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Raymond Francis



She is a member of Indonesia Lawyer's Club


Another damning story by Sarawak Report. Lies again.

The more I read SR the more i began to see Mahathir's insight. It is not only Mahathir who thinks the money was being stolen, the recently demised DPP and Ghani Patail must have discovered the truth. From the comments I read many seem to believe the dangerous individuals who know the crime were eliminated. Najib has gone too deep and too far.

14/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Cartel Land is a documentary movie about drug cartel in Mexico. It depicts the possible relationship between the drug dealers and the government. The founder of the vigilante, a doctor, who did not believe the government was serious in fighting the cartel was finally arrested and jailed.

We started to emulate Brazil's economy during Mahathir's era on privatization which hurt the country badly as a result. We have cordial relationship with Mexico which is among the world's corrupt nations. The main corruptor was the cartel.

You try to look for the movie somewhere, watch it and think about it.


You may not know what it will be like when a country is ruled by a bunch of gangsters.



This movie coincides with another one called the Final Rupture. The rupture, believed by Christians, is at the end of time where the world would be full of chaos, lawlessness, protests and suppressions. Leaders were intoxicated and crimes become a normalcy. The Muslims called it The End of Time. Morality and values have lost their essence. People hardly recognize between the good and the bad.

But the Muslims do not lose their hopes. They resort to seeking for God's help in their prayers.

Movies can be entertainment. It can also be an education.

13/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The magnititude of 1Mdb scandal is too huge to cover even by the sheer use of force by DS Najib. It could not be hidden by forging documents and evidences. Najib has only to depend on the stupidity of the supporters and to resort to terrorist tactic to arrest critics on Najib and 1Mdb to protect DS Najib Razak. No matter what, the populace already relate several deaths and murders to protect the crime of theft.

If you still remember, 1Mdb declared that Arul was a Muslim. We didn't know for what reason. Then Najib said 1Mdb money was used to send thousands of Muslim to Mekah which many do not buy it. Again we cannot guess the reason. Rahman Dahlan's effort to kill people's trust on Sarawak Report do not seem to work.

It would not be wise for DS Najib to defend Arul from SR attack. If he does it only shows that Dr. Mahathir and Dr. Lim Leong Sik's hypothesis that DS Najib stole the money is true. Let us all see whay Arul is going to say about this wave of attack.

Arul Spins A Changing Story As We Publish More Documents He Can't Deny!

11 Oct 2015

Sarawak Report awaits 1MDB Arul Kanda’s suit for libel over our allegedly ‘unsubstantiated’ reports.

In his latest press release he claims that our PetroSaudi evidence is ‘unfounded’ and ‘possibly doctored’, while admitting that our copies of 1MDB Board minutes were accurate.

Unfounded and possibly doctored?!

Forced to admit to the 1MDB minutes, but still claiming our PetroSaudi documents are ‘unfounded’ and possibly doctored?!

If any of the documents which we have produced about the joint venture deal between 1MDB and PetroSaudi are “possibly doctored” as he ventures to suggest, it would, of course, be the easiest thing in the world for Mr Kanda to produce the evidence from his own records and explain the truth to a UK court.

Likewise, if our allegations were “unfounded”, why has the only remaining institution in Malaysia that retains a shred of credibility in the eyes of the world, Bank Negara Malaysia, backed our findings down to the very last dollar?

We have detailed how US$1 billion + US$500 million + US$330 million (= US$1.83 billion) were channelled from 1MDB into a fraudulent deal with PetroSaudi, where most of the money was diverted into the Zurich account of the company Good Star Limited belonging to its official ‘Advisor’ Jho Low.

See for the first time the document (which Mr Kanda is welcome to dispute) that proves the official nature of Jho Low’s role at the Terengganu/ 1MDB Development Fund, which he has so emphatically denied for so long:

Jho Low was formally appointed as an Advisor while the 1MDB PetroSaudi deal was being negotiated

Jho Low was formally appointed as an Advisor while the 1MDB PetroSaudi deal was being negotiated

The Terengganu Investment Authority changed its name to 1MDB half way through the Petro-Saudi deal on September 18th 2009, which Jho Low managed from beginning to end, despite his repeated claims that he had nothing to do with 1MDB after May 2009.

PetroSaudi’s lawyer from White & Case noted the date in an email (which Mr Kanda is welcome to dispute)

Jho Low was an official advisor during the period of the deal

Despite his denials Jho Low was an official advisor during the period of the deal

Last week, of course, Bank Negara confirmed our findings on the purloined US$1.83 billion by demanding this exact sum of money back and baldly stating that it had recommended criminal proceedings against 1MDB for allowing the PetroSaudi scam to proceed:

“The Bank concluded that permissions required under the ECA [Exchange Control Act] for 1MDB’s investments abroad were obtained based on inaccurate or without complete disclosure of material information relevant to the Bank’s assessment of 1MDB’s applications.

Therefore, the Bank has revoked three permissions granted to 1MDB under the ECA for investments abroad totalling USD1.83 billion and also issued a direction under the Financial Services Act 2013 to 1MDB to repatriate the amount of USD1.83 billion to Malaysia and submit a plan to the Bank for this purpose”.[Bank Negara Statement]

Despite this plain speaking by Bank Negara, Arul Kanda still attempts to say that our allegations are “unfounded” and that our evidence is “possibly doctored” – whilst not suing us.

He also refers to one our several sources as a “convicted criminal”, whilst conveniently neglecting to mention that this Swiss national, Xavier Justo, was a former senior director of 1MDB’s own joint venture partner PetroSaudi and that he was convicted (in Thailand) for attempting to blackmail his fellow PetroSaudi directors, using evidence about their role in the 1MDB billion dollar scam.

Mr Arul Kanda is welcome to sue Sarawak Report on the basis that Justo was convicted of blackmail, using a trove of fictitious evidence.

Meanwhile, the opposition MP Tony Pua has concluded that Kanda, through his string of conflicting statements and changing stories, has proved himself to be a serial, if highly unconvincing, liar.

How 1MDB Cheated Bank Negara

Through PetroSaudi’s own emails Sarawak Report has obtained the Letter of Permission from Bank Negara to 1MDB’s initial request to export a billion dollars into the alleged joint venture in September 2009.

PetroSaudi, 1MDB and Bank Negara are welcome to contest the authenticity of this and other documents, which we are now releasing.

Meanwhile, we suggest that this letter shows exactly why the bank is now saying that it was seriously and deliberately mislead by 1MDB and why it is demanding the money back and wants to issue criminal proceedings.

The letter was originally written in Malay, then PetroSaudi received a certified English translation.

If our reproduction here has been “tampered” or “doctored” in any way, then of course anyone from the Bank Negara, 1MDB or PetroSaudi itself will be very well-placed to sue Sarawak Report for misrepresentation and publish the correct version in the meantime:

Original letter of approval in Malay

Original letter of approval in Malay

[Click For the full Malay and English versions of the BNM letter – also see the base of this story].

This letter of authorisation, which was sent by the Director of the Foreign Exchange Administration Department to 1MDB’s then Executive Director, Mr Tang Keng Chee, grants permission for the payment of the initial US$1 billion on the basis that amongst other provisions:

“PetroJV will utilize the equity funds totaling USD 2.5 billion from its shareholders to fund the investment in the energy, agriculture, real estate and tourism sectors in Malaysia and overseas;

The said funds in the sum of USD 2.5 billion will be placed in PetroJV’s account with Banca della Svizzera Italiana SA, Geneva pending investments in future projects;

In other words, the letter makes plain that BMN was of the clear understanding that 1MDB was providing 40% of a cash injection into a joint fund, which would be combined with a US$1.5 billion cash investment by PetroSaudi, designed to fund a variety of projects, including investments in Malaysia.

That understanding was reflected 1MDB’s own press releases of the time (since noticeably removed from its site):

"PetroSaudi will contribute $1.5 billion"

“PetroSaudi will contribute $1.5 billion”

As is now known, PetroSaudi in the event contributed no cash to the deal and the majority of the billion dollars injected by 1MDB was not paid into the joint venture account, but into Jho Low’s own company Good Star’s account at RBS Coutts in Zurich. Bank Negara Malaysia was therefore misled, just like the public.

Investigation documents produced by Bank Negara (below) show that repeated later queries about how the money was being invested were ignored and put off by 1MDB, which instead went on to borrow a further US$500 million and US$330 million on similar false pretences, which likewise disappeared mainly into Jho Low’s account at Good Star or into the buy out of UBG (in which he held shares).

US$500 million was supposed to be invested in a French energy company - Instead it was used to buy out UBG and

BNM investigation summary shows how US$500 million was supposed to be invested in a French energy company – Instead it was used to buy out UBG

The entire US$330 million went to Jho Low's Good Star according to BNM's investigation and has not been seen again

The entire US$330 million meant to “promote foreign direct investment into Malaysia” went to Jho Low’s Good Star account

Bank Negara’s investigation shows when it tried to follow up on the payments they were given the brush-off by 1MDB or faced extraordinary delays and partial responses.

No response to requests for information - proposed projects did not eventuate - money missing....

No response to requests for information – proposed projects did not eventuate – money missing….

It is plainly for this reason that BMN wants all the 1MDB PetroSaudi money returned and has requested for criminal proceedings to be opened.  Indeed the previous Attorney General Gani Patail had started drawing up charge sheets for prosecutions related to 1MDB.

However, as Malaysia knows, Najib responded with an executive coup – he replaced the Head of Special Branch, who then sent a team of officers to apprehend Gani Patail as he arrived at his office on Monday 27th July.  Patail was informed that he was to retire immediately on ‘health grounds’ without entering his office to collect his things.

It is unconstitutional for the Prime Minister to fire an Attorney General and it is unconstitutional for him to personally hand-pick a successor.

However, this is exactly what Najib has done and new his hand-picked AG, Apandi Ali, is now refusing to act upon Bank Negara’s recommendation to prosecute 1MDB.

So, when Arul Kanda continues to issue sanctimonious press releases saying all is well with 1MDB and that Sarawak Report is ‘doctoring’ documents.  Is he relying on the facts or just the strong arm tactics of his boss?

Fraudulent valuation of PetroSaudi

A key element of the criminal case against 1MDB is the astonishing and wilfully negligent failure of the board and

Ed Morse, banker and commodities pundit









Ed Morse, banker and commodities pundit

directors of this public company to obtain an independent valuation of its proposed joint venture partner PetroSaudi, introduced by the PM’s appointed ‘advisor’ Jho Low.

Instead of placing cash as advertised to BNM and the public into the so-called joint venture, it emerged during the course of the two week lightening negotiation period that PetroSaudi was merely injecting ‘assets’ in the form of a subsidiary company (PetroSaudi International (Cayman) that allegedly owned valuable oil concessions in Turkmenistan and Argentina.

Handy visual created by UK lawyers White & Case - the 'injection' came with $1.5 bn in shares and a supposed $700 m 'shareholder loan'

Handy visual created by UK lawyers White & Case – the ‘injection’ was compensated by $1.5 bn in share equity and a supposed $700m ‘shareholder loan’

However, PetroSaudi did not own the Turkmenistan oil field, it belonged to a Canadian company called Buried Hill instead. Furthermore, the concession was valueless to the extent that it is located in a disputed region of the Caspian Sea, making it currently impossible to legalise the ownership or extract the oil.

That didn’t stop PetroSaudi claiming the ownership and issuing a fictitious $700 million ‘shareholder loan’ as part of the supposed asset transfer to the joint venture company, which three days later it would demand back in hard cash!

PSI Director Patrick Mahony to his colleague - instead of saying we are negotiating to own it let's say we own it!!

PSI Director Patrick Mahony advises his colleague – instead of saying we are negotiating an interest in the oil field, let’s say we own it!!

To supposedly cover its obligations during the checking period on the lightening deal the 1MDB Board, directed by Shahrol Halmi, agreed to accept a valuation of this PetroSaudi International (Cayman) subsidiary from an American, who was recommended by none other than PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony himself, a banker called Ed Morse.

Morse was a prominent former politician and is currently Commodities Head of Citigroup, but in 2009 he was out of work, having lost his job with the closure of Lehman Brothers.  He was also a close contact of Patrick Mahony and Tarek Obaid and the men were in regular touch before and after the 1MDB deal.

It was Mahony who hired Morse to value his own company PetroSaudi International (Cayman) – he then passed this document on to Shahrol Halmi as if it were an independent third party valuation!

The fact that this was only a window dressing exercise to please the auditors is further made clear by the fact that the Malaysian end of this dodgy deal only received Ed Morse’s tame document the day AFTER the deal had already been signed on 29th September 2009.

Shahrol Halmi still waiting for the valuation report on the day the deal was signed

Shahrol Halmi still waiting for the valuation report on the day the deal was signed

Further correspondence shows that Morse derived all of his information for his “independent report” from a document sent to him by Mahony himself just a couple of days before he wrote it up.

He admits as much in his own report:

“The analyses, opinions and conclusions presented in this report are based on our best economic judgments on the data that were made available to us by the managements of PetroSaudi International Limited and 1MDB PetroSaudi Limited” [Ed Morse report]

If Morse had checked out any of the data provided by PetroSaudi, he would have realised that they did not own the Turkmenistan oil field and that an Argentine concession was mainly funded with borrowed funds.  Instead he summarised:

Morse valued the PSI assets at US$3 billion

Morse valued the PSI assets at over US$3 billion

Morse was offered US$50,000 for this re-jigged version of PetroSaudi’s own figures, which was in the event bumped up to double by Patrick Mahony – presumably as a thanks for getting such a massive evaluation job done in just a couple of days!

Ed's $100k bill foe two days repackaging work on PetroSaudi's own eport

Ed’s $100k bill foe two days repackaging work on PetroSaudi’s own eport

Laughably, the 1MDB Board and management were prepared to accept this so-called ‘injection of assets’ purely in the form of the transfer of ownership of PetroSaudi’s subsidiary company in the Caymans. There was no legal transfer of any of that company’s supposed assets, for example the alleged Turkmenistan oil concession – meaning that the joint venture was left with little more than a shell company with nothing in it in return for its own billion dollar payment.

A couple of days after the deal was signed Patrick Mahony cynically gave orders to his team to wind down the ‘advanced negotiations’ for a so-called farmin agreement with Buried Hill for the Turkmenistan oil field.  He wanted to get out before PetroSaudi was committed, one reason doubtless for the hasty negotiations!

Get moving on pulling out of the farmin deal - only 5 days before we are committed!

Get moving on pulling out of the farmin deal – only 5 days before we are committed!

Fraudulent transfer

As if such blatant and wilful negligence by the Board and management of a public company  in dealing with PetroSaudi’s blatant shenanigans were not enough to prompt Bank Negara’s criminal case against 1MDB, the matter of course gets worse.

Bank Negara was specifically informed that all the US$1 billion being paid into the PetroSaudi venture was going to the joint venture company itself.

Instead, of course, the conspirators behind the deal had injected a fictitious US$700 million ‘shareholder’ paper ‘loan’ into the equation on the 25th of September, just 3 days before the signing of the deal.

It turns out that this was not communicated to the Board by the management of 1MDB or the CEO Shahrol Halmi.

PetroSaudi and their lawyers then requested the money be paid directly back to PetroSaudi by 1MDB in cold hard cash on the day of the deal (Tim Buckland, the head of the PSI legal team subsequently left his job at White & Case and joined PSI as a Director).

This ‘repayment’ was dressed up as a consideration for the huge extra value of the supposed assets of the injected Cayman subsidiary, which Morse had put at US$3 billion, but were actually fictitious, unchecked and legally unsecured.

Fraudulent information provided by Patrick Mahony about PSI's assets







Fraudulent information provided by Patrick Mahony about PSI’s assets

It gets worse, because of course as we all know the US$700 million did not even get ‘paid back’ to PetroSauidi, it got paid directly to a company owned by Jho Low called Good Star Limited, incorporated in the Seychelles.

There is a mound of evidence to show that PetroSaudi, in particular Patrick Mahony, deliberately lied to 1MDB on this point, claiming that Good Star was a PetroSaudi subsidiary.

Instructions sent by PetroSaudi's solicitors White & Case alleging that the Good Star account belonged to PetroSaudi

Straight lie in this White & Case prepared document – The 1116073 account belonged to Jho Low’s Good Star Limited, not PetroSaudi

The conspirators have continued to make this claim and lie in recent weeks in various statements seeking to imply that the money went to PetroSaudi instead of Jho Low:

“In a statement to The New York Times this week, 1MDB said that Good Star was owned by PetroSaudi and noted that PetroSaudi had confirmed that 1MDB said it had provided information about these transactions to the Malaysian authorities that are investigating the sovereign fund.”[NYT 18/6/15]

Shahrol Halmi also knew full well that the money was being ‘paid back’ not to PetroSaudi but to Good Star, as his emails make plain.  If he had checked the beneficial ownership of Good Star he would have realised it belonged to Jho Low and that the company was not part of the ownership structure of PetroSaudi.

Likewise, if RBS Coutts had done its proper due diligence and checked the incorporation documents of Good Star, it would have realised the same fact.

Halmi confirmed to the bank that the beneficial owner of the account which received the $700m was not PetroSaudi but Good Star Limited - belonging to Jho Low

Halmi confirmed to the bank that the beneficial owner of the account which received the $700m was not PetroSaudi but Good Star Limited – belonging to Jho Low

As Tony Pua has pointed out in his statement on the matter this weekend, there is only one explanation for the failure of the Board and Management to conduct due diligence over the decisions of 1MDB, which is that the fund’s special terms of incorporation meant that there is in fact only one decision-maker authorised to make investments – this is the sole shareholder, the PM/ Minister of Finance Najib Razak, who had disguised himself as the mere Chairman of the Advisory Board.

In fact the constitution of 1MDB means that the role of the Board is mere window dressing, hence their side-lining from the PetroSaudi deal and other future expenditures that succeeded in running up a staggering RM42 billion of debt in less than five years:

“According to Clause 117 of the 1MDB Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A), the Prime Minister’s written approval must be obtained for “any financial commitment (including investment), restructuring or any other matter … It is clear their [the Board] appointment was only for show. They are mere stooges working for the powers that be.  No Board worth their salt would have tolerated the degree of transgressions which took place within the company which included embezzlement and misappropriation of billions of ringgit.” [Tony Pua media statement]

Mr Arul Kanda is of course welcome to again say that the emails and documents we have published from the PetroSaudi database, which are also in the hands of international regulators and other news organisations have been ‘possibly doctored’ and ‘tampered’ by Sarawak Report.

He should take us to court and compare his copies with ours and explain why it is that all the surrounding evidence about the 1MDB PetroSaudi affair ties in nicely with our allegations, while for his part he cannot stick to the same answer two days running.

Malay Version of the Bank Negara Letter of Permission:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 16.42.51

 Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 16.44.55

 English translation:



 29 September 2009

Mr Tang Keng Chee
Executive Director
1Malaysia Development Berhad (848230V)
Level 8, Menara IMC,
No.8, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.



We refer to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad application (1MDB).

  1. Permission is given to 1MDB to remit funds in the sum of USD1 billion for the purpose of obtaining 40% shareholding in 1MDB Petrosaudi Limited, British Virgin Islands (PetroJV). The reference number of the said investment is IO95174.

  1. For the purpose of simplifying the statistical compilation of the balance payments by the Central Bank of Malaysia-

(a)        1MDB has to disclose the information required by the local licensed bank (commercial bank, Islamic bank or local investment bank) for convenience in remitting the investment funds which is in excess of RM 200, 000 on behalf of 1MDB; and

(b)       The Malaysian Central Bank’s Department of Statistics will contact 1MDB with regard to a quarterly report in respect of 1MDB’s assets and liabilities to be submitted to the Central Bank of Malaysia.

  1. We note the following-

(a)        PetroJV is a joint venture company held 40:60 by 1MDB and its joint venture partner, Petrosaudi Holdings (Cayman) Ltd, Cayman Islands;

(b)       PetroJV will utilize the equity funds totaling USD 2.5 billion from its shareholders to fund the investment in the energy, agriculture, real estate and tourism sectors in Malaysia and overseas;

(c)        The said funds in the sum of USD 2.5 billion will be placed in PetroJV’s account with Banca della Svizzera Italiana SA, Geneva pending investments in future projects;

(d)       1MDB will fund the investment in the sum of USD 1 billion with the acquisition of “Islamic Medium Term Notes” which were issued in May 2009; and

(e)        The remittance of such funds for the said investment will be done via a foreign exchange of the funds in Ringgit to the relevant foreign currency with a local licensed bank. In this connection, 1MDB will make the exchanges in stages to ensure order and smoothness in the local foreign currency market.

  1. In the event that 1MDB does not make any remittance of funds for its investment in the period of 12 months from the date of this letter, this approval will be rendered cancelled and 1MDB would be required to obtain permission from us prior to the remittance of such funds.

  1. In the event that 1MDB is bound by any value protection contract to manage currency exposure risks for its investments, the contract has to be:-

(a)        executed with a local licensed bank; and

(b)       terminated by 1MDB when the said investment is sold or has come to

an end.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of Foreign Exchange Officer

(Wan Hanisah Wan Ibrahim)

Foreign Exchange Administration

12/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I prefer to say 'respect is earned, not demanded;.

One of the critical issue faced by the Malaysian political leaders today that they have lost respects from the people. Even the laymen are facing similar problem throughout the world where the younger generations do not show respects towards any elderly people with conservative minds and who refuse to accept changes which are progressive and reasonable.

It is education that made the new generation able to distinguish between a leader and a nation. Leaders come and go. The nation remains. People can die for a country but not for a leader. A nation has sovereignty, provide land and fertile soil and minerals for the people. All they need is to work and make it useful and productive. The earth stood still when people cease to exist.

A leader is to organize the economy, law, technology, education and other system for the benefit of the masses. He cannot inspire the populace by telling lies, spinning words and concern on amassing wealth for himself and his family.

If he is seen as dishonest, liar or a friend of the gang of international hooliganism who will do the killing for a leader than his total social status is gone. It diluted itself into a mud. The respect is gone. He cannot demand respects from the people. It would be a strange phenomena to draft law to force people to respect the politicians.

Nobody care to ask the reason why the Malays are slowly hating their Malay leaders ? In the Face Book, they used the most dreadful words on their leaders. The Malays have gone out of their limits due to the intense hatred. The Chinese are not that bad in using words again our leaders. Only if Rosmah could hear what people call her, she may be try to look at herself in the mirror and ponder her real value is.

This lady is a medical doctor and a wife of a Prime Minister. She knew her place as a wife as all those previous Prime Ministers. After retirement she still find time to enrich herself with aesthetic values. I adore her and respect her very much.

The older generation is more passive. They do not show their unhappiness by howling or call their leaders by names. They just stay sullen, say nothing and keep their unhappiness beneath their dress. In other words they still show some respect towards a leader.

When I am not respected, there is nothing that I could do. There is no need for me to confront the people and try to show them that I am worth their respects. Surely there is something in me that has destroyed me; it could be my dress, my behavior, the way I talk and other things

In the course of daily social interaction we treat other people upon our customary practice. We may help the old and the disable to cross the road out of the feeling of a social duty. Such a moral obligation may be independent of the feeling of respect. If you ask me to step on Rosmah's picture, I won't do it at any price, not because I respect her but it would degrade me as a person to do it. It does not parade any goodness in me.

A good man doesn't have to praise himself, announcing his donations and his help to the society. He is not a suspect of heinous crimes. He never abuse the power entrust in him.

It is a pity for someone who has lost the respect of the people. He has to blame himself.

11/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You never know a fate of a poor man you meet on a street. Alisah is not a Malaysian. She is a Filipino girl who loves singing so much that finally took her to fame. She sang whenever she found a karaoke machine in a mall. One Henrik Jensen who recorded her singing on July 2014 uploaded her video on the internet. It went viral.

This is how the Wikipedia describes her, "Alisah was born to a family that made their living through selling at the sidewalk since 1987. She participated in singing contests such as Eat Bulaga's now-defunct Gymeoke segment. She studied at St. Scholastica's College's Conservatory of Music until 2014, when her scholarship was revoked after she was found to have participated a televised karaoke contest while wearing her school uniform; this was prohibited under the rules of the college."

A few months later she went for audition for the Voice of the Philippines and she completed the competition as a runners up. The video footing below in the youtube shows her singing at a supermarket using the karaoke machine.



In many countries one cannot depend on luck to rise up to fame. We all do know who Kulup and Jamal are and how they went about to gain national publicity. And another is Ali Tinju.

More than 30 years ago at Borobodur there was one fine beggar girl without shoes or sleepers, singing Bengawan Solo with her guitar. All her 10 fingers were alive. Her voice was lovely. Probably she is still a beggar today. Alisah is a lucky one.

You can find more information about her on the internet for perusal and listen to her lovely voice.

11/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is either Sarawak report is a liar or Najib has not been an honest Prime Minister and has committed a big crime. We need to observe the battle. While time is KING to Najib, it can also be a killer as the world will be getting to know Najib as better as it drags into history. How long will the American President could sustain the respect on Najib ? Or else Najib must resort to legal process on WSJ and SR rather than to shoot and kill. If SR does not lie on this one, it shows that people in 1Mdb are not happy with what is going on in it. It was not Xavier alone.

How Arul Kanda Lied To The 1MDB Board About 'Cash In The Bank' - EXCLUSIVE!

How Arul Kanda Lied To The 1MDB Board About 'Cash In The Bank' - EXCLUSIVE!

9 Oct 2015


Special meeting of 1MDB Board to handle a growing crisis in JanuarySpecial meeting of 1MDB Board to handle a growing crisis in January

Sarawak Report has obtained minutes of a 1MDB board meeting, which prove that CEO Arul Kanda’s claim about ‘cash in the bank’ at BSI Singapore was not an unfortunate ‘miscommunication‘, but part of a deliberate strategy of misinformation.

