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Raymond Francis



There are Jewish community in Turkey, Egypt, Iran and the United States. And a few of my professors were Jews. What can I tell about my Jewish teachers ?

Our teachers were just like any other good, honest, kind and responsible being. They were smart and intelligent and reminded us as to where we could get the Kosher meat. Animals slaughtered by the Jews is halal for the Muslim. Kosher meat is meat prepared and sold in the Jewish market. During the fasting months they would give half an hour break for the Muslim Student to break fast without first being request by us. Beside me we have Muslim students from Egypt and Nigeria.

It is wrong for us to generalize that all Jews are the same.

But on reading the Talmud I found some horrifying text in their holly book.

Below are some of what Talmud teaches Jews.


"The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts."

"The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. "

"Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form." 

"A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." 

"The souls of non-Jews come from impure sprits and are called pigs." 

"Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human." 

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog." 

"If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: "God will replace 'your loss', just as if one of his oxen or asses had died"." 

"Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals." 

"It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile." 

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah."

"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands." 

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God."

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God

 If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed. 
 Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work. 

Jews Have Superior Legal Status

"If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full." 

Jews May Steal from Non-Jews

If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews

When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

All gentile children are animals. 

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. 

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Sanhedrin 106a . Says Mary  was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men. 

Horrible Blasphemy Against Jesus Christ

Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is being boiled in "hot excrement."

Sanhedrin 43a. Jesus deserved execution: "On the eve of the Passover, Yeshu (Jesus) was hanged...Do you suppose that he was one for whom a defense could be made? Was he not a Mesith (enticer)?"

Talmud Attacks Non jews beliefs

Christians (minnim) and others who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations. 

Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament. 

Dr. Israel Shahak of Hebrew University reports that the Israelis burned hundreds of New Testament Bibles in occupied Palestine on March 23, 1980 (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21).

Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden. 

Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.

Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old). 

Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old. 

Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing." 

Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest. 

Abodah Zarah 17a. States that there is not a whore in the world that the Talmudic sage Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with. 

Hagigah 27a. States that no rabbi can ever go to hell. 

Baba Mezia 59b. A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate. 

Pesahim 111a. It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads. 

Menahoth 43b-44a. A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.

Here are two early "Holocaust" tales from the Talmud: Gittin 57b. Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews.... that tells us about today's modern Jew's lies about those 6 million jews killed by Nazis ????? 

Abodah Zarah 70a. The question was asked of the rabbi whether wine stolen in Pumbeditha might be used or if it was defiled, due to the fact that the thieves might have been gentiles (a gentile touching wine would make the wine unclean). The rabbi says not to worry, that the wine is permissible for Jewish use because the majority of the thieves in Pumbeditha, the place where the wine was stolen, are Jews. (Also cf. Gemara Rosh Hashanah 25b).

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed").

This passage is from the original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617).

This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, " the various versions the reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].

Israelis annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press, June 9, 1989, p. 56B).

On Purim, Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque. Goldstein was a disciple of the late Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane, who told CBS News that his teaching that Arabs are "dogs" is derived "from the Talmud." (CBS 60 Minutes, "Kahane").

University of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and Goldstein's philosophy: "They believe it's God's will that they commit violence against goyim, a Hebrew term for non-Jews." (NY Daily News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5).

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

Moses Maimonides: Advocate of Extermination

"Moses Maimonides is considered the greatest codifier and philosopher in Jewish history. He is often affectionately referred to as the Rambam, after the initials of his name and title, Rabenu Moshe Ben Maimon, "Our Rabbi, Moses son of Maimon." [Maimonides' Principles, edited by Aryeh Kaplan, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,, p. 3].

Here is what Maimonides (Rambam) taught concerning saving people's lives, especially concerning saving the lives of gentiles and Christians, or even Jews who dared to deny the "divine inspiration" of the Talmud:

Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Moznaim Publishing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, 1990, Chapter 10, English Translation), p. 184: "Accordingly, if we see an idolater (gentile) being swept away or drowning in the river, we should not help him. If we see that his life is in danger, we should not save him." The Hebrew text of the Feldheim 1981 edition of Mishnah Torah states this as well.

Immediately after Maimonides' admonition that it is a duty for Jews not to save a drowning or perishing gentile, he informs us of the Talmudic duty of Jews towards Goyim, and also towards Jews who deny the Talmud. Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Chapter 10), p. 184:

"It is a mitzvah [religious duty], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minnim, and apikorsim, and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot."

We would understand better why the Israel army bombed and maimed the Palestinians and even shoot to kill the young Palestinians boys and girls. The Talmud taught them so, hence leaving no feeling of guilt at all. Nobody could do anything as the army is too strong and almost invincible. In the eyes of the Jews according to Talmud the non-Jews are nothing more than the animals.

Surely it looks like there are differences between the American Jews and those in the occupied land.

When fire burned Haifa and Natenyahu called for international help the first think that strike my mind was how could we help those killers and murderers. We are just animals to serve the Jews.

As for my teachers I could not hate them for sins committed by the Israel army on the innocent women and children.

29/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Humans are infallible. Either in the past, present or future we tend to make mistakes. Some are small and some are big, some are accidental and some are deliberate. Borrowing money and refusal to honor the payment is not accidental but deliberate. But it is hard for us to control our lust and greed. The temptation is great when the opportunities are before our eyes. We commit sins and ask God to forgive us. Before anything we already thought that we are forgiven and walk freely as if we are a very clean men.

A believer can create two types of sins; a sin against mankind and a sin against God. A woman who sells her body for bread is not doing sin on another man. She needs to ask God for forgiveness. A man who owes another 500 bucks and run away from payment is doing sin against a fellow human. He cannot ask God to forgive him. It is similar to stealing, robbing and plundering public money.

It is our task to build an honor into ourselves. We would feel our internal value and the standard of our morality. We have the pride to ourselves of being a man with integrity, honesty and good. What will loom in our mind and body is the feeling of shame if we were to do any wrong. Would you go naked in public with 1 thousand dollars ? A friend said that he would do it for a million but will move to other place after then. But there are people who can do so for free and shamelessly parading their bare bodies in big cities. A known thief can walk across the stages of the world without the same feeling. Why ? It is because they have lost the feeling of shame, consciousness and guilt.

We all still remember what Clinton said over Lewinsky," I don't know that woman...I don't know that woman..." which later proven that she played an oral sex with him. He walked all over and later the episode was forgotten. The Chinese termed such a person as 'thick skin' or faceless person. He will eventually lost respects and threat as a lowly human being. The man who owed me money emerged in the facebook today as today is his birthday and I saw his face with disgust, a man without shame.

Some of us seem to be saying that it is alright to steal because others are stealing too. It is alright to commit crimes because others also committed crimes. It is okay to sell drugs because they are good for heath. It is good to steal because it brought wealth to our kind. Nudity, profanity, same sex marriage, robbing and pilfering are all norm in their culture. They would fight and defend the right to plunder, murder or lying. Not only they are shameless but also interred morality deep down in the core of the earth crust. It spells the end of morality. In the absence of morality, conscience and shame what are we ? Civility that we claimed to be with us is a complete farce.

Each day we pray to God to restore shame and sobriety into our leaders, in both bodies and souls, to lift off the blindness and madness that have devoured them deeply.  And  those notorious hypocrites among the laymen who committed sins day after day, cheating their friends, showing no respect towards their parents, condoning crimes and corruptions be dealt with in accordance with the depth of their vices and sins.

Let morality prevail and shame be restored and repentance filling the atmosphere.

27/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The word SIAL is near a taboo among the Malays. Traditional society forbid biting or canning children using brooms as it could bring back luck on the kids. The Hokien's for it is 'soi/sui'. That explains why the Deputy Minister Tajuddin was called a SIAL after he said that the only lady with a 'kok ( which he mean cock )' was Teresa. His son entered the parliament premise to attack the lawmaker who spewed the word to his father.

Surely an atheist and a non-believer or a man of science will not believe the existence of bad luck.

But there are such things as bad news. Here are some of them

The latest report by iCapital on Malaysia economy

- Domestic demand too small to sustain growth
- Household debt at unsustainable level
- export plunged
- Ringgit plunge
- Tourist arrival plunged
- Private consumption under threat
- Car consumption is one of the highest in the world
- Govt revenue plungged
- Oil & CPO on prolong downtrend
- Cost of living increased drastically but household income remain stagnant
- Ringgit to stay at level above 4 to US $ for many years to come
- Production, EFFICIENCY, COMPETITIVENESS for Msia all below par compared to other neighboring Asean   countries
- iCapital warned Property whether residential, malls & commercial or office are OVERSUPPLIED!!!


While the World Bank reported that Msia education are worst than VIETNAM!!! Very very bleak & groom outlook for Malaysia economy for the next few years. This have not factored the hideous corruption destroying the country

You may say there is nothing wrong with the above. It can happen anywhere. But from the day we celebrated our independence till today, we had never face any greater turbulence as bad as it is now. No commercial airliner went missing all along those years and our economy had never been so bad and the national coffer had never been empty.

The Malays are about to kill each other and the fire of hatred is getting bigger. It is  triggered off by a team of private army trying to force the Malays to bow to Najib using violence. Ismail Sabry said that Najib's word are God's words. Opposing Najib means opposing God. The other loyalists said that Najib is chosen by God to be a Prime Minister. Najib is perfect and can do no wrong.

He introduced law as a deterrent, trying to put fear among the people not to criticize his leadership and 1Mdb. He sent out trade missions everywhere. He said he wanted the 1Mdb to be restructured. The money paid to the IPIC went missing.

In Singapore the court was told about what happened to 1Mdb's money that Najib said there was nothing wrong with it. No money was missing.

It is not Najib not doing anything. He tried his best. But like a fairy tale story he was not a man with a Midas touch, a man who touched anything that turned into gold. But whatever he touched became the dirty shit. One bestowed by a good fairy and the other by a wicked witch. In Najib's case the cloud of bad luck is too thick almost impossible to eliminate.

Marcos and Taksin's were fated in a similar manner, the bad luck brought by their wives buried them in the mud. He has to look for someone who dare to tell him the truth without fear of being punished. Laymen and top politicians had spewed their curses and insults but none so far go the extend of using the term SIAL. It is too degrading, synonym to the word pig, dog or bastard, which do not bring with them bad luck.

The report by the iCapital is an economic and social phenomena. There is no element of mysticism. It is just a result of an action. It could contain some bias views as other Asean countries also experience uncontrolled bribery. Only it was not as great as 1Mdb heist (heist is the term used by international investigators). If there is a major fire breakout as is happening in Haifa now then we would sense an element of mystery in it's display.


But we can be sure the word has a great impact or otherwise Khairuddin's son would have not run amok in the parliament. Following that the netizens in the Facebook began the name calling on him by the thousands.

Whatever it is we are living under the dark cloud gloomed by the SIAL atmosphere that has permeated the whole nation. There is nothing that we can do other than to pray for the curse to disappear.

26/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Annuar Musa must clarify how much he loves China and how mad he is with the CIA.

What do we have here in Malaya ? MI6, Mosad, CIA, FSB, DGSE, BND, ASIS , RAW, CSIS, ISI, MSS and what else ? We have not include Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other friendly countries intelligence agencies yet. And what about ours ? Malaysian intelligence was once the best in this region. For many years we have been cooperating with CIA for being the closest of our allies, feeding them with information of terrorist movements just to appease the United States. We arrested our own people for selling the centrifuge chunk to Pakistan. It would be unthinkable for our military to be working for the Chinese intelligence MSS.

Our love affair with China is too very recent after Najib found that he is almost cornered by his own doing which resulted in the distrust in our leadership followed by the rapidly plunging economy and our currency. I would not believe that we can quickly turn to China to defend our nation against any of our enemy, holding to the pillar as our savor. But by the words and deeds of Anuar Musa and the government it is to indicate that we are taking a hostile stand against CIA and the United States. Voices were heard that CIA tried to unseat Najib Razak. Najib's Red Army are telling the villagers BERSIH is run and financed by the Jews.

Since when did our intelligence are working hand in gloves with China's MSS ?

Maria Chin was arrested for being a CIA agent ? That's what Annuar Musa had told us. Khalid denied it but only mentioned the police confiscated documents. We don't know what documents were left by Maria in her office. It could either be on donation by Soros or the document concerning CIA's affiliation. If it is about receiving money, Najib himself said he received 2,6 billion for political use. And Maria should be arrested a long time ago.

United States took a very active role to defend Malaysia against Indonesia during the confrontation, bringing in the warship and the marines. The Australians and the British provide the ears over the air. Surely we need to explain why Maria was detained over the CIA issue. The police and the military will have to shudder and say,"..the politicians are fool..." and they will have to be told to be on the lookout for MSS influence over the Malaysian politicians.

The espionage games will be more and more complex and complicated. The war vehicles purchased from China will be the pivot. The Chinese has to guard the technology. The Americans want to know what's are inside. And Najib is only interested in saving himself. Already his men had said Najib has nothing to do with the arrest of Maria. And even Zahid said it was not under his order. Not many politicians are aware that we may have many CIA operatives among the top military personnel.

I have said in my remarks before that Najib is not scared of the IS causing havoc in this country but he fears more on the arming of the local dissidents by the United States as what had happen in Syria. This is unlikely to happen unless people are facing a more hazardous and difficult life, soaring cost of living, dissidents shot or killed.

The best that Najib can do is to step down and apologize, and leave everything to fate. An innocent person must not fear of retribution. If by the will of God he has to go to court he has all the evidence to support his innocence. He has nothing to fear as he did not take any public money. Whatever he has are from his family's wealth and the donation from Saudi's Kingdom.

It all started with 1Mdb, the lost money, the high interest rate, the loan that do not seem could be depleted. In the turmoil bad people seizing the opportunity to draw as much benefit as they could. Tons of advice came to his ears. I can't say whether there was anyone who whisper to him that CIA was planning to unseat him and it would be safer for him to turn to China to save his soul. And his right hand men follow to lash CIA's face.

Taiwan, the arch enemy of China also has her own intelligence here. As she is inclined to the CIA and the United States she is not happy with Malaysia-China courtship. Local Chinese used to be divided between Taiwan and China's supporters. We don't know what is the situation today. It looks like there is a strong current beneath the still surface water.

Remember the MSS is one of the best intelligence organization in the world, probably more cunning than the CIA.

25/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


You may not believe me that there are people who still believe that the world is flat. No matter how much proofs and arguments are expounded there is only one ultimate truth. The right and the wrong in human judgment is a matter of taste, likings and culture. We all know the story of Robinhood, a man made a hero though he was a thief. Murderers are honored and pirates were knighted. Anything at all are viewed in opposite perspectives.

A comprehensive value system has to be set by a society to avoid contradiction. Each item has to be scrutinized in detail; the definition is solid and beyond rebuttals. Once upon a time we defined LIE as a lie. Today we hear LIES AND WHITE LIES to justify a lie. People can still lies for the good it can bring to the individuals and companies involved to maintain peace and happiness. Then we can keep inventing lies to our boss to make him happy, and going flirt with other man or woman and telling our spouses that we are at our office.

Stealing is another act or behavior that has been heatedly debated. Thieves always have reasons and rationality for stealing. A man steals to feed his kids and family, to give to the poor and to keep the company strong. His friends and people in his community would approve thefts and robberies. It would be more justified to steal from the victims declared as their enemies, the heretics, the terrorists or groups of different creeds and races.

The list can go on and on.

Mankind no more believe in the ultimate veracity, the divine truth. They practice religion as a culture but without internal beliefs and faith. They fear man to God and prostrate to another human, more than to God. May he be a Haji, a monk or a priest. Religion is now being used to make money, to command for obedience, to enhance popularity and to justify criminal acts.

Who then will determine the right and the wrong ?

The answer could be made simple if we want to and could be complex if we love to spin things. Mao Tze Tung pointed to the power that comes from the military strength. Others say it is from a pen. Yet many believe in the extreme wealth. The power of money has been discussed for centuries. It buys people with weapons, gangsters, court decision, the police and justice department. No ordinary citizens but the politicians have these power. And it is them who determine what is right and what is wrong.

Nevertheless nations made rules and regulations on what constitutes legal and illegal deeds, practices and entities. And each organization has it's own rules and dos and don'ts. Nobody is allowed to keep public money into his own account and behaves in manners of his own likings. Banks are forbidden to accommodate terrorists and other illegal funds.

We can choose to follow and abide by these written laws or snare and ignore them. When a man thinks he is invincible and very powerful, he will put himself above the law as he is a law himself. In the era of dragons and sorcerers powerful kings and emperors would decapitate a man for a slight mistake. During the Japanese occupation in Malaya thieves were beheaded. Absolute power gives a man to right the wrong and to wrong the right.

When God is dead and religion is archaic we see normality in same sex marriage, legalization of marijuana, public sex and nudity and powerful people rob and pillage the poor. There is no fear in retribution, hell and God. But we do know what absolute truth is and what wrongs are. They are not objects for rhetoric and arguments.

What are we to do ?

24/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I heard with my own ears very vividly George Bush Senior and Obama talked about the New World Order. You have to listen carefully to Obama's speech from the clip in the previous article. The objective of the world order is to lift off hunger and poverty among nations, and to free the world population from suppression. He mentioned briefly about the calamities in China which the United States played an important role in the rescue effort. In philosophy the New World Order is a Shangarila, a heaven for the masses on this world.

Obama is going out and Trump is replacing him. Some schools of thought believe that United States is run  by an invisible hands. No matter what Trump has promised to do, to undo the Clinton legacies, somehow he will be charmed by some powerful force to carry on with the New World Order. We have to wait and see. I don't think I will be wrong in my prediction.

But Obama did not mention how to lift off hunger and poverty. I still believe that there need to some form of controls. The pillar of NWO stated that the world population must be reduced. But how ? The fastest and the most effective is through war. In other words some people must be killed. Who has to be killed ?

I don't think I would be wrong again to hypothesize that a list will be drawn, brought to a meeting for the approval of a committee members. The first will be the terrorist. Second the Muslims. And third the hardcore criminals. The death in Syria and the Muslims in Myanmar already has spoken. There is no serious effort to put an end to the killings. Iran will be listed as a terror nation, followed by the North Korea.

And how many Malays are left in Malaysia ? At least 30% of them have been announced as terrorist by someone in the ruling party. Najib told Hillary that Anwar is the head and the main leader. It looks like the killing is about to take place. There is a strong tendency for the civil war to break out among the Malays.

How else the NWO could decrease and control the world population ?

Hillary and Obama had been asked about the alien working hands in gloves with the United States. Both dodged the solid answer. Intellectuals are trying to relate the NWO with the other universe and Anunarki which may be Lucifer is receding back to earth. It is like a fairytale stories. Mind you that the anti-gravity vehicles are plentiful now successfully made in the United States using alien technology. It is a bizarre tale.

The first American President, George Washington followed by several others believed they were descendants of ancient gods, powerful enough to rule the world, the brightest among the elites. They are called Illuminati.


You will be surprise you can find the symbols of illuminati in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. They are huge too. TPPA is an Illuminati project and designed, and Obama took a task to materialize it. Najib is happy about it.

In the United States people are wondering whether Trump could survive the presidency or met the fate of J.F. Kennedy. The Christians protest the NWO as it is a Satanic design. The ancient god will return. What do you think of PAS and Hadi who condoned the NWO by supporting TPPA ? Would they answer to God that they are not aware of it ?

23/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Towards the end of the speech . Fast forward to 48.48 minutes and listen very carefully what Obama says.
Corrupt leaders "who siphon off development funds into Swiss accounts"

Sooner or later people will come know our true color no matter how hard we try to appease and charm them, or give them a massive amount of money to court their support. And they whisper to their friends and even to their enemies. Obama did not refer to any particular person but we could have guessed the person in his mind. Don't you think he would not tell Trump about it and Putin too ?

And would we say China truly believe we are from heavenly angel, clean and honest and trustworthy ? We would be panting running around to tell the world that half of the Malaysian population are terrorists. Won't the arrest of Maria Chin be unknown to Pentagon and they would give a thumb up to Najib for arresting a lady terrorist ?

I think Najib should stop paying the foreigners who said that they could fight for him. With good money everyone wants to compete for the service including the American con men. As I have pointed out before as to what happened to the Argentinean agents who went to purchase the larger capacity fuel tank for their war planes to be used against the British in the War of Malvinas. They paid the money but the tanks were confiscated by the customs while on the way out. In the '80s there were a lot of White American con-men preying on non American investments. One Filipino American told me, "Americans love money very much. No money, no love."

Things are like a game of football or chess. We think we are the best team and could beat everybody else all the time. We think we would never fall. JUDGE BY YOURSELF.

22/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Interestingly, Obama also talked about The New World Order for the betterment of the world population especially the overpopulated Asians and of poor countries. Listen to him again carefully on both siphoning off development funds and the World Order.



Teachers took student's study time for soccer training for almost 365 days. I never like it for I believe it was not the right thing to do. There are only 8 hours of schooling time a day. They would be able to learn languages and mathematics, sciences and health education.

The soccer time must be well organized and charted, what skill to teach and practice, what is the total time programmed for each. All must be clearly laid out. It is just taking the students out of the classrooms, put them in the field, giving them a ball to play days in and days out.

The life a professional soccer in Malaysia is





short. You won't find a team that would accept you by the time you are 30. Your performance will slow down. You cannot move as fast as before. New blood will take your place. If hurt it is the end of you.

The Ministry of Education came up with sports schools where students of special skills are housed here. They are to represent the state and the nation. But again we need to work out on the ration of the school leavers to those who end themselves in their respective fields. Can the people the Ministry of Education provide us the figure ?

Those who find themselves in professional soccer will have to compute their future, their future financial security. Unless the government formulates some form of a pension scheme the sport is opened to corruptions. Punters pay and the players need to collect as much as they could and as fast as possible before they are forcefully retired.

To be a millionaire like Ronaldo and Messy one has to acquire such a skill. Could a Malaysian earn as much as those legend ?

We used to beat Korea and Japan with the old amateur system. It would have been all policemen in the police team and all army personnel in the ATM team.

Surely we want our team to be one of the top and respected team in Asia but we also need to think of the future of the players. And we want to know the national plans are organized and programmed. Do they have the schemes laid down in the curriculums and syllabus ?

We need to have a central plan else we will find abuses in sports schools. There must be a lesson plan and the teacher must carry out what is in the planned. The clips on the left are a few samples that can be included in the sports curriculum.

I think we have to believe our overall thinking methodology and attitudes. They influence our way of life and how we do things.

Our words depicts our mentality. Immorality cannot build a strong nation. Arrogance, selfishness and ego with poor knowledge and bad vision will make a perpetual Don Quixote.

22/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I would consider my Kancil as an ailing car. The whole body is full of dents, a real junky as good as scrap iron. I don't remember how it got all wrapped up. On the engine part it seems to work okay but for a long stopping could raise it's temperature to a ghastly level. The bonnet cannot be locked as the internal deformed are too serious. Inside the car itself is like a garbage bin where every litter stuffs were thrown on the floor. The car is for me alone. It is not for carrying any passenger for it would certainly brings me a big disgrace and shame.

Believe me, when I am in the car I feel like a king and as an invincible man. I am not afraid at any big and new car at all. If they knocked me they are going to suffer. And I noticed most drivers distant themselves away from me , trying to avoid kissing my back or even dare to caress any part of the body. It is my first choice as my conveyor whenever I want to travel by air, train or bus. I would park my car somewhere at a corner and leave it there for the whole trip. Nobody will tempt to steal the poor ugly old car. If anybody wants to steal it he is always welcome. I can get rid of it without any pain.

This car has served me well. It took my wife to the dialysis center and back home from the beginning to end. I could easily transfer her from the wheelchair onto the car using a plank as both of the seats are at equal level. Though my wife has gone to meet God, my feeling of gratitude to this dumb machine still persist. I don't simply throw the old faithful despite of it being a lifeless chattel.

I bought Viva for fear this old Kancil would come to a halt anytime on the road. If that happen it would be detrimental to my task taking my wife to the medical center. But the seat is a little higher by an inch or so. With a slight effort the transfer could be successfully accomplished. I occasionally used it for the job. Kancil and Viva were of the same Produa family, low and affordable price, that I could pay in cash without having have to think of the monthly payment and loan. I cut cost by rejecting the extra accessories and opted for manual gear.

On the coming 13th of December I don't have to beg from people to send me to the airport. My Kancil will take me there. I have had a bitter experience before when people were too busy in managing their own affair. It was true that they were not my slave to demand them to do the service for me but it was me who had been their slaves most of the time,  running errand for them and even gave them huge cash loan when they suffered acute financial difficulties.

Friendship with non-living things and animals are more rewarding than to the modern mortal men. A human can be deceitful, crude, rude, irritating and ruthless. I came across counterfeits from CIMB ATM machine, an officer who said she had posted the mail because the computer system said so, a Tabung Haji officer who tried hard to dodge the department's error and tried to shift the blame on me, Hajis who lied and vow to a man than to God. Animals won't cheat you and they don't have any designed motives to rob and plunder you. A dog may bark if you hit her but a car says nothing if you hammer it.

Then you might say 'Go and live with those animals and junks'. Is it a problem ? No. Just treat the mankind as animals and junks. Then we do live amongst those. Otherwise we need to draw a line of social interaction, set a limit of trust and friendship, recognize the hypocrites and the predators and leeches that suck your blood. Minimize your contact with them. With some, you can talk to them on the street but never to bring them into your home.

It is not that I am hostile to fellow mankind but that's how they are when compared to some of the animals and inanimate objects. Try to watch animal footings and sometimes you may wonder how beautiful they are.

People tend to abandoned the old possession over the new ones and they do the same to their fellow humans, be it in their domestic lives, work places or politics.

21/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


I know a trip to Kangar will take me about an hour. As I had registered in my mind that 19/11 at 8.45pm I must be in the stadium to watch a soccer match I had to leave my home just after the Maghrib prayer. I drove Viva. It took me about 20 minutes to cross town to reach the state road to Kangar.

The road was not empty. There were a string of vehicles moving at 60 km/h. I had no choice but to zigzag, overtaking one car after another like a hell driver. Mind you I am already 70 plus with a poor eyesight. There was no street light. I couldn't see a thing. It was like an invisible hands behind the wheel. May be it was. When I arrived the town I could not see roads and streets. I did not know where I was and where the stadium was situated.

The town was almost deserted like a ghost dweller. Shops were already closed at about 8.30pm. I drove and drove until I did not know where I was. I saw a Seven Eleven and decided to make an enquiry. "Which way is to the stadium ?" I asked a boy at the counter.

"Uncle go straight until you arrive a traffic light. Turn left. Then go straight ahead until you see another traffic light. Turn right. Then you will see a hospital. Go straight till you see another traffic light. Drive until you see the stadium..."

I thank him and followed his instruction. I drove straight and came to a traffic light. There was no road to the left except a few hundred yards away from it. Nevertheless I took the left corner at the junction. I saw no further traffic light but only junctions. I did not see any hospital either. It was too dark. Then I saw a petrol station. I stopped at the station and made another enquiry. A man told me to make a U-Turn and follow the road until I saw the hospital. There were two more traffic lights and I had to pass them before I could see the stadium."

This time I decided to look at the sky rather than the hospital but to follow his path as described. True indeed after the traffic light I began to see light in the sky, not from heaven but from the stadium on the right hand side. I followed the brightness, taking the available path to the light. Finally I arrived the stadium. The ticket was RM5.

The game was entertaining and enjoyable. The grandstand was filled with the Kedahkians. The rest of the stadium was almost empty. Kedah won a magnificent victory of 4 - 0.

Now how to go back ? I decided to resort to my compass in the Amdroid, to follow roads that would take me to the South. I drove without any sense where I was. No car behind to overtake me with Kedah plate number so that I could follow them. There were none in front either. Only later I saw a huge signboard and followed the arrow, still in the dark as to where I was at the driving time.

After taking several curve roads I saw another sign board. Then I knew where I was. I was about to rejoin the main road leading to Alor Setar. The traffics were less heavy. I sped up to 100 km/h whenever the road was empty. I followed the lorries before me for quite some time. I began to feel hungry. I had my dinner at about 11.15pm just before entering my city.

Don't ask me whether I was afraid. I had been to many places alone, walking or driving thousands of miles, lost my way in several places in the United States and Hawaii, being mugged in the lonely street of Los Angeles and walked across a dark grave yard while I was a kid to meet the challenge of my friends. It is all in your mind. It was a joyous experience.

It is 1.40am now, 20th November 2016. I am still alive and kicking despite the deadly feat on the road, blinded by the darkness in the absence of photons. I thank God once again. And hope to wake up again tomorrow to see another day.

20/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


Unexpected things do happen from time to rime. It can picture the goodness of a man or the evil nature of human specie. Only yesterday someone said that a pensioner's pension money in his account will be taken back by the government immediately after his death. Surely I have to believe him if is a new rule. Najib has taken a huge sum from the pension fund purportedly for his own use, never paid it and pretended as if nothing has happened. Since he is the most powerful man in the country, above the Agong, parliament and law he can do whatever he likes. The country has no money despite the GST and nobody knows where the money went to.

At one instant I curse Najib for his cruelty and sinister behavior. At another I think it is not as bad as the property in New Zealand where more then 60% of the property of a demised man would revert to the government. It gives no chance for any wealthy man to own the country to himself. We could call it lucky that Najib does not know of such law exist in New Zealand.

So I plan to spend all my pension on receiving them and to keep some enough for my annual traveling. It would be just a pure bad luck to those who are not aware of the new regulation. Nevertheless the veracity of the news need to be confirmed. I just do not want to take any risk. Nobody would expect such thing could happen.

And today again another unexpected thing happened when I went for my usual breakfast. I ordered a plate of rice with beef and sat down to eat. Beside me was a lady and her husband. I guessed they are between 40 - 50. The Mamak accosted me as Cikgu (Teacher) when delivering my food. The lady said something to the receptionist which I could not hear. Then I turned to the lady. She smiled, "Cikgu I pay for your meal." I thought she was my student. But when she asked me where I taught before and how long have I been retired then I knew she was not my student. I addressed her as Cikgu. "I am not a teacher. My husband is a businessman. I did not quite hear who she was. "any teacher is my teacher," she said.

You see unexpected things and events do happen in our lives. It may be good or bad. Having faith in God could cushion us from any thud of shocking news. I would not want to wail and lament on misfortunes or we can suffer from mental and physical illness. Sadness, worry and morose could kill cell spores in our mind. Our longevity is shortened. Life is too precious for younger men.

19/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


Time and days are becoming important. people are keeping diaries on what they are going to do and when. There are so many things to do today that we have a hard time remember and to cope up with the schedules. We tend to forget the event if nobody reminds us of the coming occurrence. During the days when we were awaken up by the cock crow, I never heard of the word diary.

The number of wedding invitations are mounting. I began to get worried. One of the important date is the 19th of November 2016. Lorries collecting used clothing and other usable gadgets and items will come to collect them on the same day. I have three bags ofor them. These will be distributed to the poor in the northern state. 19 is also the date that I will be going to Kangar for a soccer game, Piala raja-Raja (Royal Cup) between my state and Perlis. The game will be held at 8.45 pm, which means I have to start early from my home, by at least one hour. And 19 will also be the Bersih 5 Procession in Kuala Lumpur. But whatever is going to happen in Kuala Lumpur will not affect me here. I am just concern about it. On the same day the Indonesian maids promise to clean my house.

What also occupies my mind is the trip to Jordan on the 13th December. It is a trip with a mix feeling of worries and joy, worry because of the severe weather and the bulky attire and joy because I am going to a new country.. So far there is no invitation that falls between 13th and 24th save one. It falls on the day arrival to Kuala Lumpur and my home town.

I don't have proper rooms in my mind to keep all records of the what I am going to do. I usually did early traveling preparation to make sure I will not forget to bring things with. I need to check the medicines for fever and flue, for cuts and bruises and headache and vitamins. The next day I would ask myself again what other important assortments like the universal charger and plugs, and even a scissor and knife. I bought a raincoat but I don't remember where I kept it.

I will be moving in a cold temperature from the warmer air. Surely I cannot start donning thick clothing from here. I have to decide whatever I need to carry in my bag pack; a sweater or a jacket ? I dare to put on short pant if I were to go to Los Angeles in December but I dare not take a risk on Jordan. You see, I have to think even of such a simple thing. Mind you I am no longer a young man. I am 70 over.

Rather than having a diary it would be wiser to let my computer reminds me of the daily activity. It is a simple codes to list down the task. What I need to do is either leaving the computer on all the time or to have it run the first thing in the morning. While working my machine will remind me of my student's and teacher's birthdays. It is a wonderful world indeed.

I am looking forward to being alive tomorrow to deliver by stuffs to the poor and drive to Kangar to enjoy the football game. So wish me luck. Should I be reminded of all my oncoming tasks ?

18/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


It is not my intent to criticize or support Najib's policy on the expansion of Chinese schools in the country. As published in the newspapers Najib told the Chinese not to forget him as he will expand the number of Chinese school in the country. No one talked of reopening of English schools after admitting the low standard of English in the country.

But what I would like to highlight is our Red shirt hero known as Jamal Tongkol, a very close friend of Noh Omar and Najib, who took the oath of allegiance to protect the Prime Minister with his life. UMNO and Jamal formed a group called ANTI-DAP force and told the Malays that the movement is to preserve Malay dignity. In the Facebook postings I always asked the nature and type of dignity in preference. Soon he will see a great number of Chinese schools looming before his eyes. These do not come from the opposition or DAP but from his own boss, the Prime Minister himself. Doesn't it make a thing to Jamal Tongkol ?

The inconsistency is very glaring. Najib can love Hillary and hate Trump in one minute and love Trump and dispel Hillary in another. He used Jamal and his private army to attack the Chinese and at the same time he courted and flirt with China and for votes he promised more Chinese schools to MCA.

We can say 'never mind Najib...' but what do we say about the invincible hero who got a bloody nose ? Didn't he see what Najib has done to the Malay dignity ? Why blame DAP and other PKR members ?

Savagery does not promote civility. Burning cars, attacking passive people and the showing of the stupid silat are the disgrace to the Malay race. Protecting crimes using OSA and other laws made the Malays looked so helpless and feeble. Almost 100% of the remarks against Jamal were Malays and from the expressions, they hate Jamal to the core.

Seeing the unstoppable attack by the denizens, Najib's team start to play the False Flag games, attiring the dismissal behavior to the other group, using their own people and blame their opponents. False Flag can go to the extend of killing their own citizens for bigger personal gain. The 9-11 and the bombing of New York Trade centers were proven to be False Flags, a game played by several interested persons.

Views in the social media pointed Najib as pushing the gangsters to be more aggressive, a diverse stunt to turn away the lifting of subsidies, increasing the price of cooking oil, hospital bills and inflation due to GST. They try to make big mountain out of a mole on Guan Eng's property purchase, hoping to erase the 2.6 billion that went into Najib's personal account. Netizens do not lose track on Najib and Rosmah's using the SRC's money for personal use, the missing money paid to the IPIC, spending on foreign advisors, lawyers and the donation to American Presidential coffers. The greatest thing about Malaysian democracy is questions on 1Mdb are barred in Malaysian parliament.

What made Jamal and UMNO so sure that their victims will never retaliate. I am not going to narrate how and in what form retaliations can take place. It will not be the Chinese against the Malays but the Malays against the Malays. During the Gee Hin and the Hai San days the Malays already fought among themselves under the White and Red Flag. If that happens it will surely be a bloody one.

The issue is about kleptocracy that brought misery to the people. The economic downfall is due to the lost of international trusts on our leaders. China is not investing but making business with us, to market their products. Those who wear the Yellow T-Shirts can never be devoured because they understand the real issues. Any subsequent attack on Bersih members could result in devastating and ferocious counter strike. This is not a prediction but a causal-effect factor.

The followers of Jamal, many uneducated and jobless youths don't even know what a dignity is and whatever is left other than the butt-dance and the display of their brawns. If there is any bloodshed it is Noh and Najib to be blamed. The game played is very dangerous. Indeed the vision is myopic. The Prime Minister should have a habit of reading the feedback on the Malaysiakini to know the thought of the masses. Like a gentlemen he could probably arrange a dialog with the unhappy citizens.

Amazingly, if you make a survey probably 95 out of a 100 will not blame Najib but Rosmah. Why ? My clairvoyance too is pointing my finger towards the First Lady. Is it not mysterious ?

16/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 

Where can you run ?

How could I escape from sensational news ? Last night while having dinner at a restaurant there was a long news on the arrest of Rafizi. Surely I would have to follow up what's it was all about. Again I was trapped in the scuffle. I was thinking of contemplating on my trip to Jordan next month, to think what kind of clothing to bring with me, to plan food for my cat and to have my house cleaned by a maid before leaving.

The night before I studied the December temperature in Jordan. The average will be 14 degrees Celsius. I would not bother if is 14 or 15 in Los Angeles where I could donned myself with T-Shirt and breech or a Bermuda pant on a windless sunny day. I don't think Jordan would offer the same comfort. A friend of mine who is now in Iran lamented on the cold weather.

While visiting other countries with a package trip I would never have a leisure time to browse websites. By the time we entered our hotel room we will be too tired and exhausted. We will be told to wake up in the wee hours of the morning for the subsequent trip. At least for 10 days I can forget the great Malaysia, keeping myself away from the brawl, Jamal, Najib and Mahathir.

I never like cold weather or snow anymore. I had been carrying my cloth about a mile away for laundry in Winter while three months stay in London. And knocking ice from my car when icing in the United States for almost three Winter seasons. I promised myself not to travel to any cold horizon anymore. I also hate to carry Winter clothing that take much of the luggage space. It was registered in my mind that June, July and August would just be nice in the northern hemisphere and December till February in Australia and New Zealand. I just want to accompany my friend Rusli for the sight seeing.

This is almost the end of the year. I know 2017 will never be a good year. The election will be around March. Malaysians will be facing a more gloomy period after Naib continues to rule. China's presence will not help us. My life won't be as bad as the others and I doubt whether I can live for more than 5 more years. Only last night I had a sever pain in my stomach thinking I would not wake up this morning. It came without warning. Hospital ? No more. People who have gone to hospital will die sooner except for a minor ailment.

I never want to die in Jordan though someone told me that the trip will be tough. The border security will be very strict. Nobody can tell what can happen while you are moving on a bus. We may be killed by the mines.

I tried hard to divorce from politics as it can shorten my life. But men are political animals and living in the savage world animals. When I go to buy drugs at pharmacy, goods in sundry shops, stall for food I am reminded of the poor declining economy, GST, spiraling prices and the smiling politicians, sadist enough to see people bear the sufferings.

They say it is a small world. You have a breakfast in Kuala Lumpur, lunch at Ho Chi Min City and dinner in Tokyo. It takes 18 hours to fly to New York. Wherever you are you can get the local news in no time, which used to be a few months before the internet technology. I remember during the last GE; whenever I opened up a Youtube footage, the first to be displayed was Najib's greeting. Where can I run ?

I hope Jordan will be a little different and hope somehow and some way would change my thinking. We will be going to Tel Aviv, giving the chance of the lifetime to see the Jewish community. Surely it will shape my mind to a certain degree though it is not a place where I can pray for the best of my own nation. And Rafizi while in jail will have a good time to be closer to God and lament for Devine intervention to end the cruelty and evil of the treacherous rulers.

15/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



Let us start with four man with a plot of land each.

The first man standing in the middle of his land and start calling for an investor. Come a wealthy business man from China with his gadgets of tools and goodies and open a shop on the land. The man says he has an investment on his land.

The second man, instead of calling people to his land, he goes to India. He signed an agreement for an Indian company to build a railroad on his land costing 5 billions, another agreement that the Indian government to buy the banana planted by him in one corner of his land. The total commitments are already known. And he tells everyone that he has an investor to his land.

The third man calling for a businessman from USA to erect a factory manufacturing goods to be sold to whoever stay within his land. And he also call it an investment.

The last man lured another company to come on his land as there are things that could benefit the company. It is a limestone that could be turned into various by-products unknown to many men like the filter of a cigarette. The company agreed. It set up a company, employs local residents and mines the limestone. The by-products are exported to the whole world. With a huge profit the company pays all kind of taxes to the man happily. There is no mention of the total value incurred during when the wooing is made unlike the second man who announces the value of the investment.

Does it not sound weird on the first, second and third man ?


What's the different between savagery and civility ? Savagery is a picture of brutality, ruthless and merciless. It is towards animal behavior, wild and without the use of rationality. Civility is more towards kindness and polite behavior, considerate and rational. There is a new and strange trend of settling disputes between the youth group using verbal poetic exchange or through hip-hop dancing. It is certainly more civilize than fist fighting and using batons hitting each other.

We call the present world as the civilize world. We go to school, get education, develop teamwork and co-operation and practicing mutual respect.

But right now people drop bomb that kill women and children. They made weapons that could penetrate underground bunkers and killed unarmed men in a far away land. In the '40s atom bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing thousands of civilians. In the '60s the Western nations flew thousands of miles to drop million tons of bomb in Vietnam for no solid reason. The killings went on in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Middle East.

They justify the killing under the name of war. Then they created the term terrorists for the nationalists, freedom fighters and those who fought political criminals who rule and plunder national wealth. You see Tariq Aziz as a war criminal but not Bush. You don't see any American or British listed as war criminals. All you need to do is to declare war on a certain country that will justify your killing the innocent people.

To murder is alright to some people and a crime to another. Altantuya, Najadi, Kevin Morais, Jalil could be food for our thought to ponder about.

Adam Smith, the classical economist and the philosophy of New World Order believe that people must die in a great number within one short disaster for the good of mankind as a whole. It reduces the population explosion which brought hardship and poverty that can lead to increase crime and instability. It is akin to what Najib was saying 'the more I tax you, the more benefit you will get'


What should be the work of the police and what should be the work of the army ? The FBI and the CIA have different things to do as well. The police is for the internal peace and tranquility, to protect the masses against criminals and sinister persons. The army is to protect the nation against foreign enemies and intervention and excursion.

But there are countries that giving the order to the army to declare war on their own citizens, shooting and bombing them. The citizens who opposed them are branded as international terrorists to justify their actions. The term terrorist was first used by Henry Kessinger to described the Palestinians who fought for their homeland, and later adopted by international communities for their own convenience on their own citizens to retain their power and status quo.


PAS hated DAP because the latest vocally opposed Hudud but love MCA and MIC though both parties are equally vocal rejecting the Islamic law.


Sarawak Report is blazoning what is the content of the Audit Report that locked Rafizi behind bars to the world. Surely Najib has to send his team out to explain why Rafizi has to be locked up. The world would come to know more. What has been in the OSA is now has traveled out the Putrajaya's secret room. Is it not an enigma ?


These are among a few of the numerous happenings that obviously shown to be strange.

Doesn't God know of all these going to be a part and parcel of humanity ? Certainly. While God creates the predestined of natural behaviors, God also provides mankind with freedom to make choices. Almost every living man wants this freedom to do what he wants and what he likes on his free will without any external pressure or force. We are guided to make the make the best choice for our own good and the good of the society without compellation.

You just look at those men and judge yourselves whether they believe in God and the next world. Do they care about sins or hell ?

15/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


By the grace of God I became the Head Master of a school when my hoped at the young age of wanting to work on a ship as a labor and settled down in a foreign land. I was never a diligent student and never fared well in all my school and public examination. As to how I became one is not important. It is just to relate to the topic I am about to write here.

My school won the championship of the beautiful landscaping for several years on end awarded by the city counsel, the Ministry of Education. The grass was well kept, flowers bloom elegantly and trashes were hardly found on the ground. Our toilets were well maintained.

I was not the person who design the landscaping. The credit went to the gardeners, teachers and the students. People may come out with theories, plans and blue prints and will lay down all the tasks step by step A gardener could have use thousand words to explain his plan.

I just told them that the contract is simple. I need a clean surrounding, grass to be short all the time and I don't want to see dead plants and trees. "I don't want to supervise you working. You can rest and do nothing if those three things are seen as they are."

It was the head of the gardener who went to receive the prize awarded by the town counselor. Praises were given to them, the students who did not litter and the teachers who drove the esteem of the students.

The reality is the result, the winning, the recognition and our school being made a bench mark. The idea was simple, to create a conducive learning environment.

We can talk and talk day and night. We can say anything at all beyond human imagination. We can trot the world over and fly across the universe mumbling 'I won't die...I won't die...' for any number of years, but the words will not keep us alive. A weak man can say he is as strong as Hercules. A poor man can say he has billions in his saving. A great thief can say he is a philanthropist.  A robber can say that he robs you for your own good.

I do not believe in words spoke by people even by close friends. I sense the reality and analyze the happenings.

This man claims that he is invincible. He cannot be killed bu bullets, wood or iron bars. Metal weapons won't penetrate his body. Today while causing trouble at Ampang Kuala Lumpur, he was punched and blood flew on his face.

The verbal war blazoned in the media and what is really happenings tell us that words and rhetoric can deceive us. We do hear what a Minister said about GST helping the people as prices would come down. Najib says his financial policy is for the good of the people. One has to be worse than a moron to believe their rhetoric. Price of medicines have shot up more than 100%. Hospital patients were about to pay to complete total fee had not because of the coming election ( Government postpone it after the election). That would be more than RM300 a month medicines alone. Price tags at the super market skyrocketed double and triple after the 1Mdb issue and GST.

Hiding from us is the massive amount of money going out to foreign mercenaries fighting for Najib's life.

It has been traced that the money that went into Najib's personal account had traveled in devious and dubious ways. These are reality. But words can be used to deny and create stories. Rosmah said that people simply accused her traveling overseas when she was invited by the host country but short of telling them the price for the hired jet and on the globe trotting flights.

Instead words were used to attack the last Prime Minister Mahathir, degrading him to the devil, when Mahathir is no longer a Prime Minister. But Mahathir has stepped down. The current plunging economy and the ringgit is not of his doing. The missing money paid to IPIC was not of his scheme.

The most interesting part of the rhetoric is 'We are the best country among the Islamic nations. We are a strong and wealthy country...' The the next day another words were howled again 'the poor economy is caused by the opposition, Mahathir and you people...'

I am not making stories. Those were published in the media, both the government and the alternative.

They used words to spin and lies and to convince the public of their righteousness that no evil was done. They told the young Malays that it is time for them to defend the country from being taken over by the Chinese, and they can trust the great warrior name Jamal. With some magic words and chants the youths will become invincible themselves. Footings were published to scare the enemies and to draw the Malay youth support.

Instead of cooling things down the politicians put fire to the dumb followers. While Jamal got punched Noh Omar and Najib are enjoying expensive and exotic meals. Even when the Malays die killing each other they may be busy playing golf somewhere somewhere else.

The police is aware of the potential danger. There is a danger of a dreadful civil war. They know when such a horror burst, the guilty politicians will leave the country. They observed well. They see the reality, not listening to the rhetoric of the politicians.

Read the remarks below posted by a netizen

Same shit that happened in Italy during World War Two when the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had his party youth wing wear black shirts and behave like fascist hooligans. Guess what happened to Mussolini. He was caught trying to flee with his mistress and executed, following which his body was dumped in the city square of Milan and subjected to horrendous abuse by angry citizens. Let that be a warning to Najib and Rosmah.

It is depicting the furious state of mind of the populace. No amount of rhetoric and words can appease and pacify the angry people. Yet Najib is still singing and dancing.

14/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


I have written about the mystery and element of the unknown, contradictory to the substance of sciences yet created a firm belief in the unseen and the unknown practiced by the modern men like the Feng Sui, the luck brought by numbers and the consultation of astrologers. Quantum science has been talking about ubiquitous element and the behavior of non-living particle as it is observed and not observed. It even went further to explain the idea of reality and illusion, bringing together philosophy and science on the same podium.

My question had been 'WHAT'S NEXT ?' on several short articles as we can't tell what other ominous happenings will hit the country after a series of bad luck like the missing MH370 and the shooting down of MH117. Truly indeed it followed by 1MDB woe that affected our economy so very badly hitting hard on the citizens all over and the financial condition of the country.

What are we having today that could ignite an explosive that can drown the population in the near future ? First we have the current Malaysia-China relationship. Second we have the army of UMNO ready for the civil war. Third the unexpected victory of Donald Trump. Fourth the ringgit is being hit the hardest in relation to US dollar. Only God knows what will happen when all boil together.

The cloud has always been dark. The lady who is like a witch in a fairy tale stands stolid chanting spell and wailing curses hypnotizing those whose eyes have been blinded and whose hearts have been closed by God. "Catch the witch...catch the witch..." were the chorus of voices heard. People can no longer stand the pinch of the rising cost after the lifting of almost all of the subsidies. Only if they do see what and how the money collected from the people were heinously applied to erase the money that went into their pockets. "Mahathir was cruel on the enemy....Najib is cruel on all the people.....".

How many billions more do the Malaysians have to donate to the Republican's coffer after Najib jumped from Democrat and Hillary to Trump ? How much more do we have to pay to the mercenaries to run the job for Najib ? How far China is willing to go towing on Najib's line ? But we know that China won't want Najib to give up his post. She will help Najib to win the next general election. It will be Najib and Rosmah who will escape but not the general population.

What Najib fears most is not the rebels from the IS group but the rebels armed by the United States as what was happening in Syria. Though the possibility is remote, we would not know what the element of mystery can do. The non-Muslims time and again mentioned the word karma. We hear the word almost everyday from the laments in the social media. They pray for the retribution. Someone used the direct words 'let they die in the plane crash or car accidence...' It depicts the degree of anger and hatred.

What's next, I don't know. Anything can happen. But it will surely taken us by surprise. It won't be like a team of Pharoah's army drown in the Read Sea by the will of God.

12/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


Should we be thinking about men ?

If you have known and understood about the nature of men then it would be folly to waste our time to care about them anymore. It will prolong your life if you ignore them, read no more about politics and watch no more TV's propaganda. It is hard to find a real clean and good hearted and God fearing man. Almost 90% of them are selfish and callous, putting their self interest before the welfare of the others no matter in what dress they donned and Holly Books they hold.

Time should be spent on doing the work that we are given to do; a businessman looks after his business, a teacher thinks of how to elucidate knowledge, a retired man plan his daily activities and try to fulfill them before the day is over. I spend time on computer, smart phones, reading stories, evening exercise and thinking what and where to eat. I talked to the cats when I fed them. I watched soccer from my android almost every night enjoying splendid games shown on the screen.

The lesser the thinking about mankind and politicians the less worry and anger the more we can enjoy the fulfillment out of our activities. We can keep our blood pressure down. Sentiments and emotions that over ruled us can kill us. We will be susceptible to all sort of chronic diseases if our hearts are full of fire all the time, angry at the despicable liars and filthy behaviors of mankind.

We are gregarious animals. Either we like it or not we are living in a society and we depend on them on many things. We need people for food, marriage and death. We need to help one another. True. But we have to be very superficial in our relationship. Not to get any deeper involvement in the affairs of the others or be passionate enough to lend them money when they ask you for pecuniary help.

A stranger or a thief may not burden us with problems as much as the politicians do. The later can drive you crazy and physically sell you out and even kill you. To know their schemes will pinch your longevity away by a big bulk. In no time you will be killed by a heart attack. A woman, who would fall sick during a full moon even wailed with a shrieking voice "...why won't somebody shoot them..." , bursting the degree of anger towards the inhuman specie with reckless power.

It would be different from news and media who love to sensationalize issues of human being. They would make a mountain out of a mole. Many were paid to broadcast deceits and lies.

If you think their games you may know more than the truth. But at the same time ill feeling will devoured you. You spend your time thinking how to make them evaporate and crack in pieces. Nothing will happen. You can't sleep well. Your health will become worse. You may end up yourselves in hospital wards and may die there.

I find that many opt to think about God. They would write about being good and the eternal world in their Whatsapp messages one after another. I don't read them either for I don't need their guidance and advice to be good and go to heaven. I just follow my religious teaching, try to be kind to poor people and animals. But that's one of the ways to run away from thinking about mankind. Others spend their times in reading the Holly Books or the Holly Scriptures making preparation for the next world, praying to God Almighty to place them among the good people in heaven. Others do morning and evening exercise and watching drama between them, eat and sleep.

Taking care of our health also means we have to take care of our food. You are what you eat. I remember reading it somewhere.

Eating habit is part of self-discipline. You won't exercise it if you do not monitor your own health. Measuring equipments are cheap to see the blood sugar and pressure reading. We are to see the relationship between the type and amount of food intake and the readings each day until we come to know which are killing us and which are not. But by some reasons or other people with the mean do not want to keep the instruments and do not want to know the state of their health. There are diseases that we sometimes don't feel and don't see, a hidden and silent killer.

Most of us are not wealthy and well educated. We can't afford to buy the numerous supplements on the shelves. There were talks that Dr Mahathir had been consuming a medicine that cost him a few hundred dollars a piece and Najib together with Rosmah go for the anti-ageing fountain of youth that intervened in the cell natural processes, replacing the raw ones with the new ones. An angry woman said, "They think they will never die." To which I said, "ES.That's what the anti-ageing are for."  So they can eat and eat and eat.

Not me and some of you. You eat a lot you may become an obese, fat and heavy to walk, too much for insulin to breakup the sugar.

Then you inhale poisons into your lung. You think you are invincible as if your body is too strong enough to fight against the heart damage. I saw a few boys smoking a few puffs before starting jogging. They think those puffs injected energy into their bodies. I knew they won't last. They will get tired quickly and  will die earlier.

Happiness is when we don't have worry. We run away from human's bad and mischiefvous nature. We know for certain we are in good shape. Just try the mantra.

11/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


We may not have the  4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter but the Malays have their own seasons for celebration, the season of marriage. The season of marriage falls during the school holidays, the longest is the November-December vacation. It is the joyous days for the young couples to be legally together in bed after the dazzling and sprinkling day wedding ceremonies. Malay marriage is becoming very costly. The bridegroom has to pay a dowry and present expensive gift. The average dowry is 10K, mostly above 15K. The festivity only would cost between 10K to 20K. And the auspicious day chosen will be on the public holidays. So much so a person like may have to attend to more than 5 festivals in a day.

During the school holidays the members of the family could gather. Nobody is busy with sending and picking up their children from schools. Kids who are at boarding schools away from home will be together to rejoice the event. To date I have already received four invitation cards. When I was younger I record the date in my laptop which would shout at me to attend the wedding when the day arrived. It was not one day that I had not switched on my computer. On booting the machine would cry a reminder loud enough through the external microphone attached.

Since my wife fell sick I stayed away from the machine. Later the hard disk went kaput and installed with a new one. Nobody reminded me of the wedding day anymore. Sometimes I remembered looking at the card and sometimes I forget. Some I only looked at the day and forgetting the months. I usually missed to attend by a month. Then I wrote on a piece of paper and stuck it on the door leaf. Yet there were days I simply forget to look at the paper.

Right now I could not find the card of the 3rd. December marriage invitation. I have the rest at one place and I had written on one of the cards about this one so that I will not forget when the time comes. I hope there will be no distraction on the date. Friends might call me to accompany them somewhere or urgently need help to look at their computers, which could make me forget of the ceremonies.

The festive is called 'kenduri' would start at 12 am and ended at 5 or 6 pm. In cities and towns food is under contract. In villages the denizens get together to prepare the delicacies. The bride, bridegroom and their families will be seated at a special table and fish, lobsters and other special dish are spread.

Imagine if you have say 5 kenduris to attend, how much food can you consume in each house ? I would not stay longer then 10 minutes at each kenduri. The last is usually the house of a good friend where I could stay longer to have chats with friends whom I have not met or seen for a long time.

But December is also a month when we go for traveling. It is a good time for a family to take the school going children for a picnic or going to exotic places as carved in the history of the world. Great Wall China and Pyramid would be among some of the attractions. This year I will be going to Jordan on 14th of December. I would not be attending any wedding festival that falls during my away dates.

Whatever the holy matrimony is a day of splendor and delight. Everyone puts a smiling face and having joy and laughter. It is a happy tradition that is still strong in this part of the world where the institution of marriage is still sacred and sanctified. People still own each other and there is love to cherish and devour.

10/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof 


Najib paid a lot to boost his image to the world. Would we know how much donation he had made to the Democrat's coffer to get the favor of Obama and Hillary ? The Malay leader is not scared whoever won the Presidential election. All he has to do is pat on Donald Trump's back and donate to the Republican coffer now that Trump is becoming the new American President.

For a few billions dollars there are a lot of foreigners trying to bid for the work for Najib, like any other mercenaries. Money is plentiful.; raise tax, cut subsidies, get help from China and sell national assets. QED. To appease the Americans on the purchasing of the Chinese navy vessels American agents will be allowed to study the warships, giving military advantage to the United States. What Malaysia will be telling Trump is different from what we told China. And we also need to list out more Malaysians as terrorists or IS so that the Americans will like us better.

The Malays are not stupid after all. They are powerful in rhetoric and masters in maneuverability. We have the think-tank group to do all the thinking. We can change stealing to donation and using BBC to broadcast to the world to spin for us.

Malaysia is a great land. The leaders were praised. Rosmah had been receiving awards after awards which the wives of other Presidents and Prime Ministers didn't. And the First Lady is the second runners up among the beauties of the world.

Najib is a Malay. Mahathir is a Pakistani in origin. The world is witnessing who is smarter now. The Pakistani is beaten to the ground. There is nothing that Mahathir can do to Najib. The prowess of the Malay brain has shown the proof.

The plan has long been laid out if Trump were to win the election. Immediately after the winning the BBC has already announced that Najib is a golf buddy of Trump. And Trump has only one golf buddy from the great nation of the world, Malaysia. Malaysian leader is not a Pariah. We have a jet akin to Airforce 1. Najib's bodyguards exceeds the bodyguards of American Presidents.

Hillary Clinton is not as smart as Najib Razak. She should have learned from Malaysia how to win an election and how to make Democrat to retain it's superior status perpetually in the continent.

The Malay brains from Pandikar Amin, Apandi, Rahman Dahlan, Noh Omar, Keruak, Ismail Sabry and Ku Nan are priceless. At their death the brains should be taken out from the skulls, preserve in the cold for the scientists to study the structure of the cells and the neurons to find out what made them so intelligent and witty. It is indeed an incredible feat to be able to make the opposite sides of the American Presidents to love the Malay Prime Minister.

Even China loves Najib as much as Trump.

Amazing, fantastic and incredible. Do not under estimate the brain of the Malays.

10/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Amateur radio operators must learn to be self dependent, not hanging on others to do everything for him. He has to have some basic tools at disposal like the soldering iron and the solders, pliers and a hammer, multimeter, a wire cutter or a scissor to enabled him to cut a dipole antenna, to solder the coax plugs to the cable and to trouble shoot some simple equipments. I would guess more than 90% are ever ready, some even with sophisticated apparatus.

Calling people to set up the station including a simple dipole and overseeing others working is uncalled for for a licensed radio operator. At least he must learn how to do the soldering work despite not knowing the resistor color codes. And I hate to hear all sort of excuses. In good health an amateur must be independent and not to summon friends to hang up a wire antenna for him.

If called, I am oblige to give a helping hand but I need the person to provide me with the tools for the job.  It is naive to say tools are kept somewhere, repeating it for a long three three years. And refusing to buy new ones because they are there somewhere. I would not accept the lame excuse. It is irritating. "Hang it somewhere so that they are visible to to you," I would tell the person.

My school clerk used to tell me, "They need to help themselves. You must not do everything for them. It is theirs not yours." She hit the nail right on it's head. We cannot encourage indolence to be in our midst, wanting free stuffs, with invented excuses. And I told this man that I would not bring my stuffs again. He has to make sure that he has to get ready with whatever necessary for the job.

I don't mean to be mean or cruel. It happens that I was a teacher. Students should not be spoon fed. Even in Islam we say God helps those who help themselves. The poor attitudes will be carried until adulthood and it can develop into lies and deceit.

Laziness is a sickness. It is worse if the mouth speaks louder than the body, spewing bad words on others and spreading fallacies ton persons whom he always ask for help. Funny people seem to appreciate lies and willing to be slaves and deceived. They believed his lies.

Of course we cannot do the gigantic tasks by ourselves. Putting up a tower and fixing elements to beam antenna may need a team work. But it does not take more than person to erect a 20' aluminum pipe. It does not even need a 5' concrete base. And how difficult it is to solder a coax plug to the cable ? I am talking of an able bodied man with a bag full of excuses and justifications.

There are still elderly people in the ham radio fraternity, age over 70 who still manage their stations by themselves, doing a simple repair and even works on their own towers.

I am not a strong man. Neither do I have skill in constructions. Hence I adjust my objective to my ability. I have to put away my ambitious aside. I do not want to exploit on the good hearts of other people for the benefit of my own. People asked me, "Why don't you call Hairie to put up your antenna ? " Did I ever answer the question ? I would have just keep quiet. I have been putting up my own antenna all along. I still solder though my eyesight is extremely poor and my hands are trembling. I buy the tools for my job if I don't remember where I put them. I must not have full dependency on my chums and buddies for everything on earth.

I never judge people by the rhetoric and what he always say. I see the deeds and the results. I do not respect a man who consistently repeated the same mistakes which I would not consider it an error but rather than the habits and the detestable attitudes. My words may be harsh but it is true in a civilize society. A man of vanity must prove his dexterity and readiness, not to cause problems to others.

One may ask what's wrong in a full dependency on others ? A feeble man who humbled himself, admitted of his weaknesses is different from someone who always boast of his greatness and know how, and even claimed giving away antenna of his own making to other ham operators. Would anyone be calling a friend 400 miles away just to put up a dipole for him ? It is an absurdity.

09/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Reading English stories won't improve my English. I should had acquire the habit at the young age. But during children and young adults I was a moron, hated books and schooling. All I dream of was to be a blue collar labor and working on a cargo ship and settled in foreign land. What I am now is totally the work of my fate. I developed the reading habit at the dawn of my age when memory is fading rapidly and senility devours my mind. Thanks to the smart phone and the software makers that allow me to download the E-Book that provides me with pleasure and helps me to kill my time.

One interesting Japanese short story I read yesterday was about the elixir of life, the immortality of a person. He lives forever and never grow older. A King who was sick was afraid of death and refuse to die. He was told that there was a country called Horizone where nobody died. A paper bird was made for him to fly to the land. After arriving he seek for a shelter and decided to be the denizen of Horizone. He was very happy for several years but he noticed the people there were not happy. Everyone wanted to die. They drank poison. Nothing happened. The were bored with life. After many number of years the King too did not want to live forever. He flew home using the paper bird but while crossing the sea a storm came. The paper bird got damp, crumpled and fell into the sea. You need to read the story to know the ending.

Reading this it reflects our human nature. Many people crave for perpetual life and immortality. We tend to blame Najib and Rosmah who spent millions on the anti-ageing potion. It worked well on Rosmah for she does not seem to look old except for her fat body. Najib had said he wanted to rule for 22 years more. So are the others on the ground. Millions of dollars are spent on skin care and other anti ageing supplements. Women love to be young and want to stay young.

We don't talk of immortality, just living until 200 years old is enough; what will be passing us within the 200 years ? Our friends and the love ones fall sick, sufferings from diseases and other disabilities and later die. We the immortals are still strong. Then we may be looking for new spouses who will grow older with wrinkles and sickness before our eyes. We remainl the same. I don't see any happiness at all when seeing our chums and love ones are going away. What if we have enemies and people do not like us, throwing slur after slur on us generation after generation. There is no meaning to life despite our wealth and luxury.

We will live in misery if society is unkind to us, our children show no respect  and people in power are cruel and brought hardship on us. We will feel bad and disturbed when our leaders act like a devil and gangsters rule the nation. We have two choices to make, either to live long enough to see the change or we leave the world and exit the present life for the new.

If suicide is not a sin in Islam and poisons are sold everywhere as much as the elixir of life we will see people will also drink poison as many would go for the youth potion.

My life is not miserable though living alone. I have got almost everything a man would have wished for. I can still move about with great strength and dexterity and enjoy life. No doubt life is becoming more difficult to bear with, the increasing burden of rising cost, I won't suffer the economic woe forever. My days are numbered. I don't think I will live till 80. While still breathing I have to keep myself fit by daily exercise and consuming vitamins. Last night while on the state road from Perlis to my hometown I drove 100 km/h in the darkness of the road. What it means is I could have been killed. But it was not my intend to commit suicide. It is a matter of taking risk of between living or death.

When I was a small kid, I remember reading a religious book (kitab) kept by my mother about the end of time, where people can resurrect the dead from the grave, clonning human being and giving mankind whatever they want to have as long as they accept the Dajal or an anti-Christ as their god. Is it today the nearing of the end of time ? Genes and cells can be controlled by human intervention using drugs to allow the new cells to replace the old ones, almost akin to overhauling an old engine of a car or other vehicles.

Cash is King. It is cash that can buy the elixir of life. All eyes are focusing on Rosmah before they die and leaving the First Lady forever young. I don't want to live forever. Do you ?

08/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My 20 foot aluminum pipe carrying a 2 meter slim Jim shafted into 3 foot iron pipe broke by the strong wind. The iron pipe was full of water. I should have a hole at the bottom to drain the water out when it rains. The rust is too bad. The aluminum rod does not rust but somehow the part within the iron pipe seemed to weaken and it broke at the end point of the pipe. The slim Jim hit the TV antenna. I left it there for several days.

It has been raining cats and dogs. Sunshine was short. Dark clouds covers the sky as early as the sunrise. At time the days became dark starting from noon. Only two days ago I climbed the car porch top using a ladder, spread the two meter antenna from the TV's and hoisted up the mast, leaned the bottom against the pipe and tied it with the nylon rope. It is standing so prestigiously again but with a reduced height, more than ample to trigger the repeaters 60 miles away.

I don't like to seek help to erect an antenna. All along, from the day I began as a ham I cut wires to make a dipole, and hung it to either a bamboo mast or an aluminum pipe. Bamboo had been my favorite for more than 40 years. It always give me a very great efficiency as compared to the metal mast. The setup has always been simple and I did not require any extra hands to make it possible.

Though I prefer a simple homebrewed I also bought one G5RV during my visit to Dayton Hamvention in Ohio a long many years ago. It is half-size which I heard people called it G5RV junior. After being strike by a lightning, I replaced the old dipole with the purchased one. The new one is still up there till now. And I don't have any ambition to enhance my radio station to a high class majestic station. It is my life to be simple and lowly, and mediocrity will be my optimum standard.

Somehow like me, the coaxial cable is ageing. Weathering could have the while plastic insulator brittle and had broken into pieces on the inside unknown and unseen to me. I need to buy a new one. But the price has gone way up by more than 100%. I keep on postponing until today. May be I have not been so regular anymore on the band. I dislodged myself from sending QSL card which I used a software to have them printed from my logbook. I didn't want to work DX stations for fear they might asked for the card.

Only three days ago, to my surprise I receive a card from YB3DIK with a self address enveloped with stamps transfix on it. I could not ignore it. I hunted for my misplaced cards as I don't remember where I put them anymore. Finally I found it but my printer isn't working anymore. I also made a badge pin with my image, printed the date of our QSO and his call sign, and accompanied by my QSL card written by ordinary ball point pen as to confirm our contact. I hope it will reach him soon. The next time I worked a DX station on any band I have to mention that I do not QSL anymore.

For a DIY man homebrewing and constructing is his cup of coffee. For a man like me it takes an urge to drive me to do thing, out of necessity, required a strong push to act or otherwise things won't move. I used to cut aluminum sheet, drilled holes and molded into a box for an amplifier and a transmitter. Those machines were at my work place where I taught. I really forgot to make an electronic keys then.

Today, my sight deteriorates and my hands trembles. Yet I struggled to do the soldering. I usually took the PC board to a shop, bought the replacement components and asked the shop to solder for me. They did not know what the project was. I just told them to place the components on the various parts and to solder them.

Sweeping the floor, ironing dresses and arranging messy house need a mood. But the floor always drive me to fetch a broom as my feet collect dust. If I am out of T-Shirt to wear I would iron one for my use. When my mood blooms I would iron everything that I have washed, sometimes 10 to 15 T-Shirts were ironed at one go. Finally the arrangement of items to make they look neat were done a little a day. It may take a week before things look tidy.

I did employ maids to do the inside and outside cleaning from time to time. But I am not happy with them as I found things missing. They were not called for nearly 3 months now. I keep on thinking what to say to them about the things found missing. But I must.

There is something that I have done to myself for a number of years. I crop my own hair without using mirror but the sensitivity of my hands and fingers. Surely they have been pretty messy or otherwise the custom officer at KLIA2 did not say my hair looked like a Japanese, and yesterday the Mamak at Majeed Restaurant wouldn't have commented that my hair looked nice. If you ask me the price for dressing a head, I would have admitted that I do not know. It was my late wife who started working on my head, since 1980's. When she was sick after year 2000 I took over the job, working on my own hair. Try to add together the hair cropping, the ASTRO, and the newspaper cost, how much have I had saved. And I don't smoke either.

With Najib's fiscal policy the burden is climbing fast and heavy to bear. In spite of the increase of cooking oil and gas by leap and bound I am heavily concentrating of doing my own cooking. I have to start thinking where to keep the fish and vegetables and the easiest delicacies to cook. Mahathir was cruel but Najib is worst than any living specie I can ever think of. Animals have passions towards their kinds and other human specie, but these few human are despicable beyond God's creation. They have no pity, no remorse and no shame. He hit us extremely hard.

You have to learn to be on your own in order to survive.

07/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Sports is not merely an entertainment. It is also a nationalism. It is not strange to promote friendship with the nationalistic feeling and sentiment. Once the Soviet Union and other Communist countries regarded the winning and championship as the success of socialism over capitalism, as a mean to depict the strength of Central Planning. The dominance is a symbol of power and progress, the greatness of a nation and a race.

Beside Olympics soccer is celebrated as one of the prestigious events of the world. It generates economic activities. Crowds throw up their money for seats, food and beverages, for T-Shirts and other souvenirs, and for transportations. When they wanted to introduce soccer league in the United States economy was the reason given to push the program on, putting as the same level with American Football and the Baseball.

People love to see the display of skills and the teamwork.

In Malaysia soccer had been there for a long time. There were local club leagues organized by interested individuals and at the national level there was a Malaya cup. Most state players were from the clubs. Most of them were working people; school teachers, clerk, businessman, police and from all walks of life. The departments cooperated with the state football organization by allowing the players to go for training and attending the matches. Almost everyone was financing themselves. And most of the players were local born or reside in the state. A state team is a pure state team with native players. Prison was the only non-state team entering the Malaya Cup later on where players came from all over.

In those days it was almost impossible for Kedah to beat Penang and Perak. Kedah had been beaten game after game for many years. But there was one day when the inferior state broke the barrier. The thick and strong wall was broken, I don't remember the exact date of the first victory. Since then Kedah had lifted itself from the pariah status ever.

The real glory of winning shambled when professional soccer was introduced. It became freak as states began to use players from other states. What if 8 out of 11 players are not native denizen. Even 6 out of 11 is disgraceful enough. Yet the state has the audacity to claim of it's vivacity and acuteness of managing the team. It is just like hiring mercenaries in a war. It is nothing to record in history of the pride of winning a battle. When JDT claimed to be the most efficient and well manage team as they snatched several championships, others asked JDT how many of the players are the native Johorian, 7 out of 11 ?

Allowing foreign import is to add entertainment to soccer game. People love to watch the skill of these players and they made soccer interesting to watch. Minus these imports,  we expect the rest to be from the local people. Winning a championship then is a lustrous and sparkling success boosting the pride to the apex of the world. This is where the real pride lies. The sentiment of nationalism is fiery blending itself with the joy of entertaining soccer.

I have never been happy to watch players hired from other states in my home team. We neglect our own boys by not molding them into a great and skilled player with a strong discipline and full of commitment. During the days when Kedah was the underdog to Penang and Perak, crowds did not stop going to give support because Kedah played very well. The spectators believed that one day the opponents would be beaten. They were never wrong.

Have we done enough to scout the local talents, encouraging tournaments in every district and enlist the best ones into the state team ?

To the crazy and fanatic fans all they care is winning. The composition of the team is unimportant.

06/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was in Tokyo last October 2016 I  noticed some beautiful watches with beautiful and sprinkling display on their faces. I stopped admiring the beauty for some minutes, with my heart pounding urging me to buy it. I told Rusli about it. Rusli said that it wasn't a normal one, but need to be used together with a smart phone.

Pairing a watch to a phone does not interest me. I want an independent watch with less hassle on charging the battery,

Only recently I decided to know more about it. I just simply googled it down using the words Smart Watch. There were numerous literature about it.

Basically smart watch contains WIFI and GPS enabling it to be used as a smart phone depending on the internal software inserted into the chip. Without the internet connection it picks up satellite's signal to ensure of the clock accuracy. I do not know how the GPS map works. If signal can be received I am sure it can also send a signal. Soon enough it can be used as a world wide communication network by itself without depending on the smart phone and the wifi. In five years time it will be very cheap as the calculators. We remember once calculators cost us near to hundreds of dollars but now available at below ten.

Visiting the phone shops in town I hardly found any watch on display. I was showed a voucher when I asked about it. One vendor showed me a China made RM84 watch without the GPS and the software was limited. It was ugly unlike the ones I saw in Tokyo. I regret that I didn't ask more about the capability from the salesman then.

In the meantime I just jot it down in the list of my dream.

05/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This miser guy shocked me today. He is the one of the two sons of Majid Nasi Tomato left to manage the restaurant while Majid is taking a long siesta back home in India. Majid is about my age, schooled in St Michael Alor Setar and went back to India for a spouse. He trained Mansoor, his son, to cook. His other son is a stingy cashier who would not less me even a single cent when I didn't have enough small change to pay.

As usual, I would rush to the shop for my lunch after Friday prayer. I enjoyed White rice and the spicy beef curry. By 2 pm almost everything would be sold out. They cooked some White rice for themselves and for a few late customers. Today nothing was left on the counter. "White rice," I shouted as I walked in. "Finish.....but wait, we have some for you...we still have the beef for you,"Masoor said.

After finishing I was prepared to pay. The miser brother said, "FREE." I looked at him in disbelief. He raised his two hands and said, "Amen"

Majid restaurant is located at almost an invisible place at one corner of the old town. It is not along the main road. There are no houses nearby except for a few commercial buildings, no bus to take us there. Yet every morning customers flocked in and queued for the delicacies. They have beef, mutton, fish and chickens. I would consider the food is very pricey. I saw people paying RM20 - RM50 for a meal, probably for more than one person. My rice plus fish cost me RM5.50 and rice plus beef is RM4.50. To me it is reasonable as I was never charged for the warm water and a few pieces of cucumber. Else where I have to pay for my drinks.

I don't know why the brother gave me the free lunch.

Sometimes I had my late lunch at KFC. My favorite is wedges, slices of potatoes the size of our fingers, soaked in oils to cook. It costs me RM7.20. The reason why I consume this type of food is it does seem to shoot up my blood sugar level. These few days the girls gave me a free meal though I insisted on paying for them. That could surprise other customers behind and beside me. I know the reason why I got the free meal. I did not charge them for the keychains I gave them. It was a bit taxing but I didn't have the heart of taking money from them. I had the intent of charging them RM3 a piece to cover the material cost.

At times I pondered about life and death trying to understanding the happenings and the mystery. God makes things work in mysterious ways, giving us providence and sustenance in the form unexpected and undreamed of. It is not just about the food. It is also about our health and mental state. We can have billions of dollars with a poor mental state, mental delirium, fearful of the unknown, about being shot, kidnapped and murdered.

I cannot do good things everyday. I only have cats to feed on. Cats staying at my neighbor's house would rush to my house when they saw I came home with my car. Najib charged GST for the animal's food as well. Prices had gone double and tripple. I bought the local packaging from Giant costing me RM14.60 per bag. It would last me 5 days. Cat's prayer was heard. For a miser not to charge me the RM4.50 meal is something incredible though the amount is small.

05/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I stopped watching the national TV for more than 10 years except for the soccer games. And I quit buying newspapers as well at almost the same time. Thanks to the new smart phone technology that keeps me occupied with entertainment and news. But the internet is expensive by a pensioner's standard. I have to bear with it. The money for the newspaper and the ASTRO could offset the internet fee.

I hate to hear and read lies. Everyone can tell lies, either the main stream or the alternative media. I  just need to match statements to reality to trace the fallacy. One says our economy is the best among the rest of the previous administration. And at another time he blamed the opposition for the deteriorating economy.

I am not the one who would side Mahathir against Najib. I look at the issue in hand; the price tags of everything in the shelves, what are sold and from which countries. There are many products which formerly manufactured here are now made in Thailand. European goods are replaced with the Chinese. It is hard to find durable goods and other home tools nowadays. The taxes and quit rents keep on climbing. People are losing jobs. These are facts.

The internet keeps me occupied with free soccer software from Emirate, jokes and comedies from the Youtube, movies from all countries and wireless chatting with friends. Lately I read stories from the free e-book. Imagine a life without this small gadget. You would have to glue your eyes to the one eyed monster. Or going out with friends for the eyeballing. Or going fishing. You won't do fishing at night, would you ? Now with the little company you can enjoy life, taking your mind away from the misery brought by the evil politicians.

I have four laptops, old ones with almost broken displays. Two run on Windows XP and one Macbook colonized by minute ants that failed the keyboard. One other is a slow Intel Celeron wrapped in the notebook's casing, running on Windows 10. The Macbook is for downloading movies. The Aspire 4720Z without anti-virus is for writing blog as this one, and another Acer is not connected to the internet used to process pin badge and developing computer software. I don't follow the progress of the technology. I sense they are trapping you to depend totally on them and they will start to squeeze you for pittance. They serve my purpose and they have serve me very well for many good years. At least I can avoid hearing lies when working on these machines. They are wonderful.

Probably there are many more people who are staying away from the newspapers. Utusan Malaysia is almost on the verge of bankruptcy as less people are buying it. I can't say about the New Straits Times and the Stars. Many Malays think Sinar Harian belongs to PAS when it belongs personally to Najib. These are the propaganda machines that suck. They are destroying the Malays and the nation. They are responsible for the worsening of the social and economic instability. They do not foresee the future of the Malays by being the mouthpiece of an irresponsible individual. But in actions and demeanors they start to blame the others for losing their strength as days gone by.

To say the Malays are dumb, ignorance, short sighted, stupid and arrogance would drive them to untold anger, fury and madness. Leaving them to do what they wish, they are killing their own race slowly and unknowingly. It has been more than a year Najib is running around thinking he could put things in order again. He jumped worldwide trying to woo investors. When the economy plunged he tries to offset by stupidly enhance local taxes, take away subsidies, selling Malay land to developers. He used the media to lie and lie, deceiving the populace of the greatness of Malaysian economy under Najib Razak.

With money Najib penetrates all media including the internet. Nearing the election time you will see him first as you click the YouTube video. He will appear to the popular pages that you do not call for. It is very irritating indeed. If I could I would not want to subscribe to the internet anymore. But it is something that I could not do. My mind would be half dead without it.

I don't have many more years to live. I don't know whether the time will come when I will start to buy the newspapers and watching the TV again. All I can see is there may be civil war after I die. There will be hunters and the hunted. The fugitive running to foreign land will be tracked even down under the grave yard. Bodies will be mutilated, their hearts will be bitten and their asses sodomized as shown by the history of mankind. Vengeance is cruel and savage. But that was the picture in China after the peasant Revolution, in the Cambodia-Vietnam's border, in Iraq and Libya. The Jews hunted the Nazis to the hidden jungles of South America.

Let us pray to God that Najib would repent, and hands the post to a new leader. And the nation can start to work together again to repair the monumental damage Najib has done.

03/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny. Not only refusing to give 20 minutes of her time sending me to the station after a 20K loan, she also did not reply to my messages and phone calls. Formerly we used to chat every other day and her whole family would ask me for breakfast with them. I took obligations to feed her fish, picked up her son from school and tuition classes when she was away and went for vacation. Her husband was also my student, a Class A contractor and a strong man of UMNO. We used to have a friendly engagement about UMNO's policy of  taking away the farm land for property development.

I was damn angry and furious when she refused to help me. I locked her off my phone for more than a month but I later realized that would be too harsh. Yesterday I rang her up because I wanted to take her son to dinner. Sometimes I needed a company, someone to talk to or hear stories from others. She never replied. I sent a message. She also did not reply. She has been very moody on and off. As a result I told myself that I would not want to help her anymore. I know a retired old man like is as good as dead and useless. What help can I have to offer ?

Today I read in the Whatsapp message that she needs money to pay her staffs salaries. It is a bad day for her because I don't have anymore cash. She has a husband to ask. I messaged back, "I have just paid for my Jordan's trip and the trip will be soon. I also need the money to bring with me. How much do you need anyway ? " She never response.

I have sworn that I will not lend people money anymore. No pity. No sympathy. I have read too much about human being and their nature. And with this one, it keeps me wondering her total character. Didn't she forgot how she treat me ? I have decided not to call for her help for my trip to Jordan. I will drive and leave my junk car at the airport. I am not going to buy any souvenir to anybody including her kids.

I gather she must be confused or selfish or callous enough only to think of herself and not the welfare and the feeling of the others.

I don't have any political affiliation. I am not a businessman. I have a small income from my pension and a small saving in the ASB. I just don't waste unnecessarily. I switch off unused light and stopped my air-condition when the bill shot up over RM200. I used a small car. I don't have extra income.

I just wish her all the luck. Her husband with the million ringgit project which he won could have finance her business. When they were wealthy they guarded their wealth and hid them from close friends as though others were greedy enough to siphon cash from them. I don't remember asking anybody for a dollar when I really went broke. I would starve for the day. And I would still pay for their dinner even if it drains my purse. They said it was an Arab hospitality on their guests where meals are concerned.

I said funny because people still have the audacity to ask help from someone who they once neglected and dispel, and from those lenders whom the loans were not honored. They thought their sins were forgotten and forgiven. The impact could be so hurt leaving a deep scar in their victims. Let they wriggle themselves through. I better escape myself from any further pain. Enough is enough.

 02/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Among Najib's opponents only a few I perceive to be sharp and smart. They are Rafizi, Tony Pua and Shafiee Afdal. I could not point the non-vocal individuals who are as smart as those people. Alternative media like Malaysia-Chronical and Malaysiakini may strong enough with their rebuttals but I sensed they fail to see a few of the hidden plans and intentions. They forget that Najib is having huge resources in his palms,; manpower, money and law.

His opponents is trying to establish his motive for inclination towards China. One went to the extend of accusing Najib of blackmailing USA not to take action on his son in law or otherwise he would buy the military hardware from China and at the same time opening almost free access to the Chinese traders to run, expand and construct transportation and other infrastructure in the country. They said that Malaya will be a province of China.

Would the United States be mad with Najib for buying warships or submarines from China ? What you may know is that it is the United States that provide the money for the purchase. They want to know the Chinese hardware technology. Once bought the United States will be theoretically strip every inch of the Chinese arsenal. This is where Najib's opponents have not been thinking.

It is not wrong to guess that China is thinking about 1Mdb too, seeing the way how she could resolve the woe. But nothing is for free, except like the big donation from the Saudi Royal family to Najib, incredibly so very generous so much so about being bombed by the rebel. The Chinese is not buffalo that you can pull by the nose. They will kowtow to Najib to reap the maximum benefit.

I have been thinking whether China is stupid enough to reveal her security by selling the most advance military hardware to Malaysia. The French sold us the refurbish sub-marine. USA had sold us the rejected warplanes from it's desert. Our military is so very close to CIA and I am sure we were given enough advice on the purchase.

Najib is very desperate as the Western investors are shying away from Malaysia except for the existing fast food and communication companies which have been forking billions to be sent home. Have we not lock ourselves from producing our own medicines by the TPPA? We asked them to buy our palm oil when the consumers were told it could cause cancer. Now we are begging China to buy more of the oil.

Najib is not deliberately making USA angry with him. He has his own game like a man with two wives whispering his love to both of them. Interestingly enough Malaysia will be a place full of spies playing games counterespionage against each other. Pentagon will be more intense in observing Malaysia and the game Najib plays. It will decides whether Najib should go or not, not the President.

China invites Najib and his family and she wants to hear words from the Malaysian Prime Minister. Then she has ears and eyes in Malaysia to validate his words. It is also likely the Chinese would be offering a sanctuary to his family in case of the change in government. Whatever Malaysia will be an interesting country to deal with. Malaysian ministers are depicting themselves as great jesters of the world without an iota of shame. The whole world is enjoying the show.

Though the local alternative media is saying Najib is warning the United States, I do not believe so. He thinks he is trying to appease both nations by his usual gifts and donations. He also think he can get all the local Chinese to support him by his China's love affair. Mahathir did the same when he was the Prime Minister, making a visit to China before the election. Can this offset the rude behavior of UMNO's thugs and gangsters on their anti-Chinese war ?

Malaysia could be a pawn in getting the Chinese technology on the war machines by USA. If it is it would put the Chinese in a great lividity and outrage. The outcome is left to conjecture. In the meantime the maritime cold war is heating up with US carrier parking just off the coast of Kelantan and Trengganu overseeing the Chinese activities in the Souuth China Sea.

02/11/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Thousands of fans traveled hundreds of miles to watch the final of the Malaysia Cup match. I watched the game at home. Dinner was early so as not to upset my stomach when the game is on. I came back at about 9 pm before the game started.

While others predicted that Kedah would win by the margin of 2 - 0, I had no confidence at all but with full of hope we would somehow overcome Selangor. I knew Selangor has always been speedy especially the smallest player from Indonesia, Andik. But I might as well keep my fingers cross.

What I know is not known by the tenth thousands of the fanatic fans. I was surprise to see the lineup as one of the players whom I would not want to be in the Kedah team was there in the field. He is a heavy smoker. Now, I remember seeing him in several games, more than 80% would passed back the ball backward as soon as someone passed the ball to him. When I was in the stadium I would shout at the coach to replace him. I don't know his name.

Selangor didn't seem to underestimate Kedah. They were instructed to mark Liridon, Thiago and Shane closely by several persons. Selangor players would do anything to bring these players down to the ground. The tackle was hard. Shazwan broke his arm. They moved fast and were within a short distant from Kedah players.

Rizal broke the silence when his distant volley passed over the head of Selangor goalkeeper and went into the net. That was after half-time. A few minutes later Selangor equalized owing to the defense mistake.

The smoker, I mentioned didn't perform at all. He seldom get the ball. Once or twice he passed backward as his usual habit.

The game lingered till more than 92 minutes with 1 - 1.

There was a penalty kicked. I switched off my TV. I believed if it was a penalty kick decision, it would be Selangor's game. Earlier on for the first 20 minutes my heart rate beat faster than usual and returned to normal at half-time. It remained so until the 92nd minutes.

Minutes later a former school clerk messaged me 'TOMORROW IS A HOLIDAY' . Then a girl from KFC messaged me 'We won'. Only this morning I watch the penalty kick posted on the Facebook. Surprisingly the player whom I don't like because of his poor health habit took the kick. He failed to score. I could forgive the rest but not this guy.

I don't mean to be mean. But there is something that we must not allow in a sportsman. Fans spent a lot of money, having faith in the team, took a risky trip to provide support. A winning does not end everything. Soccer has a long way to go, longer than our longevity. Malaysia need a discipline and a high class player.

Remember, Rizal caused the winning but he was not the only one in the field. Credits have to be given to all those who worked very hard. Three of the players from Kedah were seriously injured. Sorry Selangor, you lose the game because God decides to give the win to the team which you have wrested them to the ground with the dirty tricks you can think off.

 31/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I made a mistake. I always wore a badge pin displaying my picture on my T-Shirt. Only one day a girl at the KFC asked me about the pin. She wanted a piece of her image and wanted to pay for it. She took my phone number. The rest of the girls and boys were not interested.

When I reached home the girl sent me three pictures; her husband, her kid and hers. The next day I went to have the pictures printed using a laser print together with our Jordan trip pins to replaced the previous ones with a date error. After working on the pin I went to the restaurant and threw the pieces to the lady. I walked away when she asked me for the price. I was in a hurry for my evening exercise to see her excitement.

When I returned home I saw more photos on the Whatsapp, all of them need two pieces of keychains each. I don't have much materials left and it would be too costly to give away free as the material itself is expensive. I know everyone hopes to get them for free after noticing this lady whose nick name is Bella waving to the rest with what she gets. Otherwise I would not have got the extra request. Probably out of courtesy they would be asking me 'how much ?'

I just love and enjoy making the pins. I like the end product. If I can I want to give free to everybody. I have given away more than RM250.00 of pins. And I tried to force myself to stop. Surely it would be easier if I don't have them anymore.

The pins are almost finished. I am afraid other staffs might be asking me for more. I don't like to disappoint people. I said I made a mistake because I was trying to show off and bragged that I made them by myself and told them I used to give away FOC to the soccer fans.

Now I feel I can't cope with the demand.

30/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Ham friends are using electronic jargons that I don't understand. They showed me the measuring equipments I don't have and I have never seen. I am very amazed by their acuteness. Instead of knowing the advance and the state-of -art technology I am still struggling to understand the basic electronic circuits and how it works. Why the components are placed as they are and how each of the cthem reacts to a certain action.

Surely the diagram below is considered primitive bt some people as compared to the know-how on satellite technology. We would expect a person who is very well verse in the world's best antenna system, the triple conversion of the radio design would be able to explain the circuit as shown below. Doesn't it look so simple and less complicated ?

I would want to know what are those components and why they are placed there, where the current starts and where it goes to and why it is so arrange in that structure. Why the R1 and R2 resistors, why the RFC at both of the grids. What are these grids called and what do they do ? Why the capacitors C6 and C10 are grounded after the grid etc. etc. Do we see C1 is paired with L2 and C2 with L3 ? Why are they paired ? Why coils are used and how do they function ? Why capacitors are used and how they are different from the coilds ?

When I am too busy trying to figure out the circuit behavior I do not have time to think about the more advance nature of things.

I always think the understanding and the building up of oscillators are important. One should be able to design an oscillator without referring to text books. What if one goes to a place where transmitters are not found but only components and wires are available and the place is strike by calamities, wouldn't an oscillator be able to help one to send out an SOS ? A SWL was experimenting with a single transistor oscillator sending a message from his home about 4 miles away could easily be copied by me. Surely a single tube oscillator could be much more powerful than the minute component.

For God's sake let us not preach the wrong things to the new people. Poor readability is signal due to the band condition is different from the QRM and QRN caused by other digital communications. Even without those disturbances signals will still be poor with bad condition. Or one does not need to use PTT on HF because HF is not using a repeater. I usually restrained myself not to point out the concealed errors so as not to make him feel humiliated either in front of the crowds or me.

However new technology today is amazing. I love to repeat stories on how I could send pictures and talked to people back home in Malaysia from Balkan and Spain whole moving on a bus, and the most recent visit by Rohizat to Australia sending me reports at sea while watching whales. Do we need all the ham gears, the SSTV and sending images on HF when we are away from home and in foreign countries ? In fact we are now waiting for the google satellite to open it's door for the two way communication using a smart watch,  and mind you watches of today need no rechargeable for a long number of years. They don't need towers and the long messy cables.

What's on the high-tech is not for me to pursue. It is too minute and moving too fast. They are to be bought, used and thrown. New gadgets would take over and some toys are interestingly strange and fantastic. What we may lament is they are not free like the ham radio. The internet cost is expensive. I am paying more than all the utilities combined. Nevertheless radio operators spent more time on the internet rather than the radio chat.

But the old technology is not totally dead. We still have time to grasp the concept and have fun in constructing and designing the basic vacuum tube amplifier, imagining a bias, computing the ohm law to control the voltage drop and the amount of flow of current through the circuit. We can still stare at the schematic trying to trace and understand the balance modulator and the LC units.

The old radio technology spread the circuitry of the basic which is deemed too primitive to most people. Even this lowly primitive knowledge is beyond my grasp. How could I understand the sky if I can't even understand what's beneath my feet.

2910/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Calamities can happen at a national level or at a regional level. What usually happened were at regional level. A Tsunami did not wash the whole country as the earth quake or a typhoon. Only the affected area were paralyzed, where people were hurt or killed, foods were destroyed and communication networks came to standstill, for the machines were destroyed, electricity cut, towers were razed to the ground. At the initial stage messages of mishaps could be communicated. They halted when there were electrical failure or the networking towers and system broke down.

It is the rescue missions that have to come first. The military and special rescue forces forces that need to be sent to ensure there will be no lootings and robbery and even killings. take place. This is the time when the enemies take the opportunity to avenge, like the Yellow Shirt would go hunting for the Red Shirt leaders to put them away for good. We would notice that there will be yellow lines put around the disaster area, to bar the member of the public from encroaching into the area to cause mischief. Volunteers have to be registered and have to follow the stipulated regulations. They can't act on their own, for the same reason.

The search and rescue may need a communication equipment, from the mobile phone to a transceiver. All rescue teams are equipped with their own communication equipments. They communicate among themselves or with their HQs to send reports. The pertinent question follows is how long the battery will last ? It all depend on the area they have to cover and how long they will be moving without returning to the base. If there are 5 personnel each carrying a radio, only one man needs to have his radio on. But in several calamities the land is distantly separated from the safe area. Or the flood water takes several days to recede, battery life is an urgent factor. With the state-of-the-art technology there is already a perpetual battery life. A few still need a solar charging and the rest needs no charging. Bloom technology is one of them.

To surmise, manpower, security and communication capability is utmost important. Don't we have enough manpower in Malaysia to combat regional disaster ? Don't we have a system to ensure there won't be theft and robberies to deal with the possible crimes ? Don't the police and the JPAM have enough communication equipments ?

We have to understand that there are perpetrators ready to swallow their victims during flooding or the earthquake. They would swarm in a group to do lootings and other mischief. It was reported of the missing items during the flooding in many areas before. Hence the enforcement of the security must be tight.

There was a ham operator who made an illegal extension of his house, when caught submitted the house extension was for natural disaster. He said that he was one of the important men in the rescue mission. How was the extension of the house has to do with calamities ? And the ham operators set up their stations at RTM for the same reasons as if all other departments did not do their work and only the ham operators could. People can seize the opportunity for benefit or to gain publicity.

EXTEND RADIO EQUIPMENTS TO THE VILLAGERS - During the last flood in Kelantan there were people at the remote places did not get the help. Nobody reached their places. Why ? Because they did not have telecommunication facilities. We should be concerned of the citizens in remote places and think how they could call for help when disaster strike. Wouldn't it be wise to supply them with communication equipments and to educate them on how to get free electricity ?  During the peace time denizen from each region could be brought for basic technical course on the related subjects.

Today's hams are individuals with wide experience in many fields. There are PHDs and university professors, technical teachers and instructors skilled in handling machines, capable of designing a system to get a generator going and enough knowledge on wind turbine or solar energy.

These people will call for help not only during calamities but also on any other emergency cases.

LEARN HOW TO SAVE ONESELF - Try to imagine that one day you wake up to find your house if full of water, climbing higher and higher to your roof top. What would you do if you are a ham ? Are you emergency ready today and now ? Then try to reflect what sort of survival kits you need in case of such a disaster.

Hams must be taught how to save themselves first before on others.

SHALL HAM EQUIPMENTS BE MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL ? - Hams are not supermen. When they think they are, they tend to be nosy and push themselves forward as if they are the most capable in rescuing work. They try to convince the politicians of their absolute strength. But then RELA too is licensed with the communication equipments . They too are the vital part of the extended manpower.

Non-licensed operators whom we called pirates time and again questioned whether they could use their communication tools when helps were at stake. Would we dispute over the right to transmit to save lives ? We cannot just ignore the question as we have been doing, and everyone must address this issue seriously. The discussions and the decisions must be well documented and kept. Remember a ham is not ubiquitous. So are the members of other agencies.  Random help should not be dismissed.

We have to be clear in drawing a line between a manpower and a communication equipment. As for manpower anybody can be called to join the SAR mission. But what gives strength to a ham operator is a radio. And what gives strength to the radio is the power supply.

"Hey, we have radios here and we can serve in the SAR," the hams says. But why not let all other young able bodied citizens get access to the equipments as well. Wouldn't they be handy too ? If we think of saving lives then we should not erect a 40 foot wall to stop them from saving people.

CHANNEL UTILIZATION - Channels for SAR has to be set as to what frequency and functions as to avoid duplication and conflicting of information. During the last MH370 mishaps, there was a ham who reported the finding of the plane's tail part was found in Langkawi and words spread.

This is not a fun game or about a missing cat.  Facts must be established, authenticated and validated. If a debris was suspected, nothing is established yet. It had to be examined by an authority. After positively confirmed then a proper procedure had to be invoked to convey the message to the central office through the set channel. The relevant authority decides whether the news could be released.

Ham bands were not suppose to announce anything other than assisting the authority in the required nature.

AWARENESS - It is not wrong for the ham operators or any other organized masses to form themselves into a backup unit of SAR. The members should learn how other nations deal with similar situation. In Indonesia ORARI was called in to assist in the Ache's Tsunami. It had a systematic way of sending and receiving information, the filing system to file up documents of every corresponding of messages, name of the operator must be told, time and date recorded and the contents of the messages. They should also study the roles of ham operators in Japan Tsunami.

They must also be made aware of the possible crimes that will rage the affected areas like looting and robberies. They have to make sure none of the members would resort to the dubious crimes and discuss in detail of the necessary steps to avoid tfelonies.

They need to know the portability of equipments and how to save power supplies, the use of QRP and how to transmit effectively with the lowest power.

THE ROLE OF SENTIMENTS - Sentiments seem to cloud Malaysian amateur radio over reasons. It has been a battlefield between the old and new hams, between groups of operators. Arguments could spark not from the substance point of view but from who said it. It has been a platform to exert vanity, who is smart and who is stupid, who fit to lead. People are showing strength through political or royal affiliation.

We used to have a Mantra book to consult and all abide by the guidance. We accepted it as a normal practice. The book spell almost everything for the hams. There was a unity of ideas and SOP. Reason and fact ruled over the sentiments. We still fail to see the role of the Rescue units and the role of radio authority. It should not be a tug of war to perpetuate power but to promote cooperation and mutual understanding.

People just love to be at the apex by pounding their greatness, the show their unchallenged prowess, waving their contributions and membership strength, leap forward to parade their ego.

My favorite phrase 'people talk of the sky kingdom but not even knowing what's going on on the earth...'

.2810/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib always has a way to wriggle himself out. Even Obama and Hillary Clinton came under his spell. He spin and twisted facts, and many even accused him of murdering Najadi, Kevin Morais and even PI Bala. He paid handsomely to get support and the people to lie for him. Two of his strongest men had resigned and one of them decides to put pressure on Najib. The Netizens expressed their fear on Husni getting murdered as Kevin Morais. They already made judgement even before a trial.


Husni posted several questions and knew what Najib's team is going to answer. For every answer there will be more questions followed. In the meantime Pua is exposing to the world how the SRC's money was channeled into Najib's personal account.


Can Najib's survive United State's support ? The breakup of friendship between Rosmah and Michel Obama and Najib with Hillary Clinton is inevitable, but will not affect the Malaysia-USA relationship. Knowing this Najib has to prepare more cash donations to both the Democratic and Republican coffers. I am quite skeptical with the report published by Wikileaks about George Soros's negative perception on the Malaysian Prime Minister, though every of Najib's maneuvering moves were observed as detailed by the Wikileaks.

All eyes are opened focusing on Najib and the democracy of the parliament. Without bias, the ambassadors are observing all actions drama with close scrutiny and full of objectivity. They sense the lies and the truth. So are the Malaysians, the former UMNO members and Sarawakians who felt themselves being badly cheated. It will not take long for the educated to understand what really happen to our GST collectiony and why Najib continuously commanded for more cash. It created an intense hatred towards Najib.

But BN can still win the coming election through the dubious means. And will argue that it is popuar among the masses, just like what happened in Iraq and Libya. Saddam and Gadafi won a landslide victory. Yet they were murdered by their own subjects. Gadafi was cruelly sodomized after his death.

You notice that the number of Najib's bodyguards increase by days, may be even more than Obama or Vladimir Putin. Have you not been wondering why ?

I believe Najib will be safe if he chooses to repent. The proofs are clear. Escaping persecution does not mean he is innocent. If he walks out, the Malaysians may forgive him.

2710/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I live on my pension. It is a meager sum for an old time pensioner without the present high grade system with big salaries. I save more than 60% for traveling and other enjoyments, consuming the rest on food base on the opportunity cost consideration. If I planned for an expensive dinner but ended up with a four dollar meal I would consider the difference as additional saving. My average dinner costs me RM7.

But when I took a trip to distant destinations friends are thinking I have a lot of money. I save 1K a month, enough for the traveling expenses. I sometimes feel money is always there though I may only have RM10 in my purse. I keep on buying cat food for the cats I know and the cats I don't know, the stray cats.

I bought materials to make badges and key chains, going for laser printing and work on producing the finished products. I distributed them free and even posted to some. All consume money. They are from my pension money. It is still enough. If I don't go out much except for my meals I do not spend much.

However I feel the pinch as the prices of commodities and the medicines rise by more than 100%. I really know what is happening to the economy and the country. I see the bad future of the Malay community who love to dig their own graves. And I even sense a strong bloody conflicts near to the civil war will engulf this country.

My only advantage is that I won't live long enough to see the disaster strike. I only have the chance to witness how the Malays destroy themselves and how their leaders contract the mental delirium.

I am one of the few who still live till today. We lived when we can still buy a chocolate with one cent, using jute rope as our belt to schools, fresh water from the sky. Najib was not born yet then. What do the sons of kings and Orang-Orang Kaya know about the real poverty and hardship when 100 million isn't enough yet.

Everything has changed. Poverty in those yester years differ from the modern one. People did not starve and resort to theft and robberies if they were out of money. There were land to grow food and plant trees that bore money. Today the Malay politicians enact law to take away their land and leaving the new generations landless and houseless.

While still alive  I might as well enjoy what is left over. Like many others I too have a dream. I want to have a taste of luxurious hotel, staying in a reasonable cozy home and try to do what many other people capable of doings. I came to know a little of computer programming, having my own blog, and doing a little of traveling. I may not be smart but I enjoy reading on the progress and the development in the world. Funny I start to do most of these when I am about to die.

I feel I have knowledge in me that I have not departed. How to depart them when people are so smart nowadays. I know at least two places are still using my software, the local vocational college and a car workshop belonging to a ham friend, Rohizad. If I die who is going to service those programs ? I wrote to the Kedah State Education Department, offering them a free course in developing a bio-metric program to teachers in the state. There was no reply. I didn't understand them at all. At least they should response giving a short reason for accepting or rejecting it. As always I murmured to myself that let fates decide.

On 14th. December 2016 I will be going for a tour in Jordan. My pension's saving is just enough to pay for the trip. Old clothing I used in 1980's in the UNited Stated will be used to keep me warm at the low temperature. I will only buy a new pair of shoes which I will be using for my daily exercise when I come back. Already a friend commented,"A rich man can travel here and there laaa"

The girl working in the embroidery shop asked me the other day, "Uncle, how much is your pension ? "

"Two thousands," I told her. "A thousand kept for traveling. The rest for other things. But I cut corners. I don't spend on dress or cars. I only spend on myself. If I overspend, I will stay home all the time except for food." 

I consumed Lecitin, Vitamin E, multi-vitamin and other supplements. I also buy strips to test my blood sugar level. Prices have gone up astronomically due to the TPPA agreement and the GST. That is taken from the rental of my late wife's home, a sum of only RM250.

I know there are many more people who are hard up of cash. Beside the garbage hunters and the bag snatchers, I always saw people advertised their hand phones and other stuffs on the Facebook as they need money badly.  There are many young men and women who were laid off due to the deteriorating economy. At the night market I began to see an increasing number of beggars.

However I have decided to stop giving away free badges and key chains. The ordering of materials is not a simple and trivial matter. All cost money. What hurt me most was when a lady who rejected the badge pin displaying a soccer player in a sassy manner. She called me back when I turned away saying "Don't want free thing done." I would have returned to her call if she were a bit courteous to me. A former student asked me to make one for his use. I made him a keychain and a badge pin. Instead of coming to get the pins I was asked to go to his place.

There will be no souvenir when I go to Jordan or anywhere else. I never bought anything for myself except for a watch in Tokyo.

VANITY - How could a friend of mine knows about my qualification when I myself have forgotten what I have ? I wrote about my going to school in the United States, and that's all. I jotted a little on my learning basic programming in a Radio Shack. I told about learning statistical analysis from my Korean teacher. Those tell nothing. I am scared about my being boastfulness. I may  have whispered about someone being stupid as I saw his negative attitudes correlated to the level of education. God forbids vanity, belittling others and boasting of one knowledge and qualification. Forgive me God for my sins. Please distant me from being a braggadocio.


Isn't that we have aplenty in our midst ?

SUSTENANCE - Rohizat has returned from Australia, a trip paid by a battery company. He was the only Malay out of 36 rewarded. It was an expensive one but all paid for by the company. He has been traveling to many places before. The other night we have a chat on Whatsapp, and he told me that many people are jealous of him. He is just a man who runs a small workshop. I know his income as I observed from the data while fixing the computer stuff. My algorithm could show any range of his income as he would like to choose. Though I am not a close friend of his, he chose me to have a daily chat from Australia. He did quip that I have a lot of money. I told him I just live on a meager pension fund whereas I knew the secret of his income. He laughed.

"I won't get jealous if you are that wealthy," I said. "You have been working hard. You fought for your survival. It is God's providence to you."  The Chinese believe strongly in God's providence and sustenance. My Chinese friend once told me, "If it is not yours, even on the verge of entering your mouth the food will drop." And somewhere in my essay I wrote about a Chinese lady who went around town to feed and talk to stray cats.

But God tells us to avoid lavish spending and to be a mediocre in everything. We contribute when we have enough to do so. We don't when it puts us in difficult situation. I know when I am just above the subsistent level. I don't want to be a wealthy person or to own a billion dollar yatch and an exotic car and a private jet.

Though sustenance is from God, the receiver should know how to appreciate it by a soft whisper of saying 'thanks' , rather than grabbing it and look the other way. It can't help a giver to feel frustrated. It is a pang in the heart to do good deeds to some people some time.

26/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Rarely I would put my 2 meter rig in my car. Today I had it set in my vehicle as I was driving to Arau to have my dinner in the Royal Town and at the same I wanted to send my gift to 9M2KDX, Afiq Azlan whom I promised a present if he were to passed his Morse codes examination. I took a long way via the highway that took me about an hour to arrive. I just sent a message to Hairie, 9M2GET that I would be having my dinner in his town.

Hairie replied while I was driving. I pulled off and read the message. "I am at my friend's house sorting some MUET's job...The meat shop closes today..." He told me about a delicious baked meat stall about a month ago, not far away from Manan's house. He knew I was going there.

I went to an Indian restaurant and had my meal there. I told Harie that I would be leaving Afiq's belonging at his house after my dinner. I just did that after the nice meal. I put the plastic bag on the shoe rack and drove home.

My 2 meter was parked at MARTS Jerai, a national link repeater. I heard a station with intermittent signal, hardly readable as there was a heavy noise. I heard the mentioning of the net controller. I did not take the same route as I came, instead I used the Arau-Koding road. The total time I took was about 35 minutes. And all along the way the noise kept on coming as the net controller was trying to talk. I wouldn't know may the problem could have come from the repeater at Gunung Jerai, or everyone else were not able to copy the transmission as I did.

I asked myself whether it was a deliberate effort to stop the net. If it was then who could be the culprit, the fellow amateurs, the pirates ? Is it an ongoing happenings whenever someone is trying to run a net ?

At a point I heard a station talking something but I was not sure to whom he was speaking to. He closed the station by saying, "seven three  eight eight"

Really I do not know what has been going on the band. I did not monitor any telephony stations anymore. But while on the road for a long distant ride I need noises to keep me awake. I have a radio in my car but I do not like the programs. People sell things through radio nowadays. And the songs bored me. Only the '60s would sooth me with lovely melodies, and songs with nice music. Without them I prefer to listen to people talking. Lorry drivers used to be on 800+mhz. But there are not there anymore. Aircraft is still there.

I don't know how many other old hams are still monitoring on these bands. Only Hanafi, 9W2TZ has been trying to raise the old hams to come on 40 meter. But they are not there anymore except for 9M2FX, Kamal Tan. Even the men who fought for the 9Ws did not come on the band. Many organized themselves using internet chat to communicate.

If the interference as I had heard was deliberate and the signed off was with 73 and 88 come together, then I would surmised amateur radio in Malaysia as HANCO. But it is normal to the bulk of fellow hobbyists in the country today.

There were also complaints in the United States. It is hard to say how much the old and the new hams are throwing insults on each other and how many chose to leave the hobby. But new ideas and terminology loomed and spread. An accepted term like OP which stands for operational procedure but used to imply Operator was never used in the yester years. NAME and QTH were traditional terms used for every new contact to denote the operator's handle and location. I never remember anyone using OP or QRA. We learned from our elmers that 73 ware to be mentioned by men and 88 by women, like in Thai language a man would greet with Swasdee Krab and the women Swasdee Ka.

Elmers do not exist anymore. They are considered as a bunch of old fashioned hams waiting to die. They were constantly under attacked as stupid and illiterate in radio knowledge. It is a global phenomena. True, many have died. And many have gone above 80 and waiting to die. You call them to come on the band, they turn their away from you pretending to be deaf.

It happened that my passion in CW coincides with sustaining mental alertness. Developing software, playing chess, robust reading and hunting for meaning of words would take me away from a deep senility.

The new radio culture may looked awkward by the old timers but it is an accepted practice. The constant engagements among the members broadcast to the world is something normal and nothing to lament about it. If you say it is HANCO then just keep away from it and do not monitor them.

The main reason why I brought the 2 meter equipment with me last night was to enable me to communicate with Hairie when I reached Arau. But the later did not bring his mobile set when he went out for his job. I thought there would be more decency on national link repeater, to allow the net to be run smoothly without deliberately disturbing the net controller.

Regrettable indeed.

24/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We have been reading hell about the Malays lately from stealing of money belonging to orphans to the vicious circle of gangsterism of the politicians. The Malays have made a headline in the world news as thieves and robbers and as murderer. But the evil tone of human being is found in everybody else over the globe, some more stinking than the devils prowling the universe.

The only feature is that the Malays were not distinct in such a demeanor. They were used to be known as docile and submissive, god fearing and trustworthy. Those laudable characters and morality seem to be vanish today. Between hell and money they would choose money, between God and money, they would grab the cash. They are blind to the future consequences to their own race.

I have enough experience to call them callous and selfish. They look good, soft spoken and honest but you can never trust them with money or any other thing. They do not keep promises and walk away with the money they borrow from you. They are insensitive towards the plight of others.

The picture on the left shows 2 kids whose family were killed by accidence. The uncle seek public donation for the kids. The amount remitted into the account was near to RM400000. Only 12K were used for the kids. 60K was in the bank and the rest were not known.

The  donation for the orphans was not given as the money was paid to Faizznur who claimed that they were not under the name of the children. The court attended the case but only 60k was found. The news went viral and drew the wrath of the netizens. According to the readers this is not a sole solitary happening here among the Malaysian Malays.

Robbing and stealing has become common and seeping into the culture. You can't park you car or motorbike at any remote locations far from public perusal. Someone will be bound to drive them away or take your car battery or carry your car tyres with them.

The most unfortunate is when the bad Malays with bad school records become politicians and ministers. Their manners are despicable and no words can describe them. Because they dressed like the Muslims and called themselves Muslims, the religion is being insulted by the non-Muslims. They cited the issues of the stolen billions supported by religious figures.

After mixing with several ethnic groups I tend to think marrying a Chinese girl is much better than taking a Malay girl as a wife. I may be wrong. It is just my feeling. The vanity of the Malay women is too glaring compared to the Chinese ladies who are generally more humble and courteous.

Where is God ? I thought the Indonesian Muslim maid could be trusted but they are great thieves as well.

Lies and not keeping their words among the Malay Muslims are described as 'biasa' which means ' is alright..' I have a friend who can call off the promised date which I kept by cancelling all my other activities on the said time and day, who did not deliver a wedding gift as he did not remember where he left it and who tell lie after lie like drinking a cup of coffee. I have a Haji friend who took a loan and never to return for the payment. I met a person who seek donation for religious school, who went for the world tour after world tour with his wife that cost far much more than the collected donation.

For choosing money over God means God is dead to them. They simply do not believe in hell and the eternal retribution.

23/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What transpires out of Najib's budget speech is unknown to me as I did not wish to listen to it at all. As I browsed the websites I became aware of the opposition's walkouts with placards 'WHO IS M01'. This angered the Prime Minister who said that the opposition embarrassed themselves. The rest of his loyalties followed suit to bark the enemies.

Among the public response are shown below. It shows the PM lost a total respect by a huge number of the Malaysians. In the FB the Malays use name calling, casting the lowest curse with filthy words. In 70 years of my life I never heard a Malayan addressed the Prime Minister as low as they yelled at Najib.


The walkout is nothing compared to how Najib is perceived. The common words used are 'thief, murder, no shame, bad character, thick skin, liar..." These people believe that BN will be defeated by the clean election and a true democratic process. The cheats are not only through the delineation but through box stuffing and box exchanging. Democratic process is a farce. The bias courts will side the government.

From the standard of English I would say that they are people of higher learning, smart and could be professionals. Unlike the FB comments the above remarks are much sharper. Most Malays are not intelligent enough to present the rebuttals.

There is no sensible person who will approve of Najib's way of handling the public fund. I believe my conjectures on how the funds were utilized were not wrong. A lot was paid to the world to save Najib's  image. And locally he hope the BRIM receivers would erase all the hatred towards him. He has no choice but to play racial card, and using gangsters to terrorize the common men.

Wouldn't the less educated people having the same degree of anger bur prefer to shut their mouths with an immense feeling of vengeance ? History has shown this in the past events in various parts of the world. Time and again I have mentioned about the popularity of Ghadafi and Saddam. They were sodomized and killed by their own people. The pursuit of their enemy will be learned from the Jews who hunted the Nazis way down in South American continents. And I reminded about God's intervention to deal with the Malay Munafiq.  A Munafiq is a person who constantly lying, cheating, deceiving and causing hardship to the other Muslim.

The lost of respect make people look upon us as a pariah, very lowly and very filthy. Najib has been called a thief. And he has not taken any legal action to erase the label on him from the records of several nations. Unless and until he sues those who branded him as a thief, he is still regarded as one. And as long as he is using the taxpayers money trying to pay the perpetual debt of 1Mdb, he will still be regarded as cruel and irresponsible.

The fate of the Malays are doomed with Najib in power. Sadly enough the UMNO supporters are very blind and they never learn anything from anyone.

Readers of this article, the police and those in power, keep note of what I am saying now. The Malays are doomed. The future generation will suffer worst than a slave as what the Palestinians experienced under the Israel rule. All because of the making by Najib and his loyalties.

23/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We dream whenever we go to bed and at siesta, that we are the hero saving the world from destructions, from the malice, avarice and evil of human lust and greed, from hunger and suffering. We dream that we are the most powerful, the invincible and everyone is afraid of us. We dream we are powered by the Almighty.

Fantasizing is imagination. What we usually imagine differ from the reality of its dynamism. There was a joke about Sammy Veloo who spoke in one of his election campaign, "We will build a bridge for you." A man asked him," Sir, we have any river here. Why the bridge ? "

"Don't worry. We will build a river for the bridge."

Sammy was fantasizing without looking at the fact, the reality of the environment and the desire of the people.

A vision has to be based on the real things that exist and the ability to see the clear path to achieve the objectives.

When Najib told the parliament that 1Mdb money has it's cash in Singapore bank he created an image of a bunch of money in the BSI and he wanted all the Malaysians to see as what he imagined. In real life there wasn't any. He did not use rationalization and demand for facts. He said he would fix the 1Mdb by restructuring it. In his mind he could solve the woe. It emerged as not only a failure but he had to pay extra billions for the fund for IPIC went missing. And many more acts of walking in the sleep, throwing money and there aren't enough for the consumption. He continues paying millions to boost up his declining status and respects. Unfinished with it he was seen to be in close contacts with the local hooligans who went around threatening others with death.

Would you imagine that Rosmah and Najib had contacted Obama several time even with tears pleading to help his family members against persecution in the United States ? You would claim it is your right to fantasize things as well.

When our economy is declining Najib says our economy is stable and strong, then throwing blame on opposition members trying to lie to the public. Then he says government agencies must go for austerity drive. Yet his wife paid millions to fly to Turkey to receive a useless award.

He believes that he will bring in new investors from England, America and other new countries like Iran and the ASEAN countries. How could the new people come in when they see others are moving out to a more peaceful country. Goldman Sachs, the banker and the chief world terrorists might be interested in making money with us.

The Prime Minister could be sure that if a clean election is run that he would have to pack home even before the election starts.

Najib never want to know the reality. He does not want to see the real number of citizens who are un happy with him, using thugs to stop the Yellow shirt from marching. Why not  we see the truth so that  the government can modify the structure of the failing system, to rectify the errors and to sit and discuss how to solve the present woes and the secured future of the citizens, not to enrich his cronies.

It is a reality that you cannot declare war on the Chinese for they were born here before your grand fathers. They developed the economy and own a huge piece of land. You can't chase them out of the land they bought from you. They did not put Anwar Ibrahim in jail, nor destroy your lordships 'Ketuanan Melayu', nor make the Malays poor. If you say DAP opposes Hudud, so do MCA, GERAKAN and MIC. The Malays today is not the making of DAP but of UMNO itself.

Najib should visit those who live in a flat and even apartment not on the pre-arranged basis and not chosen by his aide and supporters.

Brushing away avarices of his office and ministers under him will accumulate dissatisfactions and tensions among the normal men who are hard hit by the rising cost of living.

Najib can be the most powerful man in the world, an emperor in Malaysia but what lies on the ground will not be healed. He will be cursed till he dies. Drugs and crimes will not recede. The number of poorer Malays will increase. Jobless youths will be the liabilities to everyone while the politicians and UMNO continue to drive the Malays to beggary in their own country.

All Najib has to do is to wake up from his dream and face the reality of life, to resolve the cry on the ground. He can't afford to continue forking the money from the masses to undo his errors. Our current history is not the history of Mahathir nor of his anti-Najib's moves. Our current history is the history of Najib and his legacy of splitting UMNO and kicking people out of UMNO. Incredible indeed.

I am certain people would forgive his errors if he were to say sorry for his mistakes. To err is only human.

20/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Some people are simply mad. They demand for the arrest of Jamal, the hooligan who threatened death on the Chinese and who yelled at the Chinese as pig. Jamal was arrested after his Dubai trip. He was handcuffed and will remanded for four days. But then it was the same people who are now saying the arrest was just a play of show by the police. Funny, nothing is right for these people. They would bark at you if you point at their inconsistencies.

The police arrested Jamal, not because of the public pressure. They have their own computer forensic and could trace whether the posting of the threat was from him or a fake. We all knew Jamal too much by now, a very arrogant man who shouted at the police for not taking actions on the BERSIH's peaceful march, tearing and toasting lawyer's summon letter into the toilet bowl, and walked through cities like a great big mafia.

The PDRM is concerned with peace and stability. They would act the same on any front that could lead to bloodshed and civil war. The violence approached of the Red Shirt, Jamal's private army, could push the anti-Najib group to organize themselves and planned a bloody counter attack in a big way. It ould have been very difficult to control if 600000 people ran amok in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The police took the death threat by Jamal as a very serious matter.

The police even know details of the 1Mdb fiasco and what really had happened. The pro-DAP persons would be in the same situation if they were asked to act on their leader for provocative acts and statements or even on clear corruptions. I think we have to trust the police. Those who believe in Karma must trust more.

I even believe that Najib and Rosmah will meet the day soon despite of their enormous and unchallenged power. You may think I am weird for believing in God's retribution. There will be the comeuppance. As to how I don't know. But it will be. Najib as a finance Minister has failed and has brought hardship to many people. He spared no one at all, the blind and the sick have to pay for his lavishness.

For 4 days in a lockup and being handcuffed is shameful and degrading as if a man is turned into a pig. Even if Najib ordered the police to release him things will not be vanished. The request will be recorded and thickened the evidence against Najib when the later is taken to face justice. Any attempt on the part of the politicians and AG to force the police to do things against their will will not leave any happiness among the force. They will follow the order, bitter against their taste.

You may not notice how Rosmah is fighting against God. You will understand if you notice her activities and know what God's forbid. She does not want to grow old and spent a lot of money on fighting ageing. But each day she becomes heavier and heavier. You see how she walks on stages. That's the payment for being arrogance against the Al-Mighty.

The rest, we just have to keep our fingers cross. 

It will be soon that all of Najib's supporters will come to their senses. The spell will end. The chants will disappear. The immigration, the SPRM, the police and the army do understand as much as the masses know. In fact they know more than the Wall Street Journal or the Sarawak Reports.

19/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The term joggers here means everyone who does the evening exercise either by walking or by running. The phase and speed differ between persons though none pushes like 10.2 seconds 100 meter sprint. The average walking speed is about 12 minutes per 1.2 km. I always took a leisurely steps finishing 1.2 km for 15 minutes.

Familiar faces would say 'hi' to each other when passing. Several walk and run in a group of 4 to 8. Many are in pairs, man-man, woman-woman and man-woman. The peak numbers began to show at about 6 pm. By 7 pm most were prepared to go home, the Muslims would be rushing to catch the Maghrib prayer. It was during the final phase of the exercise that some of these joggers group together to stretch their bodies.

There were three of us today doing the final phase. One of the 58 year old man whom I had mentioned in the previous articles. The other one was quite new. I remember seeing him only about 3 months ago. It was this new man who asked me,"Are you 60 over ? "

                  "I am 70," said I.

                  "Wow you are strong ah ? "

He looked at the other man and said something in Hokien which I understood as showing astonishment to my doing exercise everyday. The preceding conversation was in mix Hokien and Malay. The new man is 58 and he played soccer when he was younger. "You are very strong, "said I to him. "You beat everyone of us in walking. In response he pointed at the other man. " He is stronger."

Then I mentioned about seeing the Kedah soccer player smoking cigarettes. Both gave an abrupt response. "No discipline." as if they could read my mind, a form of clairvoyance. We talked about the effect to the lung and how it could degrade the performance. We agreed about the deterioration of the stamina.

The new man asked me again about my former job and where I currently stay. "I am living alone now," I told him. "I have to keep fit."

"Your wife and kid ?"

"My wife passed away and the kids are in KL. I prefer to stay alone." said I.

"Why ? "

"Our thinking are not the same. The younger generation think differently," I said. They both agreed.

"Ai kid," the 60 plus man said." I borrowed their cars and they scolded me for not refueling it. Ha"

My kids never listened to what I told them. They have their own views and even warned me not to meddle in whatever they want to do. They said that they decide their own future. I worked out one to be a teacher like me but he walked out that my wife had to pay more then RM24K back to the government for the breach of contract. I had wanted the others to do medicine. Even my wife told me not interfere. They had even raised their voices that had had hurt me deeply. Stuffs that I will carry to my grave.

That I did not tell the two men.

The 58 year old man said that to keep fit we need to eat a lot of fruit at night. I said that I did not know what kind of fruit to take. Dokong could kill me. Another said that he can't breath well when taking a lot of them. " I am OK with dokong," the fittest man quipped. "Your anti body is strong," said the 60 plus man.

In my area there is hardly a fruit stall found. Fruits are available at the super stores. They are not only expensive but also of low quality. Certainly I would keep their advice in my mind.

I saw joggers coming with Mercedes and BMW. I would not want to be in their rank for I think I would not fit their category. the taste may be different. I figure it is easier to be with men of equal status. The Indian man whom I described as a fast walker before knows almost everyone of them. He told me a certain car number belonged to which businessman. I didn't put effort to remember the cars or the car numbers and the nature of the professions. I did not accost anyone for I do not know their state of gregariousness A greet from them were welcome, a simple 'hi'  could start the ball rolling. There is a deaf and dumb young man who is a special person to me, He could communicate with me despite of his drawback. He narrated about accidence and about the Hindu Procession on their auspicious occasion, carrying Kavadi etc.

I sensed there is almost an equal number of the Chinese and the Malays, with the young new comers of the Malay girls and boys. It is better for these boys to utilize their time in keeping fit rather than showing off their skills on the motorbike, which also brought shame to the Malay communities in these localities.

There are also aerobic groups here. Last time there was only one. But now there is an additional one, taking over our parking lot instead of dancing on the empty space off the bitumen area. I called it dancing because it did not look like an aerobic at all. As compared to the other team, this new one committed less movements and strides. I bet that they won't get any thinner or even sweat after an hour of their workout. What could we say. The park does not belong to us.

About 96% of the participants are female of ethnic Malays. I would not recommend any male to take any of these people as a wife. I would endorsed the other group as the aerobic movement is more strenuous, with lot of bending, larger phase mobility, arms up and down, left and right.

I hope it will not rain today. The rain has just stopped but the sky is still dark. If it rains I will not see the same faces again. The faces of the community of joggers.

17/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I was deeply disturbed the other day when I saw several Kedah state players were smoking after the training session for the 2nd semi final against the Police on the 15th October 2016 at Hang Jebat Stadium. It was about 8 pm or so during when I was having my dinner at one of the stalls erected for Nasi Lemak. I know that those smokers will not be in shape for more than 45 minutes. They will be slower than their opponents in running for the ball.

Robert Albert would not bear even the smell of the smoke wherever they were players. We can have the best coach in the world but we cannot build a strong team with the indiscipline players.  We can't afford to have pity on these players but to sack them. In every agreement of a contract the clause of smoking must be stressed. It is the first and the last warning, that the offender has to face the music.

Soccer players only depend on professional football for their living. It is their bread and butter. They are digging their own graves if they accept money to favor a certain group or hurting their own health, poisoning their own hearts. No wonder sometimes I did hear of players who died because of stroke.

















Foreign players are more discipline

I whispered to one of the Kedah soccer fans about what I saw. She asked me for the names. I just told the person that I did not know them by names except for the import players and Badrol and Syazwan. Both were not there. So were the import players.

I remember when I was working way back in 1969, that I did not accept a skilled player into the house team because he could not run and that he got tired too easily. Speed is utmost important to me, Skill must come at the early age. Once one become a state player or joining a professional team one must already have the skills of dribbling, ball-controlling and tricking. There are dos and don'ts. The pattern of attacks and defense in the field will be determined by the coach.

It will surely frustrate the supporters who have been spending money for the games. Many a game could have brought a decisive victory instead ended up with draws, narrow wins or a disgraceful lost. Some parents take their whole family to other venues hoping to see a good game. During the 1st semi final the RM15 ticket were sold at RM70 by black marketers. We could have guessed how much money will they spend to bring the whole family to Melaka.

I would just hope the police team players also smoke as much as our players. The Malays in particular are not so discipline in managing and controlling themselves. It is very difficult for the mind to beat the biological dysfunction of the heart and other internal organs. And the placebo effect will not work.

I have been going to the jogging track almost everyday. Those who can run for 2 or 3 hours non stop are not young people. They could have covered more than 25 miles each day. The younger people run and walk, some covering for only about 2.4 or 3.6 km. I would have guessed these are the smokers or people who want to quit smoking. But it should be a taboo and totally bared for the sportsmen and women. They are not merely hurting themselves but also the supporters who have a high hope on them.

I started to lose confidence on the coming match and the matches to come. I just hate to see a bunch of indiscipline players in a state team who do not control their diets and their lusts. They disappoint thousands of spectators who put so much trust in them.

 14/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The second semi final was over, resulting in a draw. Kedah could have won but missed saved by the goal post. I was closely observing the performance of the local players. Badrol lost several balls unnecessarily. He was not alert enough and he failed to deliver good corners. The coach replaced him with Syazwan which I thought was the right decision. One or two began to slow down towards the end of the match. It was at a state of delirium and everyone was defending. When there was an opportunity for the counter attack our locals were out of fuel.

Someone must talked about food and health and how they could influence performance.

To me Kedah did not play well, not like a champion.

I hope for some miracle to happen.

15/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When the economy is in a bad shape not everyone will suffer. The business community will pass their burdens on the consumers. The professionals like lawyers, engineers and doctors may not feel the pinch as their big income could offset the rising cost of living.

We would assume the most to suffer were the kampong folks and the jobless youths. It is not surprising those who went out wearing the red shirts could sell their soul for RM20 - RM50 showing how hard up they were for the cash. Those who supported Najib are in fact digging their own graves and willing to be smashed by the poor economy and Najib's policy. And how easy on Najibin's camp to blame the Chinese for their plight. Day by day they succumb to Najib's rhetoric about the wealthy Malaysia doing so well in economy unchallenged by other Muslim countries in the world.

The threat of the 'flying parang (machete)' and 'China Babi ( Chinese are pgs)' are merely to defend the crimes done by Najib who pocketed the money belong to the citizens, using for the glory of his wife and divide among his favorite ministers. Trying to divert the attention to the issue of the major thefts did not seem to work. Millions of Malays do not buy what Najib is trying to propagate. The Malays are losing their jobs, and many are reading the news of how 1Mdb and SRC's money went into Najib's account. That does not consider on the core issue of 1Mdb loan itself.

Those who are against Najib right now are not vagabonds and beggars. They are people with enough bread to go around and some are wealthy people. Ironically, it is the poor and the lowly who are suffering the most.

Asking Najib to go is merely asking the people to save the nation. Najib thought he could do it but along the way he met with failures  after failures. The so-called restructuring the 1Mdb does not reduce the predicament. Money on the IPIC trail went missing. He tried to suck more from the citizens through GST and the stoppages of subsidies. The ringgit kept on plunging. Investors were moving out. Now he is trying to woo the British and American investors, the Iranians and other Asian nations. I believe that with Najib as Prime Minister and his wife as his main advisor those investors will have to think twice. Surely they would prefer Vietnam, China or Thailand to Malaysia. Vietnam would be more stable and attractive.

Of course we do not want Najib's mission to fail. We pray so that it will succeed. But if it continues to bring disaster to the country and the people,  a new leader must quickly be sought to replace him. Otherwise it will be his supporters who will suffer the most. I had said the same thing in the Facebook during the last GE and his trooper  buzzed in to deny the allegations. After the election and the economy started to dwindle, pinching the denizen, I no longer saw those cyber troopers anymore. The new taxes do not benefit them. The rising cost of houses do not benefit them. The worst is the prices of daily groceries and other necessities jumped up hysterically to more than 400% in some. The retailers just passed the buck onto the consumers. The Mat Rempit of the Red shirts suffer the most.

It is a tragedy and a pity the Malaysian leaders can live and sleep at deceiving their own kind, the Malays. They wouldn't care of the number of workers laid off and the graduates without job. The money on our coffers could be used for emergency purposes but instead were plundered under various schemes and projects. And these poor Malay keep on digging their own grave. Each time they went to buy supplies each time their faces turned sour and grumbled at the rising prices. The hard hit farmers could not bare the pain chose to sell their land to the developers for the quick cash, reducing the total size of properties for the younger generations to own, and taking away the food producing area, to depend foodstuffs from foreign lands.

When we see the poor Malays lament for the bad luck they have, just ask them to seek help from their UMNO brethrens, the Wanita UMNO in their villages. Else, serve them right. That's the price of condoning crimes.

13/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Playing hide and seek with God ? Najib has been lying to everyone but his wife. His greatest sin is the 1Mdb loan which has been proven to find it's way into into his own account. He lied to his Ministers, the police, the army and to the parliament.

He tries to deceive the world leaders, applying his belief that money is king, giving donations to the various world organizations and twisting facts to Obama and Hilary about many things.

He uses the complete government resources for his own personal comfort yet he told the men surrounding him that everything of his doing was for the party. Actually Najib never care about the party, the Malays and UMNO. He kicked his own ministers who asked him about the 1Mdb from their posts and from UMNO.

It is a great sin, and insulting the God Almighty to cause calumny on others, on Anwar Ibrahim, and branding those who are against him as terrorists or IS members. He tried to disfigure Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali and now Shafiee Afdal. He used the gangsters to stop the marching of the unhappy masses. He has the biggest man behind him, Apandi .

He instructed UMNO leaders to say that UMNO has nothing to do with the Red Shirt gangsters. His hit man is Jamal who thinks nobody could touch him as he is an errand to the Prime Minister.

His act in fact can led to a civil war among the Malays. It is not impossible for the Yellow Shirt guys who were hit, kicked and harassed to organize themselves and prepared a violent counter attack against the read vandals.

A big flare up always start from a small brawl which later loom to a huge fire, which can take lives away.

Each day the hidden and filthy events emerged for public perusal. The propaganda war never seem to side him. The colossal resources deployed could not halt the dissidence from marching on.

He thinks Malaysia is far from Iraq and Syria and Egypt. I see the cases and the issues are almost similar; strong government and weak dissidents. In Syria it bagan with the arrest of school children and shot by Assad army. In Iraq the Kurdish were suppressed and murdered. The oppressed had seek help from the Uiited States. Assad and Saddam and Ghadafi won a land slide victory. So were Taksin and Marcos. But the ballot boxes could always be changed and stuffed with ballot papers using gangsters and special forces.

The critical issue in this country is not about Chinese taking over the country but about Najib's refusal to step down after being shown  the 1 mdb fund was diverted into his account which he kept them a secret until exposed by foreign publications. He played the donation game. To dodge the accusation he transferred the money out to Jho Lo for the safe keeping saying he had returned the cash to the donor. Now he is juggling what to say about the SRC's money, and the swapped credit card for personal glory and beauty.

The point is the world is following closely through their embassies. The ambassadors know the real stories as many of the other Malaysians. They write volumes of reports which will be kept in their databases presented back home. They will not interfere in our affair as long as they benefit from the bilateral relationship. We are sending millions to US coffer everyday from the fast food outlets and telecommunication systems. And now that we are in TPPA Najib could take a deep breath.

What UMNO, Najib and their psychologists are doing is pushing the Malays to run to the side of the Chinese. If Najib continues as a Prime Minister it is very likely he will do worst things and the Malays would prefer the Chinese to take over. In the Facebook, I heard comments from the Malays that DAP took care of them better than the BN government. When this happen the civil war is almost unstoppable. The military will step in. We can be sure Najib will be out of his job.

With the above pictures the people are saying that whatever spewed out from Jamal's mouth was from Najib. The warning of the civil war came from Jamal himself. Now he denies it. Everybody denies everything. By God's grace more will be known. It is not the IS who will start the trouble. It will be Najib's men.

Trying to lie that they have nothing to do with the gangsters ? Pictures speak louder than words.

11/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Our character and morality can be stripped and exposed when we are on the road. It is a real place to test your patience and your humanity, your selfishness and consideration, your real self. Let us first begin with a scenario of an empty street and road at 2 or 2.45 am when cars and  people are hardly seen and the policemen are still locked in the station, and you come across a red light; would you stop or just continue with your driving ? Some cars stop but not all of them. Certainly your action is part of your character.

As the night recedes to fall and the daylight is getting momentum more traffics would fill the road. Parents send their kids to schools and workers start to drive to their workplaces. You would see parents dropping their kids in the middle of the road then maneuver their cars to the left and right taking a 45 or 50 degree turn causing traffics to halt.

If you are on a lane at a T junction touching the main road you may experience  a very long wait for the car passing  to cease. But very rarely the coming vehicles will give way for you to exit the lane to the road. It is between the right-of-way versus flouting the rule for courtesy and consideration. We go for our ultimate right rather than giving consideration to  others. And we would not want to know the concept of defensive driving.

A defensive driver must always consider and prepare for any eventuality of the carelessness and the recklessness of the other drivers who are in front of him or at the junction. I have narrated about my going out of a junction, not seeing a car coming, and I was hit by a fast coming car. I had to pay him RM600 because my conscience told me I was wrong for moving out without noticing the current state on the road. If the car which knocked me were to drive at an allowable speed and had pressed his break, he would not have knocked me. He didn't because he thought his was the right path.

The public, however are patient with double parking cars that block the other cars during the Friday payers and the game of football. At the mosque the outside car drivers usually went to their cars as soon as the prayer  were over so as not to allow the inner car drivers to wait. While at the stadium people were waiting and chatting until they were able to move. But this should not happen in the city at normal time. You may find an empty car behind yours blocking you. You can wait for five or ten minutes but as long as an hour. In  Youtube I saw a parking empty car was rammed by an angry driver whose car was blocked.

Other than people traffic lights may test your patience too. Along a mile of a road there could be 10 or 15 traffic lights and you may be caught by everyone of them. They turned red every time you reach them. What if you are in a hurry ? Or when the light turns green it takes about a minute before the car in front of you moves, as if the driver of the first car falls asleep. And the one behind you is honking. Honking can drive some people crazy and ever ready to smash your windscreen.

I can talk of the real madness on the road in my city but not on other cities whether within the Malaysian territory or outside our border except for some places I saw in the United States. When I was in Irvine, Orange county California, I saw a very long queue at about 6 pm. I figured, it was a daily affair after the office hour, when workers from Los Angeles drove back home outside the city. I did not notice any rush to overtake the queue from the left or right side of the road, or trying to cut in between them or honking. It created in my mind the believe that the Americans were more civilize than us.

In small towns the drivers would stop for the animals and birds and human to cross the road. Unlike here cars knocked the motorcyclists or the pedestrians who crossed the road to death and everyone got away with the crime. The blamed was put on the dead because they crossed the road without looking at the coming vehicles. In the same country the sight at junctions where the cars arrived almost at the same time, showed that the car that arrived first was allowed to go first. Would we do it here ? Would anyone care if you talk about defensive driving  ?

How about a woman using an Ipad as a phone, and talked over it while driving in the middle of the road about 30k/h ? It got on my nerve and I felt like stopping and yelling at her. The anger would shorten our lives by a minute or even days. It drives our blood pressure up to the peak causing our health to deteriorate.

There is no effort on the part of the government to enhance the civic mindedness and civility of the road users other than arresting the guilty drivers and issuing summons.

By contrast in Holland people cycle to the work place, eliminating smoke, honking and congestion. The number of cars in Amsterdam, the capital city, is much less than in our small town,  Jitra. As we pass by the offices and factories we will see thousands of bicycles. You won't die if a bicycle knocks you.

09/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Is it be wrong to celebrate a success and achievements ? Surely there is nothing wrong to mind one's own business and to enjoy with rupture at something one strived to have as long as one does hurt and cause pain to the others. It can hurt people's feeling when we brag to force our will on the others. I had narrated it before about a university lecturer with a PHD delivered his speech in the PTA meeting which went something like this, "If you don't have a PHD don't try to argue with me..." Instead of him thinking others as pariah, the parents and the teachers of that particular school looked down upon him with contempt. He had made a fool of himself and people keep on talking about his arrogance till today.

You may not believe me if I told you that there are people with Datukships and AMN who never told anyone about the award and never print it on his letter. There are people with CGPA of 4 flat who looked stupid and acted stupid when they were hauled with degrading titles.

If I were really a smart person I won't dare to declare as one, for fear I would not be able to answer questions even within my own fields. People can always test our acuteness and the real ability by asking simple questions. For instant when someone work Morse codes with me I always assessed his ability so that I could adjust my sending to his ability. If they send me a fast CW I would purposely asked him several questions,  may be as simple as 'your name please ?' if he did not give me his name or 'what is your working condition ?'. You would guess his credential if he did not reply to it at all. Sometimes I repeated but the return reply was 'Thank you for the contact. 73". What if someone were to ask me to explain the LC circuit and how do we apply to amateur radio usage and application or the operation of the balance modulator ?

Knowledge multiply by leaps and bounds each day. Whatever kids want to know tomorrow may not be explained by me.

Just now I watched a soccer match between Malaysia and Singapore. It was a draw. We had been beaten by Papua New Guinea with a big disgrace. We had lost to Emirate 10 - 0. The Korean beat us in Takraw. Yet our prime minister said that our successes in sports were due to government's policy. And they continue to boast and boast over everything else.

The last we heard was the 'Malay youth rise up to fight for the Malay honor'. Obviously with a sudden reflective response was to ask 'What honor do the Malays have left ; stealing, spinning, lying and being called thief...?' We are beaten in economy, sports, and education. Yet we have the guts of going to the United Nation to tell the world that we are the first nation in the globe that created the One-Stop center and very successful in Eco-System. We are the model nation to the world.

Our kind of international bragging and swaggering of course hurt no one, within or without. People probably just make a furtive glance and smile at our pomposity. With the absent of shame, conscience and morality we would simply brush away those contemptuous look upon us. The Chinese used the term 'thick skin' or 'no face'(bo been).

There are always better and worst people than us. All we know that we are showing off to someone whose skill and knowledge are par-excellence. The ignorance and the unskilled may slowly improve themselves through hard work without telling others of their progress. This applies to individuals as well as to nations.

The Japanese didn't go to the international arena to tell how great they were in managing a very efficient railway transportation system, 2.33 means exactly 2.33, never early a second and never late by the same token. The Chinese never boasted of their space achievement in the same assembly. And yet we are telling the world how great we were to have the 1-stop center. You may not remember that our Minister had been telling us that our education system was the best in the world.

Islam forbid pomposity and showing off (riak). The Chinese may not be Muslims but their culture call for humbleness and they strive hard to maintain their tradition, fearing it would be swept away by Western practices and beliefs.

On the other hand those of the lower group who do not attain the capability of the smart should not condemn the capable people who do things which the lower guys could not. An electronic engineer who builds a project which would reduce the burden of labor cannot be accused of showing off. An inventor who flies on a a floating pad is surely happy and proud of showing his invention. There are parallelism between his qualification, knowledge and ability with the product quality of his yeild. If you ask him on any part of the flying machines and the technology involved he would be able to explain to you explicitly in minute detail. Yet the same inventor would not claim he is the master of all. The Americans I knew were not shy to say 'I don't know' on whatever things outside his knowledge.

We should remind ourselves that we should not be impressed by words words and rhetoric. Look at what his hands bear, the glittering environment under him, the natural luster that shine on it's own. God will elevate the status of the humble and lowly person.

08/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Last night I took with me my student's son who is waiting for his UPSR examination result. This Primary school kid was telling me about the local and the public IP. He said his friends were not able to play the on-line games because they locked to the public IP. "They have to connect to the IP of my server," he said."The public IP always changed."

When he said that home computer must used the router's IP I told him that he was wrong. Different PCs and smart phone do not have the same IP. And he said his is

I am sure your kids too are well verse in computer terms and could teach you how to increase the performance of your laptops and your smart phones. Imagine a standard three or four boys can communicate with American and British friends in English. And when he talked about Java, I just listened to him as I have not done in Java program yet. "You have to download Java in your computer," I told him.

"Do you write codes in Java ?" He asked.

"No. But you can learn by yourself by going to the tutorial and print lesson by lesson. Open up your Java and typed the codes as in the tutorial and try to understand the relation between the codes and the output."

When I asked his mother for permission to take him out, the mother said he would not want to go anywhere as he was playing a computer game. The mother wasn't home but assured me that the son won't heed any persuasion. I went to the house. I told the father, also my student, that I wanted to take his son to Kuala Perlis. I waited outside in my car. A minute later he was out, jumped into my car.

He wanted to learn programming from me, He expressed his intent long before his UPSR examination. I knew that he would not reject to my asking him to join me for a dinner. Kuala Perlis is 1 1/2 hours away from home by the highway to Changlun and took the left turn to a new road. It would be about 50 minutes by the old state road which has always been busy with traffics. For the whole 1 1/2 hours he was talking nothing but on computing, from the graphic board to the RAM size and the making of the websites.

I love to talk to kids because they seem to know more than I do. At football stadium I would ask them question about the Kedah player in the field. They will be telling you amazing things that will surprise you, especially on the import players. I wouldn't have known any.

Kids don't lie but they talk through their imagination. They may talk about fairies and seeing a flying man. To us they may sound absurd but to them they were real. Mixing facts and fantasy will make the conversation lively and interesting.

Now that kids know and mentioned the word DNS, port and URL, do we know what they are talking about ? Why the IP at all ? And he mentioned the phrase Public IP.

The kids are as smart as the network maker. The network maker started as a dreamer, seeing imaginary paths into homes, seeing pipes and gates and the ID of each household. When they learned the information could be sent using electrical pulses via a line and through the airwave they manufactured the hardware that could convert the pulses into meaningful words and vice versa which they called MODEM. When we have a message to be sent out we need to know to whom it will be sent. The sender and the receiver have to be in the network. Everyone has to register for the internet service. Every time we lock to the network we are given an ID number at random. When we log out the number will be given to someone else. This is what the kid described as Public IP.

I told the kid about the fixed ID using a domain name. If we have our own server and we want broadcast information then we have to give a name to it uniquely different from the others, like which has a fixed ID say We have to register it and pay for the domain name. There is also a free domain called NO-IP which givers free service but it is quite complicated as we have to do thing like port forwarding. Mind you that kid mentioned port forwarding as well. When we are broadcasting signals we have to open up a port for our signal to go out. Port is like a window. Usually we sent out different things through different port, the game and the email, the chat and other stuffs. What we don't realize that when we lock into another machine we sort of plug in a socket for the computers to shake hands. In fact you can browse the other side hard disks from your home thousand of miles away and steal his data.

The network dreamer dream of the paperless office as files and a huge amount of data could be kept in a small space and the retrieval is within seconds. BUT humans are not created to be sinless with high moral value. Those with knowledge love to spoof, send malicious things into other people's machines, steal information and spoil the remote computers. The kid asked me about the anti-virus. And he said that anti-virus created its own virus and killed them, spy the content of our machine and slowed our machine down. I believe him. He began to see the disadvantages of computers.

Everybody seems to be very smart these days, even the school kids know much more than many of us.

07/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The maddening of the Red Shirts fueled by the obvious gang is not a good sign to all. It could even lead to the dreadful civil war pushed and triggered by the personal army of one man. A small skirmish could lead to a bloody fight as what had happened in Syria before the rebels rose up against Assad.

The Red Shirts are to make sure the ruling party will continue to rule by devious means like delineating boundaries, threatening voters, stuffing the ballot boxes and exchange the boxes through tricky and corrupt ways. But people are used to BN however bitter the taste is.


Najib wants a quick election to tell the world that the populace support him and it is not the business of the world to know and care what he does to the country. Let the Malayasian decides on their fate. Will his plan work ? His think tank thinks it will, forgetting that the millions dissatisfied and unhappy people will not vow to Najib's the misdeeds.

From the reading of the feedback we could surmise that there are people out there who keep notes and tracks and records of those bad people protecting crimes and corruptions, and decide to pursue these bad people like what the Jews did to the Nazis. They hunted the murderers to the grave in South America. They did not spare and forgive the murderers. The evil crooks could not escape persecution even after declaring themselves to be dead.

Najib is strongly leaning on Obama and Clinton. The war in Syria did not get the unanimous agreement of the Congress and the Americans. While Assad was trying to show he was a friend of the Americans the local Syrians abused by his army cried for the weapons. Likewise it could happen here too. We have to remember that the distant from the United States and Malaysia is only Diego Garcia.

It does not take a long time for the President of the United States to really know who Najib is. The world is trying to establish fact on the murder of Kevin Morais. It may be linked to Najib's arrest warrant.

And there are millions of Malaysians who are praying for the Red card to be flashed on Najib by foreign countries. It would be the comeuppance for his calumny on his enemies, falsely branding them as terrorists and the IS. Najib has to remember of Saddam Hussein's land slide victory in his last election. He was not hung by the Bush administration but by his own people. At least the Iraqis were not so vengful as the Jews.

DOJ and the Swiss counterpart will somehow have eyeballs to talk things over a cup of coffee. Only God will know what may transpire.

When you read the accompanying articles you must not simply believe the content. It may be a mere slander but it may also be the truth. You have to look into it in a macro way to extract the relationships. before jumping to conclusion.

The money illusion game and trick is a trick and a game. No matter how you do with it people will know how you you juggle with it. We may be hearing terms that we have not heard of before. Terms like 'donation' has been a word of jest, paying back to the donor is another bigger jest though the cash movement has been traced. Names like Tanore, Jho Low and Najib have been synonymous. They seem to be one and the same. It is an illusion. Someone is a great illusionist. Denizens saw the game.

The Malaysians have to put their faith in God and pray for the well being of the citizens. Let God decides what to do with this one man and one woman. As for Mahathir God has presented the punishment on him for the living Malaysians to see. What will God decide on Rosmah and when ? The more they insult the God Almighty the severe will be the punishment. Just wait and see.

06/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

HAM RADIO- I shrink myself

Instead of widening my radio boundary to touch the expanding world of communication technology, I shrank myself and my radio world. I would not be interested in SDR or Rasberry Pie, neither the new extended band given to the amateur operators could pull me there. I almost throw my microphone away except on the VHF and UHF.

The migration from SSB to CW is a hegira for me but in the retrogressive manner. Further more I rarely go to 20 meter band as I locked myself only on 7 MHZ, between 7.000 to 7.028. I parked myself on the bad spot because that is the favorable frequency for me. It is bad because the Indonesians who are not suppose to transmit on SSB are forever there as if the same persons do not go to sleep at all.

I know that even the full pledge Indonesian hams are not happy with what is going on on the CW portion of the band. I did overheard their conversation about the corrupt authority. Like the local MACC there has been no attempt to erase the ongoing nonsense that have been polluting the band.

It is true that I am trying to steer away from no-code amateurs. Instead of burning away all my ham gears I might as well escape to a remote zone where there are less crowds and a few faces of identical interests. It is hard with the kind of noise but I have to tolerate myself. Big signals from a few new 9Ms would drown the audio level.

I have been in the ham radio since 1970's, about a century ago. Soon will be 2017. I am tired of collecting and writing out QSL cards. I had thrown sack and sack of them in the river. I had work on RTTY and had put up a gorgeous antenna system that took me around the globe giving people 59+ RST report. Now with the help of computer and internet we are exposed to the new mode of amazing communication. People can talk visually to each other. A friend of mine said, "What's so great about amateur radio when everybody can have a visual intercourse using computers." He was right.

But other than games which I am not fond of computers computers do not provide mental alert exercise. Sports  do assist the flow of blood that won't put our brain to laziness. Thinking does activate our mind. Morse codes deciphering maintain it's alertness. I could do the same exercise using the ready application such as Moresefree soft ware but it does not have a human touch. Ragchewing live with a friend covers the current topic. To me this is the only thing left in the ham radio that provides the service to my desire. The shrinking phenomena is unavoidable.

People in the hobby cling to their smart phones or PCs for many hours each day, more than they are on the radio. But radio is convenient when going mobile, less hassle to run compared to the android. The radio operators could put more focus on the road.

I would not encourage everyone to limit himself to a single activity. He has a lot to explore and to taste every aspect of amateur radio, inside and outside his radio shack; the field day, JOTA, the IOTA and Light House events and climbing hills to put up and repair repeaters. He should experiment with the various type of antenna system and the power used. The time will come when fate decides that he has to spend less time on amateur radio. And several have gone to meet God before us.

I am sorry that I have said I will avoid the no-code operators on HF on SSB, not because I dislike them but because I have to stand by my own principle and my belief in the meaning of the traditional ham radio. It was in a bundle, that accompany it is the Morse codes. Like a religion, the Holly Book must not be thrown away. Until the term Ham Radio us removed and replaced by some other name and the hobby is opened to every member of the public without any compulsory condition, my principle stands.

Living in a smaller world won't rob away the pleasure and fun of my free time.

06/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A husband should help his wife in lessening the burden of doing the daily household chores. But he must not himself be totally controlled by his spouse to order and demand him to do the cooking, ironing, sweeping the floor and washing clothes. She would sit like a fierce queen shrieking and yelling at her submissive and docile husband.

In Islam it is a big sin for a wife to treat and bully her husband like a slave. It would be different if the man finds it enjoyable to follow and does what is required of him. But a friend of mine has been grumbling being controlled by the spouse to his friends yet continue to obey as commanded. Not knowing Islamic culture and a simple Islamic law is not forgivable.

Imagine that every single thing you want to do you need a permission of your spouse. A ham radio operator has to plead and beg for the radio hour and only allowed to be in the shack after fulfilling a certain conditions.

I did not ask him what his wife did while he was doing the house work, cleaning, washing and ironing for fear it might hurt him. It would be acceptable if they ere sharing the jobs. While she cooks, he iron the cloth. While he watering the plant, she cleans the kitchen. It would be a craze if he sweat himself and the wife is happily chatting with her friends on the phone or on whatsapp application.

Marriage is not merely for sex. It is more than a companion. It is for happiness and the peace of mind. Never mind about the hard work and striving for daily bread. The poor traditional people went to the farm land in the morning, working under the sun in the padi field and went home in late evening. There were happiness in their homes and at death they departed. Those were the days of our great grand fathers.

People have been telling me to get a wife. It is a hard thing to do now. I have been mixing with plenty of ladies at my work place and had begun to understand a lot on their hearts and thoughts. I have been befriending American ladies for almost 18 months, having a Korean lady companion who taught me statistics for 3 months. The experience was enough. If I was single I would have married a Korean woman, my statistical teacher. That was the nostalgic period of 40 years ago. She was smart, intelligent and humble. When she met her fellow countrymen she would vow to them elegantly. I noticed she was very patient in elucidating concepts to me. So much so I scored an A and she scored a B. MOre than 40% of the white Americans failed with Es and Fs. What a joke.

How could I get a wife who would not shout at me, commanding me to run house work and set rules and regulations for me ? The best thing of living alone is the total freedom that I am having. I do what I like and when I want. I hear no nagging and no shrieking voice yelling at me.

I can have a company or a companion but not a wife. It takes a long time to know a woman and to have feeling on her. Taking a wife is not a trivial matter. When friends said they would help me looking for one, my response was," Go and look for a poor, pious and a good cook." A poor person would not demand for a leather jacket and expensive watches and iPhone 7. She would not go against her husband and understand what constitute sins. And she would do all the home cooking without having to waste much at eating out.

05/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just like to do my evening walk alone. When I do, I would not be looking left and right, backward or upwards. It is very rare that I would look up the sky to estimate the time when the rain would dropped ie when the sky was dark. From time to time people accosted me and walked at my phase asking questions and telling stories. I do not have a permanent group as the others.

There are three main tracks; the inner 0.8 km, the outer 1,2 km and the extended that touched the main road which is about 3 km. My usual track is the outer 1.2 km rout which I would be walking for four rounds. Probably there are more than a hundred people exercising in the evening, flocking the Taman Jubli Perak at about 6 pm.

I began to see young people these days, boys and girls of between 16 to 18. The girls run for a couple of rounds, completing about 2 to 3 km, non stop. A few boys jog and walk intermittently. The Chinese ladies between 16 to 40 seemed to complete the extended circuits for more than 6 rounds. They run together with the men of mix races without showing any exhaustion.

Today I went extremely early after my late lunch at KFC, my regular wedges. Because it was still hot, I took the innermost circuit as it is shaded by large trees in the park. It was 3 pm. This track is specially design to have different gradients and the ups and downs. I get more tired easily here than the outside one. The two little hills would tax our energy and drive our sweat out. After completing four rounds I went for the outside lane, walking under the hot sun for one round.

As I was finalizing my exercise I saw this usual man arriving with his motorbike, a Chinese man who always greeted me as passed me. While I was doing a light exercise I told him of my limited coverage. "Never mind,"he said."As long as you do it everyday. I have been running here since I was twenty. Now I am 58. In those days I came in the morning, arriving here as early as 5 am."

This man, as I have been seeing him, has been running for hours on end, starting at 4 pm till after 6.30 pm. He did not run fast but taking a short step. I computed he is doing more than 25 km per day. "Must take care of our health," he said to me.

One of these days I want to snap some pictures of  the regular guys. A couple of Malay men about 50 plus walk briskly like floating on the air without their feet touching the ground. They would overtake every slow joggers. And a group of Indian men who walked almost as fast as the two Malay men took the extended circuit.

It is 5.30 now. I think I still have time to for my second exercise after bathing and praying.

The pin badge bearing my picture and name is on my chest all the time. I made it. I wear it.

04/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Yesterday I lodged a report to Consumer Association about the good that was not delivered on time. And the Consumer Association acted fast. At 4 pm a courier company rang me up and asked the way to my home. I paid on the 24/09/2016, posted by the company on the 26/09/2016 and received on 03/10/2016.

I pondered what could be the cause for the delay when all my previous purchases took a day or two to arrive. The first reason was the company Ta-Q-Bin does not have an office in Alor Setar. And secondly the driver of the van must be some sort of a nut. It is an attitude problem.  It is a common problem to a work place. I used to see the postmen and the courier van resting in a park, taking siesta and slept on the bench, and in the old days the TNB(LLN) workers played takraw during the working hours at their favorite places.

I took the company to task for refusing to send me a new supply. I told DIY that once I received the goods by Ta-Q-Bin I will bank in another payment. It was their refusal to take the responsibility that drove me crazy and reported them to the association.

Previously I had a problem with Tabung Haji who refused to remedy their error in dividing of my wife bequest. I found TH was very stubborn and arrogant. I was pushed around by days. The officer tried to look for my mistake but could not find one. It was nearly a month the promise was not honored. Before I took a legal action, I decided to lodge a report to Biro Pengaduan Awam. Yesterday I received a letter from Tabung Haji that the matter has been resolved. An adjustment has been made. But never to admit their error. The letter said they did that because my kids agree to the adjustment and TH was under the order of the Biro Pengaduan Awam.

I have no choice but to conclude that Tabung Haji is the company that is filled up with arrogant and garbage officers, concurrent to the reports on its wastage and misused of the public funds.

04/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


1. While others spent money on the ham gears and fishing facilities, I spent on making the pin badge. I made some on my own accord and distributed to my friends. But I received request from individuals, from my old students and friends. I was glad to make one for each of them.

First I would look for their pictures from the Facebook. Having found them I copied to my thumb drive. Then using my template with the old graphic soft ware I resized the pictures to fit the template. Depending on the design it took about 10 to 25 minute to complete one image. These images were transferred to Word 2003 and copied to the thumb drive again. It was taken to be printed using a color laser print to one photographic shop in the city center. The shop charged me RM2 for a shit which contained 6 images.

Posting the keychain and the badge is not a trivial matter. The thick enveloped cost me money. The postage too costs money. It troubled me a little. I have to decide that if anyone were to request a free souvenir he has to come and get it himself.

2. A couple, my wife relatives, would be seen going from house to house selling various type of cookies. They were about 60 years living in a place called Anak Bukit. Their daughter working in an oil company in the United States, first having an American husband and later married a Malay after her divorce. I could have asked my wife then why should the couple keep on peddling cooking when their daughter was having a fat income.

I saw another mother whose siblings are in top position of the society and one marrying a wealthy celebrity went on peddling food supplements. My mind kept on wondering whether she has not have enough daily bread to feed on, or just a mere hobby for her.

3. A friend of mine would be asking me to fetch her son from school, her daughter from tuition class at night, feed her fish when she traveled across the state. Her husband asked me for a RM50k loan which I did not oblige for I did not have that much. She asked me for another loan for RM25K. I gave the requested amount.

About a couple of months later, I asked for 20 minutes of her time to send me to the train station that takes only 10 minutes each way. She said that she was too busy. Neither did she ask her husband to help me. Nevertheless I could resolve the problem with a little bit of a hassle.

4. My wife has passed away. She used to have a walker to assist her in walking. Because of her size, I could not lift her when she fell.

When we went traveling and she fell on her way to the toilet, the first to rush to lift her was the Chinese. Not one time but several. At the bank when she wanted to come out of the car, the Chinese were the first to rush to help her.

One day, when we arrived home, there were a few Malay girls waiting to collect donations. I was busy preparing the wheel chair to transfer my wife on the chair. The task was quite hard. Those girls were just watching. No one tried to help me or trying to show any attempt of any kind.

I had to shove them off after my wife was on the wheelchair.

The numerous scenes of human scenario of disappointments and frustrations may enhance the mistrust towards our own fellow denizens. Sometimes I asked myself what has been happenings to the morality and culture of the Malays ? Or are they common happenings amongst the other Malaysians too ?

There is a Malay saying 'Buat baik berpada-pada buat jahat jangan sekali'. Do good to others but don't kill yourself and avoid hurting others at all time. And our society is still importance to filial piety. If you hate your farther so much for his wrongs on you, do not ever take a single cent of his bequest. I do know of sons and daughters who stopped their parents from selling and peddling for their own breads.

You lose nothing from distancing yourself from selfish and arrogant people. You only lose  his company. On many occasion you will not be a victim anymore. They can be very scrupulous and very inconsiderate.

Generally the Malays are very short sighted. They can't the future and they refuse to compute the coming events. They become so very greedy, wanting to be rich quickly in the mischievous ways without thinking of the consequences, and would not want to put their thinking cap. The masses prefer to bear the burden caused by their leaders and defended the sins and crimes of the evil ministers.

God, religion and conscience seemed to be dead. At some places mosques were raped; carpet and other properties stolen. In many places the mosque's collections were snatched during the prayer time. The stealing of shoes are untold. We would not expect that to happen at the Holly places and the House of God. Those who did the odious acts never show any guilt or morose.

You will understand your fellow specie more if you are on the road at a busy time and when the traffic is heavy and congested. I need not elaborate about it. Almost all of you have seen and experience it. You and I could be one of the inconsiderate, selfish and reckless guys. At other time we tend to show our goodness, courtesy and smiling faces.

What cause the degeneration of the Malays ?

04/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hari ini ialah 01/10/2016. Saya membayar RM116.60 kepada sebuah syarikat di Kuala Lumpur bernama DIY bagi pembelian barangan jenis souvenir pada 24/09/2016. DIY menggunakan khidmat sebuah syarikat hantaran yang saya tidak pernah dengar sebab syarikat ini tidak ada di Alor Setar. Di sini saya biasa dengan GDex dan Skynet. Saya meminta DIY Print menggunakan khidmat GDex tetapi permintaan saya ditolak atas alasan ia tidak mempunyai akaun dengan lain-lain 'forwarding agent', kecuali TA-Q-BIN.

Pada 26/09/2016 barangan diserahkan kepada Ta-Q-Bin. Sehingga ke hari ini saya belum menerima apa-apa. Menurut DIY rekod tracking menunjukkan bahawa barangan tersebut sudah dihantar kepada saya. Katanya lagi mereka tidak salah.

Apakah yang terjadi ? Saya tidak tahu. Saya kira mungkin ramai orang lain juga sudah mengalami apa yang saya alami. Kelmarin sahaja saya tidak ke mana-mana kerana DIY memberi jaminan bahwa barangan akan sampai dan meminta saya tunggu di rumah.

Saya suruh DIY menghantar yang baharu. Kata saya kalau saya terima dari kurier saya akan masukkan pembayaran sekali lagi. Syarikat enggan berbuat demikian. Apa yang saya fahamkan ialah kalau barang itu tidak sampai itu adalah urusan saya sendiri, bukan lagi urusan DIY.

RM116.90 adalah banyak bagi saya tetapi ia tidak membunuh saya. Saya berpegang kepada prinsip kejujuran perniagaan. Saya rasa DIY tidak pentingkan pelanggan dan tidak mempunyai 'moral obligation'.

Saya membeli mesin membuat badge dari DIY dengan membayar di sekitar RM1200 dan membuat beberapa kali tempahan bahan keychain dan badge. Bukan dengan tujuan perniagaan. Cuma hendak memenuhi rasa ingin tahu dan membuat pelbagai hasil mengikut citrasa saya sendiri. Sewaktu saya hendak ke Jakarta menghadiri konvensyen radio saya meminta sebuah kedai membuat pin badge untuk dibawa ke sana. Kedai tidak membuat hanya sekeping. Saya perlu tempah 20 keping dengan harga RM2.50. Dengan membuat sendiri saya boleh menghasilkan kepelbagaian.

Saya menggunakan cetakan laser untuk gambar sebab ia tidak akan pudar walaupun hsilnya tidak begitu cantik seperti dengan menggunakn ink-jet. Saya suruh kedai mencetak gambar ini setelah siap membuat designnya. Apabila selesai saya memberi badge pin dan keychain ini kepada rakan-rakan dan pada orang lain secara percuma. Bukan kerana saya kaya atau ada banyak duit, tetapi untuk memperolehi kepuasan hidup. Biasa pula kita menghabiskan berpuluh ribu dengan penggunaan bagi hal-hal yang tidak manfaat.

Saya tidak fikir barang-barang itu akan sampai. Ta-Q-Bin akan memberitahu DIY yang mereka sudah hantar.

Walaupun amaun yang terlibat hanylah RM116.60 saya akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang dengan kos yang lebih mahal, atas dasar prinsip. Tetapi sebelumnya saya akan membuat aduan kepada Persatuan Pengguna dahulu. Ada lagi beberapa tindakan yang boleh diambil selepas ini. Pada saya DIY yang tidak ada tanggung jawab. Terpulanglah pada syarikat untuk mendapatkan kembali barangan atau gantirugi dari Ta-Q-Bin.

01/10/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Hired killers. We wouldn't have known what is happening in the dark side of the world. But we could always make a wild guess as to the silhouetting activities unknown to many. We know that there are hired killers who recently shot several persons in the country using merely short guns. We don't know who hired them, the cost of the service and how negotiations were made.

It has to be a lucrative business and probably many unemployed men are loitering for the job. The Malays being naive and lazy prefer to beg for a living and won't dare to get involve in violence and killings.

Professional killers are witty, intelligent, tough and excel in combat. The ex-servicemen like a seal is more suitable for the job. Snipers would have to be very expensive to hire. More often than not they end up themselves as mercenaries.



In Malaysia a few murders was seen as planned and it took more than one man to run the execution. There had to be someone who waited near the victim's house and followed his car. Then he would rang up the hit man to complete the job. We could have guessed the man who paid for the killing was not in the country on the date of the shooting.

Never think of becoming one. Moles are planted everywhere, at the arm factory and even the delivery agent could be one. The gun runner may sell you a gun for a few K but he could get more from selling the information to the government. And never think of hiring one too.

Funny in USA a person was asking a man to kill his girlfriend for $600 and $25000 to kill a spouse. In England the lowest was 200 pounds and the highest was 100000 pounds. I would not accept that much to do such a dirty job. You need to enter the dark side and transformed yourself to learn more about these killers. We are talking about a plain hit man who carries a job just for me, not about exchanging favors between the underworld and the top government officers so that their illegal business could go on without disturbances.  Or the agreement between a bad politicians and the gangsters. Tamil movies love to create the stories of devious cooperation of the two worlds.

The lives of Ghandis and Anwar Saddat were not taken away by the hired killers. So was Osama ben Laden. They killed under order or on their own accord due to excessive hatred. The newest trend is the suicide bombers. Hired killers won't do suicide. They won't spend their free time looking for explosive materials and build up a bomb. They would approached the target and fire a gun at point blank. They are not regarded as terrorists, just a professional killer.

Knowledge of bomb making and the availability of the materials poses potential danger to all. A lonely quiet man with vengeance may make an attempt to pursue the knowledge on explosive making.

Ask ourselves, to what extend that someone wants us to be killed ? You may hire someone to cut a finger of a man who refuses to honor a 5000 ringgit loan but not to take his life away. The worst you would do is to kidnap his love pet. Even under an intense injustice and calumny the denizens do not run amok. In general the Malays in particular are still docile and submissive. The top echelon whose position are threatened are known to use hired killer to put an end to people's lives. We saw this in the death of Jalil who investigated the Bank Bumiputera. I can't help thinking even Kevin Morais was killed by a hired killer if not by a gang group who is doing a favor for someone.

Don't even think of being a sniper. The gun is too heavy and too expensive for you. You don't a space to advertise your job. If you are jobless go begging or plan some robberies on some rich guys with exotic cars and a huge mansion. If you are caught you will have a free lodging and food in jail. Vagabonds and homeless do not threaten people's lives.

From the few video images we could conclude that contract killers exist in this country and probably they are hard up for money.

30/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am never a fan of Zahid Hamidi, the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister. But when criticism was thrown upon him, I have to examine the veracity of the story and to be as objective as possible. The Deputy Prime Minister was sent to the United Nation in place of Najib. Then there were news that the assembly was almost empty when he took the stand to deliver his speech and his English was too bad and he was talking nonsense.

I saw two separate videos, one in a blog and the other in the Facebook. The clip in the blog showed Zahid was talking about the progress of the nation. The audio was clear and intelligible. The hall was almost empty. Zahid was trying hard to slang it out the British way but did not even come to near it with a few difficulties in pronunciations. The critics said he was wrong to mention 'silos', 'women and ewus', 'one point center' and the utterance of 'President Najib'. I could decipher that Zahid was talking about Malaysia achievement in Eco System. The people are no longer living in a cave. Women and youths are working together towards the progress and national development. We are the only country in the world that has a single place where the members of the public can go to settle bills and other dealings without having have to run to separate institutions to settle their deals.

In the second clip the picture was fuzzy and the sound was full of noise. I could not make out what Zahid was talking about.

I am in no position to pass remarks on the standard of English used. Certainly the language used in the feedback I read from Malaysiakini and a few others are of higher quality. I sensed there were penned down by professionals like lawyers and other intellects. In fact they are far better than the British and the Anglo Saxon Americans.

On several accounts I heard comments that those who are poor in English are of low intelligence. BN Cyber troopers and Ministers could not speak and write English well. Therefore they are the moronic group of the Malaysian specie. Statements by several ministers do in fact corroborate the suspicion and the hypothesis.

There is something that we have to be aware of. Our speech and ideas show our mental state, our wit and our acuteness. The representatives from China or Japan would not go to the United Nation to boast of their bullet trains and the state of the arts of their toilet bowls. The Swedish would not go to narrate on their free university education. Yet we are bragging of our one stop center.

I am sure those who were in the hall did understand what Zahid was trying to convey though he might have not used the Queen English. You travel to England and the Englishmen would be astonished to hear your English, asking you where and how long you take to learn their lingo. Certainly our lawyers are far better than the native Englishmen themselves.

And about the empty hall, we are in no position to know whether the hall had been empty all the while even before Zahid's speech.

The whole world has known the 1Mdb scandal, that a huge sum of money found their way into Najib's account. Surely they do not look at Zahid the same way as they look at Japanese delegate. Every movement and words spewed were observed and analyzed.

The legacy of Najib, Zahid and all other BN supporters are hard to erase as it involved the death of Kevin Morais, the founder of the AmBank, and PI Bala. There is bound for someone to suspect that Mafia has penetrated the government of Malaysia.

It is not the quality and standard of English used by Zahid that loom as a main concern but it is the background clouding our national leaders. At home we are making fun of the DPM for his poor showmanship. The video has gone viral but luckily only reached a small number of audiences. The kampong folks would not care much about it.

29/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My definition of a good CWer may differ from many others. Again it is only my view.

The basic criteria of a CWer is the ability to receive and send codes by his ears and fist. We have to find a new term for those who solely using machines for the tasks. I would not give the highest point to the hams who can operate at 45 to 60 wpm and the lowest to the slower speed guys. To me a good CWer is flexible enough to adjust his speed to his counterpart and making the other side able to copy the total message with ease. There has to be relative gaps between characters and words like A and E or otherwise it will be R.

Many a time I responded to a CQ call that was about 20 to 25 wpm. But several of my questions were not answered or I would get the reply as QSB, QRN and QRM. On the other hand when I worked Mazwan, 9MZN, he was able to  decipher my total message despite numerous errors. If the guy had understood me he would have respond to my questions.

I have been following JA1NUT and W6TT's communications and enjoyed monitoring them. Errors were nil. The chat went smoothly. Words were well spaced. To me, they are great CWers.

Sending at a slow speed does not make a person inferior. The Indonesian CW sifu who can do Morse at 45 wpm and worked me with only 12 - 15 wpm. He wanted to make sure that I could copy every word of his. A beginner should not be ashamed to start with 5 wpm. Speed will pick up automatically as decided by the brain. And age too played a part as it influences the neuro-coordination. The motor response is slower than the brain. One tends to leave a character or a word without one realizes it.

Last night 9M2ZN asked 9M2MCB several questions at quite a high speed. And 9M2MCB caught it and replied though he is considered a beginner in the ragchewing.

It is good to be jealous if someone is better than us . It brews in us the desire to elevate our standard a few inches, to be a better operator, and we can plan for the race. But it would be bad to cause pain onto the others, like pressing our key down to deliberately cause QRM. Though nobody would know it, but by itself it made us very unethical hams. The bad heart blends with our blood. It would be amazing if we can still go to sleep without any regret with our rogue demeanor.

A good CWer tunes outside the frequency in used. He listens for a minute before sending "QRL ?" Then he starts calling CQ. Some QRP stations would put the word QRP before the invitation. Many stations in the globe are ever willing to let the QRP stations know how they are received by DX from their continents. We encourage people to give an honest report, not 599 all the way. Or we we could make a fool of ourselves by asking them to repeat heir names and QTH again and again.

You may be hearing a long CQ call without a reply. Try to be courteous and go for his call even he is a station from Israel or North Korea. Keep sentiments and emotions aside. 

A good CWer is not an absolute status but it is a status within a class; 12 wpm, 25 wpm and 45 wpm class, as examples. A beginner stays within his own class. We observe how hard he has tried and what improvements he has made. I would go for the readability and the clarity of each word through proper spacing, and his ability to copy the incoming signals very well.

It is not wise to parade our prowess and skill which almost no CWers have done till today. We are still learning and practicing on reading messages using free softwares in the smartphone. Till the world ends our brain will always be lacking in knowledge and other mysteries.

We don't need to be a supermen. We have to be tolerant at others' mistakes and hope for every mutual understanding. Together with ethics and the ability to communicate well will make us a good CWers.

28/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


DEATH AND GOD-I went to a funeral this morning. My former school's driver's wife passed away yesterday after a stroke. She was 55. Death, in my view, is always a better choice than living in pain and sickness. That was what my late wife pleaded from me when she was in great pain, to release her and not to go for more medication. And when I was alone the same thought embraced me.

Not many people would be thinking of their death especially the young ones. Wealthy people struggle to fight ageing, wanting to live forever. Najib at 64 said he wants to rule for 22 years more. He foresees that he will live forever. And we look up there we see Tengku Nan, Ismail Sabry, Mustaffa and other elderly politicians who go for the world, money, power and fame. Some still wear rings and necklaces despite being grandfathers. To me those who do not think of death do not think of God.

Not many prominent figure committed suicide just because of too lonely or finding life is useless for them. Many Hollywood and TV actors and actresses preferred to say good bye to the world. To the living it was gruesome and bizarre.

I have to plan my death. If I were to die suddenly especially at home then none of my friends and relatives would know it. If I were to die in a hospital then people would know of my demise. I would sent them of my hospitalization after I have asked the doctor the chances of my being cured. The answer has to be 90%.

I am not afraid of death and it be better than living in the world run by an evil ruler. I have seen too much of the sinister stuffs beyond reason and imagination. The last time I heard of a man who elevate himself to God was the Pharaoh of Egypt. I thought it was the first and the last, never to expect it will pop and loom again in this part of the world. It is very sickening.

I would not be able to tell the mystery of life and death and I cannot interpret what is in the knowing of the Almighty through my human mind. I cannot put logic to analyze the mystery of the unknown and to expose the supreme power. All I know that beside predestination humans are given a choice. Even the choice is the submission, the choice to do evil or the choice to end one's life. There is a promise to humans for the choice or submissions they made, a perpetual abode in heaven or the burning of the hellfire.

FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION - There are countries in this world that provide free university education. Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland are among the few. You need to do a little googling to create a list of free university education. For a Malaysian to enter any of those universities he need to start learning the local lingo since form 3 and 4. If they are in English then Malaysians can apply to do their degree programs in these institutions.

We used to have University Al-Bukhary which provide free education to the foreign as well as Malaysian students. But it was recently closed and sold to another private entrepreneur.

Currently students who do not win a scholarship has to pay on their own or make a loan from a government agencies. Many failed to honor the loan as many of the graduates are jobless, and people in the jobs are laid off. The defaulters are barred from living the country. The government defended it's action. Majority of the victims are the Malays.

WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW - I was 10 when we celebrated our first independent. When Tengku Abdul Rahman became the first Prime Minister we were in the jolly mood. I adored Tengku very much at my young age and would always here to his speech whenever he made one. Our finance Minister was Tan Siew Sin from Melaka. The Chinese didn't like him because he did not know how to speak Chinese. Like Tengku I would listen to his budget speech. Tan Siew Sin was the greatest of all finance minister.

Tin and rubber brought wealth to the country. Malaysia became so wealthy with a big bulk of reserve. I say he was great because he was not greedy with living in the sea of money. He could have stole in many ways without being known. He was trying to combat with unemployment using the wealth by creating jobs. There were various schemes for the university graduates waiting for vacancies. Retirement age was much earlier than now. Today they are paying to the more senile elderly till 65 and let the young people get unemployed.

Of course the present generations may not heard of the name. There will be someone from the current administration who might thrown criticism on him. The same person may also criticize God for not making him the most powerful man in the country.

The Tengku may go for an evening walk in Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden alone, on his own without a body guard. He knew that he was nobody's target. Nobody would want to shoot or hurt him. Only by accident the IGP at that time notice the Prime Minister and quickly rushed and scolded the Tengku.

During the euphoria of independence, there was a man in the North by the name of Arshad whom we knew him as Chad Gila (a Mad Arshad). Chad Gila wore a songkok and shabby dress carrying an umbrella. He would beg at the railway station Bukit Mertajam. Almost everyone would give him at least ten cents. Then he would take some and gave to small children 5 cents each. Chad Gila always shouted the word MERDEKA and praised the beloved hero Tengu Abdul Rahman. He said when independent day arrived he wanted the Tengku to shave his head. And you know what ? The Tengku did.

Arshad, the unsung hero of mental delirium, unknown to the current and future generation, has passed away. His neighbor said he was a sane man who made sure that his kids would have a proper education and would contribute to the progress of the nation.

I WANT TO MIGRATE - Wealth, power and status  does guarantee happiness. I am not wealthy but God has blessed me with great abundance. 80% of my mind rest in tranquility and happiness. But I can't run away from unhappiness that stared upon me by political happenings and family stuffs. The worst that kills me is the politics of Najib and his supporters. It is very painful and hit me to the core. I am not an opposition member nor the sympathizer to any of them. But I saw clearly what Najib is doing to the citizens and especially to the Malays.

They are happy to tell us to leave the country. I think millions would like to. Let Najib negotiate with any of the countries in the world to buy a part of their land or islands to chuck us out.

If anyone could offer me with an immigrant visa for a cost I would be ready to pay for it.

Many non-Malays have families outside Malaysia, in Australia, Canada, Thailand and the United States. A few has moved away though their hearts are in this country. I am ever willing to move in in any of the Malaysians regardless of the ethnic group. The lies and deceptions are unbearable. It is a pity the Malay leaders do not realize that they are killing their own race and destroying their religion.

I lived under the repressive Mahathir and detested him so much then but I had never thought of leaving the country.

BOASTING - Believe me or not boasting is a form of sickness. I can't really say how far the diabetes and hypertension could contribute to vanity. But I have seen persons with such a character do suffer from both of the diseases mentioned above. I noticed that a few who are good in English do regard those whose command of the language are poor are less intelligent than those with who are refine in competencies. There those lecturers and PHD holders in Malaysian universities who scorn the non-college goers. Of course my usual attacking response was to ask them how much of the world are within their knowledge.

There are millions of people with admirable achievements but laying low refusing to parade their successes. An American doctor on the train I met to Bangkok did not allow me to address him as a doctor though both he and his wife were in medical profession. I was a student then and was not prudent enough to ask them their nature of work. I Have a few PHD American and Canadian students who were so humble and never made us so very small.

But we are so simple to call others STUPID. While many called some ministers stupid, I chose to call BAD. They deliberately yell statements that made people angry and threatening the public using their own law.

DIFFERENT FORM OF INTELLIGENCE - We tend to say people with high IQ, college and university graduates and those who score straight As are intelligent group of masses. Lately the pundits defined the physical and mental intelligence. A child who looked quiet and stupid was seen to be able to build complex objects which others could not do.

Some men are good in lying, cheating and making others work for them. They are good in deceiving the public. They impressed people in their talk. But they can't solve a simple arithmetic problem and failed to grasp abstract concept. They jumped to the wrong conclusions. Yet people fell to them and kowtow to the demands. One of the classic examples is Ayah Pin of the Sky Kingdom.

MANKIND CREATE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS - Many people were given advised. A big majority would not want to take those advices because they think they have a better idea. Some would attack you upon being told the right thing to do. The show of arrogance were sometimes distasteful and very hurting.

I would stop giving them any view anymore. When they are facing problems I would refuse to listen to them. Good or bad they have to swallow and live with whatever pain that loomed. Each man has to solve his own problem and decide for his own destiny. I myself am having problem but at least I have set the various plans to deal with them. My advantage is that I am about to die. When I die my problem cease and evaporate.

The Malays will fare the most. The politicians did not forecast the future and the the laymen lazy to computer the coming days. They never think that one day they will become old and sick. They never think of what to do next week or month or year. They always see the wrong solutions.

Then I would say go to hell with them. That's one of the reasons I prefer to remain solitary and plan to seek sanctuary somewhere where nobody knows where I will be. It is true the Penan and the natives would be happier than the men on the top echelon who have to put on their bullet vests and deployed tenth and hundreds of body guards.

MALAYSIAN HAM RADIO - I tried to avoid making statements now on Malaysian amateur radio for fear it might hurt someone. But as I did short wave listening and read from the remarks on the facebook, I could not help but to rewrite my previous comments.

The traditional concept of the traditional people on life is to study the past, comparing with the present and to decide the future. From the observations the current Malaysians from all walks of life only cares about the present and a few tried to plan the future. It is not the individuals and the society itself to be blamed. It is because of the new trend which somehow has shaped the mindset of the modern populace. Their philosophy and outlook towards life and living has moved to a new directions. They have different perspective.

In the Malaysian ham radio fraternity the same thing has occurred. People flock to contest, setting up clubs and repeaters, going eyeballing and field days and sitting for the FCC. Rules and dishonesty have been set aside for there are new codes and ham lingo that have never been known before. There loom an intellectual competition as who is the best and knows more, and superior to others.

By the rules of the mind, time and space there is nothing wrong with the new setup and thinking.

The older generation experienced different social and physical environment. I still remember a new guy belittle 9M2ZA showing his disbelief that Zainal could speak German. I had to clarify that he had a German call sign, spoke fluent German and was a scientist. The new breed of young hams are adventurous, lustrous, smarter and knowledgeable. There are more differences than similarities.

A WORD OF ADVICE, A SPACE TO PONDER - The veracity of any statement must checked and validated. The status, shape and characters may differ with time and places, and generalization always contain fallacies as it has always have exceptions. I tend to make general statements many time expecting the readers could interpret my intent. The common theme today is on terrorists and terrorism, something to boost the filthy human ego. Hijab and dress the Muslims wear are called the attire of the terrorists. Muslims are said to be terrorists.

A person who refuse to follow your style and thoughts cannot be called arrogant. You can't impose your personal will onto the others. An ego has to be checked and restrained.

At time you may be thinking you are making a better world for the community when in reality you are worsening it. Then you stand to defend your action. The wreckage is beyond redemption.

 27/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof

General means of public transportNO BUS WHEN THERE ARE BUS STOPS

To go to town from my home by public transport is as good as going to the moon. We don't see busses passing the main road outside with bus stops. There are bus stops without busses. Why ? Because there is no profit. The government does not allow the operation of light vehicles as they have in Thailand, the Phillipines and and India. The blood sucking taxis are preying on the customers at bus stations and other public places. A 2 mile ride would cost you RM15 per person, not per taxi.

Households are expected to own at least a bicycle to paddle to any location or else they have to walk a few kilometers to wet market or sundry shops. The distant from my home to the town center is about 8 kilometers. Luckily I have my own transport to take me around. But on occasion I need to travel by train I will have a very difficult time to get to the station. It is my habit that I do want to bother my friends or neighbor to send me to the rail station, bus stop or the airport.

Some people would not be happy to do us a favor. I tried to ask one whom I have helped to feed the fish, picked up her son from school and daughter from tuition class and lending her RM25K but she gave me all sort of excuses. It really hurts. All that I had asked her was a twenty minutes of her total time. When I lent her the big sum of money my purse went empty. I never gave any excuse. And I did want to hurt her.

For the last few years I drove to those stations with my old shabby car and left it at the airport or the bus station for days till my returned. In my heart I welcomed thieves to take my old car away. All I need to do was just make a report to the police. If there had been a bus I would have just to walk a few hundred meters to the bus stop without causing problems to others.

The government should not give an alternative to taking a taxi, consisting of the greedy lot of half-human specie. They are half human because they charge exorbitant prices and in some places they refused to take you to the destination you want.

I have been wandering about trying to decipher the mind and the mentality of the authority for their policy.

I remember what my Public Finance teacher told the class that any non-profit public service must be taken over by the government. In the United States almost everyone is access to bus rides. When I was in the Disney Area I had no problem of getting a bus to anywhere at all. From my hotel I could go almost everywhere though I had a little hussle to change busses. I don't have to buy a new ticket. Whereas in Tokyo people travel by train more than by taxis. If we want to prevent city congestion and to discourage cars into cities we have to make sure the public transport system can reach every corner of the streets.

Bangkok has almost every mode of transportation from the waterways to the underground electric system; the busses, taxis, motorcycles service and the tuk-tuk. Heavy penalties for black smoke pollution can always be re-enforced to reduce dirt in the atmosphere.

Government is not to run a business. It is to provide service and other infrastructures. What the private enterprise refuses the government has to take the task. Government makes money through taxes. The consequent said by my Public Admin teacher is very well seen in 1Mdb. Political involvements in such an undertaking usually ended up in failures due to the poor management and administrations. Politicians chose incompetent cronies to run the show.

Try to run a motorcycle service which can take one to one's required destination, in no time you will be arrested. And nobody even dare to try the three wheeler motor van for the same reason. I won't drive to town anymore if such a vehicle were able to pick me up from my door step.  The taxis can still survive through competition and passengers are in the hurry.

It is strange that Alor Setar is a city with bus stops but without a bus.

21/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Would I sell my soul to a devil, to right the wrong for money, making sins as my blood and sweat, fight to defend a devil, to love the Satan in return for comfortable living and mountain of money and pleasure ? Humans are too weak to resist temptation, too strong to be the hero of the destroyer; the criminal, the sinners, the con men, the plunders, the gangsters and the crude politicians.

Are we prepared to die of starvation rather than begging ? There may be one out of a million. If there is one out of a thousand, that's considered good and powerful enough to stand against all odds like the 300 Spartans against a huge enemy.

Remember that the fate of the world is changed by only a few men. The world did not have a million Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun, Omar Kyayam, Tesler or Bell. We may not be inventors and scientists. Some of them suffered and punished by the social environments. Their homes were rained with stones and burnt and had to leave their own village for a sanctuary. If the object of invention represent the truth of science then one must be willing to sacrifice to defend the truth.

Between the two opposing parties both cannot be the truth. One is a lie, fallacy and cheat. People who has no access to information and the ignorance would have known which is the truth as evils in angel's dress come with promises and gifts, wooing with smiling faces. They vowed and prostrate to the devil, chanting the devils mantra and march to the fore unknowingly follow the leader to the hell.

Evil exist before the existence of the earth and mankind. So was the dual opposite elements of good and bad, darkness and light, male and female, proton and anti-proton. They are not coincidences but made activate the universe, and they are in living organism they are created to serve a certain purposes. And mankind is most special as they are endowed with feeling, emotion, greed, happiness, love and jealousy. Their brains excel the brain of other animals.

Science may dispel the idea of heaven and hell, Satan and angel yet the progress in technology created the weapon of mass destruction, the killing goes on everyday. There are laws, police and courts yet crimes do not seem to subside. The world fails to halt treachery and dreadful tragedies. The believers understand what science fail to touch, the mystery of nature that has not been discovered yet; what we called the secret of God's creation. We would have not known why God creates good and bad.

The devil is real. Like the quantum theory a particle can exist at many places at the same time, so is the devil. It is ubiquitous. It takes a form of human specie. Ku Adnan, Syahrizat, Keruak, Dahlan, Rosmah and Najib may come from the dark side. They are strong and powerful. They have sold their souls to the devil in return of perpetual and absolute power. They are selling the Malays and the country away. They are deceiving the Malays and commanding for their obedience and loyalty.

The ignorance and the stupid see money as their God, ignoring the source of the notes, halal or haram, legal or illegal, from the selling of their own race or from the selling of the country. Vowing to human before God for sustenance, office and pittance , bootlicking are acts of devil worshipping.

However, there should be a limit to striving for survival. You won't eat the meat of your kids to live, would you ? But people possessed by the devil would do anything. Some old people would still remember the boat people who threw their kids into the seas to lighten up their boats. It was bizarre but true, of prostituting one's wife and daughter for money is a common practice. They are drunk and brain dead.

A Minister said the Malays are wealthy. They go to perform pilgrimage by the thousands. But they also rush for the money from the UMNO minister. Why Najib still gives millions to the wealthy citizens ?

I told a lady teacher during the evening walk about a young couple, whom I suspect as a husband and wife, quarreling over something. The husband showed her his empty purse. I guessed that the wife had wanted something that the man can't afford to buy. Why in the first place the girl married that man ? The teacher said that girls when in love would not care about the husbands to be, would not compute the future. And I met several other married women who live in hardship, small abode and all the time penniless. I concluded that the Malays never compute their future and the future of the country. They are being led by those myopic, greedy and heartless lunatics of Satan in disguise.

The strength of a layman lies in his mind. He dares to face and fight an a colossal enemy. Using his wit he can checkmate the greatest general of his foe. If he dies, he dies a real hero, a man who never surrender and submit to the army of Satan. He will be remembered as a man who does not sell his soul to the devil.

I believe that a major collision will shake the earth, men among men, meteor against the earth. The faces of the living evil will be stripped and their fate will be in the hands of the suppressed populace. The guilty will face a severe punishment. Even the followers will not be spared. Everyone is talking about the end of time. If you don't want to believe in God then you have to believe in what the scientists say.

People are pressing for the information about alien beings in American and Israel government. Historians talk about Lucifer and Anunarki. The Muslims are talking about the coming of the Dajjal. Their analysis might frightened us but to the believers the end is soon and inevitable.

21/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Nikola Tesla - Hulton Archive / Stringer/ Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

For the young men


There are various ways to keep our minds sharp; play chess, solving mathematical and statistical problems, designing projects that use E-Prom and other logic circuits, deciphering Morse codes and planning algorithm for computer softwares. It is a vital practice for elderly people to keep mentally alert, quick response to complex problems, keeping self esteem and confidence. The mind of the working persons are more active than those who do nothing. The continuous daily chores required mental alertness as they have to make sure things are done correctly without any error.

Chess playing should not be just to move the pieces without thinking. You may do so at the beginning but when come to 10 or 15 steps you have really to put on your thinking cap. A game could take 4 or 5 hours without a clock used. For those who do not have time for the game, they can solve the game problems as published in some newspapers before going to bed.

A few keeps Mathematic and statistical books of solving equations. At the leisure hours they would solve problem by problem, equation by equation, and checked the answers by flicking on the back page. To them the exercise is just fun but at the same time it is sharpening their minds. And designing projects is as challenging  as  solving mathematical problems. As they master the simple tasks they will proceed to a more complex ones.

What could we expect from the senior citizens who have no access to the tools and the firmware as they are only available in colleges and universities ? Compare with the college and university students and lecturers these group of people are less smart and the decay of mental alertness is alarming. At least I know how to write codes and know Morse characters. Since I ceased from software development, I chose Morse deciphering to keep my mind alert.

DO WE NEED TO BE SHARP ? -  Actually there isn't any need for an old man to be sharp. The younger generation will still viewed the elderly slow walking men as senile, and waiting for their hearts to stop. His name will only be mentioned again at the discussion of the bequest; how much money he left and where about his properties are. Interestingly before things get settled the younger member of the family was fatally striked by stroke.

To the Muslims the ability to memorize and recites doas(duas) are appreciable because we  need these people at the frequent kenduri arwah, a small festivity to pray for the death. A doa can be as long as 10 to 15 minutes of fast recital. The reciter has to be a person with a sharp mind and clear memory, otherwise he will fumble.

Generally mental acuteness could help a person to trace fallacy in an argument and lies between words. These usually come from politicians, con-men and individuals with malicious intents.

THE ROLE OF EXERCISE - Body metabolism tends to slow down with age. Ageing also deactivate the speed of blood circulation. I don't know how much is pumped to the brain and at what rate. I found that my ability to copy Morse after every exercise is better and my sending errors lessened. One could feel mentally and physically fresh. I feel the effect of my daily evening walk of only 4.8 km. I do not push myself more as I do not consume food intake as much as I was younger. More than half of the elderly joggers and walkers do it more than 10 km per day and at least 60% of them are Chinese.

I believe that healthy mind in the healthy body doesn't babble garbage as even many young men do. Garbage contains lies, fallacies, conflicting statements, non-existing things and meaningless words. You can hear them aplenty on the national media. Amazingly we have the paid garbage spewing specie to hoodwink the populace. An alert mind would be able to recognize between a devil and an angel.

 KNOWLEDGE FOR ENTERTAINMENT - There are seas of entertaining knowledge for an old man to pluck. The list is available on the Youtube. There are volumes of topics on UFO, taking us from the ancient period to the present alien bodyguard in the United States and Israel government, which takes us on the topic of a new technological invention of vehicles using alien technology. There are clips on animals and animal stories which give us a wide knowledge and deep understanding of the mammal's behaviors. There are inventions and stories on inventors in a vast volumes which we can't learn everyone of them. And much more.

The point is they are full of fun and enjoyment, presenting us with knowledge that we have never known before.

The fact that one feels he is learning more and more things each day will keep his mind awaken and alert most of the time.

He doesn't have to do a math work, playing chess, designing circuits and projects or listen to Morse codes. He has his own time to tap to any kind and subject he wishes to learn. They are really entertaining.

17/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I have not found the equivalent of the English proverb yet.  It is a Malay saying describing a person who is trying to repair  thing or trying to improve thing, which in fact is making it worse.

A system, procedure and institutions which are well established, showing great performance and successes could be turned upside down by a new person under the excuse of enhancing the current luster. Observations show that when politicians or a man with such inclination had bankrupted the companies or making them run at a lost. An institution which has shown excellence slowly declined and losing it's prestigious image.

I have made several predictions which you may called a guessing game, base on my understanding of human behavior, their ego, attitudes and their visions. A big majority of our people put their self-interest in the fore. And many among them would not care less about the problems they caused to others. Egoistic persons would think that they are the most smart lots. They would accept the fact that educational level is not necessarily in coherence with vision and analytical ability. And the worst is when an egoistic person merely wants to satisfy his lust. He sets a policy, push it for execution and the later putting the blame on the poor output.

I usually would reject a certain policy from the beginning and would not want to know the final result for I know of it's disastrous effect. I would say "Since they are clever then let them do their own way..." And they did. The pumpkin was becoming worst and worst, beyond repair. simply because they have not seen, sensed, and know the good one. Their standard of goodness is the spoil they created. They dispel history.

The Westerners dig the past, spent time and money and study whatever came within their reach. They used carbon 14 dating to find out the age, study the past culture of the Egyptian pyramid, analyzing any graphic materials or writing. They try to see relationship between ancient culture and the present UFO.

Our new leadership or the Head of Department would want to destroy the past history of the institution and wanting to build up his own culture. Imagine a new Headmaster of a benchmarking school that  had won awards after award each year decided to knock down the beautiful structure and altered the landscaping to make it a new and better image, until the school was losing it's luster, never to win the prestigious award again. The limelight was stolen by the visitor institution.

I am not regretting to say that the Malays have the most myopic vision in comparing with their non-Malay friends.

The spoiler and the destroyer must not think he can escape and be invisible. His deeds would be recorded and remembered in history. When the block of cards crumple and the limpid water turned milky he would blamed the system that he himself was responsible, pointing fingers at others. Then he would run from the scene. The pumpkin remains messy.

The Malays are in the habit of destroying themselves and then blame the others for the mishaps. They are capable of destroying the other Malays for their own survival. They keep on playing the game until the platform is slowly sinking. The thinking ones try to stay away from the rogue gangs, hoping to find some tranquil sanctuaries.

I touched briefly on the school system above but the tragedy is not confined solely to it. Just open your eyes to see what is happening around you, what bother you in our dear daily life. Many have expressed their despair and frustration.

To me the rat is a pest. I prefer to stay away from the pest.

One lovely word that I have been hearing is HANCO !!

16/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am lucky that there is no regulation barring those without authority from penning any topic on computer programming because I don't have any formal course in it, neither do I have any certificate from any colleges or universities. I remember when I was working and our vocational school system decided to purchase computers for schools I was not called to give any contribution simply because I was not a computer engineer.

And at another place and time some wise guy introduced me to someone as a programmer and one of the programmers asked me for my diploma or a degree.

If you are not endorsed by any form of authorization then you are not a qualified person.

Since there is no law to impose on people like me to say anything at all on the related subject matter, I might as well take the opportunity to write what I feel and think. You are warned not to believe what I say. They may not contain facts.

Computer programming can be a hobby to some, and it is one for me. I do not go into the system programming, the command for booting, tracing the RAM, ROM and the CD and other peripherals. I write codes on application software.

How to write codes ? In a laymen's term we use languages to do so. The basic language is a machine code. Usually if you are familiar with E-Prom you will find the chip will basically have 8 pins for coding and 2 for power supply . A character is represented  by the pin the current received. 00000001 means the current is applied to pin written as 1. 00000010 means the current is applied to pin 2 from the left. They called the 0 and 1 as binary digit. The 00000001 in numeric is 1. 00000010 is 2 decimal.  00000011=3, 00000100=4, 01000001 is 65 decimal. 65 represent A in ASCII code, and so on. But for uneducated person like me we won't use such a method of writing codes.

The experts divide computer languages into machine , assembly and high level language. Assembly language is more on programming the microprocessor like loading an accumulator with a certain value like LDA. Then they used shift etc. I saw a small boy using assembly language in developing a computer game which amazed me very much. And this too was not deployed by me.

The high level language is the language understood by human. The first I used was called BASIC (Beginner All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Let me show you why we say the language is understood by men.

                                       10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD"
                                       20 END

Print and End are words used by men. When the program is Run it will have to be converted into the machine language by another program called Interpreter.

Where did I learned those BASIC codes ? It was from a Radio Shack, an electronic shop that sold a Radio Shack home computer.

As time passed more and more high level languages were developed, the GWBasic, te Quick Basic, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP, C and university students learnt COBOL and FORTRAN. Then came JAVA, Linux, Unix etc.

PC hit the world market. Smart phone began to take shape. Industries grew.

The computer maker is different from the software industry. Both designed following the configuration of the inside machine which we call a microprocessor. The early processor was made by INTEL was an 8088 and Motorola has 6800. These are hearts of the personal computers. They were also called CPU. Inside the CPU there are general registers which we can imagine as pigeon holes where data were kept, the control unit, arithmetic logic unit.

Both of these industries wanted to make sure the consistent and continuous flow of money. IBM, Apple, Texan Instrument were on the making of the PCs. Microsoft concentrated on the Operating System, producing MS-DOS., followed by Windows. And with other vendors began to develop the high level language. I chose Visual Basic as it was one of the easiest language to learn. The commands and vocabulary were almost identical to BASIC. There was almost no limitation that the VB can do, from communication to bio-metric and all other applications you can think off.

You don't need to have a teacher to teach you codes and algorithm. A few words of codes ( words ) can do wonderful things. Let me show a simple sample of a multiplication table;

                   For I = 1 To 12
                   Print "5 X "; I; " = "; 5 * I

The output is as below

                   5 X 1 = 5
                   5 X 2 = 10
                   5 X 3 = 15
                   5 X 4 = 20
                   5 X 5 = 25
                   5 X 6 = 30
                   5 X 7 = 35
                   5 X 8 = 40
                   5 X 9 = 45
                   5 X 10 = 50
                   5 X 11 = 55
                   5 X 12 = 60

You don't need a degree to write those, do you ?  Schools and colleges adopted Visual Basic , C and Java . C and Java are almost identical in command and structure. I told myself that I will go to C and Java as soon as finish with VB.

With VB I wrote a Winsock application, a chat program which I published on my website for a while. I opened up 9M2ZA's computer from my home and pulled home a few of his data. I developed a Morse Trainer and a special logging program. I made quite a substantial amount of money  with this language. I ended up with a finger print system. With the ASP combined with VB, I managed remote database, including keeping finger data. But they were merely for fun. A ham friend is still using my program in his vehicle workshop.

BUT Microsoft is upgrading the Windows as the new processor were being developed. It started with 8088, 8086, 80286 and continue to move to 64 bits pentium. New processors and windows are rejecting the old high level language, driving people like me crazy.

Apple computer with different OS have been gaining popularity in USA, but not in Malaysia yet. To develop a software for it you have to use X-Codes with a lot of restrictions. It is not an independent system. You will have to pay  in the process of publishing  it. We began to see problems in developing programs for PCs and the Smartphone.

People suggest the Open Source free system. UNIX, LINUX and UBUNTU seemed to be the choice. I have all the books, the UBUNTU and even the linux compact disk. 9M2PJU is ever willing to assist anyone in providing free Ubuntu CD and all other helps.

But by now my mind is getting rusty. I need to buy a new PC minus all the Microsoft and Apple OS with an linux inside and start to crawl from the scratch. I bought an E-Prom programmer and did not even try programming it yet. And it is wiser for me to understand the gates and the logic practical work guided by the literatures.

Even to arrange the logic gates by designing a project will consume plenty of time. In other words I could not handle both  Ubuntu and Eprom programming at the same time. Age is catching up.

YOUNG PEOPLE - I would suggest that younger people below 40 to utilize their brains to the maximum. The younger you are the better. The understanding and the absorption capabilities excel the elderly.. You can do it without going back to school. If there is a will there is always a way. I have shifted my interest to reading FB and Whatsapp. In the evening I go for my daily walk. The time is too short for everything.

CHOOSE A LANGUAGE - I would suggest Linux and/or C and/or Java. Study the database structure and the possible interface with the existing data system like MySql. Create application for data entry and saving them in the database. And the data retrieval and the display. The rest can slowly be explored and I am certain that within by 2 months you can master each of the languages.

CREATIVITY AND LOGIC - I saw people developing programs sitting and typing codes without any reference manuals and books beside them. I also saw people refer to papers and books for every sentence they were typing. I concluded that that the ones writing algorithms from their minds are more creative than the other ones.

Your creativity can help you in combining various tools to form a new thing, which more often than not will be different from others. You know how to make a calendar and make an alarm sound. But you have to be creative enough how to make the PC remind you what to do when the date arrives or to automatically print a birthday card of a person on the day.

The algorithm is deploying a much less simple logic than designing interface for some hard ware gadgets. By the old programming methods the IF and THEN were used all over to achieve the desired result.

INTERNET PROGRAMMING -  Java and PHP are powerful enough. But the simpler one is the ASP. I do keep a lot of data in my remote server. It may not be a great one but it serves my purpose well. I keep my radio logging in the server and utilized it whenever and wherever I like using my PC or mainly my Android to retrieve and saving my data. This too does not require a college or university degree. ASP codes are all over. Pluck the right ones, paste them and it will do the work for you.

Below is my remote logging ASP codes which you may want to try. Use your imagination and creativity to modify lines

<%dim NOMBOR,nom2,CAL,CHET
if trim(CHET)<>"ON" then CHET="OFF"
if request("SUBMIT")=" Add Data " then
'on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog" ' where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
Session.LCID = 2057 '4105
Dim a, b, c, d, e, date1,text3,text4
Dim masa
Text3 =time ' Format(Time, "HH:mm")
date1 = date
If Left(Time, 2) > 7 And Left(Time, 2) < 24 Then b = Abs(8 - Left(Time, 2)): date1 = date
If Left(Time, 2) < 8 And Left(Time, 2) > -1 Then b = 16 + left(Time, 2): date1 = date-1
a = Mid(Time, 4, 2)
If a = 0 Then b = b + 1
If b = 24 And a = 0 Then b = 0
if len(b)=1 then b="0" & b
if len(a)=1 then a="0" & a
e = b & a 'Format(b, "00") + Format(a, "00")
'If Len(Trim(e)) = 2 Then e = "00" + e
rs2(0)= nom2 'DATE1 'request("t2") 'DATE
rs2(1)= e 'request("t3") 'time

RS2(3)=p1 '"-"
rs2(3)= ucase(REQUEST("T5")) 'MODE e 'time

RS2(4)=p2 '"-"


rs2(5)=REQUEST("CALLSIGN1") ' UCASE(request("t1")) 'CALLSIGN



end if

if request("SUBMIT")=" Update " then
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "select * from BUKUlog WHERE BIL LIKE '" & REQUEST("T10") & "'" ' where ucase(callsign) like '" & UCASE(CAL) & "' and date like '" & trim(ayat) & "'"
Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
'RS2.OPEN SQL2,CONN2,3 ''2,2
'Set RS2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS2.Source = SQL2
Set RS2.Activeconnection = Conn2
RS2.CursorType = 3 'KeySet
RS2.LockType = 2 'Pesimistic
response.write rs2("bil") & " " & rs2(6)
rs2(5)=ucase(request("t1")) 'callsign
rs2(0)=request("t2") 'date
rs2(1)=request("t3") 'time
rs2(4)=request("t4") 'freq
rs2(3)=ucase(request("t5")) 'mode
rs2(6)=ucase(request("t6")) 'name
rs2(7)=request("t7") 'his rst
rs2(8)=request("t8") 'my rst
rs2(12)=ucase(request("t9")) 'qth
end if

if request("SUBMIT")=" Delete " then
on error resume next
Set Conn2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Provider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
DBPath1 = "Data Source=" & Server.mappath("\BUKULOG.mdb") & ";" 'line10 Provider&DBPath1
SQL2 = "delete * from BUKUlog where ucase(callsign) like '%" & ucase(request("T1")) & "%' and date like '%"+request("t2")+"%' and time like '%"+request("t3")+"%'"
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You do see many IF and THEN. This is what I call logic.

Since computing is a hobby it is all fun and provide joy and happiness when the machine show you the output you want. You don't have to crack you head on studying the microprocessor 6800 or 80286 because they will be obsolete in no time. E-Prom can be used in interfacing or for a stand alone project. Again there are plenty of ready codes for them.

At this juncture my meager knowledge has been left thousands of miles away from the progress. It is moving at an electric speed with more breakthrough.

I found a ham operator like Salleh Hassan is far more advance in this area. Like me, he enjoys with his technological progress. The ham radio operators are lucky to have experts among them like Azlan and Khairol whose knowledge can be tapped by younger enthusiasts. Piju is another resourceful person. He taught me many things.

Many of us are self taught. We may be duped as pseudo intellect.  We are not qualified to give views of matters on computers and computing because we are not graduates in these fields.

You may be asking why I choose his very topic to write.

It is just because I don't have any other to write. To those who learn as you walk you will find the beauty and joy of freedom that a little knowledge is available anywhere, providing opportunity for us to know things like why the binary, hex and decimal numbers, and why SHIFT concept was introduced in the assembly.

It is happiness and satisfaction. We are not completely dumb after all.


15/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You may know her. But I don't. Someone published her singing on the Facebook. I believe that you can understand the Chinese more through her. Adinda is 11 years old from Taiping Perak. She has an amazing voice and she has all the time to be perfected by a vocal coach. Her vocal coach is Jacob Teo, 36, who runs a singing school in Kuala Lumpur. She has a great future.

Adinda attends SJK(C) Sin Min in Taiping. What can we expect ? She would be able to speak Mandarin, English, Malay and Hokien. That's what the local Chinese has over the Malays. And many Klantanese sent their kids to Chinese schools too.

She auditioned for Let's Sing Kids by submitting a video of her singing, flew to Hunan Province with her mother on July 1 for the first round. See for yourself the video of her singing.

It is touching to see how she is treated. Pictures tell more than a thousand words.

Politicians divide use to gain the votes so that they can continue plundering our coffers and abusing their powers, threatening another May 13 for nothing, creating unnecessary hatred.

Adinda is another girl making us proud.

13/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My primary school teachers had no college nor university education. There weren't even SRP/LCE then. But through them I could learnt how to read, write and count numbers. A few of them I still meet from time to time. There was one whom I met in a wet market about 35 years later by the name of Cikgu Ismail. I greeted and accosted him. He remembered my name and shed his tears just because of the greeting.

Around those days there were stickers on the rear window of various phrases, like 'OHIO UNIVERSITY' ,'UNIVERSITI MALAYA','UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA' etc. There was one special car which displayed 'SEKOLAH ATAP'. The message was laughable but had captured the audience interest.

Yet I did hear with my own ears remarks such as '..he doesn't even pass HSC/STPM...we are now graduates'. A computer student condemned his lecturer for not knowing how to use a software that he got an access to. An ITM student who came to sell a school software criticizing the program which I developed and used it in my PC.

Would I care about those smart guys who were showing off their mental ability ? No. I just went on my way. But I feared my students might treat their parents poorly just because they were less educated. I told them that during the course of my conversations to their parents I found the wisdom in them. They talked about the future of their kids and wanted a better life for them. "Your parents might not know who Graham Bell is but they have a vision for you."

I hate a swaggerer or a braggart. There is one in my vicinity who boast he knows everything about radio and computer, pounding his pomposity in matters of receivers. And as usual I only asked him to explain a tune circuit so that a simple man can understand with the detail comprehension of the circuit in action.

Today we have tenth of thousands of graduates in the country. And we also have billionaire and tycoons who are not having even a college degree. Believe me, you take 10000 graduates to sit for UPSR you will find at least 5000 would be considered fail in the exam.

I am not saying university or college graduates are dumb. But everyone has his weaknesses and strengths. And if we are weak, there are weaker people than us. If we are strong there are stronger people than us. I have never wanted to underestimate other people though I may be overestimating them. A standard 5 boy knows more  computer stuffs than me.

I don't know many things and I forget many things too. My elmer never taught me about the RG value of a cable but I was told of the required ohmage value of a cable and it's preferable size. The old cable I used was large in diameter than I am using now. Farther than that I could say nothing. To me the bigger the conductor the lesser the resistance. And I would want to see the screen too. Surely I am a dubbed as a stupid guy. And I choose to stay dumb. My only happiness was when ham stations all over said my signal was blasting despite it's modest height. That was many long years ago.

How could I be smart when I gained my electronic knowledge through valves while today the hitech chips have taken place of the tubes ? I traced faulty amplifier through the electron flow via the valves, understanding the role of the cathode, anode and grid. Today the hi-low and the logic circuits are combined and applied. But who cares about all those technical stuffs anymore. Even a moron can set up and operate a radio station, buy a smart phone, express himself in a facebook.

There is one thing that one has to remember that whatever wealth one has; money, knowledge and mental and physical ability God can always take it away from us. I hope some of us can still remember Uji Rashid, Muamar Ghadafi, Dr Mahathir, our great badminton player Tan Aik Huang to mention a few. There is no permanency within us. And I feel the rapid deterioration of my memory. When old boy Rusli left several of his things in Tokyo recently I knew it was not me alone who are absent minded. Even a much younger friend began to consume Ginko to retain his memory.

I am in the world not to show my intellectual capacity. It is just because I haven't any, and  not to parade my ability because it is not within me. I like to tell a true story from a true experience. It may sound weird and you may think I brag a lot. It is anybody's freedom to form his own opinion.

I considered myself lucky for having Chinese friends and families and I have learned a lot from them, the value of being humble. In a small town everyone knows everyone else. None boasts about his child but everyone else knows whose son becomes a doctor, engineer, lawyer and a Professor. There might be one or two who can't help talking about his kid who got excellent award at MIT USA. But he never condemn other people who are less smart in public. Even at the very moment from the reading of the feedback in the alternative media I could sense many learned and great professionals by the English they used and the arguments they put forward.

But at time, putting up an argument or a rebuttals you may dub a keyboard warrior, meaning that you can only talk but nothing done.

Freedom, democracy, civility are conceptual ideas put in writing. Those people did not create freedom, democracy and civility. Yet we are all talking and practicing it. We form parliament and reject totalitarian rule. WE gathered the ideas from their pen. Those writers would have been called keyboard warriors too by the current standard.

I love what 9M2ZA used to say on the air "...if I were smart, why can't I be a millionaire..."

THE BRAIN AND THE ATTITUDES - I don't have the authority to talk about both topics. The following babbles may be just a pure garbage.

I wouldn't know the working and the intricacies of human brain. For a moment I thought human brains of all races and nationalities are the same though there are an innate traits and the acquired components from learning and environment. But when I noticed the Morse codes operators handled the electronic paddles differently I realized they are not exactly identical. My left paddle is the dah and the right one is the dit, whereas the other operators have the dit on the left paddle. I am not a left handler to say the left brain controls my physical activities.

So I have to assume that I come under the category of a stupid person.

God endowed mankind with different level of intelligence which we commonly measured using the term IQ. There are a great number who has the IQ above 120. They are not only quick to learn and understand concepts in depth but also able to see behind an unknown and unseen. It is not an abnormal phenomena. We would see these people in engineers, lawyers, doctors and scientists. The intelligent and the genius are not confined to Tesler and Bell, but also existed among the Malays and other Malaysians. The United States companies are tapping their intelligence in hitech and wafer development.

For progress and development we need such group of people. We saw the build up of schools and institutions for educating pupils of higher intelligence.

BUT we were all shock when our Prime Minister declared that he preferred people with loyalty to people with intelligence. We would have guessed that he was talking about attitudes.

I don't know where attitudes come from. Is it from a brain, feeling or emotion ? Likewise I don't know what creates an ego.

We commonly describe attitudes of having positive or negative elements. The willingness to fight, diligence, strive to overcome difficulties contributes to the positive attitudes. Surrendering before starting, giving unending excuses, and indolence are the negative ones. To the Prime Minister loyalty is a positive attitude.

Peace, harmony and stability do not come from intelligence but from attitudes of the masses.

Education therefore must cater for poor and low achievers as well which are are now casting aside. We turned the vocational schools into vocational colleges with the higher entry level. We instill good and positive attitudes in them, enhancing the economic value of each of the students.

Teachers have been telling us it is these poor students who remember them most. The intelligent ones would not even accost them.

THE STUPID FARMERS - We are now living in a technological age. We use machine for seeding and planting while the old traditional uneducated farmers were on their sweats and muscles. My uncle was a fisherman. He came to town shoeless. He read no text, and understood no numbers. But those stupid and uneducated farmers who provide fish and rice for the populace.

My uncle and other Malay fishermen went bankrupt when trawler fishing came in. Their generations became poor till today. And the farm land have been taken away for real estates by developers, engineers and lawyers. A few got rich, many became poorer. And the Malays as a whole are begging land for housing from the government.

THE SMART SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS - We would have wish the intelligent people to use their brain to benefit the mankind. Instead they built machines that could kill innocent people without any morose. Thousand of people were killed and maimed. They sell computers, create all kind of malware and force users to buy the antidotes. They made drugs so that you need to consume them all your life. Try to read on Mosanto and find out more on what had really happen.

The comfort we get from technology comes a lot with the side effects, diseases, insurance fees and all other payments.

What is behind is the greed.

Being stupid in a way is also a reward. A stupid worker in an office is less asked to do all sort of jobs. The smart ones are always the victims.

People will not come for help and advice. If they call me stupid, I would just admit it. I have better things to do for myself like doing stupid thing throwing my money visiting places in the world, when I should have kept the money for my present and future consumption. I buy cat-foods to feed my cats and the wild birds. Also wasting my money. I write stupid blog that brought me no income.

My statistical professor used to say '..funny.. people talk to their dogs but not to their fellow humans..' Did he mean sometimes animals are better than men ?

12/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny I had wasted my entire young days in many things. Though not all things were there during those days I just felt I missed them. Personal computer without the internet appeared in the early 80's. Internet conquered the world a few years latter. I didn't do much then until the dawn of my age when I first began writing a blog, and experimenting with the the remote database. These are not the work of an old man. Old man just need to rest, watch drama and and other entertainments on the TV, pray and frequent myself to a mosque and wait for the time to die.

I should have been doing exercise when I was young. I didn't. I started jogging at 50. Today at the jogging track I notice there are many young men and women finishing more than 5 miles each evening, keeping themselves fit. It would have been different if I were to start at their ages and continue until now. A lady friend repeatedly telling me to take care of my health when she should have said to the younger guys.

I ignored schooling and knowledge hunting for I had no aim in my life. I saw no future. At this age I realize the importance of skill and knowledge. All the time I had been thinking of becoming a sailor, running away from home and live in a far away land. Books, library and other source of information scared me to death.

How could I not be believing in fate when I am at this juncture right now. I am not a vagabond, not a hard core labor and not living in a foreign land. I became a teacher and retired as one. I earned my degree in Indiana university and taught myself BASIC programming in a Radio Shack. I developed computer softwares and ended the programming in the bio-metric finger print system.

God has blessed me with more than what I needed in living with a great density of sustenance and providence. I have seen half of the world and set my feet on them, have consumed the best of the foods that million of poor people would have not dream of. I am not a millionaire or anywhere near to the status of being wealthy. I share my meager pension with the cats and the birds.

I never regret for not tasting beer and wine. It is just like a Westerner running away from the delicious durian. And I would not want to try it.

For many long years since I was born there had been no birthday wishes nor celebration. This stuff seemed to begin to take shape, at least in my life, when a public media like the Facebook appeared and became a public platform for mutual communications. It reminds us of someone's birthday. I used to make my PC announced the students and teachers birthdays so that I could wish them and provide free lunch for my students. At that time the facebook was not even heard yet.

Today is my birthday. People sent their wishes. What can it do ? They just reminded me "Hey, you are still alive." I did not even feel that I missed it when I was younger. At 50 nobody said "Happy birthday...." to me, not even my spouse and kids. I did not celebrate theirs either. I would not feel bad if nobody send me their wishes. Things are looming only when I am at the end of the road. A few steps more I would fall into another world.

Tomorrow is Idil Adha. The house is very gloomy. Only one kid comes back. The rest were told not to return because Idil Fitri was just about one month ago. I made no preparation. I do not expect any visitor. It would have been different if my wife is still alive. Relatives would have come to visit her as she was very sickly. But I did arrange my hall, sweep the floor and iron all my clothing. My shack is left unattended, very disorganized and messy.

Afterwards I will go for my evening walk, 4.8 km. As I have said before, I should have done so when I was 20 or 30.

But I do not regret what I have missed in the past.

11/09/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


In the 60's and 7o's I used to buy the Chinese paperback electronic magazines which cost just a little over one ringgit. I never read the articles simply because they were written in Mandarin. But all the circuits and components were shown in English. The content was something like Practical Wireless or Practical Radio. I built amplifiers and transmitters from the magazines. At that time I did not know of the existence of a radio hobby.

The first time I saw the ham radio was in a movie, depicting two young men living at different places playing a game of chess over the radio. I thought it was just a fantasy and a mere fictitious story. When I perused a Practical Wireless at a small Indian stall I noticed an advertisement on  an RAE course of amateur radio. The curiosity bloomed.

In the early '70s I came across a news in a local paper about a JOTA station in Coronation Camp Penang run by the Penang ham radio operators. I drove to Penang with Chen, 9M2FL, to the location. That was the first time I encountered with the live amateur radio. They had a Cubical Quad using a bamboo spreaders.

In the subsequent years I made myself available at the Penang Jota station, only to return home at late night. I began to learn how they managed to make everybody to feel the taste of radio communications. There were a few hundred boy scouts and girl guides. When the scouts had other activities Eshee would pound his straight key working CW with distant stations.

I also wrote to telecom department asking about the hobby. I was sent with the syllabus and the amateur radio regulations and the application forms for Radio Amateur Examination and the Morse codes characters. The first thing I did was buying a set of radio books, BASIC RADIO, and a small transistor radio. What I did with the transistor radio was tapping the output and using a capacitor to feedback which I get the tone.  With a cassette recorder I recorded the CW characters by the touch-untouch method of the transistor radio feedback. I learned Morse from the cassette from my own recording.

While I was studying for my RAE, I did SWLing by buying two radio sets and put them back to back, resolving the SSB signals by beating the two. Every evening I would be monitoring the Malaysian hams having a fun on the air. Conversations were all in English. It was nothing strange. After all the exam was in English too.

From the radio I learned to copy Morse sent by the police net and by the ship-to shore. I knew that I was able to copy when I found some sense in the messages. It was the warning to the ships to avoid a certain area as the storm was coming at a certain speed.

I did not remember how long I took to complete my preparation for the radio test. But I finally went to Penang telecom for it. I did not know anyone in the hall but Chen Kok Hoon. The papers contained two parts, the regulation and on the technical side. The regulation was simple. I remember answering on how to keep a logbook and what to record in them. And on the second paper I remember answering one of the questions on the working of either a superheterodyne receiver or a TRF receiver. "Draw and describe". I chose the former and drew the detail including the components. Later I discovered we were just to draw a block diagram.

While waiting for the result I frequented Eshees and Mal's houses almost every week, sometimes alone and other time with my wife. While my wife was in a car I would take a few minutes to go on the air.

Result came and I passed. By the time I had already gained enough competency in Morse codes. Some time later I went for the test in Penang. The CW test could be held anywhere as long as there were examiners, the employee of the telecom themselves. In  every telecom department there was a radio section. If I could remember the CW test began with sending. There were about 4 candidates. I did not remember how many passed. One of candidates was sent home, leaving the rest for receiving. I remember he was sending at a low speed. I handed him my paper, he looked at it and smile. :Sir, your sending is slow,: said I. "No," he replied."I sent you at 12 words per minute."

                                                      "Do I passed ? "
                                                       "Go home and wait."

Waited I did. Everyday I waited for the postman. When the result finally arrived, it put me in  great ecstasy.

There were not too many hams then. The active ones were 9M2FK. 9M2GL, 9M3EG, 9M3RJ, 9M2CF, 9M2CG, 9M2DJ, 9M2BS, 9M2GL, 9M2AT, 9M2PZ, 9M2MP, 9M2AP, 9M2BH, 9M2YP, 9M2GV, 9M2HP, 9M2RS, 9M2MW, 9M2FZ, 9M2CW, 9M2FR, 9M2RI, 9M2SB, 9M2DS, 9M2AV, 9M2SS and 9M2DW. These people would be on the band everyday in a separate groups. Rigs were huge and heavy, mostly with power supply built in. My first was FT 101 bought second hand at RM800 from a local ham.

I had an inverted V cut for 40 meters using a bamboo mast. My first station was at Anak Bukit, my wife's house, a small house in a padi field. It was from here that I worked the Saudi Prince, King Ahmad Talal, an American Congressman, a Hollywood actor, scientists from South poles and many pilots flying on the planes. My signal was fantastic because of the flat water base agriculture land. Then I moved to a new location when I became a school's head. Also using the same antenna system. At the time the band was excellent. Only after 2000 I operated from my current location, my own home at Lorong Bayu. I had a 40 foot antenna then hung to two bakau poles. The center point was opened. My signal maintained until the two poles were knocked down by my front door neighbor who pressed his accelerator that knocked down my fences, my pole and pushed my kitchen in a few inches. It was a bizarre accidence.

In 19802/83 I went to USA. Personal computer began to take shape in those years. I was so absorbed in the new technology so much so that I forget ham radio. When I came home I didn't know of the drastic events that had taken place, about the MCMC taking over telecom, about the existence of license B holders, about the repeaters, about the old boys I used to know are getting their own tickets. I was on the IRC chat day in and day out, enjoying a new mode of international communication.

I can't say about Choo, 9M2HC, as to when he acquired his ticket and 9M2AU and 9M2MZ too. My rig in my store gathered cobwebs and dust. One day I just try to switched it on. There was light but there was no sound. I sprayed the total rig with a can of mosquito aerosol and turned the knobs left and right. To my surprise I heard Zainal talking to Choo. "My God these people are still alive," I said to myself. I thought nobody played with the radio anymore just because I didn't.

I computed it was more than 10 years that I left ham radio. A few days later I received a letter from MCMC about renewing my license. Still I did not know anything. Things confused me. However I needed to check my antenna. While on my roof Hanafi came to my house. The first words I remember he said, "Abang Rahman..were you strike by a lightning ?" He narrated about the new structure, about him having a call sign and now living in Alor Setar and about the 2 meter activity.

GIVING A CHANCE TO ENTHUSIAST AND OTHERS TO TALK -  Scouts always invited me to open up a station mainly in Jitra. It had been an annual affair. They would find me a tall bamboo mast planted in the middle of a field. I asked them to cut wires for a dipole, soldered and hoisted it up. All those committee members are now licensed hams.

We prepared a paper with the format on what they boys and girls were to say.


                     MY NAME/NAMA SAYA........... SPELL USING PHONETIC

                     SAYA DARI KUMPULAN ........ DARI SEKOLAH .....TINGAKATN/DARJAH....

                     TERIMA KASIH 73


Each one of the student would be holding a card.

At any other time I invited these people to my house and let them speak to the local hams with my supervision. That was way back before the coming of class B.

WHO WAS THE BEST AND MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE HAM ? - Nobody cared about it. Nobody questioned about it. When we were unsure of anything we would put the question on the band and discussed. I didn't even know their professions and never asked them on the band. I only knew when they themselves told me. Nobody claimed to be an expert and nobody condemned anybody about anything at all.

When we heard somebody calling CQ we would go to his call just because we did not want to frustrate him. We termed it a ham spirit.

Anything about SOP and technicalities I would put the questions to Idris, 9M2GL. Anything about CW procedures I would asked Eshee.

I remember that when a topic was discussed everyone would resort to ARRL handbook, not the RSGB nor opinions. And things get settled very quickly.

I was told 9M2DJ was an expert in FT101. So whenever I had problem with the transceiver I would call him up. The solution was brief and simple, "Look at the capacitor attached to the pre-amp unit." That's what I did. Cut it out. Tested it and changed with a new one. The rig would go on it's feet immediately. But Chong never claimed he was an expert. Nobody was trying to parade his ability and superiority over others.

Most of the time and most of us feel that there is something that we can learn from others.

THERE WERE NO WORDS MONGERING -  Nobody spoke ill thing about another fellow hams. There was a unity. It was always fun and a pleasure. 9M2DW had a lot of stories to tell and it never ended. Bill would be telling his story and mishaps during his global trips and about golf. 9M2GV talked about flying an airplane. There were jokes and laughter.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMATEUR TICKET - There were three types of ticket, a home station, a mobile station and a club station. Each has to apply and paid a different fee. A mobile station on WS182 car could not be used on WBB121 car. A club station was commonly ended with C like 9M2KUC, 9M2TIC and has to be located at the club address, not at a person's home.

RADIO SOCIETY - There was only one radio society then. It was MARTS. Both SWL and full pledge hams could apply to be a member. I was a member with 65162 SWL number. There were MARTS members from Singapore too who would attend the annual meeting held in Kuala Lumpur. The meeting was shorter than the eyeball. Members prefer to talk and discuss and would enter the hall at their own leisure time. It was a very short meeting, with questions and no argument. Everything was  pass. Majority always won. Eshee would be the Treasurer for decades. Datuk Tan the Outward QSL manger for ages too.

MY FIRST STATION - In the good old days there were no coaxial cable in the market, and I did not remember any shop selling the coax plug. When I got my ticket a few boys cut me coaxial cables for 40 meters, Eshee was one of them. Likewise someone sent me the coaxial plugs. In the meantime I rushed for a 24 hour clock, a thermometer, ready with a MARTS logbook and a few other small prerequisites.

I learned to make a dipole from Eshee when we had a Thai-Malaysia scout jamboree in Alor Setar. from then on until now I only use dipole and never dream of pitting up a superior system.

Later on I received an antenna Coupler and a roll of coaxial cable from one Johor shop with an invoice. It was Datuk Tan who had ordered for me even without my knowledge. I was glad and thanked him for his good deed.

Eshee would be telling us on how to synchronize to the WWV clock. The thermometer is still there in my shack.

THE DISAPPEARING OLD HAMS - I came back to ham radio after a long leave to hear stories of the demised fellow hams, 9M2DW, 9M2EG, 9M2GV, 9M2AT. A few stations that I did not work before appeared, 9M2FF, 9M2MX. 9M2FZ, 9M2MW, 9M2CG and a few others moved to Australia. Later I heard that 9M2FR, 9M2PN, 9M2BS and 9M2DJ followed a silent key.

Bahar, 9M2SB, is still alive but chose to stay away from ham radio. In fact many living old hams chose to retire. I too was about to do the same but my passion for CW keeps me alive.

WHAT'S MY FUTURE ? - Dorris Day sang What Will Be Will be. For good or bad I take it as a fate. You can't force the world to like your thinking and follow your idea. If people want to form clubs let them do so. If people want to quarrel on repeater usage let them enjoy the debate. If people prefer to change the SOP and ham terms let them change the tradition.

If people invite me for a certain radio occasion I would go and if not I won't feel bad. I will keep on pounding my key until someone replied. If I don't like a certain method of communications I just stay away from it. I won't buy a new expensive antenna or any new hard ware for hamming anymore. Whatsaap is interesting enough. A few old hams are gathering in the Whatsapp group exchanging ideas and having fun with the chatting. If I don't them I just monitored the conversations.

The only bad comment that I would like to make is 'the MCMC does everything for the class B. The class A is thrown deep down in the mud'.

 04/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I never knew there is a female ham operator by the name of Nazly Abu Bakar until I met her at the Merdeka Day station POLIMAS Jitra. I took some time to approach her desiring to know more about her struggle in passing Morse codes examination. God gracious goodness she is so a sweat lady with a strong mind.

She went to a CW class, she said, with all men but herself. The class was run by 9M2RUL. Whenever she was at home she would practice listening. It was hard and painful. It took her about 6 month to master and went for the test. The rest of the men stayed away.

She passed and earned a requested call 9M2ELY. She is called Ely by her friends.

She narrated about her self dependent, going to hardware shops and did all the purchasing for her antenna. She climbed the roof to fix the aerial by herself.

This was what amazed me most. I began to sense her strong character, dexterity and a lady who believes 'what a man can do, the lady can do too'.

She lives in Sungai Petani and drove all alone for the event.

So far by now I know there are two iron ladies, 9M2OUT and 9M2ELY. There are not many ladies in the world with Morse capability, a rare commendable specie. Oja and Ely could make the country proud.

My only advice to her was not to use computer in working CW because it could drain our skill away by and by. Keep it with the straight key that she has and go on the air on CW working local and DX stations.

What else can I say...I have a friend who got his class B ticket way back more than 20 years ago who refused to learn Morse while many new guys are creating a class to themselves. Only in my opinion that one strong lady equals 10000 men.

02/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Mahathir came late in 1Mdb issue. The leak was from someone who knew about the flow of money into Najib's personal account. Mahyuddin and Shafiee only knew after it was published in the Sarawak Report. Najib is now aiming the gun at high profile persons who had been serving the country and his camp accused these officers trying to topple Najib.

A simple minded person would ask "why do they want to topple him ? " Why Mahyuddin who has the future of being a Prime Minister need to wrest the post ? Why Najib replaced Ghani Patail with Apandi and transferred officers from the MACC ? Even without the Sarawak Report the Malaysians would come to know about it.

Najib is a Prime Minister. He admitted that he did not know many things including on the signing of the important documents. The officials in the finance Ministry had been working very hard and found the nation has difficulty in paying debts. The debts piled up as Najib continues to spend lavishly to sustain power and personal comfort. Then someone suggested that GST was as a way to solve the acute financial problem.

Where the money went and how much was used for Rosmah expenditure were also known by his officers. The advertisements on Najib and Rosmah in US newspapers that would not come cheap. There were payment for the personal jet rentals. There were money transfers without the corresponding economic activity, called Brim. Surely the people in the ministry were not happy with what were going on. The pressure mounting and they had sleepless night. Would we be shocked by the resignation of Husni and Wahid ?

If there were nothing wrong Ghani Patail would not have been kicked out. Zetty and other ministers would not have resigned.

The ordinary people still do not know what is an IPIC and what was meant by re-structuring and the flow of money. But university students and other people who are accessed to the internet began to understand the issue. Najib declared war on those who questioned him. Those he could sack he sacked. Those who he can't he asked them to leave the country. Those who know too much will have to face the music.

The Malays who disagree with Najib are said to be slave of DAP. There was an attempt trying to create the IS story so that the Malays would be categorized as terrorist and recorded as a Red alert in the international security record; like Najib informed Hillary Clinton that Anwar Ibrahim is a terrorist. Even a man with a knife was arrested as accused as an IS operative. You may not know that your name may be put under a terrorist list.

We know that a vast sum of money are used to buy popularity locally and internationally. Taking people's money without corresponding increase in GDP and National Income is just like printing more and more paper money without the gold or economic backing.

Najib thought by signing the international trade agreement the value of ringgit would become strong and the economy would revive. And when Malaysia economy plunged he blamed the people 'ALL BECAUSE OF THE RAKYAT'.

Only later Mahathir was called in. Information flowed from various sources. But it was his mistake to replace Abdullah Badawi with Najib. And he himself had started much of the problems. Najib made it worse. Public resources were deployed to the fullest. Money were spent to enhance his image using the local and foreign individuals. Rosmah continued with her comfort and excessiveness. The masses were told that Najib was a victim of calumny. MCA capitalized on the confused Prime Minister and demanding what they had always want promising full support to the Prime Minister. And Lies thickened.

As I have said time and again that Najib will not quit even if he were to win by 1 vote. If 90% were to vote for opposition party the voters will be viewed as unlawful terrorists influenced by IS or any other organization. Those who wait for Najib to get old will be frustrated because both husband and wife are on the anti-ageing treatment. 

Now Najib is accusing Mahathir as a man who divide the Malays and a big trouble maker. We read the face book counter comments, blaming Najib as a man who divide UMNO by his action of ousting his own deputy and other UMNO members. Religion is used to command obedience and support. A Minister equate Najib to God. Others said he is the chosen one and a shadow of God.

'Kalau tak setuju, sila keluar Umno'

KUALA TERENGGANU - Mana-mana pihak yang menyokong perjuangan Parti Bersatu perlu menunjukkan pendirian mereka sebaik parti itu diluluskan, bukannya bersembunyi di sebalik nama Umno.



I smell a huge vote rigging, ballot box switching and ballot stuffing in the next GE. Gangsters will be deployed and the public will be threatened.

So far the Malays still show their docility. And the police is wise enough not to use force on the street protestors. Probably they have learned of the Syrian incidence.

The huge wastage and the plunging economy could be avoided if Najib choose to retire. The support to UMNO will revive. Investors will return. Younger generations who lost their jobs may get their jobs back.

It is a pity that Najib has never known what poverty and hardship means. He has been an aristocrat and living like an emperor all his life. He does not know the pinch the public felt.

I met a woman whom I would guessed to be an UMNO member; she was surprise paying a high price for a good she purchased. I told her the price will be raised again in the coming December. She said that she would not mind paying more as long as there are things in the shelves. But her face looked sad and unhappy. In fact I met more shocking people at the payment counter of malls and super markets. Rosmah would have assumed that the citizens are well off. Or she took another turn, "Never mind if you don't have money. Be thrifty and wise in spending. I have all the money. It is alright for me to spend millions for my own comfort."

I am very certain even the new hand picked second finance Minister will come to a dead end when finding difficulty in paying the loan. GST may not be enough. Interest alone is soaring by day. The ringgit continues to fall.

We still remember that Najib said "Give me 6 months and I will put 1Mdb in order again...We will do a RESTRUCTURING". The date and time has long due. We have not heard that the loan has been reduced. Believe me our Prime Minister himself is shivering at the sound of 1Mdb. It is haunting him. Public fund to fill the holes find it difficulty in paying the loan and the interest.

Top economic people like Zetty and Najib's former second finance ministers knew it. Ghani Patail knew what really happened. Abu Kassim read the investigation papers. But many fear that they could face the fate of Kevin Morais.

30/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I realize that I take toll in ageing. My defective right ear is getting worse. So is my memory. The concentration is short and mental alertness is down the drain. It has been quite some time that I did not work high speed Morse codes. I don't have many sparring partners but three. One had passed away. One went missing. And the other has an antenna problem. I fear I may be losing the sending and copying skills.

On the radio band communications in the CW mode are some sort like a rubber stamp, people just give the RST report and said 73, followed by QRZ. I can never learn anything from contest except trying to copy call signs. The normal NAME, QTH, WX, RIG, ANT, TNX FER QSO etc would be too easy for anyone to copy even at a high speed. The real challenge is to copy the ragchewing stations.

I tested my copying skill using a soft ware, copying web articles in English and pasted on the Morse trainer. At 35 words per minutes I can copy words but I would miss the train due to short concentration ability. I reduced to 30 wpm. And I found it was the best and the most comfortable speed. But I have not tried to write them on paper yet. Unlike the Indonesians they can write down random characters at the speed of 36 - 40 wpm. Wonderful indeed.

I can copy better than sending them. Using an electronic key is quite a hell because I have been using the straight key for years, from 1975 to 2012. The fingers could not coordinate well with my mind. The mind is faster than my fingers. The neuro-muscular coordination is at its low ebb.

If anybody has a desire to acquire any skill do it at the younger age. Young people below 25 has the optimum working machine in the body and the mind. I would be able to learn Mandarin or Japanese effectively at the age of 17. But near the vicinity of frontier of dawn nothing can help anymore. Everything is slowing down. I stopped programming which is becoming tougher for my mind. I find a long distant driving a hectic task. I do things which do not demand complex thinking procedure like making a trip overseas.

At the same time I am computing the distant left to the eternal world.

At least I am much better than many other people who are younger than me. Many had passed away or acutely sick. But at the old age one may get tired when one talk too much. When I go on CW I would really having a leasure and a real siesta. I rest my head on the lazy chair, close my eyes and copy and send messages. There were days when Hanafi, 9W2TZ, came to my house he just observed me sleeping during the CW sessions. I could not do it with AMTOR, FACTOR or RTTY. All those digital boxes purchased in G-Land and W-Land were thrown away more than 20 years ago.

The longest that I have with me is the Himound Pounder and an antenna Coupler, Leader 895. And they will be with me till I die.

The internet technology has brought tremendous change to the world in every area. Senior hams are now on the Whatsapp instead of the radio. Younger radio generations opened up various chat groups. People chat using skypes across the world. Pictures were sent in split seconds. Students living overseas do not need amateur radio apparatus to communicate with their parents.

We keep on believing that amateur radio is the only organization that can save lives and the most important during disaster. We want to believe it that way. We forget that it is the equipment that helps in the communication and we do not want everyone to be given the right to use this equipment without a control.

In actuality most radio enthusiasts spent 75% of the free time on smart phone or computers. There isn't problem of band condition, QRM and QRN, intruders and pirate stations riding on you. What tied me to ham radio is the passion for the hobby which I started before the internet even exist.

I enjoy the two world of internet and Morse communication, one relies on my modem and the other on my antenna. The internet is always a travel companion, not only for me but for all other travelers. They snap pictures and quickly send them home even while bus is on the move. Really amazing. I chat with people back home on the moving vehicle from Spain and Morocco; no radio and no antenna.

But the activities of the radio operators never die. They have the ham festivals, annual meeting, forming clubs, going expeditions and having field days. Those keep the radio business going and those craving to have their voices on the air attain fulfillment. I believe that amateur population increase through campaigning and the requirement made simple. Old timers are fading not because they are all gone but because they are old and tired. I am tired of talking and exchanging QSL cards. The only attachment that I have to ham radio is the Morse key. It is also my passion. And I call myself a CW Operator.

I have several CW applications in my smart phones. Like listening to a song, the dit and dah messages entertained me . I set to 30 wpm as the rhythm to sooth my ears.

29/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It was intriguing to watch two traditional natives playing chess. And in the early '80s crowds clapped their hands when I punched messages with the CW key. We would have thought the game of chess is a high class game only known by the brainies. And the language of Morse would not be known by non-white skinned aliens.

I remember in those years also a Malay computer student was asked by his professor to take his place while he was away for a few days in Ohio university. The boy must be very brilliant. And Malaysians emerged a world champion in squash. The most recent a Malaysian lady rode a motorbike trotting the world.

We can be assured that there are some philosophers and scholars had begun to take the task of studying the Malaysian and particularly the Malay specie who has astounded the world with their smart ways absconding public fund and the ability to manipulate facts and convince even the American president. How many people have the intellectual ability above others in the world,  the potentiality of looming competitively with other advance nations.

A proficiency in Morse codes is not an indicator of progress or civility. It does not parade an intelligence and an acuteness of a person. But the skill boost a person's esteem and pride that he has something in himself that other people cannot buy. He is not an ignorant native who knows nothing the skill of hunting and food gathering.

When Morse codes were not a requirement to be an amateur radio operator the world did not altogether halt and cast away their keys and stop pounding on the air. Instead more Morse machines and soft wares were produced to send and translate the codes. Electronic keys continued to be manufactured and sold at astronomical price. Security agencies will keep on buying the machines that can translate it. In other words the world will not kill it for safety and security.

Assume that Morse is blank, not in any man and not in a machine, totally vanished and non-existence. And let us assume again that a bunch of criminals are with knowledge of all modes of communications; these criminals will surely used CW as their modes of communication to be more secured. Even now the no-codes operators would be keeping a machine to monitor to the CW messages for fear of any malicious comments about them.

When a traditional native speaks good English, play chess, send and copy Morse with ease what are we to say about him ?

It is encouraging that the radio enthusiasts from Malaysia are rushing for the Morse test. To them it is a challenge. They want to prove that they are not dumb and ignorant. In fact they can, and earn a great luster to their effort. And they earned a class A ticket with pride. Conversely it differs from a fellow who hated Morse and writing to MCMC requesting for a class A license without seating for the test on the health ground (spinning like a politician). It is parading the vast difference in attitudes.

Morse to ham radio is just like a bible to Christianity and Al-Quran to Islam. It carries an ID and part and parcel of the hobby. It is the tradition of ham radio. It is not a ham radio without it. The preservation of tradition keep our moral strong and preserving our identity. Imagine a Malay person who dress English, dyed his hair blonde, speak English, serve himself only Western food and identify himself as English. We see him a Malay just his facial structure.

Some says culture and tradition hinder progress. But progress do not bring peace and tranquility to mankind. Drugs and crimes do not recede. People labored for their political leaders. The world is at a brim of war and killings and bombing continue.

We do have sets and categories in a class. You can't call everything by the same name. Flowers are to flowers. Animals are to animals. We can't call all flowers a Rose.

You can't wear just a shirt and walk out everywhere without a trouser and a shoe. Dress come in a set; the part to cover the top part of the body, the bottom, and the feet. Of course you can throw any one of them and go to your office without one. That's was what in the bundle of the ham radio. You can add but not throw part of it.

From the observations many people defy the call for abandoning of CW. Clubs grew to preserve the culture. The CW band shrieks every day and night. The brave ones go for CW, homebrewed keyers and grouped themselves. If we have chosen to ignore it we will become a pariah in relation to those people in other countries. The competencies elevate our status. We have the means and capabilities if we want to. We have a dire to strive. CW is a skill that you cannot buy. And you need to know that it had been the ID of a ham radio for a long time in the past.

We are not an ignorant specie, living on trees, living on the mercy of the others. We don't beg for a degree, diploma or a free ham ticket. Malaysia will be heard on the CW band and be part of the total buzzing and chirpings. And in the international arena we won't shy away from the Morse keys on display, or just looking at them without daring to test them.

Think of the two traditional natives of Papua New Guinea who spoke fluent English and playing chess with a deep concentration.

2808/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have never been to Japan except a short stopover at Narita in 1980 on the way to Los Angeles. I was very excited of the idea of going to the Japanese Amateur Radio Festival to be held to Big Sight, Tokyo. Rusli did all the bookings and planning. I decided to follow his plan. I paid him a total of RM4.5K for the trips to Jakarta and Tokyo. We took Airasia.

In fact we were not alone. At KLIA2 we met two young ladies also going to Japan for the first time on their own. We learned that they were students and seasoned travelers. They booked the hotel at different location and had drawn their plans for the visit. We also met Aziz, Rizal and two other hams at the airport. They all did drop their luggage. The two ladies didn't.

The last train was at about 11.30 pm. Fearing that we would not catch the train we tried to minimize time-wasting by not checking in our baggage.

The immigration was fast. We followed the direction to the train line, the Keikyu Line. We asked the two guards the way to our hotel. The two lady officials told us hurry and quoted the ticket price. It was 570 Yen per ticket.

Down on the platform we did not know what to do. We saw the two girls were asking around. We too did the same. Two young men and a lady came to our help, giving us instructions that we need to change train at Shinagawa, and followed us on the train. At Shinagawa we bade good bye. There was a lady student who studied in Tokyo approached me asking where I wanted to go. Then she rushed to the two girls. I guessed she wanted to assist the fellow ladies.

Again we asked a gentleman who stood waiting for the train. He said that it would be the last train and an only train. We should not be worried. He told us to keep an eye on the computer screen on the train.

The train arrived. WE jumped in. There was quite a crowd. The Japanese won't push you around. They have a high value of courtesy. The train announce "ASAKUSABASHI". We jumped out. There were several exit. We walked to the nearest and climbed the stairs. It was drizzling outside. A lady passed by. We stopped to ask her the way to Apa Hotel. She walked us for about 500 meters to the hotel. We thanked her.We checked in at about 12 midnight.

BUYING TRAIN TICKETS - We had discounted a taxi ride from the beginning. It would cost anyone a fortune for anyone to hire a taxi. Train, subways and similar form of vehicles are common. There are busses which we did not know how to use. A train pass can be purchased by foreigners from outside of Japan. One can google for the JR, Japanese Railway, and ordered a ticket. It is also available in some stations in Japan with a passport. For a week it would be from RM800 - RM1500. It would save us if we were to go for long distant traveling within the country.

We wanted to take a local train for going between nearby places.

In every rail station there is a ticket machine. We can use coins or paper note. The picture on the left shows a 100 yen and a 10 yen coins. For the first time I went to a counter and just mentioned a word 'AKIHABARA'. The officer looked at me and said 'One four O platform 1'. I went to the machine and chose 140 from the list of numbers, and put 1 silver coins followed by 4 bronze ones. A ticker shot out. That's it.

 To go back to Asakusabashi I bought a ticket first and went to the counter and said, "ASAKUSABASHI' and the officer responded 'One four O platform 6'.






BIG SIGHT - It was raining on the 20th of August. I woke up at about 10 am ( 9 am Malaysian time ). We went down for breakfast at about 10.30 am. I always took a simple breakfast but a lot of orange juice. I had my food prepared for the victuals, the Brahim fried rice cooked with boiled water.

At 11 am we began our journey. I brought my bag pack and had a smaller one. The ticket to the Big Sight was 350 yen. At the moment I don't remember whether we changed train. Probably at Misabashi station. It was a long journey. The train crossed the sea. I think it was a reclaimed land. There were full of tall buildings around,

From the rail station to the arena there was a roof. The rainfall didn't bother us. There were many people coming down the train heading the same way. I whispered to Rusli that they probably came for some other activities.




The crowds were all went the same way. The queue for the tickets was long. The ticket cost 1500 yen and it took about 45 minutes before we reached the ticket booth. We were trying to look for Aziz and his gang but could not find them. Aziz had been to Japan Ham Festivals several time already.

We were there until 4.30 pm. There was no sign of Aziz. We guessed that they might have been busy doing some purchasing somewhere else or going sight seeing.




THE FISTS-Key Logo FISTS is an international Morse club founded in 1987 by G3ZQS.

FISTS History

The FISTS Club, (International Morse Preservation Society) was founded in 1987 by the late George "Geo" Longden G3ZQS of Darwen, Lancashire England, after recognising a need for a club in which veteran operators would help newcomers and less-experienced operators learn and improve CW proficiency.  During the first year, membership reached 300, most of whom were in Great Britain and Europe.  The original Introduction to FISTS by Geo holds as true today as it did when he wrote it.  Geo also explains how he chose the name FISTS.

Sideswiper ('cootie') Key Number 9 made by Bill NT9K.  Click for a large picture.

The North American Chapter (now known as FISTS Americas) was formed in 1990 to assist 11 members in the USA receive the newsletter and as a banking convenience.  Nancy Kott WZ8C of Hadley, Michigan was named US representative, a position she held until sadly she became a Silent Key in 2014.

The Down Under Chapter (New Zealand / Australia) was formed in 1998 to provide a similar service to Australasian members, with Ralph Sutton ZL2AOH as the VK/ZL representative.  From a VK/ZL membership of four, there are now over 100 members "Down Under", principally in New Zealand. The New Zealand membership is the largest in any country outside England, Wales and North America.

The East Asia Chapter was formed in 2004 by a few Taiwanese and Japanese members to provide East Asian members with various services in their native languages.

CW Clubs seem to stress more on using hands and fists to send Morse rather than using the computers.

Piju, 9M2PJU, told me about the FISTS booth. I had wanted to see it. The first strolled around the arena failed. We could not find the booth.

I carried 10 pcs of PIJU's souvenir to be given away for the people there. Piju is a member of the FISTS group. So with the late Rizal.

On the second round I asked the people at the CW Operators' Club as to the location of FISTS using the S-Pad on my Samsung Note 2.(I lost the S-pen. May I might have dropped it due to sheer excitement of finding the booth)



The FISTS was just near the Japan CW Operators Club. We chatted and took several photographs and I handed the button pins and the key-chains having Piju's call sign on them. I gave mine a few.

I think the Malaysian hams who have passion in CW should get together to discuss Morse codes. It would be fun to talk about the experience of Morse sending and copying, and about the making of the homebrewed keys.

But we Malaysians are too busy and having a multitude of ideas and philosophies. And we have too many smart people in our midst.

We have lost the real CW operators as they are now detaching themselves from the hobby, either because they are old or because of their health. Chow and Eshee were among a few of these creatures. Eshee would be pounding his straight key on the contest at a great speed.

Morse keys at the exhibition hall were sold like a hot cake. Rusli coxed me to buy one for my collection.

SHOPPING - Akihabara is well known for it's electric and electronic stuffs. Before the trip I did ask around of what things should I bought in Japan. I got all sort of answers. The one who convinced me was Au, a radio friend on the Whatsapp. He talked about Casio watch, the Oceanus type and on every goodies about it. I told Rusli about Au's suggestion.

As we took a stroll we kept a look at the prices of items in the shops that we passed by. Almost everything in Japan is expensive. After some time we arrived the town center.

Rusli bought a cammera and two Casio watches. One cost RM2700 and another at RM400. The camera was about RM2000. I bought a watch and a few other things at a later time. It was a real crazy. Had not because of the high price I would have bought more stuffs to fill my bags.

To me a watch was enough. I had to buy something else for my student and a few friends who asked me for something.

Window shopping was more interesting and fun.


FOOD- I brought with me six packets of Brahim Briyani and Nasi Goreng Kampong combined and a pack of maggi mee. I had no appetite in Brahim. Probably ot was not hot enough or it was too saltish. I could finish three packs of maggi for three nights. Only on the first day I prepared nasi goreng for victual at Big Sight. But I ate only half of it.

As we were walking we came across Kebab sstall that written the word Halal. And we did ask a salesman where about any Halal food. I also knew that under emergency I could feed on shrimp bugger at Mac Donald. On the second day onwards I carried with me a can of potato chip and a bottle of mineral water.

Aladin was one of the Halal restaurant. It is not within AKIHABARA itself. One has to take a train or walk for about 20 minutes here. There are a few others but we did not go for the search.

Nearby our hotel there are many small shops including 7-11 where I bought fruits and juices for evening consumption. The price was not too expensive.

Rusli brought more foodstuffs than I. He even brought some sort of lemang accompanied by daging rendang. And he brought along the victuals with him all along. When I was hungry at Akihabara I bought a set of shrimp bugger. You won't die of hunger while visiting Japan.


COURTESY AND CIVIC MINDEDNESS - Should I conclude that the Japanese has a very high ethical standard. You may see them bow while talking on the phone as if the other party is in front of them. When you are in Japan you must not hesitate to approach and seek for their help. We started with asking them the way to our destination, what train to take. Everyone would be willing to come to our aid, giving us a detail route plan or would either take us to the place we want to go.

When the train arrived nobody rushed to board it until all passengers were out. In the train ladies did stand up to give seat to another man. I would not to accept it and prefer to stand all the way.

The city, small town and the back streets were clean. People do not litter, no garbage seen as what have here in Malaysia especially after some events like soccer match.

Public toilets are not only free but extremely clean. I was amazed even in the Big Sight arena the automatic vowel cleaning system are deployed; no need of the hand and paper usage at all. It is just like the one in our hotel.

From the feedback on my FB postings I learned that Japan is a safe place. People can sleep with the door unlock which used to be our old practices where we slept with open windows. And if anything got lost they would get their belongings back.

At the airport while going home to Malaysia I put all my bags on a trolley; a hand carry luggage and a backpack.  Whenever I entered a shop I would leave the trolley outside. In one shop I made a purchase of two beautiful T-Shirts. I was shocked to see my backpack was missing. Panicking I went downstairs to make a report to the information center. I was asked to return to the counter one hour later.

In the meantime I walked around looking for the lost bag, both at the level where I was and on the upper level. I could find it anywhere after more than an hour. Rusli suspected  that I might have dropped it somewhere on the way starting from the place where we started. I went down again, follow the track carefully, asking the shop attendance and airport officials. Nobody saw any bag.

I had plain tickets and those items I bought in Tokyo. I decided to make a police report. Before going to the police Rusli and me thought it would be better for us to go around the area once more. We did. At one corner I saw my bag being left on a bench. I felt very relief. I checked the content. Nothing was missing. It must had been dropped somewhere and picked by some guys with the idea the owner would be looking for it as we had done..

It was all about ethics, morality, civic mindedness and a pure clean heart. A Minister would resign with a small mishap not even caused by him. How would I not said the deteriorating of ringgit in relation to Japanese yen has something to do with morality and our unashamed behavior.


One main problem is the deteriorating value of our currencies. The ratio from 100Y:RM1 is now 100Y:RM4+, I would compute it is due to our leadership problems. It is just my view. You may not agree with me.

Watches are everywhere. Rusli wanted watches and camera fully made in Japan. They are  more expensive than the ones in Malaysia. The watch above used China made casing. That explains for the cheap price.


All radio transceivers are cheaper in Tokyo as compared to the price in Malaysia but it is too bulky to carry. There are a lot of refurbished iPhone 5 and 4. The average price is between RM400 - RM1200. If I had not controlled myself I would have purchased an iphone 4.


2708/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When bad people were promoted to a post they certainly would cause havoc to the world.

It has been more than a year that my wife has passed away. Yet her bequest is not settled yet with Tabung Haji. It all started with the Property and Bequest Office which charged more than a thousand ringgit for the service of property and financial allotment. Immediately after obraining the letter of attorney I rushed to CIMB, ASB and Tabung Haji. My wife's saving was only RM12K. ASB and CIMB were the simplest in procurement procedures as only I have to be the active member while the Tabhung Haji said that all of us, me and my kids must sign at the Tabung Haji's Office before the money could be distributed.

CIMB completed the process and handed me with four checks within a week. ASB took about a month. I had to wait for all my kids to come home to present themselves at Tabung Haji. I and my eldest son had completed our jobs with TH at Alor Setar branch.

About three months later the Property Office called me up to ask me to be present at the office. I was told that the letter of attorney given to me was wrong and a new ones were handed to me. Trying to avoid the problem to the officer I decided not to take any action. I had lost more than RM40K to my sons. But they are my flesh and blood.

During the last Ramadan my daughter came home. I took her to Tabung Haji to sign and handed a new letter of attorney with a corrected mistakes. Then after the Hari Raya I took my last son for the signature and handed another document.

Just about a couple of months ago I received a letter from TH informing me that the bequest had been credited to my account. But I found the amount was so much less. I brought the documents to the Tabung Haji's office. It said the office was closed and transactions could be done at UTC Pacific. I went to UTC's Tabung Haji, presented the letter and the document.

During the discussion I narrated about giving the old and the new PA letter. The officer said that all the payments are made at Kuala Lumpur HQ. He will investigate and call me back. To mind you it took hours before they came up with an answer.

Today, 5 days after returning from Jakarta, I went to UTC to follow up the progress. "The money was paid according to the old PA," said the officer.

"I have submitted two new PAs to Tabung Haji. You cannot process the payment prior to the completion of the total signatures."

"I don't know. You go to the main office and asked Haji Rahman. He may be able to answer you."

So I went. I met a desk officer and explained. The officer went in and about 15 minutes later came out to tell me that the deceased file has been closed and nothing could be done. "How could the file be closed when the transactions were not yet completed ? " I said. He went in again. I waited for more than hour.

The big boss came to the counter with a heap of documents. " We have closed the file," he said.

"You close the file and process the payment before the completion of the signatures ? "

He showed me a document showing the old payment ratio. "I gave two sets of new documents at different time and why don't you pay following the new ones ? "

"I tried to call Kuala Lumpur. But today is Sunday."

"I am not so in a hurry. But I don't like the you do trying to find fault with your customers and do not want to admit your mistake. This is not much. But I will not hesitate to get your answers in court. This mean even the Property Office will be called up by court."

"Give me a little time."

"I can. But why show me all these pile of papers when thing is so simple. Your people just did not read the new PA. I can forgive mistakes and errors but it must be remedied. Correct the figures and issue a new letter. I give you the time you want. The money involve isn't a million. You have to remedy it."

I left the office, the new TH one at the TH Hotel, near the airport.

Will I sue TH ? YES if they are arrogance.

 14/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have always wanted to go to Jakarta Ham Festival as I heard stories on the great Morse code competition. I have been amazed by the ability of the Indonesian CW operators from that part of the world. It had been years since I had been monitoring their CW net on 40 meter band. But the net isn't there anymore. The last time I heard was a commotion which might have been caused either by the pirate stations of some rude guys. There were gentlemen and ladies who lead the network and sometimes they took turn as the duration of each network session was too long.

That's my main purpose of the visit, to see some of the fantastic guys. I had no intention of buying equipments or to learn about their radio organization like the ORARI. ORARI is like the ARRL and RSGB.

My first plan was to visit Tokyo Ham Fare which will be held on the 20th and 21st of August 2016. I heard from 9M2PJU that the FISTS group will open a boost too. A FISTS is another organization of CW lovers who reject CW communication using computers. I asked Rusli, 9M2RB, whether he would be interested to go to Japan. He agreed and at the same time he told me about the Jakarta Fest that he would go. I told Rusli that I would join him.

II prepared 20 button pins with a motto CW is a class by itself incase somebody might ask me for a souvenir. All I realized they were not enough.

The trip was on the 5th, by Airasia. The flight departed Kuala Lumpur at 7.55 and arriving Jakarta at about 8 pm local time. We took a Blue Bird taxi to our hotel, costing 150000 Rp. The Favehotel Zainul Arifin is at Jalan Zainul Ariffin.

We decided to go to the fare ground on the next day after breakfast. The location was at a place called ANCOL park.

We took a three wheeler. The ride cost us 45000 Rp the gate  of the park. The park's entrance fee was 25000 per person. We did not find the ham fare ground anywhere after about 10 minutes walk. Whenever we saw the an employee of the park we would asked for the location of the ORARI event. Nobody seemed to know about it. However on further enquiry we arrived at the destinationm, after riding the park-bus , walking and changing to another bus.

The weather was hot and sunny. We walked about and survey the booths sales. A few booths sold the homebrewed equipments. Rigs that sold for RM350 were quickly grabbed by the visitors. We did not see any Malaysian yet. Neither did we approach any Indonesian hams who were busy chatting among themselves.

On the left there was a beach. On the right there was a mall. Rusli suggested that we went into the mall to cool ourselves. On entering the mall a few Indonesian hams approached us asking where a meeting was to be held. We just said that we did not know. "There us a meeting," I told Rusli. "Let's go and watch." We climbed a floor. There was someone talking on a loudspeaker on one corner. We knew that the meeting was going on. We took a seat.

A few Indonesian hams seemed to notice us and asked where we were from. We were told that there would be a Morse competition after the OTARI's meeting. More and more hams joined us and we introduced each other When I mentioned about the CW net controller , fingers were pointed at them.



There are 4 categories in the competition; the slow, medium, high and free for all. I did not request them for the detail. Each category must consist of at least 5 candidates. The males and females were considered as one. If you look at the picture below you'll notice the spectrum of age difference.


There were 500 characters, 5 to each group to be sent and copied by the the candidates.

They looked very calmed. I would not be able to copy random words by writing. Even the messages are in plain language my hand would not be able to cope up with the speed.

I did not record the whole speed of different category. I remember that in one, the speed changes in momentum, getting faster and faster.

IOne of the hams sent the clip to his American friend who commented that it was a crazy speed.


I am sorry for being bias. I do not ask everyone to share my view. I have always maintained that ham radio is identified with Morse codes. And Morse is an integral part and an ID for the ham radio. No one can buy it with money. One has to instill the competency in him by himself.

I feel so relief and at peace knowing that there are people who are keeping ham radio alive.

Ham Radio is not about talking only. It goes more than that; the ethics and the attitudes. It should be of a community of high grade people minus the rouge and the insolent. We can't afford to have a man who called himself a ham at the same time be the head of the pirates and dare even to express his unethical deeds in public. And people who use the hobby to make money as those who did in the Facebook product advertisements. We loathe any vanity hams who brag and swagger, pushing others to be a leader like the rush for political posts.

Ham radio is not about paradding ones ego and ones social, academic and political status. We address people by ham name not by his nobility, King Hussein never want to be called MY Lord or His Highness. That was the way hams did for decades to keep everyone on equal status.

People are quarreling on matter of repeaters, not because of the abuse but because the non-members were chased out. They disagreed about the formation and the members of clubs and radio societies.

Ham radio should be free of vices, braggart, evil mind and war mongers.

Hard work is a commendable ethic. One has to move and sweat for bread rather than begging all one's life. Begging makes a person lazy and indolent. It will blend with a person's characters and attitudes. And the habit is never a luster. High minimum pay will discourage the desire to pursue college and university degree. Easy curriculum will hinder the development of higher level knowledge and the ultimate progress in science and technology thus lowering international competitiveness.

Good habit in a man is transferable to any of his deeds and undertakings. It will be applied to all situations and circumstances.

I learned a lot from my visit. It made me realize how small I was and I am. In the world of amateur radio no one can claim that he is the best and the most perfect. There is a distant difference between my ability in Morse codes and my fellow friends in Indonesia. They surely had earned their pride through diligence and resilience.  

12/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The decay is getting serious. I don't even remember I have rooms in my house. Probably I do not sleep in one. I sleep in the hall, on the coach or floor and at time on the sick bed of my late wife. I actually have a room where my former maid used to stay, small but well furnished. It could accommodate two persons easily. I do not remember this room at all. Around the hall there are three rooms where my two sons and my daughter would occupy them when they came home. I have never been into their rooms whether they were here or away. I would lock them.

I would say the most tidy and well organized is my daughter's. And I told her that I would let it be used by Rusli if he were to visit me because I was always well accommodated when I went to Kuala Lumpur. She agreed.

The hall is very messy, the worst is my radio room where I stuffed in unwanted things, small and compact. I used to sleep in there but not anymore. It was hot and stuffy. I had an air-conditioning unit but using it would double my electric bill. Without it I pay about RM50 a month, using it would jump to RM250.

Once a month I would hire maids to clear the compound, mopping the floor and remove the dusts. They were paid by the hour. Because I am a single man in the house they prefer to come in two to avoid calumny and gossip about any possible affair. Both are married. Within four hours the job would be completed. I always paid them two a hundred for two.

The other day two of my ham radio friends came with the express purpose of going to a kenduri in Perlis. It did occur to me about their lodging but my mind was seeing the messy place of my home. I did not remember of the maid's room. I was thinking of the mosquito's attacks and so on. I did not persuade them to stay with me. Only at night I decided to ask them to put up a night at my home. I tried to call them but in vain. I asked Hanafi to ring them up. Also failed.

I have to remedy my error. I have to wait for the next time. I will offer a lodging to any of my ham radio friends who come this way and willing to stay in this messy and uncomfortable abode. Who knows some are already used to mosquitoes and stuffy environment and willing to accept the offer.

This very house will be left alone when I die. I have a dreadful thought of living till 80 because I will be too old and too tired by then. That will be around the corner. Ten years passes too quickly. I never thought I would across the 21st century. This is already 2016. My God.

02/08/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof