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No UMNO politicians talk about Rosmah, the hottest topic of the century in the country among the normal citizens of all ages. Yet people in Putrajaya from the general workers to the Ministers all have a dislike towards the First Lady. They whispered about payments made on her expenditure, her using the government jets taking short flights to several destinations, and all sort of things about her.

The top echelons vented their anger on Rosmah by attacking Najib without mentioning her per se. She is seen as a very powerful person. If people talked about her using Black Magic surely UMNO politicians must have known better. In the coffee shop discussion Najib is said to be a victim of his spouse.

Malaysia can't afford to use the GST collection to finance the 1MDB. Why must the public pay for the missing funds believed to have been used by people related to Rosmah or Najib. UMNO began to realize this. And they began to see the lie thrown by Najib on the Cayman fund. And they believe either UMNO or Najib should go. If Najib remains then UMNO will disappear in the GE14.

Najib has no need to resign but to retire gracefully, giving the job to Mahyuddin. But whatever properties and goods paid by the government must be returned to the treasury. All errors made by Najib could be forgiven. It is up to him to decide what to do to his wife.

I am sure FLOM will be eliminated as quickly as possible. Leave the office as a kind of museum for visitors to see.

23/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Mahathir is not the culprit. Questions he asked were in people's mouths all over the country. Even the lesser educated were puzzled with the C4, the involvement of Najib's bodyguards in the murder of Altantuya, who ordered the erasure of Altantuya's record. Who ordered Najib]s bodyguards to kill the Mongolian lady ?

Though Mahathir never asked about Rosmah's shopping, the public already asked about the money used to buy the ring, the bangles, the hand bags and the use of government jet by her. Whistle blowers reported the payment was made by Putrajaya. But it ended there being protected by OSA. Civil servants expressed dismay in the behavior of the First Lady. It remains a coffee shop talk and the talks of the people on the streets.

The legend of Jho Lo and Najib's son in law was published in foreign papers and people came to know about 1MDB's money. The running interest created head ache among the people in Putrajaya. Then we heard about GST and the loan that was never paid. Before Mahathir DAP and the public asked where did the money go to.

Najib, being the Finance Minister and the Chairman of 1MDB, should surely be able to tell where the 42 billion loan went to. Then Mahathir raised up the same question. "Where did the 42 billion went to ? How come Jho Lo kept on siphoning the money ? Where did Rosmah's son get the money to buy luxurious property in New York ? "

Instead of answering those questions, Najib supporters chose to sling mud on those who want to know the answer. Fuad's latest attack on Mahyuddin is an attempt to avoid the issue of 1MDB. Mahyuddin is a Deputy Prime Minister; he too has a large number of supporters.

The cracks began to get larger just because Najib ignored the many questions put forward to him. The court rule does not answer who ordered the murder of Altantuya and who erase her immigration record. In fact a blatant lies were discovered on the Cayman fund.

People are already asking how much GST has been collected and where every cent of the money goes.

The war will escalate. The jailing of Anwar Ibrahim does not leave Najib in a relax mode.

22/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Once again Rais Yatim came forward to talk about courtesy in criticizing national leaders. He said that the Malay race has 'budi bahasa', an ethic and courtesy that always need to show respect towards others and their leaders. Any dissatisfaction must be delivered in a proper way that does not hurt anybody. It was uncultured for anybody to aggressively lashing at their leaders. Rais was insinuating that Mahathir was uncultured for attacking Najib.

Should we, the Malays and the non-Malays, at all time show respect towards their kind ?

Liars, spinners, robbers and criminals do not deserve VIP treatment. They are uncultured as well, behaving like a savage, showing no respect towards God, mankind and even to themselves. As a public figure they should have shame.

The last time I remember Rais was when he spoke about morality. Morality, he said, is the affair of the parent, not the society. He is a first class graduate of law. Certainly he is a bright politician. Then he should have known that several of the laws related to morality must be plucked out from the state's affair. That would be the law on nudity and even consensual sodomy. No wonder Rais is quiet about the definition of corruption.

At time we do have problem with smart people. They think none could be smarter and excel them in everyway. More so they perceive the great masses of the populace as fools.

The mantra of Rais is not good for all. It corroborates with the continuing crimes, lies and deception. Old brain inevitably decays.

22/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


An impression has been created with a great impact, that those in 1MDB are cheaters and liars. Some are outright robbers, siphoning millions into their pockets. That impression can be very real and scary. It is turning into criminal in nature, which could put several people in jail.

There were several vices had been exposed but quickly erased. It includes the movement of cash belonging to Najib and Rosmah. The cash that went into Jho Lo by the billion was not mentioned. These people were trying to tell the public that 1MDB has money, and told the story about the Cayman fund and the tale of Singapore Bank.

When the bank denied of the truth Najib was cornered. The Finance Ministry was cornered. And then they put their heads together to tell another lie. As usual Najib was trying to make people forget the questions put forward to him on Altantuya, Jho Lo and his step son's wealth, by chocolate baits on 11MP. It is another common practice when cheaters are cornered.

They thought GST could clear all the 1MDB debt and the case will vanish. No, as long as people see Rosmah in Najib's face. How much money had been used to give to what Rosmah wants. Does it include the jet ? Were all her handbags and jewelries paid by the government or by 1MDB ? Where were the 42 billion dollar borrowed money went to ?

It is not Najib who is going to assess himself. It is the people. The EC should have directly informed Najib how tough was it to get a single vote in Rompin and all the illusion created on the ballot papers and the ballot boxes. It is just to let him know of what the rakyat think of him.

When the cheaters and liars are cornered they begin to spin, using the jargons and concepts unknown to people, play with rhetoric and inject out louder voices accompanied by hand actions.

If you dig back a long history of corruption, you will find thousands of government servants ended up in jail for years just by a mistake of a few cents. Nobody listened to explanations.

21/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Since living alone my utility bills has dropped considerably. My average electricity bill was RM140. Last month it dropped to RM40. I switched off anything I don't use. Though I eat out the expenditure is reduced by halve. Only the bill for TMnet increased by 6% charged by GST. But last month I spent a lot on purchasing stuffs. I bought 6 pieces of Baju Melayu for only RM150, much cheaper than a single shirt which cost RM180 or higher. The Baju Melayu is for nightly prayer at the mosque. I also bought a few pieces of shirts and a pair of shoes for my trip to Hanoi.

There are advantages and disadvantages of staying alone. I enjoy the freedom of doing things and going places. Nobody don't me and nobody set rules of the house. As to the advantage, everyone seems to say the same thing, what if I fall sick. The Hanoi group advised me to find a spouse the soonest. Even a young lady in her e-mail told me to take care of my health.

There is no urge yet for me to find a replacement for a spouse. There is zero feeling. Probably because my wife passed away less than three months ago.

However there is a slight changes I made to myself. I start taking milk everyday, and consume multi vitamins. In fact I am contemplating on my own medical checkup and purchase the existing drugs outside if they are not too expensive. Simply I began to dislike young doctors who insist the regular blood test. Each time I go for my checkup I have to wait for hours and hours. I felt better and better each day from my evening walk.

There is one thing which I am very certain; I live a better and happier life than PM Najib or Dr Mahathir. So are the rest of us. We don't have to wear extra gadget like the bullet-proof vest. We don't have to hire and hide behind bodyguards. We don't have to arrest people and lie to survive. We don't have to maintain any private jet yet we can fly all over the globe.

Majid, the owner of Nasi Tomato, asked me the other day, "Who wash your shirts ? " To me it was a silly question. "Me," said I. "Today's technology made things so easy for people. I have a washing machine to do the work for me."

Without maid the monthly expenditure shrinks much more. Some goes back to GST and to make way for the increased price of cat food.

Yet I still have to cut corners, spent only on bare necessities. I would call it prudent spending. Others might level it as stingy. If I were stingy I would have not traveled anywhere at all. Remember I have just come back from Hanoi.

I retired in 2003 with a small pension fund. I started saving when ASB was just opened and Khalid was the chief. The dividend keeps me alive. At the younger age I already worried about my future, already computed the future cost of living and the shrinking money value. Everyday when I peeped out through my window I saw garbage hunters on motorbikes. They were either unfortunate or they did not think of their future at the young age.

Like others I too need money. A Haji came to me for a loan, and never to return for the payment. It keeps me thinking how a person of that status, a wealthy contractor with a large amount of property simply pretend as nothing had happened.

I thank God that I was given a wife who made me happy all the time. And I thank God for taking away her many years of suffering. I always pray for her well being in the next world.

21/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It would be easier to convince the Malays than the non-Malays because the Malays are not so smart and aandre easily frightened by threats. The urban Malays are not easily convinced because they have faced many broken promises and are of higher educated. They are not easily swayed from the point of focus.

Following PM's statement on 1MDB and Altantuya's case were responses from the members of the public who represent the silent majority. Most of the responses are sound and logical that bombed strong rebuttals on Najib's answers. It cannot be wrong when COs were changed and the auditors were changed also. The question where the money went to must be answered honestly and sincerely. Spinning and beating about the bush will not settle it. I believe the Sarawakians and the Sabahans will push for either the premiership or the deputy after GE14 when the Malayans do not go for BN.

Najib called for the people to support him. The public is in dilemma. Everywhere people see Rosmah in Najib. They believe the plane purchased is for her personal use, GST collected for her expenditure, and Najib is under her spell. Did the intelligence unit reported the same thing to him ?


Read what this man says, " Lol. First you blame opposition. Then you blame Bank Negara. Now you shift the focus to Delloite. You are certainly a skillful tai chi master.But aren't you the Chairman of 1MDB? Can't you answer a straight question as to where our 42 billion is at? Don't you know? Or you sudah mismanaged it, or worse, telan it already?" And another. "where got a corporate company changed 3 accounting firms within a few years of its operation? Top management are local talents in these accounting firms"

If the kampong Malays come to possess the same thought at GE14, then it is highly probable that Mahathir's prediction may come true. Any refusal to hand over would lead to at least uncontrolled civil disorder. We will follow the fate of Yemen and Libya.

People could be right or wrong. Money could not appease everyone of them. And Najib can be right too. But the serious mismatch of minds has occurred. The more Najib talks, the more angry some people get. People can support Najib but they can't accept the explanation. They have the points.

19/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


North Vietnam tour is actually a Halong Bay tour. The only interesting thing to see in Hanoi was the Water Puppet show. It is not a place for shopping. Low quality and expensive goods are all China made. I didn't have a heart even to buy a key chain. Yet the members of my group were shopping like mad. I would prefer Lorong Bayu a hundred time better to Hanoi. There are more taxis than the normal cars. Despite the numerous motorbikes, crossing the road is easy. Close your eyes and walk across the roads.

There were 18 of us including a tour leaser from Malaysia. Those 17 are season travelers. We have a top ex-police and high ranking educationists. I didn't ask what their professions were and said nothing about me. I would say they were all very jovial and created jokes all the way.


Halong Bay was the main attraction. It is about 4 to 5 hours from Hanoi. I would say almost 100% of the visitors were foreigners. The boat where we stayed is also known as the floating hotel.

The room and the restroom were very comfortable and it really amazed me. There were enough power plugs, hot and cold shower. The generator was not even heard. We were two days in the bay enjoying the scenery, the amazing cave, the lagoon and the beach. There are 3000 islands altogether. At night some of us caught squids using the artificial bait.

The picture on the left is showing visitors feeding monkeys at the lagoon. Right image is showing the boat vendors are selling live prawns, fish and squids. Others are selling all sort of foodstuffs and cigarettes. The picture below is the sight of Halong bay after sunset.


The last day on the boat we had a Taichi session in the morning and before lunch was a demonstration by a cook on how to make flowers out of some of the fruits.

There is only one mosque in Hanoi. We did not see any people during the afternoon prayer. It is called Al- Noor mosque. We donated before leaving the place.

The three day trip was just ample. I would not go again for the second time though the visit was an enjoyable one. In my opinion Saigon is a better place.

The company was fun. Besides jokes a few chat on a more serious stuffs on country matters. Ladies talked about their previous visits to places which I have never been before.

There were only two young girls, the tour leader and another one whom I am sure is a working lady. She was with her mother. The elderly ladies asked me a lot of questions when I told them that my wife passed away recently. Everyone asked me to find a replacement to take care of me in case of poor health and sickness. I didn't say a word.

At KLIA, on the returned journey, I split from them and walked as fast as I could to chase time to catch my bus at Putrajaya. I got my luggage first. By about 7.45 I was all done. My bus was at 10.15. I had plenty of time.

Only at 9.00 pm I took the train to Putrajaya. At 10.15 sharp the bus arrived. I arrived home at 5 am this morning.

18/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Let's end the chaos once and for all. Najib does not to resign but he needs to explain where the 42 billion dollar loan went to and let Mahathir's men ratify and validate each of his explanation. It is silly to do the mud slinging while avoiding the most wanted questions.

Some might think paying back the loan would resolve the matter. NO, it won't. Even if the GST was design to pay the loan and it's interest, the people still want to know what really happen to the money. People on the street even think part of the money went to Rosmah and her son. Imagination can run wild with the continued silence. Mahathir asked a question. Najib caused the chaos.

The longer he waits the more sinister stories are revealed. The propaganda unit will have a tough time to fight against the public perceptions.

Only if Najib were to hear what the ice water seller, hawkers, blue collar workers and lorry drivers said about Rosmah, he might behave differently. How and why these osmall time traders come to tell a lot of stories on her ? People tend to blame Rosmah for Najib's disarray.

Let Najib takes a long vacation, go places and forget about politics and let his deputy run the country. Three months without Rosmah in sight and Najib's enjoying his holiday trip, I bet the chaos will be over even without replying to Mahathir's question.

I have been writing about bad luck and Feng Sui that has been terrifying the nation, one after another, pointing at the possible cause of a woman. And I believe that as long as she is there worst things would be happenings. I did mentioned MH370 and MH17 and asked 'what's next ?' Air accidences continue to happen that resulted in Rompin by-election and another the death of a wife of an envoy. More tha 440 people asked in their hearts 'when will it going to happen to a plane that takes some ladies for shopping ?'

Najib may want to do the best for the people but fate caused them to sway to the dark sides. There are now third eyes looking into Najib's income and expenditure, his money movement. Article on Najib and wife's banking transaction has been erased probably by the MCMC. And more and more people will be going to hell for trying to hide the possible heinous crime on robbing of public fund.

Najib can stop all these nonsense by his wise decision and by appealing to God, rationality and conscience. We can sympathize with him and show him our support but he is not above the law.

11/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In response to Najib's speech in Sabah about Tabung Haji's land deal, below some of the public responses. I think Najib has lost support of the masses in Malaya. Najib has been to Sabah a few times because he thinks the Sabahan like him.

The Malayan called Najib a liar. So was the ex-EC chairman and a few BN Ministers. Remember their words "Though Najib did not fulfill his promises, he is a good administrator..." ?


Some of these guys seem to know more of the real facts. Some are well informed.

The best way to save BN is to replace Najib with his deputy. Mahyuddin should quickly take control as a captain before the ship sinks. It is better for Najib to retire for his own good future. His mistakes will be forgiven and forgotten.

10/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Soon you may realize what the GST is for. All I can say is GST is a race of time to fill in the bottomless pit, the continuing loses of money, being siphoned in front of our eyes. Tabung Haji, PETRONAS or other money firms are ready to fill the gap before GST collections could be counted and settled.

Paying the interest with rakyat's money would not solve the problems which were seen as criminal in nature.

Somebody has to go to jail over 1MDB. Remember Dato' Harun, the old Selangor Menteri Besar, was also jailed despite his numerous strong supporters. For once let the police appeal to God and believe in Heaven and Hell, to do the right thing.

God is Great. The final punishment is yet to come. They may not be in the team of robbers but they seem to help to put the money and allow others to rob it. This is just one of the evil deeds that is dragging the Malays into the mud.

10/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib called UMNO bloggers who criticized the party as BANGANG. It is more than the moron. He said he borrowed the word from his wife. And he said that on the national TV too. Jemuan, a detestable beast, was used by Najib on those old timer like Mahathir, Daim and other UMNO veterans who questioned him on where about of the 42 billion dollars of the 1MDB loan. To understand the degree of their offensiveness, try to call IGP, Rosmah or Najib as BANGANG or JEMUAN.

The cartoonist Zunar never used any of those words. He merely drew an image, not even look as Rosmah, but was considered very offensive.

BARUA is a person who is doing an immoral job for somebody else and of personal interest as oppose to public interest. In English the word LACKEY is applied. A lackey is a person who is or act like a weak servant of someone powerful. Once PAS was called a BARUA of DAP. Now the word was used on Khalid, the IGP, because his work of arresting those who go against Najib's policy, instead of fighting crime and other law breakers. Most of his arrests were on opposition party members. DAP questioned on the arrest of Jho Lo, Ibrahim Ali and those giving away money for return favor.

Barua was used at Permatang Pauh by-election campaign on IGP. Now the election is over. Sentiments are still running high. Knowing what had happened you may be using all the words in your vocabulary.


Name calling is about respect which has slowly been weaning from a person owing to personal moral decay, due to his consistent lies, false promises, dishonesty, unfairness and inhumane demeanor. People can form a bad concept base on the past records. Election fraud is one of them. Stubborn and arrogance is another. IGP lost respect because people see him as the law, like the Western movie "I am the law".

I have seen law makers eating in an open shop alone, never bothered by all other people around him, not a word of 'hello' or a smile on their faces. You will have to be the most shameless person, being rejected and hated by the fraud and deception they believed to have had happened. If people run amok there is nobody but the police and the army left to protect the dirty politicians.

When nobody respect you anymore they will hurl nasty words at you, words which are not only logical but also contain the element of truth. And when people meet they talk. The most popular topic is Rosmah. If in the general election posters of her were to be hung everywhere you could be sure what the fate of UMNO will be. One hawker asked me what does BN mean. When I said Barisan Nasional, he quipped," Bini Najib". And Rosmah  taught Najib the usage of the word BANGANG.

UMNO can't afford to lose votes due to Rosmah Factor. The party should take it seriously. Effort to boost her positive image by national media would call for more anger. And UMNO should take heed of Mahathir's advice. While the IGP is eagerly protecting her, the police should also advise her not to cause problems to Najib.

And when Najib uttered the word JEMUAN he was interpreted as calling the man who put him there as JEMUAN. Many believed that someone was putting the word in his mouth. It is the most offensive word as compared to Barua. Barua seems sound the Tamil word BADWA.

The tension is rising. The more arrest made by the police, the greater the degree of hatred borne. The action is sowing violence among the once peaceful people. Pakistan is not far from here. We don't want Malaya to catch fire by the flare in that country. It is never a wise step on the part of the IGP to drive people to desperation.

The BANGANG, the JEMUAN and the BARUA could have been avoided if a nation is run well with full accountability and honesty.

09/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


About 40 years ago I used to write to UMNO leadership not to be to ecstatic with the land slide victory. UMNO must analyze the percentage of the Malays who did not go for the party. The tolerated number should be around between 5% - 10%. 20% was a dangerous level. It indicated that there was something wrong with the party or with the people.

Today with a vast amount of money politics and corruptions and the extensive use of government resources and facilities, gangsters and threatening, the election result has to be scrutinized in closer details. Without those and vote riggings UMNO could have been thrown out. The simplest computation is to divide the amount of all expenses plus all the other resources and facilities in term of ringgit by the number of claimed majority.

Of course we can rule by deception or by minority choice, and run the country at our own will by whims and fancy, but it is never a healthy condition for the nation. Winning at Rompin and continuing running the losing FGV is very bad for FELDA. Who in the right kind of mind is happy with it other than UMNO ? The Malays are being dragged into the bottomless pit of poverty, low class education of some crazy education system, drug consumptions, prostitutions and in the detestable professions such as garbage hunters, cheaters and thieves.

In fact the day has come that UMNO does not trust the Malays anymore though they are begging votes from these people. The Malays are high suspects of terrorists. Many of them have faced arrest and thrown into the dungeons. How many percent of them are assessed having an intent of throwing the government by force ? 50% ? 40% ? Shouldn't the number be 0% ?

In my mind Rompin had belong to PAS. In my mind the Sarawak illusions are applied here. UMNO thought by taking control they could do the remedy for the past errors. They always asked for chances, begging with a show of pity. But they never can do any changes because even Dr Mahathir  failed to do it. It is just a sad thing that happens to the Malays as a whole. In no time they will regret to see their siblings and relatives will be facing more harder life, landless and homeless, jobless and cashless.

Someone in the party should have a clear view of the party. Isn't the party compose of the stupid people who are destroying the Malays ?

06/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

9W2TZ going for CW ?

I was surprised to see Hanafi, 9W2TZ, was reading CW text when I visited him yesterday. He said he heard the conversation on 40 meter on Sunday between Kamal, Choo and Aziz. "It was just like the old time," he said. "That's why I want to go for the test." I told him that joined in for a short while. After signing I was horizontal in bed listening to them.

Hanafi had never heard Kamal talking to Syamsul yet. 9M2ESM too always have lots of stories to tell.

But Hanafi as a capable man, declined my offer to help. At least learning to listen and copy from my sending. He has his own style and way to learn. What could I say but just to wish him luck. I think by the time he goes for the first test there will be more than 30 new class A licensees.

I fear I may lose interest at the time he needs my help. And I also fear that by the time he passes Morse test all of the old hams have gone to meet God.

 I always praise those who do not fear to strive for success. Though a helicopter can take a person to the top of a mountain, thousands prefer to climb the hard way. The other day I saw Dato' KKhalid Yunoss climbed a mountain, hard and shaky. He made it. A leader of that attitude is really suitable to lead the people.

I don't know how Hanafi is going to get started. Probably he has a secret advisor to tell him what to do.

The glorious past will never come again, not because the new hams cannot make it, but because 40 meter has become an Indonesian band. They are 5KC apart from each other starting from 7.030 to 7.195. We were given ways but the duration is just reasonable. Even on last Sunday the boys had to move to 7.150 that was left empty after 7.130 seemed to be with people coming on it. Occasionally several empty spaces are spared for the rest.

However I believe that Hanafi will find a way to build back the past.

05/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't have mirror in my room. I don't even see one in my house. I am scared of having one. Whenever I look into it I saw a monster in it. It was me, looking very old and full of dark spots and wrinkles. I wasn't like that before. I looked different before 55, younger probably handsome though short and stout.

My wife was 65 when she passed away, full of black hair. I am just a couple of years older but my hair is totally white. It just came across my mind that I want to have a black hair again. Can I do it without using any chemical applied to it. So I did a little browsing. Some people say it could be done, others say cannot. One person says he tries multi-vitamins and he got back his black hair.

After the evening walk I went to a nearby pharmacy. "Do you have any oral medicine to turn my hair black ? " I asked the girl at the counter. "No," came the reply. Then I asked for a multi-vitamin. I paid RM30 for 30 days, to be consumed every morning after breakfast.

Once a monster, forever a monster. If I have a fear at looking at myself, how about the others ? No woman would want even to look at me.

Growing older to most people is something acceptable. There are several old joggers and walkers at the jogging tracks. They are fast and strong. One man, may be more than 74, runs around the track for hours on end. I envy him. He still grows black hair on his head.

A dye is an artificial ingredient. I remember someone said that the Muslims are prohibited to use it. And I never intend to use it.

Why do I care so much about black hair ? Simple. I just don't want to be looked like a monster, an ageing useless Frankestine.

03/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Majid Nasi Tomato too made his own transformation. I hope no politician will claim the transformation comes from them. Majid is about my age, an Indian Mamak. For a long time he had been using onions for his curry. Surely it was healthier than the Malay curry which would be using coconut milk.

His transformation is unknown to his customers. They have to be observant and need to ask a simple question to know. I saw a big amount of ginger being sliced everyday. I asked his son about the ginger. Now his curry is composed of onion and ginger. Your tongue has to be sensitive enough to feel the different. Ginger is good for the body.

These few days my breakfast and lunch are at Majid Restaurant. Lunch is white rice with either beef or fish. Tomato rice is from 6.00 am to about 12.00 noon. I began to learn a few Tamil words like 'yarti' for beef, 'meen' for fish, 'kualee' for chicken, 'mootek'' for egg and 'yeelang' for prawn.

My daily order is either fish or meat. Meat rice plus papadom and warm water cost me RM4.00, RM5.00 for fish. The medium size prawn which I seldom take is RM7 with the set. A lunch at a Malay shop is between RM6 to RM8.

Now I would choose Majid over the other restaurants because of the ginger plus onion curry.

The restaurant is located at an unknown location. Regular customers know it and the knowledge is passed to new customers. It is somewhere around Jalan Tambang Badak and Jalan Pintu Sepuluh.

You need to browse some websites to find out the medication effect of ginger. I would suggest that those living around Alor Setar should always enjoy Majid Nasi Tomato. I just love it.

03/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My iphone4 camera is damage. I gave away my Galaxy Note 3 to my son and a Lenovo to my maid. And I am asking myself whether I need pictures for my Vietnam's trip. What do I need them for at my age. At first I asked my student whether I could borrow one of her cameras. On thinking over I declined it.

The cheapest camera I found in a shop was about RM350, the lowest end in the shelve. The rest is above RM1K. I might as well get myself Samsung Note 4. But I am keen in those smart phones anymore otherwise I would not have given them away. After all my days are numbered. What do I need those things for ?

But pictures speak more than a thousand words. No matter how a beautiful lady is described no amount of imagination can challenge a picture of the lady. So it is with the scenic beauty. Beauty affect us as the beat of the drum influence the tempo of our bodily movement.

I know everybody will snap photos while in Hanai. If somehow a desire drives me to snap one, I will have to fall back on my damaged iPhone4 camera.

50 years ago, if you snap colored pictures, you will have to send to Singapore through the local photo shops. For 8mm movie you have to send to Australia and waited for about 3 months to view the movie. Video cam was unheard of. Today within seconds we can views images sent from across the world on computer screen, and save them. I think, good or bad, I am going to post a few instant pictures on my facebook.

One of the places that I will be visiting is Halong Bay.

The last boat cruise I had was Danao Toba. I had no camera then and I wasn't even married then. It was just a lake, nothing in it, but the joy I felt was ecstatic. It was very peaceful like I was in different world. I hope Halong Bay would be the same. I guessed it was the spirit of the water surrounded by the huge piece of land.

I may or may not regret for my refusal to invest in a new camera. It is not cheap to depart with almost RM3K. Right now I don't have much money left after transferring some to my ASB. And I know camera is not something that I should borrow or lent. It is a sensitive gadget. I always heard complaints from those who lent their cameras to friends.

If they have commercial photographers running around then I will use them, pay them a little, which is far lesser than buying one.

Really I want to totally forget Malaysia, the GST and 1MDB. Like everyone else I hope some people will come to their senses.

02/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I will be running away from GST and 1MDB for a little while soon. It is a trip to Hanoi. The journey starts on 12th May 2015 and ends on 18th. May. The flight from Kuala Lumpur will be at 7pm by Vietnam Air. I bring something special with me for the dinner on the plane; fried prawns with salted onions. It is something very delicious. The flight time will be three hours. If my plane disappear like MH370, I don't have to think of anything anymore.

I will be taking a night train in Alor Setar. The berth cost me RM36, a senior citizen fare. It is fair indeed. I think it is a little fun with this change. I would save some money for not taking a flight. From KL-Central I will take a bus to KLIA. That too will be comfortable and much cheaper than taking a train.

Coming home will be by bus, Putraja to Alor Setar at 10.15 pm. I take a gamble. The risk is very great. My plane from Hanoi will land at 7.50 pm. Hopefully by 9.30 pm I could be out of the arrival hall. Since I don't plan to buy anything, I hope custom checking will be quick. I plan to call the bus driver to wait for a couple of minutes in case I am late. If that fail, I will be losing RM40. Life is always a risk taking. I choose to gamble. It will be a 50-50 chance.

Travel alone is not so joyous as when I went with my wife. I have a good partner to chat and share the fun. Even if she did not go, she enjoyed my narration of my visits.

I will be in Hanaoi for three solid days. I hope to learn something that is unique in that country. Vietnam may have something that we don't.

Within that 4 days, I hope nothing would happen in the country.

01/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


PAS must be on it's own. No DAP, UMNO or Keadilan. It can contest in all constituencies. The Malays have the choice now to vote for the party instead of UMNO. DAP is willing to give a constituency to UMNO or MCA in trade for Islamic law and to forget corruption in UMNO, the plundering of public funds, 1MDB or even GST. The threatening is true and severe. PAS has no future under DAP or Pakatan.

The party can also forget about taking Putrajaya. It is equally important is the voice in the parliament, to provide an effective checks and balance.

At the same time PAS must not merge with UMNO. The minds of UMNO members cannot meet with PAS. If anyone is talking about Malay unity, let UMNO be dissolve and join PAS.

The number of Malays who dislike UMNO leaderships are on the increase. They are looking for a suitable alternative party to represent them. An independent Malay party could be PAS if the party detach itself from PKR.

DAP has given the instructions to the Chinese voters in Permatang Pauh to vote for BN if PAS insist on Hudud implementation in Kelantan. It would be very difficult o PAS to leave God behind and to vow to mankind. If a divorce is necessary then divorce will it be.

The advantage of MCA and Gerakan is Najib has promised and in fact has given what the Chinese has been wanting. Najib is at his critical spot and willing to do anything for his own survival. Both UMNO members and non-Malays have taken advantage of this situation. UMNO members won't care as to what happen at MDB's office and 1MDB is doing with the 42 billion dollars. They dream to get part of the shares. And they won't care about GST because they will get part of the mon by the many projects waiting for them.

PAS must understand that Islam is hated in Malaya because it is related to the Malays. The Malays have been regarded as inferior and stupid, including the professional groups. The worse is when UMNO leaders do not show good examples as a good Muslim. You can see in the behavior and words of Shahrizat, the deeds of Shafiee, the lies and deceptions, and the cheating on the fellow Muslims.

PAS is as old as UMNO. Even in the past if the election was clean and no ballot rigging, PAS would have been a strong force.

The leadership of PAS too must be overhauled. Hadi is pro-UMNO as I see it.

01/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ahmad Maslan's mother is a rubber taper. Arumugam's mother is a rubber taper too. Arumugam too taps rubber. So was his grand father. Million of others do not have the sons as Ministers, or senators, or lawyers, engineers nor doctors.

So he keeps on telling everybody that his mother is a rubber taper. What is he up to ? And he keeps on telling people goods are cheaper under GST because -100 and +60 reduced prices by 40. Probably in Rompin and Permatang Pauh shopkeepers were paid by the GST money to sell cheaper stuffs to the people until after by-elections.

The joke is Maslan says people are being confused by opposition parties. Even Mahathir is confused. True, some start to think GST drives things to be cheaper. Public are brainwashed to believe in price reductions, so much so they will forget about the great extensions of taxable goods and services, which were free of tax before. I just pay +60 more for my soccer ticket and 100% more for a parking ticket. NO ONE CAN ESCAPE GST, including small kids. Even the so-called free GST goods are taxed at one point or another; a vegetable may not be subject to GST but the input utensils and the manure product do.

Government will get more money. Everyone MAY BENEFIT with the extra funds. Some will get a very big slice of them others will get them once a year to maintain the volume of voted papers. With this big money UMNO will retain power forever. It can run the country as it likes, doing whatever things it thinks fit. UMNO IS ABOUT MONEY said a veteran UMNO.

But taking money from the people and spending it away like nobody's business is almost akin to printing more notes without the backing of solid and real resources. It is just like paying higher salaries without corresponding increase in national income or natural resources.

We don't have any rubber tree around here. So every morning there will be waves of garbage hunters looking for something of value in the garbage bins in front of our houses. They would wish their sons are Meneteris in Kuala Lumpur though they are doing the garbage hunting, like Maslan's mother who continue taps rubber while her son is a Minister.

01/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Whoever gave the cordycept to Lim Chong Wei did not have any bad intent. She just want Malaysia to be strong. For normal people like us we take things what our teachers and parents say to be good for our body and health. At the young age I always believe that Milo would give me extra strength and would boost my energy.

I am NOT ready to blame the giver, whoever she may be, even if she is Rosmah Mansor or Shahrizat or Wan Azizah. Many of us are prescribed with the wrong medicines by doctors knowing that those bring side effects, for they believe we live longer than if we do not take them. Despite the banning of aspirin, doctors still give them. Many diabetic pills affect kidneys.

There are many energy boosters that do not live trace after an hour or so.

Nobody meant to cheat. It was not a mistake either. It was just fated for things to happen. If you and me were given cordycept we will still lose. Chong Wei has both the physical and mental skill. He played badminton before any of those ladies knew him. He had been champs time and again.

Then why do we want to know who gave the energy booster to our national hero ? To throw the blame on her ? Let us just be calm, rational and forgiving. We all meant well.

30/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What my children think would be much different from mine. I would not want to stay with them at my old age though I live alone. Many other elderly man who lead solitary life said of the same thing. When they came home they would re-arrange things or throw them away. After my wife passed away they threw away traveling bags ( I managed two grab back 2 bags and soon I found the rest vanished ), my drinking plastic bottles which I used to fill in filtered water and many other stuffs. I could not find towels that belong to me and the rest of the new ones to be used by visitors.

I have to buy new towels. And yesterday when I went to look for a smaller traveling bag, I saw the price tags were between RM200 - RM400 each. I computed the bags they get rid off would have valued more than 1K. I decided not to buy.

Kids thought their elderly parents are senile, forgetful and would renounce the worldly life. And they thought they think better and more perfect.

But I am not the only one facing this phenomena. It also happens in politics. Ahmad Maslan says 'old man Mahathir does not understand GST...'. Old and retired politicians should keep quiet and let the younger ones run their show.

It is true that the minds of the elderly are slowing down and other bodily metabolism are decaying. We forget things. Our alertness and neuromuscular co-ordination lost their speed of actions. But our vision never fade. We still compute the cause and effect. We see the future as if they are just in front of our eyes.

I just love staying alone because of an absolute freedom that I have to myself. I do whatever I want to do and I go wherever I want to go. One night I sleep in my shack, another on my couch in the hall. One day I drove my old Kancil and another my Viva. Almost everyday rats walked into my rat traps. And almost everyday I talked to my cats.

Talking to plants and animals are better than talking to people of younger generations. You may talk on some casual things but avoid politics and topics on ideals. Never give them advice and never tell them what to do. You don't be surprise when Najib and Mahathir's minds don't meet.

Generation gap is not a Malay phenomena. It is of human nature in this universe. Tradition is dying down due to the excessive gap. Global value system change. We have to bear with it. The gap will always be there.

30/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ahmad Maslan says with GST prices of goods and commodities become cheaper because it is -100 and +60. Therefore we pay less. How come then, if we pay lesser the government get more money, even enough to pay for the missing money of 1MDB ? It is illogical when we pay less, the government get more.

Surely the government gets more. For that reason there is NO TURNING BACK to the old system.

What you used not to pay, you are now paying. I went to Mee Abu which charged me GST. I am paying more for the mee. Formerly I did not have to pay. The parking fee at Star Parade Alor Setar was raised to RM2 from RM1. In many parts of the outlets you have visited are now charging service charge. In other words the items of goods and services which were not subject to taxes before are now taxed.

The government says some foodstuffs are not taxed. But all the input to produce them are taxed. Obviously the farmers have to increase the prices of their products.

Shops are reluctant to -100 for you because they purchased the goods at that price. Some keep large stocks that may last for years. Unless the government pay back to them, then they may -100 and +60 and you pay less for that particular commodities.

GST too has a multiplier effect as goods change hands and shape. People pay at every ladder. The last of the ladder and the final shape will fetch an extreme price, whereas at the old system the tax was only once at the sale point. As it changes shapes, forms and hands there were no more tax.

Government will collect a very huge sum which will be used to maintain perpetual power, luxurious spending and create projects for cronies and supporters. An opposition party can throw their dream to capture Putrajaya.

29/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The tentacles of Israel have reached Malaysia. Israel HAMAS students are trained in this country, making Malaysian leaders shiver and will soon be wiping their fellow Palestinians to appease Israel. Our pro-Israel stance are clear; we bought computer hardware, use them as our consultants, and allow their operatives spying in our country.

What it is saying is that the distant from Malaysia and the Middle East is getting nearer. Taking the theory of MH370 downed at Diego Garcia we conclude that the distant is an arm's length. It is not impossible that the war in the Middle East could also explode here. Our people have been victims of foreign skirmishes, and MH17 was one of them, beside the MH370. Our task for doing some spring cleaning for the United States are well noted.

Certainly Malaysia will do anything to prevent the war from coming onto this land. Domestic issues can be very ugly and could entangled the divided Malays with external militancy. Would Malaysia call Israel to destroy the pro-Hamas group in this country ?

The intensity of chaos and turmoil is hotter than any other years in our history. Hamas-Israel war could escalate beyond their boders. Our security has not choice but to side the Jewish nation. Otherwise we are at the mercy of Israel. The island of Diego Garcia is just an arm's length away.

 29/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO is accusing Dr Mahathir of sabotaging Malay leadership without naming who the leader is. Of course we can assume that the man is Najib. They say the Malays are losing by what Mahathir is doing.

The big people in the list of 1MDB are almost 100% Chinese, and Jho Lo, the friend of Rosmah's son, is not a Malay. Who win and who lose in the 42 billion dollar debt ridden 1MDB of Najib ? And asking for total explanations no way could be constitute as sabotage. The Kelantanese, compose of majority of the Malays, were not given what are due to them by all the Malay leaders, including Mahathir himself. It has been the culture of UMNO to sabotage the Malays, who day by day are losing their land and ability to compete owing to UMNOPUTRA policy.

Only the stupid goon would conclude that 1MDB is the goose that lays the golden egg. As Najib's own brother said the faster 1MDB is put behind the better otherwise it affect investment and the sentiment on our ringgit. All Najib has to do is to quickly answer where the 42 billions are truthfully, and let his answer be verified. Instead of commenting on Jho Lo's activity with the 1MDB money the UMNO guys talked about sabotaging.

The death of Altantuya does not affect most of us, may be all of us. The payment of the interest to the loan does. And if Jho Lo keeps on siphoning the money in front of Najib's eyes then what are we to say about Najib ?

I am not asking Najib to step down. He can continue with his reformation as much as he likes. I just want to know what happen to the 42 billion dollar loan. Millions of other Malaysians are of the same view. It is of public interest as they fear they may have to bear the burden. Najib just have to answer and the 1MDB issue can be put to rest. If he is responsible to the people then he will end it by the answer.

True leadership is hard to find in the world. He is accountable and responsible in deeds not in words. He is willing to step down when errors are made and give ways to a better person to run the country. We are proud that we have such a leader in Malaysia. Even the authoritarian Mahathir did, and followed by Pak Lah. Don't say that UMNO lacks capable people to run the party and the nation.

Retiring is also a blessing. A retiree has more time with his family and enjoy having fun with the grand children, teaching and coaching them. He has all the time to do what he likes, be with God, gardening, reading, fishing, traveling and even having roti canai with friends after the subuh prayer. Crowds will come after you if you were an ex-Prime Minister. Those who hated you will turn to be your friend.

I am not insinuating that Najib should retire, but merely giving him a picture that there is nothing to be fearful on the other side of the world. It could be a very beautiful world.


 28/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Do we need a new PM now when we already have one ? What are our concerns now and today, so major that we need to change a Prime Minister ?

The point is WE, the people, see things in different perspective. The opposition parties will always want a leader from the party, if possible let it be today. They will not want Mahyuddin, Tengku Razali or anyone else from an UMNO group. BN is considered as inefficient and a corrupt government, plundering public funds at their own will, sharing the wealth with their cronies and family members, misuse of power by arresting dissidents and opposition leaders and they see Rosmah as a person who act like a Prime Minister who exploit public properties and funds for her personal use.

On the other hand the UMNO group is divided into two groups; those who want Najib to step down and those who want him to remain as a PM. Mahathir leads the first group, showing concern of the debt ridden 1MDB and Najib corrupting the voters by giving Brim. The issue on GST and Altantuya's death are the sidelines accouter for the attack. Many other UMNO big guns too disagree on how Najib handled the 1MDB, which seemed to show that Najib was conned by one Jho Lo who is a friend of Rosmah's son. But they are on low profile.

While Mahathir is vocal on the resignation of Najib, the rest remain mum. They are not scared of Najib but of a few UMNO's Captain Malaysia like Al-Habsi, overlooking at them with fierce red eyes ready to hit them with Thor's hammer. These Captain Malaysia are putting pressure on all UMNO branches to support Najib.

Mahathir indirectly named Mahyuddin to replace Najib as the next Prime Minister. Following the protocol, it is pertinent to name the deputy, Mahyuddin. He will surely get more support from the branches.

We the normal laymen are more concern of our future and our daily living. We can't cope up with the rising cost of living. We are paying more and more everyday and for everything. I never pay less for GST and the rest of the people either, no matter what the Ministers say. If the traders are bad then why didn't the government take them to court, instead we were told to boycott the commodities. The Malays can't afford to buy a house for at least 1/2 million ringgit.

We are concerned that we may have to pay perpetually to the loan shark of 1MDB with the high interest rate, probably through the GST.

A Prime Minister who can remove all of our concern in real life is what is vital for us. I used the phrase real life to mean other than empty promises and lies that have been told to us time and again. Would we care where he is Azmin, Rafizi, Guan Eng, Teresa Kok,Ku Li, Mahyuddin, Wan Azizah or Ambiga ? If Najib can hurl his 1MDB out of our galaxy and bring down the cost of living next month, he can still be our PM.

But we ought to know that Najib will not budge even an inch. Not even ten Matahirs could push him down. He will stay intact, all helped by the democratic system set up by the party itself, starting during the era of the former Prime Minister, Mahathir himself.

 26/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Cut away 1MDB from the government. No guarantor. If Najib signed it and let Najib be the guarantor. It is only legal if 1MDB was approved by the parliament. Then many of us won't be so worried as it is now. Who in the hell is paying for the climbing interest other than the fellow Malaysians ? If a Prime Minister is real ly responsible for the people then he must prove himself worthy by hurling this 1MDB and Jho Lo away.

Cut 1MDB from the government and we all will be very much happier and praise Najib for his guts to save the country from financial burden. We don't want to hear about the high income nation, of people's salary of 'juta ringgit' that enough to buy a 'juta ringgit' ice cream. Korea, Japan, European nations are manufacturers and exporters. No need to talk about 'juta-juta ringgit' but to talk of the heavily debt ridden 1MDB. GST won't solve it. The money borrowed from loan-shark will add up to the burden day by day.

Soon the UMNO guys will become sober and will start to see why Mahathir and many others are against 1MDB. It is not about Najib or Rosmah. Even if both die tomorrow, what will become of us by the loan we made for the body ? UMNO must discuss the pros and cons of it, both ways, not only to believe what Ku Nan said about the goose that lays the golden egg.

Several years ago Mahathr talked about the West will colonize other countries, which I dismissed as nonsense in the modern world. I dismissed him as he has gone senile at his age. But later the event in Iraq, Pakistan and Libya proved that he was right. Many countries in the world today are run by the United States.

Our economy is not looking good. GDP growth is not the indicator of better economic well being. When some poor guys decide to earn their bread by selling ice water that contribute to GDP growth. Don't be misled by rhetoric of GDP growth and High Income Nation.

I see 1MDB is a conned project. Someone has conned someone else. Money is being robbed in front of my eyes. Nobody does anything. Probably someone is hoping a get part of the stolen money. All the time I have been asking who is the person who has the power to change one CEO after another. First he told the new CEO to spin and lie. Then he told him to stop talking as voices from 1MDB guys do not coincide.

We would be glad if Najib could explain one by one in detail about the 42 billion. If he says the money is in AAA bank then let someone independent check it's validity. He has to explain why the 1MDB data were erased and replaced, the Jho Lo withdrawal and moving the money around, the trail of Rosmah's son ability to buy properties in USA. He is the Chairman of 1MDB and therefore he should know all as to what happen in it. When I was working, I was told that it was my responsibility to know where there was a rat die at the corner of the football field. Even that. We accepted that as our duty.

Else once and for all declare that 1MDB is out and Malaysian government has nothing to do with it. Let's have a legal battle with the loan shark. Don't pay even a single cent.

 26/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib had never explain that 1MDB is a limited liability to tell Mahathir that the ex-PM should not worry about the 42 Billion debt. We were told that the government is a guarantor which mean it is responsible to pay the loan.

But Mahathir never asked about the liability. He wants to know where the 42 billions are. And the rest of the people want to know that too. If 1MDB can lie in the documentation to Singapore bank and other lies to the people, it can always tell lie at any time to anyone.

The Minister in the government himself admitted the burden of the government. Now some Tun is trying to say Mahathir does not understand it. What Mahathir may not understand is where the money goes to and in the recent Sarawak report lots were said about Jho Lo moving billions out. And Jho Lo is a friend of Rosmah's son.

There had been a lot of spinning on the 2 billion paid to the bank recently. The public was made to guess whether it was paid by Ananda Krishnan or the government. Either way was not right.

For stupid people like me with poor CGPA of 2.0 would surely trying to fix the puzzle of the timing of GST and 1MDB. Why only during Najib's era we hear of GST despite our excellent economy before him ? Someone could have whispered to him where to get money to pay for other expenses and 1MDB interest rate.

There are 7 layers of hell. These people will be burnt in the hottest hell fire for cheating, deceiving. lying and robbing the people.

26/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ahmad Maslan, the CGPA 3.8 boy, smart in computing -100 and +60, found it puzzled why prices of commodities fail to get cheaper. He started to blame the business communities and the best of all he called the rakyat to boycott those shops. Why not he just command the enforcement officers to bring those people to court ?

He was challenged to debate GST and he rejected it. May be he knows the consequences.

The fallacy of -100 is very vague. You have bought goods and keep in your stock with +100 paid to the government. If Maslan ask you to -100, it means you would minus two hundred, -200, a hundred to the government and another for nothing before you sell. Obviously you won't minus another 100 and to collect +60 to pay to the government, which means the government gets +160.

In theory, the government has to pay back to the shopkeepers +100 for every +60 it gets from them. There are a few hundred thousands of shops in the country. It would be extremely difficult for Ahmad Maslan to win in court.

What is so great about 3.8 CGPA from New Zealand university ? There are people with 4 flat from prestigious colleges and universities like MIT, Harvard and Cornell.

Our independent was in 1957. 1MDB was created about 5 years ago. It dragged our economy down. We are experiencing declining ringgit. Then we heard GST. Why GST now not the years before this ? Is it just because Ahmad Maslan comes into our cabinet with the strength of 3.8 CGPA ?

Don't simply shift the blame solely on the business communities. Accept their call for debate so that Rakyat can ponder the truth. Then they can continue using the media to lie and deceive the people.

26/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Marriage is just not a straight forward thing. The traditional Asian culture made it tough and elaborate in choosing a wife for a man. There were no such thing picking up a woman on a street or on a computer screen. Beauty, docility, obedience, skill in cooking, virginity, ability to bear children and to the Muslims, pious in religion. Marriage was almost forever.

With the emancipation of women and the impact of Western culture among the Asians, particularly among the Malays, the ancient practices began to dissipate. Spouses are picked from anywhere, some for mere sex and pleasure, and some ended in matrimony.

Today, marriage is a gamble. It is a 50-50 chance of last long happiness. Having a spouse likened by all and loved by society would be a heaven. It is hard to find a wife who is ever willing to serve her mother in-law these days. A few would put their husbands to submission and take control of the home, draw rules and regulations for the husbands; what and what they cannot do.

When mother-in-law is in disagreement with her daughter-in-law, she would call her 'soi seow chabo', a woman who has nothing in her but only the bad luck blended into her body and soul. Any misfortune that befell the family would be blamed on her. A Chinese neighbor of mine chased his wife away. They have the soi seow chabo but not the soi seow tapo.

But the divorce rate among the Malays are higher among the others. Kids choose their own spouses. Marriage durations are short.

Is an unmatched and unsuitable woman possessed in her something called soi seow ? In Malay it means sial. Somebody soi seow is deemed to bring bad luck to the family, the society or the country. It makes life miserable for everybody.

Traditional people were extremely careful in choosing spouses for their kids for fear of bad luck befell the family.

The Malays once would go for a ceremonial Mandi Safar, soaking themselves in sea water to clean themselves from the soi seow in them. But it was bared by the clerics as a Hindu's bathing at Ganges. Since then the tradition stopped completely.

A house wife is a house wife. She must know where she stands. If she goes overboard the onlookers might curse her and in their hearts would whisper 'soi seow chabo'.

25/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mahathir is busy with saving UMNO when he should be more concern of saving the country. For many centuries to come UMNO will be there as long as their mentality remain the same. In the rouge term we call it stupid and subsidy mentality. But BN will however fall when the demographic pattern changes and when it matures.

Right now we are concerned with the dying away of shame. People are becoming shameless and morality starts to disintegrate. The right has become wrong. Laws protect criminals and punishing the innocence. Corruption has become a norm. Truths are suppressed.

The perception of the government and the perception of the people differ. Once almost all the rakyat zero beat their thinking to the thinking of their leaders. In those days the government don't make profit out of rakyat's money. The government serve the rakyat. Today the rakyat must serve the government.

Criminals are very daring. "Yes, we are criminals and gangsters, so what ? Arrest us ? You will be arrested first," said them.

1MDB is not a child play. It is a high time for the police to make an arrest. No more spinning and no more rhetoric. It is not about DAP or UMNO. It is about our money being stolen. The police must not allow any of our leaders to be involved in Mafia work or plundered out our national coffers at will. At least we can show that we are still in civilize world and have some morality in us. The police for instant cannot just stand still to see a leader turning mad and run the country in a crazy way. There is a boundary to allegiance and obedience. The nation must come first.

When an error has been made. Everyone must look for a remedy, not to ignore it and shifting the focus at something else. Running away from the issue and turning it into another story will drag the country deeper into disaster. If 1MDB is the issue, it is 1MDB should be the focus, not about supporting Najib or Mahathir. A remedy must be sought. GST is not a remedy to pay for the 42 Billion dollar lost. Arresting and suing are not a remedy either. We have to look at the legality of the signing of contract outside the approval of parliament. Last year the congress rejects United Nation's order because of some legal reasons given by the congress.

We have the choice between conscience, religion or savagery. God has given us the brain for bringing good and emotion to love and hate. Emotion recognizes no boundary, no sin and no shame. " I steal your money, so what ? " is the voice of emotion. It degrade mankind to savagery and destroy our morality.

Let us have some morality, please.

 23/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof





How many of us are prostrating to 1BMD and attacked Mahathir for bringing up the topic ? To a few 1MDB is not only the goose that lays the golden egg, but it is more to that - it is a god to them. They go on campaign giving rosy pictures to the uneducated and ignorant Malays.

I am not pro-Mahathir nor am I anti-government. I disagree with it because it is cheating the people. Why must Najib let himself be conned to be a guarantor to it ? And why all the media condone the wrongs and want to make the people suffer ?

Do you see the masses who prostrate at 1MDB as if it is their God ?

22/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib has no choice but to sue Rafizi for defamation on the later's comment on the diamond  ring. Najib is on the stronger side. How would Rafizi know that the money collected by the government would go into another Rosmah's diamond ring ?

Rafizi said that he would fight vigorously. It means he has to establish the first diamond ring was bought for Rosmah and government's money was used to pay for the ring. Certainly the ring is not with Rosmah now. Then what interest of the government to buy such a ring for the country ? We don't need it for the museum even. Rafizi also has to prove that most or some of Rosmah's belongings were paid by Malaysian government.

Recently someone mentioned some watches collection of Rosmah. Probably he got the records of other purchases too. Even if the government of Malaysia paid for Rosmah's luxury goods, there is no way Rafizi could show the proofs. OSA protects all government information, good or bad.

Rafizi has no time to investigate many things, even whether Rosmah was on the jet globetrotting. Court will not side Rafizi.

As far as winning as concern, we already know that Najib will win. People are anxious to know what else could be exposed that can weakened Najib's popularity. Else in Hockien expression Rafizi is dead.

By now Rafizi should understand our Malaysian legal procedure. What could be incriminating would not be called as witnesses or used as evidence. Altantuya was one of the classic case; no question to establish the motive of the murder and who ordered it, about the C4 and immigration records. PI Bala went dead just as the case was steaming up.

If speaking the truth is punishable, Rafizi's mere guessing and un-factual allegation on Rosmah surely would leave him defenseless. I did hear of payments that cannot be questioned on luxury goods but to pay. It was just a hearsay. Even if it is true, there is nothing to substantiate it.

Facts are not swearing by the Holly Quaran or by Statutory Declaration, it is by tangible proofs. Rafizi had to produce back of Rosmah's statement that she accumulate money to buy the ring, which showed admittance of ownership.

To many observers they are not looking for the winners in the contest for they already know one. They want to know more what Rafizi could produce in court. My guess is Rafizi will be hit hard.

18/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We remember well what Ku Nan said and followed by chorus of UMNO supporters. "1MDB brings profit. Opposition just get jealous."


I am sure many of us did see the behavior of Shahrizat and all other UMNO division's heads. They ought to investigate whether someone told their leader, "Apply GST to pay the mounting debt..' There is at least one culprit who is telling Najib all the hell and lies. Jho Lo said it is from UMNO. He does not make decision but someone else did.

Probably Ku Nan is the goose that lays the golden egg. The rest of the division's heads are keeping those eggs at home. It is high time for Najib's staunch supporters to sit down and figure out how to free from the evil of the huge loan. Just don't say GST.

17/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Talking of the world of science and rationality, not everyone holds to the belief that reason and technology are the most supreme. I for instant still believe in luck. Presidents consult astrologers. Malaysian politicians keep shamans with them. Many of us would still remember Mona Fendi eerie stories. Would you bet that a few of our top politicians believe they are being protected by the magic spelled by their own shamans ?

Some astrologers were said to be perfect in their prophesies. Others say they were just coincidences.

Mahathir won't spend his money on bomoh for sure, nor was Dr Asmah.

Now we have Nurul Izzah, Shahrizat, Rosmah Mansor, Elezebeth Wong and Kok; who among these would spend their money on Bomoh and practise black magic ?

Assuming everyone of them does, whose will be the most effective and supreme ?

If we look carefully at it, it is not the magic that place a person in supreme position but it is a system endorsed by the police and military power. Believing in one's supernatural power would make one very arrogant and would disregard everything that may seem as a hindrance. It will open to the abuse of power. Bush and Obama were American Presidents.

Once upon a time kampong folks quarreled and fought over primary school's football match, accusing each other using Bomoh to plant an egg at the goal post. When somebody is sick someone was accused of using black magic.

Malaysian Bomoh has no fight to the Korean brain. We were disgraced by the Koreans in sports and games, and much far behind in technology and heavy industries. Our Bomoh mentality put us to nowhere. We thought we are fenced at any of our actions, making use of public funds for private usage, ignoring our national customs and standards. We think we are invincible with absolute unchallenged power.

But as to the element of luck, there is always a probability. It may be a form of substance, wave or something undefined yet in existence in the quantum universe. Some say bad luck shows it's signs before it strikes.

17/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We had been talking about Mahathir everyday about how bad he was, destroying the Malays and plundered the wealth of this nation. The whole trip to Kuala Lumpur from Alor Setar by car was filled by the same topic, Mahathir.

Then one by one of his contemporaries passed away. I asked my friends for the reason of Mahathir's longevity. "He is a doctor. He knows how to take care of himself. He use expensive drugs to keep his metabolism active," were the answers given. "No," I said. "God wants him to suffer in this world."

He got all the money he wants after retirement. He thought he was still in command. He put Pak Lah away for postponing his mega project. He put Najib in.

This is the point of his comeuppance. God chooses Najib as a person to put him to great pain. Najib punishes him, does not listen to his advise, and frustrate him very much. Those UMNO members who formerly pledge allegiance are now throwing sharp daggers at him and jilting him as nobody.

He is shouting how corrupt the party is 'Brim to corrupt the people....UMNO is all about money...' Ku Nan mocked him. So were the rest of UMNO members. They even want his son, Mukriz, to resign as the Chief Minister.

He suffers because he is powerless while Najib is building his strength, ignoring his question on 1MDB, question on Najib's son-in-law and who ordered the killing of Altantuya. To him his former men are protecting criminals. "I am alone," he sigh.

He thought he can put Najib in jail. The police on the other hand is protecting their paymasters. The mighty Mahathir is now a 'Paper Tiger' or 'Kupang Tembaga'.

I was not wrong then for the prediction I made.

Now I am making another prediction on the ever powerful and stronger Najib. It is about the bad luck that will befell on him or his spouse or both in time to come. It can be more serious than what Mahathir is facing now.

The trend of our country is growing towards the worst. We used to have a peace loving people, docile and good hearted Malays. Day by day the Malays are losing their morality and good values. They become drug addicts, thieves and robbers. They become greedy. They reject religion. They cheat and lie. They have become the target group of the police; as terrorists, IS members and potential militants to overthrown the government. They either sold their lands or being taken away by UMNO's policy. The race are being suppressed by their own kind.

I think Najib can try to avoid the misfortune by taking a long leave, preparing to do the full length pilgrimage alone by himself before returning to resume his duty, and send Rosmah for a long vacation in New York to stay with her son. Leave everything to his deputy to resolve the existing problem by his own free will. By performing the full Haj, Najib will be one status ahead above Mahathir. He has the chance to repent.

16/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After sending my maid off to Lombok, I did not hear any news about her arrival home. I suspected she could not reach me by the normal call. Today is 14th of April. She flew home on the 7th. I figured that she must have received the money I sent through telegraph transfer. Otherwise she would do everything to contact me.

I promised to myself that if she does not phone or write to me at all, I would not send her another 12 month un-work salary to complete the 24 months contract with me. It is not my obligation to reimburse her for any damage because it was she who chose to go home. It is just to fulfill what I discussed with my late wife to help this poor maid when she goes home.

And I never expect her to call or write to me anymore.

But as I was jogging my phone rang. I would consider the string of numbers were funny. My hello had a delightful response my maid. "The money is in. Thank you for everything whatever you have done to help me." She did not know what to say anymore. I just asked for her health. She repeatedly thanking me. "It is all from Allah. Allah gives you everything, not me." I said to her.

I know she is very happy. She brought home things for almost all her siblings and parents. I know my wife had given her some jewelries. She brought home beautiful clothing for her mother and other dresses for her daughters. Unsown beautiful cloth that belong to my wife were all given to her. There were 30 kilos of clothing only. I gave her a steam iron, a Lenovo and subsidized a Samsung Galaxy V. "Take all that you can carry," I told her.

I think the most precious thing that she get is her youth. She looked old when she first arrive. As month fast, she became younger and more beautiful. Her husband was surprise to see her when he came to visit her. On the other hand her husband transformed from a fleshy person to a very thin man. He just arrived and work in a plantation.

I hope they could struggle themselves out of poverty by starting a small business. I advised her to save what her husband earns.

This is a special maid that I have, who recited verses of the Quaran and asked my wife to follow her, reading Yassin before her death and once again recite another surrah at her last day at the grave yard. She took a very good care of my wife and of my cats too.

I pray for her good health and her well being.

14/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Dato' Harun, a Malay hero with a great number of UMNO supporters, was finally arrested and jailed. His error was very minor as compared to others. It is all up to the police to carry their duty whether with numerous support or not. Muammar Ghadafi too had overwhelming bodyguards and special forces.

If might is right regardless of the crimes committed than no one should condemn and question Israel for it's policy towards the Palestinians and the Arab countries.

And if public opinions or the voice of majority is used to determines all, then the process of court procedure will be irrelevant. Instead, vote counts will be adopted.

To be civilized let people know what they want to know. People want to hear who ordered the murder of Altantuya and where did the C4 come from. They also want to know what happen to the debt ridden 1MDB fund, and where Rosmah's son get the huge sum to buy property in the United States. Would there be the turmoil if honest and sincere replies are given.

Someone mentioned the words spinning and substance. What we have been looking at is spinning, not a substance.

Was it appropriate for the Malay populace to say 'aye' when our Sultans gave away Singapore and other states to the British ?

I do not reject nor support him while waiting for the answer. I sympathize with him for his mental agony, caused by people around and close to him. Najib has used two words 'bangang' and 'jemuan' which I sense did not come from him. UMNO had been calling the Malays to pay their gratitude to the party by calling Mahathir who put him there as 'jemuan'. Is this appropriate and cultured ?

UMNO must wake up and see what they have done to the Malays. They should open their eyes very widely to see the gain and loses of their own race. Do they care ? Is it not strange for a family of an UMNO man to be kicked out of their land under the name of development ?

Menang sorak kampong tergadai.

People do make mistakes. Big mistakes should not be repeated time and again. The mistakes were so often that it looks like a bad habit. Najib should not defend those who is putting him in big trouble. He can have the support and stay as a Prime Minister, but he lost respect from the people. Look at the comments they throw in the social media.

It is ashamed indeed. The world is reading them.

13/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In a series of my short essays I repeatedly asked 'What's Next' base on the aura I see in Rosmah Mansor. The police can pass law to arrest anyone who uttered a word on the First Lady, arrest and charge them, jail or decapitate them but the police cannot stop people from talking. Most people I talked to did not talk good of Rosmah, and called her the PM of Malaysia. Indeed a wild and false accusation. But none talk about Dr Asmah though they hated Mahathir during his era.

Najib has been kind and generous from the beginning. He tried to maneuver himself to do good but goodness did not seem to come his way. People saw Rosmah to be more prominent. She had a FLOM, a jet for her to travel, and gave weekly talk at Putrajaya. People said she even talked to Putin on HM17 fiasco.

Of course there was nothing wrong with all that. Only the believers of mysterious things would see the element of luck, one bad thing after another had happened. They are not getting better. To say the bad element is under controlled, it never show any improvement. Reading people's view and arguments we do not see any effect of government's counter attack using various methods, including the seditious act.

We could be sure that Saddam and Ghadafi were using their police force to crack down on their enemies. I am not going to analyze what else could probably can happen if the turmoil never come to a halt. If it will be a bloodshed then You can try to imagine the worst that can happen to the persons the people hate most. We pray for reason to overcome our emotion.

Najib can turn out to be very powerful and strong and has harnessed the law and judiciary to side him but he can't fight against bad luck. No gun or firepower or law can stop it. No Brim and money can pay for it. If it comes it comes. Marcos has one. Taksin has one. Marcos passed away but Taksin lives. When the black force is so powerful, even the Bomoh will be blown away.

I know what the police is thinking, that they can stop history from repeating itself. The great nation of the United States and Israel do think the same way. They take careful steps to ensure they will be there forever. Yet we see they arrest fellow White Americans as a suspect of IS members. America itself is sinking in the hands of the Jews. The country is run by Jews. The White Anglo Saxon Americans are weakened and helpless. That's the change.

At least Najib should look back at the past of UMNO. The party would be strong even without Sabah and Sarawak. It gets tremendous support from the Malays. Now, it is at the brink of death without the two states. It does not get full support of the Malays too. UMNO is there because of the non-Malays and later Najib will have to beg from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the Dayaks to put him there.

Rosmah said she was busy with managing the nation that she has no time to play badminton. Am I wrong ? If what was reported is correct then people will be asking the same question, who is running the nation, Rosmah or Najib ?

As more arrests are made, more curses will be spitted out, drawing the evil of darkness. If the next comes then it will be more disastrous ; MH370, MH17, Heli crash, criminal accusation....wait to see what's next. I am asking you now, do you smell it coming ?

12/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Cat can eat and sleep the whole day, doing nothing else. I tried to emulate the animal but I can't. This morning at 6 am I tried to raise 9M2RB ro come on 7.043. He called at 7 am. We chat till almost 8.30. Malaysian ham radio today is different from before. The number was smaller in the good old days but they made a lot of noise on all band. Occasionally I heard Newer hams were not heard chatting among themselves too. On 400 Mhz I could listen to a group of Malaysian pirates.

Someone told me to get a job. Else do a job. What job are they talking about ? Who want the unproductive and senile old man for a job ? Furthermore my mind is less active as before. 50% of it already dead. Another 50% is crawling and slow in response to stimuli. How many time I didn't know where I was when driving at night. I even forget my own post-code.

Of course there are things that I can do to past time, by looking back into computer programming languages. This can glued me to the chair for hours and days. But would it be worthwhile ? But I just don't want to think anymore. Life is too short. I need to relax more and avoid all the hassles.

Funny me. I thought what would I do after retirement. And now I am thinking what would I do before leaving this world. From here to the cliff is just yards away. I can fall anytime like my wife. Islam says 'Work hard as if you are going to live forever and do what God says as if you are going to die tomorrow'. There is no work to be done but some minor worldly life which I can still find my joy.

Just now my student rang me up asking me to join them in badminton. I told them I can't even hold a racket. It is almost time but the rain drops continues. It was raining since one half hours ago. I was horizontal on the coach, in the dark, in the hall. I prefer walking to playing badminton. May be I just stay home. If they phone me again, I am going to tell them I feel better at home enjoying the cool air.

I could go and visit old boy Hanafi who is still sick. He cough a lot and it is very contagious. Almost a month ago I fell sick, cough and fever. I had to wear a face mask on my subsequent visits. I hope he is recovering very well and fast. When I am ready I will go to see him.

In days to come I hope my mind to be more alert, so that I can think better and deeper.

11/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Today is just another fine day for me. The best news was my wife medical report is ready and I will be getting it tomorrow for the perusal of Public Service Department. I had my lunch at my student's house. And I completed a four round of walk of 4.8 km. The cloth I washed is ready for ironing. Still, I don't have any mood for TV yet.

Since my maid has gone, I switched off the freezer in the kitchen. By next month I am sure my electrical bill will be reduced by half.

Travel agency keep on sending me information on tour packages. At the moment I don't have any interest yet. I may or may not resume my Hanoi trip. There is not attempt to contact the tour agent asking about it.

I paid Ah Hwa RM300 for fixing my pipes, changing 4 door locking systems and spraying ant-termite fluid. I knew he would be coming today. At 5 am I already opened my gate. I requested him to do spring cleaning once a month. By Kuala Lumpur standard it is darn cheap. By my standard is is very cheap, considering the labor time spent from morning till the evening.

It is nothing like staying alone. I have all the freedom in the world. Nobody nay me and don't me. I can even sleep half naked in my hall. Nobody bothers.

My wife has just gone, not even a month yet. Already, someone wants to introduce me a 58 year old woman to me. My student told me, "If I were you I won't marry again". Mary again ? Not in my mind. After all marrying is not an easy task. Surely I won't want an UMNO lady or a lady with an ideal. It can take years to know who a real person is. Would you marry a sex maniac ? Or any insatiable woman ? A soft spoken lady has the capability of throwing you out of a window.

The only bad point of staying alone is when you get sick.

I hope fine days like today will be forever, no stress, no pressure, no worry. The day is just beautiful.

08/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


On 7th April 2015, Tuesday, my maid will be going back to Lombok after less than a year with my wife. She took a good care of my late wife and I am happy with the service given. She has seven more months to complete a year of service, after which I need to apply for another year. Since my wife leave us earlier she chose to go home.

This morning I took her to the grave yard where my wife was laid to rest. Then I took her to the Kedah Medical Center to inform the nurses and the other friends of hers that she will be leaving for home for good. About 30 minutes later I took her to a local bank, making a telegraph transfer of her next seven months of remaining salaries.

Should I pay her when she herself chose to go home ? A few persons said I am stupid. I give too much.

I told my friends that she is a poor person with kids schooling. I don't want her to suffer after working with me. It is care what is more important. It is care that the government is paying me pensions though I have not contributed anything anymore to the government. If government takes care of me, there is no reason that I can't take care of others.

She whispered a few days ago that she has to have a small cash in Rupiah on her way home. I said nothing and pretended not to hear. I have given her my newly bought Lenovo smartphone and subsided her purchase of Samsung GalaxyV for her kids. This evening I went to money changer for her to use on the trip. It was only a million. She was excited.

This evening my sister in law and neighbors came to visit her to bade her farewell. Tomorrow we will have to leave the house around 7.15 am. We will take MAS to KLIA, and from KLIA will be taking a train to KLIA2. By 12.00 noon, she could check her 30 kilo luggage in. After entering the immigration checkpoint I will be finding a place to rest before catching a night flight back home.

I felt I have done my duty to God and myself by taking a good care of my wife before the maid arrive. In fact I had nursed her for more than 17 years. The last four years was the most critical. And I have taken a good care of my maid too. I told my wife that our maid was our guest.

Upon my staunch criticism of our government, I never forget the great care she takes on her people; the medical care and the pensions that relief us from starvation. There is a moral obligation for me to reciprocate the kindness I get from and by giving it to the other deserved person, whom had done tremendous service to my wife.

06/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When a hand pulls a trigger the whole body is arrested and charged. Could the hand be chopped off and bring to court for trial. A murderer is not the hand or merely the owner of the hand, it is also the next man who orders the killing. This next man is also a murderer. The law does not confine the definition to a specific unit like a gun or a hand. Hence we don't put the blame of the death of Altantuya to the gun or the bomb, and hang those as a punishment. Sirul and Hadri would not have carryout the act on their own. For every murder there is always a motive.

Saddam was hanged for the murder of the Kurds which his hands and bodies didn't play a part. His brothers and army did it. He was a murderer because the order came from him. Hitler was accused of murdering thousands of Jews which not done by him. The list goes on. The gun was never accused. Neither a hand that triggered the shooting.

People want to know who gave the order to kill Altantuya. The persecutor did not ask Sirul or Hadri why they murdered her by the C4.

Long before Mahathir asked the question, millions of Malaysians were already asking the same question and by deduction have arrived at their own conclusion. Thinking is not a crime though one may want to define it as seditious.

The strength of a nation is not the strength and the power of the police. It is the power and the cohesiveness of the people. When people are not agreeable with the police and the leaders the nation states begin to rock and crack, very vulnerable to her enemy and easily fall if attacked. I see this in the present Yemen whose citizens were suppressed and freedom of speech was locked.

Because the police and UMNO choose to declare war on it's own populace it will further weakened our pillar.

We can't continue to shield the criminals nor endorse the insatiable lust for public money for personal or family use. GST comes close to this. People are sufferings. They sweat to serve fellow mankind, not their God. We can't continue to lie and lie and lie and deceive the kampong people, rained them with money, intoxicating them, so that they will bow to the Satanic desires. We want the people to say sirul was the murderer and no one else. None ever try to shift the blame on the hand nor the man commanded him.

We know the police is estimating the strength of Mahathir. I see Mahathir is impotent, not even a paper tiger. But UMNO must remember that by putting Anwar away the nation does not achieve absolute tranquility. "With Anwar gone UMNO can breath fresh air". Do they ? Instead, more young Malays emerge and more smart Malays are put away. More and more are coming. Only God knows what's next.

Certainly the police computes all the possibilities and prepare to combat each and everyone of them. There is ONE that the police does not and would brush it aside. It is the power of God. If UMNO computes every possibility Jarjis won't have ridden the copter that exploded.

What is Altantuya to us ? Nothing. She is also nothing to Sirul and Hadri. This is where the puzzle comes in; the story of immigration record, the story of Scorpene, the C4, the sudden death. We have to read deeper what Mahathir said about "Sirul was his bodyguard before but did not kill anyone."

05/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have narrated the hassles to get a maid for my wife. Her first year would end on this coming October, seven more months to go. Many people were asking about her and asked me to transfer her to them. Some want to pay RM600 for her salary, far much less than I paid her.

Her name is Nurhayani. I called her Yani. My wife called her WANI. When she first came, she looked old, thin and tired. Now by God's grace she turned to be a beautiful young lady. Surely people would gossip if she continues to stay with me. Furthermore she is married.

"Yani, if you go back home, I will still pay the rest of the salaries. If you work with someone else and return to Malaysia to work I won't pay you anymore," I told her. Her husband who is now working in palm oil plantation asked her to go home and do a small business. I will be paying her before she takes a flight home. This will be for the first's payment. The second year will only be paid after my visit to Lombok to see what she does there. As long as she is in Lombok I would honor my promise.

I am just a little above poverty level. The plight of others are worst. And she really took a good care of my wife, much more than the money can offer. It is a fulfilling to care about others. I do not expect any return. God has given me a good opportunity to help a poor person.

I have bought a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok on the 7th. April 2015 by Air Asia. From Alor Setar I will accompany her to KLIA by MAS. Her visa pass ends a week later at my request, for fear of any eventualities on the 7th. Just now she said she wants to buy a hand phone for her daughter. I offered my LENOVO which I purchased for RM550 in place of a new hand set.

The expenditure on her departure exhausts my wallet. But I can have a good sleep. My late wife would have had given her much more if she is still alive.

I thank God for making me as what I am. The greatest of all is not making me a liar nor giving a choice to choose lie as my profession.

02/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I went to Putrajaya yesterday, 31st. March 2015. After arriving Kuala Lumpur at about 10 am, I took a bus to the Ministry of Finance. I just told the bus driver to drop me at the Housing Loan unit. The crowd was big and I had to wait a little more than two hours to report the death of my wife. I was very happy and satisfied as the officer was very kind and helpful.

My next move was to go to the pension department. I asked the security guard as to it's location. "Parcel C, uncle, at the JPA," came the reply. He described the direction.

"Can I walk there ? "

"No. It is far."

"4....5...KM ? "

"Far. Call a taxi. We will give you the number."

I took the taxi's number, thanking them and I started to walk. I could see the mosque and the roundabout as described. It was near the round about I saw a parked taxi. Approaching it, I saw the driver was sleeping. As I continue with my steps I saw a man. "Sir, may I ask ... which way to the pension department ? "

He described to me similar to what the security guards did. "Where's your car ? " He asked me.

"I walk," I answered.

"Come. I take you there."

"No need, I can walk."

"Come," he waived at me. I followed him to a red car parked nearby.

Really, it was quite a distant. I could not guess how many miles. "Are you working here ? " I asked.


I asked nothing more. I did not ask which unit and what kind of work he did. After we had reached the destination, I asked him name. "Rashid," he said.

"I am Abdul Rahman. Thank you for your help."

"That's my father's name. No problem."

"Hope to see you again somewhere. Thanks."

So I figure his name Rashid Abdul Rahman or Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. There are many good men around. Being a civil servant, Rashid has shown a good example. Soon, I am going to write to PMO about my little experience with this good Samaritan. I hope the Prime Minister would just mention his name in his weekly briefing.

In fact all the workers in Putrajaya were obliging and helpful. Though my deal with the pension department was incomplete for the lack of documentation, I feel the encounter with the officer was a satisfying one.

01/04/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The rest but one of my kids remains but she took a trip to Penang with my maid, leaving me alone. In the morning I went to land office. At about 11 am I was back home till now. I really don't know what to do. An hour is like forever. At 2 pm I gathered some of my cloth and put them in Washing machine. Asar will be at 4.29 pm. After prayer I will have a light lunch and proceed to the jogging track.

I don't have mood to come on the air though at 5 am in the morning I was monitoring several CW activities on 40 meter band.

Imagine for the rest of my life; how will I occupy I myself. I can't keep on writing emotional stuffs all the time about politics and people I hate. I don't have much money to plan my oversea trips. And I don't like to join radio and other social groups.

I don't watch TV for I don't have any mood for it.

Would I go to live in my kid's home ? Never. By their standards they don't know their words hurt their mothers and fathers. Living alone is peaceful, tranquil but lonely. Nurses at the medical center kept on asking me whether I would live alone. "Don't forget uncle," one in particular said to me. "Don't forget to invite us..." They seemed to send me a strong message. "The graveyard is still wet," I responded.

These few days movies and TV shows are totally tasteless.

30/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has just been barely three days that my wife passed away, and I feel like she is out there in bed outside my shack. My daughter is busy cleaning and organizing the room which was once belong to us. My shack is as usual, still messy and disorganized since last year. Once my daughter went back to Kuala Lumpur, I will be moving out my dresses outside, and slowly I will get my room cleaned.

When everybody is gone, leaving me alone, I cannot imagine what I am going to do to fill up the day. Every night I would chat with my ailing wife from 9.00 pm to 2.30 am. That was the time she would stay awake. Mostly we talked of the old time, on traveling and recalling the beautiful events we can remember. She would tell me stories which I did not remember anymore. What would I do now without her ?

9M2FX, Kamal Tan, has been living alone longer. He already got use to it. I am just facing a beginning. If I were younger I would join the protest group, to get arrested and join the rest in the lock up with and sleep with giant mosquitoes. Or even join the soup kitchen. Kamal is 70+. I am 68. May be I have to learn from him on how he spend his solitary life.

There are millions of others who may be worst than I am. At least I have a proper shelter and some money to live on. I don't have to beg for food. I can eat what I want and go where I wish.

Just now 9M2RS, 9M2NZ, 9M2RJ and 9M2AU visited me. I thank them for their concern. Hanafi shed his tears when the ham friends dived all the way from Kuala Lumpur to see him. His condition improves. Old boy Rusli, 9M2RB, is making a trip to Aceh, just after attending my wife's funeral. 9M2RJ, Rajamani, asked me what am I going to do ? I did not answer, merely throwing a smile. Rashid Ghani, 9M2NZ, kept on saying 7.130...7.130.

On Tuesday I will be going to Putrajaya to settle some matters pertaining to the deceased. I will be back home on the same day by the 7.30 pm flight.

By the second week of April, I might have some idea of what I am going to do in the future. Right now my mind is still in the dark.

28/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



At last my wife is laid to rest, ending her long painful suffering for more than 15 years. The best of the happy moment is at the time I bathed her. "How many other husbands do bath heir sick wives like me ? " I always joked with her for more than 5 years. The last 2 1/2 years was her critical period.

We always argue when I talked about Rosmah Mansor because she seemed to be one of Rosmah's strong supporter. "She is the Prime Minister's wife," she said. "She has every right."

Her breath stopped at 5.05 pm on 25/03/2015. All my kids were at the wards and I waited at home. Rusli, 9M2RB was with me. Her body was prepared at the Hospital. At 7.30 she was brought home for her friends and visitors to pay their last respects. God sent a huge crowds. After the Isya prayer the congregation at the mosques prayed for her and after the completion the body was carried to the graveyard. The whole ceremony ended at about 9.30.

Several fellow hams were there, following my wife from the house till the end of the burial ceremony.

I would like to thank those to constantly rang me up and asked about my wife from the time to time.

People have served us well. The only way to repay their kindness is to extend our hands to those in need of help.

The man who broadcast my wife's condition is also in critical condition. Now, he is having a cardiac problem. I have all the time now to make a regular visit to see him. I hope 9W2TZ will recover the soonest. He is in hospital for more than 2 weeks.

Fasting month is approaching. This is the first time that I will observe Ramadzan alone, each day for about 30 days, I will be sitting at the table alone, munching in melancholy.

These few days my kids are still here. Voices of my grand children still give life to this home. My wife's sisters still come to the house to see my daughter. When all go home soon it will be serene and very quiet. I have no one to talk to. I usually have a daily chat with my wife at home when she woke up, or I would take her for a ride.

My jogging activity will resume next week. Other daily routine has stopped, no more looking for early morning porridge or pulut for her breakfast, preparing medicines and made sure she consumed all that were given. Before acquiring the maid I have to first manage her morning vowel on bed, bathing her, dressing, combing her hair and applied some powder on her before pushing her to the round table.

My kids had no chance to serve their mother as they are busy with their jobs in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are still healthy and your parents are still alive, it will you do good to take good care of them. Do not pass them away to other relatives of yours or put them away in the old-folk's home.

27/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What would I do now with my old Kancil which has served my wife well during her sick days, driving her to and fro for her dialysis treatment. It is too old and too weak. It can break any time. But I can always send it for the total overhauling, which may cost me about RM2K to RM3K. Maniam, the foreman, never charge me less. The last time when the water pipe was changed he charged me RM266. I thought it was only RM50 - RM60.

To dispose it and leave me with my Viva might be very inconvenient when I have visitors like any ham friend. If I maintain it, at least the visitor is able to use one of the cars. Right now my kids are using them.

With everyone gone, termites and rats will accompany me. I am going to set myself to declare war on them. Afterwards I will be buying 5 or 6 rat traps. I will call Ah Hwa to do termite spraying a little later.

My maid has to go back to her home. But I will reimburse her for one year of work although her expiry date falls on the coming October. I will be sending her some more after we have settled some of the local chores so that she could open a small business, no need to slave themselves to feed their kids at home. Her flight home will be arranged soon. Her money will be sent through electronic transfer before she flies back.

Kids are never in agreement on their mother's little savings. My daughter will receive the least and I will readjust it with what I may get.

What else is to lament about. It is one of those things that everybody has to face. God gives and God takes.



More important than my sick wife who has long been in coma is the question on the implementation of Hudud. Both the  non-Muslims and the people who called themselves Muslims oppose and criticize the Islamic law. Dr Mashitoh Ibrahim, the daughter of one Islamic cleric, is a staunch opposer of the law.

It is nothing shocking for the non-Muslim to criticize Islam or even the Malays, whom to their eyes the pariah and the lowest class particularly in Malaysian society. But for Muslims to be vocal and criticizing the Al-Quaran and the Book of God it is a very shocking affair. They chose to throw away Islam as their religion.

This is a test for a true Muslim. Rationality and science has thinning religious faith. Reason has taken over faith, and that drives the educated Malays to know God through substance of proofs. A true Muslim will hold to the faith despite his highest education on logic, facts and sciences. He will not use the media to attack God. Nor would he go around to whisper and campaign against Allah's Law.

Once the Malays voiced out about the need of ablution as bathing itself has cleansed a person. A Muslim may ask the cleric softly and learn about the answer. A true Muslim will never ask any question and will continue to take ablution after 2 or 3 hours of bathing.

A person has the right to disagree with God. But he has to keep it to himself. Like the Syed who loves to kiss dogs, he can go and kiss as many dogs he likes. But he should not call all other people to do that and broadcast the act to the public.

The people of Kelantan decides. The law is to be implemented in their states. The Cempaka's by-election result is a signal for the approval.

Let the prostitutes, the adulterers, the thieves and robbers find their sanctuary in Kuantan or Melaka or Penang.

When people are against Hudud, they will find a thousand and one excuses to justify their arguments. Aisyah BMF is one of them. The Satan will accompany her all the way to win.

I think PAS should run solo. The Malays who detest UMNO and PKR will give votes to the party for sure.

23/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I took a peep outside my current world from time to time to know what's going on outside there. I was informed that 5 including a Malay lady passed the 19th March CW test. I did not ask anything any more. Hairie told me it was her 6th attempt, on which I highly commended for her attitude and resilience. If I run a company I would want to hire such kind of a person.

I also know that PAS won the Chempaka by-election  by a majority of 10000 votes, answering much on the issue of the Islamic law in the country. The highest votes for the loser was obtained by the Perkasa big man 800+, indicating that the Kelantanese reject extremism. Yet I heard comments that PAS is a Taliban group.

The other news is on the demise of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee passed away at 91, leaving his contemporary Dr Mahathir behind. But there are thousands of others who die at the same time, unknown and untold, just because they are the poor ordinary folks. Like the sick Haji Nik Aziz and Mr Lee, my wife too may not be long. As I said before it is one of those things that human being has to face.

It looks like that 1MDB has vanished from the limelight as hudud has come to the forefront.

On the radio side, I did switch on to listen on 2 meter band. There was less crowd on ASTRA but I felt very satisfied with the SOP, the clarity in mentioning the call signs, except for a few disturbances that came from nowhere. Probably some cheeky guys were trying to do some experiments.

So much with the world outside. Afterwards I will be watching my wife again. I know she will still be in a coma. Yesterday she had a dialysis. I expect something positive and some miracle to happen. Soon my daughter will be going back home to Kuala Lumpur and my maid will be going to see her husband who is working in Southern Malaya, leaving me alone. At whatever eventuality I will manage it. After all I have been taking care of my sick wife alone for a long many years.

23/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was a kid I still remember people talking about the Muslims must not lament about the misfortunes that befell on them especially when they have to depart from their love ones. But at times tears running down the cheeks remembering the moments of happiness and sadness together. I have lost count the days my wife is in a coma. It could have been more than 7 days. But I have prepared for all the eventualities.

For the first second weeks my wife was in hospital bed, my mind went blank. I watched no TV, listening to no radio. I only waited near her. After the ICU, I started to browse the internet again, just to kill time, as nobody is allowed to enter the ward other than the visiting hours. Though I have a great passion for politics, I did not spend much time reading them, but merely glanced at the headlines. The day before yesterday I talked to Rusli on 7.043 at about 11 pm, giving him the news about the condition of wife. Last night I watched La Liga match on my Lenovo before going to bed.

Now it is 9.15 am. The visiting hours will be at 12.30. Only at 12.00 I will be moving out. I take this waiting time typing my mind here. Life must go on though waiting is a painful moment.

9M2GET and 9M2FL with wives visited my wife yesterday. They also went to see Hanafi, 9W2TZ at the same hospital. I was very tired. To those friends of mine and hers I said that we are all going the same way, inescapable. We may even die first before her. It was not to console myself but it is a fact of life.

In between the waiting period, I decided to change my Viva's front bumper which was nearly falling. A woman driver knocked it down. My unstable mind went believing in absurdities "..if the bumper goes down, my wife will go down also...fixing it might put some strength in her..." I had guessed it would have cost me RM400. It turned out to be only RM105.00. Amazing things could happen. I wish for more good things to happen.

I asked my kids to go back to Kuala Lumpur. Two had gone back. Another one remains, saying that she would go back on the 27th March. My maid feared of gossip living in the home without my wife. She had to stay for a while. If my wife pass away, she can go back to her village in Lombok. Her husband is working in the oil palm plantation in Malaya. If only she could take care of my wife for 10 years she would have amass a huge fortune from my wife yearly ASB dividends. We never inform her of our plan for her and how much she will get. Her chance seems to be very slim.

My kid asked me to stay with her if her mother were to pass away. I rejected her straight away. My life is here in my home. My radios and computers accompany me whenever I feel very lonely. Even if I were to die alone and my corpse got rot, my wife will not have to suffer. Solitude is never a problem. I have had the experience before. I will not totally abandon the secular life inspite of my being closer to God.

It is time to make a move now. I will be stopping by at a pharmacist. By 12.30 pm I will be at the hospital.

22/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now that my wife is at ICU no more doctor confront me pushing me to agree to my wife's death. I could still remember the tall young Chinese doctor who did the CPR to my wife called me two times, the second of which he said, "Call all your kids home. Your wife is going to go any time." And I thanked Dr Chen and another young Chinese lady doctor who had given hope to me, had my wife transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

The day before yesterday my wife moved her hand. Yesterday there was no movement at all. The dialysis machine was removed. Since yesterday was Friday there was no doctor to answer to my query why the machine was used. This afternoon during my visit I saw my wife was not hooked to the machine. "How's auntie ? " I asked the nurse. "No movement. Same as yesterday."

I put my mouth nearer to my wife's ear and called her. To my delight she moved her head and her lips. I asked my maid to call her and to tell her that she was there. Again my wife moved her head and her lips.

Last night I could not sleep well thinking of her. Probably the doctor saw no more hope and removed the machine. My mind ran wild and thinking of her possible death today. I forgot about the prayer donation ( money donated to those who attended the final prayer session ). I set to make the change at the bank, forgetting that today is Saturday. The bank will close till tomorrow. I went to petrol kiosks. They do not have changes.

I prayed for the best. My prayer does not go astray. My wife is still breathing. The rest only God knows. She may either leave me first or I may go first. It is a fate and predestination that I have to accept.

21/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am awed at some people who can write good English. Here's one I picked from Nik Safiah said that we must not make god out of English. It is true that English is not our god, but I felt very shameful at my own incompetentcy. I would have been somebody if my English had been that good.

Vijay47: If Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli's allegations are true, the sheer audacity, conceit, and deceit of Bonnie and Clyde's latest act has reached heights unsurpassed anywhere in the world.
Even with the widespread condemnation they received for the wild extravagances they have been indulging in at the nation's expense, this pair did not care a hoot.
As far as they were concerned, their exalted position placed them beyond the pale of laws and limitations required of mortal men and they were accountable to no one.
The saddest part is that to some extent, their arrogance is justified - despite all these obscene excesses, not a single member of the ruling cohort has the honour and self-respect to openly state that the boundaries of decency have long been overwhelmed and the husband and wife team must be taken to task.
I actually believe that the wife especially suffers some terrible inferiority complex - she must partake of these displays of opulence to assure herself that she matters. What say you, Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?

Appreciate the writing and not the content. The writer is not an ordinary person like me and many of us.

19/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am in a very deep remorse mode. My wife has been in a comma for three days and now is in ICU. My friend, Hanafi, 9W2TZ, has been in and out of the same hospital, suffering from severe sickness as well. Yesterday, Rusli, 9M2RB, drove all the way from Nilai to visit my wife and brought another shocking news, that 9M2PV, Muniandy, had passed away for quite some time. As a Muslim I really could take the fate of death, of even my love one. Everybody will go. All of us, sooner or later.

My wife is 65+ and had been sufferings from all sort of illnesses. The recent problem began in the Kedah Medical Center where is is undergoing her dialysis treatment. I heard that she is having toxic in her lung and the germs in her blood. Her Blood Pressure was too low. The doctor put her in the ICU ward at KMC. She was there for a week. The bill was burdensome. "I can't afford to pay RM200 plus a day," I told the doctor. "Alright, I will send your wife to General Hospital ICU. I will talk to the doctor at the General Hospital."

The next day my wife was sent to the hospital. She was put under observation. When I asked about the ICU thing, I was told that the hospital has it's own procedure. After midnight she was placed at the Kidney ward. The ward was very cram. I did not insist for the first class ward because at the ward there were doctors and nurses all the time. It was better for her to be there. They administer medicine to push her pressure up. There were two doctors who I would praise much on how they do their jobs, a  Chinese lady doctor and a fine young Dr Chen. They work on the day shift. Dr Chen explained what will be done for my wife, equal to what Dr Syed of the Kedah Medical Center had told me. I was very relief.

On the second night my wife BP went down so very low. I was not at the ward. At 11 pm when I went to the ward I saw doctors rushing here and there. They were around my wife. One doctor gave her CPR. Her heart beat stopped. Later the doctor called me, " Your wife is in a very critical condition. Her heart stopped beating. She is in a comma. Please call all your children home. If her heart stop beating again, do you want us to continue to apply CPR or just let it go. If she lives she will suffer more. She cannot live without the medicine to raise her pressure continually."

"Do what you want to do. It is alright for me,: said I. "No. You must make decision."

"Then let it stop."

The next morning two doctors called me again and asked me the same question,"Do you agree to stop the procedure if her heart stop ? "

"Yes." Then came the lady doctor. She said, "We will continue reviving her until we give up."

Dr Chen came later. I asked him. "How long can she recovered from her comma ? "

"Depend from person to person. I will send your wife for echo scan."

Yesterday I was at the ward at very early morning. Dr Chen went to my wife bed. He called me to look at my wife feet. He smiled. I saw her foot moving. I said to myself "The night doctor want my wife dead. The morning doctor want her to live a little longer". He  arranged my wife's transfer to ICU. There was no bed. We waited from morning till night. Only at about 8 pm the nurses push her to the ICU ward. About 1 1/2 hours later we were allowed to go in. There were two doctors discussing my wife. I overheard one doctor said "No need echo scan". One Malay lady doctor briefed me about my wife. " Your wife is very critical. Prepare for the worst and don't put too much hope. We will do the best we can."

This morning at the visiting hours I went in. Both of my wife hands were tied to the bed's railing. I was told she wanted to remove all those stuffs put in her mouth. My good God she has moved. This evening the dialysis machine stopped. I was panicked. "There is the air bubble in the machine. The nurse in charge was not there. "The doctor will be here soon and decide whether to continue with the dialysis tonight or tomorrow. The tubes in the machine has to be change. The expert is not here. But if the doctor think to continue we will call back all the stuffs to make the machine run again," the nurse explain.

I understand what she means. Base on her pressure and her condition she has shown a great improvement. The nurse said my wife condition.

That's about the hospital. But my wife's close brothers and sisters prefer my wife to die because she has been suffering for so long. It would be better for her. When I explained about my wife's movement one said "It is obvious a sick person will regain tremendous strength and health before they die."

I put faith in the God Almighty Who gives life and Who will take it away. I did shed my tears when remembering the time I scolded her. But I had asked for her forgiveness and she to me.

19/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Mahathir has been attacked right and left. Even his blog was suspended after his criticism on 1MDB. Nobody claimed responsibility. Continuing reading the feedback and comments the UMNO cyber-troopers using Chinese and Indian names other than the Malays were banging and lashing hard at Tun Mahathir. Many suspect that the orders came from Najib, the man whom Mahathir selected to replace Pak Lah..

Najib was not chosen by the rakyat. It was his own choice. He thought Najib would follow his advice and listen to his words. It is too late to rectify his grave mistakes. Najib would not hear at the loudest sound of Mahathir's roar.  He should have known that even the whole economists of the world say 1MDB is not sustainable, the voters would not care about it, as long as they receive RM350 of BRIM.

If he teaches Najib how to run the police force the way he did, Najib will follow him. The same force will one day arrest him under Najib's order, for the peace and stability of the nation. Now the attack is building up. They attacked him and his sons. The atmosphere is not good good for Mahathir. Najib simply cast him aside. He is not even a paper tiger.

I would agree with Mahathir about his view and vision of 1MDB. But there is nothing anybody can do. There is no sign that Najib will turn back as much as he won't do the same with the GST. Najib depends on GST to pay the heavy debt and to sustain people's support. The weak Najib is no weaker than Mahathir's thought. He has been cunning long before he was a DPM.

Najib will use the 1MDB money to win all Mahathir and Pak Lah's supporters. He has gathered all 'pariahs' to Mahathir and paid them well. He is building himself up. He will not step down. Mahathir won't die peacefully.

These are the enemies of Dr Mahathir Mohammed. They are all behind Najib. If Mahathir can give them 5 million each may be they will listen to him. But he can't and he won't. Najib has all the capacity in giving 5 million to each one of them.

Try to guess who sponsor the uniforms in red and the placards. Shahidan said that the law makers are poor and have to starve. How could they finance the meeting and the attires ?

There is a big boss behind all these people, one Syed Habsi, who is keeping and eye on any of the UMNO's head not in agreement with Najib, and would punish anyone of them like the IS beheading the enemy.

14/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib is still having a sleepless night despite Anwar's been thrown in the jail. Anwar's supporters do not support nor condoned sodomy. Nobody saw the act. They were curious how Anwar's sperm could stay there for days and did not believe in the evidence of the so-called sperm. So were the family of Anwar.

Anwar in jail does not cause any problem to anyone. He has more time to face God and pray and pray, and repent for any sin he has committed.  His family is in agony.

If you have been observing Najib and his relentless strive to gain popularity and support you may suspect that his mind is haunted a great deal of greater fear. If the 42 billion debt keeps on climbing and many of the investments turned out to be fake, Najib could be charged as a treason.

Until after 5 years the dreadful horror of 1MDB fiasco may not end. Anwar could quit politics and rest with his grand children. We would not say what would be the fate of Najib. I believe that God will let Najib knows the sufferings of Anwar's siblings.

07/03/2015 ( Find a Tamil movie Velayudham 2011-watch it)


It was a close door meeting. So what could we know what went inside the meeting. We suspect that Najib explaian that 1MDB is a goose that lays the golden egg.

Questions that should be asked are

a. In which area were the 42 billion dollar go to respectively, and how much.
b. What is the profit of each area ?
c. If each sector is making profit then how come the debt keep on rising ?
d. Can Najib disprove what the NYT and other media said about the involvement of his step son in law and JL, by suing those media in court ?

I hope those attendees were not all fool just to believe Najib's words. Behind their minds they must see the possibility that someone is orchestrating Najib. Najib has no choice but to follow or else face the music. PI Bala is nobody to blackmail Najib as compared to the international crook.

Najib does not have to call for the UMNO division to explain. Let the PAC and the auditor general do  it at the appropriate time.             08/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I welcome the statements and the stand taken by out DPM on 1MDB. That much is enough. I believe that the covert and thorough investigation has been made to scrutinize the element of criminal intent, cheating, conning and possibly blackmailing. If crooks are involved, they certainly have an army of bodyguards around them, probably composed of the most fearful gangsters and executioners.

Our security personnel are trained well enough not to fear enemies. They need a little thinking and major planning to be on the winning side. If war there is, then war it should be. When limbs are cut, say nothing, tell nothing and no one should know about it.

The government has no choice but to negotiate with Goldman Sachs for the reduction of the interest rate. After all we are a good friend of the United States, aren't we ?

DPM should also realize that a government is not Najib or in one man. The role of the spouse of a Prime Minister must be decided by the government. From the feedback in the alternative media, I conclude that the people do not share the same tastes as Rosmah Mansor. The more she is put on the national media, the more the people loath Najib.

I would prefer that Rosmah is relief of her duty and send for 1 or 2 years oversea holiday and enjoy her life in the New York bungalow and get to know movie starts and other celebrities. This too must be done quietly. Let Najib feels the different in the office atmosphere.

Personally, I won't give a damn on 1MDB if it does not involve people's money. I would not want the GST is collected to pay for the great debt. Others fear of the same thing.

UMNO Ministers should have known that they are being preyed by big time con men. Several had fallen victims and the Malays were on the losing side. These big guys are much greater than the UMNO samseng boys used in the general elections.

07/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The police must quicky investigate whether someone is putting a gun at Najib's head, threatening and blackmailing him with the aim to cover up the 42 billion + continuing debt. Who is this Paul Stadlen ? Does Najib employ him or he comes out of no where threaning Najib with some kind of blackmailing stuff ?


1MDB sejak 2008 dilukiskan dengan warna-warna yang indah, penuh dengan kejayaan and kegemilangan. Tetapi hari demi hari hutangnya kian bertambah. Terkini kerajaan diminta 3 billion untuk menampung kerugian yang dialamainya. Tetapi perkataan kerugian tidak pernah disebut oleh Dato' Najib. Beliau masih menceritakn keindahan dan keajaibanya di kalangan mata rakyat.

Isu 1MDB timbul kerana hutangnya yang bertambah. Mana ada untung dengan hutang yang kian membukit ? Kemudian dilihat pada senarai nama-nama Lembaga Pengarah, orang-orang itu bukan orang semberangan dan bukan orang Kerajaan atau pakar2 pesara kerajaan. Ada yang terkenal dengan pemusnahan harta-hartanah kaum orang termiskin di negara. Kemudian entah dari mana keluar nama Jo Lo yang dikaitkan dengan 1MDB. Maklumat rahasia mengatakan beliau terlibat dengan penipuan 700 juta ringgit untuk syarikat miliknya. Jo Lo adalah sahabat Reza Aziz yang membeli hartanah yang berjuta-juta di New York.

Bila ditanya tentang bagaimana kehidupan keluarga Najib begitu mewah, Jabatan Perdana Menteri menjawab ianya datang dari harta pesaka peninggalan keluarga Najib. Anak-anak Allaj Yarham yang lain marah dengan kenyataan tersebut. Ayah mereka memang mempunyai integriti. Kemudian dikatakan nenek mereka pula yang kaya. Dulu Rosmah berkata dia menyimpan wang untuk membeli cincin yang berjuta harganya.

Soal Najib berbohong atau Rosmah boros tidak menjadi masalah pada ramai orang. Yang amat dibimbangkan ialah soal hutang 1MDB yang ditanggung oleh Jabatan Najib, iaitu Kementerian Kewangan, yang tidak akan lusut. Katanya wang ini dipinjam dari Goldman Sachs. GS dianggap sebagai seorang penjenayah ekonomi dan ketua pengganas Yahudi yang membiayai pembunuhan rakyat Palestin oleh beberapa cerdikpandai dari Amerika Syarikat. Kadar bunga yang dikenakan tersangat tinggi dan tidak berupaya dibayar dengan sebarang keuntungan.

Jikalau Kerajaan Malaysia membiayai 1MDB, memberi lagi wang berbillion ringgit dan membayar hutang-hutang pinjaman yang tak akan langsai, dari manakah wang ini akan diambil ? Anda jawablah soalan ini.

Tapi ianya jauh lebih dalam dari itu. Ia amatlah menakutkan. ... amat, amat menakutkan...



A Good Cop is a true Hollywood movie depicting evil in the military and police force, importing drugs from the Golden Triangle and distributing them to many parts of the United States. This movie tells us more than about drugs but about the administration of the government agencies which have been shown by several Hollywood films. As we watch it we are also seeing the same happenings in our country. I am not going to list them one by one. The learned group would understand the whole Malaysian setup from the Peninsular Malaya to the huge island of Borneo jungles.

During the era of Mahathir I read remarks by citizens that they thank God Malaysia was not run by gangsters. I could not figure out for the outburst by such a statement. At public places citizens passed bad remarks as well, portraying the police as the force of evil.

As there are bad police there are also the good ones. The lower rank good cops will stay as a cop until his

06/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

retirement, no promotion to the top post.

Please, try to get the movie, watch it. I am sure you may be seeing somebody like our great DPP Shafiee. I believe the good Malaysian cops do carry out investigations of serious matters on their own. They have the proofs and the files but someone in the line halted them.

Now they have the outlets. But the man whom they lodge the report has no power to act or to order the arrest. What happens today, reports had been made to Mahathir but the former PM has no power to act. In fact some blame the ex-PM as the source of nation decay.

Who should watch The Good Cop ? Every Malaysian. Though it does not depict every aspect of society and the declining of the moral value, it is a good real story that one could set to ponder.


A combination of a debt and a profit living together is a fallacy and does not hold divine connotation. As long as the debt is unsettled there can never be a profit. When anyone is addressing 1MDB he must addressed both. How much is the total debt and how much is the total profit from 2008 to 2015. All ministers must always stay awake and understand what an illusion is. The illusionists made things look real. They must realized that they could be charmed and deceived.

When someone with a big debt comes to you and show you a paper saying he makes a big profit, and further more ask for more fund does it make sense ?


Cabinet ministers should not go home and forget everything. It involved 42 billion dollars with the running interest. The Rakyat is paying for the whole life until those ministers die. If they be believers and Muslims, they will see their sins in the life thereafter. There will no peace just minutes after their funerals.

Everyone must choose between the welfare of a nation and a welfare of an individual. Imagine the sin made to the millions of people and generations after, just by protecting a single man who you love so much.

Like a wealthy man who owed people and never want to pay his debt, there is no morality and conscience.

So far Najib's shaman gets away with many things; the scorpene case, the unfulfilled election promises, the Altantuya's ghost and even the globe trotting jet. This time it looks like there is another success. Ministers must go back to school and learn what is CAYMAN and it's history.

Once I was almost called cheated on a matter of an Indonesian maid which I paid RM5K to an agent in Indonesia. I didn't know that our government has banned maid from that country. I was asked to send back. "Try to ask back the money paid to the agent. If you get half of it , at least something...." Now would I say the same thing back to Najib ? Close the 1MDB and try to get back the money from those crooks ? Compare losing RM5k to 42 billion plus. How much is MH17 and MH370 combined ?

If we have to lose some money then we have to but not in the amount of even a billion. JL and the Caymen team are laughing at the Malay stupidity. The whole world is winking at Najib. The  cunning British had known it all along even before they gave us our independence.

 05/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I used to repair my own rig when it went kaput. Like FT101 I somewhat know the layout and the components for the PA and the Pre-Amplifier. Components are huge and the box is big, ample for the hands to reach the parts, to solder and unsolder. Faults mainly lied with the pre-amp leakage capacitor. Unsolder it, checked for leakage, replaced it and everything would return to normal. But not with the modern rigs which are much smaller with double sided boards and components are hardly recognizable. They look the same. With the shaky hands and the fading eye-sight, I would not be able to do the soldering work again.

But not Rusli, 9M2RB who is about 66. His modern Yaesu went kaput. He opened it up changed a couple of capacitors, touched here and touched there. After about a week or so he was able to contact me again, without any change in audio quality and signal strength. It is not that I do not do any repair at all. It the point of urgency I would take my hardware to a phone repair shop or an electronic shop, purchased or gave them the components and instructed them where to solder them. They didn't even know what they were working on.

Today, if I were to buy any new rig, I will ry to avoid Icom. I will go for Yaesu. The support life for Icom is shorter and more often than not the rigs are out of production. I have heard of great stories about Yaesu's support.

So with Rusli's revival rig, I will be spending a little more time on the ham band. Without noise I will be on 7.043, my traditional frequency. If it is used or having a strong splatter from 7.045 we would move somewhere above 7.100. The other day I heard Kamal and Chew on 7.150 and joined them for a short moment. Kamal said it would be fun to have the old folks coming together again.

We have to remind ourselves sometime. Now is the 21st century 2015. The peak of Malaysian ham radio was in 1970's-1980's. Old hams died or migrated, new hams came in. Changes were inevitable. It is nothing to lament about. We don't need to have 100 people to work with. We have been working stations to our satisfaction and happiness before. One or two persons for throwing a 'HELLO' is good enough. N6TT and JA1NUT would chat to each other for hours on end on CW each day. That would be more than enough.

I have to buy another ham stuff before I die. It is a MFJ heavy paddle electronic key, costing about RM350. I have the other two belonging to ham friends, falling down and the paddles need adjustment. I don't feel comfortable with them. Nothing is like my own. The key is the spirit of Ham Radio. It is a soul of a ham radio shack.

I hope Rusli's newly repaired rig will last for a long time.

05/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Do I have to say more what will happen if the Prime Minister asked or ordered his employee to audit his own property ? I am sorry. I don't mean to be harsh or insult anyone but I feel it is another greatest deception on the part of Najib on the entire country, including his own Ministers. Surely it will be perceived that way. If the public is to give more honest information they should be known why the few previous auditors could not verify the 1MDB accounts. Then let them compare with the final auditor which approved it.

Najib should invite the citizens to decide and choose the editors. If the rakyat failed to do so, they cannot put the blame on Najib anymore.

I am not a businessman, neither knowlegeable enough to talk about money. If you come to tell me the sale you have made last week, lat year or for the last 10 years, I am not very interested at all. I also want to know how much you owe people at the end of the day. Everyone wants to know the status of the debt, not the profit. Is the 42 billion getting smaller or bigger or remain the same. If all the investments made brought profit and the interest paid, then we expect the debt to be reduced.

Writing papers and numbers to give to the Ministers to read them was quickly done, much faster than I have expected. That's why in my previous articles I said the cabinet Ministers must prepare well and bombarded questions with the show of proofs.

Judges had been told before that their salaries were paid by the government. It tells us everything.

UMNO must not be satisfied with the auditor general, not because UMNO means to be rude, but because the auditor general is the employee of Najib. We can expect the findings even way back before the investigation.

04/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


SPM 2014's result has just been announced. It would have been the last public school examination. Bright students scores, celebrate and waiting for the next steps. And as usual I hear comments coming from the educated people of higher echelon, the university lecturers and other educationists. The topics are the same and to me it is very stale.

People whom I know passing remarks such as 'they scored but they can't think well. They do not have thinking skill and when they join colleges and universities they can't perform. They studied for the exam only'. These are university teachers whose kids did not perform well in education.

Never underestimate our high achievers. At foreign universities they are the respected lots by the foreign students. They scored well with magnificent CGPA.

I would not just assess our education system just merely basing on the international university ranking. Most of our university administrators belong to the ruling political group. Their thoughts are tunneled instead of opened exposure. I would also look at the performance of our SPM students admitted in good foreign colleges and universities like Havard, MIT, Cornell and other technical colleges and universities.

We have made changes to our appraisal system as talks went on about the examination oriented system that do not produce the manpower with thinking skill. I have always been thinking that what influence those people were the rule of sentiments over facts in themselves, the feeling of jealousy to see so many bright young boys and girls.

I have never been a bright boy. Scoring B has been a great achievement for me. I don't have academic nor other skills, but I learned how to struggle. Seeing others who can achieve the peak in their efforts I felt the excitement and the ecstatic as much as the students and their parents. At least 95% of them will turn out to be the thinking people of Malaysia and will be in admirable profession. May be 5% will be those the current educationists are talking about.

04/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Just because the wife is a lawyer and close to Rosmah, they think they can get away with their lies. In the last challenged Salleh's lawyer drilled the young Izzah, trying to prove that the purchased of the condos had nothing to do with NFC money. They have enough money to invest in the condos by themselves. Prior to this the siblings arrogantly said that the NFC money belongs to them and they can do whatever they like with the money. They used their influence to punish and sack the bank whistle blower who leaked their activities.

But the NFC itself was charge under corruption. Salleh fought hard to remove the charge. We all remember what the court decision was. Salleh had to answer the NFC checks used to pay for the condos. This is not a hearsay. It is a fact with the document. It is clear the NFC money was used. Salleh's lawyer cannot say 'It cannot be taken as evidence' because it was a fact of reality.

At all time the wife is seen around Rosmah, a globe trotting housewife by jet, whose son is so wealthy enough to buy property in New York and could finance a Hollywood movie. All stand behind the Captain Malaysia hero, the great lawyer from Penang, expert in setting and destroying evidences with the arsenals of law, to put a fatal blow to anybody.

NFC is only RM250 millions. 1MDB is 42 billion at a running astronomical interest rate. The public is anxious to know who would  use the Thor god Hammer combines with Captain Malaya as one, to shout 'I am the savior'. The RM250 and the 42 billions have to team up.

It is true that we don't have to give Malaysia to Goldman Sachs. We have the GST.

Not every man and woman in UMNO will stand to condone the sins. Their families and their generations will have to suffer and their fate is unknown. The poor economic effect, the shrinking ringgit, the bad policy are making life harder. The Malays themselves will suffer more because they can't afford to cope with the worst economy.

These people must stand up and fight and do not being deceived by great rhetoric. There are ways to clean our country with dirt and filth. They have to act quick and fast.

UMNO's image has been tarnished by NFC and 1MDB. We cannot make a hero out of great devils.

03/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I still remember my conversation with an American woman, a young grandmother, who said to me, "Today our generations are becoming more handsome, more beautiful and much taller...." Going across the world, from wild Africa and Papua to Gobi Desert, the Middle East and Greenland we would find the world is full of handsome and beautiful people.

Natural beauty suffice without artificial make up. When I was younger I love to look at women, to appreciate their beauty, discounting their body sizes.

Every time I look at a woman I would ask myself "Is her heart the same as her look ? "

Age is catching up. The beauty changes in it's tone but it still remains beautiful.

Unfortunately today our Malaysian women are fearing much of getting old. It provides for a new business opportunity. There were all sort of supplements and magical intake that would halt cripple and ageing. The advertisement is carried by public radio and TV. Millions were spent on these products, which I trust as a fake.

My maid is beautiful in her natural look. Soon after her Indonesian friends convinced her to buy a kind of cream. It turned her cheek red and look more beautiful. But I saw rashes attacked her skin.  I said nothing and commented nothing. You need to tell your wives that she is beautiful enough even without a make up.

Body size does not matter. Tell her, "I like fat woman." I found my fatty former clerk sexy and attractive. I told her,"You do not need to reduce your body size. You look more watery." If they insist on being thinner, tell them to eat carrot once a day. Go out for a walk from 3 pm to without any bullet proof vest, less shopping, less eating, talk to God everyday. 2 years later assess the result.

03/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We have 5 Prime Ministers before this and many of us have been under all the five, and nobody made any fuss about the spouses. The latest I read is about Rosmah's face on a picture of a pig's body. I had no opportunity of looking at the image as I have closed my Facebook account. I tried to look at it somewhere on the websites but failed.

I know that she was addressed as Hyppo and Piggy before these pictures. I expect people's anger against her would vanish in no time if she is put away for a few months. By putting away means she should not be shown on the TV, magazines and newspapers. And she would stop takling about anything at all.

Try to say 'fuck' to a well known madman. What will the public say about you. If the mad man shouted back 'fuck you' to you, what will the public say about you ?

Rosmah is a public figure, a Prime Minister's wife. She should know if she challenges the citizens she could expect a hundred one things to happen. Commanding a pilot to fly her around the world on the government's jet already causing hysterical jolts on some citizens. Banning on Zunar's book and his arrest, and her latest statement on her hair care, drove some people to insanity.

It is true Rosmah has all the power behind her. And she is brave enough to face millions who hated her. At whatever cause she is recognized by the world, received a few awards. And that nobody can undo her as a PM's wife. The police can keep on arresting those who are anti-Rosmah's behavior. Will it stop them from swearing at her ?

The people who loath Rosmah may not be only the Chinese. The Malays too can equate her with much detestable animals.

Every person has an honor. As a human must have one. Harakiri and Kamikaze is to preserve one's honor. Mahathir could continue to rule for the rest of his life but he resigned to preserve his honor.

The moment a few million people put their feet on your face shown on a TV, your honor are gone, whether you know it or not. And people are quoting your statement over and over again. People can be very evil and demonic. The more you challenge them the agressive they will be.

I don't know what is going to happen next.

I never think it is wise to play fire with fire. The government has all the power but it won't stop the seeds of hatred from growing. She must go back to religious class and the clerics should talk about religion without fear or favor. Then she would stop asking "What do I do wrong ? "

All she might know that one day the jerks of 1MDB will create convincing tales of her inviolvement with the 42 billion dollar debt. As Shafiee proved Anwar is wrong, those guys could have produced documents of her direct involvement.

Surprising things and events can happen. Amazing things too can happen. Zunar said that the more Rosmah talks, the more inspirations he gets.

Too much damage has been done. PM should tell Rosmah to follow the footsteps of his lovely mother and the wives of all Prime Ministers. For a year of unseen and unheard Rosmah the image of Najib will shoot to unbelievable high.

03/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


"Who will die first, you or me ?" I always asked my wife My wife has been on her dialysis for more than 2 years. And I have almost the diseases which she has but short of one. I realize one thing, that no sick people wants to die at whatever degree of suffering. And it never came across my life to let her suffer as long as she can breath. For a long time I nursed her on my own. She is not capable of standing or walking.

People are people, superficial human specie, who would not care what happen to the others. My front door neighbor did not come to our help when my wife fell fell with her face down from the tumbled wheelchair. I could not raise her owing to her body weigh and size. She lied there for more than one hour before her brothers came to her help. This particular neighbors seem to know who came in and out of my house and when.

People would visit you for some good reason mainly for their benefit.

One other bitter experience is with the Federal Immigration Office which sent me home and called me again to Putrajaya like from Chow Kitt to Jalan T. Abdul Rahman. Huge sums had to be spent for the running, not only from the two cities but also from floor to floor, up and down, repeatedly just like an animal. All just to get a maid to help looking after my wife. Now I know why UMNO says that the Malays owe their lives to the party.

Things never end there. Dialysis persons are not special people to get any special treatment before they die. If you are not a government servant the fee is RM250 - RM300 a day. The Chinese have to pay through their nose for the rest of their lives. A few with meager income said nothing because of the filial factor, kids each contribute for their mothers. My wife is paid by JPA.

During the process of dialysis the patients need a medicine call VENOFER, one a month. Once a year I claimed from the JPA once the doctor signed a kind of a document. But it was just once. The second time the nurse asked me to go to government hospital for approval. The doctor said, "How could we sign when we do not administer it." Najib said one thing. Private clinic said something else and the hospital said different thing. Many patients said nothing and paid by themselves.

Finally the nurse said there is a new system now to get the VENOFER. We need to contact a company called ORATIS which has some form of medical agreement to supply the medication. ORATIS need a letter from government hospital. My doctor refused to sign. I managed to persuade her. The rest were unlucky and have to pay for it.

For the first few months ORATIS contacted me and informed me of their sending the medicine. Today a nurse asked me "Uncle, how about the Venefor ? It has not been administered for a long time."

At home I rang the company 03 5524 2126. "The number is not in service," came the answer. I dialed 603-5524-2126. "The number you have dialed is incomplete". I dialed MAXIS. "The number is engage. Please dial again later."

I finally dialed 1-800-88-6627 and the phone was answered. I gave the detailed as asked. "Please wait for the call from Irni. She will ring you up." I waited. Till hours later there is still no answer.

While many are sufferings before their death, the rest are waiting for their turn. But like me there are many others who do not trust every person they come into contact with. Good men do not come by colors, creeds nor race.

Concern people are still around.

Life just before death is not all the time rosy and full of joy. I don't know what others may be coming through her way. As long as I live I can cushion all the hardships and sufferings. "If I die first before you, only God helps." I told her.


02/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malay Renaissance ? Renaissance is too a big word for a race with a small and narrow mind and a mind of self destruction.  Renaissance pictures a society of a big, smart and intelligent minds. If UMNO is to represent the Malays, who do you see among them are representing men of Renaissance ?

All we have for the renaissance are the flip-flop and the spinning of 42 billion dollar debt laden 1MDB which is being accused of being manipulated by Mr Najib's friend and relative by foreign papers, the series of arrests charged under sedition, the roadshow to upheld the miscarriage of justice, the continuing opening of boxes of packets of lies, and proud with an opened corruptions.

Najib is very well known for not keeping promises. And he will say one thing to the Malays to draw support against being replaced, and will say something else to the Chinese to elicit their votes. And the latest he said 'The Malays will be soon respected.....'

So far what UMNO has done had brought disgrace to Islam and the Malays. Lying is non-Islamic and if Berita Harian or Utusan Malaysia carry the lies then the Malays are seen as liars. How could then, the Malays would be respected ?

Malaysians believed in Najib. That's why they cast their votes on BN government. And each day they sufferings. They are happy for paying more for everything. The Malays don't care about owning a half-million ringgit home. They are happy to use the BRIM to pay for some smart phone. They don't bother about the morality if their kids outside heir homes, who became Mat and Mnah Rempit, peddling and consuming drugs and doing the beg snatching.

A Malay Unity march is irrelevant to the progressive of the Malays but merely to give a boost to UMNO and Najib's 42 billion dollar debt 1MDB.

Najib will be respected for sure if he sues the New York Times for carrying article on 1MDB and the possible relationship to his step son, Reza AZIZ. He threatened to sue Harakah. Though the court may decide in favor of Najib, we still want Najib to proceed. Don't ever try to stop foreign witnessed to testify.

Let us wait and see what sort of the Malay renaissance will be on the display.

02/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



By now Dr Mahathir has already known what 1MDB really is. And Najib too knows what is really happening. I was trying to count the number of bodyguards that is surrounding the Prime Minister, to protect his safety from his own conscience. The blessing Najib gets is from the stupidity of the UMNO members who have no insight at all what is going on with the 1MDB. A few already used the word SCAM and CON. Mahathir knows much more.

At least we are enlightened with the coming forth of GST. To sustain the unending payment of the debt. We are paying the 1MDB debt our whole life, perpetually until the end of the world, unless some drastic changes are quickly made.

1MDB is the mother of all the sins happen in this country. It gives the impression that our Prime Minister has been conned by a group of well known businessmen. The world Cayman is very familiar among the kampong folks even a long time ago. It paraded a stark stupidity of the Malays in the country.

UMNO has to be honest and very sincere. It has to take a choice whether to save the country or a man.

Though we are leaving in the scientific world and in the age of reason, some wealthy and successful men still believe in mystery of Feng Sui. I feel the country carries a burden of bad luck. I can't predict what will become of this person who is a real devil in human form. Imelda is still living though her bad luck brought Marcos down. Tak Sin's family is still in bad shape though he had divorced his wife.

Mahathir is a man of science. He won't believe someone carries bad luck in the hair.

I talked about these before. I asked 'What's Next ?'. MH17 and MH370 were sad tragedies but they won't burden the Malaysians for the whole life. 1MDB pinched everyone until the end of the world. The GST pays for the mounting debt. This is the greatest legacy of Najib Tun Razak, whether he runs 1MDB everyday or not. When Mahathir uttered 'somebody is going to jail' Najib and his wife went to see the former Prime Minister and awarded Dr Asmah with Seri Kandi title.

Putrajaya, the whole city, should wake up and see through it. The UMNO bloggers must not sell their own people just by the money they received. We are being conned and our money is being heisted. The transactions made by criminals with the government of Malaysia is never valid. The police must hunt the whole team of thieves the fastest.

01/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



From TheMalaysianInsider

Jho Low allegedly siphoned off US$700 million from 1MDB, says website

Businessman Jho Low orchestrated the 2009 joint venture between 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and PetroSaudi International to allegedly siphon off US$700 million from the strategic development fund, whistleblower website Sarawak Report has claimed.

The UK-based website revealed that the 1MDB PetroSaudi joint venture company's US$700 million loan repayment to PetroSaudi in 2009 was a front and the funds channelled to a firm allegedly owned by Low, called Good Star Limited.

The US$700 million loan repayment provision was part of the joint venture contract between Petro Saudi International and 1MDB, Sarawak Report said, citing documents it had obtained. It also published those documents with its report.

“What that evidence goes on to show is that critical manoeuvres for transferring the USD$700 million ‘loan’ cum ‘premium’ into the control of Jho Low took place straight after the signing of the agreement (between PetroSaudi and 1MDB) on September 29 – that and Jho Low was involved and copied in on every step,” Sarawak Report said.

According to copies of the PetroSaudi loan agreement obtained by Sarawak Report, the US$700 million had been loaned from PetroSaudi Caymans Holdings to the 1MDB PetroSaudi joint venture company on September 25, 2009.

“However, there is no evidence to suggest that this ‘loan’ was anything apart from an entirely contrived transaction between two arms of PetroSaudi, a company with very little working capital.

“Three days later, 1MDB was committed to pay it back in hard currency,” it said.

On September 29, 2009, PetroSaudi CEO Tarek Obaid issued a letter of demand to 1MDB PetroSaudi Limited for US$700 million be credited to account number 11116073, at RBS Coutts Bank Ltd in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sarawak Report claimed that the account was registered under a company called Good Star Limited, which was controlled by Low.

“This means that the money, which was stated as having been paid back to PetroSaudi as part of the joint venture agreement, was in fact signed over by Tarek Obaid to an entirely separate third party, Good Star Limited.”

It added that the US$700 million was repaid by 1MDB alone, as PetroSaudi had brought in “zero cash” into the joint venture and had only committed the valuation of its assets.

Good Star then paid Tarek Obraid a “broker fee of US$85 million” on the same day the letter of demand was written, it said.

Sarawak Report claimed that the entire 1MDB-PetroSaudi joint venture deal had been initiated by Low and his team on September 8, 2009 – less than a month before the deal was signed.

Those involved in the initial meeting were Low, UK businessman Patrick Mahony, and Low’s colleagues Seet Li Lin and lawyer Tiffany Heah.

Mahoney worked for an investment group called Ashmore, which was funding PetroSaudi’s omain operation, while Seet is the chief investment Officer of Good Star Limited, and the vice-president of Low's company Jynwel Capital, said Sarawak Report.

The website said it managed to contact Seet to ask about his role at Good Star, but he denied knowing anything and then "turned off his phone".

In an email transaction between Low and Mahony, the latter said he understood Low wanted “to use PetroSaudi International as a front for certain deals” and that “we would be happy to do that”.

Sarawak Report said 1MDB’s CEO, Shahrol Halmi, and his Malaysian colleagues were only involved in the proceedings in September 15, on the initiative of Low, who organised the conference call between the parties.

The website also furnished an email, purportedly written by Shahrol, which it said showed that 1MDB was still in the dark about the actual business of PetroSaudi International, as Shahrol had yet to receive the company's profile days before signing the joint venture.

On February 21, 2015, 1MDB claimed that its joint venture with PetroSaudi had earned it a profit of US$488 million.

In a statement on the company’s website, 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy also claimed that the money it had invested in the venture had been converted into Murabaha notes when the plan did not go through.

“In 2009, 1MDB entered into a joint venture with PetroSaudi, which was set up to undertake investments in certain projects.

“Both parties eventually decided not to proceed with the joint venture and our investment was converted into Murabaha notes.

“These Murabaha notes were paid back in full, with 1MDB earning a profit of US$488 million, in 2013,” Arul said in the statement. – March 1, 2015.

01/03/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

PM Najib's anger on Harakah arose an interest for me to search for some more information about 1MDB and his step son. Here is what I found. I think Najib should sue the NYT as well.

Jho Low, Well Connected in Malaysia,
Has an Appetite for New York

Jho Low, left, a Malaysian investor, with Paris Hilton at a nightclub in St.-Tropez, France, in 2010. Credit WENN

In early 2010, a young Malaysian financier named Jho Low began making some very expensive real estate deals in the United States.

First, a shell company connected to Mr. Low, famous back home for partying with the likes of Paris Hilton, purchased a $23.98 million apartment in the Park Laurel condominiums in Manhattan. Three years later, that shell company sold the condo to another shell company, this one controlled by someone even more prominent in Malaysia: the film-producing stepson of the prime minister.

A similar transaction was playing out on the other side of the country. Mr. Low bought a contemporary mansion in Beverly Hills for $17.5 million, then turned around and sold it, once again to the prime minister’s stepson. (Read a summary of this article in Malay.)

Mr. Low also went shopping at the Time Warner Center condominiums overlooking Central Park. He toured a 76th-floor penthouse, once home to the celebrity couple Jay Z and Beyoncé, then in early 2011 used yet another shell company to buy it for $30.55 million, one of the highest prices ever in the building.

At the time, Mr. Low said he represented a group of investors, according to two people with direct knowledge of the transaction. Mr. Low recently told The New York Times that he had not purchased the penthouse for investors, and that it was owned by his family’s trust.

One thing is clear: As with nearly two-thirds of the apartments at the Time Warner Center, a dark-glass symbol of New York’s luxury condominium boom, the people behind Penthouse 76B cannot be found in any public real estate records. The trail ends with Jho Low.

Mr. Low, 33, is a skillful, and more than occasionally flamboyant, iteration of the sort of operative essential to the economy of the global superrich. Just as many of the wealthy use shell companies to keep the movement of money opaque, they also use people like Mr. Low. Whether shopping for new business opportunities or real estate, he has often done so on behalf of investors or, as he likes to say, friends. Whether the money belongs to others or is his own, the lines are frequently blurry, the identity of the buyer elusive.

Mr. Low’s lavish spending has raised eyebrows and questions from Kuala Lumpur to New York, where he has made a boldface name for himself as a “whale” at clubs like the Pink Elephant and 1Oak. The New York Post once called him “the mystery man of city club scene,” adding, “Speculation is brewing over where Low is getting his money from.”

One answer resides at least indirectly in his relationship, going back to his school days in London, with the family of Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak. Mr. Low has played an important role in bringing Middle Eastern money into numerous deals involving the Malaysian government, and he helped set up, and has continued to advise, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund that the prime minister oversees.

Now, that relationship has become part of an uproar gathering around Mr. Najib and threatening his already shaky hold on power. In Parliament, in political cartoons and in social media, Mr. Najib’s critics tend to argue that he is too close to Mr. Low.

Much of the concern, even in Mr. Najib’s own long-ruling party, involves questions about the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. More broadly, though, the prime minister’s trappings of wealth and the widely broadcast tales of his wife’s outsize spending — the diamond jewelry, the collection of extravagantly costly Hermès Birkin bags — have become a focus of Malaysians’ rising unease with their government’s institutionalized culture of patronage and graft.

“We are very concerned,” Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, a member of Malaysian royalty and an independent-minded elder statesman of Mr. Najib’s party, said in an interview in Kuala Lumpur last summer. “We want people of integrity to be up there.”

Increasingly, the glare turns to Mr. Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, and so to Mr. Aziz’s friendship with Mr. Low. With Mr. Low’s help, Mr. Aziz runs a Hollywood company that produced the films “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Dumb and Dumber To.” He has spent tens of millions more on the homes in Manhattan and Beverly Hills, transactions that involved Mr. Low, The Times found.

“That’s a lot of money,” Sivarasa Rasiah, an opposition lawmaker, said of Mr. Aziz’s spending. He added, “Every U.S. report on him talks about family wealth. Family who?”

While Mr. Aziz has previously said he is personally wealthy, he declined to explain how he had acquired his money. Mr. Najib’s office, in a statement, said, “The prime minister does not track how much Mr. Aziz earns or how such earnings are reinvested.” As for the prime minister himself, the statement said he had “received inheritance.”

In a statement provided by a spokesman, Mr. Low, whose full name is Low Taek Jho, said he “is a friend of Mr. Riza Aziz and his family.” His real estate transactions with Mr. Aziz were made “on an arm’s-length basis,” he said, adding that he had never purchased real estate in the United States for the prime minister’s family or “engaged in any wrongful conduct regarding any financial matters for the prime minister and his family.”

At the Time Warner Center, The Times found, the 76th-floor penthouse, purchased through a shell company called 80 Columbus Circle (NYC) L.L.C., is one of at least a dozen that can be traced to people with close ties to current or former high-ranking foreign officials, or to the officials themselves.

According to one member of the condominium board there, while the board understood that the penthouse had been bought for investors, it did not ascertain their identities. At the Park Laurel, where Mr. Najib’s stepson owns, the board did not respond to questions about whether it had examined the financing of the purchase.

In fact, in-depth scrutiny of real estate deals is not required. International anticorruption organizations have criticized this lack of inquiry — not just by real estate brokers and condo boards, but by banks, lawyers and the federal government.

“People should ask the questions, ‘Why is it that this individual is bringing in millions of dollars into America, and how was it acquired?’” said Charmian Gooch, co-founder of Global Witness, a nongovernmental organization that works against corruption around the world.

The Making of a Financier

To mention Mr. Low in Malaysia is to conjure the image of a baby-faced young man in rimless glasses and a loose black V-neck, holding a magnum of Cristal and surrounded by celebrities. But if he is sometimes derided as a tabloid party boy who once flew a group of bottle girls from New York to Malaysia, the reality is that the clubbing life, for Mr. Low, was actually a way to build a booming business managing money for his friends.

“I think a relationship with an investor is not just about managing their money well,” he said in an extensive interview with The Star, a Malaysian newspaper, in 2010. “Although it is not in my job scope, but if my friend says he wants a flight urgently to somewhere or he wants a dinner reservation at a well-known place, I’ll do my best to make it happen.” He also said, “I am usually the concierge service that arranges everything, and thus my name is all over the place.”

Around George Town, on Penang Island, where Jho grew up, the Lows were seen as a family of somewhat deflated affluence, according to several businessmen who have known them for years. The father, Larry, was an executive for an investment holding company called MWE Holdings, but he split with his partner in the mid-1990s and faded from the local business scene. Still only a teenager, Jho, the youngest of three children, emerged as the family’s best hope for the future.

There was money for education abroad, and in London, while attending the ancient and elite Harrow school, Mr. Low became friends with Mr. Najib’s stepson, Mr. Aziz, who was studying at the London School of Economics. He also grew close to Mr. Aziz’s mother, Rosmah Mansor, who stayed for months at a time in an apartment she kept there.

In college, at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Low kept up his ties back home by running a Malaysian student group. But he also came to know the children of prominent Jordanian and Kuwaiti families. Even before graduating, he was managing money for what he later described as “my family and close Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian friends.”

After college, many of his early business deals were based in Malaysia — helping a Kuwaiti bank purchase a high-rise complex called the Oval, and bringing Middle Eastern money into the country to finance a commercial zone in the south and a new financial district in the capital. By 2007, he had formed an investment group that included a Malaysian prince, a Kuwaiti sheikh and a friend from the United Arab Emirates who went on to become ambassador to the United States and Mexico.

Two years later, he was pitching his idea for a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. His plan was to invest public money for the public good through a fund tied to one of the country’s oil-producing states, and so he began wooing the sultan of Terengganu, who was also Malaysia’s king under the nation’s rotating monarchy.

It was all about making connections, making friends. Success, he told The Star, is “attributable to being at the right place and right time and meeting the right people coupled with a trusting relationship.”

In April 2009, those ingredients all came together for Mr. Low. The stepfather of his friend Mr. Aziz became prime minister of Malaysia.

A Political Legacy

Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia, center, leaving the Time Warner Center in September 2014. Mr. Najib met Mr. Low briefly there that week. Credit Michael Appleton for The New York Times

Mr. Najib, 61, has a deep pedigree in Malaysian politics. His father, Tun Razak, was the country’s second prime minister, in the 1970s. His uncle was its third. His cousin is now defense minister.

Mr. Najib has risen through the political ranks: member of Parliament at 23; chief minister of his home state; minister of education, defense and finance; and deputy prime minister.

The family is tightly intertwined with Malaysia’s leading political party, the United Malays National Organization, whose long hold on power owes much to its close relationship with the country’s business elite. That closeness, in turn, has helped engender a culture of corruption, said Zaid Ibrahim, a former minister of legal affairs and judicial reform who served alongside Mr. Najib. Inflated government contracts are the norm, widely accepted because recipients simply turn around and donate to the party, he said.

“You know why corruption is very high in Malaysia?” he said. “It’s because the party in power is synonymous with the state.”

That point was underscored in the State Department’s 2010 human rights report, which said, “Officials often engaged in corrupt practices with impunity” and noted “a broadly held perception of widespread corruption and cronyism within the governing coalition and in government institutions.”

There have been no proven corruption allegations against Mr. Najib. However, he has been dogged by questions, seized upon by his political opponents, stemming from a long-running bribery inquiry in France involving submarines he commissioned from a French company while he was defense minister.

The French national police found documents showing that the submarine company paid more than $100 million to a company controlled by one of Mr. Najib’s close associates. In addition, one police document says, without elaboration, that Mr. Najib demanded money in exchange for a 2001 meeting in Paris.

Malaysian officials said the payments to the company controlled by Mr. Najib’s associate were for “support and coordination services”; the prime minister’s office said he received no payments and did not demand any.

Mr. Najib, who earns an annual salary of about $100,000 as prime minister, has been battered by news media reports of his wife’s lavish spending. A notable episode involved the Birkin bags: A series of photos that went viral on social media in Malaysia showed Ms. Rosmah holding at least nine of the purses. They typically cost between $9,000 and $150,000 apiece.

Ariff Sabri, an aide to Mr. Najib from 2000 to 2004 who joined the opposition in 2012, said the prime minister kept “piles and piles” of ringgit bills stacked in his safe. And invoices and other documents obtained by The Times show millions of dollars in jewelry ordered for Ms. Rosmah in Hong Kong in 2008 and 2009 — diamond and emerald rings, and diamond, emerald and ruby bracelets.

The prime minister’s office said, “Neither any money spent on travel, nor any jewelry purchases, nor the alleged contents of any safes are unusual for a person of the prime minister’s position, responsibilities and legacy family assets.”

For some people who have long known Mr. Najib, the lavish lifestyle that appeared to evolve with his second marriage, to Ms. Rosmah in 1987, has been a surprising — even dismaying — turn for a modest technocrat.

Last year, Mr. Najib’s younger brother, Nazir, wrote a newspaper column that tacitly jabbed at the current prime minister by praising the frugality of their father, a career government official who died in office at age 53.

When he and his brothers had asked for a swimming pool at the prime minister’s residence, Mr. Nazir wrote, “My father made it abundantly clear that while Seri Taman may be our home, the house belonged to the government and, hence, to the people. Anything spent on it would have to come from public funds, and there was no way he was going to allow the state coffers to be depleted on something as frivolous as a swimming pool. ‘What will the people think?’ he thundered.”

The Fund

Mr. Low’s business romance with Malaysia’s king, it turned out, was short lived. But the new prime minister, Mr. Najib, was happy to have a way to benefit the nation writ large, and the sovereign wealth fund soon morphed into a new one, called 1Malaysia Development Berhad.


Mr. Low’s business romance with Malaysia’s king, it turned out, was short lived. But the new prime minister, Mr. Najib, was happy to have a way to benefit the nation writ large, and the sovereign wealth fund soon morphed into a new one, called 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Mr. Najib became chairman of the board of advisers of 1MDB, which calls itself a “strategic development company.” A close Penang friend of Mr. Low’s father became a director, and two of Mr. Low’s friends joined the staff. Mr. Low himself was not given an official role, but he is regularly consulted on its actions, according to three people who have had regular dealings with 1MDB but requested anonymity to preserve relationships.

In his statement to The Times, Mr. Low played down his role in 1MDB, saying that “from time to time and without receiving compensation,” he has given his views on various matters.

While Mr. Low has no official position with the fund, in 2012 it emerged in British court documents that he had presented a letter of support from 1MDB in his investors’ unsuccessful bid for the hotel group that includes Claridge’s. He also said the financing would be fully underwritten by Malaysian government investment funds, according to the documents.

Mr. Low and 1MDB also had dealings with an oil-drilling company called PetroSaudi International that had been founded by a Saudi businessman and a Saudi prince.

Soon after its creation, 1MDB invested $1 billion in a joint venture with PetroSaudi. A few months later, a PetroSaudi subsidiary purchased a Malaysian holding company, UBG, in which Mr. Low and his investors held a substantial stake, according to public records. News media reports did not say so, but corporate records reviewed by The Times show that a director of the PetroSaudi subsidiary was a close friend of Mr. Low named Geh Choh Hun.

PetroSaudi has told the Malaysian press that the deals were unrelated. And both men said Mr. Geh was not representing Mr. Low’s interest in the deal.

By 2011, 1MDB pulled out of the PetroSaudi joint venture. The proceeds, however, were not immediately returned to Malaysia. Instead, they ended up in a Cayman Islands company and managed by an investment firm that 1MDB only recently identified. The money was recently returned to 1MDB, the fund has said.

The Caymans maneuver has stirred an outcry even within Mr. Najib’s own party. “I don’t understand why the government carries on with 1MDB,” Daim Zainuddin, a former finance minister, said in an interview. “To me, it’s quite frightening because you don’t know what they’re doing,” he said, adding, “Why must government money be parked?”

There have been other criticisms as well — that the fund has taken on large amounts of debt and that some of its investments have benefited large donors to Mr. Najib’s party.

The prime minister’s office said that 1MDB was run by professional managers, and that many blue-chip companies do business with funds registered in the Caymans. The criticisms, it added, “need to be examined for political motivation.”

A year ago, the accounting firm KPMG refused to sign off on 1MDB’s financials, according to Nur Jazlan Mohamed, chairman of Parliament’s audit committee. KPMG declined to comment for this article. The fund, which described the parting as amicable, found a new auditor: Deloitte.

Mr. Nur Jazlan, a member of Mr. Najib’s party, said the Deloitte blessing gave him comfort. “They wouldn’t sanction the accounts if there was a problem,” he said. Still, he acknowledged that “conditions are fertile” for fraud, given the scant oversight of 1MDB.

“Yes, they make money, but should they make more money?” Mr. Nur Jazlan said. Yet as long as 1MDB shows a profit, he added, it is unlikely that there will be any serious inquiry into whether money went missing. “Money makes money,” he said. “You can basically hide a lot of things in there as well. Then, the party doing scrutiny of management is the board, which is appointed by who? And chaired by who? The prime minister.”

Luxury Home Purchases

A shell company connected to Mr. Low purchased an apartment in the Park Laurel in Manhattan for $23.9 million. It later sold the unit to a shell company controlled by the stepson of Malaysia's prime minister. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times

The year before Mr. Low showed up at the Time Warner Center, the New York news media reported the $23.98 million purchase of an apartment in the Park Laurel, a few blocks away on West 63rd Street.

The purchase, the reports said, had been made by a shell company on behalf of two residents of Switzerland — Peter Edward Chadney and Simone Cécile von Graffenried Simperl. Those reports were mistaken. The Swiss “buyers” were actually Rothschild bankers. The real party behind the shell company was Mr. Low, whose spokesman acknowledged to The Times that the condo had been bought by a trust benefiting his family.

Nearly three years later, the Lows sold it to Mr. Aziz’s shell company for $33.5 million in cash — a 40 percent appreciation.

The sale involved a string of shell companies. In one spot on the property transfer, Mr. Aziz is listed as the “sole director” of Sorcem Investments, a British Virgin Islands company that was behind the shell company that bought the Park Laurel condo.

The transfer of the Beverly Hills house from Mr. Low to Mr. Aziz was even more opaque

The Beverly Hills home, shown on a real estate website, that was purchased for $17.5 million by a shell company tied to Mr. Low.

After Mr. Low’s shell company, 912 North Hillcrest Road (BH) L.L.C., paid $17.5 million for the home — 11,573 square feet, with five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, private gardens and a glowing pyramid in the reflecting pool — his trust sold ownership of that shell company to a corporate entity controlled by Mr. Aziz, both men acknowledged to The Times.

Legally, however, the property itself never changed hands. The same shell company appears as owner in the public property records of Los Angeles County. It is as if nothing ever happened.

Mr. Aziz confirmed that he owned the New York condo as well as the Beverly Hills house, which is undergoing extensive rebuilding.

Mr. Low said the transactions were done at fair market value. He sold the Beverly Hills property, he said, because he had found another nearby. That house cost $39 million.

Back in New York, the Time Warner Center was a natural destination because friends of Mr. Low already owned apartments there. There was also a prominent Malaysian — the brother of Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, a major beneficiary of government contracts and a generous backer of Mr. Najib’s political party.

With the penthouses on the top five floors of the north tower came wraparound views — the Catskills far off to the northwest, the Statue of Liberty just beyond the southern tip of Manhattan, and Central Park right next door. Mr. Low went to view Penthouse 76B with a retinue of women and told people involved in the deal that he would pay $30.55 million — all cash, as in his other real estate purchases.

One member of the condominium board and another person with direct knowledge of the deal said they believed that Mr. Low was buying for a group of investors. One of them recalled Mr. Low saying that a main investor was the family of Prime Minister Najib.

In its statement to The Times, the prime minister’s office said Mr. Najib had no financial interest or any agreement related to any Time Warner condominiums.

Mr. Low's statement said that the condo was owned by his family’s trust and that he and other family members “stay there from time to time when they are in New York.”

The professionals who helped Mr. Low buy the Time Warner condo included the same Rothschild bankers as in the Park Laurel condo transaction, as well as John Opar, a lawyer at Shearman & Sterling, who did not respond to inquiries. One of the bankers, Ms. Simperl, said she could not discuss the client, who in the same time period briefly owned a $33 million condo at the Trump International, across the street from the Time Warner Center.

Janice Chang, the broker the Douglas Elliman firm identified as representing the buyer, said, “We work with a lot of people; sometimes we know them and sometimes we don’t.” She added: “They’re very confidential. We try not to pry.”

Hello to Hollywood

From left, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland and Jho Low at a premiere of "The Wolf of Wall Street" in December 2013. Credit Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Mr. Aziz’s film company, Red Granite Pictures, was largely unheard-of when it took over the financing of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” announcing its intentions with a party at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, complete with a fireworks extravaganza and concert by Kanye West. The Hollywood Reporter called it “an audacious hello to the movie industry.”

Neither of its founders had the kind of résumé that reflected the experience, or the income, to bankroll a movie company. Mr. Aziz, now 38, had been a junior-level banker at HSBC. His partner, Joey McFarland, was a small-time investor from Kentucky whose entertainment-business apprenticeship included booking paid party appearances for celebrities like Ms. Hilton.

All of which led to a certain amount of curiosity in Hollywood about who was financing Red Granite.

Over time, the accounts seemed to change.

Interviewing a job candidate early on, Mr. Aziz said the financing came from “sovereign wealth,” according to two people with knowledge of the conversation.

When Irwin Winkler, an executive producer of “The Wolf of Wall Street” inquired, he was told that Red Granite had “a backer in Malaysia,” he recalled in an interview. He was introduced to the backer, and it was Mr. Low. “He’s the face, as far as I could see, of the financing,” Mr. Winkler said.

At the film’s December 2013 premiere party at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, several people said, Mr. Low had been introduced to them as the financier. He is thanked in the film’s credits.

The Malaysian explanations ended about a year ago, after Red Granite’s financing became the subject of persistent questions, especially from The Sarawak Report, a London-based news site that focuses on Malaysia.

Mr. Low says he has not put money into Red Granite or its films. And last summer, a new money man emerged. In an interview with The Times for an article on Red Granite, Mr. Aziz said the principal backer was Mohamed Ahmed Badawy al-Husseiny, chief executive of an Abu Dhabi government-owned company, Aabar Investments, that has done deals with Mr. Low. Mr. Aziz noted that “The Wolf of Wall Street” had received New York tax breaks. He said there were other investors, but recently declined to identify them. “There is no Malaysian money” in Red Granite’s films, he said.

Even so, both Mr. Low and Mr. Husseiny have been involved with Malaysian government funds, including 1MDB.

Mr. Husseiny’s company, Aabar, had been a partner with Mr. Low in the failed Claridge’s bid that was backed by 1MDB. Aabar has also done business with affiliates of a company called SRC International, which was spun off from 1MDB and is now owned by the Ministry of Finance.

Aabar also did a deal with a company outside Malaysia that SRC had helped create, according to two people involved with the transaction. Money from that deal was then set aside to be paid out to other corporate entities. That money was described as consulting fees for Mr. Husseiny and Mr. Low, the people involved said. Similar arrangements existed in other SRC deals, they said they were told by people at SRC.

SRC’s managing director, a friend of Mr. Low named Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, said that to the best of his knowledge, neither Mr. Low nor Mr. Husseiny had received fees from deals involving SRC or its affiliates. Mr. Low said that he had not consulted for SRC International Sdn Bhd, the Malaysia-based SRC.

In a response from his lawyer, Mr. Husseiny did not answer questions about SRC. His investment in Red Granite, he said, was “personal money.”

Discontent at Home

Just before Christmas, while visiting Hawaii, Mr. Najib played golf with one of his international allies — President Obama.

It was “golf diplomacy,” the prime minister said when he was criticized in Malaysia for golfing while the country suffered through its worst flooding in many years.

It was also the continuation of Mr. Najib’s long effort to draw his country closer to Washington. Earlier last year, Mr. Obama made an official visit to Malaysia, the first by an American president since 1966. Afterward, he and Mr. Najib said they would “elevate” relations to a “comprehensive partnership” of political and economic ties.

A White House spokesman did not respond to inquiries about the president’s relationship with Mr. Najib.

Even as Mr. Najib’s diplomatic standing has risen — Malaysia was recently elected to a two-year seat on the United Nations Security Council — his political star has been falling back home.

Mr. Najib has positioned himself as a forward-looking moderate. Yet on issues ranging from the freedom of political speech to longstanding laws that favor the Malay majority over the country's ethnic minorities, he has not made good on promised reforms that would run afoul of his more conservative opponents. One long-running case that has rankled critics at home and abroad is his government’s prosecution of a leading opposition figure, Anwar Ibrahim, on sodomy charges; a ruling on Mr. Anwar’s appeal is expected any day.

In the 2013 elections, the opposition won the popular vote for the first time in more than four decades. Mr. Najib kept his job only because the allocation of seats in Parliament was weighted to favor rural areas, where his party’s coalition was strong. Within hours of the announcement, crowds filled the streets of Kuala Lumpur in protest.

One of the toughest areas for Mr. Najib’s party was Mr. Low’s home state, Penang.

In the weeks leading up to the vote, Mr. Low helped a newly formed group, the 1Malaysia Penang Welfare Club. The club gave out free food and beer, as well as “lucky draw” tickets for bicycles and other prizes, and Mr. Low flew in musicians like Busta Rhymes and Ludacris for what was described as a nonpolitical concert.

Mr. Low, pedaling at center, transported Busta Rhymes in George Town, Malaysia, in 2013. Mr. Low invited popular musicians for a party organized by the 1Malaysia Penang Welfare Club. Credit Malay Mail Online

The club’s leader was Mr. Low’s close friend, Mr. Geh, who said the mission of the group was charity. But opposition figures in Penang said the prizes and concert were aimed at recruiting votes for Mr. Najib’s party.

“Jho wanted to show that he could call the shots in Penang,” said Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister and an opposition member.

In the end, the governing party won only a quarter of the parliamentary races in Penang, and Mr. Lim was re-elected.

Since then, Mr. Najib’s standing has grown only more precarious, as criticism has spread from the opposition to factions of his own party.

Over the summer, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who led the country for 22 years and retains considerable influence, publicly denounced Mr. Najib and called on him to reform 1MDB. And while speculation that Mr. Najib would be pushed out at the annual party congress in November proved unfounded, weeks later, an official from his party called for a police investigation of 1MDB and said he would file a complaint against the prime minister if no action was taken.

In January, 1MDB officials responded to the controversy by appointing a new president, a banker named Arul Kanda. The appointment created its own flurry of questions.

In 2008, as Mr. Low was working to bring Middle Eastern money to Malaysia, he helped a Malaysian bank, RHB Capital, raise money from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, where Mr. Arul soon became an executive. The next year, Mr. Arul joined a board of RHB.

In mid-January, the Malaysian press reported that Mr. Arul said that any insinuations about connections to “certain individuals” were unfair. “My C.V. should speak for itself,” he said.

An Evolving Image

Last September, Mr. Najib traveled to the United States for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. He and his wife usually stay at the Time Warner Center when they are in New York, and they did so this time as well — at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.


A foundation led by Mr. Low, second from right, pledged $25 million to IRIN, a news agency focusing on humanitarian issues, in 2014.

Mr. Low was in town, too — for a Social Good Summit sponsored by his foundation, featuring speakers like Melinda Gates, Ed Norton and Alicia Keys — and he and the prime minister engaged in a bit of a pas de deux at the Mandarin Oriental: Mr. Najib arrived in the hotel lobby with his entourage and went upstairs; within minutes, Mr. Low followed for what he later described as a “courtesy social call.” Less than 10 minutes later, the two men came downstairs and took separate exits from the building.

Lately, Mr. Low has been emphasizing that he is investing his family’s money and no longer managing money for investors and friends.

He has been broadening his family’s business portfolio, making high-profile deals with the Abu Dhabi government and other Middle Eastern investors. In 2012, his family joined a group that bought EMI Music Publishing for $2.2 billion, and the next year, it was a principal investor in the $660 million purchase of the Park Lane Hotel in New York.

After portraying himself for years as a friend of people with money — and saying in the 2010 interview with The Star that he came from a “fairly O.K. family” — he has started to say that he was born with it himself. Last fall, he did an interview with The Wall Street Journal, which reported that his grandfather had made a fortune in mining and liquor investments in Thailand. The Journal’s account — which said the Low family had a $1.75 billion fortune and called Mr. Low a “scion” — was immediately picked up in Malaysia.

As befits the modern scion, Mr. Low has lately begun trading in another asset class: contemporary art. His entry into the art market has generated buzz both for his youth and for the fact that he has become such a significant force so fast. Last summer, he made the ARTnews list of the world’s 200 leading private collectors.

The art market is even more opaque than real estate, so that list is based not on actual sales data but on the assessments of people in the industry who know about collectors’ holdings. According to two people familiar with Mr. Low’s activities in the art world, though, he has taken a liking to pop art.

“Inserting a Jho Low at the top of the market — who buys pictures over $20 million, $30 million, $40 million — it swings the market,” one of them said.

To the public, of course, the purchaser is anonymous. But among the purchases Mr. Low has been involved in, they said, are Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Dustheads,” for $48.8 million.

Asked if his family owned the painting, Mr. Low said he “did not purchase ‘Dustheads’ artwork on behalf of any investor.” Asked about his involvement in the art market, he replied, “The Low family is interested in fine art.”



The Merdeka Center's finding on Najib's 44% popularity is not low. It is a figure about the margin. At the border it can quickly skip to above or below 50%. What is low is 10% or less. With the problematic 1MDB, shrinking dollar and the plunging of palm oil share, Najib still remain strong. 44% of the people could accept the high cost of living and whatever lies they hear and whatever to become of our nation with the high debt of 1MDB. It also show that the people can accept Rosmah's shopping and expenditure.

You don't have to have 50% to say the economy is going through a right direction. Even 5% of expert and knowledgeable people is strong enough. Opinions can change within a few hours. Those running privatized projects will praise the Mahathir's creation of the Middlemen in power supply or other services.

BN still get the votes at the rising cost of living and the increase in rates and taxes. They never perceived any form of deceptions or lying in the speeches delivered.

Najib will gain much confidence and feel comfortable at the 44% popularity vote. Najib has ways to purge unwanted influence. Not even Mahathir could do anything.

To the opposition 44% is bad enough. The 2% majority votes of GE13 is still used to attack BN as a

non-popular government. How much effort and resources were put by BN to get the 48% votes ? With vote rigging came into play the real strength only lies in the power it has and the police backing it.

The 44% is nothing and Najib won't think about it at all. BN is more concerned of the penetration of violence into Malaya through a group called the Islamic State. The Chinese may not resort to arm uprising unless they are bitterly oppressed and physically harmed.

Najib was never perturbed by NYT attack on his possibly linked his stepson to the 1MDB Jo Lo.


29/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Logbook is a great legacy. But I lost it to the termites. I had a fuzzy memory of the first day I came on the band. I thought it was in 1975 but Choo, 9M2HC, said he traced in 1978. When Choo was in Alor Setar I already had had my ticket. I was in the United States from 1981-1982. I was very active before those years, working hundreds of stations with my dipole. It was after 1982 hamming came to almost an abrupt stopped after my coming back home. Many active hams passed away or migrated. I stopped for a number of years and became active again in 2002. This is the year I used an electronic logbook I design to suit my purpose. Old hams were still missing. Zainal, Yusoff and Mustaffa were among the new people I worked on my returning to the hobby. Choo and Eshee came on quite regularly. Soon later it came to a sudden halt again.

This morning I heard about one ham who passed away a week ago. I never knew him at all. In fact I don't know 99.99% of the new ones. It is just a news that passed, but I would be more concern of the really older ones like Bahar, Yusoff, Raden Lokman, Choo, Chin, Rajamani and Zainal. Anything happen to a few more old hams like Kamal, Rashid, Aziz and Andy, my other ham friend, 9W2TZ, would immediately passed me the news.

9M2RB, Rusli, lately had had a problem with his rig. He opened up the little and doing some experiment with it. I have always been thinking that the modern low end rig is used-thrown-out stuff, like a ten dollar watch. If the battery's life end just throw away the whole watch and buy a new one. I have always sit on 7.043 when I am in my shack, spending my time on computer, not chatting nor looking for friends, but spend much time looking for information on current affairs or watching the youtube TV. Right now my rig is set to off. And am watching youtube, a CW QSO of SQ5NWA with other stations, while typing my blog.

I am not well these few days. I suspect I caught some of coughing germ carried by 9W2TZ. And I have spread it someone else, who is now warded at a medical center. This is just one of those common things we have to endure as part of our life.

9M2ZC would come on 7.043 looking for me when he needs someone to talk to. But at time I would be at the stadium watching a soccer match or in the lobby for the same sport. I just love soccer thought I can't kick the ball well. I coached the players with my loudest voice in the stadium. Watching soccer is no more a five dollar affair. It has gone up to twenty dollars. Imagine  the feeling when paying twenty or twenty five dollars to watch your home team to be beaten badly.

Really, when I tried to listen on local repeater, I can't make out what the call signs were. My hearing is bad. I can copy DX stations better and could understand them well because of the clarity of their pronunciation and their patience in mentioning their call slowly. I focused less on the hams and listened to the other services with the scanning mode on. It is not always I would turn to VHF and UHF.

I hope news of old hams going silent key would reach me. In the meantime I just continue to take care of my daily chores.

29/02/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof