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Raymond Francis


WHAT is in the PAC report has been commented by several Ministers on the Malaysian media though unknown to the general public. Everyone vocally announced that PM Najib is not guilty and nothing to do with the 1Mdb. Zahid Hamidi, the Deputy Prime Minister and others commanded the people to stop talking about 1Mdb as the Prime Minister is clean.

But we also need to know the views of the other media. Below is what's is written in Malaysiakini.


Sarawak Report has it's own comments. Below is what it says.


And finally the WSJ is expounding it's view as well.


We have to judge to find the truth and at the same time must be aware of both backgrounds.


The named alternative media had not been friendly with Najib's administration. Obviously we cannot expect they are going to agree with what the Ministers were saying. And on the other hand, the PAC is appointed by Najib. The Chairman was handpicked by Najib from an UMNO man. This is the second PAC as the first one's report was dismissed by Najib.

To me it is thought provoking and an interesting mental exercise.

 0804/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is good to learn something from the others, though the tip may be small and insignificant. No one knows everything in the world. When don't know, we say we don't know. It is better than bragging that we are experts by condemning all others. Imparting knowledge for sharing does not constitute boasting.

A person who does not know about a tune circuit is not a hazard to ham radio. It does not injure any other person. But a person who strongly believe RAE is imperative and proven to be completely radio literate is expected to understand the principle working of the circuit and to understand the components of an AM wave.

What a fellow ham posted on the website should be welcomed. We may have known and master the subject matter but many others may not know yet. It is not wise to discourage the postings by negative remarks or having some insinuation of the effect. If we find there is anything wrong with it then correct it for the benefit of all.

Amateur radio operators come from all walks of life, experiencing different environments. I consider the hobbyists are those who have passion over radio communication whether they are the CBers, Hams, the pirates or the people using the family radio. They cannot all be angels. Some with great sensitivity while others simply could not bother to the happenings around them; be it the sky falling or an atomic bomb explosion.

Should we fight like the politicians or the wild animals in African safari ?

I read about the mud slinging between the no-code and code hams in the United States. They were some time vicious. When I pondered deeply, I come to think there should only be one category of radio lovers. No one has to sit for RAE anymore. And everyone is considered equal.

I remember very well when Morse was still a mandatory in Malaysia, that on one occasion I was trying to help one person by giving tips how to study Morse codes, and before I started the guy talked and talked about his methodology. I chose to stop and halt completely. I wished him luck. If I were him I would listen first. May be I can learn something from the tip. And I would not go to help a person who claim himself an expert about the radio and antenna system. Let the expert does himself.

I came across an argument about the need to register in the QRZ.COM.

QRZ.COM is relatively a new thing in life. Ham radio started before a PC was known. With the web and internet technology hams began to incorporate and developed soft wares to facilitate the operation of the station and the learning of Morse codes. There were articles on antenna and balun, on propagation and matters. There were soft wares like the logging system, CW trainer and decoder, the Echo-Link and other huge amount of information.

Hams still communicate with each other in the yesteryears. We never asked for any green stamp to reply the QSL cards as we have had QSL bureau. Postage was cheap then. Once a year we made a point to go for radio convention to see the faces of those people we talked days and nights without knowing how they looked like. When we met we huddled and cuddled with intense joy.

We were not concern with QRZ.COM or any other international radio organization. I did not remember how many time I told the other side on CW that I was not OK in QRZ.COM. "Pse QSL via buro."

But with it's coming into existence it is good for a ham to register in QRZ database. It would made other hams easy to find our QSL information. More often than not hams would advise their friends to register, not to the point of putting pressure on their fellow members. If they do not want to be in the database, there is nothing wrong with their choices.

You don't have to agree with me. I just express my mind.

07/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is not my habit to go and find fault of others. It doesn't give pleasure at all. But when I heard statements that were insulting our intelligence they really cracked my nerve. So are other people.

Choosing our own men who promised allegiance and to obey all our instructions to vital posts in judiciary and other services already sent a message of falsehood and perpetual deception from the authority. The citizens were told that the words of those handpicked people are the words of God and must be obeyed. The citizens on the other hand did not recognize or respect those regarded as bogus. The term Kangaroo thus does not merely confined to a court.


The latest Azlina and Najib's camp want the rakyat to believe is about Najib's credit card spending on luxury and personal goods. You just read the response of the readers.

Else Najib has no choice but to act on Wall Street Journal immediately without having to wait any longer. There is a Captain Malaysia lawyer, Shafiee, who is extremely invincible. The journal had brought too much shame to Najib and his spouse and now they are moving towards his family, his son, son-in-law and his brother Nazir whom we have regarded as unbiased.

People tend to believe the foreign media rather than the handpicked persons of the  authority.  Even the story of donation still meet with very fierce rebuttals. No man in the right kind of mind would simply donate a huge sum of money to an individual for the sake of Islam and then wrote ' can use in any way you like...' Wouldn't Obaid had had a tough time to insert a fake document into the Saudi's financial office. The same dirty work has been done on land ownership in this country before.

It is easy to say 'You all must shut up since the AG and SPRM' has cleared Najib. It angered the public and pushed up the level of hatred to a greater intensity.

Of course the acts of putting our own team in important post were also practiced in the United States. I can't say of the other countries in the world. Domestic fooling and international fooling are different. You can fool the local people without any limit but the world is observing you at all time despite they may soften themselves on the investigation. Big corrupted leaders do survive. But they go into the world record as dirty and corrupt.

Najib should take rest, not because he is a guilty person but because the scandal has travel far and wide. It is becoming difficult to answer an honest question. The world is watching Najib. Rosmah's changing answer to her extravaganza have invited despicable insults on her, and people are blaming her for dragging Najib into the mud.

Now a new term has emerge 'International Financial Terrorism' and Najib was level as number 1 in the list. Surely it is an absurd accusation that splash more shame on the Prime Minister.

{ 12 }  Mohd Nazifuddin bin Mohd Najib (son of Prime Minister of Malaysia)

  • Nazifuddin was infamous for his link to uFun Group in 2015, a Thailand company with more than 10 offices worldwide and members from more than 80 countries. It turned out to be a Ponzi scheme,allegedly swindled 120,000 people of at least 38 billion baht(US$1.13 billion, £720 million, RM4 billion)

  • Nazifuddin denied allegations he was involved. In 2009 Nazifuddin became one of the directors of Jay Marriot International Ltd. and PCJ International Venture Limited, which Mossack Fonseca registered in the British Virgin Islands. His father is facing allegations of corruption and money laundering to the tune of US$1 billion.

Najib has to re-think what 1MDB has done to the country. How it affects our relationship with China and other future consequences. Choosing his own men to guard his own personal border will not end the intrusions.

06/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Roman alphabet tap code
  1 2 3 4 5
1 A B C/K D E
2 F G H I J
3 L M N O P
4 Q R S T U
5 V W X Y Z
The tap code table

Let me start with a conversation between two persons. One asked How Many ? 2 3  3 4  5 2  3 2  1 1  3 3  5 4 . The other person can reply in may ways still could be understood. For 5 just knock 5 times, just a single 3 3 (N) for 9, for 20 - two knocks delay and 4 3(T). It needs a little creativity. But the pause/delay is most important so that the listener can trace the delay.

The delay between between the vertical and horizontal knock is a single of no-knock to form a character. The delay between character is two no-knocks.

Between a number to the next number or character is three no-knocks.

Surely you won't understand my description. You have to listen to understand it.

This is one of the methods we can use for numbers. There are other creative methodology to make the other side comprehend the messages that contain numbers as in Morse codes like 1TT stands for 100 and 5NN for 599.

It is a primitive mode but it could be very valuable to certain people in the modern world.

For fun, let's go tapping.

04/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I met a ham friend this afternoon in an office canteen. He told me that he bought Yaesu 817 for RM2.5K. To me 2.5K for 5 a 5 watts rig is comparatively expensive compare to an ICOM 718, a hundred watts transceiver, for the same price.

He told me that his friend encouraged the purchase because 817 because it could take him all over the world with only 5 watts. I told him that buying a 100 watts transceiver can also enabled him to crank the power down and the range of output is wider, from 10 to 100 watts.

I have worked with people using 817 and 718. My recent demised friend from Medan with his 718 thundered into my home, as if he was using a super-duper high end rig.


So was 9M2MGL with the giant solid audio using the same equipment. Though it is a basic machine, it work like a champion.

But when I worked Choo on 817 the copy was bad. He too was talked to buy it.

Weighted Tuning Knob with Ball Bearing Dimple for the Icom IC-718

Icom 718

If he is not my friend, I would not care what type of rig he choose to buy.

I have another friend whom I would confer a certificate of radio expert. He claimed to have cut and gave me an antenna. He would give advise on radio to new or old hams. He would lecture you about the antenna system and about all the world transceivers. BUT he could not trigger a repeater with 50 watts from his home when I could do it with a a couple of watts on my mobile from the same location. I can't say how many transceivers at his disposal had gone QRT. Try to ask him to make a dipole you will hear a thousand and one excuses.

Be careful of whom you want to choose as your Sifu. It may not be harmful for any wrong things they might preach, so long as you do not waste your money.Unless you are wealthy enough. It wouldn't matter if money is not a problem to you. You can buy as many rig and as many type as you desire.

At time a smile at myself when I heard a question; why hams are using SSB and not AM. It made me wonder whether the people who called themselves experts do know the components of the AM wave and how the USB and LSB comes about. If they don't know then let the MCMC quickly abolish the RAE, the sooner the better.

Imparting information and knowledge that do not any form of damage is always okay. When things involve money, a harm is done. Just be careful.

03/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



How could we not believe in the power of prayer when we pray for the rain to cool down the long extreme heat was met by God ? The prayer was just made and the the downpour wetted the ground at this moment of typing.

Allah is the God to all and of all living and non-living substances and creatures, the God of Muslims, Christians, Jews and non-Monotheistic religion. Let us thank our God for giving us food and comfort, water and fresh air.

Let us pray so that our humanity will remain until we die, and not to cause harm and suffering to other human souls.

The state of Kedah and Perlis had been torched by intense heat for quite some time, pushing the temperature to almost 50 degrees celsius. I felt the heat at everything I touched; the door knob, the chair and couches, the cup and the wall. I did not grumble because I had had an experience in heat waves before which was more severe than the brazing sun in a high humidity country.

In several places there were special prayers for the rain. And in my state the ceremony was done a day ago.

The heavy rain reduced to drizzle by 5 pm in our area. I jogged in the drizzle, feeling cool, yet the sweat soaked my T-shirt.

The rain was not a miracle. It is delivered to the people who have faith.

02/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I talked about Barakah my own kids were laughing at me. But I spoke to my students on the topic. I can't say how many did take it seriously. I believed rge religious and other subject teachers had had enhance it in their respective classrooms. The Barakah I was walking about is doing good deeds to our own parents and to the oldies and other pious figures. "Before the exam," I would tell my students. " are to ask your mummy for forgiveness, ask for her prayer and his her cheek....when you work send a small sum of money to your mother...for the Barakah."

Barakah is not a magic chant. It has the connotation of divine approval for doing good things especially to one's own parents. I believe God will guide us to the right path. Of course one must also remember and lead the life distant from sins.

We have seen many wealthy people who are never enough with the millions in their possession, never have a peace of mind and misery sleeps with them.

The horror of insatiable needs is very real. It can lure us to be immoral and criminals, filling our blood with a new DNA called DNA of lies and deception. It changes our facial outlook and structure, from a face of a human being to the shape of Satanic look. Juts look at Ku Nan and a few other top politicians with such a DNA in their blood.

In the yester years, the final aim of most Malaysian Muslims was to go to pilgrimage. That will be the peak of their life. They accumulate for years and years till enough. Friends and neighbors helped to ensure their economic well-being while making the journey. 6 or 7 months before the trip they start to talk about it, of the coming happiness, with the extreme hope that God would end their lives in the Holly land. There were waves of visitors before and after the pilgrimage.

The desire of the simple people were free from greed.

When nothing is enough it won't be enough till the last minute of our death. Our eyes open wide when someone mentions the word million and land and wealth. We don't have a second to think of God and ask for forgiveness. We are million of light years away from Barakah.

Sometimes we see a poor vagabond who got free food gives away part of his to another hungry person. But all the time we see people who robbed others by enacting laws to legitimize robbing.

02/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is a shocking and surprising day for my sister-in-law on the first of April 2016. I handed her an envelope with RM6K inside it. "This is the last gift to you what belongs to my wife. You slept in hospital taking care of her for one month, leaving your husband and your kid."

This is not my wife's sister but the wife of her brother. My wife was a clerk and I was a teacher, earning modest pay. She never expected for any return favor but her kind heart could not bear to see the agony of my wife. Now that my wife has passed away and she left a small amount of money, she deserve to earn this money. There was no hint whatsoever of my intent. And the deed was a great surprise.

We never know what God may bestow upon us, at any time and place. We never expect and hope of God's providence. It is not only to my sister -in-law, it could be to anybody at all. God gives and God takes for God knows the destiny of a man.

I murmured about a ham operator who never return my RM500. The amount was not too big. But I cannot halal it for the transaction was dishonest and not done in a good faith. He came to my house at almost midnight telling me that his cleric friend was in need of cash. As the bank closed at night, he asked me to lend mine first and he would return it the last by the coming week. And he is a class A wealthy contractor.

I contemplate at myself, that I am almost 70. A Tang Emperor said to his young wife "At 70 men won't last long....we can die anytime..." What do I need more from the world ? And thanks God greed has been taken away from me. I don't need grandeur in my living, simplicity and mediocrity would be more than ample. Yet we human are infallible. I have a lust for travel and to have siestas while enjoying the entertaining electronic gadgets. And I have a grudge against those who administer cruelty and unfairness to their fellow mankind.

I never expect or hope God would drop goodies from the sky, making me a tycoon in a split second. Not a wish and not a dream. All I pray is God will endow those good hearted individuals with happiness and good health directly or via other living specie.

We can never know our destiny and what may happen to us. Hot or cold, light or darkness, good or bad is in our path. I thank God for my health and longevity, for the food and drink before me. My affection to my wife is still strong despite we live far apart in different world.

May God bless her soul.

01/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In an emotional turmoil and desperation we tend to act without thinking. There is an English saying that people who stay in a glass house should not throw stone. We should have thought that a big number of top ranking officials and Ministers get favors in many of the dealings. We all still remember though sound hilarious that PM Najib bought ayam for a ringgit.

Here is something of interest for us to think about.


Time and again that we were reminded that if we are poor, there are many poorer people out there. If we think we are smart, there are many other smarter people than us, and it goes on. If we look at a brook, the running water is clear and limpid. If we stir the brook the limpid water will turn milky and dirty.

01/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib deploys a huge resources to defend himself; the psychological and disinformation units, the propaganda, the IT experts and all that's available in the country. The main objective is to make the Malaysians believe that Najib is an honest man and is not a 'crook'. The most smart and viewed as most intelligent will be the nearest to Najib and the first to shield Najib in any possible way.

Yet the common men do not buy everything told by Najib's team. Big sum of money were used to print documents which purported to explain the questions and the doubts on the Prime Minister. They want Najib to sue the Wall Street Journal for defamation and to show proof that Najib is not a criminal.

WSJ like many Malaysians does not merely depend on their own source in the writings. Much information was from the government media and documents. Statements by the Ministers and government authorities themselves broadcast the events and happenings.

The WSJ too has been using substances it gets from the government documents and statements. Look at the sentences below;

The latest Malaysian investigation documents reviewed by the Journal contradict the attorney general’s account. They show transfers from a person in Saudi Arabia and from the country’s finance ministry, but they occurred earlier, in 2011 and 2012, and are of smaller amounts, totaling $200 million. The finance ministry didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The documents show the prime minister made more than 500 payments from his accounts, the bulk of them to political players. Tens of millions of dollars of such payments occurred ahead of the May 2013 elections, which Mr. Najib’s party risked losing for the first time since Malaysia’s independence from Britain in 1957.

The payments from the prime minister’s accounts at this time included nearly $7 million to the private account of one of Mr. Najib’s four brothers, who is chairman of CIMB Group Holdings Bhd., a government-controlled bank.

Najib's propagandist quickly jumped to conclusion to say that WSJ admitted the money came Saudi Arabia. Are we to believe that the people in Putrajaya are lacking in English proficiency ? The document reviewed by WSJ showed there was a transfer of money by an individual and the country's finance Ministry, totaling $200 millions. And WSJ was trying to get confirmation from the finance ministry.

The act of our Malaysian counterpart is parading the highest form mentality and intellectuality of the smartest officers in Putrajaya is vulnerable to our security issue. That's why other people could sell us military hardware that were outdated and malfunction. They could steal our jet engines out of our country.

I just read a fictitious story of Dr Fu Manchu which mentioned about the Westerners and the Yellow skin people. The Englishmen did praise Fu Manchu for his cunningness though they still believe the superiority of the White race.

It is not so much about the 1Mdb but to see how smart are the Malaysians over the New Yorkers. The Malays can bully and deceive their own race but it is a risky attempt to bully and command the others. But the authoritarian trait will make them forget who they are dealing with. Efforts by Najib to deceive foreign heads will not last long. Najib is bound to slip and fall.

From the previous statement by Saudi Arabia and the recent response to the WSJ we could have guess what is the real fact.

01/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Bad Feng Sui is very bizarre.  Even in the scientific modern world the Feng Sui Masters made a lot of money. Big building companies consult this Chinese mysterious unexplained phenomena in the design of the multi-storey business buildings.

 I had had ask this question several time before as I believe the events in Malaysia is being clouded by the hidden phenomena of bad luck. I never expect the causal-effect incidences to be the result of the ghostly type of voodoo effect. I expected a bad national calamities or major accidence like that of MH370 and MH117, train crash, earth-quake or a long dry weather.

Rosmah would have claimed she always bring good luck to Najib. Most of all Najib became a Prime Minister through her favorable Feng Sui. We hope it would be that way.

It is safer to be an observer rather than active participation in the verbal battle, and to jot down the happenings as they happen. To me the exposure by not-friendly media is not a major catastrophe. It will come. When it comes we will know what it is.

Early today there is another news relating to a man in 1Mdb. Though there is framework of investigation USA will know the total and complete story of 1Mdb. Najib has seen all the top men in 1Mdb and the bankers who were dropped from their posts they had assured him that they will not divulge anything that will put Najib in perilous state.


Najib may be walking free with the invisible dress. This may not be the predicted Feng Sui. The real bad luck is yet to appear, striking the nation like a thunder.

I have never seen such chaotic disorder and turbulence of this magnitude in our nation since independent. Several Chinese friends traced the root to Mahathir. His greatest mistake was putting Najib to replace the pious and good Abdullah Badawi. Didn't he see Rosmah then ? He is reaping what he sowed.

No prediction. No prophesy. Something bad may be coming.

31/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Interesting indeed. There was a letter from the donor of 2.6 billions telling Najib the money for donation is not a corruption and Najib can use it in any way he likes. It is purported to exonerate the Prime Minister. Surely it sounds too weird and these people were debating of it's veracity.

Let us try to be neutral and do a little simple analysis as to the authenticity of the letter, which we all have not seen before. And we have to regress back to the old story.

The whole episode loomed when the Wall Street Journal reported that 2.6 billion went into Najib's personal account. The first response was it was a blatant lie by the journal. The verbal war went on for some period of time. AmBank was mentioned. The accusation was a serious one on the Head of a State, the Prime Minister of a sovereign country. UMNO members attacked and spearheaded on the American media and even threaten to take action for the lies.

At that time I already knew the truth, not by the arguments, denials and counter accusation but by the behavior of the AmBank. As the AmBank was in Malaysia, whose Prime Minister was Najib Razak, the bank could not keep quiet about the slander and lies. The bank would have denied immediately within hours. There was no OSA or bank secrecy act to deny the fallacy. The decision of the bank to keep quiet already informed me that WSJ was not lying.

More WSJ exposure - Another lie ? May be No, may be yes

Following the events many happenings that brought damages to the nation took place. Mahyuddin and Shafiee were sacked. Some UMNO members called Najib as a thief. The AG was sacked, officers transferred. Najib was attacked for murder and corruption. Najib had to engage experts to say there was attempt to unseat him by foreigners. Miliany and Justo came into pictures. WSJ was faking news.

Why should Najib let all the chaos to happen ? It was a serious one. We were told about ISIS planning to destabilize the country.

On the first day when the WSJ talked about the money, Najib could have shown the letter to the citizen of Malaysia and to tell his Ministers and the UMNO members save all the troubles, pain and resources. Hence I am sure there was no letter then, and someone who was trying to play the game has recently produced it.

Do we have to be the 4 Corners, WSJ, Azlina and other smart guys to do the analysis to search for the truth and fallacy ? It is a kind of mental exercise. It is not about discrediting Najib but about the appearing of the letter using the behavior on the time line.

 31/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Take a little of your time and read two short passages plucked from a book of a few hundred pages.


Primitive Problems

¶ It was not always so. And its recentness in human history may account for some of our blindness to this great fact.

In primitive times people saw each other rarely and had much less to do with each other. The human element was then not the chief problem. Their environmental problems had to do with such things as the elements, violent storms, extremes of heat and cold, darkness, the ever-present menace of wild beasts whose flesh was their food, yet who would eat them first unless they were quick in brain and body.


Civilization's Changes

¶ But all that is changed. Man has subjugated all other creatures and now walks the earth its supreme sovereign. He has discovered and invented and builded until now we live in skyscrapers, talk around the world without wires and by pressing a button turn darkness into daylight. "

There are two questions I would like to put forward to my  radio friends. Firstly, can you write essays conveying similar concept and ideas as above in your own language ? And the second question is much more easier to answer; Can you guess in what year they were written ?

This is not a test of intelligence. There is nothing to connote any testing element in it but a plain honest question.

In a freedom of speech, you can speak anything, and brag as much as you want but you must know your limit. As long as the show of your vanity does not directly insult and belittle the other members of society.

Some new amateurs seem to be too overboard. Showing off, bragging and even condemning the old hams do not hurt the old timers at all. There is no cut, no blood and no scar. It is an intellectual exercise when these new amateurs conceived the old hams as the stone age group still living in the stone age world. That's the reason why I want them to ponder those sentences and to compare with their standard of judgment. 

There is no pass or fail, right or wrong, smart or stupid. It is to know where you are and to know yourself so that you would not be fools forever. The fact is no people will inform you of your foolishness.

Only recently I wrote about the dynamism of our environment and culture and called for the change in radio hobby regulations. The second quoted phrases above too speaks of the dynamic nature of our world and progress. Could we be very far apart ?

I don't need a thousand people to read and understand this insinuation. Three to four will suffice, and spread and discuss with their friends during the meeting and the moments of eyeballing.

In the coming essay I will reveal the year with a short analysis about it.

30/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


If I were the Prime Minister Najib I would say to the world, " By all mean, please investigate me." I would not appeal to the heads of the world's government for favor and to call off the investigation on my alleged crime. Whould I be afraid if I am not guilty and have not done anything wrong. It is rumored that Rosmah Mansor was persistently calling the American Ambassador to request FBI to call off the investigation. If it is true it is telling to the world that the element of crime in 1Mdb case does exist, and it is a folly thing for the Prime Minister's wife to attempt her command on foreign envoy. But as I said it is only a rumor. It was a similar rumor that the First Lady also talked to Vladimir Putin angrily on MH17 tragedy. It would be hard for the public to dispel the rumors.

If it was true it would be possible for the ambassador to have passed the words around the circle of his diplomatic friends in Kuala Lumpur. And the news would be sent back to their respective countries.

Secondly, the whole trouble was started by the Wall Street Journal which wrote about the transfer of money into Najib's personal account. Without it no UMNO Ministers, Mahathir and the rest of the citizens would not know about the 2012/2013 incidences. Even his own deputy did not know about it. That shook the whole country and Najib had to put much of his time to dispel with the accusation. It was not a trivial matter.

The Wall Street Journal has made a great slander and trying to strip off the integrity of the head of a country. The New York Times kept on writing about the great corruption and named Najib as one of the most corrupted.

Would I let WSJ and NT simply go without doing anything to them ? Obviously I would take the court actions immediately anywhere, in any country even at the end part of the world. How could a Prime Minister just threaten to sue the papers. The people are still waiting in abeyance.

We cannot underestimate the intelligence of the Malaysians. Wouldn't they have known who are in the Arul Kanda's team and what they have been planning and doing to confuse the people ? The main players are Kanda, Jho Lo, and a few Arabs. Dragging a dead man into the game did not surprise anyone. The team discussed the words of a dead man. When the Malaysian investigators went to the Middle East they went to see the team. But funnily enough they brought back different stories as each one met a rebuttal from the public. The strongest debunk were from the readers of The Malaysian Insider which no government cyber trooper could challenge.   

At home the weakest point of Najib is the GST. It keeps people hating him everyday as they go for everyday shopping and marketing. And those who frequent themselves to Thailand relate the low currency value to Najib. Food and baby's milk prices sore. Prices of medicines shot up.

While all the previous government took care not to make the young citizens lose their job, under Najib administration saw thousands being laid off, by the Malaysian and foreign companies.

People see the fear on many public officials including the Governor of Bank Negara. The sacking of Ghani Patail and the death of Kevin Morais set a severe warning on all others. In fact they started to think the death of PI Bala was due to some sort of poisoning. And media is looking at the death of Altantuya, the founder of the AmBank, Bala and Morais whether they originate from the same source.

Now the Ministers threaten to arrest Mahathir under seditious thinking it would totally evaporate the woes and vanished from discussion. They once thought by jailing Anwar there would be a peace of mind.

It is the GST that keeps the people constantly dislike Najib. 1Mdb is too remote for the village folks. They would not understand the spins, the twists and turns. They won't know WSJ, Sarawak Report or Jho Lo. But they know what GST does to them.

Najib may not be fearful of being indicted if he is innocent but he has to be concern of the people's distress due to GST and the cost of living, unemployment and sacking, the prices of rubber and the high price of baby's milk.

30/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There are thousands of online shops for you to choose.


Buy the equipments. Hook them up. Do a quick setup following the instructions in the manual and you can start talking over the air. It wasn't like the old days when equipments had to be homebrewed and a builder had to recognize components and parts and the values of each. Now you don't have to know the tune circuit, the balance modulator, the RF and IF tracking and even the formula for antenna length. This is what the modern age is all about, where everyone can get access to amateur radio and equipments. Why be in the stone age and be too selfish ?

A new image means a new image divorced from the archaic concepts and ideas.  Why remain mum when we call for the abolishment of RAE for the radio hobbyist ? The main point is that there are millions who are on the air without having to sit for radio examination ?

Please be rational and think deeply why we should not open the hobby to the general public without putting them difficulty in sitting for the test. Let me know the reason and response with a rebuttal. You should also know that in Malaysia today we have thousands of enthusiasts who are on UHF and VHF who are not licensed or passed the RAE. Why would we encourage them to pay and sit for the test when they are already good in their radio work ? Most people just told them not to interfere with the hams and other services. Would that be difficult ? Who are living in the stone age then ?

I have to admit that I am still in the stone age period and love to stay within it's boundary. I am sure that those those who are out of the moronic era are well verse with communications using laser technology and familiar with the term OOK-modulated laser communication system, and could enlightened use and rescue us from the old age.

The advent of laser communication through space and satellites will soon take over the magnetic waves. In development and progress countries will follow to adopt their new technology. We all remember the valves units, which were quickly replaced with transistors and later the ICs. The old TV tubes have become obsolete. Now even the VCDs are of little value. I would suggest the smart and sophisticated Malaysian hams to keep phase with the progress.

Let the stone age hams linger and enjoy the Morse codes, the voice communications of the old ways and defined their traditional identity. And the new radio hobbyist enjoy the fast moving technology and the members be identified with quantum technicians. Radio communication will soon be outdated. And never say that our home TV soon will be replaced by non-magnetic wave transmission, like the AM being replaced with FM.

I am not provoking anyone. But I am stating a fact, an inevitable fact that is alive and ongoing. Those who scorn at old fashion and tradition must leave this stone-age communication system. The word HAM radio is not suitable for the scientifically sophisticated experts. CW is not for them. It is for the stone age amateur radio hobbyists. The word progress and progressive does not fit with the old stupid stuffs and the CW keys. Their world is the state of the art communication technology.

Does anyone care to spot and record all the radio spectrum to see how many percent is used for AM world wide transmission and other broadcasters, and all other users. We will predict the spectrum usage will be different as the laser and optical communications are expanding by different services.

We do hear remarks of SSB unknown stations all over the radio band, just for chatting among themselves, even on the WWV. Does the lack of knowledge stop them from being there ? They will still be there in 20 to 200 years time, or may be more. It is hard for one or two to follow the progress of science. Why should they when they can still use their radio and radios are sold everywhere.

IARU has to face the new phenomena, open a new box of thinking, taking considerations of the changing world of communications, the probable death of modulated wave communications, and to whom the radio spectrum to be given. Soon enough the present electronic knowledge will be obsolete. There is no point postponing the erasure of rdio amateur examination for the radio hobbyists. Create a specil ID for them.

The ID for hams persist to remain as a ham, who sits and pass the Morse test.

 29/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof





In the course of serving the people in the government service I came across so many vices, cheatings, faking and lying. My experiences did not involve any politician in the dubious and dishonest operation. There were two projects under JKR, to paint my school during a visit of a VVIP and to build a soccer field. The contractor who was on the job of painting asked me to sign confirmation of the buildings painted. The number of buildings exceeded the number worked. I refused to sign. And on the soccer field nothing was done after a year had passed. When I made an investigation I discovered the payment was already made to the contractors.

Another was on the termite work. The situation was similar. The work was to be done to 7 schools. After one year elapsed and nothing happened I called my HQ in Kuala Lumpur lodging a complaint. I was told that the 7 million ringgit had been paid as the work were reported completed.

Do not be surprise when an annual audit report was published. Every year we hear of bad news of the bad happenings happen in the government departments.

Faking letters and documents and doing back dating of events are very common practices and in fact has become a culture with the aim to lie, deceive or escape persecution.

The Kedah State Education department would select a school it wished to compete in the national competition so that Kedah would be the winner. One example was in the financial management competition. Schools with good audit reports and good financial clerks would have to go to this selected school for 2 weeks to re-write and backdated documents from the first day. There was a new cash book, a new LO sheets. My clerk complained that she had to be there till midnight. I was told the original financial procedure was messy and disorganized, no LO in purchasing and no other proper documents.

True indeed the school won the top prize. The school head was praised for her excellent job.

Wouldn't I have known what our government can do when it is in distress ? I can very well know about the letter of donation written by a dead man which would be tendered as an evidence to save someone's neck. Wouldn't I have known why several months were taken to reply to a simple question. And now when there is a rumor that Rosmah Mansor is pushing the American to call off the FBI's investigation on Najib, on which way I would fall on the verge of between believing and not to believe it.

Faking and fabricating evidence is not a new practice, and not only the practice of Malaysian authority. In the United States drugs had been put in the victims' car to arrest and charge him.

The propaganda war on the facebook has been very intense right now. There have been a lot faking pictures and photos. One of the last was showing Najib's picture on the Time's cover story. I believed this was a fake publication. The new recruits of cyber troopers were trained in using Photoshop to edit and manipulate pictures.

Winning, power, wealth and status won't make me respect cheaters and liars.

We don't have to be evil and we don't have to support evil, inventing and faking lies to save liars and criminals.

 2803/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After following the cases on Najib and Money carefully, trying not to be bias, I find that Najib has never been honest and have been lying to the people, his Ministers, to the police and to the world. He either take more than 6 months to answer a question of leave the answers to his handpicked men to reply. He lied to the propaganda unit and the members of the cyber troopers as well.

Before I really knew about 1Mdb in detail, I have never read Sarawak Report. That time even Mahathir was not vocal. As the issue loomed I heard several UMNO leaders said that 1Mdb was making huge profit and that the opposition was jealous of the success. It was a mean to help the Malays. Then I did not know for what what reason someone announced that Arul Kanda was a Muslim. What has it to do with 1Mdb whether Arul was a Muslim or not ?

The whole of Najib's team denied report of the Wall Street Journal about the money credited into Najib's personal account. WSJ was said to spread a blatant lie. The moment AmBank kept quiet about it I concluded that it was the truth. The bank would have immediately denied on the first very hour if it was false. Nobody knew about it, not even his own Deputy.

Only later we knew that 1Mdb was running at a lost, and the debt was high. 1Mdb had had an initial difficulty in paying it's interest. Linking to 1Mdb the story of Tabung Haji came into play. The money was used to buy land. Then came the pension fund, amounting to RM42 millions, that went into Najib's personal account again. Would anyone believe that Najib did not know about the money, very petulant behavior, when cornered giving all sort of uncanny answer.

Later on another story appeared, about the R & D money that went the wrong way as instructed by Najib.

Najib chose his own investigators and demand their loyalty to him. Did he not use the carrot and stick method.

The IGP knows the real drama. They also have their own investigating team. They opened files on every case investigated. I don't think so that I could be wrong to say they too know Najib has broken the rule. Khalid could not sleep well like most of us. What troubled his mind is the choice he has to make between a man and a country.

The country is falling down. The economy is still bad. The dollar is still low. Thousands of young people are losing their jobs. FGV is ailing. Rubber price dives. It is nobody else but Najib himself is solely responsible and accountable. The Malays are at the losing end except the despicable Ministers and his family members.

Najib must be replaced as quickly as possible. The worst people have had to accept is Zahid Hamidi for a time being. But Zahid must not hold the post of a Finance Minister.

I do not have to say anything more on how the process and the procedure. I believe the IGP is intelligent enough to choose between a man and a country.

The reluctance on the part of Najib may be due to Rosmah's factor. To many laymen Rosmah is the most obnoxious and detestable person in our history. If she isn't she should not be scared. If she were to read the history of Tang Dynasty, she would know what to answer to the people on their mistaken perception on her, the answer given by a young wife of the Tang Emperor to the rebellion army was amazing and true.

Foreign sovereigns won't directly accuse Najib of theft nor criminals. They just record down as what they saw and what we say. But our locals form perceptions base on what they heard , read and other circumstantial happenings. We would not know the details. The police knows. The other investigators know.

People know what's happening in SPRM and between Najib's AG and Najib himself.

I would not care about 1Mdb as long as our money is not involved. Wouldn't I suspect that our GST has been used to cover the holes created by Najib and to promote his image and to save his life ? Isn't he selling our land to foreign countries, and the natives are left without any anymore ? Does he care about our jobless youths ?

28/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There were several pictures showing Bashah sleeping at important functions on the Alternative media. As a new chosen Chief Minister of the Kedah state he and his supporters vehemently denied of his perplexity. "I closed my eyes to concentrate..", said he. At Sungai Petani where Najib was there his body was totally offset and his eyes closed. He was in deep sleep.

Was it his fault and can we blame him for his somatic deportment ? We can be sure that even the Prime Minister was aware of it. We could surmise that Ahmad Bashah is sick and under the medical care. He has to be under the influence of drug when he dozed off.

There are two opposite views on the state of Bashah predicament. The first view is the view of the Prime Minister and the supporters of Najib, who say that Bashah's mental and health conditions won't affect the running of the state government. It is not the boss who runs things in any organization. The machine is run by all other parts and components. Without a manager, the firm can continue to have it's output.

The opposing view may or may not be the view of the opposition party members. Putting a sick person could embarrass an institution. A head or a leader should be of a man of good physical and mental health. He must be healthy enough to attend meetings and functions. It would be a chaos if a firm is run by a maniac, a gangster or a very ill person.

What is best for Bashah is to take a rest. If he still wish to serve the rakyat there are thousand and one ways he could do it, still with paid job, opening an office at his home from 1 - 5 pm for the public. The rest of the time he can intermittently takes a siesta. Once a week he could form a congregation at his home for Yassin session, inviting UMNO, PAS or any other interested Muslims.

Then Bashah will feel the real happiness and fulfillment, taking a step each day in the path of Godliness.

27/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Traditional Malays believe when a person behave differently from the normal behavior, it is a sign that his days are numbered. It just happened to me.

About 30 years ago I bought gadget something that I can use as home movie amplifier. There are 2 main speakers and three subsidiary small ones. It has three compartments for CD/VCDs, two for cassette and a tuner unit. I gave up using the equipment after only a few months because of heavy and strong sounds, more suitable for an isolated house, far in the midst of a farm or high on a hill. It was left unused. And I never spent my time listening to music, nor watching TV.

About a week ago I stared at the equipment, leaning against the wall, on the left side on my digital TV. I asked myself of whether it can still work. Moments later I connected speaker wires to the main unit, plug it to the electricity, and switched it on. There was nothing heard. The next day I took it to a radio repair shop trying to ask the mechanic to modify the internal connection so that I can connect it to my digital TV. The man had a look at it. There were cobwebs and dusts. He said the IC will cease to work if I had not used it for a long time. He asked me to take the gadget to some other younger repairman. That man was about my age.

I promised myself to open it up and do what I can despite my poor sight and shaky hands. I took it home and decide to test it using the input from my MacBook. I have a stereo jack plug and the RCA plug.

Hosa TRS-201 1/4 inch TRS to Dual RCA Insert Cable, 3.3 feet

To my amazement the speakers road a beautiful melody of Besame Mucho. I transferred the cable to the earphone jack of my TV. There was no major operation. I don't know how the sound came back. 

I gathered a few oldies and evergreen songs like Besame Mucho sung by different singers, Ue Sama, Bunga Tanjung, Widuri, My Home Town and a few others and enjoying the rhythm and the melody on my soft and comfortable sofa, forgetting politics and other worries.

How could I get bored with all the entertainment stuffs with me. Imagine you are watching a 3D movie about 3/4 feet away and the surround speakers around. I remember a movie, Soilent Green, about the pleasure  given to people before they died. They sacrificed their lives by turning themselves into foodstuffs to be consumed by the livings. I changed my habit probably as a sign of my going to die.

26/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib sacked Mahyuddin and Shafiee Afdal for questioning the heavily debt ridden 1Mdb and called the rest of the UMNO members to stand by him on 1Mdb. He told them he would put it in order again by his re-structuring plan. The sixth months, promised by him has passed, and yet we don't know what the plan was. What is left is the GST fund which he is looking at very closely to fix the chaos.

1Mdb and Najib's close friends are cracking up as observed by the international observers. It looks like Najib has to rescue his mates who had been striving to save him from the deteriorating financial strain. I predict Najib will replace the governor of National Bank with a person who would hide all the secrets of his operations from his UMNO supporters.


Najib has to commit a colossal resources trying to erase his bad image overseas using Jho Low and other Arab friends. He could not depend on Saudi Arabia to save him anymore as the Kingdom itself has declared that she herself needs to go for a loan. If Abu Dhabi has lost confident on Khadem and Najib's other friends, all other countries will not dare to deal with him anymore. It has never be a pertinent practice of state's leaders to put billions of dollars into their personal account.

I strongly believe that only China is willing to come forward to save Najib. Of course nothing is for free. It is about China's security, and the battle of supremacy of the South China Sea. Already it was reported the number of illegal Chinese vessels in Malaysian waters.

China is better than the Arabs in running a businesses.

The United States has the Philippines as the main ally to check the Chinese maritime expansion. They are more interested in taking our money than giving away, what more to talk about donation. Who on earth would donate billions of dollars, even with the gift of a beautiful woman. Arab women are prettier than the Malaysia Malays.

It is yet to be confirmed the veracity of the story that the Kindom of Saudi Arabia did invite Mahathir  to visit the country after Najib's visit to narrate the story of what had really transpired. It is most likely that the King would tell the same story to the other envoys.

What choice has Najib to cover the big 1mdb's debt ? MCA will woo Najib of getting China's help. The deal has to be a secret and be put under OSA, happily overjoyed by the MCA. The UMNO Ministers will continue to believe in Najib's divinity until they finally realize they have been coned  of all things and are too late to do anything.

The issue of 1Mdb just cannot vanish in the thin air. Only Pandi and Azlina claimed they were over. Najib is asking the Malays to sink with him.

 25/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When we go against the teachings of God we will carry the sins to the next world where our abode will be decided in hell. It is very rare for a sinner to be able to see the sin he has created and live with the sin until the end of his days.

God has let the Malaysians to witness a live acts of the sinner and the sin he created. It was all the destined path our eyes could witnessed. It was the story of Mahathir, his administration, power, his attitudes towards religion and religious people, his privatization program, his land reform, his manipulation of judiciary, his police state and his jailing of Anwar Ibrahim.

He was hated by the Chinese and the Malays. We prayed for his quick death. Many called him the Pharaoh of Egypt. When several persons who cause mayhem to Anwar Ibrahim died one after another we waited for his turn. God prolongs his life. And we made prediction of his future, that God will make him suffer in this world, to see the result of his doings.

He picked Abdullah Badawi to replace him. To me it was the right choice because Abdullah was a pious person who I believed would not be a corrupt leader and would be responsible for the welfare of the people and the country. Abdullah did not meet with his demand for several reasons. The good Prime Minister was attacked as usual by the dirty work of UMNO. They tarnished the good name of the new Prime Minister, attacked and criticized him. With God's grace Abdullah's wife was sick and the Prime Minister chose to attend to his wife and the walked out was an easy one.

It was all in the divine design, that Mahathir chose Najib Razak to replace Abdullah Badawi. The aura and the air of the sins of Mahathir converged into one to reside in Najib. It was just just a fantasy story of demons and dragons, the age of the sorcerers. The spirit of real Najib is hidden and stored in the unknown place, leaving a ball of sin in human form. It was the divine creation of Mahathir to revitalize the deeds of Mahathir in greater and devastating magnitude.

A dome of bad luck and evil spirit is clouding Malaya. MH370, MH17, the murder of a Mongolian lady and other murderers, natural calamities and more will be blotted out with strong pressure. Mahathir is being attacked and insulted. Najib's camp is deploying gangsters to put fear on him. Najib's ministers belittled the former Prime Minister saying that Mahathir is nobody now, a man responsible for the economic turmoil and the falling of the money value.

The ball of sins out-weight what Mahathir did. Najib put away the man who prepared the charge sheet and chose his own to pronounce his innocence of all the criminal activities, threatening and warned all others not to challenge him or faced grim consequences. Officers and judges developed self-fearing consequence of death in cemented drum. There is a sinister thought that they can even buy God with money. National debt mounted and weakening the currencies, pushing prices up. Baby's milk shot up sky-high. Public funds were scorched off. The country seems to be run by huge and powerful monster,

Several Chinese and the Malays said that it is the ball of sins created by Mahathir.

The black cloud is getting thicker by day though Najib's entourage, Jho Low, is trying to show his benevolence by raising funds for the poor helping the United Nations. Foreign media has named Najib as one of the top corrupt individuals in the world. Mahathir is dragging him to court. Whatever propaganda effort published in the national media were met with aggressive response. And the police went a step further, saying the Islamic State in targeting Najib and the Defense Minister. Foreign investors are moving out and people are losing their jobs. The MCA and Gerakan find that it is the opportune time to demand favors from Najib who seemed to be very desperate. The Malays are persistently conned and lied upon.

The tired old Malayan citizens just shrugged and murmured ," Now the sinner sees his sins."

What would become of Mahathir and Najib ?

Before GE13 I posted out my prediction that Malaya under UMNO will have a grief future. True indeed. The Malays in Putrajaya are living in air-conditioning rooms, a small cocoon viewed as their world. They traveled worldwide but not in their own country when they should have done so every inch of the land, to see and judge for themselves what realities are.

What are we to prophesize anymore but leaving to God to punish those who have been cruel to the people even before they die. Mahathir has had it. Rosmah ? Can anyone escape ? Can God be corrupted by their big piles of dollars ? We will have to wait and see.

23/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This morning while having a brunch, 9M2NZ Rashid Ghani, called me conveying a sad news of the demise of my good CW sparring partner from Medan Indonesia. The last time I logged him was on the 7th of March 2011. According to Rashid he passed away from stroke.

I had only 157 contacts with him, 96 SSB and 61 on Morse codes. Each Morse session would be more than one hour. Most of the time I was using the manual key and he was using an electronic key. I had an electronic paddle but I made too many mistakes with it. Don never slower down his speed. On SSB we conversed in English. His command of English was excellent.

Don was using 718 and a rotary dipole. His signal was always strong under any condition.

Then I did not hear him for a long time like many other YB6 and YC6. One day while I was calling CQ he came back to my call but his friend's house. I am fuzzy from whose station, probably Pak Supomo. He told me that his antenna had some problem and when he was climbing up to fix it his neighbor scolded him, accused him of trying to commit theft. He felt extremely hurt. From then on he went missing from the air.

Thanks to Rashid for keeping me informed. I can only send my condolences to his family true any ham from Medan who reads this message.

The other missing CW partner of mine is 9M2YP, Yee. I had 91 records of our communications, 80 of which were on CW. Likewise each session was over 1 hour.

SSB - 10 : CW - 81 : FM - 0
9M2YP 12/04/08 11:08 CW 7900
9M2YP 16/03/08 01:37 SSB 7805
9M2YP 09/01/08 0326 SSB 7643
9M2YP 09/01/08 0307 CW 7642
9M2YP 06/01/08 0247 CW 7627
9M2YP 02/12/07 0153 CW 7456
9M2YP 01/12/07 0114 CW 7449
9M2YP 25/01/08 0835 CW 7323
9M2YP 19/01/08 0201 CW 7297
9M2YP 18/01/08 0106 CW 7289

The last contact was on 12/04/2008. Probably Yee had had a little domestic problem and decided to give up ham radio like many other senior hams.

One day I too will go silent key as some of my beloved senior amateurs.

23/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After all it was not a free service. We agreed that the school must pay me for the RFID card but I never said anything about the service though I spent several nights trying to fix the problem. Yesterday I was called to pick up some money for the job done. I was paid more than 1K, the amount I never expected. That was enough to pay for my iPhone4 repair work. Now my broken iPhone becomes as good as new. I paid RM300.00 for the phone fixing, remaining RM700.

The last time when I had an accidence my student gave me RM700 and I repaired my car for RM350.

I have faith in God's providence. The money comes from God through another persons. For a pensioner like me the amount received was a huge one. It is much more than the cat food and the alms given. That's how the poor survive, feeling gratitude for the providence and spent for the bare necessities and leading the most simple life. One the other side of the field millions and billions are not enough, the robbing and stealing continues for the pursuit of fulfillment that never come.

I live in abundance. When opportunity comes I share a small portion of with the other less fortunate people. Spending a few dollars by buying food for them won't make a giver poor and destitute. I am not a rich man. I have more than what I would have wished for, more than the old goreng pisang hawker who is earning a hard cash for the daily bread and children education, and who did not even know or go for the BR1M. When I paid RM2 for the fifty cent fried banana the old guy would pray in her heart for my well being. So is the cat that waits for me for the food.

The school wants me to do two more cards for the two names not given to me. I have just enter the data into the cards. And on thinking back how could I do all these stuffs when I was just a dumb and stupid individual, I surmised the truth of God and religion. It has been destined in me. It is my destiny, the life of a small ordinary man.

Afterwards I will stop by at the school to pass another 2 pieces of RFID cards. In the meantime the two teachers are using their fingers to record their attendance.

22/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There were news on the Facebook about mothers and fathers leaving the house and never to return. Could they be because of the loss in memory, murdered or kidnapped ? The family members would know better whether their old folks suffered from memory lost or the probability of being kidnapped or murdered. What they may not be telling us was the possibility of sulking, a trivial quarrel that may have hurt the parents.

I have had talked to sulking individuals before who did not want to tell detailed stories of the bad experience. They either ran away from their wives or children who had caused them so much problems. There were no peace of minds being home. And many did not go back till their last days.

An adult kids can hurt a mother or a father by throwing hard words, shouting at them and even call them name. The mother never fight back though tears may wet their cheeks. She would start thinking of leaving the house and plan where to go. After a few other insults they would finally make a decision to leave.

No elderly person can stand the continuing mental torture either from his wife or children. As I have observed the mother and the kids did join force against the father, using various excuses and reasons. A Muslim man does not choose to commit suicide when facing frustration. He would choose an alternative way.

In my case, as an elderly person, I would do the same if my kids hurt me. Now that my wife is dead and I am living alone, I would sell my house away and go to a new world where my kids will not find me anymore. I will open a new life at my new place and die there. After all I only have a few more years to live.

21/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There is nothing to be alarmed at the growing number of pirates. It proves that people who have desire to operate radio equipments can do so without having to undergo a special test or examination. With a single tube a person can break into the airwave. It is easier to purchase a rig than to build a transceiver.


The CB radio operators organized themselves worldwide like the ham operators. They have the SOP, their own codes, QSL cards and annual international meeting. As long they operate within their boundary they are not breaking any rule. There were complaints when stations without any call sign or call sign of their own came on the amateur frequencies. They spoke like ham operators and bade good bye with 73.

Then again let us ask ourselves what the RAEs are for ? These guys do not want to be a technician or going to explode everybody's electronic equipments. All they want is to chat. And they could do so without having have to pass any radio examination. Generally they would acquire knowledge through discussion and eyeballing session among themselves.

The government of the world need not worry about intrusions and disturbances to military, police and other services because of the sophisticated mode and the digital system. Those services could maintain their secrecy by moving away from the current AM, SSB, FM and digital modes and to opt for the more superior class of communication procedures.

Once the fixed has been made to the other services there is no need for the wider band control. In countries where RAE is not for the employable qualifications the examination should be disbanded and erased. There is no need for a war against the pirates.

All radio hobbyist will be organized into ONE entity. There will be great benefit for the people and the nation.

 20/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It has been quite some time that I have not been talking about movies. The last time I went to a cinema was while I was in the United States in the '80s. With the advent of computer technology I either watch it on my laptop or download it to watch on my TV. It is a time killer, killing my boredom and as a form of entertainment.

I just finished watching one, entitled Point Break. I broke the movies into three parts for morning, afternoon and evening viewing. It was breath-taking show that depicted dangerous feats that only thrill seekers would gamble for their lives. I would not know whether the movie was shot alive or using video technology. All actions looked so real. The 3D effect enthralled me very much, as if I was there at the scene looking at the happenings in real life. If was a fantastic movie to enjoy.


The story may be a fiction but in the real world there are thrill seekers who did the dare devil acts from the dangerous peaks, in the wild ocean, deep jungles and sky-diving. We would tend to ask ourselves why should they do the stupid thing and risk their lives if there were not for money. Point Break showed a scene of these adventurers heisted money on the transport plane, dived down to chase the money and cut the rope for the notes to drop to the poor people.

Top thrill seekers only go for the most challenged feat. There are still teams that climb the Everest at the moment, climb the most steep cliff and put on a camp to sleep in the tent.

I always relate the characters of the foreigners with our fellow Malaysians. May be we have minds as strong as the Americans or the Europeans but the people whom I have encountered with do not have guts to push more than what they have. They are scared of failing and do not dare to face hardships and challenges.

The movie made me feel very small and inferior. We yell for freedom yet we continue to depend on others. We want money and gold without wanting to work for them. In other words we do want to strive for the betterment, but begging from others for our survival and wealthy living.

You can read the summary of Point Break from the internet. But nothing is like watching the movie itself. You can buy the movie in the video shop. The movie will surely be worth more than you pay them.

Another interesting and amazing movie is Everest. It is a two hour show which you can see on the Youtube. It was a real story featuring the journey to the peak of the mountain and on the way down several people were killed by the cruel blizzard.

Most of us would be asking ourselves why looking for trouble and problem when we can live safely in our houses and enjoy the family life. The leader of the thief group said that 'It is my path..'. Danger seeking was part of his life and it was his fate.






Syiah bukanlah perkara baru. Tetapi akhir-akhir ini menjadi satu polimik besar di negara ini dan negara-negara Islam lainnya. Adakah anda sedar mengapa terjadi sedemikian ?

Seorang ulama Islam dari Arab Saudi mengatakan di dalam khutbahnya, "Cukuplah...cukuplah jangan memerangi sesama Islam. Tidakkah cukup lagi dengan kalimah syuhadah Tiada Tuhan yang lain melainkan Allah dan Muhammad itu Pesuruh Allah ?" Beliau tidak menghuraikan denganlebih panjang mengapa akhir-akhir ini permusuhan menjadi begitu ketara.

Saya rasa ini adalah tugas yang saya mesti jalankan dan yang lainnya terserah kepada Allah dan anda sebagai pembaca untuk menyibarkannya.

Buat masa ini negara Islam yang terkuat sekali ialah Iran. Teknologi Iran boleh mengancam kuasa Barat terutamanya negara Israel. Natenyahu sudah beberapa kali mendesak Amerika Syarikat supaya menyerang Iran bagi menentukan Iran tidak menghasilkan bom atom yang boleh memusnahkan Israel. Natenyahu memberi amaran bahawa jika Amerika enggan berbuat demikian, Israel akan bertindak bersendirian.


Israel menunjukkan keangkuhan terhadap Presiden Obama dan membelakanginya dalam beberapa hal. Kerana terasa sangat akan penghinaan Natenyahu Amerika memberitahu bahawa jika Iran menyerang Iran, Amerika tidak akan memberi sebarang bantuan terutamanya jika Israel mengalami kekalahan. Israel perlu ikut caranya sendiri untuk melemahkan Iran. Kaedah Amerika ialah 'biarlah Islam berperang sesama mereka dan membunuh antara satu sama lain.."

Israel mempunyai unit propaganda sendiri. Yahudi di seluruh dunia mula bergerak dan membuat beberapa video yang boleh membuat kumpulan-kumpulan Sunnah bercakar dengan kumpulan Syiah. Mosad dan CIA bekerjasama untuk mempengaruhi rakan sekutunya bagi menyemarakkan permusuhan ini.

Israel berjaya di Malaysia. Orang-orang Melayu Islam bukan sahaja bermusuh dengan kumpulan Syiah bahkan juga bermusuh dengan kumpulan IS. Pintu sudah tertutup bagi Malaysia untuk menghantar pelajar ke Iran bagi mempelajari bidang teknologi yang hebat dari negara tersebut.

Pemimpin Malaysia memang suka jika rakyat Malaysia tidak mahir di dalam ilmu ketenteraan. Rakyat Malaysia dilarang mendampingi kumpulan IS dan Hezbollah yang boleh mengancam kedudukan mereka. Najib takut beliau dijatuhkan secara ketenteraan. Bagi Amerika dan Israel mereka tidak mahu Malaysia dan negara Islam lainnya memperolehi teknologi Iran yang akan mengamcam keselamatan negara Israel.

Bukan itu sahaja MCA sedang mempengaruhi orang-orang Cina supaya menentang usaha Malaysia di dalam membangunkan teknologi sendiri kerana ianya terlalu mahal dan Malaysia tidak akan mampu bersaing dengan China, Korea atau Jepun. Malaysia didesak supaya membeli dari membangun teknologi sendiri.

Arab Saudi sudah tentu menyebelahi Amerika dan Israel. Negara-negara Sunnah yang lainnya turut memusi kumpulan-kumpulan Syiah.  Pada masa yang sama Amerika membantu kumpulan Syiah di dalam memerangi kumpulan Sunnah seperti di Iraq.

Walau apapun Malaysia tetap menjadi Pak Turut Amerika Syarikat. Penasihat Najib pada masa ini adalah bekas kumpulan APCO Israel yang menjadi penasihat Perdana Menteri sebelum ini. Secara sendirinya Malaysia mesti menyebelahi USA dan memusuhi Iran yang dikatakan kumpulan Syiah. Rata-rata khutbah Jumaat meniupkan api kebencian terhadap Syiah dan Iran.

Seorang rakan saya pernah berkata, "Syiah adalah lebih teruk dari seorang kafir." Begitulah emosi kebencian yang ditunjuknya. Maka secara tidak sedar kita menjadi lebih gigih dari Natenyahu di dalam memerangi negara Islam Iran.

19/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I am not a chess player. I played the game when I was in form 4 and form 5, more than 50 years ago. My daily partner was either Meng Khoon or Meng Soon whom they won more games than me, and both ended up as doctors. However I accepted a challenged once in a blue moon.

A person does not have to beat me to be called smart by me. He may be beaten by a sheer little mistake. But it was enough to cause me a head ache. I sensed his cunningness and crafty movement, the way his mind work.

It has been several times that I underestimated a person by his look and his quietness but only to be surprise when they beat me in the game. From then on I told myself not to under rate people by their look.

It was just my way of assessing the IQ of a person. You may not agree with my way of doing things.

Secondly I would respect and salute at people who has persistency in striving hard to achieve something and never succumb to failing. Among amateur radio friends I am very aware of people of such a character, trying hard to learn and master Morse codes. Some could do it with one go and some after several tries. It takes special people to decode the signals using their ears. Those who can't are scared of their own ineptness. How I would I respect people with full of excuses and indolence.

What get on my nerve is when the stupid people brag and proudly parading themselves as the most  intelligent people on earth. I just love to pound these people with questions on the tune circuit and the applications of L-C computation and designs. I would then outcast them in my mind, just keeping it to myself. It is never wise to confront and fight against the lesser people, and stoop ourselves too low exchanging with the braggadocios and swaggerers.  I am sorry for my harsh words. I had had an experience with this kind of human specie before.

More often than not I would know a person by the way he speaks and what he says about other people. Ten out of ten who talked bad about others were bad themselves. A ham operator warned me not to trust another ham with money cheated me many years later, lying to me that a cleric wanted to borrow RM500, and never to return the amount I handed to him. Another ham who talked bad about another ham continuously demanding his victim to do him a lot of favors.

We won't really know a person on a street; his job, his education and profession, his past history, family and background. I would not invite him to my house or call him for a dinner on the first meet. The intercourse has to be very superficial. As the chat ends I will just bade him good bye.

As for the bad acquaintances I would put a boundary of friendship to ensure I will not succumb to his demand, not to loan him money, not to trust him with any other things.

Selfishness and hypocrisy bind together for personal gain, pushing and killing capable people. These are the trait of the less educated and rogue individuals. Because they are weak in brain and knowledge, they would adhere themselves to whatever power they can hang to. The politicians  would hold to the police. The normal laymen call for the support of the politicians.

Filthy people dressed in a gentlemen's cloth are still dirty, and stinking filthy. I can never be impressed by their deliverance, dress, speeches, promises and the show of care and friendships. They are not worth a cent to be respected.

Our dream of having perfect friends are not easily achievable. When we form a society of friendship we need to strictly screen the members to be, to accept people with excellent demeanor and mental acuteness, caliber plus knowledge, and to cast out any lazy and greedy member. We failed to have the highest order of civility. I am sorry for my opinion.

19/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof





Do we have victuals anymore when we go distant traveling ?

What we used to take 8 hours before is now only 30 minutes to arrive the destination. I remember taking a boat to Air Itam, starting in the morning and arriving at about 6 pm before the sun set. And to Gurun by train was a few hours. Mothers would make a quite elaborate preparations what to cook for victuals. The main choice were the starchy food like ketupat because it was believe to remain for a long period in our stomach. Rice, curry and fish were very common.

In a later period money replaced victuals as busses and trains stopped at several stations. We didn't have to go down for the food. Vendors would come by the bus and on the train. And today food is sold on the moving train. Busses stopped for lunch and prayer. Food is sold everywhere.

So far when I go for a trip I do not bring with me any snack or food to eat on the plane. I don't remember how many time the Malaysian Airline served food on the plane in the good old days. A few minutes after the plane took off meal was served in a big lunch box. We never felt hungry on the flight. Today you can go hungry on the plane though a few airlines would start serving even before the take off.

I noticed a few passengers brought food with them to be consumed on the plane. On one of the trips to USA by China Air food was not serve after more than one half hours. My next neighbor, a young lady from China, took out several apples and distributed to her other person beside her and me. That was a relief for me.

During a New Zealand trip there was a long wait for the next local flight. I found that the members of our tour group were enjoying the maggi mee. I was scared to bring foodstuff to that country and a few other Western countries. I was starving but it did not kill me.

Victuals are still important even in the modern days. Money may not buy any because they aren't there. I wouldn't have time to cook but there are plenty in the markets and restaurants, of all sorts, from fruits to Chipmores. This time I plan to bring the Durian Cheese cake along. A slice of such cake is RM8. The taste is delicious. I will share it with a few team mates during the transit at Dubai. Unfortunately we can't bring along any liquid to quench our thirst.TeratakIndah: Ketupat oh ketupat

Campers and jungle trackers do carry enough supplies, and cooking utensils. And they would also bring the fishing rod to get the supply of protein. We don't have to remind them of the necessities as it is the part and parcel of the adventure components.

Life has changed so much and so fast. Traditions have been replaced by global culture. Old practices were cast and buried. Kid know Kentucky and Mac Donald more that Kueh Lapis and Lepat Pisang. And more so they never know that with five cents plenty could be bought. There was a quarter and a half cent then.

The world really shrinks and we are moving at a faster phase. It takes only an hour to go to Kuala Lumpur from Alor Setar, and between 18 - 24 hours to New York from Kuala Lumpur, except in the heart of a city where traffics are crawling and calling for patience.

Yet, it is funny, a Muslim friend of mine with plenty of money, had to walk for miles searching for Halal food in Spain. He told me to prepare for victuals on my April visit to the country.

18/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There is a campaign going on to discourage machine CW. I never knew about it, for I thought the real ham radio was dead since the passing of Morse codes examinations was not made a mandatory in several countries. Adding to this the amateur band characteristics underwent a massive change from the old one. It is hard to recognized whether it is a CB, a ham or a pirate. In Malaysia they seem to be the same.

Monitoring the European stations there are numerous stations that work on Morse at speeds below 25 wpm. I knew for sure what sort of keys they were using from the spacing and the length of the dit and the dah. I was elated to find thousands are still active and seem to enjoy themselves in this mode.


In this region CW is rare. 7.000 -7.029 the band allocated for this mode has been filled up by phone stations. They could either be from Indonesia or Malaysia recognized from their lingo. Once in a while I could hear Japanese stations, Indonesians and the Thais. Lately I heard a Malaysian on high speed Morse. I tried to contact the station, and I did not get back the response to my asking him his name and QTH though I repeated it. That made me wondered as to whether he was using a decoder. And never once I heard him as the old style of QSO. The Indonesians, most of them, would still follow the old style when contacting a new station; giving name, QTH, rig, power, antenna, temperature and ended up the QSO with GL, GN, 73 and dit-dit-dit-dah-dit-dah.

A straight key style of telegraph key – model J38, a key used by U.S. military during World War II, and frequently re-used by radio amateurs

There is no point trying to convince people the importance of manual CW, to decode using ears. They will shoot you and yell back till you drop down. As the old hams shying away so are the CW chatters.

I will be looking for more information on the QTT group which are still small in numbers.

In Malaysia civility is still at a lower level. When you work on CW there will be intruders pounding their keys to disturb you. We would guess that these are from the low educated hams who can't learn Morse. In fact I have concluded that the authority is siding these kind of people, so much so that the number of pirates have increased by leaps and bounds, and soon will exceed the number of hams.

In the old days there were no machine and decoders to assist a ham or to do a complete work for a ham. Contests were run on manual keyer. I participated not to win but to give points to the others. I did not go till the wee hours. But Eshee, 9M2FK, would punch his key till 2 or 3 am. Somehow he won a few awards. Nevertheless I get thousands of QSL cards for the points I gave them.

I won't accept even a free CW decoders or any software to run Morse for me. I wrote a CW trainer to train myself listening and decoding by ears.

I don't know when I will start going DXing again on CW. Perhaps soon enough.

16/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I don't know the reasons why TMI was closed. I don't want to know about it though I could have guessed several possible reasons. I don't read much of the alternative media and blogs. I don't even read a page of The Edge that was banned. All I read were TMI, Sarawak Report and Lim Kit Siang blog. I stopped reading Harakah since I heard of Hadi's polemic that spell the downfall of PAS in Kedah.

What attracted me most in The Malaysian Insider was not the article but the comments and remarks by the Readers. I would say they were the most substantive, solid and strong, both in comments and rebuttals. From the command of English and the detailed stuffs presented in the arguments, I would say they were not from the ordinary people like most of us (including me). The elites of the government cyber troopers were no match for them.

There could be three reasons why the government was not happy with the media; the strong and fierce attacks by the readers, the persistent articles on religion and Christianity pressuring the government to be liberal, the government could not fight back using mental acuteness.

Compared to the comments and remarks in the Facebook at leat 50% were mere followers, showing the lack of intellectuality and tend to forget the core issue. It is much easier for the government to influence readers through Facebook.

Lim Kit Siang did not draw Malay readers for two reasons. The first is the Malays are not well verse in English and secondly the Malays view Lim Kit Siang as a threat to them.

The Sarawak Report is disliked by the government because of the dangerous exposure on Najib. What were once denied by Najib including the money that went into his account were finally admitted by the Prime Minister. A lot of money has been poured to discredit the whole SR team.

I would not think the professionals and the educated people would resort to Facebook to continue  the verbal war with Najib.

Najib should know that TMI is not read by all. Yet the normal apek and the  mee goreng seller could narrate what happen to the tax payers' money.  Many said that the misfortune of Najib is caused by Rosmah. These are not the English educated masses. They still read Utusan Melayu.

Closing TMI means taking away part of my mental exercise as I would miss much of the strong arguments and rebuttals, and followed by facts unknown to me, especially in matters of law and other obscured happenings.

My stand on Najib is 'He Must Rest', not because I love Mahathir or DAP. A Prime Minister cannot be a man who tell lies and failed in his economic policy. It would be bad for the people and the country.  GST brought misery to the poor and the kampong folks and I don't think the tax money is prudently used to save the ordinary citizen from hardships. I am not wrong to say Mr Najib cares less on the agony of the rakyat.

16/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




We need to hear all before determining the truth, both from the government, opposition and individuals. It is unwise to suppress the truth under the name of keeping peace and maintaining stability. We are making no better for the country for we will be an accomplice in the raping of our nation.


Images began to appear the nature of our leaders with evil faces of murderers and hardcore Mafias. They  themselves are parading their despotic trait. The breeding of hatred through lies and deceptions are building potential militant movements as what has been happening in the Middle Eastern countries.

We should have not at all laid the platform for any potential heinous uprising. Opposition parties are oppositions, part and parcel of the democratic government, and do not post any danger on security issue. The threat may come from the vengeful dissidents. The politicians must learn from history on the rise and fall of a nation.

In the case of Altantuya, the government has explained that Najib or Rosmah had nothing to do with the murder. There had been court proceedings and the murderer had been established. The court is the authority. Yet there are members of the public who questioned the C4 bomb and why Najib's bodyguards were involved. Bala claimed that Najib knew Altantuya, and later Bala was said to have a  heart attack.

There has to be only ONE truth in this chaotic happenings. Which one is telling the truth ?

Explanations sometimes do not make sense. People would make immediate conclusion on the state of it's veracity. "The sea water get red because of the spiting of the beetle nut", "The SRC did not know X%FDSGGGz was Najib's account and mistakenly banked in the 42 million into that account...", "Low currency value is caused by Mahathir..." etc. Instead of cooling the people down, the words were adding fuel to the fire.

We have to remember that we are not alone. Other nations are within our border and are observing our behaviors and the words sputtered. They would form concepts and reported their perceptions back home. Though they do not not show their contempt towards our leaders, they would record down what they see and hear in their documents.

No matter what, the truth will prevail.

1403/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


1. I decided to have late dinner last night, potato wedges at KFC. I frequent the Jalan Stadium KFC not for the chicken but only for the potato. At approximately 9.30 pm I moved out of my house. On arriving the destination, I parked my car and walked in towards the counter. There were many people queuing up. I was surprise that before calling for an order I was called to an empty counter to take my order. The girls were laughing. One of them said, "We get everything ready as soon as we saw you out of the car." I did not know what the other customers might have thought. I paid RM7.20 and enjoyed my dinner. It was just extra ordinary.

2. I sent a SMS to my radio friend asking him to come on 144.100 for a chat. He replied saying his 2 meter was having some problem.Group of copper and steel coax cables stock photo We used Whatsup. "I can't lock my coax to my 2 meter," he said. "How was your DXing ? " I asked.50 ohm coaxial cable stock photo

"No Dxing. My HF coaxial cable broke. I can't solder it back because of my poor sight."

After the Friday prayer I went to his house. He told me he could not find the solder. He could not remember where he put it.

"Where is your 2 meter ?" I asked. While he was having his meal I got hold of the       coax cable and pushed the center core into the rig till the end and started to rotate the coax plug clockwise until it was fit. He asked me how I did it.

The solder was not found. What was found the coaxial plug for the HF rig. That surprised me," You use the smallest coax for your HF ? " He explained that the bigger diameter co-axial cable was for VHF. I told him that I am no expert in coaxial stuff. "I don't know the code RG names," I said. "When I started ham radio I was told about the 50/75 ohm cable. The bigger the diameter and the center core the better. Thicker screen copper is better for screening. Smaller wires provides greater resistance. Your 2 meter needs only 5 or 2 watts. Your HF needs more than 50 watts for your DX work."

I could not imagine the strain on the small cable when he uses 1 kilo watt of power. I told him to get everything ready before I could go and fix his HF coax cable. "My eyes are as bad as yours," I told him.

3. Worst of all are the politicians. It is not that I am happy to write about them. But they have been making extra-extraordinary statements that my mind cannot comprehend. They are not at all ashamed of their actions and doings. i am not going to say more as each of them will shortened my life by 10 months. I can only pray to God to change the political leaders to human being.

4. You might not believe in Feng Sui. The traditional Malays would choose the auspicious day for a certain event, even for the cropping hairs and cutting finger nails. Friday should be the best day. And on erecting a house they have to look for the sun rise and sun set to determine the layout of the house.

The Chinese went farther, extending the good luck even to numbers. Number 8 is the lucky number and number 4 is a bad number. They are willing to bid the car plate number as far as it can go.

I didn't care about the mystery of good luck and bad luck. Whenever I bought a car I wouldn't care whatever number the Road Transport Department wanted to give me. Only recently I realize all my car numbers added up to give me the sum of we called 'cheme'. My old car 7671 added up to get 21. My current Viva is 5141, added up to be 11. My Kancil is 9165. It is a phenomena that I did not realize, why I get the extra-ordinary unlucky number 'CHEME'. Except in Las Vegas where 21 is a winning number.

One mechanic advised me to get the total 5 ie 15 or 25.

The next time you look at the cars having accidences try to observe the plate number, sum them up whether they come up with 14,24 or 34 or cars with numbers 44,444, or 4444.

Whatever I don't believe in shaman or ghost, in magical power or the voodoo practice.

12/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I wonder whether this old man whom I met at a marriage festival is still alive. It was a long time ago when I was much younger. He could have been about 80 at that time. Like usual after eating we were talking on all range of matters and after some time this old man asked us.

                              "Do you know who will go to hell when they die ? "

How could we answered. There were millions of people in the globe and millions too in our country. Nobody opened his mouth. I was puzzled by the question.

                  "There are two types," the old man said." The Jews and the Malays."

I was stunned by his remarks. To our believe as a Muslim the Jews going to hell was nothing strange. But to say the Malay race too would be in hell was something that we could not understand.

 "The Jews killed the innocent people and God mentioned them in the Koran. The Malays will go to hell for voting for UMNO. UMNO had kicked and deceived them. They cursed the party and the leaders. But when come for voting they continued to vote the party, time and again, after receiving the same treatment days in and days out..."

So he spurted out his anger. This was the period of Mahathir whom we saw as an autocratic UMNO leader then. I did not know what to respond. The rest were just laughing. It could not be real.

But on thinking over, that is what the Malays are today. They showed happiness at the higher cost of living and deteriorating economy and the burden of GST. They raised Najib to the level of a god. They condoned the lies and helped to create answers for the money said to be stolen.

Bless the old man. If he has passed away his soul lives to see more than what he had expected during Mahathir's era.

12/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof





It is estimated that there are more than 10000 pirate radio stations in Malaysia operating on various frequencies, some with organized call signs and others without. The number is expanding. Both hams and non-hams join forces and enjoy the communication hobby. They don't need any ticket and there is no reason why they should pay for it.

The accessibility of radio equipments among the communities in the country would help the nation in time of disasters and calamities. It can also help to combat crimes. Several have the HF capability but limit their communications with the Indonesians owing to the language drawback. They did find find difficulties in using call signs except to borrow from their friends.

The time has come that the citizens of each country should be allowed to operate radio on the ham and other frequencies without having to sit and pass the Radio Amateur Examinations. With the state of the the art technology the RAE is no more a relevant factor. Everything is sold in the market and the radio equipments are designed even for dummies.


The authorities must insist for the license fee to get a call-sign so that they could communicate with the world else they have to go on the CB band.

Jungle trackers and other adventurers must be made to carry radio equipments with them and they must be able to go to the emergency frequencies or amateur radio repeater whichever they could have a handshake. Parents and teachers who go camping, boating and to remote places must fulfilled similar conditions. Hence communication equipments could not be confined to only the ham operators.

Imagine if there is a major flood. People in the remote place would be able to send their SOS using the HF, VHF or UHF. In each and every village the government provides a set of equipments for the safety and security purposes.

It has been proven that people without RAE certificates can operate a radio like any others. There are millions in Indonesia and thousands in Malaysia.

In fact we don't have to wait for hams to rescue life in natural disasters and to report remote accidences.

Disaster communication Education
Education on disaster communication could be taught through TV broadcast periodically. Public will be told the frequency to use when disaster strike or when calling for rescue, the best procedure to be followed for reporting and calling for help.

We have to remember that saving life is not only the work of a doctor, a police or a ham radio operator. It is the duty of every citizen. Since we do recognize that radio is one of the tools, then we have to change the radio usage policy for combating crimes and emergency rescues.

The Old and the New Days
In the old days, a ham has to build his own transmitter. He has to arrange resistors, capacitors, coil and tubes in such a way a radio wave would be produced for transmission. He needed to know how to read the resistor color code, the valves grids, the various types of capacitors, to understand how to get oscillations and to modulate the oscillated waves. It is imperative that he must have ample knowledge of electronics.

BITX VERSION  3B QRP  SSB TCVR  PCB SETToday all he needs to have is the money. Equipments are made of miniature components mounting on double surface boards. ICs and Microprocessors are incorporated. They have the antenna tuning unit, te protection circuits. It is a sort of plug and play gadget, and easy to operate. A fifteen minutes teaching to a native in a deep Amazon jungle already enabled him to transmit his voice.

Even a dipole antenna is available in the market. Millions of antenna systems are sold everyday.

Millions of radio operators today can dispel with RAE.

Passing RAE For What ?
How many of the ham operators are well verse with the theoretical aspect of the working of a radio and a transmitter, may it be the old or the new technology ? We would expect everyone to be able to read the color codes of the resistors, understanding how exactly the tune circuit select the incoming different radio stations, the need of the IF frequency, the applications of the capacitor and inductors in series and parallel and the computation of the impedance. Don't be surprise if more than 50% of the new Malaysian hams won't be able to explain them. Yet they could operate the radio like any other persons.

Then why do we have RAE ?
What is relevant is on the rules and regulations which we can always impart through public disaster education via national TVs. One has to know the maximum height of an antenna in locations around the airport, the ethics to prevent intrusion into other services.

The Trend
Mulling on the open radio policy see the natural expansion of the unknown operators who organize themselves into a more systematic entity forming a global unity. They have their own codes and call sign and operating procedures.

At the moment the group is more active on VHF and UHF because the transmitting sets are cheaper compared to the HF rigs.

Calamities may not happen everyday. But when it strikes it causes a lot of damage. Rescue forces take time to search for the victims. It is the responsibility of every citizen to save life and the time is up to encourage the populace to equip themselves with the communication accessories without having to undergo the pass-fail examination.

12/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Zahid is telling the world that ISIS failed to kidnap Najib. Really ? How many of them in the group, what nationality and where that happened ? He said the ISIS is planning to abduct Hishamuddin and the Prime Minister. Surely it has to be a shocking incidence and serious in nature.

To my contention an ISIS is well equipped and well trained. He would not act foolishly and fraudulently. If the organization follows the IRA there must  must be a ZERO-failure in their operation.

But if Zahid says there are Malaysians who hate Najib and who want him to dissipate then I would easily believe him. The Malay ethnic group are calling him by names and use all the swear words that they can think of on the Prime Minister in the facebook. Most of these people would only bark from the distant. None will ever dare to lay their hands even on the Najib's local supporters.

If the police had spoiled the kidnapping attempt they must have apprehended the kidnappers. The media will not stop airing the news for days or even weeks.

Organized terrorists always began their operation by psychological warfare, putting fear in their enemy. A Mafia would kill the pet you love most or cut the fingers of your drivers. Instead of targeting Hishamuddin and Najib they have other alternative actions to take. Only fools would made an attempt to kidnap the ministers. I would not believe they are real ISIS.

Many still believe in the sanctity of the police force to put the country in order again, by arresting the criminal and the trouble maker. Why should we rely on the external forces to force Najib out.


A sceptic would relate the story to the thieving of 1Mdb fund, as a way to completely turn people's attention to the more troubled Najib. So is the fierce attack on the man who himself put Najib to the post. Najib has to use a colossal amount of resources to get the support of the remaining UMNO leaders and grassroots, for it is through them that Najib could be unseat much easier than by the foreign forces.

I would not believe in the real ISIS in Malaysia. Najib is calculating as to which nation would wave a red card at him and under what charge. It won't take long for the Saudis to understand the game played by Najib. UN's letter to Najib has acknowledge how the world look at Malaysia as a rogue state.

Local resistance won't be effective. And the international ISIS has no interest to expand their influence here. But we can be sure millions are fantasizing of Najib and Rosmah being punished by whoever and whatever specie on this earth. They pray for the police to act against criminals who are robbing away our national treasury.

We all do remember of Najib's re-structuring plan. Within 6 months thing would be fixed, he said.

How much is 1Mdb's debt by now ?

It is the guilt and the conscience that made our minds see apparitions. Will the police expose the kidnappers ?





Shaking myself off from radio addiction has been a long and strenuous effort because I started as a ham in the early '70s. Free Internet and global communications through were not heard of. There wasn't any PC yet. Home computers and IRC only emerged in the 80s. We depended much on radio communication for the daily chats with people from the other side of the globe. I was on the band almost everyday from 5 pm till past midnight. Radio was my second wife.

My transmission equipment started to gather dust and cobwebs encircled them to guars them as they laid in idleness for years. Computer IRC  drew my attention away to the new frontier. More than 15 years I forgot ham radio. It was in 2002 when I re-entered my store as I discovered termites were attacking my belongings. I cleared the cobwebs and cleaned the dust. I switched my FT101 on. Nothing at wall came out of the speaker. I used mosquito aerosol to spray the rig. I heard Choo,9M2HC and Zainal 9M2ZA, were chatting. "People are still alive," I said to myself.

Slowly I discovered that many hams whom I used to have regular chats had passed away. There were license B holders. There were repeaters. MCMC took over telecom. RAE format was changed. It was totally a new world. The shape of Malaysian amateur radio started to change. Strange things happened. The philosophy changed. The structure did not fit me, not because it was wrong but it was not right to my old mind.

The final death strike when MCMC stopped giving the class A licensees a privilege of a privacy to be among themselves on 7MHZ. In USA there are frequencies given to the Code hams on 7MHZ. I felt very disheartened. I felt it is just like giving equal salary to all workers regardless of their jobs and qualifications. It is something like anyone at all can be a Prime Minister even though he is an illiterate.

If I want to distant myself from my radio I need to do something else, keeping busy to forget amateur radio. One good thing is the ham activity itself has the lost the attractive scent unlike the old days when listening itself was fun. I don't remember the existence of any rogue people deliberating causing disturbances like mad dogs. All hams can read the color codes of resistors and can read Morse. Sundays would be the Morse day. CW communications were not confined to the CW portion only.

The repelled elements acted in the opposite directions, and weakened the pull factor, facilitating the divorce effort.

Realizing the rapid ageing process and the time left to breath the fresh air I have to start to dispel things slowly one by one. I never dream to breath till 80, meaning I have only about 10 years more to live. And 10 years is too short a time. In the meantime I am very alert for the sign of the end of the days as has been prophesized in several Holy Books.

Other old hams like me are still around, still keeping in touch with each other through Whatsup. The jovial nature of conversations are almost like we used to have on the amateur band before. Some jokes could kill me. I was laughing alone reading them like a mad man. I did not participate, only enjoying the fun.





SRC's money too went into Najib's personal account. It is a public pension fund. Sarawak Report says that Najib declared the money was well invested in Mongolia. Why must it be in Najib's name ?


Foreigners are digging deeper. Surely USA and Saudi Arabia are very interested to know more about Najib's activities. They will somehow reach at the same conclusion as the other fellow Malaysians. The only way for Najib to rectify his error to pay back the money using the GST collections. That won't erase his wrong conducts and the criminal acts no matter how powerful the clearance by Najib's AG.




Najib has been a winner in numerous occasion. He could play golf with Obama and command the world to listen to him. The toughest war he has now is with the Wall Street Journal, accusing him of stealing billions and put into his account in spite of his insistence that the money into his account came from Saudi Prince. All he needs is the co-operation of Saudi Arabia to nod and say 'YES'.

By helping Najib the Malaysian media will be repeating days and nights for weeks of what Saudi Arabia is saying.

But that won't be strong enough until Najib takes a legal action against WSJ. The moment he does that Saudi's King will be facing a serious torment because he will be called as a witness. So it is unlikely that Najib will sue WSJ. Instead will be spreading propaganda on the admission of the King.


In the international arena any war that goes on will not make Saudi Arabia happy. It won't take a long time before Saudi Arabia and other Western nations to make Malaysia as their number one agenda.

The game Najib may play is extremely dangerous. He risks the security of this nation. We do all remember how the CIA formed Al-Queda and the ISIS groups. It can happen here if those countries were to see the true color of Najib Razak, and how he was manipulating them through using cash and other political donations.

Najib has to use the tax money to finance his political survival. A slip could end him and his wife in a Malaysian jail on numerous criminal charges by his enemy. Words have been spreading about the nature of charges the moment he leaves the Prime Minister's post.

But in a rule of law a person is innocent until proven guilty. He can always win the court case if he has done nothing wrong.

Najib's political strategists should be smart enough not to make Najib slip. Driving international wrath will put the country in a detrimental state for Najib has made too many enemies at home. The law of physic will take it's course - for every action there will be an equal opposite reaction. People like Ku Nan, Nazri, Syahrizat, Ismail Sobri and Azlina had boiled people's blood, that push people's hatred towards their Prime Minister. They had made Najib lost the total respect.

Hatred and despise are diseases that can spread. The more Najib step out of the boundary to promote himself the greater the tendency for the foreigners to decode his intents. Eventually they will comprehend the deceptive moves. It is highly probable the hatred will spread outside our boundary. Remember, while the American Congress was debating on whether to provide aid to the Syrian rebels covertly Americans arms flew in.

Using a foreign missionary in a combat will not save Najib. And it is never a wise act to use the tax money to boost Najib's image. because it is doomed to fail.

03/03/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I have narrated about a Chinese woman who goes around town giving food, medicine and talk to stray cats, and my former teacher, also a Chinese lady, whom I met buying cat food for stray cats that frequented her house. A teacher told me not to worry about people stealing my knowledge and computer coding. She said that God will provide me with more. May be by co-incidence they were all Chinese ladies.

The kampong Malays won't won't be hysteric when you tell them about whatever about Najib or Rosmah. They are more interested in their daily chores and finding bread for the families. Whatever happenings were known by the Almighty. They can sleep much better than those who bother themselves with bad politicians and crooks.

I believe in the Barakah, providence by God to whoever with good hearts regardless of their creeds and race. One pious Muslim woman told me that there is always a silver lining behind a cloud. There is something good behind the bad happenings.

When someone knocked my car due to my own negligence, I did not want to punish the driver by going to make a police report. He will get nothing and the most I would get is the RM300 fine. Instead I paid him RM600. It was not the money. God spared my life. I could have been killed. I did mind mind the major damage on my car. The parts alone would have cost me about RM300. Other repair could be as high as RM700. So it came to my thought that I will do my repair after I got my pension next month.

Within these few nights I went to the Vocational College trying to install the biometric system. I would either brought packets of food to the security guards or gave them some cash for them to buy their own food. I am not trying to brag to you but to tell you about the Barakah endowed on me later.

Yesterday evening at the jogging track I met my student and her son. They were having some drinks. I joined them. After a casual chat she took out her money and handed me RM700. She told me that was the amount of shillings she took from me. "I gave you the money," said I. "Remember, you told me about your accidence ? Take the money and repair your car."

My Chinese friends will not feel surprise about it. They have been believing in such a phenomena for a long time. And mind you I have not found any Chinese congratulate their year six kids who score 9As in the face book like the Malays. The Malays love to broadcast their greatness to the public.

As a school Head I always reminded my students to be good to their parents, to listen to their advice though they may not be educated. Traitorous kids who shouted and scolded their parents will meet with bad comeuppance. Their lives will be miserable. Nature works that way. It is a mystery of the universe.

29/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Finally I am able to show my jogging track on the page. The haphazard marking is colored in orange. It was a former race course which is now turned to be a gold course. That's what I call the Outer Track. The inner one is just below it across the road. I did not mark it, smaller by 0.4km. It takes 6 rounds of the inner tract to be 4 of the outer. But the inner circuit is designed with the up and down gradients and small bridges making you getting tired faster and panting is greater.

Since the sun is moving down South at 6 pm it still burnt my skin. Putting a cap on could protect our faces from the brazing heat wave. At least half of the joggers chose the inner track as it was shady provided by the trees and tall foliage. There were very strong wind within these few days that help to cool down the skin. In one way it assist our speed and at another way it offered a strong resistance.

I would complete my exercise after completing 4 rounds while the others continue until dark. On most of the days I was done at 6.45 pm, unless I began my walk at 4 or 4.30 pm. Early start would be using the inner circuit.

We always joke that those who are afraid of death would go for exercise. It could be true to some. I never thought of prolonging my life with the light exercise. Whatever I do, I will still die from some sort of disease. But I do it to keep fit. Feeling fresh after the daily chores has always been very rewarding. I don't have land to do any gardening, no other choice and ways to squash my sweat out.

And it is a part of passing of time program since I do not go on ham radio now. It is a very rare occasion for me to monitor on the radio band, not listening to the hams talking but to the non-hams, thousands of them enjoying themselves having chats on VHF and UHF, and sometimes listening to RELA members chatting like the hams.

I wish today the sun will be more kinder, hiding itself behind some clouds so that it gives us more pleasure for our enjoyment.

 28/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It took me a long hectic time to figure out the attendant system which the college said it was gone by failing to make backup files and folders. The technician whom I was not happy with is now replaced by a new one and I have not seen him yet. I discovered there was no camera attached and the administrator confirmed it fell and they disconnected it. It has yet to be tested with RFID card. The finger scan method works very finely.

Each day before I added new feature for free. I got to crack my head for the codes below which will carry forward the names on the new preceding years. The current data will be kept for future perusal. These guys thought a software is just an apple; install and used. They do not know how much time and effort were consumed.

If Format(Date, "yyyy") <> Text38 Then
Screen.MousePointer = 11
Dim con As ADODB.connection
Set con = New ADODB.connection
con.ConnectionString = "driver={mysql odbc 3.51 driver};port=3306;server=;UID=root;pwd=smvas;database=datangguru"
For i = 1 To 12
con.Execute ("drop table if exists " & bul(i) & Trim(Text38))
con.Execute "CREATE TABLE " & bul(i) & Trim(Text38) & " type=innodb select * from " & bul(i)
Set con = New ADODB.connection
con.ConnectionString = "driver={mysql odbc 3.51 driver};port=3306;server=;UID=userid;pwd=password;database=database"
For i = 1 To 12
con.Execute ("drop table if exists " & bul(i))
con.Execute "CREATE TABLE " & bul(i) & " type=innodb select * from staffnames"
Screen.MousePointer = 0
Text38 = Format(Date, "yyyy")
End If
lepas1 = 0

' ' lokasi cursor
Text6 = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy")

Now they have to go back to the old method which saw a long queue every morning.

This is not the only program used. There is a program for finger registration, and program for analyzing and attendance, leaves, and sending messages. When I browsed the codes again, I told myself that I have had enough. I am not going to write them again. I can't think that deep anymore.


Only last night the system showed on the screen. It was using the old database, old teachers and stuffs and old fingers, even the field names. The date showed it was 2009 database. I did ask them why they did not make a backup and like the politician they blamed me. "You said it will be backed up automatically when we switched off the PC," said the management.

If it was so, were they not checking the backup data, whether it was there or not. If it wasn't there they could have just click the icon that pointed to the backup.

There was not even a sound from the speaker. When a teacher waves a card or put a thumb, the speaker will mention his name and wish him something. The wishing phrase differ with different person. If is late the voice will say 'You are late'. After a hesitation I was informed there was something wrong. The sound was not there for some time.

What actually went wrong ? To me it was the fault and attitude of the computer technician. Most of them are pseudo-intellect individuals. They went for training for some period and thought they were smart enough. They would try to manipulate the software that already been installed. Secondly the work attitudes are poor. They all dust to gather on the hardware, the keyboard and other supporting gadgets. They are paid handsomely to do nothing but to attend the computers in the school. In some school there could be as many as one PC.

Try to imagine; you call a friend to do some work for you in your school. He comes in the evening and night. And none of you attend to see him nor bring him a cup of coffee.

28/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A wish, a hope, a dream and a fantasy. Almost everyone has at least one of the mental and emotional desires. Some with a small one and some with a greater magnitude. Rarely someone would think he is a God, or a Messiah. Millions have dreams and fantasy of various types and sizes, from having money, becoming a superman, the most beautiful woman in the world, the champion, the movie star, a President etc. It is nothing strange of a man to procure such a dream.

Dreamers usually dream something that are almost impossible but later emerge as realities. Science fiction on Dick Tracy and a few cartoonists created future electronic gadgets which are sold in the market today. I do remember the Dick Tracy spy watch which are on the shelf and waiting for customers.

Every night I hope to be a superman when I wake up the next morning. A friend told me  he wish a bag full of millions appear in front of his door when he wakes up the next morning.

Only if we could know what the Malaysians seriously hope and wish to happen right now.

Politicians too have dreams. Najib too wish all his trouble would go away the next day. He spoke his dream out aloud, to build a better Malaysia. He let the world hear his wish. He told the Malaysians that the 1Mdb woe would be over in 6 months through his re-structuring plan.

To make a dream turn to reality one has to work and sacrifice one's time, energy and probably money. Dreaming to be a superman is way way out of our capability. A dream to put 1Mdb under a right track again is humanely reachable.

But the dynamic of a dream though seen within reach may not be achievable. When Najib said his re-structuring plan will put things in order within 6 months, I just smile to myself. The whole thing started with a mess and Najib fell to the trap of the band professional robbers. He had tried to repair the damage using Tabung Haji and other financial bodies. And finally he came up with GST which immediately push the cost of living sky high, pushing down the ringgit value, cut people's saving by almost half. His expectation the FGV would bring profit met with reverse success. Rubber price went down and investors were moving out.

With a huge financial and manpower resources Najib pushed to clear himself from all accusations. Instead of mulling people's mouth the public is talking about the murder of Kevin Morais, the founder of the AmBank and PI Bala. They continue to attack Pandi as trying to save a criminal. Too much money had gone into Najib's personal account and a lot was spent on Rosmah's shopping. They were accompanied by proofs.

The dynamic of a dream is a factor of social environment. The educated people could see more than the lesser educated. They put bits and pieces together, remembering the statements by Najib and his ministers. Some yell back and some remain mum. Pandi "CLOSE" command is still swirling around. People keep on talking. They seem to be convince of the crime done by Najib.

A dream, a wish and a hope can be complicated in the dynamic of human society. They always clash with each other. Common people are as greedy as the politicians. They ask for a very high minimum pay, business community grab for maximum profit and they demand all sort of things from the government. Property developers grab lands and forcibly take them from the poor people. They too want to fulfill their dreams.

It is just like a sick person who goes to a doctor for a cure, being given medicine that can bring a more serious side effects, like the statin to cut cholesterol in the body. What they think could cure the country and themselves would finally bring them to a more disastrous outcome.

26/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




After receiving a power of attorney from the Property offices I went to three offices to find out the essential steps that I should take. The first one was the the ASB office. "All the names therein the form must fill in a form each, sign and put a thumbprint on it, take an oath and seal with a stamp,"  a lady officer told me. I have to gather all the documents all over again; the birth certificate, the marriage certificate etc. I just murmured loudly for the inconvenience.

Then I went to CIMB. The amount of my wife's saving is not as substantial as the ASB. CIMB gave me only ONE form. Only one person has to fill in, me. But I have to have a guarantor to sign and a witness to the signing and the photo copy copy of their ICs. My children do not have to sign anything. It was a great relief.

Nearby was a Tabung Haji. My wife has about 10K, on which my share is about 1K. The rest to my 3 children who are in Kuala Lumpur. A lady officer gave me 4 forms to be filled in by each one of us. The 4 of us must come together for the thumbprint. No money will be given out if the number is incomplete. It is the policy and procedure of the Tabung Haji.

I could get all my kids together during the Hari Raya. One of my kids may be coming home soon and stay here for some time due to retrenchment. His American company is moving out. So I decide to deal with Tabung Haji during the Hari Raya leaves.

TH is showing it's efficiency. Yet the account is in the red and the government has to rescue it as it's bad image start to spread. Azees is struggling to recover his image that went down the mud. They spent millions on the TRX and FGV share. They created complicated procedure to pay back the money to the people.

I left TH office telling the lady that the agency makes life very difficult for the people. I did not say anything about the political crisis and about the poor management.

I went back to ASB office. This time I asked the officer whether the letter of attorney produced by the Property Department is of no value to the ASB. If it is so I want to go tell the Property Office that the instructions given is not valid. The male officer explained the procedure is applied throughout the nation. My kids do not have to return home but to sign and put their thumbprint down. It was me alone who has to take an oath. I was satisfied and went home.

Among the three institutions CIMB makes thing easy for the customer. Tabung Haji is the worst and I begin to hate the department. It leaves a black mark in my head.

The best of government's department is the passport office immigration. It may shock half of the world for the quick and simple service. The total renewal period is less than 2 hours without having have to fill in any form nor having have to bring along the passport photos. More often than not a creative and effective head of department is promoted and transferred when an option should be given, either he choose to stay in the same department or move away after being awarded promotion

A man like Aziz should be kicked out of TH, not kicking upstairs to get rid of him. A fraudulent worker should not be given a place anywhere. Tun Razak and Mahathir would have not given face to a man like him. He spreads contagious disease to his workers and officers. The meaning of efficiency is making life difficult to others.

By tomorrow I shall be done with CIMB. My documents are ready and will be submitted. TH and ASB do not recognize the power of the Letter of Attorney though it took us a year to process,  examined and passed. TH and ASB do not see it that way. They have their own independent views and solution.

24/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Who am I to talk on financial management ? A low educated bigot without any diploma nor degree in finance, book keeping or basic economy like me is worthless to talk about money. Are we all totally nut ?

There are massive number of wealthy people in the country who do not go above diploma, much richer than the politicians and earn their money with sweat and blood, no commission, no receiving donation, stealing nor cheating. There are also common men like me who manage to live on descent cheap meals from the bare minimum that we have. We too need to compute and manage our money.

Before the minimum wage law, blue collar pensioners received between RM200 - RM400 a month. The first thing they did with the pension fund was paying the loan to the sundry shops on the basic necessities like rice, salt fish and other food stuffs. A little left over for the school going children. They were poor but they survived. When I was working I request the food vendor to give the extra food to the blue collar workers, enough for lunch and dinner. That had help them a lot and they could use the little extra money for other purposes. I also encouraged them to moonlight or doing other jobs during weekends.

The middle income group were having much better life. A few lead an extravagant life. Many are thrifty and plan with their money. I am one of them.

There is question I have for you. How much money do you have ? You may have to look at your savings and the amount of cash on hand. A department may have to open the cash-book and probably at the bank statement to peruse at the amount. Common sense tell us that our wealth is the value of all our assets minus all of our unpaid debt. They may be a few wise guys who will look at the figures showing the amount stated at the bottom. They do not know how much do the company owe, how much interest to the debt. Schools with poor book-keeping were found to experience huge debts when the new heads took over.

In the modern business the concept of assets may not be the same as the previous traditional period. The future profit or the future income is considered as assets. Capital goods that generate income to be paid on the loan for the goods is a healthy asset if the risk is almost zero. You buy an ERL coach or an airplane will generate income enough to cover the interest and the payment. The periodical expenditure must be very well controlled otherwise the profit can never be achieved. The overhead cost must not be more than the income.

The wealth of a nation is not the wealth of a government except for the pure Communist nation. In a capitalistic democratic country it is the private individuals who plant food and catch fish, running factories and produce goods and services. They make profit. Government tax the people to provide safety, security and assist in economic growth. Where services that do not make profit, it is the duty of a government take care of it eg. water, electricity, the army and police.

This has been the traditional practice since the government and money economy begin.

I always use a simple principle 'No money no buying' . I don't buy on credit or buy above necessity. If I can go with a cheap and fuel saving car at RM25K, why should I buy the RM35K even though I may have enough cash. It is a rule of common sense.

One has to check oneself on the evil of greed. Greed means never enough and never satisfied. A poor man having RM100 in his pocket may be called by his greed to win more money by gambling which can entangle himself with Loan Shark.

If Najib were to have used his common sense he would have not landed the country in a big debt. If he had not followed the lust of Rosmah, he would have not landed himself in trouble. He may be free but he is haunted by apparitions of death; he needs to wear a bullet proof vest and increase the number of body guards. At a distant he is seeing the ghost of ISIS.

A Mamak can manage colossal amount of money better than the finance Ministry.

One thing Najib must remember that not everyone are fools. They could see the game of illusion. In fact the outcome of 1 Mdb stuff had been predicted by some of us and it came exactly as our prediction. It was the mixture of common sense and the additional sense and telepathy.

Is it not true that Najib is save by GST ? Whatever Najib must learn his lesson, and has to be more prudent and wise in his financial adventure. He has a big hope that the TPPA could boost our economy. When he woos the American investors among the answers he get was 'YES, We have INTEL' in Malaysia. Those companies have been here a long time ago. A few has moved out.

It is true that when Bashah without even a School Certificate was made a Chief Minister, the same rule could be applied. Bashah can always use his common sense. But it happened that not everyone is able to use and apply his common sense.

 23/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Nothing is done yet. I have had problems in installing the biometric system. I asked for the hard disk to be reformatted and a new Windows install. The teacher was sick and nobody went to work on the two days of weekend. I gather the college has no interest in the system. I remember when I was working; I went to schools 7 days a week, days and nights.

However the break gave me enough time to figure out what I need to do. I have to recollect and know how to close MySql5 server because I need to replace some folders like bin, data and mysql in case I found the old ones in the old spoil storage. Otherwise the school has to start a new registration of fingers and typing a new list of staffs.

Then I have to figure out how to give permission to the network computers to access the server databases and tables. I wrote a program to handle it but I don't remember several items to key in for the permissions; what to put in the host, user and password. Certainly I would have to undertake several repeated experiments until the right one emerges.

Having install the software is not the end yet. I have to install the card reader, the finger scanner, the video capture and the speech processor. I can't afford to miss one. It has been several years the college did not ask me to write information on the RFID card for the new teachers and workers. May be they were just using their thumbs.

It will take time and effort for the restoration. It is all about ageing, poor memory, and rusty mind.

After Isya, the final prayer tonight, I will go to the college. The first task will be the installation of MySql 5 server and ODBC driver. Then the RFID card reader software and the finger print scanner. Then the video capture unit, followed by the speech software.

The fading interest is not only in software development but also in radio communication.

You see, when Bashah becomes a Chief Minister the younger people criticized him because of his age. He will get tired fast, feeling sleepy and cannot think well like many other old people. There is a strong tendency he will have to trust and depend on his subordinates. Who would run the state then ?

Several individuals had been asking me what I did after retirement. "Total retirement," was my reply. I laid aside my radio and my programming. I don't want to hunt for wealth, money, glamour nor position. I feel the slowing muscle and the decaying mind. It is all due to ageing.

22/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Once upon a time there was an emperor whose only interest in life was to dress up in fashionable clothes. He kept changing his clothes so that people could admire him. He chose his court and ministers who always admire and praise him.

Once, two thieves decided to teach him a lesson.

They told the emperor that they were very fine tailors and could sew a lovely new suit for him. It would be so light and fine that it would seem invisible. Only those who were stupid could not see it. The emperor was very excited and ordered the new tailors to begin their work.

One day, the king asked the prime minister to go and see how much work the two tailors had done. He saw the two men moving scissors in the air but he could see no cloth! He kept quiet for fear of being called stupid and ignorant. Instead, he praised the fabric and said it was marvellous.

Finally, the emperor’s new dress was ready. He could see nothing but he too did not want to appear stupid. He admired the dress and thanked the tailors. He was asked to parade down the street for all to see the new clothes. The emperor paraded down the main street. The people could only see a naked emperor but no one admitted it for fear of being thought stupid.

They foolishly praised the invisible fabric and the colours. The emperor was very happy.

While parading a man said, "The King wears nothing." He was pulled from the crowd and the King's officer executed him. Words passed around of the consequence of saying the truth. So the emperor wore the invisible dress on the alternate days and walking with his new dress while his subjects saw him naked without any shame.

22/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Shoes aren't cheap these days. A pair could fetch a price above RM500, for the branded ones like Nike and Power. Unnamed, China made pairs are cheaper but they are not water resistance. The synthetic sole are lighter and much cheaper compared to the rubber sole which have a better grasp.

Every time when I went distant traveling, shoes will be one of the vital items in my agenda. The trip to Lombok and Balkan saw the old shoes being washed and cleaned. I thought of doing the same thing for my next trip. But the soles of both pairs are worn out. I need a new one. What I had had in mind is a white pair with a rubber sole. There are plenty in the shops but prices are above RM100K. Seeing the cheaper ones were on the display I decide to forego the beauty for the price.

The other day I went to a cobbler and asked whether he can put a new sole and how long would it last ? He said he could do it and he can't guarantee the lasting period. It could be a year. All I want is it last me just for the whole trip. The last time I went to have some repair I was charged RM12 for the pair. May I would do it for twenty bucks. It is cheaper than the new pair.

There are a lot of walking and climbing in most of the tour. Women could not wear high-heels. In fact I had not seen any woman on the tour wore high heel. Certainly they had expensive jogging shoes on. I knew mine was the cheapest.

I won't buy shoes advertised on the internet because I cannot touch the sole with my fingers. I need shoes with a good resistance rather than the color and design. Of course if I can have a beautiful ones with the type of sole I want and the price is right then I would opt for them. Surely I can't get gold if I pay for the peanut.

A show was thrown at George Bush

There are many stories on shoes in fables and real life events. It happened in Canada, India, Sudan and many other parts of the world, including Malaysia. Hollywood made a mover entitled COBBLER, a very entertaining movie.

Remember, a high heel, can always be a dangerous weapon. If you are hit by it only God knows what will happen to you.

Many years ago when I visited the United States I always made a point to go to Payless Shoe shop buying cheap and beautiful shoes for my wife. When I arrived at the airport I chose women's custom officer to inspect my bags. The officer would ask me why I bought so many pairs. "My wife has a big feet. Look at the size...", I would explain. "You must be a good husband," she would say and passed the inspection. As a woman and a house wife she understood things.

 21/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I really cannot stand the Wall Street Journal anymore. Read what it says about Najib and Pandi, implying that our leaders are lying intensely to the people of Malaysia and the world. Our government should stop waging verbal and written wars but to take court action against the paper.

Apandi had said that the 2.6 billion was a donation from an Arab King but WSJ insisted it was not. It is a question of image, integrity and morality.


If Najib fails to sue the journal both he and Pandi will be regarded as shameless criminals.

Najib has 2 years to consolidate all the government machinery to propagate his innocence. A lot of resources will be utilized to convince the Malaysians and the world. Within that same period his enemies could have dropped more bombs, even the TPPA members have to dodge. The fear is an arrest card card flashed by one of the countries. Believe me by that time Najib will have to employ Mosad squads to be his external bodyguards. Money will not be the problem. The GST collections help to pay for the impenetrable shield.

Therefore Najib must act now and quickly for the court action against the WSJ.

19/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I have not been to my old school for a long time since it was converted to be a Vocational College. My education philosophy does not fit the modern system. I figure the old archaic system is always better than the current one. I don't think the modern Malaysian educationists are carving the manpower for the future. If they cater for the need of human resource you won't find every university offer producing waves of computer related graduates. There isn't coordination between various departments. None get together to analyze the relationship between population, crimes, education and economy. They are not independent entity working for unrelated purposes.

They robbed away the education and training from the low achievers, late developers and students with physical intelligence and skill.

Only once a while I would stop at the college to say hello to a few friends and then went away. I would peep at the biometric attendance system that I developed for the school. They have been using it for more than 6/7 years. An employee can either wave the smart card or press his finger on the scanner. If a card is waved the person's imaged will be captured and stored for checking. The data analysis is sophisticated as it will count the number who arrived late, leaving the premise and his present. Message to a group or the whole group could be perused as one does the punching.

The display was still showing the name of the old school.

Almost a year ago I did some modification and updating the system. I thought of installing the updated version but it was not done. Nobody said anything.

Only yesterday the school rang me up telling me the hard disk crashed and a new HD will be replaced. They wanted me to re-install.

Wow ! I have forgotten everything. I have to install MySql server. I can't remember the password, the database name, the port number and the server IP. I don't remember how the network computers are going to access the database and the picture data. I don't have theI don't know where to find the biometric license and the ODBC driver. In short I have a total amnesia.

Even if I have something to start with, it cannot be done within 6 or 7 hours. The biggest of all I cannot charge the college for my time and energy. If they purchase the system it would cost them only around RM800. I used to charge a high fee for a customized program, about RM2K.

Now, I am too old to think. My programming days are over. Really I don't know how can I help the college. Un-expecting that they will call me again, I have erased a few of my thumb drives. At one time I was so vexed with the school as I traced the computer technician was playing around, trying to dissect and moved my set up around and had sworn that I would not attend the software again. It was highly probable that the technician or the computer teacher was meddling with it again.

 At this age I have put aside the idea of accumulating wealth. I would not want to be a slave, working under order and instructions. I have had enough of those. I found greater pleasure and satisfaction and happiness nursing my sick wife, attending her vowel, bathing and dressing her, feeding her and accompany her at the dialysis center. And a great gratitude to the government of Malaysia in lifting our financial burden for her medication.

You see, when I spoke to a few officers at Putrajaya on a certain matter they always pointed at the computer problem or telling me their computer system was a witness, trying to spin things like their bosses, as if I don't know what the computer is capable of. When I was still working, one school principal rang me up asking me whether his nephew was successful in his application. He later told the state school's heads that he was surprise to get the answer in less than 30 seconds. When he became a director of the state education department, he should have request me to expand the system throughout the country ie how to get immediate information on education and school matters. He didn't.

I had suggested to the school to buy the system from other sources. He admitted that he had seen some good ones. He insisted that mine is better. I have to tell the school again that my brain has stopped functioning. I may not fall asleep like our Minister but I always forget things including friends' names.

I17/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I went to school at 10 am on the 18/02/2016 to discover carelessness and the missing source codes on a computer in the Senior Assistance's room. There were hell of dusts covering the whole hardware. Nobody cleaned them. The school just did not take care of the whole setup until it went kaput. There isn't any backup though it was just a click from the remote PC.

The school expected the system could be used within an hour. I told the administrator it would spell the end of my biometric system. Tonight I will try my final installation. If it rejects the program then I will have to say good-bye to the school.

I was told the computer technician got a transfer to a new school. He raked all the source codes that I kept in the machines which are supposed to be only used by the Senior Assistance.

I think the institution has to pay for the negligence.




When I am about to die I don't want to think much of the world and I don't want to go and look for the long lost friends. I prefer a solitary and quiet life but with a thought how long could I manage myself and drag myself to survive. I am now 69. I would not even be able to find a spouse to take care of me now and a few more years to come.

I imagine the wealthy and the famous, the Kings, Presidents and Ministers who are getting weary day by day, assisted by vitamins and other supplements to slow down ageing, yet looked so very old. and deteriorating motor skills, rotting while waiting for the engine to stop. I hardly believe when someone told me that Rosmah had a plastic surgery at the age of 60+. Struggle to be presentable with makeup and hairdo are just normal things to everyone, even an old man. Why should they think of death when they still can maximize the joy of life. It is rare to find a former ex-judge shot himself in the head because he felt so lonesome.

I still have things to do other than thinking of God and my religious duty It is exciting to do everything by myself; daily domestic chores, paying bills, going to malls and supermarkets, going for meals, erecting my radio antenna, exploring websites, writing blog, and planning trips local and overseas.

At the jogging tracks I saw girls. A few cat their smiles. To some I returned the smile but to others I pretended not to notice. I didn't know what the smiles were for. May be a show of respects towards an old man. It could not be anything else. I do talk to kids when I passed them and greet elderly walkers and joggers.

Eyeballing with friends does not interest me anymore. I only need company to go to dinner at far away places. And when I do I would ask my student's children. It was very rare that the mother permitted them to go. In such a case I would cancel my intent and choose to have dinner at the local stores.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is free to speak but could face action if he crosses the line. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, December 7, 2015.

Time moves so fast that months and years passed without knowing. I told myself not to go for any medical checkup after reaching 72. I don't want to live till 80 which is about 10 years more. I leave to God to take my life away the way God sees fit.

Najib is a few years younger. Mahathir has arrived at end of the cliff. They are still quarreling. Najib still wants big money and wants to taste the worldly heaven. Old faces spewed nasty words and curses as if they are immortals and will rule the world forever. They lie, spins, twists and turns. Millions have lost respects towards their leaders for their avarice.

I would not like to wear bullet proof vest, protected by body guards and even been called with a title. I want to be as free as a bird. You see, when you die your soul and mine are the same. I don't have to pay any GST to you nor call you Datuk. In fact to the Atheists when we die we evaporate and lost in the thin air.

I told myself not to live till 100 years. If I do I would see turmoil. The Malays will be much worst than the present conditions. They will be killing each other. One will blame UMNO for their plight and chaos and the other refuse to take the blame.

The best place to die is in the battle field. Go and fight anybody at all, friends or foes until you are shot dead. Wouldn't it be true to say that the best job for those reaching 70 is the suicide squad ? But old people are scared of death. They prefer longevity and continue to make money, not by the thousands but millions and billions. They never want to think that their end days are numbered and the money they get is enough. A few old guys, not thinking of death, do behave shamelessly like bull dogs and crooks. I mentioned bull dog because I saw a reader call a politician bull-dog, and when I flipped to see his face, he was just like one.

A handful of old politicians seemed to love combat. They waved Kris and showed ass silat. They can't even run a distant of 1 KM, yet they wail and shriek and howl on top of their voices as if they are invincible. They should be sent to join the Hezbollah against the Jews in Gaza and Palestine. One, not only cannot do a mile walk but also sleep while walking.

It is true that older people must rest a lot and hand over their jobs to the younger and stronger generation.

Try to imagine that at 64 you are scared of being thrown in jail for corruption and misuse of power and probably murder. At 84 you are scared of being arrested by crooks and gangsters. Wiser people would be with their grand children and having fun with their remaining life.

To the younger generation the place for the old is a mosque where the pious congregate for prayers, learning religion and social intercourse. Even a man who leads a solitary life at home does mix and talk with the other members of in the community. Then there are festivities. They still do have eyeballs.

I noticed that to many of the pious people death is just a common thing, nothing to be sad and lament about. Nobody asked for the reason and cause if a man is more than 70. The Muslims also believe that what the man carries with him is his deeds towards God. He leaves his greatness and wealth in the world. His place would be in either a hell or a heaven.

16/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


  • Old Tangier, Morocco, from the harbour.

    Old Tangier, Morocco, from the harbour. Photo: Getty Images
  • The service of the Malay tour agencies are always poorer than the non-Malays. The Malays charge much higher tour fee and the food is of a lower quality. The Riang Ria, the Muslim package' of Reliance is more expensive than the English or Mandarin tour. The only drawback of the Mandarin and English tour is the availability of the halal food.

    My friends in Kuala Lumpur has just came back from the Spain-Morocco trip yesterday. From their explanations I scented displeasure in their trip. The husband was very tired as they had had a 7 hour transit at Dubai airport. My trips shows a delay of only 3 hours both ways. May be it was an airline fault or the company chose the cheapest flight for more profit. I remember taking Lankan Air for trips to India and Europe. We were put in a hotel for a night and enjoyed delicious meals and admired the beautiful beach at the hotel. The European trip was with the Reliance. I can't remember the India package.

    My friends narrated that they had problem with food in Spain. It was a half-board status. meaning the breakfast was free and the rest were either paid by customers or the customers had to find their own meals. At one place they had to walk 2 km looking for a halal restaurant. There were no electric kettles in all hotels, which I gather were less than 4 stars. All of my Reliance trips put us in much more comfortable places.

    I paid more than RM10K for 10 nights, the average of 1K per day to Poto Travel. And I have to think of bringing in Brahim Briyani and Fried Rice as well as packs of Instant Mee. I was told to bring along an electric kettle and bowls. Lucky Spain runs on 220V like our line voltage. They have to be squeezed into my luggage. Since the trip is in Spring towards Summer, I do not have to bring along, any thick jacket. That will give space for my Pyrex bowls and a kettle.

    Reliance got a bad name in one yesteryears when about 14 Chinese were not allowed to enter London from Calais. The stranded tourists were left unattended and had to find their ways home. A couple of teams lodge their reports to MCA for some actions. In another a tour leader kept on asking for tips when conditions and payment for tips were already laid in the package.

    Though I knew the Muslim package is more expensive and the food is just normal, I chose to follow the Muslim tour. I didn't have to bring my own food on the full-board trip.

    I will be flying Emirates. I was on plane before and was very happy with the service.

    One should not complaint about the hectic nature of the travel. Almost all the tour group experience similar conditions. Though the non-Muslim tour had no program for waking you up for the morning prayer, you still got to be ready as early as 7 am or earlier. The time is yours if you go on your own. It would be cheaper to go to the United States on your own, make the car and hotel bookings from Malaysia else you have to be crafty enough to find your own cheap lodging. I mentioned USA because of my frequent visits to the continent before.

    You see, I live like a rich man when I can't afford to own an import car. Only just now I paid RM600 to man who knocked my car which was due to my own negligence. He must have thought I am a wealthy lord. I was just thinking that I am a Muslim and I must keep my words to him. I believe in the mystery of God's providence. I cut corners in one area. I spent for something else. Neithet am I too poor. I do not starve. I do not deceive people. I don't need rewards nor recognition. When you do good, you do feel happy and fulfilling. But I won't know what will become of me in the near and far future.

    As a believer, I believe my wife is happy to see that I am going very well with my life. She knows that I always have a long dream before all my trips. And I want to think about it, try to fantasize the travel in my dream. I even already imagined the 3 hour transit in Dubai. If there is no free wifi at the airport one has to have an E-Book to pass the time. It is good I have several books in the library to read. Time flies by reading or perusing Facebook.

    Will I be browsing websites like Malaysian Insider, Sarawak Report and other social media ? The answer is NO. I paid 10K for an enjoyment, wanting to free my mind from bad news. A man like many of us cannot change the world how hard we may try. Retreat is too big a word to use for the laymen. Going away to see places could free our mind from political hell.

    15/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    Old memory brought the reminiscence of the old past, when I was running around naked with home made wooden gun playing cowboy and Indians. It was in the 50's, the year Malaya get it's independent, and sea water reached our home, green clear water with running fish, and snakes swimming passing our houses.

    There was no electricity and pipe water then. The water captured from the heavy downpour was always enough for cooking, washing and bathing. It was my work to make sure the lamp was filled up with kerosene and light them up when nights fell. Then unfolded the mosquito net, hung it to the nails on the wooden pillar and wall. At 10 pm the net would be dropped and I would creep in to sleep.

    About 30 years later wooden house was replaced by bricks. It was hard to put up a mosquito net. We used foil which would last us the night per coil. It polluted the air but we were used to it. Later aerosols and other mosquito busters appeared in the market. Today a can fetch a price of about RM20. As years gone by the insects seemed to be immune by almost all repellants. I spent more than RM50 a month to fight the bites. It was not an effective measure.

    I did not remember much hassle living without modern gears then. We were almost self sufficient in feeding ourselves. Even rice was given by relatives who came to visit us. We made our own coconut oil, reared ducks, plant fruit trees and bananas. Mosquito was not a major problem. Once a week the Sanitary Board would come to spray the insecticide and clearing the brooks around our village.

    I decided to go back to mosquito net. Surely there is one without having have to hang. I went around town. They seemed to be sold out. One or two outlets sold the hanging version at a price of about RM30. One day I went to Padang Besar, a border town in Perlis, asked around about the net. The price was cheap. I bought a few sets.

    Only 3 nights ago I made use of the net, which is smartly built and designed. The net is all over, including the base. I need to shove in a thin mattress. I am contemplating on putting on a thicker one for greater stability and comfort. But I am not in a hurry. I can cut a little expenditure on other repellants and use the money somewhere else.

    It is not that I don't have a netting around my house. It has. I can't explain how these little enemies find their ways in.

    Leading a bachelor life is simple. I do not bother to organize myself. The image on the left shows how messy I am. I could not even cover the thin mattress with the bed sheet cover.

    Today is the 21st century. I never expect to live till this new era of tremendous technological progress, with the nasty political turbulences. Despite seeing the new world that I had never dream of, I keep on asking myself whether the degree of satisfaction and happiness today is above the old archaic culture with almost barren technological tools and appliances.

    Certainly modernization does not manufacture better mankind of a higher grade specie. People are still barbaric and inhumane, killing and suppressing fellow humans, under various pretext and justification.

    Really, I believe that nobody is interested in killing the mosquitoes. No mosquitoes means no aerosol, no repelling gadgets and no money to grow.

    15/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    Fitnah, defamation through lies, is different from lies in the sense that fitnah put shame on someone else. The victim does not commit the scandalous act as charged. Lies are general deception tools to confuse the general public. A Fitnah has always been settled through court proceedings.

    Najib's administration and his spouse repeatedly told their supporters and the Malaysians in general that they have been facing Fitnah by irresponsible political opponents. The Wall Street Journal, the Sarawak Report had been telling lies all the while. Reading them was made a crime.

    The new Attorney General handpicked by Najib to replace Ghani Patail who was suspected of drawing a charge sheet on Najib, has started a move to protect criminals and wrong doers, leaked from government agencies by the employees, and imposed heavy penalty. There is some sense in reviewing the punishment on Fitnah but in many cases the Fitnah will remain as it is even though it was false. The creator who may want to admit it can't retract his bad deed for fear of being indicted.

    I would consider any law to protect a crime or a criminal as absurd. It is a heinous and indespicable crime itself. A leaked information on the amount of money of a department is different from a leak on the money used for purchasing a diamond ring for personal consumption. Similarly a bank cannot stay silent on money laundering- stolen and drug money kept by criminals. Divulging criminal activities are our moral duties, a symbol of human civility and dignity.

    So far none from Najib's camp responded on the call to clarify and to produce a list all the Fitnah that have been leaked to the public. The 2.8 billion in Najib's account was not known to any Malaysians until reported by the Wall Street Journal in 2015. The first response by Najib was WSJ was lying. Then Najib admitted after being cornered of having the money but it was for winning the GE13, for UMNO. To cut short Najib has been living in the fantasy world of make belief and lying.

    Let it be laws and regulations to protect liars, criminals and murderers. Najib can stay as a Prime Minister all his life. But he will leave a very pungent legacy. And he won't stop spending the money collected from the people to save his skin. This is something that he cannot stop. The public won't want to hear excuses from all of his officers and stuffs .

    Of course many of us will not live to see the coming retribution.

    One of the alleged Fitnah was on Altantuya's murder. Najib and Rosmah were not involved. Yet his bodyguards got a military bomb to put total erasure of the Mongolian as the vanishing record of Altantuya from the immigration computers.


    Najib was wildly accused of murdering Altantuya, the founder of the AmBank, PI Bala and Kevin Morais by some quarters. They were all very serious Fitnah. No matter what the outcome will be, it leaves a very wide and deep scar on the forehead, visible to most men. Standing side by side with Obama won't impress the Malaysians. Obama is part of Israel killing machine in Gaza and Palestine.

    14/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    We would expect most people would embrace Islam in the country. But the comments on social media published remarks of the Muslim leaders who professed, condoned and protected corruptions and possibly crimes of murder. The concepts of  Cash Is King ( Najib), 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine', 'the recipients of BR1M are ungrateful for not voting for BN' grouped in the same cocoon called corruption.

    The twist and turns, the threatening, the plan to protect crimes and criminals in government departments are all read and understood by the intelligent and learned people, sending some stinking smell to many non-Muslims. The Muslims have been tarnished as terrorists by the world, even by the Malay Malaysians. With additional pungent political  behaviour of the Muslim leaders, Islam is regarded as a religion not worth a cent.

    Several times, Najib was shown wearing the white rob in Mecca with several of his supporters. At the same time there were postings on their press statements legalizing what the public considered as illegal. Some insinuated that crimes and lying are part and parcels of Islam.

    Hadi, the chief of Islamic party, joined hands to support Najib and MCA and Gerakan. He is supposed to be a spiritual leader. A spiritual leader is not to condoned or support any form of corruption and lying.

    The true Muslims have a hard time trying to convince the rest that "Islam is not like that.." They are taking a big risk. They may be arrested as an ISIS member. A real devout and good Muslim could always be a target of the ones who who called themselves moderate. The moral beings would not tolerate the gangster behaviour of political leaders.

    The existing Najib supporters likened Najib to God and Najib himself had said that he is the Shadow of God ( the chosen one - khalifatullah ). The public was asking question, " How could the divine Prime Minister lie and spin ? " Instead of enhancing Islam and commanded respect it made Islam looked so bad. Islam is linked to Najib and other supporters. And they are telling the people that lying and cheating is alright by Islam.

    I read both comments by the Malays , mostly in the FaceBook, and the non-Malays in the Malaysian Insider and gauged the level of maturity and their intelligence to conclude that the later excel the former, much more mature and the rebuttals are substantive. The Malays are susceptible to lies though some stand solid with the root issues and cannot be swayed by any form of propaganda.

    Choosing a Minister from an almost illiterate party members have worsened the image of Islam when the world is giving preference to meritocracy, scientific progress and development. MCA and Gerakan are putting the best and most qualified candidates as the representatives of Chinese community. The UMNO chose individuals who can't understand English to be ministers and even as Head of Department. When stupid people rule, more often than not they would resort to muscles rather than their brain to stop criticism and challenges from the public. As a result greater hatred towards the Malays and Islam grows and flourish.

    It is a pity that the mosques are picking up a bias political issues in their Friday sermons, carrying on the twist and turn policy of Najib's team. During the last prayer the Imam was preaching Islamic unity while Najib's team is stressing on Malay unity. It would make Islam repulsive among some of the mosque goers. If I could I would not want to go to any mosque that sings political themes.

    Najib's team never puts Islam above them. Islam to them is a tool that can be used to deceive the Malays.

    13/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    I met with several fatal incidences which I guided myself to cool down and not to think much about them. This afternoon a car knocked my Viva. I didn't think he was wrong whether he was speeding or did not concentrate on his driving. I went out from a junction. I did not see any car coming. The fine young man said he was from Perlis. His car plate was J something.

    He asked me whether I wanted to make a police report. I told him it was useless. I had been hit before by a taxi who refused to pay me and prefer to go to the police station. The report was made and I was asked to go home. I had to pay for my own repair. "I'll pay for your damage," said I."But I don't know the cost. Shall we go to a workshop for an estimate ? " He was phoning someone. Then he told me he had to go back to Kangar. A friend of his arrived, also a humble young man. We conversed a little. "If we don't want accident, just park the car at home," he said.

    They went to look at my car too. The right mirror went missing. The headlamp broken. The door slipped out. "Never mind about my car," said I. Let's settle yours. Can we settle base on trust ? You go and repair yours, tell me the whole damage and your bank account. I will bank in the amount." I said.

    He agreed. He took my detail information, and we went our way. I went to spare part shops but all shops were close.

    Lucky I got my old Kancil. I will have to use it until the workshop and the spare part shops open again. Do I think of his damage and the amount I have to pay him ? Surely I do. I will pay at whatever cost. Why ? I am safe. I am still breathing. And he too. Money cannot buy such a valuable life. I accept the fate.

    Other than the accidents I also had a bitter experience when buying a quad-copter that could not fly. I should have tested it in the shop. It was not cheap. The price was RM300. I was thinking that if I were to go to the toy shop I might quarrel with the shop-owner. This is Malaysia, not in the United States, where you can return the non-working toys. The lady may or may not agree to accept it back. Thinking it is not worth quarreling over a small financial damage I told myself to be calm. I have to be careful if I decide to buy a new one somewhere else. I did. When I went tp Padang Besar I bought a new one for RM170, tested it and I was satisfied and happy.

    God has given me abundance, not by the tenth of thousands, but enough for my survival. I do not go bankrupt by the financial losses. I do not become an instant pauper by some financial sacrifices over happiness and the peace of mind.

    All along my life, I do not have any tall ambition. I would not seek promotions nor financial reward, far from stabbing people's back for office. A good job, to me, is honesty and sincerity in doing a job. As a teacher I considered my number one client was a student not my boss. It sounds repulsive and rebellious. But that's the fulfillment. It so happened almost all of my contemporaries who play for office have all gone to meet God.

    I never knew how much I love my wife until now. She is very close to my heart and my mind. I think of her more than anything else. All those incidences and happenings are normal phenomena. I told Rusli, a radio friend who came to visit me for several days, about driving my wife to see places and eat good food around the country. Rusli went home yesterday.

    I have another guy, a rich contractor, who bluffed me to get RM500. This I won't write off because he did not tell me the truth. Though I put him aside, I cannot shed away the idea that he is a very dishonest and an immoral person. I had given money to my working students who went broke. For a wealthy man and a contractor it does puzzle me somewhat.

    Life must go on. There is no use crying over a spilt milk. I can sleep much better than Bashah or Najib or Pandi.

    11/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    The Malaysian authority has closed case on 1Mdb and all other components of Najib's personal account. Whatever is in Najib and Rosmah's accounts belong to them. It is not for others to bother.

    Yet Sarawak Report keeps on publishing stories on the 1Mdb story despite the order by Malaysian Attorney General, Pandi. It is a very complicated story, never to have thought that Hong Kong and Singapore would be involved in the 1 Mdb saga at all.


    From something very serious it has become an entertainment. Indeed it is. Since Ahmad Masalam takes charge of IT, the cyber troopers are throwing more lies. One denied even about the letter from Bank Negara Malaysia to Tabung Haji despite all the music and yelling by Abdul Azeez on the leak letter.


    It has never been my intention to search for the BNM's letter. But the cyber trooper is so very arrogant to deny there is such a letter. And now the new AG is pushing for higher penalty on OSA. We would always want to know what are the secrets that have been leaked out. We would never condoned any of our national secret that could weakened our military and defense system be leaked to our enemy.

    Hence the rakyat is so very ignorant as claimed by a Minister then it would be very wise for the country to tell us what were the state secrets that have been leaked out that could put our country in peril.

    It would not be a fuss if Najib had immediately removed Azeez, a dumb politician, who was trying to do a big job that mismatched his qualification. That's why we heard of the TH purchasing the golf machines.

     10/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



     WHAT'S NEXT ?

    Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Adel al-Jubeir told The New York Times that the RM2.6 billion deposited into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank accounts came from a prince and was an investment in Malaysia. – Reuters pic, February 6, 2016.

    Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Adel al-Jubeir told The New York Times that the RM2.6 billion deposited into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s bank accounts came from a prince and was an investment in Malaysia. – Reuters pic, February 6, 2016.

    I bet Najib does not know many things as he left to his subordinates and consultants to fix and manipulate on the scandal pertaining the money in his private account. He did not answer the question in parliament for fear he would be accused of lying as what had transpired about the cash in BSI.

    Many of us were in government service before and will still remember the punishment received by the Head of Department on errors done by his subordinates. He could have been jailed and lost his job pertaining to pecuniary matter. The Head is accountable and responsible for his department.

    But we must not think that the world would punish Najib. The top world leaders had conspired with gangsters and Mafia before in the world war. To some it is the opportune time to get something from the country. I would have said that Najib would have hope that TPPA could save him, at least the member countries will not flash any red card on him.

    But I read remarks by readers on Najib carried religious tone; some mentioned Karma and others mentioned Allah.

    Certainly the statement made by the Saudi Foreign Office has a great impact on the case and observed by the Swiss government too.

    What is lying on the trail is the murder of Altantuya, the death of AmBank founder, PI Bala and Morais. What our authority had said may not be agreeable by the world.

    06/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




    You may not realize how strong we are. We commanded the Interpol to do the work for use, telling Lady Clinton that Anwar Ibrahim is a terrorist and now attacking those foreign officials and governments who are against us. The wife of our Prime Minister took a very active role in warning the Russian President. Foreign papers were accusing our AG of giving order to Swiss counterpart to stop investigating the 1Mdb.

    If we aren't that strong, Obama won't have call Najib to have a game of golf with him in Hawaii.


    We have a very sophisticated government organizations; the psychological unit, the propaganda unit, an espionage unit to spy on foreign countries as well as the Malaysian citizens, the special think-tank unit, and many other special squads to do the work protecting PM Najib. Paul Stadlen is handling the foreign attacks and the strategic planning to discredit those who are attacking Najib.

    Not only the strong muscle, we also have lots and lots of money, endless amount, that can finance the major machineries to make Najib very invincible. We can always give donation to our favorite member in the United Presidential campaign. We will be asking American President to stop major US papers from writing essays against our leaders.

    The Malaysians may not read those foreign papers. But news travel fast among the intellectual group of foreign publications.

    I believe it is bound for Najib's foreign friends to turn foe one day as they began to learn the truth and follow our affairs day by day. The Thais and the Singaporeans have known every detail of 1Mdb. They both won't say anything. What was in Justo's hand are known to them and probably to many others. I am sure they won't turn to be our enemy.

    But then our reputation is at stake. People will look at Najib from the corner of their eyes, with sinister remarks in their hearts. Then they will compare the different between Muslim leaders of the world, the characters and behaviors, sentiments and rationalities.

    05/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Now there is a war going on among the foreigners on Malaysia. It is about the trail of 1Mdb's money. In fact whatever is writen by Sarawak Report had been in my mind a long time ago. I didn't know the names and the setup but suspected such the existing structure.

    Najib's consultant's advisor is Paul Stadlen, Sarawak Report Claire Newcastle Brown, Nawaf of Saudi Arabia ( the Master Planner in the Middle East ) and the Wall Street Journal.


    The Malaysians especially the Malays have forgotten about the 1Mdb and the UMNO people believe what Najib is telling them. Nobody asked Najib about what he does or intend to do with the GST, why he is so very keen in signing the TPPA, and how much is his company is owing the loan right now.

    Najib is successful in locking the Malays, a very smart effort to win the next General Election. He made PAS as part of UMNO, made the Malays hate the DAP, and convinced the Malays that all other opposition parties are commanded by the Chinese party. He said nothing about MCA and Gerakan and the Malays thought that both parties are insignificant to talk about.


    To me it is all a comedy. It is exposing the mind and the character of the common Malays and their leaders. It exposes the real faith they have over God and Islam. It is a joke to say Malaysia was the home of the terrorists and Anwar Ibrahim was a leader. What is not a joke is CASH IS KING.

    At the same time I have to compute the sum of money being paid out to names listed by Claire. It cannot be more than the missing funds of 1Mdb.

    But Najib is not free from the charge by his opponents that he steal money and spent on his private use. SRC money, 42 million, went into his personal account again and proven he used the credit card to swap out 3 million for personal purchases. He said he did not know about the source. If the laymen were to answer the same thing in court he would still be thrown into jail.

    When will all these find a resting period and end itself without any further hush ?

    If my theory on God's retribution is correct then it will only end after Najib gets his, for Mahathir is experiencing the comeuppance right now. The Malays cease to be losing what they claim to be their right and each day they became entangle in criminal activities and plunge into poverty. Najib will only suffer after his retirement. And before that he has the time to see the type of Malays he has created.

    05/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    The farthest I had been was the United States. Most of the time I took the trips alone. A few time I followed the travel agency. With so much experience in traveling, I should not have any problem when making preparation for a trip. But it does not happen that way. At the moment, I am still unsure as to the number of shirts that I should bring along for a thirteen day trip. In USA I won't bother about dress. There are laundries in almost every motels and hotels. Moreover the European tour is always on the move; checking out of a hotel in the morning and travel to see places until the evening before checking in in a new hotel.

    I plan to bring 14 tight-fitting round neck T-shirts for my daily wear. I assume that late April and early May will not be cold anymore. A pair of trousers can last me 5 to 6 days. The body odor comes from the armpits. There has to be a new shirt for each day.

    A friend of mine who joined me for a European trip several years ago would carry new shirts still in plastics. Similarly with his socks. I was using the dresses I bought 10 to 15 years ago. My White Bermuda have been in service for more than 20 years. I am wearing them everyday for my exercise activities.

    Traveling time is in April. My luggage has been filled up and placed on the old sofa. I think I have enough shirts to bring along.How I wish I could forget politics from now on and focus on my traveling. But things kept on notifying me on the smart-phone and the What'sApp. A few addressed on the economic, money and other financial issues. The participants do not show that they are well educated group. They must have not read the social media news like Sarawak Report or Malaysian Insider as their they were written in English. A few of them may have some distant visions.

    I leave to God to fix the bad leaders. If I continue thinking about them I am sure my life span will be very much shortened.

    The tour will start in Morocco and slowly proceeds North to Spain. It doesn't look cold at all. I really hate cold. I have had enough icing and snow and severe cold wind before. They have a Scandinavian's tour. It does not interest me at all.

    Will we go for the camel ride ? I don't know. I need to ask the travel agent soon.






    I thank God the Almighty for making life is not so bad despite my shrinking savings and the rising cost of living. I can still have a meal below RM4 at stalls where the vendors are very considerate and not greedy. I usually have a heavy breakfast, a plate of tomato rice at one Majid restaurant. A plate of rice with egg,a few pieces of cucumber and a glass of warm water would cost me RM2.50, with meat RM4.50 and fish RM5.00.

    My dinner, at the Uptown Darul Aman stadium, is very delicious Nasi Lemak or just plain rice. Today I took a medium size mackerel and the small minows plus a glass of coffee. I was charged RM4.00. This Nasi Lemak stall would not purchase fish if they were expensive. Each day the number of customers increased. Elsewhere for RM4.00 I can have two bungkus of Nasi Lemak, an egg and a glass of coffee.

    The other day I wanted to try a dinner at Grand Alora Hotel. I paid RM26 for a plate of very saltish fried mee, which was far below the street stall standard. Of course it was much cheaper than the Wangyu meat. Even if I can afford the Japanese meat, I won't want to have the RM30K per kilo flesh. Imagine if someone were to tell you that you are taking human flesh not the cow's meat.

    I think I can still live with the income of RM900 a month. I have to cook my own rice and consume it with a boil egg and a kicap. I won't be using freezer, internet or pay-TV. I won't beg from the government or claim for BR1M. I will opt for a bicycle and discard other form of transportation. When I go for voting, I will write F**K on a man with BN's symbol and go home with some satisfaction.

    But I don't earn that much. The government still support me and I must always remember that.

    Life is not made for me alone. Others need to live too. They are hard pressed by the inflation and price hike as the value of ringgit worsened. Not all are so fortunate to be able to have the RM2.50 meal.

    We are very selfish too. We care for ourselves more than the welfare of the nation. We want free cash, more and more, higher minimum wage that chased away investors and that made foreign labors more attractive, and support corrupt leaders to the core. I saw people throwing cats at KFC and Super-market. We become more and more inconsiderate yet we asked others to treat us like a lord.

    Our leaders are telling us to do the home cooking if eating out is expensive. Even Ahmad Maslan won't tie himself to a kitchen if he were to live alone like me. If I can cook well I might as well run a food stall and make some bucks. And today's mothers are seemed to be home just before the Maghrib prayer, some later. A few do business and a few as sweepers at the super stores.

    Thanks God that He spares a few people with good hearts, with conscience and consideration. They still sell coffee and other drinks at a dollar each cup though their neighbors sold them at RM2.00. They depart with a dollar in exchange for heaven in the next life.

    Luxury ? I have enough luxury, more than what I need. We are not a Prime Minister. We should not place ourselves as high as the leader. They can have whatever they want. It is not of our concern.


    03/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




      Zetty, IGP and many other investigators know the truth about the crime done and they too believe Najib's problem is caused by his second wife. I never believe that Najib will escape persecution by any mean he may be deploying. He is now about 64. I won't live long enough to see the worst that will happen.

    I am sure that the police had open their own covert investigation and keeping the file intact. While others may think the police is protecting Najib, I do think otherwise. It is in dilemma. No matter the amount of favor given by Najib, they have the police principle in their blood - to stand by the righteousness, to secure a strong nation free of vices.

    I don't follow the crowd, howling blindly for nothing. Neither do I believe what I read from the Social Media without studying and analyzing. I used several basic principles; questions asked should not wait 3 - 6 months for the answer, banks did not immediately denied of the money that went into Najib's account, nobody denied the movement of 1Mdb funds, the changing of statements on the donor (and later several donors) for which the money was donated, the lies on the cash in Singapore bank.

    I did see the relationship between the GST and Najib's struggle to save himself, to use the money to corrupt individuals local and foreigners to escape criminal charges, and to pay whatever debts he had caused.

    He depended much on Saudi's consultant to do the work for him, paid them to tell Hilary Clinton that Anwar is a terrorist and probably is still in contact to resolve the problem of the late King's name as a donator ( Zahid said he met several donators ). Many want to see how his CASH IS KING will buy off the Swiss charge issue. Najib has asked the Interpol to arrest Brown and probably will command the Swiss government to close the case. He could have done the same with the Scorpene and thought it was all over. But it is emerging again. He may be called to testify in French Court.

    All those are not the making of his opponents. It was of his own making.

    Do we believe in God's retribution ? We are waiting to see what else will be coming.

    02/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    There were two beautiful Chinese ladies, 2 Malay men and between 6 to 7 Chinese men. I saw them almost everyday. Almost...not because there were not there sometime but because I was not there many of the time. There were not jogging. They ran like Spartans going to war. At least they would complete 10 laps of about 1.2 kilometers each lap. When Ibrahim Ali showed himself as a Malay warrior, I asked him to run or jog or walk for only 2 km. If he pants he should have kept quiet.

    Lately I saw young girls and boys jog-walk. One Malay girl seemed to be jogging for a few rounds covering about 4.8 km. I thought she must had been a sports girl in school. And I am at level 4 on the scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the best and 1 the worst. I could beat a few elderly and fatter women as well as a few men older than me. I would not push myself to go more than 4.8 kilometers.

    There is a women whose age I am not able to guess correctly. Either she is older than me or of the same age. She always overtook me  and I could not chase her. She seemed to float like a butterfly. Today she wore green. When I was there she was already on the track. She could have done more than 6 kilometers.

    The strongest of all is one dumb and deaf young Chinese boy, probably about 23. He didn't feel tired throughout his running. What I like about him is he was able to make me understand things when he was conversing with me. I would say that we are good friends. I seldom accost people while doing my exercise.

    The Westerners may be amazed to see Malaysian women doing their exercise. A few wear veils. Joggers with heavy cloak did not seem to be disturbed by the dress they wore.

    It has been several days I saw pregnant woman took a walk in the inner circuit. Today I saw two, one walking alone and another with her husband. One of these days I want to joke with them, telling them that immediately after birth, the baby would struggle to walk.

    Men must not underestimate women. They can be much stronger physically. They could even knock out their men's opponents in one blow. I would love to see Ku Nan got a knock out by his wife.

    02/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    This is not addressed to the Malays only. The Malays here means every other ethnic group in this country.

    When God creates heaven it is NOT to provide eternal comfort to the Malays. It is for the believers who obey God and practice God's religion. Sinners are thieves, murderers, adulterers and other criminals beside those other non-believers. A good man like a Muslim comes from all walks of life. He can be a Chinese, an Indian, a Brazilian or an Eskimo.

    A friend in Kuala Lumpur recently was suffering from a deep trauma as a group of Malays broke into his house with weapons in hand and threatened to cut his kid's head. They were not ISIS. They were Malay robbers. being a Malay does not give immunity to create crimes, murder, lies and steal.

    A Muslim should help another Muslim regardless of his race, nationality and skin color. It is not compulsory for a Malay to support and endorse crimes committed by another Malay just because of the identical ethnicity.

    It is sad that racial card is used for political mileage with the aim of sustaining political power. The Malays are told not to criticize the misdeed of Malay leaders. The message insinuates that a criminal Malay is better than a Chinese. At the same time they continue to plunder the national wealth to satisfy their own insatiable greed.

    Nobody should condone criminal acts by anyone.

    The incident at Low Yatt is still fresh in our mind. The first was about the cheating case and the second was about the hand phone theft. Both were about the bad people. It could be right for the vendor to cheat and the Malay boy to steal. None should support any of the trouble makers. The police had acted rightly from the eyes of the law.

    One other dangerous disease is when one thinks he is the most smart man in the world.   

    Once the Malays used to say that greed were in the Chinese blood, not until they started to run their own businesses. They started to find pleasure in putting up higher prices as customers still flocked to their stalls and restaurants. Many inflated their sales by 100%. Fishermen are selling prawns at RM70 per-kilogram, mackerel for RM16 a kilo. The number of greedy Malays are rising at the alarm level, like the Peishu they need more and more and never arrive at the point of satisfaction.

    Young Malays are not taught to think but taught to follow and obey. They are not allowed to question their parents. Students are told what and what not to do without using reasons. Subordinates must follow their boss. The penalty for questioning could be very severe. The tentacles for mental expansions are cut and poisoned. It looks like leaderships prefer stupid subordinates than the smart one. They chose a person merely with the school lower certificate of education to be a chief minister and a school certificate individual to head a big organization.

    As such the Malays lose the competitive ability, and become lazy and have to depend on UMNO to survive. They have to depend on BR1M and the philanthropy of others to make ends meet. They demand for bigger salary with the least or no qualification.

    The selfishness of the Malay leaders made the Malays remain poor. The farmers remain poor. They alter the land act so that they can grab cheap land from the poor farmers and turned them into housing estates, driving the price of the house and shop houses astronomical high until the Malays themselves can't afford to buy them. Then they yelled, howled and shouted to the Chinese and say "This is our land....don't try to be funny here..."

    Being a Malay does not automatically make him an angel. I talked to 2 male workers in a Malay sundry shop. On one second Hari Raya day he was there in the shop, no over time and no leave. He was sad that he could not go back to Kelantan for the festivities. The other one was planning to open his own business. One female worker working with a Chinese lady owner on the other hand loves her boss very much.

    I am very concern on the education policy carved out by the so-called Malay educators. Thinking and affordable parents prefer to send their children to International Schools. 90% of the Malays can't afford such private institutions. In Sarawak the Chinese schools prefer their own system. They do not have confidence in the present curriculum contents.

    In many aspects the Malays are at the losing end. The leaders too realize it but never to admit it was due to their short sighted policy. Then they find the scapegoat to cast their blames...DAP, the Chinese party.

    01/02/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    JohnMaster, selling at RM40, goes like a hotcake. There are RM200+ T-shirts and the lowest ones. While the Chinese bought them for the Chinese New Year, I gathered them for my Spain-Morocco trip. I hope those cheap ones are not clones but the left over old stocks. I am sure spring will not be as severe as it is now.

    I also made a survey of the prices of the body-fit T-shirts that I use to wear for my evening walk. I found that the old and the new prices are the same but the quantity is reduced to 2 pcs instead of the old three. It means the increase in the price is very substantial.

    The new year is about a week away. If I don't buy those JohnMaster now, I won't be able to find the forty dollar branded shirt anymore.

    I buy shirts but not trousers. I still put on the torn pants even for a long journey, local or foreign. It is a kind of fashion style. Steve Jobs and a few other scientists on public TV only wore casual dress.

    However at this age I try to observe the dress codes as much as I could. Attending feast would be the long sleeve Batik, prayer at the mosque is always the Baju Melayu. Burmuda is not only for my daily exercise it is also for traveling. The dress I hate most is the coat and neck-tie.










    The last dress to wear has not come yet. Many people are scared to think of the day. Everyone wishes that he will be placed in heaven for the rest of the eternal life.

    Actually I won't mind if anyone else want to have whatever dress or ornaments or handbags they want. It is nice to see other people wearing beautiful things. It is just lovely. Surely you would want to see Rosmah look the best among any other worlds first ladies.

    Enough with the cheap branded T-shirt. If I were to wear a RM20K JohMaster, I may have to tell everyone I meet that I have a RM20K shirt on my body.

    What's on your body and how you look like isn't impressed everyone. It is what in your head that's utmost important. It is what in your heart that matters most.

    31/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Najib's only hope is to tow the line of Obama so that he could be protected by the American President. Would Obama order the FBI to close investigation on Najib ? I would not think so. The Pentagon loves to compile more facts on the Malaysian Prime Minister, and to see whether he was behind several murders that had taken place including Morais. USA won't arrest him nor his wife. They will force Najib to follow their desire.

    At least 90% of UMNO members, his supporters or enemies, are not aware of the International bodies have put their interest in the 1Mdb money laundering activities. The Foreign Ministry and the members of the propaganda unit do know of the upcoming and are preparing words to attack the countries involve, and to convince the Malaysians that the locals and the foreigners do conspire to cast out Najib.

    Fortunately for Najib that many of his close friends are not English educated and some did not even pass Senior Cambridge. The don't even know the technical aspects of computer to get access to the banned sites. And they are not interested to know why Nabib banned some sites.

    The Scorpenes case went silent for quite some months. It is now resurfacing again. Surely Najib would not want to be called to France to answer some of the questions. If somehow big money had been paid to waive Najib in this case, and yet it is brought up again then someone could bid good bye to the payment.

    These UMNO guys won't even know whether Najib will be shown a red card. Who would want to declare war on that country ? Once an arrest warrant is flashed Najib will have to hire Mosad to be his body guard.

    We hope Najib won't face such a degrading situation.

    31/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I think the world should give Najib a break, stop all the scandals and lies about the Prime Minister. We have been wasting our time and money trying to prove that our Prime Minister did no wrong. Our deputy Prime Ministers and several others had met with the donors, not one but several. When we told our citizen there was one donor who wanted to fight ISIS off, they didn't want to believe. So we told them that there were several.

    All the stories about the movement of funds from 1Mdb company to Najib's personal account were truly lies.


    The story about Switzerland poking it's nose into our affair is not of it's business, nothing to do with foreign countries. Our AG has closed the case and Najib was declared innocent. Yet Sarawak Report keeps on vexing us. They are just jealous because the Malays are ruling the country. 


    Soon the Scorpene case will be out again after staying dormant for quite some time. Someone went as far as accusing Najib trying to free himself using a local lawyer to pay some French guy.

    Do the Westerners have nothing else to do ? They should appreciate our efforts to fight the terrorists.

    Nobody can do anything to Najib. He is the chosen one.

    30/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    The sermon at the Friday prayer today is about ISIS. Probably it is the same topic throughout Malaya instructed by the Federal Government. I then remember the Friday prayers I followed in the United States. When the Imams were not from Saudi Arabia the sermons contain political tones but the ones from Saudi preached with religious tones, about  living and death, heaven and hell. I would classify ISIS under political tones with an express political purpose.

    Could it be an ISIS movement right on our land to set up an Islamic government ? I don not think so. The events in Syria and Iraq were more political rather than religious. Syrian rebels were armed by the United States as Assad was using big killing machines to kill the unarmed dissidents. It is all about the bad governance and unfairness.

    A man on the street who shouts that he is an ISIS is not one unless he is well armed and well trained. There may be a few thousand men who wish they have the most modern hitech weapons in their possessions not to destroy other religions and set up an Islamic States but to put away only ONE single stubborn politician. Again it will remain a wish

    Try to imagine that Malaya is near Syria and Iraq. If Najib is good, honest and clean the citizens will be happy. The country will be in peace. If it is like the current situations tenth of thousand will flee Malaya and will join any militant group. It will happen. But we are thousands of miles away separated by seas and a long terrain, countries and continents, which spell the impossibility of people getting weapons and training from the real ISIS.

    Let us also assume there is a strong and powerful force of IS movement, who will be their main target ? The non-Muslims ? Hishamuddin said he is in the hit list. It cannot be just a single man. It has to be several. By now those in the list may have long been cleared and put to vanish from the earth surface.

    In my view the sermon was to prevent any arms revolt, to halt the Malays from any thinking of seeking firearms to put oust Najib.

    The Indonesians bombing incident was of the local nature, independent of an international ISIS. It was aiming either at the United States or at the Indonesian leadership. There could be a link between the Indonesians and the Malaysians. There could also be a possibility of a few Malaysians going over to learn the bomb making technology, more on personal basis rather than the organized militant proned group.

    I believe that we can dispel any terror group by having a good government running on the rule of law, fair to all citizens, strive to provide the best for the welfare of the populace.

    The mosque should be more careful in using the sermon's topics. Political stuffs may turn the people away and would cause split among the Muslims.

    30/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    We never realized what statin prescribed by the doctor to lower our cholesterol level can do to our body. I seem to agree with the video clip above that it damages our memory, our levers, kidneys and muscles. So all along we were thinking we are getting senile due to ageing process. And those statin patients then experienced a high reading of the blood sugar content and later suffer kidney failures.

    Once upon a time I asked a doctor why met-formin when it is well known to affect our kidneys. The answer was simple,"Without met-formin you will die faster. The medicine slows down your death." Kidney failures and diabetes do not seem to have cure. If you have them you are sure to die. Medicines and dialysis will just make you live a little longer life.

    Cholesterol won't kill us but the lack of vitamin C can cause stroke.

    I downloaded the above video clips, put them in a thumb drive and took it to the local hospital to be given to a doctor. I believe they will discuss the findings and decide what to do next.

    I don't know whether my damaged brain cells can recuperate, by natural process or by divine intervention. I will place faith before everything else that it will revive but it will take a long time, at the close of my death within the coming few years. It is the same hope with a few other tissue damage caused by statin intake. The doctor asked me to stop statin intake to observe the result.

    The 4.8 kilometer daily walk does me good. I feel fresh and strong, never feel old until people called me 'uncle'. The reduced food intake too made me felt light when I had my walk.

    Please do a little more research, gather more facts, weigh them to see their veracity and make your own decision, to continue with the drug or consume more vitamin C as proposed.

    27/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    The more I care to sneak into Najib's affairs and conducts the worse do my health become. I will try to close my eyes from those news and leave everything to God to fix the case. I want to attend to my personal matters which are very messy and need some spring cleaning, starting from my health to the dressing of my home, inside and out. I have to read something about Android Studio and follow the instruction step by step, as far as no one asked me to produce my credit card for a license fee. I don't have a credit card.

    There are documents that I have to examine as they have something to do with my wife's departure. I hope to get everyone of them to facilitate claims and other matters. May be I will start tonight. Surely it will take a few hours to end the job.

    My laptops are not at their proper place. In my shack this ACER is used for typing my blog. My Apple is on the dinning table with an external keyboard to replace the original keyboard which were filled up by the minute ants. And the slow HP is on the sofa in front of my TV set. While watching TV I worked on My Visual Studio 2015. My clothing spreads everywhere; on the floor, chairs, sofas and on the cupboard. I want to start ironing some and put them in my traveling beg for the coming April Spain-Morocco's trip.

    You may faint when looking at my dinning table. There are papers, plastic begs, bottles, combs, portable plugs and sockets, a box of Mandarin orange, mosquito's aerosol and pens. I have rung the usual maids to do a 5 hour work for RM100 for two persons. It will be done on the coming Sunday.

    Today I went for medical checkup. I asked the young doctor whether I am administered with statin for cholesterol "Yes," he replied. "Do you have other than statin for cholesterol ? " I asked. "WHY ? " He asked me. I told him about several side effects of statin. "Your cholesterol is OK. only 5. Let us stop the statin and you take up vitamin C and see for these few months. You take another blood test to check the cholesterol and the kidney reading." I agreed.

    The doctor asked me whether I follow the strict diet control, to which I gave negative answer. I ate all; pepsi almost everyday, beef, egg ( red and white). The doctor said I took too little medicine for blood-sugar and saying statin increased the reading blood-sugar level may not be true for my reading is almost normal. I did not tell him of my daily hourly walk as a normal routine.

    I am waiting for the Chinese New Year to be over before I called Ah Hua. I want to ask him to find and buy the PVC pipe of a double O size, the 2", 1 3/4 and 1 1/2". for my new antenna mast. I have been to several hardware shops, they do not have the double O but one with only 1 1/2". I want to work on 80 meter band with a proper antenna. For years as a ham I only worked on 15, 20 and 40 meters. My target time for completion will be around mid February.

    I abandoned my experiment in search of free energy. I think it will be for quite some some before I picked it up back as my hobby. In the meantime I sent an e-mail to Bloom Energy in USA seeking for more information. But telling them that I am an old man of 69 and retired might not get any attention from them. But I will just wait. You won't know unless you try.

    My shack is warm and stuffy. There is no fan. It has an air-conditioning unit but I stopped using it to cut my electricity bill. Last month I only paid RM34. My average before was RM250. I do not sleep in this room anymore. Instead I am sleeping on the bed where my wife used to sleep before, a kind of a hospital bed with rollers and shielding on both sides. It is more cosy than staying in the radio shack.

    I am not an anti cob-webs. I regard it as a mean to arrest the mischievous mosquitoes. When maid came they would remove them. The room is not accessible to those workers. 

    I won't die if I don't know the chaos of politics. I may feel the pinch of the rising cost of living due to the poor management of the country. I have seen so many incompetent thieves swallowing public funds, the failures of business organizations run by the politicians. They are very real and true happenings. I have no choice but to nsult myself to say the Malays in general are short sighted and stupid. The politicians think the others are fools like them.

    It would be true if anybody were to tell me to clean my own backyard first before I passed remarks on others. I can't even manage my own home. Even a cat has cheated me. This cat of mine has a small kitten which she brought into the house and hid it in my shack. Each day I allowed the mother in to milk her baby. When the kitten grew bigger I took her outside my room. The mother would come in in the morning to breath feed her baby. And at night I allowed her in again until the next morning. I never knew she took comfort to urinate on my clothing days in days out. I only realized it when I wanted to do the ironing this afternoon. I have to rewash my dress again.

    I have a strong feeling that God will fix the current chaos, of the man who wrongfully used the pilgrimage money until it is hitting the red mark. They pillaged religion for their own gain, forgetting their days are numbered. There is no way that Rosmah can fight her ageing. For some that is a torment. I don't want to think of the Malaysian government to seek the military aid of USA and Australia to kill thousands or millions of Malays under the name of fighting against terrorism. I don't see how else I can live until year 2020.

    26/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    I still remember that at one time the MCA and the Gerakan have very qualified people in parliament while the UMNO members were academically inferior. UMNO then decided to have individuals with academic qualifications to be people's representatives.

    A leader with a very strong analytical ability, good foresight and with distant vision, rich in various knowledge can make a wise decision and not easily conned by opportunists. Even at the current time MCA/Gerakan are much more smarter than the UMNO members in many ways. By controlling sentiments they can maneuver situations to their favors.

    Qualification is a general indicator of mental aptness and alertness. Rejecting qualified people is just the tale of Pol Pot regime where kids were told to shoot and kill their teachers and all other professionals. Our Holly Prophet may not talk of LCE and MCE examinations but told the Muslims to seek knowledge beyond their boundaries.

    To say Einstein was actually a dropout at least he has a theory of relativity and on e=mc2 to talk about. What special academic or scientific contributions do our politicians parade ? Take the less educated to debate a topic he will hide behind a curtain. Ask him to explain 1 Mdb, he will either talk rubbish or only mentions one word repeatedly 'fitnah...fitnah..fitnah...'

    Low academic qualification does not brand you as a stupid man. You may have better wisdom. It would be alright if you are running your family, your home or your own business. But you cannot run a university, multi-national companies, a state or a country. You can't leave everything to your subordinates to do things for you and speak everything on your behalf. If it is, it is as good as not having anyone at all. We don't need a Prime Minister or a Menteri Besar then. Immediately millions will not respect you. When you can't use your brain or your knowledge then you will resort to using your muscle.

    We live in competitive world, competing with smarter and cleverer people. We need to be alert all the time else you have to be prepared for the worst. Even the degree holders were outwitted by more smarter con men. Najib's 'cash is king' and his witty mind cannot fight the derailing economy and the plunging dollar. I had said in one of my articles before about Najib's using muscles to push his policy on FELDA that it would be met by the battle of wits. Many predict the FELDA settlers will be left with their useless properties on paper only, in the future.

    Imagine, you give a mathematic test to a person. He fails the test. You give him a history test. He fails. You give him an English test. He also fails. Then you say that the best job for him is to be a Chief Minister or a Prime Minister.

    25/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Najib told the Malaysians that the 2.6 billion donation is for him. It is nothing to do with other people. He is opening up the once blocked path of accepting donations and gifts which a lot of people would like to offer even without any return favors. Many of us still remember circulars from Civil Service Department barring us from accepting gifts and hampers.

    There will be no such thing as living beyond the means. A person with RM3K salaries may be getting gifts and donations 1 hundred times his salary. Some police officers were given donations by the members of the public, not for freeing them for their offences, but for the good work they have done to keep peace and order. Government officers therefore should not reject any gift and donation that comes into their ways.

    But the 2.6 billions that went into his personal account did not come directly from the donator. It went through several levels which are defined as money laundering.

    Najib's answers vexed more people though his court and judges may free him.

    People will not be listening to him anymore no matter what he says when the country become bankrupt. Daim predicts darkness will engulf the country by September. When that happens nobody will listen to Najib's words anymore. The ringgit kept on falling. It may not be accepted by many countries. Even the Thai bath is far above our ringgit. Najib cannot blame on the world anymore.


    By now he should realize that the GST collection would not resolve the big loan he has been making. Loans cannot be paid by GST but by the economic growth. The business community have lost confidence on Najib. The more garbage uttered by him, the more the investors will show their contempt. As we have seen US investors were asked to avoid Malaysia.

    Najib will not care how bad our economy become. All he cares is only himself.

    22/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    It was about 17 years ago when we had been discussing Mahathir and Barisan Nasional as almost our daily routine. As the case of Anwar Ibrahim dragged and later followed by several death we put up a question, "Why Mahathir is still alive ?"

    "He will live a long time and God will punish him in this world. Some of us will live to see it. Most among us will die first," someone said. I remember what I told the group clearly.

    UMNO will fight among themselves fiercely. The reason is the grabbing of the reduced resources. Whenever a new person becomes a PM, his followers will demand for projects. Most of the projects are held by the old PM's followers. As the numbers grow bigger the resources will become smaller.

    The fight will start here. The root is the projects and the money. "

    Was I wrong in my analysis, describing the future base on the current behaviour.

    The different between the Malays and the Chinese is that the later had to learn to be independent from the young. They were not the pampered race. They strive to build their economy. Among the MCA members they will not stab each other because of government projects. While the Malays, being much pampered, had to depend on others to survive. Joining UMNO is not with the ancient patriotic spirit, but more on finding economic opportunities and hope to get financial favors.

    The prediction on the comeuppance experience by Mahathir now also came true. God created thing happening in a mysterious way. Mahathir elected Najib and replaced Abdullah Badawi. The retributions began. At 90+ Mahathir is feeling the torture imposed by Najib. I didn't think that he made a wrong choice. It was a natural process of the punishment we were waiting for.

    It is more painful to see what is happening to Mukhriz now.

    Islam does say that the non-sinners who live within the community of sinners will have to suffer when God send turbulence in the area. Malaysia seemed to be strike by hell fire; the economy goes down, currency weakens, foreign investors runs away, young people are losing their jobs, prices shot up greatly and the cost of living is pinching.

    What future do I predict ?

    The future is very bad for the normal Malaysians. The Malays, being the least on the survival rate, will be suffering more.

    22/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Najib admits getting RM42 million from SRC, but tells Ling to prove it

    If I am a samseng, the drug lord and a mafia chief I will use all the words and phrases which the world would not understand them or insult them worst more than a slave. I have been watching too many movies depicting gangsterism and drugs on the Hollywood. The power of the drug cartel is monumental and seemed invincible. The police and the politicians had a share in the dirty money. It took an individual to sneak to kill the biggest criminal boss.

    Examine the above phrase and trace the fragrance spirit in the content. I only found a sinister intent saying 'Yes, I took the what ? '

    Actually what LLS has to do to prove it is using Najib's own admittance itself.

    The seeds of hatred is not sown by Lim Kit Siang, Mahathir or Rafizi. All emerged from the horse mouths. They themselves are the driving force of ISIS movement or any other militant organization. The more the people are oppressed the more creativity they become. The real desperados who find living is hell and meaningless are willing to do the worst.

    My mind keeps on wondering what is the mind of our IGP. Even if he got all the favors from Najib, doesn't his mind feel guilty ? It is no more a fitnah when Najib was finally cornered to admit the money that went into his account. The leaks has shown millions were spent on personal comforts. Surely the IGP should have known where Najib got the money to spend to kill and paralyse his opponents.

    Not only the IGP, so are all other dignitaries who know that crimes have been committed. What's in the mind of the Sabahan Ministers like Rahman, Keruak and Pandikar ? Didn't they think of the rakyat ? The story of 2.6 billions had been changed from time to time. The intelligent minds could have a manifest idea of the veracity of the crimes.

    I have tried to think that all accusations made on Najib were mere lies and fallacies. But each day the truth begins to appear. What Najib said yesterday differs from what he may say today. WSJ lied about the USD700 millions moved into Najib's personal account. Today it emerges to be true. Najib said he never used public money for personal used and now he admitted he had the 42 millions into his account and he has to disprove what was written by SR is false.

    For once the police should be with God, submit to the teachings of Islam and do the right thing.

    Najib admits getting RM42 million from SRC, but tells Ling to prove it - See more at:

    21/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    From the beginning, Najib had been calling the Malaysians to be loyal to him. And to most the call was something obvious and normal. What was happening, well hidden under Najib's cloak was not known by almost every Malaysians. Najib had done a lot of wrongs, sinful and against the law. He did not want people to question him and the government. That was why he called the people to obey without questioning.

    Najib almost got what he demanded. Ismail Sabry, Ku Nan, Said Keruak, Rahman, Pandikar and his other Ministers prostrated, and Ismail likened Najib to God, and Najib himself declared he is elected by Allah as a Prime Minister. Even if they know public funds went into Najib's personal account, they would not want to believe it. If proven they say they approve such a scam. Therefore all illegal things become legal by their approvals.

    There are civil servants and Ministers who want God to forgive their sins by carrying out orders from Najib saying 'they have no choice but to obey'. They used the term Cari Makan. Jobless young people need money and they have to submit to accept any dirty job like the Cyber Troopers, or becoming political hooligans. These are mainly from the Malay group who are not independent enough economically.


    How far will the loyalist go to defend a man who will somehow be known to commit heinous crimes ? And how far will the IGP willing to go for the same reason. Islam and Muslims are not a rogue religion. The police and the army cannot argue with God that they have to obey a man for their family survival for they have the alternatives. One of them is to stop the crime and the criminal.

    The test for a true Muslimin is here and now. He has to choose between God and a man.

    20/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof