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Raymond Francis



I had sworn to myself that I would not lend money to anybody else, even to my close relatives and friends. It is not because they are reluctant to pay back but because they don't want to pay back. One of out of five hundred may honor the promise.

Everybody seems to be broke, even a wealthy Class A contractor. Some would sob and cry and lament for help, with full of swearing and promising that the payment will be prompt. Big businessmen without any shame and conscience can ask his poor and jobless friend for a few hundreds to a few thousands. I even come to conclude that wealthy people seek helps from poorer individuals more than the reverse.

Many dared to approach shark loan and suffered a severe punishments as they can't afford to pay.

Failing to get back the loan some resort to appealing through social media like the Facebook. There ere occasions when the lender get the lash from the borrower. A friend of mine Halim, a contractor who get a handsome bequest from the mother's death avoided paying me just a modest sum of RM500. And again I made another promise to myself not to lend to anyone anymore.

The problem with me is even if I only have RM100 in my purse I would lend away RM90. Realizing my stupidity I cursed myself. I could not sleep thinking about it. A working person, a lecturer, called me up just for RM50. He should have known that I am a retired man with a meager pension. I would give him a hundred and told him not to pay back. I would not believe he will pay back. Similarly guys who seemed to know my name would approach me for a ten ringgit loan, I would just give him.

Then a month ago I got a SMS requesting for a loan of 30K. 30K is almost my whole life saving after deducting all other expenses. I had 35K in my account . That's all and not a quarter more. Don't they think I am jobless with zero earning ? The SMS said the payment will be a month. I gave a deep thought and weakened by the pity, and decided to give away 25K. I needed 10K for the the Eid. My grandchild would be back home. I usually spent a lot on both of them. The bank transfer was made. I felt that I had done a good thing helping a person in need.

Two weeks ago while jogging with a lady teacher who I met at the track we talked over a wide range of topics. She could talk on end telling all sort of stories. We talked about the raising cost of living, the economy of a small car, about health and exercise and money. On the next day we continued our conversation. One of the subjects of our chatting was on loan. She narrated a lot of stories on her experience that people did not pay back the loan she gave, the swindlers and her relative who took more than a year to settle a small loan. She too swore to herself not to lend money anymore.

Those conversations made me scared. My 25K loan may land in nowhere. What if it is not paid and the borrower pretend that there was nothing happen about the 25K transfer. To console myself I put my faith in God and injected a strong believe that the loan will be honored.

To my happiness, yesterday I received a message the 25K has been banked into my account. I felt so very relieve and ecstatic.

I am going to give away no more loan. But what should I do and say when someone approach me for it ? I can say I don't have money to 99% of the people. Surely the one who get the 25K would think I may have a ready cash in my bank.

It would be wise for me not to look at the balance as my total cash in hand. I need to compute the future commitment as well. If I plan to but a Bezza new car for RM35K and I have 25K left in my bank, my amount of money is -RM10K. The future commitment has to include traveling, buying medical drugs and supplements, road taxes and rates, and the possible expense when I am warded.

I think you too can do the same. Computing your balance by deducting your future and desired commitments which would include the holiday expenses.

In Islam the final punishment to people who do not pay their loan is severe. Imagine those loan defaulters who have been to Mecca several times. Do they think their sins could be cleaned and erased by God ?

27/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Political parties in USA are competing in raising funds. Donating to them is not considered bribery though individuals and business communities and everyone knows they are lobbying and expect a return favor. If Shafiee Abdullah really offered to give USD500 million to Hillary Clinton it is by no mean illegal according to the United States's law. The American Jews and the Arabs were known to contribute plenty with the hidden intents and expressed purpose.

Shafiees's visit has a multi-prong tentacles. What was announced was he was to show documents on Mahathir's sons laundering activities in USA while Najib's son in law did not know the donation he gets was from 1Mdb. It would not be wrong to assume that PM Najib had been talking to Obama several time to get off the hook. But Only Obama did not know Najib's modus operandi which he had been practicing on Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir. It takes FBI to lodge report on Najib's tactical maneuver.

Nevertheless Obama has already put pressure on DOJ to receive Shafiee. That's the reason why Najib is telling his supporters not to take the street yelling at Obama. He is very confidence that he will go scot-free.

Every one is saying that they are keeping their fingers cross. If it is in Malaysia the court would say, "Let's go case by case. After finishing your case we will take another..." 

But we can be sure that every record on Shafiee's activity including his road show campaign against the jailed Anwar is on FBI's table and being handed to Loretta. WE can't hardly say how Shafiee conduct himself, whether with extreme vanity  or as humble as pathetic beggar. The show of arrogance will not be good for Najib.

We would have expect Rosmah to have phoned up Michelle Obama probably having a long pathetic talk, and even cry on the phone. More than 4 phone calls and continued pestering could cause backfire. If it is so we can be sure that the price of putting Anwar in jail is the same gruesome fate awaiting for him. As it is now the Prime Minister is very confident of his escape.

Clinton had been paid before before this to make her believe that Anwar was a head of a terrorist group in Malaysia. Najib used his Arab messenger to do the work for him. Though contribution to political party coffer is not a crime in USA, the Malaysians see it as corruption. Najib's favorire phrase is "I scratch your back and you scratch mine."

The high handed policy practiced in Malaysia could not be applied to foreign countries. We tried to order and command the Interpol but the later is aware of our dictative mood. We were trying to force the world to believe the Arab nation donated 2.6 billion to Najib's personal account. Why not we warned the Swiss to be careful with the Chosen One to avoid the wrath of God the Almighty ?

Cash is King. It is true that there are corruptions in the United States too. But the Americans too have conscience and pride in themselves. How would they feel knowing a Malay was trying to outwit the Western people in demanding Claire Brown be arrested and put under red alert ? One has just need to whisper this to Donald Trump and watch the result.

Arab donation did not stop Israel's encroachment and torturing the Palestinians boys.

The Malaysian cried foul on the death of Najadi, PI Bala and Kevin Morais. If the voices travel to the United States and other countries, Clinton and Obama may have to start looking at those death. FBI is efficient enough to analyze the puzzle. Hitler could have said that it was not him who killed the million Jews but his army. It is just like blaming the finger that pull the trigger, not the man himself.

The main facts have been exposed to the world. It is shameful because the donor as claimed by Najib, Zahid Hamidi and other UMNO leaders was missing in the line up. Almost every media in the world has informed their people. Probably the FBI had talk to Saudi's Foreign Minister.

Shafiee has to pay more, contribute more, not only to the Democrat but also to the Republicans. There is a lot of taxpayers money around. We can afford to hire a personal jet for almost a billion dollar just to pick up a simple award. We don't have to worry because donation and contribution to the political party is not an act of corruption in the United States.

Back home in our backyard Sarawak Report published a report on Malaysia-China's inflated deal on rail track contract, to pay for 1 Mdb. I would like to warn the readers not to blindly believe in the existence of such a deal. It is merely a purported document supposed to be passed from one person to another person.

Again we can only make assumption for the sake of the argument not because of it's authenticity.


If this contract can pay off all the 1mdb loan then we don't have to pay an annual interest anymore. Imagine 2.7 billion of interest for 10 years. Loan from China on the railway is 60 billions, 30 billions of which goes to 1Mdb loan payment. The burden on the public is only 30 billions, which is less than what we may have to pay to the Western finance company. The most we have to bear is 10 years.

It does not any way affect the United States and Najib would have won the favor of the local Chinese. And it could not be outrageous. All Najib has to do now is to squeeze for more funds to contribute to the Democrat and Republican coffers.

26/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


To many of us life is very lovely despite the political turbulence. They don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy good health, good food, a company of merry and happy go lucky bunch of friends. We may not be the luckiest but we are not worst off than many of our contemporaries around the globe. And we are better than the jobless who made the streets their home.

I am one of the luckiest as I started to save during the working days. Today I live quite comfortably with a small pension. I cut corners and ensure that there is no wastage. Having a small 660cc car cut a lot of spending on gasoline. But I would go for a good food, stay in a good hotel when I go traveling and enjoy oversea trips once a year.

I don't have a million or even half of it but I feel the providence is an abundance. With the rising cost of living I do feel the pinch. prices of medicines goes more than 25% up. And other essential home requirement jumped more than 30%. But life goes as usual, doing the same chores day in and day out, with the core evening walk till my body is soaked.

I was in USA before and was a frequent visitor more than 30 times. I saw beggars and homeless people everywhere. I saw poor people in many part of the great wealthy nation. I saw American shops were taken over by the Chinese. There were killings and robberies almost everyday. I had never wanted to make America my home.

I don't have a company of the merry happy-go-lucky buddies because I chose to be alone and lead a solitary life. The free time is ample for me to do many things from domestic work to leisurely drive around the district. I washed and clean, writing blog and develop computer soft ware. At 70, I still enjoy filling my time with those activities.

But when we are on computers we can't run away from grim and dreadful news and we tend to be carried away. I can't stand the lies that filled the screen. On many occasion I based my beliefs on facts and documents and visual substance. A few would depend on reasoning and logical deduction. Hence political issues usually brought grief and anger. That won't be good for our health.

Reason does not stop me from having faith in God, predestination and believing in comeuppance of the sinners. I believe that men should be and do good, honest and benevolent. Yet we see cheaters, liars, drug peddlers, thieves and murderers. But God knows some people choose hell as their destination, the specie without shame and without God in their hearts.

Fortunately we are much blessed with an abundance of food supplies, good health and freedom. Every house in my community has at least one car, telephone, TV, freezer and washing machine. Try to visit Cambodia, India or Morocco where beast of burden are still used and women and children have to walk for miles to buy their domestic supplies or go to get their education.

By social standard, I am just an plain ordinary independent old man, with senility but sane, decayed memory but vivid vision. By economic standard I am a centimeter above the subsistence level. I don't owe anybody not even a finance company for any vehicle purchase. As an infallible man I do have desire and lust and peeping at an evil shameless women private parts in the internet and adored beautiful young ladies.

I used to have a myriad of hobbies, from playing chess to developing biometric applications. Ham Radio had been my passions for a long time until it was polluted by sick people. I invent things but did not keep blue prints of them. What still remain is traveling and enjoy scenic places.

The sky may be dark, the days may be gloomy, the turbulence may be raging but living in a cocoon is still warm and comfortable. May God punish the sinners and put them to suffer their whole lives. Let life remain beautiful for us the poor innocent and honest people.

25/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I could not sleep last night. Many things swirled in my mind.

1. MONEY - A Chinese dialysis patient, Chong, is about 45. He told me repeatedly, "Cikgu, I am a millionaire, having tons of money. I bought a house in China. The money is useless to me..." Money does not make him happy. And the other night on the Whatsaap a friend said,"We are old now. Our days are numbered. Spend your money and enjoy your life. Don't worry about your kids for they have their own destiny..." It came from a ham radio friend.

I have never dream of living till 100 or 90 years. I think I have 4 or 5 more years to go. What's the point of running away with a few millions and keep the money in foreign banks. I don't want to die anywhere else but on my beloved earth near my home.

2. FREEDOM - I love freedom very much. I do what I want, go anywhere I desire, move about anytime I wish, and nobody dictates me on what and what not to do. I don't even want to live with any of my kid and never came across my mind that I am going to remarry.

To many of us our mind is free of fear of being killed. We go out without bodyguard, without bullet proof vest. Even a few high profile persons like the late Tengku Abdul Rahman who went for his evening exercise alone, the late Raja of Perlis who drove to Pekan Rabu to purchase some merchandise and talk to the normal people, Tengku Abdul Malik who would drive and ride a horse alone, approaching the normal people, accosting and talk to them.

Freedom is one of the greatest gift of God the Almighty to us.

3.  LUST - Whenever we went to have self-serving meal we would see people filling their plates until the brim with as much delicacies as possible. Then there were a lot of leftovers. Food was wasted. It was the lust that over rule the reason. The same thing happened during the fasting month when the purchase was too excessive but to be thrown away the next day.

It is also hard to find people to say 'enough'. Many would want more and more. A million is not enough. A hundred millions is not enough. A billion is still not enough. You will see this in mafia gang, drug lords and other criminals. Some sell their souls to the devil.

4. POWER - Some say knowledge is power. Some say money is power. Mao Tze Tung said that power is at the barrel of a gun. All of them are true.

The police and the army will be impotent without weapons. They are armed to create power in them. The power of a leader lies with the police and the army. What a leader has to do is to hold onto the chiefs and feed them well. Similarly, the terrorist is one only with guns and ammunitions.

How would a person who thinks he is so powerful act ? The gangsters bully and exercise intimidation. Robbers would rob you at a gunpoint. The United States would swarm the warships into the South China Sea, and I would use it to make money.

5. RELIGION - When I went to the Friday prayer I heard political sermons several time, calling us not to believe social media and the importance of stability, about IS and other worldly affairs. At least half of the congregation would interpret the Imam as government propaganda agent and bore a dislike towards mosque and all other religious figures. The effect of people distancing themselves from the God's house is detriment to the position of Islam in the country.

Islam will be frowned by the non-Islamic acts of religious leaders and politicians. The issue on Zakat is enough to compare the usage of money by the Muslims and the Christians. Again it painted a black mark on Islam. A stupid religious figure can cost havoc in the divine faith.

6. ROWDY PEOPLE - I am worried that Malaysians have become rude and rowdy. Below is their responses to Tungku Abdul Aziz and Lim Kit Siang's remark


Are we moving towards bloodshed ? A wrong move can result in the Malays will be gone in Peninsular Malaya. Who started the chaotic situation ? Was it the people ?

24/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


While I was in Indiana University Bloomington, for the last 6 weeks I was in the computer lab almost the whole day developing software in BASIC. I was an audit student in computer literacy. Other students went in and out and they must have thought I was working in the lab. At first one student asked me for a help as his program didn't work well. And later more and more came for similar helps.

On examining the algorithm I found the line of thinking of the Americans were totally different from the way I thought. The pattern of the arguments were more open and not as rigid than mine. Nevertheless I made their programs work.

And during the Statistical Research exam of 2 hours, I was surprise that after 10 minutes the White students handed out their papers and walked out. I said to myself those people must be pretty smart. The Asian and Korean students were struggling and managed to chase the time. Outside the examination hall I met several of my American classmates and expressed my awe. One said, "Why waste our time. Either we know or we don't."

Malaysians should not force the others to think as we are and talk as we do. In the recent case our top guns, the Ministers and Attorney General issued statements that Najib was not involved as he was not mentioned in the DOJ documents. When the documents mentioned that AG cleared Official number 1 off 1Mdb....the money was shared among Offial Number 1 family...etc etc

Isn't it a stark different between the minds of the Malaysians and the Americans ?

I am not going to debate about who is right and who is wrong. It would just be interesting to read more about the DOJ report READ THE FULL INDICTMENT HERE. You can rubbish it if you like.

Try to remember of what we said and told the Malaysian public. We changed words and phrases and we forced the public to accept as truth. To us they were just normal. After they were whacked and kicked they were given cash and sweet promises, then whacked and kicked again followed by the show of freak love. They accept the whole deliverance. Most of us were brought up that way. What more if religion was used to enforce such an enslavement.

The Western minds believe in substance, facts and proofs. They observed our demeanor and attitudes. They noted what we say and what we do. After a time they learn our maneuverability. Sometimes we went too far and did too much to our arch local enemies.

I am scared reading what DOJ wrote. Other Western articles traced the past history way back in the 1990s. I am sure they will drill for proofs and start to sniff on several corpses as to cause of death.

It is funny. We follow the Western style, speak Western language, eat Western food and enjoy their entertainment yet we do not understand the way they think. Some of us even think they are the smartest lot in the world. They show their arrogance and stared at people's eyes.

23/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Retirement and staying aloof is somewhat a blessing. It takes us away from sins and the sinners. It was a pain when I saw departments doing the backdating of documents to purify the sins and the wrongdoings. A friendly bank or other corresponding departments are willing to corroborate in the change of the date, to regress to the events of the past.

I have already told about a school picked up to compete in the financial management, where several clerks were camped at the said school to rewrite and change documents to make them look perfect. The school Principal was credited to be the best manager in financial management.

Backdating the payment date and the receipt need the cooperation of the other party and whenever it is through a bank, the later has to be friendly enough to alter the records in the computer. A worker is willing to do the job for a good price.

It is extremely difficult to find a man who will reject any amount of money either as a reward, gift or a payment for a favor. But there is at least a man of such such a noble quality. He has a wealth too, a wealth of pride that goes with him all the time. His happiness is seen in his face and countenance. He doesn't need to fly a first class carrier and drive a few hundred thousands car.

Cheating and deceitfulness are common in the government agencies. I did narrate about 7 millions ringgit paid for the undone termite work and other undone jobs in school premises. How on earth the payments were made when the schools did not acknowledge of the status of their completions ?

Backdating and re-writing of documents are not legal remedy. They are freak products used as legal proofs, Doesn't anybody know and see the dirty work in the dark ? God knows. They can escape the man made law but they can't escape the wrath of the Al-Mighty. Such people would live the world of hypocrisy behind the dress and title of a holly man. Doesn't Satan show itself in form trusted and respected by men ?

Somehow people do sense the dubious and dirty work without having have to see the dark scene. A question that takes months to response indicates the cheating machinery at work. If I were asked how much money I have it takes less than a minute to give the answer. I can even list my school monthly or yearly expenditure within 10 to 15 minutes. Should I take 6 months to gather the data ?

We have millions of people in the world. Not everyone of them are dumb and stupid.

You will be amaze to know the number who can see the evil design behind the wall however thick and dark it is.

22/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The exact question pop up again and again in the series of this blog. It is playing around the mystical aspects of happenings that befell our nation that's brought about by the evil force of a wickedness that was pulling the gloomy clouds over us. Bad omen hovering us could be in form of natural disasters, calamities or something else beyond our imagination.

Taksin divorced his wife after his mishap but it was too late. Marcos suffered the same fate much earlier. We should have learn from history. Now a bunch of people are livid and has started to howl and bark at the top of their heads. And some are happy as a lark.

At the Time Square New York the huge neon light was running the news on our nation, not a favorable news but sentences of shame. It was repeated by other international media. And I never expect this to happen.

Nobody dared to publish about the bad luck and it's origin. probably none had been thinking of Feng Sui and the spirit of luck when the Chinese spent millions to consult the Feng Sui masters. The lower people still believe in the luck of number 8888 and willing to depart with a huge sum to get such a number plate.

I don't believe this is a bad luck at all. It is just a normal happening. But when there was a helicopter crash in Sarawak during the election campaign I regard it as one of the bad luck brought by the same source.

The causal-effect phenomena could very well be predicted and many analysis were made base on these phenomena. But bad omen is unpredictable in shape, form and structure. What I have been predicting in my blog did materialize so far. The world is observing us through their embassies. We should be ashamed when we twist and turn our words, changing them by day. People are studying our words and deeds. Suppressed people will find help somewhere else. But that's nothing as compared to the nature of the bad luck that will strike us.

What's next ? We just have to wait but we have to differentiate between the causal-effect and the storm of bad luck.

There is one thing we should always remember that we cannot challenge God in spite of our total invincibility. God hears the cry of human's hearts, their agony and their sufferings.

We pray the worst will not happen.

22/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There will be a time when every single cent of the GST money will be counted and examined where they were used. Many of us won't live to see the day. It will be a day of retribution for the criminals if there were any. And the day is not too far ahead.

People have been asking similar question, "Can our Prime Minister sleep and not worry about anything ? " A few has the answer, surely emerge from conjecture, an intelligent conjecture. Najib has to think about his son-in-law, about Jho Lo, about the international investigation. His lawyer had posed a question whether Najib could be arrested by an outside country. Putting together it shows Najib cannot go to bed as many of us do. He won't be worried about Mahathir or anybody at all in the country. Nobody can budge him.

He has to buy those foreigners who are after his friends and family at whatever cost. Obaid and a few of his foreign advisors should be able to do the work. It will be a hard work and will have to involve a colossal sum of money. Sarawak Report accused him of using the 1Mdb's money, which could be true or false.

But without paying Najib can still escape persecution from the United States by secretly allowing the East Coast to be eyeing for Chinese armada. The international judgment of the South China Sea is an opportunity for Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. USA is more interested in containing Chinese expansion than Rosmah's son or Jho Lo.

And USA is enjoying it's trade with Malaysia. TPPA alone has brought huge profit as seen in the increase in prices of goods and medicines from the North American continent. Food and beverages too sent tons of money in addition to the telecommunication and media system.

If the opposition party members work as hard as Najib's team in the United States then things might be different. That would require millions and billions of ringgit, beyond the opposition's grasp. I remember talking to one Filipino American woman who said, "In America there is no love nor affection but money..." The anti Najib's team should not be too confident that Najib or his family could be indicted in the US court.

But we can be sure that Najib's commitment is extremely large that even the GST is not enough. He has to raise funds by additional means. It is never good for the nation but good for him and his team. The poor, the jobless and the pensioners suffer. The purchasing power plunge. The cost of living inflates.

The police is very well aware of the state of Najib's popularity. The security system enhanced to protect Najib is as great as the United State's president and the Russian Vladimir Putin. Nobody can ever dream of putting off Najib in any way. The shield is thick and he is almost invincible.

The police even talk of IS targeting the Prime Minister which I think as a mere precautionary measure. IS as a live organization in Iraq and Syria will never emerge in this country. When we talk of an IS we are talking of a body with firearms and a stock of ammo. Other than the mafia, drug lords and gangsters the normal people can't afford to purchase even a small weapon.

What is the use of enormous wealth if we live in fear or in sickness ? What is the use of wealth if we are not as free as a bird ? Will we not die with bodyguards and barb-wires ? Will we not be getting older and deteriorate with medicine and plastic surgery ? Everyone, including Najib and Rosmah will be passing the same path.

At the end of the path we will lose our strength. We pray to God begging for forgiveness. But our sins with the people aren't forgiven by the Almighty. The truth will light the sky. People will know what happen to their money.

Many of us suffer from the shrinking savings and income, from the rising cost of medicines and other goods and services. It pangs our hearts and our minds.

It's a pity and it is a tragedy.

21/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


 Preachers preach. Some of them are fake but not visible to the eyes. Fake preachers do have followers and people can believe in their words. They come in various forms, from the normal laymen to the top politicians, in form of clerics and priests. In the world of amateur radio there are no lacking in the false messiah.

Amateur radio equipment is not cheap. A used FT857 could fetch up a price of RM4K. A new comer to HF always want to know what sort of equipment he should buy and would seek advice from different sources.

I was one of those newcomers before. But before becoming a ham, I was a SWL. We usually started with listening using a communication receiver or using a normal radio and beating externally to resolve the SSB signal. We had QSK cards to be sent to various radio stations including the Broadcasting services like the BBC or VOA, beside to the amateur operators.

By listening we would know which were the strongest stations and the antenna system used. We would visit their locations to witness the height and the antenna setup. It happened many old hams erected a simple dipole antenna no higher than 50'. Only a handful had a linear amplifier like the late 9M2AT in Johore. Eshee, Idris and many others were running barefoot.

So we knew somewhat the rig and other setup required for a good system.

By the time we passed as a ham operator our signal did not cause any strain to the other party to hear us with an excellent clarity and a 59 + . 

Those were the days without internet and we did not have many smart people around. I do not remember anyone going around preaching the best radio and antenna system to have. I bought a used FT101B for RM800 from a fellow ham whose signal strength booming like nobody's business. We were lucky to have Chong, 9M2DJ, an expert in repairing problem rigs. He would instruct us to look at a certain components when our FT101 was not functioning. Changing a single capacitor made the rig work like magic.

With the internet people browse the webpage for the equipment to purchase, reading their reviews and order the purchase. I know of an operator who would buy almost the new antenna system that were not heard before but had not been successful enough to roar on the air.

I am fond of saying that an expert must show by the signal strength and the audio quality, not by talking and preaching. Icom IC-718 (IC 718 IC718) transceiver

For the last 15 years I worked a few stations using ICOM718. I was told it was the cheapest and a basic 100 watts transceiver. Had not I been told about it, I would have thought it was a super-duper equipment. Almost a year ago I asked for the price when I was at One Communication. It was just RM2.5K.

If one is loaded and has a lot of money one can buy any rig as he likes, which may cost him RM12K or RM24K and build a 70 foot tower and giant antenna. Changing rig as a new version comes into the market is just like a hobby of changing a new car brand. I love to have Axia. Before I buy one there is a new brand, Bezza. Of course one can trade in the present car and pay lesser for the new one. People are doing it. But it takes a strong will power to fight against the inner lust. If you have money then do whatever you want. After all it is your money.

I am just telling a new comer with a meager income. There are amateurs who can't afford to buy a tuner or a simple 2 meter rig. Use a simple logic and reasoning power before making a decision.

20/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


CW is an ablution towards being a dignified and ethical ham

It takes only a special people to learn and sit for the Morse codes examination when it is not a mandatory requirement anymore to get an amateur radio license. We can't just hate a person who wish to venture into a new world of knowledge and skill and declare him as our enemy. They have put a lot of sacrifices; time, energy and money.

In our days a ham who just passed his Morse test and awarded with a license was not allowed to transmit on SSB. He had to be on CW for a year. by the end of his one year he would gain enough competency in the SOP using the Q-Codes and other short forms.

There was no computer then. All CW competitions were on the straight key. I did participate using the Himound pounder but not to win, merely wanting to help the other side to earn some points.

It is good to hear the new boys coming on the band with this mode. Never fear the mistakes made for bravery is more the matter. I never look for any high speed messages, an eight or twelve words per minute is good enough.

I always remember about some parents who sent their kids to an art and craft and music classes when those are not an integral part of the school curriculum. They paid for the badminton and swimming classes. It was not to pass an examination but to provided added values to their kids.

More often than not wisdoms accumulate in men who are rich with knowledge and skill. It made a better individuals who would be humble and discipline, ethical and adventurous. They seem to be carrying different characters and worldviews.

We cannot buy the CW skill like we buy a rig. It resides in our mind and blood, going with us wherever we go. Imagine if skills can be hired or bought then we would be able to hire Ronaldo's football skill for 20 or 60 minutes for a price.

A strive to secure competency in CW is an ablution towards being a dignified and ethical ham. The positive attitude is borne in the process of disciplined learning method and a lot of patience put into it.

New radio operators should not be afraid to come on the band on Morse codes. It is your right and freedom to do so. You can give life to ham radio.

18/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Ham and Amateur Radio


Today the concept of Amateur Radio and Ham Radio has taken into a new form. The CB, the Family Radio, the RELA and other unknown groups communicate, some using similar equipments and frequencies, with styles of their own; some mixed the CB lingo with their own and some follow the lingo of the old ham radio. Had not because of the call signs we would have thought they were fellow hams. They used numbers from 00 to unspecified values for the IDs and the call signs and others do not. All of them are radio hobbyists and love talking over the air. The most pertinent name for them is Amateur Radio operators, hams plus non-hams and all others who are not using the radio for service communications.

Traditional ham radio operators know and operated using Morse Codes or commonly known as CW. Those who found CW was hard to learn would go outside the boundary and operate a CB radio. With the abolishment of CW as a prerequisite to be a ham radio operator, the radio frequencies used to be  given to the hams with CW certificate are now filled with operators without such a knowledge. And somehow those without the license from the authority also joined the fun.

A great number of old and new operators want to maintain the traditional mode of communications. Some organized themselves and form an international group like FISTS. Ham Radio must be associated with CW. It has been a package in the ham radio from the beginning. Like the Atheists and the believers living side by side, the different between them is the divine book of revelation. They cannot be the same in the eyes of God.

Like in the religion, one cannot dump those with CW and without in the same pot though they may live side by side. If to the Atheists God is dead, those who cared not about Morse, CW is dead.

Using the traditional concept amateur radio without Morse is not a HAM. They can't use the word SILENT KEY to indicate the death of a person.

However there is nothing to stop anyone calling himself a HAM as he wishes. One even call himself a god like the late 9W2GOD.


It is not wrong to encourage people from all over to make themselves available on amateur radio. The greater the numbers the more disaster-ready we are.

As a radio operator I want to be known as an operator with CW-able. Some engrave I LOVE CW on their caps. I made a pin- button to be worn in Jakarta Hamfest and Japan Hamfare on the 6th. and 20th August consecutively.  

Astonishingly the logo makers did not understand the whole image and characters written on them. And I told them that it is true that almost no people can understand the logo but a few. It will be my ID, I told them. People will know my country and that I am a CW man. I just don't write my name.

An Indonesian ham told me, "It is not a ham without CW."

16/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




People queue up at Mamak nasi Kandar. Millions have been sent back to India. The Mamak always charge a very high price at everything possible. In my town among the famous Mamak's rice are the Royal, Majeed Tomato Rice, Zam-Zam and Ali Nasi Lemak. Their restaurants are never clean yet the crowds love their cookings.

At Jalan Putra I had seen a stall NASI LEMAK ONG. Today I see it again as I passed by but it is no more a stall. It is now a restaurant and I saw Chinese customers are queuing up as long as the Mamak restaurant.

I was thinking why Nasi Lemak Ong instead of Ong Nasi Lemak. It played around my mind. The word ONG means good luck, opposite of 'SEY' or Soi Seow,bad luck. Putting Ong after Nasi Lemak indicates the rice has a good luck connotation. You will get all the good luck if you eat it and the owner too receive the best of the luck.

One of these days I want to have a look what else accompany the Nasi Lemak. Usually the rice is sold together with the ikan bilis and egg, or the squid and spicy curry.

I suppose the price is much cheaper than the Malay or Mamak shops. Chinese foods have been cheaper and tastier except they are not Halal. The Chinese also sell Ketupat, with beans and corns at the night market along Jalan Telok Wanjah.

I would like to wish the owner of Nasi Lemak Ong the best of luck and may his business flourish till 200 years to come.

10/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When a wicked princess asked her maids who was the fairest of all, everyone bows and praises her as the most beautiful and the fairest of all.That is what she wants to hear. Millions are rushing to praise their leaders for rewards and a little pittance. "You look a little slim today, my Queen." they would flatter to the growing fatter princess.

When we are in power people close to us will rain us with glorious words, how good we are, the whole nation loves our way and willing to die for us. We would be surprise that they would be saying the good things on what we ourselves know are wrong and sinful. When the power is snatched away or we have given it away we may be stepped and stabbed, and cursed.

There is a great competition to please Najib, hoping to be seen and heard, and went to the extend of elevating Najib to the level of God. We also heard Najib as the Caliphate of God. Some went further calling for the killing of the enemy of of the leader. Though they made Najib to lie, the Prime Minister is still responsible and accountable. Najib is running a country not a little home. He has to be sure that his subjects are people of great honor, with honesty, not liars nor spinners.

If he walks away it will be the same persons who would put sands in his rice bowl as what they do to Mahathir.

From the beginning Najib has listened to someone on how to make money for personal use and election spending. He made a grave error which no matter what will punish him after his retirement however long years it takes. Already his enemy is implicating him in the death of the AmBank officer and Morais. 

I would be glad if 1Mdb issue can be put to rest. If China is willing to take over and the MOF can close it's connection with it, it will be the end. I am sure China is willing to reimburse all the past losses. Then be it. The citizens are not burden in paying the interest and the loan. The government can start to look at it's function all over again.

The opposition may be accusing Najib of selling the country to China. But it is the best that we can do to save the public from being burdened. If China wants to built a high speed rail with it's own capital then we have nothing to lose. Imagine what can a 385 km/h train can do to the workers in the country. After all now we are sending billions to USA for the communication and TV systems, food and beverage and other products.

If 1Mdb issue could be resolved than Najib can step down and face what may come. As a citizen Rosmah can spend as much as she likes and rent any jet plane she loves. She can purchase any goodies and as much as she wants to.

By now Najib should have known who are his bad advisors and who are the individuals who had push him down deep in the mud. Even Arul Kanda is a big snake. I call him Arul UNIT. He said that 1Mdb keeps units in BSI Singapore.

08/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I hardly believe the arrested IS was armed with only a knife of a few centimeters long. And the 16 year old boy has a gut to call himself an IS. May be like everything else, there are a high and low class categories. According to the police Najib is one of their targets. And why should the Malaysian IS target Najib at all or any particular Minister ? No terrorist group is interested in 1 Mdb scandal or Rosmah lavish life.

What had caused the rise of ISIS in Iraq was a vacuum left by the United States. Syria's turmoil did not begin with IS attack. It all began after the Syrian authority tortured and killed a few school children who were accused of writing anti Assad slogan on the school wall. The people rose up against Assad and asked him to resign. A rough response and the bombing on the rebels made the anti Assad appealed to the United States for arms. It is at this point the ISIS group from Iraq went in to support the anti-Assad group. The Iraq group got the weapons from the left over of the US weapons.

Malaysian government took a stand to stop Malaysians from going to fight in Syria to help the ant- Assad group. We feared people who are within the anti Najib camp might be the militant force when they return to Malaysia. A few had earlier made themselves to Syria.

I don't see any possible way for a military hardware to travel from Syria or Iraq to Malaysia at all. A gangster, drug lord and a mafia are affordable to buy from a simple to a more advance weapons. And it is somewhat a joke for a person with a penknife to call himself an IS militant.

Nevertheless there are millions of people to hate Rosmah and Najib and pray for their demise by plane or motor accidences. The police is aware of the people's feelings too. But they won't go to the extend of using arms or to cause great chaos. Life is still comfortable and food is till plenty. A person with explosive knowledge prefer to bomb an ATM rather than to bomb a police station.

A man is not strong if he has no self-defense skill and not able to kill with his hand. He doesn't feel strong without any form of weapon within himself. He will not feel invincible without a bunch of gang. If he has anyone of it he could be a bully, a crook and even a murderer. But nobody can stop a weak man from yelling and shouting and from painting slogan on any wall if he wishes to do them.

Those who do not like Najib would never make the foreigners their enemy. The Malays who do not like Najib do not make the Chinese their enemies. It has been the politicians who are sowing the seeds of racial hatred who want to make sure the Malays do not vote for the Chinese party particularly DAP. And try to harness the Chinese votes by creating the IS ghosts in the country who could threaten them.

You just notice the big gang of the cyber troopers who would swoop down to attack the Chinese on the social media. Then they likened the anti-Najib individuals to the IS.

Our police had been wise enough in not provoking the protestors who marched the city in showing their unhappiness towards SPRM or Najib. The arrests were made later. That had prevent shootings and bloodsheds.

We are more concern with crimes than the militant IS. There had been several murders recently and bomb throwing. Criminals are buying small weapons from some vendors somewhere, which may be smuggled into our borders.

Painting ourselves as a terrorist heaven and accusing fellow Malaysians as terrorists are never good for the country. Mahathir hinted that private religious schools were the breeding ground of the terror group. Najib told Hillary Clinton that Anwar Ibrahim is a terrorist leader. And now we are giving the impression to the world that Malaysia is an unsafe place.

What we do really have are the armed criminals who may not shoot at everybody but their selected foes who may be threatening their activities.

It is not wrong for the police to assume that many people want our Prime Minister dead. Only in their thought and their prayers. And it is not wrong for them to take security precautions. But too much overdo may invite economic repercussions.

 08/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Some people were happy and some were sad at the by-election results of Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. Najib and his loyalists took the victory as huge support at his policy, the GST and his 1Mdb scandal. Is he really so very popular and love by the people in both constituencies ?

Looking at Sungai Besar we find that BN had 16,800 votes. The number who did not approve him were 14,511, the difference of 2,289 votes. And in Kuala Kangsar BN got 12653 votes and those who disagreed with him were 10,621, the difference of 2032.  Both do not indicate a colossal or absolute majority as expressed by many analysts.

How many postal votes by the army and the police ? How much money were paid to the voters ?

It is true Najib still won even by a majority of 1. What matters to him is winning. Others may not find it comfortable at all knowing almost half of the population still find them very repulsive despite the huge spending and the use of enormous resources.

Najib is however smart when he played Hadi to come to his side. It is a matter of head he wins, tail the opposition lose. The moment Hadi gave him the utmost support it was the beginning of the end of PAS. Some of PAS grassroots still thought Hadi is still a PAS man and others believe Hadi is in fact an UMNO in disguise. Those who voted for PAS were thinking PAS is still the arch enemy of UMNO. They had been deceived by the game played by Najib.

Najib used Hadi to attack DAP as anti Islam. The less educated kampong folks were so scared of DAP that they forget about BN's components parties who were as much anti Islam as DAP. In fact UMNO members themselves reject hudud.

If you look at BN's Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar's victories as a big boost for Najib's wrongdoings you are very wrong.

People of low income, pensioners and people without job would feel a very acute pinch whenever they go to grocery stores and wet mar ket and super markets. Yet we can be puzzled when people say GST is only a small amount.

If Najib finds it very comfortable in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar position it is somewhat as saying Najib will not quit his premiership even if 98% of the population show their dislike towards him. He will turn the voters into terrorists to illegally topple the government using democracy.

Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar voters are still sane. Those who reject Najib are strong enough to hold to the religious and moral beliefs of sins and divine retribution.

27/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Stuffing the ballot boxes is much easier than switching them. Selected voters would carry several ballot papers with them and stuff them while doing the voting process. They earned payment before and after the voting process is over. Switching the boxes needs careful planning as to where and when the switching will take place. The process will take less than 30 seconds. Those in charge of eyeing the movement of the boxes have to be handsomely corrupt.

Philadelphia Reflections: Fisher on Stuffing Ballot Boxes

Traditional box switching is by switching off the light. Power failure of 15 minutes give a wide gap for the major switching to take place. And in Sarawak the long distant travel of the boxes give great happiness to the crooks.

Vote counting at the polling center would give the true numbers if there is no ballot stuffing by the paid voters. These are the die-hard supporters of a political members from the low income group who live on the subsistence level and who need money badly. You can easily raise 2000 bodies with the budget of 10 millions. The sum is a chicken feed comparing to the expenditures. A single trip by VIP could cost 100 millions.

Winning through fraud is still winning. What matters the dictator clings to power and continue with the abuse without challenge. A party can always resort to Trump argument - to save the Anglo Saxon race. If the other party wins the indigenous race will be wiped out. But in USA the native is the Red Indian, not the White Anglo Saxon.Stuffing The Ballot Box!

Complaints of the switching ballot boxes were heard in Uganda, the Philippines and Wales. Even in the most democratic USA in Florida.

It would be much better not to have any general election at all. What's so democratic about having election in the presence of threat, using gangsters to put fear in voters, cheating and lying and paying a few hundred dollars each for a vote, stuffing ballot papers and even box switching ?


Election fraud is not manufactured in the East or in Malaysia. It has been a talk of the West, what had taken place in their backyards.

At least we can now understand why God created heaven and hell.

The unbelievers take a great risk. Not everyone is a risk taker. It is always safe to be a believer. We all believe in the same God the Almighty and the Merciful. Being an atheists who do not cause harm and hardship to others is more respectable than being a man who finds satisfaction seeing people in pain.



03/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I labored for a long tired years to save for my old days. The saving is almost halved in value when Najib started his spending spree. My ears suffer an intense pain when I heard his rhetoric on the national media. I have never seen a man who can lie better than the greatest liars. In pursuing the search for the truth I discover this very man is much much more than what the masses may have been thinking.



Recently I watched a Korean movie where a small boy said, "I wish you be strike by a lightning. You are a bad man." I remember saying the same phrase many time, not realizing that even the Koreans express their anger with such a phrase. Najib however has the capacity to remove our anger by taking legal action on the International media. There are several of them which have been publishing the trail of money that Najib said were false. His non action will be taken as fear. Until such action is taken we have to assume the Wall Street is telling the truth.

We know that Najib will not abdicate for he fears the fate of Saddam Hussein. He will do anything at all to win the GE. Anything at all. Somebody mentioned that Najib will live till 190 years. I won't live long enough to see the comeuppance. But the day will come.

He taxed the Malaysians excessively, stopped the subsidies, told the people to save their earnings and at the same time rented a RM88 millions comfortable jet for his wife. He corrupted the citizens to make them approve of his wrong doings. He concluded the winning at Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar as a mandate by the people to oust his former ministers from UMNO. He arrested Lim Guan Eng for buying a cheap bangalow when his pet 1Mdb bought land below market price and sold at much an astronomical price. He lied to parliament and the people unendingly.

Najib thought the minimum wage and a higher salary scale could cool the people. For a little while the receivers will enjoy before the price hike leveled the increase in the volume of money in circulation. With the current absolute power he will win the GE14 which will make the people suffer more.

The truth does not come from Najib's rhetoric. It is from God. We will wait and see.

02/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The great tragedy began when Mahathir put Najib to replace Abdullah Badawi as a Prime Minister. Today we are on the free fall at the speed of 32 feet per second square. Najib is shaking and struggling to set himself free by squeezing every single cent to pay a very huge 1Mdb annual interest and to pay IPIC a monumental sums which went missing. Documents showed the missing funds went into Najib's account. Much has been used for personal expenditure of the lavish First Lady. Najib has not sued the whistle blowers the Wall Street Journal and the Reuturs.

He did not listen to his own ministers who forced themselves to resign. He chose someone whom he could manipulate to create greater trouble for the nation in time to come. If you still remember Najib told the UMNO members that he would fix 1Mdb within 6 months. The period has long lapsed. The debt increased. The missing fund is left to the conjecture.

The money trail was clearly shown and published by foreign media particularly the WSJ. The economy went bad. Zahid is blaming the public for the deteriorating situation. Rosmah is blaming the social media. Others are blaming the DAP.

It would have guessed the two resigned Ministers had warned Najib of the consequences of using the taxed money to settle his loan. Because it was difficult to deal with smart people he chose the less knowledgeable to hold the post of finance. He got to pay IPIC as fast as possible. He thinks he can stop the free fall by sponging the public money to cover the big holes the 1Mdb has created. Doing it will push our ringgit;s value down. There will be greater and more complications.

There is no way out for 1Mdb. It is the trap of the lifetime. We are almost as good as being colonized again. The funny thing is that we do not use our police and army to rescue us but we use them to fence us in committing suicide.

This is a surreal tragedy. Many seemed to be hypnotized and their minds have been controlled to assist in the wrongdoings. They do not realize that they are against God and committing sins every minute of it being with Najib.

Yesterday at a supermarket two young girls were very shocking to hear the price of a few things they bought. If they are Najib's supporters they deserved it. So were the voters to received hampers and cash. Every time they go out to buy things every time they would feel the agony. It will be their whole life affair.

When others hit the bottom, Najib has a parachute to save him. He and Rosmah and a few who have millions and billions will continue with their joyous livings.

It is the laymen who take the fall and died mercilessly . Would Najib care ?

01/07/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Husni and Wahid resigned from financial post under Najib's administration, leaving a lot of questions and guesses as the reason for their departure. Husni is said to have resigned from all posts he held in UMNO.

It is difficult for public conjecture to be wrong. These are the people who know what's happening to the money and has heard much from Najib's mouth and about Rosmah and her ludicrous life style.

Out of the many of Najib's men there are some who still have morality residing in them, and haunted by conscience of wrongdoings. More so they know and believe in God's retribution. Not everyone can tell lie and want to tell lie.

Husni and Wahid chose to avoid from sins which are clouding the culture of UMNO. The pollution has been too intense where pillaging of public funds by the billions used for personal comfort and corruptions. They would have known a lot on 1Mdb and the future consequence befalling the nation. With the current condition the country still has to pay millions for the comfort of Rosmah Mansor. Where about of the missing 1Mdb fund and where the 2.6 billion in Najib's account originate are very well known. The money trail followed by by foreign authorities clearly showed that there was a theft. And Najib dared not sue the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Even our police knows what's going on.

Morality and conscience do not lie within the heart and soul of the Ustaz, Haji and clergies. There hwere proofs that these people fear no God as far as money is concerned. They could be corrupted and twisted the words of God for the pittance. God fearing can be in any good man of any race and creed. Malaysia is not lacking of people with high state of morality,  conscience and fear of retributions.

28/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What I am about to write is not a reality of facts. It is just like a fictional story people write for Hollywood movies.

Muammar Ghadafi was put away for one single reason. He supplied free arms and ammunitions and given financial support to those people who felt they had been repressed by their governments and leaders. The Americans jargon 'The world would be a better place to live in and so".

There is no terrorist without arms, no IS nor ISIL, Taliban or Al-Queda. Taliban got their arms from Soviet Union, the Syrian rebels from the United States. The Southern Thai Muslims supplier stopped after Ghadafi. And the Filipinos rebels weapon's supplier was very well known by Malaysian authority.

It is hard to say where the Northern Irelanders got their weapons from.

It is almost impossible to get free killing machines today. They are sold at a very high cost and people with money can afford to buy them. These are the drug lords, the cartel, mafia and gangsters. In Malaysia none of the common person can afford to buy even a small revolver. The question of a common man to raise as a terrorist or a rebel is as good as nil. But the gangsters, the cartel and the mafia groups do own automatic and other high grade fire power. They are not interested in gunning down the government. They are more interested in making money.

Government could find the gangsters and mafia group advantage to them for several operations in return for the protection of the underground activities. They could be ears and eyes to the government to ensure of any possible rise of any terror gang that aim at toppling any political leader. Hence no ordinary man can ever dream of getting weapons from the organized criminals.

Authority lock their eyes and ears on those who have money to smell any possibility of purchasing and distributing arms to persons deem dangerous to some political leaders.

Malaysia has to be good to the Filipino rebel. Continued engagements could create intense hatred and enmity that could make the Philippines island as a training ground for future local terrorists. Our police force has to be delicate with the Abu Sayaff group under covered meetings and discussions.

Yet the United States put a red mark on Malaya as a terrorist breeding nation. Our leaders had been telling the West that we have such a group, starting from Mahathir era till Najib's time. Najib told Hillary Clinton that Anwar Ibrahim is a terrorist. Mahathir told the West that religious schools were cells training of the seeds of terror. All those were merely political gimmick for securing the permanent political posts.

No Malaysians has the mentality of the IRA. And the Malays especially cannot keep secret. They would always tell other people what they want to do. That made it easy for the police to plant moles everywhere even on the traveling trips as common tourists.

Malaysia is a safer place for the politicians however bad and stink they are. 

But there are unbelievable number of people who are wishing for Najib's death by plane or vehicles crash or even strike by lightning. The same prayer were heard during Mahathir's time. My only wish is Rosmah would be getting older the fastest and her face will be full of wrinkles and she won't be able to walk normally.

We don't need a terrorist or an arm rebel. We don't have to put much imagination and hope for hell to drop on our leaders. We can see the fact and reality of life, of the First Lady struggling with her ageing face and growing body. She will suffer when looking at the mirror one day.

28/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have a lot about Hamfest in Indonesia, in particular in the city of Jakarta. I would have missed it again if 9M2RB, Rusli, had not asked me whether I would want to join him the trip to Jakarta on the 5th. of October 2016, to which I immediately agreed. Rusli had done all the bookings and we are now waiting for the departure date.

We will be back home on the 9th. October. I have purchased the plane ticket from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur for the 5th and 9th October.

These days when I go traveling I want comfort and eat good food. What is better than Nasi Padang in Indonesia, always delicious at reasonable price. I have two full days to really enjoy the city and the festival. The last two time stopping in Jakarta was something like a transit to Jogjakarta and Bandung.

I have downloaded the offline map of the city on my Samsung and will study the map as soon I get the detail information of the hotel location and the ground for the fest. Surely it would facilitate our movement and be able to get back to the hotel if we were to get lost within the concrete jungle.

Rusli use Air Asia special offer plus hotel. The budget for the 4 day trip is about 1.5K. I am ready to buy something back for 20 kilo just in case. I have nothing to buy for myself. What might interest me is the CW key. That won't take up 20 kilo and even any space at all.

There is a big hole in my pocket after lending 80% of my saving to my student. I would have to use my pension money for July. It means that I will have nothing left after the trip. But I spend for myself, my own benefit and comfort. It is worth doing it before I die.

I asked Rashid, 9M2NZ, whether he will be going to the same festival. He doesn't go but instead will be going to one other place after our trip. That does not matter. Our main goal is just for enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation. I can have a day of siesta even in a cosy bed. The rest of the plan I leave to Rusli. Where he goes I will follow.

25/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


For the whole of Ramadzan I only bought Majid's rice once because the price was raised by 50 cents. The most tasty and palatable is Dapur Bonda where there are a lot of choice of delicacies. Nasi Daging, where meat and rice, were cooked together cost RM6 per pax. So far I only made that choice twice. Instead I bought a plate of rice, chose the type of gravy I wanted and would take either a fish or dried squid. Sometimes I was charged RM3 and other time RM4.

For the last two days I decide to cook my own Bhasmati rice, prepare hot chilies, fried keropok and a small amount of small fries. Today I bought small prawns from a wet market and a gravy which is called pindang. The prawn was fried with chilies added a small amount of salt. The keropok as an essential item of the menu. My God ! The taste was fantastic. Food without any form of poison. What is sold in the stall contains a lot of ajinomoto.

Majid will be wondering why I stopped going there. And I will have to inform him about his price. I could buy a more tasty and cheaper food somewhere else. I will be telling him that if he disagree with bringing the food price competitively I will not frequent the restaurant anymore. I can always cook my own breakfast. Once I get back to Pak Hassan restaurant I will buy fish curry for my dinner and keep it for fried rice the next morning.

Food and commodity prices are climbing each day. Najib do away with all the subsidies as the country is saving money to pay his huge loan and the money for 1 Mdb. He is the worst Prime Minister I have ever seen, spending millions on the comfort of his wife more than himself. Raw food is more expensive in Malaysia than in United States or Thailand.

Eating out is a very expensive affair. What used to be expensive before like KFC and Mac Donald are cheaper now than at the restaurants. A meal can cost a person RM20 to RM40.

All imported foodstuffs increase by double. I abstain fro purchasing can food like Laichee and Pineapple.

A jobless and a retired person has no other alternative but to compute the most and cheapest economical ways of living.

The changing style of food intake from buying to home brewing can not only save our money but also would give us different taste of food everyday.

25/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Call it what you want, an intermittent amnesia, memory decay, senility or brain dead, they are all in me. I have lost the sense and perception of time and space, do not remember what I want to do and where I want to go. I don't even know the day and date many a time. Things go and come back. I know today is a fasting months. I felt it was just like yesterday when it began on the 6th. of June. Today is 16th. of June. The officer at the Land Office counter told me this morning that today is 16th. of June 2016.

The advantage of the loss of time and space sensitivity is that days leap with a great stride. I have retired 13 years already and growing older rapidly but due to the vanishing sensitivity I have been thinking that I am still a young man, only to be reminded by those who called me 'uncle' or 'grandpa'.

There are many things that I do not forget; those who hurt me, who borrowed my money and my portable things, who lied to me and those people who did good deeds to me and other people. Selective amnesia ? I don't know. That's what things are. The mystery of nature may be. I call it the work of God.

The daily chores on this Ramadzan seem to go on very well. Each day I am getting smarter in buying food for the breaking of fast, the amount is lesser and expenditure is much reduced. Yesterday I bought a packet of rice with some fried dry squids on some gravy wetting it. I only paid RM3 and I bough some cookies for RM2. The day before I paid RM4 for a packet of rice and a fish. I enjoyed the delicious food. I decide to have my food from this vendor, Dapur Bonda restaurant, leaving the Mamak who raised the usual rice-tomato by 50 cents.

At 5 or 5.30 I went for my evening walk but reduced the distance from 4.8 km to 3.6 km. After sweating enough I took a rest before coming home, feeling fit and fresh. The washing and ironing is done between chores like a T-shirt or two just before or after praying. Washing is simple. All were done by machine. After 30 minutes I would take the wash to dry them outside the house. I have no choice but to use 2 T-shirts per day, before and after my evening walk.

This morning I went to the local Land Office to finish some land matter. I was glad everything is done. I could take a deep breath.

The festival day, 1st. of Syawal, will be very soon. My grand daughter would be coming home. I am thinking of finding some fireworks for them but it is not easy as it is banned in my country. There are some leftover from last year. I don't have much money left to entertain them because only recently I lent quite a big sum to my student. What do they take me for a billionaire banker ? Or is it easy to exploit me ? They know it is hard for me to say NO.

But life is fulfilling when I can do all the work that I want. I don't dream of having a private jet nor eating a RM30000 Japanese meat. I don't have to steal people's money and lie through my teeth. I don't live in fear of being kidnapped, murdered or hurt. In fact WE do enjoy life without having have to have 20 bodyguards.

Despite all the drawbacks living a solitary life is indeed a rewarding. You don't hear any of your family members shouting and cursing at you and calling you senile and stupid for your stupid behavior. Senile people tend to do stupid things which irritate the others. Nobody tells us what and what not to do. If we forget the day and the date we don't hurt anyone. It is just that we might miss something.

Like younger people I too am looking forward for the Raya Day, waiting eagerly to give away some money to the kids passing my way and fire some crackers with the loudest noise. I put life to my house with colorful glittering lights inside and outside. It is the joy most of us are waiting for.

16/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was deeply hurt many time. They were so intense that I kept them to myself. I showed no morose and I suppressed them in my mind. My strong mind and will power and my philosophy of life cushioned the shock and I could retain my composure.

Those who hurt me simply didn't care at all, like a master who treated his slave and treated the slave like an animal without any feeling at all.

Life is temporary. The mystery of the universe can never be known. In the yester years before men cling to reason God provides nature and it's phenomena differ from the age of reason. The magicians and sorcerers, the fairies and the witches were true and real. When men chose reasons God took away all the magic.

When I was a kid I heard old folks were telling stories about the ancient people as tall as the coconut trees and humans were large. I did not remember why in the later years they became small. In school we read a story call Nakoda Tenggang which was later told as Malim Kundang, about a child who was unfaithful and challenged against his mother who felt so hurt and curse the son to become a stone. There were stories of a being called 'gedembai' who turned many men and animals into stone and hills.

Malim Kundang/Nakhod Tanggang

Today when a man goes against God or his parents he does not get an immediate retribution.

Yet through the eyes of some others the sinners did receive the punishments from God. Bush who was part of the False Flag Attack on 911 is now drug dependent, the Israelis are living in constant fear, and others are either mentally unstable and paranoid or sick and unhealthy.

Life must go on. I have a few more years to live and I might as well go on living and make the fullest use of the remaining days. I solve my own health problem and other occurring ones. Some strange ones would be revealed in my blog. Why should I let others suffer because of me. And when I went for a distant travel, I did not bother people to send and receive me at the airport.

I believe good health can make one forget his worry. So I do daily exercise even during the fasting month. And keeping fit is imperative when I am living alone. I checked my blood sugar and blood pressure everyday, study the type of food that I should take.

It was just coincidence that people who were not happy with me during my working days have all gone to see God much earlier. It was not my wish at all that they should leave this earth. As I said earlier what could a slave do when seeing his master passed away.

While you are still living, try not to hurt people or put them in difficult position. While your parents are still alive do not hurl harsh words on them and treat them like animals. If you are a Minister do not cause problems to the citizens by taxing them and stealing their money and spend them as if from your own coffer. If you are an officer be kind to your clients and make them understand things without hurting them.

When you hurt people God will punish you.

15/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




9M2RDX, Rizal, has gone to meet God on the 12th of June 2016 after a few days of comma due to the blood clot in his head. We send our condolences to his family members and pray for him to be placed among the good men loved by God. Our turn will come later. And all of us will have to leave this temporal life.

Rizal is not my close friends but I did follow his activities all the time. The last two contacts with him was

on CW mode. That was two years ago. He Morse was fine. I knew he was using his fingers.

Rizal would be in almost all scout events and other ham radio activities. Surely all scouters would feel a great lost.

From the first moment I had a contact with Rizal, I knew he was a good and fine ham. He wanted to experience what the old hams had experience before. He looked for a valve set and toyed with it. I remember working him using the archaic equipment. Every time I saw his picture being posted on the FaceBook I felt so proud and glad to have such a person in the radio fraternity.

I felt so sorry that I could not fulfill my intention to visit him while he was in Kuala Lumpur general hospital. Hanafi, 9W2TZ, did not stop updating me to the status of his health until his funeral program. 9M2GET, Hairei too, kept on informing me. Rizal was one of the 9M2M operators.

Those who were close to Rizal could tell more and say more. May God bless him and his soul.

13/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Cash transfer through banks could be traced. The report by the Wall Street Journal had enough proofs on the trail of money that went into Najib's account. Najib will not dare, ever, to sue the US based journal because they contain the very concrete proof. Najib would be greatly disgraced by the donation and other spinning stories.

The Rosmah's bags on the private jet episode sparks suspicions and questions. Luggage which should be put in the luggage compartment were carried onto the passenger's area. There were conjectures and deductions as to the content of the number of luggage in the cabin. It was also insinuated that many of them contain cash to be deposited in the Turkish banks by the billions. In this way the money movement cannot be traced.

Najib's aide and Najib himself will come up with some sort of answers. And many will believe him. But he has been lying all the time and has proven to be so. BN ministers cannot be pissed out all the time. The luggage story would be unknown to them too had not it been without this leakage. They too will start to ask similar questions as the rest.

Why those luggage were not housed in their compartment ? Rosmah won't be able to see them and feared anything could have happened. Putting them in the cabin was safer and she could eye on everyone of them.

If it is the money, the plane may not fly straight to Istanbul. It may stop at Saudi Arabia. Najib's brains and masterminds are all here, waiting for the delivery. Then the jet will continue to Istanbul.

Somehow the stories will be known, if not now it will be years later. True or false Rosmah will be more than 70 by then. She will be getting heavier. A few crazy Malaysians will be hunting for her to revenge. Many citizens expressed intense hatred on her, saying Najib is under her spell.

The police should investigate too as to the content of the luggage and not to take side or announce their findings. They can always discuss with all the other top UMNO members as to the appropriate course of actions if the bags contain billions of ringgit or US dollars.

12/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The frontier of amateur radio has found a wider boundary. One's dream to talk on the air via one's own equipment from one's home is nearing reality. The authority is introducing Class C operators with a limitation to power transmission. Class C is a starter concept which later will open up to more discussion and ideas.

As the fraternity of radio is open to general public we are preparing the country to greater manpower usage during the time of calamities and disasters. I  every district, far and near, in a very remote area where population is scarce there must be people who can communicate with radio equipments in case of emergency and flood. Yong men and those with interest could be called for training by the government and funding of radio equipments be made available.

What the radio operators and owner should know is the ethics and social procedures on the air so that they will nay cause unnecessary disturbances. The technicalities of electronics aren't important. They are not going to be technicians or professional radio operators.

In the normal time, the regulation on power use could carry some advantages. It encourages an operator to set up the best antenna system ever at the highest affordable height. And he could learn Morse codes to work DX stations with the maximum allowable power. Of course CW is not mandatory. Knowing it will give him some advantage. Besides the skill can enhance his pride and satisfaction.

After several years the given power could be increased without having to seat for RAE which I believe should be abolished.

I don't need to say how to conduct the course for regulations. There are various methods that could be devised to achieve the goal.

11/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Things did not come out as what I had been planning on the first day of Ramadzan. The purchasing of food plus drink was RM10. I computed it as RM7. That was for the breakfast. At half fast two in the morning I went out for the Sahur at KFC. The wedges and a Pepsi cost me RM7.20. The total meal added up was RM17.20. My plan to go for the evening walk proceeded without a hitch, and arrived home almost 45 minutes before the Maghrib prayer. Only my stomach had some upset. I guessed it was cleaning my intestine. Total excretion ended up at about 2 am.

Today I feel much fresher. I decided to consume meat rice for my breakfast and tomato rice for my Sahur. The best of both is from Dapor Bonda, the food vendor my wife used to love. The two sets cost me RM12. I also bought some fried dried squids ( sotong kering ). I was charged RM3 for it. The additional stuffs are four ringgit. The total for today's meal inclusive of everything is RM19, a dollar and eighty cent more than yesterday.

Astonishingly I did not get tired at all on the 4.8 km walk today. Yesterday, I was too tired and had to struggle for the 3.6 km. There were not many Malays at the jogging track except for 4 or 5 young people. At this very moment it is 7 pm. I have yet to take my bath. I do feel thirsty but it is only about 30 minutes away.

I started the breakfast with my medication and a sip of water. Then I went to my prayer. Having done my chores I browsed the facebook. At 8 pm I took my rice. Today I will follow the same thing. If I don't feel any stomach upset, I will be going to the nearby mosque for the Tarawih.

You see, there is no part of Muslim practices are showing any enmity towards other race of religion. It does not condemn others. Our practices do not cause pain or hurt other ethnic group or their creeds. Neither would I bragged to the other race that our ways are the best. The worst the Muslims are encourage to say is 'You do your way and I do my way'.

07/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Business flourish during the month of Ramadzan. A friend said a month of Ramadzan the profit yield would last him for a year. The rental for the sale booth charged from RM500 to RM13K by the city counsel.

Yesterday at a Giant supermarket there was a huge crowds purchasing the trolley load of stuffs and the queue was very long. I only bought a packet of Brahim rendang and 5 cans of isotonic drinks. I am so sure those same people will rush to buy food at the Ramadzan stalls. They'll buy tons of foodstuffs of different varieties. I would say the extravaganza is just to satisfy the lust.

Today I intend to buy a kilogram of rice, will cook it for the Sahur. The Brahim rendang will accompany it. For half a cup I can have a big plate of rice. For the breakfast I'll buy something that will not be more than RM7. Last year I remember spending lesser than the normal days. This year I will try to spend much lesser for my food consumption is getting lesser as ageing climbs.

The breaking fast in my locality is 7.33 pm today. It is difficult to say which is the best time to go to buy food. After 5 pm there will be a big problem of parking but it would be a nice time for me. By 6.15 I have a very ample time to do my evening walk and would complete it around 7.15 pm. Otherwise, to beat the traffic I would have to go at 4 or 4.30 pm. It is a bit too early. I could waste some time by strolling from stall to stall to see what sort of menu they have at their disposals. With the seven ringgit I won't be able to buy a baked-fish which usually priced at RM12- RM20.

To start walking at the jogging circuit at 6 pm would be the best computing the average of the food buying times of 4 and 5 pm. The victuals however will have to reside in my car for about two hours. I have 30 minutes to take a bath and have the food ready on the table.

For the first few days I would not have any problem with my stomach and afterwards I could join the Tarawikh prayer until the end. After that there would be turbulence due to the acid-food reaction and it would all be done after the vowel clearance. My Tarawikh would cut to only 8 rakaats. That has been the case over the years. I am still alive till now. Nobody could ever advise me not to continue with my fasting.

Spending less is a form of discipline and a control of our own lust. It is our winning achievement. It would be easier for me as I am living alone. I only spend solely for myself. But it also should be easy to those who find the extra unfinished food and ready to throw them away. We can do away with choices. Just eat what we have. If we want other varieties, just buy them on every other day till the end of Ramadzan.

Of course we cannot be sure that we can spend less due to the rising cost and the GST. What we used to pay 20 cents is now 40 cents. Sellers have to charge more for higher rental, plus the raw stuffs they bought. People with meager income, the pensioners and the jobless would feel the pinch.

I saw ladies dress is selling at reasonable price. The average is RM50 a piece. Why buy the most expensive just one wants to be looked beautiful ? The dress does not determine beauty. A charming lady is always look charming even without any. And I have already got a dress I bought which have never been worn before.

I would rather spend more money on kids if I have any now. A dollar is too small for the kid's visitors. Last year I increased to two dollars but the number of visiting children were fewer. I had wished for beggars but there weren't any. This year I hope to see more beggars coming to my house. A beggar is a beggar, a poor jobless men or women, not a wealthy contractor who love their own money so much and only wants what may belong to others. 

06/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I had always thought that ham radio operators were respectable, capable, trusted and helpful people. That was when I first came to know amateur radio, way back in the '60s and '70s. It was not easy to qualify as an amateur radio operator then. One had to pass the theory paper to be answered in English and in essay form, and also a pass in a Morse codes test, of 12 words per minute. The pride lied in the Morse capability. Indeed it was a kind of filter to ensure hams operators of high caliber. It is almost correlated to the characters and attitudes of the operators. There might be a rare black sheep somewhere but I had never heard of any. I only knew of experimenters in laser technology, celebrities in Holly Woods, the aristocrats, the ruling elites, the congressmen and professionals in various fields.

Come the late '80s onwards I began to hear cheaters and liars. Hams that took friends' gears and never to return them. Hams that borrow huge sums of money and never to return them.

I have written on a ham who seek RM500 from me saying a religious cleric wanted to borrow as he was too broke, and promised to pay me back by a week. And this person is a big time contractor, a wealthy person with lot of properties inherited from the dead farther and mother. I did not mention his name and call sign trying to avoid disgracing him. I knew that he always read by blog and hope he would honor his promise. Till now he did not.

Yesterday while having lunch at one Mamak restaurant the shop owner asked me about 'a fat and big guy who lived around Seberang Perak area'. I responded saying I have not seen him for a long time. I narrated to him about the manner this man approached me for the TM500 and disappeared since my lending him the cash.

There is another ham who borrowed by the thousands from  several persons and continue to prey on honest hams. He does not owe me anything and it is not my job to expose his identity.

I think I have given this person enough time. It is not only the money that matters most but the crookedness, the dishonesty, the deceitfulness and the whole creepy stuffs that can cause pollution to the grandness of amateur radio. It cannot be a clean hobby with dirty people inside it. Amateur radio should not tolerate such a person.

I have to remind you that bad hams are not confined to only the 9Ws though in my case I experienced the bitterness with a 9W2 person. Mine is nothing as compared to the torment of other lenders. Names were divulge secretly by whispering to friends ears. We were warned to be very careful with con hams. One or two disposed names on the face book due to uncontrolled anger.

Of course I cannot convince you not to trust any ham who is a contractor with the suffixes J something and the prefix 9W2. It is a small puzzle for you to deduce by yourselves.

If he pays me before I die, I will write an apology to him in the very same blog so that you may know that he has repented. The only person to whom I told the identity of the ham is Hanafi, 9W2TZ. I always keep him up to date whether that person has made me any payment.

04/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What do you think of life and living after reaching 65 ? Many people pray for longevity and rigorously take care of their health, eating good food, doing exercises and consume a lot of vitamins. I do observe food intake as well and do daily exercise but I never pray for longevity. I may die anytime. And I am not worried about death.

I always asked myself where would be my last breath; at home in this town, at my new abode on some island somewhere, while on traveling or at the Holly Land ? Is there any uninhibited island somewhere where I can rent a small lodging and stay there alone and die there without anybody from my family knowing of my departure ? A lonely place far from people and noisy city life without TV and newspaper is almost free from the evil of human race. I would not have known whether Mahathir or Najib has passed away or sick or even in jail.

I remember the elderly people of the yesteryears who wished that God takes away their lives while performing pilgrimage at the Holly Land. Parents would not shed their tears on hearing of such death. I have not made my Haj yet though I have been to the Umrah for a simple reason, that I am not a totally clean man yet in ,y heart and my deed and religious practice. I feel so fit and strong and young at this age, at 70. And this is actually a problem.

At least I thought of death. How many politicians do think about it ?

Is it true that some animals, knowing of their imminent death, would separate from the group and went to find a place to die ? I have some places in my mind. When I told my student about it she told me not to be very stupid. Why should it ? I could start looking for a place and choose where to die.

You would remember several UMNO ministers chased the Malaysians out if they could not agree with the policy and rules of UMNO. If Najib could negotiate with foreign government to accept the outgoing Malaysians it could be sure thousands or even million would choose to leave the country. It was almost as good as impossible. But it is within our reach to allocate distant islands in Malaysian waters for those disagree with UMNO to go. The government can shut the TV and all form of communications and transportation. I would be one of the volunteers to go. Of course my preference is the less populated island.

Wherever you see humans you are seeing evil and hypocrisy. The most despicable are the politicians and the people in power. They made law to suck your blood and sweat, to siphon your hard earned money, forcing you to pay for their lavish expenditure and the money they stole. They deceived the people, lie to them, corrupt them and finally won their positions. The people are stupid enough to choose rogue individuals as their leaders. They are happy to pay for the higher prices, the GST and the stolen cash. They made god out of a man and said that if the Muslims do not listen to Najib, means they do not listen to God.

You are seeing these evils everyday. Some are worst than beasts, manipulating and forcing the people to like GST and to save the criminals. It is hell. The only outlet is to detach ourselves from the sight of these sinners. You will not die peacefully under the realm of UMNO.

It is not because of UMNO that drives me to wanting to run away from civilization. It is the totality of social mixtures summed that made living is full of stinking odor. Even top politicians go to the retreat, far away from the city in the deep jungles, dwell with nature for several days. Serenity and calmness are now becoming luxuries of life, where people pay to be with them. Deep jungles have been made a tourist resort.

No matter how and where you die your soul will still meet the angels and God the Creator. Let me die in peace and tranquility in a quiet and beautiful place where nature is untouched by the greedy mankind.

02/06/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have been watching too many Holy Wood movies to fill in the empty time. Once upon a time the Communist use them as propaganda tools, a part of brain washing machinery. Today China produces more entertainment films. One has to assess movies from Holy Woods and lump them into various categories. Not all are made for mere entertainment.

Classical Chinese stories are depicting corruptions, almost similar to the current happenings. There are English action films that tell us about rogue individuals who hold the post as a chief policeman and a gangster boss at the same time, which could make you think of a similar situation here. Political leaders could use the police as well as the mafia warlords to defend themselves. The crooks help them in getting rid of their foes and anyone who threatened them. Tamil movies tend to expose the nature of the bad politicians.

If you see too many movies you tend to think our leaders are corrupt, crook and work closely with the criminals to commit their heinous crimes. They can create doubts and suspicions, pushing us to make conclusions on the behaviors. There was a movie on a fake President where the real one was kidnapped and replaced by a clone, which would lure us to think that Najib and Rosmah are both fakes. To a certain extend some movies are seditious in nature.

A movie like the Jungle Book which is so realistic in depicting the animal and human characters, is telling us that video clips and audio voices cannot be used as evidence in court. Animators could produce any human images as if he is a real person. Yet Malaysians are using very fuzzy image to bring down their political foes. Surely Najib could depart with a few hundred millions to kill his utmost dangerous enemy by paying for similar techniques if he wants to.

What else do movies show us ?

1. The arts of warfare. USA and it's allies would drop their army in the heart of the enemy
2. The recruitments of operatives and missionaries, military operations and weaponries used.
3. The organizations and networks of international gangsters, drug kingpins and crooks.
4. The methods and procedures of stealing, robbing and breaking the banks.
5. An independent justice fighter.
6. How to kill. The many methods of murdering a person using poison, cyanide, cement
    drum, sniper, human bomber and other methods.
7. The arts of planting moles and spies by the government and by the crooks.
8. Crooks becoming national leaders.
9. The arts of corruptions.
10. On despotic rulers and the fall of dynasties. The follies of Emperors and Kings.
11. On laws, police, crimes, drugs, valiant and villains.

Those are among some of the contents of the movies available. Viewers tend to associate the happenings with the current social conducts or relate them to the political scenes in the country.

But most people prefer light movies, that they don't have to think of the philosophy behind them. They love the action films because they want to see the fight, the shooting and the versatility of the heroes, more actions than talking. The kampong Malays prefer the Malay drama to the English movies. They like the Hindi movies because of the songs and the handsome heroes. Their minds are almost free of dirty thoughts.

The very few adventurers might follow the examples shown, digging tunnels to rob banks, conning high profile individuals and commit murder without being traced. The English educated with political inclination regard the movies as the mirrors of the arrogant and pompous politicians. And they quickly concluded the death of Kevin Morais and PI Bala as well planned murder to save Najib.

It is difficult for the government to bar these movies into the country. They are not in the theaters but there are plenty in the internet and downlable. Moreover some of the messages sent are not very obvious especially when conveyed in a comedy form, yet it is telling the people about the avarice of a certain politicians.

To what extent do the movies shaped people's thought is not known. We can try to read their minds through observing their behaviors and what they expressed in the FaceBook and other feedbacks. Yet we cannot say the correlation with the movies. The people might have read other articles from opposing team's social media.

The Malaysian government has a gigantic machinery to combat with any thought detrimental to the leadership precarious position, plus a very huge sum of money for distribution and gifts. Cash is King is not Najib's philosophy. The Chinese has been saying it decades ago, that a man can pay a Satan to pull a bullock cart for him.

Nevertheless to reduce worry never try to relate the movies to the political happenings.

31/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The British has a long history of civilization, understanding the people and the world around them, mastering the sea and the oceans in the earliest centuries, took India and Malaya at the helm of industrial revolution. The early American governments was set up by the Anglo-Saxon race. The world looks at the United States as their god, eat American Mac Donald and Kentucky Fried Chicken, rent their technologies to create personal wealth by selling to their own citizens.

The British understood the Malays very well. So much so our Sultans loved to have British advisors and finally gave the full power of administration to the White People. Examining English literature written in the 16, 17 and 18th century we could assess the mental acuity of the Englishmen, strong reasoning power and very observant. The British described the Malays as 'a brown skin and emotional people living on trees'. The later Englishman of the 20th century, Alex Jose, described the Malays as the generation of pirates.

The Anglo-Saxon, White British, are cunning, shrewd and clever. They have been playing games with the Malaysian Malays to their advantage several times and in many ways. We have to pay them for the recognition of our school certificate. That will not be forever. They want a quick and hard cash for any technology you acquire from them. They set morality aside for your money.

Nor Mahathir, nor Najib can think they can deceive a fellow British at the high echelon. Remember British pirates have been plundering the Spanish galleons for gold. Drake was a pirate who was knighted by Elizabeth I. Alex Jose forget that his ancestors were the band of pirates, and will continue to cheat and plunder foreign funds wherever possible. They would accept money from Najib even they know the money was stolen.

The Englishmen will not beg from the Malays or Najib. They do not send their sons and daughters to Malaya to study and obtain degrees from our universities. If you want to pay for their football team they would accept it. We were forced to move the Malaysia Hall to a new place, to a smaller and more congested building.

Economy wise Najib does not gain much. He just want the British to say okay about the money that went into his account. At least he can be sure the British government will not wave him a red card for money laundering. Behind the mind of the British they want to have more money and more cash from whatever source Najib can offer them. They are cunning all the way.

20/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always aware that Ministers and other politicians have been telling lies in parliaments. I am sorry to say almost the whole member of parliaments are not aware of many things and a big number do not possess the analytical and mathematical ability to reason and compare the statements by their fellow parliamentarians. It is owing to a simple reason, that they are human beings. They cannot be perfect.

Each and everyone of them must remember that they are responsible on what flouted from their mouths, and whatever they read from documents prepared by their offices and subordinates. A man who pull a trigger killing another human is equally guilty as his master who ordered the murder. They cannot finally passed the blame on the finger, the gun, the gun maker or the gun seller.

Similarly if one car knocks another the driver should not shift the blame on the faulty break, the bad road, the other driver and the government for not drawing a better traffic rule.

Because a parliamentarians are responsible and accountable they have to be sure of whatever they are going to spurt out are real, and true. Najib has lied in parliament. Azlina also lied to the law makers. Both, when caught, did not want to accept the responsibility. They squashed their accountability. What they had done were they lied to the 30 million citizens. Instead they use their machineries to justify their sins of irresponsibility, and putting their blames on the opposition parties.

By the standard of morality and human civility such an attitude is called immoral behavior. The feeling of shame is absent within their souls and spirits. They judged themselves differently from the judgments of that of the local masses and the world. It is not a satire when a story of an emperor with an invisible dress was made to fill the entire social atmosphere. When thefts were proven and the criminals were not indicted as they control the whole power, they thought they were innocent and they were kings. They paraded themselves to the world telling how beautiful their dresses were, at the same time in their nakedness they splash wealth and money to the people, thinking their rouge characters could be bnished.

Human who are obsessed with the thought of invincibility and unchallenged power will elevate themselves to the level of God or would not believe in the existence of the Supreme Power, nor believing in heaven and hell. God has taken away the feeling of shame and stripped them off of their ethical and moral values. That's the reason we see them blaming others all the time. A robber who breaks into your home will blame you for not locking your doors, for not deploying the best protecting equipments. A rapper who may one day rape Azlina will say that he can't resist the beauty of her. She should have been uglier.

Najib lied about the money in the Singapore BSI bank and recently blamed the Am Bank officers for not advising him, yet keeping quiet about the money and used some of them for personal purchases. Azlina said that she only spoke as what was told to her by the PAC chairman. Of course there were more lies especially on the election maneuver of ballot boxes.

It has come to a stage that criminals and gangsters are walking with pride in their faces saying, "I robbed your money and I peddle what ? Prove that I am wrong...." The victims are in the wrong and the criminals are on the right, unless proven guilty.

Men have been distancing themselves from God, either they forgot or simply do not believe in one. They passed laws on same sex marriage, giving freedom to nudity, legalizing once an illegal drug, causing misery and pain to the innocent, poor and helpless people under the pretext of preventing terror.

What better things can a citizen get from a leader without shame and moral values. It is not about Najib alone. It is also about Mahathir when he was in power. The sins are going on on a more vigorous scale. Najib has almost become a Pei Shu.

Never pray for the death of the reckless leaders and the evil officers and supporters. Let us hope for their mind and body being tortured. The day will come. When it comes they will have to pay. But we could also pray so that the God would restore morality and the feeling of shame in every one of them.

20/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

cw on whatsapp

It is difficult to work CW nowadays with new local hams. I sent a message to 9M2ZN asking him to come on 40 for CW session. There was no reply. The other day on Whatapp I asked Malcom who is now residing in VK3 land to come on the air. His antenna is down. He also said that his interest in ham radio has waned off.

9M2ZA, Zainal, who had surrendered his ticket to the authority is active on computer communication and on Whatsaap, sent CW calling CQ. I replied to his call also using Morse codes. It is making CW lively again. Mal said he is scared to switch on his transceiver since he had not done so for years. He would look into it and hook his antenna up again.

It is too early to say what may transpire. We will have to wait and see.

I have always like ragchewing on Morse. My CW sparing partner, a young man in Medan, has recently passed away. Otherwise we would be pounding for hours on end; he at a greater speed and me at the lower speed. Then Mazwan too love a fast CW contact with full words, sending and receiving for hours too, like N6TT and JA1NUT.

Of course my passion on ham radio has almost died for some reasons. I would guessed the rest of the old hams feel the same.

17/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been  a week since I returned home from my trip. My vanishing cats began to reappear one by one, rolling on the floor when seeing me. And I have completely recovered from the jet lag. My evening exercise is taking it's momentum.

Rain has been almost a daily chores, pouring evening showers to cool the warm air fired by the hot sun. Nothing is like home. No amount of nuggets in a beautiful and wealthy land can attract me.

A normal life now is living alone. The house is not so quiet and noiseless. There were shrieking sounds of my VHF radio and the melody of Bunga Tanjung by an Indonesian singer, Hetty Koes Endang. LIfe is full of color and fragrance odor of happiness. I chose to ignore those weird and scary specie of politicians for I viewed them to be worst than a Satan.

Today I have a visitor, someone from our Spain-Morocco group. I took him to my normal Majid restaurant for a meal. The Mamak gave us a free lunch with no charge. Then we went to Pekan Rabu where he bought a Songkok for RM65 each and sarong costing RM35. To me a RM65 songkok is expensive enough. He came last night, stayed at his brother's house and had to leave Alor Setar to fetch his wife at Kuala Kangsar. "Someone passed away in Kuala Kangsar," he told me. " I have to be there for a Tahlil." He shot off.

I had an evening walk to do in the evening. I waited for the Asar prayer before proceeding to the jogging circuit. These few days I did not get tired with the 4.8 km brisk walking, soaking myself with sweat and enjoyed the rest of the day with fresh body, feeling fit and young.

Intermittently I watched movies or soccer on my Samsung Note2 or  browsing the facebook, entertain myself reading remarks from the Najib's cyber troopers with their myopic vision. Free soccer without condition imposed by the programmer is Dubai Sports which only broadcast the games in the Middle East, and North American League. There is no English FA nor La Liga. I am happy even with the Arab League.

I just came back from my dinner. My usual restaurant is KFC where I would go for the Wedges. If not KFC the other alternative is Mimi Tomyam where I would go for fried rice, fish and an apple juice. At time I told myself that U need a change. This is the time when I would drive around thinking of the place to eat; sea-food is too far to drive alone. Pizza Hut and Secret Recepie would cost me a fortune. Many a time I would settle for a ham burger with egg, or a packet of Nasi Lemak and a glass of coffee. Tonight I decided to go to Mimi Tomyam. It's not cheap, It costs me RM12 for the complete meal.

Afterwards after writing this article I will be in front of my TV set. First I will start reading A Man In A Corner from my Android e-book. A few pages would be enough. I will continue tomorrow. Then I will see what's cooking on the TV channels. If there is a soccer match on any channel I would watch the game. If there is an adventure movie I will see it. Else I would watch the movies I keep in my external disk drive.

It the routine that kills my time, that moves so fast without my realizing it. Months pass just like yesterday, years pass just like last week.

At least I do think of my death, that is inevitably comes the soonest. Najib and Rosmah and other Ministers do not seem to show that they too will be facing the God Almighty. They don't want to give away their posts to the younger people and spend their time in repenting and seek forgiveness for their despicable sins.

15/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not a rich man. But I have been traveling before POTO was born. In those days I did not hear of any Muslim travel agencies. My relationship with Reliance was not because of the company. It was due to the friendly nature of the staffs at the office point.

Whenever there were special offers they would rang me up. Even on my personal trips to the United States I would buy the group ticket joining the tour group and spread my way on arrival following my own program. I enjoyed three tour programs with the company to North America with fantastic group members.

For each of the trip, the tour leader would ring me up a day or two before the departure, introducing himself/herself, telling me what to bring, reminding of the weather, money, the time and date where I should meet the group. On the plane our passports were collected. The tour leader filled in the immigration form for us and returned the documents to the owners. They wore their company uniform and carrying along their company's mini flag.

The tour leaders were very well verse with the history, culture and knowledge on the United States. They explained everything all the way on the bus without any local tour guide.

I went to Europe and Australia with the same company and the services and treatments were identical.

The first surprise with Reliance was when I went to New Zealand under it's Muslim section, Riang Ria. It was the first time I encountered a company using the local tour guide, the bus driver to explain places. The followed by the subsequent Malay travel agents including POTO travel. POTO had been using a part time tour leader.

Somebody suggested that I should try Andalusia or Felda. I would have guessed the Malay companies do not have the Chinese experience and skill in managing tourism. They MAY not have a tour leader who is as capable as the Mandarin or English tour guide of Cosmos or Reliance. They bang on the Halal food and the prayer schedule to draw the Muslims.

I don't go for cheap packages that will later optional visits with additional payments. In the yester years Reliance was not cheap but it there were no optional tour or extra payments and the hotels were good.

But food shouldn't be a problem nowadays. Two packets of magee can last us for almost two weeks dinner. You can enjoy a packet of Brahim Rendang for 2 or three days with cheap bread. a few packets of Brahim assorted rice would be ample. Non-Muslim tours could easily pull more Muslims with discounted prices who chose the trips without food, except for the hotel breakfasts.

My friends have been telling me about going places with backpacks. One has to do all the homework on lodging, ticketing and transportation at home which will cut the price by more than half. That's what I had been doing when I visited United States. I can do with USA as I know the country and the culture pretty well.

If you study POTO carefully you will find the workers are arrogant as they feel the customers need their service and they are just doing favors to the people. Their e-mails are binding and laws to be abided. Whether you receive or read the mails are none of their concern. It is the customer who is guilty for not reading or receiving it. They can even alter the date according to their will and surprise you later in their tickets. Surely there were parading their irresponsibility, no moral obligation and the absent of courtesy.

I will say no more. I will proceed with POTO as the time come. If you choose POTO I wish you all the luck. I won't anymore.

15/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



On the 25 th. of April POTO travel rang me up at about 4 pm asking me to pay extra 5K if I wanted to catch the group in Marakesh. I refused to pay. I believed I would win if I were to take the case to court, no matter what proofs POTO had for the evidence to prove my negligence. 15 minutes later they called me again saying POTO would bear 50% of the cost. If I agreed to pay 2.5K I could take the 5PM ETS to KLIA. I agreed but I had to pay the amount the sane night.

I flew to Casablanca and was received by a Moroccan travel agent who drove me more than 300 km away. It took me almost 3 hours at the speed of 120 km/h in a hot Mercedes. Probably the air-condition was not functioning.

 I arrive my hotel at about 5 pm, exhausted and worn out. I was too tired to explore the garden city. I went horizontal till dinner time at 7 pm. After the meal I went to bed and dozed off till 4 am the next morning. My trip with the group was set up in the next morning.

I don't have the group picture as I arrived late. They were all a bunch of nice and wonderful people, a comfortable company to be with. There were Datuks and Datins, great business men, retired high ranking officers and two young and lovely girls.

The name of our tour leader from Malaysia was Nurul Nadia as seen standing on the left in the top left picture. She is now doing a PHD program. In Morocco we had a full time tour leader and a local city tour leader.

Everybody was asking me of my late arrival, the reason and the flight time, and who fetched me at the Casablanca airport. And everyone was surprise to hear of the original amount asked by the company. 5K was more than a return trip to United States.

Someone mentioned Felda and Apple Travel Agencies. I had traveled with Reliance to New Zealand, Europe, United States, Australia and Indonesia. I chose an unknown company to India. I remembered very well that Reliance's tour leader would be calling me on the phone a day before departure and gave a short narrations of what to expect and where to meet on the departure day.

But I reserved to keep things to myself because I wanted to enjoy the trip which I paid RM12.5K, almost 5K more than the rest. I will be writing a long letter to POTO sometimes later.

Morocco is an agriculture country. I would categorized the country into city, small town and villages, which I will show pictures and you describe each of them by yourselves. The picture on the left was a small town captured while on the way to Meknes ( center pict ). The right was taken near our hotel at Tangier.

Outside the cities the people are still using mules and horses as modes of transportation. Women and children have to walk miles for marketing.

Though Morocco is an agriculture country, Tangier is being developed into part of industrial estates.

As it was a French colony, French was taught in schools. Moroccans speak Arabic, French and one other language (mainly Spanish ). They are proud for being the first in the world to set up a university for woman in the 9th Century where science and arts were taught. The university was built within this huge and long fort which is termed Medina ( fort ).

Sultan's palaces were always huge. A fort is almost like a state. There were lodgings and schools. Where we visited there were markets and hotel rooms. We had our lunch at the restaurant in this Medinna.

Tangier was a port city, the most modern that I had seen in the whole of Morocco. This is the last stop and the next day would be crossing the Gibralta to Spain. I remember each day we had to be on the bus for almost 12 hours, from morning till evening, traveling more than 450 km a day. We would stop for snack, going to the rest room and snapping pictures at attractive places.


Pottery makers showing us how to make a few objects using his fantastic skill.

Below are pictures of a Sultan Palace in Makness ( sorry I don't know how to spell the city's name). In time to come I will add more pictures in another story.

We did not sleep in Makness, instead after about 2 hours of rest we proceeded to Tangier, the port city.









Click for more picture2 of Morocco


We took a ferry from Morocco to Spain, about 2 1/2 hours. We had to move the luggage by ourselves, quite a messy job. The gradient was a little steep. But we had had enough strength as we had just have our lunch. I cooked my own Brahim Briyani and enjoyed my meal with Daging rendang. The rest were satisfied with the Halal Kebab.

Gibralta was a place to visit. But it is under British territory. We had to pass the British immigration who scrutinized our passports closely whole allowing other passport holders to pass through just by showing their passports. So much so we had a problem with the local tour due to the delay. Finally we hopped on the two coasters driven by a couple young English.


Gibralta or Jabal Tariq, is a small strategic military area during the world war2. The city is compact and the pathways are small. Tourists go on the coasters that can go through the caves. There were a few busses seen. Probably the busses had to go a long way for the sight seeing.

The most unique stuff you can find in Gibralta is the runway where people and vehicles can across through it when there isn't any plane landing. The coaster was too fast to enable me to snap it's picture.

Due to the small land area Gibralta has to resort to land exclaimation for further development and port enhancement.

This was well done.

Spain looks more organized than Morocco. The agriculture land is fully utilized. Outside the cities are land for agriculture, not for housing estates as in Malaysia. We could not get much more information on the economy as the bus driver did not speak English and our tour leader is her first trip to the country. For several hundred miles on the bus we were listening to Raihan songs or watching Malaysian movies. Surely it won't make sense.

There are two attractive places in Spain, Alhambra and the Mosques that were converted to churches and now is like a museum. Alhambra is about an hour away from our hotel in a town not far away from Granada. We had to wait three hours in Granada before our visit to the Red Palace. There was no city tour, nothing except for our own lunch, or followed our tour leader hunting for Halal restaurant. A few of us grumbled for the time wasted.

At Granada market place





The palace is just beautiful. Pictures will be displayed on other pages later.

The next city was Cardova. ( Click on the word to view pictures ). There was one more place where we stopped for a tour of Medina led by local female tour guide. I don't have much to say but the pictures is not the other page. May be it was Toledo.

Our final destination was Madrid. We stayed at Holiday Inn for two nights. The best for me in Madrid was the Real Madrid Stadium. And you click here to view more pictures in Spain.

Despite all the problems with Poto that haunted me to my nerve, I enjoyed the trip and the company of the great people. I cannot thank the travel agent because I paid for the trip. The service was not free, nothing to be obliged and nothing to thank for any gratitude. I went to Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Balkan and this Spain's trip just with the spirit of supporting the Bumiputera company.

Thought I had been to the United States more than 20 times, three of them were with Reliance which only used the local tour leaders whose knowledge of the land at the back of their fingertips and all called me by phone a day before the departure. New Zealand was with Riang Ria, the Muslim branch of Reliance. European tour with reliance. I made two trips to Australia, one with Reliance and the other with a company I could not remember of it's name. To India was with a Malay company we found in Harakah.

Poto provided us with 5 star hotels all the way. I have no complaint about the lodgings.

I think POTO is more concern of the company and does not have moral responsibility to the customers. They think they would win if I were to sue the company for negligence and misleading it's customers. Let me tell the company that she must not be too confident.

14/05/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My dream holiday to Spain and Morocco shattered as the flight to the destination left Kuala Lumpur at 2 am, 25th September 2016 without me on the plane. I chose POTO travel on several of my trips because it is a Muslim tour. Before I chose Reliance Travel, which I had given an A for all the services. I could manage myself in food consumption. I ate what I could, at least a boil egg and plain rice. The best of Reliance was it's Tour Leader would ring me up one day before the departure, not using e-mail or SMS message to ensure the message is heard and received. I don't remember whether POTO had the same practice.

My POTO trip start to get bitter when I visited Balkan. It was a simple story about food, a lunch with a chicken Briyani. I did not take chicken. I informed the lady tour leader that I need a boil egg. She pretended not to hear though I told her two or three times again. So I ate the plane rice, just rice. Lucky for me because it was delicious enough. I already had a poor perception on the tour leader, a beautiful lady, working part time with POTO at that time.

I did the early booking and made an immediate payment way back in December 2015. The travel date would be on the 25th April and the returning date 7th. of April arriving Kuala Lumpur. I purchased a return ticket from MAS , going to KLIA on 25th morning and returned on 8th May to Alor Setar. And waited for the time.

A couple of months ago there was a MATA fare. I did not know what transpired from the fare. But POTO managed to get more people to join the Spain-Morocco trip. I kept on contacting POTO to ask about the Visa and the number of people in the group.

Then I saw another advertisement by Photo giving the date of departure on the 26th April. That arose my suspicion and curiosity and rang up Photo about the 25th and the 26th. I was told the 25th and the 26th trips were the same. the 25 th. flight time is 2.00 am which is on the 26th.

I waited while filling in some important items in my luggage. I told everyone about my going to KLIA on the 25th to catch the 2.00am flight to Casablanca. On the 24th I decided to book the hotel for the 7th May. To my surprise I found that the return date is on the 6th arrival, one day earlier than the original program. I searched for a phone number of the tour leader who did posted a message telling us what to bring with us. She said she would look into it. At about 11.00 pm on the 24 the she rang me asking me to meet at counter F. She should have rung me either on the 23rd or 24th morning, not just before the flight.

I was connected to the POTO office. A lady said she would ring me up on 25th. afternoon.

I was offered another trip on the 16th May. I said I had a blood test and an appointment for the medical checkup. The lady said she would ring me up. I told her if there is a place on the plane tonight I want to buy MAS ticket to KLIA at 2 pm flight. There is no conformation till now. I tried several time to call POTO. It looks like my call is blocked.

I did also purchased an ets ticket in case I have problem with too an early flight, dated 25th April, arriving KL Central at 10 pm. By 11.00 pm at the latest I could be at level 5 KLIA.

I paid over 10K for the trip only to end up with a great frustration.

True I am partly to be blamed. But POTO did not stress to the tour leader to ring up the customer one day before. I remember Reliance would always say, "OK See you tomorrow at level 5....Good bye."

I know when we go to court Poto will argue on the date and time. And let the judge hear the part of our argument. POTO has big money and a big company. But it has a moral obligation not to cause problem to the customers.

Poto rang me up blaming me for not reading their e-mail. I asked them why the company did not call on phone for the last reminder. They could have called me in the morning of 24th April like any other travel agents. Others called a day before. People will tend to get confused on the time and date especially after 12.00 midnight. For that reason they must have the courtesy to call. Why can't they do so when others could do it. They asked me to pay 5K more.

They called me at about 11 pm on the 24th not at 8.30 or 9.00 am in the morning as I do not live around Kuala Lumpur area. And they even changed the return date from 7th May to 6th. May. It involved a lot of money and distant travel. They can't just take thing for granted that a mere e-mail is enough. For the 5K I can pay a lawyer. Let them take their e-mail evidence to court.

My travel with Poto is at it's end. No more with other Malay companies. You observe all the other Malay businesses and you will see how smart they are.

25/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The investigation on 2.6 billion dollar in Najib's account is complete. There are two claimants but only one is the truth. The first says there is no donation shown by the documents and the money trail. The other party says it is all lies. And you decide whether to believe the documents as has been laid out by WSJ and Sarawak Report or believe in the words from several people that they were donations.

Do we need to say more ?

2304/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Who is smarter, Najib or Mahathir ? After Mahathir seek the court action to freeze Najib's assets until the 1Mdb case is cleared, Najib raise the salaries of the chief justice and senior judges. Mahathir is playing on the rule of law and Najib on the power of money. The question behind our mind is will the judge be on Mahathir's side, Najib or neutral base on the rule of law ?

Whatever the outcome wealthy people and the business communities do not suffer. We, the lower portion of the society do. I just came back from a super market buying 5 pieces of underwear and 6 pairs of Chinese low quality socks. I paid more than RM50. I guessed I have to pay several layers of GST. What do the Ministers and the people of higher echelon know about the pain of the lower people.

Lately I have been watching several Stephen Lau's comedy movies on judges and justice. All those movies depict on the nature of corruptions. The timing of my watching and the raise in judges' salaries seem to coincide. Of course a movie is a movie. Najib may not mean to corrupt the judges but to get their favors in throwing out the challenges of Najib's enemies.

If Najib is smarter than Mahathir then there is nothing that Mahathir can do. And Najib can play a diplomatic blackmail on foreign countries to escape from the arrest card being waved.

Soon Najib will be saying, "So I take the 1Mdb's money.  What can you do ? I am the Prime Minister. You are nothing." 

2204/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I spend at the average of RM200 on cat food. Cats seem to multiply. A few neighbors prefer the male cat but let those cats loose to pregnant the females. Out of the many, 2 seems to reside permanently here as I would always see them around when I opened the door. The rest came running out of nowhere during the feeding times. I feed the cats three times a day, sometimes four. There is a water container below a tap. Cats like human drink a lot of water too.

But the cats do not eat all the food at once. When filled up they would stop. The remaining were left to the birds of all kinds. The cat food is not only for the cats but also for the birds to enjoy.

At times I talked to people without my realizing that I might have said crazy things about feeding the animals. I told them I took care of the cats and God takes care of me. Despite the declining value of currencies and the weakening of the purchasing power of money I did not feel I was so hard up of money, or crave to have more by doing extra work, or to join politics hoping to get some form of financial benefit. In my last visit to Balkan, I also touched on my chore of cat feeding, and softly mentioned that the cats pray for me. It was on the bus while each of the us had to say something about ourselves.

Recently when my grand children came home for a couple of days, they were astonished at the kitten running away from them and seek me for a sanctuary. "You see the kittens like me," I told them.

Cats are not the most special animal. If you make yourselves close to dogs, monkeys, birds, cows or even pigs, you will learn that they are not totally dumb. You can communicate with everyone of them they will look at you or even response as if they understand you. Use whatever language the friendly response is there. I think there is some sort of telepathic waves making the understanding possible.

Cats are of course less smart than dogs or monkeys. But it can be our companions. Usually they become master and we, their slaves.

Animals may steal but they don't lie to you. Unlike humans they are great liars. When mankind lies they point fingers at their opponents accusing each other as liar and terrorists.


I remember well what my statistical Professor said in our class, " People talk to dogs but they don't to fellow humans." We say animals are savage, but most of the time we witnessed the savagery of human specie are far greater than many of the beasts, no words to describe them, Even the Satan is wondering the kind of the specie worst than him.

In the Holly Books of Islam and Christians there is no mention of animals going to heaven or hell, even of animals that kill men.

The moment you start to encounter with fellow humans you will begin to see their distasteful demeanor; they ran the traffic lights, overtook you on the wrong sides, squeezed in and applied a sudden break, jumping queues, charge you high price of foods and commodities, businessmen with stern faces, nurses and officers shouting at you, and people whom you know can stab your back for offices and pecuniary gains, they enact laws to take your land at a very low price and sell away at astronomical price, they taxed you for the mistakes they made, they made you pay for their sins.

Robinson Crusoe moved away from the population of people to an island taking a dog as a companion. Was he not telling us that an animal was better than a man ?


2204/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This morning I was called to the Land & Property Office to be told they made an error of the property division among the beneficiaries. We had agreed to follow the Faraid ( the Muslim ruling of property division ). I had been given the letter of attorney to be submitted to the various institutions. I have handed to CIMB Bank and the ASB office. The money was already divided following the stipulated ration; my son A and B get 14/50 each, my daughter 7/40 and me 5/40. The Tabung Haji is not done yet as I have had some difficulty with one lady officer. As to my wife's land and a house I have not proceed because I am waiting for the final land grant from Putrajaya.

The officer told me he made a mistake. The actual division is 6/20 to my both sons, 3/20 to my daughter and 5/20 to me. What it means I should have been getting RM120K but by the previous error I only get TM60K. The total real amount that I have received was about RM50K. Because my daughter's share is small I transfer a part of mine to my daughter.

I could have argued with the officer and threatened to take legal action on him. But instead I said, "It's OK. I don't need the money. It would not be prudent for a father to ask his son to return the extra amount paid to them."

What if I am broke and my sons refused to refund the extra dollar ? What if the errors were made on the other persons ? I heard the story of the fight over money between a father and his siblings. It even became a court case. My error only involve a small sum of money. What if it is within the range of millions and billions ?

I am glad that I have faith in God providence, that I lost nothing, instead I thank God for good health. I do not depend on my children's charity to fulfill my remaining years. As I said before I have been blessed with bounty of goodies; the abundance of food, that I could move about and go for the world trips and enjoy the entertaining technologies at home. I can write blog, fingering the keyboard to play Besame Mucho, watching HD and 3D movies, and feeding my cats. All with the filling of joy and fulfillment.

What if errors were made that cause a massive lost of money, and the people were made to suffer due to the monumental mistakes ? Having done so there are waves of denials and the show of arrogance.

 19/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The voodoo, the ghost and spirits, the mystery of the next life and even the existence of God are all mere imagination to sinners and criminals. But the Chinese do still believe in luck, the lucky numbers and the Feng Sui, the bad luck carried by a man or a woman. And I have always believe that Rosmah Mansor brings bad luck to PM Najib Razak. Millions of people are asking the same question and tried not to put the blame on Najib for several blunders that befell the people and the nation. They said Najib has been charmed.

Despite the thick shielding from attack on Najib and the effort by Apandi to put a total stoppage on Najib past doing, the international community continue to drop bombs and Najib's image has been displayed as an evil man. Najib has been spending a huge sum of money to assert himself as a reformist and a good and honest man. At the same time there is a prayer from the Jail where Anwar Ibrahim is and from his former wife.

One by one the ally of Najib collapsed including his own brother. Soon enough there will be a bombshell from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as pressured on the alleged donation is getting heavier. The time will come. It also may be possible someone will wave an arrest card on Najib Razak.


The Wall Street Journal has been chosen to the final list competition to receive Pulitzer Prize for the 1Mdb report. We will soon know whether it will come out a winner. If it is, the implication on the country is bad.

I made a short remark on Obama's opening a file on Kevin Morais's death, which was quickly challenged a Najib's cyber trooper saying "Obama is not interested in a small country like us." Surely the international investigators are look at Morais' muder and at every other actions taken by Najib, the coming of which is arresting the man who put him there.

Giving a mismatch answers are not the wrong answers except that they are mismatch. Pulling te Saudi Foreign Minister to stop the world from talking was not matching to the money trail and the Arab's previous remarks. Arul's declaration of 1Mdb has a surplus fund is not matching with the heavy and growing 1Mdb's debt and the interest due. Apandi command to stop investigating 1Mds as it is perfect is not matching with the claim of fraud and the missing money by 1Mdb.

The tidal wave is coming. That's for sure. But how bad will it hit Malaysia and Najib we can't be certain.

If you have faith in God, you just stay cool and see what's coming next.\

19/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is true that there is no point for BN government to pursue further on 2,6 billion dollar donation. It is a waste of time and energy, and it arises more anger among fellow Malaysians. Let us not hear and believe what we heard anymore because we have heard enough.

All we need is Najib to take legal action against Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal and New York Times. These are the media that were alleged to spread false news and to publish the money trails of 1Mdb and the cash that moved into Najib's personal account.

1Mdb is not only about the missing money  but it is also about the huge interest rate. It doesn't seem to show any sign of reduction. And it does not show any sign of profit either to pay for the loan and interest. It created confusion as it was claimed 1Mdb is making profit and it is doing very well when it is really not. It affected the economy and derailed the confidence of investors towards Najib and his administration. American companies are withdrawing from Malaysia and moving somewhere else.

I think Najib's error is beyond redemption. He thought GST could do it, able to resolve the economic woes. His whole policy is pushing the price up thus lowering the value of money which in turn increased the the prices of import commodities. It hit the non-business community and the unemployed and the kampong folks. Najib's economic policy is killing the people and ruining the country.

We do not manage the country through perpetual lies and deceit. We have a more serious tasks to attend, the welfare of mankind and humanity, to ensure a peaceful and harmonious life.

The history of the world was never a history of peace and tranquility. The strongest rule. They became the masters and did whatever they wished to do. Religion was suppose to wipe out savagery and replace it with civility. Religious war erupted among heathens and the true faiths, among the same religion, causing death by the millions.

People formed themselves into classes and social divisions through religion like the Varna system and through wealth and power, the citizens and the warlords, the peasants and the aristocrats. Islam stepped in to create equality. Then socialism and Communism. The world didn't seem to achieve the human ideal. The world was divided between capitalism and communism for centuries until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then came another division, between the Islam terrorists and the rest of the world.

We know that the world and the land and the water and the sunshine belong to God. Yet mankind create the concept of ownership. The powerful enacted laws and regulations to tax from human labor. They were not the rules of God.

History traces cruelty and unfairness can only be resolved through overthrowing the government by force. Strong nations like Israel and the United States are determined to ensure that history will not repeat itself. The answer lies with the invincible military power. Citizens are closely monitored using cameras, other sensors and secret police.

The suppressed and the helpless have only one source to seek help; GOD. They prey for God's punishment on the cruel rulers and other insane human specie. Liars must suffer in this very world before they go to hell.

People recognize liars and cheaters and sinners. And they are wondering how on earth those people can still present themselves in public without shame. How they could raise another fellow mankind to the level of God, and kiss the hands of leaders as they are divine prophets ? They condoned ruling through vices, lies and corrupts. They have lost sight to differentiate between the right and the wrong, true and false, good and bad.

We are running a country, not robbing the country. A country is not an enterprise and a leader and his family is not to run a business. It is the private people who developed the land, produce food and salable goods, be entrepreneurs, become capitalists. When the government earns money through taxes she can plan how to distribute the wealth among the population. Of course not a free cash like the present BR1M. The best finance Minister of this nation was Tan Siew Sin who accumulated wealth and not sharing it with the fellow politicians.

When Najib's lawyer asked whether Najib can be arrested by foreign nation, it tells all and tells everything. It is time for those who have caused so much agony and pain to the citizens to repent.


19/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    I thank God for providing me a good and great life for almost 70 years. I don't need to be a centenarian as it is giving trouble to others to take a useless me. Old people are burden as much as the sick people do. There are not many centenarians on this earth today. Mahathir has nine more years to be a hundred. I think he will live longer than many of us. If we are billionaires and tycoons ageing is not a problem. We can pay. And there are willing people to do the service for us.

    Reflecting back on the younger days brought many sweet memories. There were days that I loath schooling and planned to run away from home to work on a ship to be a sailor and settled in foreign land. At the same time I learned Hokien from my Chinese friends while playing marbles with them. Then I went to night class to learn Mandarin. That was in 1962 when I was in Form 2. Somehow I still get stuck in my school, only to fail at Form 5.

    Life had it's ups and downs but wonderful enough to make it so colorful and beautiful.

    But I had had it enough for ageing slows down the body chemistry and metabolism. The gift of glittering extravaganza and the abundance of food has been the best reward to many fellow mankind like me. The little time left is to see the world to compare what God Almighty has given to the various society of the world.

    At this stage I see the creation of mankind is very perfect; the mind and emotion, rationality and sentiment, the good and evil. There are good natured and bad natured men, sages and robbers, honesty and deceitful. That made mankind different from animals and the scientific robots. Would there be progress without lust and greed, murderers and robbers ? Culture evolved from the mixing of the good and evil. It is distrust and criminals that made lawyers, judges and courts and the police. It was the greed that made men strive to discover where the gold, diamond and oil were hidden. It was the sentiment that start the conquest, the voyages of discovery and the colonialism.

    What if God made men just like a machine. Or merely as animals. This world had long been dead. It is hard to imagine what a man will do with only brain without any feeling.

    Who are to be good and who are to be bad ? God leaves to mankind to choose on their own so that life could be more meaningful and nobody can put any blame on the Creator.

    Why go more when we are satisfied with the providence ? Centenarian ? No need. We won't lose anything if we were to die early.

    At 20 plus one has to start thinking of one's future. At 40 plus start to save enough for old age. And at 60s one has to look at his death.

    But we have been seeing things otherwise. At 60 plus they become intoxicated with money. Millions aren't enough. Billions aren't enough. They are afraid of growing old and does plastic surgery, spending hundreds of thousand for hair, hand bags and diamonds. They are afraid of going to jail or their hearts taken away by God. They trot the globe to look for savior to save them from their crimes. They want to join the centenarian club. Anybody thought of their days when so become so very useless and money is actually meaningless ?

    17/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    We do see waves of brave people sacrificing their time, money, effort and risking their lives to reach the peak of the Everest. Are there gold and diamonds at the peak ? We call these people thrill seekers, people who love challenges and adventures.

    Most men do not have the strength and dexterity to perform tasks that need muscles and energy and high level skills though they may have strong desire to do sky diving and climb vertical cliff. But it does not stop us from exploring the wealth of the world within our capability, widening experience to add and build values in ourselves.

    We have to plan our life. And this is when we realize the constraint of time.

    I used to tell my school students that a man whose age is 40 years could have slept 20 years, half of his age. Examine what did he do with another 20 years. For a student that had 12 hours of wakening time he had 8 hours to study and the rest used to linger with friends and motorcycle ridings. What if a student still play while in school and did not use his time to acquire knowledge ?

    ... Pictures of Fearless, Thrill-Seeking Mountain Climbers (25 pics

    eScienceCommons: Are you a thrill seeker or a chill seeker? Join a ...To the Malays, this is the basic competition and the instrument to competitive survival list. They will be left behind in economy, professional posts and waiting to be doomed.

    Attitude building begins in school, not parents. Parents of a low economic status and living in an unfavorable environment may not be illiterate. And schools is not only a place to listen to what the teacher teach and to pass an examination.

    Now ask yourself how much is of value you are to yourself ? If you are a DIY man, constructing your own home and furniture, soldering metals and fences, combines metals to form objects, construct radios and electronic gadgets, repair cars and vehicles than you have added a high points to your value. It does not touch your level of education and academic qualifications.

    Else you may put most of your effort in buying and selling, making yourself an entrepreneur and thinking how to be successful all the time with your effort then you are also a man of value.

    You may lack of manual skill and you are not a businessman you may work as an employee. You do your work well, your boss is happy with the output and your dedication shows fruit to the satisfaction of your organization, you too are a man of value.

    Some added values can fill up the scale, enhancing you with a small increment but makes you a little better than most of the others. You dedicate part of your time to religion; mosque, church and synagogue  or a temple. You may go a step farther by learning foreign languages like Thais, Mandarin, French, Japanese and Arab. That will build your pride which you don't have to show and tell anyone. And you go and learn computer networking and programming to understand how things work. A radio hobbyist learn and strive to learn and sit for the Morse test.

    Those may be small. If you have them all then you don't have to cry for not been able to reach the tip of the Everest, to climb over the stiff cliff and hillsides.

    The quest for knowledge and skill is enough to make you a valuable individuals.

    16/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Who donate the money ? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ? From his words we understand that it is from the Kingdom.

    It will not end here. When he goes back to Saudi Arabia, the reporters will bombard him with a series of questions which I think will put him in difficult position. I myself have a few questions like many of you. But I reserve my comments.

    Whatever, now it is a good chance for Najib to sue WSJ for defamation,

    15/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Najib was right why 1Mdb must not be discussed and must be stopped. The longer it drags the greater the magnitude of the secrets will be out, more pieces will fit the puzzle. Now the question of the refusal of 1Mdb to provide documents to the auditor and PAC keep on popping up, the sacking of the old audit and the replacement of another that has some link to Najib's son, are emerging to show how they make sense. 1Mdb was trying to hide something which cannot be of non-criminal in nature.

    Listen back to the words of Apandi. It was hard and strong. It was forceful delivered with power. There was no wrong for Najib to accept donation. There is no need to investigate 1 Mdb.

    Why was 1Mdb refused to hand over the documents asked ? What secrets do they contain ?

    Arul Kanda said all the money in 1Mdb is accounted for. If it is there is no harm to show the requested documents. It could not all be there because a few millions went missing. The documents did not mention the missing funds. Normal citizens began to see the shadow of the hidden stuffs and expressed themselves as shown below;


    From Apandi the focus went to Hassan, the PAC chief chosen by Najib to investigate himself. Hassan too announced that Najib was innocent. Najib has nothing to do with 1Mdb. Following that there were leakage of 1 Mdb documents showing Najib's signatures on them. In the meantime Apandi is in the cold storage.

    Outside the box is the court proceeding of Kevin Morais murder. The court was told that the finger nails of Kevin were missing. Why they went missing ? Because they contain the DNA of the murderers. Is it not a mind bogging ?

    And before this Rafizi was arrested under OSA. The IGP said Rafizi was courting arrest. I think IGP was right. It is then the OSA documents will be read by several police officers and the IGP himself. The document was about the fund belonging to the retired military personnel that claimed to be connected to 1Mdb. Rafizi wants more police personnel to view them.

    You can start to ask question where is Najib now ? Will he only be to attend the Islamic Conference ? Or will he be moving around to several countries to court USA and even Switzerland ? We never know. We can assume Najib will have to plead innocence, a gamble which Rosmah thinks will win. At the same time there is a thought 'What if it fails ? ' Najib's lawyer had been asking around whether foreign government can arrest Najib.

    The Malaysians and PM Najib could be rest assured that no foreign countries can issue an arrest warrant on Najib because the Malaysian PM did not commit crime in their countries. Even if they can prove Najib's is a financial terrorist, it is nothing to do with their nations. But Najib will be seen as an Emperor with an invisible dress. It is not so bad at all as compared to the fate of Ghadafi and Saddam Hussein.

    Only by the wrath of God Najib's fate will end up sadly and badly in our history. 1Mdb will not just end tomorrow.

    15/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    The lawyer of our Prime Minister asked whether foreign countries can arrest Najib Razak ? In the first place he should not have asked the question. And at this moment of writing Najib is not in the country. He is said to be in Turkey. But my third eye is saying he may not only made Turkey as his destination. He would probably be in several countries including Switzerland. His enemy would even accused him of taking oath using any Holy Book at all to swear of his innocent. He may be swearing to all other leaders too.

    The rushing and the network communications among Najib's team members are discussing what to do and what to say. The team members have to include Reza Aziz, Jho Lo, Obaid and Arul Kanda. They decide to make a police report. Najib's lawyer and other close ministers with law degrees probably have finished the content of the report to be lodged.

    Najib has no need to be worried. He won't be arrested whether he is viewed as corrupt or not. USA did not attack Cuba to arrest Castro. Najib does not commit crime against the United States or Belgium or Switzerland. Any crime committed within our border is the jurisdiction of our authority. But the feeling of guilt that made Najib's lawyer pursued the unpleasant question of whether Najib can be arrested by foreign countries. And Najib will have to tour the world to swear that he is innocent and there is a fraud attempt to bring him down.

    In any case I would say 1Mdb Arul Kanda and Najib is too hasty and too rushy. May be they have made a complete calculation that they do not start a missile war on the bogus company which they transferred millions of dollars.

    There are two statements that we need to consider and think about. The first; the United States issue the warren of arrest on Husseiny who is not a suspect. Secondly a statement that said the trouble in Syria spills to Malaysia, also by the United States. Again one has to decode what the two statements mean to imply.

    Husseiny has his side of the story. That's what the United States want to hear. We don't know what. But we can be sure Najib's camp is ever ready for immediate responses. He will surely narrate privately the secrets of Najib and 1Mdb. We can expect a big war to happen.

    And on the second message we need to study the war in Syria. USA expect the local to rise up and seek for military arms' supply. But this expectation will never materialized. The Malaysians will never seek a violent mean to topple their leaders. Life here is much better than in most of the Arab countries.

    The Malaysians are still puzzle. Why Apandi declared that 1Mdb was perfect and there should be no more investigation ?

    Do you think Najib's rushy work now would halt the 1Mdb issue ? Will his swearing be received with sympathy ?

    Just wait. Probably more jumpy things will storm the nation. You will see Najib stand strong despite the turbulence.

    14/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    I wish I were a lawyer. Many of us are not lawyers and we did not go for a law course, nor did our school teacher taught us about the legality of things. But we may be caught for something we do not know and we will be told that not knowing the law cannot be used for defense.

    Every now and then we would pick up what constitute legal and illegal, and terms like alibi, circumstantial evidence, hearsay, the onus of proofs etc.  We can't keep stolen goods or buy stolen things. Of course we don't know they were stolen. We can be charge in court and it is up to the court to decide. Whether we are found guilty or otherwise the stolen properties will be returned to the owner.

    If you have ever catch a thief before, the first you will hear is, "I don't steal your thing." In the olden days the police had to lock a criminal in a torture chamber to get the admittance. Criminals, especially the educated ones, seem to know how to play with words and maneuver around with excuses.

    Only one party can keep stolen goods and never have to return to the owner. They have immunity in almost all of their illegal activities. I remember while on a flight to United States, my neighbor on the plane said to me,"...Bismillah and drink.." He drank the wine as if after saying the prayer the wine turned halal as it entered his throat. There is no sin nor illegality as the acts cross the border of the ruling party households. The caucus of the ruling party is the sanctuary and heaven for criminals. There is a different set of laws for both the ruled and the ruler.

    Big time crooks like mafia, gangsters and drug lords do not steal and peddle drugs themselves. They have members well connected to the lawmen and they know the law themselves. Again we have to refer to Hollywood movies that reveal the true story of vices and crimes committed by the high profiled mafia. They came face to face with the police, smiled at the later who could not nailed the crooks. But in the movies the crooks somehow met their destiny with violent death.

    You must know that the British left us with a legacy in putting a person to be a leader. There is a secret screening by the police on all the political leaders to ensure a gangster, a mafia or a crook  does becomes a President or a Prime Minister. I just wonder whether we do carry out the filtering and the screening process. A nation must have a caucus of honest, god fearing and sincere members. That's why we need such a screening procedure.

    Everyday we are fed with news of the arguments on what was stolen and what were not. Look at the case below


    If you choose to believe it you would see how the modus operandi was set to work. The articles is describing and arguing on the complicacy of the planned heist of the money. The crooks will say they did not know how the money get into their pockets, a donation or a personal investment. Swiss AG has affirmed that the stolen goods are stolen goods, and whoever hold to them have committed criminal acts.

    For a man like you, just try to steal RM2 from someone, you may rest in a jail for two years.

    14/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    It is just in my belief that Anwar Ibrahim is a victim of DNA conspiracy. The whole court proceedings told us so. My focus was on the keeper of the sample and the doctor. Now it looks like in the current court proceedings they will use DNA stuff as the main evidence. in the murder of Kevin Morais.

    I am just an ordinary layman, a man of senility and of an IQ less then 100, could not be right in my imagination. It just popped up in my thought when I heard they started the case with the word DNA, quite a scary word to me, easy to indict anybody at all in almost anything. The choice of evidence is a matter of convenient.DNA fingerprint data on a paper. Macro image. - stock photo

    DNA is an invisible thing, unknown and unseen by the public. In a murder case the life of a man depends on the person who analyze it. And he depends on the specimen brought by someone else. We have all the right to be skeptical where it was taken from.

    The trouble lies in a way with the people who have been watching a lot of movies and reading spy stories and learned the various ways to kill the enemy using poison and cyanide. So they won't straightaway buy stories of death due to heart attack. They examined the circumstances of death. Was there any event of mayhem surrounding him before his demise.

    Out of the 30 million Malaysians there is abound to be several persons who do keep records of people, cases and behaviors. It is easier to open up and store each of them in computer storage, copied, distributed and kept in ifferent places. When the time come the files will be consulted. Nobody can escape his criminal acts. Justice will be done.

    Malaysia has been blessed by peaceful and good citizens. They reject violence and bloodshed. The Muslim Malays still believe in God's retribution. God will see the people who cause affliction on other humans will suffer in this very world. Since the death of Altantuya there are persons who remain restless and remain in fear. Conspirators will surely meet their days of misery.

    Yet the police does not take any chance. They examined the number of individuals with the gun licenses, screening those people who return from the trouble Middle-Eastern countries and planting moles among the masses to sniff for any militant movements.

    Our internal affair does not remain an internal matter though we may send stern warning to the other nations not to interfere with our domestic affair. We are not as strong as Israel to tell powerful nations like China and the United States what to do. We ignore the United Nation's letter and attacked it's officers. We even attacked the United States of America for meddling in our domestic turmoils.

    Our judge and court made decisions. Other nations too made their own judgments on us. The United States killed more people than the rest of the world. They know what is conspiracy and what is not. They know how DNA evidence can be fabricated and manipulated. You read the views of the many readers and you will be surprised to hear their conclusions on Kevin Morais's death.

    14/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    PM Najib used to be a man of concern towards the people but as days gone by there was a vivid change in his total self.

    The greatest turbulence came after the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. Just immediately after that MH370 went missing. Another personality of Najib began to surface and he became a man of dual personality, Jekyll and Hyde. Those who dislike him called him Bonnie and Clyde, a Western husband and wife gangster and killer. He sacked the country's Attorney General and transferred top brass officers, picked up his own AG and investigators, sacked his Deputy and other UMNO chieftains. He and his men ran amok.

    Foreign observers and investors and diplomats were observing and assessing him. Out of the blue Wall Street Journal published about money going into Najib's personal account. He denied it. "If I want to steal or keep money I would not put it in Malaysia's bank. Wall Street Journal is lying and trying to defame me." All media that published stories on the money in his account were either sued or forced to close down. The government seek Interpol's help to arrest Clara Brown, the Sarawak Report owner, telling the Interpol she is a terrorist.

    Justo, a man working with 1Mdb, resigned with stolen database and apprehended in Thailand. Justo was accused of leaking the data to WSJ and WSJ tempered with data to broadcast fallacies about Najib. Rahman Dahlan brought in one Melanyi to say SR printed nothing but lies. To bring Justo as a witness was futile because there might be mismatched between the original and the tempered leak information.

    Mahyuddin and Shafiee  Afdal asked Najib whether it was true the money was in his account. Mahathir accused Najib as stealing the 1Mdb money. It took several months for Najib to admit, and to say it was a donation from Saudi Kingdom to fight an ISIS. When it was pointed out that ISIS wasn't exist yet, it was said that the money was to fight DAP-Jews.

    As arrests were made and  the blood thirsty Ku Nan savagely went berserk  warning anybody at all who question Najib on 1Mdb, Najib went on to call the UMNO leaders to condemn and destroy those media who intently to spread lies. Mahathir was said to have his own agenda and he himself was a corrupt leader. He warned the WSJ, wrote a letter to the publisher urging WSJ to choose a lawyer in Malaysia and to tell the government where it got the source from. Else WSJ must apologize.

    WSJ instead replied that it stood by the report and published more information, detailing where other 1Mdb money went to.

    Najib wanted to lock people's mouth from talking and to stop any more accusation towards him. His Ministers have been using the TV media to command the public to believe the words of the authority, not the words of the opposition and the media. The authority is the AG, the MACC, the PAC and the Parliament.

    The old AG was sacked. Pandi was chosen as a new replacement. Pandi in a televised news said that there was nothing wrong with Najib's personal account as it was a gift from Saudi King. At the same time he waved another chart showing the pension fund that also went to Najib's personal account.

    Some time later we heard from Najib. "The money in my account is for UMNO's election. The pension fund was put into my account without my knowledge."

    WSJ had been waiting for Njib's legal action. In the meantime it published another chart showing millions of dollars were used by Najib's credit card on jewelries and other personal goods. A few days later, there was a reply that the purchases were for the poor and the people in need. Public rebuttals thundered with strong voices. Malaysia has a Minister and a Ministry with big locations looking after the poor people.

    The lies became thicker and thicker each day.

    Najib has had a strong machinery in the Middle East to take the impact of any heavy fall, either a living or a dead man. He is to say that he invest the money for the making of the Wolf of Wall Street. This would free Najib's son in-law. But the WSJ traced the money was from 1Mdb that went into a fake company that finally went into the movie industry. Two individuals in Najib's teams team were sacked, property freeze and waiting for trial.

    Swiss already used a word corruption in Malaysia. We could be sure the Saudi link will be zero beat soon.

    Somehow the top UMNO leaderships will open up their eyes.

    Who is behind the transformation of Jekyll and Hyde other than the Prime Minister himself ? There are  many  amazing stories about Rosmah Mansor. It was her own words," I don't have time now for badminton, too busy managing the country..." People in Putrajaya were complaining of her part in weekly lecturing. There were rumors on her talking to Putin about MH17, her using the government jet for shopping, and even insinuated on the queen-control and her black magic. She was even quoted as a de facto Prime Minister.

    UMNO ministers used the word perception of the people to argue for misconception. It is what was conceived in people's mind of things they saw which may not be as what they actually saw. Foreign investors moved out because they have a wrong perception of Najib Razak. So it is on the status of Rosmah who was wrongly interpreted. Or just a wild and unproven slander.

    But I would still believe that Najib would not be in such a deep trouble without Rosmah. In the Tang Empire the rebels showed their hatred towards the Emperor because of his young wife.

    Today at least one country that has bolted a deep distrust over 1Mdb and Najib Razak namely Swizerland.


    Watch these words

    “Embezzlement”, “fraud”, “criminal mismanagement”, “misconduct in public office”, “forgery of a document”, “bribery of foreign public officials” and “money laundering” are the crimes today cited by the Swiss Attorney General’s Office as it announced an “extension of its criminal proceedings” relating to Malaysia’s 1MDB development fund

    The words 'forgery of a document' has a deep implication. It could be more forge documents which will be relayed. Surely there will be a tug-of-war on Obaid before it spills into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We don't see and we don't know, except for an intelligent conjecture. Arul Kanda is seen to wriggle himself out. He already said, "I just came in and did whatever I was asked to do." He did what was asked not what came to his mind. He may be ready to jump side if 1Mdb's issue has become very volatile  and the game is approaching a check mate.

    As I said before that Najib cannot be persecuted by foreign countries. They just want to confirm what kind of people our Prime Minister is, to study on a man's behavior and his approach in getting support and popularity, comparing his words and his deeds. The locals already describe Najib as an emperor wearing an invisible cloth and his ministers were elating him about how beautiful the dress is.

    I watch a movie called ESCOBAR about a drug lord, loved by the people, but finally killed for his crime.

    We advised our leaders not to be too cruel and arrogant, threatening and arresting the citizens. It is because we had seen what a hatred can do to people; Ghdaffi was sodomized after he was shot, Saddam was hung in spite of his grand argument in defending himself, the soft spoken Kampuchean cut the body of the hated Vietnamese and cut their hearts to have them gnawed in their mouths. The demeanor of Ku Nan, the act of Pandi, and the words of Nazri could create intense anger and hatred. It is very unwise to push people to be savage and aggressive.

    13/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    I am just an ordinary person, living on the bare minimum, having a small pension and a little saving that I consider as an abundance from God Almighty. Yet so far three individuals whom I considered wealthy approached me for loans. The highest request was 50K from a class A contractor who were running well-known restaurants. I promised to give that much when I get the dividend of my demised wife. Later I had to apologize to him as the amount I get was only 20K. I needed to use that amount for my Spain-Morocco's trip.

    The idea of loan swirling in my head. There were notices of private individuals and private enterprise posted everywhere, which I took as a loan-sharks. There are loans from bank with collaterals. Government too provide loans for housing and vehicles pirchase.

    And I start to think what if I were to be a rich man and people come to me for loans.

    I think it is wise and imperative to know what the loan is for. Is it for building a house, to open up a business or what ? Then I have to request for the plan and the chronology of the execution.

    Many countries do not give a lump sum to the borrower and they want to know what the money are for. Japan once giving us a loan with provision that the loan must be followed by using their engineers and experts and progress payments were made as the tasks completed. And a few of the Malaysian counterparts were unhappy with the regulations. "We borrow...the money is ours. What we want to do with them is our business."  That is also echoed by Salleh's family on the Cow project.

    Borrowers who want a lump sum will usually have other intents other than the stated objectives. They may not do the planned project at all, divert the usage and pinch a part for their own personal use.

    I believe it is our moral duty as a lender to make sure the loan is used as what they purport to achieve, especially if the client is a government or it's agencies. The same principle applies to the laymen. Bad repercussions may befell the family of the borrowers or the citizens of the country if the money deviates from the original goal. It is a human responsibility to ensure less sins are committed by fellow human beings.

    We all do see what happened in the NFC undertaking. We would be wondering why the progress payments were not made. If the rules were carefully followed the money would have not gone to the condo project. A great wrong had been done. Rules were broken. And the whistle blower got the punishment. People has lost the shame in them and can walk without dress in public, show their faces in public media.

    Hence it is very moral not to simply lend money without knowing what they are for, and to throw the total sum into their personal coffers. There is no such thing as trust in the modern world where money has become gods. You may try me with 1 hundred dollars, I will reject, try me with a hundred thousand, my honesty and integrity will reject it. Put a few millions in front of me, my mind will start to get blurred. "I can use the money to help the poor, to donate to the mosques and go to pilgrimage to clean my sins."  The taker finds a good justification, turning sins into divinity, hell into heaven. Your trust can end here.

    Setting regulations may make you a bad lender and borrowers will search for a new source. Without ulterior motive a person may still prefer borrowing with rules as he himself will be safe.

    We have seen what happened to the 1Mdb's money. Everyone seemed to be enjoying with the cash, starting from Goldman Sachs who get an enormous commissions, and then the cash moved everywhere at almost in a random fashion. We were told the money remained intact, every single cent of it is accounted for. Yet people linked to 1Mdb were sacked and subpenaed to court.


    We have borrowed from Asian Development Bank before and the project was closely scrutinized and paid following in due process. Try to imagine if a bag of cash were pushed to us. Part of it will find it's way out to other convenient expanses. Human can never be perfect. We are full of greed and lust. Our desire is insatiable. If we don't live within systems, rules and regulation we would go berserk.

    12/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Never mind about the fallacy of Sarawak Report. It was from the beginning the BN government not only banned it but also seek the Interpol's help to arrest Clara Brown as she was labeled as a terrorist. Likewise Najib had paid a lot of money to convince Hilary Clinton that Anwar too was a terrorist.

    We do not know how many members of the UMNO group are English educated or the numbers who can read and understand the language. And how many of them do read the banned publications just to know what is written by the other sides.  Could it be more than 30% inclusive of the top members ?

    Intelligent readers will compare between Najib's denial and the media exposure. There will be a small percentage who believe that Najib has stolen the 1Mdb's money and do not believe in the preposterous donation from the dead Prince. These few will spread the SR exposure and start to see how vicious can Najib be. Reading from the feedback it clearly shows that a vast number of the populace believed in the dishonesty of the Prime Minister. They do not believe in the story of donation, the new AG Apandi who had been expounding conflicting statements, and the Cari Makan PAC chief. The Malays seemed to be more aggressive by using despicable words on the leader.


    Najib takes a few months to response to questions while the SR stalled for a few days gathering rebuttals. The English educated who earned nothing from Najib will not just stay idle. Najib could sack as many as he wants or pay them by the millions to gag them. The GST won't be enough to cover all the payments including the loan and other heavy debts. Even with the OSA to protect criminal acts and activities of government Ministers the leak will continue. It is hard for Najib to cover the huge boundary of  the loop holes that have been created.

    To say the non-educated UMNO supporters agree with Najib is wrong too. At the grassroots they were talking about Najib and Rosmah despite of the media campaign on Mahathir and Lim Guan Eng. The fact that Rosmah was booed during the price giving ceremony of the badminton match which had briefly shown Rosmah's countenance and body language was clear enough that she is very unpopular among the people.

    Though I do not like Mahathir, I think he is sharp enough to see how Najib is wriggling himself to deceive the people and the world. The time will soon come of international rebuff of Najib's acts and maneuver.

     11/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


    Will Najib relinquish his post and Tengku Razali takes his place ? The answer is NO. Did Najib negotiate and promised Tengku Razali the PM post ? May be. If he did it was just to deceive the Gua Musang chief to side and support him. Will he resign and Zahid Hamidi takes his place ? NO. Najib does not trust anybody, rather he does not want to take any risk at all. He does not trust any UMNO man however well they show their allegiance. He has been in UMNO for a long time and he knows the people in UMNO.

    He is not a dumb Prime Minister. He computed his future since when he was in politics. He has his own press people and he was building up his popularity a long time ago and more rigorous when he was a defense Minister. He chose the Jews as advisors and consultants because he knew their strength, and he will employ the retired Mosad officers as his body guards when he decides to retire, probably in a secret place where no one knows.

    He cannot gamble on his successor. It is highly probable that the new PM will proceed with a legal process against the predecessor when he finds the current financial standing is too tough to handle. These has been happenings in the government departments as the new heads could not bear the financial mess lay before them.

    His future would be more secured if the Malaysians believe that he is innocent and a mere political victim. For all mean and purpose he has to fight hard using all the available resources to prove that he is innocent.

    The task will be very difficult. The main hazard is the educated and thinking citizens. He needs a lot of money to change their minds. The GST is an excellent window of money. He has to divide the money between the people and his supporters, and some for buying support and enhancing popularity. He has to deal with the learned group; pay them, giving cash incentive and gag them using seditious law. He chose his own AG, transfers officers in the MAAC, giving a wide power to the police chief.

    Whatever the outcome is Najib has to compute his life span. Like Mahathir he has to battle against nature for his longevity. He is 62, Mahathir is 91. Rosmah is much older. It is commonly believe that ladies lead a longer life than men. We can almost certain that Najib will be a Prime Minister for at least 30 years more. Mahathir will not be there anymore or his mobility is confined in his room. A lot of young people will have to suffer all along those years. Our ringgit will be as good as the Indonesian Rupiah, where everyone has the chance to be a millionaire.

    The international community knows the level of corruption in Malaysia and knows the origin of the 2.6 billion in Najib's personal account. They cannot arrest Najib for the crime committed in Malaysia and for stealing the money that do not belong to them. People involved in money laundering may be jailed but not Najib. But for the first time in history the West will know that a Malay is not dumb and stupid, and can be smarter than many Anglo Saxon Americans and the Latinos.

    11/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



    Why the credibility of Najib's investigators questioned ?

    The answer has to be obvious. He picked his own men to run the show, to investigate something as instructed. If he found his chosen men deviated from the course, he would select a new team. Also he surely has to prepare to get the favor the opposition team in any way possible as he had done to several individuals including to the Perak DAP's representative who jumped ship.

    The statement of the new PAC chairman was clear enough for people to make conclusion, "Najib has been accused of misappropriation of 1 Mdb fund for a long time....." He should not have the objective of the investigation to clear Najib from slander. PAC was to find out the truth, to get all the documents, to identify the authenticity of each of them, secretly check whether the money was there as stated and to follow the cash trail.

    How could the committee arrive at the conclusion when many documents were refused to be given by the 1Mdb ? The logic is simple; 1Mdb is under Najib, so was the the chairman of PAC. The two opposition members are easily controlled and fixed.



     Pandi, the chosen AG by Najib, had said before when clearing Najib, that there was no need to investigate 1Mdb as it was perfectly okay. Today the former officer of 1Mdb was almost charged with negligence.

    The public yell for the legal action against the Wall Street Journal for it's continuing attack on the Malaysian Prime Minister. The devious effort has tarnished Najib's image world wide. If Najib is not guilty as charged by the media then legal action has to quickly proceed.

    It is most likely that Najib did not read the PAC papers. His advisors read and chopped to pick the parts they love and to discard the rest.

    10/04/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof