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Raymond Francis

Somebody is not cut for marching


You may ask what's so great about EHANG 184. There is nothing to brag about. The West were already having a passenger flying drone and a man carrying hover board. I couldn't agree more. The United States might be having a more powerful light flying machine with perpetual battery life from Bloom technology.

I cannot assess the power of EHANG as I have not seen any passenger in the drone yet, not even during the test flight. One of the problems of drone is the load it can carry. As for the battery life EHANG can cooperate with Bloom. The combination of Indian-Chinese technology could be very interesting.

Let me assume EHANG 184 could take a heavy load, the different between the West and the Chinese is the former keeps them secret and to deploy the machine for military operation but the Chinese is using the machine for commercial purpose. The Dubai Taxi is an astonishing concept.

I think the Chinese is too excited. So were the other inventors. I think the Chinese should first operate their own drone taxis to attract more tourists to China and open up technology park identical to Epcot Center in Florida.




Who among us do bother about numbers, count and time ? I talked about this before in my blog. Only several days ago we talked about it again when a friend of mine mentioned about time. Recklessly I said that without numbers there would have been no time. Time actually exist even before mankind came into being. You would surely agree to his point.

And I said that before there were numbers and the knowledge on counting, did they use time ? A person was as old as a hill or a coconut tree. When you look at the hill or coconut tree you still cannot conceive his age. But people were aware of the changing moment, human growth, the past, now and afterwards by the changing of sun's position.

I do not know the history of counts and who were using the base of 10, 6, 8 or any others. With base 10 they started to measure time, adding up the moments and came up with a measurement for moments; day, days, week month, year, seconds, minutes and hours. Time has taken into a clear and visible shape. But numbers did not end there. People found that God created them for men to discover and to manipulate. It contains mysteries, much still unknown to men. It can make ships float, planes fly, buildings reaching the skies, technology to progress. The Chinese probably had discovered some combination of numbers possess strong energy that bring luck. We are not to dispel with such a belief, for even Nikolai Tesler chose a certain number for his room, 3327. 8888 is a lucky number to the Chinese. 13 is regarded as weird.

Tradition, old writers and shamans were fond of describing happenings or events of 3 days and three nights and three months or 7 days, 7 nights and 7 years. The Christians computed 666 as the date of the arrival of anti-Christ. The Muslims are talking about 7 layers of heavenly sky. In some religions gods are having 3 heads and 7 hands.

Numbers facilitate the making of money of different values, house addresses, contact and personal IDs and the choice of who should be our leader. They give life to the world and make it more glittering and lively.

A big number does not necessarily depicts strength. The growing number could be inversely proportional to their values. We used to see this in Indonesian Rupiah, millions here and there with lower purchasing power, and seeping into our country. We use to pay RM4 for an item and now it is RM8. We used to get 10 Thai Baht with 80 cents and now we have to pay RM1.20 for it. What is a hundred rinngit today in a super store ? People tend to coerce for higher salary thinking they could become richer, not knowing it could bring disaster to themselves and the jobless and the poor people. What other numbers are in existence, other than the binary and hexadecimal ? I don't know. I would guess that you may have heard both hex and binaries. But how about REAL numbers ? Rational and irrational numbers ? Aren't they relevant ?

If you take them seriously, study and utilize them carefully, I am sure you can build a more secured future for you. You will understand more what lavish and thrift means. You will begin to appreciate the beauty of the earth with the interplay and blending of mathematical formula that are unseen and unknown to us. Most of us are ignorant.. I have been ignorant for almost my whole life, about many things including on numbers and it's mystery.

Tomorrow you go to JPJ and book for a plate number 8888 and see what will be outcome.



Our hearts are soft, pitiful and kind. When we see postings showing unfortunate children whose parents had been killed in car accidences  or in war appealing for donations we quickly jump in to help the kids. We formed group to share the financial burden incurred among us, and banked in the money to the said account. To you a good deed has been done and you feel you have done your duty to God.

What you may not know is whatever happen to the money you banked in. As it had recently happened in this country a couple was killed by car accidence living a couple of young children. Their uncle published the appeal in the social media for donation. Cash began to pour in by the thousands, totaling up to a few hundred thousands. Seeing the huge sum the uncle and his wife quit their job. They claimed that money was legally theirs because the account was under their name.

And I learned something else during my trip to Israel recently, to discover that there are many wealthy Palestinians in the occupied land. They own shops and run several kind of businesses. I have had thought they are living under the refugee tents without food to eat and no dress to don. I murmured to my friend about not seeing the poverty scene as I had expected, and people in deplorable condition. He said it was on the other side of the West Bank and the area was a forbidden place for tourists.

Even then the Muslims in Haifa or Tel Aviv do not die of hunger, or begged for a living. But one has to have a skill and has to work hard to live. There might be joblessness as we are having right here right now.

Then the picture of the the donation boxes in Mamak shops and post offices came to my mind. Where do these money actually go ? I began to think people capitalized the good hearts of the Malaysian to build their own wealth. If Saudi Arabia could donate 2.8 billion to Najib, why can't she donate the sum to the Palestinians for the uplifting of their well being ?

Rather than giving donation I would prefer the outright adoption. Do you think it is easy to adopt an orphan from Syria or Palestine ? Or adopt the child who seek for donation ?

It will cost you a fortune and you have to be as good as a millionaire. The custodians are making fortune out the kids.

Genuine poverty in a war stricken countries do exist. There were people driven from their homes like the Rohingya. MERCY is the voluntary group that had been doing a lot of good work. We expect our government to help and we can donate through the government not by banking in into the personal account of a person.

I am not telling you not to donate. It is your money. Neither do I am telling you not to be foolish, nor inciting rebellion against the good work. I merely jot it down in my memory through this writing.



One out of fifty motorcyclists may heed the traffic light. The rest simply ignore traffic rules. May they be male or female. They rush the read light even with the oncoming cars, tearing their throttles like on the racing tracks. And one out of twenty cars sees red as green, including ladies with hijab and Hajis. It would not be so bad to drive against your way, running the red light and ignoring No-Entry sign at 2.30 am when the people are asleep and roads are empty. They can knock the lamp post if they like and swim on the road. There doesn't seem to have a policeman at this hour. It is unlike the United States for instant where the police will be after you at the unexpected hours, popping up like a ghost staring at the offenders.

Amazingly drivers and riders parade their acrobatic skill during the rush hour or at any time of the day when there are traffics are on the road.

On the other hand there are extremely careful drivers. Many a time I have been following a car at the speed of 30 km per hour. At a junction they will wait until the road is completely clear before crossing. In the United States cars driven by elderly persons have ping pong ball at the top of the a kind of a car antenna where you can see from the distance and some have ribbons beneath the ball. They would drive about 25 to 30 mph. Slow drivers in Malaysia were found to be using hand phones while driving. And they drive at the center of the road too.

In the dark night, there are cars and motorbikes without light on roads without street light, black in color whooshing pass you in great speed, causing your heartbeats to accelerate. There will a thousand and one questions prod into your mind. The Chinese used the favorite phrase 'nang pu ti nang, kui pu ti kui' ( to say a man not  a man, to say a ghost, not a ghost)

In many places in USA when youth are renting cars they made personal insurance mandatory. The cost vary according to age. The charge is getting cheaper as you are getting older. It means that the older you are the lesser is the insurance charge. Accidence occurs more among the younger people. It is based on the statistical data and report. Unlike here decisions are made by the sentiments rather than the actual facts.

I usually judge characters by the drivers attitudes. Between a man on a motorbike who stopped red light at 2 am and a man who ignores it at the rush hour, I would choose the former as a friend though he may be labeled as a dumb. A drivers' attitude will be carried in him wherever he goes. It has been embedded in his blood. It is all about honesty, trustworthy and considerate.

My assumption may not hold water. Laws were broken may be due to accidental. But they can also be deliberate. There are people who were absent minded when behind the wheel only at a certain time dreaming or thinking of something else. He may even forget where he wants to go and does not know where he is. It is pity. Things can happen to anybody.

These are only my opinion. Opinion can be untrue.



I count my money again to see how much I have left in my purse, whether it will last me till the date of my pension. This month it will be on February 21st. I have three meals a day. Last night I was defeated by my lust to go for a crab which is an expensive item these days. The crab alone was RM26.50 a piece. I figured I can survive till the 21st.

Other than Majeed tomato rice I have been frequenting Man Roti Jala for my breakfast. It is cheaper than Majeed. The nasi lemak is exceptionally delicious and as low as RM3, taking with fish and a half egg. At night I have my dinner, rice with fish and egg at a Mamak stall. It cost me RM5, also very tasty. My lunch has always been expensive, at the average of RM8 per meal.

I have RM150 left. I thought it is enough even for the cat food. I bought three packets of cat food, paying RM48 for them. Both the cats and my stomach are well taken care off. I also have settled all my monthly bills. With simple living I don't have to be a millionaire. The problem with me is that when there are plenty of notes in my purse I tend to be prodigal. My good point is I don't buy anything new if I still have the old usable gadgets. My laptops are the old 32 bit machines using Windows XP, one with screen almost flung from the main body. I still use it to write codes and in the making of button badge and the key chains. I have a Samsung and an Asus phone. My old Apple laptop which is infested with numerous tiny ants and dysfunctional keyboard is still running with an external keys.

I save here and spend there. That's the art of enjoying the survival. But it does not mean that I want to live forever. I even think of going somewhere where I could live alone, a peaceful sanctuary with absolute tranquility and to die there; at a place where there is no TV, no car, no crowd. In China people run to some remote mountains and hills and start life in a quiet jungle. They find companionships in God and religion and spirits of the mountain.

In Malaysia that was what the native were thinking, a peaceful living deep in the jungle. To their surprise they heard the buzzing of the machines felling the trees, chasing them away from their tranquil life, and were told to leave their homes as they are residing on government's land. It is too bad that the greedy and the reckless are from the human specie, robbing everything that a man can have, from money to the peace of mind.

I feel lucky that some businessmen are still considerate and have refrained themselves from being blood suckers. One Mamak restaurant, Mee Abu, is more than a blood sucker, more greedy than the Jews, charging their customers exorbitant price. A can of Sprite where you can get at RM2 somewhere else is sold at RM2.90 at this particular place. Mee Pak Chop is very much cheaper and more delicious than Mee Abu.

I talked to my monthly maid about food economy and about thrift. As an Indonesian poor she agreed. With RM25 we can survive and sustain the raw fish and vegetables for at least a week. She not only agreed but also offered to make Sambal Belacan and do a cooking from her home. All I have to do is to buy the raw food and pick them up from her abode. She lives about 5 miles away with her husband. I paid her RM100 per service though the agreement was  RM10 per hour. In three hours she would complete all the necessary job. They were well done.

At the moment I decline the offer. I am not so hard up yet. I would not be so broke if I have not been following the tour trips. There are still cheap places around for a good meal. Whatever I must always check my purse.



You should understand something about Christian beliefs just for knowledge' sake. I watched a movie depicting life after tribulation and rapture. Islam also describes the happenings similar to the Christians. If tribulation has to happen it has to happen simultaneously throughout the globe. The movie showed it had happened and there were chaos everywhere in the world. I feel it is just happening in Malaysia these few years. Malaysia is destined to be Tibet and Zimbabwe. We are on the process of destroying the nation and the religion by going into the dominance of Communist China. We have lost the sense of directions. We talk and act insensibly.

The whole world is looking at the coming of Jesus including the Muslims. The earth has been polluted with sins and sinners are in control. The Muslims believe that Jesus will descended to Syria. The other part of society were taking about alien and UFO are frequenting the world. The turmoil in Malaya are clearly shown the prophesies are alive now. Though I saw the Sea of Galilee is still full of water I believe that God can turn deserts into rivers and seas into bare land. I tried to comprehend the modern military weapons as the gog and magog. And America and China as Dajjal.

While the American currencies are full of Illuminati symbols, the Indonesians are yelling that their new currencies contain the communist symbol of hammer and sickle. Indonesia is accumulating a very massive loan from China. Malaya is dragged to doomsday by the big loan also from the Middle Kingdom. I predict that Najib will be the last Prime Minister of Malaysia. The future generation should brace themselves to live under Communist regime.

The horrifying scene is real. Najib's team is cheating themselves by hiding it or diverting the attention of the masses to the useless issues. I can assure you that they themselves cannot sleep while thinking what to do when the Chinese set up their demands. Najib always think he could hoodwink the Chinese as he had done to the other world leaders like the Americans, Australians and the new Zealanders.

Whatever, look out for the Armageddon. Will the whole world be shaken by earthquake with land be caught by fire ? The prophesies of the Holly Books may have passed without our knowing them. I have mentioned about the disappearance of morality, government ruled rogue leaders and robbers, people can't distinguish between the rights and the wrongs, law passed to legalize same sex marriage and the free consumption of marijuana and other dangerous drugs,  free sex, public nudity and other things which were once cursed as heinous and sinful.

Each day I feel weaker and weaker not because of my old age but because I find the force of evil is getting stronger and bigger devouring the living men and women. Many had been defeated and bowed to the evil force, believing in the promises of luxury and prosperity. People have sold their souls to the Satan. They are being controlled through radios and TVs and the newspapers they read. Only a few can retain their postures.

Both Islam and Christianity discussed the longevity of Dajjal which I refer as anti-Christ. And the great Tribulation period was also interpreted. If these have passed and the rupture has gone unnoticed what it can mean is that we are are all sinners left over. We are all hypocrites save a few who always seek God's forgiveness. Look at yourself, is your and and heart free from any form of greed at all, ready to shove and stab those who are barriers to your path ? And think you are the only right person and others are wrong ?

While we are living, whether the tribulation is ongoing or the rapture has gone unnoticed, whether we are sinners or not, we might as well do good and repent at all time. We cannot have different God, aren't we ?



Azalina: 'Vocal' Kit Siang should assist forex task force


Response from readers

Anonymous_1388029052IN 1993/1994, the bn govt refused to set up a RCI as demanded by LKS. Now after more than 20 years, it agreed to set up a task force. Tell us what is the rationale? Isnt it to humiliate Dr M and Anwar? Can we recover any losses?
Anonymous 2436471476414726We are really the laughing stock of the world. Have a task force on something which occurred some 30 years ago but derailed task force and PAC investigations into the 1MDB. Mother of all coverup ! Azalina, the thief of 1MDB is still in power and if not stopped he will steal more of the country's wealth. Those involved in BNM forex loss are no longer holding public office thus investigating this case is purely academic. Don't you realise the difference?
Demi RakyatThe guy who took billions of ringgit which were laundered, stolen from the Rakyat and then blatantly lied about where it came from should be charged.
NNFCMs Casino should also direct an investigation into 1mdb. This to me is more relevant as there are already so many countries investigating this.
Anonymous HotplateWhy is Azalina putting her fingers in Kit Siang's shit hole now. UMNO should have dug out all these shit decades ago. Only now to cover up their thief boss with 1MDB corruptions, UMNO is trying their level best to dig out all shits to which they were part and parcel together with Bank Negara.
OdysseusIf you are so keen to have an Opposition to investigate the wrong doing of BN, please appoint Opposition to head PAC and MACC reporting to them via Parliament.i
AppumSure,Azalina. I'm sure he would provided he is also asked to assist in the task force on 1MDB.y
Anonymous_3ee4The smell from the IMDB shit is overpowering....and here we have the powers that be digging up shit from 25 years ago....!!!!
Anonymous 2443871479002035Wag The Dog means you are diverting attention to the real issue which is 1MDB. The Bank Negara Forex issue is more than 25 years old. We can go to that later. What we need to do here and now is have an RCI on the 1MDB while we still have the chance to recover some of the assets and "money." So what are we waiting for? At the very least make public the Auditor-General's report on 1MDB. Is that so hard to do?
Anonymous 2410591459862040Damn, this gov is really shitty.
Anonymous 2410591459862040What happen to 1 MDB? All lupa but korek 25 years issues. So malu lah.
DemocratYup, but you and the entire dumb boot polishing Cabinet should help out with the probe on 1MDB. Game?
Ahbengkiasaw her smoking cigar in a pic before.
The AnalyserAzalina Othman Said calls Kit Siang, vocal. I think prolix is a better adjective
Anonymous 2408551459232350Eh, Hadi, is this woman Halal? Will she go to Heaven?
Anonymous112233This minister will eat her words when all truths are out for 1MDB fiasco. By that time, I will would like her to resign immediately from her post.
DonplaypuksFolks, believe me, this is all a sandiwara from Najib, Tomboy, Oxcon grad Kj and low IQ BUMNO Youth etc. That is why it's a Task Force and not a RCI. They dare not go into the BNM forex fiasco and fraud too deeply and publicly because firstly it will implicate then sacked Chief BNM Forex Trader Nor Mohd Yakcop Robokop who is now hiding and keeping quiet as a churchmouse at Najib's PMO, as Khazanah Dep Chairman. Till today, Robokop has yet to tell us how much was actually lost from forex trading and how much from looting and fraud by top traders and officers at BNM!!! Secondly, all those guilty of fraud, mismanagement, negligence and cover up are Malay Muslims; there's no way with the elections looming that Najib will risk antagonizing and embarrassing all these Malay Muslims and lose their votes. So, a charade is being played out. Let the games begin!
RCZDon't waste his time. He has better things to do in saving the country put in the mess by the likes of azalina and her merry UMNO band of men.
Anonymous 2413381470634342Wasting public fund on old issue Azlina not fit to be in the cabinet.

Will Najib's diversion tactic work ?

Interestingly Kit Siang has accepted the challenge and willing to be a member of the taskforce. let's wait for the development.


I have three trips I am looking forward to make this year. The earliest is the Egypt-Nile Cruise on the coming 27th March. But the tour agency said there are no people yet despite them changing the dates several time. I still hope and believe it will materialize. The second to Makasar with Rusli, 9M2RB, is on our own on 19th April. And the last is to Chiangmai-Chiangrai on the 24th August which is still empty. These are considered as a nearby attractions, Egypt being the farthest among the three and the most expensive. I hope to pay this Nile cruise with payment loaned to my student. The agency said I could pay the total even ten days before the trip. It is a great relief. The time lapse gives me enough time to accumulate for the other two destinations.

You see I don't pluck money from trees to travel. I restrained myself from using my ASB saving. My pension is not big either. I don't think of rain days but to spend all I have considering I don't have many more years to live. Don't worry about spending time with God because God is ubiquitous and you can communicate and the Creator wherever you go. We never forget God wherever we go. That does not make us terrorists.

I used to go with POTO Travel but stopped using their service after their own carelessness which I incurred a huge lost of money. I shifted to SafirgoTravel. I went back to Poto when I saw the Silk Route trip is suitable for me. I registered the silk-route but later cancelled owing to the clash between my Makasar trip and the making of the visa. Since I had paid the deposit I asked for an alternative destination, the Thailand tour. Egypt is with Safirgotravel.

I pay a little bit more for a single room because I need some privacy and more freedom. I want to touch the pyramid and the

sphinx and to ponder about their existence, and to relate their associations with the alien being, the gods that came to earth to culture mankind and then went home. They are to return to earth as a ruler. Some called him Lucifer and some called him Anunarki. He will be received in the Masonic lodge. The tour leader will surely lecture us on the sphinx and the pyramid.

I plan no shopping except to buy some fruits to be eaten in my hotel room. We have a total of 8 nights of sleeping in Egypt, and the rest on the plane. I remember buying fruits and snacks in a Chinese shop at a remote corner at very cheap prices. At that time our currency was still stable. Outsiders have lost faith in our leaderships and reject our money outright.

I did mention the word clash between Makasar trip and visa processing to China; what does it mean ? According to the tour agency, I must surrender the passport 45 days before the trip. My trip to Makasar is after I have given away the passport for the visa. Then I cannot visit Indonesia with the most important document. Egypt is without a visa. So is Thailand and even Japan. We can also go to North Korea without a visa.

China's Silk Route will have to be postponed to another date minus Winter and thick jacket.

Several people had asked me whether I had find anybody as a spouse. It was a big laugh to me. When I went for a trip not an iota crossed my mind about finding a girl. I wanted to see places. I do not have any intention of looking for a wife from the group members, never. I told a Datin, our traveling mate, that I can't look after any of those woman. I won't be able to accommodate their high living style. They made me scared when they purchased stuffs costing thousands of dollars. They have expensive taste.

You won't be in peace with a prodigal woman.

There are places that I don't feel like going and there are places I love to go again and again. I will try to avoid the Philippines, Bali and Russia for some sentimental reasons. I have the desire to cruise in the Toba lake. It was serene and so peaceful. I felt like I was in a glorious sanctuary. I love Bangkok for the good food and a cheap and luxurious hotel.

In the meantime I jut wait for the words from the tour agency as to the confirmation of the departure date. So far I am the only one who registered for the Nile cruize.



You may have heard IOTA but not MOTA since you have been sleeping for a long time. I would have guessed that the term MOTA was invented by the Malaysian amateur radio operators. It is an acronym for Mountain On The Air where hams would climb and camp to operate radio on the mountain. Don't ask me why not HOTA Hill On The Air. They may come up with the term later on. FOTA is Forest On The Air and TOTA where we go up on the trees and operate radio stations on the trees. I wouldn't have known it if I had not been invited to the event.

I also receive a letter to go to the SWAL gathering. I asked around what did the SWAL mean. I was told it was Short Wave Amateur Listener.

Malaysians are very creative. They invents words and terms and injected them to the world.

There are very few old hams left. probably there are more 80% are of the new breed. The CB and ham culture, lingo and procedures have blended into one. You are nobody to say what is right and what is wrong. The new operators are better and smarter, parading double call signs, both the Malaysians and the American call.

What the old hams use to know and have are no match to the present ones. I still remember the terminal unit that mal, 9M2MW, build and gave me one and Chow, 9M2CF, pounding his key with perfection. In those days a little homebrewing was great. Today the technology surpass our era. My friend showed me his antenna analyzer. Who among us were using such an measuring instruments when constructing antennas ?

I don't blame you for not knowing the current progress. The passion has faded and the new technology still keep us together. We communicate using Whatsaap. If we don't join in we still read and enjoy the conversation. I still have my radio and warmed them up from time to time, practicing my CW and listening to Morse conversation, mainly to sharpen my mind. I know some of you have not been switching on your transceivers for years.

You may say "I have not been on the air for a long time" while the new guys may be saying "I am not on the PTT for a long time". The germ spread fast and resides deeply in every amateur operators' skins. Rather than accommodating the modern culture many prefer to stay aloof. We conduct our affair in our own ways. While I have a blog to write Zainal has tennis games to watch. Lim is still active on the Foxhunt. While they have the MOTA we have Cote Cooler to drink.



I begin to see a lump of greed has seeped into my soul. I want to be a millionaire, to grow my own saving to that amount. Without it surely I would not have thought about it at all and just be contend with my current life. Yesterday I rushed to a Public Mutual, the breeding house for money to grow. The agent mentioned about 140% profit and in ten years I could be a millionaire. I started to see money around me, sitting on the heap and shoveling the notes into the air.

I told myself to be extra careful and to find out more about the investment venture. A few friends indicated truly that they are very wealthy. They too advised me to be careful. It is a risk that I should take. This morning I went to ASB where my savings are dumped for many many years. The officer also was talking about the risk compared to the ASB. She herself has some in Public Mutual. I mumbled about my age and it's relationship with money. What is the point of having so much wealth and cash at the age when you are weak and tired ? I can only use the money to pay to someone to nurse me before I die. 10 years is too fast these days and I don't think I will live to 80.

My parents do not leave anything to me, not even a single cent. I build this very home with my earning. It is the only property that I have. My kids must engrave their own future and learn the importance in life, to find wisdom to be a wise man. I have told them what they should do for their success and the job they should have done. I did carve my own life. I have to make my own decision. Should I enjoy with what I have or restrain myself from all form of enjoyment and wait for 10 more years to see how much the pittance has grown up.

One thing I learn about greed is money is never enough. We tend to commit sins and inflict pain on the others to reap a quick wealth. We cheat. lie, steal, rob and pinch through various projects and schemes. When we are too occupied with chasing the world we will forget the life at eternity, we forget God, Heaven and hell.

I think I need an intelligent and a smart wife. But I am too old to find one. Women could be very witty. Out of their craziness they could be very successful in life. For God's sake I don't really want a woman like Rosmah Mansor. I have been seeing a jet shuttling from KL to Alor Setar these few days. I was told she comes to play badminton here and had a 2.8 million special toilet built for her. The jet YES, the toilet YES. But for the 2,8 million I don't believe. It may only cost RM2,800 or at most RM28,000. This lady won't die I tell you. She is an immortal. She has all the elixir of life.

But it is difficult to find an ideal wife. Money is like a ghost with an evil force. It is so powerful that no man can resist it. I have not seen a woman who can resist the temptation , and to put God before the fun of the wonderful life, who would say enough with what she has and thank the Lord for the providence. One Pinoy lady I talked to in Los Angelese airport before departure quipped "In America there is no love if there is no money".

I have a greed. I must not use the ASB dividend for any purpose. Leave it there and let it grows. If God let me lives till 80 then at that age I will enjoy my reaping. It is a great gamble. I leave the rest to fate.



It is unbelievable that a big boss still asked his man to first eat the food for him to test whether it was poisoned. In my previous article entitled Cyanide In The Food I did touched briefly on murdering through food to look like a heart attack and the application of the deadly poison on the skin. Today we were told of the death of the half brother of the North Korean President by a woman using some form of a liquid.

The estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been allegedly killed at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), according to the police.

Selangor Police chief Abdul Samah Mat said that a woman had reportedly approached Kim Jong-nam at the KLIA departure lounge and covered the victim's head with a cloth which contained an unidentified liquid.

"Jong-nam's eyes were stinging after the incident. He received help at the KLIA counter before being sent to the Putrajaya hospital.

A layman like us would not know the most effective way to do a murder without being traced. Even if we know we would not be able to get the weapon. The normal Malaysians just do not go to the extend of killing their most hated enemies. And they can't afford to pay the gangsters to do the work for them.

But millions of us would be having a big celebration if someone is strike by a lightning and die on the spot. The celebration may take 44 days, 44 nights and 44 minutes. That's what the weak and the helpless could only do; to hope and pray. It is unlikely the horrible bitch could be killed in manner the Kim bother met his fate.

Malaysian government is quite friendly with North Korea. Their students are in our colleges and universities. To the world the this communist nation is the most notorious and a threat to South Korea and the United States. I would narrow down the assailant is either of the American or South Korean agent. The cyanide is ever ready available to any of them.

The North Korean is too confident with their missiles which they claimed could strike the United States, forgetting the anti missile weapons could destroy theirs in no time from the sky deploying the centuries old leather technology tested in the 80's. It is called a Star War weapons.

The motive of the killing could also be due to the jealousy and revenge. But then a normal person would not be able to get access to cyanide like the C4 that destroyed Altantuya.

Only time will tell the reason for the murder. Mine is merely a conjecture.




I don't know what else to write. If I could I would want to stay away from politics as it is the most painful topic that has been torturing my mind. I can't write about amateur radio because I do not know what is going on in this hobby.  Story on traveling could bore many people.

Sometimes I asked myself "What am I writing for ?" And I write with broken English and bad grammar. I pay to say things in my blog.

I have said before that I put words in English because I want to fight my deficiency in the language. I never obtain a pass either in the school test or the public examination. My GRE scores told me that I am better in analytical but the worst in language. But it is too late for the fight. My memory began to fade since I reached 50. It could be better to start at 30 or 40. At this age I hardly put my imaginations in words and phrases.

I strive to improve by reading an E-book stories and watches English movies. They are just a futile effort, I can't remember words nor could I increased my vocabularies. I wasted my youth for not trying to build a better man out of myself. It is too late to regret and there is no turning back. Even the future is too short for me. I just go ahead with my life as fate decides.

Sometimes I wondered whether the atheists believe in fate and predestination. Surely they do not adopt these work of God. It is men that make today and tomorrow, carving their own future, determine by sweat and blood, success comes with the awards, failure with nothing. But believing in God can sometimes make our life more wonderful and exuberant. We always know that God is watching and guiding us and provides us with sustenance one way or another.

Do I achieve what I am aiming for ? To appease myself I would say yes to it. I have been writing for years now, expressing myself and conveying messages which I think a lot of people can understand. That's what languages are for, to enable oneself to communicate even with poor grammar or mix lingo. I myself do appreciate those who dare to express themselves despite their lacking of proficiency in the language they choose to speak.

Of course I have tons to say about politics and Najib. But that would give me pain and mental agony. I have to leave it to God and I believe there will be comeuppance and retribution. To dissect amateur radio is to cause pang in my heart. And to talk about the cost of living and economy could kill me slowly. To write about vices I myself am as filthy as the the rest of the criminals.

I took a pause after the above paragraph and went out for my brunch. On the way I stopped at the Public Mutual to inquire about it's investment. A friend of mine told me she keeps all her saving in the Public Mutual instead of the ASB. She is happy about it. It drew my interest. At the financial institution I was requested to make an appointment to meet a consultant. I agree to meeting one tomorrow at 10 am.

It is not because I am greedy and hunt for more profit but because my fear is shaken by Najib's financial management. He is a Malay. And I began to lose trust on the Malays. If somebody offer me a place to stay overseas I would prefer to leave the country, to get myself lost from the contemptuous lady. She grabbed our money just because other people do the robbing job. Others rob therefore I have all the right to rob.

Whenever politicians got their fingers touch on something it will turn into stone.

The Chinese are wiser with money. The Malays thought they are smart when actually they are moron to the core, susceptible to conning and being cheated. May he be Mahathir, Najib, Temenggung Hssan or Hussin. When the Chinese see money they start thinking how to multiply it. When the Malays come across the huge sum they are thinking how to fork them. They cheat the kampong folks and they are being cheated by people smarter than they are. That explains why Najib is selling the country to China.

Whatever let me first hear from the consultant. I will make an assessment before shifting my ASB saving to Public Mutual.

The brunch cost me RM5.50. The next meal will be at about 3 pm.

A writer has to have two things to be able to write;  rich in vocabulary and excellent command of the language, secondly he has to have a flare in writing. I later realize that they are people with distant vision and with high IQ. I don't have any of them. That's why I write for pleasure not as my bread and butter.



We tend to think that we are the most perfect and we are the best. It took me more than a century to see how weak I am compared with millions and thousands of other ordinary people, in physical and mental prowess and in education and sports. Problems that I could not solve as they were hard and confusing to me were successfully dealt with by my subordinates and friends. Kids knew much more on computer than me. Older women fast overtook me in the walking exercise.

I realize vanity and the feeling of being a perfectionist is a serious sickness. I would have thought I can fight and win after having computed all the probabilities and eventualities. It was to my dismay when all went wrong. Instead of surrendering for the good I am arrogant enough to push and rush without further scrutinizing my past repeated failures.

When you are running the country you must restrain yourself from being emotional and arrogance, rejecting views of others and continue with your devastating  egoistic policy. You engage ministers, police chief, AG and bankers whom you have told them to tow your line. When failures come after failures, you are trying to pinpoint to the failures of your predecessors. You don't care whether you are destroying your country or the people. You murder the integrity and the sanctity of the nation. You become ruthless and inhumane.

A wealthy and powerful man has never thought that he can fall. He firmly believes that he has an invincible shields around him. He is a god and an immortal. 

In our traditional society it was hard to find a pompous and haughty person. Today the numbers are beyond count. They are everywhere on this earth. They get offended when someone was showing them of the deficiencies, weaknesses and stupidity. A few will proudly parading their titles and qualifications to show to the rest of the world that they are better than the rest.

Islam forbids haughtiness, pomposity and arrogance. I have been seeing these characteristics among UMNO leaders and members. An ordinary employee in an organization conducted himself as if he is the head of the institution. A man like Jamal could go on rampage and kicked anyone he likes. And only God knows as to the rest of UMNO members and the personal army of Najib Razak. Together they are now continue to cause massive damage to the Malays and the nation, creating fear among the foreign investors who are ready to close shops here and move away to some other respectable places.

If they fear God they won't accept dirty money even by the millions. They won't conspire to fabricate evidence to jail their opponents. They won't defend the crimes and thefts that have been happening openly. They won't tell lie untiringly to the people. They won't disgrace their race and religion to the world. Islam is not what one is telling people but is what of one's actions, morality, considerate, fairness and honesty. And the Malays are not thieves and robbers, stealing money by the billions. Yet they claim that they are the most perfect specie on earth as they are chosen by God.

The man who corrupts other mankind to enhance his image thinks he can corrupts God to put him in heaven. That's why he used stolen money to send the Muslims to Mecca and frequent himself to the holly land. "I steal but I do help people also."

Being a normal man is a chance for us to be a moral person and run away from sins. Only we need to remind ourselves that we are just a small person with a lot of deficiencies. We are not to boast and belittling others and to show off and advertise our greatness. We repent while we can and seek forgiveness from God for our sins.



The game has ended. I did not go to the stadium as I was occupied with something else. I had hope for my state to win but would not bet for it. All teams in the cup competition this year are very strong. Pahang had not been defeated before. When the game started I saw the skill depicted by an import player from Pahang. The combinations of their attackers were superb. Only luck was against them.

Kedah played the usual style, short passing with occasional attacks but failed to penetrate the opponent's defense. Liridon had been the target of slaying, aimed at killing his carrier forever. Pahang's import was given the dirty task to destroy him. I remember JDT gave the killing task to Syafiq. The strategy is very filthy in any kind of sport at all. By the 43rd minutes kedah's striker shot a goal after getting a pass from his mate.

The second, third and fourth goals came after the first half. They were all due to the result of the teamwork. The striker scores from the ball set up by his friend. It was this aspect that made the game great and interesting. Kedah had had to struggle to win by the score of 4 to 1. Fans who paid for the expensive tickets found it worth the money they spent.

Pahang too had exhibit a fine play, good teamwork and fascinating soccer. In games somebody has to loose and somebody has to win.

Kedah's head coach given credit to the players for following the instructions given, which I termed it as the discipline of a player. We can find players who think they are better than their coaches and decide to play their own style. I have seen many of those people who think they are better than the rest and no one is qualified to teach them. Such an arrogance is not confined to the game of football only.

Kedah has many good local players. I am sorry I don't remember all their names. Syazwan and Farhan are of equal class. Both have the capabilities of making goals. Badrol Bakhtiar is a class by himself. No other local players could match him, not even Fikri. He is almost equal to Sandro, the import player. Sandro used to be a perfect striker but beaten by Badrol so far in this season. Honestly I do not like Khairul Helmi, the defense player for his roughness on his opponents and he cannot run fast enough. Fullbacks must be equally fast as the strikers to match the opponent's attackers.

Let me not talk about the type and nature of training for two reasons. The first is because I have not been nor seen their training procedures. Secondly, even if I can guess it is much wiser not to expose them.

It is too early to say anything. The season has just started and ends in November or December, a long way to go. A team may break and weakened due to financial and other problem. The coach of a winning team may resign. A sport may turn out to be a war. There were already talks about corruptions involving bookies. We do hear of corruption to loose but not the corruption to win. Why not the third party offer big rewards for winning a championship ?



My blood sugar reading this morning as 5.2, point two lower than yesterday. I felt relief and continued to enjoy my siesta on my lazy sofa. Bteakfast will be at 10am, either tomato rice or Roti Jala which has risen by 50 cents after the recent fuel hike. The Roti Jala has been recklessly saltish these few days. Malay food are either too sweet or too saltish. I switched my dinner from the Malay stall to the Mamak's to avoid excessive salt from the former.

I have not decided yet of whether to watch a soccer match at the stadium or on TV since there is a live telecast, between Kedah, my state, and Pahang, Najib's state. Ticket will start selling at about 10.30 this morning. At home I'll be watching alone, without any yelli ng and shouting. Yet I will throe curse at referee and players who make silly errors. At the stadium I will shout at the top of my voice. Young people usually would laugh at me, seeing an old man yelling. I pay RM25 just for the love of outside coaching, even scolding the coach for not teaching the basic of perfect ball passing.

The game is at 9pm. It does not obstruct me from my going to the routine evening walk from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. But I have to go to the jogging track earlier as crowds are swelling these days, taking away the parking space. At one corner there will be a women aerobic team which bring a lot of food to enjoy after the exercise. Funny, how are they going to slim themselves with the starch intake after the chore. Taking the food before would give a different result.

In between I just stay home, typing blog, reading FB and Whatapp's comments. Or watching Chinese movies. Let me take a pause here to go for my breakfast and will continue in the next line.

Driving to town is hell. But I have no choice. At the junction to the main road I had a long wait. Traffics never seem to ease. Cars coming on their right of ways would not care as to how long you are at the junction. Very rarely the driver would halt and allow you to pass. It takes a really considerate person to understand the pain of waiting. I believe the best way to know a man is to see him while behind a wheel. It is hard to find one out of a hundred. By a normal social interaction we would not know a real quality of a man.

It took me about 10 minutes to arrive Majeed's stall which he named it a restaurant, actually a dingy food lotof about 30' by 45'. The rice was almost finished. The sale has been good for most of the days. I ordered rice with fish that cost me RM5.50. The gravy is always delicious. People pay for the good taste.

I was surprise when Majeed asked me how much I get for my pension. I told him that I get 3K per month. "So little ? Is it enough ?" He asked.

                    "Enough," I said.

                     "Why so little ? You were a Headmaster before..."

                      "Old salary was small. Now they got a big pay," I answered.

I felt it is already an abundance at that amount of pension money. I have to be thrifty and cutting corners here and there, no wastage in anything.

On the way home I passed the stadium. The counter ticket at the grand stand did not open. two counters on the rear and the southern side of the stadium were heavily queued  with fans. I told myself to come back tonight for the ticket. If there aren't there anymore I would watch the match at home.

To the fans a game is a game. They always believe that Kedah will win. They do not know what is behind the game itself. Actually soccer on the inside is as dirty as politics of UMNO. Politicians and royalties should not get involved in any way at all. UMNO's mind is never straight and very corrupt. Most are uneducated and stupid but assert themselves as smart as a wiz. They run the state Amanah Saham and it went haywire. They went into amateur radio, the hobby took another turn. They went into business the money went into their pockets.

Winning or losing cannot be mandatory. Only one team will win. The other is a draw. The fans actually want to see a good and fair game, a good refereeing, a good goal keeping, the show of efforts, and make the least mistakes. They would accept the lost without regret or feeling frustrated.

The game will end at about 11pm. I do not go to bed at that time. I will play around with my toys until I get sleepy. That will be at about 2 am.

The time will come when everything comes to a stop, when my mind stops functioning and my heart stops beating.



If there is no Muslim at all in the United States will there be no prison at all ? Here is I quote "The united States imprisons 730 in every 100000 people - the highest incarcerated population in the world...currently there are 2.2 million people behind bars..." At least more than 50% are White and Hispanic. The Blacks prisoners who became Muslims during their incarcerations are regarded as Muslims in prison. What is this telling us ?

Someone is telling Trump that no Christian could turn criminals and only Muslims are bad people world wide.

Trump should not only banned the Muslims from entering the continent, he should also call back all the ambassadors and American companies to the United States, cut all form of trading ties. The Muslim nations can use alternative satellites for communications and media broadcasting and start their own fast food restaurants instead of eating out at Mac Donald or KFC. The world has been existed even before there was the United States. Primitive society survived without the hitech inventions. Why should the Muslim countries be worried if they are not welcomed.

All we know the World Wars were not started by the Muslims. In the West the Christians killed among themselves.

The architecture of the trouble maker always have their own agenda and goals and smart enough to trigger the global killing and bombing, the murder and the conquest. Henry Kissinger was the first man to coin the word terrorist to mean the Muslim. It was followed by the rest of the world including the Muslim leaders. Mahathir had wanted to close down all the islamic institutions. Najib was telling Hillary that Anwar Ibrahim was a Malaysian terrorist leader implying the Malay Muslims in Malaysia are mostly terrorists.

We should not lament over the United States policy. Nor should we beg and shed our tears from the President as Rosmah and Najib is doing to Obama, Hillary and now Trump. For those who love traveling and sight seeing let me tell them there are more beautiful places in the world other than North America. There are exotic and spectacular scenes in China and the Baltic area. And there are thieves, robbers, swindlers, street people and beggars in US cities more than we can find in Japan or Korea. We can just forget about Trump and USA.

These days I choose to watch Chinese movies rather than the American. There are numerous fascinating stories that would entertain me. Chinese Communist movies teach us more about life and survival, on how the rich tried to squeeze the poor on their land and about scammers preying on the public. There are many stories on lives of common people. There are comedies and adventure movies as well. Korean movies too are as entertaining as the Chinese. How bad are we without the Americans ? We can just ignore the President and forget that this man does exist. Neither do we regard him as our enemy.

Stay where we are and enjoy our lives here. Don't fight about the travel ban. You won't die for not going to USA.



I made a remark on the distribution of the free tickets on a soccer cup between Kedah and Sarawak. A ticket costs between RM15 to RM25 each but given away free by the Chief Minister of Kedah to win the heart of the voters. I did not agree with the free ticket but in favor of opening all the gates. Not every denizen of the state will rush into the stadium. Parking space s were limited and those shorties who can't see the players prefer to leave the venue. The free tickets were to be given in the morning before the night game and each person was entitled to three tickets maximum. I firmly believed the free tickets will be sold to those who failed to get one. My guessed was true as many were willing to pay for them.

My remarks were read and met with several responses. One of them asked me whether it would be okay for me to join the True Friends group in the Whatsapp. I agreed.

I found myself at a loss, a small alien from nowhere. I hardly comprehend the discussions. They talk about rules, regulations, policies, coaching and games, names and scores of the international matches. They knew the details of what's going on in FAM, clashes of various opinions and other big names. From time to time I quipped in like expressing my concerned on JDT going to play under the 11 to 12 degrees Celsius and the muscle's acclimatization period was too short to the cold weather. Nobody responded. I felt as if I was talking nonsense to myself. It must have been a trivial remarks, a kid talk.

I finally realized there were coaches, officials and even holders of Sports Science degrees. The lost of JDT to Gamba Okinawa sparked wider discussions. There was also official statement of TMJ on the defeat. Slowly the talk slides on the problem with Malaysian soccer and the coaches. They mentioned the lack of rest, tiresome and worn out. Someone also touched on the cold weather.

I am no player, nor an expert in anything, a good for nothing guy. But I like to observe on things and happenings, political and human behaviors. When China women's volleyball team were at their peak, they were invited to the United States for a series of matches. What do you expect the USA to do ? Paying tenths and thousand of dollars just to enjoy the games ? They are trying to untie the secret of the Chinese. Certainly they would put electronic eyes to capture the games, a numerous of them at every angles and recorded at different movie speeds. Then they would study the posture and the movements, the art and the technique and ever minor movements and gestures from all the matches, discuss and analyzed them.

I also observed that each US gymnast has a personal psychologist or someone to look after her interest, need and welfare beside the gymnastic coach. She was to make sure the emotional state of the gymnast is stable and at ease during the competition. I would conclude similar system were applied to some other international sports and championships.

Would I be wrong to say that a soccer player has more than running and kicking the ball ? When I saw a player smoke then I knew he has no knowledge about what cigarette can do to his lung and how it could effect the game performance. He lacks discipline. We can notice the absent of alertness of a player in the field. We would know why header ball to the goal was soft.

An alertness means the quick cooperation of the neuromuscular coordination. There is a series of system procedures to injectl the idea of powerful heading and ball speed, about the speed of response and the E=MC2. I know the Kedah team has a coach to run this type of physical fitness. But even at his peak he won't be able to catch a ball at a speed of 32 feet per second square. Heading with strong impact may need a machine to help. I think it is one of the most hectic and tiring practice.

Health education and food nutrient and matters on muscle care need to be looked into as well. These are all outside the green playing field where each player runs for the ball and kicks it. There must be people thinking about it. A soccer team has to be a well organized structure, comprises of several themes. Those are complexities which incur cost.

Try to imagine the cost of a professional soccer. Who want to talk about funding ? It is one of the most tricky issues. But I will try to babble rubbish about it. I am sure some of it will have to be true.

Of course all has to starts with the overhead cost which we should term as a fix constant debit, pay for players, coaches, traveling, food and beverages, administrative. Then followed by an obvious, "Where to get the funding ? " FAM ? Gate ? State government ? Sponsors ?

Let me say something about gate collection first. Common sense tells us that the amount of money collected depends on the number of spectators. This depend on the strength of the team. The team at the lowest ebb will suffer the most. Malaysia is not Abu Dhabi where a team cannot depend on the gate collection for the stadium is almost empty all the time. Here, even at full capacity part of the collection has to go to the FAM and a portion to Najib Razak for the GST.

State team has to fall back on the state government for funding. As a layman I don't know the commitment of each state though Federal Government may have some allocation for the national team or the FAM. When a state won a championship politicians were given credits and the winning were attributed to the care and involvement of the leaderships. They will be photographed together with the winners. How true is it ? I don't know. However, I think it is hard for the state government to set aside a certain allotment to help the state team.

A team can hope and wait for a sponsorship. But let me say even if it hurts that only fools provide sponsorship without any return profit. For every dollar spent must commensurate with the benefit gained. It must ensure a good return. Air Asia and Emirates are known to sponsor teams in return for the advertisement. And they were favored by those states. Look at the number of small towns Air Asia get to fly in many parts of the world. If a team just want the whole money without any promise and conditions who could be foolish enough burn their millions away.

The only foreign stadium that I ever visit was the Real Madrid in Spain. I cannot say anything about Manchester United or Liverpool. Tourists to Spain make a tour to this place with entry fee of about RM200 each. There are thousands of them flocking, taking pictures and enjoy the sight of the multimedia in the museum and the beautiful grass. Jerseys and jackets are of a high quality sold at a good price. A Real Madrid refine jacket is about RM600, and sell like a hot cake. It generates a good income. I would expect each of the state stadium to find ways and means to generate income to replenish a part of the basic expenditure.

It is now well known that political leaders want to take attribute the success of a team or a game to their excellent ruling. Winning could win them majority votes. It was Barisan Nasional that brought Chong Wei and Nicole David the fame of championship. Hitler had the Olympic in Germany boost his image. Sports under Communism had been tools for ideology.

I do not know whether it is not strange to see fights among politicians and loyalties about positions in soccer. To me politicians have their own jobs in the government to ensure prosperity and wealth are equally distributed among the people and to resolve acute economic problems that are devouring our country. The royalties are to see on the matters of the states.

That's about the superficial babbling on the lifeblood of football. Money does not guarantee championship. It sustain the survival of a team.

What matters most to me are the brain, attitude and the spirit. The brain study the sports, analyze how each country runs them. Datuk Ahmad Basri was not a star player but he has a brain and social skill. He inspired his players. The brain will want to know how Timor Leste could be stronger than our teams and send feelers to eye-spy on them and other foreign teams. He scents all other factors that could create a strong and respectable soccer fraternity. Robert Albert had had a long term plan laid down but it was cast aside and nobody knows of it's fate. And the brain has a perfect vision and distant insight. He may not be a Prince, a Tan Seri or Donald Trump.

I heard somebody in the soccer fraternity mentioned that 'there is no holiday for me. All days are working days.." That's is about attitude. I am not saying anything more on the subject matter.

We don't blow the spirit into the players' bodies. It looms from a state of mind. It comes together with the readiness and skill, the discipline to carry out the words of the coaches, the speed he can move up and down, and the determination to score goals.

Strong teams are strong teams but there is only one to be a champion. More often than not the champion has several supermen who can work magic in dribbling and scoring. We can elevate our standard but we may not be a champion. We are not a pariah anymore and may not be looked down with contempt and disdain.

As I have said above I am only a sparrow among the big birds in the whatsapp group. I only dare to express my view in my own cocoon.



The world must not be blamed for the folly of your own. We usually do not heed to warning or listen to people's advice. It was frustrating to some whose hearts were broken for being threatened lie a dummy. They were attacked, yelled and insulted. Many a mistake cannot be undone. There is no point crying over a split milk and demand for forgiveness. That is the life that we have to face.

Regrets come from various myriads of folly errors; quitting a good job, marrying a bad woman, committing crimes, voting for Barisan National and putting a wrong person as a prime Minister. Mahathir had made the greatest mistake ever in the history of this whole universe and he is paying for his mistakes.

We tend to be ruled by our ego. We right what others see as wrong. And when we fail we fall back to those who once were trying to put us in the right path. But we not only ignore them we also throw vicious words at them.

I am over 70 now and about to die. I don't want to worry anymore about other people who had designed their own sufferings. Even if it may involve the national issue like China is ruling Malaya, let it be as it comes to be. Life is too short for me. Instead I found it hilarious when I saw a long queue at the petrol kiosks many hours before the petrol hike. They vote for the price hike, for the GST, for the ringgit to dive down and for the rising cost of living.

I found it stupid for a contractor who spend all his money from the earning until he has none in the saving and life became difficult as his business went down. It irritated me when I was requested for a 200K loan as if I were a millionaire. I tried to talk to this person who seem to have no time to listen to me. He treated me like a bank not a human.

Some regret having chosen a wrong spouse for a life long partner that wasn't life long. It is a rare case where they leave to their parents to choose the bride or bridegroom for them. Some divorced within a short years. Some continue living in hardship trying to make ends meet. Others live on immoral and illegal earnings. Once in a wedlock there is no point to regret. Not many live in luxury as Rosmah Mansor and other Wanita UMNO. Those who rebel against their parents will have to bear the sufferings of their sins.

The worst thing to happen to the Malay community is their disintegration, the lost of their integrity, land and the country as a result of their own doings. They do fail to know what Najib is doing to them and the country.




The trip to Silk Route is officially cancelled due to the clash between the visa procurement procedures and my Makasar trip where I have to have my passport with me. Two alternatives were suggested to me, the Japan and Chiangmai's trips. Japan will be in May and Chiangmai in August. I chose Thailand because it is a little cheaper and there is no waste date. Waste date is something like traveling and a long transit time. However the price has shot up from 2k to 3k owing to the plunging of our ringgit. This economic illness could only be undone if Najib resign as a Prime Minister or he divorces his wife. He would not do either of these.

Chiangmai is near but I have never been there yet. We will be able to optimized the 4 nights stay as there is no waste time in traveling.

But August is a long way to go. I have ample time to accumulate my money. I could inhale some fresh air and free from my financial restrain by then. In between now and the 24th August I could hop to nearby places for resting and sight seeing.

Again a similar question pop up. Will I live till 24th August ?  There will be numerous events, major and minor, which could even shook the world and the country. There might even be a civil war among the Malays. More of our lands may be sold to China.

I may feel healthy and strong. But there is always a silent killer within ourselves, unknown and unseen. Unexpectedly I may be killed by a  stroke. People can die any moment.

There is no harm to put myself in a fantasizing mode from now onwards as long as I feel the joy of dreaming. I have read and scrutinized the itinerary for both of rge Japan and Thailand packages. The 6 days 4 nights Japan minus 2 days of pure traveling cost rm7878. The 5 days 4 nights Thailand cost me 3K. Tour starts on day1 and on day 5. The additional amount I have to pay the travel agent is 2k by July. Our carrier to Chiangmai is Malindo. I have yet to make an early purchase from Alor Setar to KLIA on the 23rd August, a day before the trip. The return ticket will be on the 28th by the night flight. I will also be bringing a backpack without any other luggage.

Talking about touring I just read about people being cheated by somebody claimed to be a tour agent. One must be prudent to choose a well known tour agency. It is wise to make a payment  through the bank transfer or using checks into an the company's account rather than paying cash at the counter. A friend would be able to tell us these companies. There are plenty in the newspapers. We can trust the agencies that participate in the MATA fair. I have been going with POTO TRAVEL and SAFIRGO TRAVEL. ANDALUSIA, FELDA and PINEAPPLE were said to bee good agencies too. I had had a little mishap with POTO but I think they must have it fixed. The last trip to Jordan/Israel was with Safirgotravel. It was an excellent one.

You cannot trust a Malay these days even with a Hijab or with a Haj dress, an ordinary man or a Minister. He could be more than a leech.



How smart are UMNO members ? Their rhetoric as if they are on top of the world, the smartest and the cleverest, the savior of the Malay race. If you ever hear the mad people talk while they are in their cells, you would think they all deserve the international award for their wisdoms and ingenuity. Honestly when I heard them talking in the General Assembly I equate them with the men in Tanjung Rambutan cells. What they have been yelling are different from what is happening on the real ground.

They love to declare that they are divine choice, chosen by God to rule Malaysia. By their pomposity what emerge before my eyes were the Pharaoh, Mussolini, Hitler, Geotfe Bush, Idi Amin, Kim Ill Sung, Natenyahu and Trump. Weren't they the God's chosen too ? I have heard hilarious statements from many of them since the issue of 1Mdb was first loom.

                   "1Mdb is making a lot of profit. The opposition is jealous over it's success"
                    "If Najib were to steal any money, he won't keep it in the local bank." 
                     "Media is lying about any money in Najib's account."
                     "UMNO allows the party's fund to be put in Najib's account"
"I went to see a donor by myself."
                     "There were several donors."
                     "Don't believe the social media. They lie."
                      "Opposition lie about TRX."

The list would have been the whole day to publish.

When totally cornered as thieves are caught, the thieves began to put the blame on the robbers and other criminals. It is okay to steal because Mr David stole too. Mr Jim was a thief as well but he ain't caught." When selling land and other interest to China they came up with another kind of spinning "The forest city is grand. Come and see it.." Then they began to sweep our security domain away and away until one day the army will have no place to go. These UMNO guys are blind to the core.

They need to know how many top UMNO leaders are being conned in many ways and in many areas. I came across the con story since I was a kid, a state secretary being cheated by businessmen from Penang. Later I discovered the spectrum of coning is much wider, from counterfeiting to land reservation. Even today counterfeits are generated from the bank ATM machines and the machines are under contracts. Who are the owners ? And the Malays are driven to the pigeon dwelling as land are very expensive as ownerships are changing hands.

These great UMNO speakers felt very smart and flawless. While the Malays are sufferings for being sacked from their job by the tenth and hundreds of thousands, the cost of living is sky rocketing, Prices went up almost weekly by more than 100%. The ringgit continue to plunge which causes the import goods and commodities shot inversely to the value of ringgit. You see their faces in the hall, clapping hands at the empty speech that praised Najib as high as God sometimes as prophet Mohammad.

Down below the denizens are struggling, competing to survive. The so-called low cost housing set up by the government also a cosmetic to deceive the public. I said so because I tried to do the booking and it always come up with a full or I never receive any feedback. These houses will not go the right way and to the right persons.

There have been reports on scams, thieves, kidnaps and robberies. And now the pornographic business and a new kind of drugs for distributions. The first thing I would ask was who were involved, the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Nigerians ? The happenings are real and true, scary and weird. They do not match the noisy rhetoric of UMNO politicians at all.

They talked of the unity while they sacked the party members including the Deputy Prime Minister and the chief Ministers and they said those sacked persons leave the party they once promised to love. These kind of tongue twisters have been promised their place in hell in eternity.

UMNO vent their frustrations on the Chinese using DAP as their scapegoat. In several of his outburst he talked about the number of APs the Malays get compared with rest, the Chinese control the business and expressed angers on the Malay rights. He blamed the failure of his business on the Chinese. He felt insecure and seeing a defeat, developed a kind of phobia that the Chinese is taking over the country as he realized the strength of the Chinese economically and politically.

All his fear originated from the failure of UMNO. This country is not ruled by DAP. The power and the constructions of policies do not come from DAP. Whatever he sees around him is within the realm of the ruling party lead by a group of Malay leaders. The finance minister is Najib. The GST comes from the same man. Some ministers and individuals were given millions of ringgit by the same person.

Jamal tried to elicit money from Najib knowing the later has plenty of it. He got them but he could not walk away as he has to sustain support. He has to continually paid the supporters.

And each day Jamal is seeing scary things happening; the sale of TRX and military land to China, the crazy rail contract with China, the Johor land sale to the foreigners. These were UMNO's doing. His mind went confused. He can't shoot on his own party he ran amok on the Chinese running a licensed gambling den with a troop of gangsters.

If Malaysia made itself as a Chinese Naval base the Malaysians should brace themselves for the worst. The US-China increasing tension in the South China Sea can explode into a war in this region. China would not want to go a war with Trump as she is more interested in making money to enrich herself. But how long can she remain defensive if USA is putting greater pressure by enforcing more of it's fleet around this region.

The CIA will use all of it's might to unseat Najib while China will shield Najib with the strongest available accouter. Even without any US-China sea battles Najib will be made a puppet. And Najib will rule for as lomg as he lives, long enough for the whole of Malaya will be sold to the Communist. The Malays will submit to be under the Chinese as living under Najib have been causing them great hardship.

I predict that Najib will be the last Prime Minister from the Malay stock. You can't undo the damage by talking, shrieking and yelling.



Silk route has been in my dream for a long time. Several days ago I paid the book fee of 1K to the travel agent for May 11 trip. The company requested for the passport to be sent by 24th April for the Visa. That would be a headache since I have to have the passport with me for the trip to Makasar on the 18th of April. I then notified the agent about it.

Just now I was informed by the land line that the company will provide me with my suggested alternatives which I need to choose one of them. The alternative is either to Japan in April or Chiangmai. Chiangmai would cost me about 2K and Japan 6K, whereas the Silk Route is 12.5K. That will be a big relief for me as my purse is almost depleted and I can only accumulate enough for my alternative destination by the end of February. Tomorrow I will get back half of the loan given away.

A stupid acts smart, a pauper acts a millionaire. I am both the stupid and the pauper. I must have given an impression that I am one of those with tons of money. Actually I am running against time. I want to see as much as possible with a little time left. I have seen Mahathir suffers but I will have no chance to see Najib and Rosmah in the extreme agony for both will live till more than 90 or may be immortals by their injecting with cells that will perpetually remain unchanged. I already felt a sudden weakness in my body. It would be almost impossible to be over 75. I can die even tomorrow. The sooner I die the better. At least I can run from Najib. The political panorama today is very bizarre.


People used to say that you see one you see all. I found that it was not necessarily true. New York is not the same as Tokyo in cleanliness, the courtesy of the people and the transportation system.  Cotton Hill in Turkey is not the same as Cameron Highland of Malaysia. Even the Floating Market in Bangkok and Hatyai are different in themes and structures.

Beauty is a good food for our soul. The captivating sights of heavenly sceneries permeate happiness, tranquility and joy.

There is no rule to bar the poor from traveling. The poor has no qualm in choosing the people as their company, lawyers, doctors, Datuks, Tan Seri or the lowly unemployed persons. However I always distant myself from those of the higher echelons. I have always let them knew that I am jobless and poor. When people buy, I just watched.

Going backpacking is cheap but having a lot of hassles to do especial to work on Visas. Following the package trip is simple but very costly, estimated 1K per day except to the nearby countries. With the present currency situation the cost is climbing. I used to pay 7K to New Zealand which is almost double now. Though China is still one of the cheapest, the Silk Route is very expensive. Now that it has been cancelled I can take a deep breath. In the meantime I just wait for the new suggestions from the tour company.

As far as the Makasar trip is concerned everything has been set. All tickets have been purchased and lodging paid. I even have the Indonesian Rupiahs, enough for the trip. I don't expect to find anything spectacular in the island. But I find the hotel we are staying in is comfortable for siesta and relaxation. So far I enjoyed the hotel in Padang, Ayaas Hotel in Amman, the Pratunam in Bangkok and the Hyatt in Medan. I did not pay the kimgsize price for the kingsize hotel.

Just now my student banked in 50% of my loan into my account, just enough to pay for my alternative destination.



Kassim's last breath was at 11.15 last night at Sultanah Bahiyah's general hospital. He was 78 and was very well known among the sportsmen. In school he played soccer and rugby. I was told that he played rugby for the state of Kedah. I don't remember since when he was the Principal of Sultan Abdul Hamid College, the prestigious old school that produce many national leaders and administrators. Doctor Mahathir was one of the students. One of the sports that he loved most was soccer.

What people do not know is his contribution to information technology. In early 80's I purchase 16 computers for my school, the famous Apple using a floppy disk to store data. Ours was the first in the state to use computers and students who took commerce had to learn a few application software related to their studies. It was not in the school curriculum. I taught the commerce teachers and they had to help me imparting the instructions to the kids.

My program drew the interest of a friend by the name of Mohd Hafidz. Hafidz got interested and purchased a NEC from our friend Zuber. He got a few students around him and these young boys enthusiastically developed some amazing graphic soft wares. I would say those boys were genius. Hafidz was close to Kassim and he convinced his principal to purchase a few more machines of the same brand. A computer lab was opened. The school solicited more PCss from Mirzan Mahathir, the son of the Prime Minister then. The lab was completed. I was invited to give a talk to the students on what the computers can do and the future of the technology.

Kassim had another plan, to have a launching ceremony of the lab as Mirzan was the main contributor. He did. Mahathir was invited for launching. He was impressed with the students work. Being a man with vision and a distant foresight, things did not end there. Not long later we heard about the opening of Cyberjaya. Surely I was very glad with the news and Kassim too. Only Doctor Mahathir could tell whether Kassim had inspired him to push for the new policy. Certainly at that moment of time I had had given the credit to Hafidz, Kassim, the computer wiz and the grand school of Sultan Abdul Hamid College.

Now Kassim is dead, nobody but Hafidz is left to tell the rest of the history.

What had happen to my school was a long story which would depict foolishness, stupidity, shame and successes. It was a story of envy, jealousy, arrogance and the hard fight victory.


There was a feedback to correct my story above. It says that Kassim was no more the Headmaster during Mirzan's presentation of the computers and the launching by Dr Mahathir. I could have been wrong. I do not remember who was there after Kassim. But I remembered well the computer story started during his time.

HAFIDZ VERSION OF THE STORY - It was him and Kassim who started with the computer in the 80's. A woodwork was turned into a computer lab. The school purchased more computers to make the total to about 40. Dr Mahathir presented a PC to the school during their time. They went to pick up the computer at the airport. It was during Kassim's period when I was called to give a talk to the students.

Kassim left the school. Hafidz left in 1992 for Universiti Utara Malaysia. Mirzan's donation was after Kassim he and Kassim had left the school. There was a new funding for the new lab. It was hard for him to remember when Dr Mahathir saw the program developed by those wiz kids. he couldn't remember whether the Prime Minister came to the school during Kassim's time.

But Hafidz stressed that Kassim and he himself had set a very strong foundation for computing.



For centuries amateur radio call signs and operator's names had never been an issue. One of the most popular call sign was JY1, Hussein, from Jordan. He always have a massive pileup. Among the many he picked up a friend whom he introduced himself as Hussein and continued with him on regular contact. The man finally asked him his occupation. A few Malaysians including 9M2RB, Rusli, were successful in working JY1.

King Hussein knew what a ham radio was and accepted the tradition of the hobby.

In ham radio we used a short name like LIM, MAT, JOHN instead of the full name. Sometimes we give nick name to our fellow friends like Eshee, Tengku or Cikgu. I prefer to be called MAN by all, old or young people. Conferred titles like Sir, Dato' and Tan Sri would segregate and group hams into classes an status. We had been fortunate to talk to Kings, scientists and doctors without knowing their social status. Everyone shared an equal status.

I began to hear whispers on call signs in the 21st century. I never knew 9W2GOD until somebody talked about it. They relate his character to the call sign and it became an issue. Some began to point out the beginning of the damage cause to ham radio by the authority. Then there were 9W2 who demanded for the two alphabet suffixes when converted to 9M2s, claiming they were senior enough to be conferred with the two alphabet suffixes. Later there were issues on the one alphabet suffixes which were previously given to visitors operating in the country for a short period of time especially in IOTA.

It is interesting to observe that there is a great competitions among the amateurs in many areas to prove of their superiority and technical know-how. Some brag and openly belittle others. Old hams get the most lash; stupid and know nothing. It is a new phenomena that are strange to the old hams. To assert oneself an amateur waves his American call sign insinuating he is a ladder taller than the rest. But at the same time he forgot that he is displaying dishonesty in getting the ticket with the American address. A Datukship elevate individuals that sometimes could break ham regulations.

Going back to the story of JY1 remind us the importance of being humble and polite. I knew I talked to a King only when I received the QSL card. So were the pilots and the Congressman and Hollywood actors.

The authority should have looked into the suffixes awarded like GOD, ASS and a few others which may be disturbing.

I would not find names depicting a social status or an authority entertaining and I don't find greatness in a person who is flagging his academic or professional achievements. I would still respect them without the show of their prowess. Sometimes a simple bite by an insect could cause a fatal injury, the total understanding of the LC in tune circuit could be the insect bite when we can't explain it in depth.



When I was on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen visit the Hong Hong tour guide was swearing and cursing the Chinese Communist with extreme anger for making the people in Hong Kong suffer. Factories were moved to the mainland and people were losing their jobs. The tour leader in the mainland China was a sweet Chinese lady who conducted the tour very well. But she responded back aggressively with smile when one of our tour members condemned communism. And the tour leader in North Vietnam was cursing the communist leaders for corruption and nepotism.

I think human specie is similar in characters despite their differences in race, creeds and skin colors.

What a great leader like Mahathir is now experiencing are shared by many others in the world. Mahathir was a Prime Minister for 25 years. I was a school principal for 23 years. Others may be holding the posts as leaders longer than we did.

A boss has friends and enemies. Enemies want him down while the friends will show respect and obedience. Above me was my boss and I vowed to him and did my best to please him. Subordinates who conduct their work well obliged to fulfill their responsibilities. Whether the head was there, invisible or dead they would perform their tasks as task laid out. But a few among the many would provide extra service, show concern in various ways, sending food to the boss home, never reject any of the request and always made the boss felt they were kind, resourceful and trustworthy. In today's term it is called bootlicking. All with hidden agenda.

The same people would be asking favors by throwing a little hint, which were always honored by the boss. I am sure you yorselves would come across such a person during when you have subordinates under you. When Mahathir was a Prime Minister there were an alarming numbers who became his heroes and promising loyalties.

Almost all the favors and goodies were lost when I stopped working. Those people disappear before my eyes except for the unbelievable few who spoke and treat me as if I am still their leader. There is no more cookies sent to my home, everyone is busy to send me to the airport or accompany me while I was fixing the school computer system. It is nothing strange to me. I cannot give them anything anymore. I am not worth a single cent. For a common man like many of us I do not feel hurt.

But for Mahathir to be treated like a cur by a man who was made a Prime Minister by him, and verbally insulted by UMNO Ministers like Salleh Keruak is something unspeakable. We should have listened what Saddam Hussein said during his trial, "I am your President and how can you treat me like a criminal..." Mahathir was a statesman and he is already 92 years old.

Are we not a weird specie ? A dog could be better than a man.

A Malay Muslim teacher told me that one day he saw a limping dog. Putting a globe he examined the dog's leg. It seemed to be broken. He bandaged the dog's leg and using a wooden stick. Every day the dog waited in front of his house, followed him behind his bicycle until the main road. And when he returned from school the dog waited for him and followed him back till his house. The same thing happened until he moved away. A cow, a horse, a cat and many other birds and animals know the people who are kind to them.

We are still savage. I just watch a movie about bear hunters who killed wild bears. At one point he was trapped and nearly killed by the animal he had shot before. He begged from the animal not to kill him. Amazingly the bear left him. The movie depicts the selfish savage of the living men populating the earth today. You have seen the real live drama, Altantuya being brutally murdered and Kevin Morais's body was dumped in a drum full of cement.

You might have heard about the London Serial Killer but not the Malaysian serial rapper. Here is one who have served jail for 24 years in Canada. He is sent back to Malaysia probably to be the king of Gigolo, making more money than being a rapper.


In a man there resides an evil and a virtue. He can convulse into a wicked savage, thoughtless and wild. He can also make himself like an angel. You may be impressed by his countenance. If he is a politician like Najib he will lie and cheat, gives you a dollar and rake a hundred. He can sell his country to save himself. And mark my words, that Najib is the last Prime Minister of This country. The history of Malaya will be having a new beginning.

The virtue and wisdom of a man are rarely seen. Men wear white masks of hypocrisy parading artificiality of their skins. Greed rules. They become reckless and shameless. When they steal they justify their crime by pointing at other thieves. Am emperor can walk naked throughout the world proudly displaying his bare body. Even a Haji has no shame. The morality and goodness were wrapped and hidden in the forgotten compartment in one's soul.

We don't know who to trust anymore. Everyone looks so weird.

We have seen so vices that we tend to believe that the end of time is near. May they be Christians or Muslims.



No more crab. No more restaurants for my meals. Tonight I have a good dinner, a ham burger with two pieces of Ramlee's meat and two eggs dressed with salads and carrots. It was 50 times more delicious than the MacD stuff. I only paid RM6. If I don't cut cost I will go mad after all I become out of cash. I have gathered enough places where I can get a meal for between RM3 to RM6. A meal at Krabi Restaurant or Secret Recipe can buy me five somewhere else.

The problem with me is that when I have plenty in my purse, I entertained myself with comforts and good food. I knew it was an unnecessary  wastage  to buy a crab that costs RM26 a piece only with a little meat. Having money would lure me to Krabi for it. For each dinner I paid about RM45 just to satisfy my evil lust. Sometimes I drove to Tanjung Dawai and Kuala Perlis for the Sea-food delicacies.

What is swirling my mind is where to get 12K to pay for my trip to the Silk Route by April. My cutting corners would not enabled enough accumulation. But I have a strong faith that my loan will be honored by the end of February. By April I hope to recuperate from money-phobia and be at peace of mind again.

I am planning of having a RM2.50 for tomorrow at Majeed Nasi tomato. A plate of rice with an egg and a glass of warm water would cost me just that much. It will keep me till3 pm. My tea will be a simple RM1 Cucur Kodok. And dinner will not be more than RM6. Or I can have a RM2 Roti Jala at a store attached to the stadium, delicious but a little salty. Malay cooking are either too sweet or too saltish.

The poor people has to work hard and strive for the money. They don't have the mean to steal or rob, nor to make law to suck from other people. Some people get millions by showing loyalty. Others by felling trees and raped the forests. While the smart and the powerful get them from feedbacks by certain purchases, or creating government projects.

The laymen still filled the expensive restaurants. It would have made me thinking that every Malay is wealthy if I have not seen them flocking the cheaper food stalls.

I won't want to marry a wife who does not want to cook. I prefer a pious non-working woman who would not fight with me over having dinner at expensive restaurants. Girls who spend their money on expensive items too would turned me off. Whenever someone joked with me about getting a wife, I said that I want a poor lady, pious and good at cooking. I told them that it is hard to find one. Indeed, it is difficult to find one in the modern world.

Today life is getting harder as the value of ringgit is plunging down, pushing the price up by more than 100% in some goods. RM50 may be good for only 2 items. Prosperity burger which used to be RM8 is now RM16, mackerel is now RM15 at the wet market. It was only a few dollars a few months ago. Government servants and politicians do not feel the pinch. Businessmen passed the hike to the consumers. Rosmah lives on public fund by the millions. Hell break loose during Najib's period much more worst than Mahathir.

I won't beg or borrow during my hard time. I do not use credit card nor purchase things on credits too. I don't feel too bad because I do not owe anyone.

What is imperative in life are food and health. As citizens we are obliged to pay taxes and rates. We can't avoid paying water and electricity bills as well. I will survive.



I feel like a pauper living on a meager remaining pittance in my purse. As soon as I received my last pension ten days ago my student persistently plead and begged me for the loan of 10K. I departed with my savings out of my profound pity. I withdrew RM300 and now leaving me with only RM50 after spending it on food consumption. Yet I made a booking to travel to China which cost me RM12.5K.

Now I know why people were willing to sell their souls for money. I can't imagine how the poor suffered from Najib's GST scheme. The pain has to be extremely severe. No wonder BRIM means something big to the poor recipients and voters will accept RM50 for putting a cross on Najib. I don't blame anyone but myself for my present plight.

With RM50 I can live for 2 days. I have to figure out the best way to sustain myself for 23 more days before my next pension fund. Probably I get about RM120 for my RFID cards from my old school. That can give me 5 more extra days for consumption. My student promised me to pay half of her loan in early February. Can I count on that promise ?

I realize that being broke is easy to deny any request of financial help from anyone. I don't have to pity anybody but myself. I very well know that my student was not prudent with her money and a little selfish. I tolerate her because of her age, early 40s is considered young to me. Her husband, also my student, was a contractor and a big spender. They never agree with each other on many matters. When their business flourished I did advise them on several matters that will ensure them of a great future. All fell on the deaf ears. I was close with them on their good time, I cannot turn my back away during their hard time.

I did promise to myself not to lend anymore money since I was cheated by a radio friend of mine, also a Class A contractor with lots of properties. People can be so ruthless and very filthy.

My ASB is a reserve saving for my illness and death. I regard it as non-existence. My total survival is on my saving account. I have only 2K for me to live on and for emergencies. I cannot make it zero. I have to cook if I have to. I have rice and dried fish except for the gas which is near to depletion. For a month I can survive without eating out. Of course Maggee Mee can keep me longer than a month but they are too bad for health.

It has been a long time since I had been thinking of cutting off my internet. It is the most expensive bill I am paying now. I can go without browsing or downloading but I need to keep my blog going. It is however still under consideration. It is not something impossible to happen. Worst come to the worst is to totally dismissed writing a blog. After all I do not earn anything from it. So far I have long refrained from buying and reading newspapers or watching TV news. I cropped my own hair and do not smoke.

Over all I have been living a luxurious life blessed by the Al-Mighty. In life there are ups and downs. Poverty and hardship are not endowed by God. It is just that we are not trying hard enough or that we are folly enough to be weak and gullible. Some of us are too concern about others, sometimes at our own peril.

I have some American dollars in my purse. With the current exchange rate I could get about RM150. I will try to keep it while keeping my fingers cross. There is always something to hope for. We never know what.


Gong Xi Fa Chai

I did not ask nor read anything about the Chinese New Year. Once, a very long time ago, one of my Chinese student who was a Christian told me that CNY was not a religious rite. It is a celebration imbued in Chinese culture. I believed him then and I still believe him now and make no effort to further my investigation.

Tomorrow, 28/01/2017, is a Chinese New Year. I expect every Chinese of all religions to celebrate it world wide. I would like to wish everyone of them a very happy and prosperous new year. Tonight the family gathers and enjoy the grandest dinner and the firing of crackers be heard creating more luster to it. We don't know who plays with the glistering fireworks. It can be from the Malays or the Chinese or anybody at all. And it is tough for the law to catch them. After all it is a day of joy and happiness.

But there is a new trend these days, that some Chinese do not celebrate the new year at home. Instead they go for the tour taking the holiday for the opportunity to travel for they have been locked in the business tasks for the whole year. They too find a great fun in the celebration with denizens of the places they go.

Rushing home for the festivities is common everywhere, be it in Malaysia or China. Bus tickets are sold out. Train tickets are exhausted. My daughter told me one adult and two children tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar has reached 2K in price. Roads and highways are flooded and slow down the heavy traffics. It has always been a big celebration.

We the laymen take the CNY as a happy and merry day. But not the politicians. They are using it as opportunity to gain popularity especially the UMNO ministers who are trying to get the Chinese support. The national media will be highlighting these leaders more than than the ordinary people.

As usual greed pushed prices up before the new year. Prawn's price increased from RM40 to RM90 per kilogram even two months before. Some say it was not due to greed but it was the market force of supply and demand. Big fish and big prawn cost a fortune. Yet people were rushing to buy and preserved them for the big dinner.

CNY is glittering and sparkling with red, an auspicious color that brings luck. By today's words the color generate more energy and power that will only attract good things and dispelling the evil force.




Wah, the next trip after Makasar will be on May 11 2017 to Silk Route. But I don't have money at all now since I finally gave a 10K to my student who persistently appealed to pay the salaries of her workers. I have to negotiate with the travel agent to pay the booking fee first and a month before the trip I will make the full payment. The funny thing is I still go with POTO despite my swearing not to choose this agent anymore. It is because I like the itinerary of the designed tour. because I take a single room the cost will be much higher than the others. It is 12K plus.

Turpan Photos

Urumqi Photos

It will be 12 days not including the first and the last traveling days. The advertisements says it is 14 days.

I don't think it is a scenic spectacle but surely it will different from the homeland. I will reserve my narration before the coming trip. It is still a long way to go.



My next trip is to Makasar, Sulawesi. It was one of the places that came under the historical spice island, which was the domain of the Dutch Company. Rusli, my radio chum, bought the ticket and made all the arrangements. The total cost is rounded up to 1.6K. We will be staying in a luxurious Meila hotel Makasar.

I experienced a very interesting event yesterday while making the transfer payment to Rusli at an ATM machine at Petronas gasoline kiosk. There was a long queue. When it was my turn I took quite a long time because my checking Rusli's account number was slow and I was asked to reenter it several time. Finally it was all done. I collected the receipt but forgetting about my ATM card.

I walked away while checking the receipt. I heard several people mentioned 'APEK...APEK.." APEK is a name given to an old Chinese name. I used to picture an APEK with a bulging stomach and wearing a loose singlet. However I turned my head to the voices. Everyone was looking at me telling me that I did not collect my card. I could not do anything as the card had entered the machine.

I admit that I am old enough. But do I look like an APEK ? It takes every sort of people to make the world.

As it was only for a short trip I will only go on the backpack. Thin and soft T-shirts would be ample to fill in the bag. It will be light and cozy, comfortable for traveling. After all Air Asia only allows 7kg of hand carried luggage. Lucky I have some extra Indonesian Rupiah which I did not spend during my last trip to Jakarta last year. Rp4 millions should be more than enough. I want to use it on good food and going sight seeing, no souvenir and no shopping.

A friend asked me this evening whether I have been to all over the world. "Of course not," was my reply. It is beyond my reach. The people in my traveling group seemed to have an idea that I was loaded as they were. Friends are puzzled as from where I got the money for all my trips.

No mind could accept my explanation if I say they come from God. It was my childhood dream to travel far and wide. God just blessed me by fulfilling my wish. Sometimes I just hear voices saying, "Go traveling before you die." I already feel that I am going to die soon.



I am glad I can still assist the college despite my senility. I don't remember how I came across the radio frequency card. It came later after my biometric finger attendance system. The card I used is the 1K Mifare and the ones used by PLUS is the 4K version.

To write the data on the card I have to study the various sectors on the card and decide what and where to write them. Figuring out the procedures and writing codes needed imagination. I was 60 plus then. My mind deteriorated fast. What if there are numerous data to be written on the cards ? I have to have a database to feed into the boxes for the transfer to the cards.

I have always thought that educational institutions would be able to investigate the contents of the cards and develop their own simple software to imprint information on the card. What if I were to die tomorrow ?

During my working days instead of taking my offer to teach biometric programming to the teachers in the state for free, the education department picked me up for a word processing and Microsoft Access course. This was a real true case. I went for the course and enjoyed the training. It was the Kedah education department. It wasn't that they did not know we were running sophisticated computer system but I guessed they were just loved to insult people.

I already suggested to the institution to buy the commercial biometric attendance system, cheap and reliable. They should not wait for my death before they make the changes. They seemed to be in perplexity.

They have purchased 10 cards when they need 30 more for the staffs at a price almost double I paid for. I want them to know how difficult it was to process the order and the market price of the cards.

Mind you it takes a little creativity and effort to be a white collar criminals, invisible to detect. In fact there are machines that can hack an IC card and write information in. And machines to write the card for toll road. If the credit or the debit cards are using rfid, the data can easily be stolen. It contains antenna inside the card, which made it unsafe.

It is good to be old and senile. I also thank God for not being smart or clever. Otherwise I would be doing a lot of sinful and unlawful activities.



There are many ways to assess a person. I will never be impressed by his talk nor by his facial countenance. Looks and words can deceive us. I have been cheated by a person whom I have had a very long period of close acquaintance despite sensing his undesirable behaviors. Ladies are quicker to expose their characters than gentlemen. I now realize that there must always be a limit of trust as a barrier to save me from any vile attempt.

But I tend to favor a certain person over the other by his likes and preferences. A chess player, a radio operator with excellent skill in Morse codes, a computer programmer, a person with distant and profound insight, a person who walk the talk, and a few more types. I am bored with a person with full of excuses and telling lies to satisfy his ego.

In the era when Morse codes is not an imperative to qualify for the ham license you would think everyone will be elated and will stay away from learning the language. Surprisingly there are people who continue and strive to pass the test. It is not free. One has to pay for the examination and travels a few hundred kilometers away to sit for it. It is a painful effort to prepare oneself to pursue the extra skill. Surely he has to be an extra ordinary person to have such an attitude.

Those who passed the Morse test have stories to tell and are ever willing to narrate them. I took a solid one year to learn the skill, devising my own method as there were no computers and teachers to teach me. The dots and dashes were provided by the telecom department when I applied for the RAE, radio amateur examination. These sounds were recorded in a cassette from an oscillator I made from the transistor radio. I also made a recording of the ship to shore signals which were broadcasted on the SW radio. Using this cassette that I familiarized myself with the shapes and characters of the sound. I don't remember how long was my listening period for the purpose. Only later I relate the sounds to the characters and kept on listening. There was no one to test me. And I did not know my progress.

Every evening I put an effort to copy the ship to shore until one day I find meaningful words on my paper, about the wind and the storm traveling at a certain knots towards a certain direction. From then on CW was easy to me.

Today the young men took less than 6 months to master the codes. It is an amazing achievement. And they too have a lot to tell their friends about their successes.

This added value however drew jealousies and dejection among some of those around them for breaking the oath condemning CW. It takes a staunch person to defy scorning and rejection. They are a knowledge better than those guys.

These few days a determined licensed amateur has let known his intent for the CW test and is preparing himself for the adventure. In my assessment his total proficiency would be procured by June. But he is going to Putrajaya this March to try his luck. He has attained about 87% of listening skill. If God permits his wish will be fulfilled.

And while having a dinner at a restaurant I met another amateur licensee who expressed his desire for the upgrading. I appreciate the effort to enrich his personality for his own satisfaction. It is not merely confined to learning Morse codes. Try to attend Japanese, Mandarin, French or Tamil classes and enjoy the fun in learning these languages. Go jungle tracking, mountain climbing and back packing oversea traveling, hitch-hiking and feel the thrills of adventures. By a certain degree they make a man wiser.

Rhetoric, talking and bragging do not materialize anything. A person can say he will be having millions and billions his whole life. it remains a dream forever. Miracles can only happen with sweat and blood. He has to strive and struggle. And mind you there is no limit in what you can spout out from our mouth. To me I look at the tangible substance and fact in form of shape and structure.

If we want to upgrade ourselves then we have tot work hard for the added value.





Our King is 89 years old. Mahathir is 92. At every prayer the Muslims seek longevity from God. I only pray for good health so that I could go on with my daily activities, but never desire to live till 90 or even 80. The longer I live the greater the sufferings. I hate to see people are deceiving themselves and being bullied and lied upon by the leaders they choose. Living is getting highly expensive. The sight of increasing poverty and the growing unemployment of young men are to painful for the eyes to bear.

I heard that Mahathir is on a few hundred ringgit tablet each day to rejuvenate himself which is beyond the normal person to afford. He looks much more active and more mobile than our King. Yet both are suffering from political turmoil, Mahathir being directly hit while the King's mind is disturbed. At this age both should have a more peaceful and tranquil life. But for most of us ageing could be a burden to both ourselves and to others. What could wealth do for us when our minds are going senile, rusty and forgetfulness ?

I have a friend, suffering from a stroke, still speechless and bed ridden till today. His good wife is patient enough to take good care of him. If he had died before life for his family would have not been so dull and morose today.

Could I be as strong at 80 as I am now today ? It is just 9 years more. I feel the rapid deterioration of my whole body and mind. They are catching me fast. I have pain in my neck and soles. My movement is slowing down. I don't want to live till 89 or 92. I pray to God to die in peace within any delay rather than enduring a long suffering.

Najib is much younger than me. His hair is as white as mine. Having tons and billions of dollars he does not seem to have an ease of mind. His spouse, Rosmah, wants to live forever as seen in her striving for the elixir of life. It hard to imagine what is in her mind because we are not in her position or in Najib's.

Satisfaction in life is a state of mind. The happiness of a poor man could not be different from the happiness of a millionaire. The taste of food may be different, the nature and the source of entertainment and the enjoyment may be different but the ultimate satisfaction comes to about the same. That's what the normal man can boast about. No matter how great in social status a person is his blood is never gold in color, his ecstatic feeling is any different from any other human of the same emotional state.

Traditional people were never sad when the elderly passed away. I remember my religious teacher said that our lives will be about the age of our prophet Mohammad. Anyone who died at 60 plus is normal and natural. We would surely be thankful to God if Najib or Rosmah would have followed the belief of the traditional society. They are not even 70 yet but they have caused so much sufferings to the people. They defy God and elevate themselves to the level of gods and prophets.

In the midst of the loud uproar, confusion and insanity whoever was ever aware of his old age, that his time to face the God Almighty to answer for his great sins and vices, his cruelty and despotism, his constant lies, thieveries and vices. Such questions are mainly realized by the simpleton, the common poor and the mediocre in socio-economic group. We saw women of age 60 putting up facial make up like the Chinese opera. They think they are young and immortal.

Look at Ku Nan and his behavior, whether it depicts the demeanor of any age group. Some of us ought to be ashamed of the way we behave, act and talk. It is better for these people to die than live without shame, disgrace to the race, religion and to the world.



There are all sorts of diseases and sickness common to the people of the world. This give a wide opportunity for people to make money by producing drugs and supplements. The healthy want to keep healthy and fit, to stay young, handsome and attractive. There are creams and operational procedures to be applied to halt ageing, gadgets for exercises and body buildings. We don't know how much the products related to health and sickness contributed to the gross domestic products. Health insurance could be regarded as a new phenomena.

What we have here in Malaysia but unknown to the West is the Magic Water that can protect and cure a person from high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases. It was once popular among the Malays. The water was claimed to contain verses of the holly Quran and priced at the number of verses read into the water. Then there were the ion water also widely marketed among the Malays.

The critically sick people tend to believe in anything promised a cure. The opportunists start to invents and seeks those who crave for effective treatments. There would be cheaters and con men, false shamans and so-called divine healers.

Mr Chong had spent hundreds of thousand to find a cure for his kidney disease. They promised him a kidney in China and every time he went for the replacement it was not done with all sort of reasons. He once murmured to me, "Cikgu I have millions. But money is useless with the sickness that I have." Money and sickness is highly correlated with each other. Before you die you may have to pay RM50K to a medical center for staying in the ICU unit. My wife had to pay about RM15K for a week in the ward.

It is all about money not about saving lives.

People in dire need and distress are gullible, may they be in health, business or politics. They will be swarmed by people who claim of effective cures for money. The desperate souls can't think straight.  That's how they fell into the trap of Ah-Long and shark loans, freak medicine men and fake mercenaries to save Najib Razak. There is no sincerity to help a deplorable and weak person but to court the money in possessions. These are prowlers; the medical centers, the insurances, the drug makers and the vile politicians. God, religion and morality are all dead to them.

Who really care about the welfare of the society, the community and the poor citizens ? If we care enough we would not squeeze the unemployed, the blind and the deaf, the old and the dead. We show our endorsement by voting the evil leaders and share the despicable act. We heard that the government hospital was almost applying the full charge on the patients had not because of the election.

Bad people are masquerading, putting masks showing kindness and piousness, preaching God and kindness in the midst of unfortunate masses. The wealthy Mac Donald, KFC and Indian restaurants are collecting funds for the unknown not from their own pockets. People are devising ways to siphon from the public. Institutions are using Arabic words for similar reason.

It is very rare that doctors would give free treatment and scientist would go for permanent cure even though the remedy is in their hands.

We know that research and development and productions incurred cost. There has to be a price tag for everything. But ethics, morality and civility should show some consideration and fairness. Do we device a way for the poor and unemployed to pay less instead of forcing these category of society to pay 6% more ? Do we scour the pharmacists for the fake and the placebo ? What action do we take on those who peddled the all-cure magic drugs ?

It is time that we should ask ourselves "Where are all the good men go ? "




The lost past may be forgotten. We cannot jump back into the splendid era of our choice. There are sad periods that will kill us if we bring them along. Let the sadness be bygone.

Ham Radio used to be a glorious hobby that enshrined my life. 5 pm was the time we had to make sure we would be in our shack. It was the time when everyone came home from work and to have relaxation with the second wife. Radio was known as a second wife then. It kept husbands at home. Today the 5 pm activity is the time to watch some beautiful girls walking at the jogging circuit. The thrill is chasing a pretty lady which I always failed. She did not beat me only. The rest of the walking men should respect and salute her. At 6 pm I would return home and taking my rest.

Lucky I have several other alternatives to prudently spend my time namely reading E-Book stories, watching You tube movies and writing blog in addition to globe trotting to appreciate the gifts of God to humanity, the people and their culture, the scenic beauty and the wonders of the world. If I cannot bring back the grand world of ham radio or going back to the joyous era, I have something else to cling to.

There is no more 5 pm rush, no more carrying the ICF 5900W when going away for courses and meetings, no more shout of Al-Toro Ka hing, bamboo formula, Putu Ware and Cheers booboo. They died with time. The living old hams seem to be missing from the earth surface.

I have plenty of things to do and had been talking about it for years. My radio room requires some magic chants to clear the mess. It may take 10 years to make it look presentable. I don't know what to do with tons of books. No wonder in USA some yard sales turned out to be giving away free. And in university campuses you can find good TV sets, stereos and toys placed in laundry halls with FREE notes on them.

For a long time I had been persuading myself to cook my own lunch and dinner. If I did I would have saved plenty of money for something else. Who knows within 10 years I could declare myself a millionaire. 10 short years if I still live and breath the fresh air. All I need is a strong mental prowress and a forceful discipline. My indolence seems to be greaterr than my weak mind. Try to imagine an old man busying himself with cooking to feed himself. At time I wish to have a companion, not for sexual intercourse but for chatting, cooking and a company for traveling.

In solitude internet provides companionship. It takes hours writing an essay, peruse the facebook and downloading movies. I have been watching many Chinese movies with English sub titles, made in Taiwan, Hong Kong and products of Communist China. The Communists produce several propaganda films to show their noble intents in Tibet and other Muslim areas. Some stories on society and the struggle of the remote people to live are very extraordinary. Movies are kept in the external hard disk.

I have yet another rupiah4 millions. I feel like going to Medan to see some old Indonesian hams which are not heard on the band anymore. Are they experiencing the same fate as the old hams in Malaysia ? Wait, I will talk to Rusli about the visit and to have an arrangement made to see the Indonesians probably at Garuda restaurant. Medan does not need 20kg luggage. The whole dress needs only a small backpack.

Yes traveling is fun though it cost a lot of money. I yearn to see the Silk Route, pyramids and Africa. The opportunity cost for traveling is saving to be a millionaire. Between the two I have to choose traveling as my days are numbered. I may go anytime anyday.




Food can slowly kill people. Mostly come from the drinks we consume from the fast food restaurants. Young men of 40s have been devoured by diabetes from such a drink. Consumer Association of Malaysia had shown how much poisons they have in Coke yet none from the government says anything about it.

When I was told that such drinks in the Middle Eastern countries are too sweet a sudden impulse of my mind is the Americans and the Jews want to weaken the Arabs by slow death. If it is a fact and you are telling the Arabs about it, they will not listen to you. They will rubbish it and continue to love MacDonald. It is a human nature. You can see on cigarette smoking, that people still buy them despite the death warning imprinted on the boxes.

But who is going to put cyanide in your food ? If we have war to engage and enemy to get rid of then we have to start thinking of this silent weapon. Pour them in the enemy water source or in the food your enemy eats. I just watch a Chinese movie where food brought to a princess were suspected to contain poison and the princess commanded her attendance to eat them first. There are several movies that depict similar type of events. KGB used to kill the target by applying cyanide to the skin.

You can read more on cyanide poisoning for more information as to how it kills people.

The Malays are using SANTAU when putting poison in your food, a traditional method of putting illness in your body. Some could be recovered when treated. The victims will slowly die if they were not sure the nature of his sickness. SANTAU is easier to make than to get the cyanide. Ordinary people will not be able to purchase the poison anywhere.

If we are still alive till today it means nobody wants us to die. People may hate us but not the extend of murdering us, not even of hurting us. There was a car salesman who cheated his client whose finger was cut for his crime but not the point of killing him. We believe more on God's retribution to taking lives by ourselves. I wouldn't poison a person who ran away with my RM500 though with a few thousands I may want to cut one of his fingers, not the total length but only a few centimeters.

A murder, a premeditated one, is an inhuman act even for an eye to an eye a tooth for a tooth or in war. What more if you want to protect your self-interest, for the survival of tour company, business or family's crime. I am sure that those who are against the Islamic Law (Hudud) agree with my contention though I have reservations for my saying so. Though poisoning is not obvious and unsuspected God knows what we are doing. Do you think God will forgive us for murdering ? They say Jesus forgive every criminals and rapists and murderers.

A murderer usually asked some other people to kill for him hoping he would not be punished. Drunk with one success he will continue to kill his enemies in similar manner. He forgets God totally. By any religious beliefs he will have to pay for his crime.

We may have been trying very hard to avoid making enemies. A man doing a business may be hated by his competitors. A civil servant closed to his boss may draw jealousy from other workers. We are more inclined to bump with evil wherever we go. We are bound to hurt people and likewise others are bound to hate us as well.

We have to remind ourselves of the food we eat, and where we eat them. People may not put a drop of cyanide in our dish but the food itself may contain hereditary killers, killing you slowly and steadily.





From the most top to the bottom UMNO followers all are telling us not to believe in the social media which carries nothing but lies to destroy the nation. The Imams of the mosques have been conveying the same message in the Friday prayer sermons. These days reading is an entertainment to me. Like another fictions most writings could be classed as fiction as well. People buy and read them knowing they are merely imaginative stories. I read garbage merely to compensate my laziness while I was a student, hoping that I could improve my poor English. As I said before I never passed my English.

NSTP ordered to pay Guan Eng RM300k for 'distorted' report

Lately I discovered even the national media published a lot of lies. NST apologized to Anwar Ibrahim and a dead lawyer for the untruth it printed.

Yet we are told to believe only the Ministers and the Prime Ministers. Whatever about Najib and Rosmah were designed by those who deliberately conspire to overthrow him. The most notorious is the Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal.

It would be very stupid of me to simply believe on what all the alternative media are saying. If they are all lies then I want to know to what extent people can go to tell lie as much much to what action a person can do to escape criminal persecution.

I expect the Ministers like Keruak to pursue legal procedures on those who blazoned fallacy and scandalous remarks.


Malaysia is fortunate that the ISP in several countries do not allow Sarawak Report, Malaysian Chronicles and other banned websites in their countries. This will reduce the damage. But it does not stop the false and blatant news from traveling far and wide. The court proceedings in Singapore is beyond the control of Najib. Again Keruak and foreign ministers have to do some glob trotting to explain Mahathir-Soros conspiracy to bring Najib down.

Indeed lies has become entertaining. I don't believe in them but I enjoy them.




From the reading I began to foresee that Najib wants to clear off the spooky 1Mdb that has been tormenting him for some time now. He is to close the strategic development body and to pay off the debt once and for all. That's where the CCCC comes in, promising to resolve the critical and scandalous issue.

I would love this part of the plan as far as 1 mdb is concerned. We would be released from the heavy burden of paying high interest rate for nothing. I also think China would cover back the massive lost of SRC's money. The rest is left to the propaganda unit to boost up Najib's popularity with high spinning before the general election. At all cost Najib wants to stay in power.

If that happens we can say that half of the painful problem is solved. The other part is about the money that found their ways into Najib's account, about the thievery and other criminal acts relating to the cash. Though he has all the resources at hand to fight for his freedom, the money to bribe the citizens, and the art of a sure winning in the general election, he will find it tough to completely buried the sour blunder.

The strategy of sleeping with China seems to be fine to him. He is so sure that things would be return to normal and the trouble would be over. Would they ?

If my clairvoyance is right and my believe that whatever Najib's touches turned to be mud by the force of the dark side of his spouse then only God knows what else is coming and hovering our nation. Altantuya's ghost continues to haunt. Najadi's spirit is visiting Majib's home. And who knows what the CCCC could do to Najib.

The Malays are not too clever to forecast the future. They do not perceived the concept of 'prevention is better than cure'. They can't imagine  a Malay idiom 'bila nasi sudah menjadi bubur' (the spoil that cannot be undone). They love to indulge themselves in the game of gambling which is alien to them. They have been losing billions by their dire foolishness, one after another in a quick succession within a short period of time. They have PHD guys in their team, the half baked and myopic legal advisors who appeal to their emotion rather than their brain and the brainless hooligan ready for the kill. Yet they fail to predict the outcome of Najib's 1MDB solution.

It was not that they had not been warned before. I remember well about the protest when Isa was given the task to take care of FELDA and the creation of FGV. The honest critics were hit back and Najib proceed with his decision. The money lost cannot be recovered. The missing payment to IPIC evaporate into the thin air. Even after China's bail out the lost will be gone forever.

It is not that we pray for the disaster to strike our nation. But we should not be allowed go on with a sheer crazy wastage. Najib has to always remember that he is running a country not a home. He must not make decisions by himself or just listen to his spouse or Jho Lo. He must not let himself be pulled by the nose by MCA, Gerakan or A few con men.

Let's watch.



Some people design their own fate and want it that way. I too try to design my own but leave to God for the rest. I think God answers to everyone's call, fulfilling their needs and desires. Then they should not blame God for the outcomes in their lives. When I leave to God to decide, I have to accept all the providence whether they are sweet or bitter. At this age I only keep the sweet fragrance in my memory.

I was at my old school this morning giving the RFID cards which I have entered the data. I met my old student who was in charge of an IT department in her office, also using the finger print attendance system. I did not demonstrate the system we use in the school. I knew if she were to see it she would be amaze and would recommend the system to her boss. I do not want to do anything anymore with computing except for the minor help that would not tax my time and energy. There wasn't much thing transpired out of our happy conversation. She just recalled the nicest ever experience she had while schooling.

The more exciting conversation was with my former financial clerk while on the way out of the administrator's office. Norhashimah accosted me, "I have not seen you for a long time. I thought you are married."
I pulled a big laugh.
               "You have a lot of money in your ASB. Go and get married."
                "Me having big money ? "
                 "Why not. There a man I met yesterday getting a dividend of RM100K."
                 "That's the man. I don't even get RM10K," I replied.
                 "Go and look one for me," said I.
                 "10% commission."
                 "I am going home. Let me know if you have one for me."
                 "Get one quickly. You have money." she said while I was moving away.

I was excited because she was so concern about me getting a spouse. But how could she thought I have so much money. She didn't know that more than half of my pension procurement was given to my late wife for her ASB saving. I get the less of her bequest because of the error made by the government agency.

It was not me who carved my total fate. My marriage status and financial position were not under my control. I would not know when and where I will get a wife and where I will be interred. And whether my programming activities will vanish altogether with me.

It did amaze me when a man can get a dividend of 100K from his ASB. I would probably be like him if I were to start my saving at the same time when the scheme was setup. I started very much later with 15K and never to add to the amount. On it's mature date many years later the final amount became 80K. That man investment began with the beginning of ASB.

At least I have seen what will become of me in my remaining years. I do think of moving away to somewhere I can be alone until I die. That's the predestination that only God knows. I can be certain that I can never dream of getting the 100K dividend not even by miracle.

The school has changed a lot. There are new faces whom I do not recognize. Norhashimah was the only clerk left after I retired. Eighty percent of the teachers are new. They do not know who developed the biometric attendance combined with the RFID cards system that speaks, wishing birthdays and mentioned names of the staffs that locked in.

The name is changed to vocational college with lower quality students. There is no additional mathematics and lesser practical classes. The students do not sit for SPM public examination. Just imagine their entry level into the local universities with only SRP certificates. To me it is a mad education system under the prime Minister Najib Razak. Things are getting mad.

I do not visit my old school without reason anymore, unlike before when I thought there were still sanity in the system and the environment. The beauty and the aesthetic values were totally plundered. The old glory and it's luster fail to shine. It has become an obstinate system which has betrayed the low achievers in the yester years. If you want to call it fate then call it as one. It is a fate by a poor design by people who cast the philosophy of life away. They are governed by their ego and selfishness.

When my student was recalling of the beautiful days, I told her that she will never ever find it anywhere else in no other time. It is really an untold story, the greatness that were not known but by the students and teachers of the time. It was a divine gift, a real heavenly earth of joy, happiness and greatest student's achievements. I still keep records of student from 1986 to 2000 and could be perused from this web page.

The past has passed. It is dead and will never recuperate. It is the present and the future we should be concern of. What would become of me and what would become of the people and the country ?

It was only yesterday that the monthly maid that I hired to clean my house told me not to get too old a lady for a spouse because instead of she looking after me, I may be looking and taking care of her. They recommended a lady between 40 to 45. They were joking but their thoughts are worth looking at. To them a spouse to me is just my nurse, attending my old age.

It is not that I don't know what to do with time I have. I downloaded movies, watching them, erasing files on my MacBook to free space for my movie work, attending Facebook and Whatapp, going for my evening walk, writing blog, searching for places to have my dinner and today I prepare to make 6 key chains for tomorrow. Life is still meaningful despite the bleak future.

As I have said that I am not a total fatalist. I chose to have my future carved by me but leaving everything to God to decide my fate. But politicians exploit religion for their own benefit, playing around with God's words. UMNO is telling the citizens to accept hardship, sufferings and misfortune because they are destined by God. Mahyuddin was sacked by God not Najib. The declining of the riggit is what God wish,  not the doing of the finance minister. The SRC money and the 2.6 billions that went into Najib's account too were determined by God. So were Mussolini, Hitler and Polpot who were chosen by God ?

 A Chinese jogging companion said to me, "We don't steal. We don't rob. We don't hurt people. Our minds are clear."



The Malaysian native has been here in the jungle long even before Parameswara. They had been practicing shifting agriculture and survived through hunting and food gathering. When the sultanate took shapes and traditional governments were formed the natives continue to live as they were. Like all other natives of the world the land where they stay generally belonged to all who have been living there. They have no grant of lots, boundaries or ownership titles.

Orang asli.jpg

Modern Natives

When savages encroached the free land they killed and murdered the natives, claimed ownerships of the lands and continents. The took North America and Australia, and South America. The early Portuguese, Dutch and the British in our region were more interested in the maritime area rather than the hinterland. The natives were left untouched. Decades later, the British after intervention, took interest on the indigenous natives, aiding them and left them with their lives.

"Direct intervention into the affairs of the Orang Asli by British colonial government was followed with the view of the British colonialists that the Orang Asli should remain in isolation from the rest of the population but should also be given protection. Subsequently, the colonial government called for the establishment of large aboriginal land reservations where the Orang Asli would be free to live according to their own tradition,."(Paternalistic approach towards the Orang Asli in Malaysia: Tracing its origin and justifications Rohaida Nordin1 , Matthew Albert Witbrodt1 , Muhamad Sayuti Hassan@Yahya2 )

It was in the later years when crooks and the underworld penetrated and become parts of the government the plunder of the land begun. The crooks seek the favor of the powerful warlord politicians and agreed to make these politicians the chief and the owner, pouring tons of money from the profit gained. The jungles were raped threatening men who live there and wild animals.

Now they are telling the natives, the traditional people who have been in the land for as long as even Malayan sultanate was formed, that the natives live on the government land illegally. It is from the loud voice of a Malay race, an Islam as their religion. They flashed the law codes and statutes and arrogantly telling these people 'the law of the land'. Neither the Malay nor the British government has the absolute divine right to declare which land belongs to whom.

The legality of the border is superficial. It is valid through acceptance and respect. If it is not accepted and recognized then the claim of ownership is useless. If the United States were to stay in Pekan and tells us 'who says this is your country ?' what can we do ? The land, the sea, the water, the air and the sun belongs to God. The delineation authority is given by the power of guns. The Isreal-Palestinie case is classic enough to portray the right of land ownership. Israel claims the ownership just base on the holly book that says Judea and Samaria belong to the race of the Israelites and they successfully grabbed it by the force of arms.

If the Orang Asli has a superior military forces or backed by any world military power would the UMNO man dare to tell the natives that they are staying on the government land ? And we ourselves right now do not recognize law and regulations made by the government. In our civil life rules are made for fairness just and for the welfare of the majority, not to rob, suppress or to evict people out of their homes.

The savage in human form march on to rob and plunder under various pretext such as 'for economic development', 'for high income', 'for the betterment of the people' pushing the scheme into the law approved by the greedy and insatiable politicians.

All they care is for themselves. To them God is dead and they are the most powerful and invincible people on earth.



All my remarks and comments about Israel is not from the religious point of view. I write as what I see and drive conclusions as they could have happened by the events. The sentiments towards this country could be seen from the very few questions thrown on me; are you not scared to be in Israel ? Do your hear machine guns ? Did the fire burn the Jewish nation ?

Before we entered Israel we were warned not to snap any picture in the country by the Jordan tour guide, Khalid. The entry point was Kuruk. We were on the bus while Khalid was managing our passport. After the Jordan immigration checkpoint our bus moved to the Israel immigration point about a few hundred meters away.

There were two immigration counters to look at our passports. The queue was long. There were 42 persons in our group. In the first counter there were two officers. Eight of us completed both counters with ease. Then there was a long delay. About 25 minutes later the officer on the right seemed to get mad. He was shouting about the name was not in the system. There were perplexities. We waited with calm. The man collected a few passports from us including mine. A few minutes later my name was called. The officer looked at me and I looked at him with a smile. I passed both counters and proceed to the waiting bus.

The rest were still inside. For more than two hours nobody was out. We were getting worried. The temperature was not as severe as in Jordan. I was donning only a T-Shirt. After about three hours later the whole bunch were seen coming out of the immigration office. Everyone felt very relief. The bus started to move, a new bus with a new driver and tour leader having the same name as the previous one. That was the first time I saw Palestinians in Israel. The city of Jericho is not as organized as Alor Setar or Sungai Patani. Shop names were written in Arabic. I wouldn't know how many people on the streets were Jews or Paletinians. And at the restaurant where we had our lunch too I could not recognize between the two.

From Jericho we went to Jurusalem where I started to see roads and signboards were in Hebrew. We stopped on the hill taking pictures of the view of the sacred mosque Al-Aqsa. The air started to become chilly as the breeze was getting stronger. Jurusalem is a well constructed city with trees and good roads. There are Muslims, Christians and Jews. To me it looks like a peaceful city.

After a few visits to historical places we checked in into our hotel. I don't know whether it belongs to a Jew or a Muslim. But the writing was in Arabic.

The worshipped area where there were Orthodox church, the wailing wall and the Al-Aqsa mosques are within a high wall. It is a big area. And the Aqsa mosque is also within a wall. There are gates to enter each of the wall. At each of the gates entering the mosque there are Israel security forces to ensure the safety of worshippers. At one time a guard asked me whether I was a Muslim. I guessed that the non-Muslims are not allowed into the holy primises.

Al-Aqsa is not a single mosque with a yellow dome. It is an area within the wall. There are a few mosque visible to the eyes. And there are mosque beneath the earth surface. As a Muslim it amazed me.

There was no bitter encounter with any Israel or the Israelis. When we walked pass the wailing wall I smiled at a Jewish woman standing there, she smiled back. There was no harassment by the normal Jews nor the security forces. It was just like any other places and countries of the world we have visited before. Nobody felt threatened nor having any fear. The streets were safe compared with the streets in Kuala Lumpur.

On Sunday we entered the Orthodox church. It was fairly dark. Te worshippers were praying. I had never seen Christian prayed in such a way before in my life.

Towns and cities are not as busy and crowded as Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong. Probably people were at work.


Certainly we were not in the war zone, deafened by loud sounds of bomb and machine guns. You can't even see the invincible defense system, the dome, the powerful Israel army or the powerful sophisticated war planes.

We all remember the fire in Haifa which Malaysians were thinking the whole of Israel was devoured by a great fire from the sky. Half of the Muslim world were overjoyed saying God has punished the cruel Jews.

We have been fed with false news and information. The city of Haifa was untouched, standing elegantly with pride. It is a beautiful city. The fire was far up in the hill side. In this city the people of the three religious group live in unity and peacefully. We had our lunch in a Jewish restaurant. The food was fantastic.






I am not praising Israel. How could I say Haifa was ruined by fire when I saw it otherwise. If the city is clean I have to say it is clean. I do not know what's in the hearts of it's denizens.

We slept in a Jewish hotel not far from the Sea Of Galilee. This is a religious lake mentioned by the Muslims and the Christians. The Muslims say at the end of time the lake will be dry. We were told that the water level has lost it's height by a few inches.

There wasn't anyone brough Israel's Shakel. So everyone bought souvenirs with US dollars. A small cup of coffee costs USD4. It looks like it was a standard price in both Jordan and Israel. The boat we were in flew both Malaysian and Israel's flags. Negara Ku was played at the hoisting ceremony.

Our visit to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other parts of Israel was not merely to see the land of Israel but to visit the various historical mosques. We were also taken to Yardinet where the Christians can wash their sins away. I am not sure whether the Jews could do the same. The water at this Baptismal place is said to be holy. They are sold in bottles. To me this place is a tourist attraction and the money making machine.


Compare with Jordan the roads and highways in Israel are much better. It is as good as our highway except they that they are free to use across the country. There is no toll to reap money from the public.

There seem to be a balance between industries and agriculture. No land is wasted. Foodstuffs are grown on a large scale for own consumption as well as for export. Nets are used as shades. I saw several small tractors at banana plantation. Remember when Israel returned the conquered land to Egypt the bare desert was completely transformed to agriculture and as a tourist attractions. There were fruits, buildings and hotels ?

We went to Palestine, Hebron and the West Bank and other Muslim areas. Funny we need to go through Israel border. I felt I was in Israel all the time and did not realize I was in the Palestinian sphere.

In your mind, you might picture the Palestinians and the Muslims are living in refugee camps. You will be surprise to see shop houses and cars within their premises. They run businesses. I would not know as to the level of their poverty. I may be wrong to say there are plenty of wealthy Muslims. I even felt the money we donate for the Palestinians were scams. At one place where the bus stop, a young man went up the bus asking for donation for the school. Looking at the social environment I concluded the people in the area could manage themselves and the education of their children.

I was informed that the refugee camp was on the other side of the West Bank. We were not taken even near to the vicinity.

I don't know how many Muslims are there in Tel-Aviv or Haifa. There could be a few in the Israel security forces and the police as well as in the public office. Again I may be wrong.

There were no Jews staring at us showing contempt, distrust or hostility. As I have said before that you are safer in Tel-Aviv or Haifa than in Kuala Lumpur.

That's briefly I can say about Israel that we visited.

What is repulsive about the Jews is the Talmud. Many of us might think they are holding mainly to the old Torah. Talmud regards the non-Jews as animals. They can be killed or to serve the Jews. If the military who went to war with the Palestine were brainwashed by the Talmud they would even shoot the defenseless women and children.

Not all the famous Jews were devoted to their religion. Many were atheists and Communists. The Great Einstein was a Jew. So were the early leaders of the Communists. Some of the young Jews in Israel even believe in Karma and Hinduism.

I think Israel is trying to open the country to the world, to erase the dark image of genocidal Sharon who murdered thousands of Palestinians. It is not enough for Natenyahu to declare that Israel is the best model of a democratic country to be followed by all when he does not care to enhance cordial relationship with the Palestinians and give them equal shares in economy and public services.

Everyman has the right to live, may he be a Chinese, a Malay, a Jew or a Palestinian. He has a right to form a community of people of the same interests, beliefs and culture, and practice them as he wishes. But born in them are characteristics of greed, selfishness, insatiable lusts, jealousy, hatred, savageness and other hideous emotional ingredients. With power in hand instead of creating a harmonious, happy and wealthy society, he uses it to suppress and oppress the weaker ones, rob and murder recklessly. May he be Najib or Aerial Sharon.

Religiously the Muslims say Jews are sinners. If they are so it is not to the Muslims to play God. Leave everything to God to deal with them. I think the Israelis do not rob from their own people or cause great hardship to their citizens. To look from the human point of view Najib is much worst than Natenyahu. The former sells the Malays and the country away and the later fought hard for the right of the Israelis to live.

Natenyahu must meet the head of the Palestinians and cordially negotiate peaceful co-existence, sharing the economy, agriculture, education and agreeing in the mutual respect of each other's culture. The right to live of the Israelis must coincides the right to live of the Palestinians. Let resources be fully utilized for the benefit of all instead of wasting them into bullets and bombs.



I thought I had call it a quit. I don't have much energy left and ageing is catching on at a fast rate. I am already 71, the age that horrified young girls and women, deemed useless and senile by those who happen to look at me. People wanted to help me crossing the road and constantly reminding me to be careful and not to forget this and that. Indeed, I find resting is comfortable. I can dream fairy tales and build the castle in the air without any limit and rules to apply.

What would younger men think if I were to tell them I programmed the rfid card and biometric finger system ? They would be thinking I am a nut with some mental problem. Old people are desolated groups. I realize that and decided to abandon further research and development on modern programming languages and methodology. And stop programming. I bought the e-prom programmer. The unit was shoved at the remote corner of my shack.

I would hope that those using the system I developed for them will never bother me again. I know the owner of a car workshop is actively using it for more than 6 or 7 years and the biometric attendance had given the good service for more than 10 years. I never make a living through selling softwares. There is no permanent renumeration, no contract. I was as happy as a lark as there wasn't anybody approach me for troubleshooting.

When I was in Jordan the school called me saying the program could not retain data once the machine was turned off, insinuating the fault was due to the program. It was just like callimg for a dead man to rise up to fix the problem. The machine keeps all the previous data year by year for perusal at the current time. It keeps all records of leaves, wishing birtdays, and telling the staffs not to be late of any late arrival with a vivid voice. If one were to use the card to flash one's attendance a picture will be recorded by the camera.

But I hate to think about it anymore. I informed the school it could be either due to human intervention or a form of vicious virus. Yet I went to attend the machine once I came back from my trip. As I discovered it was locked I decided not to do anything anymore. If it needs to be abandoned then the school will have to buy a commercial China made product to replace it.

Later I was informed the computer technician had locked the permission.

Today the school rang me up requesting new rfid cards for new teachers. I have only 30 cards left. I could not contact the supplier anymore. I don't intend to order additional units because they are costly as the value of our ringgit has declined far down. I lost money by programming the cards because many of them were given free. I spent about RM2K for the cards alone.

I am too tired now. I told the school to buy their own cards. At least they will know the cost and the tough experience in the procurement. I will write the cards for a price. It is a charge for awakening a dead man to work, but only a ringgit or two.

I might consider looking after their desired systems if they are willing to pay me a meager monthly salary of just RM500 which they won't. And I don't intend to mention about it. I prefer to be free and enjoy my remaining few years in ways that do not taxed and pressured my rusty brain. People like us could no more contribute to the community. We should be at home and wait for our death. Else we go to the old folks center, meeting friends and pass our time.



Rarely I would scan on 40 meter band, sometimes once in a week and sometimes once in a month. It wasn't like the 70's and the '80s when after office hours we would hear gay and hilarious voices of a few groups of Malaysian hams on several frequencies. There were no day of total quietness. The joyous chats continued even after midnight. Today very rarely also I came across a few guys having themselves occupied. May be they are there but at different time.

Old hams are totally vanished. Some passed away. Some migrate. Some surrendered their tickets. And some are missing without trace, reasons or news. It is unthinkable for a seasoned ham who has been active for 40 years to detach himself completely from the hobby. Once I thought the radio addiction is forever, could not be removed till death arrive. I remember old boy Chow, 9M2CF,  said to me,"Ham radio is in my blood." But he too disappears.

There are more than 25000 hams now. Before, only about 300. We would expect the buzzing on the air band of voices from the new Malaysian radio operators on each day of the week. It just didn't happen. I was lucky to be a part of the merry hams in those glorious era. Since it's death, there is no incentive at all to make any attempt to woo back the living old chums. The new world is just so very different, beyond description. It does not fit the old dogs like me.

The new amateur operators excel in the setup of the radio stations and activities. Tall towers popped up everywhere with sophisticated antenna system while a big majority of the local old hams were on the archaic dipole. Eshee , 9M2FK, had a tower of only 50' high only. Mals's Yagi could be touched  by a slight hop. Mine was a 35' bamboo. Shure mic was a symbol of one's status, owned by one or two guys sophisticated hams. There was only one repeater at Ulu Kali for people in Kuala Lumpur.

And there had been only one radio society then, MARTS, Today only heaven knows how many clubs and societies with all sort of activities. Experts are everywhere with colossal knowledge and skill.

There is an untold stories of progress in technology in the modern time. People play with the new gadgets. Names like the Rasberry-Pie is an alien to me and will be so indefinitely. There are SDR radios with extremely new concepts. Morse codes are sent and read through computers. And there are many more that my mind cannot grasp. The old rusty people are too weak to chase them. There has been a quantum leap while ours is at a tortoise's phase.

How about the old hams somewhere else in the world ? I don't know. Probably some might find themselves out of date too and cannot cope up with the new world. The old and the senile awaits for his time to go. For a little time I take my joy in smart phone facilities and traveling. But I keep ham radio a company by listening to Morse codes installed in my Android.

Anything about the the present world is not for us the old hams to tell. Only the new generations can tell and comprehend. I never asked anyone who encountered with me about the current situation or events. If they were to mumble anything I would have just listened and then forget. The passion with ham radio is not the passion with men behind them. Any narration about the men behind it is just an apparition, a shadow that comes and goes. Many stories do not surprise me. I just laugh them off. It takes a vision to see the unknown and beyond.


It is a day of damn frustration, It isn't half a day yet. I already feel exhausted. May be early in the evening I'll go to Maxis center to find out why they keep on sending me bill after I quit this Telco for over a month and had faithfully paid the last payment. It was quite early that I went to pay rates at the city counselor. There were already crowds in the office. 99% of them were Chinese. The early birds were given gifts, a nice and elegant looking tumbler. I got a couple for the two bills I paid for.

Then I rushed to the main post office to have my ASB book updated. Again there were big crowds queuing. Those who were withdrawing and updating were not separated. I have to wait for 40 people before my turn. It took about 30 minutes of waiting. The updating was quick. Te withdrawing would take much more longer. I would say 90% of the customers before me were withdrawing their dividends. I look at my dividend with awe. It is dipping down. I keep my composure with cursing heart at Najib who is enjoying his family vacation with taxpayers money.

The next thing is to settle my land rate. Driving to the land office took me about 10 minutes. There was no crowd because the land office have not send out the bill. I was quickly attended. My usual bill was RM100. The new rate is RM189, an increase of 89%. I paid without asking question because I know the Chief Minister has not sit even for his school certificate and he is just like Najib, a Pei Shu, that eats without excretion. Money is never enough.

Once Alex Jose said that the Malays are the generation of the pirates. Our Tengku banned him from Malaya. We said that Drakes too was a great pirate knighted by the Queen of England for plundering Spanish galleons for gold. If the English were the generations of pirates are we not ? We are worst off because we rob our own people. Just look at Bashah's face carefully and examine in detail. You won't believe your eyes. he looks like one of them.

I pay to the city administrator at a high rate, almost rm400 but I am very satisfied with the service the city has given. Our area is very well kept; grass cut, drains are free of clog, and garbage cleared. And every time an early payment is made the city counsel tend to give you something of good value. It does not behave like a gangster or a pirate.

I have yet to hear from MAXIS why they keep me sending the bill. It is a company of the state of the art technology, employing sophisticated computer programmer. Don't tell me it is also a part of the robbing team attached to the rest of marauders.



I have a few more years to live. Lately a lot of people were telling me of their sad and sorrow stories. Majority lamented on their being broke. One even approached me for loan of 200K. It is not a joke. My God, do they think I am a wealthy man having that kind of money which I have never dream of to have in my whole life. It is true that I have three cars but they are very old and dented. They are worth less than RM500 a piece. It is true that I have been doing a lot of traveling but I sacrificed my daily consumptions to save for the trips.

It hurts when I hear their sad stories. They were truly as striked by misfortunes, being laid off from work and a few from their own stupidity. I have narrated about the person who asked me for the 200K loan in my previous articles. It was the story of he and she, husband and wife, whom I had given 20K before but having to time to lend me 20 minutes of their time to send me to the railway station, 10 minutes each way, and no time to pick me up from the airport when I returned home from the Spain-Morocco trip. It was after the loan affair mind you.

Hearing their stories however made me sad. I pity them and get worried over the matter. At my age I still worry about people's plight and mishaps.

I have to remind myself, always, that I am no longer young and able. I have myself. I cannot solve problem for the others. Each person has his own job to do. They need to solve their own quandary. With a little time left, I might as well do the best to please myself. I had taken care of my sick and bed ridden wife for more than 10 years single handed, nursing her until I got a maid. It was not a burden. It was a mission of love to service her. When she left me I thought I could be free and alone for sometimes, to rest and to have a peace of mind.

Not all people you help would appreciate what you are doing to them.

Only yesterday I met a rich and wealthy contractor who owed me RM500. He disappeared from me after I handed him the loan, ignore my SMS and phone call a year later. He accosted me and asked me to sit beside him. I ignored him. If he had wanted to repay the loan he would have come to my house. If he was honest he would have answered my call. It is really amazing, something beyond logic and simply incomprehensible. There is no morality, ethics no shame.

People tend to show their care when I was working and forget me after retirement. When I was in difficulty and sick nobody helped me. I nursed myself and bore the problem on my own. I do not borrow from anyone or  any company. "I cut the cloth to fit my body" is a proverb that guides me in my life; no extravagance, no lavishness, and no wastage.

Those people were not dumb. They parade their smartness in their glib words and elegant deeds. A few showed pomposity. They were too smart to follow people's advice.

I know the 200K guys are worried. There is no trade offered, no collateral nor share in their business. They only asked for the loan with verbal agreement. I wish I could help them only if I have that much.

I have sum money saved for over 40 years of my active life. It is just enough to give me some fine time and comfort before I die. I want to see some part of the world that I have never been before. It is not the moon or the Artic, not the top of the Himalayas or the bottom of the sea. It is just to some historical and scenic places around and less hectic to travel. I also want to taste good and delicious foods, sleep in a quaint hotel and a soft bed.

When people torment you with their problems they are in fact trying to kill you. I am no more a young man with a strong heart. I have to monitor my BP and blood sugar level, keeping fit by daily evening walk. I can drop down anytime and anywhere. Please don't make me worry. Let my brainwave travels far and wide enriching friends and families. Let God gives me strength, will power and happiness. And let God show them ways to free them from miserable life.



The new year begins with a crude comment. While our Prime said that the Western countries are jealous at our economic growth and he is enjoying a family vacation using the government jet in Australia, motorists are queuing up the petrol kiosks to save a few ringgit at the further rising fuel cost, the ringgit continue to flung, ASB dividend was at the lowest and the prices of foods and commodities keep on spiraling. And how true is Najib selling Malaysia to China ?


There is a bleak and gloomy years to come. The debts are rising. The Chinese companies are coming. The taxing will get tougher. Unemployment continues to grow. Money continue to lose their way.

There are two men who put us in bad times; Mahathir and Najib. One has earned the punishment and the other is waiting. The bad time of Mahathir was not as the bad time of Najib. Najib is a man who does not care about his Malay race and about the Malaysians as a whole. His days will come. The retribution will be very severe.

To Najib there is no about turn. "We will prosper or die together" and moves ahead in destroying the nation. 2017 and the coming years are not the era of joy and prosperity. Many would be displaced and suffer. But life has to go on.

But when I was young already in my thought that future is not always brighter. I fantasize a hard life, living as vagabond, poverty and destitute. I made preparation to face the unknown. And survive. I have about 5 more years to live. Millions of others have many long years to suffer. We can be sure the sinners will be burnt by the hell fire. With God's permission we will see them yelling and wailing in hell.