KY Jelly. Even then Saiful must be charged also. If two persons committed a murder, and one reported the other, could he be saved ? Then many top criminals and murderers can escape justice just by reporting the others.

The moment an UMNO men were put as a head of judiciary and an AG and a DPP, judiciary won't be seen as fair and partial.

16/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was planning to write something about Jokowi but I tumbled across a beautiful essay pasted below. Rama talked about the process of judiciary, not so much on Anwar Ibrahim. Truly indeed most intelligent Malaysians do not matter Anwar but on how the judgment came about. Millions perceived as what Rama is saying but do not have the language ability to express their thoughts.


The other lawyers of the world viewed Anwar's case as what Rama sees. People are not dumb.

The Malaysians have been suffering from some kind of withdrawal, psychological in nature, uncontrolled ego of superiority complex, arrogant and adamant. They have been very ruthless, even to hurt the feeling of the newly elected Indonesian President who said that the most painful experience was when he first visit Malaysia. We presented to him that the Indonesians are beggars who intrude into this country illegally.

We attacked Porntip and other outside lawyers, not to mention how we treat our own people. Yet with our mental prowess we lost Pulau Batu Puteh.

With the declining ringgit we blamed an individual of a sabotage. How could a great nation like us with great lawmakers, judges and lawyers and economists be swallowed by just one man ? The strength of our dollar does not purely happen on the buying and selling of currencies. Thailand and Indonesia have gain strength over Malaysia for years even before the declining ringgit.

We will keep blaming other individuals for the rest of our lives. I hope to hear names on the declining of rubber price and palm oil during our bad economy.

If we believe in saboteur it means we have enemies in our midst. Showing our muscles and using foul mouth do scare our enemies. People will have to fight back under pressure. Running amok and hacking everyone that oppose you will not touch those who are better than you. You may be right if you think they hit back at you.

After hurting Jokowi and jailing Anwar, they are now fighting to bring the price down. First they attacked the Chinese. Then the wholesaler. And now the middlemen. They are talking about getting rid of the middlemen. These smart Ministers spent most of their time in Putrajaya under the very cool room, some negotiating with big time business lords, while an ordinary man like me, went to the source of sea catch. Prawns taking up from a boat were tagged at RM75 a kilo. There was no middleman and no Chinese.

Who loves middlemen ? Number one and the top middleman's lover is Dr Mahathir. He created middleman in the purchase of electrical energy, a middleman in sewerage disposal, and the middleman in other undertakings. Please, observe the public services and utilities that have to go through the third party, including the collection of GST and the Income Tax.

The only smart person in Malaysia is our Prime Minister, Dato' Najib. Mahathir cannot bring him down, never and no way.

15/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a new job openings for you if you are still unemployed. They have an office with a boss. Your job is to comment whatever on the blogs, facebook or any other social media. These people will swarm any negative comments on BN politicians, judiciary and anything at all of government's projects and policy. You don't have to be a college graduates, from the looks of the arguments they are not so intelligent. A few who commented in English seemed to be a little educated.

But you need to be careful in attacking a certain issue because it can be a reverse publicity, like the Zunar Cartoon which is heavily bombarded "Don't buy the stupid book. It is nothing inside" may awake greater curiosity. People will continue looking for the copies. In fact there are guys who have been trying to look for the free cartoon on the website.

The job is well paid. Even if you write stupid comments people won't know your real ID. The most is they will laugh at the stupidity exhibit. And when everyone know the BN cyber troopers are posting comments, everyone will ignore them. You will still earn your salary. If you are single and living in Putrajaya the salary is more than enough because you can buy cheap food at the office canteens, which are even cheaper than the cheapest towns.

But I have to warn you before you decide to work as a BN cyber trooper. You have to accept any future consequences if misfortunes befell this nation out of the defended corruption, wastage and abuse of public funds. You cannot regret of you and your posterity are struggling hard for survival. Isn't everything has a price ?

14/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


George Bush, after retirement, went back to the ground to assess the hardships he had caused on the Americans. We later heard that he was arrested for dangerous driving. Drugs were found on him. I was told he is on drug now. Could drug erase his hallucination ?

I asked a lawyer why he defended a drug dealer and his reply was 'as far as I am concern he is innocent'. I knew he was trying to clear his conscience knowing what he did was wrong. And many people will be haunted by their own conscience in their later life. Musa Hassan said that he was ordered to act and as a police he has to obey his boss. Khalid will come out with the same answer later, which I think it is true. Surely Rosmah won't keep quite when an attempt is made to shame her by Zunar's cartoon. Khalid has to be called to stop Zunar and his books. The public must be intimidated not to read the book. Only after Khalid retire the citizens will know the state of his conscience.

As I see, Shafiee wants to be CAPTAIN MALAYSIA, a copy of Captain America, a hero to rescue and save his nation against the enemy. He stretched his arms to save Najib and oher BN leaders, defending them even without invitation. If he is the master planner in Anwar's Sodomy II he will be haunted by his conscience at all time. We can read his mind by listening to his other words now and after. I have heard some and I have concluded from my observations.

As I am a strong believer in God's retribution and comeuppance, I sense something big will happen soon, something unknown and unpredictable. I am waiting to see what it is.

Even the American hero who killed Osama ben Laden is living with his conscience. He won't forget shooting a defenseless man. His mind keeps on reminding him that he killed a terrorist.

If an act of cruelty is considered a normal phenomena, a need for survival and everything is justified, and a man can sleep soundly with the heinous act then I would not say he is a human. The murderers of Sosilawati had killed more than one person, and the Mona Fandi who could bear to see the dismembered body are all not human being. They were species without consciences. Do you still remember Jeremy whose facial countenance looked so innocent with the ketayap on his head ?

I have friends who are great swaggerers. They bragged. They wanted to tell people that they the best and perfect. They want the masses to be fearful of them. I don't know why they have to be Mamaks.  I also have thousands of Chinese friends. Believe me, none of those thousands shows any pomposity.

Emotionally stabled person does not continue to belittle his enemy after winning the battle or after his death. I am sorry to say that the learned Shafiee continued to bark after his enemy had fallen, like a savage who cut the heart of his enemy and much it. He will not be satisfied even if Anwar is dead. Just observe and hear his words. And Ibrahim Ali's mind could not rest well as well. He should know that a plane was chartered just to go to see Tuan Haji Nik Aziz's funeral.

It is too early to exhibit the state of one's conscience by an insane amok, no sign of calmness and tranquility. All these actors are over 60 and on the verge of their dawn. I am afraid that for the rest of their lives they will be haunted by their own consciences. They will talk and talk and talk to anyone at all but they will never achieve calmness and satisfaction.

A man told me,"Cikgu, I have millions. But the money is useless to me now."

Think again, how could a person be haunted by his own conscience if he hasn't got one ?

13/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The time has come to Haji Nik Aziz, The rest of us will follow him later. Soon to follow him was Haji Hasbullah Awang and a woman waiting for a bus hit by a container. Nik Aziz dies at 84, Hasbullah at 63, and the lady(Yao Hong) at 47.

Haji Nik Aziz was a Chief Minister of the state of Kelantan, a leader known for his simplicity in every aspect of his life.

The national media, TV1, last night did not say much about Nik Aziz as compared to the high praise given to Hasbullah Awang. Sabry Cheek called Hasbullah a legend and the coverage took a long air time. However the alternative media focused much on the former Kelantan's head.

I remember Tuan Haji Nik Aziz as a devoted man, practice simplicity that no other leader in this country can do. Let his soul be well accommodated.

13/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Sabahans and Sarawakians put BN in power. Now thought of independent begins to germinate and the police is determined to nip it in the bud. That's how the history of free nation began. From the sentiment to protest and to war. The Americans fought the British to free themselves from the Crown. Malayan nationalism did not begin in the 20th century. In the deep mainland there were Mat Kilau, Dato' Bahaman and Tok Janggut who were against the British. In the Straits of Settlement the Middle Eastern educated groups started their own movements, to improve the Malays through several form of vocational education.

The feeling of anti Putrajaya among the Sabahans and the Sarawakians loom as they felt they are being discriminated. A few regard Malaya as a colonizer.


The secessionist group is growing and the Federal government began it's arrest on the Sabah's nationalist group. The secession movement is called SSKM, Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia. An arrest warrant on Doris Jones was issued for her several postings on social media calling for the people to raise up against Putrajaya.

Nationalism of the current centuries takes in different form. It is no more a heroic movement against the bad and ugly colonial and imperialist power. They are now known as terrorists. The Palestinians who fought for their homeland are terrorists, the Muslim Thais who fought for autonomy are terrorists, the Tibetans and the Uighurs are terrorists. It is a matter of time when the SSKM movements are labeled terrorists groups.

Though the Dayaks and the Kadazans are more intelligent than the Malays, they are easily brought to their heels. Putrajaya is described as the Master of Illusions. The masses succumb to it's deception. Even Mahathir was overwhelmed.

Malaysia is blessed by good people, who do not have the animal instinct of arms uprising and the minds of the IRA. The reason is simple. Even poor people do not die of starvation. Those who are critical against the government are educated and earned more than the basic needs.

12/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Permatang Pauh should be given to a man of courage, Saiful, who single handedly downed the giant. How high the praise was given by our learned judge on this young hero. I think UMNO has the best candidate for the by-election. I hope to hear some proposal from the UMNO top echelon as to the likely candidate.

Saiful has always want to be somebody. He was not good enough to be a pilot. Further more air-plane is not safe nowadays. There have been a lot of accidences these days. There is no better profession for Saiful other than becoming a Yang Berhormat. If his star shines, he may be very well one day becoming a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Cheating or not, I want Saiful to win. He is one of the young men Mahathir has been talking about, to rejuvenate UMNO. The faster he is in the better because 2020 is just a few yards away. A man who downed a giant can be at the apex in the shortest time.

Good luck to the fine, brave and courageous man.

12/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ariffin found Anwar Ibrahim guilty and in his judgment he praised Saiful for being brave and courageous.

"It takes a lot of courage for a young man like him to make such a disparaging complaint against a well-known politician like the appellant. "Knowing that such an allegation might taint him, we cannot ignore the lifelong negative effect such a serious allegation would have on him and his family even if it was proven to be true"

And someone was yelling about where Saiful get his bravery from. He went to see Najib and the police before bringing up the charge. He wanted to be somebody, a pilot by the short-cut method.

 Ariffin also mentioned that Saiful hid nothing, even told of the KY Jelly.

He added that Saiful had also spoken about the previous encounters he had with Anwar, the unpleasant sensation of pain and the reason for bringing the KY jelly, a lubricant.

"He hid nothing. "

Interesting. Saiful brought the KY Jelly as if for the intercourse to reduce the sensation of pain. Women having sex with well endowed manhood never have the sensation of pain after using KY Jelly. But Saiful complained to the first doctor that his anus felt the pain.

It is true that the young man will suffer for the rest of his life. If it is the truth that he is being 'rape' then society will show sympathy. Many victims of rape live without mental agony after some time. But if Saiful is viewed as a devil then he will be disrespected and insulted for the rest of his life.

Didn't Ariffin show sentiment on his delivery ? Analyze his words.

Saiful claims justice as a victim.

A victim will never be allowed himself to be sodomized. Even on the first occasion he could have threatened Anwar. What if a woman offered sex to you claim that she is a victim and that you rape her ? How could a victim brought KY Jelly for the sexual session ?

 A verdict is a verdict. People can still form opinions. Just read these opinions and ponder the strength.

To some God does not exist. Religion is a mere tool.

11/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Once in Belgium I saw dirty walls sprayed with words like PIG and BASTARD, then I knew almost all over the world mankind is the same. People are of different characters and sentiments. They cannot be equal and the same in every way. Nature creates mankind of different categories, types and strata. We know of the basic division ; the Ruling Class and the Working Class. The Varna's division is more elaborate; the Brahmin, Ksatria, Vaisyas and the Sudras. The Brahmin is the religious specialist, Ksatriya provides defense, the Vaisyas doing the business and the Sudras are the laborers. Ghandi said that he considered himself as an outcast but he would not destroy Hindu Religion by attempting to go against it.

Classes in society is an integral part of human organization, but as to who should be in each class is not determined by birth. People can be selected and group by behaviors, ability, belief, educational level or socio-economic standard. Each class has it's own codes and culture and anyone can be the member of the class if he fits the requirement. If the requirement cannot be met he has to leave the group.

You can form a club and have a set of rules to be followed. Club etiquettes are dear and must be well observed. Only individuals of excellent breeds are welcomed. A civilize person will not force himself to be a member of the club using any devious means, like using the power of a judge to force membership. The sanctity of the club will be destroyed.

A high class person could be defined in different way, depending on the perception of the group. Similarly as to the definition of the word STUPID. A writer, philosopher, inventor or a great scientist exhibit different personal traits as compared to a school dropout who spend most of his time with his gang member.

A test or exam is one of the methods of classifying people's ability. It has been used for a long time in China. The system must be very well administered. Studying for the test from the pools of questions and recognizing the right answers can make a candidate pass. Yet he does not have the knowledge and understanding of the real substance. Today kids go to tuition class to go through all the objective questions and start to remember the correct answers.

When tests are well designed and administered it can also act as a control, classifying attitudes and aptitudes, filtering candidates into a various streams relevant to their abilities and achievements. Descriptive is always better than the objective types.

At least TEST can determine into which economic division one belongs to, not by a mere birth.

Persons from aristocratic families, with immense wealth and power would perceived themselves as the top rank of the society. They tend to group together through exclusive clubs where exuberance is the pride of it's members. Dress codes and luxuries would be paraded to assert their class. Academic and professional qualification has never been a criteria.

"This is a democratic country. We are all born equal and have an equal right to everything. Any person has the right to be anything he wants." It is a common commotion we always hear. It has long been fought by the untouchables outside the cast in India. It is too disgusting, contemptible and a great humiliation to bar a fellow human race from consuming goods blessed by God, like drinking water or sunshine. Free beaches are slowly taken away in many places.

In the modern world one has to work one's way to the class one chooses and has to abide by the culture and standard set. None could rush in and set his own rule and does thing his own way. If he wish a body of complete freedom, he can start to form his own and open his world to every Dick, Tom and Harry.

Once the Communists claim of a classless society. But the ruling and the army class enjoy different facets of life.

The multiplicity of professions itself classes have been created; the teachers union, the lawyers, the doctors, engineers and the scientists. Each has it's own ethics and, only open it's door to the person of the same profession. It won't make sense and a great absurdity to say 'this is a democratic country, a man can be a member of any profession'. And it won't sense if a laborer demands a minimum salary of that of a doctor or a lawyer.

Classes may be formed of a cast system or profession or economic well being. They  bloomed  naturally by selection, influenced by human sentiments.

If tradition and ethics are not observed, rest assured, there will be chaos and degradation of society.

10/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I know UMNO leaders as well as the Malays, how they were being conned and who conned them. Top UMNO leaders have always been conned and deceived. 1MDB is just one of them but this is too much that could drown the country, and  drag the populace into hardship. And these people in the 1MDB is lying though their teeth. The sting is too bad. I feel so very sad for I have seen too many stupid Malays. They are sentimental  and love to hear praises and high complements.

If 1MDB can be proven as a criminal undertaking beginning with a malicious intent to cheat the government then the whole setup is deemed illegal. All agreements and transactions are void. The government has nothing to do with them and not bound to any kind of 1MDB transaction. Any loan must be paid by those criminals, not by the government of Malaysia. The Rakyat must not be forced to pay the loan.

The police, UMNO members and other ministers must wake up and try to understand how top criminals operate. A special unit must be formed to follow those who frequent Ministers homes and offices.  The police must be quick to act to save those innocent people as well as the rakyat. All along I believe Najib is innocent in the 1MDB farce. And I believe he is one of the victims of those con man.

This nation must be saved, not by opposition but by all the people. The judiciary must put their heads together for the tough and colossal tasks. It is a big battle against money and a highest degree of temptation and discipline, able to reject all amount of corruption. We know what billions can do. And we can't let fear besiege us. There are a few in this world who can conquer temptation. When nation is about to crack and fall, let not just stay and watch. We will be drowned together; the Malays, Chinese and the Indians.

Who were responsible in coaxing our leaders to sign 1MDB agreement of support and as guarantee ? As I have said before they must be put to suffer for the rest of their lives.

So far the people who have been cheating and conning a few Yang Berhormat escaped scot-free. They came quietly and leave unnoticely. The victims were too shy to divulge that they are being cheated. These are the UMNO Yang Berhormats chosen by God to rule ? Instead of saving the country the UMNO goons become spokesmen for the stupid leaders.

Even the stupid clerics are calling the Malays and the Muslims not to complain on their leaders. It has been destined by God even before they were born. We heard this every time during the election campaigns. Misfortunes that befell were determined by the Almighty. 1MDB is also predestined project. To these we have to tell them that every criticism and opposition and protests were also predestined to happen. It is also the work of fates. They can wronged no man for taking up arms as it is fated by the Creator.

Con men love UMNO leaders very much, easy to ride to get land and properties and other big business interests. Those poor UMNO who can afford to pay for Samseng's protection do not get the high class dare-to-die devil protectors. It takes millions to have the dirtiest ever gang lords. Shahidan declared that he was starving due to his small salary . At least 95% of UMNO guys will never have a chance to touch the 1MDB billions. Even after siphoning and killing the Bank Rakyat, they still keep on begging.

The Malays cannot be told that they are stupid. They can hack you for that. They think they are the smartest. Jokowi visited Malaysia to benefit how we manage our economy and to learn from us. They are too lame to know that Indonesia and Thailand's economy are ahead of Malaysia today. At the same time they are easily manipulated, and lied upon. 1MDB lied to rakyat, UMNO members and PM that the Cayman fund has been transferred when they are not. They lied to Agung and the God.

Malaysians know what they are talking about. They are talking about the mounting debt which the Malaysian government is promising payments and the 2 billion investment in the non-existing blank. Najib never address the where about of these billions. A stupid man like me thinks in a stupid way ; the interest on you is a dollar but your maximum profit is twenty cents. And if Malaysia thinks of making money through foreign investment, won't all other countries think as well ? If you believe what these UMNO told you about Malaysia being the best in the world, it is just like North Korea was telling the citizens that North Korea is the World Cup Winner of 2014.

How do we know whether we are in deep trouble or not ? Government's coffer is empty. That's the reason we need the GST.  In theory GST provide colossal amount of money that would be able to pay back any loan, and spend more to buy votes and to retain power. In real life, not all collected money will go to the government. The collection method is farmed to the third party. In the end it will become like the United States; the US government has no money for the medicare and to create full employment. Americans were losing homes.

Praise...praise... and praise.. PERWAJA lost the money, PKZ lost the money, Bank Bumi evaporated, MAS gone haywire, billions went missing, ringgit shrink...Praise...praise and praise.

09/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



5 days 4 nights RM1999 says a Malay Travel Agent. You will be thinking that you are paying that much for those number of days and nights. But it isn't. The journey starts from Kuala Lumpur at about 8 pm. The day you gather at the airport until the flight is one day and the day you fly back is another day. A night on the air plane is considered as a night. I paid RM2652 for a three day tour of North Vietnam, not the whole country but Hanoi and the Bay area.

If you don't consider it a cheat, surely it is a form of deception. Almost all the businessmen are the same. They won't go for optimizing profit. They go for profit maximization. " We  don't force you to buy ", they would say.

Reliance Travel used to be the most expensive. You get what you pay. I went to USA twice and Europe once with this agency. The hotel was excellent. My only problem was with the Halal food. I would not say Reliance intend to deceive us.

I have never been to Hanoi. March will be my first trip flying Vietnam Air, which I have sat before to Saigon. It was so much better than Air Asia in term of services. I smell arrogance in Air Asia starting from the ticketing point till the flight attendance. Fly Business for better smile and services.

Surely it would be cruel of me to leave my sick wife for almost a week. I have yet to make arrangement for transportation to dialysis center. I usually took the ambulance from the same center. And my brother in law will be helping a lot during my absence. I might die first before my wife and many of my sickly radio friends.

I am never scared of flight accidence. Everyone will die in the fated way. Today, the Friday sermon, talked of the fate of the Malaysians, to be rich or poor. People should not feel bad or jealous if someone is wealthy and should not complain if one is poor. It is all fated. The different between the religious sermon and my belief is that mine is non-political and truly in the true faith whereas the cleric 's  delivery was from the government.

My 5 day trip is the opportunity for me to send my Kancil for overhauling. Maniam, the mechanic, will do the job and I am willing to pay for the original components. I know the engine will be as good as new. It will be the main transporter for some time to the dialysis center. My wife changed her mind on buying a new car.

Probably I would not go to Dayton Hamvention. This replaced the US visit. The risk of visiting United States you may be turned back on suspicion of a terrorist. Today a terrorist has so many definition; having a Palestinian flag, Islamic scarf, having a beard, a Muslim and a Muslim's name.

Once we were barred from entering Communist countries. I really don't know the main reason. Today millions visited China and Vietnam.

We pay less when visiting these countries.

07/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One of the food shop I hated most is Mee Abu. The Apom Lenggang cost almost a dollar each while at the the Giant Wet Market it is sold at RM0.30. Everything you buy cost more than any other food vendors. It has been a long time that I did not go to Mee Abu.

Food price at hotels are worst. A steak is  now RM45. At Puteh Seroja it is only RM16.

I used to buy a 100Plus from the bending machine costing me a dollar. The same tin would be charged RM2 by the Mamak restaurants.

But people never stopped buying.

It is difficult to know how great greed are among the people. It is not owned by a race or a nationality. It can be in any man, business or otherwise. The other day a beggar came to my home and returned my RM0.50 coin and walked away. He probably wanted at least a dollar. And a wealthy contractor had a gut of taking a RM500 loan from me and never to return until now.

We always find employees who are never enough with their salaries and keep on demanding for more. The law makers said they hardly survive with their meager income. The lorries which were to send relief supplies to the flood victims went missing recently. Greed knows no boundary and no race.

Whenever a decision on a certain policy is formulated it must take into account of human behaviors. They are to be examined in detail. Didn't the policy maker know that it is very difficult for the increasing price of items to go down ? It is the price behavior in capitalist countries. Private enterprise and individuals want to maximize profits. Travelers would know that touring Communist countries like China and Vietnam are much cheaper than the capitalist nations.

Pushing the price of gasoline, electrical and other tariffs will push commodity price up. Bringing down their prices at a later date will not pull the price down . It is somewhat a natural price behavior of human being, a phenomena in any capitalistic society and nations.

Profiteering and thefts are identical. Telcos steal money in many ways and the government is mum about it. Insurance companies are one of the worst, and government approved them. Public funds were openly robbed and given to cronies like the RM250 million to NFC. You can't throw the blame of the Chinese for profiteering only without looking at those who abet in the plundering of public funds. You can't cover the great stupidity of a big politician who let himself being conned by the 1MDB con men. It is a far bigger avarice than the greedy business people. The Mamak and the Malay companies too are squeezing on the poor people.

Ismail Sabry has the right to be emotional and angry, calling the Malays to boycott Chinese shops. But it is not his absolute right to wildly accused Ngeh as owner of a certain business, because Ngeh or his family member does not own the company. It is a disease brought down by Mashitah Ibrahim who said that the Chinese burnt the Koran. They both deserved to be whipped.

The government should have summoned the importers and the wholesalers to investigate the price situation, and prepare to listen to real facts and excuses and lies told. If the government is deemed weak  and corrupt then the business communities will surely bully the officers and the ministers. If it is respected we can expect some good news and results.

What can the Malays boycott when they do not plant padi anymore  ? Malay fishermen keep on putting higher and higher tags on sea products. If greedy is the word to be used then the Malays are as greedy as any other races of the world. Even the Malay resellers procure their goods from the Chinese. We should ask Sabry what commodities and foodstuffs which he consumes come from the complete Malay source.

You may not heard of Gemilang Burger. In one outlet more than 70% of the customers are Chinese.

04/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been quite a long time that I had stopped writing application codes. The money I get did not commensurate the time and energy put into it. And some were done for free. A school does not pay me, even RM200, as promised for upgrading the time attendance with a new feature. And I was rage with a computer technician of my old school which is now known as Vocational College, for manipulating applications. The upgrade version of the time attendance was found missing. It annoyed me immensely.

Probably it had been more than a year I left programming.

I am a street programmer, writing codes without systems and plan. I never draft and flow chart. I would sit in front of my lap-top and typed and typed, test, amend and finally compiled.

The Time Attendance composes of two programs; one for the user to register their attendance either using their thumbs or RFID cards. If the RFID card is used the picture of the card waver will be recorded by the computer. The second program is the administration program that is installed in the other room for monitoring, printing, writing message and analyzing attendances.

They are linked through a network. The Database is Mysql.

The other day I rang up the school to find out the new requirement for the entry level as the new system,PBS, is applied. After a conversation I asked whether they still use my software. It has been more than 12 years used as a punch card.

It is a hard time for me to look for the original software. I have several versions upgraded from time to time with additional utilities. And I don't even remember how to use my SQL command to check back the tables and the field names. I don't even remember how to use my Manager application I wrote for various jobs. I didn't know anymore how to run MySql command through DOS like making backup and retrieving it into the database.

Ageing can be that bad and I felt that God has His way to take us away from this temporary world. It took me more than 10 hours to recover my SQL command and slowly altered tables by some tricky ways. Tonight I have to trace whether it would click a photo when the card is wiped through it.

People tend to think they can fight ageing by taking supplements and  exercising. I exercise almost everyday. My hair went white without stoppage, movements are slowing down, and the strength is weakening. Forgetfulness harassed me most.

My plan to go into Apple OS and Android programming have to stop. I hope I can recover and complete the college software as soon as possible. But I would not know how soon.

03/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My low dipole antenna is not able to reach Europe and Americas for the CW stations. I am fond of monitoring on the 7MHZ and have passion on listening to CW ragchewing. From my home I only could hear Indonesians on the CW band communicating on SSB. Occasionally I could hear N6TT and JA1NUT having a long chat at about 20-25 wpm. They do not use computer for Morse communication.

I have no passion for computer CW at all. And I prefer to copy by listening rather by writting.

This morning I went into using my Lenovo. This time the server traced that I was using a mobile and I have to pressed a button to go into it. The setup differs from the desktop. Somehow I managed to tune to the frequency I desired. CW on the DX band did not fail me.

I locked to a couple of stations having a ragchew at the speed of JA1NUT and N6TT. They were also not using computer. But at speed greater than 18 wpm one has to use electronic key. Manual pounding to attain 25 wpm is almost difficult to most men.

Now I can enjoy SWLing using my mobile whenever I am able to lock to free wifi.

I find the American hams like having a long chat on Morse rather than the rubber stamp exchange of messages.  The image above is used by S51M from Slovenia. He is just calling CQ and making normal contacts with as many stations as possible.

If anyone ask you where to find CW stations, tell them to go to

30/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Muslims must believe in 4 Original Holly Books-Quaran, Torah (Taurat), Palsms (Zabur) and Gospel (Injil). Let the Malaysian Muslims hear what the man in the video says about Bible.


29/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Some of the Malaysian hams are fond of belittling each other. The lashing went from the antenna system to the common abuse of the use of the call signs. And I am one who get the most bashing. Would I care ?

I was in the ham radio since early 1970s. We were told to ignore any deliberate QRM. And that was what I used as my guidance, to ignore criticism and proceed with my own stand. If anyone is setting up a super duper station I would praise him. If anyone has the bare minimum set up I would not criticize him also.

Some hams like RTTY. Others prefer telephony. And others, like me, love Morse codes. Yet there are those who love communication with the International Space Station and other roaming satellites. Each has his own taste. People's tastes aren't of the same.

I went on RTTY but stopped in no time. While others were working satellites, I was busy with DXing with stations on the North and South poles, a rare place much father than the satellites. CW helped me to continue having communication when I suffered from coughing and sore-throat, and I remember a Malaysian ham who suffered from a throat cancer but continue to be on the air on CW till his last day. 9M2GL was one of the longest on AMTOR mode. He even experimented on SSTV.

The whole face of global communication changed with the advent of World Wide Web and proliferation of chatting software with audio and video capabilities. In the beginning was just a simple IRC chat where windows of the world were opened to all, reaching people thousands of miles away just by pressing the keys on the keyboard. A friend of mine said, "I contacted with my office mate who is in London everyday with audio and video without a ham radio." And I would guess that at least 50% of the Malaysian hams are communicating among themselves using computers. Rather than going RTTY or AMTOR, I would prefer online communication. I don't have to spend more money on interfacing gadgets. Again, it is just a matter of taste.

I believe that we have to keep our mind alert and sharp. Ageing tend to take those away. Retired people prefer to rest their body and mind. One way to keep my mind alert and active is to listen to Morse codes. Lucky for me I made my own soft ware which allows me to run text files in the CW tones while I work on something else. I would not be able to comprehend RTTY or AMTOR but I could do so with Morse codes even while I was in my bathroom.

To me it is a real crazy when we have radios yet we talked to each other using hand-phones, even though it may be free, or to call a ham friend to open up a window chat. But what may sound crazy for me may not be to all others. People's taste are different.

28/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One of the greatest mistakes I made was thinking that Mahathir would continue to rule until his death. Those were the days when the police were swarming mosques, all the Islamic festivals and Kenduris. Like the West Mahathir saw Muslims in Malaysia as potential terrorists, which the police found nothing. He was the law. Anti-Mahathirsm among non-UMNO members were so thick that he was even called the Pharaoh, the most detestable despotic ruler in the history of Islam. He made his own rule to ruin Bank Bumi, MAS, Perwaja and opened up the land grabbing schemes where hills, forests and agriculture land were razed and raped by those with bottomless lust.

He himself wanted shares for his kids, friends and his family. He design major projects, making agreements in favor of his chosen contractors. When Pak Lah delayed his major projects he kicked the former Prime Minister and placed Najib as the new PM. He got the projects and the money.

Today he sees something horrifying things are happening. Our dollar is shrinking badly which pushes import food and gadgets price up, our loan payment increase by leaps and bound, and a string of bad luck is sweeping our nations. Najib used money to make people forget the increasing cost of living. Mahathir's brainchild of privatization and using third party to sell social services is shinning more brightly during Najib's tenure. IPO, MyEG and TELCO are sucking the poor people.

Some influential UMNO guys were not happy with Najib. They went to report to Mahathir. At least 50% of the common people talked about Rosmah and even accused Rosmah is running the country. So far there is no vocal attack on Rosmah by UMNO members. Probably Mahathir sees Rosmah plane ride was too much.

At the same time Mahathir wants Mukhriz to be a Prime Minister before he died. Najib has a long way to go and probably he will not step down for reasons we can try to think of.  And there is no way that Mahathir can make Najib to step down. Najib is ever willing to pay any price as long as he can stay in power. Mahathir is not willing to depart with his money.

For whatever red he sees in Najib, inflict a sharp pain his his heart. Mahathir knows that he is only a paper tiger.

Several of his criticism are true. It is a pity the rakat do not see what are said but who said them. Some of the truth that he said were flourishing during his time too. Every spitting he made on Najib fell on his own nose.

His longevity is a retribution of his doing. One friend told me, "Cikgu, I have a few millions in saving. with my condition right now, money is nothing..."

28/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Sophisticated people invent sophisticated codes to be used for various purposes. One of them is to convey messages that are supposed to be secret. Tap codes sent through dancing may not be realized by the onlookers. It can also be sent using CW. Ham operators do not learn tap codes, instead adopted Morse, which is more speedier than the tap. The longest character of Morse is 4 bits while the tap is 10 bits. It would fun for hams to know both.

At the extreme band condition CW is very readable and intelligible even with low power. It has no English, American or Japanese slang. Voice signal is modulated, having the ups and downs, and it comes with slang. More power is required to pump to push for better clarity. Communication with stations from India could sometimes be at a mercy. When full Indian slang is used you would not want to have a ragchew. But you can still work the same station using Morse for as long as you like.

QRP is the most handy for emergency used. Power can be conserved for several days and light to carry about.

During emergency and calamities like mini Tsunamis, you don't think of saving other people. You may be one of the victims. With a regular practices and using the QRP during the placid period, a ham can save his life if he is on a raft or floating logs. It is hard but there is a hope. The emergency frequency is a must knowledge to the people during such a disaster.

It is hoped that the QRP has a GPS built in. A basic map showing mere co-ordinates would help.

The beauty of Morse codes is that it is an international language. Imagine a Greek guy who knows no other language but Greek meet a man from Timbuktu with the same language deficiency. Both have to use body and sign language to ask each other where they came from. Using Morse both only need to say QTH Greece and QTH Timbuktu.





































Here is the tap codes. If you are dancing and sending a letter Z,  you tap your left foot 5 times and the right foot 5 times too. A letter B needs one left foot and two right foot tapping.

Using continuous wave required a short space between the first and second threshold. And all will be in the dit form.

Since Ham Radio started with Morse messages and it is much faster the tradition of communication is still in this mode. SOS in Morse requires 9 taps while in tap-codes it is 21 taps.

The encouragement to use Morse over other digital modes is that it is using the minimum equipments and not much fixing to be done. A signal can be decipher just by hearing. If you are calling for help using RTTY it is more likely that someone whom you are going to help will die. A walking man can understand a message without using a machine.

Like many other skills, Morse codes need a constant practices. And every ham must be able to converse in this special language of ham radio.

27/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The history of liberty told about the fight and struggles against the iron hand of religion and churches, where the absolute freedom of mankind are curtailed by priests and popes, holding the Holly Book by their hands. Among the most unpopular was Though Shall Not Commit Adultery. A man has the right to think in his own way and act by his own will. He cannot be forced to do things he does not like.

But any man has the good and evil side in him. At time what was wrong for others was right for him, and wrong for him and right for others. "I have the right to do. You won't have any right to do it."

Mankind is never perfect to invent or create an ideal. He always play with words for justifications of his action, and seeking public opinion for approval of an action and concepts. He talks about consensus but not on absolute sense, for a majority is a tyranny of a majority.

If they talk about the right to be naked, there is also a right to cover one's body. A child had said, "Why can't I get married at 14 ? It is my liberty to marry at a young age."

For many a thing in life mankind still use their wisdoms. A Muslim man can takes 4 wives. Do all the men marry 4 wives ? It is difficult to find even 1 out of 10000 who will take the maximum spouses. When wisdoms come into play mankind can live with the least regulations. People find happiness in respects and understanding, helping each other in needs and deeds. There is no question on freedom and liberty.

Government is a body that robbed away people's freedom and liberty. They always say for the good of the people. "The world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein." Then "The world is a safer place without Osama ben Laden." Then "The world is a safer place without Ghadafi." And it will go on and on. The final words are 'The world is a safer place without terrorists".

Who are terrorists ? If you think ISIS is right than you are one. If you say 911 is an inside job, you are a terrorist. If you wear Hijab and keep a long beard you are one too. The Palestinians who fought for their homeland are terrorists. How about those who attack Rosmah who think public money is hers ?

Whatever ideals defined by men are not infallible. They coincide with the change in the value system. Rationality always claim that it is independent of sentiments, which is isn't. On many occasion it is an effort to approve it, a justification to love or hatred. The same sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana, the exchange of spouses, and public nudity have become an ideal of Western liberty.

In my past observations of the live in the West, America and Europe, I saw public places were vandalized; walls and trains were sprayed with swear words, and parks with broken glasses. In the United States shootings and murdering happened almost everyday. Those were the land of democracy, freedom and liberty. Mind you I moved in and out of USA for almost 20 years.

We are awed by the achievements of the Western world and want to follow everything of the West. We are amazed by their technology and the skin color. We died our hair to look like the Westerners. Our media adopt Americans TV shows. The whole world followed American Idols and American Got Talents.

Few people know that when Malaysian students entered American colleges and universities, they shone and achieved excellence. Asians are competitive lots. And in the world of inventions, Malaysians were not a total pariah. They too won awards. But the Jews received the most Nobel prizes and they have their own value systems differ from the rest in the United States.

Never underestimate the Asians. Americans are watching the rising giants closely without a blink. While the Malaysians are sinking in economy, sports and ideas, both Koreas, Japan and China are moving their products throughout the world, and slowly is stepping up towards the mastering of space technology. Economically, even our close neighbors are over us.

Ours is the political problem. The politicians are busy in planning how to make money. It was not wrong of Mahathir to say that only the half past six people are there, and putting the half past six people to administer public utilities and funds. THE NEW PBS EDUCATION SYSTEM WILL NOT LIVE LONGER THAN 5 YEARS. MAS and PROTON will continue to suffer. What are they to do with liberty ?

They are killing the growth of critical mind and resorting to mental coercion through brain washing through verbal deceptions days in and days out by our national media. The words of UMNO are devine. Kids are taught to worship leaders like the North Koreans. And those who earned big money are the worshippers of Western liberties and cultures.

What right has a man in a democratic country ? He has to pay taxes of all sorts. GST is a forced tax in order to live. God gives us free life, GST takes it away. You have to pay for food and milk and medicine and medicare. A man who deemed as non-UMNO member may be removed from a post and sacked from colleges and universities.

It is not too much for me to say that you are free to take and administer cocaine in yourself. You won't be arrested for taking drug. Only pushers will be arrested. A man has the right to take drug but not to push it. Indah Water has all the liberty to rob your money without your own approval. The TELCO has their liberty to EAT your money too in several ways.

The only right a man can have is sleeping well in his grave.

26/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The main question of 1MDB is the big debt and the billion dollar loan for the non-existing projects. Najib only painted the rosy picture of the government's role, as if 1MDB is very perfect, so perfect that it's CEO tendered his resignation and one Arul took over the post. Why it must be the opposition to lament that Najib was trying to hoodwink the masses not the people from UMNO themselves.

It is a story about BILLIONS of dollars not ten or hundred. If a hundred thousand can buy a lot of people, the small million can buy more people to favor the scheme as successful and beneficial to the country. People don't forget the murder of Jalil related to Bank Bumiputera's investigation. And that bank cease to exist. Under the nose of Mahathir big money went missing and loans were not paid.

I am not criticizing. I fear for the coming generation, the common people who will continue to pay for the rest of their lives, the perpetual slaves of Goldman Sachs. And there is a possibility of a great plundering of billion of dollars cash from the national coffers by the evil stinking beasts of the universe residing in this very land of Malaya.

The Western world cries apocalypse at the political and economic chaos in their countries, saying it is the sign of the end of the world. The loudest came from the Christians who see the end is just around the corner. And many of us too are lamenting of the same coming. The evil hides no more, and in the open tell the people ,"Yes, we have robbed you. So what ? ". And the social upheaval of the broken morality on the freedom of sex, dress and deeds, shamelessness and other moral decay. When it comes, men will marry men, women with women, the death will be resurrected. So says the Djajal 'Ask for anything you will be honored but made me your god.' Isn't this what we are seeing now ?

We have a choice, whether to leave to fate or to stand up and fight against the giant. Ask then "are we paying our loan or chasing to pay the running interest that are mounting ?" How much and how long will the total debt continue to climb ? We don't want Najib to continue with the spinning.

25/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The lesser I talk about God the better. It is very difficult for a man like me, the non-native English speaker with a low level of this language, to write anything at all about the Al-Mighty. But by humanely description I have no choice to use the word HE from time to time, for HE is not the right term to be used to describe God.

Our human mind cannot transcend God, no amount of logic and rationality and science and philosophy could bring our imagination near to the power and any characteristics or property of the Creator. There is ONLY ONE GOD. The Jews and Islam does not differ in the concept of ONE and ONLY GOD. There is a different between Allah and ilah. The later, ilah, means god. 'al-ilah' is The God. Allah is one of the 99 names of the God. The Jewish God and the Muslim's is the same but given in Hebrew as JHWH and like Islam the Jews call the God by different names.

Weak mind tend to imagine god like the characteristics of mankind; a god has a wife, from the wife comes a son. And the son of the god is mortal, can die like any other man,and eat and drink like any other living being.

Human can't imagine what the power of God like and how angels work. The farthest we can go is to discover the law of nature; physic and chemistry of energy and matter, how those things behave under what conditions.

The concept of strength through unity could be true by the human mind among the worldly things. The simplest shape is a triangle. Ancient religion created gods in trinity, to give strength and power to the idols they imagine as their gods. Then followed by rhetoric and explanation of the doctrine of trinity, all for justification.

The Christian belief of three gods in one went without challenge. It was formulated for justification in 381AD. Religion was made by man and changed as time passed. In Trinity we need to know the name of the god. I think more than 90% of the Christians called Jesus as god. The old Testament gives the god's name as ELOHIM. It also mentioned YAHWEH. But Jesus is never mentioned as ELOHIN or YAHWEH.

When the Catholics in Malaysia say Allah is their God, it is amounting to casting away the doctrine of trinity. In which part of the trinity is Allah, ELOHIN or YAHWEH ? In the book of Illuminati it mentioned the Great single God. The Christian said the name is Lucifer and associate it with Satan. If the Christian is wrong on Lucifer then the Illuminati too believes in a single God.

A God cannot be born and cannot die. There is no human trait of God.  If the Catholic says all other religions are false, it should better look at itself. The Hindus stopped creating justification by adding and changing concepts decades after decades. At least the quantum is showing it's similarity with the Hindu philosophy. We never heard of Hindu's god's birth and death but we heard of Jesus was born and killed.

The West began to shake off their religion and embraced atheism. The once savaged ( Christians called the Asians ) people is still carrying the trinity flag and bags full of contradictory bibles that ware full of changes made by men.

24/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



How much do we understand about human specie ? A big bulk of us just wouldn't care, not only about mankind but almost on all other things in the world. It is no coincidental that opposites come into being, the seen and the unseen, in science and philosophy. The greatness and amazing thing about human is that he is given a choice to go to heaven or find an abode in hell. Wherever there are men, there are good and evil.

If we choose to live in tranquility, peace and paradise, we need to avoid the evil insidious personalities. But we can't know a man by his face, dress and speech. His visage and countenance will tell nothing of his heart. None could be trusted with guns and money.

Partly abuses on the band earn it's root on the fellow hams themselves who were so zealous to teach everyone about the way to procure equipments and how to come on the band to the whole world.



When we talk about the tradition and integrity of amateur radio, we are talking about respectability and ethical hams. He would not encourage his non-ham friends in any way at all to intrude on the ham band, or lend them the ham apparatus or go about what seemed to be legal. I would not know what could be the root cause of rogue behaviors in the West and other more civilized nations.

In the long run, not only the  sincere hams who will become victims, the whole words of Ham Radio will be frowned, despised and debased.

Nevertheless, many deliberate intrusions did not come from fellow amateurs. Yet we heard the totality of ham lingo and style used by people outside the ham band. Abuse is an inapplicable word for those non-hams. Monkeys and dogs wouldn't know what abuse means. They would not know what the law of the jungle means.

I would blame the authority for not doing enough.

23/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


5.30 PM

I have written this article before but am puzzled that it went missing. What I am writing again may not be the same as before, simply I could not remember the old content.

5.30 pm is just a time that may mean nothing to the different people in the universe. It just passed by day by day. In some part of the world it is a bright daylight but in others it is a total darkness especially at Winter time.

In Malaysia today 5.30 pm is a bizarre time where one should stay home and rest, for the roads will be jammed with people returning home from work. Office hours ended at 5.20 pm for 4 days. Unlike before civil servants went to work at 8 am and went home at 4 pm. Those were the time when the Malaysian ham radio operators were active on 7 MHZ which we termed as a local band.

In the '70s Malaysian hams began to open up their stations at about 5 or 5.30 pm. Idris, 9M2GL, would be the first to call CQ. Others may be ready earlier but did not start until the station from Jalan Kelang Lama started. It was ample time to start hamming after arriving home at about 4.30, took a bath, rest and tea. SWLs too rushed home and prepared to listen to those hams. One by one would buzz in; 9M2EG, 9M2RJ, 9M2AT, 9M2FK, 9M2AV, 9M2GV and on the Penang side using different frequency we could hear 9M2MW, 9M2DJ, 9M2CF, 9M2CG and 9M2FZ.

Like a big bang they went missing almost altogether. Some passed away, some migrate to foreign land, some cradled in sickness and the rest who are still living have lost their interest.

Gone are the days of Nasi Lemak, Raja Jepun, Dancing Witches and Burung Hantu. The 5.30 pm band went missing in the unknown universe, and there is no sign of resurrection.




Savagery must be given a place however uncivilized it may seem to be. Crooks must be punished from the normal jail term and fine to the most severe we can think of. We do  know that the United States does not end it's enmity only with Osama, but with his whole family, to make sure the tree will leave no inherent seeds.

Hanging or death is not a maximum penalty. The most severe is jailing, flogging and followed by infinite torture. This too is practiced by the United States government.

We don't know whatever happen to 1MDB and who proposed it's formation. We need to dig what was the original intent, whether in good faith or a mere plan to con the government for big money. Goldman Sachs just want money in a legal way. He has his term. But what about the gang who went to see Najib ?

We ought to remember about the authenticity of documents tendered, like people using fake IC and Visa, not recorded in the database. They were manufactured for temporary used to be shown to us, akin to a blank check. Najib can always order for the closure of 1MDB and recover back every single cent of it's liability, whether crooked or not. As Mahathir said, "There is no need for such a fund." We must also remember lawyers could do wonders what we call illusions of great magicians.

It is hoped that 1MDB was all bloomed with the real dream and in a good faith, without malicious intent to siphon public money using the head of the nation. Otherwise those involved must be severely and painfully punished by the present government, or by the laymen, with intense torture and daily flogging. Savage must be taught by savage mean.

Let me take us into another topic on nuclear war. They key to the arsenal is not put in the sole hand of a President. Several men keep the key for the firing of the weapon. If the decision is made only by one man, the President, you can guess what could have happened. A President can be mad and doing a mad thing.

So is the decision about national fund. It is dangerous if one man is given the ultimate power to pass any project that involve the national fund. A Prime Minister cannot pass any project by himself. Otherwise he will decide an agreement to be made with whoever he chose and spell the term as he wants. This was what Mahathir did with several of the mega projects. And if his posterity follow his game, he cannot spear an attack against them.

With a billion I can command Satan to do anything for me; pay to kill, harass and intimidation, hire professional killers and gangsters. Many leaders of the world understood the threat of the criminals and fought them hard to total apocalypse and they won. As I have said before that government does not need the gangster for our national security; we have our own army and police force to do the job.

Young Malaysians must be well informed. They are the people who can put things back on the right track. They have to organize themselves well against a gigantic and powerful malicious group that may be sucking their bloods till the dooms day.

Everyone has a high hope that 1MDB will come clean. From now onwards there must not be any attempt to deceive anyone by any mean. Don't throw any crook to a hungry lion, for he will die too fast. Never let him die. Let him suffer.

16/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Golden Triangle is almost a country by itself. The Drug Lord is a King, a Prime Minister, a President and an Emperor. The people love to be in the region and ever willing to die for him. Those of the underworld are wealthy and powerful, feared by the police and the politicians, lawyers and judges. They set rules and the politicians follow. Now the Golden Triangle is not the top opium producer. It has moved to the Golden Crescent. Instead of destroying the opium field, the CIA took up the opium business. Slowly in the United States drugs are legally finding their places on shelves.

If the Law combines with the mobs, a tremendous power could be created. Both the mobs and the police provide a strong shield beyond penetration. Not even Captain America can challenge any Mafia law maker.

We have no alternative but to appeal to the God Almighty to protect the Malaysians from the rule of the hell devil, the gog and the magog which may be just a step away from our door. There is nothing that we can do. We are too weak and too helpless. We have to take all the knocks and kicks and the pressure put on us.

If gangsterism and criminals in government caucus is too thick nothing could be done to clean it and it will become an inherent vice. The process of democracy is a complacency for evil to spread. The underworld would enjoy comfort in these countries.

The involvement of the Malays in Triad is nothing new. When the Gee Hin and the Hai San were fighting each other the Malay triads were the White and the Red Flag, both attached themselves to the Chinese Triads. Whatever is happening today the Malaysians do not know. Countries outside know more.

When politicians or the police are caught abetting the mob, they will come with all sort of excuses and reasons, which are all lies, only to save their souls.

It is never too late to fight these criminals. All politicians from all parties must be screened including those to be elected as senators. Like judiciary the unit must be independent so that there will be no instruction from any politician and the affiliates. Even the existing law makers cannot escape the screening, including the cabinet ministers. There should be police to police the police. There must be brave heroes in the government to bring back the government to it's beginning of origin; independence is to serve the people and nation building.

Efforts to wipe out the politicians-mafia brotherhood will be met with resentment and a fierce resistance. Deniable after deniable.

Pray to God to distant our nation from the evil of mafia rule where gangsters with aristocratic attire run the nation with a powerful force to freely distribute drugs and expand gambling and prostitution, and rob billion of dollars in a gentlemanly manner nodded by the man chosen by the people.

I do not imagine. I watched movies. That's what the Tamil and Hollywood movies were trying to warn us. We have to compare them with the existing realities.

15/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I love Macbook and enjoyed the speed and the graphic display. I did not have to invest for virus buster. As there were the upgrades in the OS, I followed the progress. Now I have Yosemite installed. As time goes by it is getting slower. Once I downloaded a software called Mac Keeper thinking it could protect my Mac from any malicious stuffs which may sneak into my computer from some adults sites. A naughty boy always fear of being hunted. Later I learned that Mac Keeper somehow able to cause problems. Even after I installed it, the pop up kept on disturbing me. Some people just invest in the X-Codes and maneuvering legally into the software market. Then it does the nasty things to annoy the users.

Safari and Google Chrome seem to shake hands with MacKeeper. I couldn't completely uninstalled them. I don't know where they hide themselves.

I first decide to delete the caches. Following the instructions from some web pages I mage to erase more than 15000 files. You won't believe me it took me almost 2 days. Mac Users were recommended to clear the memory too. Several people suggested the downloading of some sort of the soft wares. I did. I downloaded memory cleaner. I will soon erase it.

To clear memory I don't have to use any commercial soft ware. What I need to do is go to the panel and type sudo purge. That simple ? Yes, that simple and without hassle.

14/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Both Daim and Mahathir are not willing to depart with their money. Najib, on the other hand, would give out any amount so long as he can stay in power, not from his own pocket but from the money belonging to the people. There is no way Najib can be thrown out by Mahathir as Najib pays well to hit hard at the former Prime Minister and Daim.

The constant and continued attack on both of the former veterans could spell the end of Najib and Rosmah, whoever the real Prime Minister is. Every time Mahathir showed his anger, Najib would go to visit him to sooth and to cool the former PM down. Afterwards foreign correspondence took a stance to defense Najib by advising Mahathir to take his full retirement.

The vivacity of Rosmah is well observed and recorded. If it is deemed as an insult to both of the old timers they might put their miser stand aside. They too can pay, enough to see a strong devastating result. To say that there is nothing wrong with 1MDB, it's CEO tendered resignation and they are putting one Arul to carve an illusion. "Somebody is going to jail," said Mahathir before. Who will be paid to put whom in jail ?

It is the clash of the Titans. In Chess, pawns are rarely used to mate. Winning is not to eat all the pawns and other small pieces but to mate the King.

Najib is playing for public opinion and grass root support. Ghadafi and Saddam had the public support; one was sodomized and another hung. Syria has to give a lot to USA to remain in power. At least one man who equate Rosmah to Marie Antoinette. Roh Tae-Woo, the former Korean President, faced life imprisonment. In the court preceding of Saddam, his victims told about the cruelty of Saddam's police machinery on the people.

If history is carved by God the Almighty, it is nothing other than just a mere warning to all the nation leaders. It is a reminder to be reckon with. Only two countries that do not believe in fate and history could be changed; United States and Israel. May be Najib and Rosmah too would laugh and dismiss them.

Let us see how much the cyber trooper paid by Najib or his supporters can do. Kader Jassin said they are well paid. No one is surprise at the generosity of Najib. That's his main weapon. We can be sure there are people who will take note of these cyber troopers. The behaviors shown are worst than the Hitler's Nazi. We just wait and watch.

14/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



About 5 minutes before the end of the clip Russell Peters joked a little on parent-children relationship, showing the two different values. Malaysians are becoming too liberal on their views and stand, and looking at social values in the Western term. When I was schooling in Indiana, a Canadian friend of mine, a PHD student, pinched her two year old kid. I was alarmed and asked her, "Why don't you use psychology on her ? "

"Psychology ? What psychology.." she smiled back at me.


12/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One mega hertz outside the ham band I heard a round table chat, just identical to what I have been hearing on national repeater, the style and the lingo and what I may call the SOP. Instead of the normal ham call signs they used numbers "02 and the monitoring stations, this is 12 returning......" I did not stay long to monitor them. My friend said it is a RELA frequency.

If it is a RELA couldn't we say anything at all ? After all they are outside the ham band.

But we have to understand that living in a house does not confine us to only knowing what's in our house. We need to know what is outside; our town, our state, our country, our world and the world beyond the universe. Either our mind is put to sleep or let it wonder in space and time. So we wonder about that particular frequency.

Is it wrong for us to tell everyone "Buy a walkie-talkie and talk among yourselves. Just use any number as your ID". One doesn't have to be a ham to communicate using a radio. They may or may not be the members of the RELA. Secondly we would be thinking of the equipment itself; are they registered, where do they buy them and who pay for the apparatus assignments ? And finally, can RELA use the radio equipment the way they want ?

Easy access to equipments has it's pros and cons. Anyone could use the radio to intrude into ham frequencies and deliberately causing disturbances to the people on the band. They can also use those rigs to throw curses and to cast political slur on political figures. Criminals would be using them for illegal purposes. You may have noticed that many people at bus stations using them to communicate among themselves.

Recently the police made a statement 'the number of bag snatchers are more than the police'. Certainly the whole Malaysian population is no match to MCMC. Every department is erecting a defense mechanism before them. Civility is defeated by savagery in numbers. No wonder public opinions rule over facts and reality.

The confused believe that they are sober and well. The wrongs have been righted. Laws are not enacted for all people.

I remember very well the power of a school's gardener, who can go out of the school compound at his own will to attend UMNO's affair. This kind of people is above the law.

Tell the Malaysians to buy transceivers, use a certain form ID and talk. After all it can help during natural disasters.

 10/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When our ringgit was strong we said our economy was good. And when it plunged down we also say it is good for our economy. It goes down together with the price of rubber and palm oil. And we are paying more for groceries and other commodities. What actually goes wrong ?

The laymen like many of us wouldn't be able to comprehend the current Malaysian economy. All the time we have been hearing beautiful things about cheaper living, the lowering of prices, cheaper houses, people come first and GST is good for everyone. Many years ago if you ask questions you would be branded as Communists. Today you are duped as a member of DAP or charged under sedition.

I don't feel things are good for the people. I felt the GST is to pay for the running interest that will never ever end. The debt will keep on raising despite the payment. The money is raked from the public, like the poor kampong folks borrowing a hundred ringgit from a chettiar and finally lost their land to those Indians.

We have seen much from the history of Malaya; how our land went to the British piece by piece, how the Malays were being conned and manipulated. It continues till today. They are still sleeping and weak enough to think of the even the near future. Greed grabbed them. They thought they are smart as lawyers are around them.

UMNO pays the bloggers to tell the truth of the government's good intent and deeds on the people. But they use their pens to defend the wrong and blindly attacking the oppositions with lackluster arguments. When people asked of PM absent in the flood zone, they asked why Lim Guan Eng was not there.

To me, both Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng mean nothing. With or without them does it won't make any different. What matters most is the way our country is going, economically and socially. What will happen to our generation to come, with the prevailing chaotic condition; the minister-kingpin relationship, the arrest of nationalists and those show concern of our nation, the wastage of our resources, the rushing for the land grabbing, the steep climb of the cost of living, the criminals who robbed Perwaja and PKZ that went scot-free, the racist stance of politicians, the privatization to cronies, the abuse of power and the different view of judges and courts.

However there is somebody who would not care at all to what happen to our economy and the drop in money value; namely the drug addicts. Tell them about the sky is falling tomorrow, they won't care. Tell them about a great war is a mile away, they won't care.

The kampong folks are as good as docile housewives. Many didn't pay income tax. These are the main assets to UMNO. BRIM would surely give a vote each. When the clerics say that it is a sin to question the government, it is a sin, that DAP will made this country a Christian nation and Islam will perish under the party, everyone feels so very scared. Their minds are what TV1 tells them. GST is good for them. Declining currency value will make our country richer. 1MDB serves the Malays.

The intelligent tax payers always want to know where their money go to. Telling them that 800 millions went to flood victims is not enough. I also am anxious to know where our money go to. Mind you, asking Rosmah what she does with PERMATA's money, you may get sued. Still unanswered question is where the 250 million of the NFC money went to.

09/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My Lorong Bayu electrical supply was shut off for about an hour just now. In the dark I told my wife "It is only for a while. Soon we will get back the supply. Imagine the flood victims without water and electricity for days." I don't know how the new generation felt living in the dark and if without the pipe water. We used to live in darkness with the kindness of the kerosene lamp and the water blessed by Allah through rain for drinking and high tide for washing and bathing. But rain was in abundance then and noon tides were daily. We never felt even an iota of misery.

Then I remembered ham radio while my maid was lighting a candle. How would they operate an emergency station in the flood area without electrical supply ? And my wife said, "Tomorrow I don't have to go for my dialysis because there will be no electricity." She seemed to be happy like a school boy who is told that tomorrow is a school holiday. "No way," said I. "They have their own supply as a backup. Otherwise while doing operations their patients will all die."

The natives in the deep jungles of the world have been living without electricity and fresh water supply for generations. At the same time they have never heard of road tax, GST, sales-tax, property tax. They do not be bothered by big names like Bush, Kim Jung Un or Rosmah Mansor. But later the people who brought them electricity brought them misery. They were chased out of their land, forest cleared by civilized people with lawyers and politicians and towkeys, and the police behind. Then they would prefer life in the dark without bulbs and electricity.

I have been wondering how would life be to Najib and Rosmah without water and electricity ? But even by the event of the worst devastation, dry spell, flood or earth quake the top brass, the lords, the Presidents, Kings and politicians would not suffer. Supplies to them are on different lines. Misery is the property and the ownership of the common people and the slaves.

People are so used to light that darkness has become a scary evil to them. The recent news that the world will be without sun for 4 days panicked everybody. How about telling them felling trees on the hill tops would cause flash flood and fresh water crisis ?

Remember our old folks, who would always put off the light when having sexual intercourse ? It isn't the same anymore. They even want people to watch them doing the sexual acts.

Water is always be my first preference compared to electricity. People have been living without electricity for thousand of years but not without water. And I know the supply would return soon. It did after for about an hour later. They must have restored the big fuse somewhere. The short darkness with the candle light brought back the reminiscence of the rosy past. The babbling touching the elite group is something for everyone to ponder about. Taib Mahmud were out of the country when there was a heavy haze and a few chose vacation rather than attending flood. I didn't make them up. Were not those what we saw ?

An hour of darkness was a period blessed for soliloquy. At least I have one listener, my sick wife.

09/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Rosmah and Najib could not sleep well because of Mat Rempit. How about those who live near the airport and the railway line and those in cities ? Rosmah should also tell us since when those people were causing problems to her. Isn't she has all the power to put it to a stop ? That's not a country, only a handful of people. If she can manage to handle MH17 and Putin, what is this to her, only a small fries.

Or was she trying to convey a message the happenings were deliberate ? If it were then there was an act of rudeness, showing no respect to their PM. How could this happen with all the kindness our PM has shown, giving away cash every year to the rakyat. Rosmah has been getting national awards after awards. She must be respected. She needs a lot of rest, after her daily hard work to look after the country.

I don't think they were deliberate. If they were they could have done  worst things and much more devastating than mere tearing the full throttle, challenging even the wall of security. We have heard of explosives being used. And the anti-tank weaponry has killed several people in Gurun.

I live long enough to pass all the Prime Ministers' wives. And never once I heard of any complaint from anyone of them before this. Though internet was unknown then, news traveled fast, far and wide and  from mouth to mouth.  If any, a big majority would have known the adventurous tales of PM's wives.

Mat Rempit isn't the MAT phenomena alone. In Alor Setar the MINAH joined the group, yelling and shouting with the high shrieking voice, shameless and mannerless, throttling the street showing off, some with BN T-shirts. Guys like these were deployed by BN to harass the opposition members.

Rosmah went on saying that they were under 'our care'.

In Holland people go to work either using the public transport or using bicycles. I don't remember seeing Dutch Rempit there. How about putting a ban on sale of motorbikes and only allow bicycles, electric or otherwise, in place of the current motor system. Electric scooters can go up to 25 mph. Some expensive models can go between 80 - 93 miles/hour. 25 pmh is good enough for shopping and marketing.

With cities and towns free of motor bikes, most noise could be eliminated. Rosmah  could have a better sleep.

07/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Sorry, I would not say ham radio is moving towards the better. There is a word to describe it 'HANCUR'. I monitored on HF for quite some time these days, staying more than 10 minutes at time trying to figure their call signs. Recently I read about FCC giving a severe warning and took away the ham privilege from stations who never mentioned their call signs and station talking to a pirate.

And on national repeater I could not figure out the station ID, first because it was incomplete, only the mention  merely suffixes and secondly he swallowed his words till the words were incomprehensible. And the club station seems to be moving everywhere. KENDALIAN has become a normal practice.

Only yesterday there was a deliberate jamming on ASTRA national repeater causing great frustrations to stations on constant contact with those in Kelantan.

I don't mean to show my disrespect to the authority. But it seems to me that it is confirming the many criticism by the public on the efficiency of government agencies.  We have been hearing too much crazy happenings from the downfall of our economy to the involvement of our minister with the underworld.

Ham radio and communication equipments are not a trifle matter. The authority cannot wait until someone starts to shoot at his political foe. Once the war begins on the air it will be very hard to stop. Never think of the hams only. There are numerous of non-hams who have access to ham equipments.

The TIDAK APA on the control effort has projected the bad practices. I predict that Malaysia would be just like Indonesia as far as radio usage is concerned. In the end the MCMC will be blaming the hams and the radio users. All blames come back to the people, even the flood in Pahang and Kelantan.

It is funny, very funny. Do we hear the MCMC fears taking offenders to court will not win them the case ? On piracy and other abuse, I think the MCMC will lose the case, just by the term Apparatus Assignment. Yet the agency prefer to use the term instead of the word license.

The worst is yet to come. Will the MCMC ever willing to take the blame ?

06/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The remark on Zahid's English would not have been made if Zahid had not lambasted the Penang Voluntary Service Corp as a gangster organization. It was a very great insult and the people of Penang felt very hurt, sad and shameful. Every action will be faced with an equal and opposite reaction, the force of the same magnitude.

In the first place Zahid should not made any attempt to vouch Phua. There had been talk before that BN politicians were rubbing shoulders with big time criminals and the top policemen were part of the underworld gang. Why should he write a letter to FBI ? What happen now is that people poke the content of the letter and made fun out of his English.

Not only Zahid received the lambaste the whole UMNO members get the ridiculed. "If you can't write and speak English, you have to be below normal and not fit enough to lead the nation," implied in the remarks. One reader asked, " Didn't he has a PHD ? "

UMNO has to make more rooms in the lockups to arrest those laughing at their poor English under seditious act. Else sue them on defamation. The whole world will be tickled and enjoy the jest.

The Malays should stop running their live and the nation with sentiment and emotion, always thinking of their righteousness and that they are powerful. Had not I said before about the educational policy makers who warned, intimidate and threatened to transfer the subordinates who were trying to give their ideas and opposing views ? Najib, after returning from Hawaii announced of a 5 hundred millions aid to the flood victims, and now PAC is looking where the money is. Gangsters were sent to disrupt opposition's campaign. And resources were used up to amass public support on the wrongs done.

So much so UMNO do not possess the best brain in them. The best they brought on the National TV to spread propaganda never display a very high mental intellectuality.

Even Zahid retracted the letter, it was all too late. FBI knows more than what we think. Their embassy knows every detail of their movements. If you buy the theory of MH370 then you ought to know how they assess our country. Else out jet engine wouldn't be stolen; missing during Zahid's heading the defense ministry.

National leaders should not mess around with mafia and kingpins. We have the manpower to look for our security, not the mob.

Use more brain to act, and understand the importance of quality education. It's a pity the smart Malays are not with UMNO.

Why not Zahid challenge LGE to public debate to be held in English.

05/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hollywood movies could be totally fictitious and imaginative, or they are trying to portray the truth most people may not know. They depicted politicians and top police as umbrellas to the big time gangsters and mafia. A few were the big boss of the gang and mafia network. But there were heroes taking care to fight those criminals wearing government uniforms. Judge Dredd was one of the criminal busters.

Drug kingpins and other top criminals are big people with huge wealth, gentlemanly mannered. They always made themselves present in luxurious and expensive clubs, getting to know high ranking police officers, politicians and Ministers. They invited Ministers and officers to dine with them.

The kingdom of gangsters and mafia are not isolated, far away in the deep forest of the golden triangle. They may be in Capitol Hill or Putrajaya. They have lawyers and influential people behind them. At time they would show to their politician friends that they could be very vicious.

There was one movie that showed that the President was taken over by the process of cloning. Without the hero, USA would be run by the criminal, unknown to the populace. Once the Kingdom of Mafia was in Italy. Now it is everywhere.

05/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The government's jet was never carrying Najib's family said the PMO. Why did it take several days to tell the answer. The question was raised by a DAP member much earlier who wanted to know who were on the plane ?

The plane with technical problem dared to fly more than 4500 miles for a repair. As we all know a plane with a technical problem won't be allowed even to take off. There is no such thing as risk taking. And the problem has to be known at Honolulu airport while PM was playing golf.

From Honolulu to Kuala Lumpur is nearer by the direct flight. From Kuala Lumpur, airlines to Los Angeles never follow the Western route across India. They fly over the East coast, across the ocean. The question is in which direction the 9M-NAA flew during the take off from Hawaii ? At what moment of time the technical problem was realize ? It cannot be after the take off or 30 minutes after the lift off, because by that time the plane is nearer to Japan. It only made sense if it was before and not after. And it did not make sense either to take a risk to fly 4000 miles with the technical problem.

After the repair where should the plane fly to ? Obviously it should fly to New York, not to Los Angeles and then back to New York. It will be a puzzle to everyone. While at Los Angeles it should have flown home to Kuala Lumpur. If it needs refueling it could have stopped either in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

What's the plane doing hopping all around ? And the joke was it landed in Bangkok. From Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur is just over an hour.

05/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof5



WHO DARE TO SAY WHAT. WHO CARES ABOUT LAW ? WHO CARES ABOUT GOD AND SINS ? WHO IS GOING TO GET SLAPPED THIS TIME ?A man can prostrate to another man and shove God aside. Both the secular and God's law were broken and manipulated.

I was trying to figure out what sort of excuses PM will give on 9M-NAA East-West flight. Now they come out with the answer 9M-NAA was facing technical problem.

When do they start to know the technical problem occur ? Before or during the flight ? If before, how could a plane with a problem dared to take a flight West 4,345 miles, not 50 miles. During the flight Eastwards they came to know of the technical problem ? Then instead of flying back to New York, it went to Los Angeles first, then back to New York, London and in Bangkok.



My disabled and sick wife praises Rosmah Mansor to the highest degree. As a wife of a Prime Minister using government's jet to travel around is a normal thing, she said. Then she went on asking "In the first place why Najib married her ?" That's a question that I would not be able to answer.

Rosmah has been a hot topic these few days. There are people who support her, like my wife, and there are people who just didn't have anything to say. "She is better than DAP," others were heard to say. And exactly, that is what UMNO is going to tell the people, defending her.

Those who voted for Mah, the Teluk Intan Gerakan candidate, may not realize the relationship between BN's winning and Rosmah's joy trip using public money. The winning was seen as a mandate for an all out abuse. BN supporters were either willing to be whiped or they were being deceived and intimidated. To the Malays they said, "DAP will ruin Islam and will fight for premiership. " To the Chinese they said ," Diana is a Malay. She won't do anything for the Chinese. Mah is a Chinese." The price is higher cost of living. GST is for what and for whom ?

I know that PM Najib is not happy with Rosmah's joy ride too. It was too much and too far. He has to harness his close advisors to set up a defense mechanism, to turn what is illegal to be legal. India and Korea had put the past Ministers into jail.

Many government servants were asked to resign for using public property for personal use. They did. I can't say how many had ended up in jail.

The arch enemy is growing up. The peasants will rise when the price of rubber dives down. If Najib lost the support of the FELDA populace and other displaced Malays Malaya will end up as another Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or Egypt. Fiery hatred that made the enemy sodomized the corpse of Ghadafi and hanged Saddan Hussein. Israel hunted the Nazis to their graves in South America.

I sense a great hatred when the words PIGGY, HIPPO and others are given to Rosmah. It offended me as well. I fear for Najib, not because of the Rosmah's crisis, but I was told by the history and the past events that had happened around us.

Rosmah using the government plane is one thing, but people relate it to the burden of taxation to be paid on her lavishness. Dr Asmah is not a normal person, she is a doctor, much brighter than Rosmah. Wasn't there a government's jet during Mahathir's era ?

04/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A specie worst than the loathed SATAN and vicious than the most vicious animal comes from mankind itself, filthy and despicable, rejected by all gods and deity, Christ will turn his face away and the monotheistic religions would agree that his place is in the hottest part of the hell fire.

He says the recent flood in Kelantan was man-made, touched nothing on Trengganu, Pahang, Johor and Perak as if nothing had happened in those states, plain and dry and people live in comfort and happiness but the Kelantanese.

The first person we heard to blame flood on the people was the Menteri Besar of Pahang. He blamed the people not the logging nor the development. Now this new specie that bear UMNO label is blaming PAS for the cause of the flood. Our national TV is broadcasting a program that insinuating the same reason for the cause of the disaster.

Let us try to understand that flood water comes either from the sea, sky or the combination of both. Heavy rain in area where the hilltops were cleared and gave way to housing projects and condos within two hours could a flash flood. Klang valley often experience such kind of flood.

Another that comes from the sea and ocean accompanying by cyclones and typhoons. Underwater volcano eruption and vibrations that send huge waves hitting the land could'nt even be stopped by the mighty SATAN or the specie worst than the mother of evil. A few years ago many parts of the world were submerged, even America and Europe were not saspared.

This filthy and stinking specie would spurt out anything his dirty mouth could spew. Let us see he emerged from which racial group.

04/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The Malays will either be chased out of the country like the Palestinians or simply pay more in order to live in this country. Even the tough Mahathir was conned. Cayman has been operating for a long time unseen but gathering wealth buy buying properties using influential Malays. One needs to investigate how Najib got entangled with Goldman Sachs. The debt can never be paid even by the GST, squeezing the populace.

Cayman and Goldman Sachs are much concerned to me than the Government jet being used by Rosmah. Remember Palestine; from 1947 to 2015 they are being wiped out, took 68 years altogether. 68 years later Najib and Mahathir and Ku Nan and the rest of veteran UMNO won't be able to see the harvest of what they sow.

If the government change hand, Malaya must stop paying what borrowed by Najib. Let his whole family pay them. Send them to Goldman Sachs. Iraq after Saddam Hussein does not pay us what they bought from us.

Most of you who are reading this essay won't live to see the turmoil. Try to ask all UMNO members whether they ever heard of Cayman or Goldman Sachs, may be less than 100 might have heard of them.

It's a great pity.

03/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I did not ask for 9M2AR. It was awarded to me by the Telecom department. I learned later that the authority usually try to give suffixes that are acronym to a name, AR for Abdul Rahman, TJ for Thiam Joo and SL for Sunny Lai. I would accept any call assigned happily with a great pride of being a ham. A few did request their own suffixes. It was not an offense to do so.

In those days the number of hams were small. Two alphabet suffixes were sufficient. Only the club stations and repeaters were assigned with three alphabet suffixes; 9M2TTC , 9M2PMC, 9M2REC and 9M2PIC. 9M2RGL and 9M2RKK were repeater call signs. The prefixes 9M2, 9M6 and 9M8 remain as regional indicator.

At times we made jokes at each other calling 9M2RJ as Raja Jepun and 9M2EG as Ekor Gajah. It has never been an issue.

As in many other things size do create problems. An obese had been rejected by airline because there was no single seat for a very large person. And people used to say that 'fire, water and wind are friends when they are small, and become your vicious foe when they are big'. As the ham size grew in a small country like our Peninsular Malaya, the first problem is the allocation of call signs. the 2 alphabet suffixes were enough for 676 persons, starting with 9M2AA to 9M2ZZ.

Today the ham population has blown up to nearly 20000 which is more than for AAA to ZZZ. Some senior hams are driving for a few millions to open up a new area for economic development, namely a radio business.

There are hams who could not be bothered of whatever calls assigned and others are very demanding, thinking that amateur radio is the absolute right of everyone including the criminals. One told a MCMC officer, "If you promise me a two alphabet suffixes I will sit for CW test." Hilarious indeed. But he was not the only person who pressed for the condition as a prerequisite for them to sit for the Morse test.

"There are too many complaints," an officer said."They don't want call having a letter I because INDIA would be mentioned."  How could racism exist in amateur radio ? ASTRA was formed on the racial basis. Now some are pulling in the Royalty, UMNO Dato's and lawyers with some hidden intents. There seem to be the development of classes of status in ham radio.

Some hams do believe that there shall be reserved call signs with suffixes like GOD, SEX, and MAD. 9W2GOD had been assigned and it was a disturbing call to many Muslim hams in the country. Fortunately the saga ended when the owner of the call passed away at a young age, not carrying the GOD suffixes. It was changed before he died.

Yet the cold war still continue. Hams are still fighting for the 2 letter suffixes. To people like me it does not make sense. To those who tell the authority that they would not strive for an A license if they are not promised with the two alphabet suffixes, I would say good luck with a wide smile from cheek to cheek.

Wouldn't it be nice for the MCMC to bid call signs like the car plate numbers ?

02/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The ASB dividend for 2014 is downed from 7.70 to 7.50. Would I complain about it ? NO. Those people were doing the work for me and I didn't do anything at all. It helps a little for the rates, insurance and other annual commitments are rising and the cost of living is climbing. It is common that when economy is bad agencies are rising the prices up and dividends are being pushed down.

The best of the ASB was when Khalid was in charge. He is always generous as he was before.

For annual rates and donation to the local mosque to be paid is about RM5K. Without the ASB I might die of starvation and the house will be forfeited by the local authority. I have to thank to those who created the saving scheme. In fact I expected a much lower return because of what happen to our country, the poor management of funds and the lavish spending for political survival.

My car need some repair, estimated RM1K. I have been waiting for a radio friend to pay me a loan of RM500 to ease my burden. He promised payment within a week but it drags to more than 3 months. He did not answer my phone and I have not seen him since then. I will not use my ASB dividend to fix it. I will wait for the payment.

I really pity those kids who are paid to run the cyber attack on the critics and to protect the evil deeds. They won't be there forever. The time will come when they really feel the pinch. They will suffer much greater than many of the other people but it will be too late to regret. Like Mahathir, who cannot do anything anymore to Najib, who is slowly using his resources to hit back at the former Prime Minister. It is too late for Mahathir to regret. 1Malaysia jet flew from Hawaii to Indianapolis to Los Angeles and now to New York in front of Mahathir's eyes.

I know one other friend of mine who has money in ASB, 9M2FX. He is older than I and he is still single. I don't know if I can go beyond 2020, which I doubt very much. What is 5 years when 11 years of my retirement just seem like yesterday. I should spend all the dividend as fast as I can. But it is too little for a car or distant vacation.

Tomorrow people will pack the ASB buildings and banks. My wife has her dialysis. I have to wait for Monday to do my updating. I can take a deep breath and relax a bit, fantasizing enjoying with the notes falling on my head. To a poor man a hundred dollars is big enough to have a dream.

01/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Each state is to be divided into several emergency manageable zones. These zones must be established, identified and understood by all involved. The area size is defined by the term manageable. Whenever there exist a crisis within the zone the combing would be very thorough and no place will be missed within a short time.

There is enough manpower in the country to do the job beside the police and the army. Members of the RELA group and the Ham Radio enthusiasts would be in charge of these zones. In each zone there is a repeater and a radio club which can only be operated during the calamities and during the regular exercise sessions.

A standard form is to be used by all during the operational procedures like a zone name using code P1, S1 etc. , date, time, operator, type of message, recipient/sender, message from. Those on the SAR do not have to fill in anything, only to mention their ID and the message. An identical items are to be applied with the use of the cell phones.

The zones are to be set as soon as possible together with the office or radio club and the people to run them.

In remote areas where there is no ham operator, RELA will provide the manpower.

Soon the National Security Office will have the meeting for the post mortem. I hope someone will pick this up and present in the meeting.

01/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Chinese has realized that Kung Fu alone is no match for Western weapons. Heavy investment in technology and education is making China a super power today. So was Melaka, conquered by a handful of people from Europe. What could Keris do to fight the enemy ? By now Perkasa should realize that strength does not lie in the size, keris or big mouth. Israel is a small country but the Jews can control almost the whole world.

If in the eyes of PERKASA the Malays are losing everything, it should stare hard at UMNO. UMNO has been running the country all along since independent. What has happened to the Malays and what sort of Malays they are yielding ? Do they expect the garbage hunters, drug pushers, liar, cheaters and robbers to be 'TUAN' ? They can't even run the national feedlot properly. Mahathir did not find his bread business easy to run.

I found Ibrahim Ali's warning and threatening the Chinese as very offensive and disturbing. He called the Chinese to keep stocks of food. For what purpose ? To declare war on them just because they were asking for equal right and opportunity ? It was a dumb and moronic call.

One of the best things Ibrahim Ali and the Perkasa members could have done was to ensure the flood victims do not die of starvation. Yet we saw one UMNO man in Johore chased a Chinese who was giving away food stuff to the victims. This very guy should call all the Malays to quit working in Chinese firms and shops, don't but supplies from Chinese wholesalers or retailers. He should start first.

Ibrahim should have known why the Malays did not vote for him.

Strength lies in the brain, not the Keris. Brains need nurtured by protein. But protein is very expensive due to the high cost of living. And the Malays just couldn't care less about brain development as much as they did not care much about science and mathematic education. Did UMNO and PERKASA ever discuss mental development ? Nay, they prefer to entertain big towkeys and businessmen, discuss money and privatization, development of properties, cutting trees on hill tops.

Among the worst lots are educational administrators and policy makers. It is sad to see them carrying despotic traits in them. They, not only shove off ideas on the policy they created, but also threatened of distant transfer or disciplinary actions. When met with failures they blame their subordinates.

Failed education caused dropouts and joblessness. Do they ever compute the number of Malay students who became wild and involved in crimes ? Ibrahim Ali should have known the figures very well. Will that be shown in the Keris ?

There are at least three basic parts that are vital to the Malays; brain, knowledge and skill. They are to be deployed constructively and wisely. For every planning they must try to interact with the other communities. In a nation building all Malaysians must unite and work side by side.

The home of the Keris is in the museum. And Ibrahim Ali should go jogging or doing weight lifting, and take a run at least 15 kilometers a day and show of his silat some time. I can assure him that if he can do 20 km a day all the Chinese will bow on him, and show him great respect. And he should know that if the Malays cannot become TUAN, it is the UMNO that is to be blamed. Not the Chinese. Else Ibrahim could join ISIS to gain military skill.

We don't have place for extremism here.

01/01/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



 I read both what the Pro-UMNO cyber trooper presented their cases as well as the feedback from people whom I figure are not agreeable with UMNO. They showed a vast different in mental prowess. It showed how stupid can a Malay be. No wonder UMNO could always be conned by the others resulting in the plight of the Malay race.


UMNO is justifying Najib's golf session by arguing about the members of the opposition parties do not present themselves during the flood, They are saying that it is alright for a Prime Minister to commit crimes because others are doing it. Lim Guan Eng is not a Prime Minister and not a cabinet minister too. To wash off, bags of rice were filled with Najib's image. It would be interesting for someone to sue Najib for stamping his image using the public fund.

Some Malays are so dumb that they even allowed the nation leader to give away land to foreign countries. Those were the fate of Pulau Batu Puteh and Tanjung Pagar. And selling away a large part of Johor land to the Singaporeans, akin to the Palestinian lands sold to the Jews. The time will come when many of the Malays will be kicked out of Peninsular Malaya. What then is the pride of UMNO in training the young Malays to be hooligans scaring and intimidating voters to win an election while they are dragging the coming Malay generations to poverty and landlessness ?

If UMNO Cyber-Troopers can express themselves that much, it shows that the highest form of mentality the dedicated UMNO Malays have. They can't even fight the ALLAH issue in the winning ways. They have the bright and top cleric, Ustaz Kazim, with them as their pure political tool. They have the educational administrators who formulated a suicidal policy for the kids.

The UMNO Cyber-troopers only made fools of themselves by posting stupid propaganda and stupid ignorant lies.

If they have shown some intellectuality and maturity in putting up their arguments and PM Najib admitted his mistake the citizens can accept the regret. Instead they are showing their boldness, putting Najib's picture in the bag of rice. Those pictures won't be pinned in their rooms but will be thrown on the floor and mud, stepped by everyone. You can guess what a group of extremist can do with those pictures.

30/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



During Tsunami 2005 ORARI Indonesia set up several disaster stations in the affected areas. The station call signs ended with the prefix Z. The SOP followed a set standard rule. Every message were recorded on papers with the least information on the time, date, sender and the topic.

I did monitor the Malaysian existing emergency frequency on 7110 from time to time. Each time I asked myself to whom the messages ere intended and the significance of each message. And I wonder whether there is a proper logging and recording of each of the message. In other words the amateur radio emergency stations are intended for whom and for what purpose.

Because of my misunderstanding, I never step into the frequency even if the person running those stations called for 'any station monitoring on frequency', for I understood the communication is to be among stations of identical tasks.

The MCMC always have the power to allocate emergency frequencies outside the ham band with special call signs, unless the ham band is chosen for some other general use where hams may be required to do some form of some defined services like delivering a personal message of a victim to his family that he is safe and well.

Information to fellow hams about the flood situations are private matter and not to be publicized in the national media. These stations do not have to be defined as emergency stations. They can provide help to fellow members on the safe routes, and guide their friends the right path to send supplies to the victims.

31/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof





30/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



During my school days only the bright ones, excel in science and mathematics had the chance to be pilots. Since I was a Pariah in class I could only dream of becoming a blue collar laborer. I still remember Haris and Syed Aswad who shone in class and finally went to flying school.

Today you don't need to be the best student. If  you have money you can always register yourself in the existing flying school. It is a big money. Even if you have a dropout mentality you can be qualified to be a pilot. I know at least two persons who fly commercial aircrafts, graduating from these schools.

Similarly in the profession of nursing where money is the answer to send your kids to private nursing colleges. If your kids are not high achievers it is not the end of the world for them.

Lately I took several local flights, both by MAS and Air Asia. I always took care to listen to the pilot's announcement to judge their language and pronunciation, as I found it something entertaining. International pilot some time create joke to break the monotony, like 'Ladies and gentlemen there is a turbulence ahead. We are flying through it. Please pray....' Secondly I prepared myself at every landing. Good landing has always been smooth. You won't feel the plane has touch the ground. But these few flights there were strong bumps, that can tear your collar bones.

Those do not tell about the pilots. Brain has nothing to do with skill.

30/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I stay foot in my room, searching and scanning for information, flipping internet pages, hoping to gather some concrete news what's really happening. I saw huge water movement, quick and rapid flow with strong impact. I saw houses and buildings being covered by water almost at rooftops. I saw helpers in uniform with dinghy and boats. And I concluded that flood is not a trifle matter.

Kelantan, Trengganu and Pahang are at the mercy of the South China Sea, facing the huge ocean with nothing to block them from any angry ocean. During the bad mood it may decide to splash the land that bound it's home.

Even the most sophisticated nation with unchallenged technological capability could be tamed by the wrath ocean. Men did not push the flood away. But the water itself receded and once again put mankind into tasks.

The only third eye to monitor live flood is the satellite. We don't have our own. The area is wide to cover. The rapid flow is the main hindrance.

I really don't know what are all the complaints about ? Certainly electrical supply has to be cut with a supply of such magnitude.

Not everyone can jump and claim as a rescue workers. There must be an authorization ID which is to be given at peace time and the time of tranquility. Prowlers and robbers find it is an opportune time to steal. Radio call can come from anybody at all. The final go into the disaster area need a reconfirmation from a relevant authority. It won't take time to do it.

While driving, I thought of doing a dinghy business, sold at affordable price, so that every household can buy and keep one at home. We can't depend on the government to supply a unit to everyone. What I mean is that it is a high time for someone to set up a dinghy company.

I am sure there will be a post mortem after this. And Najib has to be there. He cannot leave the meeting to his deputy or subordinates. His first duty is to the people. Whether Lim Guan Eng is on holiday or Wan Azizah wasn't in the Kajang flood is not the matter. Just because others are thieves does qualify everyone of us as thief too.

On papers money is pouring in. RM500 million is not small. Selangor brings in 1 million. Many other bodies are collecting funds and donations. Again we have to compute the number of flood victims. Think on your own and make your own conclusion. This is not the work of a keyboard warrior. We just ask you to rationalize and think.

26/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I just read about flood victims cried because their belongings were being robbed.




















29/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof









Gravia: Gravity-Powered LED Lamp

Gravia LED lamp.jpg

When people talk about alternative energy, gravity isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But Clay Moulton, a student from Virginia Tech, managed to tap into its potential with his entry for the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition. Gravia is a gravity-powered LED lamp that won second place in said contest: It's a 4-foot floor lamp with an acrylic column and ten high-output LED lights.

To light the lamp up, all you have to do is move its brass weights to the top of the column. The falling action of the mass provides the power to turn the LED lights on. This design draws parallels with various types of time-telling devices, such as grandfather clocks and hourglasses. You do have to repeat the process, but not for 4 hours.

The Gravia is still a concept as of now. However, when it becomes available commercially, the estimated lifespan is 200 years if you leave it running 8 hours a day, 365 days per year. And if you're thinking that the lamp would look hideous within a decade, think again. According to Moulton, the acrylic yellows as it ages and hence could neutralize the bluish tint of the LEDs to produce a more natural lighting effect. This yellowing could be achieved within 10 to 15 years, which means that like wine, it only gets better with time.

There are so many amazing ideas around but none so far comes from our people, in particular from the Malay youths. We do have great young men with ideas. But do we care about them. Rather than setting up research stations, we train them to attack and to retaliate against the truth. We teach them to lie and to be stupid and to create evil amongst the peaceful people. With those attitudes we want people to respect us.

28/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof











No one can own a frequency of a ham band. Even if a repeater is parked on one frequency, that frequency does not belong to the machine. Hence anyone can use that frequency regardless whether it is being parked by a certain repeater. A private repeater should go out of the ham band and bring the members and the family members out there with them. Remember NO FREQUENCY SHALL BE ASSIGNED FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF ANY STATION.

Amateur regulation is always above the repeater owners. Repeater owners are not KING who can make any rule they like against amateur radio regulation such as permitting the non-licensee to operate using that repeater. We used to have such a private repeater outside the ham band, where non-licensee could operate for a fee. BUT the operator's communication must be registered and a fee must be paid. Our rules say an AA need to pass RAE implying the repeater users without an AA certificate could be fined or jailed.

A private repeater is also known as a close repeater. If it chose to show it's arrogance, it would be a suicide in some part of the world. Hams may not jammed them. Others may.

We have enough of a political battle in the country. Such a despotic trait should not be allowed to pollute amateur radio which is becoming more and more divided. We used to welcome every ham and enjoy each other's company. Now it has become a culture of avoidance. ASTRA was born out of racial reason and for sometimes had a racist tone. MARES is a splinter group of MARTS. Then came MARL trying to take over MARTS.

Someone said that 7.043 was my frequency. I did not say that and never stop anyone from using it, never chased anyone out by any dirty mean. That 7.043 belongs to everyone. I just happen to like that location. That's all. Surely someone had heard about asking the authority to kick me out of that place.

What a great Malaysian hams ?

Each repeater takes up 2 frequencies. The same station is heard on 147665 - 147685. That is considered one. After the offset another length of bandwidth is taken up. If we were to have 200 private stations, how much will be left for the rest to use ?

Rules for the private owners must not challenge the amateur radio regulation if it is using the ham frequency. Outside the ham band they can set up any rule they like. That is between them and the authority.

Repeater owners on the ham band could claim the frequencies belong to them and we cannot respect them. They are welcome to take their repeater somewhere else.

One basic characteristic of ham radio is not for pecuniary benefit. You don't sell your service to the people. You can always appeal for a donation, tell the people of your bank and the account number. "Pay as much as you like and as frequent as you want. We would appreciate your support." I am sure many will pay. Or collect a repeater donation during exhibition or on a field day. Avoid arrogance and high handedness.

27/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My trip to Hawaii was via Narita. The old route to Los Angeles by MAS would take the route from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Narita, Honolulu and finally Los Angeles. I usually break journey at Honolulu for several days. Likewise on the journey home I would take another rest in Hawaii. The journey back home from Hawaii to Kuala Lumpur would first stop at Narita, not in Indianapolis. The city is in the Midwest of the United States.

The distant between Hawaii and Kuala Lumpur is 11205 miles. From Honolulu to Indianapolis is 4343 miles, Indianapolis to Kuala Lumpur is 15177 miles.

That mean I would have to fly 19520 miles home from Honolulu to Indianapolis to Kuala Lumpur, instead of 11205 miles.




This year the flood situation is worse than the previous year. Watching the news on national TV I gather JPAM is doing a good job battling the rapid flow of the tide. Communication via the cell-phone from the flood area is operational. The public must be told the number to call when helps are needed.

JPAM, RELA and police have enough of their own communication equipments. Millions were spent for the hard ware and for training.

While many of the ham radio operators stand by for any emergency call for reinforcement, a few set up their stations. The best so far that I know is 9M2RDX who set up the station under JPAM.

What I don't know is on the utilization of these stations; the gathering of information and to whom they are to be transmitted. Where is the command and control center and to whom messages will be sent and by what mode ? If all the centers have enough  equipments and manpower and the technical knowledge then they would operate the communication procedure by themselves. If not, they would call the amateur radio operators to do the work for them.

The best the hams can do is 'search and rescue' if JPAM and RELA do not have ample manpower.

I happened to hear one station using a Club call sign with a distorted audio. If he needs an immediate help and he could not made himself understood the effort would be very futile. Assume that he were to see 5 boys hanging on a tree trunk passing with a great speed through him, and his call for assistant are not understood, his station is as good as useless.

Emergency readiness could be provided by a low power small and portable transceiver and a proficiency in Morse Codes. CW could be read even the tone is below 9. Tone between 1-5 could easily be perceived.

Please, don't be angry with my comment. Remember we cannot take things for granted with the 'Tidak Apa' attitudes.

Using ham frequencies as a disaster spots would not be very nice move. Disaster frequencies have to be outside the ham bands. Outside stations could always break in while important messages are being sent.

It is different from amateur usage for relief activities, calling fellow hams to send supplies and giving information to fellow hams about the closing roads, and other tasks not pertaining to the organization and implementation of the rescue procedure set up by the government agency.

The FCC allows ham operators to call other services in matters life and death. I am sure our authority allows such  a communication too. Then we have to know who to contact and on what frequency. That is all.

Those who really want to help should get hold of at least one QRP rig and learn Morse codes. I don't say must pass CW but merely learn the codes. If they themselves were caught in flood, they can carry the small rig, the power supply and other minimal facilities. They do not take more than 1/8 of the bag pack.

26/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Would Najib tell Obama of US inaction if Anwar is jailed ? If Obama is smart he will just say "We will see" and consult the Vice President on the subject matter. Surely he is working very hard to win sympathy and support from the President. He has a lot to talk to Obama, on MH370, trade, Mahathir's persistent attack, 1MDB, seditious act and what he can offer to the United States if he is in power. Certainly those are more important than the flood. Mahyuddin is at home to provide the command and control.

If Najib is bad Mahathir won't have put him there and the voters won't vote for BN. They just love their leaders and willing to pay more for the rising cost of living.

Even if Najib is at home, the mindless flood does not know who Najib is. Not even the great coconut shamans can command the rapidly moving water to stop. With a strong current it hardened the rescue effort. Everyone on the ground has done his best. We just hope there will be no politicking. When people die, God will not ask what political party a person brings with him.

When Najib is playing golf people fired him. Soon when he comes home, people will still fire him. But when come to election he will still win. Amazing.

26/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Our PM went for vacation while flood was taking tolls in Malaysia was never wrong as Wan Azizah was not there during the flood in Kajang. A tit for a tat.


Being old does not not stop me from doing what the younger people do. One, in particular, I want to enjoy the modern technology that has reached our homes. My students showed surprise when I told them I want to do PIC programming. "Why not, if I can still develop computer soft wares including the biometric system ? " I responded.

Of course I cannot develop every application that I desire to have. GPS is one of them. GPS for the iPhone and Android is not expensive. I used to pay RM1.8K for a stand alone Garmin which was stolen. But the one sold in the iTune is far cheaper and very affordable. Many cost below US1.

I can't make a purchase because I can't pay. It is not that I am so very poor to pay just a dollar but because I do not own credit card. I am not qualified for a card as I am a retired old man. Even health insurance rejects me. Jobless who rely on their pensions are really in a group of Pariah.

I only depend on the free soft ware, which sometimes last for only a month before it's expiry. I-Tunes should understand the plight of some internet users like me. To the elderly computer is just a past time. We don't make money by them. Whatever we can, we pay. Whatever we can't, leave us with great frustrations.

Without a credit card, I can't rent a car, can't book hotel online, and limited many of my activities. The saddest is that I can't buy things online or purchase any of the iTune project.

26/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When Najib is in Hawaii for a vacation, the local UMNO cyber trooper published a picture of Najib navigating a boat at the flood scene and another said Najib is in Hawaii to do a job for his country.

As usual bodies of intelligence work hard to sniff the reason for his visit and having a tee with Obama on the Christmas Day. They would come up with several hypothesis first and try to confirm any of those by following investigation.

I would surmise the visit as part of struggling for survival. Biden and a few other Americans were attacking him on human right and what he is doing to Anwar.

Secondly, the vicious attack on him by Mahathir and other UMNO members is destabilizing his position. The declining ringgit and the heavier burden faced by 1MDB could put him in crucifixion. He drag Malaysia into economic blunder that can put him away. Mahathir's words is very scary " somebody would go to jail ". Remember, Obama was a lawyer. Locally he seek the help of Shafiee. He has to appeal for help from Obama.

Najib is not worried about the flood because Malaysia has prepared for such calamities and had organized the manpower very well. His son is around with the flood victims. He has all the people to take care of the situation. He can depend on those people under him. Adnan is there to monitor and to command. And Mahyuddin says "I am here."

You cannot force other people to think like you. Bung would prefer the leader to be with the rakyat during the catastrophe. Many world leaders would go home from any international meeting.

But the people of Kuantan permit Najib to do what he likes.

25/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Merry Christmas to all Christians. In many parts of Peninsular Malaysia 2015 is a gloomy Christmas. We have not seen the sun for several days. The rain drops do not seem to end. Everyone is scarred that flood might come to the West Coast. 

In Malaysia calamities have been politicized. If it happens in a state ruled by the opposition party, UMNO would capitalize it as the wrath of God for not voting the ruling parties. If it happens in the BN ruled states they would say 'without UMNO the Malays will die, washed away by the flood'. Those words sound ridiculous but they are real and loud.

About a month ago there was a rumor that the world will be without sun for three days. To the believers that the world is flat, it means the sun would not raise. To the scientific populace, the earth would stop rotating for 72 hours. It is a sign of the end of the world. Luckily it did not turn out that way. The holy day for the Christian will still be at least three days without the sun.

Clouds and rain is not something to be fear of. But the horror is the flood. It robbed belongings and movable properties, and even lives. If nature decides to send it, the most powerful nation with sophisticated technology wouldn't be able to stop it.

Once the economist used to say calamities and natural disasters and diseases were to balance the world population to be equate with the amount of resources for a living. If nature has that sense we would expect the world population to be stable and almost at a static point. Every 5 to 10 years millions will die of natural catastrophes. But it did not happen that way. Less and less of human death at each catastrophe. They learned how to survive. Death is simpler by killing, murder and war.

Do you ever imagine our world without sun ? What if we wake up the next 24 hours and see darkness and later told that our sun has vanished, without a trace ? Our earth will filled with hums of mantras, hymns, and prayers of all languages while America says "Lets build artificial sun and light the earth again" using energy of earth magnetic field to power the light by beaming it to the huge light vehicles in the sky. In the meantime half of the living things begin to die and new specie emerges independent of the sun light source.

I switched off my air-conditioning while driving because it was too cold. My home electric fans are not used. I have to boil water for my wife to bath. This morning, my wife did not want to wake up for her dialysis. I wore a jacket to the dialysis center.

In the extreme weather and bad atmosphere the poor suffer more. Wealthy people escaped haze and pollution by leaving the country and return when situations are back to normal. They have jets and helicopters to escape earth quake. They get the clean water supplies when the normal folks experience dry taps. The Muslims never stopped praying for the better "Oh God, let not the flood worsen. Forgive all our sins, for we are only human..." None will say 'Vote for UMNO and the flood will perish and the sun will shine again tommorrow".

This morning I went to Majid Nasi Tomato. It was drizzling. The rice of the extra large pot was almost finished. "Every rainy day the sale is good," said the restaurant owner.

Some are worried and some are not, with or without sun. I am pretty scared.

24/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib would not stand back and doing nothing at Mahathir's agression. He has Shafiee and Patail behind him, as lawyers and advisors. As usual he will use all available avenues to fight back. The main weapon is money. Wouldn't Najib paid to the foreign journalists to hit back at Mahathir ? He awarded Dr Asmah and went to see the man who put him there. The moves were expected. As I have said, Pak Lah was willing to step down but Najib will never want to do so. "Try me if you can..." Najib would tell Mahathir. As Mahathir said that United States does not have a high moral value to teach Malaysia what to do, he too did not have a good record during his tenure of office.

I see no way that Najib can be put away however bad he is. No matter what happen to the economy and how much sufferings the people have, he will remain in power. It is not due to the black magic of Rosmah but it is the setup of UMNO and the political system of BN.

Mahathir won't pay people to create sex story on Najib. But I won't be surprise if such a story pop up. Najib knows better and takes precautions to ensure he will not become a victim. He has no choice but to take Rosmah along with him to free himself from such a trap. Nevertheless we could be sure that the anti-Najib group are discussing all avenues to bring the Prime Minister to his heel.

Soon you will be reading more foreign articles that will praise Najib and scorn Mahathir.

24/12/2014 - Abdul Rahman Raof