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 Somebody is not cut for marching


The MCMC still requires the new applicant of the radio ticket to have the signature of the class A operators. The other day my neighbour rang me up saying that his friends want me to sign the form. My neighbour is just a block away, having a mobile 2 meter antenna on his car and a Slim Jim at his home. I never knew his call sign or whether he is a licensee, though I presume that he is one. And I do not know who his friends are.

I just told him that I would not sign for someone whom I do not know at all. I advised him to contact the regional club station that always have a signing ceremony for the newcomers. It would be better that way as they could meet with the other members of the group.

I decide to put a stop on signing on people I have never seen, talked or recognized. I felt guilty of approving such people with unknown characters and behaviours. It had been a part of my responsibility for making the hobby moving towards the declining condition. What we once termed as wrong and uncalled for are now have been a common usage and practices, The new licensees are harsh in attacking the class A operators. They use the platform to show their prowess and mental abilities and even to parade their status.

 I want to quit signing for people whom I do not know their background and attitudes in the past. At the signing parties there were a fat thick brim of papers to be signed even without the owners at the parties. I was even told there were collectors of the forms who brought to the parties did charged the owner for a fee. It was not only defeating the purpose but also brought a stinking odour to the hobby. And when they come, each starts to add arms and heads to the mud god, hoping the additional feature of the mud god would enhance it's power.

We have it enough. It has gone too far and too much. The gods are all over us. I am sorry, I won't sign for the unknown anymore.

17/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Toward the end of days, there will emerge a Dajjal (anti-Christ) calling the masses to side and adore him. Those who do will be given with money and luxury.

The shadow has been shown. Here are the people, the money and a kind of sinner that has no shame, morality and humanity in them. There are verses in the Holly Koran that mentions this happenings when the days are near.

Noh Omar is just one that you see here, but there are a bunch of them, the unspeakable inhabitants of hell. They buy the people and also thought they can buy God too. I am sure you have seen how they were trying to corrupt God.

The poor masses do not realize that they are going to be sold to China. Their flesh will be eaten slowly and the blood will be sucked recklessly when the time comes.

Though I am old and ready to die, I really hope to see a few of them die first. I want to have the biggest and the joyous celebration of the century. And I am so sure many millions of others will do the same.

To God I pray not to allow the gangsters, criminals and the mafia to rule us forever. There have been death and blood on their hands, people arrested and jailed for telling the truth. They have the lie manufacturing factories to lie and deceive the people.

This is the picture depicting the future, of the evil Dajjal and the followers.



OutSyed The Box

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Guilty Cannot Sleep Easy While The Victim Sleeps In Jail.
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This country is now acting out a script that is worse than the worst Bollywood movie or Malay drama. 
The thieves are sleeping easy while the brave young man who took so much risk to expose them has been sent to jail. 

Folks, do you recall that Whistleblowers Act? Well they can take the act, roll it up and shove it up where the sun does not shine.  It has become a useless piece of toil_t paper.

It was crafted after Flying Buffet 1 and Flying Buffet 2. (Yes Dato, go and check the language.)

At one briefing I was informed that if you want to be a whistle blower, then you absolutely cannot talk to anyone (aka Press, Media) before you seek protection under the Whistleblowers Act. If you speak to the Media, then you are no more protected under the Whistleblowers Act.
I think this is a brilliant idea to protect


I live for more 7- years and have seen enough about the Malays. At nearing my death this very race has become so stinking smelly to the worst.

The Malays were once known to be docile, friendly and honest were seldom known to be thieves, robbers, murderers and wild and inhumane.

They were victims of the scrupulous, cheated out of their lands and driven to poverty.

Today they become drug peddlers, thieves, kidnappers, and cheaters. When they owe you money they ran away without paying.

The magnitude is very alarming and the way they execute the plundering and the robberies are using government and security forces, and make them legal by the law.

They have no morality, know no God, fear no God, believe in no hell. And they are justifying their crimes by using religion and their race as the Malays.

The Malays have are now known as the shameless being like many animals. Proven with facts that they are thieves and being called so by the world, they still walked over the globe like a naked emperor with an invisible dress.

Everyday in the social media we read about people lamenting of the unpaid loans. I myself have two persons who ran away from it. And one more is hunting me for hundreds of thousands.

I don't know who else among the Malays to trust.

The social interactions among the Malays are indeed artificial in nature. They smile, show their goodness and speak politely to you. But they may be the gangs of criminals, supporting suppressions and cruelties, and plan to suck anything from you anytime.

13/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

 the crooks. If even the Head Legal Eagle can be fired from his job overnite, how much protection do you think the Whistleblowers Act is going to help you? 


In other countries, you can speak to the Media, you can speak to whoever you want. The whistle blowers acts they have there will

 still protect you. The FBIs Witness Protection Program is a good example.  

Back to the thieving people. You know you have done wrong. 
Legally and cleverly you have dotted all the 'I's and crossed all the 't's. Pandai lah korang.  The paperwork is proper.  You are the people who made the system. You know how it works.  So you have escaped.
You know you did not need RM250 million to buy cows. The idea was buy the cows, fatten the cows, sell the cows, make profit from selling the cows and then use the profit to buy the Nissan Murano, buy those condos etc.  That would have been ok. 

But that takes too long isnt it? It also takes something called work. These concepts are alien. It does not fit the party image.
So just cut short the movie script,  take the money now and buy the cars and condos - for cash. I met the boy who sold the Murano for cash. They too have gone bust. Sad betul. Another easy money story that bit the dust.  Never ending.

So you folks are happy now?  
Sleep easy at night? 
Enjoy sweet dreams? 
Attend weekend parties and binges? 
Oh I forgot, you dont need weekends. 

Every night is Saturday night. 
It was public funds. 

You dont have to go to school to know that. 
Taxpayers money. 
Lets put it another way.    It was a loan. A loan is a loan is a loan.  Ok, we got that.   Now, lets  say it was not a gubberment loan. Say it was a CIMB Loan for RM250.0 Million. The CIMB loan was disbursed, to buy the cows. 
Then the cows got held up. 

The cows were late. 
The cows did not show up.
No cows or not enough cows. 
Do you think CIMB would have agreed if you said,       'Ok, cows are late. Cant do much about that.  Meantime, we will use the loan money to buy condos, buy the Murano, set up a couple of high end stake joints etc' ?
Do you think CIMB would have agreed?  Totally impossible isnt it.  

You can only do this type of crap because it was a gubberment loan. 
As I said, you created the system. You are in the inside loop.

The young man did not dig out the info by himself. It was yet another whistleblower who leaked the information. They knew what was happening was wrong. They knew what they were doing was morally and ethically right.
They were brave people. 
They are the good guys. 

You are not.
And now  the good guys are sleeping in jail. 
They have wives, children and family.
Forget about their loss of income, paying the rent, paying the car instalments etc. Forget about a young mother left to care for her kids all by herself. Its going to be tough. Daddy is in jail.  
But who assures the wife and kids that daddy is safe and secure while he is sleeping in jail?  
Who assures the family ?
The thieves are still whooping it up.

So you folks are happy now?  

You folks sleep easy at night? 
You still have sweet dreams? 
You attend weekend parties and binges? 
You still have some of that cash lying around? 
Buy a ticket to that stone building.
Go weep and wail. 
You know - to wash off your sins.
The stone building will not speak. 
It will just stare back at you.
The building does not even know you are there.
The young man is sleeping in jail tonite. 
He will be there for a while.
Because of you.  
All the good people in the country are so proud of him.
We are so proud that in our midst there is a young man who stood up so courageously against common thieves.
He is a hero. 

You are common thieves.

Sleep with that tonite. 

And every nite.

Syed Akbar Ali at 2:25:00 PM


Malaysian amateur radio - the impossibility of oneness

It is easier to talk than done. A person, a preacher, a politician can talk for days in and days out, even about mankind becomes the Master of universe. We have been hearing about unity, oneness and classless society for decades. Yet countries stand on different philosophies. The master-slave relationship never cease. Prejudice on race, skin color and religion is still deep under the skin.

In the history of the Malaysia amateur radio there had never been a call for unity in the past the hobbyists were all with a common spirit. It had never been a platform to parade  ability,  smartness and honorary titles. The hams followed general rule and practiced the tradition of the hobby. The oneness was shown by the existing of only a single society. You may attribute this to the size of the fellow hams  in those days and you may be right.

Today the composition of the people in the amateur radio shows the multiplicity of their origin in the form of the clubs. societies, the lingo they used and the types of repeaters. ASTRA originated on the racial ground. And, there is a MARES. And the quest for money making among the fellow amateurs began to show it's appearance.

The display of an ego by fellow amateurs were becoming clear. It is better for me not to pinpoint what are they. There seem to be almost a complete freedom for both the licensees and those without to let themselves be heard with their own styles, terminology and procedures. Some may find them tasty and others are not. Instead of closing gaps they created greater crevices and cracks.

In my previous article I mentioned about the creation of a mud god which I was trying to relate it to the radio hobby.

Politicians always call for the Malay Unity. It is easy to say than done. How could we befriend the crooks and the robbers , the drug vendors and the kidnappers ? The Malays themselves are making themselves more and more repulsive.

You can't force the good and the bad to mix, to befriends and to honour each other. It comes naturally even within a family members. Many of us only want other people to listen to us and agree with our views. We would not want to listen to others. When I talked of the past none like to hear about it. And each wants to define amateur radio in his own way.

It is the suspicion, distrust, selfishness and ego that separate men between men. It is the display of one's status in the creation of ladder of ranks. The addressing of a person to elevate him as a superior and authoritative member was unknown before. I did mention about this subject in my previous essay, mentioning the late King Hussein of Jordan as an example. We had a ham among us who was working on a laser technology as a hobby in the yesteryears but never to blazon of his  expertise for a respect.

What do we expect when fellow hams denounced the others as stupid and narrow minded ?

Certainly there is a world of difference between the old hams and the new amateur radio operators.

If the mud god is taken as an analogy then the real essence of the ham radio is dead. It is losing the identity, cruising deep into the new world. It's a progress it is. But it is a departing progress. cont.


10/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There may be changes that may have not come to my notice for I am long out of touch with ham radio activity and the progress in MARTS world. But I think MARTS still retain some of the old system, like the QSL cards' system.

MARTS PO Box used to be 777 Kuala Lumpur. It might have changed now. It is of interest to the members as they may have to inform their counterparts when asked. Most of the stations contacted would send their cards via their bureaus. And all cards will be sent to the above address.

If you haven't known then you can share with your other friends too, that MARTS has two QSL bureaus, the Inward and the Outward QSL bureaus. All cards which came from other places to be distributed to it's members will be gathered by the Inward bureau, the manager of which will sort out the cards according to the call signs. And he will forward the respective members. The Outward bureau will sort out the cards according to the countries and dispatches those away. What you have to know is the address of the Outward bound QSL manager because you will be sending the cards to him.

Always send the pack of cards the cheapest way. You wait till you have 50 or 100 cards before you start to pack them. Try to ask the post office and the courier service for the cost. And you know what to do next.

I don't know what you may have on your card. But I would like to remind you that the time should be in GMT, not the local time and never demand for money from the other party as this has never been a practice of the old hams globally. There was one Indian ham who ever did this and he was the talk of the world then. But if it is a norm now it is up to you to decide.

Remember that in the old days there was no internet yet. There was no such thing as common logging on the network. A log is acting like a proof of our confirmed contacts with another stations.

In spite of the existing of the web logbook, I would recommend that a real logbook is kept on your own desk. And you can have both the local and GMT time being recorded. Once there was a court case in this country of a ham going to court on a certain issue. He was using his logbook to show an alibi, that he was at home and was on the radio during that time. But the lawyer argued the logging was wrong as the stipulated time was in GMT. That's the reason why I recommended that both of the time should be recorded. And in your home station you must have clocks to display both of the time.

A logbook can tell us the history of our chats as well as the stations that we heard from the beginning. We tend to forget who were the few people to whom we started with when we first qualified as a radio operator. And it can tell us with almost 98% accuracy as to who and when a person obtained his license.