In other words, it was a bare-faced and extended lie.

Bank Negara Malaysia is plainly aware of this state of affairs, given its statement challenging the Attorney General’s attempts to close down investigations into 1MDB over the past few hours.  It raises further concerns over the refusal by Najib’s inner circle to accept that billions were stolen, triggering an unprecedented cover-up by Malaysia’s desperate development fund.

Sorry I ‘miscommunicated’

In April Sarawak Report produced evidence from the Singapore authorities showing there was in fact no ‘cash’ in 1MDB’s BSI bank account.

It forced Kanda to make a series of retractions over parliamentary statements by the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak, claiming that US$1.103 billion, supposedly redeemed “in cash” from the PetroSaudi joint venture, had been paid into BSI Bank, Singapore.

“As the president of the company, I take full responsibility for this misunderstanding, and will ensure better communication with all stakeholders,” [Arul Kanda}

Kanda “clarified” that the assets held at BSI were in the form of ‘units’, which Sarawak Report has established are categorised as ‘level 3′, meaning there is no guarantee as to their actual worth (if any).

Yet we have now obtained minutes from an earlier board meeting in January, which make plain that the new CEO had given detailed assurances to Board members that there was indeed ‘cash’ in the so-called Brazen Sky company account at BSI bank.

Arul Kanda even gave a highly unbelievable excuse as to why, instead of using these alleged cash funds, 1MDB was borrowing even more money to cover its pressing expenses.  This was in response to concerns by the Chairman, Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, that the management had publicly promised to repatriate the money and then failed to do so:

'held as cash' - failure to clearly communicate or a straight lie?

‘held as cash’ – failure to clearly communicate or a straight lie?

Why we can’t ‘repatriate’ the cash

According to the above minutes, Arul Kanda’s excuse for not repatriating the ‘cash’ was that it had to be retained in the bank in Singapore in order to guarantee yet another loan by Deutsche Bank.

Board members had just acknowledged that 1MDB was experiencing serious cash flow and credibility problems, just as the company was planning to try and get out of its difficulties by issuing shares on the stock market.

And Lodin Wok Kamaruddin wanted to know why the management had failed to carry out its pledge to use the alleged remainder of the Cayman Island (Brazen Sky) fund, which was supposed to contain the ‘profits’ from the investment into PetroSaudi back in 2009-12.


Oversight issues - Lodin Wok Kamaruddin






Oversight issues – Lodin Wok Kamaruddin

Why not bring back the money board members asked?

Why not bring back the money board members asked?

Time to use the Brazen Sky fund made up of the 'profits' from PetroSaudi!

Time to use the Brazen Sky fund made up of the ‘profits’ from PetroSaudi!

Arul Kanda’s answer is not only barely credible under the circumstances, it shows a double deception that could only have been intended.

The CEO had told his bemused board members that Deutsche Bank was preventing him from repatriating the money, because they were demanding that he keep the Singapore cash account as collateral for another almost identical sum of US$975 million they had loaned to 1MDB.

Surely, it was nonsensical to keep money in the bank to guarantee the borrowing of a virtually identical amount, especially when the ‘high financing costs’ had become a key concern at the fund?

So, this was not a communication slip by Kanda, it was a positive, detailed claim that the assets were being held in cash, giving the reason that the lending bank consortium would accept nothing less to guarantee their further loan.

There is another strange issue thrown up by these January minutes. In public statements 1MDB had claimed there was US$1.103 billion in the BSI Brazen Sky account, yet Kanda  informed the Board there was only US$939 million – over a hundred million less.

It appears that no one on the board saw fit to raise a query over such obvious matters.

Yet, Sarawak Report suggests there is only one credible explanation for all these twists and turns, which is that Kanda could not repatriate and use the alleged ‘cash’, because there was no cash.

There were merely level 3 assets representing ‘units’ of zero value in a fund managed by Hong Kong’s shadowy Bridge Partners based in the Cayman Islands.

That the Board accepted his feeble excuse that close to a billion dollars had to remain frozen in Singapore, in order to  guarantee a further billion dollar loan from Deutsche Bank, means either they were half-witted or they had decided to turn a blind eye to a desperate situation caused by blatant corrupted management of the fund.

Shahrol Halmi knew the truth

Sarawak Report suggests that the board members were not financially illiterate half-wits and that they knew full well that the fund had been mismanaged on their watch.

This is born out by further evidence from the leaked minutes in our possession, which show that the meeting began with complaints by board members that past decisions had not been made with the proper consent and oversight of the Board.

There was a resolution therefore to change procedures to ensure that in future all investment decisions would be properly considered.

After all, they were talking about billions of dollars of public money!

Poor oversight by the Board - so who was making all the investment decisions at 1MDB?

Poor oversight by the Board – so who was making all the investment decisions at 1MDB?

Now that we are RM42 billion in the red perhaps we should start doing things properly going forward?

Now that we are RM42 billion in the red perhaps we should start doing things properly going forward?

These resolutions and the willingness to nevertheless accept Arul Kanda’s barmy logic of leaving a billion in the bank to guarantee a further billion worth of borrowing, show a staggering level of negligence by a board that can only have known better.

 Shahrol Halmi - another liar who knew perfectly well!








Shahrol Halmi another liar who knew perfectly well

One individual, in particular, who can only have known better was a vocal member of the 1MDB board, whose comments are also registered in these revealing minutes of January 2015.

This was none other than the fund’s former Chief Executive, Shahrol Halmi, who knew exactly why there was no actual money in BSI’s Singapore accounts.

It was he, after all, who had presided over the theft of US$700 million from 1MDB back on day one of the so-called 1MDB PetroSaudi joint venture.  He had likewise signed off two further major ‘loans’ to PetroSaudi – US$500 million in September 2010 and then US$330 million that went straight from 1MDB into the Jho Low company Good Star Limited in 2011, according to documents obtained by Sarawak Report from the Bank Negara investigations into investments by the fund.

These payments total US$1.83 billion, which significantly represents the sum referred to by the Chief of Bank Negara Zeti Akhtar Aziz when she issued a damning statement on Thursday condemning the Attorney General’s refusal to issue proceedings against the theft.

Transfers from 1MDB to Jho Low's Good Star in 2011 under the guise of investing in a French energy initiative

Transfers from 1MDB to Jho Low’s Good Star in 2011 under the guise of investing in a French energy initiative

Yet Halmi had the bare-faced cheek to ask on behalf of the board for his successor Arul Kanda to “present the total amount received from the investment since 2009″!

No mystery

Sole shareholder and ultimate decision-make, the Minister of Finance

Sole shareholder and ultimate decision-make, the Minister of Finance

There is, of course, no longer any mystery as to where the PetroSaudi investment money went between 2009 and 2011.

And it has been clearly proved how there was nothing whatsoever ‘redeemed’ from the partnership in 2012 and therefore no money to ‘invest’ in a so-called Special Purpose Vehicle in the Caymans.

Documents, retrieved by Sarawak Report and now in the hands of several international financial regulators, make absolutely plain that all the money paid out from 1MDB’s alleged Saudi joint venture went to Jho Low’s Good Star Limited; the buy out of the UBG group (in which Jho Low had shares along with Taib Mahmud); pay offs to Jho Low’s co-conspirators at PetroSaudi International and injections of cash into PetroSaudi itself.

The eventual shadowy sale of 1MDB’s so-called investment in PetroSaudi was therefore nothing more than a blatant sham.

The third party ‘purchaser’ of this interest, who allegedly paid US$2.3 billion to 1MDB in 2012 (enabling Najib to trumpet that fund had made a profit from the venture) was eventually revealed to be none other than the barely known Bridge Partners, an outfit based in Jho Low’s home base of Hong Kong.

1MDB then engaged the very same Bridge Partners themselves to purportedly manage the ‘cash fund’ in its ‘segregated portfolio account’ in the secretive Cayman Islands!

No wonder 1MDB subsequently found it impossible to persuade even its compliant auditors KPMG to sign off its 2013 company accounts. There were months of delay, during which then CEO, Shahrol Halmi, wrangled with a new team from Deloitte to sign through the deal.

Gone missing - Najib's 'advisor' Jho Low
Gone missing – Najib’s ‘advisor’ Jho Low

Khadem Al Qubaisi - headed the Abu Dhabi rescue bid that eventually plunged 1MDB further into debt

Khadem Al Qubaisi – headed the Abu Dhabi rescue bid that eventually plunged 1MDB further into debt

It has finally emerged that Deloitte finally agreed to ratify these painfully delayed accounts, only after Jho Low’s new best friends from Abu Dhabi’s Aabar fund agreed to place a guarantee on the value of the Cayman Island Brazen Sky account.

1MDB’s subsequent, hugely expensive dealings with Aabar itself saw the running up of further enormous and escalating debts through 2012 and 2013, as the fund sought to pay off its new friends from Abu Dhabi for their so-called assistance.

Once again Aabar/ IPIC has come in to temporarily rescue Malaysia’s beleaguered fund, while 1MDB’s sole shareholder and ultimate decision-maker (Najib Raziak) seems hell bent on digging ever deeper holes in the Malaysian economy, purely in order to rescue his own political position.


09/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The older I get the more I try to be self dependent, both in health and sickness. I don't want to trouble people whenever I face problems and difficulties. I took myself up to the bus station during my last vacation trip  to Greece and left my car at a risky place. I nursed myself when I felt sick and having fever for weeks. Try to imagine if you are left alone in this world. You have to depend on yourself for survival.

size="4">Moneywise too I do not depend for my kids' support. At this moment my pension is just enough to support me. I do not spend my money carelessly except for traveling. When I don't have money I don't buy anything. When I have some, I don't spend altogether. 

I am not alone carrying with this character. There could be million others in this country, come survive solely on self-reliance, thinking and planning for their future, working hard to make their dream come true. Believe me there are tenth of thousands who are qualified for the BRIM who do not apply for it, believing that money earned should be from the sweat and blood.

I am just an ordinary man like most of other pensioners. I have no more extra income. Yet working people, contractors and wealthy person come to borrow money from me. I sometimes wonder why a class A contractor seek a help of only RM500 but never to come back to make the payment. And another is seeking RM50K. A student who was so broke asked for a fifty dollar loan. Instead I donated a hundred to him. If they have been planning well they would not have been so dependent on others.

I would not forget at time I did ask for a little help which I traced reluctanty. I also asked for a company for a dinner but also rejected. Just imagine if the same person is asking for a huge loan from me. And I know they would also request for other helps and assistance. My decision is to treat people like persons rather than friends but for one or two.

I have been putting up my radio antenna alone without any help. Surely it would be simple for a simple antenna like a dipole using a bamboo mast which is light enough. It could be hoisted up vertically single handed. Of course I could be more ambitious but it would involve people to help me.

As a result, when I visited foreign countries I didn't have to think what souvenirs to buy home.

It is vital for a nation to be able to stand on it's own. But she must first be a self-sufficient country. The basic of it is there must be enough agriculture land to grow enough food for the populace. Taking away the land for housing, cities and industries will not be good in case of any form of trade embargo.

There must also be culture of Research and Development on all areas and disciplines, the ability to constructs hardware and other technologies must be rich among our citizens. Cuba is one of the longest to face global sanction and maintain it's sovereigty till today. What I do not know whether countries like North Korea, Cuba and Iran buy their commercial aircrafts from Boeing.

We do have many bright young men in this country. Some of them work at INTEL, designing and developing wafer. Some were even killed on MH370. These brilliant young people could not maximize their competency due to the lack of suitable environment. And we have engineer working in NASA before, came back to Malaysia and asked to be a teacher.

In my opinion I feel that there is something wrong with our focus and thinking system.

We love to copy almost everything Western or Americans. We employ Jewish and British advisors. We promote Mac Donald, KFC, Burger King, Giant, Tesco, Telco and rent communication technology from the Western companies. We are far behind the Koreans in heavy and electronic industries.

A man like me thinks in a small way about being independent. A nation must have far more gigantic philosophy about building a strong and respectable race. But we care more about money and office promotion rather than about jobs for our young people. Ministers are busy to make business and strengthening their positions. During Mahathir's era he was busy with privatizations.

I should learnt to be self reliance from the young age, like the Chinese community. It builds a person's attitude, mental strength and perseverance. The Chinese knew that if they did not struggle, nobody would do for them. They were not pampered. After education, they had to be on their own. Lately, the Malays who felt they were dumped began to realize the importance of being independent. There are those who strive and emerge successes in their undertakings.

Despite my current stance, it does not mean that I have to reject every help offered. It could hurt other people. My brother in law wanted to send me to the bus station. I rejected on the ground I need my car to be at the place as my return date fell on the Hari Raya Haji, very early morning when people were busy preparing for the morning prayer. I called for help whenever my wife fell on the ground. I could not lift her alone.

May be there are time when we need to call for help and time when we need to rely on ourselves.

No wonder, the royal family of Great Britain sent their children to outward bound school and to do military training and one even went for combat risking his life for his country.

10/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It gives an impression that our passport division of an immigration department is the fastest in the world. The whole renewal process took me only about one hour and ten minutes, without having have to bring my own photographs and without having have to fill in any form. Somebody who started the new system should be commended.

I remember in the yesteryears it took about 2 weeks for the completion. But we tend to take  things for granted. Nobody would want to know the person with the innovative idea.

Another fast and convenient service is the Post Office. It is fast and made life so easy for us. We did not have to rush from counter to counter to make different payments. Even UTC could not beat the Post Office. Again, it would be very interesting to know the innovator.

These are the people who make life more wonderful for the people.

I went to the passport division a couple of days ago at Anak Bukit, Alor Setar to renew my passport which will expire on 7th August 2016. Countries visited will regard the validity for the entry at least 6 months before the expiry date. At the counter an officer asked for my IC, and gave me a number. Less than 5 minutes later my number was called. I submitted my old passport. The officer returned 2 photographs which were inserted in my passport. He snapped my picture and took my thumbprint. I was asked to wait for my number to be called again for the payment. The waiting was short, probably less than 5 minutes. The payment was settled. "Come an hour later to pick up your belonging," said the officer.

I went away for a ride and had a drink to pass time. 45 minutes later I returned. I took another number again. Within a few seconds I was called to collect my passport.

I remember of my first passport made in 1965. The procedural change is fantastic and amazing.

The service is very well done.

08/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Today the world resort to data storage to keep records and other information. To the computer and it's storage everything it keeps and printed is data. To a man a meaningful data arrangement is called information. Joh, Ali, Chan, female, male, 40,30 etc are data. Chan male 30 is perceived as Chan is a male age 30 is an information. Organizations customize their own type of data; banks with full of figures and names, law firms with cases, clients and all other records pertaining to judiciary, super markets with items, prices, stocks and other figures. Websites keep pictures and images, video and articles. There are tons and tons of them kept in the storage or servers.

In spite of the magnetic data records are also kept in microfiches, mainly the printed information in miniaturize form. Universities and National Archives are doing the job of transforming the published information into microfilms.

I keep a lot of data in my hard disk as well as on the remote servers.

I categorize data into two main categories; the dead data and the living data. A data is dead when an account is closed or an organization cease to exist. The data may be kept merely for future references but won't be used anymore at the current time. Some organizations may allow the unused data to be destroyed after 5 - 10 years. The living data is the data that is in an organization and business place and other individuals. They are vital for the daily operations or for references.

We should know that computer data can be created, retained, changed or destroyed/erased. We can change a name John Macantosh to Jim Barry for the whole database even how large they are. You may ask why do we need to change them. One common reason is to correct the wrong spelling. We do this by find and replace method. Of course there are different procedure to achieve the objective.

Dead data could be changed for malicious and dubious purpose, like to make the evidence confusing. It could be done easily. Hence it erases the truth.

The living data may need the change in the new price, age change and other numbers. A high security system has to be set so that no other data can be altered for the bad purpose. Yet it could be copied and tempered to use as evidence even with signature and sealed. It is freak, fake and fabricated but almost equal to the original data. The secrecy is known only among the two or three persons who conspire.

Data is totally erased to destroy the whole evidence.

People will do anything for cash. Cash is king.

08/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My words may be harsh because it is the only way to describe the horror we are facing with the signing of the TPP. Someone described it as a New World Order, which needs a longer time to know. We need to investigate in detail who are the individuals behind the TPP even though it has been too late, for Najib has signed the agreement.



Mustaffa has to lie that Malaysia is not involve when he knows he cannot keep the signing as a secret. Soon the Malaysians will be hearing all the good things on the Trade Agreement, using the same phrase again and again "It is for the good of the people. Other country sign it...why not us.."

To me TPP is a new form of imperialism, economic imperialism that rob away many economic freedom of a nation.

Why do you think Najib agree to join the pack ? Is it not to save himself from further FBI investigation on 1Mdb and money laundering ? He has now the international backing to manipulate with the 2.6 billion that went into his own personal account. I don't want to narrate a scenario of the game of the 2.6 billion, which I believe is not a donation. To Obama that is an Achilles heel.

Najib feels free from international pressure or fear from arrest now. It will be looked after.

Only on the home ground his loyal team has to plan another agenda of propaganda programs. The campaign will continue for years to come as the affect of TPP will be realized starting from 2016 and thereafter.


I think the signing is a great disaster. I feel sorry to the country and the people who are fighting hard to save Najib for his own personal folly. He thought our ringgit could survive and the multi national companies would buzz in thus creating prosperous Malaysia. Najib is not gambling. He is saving his neck. Malaysia will become worst than the pre-independent era. Najib must know that he will have to pay for his doing.

07/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I went to the immigration office this morning to renew my passport which will expire at the beginning of August next year. The real validity is 6 or 8 months before the expiry date. The whole process took only one hour compared to more than a week when I first made mine in 1965. I didn't need to even bring photographs. Without me telling my age the officer said, "Uncle, you are 68."

Yes, at 68 my hearing is poorer, my eyesight needs an operation and my hands are very shaky. Yet I wanted to transform my battery dependent gate controller to the car-charger controller. At first I thought of going to an electronic shop and ask for some soldering help. On the second thought I decided to try experimenting with it. Probably later I could get some young people to do the job with a new design gadget to be hooked to the front panel. I finally made it and I was happy that it is working very well.

It is a crude work. It took me almost 2 hours to complete it as my hands were shaky and the soldering iron was heavily carbonized. It is nothing but the sheer determination. It is a simple job to others but a tough work for me.

But there are many other elderly people who could construct projects with precision at the high professional level. They even homebrewed flying machines, especially the Americans and other Europeans.

The day is just fine for me. I got my new passport, a gate controller free of battery and a little rain that shove a little of the haze away. The only hassle was a very heavy traffic jam almost everywhere. The population of the city increases by leap and bound due to the numerous housing complex everywhere.

I skipped my evening walk as it was raining. Instead I went to my sister in law's house to fetch a car key I left when I visited the Balkan States. The key was for any of my kids who might have planned to come home during the Idil Adha.

I don't have anymore project in mind. I have to remember what the custom officer said about my age.

06/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib has three forceful weapons to protect himself. The first is the government resources; court, military, police and all other agencies. Second is the racial card as what he is doing now. Ismail Sabry has been vocal of his anti-Chinese stance. Najib was said to start the kickoff the Red shirt by RM3 millions. There was a meeting at the Ministerial level on the Red march . And thirdly giving bribery to the people under the brand name of Brim. The rest is the rhetoric of deceptions.

Najib would not care about the ailing ringgit and the moving away of capital investment from Malaysia. Our ringgit will continue to plunge despite Najib's effort to woo the Israelis administration and Obama. The people have to pay more each day for everything. Even the Astro is rumored to hike up it's subscription.

People simply are willing to pay more by their votes towards Barisan Nasional.

Najib will want to stay a Prime Minister until his death, breaking the record of all the Malaysian PMs. It is most likely he would be dragged to court of he retires early. The younger generations will not forgive him as the number of jobless graduates are soaring. The 200000 will be doubled in a short time.

He relies much on the East Malaysian ministers. Dumb people can run a nation like dictators. Pandikar Amin is above parliament. Said Keruak and Rahman Dahlan had been showing their obstinacy and orrogance, and spewing stupid things all along. He also depends on foreign advisors to run the nation. He hope Israel and Obama would help him to stay in his post perpetually.

But Obama and Natenyahu both have a 555 notebook as what Mahathir used to have. Najib has to tow to their lines. That's give Israel a good trading partner with Malaysia today. When we met a group of Israelis in Montenegro what we heard from them was ,"Malaysia is very good. Malaysia is very good." In no time Najib will have to agree with the trade pack despite much oppositions from the fellow Malaysians, adding to money making machines Mac Donald and KFC and Coca Cola.

Though the Malaysians cannot vote Najib out in GE14, they must show that he is not popular anymore among the Malayan populations. MCA will continue their support as long as Najib promises them the demands they made. And Covertly without the knowledge of the UMNO members he has fulfilled their needs. It is imperative therefore for the Chinese masses to focus on moral issues. And the Malays concentrate on both the economic and moral contents. There may be many people who could not be bought with money however poor they are as a strong moral value in them transcend every evil aspiration.

Najib is trying hard to equate him to a nation when the masses think otherwise. To them Najib has betrayed the nation and willing to be a puppet of Israel and USA as long they spare his life. Ministers come and go but the nation stood still.

If he were to win merely by the seats in Sabah and Sarawak it will be a great disgrace. Would you still continue to rule and making the country worst while without any shame you continue to do the misdeed ? This is what we called morality and moral values. The highest of this value is 'shame'. The Malayans were taken by the Portuguese, then Dutch, followed by the British. The populace has to succumb to another form colonialism. Najib is selling his soul to the devil.

The Malayan must not be surprise if the Prime Minister and the cabinet caucus are full of Sabahans and Sarawakians. These will be the people who are guarding Najib in his office now. Sarawak has gain it's autonomy in education.

Najib has started a platform that gives more weigh to the Sabah and Sarawak's sides. To him the agenda is to ensure of BN's dominance in the coming years.

Dethroning Najib is as good as impossible.

05/10 /2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Here is quite an interesting story I get from a friend who was in our Balkan trip.

Why I gave RM50m for Penang hostels
FMT | Oct 2, 15 11:45am

A philanthropist answers questions about his recent donation to the Penang Government.
By Koon Yew Yin

After the publication of my RM 50 million donation to the Penang State Government for building student hostels, many people including journalists and BMF Radio have asked me a lot of questions. They are curious because they have not come across something like this before.
Here are my answers:

I was born on the 6th Jan 1933. My father started a coffin shop at No. 8 Jalan Ipoh, KL about 100 years ago. When father retired about 30 years ago, my eldest brother inherited the coffin shop. As he got older, he found difficulty to compete with the modern undertakers and was forced to close the old shop about 2 years ago and my younger brother continued the coffin business with a smaller shop in Kepong, KL.

As I have 11 siblings, I always needed some things since I was a boy. I remember always feeling hungry when I was young. One can imagine how 12 children rushed for food during meal time.

This is why I want to help the poor. Besides my RM 50 million donation to the Penang Government to build student hostels, I have to date, given about 300 scholarships to help students from poorer backgrounds to complete their tertiary education.

As a young boy; in 1957; I attended St John’s Institution, KL where I completed a 4 years Civil Engineering Diploma in Technical College (now known as UTM) under a PWD [now known as JKR) scholarship. I subsequently qualified as a Chartered Civil Engineer by self-study in 1962.

In 1967, together with 3 partners, I founded Mudajaya Construction Sdn. Bhd. and Gamuda Sdn. Bhd. In early 1980, IGB Construction Sdn. Bhd., Jurutama Construction Sdn. Bhd. and Mudajaya Construction Sdn. Bhd. grouped together and listed as a public company under the name of IJM Corporation Bhd.

In 1975 I sold Gamuda Sdn Bhd to Dato Lin Yun Ling and his partners.

In 1983 I had a serious heart angina. At the time heart by-pass operations could only be done in Mayo Clinic or Harley Street London and the casualty rate was frighteningly high. Before my heart surgery in London, I passed all my assets to my wife and children.

After my heart operation, I retired from being an executive director in Mudajaya / IJM Corporation Bhd and I started to learn how to make money from the stock market. In 1983-4 the Hong Kong stock market crashed because China wanted to take back Hong Kong. Almost all the Hong Kong investors were afraid of the arrival of the Communists and they sold their holdings as quickly as possible.

One of the most important investment lessons I learned was to be a contrarian investor, buy when everybody is afraid to buy and sell when everybody wants to buy. I started with only RM 200,000 cash and within a few years, I bought 46% of Kaiser Stock and Shares Ltd., a stockbroking company in Hong Kong.

After having read several investment books by famous gurus such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, etc. together with my 32 years of experience, I wish to share my knowledge with people who are interested in investment. I believe in teaching people to make money. It is like teaching people how to fish instead of giving them some fish.
Q: Why do you write regularly on national issues?

A: In 1970 when the new economic policy was introduced, the GDP per capita of Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea were the same as ours. They became developed nations despite the fact they did not have natural resources like us. They did not even have timber to build houses. Over 40 years later, we are still not a developed nation due to bad management and corruption of the BN Government. I will continue to write to point out all the bad things of the Government until voters can vote the BN Government out of Putrajaya.

In 2009, I published a book called ‘Malaysia: Road Map for achieving vision 2020′ to show how Malaysia can become the developed nation it deserves to be. Unfortunately, we have not achieved a developed nation status due to the bad management and corruption of the BN Government. It is most unlikely we can achieve Vision 2020.

I have given all my children the best education that money can buy and I think they can find a good living without my money. As such, I want to help poor students complete their tertiary education. I personally believe that with a good education, they can earn enough to help their own families and other poor people. As I pointed out earlier, I have already given out over 300 scholarships to really poor students to complete their tertiary education. All my scholarship recipients are not required to pay me back the money I have spent on them. Instead, all they have to do is to promise me that they must not forget that I helped them when they were poor and they will have to help other poor people when they have money to spare. I sincerely believe some of them will continue to do charity after I die and if they practice the same system or philosophy I do, there will be more and more people contributing to charity.

Q: What are other charities or projects have you supported in a big way in the past?

A: About 10 years ago I paid for the construction of a large extension to the Salvation Army building in Ipoh. I also donated RM 350,000 towards the renovation of Ipoh Wesley Private School.

Q: Is it true that UTAR snubbed a RM30 million donation you wanted to give them back in 2009, also for hostels and why did you choose Penang as the state to undertake this and not any other state? Is there a particular reason?

A: 6 years ago, I offered to donate RM 30 million to UTAR for building student hostels under the same terms and conditions as I offered to Penang. However, the MCA leaders; who controlled UTAR owned all the land outside the university campus rejected my offer because they did not want me to jeopardise their lucrative property development business. They are greedy and just want to take advantage of the poor students.

As a result of the bad publicity, MCA lost almost all their seats in the last general election.
Subsequently, I invested all the RM 30 million in the stock market and I managed to make some profit. I chose to donate to Penang because the record shows that DAP is managing Penang very well and I want to support DAP.

Q: How long is the construction process expected to take place, and how many students are you aiming to help with this donation?

A: The Chief Minister has assigned the 3 top officials to assist my architect in designing and planning for the project. They are, Jagdeep Singh Deo, who is in charge of the State Town and Country Planing, YB Lim Hock Seng who is in charge of public utilities and Yew Tung Seang, Director of Building. The project is going ahead in top gear.

Our initial design can accommodate about 2,200 students. In fact, the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the Government is willing to top up the project if my RM 50 million is not enough.
Preference will be given to poor students irrespective of race and religion, bearing in mind that about 80% of the 18,000 USM students are Malays. Currently USM can only provide accommodation for 1st year students.

Everyone is trying to make money every day. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use their money wisely. They must realise that our ultimate aim in life is happiness. They will find great happiness if they can create happiness. If they give away some of their money to help poor people who will be happy , they will also be happy.

I have written in my will that after I die, all my remaining assets will be donated to help poor people to make them happy.

In conclusion, I wish to point out that it is not necessary to study overseas to achieve success in life and also that we cannot take our money along when we die. I hope this article will inspire some readers to follow my footsteps in doing charity. You can tell your friends to read this inspiring story of an undertaker’s son.

Koon Yew Yin is a retired chartered civil engineer and one of the founders of IJM Corporation Bhd and Gamuda Bhd.

10/3/15, 8:46:08 AM: ‪‬: An inspiring story but your political inclination is your own.


You may be powerful and wealthy, draw your wealth by illegal means, corrupt to the core, know no shame and morality, you will be remembered in history as a great sinner, plunderer, robber and a Satan. You disgrace you own race and religion to save your own skin, dragging the others with you to hell and demand their full loyalty to you alone not to the party of God. This very man does not say much more to degrade you. His message is clear enough to give comparison between you and other concerned citizens.

03/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This is suppose to be a wonderful and enjoyable world. The daily bumping into surprises are normal like the Mamak has to take extra fifty cents for the rice or hearing stupid remarks made by UMNO ministers. They are bearable pains which we have to accept in our lives.

But life is not that wonderful. Today I bumped into irritating officer from our Malaysia Treasury. When my wife passed away in March, I made a report of her demise to the department as a procedure if she is still on loan. She bought a property and the payment was made through her pension.

I submitted the relevant documents to an Indian young officer. After recording in the computer he told me a letter would be issued to me in between a month to three months time. I was waiting patiently. It is now 5 months. I tried to ring up the numbers several times and each time there was a long wait with a music. There was no reply. I did the same things for 2 days. Nothing happen.

I went to the website and raised the question. There was no answer. I did that in two days, sending  an identical letter. Today I emailed to the main office. I was told to contact the Treasury branch. I rang up and again it was a long waiting. After 30 minutes I rang up again and this time a lady replied.

                         "I have posted the letter to you," she said.
                          "When ? " I asked.
                          "In April."
                           "I don't receive it."
                           "It is not our fault. We have posted it."
                           "What proof that you posted it."
                           "It's in our system."
                           "Post it again but use post laju or register it," I insisted.
                            "No, we can't post. Neither can we email you. Ours is a counter service."

She asked me to go and get the letter by myself or send someone to get it for me. She went on talking. It irritated so much. I do not believe she posted any letter to me by her words "ours is a counter service".

Such a dumb computer system that will have to call people living at the brink of the world to fetch a letter in Putrajaya. And I will have to pay a few hundred ringgit just to go and get a letter.

Are the Malays really that dumb ? Born as a pirate and a sentiment of an animal ? The love of the race has broken to pieces. Distrust and hatred spread. Ministers are making statements that shock the masses as though they are having fake certificates and degrees.

What has been happening to some people that we call human race ?

02/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


"I prefer loyal people to the smart ones," said Najib when he sacked Mahyuddin and Shafiee Afdal. Najib was right in a way. If I were to choose a wife I prefer the loyal and the obedience to the smart end educated. But which woman is dumb today ? Almost everyone could speak good English, watch TV and read newspapers. Even a girl working in a mini market has a great pride in herself. She would have said, "I have class, you know."

In the days when women were docile, they did not walk side by side with their husbands. Their husbands would be in front and they would be about three or four feet away. Marriage was almost forever. The most a wife asked the husband was, "Where did you go ? Please don't come back too late. I am worried for you."

I am not going to talk about Najib here as Ismail Sabry equate him to God. His words on the importance of loyalty had been in practiced for years even before Christ was born. Secret societies underwent elaborate processes of recruiting a new loyal member. Gangsters had to drink blood as the oath of loyalty. The custom is vital for the team strength and cohesiveness.

I am talking about getting a submissive wife. It is not the wife who will challenge me to fight if I were to lay my hand on her, but about a wife who will understand me when I am in bad shape, who will not raise her voice when I fail to provide her with enough money and who has great faith in our God and religion. She could let me see my errors and mistakes through her soft voice and her sweet smile.

When my sister suggested that I should get an Ustazah ( female religious teacher ) as my wife, I did not dismissed her straight away. I said nothing. But it gave me something to think about. An Ustazah can be both smart, intelligent as well as loyal and obedient. She could guide me to do the right thing, to keep on reminding me heaven and hell and to do good things all the time.

Knowledge is in abundance today, A housewife doesn't have to have a degree to engage in technical or political exchange with you. She will ever prepare to response on any topic her husband feels like talking. She is not only can be loyal and obedient she could also be a sparing partner. A totally dumb wife who will shows only fear and total submission can be very boring.

What it can mean is that even a smart person can both be loyal and intelligent.

There are unmarried women who may be looking for husbands. Even if I need a spouse as a companion, I would not want to try to approach them. They never know what 'humble' means. As a boss they were so vicious and arrogance, using sentiment rather than rationalization in their administration. There was a school headmistress who called her school gardener with 'oi' and pointed at the flower pot with her leg. The poor gardener replied, "Cikgu, I am not a tokong Hindu with many hands. I am a human with only two hands...." And another headmistress who forbid her teacher from going to see her child at the hospital. "Go after school hours," she commanded in front of a group of teachers. Those kind of ladies aren't palatable for me at all. I lost total appetite.

It is true that one cannot be too choosy or else one will be without a spouse for the rest of one life. It is at this point that tolerance is vital and one has to be patient and to accept mutual understanding, and give and take. If one's wife shows her temper one will have to ignore and pretend nothing is happening. A Chinese lorry driver told us as story when we were on Rukun Tetangga's duty. "One day, when I came back from work, my wife a lipstick on my coat. She shouted at me, asking questions and scolded me. I said nothing, I went to take my bath. After dressing myself, I went to her, carried her to our bed and I kissed and caressed her. The scolding stopped."

That was his way. He did not fight back nor responded to her abusively. Even then, if she was a working woman she would not easily be tamed.

A man of my age does not look for wife for sexual fulfillment. Neither it is really for companionship. If I were to die or fall sick there will be someone who can go to get help.

But a wife is not a chattel which you can just pick up along any street or in a supermarket. It takes more than 5 years to know a real person, especially on the state of her sentiment, belief , like and dislikes and how she would respond at the time of distress. What we see is merely an artificial color. Similarly, love is something that does not loom within a day or a week, nor it can be forced into by words or pressure.

I believe that when the time comes God will send me a spouse that I have always been wanting with the characters that I always want in  my dream, without having have to search for one out there.

02/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I nearly lost my traveling bag when my kid was doing clearing bags operation after the demise of my wife. A heap of bags, big and small were ready to be thrown out in the garbage bin when I caught sight of my old traveling bag given by a travel agency for the United States trip. It wasn't a small one but enough to handle 30 Kilos of clothing. I grabbed and clean it. It was the same bag that I took to the Balkan States tour.

Traveling bags are not cheap nowadays. Bags of my size could fetch up to RM500 - RM1K a piece. They have 4 rollers attached to ease the movement. Mine, has only two rollers. It weigh 22 kilos with full of clothing inside. Yet it was already heavy.

I usually carry one bag-pack with me but with only minimal belongings. I never put my hand luggage in the luggage compartment instead I shoved it below the front seat of an airplane. There would be a tooth brush, a tooth paste, a small towel and some tissue papers.

Other travelers seemed to have more than 2 bags each. I noticed it especially on the way back home. A lady I saw wore 3 different type of boots and had a different dress each day, and a different attire during the dinner time. No wonder they carried big bags with them. A few said they brought food stuffs too.

During my trip to the Balkan states I wasted much space in my bag for carrying winter jacket and other thermal clothing. It was a hot weather almost the whole journey. I never used those winter stuffs at all.

My winter jacket was purchased around 1982. I can still use it until now. It was thick enough to almost monopolize my bag's space.

My trip to Lombok and many of the Asian countries did not require much clothing. A smaller one as shown below was ample.

Whenever I went to the United States I need only a small bag because there are laundries at motels and hotels everywhere. A few pieces of quarters would do the whole job of washing and drying.

For summer vacation the thin cotton T-shirts without a collar would suffice for the wear. You can cramp 20 pieces of it in one small area. The rest could be left to your trousers and under wears. For people who are as old as me the kids tend to think that we are senile and would make decision without consulting us. Out of nowhere they would throw away your treasured items and belongings.

28/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Dress is never a trivial matter. It is a language without a voice but full of grammar. As much as it tells us many things it can also be used for illusive purposes to prey on people. I don't know how it began when it was first used to cover the private sexual parts and evolved to cover the whole body to suit the natural environment.

Dress code is an identity to a profession, race, religion and events. We recognize the nurses, the pilot, the police and the army, a footballer and a tennis player. And we dress differently at different occasions. Do we see Christian women wear bikini to attend the Sunday prayer ? We saw black dress worn during funeral visits

It was easier to recognize racial stock in the traditional society especially by looking at the women. Uniqueness is found in the Indian, Japanese and the Malay dress. The Amish is very distinct from the Read Indian and other white American stocks.

Today it is not a freedom to wear anything you want especially in the democratic countries like Europe and America. Muslim women were barred from wearing Hijab or face social rebuff or legal actions. They allow nudity.

Hindu, Christians and Muslims spell the dress codes for women and they are almost identical. I can't quote the bible and the Hindu verse but in Islam the women are asked to cover the whole body except for the face and the two hands at public places ( surah An Nur ). If the ladies chose not to follow their religion then they are free to dress in any way they want.




It was difficult for me to recognize between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim woman when I visited the Balkan states recently. It would be easier if I visited Thailand. For restaurant owners to indicate their religious identity would have facilitate me to look for the halal outlets.

Some Malaysian women cried foul at the Muslim dress code, saying it is not stated in the Quaran and Islam forced the beauty of the Muslim women to be hidden. Should they did so ? There is no law imposed the head scarves of hijabs on the Muslim. If they choose to parade their looks and beauty to attract more men, it is their freedom to do so, on their own free will.

It is unwise to call all other Malaysian Muslims not to abide by the Muslim dress code by pointing that there is no where in the Holly Book that mention 'hair' as an aurat. Therefore it is not necessary to cover with the head scarf. The Surah mentioned covering the whole body but for the face and the hands. It includes the covering of the head. If they insist on displaying their beauty by all mean they need not cover them. They can even wear the hot pants or nothing at all.

There are Muslim men who love modesty in women. There are those who prefer sexy busty girls with grey hair. All in a matter of taste.


But we must always remind ourselves that dress could cheat us any time and anywhere. When Sadat went to war with the Israelis, the later dressed in Egyptian army and maneuvered  themselves to surround and trapped the Egyptian army. A con man would dress like a gentleman to go for a sting. A drug addict and a thief can put a Haj attire to cover up their operations.

We must not be impressed by a person's dress. We have to look deeper into the person and study more of his behavior. Even a woman who covers herself completely may find joy in adultery.

I would not want to be a European or an American by dying my hair, adopt their culture, enjoy their Christmas or made god out of Bush or Obama. Yet we start to hear of the freedom of same sex marriage and drug usage called by the Malaysians. You don't have to follow the Arabs to cover yourselves if you don't wish. You can still depict your Muslimin with the Malay dress.

If you are talking about freedom, let me say to you that there is no country in the world gives total freedom to individuals. The Muslim women were oppressed in the West just because of their hijab. In USA you can't even question 911 or wear intifada scarf. The Servians and Croatians killed thousands of Muslims because of their religion.

27/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Where are we between the United States and China ? Certainly it it would be a totally different question to ask where is Najib between both of the great nations ?

Najib is well known as an expert in maneuvering his way through, using his money and facial countenance as his main weapons. Even big leaders were deceived and he get away with all. But the laymen are more straight forward; they either side the Chinese or the Americans. However, the local Chinese divide. The Malays have a vague view as to their stand. Their main focus is on the Palestinian-Israelis issues.

By Najibs's demeanor it is certain that he is in favor of the United States and willing to do anything for Obama. He needs Obama's consent on every of his action including the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. All he needs now from the President is to ignore the legacy of 2.6 billions and other local scandals. With the extra US base and logistic support USA will close her eyes on Najib's the scandalous Prime Minister.

Malaysian officials always believe that the United States is always superior to China in military and other technical might. USA is the master and still in command. Our national media and other communication hardwares are purchased from and controlled by the United States. Our top military and security forces are trained there. Though China has a share in the space technology, the country is still inferior in many ways. The consumer products are without any quality. China is still far behind many countries.

Najib is not afraid of China's aggression at all. But he fears the local Chinese more and want to retain power through their votes. The Chinese Panda rental is only a tactical diplomacy, trying to appease both the local and the Chinese republic. Najib knows that he cannot trust and depend on the Chinese for his survival. He has to look for Sabah and Sarawak to retain his status quo.

The relationship between Malaysia and North America lies about the survival of Najib as a Prime Minister. He would bow to Obama as long as the later approve it. Even without a 100% of the Malay support he won't step down.

The opposition supporters accused Najib of using heavy shielding on his life, with heavy body guards much more than the other Prime Ministers, using security forces and government resources, deploying gangsters and mafia forces  to do the killings for him . The foreign media relate Altantuya's death to the role he was involve in. WSJ accused him stealing billion of dollars. He fears for his safety. The authority started to create the enemies trying to put him away. The wild goose chase began for the ISIS group whom they believed plan to attack Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. When a Chinese envoy made a visit to Petaling Street it was seen as an act of China's aggression. The envoy was summon to answer for his action.

In the international conference before such kind of meeting two leaders in a private conversation had ever exchanged fucking words with . If Malaysia were to summoned Obama, the later might throw the fuck word and walk away. If the Chinese were to do that Najib would immediately report to the UNited States President.

It is highly probable the English educated Chinese would adore Obama and still loyal to Kai Shek. They may not side the Chinese. But the present UMNO leaders and the Malays showed they are not worried about the Chinese. They threw slur and insult the local Chinese. They think their silat can beat the whole world. The kampong Malays would not understand what is neo-American colonialism and imperialism. And they never care about the American design in Asia and the world.

The Chinese do realize that they lag behind USA in technology. New technology such as anti-gravity war vehicles and other killing machines like drones are taking new phase. They concentrate on the development of higher technology chasing Japan and South Korea. On one or two occasion they surprised the world by scramming the new fighter jets. The Chinese know the value of rationalization over the mere sentiment of emotion.

The Chinese is not so dumb as many could have assumed. They would not have allowed USA's plans and strategies unchecked and un-computed. They know the number and locations of US bases around this region. They are not fool to leave everything to fate. If Israel is not scared of the United States, we could be sure the Chinese could hold the identical stance.

China will vow and prostrate to Najib, not because they are weak or scared of him but because they need our money. They want to market their products. They would not care how close Najib is to Obama. Remember China is called Chong Kuo, the Middle Kingdom.

 27/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I came back there was only one cat waiting for me. She meowed, either to send me a message that she was hungry or that she had missed me a great deal. Before entering my house I gave her some food. A few hours later more of them gathered, 6 altogether. I didn't know where they came from. I thought I had left them enough food before leaving for Balkan States.

I am glad to be home again after the long trip, having ecstatic feeling when behind the wheel, driving like I was at 17, overtaking bigger cars even in town. The Kancil I left at the bus station for 14 days was untouched. Probably the drug addicts recognized it was a poor man's car. I had one Kancil before sold to a mechanic for RM500. And I am thinking of selling this one for an Axia when I accumulated enough  for the new tin can.

Life returns to usual and normal. Only with an exception, that my Acer lap top was giving me trouble. I could not boot and therefore I could not continue with my writing blog. I am using a software called Front Page and I love it very much. However even before the mishap I was thinking of buying a new one costing less than 1.5K. I thought buying anew would solve me the problem, but later learned that the new lap top comes with a licensed Windows 10. It cannot accept all the old soft ware. Yesterday I took the Acer to a computer shop and asked for a new Hard disk with Windows XP. I paid RM265 and here it is working again. May be I will get the new Window 10 stuff next month.

For the last 3 evenings I went back to my regular walking, about 4.8 km or of an hour of walk-jog momentum. I felt rejuvenated again and slept longer hours, eating much less than when I was on my trip. Yesterday I ironed out a few shirts and today a few more clothing.

My regular Nasi Kandar breakfast resumed starting on the second Idil Adha; rice wit fish costs me RM5, with meat RM4 and with egg less than RM3, with free glass of warm water and a few pieces of cucumber. The owner used to say "...he is almost our relative...came on the same boat.." He even paid for my GST.

I still do not watch TV, do not buy newspaper and try to avoid reading news on Najib. News would cause pain in my neck. Yet news about the declining ringgit would emerge almost from everywhere  staring at my face.

Haze was not so bad as it is today. The day before and yesterday was almost nil. I did not see any this morning. Now I could see a little whitish atmosphere outside my window. It is so contrast with the places we visited where the weather had been very kind to us. At least to me, it is not a threatening phenomena around my location.

Today I have been home almost the whole day after my breakfast. Many of the other days were the same. I heard my friends on the radio but chose to listen to their conversation rather than joining them. I lay horizontal on my sofa until I felt asleep. My companions are the PC, the iPhone and the Samsung. My Apple Macbook is still sleeping since last night.It is now 3 pm. Afterwards I will go for my lunch at a Malay restaurant which will be a little more expensive. Probably I will take a little dose of Vitamin C from an apple juice, which I believe could beat the danger of a heart disease, namely the stroke.

Life is good enough without the millions in bank, without the luxurious massive cars and very huge TV screen. I believe that the cats would pray for me. The chores provide a fulfilling life. The weather is testing my patience. The old routine provides continuity to my life.

If I have no faith in God I wouldn't have park my car at the unsafe place for 14 days, and would be damn worried when my Acer computer went kaput.

The mystery of life is unknown. At the end of the day one has to trust in one's fate and predestination.

27/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Almost 12 solid days we were cheated by the weather around the Balkan States. We started in Greece. Then moving away to Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Northern Croatia. The heat was burning except for a short moment at the National Park of the last state. There were over 23 persons, male and female, mostly of the well to do individuals but me. I was the poorest and the most lowly of all, education wise and job wise. Yet I paid for a single large room, feeling like a king.


























Greece was quite interesting. The weather was warm and people wore T-shirts. My friends said, "Don't worry, we will get the cold weather when we visit Bosnia and Croatia. I cannot put more pictures here or the page will get heavier and the downloading will be slower.

It wasn't in my dream that I would visit this historical country of Aristotle, the place where philosophers and ancient great politicians were born.

Greece accept Euro as commercial currencies. Today we know that this country is almost a bankrupt nation.

Montenegro is another small country with mostly of Christian faith. It looked more develop than many other Balkan states. It is another heaven for tourists. The capital city has several fortresses inside which we could find hotels, bars and souvenir shops.

































My poor brain could not recall places by the pictures. I may mix them up. I would not narrate those I am not sure of. I am sure many want to know how their houses like and the landscaping too. I snapped a few pictures of the houses, towns and the farm land for your perusal.

Albania was a Muslim country that turned to be a communist under a despotic ruler. During the communist regime the citizens were not allowed to own cars. Thousands and thousands of bunkers were built by the communist for fear of attacked by foreign enemies.





















































































































I have more than 400 pictures altogether. I hope these are suffice and you might be able to imagine how. There were a lot of walking tour, climbing hills and walking for at least 3 km. We have no choice. It was indeed good for our body. I am happy with the company, the food and the hotel. There were three meals with chicken which I had to do away with the pieces. It was alright for me.

You may want to know whether I did find any single woman. The answer is YES but I am too pariah for any. Someone asked about where about my BMW when I told them I left my Kancil at the parking lot of the bus station.

24/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


"Is Zubaidah dead ? " A friend asked me the other day. Zubaidah Mahmud was an excellent worker in my school before. She was an electrical technician. When she had nothing to do she helped the financial clerk to keep an account book. Whatever job she did, she did it extremely well. Before I retired she went for a transfer to a new promotional post. I have not seen her more than 20 years.

My friend said he heard from one Mohd Isa about the death.

I rang up another clerk to ask about the news. It had been three days I tried to call her without any reply. Today she replied. "I heard Zubaidah has passed away. Is it true ? "No. I just talked to her," she replied. She asked me to wait and called Zubaidah. I could hear her talking but I did not hear Zubaidah's voice. I was relief.

Though life and death is something normal and nothing to lament about we would want to know whether someone we know is dead or sick, or  else we would assume that he is alive. I always believe that this is a temporal world and our mortality is short lived.  We can meet again in the eternal world. When my wife passed away I didn't cry. But days after I shed my tears when thinking of our wonderful life together.

Everyday we heard news of all sorts. Not all are true. The North Koreans were told she was the World Cup champion in soccer. What you may hear from politicians may need to be thoroughly investigated and authenticated.

At times people told us something but we heard something else. Zubaidah's mother may be heard as Zubaidah only. My hearing deteriorates by 65%. The phrase good luck may be heard as good fuck, Larry Davers heard as lorry drivers. Tales carried are usually added up. The end may be much more. By the time it completes one earth rotation a devil is praised as an angel.

The news that Zubaidah had passed away is not fake as it was probably a mere misunderstanding. It would be fake if it was a deliberate bluff. Mohd Isa is not a liar. He is about my age and as senile as I am.

This is something that you can ponder about life.

09/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I do not advertise my blog. I probably have told to less than 10 people that I run a blog. Then why run it and pay for the server ?

My paid blog may end by 2017. It is too expensive to run without any pecuniary return.

I paid for the server to do the network experiment using a network remote database. Those I did and gained a lot of knowledge about keeping and retrieving data at a remote location. I even experimented with finger images to see the speed of it's response and data retrieval. It was all a self-taught affair.

Secondly I want to express myself in English, the language I fared the worst in my school days, though I knew later that I do not have language ability. Imagine only at the age of 65 plus I started to brave myself, when the mind started to rot. I am glad that I can send my message out and a few readers could understand the content.

Someone did ask me whether I have been confronted by Special Branch officers.

The police is not stupid people. They know how many hits that I get. Lim Kit Siang and Malaysian Insider surely draw millions of readers. WSJ would be the most. Moreover I do not open to feedback. It is the feedback that are more very venomous than most of the writings. And they were from both the well informed and sentimental people. The later spew anything at all that came to their minds. Mine is as good as zero reader.

I do not even tell my students to visit my web page. Some of them could be PAS or UMNO or DAP or MCA. I may antagonize them by saying things that they do not like to hear.

I regard writing as one of the hobbies. It is a fulfilling effort. It also passed my time away.

But there are things that I said may be wrong. There are some that may be right. Readers have the full power to believe them, to wrong the right or right the wrong. It won't affect me. I still believe people are greedy and selfish, not merely the politicians and the Ministers, but also the ordinary people in towns and villages.

I need less than 10 powerful and influential people out of 30 million to read and give a thought about it. If they deemed nonsense they can ignore it. But if they found them good for the nation and the people, they could have whispered the facts into the ears of the top echelons for the thinking to take shape.

Somehow people I met were telling me that they read my blog. I never asked them how they came to know about it.


08/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What the new AG is saying and what some people thought about the missing DPP are two different things. One reader asked whether the new AG knows that Zahid Hamidi is a good friend of one Paul whom they regard as a God Father of gangster's ring. Certainly he is insinuating of the possibility that the DPP was worked over by by a gangster attached to the said Paul. One said, "Those who know most have their lives in peril." They associated the police attacked on DPP's office.

Though PI Bala was reported to have heart attack, the anti government assumed the possibility of him being poisoned. So was the employee of the Aam Bank who was shot dead because he complained about the excessive fund into Najib's personal account.

True or not the winning side will be the government. Those who hated Najib and Zahid could spew anything at all without any proof to substantiate.

At least they will whisper to their children and grand children that UMNO is a dangerous party that must be put away at any cost.

  • If they can do Najadi .. they can do anyone.
    Of course, first they give you some carrot.. if you don't eat carrot then sorry.
    first it is denial, then sacking, follow by transfer and thereafter promotion and now it is cheaper to go missing.
    Apandi is quick to wash his hand off the disappearance and being defensive about this saga. What does this tell you? Guilty or not? Anyway, if DPP is still alive, he should have contacted his immediate family to know he is safe, but so far no news of his whereabouts? Very suspicious.
    AG the first thing the police would do is to get the number plate!!! No number plate, look at the chassis number la bangang!!! dont make the police look so stupid!!!!
    It seems imdb is getting out of hand...god bless Malaysia.
    Tanya Sirul.....Kevin....would have bolted by now.....or look among the Indons who drowned in the same place....what a coincidence...all post mortems are being done at Telok Intan hospital....right next to hutan melintang...
    These days criminals no longer afraid of anything, lawless in a way. Thats why corruption must be addressed with commitment from all sectors. I don't wish to speculate but I do hope he is safe and police will act swiftly to save him.
    Perhaps that's the karma for his role in the trial of Rosli Dahlan.
    Whoever that could not be bought, will have his or her life in peril.
    He knows what is going on.
    If all the pieces of the puzzle is pieced together you will eventually find arrow will point to a certain individual of power. Divine intervention is necessary and urgently before more people goes missing.
    This AG, what he know ? Ever so quick to deny this or that. When the truth is 'leaked' out then double track back and give you the tales of the Arabian Nights. His action is so typical like an s.o.p now from the govt. Rakyat always kena tipu left and right and suffer from their actions!
    This is very sad news... Pray for his safety and unite with his beloved family soon
    The 1MDB curse struck again? I'll be really scared if I'm involved in covering up the case or having dark secrets relating to it.
    None of high profile suffers losses or life in 1mdb, only the rakyat needs to pay for their misfortunes.
    According to the TV news, on the burnt car found in Perak, one of the investigating officers says that the 'chassis number telah dibuang' making the identification of the car complicated.
    What a strange way of confirming via sms. Hope he's okay. Thoughts are with his loved ones.
    There are far too many co-incidences...its scandalous to see just the one silly entity 1MDB causing a lot of unease.....and irritation for a lot of malaysians
    such a stupid answer given by Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali......isn't he part of AGC
    Whatever it is, I pray with Kevin`s family for his safety.
    Therefore, his family and all concerned should not be worried then ??
    Engine and chassis also missing ah...?
    • Very professional job, man. Never knew common criminals here have such expertise lah. Could it be done by specialists non-criminals? Someone mentioned C5 - that could be the KEY.
    How can the MACC's investigation division chief use the word "was" in describing the DPP ? Is the DPP confirmed dead ?
    • Ah, that is a subtle clue on what has happened to the poor guy. See, the powers that be all knew; maybe also has a hand in executing it?
    Not many high profile cases recently that puts both MACC and AGC into the lime light except the 1MDB case and this guy happens to be involved with both the agencies. So no wonder the social media linked his disappearance to 1MDB.
    You get what you give.
    Dead man don't talk.
    What are you trying to cover up..??
    Ait.. I thought he was questioned by police in relation to the leaked draft charge sheet on najib.. surely he was related to the task force..
    Why does he have to state that DPP is not part of 1MDB investigations in the first place?
    • i know whats in yr mind, last time pkfz, u guys always talk abt it, then submarine, talk abt it, then lembu, same thing, so i though this is new model so i state it loh..., hehehe
    The design shape of the car will tell what type of car la....are they dumb or pretend to be dumb..
    Apandi. Please just be quiet like you always are. Every time you open your mouth is all lies and stupidity coming out from that rotten black hole.
    Have you considered the Javaness connection with the kingpin Paul? He is head of security for the Javaness.

    By the way what happened to Gani? Where is he? Also banished like Bala?

    he is not part of it, but surely know something also right, and why being transfer here and there????
    every since the mother of all missing person in 2006, ppl getting missing every times, something really not right.....
    Ha ha ha
    He may not be part of 1MDB investigation, but probbaly has information for the RAKYAT
    AG on the special task force was sacked. MACC officers arrested and some transferred and now one has gone missing.
    Those that questioned Najib 2.6 billions and 1MDB sacked.

    Najib must stand down and be investigated for the 2.6 billions and abuse of power, and if charged and found guilty jailed.

    Look at his face..looks sinister cannot trust him at all..
    Does anyone believe this crony AG? I don't.
    After traversing the past few months, we don't know what is what anymore. Even this AG wasn't the AG then. So how can we know what is what or who is who?

    Jayendran anney, we are moving not towards 2020, but 1920.. No laws, just a bunch of crooks running around shooting people to cover their @rse..


  • I went everywhere people spoke of the same thing. They did not forget Jalil who was murdered in Hong Kong. That was during Mahathir's era. Everybody seem to guess on helicopter accident in the previous years. Somebody is running the killing machines. The person or persons responsible for the murder will be brought to justice when the new government takes over. I don't live to see it happens. I predict it will be in 2035. Najib will go down badly in our historical record. Altantuya will be related to him or to his wife, and a string of lies and unfulfilled promises.

    The word suspect and suspicion are used by law. They are also used by the people. But we still hold to the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless words would pass around until things emerge as truth in their minds. The thoughts are dangerous. It could lead to vengeance. We should learn from the fate of Saddam and Ghadafi.

    Najib's administration should not take Bersih 4 for granted. Azlina said it did not even represent 1% of the population. Azlina will live long enough to experience the agony, with too late to regret. The Malays will not go back to the Malay leadership.

    06/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    You want to know how bad is Sarawak Report ? Read the slander below.

    Larry Low On List Of Frozen Swiss Accounts! - EXCLUSIVE

    5 Sep 2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Swiss account frozen over 1MDB connections – Larry Low Hock Peng, Jho Low’s Dad.

    Larry’s other son Szen Low is also heavily connected with his brother’s business in his role as Group Managing Director of the family firm Jynwel Capital.

    Trail from Good Star Limited

    Investigators believe that Larry Low formed part of the trail for money originally siphoned out of 1MDB in its first joint venture deal with PetroSaudi back in 2009.

    US$700 million was removed from the initial US$1 billion investment by 1MDB, under the guise that it was a repayment of a loan by PetroSaudi to its joint venture subsidiary.

    That money first went to the company Good Star Limited and was paid into an account opened on the day after the deal at RBS Coutts bank in Zurich.

    A further US$330 million was paid into Good Star in 2011, according to investigation documents released by Sarawak Report in April and documents from PetroSaudi also suggest that US$160 million more was paid into Good Star as part of a Muharaba loan to PetroSaudi in September 2010.

    This produces a total sum of US$1.29 billion that initially came into the Coutts Zurich Good Star bank account.

    1MDB and PetroSaudi have subsequently attempted to allege that Good Star was owned by PetroSaudi.

    However, Sarawak Report has strong evidence that the real controller was Jho Low himself.

    A shocking new line of enquiry has emerged, following the freezing of 1MDB related accounts by the Swiss authorities last week, Sarawak Report has learned.

    We are reliably informed that one of several individuals whose accounts have been frozen is Larry Low Hock Peng, the father of the billionaire youth tycoon, Jho Low.

    The sums involved were described by the Swiss Attorney General office as ‘several tens of millions’ of dollars in its official statement. However, we have been told they in fact total hundreds of millions.

    Larry Low has long been regarded as a key lynch pin behind his twenty something son’s stellar rise, thanks to Jho’s close connections with school pal Riza Aziz, who brought him into the Najib/Rosmah household from an early age.

    The Low brothers (left Jho, right Szen) manage Jynwel Capital, the investment tool of billionaire playboy Jho Low – however Larry has also tied into their business interests.

    The brothers are joint stars in glitzy corporate videos for Jynwel

    Likewise, although Low has always denied he had anything to do with 1MDB or its PetroSaudi joint venture, extensive documents in our possession prove that he was the mastermind behind the joint venture between the two companies.

    Crucial evidence from investigations in Singapore, also released by Sarawak Report last April, has confirmed the Good Star connection with Low and proved money that came from Good Star subsequently flowed into Jho Low’s personal accounts.

    Money transfers from Good Star Zurich to Jho Low's beneficially owned ADMIC account in BSI Singapore

    Money transfers from Good Star Zurich to Jho Low’s beneficially owned ADKMIC account in BSI Singapore

     The Singapore branch of BSI bank has informed the authorities (see above) that US$530 million (US$ 528,956,027.05) passed from the Good Star Coutts Zurich account into Jho Low’s own accounts at the bank in a series of payments after the PetroSaudi deals.

    Yet, whilst this evidence proves that Low, 1MDB and PetroSaudi were lying when they claimed that Jho Low had no involvement or interest in the joint venture or Good Star, it only accounts for some of the money.

    Sarawak Report has now learnt that much of the balance of the US$1.29 billion haul from 1MDB passed into accounts controlled by Jho’s dad Larry Low in Switzerland.

    That balance amounts to some US$760 million.

    Stellar rise of Jho Low and Larry Low enterprises

    The 700 million dollar question facing investigators, therefore. is whether Low senior was acting as an intermediary for a third party recipient of the money?

    If so, what was the final destination for the lion’s share of the money that was removed from 1MDB in a manoeuvre that has triggered years of lies and cover-up by the company and by its single signatory and shareholder, the Finance Minister himself?

    It has been widely noted in the business press that Larry Low himself has transformed his reputation in recent years from being known as a reasonably successful businessman, able to promote his sons into advantageous western educations, into a multi-billion dollar player in his own right.

    Jho Low had in earlier articles tended to refer to himself and his family as relatively modest compared to the high-rollers he was acting as ‘concierge’ to as part of his business dealings with them.

    “I come from a fairly okay family but nowhere as close to the prominence and wealth levels of the people that I usually spend time with who also are my very good friends. So generally, I am usually the concierge service that arranges everything, and thus my name is all over the place.” [Star online]

    These days however the family tend to describe themselves as third generation billionaires, indicating that Larry’s Dad had already made a fortune in mining before they settled in Penang and that Larry too has been turning a second fortune in order to propel Jho into his record breaking spending around the world’s hotspots.

    “In his younger years, before his cancer scare, Jho Low made headlines as a billionaire party boy. The tabloids gleefully reported on his love of Cristal, bar tabs in the tens of thousands of dollars and wild nights on the town with the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Usher.

    Nowadays the 33-year-old Low, youngest member of the third generation of one of Malaysia’s wealthiest families and head of the family’s investment firm, is making news for a completely different reason: his philanthropic donations.” [Washington Post]


    “Like his image. The party animal moniker will probably stick with Low, now 33, thanks to a night spent clubbing with Paris Hilton in Saint-Tropez in 2010. … That year Low and his brother, Szen, set up Hong Kong-registered Jynwel Capital, an advisory firm for the family’s investments. There clearly is a lot of money to invest. Their grandfather Low Meng Tak was born in China, immigrated to Malaysia and then made a fortune mining iron ore and operating liquor distilleries in Thailand. He later added rubber, cocoa and palm oil plantations in Malaysia. He also married into a Thai business fortune. Their dad, Low Hock Peng, or Larry Low, expanded the family’s Asian property holdings to New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K” [Forbes March 2015.

    This narrative of long-standing great family wealth has tended to surprise contacts in Penang, who had no inkling till very recently that the Larry Low family was amongst Malaysia’s richest families.

    One family friend of long standing told Sarawak Report:

    “My Dad knew Larry’s father and we have known Larry too. They were millionaires, ringgit millionaires, but by no means dollar billionaires in the category of one of the richest families in Malaysia.”

    For those people who go back with the Lows this sudden story of long-term super-wealth simply is not the case.  To them this re-writing of the family history is an attempt to disguise a sudden rise to super-riches linked to the now frozen bank accounts connected to the 1MDB investigation in Switzerland.

    06/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Ringgit Malaysia makin tenat. Ia akan mengakibatkan kenaikan harga barangan dengan mendadak, hutang negara jadi berganda dan rakyat akan menderita. Tetapi pucuk pimpinan dan mereka yang menerima imbuhan yang tinggi tidak akan terasa apa-apa. Lantas mereka tidak akan menghiraukan apa yang berlaku.

    Pendokong Najib memainkan isu ras untuk mengalihkan tumpuan rakyat. Tetapi pembencian rakyat terhadap DAP atau kaum asing tidak ada kaitan dengan wang 2.6 billion yang masuk ke akaun peribadi Najib dan 1Mdb yang dikatakan tidak ada kaitan dengan wang rakyat.

    TSMY telah menyoal status 1Mdb dan mahu jawapannya. Kalau ia tidak ada kaitan dengan wang rakyat mengapa Najib tidak memberitahunya dan mengapa beliau mesti disingkir. Kalau Najib tidak bersalah mengapa Ghani Patail tamatkan perkhidmatannya ? Kini Timbalan Pendakwaraya pula dilaporkan hilang. Sudah timbul satu syak wasangka yang bukan-bukan. Adakah ia senasib dengan PI Bala dan pegawai Aam Bank yang ditembak ? Jika Najib senasib seperti Saddam Hussein, pasti sekali kes-kes ini akan dipertuduhkan ke atasnya. Saddan tetap dihukum walaupun beliau telah menafikannya.

    Rakyat tidak cemburu jika Najib menjadi kaya atau asal dari orang kaya. Cuma mereka ingin tahu mengapa Najib diam apabila wang sebanyak itu masuk ke akaun beliau. Tidak ada seorangpun ahli UMNO yang tahu kecuali dalam tahun 2015 setelah WSJ menyiarkan di dalam akhbarnya. Malahan semua itu disangkal sebagai fitnah  hendak menjatuhkan Najib. Najib mengugut hendak menyaman WSJ tetapi gagal berbuat demikian hingga ke hari ini.

    Ahli UMNO juga hendak tahu cerita dan sejarah wang 2.6 billion itu; dari manakah asalnya, siapakah yang memberikannya, kenapa wang itu diberi, kenapa Najib tak bagi tahu sesiapa, bagaimana wang itu digunakan, kepada siapa dia memberinya, banyak mana dan bila. Banyak jawapan-jawapan lain mengambil masa berbulan untuk dijawab. Soalan ini mungkin baru mencari butiran apa yang perlu dijawab, dan pasti akan memakan masa yang lama untuk merekaciptakan jawapan yang tidak dianggap sebegitu bodoh, sepertimana jawapan-jawapan yang lain.

    Soal 1Mdb dan 2.6 billion bukanlah soal ras, bukan DAP atau Lim Guan Eng. Ia adalah soal ketaatan kepada negara dan sayang pada rakyat jelata. Mereka yang patriot tidak mahu negara tergadai, tidak mahu melihat telaga minyak jadi sandaran dan harta negara dijual seperti yang telah dilaporkan oleh bank dunia. Mereka tidak mahu rakyat kehilangan pekerjaan akibat dari hilangnya kepercayaan kepada Najib dengan menutup kilang dan syarikat-syarikat. Mereka tidak mahu negara menjadi muflis.

    Apakah semakin sehari ekonomi kita menjadi semakin baik ?

    Di merata-rata orang-orang dan penyokong UMNO sendiri hairan mengapa ada pemimpin yang menyokong Najib. Tentu mereka berfikir untuk mencari jawapannya, dan pasti sekali ada jawapannya.

    06/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The first time I heard the phrase 'People's Power' was during the Philippine revolution to bring Marcos down. The whole scenario could be monitored on the ham band, 7 Mhz, as the protestors were using HF to give order to the people of what they should do. Groups were directed to attack the TV stations and took over them. And there was the call to go to the Malacanang Palace. The revolution was just after the election which Marcos won but the people accused Marcos of corrupting the voters.

    I am sure several living old hams did monitor the historical event as well. That was the first time ever I heard ham radio was used against the government. Our current Ministers might have read the Filipino history from books but we follow live activity and the revolutionary movements.

    Compare Marcos to Najib in term of corrupting the people for votes, Marcos is far below Najib. Najib is more direct. In parliament an UMNO Minister condemned the people who received BRIM but did not vote BN as ingratitude. Najib's 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' is a well known phrase and was recorded as evidence. Najib's is worst as foreigners begins to move out and people are losing jobs. The ringgit falls at a crazy speed. He just doesn't care what happen to the people and the economy. He doesn't even care for the party but struggle hard to save his neck.

    The Bersih 4 was a highly discipline lot. They did not march to Najib's house nor to Putrajaya, nor took over all the TV stations. The police did think of the worst and called the military to get ready. I would not expect the army is going to shoot dead every marcher. It could spell the end of Malaysia by so doing. Instead of cooling down the people, a few Ministers, propaganda unit and the cyber troopers are fueling the public by their statements and actions.

    The safest place for Najib is Sabah, not even in Pekan Pahang. Said Keruak and Rahman Dahlan should be looking for some properties for Najib and his family. If there is another rise of people's power it won't be in Sabah and Sarawak.

    In many countries election is never fair and full of frauds, cheating, gerrymandering, stuffing ballot boxes, exchanging and adding the boxes, threatening and corruptions. The citizens had to resort to people's power to bring down the government.

    While some want the change of government, there are many who want the present government of Malaysia. They could not stand Najib because of GST and the rising cost of living, the shrinking of the ringgit and the central reserve, investors are running away and the world believe Najib is not an honest leader. They are just calling for Najib to step down.

    May be one day people will praise him for his gut. And may be one day he will regain his pride when proven the 2.6 billions were actually not there at all but a myth created by verbal error.

    06/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    People are angry with Dollah Salleh for Malaysia being beaten 10 - 0 by UAE. But they forget that Bhutan was beaten 15 - 0 by Qatar. Other scores were Iran 6 - 0 Guam, Iraq 5 - 1 Taiwan, South Korea 8 - 0 Laos, and China was held 0 - 0 by Hong Kong. The goal margin was too big by international standard.

    Whether it was or wasn't Dollah's fault, he has to resign. Let other coach takes the job and the Malaysians could witness the effect of changing a trainer.

    I would not want to solely blame Dollah. Nazir Razak, the brother of Malaysian Prime Minister, lamented that Malaysia is facing a lot of bad things; beaten in soccer by a big margin, declining ringgit, haze, attacked by Transparency International and the internal clashes in UMNO. It insinuates as if a bad luck mystery befell the country.

    Dollah said that he did not understand why the defense was too vulnerable.

    Why not we look into another remote aspect ie the mind of the players ? Doesn't there anyone who never thought about the political problem in the country ? They may not be happy with the declining ringgit and felt it very much when outside the country. In other words if they were unhappy with Najib, they won't strive to win the game. I had thought of the missing MH370 on the same line. The anger was against Najib who jailed Anwar.

    It could be one of the reasons for the humiliated defeat. All are a mere conjecture.

    But if we would have won 10 - 0 you will see Najib comes to the forefront. The party members will congratulate UMNO for the victory.

    Sports have long been a political propaganda by the Communist Russis and Hitler. Championships were linked to the ideology. During the cold war we noticed there were battles between the capitalist and socialist states, USA and Soviet Union, to project the superiority each nation. USA and Soviet Union had emerged as the top nations in the Olympic for many years. The Cubans always credited their winning to Castro.

    So it is not impossible for the defeat of the Malaysian team. I doubt whether Kim Swee can do much with the same players.

    Besides we must analyze the teams of the world as well. We have to study closely the teams from the Middle East, Japan and Korea; their speed, size and skill. We also need to know the state of economic security of the players. I think in Malaysia professional soccer cannot guarantee economic security of a player. Even if he stays fit until 35, he may be of no value at the age of 27. He has about 8 years to accumulate the savings. After that he will be jobless.

    Don't blame Dollah Salleh alone.

    05/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Is it not strange to gauge a person's IQ and intelligence by his proficiency in English ? To say a person who is very well verse in English is smart, I do know a well English speaking person whom I would consider really dumb.

    To say that those who can't speak nor write English cannot run a country is just like saying the Chinese leaders are not fit to run the Chinese continent. China has been to the outer space. Many American computer programmers who can rite codes better than writing English.

    Most of the time most people appeal to sentiment in making decisions or making statements. Malaysia lack of research studies to gather and categorize facts. It should be a basic task of university students to be taught on the subject matter. Take any view as a hypothesis and then test it. One interesting hypothesis is 'The Malays are the most incapable race as they are less proficient in English'. Americans are much advance in the world of research findings as compared to the rest of the world.

    I traced that there were comments in the social media belittling those who could not write English well to justify the stupidity of some of the political leaders. I would agree that some of the politicians should resign but because of their poor English. Poor English does not portray other mental abilities. Some may be bad in language but possess the analytical or mathematical skills.

    I agree that learning languages is good. In the United States, Federal government started to give importance to the study of foreign languages after the the Soviet Union put it's Sputnik in 1957. Language students earned Federal scholarships. And Malaysians began to realize the benefit of knowing other languages. We begin to hear learning Mandarin, Thai and Arab on our local radio station.

    The reason why I used English in my blog is because I have never been good in it. I want to break the barrier of my fear. I am a late developer and only realize the value of education at the age when the brain is experiencing a declining stage. I just want to express my mind, with the hope people could understand my message with the use of limited vocabulary.

    Damning my IQ is low and I am a stupid person won't hurt me at all. I don't force people to read what I wrote. Neither would I say I am a smart guy because I know there are many clever people in the country. I am impressed with their ability and ways they present their facts.

    I don't hate politicians because of their low IQ or poor English but for their persistence in giving conflicting and changing statements which I interpret as lies and spinning. Readers used the term bodoh whereas I used the word jahat. Trying to deceive the citizens is not a stupid work but it is a demonic or an evil in nature.

    Nevertheless the Ministers should improve themselves in many aspects; proficiency in languages, straight thinking and responsibility, accountability and integrity. If they fail in English, they cannot be allowed into parliament and cannot be a Minister, to which Mahathir Khalid would say, "Unfair la...."

    05/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    How could HAM radio go for the better in Malaysia when I still hear strange things on the band ? The other day I heard one person using the pirate lingo while having communication on the independent day. It was a pang in my heart. I knew then that this guy must have been a pirate before who brought the culture into ham radio. He was on HF, mind you.

    And on 2 meter band, a new frequency which I thought of joining the crowd, I heard stations passing transmissions back and forth without mentioning the call sign till the end, and stations that mentioned his call sign using suffixes. And a station using a call sign belonging to another.

    There were many more chaotic stuffs that's destroying the sanctity of the hobby. Who am I to break in and to tell those guys that they were not doing the right things. It is the work of the radio authority. Probably they are busy with the political master and regard amateur radio is a trivial matter.

    I am not going to say any more on what was going on on the band. It really hurts.

    Ham radio is not about competition as to who is the best, know most or money making. We used to have scientists and engineers in our midst and no one brag about their ability and professions. We didn't even know we were chatting with a King until we received the QSL card.

    Many of the hams have a great pride in themselves because they know Morse codes. To many it was synonymous to ham radio. It brightened the shack and flew like a super man when the signals were put on the air.

    There is nothing wrong with the new philosophy. It is just a matter of values to different generation. To me the new thought and practices are just HANCUR. It is not to the present generation. The value system has changed.

    03/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    When will all the saga end ?

    I don't know. Right now we pray for a miracle for our ringgit to climb back to the normal value. As for the 1Mdb it will remain a pain the neck for a very long time.

    Government can make loan to build dams, high speed trains and other infrastructure. We have been doing it since independent. All done by the government, run by the civil servants. We borrowed from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. The Japanese, they said, was a hard bargainer. If you take their loan they demanded that you buy their facilities and used their engineers. They wanted to know how much you spend and in which area. The government would only negotiate loan from Japan only as a last resort. We never heard of any kickback scandal then.

    When PM Najib said that loyal people are always better and more preferable to smart people, he was right. Smart people know more and criticize more. People are very well educated and earned their degrees from prestigious universities of the world. They are hard to fool. It is my conjecture that more than 60% of the BERSIH's protestors were from the educated group.

    The Chinese are more matured than the Malays in this arena. They prefer to use their brains than their brawns to fight what they called injustice. Whenever the police go for an arrest there will be more Malays than the Chinese will be thrown into the lockups. Moreover the Chinese are more independent economically. The Malays have to depend on the government on many things.

    Alert minds would always want to know which parts of the documents on 1Mdb were tempered with. They want to see the original and the tempered. Probably the Thais know the truth. The same mind question the necessity of an air-craft for our defense. Are we to say this is again another false report ?

    Axing Mahyuddin, kicking UMNO members out of the party and continuous spinning will not stop the turbulence.

    BERSIH4 has talk. The message sent is clear. Try to decipher it.

    02/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Really I hate to give comments on political matters. Remarks by the Ministers, cyber troopers and people in the propaganda units are not going to heal the nation and elevate our morality, to hold to the righteousness and corruptions. For instant the team is justifying the 2.6 billion in Najib's account as the mandate given by UMNO to the President as a trustee. Sound great. How could it be when the DPM and other UMNO members do not even know about the money until the WSJ exposed it in 2015. If there was such a mandate, it has to be given from the beginning, known by all and approved by all. And even Najib himself had said no donation should be in personal account.

    When such words were spewed it poked everybody's mind. People compared with all the other statements. The main and the biggest was what was published about the money that went into Najib's account was false. It was fabricated by those conspire to topple the government of Malaysia. Surely it was an attempt to accuse all who talked about the 2.6 billion as terrorists. The Sarawak Report founder was mark as one.

    There were too many lies and spins.

    How could I stand and watch to see the evil deeds of those who have lost their conscience. Don't they see the burden of 1Mdb to the country ? Maslan was paid RM2 millions by Najib; what would he cares about the burden felt by the ordinary people ? Shahrir got a million. The foreign Minister who fought hard for Najib in the international arena didn't have any. Surely people will have to guess that Najib is using the cash weapon to get people to fight for him. Several clips on the Youtube show Najib's promises for votes in return for a few millions. And the Minister criticized the voters who received BRIM but did not vote for BN. Those were called corruptions by BERSIH 4.

    I remember in the FB one of Najib's supporters argued with me about the 2.8 billion which she said was false and never happened. She said nothing from the social media could be trusted.

    At present none from Najib's team talks about 1Mdb and the 2.8 billions. They talked about the Malays and the Chinese, the Malays in Singapore and the Malays under UMNO. They talked about the Malays being used by DAP. To make DAP look worst they call it DAP Jews. They zoom on racial sentiment.

    The Malays replied that they are still with UMNO but they want Najib to take rest. Funny, instead they go for the reduction of UMNO members saying 'we prefer the loyal people over the smart people". They seem to be confident to get PAS to support them. Hadi had said 'give a chance to Najib'.

    Each and everyday when I go to super market I checked the price tags of the goods. I admit the food at Mac Donald is still cheap. But a simple meal cost me RM11.50 at a Malay restaurant; a half-plate of white rice, two tiny mackerels, a small bowl of soup and a small glass of orange juice. A day ago I took a small bowl of bihun soup at the price of RM4 at a Malay stall. Price of import goods shoot up in relation to the dollar value. YET the minister said that our economy is very strong and stable. The declining ringgit benefit the people and the country. It simply does not make sense. How could I just stay and remain mum ?

    I am never pro Mahathir nor DAP nor any opposition political party. I just want to hear the truth from all including Najib, Zahid and all other Ministers. When a Minister quipped the declining ringgit could be due of perception, I put a thought to it. The greatest spinner is Rahman Dahlan.

    When they spoke they said anything at all that would satisfy themselves. They were thinking that everybody would 'aye' them despite them swaying from the path. They were trying to fool the people.

    I was intrigue with an ice vendor who critically analyzed about the 2.8 billions. He computed the interest that went into Najib's pocket. He talked about the importance of book keeping to trace where the money come from and where they went. And when I talked about the land acquisition act he began to see the flaw of UMNO. He had never thought about it and how it would affect the Malays and UMNO themselves.

    The UMNO ministers will one day condemn Najib. But by then it will be too late. The young cyber troopers fate will be worse socially and economically. Those cyber troopers who fought for BN during the last GE are now not visible anymore for the exception of a few who are challenging Najib now. I said to them before "Serve you right.." I am saying to the same persons again "Serve them right".

    For quite a long year I have seen how the big towkeys deceived the top UMNO echelons. Today they blackmailed the top politicians to give them lands in exchange for votes. The damage started a long time ago. But Najib worsen it by ruining the economy and brought hardship to all the races. The low income still suffer even with the BRIM.

    How could I say nothing when the central reserve shrinks, the FGV is ailing and the riggit experience the free fall due to Najib's failure. They call it the crisis of confidence. Investors and the world are losing trust on Najib especially on the amount of money that went into his private account. If those weren't big issues it won't affect our economy.

    Would Najib and the gang care about the ailing economy ?

    NO. They have big money in hand. Even if Malaysia goes bankrupt, they won't.

    02/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    UMNO will survive until 2035. 2035 is the year when the demographic pattern will come to maturity. MIracle can happen if UMNO can become a party trusted by all and the party accept the residence as Malaysians. From now until the next GE UMNO will heavily engage the racial card as the main agenda whispering opposite things into the ears of different races.

    As I see it, UMNO could be stronger without Najib. With Mahyuddin leading even Kelantan could be captured. Hadi has a reputation of being a spoiler. He can't even take back Trengganu, lost Kedah and now portraying himself as an UMNO man. If with Najib UMNO will win with a huge majority. Sarawakians and the Sabahans will demand for more ministerial posts as they save Najib's face.

    Nevertheless,  the country will continue to suffer. The Malays will be losing more and more land, the drug addicts may double, educational integrity weakened. The cost of living will sore. Drugs, crimes and gambling will continue to flourish as the Ministers were seen rubbing shoulders with the big time gangsters. It was not only reported by the people who saw it but Zahid himself had create such an impression when he wrote to FBI to defend a known gangster. This relationship is raised over and over again in the social media by those who responded to Najib and Zahid's criticsms.

    The ability to survive is also due to PAS factor. Hadi who strongly support Najib is losing support himself. When PAS is seen as UMNO the party will lose people's trust. If it is not the Malays who dislike UMNO would go for the Islamic party. The weaker PAS gives ways to UMNO's expansion in Kelantan. In other states the Malays might opt to DAP no matter what the campaign says about the Chinese. Najib is seen much worse than the North Korean communist by some Malays.

    Bad leaders should not survive with UMNO. It is bad for a nation. It precipitates the coming 2035's event which may spell the final blow to the end of UMNO.

    A time will come when effort to cheat through the ballot boxes will result in reverse affect. The police and the army will end their loyalty towards rogue leaders, and God comes first before any mankind.

    As God gives a man to make a choice between good and evil, UMNO has to abide by it; either to replace Najib or to allow him to continue with his evil deeds. Just imagine Ismail Sabry likened Najib to God ' don't listen to Najib, you don't listen to God..' This is evil and sinful enough.

    However we can never know what may be coming in the GE14. We can make predictions and hypothesis. I just want to believe UMNO will gain more strength without Najib, could even win a landslide victory. The Chinese can go for BN even without a single cent promised. It had happened before.

    Remember, Pak Lah was a Prime Minister. He walked out with honor and well respected. He does not live a miserable life. His mind is free. He has friends everywhere from all races and creeds. Najib could always emulate Pak Lah. And even Mahathir dared to give his post away. Rafedah Aziz ended herself in the home of Air Asia, much happier than when she was a Minister.

    All Najib has to do is to retire rather than to resign. He can set up the date in 2016. UMNO will still survive without him. He will surely be forgiven. His errors will be forgotten. It is not the end of the world for him.

    Life is temporary. Most of the current politicians have only a few more years to live. Let the younger generations serve the nation and we spend our time a little for ourselves and remember God all the time.

    01/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Maria Chin called on Najib to bring his Red shirt supporters as well on the 29th. October to see the comparison between the numbers of Bersih 4 participants as compared to the Red Shirt. Instead Najib stayed away. Was he in Pekan ? His sanctuary seem to be Pekan, FELDA and East Malaysia.

    Anyhow he has seen the difference, the big turnouts which scared him to the core. So the team chose to debase the protestors. The use of FB to discredit the gathering and the attack on Mahathir met with vigorous counter attack by the thousands. The furious crowds called Najib a thief and a corruptor who must be punished. Swear words were hurled back.

    Najib and his team is pouring gasoline to the fire instead of cooling the citizens down.

    I knew Najib came down to Alor Setar again but I do not know the number of people who attended. I never asked. I never wanted to know. But a layman told me there was no people. While having a drink somewhere the vendor told me that singe mothers were promised RM50 to attend. They came and listened to Najib but no one get paid. Only if Najib knows what really had happened he would have known that even the kampong Malays have rejected him.

    1Mdb issue was not raised by Mahathir. The leak was captured by the opposition party. Some dedicated people in the government could not stand anymore the whole farce of the debt ridden 1Mdb dealing. The interest was mounting. Najib just let it go. Only later the WSJ published about the 2.6 billion that went into Najib's personal account. Mahathir picked it up from here and a few other UMNO ministers began to question Najib.

    Najib chose to fight. "I am a Bugis warrior," he said while in Sabah. Fought he did. It started by saying the money was used for UMNO general election. He tried to deny the WSJ accusation by threatening to sue the media. Rahman Dahlan and all others called  for UMNO members to dispel all the social media that lie with false information. One Melanyi was brought in to say Sarawak Report lied. Information leaked by Xavier was tempered. But finally he was cornered. "The money was a donation from the Middle East to Najib for fighting the ISIS." There was an admittance. When the members of the public said that the time of donation there was no ISIS yet, Najib changed the story, "The donation was for Najib to fight the DAP Jews."

    He promised to settle the 1Mdb within six months through restructuring. His attacker said that in the restructuring scheme he is seeking the help of IPIC with the promise of some assets to Aabar. The World Bank had published of an asset giving away by Najib before. The former Menteri Besar of Trengganu talked about the oil field to be given away. Now the IPIC is doing some thinking about the deal.

    Najib mentioned that the GST will be used to pay the loan.

    Mahathir wants to know more of the detail of the 2.6 billions which he believed to be stolen from 1Mdb. The public sees that the money cannot be in Najib's personal account.

    The main problem faced by Najib to defend himself was because the leaked information contain the truth. The investigating team found discrepancies. Ghani Patail found that Najib had made a criminal offense and prepared an arrest sheet. Someone informed Najib about it and  Ghani was sacked and DPP's office was ransacked.

    The only way he could fight is to go around Malaya repeatedly to pleas and lie to the members, to appeal for a pity and support.

    Who is wrong now; Bersih4, Mahathir or Najib ? If everyone is a criminal then arrest all of them and put them to trial. Never mind about the partisan judge. Because of the massive sum of money that went into Najib's account and the rapidly falling economy Najib must be charge first, then Maria Chin and the last person is Mahathir.

    The Home Ministry must think before it acts so that Malaysia will not be made a laughing stock. He cannot make law, passed it himself and had it gazetted. He simply cannot ban people from going out the country without reasons. He should not revoke a person PR just for commenting some truth.

    The point of focus is Najib's 2.6 billions, 1Mdb's debts, money that his son in-law purchased US property, and where he gets the money for the lavish spending. It is not Mahathir or Maria Chin. It is not the case of Chinese show their faces in the Bersih's protest, nor about the Chinese taking away the country.

    The 300,000+ people that went out for BERSIH4 represent almost the whole of Peninsular Malaysia including the grassroots UMNO members. Najib emerge as a very bad person to be dispel with. He kicked the DPM and Shafiee Afdal, attacking the top officers by kicking them out of office or transfer them. He took revenge on those who expose the truth about his insincerity.

    Feedback in the social media shows that in as much as the police keep records of the public, the people are also keeping the database of those people who seem to defend the wrongdoings and corruptions. They threatened to bring these people to justice. I won't want to underestimate the public under a corrupt and authoritarian government.

    Of course Zahid has the choice of following the Communist China or North Korea, to arrest a few thousands of ant-Najib group and shoot them all. The Perak Mufti said killing those who join the BERSIH 4 is legal.

    01/09/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Bersih4 is not about winning or losing. It is about the show of growing frustration towards the shrinking dollar and dwindling economy due to the lost of confidence towards Najib and his administration. More damage has been done by Najib's propaganda unit, the cyber troopers and Rahman Dahlan for enhancing more anger among the citizens.

    It is still believed that Rosmah is playing an important role behind Najib. Najib thinks giving time he could built back his popularity. Each day the number of his supporters is fading in a very rapid speed. As I observed those who yell at Najib on the social media using the four letter word are UMNO members. Soon Najib will be left alone with Mahyuddin and Said Keruak.

    With the sacking of Mahyuddin and the decision to close investigations on 1Mdb and the 2.6 billion believed to be stolen by Najib, UMNO cannot be mended again except with his resignation and Mahyuddin takes his place. Zahid cannot lead this country because he cannot control his emotional outburst.

    The most disturbing economic consequence now is the declining ringgit which is causing the rising prices of imported goods. The 1Mdb's debt is increased by the billions. The federal reserve shrinks. Investors are running away fearing of any unknown Najib's actions. If Najib could arrest his own investigating officers and kicked away his own AG, Ghani Patail, and the DPP, he could do anything at all to foreign investors.

    Najib refused to listen to advice. He trust his banker minister who welcomed the declining ringgit. It was believed that he threatened Zetty and planned to take more people whom he believed could ruin him. He called for undivided loyalty to him, not to UMNO or the country. He created more enemy from all the ethnic group in the country.

    BERSIH4 is about the recuperation of the ailing dollar and the economy, about a leadership who does not make massive saving for himself and the family, who does give and accept corruption, who does not lie and cheat the people, and who cares about the agony of the people.

    Malaysia has plenty of smart and learned people. She also has a lot of dumb and haughty people.

    Hilarious picture of the day

    Do we know where these people are ?

    Looking at the number of participants we can start to compute the number of Malaysians who are not happy with Najib's financial management. We could assume that no government servants and students from higher learning participate then it is clear enough that UMNO should be overhauled.

    After tomorrow the Yellow Shirts will disappear. The police will arrest a few. The core problems must be attended. BERSIH could be ignored. Najib should reinstate Mahyuddin and go for a good holiday for a few months. Let Mahyuddin deal with the current economic problem.

    29/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    One of the bad habits is to think that we are the best when we are not. We would wronged all others whose thoughts are not in line with ours. We would be haughty, regard others as stupid. A form 5 school students could say the doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professionals are stupid.

    A politician or a Minister with power who have passing his own law, arresting and intimidating our own citizens would feel he is  so very powerful, invincible and non-challenged by no one. One Minister can even equate his other Minister to God the Almighty.

    We still remember, Ghani Patail was dispatched by the Malaysian government to recover the losing jet engines suspected as stolen by the South American. Was Ghani send to negotiate or demand for the return of the plane ? On any case the act was seen as arrogance when actually it was a grandiose delusions. During that period I already told my friends that Ghani probably went for a vacation. Even if he had met with someone they would ask "who are you ?"

    The latest, Clare Brown of Sarawak Report, called Malaysia's bad habit to command foreign nation to arrest her. Malaysian government commanded the Interpol to regard her as a terrorist. It will surely lead the Interpol to scrutinize the contents published by Sarawak Report on 1Mdb and our Prime Minister. What the Malaysians may not know about Jho Lo and Reza Aziz and Rosmah, may have filed a heap of information on the Interpol's desk. Interpol rejected Najib's red notice.

    REFUSED! - INTERPOL Rejects Najib's 'Red Notice' Request Against Sarawak Report

    28 Aug 2015

    Terrorism laws have been widely abused to silence media criticism of Najib in Malaysia

    Terrorism laws have been widely abused to silence media criticism of Najib in Malaysia

    INTERPOL have moved swiftly to publish their refusal of Malaysia’s request to issue an international ‘Red Notice’ alert for the arrest of Clare Rewcastle Brown, Editor of Sarawak Report.

    In a letter to the London based NGO Fair Trials International today the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Jurgen Stock, informed that the global police organisation has decided to reject Malaysia’s request outright.

    In a personally signed letter, headed ‘Subject Clare Rewcastle Brown’, the Secretary General confirmed he had been in receipt of a request by Malaysia, which was reviewed on 9th August in line with their standard operating procedure and that the Red Notice had been refused.

    The Secretary General went on to assure Fair Trials, which had written for confirmation about the status of the journalist, that all 190 member countries of Interpol had been informed of this decision, meaning she can travel internationally without further harassment or fear of arrest.

    Crushingly, Jurgen Stock added that member countries were further advised not to use Interpol’s channels in this matter and requested them to remove all data from their databases as well – it is a telling indication that the organisation is of the opinion that their processes, which are designed to catch dangerous criminals, had been abused by Malaysia.

    The letter addressed to Jago Russell, the Director of Fair Trials stated:

    “Whilst INTERPOL does not usually comment on specific cases or individuals, in the light of the significant press interest in this case we can confirm that INTERPOL’s General Secretariat did receive a Red Notice request for Clare Brown from Malaysian authorities.

    In line with our standard operating procedure a review was conducted and on 9th August the request for the Red Notice was refused. All 190 member countries were informed of the decision and advised not to used INTERPOL’s channels in this matter and also requested to remove any data from their national databases.”

    Segment of the letter from INTERPOL

    Segment of the letter from INTERPOL

    Abuse of Interpol a growing concern

    Fair Trials had taken up the case as an example of what the NGO regards is a worrying trend on the part of certain oppressive regimes to abuse INTERPOL in order to clamp down on legitimate dissenters.

    According to a warrant issued by a Kuala Lumpur court on 4th August the charges against the Sarawak Report Editor were under Section 124B and 1241 of the Penal Code, which form part of new laws brought in by Najib Razak in 2012, supposedly to counter terrorism.

    Mohamad bin Salleh, the Director of the Crime Investigation Department of the Royal Malaysia Police then issued a triumphant press release, announcing that Interpol and Aseanpol would be immediately alerted with a view to gaining extradition of the journalist from countries worldwide.

    The grounds for the supposed criminal offence simply do not exist in most countries, however, and hardly appear to merit equating a female journalist with the armed hijackers and terrorists who are normally placed on this list.

    124B. Whoever, by any means, directly or indirectly, commits an activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years.
    124I. Any person who, by word of mouth or in writing or in any newspaper, periodical, book, circular, or other printed publication or by any other means including electronic means spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years.
    Press Notice from the Royal Malaysia Police this month

    Press Notice from the Royal Malaysia Police this month

    The Malaysian authorities then compounded the extra-judicial flavour of their proceedings by bragging to the media that the Inspector General of Police had raised the issue with Jurgen Stock personally and was confident as a result of getting a ‘good outcome’ for the request:

    “Federal police are confident of Interpol’s cooperation following discussions between Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Interpol secretary-general Jurgen Stock during the Asean police chiefs meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia this week.”[Rakyat Post]

    Fair Trials had pointed out to INTERPOL that such attempts at back room influence-peddling violated the due processes of the organisation and INTERPOL’s reply again indicates that the international police organisation equally disapproves of Malaysia’s lack of proper standards of procedure.

    Triumphalism in pro-Najib media was ill judged.

    Triumphalism in pro-Najib media was ill judged.

    The move against Sarawak Report was part of a wider clamp down on the Malaysian media and opposition leaders, which has come in the wake of revelations about the misappropriation of funds from the One Malaysia Development Berhad fund (1MDB) and the discovery of hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly ‘donated’ into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts.

    The arrest warrant was issued shortly after Sarawak Report published the scoop that the former Attorney General had been in the process of drawing up a charge sheet against the Prime Minister himself in the hours before he was summarily sacked by Najib.

    The thinly disguised attempt to silence journalists using this inappropriate measure of a Red Notice drew international attention as a result.

    A petition by the German NGO Rainforest Rescue on behalf of Sarawak Report and condemning the arrest warrant raised an astonishing 60,000 signatures within a few days in Germany alone (Jurgen Stock’s home country).

    Rainforest Rescue, which has joined the condemnation over the destruction of Borneo, was on the point of launching further petitions in Spanish and English to raise further international awareness before this announcement was made by INTERPOL.

    The news that the international policing organisation has rejected Malaysia’s attempt to use its powers and authority to clamp down on legitimate expression and criticism of corruption in the country comes as a serious blow to the Malaysian Prime Minister’s own authority on the even of the anti-corruption march by the Bersih (clean) movement this weekend.

    It once again brings into question the Malaysian Prime Minister’s judgement in handling the growing criticisms against his government and his apparent failure to understand how others now view the situation facing his own administration.

    Malaysia is comfortable as she has a good relationship with the United States. We arrested our own non-terrorist citizen whose company sold a product to Pakistan to appease the United States government. The Vietnamese called us Malaysian Rats as our army were used by the American in Vietnam to hunt for their nationalists who lived underground. It is this comfort that made us feel we are at the top of the world.

    We can fool most people most of the time but we can't fool all people all the time. People who know us that seem to be good to us will surely have something in mind. France sold us a refurbished sub-marine with kickback is now selling us an aircraft carrier which we do not need at all. Even a strong Iran state does not own a single carrier. And Obama too gains a lot from ignoring the bad habits of our leaders.

    The Indonesians, the Thais and the Singaporeans treat us as their good friends but they do not trust us and know the substance of our leaderships. Jokowi expressed his hurt feeling when he visited the country. The Thais did not allow Khalid to meet Justo. The Singaporeans are ready to strike back at whatever we apply on them. We would have seen her reaction if Malaysia revoked the PR status of her citizen Jessica Gurmeet Kaur.

    Politicians and civil servants must always know our limitations. Each day we are growing older and we will begin to feel our health and mind are wearing off. The young ones will shove us as we are getting weaker and may swear on us for our sins. Mahathir is witnessing his own sins right now. Najib will experience it later.

    People with faith will say that there is God the Merciful who is the greatest and will punished those who put the citizens in agony and hardship, persistence in cheating and lying, arresting and jailing them. They will be destroyed by their own bad habits.

    We advise them to do good, to be honest and sincere, to earn the halal money and to really understand the pain of the rakyat. Do they heed the advice ?

    29/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Mahathir did utter words that only street protest can unseat Najib. That drive fear among the Ministers and the police. Even the army might be called in. But Mahathir is wrong again. There have been several street marches before by the thousands, but the government stood still.

    It is true that crowds by a few hundred thousands, organized into several groups marching to Najib's residence and any known place of Najib's where about can bring Najib down. It will have to be a bloody clash between the protestors and the police or the army.

    How else could BERSIH unseat Najib when even the AG himself could not do it ? The aim is just to show the tremendous support of the people who feel that Najib's policy and practices had failed the country and the people. And this time the people are very angry as the ringgit keeps on falling and prices go up correlating with the currency value. Young people were losing their jobs.

    Najib doesn't care at all for the reason he has all the money. Someone even says that he is ready to flee on the new air-craft carrier he intends to buy from France. Leaving in sea is safer than living on land. He has a bunch of bodyguards with him even in high level meetings with UMNO members.

    John Kerry will be opening his eyes wide as much as the heads of other countries. Once they come to believe that Najib has been telling lies, dishonest with the money that went into his account, Najib must brace himself for the coming trouble. Investors and business communities have already damn him. Sadly enough Najib never felt a bit but the populace is bearing the pain.

    The peaceful marching won't be peaceful. The Bersih's shirts are not only worn by the anti-Najib group. It is predicted that the members of the secret police will be joining the march, and followed by the paid jobless hooligans. There will be brawls and chaos. People will get hurt. Najib and Rosmah will be laughing at their hiding place.

    Najib has done enough damage. By ousting Mahyuddin and Shafiee Afdal and other top officers he invited UMNO grassroots to go against him. They too will be joining the march to call for Najib's resignation. Remember what Rosmah said ? "I won't allow Najib to resign."

    The current fiasco is not the end of the bad luck that is striking the nation. As the trend shows the aura of Rosmah is attracting a series of disaster.

    The effort to discredit Mahathir and his children won't change people's anger. Those people do not bring the currency down, nor shrink our reserve and economy, nor pushing the market price of FGV down. It is shocking when the Malays are using despicable words on Najib like 'b***h' and a lady with 'Fakiu'. I traced the UMNO grass roots took more on the aggressive line.

    I always give hints that UMNO should not drive the people to go underground to organize cells against the government. Someday there is bound for someone with some bright ideas to form groups akin to Mosad or IRA. Voices have been heard of future arrests and revenge. Someone might be keeping lists of names to be brought to justice.

    Statements from Rahman Dahlan, Zahid and Najib never cool the public. It is just like pouring gasoline to the burning fire.

    The best that the police can do is just ignore the protestors. Let them shout and yell until they got tired, sleepy and hungry. The next day they will clear the streets and go home to sleep. Nobody wins and nobody lose.

    29/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    There are literatures that analyzed the fall of Malaysian ringgit due to international factors such as the fall of global oil price, and the devaluation of Chinese Yen. Today USD 1 is equal to RM4.26. The reasons given should affect other nations as well like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. But it was not that way. It affects Malaysia. Najib should have asked the economist the reason why Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc remain stable leaving ours going free fall.

    Najib and his team blamed Mahathir, the people and Bersih 4 for creating hoax that drove away confidence on the current administration. And they believe the fall is only temporary.

    In one of my articles written several months ago I mentioned that the use of muscles by the government to act against it's critics by arresting and throwing them in jail will be met with muscle-mental war. The Malays are less able in their thinking ability compared to the Chinese who have a long and colossal experience in international business. Comparing the comments of the Chinese readers of the social media they are nothing as compared to the Malays on the usage of words. Both the anti-Najib and the pro-Najib groups were using very harsh words and phrases, very savage in nature. The Chinese is wittier.

    At the same time Najib's administration may not realize that it is creating a poor image of this country and increasing the number of local enemies. It is worsened by the image of Najib's wife, Rosmah, who came into the limelight as the most powerful lady in the nation. Her perceptions on the people met with opposing perceptions on her by the citizens and office workers. Hatred towards her was mounting. And what were suppose to be secrets began to leak out from all departments; about her lavish spending on jewelries and hand bags, her traveling on government jet, about FLOM, and finally aboit the debt ridden 1Mdb. On the remote side the young sons of FELDA settlers were unhappy with Najib's administration did on FELDA.

    The opposition party member Tony Phua attacked 1Mdb saying it was not run properly by Najib and using government's fund to finance it's loses. More issues began to surface; the interest of 2.7 billion  per year, and the debt kept on climbing. It arose suspicion that the money was stolen by individuals. A name like Jho Lo was mentioned.

    Najib reacted by suing Tony for defamation, throwing slander at 1Mdb. Mahathir stepped in and asked whereabout of the money. Najib said that no money was missing. Part was transferred into BSI of Singapore, which the bank denied that there was no cash transfer taking place.

    Sarawak report, the online newspaper, wrote about Jho Lo and Reza Aziz relationship, the purchase of property, the movement of money into Jho Lo's account. Mahyuddin and other UMNO members began to question about 1Mdb suspecting it was misused. The government claimed that Sarawak Report and other social media should not be believed as they only threw slander and was aiming at overthrowing the legal government. UMNO must not believe in the social media.

    Mahathir and the opposition leaders called for the investigation. Confidently Najib chose his team of investigators.

    While things were getting heated up the Wall Street Journal published a report that 2.6 billions went into Najib's private account followed by documentary proofs. Again Najib said it was a lie. He threatened to sue WSJ for such a slander.

    Najib has a PHD ex-Minister taking care of the propaganda unit to employ cyber troopers to fight against all false accusation, to attack Mahathir and those who are against him. He dismissed his Deputy Minister, Mahyuddin, and Shafiee Afdal for questioning the 1Mdb management. He sacked Ghani Patail and searched the DPP's office, attacked the MACC's offices and transferred the boss. Later he disbanded the PAC. The reason given was to investigate who was leaking information to the social media.

    Sarawak Report published an article about an arrest sheet written by Ghani Patail to charge Najib. Ghani and his DPP had to face the music.

    To strengthened his defense Najib chose Rahman Dahlan to challenge all the accusation on Najib. Rahman said that those trying to charge Najib has to be sacked, confirming the charge sheet was real.

    Najib is very busy running around the country everyday to meet UMNO members to explain of his 2.6 billion that went into his account. The government had given different versions of the cash money.

                        a. It was a political donation
                        b. UMNO trust Najib and the money can go into his own account
                        c. The donation by the Arab country was to thank Najib for fighting ISIL
                        d. The donation by the Arab country was to fight the Jewish DAP.

    Malaysians do not believe how could someone donate that much out of his kind heart.

    The saga is observed by the foreigners and investors and businessmen. Right now it happens in Malaysia, not in Singapore or Vietnam or Thailand. It is the perception on our leadership and the Ministers with their smart mouths. Would it not affect our ringgit ?

    Prices of all import goods shot instantly. The 1Mdb's debt is increasing.

    I can't say for real whether there is any unseen battle between the brain and the brawn underneath the declining economy.

    It is never good to thickening our enemies. If money could appease the people all will be joining Najib now.

    Ringgit is unwanted in Mecca and in some other countries too.

    I think Zety should resign from Bank Negara, free her mind and probably find a part time job with Air Asia.

    27/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Who is the next spinning master to be sent to the Middle East to spin the Arabs this time. And we all want to hear why the 2.6 billion went into Najib's personal account. No donation ever entered a personal account.

    Gulf Times: Saudi government reportedly ‘not amused’ about 1MDB headlines

    13 1591

    The news that Switzerland has now kicked off a probe into banks linked to 1MDB scandal has caught the attention of the Gulf Times.

    The Gulf Times in a report titled Switzerland could turn the scales in 1MDB scam (note the word scam):

    In the 1MDB case, the whereabouts of $1.8bn of its funds are unknown. A probe found that around $680mn made their way on a private bank account of Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, who denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the money was a “donor” from Saudi Arabia, meant as of appreciation to Malaysia for “championing Islam” and fighting militant group ISIS.

    However, unease is growing in the Middle East over the issue. The Saudi government is reportedly not amused about making in into the headlines in the 1MDB case, and at Falcon Private Bank’s parent, Aabar Investment, which is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-government-owned International Petroleum Investment Company, two top executives, Chairman Khadem al Qubassi and CEO Mohamed al Husseiny, have been shown the door.

    It is about time that Najib reveals the identity of the mysterious “donor” before causing unnecessary embarrassment (by association) to anyone else.

    Switzerland, Saudi Arabia Open Investigation into Malaysia’s Development Fund 1MDB

    The Swiss are investigating alleged financial improprieties and the Saudis are ‘not amused’ by unwanted headlines.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Two foreign nations, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, have been dragged into the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal, reports the Gulf Times, igniting on a global stage a scandal that the Malaysian government had hoped to calm down locally.

    Switzerland’s financial regulator FINMA last Wednesday announced that it was investigating the extent of any involvement which its banks may have had in any of the alleged ‘dubious’ transactions linked to 1MDB.

    Swiss media reports suggest that at least six banks were under scrutiny, the Times claims.

    The Times named four of them as Falcon Private Bank (owned by Aabar Investment, a company heavily linked to 1MDB), BSI (based in Lugano, and with a branch in Singapore), JP Morgan (bankers for 1MDB’s former joint-venture partner, PetroSaudi), and Coutts & Co (which has become entangled in Umno’s RM2.6 billion foreign ‘donation’ claim).

    Several accounts have also reportedly been frozen in the wake of the investigations.

    On Friday, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it has opened criminal proceedings against two 1MDB entities as well as “an unknown person”, after a complaint filed by the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund. Swiss law prohibits its banks and businesses from involving themselves in money-laundering or corruption anywhere in the world.

    Swiss national Xavier Justo is also at the centre of the scandal, having confessed to blackmailing his former employers PetroSaudi using data which he stole from them. Convicted by a Thai criminal court last week, Justo is presently serving a three-year jail sentence.

    Saudi Arabia is also said to be ‘uneasy’ about having been dragged into the scandal.

    Prime Minister Najib Razak has claimed that a large chunk of the money he received in his personal bank account came from a Saudi “donor” purportedly for “championing Islam” and fighting ISIS militants.

    The Saudi government is reportedly “not amused” by the unwanted headlines which 1MDB generated for it, while Falcon Private Bank’s parent, Aabar Investment, has sacked its two top executives, chairman Khadem al Qubassi and CEO Mohamed al Husseiny.

     Abu Dhabi firms to rethink deal to cut 1MDB debts, says report

    Abu Dhabi's International Petroleum Investment Co (Ipic) is considering pulling out of a plan to help restructure 1Malaysia Development Bhd's debts, Singapore's Business Times reported.

    Citing a source, the paper said Ipic and its subsidiary, Aabar Investment, which signed an agreement last May to help 1MDB cut its debts by RM16 billion, are now having second thoughts about the plan.

    BT said it was unclear what led Ipic to rethink the deal, but cited a report in the Gulf Times of "growing unease" in the Middle East in the wake of the 1MDB controversy, including the resignations of Aabar Investments' chairman Khadem al-Qubaisi and chief executive Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny.

    Putrajaya unveiled a rationalisation plan to reduce 1MDB's RM42 billion debt, which has been at the centre of a political storm in Malaysia, forcing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who also heads 1MDB's advisory board, to announce a Cabinet reshuffle.

    As part of the plan, 1MDB would receive US$1 billion (RM3.71 billion) from Ipic, which according to 1MDB was neither a loan nor a bailout.

    Instead, 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy said the money was a business transaction between the two companies, and it would not see 1MDB assuming further debt. – August 26, 2015.

    26/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Sarawak Report commented on what the DPM said about him seeing the wealthy Arab family. You can read both of them and ponder about it. UMNO members will one day come to know whether Najib has been telling them the truth or lie to them all the way.

    Zahid Saw The Cheque!

    Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday he had met the wealthy Arab family who had donated the US$700 million (S$985 million) channelled into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal accounts, The Star reported.

    Datuk Seri Zahid said the family, whom he did not name, had donated the money because of Malaysia’s commitment to fighting terrorism, and for being a moderate Muslim country with a plural society.

    The family, he said, was impressed by how Malaysia managed to remain moderate without sidelining other religions.

    “Those were the answers given to me when I asked them the reason for their donation. They also told me that Malaysia was not the only country they have donated money to,” The Star quoted him as saying at the opening of the Sri Gading Umno division meeting yesterday.

    “They have also helped other Islamic countries,” Mr Zahid, who is also Home Minister, added.

    He also said he had met the investment officer of the family, who explained how the first US$100 million was given via a cheque under Datuk Seri Najib’s name and the rest through other channels.

    “I saw the documents myself – the original documents, not photocopied ones, and I also saw the money trail,” he added.

    Mr Zahid said the donation was 100 per cent from the Arab family and not from the Retirement Fund or 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    Is this a cheque for US$100,000,000?

    Is this a cheque for US$100,000,000?



    Zahid, the newbie Deputy PM, has offered yet another completely new explanation for Najib’s billion dollar “donation”.  It was not after all for fighting ISIL which, as has been pointed out, did not exist when the money reached Najib.

    Now we are told it was a reward for Malaysia being a good moderate Muslim state, which kindly allows other religions to exist within its borders.

    Better still, Zahid tells us that he “had seen the cheque for the first $100,000,000″!  Does he not know that NO ONE ever writes a cheque for such an amount?

    Really big money is always moved by bank transfer electronically from one account to another.  In this case all Malaysians have already seen the actual bank transfer form for the full amount – a fact no longer denied by Najib.

    This first Telegraphic Transfer (TT) was followed by another US$69 million... so where does the US$100 million 'cheque' come in?

    This first Telegraphic Transfer (TT) was followed by another US$61 million TT… so where does the US$100 million ‘cheque’ come in?

    Zahid went on to say that the balance of the money came by other means but does not say how. He could reflect on the announcement by Saudi Arabia that it has donated US$100 million to the UN to combat ISIS.

    So Arabia’s richest nation pays the UN US$100 million and some other Middle Eastern family pays Malaysia US$681 million!

    Najib has explained that he prefers loyalty over brains, but there are advantages and disadvantages to promoting fools.




    26/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I started to watch soccer at the age of 6 to now. Names like Yusoff Bakar, Mehat Ambu, Syed Hood, Namat Abdullah are still fresh in my memory. Malaysia was the strongest in those yesteryears. Today Japan and Korea lead the far Eastern countries. Malaysia had a hard time even with the unknown Timor Leste.

    When I was a school Principal I don't like my students to think that they are going to make a living with professional soccer. Malaysia is not the right place. "The life of football is about 30. That if your son is not injured," I told one parent who wanted his son to go an international game near the exam time. "If he concentrate on his study and get a job, he could stay on until 60, even getting a pension. But the choice is yours."

    Football today is more than playing the game. It is some sort of wrestling, pulling and pushing and attacking ankles to weaken the opponents. It is not even a fair push or a body shielding. Players block his enemy while the ball is far away. The referee does not blow for obstruction.

    Many injuries are permanent. That will be the end.

    I don't subscribe to ASTRO. I depend on the normal TV to broadcast matches. To watch European soccer I need to go to a restaurant where the vendors are soccer maniac too.

    To watch a live game I have to pay RM21.20 including GST. RM10 for seeing and the rest for shouting and yelling at players, referee and coaches. Try to imagine the responses of the younger people seeing an old man shouting and yelling. But I was not alone. There were women too shrieking and yelling.

    I used to watch La Liga on my Samsung. Somehow the software stopped streaming unless it is upgraded. The amount is not much but I can't pay. I don't have a credit card. Somehow some good guys somewhere still allow me to watch at least one game a day, not the La Liga. I even have a chance of watching USA League. Isn't it great ?

    I don't play soccer, as I was not born as an athlete. It is just a passion I hate to miss. But I won't pay RM3K to fly to England to watch my favorite team play. Tour Agencies do organize such a trip. Neither would I go to the stadium at 3 or 4 pm to watch the 8.45 pm game. During the last match in our stadium crowds park their cars starting at 2 pm. Immediately after Maghrib prayer I made my move, parked my car at a distant somewhere and having my dinner before entering the stadium. Seats were usually full. I will be looking for seats where the spectators put their drinks and food there. The drink did not pay RM21.20 for the seat.

    I asked a boy next to me about the shirt he wore, whether the color fade after washing. "No," he said. "How much a piece ? " I asked. "50 over." A soccer T-shirt cost RM50+, which is too expensive to me.

    At the last game when the referee blew his whistle I was surprised to see the whole stadium was waving light. "Does everyone bring a mini-torch light with them ? " I looked to my left and right and saw everyone was holding and waving their handphones.

    Things change from the yesteryears.

    26/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    NEW CAR ?

    Proton Iriz is about RM45K and Produa Axia is RM25K. I saw more Axia on the road than Iriz. I was told to wait about 10 months for an Axia when I visited the show room. I did not intend to own one but merely to satisfy my curiosity.

    How could Produa manufacture a car that cost very much lesser ? One need to study the human composition of Produa company, as well as Air Asia. Probably one has to be independent of political interference to make a business successful. Politicians tend to incorporate law and regulations to ensure of the market. The rest rely on market forces and creativity.

    I cannot buy a car on loan. A pensioner is not qualified. I can't even save up to RM45K. It will take me about 8 years to save for Iriz and four years to buy Axia. Else I have to wait for my ASB dividend. Owing to the declining economy anything can happen. I don't see a better Malaysia with Najib's insistence of being a Prime Minister.

    Currently I am using Viva660. I doubt whether it can cross the hill in Perak. It is an economical car on flat surface. RM50 of gasoline would last me at least a week. At time I was thinking whether I need a new car when the present one is serving me very well.

    Anyway I have yet to find out the quality of both Iriz and Axia. Usually cheaper cars are very brittle. It will get naked just for a little kiss. But by the sale Axia is far ahead of Iriz.

    25/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    My remarks on the current Malaysian issues are not to my likings. I do not aim of getting any pleasure out of it. It has been the comments and speeches, the timing factor of the events and the conflicting themes that arose the vivacity of my mind. Moreover my mind and imagination ran wild. Let me give you an example; when a Scorpene case was at the court proceeding in France and there was a rumor that PM Najib will be called, Shafiee went to Australia. During this time I already thought that Shafiee was sent to settle things with someone in France, having negotiation in a far distant land so that nobody would suspect anything. Mind can imagine any damn stuff that do not really exist.

    And now, looking at the starting point of 1Mdb again, I come to believe that there is a possibility that 1Mdb money is being stolen, entered into personal accounts and spent some for personal goodies and properties. It took a long time to reply to question where the money went to. To my standard it takes less than 15 minutes to provide with the detail. Nobody said anything about the money going into Najib's pocket, not even Najib.

    When WSJ exposed on the flow of money into Najib's personal account, the WSJ was accused of telling lies. Najib call the people not to believe in social media which has the intention of overthrowing the government of Malaysia. Najib was cornered. AamBank kept quiet too. At that time people knew that there was really a flow of money into Najib's account.

    Where did the money come from ? Again minds work. What other lie to tell ?

    Najib has a friend in the Middle East. Just get him to say it is a donation. How about Aabar ? Aarbar is for another payment to pay the banks else 1Mdb would be declared bankrupt. The 2.6 billion donation may not be donated by anyone at all. It is merely a story, a fictional decoy. Any Arab could have just say that.

    Najib has a reputation of telling lies most of the time. His Ministers and the ex-EC man confirmed his habit. The world began to know his character. That affect Malaysian economy. The ringgit downfall hit the people and the country.

    Now he is going the country, time and again, to fool the UMNO members with more lies. He fears for his future.

    My imagination may be nothing at all. What if it is 50 out of a million chance it is nothing but the truth ?

    25/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I have yet to do one more thing to my right eye. I postponed it about 2 years ago because there was no one looking after my wife at that time. The job on my left eye was done after my in-law was willing to take care of my wife. For 4 days in hospital I was alone.

    Before I had a maid, I did a complete nursing on my wife. But there were days when I fell very sick, having high fever and had no strength at all. Yet I attended her. I told her to pray that I did not fall and die of a stroke. When I fell sick I told no one. I strove hard until I could stand again.

    I still got sick after my wife passed away. Many people asked me to re-marry so that someone can take care of me when I fall sick. And I joke with them that falling sick, I can still manage myself. But if I were to die, nobody will know until the smell of my corpse polluted the outside air.

    To ensure that I remain healthy I check my blood sugar, BP, take vitamins, medicine and do the daily walking. Somehow I could not beat flue virus. Only a couple of days ago I start to consume Vitamin C.

    I told my kids who are still bachelors to get a wife so that they could have someone to take care of them when they sick. Nobody wants to listen. I told them to choose their food and to do regular exercise as well.

    When I fell sick I told no one. When I am hospitalized I won't tell anyone also. It is nothing strange. It is just life. I don't want to think much about it, to get anxiety for nothing, to cause more problem to myself. I have a few more years to live. I want to enjoy as much as I can. In spite of that I still think that I may die tomorrow and the next day.

    24/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Please don't believe in Sarawak report below. I copy it here just for your perusal. Our concern is what if it is true ? If the report is true it can mean that PM Najib has lost friends whom he had hope to rescue him in what he called the restructuring plan of 1Mdb. The Arab has to assess whether the money given went partly into personal expenditure. They must have been watching the whole drama. Eventually the United States will come to know who the real Najib is.

    These few days Najib is trying to avoid the blame on the deteriorating economy. He called the economists and politicians to discuss the problem. By doing so he is telling the Malaysians our economic woes are market factors. In reality market is just one side of the story. When they put the blame on Mahathir, it means they recognize the function of the sentiment. The world see Najib as dishonest and very mean. They would not want to promote the rogue nations.

    As I see Najib's restructuring plan with the help of his Arabs friends will fall apart. He needs to use the tax money to pay the loan. Mind you the loan is getting bigger as the ringgit falls.

    With the widespread scandal and Najib's adamant to resign the future of this country will never be good.

    SECOND SACKING - Now Abu Dhabi Dumps Aabar's CEO!

    SECOND SACKING - Now Abu Dhabi Dumps Aabar's CEO!

    19 Aug 2015

    A second head has rolled at the very top of Abu Dhabi’s Aabar sovereign wealth fund, giving yet another strong signal that there are major concerns in the Gulf state over being drawn into Malaysia’s escalating financial and political scandals.

    A low key announcement has been  released over the past few hours to confirm that the Mohamed al Husseiny, Chief Executive Officer of Aabar, a subsidiary of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) will be replaced, active from August 24th i.e. next Monday.

    According to the Gulf Business Times no reason has been given for the sudden departure. However, the fund claimed in its announcement that the decision was “part of Aabar’s succession plans”.

    Reuters has also quoted a source to say that al Husseiny will be moving to join a private equity firm.

    Observers of recent developments can hardly fail to conclude that this second sudden departure, following so soon after that of the former Chairman, Khadem al Qubassi (Husseiny was his right hand man) is linked to the unravelling scandal of 1MDB.

    Sacked - al-Husseiny (left) and Al Qubassi (right) were the two key players from Aabar in the deals with 1MDB

    Sacked – Aabar CEO al-Husseiny (left) and Chairman Al Qubassi (right) were the two key players from Aabar in the deals with 1MDB

    Mohammed al-Husseiny was the Chairman of Aabar-owned Falcon bank at the time that US$681 million was transferred into Malaysian PM's private account.

    Mohamed al-Husseiny was the Chairman of Aabar-owned Falcon bank at the time that US$681 million was transferred into the Malaysian PM’s private account at AmPrivate Banking in KL, March 2013.

    Aabar and 1MDB

    Sarawak Report has repeatedly pointed out the pivotal role of Aabar in several of 1MDB’s most questionable investment deals over the past few years.  Moreover, we have highlighted several instances of apparent conflict of interest with respect to the former Chairman al Qubasi and CEO al Husseiny.

    Al Qubassi's party persona was revealed by Sarawak Report

    Al Qubassi’s party persona was revealed by Sarawak Report

    Al Qubaisi was sacked shortly after Sarawak Report published extensive evidence of his extravagant ‘alter ego’, which included partying with Jho Low in some of the world’s most expensive nightclubs.

    We also published evidence showing that Jho Low’s company Good Star had paid an unexplained sum of US$20 million into a personal account belonging to Al Qubassi at the Luxembourg private Edmund de Rothschild bank.

    Good Star was the company that siphoned a total of US$1.19 billion out of 1MDB PetroSaudi joint venture in 2009.

    Mohamed al-Husseiny

    al-Husseiny was considered the side-kick to Chairman Al Qubasi at Aabar and IPIC

    al-Husseiny was considered the side-kick to Chairman Al Qubasi at Aabar and IPIC – he was also Chairman of Falcon Swiss Private Bank

    No reports over suspicious transactions appear to have been made about the transfer of such an enormous sum by Falcon to a politically connected person and to date no information has been forthcoming from any party as to the actual source of the so-called ‘donation’ to the Prime Minister through the Aabar Bank.

    Yet, despite the growing scandals and the recent sacking of al Qubasi, Aabar stepped in last June to rescue 1MDB from a series of huge debt defaults on its exposure of RM42 billion.

    The Malaysian development fund was retrieved from bankruptsy by a massive injection of a US$1 billion cash payment on June 10th in order to meet debt repayments due that week, plus a commitment by Aabar to carry the fund’s future repayment demands for the next 12 months, in return for the promise of undisclosed assets to be provided by June 2016.



    Specifically, we have noted that 1MDB’s three bond issues totalling USD$6.5 billion, involving Aabar and negotiated by Goldman Sachs, contained several irregularities, which created  huge and unnecessary expenses for Malaysia.

    Lack of transparency has meant that it has been extremely hard to determine why these bonds were managed in such a costly fashion and why Aabar was included as joint guarantors of the money at all – issues which have also been repeatedly raised by several members of the opposition and by the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and others.

    The former Chairman of Aabar, Khadem al Qubaisi, was meanwhile involved in numerous separate business ventures linked to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s proxy at 1MDB, the businessman Jho Low, including the purchase of Coastal Energy by CEPSA and a bid to buy the London Claridge’s Hotel chain.

    Al Qubaisi was a night clubbing companion and business party of the PM Najib Razak's 1MDB proxy Jho Low

    Al Qubaisi was a night clubbing companion and business party of the PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB proxy Jho Low

    Sarawak Report has also highlighted similar irregularities on the part of al Husseiny, who was generally regarded to have been al Qubasi’s right hand man.

    Last year, al Husseiny controversially announced that it was he who had personally financed The Wolf of Wall Street on behalf of Najib Razak’s producer step-son Riza Aziz to the tune of US$100 million.

    Sarawak Report pointed the obvious conflict of interest, given Aabar’s advantageous investments with 1MDB.

    More recently we reported that al Husseiny was also the Chairman of the Board of Aabar-owned Falcon Private Bank, which had coincidentally paid US$681 million into the Prime Minister’s personal account just two days after the conclusion of a US$3 billion dollar bond issue by 1MDB, purportedly linked to another joint ‘strategic partnership’ venture with Aabar to develop the Tun Razak Exchange in KL.

    Falcon Swiss Private Bank, owned by the Abu Dhabi wealth fund Aabar

    Falcon Swiss Private Bank, owned by the Abu Dhabi wealth fund Aabar


    As disclosed on the London Stock Exchange - no comment from Najib or 1MDB

    As disclosed on the London Stock Exchange – no comment from Najib or 1MDB

    The Malaysian Prime Minister cum Finance Minister cum head of 1MDB has so far refused to disclose what those assets might be, but it is widely assumed they include land transferred by the state to 1MDB, supposedly to be developed by the fund.

    Najib - nothing to answer for?

    Najib – nothing to answer for?

    All these shady deals have played their part in escalating the current furore around the shocking indebtedness of 1MDB and the resulting weakening of Malaysia’s economy.

    Meanwhile, the scandal over the billions that have apparently gone missing thanks to these deals and the unexplained hundreds of millions that have appeared in the Prime Minister’s personal accounts have brought the country into an unprecedented political crisis.

    The sacking of al-Husseiny is the clearest possible sign that Abu Dhabi wants to clean up their side of this scandal.  However, Malaysia’s own leadership has persisted in maintaining that the Prime Minister has nothing to answer for.

    21/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    When I visited my maid in Lombok, I gave her 6 million rupiahs, Samsung Galaxy V and some scarves. It drained my purse, no doubt. And when my former teacher asked for a three layered cake for a sponsor for her daughter's wedding, I did not reject as well. The maid took care of my wife very well and my teacher sent me food when I was sick. I am just a firm believer in God's providence. If God wishes to give to others through me, somehow they will be on my table.

    It was only 2 days ago the travel insurance AIG informed me that the company will refund all the money which I paid for the cancelled trip to Hanoi due to my wife illness and death. I have never expected it at all. Some may call it co-incidental. I would not. I feel it as real gift like many others that I wishes did come my way. They were on my table.

    I wrote about a Chinese lady who went around town feeding cats and a Chinese man who gave to a Malay beggar. They may ot know what they were doing but they were searching for a Barakah. God will provide them with happiness and ample food for their families.

    If I am a poor man, there are millions of others who hardly find bread for meals. But I have enough though cutting corners. If you borrow RM500 from me, it is a big sum that I need your payment, which I may be able to help the other poor people. I don't expect God to pay your loan to me. What more if a a wealthy contractor, I cannot be kind to you and say 'Your loan is squashed.'

    I just read about an 80 year old woman who toiled the soil for 50 years to go to Mecca recently. It touched my heart. Several VIPs went to the airport to see her departure; Mukriz, Kedah royalty and the Tabung Haji manager. I hoped Mukriz had given her something to enhance her happiness.

    Remember the God that everyone has is the same one. All men are required to do good things to mankind regardless of their race and skin colors. The Chinese cat feeder and the alms givers could tell us more of their parts of the story. It is all about their faiths and their beliefs.

    When God provides we should be glad and thanking even for the small gift. We shall not steal, rob, cheat and be greedy.

    20/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Being categorized as a terrorist, SR shows it's displeasure by exposing more on the trail of Najib's private spending. The whole world is reading the article. Everyone will make an assessment of it's status, true or false. It is linking Rosmah and Najib's expenditure to the money that went into both Najib and Rosmah's accounts. Sooner or later Najib will be labeled as Idi Amin and other demonic dictators.

    Najib has no choice but to sue Sarawak Report and WSJ and the Edge. The closure of any of those would not erase the thought that Najib has committed crimes. Else he has to give way to Mahyuddin or any other person with a sound mind. And I am certain he will be forgiven. In the meantime Najib should take a leave and go to a retreat alone somewhere in an Indian Ocean and think deeply about himself, the people and God. Don't bring Rosmah with him.

    A taxi cab, an old Chinese man, said the same thing about Najib and Rosmah. He said it was Rosmah that put Najib in a very precarious position.


    Hey Big Spender!

    Hey Big Spender!

    17 Aug 2015

    Prime Minister Najib Razak splashed over US$1 million on his credit cards during the month of August in the year following the election, according to information received by Sarawak Report.

    The spending took place in Europe while he was on a summer holiday.

    For most people to run up such a bill on mere expenses while on holiday would seem astounding, but the Prime Minister has always declined to explain how such conspicuous spending has been funded.

    The bills were run up on two cards Najib was using in August 2014, a Visa and a MasterCard from CIMB & Maybank.


    Najib used both a Visa and a MasterCard on the 2014 holiday splurge

    Najib used both a Visa and a MasterCard on the 2014 holiday splurge

    Over RM3.5 million was splashed on the Visa and MasterCards in just the one month.  Sarawak Report has further details.

    Where does Malaysia’s ‘First Family’ get all their money?

    Baubles and bags... costing millions...

    Baubles and bags… costing millions…

    catching spending, including the millions spent this year on the couple’s extended wedding celebrations for Rosmah’s daughter and a series of expensive houses purchased for Riza Aziz in the United States.

    Last month Sarawak Report detailed how Rosmah’s fabled addiction to buying hugely expensive jewellery is managed through the same businessman who has been identified as the Prime Minister’s proxy at 1MDB, Jho Low.

    Rosmah's favoured New York yellow diamond seller...

    Rosmah’s favoured New York yellow diamond seller

    This is just the latest information about conspicuous spending by Najib and his wife, but it comes after Malaysia was left wondering why he had transferred US$650 million out of the country, from money which he had earlier explained was a donation to UMNO.

    The Prime Minister and his wife have attracted world-wide scrutiny caused by their ostentatiousness.  In the United States news has seeped out of a jaw-dropping bill covering Rosmah’s stay at the Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, while spending Christmas with her son Riza in 2013.

    Her bill for a week’s stay at the Hotel was over US$300,000, reliable sources have informed us.

    There have been numerous other reports of eye-

    Hollywood luxury.... but most guests don't spend US$300,000 on a visit.

    Hollywood luxury…. but most guests don’t spend US$300,000 on a visit.

    If Malaysia is a country governed by the rule of law, it is therefore now incumbent on the Prime Minister to substantiate the series of unsustainable claims that have recently been made about supposed anonymous and secret ‘donations’ to UMNO into his personal accounts and missing billions from 1MDB being held in ‘units’ in banks.

    Najib Razak has noticeably failed to deny our statement last week that over US$650 million were transferred back from his personal account in KL

     (supposedly from a secret ‘donation’ on behalf of UMNO) to the account in Falcon Bank in Singapore from where  US$681 had originally been paid.

    Our information is that there was in fact over a billion dollars from various sources in this particular AmPrivate Bank account in KL, belonging to Najib, in the period preceding what has been widely recognised as a bought election.

    The US$650 was what remained when he closed the account in August 2013.

    The Prime Minister has now after weeks of implied denial admitted the payment into this account of US$681 million, but is remaining silent over our latest information about where the remainder of this and the other sums was transferred.

    He has also provided no evidence of even a shred of accountability over the expenditure of money that he says he was holding on behalf of the party and “not for personal use”.

    Instead, his supporters have started to imply that a Malaysian Prime Minister (unlike for example a US President) should be considered to be above the law and that any attempt to investigate this matter should be treated as a crime, rather than any crime itself.

    The same supporters are now also claiming that the hallowed tradition of a vote of no confidence in a Prime Minister (used as the standard tool in parliaments across the world for getting rid of duds) should also be considered to be an illegal and unconstitutional device in Malaysia against Najib Razak.

    18/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

    Najib the centre of attention on the PetroSaudi yacht in 2009 - he was the rainmaker after all.

    Najib the centre of attention on the PetroSaudi yacht in 2009 – he was the rainmaker after all


    This is the first time I do not believe in Sarawak Report. The source of information passed, I believe, is from Najib's camp, as a trap to manipulate people's minds. The lies were mixed with some truth so that it will look very neat. The documents shown has to be fabricated to show the money was banked in Singapore.

    Why the disinformation of Najib's side ? Simple. To answer Mahyuddin's question where the rest of the money went and as a defence to PKR's legal action. The money was not used by Najib but returned to the owner.

    Sarawak Report must dig to find out the source, investigate whether it is a piece of disinformation. Remember, Najib's advisor is a British. He is no ordinary man.


    16/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    I was invited to give a little talk on HF to the newbies of the High Frequency on the Merdeka day. I accepted it. But what am I going to talk about. Technology wise the new hams are much more knowledgeable and acquired much more skill and experience with the state of the art equipments and antenna system, while I am still using the old dipole technology of height about 20 feet, and power of about 50 watts.

    Pondering over I think it  would be better to talk of the basic and the simple practice in the course of communication.

    When hams go on DX band they must remember that they represent the nation. They are ambassadors. Good or bad Malaysia is their beloved land. May be 1 out of a million there may be rogue ham from somewhere may put some political question especially on the current issue. One can politely reply saying that one is sorry because one does not follow politics and try to sign out with that station.

    Call signs must be mentioned in full not merely the suffixes even if among the fellow countrymen. They have to be mentioned slowly and clearly. Our counterpart may be and old man with impaired hearing. A few phonetics might not easily understood due to our Malaysian slang. The normal practice is to use the normal ones and followed by the country phonetics; for example Nine Mike Two Alfa Romeo...Nine Mexico Two America Radio. When the band is bad and noisy I used to add, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine....nine mexico mexico two america russia.

    We don't rush in giving our name and QTH. If you notice the Malaysian news readers' pronunciation are more difficult to understand than the CNN. They are swallowing their words at a high speed speeches. Let it be word by word not at a high speed at full clarity. That would make the QSO more enjoyable.

    A pile up means very many stations are calling one station. Once Malaysia was considered a rare station. When the 9M station was heard, you could hear stations like birds. Nowadays a pile up station  mentioned the other call sign and gave a report and says 73. When I was on the pileup I still mentioned my name, QTH, signal report one by one to all.

    Tuning on the frequency used is a taboo. You may think nobody would know the culprit. But such behavior it degrades the sanctity and the dignity of a ham radio. Surely it antagonize us if someone uttered words like ham radio is full of thugs nowadays.

    I have been a ham for quite some time. As far as I can remember since 1975. All along hams were not competing with each other to project and show his capability and ability. We share the findings and the experimentation on SSTV and RTTY. 9M2MW gave me an homebrewed interface card which I used with the RTTY machine bought from the junkyard.

    But today things could have been different. 

    The highest peak of ham radio used to be CW. That was something that most non-ham cannot do. Passing the test was a pride. Visiting any ham station we can see a Morse key. It was a prerequisite of a station. Today Morse is not mandatory in the United States, yet Morse keys pick a price of more than 1K of US currency. Young hams are learning Morse not for the exam.


    Nowadays we seldom hear the very old hams on the band. The number one reason is they left us one by one. The second reason is they have lost interest for some reason or the other. But they always mentioned the good old glorious days of Malaysian Ham Radio.

    Our main hamming time was after office work. It used to start between 5.00 - 5.30 pm. Idris, 9M2GL, would be the first to call. I am sorry I could refer to my old log book as it was destroyed by termites. I could remember 7.035 and 7.040 very well for the call to begin. As the number growing bigger the group split and move to a new frequency. The topics of discussion were wide.

    DXing were mainly nightly activities. But today I do not do any DXing anymore. I would prefer local communications. I don't want to send or receive QSL card anymore. It is getting expensive day by day.

    I insist on good ethics and the traditional SOP procedure with courteous remarks. There should not be religious, political and business stuffs. I was informed there was azan on 2 meter too. There should not be broadcasting. When a person comes on on the band to announce something he is broadcasting. What more if a ham wants others to change the tradition like 72 instead of 73.

    I may be talking of the same thing at the park on the 30th or 31st. August.

     16/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Foul mouth, bad tongue and slanderous words have been in existence since mankind exist. Much untrue things have been said about people today. We hear them wherever there are crowds. The more glaring ones are in the media. Millions are accusing Najib and Rosmah in plundering public fund. And both in their road show have been telling the people that social media like the Endge, Sarwak Report and Wall Street Journal have been telling lies with the intent of overthrowing the government.

    How to challenge any slander ? By wearing T-Shirt by 10000 men cycling throughout the country and say 'don't believe in social media that do not tell the truth " ? Surely it is a stupid effort and a waste of resources.

    The way to fight it is to take the person who accused you of false thing to court. Lim Guan Eng and several other DAP members won the cases. Najib himself is taking legal action against a few individuals. But people are waiting for Najib to sue the Endge, Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal. Many other world media broadcasted about a huge sum of money went into Najib's personal account. Even the World Bank and London Stock Exchange printed on the selling of asset by Najib Razak and the deal with Aabar.

    Instead Najib chose to prove the social media printed fallacies by getting someone who used to work in the publication to say that all the news were fabricated by the owner or tempered. UMNO guys and the cyber troopers were to inform the public the Edge, Sarawak Report and Wall Street were all telling lies and printed tempered information.

    Najib dared not take legal actions against those social media for the simple reason that they were telling the truth. Indeed, there were money that went into Najib's own account and money into Rosmah's.

    He chose Rahman Dahlan to fight slander. This man spews any damn  things that came into his mind, making fool of himself by showing stupidity and lacking intellectual faculties, making people more angry and Sabahan look very stupid. Probably only the Malays from East Malaysia love being stupid.

    There have been numerous call for public debate. Live would be the best. Probably within a night and minimal cost at least 50% would accept Najib if he could speak sense and to rebuttal all the arguments convincingly. And secondly it has to be established the legality of the 2.6 billion in Najib's account, and the money in Rosmah's.

    Malaysian civil servants and Ministers were asked to declare assets. Why ? Anyone with huge sum of money and colossal assets could just have said "DONATION' from a friend overseas. The government has no right to question citizens of other countries residing within their own borders.

    Actually we are in a very chaotic state. It portrays how savage and immoral some Malays could be. They not only defended what is sinful and disgusting but also enhance Najib to the level of the Holly Prophet and even God. Ismail Sabry said that not believing in Najib is the same as not believing in God. Najib continues to lie about selling country's assets to foreigners.

    There were Ministers' wives before Rosmah. Nobody said anything about them. There were no slander o hush hush stuffs heard. Millions do not know who is Mahyuddin's wife. How come people are talking about Rosmah ? Are we wrong to say Najib paid to buy her popularity ? Was that important ?

    Najib recruited more cyber troopers to tell lies and to attack Mahyuddin, Mahathir, Shafiee and the Sultan of Johor. Maslan, Rahman Dahlan, Nazri and Ku Nan are provoking and agitating the public who hit back at them and all those who made Najib their god. They do not lose their focus on the 2.6 billion, 1Mdb's debt and the new txation system. They saw Najib's guilt at the harassment of DPP and MACC, the sacking of Ghani Patail, Mahyuddin and Shafiee Afdal.

    Najib has to state clearly what are scandals spread by the SR, WSJ, TSM and all of the critics. Remember, a few simple questions which could be answered within 15 minutes took months to surface. They are getting experts to formulate the response.

    First Najib got to spell out how he is going to settle 1Mdb's debt within 6 months. Let everyone hears. There is nothing to hide and be kept secret. Public will judge whether it will be successful. Secondly Najib has to explain Jho Lo and Reza Aziz's wealth. Thirdly he has to explain why he lied about Cayman's cash trasnfer into Singapore Bank and finally why he hid about the money into his and Rosmah's account.

    People don't want to hear childish answers. "Why you want to know, it is my money..." is childish and evasive. "You must not question me because I am chosen by the people..." is an idiotic and moronic. "Go and stay in the jungle. Leave this country if you don't like what I do..." is satanic reply.

    There is nothing scandalous requesting Najib to resign. It is true that he will be save and be forgiven. But if he is thrown out and arrested by the masses he and Rosmah will suffer a fate worst than Ghadafi or Saddam Hussein.

    The resistance is getting stronger each day. Malaysia must be saved.

    If Najib insist on fighting against the people to defend  his grievous error Malaysia will be in a very bad shape.

    12/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I was asked over and over again, "Who advise Najib as to the course of actions ? " I don't know. But I know Najib has a colossal team of propagandists and think tank to do the work for him. I read somewhere that Shahrizat and Rosmah are two of the stronggest. Sarawak Report mentioned a British, employed by Najib.

    It all started with the debt ridden 1Mdb; a big loan and a big interest that could not settle it's debt. The company under Najib's scrutiny seemed to show the missing fund. The people asked where the money went to, followed by Mahathir. It was suspected that the money were stolen by Jho Lo who was suspected of sharing the loot with Rosmah's son and Rosmah herself.

    Sarawak Report provided detail of 1Mdb trail. Wall Street Journal reported 700 million dollars went into Najib's personal account.

    Najib responded to several accusations. First he said the money was not missing. He told the parliament that it was in the Bank in Singapore. When Singapore denied he said it was not in cash but in UNIT which nobody knows what the UNIT means. The critic said UNIT means EMPTY.

    Najib denied there is a cash flow into his personal account. WSJ and Sarawak Report were lying and spreading slander with the aim of toppling the government. Rahman Dahlan brought in someone to say Sarawak Report was lying. When Xavier was arrested in Thailand he was accused of tempering with the data that was published by WSJ and Sarawak Report. Cyber troopers were busy publishing on the fallacy of the social media and called the UMNO members not to believe them.

    Rosmah on the road show with Najib kept on telling about the fallacy and slander. There was no money going into their account. The police say there was no money going into Najib's account.

    Najib call for the investigating team to investigate the truth thinking the team would write a good report on him. The teams did find the money went into Najib's account but mentioned nothing those that went into Rosmah's. Rosmah angered by the proofs printed called for the police to investigate who leaked the secret. To the people the police should investigate the crime of money laundering.

    Then there was a change. Najib says the money does not belong to the people. He received a donation. All these while he did not tell anybody about the donation, instead accusing WSJ of lying. He threatened to take legal action on the journal which until today nothing materialize. Three years ago Najib said in his speech that all political donation must be put under UMNO's coffer not on personal account.

    Najib dismissed AG, ransacked the office of DPP, sacked his deputy and threatened other Chief Ministers who are against him. Anti-corruption agency was targeted. The police said it was not to destroy the evidence and to intimidate the body. The head was transferred. The workers insisted that it was to search and to destroy the evidence of Najib's corruption. AG and the DPP were punished because of the arrest sheet on Najib.

    A friend said to me that the situation like this will make the 'Chinese takes the country'. "Probably." said I. "If Najib insist of being a PM the Malays might prefer the Chinese rule. He has to quit."

    Najib's team is giving a wrong impression of Malayan economy; forgetting the plunge of FGV, ringgit, shrinking Federal Reserve, investors pulling out and put their money somewhere else. World bank has confirmed that Najib has sold a national asset. Mahathir predicts some more will be going to Aabar and IPIC.

    But do Najib care ? Only people who cares about the future of the nation care, the Malays who love their race care. No one can tell the fate of Felda settlers in future. They may have to move out if they can't pay the money they owe for replanting. There will be thousands of landless and homeless Malays. With million and billions at their disposal, certainly they won't care as to what happen to the people and the country.

    Go anywhere and you are bound to hear, "Rosmah spoils Najib."

    If Najib resign under UMNO his whole family will be save from persecution. If he is thrown out by the opposition, the supporters will not show any pity or sympathy. Only God knows what will happen. If you ask me what shall be done to Najib, I would say spare and forgive him, but not Rosmah. To me she has made Najib to suffer by her ego and lavishness.

    10/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Beberapa hari yang lalu kita dikejutkan dengan berita yang amat berat untuk diterima, lagi-lagi bagi keluarga mangsa yang hilang bersama pesawat MH370. Berita itu sendiri telah disampaikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib bahawa cebisan yang dijumpai di Pulau Reunion itu adalah kepunyaan MH370.
    Dengan berita itu, segala misteri dan tanda tanya sudah pun terjawab.. Namun ada sesetengah pihak yang musykil dengan pengesahan perjumpaan cebisan di pulau yang terletak di Perancis tu. Terbaru, individu ini mengemas kini status di Facebook dan menyatakan kenapa cebisan yang dikatakan milik MH370 itu sama sekali tak masuk akal.
    “Ini pendapat saya..”

    “Ini padahnya bila buat skrip tu tak tahu selok belok aviation..”

    “Kami tahu anda berbohong”- Isteri Pramugara yang hilang bersama MH370
    Isteri kepada pramugara yang hilang bersama pesawat MH370 itu juga berstuju dengan statement yang dikeluarkan Mohd Roshdi Hassan. Kami nak komen panjang lebar pun tak boleh sebab kami memang tak tahu selok belok atau pengetahuan tentang course penerbangan ni. Moga-moga kebenaran akan muncul satu hari nanti!




    10/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    One of my Bermuda is without button. I always forget to take it to the seamstress. I did not wear it since I bought it, probably more than 2 years. Today I stopped by a shop, picked up a set of needle and a thread, asked the salesgirl whether she could put the thread into a needle. She did it. I paid RM1.20. On reaching home, I looked for a button and started sowing it to my pant.

    I felt so happy because I have another Bermuda for my trip. I ironed it out, folded the pant and put in my bag. I hope the September temperature in Bosnia and Croatia will not be severe.

    I don't know what Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi do everyday. Retirement should be fun. There are plenty of things that the retirees can do and do the things they have always want to do. I am sure Pak Lah's mind is freer. And he has more time for his grand children and his wife. I dare to bet 10000 to 1 that he won't be sowing his own trousers. He might have plant mangoes and rambutan trees, orchids or other flowers.

    My wife always asked me to bring along thread and needles when I traveled alone. She would do the packing and informed me where to find it. I remember during my younger days I also brought the stuff to Bangkok with me and it was used on the train to sow a woman's torn blouse.

    Really doing simple chores like this is better than listening to people talking nonsense. It is alright for kids to say illogical stuffs but not an adult. Ismail Sabry said "don't listen to Najib is don't listen to God" , "Malays won't live without UMNO" etc. It drive you crazy listening to these Ministers especially one from Sabah by the name of Rahman, very sickening indeed.

    But there are too many things to handle in a day. My grass is getting longer. I need to clear some foliage tomorrow, partly before breakfast and partly after. As usual my breakfast will be Nasi Tomato with fried fish. The total meal will be RM5. It is something delicious that many ministers and kings miss.

    I hope tomorrow will be a clear day. It has been raining for weeks now. Yesterday I went walking with an umbrella. I pray for a clear sky in the morning so that I can do the job.

    Sowing a button has given me satisfaction and fulfilling.

    09/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    What is in a status and position if we are going to die tomorrow ? A vagabond who is sleeping on the roadside sleeps as well as a King on the golden bed. Every man on the street has his own pride. Heaven is not made for Kings and Presidents and all with money and power. Even the poor and the lowly have accessed to it.

    There are sinners who want to buy the short cut way to heaven. They wear crosses and build mosques with stolen money. But continue with dreadful and sinful undertakings; killing, pushing drugs and lying. They joined Mafia and gangster network and threatening the common folks. They thought by giving money to mosques God will erase their insincere bargaining. No one can bargain with God.

    There are millions of people in the country are without political or any other position. They are unknown to the public. None claim despair for not being a Minister or a Head of Department. They get satisfaction by doing their daily chores to earn some money for the daily bread. They do not need 3 million supporters or even anyone at all. All they have are friends where they always meet at the congregations.

    They don't have to portray themselves as smart people with 3.85 GPA or graduating from foreign colleges and universities or even their professions. They enjoy the roti canai together after the morning prayer. Fulfilling does not depend on a status or a position.

    Working people must know their job and the divine missions. The intent has to be worthy and sincere, to give the best service to the people and the nation, to honor the good and dismiss the evil, as a man had said,"I don't have the power but I have God with me." There are people who were willing to quit their jobs when the bosses behave like a god and in satanic manner.

    How much money do you need to live a comfortable life ? A Muslim feels comfort after each prayer he performed five time a day. He sleeps well. He does not need a million or billions to feel happy and fulfilling. He does not have a bodyguard as a politician has 10 at his vicinity and numerous others a little farther.

    Losing a post is never the end of life. One will not be killed by it, not even losing friends. He can rejoice himself by going to roti canai session after the morning payer with the mosque mates. Then he will laugh at those crazy politicians and call them stupid. He knows there is no short cut way to heaven.

    Let us see the billion dollar politician chromed himself with gold when he dies. He will die soon out of ageing. 60+ is the age when he should start thinking of the cemetery he is going. The angel would not give him a better treatment. He has to face God's retribution as the others; the Black, the Brown or the White, the gold-chromes or the without.

    A police can't argue with God "Oh God I have to follow orders. It is not of my own doing" because he has the choice whether to obey God or a fellow human. No minister or police can raise the status of a man to God. You may be a winner in the world.

    09/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    What if it true that Najib has sold our national asset ? If he had, he will do it again. He will do it secretly until things become too late. We have to blame the IGP for allowing it to happen. The Malays seemed easy to forget the lost of Singapore and Penang and all other states to the British. Sadly enough this time UMNO members would be responsible for the selling.

    We will hear excuses from Zahid, the police and those who take Najib as their god. When we are telling them now to open their eyes and wake up, and investigate to find the truth. Somehow evil deeds will be exposed and it will be too late. Whatever legal action taken on Najib will not return what we have lost. We lost Pulau Batu Puteh due to our own error. We lost the jet engine when Zahid was the defense minister. We killed Bank Bumiputera. The first two were to foreigners. At this very moment Najib is employing a foreign advisor, Paul Stadlen. Again he is seeking the help of British lawyer on WSJ which he threatened to sue.

    When Najib was cornered on Cayman fund cash movement into Singapore bank, he said it was in UNIT. And now when the money is found in his account he seek his loyalist to say it legal because it was donation. In the first place he had been hiding it. He will continue to lie until the whole nation disintegrate and foreign government likened him to Idi Amin or Ghadafi.

    IGP cannot allow this to happen. It is not a political play and rhetoric. Our nation is at stake. He has a duty to the people and to God. He cannot allow national assets be sold to any foreign country. He must faithfully investigate it and take decisive action.



    Our political turbulence that is dragging our economy and national reserve down is the worst in history of the nation. The nation is torn apart. Najib and Zahid seemed not to bother about it. To them Kingship is the most important to the derailed economy.

    Najib did not want to sue the Edge and Sarawak Report. Instead he wants to block the UMNO members from accessing those websites, indicating the information published were true. Sometimes I wonder where SR get these information from. Now we know the government of Thailand has accessed to 1Mdb through Xavier. But how on earth the SR get them ? And I think the whole country must know as to what is really happening. More so the UMNO members and the ministers. How many ministers know the content of the agreement with the Arab tycoon, the promise of assets equal to the money they passed to Najib.

    What sort of assets are promised by Najib ? Oil field ? States run by the opposition ? Palm oil estate land ? What ?

    We have to ask ourselves a simple question; why GST now when we did not have it years before Najib's era ?  "Because other countries are using GST" is not the answer. It coincides well with lavish spending and Brim corruption. We would have guessed it is due to an extreme desperation to find money to pay the big loan.

    Sometimes I wonder why the UMNO members still want Najib as a Prime Minister and believing in him even though they know they have been llied upon all the while. Would they just accept the argument that Mahathir did it therefore there is nothing wrong in Najib doing it ? If you catch a thief and ask him why he steals he will give you several answers; other people steal and they are not caught. Why catch me alone ? People steal my money and I am taking back my lost money, therefore I steal, I do not steal your money, why bother me ?

    The scariest thing in 1Mdb fiasco is that our country is at stake. Just ask Najib what assets does he promised to the people who channeled him the money ? He may take a week or a month to find the answer. UMNO must act quickly before it is too late if they love the country and the people.

    Najib could ask Adenan to help him because Sarawak has a lot of trees to fell. Aabar would be happy to take part of Sarawak. That will be a show of real loyalty to Najib, to rescue 1Mdb and settle all the debts. And he can also ask Sabah to do the same. After all the population of Sabah and Sarawak love Najib very much.

    The police, the army and everyone else must know the real happenings. Read WSJ and Sarawak Report to get information, asses their authenticity and ponder the consequences that can befell the nation. They have to choose between loyalty to the motherland or to Najib and Rosmah.

    08/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I really felt the severe mental decay  as my days are numbered. I simply cannot learn new things, cannot remember new words and kept on forgetting things around. What's left in me is what I sowed when I was young. But then I did not sow much, being stupid and lazy during my school days, weak in science and mathematics and in languages, I could not go anywhere. Books were something sinister and I avoided them. I did not know I would be passionate with writing one day. My main aim was only to be a blue collar labor when I grew up.

    But God knows what I am going to be, provides me with good health and ample food to eat, and could still reason out the right and the wrong. Though I am about 70 there are many younger people who have died first or sufferings from all sort of illnesses. Najib is 4 years younger and Mahathir is very far ahead. Yet they are at loggerheads for their own reasons.

    Now living in a solitary life I feel very calm and peaceful. Politics and political comments is just to fill the time, and for my mental exercise. I would not take even a stick to hit any political foe. I strive to write despite my poor vocabulary and grammar. If I can't remember conceptual words, I would just use the plain words. I am not a lawyer, politician, university or college teacher, an engineer or a smart person. I feel good when I manage to make my idea understood.

    In front of me there are two laptops; one for writing blog and another for browsing. Macbook Pro is for browsing and downloading movies. It is a superb machine. On my right there are three transceivers. Two of them were usually switched to ON position to monitor the VHF and HF band. But I would sit on 7.043 incase some friends might be looking for me. On my left there are shirts hanging on the wall by the nails. Some of them had been packed into my traveling bag for my next trip to Bosnia.

    I find it a pleasure to do the washing and the ironing. They give meaning to my life.

    If I would have been smarter I might have not enjoyed life as much as I do now. Decayed mind does not harm me. It does not hinder my gathering of the amazing 3D movies, connecting my TV to the Youtube and assessing political behaviors and happenings. And at time I looked at my VB codings.

    If I would have been a wealthy man, I might have committed plenty of major sins. Even cutting corners does not forbid me from going places. If I have been a powerful man, I might have been corrupted, arresting and bullying my enemies, and probably I would have been a very greedy and insatiable man. I even might have rubbing shoulders with gangsters and mafia gang.

    I hope my wife is praying for my well being as I pray for hers. Let God gives her the best. 

    Many of my students did not go to college or universities but they are far richer and wealthier than professional like doctors and lawyers. They can't even speak English as bad as mine. Success in life does not correlate with higher education but the state of mind.

    Do things while we are young before the minds become weak, rotten and rusty. Mind absorb knowledge and other learning best when we were children.

    07/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    It has been raining cats and dogs for days now. Rusli has just gone to Bogor after the Lombok's trip. I  will ask him about the weather if the wifi is accessible at his hotel tonight. I am counting days for my Balkan trip, hoping to have a change in weather. Rohizat, a businessman whom I wrote an accounting program for, is now bitten buy the travel bug. "I like going to cold places," he told me yesterday.

    Traveling is another hobby. The other day I wrote about traveling companions and today I am going to write about a few simple terms travelers should know if they intend to go by the travel agencies.

    When looking at the advertisement one will come across a term Full Board or Half Board. All in full board means breakfast, lunch and dinner will provided. All in half board means either only breakfast or breakfast and lunch only. If the day trip is to Disneyland or Universal Studio we will only be given breakfast. The whole day we will be in the theme park and we are on our own.

    nother phrase is Single Sup or single supplement. Price quoted would be for double occupancy, 2 persons to a room. If you travel alone you have to pay for a single-sup because you are staying alone. I have to pay about RM600+ extra. If I don't want to pay for a single sup, I have to request for partners. The travel agent will try to look for a partner for you. If not found you will be informed. Two of my USA visits were with a Chinese room mate, and my New Zealand trip was with the tour leader.

    Rohizat brought rice and a cooker with him. So was another friend of mine who brought rice abd a cooker to Europe. Rohizat seemed amazed when I told him about Brahim stuffs. Brahim rendang and mutton kurma is delicious and there are nasi goreng kampong, briyani ayam and lembu.

    Weather in countries to visit is vital and it is imperative for travelers to know. June, July and August is summer in the north and November, December and January would be warm in the south. September temperature in Bosnia is between 19 - 25 degrees celsius during the day time. I am looking for a couple of thick clothing. But the agency will be informing the clients of the weather and temperature of the destination countries. about a week before the journey.

    My narration ends here but the thunder is breaking the sky and the drizzle keeps on falling. In three hours time there will be a mass Friday prayer. I doubt the rain will come to a completely stop.

    07/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Najib is losing friends. Even the ex-EC boss called Najib a liar. We should expect he will use a lot of money to corrupt the voters to make them forget about his corrupt practices. He can sack as many MBs as he wants only to create more dangerous enemies. But to Najib even a slight win is enough. UMNO had been winning landslide for many years. Shrinking majority is shameful and dishonorable. It is moving towards the real end. If that happens it will be a tragic devastation. Someone must narrate to Najib about French Revolution and the fate of Ghadafi to him.

    He avoid the question on Jho Lo and the money that Reza bought the property in New York. He has to answer why he lied about 1Mdb money in Bank Singapore. He had to answer why he and the team took a long time to response to public questioning. He had to answer why he sack Mahyuddin and Shafie and Ghani, arresting DPP and other investigating officers.

    Only the IGP is saving him.  The police chief already consulted the military chief to ensure there is no coup.

    The more the police go on the crazy rampage and his team defying the citizen with stupid comments the worst the economy is plunging and the money value falling down the abyss. FGV is suffering and even 1Mdb has to struggle to look for payment. Probably Najib has to sell our land or our other properties to foreigners. We are looking how the GST is going to hekp Najib in paying the loan and the interest.

    Harakah did not tell me about the furor of 1Mdb. I heard it from national media and started to dig about it. Mahathir came later. Najib was saying Harakah was the culprit. Then later blaming Mahathir. Day by day I began to hear more news from UMNO grassroots.

    Traditional Malays believe what is happening to Najib comes from an evil wife. Her speeches are everywhere on the youtube and in the government media. People saw and heard her. Staffs in Putrajaya were not happy with her. She is not perceived well by the people from her show. Only Shahrizat seemed to be around her. We have to assume she is responsible for Najib's current agony. She brings bad luck to Najib. She does not know her place. She can never erase the deep hatred on her by any mean. Imelda Marcos said that she did not history to remember as an evil woman When she dies.

    Najib cause destruction in UMNO. He will be relying on money to ally support. He believes he has ample time to do it before the next GE. He should trace back his history of giving out money, showing shrinking majority or total defeat.

    I would not believe the money was not used for personal and family comfort. The lifestyle, lavishness and proofs of purchased were enough as circumstantial evidence. Rosmah's riding the government's jet and the issue of globetrotting plane was glaring.

    His few men have been spewing nonsense and angered the public, from there was no money flowing into Najib's account to 'what's wrong with it when UMNO has been receiving money all the time', "if you don't like the government leave the country", "Don't send your kids to the government school", "go and live in the jungle" etc. etc.

    The main concern is our deteriorating economy and debt ridden 1Mdb that can lead to the lost of our land to foreigners. I suspect the GST is to pay the debt. Imagine the interest is 2.7 billion per year. It was a struggle to pay the bank. Najib had to lie in parliament about the cash movement into Singapore's bank.

    All left with Najib are the lickers.

    We will sit and observe the scenes. Right now the paid troopers are hauling mud at Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Shafiee and the Sultan of Johor through the social media, publishing fake toilet news with the hope people would forget the money into Najib and Rosmah's accounts.

    07/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    I have a mango tree, a few cats, a papaya and two rambutan trees. I have no appetite to the fruits the trees bear. The mangos just dropped on the ground, the ripe papaya is the food for the birds and for rambutans, I have to call my relative and a student near-bye to divide among themselves. I just don't understand myself. Probably my life is just like that.

    As for the cats I would travel to Padang Besar to buy their food. Somehow they are still there after I left them for six days during my trip to Lombok. I put the food in one container and it was empty when I came back. The water container was upside down. Cats drink a lot of water. They need to learn to look for it while I am away.

    Each time I went to the Thai border, I bought 8 kilograms of the food costing about RM56. The price has risen due to the declining ringgit. It is my faith in God that made me keep the animals, for I believe in God's providence and the prayer of them all.

    God's providence is in abundance. I already have more than what a person wants in his life; a room full of electronic gadgets, a house full of furniture, HD TV, wash-dry washing machine, a freezer and other goodies. I have two cars though old and small. I travel far and wide. And more so my health allows me to move about, going for evening exercise and spend a little of my time to talk to God five times a day.

    As to the government I have to thank her for setting up the saving scheme of ASB and free medi-care to the citizens. Khalid was the first ASB boss. Under his leadership the dividend was very lucrative. The saving, though declining in value, provides me with some sort of security. I traveled with the money.

    Many of us can survive with the bare minimum. When I am out of money, I would remain at home most of the time, eating out only twice a day at the cheapest place.

    Money earned have to be paid to the state government in term of tax and rate, to settle the utility bills and for the internet. These are the monthly commitments. I feel the pinch as the cost is rising and the income is small. 

    Despite the modesty I have a big dream, like a wealthy millionaire, of staying in a five star hotel and eating Red-lobster in the United States. To date it is still a dream.

    Recently I paid the trip to Lombok for my five in-laws like I am a rich man. Actually it drained my saving away and the balance shrinks to a few hundred ringgit only for the whole month. So much so I had to charge a friend quite a substantial amount for computer software installation. It was RM400 compared to his 2 million ringgit of income. It can last me for another 18 days before my next pension.

    Politics is hell. I cannot get away from it even though I tried very hard to forget it. It is not because I hate a person but because of the words they spew. They are killing people to defend their crimes. It is very disgusting. How on earth a Minister could equate the Prime Minister to God ? It is outrageous. At one time I though Mahathir was bad enough. But this one is too stinking to bear. Imagine of a thief calling for an action against a person who discover his loot.

    But I fear the worst may be coming which I believe it may. It may be in a form of natural calamities like what is happening now in Myanmar. Certainly it will have to be worst that befell the whole nation.

    Life must go on. The path is our choice. We can't see the fate and therefore we can't simply leave our life to it. With the remaining strength and morality we have to try to make the world better for us and for the rest of the others. Let the sinners be punished.

    04/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Najib has been trying to dupe UMNO, deceiving them into believing the money he received belongs to the party. How could his deputy and cabinet ministers did not know it and only the 1Mdb exposure they were told about it ? Not all UMNO members were conned. And Najib either dismissed, threatened or arrest them. The Founder of Sarawak report called it GESTAPO tactics. He uses all the available resources including JAKIM to order mosques to defend the crime he is accused of.

    Laymen are not easily swayed. Many Malays began to see they were losing day by day. The housing project designed by Najib has some pungent smell. I never have a chance of booking them as it always say booking has been closed. You can register but you cannot book. Later it will be told that the Malays do not have interest in them. I foresee the current FELDA settlers will be chased out as the ownership will change hands. The Malay reserved land has been shrinking by leap and bound. Drugs will continue to weaken the young.

    GST hit the poorer section of  the community the hardest. At least 50% of them are Malays. To us it is a result of greed and lust, manipulating public fund in spinning forms for their own spending. Rosmah forgets that she is getting old no matter what she does.

    The couple will leave a stench in the history of the Malay world as perceived by the people not as what his team defined. The police who were supposed to fight crime is now changing its role in defending it, arresting those who spoke the truth.

    The people were deceived to vote for UMNO. Now Najib is struggling to deceive the UMNO members while someone is blowing the chants and the mantras. The voodoos seem to work. A Minister equate Najib to God when he said '..not believing in Najib is the same as opposing God...' More so they are saying corruption is OK if it is for Najib.

    Since the beginning I said that it was true that money flowed into Najib's account and in Rosmah too. Instead of investigating the criminal part of it, the police were looking for the persons who caught the thieves. It is identical to the cow-condo fiasco. Much more things will be coming but will not be told to Najib's loyal followers and the police. I have a haunch that much that we own will pass hands to the foreigners like land and petroleum. The lickers will be cast deeply in the 7th. hell fire together with their 'god'.

    I pity Najib's loyalists and the Malays for allowing the one man to destroy the nation and the race.

    Equally punishable is Mahathir who removed Abdullah Badawi adawi in favor of Najib. Mahathir's excuses of his obligation to the late Tun Razak was a fake reason. If it was he would choose Najib over Pak Lah in the first place. Mahathir's biggest errors were in the Land Acquisition Act, Privatization and ousting Pak Lah. Now he is looking at his own sin for Najib, much worse than him, showed no respect to him at all, and dragging the economy into the mud. Mahathir lost the gamble and now is a victim of his own making.

    The Malay leaders don't care about their race but themselves. So are the ordinary Malays who would forget themselves at the image of big money. They rush to sell whatever they have at the price they never have dream of. That's the sort of education under the rule of UMNO.

    Being deceived is one. To justify the wrongdoing is another. And to elevate Najib to the status of God by Najib's own Minister would leave the believers speechless. The graveyard of this man must be urinated by every Muslim.

    The sinners lament that the people want to topple the government. 90% of the Malays who criticized 1MDB had never thought of destroying the government. They want the government to be there with a new leadership with high morality. Najib is not a good Prime Minister at all.

    04/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    When someone is facing hardship there will be someone who says, "Pray to your God to help you."

    Religion is not a snap shot affair lying down on the side of the streets, waiting to be taken by someone who is facing a trauma in his life. It is a deep rooted mystery prevailing in the universe in spirit and science that beyond the simple mind to absolutely perceived.

    At least the Muslims and the Christians believe in heaven and hell, and in God's retribution. The punishment will come after death when good men go to heaven and the treacherous rot in hell.

    As I observed the comeuppance is here before the death. Bush who killed millions of Iraqis was caught with drug and is now drug dependent. Those who caused injustice to Anwar Ibrahim were either dead or sufferings. Mahathir is one of them whose comeuppance is Najib Razak. Najib's sins will soon be seen by us. It is not just a threat in an election but it will be worse and despicable.

    Already the sinners began to talk rotten stuffs and acting crazy. They have gone mad, even equate Najib to God. And raise the power of UMNO above the power of God, saying that UMNO gives life to the Malays.

    To surmise their current behaviors, they are the unbelievers, the Satanic sinners who fear no God. You just wait and see how they will suffer in this very world.

    I foresee just a simple phenomena that will befell Rosmah who is so very conscious of her beauty, spending thousands of ringgit for her hairdo and using expensive handbags and jewelries. She is now moving to 60. You can imagine how a 60+ old woman looks like with all the make up. She needs people to tell her that she is beautiful to make her happy. Someone is bound to say 'look at that old lady' and she is bound to hear it. Her mental agony could kill her.

    What if Najib's fate is worst than Ghadafi or Saddam Hussein ?

    04/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    My first oversea trip was in 1965. I kept on traveling since then but more frequent when I reached 25. Now I am going 69, certainly much older than Najib and Rosmah. I can't recall how many time I went alone, with my wife and family, with the tour group and friends' companions.

    Going alone cannot be cheaper than going in a group of two or four where expenditure could be lessened by sharing car rental and room to sleep. Lodging in Europe is much more expensive than the United States, the cheapest is in Asian region. In China we can have a cosy and comfortable  room cheaply.

    Tour agencies claim going by the group tour has always been cheaper than any other way. I had the experience of going to Medan for RM700, Europe for RM5K and USA less than RM3K. All with Reliance Travel. We stayed in comfortable hotel, eat good food and traveled far and wide. Could it be cheaper if I were to go alone or with friends then ?

    Following a tour group means we are at the mercy of it's program; time to wake up, duration at visited places, places to be visited and hotels to stay. For those who do not know the country and the attractions going with travel agencies could be fun. We will be taken to places where we would not have gone if we were to go on our own. We don't have to worry about our traveling companions.

    Talking of traveling companions there are several things that we must take into consideration, the main and the foremost everyone must possess the same wave length. My recent trip to Lombok were with 5 women and 4 men. The women commanded the tour leader on food and place to visit. Their views were not the same. I did not agree with several of their needs but had to keep quiet. And I told myself that I will not be taking my in-laws again with me or pay for their trip.

    A friend who always traveled with the same group companion told me that if and only if even one member has a different needs and interests it will spoil the whole trip. There won't be happiness all along the way. Try to imagine if 5 heads each has a different travel vision going together.

    A person who has a unique taste should go on his own trip unless his friend agrees to be totally submissive ; "where you go, I go. Where you want to stay, I stay. What you want to eat, I eat." Prior meetings and agreement are essential components for traveling in a group of friends. I met several Malaysian guys who travel with friends on their own in Turkey.

    When I go alone I don't have anybody to satisfy, the time is my own. I have a total command on myself. When I go with the tour operator I have to submit to their programs. When I go with friends and family members, I have to put a lot of patience.

    You have to make sure of your traveling companions are of the same wavelength and willing to give and take. It is best to come to an agreement before the trip. In fact you have to dictate the conditions before they are accepted.


    04/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Those in power and in position to arrest and put DS Najib to criminal trial were nip in the bud. Ghani was kicked out and the DPP was arrested. Materials for persecution were seized and destroyed. A Minister went on to say opposing Najib is opposing God the Almighty.

    True with his colossal power he did everything in his might, the fact he is at the brim of going to be persecuted and possibly jailed. Knowing it he will do anything to escape the hell. He wins at a very high cost of losing respect and morality, despised by the masses. And everyday of each day he makes a fool of himself by his speech and remarks. Both Najib and Zahid have a strong belief of their invincibility in the next GE.

    It is sad that DS Najib does not show that he has something that we call 'shame'. When the Thai police did not allow our IGP to meet Xavier it had put Malaysian government to shame. When the bank of Singapore denied of cash transfer and Najib lied about it, it was a great insult to him. When WSJ and other world media broadcast news of money going into his account, no respectable leader of the world would respect him.

    I remember a friend challenged me to go to school assembly naked with a reward of 2 million ringgit; would I do it ? Would you do it ? Would DS Najib do it ? There will be numerous people who won't do it even if given a billion for one simple reason ie. they have shame.

    No matter what they argue and say millions of Malaysians would regard Najib and Zahid as a low class beast of burden. Every minute of day and night names like Rosmah, Najib and Zahid are mentioned. If Najib is not shameful to the Malaysians he should have at least some to the world.

    I am sure the Thais, Singaporeans and the Indonesians are looking down at Najib scornfully. Several years ago when one of our tour members criticized Chinese government, the Chinese tour leader hit back hard at the repressive Malay leaders.

    How could we tell the world that not all the Malays possess an identical structure of mentality ? One day Najib says he wants loyal people, another day he says he does not want 'YES' men. Zahid is threatening the whole nation of arrest, parading the ambiguous mentality of the Malay leaders, which could be generalized as the minds of the Malays.

    UMNO will survive as long as the Malays are stupid and poor. The Chinese can survive without begging from the government. Even a Minister like Shahidan Kassim said he is a poor man with low salary. Poor UMNO members have to lean on UMNO for some ringgits. They bow over and over again for money whether it is dirty or not. The stupid and blind men can easily be deceived, cheated and lied.

    A shameless person is like a nude person presenting himself in public. His honor is tarnished when he is almost arrested and on the verge of going to jail. He survives so long as the Malays continue to be stupid and poor.

    03/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    When my maid first arrived she was thin looked old. She described her family and how poor she was. I imagined Lombok as Papua New Guinea 70 years ago. I could not figure out how they built an airport. "One day," I said. "I will go and see your house." She took care of my late wife for less than a year when I had to send her home because my wife went to meet God even before half of the contract duration. And I promised my sister and brother in-law that I would take them to see the exotic place.

    I dropped at the local travel agent during the Ramadan asking about whether the company provide Lombok's package. I was glad that it did. I made an arrangement and finally I gathered nine other person, 4 others were from Nilai, far south of my home town.












    Our journey began on the 27th July from Alor Setar. We put up a night at Concorde Inn Sepang for the next morning flight.

    I had informed my maid, Nurhayani that our group would be arriving at about noon and she was to go and checked in the hotel which I booked for one night for her stay. She lives in East Lombok, about 4 hours of tiring ride to Jayakarta hotel on the Western end. I got her phone number from the Lombok agent who supplied maids to Malaysia.

    We took 3 hours by Air Asia to arrive Mataram, where we were received by a local agent named Awan Subhans. On arrival we were taken for lunch and went around Mataram. Already the ladies were asking the driver to stop to buy fruits. I didn't buy any but took the opportunity to snap a picture by the roadside.

    My maid rang me up saying she had arrived at the hotel but the hotel did not allow her in. There were quite a hassle and she decided to wait. She came with her male relative by a motorbike.

    Mataram is never like Papua New Guinea 60 years ago. Traffics were heavy and busy. There were cars, motorbikes, and horse carts. But there isn't any tall building. It took us about 3 hours of the city tour before we were taken to our hotel.

    It was at the hotel that we met my maid, and got a room key for her. She looked fatter and darker. She covered her body and face with a veil. My female relatives had a chat with her and I went horizontal as I was so very exhausted.

    The next day the tour was to several interesting attractions. I would not want to follow the trip as I wanted to send my maid home and to satisfy my curiosity. One wanted to follow me but her husband did not allow.

    I hired a taxi which cost me 700000 rupiah, about RM200 for the round trip. The driver was a nice man. All along the way he narrated on whatever our eyes laid on. It took us 3 hours. On arriving her home I tried to compare my imagination with the reality I witnessed. There was a mosque nearby and a bank where she said was in from of her small home.

    Indeed the house was so very small. It was smaller than my kitchen, no space for visitors to sit. There were 2 small rooms that accommodate her whole family. Within a few minutes her neighbors swarmed to the house to see me. There were 8 of such a house. We chat outside.

    In fact she had made an arrangement to take me around but my driver reminded about his going home time. She insisted that I must go to see where she works. She runs a small business of buying and selling fish. She had informed the supplier that she would not be selling for 4 days.

    After about 30 minutes we made a move. I saw many of the visitors were following me. The taxi took as many as it could fill in. We start to move to the waterfront not far away from the house.

    The maid's house is just like a box with 2 small rooms without bed. There are between 5 to 6 persons sleep in a room, and when her son-in-laws are home they have to sleep outside.

    In Malaysia, at my home, she had a lot of space for herself. I would say she was very comfortable. Probably some other maids are of the same category. It is confirmed that she is very poor as what she described. She told my sister in law that the money I gave her when I sent her home was used to pay all her debt, and the remaining as a capital for the fish business. The income is still small. She is planning to come back to Malaysia and work probably around October next year. Her husband who is working in an estate here is yet to receive his pay. There were no salary for six months.

    The picture on the right is the place where she buys fish. The fat woman behind me wanted to take me to an island on the boat belonging to her husband. I had to reject the offer. "Sorry, I have to go back to Mataram. The driver is not willing to stay any longer," I told the lady who told me they have a big debt. They have to have an ample catch to pay back the loan.

    It was here I last met my maid, her family and her friends. The meeting was short. It fulfilled my desire and I feel satisfied and happy that I could do my little part for someone who had taken a good care of my wife.

    That was the most important event to me on the second day. I took the taxi back home and continue with the group for the rest of the visits.

    There are a lot of mosques everywhere. I had the opportunity in praying at several mosques on the main and other island. The Holly place is full of young people during all the prayer time.

    Small towns like this are full of traffics especially in West and Central island of Lombok.



    One of the stalls selling fruits. This one is selling a very sweet pineapple. Picture on the right was shot before taking a speed boat to Gili Terwangan island.

    I was asked which is better, Bali or Lombok. I have not been to Bali. I am in position to answer the question.

    At least my worldview on Lombok has changed. It is not a place where all people are poor and wearing only sarong working or idling in the farms.

    Wherever the economic activities are heavy, there are a lot of cash flowing around. There are wealthy people. The most advance is the Western Lombok. Soil fertility and good drainage systems are in areas of Western and Central Lombok.

    The hotel we stayed in was Jayakarta Hotel with 4+ star facilities. If you walk in you may have to pay about RM350 for a room per night. Booking through my agent I paid RM200 including RM30 of service charge. We departed for home on the 1st. August 2015 and arriving KLIA2 at about 3.30 pm. My mind shifted to my cats. I very much believe they could survive without me attending them. I put food in a container which I found empty. The water was dry too. I hoped there would be rainfall so that they won't get thirsty. I came home with my old car which I left at the airport for 6 days and found my cats waiting for me. I knew they were glad to see me.

    Before the trip home with our tour leader Awan Subhans

    02/08/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof





    My maid did a good job looking after my late wife and kept my house in order. She told me that she is very poor and like Malaysia, she owed a lot of people. I told her that one day I would be going to Lombok to see how really poor she is. And now the day has come. Ten of us will make a visit to Lombok. Somehow I managed to contact her.

    I do not know what to bring to her. Rusli suggested three-in-one stuffs; Nescafe or Milo. True indeed she likes those drinks. I had to think about it because I did not buy space for luggage. I rang her up and asked what she wants. "Smartphone for my kid," she said in a soft voice. I had to ask her to repeat the words several time.

    At 4 pm today I went to a phone shop attached to stadium Farul Aman. "You want a cheap phone we have a Ninetology phone, made in Malaysia. RM212 plus tax." I had a look at it's function. It was great enough for me. I bought it. At home I started to charge the battery. Three hours later the battery level did not increase, instead it went down. I took the phone back to the shop and returned. He admitted that all the phone in his stocks have battery problem.

    I went to another place where there were a large numbers of vendors. At one counter a salesman showed me Arcatel. "Only RM200 and we will give you free internet and a SIM card," he said. I agree to buy. He took my IC and came back to tell me I have to pay extra RM30 for the SIM card." With a low voice I rejected it saying that he said it was free.

    I moved to the different vendor. This time I saw a Samsung with a price tag of RM299. "What are you looking for, uncle ?" asked the girl. "Samsung Galaxy V," I answered. "We don't have V but we have the V Plus," she said.

    "What's the different ? "

    "The same. Same price."

    "OK. Get me one."

    She went away. About 5 minutes later she came back and told me that the V Plus was out of stock. They have the V. Finally I bought a Samsung Galaxy V with 4 gig of SD card to bring to Lombok.

    Should I buy the three-in-one ? I have three days to decide. If she had said she wants Keropok, Belacan and all other stuffs probably I would have to buy a 20Kilo of space for my baggage. She only mentioned the hand phone. What else am I going to buy for my maid ? Probably Samsung is enough.

    23/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I have yet to try ETS. There were a lot of people at the Alor Setar rail station sending the members of their family probably back to Kuala Lumpur. I sent my two grand daughters and their mother. My daughter told me that she enjoyed the train. It was comfortable and spacious. The speed is about 180 km/h, half the speed of China's train which ran at about 385 km/h. My son commented that if they were to double the speed and reduce the price, property price in Kuala Lumpur will drop. True indeed, for workers would prefer to stay in their kampongs and make a daily travel to their work places.

    When I was at the station, looking at the train, I remember Dr Mahathir. It was his vision to make Malaya a progressive nation base on technology. I said to myself that that man has a real distant vision. But we the normal men took things for granted. We would oppose almost everything before it comes. When it becomes a reality we will be the first to use it.

    I could go to Padang Besar and comes back on the same day. The morning trip is at 830 am from Alor Setar to Padang Besar and the trip back will be at 2.30 pm. It is enough time to go shopping at the border town. It would cost me RM20 or may be less for a senior citizen.

    Mahathir is now 90 and live to see part of his dream and vision. If he were to die 4 years ago he would not have the chance to see the ETS in operation. To him English is not to make a person a Westerner but to pursue knowledge on sciences and technology.

    From Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur takes 5 hours without traffic jam and honking. When we got tired sitting we can move about, at least go to the canteen and enjoy the food.

    Forget about politics for some time and let's go and enjoy the ride.

    23/07/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof