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UNMO called Lim Kit Siang a Communist. Now it is likely our leader will be addressing the Chinese Communist Assembly. Is it not weird ?


Raymond Francis

Somebody is not cut for marching

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My account for Surabaya's trip has closed. It includes every cent spent on the trip and all expenditures after the trip using the money drawn. The last of it was the last night exotic sea-food dinner at Kuala Perlis. The total amount was RM2K. It was a modest spending, average amount for the Asean trips by the tour package or on our own.

I did not buy anything at all, no souvenir nor a Batik shirt. I walked to places if they were just below five kilo meters, not to save my money but for my walking exercise which has been my daily routine at home in Malaysia. I took a Go-Jek boy for the sight seeing but I paid him handsomely. He even begged to take me to the airport on the last day. I agreed, just because I pitied him. He is 21 and married to a 20 year old beautiful wife.

I had wanted to spend on food but I did not. I tried the hotel mee and a pineapple drink. I was charged about RM75. The mee was unpleasant and saltish. I went to a seafood restaurant and I saw it was a mud-crab not the sea specie for my religion forbid the crab that can live both on land and in water. I have to settle for the Fish and Fries at the nearby Mac Donald.

To date the best hotel I ever stayed in Indonesia was at Lombok. It was on the beach. The food was excellent. The Nasi Goreng was very delicious.














I go back to my childhood life, about 65 years ago when mud and marshland were our part of our play fields, a simple happy life of the normal laymen. Now that I am retired and I can't be of use to anybody, nobody sees me anymore. Knowing my status and position I refuse to seek helps or favor, or to assert my individuality. People like me is called Kupang Tembaga.

I love to be like everybody else. In buying a ticket for a soccer game, I queued under the blazing sun like everybody else. A person of a high status and from an aristocratic family may engage someone else to pave an easy way into the stadium with ease. When I was working people gave me a pass for free. My subordinates sent me dishes of my likings to my home.

But I still have my pride. I can go anywhere in the world if I want to and enjoy a four or five star hotel room. I am proud that I can make a little annual contribution to the local mosque and for the community service.

Having have a colossal experiences with the local people, I prefer to help those people who served me well. In this case it was the Indonesian maids who got the most. I am not a wealthy person. But I consider myself to have received an abundance of God's providence, a sustenance enough for my cats, the birds and a few needful poor.

The other night at the local stadium I was chased out of an area where I put my video tripod stand to capture the match. I did not argue or said anything. I just moved out. Then a few people approached me asking whether I was from any media organization, to which I gave a negative reply. A man asked me about my previous job and retirement date. It happened he was a technical teacher. I told him that I taught computer as he asked for more. Then he told me the story about himself and about him ending up as somebody powerful. We talked for hours before the game started.

After him there were several others who became our chatting mate. That was a majestic moment for small people like us could taste.

It is nothing strange in becoming a Kupang Tembaga. Even the former Prime Minister himself, Dr Mahathir, is falling from his grace too. To fall from grace is something that I always have expected. But it does not steal my pride away.

On the 24th October I will be flying to Surabaya. In January next year I plan to go to the Maldives and enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature. Life isn't boring, isn't begging and isn't miserable. There is no more swampland or a river with limpid water where we can go and jump and swim like the childhood days. We can still set foot on distant lands. To a certain extend the life of a simple people is free, no fear of being murdered and surrounded with bodyguards. We eat in a small stall, on stools provided by the laksa man on his motorcycle, and in restaurant.

The best of the recent life is that we do not hurt other people or cause them to suffer. We don't steal nor cheat. Being a laymen could at time be rewarding.



The ticket agent told me international luggage sold at the minimum of 20 Kg. I wanted only 10 Kg in case I may find something attractive in Surabaya. 20Kg is too much and cost about RM90. Even my big bag weigh 18Kg when I packed it with clothing and other essential items. So I rejected it and would only carry a backpack and decided not to buy anything.

I usually took several gadgets with me like a spy glass, a pair of spy watches, two hand-phones and twp watches. This time I will only take a Samsung Smart Watch, a Casio Radio Control watch, an Asus cell-phone and a newly acquired Panasonic video cam. And of course with their respective chargers. The handy cam is specially purchased for my Maldives trip.

For 5 days I bought 5 pairs ankle socks yesterday. I will leave the worn ones at the hotel. There are 10 pieces of round collar T-shirts and 4 short pants. From Alor Setar I will don a long pant. I weighed my backpack yesterday and the scale showed it was 5 kg. I think by tomorrow it will not be more than 7kg as allowed.




If you want to be wealthy you read more about Bill Gate, emulate him. He is more clean than Jho Lo, a con man who had conned a leader of a nation. If you want to learn about UMNO and Najib try to study what Watergate is. And if you want to learn about Bali Gate, go to Bali and ask to see the CCTV and feel the bed of the special room.

Bali Gate is about love between a man and a woman like any other love stories. The story was published in the Youtube for public perusal and enjoyment. And some people downloaded it, to keep as a grand souvenir.

Bali is a beautiful island, not far from Lombok, about 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur. I have been to Lombok but not to Bali yet. The populace are Malays professing Hindu religion. It is the scenario of this culture and the food issue that killed my interest to visit Bali. But since the love affair of the Bali Gate, it arose my desire to be there and stay in the room where the play stage was.

Love is blind, they said. I am talking about love not infatuation. Whatever are behind and front of the lover, matters not. A fragrant of a fart smell sweet. You forget a tiger behind you, the kids or the legal spouse at home. I would admit it if I fell in love again with whoever and whatever human or any other specie. As a human I will admit with shame. What again if my love becomes a global story.

We used to tell people to mind their own business. They would if they see a fair play in the game. But they are indulgent in the game. They incarcerate you if they hate you. They will come up with thousand and one excuses if they like you. Even if nobody cares, it is a question of morality.

But Bali Gate is a sensational love story, the epic of marriage, love, affair and divorce. The black force is within their own home. Not the avenge of any outside force.


On 21st October 2017 was a second semi final match between Kedah and Felda United. Kedah was without the main players as they were injured or received cards to ban them from the game. A man beside me said that if he knew Liridon was playing he would not have come to the stadium. So were we. We were all worried but with high hope that Kedah would work extra hard.

When the game started Kedah looked very promising. As the time passed Felda was in control and have the ball possession of about  80%. Felda was very aggressive in the attack. But every shot failed, even with ball that defeated the goalkeeper, only to hit the post and reflected to the goal keeper. There were more than ten near misses.

We thought we were doomed.

But a couple of rare attacks and a ball passed to Sandro, found it's way into the net giving Kedah the score of 2 goals.

To me it was just a fate. Pure fate though our defense was hard to get through.


2nd Semi Final-Kedah vs Felda Unitd


I started to charge my two batteries for my Panasonic handy cam thinking today is the day of the second semi final match between my state and Felda United. I even had my tripod ready to record the match at the stadium tonight.  Afterwards at about 10 am there will be spectators queuing for tickets and I intend to put them on my video too.

While I was about to go out I asked myself whether I went to mosque for the Friday prayer. May be I went. The memory was fuzzy. Then I looked at my Samsung smart watch to check the date. Today is not the 21st as I was thinking. It is Friday the 20th.

Surely it is a symptom of a decayed mind. How could I shake myself from senility ? How many other people of 70 are like me ? My late wife did tell me about a man who did not remember his home and his family as we were talking of ageing and forgetfulness. I just thought it was a rare phenomena. People cannot be that so bad to suffer from amnesia without any cause.

Mind you if I were to be in the stadium I would yell like a young man. No wonder young people were looking and smiling when I shouted at the players, referee and even at our own coach. At times I would remind them on the Facebook that their time will come soon. And that's what I always hope Rosmah Mansor to know too.

At least I am still doing the video work and photography, monitoring and reading Morse codes, writing computer codes and laboring myself to upkeep my home clean. The rest I leave to God to guide me. It is nothing to lament about. It is just our cycle of life.



When I go to the stadium I yell and shout with a shrieking voice. Young people would look at me and smile. I know what are in their hearts. It is odd and strange for an old man to behave in the barbaric manner.

There is a live telecast tomorrow. I could have stayed at home with pop corns in my hand and eyes glue to the TV screen. Yet I am willing to queue up for a ticket under the blazing sun. RM50 for a ticket without a seat number is considered expensive. If I were to go two hours before the game, I can assure myself that I will have to stand all the way until the match is over.

I pay RM50 not only to watch the play but to shout and yell at whoever call me to do so. For a bias referee I am sure I will have the followers. And I want to be an outside coach as well, shouting for a player to run instead of waiting for the ball, to open their eyes, to pass the ball to the right person etc etc

But can we be guarantee that there is no corruption.



It was afternoon that I went to the Star Parade Maxis outlet to buy a Pre-Paid SIM Card to talk to my maid in Indonesia. The Malay girl showed me the the card and said it was RM20 with RM15 credit. On the card it was written RM10. So I asked the girl what was the RM10 for ? She said nothing. I asked her several time and she was still mum. Because I needed it so much I just paid her RM20. She asked for my ID card to have the SIM registered. When the process was completed I took my stuff and walked away. At home I received a message from Hotlink that said that the reloaded amount was RM9.43 and bla bla bla with other messages that I did not understand.

I am happy with the price because I could talk to Madura except for the mysterious RM10 on the card and I received no explanation from the Maxis girl.

That wasn't as bad as my experience with the boys at a restaurant near the airport. As I took a seat a waiter arrived to take the order, "Sup tulang, fresh orange, udang goreng kunyit," said I. He walked away but I heard him mentioning "sup ayam". I called him again and asked him to repeat the soup that I asked for. "Sup ayam," he said. I corrected him.

The drink was first served, within 2 minutes. About 25 minutes later another waiter brought me a plate of rice and the bone soup but there wasn't any friend prawn with turmeric. "Where is another dish, prawn with turmeric ? " He went away. Ten minutes later another boy brought me a plate of cut-squids fried with the required spice.

What really went wrong ? Are we all insane ?

Every now and then I would go to Medan Selera after my evening walk to quench my thirst with Fresh Orange. This place used to be a popular culinary heaven, always filled with eaters. But now only about 11 stalls still run the business. I was told that many closed shop because they did not pay the rental and electricity bill. The average rental for a stall is about RM3 ringgit a day. I didn't believe my ears that the vendors could not afford to pay just that much.

We are living in an insane environment. It looks like that we are somehow being dehumanized. Many are confused.

It is a pathetic scene. It is our fate.




I don't have an auto compute system in my head. Every time I plan to travel I have to start afresh; counting again the number of days and how many T-shirts, trousers, socks and underwear I have to bring, and what kind of luggage I have to take with me. The next trip is just around the corner, to Surabaya for 5 days starting on the 24th October to 28th. 










Checking on the small bag I found the the zip stitch was cut. The bag maker used the normal sewing method when attaching the zip. Since I have the stitching set I decided to do the repair by myself. I did it. And I save some money again and in me comes the feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

This is the life of the simple and ordinary men like me. Whatever we are capable of managing by our own labor, we do it. We fixed the pipe, trim the grass, cleaning away dead leaves, cutting down branches and small trees. And in between times I squeezed myself to read an e-book stories on my smart phone. After Asar prayer I prepared to go to the evening walk, an hour of daily routine. In Surabaya I had to compensate it by taking a long distant walk. Instead of a taxi I will just walk to some of the attractions, if they are about 4 or 5 kilometers away. The local will wow me if I tell them that I walk from point A to point B.

Only tomorrow I will go to the car spare part shop an ask why my hazard and signal light do not flicker. If the job is simple I will buy the component parts and have them changed by my hands. It is this Saga that will take me to the airport and I will leave it there for 5 days. The currency exchange was done at a sad rate; for a million rupiah I paid RM318.00. It is merely for food and transportation, no shopping or buying souvenirs. People whom I gave things never even have time to send me to the airport. They are always busy.

For my cats I will leave 4 kilograms of cat food in the open. These animals seem to know that I will be away. When the food is depleted they will go somewhere else to search for their sustenance. When I come back, they will be back.

I wish myself good luck.



Those who were born with the silver spoons in their mouths would not be able to grasp and imagine what life is for being poor. The poor kids are always under nourish, lack of protein and to retard in their growth. They don't have land to toil. The number of vagabonds are increasing in numbers. They strive for a living.

The rich used their wealth to get things done for them. If they are obsess with money and having no time to do anything else they become fatter and susceptible to chronic diseases. But they enjoy the luxury of life, unknown to the poor. What do most of us know about yachting and pink diamonds.

When the poor become old men and women they become like a wild dog. They become burden to the younger generation.

There were so many cases where the offspring with families would engage a maid to look and stay with their old folks. This will be less problem to the wealthy old people. The themselves could engage someone to look after them.

I would not want to stay with my kids for I never want to get hurt by any of their deeds or the words they may utter. Further more the values professed by the old and the young are totally different and opposite.

I learned there are many other old people who are like me. May they be Malays or Chinese. As long as they can move, they would take care of themselves.




I would like to recall the past remarks that UMNO had spewed and what happened after that. First about a tiger killing a man in Gua Musang as it was a PAS country. A few weeks later a man was killed by a tiger in Melaka, a BN state. Again Kelantan was criticized vehemently about the flood. And a few days later Trengganu, Pahang and Johor were flooded. Also other BN states. Guan Eng was put to shame on buying cheap land, and later the MCA leader was caught doing the same thing.

Then Guan Eng's family and other opposition members were smeared using similar sexual relationship to put their whole family into shame. And they were trying to do the same to Syed Saddiq. Though Islam forbids such a despicable acts Hadi was mumed about it as a religious cleric who claimed that he is only for Islam. There was a contradiction between his words and deeds.


The comeuppance or karma is alive and kicking.

The story was about the extra-marital affair between Zulkifli and a married woman in Bali. The video is published in the Youtube. Starting from now people don't talk anymore for fear they might be killed. Even the late PI Bala was suspected of being poison in his food.

Many of the truths have been known. The guilty persons just put the law, the police, the army before them. No amount of money and denials can erase the sins and the dirt accumulated on the miens. The disease and the bacteria has started to grow an spread. And contagious too. You don't believe me if I say even the Saudi King's current economic suffering is due to the infection. He lied and paid for his sin.

Yes it was the same readers who passed the remarks. It is not about the MACC, it is about his morality. It is just a naked man getting angry and running amok with a parang displaying his balls and manhood all over without shame. Millions of Malaysians and even the world have seen the video.

Shamelessness of a man is like you see cats and dogs having sex in front of all men and animals. It is worth than a thick skin.

Dzulkifli does not have millions to pay the husband of the ladies to help to deny the affair. He also criticized a Federal Minister and the government for not giving enough fund to the agency. He pays for his bravery, a hero without cause.



Politicians and top brass individuals unknowingly were followed by hidden camera for nothing more other than for the reason of blackmailing them.

Evidences are planted or fabricated to arrest a person. If the police wants to arrest you they can always plant drugs in your car or in your house compound and then arrest you with charge of possessing the drugs.

This is the most common ways to charge a person.

The other common an popular way to get you busted or even killed is to charge a person as a terrorists.

Muslim individuals are the main victims and in Malaysia the Malays have been identified and related to the ISIS group. Those who are considered as enemies, their names ar submitted and recorded in the International Terrorist database.

A person deemed to be a threat may be cleaned from the earth surface by killing him. The murder is done through food poisoning via your own cook, the used of gangsters and other paid professionals, sabotaging your vehicle of the transport that you are taking.

Removing a railway track that the train you are traveling on, sawing the stilt of something that you may stand on. This is less serious as compared to all the above.




The maid I told you about rang me up yesterday telling me that she is coming back but has no money to buy the plane ticket. Her husband is not fully recovered yet and will not follow her. At Madura island they have no job. I asked her to borrow first and I will reimburse when she arrives here. It was a great relief as I heard of the news. I could pass part of my labor to her to ensure I will have a flawless compound.

She also needs to phone all others who had been employing her or else they would have taken new helpers. But I doubt she did it. This time I planned to honestly tell her about thieving for not all Malaysians will confront maids who were found stealing directly except for very valuable and expensive items. Most will not hire or reject the dishonest maids without telling the reasons. As such they would lose their sustenance.

People I talked too spoke the same things about maids. Everyone said maids stole things.

And I will also tell her about the comeuppance or Karma of being dishonest. Bad luck will befall the family at home and they will never cease to be slaves forever and die as one, without having enough money all the time. It is the sins that they made that they reap with lifelong misery.

Independent maid like her earned about RM3K a month, much more than working with a single family. But she need to be fetched from her home. She told me that where the house to be served was far she had to take a bus half way. She had to pay a rental of RM250 a month, and sent home the big bulk of her earning. Her son who was suppose to make a business had been failing to run one.

I called her Mila. That is not her real name. Maids always used nick names and tried to hide many things about them.

Anyway I have done much to my house, repairing the leakage pipe, clearing the fallen leaves and poisoned the weeds and the grass. The foliage turned yellow and dropped dead. I will have to give a clear instructions on the way to use the weed killer; the need to use face mask and the rubber glove and the method of spraying it by studying the win direction.

I never asked anybody, not even a maid, to laundry and iron my clothing, or cleaning my shabby radio shack. It is just a feeling of responsibility, something that could be traded with money. Mila had wanted to iron my shirts but I disallowed her. And she didn't mind.

She usually took about 4 hours to complete her work and I paid her at least a RM100. She would not waste her remaining time. As always she went to render her service again somewhere else. She said she get between RM50 to RM70 for it. She had so much money that some were stolen by someone I thought by her own male friends who always frequented her abode. There were some Indonesians reside in her area. One of them was a thief. And I told her of my suspicion.

In the meantime I just take care of my home alone. It keeps me a little busy and jolly.


Mila always reminded me that should I take a wife, she must be strong and healthy and good.

"Take a wife who can take care of you or else you have to nurse her when she is sick," she told me. She suggested a woman of 45 plus as the youngest. I am 70 and not man enough to satisfy a woman of that age. She laughed when I told her.

She has somebody in mind from Madura. If I want she would arrange it for me. Of course I just smile. Marriage is not like buying fish in the market.

It is not an easy thing. You can throw the bad and stale fish as you like but you cannot do it with human being. There is a burden and a big commitment.

And one is bound to hurt each other in our speech and deeds.

At the moment I feel at peace and happy staying alone. I am very free to do what I like and travel where I wish.



I have a small saving in ASB, the annual interest of which is small as compared to Bank Rakyat and the Public Mutual. While others were rushing for more dividend and profit, a friend of man told me not to be greedy. "Stay put with your saving and never hunt for more" he said. Other friends encouraged me to buy hold for the value will never decline and the profit was great.

I stayed put, did not moved away my saving to any other profitable agencies. There were numerous advertisements in the newspapers, trying to convince people on the profitable investments in gold and the off-shore trade. I always remember the Pak Man Tello craze. I discouraged others because it was never logical to reap a big profit within  short period. Yet teachers, government officers and even Head of Departments became the big Towkeys, I thank God for instilling into me a strong discipline to contain myself.

Years later I read in the newspaper about the lost of offshore gold investments. And I reaf about the fake gold dipped in real gold giving very much less value than paid for. I had a big laugh, really a big laugh.

Below is what is being viralled on the docial media today.

_Utusan Malaysia Online 07 Oktober 2017 3:00 AM_

*KUALA LUMPUR 6 Oktober 2017* – Kira-kira 1.7 juta mangsa penipuan 27 jenis skim pelaburan melibatkan kerugian bernilai RM4.4 bilion dicatatkan di negara ini sepanjang tempoh Julai 2013 hingga September 2017 lalu. Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial (JSJK), Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani berkata, dalam tempoh berkenaan, pihaknya menerima lebih 2,500 laporan mangsa bagi kes. “Kami beberapa kali mengingatkan orang ramai agar tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan skim begini kerana tiada satu pelaburan yang dapat memberikan pulangan tinggi. Agent atau _leader_ syarikat biasanya akan mengambil deposit daripada mangsa untuk dilaburkan dalam syarikat tempatan." “Pakej pelaburan yang ditawarkan oleh suspek adalah antara RM350 hingga RM55,000 dengan menjanjikan pulangan tinggi."

Senarai skim penipuan pelaburan yang dikenal pasti. 
1. Crude Palm Oil 
2. Highway Group Resources 
3. Mekah Islamic Hotel 
4. Federal Reserve Chicago Bond 
5. RJB Empire Group 
6. Venus Fx 7. AAM Academy 
8. Celoreng Mindef 
*9. Kongsi Makan*
10. Bit Coin - Bit Kingdom
11. JJPTR 12. Bit Coin - Al Mubin Agarwood 
13. Exorbitence Influence Sdn. Bhd. (Krubal) 
14. Richway 
15. Pelaburan Emas Royal Gold 
16. Dato Dave (Syarikat Aero Asia Holding) 
*17. Monspace*
18. MFace / MBI 
19. Pelaburan Emas - Tok Belagak 
20. Pelaburan Emas - Pegasus Bullion 
21. Saham - Century Dinasty 
22. Pelaburan Forex - MGCFX 
23. Pelaburan Sunner Group 
24. Pelaburan GM Friday 
25. Focus Capital Growth 
*26. Skim Perumahan DBI/Juta Kelulut*
27. Global Tijari
[11/10 9:53 pm] ‪+60 11-2568 0133‬: *TOLONG VIRALKAN*
*semoga kita dapat selamatkan DUIT rakan2 kita!!!*


1. Noor Zaidi Bin Hassan 163019651309 (Maybank)
2. Muhammad Ikhbal bin Taslim. 14820002359529 (CIMB)
3. Satralyn - 165125266083 (MBB)
4. Lee Suet Chinn - 4779046133 (PUBLIC BANK)
5. Mohd fadli - 7606748639 (CIMB)
6. Mohamad Fairul Bin Abu Bakar - 7049910031(CIMB)
7. Nassarudin Bin Ahmad Akmar - 4756227835 (Public Bank)
8. Muhammad arif bin dzulfadli
9. Andry Stephen ak Anthony. Maybank 161239022664
10. VIVIAN A/L VASU 110078148805 (acc tidak di kenalpasti)
Nurhidayu binti Shahri Cimb-7042162353
12. SYAFIQ AZRI BIN JAILANI CIMB BANK : 5577565400557504
13. Nur Nirmal 12092022934110 bank islam
14. Muhammad Rushaidi 158042778535 (Maybank)

*Senarai nama penipu yg kononnya menjual tudung AIDIJUMA*

1. Khalidah Khalid 151017193499 (MBB) 01160773313525 (CIMB)
2. Mohd Firas 162013000905 (MBB)
3. Noratikah Nobit 112241075413 (MBB)
4. Siti Fatimah 164017220750 (MBB)
5. Syed Kamal al Yahya 162834038188 (MBB)
6. Syazrina bt Ahmad 157139577099 (MBB)
*Tipu penjualan HP*
Bank CIMB :5577565400674648
*Zulasraf joharri manaf*
no telefon : 013-272-5800
*Scammer di Mudah.My*
*Tipu Jual Huddle Yes*
Nama : Muhammad Feazy Iskandar
Nama Bank : CIMB Bank : 01260002959204
*Scammer di*
*Tipu Hp Iphone 5*
Name:Hj Saddam bin Abdul Kadir
Name of bank:Maybank
Account number:1550 6923 2368
*Scammer di*
*tipu jual HANDPHONE*
Name : Izuan bin Abdul Rahim.
No. Telefon : 0104379994
Name of Bank : Maybank.
Account Number : 152116070094
Public acc 4662006431 
ms chan kee fe

11118-41-000076311 (BSN) : KU MUHAMMAD TARMIZY BIN KU YEEN
105176065539 (MBB) : REGINA ROSS
7056592322 (CIMB) : YAP WAI KEI
155171103902 (MBB) : MAS FAZIRA MOHD
7049749336 (CIMB) : HASBI IBRAHIM
*FB : Aien Niey*
*FB : Wan Farah*
164717057651 (MBB) : IBRAHIM ABDULLAH
*FB : Fahira Yusoff*
7052915884 (CIMB) : NOR AIN MUHAMMAD
FB : Ria Riana II
164472265856 (MBB) : RAJA ERMAN
*FB : Koleksi Beg Import (Lelaki) Branded Berkualiti Tinggi Termurah DiPasaran*
7612826880 (CIMB) : EMY SOFIA ROSLAN
112018146575 (MBB) : EMY SOFIA ROSLAN
FB : Bella Leisya
0300941000022505 (BSN) - YUHANIS MOHAMED
158220571578 (MBB) : FAZUNA OTHMAN 
155127119862 (MBB) : NORASHIKIN RASHID
162012986987 (MBB) : SALINA MOHD NOOR
7006869175 (CIMB) : SHAH IRWAN 
*FB : Rabiatul Adawiah @ Ruby*
Penipu online jual barang kosmetik dan blouse borong murah
*Rakan bersekutu @Mia*
Penipu online jual barangan kosmetik murah dan blouse borong murah

*Mohammed Adrian Emir*
*Seller sikat iron n baju*
*Rugi RM150++*

*FB= IJAN RAFIZAN(kiss ganu)*
-Menipu dalam jualan kereta mainan kanak2 murah
-NO :01125575670

ACC BANK :03030069185521

No fon: 0148593084 
No acc maybank

NO WS:013 300 1957
Mybank 153131089909(Suami)
*Menipu jual kain tudung murah*


Untuk penipu agent² top-up 
Senarai no hp yang disyaki digunakan oleh scammer top up.Mohon viralkan kepada semua ahli supaya berhati2 apabila berurusan dengan no2 di bawah ini.

21.010 800 7522

** Tolong simpan dlm notepad anda sbb senarai ni ialah scammer yg masih aktif. Sebelum buat bayaran, tolong cek akaun kot ada tersenarai nama penipu ni. Berhati2 ok. Jgn jadi mangsa seterusnya.

The above list does not include the sale of steroid under different names. What happened to Rosmah and Najib is nothing more than greed. This is more serious, devastating and fatal. They even sell the country including Kuantan to China.

I think we should be contended with whatever providence we have. I am glad that there people who are happy with trinkets instead of expensive gold and diamonds. It is better to give the extra you have rather than trying to draw more. I still believe in the Malay saying 'Orang yang tamak selalu rugi' ( the greedy people will always lose).


What has gone wrong with the Malays. They cheat, lies. beguiling people, peddling drugs, becoming drug addicts, and letting themselves being bullied and robbed and even legalize criminal activities.d

Hadi is a spiritual leader residing on the state of Trengganu where youths on drugs are infesting his own state.

And our leaders don't have time for the Malays. They just said so, throwing ten to a hundred rinngit to their supporters and reap millions to themselves.

Some of the Malays are not greedy but are hard up of money. Thousands lose their jobs. Graduates are jobless. But these people were baited just before an election, unknowingly they are being beguiled by Najib's machinery.


I think the Malay leaders and Head of Departments are not far sighted in their visions. They think they know the world when they know very little of all things. They can't see the future effects of their current actions. That if they were to do anything substantive.

They just listen rather than thinking and investigating the realities.

When I tell them the future is bleak for the later generation they could not see how it could happen.

They just couldn't care less and take things for granted.

All what they care is about getting rich the easiest possible way. Almost everyone cheats to amass quick wealth.

Of the picture shown above, two were with heart problems and suffered a stroke before. Why ? Do you ever realize that the hot tempered and emotional people to are prone to have the high blood pressure ? What it meant was they have been using their sentiments and emotions more than their rationality. I can bet that Jamal Yunoss is having a high blood pressure.

When Tan Siew Sin was a finance Minister Malaysia had so much money that the country created jobs for the citizens. Jobs reduced joblessness and resulted in lesser crimes, thefts and robberies.

Now, when the politicians sees money in the coffer they are thinking of forking the money to be divided among themselves by various means and ways using gigantic terms such as citizens projects.

Is it not interesting for UMNO to admit that they were and are thieves ? They were Mahathir stole from nation's coffer when he was in UMNO. So UMNO during his era were thieves. Then they said that if Mahathir can steal, they too can steal, and they steal until all the they admitted the country would be a bankrupt without GST. It means there isn't any money left.

Malaysia was so hard up of cash they have to sell the land and the interests to China purportedly for the prosperity of the citizens.

There is a saying goes 'The fish rot from the head'. If the top cheats, the bottom will cheat too. If the top lies, the bottom will do the same.

When I read all about 1Mdb, about the payment to fake IPIC and then later to the teal ones, and about the money kept in the offshore countries, I smell the scam of the century.

The small time Malay scammers are just learning. The people need money quickly to be rich in the quickest possible time.

Reading a few headlines, how ridiculous they were, they still provoke our minds. They talked about murdering through cook to make a person died of heart attack, implied to the death of PI Bala, the warning to some not to die like Kevin Morais, all insinuating they were killed by the scandalous Malay leaders.

Are the Malays that bad ?



First you download and save the video. Then you listen to it from the beginning to the end. Then you read what Sarawakreport's article. Try to see whether there is any relationship between them.




KARMA is just a nice word to use. In Malay it is called BALASAN ALLAH and the English term for it is COMEUPPANCE. The term mentioned by the normal Malays is CASH. It means whatever mayhem done on others will be receive immediate punishment by God. A person who committed a dreadful and sinful act does not have to wait to be punished by the Al-Mighty in the next world.

We also have to ponder why some notorious criminals escaped the comeuppance or punishments in this world.

I don't think they do. We just do not know and in what manner.

As to those criminals before our eyes we just need to observe and be patient. They may be strike by a severe mental agony making them sleepless. In fact you can see their pain when they deliver speeches.

The punishment is creeping in. The final one you need yet to see.




It is imperative for us to recollect how Malaya passed hand to the British. It was never known by the bulk of the ordinary citizen. There weren't TV, papers, radio or any form of circulations. The citizens were busy with their daily livelihood. All the transactions, the agreements were made by a handful of people, the Sultans and the Temenggong. There were no wars and no protest by the Malays who were mostly farmers and fishermen. The rulers get what they wanted, still recognized as the Head of States and earned handsome income from the British.

China in Kuantan

Taking a country did not mean the British had to bring Sepoys from India and stationed them in every kampong, taking the ownerships of land belonging to the people. They just made rules and regulations, run the police force and created the army, introduce legal systems and judges to preside over the court houses. There was a power to arrest and punish of those who broke the rules.

Taking a country by conquest is almost unheard of though Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan seemed to like one. The United States does not rule those countries directly. More subtle methods are applied. More new ways adopted.

To take a country the master does not need the consent of the populace. He has just to deal with the leaders or the head of the target nation. The more desperate the leaders are and the more corrupt they are the easier will be the task. Since money is King then rain them with as much cash as they want. Beautiful ladies would follow to entertain these leaders, provide them with ecstatic sex. Quietly and cautiously coax for agreements of various types. Buy land with the highest price and say for the prosperity of the country.

As land change hand the leaders will tell the masses that these are all for the benefit of the people and the prosperity of the nation. The master begins to create puppets who will entertain the people with lies and propaganda "for the prosperity of the country and for the benefit of the people". The populace does not know that their country was already sold. A country is taken away without them knowing it.

Slowly and steadily the culture and practices of the Master will begin to seep in. You wouldn't know your country is being sold away.




People love to hear nice words and praises you utter on them. Here are some of them

Hi sweety

You are cute, slim and pretty

Believe me, you are going to rich and successful when you grow up

You pay 26% GST is for your own good. You will get the benefit soon.

China will bring prosperity and make everyone wealthy and comfortable.

Con men, scammers and people want something from you will always use nice words for you to hear.



It is simply a fine day today, As usual I went out for my breakfast. It was about 9.00 am. A plate of Roti Jala and a black coffee cost me RM4.80 but the Roti Jala's gravy was very delicious with plenty of meat slices. The shop just on it's front is selling it for only RM1.60. People chose the more expensive one.                                   

By 9.30 the culinary feast was complete. I remember about taking my old shabby jacket to seamstress for a repair work the day before yesterday. It was to be picked up yesterday but it was due to the tumult over the flood and the heavy rain, I totally forgot about it. And today after my Roti Jala session, I drove to the shop.

The lady about 50 asked me, "How old are you ?" I didn't know what made she asked the question. Probably I looked old enough. I told her that I am 70. "Wow..", she exclaimed. "You are very strong." She charged me RM3.00, a darn cheap price. I should have asked her whether she is single or a divorcee. I smiled, paid her and walked away.

Things to matter is not about my age and the Chinese lady whom I think I should frequent but about my jacket.

The jacket has been about 27 years with me. The color fades a little. So are the other dresses of mine that are still used till today. I do not find any more creative and beautifully designed shits anymore in the market today. This one I bought in a super-store Indiana because it was cheap, a China made stuff.

I donned it during winter and it really kept me warm. And on every other trips I made to the West years later during Autumn and Winter I would used it again. The last I wore it was in Jordan about a couple of years ago.

I realized the stitching parts on the arms were cut. To buy a new one would cost me at least a couple of hundreds, and the remembrance of the seamstress at the corner of the town made me hurried to the shop. May be I would use the jacket again some day.


1983 in Belgium



How Far Can we  Hate A Person ?

It depends on an individual makeup. Some people are very forgiving on matters other than money. Others may be to hurt to forget. You may have heard about a man who sodomized Muammar Ghadafi even after his death and continue shooting a dead man on and on out of an intense hatred and anger.

I never forget things said or done on me. I may forgive but I may not forget. But running away with my money would make me hate a person till his death. He does not exist as a man I once know. It means I will reject all his invitations and matters of sickness and death. Of course Islam forbid such an intense hatred.

If his acts does not inflict mental or physical pain on me but only having his own belief contradictory to mine I may not go to the extend of causing hurt on him. The most is I will avoid him.

Between the mosque Imams and those who still follow the  burial rites and who interned Kassim Ahmad with respect, we can judge whom we should give our utmost respects. It is not a matter of their siding with Kassim's view but they believe it was their moral duty to treat a dead man.

The Imams just excommunicated like the Christians burnt those they took as a witch, even by the mere suspect.

I wonder how Kassim would be treated if he were a man with ready money to throw to anybody he wants to. You all have seen Mahathir who was once a powerful is being treated today.

Take your time to ponder and observe the truth in your imagination.

I am not a religious man and I really don't know what the Quaran and the Hadith say about it. My view may be in conflict with my religion, Islam. It is about Kassim Ahmad. He passed away recently. There was a controversy because no mosque and no Muslim official want to give him the Muslim burrial ground, saying that he was an infidel. Finally he was buried in no man's cemetery.

I have a couple of question to ask my Muslim friends who read this article.

Firstly, if any Mulim were to meet a Chinese corpse somewhere in a remote place, what is he going to do ? Ignore the dead body ? Dig a hole deep enough to bury him ?

Secondly, a Muslim is found dead in an Australian desert and he was found by a Christian Australian, what do you expect the Christian to do as to the later the Muslim is an infidel ?

There had been a picture taken on a few American armies who urinated on the dead corpse of the Iraqis and angered fellow Muslims everywhere. What then do the Muslims expect the Americans to do ?

What is our stand on the infidels ? We cannot have any relationship with him at all ? Cannot accept his gifts and supports ?Cannot talk and touch him and wash his dress ? But our social intercourse with them are close and cordial. What is allowed and what is forbidden ?

If you notice carefully our UMNO leaders only talk of Malay unity rather than Muslim unity. Racial division is created by almost all of the UMNO leaders, always the MALAYS and the CHINESE ( Ma Hua ). Any mention of Chinese in this particular essay means Ma Hua, not the Chong Hua. And we have been debating which is more important, the Muslim Unity or the Malay Unity. remember there are thousands of Chinese Muslims in Kuala Lumpur itself.

I even heard of a discrimination between the Malays and Indian as well as Chinese Muslims, indicating that the race is more important. Then Kassim Ahmad is a Malay. He is not a Christian, a Buddhist or Hindu to be cremated as one of them.

Mind you if a devout Muslim is buried in a Christian cemetery with a Christian cross in a Christian land, that won't make him a Christian. And vise versa that if you buried a devout Christian in a Muslim cemetery, he won't be a Muslim by such a burial.

Ask any Muslim and any Christian "Are we all not the creature of God ? "

Are the Jews, Hindus, Christins and even Atheists not a creature of God and that if they aren't we swallow them in any way we like ? The Holy Book of the Jews might say hat the non-Jews must be treated like dogs and they can be killed, but you need to ask the Muslims in the heart of Israel are they treated like the animals and tortured like one ?

However Kassim Ahmad has been buried.

The issue here is not so much on the believe and religion but it centered on living in a community and society. Either we like it or not we must not stay aloof and refuse to join the congregation the society makes during marriage and death, contribution of various kinds, involve oneself in community work, and other join venture. If we reject people then the people will reject us. The problem with Kassim probably he stays away from the community.

And in life we need to be a hypocrite.Kasim Ahmad refused to be one.





It is raining very heavily. It is hard to say where the rain clouds came from for I have been seeing they were from the West and the East when I expected we are having the Northeast Monsoon.

A few days ago a Minister called the Malayan to get ready for flood. Why should he when UMNO and Najib had claimed that flood only happen in states ruled by the opposition parties. However it was a relief days after the announcement only sunshine brightened the days.

I don't expect flooding in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia around this time of the year but it will be one in December on the East Coast. Monsoon does not recognize political parties nor Rosmah Mansor, the Philippines or Malaysia.

Sadly enough the mob was attacking Penang very fiercely on the recent flood, for the raising sea water as if the Chief Minister has the magical power to command the sea to raise. A long time ago PAS government faced a similar mob attack.

I do not wish the flood to drown Pahang or Trengganu or any other BN states. I only wish for the earth to shake and swallow Putrajaya. Their sins worth that much. And I pray for worms come out of Ku Nan's face. Do not say it is something impossible and absurd.

The downpour has been razing for two hours now. If it happens in Kuala Nerang area at the same intensity for just 4 hours more some area can braze for the off-seasoned flood.

For us, the believer with religion and God in our hearts, we pray for God to lift us from all the misfortunes. It was not us that had a foul mouth. We don't lie and steal. We still have morality and shame. We don't try to bribe God.  with any stolen money.

Though we recognize that politics is dirty, as a Muslim, we must not step beyond our border. But we are too arrogant and destroy the sanctity of our religion and working hands and gloves with the devil, to bully the poor and the helpless and to suppress those who are advising us to do good and to away with morbid sinful activities. The least Rosmah can do is to return the pink diamond to the treasury.


The rain has stopped. The picture below was taken about 20 minutes ago. This is in the BN state.




house cleaning: all you need to clean house - close-ups of cleaning supplies

What a useful day I made of myself today from sweeping the dead leaves on the ground to fixing the broken pipe outside my house without having to look for a plumber. It is not finished yet as far as compound cleaning is concerned. I did it little at a time, working and resting intermittently. I watched the Youtube and typed article  like this one. Then I went out to have my winter jacket which I had been using since 1980 repaired. There is no harm in making preparation for the trip during the cold season though I haven't any plan to freeze myself up. After leaving the jacket to the seamstress I proceed to buy a video camera stand that I may be using to record a soccer match. The stand costs me RM150. I didn't even bargain.

But when my maid returned in a few months time I would engage her again to continue with the chores. Ah Hwa might have not return. I don't know where he goes to. Ah Hwa is a poor Chinese odd job person who has always been a good man.

I wish Mila will come back with her husband so that he could replace Ah Hwa. I cannot do all the manual jobs by myself. In the meantime I just wait and wait.

In away I could save some money by DIY. It does mean that I am a miser and do not spend at all. Though I do not buy an expensive fully automatic 1.3 car, I still want comfort when going for vacation, a spacious room, soft bed and excellent food. Of course I don't want to fly a business or First Class. I can't afford it. But saving money here and there could total up to a few hundred; newspapers RM135, cigarettes RM200, hair dressing RM15 etc etc

Soon I will go for my daily walk for an hour.



There is no consistency in my philosophy. I must be a nut. I use to say that money shouldn't be spent lavishly and unneccasarily. I used to say,"If I can go to a place by my Kancil, why should I use a Honda..." That's the reason why I choose a manual and lower CC car over an automatic one of a higher CC.

But when come to food and having a holiday abroad I pour my money like water. U would travel 50 to 60 kilometers just for a dinner. How about the cost of traveling ?

This is the kind of inconsistency that I am talking about.



Watching the Youtube clips on women drivers scared  me to death. You need to see to believe some strange things. The other night a lady parked her car behind mine while I was buying a ham burger. On seeing me going back to my car she followed me. Then she asked me a very illogical question, "Can you go out ?"

It was a ridiculous question. I asked her to reverse my car for me. She went into her car and took more than 5 minutes to move away to a new parking space.

I am not a male chauvinist but that's what I have been finding on the roads, of ladies running red light, didn't stop at the T-junction and drove at 30 km/h in the middle of a busy traffics. Similar situations were observed when a Haji or Lebai were behind the wheels. May be somebody can explain of the strange phenomena.                




Car insurance for the old cars are very much higher than the new ones. Customers are anxious to know how old cars had had accident in the last 10 years as compared to the old.

Accidences were more on the recklessness of the drivers. In  USA the insurance for the young drivers are always more expensive than the old drivers.

Malaysia BOLEH.


No. It is a Great Wall of Najib.


The rule is simple. If Najib can hoodwink our fellow Malaysians, he too could be beguiled by the Chinese. Of course it is always for the prosperity of Malaysia. The Malays are damn stupid. Real stupid. Now that they are running a road show is nothing more other than to re-enforce their innate stupidity. This is Najib's price CASH IS KING. Karma or comeuppance has slowly shown. Look at Rosmah carefully and closely. I don't have to tell you what you will be seeing. You will see yourselves.

Below are some of the pictures of James Bond girls, seen as before and now.

They say to us not to judge a person by the wrinkled mien . But the intensity of ugly look and the body size could be seen as a karma for the unspeakable sins. And how the Chinese bullied Najib in Pekan displays how useless is our leader. I dare say that it is Rosmah and Najib and a few members in his team are ruining this nation.

None has the ball to have a stand like Syed Saddiq who has the guts to reject such a huge amount of money.



I have never labored myself to any hard manual job. Cleaning the inside part of the house is considered a light job as compared to cutting woods or trimming the grass and toiling the land. But 80% of my small land is covered with soft cement. Cracks cost foliage and wild grass and plants grow. I used to pay someone who I always called for minor repair to do all the cleaning and clearing. Lately I could not contact him anymore. My phone calls were never answered.

A teacher friend introduced a maid who would work and paid by the time base hourly method. Her nickname is Mila. I asked her whether she was willing to do the job outside the house. She agreed. I paid her differently on the outside job. She would take about an hour or so to finish the task. Then she proceed with cleaning the floor. All together she took about 4 hours to complete. I did not pay her according to the time base as agreed , but rather on the piece work. She got more money by this way. She was very happy giving me her service.

Then her husband has a stone in the kidney and went back to Indonesia. The operation was very costly she told me. It was done in July but the stone went scattered everywhere causing chronic pain and unbearable. She went back around 28 August during the time I was in Chiangmai. I could not get her phone number to find out the condition of her husband. She did tell me that she would be at her Indonesian home for three or four months.

With her absent and Ah Hwa is not available the foliage outside become larger and the wild grass become taller. The branch of my rambutan tree was also pushing against the top part of my house.

The first thing I did was I procured a saw to saw a nuisance branch. It taxed my muscle. I rested several time and repeated the sawing work until it finally detached from the main tree. Then I went around looking for weed killer. It took me more than two weeks to find the shop. Shops that sold these stuffs were either closed or moved to a new location. At China Town, I made inquires from shop to shop until I found one. Weed killer and root killer were in liquid form and they were quite pricey. I bough a bottle of each. The vendor advised me to get a spray and gave me an instruction how to mix the liquid with water.

On the same day I did the spraying. A few days later I went to check the result. Their colors changed from green to yellow. It is today that I went to clear the foliage. Some roots were closely tied up together. It was so stubborn. 60% of the outside area is cleared. I need to finish the job by tomorrow. In the meantime I mixed the weed killer with the water again and went to spray just the root part. I am certain these grassroots will be killed.

I wish the maid would be back soon with her husband. I want to engage him for some plumbing job and to do a little repair work here and there. It is tough without a maid. What she took a few hours to do I took a week to accomplish the task. I am sure she will be surprise to see my compound is a little tidy without her.

Living in solitude without a helper will be quite difficult at times. My time is when leaves begin to cover my ground and wild grass has gain a considerable height. Things begin to look messy. Within these few months I want people to think that I still engage outside hands to look after my tiny abode.



I preferred my own CW trainer and my own electronic logging. I am no more active in developing software for sale or own use. One of the items I put in the logbook is the simple dipole antenna and a yagi calculator. I incorporate the formula in it for a quick result, avoiding copying from other people. 

Dipole is the simplest and the cheapest antenna. You don't have to consult an expert or get people to come and fix the antenna up. I would use the formula 476/frequency to get the length. The antenna handbook, the ARRL and the articles on the websites will provide us with a more accurate formula, not only the 476 stuff.

A modest ham with a low budget is recommended to start with this cheap antenna and a cheap rig. The cheapest of the Indonesian home made is about RM1.5K for 20, 15 and 40 meters. A branded one is RM2.5K. Unlike the old rig, the new transceivers need a separate power supply unit, costing between RM300 to RM600. It is not an optional object, without which the rig is dead. That comes to about RM3K for a start. And another costly but an essential item is the coaxial cable. I would estimate it to be RM600.

What I did not mention is the antenna tuner because some operators cut their antenna to match the frequency, climbing up and down to adjust for the lowest SWR. But I would advice a tuner even for a new comer. This simple gadget with coils and capacitors could cost an amateur operator as much as RM800. It is worth the investment as it gives us the leeway to operate on a greater spectrum, say from 14.005 to 14.350. There is no need for the operator to climb up and down again.

Basically the hobby drains quite a substantial sum of money, even for a simple setup. Added up to this is the declining value of our currency compared to the neighboring countries. It automatically pushes the price up. Situation will never be better and will continue to deteriorate day by day.

However if you are loaded with money and wealthy enough even to own a helicopter, you can start straightaway with a high end station with a tall hydraulic tower system, a sophisticated rig above RM12K, a system which can automatically rotate your log periodic antenna to the direction towards the call sign of the country, the powerful linier amplifier, and a shack with a complete accessories and essential items like an expensive thermometer and a 24 clock. I think at least a RM100K is quite a comfortable spending.

To be blunt and rude I would say that it is worth to buy a land on mountain or hill top, or in a wide open field, or on an island in the old days, not anymore after the 21st century, for amateur radio has lost the exotic essence of it's grandeur and dignity. Rogue people with vulgar words have been aired on the air and repeaters. It is similar to the basic economic principal of demand and supply that quantity determines the price. Too many goods lying around would drive the price down. It's scarcity and high demand would push the price up.

What a radio operator does not have to buy as an item is the ability to understand and speak English. It is an essential accouter for him to enjoy the pleasure of a long chat or what we termed as rag chew with stations crossing our borders and our seas. Or else it is limited to countries using Malay as a lingua franca.

Money in a way creates a different level of radio operators.

Whatever the most important of a radio station is a good antenna system and the higher the better. It could be ten or twenty times more costly than a rig but it is the most worthwhile spending one could have sacrificed in one's lifetime.



Radio operators are still quarreling on the operating procedure. I noticed an emotional outburst in expressing a view. The root of the problem is amateur radio in the 21st century did not begin with the SWLing. It started with racial tone and condemnation and jealousy at the old hams for no logical reason. ASTRA emerged out of such a feeling, as suggested by the name itself. And I remembered how the old hams were condemned on many things that drove them away from the band. Then there was no SWLing as the old amateurs used to have.

I had been a SWL with the number 65162. Most of us listened to the conversations for at least two years and we knew almost of the hams. We visited their homes, talked on their radios and learned many things from them. SWLs did not claim we were better than our elmers. And what I am about to narrate now may be scorned by many of you. But I am telling what we were experiencing when we were the SWLs.

The local hams met among themselves on 40 meter band. Several frequencies were used, mainly 7030, 7035 and 7040. The CQ calling was made after the office hours. The number increased one by one and it went to even 7 persons. If the number was too big they might ask for the permission to ask someone out to have a separate chat on different spot.

There were groups from Ipoh, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and mixed participants. Idris, Eshee, Tengku Archie, Rajamani, Arvatar, Ari were usually in a group. Hock might join them. Chong, Chow, Leong, Ewe and Chin might be in another. There are many more that I am not going to mention here. The Malaysians boys were using the round table type of QSO. This had been the practiced for ages. Not the Indonesians. When the Indonesians broke in to join there was always a confusion, and they had to break the tradition and the the Malaysians tend to forget what the topic of discussion were. The Indonesians went back and forth.

What was the roundtable mean ? It is like a circular motion, a group sitting around a round table. Let us say there are 4 persons around the table A,B,C and D. A will pass to B, B to C and D to A. In between there might be questions and answers for example while C was explaining something, A might interrupt to ask a question. C answered his question but passing the microphone to D for his turn.

During the roundtable there might be a late comer as he had just returned from work or someone who had long been listening to the conversion felt to contribute or some had a message for one of the member, he would break in by mentioning his call sign. You may want to know when can a new comer give his call sign. This is when the art of talking comes into effect.

What is this art ? It is the art of pressing and un-pressing of PTT when talking. When a person starts talking, he presses the PTT. When he stops talking he un-presses it. Usually we un-press the PTT at the end of each sentence.

The listener usually broke in when the station comes to the end of the sentence or stopped talking. 9M2EG and a few others like to use the word 'break'. They were always accepted. But used the full call sign. Once in a while a joker just caughed and everyone would know who he was.

In the round table the new person was given the honor to take the mike. He might want to add to the discussion, to tell any news or to call someone out to be with him somewhere else. Whatever his intention was, he would pass the transmission to the next person. Say E broke in while B was talking, the next person was C. The round table started to move again.

What if one forget whose turn ? he would have just ask the group, "Whose turn next ?"

Was that a mandatory style to follow ? Nobody mentioned about the mandatory practice. Malaysians just did that for decades. And we the new comers just followed them. By the time we became hams we would master almost all the technicalities, helped by being the SWLs. None of us would come up with a new system and philosophy because none of us were too smart to lead the world. To us ham radio is not a platform to parade our prowess, smartness and technical genius. 9M2RS, Rashid Sultan, was one of the persons who worked for 9W license, and he is a Dato' but never bragged to show what he did and calling himself a Dato'. I never spoke to King Hussein. Rusli did. the Jordan King gave his name just as Hussein. I spoke to Saudi Prince who gave his name as Ahmad.

Somebody in USA wrote about making ham radio great again which implies it's sanctity and dignity has declined.



Beauty is to the eyes of beholder. Amazingly Rosmah is getting slimmer and prettier than before. It is something to be proud of by all Malaysians. She is not 70 yet but a few more years. She should not be denied of quality and nice ornaments. She is not you and me but the First Lady of Malaysia.

If you were to gauge the level of popularity between the Prime Minister and the First Lady she would leave Najib miles behind. So much so people prefer her to Najib to be our Prime Minister.

To me Rosmah is a gift to the nation. I have never seen all the past PM wives were so outspoken as her. She said that she was busy with managing the nation till she has no time for the badminton. What did the rest of the First Ladies did for their country ? She could speak English well and her son goes to Chinese school.

Isn't that great ?


There was a glittering ceremony of Brunei Royal wedding, exotic and with full of grandeur. The bride and bridegroom were beautiful and gorgeous. The whole country celebrate. There were dignitaries invited from overseas.

As a Malaysian I yearn to see our delegation, our leader and his First lady to see how spectacular she was. Till now I could not get Datin Rosmah's large picture. Probably she had requested Brunei not to publish any of her image.

But I found Taib Mahmud's wife and the handsome Taib himself who never look old for his age and a young wife. A man with money can always buy his youth and MANHOOD back to enjoy his married life, something that most of us would not be able to do.

But I will keep on looking for her picture and pictures of the spouses of other dignitaries to compare and contrast their look and elegance. We all love to keep the album of the late Princess Diana and pictures of Sophia Loren for their beautiful and handsome features. Ladies all over the world would cut their hairstyles to emulate Diana and wanted to look like her.

Just look at the beautiful princess, The red dress is simply adorable. I have never seen such an extraordinary dress as fantastic as it is. Let us wish the pair the best of luck and till death they depart.



In what condition a person can reject a five million offer as a bribe ?

It is an intricate essay to pen down to open up on such a topic. While it is not everyone who has a strong character like Syed Saddiq, there are several persons around with such a commendable morality. If you are already have enough saving to take of care of your whole life and you have a steady income which spend on half of it by the end of the month, money may not temp you anymore. Instead you would give away a small portion of your money here and there to the poorer people.

In such a condition no amount of money can buy our principal. The word 'our' here implies to mean people of Syed Saddiq honesty. It is the quality in a person who is fit enough to be a leader, incorruptible and able to put temptation aside.

Many of us never have enough money even though our income is high because we are spendthrift and lavish. We change cars every now and then, travel the world over 5 times a year on a business class, buy a RM30k per pound meat from Japan, own a helicopter and a jet, go shopping in Lifayet and Herod in London, donning million dollar pink diamond, spending unknown amount on fighting ageing and want a comfortable life all the time.

Even a person who claim 1Mdb fund own a RM4K smart phone and driving a Honda. The unending desire and lust, failing to thank God for the providence and living on loans can break a man's morality down. He will lose himself, never to know shame nor fear of God's wrath.

Only if we know that a corrupt and a debase person will be look down scornfully like a wretch animal worse than a cur or a pig in a sty, we would have checked ourselves. You will surely be tempted only by even a few thousands. For a million you would not care what people may call you, a Satan or a pig or even a whore.

If you live a modest life, within your mean, no loan and enough income and saving, you can forget an offer of corrupted money by any amount for any reason. Your internal reward is huge enough to last you till your ending day.

Really, I thought that people who frequent the House of God are pious, honest, sincere, thankful for the providence. But to my surprise they too cannot be trusted with money. Some are greedy. They even quarrel on the usage of funds for the mosque and other community collection. You cannot trust a Haji as much as you cannot trust a thief. And never think a Haji and a cleric never lie in front of God.

Long before Najib was born te Chinese already said that you can pay a Satan to pull a bullock cart for you. My wealthy neighbor, when the son was going or his study to Japan, the ceremony went just like sending someone to the Holly land in Mecca. Why of such a respect ? Money talks. They were, I considered, as poor people from the village.

If you have enough and live a modest life, an extra ringgit or a million does not matter much. Rejecting dirty money does make you any poorer. In the eyes of men you may be called a fool. In the eyes of God you are a man of heaven.

We all know we are only human and fallible. Our insatiable lust will make us submit to making money as our god.



Najib plays the game well. The opposition didn't. Only Lim Kit Siang seems to understand the concept DO OR DIE. I heard this was what Najib has instructed to BN machinery. At first Najib convinced the war machines that the money in his account is for the survival of the party and the government. Then followed with the big incentives to the leaders. Cash is King came into effect. He collected all the brain to do the brainstorming to kill the opposition by all mean. He paid the foreigners to support the global and local moves. And he will first kill PAS even before the General Election. They were to play the game of mind control.

The disadvantages of the opposition is manifold. They don't have enough money. And time is against them.

Najib knows the different between a media and the people in the media. What he got to do is just to corrupt the people in the popular media, similar to what CIA did to Pravda, the most popular Communist news in Russia before the downfall of the Berlin Wall. It is very well done in the Malaysia-Chronicles and also in the Malaysiakini. It is the money that commands and rules. You also see this when PAS members announced to join UMNO.

The final thrust is the Budget before the GE14. People will fall and forget what will be coming forth before them after they voted for BN.

That's why many predict that BN will win. Najib will be happy as he escapes persecutions, and claim that people will not vote for him if he is a Kleptocrat and a murderer. People are with him all the time. And I too will predict Najib will win.

But the game isn't end there. It is not the fight between Najib and the people that concerns me. It is the game he is playing against China. Najib and his team are thinking they are smart enough to contain China's expansion in term of territory and other interest. I know how Musa Aman is thinking. But any person of a high caliber must understand there are better persons than he is. In short the Malays will sink and Najib will sell the country and the culture to China.

The economy will be so bad that he has to let China revive it. That, China will promise. Within 10 years Malaya may prosper but the sovereignty will fade away. We have seen this in the restructuring of Proton. This is what we call selling our soul for money.

I don't vote for the promise. I vote for the reality of now. If it is suffering then vote for UMNO will increase greater sufferings. I predicted this before GE13 and it came true. The UMNO cyber trooper has since disappear and I said it served them right.

Someone who may read this article may keep this piece as a proof to see how real the situation will be after GE14. It is true what Mahathir had said that if not now it will be never. I predict that Malaysia will be a province of China.



At first I watch Yif. Then I watch Dynamo. The documentation on Dynamo convinced me about Rosmah Mansor. Yif and Dynamo are not the ordinary magician with hidden tricks. They are magicians with superpower. Many of them are young men. The documentary says they are using real magic with the help of either Djin or Satan. Then I remember of a lady in a palace who could control the mind of the people. And now I begin to believe in the strong power of Rosmah Mansor. She knows she is very strong. She tried to use her power over the world leaders like Putin, Obama and Trump.

I have no proof. It is my strong conjecture compounded with a strong feeling which I believe comes from God.

In the old days the Malays believe in Hantu Raya, a being with a man who looked after him in ways that we didn't know. Hantu Raya was no to harm the people in the neighborhood but to protect the master from harm and theft at his home. We would not passed the man's home at night for we may not find the way out till the next morning.

The magicians confined their power to entertain people with various kinds of happenings that the mind cannot comprehend. If it is with Djin that may be the agreement to be made. The master may be allowed to make money but not to commit any crime or murdering people. Nevertheless the document says that the generation of Satan have been born.

Then I saw several other footings covering names like David Blaine, David Copperfild, Houdini, Takayama, Criss Angel and others.


Forgive me Rosmah if I suspect you deploying similar arts which you might have picked from somebody to control the minds of the gullible people and other human beings of weaker minds. I have heard from a woman who seem to be near you that she felt so scared when she was near you.

I know you will win the election and become more powerful but I also know the size of the sins made when the populace are being made to suffer. My savings for more than 50 years are now halved of the real value by Najib's inefficiency and self interest to save you and your family. And the worst ever and the most treacherous is the selling of this country to China. This can never be forgiven.

But the demonic and evil power of magic still made the great magicians died and grew older. I am watching Rosmah closely to see whether the face undergoes any change and showing sign of growing old. I believe anyhow some stronger power outside the devil will pop up and put an end to the dark power. If evil can give power to a man, God too can choose some men to have much stronger power over all the demonic black art. I believe that God will answer our prayers.

I am not of the type who believe in magic of spirit, ghost or voodoo, started at the young tender age. At 7 I already challenged my friends to walk across the graveyard at night. I did it, I walked through the grave yard after a night prayer. And I do not believe or scared of the haunted house.

And when people told me about Rosmah having a demonic power I dismissed them all. It was the same as I dismissed Mona Fandi. Until now after watching the documentary on demonic magic I still do not believe in the power of Mona. And I hope my conjecture on Rosmah Mansor is wrong.

Though this video is a mere for knowledge and entertainment, I also learned the behavior of Najib through the various types of descriptions, the quotations and comparison between the words of the magicians and the bible. I have not got into depth of the Koranic verses to compare God's words and the demeanors of Najib and his Ministers. Even long before this I did mentioned how the ministers had elevated the Prime Minister to the level of God. And Najib himself admitted that he was God's chosen.

He believes he is an invincible man.



A friend was asking me for a RM300K loan and later RM50K. I didn't have that much. But I knew that it would take me 50 years to accumulate that much. It was a request without any collateral, without witness and just a cash to be handed. I did that for RM10K for two times and I get back after more than 1 month of promised payment. One went beyond 2 months.

My question to you is how much money can you lend to your friend ?

My brother in-law wanted me to transfer all my saving into his account to show to the immigration before applying a Visa to study overseas. He has a land which of course valued more than my money. I told him to seek a lawyer for the temporary exchange of his land and my saving. He refused to accept it, distrusting me. Yet he wanted me to trust him.

I think some of you might say 'depend on how much I have'. If you are a multi-billionaire you may decide to give away even RM500K rather than lending it out. People who borrow seldom pay you back even with a lawyer to oversees the transaction. They chose to be declared a bankrupt rather than paying back a few hundred thousands.

They would not want to befriend you if you say that you do not have the money. In my case I hardly get a simple favor before the loan request, and now the situation is the same. Even my phone calls were not answered. But I suspect another approach for the RM10K loan. It is better not to have any saving at all n my current account.

I truly believe that those who asked for loan were really broke. As for my friend the money was needed to pay the salary of the workers and the loan to the franchisor. I could feel their problems and could depart with the lower amount. But I could not risk my whole life saving. So is your friend. From the readings I found lenders were lamenting as their close friends ran away with the money. Every cent you give as a loan is always a great risk.

We were told of man who lent some money to Dr Mahathir's family more than 20 years ago but passed away. The man was very surprised on one unexpected day when Dr. Mahathir came to repay back the loan. People were asking how much has Syahrizat's family had paid of the RM250 million loan back to the government.

Lending money is almost as equal to be a guarantor. When I was working I forbade my staffs to be one. My advice fell on the deaf ears. A few years later they came back to me reporting their friends who had moved somewhere else refused to pay back their loans to the third party. My answer was simple, "Sorry.."

I don't live beyond my mean. I don't buy things on loan, never have any credit card. I computed my future, to look after myself at my old age without having have to depend on anybody. I hope you would do the same, never to live beyond your mean and try not to purchase stuffs on loan. And never to give any loan even to your best friend. To depart with a few hundred ringgit as a gift would free tour mind. If you have millions, you can afford to donate a few thousands.

I need money like any other. If you care to donate to me I welcome you. Thank you.



I tell you honestly that I never feel old. Because everybody says I look old and tired, and being treated like a senile person I trained myself to admit of my being old. Only just now I drove to Kuala Perlis with a poor eyesight along the night at the speed of 110 km/h. The reason was simple. I did not feel like an old man. I felt I was just like myself 20 to 40 years ago.

The Malays believe that is a bad sign. When old people can remember all the names and all the past events it indicates that the door to the grave yard has already opened. If it is regarded as a bad sign, it is a good sign to me. The faster we die the better for the younger generation. We take away their burden with us. Nobody should pretend to shed his tears when every death is for the better of mankind.

I noticed many of you are very conscious of your look. You buy creams of all sort to be look nice and young. But each day your age is climbing. I cannot stop to become 70. And you too cannot stop to be 70. Do you ever try to imagine how you will look at that age ? Modern medicine is experimenting on the maintaining of the cell property and doing skin grafting to make you look young forever. I remember reading a story on Dorian Gray. And everyone knows the story of Count Dracula.

People with money would spend millions for the elixir of youth. Will you be one of the persons who will be forever young ?

I am making an interesting observations on three great people, namely Dr Mahathir, Datin Rosmah Mansor and our Prime Minister to study the correlation between their ages and their wrinkles. They have all the mean to buy the young  feeling and the young look. I remember Raja Azlan Shah who forever look young and handsome, but unexpectedly went to meet God too. We would never know.

I would suggest that young people should not scorn and belittle the old people because they will there too. They will not realize that time really flies, decades pass just like a week. Then all of a sudden you feel you are heavy to move, pain in a knee, aching in every part of your body. It is at this point that you will realize where along the timeline you are standing on. You look in one way you see a long line. You turn the other way you will see the end of the line is near.

We are all human. We feel the same way.



People who were with me to Spain Morocco seem to have non-stop traveling one after another. Within a year they would have visited 5 or 6 countries. They usually went with one large luggage and came back with two large ones. I always knew they had a lot of money but I never asked anything about them, their wealth and their jobs. I can't even remember their names. I would always stay aloof on the bus, realizing that I am just a small man.

A small man like me also have a big dream sometimes. I want to enjoy the comfort of life, traveling to places where the total cost is low and stay in a big cozy bed. After my recent visit to Chiangmai with a tour group on the 24th October I have a phobia a little of following a group tour. Today they want to maximize their profit, cutting hotel lodgings as much as they can, and putting us on the bus from 7 am in the morning till almost midnight, making you tired and exhausted. Many years ago we put up a night at Somasir island on a trip to Medan. Nowadays, they will put us on only 45 minutes on the Toba cruise and straight away to Bukit Tinggi. The China 6 day China trip in coming November is as hectic as any other. If I were to go I would have to pay between 9 to 10K, which I can't afford.

I feel bored now, and am thinking of going somewhere on my own. The other day I went to the railway station hoping they would sell a ticket to Bangkok. We have been having the Butterworth-Bangkok express for more than 60 years. Te first time I went to Bankok when I was 18 years, buying the ticket from Alor Star to Bangkok, return, for only RM69.50. About three years ago there weren't return ticket anymore. The one way ticket was about RM130. Today the service has halted. I need to go to Padang Besar railway station to buy the ticket on the Thai side. That wouldn't be easy.

I would not to fly to KLIA from Alor Star and then fly again northwards to Thailand. Even to fly from Penang will be quite complicated in term of leaving my home to the airport. Despite the indecision I searched for the Bangkok hotels. The last in Bangkok I stayed at Berkley Pratunam. Just now I was looking at a Muslim Hotel, Al-Meroz. After the 50% discount the price is 2,475 bahts. With the deterioration of ringgit it is about RM325 per night. For three nights stay it would cost me about RM1K.

I was just thinking of having the best of the Halal food during my stay and take boat rides following the local tour. I would estimate another RM1K for the pleasure of sight seeing and luxurious meals. No shopping. Just to get away from my boredom.

For the Penangites the van pickup will be in front of their door, take them straight away to Hatyai and continue to Bangkok by bus. The Malay tour agencies are never motivated enough nor creative enough to look for customers. Everyone is looking forward to bring the Muslims to Umrah.

If not because of the Halal food I would not have followed the Muslim tour agencies. Many are arrogant and think that they are giving services and helping the people. The only word that I can use is arrogant. They are always more expensive than the Mandarin or English tour. Yet many of their customers could afford to spend about RM20 for each trip. It looks like that they spent about RM100K per year to travel. They reserved a minimum of RM5K for shopping.

My next traveling budget is RM3K for complete expenses. It is ample to go to nearby places.



Najib and his henchmen should be calm and do not show their madness and desperation. Ku Nan is seeing apparition and the demise of UMNO and his downfall. He is so mentally disturbed that he made use of the primary school children to reverberate support for UMNO. It is a sign of deep desperation and fear. And Mustaffa Mohammad was telling the Malaysians that Proton is under restructuring when it was the Chinese who has the full control and made complete decision,  Mustaffa was in bed sleeping. RESTRUCTURING is a lovable word of Najib. "1Mdb is undergoing RESTRUCTURING". Why should Najib need to restructure a profitable body ? Then he made a very expensive dash to the United States trying to plead Trump to call off the DOJ investigation. I remember well what Rosmah's daughter had said about the greed that made his brother sold his soul.  She yell to her mother to save her brother, Reza. Am I wrong to say that it was the sole reason for Najib's visit ? The so-called Photo-op was was just to tell the Malaysians Najib did not steal the money. At home Keruak was shouting his head of that if Najib was bad Trump would not have invited the PM . He beat the drum out of desperation to exonerate his boss.

How many UMNO members have seen the perilous position of Malaysia falling into China's hand ? China is gaining their grips at a very rapid phase stealthily and quietly. UMNO warlords have become the spokesmen for China and defended the sell out of the nation, putting greater danger in international safety abd security,  as tension between USA and China is heightening. The threat of the third world war is not a trivial matter. The spark will be triggered on North Korea affair.

The selling out of our honor, integrity and sovereignty is not for the benefit of the people but solely for his family and himself. He is so desperate to remain in power and not to let any other person outside his bloodline to replace him. It is very possible that any of the the following PM may incarcerate him for the murder of Najadi and Kevin Morais. It is a dreaded thought for him. He is seeking helps from the Chinese, to save him from the grim horror.

Don't you think Lim Kit Siang is not happy over China's relationship with Malaysia ? I put this question to UMNO who called LKS a racist and a Communist. Isn't Najib has fulfilled his wish ? Yet the Malaysian Chinese abhorred him for the world called our PM a thief, a Kleptocrat and a crook. Najib got the audacity to lie when he was in US soil. Sensible people do not believe in the lie  but rather to stand by the proofs shown by the  court of Singapore, the Zurich government, the WSJ and the DOJ.

Najib should not be worried about his possible arrest warrant by foreign agents because he does not commit any crime in those countries, including America. He will only become a target if he is found to corroborate with China against the United States. Both the Chinese naval vessels and the Americans are in Malaysian waters spying each other's moves. Dark clouds are on our head and US eyes are on Najib and his team. Maintaining neutrality is not by words and rhetoric by the hidden deeds, which will produce a pungent odour to US ally. And China will not release Najib or Malaya in the fight against USA.

China will continue to ask and ask. Najib will give and give. When they become so desperate at the ending point, they will do all the crazy stuffs. But things are too late. That's the grand stupidity of UMNO.





Islam forbid swaggering, boasting and trying to show off our own vanity and achievement. We may have disobeyed it without our realizing it. Let us all the time pleading for forgiveness for it may not be our intention to deliberately trying to show off our prowess. I later learn that humility is being a domain of other creeds and race too.

I have admitted that I am not a smart person, a low achiever, never passed my English and never did well in school. Whatever I will be talking is the story of a one eyed-man telling a group of blind man to share the real experience that even a small man like me could grasp by the will of God. It is just a nostalgia,

It was in 1981 that I went to Ohio Athen school to acquire knowledge on Vocational Education. Athen is about 3 hours away from Columbus where the airport is. There were many Malaysians at the school taking various kind of courses. Combine with the other Muslims the total number was quite large. I stayed with a family, Abdul Karim. One of the subjects I took was Statistical Research. Malaysian friends warned me not to take the paper as it was hard to pass. There would be at least 60 percent failures. Many of them took the simpler disciplines like Takraw and Badminton. I told myself what benefit could I gain from those fields.

I was lucky in my class there was a Korean girl, a university lecturer in Korea who knew about the subject very well. She was kind enough to tutor me every evening at the campus. And finally the test came. The professor called it a quiz. I don't remember the duration of the exam time. Surprisingly within 10 minutes many Americans students handed the test sheets, when I was still struggling to solve the findings using a chi-square. Me and the other foreign students utilized the whole hours. Outside the room I saw a few American students and said, " people must be genius..." They smiled and said, "Oh well...either we know or we don't. No point wasting time sitting in the room...". A few days later the result list was pinned up on the board. I got an A. The Korean A- or B+(I don't quite remember), probably an A-. The bulk of the Americans score a stretch of Es.

My close friend was in Bloomington Indiana. During a Summer break I took a Greyhound bus to his abode. The ticket was very expensive. At that time I computed it was about RM250 of Alor Setar to KL's equivalent trip. I met many Malaysians in Bloomington, the Malays and the Chinese. I kind of like to this place. When I went back to Athen I discussed my desire to make a transfer to Bloomington School. The Korean girl wanted to follow me but I told her my wife would be coming. I pitied her. If I were still single then,  I would have married a Korean wife by now.

I noticed that the authority in Indiana asked the Ohio side of why I was given a working Visa. There was quite a discussion between them. I heard vividly what the lady said, "He is our guest." Finally Indiana also agreed to gave me a working Visa. That's how things work there. I applied for a family home home in Indiana. As my family arrived  we straight away entered the house where my friend stayed. He came back to Malaysia about a week earlier.

Most of my classes were at night. That was the time when working people were free for further education. There were mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers. There were farmers and office workers.  I also had  PHD candidates from Canada and the United States, the military officer, the Egyptians and the Africans. I was the only one from Malaysia. One of the interesting courses I took was Public Administration and Finance. It is quite a hilarious to notice  that after Mahathir took over and until mow we were doing just the opposite of what I had learn. To me privatization is an evil.

Some of the Malaysians were too busy to know the performance of their countrymen, who were smart and who were not, who scored CGPA 4 flats and who didn't. I didn't bother to be busybody. I never let people knew what my CGPA was. Until today I didn't bother to broadcast it. When the final exam was over, I have 6 weeks left before my scholarship expired. I use the time to audit computer literacy. I would go to the computer lab in the morning and came home at 10 pm, so much so the students thought I was a staff there. It was here where I start to develop program.

I came home in 1983. A year later I wrote to the university applying for the university scholarship to do a master degree in computing. The university replied that it agreed to my request but I need to make a direct application to the computer school for a place. I gave a long thought to it. I was to serve the government and my students not to elevate and satisfy my own ego and interest. I should not be too greedy. I had had much of the providence already. The fact that the university had agreed to take me again was enough to award me with untold happiness. Couldn't I proceed with a doctorate ?

I am glad that I don't have an ambition. I don't have any desire to be wealthy, nor to be a big man or a leader. What God has given me is more than enough. What I may need more is knowledge, which nobody on this earth surface can have them all. We can't even possess one percent of the known and the unknown. Much yet to be discovered. What we may know today may be obsolete by tomorrow.

I know that one thing that I cannot be wrong, that success in life and to become a millionaire are not shaped by university education. There are several local millionaire who are without college degree. Boon Siew and Guan Thong didn't even finish Primary. They didn't rob, cheat nor beguiling people. It needs hard work, patient and providence. Common sense does play important role in making a person wiser in making the right decision.

But I am a strong believer in fate. The world can argue and discount it's substance and existence. The faith cannot be shaken and destroyed. Each man has his own destiny.

By simple logic I won't be able to have what I have been enjoying, from having a college education to the ecstatic globe trotting. I have been to places where I never dream of, from the young age of 18 till 70. And the traveling program will continue as long as I live and as long as I my capability and mobility permits.

I had been traveling alone by myself for many years to many places and had encountered all sort of people, from beggars in Disneyland area California to the homeless. I had been mugged and robbed by the street people in Downtown Los Angeles. I saw fantastic and beautiful villages and landscaping, hundreds of big fish swimming against the water in small brooks, and small towns beautifully laid out, jovial and kind people all over. It was just fantastic. When you follow a tour group you tend to be among the group members.

Imagine how I felt when I saw heads of institutions cutting down trees and knocking down toilet wall to deter students from smoking. And mind you generally the landscaping and the arrangements of building structures of non-Muslim countries are always better than the Muslims. Have we lost the aesthetic sensibility in us ? Look at Al-Hambra, built by a Muslim which should be a bench marking to to the other Muslims to be followed by the head of departments here.

I always remind myself that there are better people than us and there are more unfortunate beings below us. Never ever think a millionaire is already at the peak of the world and a PHD holder is unbeatable by any man.  The grandest of a man does not lie in his wealth, title and profession but in his wisdom, honesty, sincerity, considerate, clear vision, helping others and other good deeds.

I am far from being a man of honor for I am rogue and arrogant. I don't like people who need m help to impose their rules on me as if my presence would cause them harm. I would feel insulted and my service is of a small value. I have it narrated in my article entitled Incident At A College Gate. I abhor a supercilious people, a braggart and a bully, a thief and a liar. And I always get myself into trouble. I am repulsive to many.

I saw others too were endowed with a great abundance by the Almighty. They have the money, respect, family happiness and the luxurious of life, both Muslims and non-Muslims. They too believe in providence and doing good deeds to humans and animals, serving people and community, humble and rich with kindness. As I said that there are people above us and there are people below us.

Other people have greater adventure and achievements, in their quest for knowledge and seeing places and doing service to the community. I read their articles and met some of them in persons. I came across a few young adventurous girls in Turkey on their own, and two young girls going all over Japan, and my friend's daughter who travel alone to the deepest part of China. Some of them even scored 4 flat with almost A+ in all subjects. Never belittle a person when you see him,  and avoid judging a book by it's cover.

I have a friend, also not with a college degree, but very well known to the world for designing a very high quality amplifier, and expert in electronic design an won several international skill championships.

We try to carve our own destiny. In the modern world let us call it a setup process. We decide which switch is to be on and which to be off, to do good, bad or auto. The objective will be synchronized with the mental and physical capability. Then we work hard to achieve it. Somehow I didn't. I used to say 'Let the wind blows and I follow the wind'. In the setup language we say that every switch is put on to AUTO.

Many people asked me to look for a wife. It is not a simple task. I said, "Destiny will decide. I may not know how and in what manner a wife will come if my destiny says so..."

This question about predestination has been a widespread  discussion mainly among the Christians since the Middle Age in Europe and later among the Muslims till today. It is a deep and profound topic beyond this page to pen down. Mankind are required to strive and to work hard all the time, then leave the rest to destiny. As far as I am concerned I just did as asked but on most cases they are a kind of reflex actions as response to environmental stimuli. I followed the wind as it blows.

As I never dream to land in Hawaii and USA, I also never dream to set foot in Tel Aviv and Haifa and the whole country of Israel. But I did. Of course it is nothing to be proud of. It just never cross my mind about it. If you are a little observant you will learn many things from the visit.

At the young age I never have any sparkling fantasy, to be where I were and be as I am now. This is what I would call fate. It is my destiny to be just a normal mediocre man. There are millions of others above and below me. Thanks God for the providence.



In the old days we never knew of an ham to passed the listening test but failed in sending. But today failing in sending is a very common feature. The reason is simple. The MCMC uses machines for the CW test, for both receiving and sending, What an ear hears may not be the same as what the computer senses. A few senior hams have expressed their concerns to the authority before computers were commissioned as the testers. It fell on the deaf ears.

Sitting for the Morse test is very expensive nowadays. The fess plus traveling and hotel expenses could reach almost RM600 to RM700. One may have to travel about 300 miles away to the test center. In the old days the test was held at any place wherever an officer with the Morse capability resided. There wasn't any in Alor Setar. So I got to go to Penang. I would have not passed the exam if a machine was used.

I was sad to hear that candidates who get through the listening test but failed in sending. It is a very discouraging phenomena. It never happened in the old days but has become common happenings at the present time. I know these people are capable in Morse codes but the rule and systems barred the 9Ws to transmit on this mode.

Let me say that the world will not discard CW. At least the police and the army must be kept alert. They can't leave things to the machines to copy what the criminals or the enemies may be sending, for there are new techniques to beat the machine. The Indonesians are fond to use these rhythm. In other words for the sake of national security and as tools to monitor criminal activities Morse codes will not be swept clean.

I would not say that there is an attempt to fail the candidate deliberately but I would just say it is is just a strange phenomena.



Rather than trying to defend the issue Najib should start thinking how to make the Chinese fishermen do not come into Malaysian water. Chinese boats have a dual purpose of making themselves busy in the South China Sea up to our water. The first is to keep an eye on the American warships, where they are and the size of the armada. These boats are protected and followed by their sub-marines. We have military ties with China and we cannot bar the Chinese to pursue their rigorous defense against the United States. Donald Trump has been informed of this Malaysia0China Defense Agreement.

Secondly their fishermen come together to catch the fish leaving our Malaysian fisheries at awe. It creates the catch scarcity and drives the fish price up. Najib sent Jamal to blame DAP for the rocketing price. In fact he has to give way to China. We see this in the honorary citizenships to the Chinese nationals. It won't be good for all Malaysians.

We also need to ask what is the function of Majuikan. Isn't price stabilization is one of it's function ? If we can't define and describe this government body well then let us let Jamal to be a fisherman. There are thousand of UMNO members who can go to sea. Why let DAP take control of fish price ? BN is the government and in control of the country's affair, why it threw the blame on someone else ?

20 years ago I stayed in Athens Ohio and Bloomington Indiana, and witnessed the price of raw food, which were very cheap and affordable. As if we can't follow the price control mechanism and quit blame other people on our own mishap and deficiency . Najib went to extend of telling the foreign journalists and investors that the bad economy is due to irresponsible opposition parties. How, may I asked the opposition could influence the condition of our economy ?

Fish is a good source of protein and could help to develop the growth of the brain. Research had been done to see why kids in the East coast of Malaya are more intelligent than from the West coast. It was found that 'Ikan Tongkol' was the main factor. The skyrocketing of fish price would hinder protein consumption by the poor people, mainly the Malays.

I always go to Kuala Kedah and Kubang Rotan to buy fish almost directly from the boat. I did not see the Middlemen of any DAP members. The catch were brought from the boat onto the sale floor. Prawns were still RM70 to RM80 per kilo. So were the other catches. In the West coast there is no trawler from China. But let me tell you that there are many drug addicts around here.

We can accept that the government want the fishermen to earn a better income. But there are many more people who are worst off than these people. Of course we would blame the government for the failure to control the fish price. Najib can afford a few thousand ringgit meat slice from Japan, the poor kampong children can afford to remain stupid as the source of protein is beyond their reach.



There are a few people who simply cannot tell lies. It is not about the feeling of guilt but it is the discipline that blends in his blood. Among the UMNO minister I would guess Mustaffa Mohammed is one of such a man. And the most to tell lies all the time is Najib Razak. It is the truth that his supporters do not like to hear. Who ever forget about Rakyat Di Utamakan ? And all donations to the party must not be in personal account ? The list of lies is beyond the space of this page.

Lying is a habit and later enters your blood. You feel you are at the top of the world when people shows that they believe in you. Every time you tell lie you got a kick out of it. You can sleep soundly and with a smile on your face just because you have deceived and fooled the people. You can even deny saying you do not say things which were clearly recorded and broadcasted to the world.

Similar to lying are faking, spreading propaganda and fabricating. I find a lot of them in the Youtube, some with vile purposes and others for no reasons. People are finding out the truth of aliens are working with the United States government and about the truth of the crop circles. It was lies that led to the invasion of Iraq and the bad perceptions on the global Muslims.

Liars get pleasure out of lying especially when they see people believe in them, not knowing others could see through their skins. Even the non-educated knows that even 50 years of saving pittance could not even half a million. If somebody gives me a hundred ringgit, it would not take 6 months to declare the money was donated. As a man who used to developed computer soft wares I can give answers to questions within seconds and minutes. That's the ways we could trace lies.

Lies will always be red when they are criminal in nature or to save one's skin or fatally treacherous like selling a country away. They will come in ways of excuses, rebuttals and throwing the blames on others. At times followed by threatening, riots and murder. This you can see if you study the detail episode of the 911, the destructions of the World Trade Center. And of course if you look at your own backyard.

White Lies are suppose to make a person happy by the praise of a good look and elegance, to prevent a fight out of jealousy and for everybody's good and benefit. To me it is still cheating. I would prefer truth even if it hurts.

Once a liar, forever a liar. And the face has turned to be a liar's face.



I went to an evening class to learn Mandarin in 1962, just for a year, out of personal compulsion. It was interesting and very fulfilling but fate as it was and being folly not to use it for more than 40 years things began to get rusty and finally I lost one important lingo. I can remember only a few words now.

Then I began to learn Thai in 1972 for a year, practiced reading and writing the characters, a long train of words joined up together to make a sentence. And again like Mandarin, I forgot the Thai alphabets. As I am getting more matured, my memory started to fade. The learning curve shows a quick descending momentum. With a limited vocabulary I made it my lingo conversing with the tour leader on the recent trip to Chiangmai.

As a Principal at vocational college I wanted to expose the students who took commerce as their choice to Mandarin. I wrote to the HQ asking for a budget. It fell on the deaf ears. That was in the 80th. Then I wrote to MCA, a political party asking for a teacher. Instead they showed me the price for a teacher's procurement. Now I realize that PM maxim that Cash Is King is true.

Today foreign language and Mandarin are a part of the primary school curriculum. It is a great deed. But parents seem to ignore it and take it very lightly. I went to the extend of paying for the class, and even failed to get any funding. Yet some people take things for granted.

I'll tell you why you shouldn't stop learning under any condition, even at the declining learning curve. Our duty is to fulfill the brain cells.

Human brain has a huge storage capacity unknown to men. We need to fill each of the cell with knowledge that is huge as the universe and galaxies. You have to be an immortal to try to fill it with the colossal gift of God. But our life is too short even to be a criminal if not a sage.

As we fill each of the cell we are enriching ourselves. We would feel better. The more knowledge and the more we know, we tend to become humbler. We won't want to belittle the others and tend to respect other human being. We would not mind at all if people call us stupid or moron. The common response was a nice smile.

If we don't try to fill in our mental storage we tend to be ignorant. We are susceptible of being deceived, conned and lied. It is through the various information that we can relate things and events and enable to compare and contrast phenomena, having greater analytical ability and sense every contradictions made by crude people.

You may not be a graduate, an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer. At least you are able to pluck words like statin, circumstantial evidence, anti-gravity and levitation. You will know and understand what Nikolai Tesla was doing. Depth acquired through reading from different sources can help you in many things. Of course you may be called a pseudo-XXXX . You are not going to preach what you know. But you would know a danger of statin, for instant. And if you know the history of Malaya and how this country came under British rule, you would be able to forecast our future if similar structural cases exist today.

You don't have to attend a culinary school to be an excellent cook. Knowledge and skill could be acquired through apprenticeship as well as learning. It makes you a better and wiser man.

I don't need to say much more about the importance and benefit of elevating the brain contents.

Our main barrier is the lack of time. It is worst for the working mothers and those who have to moonshine to feed their families. Life is not as easy as before. There is a greater competition in all areas today. Even a retired man need to divide his time for God and the world.  I have been computing for the space in time for learning Tamil and Japanese, just for fun. And you too can gather knowledge and skill just for fun and happiness.



Nergarawan Malaysia is a great and successful Statesman. Thousands of UMNO supporters gathered at the airport welcoming our Prime Minister, a great Statesman ever in the history of Malaysia, from the visit to United States and a stopover in London. Donald Trump called him A FRIEND and walked him to his car personally. Najib was received honorably and had prove that he is an innocent man or otherwise Donald Trump would not have invited him. The meeting was a successful one and the investment in the United States would bring much profit to the EPF. Mahathir had to pay millions to meet Bush.

Najib is also responsible for exporting durian to China. Under him the economy is the strongest in this region and the ringgit is the strongest ever. Our GDP is experiencing 50% growth.

Soon Trump will be visiting Asia. He will step on the Philippines but Malaysia. Read the comments made by his enemy

Damn you Trump. Najib Razak has promised to invest billions into the American stock market & skyrocket the US economy and make America Great again and now Trump has decided to skip visiting Malaysia, the all important Rising Star nation on his Asian tour. PAS was right, the Kafirs cannot be trusted.

So much for calling you friend and walking you to your car. Ahh these Americans, how short-lived their affections are. You should have listened to me, Najib. Instead of sending them all to China, you should have a given Trump a couple of baskets of our premium durians. And without you even saying so, he would know they were Musang King. Anyway, to reciprocate his hospitality to you when you went state-side, you could stand at Dataran Merdeka and wave as Air Force One flies overhead. Then you could tell us all how you saw him wave in return. By the way, are you still proceeding with the jetliner purchases? Just asking.

How can?????!!!!! Not fair!!! I thought you said Trump was your good friend???? But after Trump got a generous bonus of $20 billion on a silver platter, from a poor country Msia, to help "strenghten" the US, the most powerful economy in the world, why is this Trump not coming to see his good friend, Ajib and offer his value propositions" and promised to help "strengthen" Malaysia's poor economy?? Something wrong lah! Is Trump now afraid to see the $3.6 billion man?

What a shocking way to treat our PM who has travelled far into your country just recently for the sole reason of buying a huge load of Boeing aeroplanes and investing and contributing to the American economy and now Trump come calling at Asian countries but has somehow left out our great country and make a reciprocal visit to our great PM? The President is visiting Rodrigo Duterte when the later refused to accept a Whitehouse visit earlier on and this has just made it a 'double-blow' against our PM. What has gone into Trump lately; Kim Jong Un's pranks with his rockets must have unnerved him these few days and has made him somewhat cranky. Otherwise, how could there be a plausible reason to explain the President's sudden change of mind? Mind you, among all the great leaders in the world, he called Najib his 'friend' and our PM just love to relate this. And that is why I say there ought to be some mistake somewhere..

There are more remarks like these.

Don't worry we will come up with many good reasons why Trump will not set foot in Malaysia. Among others that we can think of is that the President has just seen Najib. Why wasting time to see him again. His program is very tight.

Najib's opponents says Najib and Malaysian government is always on a denial syndrome and hiding the truth at the expense of selling out the country to China. They are actually cheating themselves, cheating the population. History has shown that many UMNO big man were made tools by the business community. They think they are bosses but will be dumped as soon as they are powerless or passed away. I have seen many of such a case. The living figure in front of our eyes is Noh Omar.

We must not let our Negarawan be called CROOK or Kleptocrat by the American media and by DOJ. And the local Arabs were telling the Malaysians who went to the holy land not to vote for Najib. Those who went to welcome Najib after the US trip and Jamal Ikan Bakar should not wait any longer to act against those who saw Najib as a crook and a thief. We are waiting for legal action to be taken against those irresponsible people. The degree of defamation is too great. They are broadcasting what type of characters we are to the world. And we should not wait a minute longer. Our AG, Apandi, should initiate and lead  the grand defamation suit against those people. We are not exporting them our Musang King durian to propitiate, are we ?

Our Negarawan has been telling American business community that it was Mahathir and the opposition parties who are telling lies about Malaysia. He kept on telling Trump that 1Mdb and the stolen money issues were just a made up stories by his enemies. But White House was bad enough to announce to the world that DOJ is an independent body and would not be discuss in Najib-Trump's meeting. And secondly it was announced that USA did not book Trump's hotel for the delegates from Malaysia. Do you think the American businessmen will listen to our great leader ?

Just observe how things were twisted when Proton has become PLOTON. So much about the boasting. Unfortunately on the home ground we have people like Zunar who loves to lie as well. Look at his picture below.



UMNO and PAS just see whatever Najib gives to the Chinese. Then they blame the Malaysian Chinese. Is it not awesome ? Awkward ? And while the Cyber Troopers and the JASA were trying to portray Najib as Pahlawan Negara, National Warrior, the Chinese are quietly winning and controlling one after another. They were insulted in Pekan, surrendered and gave honorary citizenship to the Chinese national, slowly giving away our national security for China to control, land and other interests. I am not at all surprise whatever is happening to Proton legacy. And more will be coming. The Malays will be wiped out in front of UMNO and PAS eyes, not because the doings of DAP or Mahathir but by UMNO and PAS themselves.

Mind you JASA is headed by a doctorate holder. I would not know what made them so blind, selling our integrity and sovereignty away. And Nazri, a lawyer even defended those who betray the race and the country. They are talking about profit and money neglecting their honor, creed and race.

A man like me, Mahathir and those whose days are near do not lose anything. Many of us can survive till our last days. Heifner the Playboy founder died at 91. Mahathir is 92. The late Sultan of Kedah at 86. We are fearful of what is going to our generation. What I am sure to happen Malaya will be a vassal of China. This is under the watchful eyes of the PAS and UMNO Malays. They are being duped by Najib, who goes all out to save himself at the expense of national interest and the interest of the Malays. It is a great tragedy.

If there is any other country which is willing to take me I will leave this country immediately. It is a mental torture, more painful than a heart pain. Hokien uses a Chinese and a Malay word to express the agony 'BEY TAHAN'



The CHOSEN ONE among mankind is a little above the Prophet. We called him Rasul, the Messenger. To be a Messenger he must be a Prophet. It is not you or me who said, "Disobeying Najib is disobeying God." It was published and blazoned in the newspapers calling the Muslims to bow to the Prime Minister. They were words of the ministers. Try to remember whether Najib himself ever said he was God Chosen. A High Court judge seems to imply that Najib is not one of us, not a layman, not a civil servant and is different from all other Malaysians.

Was it agreed by the rest ? Read some of the views below

Najib as PM is not a public officer, High Court rules



Odin Tajué: Here’s Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia's definition of 'public officer' - “The term public officer is defined in section 3 of the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 by reference to the definition in section 1 of The Criminal Code.


“Public officers include state government employees, police officers and employees, members of government boards or committees, members of parliament, local government elected members and employees, all employees of public universities, employees of government trading enterprises and some volunteers.”

Is MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) not a member of parliament?

From the Legal Dictionary - “A public officer is ordinarily defined as an individual who has been elected or appointed to exercise the functions of an office for the benefit of the public. Public officers may be classified into different groups - executive, legislative, judicial, etc.

“Executive officers, such as the president (of the United States) or state governors, are public officers charged with the duty to ascertain that the law is enforced and obeyed. A legislative officer, such as a member of Congress, has the duty of making the laws.

“A public officer whose duties include administering justice, adjudicating controversies, and interpreting the laws is called a judicial officer. A de jure officer is one who is legally appointed and qualified to exercise the office.

“A de facto officer is an individual who appears to be legally qualified and appointed to an office but is not due to some legal technicality, such as failure to file a financial disclosure statement within the time prescribed by statute.”

Going by this definition, MO1 is also indeed a public officer/official.

Poetic justice has been served again on former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his declawing and castrating of the judiciary - besides a few other malefactions of his.

Anyway, one has no choice but to wish he and his colleagues better luck with their appeal.

Vijay47: I am sure that somewhere within that maze called the law, there must be some gobbledygook that suggests that Malaysia's prime minister is not a public servant.

High Court justice Abu Bakar Jais is no doubt a direct descendant of Solomon as he had dispensed with such irritations as deciding on the merits of the application.

The good judge, however, has kindly revealed that Najib and his band are members of "an administration" though he refrained from informing us what nature of creature an administration is.

Thus, the people are caught in a Catch-22 chicken-and-egg situation - what avenue is open to the public when a leader, aided by a conniving Parliament and pliant regulators like the attorney-general (AG) and that inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, allow him to continue unfettered by the demands of the law?

I hope, Abu Bakar, that unlike many judges of late, you were guided more by legality than the syariah.

Gerard Lourdesamy: The learned High Court judge has opted to give a very narrow and restrictive interpretation to the meaning of public office and public officer when in reality there is a huge difference between the two.

The PM as a member of the administration is a holder of a public office exercising executive functions and powers. But for the purposes of the constitution, the Government Proceedings Act 1956 and the Interpretation Acts 1948 and 1967, he is not a public officer or public servant.

The tort of misfeasance in public office applies to anybody or person exercising executive functions or powers. The cases from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India have held as much. It is the nature of the exercise of power by the office that matters and not its nomenclature.

The Federal Court in PP vs Mohd Khir bin Toyo had correctly interpreted the meaning of public servant and public office after considering the constitution, various statutory provisions and the common law cases.

Anonymous 706151436780066: It's no small matter to trifle with a court decision, but this time the judge has clearly misdirected his mind.

There can be no doubt that Najib is an officer of the government and in the payroll of the public. He has a duty to 30 million Malaysians. If he does not perform as a reasonable person holding the post, he is in breach of his duty and committed a tort against 30 million Malaysians.

The judge could not have missed that Najib has committed a wrong. He chose to find an escape route for Najib using some fictional legal reasoning but it defies common sense and violates the ordinary citizen's sense of justice. I hope the Court of Appeal will right his error.

Slumdog: This ruling says everything about the justice system in Malaysia. “The judge made the ruling in chambers and decided to strike out the suit without hearing the merits of the application.”

We have to marvel at the incompetence of this judge to make such a nonsensical decision without hearing the substance of the application, unless of course he is beholden to Najib.

The judge only needed to research the definition of public official in other democratic jurisdictions around the world to conclude that Najib is in fact a public official. But hey, this is Malaysia.

Moontime: If he is not a public officer, then how come he is performing all the duties as one? It just doesn't make sense. Then again, nothing seems to make sense here in Malaysia anymore as long as we still have a kleptocratic government in place.

Bluemountains: How can Najib not be a public officer when his salary comes from public funds? Further, if Najib is considered a member of an administration, does it mean that he is immune from prosecution despite having committed wrongdoings?

Former Selangor MB Mohamad Khir Toyo, who was a member of an administration, was prosecuted and sentenced to prison for having committed wrongdoings.

Gaji Buta: Anyway, how about the finance minister? Is this position also not a public officer? Maybe the 'misfeasance' was less as finance minister, so this could be the less preferred legal route.

Maybe the finance minister had committed the misfeasance, and turned to MO1 to assist him in covering it up?

Just so happens that both could be the same person? Can one person be tried separately as two different people or posts?

Godfearing: It's time for Dr M to taste his own medicine. It's time for him to revisit what he did to the judiciary when he was PM. You reap what you sow.

Ericlcc: Does it make any difference whether Najib is a member of administration or member of public service? They are to all intent one and the same.

Both derive their salaries from the same source. Both make decisions that impact on public affairs. The only difference maybe members of administration have higher status and prestige compared with members of public service.

Anonymous 1230461438193244: I think the key word here is 'public' and 'civil'. Did the judge deliberately or otherwise misinterpreted the two words, 'civil' and' public'?

Civil service does not include those employed by the Parliament. PM is the holder of a public office, so he is a public officer.


P Dev Anand Pillai: Yes, a nonsensical decision, if they are capable of getting a pension from the consolidated fund and as a member of parliament of the constituencies that they represent, then what kind of special category do these people belong to that they cannot be sued?


He is public officer No1 as he is elected as an MP first and then becomes prime minister and derives his income from the public purse, which means the funds in the Treasury.

So, what kind of judgment is this?

Anonymous 2336891439170985 - Menteri Besar or Chief Minister of state had been proven to be a Public Officer as in the case of ex MB Khir Toyo being convicted for corruption. CM of Penang or Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was charged for corruption as a Public Officer. If he was not a Public Officer he would not have been arrested and charged. Both MB and CM are Chief Ministers who serve under their BOSS, the Prime MINISTER of Malaysia. If the MBs, the CMs and all Ministers are considered as Public Officers by the courts and the MACC how is it that the Prime MINISTER or MINISTER in charge of all the MINISTERS is not a Public Officer? Do not take us for fools!

Restless - Congratulations Justice Abu Bakar, u have created a precedent for yourself. Bravo. All Malaysians will remember how you have twisted the law to define public official against all legal norms to protect just one MO1. That leads us to think what s in it for you? For the next case u shall preside on, be assured all informed Malaysians and worldwide interested parties would have a reservation on yr judgments. Not only yr judgments, but also your integrity, professionalism and values. What a shame to compromise for a pittance!

fairplayer - The judge had deliberately burnt the case to ashes???? Hope not. MO1 is Public Official No.1 of Malaysia, right?

Touche - Anyone can tell that the malay judges are sooo stupid. If not they must eaten a lot of dedak. How can any learned judge say PM is not a public officer. It just make a mockery of Malays

Tulancheow - M'siakini..the public at large and the world would like to see a photograph of Abu Bakar to see if he has any resemblance of our AG Apani!

AngryBird - He is a figure beyond human definition .Only God can.That's what made the judge so scared to do his duty normally
ad mor

bob the builder - May be we should ask UN or UK to define the term PM and whether a PM is a Public Officer of a country or a chair warmer.............!


RM2.6 billion turkey haram - Odin Tauje, your judgement really put the judge to shame. Based on facts and precedents quoted by you, Najib is 2.6 billion percent a pubic servants

Democracy - It does not matter if PM is a public officer or not. Any elected person can be sued for misfeasance while acting in the elected post unless he is a dictator.

bravemalaysian - Perhaps the good and learned Judge was trying to open a can of worms. Perhaps he was trying to say this group of usurpers of power were not duly elected and are an illegal group of pirates, thereby disqualifying them from being called Public Officers. I don't know really why the Judge gave such a ridiculous decision and am trying very hard to read his warped or brilliant mind...

Anonymous_40f4 - The Kangaroo has been instructed from the top,to throw out the case.So he and his other kangaroos work hard to 'cookup' some crooked reason to dismiss the case.Many times they dismiss on technicality which they couldnt find in this case.As always, the kangaroo will be well rewarded.The country would have been a better place to live,if only we had honest kangaroos who follow the law and not rewards.The blame for all the mess in the country is partly on the corrupt kangaroos.

JBond - KANGAROO Only know how to HOP to get more DEDAK!! All court cases against SCUMNOputras ARE SANDIWARA. BOLEHLAND IS TRULY SCREWED by this DESPOTIC REGIME. Only way out is REGIME CHANGE!

Worldly Wise - As chairman of 1 MDB he did not conduct himself like a public officer. He conducted himself like a kleptocrat. A kleptocrat cannot qualify as a public officer. The Honourable Abu Bakar Jais J was right in a poetic way ! The judge's potential is wasted in the High Court. His perspicacious mind should see him elevated further.


Only him$ in this world is not public officer but ....US President Donald Trump , all MPs & what not are public officers.


You see some of the arguments are very profound.

My question is very simple; if he is not a public servant then what is he ? Surely he is above the working and the non-working men. Sharp observation and analytical finding we would generalize that Najib is even above the rulers and the Parliament. By their own statements the chosen one descends from above and void of all human rules and regulations. In other words he can do no wrong.

In Malay we would call him a DEWA-DEWA, sounds like a Sanskrit word Deva. As such he exists by himself and on his own. He does what he likes, take whatever he wants. Hence a man from above is not a public servant but a god, deva or even seen as a Prophet. It is up to the court to say that he is either a Prophet, a Deva or a descendent from the Sky Kingdom.



I thought I have a strong mental power, invincible enough to fence off any attempt to deceive and persuade me to believe in what they are saying. When friends talked about a watch that has a radio control I bought a RM2.7K Casio while I was in Tokyo. In the most recent another friend posted a video clip on Whatsapp on Drinking Baking Soda I quickly fell to it when I first should a consult a doctor or a dietrician. Thinking that I am going to die soon I should not be worried much to face death and can bear to take any risk.

What I did was I immediately went to a super-store and hunted for baking soda. There weren't any baking soda on the shelve but baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. I bought the later for RM1.60, came home and checked the difference, between baking powder, baking soda and bicarbonate of soda. I found that the last two were the same. I took a tablespoon of the powder and put it in a glass of water, stirred and drank it. It was yesterday's evening before going for my evening exercise. You know what ? I farted a lot. I didn't feel like I was going to die.

Today, this morning I tried again. May be it was due to my empty stomach that I had to rush to ease my loose vowels several times. I was not scared then. I believed the toxic materials were released from my body. And I took it again in the evening. I hope I am still alive till the end of 14 days. If I do I will inform you how I feel.

The word gullible means 'easily persuaded to believe in something'. It is certainly dangerous if someone has the ill-intention of deceiving us with the aim of squeezing our money out of our pockets using various forms of baits. Politicians love to bluff us before elections and will start to suck our blood out thereafter.

Everybody lies. Some lies to save themselves and to gain benefit, to cheat and deceive. Some lies to save you from being hurt, to cool you down and make you happy. As far as a person's health is concern we have to be extra careful. The expensive supplements you may be buying may contain steroid. There are plenty of them in the market using various Arabic names to be sounded like Islamic. I already wrote about the recital mineral water of Koranic verses, sold at different prices according to the number of verses read on the water. And astonishingly people bought them.

You can request directly from God to cure you from your illness. Why pay someone else to do it for you. And at the same time do a little research from the internet. But you need to remember at least 20% of what you see on the Youtube are lies. I don't understand their motive for trying to beguile the netizens. There were fake videos on World War 3, on electronic projects, and on religion. Even the clip on the use of baking powder for good health may be fake too.



I did not check my internet speed these days. No need because my Smart TV is displaying the Youtube videos directly from the internet without any jerky effect or without interruptions. I quit watching Youtube movies through my PC or cell-phone. The screen is large enough to make it a home movie and accompanied by the more than 25 year old home theater audio system. The output is amazingly clear. The Wifi is fast enough as many houses around this location are opting for the Unify, leaving me a clear lane for the digital traffics. At this very moment I am watching a Talent Champion, a young handsome Black man singing. It is simply lovely. The time on the wall is already 3 pm past my lunch time. I halted for my prayer for about 10 minutes and returned to my fantastic entertainment of a direct Youtube on my TV.

You may not know the time when we were born. It was the time before Sputnik made a debut that shocked the Americans, the days of the ice shave, where nobody knew what a TV was. We would dismiss as nonsense and laughed at anyone who were trying to tell us about a box that could show soccer matches on the other side of the globe. There wasn't even an electricity yet at that time. I walked around naked in my kampong without knowing what shame was. We cooked and bath using the water that we captured from the sky using big vases and any containers available. If we wanted any pipe water we had to go to the public pipe water supply with pails, Mind you we did not feel life was difficult nor miserable then. And there were flood everyday. We enjoyed the high and the low tied. All our houses were standing on tilts.

Decades later before the internet was born I already read of it's theoretical concepts but never came across my mind that it is permeating my home and phone, my camera and my TV. What a monumental leap from those days when I walked naked throughout my village.

The forms of entertainments are different but the level of satisfactions are the same. Nevertheless I have to give credit to the modern technology.



I finally ordered a Panasonic handycam via the internet. This is not a 4K version which is about RM4K but the cheaper RM1K, the HC-V380K. I think it will arrive tomorrow. This will be my second handycam. The first one was Sony which I gave away to my radio friend when I thought I would not be using one again. I did not expect to be an active traveler again at my old age. Now it seems my interest expands. I want to make movies and documentaries to be posted to the Youtube. If you were to see me you would be frowning at me," What is this old man doing. Better go to the mosque and pray to erase all the past sins."

I expect to make a trip to Maldives next year in January. From the descriptions by our Malaysian visitors the islands were painted as one of the most beautiful places on earth. It deserves a real video camera, not the smart phones.

But in the meantime there is an urge me to for a visit, a long one with more than 2 weeks or so. All the tour packages are hectic and short. The arrangements made in such a way to maximize profit. Except for Indonesia, Vietnam and Beizing all other trips would cost us RM1K a day, whereas we can go on our own saving at least 50% of the cost.

I am also stuck with the cold weather at about this time of the year. Dress to keep you from the cold air are bulky and thick that will occupy most space in your bags.

A couple of days ago I went to the train station making an inquiry about the ticket to Bangkok. If it was available I planned to go to Bangkok for a week. Unfortunately the Bangkok Express rail has stopped. It was on operation since the British time and stopped during Najib's era.

So, no decision yet. The traveling companion is about to be in my hand tomorrow.

My friend, Lim, 9M2LC, a radio friend has all equipments to take for traveling. He has enough experienced with them. I saw many of his beautiful pictures captured when he went for his trips. He advised me not to buy a video cam, because nobody is going to see a very long movie. He said a smart phone is good enough.

Lim talked base on experience. I talked base on lust and sentiment. I want to satisfy my lust.

The next thing I need to buy is a video stabilizer. The prize range from RM90 to a few thousand ringgit. I think I will choose a cheap  version. After all I am not a professional guy. I just want some descent capture not the haphazard and junky output. It is digging holes in my pocket really. Certainly I need to buy a high capacity memory stick again.

Whatever I am going to wait and see.



When Mahathir was a Prime Minister I had wish that he would vanish. Finally he resigned. It was a great relief. I thought we would never have I bad government again. The worse of Mahathir were too much to tell but I remember in those years when Malaysia was unknown in the West except for Penang and Singapore, an American in Hawaii mentioned, "Oh Mahathir ?..." when I told him I was from Malaysia. It was the first time the West began to know Malaysia by knowing the Prime Minister who dared to fight the Americans and pegged the ringgit against American dollar to protect the country. I remember writing to the American President to ignore Mahathir. I said, "Never mind this man. He cannot harm the United States. It is his character to verbally spewing words." I defended him though I was a nobody.

I always hope the Prime Minister after Mahathir would clean the country and would look after the welfare of the country. Instead it turned out the new Prime Minister has turned the country upside down. To me the nightmare started with the lavish expenditure of Rosmah Mansor. Then I heard about Rosmah's activities in Putrajaya narrated by the civil servants, about the purchasing of the new jets, about Rosmah using the jet for private purpose, about FLOM and about 1Mdb. Mahathir was not in the limelight yet.

It was the first time I started to know Tony Phua who constantly mentioned about the 1Mdb.

The shock exploded when the Wall Street Journal blazoned the news on a large sum of money that was in Najib's personal account. Najib denied. The UMNO members started the war of words saying the opposition were jealous of the success of 1Mdb and said if Najib was dishonest he won't keep the money in the local bank.

Things get hotter as there was the question of paying the interest of the 1Mdb loan. Then came the GST which is really taxing the people and subsidies were lifted. Najib himself admitted the loan was too big.

The chaotic scenario with lies and counter rebuttals, the threat to sue the WSJ, the arrest of JUSTO, the final admittance of the money in his private account, the SRC's money used for personal purchases, the resignations of two second finance ministers, and the sacking of Mahyuddin, and more of unbelievable selling our sovereignty to China, all made Najib the ever worst person I ever seen throughout my whole life.

Seeing the country is breaking apart with the economy worsen Mahathir stepped in. Najib and his gang find it convenient to attack his mentor by digging the past of Mahathir's past legacy. To me they were past history. Resurrecting them won't clean what is called robbery by the international investigator. Najib has not sue the journal portraying him as a thief, do not take legal action on DOJ that call him a Kleptocrat. It is to his advantage to take action on DOJ which said lying about pink diamond stealing and all other accusation. Now they are calling him with a debase name 'Crook'.

Najib is saying indirectly that he can steal because Mahathir lost money from FOREX. How about paying to fake IPIC and paid again to real IPIC ? How about lying to the parliament about the money in BSI Singapore ?

AND he keeps on saying our economy is good and our currency is strong when in real life we are kicking thousands out of jobs and our ringgit is sliding badly and we are losing to Thailand and Singapore. When he takes our money he says it is for our own good.

We are not living under Mahathir now. His legacy is over. And he is not going to live much more longer. He is already 92. I forgive him for his errors. I always knew he did not steal money. And more so I did not feel economically bad under him.

I am concern about now. Lies, deception and fabrication is just like drinking a cup of coffee. You ask Najib and the gang a simple question, he will take a long time to answer. Some even takes 6 months. Why ? They are thinking and discussing and trying to create one. When the donation story were to become known through investigation the world began to see how far Najib could go to implicate the Saudi King, thinking things would end there. Most of the answers could be given between a second to 15 minutes at the most. The most recent is when the MCA takes days to answer the land bought for public use, when it could be given immediately. You could guess what was happening between those days.

They can deceive the local but not the world. Singapore and Swizerland had concluded the 1Mdb case, the leaked audit report mentioned the problems, Apandi disappeared himself when the Swiss investigator came to meet him. The court in Singapore and the Swiss government had proven Najib was lying through his teeth. And finally Ghani's driver was shot.

Simple laymen understood the Mafia method of warning or killing a person. They know how and when the authority used the police and when to ask the gangsters to do the job for them. You never knew the laymen could put together the jigsaw puzzles of many hidden mysteries.

From the beginning I have known that Najib will hide behind UMNO. He will tell UMNO the money in the bank are all for the party. He only gave to the MCA and MIC part of it recently after the theft story had blown up. Hence the stolen money has been shared among them. Everybody hope to get some share of the loot. Najib gave as much as he could to save himself from serious accusations, not only of theft but also of murder. Two of the murder cases were link to 1Mdb. He knows if BN goes down he will be arrested for crime of felonies. People had assume that he already keep his money either in Australia, New Zealand or Uzbekistan.

We are mull on the subject of China. It is a dreaded things really shook me, the greatest fear of my life. My heart and soul shivers seeing the future of this country.

All Najib is doing now is beguiling the rakyat. What does he stand to gain ? Wrecking a nation is one, blind to see the Chinese design and the fate of the nation is another. He is ruining the country just to save himself.

Mahathir is not a case that I want to hear or know anymore for his legacy has passed a long time ago. Life is not about the past but about now and what's going to be tomorrow. It is not about me and older people, for we will soon be gone. After we have closed our eyes the story of the Government of thieves will be penned as an anecdote of various international versions. Najib will be written as what the DOJ described him, the most gigantic Kleptocrat, in the history of the world.



Trump invited Najib to go to UN General Assembly, "We will soon having UN General Assembly. Please do come...."The President had no need to tell Najib about it as he and everyone else knows it. The news says he skips UN and so far there is no news of his replacement. Last year he sent Zahid Hamidi.

There are of course speculations why he refuses to attend the assembly. Dismissing all the speculations I would say he is tired as he has just come back home. Flying to New York takes more than 17 hours. It is a pain even on the best plane. Others believe that though Trump called him 'friend', American media were humiliating him. Several TV stations mentioned him as Kleptocrat and Newsweek called him a crook. They also exposed his join defense agreement with China. I think the last story carried on by Sarawak Report was a little stale. It is most likely the whole world leaders look at Najib with a hidden perceptions of who he is as the world media has formed a negative perception on him, with deep scorn in their hearts. In fact the FBI suspects Najib has been using a fear tactic of threatening the witnesses. They pointed the gun shot at Ghani Patail.

Any further afford at paying the foreigners to boost his image will be a very monumental waste.

But this is the time that Najib can have Photo-op again with the world leaders, shaking hands with them and show to the fellow Malaysians. To mingle among those people and shake hands with them are proofs that he is not a Kleptocrat and a crook. That was what he said and what the rest of UMNO people reverberated. Never mind about tiredness. He can go and stay in Trump's hotel again.

It could not be that Najib is ashamed to show himself there. If he is he would have resigned a long time ago and let someone to take his place. He hasn't any because he believes he is right in doing anything at all. Nobody saw with their own naked eyes about the money that went into his account, about the SRC money that crept in the same bank, how he used public funds to boost his image and how millions were given to people who supported him. Nobody can show proofs. And now even the Muslim clerics support him.

Najib may be aware that all eyes are on him but not his officers and Ministers. The Chinese and the North Koreans are always wanting to capitalize his weaknesses. The world embassies are watching all the politicians and government civil servants and the judiciary systems, and the nature of freedom and democracy as claimed by Najib.

And he does not believe that the declining ringgit and economy are due to his bad management. He blames the opposition. Of course we are asking ourselves to what extend the investors listen to the opposition, convincing enough to follow them.

Is it worth to turn his back on UN and put a total lean on China ? This scares me. I believe China already regards Malaysia as a vassal state. She will make sure Najib will live forever and happily stroking his back. As Najib's loving phrase Cash Is King has become a part of his blood, the Chinese will apply it on him and the rest of the party members.

Now there is no turning back to the United States. He is too far in Chinese border. Remember Rashid Mydin and Samsiah Fakeh, the two Malay Communists who stayed in China ? Can't we make a point ?



When money is given to you in return for a favor the question of corruption arises. Money given in proportion to the service given or for the goods purchased in good faith are not categorized under corruption. As such we pay for the bus ticket and to a person who labor his service to clean our home. Say a million is paid to you to lie and cheat and to do other misdeeds are corruption and sinful.

But a million given to you without any ulterior motives to be distributed to the needy is not. In many circumstances we would know whether there is a motive behind it. A minister in parliament had said, "The people are ungrateful. We gave them money but they did not for us." I did not say it. You did not say it. It was a minister who said it. Is not the same as 'You scratch my back and I scratch yours' ?

A top military officer or the top cop may be given a colossal sum of money behind our back solely to prevent rebellion could be viewed in different perspective. I would say 'take the money' and resign from the job. Compute how much is enough for the old age and donate the rest to the mosques and other needy people. And pray for the person who gave the money so that he would be a good man one day. Yes, take the money and quit the job. Therefore the element of corruption is removed and no misdeed is done.

All boil back to honesty and sincerity. When everybody sees through you as a sincere and honest person you will earn a due respect from 90% of the people. Another 10% are people who will always yell at any good or bad man, at whatever good things they received. They could be ignored.

Mankind has his duty to God too. He must believe in sins, hell and heaven. Hell will be the abode for a man who supports thieves and murderers and he cannot bluff God saying that he does not know the bad intention of the giver. And he cannot say that he only does his duty and obey his leader. He cannot pretend not knowing the evil purpose of the giver. It is his duty to find out the truth by various means and methods. He cannot simply dismiss proofs just because his emotion says so.

It is our duty to save our country from destruction. Warnings have been given by many people. If you don't heed them you will bear the consequences.

Remember, taking the money is not wrong if you avoid doing misdeeds. Just quit your job after taking the millions. Fear not because God will side you. Evil will be destroyed. The end will come.



MARA Electronics closed shops and the Minister blamed the Malays for not supporting the Malays. Since I have not been to those shops I don't know what were the products put to sale. There were several reasons why the Malays did not go to the shops as much as they turned their back on the KR1M chain stores. It was probably goods sold by MARA electronics were more expensive than Lowyatt. Secondly there were not much choice and what is most likely the people hated Najib.

There is no question of the Malays supporting the Malays. I foresee there will be a much greater hatred among themselves as one section who will blame the other section for voting the increase in GST and supporting Najib for making life is more difficult. Looking at the general Malays there will be no bloodshed in spite of the intense hatred.

The minister should also understand the human psychology. The hatred towards fellow ethnic group will loom to the ill feeling towards Islamic clerics who were seen as the strong supporters of the sinners and who corroborated in the cause for the increase GST and other taxes. The poor non-Malays may extend their hate towards Islam.

When a group of Islamic leaders were seen practicing un-Islamic behaviors the sight is very repulsive. They were parading the bad image of Islam. How about sending the Malay gangsters to throw chairs and sleepers at the former Prime Minister ? The Malays also saw the arrogance of Tengku Adnan, Zahid and Nazri. They did not forget the RM250 million NFL issue. Don't they see the link of thefts and robberies of rakyat's money. I don't create the issue but being blazoned by government's media themselves.

Being Malays do not give them passport to commit crimes, form gangsters, paddling drugs and suppress the rakyat. Would the criminals plead to to judge, "Please spare me, I am a Malay."

And Najib is more interested in himself rather the Malay race. He sacked Mahyuddin and those who questions 1Mdb further splitting them.

Why not the minister called UMNO members and PAS to support MARA electronics and KR1M ? Jamal Ikan Bakar has enough gang to support those outlets and Haji Hadi has all the PAS members to be behind those shops.

We have Uptown in Alor Setar run by Malays. It is always packed by fellow Malays and also the non-Malays. There are plenty of  electronic stuffs, shirts and shoes. All at reasonable price though many were more expensive than the DIY outlets. Buyers like frequent Uptown merely to give support to the poor guys. I joked with them asking them to put Najib's picture in their stalls. They just smile. There was one food shop that used to fly UMNO's flag is now without the flag.

You know what ? Nobody from UMNO can unseat Najib in whatever way. Anyway they have to answer to God for putting the rakyat in diffulties.



A few million Malaysian did listen to the tape you were talking to Trump. Not only they listen to it, they also keep the video with them tightly. That was recorded and kept. The American even have more than 5 or 6 cameras to record your countenance, the body and the eye movement. Every part of your body language including the movements of your fingers were captured. The Americans have better experts than what you have in Putrajaya.

Nobody added to what  you have said. Nobody misconstrued anything. They said exactly as what you have spewed out. Even the American media repeated what you told trump as recorded and sealed. That video is the signature. There is no such thing as "I men...I mean....I mean..." It was not heard in the record. And you can't tell the United State that the defense agreement with China is not actually an agreement. US must not misconstrued it. " I don't a serious matter. It is just an honorary friendship."

Surely you can tell your UMNO guys who do not understand English the opposition lied about it. Is it not similar to saying "I don't know what I signed....I don't mean to sign the 1Mdb documents...." And when you lied to the parliament your henchman said you did not know about it as it was mistakenly written by your officer. And when the SRC money went into your account you said, "Prove that I steal the money..."

Unfortunately many of us are school teachers. We caught boys who broke rules and those who committed crimes. They talked the same way as you do, twisting and spinning. Without your absolute power behind the AG we would have pinned you for what you are trying to enrage us, lying and spinning.

Noh Omar and Bashah may not understand English as they were both from the lower end of educational background. And among your cyber troopers I only found one smart English educated person. But he would follow you even knowing what was said in the video. Yes money is King is indeed a true maxim. You can't twist the Chinese because the philosophy started in their soceity. They are much smarter at trapping people.

The more you annoy the denizen the angrier they become. You have been talking nonsense all these while and paid millions to the false IPIC and paid again to the real one.

Remember Najib, you sacked Ghani Patail and put Apandi in his place so that Apandi will stop all the talk on 1Mdb. I still remember you and your gang said, "Since the most top judiciary said there is no wrongdoing in 1Mdb the rakyat must not talk about it." You wanted to make it illegal to talk about 1Mdb. Do you remember it ? We know how Ghani was evicted and million others know who kill Kevin Morais and why. Years after the declaration and ultimatum, it is still a main subject of discussion worldwide. The West calls you Crook and Kleptocrat.

And you were trying to pin Mahathir in order to divert public attention on thievery and 1Mdb. I just talked to an ice seller. Said I, "You sell apple and oranges. You sell orange at a lost and made profit from apples. Taking the minus and the plus your total profit is splendid. You know what ? Najib ask for an investigation on your lost only..." That was what exactly happen. I heard people in a coffee shop were already knew about the dirty job.

Najib, you will not be defeated in this general election for Malaysians are gullible and short sighted. I know what you will do after winning by beguiling them. They will submit like slaves. You will pawn this country to China, forking our money to pay her for all the loan. And you also have to pay for your debts, and to fulfill your promises to Donald Trump. Like Tibet and Zimbabwe their sovereignty were gone. Many of us will die before you. Our generations will live and curse you and pray for you to go to hell. At your old age you will regret to what you have done. Mahathir made a big error in choosing you as a Prime Minister. You will make a grave and fatal error by giving Malaysia to China.

What a damn. What a tragedy. You want to increase the GST to 26% ? I am sorry for you Najib.


TONIGHT'S GAME 24/09/2017

Football is something like rugby in the United States. What we called football here is termed soccer in USA. I think soccer is more convenient to be used to differentiate it with American football. In Europe ticket for sports is never cheap. People pay hundreds of equivalent Malaysian ringgit to watch tennis or football or soccer. And they filled up all the seats. But we cannot compare price as what we have in Malaysia. It must be viewed through the whole economic standing and system. To put in another word, it is AFFORDABILITY.

Today I paid RM40 for a game between my state,Kedah versus Selangor. It is a second quarter final match. The first match was at Selayang, Selangor, where Kedah edged Selangor 3 goals  to 2. Kedah team is not consistent enough. The last match against FELDA we were disgraced by our opponent by quite a big margin. I noticed the tactical move deployed by FELDA but not Kedah. And tonight Selangor will field an Indonesian, Andik, to put Kedah in a great turmoil. It looks like the coach did not instruct our players to mark Amri Yahya and Andik closely. Both can sprint like a 100 meter runner, while the Kedah fullback could not run fast enough.

I commented about players who smoke were fielded and a woman asked what's wrong with players smoking cigarettes, citing that it won't have any effect. I believe they will get tired very fast. In a competitive soccer we can't afford players who can only play for 30 or 45 minutes. They should be able to run and play for 120 minutes and not to be exhausted.

Two import players will not continue their contract next year. I don't know for what reason. Both did not say they want to retire. They have not decide in which team they would be playing.

To me RM40 is not small. I usually bought the RM20 ticket. The grand stand is nearer to the sitting of the coach.  I promised to myself that I would yell at him if I conclude the bad play is due to him. If Kedah fails to enter Semi-Final it is a doom for the rest of the season. The stadium will be empty. But many a time I had to stand up for the whole match as the seat were filled up. They did not have numbers. Some wise guys even put food and their bags on the seats as if they paid for those seats.

I queued for the ticket this morning. I saw a long line at about 9 am and proceeded to have my breakfast. By 11 the line was shorter. My queuing time was only about 20 minutes.

I hope Kedah will win the game.




I listen to music and songs once in a blue moon. This morning I switched on my home movie amplifier which has been defunct for almost a month but I had it fixed last night and my TV with a You Tube capability, to listen to songs. You may be wondering what kind of songs a 70 year old man like me is listening to. I think many of you might not have heard of them before. These are Bunga Tanjung by Hety Koes Endang, Ye Sama by various singers and Besame Mucho. I do not understand the lyrics of Ye Sama and Besame Mucho but I love what is said in Bunga Tanjung.

Ye sama

Besame Mucho

Bunga Tanjung

Bunga Tanjung is about a lady who finds no man owing to her nature. It reflects the modern situation of many single women. The lyrics are beautifully laid out. It seeps deep down in my heart as well as the other two songs, as well songs that I do not mention here. You can sing just one song and you can make a living out of it your whole life, provided you  have an excellent vocal.

If you were to ask me whether I know the last Malay or English song, I will have to say sorry. But I do know Siti Nurhaliza and the late Sharifah Aini, for my late wife loves Sharifah very much, even at her bed ridden time.

Music can influence people. The beat of a drum can captivate us without our knowing it. Part of our body will move at the sound of the beating. Melodious and soft music listened at midnight can sooth our souls. Muslims are forbidden to continuosly absorb themselves lest they forgot their duty to God.

Of course I don't listen to these music the whole day. I would switch off my TV after 15 minutes at the most. Each day we have to divide our time for the planned tasks and schedules. This is what the working active people do and this is what a man waiting to die does. Even the most pious man does not read the holly book everyday and pray to God every minute of his remaining time.

Music and songs come free these days. You have tons of them on the websites readily downloadable. I would be looking for suitable music to be inserted in my home-made video clips. Young people might not think that old guys could still do things as what people below 50 do. Some of us have greater mobility than the young. We do video editing, writing computer codes, play chess and enjoying evergreen songs. And now I am hunting for a handycam.

You may not believe me that I even think of enrolling myself in a music class to learn violin.

It is not that I don't have any defect. I have plenty of them. My hearing deteriorates badly. I went to the hospital hoping that they could cure me. They didn't. They just told me that I cannot hear voice of a high pitch. That's all. And I have all kind of sickness. You name them. I have them all. Though I think that I am going to die in 5 years time, who knows I may continue to breath the fresh air for 20 or 30 more years, much dreaded years. I would pray to God to lift it off.

I have pain in my body. It comes on and off. I strived to throw the pain away by my mind and by doing vigorous exercise. It worked fine. I feel fit and strong. I want to see the world while I can, make my life meaningful and of course enjoying entertainments.

From time to time, not at regular interval, I will entertain myself with Widuri, Bunga Tanjung, Ye Sama and Besame Mucho.



People of our class are limited in many ways. We may have money but cannot buy what we want because they are not there in the market. We have money but we cannot fly on airplanes because there are no more vacant seats. We may have money but we cannot buy a wife because we are too old or because we are ugly. Whatever we cannot have what the ruling class can.

I carry around enough money to buy a Panasonic handycam but I could not find one in any of the outlet and shop in Alor Setar. I tried the online store that sells video cams but what I want was not in my list. It reminded me the previous unforgettable experience of my failing of going overseas for the unavailability of a seat on the plane. Our limited means barred from stepping outside our realm into the world of the rich and the powerful. We can't afford to purchase things from overseas, or to fly a First Class or a business class.

At a super store I was mum when I suppose a BN woman said, when I lamented on the increasing cost of living, that "...never mind about the high price as long as the things are there..." It kept me spellbound.  Now you know why people still vote for UMNO despite the astronomical inflation. It is always better than having money but we cannot buy anything.

The people of higher class can have their breakfast in Kuala Lumpur, lunch in Taipei and dinner in Tokyo. And buy anything at places where goods are in abundance, anywhere in the world, the nearest of which is one hour to Singapore or Bangkok. Anyway we the normal and non-political people do not need these privilege. Nevertheless we must always remember that we won't die for being what we are.

I know many people will be disappointed tomorrow for not being able to buy tickets to watch the Quarter Final match between Kedah, my state, and Selangor. Tickets will be sold out. People will still buy from the black-marketers at double or triple the price and others will fail to have one even at a higher price. In such cases we say the demand exceeds the supply. The point of contention is, one can have ten banks of money but it is not an assurance that one can have whatever one wishes to have.

It is not a law of nature. It is more of an accidental. The old storage systems are being replaced by the cards system, making many hardware stuffs obsolete. Many industries have to face closedown unless they follow the progress of modern technology. As for the creation of scarcity due to excess demand there is nothing that we can do. A live telecast of football is not the same as going into the stadium to watch and yell and to curse the refereeing.

Of course we can buy sex but not love. Women have a dream man in their life, a dark, tall and handsome. To some a good, kind and loving men. We can't go on a podium and yell our head off "Who want to marry me, I am a millionaire ..." Even a discreet choice may not end in matrimony.

Such is a life of the normal and ordinary people of our class. But we have ample space and time for God and to practice our religious beliefs, and talk to our Creator and thank for the providence bestowed upon us.




Comeuppance can come up in different form. There will come a time when you look at the mirror and say "I am really old". We never feel that we are old until some tells us so. But people are hypocrites, always praise you and how beautiful you are. People around Rosmah will always make her feel young and beautiful and how graceful and glittering she is.

To me I believe this lady has stepped too far though I have discounted her pre-marital age. And I believe very much God will punish her in this world, warning her that she should not be too boisterous and think that she can treat mankind like the low class animals. I have been hunting for her last video and pictures to see her physical shape and her facial countenance as well as her skins wrinkels.


I believe the picture above is the latest of her image. And I observe every part of it in great detail.

To most ladies being fat or obese is a problem and a burden. They try to slim themselves with all types of drugs. I saw a lot of them on the online store. Like any other ladies Rosmah too wants to be thinner so that she can walk without dragging herself. What we all know is that she plays badminton and probably there are of exercise gadgets in her home to burn her fats. Of course that's not the concern of ours, on her private affair. There is nothing wrong in trying to live a long life, to look young and spend money in the effort. She can be what she wants and do what she likes. We should mind our own business.

What concerns me is whether our money are forked for personal used. And whether her looks displays the picture of her sins.

To me being extra fat and the growing old look is a comeuppance when she looks at herself in the mirror. It is a pang in her heart, the fear of getting older and older. The fiction of 'Miror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all' resurrects again. It could result in a mental torture.

Mahathir realized that he was called Firaun and Mahafiraun. Does she know her enemies were calling her Hyppo and Fat Mummy ? You judge yourself by the above picture. It is our concern because she is our First Lady. She has to be elegant when walking for the Guard of Honor or along the Red Carpet in a certain festivities. How she stands among the wives of other world's leaders.

It will be the comeuppance if she fails to stop ageing and wrinkles in her necks.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all ?



Driving alone at night along a dark road from Alor Setar to Kuala Perlis is very hectic without donning my spectacles. The old route is much shorter than through the highway up to Changlun and then take the Changlun-Kuala Perlis expressway. The former route is more heavy with traffics and the road is curvy like a snake. However I took the old road and started my journey at 7.30pm. I never expected the bumper to bumper traffics as there were slow drivers, going only about 40km/h. Rather meeting with disappointment I decided to go alone. There was no rain along the road.

I arrived the destination about more than an hour later and present myself at my favorite stall at the  end of the sea-food complex. I selected 3 pieces of crabs and four small squids. Both were to fried, the crabs using spices which we called Garam Kunyit and the squids cut to small pieces and soaked into wet flour to be fried. Once ready and the dishes were laid on the table I was surprised to see the squids were too much. There were crabs, rice, vegetables, a doubled apple juice and of course the squids. I didn't wait long because at that time there was only one family there. Then the number of customers multiply.

The size of the crab is small, 20 times less than what you may find in San Francisco Bay or at Sydney Port. They were cut to 4 parts. The meat was compact, worth the money paid for. With curry and chilies the taste was very excellent. I really enjoyed my dinner. It cost me RM44. The only drawback was mosquitoes were biting my feet. All in all I get complete satisfaction from the delicious morsels.

I wait no longer when my stomach was full. The leftover squids was half the original. I could only finished only 70% of my Apple juice. At exactly 9.30 pm I drove home taking the Kuala Perlis-Changlun expressway and continued onto the North-South highway. It took me exactly an hour to arrive my home.

I am never in favor of driving alone without a company to talk to. I have to tell myself that I am already 70. We tend to forget that we are already old. We don't have to wait for others to call us 'uncle' or 'grandpa'. But as life is we cannot expect to have all that we desire and hope. We have to learn to be independent. I would only wish a dead man could manage his own funeral. Try o imagine how God could make it happen.

In a way I spent less for food by going alone. And I can drive at any speed I wish without antagonizing anyone. My student love high speed. Others may want slower driving. My relaxing mode is 60KM/h. Daytime highway speed of 90km/h is very comfortable for me.

Isn't there any sea-food restaurant in town or nearby places ? Quite plenty if I may say so. The best one and not so pricey is called Anjung Kuala about 10 miles away. It only operates at night. Located at quite a remote place, night driving is extremely difficult and dangerous for people like me. And secondly they did not cook as what we instructed them to do. In town Krabi restaurant is good but each meal would cost me about RM50. A small crab is sometimes meatless and yet they charged me RM26 per crab. As I briefly narrated a restaurant in town charged me RM65 on a small meatless crab, 2 small prawns and a small fish.

I would avoid the restaurants that did not follow customers need. For instant I asked for chickenless fried rice but they would bring me the one with plenty of chicken meat. Their principal is 'take it or leave it'. We still have to pay. It is a typical of most of the local restaurants. Pizza Hut is not a Seafood restaurant but be careful with the price. price charged were not according to whatever shown on the menu sheet. Among the fast food Pizza Hut is the worst.

When I went traveling I brought some money with me not to buy souvenirs and T-Shirts but to buy some selected foods of my choice, may it be in restaurants or by the roadside stalls. Outside Malaysia I always keep my eyes open for the Indian or Pakistani Briyani. But I don't travel overseas, hunting for food like a friend of mine.



I just began to read Mark Twain at the age of 70. You may have read his writings at the age of 18. I am not a reader anyway. I only read when I want to pass my time, not the paperbacks but the e-book in my cell-phone. Vintage stories are usually free. I very much want to donate to those who made the e-books available but I don't have a credit card to do so. Without the availability of the E-book I will stay a moron forever. I expect I can improve my English by familiarizing myself with English phrases and sentences.

Below is a short anecdotes which I find it hilarious while reading it in the fast food restaurant, KFC, after the Frday prayer. It tickles me indeed. And let us share this episode by this writer, Mark Twain.


The nervous, dapper, “peart” young man took the chair I offered him, and said he was connected with the Daily Thunderstorm, and added:

“Hoping it’s no harm, I’ve come to interview you.”

“Come to what?”

“Interview you.”

“Ah! I see. Yes—yes. Um! Yes—yes.”

I was not feeling bright that morning. Indeed, my powers seemed a bit under a cloud. However, I went to the bookcase, and when I had been looking six or seven minutes I found I was obliged to refer to the young man. I said:—

“How do you spell it?”

“Spell what?”


“Oh, my goodness! what do you want to spell it for?”

“I don’t want to spell it; I want to see what it means.”

“Well, this is astonishing, I must say. I can tell you what it means, if you—if you—”

“Oh, all right! That will answer, and much obliged to you, too.”

“In, in, ter, ter, inter—”

“Then you spell it with an I?”

“Why certainly!”

“Oh, that is what took me so long.”

“Why, my dear sir, what did you propose to spell it with?”

“Well, I—I—hardly know. I had the Unabridged, and I was ciphering around in the back end, hoping I might tree her among the pictures. But it’s a very old edition.”

“Why, my friend, they wouldn’t have a picture of it in even the latest e—— My dear sir, I beg your pardon, I mean no harm in the world, but you do not look as—as—intelligent as I had expected you would. No harm—I mean no harm at all.”

“Oh, don’t mention it! It has often been said, and by people who would not flatter and who could have no inducement to flatter, that I am quite remarkable in that way. Yes—yes; they always speak of it with rapture.”

“I can easily imagine it. But about this interview. You know it is the custom, now, to interview any man who has become notorious.”

“Indeed, I had not heard of it before. It must be very interesting. What do you do it with?”

“Ah, well—well—well—this is disheartening. It ought to be done with a club in some cases; but customarily it consists in the interviewer asking questions and the interviewed answering them. It is all the rage now. Will you let me ask you certain questions calculated to bring out the salient points of your public and private history?”

“Oh, with pleasure—with pleasure. I have a very bad memory, but I hope you will not mind that. That is to say, it is an irregular memory—singularly irregular. Sometimes it goes in a gallop, and then again it will be as much as a fortnight passing a given point. This is a great grief to me.”

“Oh, it is no matter, so you will try to do the best you can.”

“I will. I will put my whole mind on it.”

“Thanks. Are you ready to begin?”


Q. How old are you?

A. Nineteen, in June.

Q. Indeed. I would have taken you to be thirty-five or six. Where were you born?

A. In Missouri.

Q. When did you begin to write?

A. In 1836.

Q. Why, how could that be, if you are only nineteen now?

A. I don’t know. It does seem curious, somehow.

Q. It does, indeed. Whom do you consider the most remarkable man you ever met?

A. Aaron Burr.

Q. But you never could have met Aaron Burr, if you are only nineteen years!—

A. Now, if you know more about me than I do, what do you ask me for?

Q. Well, it was only a suggestion; nothing more. How did you happen to meet Burr?

A. Well, I happened to be at his funeral one day, and he asked me to make less noise, and—

Q. But, good heavens! if you were at his funeral, he must have been dead, and if he was dead how could he care whether you made a noise or not?

A. I don’t know. He was always a particular kind of a man that way.

Q. Still, I don’t understand it at all. You say he spoke to you, and that he was dead.

A. I didn’t say he was dead.

Q. But wasn’t he dead?

A. Well, some said he was, some said he wasn’t.

Q. What did you think?

A. Oh, it was none of my business! It wasn’t any of my funeral.

Q. Did you—However, we can never get this matter straight. Let me ask about something else. What was the date of your birth?

A. Monday, October 31, 1693.

Q. What! Impossible! That would make you a hundred and eighty years old. How do you account for that?

A. I don’t account for it at all.

Q. But you said at first you were only nineteen, and now you make yourself out to be one hundred and eighty. It is an awful discrepancy.

A. Why, have you noticed that? (Shaking hands.) Many a time it has seemed to me like a discrepancy, but somehow I couldn’t make up my mind. How quick you notice a thing!

Q. Thank you for the compliment, as far as it goes. Had you, or have you, any brothers or sisters?

A. Eh! I—I—I think so—yes—but I don’t remember.

Q. Well, that is the most extraordinary statement I ever heard!

A. Why, what makes you think that?

Q. How could I think otherwise? Why, look here! Who is this a picture of on the wall? Isn’t that a brother of yours?

A. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Now you remind me of it; that was a brother of mine. That’s William—Bill we called him. Poor old Bill!

Q. Why? Is he dead, then?

A. Ah! well, I suppose so. We never could tell. There was a great mystery about it.

Q. That is sad, very sad. He disappeared, then?

A. Well, yes, in a sort of general way. We buried him—

Q. Buried him! Buried him, without knowing whether he was dead or not?

A. Oh, no! Not that. He was dead enough.

Q. Well, I confess that I can’t understand this. If you buried him, and you knew he was dead.

A. No! no! We only thought he was.

Q. Oh, I see! He came to life again?

A. I bet he didn’t.

Q. Well, I never heard anything like this. Somebody was dead. Somebody was buried. Now, where was the mystery?

A. Ah! that’s just it! That’s it exactly. You see, we were twins—defunct and I—and we got mixed in the bathtub when we were only two weeks old, and one of us was drowned. But we didn’t know which. Some think it was Bill. Some think it was me.

Q. Well, that is remarkable. What do you think?

A. Goodness knows! I would give whole worlds to know. This solemn, this awful mystery has cast a gloom over my whole life. But I will tell you a secret now, which I never have revealed to any creature before. One of us had a peculiar mark—a large mole on the back of his left hand; that was me. That child was the one that was drowned!

Q. Very well, then, I don’t see that there is any mystery about it, after all.

A. You don’t? Well, I do. Anyway, I don’t see how they could ever have been such a blundering lot as to go and bury the wrong child. But, ‘sh!—don’t mention it where the family can hear of it. Heaven knows they have heartbreaking troubles enough without adding this.

Q. Well, I believe I have got material enough for the present, and I am very much obliged to you for the pains you have taken. But I was a good deal interested in that account of Aaron Burr’s funeral. Would you mind telling me what particular circumstance it was that made you think Burr was such a remarkable man?

A. Oh! it was a mere trifle! Not one man in fifty would have noticed it at all. When the sermon was over, and the procession all ready to start for the cemetery, and the body all arranged nice in the hearse, he said he wanted to take a last look at the scenery, and so he got up and rode with the driver.

Then the young man reverently withdrew. He was very pleasant company, and I was sorry to see him go.



These few days I went around town and supermarkets hunting for a video camera. They don't sell video cam anymore. People jumped to smart phone to do all their recordings. The sale were either slow or nobody bought it anymore. I saw a lot of changes have taken place. Many big and well known shops have closed down. Some super stores were almost empty. Business seem to be very bad. Similar situations are facing the food shops and stalls. People rush to the cheaper stalls or do their own cooking rather than eating out. The other night when we went to Kuala Perlis only a group of us were making the order.

If you are a pensioner, or on your own, you tend to have a fix income. When you go to shops and stalls you will find higher price tags compared to the previous price. Imported foodstuffs and goods shot up by 100% plus on some imported snacks. The decline of our currency is inversely proportional to the imported goods and commodities. We either cease buying them or would reduce our purchase.

We need to examined closely without prejudice why our ringgit plunges.

The removing of subsidies, increase in toll price and gasoline further push the price up. And the people have to pay GST to every good and service that making their income shrinks considerably. In no time they find their pockets to be empty. The best resolution is to stay at home and wait for the next income to roll in. The livelihood of businesses depend on the ability of public spending. As the people literally earn less they will spend less. Unable to sustain shop rentals and paying salaries, business has to be closed.

Before the GE13 I said that life would be more difficult if UMNO were to win. The future of our young men will be very bleak. Prices of commodities will go sky high. The people were beguiled. What has happened is beyond our imagination. Our leader does not know that he is selling our sovereignty to a Communist country which we were once banned to visit or perused their books and magazines.

Our Malaysians of Chinese origin had learned to survive for centuries in Malaya. With the encroachment of China that may kill their businesses they can still stand. They have much finer visions than the Malays and the Malay leaders who only know one way to get rich.

Even 1Malaysia shops are beginning to close down for the same reasons.

What contribute to the poor economy ? The government blame the opposition for telling lies to the world. Najib is denouncing Mahathir and trying to incarcerate him in the Forex RCI moves, blaming for the lost but turning the blind eyes on the profit on the ringgut peg. He called for US investments during the Photo-op visit recently hoping our ringgit would revive. It did give a brief jerk a 4.2 ringgit to a dollar and stays there then until now. The Thais are still superior to us and we buy many things from them. And now they are investigating our businessmen who stealthy are buying land and set up other businesses in the land of the elephants.

Not only the purchasing power of money has gone down, the real income of the masses also declines. Shops continue to close and sufferings mounted. When we fail we would tell the denizens that the world economy is bad, while the Malaysians do not need to look at the world but only need to peep into their neighbors turf, The Land of The Free and Singapore.



It is cold. But not as cold as the snowy day,  for we never have snow here. At least not yet before the end of time arrives. It has been raining since last night, cats and dogs. If it were to continue for a week I am sure Kedah will be flooded. So far no man has made anything that could cover the sky to stop the water from reaching our ground, and divert it into the sea. Not even the United States can stop the femininely hurricanes from blowing their soft kisses which we regard them 'strong and fierce' into the state of Florida for centuries. The last to pass was IRMA.

Politicians love to politicize the rage of mother nature, and link it to the failure of mankind to stop the catastrophe. So far their haughtiness did not spare them from nature's wrath in the past. After the wild spouting from their foul mouth the water began to wreck their homes and villagers. I remember how Pahang and Trengganu were hard hit by the flood. And today someone posted a footing of Tanjung Chali in Alor Setar was literally sunk. It was just a reminder to the moronic minds.

Flood from the torrential rain is different from the rising level of the sea water. If the sea level remain constantly normal, the rain water could flow into the sea. Similarly if we are forced to release the water from a damn, that it will find the way out as the other. But if it comes from the sea we can only pray and brace for the worst. Even the aftermath of the disaster could put us in a grim encounter of crocodiles and snakes on our roofs and in our gardens.

We also need to remember that earthquake had shaken Penang and Kuala Lumpur before. And we have hot springs on our land, the indicator of the linkage of the underground crusts around this region. We may not have any volcano, yet our earth had experience the scary rattles. When it comes no UMNO nor Pakatan Harapan could stop it.

It is serene and quiet now. There is no wind and no water from the above. If the weather stays at rest till tomorrow and the sun start to show it's complete face in the morning, I think we can smile again and plan our outings. Crowds will be occupying the jogging turf again, merrily jumping, jogging and brisk walking. It has been two days since I didn't go for my evening walk.

I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow.

The weather is never fine. It is flooding in Arau, not only in DAP or PKR constituencies. I would not want to pray for the flood to ruin all the UMNO's villages or to blame UMNO and MCA for the disasters. Let me ask Najib, what cause the current bad weather, nature or God ?



At time it is wise to ponder why your customers always buy from you. I am sure I am not the only one who buy with reasons. Most people keep to themselves, do not announce to the world of what they do. There are people who frequent a food vendor mainly with the sole intention to help him/her, giving support out of pity. I knew one elderly lady selling Goreng Pisang near the Buddhist temple whose husband has passed away and I knew the owner of a gas station who is not far away from this Goreng pisang stall. For the petrol kiosk owner, he employs several boys to attend the customers to give jobs to them when he could have run the station with only one helper. I support him for the same reason, helping him to help other people. It is not the maximum profit that matter most, rather the relation between his soul and God, the feeling of responsibility. Likewise a few cents that goes to the goreng pisang woman could help her with a small sustenance.

We don't have to go to shops where the salespersons or the sellers do not show friendly attitudes, arrogant and greedy. The other night I went to a restaurant to have a meager lunch with a small crab, two small prawns and a small fish; I was charged RM60, a shock of my life. No wonder there were only four or five customers only were seen. Buying two packets of Nasi Lemak by roadside would filled my stomach for only RM2.40. Remember that people who sell the packed nasi lemak are mostly from the poor folks.

I was told by some of my friends that they too have similar intentions of supporting and to contribute a small sustenance to the poor vendors. I suppose these sellers realize that and humbly thanked their customers for enjoying their meals there or buying their goods.

Though some of us are poor, there are more poorer people than us. Let's share the excess of God's providence with others regardless of his race, religion and belief. We are all the children of God (makhluk Allah).

I have narrated about a Chinese couple who went around town looking for cats and feed them. I also wrote about my meeting a Chinese teacher friend buying cat foods just to feed the stray cats that always went to her home. I saw a noble heart in them. Of course doing good things to other people and animals is a form of solace. It gives a feeling to oneself that a duty has been done.

As a human being we are not always happy with every purchase we made. We have no choice but to buy water an electricity, buying insurance and other necessities, paying high rates and tolls. We do feel the pinch. Our blood is sucked day and night. And the suckers say that it is all for our own good. We can only curse and curse. We are helpless.

But when we buy a packet of Nasi Lemak or a ringgit of Goreng Pisang, our sincere and human hearts go together with the purchase, to help those poor guys to feed their families and wish them the best of luck from the bottom of our hearts. It is beyond a mere buying and paying. It is a grace and humanity.



Najib knows what Trump is thinking about him now. From his speeches we can be certain that he is very unstable mentally. The White House announced to the world that DOJ is an independent body, having the sense of unfavorable repercussion. By today the Americans know that Malaysia is with China. What could he hope he will get from his US buddy from the joint defense agreement with China.

Najib has sold the country to China and yet the UMNO supporters take him as their god, calling him Negarawan instead of a traitor. No matter what he did and spewed, his guilt haunted him. I would say he decided to announce his resignation. If he did the gang around him will follow him, drowning miserably. The clip below will enlighten you the total scenario. Soon DOJ and US Congress will know of Najib-China's relationship. And they will know what kind of a person he really is.



The falling of Malaysia to China is inevitable. Anwar Musa, Said Keruak, Rahman Dahlan and all of the outspoken Ministers will have to bear the responsibility. Those UMNO voters will carry the unforgivable sins to their graves. They could not claim that they were ignorant and did not know about it. They have been warned by people like me, who have no interest in political parties like Pakatan Harapan or PAS.

Islam forbid self-praise and despise braggarts. And worst forbid murdering. Instead of being neutral he is a comrade of arms. If the war with North Korea is imminent then China will use Malaysia to fight a war against USA. Of course it has not happen yet. But that's what the United States will see the role of this country. The existence of this potentiality is enough to response to Najib's hypocrisy. If a red card is flashed at him for criminal act to prevent farther investigation against 1Mdb, USA will classify him under a rogue Kleptocrat.

Both clips expose Najib-China military ties. The second one says more about him.



My Viva has 6000 more miles or 06/10/2017 before the next service. I choose to do it tomorrow because it has been a long time in my mind I want to drive to any unknown and uncertain destination. Just drive on and on. May even be to Thailand as far as Krabi or farther. My student forbid me from going to Cameron Highland as it is a raining season that there might be landslide and other fatal mishaps.

But it is quite a boredom living in solitude at home. The last time I went out was to Chiangmai, a very hectic and uncomfortable trip. I have had a good rest since I came back and am contemplating for another trip by myself. That's why I need to service my car for the long distant travel. The service center is at Produa Mergong.

Mergong Srrvice Center is one of the best I ever met. Compare with Proton at Jalan Gangsa they are sky apart. Waiting for hours at Proton is really a hell, seats are not comfortable. It is never of their concern. Unlike Proton, Produa at Mergong provide us with reasonable comfort. I could even dream in slumber while waiting. There is a movie to entertain us. There is an abundance of food and all sort of hot drinks and mineral water of either hot or cold. In the morning there will be Nasi Lemak or Bihun Goreng and other kueh. You won't go hungry.

A few months back I asked one of the staffs whether all Produa in the country provide similar service and facilities, to which I was told it wasn't.

Produa did ask me to change the ECU. I don't want to change it because it is too expensive. I just want them to thoroughly check the ignition fires to all the cylinders and change all the spark plugs. Of course the usual oil change and other inspections are imperative. I believe the engine yellow light will not be all the time on again. If ECU is the problem let it be as long as the engine, the break and gears are working fine.

I think the Produa Malaysia should be aware of Mergong is doing and promote it as a bench-marking service center. Happy customers won't curse as others were cursing Proton. I remember years ago when I found the Proton staffs did not entertain people who went into the showroom. The price label were not the price of the car shown. There was no show of customer friendly. These were the Malays. And at Produa Sungai Korok I found that salesman was very funny. Before I finished questioning on the characteristic of one car he jumped to the next car. I have one Proton to go for service. I have no choice. But I am eager to go to Mergong servicing tomorrow.

I am doing a serious computation of my age. If I have about 4 or 5 more years to live I want to enjoy the comfort of Bezza, another Produa product.



It is hard to find a videocam in the local shop. The last time I found was in Giant Mall selling a Chinese made handicam for a hundred bucks. I bought one, brought it to Chiangmai, but found the picture quality was too bad. About 3 weeks ago I found a Sony at Aman Central but the salesman said it could not be opened to see. I bade good-bye to Sony's product.

I took almost three days going around the city. Non-sell any handy cam. The online stores sell plenty of them, from the Chinese to the high end Japanese brands. What I want is the RM999 4K Panasonic. I want to know what else come with it. Does it have a power supply, the CD editing software and other basic accessories. Lazada even mention NO WARRANTY.

I need a handy cam as I intend to visit Maldives islands in January 2018. I believe the scenic beauty is amazingly fantastic. I want to keep the sight shared in my chips and CD.


I know why camera is hard to sell. People flock to buy the smartphones. To me  a RM3K or RM4K Samsung is too high a price. And I already have an excellent Asus Zenfone5 with a very long life battery to serve me for the whole day. Appo and Huawei will not charm me, just because they are China made. I don't trust Chinese product anymore. I remember a salesman told me that a Chinese computer power supply cost RM45 and the Japanese was RM450. He said the different was in the quality of the components and the design that would not emit the stray RF.

However in term of quality it does not mean what is Japanese, Taiwan or Koreans will provide the best grade. A RM500 cam cannot be better or equal to a RM4K one.

The bitter experience with Sony had promised me to denounce all the Sony product. Last night a friend told me the bad thing about Sony is the battery won't last long. I first reject this brand name just because of the poor attitudes of the sales agents. I used a simple maxim, "The money is mine. If they refuse to sell, I will refuse to buy." I will not beg just to buy a product. I prefer to go without it.

I found electrical and electronic shops open and close. Rentals are high. The sales are slow. Salaries have to be paid. Those who repel the buyers will eventually suffer. People don't go to buy appliances everyday but they go to Mac Donald and KFC every other day.

I don't know where else to go to find this video gadget.



Among the old hams I talked to was 9M2SB, Bahar. I don't quite remember the first time I worked him. I guess it has to be around '70s. Bahar was in Perak State Education Department and I was a teacher in Vocational Secondary School. Because we were both interested in computing and computer program the whole bulk of our chat were around the subject matter. But Bahar has an extra talent. He plays musical instruments. His love has been a violin.

Though I had had no musical accompaniment in me I have always love music and songs. When Datuk Tan, 9M2DW, joined in he would be making the conversation lively with the Keroncong stories. Bahar is still alive and kicking in Ipoh. His brother, Pak Dolah, 9M2DS (Dondang Sayang) had passed away. Both married Chinese wives.

Bahar moved out of the ham band for the same reasons as others did. Nobody could coax him back into the band. Our outlook on amateur radio are identical. And I discovered later that old hams throughout the globe are sharing similar frustration.

Our common practice was that we started occupying the band at about 5pm, after office hours. By our standard Bahar was known as Sugar Baker or Sambal Belacan. By the modern standard only the international phonetics apply. Those who do not follow the international will be ridiculed. But in those days the bands were so beautiful that the used of alphabets were good and clear enough.

Bahar is older than me. I don't remember by how many years. He can still fill the air with the lovely Besame-Mucho with his viola. That was the song that I last heard from him when I visited him about 20 years ago. He said that his 40 meter antenna had dropped down. I never want to persuade him to come on the band because we don't have places anymore to be among ourselves. But a radio that has been sleeping for years without having it's switch on will gather dusts and cobwebs. Many said that it ceases to function under similar condition. He has Yaesu FT101. As to whatever happen to it I don't know.

I don't know how Bahar keeps himself occupied now. Probably like any other pensioners he has not enough time to do wjatever he wants. I hope to see him again before we both kick the bucket.



Beguiling the gullible people is fun. To some it is a profession, a highly paid carrier, to right the wrong, and to cheat the blind. It has become a norm, a good deed to lie and  a crime to tell the truth. This very short essay is not for public perusal, to challenge and fight the powerful Najib but to put in words what God Almighty has already known the content of my heart, the picture of my sentiment, and as what my mental faculty is computing the events. I never want to declare I am the perfectionist and would never go wrong. God hears and knows my fear.

A government has a massive machinery to deal with the people besides the outlaws to carry out some selective dirty jobs. The police and the army are used to covertly spy on fellow Malaysians to protect the leaders. The propaganda and psychological units combine to do the brainwashing job. During Mahathir's era the JASA's unit was not so dominant as it is now. Najib has given the ultimatum that the unit must make sure that BN will win the GE14.

Surely BN will win the election even without any ultimatum, or without JASA. The populace. especially the Malays, believe very much in Najib and believe that UMNO is their savior. There is no question about it. Even PAS, the party that once labeled UMNO as heretics and infidels nod their heads of approval and believe what Arulkanda talked about 1Mdb. They were impressed and appreciative when 1Mdb sent the Muslims to the holly land.

By the way I remember the 6 day Arab-Israel War where by numbers and the Muslim countries were confident they could walk all over Israel within hours. They did not expect the major historical disgrace that is still persisted till today. Najib too possess the fear, a dreadful feeling of the possibility of losing the battle that made him look at Australia, New Zealand or Uzbekistan as his new home. He knows that if people believe that he stole their money for his wife and family comfort he is done and may be accused of murdering Kevin Morais.

He has to send messengers all over the country to tell the people that he is not a thief and a crook. To me he will continue to lie so long as he is not cornered like he lied to the parliament about the cash in BSI bank in Singapore. When there wasn't any he said it was in UNITS. When his denial about him keeping a big sum of money in his account was exposed it took almost 6 months for him to say it was a donation from Saudi prince.

It is a fun to beguile the gullible people. Is he so sure they will be blind forever ? Najib knows they are not, He made use of Hadi. Though we don't see the movement of money with our naked eyes, we sense the stealth transfer. He knows the Malays will vote for PAS.

I heard voices from the Chinese that they won't choose thief and murderers to be a leader. Islam also mention about thief and murderers becoming leaders. If morality prevails then immoral men will not be chosen to lead the people.

The sane men will not condone thieves and crooks, will distance themselves from shameless person who day by day are spouting praises on himself, calling himself a respectable persons by the whole world, Trump called him FRIEND, doing this and that for the country. The behavior is very strange and abnormal. Please be very honest; is that not a sign of a minor mental disorder ?

It is sad to say that Najib has lost a total respect from many laymen. I came across in the social media which is also participate by the government cyber troopers that a few extremely angry people said "F**K YOU, Najib." To me the swear words do not matters much but it is the displaying of the disappearing respect in a person. It stripped naked of a person's honor. If it is not expressed in the media the curse and insult is reverberated in the home, public places or even in the whole nation.

But lucky we are Malaysians. He would have been thrown out mercilessly if he is in Thailand.

Najib is very confident the deception will work, as the simultaneous campaign is hitting the trail, followed by money and gifts. They are to attack Mahathir to stop the populace from choosing the hibiscus flower in the election. The gullible will forget about the larceny. Praising oneself is to erase what was published in the Western media that he is called a CROOK and a Kleptocrat.

Winning is already a certainty. But after winning the voters will pay their due. Like GE13 I said they deserve it. Reap whatever they sow. They are not aware the Chinese University is already in Kuala Lumpur. When the Malays realize the sovereignty has been sold UMNO will ask the Malays to blame DAP. What a pathetic.



I have not been in favor of Dr Mahathir during his tenure and after his retirement. At the helm of Anwar Ibrahim's trial they were several people who were known to conspire met their death in mysterious way. But not Mahathir. At that time I asked my friends whether they could guess why Mahathir was still live ? The reason I hated him most was he sent stealth special branch into mosques and madarasah and even the festivals of wedding feast to spy on the people. Several outspoken religious clerics were arrested. I said God wants us to see him punished in this living world.

We were not wrong.

But it does not mean Najib is the righteous man today, neither a man to represent God as some of his Ministers claimed. I did not find living under Mahathir was economically bad. We had the subsidies, a high ASB dividends and good and foodstuffs were cheap. I do not find it justifiable for Najib to spend money to boost his image. I knew the 1Mdb issue was not not started by Mahathir. And I see clearly how Najib is ruining the country.

I believed that the fury of the Al-Mighty over Mahathir was on his remarks on several religious issues. By mysterious way God made him to choose Najib for the comeuppance. And now he is facing it. The man he chose had been seen as the worst man in Malaysian history by one observant man in my village even when Najib was a defense minister.

I foresee Najib as the last Prime Minister and the remaining history of Malaya under a Malay leader will be under his family line. Malaysia will be under Chinese stealth rule, managing the nation, either directly or through an invisible hands. I even feel that Rosmah will be chosen to rule in case of his demise by the UMNO supporters.

I bet with myself that Zahid Hamidi will not be the next Prime Minister despite the show of his undivided loyalty. By the time he resigns and the successor outside his bloodline will punish him as he is punishing Mahathir right now. 25 years from now he will be as old as the ex-Prime Minister. I won't see the agony he and his wife will be facing for I will die long before this.

I still believe that Najib steal the 1Mdb money. When the money was in his account he was quiet about it. Years later after the WSJ exposed it he denied. It took several months for him to come up with the donation story. It is this much that I want to say about my believe.

This is the first time after several ministers that subsidies are cut, GST was introduced and the cost of living soared. I compared our condition to Thailand and Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei and with other nations, and I see their growing prosperity. I am amazed by the Thais who are beating us by leap and bound. The Thais gives priority to their agriculture while UMNO does not.

Our poor and plunging economy is not due to the world economic catastrophe but it is due to Najib's sheer lavishness.

Whether Mahathir is alive or dead, angel or devil, I am looking forward to give a vote to the beautiful hibiscus. You may say I don't vote for the party but for the flower. I submit to it. I find it nice and beautiful. Let's go for the flower.



At a recent funeral of His Royal Highness the late Sultan Of Kedah I saw several Sultans from other states came and they were given abodes to stay. It has been our tradition for decades. Likewise when the other Head of States made a visit to Malaysia we would not ask them to find their own accommodations. I really don't know what happened with the recent visit of our Prime Minister to the United States. Probably the United States government had made an arrangement of some palatial hotel somewhere else to be stayed free but our team prefer to stay at Trump's hotel. Or even they did not make any booking at all.

It is merely a trivial matter. But it could be misinterpreted in another way. Already there is a war of words going on about the whole visit which was said to be designed by Najib's Propaganda and Strategic Unit for Photo-op to be used to tell the world that Najib is not a Kleptocrat. Thus much money was paid to ask Trump to invite Najib. And a few Ministers already declared that Trump will not invite Najib if he is a crook. Americans had said that Najib must not use their President as a tool to save and promote himself. May be some may have seen that was what Malaysia did with Saudi's King.

What significant was it for the White House to announce that they did not book Trump hotel for Najib and his entourage ? And why it has to announce that DOJ is not a topic of discussion. DOJ is an independent body. They were not vital for them to tell the world about it. But they did.

And the meeting with Trump's team was extremely very brief. It was recorded in detail and the whole world observed the body languages of all around the table, the Malaysians as well as the Americans.

The visit of Singapore's Prime Minister was accorded with a high dignity. Did Singapore's Minister paid for his own hotel ?

Surely the Americans are happy with the promise that Malaysia is going to strengthen the United States.

Some even called our Primr Minister a CROOK, a very harsh and insulting words.

Should we just standby and do nothing to see how the American threat our Prime Minister ? Let us invite Trump here and ask him to find and pay for his own lodging. A tit for a tat.




A rebuttal against claims about the PM's US visit

Reezal Merican had put a sound argument on PM's visit to USA which the laymen like us would not understand. For lack of space I avoid printing it here, only the response of the readers.


Public response

ShibbolethThis Mamak Bodek has lost touch with the grassroot. This morning I asked a toothless fisherman in Pulau Betong what he thinks of the meeting between Trump and Najib. He replied " Wayang saja "
Anonymous_3f94What did Najib bring back from the trip for Malaysia? Nothing. What did he try to do? Bribe Trump to hopefully hold back the DOJ from doing its rightful work. And to get the Malaysian public to pay for everything. Shameful excuse of a PM. If Reezal Merican wants facts it is that Najib stole at least RM 2.6 billion from 1MDB. And the story of an Arab donor is not conjecture. It is a bare faced lie.
FellowMalaysianSo now we know it was an 'unofficial' working visit, doesn't disclosing this fact confirm the many speculations that it was an 'arranged meeting' done through some intermediaries who have been paid handsomely for their effort, Minister Reezal Merican? There was no 'formal invitation' from Trump or the White House as if it was such a case, Najib's trip would have been nothing short of an official visit. And this also cleared up the air on why Najib wasn't offered the Blair House to stay but could you also tell us why Najib had to choose Trump International? Lastly, it appears that no significant deals were clinged nor agreements signed between the two countries' heads-of-state other than Najib pledging an investment and purchase deal in buying Boeing planes to the tune of RM100 billion. When Tony Fernandez announced that Air Asia was buying up a fleet of multi-billion dollar Airbus planes some years ago, he did not have to travel to Toulouse or Paris to make such an announcement.
J. D. LovrenciearYB Deputy Minister, all said you still did not address the crux of the issue. Why did a leader of a third world nation openly state that he is going to "strengthen US economy"? And RM100 billion for 'strengthening' the American pie! Whose money is that? Yours? Najib's? Now please do not come around the bend with another rebuttal screaming that it is going to be a huge ROI for Malaysians.
SomeonrouttherePlease rebut Rafizi's claim that the delegation also rented a condo in Trump Tower purportedly to be used for a secret meeting with POTUS or persons related or otherwise. And also his claim that the person who allegedly banked in RM2mil into Losimah's account, Roshan Sohari was also part of the delegation for the US visit....until then the rakyat will believe that this visit can be a private and working rolled into one....or any other way we want to name it.
AceOfficial or otherwise, he has no right to throw Malaysians' money there when in Malaysia scholarships are cut, medical expenses (including those for retirees) are slashed, subsidies are removed and all sorts of belt tightening is being carried out.
SusahKesSo, your rebuttal is published in MKini? Now, would your UMNO/BN allow op-eds pieces by Opposition politicians, and foreign news reports on 1MDB, for eg WSJ reports, to be reported in the MSM - Utusan, TV3, RTM, The Star? Naaaw, I didn't think so. And so, that is why whatever manner you wish to explain away MO1's trip to the US, falls flat onto the ground. Because you BN chaps won't allow for a level playing field for the Opposition, that is why you don't have the moral right in attempting to convince us otherwise.
Anonymous 2447961480069542What sort of shit work did they do in a few minutes except to grovelled to the President and offering all those Malaysian money that we don't have. What did we get return. A pat on the head? Third world trying to help make US Great again. What sort of moronic diplomacy is that? A bunch of useless Ministers headed by a apa itu?????
rswhoPembohong, who is going to believe
TheAxmanon the matters of whether this is a working visit or private visit, and all the question of protocol, I agree, Datuk Seri. However, when all the benefit is just one sided with the US receiving everything, I cannot help but wonder why else would Trump invite Najib other than to ink the Boeing deal and then invite some more investments. Boeing vs Airbus is always a very tight race and usually a slight nudge is all that is needed to decide for one or the other. The invitation to the white house is indeed a small nudge which worked.
Just a MalaysianYou bodek najib. Najib bodek Trump. You are all part of the profitable bodek food chain.
Anonymous 2460391489930458Say what you want but someone so clearly tainted has no right to represent Malaysia. Najib has zero credibility as a leader and most Malaysians regard his visit to the US as a desperate attempt to shore political support ahead of the general elections. Malaysians can't wait to cast their votes.
VgeorgemyDatuk Seri Reezal, why do we need to pay for the accommodation and related expenses if the invitation is for an official working visit? Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary informed the press corps that we paid for the PM and his entourage stays in Washington. Based on the tradition, the person who invites pay for the accommodation and related expenses for the guests. This may be the reason Rakyat was confused on the type of the visit our PM had.
Angry birdYes clarification is well narrated Yb. Thank you. But under the current circumstances of our economy, maybe some may say we are spending too much !!!
CaripasalPrivate or official,it costs us 50 billion ringgit. Who is going to settle the bill? Answer is obvious,isn't it?



It was this morning that I read the Newsweek headline as shown below. But when I was searching for the same article again this evening I could not find it anymore. SR had the time to catch it and published the same article I read. To me it is just an opinion and it is up to us to agree to to reject it. It is lucky the FELDA people and the Malays do not read this or else doubts will emerge in their minds on how the meeting did really come about.



I also read about the impeachment of Trump.

Surely all eyes will be on the behavior of the whole of Malaysian entourage while in Washington. If it is true that Rosmah brings bad luck with her the fate of Trump will follow that of Obama. And Najib will continually pay the professional lobby specialist. What we do not know exactly how much of our GST's money are put aside to pay for foreign service merely to enhance Najib and Rosmah's image.




1. Who put Najib as Prime Minister ?

This question has been answered before by UMNO, PAS and Najib himself. It is God. One Minister said those who disobey Najib means they are disobeying God, either enhancing the PM to the level of God or giving him a divine status.

2. If Mahathir was a dictator who worked with him to execute his order ?

If Mahathir was a dictator who would feel the pinch of his dictatorship ? Of course not the UMNO members. We the people and Lim Kit Siang felt the pain, the mental agony and hardship. I myself didn't like Mahathir. So were thousands of others. But how come we can forgive him for his sins over us but not Najib ? If Mahathir was a dictator he has a sense and a conscience. He has shame and he did not sell Malaysia off. HE STEPPED DOWN. Dictators won't.

People has been likened Najib and Rosmah to Bonny & Clyde, and said that Rosmah was the actual Prime Minister. Of all the Ministers spouse it is Rosmah that came to the limelight. The people see them as robbers without any shame and conscience.

3. Why it took several months to give a simple answer as the money in his account  ?  It should have been immediate and all letters from Saudi King should be immediately shown ? And why deny when WSJ exposed it and wanted to sue the WSJ ?

4. Who sign the money paid to the false IPIC and where is that money now ? How much was the total payment to both the false IPIC and the real one ? Where did the money come from ?

5. Why was Ghani Patail sacked ? And who ordered to the killing Kevin Morais ?

6. Why don't Najib sue WSJ and DOJ for calling him Kleptocrat ?

7. Who shot Ghani Patail's driver ? Why ?

For every question there are two opposing answers. There is only one truth.



To save Reza, Rosmah's son, Najib is willing to go to any extend and pay as much as Trump wants. They planned the discussion to be done more secretly and privately at a longer hours. That was the reason why the White House meeting was short and brief. At whatever cost Najib wants to win and willing to settle the damage by any amount, to which I think he will be successful. UMNO will use this to blazon in the media for more than a week or even months until the General Election. On any account Najib will win.

Then the nightmare begins. The voters and the citizens will have to pay a very high cost to vote Najib back to power. Only with the help of God he will be thrown out with disgrace. Taxes and other charges will increase immediately. Goods and foodstuffs and other services will go sky high. The affordable who are mainly the business community will say to those UMNO voters, "Serve you right..."

I bet that Najib will not step down. No one else other from his family will be the next replacement. Zahid Hamidi and other UMNO's heroes can forget to be a Prime Minister.

The strongest party which can prove that 1Mdb's money was stolen is the FBI and DOJ. They have proofs on the total manipulation, seeing through all the stealth movements of money. That's the reason why Najib wants DOJ to stop the proceedings. And that's why he promised America to help in restructuring American economy.

You must remember that issues on 1Mdb and the 2.6 billion in Najib's account was not brought by Mahathir. The former Prime Minister came in much later than Tony Pua and after the exposure by WSJ. But Trump will be told all these nonsense was masterminded and designed by Dr Mahathir. The home discussion is to plead and beg as it possibly done to the Saudi Prince. Of course God knows everything and blew the truth into some of the people's minds.

However smart Najib is in outwitting Trump he will not be able to do so with the Chinese. The Chinese sub-marine docked in without any fear of our retaliation. To them the desperate Najib is in their palm. It is a chance they are waiting for, that Najib will ask them for more money and like Ah Long they will give him the money to replenish the dry coffer that goes to 'make America great again'. To them they might regard Najib as a sick man to help a rich country financially while letting his own citizens suffer.

Mind you somewhere in my article, a long time ago, I already mentioned of how America will get involve in Malaysian affair by cruel policy of Najib. I even said there might be a covert action to setup an ISIS group. Nobody would have believe me and dismissed it as a crazy notion. And today we see Najib is so desperate to buy DOJ's off by offering a colossal sum of money from the meager pittance we have left. The result will be either the citizens will be squeezed or we have to sell our sovereignty to China.



He is in form 1 now. I take him as my grand child. His mother, father and his uncle were all my students. I like to talk to the small kids, the younger they are the more pleasure I have from the conversations I have with them. When I was in the soccer stadium I would ask them about the players and the soccer schedule. They would tell me many things that I wouldn't have known. So is this kid who would tell me about many things on computer.

Tonight this kid told me about a Chrome Book. He said that the chrome book is not a computer but the software. The first time I heard about the Chrome Book is from Rusli, my radio friend, who bought a Chrome Book when he was in England. To fellow amateur radio enthusiasts we rather use G-Land to mean England. In my mind a Chrome Book is a set of computer that having a special software built into it. This kid was telling me that I could use any PC and install the Chrome Book software.

We could be very well out of date in many things. The boy told me that now they have the I-Core 9 machine in the market. My time was the 8088 processor. When 80286 came into the market it was already a fantastic achievement. The last I heard was Pentium, and I decided not to know the internal structure of the processor anymore. It took a kid to tell me about I-core 1 to 9.

What we learned 10 to 70 years ago is different from your kids learn and know today.

Kids learn how to say grace and prayers. They learn about new maths and sciences. If you are not a teacher you can't teach them at home anymore. There would be numerous things that you would not know. You send them to the tuition class for perfection. Then you can learn many things from them. Ask them to teach you Arabic or mandarin or French. Ask them about whatever at all on computers. There are many things you can depend on them.

This boy is smart enough to elicit knowledge on Visa, debit and credit card. He was trying to understand Visa and Debit Card, whether they are the same things. Rather than to hide things I explained the concept of American Express and Visa, and what is meant by debit and credit card. I knew he is interested in buying things on the on-line store like Lazada, especially  cheap computer storage. I told him that Lazada mostly sell goods from China. I explained about Japanese, Korean and Chinese products. The last is the worst in term of quality and selling fake goods. My aim was to discourage him from thinking of buying things online.

Never think you are smarter than the kids for many of them think you are senile and need to learn many things.



I am sorry, very very sorry to say the Malays are the most stupid people in the world. They are happily selling Malaysia to China. PAS approval of Najib and his policy shows the party has gone crazy and haywire. I don't think I am wrong to suspect they were being drowned with a huge sums of money like Najib is being trapped with money from China. Najib said, "Under my nose Malaysia's sovereignty won't be sold..." yet under his nose he said that how did he knew what he signed for on the 1Mdb's document and his lies to the parliament were all came from his officers, not him. He didn't even knew how SRC's money went into his personal account. He is so good in everything that he took more than 6 months to tell the Malaysians that the 2.6 billion in his account was some donation from Arab prince.

Among the most stupid leaders is Zahid Hamidi who thinks Najib will make him the Prime Minister. Recently he wanted to show the power the Malaysian authority has, by arresting a few Chinese workers without the documents working at the Forest City, and later had to vow to the Chinese, giving honorary citizenships to the later. Zahid does not know the implication of such offer. Malaysia is already helpless. The incident in Pekan was anther proof of Chinese showing of her hegemony. And Nazri fought for the Chinese. A few weeks ago TV Malaysia was broadcasting to show how much benefit we gain from Proton and Bandar Malaysia to mislead the people. Now when the CEO of Proton is from China these Malays say nothing about it. Instead they are demonizing Dr Mahathir to close the view of Najib selling the country to China.

The future will be bleak to the Malays and to most of the local Chinese as the Mainland China will take over trade and businesses in favor of Chinese nationals.

How many UMNO members are still blind to the Chinese game, and think they are smarter than the later ?

Zahid Hamidi will find that he cannot do anything at all even after he realizes the impotency of Malaysia. While still in power he should try to investigate how and what Najib had done to weaken him. It is not that Najib does not like him but because Najib has to make sure that there will be no successor will persecute him at a later date. Najib may even surrenders the nation to China as long as he is safe.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow Trump will ask Najib, "How is China ?" Trump has been briefed as to how much land and interests were given to China and how much money has Najib took from the country. Everyone focuses on Najib's reply to see how they fit the facts they have in hands. The JASA team will be trying to assist the Prime Minister in his reply.

Whatever the negative outcome the JASA and the Malays will not admit of their own stupidity and foolishness. If if they begin to see of the Chinese design they are powerless to do anything, not even asking USA to rescue Malaysia. When there is a second time the Chinese warships dock in Malaysian water, Sabah, everyone is startled about it. Those who bark are barking at the wrong tree, blind to see the Chinese encroachment and the show of supremacy over the country.

Never mind about Keruak and Rahman as they are from Sabah. They can lock themselves in the closets at home as to whatever happen to this country. Even Najib can run away to Australia, New Zealand or Uzbekistan. Where could the rest of the UMNO members go ? One must not forget that the Chinese base in Malaya is not to fight the Americans but to fight the terrorists who will rebel against Najib. These terrorists are the frustrated Malays who find their country has been sold to China.

If the leaders are stupid, what can we expect from the kampong Malays. If they are smart they won't be deceived by Najib's money and other corrupt goodies before the election.

The Malaysian Chinese will find their fate will be like the Hong Kong people. In Hong Kong main factories are being transferred to mainland China.

Look at Najib's face. Where is the winning smile ? No calling off DOJ. Rosmah should be at the fore

Notice what the White House announced on Najib's trip. It was clearly made known that DOJ is an independent body and there is nothing in the talk will be about DOJ.  Secondly the whole world were told that it was not the United States that booked Trump Hotel for Najib and the whole team. And to our surprise and shock Najib told America that Malaysia is going to strengthen American economy. None of us fabricated those statements. They came from the live mouths in Washington.

A few days earlier Keruak himself said the invitation meant Najib is cleared of DOJ.

A friend of mine asked me whether Najib will be arrested ? My answer is NO. Whatever wrong done in Malaysia that did not involve American law in America is not for them to pursue legal proceedings. It is the Malaysians themselves who have to deal with Najib. DOJ will deal with any wrongdoings done in the United States or any attempt to use their citizens in running criminal activities. Somehow they may announce to the world that Najib is the MO1 and he is a confirmed Kleptocrat. The rest is up to the fellow Malaysians to decide their own future.

But the Malays are not only stupid they are also very helpless. The Honorary citizenship affair just passed through their eyes. No UMNO members can do anything. No Malay Ministers can rebut Tiong Lai and Nazri. Nobody will analyze the implications of the statements by the White House.

Believe me that more stories about Najib's visit will be blazoned in their media. I read a letter to Najib which may be a freak and faked to defame him, about his possible involvement in the death of Altantuya and Kevin Morais. The Chinese already know the whole happenings and incidences. Trump may have not known of the real events yet. They Americans won't be reading books paid by Najib to write but will get the first hand information from the diplomats, the past and the present.

You may ask, "What proof have you to say Malays are stupid..."

If they are smart they won't let our sovereignty be sold to China.

If BN can say DAP is the top dog and voting for Pakatan is a vote to DAP then we ourselves can say otherwise, which is a very real dreaded things to happen, the signs of which have been clearly shone.



I do not pray for Najib's mission to fail but I would not give a hundred percent sure that it will succeed. Whatever the outcome we the citizens will want to know the cost incurred to materialize the visit. Donating to the Party fund is not a crime or corruption in the United States. Saudi Arabia and Israel both have been donating to the campaign funds all the while. And we also want to know how much was paid for the lobbying. Is the money from China or from the taxpayer ? Would Rosmah say it is from her savings ?

I have narrated about the effort to procure the extra-large fuel tank by Argentina from a United States company during the War of Malvinas. After paying a huge sum of money for the hardware, the United States' customs confiscated them. The after shock was great. The simple event forbade the Argentinian fighters from reaching the British battleships.

We cannot be sure whether Trump will call DOJ to halt and to provide briefing about the money laundering and the investigation of crimes done on Malaysian soil in relating to 1Mdb. Though whatever happened in our country is not the affair of the United States, the Americans will want to know the complete story about Najib. Indeed it is very interesting to hear Najib had said that "Whoever is the enemy of USA is also the enemy of Malaysia..."

Remember, Americans are not fools. They created the INTERNET, a wonder of the world that required a great mind to do it. They will come to know whether Najib is trying to fool them sooner or later. And Trump may even talk to Obama over a cup of coffee. These we can't tell either. They will compare Mahathir and Obama and laugh among themselves. Pray that they do not ask the detailed reports on Najib and Rosmah from 2008 till now and to analyze whatever he claims he does is true as shown by the report. It just take ONE American to narrate the ouster of Ghani Patail and the death of Kevin Morais.

In a way the visit is good for everyone. Najib is happy. His administration is happy. The interests on Malaysian leaders and the spouses will catch more attentions. As I already said that we wouldn't know whether the visit will enhance his image positively or it will be full of disappointment at the later time.





The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are not so-friendly Newspapers in the United States lambasting Najib as Kleptocrat and splashing his face with multicolored paints of dishonestly and corruption. Najib in fighting back said Malaysia practice greater freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law under him than under Mahathir. We don't know what's the media going to do next. Many expect the media will be asking Najib about the 2,6 billion in his account and the dismissal of his deputies and those who wanted to know more about 1Mdb during the media conference. Will he say DOJ is lying about all the transactions ?

We will see the outcome of the post meeting when Najib returns to Malaysia. At the moment what I can say Najib is at the gambling table. He may win or he may lose. Even winning the election with the help of China the case of theft and several murders will not be closed and forgotten. Investigators will have to establish whether it was Najib who killed Kevin Morais and Najidi. And the unfriendly people in the United States may be running a covert operation to deal with him.

Najib must hope and pray so that the people in the American Embassy do not think and see as what the learned Malaysians see, of the way our Prime Minister maneuvers.


We are lucky that Trump is a White man who does not believe in bad luck or otherwise it just take one wise guy to say the wrath of Irma is a bad luck brought by Rosmah Mansor with her. Even the unfriendly media will not blazon the freak idea.

Below are the view expressed by some Malaysians on the current issues.