I know that most of the Malaysian amateur radio operators have their own ways and styles. In whatever form and progress we make we must always remember not to go overboard. Let me give you an example;

A man made a figure of something that look likes just a man from a mud. He called it a god. And he told everybody else to bow and pray to the figure, which we call it an idol. The idol is put in a high place, well decorated and painted with colorful paints. Some time later another man suggested to add an arm to the idol. Hence an arm was added. Someone suggested for more arms and two more heads to be added to the god. So they added. That looked great enough.

As time moves on more and more additional features added; the human nose changed to the elephant trunk. And the people danced and prostrated with joy and praises to their god.

So when I saw more additions made to the traditional IOTA and JOTA, I was tickled to death thinking of the story of the idol maker of the god. So make sure the QSL card may not have additional features to make it looks enough like the mud god. A progress is not without a price.

08/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Some of you might still remember a story about a Palestinian man who was sitting beside me on a plain to the United States. It was in the 80's, a long time ago. I was still young and energetic, no more than 30 years old. The man asked me to recite one or two surah. I recited more than 5 and he was very glad to hear a non-Arab was able to do it. So we chatted and chatted until the air hostess came to serve us a drink. He asked for a wine and I for an orange.

"Why don't you take wine ? " He asked me. I didn't have to reply vocally but just smile at him.
"Don't worry Abdul Rahman, Bismillah and it will be halal..." as he gestured the wine would change it's state the moment it passed the throat by the word of God.

It was a few years ago that Ustazah Mashitoh Ibrahim said that it was alright for a Muslim women to be prostitutes for the bread. And again she went to campaign against Hudud law.

For those who have heard of Padi Kunca, they are very well verse how it comes about. The Haji and the Imam, being trusted and respected, were trusted with their land for the small loan to perform pilgrimage to Mecca.

It is easy to switch from halal to haram and vice versa. To make corruptions halal just level them as gifts, and to make gifts as haram, call them corruptions. When Hadi and the PAS ustazs bought luxury goods and build million ringgit's houses from the money that purportedly given by Najib, they call it SEDEKAH, or alms or gifts from God through Najib.

It was not a new stuff that has emerged. I have said that for more than 50 years ago. I had been told not to trust a Haji or any holly man with money and woman.

A good person is not found in the turban or how many time he went to Mecca. It does not a person's skin color, race or creed to reside. In this blog I narrated about a woman who went around town to feed the stray cats. And how the Chinese came to help lifted my falling wife, and a Chinese man whom I saw gave an alms to a Malay beggar.

To many people Ulama' are now ceased to be clean and trustworthy. Money comes first before God. They made themselves so very repulsive. They are just like the Palestinian man I met on the plane.  Whatever haram can be made halal for their own favor.

Look whatever response from some readers that represent many millions other citizens.


I am not talking about politics though in the current situation it coincides with political events. It existed even before I was born. The vices of a few religious figures were really disgusting. Their repulsive characters are prone to attack by the other religious groups, making Islam the laughing stock.

Hajis and the ulamas must show the good and admirable examples, never to spin words and to justify the criminal doings. No amount of drug's money sending people to Mecca could make the money halal, and no amount of pretension not knowing of the bad money would bring them to heaven. They should not condone thefts and robberies, nor exonerate the sinners as heroes.

At least they can regret for the sins and plead God for forgiveness instead of blazoning praises to exonerate crooks and criminals at the expense of other people. One reader mentioned about the Imam jumping queue at the expense of other Haji goers, depriving others of their turn.

There are two categories of people who must always take care of their status; the clerics and the royalty groups, in order to sustain respects from the communities. The former should not be too egoistic on their religious rites expertise especially on marriage and death. The chaos and disorder can lead to splinter groups who can organized themselves to overcome problems with the rejection of the clerics. Let not these people be called a band of robbers using God as their shield.

I know of a mosque where there will be only a few people going for the prayer if a certain individual becomes an Imam. Heaven is not made for them alone and hell is not only for non-Imam and non-Hajis.

03/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


People swam with the sharks, dolphins. turtles, stingrays and other fish. I did not because I didn't know how to swim and I didn't know how to use snorkel.

It is advisable to those who intend to visit Maldives to start learning how to swim and practise in snorkling.

I just stayed on the boat and watch those animals and fish surfaced for the oxygen. Anyway I could see those creatures very clearly.






There are too many beautiful pictures that could not find space for them. What I published here are not the most scenic and spectacular, since I just opened the folder at random. My dream has been fulfilled and I thank the mighty God for the blessing.

I paid RM4050 to an agent while the university students I met only paid RM2.5K, purchasing their own tickets and made their own booking. My flight from Alor Setar was on the 24th January at 7.50 am arriving KLIA2 at about 10 am. I stayed in Tune Hotel until 3,00m pm for RM99, together with a lunch. From KLIA the flight to Male was almost 8pm with quite a long delay owing to a bad weather. It was at 9.30 pm ( about 12,00 midnight in Malaysia) that the plane landed.

I was not in a group and I felt a little uneasy. At the arrival hall I did not see anyone holding a board Arena Hotel, where I was suppose to stay. There were more than 50 people with placards with the hotel's names. It was while I was queuing up to change a little sum of local currencies that a hotel man approached and asked me for my hotel. I was relief.

"Let's go," he said. I followed him.

There were several other passengers. The jetty was about 10 steps away from the airport. The boat took us 45 minutes to arrive the island of Maafushi.

The hotel is quite a walk from the jetty, about 5 minutes of walking distance. From my room I could see the beach.

At 6.30 the next morning I stroll the beach. The hotel worker helped to snap my picture.

People started to fill the beach at 9 am till the evening. I took the liberty to dive into the salt water myself, enjoying the cool and shallow green sea water. There were fish as big as my palms visible.

The outing program for the second day is night fishing. There were 8 of us, taken by a speed boat to nowhere.

I caught to fish at all from 5pm to 8pm. While the rest were excited with the large catch.

It was the 3rd day that I was to follow a group for snorkling. I was the only one who could not swim. In the middle of nowhere everybody went down to swim with turtle and other creatures.

I did not. An hour later the boat moved to some other location to see the dolphins. Everybody had a fine time but me remaining alone on the boat filming the sea creatures.

Not a distant away was a Sandbank where we were to have out lunch. It was just a nice small island, atoll, to relax. It was a sunny day.

We went back to the hotel at about 8.30pm, tired and hungry.

on the fourth day I have the choice to go for a repeat tour, to enjoy the beautiful Arena Beach or to visit a resort for a price. I chose to visit the resort at a cost of USD100. There were three

USD 100 for a day visit

resorts to choose from. I chose the Adraan Maldives Rsort. Visitors can have all the facilities and enjoy as the residence do. The drinks are free as much much as one likes. There was good buffet lunch. If one choose to stay in a resort the price range are from USD600 to a few thousands per night.

After the shark feeding event our all visitors were taken back to Maafushi island. I had had an early slumber after my final packing, ready to return home on the 28th Jan 2018, at 8pm flight. I would have almost another day tomorrow. The boat would send us back to the airport at 4pm.

Maafushi is a small island with a population of less than a thousand. It doesn't have big shops or malls. There are only a few souvenir shops along the streets.

Everything is sold at USD price. The fridge magnet cost USD5 to USD7 each. You can buy about 10 pieces in Asian countries. Fruit juice is USD3, nasi goreng USD7. And at the airport a beef burger costs USD15. As our hotel provides btreakfast and dinner. I have to spare for food for only two days of lunch. One of the 4th day of the package and the other was the last day.

There are thousand more of Maldives's photos to be published in this page. In the meantime I am doing some preparation to create a video footing of my visit to the island.

And the treatments I received from the university students were great.

FOOD-There is no alcohol in the public islands. Maafushi is a public island where there are schools and other government agencies. But you can find alcohol in

the private islands. Other than alcohol all are halal. I have not tasted the food outside the hotel and I could not estimate the cost. I noticed the prices of fruit juices sold in the stalls. A glass of pineapple juice is USD3. I tried the Nasi Goreng at my hotel. A plate cost USD7. The Thai Tomyam was also USD7. The Chinese fried rice full of fish, cuttlefish and prawns was USD10. Tomyam was the best ever. The fast food, Bugger King, at the airport displayed the average price of the various delicacies at USD15 a piece.

THE PEOPLE- All women covered their heads. The elderly covered their whole body like the Arabs. The men are handsome and slim. There are many Bangdeshis working in shops and hotels. In Maafushi or Male I have yet to see fleshy and fat people. The officers were strict but polite. Everyone tend to accost you when they come across you. My judgement is that they are as courteous as the Japanese.







01/02/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


First take off, straight up. I can still see the drone


Though feeling exhausted from Maldives's trip, I can't wait to fly my drone on the tracking mode. One clear place was at the stadium car park, where I had my drone crashed. I was about to buy another one at almost half the price to bring it to the island.

It was in the evening that I went to fetch the copter, took to the stadium straight away even without doing any calibration and checked my video setting.

I wanted to do the tracking mode. What I saw on the Youtube and what the salesman told me about the tracking procedure were different. I tried to follow the instruction of the drone shop. Hovering at about 5 feet, I walked away from the drone hoping that it would follow me. It didn't. Then I walked around at 360 degree angle, about five feet away. The drone rotated to follow where I was.

I thought I would try again some other time and decided to do some video recording. I had put the high speed mcroSD, 100b/s and of a 4K type to replace the old normal one.

First I took it up as high as you can see in gthe furst picture. I adjusted the gimbal so that it won't look vertically down. The I started the recording button. Then I pushed it forward, did not remember whether I pressed the tapfly mode. Tapfly is making the drone flies by itself. My eyes were focus on the monitor.

I could not recognize the place. Stricken by panicked, I looked up. I could not find any drone anywhere. Slowly I reverse the paddle to bring it back. I also rotated it 360 degrees to see the stadium. No stadium was visible. I saw coconut and banana trees. Fearing that I would hit any, I took it up higher and slowly moving it backward.

Finally I could see the stadium. Yet there was no drone seen. Facing the stadium I tried to bring the drone nearer. I could see the cars moving both in my monitor and the real life cars. But I still could not trace it.

Somehow I looked vertically up above my head. To my relief I brought it down.

It is true that I should follow the beginner's mode. The drone would not fly more than the set radius and always be visible to the sight.

At home I used the I-Movie on my Macbook Pro to open the movie. It was not smooth and jerky, unlike the previous one where I used the normal card and run the recording at 2K 24 frame per second. Tomorrow that's what I will be doing. I may be bringing my laptop along to check the movie quality.

However I can trace my own errors from the staggered movie. I know where I was and where I went astray. It flew too far away out of sight.

It is a starting new adventure into a new world for me. I am glad to see a nice view of swimming pool, Sri Malaysia hotel, the stadium and the Elephant Hill within a picture. To me the spectacle is great. And on the other side I can see the view of the city in a distance. It wasn't in my imagination even two years ago that I would come this far.

It will take years before I could gain enough competency with full confidence. Mind you this drone has the capability of going 7 miles with transmission enhancement equipment. To fly beyond our sight we have to fully concentrate on several things at the same time. The GPS map can show us the route but there are several obstacles that we wouldn't have known.

A drone is something that you don't give to a friend to try to fly. If it crashes, it is a costly affair. It is expensive to do even a minor repair. Mavic Pro is brittle. I saw so many users sent theirs for repair. Just ask your friend to buy a basic set that comes with two batteries, tagged at RM3.8K. A battery itself is pricey. It is RM350 a piece. Mind you again that this is China made. They are selling the United State Mavic Pro in our local market at a much higher price, indicating there is a differet in their quality.

The aircraft can be flown without a monitor. But without it we can't do the calibration, setting the various flying mode and see what the drone is seeing. People use the iPhone or Android. Some use the bigger one like an iPad. I began with an Asus Gen5 but there is a lag and delay in the image. It was as good as useless. Then I changed to an iPhone6 with a fast processing speed. The image is perfect. Comparing to all other smart phones the Apple phone, iPhone6, is the cheapest.

Drones are sold online. I prefer the local shop as I could ask for various assistances. The chain store in Malaysia is called N4. In my hometown N4 is located at Aman Central mall, on the second floor. Online price could be cheaper by even RM1K, quite a substantial amount.

For newcomers there are abundance of literature on the web to read and learn how to fly, from the basic to the more advance maneuvering techniques. If you are not an English scholar, the video footage, is good enough to teach you many things. Else you have to find flyers to learn from them.

Those with a smaller budget can always start with the cheaper version like the Mavic Sparks. It is as good as the Mavic Pro but the flight time is just 16 minutes. It is still ample to record of an aerial view of a location. A complete unit costs about RM2.7K.

Remember, friends might request you to capture a footing of their houses. They do not understand the various constraints and problems. Tress and electrical cables and other running wires here and there are big hindrance. It is a big risk to take. You have to explain about the sensitivity of the aircraft, the cost incurred if it crashes. You need to decline it.

But let me warn you that you mare get bored easily with this hobby when you have no more place to go for the photography. It is not like fishing or amateur radio which may keep you in the hobby for 40 or 80 years, if the company is good.

Unless you have several kind of hobbies with you and you can fall back on anyone of them alternatively.

                                                 MAVIC PRO

I have a long way to go, very very long way. My immediate task is to manage my video footing, to experiment with various sizes and speed, then followed with the color setup. This too may cost money as the 64Meg SD card would cost us between RM200 to RM250 each. Again, never buy the online China made storage devices. The ones I purchased from Lazada were all fake. FAKE.

Once settled and the video is excellent, I will proceed ahead step by step, ignoring the time taken. At least it keeps me occupied. A university student I met at Maldives was looking puzzle when I narrated how I fill in my solitary life with various activities. "Uncle do you have all the time to do all those ? " She asked. I told the group that I wrote blog, making movies or the Youtube, play with ham radio, writing computer programs and now the drone. her friend answered for me, "It is not a problem if we are used to them."

They even asked me about the pin badge that I donned on my chest. They were surprise when I told thatbthat I made by myself. One of them had peruse the making of the badge on the Youtube footage as I told them of my Youtube's account of man4855.

It just matched with a lady's conception of an elderly person as she forbid me from buying the drone. "Let the young people play with it. Just don't waste the money." She shows concern. But it is a general conception of old people by the younger generation.

I remember, when I was young I loved to solve mathematical problems. It never ended there. When I am on the drone I still have to solve the myriads of problems. As Morse codes sharpens my thinking, the drone piloting keeps my mind alert and I still have to continue my thinking process. I escape from being a 'brain dead' person.

I wish myself the best of luck in my experiments afterwards, the video improvement operation.

Try to avoid thinking about Najib and Rosmah for a time being. Make youself busy, else it will shorten your life span.

30/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am sorry if I may offend you. I am merely going to state statements which I THINK it is true in law and practices. I know not many people read my blog. A few fellow amateur radio operators may. And I deliberately do not broadcast for the public perusal. The few of you can help to tell your friends for them to ponder.

First it is about the legality of owning a radio transmitter.  I have to admit that I do not know of the new rules of law about the new regulations. Therefore I am going to say about what I know of during the old administration.

In the old days, not only transmitters were not allowed to be kept without the approval, but the selling of the receivers were under the control of the authority. Shops were not allow to import and sell any receiver with the BFO unit attached. Of course none of the shop in Malaysia were allowed to sell rig to the non-licensee. The type of rig has to be printed on the ticket. Telecom officers would visit hams' shacks at random to ensure that hams do not flout with the regulations. This implies that no one is allowed to have a transmitter without a license.

Someone mentioned that during emergency anybody can use any transmitter to ask for help. It is similar to a person having no driving license, drive a car sending an accident's victim to a hospital. Ask yourself can any Dick, Tom and Harry does that ? Emergency or not a wrong has been done. The law has still have to fine him. It is akin to killing robber who intrude into your home to rob you and threaten your family. You can be hung for killing him. That is the law.

You can be charged for carrying a transmitter but not charged for helping people. There is always a hand-phone that can do the job. Your lawyer has to argue it in court. Your politician can legislate to change the law.

Secondly it is about using a PTT. I heard someone was telling the new operators that PTT is not to be used in HF transmission. It is only for 2 meter repeater work. In 2 meter it has to be released to prevent TOT.

Actually in HF, PTT means what it means to say i.e 'push to talk' . When you talk you press the PTT. When you pause and stop you release the PTT. Read the example below

   (Press PTT) :  My father has just came home. (Release PTT for a second)
   (Press PTT):   He is now resting in bed (Release PTT for a second)
   (Press PTT):   Why, do you want me to tell him .......(Release PTT a second)

Why the press and un-press of the PTT ? It allows someone to chip in or to break in during the end of your sentence or within the pause. There might be an emergency or priority traffics. Otherwise one may press it for half and hour and talking away happily, giving no break and no one would be able to come in. Se give a term to it, a long winded person.

This has been our practices for decades until the smart guys came along and took over everything.

Thirdly, it is about the QSL bureau. There are two categories of QSL bureaus; the outwards and the inwards bureaus. We usually say "Please QSL via the bureau/buro(CW). All cards coming for our operators would be received by the inward bureau. If you want to send out cards, you gather them till 40 or 50 cars and send them to the outward bureau. A person in charge of the bureau is called QSL Manager.  This is the cheapest way of sending out the cards.

In the old days QSL cards were regarded as printed matters. I would send 50 or 100 cards to 9M2DW, Datuk Tan, for the postage cost of 40 or 50 cents, wrapped in such manner that the cards were protruded and visible. Today things are different. Old ham operators through their representatives, even sought for tax exemption for amateur equipments from parliaments. And the endeavour was fruitful. MARTS could always work out to make the QSL cards as printed matter again with much cheaper cost.

This explains the reason why no Malaysian hams seek money from foreign hams for them for QSL cards. One Indian ham used to do this and it became the talk of the world in those days.

Remember there are people from our country who are thumping their chest proclaimed that they are heroes while other people from some other parts of the world denounced them as crooks.

23/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


They are talking of young and old, of death and longevity, with an obvious insinuation that the old people will die first. A young amateur radio operator said that one foot of the old ham is already in the grave yard. And the person died before those old people. Some old guys are still having the natural black hair and natural teeth while the much younger people are using dentures and having white hairs all over and becoming more and more baldy.

It has been a long time that I do not read newspapers. If I do, the first thing I would peruse, is the mortuary page, scanning the age of the persons who went to meet God. You just try it. You are sure to find many people who were younger than you are were dead before you. I am not talking about the death by accident, murdered or suicide.  But if you believe in predestination then the three type of death mentioned here could be included. Old or young will die when their time come.

I lost count of the number of my staffs, colleague and friends who had passed away. I shed my tears as my young and close subordinates left without warning of their demise. I joked and laughed with them at the workplace. They were so young and innocent, and I never expected that God would want to take them first.

You may take all the precautions to prevent yourself from accident, engaging a thousand bodyguards, having medical check up every couple of days, taking the best medicines and healthy food, but when when your time come brace yourself to meet God. That was what I saw as several world leaders did. And they too died despites their precautionary measures.

Hence, there is no wisdom to belittle those who are older than us. They may be senile, sick and die before we do. That would be a natural cycle. But what if we are the first to be struck by forgetfulness, senility, cancer and other deadly disease ? I don't mind dying. I am already residing in the death territory. When we can still run and walk, move and climb stairs, stand for 4 hours, they are all bonuses to us.

From our border we push our head out, looking outside it, to see who falls and who dies, who cries and laments at a cut and agony, mentally and physically.

The most painful feeling is not in our age but in the disrespect we get from the rest of the populace. We will go all out to command respect even to the extend of legislating law to force praises and respects towards us. It is our words and deeds, our care towards our kind and society, and our kindness and sincerity that earn us public respects. It is not our age or our position, nor our status and titles award upon us.

The older one gets the more experience one gathers and more things one sees. Hence one tends to speak with a strong basis of the previous examples, the causal effect factors that have been displayed, knowing the good and the bad. Wisdom thus emerges with age. Old men like Aristotle, Confucius and George Washington, Fidel Castro are few among the many sagacious men remembered by the people in history. Their distant visions were at infinity. They were adored by the people of their nations. Do they have to go the world over and pay to be called a sage, a good man and the father of democracy ? Do they have to exonerate themselves ?

Senility and forgetfulness could hit a man of 40s. By the time you reach 60 you tend to forget where you keep your things and what you said yesterday and spew the opposite today. There is also a possibility that you may walk naked throughout the globe thinking you are putting your dress on. You may even parade your own immoral character. You may not know what shame is.

I am 71, toothless, grey hair, a senile and would forget things almost everyday. Yet there are people at 90 and 100 whose hair is naturally black, with full natural teeth and analyze events with strong reasons. They are active in mobility and sharp in thinking.

A friend told me that when he was young he was a little surprised at his father's activities of listening to the radio broadcasting station when to his mind, his farther should be busy with reading the religious publications and only wait for the prayer time. And in my last essay someone said to me that drone is for younger people to play with, not for an old man. Several persons looking blank and daze asking me how could I go to Maldives alone. I hardly understood what made them so surprise of my going without company.

If a 70 year man call a 90 year old man OLD, he is forgetting that there are millions of others also calling him OLD and SENILE.

21/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My drone isn't back yet. It is nearly 14 days since it was sent to Kuala Lumpur for a repair work. The work only started a couple days ago. Probably they will take some time to do the calibration and testing to the gimbal and the camera. In the meantime I was studying the tracking and the tapfly mode. Tracking is to follow an object without using the remote control. The drone will follow the object wherever it goes. It can be a person walking or a car moving. The tapfly is to make the drone fly by itself at a constant speed.

After this morning's breakfast I set out to find a convenient place to test my drone when I return from Maldives and before going for an eye operation. At least I will have 7 days to enjoy flying it prior to the eye work. The first place where I went to was the Taman Jubeli Emas to survey the area. It is quite an open location with a field in the middle, wide enough to fly drone drone. But outside the area are the electrical cables running from  North to South probably a few hundred miles. It would not be advisable for a newcomer like me to fly over the cable to capture the image of the paddy field and the Elephant Hill (Gunung Keriang). Otherwise it will be a scenic view. However I registered it in my mind that it would be in the list of my training ground.

Then I went to the airport. The scene was spectacular and beautiful. I could fly my drone about 1/4 mile away from the main structure. Even at 30 feet it will look very lovely. Then when I thought over, it is not wise at all even to fly at a very low altitude of below 30 feet. I have to cancel my intent, and I will have to think of another location.

This is a serious and expensive toy that yields no return like the hobby of fishing where you can make profit with the catch you make.

Adult toys are all expensive. That includes Smart Watches and the mobile devices. Samsung cell-phone is still with a tag of more than RM3K on the shelve, while the iPhone cost less than when it was first came into the market. My Smart Watch, Samsung Gear S3, costs RM1.3K. I call it a toy as you can play around with it. It has almost everything what a cell-phone has.

These things keep the old and jobless men busy, and passing their remaining time in an enjoyable way.

In the past, the young men always regard the old people as senile.  They always receive scolding from their children, being yelled and shouted with shrieking voices. Their kids prefer to lock them in the house for fear of losing their way home when going wandering around aimlessly, or cars might knock them down while crossing the roads. I am in this category. Most of us have reached near the border of the graveyards.

But it does not mean that we cannot play around with the smart phones, fancy clever watches and flying drones. I even have a desire to build a drone that I can drive myself on, only if I can have a pair of the drone motors like the E-Hang. In fact I have been googling around for the powerful fans with the intent of buying them.

The Ultra-Lite plane is much easier to build than the sophisticated drone. They have a hobby club in Europe. People build small light airplane using a two stroke small engines used in motorcycles. There are blueprints published for the hobbyists. Because they don't have commercial pilots licenses they took a low flight level far far away from towns, cities and the airports.

These are the hobby and the toys for the adults. They involve resilience, positive attitudes, the knowledge and a small amount of money.

20/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Why should I be looking for trouble when I am really at ease with only a few things to worry about. Nobody is telling me what and what not to do and a dollar I have is the dollar for myself. The moment I have a woman friend I will have to brace myself for the turbulence to come. So far a few women's friends have been asking me for favour related to money matters. I have narrated about a woman who requested me to redeem her jewelries from a pawn shop, one was lamenting about her business problem and wanted me to lend her RM300K, another wanted to borrow my car for a week and the last one advised me not to waste my money on drone.

They were all only a jest for me. Two of them don't have time to send me to the airport which is about 7 km away, only 15 minutes of maximum time.

Try to imagine if one of them is my spouse. A dollar that is in my hand will be smashed away. The 5K holiday trip will double to 10K. And she will be forking all that I have for her comfort and luxurious life style. Again, my freedom will be restricted. I better feed the stray cats, giving a little to my mosque, extend a little alms to the needy, like a woman I describe in the essay below,

A friend said to me last night, "What is mine is mine, what is yours is mine." This is not about care and sharing. I know there are people who care., But care does not come when a couple is at a distant away. It is not about asking a new car and big money and other luxury goods. It is about being selfish and greedy.

A food stall waitress. where I used to go for my Crab dinner, had been asking me several times, "Are you alone ?" I just smile and said that I was alone. I would have guessed why I did not bring my wife along. Several restaurants that I always frequent asked me the same question.

One of my female student, about 40, wanted to introduce me to her office friend, a single mother of six children whose ex-husband is still living. She jokingly said that "buy one and get 6 bonuses". The question is why should I indulge myself into unnecessary trouble. That would be the worst nightmare of the century.

The lady who wanted to borrow my car is more interesting to note. She works as a ticketing agent and knew I was making a trip to Spain and Morocco. I always updated where I was during the trip on the FaceBook, publish pictures of every scenery. When I was in Madrid, I received request consistently and persistently to buy a set of Real Madrid jacket. I did not know who she was. But I thought it was one of my students. Nevertheless I was ,looking for the jacket when I was in the Real Madrid stadium. It was not cheap either, almost RM1K. I did not buy for the price, not even for myself to don.

This lady is also an official of the state football team. Her circle of friends are all VIPs, players and other dignitaries. She wouldn't bother at all of my queuing under the hot sun for a ticket. As I narrated about the story of the ticket procurement in the FaceBook, a few of my students offered me a football pass which I declined. This lady never mentioned a single world about helping me to buy a ticket as she is very much in the position to do so. At time when I went to the travel agency where she works, she would ask me to buy her a rice delicacy. I bought for her.

I changed my ticketing agency which is a couple of blocks from her office and found it much cheaper than buying from her. Then after several months she messaged me up and asking me to borrow my car. I okayed her request with the condition that she must send me to the airport for the next trip about a week away. She thought a little and said she could not do it. A couple of days ago she messaged me again asking for my car immediately as her car broke down. Being bold, I did not reply till today.

I found a word HOG that gives two meaning to it, a pig and a selfish and greedy person. It seems to fit many of the ladies whom should be labelled as Gold Digger. In Malay it is called "Pisau Cukur" (razor blade).

Why should I pull all the trouble clouds over my head when I am so free and so much with pecuniary abundance. It is just jumping into the sea of fire and barbed wires.

When I heard of their plights, actually I felt pity on them. Two of them are maried. Their woes should be solved by their own husbands. I can assure myself they won't give me even a pittance if I were to go broke. They will come out with a myriad of excuses. And the same people can afford to buy a RM3K smart phone. They would always go for the latest version. I have seen a woman with an expensive phone went to collect the BR1M at a bank. One own three luxury cars, each child has a Wifi in the cell-phone. I don't have the extra data usage just to save cost, no Wifi outside my house except for the Public one.

Yet these people rushed for my goods and my money. They are not young, voluptuous and attractive anymore to be gold diggers. One of my female students mentioned of the phrase Sugar Daddy on the FaceBook. I commented it was not appropriate to be used by any lady of above 35 even. She is 40 plus. It is more suitable for the teen and old man.

These days the Muslim Malays are losing their morality. They steal, cheat and lie.

 19/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Stepping back just 10 years ago, never in my mind I ever imagined of a new toy call a DRONE. It didn't even exist at all in my vocabulary. It was only HAM RADIO which meant everything to me, that the best I will ever have. For good or for bad the radio has gone into a bad shape, losing it's grand identity. with pollutions of all sorts. But I still keep my ticket and made myself heard in the old language of the original ham radio. the Morse codes. While others hung up their microphones, pull the bog switch.  And some surrendered their tickets.

This new technology emerged, the drone and quad copter, swept the world by surprise, generated millions of dollars to the economy of China.

I kept my eye on it for some time as the price is still high, reaching up to RM5K to start a hobby with the mid range quality. This drone I am talking about is DJI Mavic Pro, which can fly up to 27 minutes with a single battery. It commonly comes in three pieces, giving about 60 minutes of filming. Look at the footings below taken by this drone.



Certainly it would be my alternative choice to radio gear. There are so many types available at the toy shops costing only a few hundred ringgit but the flying time is too short and not as intelligent as the E-Hang ghost drone and the Mavic Pro.




I have been sleeping on the couch for a long many years. The bed where my late wife had been sleeping is just beside the couch full of all sort of stuffs; kid's car, gift towel, chargers, travelling plugs, video camera, iPhone, iPad, androids and other junks. They are easily reached when I need them. It is very convenient as I don't have to strive searching for them. I forego the mess for the ease of search.

I think it is a high time that I should use the bed and to transfer those gadgets somewhere else where I can still grab them easily. Probably a small portable table with rollers would do the work. And I have better hurried to make the change, by starting to look for the table in the furniture shop. The price may be less than a hundred ringgit.

It is a single hospital bed with rails on both sides to protect the sleeper from falling in case of a wild dream or a nightmare. Certainly the bed is for human not for appliances or mini cars or the cell-phones. If you have a small wife or husband, both of you can still squeeze in it. I think it is the bed for me to lie on when I die. I am sure my wife's spirit and soul would approve of my going back to sleep on it.

I have been sleeping on a comfortable bed all the time when I travelled overseas. The bed in Hong Kong Disneyland, Harrod Medan, Pratunam Berkeley, and many others are of cosy, large and soft. I could stay in them for the whole day cuddling the extra pillows. Imagine there were six pillows on one bed for me alone. Sometimes at my age I don't mind spending a little to feel and taste the comfort of what the rich and the famous felt. Hotels are still affordable but not the First or Business class on the plane, too expensive for a few hours journey.

But the homeless sleep on the sidewalks and on streets and anywhere they can lay their heads on. They would get use to it after several years and satisfied with what they have for survival. Some regard them as a menace to society, painting a bad image of a city. There are many of them in USA, China and Malaysia. Most of us are better off in many ways.

To the Malays, a bed is the last place where they are laid to rest before they are interred.

18/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I am glad at last I found exactly what I have had in my mind, a container or table that I can put all the commonly used stuffs in it. It is not a table but a three layered metal container costing me only RM98. It has rollers on it and I can move it around easily.

My hospital bed is now clear, looks neater, ready to accept me anytime. Things are still jumble mumble on the new container. I will arrange them probably tonight.

I went to a furniture shop after my breakfast and saw a wooden table with the price tag of RM260 but without any roller. I bargained for a hundred ringgit. The owner, a woman, reduced it from RM260 to RM180. It was more than what I budgeted.

I wanted to try my luck at the Giant Mall. If I could not find any I planned to return to this shop. To my happiness I found a couple of this type of tray which were already fixed. The rest were in their boxes. I asked the salesgirl whether I could buy the ready fixed one saving my time in fixing the various parts. She okayed it. I bought it.


A lot of things were swirling in my mind this morning while I was on the way to have my breakfast. It was about 8.30 am, passed the time of children going to schools and government offices began to operate. Private business would start about 9.30 or 10.30 am. Yet the traffics was very heavy. Why were there so many cars on the road today ? Is it because of development and progress ? Are the number of people are increasing in a very rapid mnner ? It took me almost half an hour to arrive my destination, which sometimes only took me about 15 minutes. I remember visiting New Zealand and Australia where it is hard to pass even one car along the long journey. And in New Zealand it is hard to find tall buildings.

On the way back I planned to stop at a tour agency and Giant Mall. At the tour agency I want to get my boarding pass to Kuala Lumpur  and at the same time wanting to buy a luggage of 15 kilograms from Alor Setar to Kula Lumpur. This is the first time in my life that I ever want to bring a few photographic equipments with me to Maldives, to capture the spectacular view of the glamorous and scenic environment; a Mavic Pro drone, a video camera and the video stand. Of course I cannot put the drone and the camera in the luggage compartment. I need to swap them with by hand bags and carry the drone as a backpack.

I reached the agency at 9am. It wasn't open yet. There were two Banglas there sitting in the front chair outside the office. They told me that it would open at 9.30am. I decided to come here again. And made my move to the Giant Mall about a mile away. I wanted to buy Cat Food and Clorox for the animals when I left for Maldives and the Clorox to whiten my toilet bowl. I was surprise, the Mall which usually already opened by 9am, was found to be closed. I decided to go home and to visit these places at a later time.

I have to re-arrange the things I want to bring; where to put the video stabilizer, the video stand and other appliances. How would I carry them to the counter of the airport. I don't even have a plan as to how to go to the airport from home yet. May be this evening I have to make some enquiries about airport parking for 6 days. If it is more expensive than the taxi fares, I might as well book a Grab car. I cannot depend on anybody to help me. One person whom I have given 10K loan several times and wanted a loan of RM300K always have no free time to help me. Another person who wants to borrow my car for a week also has no time provide the assistance. How would I describe these people ? And when they want my things the kept on pestering me. It is alright if they are always busy but they should get help from somewhere else.

If anything, I have to be ready by the 23rd of January, including the transportation arrangement. In fact I have stuffed all of my shirts and pants in the bag a few weeks ago. A few more electrical appliances and cables that I must forget, a charger of my watch, for my iPhone6, Samsung and Asus Zenfone. They are all different. Those take space too. I have to dump them into the luggage as soon as possible.

( pause - I am going out again )

Once again I arrived the tour agency. There were three girls and one man in the office. They told me the ticketing lady had just gone out for some urgent matters. They did not know how to printout the boarding pass or to process the luggage booking. I left the ticket document with a lady, briefed her what I needed and went off to the Giant Mall. I bought four packets of cat Food costing RM16.48 cents per packet, a big plastic container of Clorox and a brush. I paid a little over RM88.

The airport was about 7 miles away. As soon as I procured the three items I drove there to find out how much a parking cost. It is RM15 a day. It will be RM90 for six days. I decide to go either by a taxi or a Grab. I have a few more days to make the transport arrangement. I came back home first instead of going to the travel agent, for I am thinking of going there at about 2pm. Right now is 1.45pm.

Surely I have to make another pause again


As I was about to go into my car, I saw a young woman about 30, well dressed in traditional costume. I approached her and asked what she wanted. "I need some donation," she said. I would not believe that she was a beggar or as someone so unfortunate. She could work anywhere at all for her living. I only asked her how she came this far. "I walked," she answered. Not wanting her to walk under the blazing sun, I gave RM20. I walked away and entered my Viva. I looked into the mirror. I didn't see her. Neither could I see her as I reversed my car. How could she vanish within a wink of an eye ?

The lady from the tour agency rang me up saying that the 15KG luggage was RM28 and the boarding cards were ready. I told her that I was on my way to see her.

Having settled with the ticket and the luggage my mind was thinking of the transport to the airport. If I have any problem in the Grab taxi arrangement, I would to take my car along and sacrifice RM90 for the 6 days. I forget to take down the phone number of the parking owner. I saw the name, Faridah but I can't remember the phone number. Since this is the first time I am carrying a luggage on Air Asia from Alor Star to KLIA2, I might as well try to be at the airport at about 6am and do my prayer there.

The video stabilizer is small. It may fit the bag that will go into the luggage. I might carry the video camera tripod and the drone with me. The drone has it's own backpack. The gear3 watch charger may go with me.

But the drone is not with me yet. The shop said it usually take one or two months. The other guy said 2 weeks the the day. He requested his KL department to try to send it back by 23rd January.

It will be okay even without the aerial movie of the island. On the coming July I will make it again, cancelling my probable trip to China or somewhere else. China's Silk Route is not cheap. It will cost me about RM12K.

I am suppressing what is worrying me most. It is the politics and dreadful things did by the politicians. It can kill me thinking about it, shorten my life by a few days or weeks. Though my days are numbered, I don't want to live till 80. It will be torturing , not to face the folly leaders but to face the people who support them. These are the people who will have to bear the burden and may be chased out of their land.

The election is around March. I wonder whether I can go to vote because I will be having an eye operation about the end of February. Somebody is losing a vote from me.

The eye operation will cost RM3200 for the basic fee. Eye drops may add to the cost. My estimate expenditure is RM4K for everything. I also am thinking of resting for 10 days in the ward. That will add another RM3K, estimate at RM300 per night for a single room. It will be financed by my saving. I should not be worry about that. The medical Centre informed me that I could go home immediately after the operation. Anyway I will have time to consider my option.

It will be after May that I will make myself active again. It also means that I can accumulate enough money for the next trip.

No wonder some people chose to be drunk, merely to forget all what may be worrying them. There is another alternative to it actually  ie to find solace in God.

 17/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not jealous at all if you have a 70 or 200  foot tower. If you have money or enough skill to erect your own tower by all mean you can go ahead with your quest. But it is not of everybody's privilege to own a sky reaching antenna due to the financial constraint. A tower needs a strong base to stand, to be joined by several parts of about 10' each. A 70' tower requires 7 parts of it. To hoist them, a crane has to be hired. It is impossible to manually raising one by one as seen in the video below. 

This video displays a homebrewed tower construct by a fellow ham in Malaysia. He saved a lot of money for using his own labor. He also made his own rotator.

I am not going to write about the tower to show of it's usefulness a for an efficient distant communication, but of the reason why I do not attempt to construct one for my base station.

My first consideration is the age factor. Everyone is getting older and weaker. A time will come when the antenna needs to be serviced and the coaxial cables changed. Or the coax may break from the antenna by an extremely strong wind. When this happens, it is beyond my energy to fix the demage. The safest way is to hire a crane, which is not a free service.

It is not advisable to seek help from an able bodied ham to climb to the top, for I was aware of a few while fixing the problems, and an Indonesian ham was electrocuted while fixing hos log periodic.

That was what I advised my friend, to be more careful and to take every precaution possible. And never think that the guy wire will retain it's property forever. Poor quality strands can get rusty over 5 or 10 years if you don't grease them from time to time. More so is the impact of a very strong wind can be very fatal. It has blown the roofs and the houses away to a new location.

Hence I would choose the less hassle system which I don't have to climb and can bring up and down my antenna single handed. I traded it for the poorer signal for an efficient transmission.

While you have to ability to pay and the ability to discharge your energy, it is wise for you to put up the best ever station. An antenna is the juice of the ham radio.

15/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When you live long enough you tend to hear many things and see many things. You don't have enough space to pen them down one by one. There were too many and too much to say. Here I am trying to recall a few that I could still remember, together let us ponder.

First, there was a student who has just begun his university education, talking with his friends and I happened to be there. He was belittling his teacher saying," He only passed SPM and we in university." During this time there so much polemics about academic qualifications and people were displaying university stickers on the trear glass of their car. On one car I saw similar sticker with the phrase "SAYA DFARI SEKOLAH ATAP". Sekolah Atap means to imply the old primary school where teachers never even go to secondary schools. Of course it was very sarcastic.

Secondly there was a colleague of mine who was sent for a month computer course. After a couple of weeks he told us that his lecturer didn't even know such and such a software, boasting of his knowledge and ability in computing. I was indirectly categorized as stupid as well because I did not know what kind of a software it was.

The worst came from insolent kids who challenged their parents for forbidding them from mixing with bad companies. They cursed and yelled and said their parents were uneducated and stupid. One parent told me that his kid called him pig. I don't know how many young people regard their fathers as senile, old fashion and outdated. Having heard from several parents, I made a point to program respects and filial in my students minds.

I can't say whether this character is only found among the Malays or it is a global phenomena.

I really hate such a swaggerer, trying to show of their ability and prowess, thumping their chests and telling the world that they are the greatest and the smartest lots. Others are stupid and narrow minded. I have been called stupid many time and by many amateur radio operators.

They don't have to wait long to be called stupid by their own kids. Their kids learn Arabic and Chinese language, new Maths and other new stuffs. These same people will not be able to tutor their own primary school kids. I have witnessed that parents could not teach or helped in their children's homework. What their kids learn would be strange to them. When they can't they will send their children to tuition classes. Their own grand children and children will put them in the category of senility, call them stupid and outdated.

Lately I read a lot of remarks from a few guys saying that those hams who know Morse Codes are stupid people. They condemned the Class A licensees for rejecting Hitech progress. They called CW as dead, useless and stupid.

Never mind that we are stupid or moron. We hope they can teach us something about hitech; what it is and when the term was first used. They can teach us the concept and how sampling work, and even explain the bluetooth circuitry system.

I really want to see how their kids will treat them when they grow old enough. I want to know how they feel when their kids reject what come from their mouth as unsuitable in the present era.

All we know that the rubber scientist like Zainal is stupid and the Japanese scientist who designed an amateur satellite is stupid too. These people are good in CW. The engineers, college and university lecturers and the Indonesian ham radio designer, who know Morse codes are all stupid.

15/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Everybody is complaining about freezing. It is about 22 Celsius right now. But it is quite awkward to don a pullover made of wool and walk in town. Malaysians don't even wear coats on their daily business or while at home. The Malays are fond of sarong with bare bodies. And they don't put on shoes or sleepers inside the house as the Europeans do.

I can't stand even the 25 degrees Celsius though in hotels I would maximized the temperature to that level. It is different when the sunlight is on my skin with even 15 Celsius. That was the temperature I experienced in Los Angeles California, that I would only have the normal T-Shirt on my body.

However it seems that Malaysians love cold. On ERL and busses the air is unbearable. With a plain shirt my body would be shivering and shuddering vigorously. This is where cuddling is more comfortable.

We can't predict the number of days the cold is going to seize us. Nature does not blazoned loudly what it is going to do. Men have to spy on it's plan, using satellites and shamans. Small cyclones that rapped houses without warnings would take everyone by surprise. But Malaysians had been warned about the severe weather by the Meteorological Department. I am not aware of it as I hate watching TV these days. They are more of a propaganda unit to inject lies to the people.

Even if we know, we can't command nature to quit freezing the people. If we feel cold enough, just get something to cover our body or try to do some rigorous exercise. That reminds me of the first time I stopped at Narita airport when I saw a few people jogging outside with merely a T-shirt. I thought it was just a normal temperature and tried to walk out but had to make a 360 turnaround as the air was very cold. Some guys jumped and swam in the cold water in the Arctic.

We complain about cold, there are people who live their lives in the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic. We complain about the intense heat, there are millions who make the hot deserts their homes.

15/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Image result

iPhone 6 32GB - Gold

Really my pocket went dry. I need to immediately stopped buying things again until the image of the King resurface. It is almost a week before it will be replenished by the pension fund. I can restrain myself and forget about shopping. After all it has been many years that I did not spend on toys and gadgets. The Macbook Pro, the drone and the iPhone 6 took heavy toll on me. I can't even spare RM200 more. Imagine among the three only the iPhone is with me. The Macbook, a used set, is still with the seller, whom I should call 'grand daughter'. Her mother was my clerk before. The drone is still under repair in Kuala Lumpur.

I won't force the Macbook to be sent to me the fastest because I have the same one which is still working which I use to make a movie for the Youtube. She can bring it back with her when comes home. But I am a little unhappy with the drone. The shop informed me the repair job takes 14 days however small the damage is. It has to wait for the turn. I don't think so that I can take to Maldives to record the beautiful scenery. I have to make another visit probably in six months time.

I am not very worried at my financial woes. I have some marginal amount left enough for my meals for the next 7 days. My electrical bill was only RM35 and I have paid it this morning. I have no outstanding bill to worry about. And I don't owe anybody any money. The rates, insurance and road taxes have been settled. Whatever dues have met the target and long honoured.

Though life is much harder than before I can live comfortably. And spend on luxuries like a tycoon.

When I have money, I spend. When I have none I deactivate myself a little, stay home, no travel and of course no spending for my friends. I become a hermit for a while.

If I am broke, there isn't anybody to be blamed but myself. If I am poor there are millions more who are poorer than me. There are kids without parents, and men being evicted from their homes. There are people who can't get jobs and have to resort to stealing food to feed their families.

Even millions who have not seen drone and can't afford even a cheap descent quad-copters. Many working people with a dream of going to Maldives but can't afford to spend their earnings elsewhere for their priorities are buying bread for home.

Considered all, I am one of the luckiest.

15/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I took a liberty to start my walk at 4 pm today as I saw the black clouds were moving swiftly from all directions, to beat the possibility of raining in one or two hours time. My conjecture was right as the raindrops began to wet the earth at 5pm sharp. I took a shelter in the nearby shed.

There were not many people at the track, probably about 6 or 7 only. As the rain was getting heavier people began to disappear. It has been three days that the downpours started at about 5 pm. I managed to squeeze in between the interval of the first and the second one. It could have started at 4 and stopped at 5pm and started again at 6.30. It would be at 5 that I took to walk and finished the exercise at 6pm.

I would not push myself to walk for more than 4 rounds, 1.2 km per round. Yesterday a woman I followed might have scared at me, turned and asked me about the possibility of the downpour. She told me she would do it for 6 and sometimes 7 rounds.

She has to be very strong to walk about 8.4 km at quite a high speed, whereas I felt so dead tired and exhausted. At this point I have to disagree with Ustaz Al-Azhar Idrus about women whose physical strength are inferior to men. There are women who could complete 10 rounds running, overtaking men in the tracks. And Ustaz Hadi Awang who believe that women are always inferior to men and their places are to do the domestic chores and raising children.

I came home after the drizzled stopped and started to stare at the cell-phone and this very laptop again. Political postings has been an entertainment to me. It will shorten my life if I take it very seriously. It can even kill me if I continue to think and ponder the fate of this country.

A friend posted a short anecdote just for a joke

Najib and Mahathir went into a bakery on a campaign trail. 

As soon as they enter the bakery, Najib steals three curry puffs and puts them in his pocket.
He says to Mahathir, "See  how clever I am? The owner didn't even see anything and I don't even need to lie. I will definitely win these elections."

Mahathir says to Najib, "That's the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickeries and deceits. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result."

Mahathir goes to the owner of the bakery and says, "Give me a curry puff and I will show you a magic trick."

Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Mahathir swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one and he eats it as well. Then Mahathir asks for a third pastry and eats that, too. The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and
asks, "What did you do with the three curry puffs?"

Mahathir replies, *”Look in Najib's pocket*."

It is much better than the cursing and the slurring. Reporters are jokers as well. They would choose pictures of politicians that depicts poor characters or images. For some personal reason I love to look at Rosmah's latest pictures.

As I perused the web and read the relevant messages the clock arms changed positions. Now it is almost midnight.

Days and weeks passed quickly. What were 40 years ago was just like yesterday. Except the mirror that always act to remind me of my age.

The daily chores for tomorrow will be the same. I hope there will be no rain. If I could not finish 5km, 2.4 km is good enough.

14/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It is a gloomy morning today, 14th January 2018. There was a little drizzle while I was on the way for my breakfast. The cloud is thick above the head, covering the whole area as far as my eyes could see. But it was not a dark, rather grey, indicating heavy downpour is unlikely within this few hours.

It is chilly inside my house even without the fan on. My hand phone shows it is 73 degrees F which is about 22 Celsius. Yet I am shirtless, sitting cosily on my sofa, watching Youtube on my TV about dogs and cats, filling my indolence and laziness, and at the same time I am typing this article intermittently.

Mansor, the son of Majeed who runs a restaurant, has just arrived from India. He said the weather in India is very cold. I am  not surprise at all because January is still in the cold season in the northern hemisphere. The sun will be moving to the north around June.

The other day I was chatting with a friend who said that he like to travel in cold weather. That's what I have reading so far about the Malaysians who prefer to travel in Winter. Some want to experience the world of snow.

I told him how I hate cold. And travelling in winter would need a big bag for thick clothing. And the Winter Jacket is not cheap either.

I don't complain of rainy or sunny days. I can dry my clothing on both days. I can still go for my meals and anywhere I want to, except for an evening walk, which I can still do it with an umbrella or a raincoat. I used to do it before but ceased the habit later. What is there to complain about.

Clouds have names. I wonder whoever gave names to them. I can only remember the Cirrus and Cumulus. And I don't know what's the one currently hovering over us call. I predict the possibility of the rain by the color. The dark ones will surely carry enough water to pour on us.

In the olden days we used to capture the rain water for washing, cooking and bathing. The water for domestic used was never lacking as rainfall would always be there except in December when there was the North East monsoon. But we have enough storage. I remember having 2 big vases filled with water. Moreover the daily tides would further replenish us with water for washing and bathing.

Our faith in God were very strong in those years. We believed God would bestow upon us with abundance of life, to provide us with enough sustenance. Indeed, my relatives farmer brought rice, my fisherman uncle brought fish, my mother planted vegetables and other green foodstuffs. We survived without income and money.

We were pleased with nature in whatever forms they were, even death and deadly diseases. In fact I later realized that death brought balance to human life, checked the overgrowth of the population and the livings have an abundance of land to stay on. As compared to today the younger generation do not even own a house and no land to stay on.

But we always have a fear of darkness. It could have been a sign of the coming of evil specie to rule us for another 10 years and sitting on the satanic thrown the spectre of a woman with horns on her forehead,

Darkness can bring us a very bad luck.


I do not procure the drone toy just for the pleasure of flying it but for joy of capturing the beautiful scenery and landscaping using it's camera. I figure 15 to 25 minutes of on the air is ample enough to cover a reasonable size of a landscape. The price of a medium class quad copter which flies about 27 minutes on a single battery is about RM5K.The package comes with three batteries, giving a total time of more than 80 minutes. With a pre-plan shot the job can cover quite a  wide area. It means one has to plan where and what one wish to capture within the duration.

There are many things that one has to learn before flying. If there is a club, a new comer can always learn from the members and can avoid fatal error on the first few flights. An accidence can be very costly.

My original intention was to bring the toy to Maldives on my visit to the island on the coming 24th of January. My dream shattered as it crashed, hitting a tree,  owing to my own carelessness. There is nobody but myself to blame. It was sent back to China for the replacement of the broken gimbal holder. It takes 2 weeks for the repair job, long enough to pass my visiting date. I have to rely solely on my video and my phone camera.

I will make it up when I make another visit the island again  in June or July. That will give me enough time to slowly fill my purse.

Mavic Pro is one of the best drones available in the local market. They are numerous of them on the Online stores like Lelong, 11th Street and Lazada. I thought buying from the local shop is more convenient for advice and consultations. And I bought from N4 stall at Aman Central. The video below was showing me staring at the controller to find out what are the functions available. I was pressing the menu and changing the settings by trial and error while the drone was hovering in the air.


 Mavic Pro does not come with a monitor. It is flown by a remote controller for the normal basic flying. With the monitor we can do the calibration, choosing the various flying mode, setting the automatic home return of the drone in case of the battery power has decline to 30%,  and make the drone follow a moving object like a car or a person. It is good for selfie too as it can snap my whole action along the ground I move. The drone can follow me. I don't have to have someone else to shoot. It is a simple feature which I have not tried yet. Interesting indeed. If I were to climb up a coconut tree I can make the drone to follow me from the bottom to the top of the tree, at the same level as me. It takes creativity and imagination to maximize the capability of the Mavic Pro.

The drone and the trip cut a big hole in my pocket. So much so I could not honor my promise to take someone with me to the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. May be on the next trip I will try to fulfil it. And most of us will heave a sigh when talking and thinking about money. It is useful as much as it is the root of all evil. I could not help myself but laughing when someone was consistently pestering me for a 300K loan. I am not thinking of the inability to pay but more so about where about I am going to dig the money from. I travelled and bought things just on my pension saving.

While someone is advising me to stay foot and prepare for my death, I am struggling hard to enjoy the ecstatic of life, the appreciation of exotic and beautiful nature, the pleasure of having the amazing technological commodities around me and to use and manipulate them as I wish. Imagine a simple old man like me occupying his remaining life with things that many younger men and women do not. Most of the mediocre people are enjoying life much more than what the wealthy and the famous. We have time for good food, for photography, for fishing, for ham radio, for computing and for playing drone. The Ministers and the tycoons miss so much things in life. What a pity.

13/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib and Rosmah pray to God and seek for forgiveness. Again he does not do a correct thing as always. His sins were to the people, to the Malays and the Malaysians. He sacked his Ministers, jailed Anwar Ibrahim, taxed the poor citizens and spewed a lot of lies. And the worst is he is selling the nation to the Chinese and defended his doings.

God may forgive him and Rosmah for committing sins against the Al-Mighty. Even that doesn't give him any right to keep the pink diamonds and continues to fork people's money, devising schemes where millions and billions could be siphoned.

For allowing the Chinese navy to encircle Malaysia and weakening out military maneuverability by his defence ties with them which in a long term will burn the country. It is a very treacherous thing to do.

He thinks by a single trip to ask for forgiveness he can free himself of the guilt.

Don't blame the judge for throwing Anwar in jail. Remember that may be the cause of the missing hundreds of innocent people on MH370.

If Najib really wants to repent, he just take a rest and read what people say about him or deny them in the court of law. At the moment there are people who presume that Kevin Morais and Najadi were killed by him, Altantuya's death was under his knowledge. She was killed by Najib's own bodyguards. How could he ask the dead to forgive him.

The burden of sins he carries against men is too big and monumental. He can plead for forgiveness among the living men. He just can't say "Sorry" to a man whom he put in incarceration for years. He can't simply say that he feels sorry for making the people continue to suffer for his harsh taxation.

I can't figure out how Rosmah could ask God to allow her to keep the stolen things as if she is asking God to condone theft and crime, to sympathize with her arrogance and lavish expenditure and all her vices and conducts.

As long as China own lands in Malaya and restrict our military capability and posing the constant threat to our security and sovereignty in our backyard and in his home town, Kuantan, his sin could not be erased however hard he tries to do it.

God may forgive him but not the citizens.

But I am sure he will be a hypocrite even to God. He can expect the worse comeuppance in the next 6 years, and if China takes over Malaysia, he can expect the worst of his life. He may have to have a few thousands bodyguard around him till he dies.

13/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I am sorry that I have to believe the AG and the Justice Department of the United States, not because I have a particular bias tendency but because they follow the money trail using bank documents. They were one step ahead before Najib could work out for the destroying of the evidence. And Najib fell short of legal action even against the Wall Street Journal.

And time after time Najib lied to the parliament about 1Mdb's fund in the BSI bank Singapore. And Majib finds a hard time to pay the interest to 1Mdb loan and the money to pay to the IPIC for the second time. The first payment went astray.

It is unspeakable of when the people around him discharging their duties to advise him not to let Chinese Communist to have a footage in our land, to build their military bases anywhere at all around Malaysia.

He thinks he is a very smart person that he can control and hoodwink the Chinese for he has never been a military man though he was put in charge of defence once. Then he defended his actions, telling the people China will bring prosperity to the country. It is true China will try their best to make the local think of the benefit of being in this country. UMNO themselves are distributing videos among the Malays to show how PAP, Lee Kuan Yew, cheated the Malays.

Israel only takes Golan Height, only a small area, of the land space.

China takes much more land area for both commercial and secret naval bases than Israel did of Syria.

A man, any man, who thinks money is god will always think of money. Najib thinks of money more than of the strategic and military way of thinking. 1Mdb itself is a government business venture to raise money.

Government is to manage for the welfare of the country and the citizen. That is the main and the principal task. To run it, it must collect taxes. And that was what all the previous government was doing all along. We call foreign investors to create jobs for the local populace. Today we call foreigners to work in this country by the millions.

When disaster took tolls and the damage were too bad he thought he could resolve the major issues by reconstructing things, and he made things worst than before.

Ministers live in a very comfortable zone that they refuse to compute the future of the nation. It is a very great tragedy.



Ham Radio started with people making transmitter using vacuum tube. The idea was to make a high frequency back and force current passing through a coil of wires to create a moving magnetic field. This movement is termed as oscillation. The  designed circuit with, the valve, the coil, the capacitors is called oscillator. To provide intelligence to this magnetic wave someone device a method of controlling the transmission. That system was called Morse codes, intelligent enough, to be recognized as letters and numbers.

Then they tried to see whatever happened if the electron flow through the valves were disturbed by changing the amplitude by inputting audio wave at the grid, and to the cathode. I tested mixing a music from my tape recorder to a valve oscillator to understand the history of radio transmission in the past, and a proper antenna, the music could be heard on the short wave radio 10 miles away.

The old hams started with the Morse communications and continued to improve in Amplitude modulation. Some came up with the idea of suppressing the carrier, but the wave without the carrier would move in the shape of the modulated audio signal. They were smart to come up with the balance modulator that was clever enough to cancel the carrier, and also using crystals to filter the main carrier, leaving the Upper and the Lower Side bands. A switch was added to pick one of the two signals.

As the interest grew and finer components added the transmission became more stable and the audio quality improved. Rigs began to step into the commercial world. But when wafer and microprocessor technology came into forth, it revolutionize the theme of radios. Competing with it was computer communication craze, with simultaneous transmission of video and audio, across the continents, in microsecond. They made our heads turned crazy. Some feel that they are in a strange world. Indeed, everywhere we go we would see people staring at their cell-phones, young and old. Cell phone has shrunk the world.

As the race continues the past remains a history. The shape and structure of amateur radio cease to retain the old tradition. Younger generation of radio enthusiasts would have not known what a triode and a pentode valves are. And they became users rather than the builders. More and more new gadgets enter the shelves and convinced the people that those are part and parcels of ham radio. Keyboard is used to send CW and even to receive the codes. Picking up stations is through sampling rather than using LC tuning to pick up desired station in the front end of the receiver. And a single complex black chip takes over the large components arrangements. Old stuffs will fade and gone once new inventions come forward. They are cheaper and smaller in size. We all know of the type of the old video and image storage device, the large magnetic tapes that were being phase out by the CDs and in turned killed by memory sticks and SD cards.

Only a very small portion of the hobbyist are homebrewing stuffs as things are flooding the markets. It is more convenient to buy than to make. Whoever ham radio operators are using a vintage single valve unit homebrew transmitter to send Morse code today ? As I have said that it is more convenient to buy than to make, except for the antenna.

Even the the DIY genius buy components and arrange them to make a project, but they do not make the components themselves. Each module of though is composed of a complex logical thinking and arrangements. ON the contrary there were much lesser logics and reasoning poured in in the construction of a transmitter.

Whatever outside the ham radio were claimed to be part of it once the members dragged them in. This is what happen to the trunk radio which were once used by the lorry drivers. Malaysian amateur radio operators are taking it in and declared it as a part of amateur radio. Why were  the term amateur radio radio not given to those drivers ?

A close look at the whole situation it precisely denotes the death of the traditional ham radio. People struggle to paint their radio shack as a ham shack by having a radio with rotating knobs, manual CW key, electronic CW keyer, a hand microphone, coaxial cables, as oppose to having only cell-phone and computers only for communication. Imagine you lie in bed and use your phone to talk to repeater and you call it a ham radio. And you call it progress.

12/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I only know a few women friends from a distant, including a house maid whom I frequently hired monthly. They are in the 40s, 30 years younger than me.  And all of them look upon me as their farther. And I think they are thinking that I am an old man with money to spend. Why not, I have been posting pictures of my visits to the Facebook. Nobody knows how I saved by cutting corners and restrict myself from smoking, buying newspapers and subscribed to satellite TV. The last three alone save me a few thousands in a year.

One asked me to redeem a necklace from the pawnshop, another asked me to buy an almost a 1K good for her in foreign land and yet another asked for 300K loan. They are all married. And I always told myself that it was the work of their husbands to replenish all of what they want. Wow ! A 300K loan. I have to be a millionaire to have that much.

Are all women like that ? I remember during my trip to Morocco, a group of ladies were buying a few thousand ringgit leather jackets like nobody's business. And I whispered to one lady in our tour group that I won't want to marry with such a lady because I can't afford to meet their expensive taste.

It has been three years since my wife passed away and I am living alone in solitude. In a way I have so much freedom; do whatever I want, go wherever I feel, buy whatever I desire and eat whatever I wish for. One distant woman friend advised me not to waste money on drone. Let the hobby be for the younger people to play. I would expect such care and advices  from people who live with me.

The happy momentum of my life would surely be disturbed if I were to marry again. I would never know which one is a gold digger and which one is a docile lady. If there is no domestic turbulence there will be a greater amount of financial commitments. It would even probably halt my travelling program. For instant, going to Africa would double the package fee from RM17K to RM34K. It will kill me.

The kind of women that scare me most are the gold diggers. I sometimes wonder what do they think and perceive of themselves. Do they prized themselves as pay per sex, pay per sleep ? An American Filipino lady I talked to at Los Angele airport 30 years ago told me that in America there is no such thing as love but money.

Aren't there any non-gold digger woman around ? The fact is nobody wears a ribbon or  a scarf written of their virtue, or imprinted on their foreheads of their kinds. With some effort and luck we can however find a perfect lady over time. Beauty is secondary or unimportant. Docility and obedience would be good enough for some men. They take whatever their men give, not asking for more, without lamenting for the small gifts.

A company, a wife, would certainly brighten my life. But it limits my freedom and movements as far as travelling is concerned.

To a certain extend, it is better and safer to stay single. There is always  freedom, nobody tells me what and what not to do, and free from a nagging wife. I hope nobody would treat me as a bank or a millionaire. It really scares me.

10/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

The first smart phone I bought was Apple Phone 4. It was a very expensive stuff then. It costs a fortune to own one. Though I had money during those days, it took me weeks to consider to buy it. A year later when I got by ASB dividend I bought one for my daughter. But someone stole it in her office.

Due to carelessness the phone went into the washing machine, dropped several times from my table and the pocket of my shirt. The efficiency dropped. I bought Samsung Note 3. But I seldom used it for my iPhone 4 was still servicing me. My son took it in exchanged for his Note2.

The phone batteries never last long, may it be the iPhone or the Samsung. I carried both on all my tour trips. Then I read about Zenfone 5 which can store much electrical power. It was less than RM700. So I bought one.

I have no interest in Chinese smart phones like Appo, XioMei or Lenovo. So were their laptops. There were several reasons for the dismissal. Nevertheless they are cheaper than most of the brands.

I also purchased an Apple computer, the Macbook Pro. Like the iPhone it is robust, strong and durable. I didn't have to worry about virus or any malware.

I have to console myself for spending much of my money for nothing. I also think that I am going to die soon. There is no point accumulating wealth anymore at my age.

Today I buy another phone, iPhone6 to be solely dedicated to my drone. Nobody will approve my buying particularly my wife if I were to have one. Whether it is for good or for bad, this is the type of freedom that I enjoy.



Mahathir is no more a young man. Even though he may live till 150 years, he will be lacking energy and mental alertness. But as soon as the Pakatan Harapan announced that he would be a Prime Minister if Pakatan were to win, he was fiercely attacked by Najib and his people.

Certainly we should take interest why there was a great bombshell.

Mahathir had said that if Pakatan wins, the first thing he would do is to arrest Najib. In fact many millions of the citizens of Malaya want Najib and Rosmah arrested. This is what Najib fears most.

For refusing to be incarcerated and probably tortured Najib will use all his means not to lose the election by hook or by crook. There was a rumor that 4 million postal votes have been created, and the cheating will be rampage including the ballot box tempering.

If the Malaysians cannot handle Najib, the Chinese can.

The only free video editing tool is the I-Movie of the MacBook. It may not be the best but it provides enough facilities for simple movie production. I do not find a way to insert texts at any position of my choice. I have to use the Title facility for some  descriptions.

As I continue to make movies, lately the computer kept on flashing, telling me the storage on the resource disk is almost full. I deleted all the movies I can find to give me 5 to 10 Giga storage space. It was last night that the deletion did not free the storage space anymore.

Then I decided to look what's inside the library. To my astonishment there are files and movies that had not been deleted. They reside quietly here without me knowing it. On releasing all the movie files laid in the folders, the free storage jumped to 160G. I was overjoyed. I don't have to worry about working on the software again.

I simply wanted to have a taste in sending movies to the Youtube. It was late, last year, in 2017 that I began to make a crude movie tutoring on my Baofeng programming. I downloaded free Windows software and worked on it until the expiry date. Then I can't run all the free stuffs anymore. It was at that time that I remembered my ailing MacBook. The keyboard refuse to function as the minute red ants had made it a home. I have to resort to the external keyboard.

From then on I have been using the I-Movie as my main video editing tool. I don't have to worry about the storage anymore.

09/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My drone crashed on the 4th day. I ignored all the precautions, thinking that I won't make any error. On the second day I tested it in the open space near the my jogging track following the setup shown in the Youtube. My TV said that it did not recognize the format. I used Quick Time to watch. The movie was jumping and jerky. On the third day I experimented with the video size, ISO and the shutter speed at home. The video on my monitor was not smooth. That would be difficult for me to fly the drone using the monitor. I use ASUS Zenfone 5 as a monitor. When I watch the playback the movement was smooth, no jerky effect, I tested with 2.7K and 1280 X 720, 24 fps.

It was on the fourth day that I decide to take it outside, to film it at 24 fps at 2,7k resolution, and to practise the stick and gimbal manipulation. I dared not fly over trees, buildings or stadium for fear of hitting the objects unless I could watch the monitor screen clearly. It was too bright to be able to see what's on the screen.


The clip above shows my flying path which does not show objects except for the white floor of the parking area of the stadium. And I was squatting near my car to get some shade. Towards the end of the footing it shows the three that my drone crashed into.

After flying I brought back the drone to my vicinity and allowed to to hover 14' above me near the tree, while I was trying to make changes to the setting. My hand somehow accidently hit the stick, driving the drone to the tree, crashed and dropped 14 feet down.

The crash broke the holder of the camera, It was a brittle plastic. I didn't know how to fix it back and took to the shop where I bought the plane. The salesman said that it had to be sent to China if Kuala Lumpur could not repair it. But I have to pay for the cost. He said it will take 14 days. The cost will be expensive if the gimbal breaks.

The drone is DJI Mavic Pro, made in China, is pretty expensive. It is 5K. In the United States it costs only USD1K. It should be about RM4.2K. When someone coaxed me to buy the drone for photography I began to search from Youtube. I thought it was American made. To me whatever made in the West, Japan and Korea are strong and durable. After making the purchase only I realized it is made in China when I looked at the battery. It was printed the word Guangzhou and China.

The only thing I can do is to be extra careful when flying it again. I don't want to play drone for flying sake but rather for an  areal video capture. On 24th January 2018 I thought of bringing it to the beautiful Maldives islands. With it I can record my own video without asking anyone for help. As a believer I have to accept it as a fate, predestined by God the Almighty.

Giving an old man like me to hold and fly a drone is good enough. There are millions of other Malaysians who may not have a dream like this at all. That's why I am not very worried about the crash and the repair cost. Whatever providence I have is much more than enough. 

09/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Luminous pain should be made mandatory at the rear of all motorcycles. Almost a hundred percent of motorcyclists are not aware that their back light are not working. It poses a great danger to the high speed oncoming cars from their hind.

Malaysia must impose this rule. Factories have to paint all the rear end yellow or green luminous paint at the production line. The main hazard is at the roads without a special lane for the two wheelers. Riders that ride in the middle of the road are really inviting death. What more if they were to wear black attires ridding black motorbikes.

I rarely met anyone riding without both the front and the back light at night. In places where there are streetlights they are visible to the naked eyes and do not pose any danger at all. If you are driving say from Alor Setar to Kangar you will face with a long road of darkness and pass almost invisible riders along the route. Though the speed limit is 70 kilo meter per hour, most cars will move at 90 or 100 k/h. The potential danger of horrid accidences are high. Any impact would be fatal and deadly.

We should not wait for the accident to happen before we legislate the law into effect. Neither should we wait for the statistical number to show up. Motorcycle owners can always buy luminous stickers and stick have it fixed themselves. The vehicles vendors have to sell the motors only with ready luminous facility, by pain or stickers.

Similar rules should be enforced on bicycles for easy visibility especially in kampong areas. Some poor people may be using bicycles at night to go to sundry shops or their friend's houses.

We are talking of "Prevention Is Better Than Cure", to eliminate any possibility of potential danger, of unnecessary maim and death. It is worth to sacrifice a few ringgit for the safety of all.

If a light bulb of your two wheeler goes kaput make sure the bulb to replace it is of equal voltage required. Motor shop loves to give the lower voltage one. It glows brighter but the filament will snap a few days later. If the voltage is higher the light will be dimmer. It is also a hazard. You don't have to worry about the blowing bulb and less bright one with the luminous paint or sticker. It is good to put on the helmet too. In fact the whole helmet should be luminous. I saw this on some of the new bicycle paddles. It has always been a relief to us to be aware of the objects in the dark before our eyes. You can kick the brakes immediately.

Walking people wearing all black are the most dangerous. If you want to commit suicide, just donned everything black and walk in the middle of the dark road. Else wear the all luminous dress and walk in the middle of the road, singing Elvis Presley.  

08/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


China has always been smarter than Najib Razak who thinks he can hoodwink everyone in the world. They began by securing military bases in Malaysia, with their firepower much superior to the Malaysian arm forces. They moved fast. No Malaysian army could defeat them by any mean. Take my word that more land will be sold to China. This time in Kelantan. Assume that Najib has bought Kelantan at the price of 90 millions. He can sell part of Kelantan by billions to settle the loan. And Hadi is never worried about it.

If you read the feedback in the social media, you will find that the non-Muslims are attacking Islam furiously linking it to Hadi and the PAS leaders, who were accused of condoning thieves and liars. By the act of Hadi they believed that it was true money was passing hands and being shared among the PAS leaders. He said that winning elections are not important. PAS has religion in front of the party. AND UMNO on the other hand had claimed that they were responsible for the stability and the sanctity of Islamic faith in this country. In short Hadi has declared that Kelantan is being sold to BN.

The Kelantanese do not have any insight of what will happen to this traditional Malay belt. Try to tell them that selling the state to Najib means selling it to China, they will snub at you. These are what the stupid Malays are good for, either they challenge you to a fight, snubbing you or say The End Of The World Is Near after they found their foolishness causes them  grave mishaps which are irreversible,

The culture of lies and cheats will permeates PAS that made Islam very repulsive. And among the Malay Muslims some will cease to respects the Ulama.

It has not happen yet. Kelantan has not fallen yet. And China does not have a military base yet. But it will happen once BN takes over. It does not matter to Najib because he has a home in Makassar and Zahid Hamidi has a home in Java. Both of them declared themselves that they are Indonesians. That's the reason  why they have no heart on the Malaysian Malays and even the country. Sold all, and it will not affect them at all. Of course it will not affect me also for I will die soon. I am just like Mahathir whose days are numbered.

There is no way that China will give up Lumut, Melaka or Port Dickson. These are strategic naval bases to control Malacca Straits and Indian Ocean. They are thinking of circling the Island of Diego Garcia also. If Malaysia wants them back, Malaysia will have to fight for them. The Felda people and the kampong people do not think where they are going to go if China takes over this country but Najib has thought about his new home. The Malays will be chased out of this country like the Israelis do to the Palestinians. The White Americans did it to the Indians. The White Australian did it the Bushmen. It is not going to be the end of the world, but the end of the Malays.

Then the living generation will one day say that their fore-fathers were worst than the Morons.

When we drive a car there is a blind spot you may not realize. There is nowhere in the mirror you can see the car behind you. The same situation exist in Najib and UMNO's mind about China, what their leaders have designed Malaysia to be, and the multi-pronged approach into actions. They want the public not to see and know what their dealings are with the Chinese who will be of singing the song of Malaysia prosperity that they are bringing in all the time. I saw a Chinese movie on Tibet, which sang the same song of development and prosperity to the Tibetans.

If God let me live for two more years I will be able to witness the spoils of Hadi in Kelantan and the expanding Chinese military bases in Sabah.

08/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When there was a news that CW would be scrapped and there was a massive leeway to qualify for amateur radio, I predicted the worst would fall on the fate of the once great hobby of a matured and well informed community. Without following the path there would be chaos and turbulences. The path began with Short Wave Listening to learn the ethics and procedures, seeking an Elmer, sit for RAE, learning Morse codes, go for CW test, and wait for police clearance (in Malaysia police clearance was formerly compulsory).

My prediction does not go astray. First there were new terminology used like PTT instead of a mic or a microphone. Secondly they are following the pirate procedure and lingo. There have been broadcasting, double re-transmission, cross frequency transmission, using trunk radio system on amateur band, selling transceivers to non-amateur with programmed repeater frequencies, using other people call signs, insulting fellow amateurs on Facebook and bragging their ability and degrading other fellow hobbyists.

You want to see hatred, go to amateur radio world as well. Here you can find rogue people which was once unknown to the members of the radio fraternity. The gist of ham radio traditions and practices have disappeared. The spirits and the identity have evaporated. A few try to resurrect the glorious past without success but are facing a monumental barrier.

An insult on a fellow amateur for public perusal is uncalled for. I think it is good for legal action. It will open the eyes of the authority. Probably they too will have to go to court to clarify some of the relevant issues.

I have just contacted a victim of the attackers, who told me that one of them works as a car mechanic, one works in a food stall and another is a radio supplier. It is this radio supplier who sells the trunk radio sets for the amateur frequency.

The point is the whole of amateur radio in this country is not protected from any filthy denomination.  Are we going to say that it is only 0.01 percent of these people is bad contravening the Malay proverb 'Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga' ? In a society of noble people we can't afford to have even one bad apple. We have been having too many bad people already. We would expect a peaceful place of calmness what we called sanctuary for the peace of mind and tranquillity.

When will the turbulence end ?

05/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Tonight I was lucky to see this woman again while I was having my dinner at a stall. It was quite dark with a little light. But I figured she is about 30 to 40 years, carrying a torch light and bags of cat food. This is the second time I met a woman who would look for stray cats in town and feed them. The first time I saw was more than a year ago accompanied by a man whom I supposed was her husband. I recalled that she was a little older than the woman I saw just now.

But I have heard this tale from a friend before,  about a Chinese woman who would go to the fish market every morning to feed the cats and talked to the animals. She even brought medicine for them to those she thought were sick. I don't know whether they are the same woman. I am sure some of you might have seen the same scene somewhere some time. Going round in the dark with a silhouette feature certainly is without any ulterior motive of gaining popularity nor publicity. It is not like calling all the media to broadcast our donations to the poor folks. Good deeds can always be stealth and unseen.

You don't have to be a Malay, Chinese, Indian or White Man to be good because goodness does not choose a particular race to dwell. On the contrary it does not license for a particular race to be a criminal and bully all people of different culture and belief. My monthly Indonesian maid is so concerned about her cats that she would allocate a small portion of her income for her loving pet.

It is hard to know what really  inspires this woman to be what she is, possessing such a kind heart to help stray cats. It is quite an expenditure. A 2KG packet of food costs about RM17 for the Giant brand. Recently I paid RM15 in Padang Besar for the same amount. It would last for approximately 6 or 7 days to feed 4 to 5 cats. The total cost per month for the whole city could at least be around RM240.

Probably she believes as many of us do, that the animals will pray for our sustenance. She feels of the great providence bestowed upon her and her family. At the end of the day only happiness and satisfaction that permeates deep into her heart.

Let us pray for kindness and care be born in our souls, to feel pity upon the poor and the unfortunate, to contribute what we humanely can within our mean and capability. Let us pray so that we not be a monster, a braggart, a sinner and a liar. Amin (amen).

05/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What joy will I have having a drone ? I am thinking hard now whether to purchase a Mavic Pro RM5K drone used for photography purposes. 5K is not cheap. It doesn't come with a monitor. A friend suggested a monitor solely for the drone only and with the drone software only. I think he is right, which also implies that I have to buy a drone and a pad or a cell-phone.


 The main problem is always the money. It is almost the prize of a transceiver. The decision is always a critical one.

After a deep and profound thought I decided for a drone. I went to our local supermarket, Aman Central, searching for a shop which I saw selling a kind of drone somewhere around last week. I never expected to see so many kinds of drones, the Spark, the main Marvic Pro, the Phantom and a few of others. This is a real drone shop in town. I do not have to buy it online anymore.

The salesman has to make an order of the type of drone that I need, the complete Mavic Pro. In a couple of days time it will arrive and I will have to start learning how to use it step by step.

Is this the alternative to Ham radio ? It is hard for me to say. I am too old to form the City Drone Group where we meet and discuss drones and organizing activities pertaining to the hobby. The existing of such a group to a certain extend can hinder the members from bad company, of rogue and rude individuals. The higher the cost of the hobby the lesser will be the individuals without courtesies. My theory may be false but it is worth to observe the relationship. If it is true and the members comprise of all the happy go lucky, intelligent guys, I may spend more time on the new stuff.

From the total constructs of amateur radio today, it is detouring completely from the traditional Ham Radio. The identity is missing. It is dead.

There are more interesting stuffs around that Malaysians are still ignorant when it is a ritual in the Western countries like building the ultra-lite aircraft, the flying machines like a quad copter carrying a single person, and the quest for anti-gravity propulsion system.

04/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



During the days when the word internet was not thought or dream of communications were hard. It took days and months to send and to receive news. The fastest was to use radio or telegraphic messages. I still remember vividly that we would rush to the police station to send news of someone's death to a family member living a distant away.

We would be waiting for the letters from our parents and families who were on pilgrimage to the holly land, which would arrive a few months later.

Malaysians went to USA and Great Britain to study. Rich parents could afford to talk to their kids on the phone. A minute of call to the United States is about RM45 from Malaysia. It was cheaper to dial home from America to Malaysia. It was about a dollar a minute, less than three Malaysian ringgit.

A few parents attempted to use the ham radio service by talking to another ham in USA and the ham connected the call to their kids and the conversations went on in such a manner. I remember having a chance to hear such a conversation on my radio. Later I heard the authority interfered and banned it. Our senior told us that such a re-transmission was not allowed.

There two things that I learned from the old telecom. First, the re-transmission was not allowed. Secondly the broadcasting was forbidden. And I remember in my law class we were told that there were strong rationality for every law made. In any new situation where where might exist conflicts we have to go back to the rationality behind it. It has to be carefully observed so that there can not be any misuse.

As to the radio rules not all agree to use identical clauses. France does not not allow the use of the D-Star, the combination of radio with the internet. The FCC is using different rules. France has her own rationality behind it. The view on VOIP and the computer CW need to be discuss in great length by the authority.

In the case of using computer for CW, I think, it is just the same as using the RTTY or other digital mode. The effect is different when using a fist to send and a brain to copy. In fact there is no need at all to use radio communication as more messages and images could be sent through the internet.

What keep amateur radio to be different is the homebrewing of equipments and skill of sending and receiving Morse codes. Even voice communication cannot inferior to internet Skype protocol.

We have to decide whether we want to be precise on definition and conditions to be used with RE-TRANSMISSION and to be firm with the ruke on BROADCASTING. We need to be clear on each and consider the long term effect of our decision. Of course we have to take into account of the current communication technology that are within the grasp of the masses.

03/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I just heard that the Thai authority is taking a stringent action on the non-citizen who are caught carrying transceivers or transmitting in Thailand using with foreign call sign. I don't know how true it is.

Assume that the case is true we can be certain the penalty will know no mercy. try to do what we may think it is legal in Malaysia but the Thais look at it in another way,

You have to apply for a reciprocal and carry the document with you. You cannot bring your FCC license for the reciprocal as you are not the citizen of the United States. Never think that when you do not have the reciprocal you can use any other foreign call sign. The United States does not arrest you because the law is not broken in their country but the host nation may.

Reciprocal is the hidden concept of giving a special privilege to a guest. As one leave the country the reciprocal cease. An authority has the liberty to give the best of the status to his guest, including an honourable special call sign to be temporarily used during such and such an occasion. 

Whenever you are in Thailand, just take extra precaution and don't ever try to smart as you are in Malaysia. Landing into trouble is never a sweet experience.


Why care about the end of the world. We should ask ourselves when will it be our end. Well known people in history like Hitler, Idi-Amin, Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great were the names of the past. Rosmah has been struggling not to grow old but just look at her facial and countenance. She is becoming older with wrinkles. And Najib has grown grey hairs. Mahathir is counting his  umber of days. So most of us are.

The only thing to know is who would go first and who would be later, and what will go first and what followed later.

If you are not a believer than you can use your reason. There were predictions of the possibility of the comets hitting the earth. If there was once a big bang, could it not be happening again ?

Rosmah is much younger than me. I have been hoping I live long enough to see her ending. But she will not go good in the history book. What she does and her total demeanour has vexed many Malaysians. We have read about Ghadafi being sodomized by someone who had hated him so much. And Saddam Hussein being hung by his enemy, in cold blood. A few people asked me what would I do with Rosmah. Questions were in vindictive mode.

However wealthy a person is and whatever number of bodyguards surround him he will not have a peace of mind. At difficult times he will push God aside and maneuver his way through to save his neck and hoping God might forgive him. Whereas I believe that those who forget God will also be ignored by the Al-Mighty. No religion condone lies and deception, stealing and cheating. A life of a sinner may be prolonged so that he may live to suffer in this world as well.

An arrogant and a high handed man will find himself helpless when the day come. If he thinks he is young others will find that he is old. If he thinks he is strong, other will find that he is weak. People will flock to a new man who is stronger and powerful, for bread. One reign will be replaced by another. It is a cycle of life. It is not a prediction nor a prophesy. And when he dies there is no Datuk or Datin in his current status can buy heaven for him, no amount of gold or diamonds can seat him as a King nor a President. The moment he stops breathing that is the end of him. The Sultans will end and go back to the ground.

When most of us are all gone, what will live is the story of a great thievery, the plundering of public funds and the unique characters of a duo. It will be told from generation to generation until the end of time.


cont. (article went missing-this is a re-written effort)


2008 is the year full of deceitfullness, lies and misery. Millions will suffer at the high rising cost and taxes, and unemployment. Among all the races the Malays and the Indians will fare the worst. The Chinese is the fittest and their surviving rate is high. Najib will be selling more and more land to China and has to meet what the Chinese demanded in return for the favor given. UMNO leaderships will be defending their actions while the whole  citizens are continued to be plundered.

The economy will not be better no matter what Najib does. Nobody wants to admit that Malaysia is in the hands of Goldman Sachs and Chinese Communist. He has buried the country into a deep shit.

It is the year when we will be seeing those who vote for UMNO will cry and lament and regret on their own doings, the year of further conflicts and distrusts among fellow Malays, and the spread of hatred against Islam by those non-Muslims who saw Hadi as a disguise of an evil. I saw Hadi as a man who had disgrace Islam and prefer Najib to be a Prime Minister.

Last year it opened up enmity between the people and Monarchy. The number of dissenters have increased as I have predicted. They express their views in the social media displaying the lost of respects towards the Sultans.

2018 is surely to be a very gloomy year. Pity the citizens and pity the people. There is nothing to celebrate but a lot to pray.

01/01/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof