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They are almost gone. I think it is due to ageing. Politics robbed much fun from me. I spent too much time though I tried to avoid it. The pull was uncontrollable strong that I lost so much free time to do other things. I totally stopped writing programming codes for computers. At one time I made quite a substantial sum of money developing soft wares. Even if I wanted to get involve into it again my brain is getting rotten.

The other hobby I used to have was the Ham Radio. I started it around 1975 and I was very unhappy with the new policy. It has lost much of the old essence of the traditional touch, in particular the abolishment of Morse codes. The new breed brought in the new values that many of my radio friends pull themselves away from the hobby. The spirit and the interest died down. Only once in a blue moon I would work a station or two in Morse codes.

In school I played chess, not as a school player. But the school chess team would always take me with them whenever they were having competition in Penang or in Perak. I had had two sparring partners, Lee Meng Khoon and Lee Meng Soon, two brothers who are now medical doctors. I never beat them. I became a chess champion while in Technical Teachers Training College. Years later I learned the Chinese Chess and would frequent a Chinese medical shop just to play the game with another hobbyist. Today I have lost touched with the game. I remember I played a couple of games in Hawaii and won both of the games. The Hawaiian friend seemed to be sad as I told him that I was only a visitor to the island from Malaysia. It was a pride moment for me.

Those were the three main hobbies I used to enjoy but has vanished altogether.

What remain is writting a blog in a language that I never passed in my life. I am not ashamed to bulldoze my fingers on this very keyboard.

My memory starts to fade. My mobility slows down. I am 72 and going 73, living alone and attending myself. I don't regret to be as what I am now. I find time to entertain myself with Youtube and Whatsapp application chatting with a few old friends. I go and see places whenever I have the chance. On the coming 14 I will be leaving my home for Ternate island in Indonesia.

I never expect to be as old as Dr Mahathir. If God decides to take me away I also would thank the Almighty. God has blessed me with abundance beyond my expectation. Thanks God.


07/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



(What I Think-my conjecture)

The Master Planner is no other than Shafiee the lawyer. It was him who told Najib and his family what to do and what to say. The family is told not to show that they still have billions kept outside the country, which I think,  is in Australia or New Zealand or both in ANZ Bank. Also there are some people who are keeping the money in their home. Najib and the family must show that they are hard up of cash. Then they are told to get the people to be sympathize with them, to paint PH as a cruel government stressing the authority stole the chocolates and the shoes belong to the grandchild, freezing RM200 of the grandchild bank account.

The Chief Justice, whose wife is a girl guide and closes to Rosmah Mansor, chose the current judge whose brother is a State Executive Councillor of Pahang and already showed his sympathy to Najib changing the bail from 4 millions to one million. He issued the gag order.They must have been close to Shafiee who is known to be bribing judges. So far many of the judges decisions have been favouring Shafiee.

He is trying to prove that Najib is innocent because Zetty approved the 2,6 billion in his account.

Najib's team is trying to capitalize Tun Mahathir Rule of Law policy by playing the dirty game. They work day and night planning to outwit the law. They tried to make MACC and the government would not charge Najib on the misuse of power on 1Mdb by saying Najib did know know what he signed for.

Why the gag order ? Because the view put forward by some of the members of the public are very detailed and comprehensive that even escaped the authority sight.

In fact there are many cases which the authority can proceed with their actions on Najib. They could have considered the circumstantial evidence that Najib was a liar. This can always be proven. Readers have ben reminding the government of a series of Najib's lies from denying he had 2,6 billion in his account to donation from the Arab. He lied about knowing Saiful, Jho Lo and Altantuya. It took him a few months to come up with the donation story. He lied in parliament about the money in the Singapore's bank. He lied about the 1Mdb had been making profit and sent people to make pilgrimage. BUT WHAT DOES THE AUTHORITY DONE ABOUT THIS ?

To kill Najib and UMNO is to kill Shafiee, CJ and all of Najib's men in judiciary.

It looks like Najib's team is winning.

Anonymous #21828131

6/Jul/2018 at 12:17:49am

If he does not recuse himself as highlighted by the Malaysian  Bar it would become the prerogative of the person responsible for having chosen this particular judge, to explain why a last minute swop was taken to replace the earlier selected judge. Looks obvious that whoever selected this judge diregarded the ever present conflict of interest for reasons only known to him.For a high profile  case such as this , it would be a necessary requirement to vett the background of judges chosen to hear this case to ensure there was no bias whatsoever . Now that it is clear  that the criteria for selection of this judge was disregarded  ,the PM with the Council of Emminent Person  have to decide if the Judiaciary needs a revamp urgently. This is a chicken or egg situation. The previous BN govt had left its paw marks all over the judiciary ,wherease the new PH govt had remained  silent on the judiciary for fear of crossing that delicate line between the judiciary and the executive. This weakness is now showing due to incomplete action.




5/Jul/2018 at 9:17:25pm

Why was the Ambank chairman killed and who ordered him to be killed. He was killed for objecting, direct deposit not coming through BNM. MO1 any connection to his murder?

Whether Zeti knew it or not the Prime Minister must not receive US $ 681 million in his personal account in 2012. No one will pay that money. How do we know that the money did not come from the Caymen a Islands. Najib must open up all his books. Cayman Islands accounts must be opened up.


5/Jul/2018 at 9:05:01pm

Najib, you have not denied that u attempt to pervert justice by attempting to coerce Zeti to issue a statement that things are ok with your account. Your nose is getting longer and longer. Once a liar, always a liar.

Anonymous 9916

6/Jul/2018 at 12:31:02am

If it is indeed true that MACC had not frozen her son's account, the she is as big a liar as her dad. This news that she is spreading is intended to fan sentiments of the people, especially UMNO supporters.Now, Najib's son has the media to accuse the govt of being vindictive. I wonder who was the vindictive one when even a cartoonist can be charged in court because your father feels threatened. The people already know who Najib is. You UMNO supporters and his family is trying to lie further for him. Please repent before you put yourselves in trouble.


5/Jul/2018 at 11:35:45pm

Usually a baby's or a young child's account is opened by an adult, with the adult's name, right?





06/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Once a crime is committed it is done. It cannot be erased just by paying compensation. A thief steal someone's money and was later caught. He cannot claim innocence by returning the money to the owner. Things would have been different if the law of tradition (hukum adat) is the law of the land. Hukum Adat may allow the murder to clear his crime by paying 10 cows, a piece of land and ten thousand dollars to the victim's family. Similarly if a man rape a young girl, a crime has been done. He must be brought to court to face punishment. He cannot squash his crime by marrying the girl.

Zahid Hamidi claimed he made a mistake and the money was returned. Najib claimed he had returned the 2,6 billion in his account years later after he was caught. That do not mean they are good and clean. The law must looked into the matter without dismissing them. And remember people burnt and destroyed evidence, created a new fake ones and altered dates and facts in the documents. Only through verbal questions and answers we could derive whether those evidences are fake or not.



5/Jul/2018 at 9:17:25pm

Why was the Ambank chairman killed and who ordered him to be killed. He was killed for objecting, direct deposit not coming through BNM. MO1 any connection to his murder?



06/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I thank God the Almighty for putting away Najib Razak as a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I cannot describe my joy and happiness as the fear of Najib selling away this country to China dissipated together with the kind of Prime Minister I ever came across in my life. Immediately I spent less on many of my consumptions as Najib's GST went down from 6% to 0%. I paid less for my mineral water, internet bill and other utility. At least 20 million of us have never tasted the luxury life of Najib and his family who could taste a few thousand ringgit beef per kilo and stayed in a palatial home, flying all over with comfortable jet for shopping spree.

Sorry I won't support Najib who sucked the blood of the poor without any consideration, pity nor remorse. He gave out cash with 'You Scratch My Back As I Scratch Yours'. The recipients of 1Mdb were asked to vote for BN, a clear indication of corruptions and insincerity. With Najib gone our generation will have not to bear the burden of paying the GST for their whole life.


Eli Surayati Dan Penyokong Najib Di Mahkamah


I don't think people will go back to UMNO anymore. The Malays have lost their lands already and left nothing more with them as a result of the party. Now Zahid, who is regarded as a gangster, is leading a party for destruction. They are now having Bersatu to lean to. Even if PH disappear and break apart, Bersatu and PAS will continue to exist. Najib and the few of his supporters seen in the above TV are like frog under a coconyt shell. They don't know majority of the people will not follow their ways anymore.

Now read the following remark. Is his true ?


Anonymous 325221480135724

4/Jul/2018 at 7:08:34pm

This Ellie Suriati was a promising actress 20 years ago....acted in malay dramas, english theater....somehow she got into drugs, married another promising actor who also got into drugs.....and where are they now......? Have to survive on dirty money issit ?

I hope she is not a drug lady and a peddler. Najib is left with these kinds of people with him; the gullible, the gangsters, the trouble makers and pure losers.

With Najib gone, I feel the benefit. And I feel I must help the country in donating to the Tabung Amanah Negara.

But Najib still tried to gain support and sympathy of the populace. He incited people and even used his daughter to tell the people how good he was. Below is what some of the people response.

Think of my father just this one time, Najib's daughter asks M'sians


05/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Najib always asked his followers to be loyal to him. When the 1Mdb crisis came into fore he stressed more on the importance of loyalty to him rather than to UMNO. Hesacked Mahyuddin for asking about the sovereign fund. Weeks and months later the UMNO members were cursing Najib's former deputy for splitting UMNO and the Malays which was a pure contradictions of the events. Then went Shafiee Afdal, Mukriz, and Khairuddin. Never did he divulge to anybody about the 2.6 billion that went into his personal account in 2008. Only in 2015 the story ballooned after the WSJ's exposure. When cornered it took almost 3 months for him to claim that it was a donation.

Najib should have not sacked Mahyuddin and other top party members if the money was a donation. Instead they could have worked together to resolve any problem that might have been arisen. From then on UMNO began to split. The grassroots were unhappy when their leaders started to pack. Najib threatened to put these people under graft charges. Among all these BN loyalists, Shafiee Afdal was the most patriotic and had been defending BN aggressively.

Najib tried to sustain support through "CASH IS KING" and "YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I SCRATCH YOURS". He adopted racial card to split the Malays and the Chinese while quietly his MCA and Gerakan men spread different things to the Chinese. At the same time he not only imposed GST and giving much freedom to his spouse to use the government's jet for shopping spree.

I asked many Malay friends about Najib and almost everyone of them said "Najib put his self and family interest first before the party's interest". The call for loyalty to him rather than to UMNO made the masses saw the real Najib.

By sacking the top UMNO leaders Najib created an enemy within in addition to the enemy without. I did quipped to some of my friends that only UMNO members themselves could destroy Najib. It is hard to assess as to the damage caused by his enemy within. But in my state of Kedah the role of the UMNO members who campaigned against Najib could be pictured by the number of seats UMNO won. UMNO won only 3 state seats.


Niobody dared to advise Najib anymore for fear of bad repercussion. Khairy Jamaluddin claimed that he knew the feeling of the masses but chose to keep it in his heart. I won't blame him for keeping mum just to save himself. If Najib had not shown his viciousness against his own UMNO members probably KJ would have told him what really had transpired.

And none ever advise Ku Nan to restrain from his hunger to strike off the top UMNO members and cast them in the well of no abyss.

Najib reaps what he sows.

04/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib was once the most powerful man and feared by many as the nature of Kevin Morais's death brought fear to many government officers and whistle blowers. Though once people hated Mahathir, the later did not kill or being a suspect of murdering anyone. I even theorize the unfair judgment on Anwar Ibrahim in the sosomy2 trial led to the missing MH370 as the pilot was angry with the court and Najib.

What happens has happened. There is no ifs and buts. I was about to say the bad luck aura brought by Rosmah Mansor, a second hand wife who had been a subject of gossiped even when she was in the local university. How could Najib married with such a used woman, a braggart and a recalcitrant. and haughty woman.

I heard that Rosmah has unbelievable number of mirrors with her. It took three bags to carry those mirrors when she recently took a break in Langkawi. Najib must have been believing in the power of those mirrors as well. That made them so very arrogant and to continue doing what the rakyat pleaded them to stop.

But Najib thought he was very powerful enough without challenged. He was even elevated to the level of God, "If anyone disobey Najib he is disobeying God." Others claimed he was God's chosen. And he came to believe in himself of his invincibility. He bullied Mahathir, called Dr Hasmah to Bukit Aman, sent his gangsters to cause havoc at Tun Mahathir's speech, stopped Tun from making speeches, ban the party, disallowed the display of Mahathir's image throughout the country, threatened and arrested his critics. He tried to get into the good book of American Presidents, boasted of his greatness over and over again.

I saw money being given away massively to the voters everywhere. Each person was paid between RM50 to RM250. We could not have guessed the total amount.

Looking at Najib's machinery and his absolute power nobody in Malaysia ever believed that BN would fall.

But Najib is just a man. Many believed that only on God's will Najib could be defeated. I believe the same thing. He and his gangs were arrogant enough. The biggest mouths came from his deputy, Anuar Musa, Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan and Nazree Aziz.

They didn't seem to remember God.

04/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Money laundering is the act of concealing the transformation of profits from illegal activities and corruption into ostensibly "legitimate" assets.[1] The dilemma of illicit activities is accounting for the origin of the proceeds of such activities without raising the suspicion of law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, considerable time and effort is put into devising strategies which enable the safe use of those proceeds without raising unwanted suspicion. Implementing such strategies is generally called money laundering. After money has been suitably laundered or "cleaned", it can be used in the mainstream economy for accumulation of wealth, such as acquisitions of properties, or otherwise spent. Law enforcement agencies of many jurisdictions have set up sophisticated systems in an effort to detect suspicious transactions or activities, and many have set up international cooperative arrangements to assist each other in these endeavors. In a number of legal and regulatory systems, the term "money laundering" has become conflated with other forms of financial and business crime, and is sometimes used more generally to include misuse of the financial system (involving things such as securities, digital currencies, credit cards, and traditional currency), including terrorism financing and evasion of international sanctions.[2] Most anti-money laundering laws openly conflate money laundering (which is concerned with source of funds) with terrorism financing (which is concerned with destination of funds) when regulating the financial system.[3]


You cannot say that you don't know how the money comes into your account. And you can't say you do not know the source of the money, legal or not.

03/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




What made the Malays so thoughtless as shown by the members of Islamic political party ? Even the normal voters do not indicate that they depend on their entire emotions and sentiments when talking and arguing. We all do remember the party members were having a special prayer seeking God's help to destroy Pakatan Harapan that came out as a winner in the GE14. And they blazoned the news of Hadi's winning the court case against Sarawak Report and everyone of them celebrated when things are not over yet. Now they are saying the new government fails.

PAS believed in Arulkanda and praised 1Mdb for it's success. I am sure they still believe 1Mdb is making profit and Najib does not steal the money. You hear the flip flop from Hadi. Actually what Hadi needs is the lawyer fee to pay the unsettling case in London. Since UMNO will not do the funding, Hadi is looking for the oil money.

The oil money is for the people not for Hadi Awang. If he wants to settle his lawyer fee he must raise the fund through donation. If he were to lose the case and the government somehow recovers the money, it shows PAS has been lying to the people about accepting corruption from UMNO.

The penalty is to cut all the PAS members' tongues. It is not my law. That's the kind of law the party wants. I don't oppose Hudud. PAS should execute the law in Kelantan and Trengganu without having have to get approval from the infidel government. God must come first. PAS is to fear God, not men.

The members have been cursing and condemning the non-Malays as infidels. DAP has been the main target. Yet they go to infidels' shops and supermarkets to buy goods. They don Western dress and fill their houses with goods and commodities made by the infidels.

PAS claims seizures linked to Najib to cover up Harapan's 'failures'

PAS vice-president Iskandar Abdul Samad claimed that the police seizure of cash and luxury items valued at up to RM1.1 billion from properties linked to former premier Najib Abdul Razak was an attempt to divert attention from Pakatan Harapan's "failures"

"Their failure to fulfil their election promises means the rakyat's attention must be diverted.

"The attempt to link the seizure of cash and luxury goods to Najib has become the main news in an effort to cover up the failure to reduce fuel prices, abolish tolls, reduce the cost of living and other failures," he said in a statement published on PAS organ Harakahdaily.

Iskandar's statement was in response to calls by Amanah to probe whether PAS received any 1MDB-linked funds.

Amanah Youth deputy chief Faiz Fadzil had pointed out that PAS and Umno had a cordial relationship prior to the May 9 general election and questioned if PAS had received any 1MDB-linked money from Umno.

This was amid the freezing of Umno's accounts on suspicion that misappropriated funds from 1MDB had ended up in its accounts.

Najib's family had also been accused of being a benefactor of misappropriated 1DMB funds, a claim he denies.

Iskandar accused the government of trying to paralyse the opposition with the freezing of bank accounts.

"Harapan's position is not strong. Those who voted for Harapan, particularly Umno members, could abandon them anytime.

"Therefore, one solution for Harapan is to ensure that PAS and Umno cease to exist by deregistering them," he claimed.

Iskandar claimed that Harapan received less than 50 percent of the votes in the last general election and its Malay support did not reach 30 percent.


1/Jul/2018 at 9:34:26pm> PAS vice-president Iskandar Abdul Samad you have lost all respect from us. You are another fox in sheep skin & an enemy within the last Selangor government. Get ready to be grilled by MACC on the $90 million..... Wonder what have your religion taught you????

"Follow procedure... (don't make) spurious calls for PAS' accounts to be frozen and claiming that it is involved in money laundering," he said in a Facebook post.


1/Jul/2018 at 9:14:57pm

Crazy talk by people not in touch with reality. If you don't want to believe PH, at least read the 1MDB report. What a waste of 2 terms being part of the Selangor government. At least show that you've learned something. Just a slight provocation from Faiz Fadzil, you guys are getting jumpy. If you have nothing to hide, then there's nothing to fear. Otherwise ... better find a good lawyer or two

Cash is not King, Integrity is

1/Jul/2018 at 9:05:27pm

PAS’s failure to run away from MACC due to the 90m scandal means the rakyat's attention must be diverted.


1/Jul/2018 at 8:32:34pm

Hello Mr Iskandar, your president Hadi retracted the challenge on the authencity of Nik Abdul recording admitting to PAS taking money from Umno in the British Courts. So isn’t it a valid legal demand for the freezing of PAS account to determine whether some funds originated from 1MDB. Also, we want to know what failure of Harapan Government are you referring to. We do not know of any failure. We are to date very happy that they are fulfilling the promises of the GE manifesto. Yes there are some delays for some implementation but there are valid reasons for the delay. PAS is beginning to sound like a branch of UMNO. Perhaps you should just become a coalition. No need to play hide and seek with the rakyat. PAS leaders have been strip naked of their true nature, a willingness to support a kleptocrat, hence supporting the robbing of the nation, corruption and dirty politics and hiding behind false pretense of piousness. Your party will sooner or later be driven to oblivion because the leaders have began to be like Umno warlords leaders. Soon your disillusion members will be leaving your party in droves..


1/Jul/2018 at 8:20:25pm

That's all the capacity of his brain. Can't think better.. Can't think beyond. Too shallow to understand. Too narrow to see broader. Vice president.. Hahaha. You gotta read what these guys are spreading in WhatsApp.. You too will vomit at their hatred, pride and ketaksuban mereka. Foolishness beyond imagination.


1/Jul/2018 at 8:19:21pm

Tok lebai dan kuncu-kuncunya sudah takut.


1/Jul/2018 at 7:59:10pm

Hey bangsat,comments about a 41 years old man married a child of 11 years old instead.bapak bagang ,bodoh..buat malu anak anak kau Fairnsquare

This makes us suspicious that PAS indeed did receive a part of the 1MDB loot as alleged by Sarawak Tribune and is party to the crime. We the Rakyat are very satisfied with Harapan and are willing to wait longer and extend the period to meet their election pledges. We are very satisfied with Harapan and TDM. PAS is not a religious party if it cak support the crime of kleptocracy and be a part of such a crime. Not only dishonest but also foolish to think the Rakyat are stupid like them. The should stay in the backward states where their supporters are gullible and naive.



Selepas Beberapa Jam Zahid Hamidi Secara Rasmi Diistiharkan Sebagai Presiden Parti UMNO Yg Baru,Beliau Di Undang Ke Pejabat SPRM Bagi Memberi Keterangan Dalam Proses Siasatan Kes Skandal Penyelewengan 1MDB..!!

Isteri Zahid Hamidi Mempunyai Simpanan Di Dalam Akaun Bank Peribadinya Lebih RM500 Juta..!!!

Anak Perempuan Zahid Hamidi Mempunyai Simpanan Berjumlah RM950 Juta Di Dalam Akaun Bank Peribadinya..!!!


Parti UMNO Sebenarnya Boleh Gunakan Dana Milik Pemimpin2 Serta Keluarga Pemimpin Mereka Untuk Gerakkan Parti Kerana Pemimpin2 UMNO Serta Keluarga Mereka Menjadi Kaya Raya Adalah Kerana Parti UMNO Sejak Sekian Lama..!!!

02/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The authority must further investigate Sarawak Report article on the loot made by Najib and kept in foreign bank. The stolen fund must be recovered and put back in our national coffer. In my opinion in such a magnitude of stolen money, torture needs to be applied on the ex-Prime Minister.


It is just about right that Zahid is being elected as UMNO's president and being investigated over some crimes and corruption. The former Puteri UMNO's chief took a bold step to quit the dirty party. Zahid is well known as a gangster by many members of the public.

01/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib is now defending himself with full of contradictions. He will not escape incarceration. "If I have known 1Mdb was bad I would have done ......" Instead of divulging it to his Deputy Prime Minister he sacked them. If things were all perfect as he believed it to be he would have discussed it with Mahyuddin and allowed the parliament to fully know about it. He sacked Ghani Patail and probably killed Kevin Morais, arrested critics and sacked or transferred investigators and putting the audit report under OSA. He instructed Apandi to say that 1Mdb was perfect.

Then he said he did not know what he signed for. Yet he claimed he did not authorize the purchase of the yacht and the pink diamond. It means he was aware of what he signed.

He insisted that the 2.6 billion was a donation from Saudi Kings. When DOJ proved that the money from 1Mdb, he blamed the officers for putting the money into his account without his knowledge, which will kill the story of donation. Najib is a great liar.

A government officer would have gone to jail even a dollar missing in the cash box. He faced incarceration for a slight negligence.

Jail term is imminent as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

01/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It was Friday yesterday. After the prayer the congregations were rushing for home. I was rushing for my dinner. At the junction there was a traffic light. As it was red I stopped. But the motorbikes did not. The riders were all those people from the mosque. Surely they were breaking the traffic rule for running the red light. To me it was an uncalled demeanour for people who just completed their prayer.

That was not all. After my dinner, also at a traffic light. It was green but the car in front did not move. I waited about 15 seconds. It still did not not move and I have horn it. As the car moved I overtook it and noticed the driver was a Haji.

I wonder whether you have the same experience driving across the pious and holly people in front of you. You tend to follow a 20 mph motion where it should have been 60 mph when there was a clear traffic on the road ahead.

Could it just be a co-incidence ?

I am not a pious Muslim though I observed my daily prayers, avoiding sins, giving alms and fast during the Ramadzan. I did not do things that would disgrace my religion.



No matter what I won't go for UMNO anymore. The people in the party never change. The choice of Zahid clearly shows their mindset.

Zahid is well known for his gangsterism. He talks like one and behave the same way.

Today, when we are struggling to put our economy in order as a result of the spoils done by Najib the UMNO refuse to donate for the Tabung Harapan Negara. Instead they complaint of the non-compliance of the new government.

30/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib: I did not authorise public funds to buy diamonds, yacht, I have 'sterling record'

Najib is now declaring that he is very systematic in doing things. He knows when the and what he signed for. The other day he said he did not know what he signed things for. This is the flip flop of Najib.

If you study all of his speeches you will notice contradictions in his statements. Long before the GE14 I pointed out one of his contradictions in a single line of his speech "Malaysia is the wealthiest country in this region with GDP today but it was Mahathir who pulls our economy down.." He claimed the country was forever excellent in her economic standing till the time of his speech yet he blamed Tun for the bad time.

The above statement of "I did not authorize' implies other documents were authorized by him and he was aware about them all the time. He was not dumb but systematic in keeping watch of the use of public funds.

As I said before about a murderer who blame his hand for the shooting "arrest my hand not me" stuff. He used the same argument when money was found in his account "prove that I steal the money". In my argument I asked Najib to proof that his father f**k his mother to get him.

If 1Mdb money is being misused it is Najib who is responsible and accountable. The case was brought out by DOJ even before his downfall. He never took any step to recover whatever the misuse of the fund. In fact he asked Arulkanda to lie to the whole of Malaysian people by the roadshow saying 1Mdb is clean. Even Apandi said there was nothing wrong with 1mdb.

And Najib should have taken legal action against the WSJ and the DOJ which he did not.

These dirty people had been trying to hoodwink the DOJ, trying to spin things around. But they failed. And they are trying to do it the Malaysians as well. They will talk about donations and gifts from parents, friends and governments. They tried to disinformed the public by claiming leakage letter from Saudi King that Najib was free to use the money in anyway he wants. Then saying another leakage mails about Najib being conned by the Arabs.

The former World Bank boss called Najib a CROOK not without reason.

At one time he tried to play ignorance but at another time he was telling the world he was systematic and did not approved 1Mdb fund to buy a yacht or a diamond.


First of all, Najib Razak, whatever prompted you to seek or agree to interviews with the media and especially Malaysiakini?  Going by what you express during these occasions, you do yourself no favour at all, in fact they lead to more long knives being drawn out.  On the matter of 1MDB, placing the AG's Report under OSA was not your only major snafu - you rained manna on your critics, you dismissed others, and the entire investigation heading into tempestuous waters was terminated.  Remember?  Or are you again going to claim you were misinterpreted?  The PAC never cleared you of any wrong-doing, at best it was work-in-progress which you did not permit to continue until fruition.  Where it suits you, you deny any knowledge of issues right under your nose and yet in the very next breath you make directly contradictory statements.  Malaysiakini has been accused of treating you with kid-gloves; actually, there was no need for them to unsheath the daggers, you were doing a great job on your own.  It must be a small mercy that the interviews have come to an end.


Najib ,the Parliament is the best place for you to debate on what you are claiming  after losing GE 14. Why was the Speaker  muzzled from allowing any debate on 1 MDB. In a democratic Govt. this is the only place where elected representatives discussed and debated in the open. You muzzled every authority until the new PAC chairman deleted the bit about Goodstar.The progress made by the previous PAC was stymied by its intentional disruption by removal of some members including the Chairman when things started getting hot.The AG was systematically removed. The task force was systematically dismantled. I wonder how you did that so smoothly. So you calculated, planned and knew exactly what you were doing to free yourself after the thieving and fraud was discovered. Dont tell us you knew nothing about Goodstar. Why was this incriminating detail about Goodstar deleted from the PAC report.The DOJ reports further exposed the money laundering and thieving of money from 1 MDB, and yet you never rebutted and remained silent as if you were not aware, but you took action through your lawyers on anything 1MDB to stymie investigations. Were you hoping that by winning the elections ( by dubious means) all this illicit money laundering, thieving by your associates including your stepson would be conveniently swept under the carpet. I am just guessing, but by the highly questionable behaviour shown during the pre GE 14 period , there would have been a high probablity that you have disbanded the opposition parties and jailed any opposition member who would have dared to implicate you .I shudder to think what would have happened to Malaysia had BN won GE14. Now you put on a sympathetic face  with Malaysiakini, Reuters and expect the Rakyat to buy your sob story and vindicate you.Nice try Najib. You are only fit to spend time in  Bamboo River Resort, a long long time I mean.


So much talks about "1MDB's Rationalisation Plan". Najib and  Arul  never fail to bring up THE PLAN every time they were questioned about 1MDB. Even PAS got on board on The Plan. PAS were convinced and very happy with The Plan. And yet until today we still do not know what is The Plan. Can I-don't-know-anything Najib or Arul brief us on what exactly is 1MDB Rationalisation Plan. Or is there such a plan in the first place?


Don’t think so anyone really want to hear his explanations right now. What goes around comes around. The moment you went ‘kepala otak kau’... as a politician , you failed to respect the elders. The moment you started firing and jailing people who spoke against you, we knew something fishy had happened and it’s all coming out now.. one by one ..


When the scandals got into public, you freeze the agencies and authority action. Sacked ministers, transferred agencies head and retired AG and all those involved. Audit report and PAC report - OSA them. Not you said you don't know and worry opposition will spin the negative about 1MDB. Wah, what a case study for what you have said..How to win your case!! You are going to jail lah. Be prepared Najib.

29/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof





27/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Anwar Ibrahim is living in a dream world, thinking he is still the most popular man and the recent PH victory was due to his charismatic ability. When I and my friends went to vote we never thought of Anwar or Keadilan. We voted for the symbol PH and in our mind we saw Tun Dr Mahathir. I can bet with the current greed for posts that neglects the aspiration of the Rakyat PH will be for only one term.

I can guarantee that if Tun Mahathir is made to live till a hundred years a new party, minus Keadilan will take over the country. Anwar Ibrahim may not even win the election that will take place soon, even though in Permatang Pauh. If he dares he just compete in any place at all, not necessarily of his wife or daughter's constituency.

The donation to Tabung Harapan which has reached above a hundred million ringgit shows the citizens are very concern about the welfare of their country. 95% of the Chinese want a better Malaysia under Tun Mahathir, not under Keadilan. The voters are getting fed up with the squabbling of posts and ministers. They are waiting for the next GE to throw Anwar and his company out, even Wan Azizah and Nurul will not be given a chance anymore.

I see a very slim chance that Anwar will be the next PM. He needs only all Malay voters to vote for him which I doubt. They would reject him not as they have rejected UMNO but they don't like the greed they see in Keadilan.

With the new Malaysia, the Malays must stand on their own feet without taking any from the non-Malays. They must finance their own economy and education. Sadly enough they had made a good start but it went dead within a year due to the stupidity and the ignorance. I still do not hear any from the present establishment the creative way to build what is termed fairness by the other race.

I hope anybody who read my article on Tabung Ekonomi Islam would viral the concept to the new leaders.

26/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The Malays are still thinking of Ketuanan Melayu, Tanah Melayu and everything Melayu. I can't say what is in their heads. They want to be called Tuan when they are working in the Chinese shops and firms, buying everything from the Chinese, can't afford to live in a million ringgit bungalows. In a schools where 95% of the students are Malays, those who get 9,10 and 11 As in SPM public examination are the Chinese. What are they talking about ?

They forgot that Tanah Melayu isn't here anymore for a long long time ago. It is not only it is being replaced with Malaysia, the ownerships of the land belong to the Malays are being reduced too. Even today thousands of Malays are selling their land away. How much land had been taken away by UMNO associates and sold away to the big time developers.

And the Malays do not know the Chinese students could write and speak a better Malay than they are. I was a teacher in Kiet Hwa school and I know how well the Chinese could master the Malay language.

I am not talking of a paradigm shift. There are new venues the Malays must look for the betterment of all races which we have coiled under one name, Malaysians. There are ways that we can work together and solve common economic and social problems. If we go the right way there is without doubt that a prosperous Malaysia can be built up.

The Malays will never progress merely by talking and cursing the others. There will be no time for them to entertain their bad hearts if they focus themselves on designing technology, thinking the best ways to reduce the financial burden of the country and concentrate how to enhance the social and economic dignity without taking money from the other ethnic Malaysians.

It is a high time for the Malays to wake up. I tell you, they can abandon UMNO for the myopic and narrow minded vision.


26/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Islam does not belong to the Malays. This particular ethnic group tend to think the non-Malays are not in their group. One day the owner of the Nasi Tomato I always frequent to emotionally lamented to me about one Haji who accused of displaying a picture of Medina mosque mainly to attract customers, accusing Majeed as a Hindu. I could see his sorrowful face, for I knew he contributed so much for his local mosque in India.

There are thousands of Chinese Muslims in Kuala Lumpur with the Chinese names unknown to the Malays, including the UMNO and PAS politicians.

In fact the Muslims in China are more than what we have in Malaysia. I would say it is about 100 millions, who speak Arabic and write in Arabic alphabets.


Muslim marriage in China


Muslim Street Food in China


Students learn Arabic


Chinese Muslims celebrate Eid al Fitr 2018 in Qinghai

I am not siding the Chinese, especially Lim Guan Eng. The persistent and consistent attack on him by PAS and other UMNO members, calling him as infidel and anti-Islam was too much. Was it because he spoke aloud against Hudud ? Even the Malays too were not in favour of the law.

Those people who call themselves Muslims must show good example. I am not wrong to conclude that Najib stole 1Mdb's money because he did not sue WSJ and DOJ for calling him a thief, defaming him to the whole world about him. He bribed people by his own words "YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I SCRATCH YOURS. MONEY IS KING." He lied. He sacked those who asked him about 1Mdb. In short he did not follow one bit of Islamic practice. The heads of Islamic party sided and defended him. UMNO and the supporters were no pillar of Islam.

Islam is never a hooligan nor a terrorist. Just listen to Nazri, Zahid, Jamal and even Khairy. They made Islam very repulsive to the people of other religions.

25/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I saw a lot of people were on the E-bike in Vietnam and China. But Malaysia still ban this mode of vehicles giving various reasons for the prohibition. Are the thinking of our leaders superior to the Chinese and the Vietnamese ? During the last tenure of Tun Mahathir he rejected the Tut-Tut because of the pollutions of sound and black smoke. But there isn't any air pollution given out by the e-bike.

The bicycles are still assembled and sold in some of the shops. It is a risk to ride it on the state road. It is safer to have it in rural areas. You can't ride it to town for there is no poarking place for it. Anyone could just take it away as if it belongs to them.

It will save transportation cost and it overcomes the problem of public transportation. In our area there isn't any bus service for years as it does not yield profit to the operators. Therefore one has to have at least a bicycle or a motor cycle. Between a normal bicycle and and an e-bike  the later is more comfortable for riders of all ages.


25/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Don't blame me if I don't trust the Malays. I have had many bitter experiences with them. I am not going to describe the events one by one but I know many of you would have had similar encounters. I learn that it is more comfortable to be alone and be myself.

It is hard to find really good fellows nowadays, people who do not exploit and capitalise on the kindness and weakness of the others, people are are sincere, honest and can be trusted. Just imagine a person who knocks your car blaming and attack you for his knocking, a person who owes you money spreading news about you running away with his.

Malay politicians are the worst kinds from all the parties, Islamic or non-Islamic. They stole, lied and condoned crimes. They craved for posts and positions, and fought for their personal welfare rather than the welfare of the people.

We don't have to have millions or billions to be happy and achieve life fulfilment. We don't have to put sadness and burden on other people. We don't have to cheat. steal or lie. To be honest and sincere does not mean we have to say YES to every demand and request. We can still be staunch and stern but fair and considerate.

There may be bad people from all other races. But there weren't any Chinese who ran away with my money or ignored my sick wife when she fell at public places, who came to beg while seeing me strugling to transfer my wife from my car onto the wheel chair, who knocked my car and blamed me for his act.

However I do come across arrogant Chinese and arrogant Malays. As usual I had wished them to turn into ashes and disappear from the earth surface. My long time experience in office were those on the higher grade officers. One of my contemporaries, a lady bluntly said in one meeting, "You people look upon us like ants and you step on us without any feeling of guilt and morose." They were so political that they had the guts to treat us like slaves. I was sent to a computer course to learn Visual Basic when they already knew I had written volumes of coding and won several national school awards. It was merely an insult. These Malay echelon groups look upon their subordinates with contempt.

I met a few of them from time to time. At least I write blog, playing with Morse codes on the ham band, publishing movie clips captured with my drones, travel and see places throughout the world and proudly able to serve my country by my donation to the Trust Fund. I even have a plan to make my own man-carried-drone.

The Malays still do not have wisdom in themselves. They let their emotions rule them and appeal to the sentiments in making decisions. It is not that they do not have education and money but God is not with them when they show their arrogance and despicable behaviours, thinking that they are the best kind ever created in the universe. Najib Razak, in particular even tried to bribed God by using the stolen money to Mecca to perform pilgrimage.


24/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In school we were told about one of the spice islands visited by Portuguese and Dutch. At that time when I looked at the island it was just a dot on a piece of paper. I never expect to be there at all until my friend asked me whether I am interested in going to see the place.

There will be 5 of us going, departing KLIA on the 15th July and arriving home on the 20th. I have no choice but to leave my home a day earlier and resided at Tune Hotel for a night as the flight will be at 7.50am. From KLIA we will go to Makassar and stayed a night before taking a Batik Air to Ternate the next morning. At Ternate we will stay for 3 nights.

I decide not to take my drone alone to be on the save side. It might be confiscated by the Indonesian authority, or I may break the Indonesian law. I will try to bring only one bag only. Tomorrow I will have to start to make my preparation and it will keep me busy a little.

In fact I planned to go to Surabaya and Lombok in Julai with a tour agency. But the travel agency cancels the trip. I hope they will not cancel the Silk Route Tour to China in September. I had had missed this tour before due to their cancellation. probably it was to the lack of quorum.

This decision is a sudden one and with a short notice too.

I have sorted out what to bring with me. This time only one small bag stuffed in it about 12 soft T-shirts.

23/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




We strangest do not check in baggage under any Dick, Tom and Harry's name. There was a reading of excess baggage under Najib's name. It does not make any sense. Somebody was trying to bluff the public and the authority. Do you buy it ?

In a group travel nowadays luggage are checked in one by one according to the ticket. If there is any excess the owner has to pay for the excess. Even if a group is allowed to check in together, any excess will still have to be paid. The tour leader never like to pay and will seek the ones that carries extra weight.

MAS was trying to bluff it's way through.

22/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I saw young people doing selfie with their old folks especially during the festive season of Edil Fitri, and posted the pictures on the Youtube and Whatsapp. There is a vast different in the facial outlook, between the young ones and the elderlies. What was not seen was the remarks in their hearts.

I always think I am capable enough to take care of myself. I keep myself fit by going to evening walk for about 4 to 5 miles a day. I manage my money well without depending on my kids. Despite my bad hearing and forgetting things from time to time I can do much what the younger people could not.

Some of the younger people like to shout, yell and scold their old parents. And you may see them how they treat the old folks in public. Even officers and young doctors have some form of thought on their ageing patients. I am little cheeky. I always asked my doctor whether they have ever checked their own Blood Pressure status and talked about the danger of statin. The facts remain, I could read their minds on what they thought about me.

Sometimes I said out directly out, "Wait till you become old." Now I want you to imagine when you become old. There are wrinkles on your face and neck, paint in your knee joints, and you feel weak and tired. Then the doctor tells you that you have a diabetes, you cholesterol is high and your kidney is bad.

At 40+ you think you have to start to do a face job using expensive creams. By the time you cross 50 you skin begins to lose it's smoothness. At nearing 60 you will be telling yourself to live with your age. Once you reach the 70th serie then you will remember how you treat your elderly parents. What if you fall sick at 50 and your parents are too weak to look after you ? If you have a spouse, you wish your partner will nurse you. As the Buddhist says KARMA will determine your fate. The Muslims talks about comeuppance.

If you think you are great and perfect, just wait till you grow old.

22/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



1. My neighbour caught a thief stealing my shirt and informed me about it. I confronted the thief who denied. "I won't do such a abhorred act. I swear to God." Since my neighbour saw that he tucked it in his shirt, we asked him my hand reached the inside of his of the upper dress and we found it.

2. At my old school where I worked a student reported of his missing thing to us quietly. We made a spot check and found the stolen properties in one of his classmate's bag. The owner of the bag said, "I don't know it is in my bag. Somebody must have put it in here." In fact there were several thefts happened in schools. The answers were all the same.


1. My boss told us hard and direct, "It is your responsibility to know even the rat is dead at the far end corner of the school." An officer from Health Department fined my school as he found the mosquito lava in the school drain. The school has to make sure that there no place anywhere where mosquito can breed their kind.

2. When you approve payments involving millions you don't say that you don't know what you sign things for.


Najib had 2,6 billioj in his account in 2008. He did not tell even his Deputy Minister about it. He was quiet about it till 2015 when the WSJ exposed about it. He denied it and threatened to sue the newspaper. When his Deputy and others wanted to know about it he sacked them all.

It took about three months for him to come up with a donation story.

The donation song is being sung from 2015 to 2018 by all UMNO members and Najib. Only yesterday he said he didn't know the 1Mdb's money went into his account, the 2.6 billion of it. This is the trail followed by DOJ's investigation and now he forget about the donation and blamed the 1Mdb guys for transferring the cash into his account.

I already knew that ghe would say it was for the party. But he told no one for years about it. He gave 2 millions to Maslan, a million to Shahrir and to others but not to all UMNO leaders.

What song will he be singing next ? We just wait and see. He will only incriminates himself.

He is a born liar. He denied he knew or met Saiful but later spinned his words when there were pictures showing of their meetings.

He denied he knew Jho Lo. There were pictures showing him and Rosmah together with Jho Lo on the yacht.

He lied to the parliament that he 1mdb had it's money in Singapore's bank but the later denied it.

He was trying to fool Trump and America but he failed. Trump could put his sight on both Najib and Rosmah knowing of their ruthless and un-shamed characters.

Bear Beruang

28/Jun/2018 at 9:52:15pm

MK congrats for these revelations. You can do better, however. Why did he sack Muhyiddin and company? Why did he place the PAC report under OSA? Why did he intefere with the investigation? Why cooperation with other investigating countries not forthcoming? Why didnt he sue all incriminating reports from many media outlets? Why didnt he answer questions in parliament instead of quoting subjudice?



28/Jun/2018 at 9:51:45pm

Najib, I don’t know why you waste your time talking to the media, trying to prove yourself innocent. Talking will not prove your innocence. You should know that the FBI and CIA have access to global banking systems  and massive forensic finance teams investigating all the relevant money flows. There is a global standard BSB and Account references. All the debits and credits can be monitored and in jurisdictions via certain freedom of information acts , data can be and is currently being collated as evidence against you. You really honestly think you can get away by denial? The truth will reveal itself once the FBI and Swiss authorities have compiled a water tight structure to be able to put you and your wife behind bars for a longtime. The truth is in the debits and credits. The forensic accounting. You are too busy playing politics. A war that you have already lost, but this is just the beginning .... the beginning of your end....



28/Jun/2018 at 8:40:59pm

Liar! US$700 million was siphoned from the 1MDB Joint Venture (with PetroSaudi) at the very start to Good Star. Bank Negara (under Zeti) had proved that Good Star was wholly owned by Jho Low! Why didn't you take any action, and recover the money? Instead you put the Auditor General's 1MDB Report under OSA. Yet you claimed that there was and still is no wrong doing!


28/Jun/2018 at 8:39:48pm

Dear Sir  Questions1. You said Jho Low was never involved in 1MDB.  Are you telling us now he was involved?2. You are using his contact with middle east.  You said you have special relationship with the late King and his family. They even have your 681mil.  So why do you need Jho Low?3. You don't seemed to care what he did.  Can you explain how you operate without control.Thank you

Victor Johan

28/Jun/2018 at 8:07:29pm

Najib Razak, you have now said, "It was with this context that Jho Low represented the Middle-East partners and their dealings and partnerships with 1MDB.” You had before mentioned publicly that Jho Low was never involved with 1MDB. Make up your mind please.


28/Jun/2018 at 7:45:41pm

Najib, you can't be serious to believe that anyone is going to believe you. You were the PM, the Finance Minister and the chairman of 1MDB, didn't you approve and sign all approval papers for the dissemination of fund? Do you mean that the finance ministry under you didn't do due diligence before you signed or check on investment from time to time? What about PAC audit report, why didn't you take action to get to the root of the matter after reading the report but instead you tried to block the report being debated in parliament and made public. Why did you purge those in government who questioned you about 1MDB? Don't you find it odd that 1MDB can't produce annual report in time? Give us better reason so that we can believe you otherwise you sound more and more like a BIG liar.


28/Jun/2018 at 7:29:05pm

But you did act Sir .... Need I remind you what you did? 1) Sacked the AG and replaced with Pak Pandir 2) Sacked the police officer investigating 1MDB 3) Transfered the MACC officers investigating 1MDB to your department 4) Promoted the PAC Chairman and replaced him with your crony  5) Classified the Auditor General's report on 1MDB under the OSA 6) Restricted questioning in Parliament on 1MDB issues under the pretext of subjudice 7) Used the IGP to hold 1MDB's documents to delay the audit of 1MDB 8 ) Paid hired guns to mislead people on socmed about 1MDB 9) Hired a pathological liar to head 1MDB to continue lying about 1MDB 10) Let you wife continue spending money stolen from 1MDB. 11) prohibited the issue from being raised by umno delegates at UMNO General Assembly in 2016. 12) Sacked 2 members of the cabinet who had raised the issue openly. Or is this still Fitnah?? ‼️ 😨😇


28/Jun/2018 at 6:34:14pm

We can get technical on this but let's keep it simple. Any deals/or individuals representing entities that involve the Government of Malaysia is usually put through a very strict vetting/due diligence process. In this particular case, all checks and balance that was institutionalized was overridden by the authority of the Prime Minister because he was impressed by the dude who had all the right connections...Dear former PM, you overrode the whole system to ensure that the deal was made. You overrode institutional measures that were put into place to prevent the mishandling of the public trust...because the guy had can try to say that you got conned/hood-winked/bamboozled/ or led astray. But the fact remains, you were advised by so many people/entities that this looked fishy and didn't look good. You still gave the go ahead. You're liable..You're accountable. You'll go in...and those who aided/abetted/and colluded will go with you. Have a nice day.






21/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Sarawak Report would humbly like to suggest that there are questions to be raised about Najib Razak’s choice of hot shot American lawyers to fight his cause.

Doubtless, Sarawak Report has to tread carefully to avoid expensive arguments about what one is and is not allowed to say about practitioners of the law, some of whom appear to think they are themselves exempted, by virtue of occupation.

However, the possibility of conflict of interest in the case of ‘star litigator David Boies’ appears to loom.  After all, Mr Boies was an active participant in an investment company named Panavista, which was funded by Riza Aziz and managed by Riza’s personal ‘wealth manager’ Debra Whelan.

Riza Aziz, who is Najib’s step-son, gained most of his income from 1MDB, according to the investigations.

One of the lawyers in the partnership headed by Boies was also none other than “high powered” Matthew Schwartz, who has been the main lawyer for much of Riza Aziz’s recent defence work and who personally attended global meetings about projected multi-million dollar investments by Panavista.

The overwhelming likelihood, therefore, is that Mr Boies and Mr Schwartz have themselved profitted from the ill-gotten money, which might be seen to complicate their defence of the man behind the conspiracy, namely Najib.


Why do I take so much interest in Rosmah's beauty ? In several of my articles I wrote that Rosmah had been punished for her sin even before the fall of her husband, Najib Razak. I saw the comeuppance began as her body grew fatter and she had a hard time carrying her weight. From the second most beautiful First Lady in the World she grew older so rapidly.

She has been a very greedy woman, stealing people's husband and has been known as a bad girl at her younger age. As a Prime Minister's wife she finally forget herself and became the most hated lady in the country.

The Malaysians have never experience with this kind of woman with all the other previous PMs' wives before. Her blood went to her son, Reza Aziz.

18/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




An UMNO man who looks like a gangster from his countenance and what he wore on his body like rings and chain is no other than Nazri Aziz. Another is Zahid Hamidi whose behaviour, words, and arrogance is Zahid Hamidi. People who are close to top gangsters did mentioned UMNO leaders were rubbing shoulders with the Mafia boss. And I was told that Noh Omar was a student who kicked his own teacher and got transferred to some other school when he was a student.

Jamal Yunoss and a few others were directly under Najib Razak. These were the people who went round to threatened and attack those people who were not in agreement with Najib.

UMNO can fool the Malays because this particular ethnic group from the rural areas are gullible people.

These Samseng guys are still running around like hooligans. They are lucky to be in Malaysia and lucky enough that Tun Mahathir is old enough and has promised for the Rules of Law. If the current PM were to insinuate giving them free hand to deal with UMNO, I am sure many of these people will be missing from the earth surface. Some may be burnt and lynched.

Najib's secret police may be hanging out with the Chinese and Indian gangsters to carry with more sinister jobs. This may be likely in the murder of Kevin Morais and Najadi. A large number of the populace suspect similar criminal plans and design by Najib.

Let us wait and see what will happen next to these gangsters and hooligans.



18/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When stolen money is found in a thief's just charge him for stealing. We don't need a proper document. How many thieves do make documents for their thieving ? The right just will find him guilty. On the other hand a man in charge of a vault of cash who destroyed all the payments documents need to show where he used the money. In short destroying the documents is causing his own problem. If he can't answer then he must be found guilty of misappropriation of funds. The severity of the penalty depends on the size of the money. It is unfair to jail a person who stole RM2 for two years and a man who stole a million for similar duration.


Let us follow the court case to determine whether there are effort to fabricate the case as to who murder Kevin. So far we know that one of the accused was already sentenced for 2 years in jail and is now a free man. Only 2 years in jail for the murder ? We will know whether it is only a scapegoat to save the murderer ?

Remember Saddam Hussein who denied of the killing made by his brother ? They still hung him.

In our case Najib is suspected for the order of the death of Morais, PI Bala and Najadi. Bala is said to have a heart attack and Najadi was said to be killed by a gangster. But they were all related to Najib's criminal acts. It is believed that he will never stop to act by any mean to save himself from going to jail. He still has billions to pay out.


This man has never show morose or guilt despite the 2.6 billions in his account and the 42 miliions of SRC's money in his account. He never told anyone for more than 2 years about the money he claimed from the donation, and denied of having it when exposed by the WSJ, and took 3 months to come up with the donation story and then shuttled himself back and forth to Saudi Arabia to elicit their co-operation.

He made lopsided agreement with China putting burden on the Malaysians for generations to come,

He lost the 1Mdb's money as admitted by his henchman Arulkanda who went around Malaysia to lie about the profit of 1mdb.

Altantuya was murdered by his bodyguard. It was linked to the purchase of Scorpene and the million dollar kickback. Many people will not barge away from their believes that Morais, Najadi and PI Bala were murdered by him. And there was an attempt at sabotaging Mahathir's plane.

If we thought deeply about the fall of BN, we will come to the conclusion that it was of God's will for the severity of his continuous sin. God observes to our prayer call.

He charged GST and stop subsidies and drained off our coffer to emptiness.

He is the beast. His wife is a witch.

16/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This is the first time in my family time that I do not have my full family with me. At first two of my kids could not come back because of the office, the last minute one of them came back. My daughter and my two grandchildren came home five days ago.

I am not saddened by the situation at all. I want them to give priority to their jobs. That's their life, their future. In the days of the internet we are not far apart.

I am happy that I enjoyed playing fire crackers and sparklers with them. Those stuffs were bought last year and the years before that. I think it would last me for two more years of celebrations.

The festival will begin with the morning prayer followed by a community feast. Those will take half of the day. Being Friday we have to prepare for another prayer. It is a Friday prayer.

I know I will be exhausted by 3 pm and will need to rest.

For kids who come to visit I prepare new notes of RM2 each, But these two or three years not so many kids are around anymore. I hope new and younger children will not by shy to make their visits.

I expect my daughter's friends to be here. That won't bother me. They won't expect me to entertain them. I myself do not have friends as I used to. I am more solitary at my age, doing my own things. But I do expect a few of my old teachers to come to talk politics to me as indicated by their Whatsapp messages.

I have not decided where to go. probably on the second day I may go to my brother in-law's house.

I know the Id will be a sparkling one. But I don't have any sparkling new dress to wear.

15/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


We used to move from house to house during the Hari Raya in our area for many years until a new neighbourhood appeared, a policeman by profession. He was able to convince some of us that house to house visit takes a long time. We might as well just get together at one house. For these three years it was at his house.

We have to pay for the food. Certainly it is very strange, RM30 per-house. I paid without any protest just to be in the community.

My next door neighbour is not happy like me also. I don't know who else. We never collect money from visitors for the Hari Raya food.

After the prayer this morning I went to the house. I saw three items on the menu. I took a little of meehoon soup and went home. That would cost me only RM250 outside for the full dish.

The topic that I tried not to talk was politics. Nobody did. During the last election this man flew BN's flag at his home. Many others were PAS supporters. I was once a PAS supporter until this GE when I knew that PAS took money from UMNO. The rest did not believe it as PAS was saying that if they accepted cash from UMNO whu should they need to challenge UMNO.

So I tried to be brief with those people. I relate the demeanour of UMNO people who only wants money and profit. And I cannot tolerate people who endorse Najib Razak and his his wife, a couple I call a special specie on this earth, who has no shame nor morality. They are being called CROOK and Kleptocrat by the world, and ignored by American Presidents, still have the audacity of parading themselves in the world's platform.

It is this kind of people who ruin our local Hari Raya.



A joke - what Zahid says about winning back Selangor





It has been years that I have not tasted durian. It is one of the most expensive items in the fruit market. And I never like the sellers whom I felt had cheated me so many time with expensive but bad fruits.

Whenever I came across the King of the fruit I never thought about it's taste but rather on the diseases it might carry with it, like diabetes or cardiovascular. I have heard about heavy durian eaters who had passed away after consuming lots of them. My haunch may not be right. I figure it is better for me not to waste money to take a risk.

Durian or not I know that I will die. Everybody does. And everybody has the choice to make.

In late 1970's I was roaming the streets of Los Angeles China Town. I was surprise to find Durians sold in the shops. And also in Hong Kong, it was sold in the fruit market. It wasn't something recent but it was more than 20 years ago. I didn't think it was something amazing. There are Asians and Southeast Asian at those places.

I am aware some people cannot stand the smell of the fruit including the fellow Malaysians. So much so the fruit is not allowed on planes and hotels.

Beside Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand where else in the universe can durian be found ? Recently the Australians started to grow these tropical fruits; durian, rambutan, mangoesteen and langsat. They are exporting them too. The next time we go to Australia we do not have to yearn for our lovable fruits anymore.

As for Harum Manis, I saw the mangoes in Harrod London a long many years ago. I suppose that's made the fruit so expensive in Malaysia today. A kilo of it can fetch up to RM45. Do you know how many fruits in a kilo ? A fruit can be more than a kilogram. It is much more expensive than the durian.

Whenever I passed through durians my heart would tell me to avoid the poison. Excessive consumption can kill us.

15/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When we found there are things and money in a thief's house, we no longer look or search for a document to prove that he stole them. You do not write a document to steal money or to break into people's house. And in law no one keeps a stolen property in his home. Whoever in this world would write or document of his stealing procedures.

A person's is seen not only through his admission but also by his actions and spinning things. Najib was quiet about having 2.6 billions in his account. And he denied it again when the WSJ published the stories many years after that. Then he sacked his Deputy for asking about 1Mdb and those of the big guns in UMNO who put forward similar question. If nothing wrong was done, then he wouldn't have to do such an act. He could have explained it was a donation. And the story of donation came months after that.

We would say Najib was already guilty by the those actions and supported by the time frame. He did also did not dare to sue the WSJ for the slander. What sort of documents we need more ?

He was the big boss of 1Mdb and he had been negligence in his duty. And that too he can be jailed.

If it is during Najib's time they would choose their own judges, paid well to these judges and fabricate evidence.

Now these judges are still there that ran the court for him. They must be removed base on Najib's deliberate act of putting them though their mandatory retirement were reach. It was clearly stated in law that there must be no more extension to these posts.

There are several charges that could be made on Najib, not only on theft but also on negligence, signing a lope sided agreement after several audit reports prohibited it.

We need to choose the right judge after having deep discussion with them.

Najib must be thrown in jail for lying, mismanagement of public funds, negligence, using SRC and 1Mdb's money for personal and family and corrupting the public, "YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I SCRATCH YOURS".

My friends have been saying that if Najib can set a Kangaroo Court why not now ?

We must also send our legal team to DOJ. Go there and discuss to make sure the charge sting and stick.

12/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof






If he had shame he would not have paraded himself to the world despite him being called a crook, a thief and a kelptocrat. 




No rakyat wants their King to bow at them. A King has just got to be as any normal Ruler, just and fair, does the work as stipulated by the constitution. To humiliate a person in front of the whole nation was seen as kind of provocation, showing favour to someone whom the rakyat hated most. Rosmah was a witch to most of the citizens. It would not be nice for a King to show his support to such a bad person. It is not the law to decide whether a person is good or bad. This was what Apandi was trying to do. 

To let Mahathir waited for hours in the Palace and to delay the appointment of the new AG was considered a deliberate effort as a result of siding the ex-Prime Minister. That led to the outburst and anger among the citizens.

If we accept the fact that to err is only human then we have to wait for things to calm down. And call for calmness and admit our error. No Rulers steal people's money. No Rulers decapitate Rakyat's heads. Rakyat will say sorry. The Kings can go on with their usual chores.

I suggested the School For Rulers for them to have fun and hungry in the quest of knowledge, of law, science, languages and philosophy. It will enhance their wisdom and intellectual status. It is nothing strange. remember the Prince of England are sent to military college and sent to war in Falkland and Afghanistan.

Respect will come automatically. And humility does not come by bowing. And nobody will question about the income of our Kings. None mentioned about it for decades before this because everybody was observing himself.

Let me voice my feeling here. Anwar Ibrahim is living in a dream world. He already acts like he is the Prime Minister like Najib had been thinking the rakyat loved him, He seemed to be a spokesman for the King, dictating the line for the people when he is nothing yet. He has to go for an election. I can assure you that he will get no Chinese vote. May be only 10% of the Malays will go for him. People do not like his behaviour. PKR thinks the rakyat voted for Keadilan. People just wanted to vote out Najib and wanted to see him in jail with his despicable wife.

Instead of showing his muscle and bravery, he should have a nice talk with his Royal Highness about life and philosophy and about being wise.

The credibility of Anwar slackened the moment he walked out of prison. He had a long speech instead of a one or two minutes speech to thank God for his release. His statement that I didn't like to hear was about taking over the PAS state in the next GE. I am not a PAS bigot nor a follower but I found the statement was arrogant and boisterous.

Kings still can have their place without Anwar or Mahathir. It is in the constitution. A just King will be respected and maintained and financed by the people. It has been debated to the status of English Royalty where the masses prefer to have Monarchy in England.

12/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There were tips given by many pilots how to fly at night. I did not bother them. Somebody was talking about light so that we can see where our drone is flying. I couldn't care less because there is one light that is always blinking at intervals. I was able to it blinking only at a certain distant or height. Beyond that I would be blind.

Tonight at about 10pm I went out to have a night flight. As it flew above 100 feet I only focussed on the monitor. It flew quite a while before I called for home. I took a risk to fly blindly. That made me a bad pilot with the gut to do it.

At the Return Home (RTH) point I could hear the buzzing sound and I looked up. I saw the light blinking. But I did not allow it to land. I let it hover at about 10 feet. Then I moved forward. I lost the view. I reversed backward. I still couldn't see it. Funny the figures changed to negative value, the height became less than zero. The only solution I raised the aircraft up and slowly I moved the forward stick. The drone flew over my head. It was actually behind me.

At home I saw the video clip and realized that the drone was behind me and was about to land on the grass.

It was nothing dangerous but I should have planned it better, and to remind myself that I was flying at night using an expensive machine. The drone is not a toy for kids. I saw a few footings of people giving the RC to their friends or lovers to fly and the drones crashed in no time.

But I am not as brave as those who dared to fly their drones across the water for miles ahead and had problems when the batteries were out of power. One man was lucky his drone landed on a sandbank. He paid USD500 to hire a boat to the place, and having a hectic time looking for it.

I don't know how many careless pilots who flew their drones at night to crash against the trees or the walls. Who would want to go to the seaside or a meadow to fly a drone at 10 or 11 pm in the dark ?


11/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The most filthy words in the world come from the mouth of Islamic Political Party in Malaysia, PAS. They never stop condemning anybody who do not agree with their views. Reading from the Facebook I never heard any kind words from them but words calling people animal, infidels and stupid, giving a picture of Islam being a reeligion who knows nothing but violence.

Today PAS rules two states, Kelantan and Trengganu. Since God comes first they must follow God to execute Islamic Laws in those states. They should not wait for the approval of the Parliament to run God's law. And they have to stand brave and be strong about it.

PAS has declared that the party wants to make sure Islam survive and be the strongest in this country. Once they used to say that to go to heaven just vote for the party. They are either stubborn or ignorant of Islam flourishing in countries rule by non-Muslims. There are millions of Muslims in Russia, China and England. If you tell them this, they will attack you like mad dogs.

Many Malays still believe by supporting PAS they are supporting Islam and they will go to heaven.

As far as I am concern I do not show my support on such a bigot. I prefer to avoid their shops and individuals with Muslim head dresses. Their extremism is akin to terrorist groups.

I remember when I was in the United States having Friday prayers. If the sermons were made by individuals other than Saudi Arabia, they were nothing else the mere attack on the Jews. The Imam from Saudi Arabia would talk about how to be a good Muslims, and explanations on the verses of the Koran, about death, alms, doing good and heaven and earth.

The vicious and continuous attack on infidels in Malaysia made me remarked that they should throw away what were made by infidels, home utensils, TV, all electrical and electronic gadgets, their cars and motorcycles and even the Western dress. Instead, they just shout 'pig' at me.

The Malays still think that whatever Arab is good. They love Arab Rice which in reality does not suit my taste at all. I do not force them down my throat just because they are Arabs. One Indonesian cleric in his sermon said that Islamic practices are found in Switzerland and Japan, for people are honest and trustworthy and very helpful.

Progress does not lie with PAS or Islamic PAS. It has to come with technology, in knowledge and invention, producing new things rather than consuming technologies sold to the Muslims. I wonder how many of PAS members are able to parade their own scientific inventions to prove that Islam is not behind time and PAS is really very progressive.

Instead of helping the current government to heal the nation's economy for the benefit of their own generation they are calling the people not to donate to the Trust Fund. Some wanted to campaign for the restoration of GST and want to oust Tun Mahathir. 99% of these sick people are the Malays.

I have been running a school for almost 23 years. There were all sorts of people I worked with. The most hardworking and efficient were the Chinese, 98% of them. Graduate Malays are as good as the Chinese, almost 99% of them. The rest depend on their background and upbringing. At least 20% are very problematic. When the problems ones moved away, the school became so successful and won many awards from the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Reading the FB similar kinds of voices emerge again, the voice of the mentally sick people. Again they are the poor Malays. When they lose in their arguments they would flex their muscles.

10/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor was unhappy with current turbulence concerning remarks by citizens on the Rulers of this country. It is not the only His Royal Highness is unhappy, we the Rakyat too are sad about the issue. However let us know that it is not a unique to Malaysia only. Historically it had happened everywhere, even in England where we saw the birth of Magna Carta. And the Americans declared itself independent it did not discuss monarchy anymore. It straight away form a Republic. And in countries conquered by the imperialists Kingships were abandoned except the British who still maintained the Rulers as the Head of Religious matter. In Italy oit was through referendum that the Kingship was abolished.

No existing Kings in the world has the divine power with them nor having a sorcery powers that can turn the challengers into stones and fires could burnt their villages. In Malaysia a good and respectable King is seen as symbol of sovereignty. Hence a King is a King to all the Rakyat not to incline to any particular section of the community.

Like anyone else a King has a taste for a particular thing better than the other. That is his prerogative. But in any official matters that has been laid out by the constitution no king should humiliate his subject. We heard that Tun Mahathir was let to wait for hours after arriving at the palace. If the Royal Highness has no liking over Dr Mahathir and can't see his face then he could have asked his Deputy to carry out the ceremony with grace.

You see TMJ recently expressed his view that there is nothing wrong for him to show his interest in a particular party or person. Yes, he is right. Then people too have the right to criticise what was not right. Instead of being violence or showing an outright rude, they voted BN out of Johore.

You see, many of us having been using the word PENDATANG to the Chinese in Malaysia. I did not say it. And now his Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor claimed he is a Bugis. Bugis has their homes in Makassar. And Zahid claimed he is a Javanese. Java is his home. My statements are base on facts and real happenings.

We are the people who created the turbulence.

The issue of Najib Razak is not a small one. Everyone must use their brains to see the veracity of the facts. Najib denied taking the 1Mdb's money. He said 1Mdb made profit. Apandi Ali said that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb. But the DOJ said the money went into his account and the money were used in gambling, buying properties, making films and buying jewelries. Najib threatened to sue the WSJ's reporting but dared not doing it.

It was sure enough the stealing had taken place.

From the feedback in the social media people accused Islam as a religion that endorse stealing and lying. In the recent palace-rakyat conflict they also expressed the Sultan sided the misdeed of Najib. True or not, that's what the rakyat perceived it.

Had not Johor, Selangor and DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong shown their power, the Rakyat also would have not shown their rudeness. Rather than using force to insert their greatness, the rulers should draw love, affections and respect from the people.

When I was a kid, I heard that the Royal Highness the Sultan of Kedah invited people from PAS, UMNO, MCA and from all walks of life to his Istana for birthday dinner. Even at that age I already gathered that the King had applied his wisdom. Imagine my shocked I had as I heard Johor called upon the rakyat to vote for BN.

In my previous essays I did predict that a new Malaysia would begin in about 20 years time only. I never expect it to be so soon.

The state of monarchy in Malaysia depends on the Kings themselves. English Prince were sent to outward bound school, military college and went to real combat during the War in Balkan and Afghanistan. They gain respect from their subjects and people are still willing to finance the palace.

That's why I suggested a school for the King. Read it below. And I propose a few relevant topics for them to discuss and to learn, in order to be wiser and smarter.



10/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



They spoke with their loud voice, heads straight or tilted upwards and eyes looking down. You will feel so small if you are in their community. If they were in restaurants the rest of the customers would lower their voice or said nothing to hear the loud conversation.

When they came in in blue and red uniform you could see their proud countenance and behaviours.

A few of them were either my friends or students, becoming ministers and worked in Putrajaya. They cursed Tun Mahathir and used swear words on him and continue to do so till now despite being defeated by Harapan. Everyone said 1Mdb was making profit and Najib was very capable as a finance Minister. They accused DAP as foreign agent to topple Malay government and attacked Tun as DAP's riding horse.

Najib seems to be having a sea of money and money trees where he plucked them up to give millions to people he like like Millions to Ahmad Maslan and Shahrir. We don't know how many billions were spent on the last GE14 election for the flags, banners and placards. Cash handout were numerous to voters.  While Harapan had to elicit money from the people. Tun was about to sell his bread business.

Najib lied to parliament. His supporters lied to the masses.

UMNO is dead. If the members are scared of the Chinese party they can vote for Harapan or  PAS but not for the arrogance, the liars and the robbers. I as a Malay I am not sacred to lose a bad Sultan. A Sultan is bad when he is making enemies with his subjects and humiliating them without any morose.

People are against GST, corruption in1Mdb, what had happened to FELDA, MARA, Tabung Haji and other institution. Public hated the arrogance shown by Rosmah and Najib with their lavishness and Rosmah's high handedness. And we know the couple and the family members are hiding more of our money. Try to look at ANZ bank in New Zealand and Australia.

We begged Najib to stop GST. No heed was taken. Without it, he said, we could not pay our loan. Malaysia would not have enough money. But today as the new government stop GST and set up the donation fund Najib and his gang said that Malaysia could pay the debt even without the the public donation. That's enough to show their minds and contradictions,

BN was truly the government of thieves.


09/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The title I hate most is Tuan (master) because I am not a landlord or a government official or some VIPs. I am just an ordinary man like anybody else as you, as farmers, salesmen, hawkers and the outcast group.

As I was a teacher I love to be called Cikgu ( Teacher ) by all, a name that never make me feel old. 95% of the people I know called me Cikgu. One other sweet title rarely used by a few people is Cik Rahman. It is also a title that never make a person feel old.

Only a few Chinese lady teachers called me by my full name Abdul Rahman. I was very glad as long as none of them called me Tuan.

Once I went to the Royal Palace to get a medal for a certain title. I never used it in my letter or told anybody of the title. At home there was no picture hung to display the picture of me getting the award. Not even my kids know about it. They will be surprise to find the medal and the picture when I die.

It is not about humility but about comfort. I am very comfortable with what I am now. What is in the name and what is in the title. I would change everything for good health and happiness.

Conversely there were people who called me STUPID and PIG for things I did not do anything to them. Probably they were not happy when I expressed my view on the need to be a good ham radio operators and my stand that radio operators must pass a Morse test. I lost nothing.

At this age I don't need title. I don't need bags full of currencies. I don't need a job.

All I need is good health and happiness.

09/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What was the Magna Carta?

The Magna Carta is Latin for "Great Charter". It set down rights which became part of English law and which are now the foundations for the constitutions of all countries which speak English. It did not grant any new rights, but it did protect existing rights in writing. These rights included the basic right of anyone convicted of a crime to a jury trial; protection of private property; reasonable limits on taxes and a degree of guaranteed religious freedom. The Magna Carta was a significant influence on the long historical process that has resulted in the rule of constitutional law today. The Magna Carta came about because King John (who only became king in 1199 when his brother King Richard I died) had a reputation for being tyrannical. His reign was marred by continuous war losses, beginning with the loss of Normandy to Philippe Auguste of France and ending with England torn by civil war. King John risked being forced out of power because of his mismanagement. By 1215,England's nobility was fed up with paying extra taxation. Members of this nobility rebelled and captured London. In June, the King met these barons at Runnymede on the River Thames to try and reach a peaceful settlement. The King reluctantly agreed to their demands by signing the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. It was intended tolimit the powers of the monarch and proclaimed certain liberties for "freemen". . Many later documents such as the US Constitution were based upon the Magna Carta. . First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown, to be implemented through a council of 25 barons.

What was the Magna carta designed to do?

The Magna Carta was to limit the power of the Monarch (rulers). The Magna Carta, or Great Charter, is a document created for the purpose of limiting the powers of the monarch and preserving the basic legal rights of all free men in England. It was made after a rebellion in 1215 against King John of England, a corrupt, absolute monarch who angered all those under the influence of his power. The Barons, rich land owners and direct vassals of the King, would no longer tolerate the abuses of power conducted under John's reign, and demanded a change in government. John was forced to meet with them at Runnymede on June 15, 1215. Another angle: The barons were under the feudal system and they were subject tothe king's whim. They revolted and made King John sign the Charter assuring their fiefdoms and share in power. Each of the succeeding kings had to sign a similar document. It had nothing to do with the much touted beginning of democracy -it was a power-sharing deal. The beginning of democracy came 50years later when Simon de Montfort introduced a parliament which included representatives of the lower classes.


08/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Since the demise of my wife and I lead a solitary life I engaged an Indonesian maid to clean my house once a month. She was introduced by my old teacher. I paid her by the piece rate about RM100 for 3 or 4 hours of work and got additional sum from time to time. When she felt ill she would call me to ferry her to clinics and pharmacies. I donated quite a sum when her husband underwent stone-kidney surgery back home in Indonesia.

Then without the courtesy of telling me she went to Kuala Lumpur working as a massage parlour earning a thick handsome pay. I called her to look a replacement for me. She gave me a name and the phone number, also a lady from the same place while she was here.

I then took this new maid. She had been servicing my house for three times and as usual I gave her extra money to buy the Idil Fitri's dress and a pair of shoes, quit a substantial sum. She said her husband never came home.

About 5 days ago the old maid rang me up telling me that she was sick, identical illness as she had had before. She said it was her son who took her to the clinic. I told her about the made she sent me and whatever she said about her husband. not coming back and living alone by herself.

The old maid, Mila, was very angry to hear that saying she was lying, This new maid is living with her husband and with two other men in the house. She is trying to con me for more money, said Mila. I took note about it.

Today Mila phoned me again saying her body is still weak and she could not go to work. I told her that she does not work at a good place. There are all sort of people coming for the comfort. She might be infected by any transmittable disease. She said she might quit the job in a couple of weeks after her full recuperation. "I will sacrifice the good money for the smaller one," she said.

I believe her that the new maid is playing games with me, trying to cheat me for more money. In fact the other day she said that her mother was sick back home and she need to send more money home. In response I asked her to borrow from her friends.

Now I have made up my mind that I will not trust or engage this new maid again. I can manage my own home, inside and outside. Or I might as well as call Ah Hwa to clean the outside part and I do the inside, only sweeping and mopping and do a little arranging.



08/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Though I owned a drone for almost 6 months now, I did not fly it always. And when I flew I ignore most of the facilities it it.

One important feature is I would be able to see where my drone flies on a map. But from the beginning till the last flight I did not bother about it and never realize there was no map seen on the drone. There is an arrow shown the direction it flew, giving some idea whether the aircraft was flying away from the starting position or encircling the area or coming back to the point.

But today as I was watching several clips on a new drone, Mavic Air, I became curios about the map. Why was it not appear on my screen when I used the application. There was a forum on the same issue. Instead of solving the problem people were saying the map was not important. The forum became a sort of a platform of verbal war.

There a couple of footings on the same issue telling the method of resolving it. I did not understand the explanation due to the poor audio output. However it gave me some idea to start with. I need to download the offline map and chose the drone type from the list. I did the exploration and found the link item. After finishing the procedure, I started all over again with my Mavic Pro. There I was the map was displayed.

During my flight I always looked at the picture of the land and terrain where my drone was from the camera that was sent to the RC. It wa true that map did not matter. Once in a while I would wink at the arrow. That's not important either. I maneuvered my aircraft to see things I want to see. Pictures improve with time as I have gained enough confidence in flying it. There was no visual contact as it flew beyond my sight. You can't see a small bird two miles away, can you ? So my sole dependency was the monitor on the Remote Control (RC).

From my experience it was very safe to fly home when the battery was at 50% or 60%. Even 40% would be safe enough. It would be stupid of me to fly until 20% battery left to command for it's return. Even if I flew with 50% remaining power, I could cover up about 15 or 17 minutes of video. That's is too long. People only want to see a 2 or 3 minutes clips only.

To me buying a video I need to look for the distant it covers, the height it can go and the maximum flight duration.

08/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This is not a gibe but the seriousness of the matter.

In China they have a university for elderly to go back either as a student or as a teacher. People who used to be doctors, scientists and other professionals can always contribute their expertise. At 72 I am anxious to join such a university as a student to learn English, computing and hydraulic.

It will not only be fun for the kings but will also be elevating their intellectual capacity and to understand better of the world.

I would propose some of the curriculum contents

1. The World Managers through historical perspective

2. Humans and their minds.

3. Economy of financial system

4. Straight and Crooked Thinking

5. Revolution in technology and their progress

6. Khalifatuulah and Ibn Khaldun Assabiyah

7. The role of Kings. How to gain respect and popularity.

8. Philosophy, Rationality and Mysticism.

9. Language time - English, Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese and Korean.

10. Magical formula and explanations eg e=mc2

Those are only my suggestions. Call it a University if you will. It can be at a fix place or movable from state to state. It runs on a weekly basis. I can bet it will be fun and at the same time wisdoms would be accumulated and pride would be enhanced.

We are not made to be genius. Neither we are born to be very intelligent. But those do are not the barrier to bar us from hunting for knowledge.

The sea of knowledge is so wide covering the whole of universe that no one man can learn even a small part of it.

It is really fun to know and discover the unknown. I heard a simple story from a religious teacher of a man who did not return to see his parents for 16 years owing to the unhappiness over the division of properties. It shed my tears.

What more if you know about sciences, law and philosophy. You know about the sun, the star and the Black Hole, the digital concepts and the languages of the world. They are more valuable than money, position and power.

It provides fulfilment and perpetual happiness.

07/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



At the age of 72 and nearing my death bed, there are three women around 40's appear trying to enter my life. One is the newly Indonesian maid who had been calling and messaging me every night and suggested to 'urut' me. Second is a women a never met before but suggested by a food shop stall owner who took my phone number. This lady also had been sending me message with the love sign. I never replied even once. And the third one is a lady friend, a radio hobbyist like me and very beautiful too. She did not message me like the other two but jokingly mentioned that I should give her the 2% income for her EFP contribution.

But in my heart I do not have any feeling of getting any spouse yet. It does not bloom any sentimental feeling of love. I don't think I will have the desire of having one. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw wrinkles and the old age face. I don't think anybody would find me attractive. They think I am a loaded old man with plenty of cash in the bank as I travelled to see the world almost every year. I have been very generous to people who work in my home, giving them the impression that I am an old man with money.

Everyone use to say that living in solitary life is bad especially when I fall sick. The Indonesian repeatedly told me that I should find someone to take care of myself. Indonesian woman she said does not look for sex when I told her that I cannot give anybody sexual happiness. Others say it for having a companion for chatting and travelling.

But I value my freedom very much. I do what I like and where I want without any hindrance or objection. I wonder how much hassle would I have when I decided to buy and fly a drone. And to donate RM6K to the National Trust Fund. 6K for a man with a small income like me is a lot. Being single there is no barrier for me.

Though I am not a pious man and do commit sins every other day for watching nude figures on the internet, I have a strong faith in God. I believe that the God I believe in is the God of all. I do not want to interfere in people's religious belief as long as they are good, honest and sincere towards mankind, God will move my heart when the time comes, by sending a good woman out of the blue to be my wife.

I thank God for the great providence, the sustenance and the good health endowed upon me. I can sleep and eat and mobile enough to be at places I desire. God still opens the door for me to talk to HIM everyday for I can perform my prayer without any physical agony, and remember the verses I chanted during the deeds.

I know there is a lady with a clean heart somewhere who can make me happy somewhere. Let me pray for the Almighty to send her for me like a cat that I had wish to have jumped into my house like a miracle one day after my wish. When I wake up and  see this lady on my bed beside me ? One can never know.


07/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Hishamuddin Tun Hussein should understand that no one man should think he is the most perfect and smart no matter how rich and powerful he is and the academic qualification he possesses. The people no longer look at things in a micro view but rather on the macro level, like the bird's eye view. Of course not all can control their emotion and sentiment.

The first statement Hishamuddin made was about PH is expounding the campaign of hatred. People asked what and which are the hatred stuff. Was it the exposure of the Red Book and the 90% payment for 13% job ? Wasn't that the truth ? And he called it 'hate campaign' ? Does UMNO profess the culture of lies and hide the truth by making it a Secret, like Apandi did to the Auditor's Report on 1Mdb and Najib put them under the Red Books ?

And Najib can even lie to the Parliament about the 1Mdb fund in the Singapore's bank ? Does he want to bury the Scorpene issue, the Altantuya's case and all other misdoings ? Sure enough you won't be hated by robbing and plundering in a stealth manner.

Secondly he was talking about people were trying to belittle Royalty.

Hisham must have forgotten about the history of the rise of the Republic and the last Emperor of China. People do accept and reject the Kings, the monarchy. Only in England words have been spread that the Queen is an alien with some mystic power. Most people interviewed prefer to have the Queen as the institution attracts and enhance tourism.

In Malaysia the Rakyat first started to talk about the status of the King when the Ruler of Johor killed his caddy boy. But later it subsided. Only within these three years the topic began to emerge again. It started in Johor with TMJ was regarded as bragging on the ability to run a successful soccer team. Some fans made a gibe and tease TMJ disputing his arguments.

The great eruptions began when Johor, Selangor and Kelantan made themselves partisans in political matters. Johor vocally called the Anak Johor not to change the government and to vote for BN. Selangor voiced his anger when Mahathir called Najib Lanun Bugis. He said that he himself is a Bugis. Who knows that His Royal Highness is a Bugis. And the Agong treated Mahathir in the Istana poorly. He let the old man waited at the Istana for many hours before he came out for an audience and again he first rejected the new AG.

At the same time the UMNO members in Perlis insulted the Raja of Perlis for not attending the swearing ceremony. Shahidan's remarks on the Sultan was like any other people in the same position. In short Shahidan was saying the Sultan should follow the wish of the rakyat, not the other way round.

There were numerous responses by the public. I just pick a simple want for our perusal

This is a malicious statement by UMNO to incite the Rulers to hate the Rakyat and the ruling government. And, UMNO should ask itself why our Rulers would want or need a party of thugs and alleged thieves who have been stealing from the Rakyat, to 'safeguard their sovereignty'? The numerous corruption/murder scandals involving UMNO members is the biggest insult to King and country, and the race and religion they profess to protect. UMNO member and division chief Jamal has been mocking and taunting Polis DiRAJA Malaysia. UMNO/BN bought fighter planes with missing engines for Tentera Udara DiRAJA Malaysia. UMNO/BN bought a submarine that could not submerge for Tentera Laut DiRAJA Malaysia. The veterans of Tentera Darat DiRAJA Malaysia doing the public butt dance and exhibiting their naked butts. Tell me again, who is belittling our Rulers?

These responses show the public at large are no longer having a myopic view. Their thinking are diverging and they questions the irregularity.

UMNO has been making tools out of our beloved rulers.

Many years ago when the Malays were scared of DAP I already warned UMNO not to push the Malays to the wall, not to be bossy and arrogant and not to regard the Malays as their slaves, not to be so corrupt and not to continue stealing and spending money as if this country belongs to their grand father. If they do the suppressed Malays would prefer to have the Chinese as their leaders.

On the eve of GE14 Najib notoriously attacked and insulted his predecessor Mahathir like an animal, trying to find faults with Lim Guan Eng, arresting the opposition leaders, Jamal acted like Hooligans harassing and hitting people wearing Yellow T-Shirts. Nazri and Zahid are seen as confirmed gangsters. Would it be wrong for the public to suspect the murder of Kevin Morais and Najadi even the death of PI Bala were the work of these gang leaders ?

UMNO had been playing almost all the tricks in the book. And now trying to pull the Sultans in conflict with the Rakyat. Najib himself called the army and the police to show his obedience to him, not the Kings. Do the rakyat forget this ?

We don't forget what Najib said about our loan. It takes a long many years to finish and we have to cut subsidies and collect GST. They made loan without computing the amount of interest involve which takes up hundreds of million for 1mdb alone. Certainly when GST is scrapped the government's ability to pay the loan is affected. Now UMNO said there is no need to form the Trust Fund For the public to donate. The government can pay. This made people more angry. If without GST the government can pay for the loan then what's the reason for Najib to have it ? And he said it is for paying loan.

With such kind of mentality these people will never get any respect from the people.

It is good for UMNO that my blog is only for my own perusal. I don't viral it. I don't publish it for people to read. I just want to practise writing in English. However I will use the same facts when any of UMNO members were trying to be cheeky and argue personally with me.

07/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am not an angel, not a pious nor a good man. Like most of us I made a lot of sins, imperfect in my work and my judgment. I know that I cannot be bad all the time. At time I must do some good things to the people, community and the country.

There are bad and good things in me and my heart. I don't have any ill feeling or jealousy if my friends or someone are richer, smarter or have better job than me. But I will not be happy if they rob whatever from me for their own betterment. A person in my office can maneuver himself for promotion, I will not be jealous of his success as long as in the process of playing for office he destroyed my reputation.

I am also not a miser nor am I a philanthropist, I calculated my money and gave some to people or organization that I think worth the donation. I don't give to all who beg. I don't give to those who carry donation box for a mosque or some schools. I would prefer to donate to the mosque by myself.

When I give, I really give. My annual contribution to the local mosque and other uses are not less then RM2K. Recently I gave RM6K to Tabung Harapan Negara. I gave about RM500 to the monthly maid for her Raya dress, to Ah Hwa for helping me and to others. It is not that I used my money at all. They are God's providence that have been blessed upon me with more than I want. I can travel the world over almost every year. I can taste exotic food from time to time and stay in a five star hotel once a while.

With quite a heavy recent spending I was myself surprise to see my current saving does not deplete much. I do not become poorer nor having have to go around to borrow from people. I don't owe any person or any institution any money.

Mind you I am not a rich person and my pension is small.

God providence is for all and to all, not of a person of particular religious belief. Just have a clean heart, be trustworthy and sincere.

Most of us do not have to be a millionaire to be happy and fulfilling. We do not become poorer by giving. You don't have to give if you yourself need sustenance and help. The poor can give their thanks and smiles which never make them more poor.


06/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


A friend who is an UMNO man asked, "Najib has a lot of money, why the need of more ? " He was trying to imply that Najib did not steal the 1Mdb money because he is already a wealthy man. My answer was, "Ask him."

You click the above title and take your time to read a page a day on what the Edge wrote about the flow of money and read the DOJ's report on how the money ended up in Najib's pocket.

Arulkanda has admitted that he does not know where the money is. We have to ask Najib about it as he was the big boss of 1Mdb and was paying money for the body from the government's fund.

And we ask him to show the money., After all he used the money to send people to make pilgrimage.

Didn't he tell Trump that Malaysia was going to help America to make her economy better ? Didn't he go around the world to donate to their higher institutions ? We just ask questions and let him answer.




04/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The story of Najib began to enter my life when he started with GST and the abolishment of subsidies. Everywhere I went, mee rebus, buying medicine, servicing cars, paying bills and to public restroom I have to pay GST. Not only prices of things sores land and house rates too shot up by almost 100%. Najib was happy with the money collected and spent it like water, enhancing his image overseas, giving donations to foreign colleges, getting in consultants and foreigners in his administration with a big fat salaries.

Then news spread as bills on Rosmah's purchase were paid by the government.

The story of Najib's stealing 1Mdb's money came in later around 2015 when the WSJ published the story of the cash in Najib's account. Malaysiakini took up the story and blazoned it.

The first I heard was from his supporters who said that Najib did not have any money in his account. If he was a corrupt person he won't be stupid to keep it here. He would surely hid it in foreign banks. Najib denied having any money in Malaysian bank. In fact threatened to sue the WSJ. Instead he sued Harakah and Lim Leong Sik.

His Deputy and other UMNO members wanted to know the truth. He sacked them. When cornered it took him about 4 to 6 months to say it was an Arab donation. He shuttled to Saudi Arabia several times under the guised of doing Umrah. He was asking the Saudis to make documents of proofs that the money was given to him.

The scandal thickened. Tun Mahathir started to ask him to show the 1Mdb's money if the money was not stolen. Najib told the Parliament the money was in Singapore's bank. When Singapore denied he said it was in unit forms.

Then Najib kicked Ghani Patail and replaced him with Apandi. The DPP, Kevin Morais was found dead. In the timing of this death news spread that Ghani was about to charge Najib in court. DOJ took interest in 1Mdb as money laundering had taken place in the their country and published their investigation about the flow of money into Najib's account. The Swiss authority also did the investigation about the money laundering in their banks.

Najib instructed that 1Mdb cannot be discuss in Parliament. The highest authority, the AG, had announced that there was nothing wrong or irregular in 1Mdb. It was running perfectly. That was to become law.

As the issues mounted Najib and his family went to a trip to Australia and New Zealand which had opened up suspicion that part of the stolen money were in ANZ's banks. Both countries refused to co-operate with the new Malaysian government.

It took him years and after being cornered for him to say that the money is for the party to win General election. Nothing more but to appease the UMNO leaders.  Najib  began to send people for pilgrimage with 1Mdb's money. Cash handouts were very massive.

As the election drew nearer he tried hard to erase the story of kleptocracy. He made attempts to corrupt USA Presidents. He tried to get the world to save him, to say he is good and clean. At home he and his wife continued to be arrogant. He used gangsters to threatened and injured the public.

Najib's tactic is to go directly to influential people to ask for help and play a sad face. He did it with Anwar before sending the later to jail. He did with Obama and Trump. He did it to Johor Royalty and Agong. He did it to Hadi and whoever he could lay his hands on.

The people want Najib, Rosmah and those who supported him punished. They are underestimating what the citizens can do to them, And what the rakyat is capable of. They know that Rosmah not only keeps the stolen money at home but also carried bags of them while making a trip to Turkey. She had been lying through her teeth. She saved from young to buy a million ringgit ring. Later she said that she had return the ring to the relevant person whom we don'teven  know.

Apandi Ali was an accomplice as he said there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb and at the same time making the Auditor's Report as National Secret. The recent exposure of the report and the admittance of Arulkanda told us that 1Mdb was in a big mess. Arul even said that he did not know where the money was.

Apandi is a Kelantanese. The Royal Highness The Yang Dipertuan Agong is also a Kelantanese. Now it is clearly seen how difficult the Agong is towards changing the new AG. He wants to protect Najib as well.

Najib, not only had plundered with the national coffer, he is also wanting a civil war to happen. Simply, he does not want to go to jail.


04/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I told my Whatsapp group that I donated RM6K, one seemed to say that I spent so much money for nothing. What is in my blood is patriotism, to help the country in the smallest way that I can contribute. It wasn't much compared to my other friends. But the same person has spent more than 30K for buying radio equipments that is lying around everywhere. He doesn't even want to sit for the Morse test like some others who have been enjoying the hobby with much lesser expenditure.

I know of many other fellows who bought a radio that cost above RM12K a set. And they owned several equipments. Their expenditure on radio exceeds RM30K.

Not everyone wants to have solid benefits, something that they could see and touch. Travelling and donating and giving alms do not result in tangible things. They are spiritual in nature, lying in our hearts and souls forever. Dying for a country may not be a martyr but we die with the spirit of patriotism.

I would never sneer or condemn those who refuse to donate. That is their own business, their money. I would not say they are unpatriotic even because giving money is not the only way that we can show our love to our nation.

But we can be a traitor in many ways. Attempt to stop by discouraging others to donate to national fund is one of them. It is a sabotaging effort to further burden the nation.

If I pick a poor man to be my leader I am willing to buy a bread for him. So are millions of us. If we pick up a rich man to be our leader and we decide to give him our money so be it, as long as he does not force us to contribute. And we don't ask those who refuse to be a donor to donate.

Now we hear they are yelling their heads off that the government can afford to pay the loans made by Najib. Then why must Najib collect GST and cut the subsidies ? The foul moth politicians have God to answer. No one realize that it was God's wish that they were to be repelled.

By logic and common sense BN could not lose the election. No one believed it including Lim Kit Siang and Najib himself. Instead of repenting they keep on showing their arrogance and trying to protect the criminals.

We know what will happen when GST is scraped. We can't replenish the lost by the same amount but we can help with our small pittance. The Koreans did it with their gold and other precious metals. The queued up to hand their belongings. They survived and now they are one of the top exporters of the world. Their mind setup should be our benchmark. If we can't give our jewelleries we give our money. If we can't give a hundred we give a dollar.

God knows the truth. The God that rules us is the God of all human beings whoever they are and wherever they are.

There are individuals who donate a million ringgit each.

We should have a high standard of morality and responsibility.

Before I end this episode here is I quote from a reader of Malaysiakini

Let's not speculate and wait for the Conference of Rulers meeting on Tuesday for their collective decision. I am sure the Rulers will all agree to follow the rule of law as set out in the Federal Constitution. Remembered that outburst by our present MACC chief about requesting the help of the Rulers regarding the investigations on Najib Razak but there were no actions taken by the Rulers. And remembered the press statements issued on behalf of the Rulers that the Rulers had taken actions at that time according to the Federal Constitution. So I am sure the Rulers will act in the appointment of Tommy Thomas as the Attorney General as advised by the PH government according to the Federal Constitution which is the Supreme Law in Malaysia. Also if any provision in the Federal Constitution can be contradicted by the Rulers, then the PH government can also act in contradiction of all other provisions of the Federal Constitution as a precedent has been set by the Rulers.

04/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In doing some work I do not need to hurry. The New Year is coming soon for the Muslims. There are plenty to be done. But I do not take it a day to complete all the job. Yesterday I changed one light bulb that had blown off. I need to test the other coloured lights may be this evening. 50% of my radio room has been cleaned. There is no need for a rush. We jokingly say Slowly Slowly Catch The Monkey.

The main trouble with me is that I always forget what I planned to do, remembered them after some incidences or after a couple of days time. A couple of days ago I decided to replenish my Vitamin E yesterday. I only remembered it when I was fetching the last one. To make sure I will have the supply tonight I went to the Pharmacy the first thing in the morning.

However there isn't much left to be done. I don't need a new curtain or a floor mat. I only need to re-arrange my things like camera, radio, switch boards and books so that they would look orderly and neat. I know when my kid return home she will do the house cleaning and the arrangement again. And when she does, I will be having problem finding some of my belongings. This time I want to hide them in my radio room for safe keeping.

Tomorrow is the 4th of June, the date for the early pension payment. The next payment will be on 21st July. If I used the money to spend for the festivities I will have to suffer bearing the waiting for the next income. So I switched off my mind for further purchases and decorations. That will save some for my trip to China in September. But the full payment has to be made in July.

I plan to buy a couple of bicycles for my two grand children who will be coming back soon. That will be about RM600.

I am not a systematic guy. I should have jotted all the plans on a sheet of paper and refer to it everyday, cross a line on things done and add to whatever new that crosses my mind. Instead while sitting and relaxing I just asked myself "What else I am going to do ?"

03/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Tradition says that a Ruler or a King is a Shadow of God. He represented God in this world to command the subjects to observe the Teachings of God. Before the coming of religions a King was feared by all as he was said to have a strong power. People who did not agree with a Ruler could fall sick and died.

There are only a few countries with their Kings today, differ in their functions and status from the old ones. After King Norodom Sihanouk was stripped off, the subsequent monarchy of Kampuchea do not have the old glory anymore. The Thai populace still prefer to have a King in their lives.

The preference whether to do away with monarchy or to retain them, among other things is a factor of their characters and behaviours. A King can't afford to have half of the population who want the institution been closed. The most peaceful way to rid off the royalty is through referendum as was done in Italy. If 75% of the populace does not like a King and the army is trying to defend the institution there will be bound to be bloodshed. More often than not this will invite foreign intervention. If this happen the Kings will have to go.

There is no point to have a King with erratic behaviour and who think he is invincible. Gone are the days when a King can kill his subject and get away with it. And today news travel within second on what transpires within the wall of the palace, how thick they were. I don't mean to be rude but I want to point out the truth of the situation. The Royalty of Johor called for the citizen to vote for BN but the Rakyat refused to obey. This is one indicator the Johor King should start to think and ponder. Similarly the situation in Selangor.

It is bad for the Kings to play with fire. The risks are great. Every eye will see and focus on ever palace. And we cannot underestimate the will of the people.

People may misunderstood of what they saw.  Their conjecture may be right or wrong. The best is not to be seen as anti-rakyat, for a man can turn into a beast as told by history of the world and Southeast Asia. The kids during Po; Pot regime carried gun to shoot their teachers and professionals. No one showed respect to the King of Cambodia then.

It is imperative for a King to show his wisdom instead of making himself to be perceived like a fool.

I already read a few articles insinuating the need to rid the Sultan, presented in a logical and pertinent manner. In fact we can't afford to have even 10 people to think that we do not need to have a King anymore. We cannot hide behind the guns and arsenals forever. Remember whoever would have thought BN would fall.

I put this out for the good of the nation and the longevity of monarchy system. We want it to be relevant in our country. The will of the Rakyat must be respected in order to gain their respects.

I just read people's views in the paid social media, from both the opponents and the proponents.


I was not wrong in my prediction on the earlier part of the article.


03/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Bilateral relationship with China is important as long as they are done without any hidden and ulterior motives. Under Najib the relationship created fear as Najib was solely depending on China to bail Malaysia out of a big loan. And he needed the money for his own greed. The agreements made with the Chinese gave China an upper hand. He forgo our country's security and created a great fear by selling lands to the Middle Kingdom. In addition we are seen as part of China's defence against the United States.

I believe that the ECRL and the HSR gave billion dollars kickbacks to Najib which had had used for his family and for the party. That pushed the price up. It was done in the purchase of Scorpene sub-marrine.

China is a great country. I assed the country from the products she sold in the country which range from the counterfeit and of low quality to the most Hitech and intelligent toy. The drones are one of the best and has captured the world market. This also explains why China could maneuver herself in the Outer Space. Not onlt the drones are sold at the affordable prices, so are the other products. So much so China earns so much money from selling their technological products and tourism.

At the same time there is a cold war between China and the United States. We must not take side and be a military base for China to avoid being bomb unnecessarily by the United States in case of the war breaks between them.

Malaysia must dare to dictates terms when making agreement with China unlike during the era of Najib.

We have to create our own growth, creating our own capital similar to what the Koreans did. We were as equal footing with Korea in the 70's. But our poor leadership and strong corruptions and our civil servants caused us so  much failures. Imagine we even have a Chief Minister who only passed the Lower Certificate of Education, almost illiterate in technical and financial matters.

Remember, China is not our foe but we have to preserve out integrity and sovereignty.

02/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The younger generation of the Chinese only know Malaysia as their motherland and always think they are loyal Malaysians. You would not know them unless you are with them. At the non-political level we are at equal status. Friendships are real without any hidden intent.

In general the minds of the Malays need to be changed. They are to be trained to be competitive, hardworking and to be independent. Otherwise they would continue to blame the others for their own failures and poverty. Their outlook are still skewed, myopic in vision and when in power they are very arrogant.

UMNO has been ruling for 60 years. None took the effort to analyse what made the Malays so backward comparing with their counterparts. And their minds are still standing so low. Let me give the most recent example.

Recently the government set up a Trust Fund to help the nation to relief a big loan by Najib's administration. The populace were called to donate. It was not a crime not to donate.

As people were sacrificing a little pittance for the nation we heard voices yelling against the government for setting up the donation box and call on the citizens not to contribute. Donations began to pour in instead. A friend of mine started with 1K. He is a Malay. Another friend planned for a long term donation of RM250 a month. His office mates are paying RM100 monthly. And they are Chinese.

These people love their country.

It is the time now to ask a blank question again to the UMNO ministers whether they are still with Najib and approve in the making such big loan ? Are they willing to pay ? Are the Malay PAS members willing to pay ?

They are the ones who should be chased out of the country. Zahid should go back to Java and Najib to Makassar. These are traitors to the country. They did the shitting and they want others to clear their shits. What a stinking beasts.


01/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When our government is asking for donations there were people who vehemently shouting and yelling. condemning the government and inciting the people not to donate. As an ordinary citizen I wrote in the Facebook that this is a donation that do not make criminals out of those people who do not wish to do so. It is not their business to bar people from saving the country. So far the protestors seem to be the Malays.

Compare to the Koreans who sacrificed their gold jewelleries, we are nowhere. It reflects our mentality. I feel so sad that these Malays refuse to wake up from their sleeps. Remarks from the Islamic Party were more shocking, "Let thery bear and pay the burden. The next time we take over the country we don't have to pay anything." 

Heirlooms, wedding rings and gold medals

The Korean people tackled the crisis head-on. Starting in January 1998, the government asked the country's citizens to donate their gold jewelry to help repay the loan more quickly. Millions answered the call and went to special collection points to give the government what they could in heirlooms, wedding rings, or small gold figures, such as those traditionally presented in Korea on a child's first birthday. Athletes brought in gold medals and trophies.

"These things are connected with beautiful memories and very precious," said Sung. "My parents were among those who donated the gold jewelry they'd received as gifts on my first birthday."

A friend's family, she said, donated the entire contents of their household jewelry showcase to the government's collection center.

The result was impressive. Within months, 227 tonnes of gold were collected, valued at more than $3 billion, according to a report in Hankyoreh newspaper. Voluntary action contributed to enabling Korea to repay its IMF loan ahead of schedule, after just three years.


01/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When you are having a fever you know the state of your health. Our body tends to become weak. But there is a hidden disease that we might not know that resides in our body. It is the heart disease that might strike us anytime anywhere without warning. You are advised to go for the regular medical check up and to have the ECG test.

When I see a temperamental man, easily angered at a slight provocation and always having an ill feeling towards the others I would suspect he is prone to heart disease. He may get a stroke at anytime. I measure the degree of anger also through his aggressive writings or comments on people he dislikes. Lately I found plenty of such persons on the Facebook. It is not about his criticism but about how he puts them into words.

An arrogant and vicious person is never a healthy person, in my assessment. Make him check his Blood Pressure reading or even his heart condition. I doubt his medical condition will show a remarkable state.

I may be wrong in my hypothesis. But you can always do your own observation. Look at his eating habit, his behaviour and his temperament. They may have some correlation with each other and contribute to the unseen disease.

However I do have friends who are always cool, non-temperamental and never show any anger, jealousy or hatred towards others who died at an early age hit by stroke. I don't know. I might be wrong in my conjecture.

I think we should not take a chance. We should restrain ourselves from being too emotional, angry and having ill feeling towards others.

01/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I got entangled with the hobby, aerial photography using drone, I have to learn many things on my own. One such thing is the usage of an editing software called the I-Movie. It was Greek to me yet I have to put in it my captured video to put music and sub-titles. Though it is User-Friendly, it is not as easy as cut and paste stuff.

I started with exploring menu by menu. I have been doing several editing already but I still do not know many of the functions and I never want to experiment with them anymore.

Teaching oneself has the advantages and disadvantages. There is bound to be something difficult to understand or things fail to operate. Without a teacher or an instructor, one will go nowhere. The good thing is one can train oneself to think. The thinking, experiment and discovery will extend one's vision and creativity.

For an aged person the power of the brain declines to a very low level. Senility and forgetfulness impede learning process. So much so we are advised to rest more and go for holidays, to avoid putting burden on ourselves. We were told to forget politics, not to buy and play with drone and to leave things to the younger people.

However with the age of internet we can still get aid from various sources. On the operation of my drone I would seek the help of the Youtube. Similarly on a few tips to run the I-Movie. They are ample enough to be our guides and instructors.

I still remember on how I learned Morse codes in the old days. There were no classes, no teachers, no computers and no teaching aids. Each one of us had to device his own method. We started from the scratch.  I created the codes sounds and recorded them using the cassette. Effective or not I can do Morse codes at about 25 words per minutes. That was a pure 'teach yourself venture'.

I still have a lot to learn about flying a drone. There are so many modes that I have not even tried, like a fixed wing or a tap fly. Similarly I still need to strive to use some of the functions used in the I-Movie. There are still rooms and time for me to explore.


01/06/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Unknown Future

God knows the best. In several of my previous articles I wrote on the fate of this country under Najib and Rosmah entitled WHAT'S NEXT. I decided to stop asking the question since events are almost reaching the peak. But looking at the current situations I think I need to resurrect it again. What will happen to fate of the Sultans in time to come ?

We cannot underestimate the mind and thinking of the people. We still think people are still dumb and stupid. We don't know the populace are watching us.

The Sultans should understand the history of the world and learn from it, about the institution of monarchy and the rise of the republic. These nations are in front of our eyes. Amazingly people's eyes could see behind the thick wall of a palace, and keep what they saw in their hearts. The respect and disrespect of the Sultans depend on people's perceptions. Eyes have been focussed on Johor, Selangor, Kelantan and even the Royal Highness of The Yang Dipertuan Agong.

We say that Anwar Ibrahim will be the Prime Minister after Tun Mahathir. Only God knows what's may happen next. People never expect Tun Mahathir to live beyond 97 or 100. He will step down soon. And Anwar may be defeated in an election. People will vote for an Independent Party, thereby dismissing him as a Prime Minister. God decides.

It is good that people vent their anger through the ballot boxes. Even in the modern time people still ran havoc killing their enemies mercilessly like the ancient time as what had just happened in Myanmar recently. The royalty in Cambodia only survived by Hun Sen but royalty has lost the strong sovereignty.

If the majority of the Malaysians believe in one face and the royalty in another there is a bad sign approaching. Bad news spread fast. Almost no one ever believe that BN would fall with all the strategy and fortifications. I know cruel government would fall but not so soon. Likewise it is wise for the Sultans to think in the same line. They must not be seen as partisans by the rakyat. Johor, Selangor, Kelantan and the Crown must be aware of the eyes upon them.

Because we do not know what will happen next, we should more wise. Our expectations and predictions may fall short. There is such thing as divine intervention to the believers. It can be accidental.

You may not believe when I asked who will be the next Prime Minister, a friend replied Mat Sabu. He said Anwar might not be chosen by the people. Mahyudin is seen as racist. mat Sabu is the most humble and most likable person. This never cross people's mind. It sounds crazy. But the impossible and the unthinkable can happen.

This is a simple essay by a simple old man. The blog is mainly for my own perusal. Yet I hope for a very few persons who read it will just speak and spread of the substance, the simple philosophy behind it for the sake of building a better nation.

31/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



So far I have not any service to the government. All along my teaching life, deep in my heart, I was doing my duty to the children regerdlass of their race and creeds. With the trust fund I hope to contribute in my small way to lessen the burden of this nation to pay for our huge loan made so far by the government. I felt the burden. I voted for PH not to be richer nor to ask for more bonus but to eliminate those who were corrupt and dishonest.

I am not a rich person but I compute my earning and expenditure pretty well. I save thousands a year for not smoking, buying newspapers or subscribing to Astro. I drive a small Viva. The pension that I have is enough to pay the utility bills, internet fee, the cat-food and my daily bread. I am able to keep some for travelling, to have luxurious and exotic food once in a while. When I have 10K in my account I feel it is plentiful and thanked God for the sustenance and the providence.

While others are criticizing the new government for the small bonus and setting up the Trust Fund, I am happy enough with the RM200 bonus. At first I was thinking of allowing the bank to cut RM100 a month for the trust unit but on thinking hard and deep I decide to pay the full amount of RM6K, equivalent to RM100 for 5 years. This is all I can do for the rakyat and the government. Thank You God.

What is RM6K compared to my all other expenditure. I bought a drone for 5K and an iPhone6 for the aircraft for more than 1K recently. I went to enjoy myself in Maldives and spent for almost RM5K in all. On coming September I will be going to China's Silk Route for almost RM10K. And added all to my previous trips there were more than RM150K.

I thank God for enabling me to serve my government once in my life time.

My donation

A friend's donation

There is no force as done in the GST. A ringgit a month will be good enough. For 5 years it will amount to RM60. Many people would be happy to pay RM50 or RM100 at one go.

PAS has said that let the new government bear the burden, similar to saying 'serve PH right'. They forget that we are paying for their generation too. They don't have to donate and those who refuse to contribute too have their right not to do so as long as they do not curse the people like us. 6K or 1K is not a big amount compared to what God had blessed us with. If God provide us with more, we probably would contribute more in addition to this one. If you can't really afford, please don't force yourself.

As I have always said that God has given me more than what I need for my own. Thank you God once again.


30/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There is nothing better than the good health that we should always hope to have the next moment and the next day. Mr Chong who was doing a dialysis together with my wife was a millionaire businessman said "Cikgu money is useless now..." He tried to buy kidneys but to no avail.

Many of us are not rich. We ago about our daily life normally with gay and happy for our health allows us to. But we seldom thought about this greatest gift from God that we have. In fact many of us simply do not think about God, and our good health.

I define good health as our ability to move about freely without any help. Others may define it as being able to live and see the beauty of nature even if they are on the wheel chair. I don't hope to get a thousand dollars tomorrow. I hope to be able to wake up and do my daily chores, driving to town and buy my meal, going for evening walk and fly my drone.

Isn't money important ? Certainly yes. But I don't need a million or a billion, a Porche or a castle. The maid I hire to clean my home showed her happiness with the RM50 she received and thanked me profusely. Ah Hwa who came to do a repair work, refused to take RM200 I paid him for his service.

It is happiness and satisfaction that count. It is our good health that matters. Rather than thinking of our own interest we should also think of others and hope for the people whom we have helped would be better off the next day. It brings us joy to see their successes.

Our country is in crisis now. It is not wise to throw the blame but to pray for the best to come the next day.

30/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


How do I consider a stupid person ? A person is stupid when he cannot resolve a simple problem by his mind, low educated, deficient of knowledge and presenting illogical argument. When he thinks he is very smart and intelligent he would elevate himself to the level of god and see all other people as stupid, dumb and inferior. Failing in verbal argument he would resort to muscle and vicious actions.

Else he would shout and yell his heart out.

We don't argue with such kind of a specie. We avoid them or make them vanish in the thin air depending on how difficult they made on us. The worst of all are the bigots. The religious ones are as good as terrorists. If not checked they will become very dangerous virus. We remember the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia who used kids to kill educated people and professionals.

Freedom and democracy is not to spread hatred and to incite the masses to destroy another human being. These people can call you pig but you cannot even call them stupid. If you do not agree with them you are not only an outcast but you are a sure infidels. To them to kill you is a martyr. 

These stupid people will call doctors, lawyers, professors and all other highly educated people stupid. I have a friend who didn't go to college but addressing engineers and lawyers as clowns and morons. I have a simple way to break him down, just by asking him to describe in detail how the related subject works. If he talks about the radio conversion I would ask him to explain the whole process of conversion.

If you argue with a bigot it is just like arguing with a cow. You waste your time and energy.

I would naturally respect two types of people, the computer programmer and the chess player. That does not mean I would despise the others. It is just that those two are parallel to my likings.

I wrote computer software before and I used to play chess for many years. Both need logical and strategic  thinking procedures and algorithm,

I have yet to find religious bigots who are good in either one of these. Instead of using brain and reason in arguments they would verses from the Koran. And they were to loose any argument they would immediately say you are infidels, against Islam or the end of the world is near. The one that I always heard was the infidels would always never agree with them.

Sad indeed

30/05/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof