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Khalifatullah, the Caliph of God, is almost equivalent to the Divinity of a King. As I am a Muslim I will talking on the divinity of a King in the Islamic point of view.

Khalifatullah is someone of the highest rank in a country who is to look after for the well being of a religion. If in England he was a head of a Church, in Muslim country like Malaysia he is an Imam, He has to see the rules of God be implemented and obeyed. After the death of Prophet Mohammad Islam takes in a new form in character when the religion was spread throughout the world and the Heads of the religion scattered throughout the world were of non-Arab descents and none have ever receive a direct revelation or revelation through the angel Gabriel.

Islam comes to Malaya through merchants. History books narrated how Parameswara became a Muslim. As to the other rulers in Malaya some people are still in search of their origin. A few Kings may have come from Minangkabau and Makassar. But none were known to be a descendent of Wali that spread Islam throughout Indonesia. One university professor said that the origin of the Malays and probably the Kings too were from The Islands of Malay Archipelago, Nusantara, which was once a stretch of land known as Sunda Platform.

To give power to the Kings there were mystic stories that relate them to dragons, powerful Ruler of the World as Iskandar Zulkurnain (Alexander The Great), and that emerge from the seven Seas in a glass transporter. The people believed that the ruler was a supreme being with a power they called Daulat. Anyone who had a bad thought of a King might fall sick and even might meet a sudden death. The people regarded that the Kings were the shadows of God on the earth.

When the British took over Malaya they retain the role of the King as the Shadow of God by giving them the tasks on religious matters. It remains so until today that the Sultans are the Head of Islam in each of the state.

But modern men no longer believe in sorceries, magic and divine power. They no longer fear the Kings but show a great respects as the Head of the state. The respects bind in the hearts of the Malays. Some believe it is a symbol of the Malay Ketuanan. Others do not care a bit on their existence, rather giving priority to their own livelihood.

But as a shadow of God a Sultan have to be an Imam, to lead a prayer in mosque. The law made it possible by electing the King's representatives, due to the large geographical area and other matters. And the Hudud law are not enforced because of the multi-racial society. There have always been a distance between the citizens and the Kings.

The concept of Khalifatullah is now beginning to take different shape. There have been great effort to relate UMNO and the God and Islam. Whatever comes from UMNO, comes from God and to disobey the Prime Minister is disobeying God. The power of the Sultans lie in the constitutional law. Disobeying the monarchy is no longer regarded as disobeying God by the masses.

Independent men who labored themselves for bread would not care about the Sultans but do not feel happy with taxes and rates and all other kind of unnecessary fees and payments. A few sees the forced taxes and rates are crimes done by those people with authorities. They work with sweat and blood and their hard earned income are taken away by the use of force, the law enforced by guns. What was once regarded as cruelty is now becoming a norm.

The original philosophy was what was collected from the people must go back for the welfare of the people at large. The police was to keep peace and security and to stop the crimes. The army was to guard the sovereignty and protect the nation. Income taxes were for all that including for the health care of the citizens. Today tax money is to purchase a special comfortable jet, to give to a minister's family to buy condominiums, to distribute among friends and supporters. Much are used to corrupt people to vote for BN.

We have heard all the time the claims of UMNO is the God chosen party and Najib is the chosen one, putting aside the royal institution as the Shadow of God. And that it is UMNO who give life to Islam in the country. And Najib calls everyone to obey and be loyal to him. DAP is scorned as infidels and a Communist party whose predecessor was Chin Peng.

The people are called to worship  Najib and be loyal to him.

Think. Who should we worship, the Sultans, Najib or God ?

A true and sincere believer has a strong faith in God and can communicate with God directly. For a Muslim has has 5 times a day to talk to God. That is how he showed his loyalty and an act of worshipping, and not to be bad, cheaters, criminals, to help the weak and the needy regardless of their race and creeds, be considerate and kind. He must not fear any of the fellow human being but should respect them for not causing difficulties on him. When he dies no Najib, and no Sultan will care about his demise. And when he has no bread there isn't a single sincere UMNO man would come to his help.

Between men and men, between men and God there is a great tumult of the former relationship. Men have been known to kill and murder their fellow humans from the days of  known history of mankind. Once they become strong, they created laws to control and suppress the outcasts. It continues to happen to this very day. That's what mankind is. They have dirty hands and minds, even elevating themselves to the level of God. In the earlier time Kings easily decapitated their subjects' heads by a slight error. No strong man dared to stand up against the evil Emperors and Kings.

I have seen the Malays have begun to show their disrespect towards the King and expressed their displeasure openly, much earlier than I have predicted. It was indeed unhealthy for a ruler to show his partisanship in the local politics. I would say it is a grave mistakes. Using any draconian law won't make the hatred dissipate. This one person said that Malaya has no King but we have Bugis who should go back to their homeland. This man has to be crazy to utter such an anger. He may be a member of an opposition but such hatred might have loomed out throughout the country.

The sanctity of a Muslim Ruler as a religious head to guide the Muslim citizens has begun to crack.

To me a Sultan and a Minister should earn respects not be forced upon the citizen to respect, by putting fear and threatening, by arrest or decapitating.

What we may realize one day is that the existing Kings all over the world are merely the puppets of the politicians. And the politicians of a weak countries are puppets of the stronger ones. Then the people finally knew they were under the British rule. And in time to come they are under the Chinese rule. It is the invincible hands that will manipulate the country. As has been happenings, after the fathers were given the title, the position and the money, the siblings get nothing after their fathers' death. The same scenario will happen in years to come.

Once China is in control it will be the end of everything. Only if you were to hear the laments of the Hong Kong Chinese. My last trip to Hong Kong gave a picture of a very great depression of the island Chinese.

Keep this little paragraph of my prediction that is sure to happen, that our Kings will be gone and our sovereignty will be dissipated too. The Kelings can go back to India. The Bugis to Makassar. The Malays ?

In the meantime let us pray to God and worship the Almighty with a true, undivided and sincere faith to save us from the devious leaderships. We worship God as it is our Muslim's duty and responsibility, not of a horrific fear of being incarcerated. It is a great sin to enhance a fellow man to a level of the Most Merciful, who claim that a leader is God chosen and the ruling government has been determined. Then Hiter would have used similar argument. So is Israel and North Korea.

When Malaysia is given away to China by UMNO's leader, the voters will say it is the sign that the end of time is at the corner,

15/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been many articles repeatedly on people hunting me for a loan. Today my student is pestering me again for a big amount of money. She is asking for about 300K which I do not have. Even if I have it would have been my life saving. The husband was also my student. The whole family was a strong supporter of UMNO.

They have a big bungalow and several expensive cars and are now running a business. When they have money they did not pay the bank loan they made though the loan is half of the money they have. Instead they spent it on buying an expensive BMW. The spending had always been lavish.

On the other hand, I am a retired old man living on my retiring pension fund, enough for me to take care of my own self and keeping aside a small sum for travelling. I have some in my saving that I made at the younger age. It is this saving that she wanted me to give to them. They have been pestering me over the years. And I have always known that once they get my cash, they will disappear before my eyes.

I noticed that she was very mean to her workers and easily sacked several only because of a small fault, which I would not have done and would have fixed any minor problem with human touch. I would have advice her if she had wanted to listen. I did talk about Barakah but things fell on her deaf ears.

I did narrate about my lending her 10K on several occasions. The payment were honoured but always two months after the date promised. But I was very hurt when she always reject a little favour I asked for. I just asked her to send me to either the airport about 10 minutes away or to the railway station 7 minutes away. There was one day I waited at the airport on my returning home as she promised to pick me up but she did not come because she was busy. I took a cab home. From that day onwards I stopped requesting for help but I drove to the airport by myself. And when I called her on the phone she would reply one out of 50 or 100 calls.

Only recently when she told me that her father had had an accident and need a shoulder guard, I quickly went to hunt for it. She hardly found one at pharmacy and she asked for an order. She said it was costly, RM700. I found the guard was just RM57 and the other type costs RM65. I bought both types and some medicine for her father. A couple of days later while taking the family out for dinner I informed them that I will be going to Maldives on 21st of January, hoping to hear a voice on my airport transportation from my home. Nothing heard but a few questions coming from her daughter about the cost and the lodging.

That much I could spend and giving them treats. They also used to spend me for dinner and sending me food for my wife. I felt the kindness but I also felt her ego, She used to say that when she was in a bad situation and the mood was not good, she would not call me or anyone. From the whole scenario I understood that her interest must come first before others.

But to ask me persistently for 300K will not break my back. No amount of persuasion can make me depart with that much of money even if I have it. Once the money is given out, my whole remaining life would be very unhappy and miserable. And I am willing to break friendship with whoever at all. Call me by any name I won't depart with the huge cash.

I did tell her to seek the help of UMNO or the millionaire's friend of her husband. And she kept on lamenting that who is going to feed her and her children. Of course it is her husband's duty. They can sell off the business and try to repay the bank loan to list up the status of bankruptcy.

Even my monthly Indonesian maid giving me her view saying my student has the money but refuses to use it. I believe my maid.

Again it is all about Barakah. We do know about wealthy people who always want to have more money. Millions aren't enough. Billions are not enough too. Simply, God is not with them. They do not have a peace of  mind but only a feeling of vengeance, anger and hatred. She should have not sacked her workers over a trifle matter. To them it is her comeuppance. To the Hindus and Buddha it is called Karma.

If she were to ask me 6K to go to Umrah. I will sedeqah that amount for her and I will keep part of my saving for her Umrah.

13/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The latest it was the Utusan Malayu Singapore who called Najib THE GREATEST CHEATER. The former World Bank officer called Najib a CROOK, DOJ called him a thief and the AG of the United States mentioned him the Kleptocrat at the Worst. Having followed the money trail and the recent arrest of Prince Turki and the other Arab friends, the fear is massing up. The worst is yet to come when there is a stealth investigation whether Najadi, Kevin Morais murder and Ghani Patail's driver fatal shot were all planned by Najib. It is most likely that a red card will be waved at Najib.

There is certainly a feeling of guilt in Najib's mind. shown by the body language, facial countenance and his eyes when delivering a speech of lies. It was not natural because his action was not natural too.

I wouldn't know how many body guards were around him within several parameters which I guess as many as 50. A person without guilt and no fear for he does no crime and vice may not even has one. During Tunku's time he was walking alone in  the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden spotted by the IGP then.

He paid a colossal sum to boost his image globally, tried hard to be in a good book of President Obama and Trump. Yet they have labelled him as a crook and a thief.

It looks like a gun may be pointed out at the voters neck.






When I was working before, I used a simple plain principle; I wanted to see the result, not the rhetoric or the process, As to how things are done, I would not care.

I told my workers, " The grass must be at all time short, the compound at all time clean and there must not be dead plant around. How you do it I don't care."

It was different from the government contract with the workers that set the work schedule like the grass me be cut twice a week, the restroom must be clean two times a day...." My contract focussed on the output. The government contract focussed on the process.

There were days when I hardly saw the workers doing the manual job but the school was very clean, the restroom was very presentable and the grass was well trimmed.

And there were the TALKING TEACHERS  and the DOING TEACHERS. The Talking ones proposed this and that. The Doing ones quietly built arches and other activities.

I never went to a political rally even once, may it of BN or Oppositions. I never want to hear talking. I would never know how much lies were in them, and to what extend was the intent to cheat. I regarded them as spinning and beguiling.

Currently my assessment of things does not depend on the news but what I saw with my own eyes. A man quipped that our economy is better now. I asked him what items in the malls have the prize tags gone down back to normal. In fact prices keep on climbing.

It is not that I want to deny that people are not trying their best to improve things for the better. But working on a platform that is corrosive and full of holes would be a main barrier to achieve what is aimed for.

We don't have to go to the West to learn about success. We just need to go across our border. Several firms from here had moved to Thailand. Their economic growth is fantastic and the Bath is getting stronger than the Ringgit.

I talked to one Muslim Thai in Chiang Mai about the new King and he defended the King ferociously. showing the depth of love has has towards the new Ruler. Unlike here there were many people I spoke to have shown their disrespect on the Monarchy line.

The bad platform is a real hazard for the better Malaysia. Instead of the Midas touch, what we touch would turn into mud or shit.

The peril is near ahead even though we tried to hide many filthy things from the public. We thought we are smart not realizing that we are destroying ourselves, the people and the nation.

In real life there is always a short cut way out to begin anew. Najib should resign as a Prime Minister and the Finance Ministry portfolio must not be held by any Prime Minister.

It is sad that the Malays are seemingly stupid by nature. Holding the membership cards the UMNO members have been displaying their arrogance since independent. They enjoyed the luxurious and splendid life in their cocoons forgetting what's went on on the ground.

Years later they said there were losing their Ketuanan. They saw the Chinese are much better off economically, becoming millionaires and tycoons, owning huge plot of properties and successful in all area and disciplines. 

All along they do not care to think. When they lose a debate or any arguments they would show their muscles and challenge people to fight. They used gangsters to go berserk and threatening people.

Najib though he is smart. UMNO think they are invincible. They first step into 1MDB. Then they took the pension funds.

Najib thought he could cheat his golf buddy and the Chinese. He stepped into China's trap. This is where the grave mistake began. He leaned on China to get money for his own benefit. And now he is finding ways to lie and hide to the people that China has started to bully him.

The UMNO members are too stupid to believe him about the Chinese activities in Kuantan. From the words "Under my nose I will see this country will not go to China....." to "I am a Muslim, as if I want to make life difficult...."

Yes it was under his nose that he said he did not know what documents he signed, what money he spent to buy his personal items. And as a Muslim, he can put Anwar in jail, kicked his UMNO members who questioned him about 1Mdb and lifted the more than 60 years of subsidies and charging the blind, the small children, the dead persons and the poor the 6% of GST tax. And lying to the world about our rosy economy to be the best in Asia, even better than that of Singapore.

Najib has a short cut method to defend himself. "I Am a Muslim......" So all Muslims in court have to tell the judge that they never commit crimes because they are Muslims. What a pathetic. And the blind supporters gave him a standing ovation convincing themselves that they are good people who will dwell in heaven in the world after.

That's how the old Haji took people's land using a method called Padi Kunca. People trusted the Haji so much that they gave their land grants to Haji for some loan. When they wanted to pay back the loan the Haji will disappear. And finally they lost their farm land to the Haji. And as days gone by we saw Muslims became thieves, robbers, cheaters, murderers, drug peddlers, kidnappers and gangsters.

His demeanours drew much insult and criticism on Islam by non-Muslims. In fact he has broken all the rules of Islam, from beguiling the masses and trying to corrupt God by sending people to Makah with illegal money. We say so it is illegal because we believe in the FBI's investigation. The money trail shows a massive embezzlement.

A good Muslim will never imprisoned or kicked his own UMNO ministers who went against him just for questioning about the 2.8 billion. He would have not hid it as a secret until the WSJ exposed it in 2015. He will not dig the 30 year old forex losses closing his eyes on the 2013-2015 of much greater loses.

These people never paraded Islamic characteristics and continue with the act of corruption until now.

Najib is really a strange specie who will do anything to save himself. He planned very well to ensure he will not be challenged in the UMNO assembly. He denied having any collusion with anyone. Who in the wise mind did not say that money had been paid out to beguile the UMNO delegates. He cheated and lied to them to his inner teeth.

He thinks he can outwit all the people but forgetting that China is not a fool.

11/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When the homebrew days are over the relevancy of technical knowledge is almost gone. One does not need to know a resistor color codes, the LC circuits, the concept of an IF, the balance modulator and everything electronics. All one needs is to have enough money to buy the radio equipments, the antenna and whatever else in the radio outlets. A person with zero technical knowledge can still run a radio station. There are several thousands radio operators who do not sit for Radio Amateur Examination (RAE).

The direct Sampling radio is replacing the old LC circuit to pick up radio stations and the SDR Flex equipment have been in used by the affordables. IC7300 for instant has become cheap and began to penetrate numerous radio shacks. Components are not only minute but are dumped into one piece of a thin flat chip. As a new wafer hits a market the old ones are phasing out and becoming junks. The curriculum change is out of phase to the change in technological progress.

You cannot ignore the irrelevancy of RAE as far as radio electronic is concerned.

Those who are interested in radio communication just apply and pay the fee to the relevant authority. Summary of guidelines accompany the license. Then all the classes are abolished. It will make life easier for everyone. Why should we waste time and money doing something useless ? Why the RAE anymore ? To ensure of the right SOP ? Are we saying with the RAE everyone is following the right procedure ?

Each day changes are being made on all things. We would have remembered the VHS and all other storage gadgets which are being replaced with SD and micro-SD cards, watches with small gears being taken over by various designed of smart watches, and the many methods a single person can fly. Now we do hear of the Raspberry-Pie.

What knowledge an amateur radio operators may have today will be soon obsolete. And people without those those knowledge can always operate a radio station. Can we blame a person who passed RAE but does not know a value of a resistor when show to him ? Can't a person go over the air if he does not know what a Lamda is ?

Today we have a world of plug and play. We use Whatsapp and Facebook without knowing the codes of the applications. We just use them. That explains why even a three year old can play around with computers and pads.

What is more relevant is to know how to operate the new state of the art radio we have with us; which button is for what and how to program it.

What is wrong in giving out amateur radio license without having have to sit for the irrelevant examination ?

10/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A King must be loved by all. People's perception of the King today differs from that of the yesteryears. In the old days a King was feared and believed to possess a powerful divine power. Today a King is respected. The respects will stay intact as long as there is no political inclination, not seen as a partisan. And no one believe that a King is ordained by God and originates from a third kind from the other planets. There is an effort to relate the Queen of England to an alien. But millions will not be bought by the propaganda.

We can be sure that the respect given has declined if we care to make a stealth survey about it. Whether the perceptions are shown or hidden it sounds a warning, which is told by the facts of historical events of the world. Refer to the list in one of the articles below about the country that abolish monarchy.

It is a tragedy if any King declares that he is not a native of the land but originates from some other distant land. It is somewhat giving a picture of colonization which does not differ from the Western imperialism. Again it makes the respect given waning away. It creates a potentiality of the feeling of hatred, and post a grave danger to the institution.

A King's personal feeling and view should be kept around and within his palace and not to bomb it out in the public arena, for the members of the public may show their discontent privately or publicly. This would be bad for the health of the nation.

In Malaysia the literate public do start to think and analyze what were told to them. Not everyone is gullible when beguiled. They know who the Chinese are and who the Malays are. They know who made life difficult to them, who are the crooks and who are not. It would be risky for a King to take risk by jumping into a wrong group. And it is not wise to think the citizens are all dumb too. Should a King quit his Kingship and join a political party, following the campaign troop throughout the country and show support to a particular person ?


I took a rest and busy myself perusing comments on Royal's remarks on Zaid Ibrahim. My God, what I was saying was truly true. This is a result of risking a remark. Public fought back and degrading the glorified post. Go and hunt for the comments and see what people have written about it. It is shameful indeed.

Sultans must not show that they are partisans.

I was telling a story about a sober man quarrelling with a drunk man talking to a coconut tree, advising my friends and myself not to be so folly to exchange mud slinging with unnecessary people. We have nothing to gain but all to lose.

Now politicians and Najib were taking up a fight against a few celebrities. The world is watching the act. The Malays are snubbing the UMNO Malays for their supportive of what the foreigners called thief and crook. If the Malays split, it means the Royal institution is shaky. Even if the Chinese want to maintain Constitutional Monarchy, the Malays don't. This is not an impossible happening after Najib continues to increase taxes and put the Malays in difficult position.

Najib will have to sell more land to the Chinese to pay for the debts and interests he had blundered. Winning the election will not cool down the atmosphere. Once Najib is seen to pawn the whole country to China, the Malays may even kill their own race who show support  to a traitor.

The wisdom of a King lies with his mouth and a distant vision. He must not take any risk whatsoever, a zero percent action. He is to take care of Islam in the state, because this is what a King has been doing since the British took over Malaya.

A wisdom of a king is not to take a fight with any stupid Rakyat.

08/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I may die anytime. The country can go havoc after the election. Both are dreadful, and our future is bleak. Before the downfall or my vanishing from this earth, I will try to fulfil my one my desires, to go to a trip of my dream.

The trip of my dream is to Maldives.


If God willing my trip will be on the 24th until 28th of January 2018. The booking has been made, the payment will be on Monday, in two days time.

The tour package is 5d/4n. To me 2 days for the trip of going and returning, leaving only three solid days, which I think is just enough for relieving the junkie mind from causing hurt to the well being of my mind and body. An hour of relaxation in the middle of the ocean will erase off all of the worries and sadness, like living in a peaceful and graceful sanctuary.

It is more than one month before the due date, enough time  for me to make my preparation. A camera will be the most vital tool for the trip. I have to make sure thatI will not forget any of the essential items.

Since I will be going alone, there will be nobody to capture my photo. The travel agent said that I will not be in a group indicating that I will be alone on my own. I can't afford to pay for even one more person as a single person cost RM4050 inclusive of the return air ticket. With food and optional excursion it will be about RM6K at least. For two it will cost me RM12K.

I don't have a girl friend to take along. If I were to take a girl along I have to submit a marriage certificate. It is never a trifle issue, sleeping unmarried with a woman in Maldives. I need get a wife before I go and getting a spouse is not cheap.


In the mean time, I will keep on dreaming till the day arrives.



I saw a picture of the late Nik Aziz having his breakfast at a little food shop in Kelantan, enjoying a packet of Nasi Dagang like every other man. We, the poor people and the low income group, know what the rising cost of living means. What do the wealthy ministers and the high income group know about the pinch we felt. Like any other human person, we do have the desire for the good things in life, expensive and exotic food. We heard of Malaysians having the Japanese Wangyu meat on their tables.

Instead we opt for the local Nasi Lemak bungkus that cost RM1.20 per packet, more than 100% increased in price but still affordable by most of us. This is my diner in these four days, two packets of rice, an extra fried egg and an ice water. It is a RM3.60 dinner that last me till the next day. A few hundreds packets would be sold out within one and half hours.

But to be honest, I have to admit that I do not only go for the cheap food, though every night while driving to have my dinner my mind would be swirling to find the cheapest place. There are shops that will charge me RM40 per dinner and there are food price within the range of RM6. Though my average dinner is around six to seven ringgit, at time I spent heavily on having Sea-Food delicacies, and drove to Perlis for it. My most expensive extravaganza was RM150 meal, which gave me a hard shock of my life to myself not to near the stall or have the fish again, ever.

I noticed that there are more people rushing to the cheap and tasty stalls than to the higher class food vendors. The Nasi Lemak bungkus is popular, as it is cheap and delicious. It is a customary habit that people would just go for two packets. We can still feed ourselves below RM3 per meal. It fills our stomach. At Mac Donald nearby the average meal is fifteen ringgit.

Having a frugal dinner at an open stall does not lower our honour and integrity. It is here where we would sit down together with most common men who strive to make ends meets, the people whom Rosmah's aide called wealthy. These are the people who pay for Rosmah's lavishness and Wangyu beef. And yet they vote for Najib.

08/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Threatening Sarawak


Zahid has warned the East Malaysians about the secession, that a drastic action will be taken. To me he is not rational enough, a warning out of anger when the Sarawakian does not allow any of it's political party to work with a Barisan National party from Malaysia.

Sarawak and Sabah are not like Penang or Melaka that came under British rules in the earlier decades. They just became independent in the 20th century and decide to merge with Malaya. That is why the new chief Minister of Sarawak was hunting for Malaysia agreement high and low.

But to secede and be independent is not a simple mere declaration. With or without agreement the East Malaysians will first need to approach powerful governments like Great Britain and the United States for support and approval and seek a military aid and protection in case of Putrajaya's retaliation. They will bring proofs with them to show how the Federal government had treated them.

Not only Sabah and Sarawak, even Kelantan can ask for independent if the land contain materials for making nuclear weapons by offering a huge portion of it to Russia or America in return for their support for independent.

Zahid Hamidi's show of political stance will not end the independent movement and it will not rest as a trifle issue. Sarawak can always seek the help of the United States and offer a naval base to check China's maritime expansionism. It will not be easy for Zahid to wage war with the Americans but only to regret for his careless and obstinate actions. Diego Garcia is to control the Indian Ocean, Sabah and Sarawak can co-ordinate with the Philippines to fence up the Chinese expansionist fleet.

Zahid ought to know that the bullying tactic will not scare anybody at all. Is he trying to tell the new Chief Minister that Adenan Satem's death was not natural but due to a cyanide poison by the Federal government for being too outspoken about autonomy ?

06/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Morse codes language is not wholly English words per se. Though the basis of it originates from English. In amateur radio we have UR that stands for YOUR, TKS for THANKS, FER for FOR, HPE for HOPE, CUAGN for  SEE YOU AGAIN, GE for GOOD EVENING, TU for TO YOU and many other words. Those who are not English educated can still communicate with the world using the CW language.

Normal contacts with new stations would only involve giving out the signal reports (RST), location (QTH), name, antenna type (ANT), the height of the antenna, the power used (PWR), weather condition (WX), and thanking for the contact. For a pile-up which means that there are many stations that are calling, the information is much lesser. The other party is expected to search for more detailed background from QRZ.COM. They only send the signal report.

Some hams prefer a long chat rather than a short rubber stamp contact. This may be a barrier for others who do not understand the language to join in. This kind of communication can go between 30 minutes to a few hours.

I usually chat with 9M2ZN, Mazwan, in plain English words. A few Malaysian hams may not able to comprehend the conversation and stay away. Let me tell the local hams that they must not be shy to break in and join the chat. We will immediately switch to the language understood by all, Malay. To break in just send BK once or twice and wait for the response.

The response would be something like BK GA, "Breaker, go ahead". For a group chat it is advisable for a ham to prepare a notepad to jot down the points and topics each person is talking about. We tend to forget what each person has been talking about.

It is best to listen to their conversation for a few minutes before joining in the chat.




US says 1MDB is kleptocracy at its wors




It is a struggle for a person who is poor in English to write even a short and simple essay. I have been a person who is below average in every discipline since my school days. In fact schooling was a horror to me. I was good for nothing and had never passed my English. It is almost useless trying to do anything at a late adult life, especially when one is over 60. Yet I penned my blog in the language that I do not possess the proficiency. Call it for a kick if you may. After all it is for my own perusal. That's the reason I do not advertise it for others except to one or two persons who might want to know my political stand and my philosophy.

Writing is some sort of a diversion from my ham radio activity, which has been somewhat stale and dismal lately. Furthermore old friends were gone. Either they have died, migrated or gave up the hobby. I stayed on, restricting myself to Morse codes. Without the radio I can fill my time by writing this blog. I chose English merely as a vendetta on my own weakness.

What I am doing today is what I should have done 50 or 60 years ago. May be I was too being neglected like many other unfortunate kids. But as a believer I am not surprise to be what I am and who I am. At least I can be a writer. Isn't it a great accomplishment ? Though there isn't any reward or pecuniary benefit, it is a very fulfilling labor. You can see the short essays added up to be a few hundred pages of my descriptive hobby. This blog alone contains 39 main pages. If my vocabulary is huge and my grammar is excellent I would have written novels and short stories.

You know how monotonous a solitary life could be. My wife has passed away almost three years ago. I would be dead doing nothing and would wish for a quick death. My video making, my watching direct Youtube footings from a large screen TV, listening to Morse codes and writing nonsense on my laptop keep me very occupied and kill my boredom. Solitude in a way gives me the freedom I want.

I have to pay for the blog to be published, not a small sum payable to the server, about RM265 a year. When I can't afford to pay or when I die this will not appear on the internet again. Like my computer knowledge, this too will be vanished forever. There will be no record of my predictions that already appear to be true in some, on foreign intervention on Najib's folly ruling of the country and the economic outcome as the causal effect of his arrogance. And the further predictions on China's encroachment is yet to happen. The future generations have to bear the consequence.

My original purpose was to write about amateur radio. That's why the url is called It is my radio call sign obtained in 1975. But with a changed development in it, that worsened the identity and the sanctity of the hobby, I chose not to fill in the pages with information on the hobby. The new people have their own ways and rules, which to us, defying the traditional philosophy and practices.

Then there have been political tumults, beginning with the scandals on the spouse of our Prime Minister that extended into the use of pensioners money to buy personal items of glories to the money in Najib's account that were kept a secret until exposed by the Wall Street Journal. That gave me a new avenue to write, analyzing the veracity of each of the topic. Despite the grammatical stammer I braved myself to express my thoughts to the best of my ability. These things concern all of us. It is about the betrayal of our leaders.

Writing about politics is never a happy thing to do. It tortures my mind. Thinking about Rosmah and Najib shuddered me. If I were 30 or 40 I would run away from this country and choose to stay in foreign jail for an illegal entry.

I try to stay away from thinking about them and write on something else.

The greatest limitation is my unintelligent mind that has failed me in all of my jobs. Though the language is a great obstacle it would not bar me from doing what I want to do; to write. The effort is the challenge. It built up a positive attitudes and fearlessness. Comparing to the constructing of the state of the art technology of flying and levitation, overcoming the language barrier is more of a trifling affair. Hence I don't make any achievement at all. As long as the people can understand my message, I feel happy and satisfied.

06/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO is aggresively campaigning that a vote for the party is to ensure the KETUANAN MELAYU will be maintained, otherwise the Chinese will rule. If that happens it will be the end of the Malays.

If Najib is so very concerned about the fate of the Malays and wants UMNO to retain the KETUANAN what he has to do is to resign. The Malays must not be forced to choose a leader who is known as a thief, a liar and a kleptocrat.

His campaign is to put fear among those who are against him.

By doing so UMNO will be a much cleaner party without a powerful man who puts his own interest before him, and neglect the welfare of the party.

A nation can't afford to have a leader who always lie and deceive the people all the time.

The ordinary UMNO members believe that there is no one who is better than him. as if he is an immortal man. That will give him an absolute power to sell Malaysia to the Chinese. He is now constantly denies that he has been hoodwinked by the Chinese.

His refusal to resign is pushing the Malays to choose the Chinese rather than having a bad Malays. He should have known the closure of several government sponsored businesses including the electronic outlets in Kuala Lumpur to compete with Low Yatt, was the lack of Malay customers giving support.

By resigning he can save the party. He has nothing to be afraid of if he comits no crime for the law will save him from all accusations.

In reality the country has lost so much already by leaning himself to the Chinese. The rule is simple; China is not giving away money to him for free.

And there is no point trying to hide from the UMNO members, inventing lies and excuses.

The most dangerous of Najib is, he does advise the Malay rulers to avoid being a poartisan in politics for this will increase the number of citizens who will not respect the royal crowns anymore.

Only by resigning the Malays will be safer.


When I first stepped into ham radio, radio signals from Europe and the United States booming in just like from the next door neighbours. With a mere low dipole I begged in thousands of QSL cards from all over, With some freak conditions the skip zones scooted back and forth, enabling us to work almost every part of the earth. That was the time when English was being used even among the Malays in the country.

People were talking of the sun activity that gave favour to the ham radio operators that it will come on and off for every 11 years. I almost stopped hamming from 1982 onwards as I went to school in the United States. That was the time when Personal Computers began to show themselves at an infant stage. It was in 1982 that I was so engrossed with computing that I almost forgot my radio. My ticket expired for almost 15 years, and I was reminded about it by the authority around 2001. I didn't remember the exact year I received the reminder. My electronic logbook shows I started back again in 2002.

I discovered that old hams like 9M2DW, 9M2EG and 9M2GV had passed away. And a few had migrated to Australia. When I put back my antenna the lively and jovial mode of local communication were all gone. In 2002 to 2005 the band condition still opened to Europe by with much reduced flavour like of the 70's and early 80's.

Old hams used to say that the juice of amateur radio was at the antenna. It was of no use having a million ringgit rig without a good antenna system. It was about height and Quad and Yagi. Though at the time Cubical Quad was considered the most superior many were having Yagi at the best, Someone whispered that Quad was prone to lightning. I was satisfied settling on a dipole. I used a simple philosophy that I could manage it single handed, easily and without having have to climb up and down. And now I do not have any desire to work the world anymore.

Today I no longer hear very strong stations like the old days and I do not hear as many stations on the DX band like 20 meter anymore. Only a tall antenna above 50' and a yagi enable to draw in distant stations with good signal. When I could used 50 watts a long time ago, now I would need to have a kilowatt with a giant and grand  antenna system.

My radio activity has shrunk a great deal. Old hams in this region are disappearing. Several did not renew their licenses.

It is not only the band condition changes but also the philosophy and the mood. I still get myself attach to CW which I think the essence of ham radio, at least I would do the monitoring for my mental exercise. It keeps alertness and slowing the growth of my mental age.

For a radio enthusiasts spending on a good antenna system is never a waste of money. There is no point of having a super duper expensive rig without a proper antenna system. It helps when the band condition is not at it's best peak.

05/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Is it not possible to have an office that opens 365 days a year without incurring further additional cost ? The notion occurs to me as I was told that the post office closes for four days inclusive of replacement leaves. I also remember of a government department that informed the clients to wait until so and so returned from the maternity leaves.

I cannot tolerate any department that is so strict with the work to rule philosophy until it causes hardship to the people. I recollected someone attached to a hospital said that doctors too need rest.

We agreed that humans are not totally identical. They have differences, in attitudes towards work and in other characteristics as well. While some are ready to get home at 5, there are numerous of others who love to linger on till midnight at the work place, go to the office during weekends and regard it as their sanctuary. And they often help their friends to finish the job when someone fell sick or need to leave the office for some urgent matters.

If the relationship between the boss and the subordinates are good and cordial, and he can create a conducive, interesting, and with lustre environment there will volunteers who are willing to work on the weekends without the need of compensations. There has to be a leeway for the workers to make their own arrangement on the shift and the flex-time punching in and punching out.

We can be sure of getting public support. Clients may even bring them breakfast and lunch to share the responsibility, on every weekend, if we just blazon the news of such endeavour.

Once during a recession time, shops and restaurants that ran on workers-ownership and concerted decision making schemes, survived. And people made a study on the concept of Kaizen.

In my town there is a Produa outlet which seems to operate 7 days a week. On the other hand I also know of several Malay food vendors who do their businesses from 5 to 10 pm for only 5 days. They can't emulate the 7-Eleven or other Fast Food restaurants.

Take a minute to ponder and reflect, how much have we done to instil the desirable attitudes and work ethics into our younger generation's minds and blood. In fact some say that we are cultivating laziness through corruptions.

No matter how many million of bad people or workers having poor attitudes, there are also employees who possess the innately positive characters. Sometimes the head of departments thought that they could make their workers happy by giving them extended holidays and a long weekends. Perpetual pampering wont work, only it tightens indolence in a person.

03/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It is under Ketuanan Melayu that many Malay youths are out of jobs, becoming scammers, thieves, robbers, drug addicts and losing their lands.

Only a handful of Malays can afford to buy a RM750 to RM1 million house for dwelling. An Arab visitor was shocked to find that not even one Malay can afford a house in a Taman of 350 doors.

Ketuanan Melayu means it is the right of the Malay Tuans to plunder from the Malays as much as they could and divide the gains among themselves, a million here and a million there, a few millions to the MCA. And to sell the land, interest and the right to the Chinese.

We have the chance to see how our land will transform to be a part of China.

The Malays are told in the present UMNO's campaigned that if they do not vote for UMNO, the Chinese will rule. Video of Lee Kuan Yew's art of getting the Malay support were distributed, putting a great fear among the Malays.

The Malays forget about the theft, rising cost of living and everything else but to give full support to UMNO.

They don't know that Najib will be defeated by the Chinese.


If God allows us to see the atoms, molecules, photons and magnetic and non-magnetic waves in the atmosphere I would wonder how we are going to walk to pass through them. But that isn't all that I am going to talk about here in this column. I am going to tell you that as much as you see the atoms and molecules in the air, the universe of ours, contain an untold amount of secrets and knowledge. A few have been discovered. Many are waiting to be discovered.

We, mankind, try to categorize the knowledge into fields under various names, like history, science, economy, medical, philosophy, astronomy and thousands other more topics. And under science we further sub divide them into physics, chemistry, biology, technology, electronic, metallurgy, and a few thousands more. It goes on and on. Yet there are many other unknown fields that have not been within our grasp.

We can't educate our fellow humans on the general concepts of all of them but the basics of reading, arithmetic, languages and sciences. During the course of our schooling we discovered that even the subject on history has to be acquired at different stage from Form 1 to university education. A student of economy may not even heard of a balance modulator and a student of electronics may not even heard of Chi-Square. So far in the history of the world we have not found any prodigy or genius who knows every detail aspect of all known and unknown discipline of this universe.

We would encourage our fellow human to acquire as much knowledge as possible for the benefit of mankind.

Like going up the Great Wall of China which award a person a sort of certificate to prove that he has reach the level, the knowledge seekers were also awarded a certificate when reaching the set educational level. They are called Master or PHD. To get a PHD one has to write his thesis. In the United States to qualify for a PHD education, one must pass a Qualifying Exam, several course subjects and the writing of the Thesis.

But in the course of history we heard of stories about people with authority belittled the people without. When the Wright Brothers  were working on the plane a few professors said it was an impossible feat as the density of their machine was higher than the density of the air. And when Marconi wanted to send his first telegraphic signal across the continent they said it was impossible for the signal to travel over the curve earth. And when Nikolai Tesla claimed he could produce a DC cold electricity, Thomas Edison rubbished him.

We tend to see that success in life was not guaranteed by education but rather by hard work, thinking, experience and luck factor. Again it depends where you are and in what position you are in. Bill Gate, Steve Wozniak and Steve Job never had a PHD. Our local mechanic with a small workshop is a millionaire without a college degree. There are more than 20  young Malay millionaires without university education.

However we encourage the quest for knowledge to the top of the pinnacle. We hope the resilience will make the mind rules over the ego, the wisdom enhanced and the findings shared.

What is the utmost important in mankind the responsibility, courtesy and humility. There is no point of having a lawyer who murders for money, the scientist who makes weapons of Mass destructions, the doctors who reject the poor people without medical insurance and a PHD holder who thinks all others are pariahs, and those who talk without a PHD are not fit to be within their fraternity.

Only last night a Form 1 boy asked me whether I knew what a notepad was, to which I said "sure".

"It is amazing and free," he said.

"How could they give free ? " I asked.

Finally I was told that it was a software. You see progress and knowledge leaps, not a slow snail moves. I think that if I were to sit for the UPSR exam I will fail with a straight Es.

01/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We have just stepped in into December, a month of enormous spending that will continue until January. It is time for for the renewal of my road tax and the crazy mandatory insurance accompanying it. For a couple of old cars I have to spend more than RM600. Then just now I received a reminder from the Radio Authority of my ham radio station license fee of RM240. The rate annual payment to the City Board is almost RM400, a new land assessment tax for my late wife's and my own is nearly RM1K.

Immediately I have to settle the road tax and the radio license fee. Lucky I have a small pension to meet those demands. Even the poor have to pay the land tax and the rate. When people computed the BR1M the poor received they did not deduct these compulsory incurrence, the utility bills and the transport expenditure. My neighbour whose household income of about RM12K received the annual vote payment. I don't.

My life is becoming worst under Najib than under any other :Prime Minister. I thought Mahathir was the worst ever. never to expect the worse thing to happen, killing at least half of the population day  by day, cheating and lying to them, threatening of what will happen if the Chinese were to rule while robbing their money and selling the country to China.

The high income group would not feel the pinch of the rising cost. They can afford to pay. The UMNO, MCA and MIC's warlords even shared the 1Mdb money. Lately even the PAS leaders suddenly became wealthy and spent the money they grabbed which fell from the sky. What do they know of our hardship, of common people's strive to make the ends meet.

 No matter what Najib does to put those government servants to temporary relief by helping them to pay all the loans in return for votes, it will not change the fate of this nation and the future of the coming generation. The Malays will become the herd of cattle with UMNO warlords with whips on their horses working under their Towkey bosses. Already thousands of the Malay young people are losing their jobs, took to drugs trying to find sanctuary, becoming a wild low class gangsters that will do anything for fifty ringgit.

When there was flood in Penang they howled like dogs but when it happens in their land they tried to hide the news.

What is December or January to them. It is the time for them to make money by rising taxes and prices of essential products citing other countries of doing so. Our previous prime Minister also faced the same situation but never made the poor poorer. Excitingly enough the lawmakers were lamenting that they are poorer than the poor laymen.

We the Muslims were reminded of the verses from the Holly Book that when the end of time is near, the bad people are adored as the good and the good people are condemned as bad.

Najib is right when he says that behind the success of a husband is his wife. He admits that it has been his wife that had made him as he is. He sucks and squeeze. The DOJ says he is a thief. The former World Bank chief calls him a crook. I won't want a man with a wife that that who spoils her husband, giving us a colossal economic problem. He sells our souls and sovereignty away without admitting it and without knowing it. But God has shown us that PROTON is now known as  BAO TENG. It means a lot of things if you think about it.

01/12/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Lately I have been watching a lot of Youtube video footings, many of them are sure real clips showing many things about life and people. Like those who provide free forums to the people of the world to study their thoughts and culture, we too can study the world through the Youtube and the Facebook.

Among the myriads of topics there is one about thefts, robbers and desperate people. All over there are desperate people regardless of their skin color and their creeds, or their ranks and positions.




Criminal minds do not spare anybody. Even a world leader can be a gangster and a murderer.



The mind and the face, and the twilight end of the day where our age is pulling us near the edge of the world where the sun is setting will make use becoming more and more vulnerable. While we are rotting and our mind is seeimg fuzzy things, we always forget that we are getting old. We fall to the people's views rather than factual truth of our countenance. When people say that we are young then we are happy to believe that we are young. People will praise of our beautiful look and our slim body, and how gorgeous we look like.

There are old women, looking old but amazingly very sweet and adorable. The face is fresh and hidden the beauty of Mona Lisa's smile. I saw these kind of women all over the world. They cool our hearts and we forget all our miseries.

One Chinese lady said in a conversation that to be fat is easy but to be thin is hard lest we are strike by some sort of cronic disease. But fatness and obesity is not a natural thing to happen. It is more than YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.




I am never a computer programmer in a real sense of a word, not trained in this discipline to be called one, though I developed numerous applications for my own use and helping friends to run their businesses using a specially designed software. I taught myself simple BASIC programming languages, the low class BASIC and Visual Basic.

My last application was written about 15 years ago at the age of 55. I am getting too old and too tired to force my corroded mind to think anymore. The software shown below is only a reminiscence of the past, found in my old broken closing leaf of my Acer. One Acer was taken to a repair shop which rejected it.


Below was logging system written around 2002. I quit using it as I have not been active on the air these days.


I only confine myself to this blog rather than looking at my programs. This isn't taxing my brain so much like checking the flaws on a few thousand lines of codes. I have to add and delete lines to suit the different Windows platforms. What run on XP cannot run on Windows7. Even XP on different mother boards rejects the same program. When I bought a used laptop and asked for Windows XP, the shop told me that it was a Vista board. I can't even install and run VB6 properly. The DATA control could not pick up Access2000.

All I can say Microsoft is making life very difficult for many millions of us. One has to be creative enough to work out with an almost impossible task.

Of  course, as far as database is concerned, I would conclude that MySql database is of much better choice. But yesterday when I tried to install MySql server again I was very fuzzy how to go about it. It look me a long time to configure how to install and create a database and re-install the backup into it.

I always mind myself that this is the only pay to kill the boring time in between.

27/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Many may have forgotten Maradona The Hand of God, in the final of World Cup soccer tournament when Maradona's goal was by his hand, unseen by the referee, and the victory went to Argentina.

Everybody says that winning is winning, whether by cheating, killing or corrupting. There is no gentlemanly procedure in war. Do what you may as long as you win the war.

Honestly and sincerity have been met with snubs these days. Good people have always been a victim.

There is no shame and no feeling of guilt in cheating, lying and corrupting as long as one can survive. For money some individuals would make their wives and daughters prostitutes. For power a Muslim is willing to eat pork, murdering and lynching his friends.

It is a lust beyond morality, and no available words to describe such a filth, worse than a Satan, no feeling as a wild dismal beast. The Chinese tries to describe such a person as "not a man and not a ghost."

They celebrate the winning as if they are popular, bragging and praising themselves, and even go to the extend of insulting the Merciful God that the winning is a reward from God.

What really happen is their demeanours have tainted the good name of Islam. Islam has never condoned cheating, corrupting, murdering, lying and stealing. Neither swaggering and bragging are very much hated. Yet those abhorrent practices have become a norm.

Would anybody dare to come clean, and play a game without corrupting and cheating but with a pure skill ?

Millions and billions have been stolen and hijacked to mainly for corruption just to win. Dare they fight with their clean hands ?



It is a pity that I can't help. I would be cursed for not lending them RM300K, They thought I have all in my my saving, and kept on pestering me. To a person like me even a hundred K is huge enough. It would cause my whole live saving. I have to admit that my maximum saving did reach a 10K level.

I lent her that much before. I suffered for almost three months for stopping me doing my activities. I could not go to see places, making even a local trip and dreaming of buying electronic gadgets and taste expensive exotic dinners. In short I just stayed home for the following three months.

I talked to people of my position and heard sad stories from them. People did not pay the loan and becoming aggressive and mean towards them, spreading stories about the lenders. At least I get paid. A few persons who approached me were all I considered wealthy, big time contractors and businessmen.  Among those to whom I passed my money, only one paid back.

I did talk of Barakah before. My belief in it is very profound. I watched many Indonesian maids who have the habits of stealing money and expensive jewelriess but I saw unending misfortunes befell before them. Their family members and husbands were strikedd with severe illness that needed a high medical expenditures. In fact I went to their homes to investigate. They stole the money from their employers, strangely enough their own money were stolen by their own kinds. They quarrelled and fought among themselves.

A radio friend of mine who was recently passed away became a guarantor to a trusted friend of his. The friend ran away fro paying the bank loan. He was sacked from his bank job and suffered a great deal. I believe the evil friend will be experiencing a painful life for the rest of his breathing days.

I won't trust a human specie anymore. They can even kill for money or to protect themselves from being accused as thieves. They even have nicknames given to them like Nancy Gucci and Fatimah Berkin. and they can rob you in broad daylight without trying to run or hide themselves away. Someone did say that even animals have some shame in them.

My monthly Indonesian house cleaner told me that many people have enough money, may be more than enough but prefer to solicit from others and keep theirs hidden in their purses. If they can run away from paying the banks, it is not at all a surprise if they presume that you don't even exist. I think the Indonesian is right.

People are hypocrite, displaying the countenance of an angel with smile and nice talk. 9 out of 10 will lie and are not honest in many ways. But we do have at least one out of 10 around us. These few souls won't even tell you if they do not have any bread for the day. And they won't ask you for a loan.

If you have lived long enough, as long as I do, you will know of a great and a abrupt transformation of the Malays. Those who become leaders tend to become robbers. Others follow suit to be scammers, cheaters, liars, thieves, drug dealers, and gangsters. They sell their land, their race and their souls. Then their generations can't afford to buy a home to dwell in.

I wish to have that much money the friend is seeking for, to enjoy my remaining life span and to donate to the needy and God's House. While eating in a restaurant I offered any beggar to have a free meal of any sort but not to give him a pittance.

And I dare say that Najib is doing the Malays a bad deed by giving them BR1M, killing their competitiveness and making them very dependent.


25/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Top- Nash and Najib

Below - the most recent picts

Two  of the good buddies


I have to forcibly used the term a PTT HAM to denote fellow amateur radio operators who do not recognize the different between a PTT and a microphone. They have salvaged the hobby so much and swept the old hams away that we can't hear the living old hams anymore on the local band. Once in a blue moon there may be one real old guy ham might come in to greet the band. Accosting them of their error would invite aggressive firepower from all sides, a fierce attack hurled from all angles and directions. And they want all too. They love to use SILENT KEY to tell about a no-code operator's death. It should be a tabooed word for them as the words are closely associated with the code-hams.

I don't know what else are going on  on the band because I seldom do SWLing on my free time. But I heard a murmur that the old hobby is losing it's identity. I had predicted it a long time ago, not just basing on the wild guess but on a deep observation of human demeanours, particular of an ethnic group who once were dubbed as stupid and lazy other races. People with a little knowledge who believe themselves to be a prodigy, a master and the smartest in every aspect and discipline. They were a great bunch of these people who knew nothing about humility. They are not merely in the radio fraternity area but also throughout the the Malay World. They enjoy to suffer, celebrate to see the ruins and putting the blames on others. They can do no wrong.

Truth hurts. That was just it, starting with the less educated and indolent. They may be successful in life but they serve a tainted attributes to the group society. I don't have any intention of picking up animosity. But I just want some wise people to ponder, especially the great and powerful master, the MCMC, the main monument of amateur radio. Yes we do know know what people with power could do to change the world, not only for the better.

Then they came up with the excuse that the old hams are not on the band to correct the errors and to guide them to the right path. They forget that it was they themselves who were preaching to the old hams on many things. And more so they branded the old hams as stupid and waiting for the days to be interred. One person who spewed that out died first before the old ham whom she regarded as her arch enemy.

The trend to show as who is the best and more qualified and more mastery is clear to be seen, like some people who would use their PHDs and Master Degree as their unchallenged domain. One university lecturer said in a PIBG's meeting in Penang Free School, "If you don't have a PHD don't challenge me." That was never have existed in the ham radio 40 years ago. We have King who never told that he was a King, a scientist who only told what he did in the South Pole and many wealthy persons who plainly enjoy the hobby with jovial chats of classes of topics like how to pilot a small two seater plane.

Undesirable behaviours have been rife on the band; disturbing people constantly and calling names on  suddenly appeared. These are the people who become part of amateur radio members of today in Malaysia. Outwardly they seem to be nice and innocent. Whether they hide or parade their arrogance the whole hobby has been polluted.

The PTT ham, the LANJUT guys, the ROGER guys are alive and kicking, killing the sanctity of the original Ham Radio habits and culture. Like politics the elements of gangsterism have crept in.

23/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I never realized that I have several good watches before. When I opened my locker I saw several of them. I remember buying a CASIO at a local supermarket for RM300 about 20 years ago. I only changed it's battery once. I wore it for a long time. Then my wealthy student presented me with one. During my trip to Japan about last year I procured a most expensive radio control CASIO for RM2.7K. There is no change of battery and no time adjustment.

The best of all is the Samsung Gear S3, purchased at a local Samsung shop for about RM1.3K. But I need to charge it for every 4 days. An hour of charging without cable can last me for at least 4 days without the economic mode.

What I love most is the various faces I can choose. The article below shows some of these watch face. I prefer the one that I could refer a date, a time and the battery status with one glance.

Among all the watches the worst ever is the China made watch. Other Chinese electronic products I ordered from Lazada and Lelong, showing of a similar low standard. In the video bellow, watch how I had to struggle with a China made phone watch. And it's battery will last only a few hours even without calling or receiving a phone call. China made batteries for small gadgets simply won't last. They always provide very poor manuals, as good as useless.

The Samsung Gear 3S always tells me the distant I covered at my evening walk, the number of desired steps achieved and the time of my walking along the circuits. I can watch Youtube, and browse internet with a Wifi on it's own. But it consumes more power. Less will be used up if I only use the Bluetooth and paired with my Android.


I apologize for the poor quality video I have made.  don't have a good commercial software and I don't know the art of producing a good quality one as the others on the Youtube.

There are spellings and grammatical errors you have to bear with me. I hope to improve it as days go by.


17/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Paying for quality is worth the sacrifice than trying to save the hard to come pittance for the much cheaper Chinese products. Many of us would fall into the cheap technology trap, being hypnotized by grand pictures of watches made in China that could do us magic of video recording of small items.

But we have to remember that there are many Chinese fake imitations of Korean and Japanese high technology goods. It is safer to go to the shops direct rather than the on line purchase. Go to generic Samsung Shop to buy the Korean facilities, the Sony shop to procure the Sony gadgets.

I know how my cheap and expensive car performed. My Myvi is no where compared to my Saga 1.3.  Even closing the doors of both cars gave different sound.

I bough a hundred ringgit China made handy-cam which looks very impressive and a Panasonic V380 camera, the superiority of the later over the Chinese is beyond comparison.

It is up to you to decide. You may have your own reason to own a gadget from China. I am just stating my own experience.

Many food vendors provide low quality forks and spoons that will bend with a slight force put on to tear a meat or a fish on a plate. I encountered this happening in a few Malay food stalls. I don't know whether the situation is the same in the Chinese shops. It is a huge contrast compared to the hotels.

And now ladies cosmetics are widely aggressive in captivating women of this country. I would say they come from the same factory, distributed under different names. Putting on the face would transform the skin to be very brilliant, smooth and glamorous. But they contain a mercuric substances that would drill small holes on the skin.

One day when you decide to buy quality stuffs, you may not find any in our local market.



Tuning a radio/transmitter was a mandatory knowledge in the yesteryears when valves were the essential components and the technology was still at an infant stage. We tuned the transmitter to get the maximum output and to get the minimum reflected power into the transmitter. We called the relationship between the transmitterd and reflected power as SWR.

Today almost all of the modern transceivers in the market have a built-in antenna tuner to mathematically compute the matching state and do the tuning by themselves. It is something like a plug and play.

But for the old timers like me it is the psychological part that drive us to exercise the manual tuning, mainly for satisfaction.

At present antenna tuner is small, showing the power output and the reflected power even using one single meter with two finger indicators. Mine is big and labelled antenna coupler, made by leader called LAC895. It will be seen in the video.

First we have to decide the frequency we want to operate. Set the reading on the radio to the frequency. For my Leader I have to put the button switch to the corresponding band. For 7.007 on the radio I put the knob pointer to number 7.

Then I rotate the R and X tune large knobs to get the highest noise. It shows it is almost near to the matching status. To see the SWR I must put the knob to point at SWR. Starting with zero or minimum power, I press my CW key and look at the meter reading. If it shows deflection I rotate the R and X tune by trial and error to bring the reading to the minimum.

Then I increase the RF-Power. Repeat the key pressing, freading and R and X adjustment. I continue to increase power out incrementally and repeat the process. Usually by three or four steps the tuning will be completed.


The dipole users in particular should understand that the wires will change length from time to time. At noon it will be longer than during the cold night due to the expansion and contraction factor caused by temperature change. Hence the tuning process must be observed except if there is a built-in tuner in a rig.

Other people may use a different approach in tuning their rigs. Choose the most convenient way to you. Good luck.

16/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

To go cheap on the hobby is possible by home brewing a single tube or a single transistor CW rig. One may not need a tuner, only to cut a dipole to a proper length. The expenses on the components purchase would be minimal.

Once we decide to go on commercial equipments then we have to be prepared to spend. A cheap rig is about RM2.5K, a tuner about RM600, a tower and an antenna would be about RM1.5K.

Normally an amateur radio operator would keep a back-up transceiver and a power supply unit.

But there are working and non-working hobbyists everywhere. Those without fix and certain income sometimes have to wait for 6 months to a year to procure a cheapest rig.

I would say that RM6K would just be fine to set up a modest station.

One good thing now is that a Malaysian amateur radio operator can easily get things in Malaysia unlike the old good days.

Most of us started with a dipole antenna with a single or double masts holding the wires. Coaxial cables were given away by the old hams to the new ones. Some have to smuggle a rig in from Singapore. One could start a station with RM1.2K. A second hand transceiver cost RM800.

Only a few had a tower. Most had only one rig, without a back-up. And of the hams I knew were all with good jobs.

And there wasn't any rogue ham around.


I want to talk a little on fatigue and sleep. First about sleep. There was a man who would always close his eyes during the progress of a meeting. We all would smile at each other chaffing at him. Astonishingly when someone had completed the delivery of his speech and there was the question and answer session, it was he who would be the first to ask a question.

We tend to close our eyes when the speech was long and boring. In fact many of us did. It caught they eyes of our one mean big boss. He would stop his speech and started to scold and yell at us.

A hectic seminars of long duration and a little rest could kill the delegates. I saw the other leaders too were pale and tired. Najib is just tired and fatigue.

 14/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This time the Malaysian First Lady at APEC 2017 is much slimmer than before. That would withdrew some of the labels that have been thrown upon her. I am sure she has been striving very hard to make herself look presentable. She was very ugly when she was fat.

A fat person will look ugly if he or she is short but it won't be noticeable as a strange figure within a group if she is thin. This time she is not bad at the APEC meeting.

I only wonder whether all of those ladies brought along with them their own team of groomers and dressers to fix them, for every occasion. Nobody ever wrote an article about this before.

It is no harm at all for the First Lady to look elegant and beautiful. And nobody in the country would make a fuss out it. But people would start talking if public funds are used to purchase an extraordinarily expensive items. Would Rosmah donned the much talked purple diamond to be opulence and splendidly looking ?

This was the issue that began when people were asking where did she get the money to buy a few million dollar diamond, to which came a myriad of answers. And the foreign TVs blazoned about her expensive taste and talked about her diamond rings and necklaces. We would have expect those other First Ladies were hiding their eyes while trying to gaze whether Rosmah wore the pink diamonds. They would have been interested to see one trhemselves.

Even without them Rosmah looks gallant and elegant, very sparkling in these pictures. I am a little shock to see her slimmer body and beautiful.

Of course she does look so old as I expected her to be. She seemed to be older from some of her pictures published in the local media.

Whatever it is, we have to always remember that we do not judge a book by it's cover. But I am very sure that none of those other ladies had made a phone call to Putin, Obama or Clinton lamenting for a pity or demanded for an action.

14/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When the value of the money falls by external economic factors the ASEAN region should experience the same fall and at the same rate. But ours plunge hard and becomes inferior to the Thai Baht, and the Indonesian Rupiah is becoming higher and stronger comparatively.

As our ringgit declines far worse than the rest, the price of the import products jump at unbelievable level. The incident of the local products is by the raise in the cost of living. We imported so much items that it affects everybody including the local businessmen and entrepreneurs. They too have to cope with the raising imported goods and primary products they procured everyday.

When we compare with our neighbouring countries, our currencies fared the worst. People buy less commodities now than before with the same amount of money. Simply the purchasing power of ringgit has fallen. Najib tried his best to paint a rosy picture of our economy and at the same time blaming the opposition for sabotaging the it. It is suspected that he even paid the top foreign media to praise Malaysian economy standing. Then he reverberates it.

Yet the rinnggit does not move to the higher ladder. As a result the interest rate increases and the value of the loan Najib made also have to face the consequences. The government itself admitted that it was the sentiment that plays the part. And the poor perception of Najib were caused by the fake news spread by the opposition.

Much money has been spent to boost Najib's image. Millions were spent on this effort. The Americans called Najib Crook and Kleptocrat, a thief who stole money and put into his account. The government of Singapore has proven that the 1 Mdb has not been honest and clean. Further more the FBI's investigation showed Rosmah too had a say in buying pink diamonds with the 1 Mdb money.

I don't know how to relate the lost of FGV with the sentiment. But now Felda, 1 Mdb and a few murders have been associated to Najib.

Finding the burden of the loan is too massive, that even the GST could not deplete it Najib has to seek China's aid. The world is observing every minute of Najib's movement and behaviours and his words and speeches. He leans on China to solve Malaysian economic problems.

Najib also blamed the business community for the spiralling price. He gets someone to open a KR1M to compete with the greedy shopkeepers, the shops are now closed. MARA opened up electronics shops to challenged Low Yatt. It was also close. Actions are not taken against the business community who claimed that they procured the goods at a higher cost.

The opposition blamed the poor economic standing on 1Mdb and of the poor financial management. Money were stolen for personal enrichment and for corruption. There were gaps and holes that need to be filled. That's why China helps. But nothing is free in this world for China. They want something in return and they have them all. Najib says the Chinese will bring prosperity to Malaysia and the people and vehemently denied that he is selling the sovereignty away, and that he is not a stupid person to be hoodwinked with.

To me he is selling the country away and he is being bullied by the Chinese. He even said that the reclaimed land of Forest City is not even belong to Johor. He signed the Defence Agreement with the country to imply that he sides China against USA in the cold war over the control of South China Sea. He gave the Honorary citizenships to the Chinese and mum on the fishermen that come into Malaysian water. This is a happy episode for the MCA and Gerakan.

If sentiments are the main factor for the depreciation of our currencies then the perceptions on Najib had created this sentiment. The world have observed Rosmah's lifestyle. International media had blazoned Rosmah's acquisition of expensive items and diamond rings save Malaysian media. Whatever lies and spins and actions on personalities like Maria Chin, Ambiga and all the former UMNO warlords by Najib are seen, not only by the world leaders but also by the investors. Hence there is a lack of confidence and the sentiment remains.

He thinks by winning the next election he can show to the world that he is still popular and the ailing economy will recuperate. The reason for his struggle to win is to save himself from imprisonment. He will go all out to win by hook or by crook. He just apply the philosophy of the sure win. It will be just like Saddam Hussein and Gadafi winning a landslide. There will be a stealth beguiling process going underneath.

With Najib as a Prime Minister the citizen will bear the burden of greater sufferings, the rising cost of living and the Malays will suffer the worst. They will vagabonds in their own country and will be pushed out as 'Pendatang'. When Najib says "Cina balik China, Mahathir balik Kerala" there will be voices "Najib balik Makasar and Zahid balik Jawa..."

13/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Malaysia jumped again after Trump publicly said that Malaysia is a trade cheat. According to Mustaffa Mohammad Malaysia has explained to USA during the last controversial visit to the continent. Najib had publicized how well he was treated by the President, the best ever among all the Malaysian Prime Ministers.

But It was unfortunately that that Trump said that Malaysia is a Trade Cheat. Mustaffa was taken by surprise and he is working hard, writing explanation that Malaysia had never trade cheat and never manipulated with currencies, and pointed out that the trade deficit on Malaysian favor was only 6 billion, not the stipulated 25 billion.

That was not all. At the APEC dinner a video clip is viralled, showing Trump's reaction on seeing Rosmah and Najib.

To be listed as a Trade Cheat countries has a very bad implication, a long lasting effect and a dreaded affair.

We record a 6 billion deficit. In US record it is 25 billion. It is highly probable the missing is the  cheating and manipulation happened in the dark, stealth enough to be visible.

But we can always investigate why we were disgraced in such a manner. Was it a pure error of the President, or a pure truth, or he distrusts Najib so much that he sees the Malaysian leader as a liar and dishonest.

I have said in my article before that if Rosmah were to keep on phoning Obama or Putin or Trump these people would surely found it very strange. Surely Obama and Putin had talk about her when they had had a cup of coffee in the oval office. And when Trump went to Saudi Arabia he would briefly asked the King about Najib. A smile from the King was enough a reply.

The whole world has known Rosmah and Najib and has formed perceptions on them. At APEC everyone is watching them from the corner of their eyes, looking at an emperor with the invisible dress.

It will be a mere waste of money to struggle erasing the bad image. Millions have been spent and wasted, just to repair the damaged image. After all the payments, Najib was still called a 'Crook', a thief and Kleptocrat.

Would the Prime Minister blame Mahathir for being called Trade Cheat ? Didn't Najib had been lashing his former boss left and right, in Parliament, every talks and speeches and blaming him for the fake news ?

Didn't Najib tell Obama and trump that it was Mahathir who wanted to unseat the democratically elected Prime Minister ? Didn't Najib told Trump that he wanted to help the United States to restructure American economy ?

Yet Trump spewed out Malaysia as a Trade Cheat ? And trying to avoid him ?


We have been telling Najib that winning and continuing to be a Prime Minister is only good for him, his family and his cronies. But the country will keep on sinking.

Najib has shown signs of temporary mental disarray when he was yelling 'Kepala Bapak Hang' at Mahathir during the Chinese Assembly and said the reclaimed land in Johor does not belong to Johor state. This was hurled before the APEC meeting. His voice was not heard only by the people within the four walls but it was echoed throughout the world.

We must accept the fact that the Bugis have never conquered the world, the White men did. The Chinese did not use weapon to spread themselves everywhere but they did.

Let us wait to see the USA version of Trade Cheat.

We must not assume that at APEC Najib was poorly treated as far as the dinner table was concerned. For the table to be at the corner the reason was simple. It was there where the Muslim and halal food were catered. I am sure the Vietnamese Muslims were engaged in providing these food.

Anyway it is a trivial matter lest we are more concern on what Trump said about the Trade Cheat. Mustaffa may be right in his argument, the Americans may or may not accept it with reasons of their own. They might have analyzed Najib's visit with insincere agenda, especially when Najib capitalized it back home, boasting in detail of how he was treated for mainly his own political reason.

The invitation of Penang born Tan Hock Eng to the White House could be deliberate to tell the Malaysians in a refine and  indirect way of what they think of Najib. It is a conundrum to resolve and ponder.

All these have something to do with our declining ringgit and ailing economy. The more we try to play the game and claiming that we are the smartest, the deeper we will be sinking.



Some people got damn mad when North Korea defeated Malaysia 4 - 1 in Thailand on the 10th Nov 2017, venting their anger on FAM, forgetting that we were beaten by Timor-Leste before. Wherever we are, we have to accept that there is always somebody who is finer than us. Take any person, country, president or a sage, there are better people above them and lesser people below them. To understand it as a fact it will check ourselves in many ways, among them is we won't take us to extremism, pomposity, arrogance and boastfulness.

And most of all we must not underestimate the others who may seem to be docile, passive, submissive, stupid and uneducated. It is good to be humble and continue to learn about the people and the world, to understand how individuals of other creed, race and nationalities think and do, not to despise them and scorn at their culture no matter how primitive they may seem to be.

It is for the same reason USA does not attack and bomb North Korea and destroy the rogue nation that threatens the world.

It is very undesirable for a person to think he is the smartest and the best. At this state he won't want to listen to the advice of other people, refusing to do the independent analysis of events and situations. He will be quick to put all the blames the failures on all others. He is saintly enough to make even an atom of error.

It is dangerous and fatal to think that we are the best and the smartest. It may be too late when we begin to realize how wrong we were, akin to the story of the race between a tortoise and a rabbit. We even can lose our country.

The football fans must always be cool and to browse the local and international environments. Think why the Whatsapp and Facebook is rendered free. People are monitoring the people of the world, of the level of their thinking, their IQ and sentiments and all other aspects of life. The question is how much do we know about the North Koreans or Timor-Leste ? And other countries ?

And if you remember the 6 day war between Israel and the Arab World, we would understand more what arrogance and ignorance mean. Bragging and swaggering of our own prowess is uncalled for. No matter whether we are the champion of the world, there are much better people than us.

I don't know how many Malaysians have acquired enough skills to be the world class coach and players. We still need to engage foreigners in coaching gymnastics, cycling, and many other sports. We do have a Sports  Ministry, a progress which not all nations are fortunate to have one. What sorts of thinking do they make ?

Before casting blames we have to know where we are and where other countries are. If we think we are strong enough, we may not think others could be stronger. The same situation applies to politics.

11/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

There is nothing wrong and nothing strange in the above picture. It does not degrade our Prime Minister and his wife at all. But it means a lot to me if it is the latest snapped and I just love it. it is something that entertains me. And it reminds me of myself, that I am getting old and ugly.

I hate to be photographed because I will look ugly in it. My hair is completely white and I have black spots and wrinkles all over. It is owing to my ugliness that I do not have any desire to look for a wife. I always want to live in solitude and in a quiet environment.

Nevertheless I have a desire to taste whatever affordable comfort I can lay my hands on. I think many of us do have similar needs.

When we are old enough and ugly enough we wouldn't be scared of people telling us that we are old. We would not spend money to put our hair to the old color, getting rid of black spots and wrinkles. We don't have money for the elixir of youth formula.

Imagine our emotional state when someone were to tell us that we look old and ugly despite our huge spending on anti-ageing chemicals, though it is not from our own money.

I donned RM8 round neck T-Shirt at home or in my over sea trips. I saw people wearing Pagoda T-Shirts. Do we look ugly in them ? I know no matter what expensive dress I put on, I will never regress backwards to the younger age. Don't be surprise to hear a story about a Prince who refuse to be a King but prefer to lead a life like a commoner.

A big majority of us will be forgotten when we die. Once a year some may go back to the grave yard to clean the cemetery and placing beautiful flowers as a memory. Nobody will put us in the history books to be remembered as Nazi, a witch or a dictator.

It is indeed true that pictures speak a thousand words.

When the old and the new are put side by side they serve to remind us how much change we have been through all these years. I remember Imelda Marcos said that she would not want to be remembered as an evil woman when she dies.




When Anwar Musa was sick, only giving the continuance of life by God, I prayed for his wellbeing, to recuperate fast enough, take a rest in politics and devote the rest of his lief to his family members and grand children.

It shocked me very much as he was more aggressive, not only defending the economic coercion on the public for the reckless expenditure by Najib, he also blamed the flood on the failed state. And the rest follow to say it is a punishment by God on opposition parties.

We all remember the flood in Kelantan when Najib went to play golf with Obama in Hawaii, DAP too went down to help the people and also waves of independent individuals. Then Flood attacked Trengganu, Pahang, Johor and other states.

Neither DAP nor those individuals collected tax money to do the good deeds. Taxes have been collected by the Federal government and now the money is in the care of Najib himself. Whatever happen to the collection from the jobless, infants, blind and the poor citizens ? Are the money for the comfort of cronies, family members, housewives ? Don't tell us only UMNO guys who live in BN states pay the tax.

UMNO Malays even asked whether the Penang Chinese be helped. A friend of mine could not give an appropriate reply by beating about the bush. I asked him whether the Chinese in Penang are subjected to GST ? Let me tell these Malays that when my wife fell down, no Malay guys came to her help. It was the Chinese who rushed and gave me their hands. It was a Chinese who sent food to a poor Malay woman in Kuala Kedah.

I just told some friends to say nothing and do nothing but to wait till December. It will be a Northeast Monsoon. Just wait and observe. Even if the wrath of the flood becomes wild just say nothing. Do not follow the people like Anwar Musa.

The Penanggites do not have heart to tell Najib to keep the tax money collected from them for Rosmah, share it with Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak and Hadi's chums.

Anwar Musa just love to see the poor suffer, the general public losing their power of money, and pay for food triple or quadruple more than the time before Najib. We call it sadist.

I feel bad once when Anwar was sick. This time I will be happy to see him vanish from the earth surface.

10/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I foresee a major flood coming. It is a flood of tears, shed by voters of UMNO themselves, regretting for crossing UMNO and BN as their choice. They will be cursing and swearing at Najib and at themselves. Serve them right. Their home is hell.

The phenomena has been repeating itself for every five years. and the Malays have become weaker and weaker. Instead of blaming themselves they cast the blame on DAP.

Only those Malays who have forecasted the future will not cry and lament. There will be greater distrust among themselves. It is the other who make the cost of living higher and to make UMNO and PAS bow to the demand of MCA,

As Najib will push the tax and price higher he will say "This is for your own good. I am your Prime Minister and I don't want you to suffer.." and he will continue with the lavish spending. His wife continues with the stealth shopping spree, forgetting that she is going 70 and will be more and more uglier.

The local Chinese will have to bargain with China to give 60 or 70% of the Business to the local. The Chinese will have to weigh between the welfare of their citizens and the Malaysians.

It is most likely the Felda settlers will be asked to pay to the company that own the estates. They will discover that the land which belongs to them are not theirs anymore. The other Malays being out of jobs will be running their own small businesses to survive. As they can't afford to buy shop houses they will operate a mobile enterprise. Night markets will grow and loom at any empty space they can find.



Somewhere in my blog I narrated a story of a Palestinian Muslim and me were sitting side by side on a plane from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles a long time ago. When wine was served I rejected it but the Palestinian took it. I am not a pious Muslim but I tried to observe the teaching to the best of my ability. "Abdul Rahman," he said to me. "Bismillah ( with the name of God) ..." He showed the gesture, pointing at the throat that after reciting the phrase, the wine will turn into water as it entered the throat.

It was a magic formula to turn the Haram into Halal. When you give money away you have to say it is a gift from God through you, the providence. The receiver has to convince himself that it is a Providence, a sustenance from the Al-Mighty. With the money he can go for pilgrimage and he does not commit any crime of stealing and cheating to earn a living.

And when you want somebody killed by some insinuation and your subordinates put him to perpetual rest, you can say that you do not commit a murder. Even if you finger pull the trigger, it is not you who kill but your finger.

We can always look at a crime through the two angles, the perspective of a victim and the view of the person who does it. A thief steals because he has no money and no job to feed the hungry kids. Nobody is willing to help and provide him a bread. A murder says that he kills a bad person who might have caused great mischief and discourse on the society and the country.

When thousands of innocent people killed in Palestinian land and they say it was in a state of war. You always say either it is a state of war or the people whom you have killed were terrorists. These were seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

For the believers the perpetrators will face the ultimate truth, the divine truth on the judgement day. There is no way that we can spin and lie through our teeth. Mahathir, Hadi, Najib and you will be of equal status and will have to face the same proceedings. For the non-believers, they exercise their ways of living through conscience, the feeling of responsibility, accountability and practice civility.

If you are neither of them then you have to be a non-human specie. You know no shame and you know not what morality is. You can be a hypocrite among men but you can't cheat God.

Can a Haji turned wine into water when he drinks it by reciting phrases of God ? Can a Haji accept corruptions and say that it is from God ? And most of all, can a Haji make no wrong and tell no lie ?

09/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The above clip is about 21 minutes and the resolution is not of a high quality but the it took more than 4 hours to upload it to the Youtube.

It was not an easy job to produce a good clip. First of all I have to have a good video capture hardware. Of course a hand-phone is good enough but it can't beat the stand alone video camera. Video capturing needs something to make it stable or otherwise it movie will be shaky and moving about. A long distant zooming is very sensitive to a little hand shake. I seldom used a stand and my video does not look professional at all.

And the hardest is to find a software to edit and process the movie. I would say the good ones are all sold at a price. I do not have a credit card to buy any. I never realize that My old Macbook has the facility of editing a video. It is called an I-Movie. I am learning how to use it.

Mind you it can even take 3 days to upload a video. You have to be patient.




Without a watch I wouldn't have known what is day is today. Of course a smart phone has all in it, but it is quite difficult to grab it to glance the date while driving. A watch on my wrist is simple enough for me to refer for the time and date. I have a Casio watch I bought in Tokyo but it was not a smart gadget and I could not refer to the needed information in the dark. So I donned the Samsung whenever I went out of the house and to whichever place my made my trip.

It is not a standalone watch as far as telephone is concerned. In Malaysia there is no service that provides a direct phone call from the watch. I have to pair it with a smartphone. When pairing I can read messages, reading news and mails from it. I hate it because I have to have my phone with me.

Many people do not like the watch that uses battery. This one use a battery that the required charging once in four or five days. The charging time is about one or two hours only. To me it is not a hassle at all.

As you see from the top images , there are several watch faces. There are hundreds of them that I can download. I don't go for the fancy look and the beautiful colours and pictures. I want to know the date, time and the battery level at a quick glance. So I use Tissot watch face as seen here.

It is a plain simple watch face. It shows both the analog and digital time, the battery percentage level remzins and the date. It is enough for my required information. It is the companion that fill my memory gap that always go blank on many things.

The Samsung Gear S3 is now getting cheaper. It is just about RM1.3K. When it was first put on the shelve the price tag was RM1.9K. The lady's wear is about RM750.00 and looks grand and elegant, smaller with fewer facilities.

I won't regret using this one and I always hope it will come with a much better version, carrying a camera and having a stand alone phone. But it has to be of the same size. I don't expect it to last forever.

The Chinese have had a stand alone phone watch, with camera and other facilities inside. The price is darn cheap. It never captures my interest one bit, for I know the quality is below par. It won't even last for a year.

By itself I can browse websites and watch Youtube, get it connect to CNN and other  news media. It has a browser and the wifie. It also has a bluetooth.

The astonishing thing about this watch is the many features and designs of the watch faces. I just love it.


08/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Create Own Funds


Among other things the Malays must acquire or do

Once upon a time the Malay Muslims were urge to set up their own economic foundation called 'Tabung Economy Islam'. The money was collected at every mosque at every Friday prayer. The Tabung does not steal money from another other Malaysians.

Then the collection stopped. Nobody knows what happen to the money until today.

Today there are many smart and honest Malay Muslims who are capable in running and setting up a foolproof system to ensure the money is well kept. Keep the politicians out especially the UMNO people. They must be professionals.

Rules must be clearly set so that the fund will not go to friends and families like what Muhyiddin gave to Shahrizat's family.

If the Tabung were to be continued until today probably it has reached a billion mark.

The Malays do not have to talk about 30% of economic help to the Bumi anymore because they are not using other people's money.

UMNO must be punished for not doing enough to make the Malays stand on their own feet and taking money from the other races to help the UMNO Malays.

Without a check and balance there is no democracy. When a leader has an absolute power and does things in his own way he is abusing the power vested in him. He is an autocratic and despotic. The word democracy is merely a jargon. And when people are lied upon and money are paid in exchange for a vote, it kills a democratic process.

Despotic leaders always wear cosmetics, evils donning a white beautiful clothing and beguile the masses using rhetoric, boasting the success of their reign.

I am talking of a general observation on rulers in the history of the world. They were all identical in nature, leaning on the military and their own court of rules. They always win. The latest of these were Saddam Hussein and Muammar Ghadafi.

Despotic rulers taxed everybody but when coming to give service to the citizens they try to discriminate them. And when they give, they claim that they do so out of their goodwill, forgetting how much money they have siphoned away from their citizens.

I paid taxes to the local authority, nearly RM400 annually to the city counsellor. But I feel happy and satisfied with the service given, They do not practice discrimination base on political beliefs.

But if taxes paid to the Federal government are enjoyed by the leaders to purchase luxury for themselves and divided part of the collections among themselves to fill their bellies then surely they do not depict democratic  behaviour at all.

If there are lies, cheat and corruptions in the election process than the cheater's winning is never a democratically elected person. He is just a crook and a liar.

08/11/2017 - Abdul Rahman Raof

1. Focus on character and attitude building. Avoid asking for free things from the government. Work hard to achieve something desired.

2. Do not provide or extend help to those who don't want to help themselves

3. Get as much knowledge as possible. Study hard at all time from Primary to secondary school and at the university level. The test and exam standard must be high-no easy or free marks

4. Higher science and mathematics must be compulsory

5. Institutes like polytechnic and colleges must made it compulsory for students to work on their own design projects at the college ground itself observed by the lecturers or general public

6. Each student must pass at least in 4 languages by the time they leave colleges ie Malay, English, Mandarin and one more foreign language

7. Never be sleeping partner in any shared business. The Malays must be creative, innovative, productive and able to bring profit for the company.

8. Don't fall for any amount of money no matter how many million and billion offered for a service, that we call corruption

9. While serving the people never think of the profit for the family members and cronies. Plan for the future generation. Sacrifice as much as possible



Malaysian footballer 

Malaysia Cup, the lament isn't over yet. Let me say that Kedah really missed goal by Badrul Bakhtiar when was only him and the goal, and Shazwan's kick hit the hand of JDT player in the penalty box. There were several other misses that should have been goals.

My frustration was not with the players. They had done their best and did it well. We just refused to believe that we were fated to lose by our attitudes and arrogant behaviours. We showed our haughtiness, egoistic nature and overbearing temper and political sentiment even before the match began. Nothing can be filthier than putting politics in sports. We run a political campaign through it. We frustrate the fans who came from the far end corner of the state, by somehow used the tickets for political enhancement of the Prime Minister. We try to curry favour the Prime Minister.

I did not see wisdom in rejecting Radzi Mad Din who was suppose to parade the Malaysia Cup bowl in Shah Alam; showing a great arrogance and political discrimination. The heat was too much. We thought politics could bring us to heaven and making us powerful.

Do you think that God will give all the blessing to such a behaviour ? I was so scared that without the Barakah or Berkat as the Malays call it, that we would be beaten. When friends and relatives asked me as who would be a winner, I told them that we might lose because we did not bring God's blessing and Barakah with us.

I do not say that I am right. But that's what I feel, and I believe in it,  the unseen phenomena. It happened and we missed goals that should have been there.

Try to imagine what will be the political euphoria if we had won. Will there be no party and celebration ? Will there be no credit given to the Chief Minister ? It will be used as a political capital for GE14 beside the ringgit and cents. Losing is a blessing in disguise.

You may argue that there is always only be one winner. And that does not mean those who do not win the championship were not accompanied by Barakah. My answer is, it depends on the situation. Teams may be strong or may be weak. The weak lose just because they are weak. But when a strong team is beaten by a weak team then we have to deeply examine it in detail. That's what I had been doing. To me Kedah was superior to JDT.

Nazi Hitler and Communists used sport to show to the world of the superior race and the power of Communists ideals. When a Cuban runner won a gold medal he passed the credit  to Fidel Castro. And we have been emulating those despotic traits.

Political beliefs are in your minds and souls. When you are in a public offices or in football association, leave the political caps in your cars or at home. You need to treat all as of equal status and equal basis. Let the brain runs not the emotion. And football needs brain, knowledge and money on the official parts. It needs skill, stamina and good health on the part of the players.

As whether Nizam should resign or UMNO officials relinquishing their posts is something that we have a few months to ponder. You need a macro and micro thinking to settle the issue for the best of our sports.

07/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN

Muhamad Radhi Mat Din (born 17 July 1965 in Pokok Sena, Kedah) is a Malaysianfootball assistant coach and former footballer. He spent his entire career by playing in midfield for Kedah FA, where he was also the longest serving captain in club history starting from 1991 to 2000. Radhi made his debut in 1986 and cemented his place in the first team in the 1987 season, succeeding Lee Kin Hong as Kedah team captain in 1991. Radhi was an integral part in the golden era of the Darul Aman based club during the 1980s and 1990s where Kedah reached the Malaysia Cup final matches for seven times from 1987 to 1993. He collected two Malaysia Cup winners medal in 1990 and 1993; Division 1 title in 1993; and FA Cup in 1996. After Kedah won double in 1993, Radhi honoured with the Malaysian Best Player. Radhi had a good goal-scoring record, tackled, corner-kicked taker and passed well. He represented Malaysia for about four years from 1989 to 1993. Radhi also known by the nickname Captain Marvel among Kedah fans during his playing careers with his similar characters of former English footballer Bryan Robson. He is currently employed by Kedah, serving as their second tactician behind Mohd Azraai Khor Abdullah alongside his former teammate and Kedah legendary goalkeeper Ahmad Sabri Ismail which three of them generated Kedah to clinched the double treble titles in 2006/07 and 2007/08 M.League seasons. Radhi played for the Malaysia national football team at the 1989 Southeast Asian Games.




Theory and dynamic do not always be the same. What is in Najib's imagination has always been different from reality. In the end he has to fall back on money to corrupt the people. When all fails he and his team blame it on opposition and Chinese sabotage.

The worst to suffer are the Malays. Even the Ma Hua admitted this. They have seen whatever happen in Johor Iskandar. People who have visited Pantai Lido were told that the skyscrappers are filled with foreigners. Even our Ma Hua in Penang find the China Chinese are threatening their businesses. Building  prices went up sky high.

He thought he can run business. FGV failed. MARA opened electronic shop in Kuala Lumpur to match the Low Yatt. That too failed. He had to seek the Chinese to help in the depleted 1 Mdb financial crisis. Ahmad Maslan were paid 2 million ringgit to convince the public that GST will bring down the prices.

Whatever the rosy pictures painted turned out to be a dreadful Satanic leeches.

And now he thought he could outwit the Chinese. "I am not stupid," he shouted with a strong voice.

The Malays have been saying that they are not stupid since their existence. I have seen one after another were conned, cheated and humiliated.

We do our daily shopping almost everyday. We witnessed the changes in price level. We pay taxes and rates. We used to cross the Thai border to buy things. Many have acquired passion in travelling found the exchange rates have been so bad; the currencies became weaker. Yet Najib says our ringgit is strong in the region. A Minister said we are even better than Singapore.

Najib sees sovereignty through his own eyes and at his own time and in his own cocoon.

People reported to Mahathir on numerous things. The 92 year old man is almost a centenarian and he always have wanted to rest but could not do so with the unstoppable myriads of reports that poured into his office.

And thousands of us do have enough sustenance to combat the current painful economic situation. But we are seeing the dreadful future. We know and sense whatever will happen to our country and our land. We know the past and the present. We see the world and the fate of the natives worldwide.

How could we just see Najib destroying the country ? We are very concern.

Either I am blind or I am seeing things. First I saw Najib was chasing Obama and Clinton. Then I saw him going after Trump. Finally Malaysia made an announcement that he  received an invitation to the White House. At home I started to make a guess, that he will take a bunch of people with him as a reward for their being obedient servants.

I don't care whatever happened between him and Donald Trump. But what drew my interest after his landing at the airport after the meeting with the President and May.

Thousands gathered to welcome him with a banner WELCOME BACK NATIONAL STATESMAN.  And Najib delivered an emotional speech, telling stories on how he was well treated in a micro detail. Trump accompany him to his car, shook hand with him and called him 'friend'. It sounded much like bragging.

I learned later that people were questioning of the reason for telling stories that Trump called him friend and sent him to his car. What has happened to PM Najib ? Why all the brag ? We have never heard of such a case in the history of the world before.

Later he boasted that  there were no other Malaysian leaders had never been well received in the United States before but him, and lashed his former boss left and right. Then he called Mahathir as 'Keling', and the latest he attacked Mahathir as STUPID.  He boasted that he is not a stupid person to sell the sovereignty to China.

Najib said the Forest City was built on the reclaim land, not even belonging to Johor. Everywhere he went he would belittle and attacked Mahathir and telling the masses that the former Prime Minister was a corrupt man, and wasted the country's cash in FOREX. He called RCI to investigate and charged Mahathir.

Najib claimed that Malaysia is the best economically in the region, with a very strong currency standing compared to the rest of the Asean and even Asian countries. In the same sentence he said that 'the economy is bad because it was sabotaged by the opposition'.

What has gone wrong with our PM ?

A Prime Minister is a leader of a nation. Should he urinate by the roadside like many of us would do ? Would he show his anger towards someone by showing his but or his manhood to the man ?

Somebody has to understand what is meant by Sound Mental Health, so that we would not make fools out of ourselves.

06/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN



Watch the Thai clip below and it will tell us about many things in life. I see it through my own perspective and I call it 'The story about Barakah' , a good deed done and love by the God Almighty, a divine effort of humanity.


We didn't have to be a tycoon and a billionaire to be happy. You have a lot of wealthy men who lead a miserable life, engaging a massive number of body guards to protect themselves, having an insatiable lust for money and live in fear of being killed or kidnapped. They are just before our eyes.

We see wealthy individuals who become philanthropists. They are hunting for happiness and peace of  mind, a sanctuary for their souls, the blessing of God the Merciful.

One's heart has to be clean, sincere and honest. Let me tell you that it is fulfilling to be humble and having care about other people. We live without guilt and our conscience is clear.

The office we gain through devious means, the money we steal, rob, cheat and gamble, are never blessed nor carries Barakah in them. I observed the two Indonesian maids working with me before and stole from me, lost the stolen money in a mysterious way. One had her mother passed away and had to spend for the funeral and the other had her husband suffering a very acute illness and had to pay for a high medical fee. They have to bear a long sufferings in their lives.

Selfishness, arrogance, cruelty and haughtiness doesn't pay.

05/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN

"I am angry because you are saying a lie and you are doing something so ridiculous and so pathetic. (They) go to Forest City and make all kinds of stories.

"That is all reclaimed land. Not Johor land. Of course, it is sold overseas. Some (are sold) locally and some overseas.







A sub-level low class writer like me expresses a low class view, blazoning an old fashion thinking. Many seem to be of nonsensical in nature.

Now I am I am going to talk about Malaysia Cup final in relation to religious belief. No Holly books write about football. But every Holly book talks about Blessing from God. Most religions believe that a dollar gives by a son to his mother has a blessing in it. People who do good deeds to all men and animals get this blessing.

We don't expect to get award from our humility, trustworthy, sincerity, kindness, filial piety and kindness to animal. But it makes us more human and enhances our morality. 

Wherever we are and whoever we are we have to be considerate, responsible and fair. The existence of the blessing is omnipresent and everywhere; in offices, schools, institutions, games and sports.

KFA or Kedah Football Association started to parade it's autocratic traits when the those who run the show were of UMNO members who always want to associate every winning to Bashah, the UMNO chief minister. But each time his name was mentioned he was booed by the crowd of spectators. And there were views as to who should replace Tan Cheng Ho as a Head Coach. Voices preferred Ramon but these people chose Nidzam Adzha. The assciation took no heed.

The fans have a very strong faith in the strength of a few import players. At least 50% of them dislike a couple of young players like Akram and Amirul. They still pray for the team to win. And Kedah was to enter the Malaysia Cup final against JDT. The final was to be held in Shah Alam Selangor on the 4th November 2017. The tickets were to be sold on the 1st November.

First November came. It was also the date of Najib's visit to Kedah.

As early as 6 am a great number of people from all over the state came to the stadium to queue for the tickets. There was a long line but within several minutes they said the tickets were sold out. What they did not know was a big bunch of them were given away or sold for Najib's program. Those who attended Najib's gathering were given a ticket each.

Some people reported to MACC and Tengku Temenggong Johor came to know about it and understood the frustrations of the fans. KFA came out with all sorts of reasons and excuses. TMJ mentioned that he was not happy with the Kedah Fotball Association for barring a former Kedah Pelayer, Radzi Mad Din, to be in the special ceremony at Shah Alam Stadium because he was a PAS man. Whatever the outcome, KFA had shown it's true color as far as politics is concerned. The UMNO youth guy was very vocal and arrogant. KFA bragged, "Don't tell us how to do our job.."

Picture of Bashah was published in the Facebook, telling people that the strength of Kedah has been due to him, giving credit to UMNO for the success of the team.

I saw the whole uproar as very sinful, against the teaching of religion, not to be a braggart, trying to show power vested in them. Kedah, as I saw it, did not carry blessing with them, the absence of barakah in the team going to the final.

I had a feeling that such an arrogant nature was a doom and would cause them a great disgrace. Though I want my state to win, I told the people that without the barakah we may lose by a big margin. We lost 2 goals. And to me it is a big margin.

Try to imagine what will happen if Kedah were to win. The boast will be heightened and unending. It will be a main theme for an election campaign. Bashah will be praised as a hero.

When 2 goals shot by Kedah hit the post, I knew that there was a total absent of God's blessing. My prediction was not wrong.

05/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN



I don't know the subscription fee for Astro, cigarette price and the price of newspapers today. But I think I would be able to do a rough estimation.

The last time I used to buy a couple of newspapers daily. If it costs RM1.50 a piece, the total sum is RM90 a month and RM1080 a year. How much does a packet of cigarette cost and how many packets a day a smoker usually consume ? If it is a packet for every two days and a packet is RM10, in one month he has to spend RM150 and about RM1800 annually. Added up the two is is RM2,880 a year.  How about Astro ? I just assume that it is RM100 a month and RM1.2K a year.

Add the internet service and the phone usage, the total would come to about RM6K a year.

I do not smoke, buy papers and do not have  an Astro at home. That gives me a trip to China, or Japan, Indonesia, and even Turkey. This is a pure fact, not an illusion that people who travel are those with massive wealth.

I don't even have a Wifi subscription on my phone simply because I have paid for the streamyx at home and that is not cheap. But many of you still have your cell-phone connected to the wifi when you are out of your house. And I remember asking a clerk on her monthly bill for the phone. "Two hundred and fifty," she replied. This month my phone bill is only RM14, payment to the Red One.

Never lament that we are so poor that we cannot travel to see places. Most of us are economically better off than the jobless traditional kampong folks who can't afford to buy newspapers and Astro TV. We can still plan a prudent spending, where and where not to put our hard earned cash.

I watched a lot of documentaries about people without cash and earning. They live in the deep jungles and on boats floating in the water. Once they come into contact with civilization, they are subjected to pay unnecessary taxes of all sorts.

Never mind if you can't travel now. You don't lose anything and never become poorer by not doing so. And you won't get a million if you do it. Even without a cent of pittance, God may send somebody to take you away with him or her as a company to see places. Who knows.

04/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN



I did not believe this kid in Form 1 who told me that the temperature would drop to 17 degrees Celsius. "How could it be ?" I told the boy. "15 is the December temperature in Los Angeles California." I narrated to him how we felt under the 15 degree temperature with the sun shining overhead and with the cold breeze blowing. "15 was a very comfortable temperature under the sun but when the wind blew it would be very cold," I said.

When I went out of my house this morning, it was wet outside, dark clouds were hovering above my head, covering a wide area of the sky from all directions, and the air was very chilling. I guessed it was about 15 to 18 degrees. I had to switch off my car air-conditioning to keep me warm.

I have experienced snow, icing, cold wind blowing and heat waves. I remember walking about a mile carrying my clothing in a sack to a laundry station during a Winter season in Waltham Stow London, knocking the ice that wrapped our rented car in the United States while making a trip with my front door neighbour to see his son in Texas, bearing a very hot atmosphere at 4 am in the morning in Medina and Indiana, during the summer heat waves. And now, I say to myself that enough is enough.

If I could I want to avoid the cold weather and extreme heat. There are a lot of winter trips organized by many tour agencies. I would just ignore them. The tour price and the weather repelled me.

I wonder what will be the situation in Shah Alam tonight, where there will be a kickoff between Kedah and JDT. Thousands of Kedahkians and Johorians flocking the stadium for the match. Things will not be the same if there is a drizzling and the chilly air covering the stadium and seep into the spectators' skins. I am sure severe weather will influence the tempo of the game.

Cold or hot, human will be as what they are; the greed never fade, the avarice remain strong, the strong suppresses the weak, the liars and robbers continue to roam and the needy continue to beg.

Cold or hot the power of money to hypnotize must not be underestimated. It shakes and breaks faith. May he be a priest in church or an Imam in a mosque.

we fear that evil is riding over the natural phenomena, a warning to bigger disaster clerics and religious people turn to be sinners, putting God behind them, condoning crimes, thefts and liars and criminals.

Bad weather could be simply a mere warning.

04/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN



Hadi kata ‘Bagi duit kat aku, aku perlukan duit engkau untuk bayar yuran loyar buruk saman wanita mat salleh di Inggelen”.


Ahli bodoh pun hulur lah duit potong getah depa seringgit, dua ringgit, lima ringgit, RM50 atau lebih.  

Tapi sekarang wanita mat salleh buat akuan bersumpah kepada mahkamah mengatakan bahawa :

Extract from  Claim No. HQ17M01386
HONOURABLE ABDUL HADI AWANG MP (Claimant) and CLARE REWCASTLE BROWN (Defendant)DEFENCE AND COUNTERCLAIM”… 26.9 Nasharudin and other senior PAS personnel benefitted personally, enjoying and exhibiting a new affluence from the money channelled into the party by Najib Razak.

26.10 Nasharudin new-found wealth

  • acquiring vehicles costing not less than RM1.5 million
  • (including a BMW 525 priced at RM388,000, a Mini priced at RM230,000, a Toyota Vellfire priced at RM290,000, a Toyota Camry, priced at RM150,000 and a Toyota Fortuner priced at RM200,000
  • and property, including a house at Banggi, Selangor, worth RM3 million
  • bought with cash.

PAS MPs and senior party figures have bought new, luxury cars and new houses and married second and third wives

spending conspicuously in excess of their political salaries and what they could previously afford.

  • 26.11 Deputy Chief Minister of Kelentan, Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, acquired a fleet of luxury cars, including a Range Rover, Audi 6, Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Attis and built several houses for his family.
  • The Spiritual Leader Hashim  Jasim acquired a Porsche Cayman car.
  • PAS Information Chief Khairuddin Aman Razali gave his second wife a RM500,000 Audi Q7 car as a gift.
  • PAS Information Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi bought a RM300,000-plus Toyota Vellfire.
  • Secretary to the Syura Council, Nik Muhammad Zawawi Nik Salleh acquired a luxury Mercedes with the number plate PAS 9, itself worth around RM100,000, and a luxury Audi.
  • Takiyuddin bin Hassan, MP for Kota Baru and Secretary General of PAS has acquired a fleet of expensive cars and a luxury motorbike, including a Volkswagen Passat priced about RM160,000 with personalized number plate TAK 11, itself worth up to RM100,000
  • Muhammad Khalil, PAS Youth Leader, acquired luxury BMW motorbike.
  • Mokhtar Senik, chairman of the PAS Pahang Ulama Council, has acquired a luxury Mercedes and Toyota…”

Akhir kalam : Wa antum minal hizbul syaitan



I only knew about the demise of Khoo late last night from Whatsapp message.

Khoo has been a dear friend of mine whom I have been knowing for a long time since when he becomes an amateur radio operator. I tried to coax him to learn Morse codes long before the license B operators were allowed to come on 40 meter band, and devised a method to  teach him Morse codes. We had communications with him either using Penang repeater of Jerai, asking each other's health condition, sending him a few codes for him to get familiar with them and telling the daily activities what we were to do on that particular day.

At time when I visited Penang island I would visit his house. Once I brought  a HF transceiver, hoping he would monitor on the bands where 9Ws were forbidden.

Then we stopped talking to each other just because I stopped going into my radio shack, making myself busy with something else.

Now I have nobody left to talk to in Penang. Whenever I was driving alone I would call Khoo to accompany me. He did and killed my boredom.

Another good friend of Khoo from Alor Setar is Hanafi who always joked with him about marriage. I am sure Hanafi too will be missing a good friend.

Condolences to the family members of 9W2KB, Khoo Beng Huat.

04/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN


Windows 10 For My Blog


Today I went to Mr Chooi's house at Taman Pumpong. It is at 10 am when the funeral procession of his wife will proceed. Both he and his demised wife were my art and craft teachers at Sultan Abdul Hamid College from Form 1 to Form 5 and they were kind and adorable. I remember those days when we made wooden puppets for a puppet show and were always invited to the residence for rest and food and all the fun. That was unforgetable 57 years ago, still fresh in reminiscence. But amazingly enough Mr Chooi never grow old and never look old. You would not believe it when you were told that Mrs Chooi was 85 years old.

For the last few years she went in and out of hospital under a care of her loving husband. Yes everyone says they are really loving couple from the beginning till her last day. He took her everywhere to see the world. I made a couple of badge pins portraying them in Russia but I was too busy to give to them as a remembrance. What people may not believe is that the pin badge turned color when her sickness became serious. I didn't realize it then until when she was warded in Penang's hospital.

The funeral expenses is never cheap. The Muslims in our area have to spend about RM2K for the funeral. In Kuala Lumpur probably double or triple. For the poor somehow the burial was made possible. The normal package for the Chinese is about RM16K inclusive of food, gifts of towels to the visitors and the whole ceremony.

I am sure Mr Chooi is strong enough to accept the fate of life. I have been living alone for three years. There are many other men like us. As we used to say, that life must go on and we might as well make the best use of it while we are still breathing the fresh air.

I left the grief Mr Chooi and went my way for my breakfast.

03/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN


At last my Aspire went dead after more than 20 years of usage, giving me a very satisfying and excellent service. I had a Windows XP and all the old softwares which are of no use to the Windows systems.

When I took it to a repair shop the technician recommended a second hand set and he would put my storage disk to work as usual for RM400. I agreed.

While waiting I took out a HP  laptop which I bought cheaply but never put into commission as I loathed the new Windows. It has Windows 10 in it and I was lazy enough to learn new things.

First I struggled to download a file from my remote server in order to continue with the penning of my blog. I finally did.

Then I tried to run a Frontpage 2003 and opened up the downloaded file, which is the current file you are reading. Whatever I used to do with the old laptop, I did it on this Windows.

To my happiness it worked very well.


From Wikipedia

It is advisable that rulers should not get involve in politics, no matter what, or they may risk losing respects and divided loyalty from the Rakyat. They must learn this through the world history, that many countries have casted Royalty aside. Once factions occur only God knows what people will talk about them at home and among friends.

Only power an law separate between peace and war. Without both there would already have been killing and dreaded bloodshed. There have been intense hatred among the Malays since the introduction GST and the thieving scandals. The cloud has been very dark since then. If any Sultan is seen as taking side on either party he can ensure himself that he will have to face the same number of those angry denizens. And Rulers cannot afford to have even one citizen who shows disrespect towards him.

It was just lucky that Khew Samphan and Pol Pot still spared the life of the Cambodian monarchs unlike what happened in France during the French Revolution. And even the last Emperor of China was still given a prominent position.

Sometimes and somehow our politics will change with the changes in demographic pattern and the economic situation. There had been a great change in this country since independent. Only if one is willing to see and analyze it. We won't see it if we only lie, eat and sleep in our cocoon. It should be the concern of all especially on the fate of our country, constitutional monarchy and feelings of the citizens.

There had been incidences that pork were put in a few mosques in Selangor. Whoever showed a serious concern about it, as if nothing had happened. Anybody ever did an analysis of those incidences ? Didn't it blow the wind of hatred ? And calling a person Keling or Pendatang, doesn't it cause hatred ?

If we think we can handle the scary future, just try to risk it. It is a high risk adventure that is irreversible. The timeline indicates the mounting burden of threats and major problems that never seem to fade.

It is not wise to beat the war drum. It is wise to look before we leap. It is wise to know what millions of people think of our politics and the trend to come. Our future is already bleak. Just don't add salt to our injury. Instead of pouring oil to the fire, might as well cool things down. Don't let emotion rules.


02/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN

Abolition of monarchy has occurred throughout history, either through revolutionscoups d'état, wars, or legislative reforms (such as abdications). The founding of the Roman Republic is a noteworthy example and became part of the nation's traditions including as justification for the assassination of Julius Caesar. The twentieth century saw a major acceleration of this process, with many monarchies violently overthrown by revolution or war, or else abolished as part of the process of decolonisation. By contrast, the restoration of monarchies is rare in modern times, with only two major examples, Spain and Cambodia.

An early example of the abolition of a monarchy in modern times occurred in 1649 with the overthrow of the English monarchy by the Parliament of Englandand its armed forces under leaders such as Oliver Cromwell. 1660 saw a monarchical restoration - though in a more limited form moderated by a more independent Parliament.

Anti-monarchism in the United States developed out of the gradual process of revolution that began as early as 1765, as colonists resisted the Stamp Actthrough boycott and the expulsion and condemnation of royal officials.[citation needed] While subjects of Great Britain (a union of the Kingdom of England with the Kingdom of Scotland), the colonists of British North America enjoyed a level of autonomy which increasingly clashed with royal and Parliamentary authority which did not consult colonial needs. With the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the most violent wave of anti-monarchical protest began, with the systematic destruction of the relics and symbols of monarchy. Examples can be found in the toppling of the equestrian statue of George III on Bowling Green in New York City (9 July 1776). Monarchic loyalistswere particularly affected by partisan attacks or harassment, with tens of thousands leaving for Canada, Britain, and other colonies.[1] Wealth or property which remained was typically confiscated.[by whom?] Thomas Paine, the famous author of the revolutionary pamphlet "Common Sense", urged the colonists to finance the revolutionary warthrough this means. Even today, very few artifacts depicting the British monarchy from the colonial period can be found in the United States. However, not all anti-British or anti-Loyalist sentiment equated to anti-monarchism. The normalcy of having a King at the head of a polity had strong roots in much political thought (MachiavelliHobbes) and in religious doctrine (see for example 1 Samuel 8:6-9.[2] Some Americans saw the presidency in monarchical terms.[3]

However, the most famous abolition of monarchy in history[citation needed] - apart from the Dutch Republic of 1581 to 1795 - involved the French monarchy in 1792, during the French Revolution. The French monarchy was later restored several times with differing levels of authority. Napoleon, initially a hero of the Republican revolution, crowned himself emperor in 1804 only to be replaced by the Bourbon Restoration in 1815 which in turn was replaced by the more liberal July Monarchy in 1830.

The 1848 Revolution was a more clear anti-monarchic uprising that replaced the succession of royal leaders with the short-lived Second French RepublicLouis Napoleon Bonaparte established the Second French Empire (1852 to 1870), retaining republican aspects while placing himself in the center of the state until the losses in the Franco-Prussian War precipitated his fall, resulting in the French Third Republic and the definitive end of monarchism in the governing of France.

19th century[edit]

In 1858 the Mughal Empire came to an end after losing a war against Britain, and its Emperor, Bahadur Shah II, lost his throne. Between 1859 and 1861, four monarchies in Southern Europe ceased to exist: ParmaModenaTuscany and the Two Sicilies, when they all became part of the new Kingdom of Italy. The Second Mexican Empire collapsed in 1867, and its Emperor, Maximilian I of Mexico, was executed. The Second French Empire came to an end in 1870 after it had lost the war against Prussia, causing Emperor Napoleon III to lose his throne. He was the last monarch of France.

In Spain monarchy was abolished from 1873 to 1874 by the First Spanish Republic, but then restored until 1931. The monarchy of Tahiti came to an end in 1880 when France made it a colony and overthrew King Pōmare V. That of Burma was abolished in 1885, when the last king, Thibaw Min, lost his throne and the country was annexed by Britain. In Brazil, the monarchy was abolished in 1889, when Emperor Pedro II was overthrown by a republican military coup(the status of the republic was fully confirmed by a plebiscite in 1993 that resulted in 66% of the votes to the republican government). In 1893 foreign business leaders overthrew Queen Liliʻuokalani of the Kingdom of Hawaii. They established a republic, which was annexed by the United States in 1898. The monarchy of Madagascar, known as the Merina Kingdom, came to an end in 1897 when France made it a colony and overthrew Queen Ranavalona III.

In 1910 the last emperor of Korea, Sunjong, lost his throne when the country was annexed by Japan. However, the Korean royal family was mediatised as a puppet family within the Japanese imperial family. Many of the Korean royals were forcibly re-educated in Japan and forced to marry Japanese royalty and aristocrats to meld the ruling families of the two empires. With the abolition of the Japanese aristocracy and cadet branches of the imperial family, the Korean royals officially lost their remaining status.[citation needed]

The monarchy of Portugal was also overthrown in 1910 (5 October), two years after the assassination of King Carlos I, ending the reign of Manuel II, who died in exile in England (1932), without issue.

The ancient monarchy of China ceased to exist in 1912 after the revolution of Sun Yat-sen overthrew Emperor Puyi. General Yuan Shikai, then provisional president, unsuccessfully tried to make himself a monarch in 1915.

World War I led to perhaps the greatest spate of abolition of monarchies in history. The conditions inside Russia and the poor performance in the war gave rise to a revolution which toppled the entire institution of the monarchy, followed by a second revolution against that government in October of the same year that executed Emperor Nicholas IIand implemented a Marxist-Leninistgovernment. The defeated GermanAustro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires saw the abolition of their monarchies in the close aftermath of the war, ending the reigns of Wilhelm IICharles I and Mehmed VI respectively. The monarchs of the constituent states within the German Empire, most importantly Ludwig III of BavariaFrederick Augustus III of Saxony and Wilhelm II of Württemberg, soon abdicated. During the war, monarchies were planned for the Grand Duchy of Finland (to have a Finnish King), and for Lithuania (Mindaugas II of Lithuania), with a protectorate-like dependency of Germany. Both intended kings renounced their thrones after Germany's defeat in November 1918. King Nicholas I of Montenegro lost his throne when the country became a part of Yugoslavia in 1918.

After the death of the last Emperor, Bogd Khan, in 1924, Mongolia became a republic. In Spain the monarchy was again abolished in 1931 by the Second Spanish Republic (1931–1939). In 1947, General Franco declared Spain a realm, and appointed Juan Carlos of Bourbonhis successor in 1969. The Prince of Spain became king at Franco's death in 1975, and constitutional monarchy was restored in 1978 under him.

World War II saw another spate of abolitions. In 1939 Italy invaded Albania and removed the reigning self-proclaimed King Zog and instated their own King Victor Emmanuel III as its new monarch. Italy, along with the eastern European monarchies of Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania joined with Germany in World War II against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Western allies and the Soviet Union. As the Axis powers came to a defeat in the war, communist partisans in occupied Yugoslavia and occupied Albania seized power and ended the monarchies. Communists in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania removed their monarchies with strong backing by the Soviet Union, which had many troops and supporters placed there during the course of the war. Through this, Peter II of YugoslaviaSimeon II of Bulgaria and Michael I of Romania all lost their thrones. King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy had switched sides during the war in favour of the western allies, but a referendum in 1946 ended the short reign of his son King Umberto IIand the Italian monarchy ceased to exist. A unique result of the war was that Emperor Hirohito of Japan, who had held a debated but important role in Japan's warfare against the Allied powers, was reduced in stature from a divine monarchto a figurehead by the occupying United States, instead of losing his throne altogether.

Throughout Greece's eventful modern history, the monarchy was toppled and restored several times between and after the two World Wars. The last king, Constantine II, was forced into exile after a coup in 1967 and the republic was proclaimed in 1973 by the then ruling military dictatorship. Final abolition of the monarchy was confirmed overwhelmingly after constitutional legality was restored, by free referendum in 1974.

The independence of the Indian subcontinent from direct British rule in 1947 posed a unique problem. From 1858, when the British government had assumed direct rule over the subcontinent, it had been governed as a quasi-federation, with most of the subcontinent (known as British India), under the direct rule of the British sovereign. The remainder of the subcontinent, however, was under a form of indirect rule through its division and subdivision into over 500 subnational monarchies, known as princely states; each was ruled by a prince in a subsidiary alliance with the British government. The princely states ranged from powerful and largely independent principalities such as Hyderabad or Mysore, with a high level of autonomy, to tiny fiefdoms a few dozen acres in size. The resulting imperial structure was broadly similar to that of the German Empire before the First World War.

In 1947, it was agreed the Indian subcontinent would be partitioned into the independent British dominions of India and Pakistan, with the princely states acceding to one nation or the other. The accession process proceeded smoothly, with the notable exception of four of the most influential principalities. The Muslim ruler of the Hindu-majority state of Junagadh ruler acceded to Pakistan, but his decision was overruled by the Indian government, while Hyderabad chose to be independent, but was forcibly annexed to India in 1948. The Hindu ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, among the largest and most powerful of the principalities, but with a Muslim-majority population, initially held off on a decision. In the autumn of 1947, an invading force from Pakistan frightened the ruler into acceding to India. The ruler of Kalat, in Baluchistan, declared his independence in 1947, after which the state was forcibly merged with Pakistan, resulting in an insurgency persisting to this day. With the promulgation of the Indian constitution in 1950, India abolished its monarchy under the British crown and became a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, followed by Pakistan in 1956; as a result of both developments, the majority of the princes formally lost their sovereign rights. A few remaining principalities in Pakistan retained their autonomy until 1969, when they finally acceded to Pakistan. The Indian government formally derecognised its princely families in 1971, followed by Pakistan in 1972.

Many monarchies were abolished in the middle of the 20th century or later as part of the process of decolonisation. The monarchies of India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Guyana, and Malawi were abolished shortly after they became independent of the United Kingdom, while remaining within the Commonwealth. That of Ireland was not abolished when Ireland became independent of the United Kingdom in the 1920s, but by the Republic of Ireland Act of 1948, which came into force in 1949. Some Commonwealth realmswaited a little longer before abolishing their monarchies: Pakistan became a republic in 1956 and South Africa in 1961. Gambia abolished its monarchy in 1970, while Sierra Leone became a republic in 1971, as did Sri Lanka in 1972, Malta in 1974, Trinidad and Tobago in 1976, and Fiji in 1987. The latest country to become a republic within the Commonwealth was Mauritius in 1992.

That of Egypt was abolished in 1953, after the revolution of 1952, which caused King Farouk I to abdicate in favour of his infant son Fuad II. The monarchy of Tunisia ended in 1957 when Muhammad VIII al-Amin lost his throne and that of Iraq in 1958 when King Faisal II was killed and a republic proclaimed. The monarchy of Yemen was abolished in 1962 when King Muhammad al-Shamiwas overthrown in a coup, although he continued to resist his opponents until 1970. King Idris of Libya was overthrown by a military coup led by Muammar Gaddafi in 1969. The monarchy of Afghanistan was abolished in 1973 after a coup d'état overthrew King Mohammed Zahir Shah. That of Iran was abolished by the Islamic revolution of 1979 overthrowing Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie Iwas overthrown in 1974 as a result of a leftist coup. King Palden Thondup Namgyal of Sikkim lost his throne in 1975 when the country became a state of India following a referendum. Political upheaval and Communist insurrection put an end to the monarchies of Indochina after World War II: a short-lived attempt to leave a monarchical form of government in post-colonial South Vietnam came to naught in 1955, a military coup overthrew the kingless monarchy in Cambodia in 1970 and a Communist takeover ended the monarchy in Laos in 1975. Cambodia's monarchy later saw an unexpected rebirth under an internationally mediated peace settlement with former king Norodom Sihanouk being restored as a figurehead in 1993.

In a referendum in Brazil in 1993, voters rejected an attempt to restore the country's monarchy. Unsuccessful efforts to restore the monarchies of some of the Balkan states in the former Eastern Bloc continue. Former King Michael of Romania and Prince Alexander of Serbia have been allowed to return, gained some popularity, played largely apolitical public roles, but never came close to being restored to their ancestral thrones. However, in Bulgaria, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who was deposed from the Bulgarian throne in 1946, was elected and recently served as the Prime Minister of his country from 2001 to 2005. The only formerly socialist country to have held a referendum on the monarchy was Albania where the claimant to his father's throne, the self-styled Leka Ilost by a huge margin.

In a 1999 referendum, the voters of Australia rejected a proposal to abolish their monarchy in favour of a specific republican model. The proposal was rejected in all states, with only the Australian Capital Territory voting in favour.

21st century[edit]

On 24 December 2007, the Nepalese government decided in an accord to abolish the monarchy after the elections to be held in April 2008.[6] The Nepalese monarchy was formally abolished on 28 May 2008, causing King Gyanendra to lose his throne.

Though I think the Malays is in favour of the Kingship, would it not be better to run a survey on this particular issue. We can always ponder what is the best for a nation.

Of course the worse may not be a Republic nor the monarchy. It depends on the people running the system. If we can. try to avoid gambling.


Can we hide our crimes ? The non-believers think they can. And they continue to commit sins, robbing, peddle drugs, murdering, lying and cheating. But half of the world do believe in the existence of God and purity of their religion. A God of all human with power beyond human imagination and grasp sees all and knows all.

Even among men they smell the pungent odor of any heinous crime. In law the term circumstantial evidence is the evidence per se. It leaves a mark stark enough to be seen. There have been instances in the fictional stories about a poor old man who had been living in a small shabby shack for 50 years and all of a sudden his home turned to be a castle. Surely the mystery became part of the public interest. In the real life nobody saw Saddam Hussein fired his gun to kill his enemies, yet he was hung to death.

Similarly, the hidden corruption of money were seen through behavioural pattern, the change of attitudes, lifestyles, proximity factors and material lavishness. I SCRATCH YOUR BACK AND YOU SCRATCH MINE and MONEY IS KING are phrases to show culture of corrupt practices. They are as clear as limpid water, blazoned by the giver and receivers themselves, not faked by the enemies.

Rhetoric and lies to beguile the gullible and the insertion of power to ignore people's question are the act of arrogance despised by the sane mortals, hated by God. A lie cannot be good and clean if a murder is done, people's livelihood are robbed indiscriminately and  their sweats were used to create a sea of wealth for family, chums and ourselves.

Not only God sees the evil deeds, even the world sees it, no matter what one may attempt to bribe them. You cheat the people, win a throne and wear the crown and try to bribe God, you will pay for your deeds and sins. Those who see through you will curse you to the bottom of the pit and put you down in the history of the country as the worst ever specie on earth. Some may even see you worst than a terrorist and a beast.

If you are asking for the hard and visible evidence then others can also ask you to show the visible and hard evidence of the mating between your father and your mother. Can you show them ?

02/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN



When I worked CW or Morse codes I don't usually write the message. I head copied them. But when a sender sent me bad dots and dashes where a word sounded like two or three syllables I would quickly rummage for my pen and paper to jot them down.

A good sender will separate words by a reasonable space, not joining all the characters like a train or making unnecessary gaps like CO  MIN  G instead of COMING. And there are many good senders around making SWLing a fun to copy without much trouble.

In the old days when a ham pass his CW test, he had to go on this mode for one full year before he is allowed to come on phone. It was during this time he would gain proficiency and learned all the techniques and the operating procedures.

In Malaysia we don't have classes of speed. It would be best for us to use 12 wpm unless we have high speed sparing partners. I think I can go more than 25 words per minutes but I usually used my straight key to punch at the low speed. After all ham radio is not a show-off competition.

I would claim that for almost every over I would mentioned both of the call signs, his and mine, unlike today only one call sign or none is mentioned. Even without the pileup or contest there wasn't the call sign-mentioned practices.

I run away from SSB just because I loath the bad practices like using the pirate style of the contact and the lower class of non-ham lingo spewed. And not even call signs were mentioned.

It is hard to put things in order again.

01/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN


I worked with N6TT once. His buddy for the ragchew has been JA1NUT. Steve usually sent at 35 wpm but he adjusted his speed to this Japanese ham who is probably using a straight key. Many hams of his class and experience do not even have papers in front of them.

When Morse has become a passion nobody could talk to take him away from the mode. We cannot force anybody to take up CW like we can't persuade anybody to learn Chinese of French. When I learned Mandarin in 1962 I found it a pleasure in doing so. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

As far as CW is concerned I do not encourage machine sending and receiving. Mental deciphering gives a great satisfaction and it makes our mind work, sharpening it and killing senility. It is something that we keep in ourselves, not for gloating nor for bragging.




Being 70 plus I feel as brittle as a glass, weak and tired, so much different from when I was 25 or 35. I have to keep fit and strong enough to carry a 10 Kg backpack on my back. Therefore I have to program a routine task, of daily evening walk for an hour. I did and that helps me a great deal. But walking is not a trivial matter, sometimes I felt tired and at other time my stamina remained strong, depending whether I had had enough sleep on that day. Today, just before the exercise I had a half hour of napping, enough to sore up my energy and pushing my phase at a good healthy speed. I completed 5.45 km within an hour. Yet there was a young slim girl who overtook me with a great and rapid stride.

I noticed my contemporaries, my school mates, are still strong and active. But many of the younger friends and my office workers have gone to meet God. Of course there were several causes of death. The Muslims used to say that when the time comes nobody could stop the angel of death. Death can be good and bad to the livings beings, depending on the situation and condition. In a normal case a death to an old man is a blessing for it  lifts a burden to the family members.

I am sure at least 60% of the young people do not even imagine of them being old and senile, of how they will look like with wrinkles and white hair, the kind of pain they will have to bear, and the disease that will encroach them. Going by race the present Malay youth do not care to compute their future, of what will happen to them when they grow old. That's why we hear of the children who treated their old folks like animals, yelling and shouting at them, scolding their parents without guilt and conscience.

There is a new word that you may want to learn, SEPTUAGENARIAN. It denotes people of between 70 and 79 years old. If you are a hundred and over you are called CENTENARIAN. I am glad to be in the Septuagenarian group but I enjoy life as any young people does except for going sky-diving and riding roller coasters.

I didn't miss my walk when I was in Surabaya recently. everyone seemed to be surprised when I told them that I walked to the Surabaya zoo, Kebun Binatang, from my hotel. It was about 5km away, for keeping fit is a mandatory task for me.

I thank God for all the providence and the good health bestowed upon me.

01/11/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN


PM Najib has been boasting and claiming that he is the best and most successful prime Minister in the country, who is most respected in the region and the United States, that he was well received by Donald Trump who called him a friend, that he can influence Trump in doing things and has brought prosperity to the nation ever. These few days I heard nothing but self-praise and appraisals to put him to a level of a prophet. "I have made changes for the better of all Malaysians."

Islam forbids 'Riak', a term given to a person who loves to praise himself directly or indirectly. Swaggering and boasting and lying are sinful acts, and never to think God will easily forgive the sinners. And I would like to remind the readers that rhetoric usually disappear in the thin air immediately after the speech. Anybody can say anything in the world. A person can say that he can cut the sun into two, sleep naked in the snow for a month and of course bring prosperity to the people and the world.

What changes have been here for the better ?

If you ever go to the mall and grocery stores and look at the price tags of all things you will notice a great change in numbers and figure from 5 to 10, from 2 to 7. Imported items skyrocketing by even 4 to 5 folds. These are the changes for the better. Even the local food prices including the raw fish and vegetables have jumped up from RM5 to RM15. Sellers and vendors are saying they bought them expensive, the cost of living is high, and the petrol is high. This is what Mr Najib called it good and better for the people.

Malaysia have not been running  GST under all the previous administration and had been surviving well under all circumstances, and financially stable. Under PM Najib he brought another great change enacting the GST law and taxed every citizen and animals the nominal rate of 6% for goods and services. And he intends to raise some of it to 26% after the election. He said it is for the good and for the better reverberating it every now and then.

Many shops and businesses are closing down, even the food shops and stalls. With the GST the real purchasing power has declined, the real income has been reduced and lead to other chain effects. And now even big super markets are closing down. These too are for the betterment of the populace. He loves saying it. His supporters love to hear it.

Our money has become a pariah ringgit in many of the countries which once were willing to accept it. Now Thailand rejects it as the exchange rates has been dooming day by day. After the budget speech and the rosy paint of our best economy in the region our ringgit cannot go back to the old 3.5 or 2.7 but still 4.2 plus to a unit of US dollar. With the declining value of ringgit all the imported goods go up in prices. I remember an UMNO woman who paid double for the price of baby milk said, "at least we have it in the market...not like in some other countries..." To Najib is is for the better to the people and the country.

Even the selling of our land and interests to China he and his team are blazoning that it is for our own prosperity.

What is not visible is how our GST is being used by Najib to boost his image internationally in all ways and means, hoping to clean his image as a thief and crook for taking the citizens money. I am not going to touch on the 1 Mdb and what the world has found about it.

Last but not least here is a story sent by a friend of mine

Just hope the general public don't  get fooled by the the chicken in this story...

During those final days of the collapsing Marxist experiment in the Soviet Union, Soviet novelist Chingiz Aitmatov retold the following story, which has been paraphrased here.

On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken and proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before some of his henchmen. Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped. “Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers. Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, “This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

Najib has no need to worry. People do believe in him and his words and he may mean it well. Except someone must tell him that swaggering and boasting is a big sin. The Hindus and Buddhists believe that Karma will come before him when the Muslims believe in the Comeuppance. As Najib is sending Mustaffa Mohammad out to boost our trade, foreign companies are reducing their commitments simultaneously. After all it is for the betterment of the nation.

30/10/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN


Mr F is a wealthy man. Mr B suggests to him about doing a certain business. Let us call it Urut  Business. A capital is set for it and Mr F gives full power to B to run the urut business. For a year the business makes a good profit. Let us say it is about 100K net profit after deducting all the overhead costs, salaries and other expenses. Seeing the profit is stable for several years,  Mr B decides to rest but continue to draw his salary. He gives the business to Mr C to take over.

C runs the business with his own setup. The profit of 100K is now being divided among Mr C's team mates the profit remains the same but the cost is expanding, leaving about RM20K of the annual gain for Mr F. Then  C says he too wants to rest and his team agree as long as they continue to earn the handsome pay. He gives it to Mr D telling him of the profit. In case deficit occured D can procure the money from Mr F.

What happens now is the total administrative costs is higher than F earns.

These Malays then decide to sell the Urut Business away. Mr F is suffering a great lost.

Then they collude, defending their way of doing things, barking at others who see their foolishness and dubiousness.

What a pathetic Malays.



Not far away from my house is an eating place call Medan Selera. It was once filled with crowds and the business was good. But today there are about 8 stalls opened for business out of more than 24. I observed there were the average of 20 customers at a time.

Business starts at about 5.30 pm and closes at 9.30, different from the Indian food outlets which either run 24 hours or open at 7.30 am close at 9.30 pm. Those which closed did not pay the rental fees which is about RM90 a month.

These are the Malays.