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I miss a dear friend for not lending her RM300.00. It was an impossible amount that I could hardly raised within a five or ten years. Even if I have the money it would be of a great risk to lend without a collateral. I have lent people cash before. After a few month the borrower pretended not to know about it. Because the amount was quite large I signalled her of a grave danger. She paid back with the words 'tak halal' ( it is illegal money for you ). And a few years back a Haji Halim, a Malay contractor in town ran away with RM500.

I did have some saving for my own living starting from my younger days. Till today it has been more than 50 years. Putting aside a dollar a day would gives you 30 dollars a month, 360 dollars a year.

She hated me so much that she barred her children from communicating with me. The kids are like my grand children, one already in university and another will be joining another in July.

I took time to think about it but never to regret losing a friend rather losing the money. How could I depart with all the 50 year savings of my life just to help a friend ? That's not even attain the 100K level.

I do not depend on my children for my sustenance. At 72 I do not have many more days to live. As well as remembering God and the life after, I want to enjoy my remaining life as much as I can. I want to see the world and the beauty of nature. I want to have fun with electronic gadgets, to have fine time with 3D TV, flying drone and seeking pleasure with the wonderful cell-phones.

So I need to check my limit of helping people and trusting people.

If I don't talk to people I can talk to my cat.


Me more than 50 years ago at Epcot Center Florida.






30/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Ramadan feast, buffet style, at the hotels and some restaurants is set at the cost of RM66 per head for adults and RM33 for children. I can't say what type of delicacies are spread because I have never been one but as my conjecture goes it is just like the normal hotel buffet I used to attend. Among the best hotels are the present Sama-Sama at KLIA and one hotel I can't remember the name in Las Vegas. They have a great variety of food we can choose.

I suppose with the RM66 the food are the best among the best ones too.

These days I come to control my appetite. There is always a lust in us, crave for any favourite dishes like bake fish and prawns, fried squids and lobsters. But how much could our stomach could take. At the breaking up of my fast I only take half packet of rice. With two glasses of water I could take no more. I bought mutton Briyani for RM7 a set, with delicious mutton curry and dalca gravy. I bough a packet of fried mee for my final meal at the price of RM2.50 and a ringgit of cookie. Those are for breakfast and the Sahur.

If somebody were to offer me to have the ramadan feast at any of the hotel in town for free I would be happy to accept it, just to enjoy the fine dining of RM66. I doubt it because it would cost quite a fortune to spend about RM300 for four persons on the meal.

Of course it won't be a lobster or a crab there.

The first thing that people will do is to go for the water. The more they drink the less will be the amount of food they can take in. There is a limit that the old people can eat.

I would value the total consumption to be about RM20, the most is RM35.

For foreign travellers the food is darn cheap. I told you before that a burger at Burger King Maldives cost USD15 a piece which is about RM60. A simple Briyani in London costs six to ten pounds a packet. To the wealthy Malaysians RM66 is a chicken feed. For most Malaysians it is a scary price to avoid.

My total daily expenditure on food during ramadan is far below the other months.

I am all alone at home. I thank God Almighty for giving me life and happiness.







29/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My drone is about 5 months old. It crashed the first 4 days I bought it and some time later when I pressed the RTH button it shot vertically upwards and hit the tree. An once I could not find it as it got stuck in between leaves on a tree top. I disciplined myself to keep control over my emotion but rather to slowly build in confidence in me. Since then most of the postings on the youtube were showing improvement though may not be as good as the clips posted by other hobbyists. On the youtube my channel is under man4855. That's what one should type on the search box.


For most my flight, 99% of them, I only used one battery. The shot looks continuous as I just maneuver it from the lifting off to the ending points. In my own assessment the lip above is one of the best so far. I never expect the view to be so very spectacular, different from other locations.

But there aren't many viewers for all my videos. It does not matter. Though my target audience is the foreign viewers who might have known this country will get some idea of how Malaysians live. Some might be thinking that we still live on trees and travel by bullock carts. I also do not know how to promote it.

I cannot concentrate much on this hobby as the current political affair distracted much of my attention. We have just got a new government.

The clip above is about my trying to race against vehicles on the highway. It gives me some idea the comparative speed between my Mavic Pro and the speed of the traffic flow on the highway. It also shows that a single battery is enough for most of our photography. I never flew up to 27 minutes. I would call for home when my battery was about 50% left.

Yet there were people who commented that each of my footage was too long.

We were told to have the drone on our sight while flying. I found it difficult to comply. There isn't any open plain other than the paddy fields. And I don't like to fly in the open where people could see me. Moreover under the blazing sun I could not stand the heat. I usually stay in my car and using the iphone 6 to monitor the flight path. There were times nothing appeared on the screen and I quickly pressed the RTH button on the Remote Controller. My eyes fail to see small objects like this Mavic Pro once it reaches about 200 feet away.

When the drone returned to where it started, I would only looked up as I heard the buzzing of the propellers. If I considered it was too far off the target I would stopped it and flew a feet or so to the right place. This can happen at places where the open space for landing is small, about three or four feet in radius. Mind you I am 72, not a young man as you are.


29/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The magnitude of the stolen money was too huge to let things go without a harsh actions. Najib's favourite words is 'proof that I stole the money'. Is it not similar to any thief asking the police to proof that it was him who was thieving. We were told having a stolen property was wrong and a wrong can be punished.

In the case of Anwar and Saiful there was no concrete proof of sodomy. it was between Saiful's words and Anwar's. The judge chose to believe in Saiful's words. Nobody saw the sexual act. So was with the previous case. In the case of Najib the court will have to decide whether to listen to Najib or to the government. We can always establish that Najib is a liar. He even lied to the parliament. And the money is missing. And he never reported of the missing money. In fact he said everything was perfect and confirmed by Apandi Ali.

It was Najib who was the boss of 1Mdb. He is responsible for any mishap of the body. He signed on money matters.

I don't even believe that it was the DOJ who came to Malaysia. We need to check to ensure that they were not Najib's henchmen. The 1Mdb task force should be sent to USA and discuss with DOJ in Washington.

And Arulkanda himself admitted 1Mdb was a kind of a scam. Isn't there a charge for consistent lie on Najib Razak to hide the wrongdoing of 1Mdb and even paying the false IPIC a big sum of money ?

I am just an ordinary man. So are many millions of others. We can see what is happening right now. There are attempts to sway the authority by a string of spins. And in some we smell incitements.


28/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



All of a sudden I had a great cough and a fever yesterday. It was almost 9 day of the fasting month. At 5 pm I strived hard to go to Secret Recipe to buy me fish & chips and spring rolls for my break fast. And after the break fast I took the remaining cough drug that I used before, had a Panadol and went horizontal till this morning.

Indeed it was a good rest. The severe cough has subsided. But each time I coughed it inflicted pain in my body. This isn't a new thing for me. It happened this way all the time. I have to wait for two more hours before going to get me some food. I decide identical menu, spring rolls and fish & chips. I hope for the full recuperation by the day after tomorrow for I promised my maid to buy her a new year dress. In fact she messaged me this morning.

At the moment Ah Hwa is outside my house doing some spring cleaning. I called him to do some small repair work. While waiting for the cement floor to dry he choose to clean my compound. Ah Hwa is another poor Chinese who, from time to time, I would called for help. He has a son working in Singapore and he is an odd job worker.

Cough and flu have always been my worst kind of sickness. It usually took 7 or 8 days to cure. I never went to clinic or hospital whenever I had them. I gathered it would rest my body a little by staying home and consume a meagre amount of food. After all I am now 72 years old. God blesses me with bonus on my longevity. There are millions of younger people who have died from all sort of diseases before me.

I believe both in medical science and the miracle of God.

There are people who wish that they would die the soonest but continue to live till centenarian. There are those who want to live forever but died even before 50. Think. Just think. That was what my Professor had been telling us repeatedly "to think at least once in a day'.

The good thing of sickness is one tends to forget and forgive, to think all the races and creeds as one.

It is 3.30 pm now. Ah Hwa has just finished his job. As usual he always refused to accept all the payment I made to him. I insisted and I had to force the extra into his pocket. The fever and the cough have lessened. I thank God for the providence.


27/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Arulkanda says he is new to 1Mdb. When he joined in the mess was already there. Now he says that. But he hopped around the country telling people the rosy picture of the agency, challenging people to debate with him. He even asked Rafedah Aziz to apologize about the seizure of the yacht. Who said about the money in Singapore's bank and later twisted it into UNITS ?

When people condemned 1Mdb UMNO supporters and Cyber Troopers blamed the people for not hearing to Arul's explanation. Even Tuan Ibrahim was happy with Arul. Niot only that Mr Apandi himself declared that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb and everything went well, one Imam praised 1Mdb for sending Muslims to make their pilgrimage.

There was in fact a war between the netizens and Arulkanda that the people saw as adamant and arrogant, defending the lies. A true man would have not gone around the country to lie to the people, millions of them. Was that not a crime when it involved billion of ringgit ? What was his intention then for telling those lies ? Remember people who asked about 1Mdb had been sacked from UMNO and threatened, and may even been killed.

In the ancient time the masses would have mobbed him and may even burnt him as a witch or an evil spirit.

Was he not aware of the payment made to the false IPIC ? How much was it ? Now he pleads innocent. What a joker.

24/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The end of Ramadan is in three weeks time. Muslims are encouraged to buy new dress for the Id occasion. I think it is not necessary for an old man to procure any new one. I still have a lot of old and presentable shirts and trousers. But it would be sad to see the young people and children donning shabby attires during the celebration. The most important ware for me is the shoes. I have to have a good pair of shoes for my jogging and for my travelling trips.

The most important activity on the Id day is the morning prayer. I have got enough Sarong and Baju Melayu as my prayer apparel, After the prayer I will stay home waiting for children to come over and give pittance for their joy. These days the number of children has been lesser than the past. Each child is given only a dollar. An adult or any beggar will get between five to ten. It has been two years since I can't even finished RM300.

There had been many shirts bought but not used. They were still wrapped in plastics. Before the New Year I would take them to my old school's guard house to give away to the workers. I even bought some new ones for them. And during the fasting days sometimes I would buy food for them. Then I stopped doing so as one of the guards whom I knew did not allow me to enter the school compound to do the computer service. He said that new Principal gave that order. Such an action did not make me suffer any loss. Now I cease from giving them any donation anymore.

Nevertheless I promised my monthly Indonesian maid to buy her a dress. I intend to buy a couple of shirts for her husband as well.

I am not a rich person. To a poor man a thousand dollars is huge enough to be divided among the needy. This new maid had been lamenting of having no customers during the fasting months. Her husband only works whenever there are construction job somewhere. People told me not to trust Indonesian maids for they will not appreciate the goodness done on them. I believe them base on my three experiences with them. I know it. But I do not expect any return from them. I just pity them. When my wife was sick and fell down Chinese people came to help her up, not once but several times.

I need to do some repair work. My daughter's room has to be cemented a little. My sink pipe leaks. I have called Ah Hua to fix them. These consume money. And just now I went to buy vitamins and medicines that cost me RM412. My quick calculation shows the total expenditure on repair work, maid's dresses and the medicines comes to about RM1.5K. Somehow it is less than the price of my drone and my coming trip to China's Silk Route.

If dress does not give me happiness and joy, I can always find them by other means. Charity is one, and keeping healthy is another.

I do not buy anything for my grand children. They always wear sparkling and splendid dress on every Idil Fitri. They will be back a few days before the festivities.


24/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Sorry to say that the Malays are generally not so smart and with a poor vision. I don't exactly remember how many years ago there was an attempt to build up the Tabung Ekonomi Islam (The Islamic Economic Fund). Te method of collection was simple. A Muslim who go for the Friday prayer contributed to the fund as much as he desired. They had a box for it. I remember it went on for about a year or two. And the amount came to millions of ringgit.

Then there were discussions what to do with the money at the top level. To our modern standard we would say they came up with all sort of stupid ideas. They didn't even think that this was a blessing for the Malay Muslims did not have to rob from Peter to pay Paul. They should draw a clear objectives, at least to enhance the socio-economy of the unfortunate poor. The money was not to be put in the cold storage to see the growth of the figure.

I didn't know who were in charge and who were the committee members. I guessed they were the religious clerics. I am not underestimating any religious people but I know how they think. I am not wrong about it. They are no doubt could be considered experts in religious matters and God, but to bluntly say, they are narrow minded people and very emotional and sentimental. So much so the collection then went to a stop. I do not know what they do with the money and who is keeping them now.

With this foundation the Malays could stand on their own feet without having to depend on the government for everything. They could even build many good affordable homes all over the country, or spacious compartments. They could have joint-venture companies with the non-Muslims in doing local and global businesses.

But no politicians must have any hand in running it.

Ours is a multi-racial country. We must not antagonize other race by taking their money and unfairly given them to only one race or only dividing them among our friends and families by the millions, that do not reach the poor. There are many poor Chinese too.

The Zakat money was not fairly distributed. The officials got a few thousands monthly while the poor gets a couple of hundreds. They have millions in savings.

The poor habits of the Malays are they like to steal and waste their money. The story of thefts is not only at the top organizations and institutions but also in their homes. Even sons and daughters steal from their mothers. When they run an institution they do the same. They always deny their doings. People of my professions I know of do not steal but I noticed they do not have wisdoms in financial matters. Most spend more than what they have.

I am not talking about liberalism in Islam. I am talking about open mindedness, able to see things in a macro and micro modes.

As for the Tabung Ekonomi Islam only God knows of it's fate.

21/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Only God know how hard I tried to leave the political scene. I hate to follow the news on the social media and tried to avoid repulsive messages that should have been halt by now. On the Facebook (FB) some remarks are very provocative, illogical and stupid. I did not response to such stupid political statements rather prefer to write on other topics like on Ramadan's food and the drone flight. I put my thought on where to capture the next movie and when. Within these few days I manage to produce three short movies.

Editing work, compiling a movie and uploading it to the youtube take a lot of time. It is good for me. It diverts me from politics. When I watched the uploaded movie, I tend to repeat it for a few time, observing the errors that I could have made. Among the three the one on Ramadan food mart is the best to my assessment. In fact I made another one before this but there wasn't any customer yet at the time. It was too early. I contrived to make another one at a later time.

But during the editing I deleted a part of the previous introduction about the effect on the camera and gimbal of a drone if the sd-card is full. And when I posted to the youtube I have to write an explanation. Again it made me very busy with other things. It does  contribute to my effort of putting off the thoughts on current issues.


And when I prayed I asked God to bless me with a peace of  mind. I have faith that God will take care of everything.

Believe me I still do not TV till now nor buying newspapers. I don't intend to hear or read political news from those media. It would better for me to enjoy the Youtube movies which I could watch directly from my large smart TV. I don't regret buying it. It serves me to escape from hell. Politics can shorten my life. With a little time left I might as well enjoy the good life blessed upon me. I want to think of my coming trips to China's Silk Route, Maldives and Indonesia. And to have fantasy on each of the trip.

Drone is the best of my hobby now, replacing the ham radio which has lost it's juice. The new culture does not fit me. The best of the drone is not the aircraft itself but the capturing of a quality video. Every time I have to think of a theme. Some people climb over the mountain to fly the drone above the cloud and travel to spectacular locations. Aerial photography alone is not enough. It is better to combine the land photography with the sky capture. But I am not a professional, only an elderly hobbyist.

Fasting month is along way to go. It will end in mid June. I wish the dark cloud will be paved away replaced by the clear ones.

21/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


All along I have been thinking that Kevin Morais was murdered under the order of Najib Razak. I whispered to some of my friends that the AG at the time, Ghani Patail, had instructed Khalid to arrest Najib and charged him under the criminal breach of trust. Instead Khalid chose to inform Najib and the subsequent actions were taken on both Kevin and Ghani.

It was just my wild suspicion then. But I believed the FBI's suspicion was along the similar line. Here is an article written by the Financial twitter. Judge by yourself.

This was what transpired from the court case yesterday. I just pluck a small part of it>

Gunasekaran, who was the second accused is now free after serving two years in prison. He changed his plea to guilty after being charged with concealing Kevin Morais’ body and destroying his vehicle.

Who would not want to go to prison for 2 years for 1 million ringgit bribe ? We can still get Guna to testify whether he was bribed to change his plea. Just promise him protection and he could keep with any bribed money.

Below I pick up a few views of the netizens


19/May/2018 at 11:46:10am

Please establish the motive of this murder. The motive has to be realistic and sound, given the circumstances. Do not just punish those, like in the case of Altantuya's murder trial, who pulled the trigger.  Find out who is the mastermind who directed those mercenaries to kill.


19/May/2018 at 11:33:32am

Who shot at Ghani Patail's driver's house??, Tow truck driver murdered Najadi?? Why was Kevin's brother having lunch earlier with Najadi??, What is the motive, if one accused of taking 200K bribe, will i kill the DPP?? no surely not, one can argue my way out of this 200K bribe on technicality. Why bother to kill someone?


19/May/2018 at 11:11:31am

We are not interested to know who killed Kevin Morais. We are only interested to know who are the people behind this murder and the motive of this murder.


19/May/2018 at 11:07:20am

why going for dessert .Why not go for the main dish. Who is the master mind get him nothing to be scared of now najis is no longer in power...damn public prosecutor should delay the trial and get more evidence as to why the murder took place not who killed him. Then only justice will be seen as done. Police and AG Chambers wake up to the new Malaysia.. before we wake ur slumbering lazy rotten ass and do ur job deligently. Don't think you caught the ikan bilis case can be closed. Go for the big fish the rakayat is hungry for the truth.

monkeys caught in the net

19/May/2018 at 10:45:54am

Why always we get the ‘coolies’ (paid killers) and not the master mind/s. If these evil souls want to see justice they must co-operate with the authority and spill the beans. “You cannot form an orchestra without a conductor”


19/May/2018 at 10:38:25am

Hopefully motive and the masterminds behind the murder will be established.

Mighty Bear

19/May/2018 at 9:31:47am

Who gave the order?


19/May/2018 at 8:50:27am

These are the small foot soldiers paid to do some dirty work just like the two bodyguards found guilty of murdering Altantuya. There are bigger crooks behind these killings and police should now reopen and widen their investigation. The  new government should ensure that this happen if it is truely committed to the rule of law. The once mighty should no longer be protected and  must be brought to face the criminal justice system. They owe it to the family of the deceased and to the nation. Justice must be done.


19/May/2018 at 8:49:59am

The most important question the prosecutor must ask is "who direct them to kill Kevin Morias". Hope this trial do not end like Altantuya's case.


19/May/2018 at 8:23:15am

Who is the ultimate person who gave instruction to kill Kevin Morais?

Pakcik Am

19/May/2018 at 8:16:10am

Did the then police investigate Najib in connection with this murder ?





Whether there were proofs or not Najadi, Kevin Morais and PI Bala were dead at the time when scandals erupted over Najib's 1Mdb and Altantuya's case. I also follow the the sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim and how Najib was directly involved. He lied about knowing Saiful but later admitted of his meeting with him. How could I treat such a person with dignity. Do I forget about his fierce attacked on Tun every night on the national media ? And Mahathir's plane experience oil leakage at the tyre ?

He sacked Mahyuddin, Shafiee and those who questioned him about 1 Mdb. Mukhriz was removed in a disgrace manner, without showing any respect whatsoever.

Najib is not worth to be treated with dignity.

I followed his movement all over and saw how he was trying to corrupt even the world's leaders. His maxim CASH IS KING is not supposed to come from a dignified man.

Millions of people voted him out for the same reason.

18/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Whenever I went for a tour, alone or with a group, I never brought with me much money for a simple reason, I just don't have excess cash or wealth with me. I would stay outside the souvenir shops while other members of the group went in to buy a lot of things. They can pay for a 20Euro magnet for freezer without bargaining, not one but a dozen of them. At Morocco's leather shop many of them purchased a few thousand ringgit jackets. I saw them spending money like water.

I concluded that they were very wealthy people and I would stay aloof from them. On the bus I chose the most back seat and enjoyed appreciating the beauty of nature.

Now that I read about a person with RM400K monthly salary I begin to understand their position and social status. Though they were retired they must have a very huge savings. I heard them talking about visiting the North poles and Scandinavia, and other exotic places. I saw them changing elegant dress each day. Travellers from Sarawak would lodge at Sama-Sama hotel before and after the trip. Of course I can't afford such an expensive hotel.

I start to imagine that how many jobs we can create with the 400K ringgit. Basically we can have 40000 with the salary of RM1K. That's a lot. We are lull on hearing of 1000 people had to be laid off. It is much more smaller than 40000. That's for one person. How many earn as much as that amount of salary. The discrepancies are too great.

Nevertheless I also met with budget travellers. The ones in Maldives there were university students who can't afford to pay for a USD15 burger king. Of course for a burger to cost about RM50 a piece is insanely expensive. Wealthy people would not care about it. There were many customers enjoying the American delicacy.  

In almost all my trips I did not buy anything for myself. However I brought about RM400 with me for small purchases or for foods sold at the roadsides like maize and banana.

I am happy. With a meagre income I can still go to see places and enjoy the fun as any other wealthy people.

18/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When Najib and family made a trip to Australia and New Zealand, I already suspect they were opening bank accounts for their kids. I had guessed millions were put under the family members' names.

Similarly the trip to Uzbekistan that saw numerous number of bags carried on the plane, which I guessed could have stuffed with precious metals and diamonds.

Now we somewhat got a picture of  a great heist that had taken place. It is indeed true for the ex-world bank personnel called Najib a CROOK and the DOJ called him KLEPTOCRAT.

In the recent raid most commodities found were women's used items. The handbags cost millions of ringgit.

I am sorry to say that the lust of human female specie has always exceeding the male counterpart. Even the world isn't enough.

Rosmah had called for the wrath of God. She lied to the people that she had returned all the stolen goods.

Najib could have not suffer as much as he is now if he had not taken Rosmah as his wife, A Prime Minister should have not married to a used woman.



Are you thinking of buying a drone ? Wait a moment. Buying a drone is not something like buying a cell-phone. A middle to a high end drone is more complicated than the cheap hundred ringgit stuff. There are a lot of setting up to do. I think it is not advisable for a beginner to buy it online. It would be a hassle to calibrate the IMU and other things. I bought a drone, a dJI Mavic Pro from a drone shop. I was shown how to remove and fix the propeller, how to start and stop, how to handle gimbal cover and how to use the remote controller (RC). The did the IMU calibration for me.

One other important item we have to remember is the video editing software. If you don't have any yet then don't buy the drone. Look for one good one. I could not buy one as I do not have a credit card. Using a free one is always a hazard because it was temporary. However if you have an Apple Macbook you'll find a software called the I-Movie. It comes free with the computer. I have a Macbook to do the job of video editing.

There are drones that can splash in water and even record video underwater. I asked my supplier why they do not sell it. The salesman said that they don't have people with knowledge to repair it. GHis reason was quite sensible.

dJI sells several versions of their drones, the Phantom, Spark, Mavic Pro and Mavic Air. Phantom 4 and Mavic Air are both having sensors all around while the Mavic Pro only has a sensor in front and one at the bottom. Hence it is prone to crashing compared to Phantom and Mavic Air. Phantom is more expensive in Malaysia. Mavic Air flight time is shorter than the Mavic Pro.

Another thing that you should know is that when the sd card is full the camera will refuse to function and the gimbal won't move. You may be thinking the fault lies with the camera and get panic over it. Remember this well. If this happens what you need to do is just format the sd card.

Most of us are not rich men though we have a strong desire to own a drone, RM4K is a huge sum for us just to enjoy the hobby. I always compute my spending comparing with other goods I could have with the same amount of money. A couple of drones could be the cost of a small car. People tend to wow when you tell them that you own a drone, especially an old shabby looking person like me.

Don't be duped by some cheap aircrafts that can fly only for one or two minutes. It is a sheer waste of money. And seek someone to coach you if you are just a beginner.

18/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It is a simple question. If you are below 45 you are still a young man. I am 72. What I can tell you about me is that the most glaring thing is that I am very absent minded. I always forget. My mind is not as sharp as before when I could solve a very complicated computer problem and writing sophisticated codes.

I am a very independent person like many of my friends of about the same age. We do not depend on our siblings or anybody to spread bread on our tables. We do not seek assistants to help in our mobility.

My hair is white. It is a sign of the end of my life. But day by day I heard news of people who were much younger had gone to meet God. I will not strive to fight death. When time comes I will go.

At this age I still have a passion for travelling. Soon I will be going to Silk Route China, Maldives and Indonesia. And I go alone wither with the tour group or by myself. The young girls at KFC showed surprise of my going solo. And I play with drone, moving around capturing scenes and produce movie clips.

 Let me tell the younger people that most of my contemporaries are very wise with money. As for me, I am a lavish spender but I have  a check and balance system in my head. We can survive any financial turbulence.

At times when we encountered with arrogant civil servants like clerks and nurses we refrain from asking their salaries and their savings. We do not brag, do not show our capability and the past achievements.

I might as well tell you that I sometimes slept on the floor, sofa or on a chair. It has been more than 40 years that I did not sleep in a comfortable bed except when I went on travelling trips and excursions. That's when I live like a King.

I am a Malay who could speak a little of Chinese and Thai, and of course English. At 72 I can still remember those languages. I can survive in China or Thailand.

If you are younger and your vision is fuzzy and myopic then seek for God's blessing. You have a long way to go. You may rise or fall and probably live in perpetual unhappiness.

How old are you ?


Today the fasting begins. It is the holly month of Ramadan to the Muslims. The Muslims are bared from taking food from early morning to the sunset hours, gossiping and doing any form of sins at all. It is time for the Muslims in this country to stop bickering and lashing their political enemies. The main communal activity is praying after the breaking fast. It is TARAWIKH  prayer. Sadly enough I could perform this religious rite yet until the 1st of June. It would be a three months completion of  eye operation. Since the praying is long and I have to bend, I have to wait for a few days more.

But when I has had my eye operation I did not inform anyone. I only informed my kids who are in Kuala Lumpur after the procedure. To me it was not so very serious for the minor job. Certainly my neighbour would be thinking I am not pious enough and do not keep to the good practice. I have to bare and be patient. I know I am not a good Muslim.

Every Ramadan there are food fare markets everywhere in the whole nation, selling every kind of food. Thousands of people flock to the market causing the hell lot of traffic jam. I would spend about RM20 to buy food for the breaking of fast and the last night meal which we called SAHUR. We have to halt eating just before dawn. I usually took my last meal at 3 or 4 am. A wise person would not overeat and control the amount of the food intake including beverages.

The breaking of fast is between 7 pm to 7.30 pm following the time of the sunset. At about 4.30 pm I would go to the Ramadan Food market to avoid crowd. Then proceed to the jogging track and have a light walking exercise until I feel exhausted. That will end about 6 pm. It gives me enough time for my rest, bathing and ready for the first meal. The meal starts with one or two cookies and a drink. I will do a prayer after it and approximately would proceed with rice at about 8.30 pm.

The routine will be for almost the whole month. My kids and grand children would return about 6 to 7 days before the end of Ramadan.

It has been more than 5 years that I did not buy a new clothing for myself. But I bought for others as alms for them. My old monthly maid already had been pestering me for the new dress though she no longer gave me any service. She is working in Kuala Lumpur. I intend to buy for my new monthly maid and her husband, at least 2 pair each. That is the best I can do. Things would be different if I were at the young age. Today I don't even iron my shirt or trousers. I washed and wore them.

I hope I will live till the end of Ramadan. 

17/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A day before the election my drone camera did not function. There was no response at all when I pressed the record button or trying to move the camera up and down. Immediately I took it to shop where I bought it. It was sent back to the service centre. I was told that I had to pay RM150 for the repair. I insisted that it is still under warranty. "But you crash your drone by your mistake," the shop said. I remember it had one sever crash after the first one. I thought one of the components might have been loosened. I agreed to honour the payment.

I went to pick up my drone this afternoon, tested it, the camera worked very fine. I brought it home. I was shocked when the original camera's faulty state was just like the day I brought to the shop. I was very puzzling. I went to the shop again. The salesman just remember something. He said it might be due to my SD card. He asked me to change with the high speed card. I argued with him it could be due the card because I have been using it all along. I told him it would be because of the storage. I just erased the content using my PC. he took the card and formatted it. Like a miracle it was working again.

I am going to test fly the air-craft tomorrow. I don't mind paying the RM150. I saw there were about 5 staffs in the shop. In my heart I was contributing to their livelihood.


16/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am sorry. I don't mean to defame or accuse anybody of being bad or evil. But to state what people think about some of the political leaders base on their observations and deductions. Nazri Aziz, Zahid Hamidi and Annuar Musa were all associated to gangsters and mafia. I read an article about BN leaders were rubbing shoulders with gang leaders and affirmed by Zahid's letter to the United State's court to secure the release of an apprehended gang leader and later the arrest of the police with million ringit corruptions who was in cohort with the underworld. The murder of Najadi and Kevin Morais were done by the gangsters under the request of someone in the government.

Nazri was not seen as one by his arrogance but also by his donning of rings on his fingers and the necklace on his neck, the common attire of the Mafia and the head of the gangsters.

During the last election the pictures of Zahid Hamidi were hang in every corner and on poles everywhere. The passing motorists loathed Zahid as they associated him with Mafia. It was a great mistake of BN as the party did not care to find out what people perceive on Najib and Zahid Hamidi. Had they put the picture of Rosmah, the worst thing could have happened.

Millions are still with the view that Kevin Morais was killed under the instruction of either Najib or Zahid. Many feared Zetty Aziz could faced the same fate for her knowledge on the fraudulent money. It was good that she chose to resign. They said that she escaped the drum of cement.

BN's government has the psychological war department. Their expertise could have advised Najib and Zahid to be more careful of the way they deliver their speeches to ensure of negative perceptions on them. It could create more hatred by the grinning of their teeth and the ugly facial expression.

Najib had tried to promote his good image by paying millions on donation to foreign institutions, advertisements. Zahid declared that he had a PHD. Instead people were making fun of his PHD. But none would question the PHD of Raja Nazrin.

The citizens are observing their leaders. Hence the leaders must conduct themselves well, behave well, avoid from being arrogance, observe their speeches and demeanours.

Remember they are only a mere perception.


16/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It happens like a dream. Though I have seen the consequences, I never thought it is this quick. I trhought I would die first before Najib would be incarcerated.

Until today I believe Najib had been charmed by his spouse, a woman who would have been called a witch in the yesteryears. They said that she was in the university in the same year as me, Shafiee the lawyer, Shahidan Kassim, Aziz Shamsuddin and Adnan. But I was a teacher when I joined University Malaya, meaning I was a few years older than those who were fresh from school. Rosmah already made a debut even during her university days.

I didn't know when she married Ismet. I heard that she was after Najib's brother but decided to go to Najib. Workers in Najib's office were asking among themselves who that lady was, making the office like her own home. Najib got a wife then.

We heard Najib took Rosmah. His former wife was declared insane and was divorced, in exchanged for Rosmah Mansor.

Her relatives and daughter narrated about her having shamans around her. A lady I met in the travelling trip told us that she was scared when she was near Rosmah Mansor.

An office was created for her in the Prime Minister's Department called FLOM. A weekly slot was given to her to talk to the government employees at Putrajaya. Then she created PERMATA that consumed million of ringgit, the work that was suppose to be under the Ministry of Education.

Her lust began to be seen by the whole country, using the newly purchased government jet to go for shopping spree all over the world. It was leaked that her purchases were paid using the government's fund. Computer image of the bill went viral. People who talked about her Berkin bags and diamond rings were apprehended and charged.

Then emerged the story about 1Mdb. They denied saying it was all a lie. Najib even said he did not know Jho Lo. Pictures of their acquaintance were published in the social media showing Najib, Rosmah, Jho Lo and the Arabs on a yacht.

There were detailed reports on Najib and 1Mdb misdeed. DOJ began to make investigation and followed the money trail and came up to show the detailed of diamond transactions. Rosmah herself was shown the design of the pearl diamond which she wanted a little changed.

I heard stories about Rosmah making a phone call to Obama about DOJ's charge and wanted Obama to settle it. And later to Putin about the MH17. She said that she was too busy to play badminton because she had to attend to the nation's welfare. So much so the public began to say that Rosmah Mansor was the real Prime Minister and Najib was scared of her.

I believe that had Najib stuck to his wife and did not take Rosmah, things would have not happen as it is now. The traditional Malays believed in Sial ( always carry bad luck ).

We are waiting for the Altantuya's case to be opened again. We need an answer on the approval of the C4 bomb and who exactly gave the order for the killing. Someone even mentioned that Rosmah was at the murder scene.

What I thought would take place in between 5 to 15 years time is happening now. Only God knows.

15/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



God conferred us with power to help and see the welfare of the people is taken care off. If not with power, it is with a huge wealth. If it is not a wealth, it is a position. In the past arrogant people were pictured as persons who walked pushing their chests in front and the heads were tilting upwards by a few degrees. When they talk their voices were high.

I did meet hospital nurses who would like to yell at the patients, especially at the elderly. The same nurses would transform themselves when talking to people of higher stature. My neighbour made a party and invited me. Since he was close to political people the party was almost filled with politicians.  I saw my student who had been a Yang Berhormat at the party. He didn't seem to know me. They were addressing themselves as Dato'. As I was a nobody I would not blame them for ignoring me. Were they arrogant ? No. But I knew what a student can do his teacher once he had become a Dato'.

When people show their arrogance we lose nothing by their actions. If they are shop owners we don't go the shop anymore. If they are public servants, our hearts just said, "Wait one day when you retire...". If they are politicians we would pray for their fall. As we go too far the God Almighty may lift HIS blessing on us and we will go on our own without guidance and the show of the right path.

We can avoid being arrogant by being friendly to all. We don't segregate between races. We extend our hands to help the masses dismissing their political beliefs. We befriend our enemies. We don't put people to shame in public. We make other people feel they are important to the society. We respect them.

At most of the time God gives us ample time to repent, to correct ourselves. We must be brave enough to apologize to the people whom we have made to suffer. What if murder someone or putting an innocent in jail for a long number of years ?

sample of arrogance

15/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We can be proud of ourselves and keep the pride within us. It is not legally wrong to shout to the world of our prowess but is religiously wrong for the Muslims to brag about oneself. The Malay word for it is RIAK ( sounds like ree yaak ), It is almost a taboo for the Chinese to thump oneself to show how smart and great one is. There is a word in any dictionary ie humble). A shabby old msn that we meet on the road can be a very educated person, and be a millionaire.

I am very afraid to talk about myself for fear of crossing the riak boundary. But I met people who worked in Boeng industry and a medical doctor who only whisper to my ears softly about their professions when I asked them. The American doctors, husband and wife, wanted me to address them just by their names.

I do not have a Dato's title. If they knighted me with one, I can assure you that I won't even use it. I have one radio friend by the name of Abdul Rashid Sultan who had been conferred with such a title has never told his friends about it. He said, "I already have a Sultan. What more do I want ?" When he travelled to the United States and Europe everybody called him Sultan. So we are calling him Sultan Rashid rather than Dato' Rashid.

There are people of great intellectuality, skill and honourable professions who do not parade their grades. Do we ever hear Mat Sabu or Lim Guan Eng broadcast to people of their qualification, academic or professional ?

Brain should co-inside with characters and behaviours. A knowledgeable individual should not do stupid things. Take an extreme case as an example, should a doctor steal ? I have seen despicable arrogant braggart among the normal men and among the politicians. I have been interviewing jobseekers before. I had never been interested in the paper qualification but I would ask questions related to the job.

People do not respect your PHD but interested in how you conduct yourselves. The moment they come to see that you are a braggart they will begin to hate you.

Of course there are time and occasions when you have to declare your capacity. They are done in private during the work interview and other similar situations. You just don't go around to show your achievements and excellence with the aim of getting respects and obedience. What more if you go on the air to belittle others and elevating yourselves  to the level of gods.

To me such a person deserved to be called a disbeliever. God forbids chest thumping to show your greatness and superiority. Yet some people simply make it their daily chores.

I believe that God gives and God takes.


14/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a bizarre memories when thinking of a person being killed and dumped in cement and a pregnant woman tied to a tree and killed by C4 bomb.

In my mind they were murdered by conspiracy. Millions of Malaysian citizens do think as what I am thinking. Of course God knows everything.

The main question that bog our minds is 'should we show mercy on the murderer' ? To me this is not a matter of showing pity. If proven beyond doubt then the perpetrators must bear the consequence and accept the verdict. This is not about theft but about a murder. One cannot declare that the killing is legal as we are are at war for we are not in the state of war with anybody.

13/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We voters gave our support to Rafizi Ramli. Many sacrifice their savings and pension funds to Invoke to support him, thinking he was fighting for a cause, not knowing he fought for a post. The show of arrogance withdrew our support and respect on a person whom we thought was our hero. He bragged of his qualification and his ability as if no other people could outsmart his mental prowess.

Tun has wisdom and a wide experience. Ask the voters whether they vote for Rafizi or because Tun is there. I talked to all Chinese voters and everyone said they voted for Tun.

Many intelligent men are wise. Rafizi should learn from Jomo, Zetty, and Robert Kuok as well from the Cpuncil of Elders.


Rafizi worked hard. Many others worked hard too. I talked to many Chinese voters, all said that without Tun Mahathir PH will not win. It is not wise to lash the newly elected PM in public. Remember Mahyuddin Yassin was DPM before and did not demand for the same post. If Rafizi wants the Finance minister's post he can always go to see Tun and expressed his unhappiness. I am sure he will still be the Finance Minister 2, but not to go public. I feel so sad to have a smart and intelligent man who thinks PH won because of his sacrifice.

Voters who voted for PH are all unhappy on Rafizi's action. "We respect you,"they said."Not until now. We paid to your invoke by the thousands to support you. Shut up." Young people talked the bad past of Tun said, "We still want Tun." They said that Tun can deliver.

At a stall this evening I talked about Rafizi to the stall owner who said that Rafizi should thank to Tun for not going to prison.

I also look at Rafizi in different way. He showed that there is a sign of him having a high blood pressure and the possibility of heart problem. People of such a character shows the real dangerous health condition. The anger itself is a symptom. If Rafizi is in front of me I would advise him for an immediate medical check up.

Everybody sacrifice, even the laymen. There are several shops in town have stopped charging GST and willing to absorb it themselves. They are Chinese who are selling to the Malays. Rafizi should be shameful to them. We fought using the social media and campaigned to people we encountered with. None of us want any favor from anybody. We just want a clean and honest government. Volunteers woke in the wee hours to go Subang airport to make sure that Najib do not escape. There were people who followed Najib's van that went to several condos to pick up Rosmah's expensive handbags.

Somebody needs to tell Rafizi to cool down, go for medical check up and wait for a moment. He is not even sworn yet as a senator. Tun cannot wait for that. He has to form a government first.

I myself was not a fan of Tun during his tenure but I forgive him and he has endured the comeuppance. I believe that he will not be long but wants to put things in order again.

13/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


As the story goes about the drama yesterday on the swearing ceremony I trust Ali Hamsa, the IGP Fuzi Harun and one Senior member of the Arm Forces who went to see the King about the need to appoint Dr Mahathir as immediate as possible. Or else they could conspire to topple Dr Mahathir.

I hope the public should understand this. Even before the election the IGP, Hamsa and the Navy chief said that the government servants can choose the candidates of their choice. Previously we heard warnings and threats that government officers must vote for Barisan Nasional.

It is true that it is hard to say NO to the instruction from the Prime Minister. It only takes some kind of people who dare to tell their bosses if things are not right. Really, I dare to accept demotion or being sacked for the truth. I would not fight or yell at him but only declined in respectable manner.

If an army chief says he is loyal to Najib he is darn wrong. His loyalty is to the King and the Country. The problem of Najib is that he commanded absolute obedient to him. He sacked those who questioned him.

Some can be weeds, sway as the wind blows, to survive.

11/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is an attempt to disinformation of a so called Investigating Paper on Najib. When reading through I found that the paper was trying to say most money came from Arab donation. I immediately knew this document was forged.

It won't be a problem for us. We have the money trail as shown by DOJ and the submission of Reza to DOJ that the money was from 1Mdb. The Singapore and Swiss authority can help us as well.

Najib himself had said that all political donation must not be under personal account but to be put under party's coffer. He would have not sacked Mahyuddin. In fact he should inform the party members immediately after he got the money.

He hid it until WSJ wrote the news about it.

If the document says a donation, the WSJ says otherwise he would have sued WSJ and even DOJ.

Majib is struggling hard with the help of Shafiee and Apandi now for fear of incarceration.


 A person holding a high and respectable public office should not behave like this. see the video clip.


There were 4 death suspected to involve Najib. There will certainly be investigations whether he ordered them or helping by direct or indirect mean like asking the gangsters to do the killings. The case carries the penalty of hanging to death.

11/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Apandi Ali was put there by Najib after the former Prime Minister stripped off Ghani Patail. If Najib can do it surely Mahathir can do it also. It does not make any different. Ghani Patail did not claim that he could not be removed under constitution.

I remember Apandi's words that he wanted to prosecute Lim Guan Eng himself. Of what reason that Apandi spewed such words ? Simple. Because Guan Eng is DAP. Other people can be the prosecutor.

He did not show his professional behaviour when he did not show up to meet the Swiss investigator in Malaysia in 1Mdb, then claimed that the Swiss did not consult him on decision to confiscate the 1mdb's money.

If Mahathir does not like him and he does not like Mahathir, they cannot work together.

How could Apandi conclude that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb, and made the finding a secret and cleared Najib for it when the DOJ has enough proofs. And Najib's son -in law admitted that the 1Mdb's fund did passed his hands and paid the fine.

Therefore he was either wrong or committed a deliberate mistake. A mistake, deliberate or not is enough to show of his incompetency.

Apandi cannot be the smartest. There are millions of people who have made judgement against him and do not want him anymore.


I do not bother to check out all the previous pages on the topic "WHAT'S NEXT ?" It was a question insinuating Rosmah carried a bad luck charm with her. Though I did not believe in SIAL, there had been bad happenings in the country one after the other which I had contributed to possible mysterious phenomena in the lady.

But I never thought that it is coming this far. I pray, Sirul will not expose Najib's or Rosmah's involvement in the murder of Altantuya and nobody will come out with the story of Kevin Morais's murder under the order of Najib Razak. The penalty for murder is death. 

I followed the court proceedings and the death of Saddam Hussein and I wrote briefly about it as a warning and reminder to Najib. I knew some SB people would read my private blog and would advise the Prime Minister of consequences of being so adamant. And I discovered that people do not hate UMNO but hate Najib and Rosmah for their high handed policy.

Tun Mahathir is still smart and sharp at 92. He knows what he wants, despite Najib's last-ditch to defend himself.

I still believe in the will of God. Bragging and praising oneself is sinful in the eyes of Islam. So is lying and stealing. CASH IS NOT KING after all.

The way the couple conducted themselves invited hatred. Even the world's leaders were trying to avoid the couple.There was a story on FLOM and PERMATA and recently she claimed that she setup PERMATA to educate the youngs so that they won't be as rude (KURANG AJAR) as Nurul Izzah. When she was accused of using public fund to buy million dollar rings she denied it saying she saved from her young age. And now she swore that she never own any ring. She used government's jet to go for shopping and Najib's administration said she has the right to use it.

Things may not be over yet. But I decide not to ask the question anymore. This is the end of WHAT'S NEXT.

Whatever will happen from now on is left to the fate, predestined by God the Almighty. She has the time to repent. Would she know the pain suffered by Altantuya and Anwar Ibrahim and their families ?

It is lucky that we are living in the modern era. In the days of witches and sorcerers Rosmah might had been burnt as a witch. We are sane and civilized. We show our happiness by making sure that we will not be bought with money. We voted out evil and un-shamed leaders out when the time come.

DOJ is not lying. They have proofs of the diamond purchased. And they have evidences of what they say.

I always have faith in my believe that Rosmah will shed her tears one day.

10/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Today is the happiest day of my entire life. As I saw, Najib has no faith in the God, the creator of mankind. He boasted much about himself and brag and brag, which is strictly forbidden by Islam. He tried to bribe God to whitewash his sin by sending people to pilgrimage with the stolen money. He lied to the masses and to the parliament.

Dr Mahathir had made mistakes before and God has punished him severely. We all saw his sufferings and how the man he picked up as a Prime Minister insulted him.

Many people believe that Najib is ruined by his wife, Rosmah. It is better for me not to say more about her. Somehow she has been punished slowly by God. I hope she realizes that she is growing old and been arrested by wrinkles. She will go into the history books side by side with Imelda Marcos.

Both live in fear now. It is not about stealing money but about the possible involvements in the death of Najadi, Altantuya, PI Bala and Kevin Morais that carries death penalty. Did he know the feeling of Anwar's family when he jailed him for sodomy ? And the Americans even linked this jailing to the missing MH370. The crime has been very massive.

Najib has to admit to the IGP that he is scared what Mahathir is going to do to him, and plead to the police chief to negotiate with the new Prime Minister and the people about his offence.

I am also happy that we are free of gangster King to rule the country. I don't have to mention the person.

Down here locally I want to look at the arrogant UMNO leaders in their eyes. A few are my former students, who do not know what respect is.

What these people had done to Lim Guan Eng had been too bad, just because they want to take Penang back, and fanning racial issue on DAP. Combining with Hadi they have disgrace Islam and make the religion repulsive.

In short Najib thought he was invincible and cash was King. He did not know the morality of the Chinese have been greater than the Malays, and believed he could buy them with money. He was damn wrong.

10/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

ROS was never good to Dr Mahathir, banning his party but allows BN for almost the same reason. And could we forget how the BN candidate was stopped from entering for nomination ?


Whatever you see on this page is not something that I copy from somewhere else. It is not something great or things to brag about. You may take it for granted or you may 'wow' it as it comes from a 72 year old man. I think it is just a simple background and creative in design. I plan the layout myself. The coloring may not be appealed to you but it is good enough for me.

Young people could do better and nicer. I 'wow' at some of the clip of Mavic Pro produced by our fellow Malaysians. They were well done and extremely good. When my drone comes back from repair work I will strive to produce somewhat a clip similar to that standard.

One out 100 younger people I met would regard elderly as senile and weak and offer to carry things for me. Of course they did it with full of respects. I agree that they are stronger and more energetic but the same time I have been carrying more than 8 kilogram backpack on my back when I go travelling.

And I have met friends and my teachers who are superior to me in many fields and activities in arts and engineering, in DIY and sports.

It is true that ageing needs a lot of rest too. I need lots of mental and physical rest with only a slight exercise to make my mind alert and keeping me fit, so that I can be independent. These few days I feel tortured with election fever, mental stress to see blue flags and banners that I associated with crimes and dishonesty. I watched a lot of TV and entertainment programs to divert from the political stress.

There have been several remarks about the senility of our mind as if we cannot analyze events.And it drove me to think how smart these people are. Can they write computer software ? Can they manage their future ? How knowledgeable and creative were they ?

I have been managing funds, both my own and my former institution. I have been travelling to distant places alone on my own. And I developed and sold computer soft wares. They aren't achievements and they are not great. But certainly I cannot be a moron, senile and incapable.

I am not talking about myself. I have friends about my age who are very resourceful to their old age. One person is called all over the world to do a certain specialized repair work.

When we need mental rest we would go on the Whatsapp and crake jokes. We were once a ham radio operator. And everyone is an expert in his own way.

We agree that let the younger generation be left to run the nation. They are brighter than us and more capable in dealing with hazzards and problems.

09/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have flown many airlines over the years. The best ever flight to the United States in those days was The Thai Airline. I like the food and the air-hostesses. They would change their dress from time to time with the traditional dress, looking gorgeous. And since I ordered for Muslim meals i was served with Briyani from Bangkok to Los Angeles. Other planes were China, Northwest and MAS. Northwest would charge us for the earphone usage. My bad experience with MAS was during the meal time. Some said, "beef chicken...beef chicken..beef chicken..." and when I said 'Beef' the reply was 'beef finish'.

Air Asia came much later. I took it to Lombok, Surabaya, Padang, Tokyo and Maldives. But I was never happy with it for the various extra charges. In Jakarta once we were not allowed to board the plain for not producing a custom declaration card. We have to rush back to the custom counter for it.

If I have any alternative carrier which is just a little more expensive I would opt for the alternative. Within these few years I had been flying MAS to Kuala Lumpur. My luggage problem would be settled.

I took BA to London. It was as good as MAS, Garuda to Jogjakarta, Quantas to Australia and a few other ten sitter planes. I do not remember the flight to New Zealand.

The worst of all was the internal flight from Los Angeles to New York. I don't remember the airline. We were starving. There were several hours of delay at different location.


Booking fee of RM1K has been paid to the travelling agent today for the trip on 11th September 2018. It had been several time when the trip was postponed. Prior to this one I will be visiting Maldives again on 12th August. I have not paid for the island tour. It is not because I have plenty of cash but because I won't have many days more to live. I will die any time soon. I k now my health condition and I am not going to strive not to die since I have crossed the 70s line.

I do not look for details about the total program and it's itinerary yet. It is about 10 days inclusive of two days of leaving and returning. The tour duration will be 8 days. I know it will hectic but full of fun. I hope I won't die during the trip unless they are willing to leave in the desert. As always I will be alone in the back seat.

I worked hard enough during my younger days. I save for my old age and for the trips. I might as well fulfilled my dream.

While others crave to go to the North pole and to see the aurora I put aside of visiting cold places. I have had much experience with icing and snowing. And I hate carrying thick clothing in my bag. They consume plenty of space.

I think September wouldn't be too cold. I have not checked the temperature yet during the month.

I just wish myself good luck.

09/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I made my own decision on the political party of my choice. I can change it if I feel it needs to be changed. Nobody can convince me anything. I never want to attend any political rally by any party, PAS, BN or PH. Neither do I watch TV other than live soccer match. So much so I do not follow the progress of the world.

People cannot make me sway from the main issue. I will stay firm and patiently wait for the voting day.

So far I was not wrong in my prediction as what will happen after the election. Yet the same people who vote for a party of their choice will be the first to curse their chosen party. The myopic visions of the Malays is so real that they become refugees in their own land, selling their lands and towns away and then disintegrated sporadically.

The cash handout they received quickly erased the past memory. I hate this kind of people so much that I am happy to see them suffering. A strong supporter of UMNO had been unemployed for many years and survived under his wife's income. There are many people who are just like him.

Of course I can't change the world or force the world to think like me. It is their right to choose their own path either to heaven or to hell. I am telling myself to be selective in helping people. I should also treat the religious figures like any other people. It looks like some of them are hiding behind the Koranic verses to cheat and lie.

These kind of clerics existed since we knew about what we called PADI KUNCA.

08/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

If Najib does not marry Rosmah he would have to face much problems as he is facing today. I have a glance at Rosmah's few clips and studying her behaviour and deduced some conclusions about her. Like many other people she thinks she is the smartest in the country and has am authoritarian trait in here.

She commanded apprehension on those who criticize her. She used government jet for her shopping spree. She spent lavishly trespassing public funds. In short she think she is the government. It is not a surprise that she was called the real Prime Minister.

We have several Prime Minister's wives before her but there weren't any controversial issue rising. Dr Asmah is a medical doctor with knowledge and skills but played her role well like many other First ladies of the world. And she even said that she saved money from her young age to be able to buy million dollar jewelries.

I would have guessed that she talked to Putin over Mh17 and to Obama and other American top people on things pertaining to 1Mdb. "I don't have time for badminton as I was too busy with the country." Just dig the history of French Revolution and compare her to Marie Antoinette. Some even described the couple as Bony and Clyde.

Even the world's media blazoned the news of Rosmah's handbags, rings and necklaces. Why Malaysia was quiet ? It should take legal action if they were not true.

There is a Malay saying Pandai-Pandai Tupai Melompat Akhirnya ke Tanah Juga. None of them can outsmart China. Believe me.


Some food from some vendors can be poison. I tasted most of the food from many stalls and restaurants and they are always sweet or saltish. One businessman told me in a soup they put plenty of sugar. The mixtures some other ingredients made them tastier and more delicious. Even the fish, the prawns and vegetables were all sweet. It is hard to find stalls and restaurants selling food with less salt and sugar. I find it is safe to go to Mac Donald, KFC, Secret Recipe or the Indian restaurants. I can find hot curry with chilies to replace the sweet and saltish stuffs.

Sugar free food is usually more expensive. Western menu like Fish & Chips, Lamb Chops, Beef Steak that I used to take do not have sugar-sweet taste. Nasi Lemak Udang sold in small packet I took this morning was almost totally tasteless but it suits me. It is just a ringit per packet. Potato chips and wedges are also free of normal sugar.

I don't know about the Chinese food. I am talking about the halal ones from the Muslim restaurants and stalls.

Customers simply do not care about what they take and they may not be thinking of their health. I saw many overweigh young girls around. They do not control themselves in food consumption until they are strike by diabetes and heart disease. Many die at a young age. If they think that death is in the hand of God, they shouldn't have to go for medication at all.

There are killer disease in ourselves that we do not know. The common one is the cardiovascular. One symptom I would guess of such a person is his temperamental and easily angered character. He can't stand a slight provocation. A person whose emotion is ruling him is a bound to have a heart ailment.

There is a saying 'you are what you eat' . It applies to your body size and your health.

There is a small compensation for the bad food intake ie. regular exercise for an hour or two each day. It won't make you live forever but you do feel better after doing it.


07/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My drone has to be sent for repair again. I guess it will take three weeks. The camera and the gimbal simply did not response to the controller or even through the it's wifi system. I don't know what goes wrong. I realized it when I went to China Town to record both the Malay and China towns. I would be some story I can narrate on. I don't worry much as it is under warranty.

What am I to do without a drone ? I have to revert my activity just before I procured it. I have to make watching Youtube movies with my smart TV.

Being jobless, lonely and old, I have to fill in my time. I do not find radio activity as appealing as before. It is being replaced by computer chat and reading e-book.

These few days we are having election fever. The atmosphere is different from before as cheatings and corrupting are so rampant. There are bullies and there are victims. And this is the first time I ever see so many of BN and PAS flags, billboards and banners, estimated to cost billions of Malaysian dollars. It made me busy as well, readings all propaganda stuffs from all sides. None can convince me with new things because I have decided the party of my choice even 4 years ago.

Soon after it is over will be Ramadzan. My drone may not come back till the end of May.

I saw a few trips made on the new year days. At first I was thinking of following the trip since I am alone and celebrate the Idil Fitri outside the country. But I doubted whether the Malaysian Muslim want to join the trip. The Malays have been celebrating the festival at home traditionally. I guess I have to observe of the progress of the tour agencies.

If I don't I will need my drone to capture people playing fireworks at night, on the eve of the Id. It will certainly be an interesting one.

I can always buy another one and sacrifice about RM3.5K. Since the toy is not cheap and it is not so reliable. I must not be foolish to waste my pittance on China's product again. In my mind I am thinking of buying an American made drone one day.

06/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A phone call this morning alleging from the court asking me for my IC number to check my court case. I said I have never have a case and never have problem with the law and hung up. As the court is just near my house I went to make an inquiry. One lady officer immediately told me that it was a SCAM. She described how I would hear in the phone which was exactly as her description. I put the story in the Facebook. Already one person had been trapped this morning by similar scam.


Behind a curtain there is a box, black in color. A man was asked to guess the color of the box. He said it is white. When the curtain is opened and he sees the color is black, he immediately says, "It is a FITNAH (slander)." He keeps on repeating it time and again.

Another yells that infidels are the enemies of Islam and must be killed. Then we tell him to abandon all that is un-Islamic and products made by the infidels, the TV and other house utensils, his car and his belongings except the ones made by the Muslims.

Instead of throwing away the infidels' products, he  aggressively attack us as infidels and sinners. He just loves the goods made by infidels especially the cell-phone.


I don't love any particular political party. But for sure I will not vote for BN because of the introduction of GST that taxed the poor, the disabilities, the newly born and even the dead people. And the abolishment of several subsidies. I will also reject a party that condoned thefts and robberies, and lying to the masses through their teeth.



Some people with God in their mouth, dressed in robes and Jubah and the serban do lie and run away with people's money. I think they will always carry with them justifications for cheating and lying. As I have said before they will turn the corruption money as donation as long as the money is not for an individual usage. And that will be the fatwa.

Lying to save Islam would be halal. Lying to save a political party is also halal. And then they will come up with Verses from the Holly Book and Hadith and all sort of tradition. They would not realize that they are making Islam more and more repulsive to the non-Muslims, who time after time were asking whether their tongues could be cut according to Hudud law. PAS is seen to lie on their mission to save Najib and their receiving money from UMNO.

To justify their actions they create an infidel enemies before them, the DAP party as an enemy that is destroying Islam. God would halal the money and the lies to fight this anti-Islamic party. Their leader, Hadi, had once called the Muslim to fight UMNO and to die against the non-Islamic BN was to die as a martyr. Today he is working hands in gloves with UMNO and he has another justification for it.

The Muslim clerics in Penang claimed that they flourish under DAP. Yet PAS keep on saying DAP is anti Malay and anti Islam.

The inconsistencies and the spinning do not depict the cleanliness and honourable features of the party.

ONly God knows and only God decides.

05/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not talking of the Malay mind in general. I do not have proofs to show how the general Malays think. When I mentioned the phrase Malay minds, I mean the minds of the Malays whom I encountered with in a certain situational condition. As an old man I do remember everything of the past except that I know I have done a lot os errors and mistakes. I don't remember calling my students stupid nor moron, the whole life of my teaching profession. I caned and punished them and never to forgive those who pushed drugs. They broke up many families and making many people suffer by their enterprise. Neither I ever looked down at my teachers who did not go to universities.

During the course of my living I met so many people who loved to brag and show to people of their ability. I had narrated about a friend who was sent to a computer course and told me the instructor was not knowledgeable enough for not knowing to run a certain commercial software. "I am better than him anytime," he told me. And I heard people condemning their teachers for being stupid enough not to go to have university education. And finally a PHD guy who said in one of the PIBG's  meeting, "If you do not have a PHD don't try to argue with me......"

One Muslim cleric in campaigning for a general election said, "You must vote for a Muslim whether he is a thief, bad or cruel. Do not vote for the infidels." So the followers follow to yell the same texts and tones. If you were to tell these Malays to boycott shops run by the infidels and to destroy all the goods nade by the later, they will go crazy and get very mad at you. If they can hate Israel and boycott goods from Israel, they also should stop buying goods sold and made by the infidels.

And there is a person who would curse the doctors, lawyers and other professionals as stupid for believing in something different from him. This guy didn't even go to a college.

Rather than using their minds to think, they administer themselves with emotions and sentiments. One of my lecturers told us to THINK at least once a day.

Would we stop them from hating an infidel or a Chinese ? This evening I went to a Chinese shop. They were more than 30 Malay customers and no Chinese. The owner and the cashers are all Chinese and infidels. Out of the 30 Malays how many of them are the followers of the Muslim cleric. Whether the shop belongs to MCA or DAP, they both oppose Syariah's law.

If you were to ask a PAS man the different between MCA and DAP he will say DAP stops Islamic activity in Penang. If you tell them that DAP gave a huge funds to the Islamic body, they won't want to accept it. It is not Lim Guan Eng who claimed of the huge funding but the Islamic body and the Penang Muslim clerics declared them.

I have been labelled stupid by many of my students after I asked them whether a banner with a sentence THOSE WHO VOTE FOR PAS WILL GO TO HEAVEN is true or a fake one. If the mind thinks it is a fake surely it will be followed by a question 'who did it', a Muslim or non-Muslim. From the angry response it looks like it is a serious matter.  Was it hard to investigate ? Could it not be made by the PAS followers ? Is PAS a rational party ?

Do I have to say more of the Malay minds ?

05/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It is very cruel for many people to call our Prime Minister a crook and a thief. It is a great defamatory remark that must not be allowed to go unchallenged. The least we can do is to demand for retraction and apology. The worst is to declare an all out war. DOJ used the term Kleptocrat on DS Najib. And a former world banker called him a crook.

We are still waiting for a summon to be served on the fake report of WSJ and we want Najib to take legal action on DOJ to accuse our leader as stealing the 1Mdb's money which he denied. Our Attorney General said not a cent of 1Mdb's money was misappropriated, which means DOJ and other unfriendly foreign media were lying. The foreigners said DS Najib stole the money but the later denied it saying it was a donation from Saudi Arabia. To say the donated money as the stolen money from 1Mdb was not a trifle matter. Our honor is at stake.

Don't we have any honor and shame at all ? This is real, not an imagination nor a dream. We don't wait or try to corrupt people to withdraw their statements.

The only way to stop the Kleptocrat story forever is to sue DOJ and WSJ and all other media that talked about our thievery.

BN is telling us that 1mdb does not rob the rakyat at all. Not a dollar short in everyone's bank account. And people came to believe it. The money lost is not in the physical sense but seen through it's value and purchasing power. The attempt to fill the 1Mdb holes, to pay the interest, paying twice to the IPIC needs effort to find the money. It has to come from taxation, the abolishment of subsidies or to get it from somebody outside the country. And the distrust towards the leader might be the cause of investors moved out of the country. The whole manipulation saw the declining value of our money compared to Thai Baht or Indonesian Rupiahs. Prices of imported products soared. That's how we are losing our money.

Even giving RM250 millions to Shahrizat's family does not make a dollar of our saving disappear, the plundering all of national coffers too does not cut our saving. Would that be alright ?

Then it is wise to take DOJ to court and told the judges that the citizens do not suffer from the kleptocratic government. Why should we let our honor be urinated and kicked into the drain ?


05/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We can't force people to think like us. They can choose their own ways and styles, embrace their own beliefs and philosophies. But never to come back to me lamenting of any mishaps that befell them. I would not have advised and warned people if I don't care about their welfare. I think it is my moral responsibility to tell them the right thing. If they refuse it, it is their own funeral. And I always tell them to wait and see.

I have seen people of their rise and fall. They were all the supporters of UMNO. And I saw how UMNO cheated PAS during Asri's era. Before GE13 I told my opponents in the Facebook to wait and see what would transpire after the GE13. I suspect the same vicious cycle is happening again a few months after GE14. I can't say what will happen but I guess something big will take place. I want to see the behaviours of the known supporters. We don't be surprise when they blame the DAP again. Remember DAP is never in power.

Of course we would pray for the brighter future.

Najib's sources of income come from local taxation including GST and China. This is to cover a big debt and interest. We have to see how the balancing act would affect the masses. What will happen to the value of money and what will be the purchasing power. Which other Malays will be chased out by the China's companies out of their land. I really don't know how much we are paying for all loans we make inclusive of interest and how much we collect from GST and other taxes to assess our leaning pressure on China.

Hadi has just said that PAS will get 40 seats and will form a government with BN, Don't UMNO, MCA and MIC have enough seats for BN to form a government ? Unless he was told that MCA and MIC would not have enough for UMNO. I think PAS is not popular in Trengganu itself. Would UMNO sacrifices their seats in Kelantan and Kedah for the sake of PAS ?

Viewing from my perspective I think Najib has several plans. If UMNO can win enough seats someone will ask Hadi to fly kite. If it is weak it needs PAS for a government. It is a gamble that he takes as long as he is safe. But PAS members won't feel the heat of economic difficulty even if UMNO chucked the party out. The poor economy will effect UMNO supporters most despite the BR1M.

The people has been warned about the possible consequences of choosing BN. There must be no regret and no lamenting. As far as Najib is concerned his nightmare won't be over even if he continues to be a Prime Minister. There will be pressure from China and the unending job of DOJ over money laundering. The international hunt for the crooks and scammers continue. A very massive resources will be used to fight and corrupt these nations. It will be the voters who will pay for Najib.

04/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


My predictions are almost based on causal effect and human nature. Many years ago during the tenure of Dr Mahathir I told my friends that UMNO will fight among themselves. I made the prediction as I knew that the members were so greedy and worked hard to grab for a few projects. They would have to stab and kill each other to survive. All came out to be true. It continues from Dr Mahathir to Najib's administration.

When I was 12 I did read a book entitled MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL though I didn't understand much of English. It described a string of evil and sinful things that money could drive people to do. The Chinese has a saying that 'with money one can ask the Satan to pull a bullock cart for you'. After more than 50 years later I heard Najib said that CASH IS KING. That made me thought about who is smarter, Najib or the Chinese.

Causal effect means the result of a certain acts or happenings.

I would expect Hadi Awang to show support to Najib when the Prime Minister paid a visit to the hospital to see the former in a ward. That was the time I told one religious teacher that Najib had broken the camel's back. He didn't believed me then, but narrated about government's project awarded to Hadi's son in law. What I said was the causal effect that happens to have taken place.

My prediction on the winner of this GE is neither base on the causal effect or human factors. But it is base on what I notice in the structural design of Najib's administration followed by the massive corruption. It is base on that Najib will win.

All the time I ask myself 'where does all the money come from ?' BN's flags alone would cause millions or may even be billions of ringgit. I even suspect that PAS's flags are financed by UMNO and made by the same company. The hard cash given out will sum up to the same figure. DRB Hicom claimed that 30 million ringgit were promised as incentives the the workers.

If it is the money from GST it means the money from the all citizens from all political parties. Are they from donation again ? We have been hearing donation songs sung by BN and PAS. Who would want to donate billions without getting back nothing in return. Even Najib himself had said that 'if you give me something I'll give you the money...' It has to be reciprocal in nature.

Or is it from China ? If it is, is it a direct cash or it is incorporated into the ECRL project ?

It is at this point the question of selling land to China come whirling our mind. And now it has become a security and sovereignty factor.

A puzzle or a problem that has to be examined through different angles and there have to be alternative solutions to it. But this is not a problem. It is to find out the answer as to the source of money. Surely it will be a great impact of after-election effect. If it puts more burden on the populace Najib has to execute a more repressive measure to curb any spread of possible discontent.

Other than the causal-effect, human nature and reasoning, people may tell the future by some mysterious means. Hadi Awang claims that he dreamt meeting with Prophet Moghammed and God  sent him messages through the dreams. The Chinese are still using the Feng Sui.

Seeing the total happenings in this country I FEEL our future is not good. Before GE13 I fought and said that our future will not be good after the election. Indeed it happened to be true. And after GE14 I smell more and greater disaster. China will be bullying Najib like hell.

03/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Yes Najib will win the GE14 election. His main victory is that he is free from being jailed or tortured. But the turbulence is far from over. The hatred deepens and the government will have to be more authoritarian. It is Najib who will be responsible to create chaos and the growing dissidents against him and his spouse. It is him who is responsible for causing the proliferation of hatred among the Malays and the society of Bugis.

It will be the Malays who will suffer the most. They will make enemies among themselves. Those who vote for Najib will be charged as traitors to the country and their own race. As Najib is finding excuses for the declining economy and the selling of more land to the Chinese, the disunity among the Malays will be more severe.

The world knows what sort of a person Njib is and will decide a policy either for or against him. It is whether to uphold the moral value or to reap all the benefit they could get. But Najib is more than a question or morality, he is also in collusion with China's expansionist policy, which slowly limits and narrow down the United States security sphere. It is likely he will be treated as equal to Idi Amin or Gadafi.

His name will nevertheless go down in history books together with Suharto and the rest of the world's kleptocrat. He may be associated with several murder cases. Marcos's name is still been mentioned today. The dead feels nothing but the livings feel the shame. The worst of Najib is that he does not guard our security and sovereignty by sleeping with China and giving land to them and defending them more than the fellow Malaysians. He cheats the people and lie to them about his kowtowing to the communist. He is a fool not to know the Chinese design. And the UMNO supporters are too foolish not to read between the lines of Tiong Lai's behaviour.

The Kampong Malays who support him are poor people. They cling on Najib's BR1M and will want to secure it in their whole lives. The more richer and affordable  would not suffer as much as these poor guys. These Malays dwell in flats and terrace houses whereas the opponents of GST own a RM500K - RM1milliom bungalows. As it looks, these Malays like it that way. View in another perspective, they love to pay for Rosmah's comfort while they don shabby outfits and stay in birds' nests.

These UMNO guys will not be able to buy land in China and build a private city where only UMNO supporters can live. Yet, that they did the opposite to the Chinese. A Chinese from Malaysia can buy a condo in China but it only belongs to him for 10 years.

This is what Najib does to Malaysia.

02/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am anxious to know their addresses. Before I die I want to visit both of them.



We are all entitled to our own views. And different people do not have the same taste. As far as I am concerned an amateur radio is a communication through the air waves to a distant place. People do not use radio to talk to each other within  a few yards. And it has to be a two way of intelligent communication between human to qualify it as amateur radio.

If a man were to talk alone over the radio he is broadcasting.

I do not find it tasteful to combine transmissions musing lines and radio wave. Since Echo-link came into being I did not interest in it at all. During that time computer chats throughout the world was already in existence using voice and text at the same time. I was in there for more than 6 years and enjoyed myself in it as I was with the ham radio before that. Nobody has to have any license to do that.

The wonder of the modern technology is the GPS incorporated in cell-phones, drones, watches and many other mobile equipments. Combine with maps it could show the exact location of a person on the globe. Of course one day it will be a part of the radio circuit that will sent at the beginning of the chat so that the other side would be able to know the location of the parties.

Secondly information are digitized, compacted and kept in small gadget smaller than a thumb by millions of words in it. A cell-phone can keep books and nobles by volumes and readily readable anywhere at any time. Hence to million of people cell-phone is a natural choice. One can have visual and voice communication directly with another directly with ease. Why should one go the long winded way to reach the other point if one can do it directly ?

The radio and computer combined using gateways are merely technical game and experiment as it's efficiency is reduced by the added steps whereas the cell-phone is straight forward and cuts the unnecessarily added steps. Even the normal chatting system can specifically restrict to window ham groups. Just open a window for it. But it won't be fun as the real adventure of cruising against the band condition and the noise level. There is a kick to be able to pick up a pile up stations that buzz in like the bees.

We are not to debate which is more progressive but rather to state a mere view. To me I do nit find it a pleasure using gateway and digital methodology.

28/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Drones are banned for a time being. Malaysians are not so sophisticated like the actors in the Hollywood movies to cause havoc or to kill using the aircraft. The worst sophisticated killing machine is the IRA. IRA talked less, said less but bombed the most without traced.

If the Malaysians want to create trouble they would not wait for the election days. They would have done it at any time at all, even without being a member of a terrorist group. The anti-government group are mainly from the middle and upper income group. These are the people who can afford to own drones and they are also the people who have enough bread to go around.

Many drone owners love scenic photography. I won't buy a drone just to fly it like a kite or without a camera on it. A few I knew have a passion for over the cloud photography. They went climbing hills and mountains to capture beautiful places.

I may dislike Najib and Rosmah. But I will not go to the extend of hurting them by any mean, not even thinking of using the drone. Drone that carries weapons are not made for public. They are used by military and police forces. We leave to God to deal with them and we pray for a severe one, for causing so much hardship to us.

The main target of my drone is the Sandbank and the sea water in Maldives. Since I failed to bring it to the island last January, I will bring it again on the coming August. Whatever I can capture with a handycam I would do so with the cam. Whenever I want to capture under water I will use GoPro.

Hobby drones' flying time is short, only 27 minutes for Mavic Pro. The military version with the new battery system may be able to fly forever. Such a battery is  being developed in Silicon Valley by the Indian scientist several years ago.  Some drone lovers may be curious to learn more about such an infinite energy supply.

If fate has been written then there is nothing that we can do. You don't believe it ?

Ban the drone. Make the new rules. Employ a million guards. When the time is up we will witness how things will befell the sinners.


BN goes all out with money. What we call as corrupt they call it as donation and gift, helping the poor. If we do it they call it corruption. Wasn't the anti-corruption guy blackmailed to side UMNO on his extra-marital affair with a married woman ?  Where are the words "...we have God with us..."

Marcos was throne out because he gave out money to voters by the people, not by the court or an anti-corruption agency. Najib is a firm believer of CASH IS KING. And in almost every campaign he talks about giving out money to voters. He does not only giving out cash to the locals but millions to the outsiders. For what reasons he donated to foreign institutions, individuals and even to people close to American Presidents ? And where did he get the money from ? Saving from his childhood days ? From his father's wealth ?

Of course we do not see what have happened. But like everybody else people make conjecture. They suspect money, millions, went into the pockets of foreign judges covertly and quietly. Just because people do not see, it does not mean they were all fake. Just because we don't see what our fathers did to our mothers it did not mean there were no proof that the sexual intimacies had actually happen. We are the proofs. Would the court say they are only hearsays ?

Really we can see how many Malays are fools and their true colors, their mentality and traits. We are shocked to see people without shame, like an emperor with a transparent dress. The world has seen how corrupt we are and called us by names, crook, kleptocrat and autocrat. What seem to be the truth we hide them behind OSA then we denied them. Remember Apandi's statement that the Swiss authority did not even consult him ? But when they came to see him he did not himself available ? Is he not an accomplice to a certain form of crime ? Where goes his daily prayer and his God and religion ?

1Mdb is one. Corruption is one. The worst of all is giving away land to China and giving the Chinese military power to control us. Of course Najib and the UMNO ministers will deny saying our sovereignty remains intact. He is telling us that those are for China's investments. To use the world 'stupid' may sound emotional and the show of respect. What else can we call Najib for such a decision, giving the country to China. "No, where giving Malaysia to China ?"  surely will be the response. To him giving away may mean when China come to rule Malaysia with a new constitution.

China thinks strategically. Najib thinks on how to save himself. His followers thinks about money Najib promised to shower them.

As I have been saying repeatedly most of us will die before we are able to see a real hell on our shore including many of Najib's critics. But Najib will still be alive and becoming confuse like a crazy man as the UMNO supporters will be lamenting and regretting. By then it will be too late. That's why I prophesize that Najib will be the last Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib can corrupt the people to command for support. His craze for money will sell away the beloved nation.

25/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There must be election for every post in UMNO including the top post. But to remain in power someone will come up with a proposition that the number one and number two post must not be contested. This is where democracy is dead in UMNO. Bad leaders always fear that they will be thrown out and would use their gang members to suggest and propose to maintain the current leaders. What, if not because of the money factor ? To avoid of being accused of corruption democracy must be restored.

Of course not all of UMNO members buy what Najib says. They also read DOJ and aware of worlds' conceptions of Najib. The worst is about the great fear of losing our sovereignty to China. The Chinese seem to be more powerful than anybody else and Najib is kowtowing to China.

The fear that this would happen he tried to avoid the election, He thought he was so strong enough that nobody could do anything to him. He even called the police and the army to show allegiance to him instead to the King. Now he is not a Prime Minister anymore. And he thinks he can still run this country undemocratically.

There is no way to say that UMNO is still a legal party anymore as saying Najib is not the son of Razak and Toh Puan Raha. This is the Rule of Law, the real democratic process. ROS has no power to extend the AGM period in UMNO or followed the order of Ku Nan or Najib.

With the agreement of all political parties the election date can be shifted to a later time and BERSATU is allowed to contest on it's own banner. The anti corruption body must be declared independent again with a new head, to apprehend all those responsible in killing the democratic process by corrupting the voters with hard cash and giving trips locally and to countries outside Malaysia.

Remember ours is Polis Di Raja Malaysia not Poilis DiNajib Malaysia, Royal Malay Regiment not Najib Malay Regiment.


23/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

If I were Fuad I would not demand anything from Najib but would resign from my job immediately. He should have read what Zahid Hamidi commented about him, that he could be an Independent candidate. Another words Zahid showed the way out for him. He should have just quit UMNO.

When people talked about Najib and the world called him a kleptocrat and a few called him crook, Fuad fought hard for Najib. There is even a covert investigation whether Najib murdered Kevin Morais, Najadi, Altantuya and PI-Bala, Fuad was staunch in defending Najib as an honest man.

Didn't Fuad know that Najib does not scare one bit of any threat. Why ? Because he has so much wealth accumulated and ever ready to leave this country in case BN is defeated. Is Fuad ready to flee the country in case of any bad happening ? Najib declared that he is a Makassarian. Zahid Hamidi declared that Java is his kampong.

In my opinion Fuad deserves it for trying to protect a person a former World Bank boss called Crook and the DOJ called Thief. There are many lies that have been told about Najib and Rosmah to the people. The Hindus said that Karma comes to soon and too quick. Even the ROS deregistration of BERSATU hit back by an immediate by the illegality of UMNO by it's own constitution.

Fuad and all UMNO members should understand that Najib does not care about the party and the country but merely to save himself from going to jail. He may not know of the defence agreement with China when it was first made and the selling of much land to China.

I doubt whether he and the other UMNO members know what Tiong Lai is telling the Chinese. For Bashah not to be smart, he is just a SRP holder. But for a PHD person to be so stupid, a lot of people feel sorry for him.

Fuad just deserves it.


Daily routine can sometimes be boring. Today I have a new activity, to pick up a new monthly maid to clean up my compound. The old one has got a job in Cyberjaya. She introduced this new person, a close friend of hers from Surabaya. I saw this one is pregnant. She had not doing any job for several days and need this one badly. She just have to sweep the dried leaves under the rambutan and mango trees. It took 2 1/2 hours for her to get the job done. I picked her up at 9.30 and sent her home at 12 am. I paid by the piece work not the time rate. She asked to do the inside cleaning which I said I will call her again.

After a short rest passed dinner time I get myself ready for an early evening walk. Walking at 4 pm under the shade was no so bad. Crowds started to swell just before 5pm when I was about to go home. I was thinking of going to Perlis for dinner. I asked someone to accompany me due to the long distant. Only by 6.30pm the reply was negative. While thinking of my decision I decided to watch 3D movies on my 3D TV from the Youtube. I have a 3D spects which I have charged a couple of days ago. It was spectacular and amazing. I watched for an hour about butterfly and nature, so splendid and beautiful.

I brought my drone out while going for dinner, may be I might want to shoot a clip somewhere. Instead of going to an expensive place, I went to the ordinary Indian restaurant. A delicious rice with excellent gravy and all cost me only RM8. I did not go for shooting movie after my meal. I rushed home immediately.

At home I continued watching the 3D again, a cartoon for 1 hour 20 minutes and a Chinese ghost for 7 minutes.

Then I went into my radio shack and worked a Thai station HS7JEN. Just one station.

The current new maid had asked me time and again to look for a new wife to kill my boredom. At least I will have a company, somebody to talk to. She is different from the former one who showed less concern.

For tomorrow I do not have any special program yet. I still could not figure out the next location for shooting pictures unless I am willing to move out of my district, like going to Langkawi, Phuket, Cameron Highland or even drive to the East Coast. That would be very hectic, and uninteresting without a company. Then I have to follow the routine again. At 9 am will go for my breakfast and then coming home for computing or viewing videos on my TV. At 3 pm will go for my lunch and 5 pm putting on the evening exercise attire. Imagine I am to do that for the whole year.

The only advantage for the restricted movements and extended activities is that I spend less money other than food. Within a few months the accumulated amount will bve enough to take me across the Malaysian border to see exotic spectre and scenic places for 5 or 6 days. The young women atr KFC always said to me, "Uncle, you go alone , how could you..." And I would just smile.

I never like to stay with my kids for they have hurt me so much in many ways. I wanted them to be teachers and doctors because they were bright enough to be so. One who got the teaching job simply walked out. The rest told me not to interfere in their choice of professions. The hurt is deep and will not be killed by time. I even thought of going to a place unknown by all and die alone there. Rosmah and Najib may not be thinking of death but I have always been thinking of my last day that may not be longer than 2 or three years more.

23/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Don't be surprise if Muslim clerics are called terrorists. They are very pompous, spewed their words with full of emotion. I am not a fan of DAP but I analyzed things with reasons and rationality. Hadi said that he condemned DAP with the party rejected Hudud. Didn';t he know the percentage of UMNO Malays who also rejected the Islamic Law. Dr Mashitoh Ibrahim even argued against it in the mosque. And MCA as well as Gerakan stand firm against the law.

The image of Hadi's terrorist was seen in the Memali incidence where the PAS members believed the infidel government must be thrown down. UMNO was regarded as running the infidel constitution.

There were a series of speeches inciting the Malays against DAP for being anti-Islam as if PAS members and the party are the martyrs. Heaven is only made for them. PAS seem to know better than God what's in human's hearts.

Hadi and Ustaz Idrus and probably all PAS members underestimate and look down upon women. They thought only men can lead the country as a Minister or a President. Idrus said that women are always inferior to men in physical strength and sports. Take both to race with normal women or join the jogging events with them, only then they will know who is stronger.

I have been visiting the Muslim countries like Morocco and Egypt and compare them with the non-Muslim countries the different in cleanliness and developments are sky of difference. It is the mentality problem.

The top video clip could open up our mind, at least to think about it and compare with the states ruled by BN. And stealing and lying and bragging are like taking a bath everyday to them. UMNO has been very arrogance and high handed. Corruption is at the highest level. Are all these practices Islamic ?

I am not pro DAP or PKR. I have been my vote to PAS for many years. But I feel so sorry to see Hadi Awang as he is.


 22/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always known that whenever ulama receive any form of money they will say they are from God. The word is REZEKI, God's providence. I narrated a story about a murderer who said that he did not shoot a man but the gun was. So catch the gun and jailed it. On further argument he said I don't have any intention of shooting at all. It was my hand that was wrong, cut my hand and hang it.

A new way of accepting bribes is to say,"Don't give me the money. I won't touch it. If you insist give it to my in law or my friends or my wife".


We read about several ulama who live beyond their mean from an instant wealth coming from nowhere. They know that to say they save from when they were young their tongue must be cut immediately. The only right answer is to say it comes from God. Indeed to the Muslims whatever things they receive are given by God. I have to admit that too. So they bought luxury cars and built million dollar lodging and even marry another wife.

Could they be wrong ?

22/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When China takes control everyone must know Mandarin. China did not raise up on any other language but the Chinese Hua Yi. There are already many Malays who have sent their kids to Chinese school. I went to night class on my own accord in 1962. Millions of PAS and UMNO members have not acquired the knowledge though Rosmah's son is a Chinese educated.

China's control is something inevitable. They have set their feet here, own a huge land area and applied their own regulations over the Malaysian rules. Part of China's territories are here, in Johor and Pahang where their rules are applied. DS Najib Razak had said that Forest City is not even on Johore's land. And China has it's university here instead of having it in China. We call it China's investments that will bring prosperity to the Malays.

Now our military land has been disintegrated. Later the farmland will be attacked. Things may take years as the Malay fishermen in Kuala Kedah lost their total business and disintegrate, leaving a few to survive as inshore. Even farmland has been changing hands. The Malays seem to like it these ways. They are happy to live in terrace houses while others are owning a million dollar bungalows.

China's hotels and businesses will use the Malays as long as they need them and will chuck them off when their services are no longer required.

This is how I see it. Majority of the Malays do not share my view. But it will not harm me. It is the risk they love to take. The future generations do not feel the regret as they do not know the past. Everybody experience similar things. They go to Chinese school and speak Mandarin among themselves.

What the hack do these UMNO talk about DAP ?

21/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

To some life is becoming harder. I had never seen young Malays becoming garbage hunters before. But now there are plenty of them. Friends in the village out of town have been complaining of thieves and housebreakers harassing their homes.

This is not Najib's phenomena. It has been here for quite some time. I have been blaming the administration and the greedy as well as selfish people, who cared not to think about the welfare of the masses. I am not going to elaborate about the best ever during the period of Tan Siew Sin. And the wealth of the nation boomed during Rafedah Aziz's time.

Garbage hunting is a recent happenings. Society does not show concern about it at all. Everyone is rushing to fill his own pocket. Previously we heard of RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN. Now BN HIDUP RAKYAT.

I met food vendors who sigh at their striving to make a living. There are too many of them now, competing with each other. I would just compare their status with that of Shahrizat, who get RM250 millions. I am not asking for a million to be distributed to each of these jobless young people. I am talking of job creation and relevant training for them.

I don't limit my mind to only the Malays. I also saw non Malays who also salvaged the garbage. One Chinese woman in town, about 45, has been collecting used boxes, kept by some shops for her. There was a buyer I noticed. But she lives alone in a small store provided to her behind a Maybank Alor Setar.

Why talk of millions here and millions there when garbage hunters are on the rise ?


GE14 | Rosmah Mansor has revealed that one of the reasons she started the Permata programme for children was because she wanted to teach them to be respectful, unlike PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah. She called Nurul as Rude. What is the response from the public ?




20/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I say it again. Everything that Najib touches will turn into a mud. His intent and visions betray him, only if he believes in the mystery of life and darkness. Nobody will want to analyze all the bad luck that have been happening to the nation and the people. The carrier is never known to be a victim but the people around catch the bad luck. I have had several topics entitled WHAT'S NEXT talking about coincidences and bad luck, from MH370 to MH17, to the disaster of 1mdb and China's strong hands over Malaysia.

I call myself a man of science, rejecting ghosts and shamans and black magic but somehow smell of the evil force, the mystery of good luck and bad luck (sial) carried by a person in his or her body.

Najib thought he could mend 1Mdb. At first he commanded that people should not talk about it because it was not true. People still talked about it. Then he appointed Apandi as the Attorney General and tell the country the AG is supreme. Whatever he says is the truth, Apandi declared that there is nothing wrong with 1Mdb. People questioned on it's validity and continue to press on the issue.

Then he paid to the IPIC twice of millions of dollars, to the fake one and the real one, an enigma that remains a puzzle. He ran to China to seek help. And this is the end of his run. He is trapped.

Najib wants everybody to think like him. He can never know how the Chinese think. He can lie and bully his own people but he can't do it to the world. He got to pay to foreigners millions to sustain his popularity, donating to foreign institutions, engaging advisors and consultants and tried to bribe them. He succeeded in half and failed the other half.

It is not that he is always happy and relax about the current happenings. He was told not to resign and fight to the end using all the money available or getting loan somewhere.

Whether winning or losing Najib will never be at ease. It will depend on the population whether to proceed in disposing him. The case of Kevin Morais, Najadi, Pi Bala and Altantuya will never vanish from people's minds no matter whatever he does and whatever the courts say. Nobody can blame the gun that shot or the hand that fired shots. I even believe that Sirul's life is in danger.

30 years is a short time. It is the time when curse after curse will be spewed on him for damaging the country. But it will be too late. Let Rosmah be the talk of our generation to come.

19/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It has been a long time since my childhood days I was told that you can never trust an ulama with money, land and a woman. Their dress can always cheat you.

When they lie you tend to believe them as if they are the group who will never commit sins. I saw them running red lights and became the king of the road. They can run away with your money and never to pay your loan.

It is a very sad thing that followers believe in their divinity. There was an Ayah Pin with the sky kingdom with followers though he was not in the category of ulama. There was Al-SHaari with the followers of Arkam. And now there is one by the name of Hadi Awang.

The man in center is Hadi Awang who had been supporting Najib in GST and 1 Mdb, and lied about receiving money directly or indirectly from UMNO.

It took several months for him to come up with the answer that "It is ridiculous for UMNO to provide the money to a party that is challenging it in the GE14"

This man is never popular in his own state. Knowing that PAS would be losing all the seats in the GE14 if proven that he is a tool of Najib, he came up with the argument. He did not attack MCA for standing firm against Hudud but he attacked DAP for doing so. He approved all Najib's deal with China, approved GST and regarded women as inferior to men.

Comments from non-Muslims in the social media as a result of Hadi's behaviour had made Islam very repulsive. They said Islam support theft and criminals. In my mind this man has been lying to the PAS members followed by a few of his followers. See the pictures below. Pictures speak louder than a thousand words.

Though not all ulamas are bad, one is too many.




I am not at all surprise as the secret was out, It just confirm my vision of the Chinese design, vehemently denied by Najib and his supporters. If I were China I would ask the most from Najib since I have had help him and save his life.

Only fools would believe in Najib. The majority of the fools are the Malays. The Malays despite their education have failed to observe their environments, the history of this country and knew nothing whatever happened in the 18th and 19th century. Only a few on the ground and who travelled far and wide began to see things.

The most desperate man in UMNO is Najib. He is in need of money. China knew it and they observed his behaviours and actions. Surely he needed the money to fill in the 1Mdb's hole as his foes were telling him 'SHOW US THE MONEY'. The money first started with the term UNITS because they weren't any. When they ran to China for help probably with the help of Jho Lo and Tiong Lai. Then the demand began. "If you want our money you must comply to our help". I would put such the conditions.

When lands and rights were given to China and the military Najib tells the Malays "THEY ARE INVESTMENTS". All were asked to sing the same INVESTMENT song.

The Malays did not know of the defence agreement with the Chinese that saw China's sub-marines in Malaysian water, the Great wall of China in Kuantan about 7 km long, China's territory in Johor and more land sold to the Chinese. Even the land in Langkawi was said to be leased the Middle Kingdom.

ECRL all started with Chinese culture which was denied by UMNO. Now Najib bows to the Chinese that all workers must be from China. The secret kept was everything is free of GST.

In Malaysia the toddlers, blind men, the crippled, the poor and the dead are all subjected to GST. Najib defend it as he defended the Forest City "IT WAS NOT EVEN ON JOHOR'S LAND".

Who else are supporting Najib. Hadi Awang did. His remarks either show a direct support or insinuation of the support. The pictures of Hadi and Najib on this page speak by themselves. Only now as PAS grassroots were questioning the love affair between Hadi and Najib he said "I DID NOT EMBRACE NAJIB, BUT NAJIB DID" . Twist and turn and spinning has become the culture of this so called Islamic party. They are now going around to say they are not UMNO.

If Najib is a traitor to the Malaysian people then PAS who support Najib could be labelled as a traitor too. However PAS is not so bad as the UMNO women who carried the placards that wrote "WE SUPPORT GST" and one UMNO old man who said 'GST IS FOR THE RAKYAT'.

GST collected from the rakyat is for the rakyat. GST not collected from ECRL is also for the rakyat. Funny. As for the Malays their future is bleak. Worse will be coming from China under Najib.

When China is in total control Hadi will come out with something which may be blaming Mahathir and the rest will say it is the will of God.

18/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Najib does not have to go to war with the people. He will win the election.

But the pre-war election has shown a massive wastage by UMNO and PAS on the flags itself. They won't come free together with the bamboos. From my estimation, PAS would not have the mean to pay for the numerous green garments. I think flag alone could cost more than 100 million ringgit throughout the country.

Who make the flag ? Which shops ? We have seen pictures that they were made in China. I suspect, a mere suspicion, that the PAS flags too come from China and paid by BN.

Billions have been spent by UMNO to secure support. I would term them as corruptions. Kampong people were taken to take trips and all expenditures paid to them by UMNO. Once I knew MCA did the same thing. I can't say about PH. In the past important supporters were given a trip to Hong Kong, Indonesia and even Europe. The same things may happen now.

Where does the money come from ?

If it comes from China then brace for the worst when BN wins. Whoever in the world wants to give away his own money for free. Donation again as Najib claimed from Saudi, spent in GE13 ? didn't Najib himself tell the UMNO people donation must not be in personal's account but the party's ? And recently it was announced the whole donation was returned to the donor ?

Only the Malays who are gullible people and easily won through brainwashing and color play. Only a few of them with a strong mind could stand any psychological warfare. No amount of advertisement and speech would lure them.

From the whole setup I see Najib will win.

What would the Malays stand to gain ? Employment in the Chinese hotels, motels, factories, Chinese colleges and universities ? Becoming millionaire by selling their land to the Chinese ? Malaysia will be protected by China against the United States in war and economic embargo ?

And even the local Chinese somehow will be threatened unless they are willing to work with China. Hong Kong Chinese have been complaining of their hardship now. There will be competitions on grabbing the rising cost of properties.

Everyone has to pay on what Najib is spending, on election and loans, luxurious jets, Rosmah's travelling, PERMATA and etc regardless of their race and creeds. All local people will suffer.

All along the election periods there isn't a flag in my kampong but for this time there are hundreds of them, PAS and UMNO. Why the different ?

To me the answer is simple. Najib wants to save himself and will go all out to make sure that he will win, at any cost.

Sure he will win.

And sure the worst is coming.

When bad things happen the UMNO Malays can go to hell.



I have to remind that we have to be wise with our spending unless we are really wealthy. We always want the best. May be an iPhone, a TV, a freezer, or a hobby gadget.  But funny things do happen. I once saw a lady leaving her car entered a bank with a mobile device and asked whether Br1m had been banked in. I saw ladies with all sort of credit cards in their wallets, giving me an impression of their economic status.

I am just like everybody else, craze for the best like a millionaire. The only difference is that I do not like to buy on instalments or making loan to cater for my desires. So I only look for the affordable stuffs when I have enough money. The latest craze is flying a drone.

I spent almost 5K for a Mavic Pro. I regretted for not waiting a little to get the same one for less than 4K. A drone is just a toy that provide me no return. A small new car is about RM25K, which will serve me for at least 5 long years at the minimum. Imagine if I were to procure a drone at that price. It would be a darn fool of me to spend that much. But each day a very advance and complex drone appears in the market. It does jerk me.

Today I do not accumulate money to travel at a far distant land which are very costly. Each trip may cost me about RM20K. I still can afford to satisfy my lust on a RM3K or RM4K trip. Yet I considered myself as a lavish spender. The good thing is that I am sober when deciding to spend, and always consult my mind about it.

I am not a miser though. I spent on good food, and travelling. So much so some people formed conceptions that I was a wealthy guy, and approached me for a huge loan up to RM300K. It was the greatest joke on earth. One asked me to redeem her jewellery from a pawn shop. Another wanted to borrow my car for weeks without wanting to meet my request of sending me to an airport just for a few minutes of her time. And they dumped their friendships with me.

When you are sober you always compute the opportunity cost of your spending. What else can you buy with the same amount of money and estimate the amount of service you will get from them.

I found that I saved about RM6K a year without smoking, subscription to ASTRO, and buying newspapers. It is the internet that sucks me most. And therefore I never have any mobile internet and I use Redone for my cell-phone. Redone is always below Ram15 a month.

Financial planning must be from the young age. The latest should be from the day one gets a job. I did not do that but only started doing it when I was 45 years old. I survive from my pension fund.

18/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Another Chinese product that I bought and tested did not work. It is a signal enhancer for my drone, Mavic Pro. It is cheap, only RM24 which is sold through Lazada. It will take a hassle to return to Lazada. So far I felt cheated in buying almost China's products on-line.

That's why I did say that if there is a war between China and USA, the former will be wiped out within a week or two. In fact I was surprise to see my Mavic Pro was made in China after I opened up the box. As it was mainly depict footings of all the Americans playing with it, I thought it was American made.

It is up to you to decide. You may have different opinion over the matter. The money is yours. You can spend it in anyway you like and to whoever person you want to.

The enhancer I am talking about is just like the one I show on this page in the previous article. If you are a drone lover, particularly the Mavic pro, just take note about the drone accessories you may want to purchase from the third party.

If dJI produce their own accessories I think they are more reliable.

Just now when I tested it my drone began to have the lost signal problem even just after 2000 feet away and then nothing appear on the monitor. I pressed the RTH button on the RC. A couple of minutes later I heard the home signal and the image began to appear again. The enhancer will be another China's item for an archive.

If I bought it after having several bad experience with the Chinese products, it is me who is to be blamed. I just warn you.

18/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Under TGNA I have been supporting PAS. But Hadi can never be my choice. Even before I came to know what Amanat Hadi was, I had predicted that the state of Kedah would fall back to UMNO as his adamant behaviour had angered the younger members of PAS. I was damn right. He was never able to get followers in his own state. And now he is in cohort working with Najib Razak who in my view had betrayed the counttry and lied to the Malays over and over again.

Hadi had never condemn MCA for utmost hatred on Hudud. He never condemn of 1Mdb and the theft that was going on. More so circumstantial evidence showed PAS had got millions of ringgit and Nik Abduh admitted Hadi and he himself took the money from UMNO. I began to see PAS as liars and the supporters of criminals. Hadi regarded women as docile. And I have no choice but to reject the party.

Everybody commits sins, small or big. I believe that Najib has committed the biggest sin ever in the history of the world. I just say I believe it, say of my imagination if you will. Many others believe the same thing but nobody dares to utter a word about it in public. In 40 years time, when Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and I myself will not be here anymore, someone will bring Najib to court and he will be charged for the murder of Kevin Morais, Nakadi, PI Bala and Altantuya. The court will find him guilty on at least one of the charges. He has no Agung to forgive him. It is highly possible that the institution of monarchy will be rejected too by then. Already more and more people are unhappy with the Sultans these days for their partisan politics.

All countries with an iron fisted rule, Communist or not, had fallen. Najib will slip and fall when he becomes old. When he does not even one UMNO members loyal to him will come to his help. This is sure to happen, as has been happening to the cruel leaders of the world. We have list of names like Najib; Suharto, Marcos, Muammar Ghadafi, Saddam and many others.

I know if Najib continues to rule he will have to give more to the Chinese. He will talk as the Chinese wants and the stupid Malays will praise and hail him as a hero, till they realize they have become the 3rd class citizen. By then they will know what Hadi Awang had done to support Najib.

He tried to change his tune as some of the party members confronted him of his relationship with Najib. "I don't embrace him. It was Najib who embraced me," he said. His followers believed him. But in a series of statements he had been defending Najib in many ways. And PAS is happy with Najib on 1 Mdb, whereas till now Najib does not take any legal action on WSJ, DOJ, NYT and many other world media who broadcast news on him and on his wife.


I pity to see the PAS and UMNO members. They are digging their own graves,

17/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The understanding of the old tune circuit is irrelevant as there is a total change in the capture of radio signals using the new sampling method. But all are seem to mum on the subject matter. The RAE question papers must address to the new technology of microprocessors as vacuum tubes are going to be made illegal in the United States and transistors are becoming obsolete. Else we would be learning something that is not in existence.

Equipments do not come with resistors and capacitors where you can read the values. If they are, how many of you can read the color codes of the resistors which were once known by all the hams. And I wonder how many can show circuit diagrams of an oscillator without referring to the other source.

We are lucky today as free information is readily available on the websites. We can copy them and claim they are ours and brag how smart we are in home-brewing stuffs. But it is fun anyway at construction of antenna and a transceiver. Not everyone can do it even with the detailed diagrams. In a way it is an achievement.

There is a trend that people are racing for huge antenna with a tall tower. They either purchased the the half-wave three element yagi for 40 meter or endeavoured to construct one, hired a crane and staged them on their towers. Some do know of the specific purpose yet a few just want to follow the trend. But I am so sure that no one cares about the Q of the antenna, the effect of the environments and height to the SWR. Asking what is the length of a driven element of a full wave 3 element yagi will yield no answer from one amateur who claimed he put up such a yagi.

But it is good to experiment, and compete for the best station. At least Malaysians prove that they too are capable with the rest of the world.

Only old people like me still listen to the old songs and music. In my video clips posted to the Youtube I blended them with the Sound of Silence, Ye Sama, Green Grass of Homes, Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain and Aryati. I want to stay put where I started.

14/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I want to limit my drone altitude to 400 feet without losing the signal strength. I just ordered one from Lazada and hope to receive it by the end of the month, at the latest. It only costs RM24. I very much hope that it will work.

I bought the aircraft not to play with it as flying a kite for fun and relaxation but solely for aerial photography. It was a decision made before my trip to Maldives last January. Unfortunately four days after the purchase it crashed very badly and had to be sent to Kuala Lumpur for repair.

Height is not important in Maldives because most of the islands are small. Sandbank/atoll is so small, I think it needs only about 60 feet to cover the whole sandy island. It doesn't need any booster even to capture a private island.

To capture scenic places in Malaysia, I would have to travel to many place which is hindered by my age which affect my strength and energy. Yet any effort to do so will not produce clips as produced by the professionals nad younger people.

Flying drone does not make me a better person. But I learned many things about people, about those who want to make money. They came out many accessories that do not fit and work with the drone. I purchased a lens which made the drone camera unmovable upwards.

Now I can wait to see how the booster works. It acts like a reflector to the antenna. When I watched the Youtube I noticed the flyer could go up to 20000 feet.It was a fantastic distant, a risky distant. But it amazed me.


I don't need to travel that far. A 200 feet radius is good enough for local photography. Then why the booster ? It is for just 'in case' I need it at some situation.

Where Is Morality and Shamefulness ?



I hope I can avoid bad people who are running businesses. I have talked about Majeed restaurant that I have been frequenting since my younger days. Majeed cheated me in taking away my big prawns and replace them with the smaller ones. There is another Malay restaurant at Pumpong, a famous kampong type of delicacies that I also frequented for my lunch for many years. When the wife charged me RM8, the husband grabbed the card with the price written on it while I was about to pay, looked at me as if I was a crook, went away to see his wife and came back to tell me the price was wrong. It was RM13. This wasn't about cheating but about the attitude of the husband. To me he thought his business was too famous and very flourish.

Majeed is a mamak from India. Pumpong is a Malay. Both are doing good business. My absence won't affect them at all.

I do not believe in Karma but I do believe in Barakah, the disapproval  by God the Almighty. Without Barakah bad things may fall on us. We will be living a miserable life and unhappy despite our wealth and power. We may be strike by sickness and diseases. There will be no providence and we do not know what the real happiness and fulfilment is. Life is without satisfaction and joyfulness.

Some shops attached to Lazada cheat especially those from China and that too made me disbelieve in the On-line shopping. Most of Chinese products are either fake or of poor quality. I opted to buying from the local vendors. They may be more expensive but more reliable.

Cheaters are everywhere. Avoid them if we can. Never trust people just because they are Hajis, religious clerics or political leaders. The so-called Muslims run away from paying debts, support thefts and corruptions. They spin and lies days in and days out. The Malays steal and rob, con and peddle drugs.

Values are changing rapidly. Morality is dissipating and nobody seem to know what shame is. When I see sinners I can never go wrong. They were always confirmed by other sources. These are the people without God and without religion in their hearts. They are just damn sinners.

Sometimes I saw fellow humans like stinking animals. Nowadays I no longer looked at the unknown people right on their faces. They could be either pests or vultures, especially during the election months. I was made to understand China is in Johor and Kuantan. Only God knows how stink these vultures are.

This does not mean there aren't any good and honest people around. But we don't know who they are. I seldom accost people for these reasons.

12/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

I am not very well verse in radio electronics. What I learned 50 years ago are all gone. I studied what I thought would suit me or just to understand in detail how things work.

During my time there was no internet and no on-line shopping. When I got my ticket I immediately apply the 462/f formula to cut a dipole. Taking 462/7.000mhz I would get 66 feet. 66 feet is half wave, the full wave would be 132 feet. I have never known any Malaysian hams cut 132 feet for a dipole. Most cut at 66 feet and continue to divide into to pieces, 1/4 wave each side.

A dipole for 40 meter band had been very convenient for local work. I understood that the ground wave was good too.

The choice for 20 and 15 then were only for Dxing. It was very rare we could work among the local hams on those bands. Since I could use 40 for 15 I did not have any other antenna.

To me the most convenient is the Inverted V with a single mast. The choice of a bamboo was because when it get dried and turned yellow, it get very light. I could hoist it up single handed. Making it like a flag post with a rope and a pulley. I could put up my antenna whenever I like, by attaching it to the rope and pull the rope. Simple.

In the modern days people fix the dipole to the mast so that they can rotate the mast to the direction they prefer. Professor Yagi added elements to the dipole and named them as director and reflectors to make it more directional as well for more gain.

As I said that old hams did not make 40 meter yagi just to work with the local stations. So yagi were mainly constructed for 20 and 15.  In the old days 15 were the home of the Japanese.

There is a antenna handbook which you can buy. Or you can rely on ARRL Handbook. They are good for the DIY people. But not everyone is good with his hands.

A radio operator must cut and fix his own antenna, a dipole is good enough. He must know how to solder and construct instead of asking people from Indonesia or USA to cut and solder for him. One 9W whom I have never seen doing a soldering claimed that he built and gave me an antenna. I was a ham and did not know him yet till many many years later.


My late wife was pro-Rosmah. She insisted that Rosmah must look gallant and gorgeous as a Prime Minister's wife. There was nothing wrong with elegant dress, expensive handbags and donning expensive items. As she was very ill and bedridden she didn't go to vote. My kids are all have been supporting Barisan National. One laughed at me when I pointed the wrongs of BN and said that it was only my imagination. Since my wife passed away, I refused to talk politics with them. But I know they are all out in supporting Najib.

I am not with them. I studied history in schools and universities and since then had been critical on the British and Malaya relationship. I took a paper on Chinese in Southeast Asia and later went abroad to many countries, talked to many people and studied their behaviour. In my GRE test score I fared best in analytical and worst in English. Therefore I believe in my ability to analyze behaviours and happenings.

I made prediction on what will happen to Mahathir and the Malays during his era. I analysed the effect of Land Acquisition Act as to the causal-effect factors. I was not wrong. Now I see Najib-China's relationship and have traced what many would not have realized until pinned. While Najib does not see it as a mistake but I see it as a grave mistake.

I would not talk or argue with my kids. If they make mistakes, I am not going to suffer for my life won't go to 2030 or 2040. It may not even be 2020. So is Mahathir who had made a disastrous error in his life. The Land Acquisition Act of his time is still alive and kicking, which slowly impoverish the Malays and slowly pushing them to be beggars and the third class citizen in this country. When I die, I leave nothing. When Mahathir dies he leave a legacy of Najib Razak.

I cannot agree with my dead wife and let her soul rest in peace. Knowing Rosmah I would not forgive her involvement in politics. Didn't she say "I have no time even to play badminton now, busy with country's affair..." ? And I cannot agree with my kids over Najib's GST and the rising cost of living.

I plan my spending, what and when to buy. I compare prices over time and between shops. I do not waste money on bad goods like cigarettes and newspapers. I switch off electricity when they are not in use. I don't waste. I even plan to buy a house and go away to live alone on my own. These were the activities and the events that I come to know the current situations of our life; the rising cost, unaffordable house, the value of money. Comparing the policies of all the Prime Ministers, I feel this is the worst. I feel the pinch.

From the reading of the FB's remarks, I find that the people are short sighted. They choose to be what they are and believe in their perspectives of the world. They do not see their own future.

I can't change the world. I won't tell people to follow me in my belief. Let them go their own way.

It is a pity.

11/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I want to go SWLing or to be on the radio, I have to switch off my MODEM, It is beautiful and quiet without it. Recently I procured a new rig FT450 as my electronic key stopped working with my IC750 Pro and it did not work with my FT857. I could not open up the front panel to investigate why it only work on one side. I do not have any problem with the straight key. But I cannot go high speed with the later. Then I plugged in into FT857, the paddle did not function. Thinking both of the rigs have gone kaput as far as electronic key is concerned, I purchased the 450.

My iambic key goes to work again.

It puzzled me why it did not go with another small Yaesu, which I rarely used due to the noise level as compared to the Icom. I read the manual again and examined how to operate CW. Having putting on the right setting, again the e-key fires up like nobody's business. Indeed it was for me. The last one is to try hard to make my key work with the 756Pro. I tried to open the rig up but in vain. I read the manual again. And found that the up-dwn button on the microphone can be used for CW. It was a good news for me. The next day I went to an electronic shop and bought an eight pin plug and sockets. I studied the schematic of the button-microphone connection, applied it to the e-key. It was amazing. The dit and the dah sounded well but the iambic did not work. But it is good enough for the paddle. Whenever I want to use my IC756pro using a paddle, I just have to pluck in the 8 pins female socket with a minor attachment to my key.

If I had been patient enough to do the thorough investigation before decided on the FT450, I could have saved RM2.5K.

The very comfortable speed for me is 25 words per minute. But to work with a new ham I am willing to spar with them even at the speed of 5 wpm. Long distant stations which we termed as DX are commonly running at about 25wpm. But I do not want to work them for two reasons. The first one is I do not want to send QSL cards anymore. It is an expensive affair nowadays even through a bureau. And secondly I prefer rag-chewing rather than the short contact by only giving signal report and then signed off.

Whatever, I am ever ready for any critical situations.

10/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I feel so very sad to have such a crooked leader, mistakenly chosen either by error or by design, by the bizarre people. It is not due to my wild premonition or guesses about Najib but it is about the real life before my eyes, who is willing to sell the country and the race to foreigners just to remain as a Prime Minister. He cheats and corrupts the voters with pure and hard money. Things that happen are not fake or fabricated. The picture below looks like to be the inhabitants of hell. Najib has been lying through his teeth. Never mind about stealing money. But about the selling of Malaya to the Chinese bit by bit.

Any sober thinking man will not do that and will not hide any transaction behind the Malays. Beside the OSA, things still leaked out, except the agreement that may be made within the four walls of his own premise, unknown by others.

When people question Zahid about the workers in Forest City and ECRL he gave a simple answer "The agreement was made that way...."

I am not concern of whatever is going to happen to Najib. He can even be a God and his spouse can wear as much diamonds she likes. It doesn't bother me one bit.

But what bother me he is selling our sovereignty blindly, not knowing the design of the Chinese. The Malay race will inevitably be the 3rd class citizen.


I have seen the events and happenings in the history of Malaya even before Najib was born, how our Sultans gave away our sovereignty to the British and how the Malays were eaten up by the greed of UMNO leaders, and how these leaders are conned. And I was not surprised how the Jho Lo came into picture. Najib did not understand things because he originated from an aristocrat family.

But I have seen the Chinese game. The UMNO supporters do not. PAS do not. I can't blame them for their myopic vision and their ignorance and stupidity. UMNO leaders didn't wake them up.

And nobody even thought about Najib's behavioral pattern and attitudes. He spend and spend and spend and spend. Later he will be looking for money to pay and cover the holes. That's how the colossal debts came about, the GST came into being, the abolishing of subsidies took shape and the selling of lands to Chine started the track.

Go and ask the Malays whether they care about their generations. Go and ask UMNO politicians about their generation. Some of the members of the general public might be worried. None of UMNO leaders does. If they do they won't be supporting Najib. Even the woman in the picture above does not think of what could happen to her in years to come.

I know what PAS will say. "It is fated. It's God's will."

09/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We communicate during rain, thunder and lightning, and laugh and joke. At one time I was so absorbed in the internet chat with the world wide friends that I forgot totally about amateur radio. I was amazed on how they made it possible until many years later when I could developed my own chat software. But today live video could be instantly sent from anywhere and any part of the world. You won't miss your family even though they are in Timbuktu.

Internet is the state of the art technology. Kids are playing games with each other across the globe. It is all about digits and speed. As a Muslim we had been told about a very astonishing speed since our childhood days. The secret is now within the grasp of mankind. They are working on teleportation after the success on micro-electronic stuffs.

To be at the user stage seem to be very comfortable. As the understanding of how it works would cause us much of a head ache. Gadgets are darn cheap nowadays. There are 5 cellp-hones in a family of 5. Toddlers  are playing with ipads. Even cats and pets are exposed to these technology.

Certainly e cannot condemn the phone users as primitive just because they are not interested in amateur radio. The advantage of the radio is that it is free to be on the air whereas the usage of the phone incur cost. For travellers hotels, restaurants and busses provide free Wifi. Just imagine how the world was like without it. 60 years ago when our grand parents sailed to Mecca by ship it took them three months and weeks and months on their voyages only we would receive news about them. We already have ham radio during those time.

Having a rare gadget or things that people don't won do no make a man great nor a fool. He just have a mean to buy it. Unless he invent the technology and build the gadget by himself that is something to be proud of. My having a drone does not make a better person nor more smart than the others. I just have the mean and the interest.

Tonight is a windy night. When I flew my drone there were warnings of the strong wind with a very high velocity. It just effect my drone, not my radio and my smart phone. If there were wind, thunder and lightning, I will not switch on my radio, will keep the drone grounded but can continue with my Whatsapp and the Facebook.

HAM Radio is great but not the greatest.

08/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been quite some time that I did not fly my drone. I brought it along with me wherever I went out of my house hoping I would do some shooting somewhere. I could not think of any attractive place anymore within my district. And it is my habit that I do not like to have crowds around. I usually hid myself while lifting off the aircraft.

There are many more features that I have not tried and the drone setup for better capture and performance. It will take at least a year to cover a large part of it if I were to make a regular flight.

Another alternative that I can do is to repeat capturing at the same location but with different setup, height, angle and area coverage. It did crossed my mind to do it but it just seem to go away.

The last clip was made on the 31st March after I came back from a marriage festival 40 miles away, Since then nothing is done. May be the next one will be the night shooting,

06/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Have you always been to countries beyond your shore ? Today, travelling and holiday trips are common features of our society. The most handy stuff everyone carries with them is the cell-phones. A few carries iPads. While I was in a bus in Spain I talked back to friends at home and sent them pictures that I captured on the move. A few using Skype to communicate with their kids and grand children. No wonder a university friend of mine was laughing at me and asked me to throw away ham radio. "Tell me in what way ham radio is better then the modern world wide web ?"

I think in a way he was right. Even today take the amateur radio operators of the world and investigate their time spent on the social media and radio communication ? The superiority of internet technology over the radio is beyond comparison. The other day I called a grab car. As the taxi moved I could see him where he was. And on the Whatapp similar facility is also available. I asked myself 'why I need the APRS for ? ' And the need to use RTTY, AMTOR, FACTOR etc when messages can be sent across the world just by typing ? Send now and nano seconds later it can be read by the recipients on the moon and other galaxies.

The answer is simple. It is a matter of taste. If you find sending message through digital mode suit you then go with it. The millions who love to use the WWW then let them enjoy themselves with this style. My radio has the digital modes but I just ignore them.

I spent about 99% of my communication time on WWW. Once in while I would go on the radio to call CQ on Morse codes for a kick. It is something different that not everyone knows. It provides a satisfactory feeling and the feeling of personal achievement. It is not a technology but it is a code. And it is also not for comparison.

Which traveller would choose to leave his/her smart-phone at home ? Which ham radio operator would bring his rig along during the trip ?

06/04/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof