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I just received an email warning me to avoid rain and stay inside when water falls from the sky. The acid or toxic rain may effect me deadly. Immediately it crossed my mind such a warning was not so much a danger as to our accessing of daily water for bathing and drinking because it comes from the sky too. There were several days of heavy downpour for the last few days. That mean we would be dying out of thirst sooner or later. Not only the Malaysians, people in China and other Southeast Asian countries will have to suffer as well.

Of course I dismissed the rumour and had not even a slightest fear in me. But as days passed by the situation is getting worse at the nuclear plant at Fukushima. The radiation level is mounting. The engineers and the technicians are struggling with it and become almost helpless. The experience is extremely bad. We don't know the extent of contamination and damage the meltdown will cause. The Malaysians are scared of the atmospheric contamination. But as I said if it does at will effect our drinking water as well.


However we could not completely dismiss of the danger. It has been feared that the Western Coast of the United States which thousand of miles away would be affected. PUSPATI and the government must not ignore of any possibility. Even if the contamination has reached our soil at the danger label especially from the atmosphere, there is nothing much that the government can do. Right now we just can pray.

16/03/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When Chong Wei won the All England championship he wanted to share his happiness with Misbun Sidek. It looks easy and simple but it means much more. I have seen too many 'kacang lupakan kulit' culture among many people. The famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan in an interview did mention about those whom he brought up to stardom didn't even come to greet him. A big majority of successful students would avoid their teachers.

I was touched by Chong Wei's admirable attitude though I believe it was Chong Wei who brought himself up to be the champion. Misbun could not be better than Lim but there were things which Misbun reminded Chong Wei that the later followed. These are the true Malaysians unlike the haughty managers.

It is the habit of some of the Malaysians to curse the athletes or a team if they can't bring success to the country. First we would hear from the radio or TV commentator and followed by the rest. Coaches were threatened like a tyrant pushing the slave to work. But the worst was the ancient King who would decapitate your head if you fail to bring what the King wanted. Failure means losing your head. And these officials made Miniarki shed his tears once.

Politicians and their tools are all alike, like the King of the yester years. Most posts and positions elected by the politicians are always doomed.

If Chong Wei were to lose how would the Malaysians and the officials would treat him ? Will they go to the airport and welcome him as if he was the winner ? What we should have done is to show our appreciation by going to the airport and welcome them home winning or losing. And we don't make use of the winners as our political tool as what was done with the Kelantan's soccer team.

The friendship between Chong Wei and Misbun should be extended to all Malaysians. Political parties playing with racial sentiment should stop from fanning the racial hatred. We are all Malaysians regardless of our origin. This is our nation and we are willing to die for it; for the nation not for a certain Minister.

Chong Wei flies the Malaysian flag high. He needs a coach of his choice. Somebody must give him that coach.

14/03/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It looks like that both the believers and non-believers do believe in the end of the world. While the believers are seeking for it's sign thru the Holly Book and say it is the work of a divine in nature, the others are saying that it will be the mankind who will be using the self-made technology to destroy the earth. One of the machines is Tesla's Earthquake invention.

The 21st December 2012 is the date predicted by the Mayan calendar and the book of I-Ching. The world right now is looking at the military movement of the Americans, the Israelis and the Iranians, And the tension of the two Koreans. They are also looking at the happenings in the United States today where the administrations are at the brink of war with the fellow Americans on matters of freedom and constitution.

But if it is from God then the end of the world will spare no life at all on this planet and we don't know what will be next. This would include the lives of the spacemen in the ISS. So comes the question on what will happen to those on the ISS when the earth is folding in wrath ?

It is quite remote that the spacemen on the ISS will survive on whatever impact happens to the earth even without the atomic proliferation. The whole character, manner and properties of our galaxy might change. Planets and sun affect each other by gravity and system still unknown to us. Our life depends largely on the sun, and the earth gravity may cease to function. Without it the surface will not hold sea water and anything at all on it. Hence sooner or later the human life on ISS will die too.

If the earth is destroyed merely by the crack and thrust of the rocks by the shifting of the north and south pole and a large meteor hit the world there might be people who survive. If by chance nobody survives, the people on the ISS will have to come back after computing every possible problems; navigation, where to land and what to do when they get back to earth. Will they survive ?

If the end of the world follows the reveal books we are all yet waiting for Jesus ( Nabi Isa ) to come back. All the other signs including the Gog and the Magog has come to the fore. Where and how the resurrection will take place ? Once the end come there will be no more human history as the end of the Mayan calendar. Even the ISS will be destroyed.

The destruction by nuclear weapon, meteor collusion and Tesla earthquake machine or the shifting of the poles may give allowances for human in remote place unknown to us may be alive will be above zero point. Hence we can't call it the end of the world but merely the end of the current civilization and may be replaced with a new one in shape and manner unknown to us.

We have almost 2 more years to think about it and to look back at us and compare with the historical  writings whether things do fit each other. The Muslims must not believe on this very brief article. They just need to refer back to the Holly book and the 'Kitab' on 'Kiamah' and the day of Judgment. Likewise the Jews and the Christians. This essay is for the unbelievers or those who do not believe in the End of the world to think about. Let it not be called a prediction but the analysis on the causation base on the current technology and political happenings, and the power of emotions over reason.

If not the nuclear explosion or the Tesla Earthquake Machine one can start reflecting on the current devastation in New Zealand and Japan, whether it is the beginning of the poles shift. In the meantime the non-believer can just wait and watch.

13/03/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a law that the church and school do not mix. Religion is not allowed in school but Darwinism prevails. Christian symbol of Cross is not permitted to be displayed in public places. The law is quiet about Menorah. So we saw Menorah everywhere in the United States but not the Cross. No amount of public cry will move the country to change the law because they are laws.

However religion has lost it's place in the West. It has been seen as a vicious tools and it is up to something. We saw the Jews attacked Christianity and the bible in the open and public gatherings. They made fun of the Creation of the Earth in the bible and thousands of people laughed at it. Religion is seen good as a political tool, where people could easily be put to submission and obedience. Though the slaves were once said as a product of sins the decision to bring them to church was deemed necessary to tame them and to prevent rebellion. The modern churches were accused of soliciting money from the people and priests were enriching themselves.

Almost all young Americans do not obey the commandments anymore. These are reflected by several gay and lesbian laws, freedom of sex and the modern life style. Only the poor and less educated Catholics in South America still believe in the church.

In the recent Olympic in China, bibles were not allowed to be brought in China but the Korans were allowed. You criticize the Chinese on their actions, they just ignore you. America had nothing to say about Chinese action on the revolt of the Muslim Uighurs. They would ask America to mind it's own business and care more about the freedom and American civil liberty which is being taken away.

Who talks about benevolent rules and laws, and human right and civil liberty ? Is it not the Washington Administration ? And who treat prisoners like animals, arrest it's own citizens and called them backdoor terrorists, and ban the Unions ? Who shut up the mouth of the Americans and warned them not to talk about the Inside Job ? Who want to arrest and deport the WikiLeaks whistle blower ? Who talk about discrimination and Reverse Discrimination in America ?

The arts of divide and conquer is widely employed throughout the world to weaken the foreign government especially countries rich with oil or uranium. Moles would be established among the split groups to ignite restless at a given time. That's how CIA brought down Communist rule in Soviet Union and Mossad is actively doing in the Middle East and other power in Malaysia. Even UMNO is vigorously planting moles in PAS and PKR.

The various issues on religion, human right and race are nothing more than to split the people by some unseen force to weaken the country. I don't believe that the Church is looking for a new world as it fail in it's endeavor  to influence the Western generation who have their total lost in Christian faith, but I think it is a political process of weakening this country. The weakness of our nation is when we have to rely on the Jews to enhance and buy popularity, seek foreigners for consultation and soft wares and could not deal with cheaters who cheat on the government buildings and projects, inefficient administrators everywhere.

Look at the lady who called herself Sisters in Islam is elevated in New York media just because they are happy at her rebellious attitude towards Islam. It is more political than the morality. The Americans should first release themselves from the iron hand of Bush or Obama for their First Amendment has been raped. The church should work hard to bring Christianity back to the youths in Europe and America and bring back religion in schools and do away with same sex marriage.

11/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Does CUEPACS know what is happening in the United States ? The American Administration is pushing for the Anti-Union Bill. States have been outlawing Unions which have been the traditional collective bargaining practice. Unions have been part of the American freedom and right. The banding of Unions mean there is no more collective bargaining, and no employees are allowed to strike.

The current American administration is having financial problem in the allocation of resources and the weakening of US's economy day by day. Much money are spent on the modern military hardware and the space exploration. Billions went to Israel each year and aids to foreign nation where the Americans have their stake. And billions went to the bailout of banks and other financial institutions. Several policies were passed to regulate the business and economic activities.

The nation wide protest of the Unions and the workers were met with counter attack by the paid government agents. Unions are depicted as greedy and causing the inflation up. They are weakening the nations and would side the enemies by demanding the armies in foreign land be called back. And the administration even attacked it's own constitution and the founding fathers like Abraham Lincon.

Doesn't the Republican fear that it will not be voted ? But many Democrats don't approve it either. The passing of several executive bills which put aside the American constitutions are done both by Bush and Obama. It is soon believe that whatever the Americans don't like Obama to do will be done by the Republican too. Republican is pushing for the war in Iran and intervention in Libya.

So who can be the big brother of Cuepacs now the Unions cease to exist ? Will Malaysian government follow the task of the American Guru to band the Unions in Malaysia ? Once Malaysia tried to put those who strike under ISA. USA already set up the FEMA camps which is almost akin to ISA camp, and the police were already ordered to raid homes of the protestors at night as what we have done here.

Malaysians have been adoring America like god and copy many styles and and practices and used them at home. Some urging and demanding the local agencies to follow suit with the American policies.

What does it mean then ? It means there is no more free or two dollar fee for health care, pay your own for higher education, everyone must buy insurance for health service, individuals do not have civil rights as stated in the constitutions and the last forget Cuepacs and other Unions.

Hence in the decision making there is no such thing as the rule of the majority. That's what the executive bills are all about. The President has the final say without the consultation or approval by the congress. Didn't America had been preaching majority and freedom, liberty and civility ? Now Obama's policy on Guantanamo's prisoners has been reverted back to the former and the prisoners will continue be interrogated and treated like animals.

Partly it is true that the American business community prefer to set up factories outside America because they can avoid the collective bargaining which would cause the increase cost of production. That would not be good for competition. And the Malaysians on the other hand prefer the workers from Bangladesh and other places because they are cheaper than the Malaysian workers. Cuepacs like to encroach the foreign workers to get more money.

Right now though I criticize much of the Malaysian government, it is far much better than the United States. Our similarity is that we both fail in the battle against drugs and the raising number of crimes, and we support the greedy people who are squeezing sweats and money from the poor and middle income group. We both support the insurance groups and help to make more money by forcing the higher premium on vehicles.

Now that the Unions are killed in USA, will we do the same ?

11/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Mahathir in his memoir said the Malays like to sell their lands to the highest bidder like the Arabs selling their land to the Jews. To tell you the truth it was during his period that he disbanded the Malay Reserve and allowed the lands belonging to the Chinese and the Malays being robbed under the name of development. The land acquisition act was passed by UMNO itself, under his nose. The land acquisition act does not benefit the Chinese but those people and banks who are greed for money. Taking a land under the name of development at a remote place in Kedah, construct housing estates and sold a single storey terrace house for RM290,000 and a double storey house for RM500,000. These are beyond  the mean of the middle and low income group. Then foreigners can buy the properties in Malaysia. If by coincidence the land belongs to the Malays then it was Mahathir who IS responsible for it and yet he is blaming the Malays. In one speech in one university Mahathir asked the Malays to sell their land and invest in shares. That time I had cursed Mahathir for saying a foolish thing. If Mahathir invited people to sue him in court likewise I would like to invite him to sue me too.

Mahathir had been lashing the Chinese and spoke of their origin but justify himself as a Malay of Indian origin. Now let's assume that the Chinese were from China, the Indian from India and the Malays from Nusantara. But the current generations are all born here. To them this is the only their beloved country. What good to talk of the long past. If a son of a criminal has become a great scientist with full of virtuous value, there is no point talking about his father. National leaders should talk about and plan concertedly on progress of the future of every citizen. I do know of several Malays of an Indian origin who went back to India and traced their roots and meet with their families. And of Indians who own land in India and celebrate the marriage ceremony in India. Remember our people are born here, die here and will be buried here.

Our task is to breed a good and responsible citizen, not to make money for our kids and friends. UMNO is more interested in planning to win the battle against Pakatan Rakyat rather than the drug runners. Effort and energy were concentrated on planning how to create wealth; what to privatized and given to whom, what projects to build and given to whom, how to control the forces to protect against the whistle blowers.

A memoir should contain the truth, not full of lies. No liar should be called a statement and many people will remember Mahathir as an Indian tyrant.

09/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The sound in the video is a language called Morse Code. Morse code is now a dead language, which you can hear thousands of people chatting using it. Though it is declared dead, yet many young people in many countries are learning it like learning the other spoken languages. Constant usage would keep our mind alert and slows down the decay.

In Malaysia a school subject called Art and Craft has not been dropped in the Primary school for years but the Chinese communities still send their children to an Art class and pay quite a substantial sum for the tuition. Skill and good values do not degrade a person. And we can't blame a person for knowing more than us, or hated a person because he is wealthier than us or detest a man because he has a doctorate or a scientist.

Learning and practicing a dead language is considered stupid and people would made you an enemy for that. But no security forces and spies would do away with it. Nevertheless it could very well be used for illegal and bad purposes. Messages could be sent by the winks of the eyes or the taps on the table. They say congressman Mac Caine always use Morse code using his winking eyes.

09/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This man who had a better job than I was, one day rang me up after more than 40 years saying that he is looking for old friends. After about 5 seconds he asked me to ring him back. Thinking that there was some phone problem on his sdie I dialed his number. He talked and talked asking me about the old class mates whom I have not remembered. He went on for about 30 minutes. I knew I had to pay the bill for those 30 minutes, and asked him to log to Skype or Yahoo. He said he has no computer. I told him to get one so that he could search and had a long chat with all his friends. He said he like the phone more.

I told him that I was busy and I had to stop because it would drain my expenditure. And bade him good bye. I knew then that I was rude but I had to do so. Later I was told that there are many people who are like that. They would miss call us and want us to call them back.

I don't want people like that as friends. I rather not to have one. Many a time the so-called friends who owed me money simply avoided me. There was one special person who owed me and avoided me for years. One day out of the blue he appeared at my door and I invited him in, thinking he came for a casual visit. He told me of him having a chest operation, and I showed sympathy at his misfortune. Before he went home, he asked me for a couple of hundred dollars to pay for his electric bill. I could not but controlled my laugh. I told him that I too need money because I was broke. He thought I was a bank.

Counting over the number of friends who took my money and my radio stuffs and never have them returned, I would say out of 10 people it is hard to find even 2 honest and sincere guys. These people are not without jobs. You can't judge them by their faces and dress. We read about a casanova who was hunted by four women who had given thousand of dollars to the same man for believing in him and his sweet talks, and more so for the promise of a marriage.

A person who only goes for his self interest can stab anybody's back, who comes his way. Education and position do not stop a person from being selfish. He occasionally advise the others to do good deeds and help the others financially and economically, especially to him.

A person who is careful with his money is not the same as a selfish person. He does not beg and cheat for money. He pays for what he eats and uses. He just does not waste and throw his money lavishly. Whereas a selfish person would want to squeeze the others, like the person who asked me to ring him up. He wants people to pay for his convenience. 

We can help people but the good and honest people. But it is hard to find one, especially the strangers we might meet on busses and trains, and people who we have just met for 3 to 4 years whom we don't know their background. And one of our difficulties which cause a big problem is 'We can't say NO'. We don't want the friendship to turn sour or to hurt people's feeling. Then we have to learn to say NO, in any way we can. They may cast a bad image on us, but it should not worry us. It is not them who provide our earnings or provide us with land and wealth.

On the other hand if we are in abundance, no amount of spending would drain our money, then there is no harm to spend, donate or give away to everyone in need. If we can afford to do that then we will have plenty of friends from every sort of companies. In fact we have an indirect power because we do have influence all over, from the men of letters to the thugs.

09/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

WATCH Tesla's Magnetic Wall IN YOU TUBE


08/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Oracle on the end of the world has been studied by the learned men since the time of the Greek. The Mayan calendar which ends in year 2012 and the book of I-Ching coupled with the findings in the revealed books are all pointing to 21 December 2021 as the day when the whole earth will shake. Some see by the process of the earth crust due to the shifting of North and South Pole, some see it by the coming of the big meteor and many more are predicting the World War Three starting with Iran-US war and spread. Nuclear arsenals will be deployed.

CS3B T is a Morse signal I picked from the prediction of the end of the world. It would be much understood by the creator of the person who prophesized it.

When there is a warning to mankind about what could be happening by shaking the earth in Malaysia and New Zealand recently no Malaysian took any heed. Go to the you tube and type http://www.youtube.com and then in the search engine type the world in 2012 or end of the world. There are numerous video clips and spend your time to watch them one by one.

Try to decipher what does CS3B  T means. I am sure it means much more. And the T is of a long sound.

Of course we have the choice to dismiss it because several predictions have been done before but did not turn out to be true. I would just suggest that you watch those video as a kind of entertainment. But people like me would not simply dismiss it because I have seen the cosmic effects on some of the people. People don't know between the good and the bad and crushed the teachings of the Holly Book. The evil and the demon were entertained and respected and rewarded. Individuals are worshipped. And mankind has become supreme and feared rather than God. To me those are the signs.

08/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


At least there are 10 cobblers concentrated in one small area in Alor Setar. About 10 years ago it was not easy to find even one. I don't know where they are from and their former jobs. My estimation of their average ages were between 25 to 45, mostly Malay male.

A few months ago I took a Timberland sleeper to one cobbler for patching. He was so busy that he asked me whether I could fetch the sleepers the next day. When the day came I did not find him there. I was told that he had to attend a marriage festival. After skipping a couple of days I went to pick up the finish job. The charge was indeed low. This morning I went again bringing my torn backpack. There were four cobblers. Three rejected my bag saying they were too usy. One accepted it but asked me to pick up in the evening.

At 4.00 pm I went to have my bag picked but the cobbler was no where around. He went for his dinner. At five o'clock  I went again. I saw him working on a high heel shoes. On seeing me in my car he took my bag and began to work on it. After about 3 minutes the work was done. He charged me RM2.00. On entering my car I saw a Chinese lady with a large car went up to him. He grabbed the high heel shoes and worked on it.

I have observe similar scene several time. Ladies would bring a plastic bag full of shoes and gave to the cobbler. Looking at the the customers' dress and vehicles I would not say they were from the middle class or poor families. That made me ponder about the lifestyle of the rich people. I had been thinking that wealthy ladies only wore their dress once or twice, then would discard them perpetually. Similarly they would go on buying new foot wears. It did not come across my mind that they would take their old bunch of shoes to the cobbler for repair.

For a cobbler to reject a job offered is beyond my comprehension, like the tailor who refused to accept a repair work. One tailor shop prefer to stay idle and had an enjoyable chat with their lady friends rather than making a few ringgit for s minute of job.

How much can a cobbler earn in a day ? It could very well be from  RM20.00 - RM100.00. Twenty ringgit of a honestly earned money is satisfying. In fact each customer is willing to pay far more than a couple of ringgit. The sleeper that the cobbler patched took me to the mosque and every time I visit the holly place the God awards him with grace and well being and I pray for his kid's successes in their life.

I save more than RM80. I don't have to buy a new one for my trip to Turkey. Again it will be shoved by my NASA jacket. The camera and a few items will be in there. For the cobbler I pray for his good health and well being.

06/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Fairy tales always have a good and happy endings where the goods would overwhelmed the evils. The battles between the good and evil, virtue and vice, and the angels and the Satan are found in the tradition of Ramayana and Mahabarata and the Ying and Yang of the Chinese. And goodness prevail.

But it is not so in the real life today. Nations are ruled by tyrants and drug producers. Israel not only remain strong and prevail but it is also supported by Muslim nations. The Americans are suppressing their own people and robbing oil from Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now it is planning to capture Libya's and Iran's oil. In some peaceful countries the citizens are worshipping the evil.

Which honest people survive and become wealthy persons ? Many rise from dirty money, corruption, conning, robbing, cheating, intimidating, drug and human trafficking. While some completely use the wealth merely for themselves and their cronies, some would throw part of the dirty money to the people to gain approval and support. A few had to strive extremely hard to survive the colossal challenges.

If you are looking for a Satan you may not see one. It is not flying around with the horn to push people to commit sins. It is in our body. It pushes us to be greedy, to lie, to cheat, to kill and to change our value. The battle in our body is an ongoing between conscience, reason and morality against  our insatiate heart. More often than not our heart took control. When people of similar nature come into an agreement evil becomes the master.

With power, money and brain they want to control the world. Seeing the benefit some national leaders would bow and follow the line. The evil has become very powerful and would go all out to destroy those who defy the command. It dictates to other leaders what and what not do do, or else brace for the consequences.

When people has lost their value system they no longer recognize between the good and the bad. They consummated with animals and among the members of their families. Parents take drugs and share them with their siblings. Countries legalized gay marriages. They support the tyrant governments. They encourage illegal stuffs, took thugs and gangsters to be their employees and friends.

A dress, speech, status and wealth does not define a good man or a good force. His behavior may be an indicator of his real state, whether an evil or otherwise. But the days of fairy tales are over and virtue and goodness are of the past. The Yin and the Yang do not mix in the symbol but in reality the whiteness has begun to fade. Greed rules. Cheaters become the Master.

06/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Finally I decided to take my camera along with the iPhone in the coming end of April trip. The last time I remembere bringing with me eight A3 batteries to Hong Kong with me. After the search today I could only found four pieces. Right now I am charging the four of them and will continually do so until the trip. Tomorrow I will take my backpack to the cobbler to repair a little damage. The biggest bag for my clothing is not out yet. Two weeks before departure it will be taken out for packing. Altogether I will be bringing 2 bags inclusive of the backpack.

The tickets for the local flight from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur has been purchased. Though I intend to stay at the Empress Hotel KLIA, I have not done any booking yet. That is the cheapest four star hotel around KLIA. I will just take a bus from KLIA to the hotel, which will cost me only RM1.00. By taxi about RM30.00.

As for the clothing I will have to wait for the words from my travel agent. Probably I will get the information about the weather around 26th. March after I make my final payment. I don't think it will be cold in the month of April in Istanbul. The temperature of above 20 degrees would suit me fine and require only the normal clothing I wear everyday. And for the footwear it will be a new BATA rubber shoes. It is very convenient for walking.

During my trip I expect to have some free Wifi somewhere, may be at a hotel. Kuala Lumpur provides conveniences to travelers because the Wifi is found everywhere. So was in Thailand where we can get free Wifi in a hotel. But the 5 Star hotels in Malaysia is charging a very high price for internet. I have not come across any free Wifi at the 5 star hotels either in Sarawak or Kuala Lumpur. I need a Wifi, not a free internet, to work face time back home.

As always almost everybody wants to find out about me when I travel alone. They want to know why I do not bring my wife along. May they be the Chinese or the Malays, young or old. And they are not afraid to ask me the direct question, "Where is your wife ?" They asked me the question when I was 30 years old and they asked me the same question when I was 60. A few women would scold the sale women who would hold my hands. In fact in some places the sale women would pull men close to them and held them to drive them to purchase their goods.

I do not bring much money with me. I think I am the only traveler who travel light with minimum expenditure. Hence I seldom follow the optional tower, did not buy things except a few items for my sister in-law and her children for looking after my wife when I am away. As for me I bought nothing. I may use my money to buy fruits or food I want to taste. So far I only brought less than RM400.00 along.

I assessed people's culture and civilization by their architecture, business system, manners and by the way they talk in as much I assessed the Malaysians by their manners and speech. I think the Turks are as advance than many other European countries. I would remember Salehhudin Al-Ayoubi and the mighty Ottoman Empire once. And I am sure I can learn something about the mental ability of the ancient people of the yesteryears in the coming visit.

06/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To most Malaysians they see a wide spread protest shaking the stability in the Middle East. All media focused on Egypt, Yemen and Libya. By the words of the American politicians, they encourage the Egyptians and the Libyans to protest against their government. Recently they are thinking of invading Libya to rob the oil fields.

At the same time in USA there is a nationwide protest going on against Obama's administration on various issues, mainly pertaining to economy and taxation. Like the Malaysian, Washington is seen to side the business community, and using the taxpayers money to bailout the 'unfittest' commercial organization, which the American claims the money went astray especially ended up in the crony's coffers. The bailout is actually the giving back of money to the corporations who had paid so much for the election campaigns. Most American policies are to favor the business groups and corporations.

In Ohio Unions and Public Bargaining is banned. In Wisconsin the government said that it has no money to meet the demand of the unions. The unions claim that Wisconsin could resolve her financial woe just by bringing back 150 army personnel from Afghanistan. But the protest happens throughout the United States.

American, unknown to many protestors and the American people, is having a Czar. The first Czar was introduce by Ronald Reagan and continued until now. The Czars are the advisors.

Washington policies and even the executive bills that ignores the American Constitution are signed under the influence of these Czars.

While in Malaysia a big bunch of the issues were born as a result of ignorant, stupidity and greed of the people. Losing the war against drug, uniting the people, national education system and defending a nation, the Malaysians are at a lost and vigorously seeking the advice of the Czar namely the APCO.

Nevertheless the Malaysians will not take the street. Here the frustration is not as intense as the Americans. Many Americans are losing jobs due to the budget cut and misplaced expenditure. It is not the fear factor that keep the Malaysians off the street. But our leaders are smart actors and the Malays are not so smart citizens. Traditionally the Malays are submissive. And they are easily fall to lies.

Whether Democrat or Republican running the country, the Czars have the same aim and objective. These are the invisible powers.

The situation in the United States is getting critical. The intent and preparation for the marshal law has been known widely. Obama had no choice but to follow the policy of his predecessors . People are getting more vexed and Obama will not go for the second term.

It has been predicted 2012 will be a shocking year of a vast disaster where many American lives would be vanished. Even the Jews in Israel see the happenings in the Arab world as a sign of 'fire' prophesized by their Holly Book.

And if 2012 is the election year in Malaysia then it is highly probable that the bad omen will befall the Malaysians too. All sinners must be aware for they will be the first to suffer.

You may be happy with globalization. I am not.

05/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't compromise with a drug pusher because he breaks up family, killing a man's ability to weigh the right and the wrong and brings disharmony in society. Drugs are pushed in school. Only if the authority wants to investigate and takes interest he is bound to trace the activities. It had happened in the hostels and within the school compound. We will be surprised that a student whom we elect as a school prefect and deemed to be a good boy was caught by the police for distributing drug.

Parents would side their kids and demanding proofs. The police would release them once getting the information of the source of the drugs. They are more interested in the big timers, not the school kids. Whereas the school feels it need to protect those other clean and good students. Imagine if the parent is someone from a ruling political party, you will have to face a big turbulence and at time you end yourself at being transferred.

Drug pushing in school is made easy when schools take things for granted. Teachers are busy with their jobs, some of which are useless and time wastage. Moreover the government has decided that teachers are to teach and not to educate. Morality and values are the affairs of the parents not the school. The confusion in the school system leave the teachers to be indifferent to the moral activities and the discipline of the students.

From time to time there were the police reports of the house breaking and thefts by the students. Staffs' rooms were broken into. Laptops and motor-cycles were missing during the school hours. Criminal activities in the school were kept away from the media for fear of repression from the top people. True enough many school's principals were promoted in spite of the discipline and financial problems in the schools.

In the yesteryears bad boys only smoke cigarettes. Today they smoke marijuana. Surprise urine check in school would show about at least 2% are drug positive. In some schools the numbers are more. And no student of drug positive are sacked as it was not recommended. Hence it is better not to know who are drug takers and who are not. Stop the urine test in school is the easy way out.

When my friends told me that they want their kids to board in their schools, I do not encourage them. I would ask them to send and pick their kids back home by themselves. It only takes one and only one drug pusher to be a hostelite and he would ruin a hundred families.

What would they do to the drug pushers in Singapore and Thailand ( during Taksin era ) ?

If you are fighting and wanting to be a hero of illegal drug pushers, by all mean go ahead. I just cant compromise.

03/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am amazed by animal instinct, which always in my mind that animals do think like human being but within the possible limited scope given by God. My cats communicate with me well. I understand when my cats want me to open the door to let them out of the house and when they are hungry.  Two of my cats would ask me to follow them to watch their delivery. And I had to stroke them to quiet the cry when delivered. And the kittens grew before my eyes in my room. But one of cat would hide the young kitten. This one would play a trick on me. When I followed her she would take me somewhere to a location without her kitten. She hid it somewhere else. And she would look at my eye probably trying to figure what my mind was thinking.

I bought two packet of cat food every 8 or 9 days; the price of the small and the big packets was RM50.80. It was very much cheaper then. My wife usually paid for the food as she believes that a kind to animal would be bring abundance. She said the animals would pray to God for those who are kind to them. I remember even our Prophet Mohammed asked us to be kind even to dog.

The other day I met my friend, a Chinese lady teacher who worked with me before, was buying the cat food. "Do you keep cats ? " I asked. She told me that she did not keep cats. She bought the food for the unknown cats that came around her house. I said to myself that what a good heart a person can have, feeding the stray cats. My other friend, a Malay, saw a dog limping and put on the glove to examine the dog, and bandaged her. Whenever he went to school the dog would follow him until the main road. And when he came home the dog followed him till the house and soon went home. It continued to do so until he bought a new house and depart with the dog he bandaged. And there was one Chinese lady who would go to one fish market early morning, talked to the bunch of cats and provide them with food.

At home, many years ago, the small rats ran wild in the house, even biting our feet when we were asleep. That was very dangerous indeed. I had to declare war and bought all sort of traps. Mouse traps sometimes could be dangerous to the owner. I talked to my wife,"If only we can have cats...." By the will of the Gracious God, one day a white cat jumped over the opened window and stayed in our house since then, and she bored kittens after kittens. Some died and some went astray. I don't have to wage war on the rats anymore for a long time.

Whenever I anted to leave the house for several days, I would request my next door neighbor to pour the cat food once a day. And when the cats saw we came home, all  would rush home. They would jump and show all kind of behaviors . I read their minds. They were happy.

My command to call them for food is 'JOM'. The moment I mention it, all would rush and wait for me to open up the food in the can. When  I say 'KELUAR' a few would continue to stay idle for refusing to leave the house.

Unlike dogs cats command mankind. Dogs serve the owner but we have to serve the cats. Cats like to stay on a high place like a King or a Queen.

We named our cats by the look. It was my wife that gave names to those cats. The cat looks like a Batman, is called Batcat. The cat with spot is called 'Tampong'(Spot). The one with tail like a fan is called 'Kipas' (fan). Many time I would talk to the cat and hoping by God's grace, the cat on my lap would understand me. When I spoke she would look into my eyes. She might have been thinking 'What is my owner' saying to me.

02/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The British left the colonists with a good civil service system, and the rules and laws which would put the former colonists at par with any other great nation. After the independent most rules of law are set aside. Clauses were ignored and many things are run on whims and fancies. One classical example is the Land Law pertaining to what belongs to the public and what are the private properties. Beaches are the properties of the public. But today they become the private properties of the hotels. Similarly as to the Right of Ways, of which we have to pay to use the pathways.

Many civil servants are not loyal and dishonest especially the high ranking officers who do not keep secret on things which are supposed to be secret like the divulging of mails and letters sent to them to the third party or the outside people. So much so there was a need for a law to protect the whistle blowers or the witnesses. People are scared to report a criminal for fear the police personnel might inform the later of the reporter.

Many Head of Departments complained about reports they made on their unruly and rude subordinates to the Head Quarters being known by the subordinates who in turn threatened them. Only the brave head would took up the challenge and reported the matter up.

A civil servant must be neutral and should work like a professional, does not differentiate between a friend and a foe, race or creed, PAS or UMNO. He must not made himself a tool either of any political party or any individual. In short he must have integrity, not a little Napoleon who made his own rule or manage with prejudice and according to his own whims and fancies.

However it is good to know that there are still many officers who do not differentiate their clients though a few would ask questions like 'Are you PAS or UMNO ?'

One of the fulfilling tasks and would bring eternal satisfaction is when one keeps a secret or secrets of what come to him. He does not whisper to his family or friends. He prides himself for not taking dirty money offered to him. The general public know he works well, stern in his decision and he gained respects out of honesty and integrity.

Our stupid laymen have said before that if the police are too good at analyzing the DNA and able to nip a political enemy in the bud , why can't the police win the war against the drug pushers and wipe them out totally ? And how about the illegal immigrants that keep on coming  and even dare to go robbing spree ?

Many civil servants do not follow the office rules or the General Order. Some cheat in the punch card. Many arrive at work place late and occasionally sneak out of the work places during the office hours. So much so it has become a general practice ; breakfast at 8.30 and lingers untill 9.30 am.

What never can end are the projects of government buildings which are passed though not adhering to specifications. And the roads passed though the thickness is below requirement. And payments made to contractors for the incomplete buildings or programs.

At one time the choice of officers for promotion or to a certain post would include among other things is 'Amanah' ( Trustworthy) . Any Malay chosen for a job would have to have a good religious background. 'Amanah' is a big word and a very heavy task indeed. Asking him to keep a million dollars, he will not touch it until the owner comes back. Leaving our beautiful daughter or lovely wife for his care, he would treat them just like his family. Giving him a secret, it will die with him.

Not all men would sell their integrity for money or anything else. A billion dollars is valueless and meaningless when he can't stop his death. You have seen people with wealth and escape imprisonment but died just like any other poor man.

01/03/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is it not easy to bring the government down by just a mere protest ? And the government would either responded by challenging the street marching or submitted to it.  But there have been many street protests in the United States demanding for the impeachment of Bush and resigning of Obama. While the American did not shoot to kill, the protestors were called the Backdoor Terrorists and they were arrested.

The West had demanded that the world should adapt it's practice and ideology ; the  democracy and freedom, human right and civil liberty. They are talking of popular vote and rule by the majority. They had a long time tried to kill  Gaddafi and to change the rulers in the Middle East for the more favorable ones. The world fail to see the machinery of Mosad and CIA in their role and methodology of putting down the government. It is not by the the General Election but the short cut method of street protests.

It is true that general election could be a farce and manipulated by a hundred of ways. Intimidation, fraud, corruptions of all sort and the insertion of ballot boxes and multiple voting A few governments are known to practice it in the invisible ways. But it is far better than the street protest. No civil government in the world call upon the mass by the hand count as to who is to be a President or a Prime Minister.

Egypt does have not have to wait until September for the General Election. The chosen of Ministers now is not a democratic way, unless those are the winners in the General Election. That is what democracy is all about whether majority is wrong or right because it is the democracy that they chose. Egypt should run it's General Election as soon as possible. So are the other countries in the Middle East.

If for instant that Hindraf demanded that Najib should step down and Najib happily given up his post. Next week UMNO will have a street protest and called for Mukhriz to be a Prime MInister and we have a new Prime Minister. The next day another group goes to the street and demanded for Mukhriz resignation and put Lim Guan Eng on the throne.

No civilize nation runs the country by the street demonstration.

Yet in countries which claimed of high civility we saw protest to legalize abortion, protest demand for the legalization of gay marriage. So far we have not heard protest to call for the legalization of marijuana and other drugs yet. It may well happen when there are drug addicts sympathizers. After all in one of the European nation drug is sold freely and it is not a crime.

Dissatisfactions are always there. The jobless people are unhappy. Every low income group would want for a high minimum wage. And if we are not happy with the government, just throw them off by the general election. If we believe the government are liars then don't believe in what they say and don't watch their TVs nor read the newspapers.

The street protest is not democratic but the brother of a fascist and a reverse tyrant.

28/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof   


Yesterday I and two other friends, Hairie and Illiyas, drove to Saito's house in Penang bringing a home brewed linear for examination. I knew Saito since 1970's and since the days he was working in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

While waiting for his head surgery to recuperate we used to have a constant radio contact and chat especially during the fasting month. And I have always known that Saito is a man of multiple skill and very knowledgeable.

I have not been to his house before. Saito lives in a flat. I remembered my daughter's flat in Kuala Lumpur when I stepped in because they are of the same size. The place is well arranged and neat.

I and Illias carried the heavy linear up. After putting it on the floor in Saito's shack he started to roll away with the help of Illias, also a DIY man of the same skill. While examining we chat and create joke.

Finally we decided to go home and left the amplifier with Saito. We went down to have a good dinner. After that we moved home.

27/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Christian Priests and Jews Rabbi are saying Messiah will be coming as sign of the end of the world has shown in several forms. The evil force is winning over the good. Administrators and governments have lost the sense of judgment and the value of virtue is eroded. What used to be bad is seen as god to be worshipped.

A few believe that the Pope of Rome and a head of a certain nation as gog and magog. Some says the gog and magog are the Jews. I am of the believe the shadow of the gog and magog  are when bad people are respected and given places while the good people are ignored. Bad people became rulers and good people are casted.

But the prophesy about the end of world is not new. In the 17th Century Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal already mentioned it. The Mayan calendar predicted that the world will end in 2012.

I can't say what the shape of the Gog and Magog likes but I have seen the apparition of it in the acceptance of filthy people in some institution and power being invested in them, and the sympathy they get from the administration and the government. They demand and threatened and behave rowdily and the authority bowed to them.

Others believe the Gog and Magog are in the form of Illuminati and Pre-Mason movement. It is a powerful secret society because many politicians embraced it, and using the machinery to amass the power, to bring the world under one rule which is called the New World Order.

Most institutions have lost their virtues with the penetration of evil personnel. The sanctity and a pure goodness has been torn by these people. By and by the whole government become corrupt and inefficient. Laws and rules are administered to fit their likings. The Gog and Magog in government and administration is the victory of the dark side over the good side and they are dominant.

I heard of Djajal when I was a kid. It is a one eyed monster that will appear before the end of the world. I can't figure out in which part of the world it will appear and whether it is literal in definition or a real powerful creature with one eye that will command obedience. But it can also mean people who can't see goodness anymore. They make a hero out of crooks and criminals and enmity the honesty and integrity. One eye means half blind with distorted vision.

All still left in a conjecture yet strange things have become common ; law that permit same sex marriage, the legalization of drugs, and the secret societies running a nation. But if the happenings are destined then no amount of effort could alter the future history. The Djajal, the Gog and Magog, the coming of the Messiah and the end of the world are all from the Will of the God. Then be it and observe the events.

27/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Save for the rainy days. When a man spends all his income in gambling and start to borrow money it begins to crack the family. When a man involves himself in drug he may put a knife at his wife's neck to pressure for money or her ornaments. and when a big number of our citizen are in both then the nation will be in trouble.

We, the Malaysians, are quite lucky because the government provide facilities to encourage us to save. EFF is a good way to force people to save, and the Tabung Haji, ASN, ASB and other banking system are ever ready to welcome us to part with a portion of our income for our future.

With the increasing cost of living and the spiral inflation we cannot depend on our children anymore. They will be having their own commitments. Most of them would earn just enough for themselves. One or two find living is hard. I saw many people went to look for money in the waste containers finding boxes or plastic bottles or any other stuffs which are marketable. A few young people knock your door to sell dried fish or 'keropok', which you know earn a very small profit. We would not have the heart to seek financial help from young people like that.

But it is very difficult for the poor people to save at all. They born poor and die poor. Society pays for their funerals. Their children did not do well in schools due to the malnutrition. They can't afford to buy food for the brain. And commonly their generation will continue to live in poverty.

Occasionally persons with a good job would come to see me to borrow money. Because I don't keep much with me, I would just gave them a couple of ten dollar note and told them not to pay back. It was not a loan, but a mere small sum. They need to look somewhere else for more. But wild in my brain, I was trying to figure out why such a person ran broke. I was so sure that he did not save any for the rainy days, or finished all his income gambling.

Kids seldom have time for their fathers and mothers. They would pass you to each other for the care. And you may end up in a Day Care Center or in the Old Folks Home. If they have the time they would come and visit you once a year. And when you die they may have just posted a check for your funeral. They are too busy with their jobs. And they will be happy that you have died, no need to think about their old folks anymore.

Some old folks did save a lot, unknown to their kids. You may be the same. You just observe which of the kid is concerned about you. And you may have a helper that take a very good care of you. For many years the helper and the kid has been faithful and serve you well. The money saved would be given to those to care about you. And the selfish children who do not care of you will rush back home to find out whether you leave any property to them. Then they may quarrel among themselves.

If we can afford part with some to save in the government supported financial institution besides the EPF. Never draw your EPF to buy a car or spend for marriage or bought expensive house. That's for the rainy days. Of course we don't have to be a miser like some of us do. If they ask you out for a meal, they will not pay. If they ask you to go anywhere, they want to go with your car.

Of course we are free to do what we like with our money. Then do what we like with them.

24/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


After killing the thousands of innocent Iraqis and American citizens by the bombing of the World Trade Center, Bush finally is flung by the feeling of guilt. His administration had inflicted much damage to the fellow Americans, push them into hardship and poverty. Many ran away to Canada. Today Bush is taking a tour to witness himself the damage and blunder he had inflicted to the American people.

He said that he does not want the American people to face more sufferings. He saw their frustration and despair long after his reign and many still blamed him. He showed his sadness and regret and some people forgave him. The sufferings Bush had brought to the Americans was not known by most of us. Every pain inflicted on the mothers and children of the Iraqis and Afghans received an equal amount of pain on the American citizens.

If Bush is sincere enough and realized his mistakes and repented the best he could have done is  warn Obama to stop abusing his power by murdering the American constitution, and to forget about calling it's own citizens a 'backdoor terrorists'. As long as Obama is robbing away the freedom using the executive orders and bills, his words on Gaddafi would carry no weight. Today United States cease to be the father of human right and democracy. NILL.

If we open back all of the speeches by Bush during his tenure we would find he lied many times. Time and again he would mention 'To protect the American people.....' and he pounded his fathers ideal of One World, New World Order. The words Al-Queda were uttered more than 500 times.

As a normal laymen already I had seen the warmongering attitude of Bush administration would bring economic collapse by the law of causality. It is the drain of resource from the United States to the war had ware and operational cost. I did not see how the conquest could bring the recovery of the lost expenditure. Iraq's oil like any other countries would slowly vanish. It is not without a bottom. In fact earlier on I had seen shops run by the White American had been replaced by Asian Americans or the Asians.

The current American tour by Bush may possess some other motives. We have to wait and see what he is up to.

If guilt is what it is then Bush must openly apologized to the American people and admitted that he had been lying to them and asked Obama to restore the constitution back right on it's course.

23/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


My contemporaries would still remember that we had the first sex education while in Primary school. Ustaz Yusoff would be talking about the dream of having sexual intercourse and what we had to do the next day after the ejaculation. We were all aware of male and female sperm and the creation of the babies. But we didn't ask about whether the girls were taught of the same topics by the Ustazah.

I really don't know the curriculum content of religious subject of today. There have been so much changes and many of us are losing track of the syllabus. We put the total trust on the Ministry of Education and the government. Not only on education but also on every aspect of our life. One of my friends said,"Don't worry the government has it's own think tank to plan for our future."

We are very much alarm with the number of babies born out of wedlock and being left to die. Condoms are sold at every outlet in the supermarket, yet those couple did not use them. Our expert think the youth do not no about sex and how babies are born. Hence the outcry of the sex education has rocked the country for some time.

When I was working, I grouped the new female students who were about 17 years old in a hall, closed the door with several lady teachers. I talked about the desire of youths and sexual desire as a natural instinct, about the transmitted diseases and example of the sufferes, about how the disease could be transmitted, about the condom and put much stress on WHEN THE MINDS ARE CLOSE.

When minds are closed we will not think of the consequences of our actions though we know the severity of the outcome. We are totally controlled by emotion and sentiment rules us. Two persons who are too emotionally in love will throw away the condom if it feels better without , and would not care to pull out the manhood and would cast all the fear and consequences. We can start an action with rational minds and soon after it could be closed by emotion.

It is not because they the girls don't know sexual intercourse can cause pregnancy but when the mind has closed, the windows open for disease, HIV and pregnancy. Men bears the minimum consequences.

We would also tell the girls of the importance of job to feed the families, not to depend on men or their husbands for the total family expenditure. We analyzed the cost and the standard of living and their relationship with earnings, and how they relate to secured jobs. In the modern time good grade and education is the passport to the good job. While in school it would be preferable to do a good job as students.

Sex and other enjoyments comes after securing a good job. They just need to be patient for just a couple of more years.

But when we see schools as places to learn not to get education and the teachers are to teach and not to educate, I began to see the encroachment of moral decay. What bring us farther from the animals is the high moral standard, and civility. We do the right things at the right place, dress the right way at the right place. For many centuries mankind do not wear shirts and shoes without trousers or skirts, because it did not seem proper. There is no such thing as 100% liberty and freedom. There are limitations, culture, respects and mutual consensus. Mainly because we live as a society and dependent upon each other directly or indirectly.

Such a speech of an hour or two with the purpose of opening up their minds prove to be effective. We saw students were more interested in their studies and they performed well in the final public examinations. Many years later when they made a reunion party, we found many chose spouses from the same school.

The institution of marriage is not only relevant but also bring happiness and fulfillment. Many have been married for more than 20 years and live happily ever after. Till death they depart.

22/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



I just came back from the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport Alor Setar. After our Maghrib prayer for the last few weeks, I and my wife would  take a ride to the airport to enjoy the fresh air and relax while watching the landing and the take off of the planes. The distant from my house to the airport is about 10 miles.

While waiting for the plane we sometime did a facetime with my kid in Kuala Lumpur or I would run the Koranic software listening for the recital. But tonight I snap a few pictures. Using my Nikon camera, night capture had never been successful because every light lumination expanded wildly and picture would look distorted. With the iPhone 4 the night capture is satisfactory.

Then a gentleman approached me,"Cikgu, you seem busy photographing !" I shhok hand with him. "Were you from Bukhary or Vocational ?" I asked. "Vocational 1988." We talked about the school and reunion for a short while and after that he bade me good-bye.

Every time we wanted to go out I would say to my wife,"It's time for us to be the Mayor of the airport."

21/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Though I dreaded books, somehow Agatha Christie novel was in my hand. I hardly understood English when I was at a very young age, yet I continued reading the novel with full of curiosity, wanting to find out who the murderer was.

Among her famous novels were Murder on the Orient Express (1934), Death on the Nile (1937) and The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side (1962) and she also penned the play The Mousetrap (1952).

Agatha signed over the rights of her favourite works to her daughter and grandson before her death at the age of 85 in 1976.

I just think she was a genius.

21/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The defense lawyer in Anwar's case was teasing when he said that there were a football field of semen in Saiful's underwear. The lady chemist admitted she did include a few of her findings because she thought those other unidentified semen were not significant. Certainly she could not be a stupid lady to ignore it unless something compelled her not to mention what could weaken the case.

How many unidentified semen could be found in Saiful's underware ? 5 ? 6 ? Assuming 3 of them are small in quantity or percentage, the question is how do they get there ? And the worst is when Saiful's own is in his ass. How did it get there ? I was smiling to myself remembering a joke about a 3 foot manhood which seek it's own hole. It is a sinister thought of course. But sinister it may be, it is a big puzzle like the hotel mattresses belong to the hotel which was not in existence when the case was suppose to happen. 

The chemist said that she was not an expert to determine how the semen or sperm could get there. Initially she mentioned of the possibility it could have been from the toilet. Even that was amounting to an expert view. If she claimed she is not an expert then she should have reported the finding of the other semen too so that the court and the people figure out what could have happened. Already I heard a normal lady said about the sperm being injected by a syringe.

The procedure of justifying the lies by attacking Anwar on other basis and trying to show to the public how kind they are does not make them a good man and the other the devil. The winning in the psy-war against the citizens do not free them from hell-fire, which I think does not exist in their minds.

The master juggler with the gang will start to think the way to argue on the other semen and about their significant. I have been finding the Pakistanis and the Mamaks are the best jugglers in the world. They will always come up with something, inventing stories and manufacturing evidences.

How the significant of semen being rated ? I don't know and I can't tell. I remembered reading a sex book saying a strong and good semen can travel far into the fallopian tube and meet with the ovaries. That means you don't have to penetrate deep inside hers to bear a child. Hence we could not underestimate or under rate the significant of semen. What more if it is to put someone away for 20 years for something which he has not done.

Similarly on Teoh Beng Hock's case when the authority said that they did not take up the foot-print and the finger-print found on the spot where Teoh was said to have jumped because they were said the characters were incomplete. In my estimation and reflection it is similar to saying that the proofs have no significant. One is to put a person in jail , and another to protect a murderer. Again repeatedly I am saying that it was Mahathir who first created and breed the evil in our administration.

Nevertheless we should not demonize all bad people and pray for their death by the lightning strike. Pious Imams usually asked us to pray for their well being and call upon God to turn them into wise men, to repent and tell the truth.

What do you think about Saiful's underwear with the 5/6 semen type ? And what do you think of Saiful's own semen in his own ass ?

21/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Some people are proud of their wealth and status and some have pride in their intellectual achievement. But almost everyone thinks that he is the best and the smartest except the educated ones. Coffee shops used to be an arena where people go to propound their political acuteness and other ideas. Grouping at the coffee shops had never been an issue to the police, no permit is required.

If you listen carefully to what they are yelling you will enjoy it. The one with the loudest voice seem to feel that he wins in the argument. Everybody will be saying that person is moron and this guy is stupid. It creates the atmosphere that the coffee shop is full of skillful people with lustrous brain. The shop is a nest of brainnies.

With a smiling face the shop owner would serve the ordered coffee and baked bread with kaya. He would comment nothing and he hope they will come again next time, the next night. The more the better.

The word 'Bodoh' means stupid. The Malays like to use it and enjoying calling other people stupid. Some school teachers are fond of using 'Bodoh' on their students when they fail to understand the explanations given. Or even may knock the kid's head. In my last essay I mentioned about the soccer spectators shouting and yelling "Referee Bodoh...Coach Bodoh...Linesman Bodoh..."

We could have wondered whether it is smart to publicly proclaim that we are the smartest lot and our race is most superior and what we do is the most correct and lawful ? While we walk with egoistic feeling and the feeling of pride in ourselves, the other eyes are looking at us with disdain, see us as filth and degraded animals.

People who failed to make a good grade and suffering from a low esteem have always tried to find compensation. Calling those high achievers stupid would be the fast and easy way to compensate the poor feeling, to satisfy the insatiable emotional condition. The schizophrenic mind, the seeing of apparition and other mental disturbances are driving them into insanity and desperation. It would destroy their mental and physical health. Under no circumstances they can live in a peace and satisfied life. The professionals would continue to be earning a high salaries and good income while they will stay foot at their level, and going hunting and begging for better jobs.

Some smart and wise educated people could bring themselves down to befriend and able to appease these people. I just can't tolerate them because I simply find them a menace to peaceful society, always find trouble with whom they think are not agreeable with their thought. They would use the foul language and demanding people to respect their behaviors. But at the same time they are scared and coward, for fear of either being caught or brought to court.

When the guy in the football stadium shouted mentioning a Minister's name heard what I said about him being caught and jailed, he immediately kept quite. I was so sure if he had continued with his vulgarity he would be caught by the plain cloth policeman for the meaningless insult. The spectators would see him at par with a wild dog.

21/02/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof