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Had it not because of my maid, I wouldn't have known Lombok. My maid was from this island. I had work very hard to obtain the work permit for she came direct to me only through her local agent. Her second medical checkup is due in October but I had to send her home because my wife passed away. It was folly of me not to take her phone number and the detail of her abode.

Somehow I had made a promise to my wife's brothers and sisters that I will take them to Lombok for a joy trip. My budget was just enough for four persons. I was taken aback when another one wants to join in. I can't afford to add another RM2K plus. I can only offer to pay half of the tour fare. I told them our purpose are to enjoy the beauty of the island. I love lost contact with my maid.

Rusli and his neighbor also shown their interest in Lombok and care to join us. Altogether there will be 10 persons, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok on the coming 28th July.

Yesterday I tried my luck and dialed the Lombok agent who sent her to me. He answered my phone but he had a hard time recollecting who I am and who my maid was. This evening he sent a message telling me my maid's number. I sent SMS to my maid telling her of our visit and asked her what does she want.

"I want a hand phone to be given to my son," she said after I dialed her number. "How many of you are coming ? " She asked. "Six," said I.

"My house is too small, Pak to accommodate all the six."

"No. We will be staying in Jayakarta Hotel."

I emailed the hotel expressing my desire to book one more room for just one day. I will do the booking through my travel agent tomorrow, after which I will go to look for a hand-set for her kid.

I began to feel God's providence day by day. Many good things seem to be showing. As a layman I can sleep better than my Prime Minister. I enjoy playing fireworks with my grand children, and I myself was having fun with sprinklers.

I have never expected to be able to get in touch with my maid anymore till the last minute, when things were so easy.

On the screen the hotel looks nice and grand. Since I only have to bring a phone, I don't have to buy any space for any luggage.

22/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I feel so sorry for Najib. I believe he won't face such an acute problem as he is now if he had not take Rosmah as his wife. There isn't any world leader who took another man's wife as a spouse and leave his own astray. Thing was not right from the beginning. He probably did not know the social life of Rosmah as much we the student of Malaya university did.

Think of the FLOM. Try to imagine how it came in existence ? We have previous PM's wives and there was no FLOM then. Of course we cannot tell what went on in their home and what they talked to each other. We only heard the story from Deepak, the carpet seller. It was better for us to see and hear from Rosmah, herself. Surely she spoke a lot in the media. We were not wrong to say she wanted to be in the limelight in the management of the country and in some she acted like a foreign minister or a Prime Minister when she talked to Vladimir Putin. And she said that she had no time for sports as she was busy with the affairs of the country.

People nearer to them talked about Queen Control. I chose to dispel it. But with so much messy stuffs now I came to conclude she must be doing something that cause things to happen as it is now. When people asked question about her son's property purchase, the reply was on Mahathir;s son's own expensive cars. We the people are not Mahathir nor are his sons. At the moment we know money has been going into Rosmah's account. Using the existing law to hide and protect criminal acts won't erase the truth.

Tun Razak was a noble man. So were his families. Would Najib be different from now if he had not married Rosmah ?

Najib prefer to face shame to resigning. Shame indeed when Thailand and Singapore would come to know of the money going into Najib's personal account. If Najib says he never used even a single cent but instead gave it to UMNO then he had to show which branch and which persons got the money. Mahathir's questions to the UMNO top echelons as to the amount they get was very pertinent and smart. All added up must be 700 millions.

The lavish lifestyle of Rosmah would have made people to guess that part of the money was plucked from 1Mdb.

The talk about Rosmah went shopping using government's jet could be true or a total lie. But people saw bits and pieces to derive at decisive assumption. Her words and countenance, her activity at Putrajaya somehow spread to the public. As there are bootlickers, there are as many souls that hate her demeanor trying to preach and taught others what to do.

World leaders would not want to bear the shame. They would resign soon after a scandal, whether it is true or not.

22/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Listen to Lim Teong Kim on soccer.




It has been raining all along since a few month ago. Call it a coincidence if you will, that the rain halted for a few days during the Idil Fitri, after which it started to rain again. I call it a blessing from God.


Prayer in Moscow on 1st Shawal

Nearing oneself to God will make you feel that you are not alone and you always want to do good, earning honest money, wanting to avoid being haughty and arrogance, fear of committing sinful acts like lying and stealing, for you know God sees you every moment of your lifetime.

There were less children coming to visit this year. I had to raise the angpow to RM2 each. There were only about 60 children only who came. As I had expected family members and friends only came to visit in the evening. Over all it is a merry and enjoyable Hari Raya.

But Najib and Rosmah remain a stigma in my mind. How could they live with money going into their accounts. They are hunting for those who leaked the information, which was very wrong and sinful indeed. And they are trying to play with religion and God to save themselves.

Viewing Muslims throughout the world welcoming the 1st Shawal elated me very much especially in non-Muslim countries like Mexico, USA, Italy, England, Albania, China and Russia.  Russia was probably one of the largest. They miles and miles of them taking the streets for the prayer. In fact if you have been with other Muslims you will realize that the Malays are not the best as they think they are. The top leaders especially bring disgrace to the religion of Islam.

There are more Chinese Muslims than the Malays.

The Muslims who are still alive today are looking forward for the next Ramadan. Insya Allah we live long enough to see another Eid prayer next year. Hopefully also Najib would repent and Rosmah vanishes from the thin air.

21/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A thief is a thief. There is no special treatment regardless of his race and creed, and his title and position. There is no different in stealing hand phones and 1Mdb money. The only different is a layman stealing RM2 from a mosque was jailed for 2 years and the big time robbers are helped to escape by command of power.

Alex Jose had angered the Malays when he said the Malays originated from the generation of pirates. We chased him out of the country and we said English Queen had been given praised to English pirates who plundered Spanish galleons in the yester years.

While all others are stealing and hid themselves our race seem to have pride to let the world knows that we too can plundered big money and snatch whatever that come our way, handbags, hand phones and money from religious collections. If we are angry by the beating of the Malay thieves at Low Yatt we are telling the others that the Malays could not be touched at whatever crimes they indulge in, including the cow-condo and the 1mdb fiasco.

Sorry, I see Low Yatt theft is almost equal to Putrajaya in principle though the magnitude of one is much more colossal. Being a Malay is not a passport to immunity and free from any kind of punishment. The Malays can do no wrong and UM NO can do no wrong are of an identical maxim.

Likewise if a Chinese is caught stealing and robbing a Malay he too should be facing similar treatment.

Malaysians are unfortunately obsess with racial sentiment. Aware of this I refrained from an immediate punishment on my Chinese student at their wrongdoings. If a Malay were to hit a Chinese there is always a question "Is he punishing with the good intent to teach and educate him or is he punished because of mere racial hatred ? " I informed the parent. The parents were usually happy and allow me even to administer corporal punishment. One student told his father in Hokien that he was punished because he was a Chinese. The father asked him,"How many Chinese in the class ? " When he answered there were five the parent shouted at him, "Why the teacher punish you but not all the others. You must be a bad boy." His father smashed him. That was one remained in my memory.

The Malays in Low Yatt was shown stealing stuffs. They must have been robbing other Malays as well. They may be doing worst thing to their parents. Their hands must be cutoff .

19/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Are you a rebel ? I am not. Most of us are not though we strongly challenge our leaders at their follies. Politicians are of the habit of insulting our intelligence. When we are told not to believe the news on social media we just asked ourselves a simple question, "If the news and accusations are lies why don't Najib sue them ? After all Najib have been suing a lot of people." Many of us are waiting for Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal to be sued by Najib. Any other actions will be deemed as efforts of spinning and twisting facts.

We know that we won't win the fight because we are not in command of the resources, mainly the judiciary and the police. We don't have the money to buy fake guys to confuse and fabricate evidence. Yet we say Najib lied to us because he has been lying all the way through his teeth, promises which were not fulfilled and lying about the cash in BSI. And conclude that he is lying to the people who are now willing to die for him.

Of course 1Mdb is a big thing for us because the flare falls on everyone of us. If Najib could not pay the huge loan for more than 5 years, how is he going to settle it within a short period ? He has to burden the people by cutting subsidies and tax them. Do you think he can settle the debt ? I don't think so. The money collected will be used for something else that benefit him and the party. The suspicion that 1Mdb was channeled for personal use was not without a base.

The strategy is to make people dispel the social media. The cyber troopers. The ministers and the ongoing road show is telling people the same thing.

There is no reason for WSJ to oust Najib and to publish news on the money that going into Najib and Rosmah's account. If it is a slander, surely it is a biggest and most sinful slander that need to be taught a lesson. Najib must sue those media. NOTHING ELSE.

What was said is not a rebellious thought but a sensible and logical intellection.

17/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not about conceding defeat if we care to assess the real economic situation of our country. We cannot allow emotion running our demeanor and decision. We have put so much accouter to fight local perception of ourselves and to fight against declining ringgit but to no avail. We just want to please ourselves by saying foreigners are interested in investing in 1Mdb. The Malays termed it 'SYOK SENDIRI'.

We are kampong heroes. When we enter the international platform we are beaten flat as what had happened to Pulau Batu Puteh. We tell WSJ to appoint Malaysian lawyers and we want the proceeding to be held here, for we are in control of everything, including our judiciary system.

Not all see us as what we want them to see. And we cannot underrate others and think we can fool everybody. Foreign nations do observe us and hear our words, comprehending the lies told and the countenance displayed when you appear on national TV. And when you are desperate you start to shout that the world conspires against you. We lie to our own people to get away from being hauled.

I found that products that were once produced in Malaysia are now made in Thailand. Factories seem to be moving away. When we say our economy is dwindling they say that Malaysia has a very strong fundamental. We intervene to halt the declining ringgit without visible effect.

When leaders are causing disharmony and social instability they accuse the fault lies with the people. It is those who lied, deceived, corrupt and robbing public funds who are the main culprit and the source of  disharmony. They threatened the public. They play with racial sentiments. They show their arrogance and stubbornness.

It is true that there is a big fear of someone going to jail. No matter what they do they will one day be in there.

Malaysia is blessed by it's distance to the Middle East. Otherwise she will certainly follow the fate of those war torn countries, the worst was Iraq and followed by Libya; one leader was hung and the other was killed and sodomized.

We are waiting for our currency to recuperate to the normal state, the FGV loomed to an acceptable price and the people will not be tortured by the severe taxation. We want to see how the world perceived on the 1Mdb issue after all the resources deployed. If we failed it would prove that the UMNO core members and the grassroots are fooled. How many believe that none of the 1mdb money went to Rosmah and Najib ?

Najib has to sue Sarawak Report, the Edge and WSJ to make sure the weapons will not strike him deadly years later. Failing to do so means the accusations are true. All other spinning could be dispelled and ignored by the UMNO group.

A change in leadership could bring change for the better. We are not asking for a leader from an opposition but from BN itself. I am not sure the economy can recuperate quickly. He already said it would take him until 2020, which he meant he must be a Prime Minister till then. It is a type of blackmailing to deceive the UMNO members themselves. His cyber-troopers and the members of the propaganda unit too will live to regret for the whole of their lives.

I have said once before the GE13 "Wait. It will serve you right..." to the cyber troopers in the FB. And I am going to say the same thing again to those people.

16/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I used to watched private security TVs from my laptop with VB codes, attaching the winsock facility to the algorithm. And looked into data in people's routers. That was just for fun. If I would have been serious in peeping into public computer systems I would have just to learn a little bit more. I realized then younger people could comprehend numbers they saw on the screens. I knew what I did was immoral and wrong. That did not make me a criminal yet unless I went into hacking.

If a stupid person like me had reached some level of the knowledge at peeping into the secrecy of others, I am sure a big number of the young generations must have reached higher  level and able to decipher and to jumble binaries. Data that pass through cables can always be hijacked or captured. But they are usually jumbled up into various forms. Either one develops the decoder or just steal it.

I would have been a criminal if I were jobless. So were many others. I can't say how many steal information for money.

The moving data in a cable can be read even by the satellite. It was done in Falkland and Iraq's war. There used to be a gadget sold freely to capture phone data by attaching it to the cable. But the wafer's maker had a portion of spying circuit in the processor that could send back every bit of data to the main bank in a respective nation. The solution is to self-develop the chips.

Right now spying is mainly done on servers. To do so on home PCs there must be a spy software planted into the computer. Software developers are successful in planting the Malware by making you download movies, pictures or attractive applications. Free software like Whatsup, Skype and Browsers can do fantastic things on home PCs.

I would never encourage government agencies to link their machines to the internet. All computers that contain data have to be offline and independent.

I have a firm believe that foreign nations have stolen tons of important data from our government, and to have known many truths that we are trying to hide and denied. It has a great influence on our economy.

16/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Traditionally we have been giving money to kids who come to our house during the Hari Raya. It is them who create the happy and glorious atmosphere and making the spirit alive and joyful. In those years the average was 20 cents but today we increase it to RM2.

Ang Pow packet is something new to the Malays. We adopt the Chinese culture to be part of our own. Last year my wife was still alive and she said that the number of visiting kids were fewer. It made me sad. Even beggars were few. I hope to see more beggars and children this year. Beggars mean beggars of all races and religions, young or old.

It disturbed me when recently some religious people were telling us that giving money to children is not Islamic. As someone posted it on the FB I wrote a comment saying the Arabs brought plenty of expensive toys to be given to children after the prayer in the United States on one occasion.

We may not realize how much happiness can we get from being good to people of all religions and races. Preaching love and affections and friendship while practicing honesty, sincerity and goodness. We don't give all we have but we give the extra that we have and whatever we can afford to offer. It was children that made the world glitter and livelier. We will continue trying to make their dreams come true.

The Muslims start their New Year celebration by a prayer. It is a happy and grand moment that last for about 1 1/2 hours complete with the preaching. If it falls on Friday they will go for the second prayer at about 1.20 pm. I have to ask my daughter to distribute the money to children visitors and beggar as both of the payer time are near each other and we have to be away from home till 2.30 pm or so.

On the second Hari Raya less children come to the house. We will see them at the mall as early as the second day at the toy department and some swarm at the smart phone vendors. Just ask a kid what he wants to do with the accumulated money, it may amaze you.

15/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This year I manage to make my shack a little less messy. Now I can allow ham visitors to enter my radio room. I hope to complete clearing the mess after the festive season by doing an inch a day. But the cobwebs are still hanging. It was left there on purpose. I want the spiders to have some food.

I have three power supplies. The Diamond is not used. It is for a backup. I used Hammax for my HF and VHF. My FR7900 is mainly for monitoring and occasionally carried it out as a mobile station. The main rig for my HF use is ICOM 756. The backup rig is FT857D. Two laptops are ;aid on the table, an Acer and a Macbook Pro. The former is used to write blog and the later for surfacing and downloading and watching movies. At least they look a bit neat in arrangement.

I have two colossal equipments unused, a washing machine and a mini-bar. Both take up space. I don't know what to do with them and with my books. I wish God would instill in me with some excellent idea how to get rid of them. They robbed the space for my dress. In the meantime I hang my dress on the wall.

I try as much things in my room as possible. When my daughter comes back she would keep those in different places and whenever I need to use them I would not be able to find the tools.

One of the most organized hams in the country is a currently sickly Eshee, 9M2FK. Eshee or Ismail Razak has a kind of a reference book arrange the items in alphabetical order and the location indicator of the items. The boxes where he kept his tools and equipments are well arranged. It facilitates a quick search. I can't cope with his discipline even how hard I tried. Further more when age is catching up the body and mind are getting rusty. I am captured by sheer indolent.

I can take a breath a little looking at my shack, at least from today until some time when Ramadan is over. I hope it can last me for a few more months.

12/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Restructuring plan  of a debt ridden corporation is not new. It was done in the United States in 1932 and 1957. UNCTAD laid down the path to help such corporation. The restructuring is aimed at generating cash flow to pay the debt and the interest. Cabinet ministers bought the idea.

What do the laymen like us know ? We were asked to believe that it will work. We were not told that it was a struggle to raise fund which finally ended up in borrowing from IPIC and Anbar. MOF said it was not a loan but part of 1MDB asset has to go IPIC. 1MDB is to work with GLC, TNB, MMC belonging to Syed Mokhtar and the Indonesian Mula group. 1MDB Energy Holding is given a new name Edra Global Energy.

They are to devise ways and means to raise funds.

Najib is very confident that money could be raised easily by toll hike, cutting fuel and other subsidy and GST. He has the psychological department to appease the people. "Fuel hike is for the good and benefit of the people", "GST is good for you", "If you don't like Malaysia go and live somewhere else". And Najib used 1Mdb money to build mosque to appease the people.

A million a day when reaching 2.7 billion a year will move out of the country just for paying interest. How much foreign cash does 1Mdb brought in into Malaysia ? It is different selling a two ringgit land to Tabung Haji to selling it to a British firm for 20 million ringgit. One does not increase the wealth of our nation while the other does. This hari raya; if you son give you RM200 and you give it RM50 each to your grandsons, the amount of money circulated in your house is RM200. If a towkey gives you RM200, the amount of money circulated is RM200 extra.

Greece could have escaped bankruptcy just by increase higher taxes to pay the loan. Did she ?

1Mdb claimed that it's assets exceed the loan by leap and bound. If the asset is worth 150 billion then just sell 42 billion of them and done with the whole issue. Everyone will be happy ever after. And that's the reason people are saying "show us the money". And many believe part of the 1Mdb]s money went into somebody's pockets. When WSJ and SR narrated it went into Najib and Rosmah, the related banks did not deny it immediately as it was a serious accusation involving a Prime Minister and his wife. Both Aam and Affin bank did not have to wait for permission from anyone to deny if that did not happen. The delaying of time certainly would create suspicion of tempering and fabricating.

What raised questions were the Cayman fund in BSI, flow of money into Jho Lo's account and the purchase of property by Rosmah's son.

12/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


"The IberCup is currently one of the most important World Youth Soccer Tournaments on the Planet. Around 60 countries, more than 8000 players, coaches and family take part every year for a week of competition, fantastic experiences and extraordinary opportunities to compete with some of the TOP teams in the world. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico area allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful beaches all along the Sarasota sea coast. The amazing weather at this time of the year makes the IberCup much more than a soccer tournament... through soccer, it creates the possibility of meeting both outside and on the field with participants from all over the world, being currently the most international soccer tournament throughout the World.

Every year, The IberCup Tournaments have the participation of more than 800 teams from 60 diferent countries. Famous teams such as Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, O. Lyon, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus, FC Porto, SL Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, FC Zenit, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC, Real Betis, Malaga CF, Espanyol Barcelona, Deportivo la Coruña, Chivas Guadalajara, Paris St Germain, CR Vasco da Gama and Olimpique Marseille, already participated in previous editions. The participants are between 10 and 17 years boys and girls, distributed according to their age in Boys U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15 and U-16, and Girls U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-18."

In 2015 tournament our boys under 13 emerge a champion.


It indicates that we have all the potential to be a team of fame. But we don't as the boys are growing older. Recently we were shamed by the Palestinian and even Timor Leste. But the boys will remember it for their whole life as a team that could compete and beat teams from Europe.

The Thais and Vietnamese are superior to us in many ways, not only in soccer. The Thais are dominant in sports arena for quite a number of years. A Thai friend said to me, "If you are talking about big money, Brunei should be supreme in every field." When I went to Hanoi tour one of the members said, "In Malaysia 98% are political." I don't understand what he meant.

We need to study deeply on Nicole and Chong Wei, how they became leaders and earned international respect.

Soccer is about skill, spirit, organization, sciences, brain and strategy.

Do our TV publicize the champion team on a regular basis and let the team organization say something about their path to success ?

12/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib is a warrior and Rosmah is a fighter. Both were telling us not to believe in the social media because they contain slanders and fallacies, irresponsible for ill intent postings of their evil deeds. Rosmah's 2 million was deposited on several occasions by an en employee of Najib into her accounts. She didn't deny it but command for the probe on the bank. The depositor denied he knows Najib when pictures show proofs of them together at many places. Rosmah has to face another allegation pertaining to the murder of Altantuya.

Najib goes round the country to get support including the state of Kedah whose chief minister was called 'jebon' ( a monkey like animal ) by him. People were sure that he had commanded the police and the AG to side him. Both the police and AG have known the truth as much as the public. They MUST weigh between morality and protecting major sins even if they do not believe in God and religion. The whole world is observing and assessing the situation. Rosmah will be more prominent than Najib. People already published comments that it is Rosmah who is putting Najib into difficulty.

Likewise the propaganda unit at Putrajaya should start thinking hard whether to go on fighting for the wrong. What it does is driving greater anger among the people. If Najib has heeded the advise of UMNO veterans by resigning or going for holiday leave the responsible citizens might have shown some pity and stop pursuing the evasive attack on them.

The propaganda unit can attack Mahathir, Mahyuddin or Anwar. That won't make people lose sight on Najib and Rosmah. Really 1MDB is a BIG issue. It is BIG because it can lead the nation to bankruptcy. After all Anwar is in jail. Mahathir is no more a Prime Minister. And Mahyuddin has eyes and ears and he too has supporters behind him. The cyber troopers can try to convince the non-English educated readers, hoping the Malays are stupid enough to accept their arguments. They were beaten flat by the English speaking readers.

The think-tank group by now should know the standard of their PHDs and their status as university professors or lecturers, for ordinary laymen could present more convincing debunk on their materials.

The best way is not to fight but to find redemption in ways people can except without putting the couple in the worst position. They must repent and denounce the worldly temptations, lust and avarice, spend part of their time to learn about heaven and hell, asking God for forgiveness and indulge themselves in social work.

If you fight you are putting pressure on the people, which will be met with an equal force against you. By now Rosmah should have known that she has enemies all over. They hated her, not just for nothing. People did not show similar feeling on the previous Prime Ministers' wives.

Below from TMI:

The man who had allegedly transferred RM2 million into the account of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and later denied working for the prime minister and wife had, in fact, travelled extensively with the couple around the world.

Whistle-blower site Sarawak Report said the individual, identified as Roslan Sohari (pic), had made 16 trips to cities like London in October 2013 and Jeddah as recently as last month.

The trips, posted on his Facebook account, coincided with trips made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife, Rosmah.

Yesterday, Sarawak Report said Roslan deposited RM2 million into Rosmah's account in Affin Bank Berhad in eight deposits within 2½ months earlier this year.

His details, including phone number and occupation, were also published by the blog. Roslan was said to be a personal assistant attached to the Prime Minister's Department.

However, when Malaysiakini called the number, he denied working for the prime minister and his wife.

Sarawak Report said today although the Facebook page was deactivated soon after yesterday's expose, other social-media users had saved his photographs and details.

The pictures were compiled and the blog compared his trips with that of Najib and Rosmah's.

His profile picture on WhatsApp appeared to show the same person as the Roslan in the Facebook account.

"What the many, many pictures uploaded by this Roslan Sohari onto his Facebook site show is that this Malaysian has lived a life of travel luxury over the past year, hopping around the world’s capitals and staying at only the very best of hotels," the blog said.

"Intriguingly, all his snapshots from different parts of the world on different dates perfectly match the official travel arrangements for the man who was cited as his boss on the Facebook site before it was removed.

"That is, the Prime Minister Najib Razak."

It said that Roslan has accompanied Najib and his wife Rosmah on these trips but on occasions, he had been part of only Rosmah's entourage.

Another piece of evidence that disputes his earlier denial of knowing the prime minister and his family is that he had uploaded a picture of the identity card of Najib and Rosmah's daughter, Nooryana, on his Google+ account.

Nooryana had come under the spotlight recently after pictures of her lavish wedding reception was leaked and was criticised by Malaysians. She had married Daniyar Kessibaye, a Kazakh.

"So, do people believe that Roslan Sohari knows nothing of Najib and Rosmah and rightfully denies the evidence that he deposited two million ringgit of cash in Rosmah’s account earlier this year?" Sarawak Report asked.

"Or do we think he just panicked and lied?"

The allegations against Rosmah come in the wake of last week's expose by Sarawak Report and The  Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) was moved among government agencies, banks and entities linked to 1MDB and finally ending up in Najib's personal accounts in five separate deposits between 2013 and this year.

A special task force consisting of Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chairman Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed and Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, has been formed to look into the allegations.

The task force has frozen six bank accounts and seized documents related to 17 bank accounts. – July 10, 2015.

11/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Malaysians are not the only people who are talking about politicians going to hell, the Americans too. The Americans are worst off because they believe the day is coming very soon. 23th September 2015 great disaster will strike the earth. They are talking about the 7th trumpet and about the coming of Fatima. Hollywood movies depict stories of fake Presidents and injustice and crimes in America. They say god and religion is dead to imply political leaders do not fear God anymore and use religion merely for political tool.

My mother used to say, "Don't bother about the infidels. This world is made for them. They will be wealthy and rich." She does not live to see the Muslims who robbed the money and hid and change and destroy the evidence to protect the criminals. There is no morality and no shame, no conscience and no fear of God. If truly they believe in God and sins and hell, they would not have put hardship and burden on the people, punished and arrest those who spoke of their wrongdoings.

The Malaysian believers merely say that the end of time is nearer but do not predict the dates as the Americans do. But we could expect a major catastrophic some day for we are in the quake zone. Again the laymen will suffer and die while the politicians will fly away to safer places. There are enough jets for the top UMNO echelons. Najib and his family has a new plane to go. Yet that may not be the end of time.

The probability of the meteor to hit the world is there. It may not be a direct hit. A slight scratch on the side can cause the earth reverse it's rotation. For a moment millions will die of a severe shock and earth movement. Even if Najib is on the plane he won't be safe. There will be a strong turbulence and he has no time to ask God for forgiveness.

Other cabinet members, Ghani Patail and Khalid will have to face God in the next world trying to explain that they are under the orders of Najib and only carrying out their duty.

Mankind has his duty to God. Then their duty to provide welfare for the people. They can't escape for carrying out a sinful duty to protect any sinful act because they have the choice not to. At the time of hardship Satan says to a man "Make me your god and say I am your god. I will provide lavishness and everything you want." And the man says, "Oh Satan...I make you my god...provide me with what I want..." Can he justify to God that he is forced to do that because he was in difficult time ?

Let us dismiss what the Christians say about the coming ending but never be too confident that nothing bad will happen. If the trend follows bad thing will strike us, the Malaysians.

10/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We know PM Najib is in agony. When the FELDA settlers received bills of over RM100+ each for replanting, they were more painful. When million of people pay more each day they keep the pinch in their chest without a word. Anwar's Family faced the worst trauma. And those who were kicked out of their jobs shed their tears and pray to God. My mental state is unstable and disturbed thinking of the large payment of 1MDB and 2.7 billion dollar annual interest.

Rosmah talked about the slander on her husband. There could be an atom of truth. Every Prime Minister, how good they were, were criticized. But non of their spouses were whipped for a simple reason. They knew their places and their roles. You can't stop people talking about Altantuya, on million dollar ring and expensive handbags. They asked where the money came from. Answers given were debunked by Najib's own family member and Datin herself said she saved her money for her expensive purchases. And they follow the trail of the jet, trying to figure out who were on the plane.

It was not the ordinary laymen who made those things happen. They were on the stage and they made it happened.

Many a time our acts were causing pain to the people who watched them. We would feel hurt and angry if a step farther kicks and step on a 3 year old child. Intelligent people would feel dishonored if you are trying to teach them what patriotism is because they know the different between a nation, a political party and a person who run a country.

Premiership is a great responsibility to cater for the welfare of the citizens not an opportunity to enjoy a comfort life, nor to seek pride and power above religion and God, nor to make money by doing business, parading insatiable lust.

When evidence is tempered with and fabricated to put your challenger in jail it was a great agony to the victim and the people of morality and God fearing.

We had a great pity on Najib but we have a greater pity on the unfortunate laymen who are being sucked by leeches to pay for the debts they made and the money they siphoned. We had a great pity on the first wife of Najib whose husband was snatched away by a wicked woman. She has been suffering for a very long time.

We are in more pain.

08/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been raining cats and dogs for almost a week now. When it came heavy it was like the whole sky falling, only about 3 to 5 minutes. Then later it rains again. It did not stopped people from populating the streets, rushing to super stores like ants spending money for the coming New Year, Aidil Fitri. Commodities were raised in prices, a small mat that sold for RM2.90 is now RM4.30.

Rain does not touch my heart at all. Once in a while it flashes through my mind whether it is some kind of a sign, trying to whisper the fate of our beloved nation. Could it be a bad omen ?

Most people simply don't care what happen because they care more for themselves. They overtook left and right during the heavy traffics, made U-Turn at forbidden junctions, crossover red light during the jammed road and double parked behind your car and went away. We see greed in them and other sinister characteristics like gluttony, sloth, envy, wrath, and lust. Those boiled up together to wrap our nation as it is today, when combined with the greed and lust of our leaderships.

Whichever things go Malaysia will be experiencing gloomy weather for a long time to come.

I don't remember Kinabalu had a quake before. Now even peninsula Malaya was shaken by the wave. People always asked why the calamities strike the poor not the affluent, the robbers and thieves. When there was flood the politicians were in the safe areas. When there were fire the common people get the burn. The lower groups were more with God than the top echelons. The top always get away with everything.

The drizzled has stopped. Buka Puasa is serene, no sound of wind blowing and no sound of the rain drop. Late tonight it may rain again.

08/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Refer to my article on 'What's Next ?' It is about bad luck or bad omen brought by a certain personality. Because it is a mystery and not visible to the naked eyes it has to based on vigorous observations from the past to the present trend. Some tradition believe that the 'soi seow' resides in only ladies. Although the modern minds dismissed it yet Feng Sui masters are getting millions out of it.

If all the major turbulences were due to coincidences then there were too many and too often. Strange things happen believing coming from a strange lady who acted a foreign minister and a Prime Minister and opening FLOM for the first time in Malaysian history. Civil servants in Putrajaya just talked because they could not stand her. At least 50% of the hearsays were taken to be true while others were assessing the validity of what they heard.

I just have a strong sense and a premonition that something else would strike us if PM Najib still have her by his side.

When we are in difficult situation we often ask for God's help, for divine intervention. But God helps those who help themselves.

If the next bad luck befell only Najib and Rosmah then be it but it may strike the whole nation.

Najib together with Jho Lo


07/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have seen the following several times at different location

                                      21-3-2013 USD619,990,988 into Najib's account at Aimbank

                                      21-3-2013 USD60,339,98 into Najib's account at Aimbank

                                       3-4-2013 Parliament was dissoved

                                       5-5-2013 GE13

                                       29-7-2013 Aim Bank executive was murdered

                                       30-8-2013 The two accounts were closed

Tomorrow will be a big day because Najib is going to sue WSJ. It will be a great fun.

The game of mud slinging has begun. Najib's team begins their attack on Mahyuddin who know much about who odered the killing of Altantuya and Rosmah's share in 1Mdb via her son. But what matters is the current crime committed, about the 1Mdb fund that went into Najib's account and the murder of Altantuya and an Aim Bank personnel.

I am sure Najib's camp will be out of mud while the hidden enemies within has a fistful of the mud each. They are tracking and trailing the cash flow. They will surely pressed for the arrest once proven. Dato' Harun Idris was arrested before. It would not be the end of the world. New leadership can take over. Criminals and the abettors must be persecuted too.


What happen to the million dollar ring ? Where it is now ?

What money were used to pay to advertise Najib and Rosmah in foreign newspaper ?

06/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Almost everything in Malaysia is under PMO. It is safer for PM to keep his money here than anywhere else. The manufacturing and destroying of evidence is common in many places. He has the command over these institutions. The secret will not be divulged unlike the BSI Singapore. What we may not realize is most banks are under Goldman Sachs.

PM's words do not have values because he had not been telling the truth many times before. We would still remember his denial of meeting Saiful before Anwar was charged and later admitted that he did. He lied in the GE13, the promises that were never fulfilled. He lied about the cash transfer into BSI. And he will always continue lying.

For PM to accuse the people to topple the government is indeed wrong because people still want the current government to proceed with the new leadership under Mahyuddin.

Keeping money in Malaysia was the only choice for fast withdrawal for various purposes, some may be devious. For local corruption cash withdrawal from local banks were seen before during the general election.

The questions still hanging are about the big debt and high interest. 1MDB cannot afford to pay them and Najin has to resort to amassing money from the public to pay the perpetual debt. Why must he still hang on to his prime minister's post. He never replied on Reza's Aziz purchased of properties in the United States and his relationship with Jho Lo.

Let me tell everyone that Aam Bank and BNM would have vigorously denied of WSJ from the first day of it's publication. They won't wait for any single day nor would they ask for Najib's permission to deny it. If both were to announce the denial 2 or 3 or a week later, we can be sure that the data has been tempered. And like always they play for time to think what to say and do.

Najib has been listening to the advice of bad and evil people. Many a time his second wife did the talking for him on nationalism and to Putin in MH17.

True said Mahathir, that to strengtened UMNO and BN government the leader must be changed. Though several names were suggested, Mahathir chose Mahyuddin. If Najib has done wrong he must be forgiven and let him enjoy the family life in peace and tranquility. Let us all together mend the damage done.

06/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Will Najib declare that 1MDB has nothing to do with the ownership of the government but belonging to him, UMNO or BN ? And the government of Malaysia to say that the signing of a guarantor is not legal as it was not approve by the parliament and therefore it's on Najib personal accord and therefore is invalid ?

The United States government has ever discussed almost similar matter and refused to accept it as a government's matter.

Mahyuddin should start thinking about it now and consult his friends and the G25 members to seek for opinions and advice from as many intellectuals as possible. Najib on his personal task has caused a very great damage to the country and Malaysian economy. And worst is Najib is killing the FELDA's settlers slowly and in no time they will be out of land.

The traitors are a handful of UMNO members up there who supported the selling of the nation to Goldman Sach, putting burden on the citizens. They are sadistic specie who love to see people in great pain. Siphoning money is one, sucking people's blood is another. Playing with the Holly book and even using God to win support. Now people begins to know what GST is for and why petrol prices went up and toll hike is unavoidable.

Let us recall back what UMNO guys were telling the people:

                           "1MDB is so profitable that the opposition is very jealous."

                           "1MDB goes to support religious schools and building mosques"

                           "1MDB is the goose that lays the golden egg"

Our religious schools and pondoks were there even before UMNO was born. After independent till Mahathir it was the government who took care of our school buildings and education, not 1MDB.

I am sure BN under Mahyuddin could reduced at least 40% of the existing problems.

05/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is confirmed that the money went into Najib's account. It may be true that Najib never took it for his own personal use. The WSJ never said it was for his personal expenditure. PMO and AG were shown the documents. Najib kept on saying, "I never took the money for personal use." WSJ said Najib kept on saying it was all the design of political opponents coming to get him after seeing the documents.

It is common practice for the government departments and in politics an offender like Najib was asked to resign or else he would be taken to court. Mahathir must have known about it too and warned Najib the same thing. That's the reason why Najib blamed Mahathir for the exposure. I think WSJ had been very careful in publishing the article.


Najib is now taking action to sue the WSJ which he must or he has to resign. What would his luck be ?

There was a bad story going on in the social media about Rosmah's engagement with black magic. Most politicians have bomoh with them. Many a time several of Najib's effort to free himself against implication were successful. That made them to believe Rosmah's enchantment worked well.

Mysterious events happened. Looking  the trend worst thing could have happened to Najib. I don't know what will happen next. It may not be something to do with 1MDB. It could have been anything at all. Keen on watching is Najib's first wife. People are willing to save Najib but not Rosmah. Rosmah, as I saw it, had caused much harm to Najib and anger among the members of the public. I don't think my sense failed me when I saw her riding the government's jet as if they belong to her.

04/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mahathir mentioned the word stolen as far as 1MDB's money goes. He seems to have the information and asked Najib to quit his pose and gave it to his Deputy. Najib was adamant because he has all the resources behind him, especially so with the money which he habitually used to buy support and popularity. He was very confident of his steps. "I am in controlled," he said.

What he did not know that each day he is making enemies with the local people as well as with the principled foreigners. His team composed of PHD graduates thought they could outwit all their opponents with daily meeting, planning and brainstorming. What they need is the money to buy people and manipulate facts.

Recently PMO issued a statement," There are certain individuals to undermine confidence in the economy, tarnish the government and remove a democratically elected prime minister." And they went on saying that Najib cannot be that stupid to draw money into his own account. His challengers asked him to sue WSJ immediately and not to delay and play with time looking for the loopholes to corrupt a particular individuals.

Najib is never democratically elected to be a prime minister. Mahathir put him there and there was never a Presidential election as what they have in the United States. His opponents said only 47% including the Sabahans and the Sarawakians chose BN, that minus gerrymandering, vote rigging and ballot boxes tampering.

What I could not say is how much money went for other election expenditure and other payments to erase his crime and how much went into his own pocket and Rosmah lavish shopping. During every election we will see a band of UMNO big muscle men went to banks and drew out tons of cash. My UMNO teacher said,"I won't be in UMNO without the big cash I get every election time." He bought houses and expensive cars after election seasons.

Hence the money has to be kept in the local bank. Najib thought the bank will keep secret. True indeed the bank will not dislodge customers' confidence. But clever people can always sniff the smell of money by trailing the data using sophisticated hitech means. The challenge of Najib's think tank and the Propaganda unit was accepted by brainy individuals. In one of my articles I mentioned about the battle between the brain and brawn. IGP was using all his muscles to arrest and intimidate the opponents. And Najib with Rosmah left bad impression of themselves on the plane ride and the purchase of a new jet.

Where does the money go ? The worm is out of the can.

The whole world is looking at Najib and the game his team is playing. UMNO members no longer support him as his policy is pinching them and their families.

With the bad luck possibly carried by Rosmah, he can prepare for the worst.

Najib should rest and go away for a long holidays. Let Mahyuddin deal with the problem.

03/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Wow Najib gave BRIM, money to Felda settlers and agreed to minimum wage law. From RM900 the Union is asked for RM1500. We have to be educated and go to high school. The Union was very happy and the private sector workers rejoice with the new salaries.

I have written on the topic before pointing on the negative side of it. Telling people about it would be futile as they will dismiss it.

It takes a few months for many of us to realize the effect. JVC closes it's factory and I believe many will close and quit the country. And when I visited a super market, I found the cashier was a Bangla who could not even answer questions from several customers.

Minimum wage simply increase cost. Shops and firms whose sales could just cover the bare capital and the products are not highly demanded would experience declining income. Small shops could even face loses. As they close down the employees lost their jobs. Supermarkets will import cheap workers and the school leavers will have to look for jobs somewhere else.

We will be facing greater social problems in the near future. I believe firms will be leaving our country for one of the two reasons; the increasing cost of labor or the owners do not like Najib anymore. Factory owners are human too. They have taste towards political leaders like any other persons. As vices are exposed and Najib and his team are showing arrogance, they began to hate Malaysian leaders for various behavior including the possible involvement in mafia and gangsters.

Najib must always look before he leaps, on any issue, especially on the long term effect.


 03/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Billions pumped into Najib’s accounts, 1MDB probe shows

Five deposits worth billions went into the bank accout of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, investigations into debt-ridden 1MDB reveal. – The Malaysian Insider pic, July 3, 2015.

Investigations into debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) have allegedly uncovered billions of ringgit channelled to the personal accounts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report reported. Both are quoting from documents from the 1MDB probe that is being carried out by the Malaysian government, with Sarawak Report claiming that the Attorney-General was also aware of the information.

The documents show that US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) was moved among government agencies, banks and entities linked to 1MDB and finally ending up in the prime minister's personal accounts in five separate deposits, WSJ said.

It said that the largest transactions were deposits of US$620 million and another one for US$61 million in March 2013, two months before the general election was held.

However, Putrajaya has denied the reports, saying Najib has not made use of any public funds.

"The prime minister has not taken any funds for personal use,” a Putrajaya spokesman said.

“The prime minister’s political opponents, unwilling to accept his record or the facts, continue to try to undermine him with baseless smears and rumours for pure political gain.”

Meanwhile, an 1MDB spokesman said, referring to the transfers into Najib’s account: “1MDB is not aware of any such transactions, nor has it seen any documents to this effect.”

The spokesman cautioned that doctored documents have been used in the past to discredit 1MDB and the government.

Sarawak Report said RM42 million had gone into Najib's accounts from SRC International Sdn Bhd, the Finance Ministry-owned company that had taken a RM4 billion loan from the
Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP).

"The money taken from SRC International is a particularly shocking revelation, because this was money lent by the public pension fund KWAP and never accounted for," the report said.

The Finance Ministry had said previously SRC invested the funds in Gobi Coal & Energy Ltd, a Mongolian-based company, but provided no other details than that.

A director of SRC, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, the report said, had power of attorney over Najib’s accounts, according to documents acquired from the investigation.

The latest transaction, the reports said, was in February this year. The documents show that SRC International had transferred RM10 million into an account under the name of “Dato’Sri Mohd Najib Bin Hj Abd Razak” at AmPrivate Bank in Kuala Lumpur.

WSJ also reported that SRC and the bank refused to comment on the matter.

1MDB is currently the subject of inquiries by a number of authorities, including the auditor-general, Bank Negara, police and the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee.

Najib, who is also finance minister and chairs 1MDB's advisory board, has come under severe criticism in recent months over a number of issues, including that of 1MDB which has amassed RM42 billion in debts after just six years of it being set up.

Yesterday, the prime minister admitted that he was depressed by the rumours linking him to 1MDB's controversial land deal with Tabung Haji, saying a responsible government would not use public funds to bail out a state-owned company. – July 3, 2015. 

The Malaysian Insider Report 03/07/2015

PM Najib should not wait any longer but to sue the WSJ, the NYT, SR and the Edge immediately to clear his name.

03/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The people has not been fair to Rosmah. They threw so much slander on her and said unacceptable things on her. They even blamed for the quake in Japan and Sabah because both happened after her visits. Whatever the slander she is chosen as the second beautiful First Lady in Asia.

Today the JVC factory closes down. Thousands will lose their jobs. Worst will be coming. The country will follow Greece and the economy will be the worst in our history. Are we going to blame Rosmah like Najib is blaming Mahathir ? MH370 and MH17 could not be the cause of Mahathir. Unless the people believe that it is the end of the good luck of the lady. Someone has to look at the aura of Rosmah.


But it does not say whether a person brings good or bad luck. Certainly the nation is crumbling. Could we blame the people who come to think that the bad polluted atmosphere originates from a source ?

02/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Who says there is a freedom of dressing in the whole wide world ? Only recently an American judge upheld the suspension of an employee for wearing scarf in her work place. And in many places head gears are banned in the United States and Europe. So is in Olympic and Asian Games where women are not allowed to cover their heads. They termed it dress codes.

When in Malaysia dress codes are applied in institutions they called it undemocratic and against human right. The educated class should also open their eyes and look at democracy in Europe and United States as well. It is only fair for the lovers of Western culture to learn freedom and human right as practiced by the White skin specie. There isn't even freedom to assemble and freedom to assemble. People who question 911 were arrested at dawn in their homes. They killed the innocent women and children, unarmed and unprotected. They justified it under the atmosphere of war. When an employer does not like you he just have to say 'you are fired' and you are gone. truly if you love those countries ask to migrate and live there. There are kingdom of Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Koreans and Vietnamese there. You can join them. You can exchange spouse, naked in public and even have sex in the open.

It is pertinent for government agencies to impose dress codes on the workers and the visitors though the later is not required to wear uniform. During my working days the Muslim boys were instructed not to wear the 'ketayap' (the male head dress as worn by the Jews but of the bigger size for the Muslims). Even in the United States some schools impose school uniforms. If an individual has a right, an institution and the organization too has it's own right. And the right need not be spelled in the regulations and law.

 23/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib will be old and tired. So is Rosmah. I won't  live long enough to see what will happen to this couple but Mahathir may. His masterly corrupting technique may make many receivers happy but a few will be extremely agitated. It will be these few who will make sure Najib will pay for deceit. Najib does not leave Malaysians with a high income and wealthy when he retired but he will leave the people in greater poverty, bad economy and becoming slaves to Goldman Sachs. For these he will never be forgiven. He will be severely punished. A citizen commented in TMI that he wants to see Najib rot in prison. It was evasive and insolent. That's the degree of anger and hatred.

You can very well predict Najib's future after GE14. Win or lose we somewhat could estimate the severity of his sufferings. Of course the world politics do determine his fate.

Najib's greatest sins is he forces God to side him by using the 1MDB's controversial money to build mosque mainly to get the support for the alleged crime committed. You may ask what are the crimes ?

One of the crimes is to borrow money from a terrorist, Goldman Sachs, at a high interest rate. He will have to defend himself that he never used public fund to pay the loan and the running interest. To do so is the criminal breach of trust. Government had been building mosques everywhere since independent without the use of the fund under question and investigation. His tricky intent to use God to silent the Muslims is a sinister attempt.

Secondly he has been using scapegoats to deny a fault. He blamed Bank Negara on BRIM. He blamed the civil servant when caught lying to parliament. Kandasamy said he was the fault in 1MDB fiasco. Now Najib is manipulating with Xavier to say all accusations by SR and the Edge were false. He will be drilled by the people in court and he will say, "I am too old to remember. I did not do all those things. THEY did it."

The Jews still jailed those Nazis who murdered thousands of them, hunting the murderers deep in South American jungles even with new faces and names. They dig and dragged back to Israel.

People are angry because they continued to be duped and treated like kids, just because they are not supported by cops, judges and lawyers. So far Malaysians do not keep vengeance against those who oppressed them. By themselves they will never go militant, unless being pushed to the end endlessly by the top UMNO leaders who prefer to fight and defend the wrongdoings.

It is better for Najib to give someone else to take charge of finance. When Tan Siew Sin was the finance minister and Tengku was the Prime Minister nobody plundered our national coffer and we had had so much surplus. The government could create so much jobs for the people. Najib is figured to have bad intent holding the post. Indeed he was with the 1Mdb and the rest. He left a suspicion that he was using the fund for his own interest.

All the planning and thinking by the propaganda unit and other advisors trying to right the wrong is the responsibility of the Prime Minister. So far it looks their planning is ruining him, painting an evil picture of him. And people do not forget how Anwar was framed and Altantuya was killed. If the mentality of Jewish vengeance germinate in the coming generations those involved in lying and deception will be convicted and severely punished, even at their dawn age.

That's the future, the fate that may befell Najib and Rosmah in the coming time, the sin of aggravating the populace, and throwing blames on everybody else on their own follies. If Najib can betray Mahathir, the next PM can also betray him.

30/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We have to understand that Rosmah Mansor is the First Lady of the country. We cannot expect her to be like any other normal woman especially in her dress and attire. We can't persuade her to use fake handbags and jewelries. Even the normal housewives want to be noticed. If she chose any expensive items it is of her prerogative. Who are we to dictate what she should and should not wear. Any wealthy person can spend their money in ways and manners they want.

If anyone dislike her just because she wants to look better and uses better stuffs on herself, it would be very wrong and insolent.

But by fate people are rude and impertinent accusing her of purchasing million dollar ring, and handbags using public funds. And what came out of her mouth was a rush, " I accumulate my money.." And PMO said all expenditures were from Najib's own wealth which of which he inherited from his family. Then there was a leak that nobody could question any invoice of any purchase and they must be paid.

Words spread until no one can remember the source. And they depend on social media to confirm what they heard.

My wife supported the use of government's jet by a Prime Minister's wife. "She is a Prime Minister's wife," she said to me. But there were individuals who took pain to monitor the movement of the jet which they believe Rosmah took the ride for shopping. I saw a picture published in a social media showing Rosmah in Bangkok. They now suspect the new jet was specially purchased for her convenience.

The fact is we cannot simply believe what we hear. We have to see with our own eyes. We must also remember PM or his spouse must be protected from terrorism. Commercial plane is never save. MH370 is a lesson to be reckon with, a pilot can dive a plane in anger. Pilots can hate political leaders like anybody else. None dare to attribute MH370 to court's decision on Anwar.

Yet vicious words spread about Rosmah's role in managing the country. She said, "I don't have time for badminton now because much of my time was taken by managing the affair of the country." She was said to talk to Putin on MH17. PMO did not deny that she talked to Russia about it. With FLOM, her statement and her talking to Putin gave her the power over several Ministers especially foreign and Prime Minister.

Who are we to question the First Lady ? We don't have Shafiee to defend us, and we don't directly pay the salaries of our AG, the police chief and the court judges. We cannot go against the mountain, but to remain barking day and night.

27/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Finally they decide to frame and set up Mahathir by bringing 2 names into the limelight, Xavier and Suffi. It looks like Xavier is planted and even his trip to Thailand was planned. Suffi was expected to walk into the trap. This is how the story goes.

While Xavier was in Thailand and was arrested Suffi went to see him several times requesting him to temper with 1Mdb data. Sufii is a man in charge of Che Det's blog. Therefore it was Mahathir who stole the data and changed it to release to Sarawak report.

Do you buy the story ?

Think for a minute. Xavier was said to be an IT man. Then he was said to be the manager of 1Mdb. He stole the data and was asked to leave the company with the award of 15 million. He went to Thailand and was arrested as he was said to ask 1Mdb to pay more than 15 million, a kind of extortion. Sufii went to see Xavier requesting for the change in data which Xavier admitted to the Thai authority that he did.

Wait a minute. Does it make sense ?

First Xavier was trying to extort or blackmailing 1Mdb. Why was he wanting to blackmail the company ? And why the 15 million was paid to him ? It is not only confusing but it does not make sense at all. And it is very illogical and absurd. The build up of the events by the consultant to set up Mahathir was too rushy. And obviously they were using the 1Mdb's money. Even then 3/5 months ago 1MDB should have jumped to say such and such areas were tempered and false. They didn't. They employed the 3rd person to say it months later.As a reader put it they were waiting for the Thai police to say it was false when they were suppose to know on the day it was published and to point out the tainted parts.

The main aim is to make all the UMNO members to dismiss The Edge and Sarawak Report. These are the people who can put Najib away. In the another roadshow soon UMNO members will be briefed on the role of Sufii in tempering the stolen data. Mahathir will be blamed for the Sarawak Report in as much as he was blamed for the decline of ringgit.

If those social media were liars, Najib would have not lied in the parliament about the Cayman's fund in BSI Singapore. Since when Sufii went to see Xavier to temper with the data ? People do not forget that Jho Lo said he was not the guy who made decision but Najib. For every exposure published they were no immediate debunk if they already knew about Sufii and Xavier. They waited for months.

What did they do during those periods ? Go for vacation and enjoy the Artic atmosphere ? Going to parties and having fun the whole 3 or 4 months ? Obviously they teamed up to squeeze their brain for the lucrative rewards.

I am not going to detail on Xavier's movements because I can't simply guessed his solid movements. But the story told to us by 1Mdb is clear enough.

The laymen questioned why Xavier is to be charged in Thailand and not somewhere else, when the first news was he was to be extradite. Some remembered very well of China's request to India to arrest the Tibetans who ran protest in the subcontinent. The Indian obliged.

It is interesting to note about Xavier being paid 15 million. Then he asked for more  and he was accused of extortion and blackmailing. Mind us that he was a director. Does a director type and keep the data in the server ? Don't 1Mdb has an IT man to do it ? Think about it for a minute.

Xavier was said to ask for 15 millions. Is the amount big for Najib ? What is a hundred million compared to 15 ? "Pay him to admit the data was tempered."

Responding to articles in the Social media, people wanted to know which parts of the data was tempered and what were the original ? The consultants will have to ask for a little more time to figure out and more payment has to be made.

UMNO members have to think and not to straight away believe what Maslan, Zahid or the proganda unit is and will be telling them. They have been told by the MOF itself of the huge amount of interest to be paid minus the loan. The amount is very scary. And they have to know where Najib is going to get the money from to pay the interest and the loan. How much is being paid monthly or yearly ? What is the role of Jho Lo ? How much did he give to Rosmah's son for the property ?

Mahathir is facing his own sin miserably now attempting to eat him bit by bit.

Mahathir is a stingy man. If he isn't he would have bought the IGP. And one would wonder how much he had paid to Xavier to distort the data. This Mamak lose to Najib's propaganda because Najib is willing to pay at any price and he is scared to spend even a few hundred ringgit.

Let Mahathir struggle with his sin.

And UMNO members should use their brain themselves and opened their eyes to observe Rosmah and Deepak and Rosmah and Jho Lo. If God's willing they will see through the wall. After all people above 60 should lie and rest and prepare for the next world. Let the young people take over. Never underestimate the younger generations. We have seen them in Azmin and Guan Eng.

25/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


People up there should stop thinking that people are fool. People have been reading about disinformation, moles and all other dirty arts of cheating and deceptions. When they get away with it they thought they have achieved great victory. Despite they jailed Anwar, murdering Altantuya and winning a few by-elections people know the game the played and whether Anwar was guilty and who ordered the bombing of Altantuya.

After attempting to lie on Cyman fund in Singapore bank, now they are trying to say the data stolen from Petro-Saudi was tempered. The responses of the people are as follows


The composition of the Propaganda Unit and all the government agencies to repaint the real events does not show they are smart enough. Public resources are wasted and the economy continues to dwindle. The question is how much was paid to PGI to say it was tempered ? Who hired PGI ?

There is no point in the restructuring of the 1MDB if there is no real profit. Selling 1 hundred ringgit property for 100 million to government controlled body is not the real profit. If it is to pay back to Goldman Sachs it is just taking the money from the people. Borrowing from a local bank to pay a debt is not solving the problem either.

We know that when there is leak of money movement into Jho Lo's account the first thing was to investigate who stole the information ? That's the behavior of the crooks. What was the real reason for formulating OSA ? And it was similar to the money for NFC being used for something else ?

That's the reason for saying 'I don't take even a single cent because it can do nothing. But I take billions because it does wonders." You can pay experts to work for you, to pay for disinformation and used the troopers to attack on the truth as false.

Then they call people to be patriotic as if Malaysians and the opposition members are not. Who in this world want to be patriotic to Rosmah Mansor ? Or any particular person ? I am willing to die for my country, not for Najib, Rosmah or even Lim Kit Siang or Hadi or Anwar.

What has the Thai police to do with 1Mdb ? How could they come to know and arrest Xavier ?

Don't you  ever smell that it all started when they hired a team to trace the Swiss IT man for fear he could cause much more damage ? When they traced that he was in Thailand our government requested Thailand to arrest him and at the same time 1Mdb was ready with denial and disinformation. And now the Thai police come to know the whole truth about Jho Lo and other devious 1Mdb activities. Thailand is not a fool either. There are principled people in the Thai government who do not condoned any hanky panky by anybody within or outside the border.

As someone mentioned Sirul was a key man to Altantuya and Xavier to PetroSaudi possible scam. The Malaysians has begun to see the scheme to repay the huge loan and the interests. Don't you see how the value of our currency could be affected by 1Mdb scheme ? Simply, by raising fake profit without any substantive increase in productivity has the effect of printing more cash without the backup.

What is a fake profit then ? Selling a 2 ringgit land for 2 million to a sibling company is a fake profit. Kickbacks are fake profit.

It's a pity the whole force has to camp together to change the perception of the people, mainly the UMNO members. All the big brains merge to distort the truth which were in fact failed to confuse millions of small men on the streets, some with only secondary school education. These small brains understand the time lapse of Najib's response to accusations and questions, as what was done on Anwar Ibrahim. If the whole big brains fail, Malaysians should not be surprised. That's how we lost the Pulau Batu Puteh, and Ghani Patail failed to bring back the stolen jet engine. No wonder they can't strengthened the ringgit. And more so they can't get 90% of people's votes.

UMNO is just lucky that the people do not organize themselves like the Jews did. They too could have  special forces to go world wide tracking the shadows of Najib and stationed themselves in every part of the world and in every departments, and for a team to pluck and encrypt data that pass through cables deep in the ground, and jam the communication satellites and the TV signals. It is not they can't do it even under tight surveillance, but they don't want the nation to be chaotic. All they want is UMNO to be clean and stop plundering our nation's coffer.

Even with their handsome salaries they are fooling themselves and their generations. Already people were kicked out of their jobs and the fate of the civil servants are becoming bleak. While their big mouths were yelling Najib's economic successes the government is finding hard to cope up with it's employees. The money they get does not compensate with the lost they will soon realize. They themselves are big fools.

We all remember the horror of Mahathir. Now he knows what his sin is. God let him see, feel and smell his own sin, the great Najib.


24/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In my days,1970s, when I applied for radio amateur examinantion (RAE) from the telecom, I was given a few sheet of papers in which there was written a definition of amateur radio, SOP and radio regulations, was suppose to be the first of the two parts of the test paper. The second part was on the technical stuffs. I did not learnt the hobby definition by heart and right now it is very fuzzy in my memory. But I remember very well the key words. Putting back together it sounds something like this: Amateur radio is a hobby where a licensee is permitted to use the radio service for experimentation, preparing for emergency service on a specified frequency without any pecuniary motive. Of course I may have left something else. There are three more words that I can remember quite well: no politics, no business and no religion.

Though during the communications we did not do any business, we were interested to know the price of the equipment used. Nobody dared to ask 'How much ? ' as it is related to money. So we went our way to ask 'What's the damage like ?' And the answer would be in the value of resistance like 200 ohm or 2K ohm.

Beginning ham radio started with homebrew set. A single valve transmitter is good for CW. Adding another they created a modulator and could go on AM. When I came in commercial rigs were available. Soon later a linear amplifier were made to boost the power. A linear was a term to mean power amplifier though in its working side it may not be in linear form.

Stations using linear seldom said they used power amplifier. They just told at what power they transmitted. "I am running 1 kilowatt on my 4 element yagi," they would say. Telling people that you are running 100 watts or 50 watts was normal. If you told them you are using FT DX400 and running at 150 watts it would not be a surprise to the other party. Some 6146 rigs in pair can produce more than a 100 watts.

Hams like to tell stories and let their friends know the distant stations they used to work. I would tell my friends," I work North pole barefoot and I got a 59+20 ." Barefoot was to mean without external amplifier. But during my course of communication I did not remember telling my counterparts that I was on barefoot, instead the power used. Unless someone were to ask me, "Are you using a linear ? " I would have replied, "No. Barefoot." The question was rare.

While some love high power, others want to know at what lowest power and to what distant a signal can go. The best mode to test is using CW. It is easier to copy because it it non-modulated. Modulated weak audio would be very incomprehensible by the language slang. They built a low power transmitter and called it QRP. The word barefoot is never associated with QRP.

There was no computer then. Our knowledge was not as wide as the people today. Today they come up with many definitions and concepts which some are very Greek to us. They master the hitech stuffs and digital technologies, and the various interfaces. If I keep on forgetting the flow of current in the balance modulator, how could I understand the complicated logic circuits.

I keep on using Thanks instead of Tango Kilo, giving my call sign when requesting to join a communication instead of using ', or breake..' Progress ? No. I prefer the basic.

23/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hadi exposed himself when he said, "UMNO is not Pharaoh." He has a great obligation to Najib who went to see him at hospital ward. He felt he owe something to UMNO and Najib.

Kedah went back to UMNO even long before GE13 as Hadi insisted the unpopular Azizan to be the Menteri Besar. Kedah had a leadership crisis then because Azizan had failed and even had employed several UMNO men in his administration. He gave away Trengganu and now he is about to give away Kelantan to UMNO.

One of his biggesr political sins was he insulted Wan Azizah in the Menteri Besar crisis. He risked the Pakatan pack and put much torment on Wan Azizah's mind. Kelantan can start counting it's number of days under Hadi. We have a 'soi seow' lady already. Now we see the ;soi seow' male counterpart.


Najib, Anifah and other BN Ministers have told much to the world about Anwar Ibrahim. Now WSJ in it's front page is telling about Najib. NYT was telling the world about 1MDB and Najib. Both Anwar and Najib are not our nation. Najib doesn't even represent all the people. He never consult Parliament about the formation of a company which I think of his own, and cling it to MOF to get the backup guarantee for loan.

Mahathir talked about Najib to foreign media and Anifah talked about Mahathir to the same media. It was not our nation that order the killing of Altantuya, the torture on Teoh Beng Hock and the siphoning of public funds.

Najib should sue WSJ and NYT NOW and QUICK to clear his image and the image of his wife. How could the Malaysians tarnish the image of the country at all when they learnt about power abuse from foreign newspapers and magazine ? It was not about Malaya but about Najib.

The world have eyes. They watched the giving of cash to the villagers to get support as Najib was cornered and caught lying. What he does is worst than Marcos, as if people are so blind and are so stupid.

The attempt to accuse Mahathir for the decline of ringgit was a bad and disgraceful one. Ringgit would surely decline if Najib gives out cash without the corresponding increase in productivity. It is just like printing more money. Giving fish is different from teaching how to fish. One is a transfer without productivity and the other contributes to GDP and productivity. Yet he was blaming Mahathir. Won't that stupidity would have painted a bad image on a Prime Minister ?

The eyes of the words are in Malaya, the embassies and their ambassadors. The FELDA guys may be blind, blinded by the cash handouts they received, but not the foreigners. Najib can buy most people most of the time but he can't buy all people all the time.

If Najib really loves his nation, it would be better for him to ask Mahyuddin to take his place. He can retire peacefully with his accumulated wealth. We the Rakyat have been living without a private jet, a big house or expensive cars, and we are not starving. 99% of us are without titles, never shook hand with world leaders but our lives are not miserable.

Najib should not be scared of retirement. Instead he can live in felicity.

21/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I was already retired when the Ministry of Education decided to execute the PBS, the school base examination system. During my visit to my old school, the vocational school, I told the Deputy Head that PBS will fail within 5 years. We discussed on several educational matters including the formation of Vocational College which I very much dispelled with the ideas.

I have been seeing education for both the smart and the non-smart kids. The voluntary and the system dropped out will mainly come from the less smart children. There are many late developers who only compute their future at the later age. I was one of them, the lazy and stupid boy. It is these dropouts who would cause social disorders in the society. Education must also cater for the well being of our society and therefore for the less academically inclined kids.

PBS would close the door to the late developers. They cannot seat for any exam anymore as a private candidate. PBS was only for a school candidate. They kill the future of many people.

I also had dispel the idea of Vocational College. The system was suppose to take high achievers after Form 3, two years following the secondary education and if qualified would continue with the diploma. The teachers were complaining because they could not teach in-depth skill and no proper resting place for the students after a long school hours.

To cut short, in the technical area under Technical Division of the Ministry of Education there are 2 types of diploma; diploma by polytechnic and by vocational college. A diploma student from the polytechnic has SPM certificate as well additional mathematics. A diploma student from vocational college is without SPM and without additional mathematics. 95% of the students in the vocational system are Malays. And those who do not qualify for diploma will earn nothing, no SPM and no skill.

Vocational education which was once to provide a place for those who were not interested in solely academic subjects have a new feature.

Hearing words of threat from the top and what it will be doing to the students' future, again I would pray so that the persons responsible for PBS and Vocational College be strikedso hard  by lightning until the charred  produce endless smoke till the end of the world.

21/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Evening walk as usual during Ramadan. The first day I planned buying food after my exercise. At 5.00 pm I set out for my usual walk at the usual place. I felt my body was much lighter than before and I could walk at a faster phase. After 2 rounds, 1.6 kilometers of the inner circuit, I felt my energy had vanished. I was not tired or exhausted, only I felt my feet could no longer took more steps.

On the second Ramadan I decided to use the outer circuit, 1.2 kilometer per round. I was able to finish three rounds. I had some energy left but just called it a quit. It was good enough for the fasting month. My energy seemed to maintain on the 3rd. day. Though I could do it for 4 rounds, I only did three.

The sequence of buying food and exercising changed. I went to buy food first and kept them in my car and went for my walk. At 4.00 pm I went to Pasar Ramadan where I did not have to hasle with the crowd. There was lesser and fewer customers. At 6.00 pm I could not even move. Funny, people could stand and waited for a slight movement.

The routine will continue for almost 30 days with a slight adjustment in the kind of food. The taste may not be to the desired standard. I found the Nasi Goreng and the Nasi Daging were not suitable. I finally decide to go on the White Rice sold by one Kelantanese stall. The Murtabak made by Rose Restaurant contains the right ingredient with the right taste. It is more expensive than the others but it really worth the money. The Murtabak is for sahur and rice for the breaking of fast.

I arrived home at about 6.30 pm, organized the foodstuffs on the roundtable and went to take my bath. While waiting for the time, 7.34 pm, I lingered around my computer table.

I hardly saw the Malay joggers at the circuit, not like the usual days when there were approximately 30 to 40 persons. The number was reduced to about 4. Those who did the slow jog were seen to complete just one round and then disappear. The next one I hope to finish 4.8 kilometers. It did me good for I felt very fresh and fit minus the usual energy.

21/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been almost three months now since my wife departed to the next world. I remember her as an ardent supporter of Rosmah. When I mentioned of Rosmah's lavishness she would say, "She is the Prime Minister's wife. She has to be the best in the country. There's nothing wrong to it. She has money to buy anything she likes." She realized how much the government took care of her, even after her retirement, till her death. The genetic traits of my kids seem to be of their mother. I did not want to talk politics to my kids.


I am sure her soul is still praying for the well being of the First Lady. Three months without her is very empty. This Ramadan during the break-fast time, I always remember her as if she is beside me. Rosmah Mansor may not know that she lost someone who adored her so much.

For the last 2 days I spent about RM11 for food each day, for breakfast and sahur. On both nights I could not finished the rice. Truly if I spend the same amount each day for 30 days, my total expenditure for food will be less than RM400. Even with my wife and a maid food consumption was less. For the first few days I had to throw a lot of untouched cookies.

20/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a high time for PM Najib to sue the NYT and other foreign newspapers that wrote about 1MDB's fiasco and Najib's misuse of the fund for his personal gain. Either direct or indirectly the foreign media was saying Rosmah's son has the share of the money. The latest it says Najib used the money for the campaign in GE13. The exposure on Rosmah's expenditure on handbags brought shame to himself and the nation. The accusations were strong enough for Najib to take legal action.

Instead he takes action only on the local who quotes what the foreign papers published. Why ? He knows he will be defeated and the truth will dominate international media. But at home he has the judiciary on his side and the lawyers who can twist and turn facts down. They will bark at the foreign media at the distance.

It is more shameful for a Malayan to hang on the Sabahans and the Sarawakians to remain in power.

The time will come when the FELDA settlers who were given huge sum of money before the GE13 and probably in the coming GE14 realize they will one day be chased out of their houses when FELDA is taken over by some foreign firms. It may be exposed that they were paid by the 1MDB funds as a favor for the vote requested.

Najib keeps secrets not only to the populace but also to UMNO members throughout the country. There are massive things they don't know what Najib does with the money and why. Only some can see through the wall and scent things behind the veil. A reader mentioned that he could smell people who are employed and pay to write for Najib, local as well as foreigners, because comments by the local people are too powerful to debunk.

Najib could save more by challenging the foreign media by taking legal actions on them. At the same time he could clear himself.

19/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is plenty of smokes and things have become fuzzy on 1MDB issues. They are trying to bring authorities like the PAC and auditors to stop criticism from the people. So much so facts and reality have been swayed. Anifah Aman himself said the audit said 1MDB had 51 billion dollar assets, much more than the 42 billion dollar loan.

The laymen's are not losing their tracks and still do not hear things they want. Is 1MDB making profit ? By the authority's report of the 51 billion, in excess of loan, it is making a good profit. Then how much the loan and the interest had been made since the date of the loan ? Why then they were talking of getting the 2 billion to pay the interest ? First Kandasamy mentioned Ananda Krishnan was paying. Then it went quiet and it was made a secret of the source of the fund, making people guessed it was paid using public fund.

Then there was a lie on the movement of money into the Singapore bank, which was denied by the later. 1MDB twisted to say it was in UNIT. It never mentioned cash nor gold. Many renown accountants said they never heard of UNIT.

The MOF admitted that it is hard for the government to pay the interest. If by the profit then we want to know much profit does 1MDB made per month and how much has been paid to Goldman Sachs ? We would expect since 2008/9 the amount of loan has been greatly reduced.

It was Anifah who lied to the world not Tun Mahathir.

Nobody touched on Jho Lo. He is not a man who has nothing to do with the 1MDB and in no existence. Jho Lo himself admitted that Najib himself had made all the decision, why blamed him alone. And there were movement of cash into his account. And unless answered people want to know the relationship between Jho Lo and Rosmah's son, of where he got so much money to buy property and film making. It would have been a conjecture the money was from Jho Lo.

I own a house. I strive daily to make my ends meet. And one man said, "Don't worry you have a property worth 1 million." And a day later another man said,"Hey your house worth 3 millions."

That's how 1MDB's assets were said to be 51 billion. They could even say it is 100 billions. But to say 100 billions the public will ask them to sell 50 billion and settle to 1MDB loan. We will be very happy then.

No matter how much smoke 1MDB raised it cannot pay the debt and the interest. It is still borrowing from the local bank. And Najib said, :People must pay GST or the country will go bankrupt." The only source to pay the loan is by increasing taxes and tolls and forcing government related bodies like Tabung Haji, EPF and PNB to lessen the burden.

It was the laymen who asked 1MDB to show them the money, not Tun Mahathir. Go to hell with asset's value when they are not liquid enough even to pay the interest, and any government body can put any value they think fit. Show us the profit in cash. Why more loan from local bank ?

19/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A Muslim is answerable to God. A government is answerable to the people because the people pay them the salaries. A truth is divine, a lie is a word of hell.

We understand that the government is hard up of money due to the mismanagement of public funds, paying the unnecessary huge interest to a company own by a terrorist, Goldman Sachs. The lavish spending and the loan were for individual comforts and strategy to maintain perpetual power. It was an avarice of mankind, loved by the Satan.

If Najib finds that GST isn't enough and want the toll hike, why must he hide from the people ? Planning the time what to lie to the people so that he could maintain his popularity ? If Najib is popular enough and the world believe so much in him, the ringgit will not decline that much no matter what anybody said about him.

It was a government servant who talked about Rosmah's purchase and payment. Lucky for him he is saved by OSA that keeps documents from leaking out and used as evidence in court. It was a government servant who leaked about the hell of 1MDB.

There is only one person who does not know what her husband and kids were doing, the honorable Shahrizat. Others have extra telepathic senses that can sense how the Scorpene case was settled. And know how busy people in 1MDB to start with documents to show as if everything was in order.

Public servants are people with conscience and with religious beliefs. They know what should be secrets and what not. They are responsible to the country and the nation, not to an individual. The bad acts of a public servant is to create bad story about his boss or the people in the office.

If there is a secret meeting between a Minister and Obama, then he must keep it a secret. If there is a meeting between a Minister and a Mafia Godfather, he needs to know what's the meeting is all about. It is his work to save the nation and the people.


18/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In a democratic country even a lowly gangster goon can become a leader. A drug Kingpin has the capacity of buying himself up. All he need to do is to be a hypocrite and spend part of his dirty money on the people. A gangster can easily win an election through fraud, using the mob to change ballot boxes. We still remember the floating boxes found in the river. The deployment of the rogue goons to create fear, threatened the voters and changing and manipulating the ballot boxes, and the extensive use of government and public resources gave them almost absolute advantage.

French researcher Sophie Lemiere, Malaysians should express our thanks to you for a well-researched report. How, we wish this report can reach those rural Malays so their eyes can be opened.

My family and I suffered at the hands of these Umno gangsters simply because the three of us wore Bersih T-shirts at the Ambiga Sreenavasan ceramah in Merlimau, Malacca, which was subsequently

The repairs to my damaged vehicle cost more than RM2,000. Police reports were made and the matter reported to Suhakan but up to now nothing has happened.

Is this Allah-fearing nation, I have told Allah that I'll not forgive them. I have every confidence that Allah will take revenge for me in time.

This is certainly the mark of a Satanic regime. May Allah hears the cries of his people.

Sophie Lemiere is our new Malaysian darling when the likes of the White House has failed to stand up for democracy in Malaysia in the name of TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement).

This is a perplexing problem that Pakatan Rakyat may not have the ability to overcome. All Malaysians who reject BN must work together to develop a network to prevent people from joining these gangs as it is not in the best political interest of the police and BN to curb these gangs.

We need to beef up social support networks integrated with private sector employment to wean these members away from gang activities, depriving Umno-BN the ability to cordon roads, disturb peaceful assemblies, threaten violence when purported racial/religious supremacy is challenged in debates

Top politicians were known to work with Mafia. What do the voters know ? They were asked to be loyal to individuals, not the country. For God's sake you must not be surprise to read the news on the link between a Minister and a crmininal.


People like Mugabe dared to continue because he thought his gang was the most powerful. He will continue to plunder public fund, and act arrogantly. Once in Taiwan, gangsters didn't bribe the politicians, they became ones. The weak and helpless in the Middle East had no choice but to join ISIS.

There are a lot of literature pursuing on these topics for your perusal. And if you keep on digging into it and watch Hollywood movies on some real stories then you will be able to compare the power of global gangsters and how they operate.

Democracy is a haven for capitalists and gangsters. If they cannot be politicians, it is enough for them to be a policeman. The human trafficking story that is still a hot news involves a high ranking Thai police.

17/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Nazri talked like a low class gangster when he implied that he was elected by the people while the Tengku Mahkota wasn't. Karpal Singh could have said the same thing. Surely others are saying the same thing too, which means Karpal and Nazri is bigger than the King. But Karpal had to suffer just by quoting what is in the constitution.

Nazri was not elected by the people of Malaysia nor Malaya. He was elected by a handful of stupid people who thought they would get all the benefit by licking his boot. He should read what the people commented about him. He probably thinks the whole of Malayans like him.

If Karpal was bad, Nazri is no better than the former. The former was a very successful lawyer and well respected.

Is UMNO becoming more barbaric and so very stupid ? They live on the denying syndrome and stubbornly pulling the economy down. They should examined 1MDB more closely with a free mind. Even today it is borrowing money to pay the interest and the other lender. It sell cheap asset at a very high price to the body controlled by the government to gather cash to pay the loan. They found they still could cope with it. And they come up with GST, and hiking toll and gasoline price.

The Sabahans and the Sarawakians may love Nazri as much as they love their own chiefs who plundered their lands.

Najib, as an elected person, has a numerous bodyguards around him. Should he, if he is chosen by the people ? Why not Nazri call for a special election next week just to find out whether the whole Malayans like him or not ?

The country can bet that any low class gangster will not get voted.





Kebelakangan ini, saya hanya menyuarakan pandangan supaya mereka yang diberikan amanah jangan salahkan rakyat kerana hilang keyakinan dan kepercayaan terhadap anda, tetapi fikirkanlah mengapa rakyat telah hilang keyakinan dan kepercayaan terhadap anda. Nampaknya teguran saya secara baik ini telah mendapat maklum balas yang kasar daripada seorang menteri. Kalau saya mendapat jawapan sedemikian, apa harapan untuk teguran rakyat lain didengar?

Anda seorang menteri, bukannya tuhan dari syurga yang tidak boleh ditegur. Jangan fikir rakyat negara ini wujud untuk memberikan anda jawatan dan kekayaan, tetapi jawatan tersebut wujud supaya anda memberikan khidmat kepada rakyat. Apabila saya bersuara, saya melakukannya sebagai pemimpin rakyat saya, rakyat Johor dan Malaysia. Saya hanya mengingatkan para pemimpin negara ini bahawa mereka mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat, dan nampaknya oleh sebab itu saya diserang.

Dalam aturan dunia yang baru, saya membayangkan masa depan di mana setiap orang mempunyai hak menyuarakan pendapat masing-masing. Namun, keadaan di Malaysia pada hari ini tidaklah begitu, menteri-menteri pantang ditegur. Saya rela dicemuh untuk mempertahankan perkara yang benar, daripada disanjung untuk membela perkara yang salah.

Saya bukan ahli politik. Saya hanya bertanggungjawab kepada Allah, Sultan saya, dan rakyat Johor. Saya bukannya menjalankan suruhan seperti boneka. Johor hanya mempunyai tempat bagi mereka yang mahu berkhidmat kepada rakyat, bukan untuk mereka yang mahu meraih undi demi kepentingan peribadi.

Akan tiba suatu masa, di mana rakyat Johor perlu membuat keputusan demi kebaikan masa depan kita dan generasi yang akan datang. Kita akan bersatu dan membuat keputusan tersebut sebagai Bangsa Johor, untuk menempa masa depan kita. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh. Saya berdiri untuk rakyat saya, bukan untuk merebut kuasa, bukan untuk menumbangkan kerajaan, tetapi untuk menjaga kesejahteraan rakyat saya.

Saya tidak pernah menyuruh sesiapa berundur atau meletak jawatan, hanya sekadar memberi ingatan kepada ahli politik berkenaan peranan dan tanggungjawab mereka. Sekiranya perkara seperti itu pun anda tidak boleh terima, jelaslah kepada seluruh rakyat betapa angkuh dan sombongnya anda.

Alhamdulillah, saya telah dikurniakan dengan kehidupan yang selesa. Kalau hendak diikutkan, saya boleh hidup dalam dunia saya sendiri tanpa menghiraukan permasalahan rakyat, tetapi saya di sini berdiri teguh bersama mereka. Jadi kepada mereka yang ingin mencemar imej saya dan menjadikan saya musuh awam nombor satu, sesungguhnya rakyat lebih bijak dan mampu menilai sendiri.

Jangan gunakan saya untuk mengalihkan tumpuan daripada isu-isu nasional yang lain. Negara ini memerlukan ahli politik yang bersih dan telus, yang menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka dengan keikhlasan dan integriti.

-DYAM Brigadier Jeneral Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Tunku Mahkota Johor.



Of late, I just voiced out my opinion and a reminder that people who has been entrusted with the responsibility to not blame the people for losing trust and confidence in them, but think of why the people no longer have the confidence and trust in them. Apparently my gentle reminder has been met with a rather hostile response from a minister. If I got such a reply, then what chances does the rest of the rakyat have?

You are a minister, not a God from the heavens who lord above everybody. Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth, but the position exists for you to serve the people. When I voice out, I do it as the leader of my rakyat, on behalf of Johoreans and Malaysians. All I did is to remind the leaders of the country that they have a responsibility to serve the people, and for this, I am attacked.

In the new world order, I envision a future that every person has a right to voice their opinions. However, that is not the case in Malaysia today, where ministers think they are untouchable. I am willing to be cursed for standing up for what is right, rather than be loved for defending what is wrong.

I am not a politician. I am only answerable to Allah, my Sultan and the people of Johor. I do not do the bidding of some puppet-master who pulls the strings. Johor only has place for those who want to serve the people, not for those who want to garner votes for their own interests.

There will come a time, when the Johorean people must decide what is best for us and our future generations. Decide and unite we will, as Bangsa Johor, to forge our future. United we stand strong, divided we fall. I stand for my rakyat, not to joust for power, not to topple the government, but to ensure the well-being of my people.

I never told anybody to step down or resign, only to remind politicians of their roles and responsibilities. If you cannot deal with that, it just shows your arrogance to the people. Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a comfortable life, and I can just live my own life and be oblivious to the worries of my people, but here I am, standing firm by their side. So for those wanting to tarnish my image and make me public enemy number one, the people are smarter than that, and they can think for themselves.

Do not use me to divert the attention from national issues. This country needs politicians who are clean and transparent, who carry out their duties with sincerity and integrity.

-HRH Brigadier General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, The Crown Prince of Johor.

15/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Songs that are sweet to my ears may not be to yours. At 68 I still appreciate what I called good music and beautiful songs. I don't buy albums or listen to songs. Once in a while when I came across a vocal of nice melody I would pause to listen to them. Yeh Sama, a Hindi song, is one of them. Others are Besame Mucho, Seroja and Widuri.




No matter who sang those songs they would captivate my soul. I tried to memorize the lyrics. They did not stay long with me. In time every word fades from my mind. I am glad there are people who share similar taste and published these songs on the Facebook.

14/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The trip to Balkan is months ahead. I may die first before the day arrive. As usual I would make a long preparation. In my previous trip I bought 4 pieces of new shirts which I wore only 2. The rest I used shirts I bought about 20 years ago. The colors and designs that I like today may seen as stale next week, and I won't wear them again.

During my last window shopping there was a much discounted sale at Pacific. Each cost less than RM50. I bought 5 pieces, enough for the 14 day visit.

The point is not about buying shirts but what about the unwanted ones. There were several which I never wore, or wore once. I don't have any more room to keep them. I decided to give away to people whom I think is poor. Choosing and folding some Batik and other casual T-Shirts, I put them in a plastic bag. I placed the bag in front of my house as it was a fine day, hoping for someone to pick it up. Till evening it was still there.

I picked it up and put in my car, thinking I could find someone I can give to.

This morning I drove through Jitra on the way to Bukit Kayu Hitam to buy some fireworks. I saw a man sweeping the road. I stopped my car and move towards him with my bag. I told him that I have some shirts to give away. "I don't need them. Find someone else." I went back to my car with frustration. In my mind even the blue collar workers earn a lot of money. They may not reject it if it was some big cash.

About a mile away I saw another sweeper. I went to him with my bag, and told him about the condition of the dress I was going to give away. "You want to give me ? " He asked. "Yes, if you want them." He was very glad to accept the bag.

Each shirt cost me between RM35 to RM60. I seldom used batik anymore except for the festivities. I have two pieces of expensive designs I bought while I was working. And I have been wearing them many times.

I remember my religious teacher told me, that dress to be given away should be the new ones, not the shabbily torn ones or those we have been using many times. My maid asked for my unused shirts to be given for her husband. I was very glad and permitted her to choose the nice ones only. She went back with 30 KG of dresses in her luggage, minus the 8 KGs carrying.

I made a policy not to give away trousers unless they are new and unused.

 Rejecting usable gifts created an impression that the people whom we think are poor are really not poor. Thanks to the minimum wage law. The bag snatchers and garbage hunters go on motorbikes to do their daily business. Moonlighting would give them double earnings. If the whole family work the total household income would be at least RM2500.

At the jogging track I saw almost everyone was holding a smart phone each in the playground area. School boys and girls were seen to own one too. People going for the BRIM came out of a car carrying the stylish cell-phone. How poor is the poor Malaysians ?

Probably you have come across a beggar who refused to accept 50 cents and walked away without it saying 'stingy person' to you ?

14/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am eyeing at a new toy called Quad Copter, now has a camera fixed to it, priced range from RM200 - RM500. It is available at almost all toy shops in the country.

It would be a nice hobby to try but it could turn out to a frustrating one. The battery won't last even 15 minutes of flying. The average will be about 10 minutes. We are not genius enough like the American youths who can overcome the problem. Or there may be a durable and powerful batteries manufactured. They may not be accessible to the laymen.


I believe that in time to come it will become a very popular hobby.

The unit cost about USD2000


My decision to quit buying ham gear other than CW key open up to the purchase of an RM8000 flying kit. That is the cost of a Balkan or Eastern European trips. Surely it is lighter than my RM8K 756 Pro or my old FT101B. I hope my dream will come true.

12/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't take a single cent of 1Mdb's money)

A cent can't do a thing, a billion can do wonders. Couldn't that money be used to buy people to make decision for ourselves ? Who would you buy then ? It is a question and you find the answer.

It is hard to talk about integrity where money is concerned. There is an amount that can always break the camel's back. Corruption is not Malaysians, it is all over the world; the White, the Black, the Brown and the Yellow give for a favor, and take to honor the request. Many a time they were disguised under the name to gift, help the needy, a reward and a responsibility. We tend to think the White skin communities do not know the words corrupt and corruption. Many were shock to whatever happened in FIFA.

Everyday people take money from others, not belonging to them, also using different names. What is with an exchange for goods and services is rendered as legal. What without is termed robbing. The goods and services must be of acceptable of equal value. If a roti canai is sold at 1.50 a piece it is an equal and acceptable value. If it costs 25 dollars a piece it is called robbing or blood sucking capitalist whore.

Government takes money from people in term of direct and indirect taxes. Insurances and highways and other bodies too enjoy similar prerogative. As far as government's collection is concerned the public need to know where their money go to. Expenditure on defense, security and safety of the populace is well understood. Healthcare an education consumed a big bulk of national coffer.

The fund collected by the government is not BN's or UMNO's money. If they are to be of BN or UMNO's then only UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan members are subject to taxation. Only then funds for development can only be distributed only to BN's members. Statement like "You vote for PAS you will not see the wind of development" is considered coming from Satanic specie.

When Taib Mahmud stole the timber in Sarawak he did not steal from the Sarawakians. If Najib did not use the government of Malaysia as a guarantor and did not use any public fund to pay interest of the loan or the loan itself, he too did not steal from the people. But he did. And people are sniffing around to see whether part of the loan is used to pay to individuals in the audit department, the police chief, the AG and other relevant people to make decision or say things as to his favor. A cent would not arose any suspicion but a few billions will.

A Haji or a clerick can easily succumb even to a small amount of money, especially the poor religious clerics. Hadi would be easily satisfied if his son-in-law get a few hundred thousands, or a simple visit by PM to see him in hospital ward. An educated and ethical person with strong mind may not succumb to a few thousand dollar gift but may lose consciousness as the amount has reached a few hundred thousands to a million. How strong one can be to reject a few hundred thousands. I worked my whole life but cannot accumulate even a hundred kilo.

Today the public begins to get skeptical about judges taking money for the favorable judgment. It has been proven that the judiciary had been manipulated before. May a man be a priest, a Haji or a man of holly place I won't trust him with his integrity. He won't touch a cent but he won't reject a sack of big money.

At least 50% of the citizens do not trust the police anymore for the parts they have been playing in attacking the political parties and protecting individuals.

If you ask me whether I would betray a friend for a million I would not answer you. Probably I would say "Show me the money".

Criminals tend to hide behind the available law from exposing their crimes like the OSA and bank acts. But the members of the public do judge by what they see.

The big questions are 'How much is Najib willing to pay to save himself from any charges ? Where would he get the money from ? How much had he spend to boost his local and international image ? He cannot dodge the question by pointing at Mahathir misdeeds.

11/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I was having my dinner at a restaurant when TV3 news was airing 1MDB issues. Arul Kandasamy was said to admit that he lied to Najib. To me it is a big joke for a billion dollar company owned by the government is happy to employ a liar. Arul had lied about the source of money to pay to the bank before. But this is not the point. When Najib was accused of lying in parliament, PMO said it was the Ministry's staff who prepared the reply. The liar was the civil servant. PMO said it was not lying but it was merely a misinterpretation. It was the cash in Singapore bank but the unit. Now Arul says he was lying about it.

Then Jazlan said that the 42 billions was not missing because the audit says they saw the bank statement. Mind you the bank statement cannot show the total of 42 billion. The total amount in the statements in 2015, 2014, 2013 cannot be at that figure. It has to be much less. If Jazlan believe the sum in the bank statement is 42 billion, then it has to be a real big lie.


The money was said to have been invested and in the purchase of the properties. These monies are not with the 1MDB anymore. Which bank statement are they talking about ? The movement of cash into Jho Lo's account too would not show the balance in the 1MDB bank statement. If 2 billion were invested in company Y, then the 2 billion is in the Y company's account. If 5 billion were used to buy a hundred million dollar land then the 5 billion is in the company that sold the land. What the people want to know why the cheap land was bought at a high price ?

How much is exactly in 1MDB account now ? Surely the skeptic need several months to check the authenticity of the paper statement. Anyone can type anything on any paper. Laymen like us have been seeing plenty of papers from all sort of departments brought by beggars to show to us.

Remember, the ability to pay the debt is from the profit, not from any other source, like GST for instant.

10/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

(Petikan dari FB dan


Puteri Zainah Iskandar- Isteri pertama Najib


Inilah Kisah Sedih Puteri Zainah Iskandar, Isteri Pertama PM, Dato' Seri Najib Razak | Semua orang tahu Datin Hajah Rosmah Mansor atau lebih dikenali sebagai BikMama@LadyFirst ialah isteri kedua Dato Seri Hj Mohd Najib Razak, PM Malaysia. Manakala, Isteri pertama PM Najib Razak pula ialah seorang insan bernama Puteri Zainah binti Iskandar (kerabat diraja Kelantan), perempuan pertama yang bersama PM Najib membina kehidupan. Siapakah Puteri Zainah ini? Mari kenalinya lebih dekat lagi..

Dia adalah wanita pertama yang berada di sisi PM Najib. Wanita pertama yang berada di kiri PM Najib diatas pelamin yang kilau gemilau suatu ketika dahulu. Wanita pertama yang menjadi teman tidur PM Najib yang sah. Wanita pertama yang meyendukkan nasi ke pinggan PM Najib. Wanita pertama yang mengambil baju dan seluar PM Najib untuk ke pejabat. 

Walaupun ada kuasa yang cuba untuk menafikannya, namun sejarah dan biologi tidak boleh menafikan bahawa darah wanita ini ada dalam tubuh tiga orang anak Perdana Menteri itu, Mohd Nizar, Puteri Norlisa dan Mohd Nasifuddin. 

Puteri Zainah masih hidup dan masih sihat wal afiat. Cebisan kenangan indah dan buruk beliau dengan PM Najib masih terpapar di kepalanya. Dia juga berhak sebenarnya bercakap mengenai PM Najib. Dia masih waras untuk bercerita segala-galanya dari malam pertama sehinggalah kemalam terakhir kehidupan rumah tangganya bersama PM Najib.

Sebelum Datin Rosmah Mansor menjelma dalam kamus hidup PM Najib, Puteri Zainah atau lebih dikenali dengan Ku Yie inilah yang mengikut PM Najib ke majlis-majlis kerajaan. Yang menemani PM Najib menziarahi rakyat di Pekan dan seluruh Pahang semasa PM Najib menjadi Menteri Besar Pahang dulu. Ku Yie lah yang menjadi pujaan dan kesayangan Tun Puan Rahah. 

Mungkin ada juga yang tak tahu bahawa bekas suami Datin Hajah Rosmah Mansor ialah Farid Ismeth Emir iaitu pembaca berita Dunia Jam 10 di RTM1. Manakala anak perempuan Datin Hajah Rosmah Mansor bersama Farid Ismeth pulak ialah Azrene Soraya iaitu isteri kepada penyanyi yang juga pakar motivasi terkenal Datuk Dr Fazley.

YM Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Iskandar, bekas isteri Perdana Menteri yang juga dahulu pernah menjadi Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak menangkis fitnah-fitnah yang menuduh beliau tidak siuman dan uzur untuk menjalankan tanggungjawabnya sebagai seorang isteri.


Menurutnya, fitnah-fitnah tersebut sengaja disebarkan untuk menjatuhkan imej dan memalukan beliau sebagai salah seorang kerabat di-Raja Kelantan. Tengku Puteri Zainah menegaskan beliau tetap tabah dan berusaha menyelamatkan rumahtangganya daripada menuju keretakan meskipun fitnah-fitnah tersebut sering menghantui kehidupannya. 

Walaubagaimanapun telah ditakdirkan Allah SWT penceraian berlaku juga antara beliau dengan Datuk Seri Najib pada bulan April 1987, 28 tahun yang lalu. Menurut Tengku Puteri Zainah lagi, beliau telah diceraikan tanpa pengetahuannya dengan beberapa alasan. 

Beliau melahirkan rasa sedihnya kerana walaupun setelah menjalanikan hidup berumahtangga selama hampir 10 tahun dan telah dikurniakan seramai tiga cahayamata, tiba-tiba diceraikan tanpa pengetahuan beliau. 

Tengku Puteri Zainah juga memberitahu bahawa sebelum penceraian berlaku, beliau serta bekas suaminya tidak pernah bersengketa. Cuma selepas suaminya dilantik menjadi Menteri Belia Dan Sukan di tahun 1987, Datuk Najib tidak pulang ke rumah selama lebih enam bulan sebaliknya beliau menetap di hotel. 

Menurut beliau, Datuk Seri Najib hanya mengunjungi beliau di waktu-waktu tertentu sahaja ketika beliau ditempatkan di rumah milik kerajaan.

Tengku Puteri Zainah diceraikan dengan talak satu kini tinggal bersama dengan tiga anaknya Mohd. Nizar, Puteri Nerlisa, dan Mohd. Naziffuddin. Tengku Puteri Zainah telah berjaya menuntut nafkah sara hidup sementara untuk beliau dan anak-anaknya dari bekas suaminya itu di Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah. 

Tengku Puteri Zainah dan anak-anak, walaupun cuba menunjukkan kegembiraan di wajah masing-masing, tetapi itu hanya sekadar kegembiraan kerana menyambut kedatangan Hari Raya, bergambar di pagi Hari Raya Puasa 1987.

Pada malam menjelang Hari Raya itu juga lah PM Najib dan Rosmah telah pergi ber'honeymoon' di Eropah. Juga menjadi pertama kali nya Nizar, Puteri Norlisa dan Naziffuddin berhari raya tanpa bapa mereka disisi.


10/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A leader must have a clear vision of what sort of nation is he/she to create. Mahathir has a futuristic Malaysia like a sci-fi advance living with hitech communication and transportation system with no smoke and no noise pollutions. He will gear all the available resources towards achieving the goal. The goal is very realistic and achievable. The best is to do them ourselves, else we have to purchase them.

When I was first on the monorail in Disneyland in the early 80's I felt I was on top of the world, a few among the Malaysians was to taste the ride. Today it has become a public transportation system in Kuala Lumpur.

It was during his period we heard of the term 'enhancing a dignity of the Malays' for the Malays are looked as pariah owing to their ignorance, arrogance, lack of skills and less competitive. He stressed on Sciences and technology and to pursue English as a tool for technological advancement.

We may or may not agree with him. But his vision was clear.

If a leader is without any realistic vision, his mind will run wild. One of it he will only think how to remain in power and how to make money as much as possible for himself and the rest to corrupt the people. Marcos gave out money during the general election and the public charged him as guilty and deposed him.

The aspiration of the people and the leaders towards the common goal that push China to achieve the goal of space exploration and other advance technology. So are the Koreans. They built a very strong educational foundation for decades. Korea surpassed many nations in their technology sold to worldwide consumers, smart phones and motor vehicles.

You must not be surprise to know that there are leaders who want the Malays to remain stupid so that they could easily be deceived and lied and cheated, to be blind to see the country is ruined by the hanky panky management of public funds.

Greed is not a vision. Using public funds for personal comfort is not a vision too.

10/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Having fail to hear Morse codes on 7 Mhz I went to WEBSDR.ORG. On 6606.47 there was a station transmitting codes like I used to listen many years ago, messages from ship to shore. That helped me a lot in mastering CW. It is sending 5 alpha-numeric characters in a group.

Scanning up I heard W5GJ,Bob, on 7025.28 working I1MMR. The later is very much stronger. It is 9.28 am local time. A few more stations were heard sending at a speed of about 10-12 words per minutes. If we are at 9.28 am, somewhere in the United States is at 9.28 pm. In the good old days when the band was opened there were hundreds of powerful stations slammed in at 59+ RS at 6.00+ pm local.

Those who want to hear CW and could not do so from the home station, might want to try the You don't have to download any software. It is the url itself. Type it. Try on Saturday night and Sunday morning in the West when hams do not go to work. You will begin to learn and know whether they use machines or their otherwise to copy an send Morse.

Since ship to shore is still in existence, it would be the most appropriate for the new comers to learn copying. That was what I had been doing and I knew I slowly developed the copying skill.

It is a pity that 7Mhz seems to be an Indonesian band. We don't have to blame others for the happening. Neither did it start by the new hams. What happened is not for the literature.

Never think Morse is not used anymore just because you do not use it. Even no-code hams are trying their best to have the Morse communication.

09/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Physic and metaphysic. Reality versus myth. Are we to blame the nude Europeans that caused the wrath of the earth ? If we choose to believe in mystical power of the unseen and the unknown, we need also to blame the series of bad luck that have been striking us soon after the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. Surely we cannot put the blame on the visitors.

Science has the answer and there are volumes of books written on it. We need to study more on the earth crust and the location and it's activity.

However to the believers it is the sign of the end of times. Both Islam and Christianity is talking about it. The end of time differs from the retribution from God for the sins of mankind. If God shows His wrath on the sinful creatures, Europe should be the target where sexual acts, and free sex, the freedom of drug consumption, and the same sex marriages are more sinful and against the religion of Christianity and Islam.

Bangkok is sex city. It is blooming healthily.

People live in fear of disaster and lament after it struck, losing homes and other properties. Lives went missing. The trauma is far from end.

Mhayuddin, Hadi and Kit Siang went to the affected area without announcing to anyone and they were there fast. I am sure there were many other Malayan who rushed together with financial support, unknown and untold. Enemies become friends. All Malaysians must give support to the victims without any political gimmick.

I see things in my nonsensical way. There is a Malay proverb ' Sudah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga' to indicate that misfortunes strike successively. The more Najib defend 1MDB the lower our ringgit become, increasing prices of import items. We have problems of FGV Feldo stuff. We are paying millions each day for the 1MDB interest. Now the quake and Najib is away. It keeps on coming and the Malaysians must buckle up themselves. I never believe they were co-incidences.

If we can't fight fate then we can study our readiness in facing the quake that has just happened. What if it happen again ? As quake is usually followed by Tsunami, are we prepared for the calamities ? What sort of organizations are already operating at every part of Sabah and Sarawak, both which are larger than the Peninsular Malaysia ?

I just felt sad the victims will be given RM1000. How much did the family of the victims of MH370 and MH17 get ? Prices of commodities in Sabah are costlier than the Peninsular. I wonder what is going to be done to the damage homes and properties.

The Sabahans have a great deal to ponder.

08/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is a risk in most business. Many companies experience loses and closed shop. If 1MDB is facing the same fate it can very much be tolerated. Yet people may ask what is the business of a government doing a business when it's main function is to stimulate the economic growth and for stronger economy. Instead we are hunting for money to pay a very high interest rate per day. Najib at any cost will not disclose the interest 1MDB has to pay, not for the loan, but of it's interest. If this question is thrown at a forum, the public will not hear a true figure. It would be a very scary and bizarre numbers.

Najib may ask Saudi Arabia to help in the settling the debt, which could easily be resolved.

But it will not account for any misappropriation. 1MDB took a long time to set the figure of respective investments. It met with a defiance rebuttal pointing at the string of lies that originated from 1MDB guys. The Ministry of finance too was playing with terms and words which many accountants rejected.

When Jho Lo is using the money belongs to 1MDB nobody from Najib's camp pretend there is nobody by that name and nothing happen between Jho Lo and 1MFB's money.

The opposition wants to know about the real cash, not merely the numbers on sheet of papers. For instant if 1MDB purchase a thousand dollar land for 1 billion they want to know whether the seller has 1 billion dollars liquid money, and that is not a temporary amount put on the seller's name.

Even the money used by Reza Aziz to buy property has to be answered. Any lie won't last long. People need to know whether Jho Lo financed Rosmah's son.

The demeanor of the Finance Ministry is against the General Order laid out by the British. The venture has created suspicion and seen to be dishonest and corrupt.

If Saudi Arabia is willing absorb all of the 1MDB, good or bad, then it is a relief for us.

But Parliament has to be made supreme, not Putrajaya. As it is now it looks like that Putrajaya is running the parliamentary institution.

We cannot tolerate all others, other than the losing by the poor management of 1MDB.

A criminal cannot be allowed to hide behind his title or post. That's what the Kingdom of Thailand is treating the last lady Prime Minister as.

07/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Have it ever occurred to you that Jho Lo is only a proxy, doing the business for a certain person ? I would think that the big bulk of the poor policemen are protecting the scam, otherwise they would have made several arrests by now. If Jho Lo were kidnapped and forced to reveal the person, he would surely expose who the person is.


The police does not earn much and they cannot do as much as they want. We won't forget a young policeman in Sarawak who was trying to investigate the illegal logging alone, was advised by his colleague not to be too zealous in his work, and he was finally shot and killed. Most were commanded to obey orders. And that they did.

Just because they obey orders some members of the public equate them with the government's running dog and being attacked mercilessly by political party members. A few pious ones who could not stand the force who want to quit could not do so because they don't have enough saving when they are jobless.

What if they know that Jho Lo is working for an individual to rake public money and manipulate the fund for personal enrichment ? There is nothing that they can do. They have to remain silent and whisper nothing, not even to their own friends. What had happened to Zaidi was a strong and clear warning.

We would expect the top cops would do something. They too follow orders.

07/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Once the police said that teachers were the culprit who sowed anti-government sentiments among their students. The growing number of anti-government citizens were wrongly diagnosed. It was not due to the teachers but due to the arrogance of UMNO members in work places and kampongs, with cocky behaviors and harsh voice when talking to people. They thought they were untouchable.

In our school, there was one such a person, a non-teaching staff not even with a college degree, who thought highly of himself. The hatred towards UMNO by almost of all the teachers were very intense and reached the peak during the trial of Anwar Ibrahim. That was the time when exam questions mentioned Mahathir's siblings in the mathematics test papers.

Everyday the teachers analyzed the court proceedings and cursed Mahathir for every alteration of charges on time, date and other happenings. When we later heard of the death of those who were conspiring to jail Anwar we came to agree that it was the punishment from God.

Why God did not take away Mahathir's life ? We were told of his consuming a very special drug which was very costly that could turn an old man to be active and young. I told them that probably God wants him to live longer and to punish him in the present world for his doing. Many came to agree with the prediction.

Long after that we split. Some retires and some went on transfer. I retired in 2003, not in the same school. Now is 2015. I see our past prediction comes true. It was the comeuppance on Mahathir. And Najib jailed Anwar. Najib got the punishment more sooner.

Mahathir's mental agony is now known by all. He elected a man who did not care less about him. Najib is using all of the nation resource to debase and discredit him. He is being bullied and tortured.

I fear the consequence that will befell Najib could be worse and bizarre. Rosmah has been equate to Marrie Antoinette. The police already imagining of kidnapping and bombing building by IS members. If the police predicts of the coming of IS in Malaysia and somehow it does then nobody can save the country. However I don't think the Malaysians would topple the government using arms.

Let the police assess the degree of hatred on Rosmah by the citizens to gauge the possible action of the possible consequences of punishment. You can try to imagine it by yourself.

We are observing what sort of comeuppance is faced by Mahathir. I believe he will suffer as much as many of us had been sufferings under his tenure.

To me 1MDB is not the last that is haunting Najib. There will be bigger evil that will strike the nation. I believe in the mystery of the unknown, the evil spirit of bad luck residing in an evil lady who had brought a series of misfortunes to the nation from HM370 to economic strain and poor performance in sports and games. Most of all the Malays will break and dissipate. Singapore is the mirror.

06/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof











It is the grassroots who are suffering from Najib's economic policy. They have to pay more for the cost of living. They are fumed by Rosmah's extravaganza, and fed up with the lies they themselves told the voters. In Malaya only those of the top civil servants and the members of the Propaganda unit still obey Najib. The level of anger towards Najib is at a very dangerous height.

Does Najib know this ? He does. That's why he bought a new jet. It could save him in case of an uprising. He prefers to be in Sarawak and Sabah, states were divorced from Malaya before the formation of Malaysia. Taking literally Sabah and Sarawak are the strangers adopted by Malaya. It is highly possible that Najib be made a ruler of Sarawak and Rosmah of Sabah if Malaya is not a safe place for both.

To the laymen like us we don't believe in such thing as uprising to topple the government. Not to the police who imagine things from all angles and possibilities. The police targeted the Malays to be militants and try to associate a few with the ISIS.

Now the pressure is from UMNO. The longer the delay by Najib, the more spoil he brought to the Malays. BN and RM have changed from Barisan National to Bini Najib and Ringgit Malaysia to Rosmah Mansor. The degree of disrespect shown on Najib by the citizens is down the mud, and very disturbing. I am sure people in PMO read those comments too. Attempts to fight back were too weak. The lashings were hard and strong. Najib must be told. Let him read himself.

Someone must advise PM to take a long vacation and forget Malaysia for a few months, take a rest in Switzerland, Finland, Hawaii, South Pole and Bolly Wood. Let Mahyuddin run the country in his own way. That will cool down the UMNO grassroots who are dropping big bombs on PM.

05/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There are two activities that are almost dying from my passion; computer programming and hamming. Once I was fearful of their diminishing away and living me in limbo, like taking my life away. But now my interest in them seem to be faded.

Probably ageing could be the main cause, the decay of body and mental metabolism that made me lazy to crack my brain in planning the code algorithm and to quest into a new arena of programming for the Apples. Furthermore Apple programming is not free. We were given free software but we have to pay for publishing. I can't pay even if it is only a dollar. I don't possess the plastic money.

As for the ham radio the world seems to be changing too. All over the old hams began to disappear. Many went to meet God. In the country they have lost the interest totally. When an antenna dropped it remained there unattended. One of the most active in the yesteryears was Rajamani, 9m2RJ, whom we nicked him as Raja Jepun. He is still strong and agile. His location is never friendly for a dipole erection. Bahar never came back for an unknown reason. When there was disintegration their voices become dead on the band.

Thanks to the enhancing of computer technology that has cushioned all the previous fear. I have a blog to type, movies to download and watch, and various news to follow, and the numerous communication channels to choose. A long distant communication is made possible for free with visual technology. Almost everyday you will receive some news through Whatsup and Facebook.

Occasionally I would switch on my radio, scanning the band and listen to people talking and it gave me ideas on the state of ethics, morality and discipline of the common people around the region. I wouldn't want to say more about it. I do not manufacture them. Some people did.

Though hamming has much been reduced, I intend to buy another electronic CW key by MFJ. At least I can exercise my fingers and keep my mind alert. If my radio were to get kaput one by one, I won't buy a new one to replace them. I can use WebSdr to monitor Morse communications for my mental exercise.

Morse codes is just another language. I was almost at a lost when I visited Hanoi recently. I could not speak even a word of Vietnamese as I could speak Thai and Chinese. I wont want to lose those abilities. Sometimes I spoke Mandarin and Thai to myself while driving. These are treasures we have to keep. Some other hobbies we could somehow dispel with.

Shifting from radio and programming to writing are not the shifting and changing of interest. Rather they are the shift in focus. What is so special about writing is, it is my weakest ability that had failed me all along from my school days till now. I failed in all my English test, scored poorly in GRE. Like one of my friends who dare and brave enough to speak in English despite his broken grammar, I too prefer to push myself trying to express something which I very much hope people would understand me. It is a great challenge. And I really love it.

In ham radio what remain a glory is the Morse codes send and received using human minds and manual skills. There is nothing else.

 05/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Many of us don't know how much we love our spouse when we think we were. I don't know how much I love my wife until she was bed ridden and passed away. I have been alone and doing some traveling alone for days yet during that time I always felt she was just beside me. Now without her I really feel the emptiness and very lonely. I prefer to be alone than be with friends. Many a time a have a lovely dream so surreal that I have had a filling of fulfillment, about togetherness with the whole family.

One student of mine from a Chinese school who married a wealthy man who is now 72 and she 53 and had bear several children. She has a factory and shop houses given to her. "My income is 20K per month, cikgu," she told me. "I have a lot of money but I am  not happy. I perished my my love for 33 years and now he betrays me." Her husband had a 38 years old girl friend. I know how much she loves him. She talked about committing suicide. I am still her teacher and I am trying my best to keep her sober and straight.

There is another Malay student whose husband has given her whatever she wants.  Observing her flirting with several men, I feel her love towards him is not really deep as the other one.

Money and materials could not guarantee happiness and satisfaction. I think love is about care and sincerity. 'Till death we depart' is the real union which had been very common in the past, less true at present time. Divorce was rare in the past. Though polygamy was allowed in Islam, it hard to find a man who marry more than one or flirting around.

Love is not in the words one utters. We don't describe with words.

When I put my wife on her wheelchair, took her to bath and nurse her vowel, put on her dress and combed her hair, I knew what love is. Let her soul and spirit be with me now so that I won't feel lonely.

There were one or two ladies who threw smiles at me. I never response because I felt I belong to someone else, as if my wife is still living. Truly indeed I love my wife that much.

Those students of mine have their own paths to follow. I can pray for their well being and will make the best decision to themselves. They will eventually realize what love really is.

05/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib is a Prime Minister. A man of honor should not be called a liar or the defender of liars.

If I run a company I could answer where about of my money, the lost and profit, within a few seconds. One of my bosses told the people in one meeting that he was very impressed when he wanted to know the result of his relative's application into my school. I gave almost an immediate detail, the parent's name and address and the former school.

Similarly I would be able to tell anyone the last balance of my account by disciplines immediately even if I am away in foreign land.

Why ? This is the age of computer and internet and the jobs were well done in an honest manner.

When Mahathir asked Najib to account where the money went, they took a long time to come up with a chart when Najib could have come with the answer at the most 1 hour. Mahathir may not be an accountant but there are many great minds who are well verse and who have put a very strong and convincing rebuttals. They lashed the cyber-trooper hard. They have responded on behalf of the ex-Prime Minister.

I am not so educated as those who challenged the 1MDB investment chart. So are many of us. Yet we do see many missing things to say 1MDB is making another attempt to lie. The phrase another attempt shows there have been previous attempt before. What were the previous ones ? Aru mentioned that Mr. Ananda Krishnen was giving a 2 billion to rescue 1MDB. Then the Finance office denied it. Then there was a letter of deposited cash into a Singapore Bank, which was denied by the bank.

I have been looking where about the name of PetroSaudi and the name Jho Lo who himself said he was not the final decision maker in the 1MDB. Money movement monitored not only belonging to Jho Lo but also Najib and Rosmah. I know 1MDB is working hard to convince the people that Sarawak Report is false. But it was Sarawak Report which exposed the Caymen fund in Singapore. It was a truth that failed to be denied.

Finally, I was trying to figure the running cost of 1MDB; the salaries, the rented buildings, the lawyers, the payment for the auditors, the utility bills and other expenses; they are not cheap. For 5 years the figure would reach a few millions or even billions. This amount is invisible. Where does the money come from if all were invested ? Oh Sorry, I forgot they put it under working capital. But surely we want to know the detail breakdown on the working capital.

Sooner or later 1MDB will be cornered again. Would Najib say it is not his responsibility for the lies ?


Nevertheless there will be somebody who will do the cross checking. There will be no transparency and things will be locked as top secret.

It looks like that 1MDB will be forking from the profitable companies owned or run by the Malays. Probably it will over the Haj job run by Tabung Haji to pay the running interest of the loan. The picture of it's glamorous projects and investments which promted Ku Nan to take it as the goose that lays the golden egg, can never be true simply because it is  DEBT RIDDEN company.

1MDB has to make sure it's bank account is completely secured from being seen and plucked by others. Mind you the restructuring is made after a very nasty attacked by Mahathir and concerned citizens. What it means it has been a long honeymoon ride from 2008 to now. We know that many bad stuffs have been erased as the eraser of immigration Altantuya's report.

The goose that lays the golden egg had several audit change before the final one in which Najib's son from his first wife was in it. And there was a CEO who resigned before the present one. Why ?

It never says how much interest has to be paid a day and how much income it gets per day.

For a primary school boy to lie nobody would give a damn to it but it should have not come from a Minister or a Ministry, and a high profile body. It is a shame.

04/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Who wants to know about the re-structuring of 1MDB ? I want to know how much of the money went to Jho Lo and how much of Jho Lo's money went to Najib's family. These were the questions that Najib were dodging most of the time. He won't allow any UMNO members to press him with them. And he will do anything and using all the resources to sway from the missing money. Mahathir charged Najib for committing a punishable crime.

Najib should learn the history of Dato' Harun Idris who was arrested and jailed despite of a strong support by the Malays throughout Malayan Peninsular. And about what is happening in Thailand. The evil in Thailand began with Taksin's wife and it dragged till now. And he should take a  retrospect of the role and activity of his spouse and seek around about the mystery of bad luck. If a great turbulence were to strike the consequence would be a grave one.

Probably the acceptable redemption is to put Rosmah back in her place and to recover back the 42 billions. If he chooses to ignore it I have a strong haunch his ending will be worst than Dato' Harun Idris. The current proxy war against Mahathir creates greater anger and the movement against him will peak up the vast momentum which can hit with deadly impact.

While Rosmah is winning in her game the country is experiencing a descending atmosphere in economy, sports, education and morality. Our currency value shrinks, FELDA scheme programs plunges and there is a hesitation in the real investment venture ( Najib can always create freak investor to boost his popularity ). Lim Chong Wei was struck with a misfortune and we are lag behind our neighbors in sports. The progress in sports is a mean to measure our mental prowess and ability. We are disgraced with our educational standard which we have been bragging much. We are getting more selfish and greedy and continue to lose social responsibility that lead to the non-stop crimes and drug distribution. It is the feng sui of 'soi seow'.

Najib should also consider whether the smile of the people he looked at will remain the same when they turn their back against him. Doing the road show could create a false image. I see his safety is by putting Rosmah at her proper place and he has to recover the 42 billion, before doing the restructuring. And Najib must not forget the fate of Dato' Harun Idris, Morsi, and the family of Taksin.

03/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I counted my money this morning. I have a hundred dollars left. It very well can last me for at least three days if I merely spend it for food. Only yesterday I bought a 9 watts LED bulb which cost me 27 dollars. a 9 watt bulb is enough to light my hall. I know my electricity bill will be less than a hundred. It was only forty The most expensive bill I have to commit is the internet. If for only surfing I would have cancelled it and opt for smart phone. But I have a blog to run.

If I think of money and saving, I have better be alone for the rest of my life. I don't foresee I can save anymore, or I cannot be as free, with a spouse,  as I am now . The hundred ringgit would be just a chicken feed, reasonable for a single, not to a family man.

These few days my breakfast is less than RM4, tomato rice with egg. In the good old days the same menu would fill our stomach with only 20 cents. We used to buy Ali Nasi Lemak near the Empire, "Nasi satu telur setengah." Now the greedy hawker has raised a cup of ice water to two dollars.

The TM net bill has arrived. I scratched my head a little. I decide to wait another 20 days to settle the bill.

I remember Shahidan Kassim, one of the law makers said, that he has to 'ikat perut' as the salary he gets was barely enough to buy food. Ministers were poor people. So were the people in Putrajaya. True enough there are a lot of people like me are richer than the people's representatives because we have been traveling overseas for vacation trip.

I do not smoke. I do not go to barbers for more than 30 years. Now that I live alone, I work on my own hair. I don't even use mirror but use the sense of my hands to explore it's cut. Just on these two items I can amass enough for my trip. The 600 cc car saved much on petrol. I didn't bother to queue up at midnight to fill my gas tank at the hike of fuel price.

I have no big saving other than the ASB. My pension is divided into two portions; traveling and food. When I went to see places I did not spend my money to buy souvenirs back home. Most of all I never bought anything for myself. When my wallet go really dry I have no choice but to dig some from the ATM machine. The cat food is about to finish.

Shahidan Kassim has got his salary increased. But they are still poor. We are the wealthy lots because we travel to see places, we enjoy splendid cendol and rojak and cucur udang at the night market.

02/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One day a beggar mat come to your house and you give him a dollar. He takes the money, look at you and walked away and shouts, "Only a dollar for a rich man like you. A stingy capitalist. Go to hell." What would you feel ? Many a time you extend your help without any ulterior motive but in return you become the object of curse. This was the relationship between Anwar and Mahathir and between Najib and Mahathir.

I cannot criticized the government all the time. I am not at all being neglected as a pensioner. I have more than enough despite having have to struggle at the rising cost of living. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia has awarded me what I was supposed to have within a short period of time, on funeral service donation, my wife pension fund and her medical expenditures.

I have responsibilities; to be grateful for the good deeds of the government and to see the citizens welfare are well taken care off. I cannot bite the hand that feed me and I can't allow the other hand to pull the trigger on other innocent men.

Many of UMNO members and Ministers are in my position. As I observed many say nothing at the wrong doings of their boss. So are the civil servants and the police chief.

If the government stop feeding me I will die much sooner. I won't be able to take care of my health anymore and would wish a faster death.

It would be very bad of me to yell that God gives me the money and the money belong the rakyat. I have heard words from many frustrated people about the ungrateful house maids from Indonesia who never knew what kindness mean. And my maid just rang me up once, never again.

But then I cannot right the wrong and defend the sinful acts, for God is greater than men. Kindness of mankind should also never be forgotten. If we brought up with dirty money by dirty men, are we to kill him for his crime ?

Religion taught us and wisdom console us. We have to find a virtuous way to guide him to the correct path, so that he will abandon the sinners and follow the ways of God. It takes some great skill to achieve it.

We should ask ourselves that are we worst off than our friends in other countries ? Some are very miserable and life has been very unfair. Unfortunate people who are badly treated may fight back. And those who think their money has been stolen will not stay silent.

But individual politician is not a government. He can't claim he is and has complete immunity over everything, and above the law of men and God. He has to accountable to the people and the nation, over the money he collected from the people and all the deeds and treatment on the rakyat. He cannot use his office to lie and deceive, or to pay in order to retain his status quo.

JPA/PSC has been there for a very long time. The British left the organized department to facilitate the running of the nation. There were guidelines, procedures and rules to be followed. It was to be the heart of the government. We were lucky to be ruled by the British, not the Dutch or the French.

It was someone in JPA who have done a lot to help the pensioners.

I know Najib told them to take care of the pensioners too. And I have to say thank you to Najib too.

Nevertheless Najib must recover back the 42 billion. It is tough but he has to do it. He has to plead to Jho Lo not to turn his back away.

We pray.

01/06/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We tasted the days when we slept with windows opened the whole night, when we could leave our luggage in public places unattended and left the house key to our neighbors when we were away for a few days. We didn't have TV and light bulbs then. Nobody in our village earned more than 500 dollars a month. But we were not miserable nor unhappy.

My neighbor had a Dick Tracy, Kit Carson and Billy The Kids comic books. I did not know where he get them from. I saw the future which is now today through the comic book of Dick Tracy. He was a police detective who used spy gadget like communication using wrist watch and vehicles like scooters.

In those days we perceived the Chinese as wealthy people. My mother used to tell me not to get jealous of Chinese successes and wealth because this world belong to them and ours is after our death. We submitted and accepted our fate as what we were. Our Chinese neighbors were just like our relatives. I remember my mother cried when two of our Chinese neighbors passed away.

I never dream to see 21st century and never expect to see the year 2020. By God grace I am right here in a different world. Robbing, killing and cheating seem to be the characteristics of human culture. Houses are with fences and some are 10 feet tall, with automatic gates or gates with locks. These gates are closed almost all the time.

Salaries are by the thousands. A person with 3000 dollars of monthly income is considered poor. The same person buys smart phones for his children, buy a car and a motorbike, color TV and washing machine. A person who own 4 luxury cars including a new 400,000 plus BMW is still helped by the government giving what we called BRIM.

In the current century the Malays are called robbers as they robbed billion of dollars. They lie and deceive their own people, acquire cheap land and sell them to developers at a much higher price. Crimes have become a norm, redefined to make it legal.

Courtesy has vanished. Trust is a big gamble.

But technological progress is amazing. The world becomes so very small. We can shout at our friend with our image on to a friend in the North Pole or Mecca and carrying on live video communication with superb clarity. We can go to Hong Kong, Beizing and Narita within hours. I watch 3D movies from my TV nad wash-dry my clothing during the rainy days.

In the end I asked myself, am I happier now than 60 years ago ?

Happiness does not lie on technology or money. It is a sentiment, an emotional state borne by perceptibility of our senses. Najib and Mahathir have everything they want; the money, huge bungalows, and all the material wealth, yet both are not at peace. They accused each other of robbing the country's money. Mahathir is 90 and Najib is almost my age, at a very dawn of their ages.

Certainly I was happier during the British time and time before Mahathir and Najib.

One day I fear this country will be run by a big time gangster.

31/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I could not recall when my wife was first hospitalized. But it was a long time ago. Among her relatives, only her sister-in-law did care to nurse her while in the ward for almost a month. For years after that she would come to do some spring cleaning and organized my house. The rest of other sisters seldom come to visit her even years after her bed-ridden. I never took it at heart.

After her death, when I was on the process of transferring a little of what belonged to her, one of her sisters told me about the land where she stayed before, that my wife had made an announcement her part will be given to the family in case of her death. I did not know there is another piece of land to be divided and her name is in the grant.

I have never bothered about whatever which does not belong to me, even her savings and her house which she bought using loan from the government, which she asked me to manage when she was bed-ridden. If her brothers and sisters want those lands with her name on them, just take them.

Today one of her brothers came to see me wanting to know whether the document I submitted include one piece of land located at a place unknown to me. "I do not know what land and it's where about. It was you and my son who went to procure the document and had it filled up," said I. "That time my brother said that the land was to be sold. So, we don't tell you," he replied.

I don't care about those lands and I never want them for myself or my kids. My mind ran wild with bad thought about her brothers and sisters. Do they think I am a greedy person ? I told them how much their sister has in her savings which were to be divided among three of my kids. Her aunty was the very curious to know the amount. I did not tell them how much I put in my pension fund for her.

I had briefed my kids that her ASB bonus for a year has to be given to her maid for another 12 months salary though she has gone back to Lombok. Another handsome amount to be given to her sister-in-law who has been taking care of her till her last breath. They agreed.

I just don't feel happy sensing the aroma of greed.

One of her sisters had help me to process her pension funds. She did not ask for anything, and said nothing about my wife belongings. I have some plan to award her when the time comes.

My wife's pension is paid to me. It is never my money. Part will go to the local mosque and part of it will be shared by some really needy people and religious institutions. I travel with my own saving and my pension.

I have paternal blood brothers and sisters whom I prefer to dispel due to the greed that came from their roots.  They are rich and wealthy, inheriting a vast amount of land. I just don't feel that I am a part of them.

I feed cats. I believe they pray for me not to be a wealthy and rich but not to make a starving man. By definition I am one mm above the poverty level, cutting corners here and there, yet enough to buy food for them and the shillings accumulated enough to buy tickets to see places. If I have RM20K I still want to fly business class. If I have RM1K, I still want to stay in a RM700 hotel. I don't smoke nor drink nor wasting money unnecessarily. I don't have even 1000 cc car. How much could I save ?

I won't fight over a piece of land that does not belong to me, not from my sweat and blood. I hope my brother-in-law will not bring news which will delay the on-going transfer process.

  31/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My next trip will be to the Balkan region on the coming 10th. September following the Poto Travel. I have to inform the company that I want to make the payment in August. My wallet is almost empty right now. If I fail to accumulate the required amount I may have to cancel it.

I always get a window seat when travel in group. For a short distant of less than 4 hours I could patiently stay there without movement. For a long hours I usually asked for an alley. That when I traveled alone. It gave me more freedom of movement and going to wash myself at the toilet with more ease.

I am anxious to see a country that has leave a great impact to the world; Greece. Much were heard about it during the history class. To be there, inhaling the air of the land and touching the earth and the stones would be more satisfying than just by looking at the pictures. And Bosnia is a new country for me. I had never heard of it during my school and university days. I just want to see it.

Even before confirming the booking I already start to think how to go and come back from KLIA to my home town. The flight from KLIA will be almost midnight. I am sure by 8 pm we will have to gather at the airport counter. If there is a morning train, it will be my first choice. If I have to take a bus I would go for Transnational. The minds of most bus drivers are almost similar to the politicians, who do not care about the safety and welfare of the people. They think they are on the racing track.

The package costs about RM11K for 11 nights. That's a lot of money, a year of saving. But money won't follow me to the grave yard.

It is a good time for me to go places while I am alone. Someone suggested that I should get a spouse and take her to see the world together. Surely it would be folly of me to spend double the amount. Getting one means I am locking myself up in prison, more so I would sell away my freedom.

 30/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We are part for the cause of inflation. We buy despite the high price tag as if nothing has happened. Recently an ice water seller asked me for RM2 for a glass which I used to pay only RM1, I gave back the water and walked away. I remember very many years ago when Black Market sold cinema tickets at double the price, people passed words not to buy them. People walked away even after they brought down the price.

Before I buy anything at a Mamak restaurant I always asked for the price of each item. At Sub Way, I just walked through after looking at the price tags.

But there are goods that we have no choice but to consume. Rice, fish, vegetables, baby milk are all essential items. Mackerel which used to cost a dollar per kati is now sold at RM16 per kilo. Squids, crabs and prawns fetched up at astronomical prices. The poor can't afford. Most people buy them as usual.

Whenever I saw people doing shopping at the supermarket I said to myself "Wow, these people really have a lot of money". A small amount of cashew nuts cost RM27 and yet people bought them. Sport shoes are at the average of RM250 a pair.

When we still pay for the non-essential goods there is always a tendency for the price to keep on rising. Call it crazy or stupid when people still buy a kilogram pf mango for RM25. It is just one fruit. There are other sweet mangos that sold at RM10 per three kilos. You won't die not eating durian, mango or rambutan.

We don't have to be schooled to study consumerism. A lot depends on common sense and discipline and self control.

It is hard though but we have to admit that we are among the culprits who drive prices up.

28/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When we do things we have to be serious about it. We do not forget the phrases like 'tidak apa' and 'cin-cai' as attitudes. It has to be completely erased from our culture. In the recent Search and Rescue simulation held at Timah Tasok Perak, the radio operator must follow a certain SOP to adopt and it has to be set as a written rule. Do the radio operators to follow the amateur radio style, the CB or the pirate  mode of communication. Try to recall back which style was exactly used ?

When I listened I could tell quite a lot about the operator. Then I knew we had taken the attitude of Tidak Apa or Cin-Cai. There is no set out written SOP applied.

You may ask whether it does matter. Yes indeed. If system is not set up and closely followed it could lead to chaos once a certain practice has become a habit, the wrong has become right. That's one of the reasons why the rental of call signs have become rife and pirates continue to loom in great numbers.

I saw the SEANET operators ran the recording tape while running the net. That is a system. And in the disaster communication and reporting forms must be filled to record the time, sender and the receiver and the content. These have to be filed up and keep in archive.

In the meantime the relevant authority must decide the mode of SOP to be followed during the communication of SAR.

27/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Satellite communication for disaster management

During this session, presentations and discussions on satellite communications services, namely satellite phones, Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs), and Broadband Global Area Networks (BGANs) for emergency telecommunications were held by the service providers and technology developers. This publication includes three examples of applications that were recently developed in this field.

IT-supported management of mass casualty incidents: the e-Triage project

Anton Donner and Javier Mulero Chaves

DLR, Institute of Communications and Navigation, Weßling/Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany


The World Health Organization (WHO) gives the following definitions of disasters and emergencies:

“Disasters are events that occur when significant numbers of people are exposed to hazards to which they are vulnerable, with resulting injury and loss of life, often combined with damage to property and livelihoods.”


“Emergencies are situations that arise out of disasters, in which the affected community’s ability to cope has been overwhelmed, and where rapid and effective action is required to prevent further loss of life and livelih-ood.” (1)

These definitions imply that emergencies are characterized by limited resources in terms of medical personnel and infrastructure, which underlines the importance of mobilizing regional, supra-regional and/or international help to the affected regions. Effective deployment of this help is crucial but only possible if a common operational picture between authorities, coordination centers, and staff working in the field is rapidly developed.

Upon arrival on site, the first task of a rescue team is to look for injured persons and to assess the situation. For scenarios with many (seriously) injured persons, many countries have foreseen a standard procedure for the initial scouting, known as “triage”. According to it, teams consisting of medical doctors or paramedics classify victims according to different categories (e.g., immediate, delayed, minor, no chance of survival) and attach paper labels to the victims.

Paper-based triage and registration systems are still state-of-the-art, because they are robust and their usage is intuitive. Nevertheless, the main drawback is that information about affected persons remains among the persons themselves, making disaster management considerably more difficult. Data can be duplicated/ aggregated by manually copying triage tags only, which is a laborious and time-consuming process. Moreover, as soon as there is more than one rescue team (organization) involved maintaining different lists, or there is more than one access to the disaster area (which is the typical case for wide-area disaster events with large geographical extension, like earthquakes), registration of injured/affected persons turns out to be a logistic problem since it can only be performed at defined transfer points. Besides, experience has very often shown that injured persons ‘bypass’ the theoretical work flow of the rescue chain (see Figure 1), because passers-by or relatives take them to the nearest hospitals. This effect implies an additional problem, namely a saturation of the geographically nearest hospitals, which very often do not have a communication return channel to coordination centers.

Figure 1: Present work flows and operation control for individual rescue (solid lines and blocks) and MCI (dashed lines and blocks).


Indeed, triage and registration performed at different places by different teams maintaining different lists are indubitably an error-prone approach. It can happen that all later attempts to track the way of single patients, their attendants and transport vehicles are not very successful, although this could be of key interest in scenarios with nuclear, biological or chemical hazards. Last but not least, relatives have a legitimate interest in the whereabouts of their family members.

Communication and dissemination of this information in order to provide coordination centers with an accurate situation overview (i.e. number of victims, injury categories and their location) becomes one of the main challenges to overcome, since the normal medium nowadays for exchanging information are voice-based radio systems.

Key concept

Earlier works have already described concepts for and advantages of IT-supported MCI management, which can be applied not only to operations in the field, but also to emergency rooms of hospitals. A comprehensive overview can be found in (2). Some of these system architectures include wearable sensors with wireless connectivity, e.g. (3), (4); others use radio-frequency identifications (RFIDs) in read/write mode, e.g. (2), (5), which means that data is stored both in the RFID chip and transmitted from a handheld device to a database. The main objective of this article is to describe the e Triage approach (6), which is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and which consists of four main elements: autonomous communication infrastructure, electronic data recording, a distributed database system (7), and psychological acceptance research. Outcome of the project will be a demonstrator system for registration of affected persons of an MCI. In more details, the e-Triage system comprises a satellite-based communication system with terrestrial radio cells that can be installed in the field, matching end devices with dedicated application software for the registration of victims, and a distributed, self-synchronizing database system guaranteeing maximal availability without a single point of failure. Main differences to approaches described in literature are:

  • Sensors monitoring vital parameters of single patients might be a valuable tool in hospital environments, but for e-Triage the concept decision was to apply a simple classification scheme only.
  • Triage tags (registration cards or colored wristbands) are not used as data storage media. Instead, a triage tag is labeled with a unique identifier (ID) in different formats only (RFID, optical matrix code, human readable text). With the ID the patient’s data set can be obtained from the database.
  • A distributed database system mapping IDs to persons is a key component of the approach. Not only hardware with optical/RFID scanners can be used to obtain the patient ID, but also notebook or desktop computers may be used for this purpose (with the database software running from external flash drives and the ID typed in with a normal keyboard).
  • User terminals are designed primarily for regular rescue services, so that in case of a disaster they are instantly available.

Unique electronic labels remaining attached to victims show advantages for the subsequent rescue chain: due to the contact-free readability it is possible to equip ambulances and doorways of (field) hospitals with scanners which automatically transmit the new location (and/or the geographical position) of the respective person to the control center via various complementary wireless transmission links (see below). Additionally, patients could change their status (e.g., from category II “delayed” to category I “immediate”) and this information is fed into the continuously updated distributed database allowing an operation control to trace how the situation evolves. On site forces can be redeployed and additional forces dispatched on the fields. (Field-) Hospitals can organize their care capacity, call for back-up personnel and send feedback reports to remote coordination centers. Last but not least, information regarding the whereabouts of the victims is easily obtainable and the entire information base is available for a later evaluation since MCIs are always subject to later police investigation.

Data management

Figure 2: Distributed database system (DDBS) concept and synchronization of DDBS instances along the rescue chain.


Albeit the main challenge for the e-Triage system is aggregation of distributed data acquired from many terminals in the field, a fully centralized approach for data storage is not desirable. Rescue operations are temporally and spatially distributed events. Thus, a distributed data management approach has to be applied (see Figure 2). Arriving triage and medical rescue teams have to be able to start working immediately without having to wait for the communication infrastructure to be set up. Furthermore, all the collected data needs to be forwarded to local and remote decision makers automatically. As an integral part of this architecture, network outages or node failures have to be anticipated. Thus, the underlying storage technology will be a distributed database system (DDBS), which has to cope with a variety of different communication technologies, including terrestrial wireless and satellite links with different bandwidths. A basic assumption for the design is that, on the one hand, the network topology might change at any time. On the other hand, all involved communication links are not reliable so that intermittent network outages might occur (e.g., end devices leaving the coverage area of the locally installed radio cells). Nodes of this DDBS are installed in all mobile user terminals (tablet-PCs), at communication nodes (OSECEs), and in the remote area. The DDBS discovers joining and leaving nodes, and (re-)joining nodes have to be synchronized with the core DDBS. This design supports even scenarios with no network connectivity at all: it is possible to synchronize database nodes by exchanging flash memory cards.


Figure 3: e-Triage communication suitcase (on-site emergency communications equipment, OSECE) consisting of an Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal, a GSM pico cell, and a WLAN router (9).


An electronic registration system for MCIs requires wireless communication services, and since local infrastructures may not exist at all or can be destroyed, it is of paramount importance that at least a temporary communication system is set up. Even if functioning networks exist, it is most likely already saturated by the affected persons using their mobile phones. For rescue missions in less densely populated or less developed or seriously destroyed countries satellite phones (e.g., Globalstar or Iridium) are commonly used during the first hours/days. The idea of backhauling terrestrial cellular networks via a long-haul satellite link is not new and commercial products already exist. An example is Emergesat by Thales Alenia Space which has been designed to fit into a container for air freight. Disadvantage of this solution is that it is rather bulky and transport into an affected area can be rather challenging. The development of a more flexible and faster deployable solution has been initiated in the WISECOM project (8) and is currently continued within e-Triage. The basic design goal is that the complete on-site emergency communications equipment (OSECE) fits into a hand-luggage size suitcase. The chosen satellite technology is Inmarsat BGAN, which is globally available but offers limited bandwidth only, and the resulting suitcase prototype is 56cm x 35cm x 23cm, including a battery pack for a few hours runtime (9). The BGAN terminal itself needs only to be taken out of the suitcase, and the antenna can be easily pointed to the satellite within a few minutes.

A second more powerful OSECE system is currently under development for use in mobile coordination centers, which is based on a commercial Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite system and which offers more capacity and wider terrestrial coverage. Manual alignment of the antenna reflector (diameter ca. 1 m) is not an option for this application, so the decision was to use a self-aligning antenna unit which can be mounted on a suitable vehicle.

The quasi-stationary OSECE nodes include several base-stations for different wireless technologies:

  1. WLAN: Data communication as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) calls can be provided by WLAN access points. For the registration of affected persons WLAN is the preferred medium since it offers sufficient bandwidth for many terminals in parallel.
  2. GSM/GPRS: These well-known standards allow voice and data communication. GSM cell phones are inexpensive and available all over the world, which in turn means that in most cases the access to the temporary GSM service has to be restricted to avoid network congestion. Then again, a GSM base-station can be configured so that unknown phones are booked into the network in a listen-mode only, which is an excellent possibility to distribute information or warning messages among the population in the area. A major disadvantage of GSM is the missing group call functionality. General packet radio service (GPRS) is the secondary medium for data exchange in the e-Triage concept.
  3. DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is suitable for voice communication in vicinity of the local coordination center.
  4. TETRA: The PMR standard TETRA will not be part of the final demonstrator system, but is currently under study within the project.

The different terrestrial wireless technologies supported by an OSECE are depicted in Figure 4. Note that two or more OSECEs connected via WLAN in bridged mode can be deployed in the field with only one having backhaul connectivity.


Figure 4: Fully deployed e-Triage communication infrastructure.



This paper has given a brief description of the architecture of the e-Triage system and the challenge to manage data in MCIs. Although earlier and other current works have studied single components of electronic MCI management, a unique feature of e-Triage is that for the first time a coherent overall concept consisting of mobile devices, communication infrastructure, and data management is under development. Another unique feature is that all developments, ranging from hardware selection to graphical user interface implementation, are accompanied by a team of psychologists, ensuring that all components are self-explanatory and can be used intuitively without causing additional stress. At the time of writing this article the system is under implementation and a series of real-live trials will start from January 2011.

Public safety communication means in most cases voice communication (group calls) using dedicated PMR networks, which are designed for closed user groups with partly specific confidentiality requirements. Introducing data communication to public safety requires appropriate preparation, which means that one may not rely on the availability of public (commercial) terrestrial networks only. With our satellite-based communication facilities flexible data services can be provided plus the possibility to quickly establish point-to-point telephone services in case of extreme disasters. It is important to remark that even without a backhaul link all the services provided in the disaster area are available, so that the rescue operation will not be affected


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  2. S. Nestler, M. Huber, and G. Klinker, “Hybrid approach for management of patient-related information in mass casualty incidents,” Technische Universität München, Technical Report, Oct. 2009, TUMI0926. [Online]. Available:
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  8. E. H. Fazli, M. Werner, N. Courville, M. Berioli, and V. Boussemart, “Integrated GSM/WiFi backhauling over satellite: Flexible solution for emergency communications,” in Proceedings 67th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2008-Spring). Singapore: IEEE, May 2008, pp. 2962–2966.
  9. À. V. Estrem and M. Werner, “Portable satellite backhauling solution for emergency communications,” in Proceedings 5th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems (ASMS) Conference and 11th Signal Processing for Space Communications (SPSC) Workshop, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, Sep. 2010, pp. 262–269.




11 Solution

Marianne Donven, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Benjamin Hourte, HITEC Luxembourg S.A.
Alan Kuresevic, SES Astra TechCom
Sven Mertes, Luxembourg Air Rescue

Context and motivation

January 12, 2010: Haïti has just been hit by an earthquake of historic magnitude. Hours later President René Préval is walking through the debris of the devastated capital Port-au-Prince: “My palace collapsed… I have no connectivity for my cell phone to even call somebody for help…”.

January 14, 2010: Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams from Luxembourg arrive in Port-au-Prince, together with humanitarian workers from France and Belgium.

January 15, 2010 (in the morning): USAR teams, with their dogs, are still not able to leave the airport and likewise hindered to start their mission. Lacking telecommunications, among other requirements, are identified as a cause of poor coordination.

After a natural disaster of such proportion the first 72 hours are crucial to save lives. This is all the more true in an urban context. Not to blame anybody, but precious time was lost in Haïti because the necessary tools for quick and reliable communication were not in place in order to coordinate and deploy USAR teams as they arrived.

Upon the return of the USAR teams to Luxembourg, a debriefing session with all participants in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed to sketch out a first rough draft of what is presented here as This initiative is intended to bring added humanitarian value through faster and more reliable telecommunication services in the first few hours following a natural disaster, a segment of emergency relief still insufficiently covered today. In order to provide such a solution, bundles the already available equipment and services from three different providers:

  • Luxembourg Air Rescue’s (LAR) air transport capacity to reach any destination worldwide within less than 24 hours,
  • HITEC Luxembourg’s portable Nomadic Satellite Communications (NoSaCo®) system providing end user services for voice, data and video transmission via the internet (for on-site coordination between intervention sites and global transmission, respectively),
  • Société européenne des satellites’s (SES) global satellite capacities for satellite based broadband internet connectivity.

Under the coordination of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action ), has been established as a public private partnership with the objective to satisfy the telecommunication needs of the international humanitarian community in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. approach

The approach has been defined to propose a set of services that can be used without delay by experts and rescuers arriving on site. The lack of coordination during the first hours after a crisis is a real difficulty to get the relevant information to prepare and coordinate the help. The existing European (ECHO) and International (OCHA) structures, both defined to organise coordination, are already proposing the appropriate mechanisms to request and organise help. The need of status information from the crisis site is mandatory to prepare the relevant activities.

Communication is very important in this first step. The experts going on the site are not telecommunication engineers but experts in needs assessment and medical care. They should have access to efficient tools for conducting situational analysis. Here is providing an approach creating broadband communication and additionally offering a set of services that can be directly used by the experts. The existing TAST and AHP modules proposed by the UN and ECHO can use The service approach also includes the end-devices that can be directly and intuitively used by these experts. The equipment deployed on site, NoSaCo (Nomadic Satellite Communication), is creating a Service Point of Presence (SPoP, Figure 1). It is composed by:

  • a satellite communication module, easy to point even by non telecommunication experts thanks to a sound and visual pointing system,
  • video cameras to provide picture and video streams,
  • sensors to capture and transfer environmental information,
  • voice over IP phones to communicate locally, with the operation centre or with the other deployed SPoP,
  • ruggedized computers to manage the information and draw maps or needs assessments.

The Haiti crisis has drastically shown also that for such a large crisis the deployment of a central communication point is not enough as the help will be spread along all the theatre of operations. The creation of several SPoP can help to distribute also the coordination and the collection of status information. A permanent assessment of the rescue and humanitarian activities can thus be realised, receiving constant information from different locations of the crisis site.


Figure 1: SPoP deployment


Receiving ample information can be a real add-on also for the analysis of the situation. Indeed, the collection of pictures, sensor information or video clips from the crisis site allows different experts, specialised in different areas, to make their proper analysis. For example, water quality specialists can receive in their laboratory the water analysis gained on site through sensors.

To efficiently collect this wealth of information, the NoSaCo terminals are also equipped with software for collecting information from the end-devices (cameras, sensors or computers), and storing and sharing it with the other SPoP or with the Service Hosting. This distributed architecture allows an advanced management of the resilience, security and quality of service, ensuring that the local collection and access to information is still possible even when no communication to the Service Hosting is possible. Once the communication is restored, synchronisation processes are sharing automatically the information with other SPoP and in the Service Hosting. The onsite experts or the operators do not have to take care of the technical elements and can focus on their primary mission.

Technical architecture and technologies

The technical architecture behind the platform relies on three separate layers (Figure 2).



Figure 2: Architecture layers


Similar to the OSI layers, these layers provide different levels of abstraction, from the satellite telecommunication to the final delivery of a service to experts and other users.

Layer 1: Satellite communication

The overall telecommunication concept relies on the creation of three geographically distributed hubs. With the similarity to the OSI Layer representation, the Satellite communication layer can be compared with the physical layer. The hubs will maximize service availability and resource usage efficiency by implementing advanced techniques such as DVB-S2 / ACM and LDPC FEC coding on outbound, MF-TDMA and 2D 16-State coding on inbound. In addition, QoS management and TCP optimization will guarantee a good service experience to the end user.

From a satellite connectivity perspective, the teleports hosting the hubs are selected to enable up-linking to a designated subset of SES satellites that will provide a true global coverage. As presented in Figure 3, three hubs geographically distributed over the world give access to enough satellite beams from SES fleet in order to provide both C and Ku band global coverage.


Figure 3: True global coverage (C band below – Ku band above)


This additional flexibility on the frequency side will allow tailored solutions from a link budget point of view. Furthermore, relying on a single satellite operator also brings economy of scale and allows for easy management of a global satellite service through a single interface.

From and between the teleports, IP connectivity will be ensured to the Service Hosting and the global Internet. Furthermore, the Internet connectivity allows the establishment of VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections and dedicated QoS (Quality of Service) for remote crisis centers, NGO headquarters or any other management entities. Security and privacy can be provided through encryption of the traffic. Additional security can be considered at application level.

On the crisis site, NoSaCo terminals are deployed on site to create an IP connection with the relevant hub. This connection will be used to create and deploy the service. The technologies implemented in the NoSaCo terminals are obviously highly tainted by the technologies implemented in the hubs. The main concept of these terminals is to integrate the modem into a compact, light weight and easy to deploy module. The compactness of the terminal will allow its transportation in small planes not requiring a long preparation time (Figure 4).


Figure 4: NoSaCo terminal


Layer 2: Middleware and services implementation

From a service layer point of view, the two hosting platforms are implemented in to deliver the service to the users. The service implementation is however not only relying on the central hosting but on distributed service implementations (Figure 5). Each NoSaCo terminal is integrating a small part of the service allowing a local relay of the service. The direct advantage of this distribution is the possibility for the service to work whenever the satellite connectivity is present or not. A kind of off-line mode is created as a result.


Figure 5: Service Architecture


The services supported and provided are basically:

  • Voice communication using SIP based Voice over IP communication: Each Service Hosting is implementing an IPBX with dedicated connection to PSTN and offering a link to small IPBX implemented into the NoSaCo terminals.
  • Camera Service: Collection and sharing of imagery and video streams provided by the included cameras or via manual upload.
  • Map Service: Repository of tactical maps that can be accessed and drawn by different frontend applications.
  • Sensor Service: Collecting, analysing (based on thresholds), storing, and sharing sensor data. Typical sensor information can be gas and pollution concentration, humidity or temperature. This service is also managing the dynamic localisation of entities provided currently by GPS.
  • The Directory Service is managing the contact information that is used for voice communication as well as an inventory of devices or components and their logical organisation.
  • The Management Service is finally the back end component that is taking care of tracking the other middleware nodes, the auto-configuration and the security of the information.

To ensure a convenient user experience, all services are using a self-discovery concept via IP multicast mechanisms and are directly managing their communication and synchronisation without any intervention from the users.

Layer 3: End devices and services access

To provide an intuitive access to the services, the NoSaCo terminals include a set of equipment that is used to collect information (Video cameras, sensors) or to directly interact with the services (Voice over IP phones, ruggedized computers). These end-devices are pre-configured to work with the NoSaCo terminal and, as a result, ready to operate in any place.

As stated before, the terminal has been implemented in order to facilitate its transportation and make its installation as simple as possible to anyone with a minimum amount of technical knowledge and skills. The use of the service is made as convenient as this, using intuitive, specifically designed applications.

For the usage on the crisis site, the ruggedized computers are equipped with a tactical application that is offering an access to the different services via a touch screen interface (Figure 6). This interface is using the gesture recognition, now popular in the mobile areas and specifically interesting for ergonomics. Touch screen interfaces are facilitating the handling of the applications as no pointing devices like mouse or trackball are required.


Figure 6: Tactical client Interface


On the other hand, in the crisis center or headquarters, a web portal can be used as user interface (Figure 7). The portal provides access to the same services (Voice, Video, Sensor, Maps and Directory). Relying on Web 2.0 technologies, it can be accessed from different places in the world like in laboratories or crisis rooms in different capitals.


Figure 7: Portal Screenshot


Deployment scenarios and conclusion

As mentioned before, the approach has been designed with the intention to improve the situation on two main levels: First, reduce the duration of transport of the very first teams to any major crisis scene and second, provide adequate communication means right from the beginning.

To meet these objectives, the consortium has decided to include air transportation in the solution. Through a fleet of LearJet’s, ready to leave Luxembourg within the hour, and with operational and medical staff on a 24 hours a day duty schedule on the airport, Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) can ensure the required reactivity.

Although LAA has over 20 years experience in supporting disaster relief and humanitarian missions with fixed wing and rotor wing aircrafts as well as medical teams, this more global approach requires an impeccable planning involving all the partners. At the airport, a controlled storage is kept constituted by NoSaCo units, food and beverage to guarantee autonomy of the team for 15 days, basic medical supplies for the team and required logistic equipment (i.e. tents, generator).

Frequent trainings, exercises and pre-emptive maintenance are organised to maintain the platform on a ready to operate status.

Besides the technical readiness, the qualification of personnel involved in these rescue missions is crucial. Procedures have been designed to optimize the collaboration between the different actors, and training is recurrently organised. For an optimal effectiveness of the team, the pilots have been trained to install and operate the NoSaCo installation on site. They are able to give instructions to the local teams and function as on-site support. All team members have received in depth crisis management education and have experience in disaster relief missions.

The intervention team is completed by one or more medical staff , with the primary objective to ensure the medical support for the crew and to support the medical assessment of the situation.

Finally, in best case, the unit is completed with one or more experts for needs assessment assigned by international organisations, i.e. UN (OCHA) or EU (ECHO/MIC). Through the network of partner operators in Europe, LAA can rapidly transport these experts from within Europe not to delay the departure of the mission.

It is very important to point out that the solution is not intending to replace any existing mechanism or intervention teams, but that it should be seen as a valuable and helpful support. This service is planned to be offered to all international and national organisations. It has to be clearly stated that the solution will work hand in hand with known UN forces.

Once the system is deployed, it can be decided either to dissolve the unit and return to Luxembourg with the equipments, or one can consider building a more permanent communication infrastructure, potentially through an increased amount of NoSaCo units. This last option considers that the effort to support the on-site population in the first hours can also be maintained to assist in the reconstruction of local infrastructures.





PLATON - Trusted Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) in health or disaster projects

Ingo Liedtke, T-Systems International GmbH, PDC Engineering, Germany


Flooding in Benin, Earthquake in Haiti, Cyclone Mick swept over Fiji's main island: humanitarian aid and emergency relief teams are more and more in need of a structured, secure information flow through all phases of the disaster management cycle. Additionally, there has to be a solution to deliver limited specialist resources with a virtual worldwide support. T-Systems PLATON services have a suitable answer.

Disaster management in the future – 5C “Collaboration”

As the latest history has already shown: Disasters are increasing. Due to that more and more qualified specialist resources are required on site as well as in project coordination. In many health and disaster projects uncoordinated processes are posing severe problems. Collaboration across different international institutions and local teams does not work well. The activities are very often lacking in transparency, resulting in decreased efficiency of international team work. That means an unnecessary increase in the need for resources and thus higher costs per saved life . Or, even worse, more time to the real rescue is elapsing.

PLATON Services offer support with a virtual specialist resource. This means that the information flow is structured, transparent and traceable if needed to all participants anytime and anywhere. The virtual “Task Force Disaster“ team can effectively support the local team via video, voice, chat and data.

As the Greek philosopher Platon has astutely observed, “the beginning is the most important part of the work”.

The PLATON system

With PLATON (PLATform for Orchestrated Networks), T-Systems offers an Internet-based platform for collaboration cloud services, including all desired functionalities at the highest security level for worldwide teamwork in real-time. Experts can discuss and work together on e.g. an urgent project issue or even on sensitive patient data from the health care field. Participants collaborate in a closed circle absolutely untroubled in virtually tap-proof project rooms installed separately for every single project through secure interfaces where intellectual property and data integrity are protected by precisely defined access rights.


Figure 1: PLATON „virtual“ project room


The advantage of the self-sustaining and secure platform is that the participants in across-company project teams do not have to open their IT systems to each other. Client software with 2-factor authentication on a USB stick with a smart card and a PIN assures secure access of the team members from any place in the world that can be connected to the Internet. All documents, project plans etc. are up to date and seamlessly documented at all times and available for across-continent and across-company project work.

Due to integrated function of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC), PLATON users can access all means of communication via their PLATON desktop client, i.e.

  • E-mail,
  • presence-information,
  • data-sharing,
  • phone,
  • video etc.

to ensure efficient coordination and focused team work.

PLATON automatically updates participants on the current work situation. Ideas, plans and changes can be presented, discussed, modified or discarded without any delay.

Manufacturers and suppliers can communicate necessary product changes instantly, thus speeding up implementation. The virtual meeting room unites team members from different companies and locations in a short time of about 48 h to create real value added networks.

PLATON protects intellectual property and ensures efficient collaboration. PLATON project teams can grow dynamically and change on demand to best suit real-time requirements. This means reduced expenditure of time and resources. The easier it is to quickly integrate different specialists to deal with new project developments, the better the final result. Fewer mistakes mean fewer corrections, less waste, less production downtime and fewer product recalls. T-Systems is prepared to modify the PLATON meeting room to suit individual needs and expert coaches are available upon request.

PLATON – Online surgery for health care and disaster relief

PLATON brings the physician specialist competence to the patient and not vice versa.


Figure 2: PLATON Health Client “physicians conference - online surgery”


As an example the physician and the patient “meet” each other in a secured, virtual surgery for a video conference. The phyisician takes his data and application and can online discuss the laboratory values, therapy plan modification or X-ray photograph with the patient. The “online-surgery” can be opened for another medical specialist, if a second opinion is needed. They can discuss without media discontinuity and the data does not leave the physician’s PC. The specialist only sees the display of the data. The physicians’ and specialists’ competences can be virtualized and provided in any location, thus easing the communication and saving time and money. Of course the online surgery cannot replace the real surgery, but is in many cases faster and more efficient as usual low-up appointment for a discussion about e.g. laboratory data.

In particular this applies to local disaster situations where specialists are not available on site. With the PLATON services T-Systems can supply a virtual competence center anywhere, anytime, as soon as the internet connection is available on the ground.

PLATON – A new collaborative working model

In a disaster situation the human resources are very likely to be limited and helpful information has to be up-to-date at any location. The PLATON working model supplies the information flow with its structure. Larger data will be sent by an asynchronous process, but is tracked and version-controlled by PLATON. If rapid information is needed, the project members will discuss it via chat in the secure project room with the team members.


Figure 3: New Collaborative working model - all information flows are encrypted


If certified or uncertified information from the source “crowd” has to be integrated, PLATON can react in a flexible way. As an idea the crowd information will be integrated and structured for example by a data coordinator. This will enhance the quality of information and so the quality of help.



Ingo Liedtke
T-Systems International GmbH
Systems Integration
Project Delivery Center Engineering
Senior Sales Consultant trusted UCC/PLM

+49 711 972 - 43686 (Tel.)
+49 18053344918366 (eFAX)
+49 160 820 97 43 (Mobil)
E-Mail: ingo.liedtke [at]


26/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always known that the people and the businessmen would be blamed on the GST issue. "Who ask you to eat out instead of doing your own cooking ? You should boycott the shops that raise the prices...' And you can imagine what else Najib and Maslan would response to the increased price.

GST created price increase as it pushes the cost of production and the cost of raw materials. By the time a production tools arrived into your hand, it had undergone several GST's charges.

Najib should not ask the people to enforce the rules of profiteering. He knows that the government cannot persecute all the businessmen whom he threw the blame on. It is the government who should enforce the law, not the rakyat. We know in the court proceedings factors on production and material costs will be brought up.

The rakyat must not be duped by another lie.

Many shops stock their purchases. They have paid taxes for those commodities. The government knows this too. It cannot take action unless the government reimburse the amount back to the companies. Instead the government is trying to make the people totally blame the business community.

We cannot deny of the existence of the greedy people. With or without GST they will push the price up. The Malay hawkers are now selling a cup of drink for RM2, formerly RM1. Parking lot at one shopping complex was raised by 100%, also run by a Malay company. Greedy businessmen come from all races.

24/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Once ham radio was associated with greatness, a hobby of the wise and great people who never abuse it to make it look bad. The process of becoming a ham itself contains some form of controls in itself. It was not easy to qualify as a ham radio operator and the authority closely monitored the transmissions.

Again today I traced a call sign being used by someone other than the owner. I recognize the owner's voice and style of conveying messages. And with a discussion with another ham friend, he too heard a call sign being used, which may come from the non-owner. It is assumed there are many others are using calls belonging to their friends.

On UHF there are call signs using numbers like 01, 44 etc. The mode and lingo used are just like hams of class B. It is a viral in the whole country. They love the lingo so much that even the RELA follow it. RELA is using the equipment for communication just like the fellow amateurs.

When I saw people with walkie-talkies in the coffee shops, I never bother to ask them who they were. Strangely enough at several places they called by my call sign and gave theirs. Only then I would chat with them.

Mobile stations without any identification stuck on their vehicles created a suspense. They could be hams or otherwise.

If it is happening on 2 meters it could very well happen on HF bands. I don't believe the class A licensees will loan their ID to their friends but other unknown people may be stealing it for DX work.

The work to enhance ham radio ethics is not ours. It is the authority. What else are we to say about it ? Just wait for the spoils of ham radio is getting bigger and larger.

 24/05/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof