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There is no serious outside ad yet. But I continue to improve the first page of the website. The previous one displayed the picture vertically, only a single image. This displays 7 images in a row. The title and the phone number will be shown as the mouse hovers on the image, seen on the QRP Radio above.

For the moment this is ample for quick perusal. Improvement will made in time to come.

You may want to look at the codes for the above display.

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</body> is not boosted yet. It means people don't know about it. To boost it I need to make payment in US currency, which I will never be able to do. I do not have credit card.

To make it like Shoppe or Alibaba, there is a need to have a team, including a web programmer. There are a lot of work that need to be done. In the meantime I am doing the testing and experimenting and at the same time putting in a few real ads.

Actually the uploading of any ad is simple. One needs to just upload a picture of the product to sell. Any information is keyed on the left box. Even the picture name will be written automatically. Price format is in numbers like 2000 instead of 2K. The PIN number is for the supplier to make any editing to the posting made and to check the items purchased. as soon as the button is clicked the picture will be added to the above page.

25/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We discussed the 1mdb. We talked but 2.6 billion donations. Both are linked to Najib Razak as he was at the centre of both. 1 Mdb drained off our money for nothing. 2.6 billion brought in the money for Najib to freely used as he wished. One is on the left hand of the son of Razak, the other is on the right hand. He was the master.

My question is why he didn't use the so-called donation to recover the 1Mdb lost and it's debt but instead he used it for political purpose ? Or he just didn't care at all. Then he said he returned the donation to the donor ? Again why should he return instead of solving the 1Mdb's saga.

To understand the whole thing you need to understand Najib's character. This man can be described as a faceless man, a very selfish man. While he was trying to put Anwar in jail, he went to see the later seeking for help to clear his name in the eyes of the world. Anwar gave a simple answer that he could not do anything. He was nobody and under investigation.

As gossips and scandal towards Rosmah ran wild, he and Rosmah went to see Tun Mahathir and conferred Dr Asmah with a title, hoping he could clear himself and his wife. So it went with Obama and later Trump, trying to get help from them on the 1Mdb issue.

I am never wrong to say he shuttled to Saudi Arabia seeking help from them just to say the money was a donation. That was after years later.

That was Najib's style. He will try to buy even his arch enemies to save him.

I am also very certain that evidences were fabricated and the real ones were destroyed. He paid people by millions to do the dirty jobs for him, paying writers to write auto-biography on Rosmah and to insert lies in them. He employed consultants to advice him.

Instead of paying for the loans with the so called Saudi's money, he further imposed the GST tax, which we know the fund was misused for his personal gain.

Najib has plenty of money left with him, which I believe in ANZ banks though a few suspect that they are kept in Hong Kong. At home they are hidden at the unknown places. They loot can be found if there is a large team assigned to do a methodological search though it may take years. Dogs could be used to comb any buried cash and jewelries.

Of course the most effective way to get back the money is through torture. It is a task that we have not choice but to employ.

All along Najib has been planting words into the mouth of the Arabs, trying to make things look legal. You see the statement the King asked Najib to keep it a secret. It started with the fund to fight ISIS. Then changed to ensure of BN's victory the General Election. Because he knows that we further question the donor, they came up with the answer that the donor was dead.

Imagine a man who kicked his friends away to follow the wish of a foreigner. Any honest Prime Minister would have to inform the cabinet and his Deputy about the money for the election. At least he could say 'WE HAVE THE MONEY. DON'T ASK WHERE I GET IT FROM. USE THEM TO WIN THE ELECTION..' To me all these answers came from his lawyer Shafiee whom we know how he lied about the 9.5 billions. The modus operandi is identical.

They tried to fool the US court with all the lies. But the judges did not buy them.

To surmise my comments, Najib should solve the 1Mdb loan with the donated money rather than returning them back.

As far as I am concern even the documents are planted and dates were changed to suit the timeframe. That's what CASH IS KING means to Najib.

23/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A young Chinese salesman at the drone shop said, "Uncle to make a drone movie like that ? " I showed the sales staffs of one of my clips posted on the Youtube. He showed a surprise face.




 He was not the only one who was astonish seeing an old man like me managing my drone, there were others who were looking at me while on the jogging track. And other old men would have been having similar experience.

As I have said before that I developed computer applications as well, running an amateur radio station with the call sign 9m2ar, and of course writing blog.

I remember at one time a young lady gave away her seat on the train to me, which I rejected because I felt fit enough to stand.

I am just one of the old folks around, like Tun Mahathir and Kader Jassin. I don't have to narrate here how and what the young people thought about. A big number of us prefer to be what we are, do what we want, to stay away from active activities, to be free without anybody's control. I admit that we are senile to a certain extend due to biological deterioration. Our memory is slowly fading.

To me politics is hell. Politicians are a special class of people who will never be starving like us. Yet they are the people without enough money. Lying and corrupting are just normal to them. They have all the luxuries in the world while millions of the others have had never been on a plane before.

There is nothing better than being free like a bird, with a clear conscience, no enemy to fight with, go where we like and do what we want, all on our time frame. It is the best break for us, a long one before we go to meet God.

The video clip above is only a simple footing but it tells about our taste of music and how we appreciate beauty and nature. We put them in the best of the position. It was not an edited copy through cut and paste method of various scene. It was one single scene. It depicts our state of mind as well, despite our slow mobility and the sign of senility.

There are more video clips around in the Youtube. In the search box just type man4855.


23/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Am I wrong to say that your principal mentor is Rafizi ? And am I wrong to say both of you thought BN lost because of you and Rafizi ? Both of you would still be in jail had nor because of the people. Instead of working for the rakyat you people are struggling for power. You want to be a Prime Minister. You talked about ousting Tun Mahathir out once the PD move gives you the winning ticket. How could you deny it when whatever you have said was recorded by your own team mate ?

From all your actions I would say you are a very myopic person. Do you remember during the GE13 that you have THE NUMBERS and you would be a Prime Minister ? What happen then ? And now you want to oust the man who work hard for your freedom ? It is not only our Malaysians had said you are KACANG LUPA AKAN KULIT but the rest of the world will say the same thing. Even your Mallot who fought so much for you will look down upon you with disdain.

We have sympathize with you all along with your predicaments and happy when you were out of jail never to know that you would be close to UMNO. Ask yourself why Najib approached for your help when he himself planned your incarceration with Saiful ? We hated Najib to the core as you were jailed. We even believed the pilot of MH370 was so frustrated with Najib that he dived down the plane. And Shafiee was trying to make you believe that he followed Tun's instruction. Mind you Shafiee made a road show to paint bad pictures on you even after you were away in the dungeon. And he got a check from Najib's own pocket. Are you becoming like Najib ?

When Tun put up cabinet ministers, none of us complaint. We just told ourselves to wait and see. Rafizi who was not even an MP already complained as if he represented the rakyat. Let me tell you that the number of Malays who voted for PH were monumental in numbers. An Ice Kacang men asked his customers and 9 out of 10 Malays wanted Najib out.

What is wrong with Mat Sabu becoming a Defence Minister and Lim Guan Eng a Finance Minister ? Do you buy his argument that LGE is a Chinese and Tommy Thomas is not a Malay ? You think you want to be a Malay hero and champion the Malay agenda again ?

You must have believe Rafizi so much, Anwar. And Rafizi had made several errors before accusing people of the wrong things. The last was about Rahman Dahlan's brother. It was not him only who wanted to fight corruption and not him only who went out for sleepless campaigns. I appreciated his work and had even suggested for him to be a second Finance Minister. But so soon he started to show his color by attacking Tun. Many ordinary citizens did not like it either. And now he wants you to be like him, a mentor of yours.

Without our votes both of you would still be in jail.

Oh, you will not dare to lead the vote of no confidence. I believe even PAS will hate you for showing a disrespect on an old man who is going away soon. Even Hadi awang and Tuan Ibrahim will detest you. There is a simple question; do you have shame ? Or are you as shameless as Najib ? Then you are going to ask somebody among the PKR to call it ? A Chinese friend of mine said "LET'S WAIT AND SEE'.

Please care to read the feedback from Malaysiakini. There are UMNO cybertroopers and PKR people inside there. And there ordinary people like me.

You see Anwar, you chose PD. You maintain your wife and your daughter. Are you not creating Anwar Ibrahim dynasty ? Come GE15 PH will disappear because of you and your mentor. The living people will have to look for a new saviour, not UMNO and not Anwar's Dynasty.

Right now you begin to look like the Second Najib.


23/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Some people can change. What I will talk about Anwar and Lim Guan Eng may not be true the next day. And I am not trying to convince anybody about the subject matter. Try to use your mind and be as rational as possible rather than appeal to your emotion. And my view are entirely depending on my observations and my knowledge.

When Lim Guan Eng mentioned about the welfare of the people, I immediately knew about his sincere feeling. That was what he did in Penang. I talked to the Penang Malays and they praised him and like him very much. I didn't talk to the Chinese but I sensed their likings with simple Hokien words 'Penang Lang bo siang' ie Penang people are different. There is a sense of pride being a Penanggite under Lim Guan Eng.

Penang never owed the Federal Government like any other states. not even Selangor. It was not because Penang is rich but because the managers did not loot the state coffers through various means, and hiking up the cost of the projects. It takes ethics, honesty and sincerity to do it. And Lim Guan Eng is qualified in the field of financing. We seldom heard Lim Guan Eng bombarding his rhetoric like Anwar Ibrahim.

Mind you he was jailed twice under Mahathir. Yet when Mahathir became a PM again after May 9,2018, he was made a Federal Minister, the Finance Minister.

This rose the jealousy of Rafizi. Rafizi is also a bright young man. But I traced his bragging about his capabilities during the campaign. Really, I never like people who praise themselves and bragged of their numerous achievements.

I happen to know Anwar, his family and relations. I talked to him when were still kids as his mother brought him to my kampong. He was a student of the Malay College and I was from Sultan Abdul Hamid. It was during that time he had said that he wanted to be a Prime Minister. And I, being a bad student, had no ambition and did not respond listening to his remarks.

I am not going to talk about his family. Mine wasn't perfect either. Many years later when I was in university I began to hear about him again. That was the time when I knew Hishamuddin Raid, Shafiee Abdullah and a few other dissidents. I supported the student's movements and was also an anti-establishment person.

Anwar joined PAS. But later Mahathir took him into UMNO hoping he would bring changes to the country. Mahathir had wanted him to be a Prime Minister, from the Finance Minsiter. That rose unhappiness and jealousy among the fellow members.

Later he was ousted from UMNO. He started to campaign against Mahathir. I hated Mahathir too and giving much support to PKR. When the sodomy case came up I believed it was all made up. Following the court case, I believed that the authority fabricated evidence and had frame up up the story. He went to jail. I sympathized with him and still hated Mahathir.

When Adullah Ahnad Badawi became a Prime Minister Anwar got his released. I still sympathized with Anwar till the second sodomy trial.

You may not believe if I were to say that we discussed Mahathir''s longevity in my workplace, saying that God prolong his life to punish him and wants him to repent. We did not realize that the punishment came through his choosing Najib to replace Pak Lah Badawi. It turned out that Najib was the worst ever Prime Minister that I had ever seen. He too jailed Anwar Ibrahim. I was told then that Anwar Ibrahim had sold a piece of land to Israel when he was a Finance Minister under Mahathir and let his crony kept his wealth. It happened that this crony is my friend too.

Najib followed some of the other foreign countries by following the Chinese grand plan. He made lop sided agreements with China, and started to to manipulate his way through in making wealth to himself and divided them with some of his friends. His doings made Mahathir's past errors became too small and negligible. Anwar Ibrahim was still in incarceration. There weren't no Agong, Sultan. Nazri nor Zahid talked of any intention of releasing him.

The whole populace hated Najib who was very adamant, disregarding rakyat;s remarks on his spendthrift wife. Then there were killings of Hussein Najadi, Teoh Beng Hock, Atantuya and Kevin Morais, about his taking a long time to admit of the 2.6 billion, and about the length of time to come out with a donation story, sbout his movements to Arab Saudi etc etc.

It was at this point that Mahathir came back into the limelight again. They were talking of a strategy of ousting Najib. Among all the political parties the government showed fear on Mahathir's party BERSATU. Najib ban Mahathir's party pressure to ban Bersatu' Paty's symbol, cutting Mahathir's image throughout Malaysia and using all government's media in attacking the 92 year old man.

An Ie Kacang seller told me 9 out of 10 Malay customers told him that they were for Bersatu and PH. But as Najib banned BERSATU and tried to put Lium Guan Eng in jail, the people wanted the opposition to get together. DAP refused to have PAS in the coalition. People shouted for coalition. The only acceptable and legal symbol was the Eye. DAP was willing to put away their sacred flag, the rocket. Few knew that an EYE was and is a Masonic symbol.

When Pakatan won the whole country rejoiced. Lim Guan Eng and Mat Sabu talked of their detention under Mahathir's time. I had expected Rafizi to be somebody. But he was still under detention and was released later on. Mahathir was working hard with Anwar's release which angered him because it was delayed due to the unnecessary procedures.

The day when Anwar was out of jail, he made a speech. I remember well his saying that he would crush PAS in the next GE. I was not in favour of PAS but I did not like the way Anwar belittle and insult the party at that time. It wasn't an appropriate time. A leader should have taken just one or two minutes to thank God, the Agong, Tun Mahathir and the people.

Now we all start to know more of Lim Guan Eng as we saw him on the parliamentary debate. He was not talking like Anwar Ibrahim, no pomposity. We noticed he was a man of sincerity and responsibility. If I were running a new government I won't pay a single cent to whoever make a loan to Najib. I would ask them to get the money from the ex-Prime Minister. But LGE took the responsibility. And watch how fluent his Bahasa was even much better than a milliion Malays.

On the other hand Anwar Ibrahim rushed here and there as if he was the top Minister in Malaysia. Try to understand why Najib rang him up seeking for help though it was the ex-Prime Minister threw him in jail, which may have been the result of the missing MH370. He even used the government's jet to go to Kelantan. Now he says he is suppose to be the Prime Minister and start to spell what he will be doing when he wins PD by-election, to revamp the cabinet, and will out Mahathir through the vote of no-confidence.

He moves faster than Najib, just after his release from jail.

The Chinese may not be a Muslim but they know what is a respect. Between Anwar and Guan Eng who is more Islamic in behaviour ? They are poles apart.

23/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Gmail and other known mailing systems are excellent. Only computer experts and students in the relevant subjects are able to challenge them. It is not a game for a 72 year old man like me without the IT back ground. In short I simply bulldozed.

But I am very exited being able to  make my way into having my own system, which I called it as My Mail. All were coded in Classic asp, combined with Visual Basic scripts. About 25% of them were found in the websites, which I had to modify to suit my need. It took me a few days to figure out how to upload files and almost two days figuring the file download methods. Websites never give all the details and descriptions. They did not want to spoon-feed every reader. You need to use your own brain and discretion for the rest.

If you want to call it SYOK SENDIRI affair, I would admit it. I had never have any dream of producing computer application, flying drone, sending and deciphering Morse codes, globe trotting, and living like a King. I was a bad boy, without ambition and a low achiever all the tine in the world of former education. Only when a grave yard is a few yards away I began to acquire several things within myself. Everyone else does achieve something in his life, some sort of providence from Allah, the God of all human being.

My Mail started with the login. If you are not registered you need to register it first. You will not be able to register if the email and the passwords have been taken. Then you can choose to send or to see your mails. The sample above shows the mail content and the downloading of an attachment.

But I only allow 4 attachment accompanying one mail for the reason of my limited knowledge on attachment system. I know I could expand further. The time is not now.

In sending an email, you have two alternatives, either to send a mail only or the mail and the attachment. In both you need to type whatever you want to send and to whoever the recipient is. Then you click either SEND MAIL or ATTACHMENT button. Sure it is simple for the user but it was a big head-ache for the maker.

22/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We were happy and rejoice the moment it was announced Anwar Ibrahim would be released from his incarceration. We knew how hard Mahathir worked for it to undo his error in the past on this man. We sympathized with him and his family for his suffering.

To me I expressed my disappointment on the day he was release as he had made a long speech condemning PAS and the others when he should have a short minute speech of thanking to God, the King and Mahathir. I told my friends so about my feeling then because it should be a proper ethics and manners to do so.


The second shock jerked me up when Rafizi condemned Mahathir using the word BULLDOZE, indicating as disrespect. Rafizi had believe that PH won because of PKR, as PKR had the most seats. He thought people voted for PKR. He was short of ideas that people voted for PH and wanted Najib and GST out.

Rafizi was smart but not all what he said was correct. We all remember on several issues where he had to retract his accusations. Politics is not a game of errors for the impact on the normal people would be too painful.

PH supporters did not oppose for Anwar to be the next PM though they began to see that Anwar's family will be ruling the country. But now things began to change. Anwar began to become Najib 2, which I believe he will frustrate many of the voters. Arrogance began to built inside him and he is becoming more and more like Najib, a braggart.

As I see it Najib 2 is in the making. There will be rhetoric and a hush hush campaign about Mahathir, about Tommy Thomas and Lim Guan Eng and about the fate of the Malays by Anwar's team. But I know that this country will be destroyed when Anwar becomes a Prime Minister. Even Najib will escape persecution and be free like a bird.

You see his daughter or his wife refused to relinquish post to give way for him. Everybody seems to be greedy for power.

UMNO wants Anwar to be pm the quickest possible time so that Najib could go scots free. Later they will stab him saying his family is building an empire for themselves. Tun Mahathir will not be in the picture anyhow as ageing will call him to rest. Mind you he is 93 now.

How abut Azmin ? I never hate or like him simply because I am not interested in him. I would prefer Lim Guan Eng more than many of the Malays. He had gone into incarceration twice under Tun Mahathir but still respected the old man. Anwar is showing what Malaysia will be under him only if you can see the future.

Now I start to see Anwar began to lie just like Najib. This man will never learn what gratitude is. God has put him in isolation for him to repent and realize his errors.

Why wouldn't he let his wife to become a Prime Minister ?

I can assure you that when Mahathir dies Anwar will destroy the country like Najib does.

21/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Mankind does not have identical or similar likings. What is one man's meat could be another man poison. We have different set of views on many things in the world. What I will be talking is pertaining to the fraternity of Ham Radio. And it is about the preferences of memberships of the ham radio enthusiasts.

There are old hams who championed democracy in the hobby. They said that anybody at all has his right to be an amateur radio operators, the murderer, drug peddlers, gangsters, other bad individuals as well as good and honourable people. That is their preference.

On the other hand I have just the opposite view, totally contradicting with the absolute freedom. To me a society, a club or an organization is just like a house. It could be my house, your house or ours. If it is my house I won't want anybody at all on earth to make it an abode for bad a bad and rogue man. The congregation of the house must all be people of wisdom, ethical and honourable. It will be a clean place with a group of clean people. That is my preference.

Rather than keeping in my heart, I choose to voice it out regardless whether it is agreed or not, contemptuous or not.

It is a sad episode in the history of ham radio when we have rogue and rude people joining the hobby. Once someone hid behind the radio wave calling the other PIG, disturbing the CW stations with unending keying right on frequency and causing excessive disturbances on the old hams conversation. This was never happen before the coming of the new class amateur radio operators.

There were plenty of anti-CW mode operators who would be making those people with the Morse codes their enemies. And many condemning the old hams as stupid and tried to coach the later in operational procedures.

Today these people are still there including the PIG guy. To me the sanctity and the glory of ham radio is over. It is running with a polluted membership, people with a filthy mouth.

The champions of free for all amateur radio should be happy and together should join the group to make the band merrier. But they are not there too.

To me amateur radio is still alive and kicking. But ham radio is almost dead or considerably dead as the chirping sound of the real Morse codes disappear. What is a real Morse ? It is a Morse codes without using computer to send and receive. It is totally the work of the fingers and ears to send and decipher using the Morse key. For many long years ham radio had been associated with the Morse codes.

Never mind if you do not agree with me. It is my personal preference and my view. But the fact remains, that those rogue guys are within the radio fraternity.

I still have several radio sets with me, keeping them for any possible emergencies, and any unknown catastrophe.

In this country the path and objective of amateur radio has taken a new route, with new philosophies. The old thought and practices will be totally buried.

But it is lucky for us that we can still having daily contacts with each other using the new communication modes via computers and cell-phones. We have daily chats and jokes and send pictures and video like we used to enjoy before. As English were used then we were sure those in the house are consisting of a well informed people.

But at time I came across "See you in log' instead of' 'See you further down the log'', one sign of deterioration of the basic standard.

I deplored braggarts and people with filthy mouths, may they be in politics or amateur radio. So far these characteristics are found among the Malays.

20/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Almost all of us peruse the footing on what Zahid said about Tun Mahathir. Mahathir is the son of Mamak Kutty, degrading his former boss to the lowest possible abyss. After BN went down he forgot what he had said to the old man and had to gut to go and see the man whom he had insulted like a dog. What are you Zahid ?

You had paraded yourself as a gangster and behaved like one too. I can't figure out why people in your constituency voted for you. Remember what you said about throwing your men into the river for the crocodile if they fail to retook Selangor ? have you thrown them ?

You are a very arrogant and bongkak. We still keep the video clip of yours showing your facial countenance and expression of your grinning teeth, your body movement and your body-neck relationship, a sign of absolute arrogance, an arrogance to the core. By your words it made me question the authenticity of your so-called PHD. A highly educated people will be more humble as they understand the world more.

Didn't you tell the people to stay with you as you have the money to maintain the strength ? And that rose a suspicion and the gossip that there were 2.5 billions under your wife and daughter's names. We keep our finger's cross. In time to come there will be new generations who will look for the hidden money and torture your posterity who carry with the stolen money. It is still early for you to return the ill-gotten money back to the rakyat if Najib has given you for the safekeeping. You must know that no people in the universe will give a friend billion of ringgit for friendship's sake. King Abdullah did keep record and publish them whenever he made any donation. And no donation has to round the world before it reaches you. I am sure you know that Najib was pleading with Saudi Arabia to say their King did donate. Now the fact they do not confirm or deny it, what does it imply ? It implies that they do not know about it. THINK ABOUT IT.

Being a Malay does not give you a passport to be arrogant, to use gangsters against your enemy, to steal people's money and to lie to them.

Now your own people are blaming you for Mustaffa and Anifah's resignation from UMNO. Why ? These two figures are brainy people, unlike the stupid Noh Omar who can't think on his own but had to be fed with lies. Mind you we also keep pictures of Noh happily giving away money to voters. And what we know about Noh during his school days. Ask him yourself.

You have Jamal and his gangs, Lokman and his stupidity, and the corrupt Anuar Musa who had manipulated MARA.

You know, when the British came to Malaya they wrote back a report to their Queen that the Malays were brown skinned and emotional people who live on trees. Though you a Javanese and Java had a great history of strong kingdom, they were all the same. They did not sit down o think, to plan and to set strategy.

But you are worst as you support a man who was running wild in damaging the country's coffer by being guarantors to bad companies, and signing blank checks to China. What are you ? And you also announced to the Malaysians that you did meet the Arab donator, and later said several donators. King Abdulah died on January 23rd after an illness. Did you meet him in 2014 ? He was too weak then.

Zahid, it is best for you to forget UMNO and politics and help the country, not Tun Mahathir or Lim Guan Eng, to recover our economy by accumulating back all the money lost, or that went missing or you deal with those rogue companies who were trying to cheat the populace.

And apologize to Tun Mahathir publicly on what you had said about him.

20/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



May be only one or two persons who read my blog as it was not intended to blazon my view to all. I know there will be people to will disdain my idea and my poor literary English. I have narrated about my intellectual capacity and my detesting formal education when I was a young school boy. I am somewhat ashamed of the criticism. But I used this blog to express myself in a very hard way and that was what I did.

In several articles entitled WHAT'S NEXT, I insinuated about the bad luck surrounding Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Najib Razak. This lady had thought she was a gifted in appearance and brain. People who worked with the ex-Prime Minister had told me about the way she acted, trying to tackle Najib before marrying him. She believed that she could get anyone she wanted. True indeed she she was a charming and gorgeous lady.

I don't know about her relationship with her family. Whatever told in the social media and the Youtube I regarded as vengeful talks. I ignore them. But a trusted friend who was close to her family told me about her father who was so angry with her that he cursed her as a bitch and disowned her. He had to be comforted by his friends calling for calmness as she was his own daughter.

I had sense the aura of bad luck and mentioned about it just after the MH370. Then followed by the shooting of MMH17. Then there was a tremor on Gunung Kinabalu. She carried what the Malays called SIAL with her. The WHAT'S NEXT has always been answered.

I insinuated that Najib should chucked her off like Taksin did to his wife. Marcos was destroyed by his spouse too. Rosmah was worse than those ladies. She had an office in the Prime Minister's department on herself. She flew on the aircraft that was not meant for her for shopping and her comfort. She talked to Presidents on matters that it was the work of the Foreign Ministry to do. So much so the people accused her to be the real Prime Minister.

Had Najib divorced her a long time ago there wouldn't have be a story of Altantuya's murder, of 1Mdb and the perceived thefts, Najib's kicking Mahyuddin, Shafiee Afdal and Mukhriz and breaking up UMNO apart. Najib had become a liar and a braggart day by day.

I talked to taxi drivers and to business people. All mentioned the SIAL of Rosmah. They blamed her for Najib's crazy financial management.

Now I can't say what is going to happen to her. How much did she hurt her late father until the man's emotional outburst to disown her.

But I can say one thing, that it is God who decides what fate will befall her. It is not too late for Najib to send her home. After all the son of Razak has lost all the dignity, not only today but since the 1mdb furore and the execution of GST. Just send her home and let her repent. Her sins were not only to God but to all the population. She carried people's money to foreign land for her to use in the next world. How many billions are enough for her ? What a greedy lady.

19/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It was the event of the past, many years ago. But I won't forget it. Najib denied he knew Djo Lo then. Most of didn't know what was 1Mdb all about. Sarawak Report was told to be  a portal full of lies.  Somewhere and somehow I came across a picture of Najib and Rosmah, together with Djo Lo and Prince Turki together on the controversial yacht.

I keep on asking myself what were they doing ? I know people can give a thousand and one answers. There ar many possibilities but there is only one truth. Even if we ask Najib why he lied about knowing the man who is now known as a billion dollar whale, he will give us a thousand and one answers.

One answer if just for MAKAN ANGIN, a mere siesta and relaxation. I remember when I called a father of a Chinese boy who insulted his teacher. The boy said the Malay teacher picked up on him because he was a Chinese. His father shouted at him in Chinese and slapped him hard," Why among all the other Chinese students the teacher picked on you ? "

The father was right. I would ask the same question why MAKAN ANGIN with Djo Lo and Prince Turki when there are many other good friends in the  country, closed to Rosmah and Najib. It would be happier to take all the family members along with him.

To talk about 1Mdb ? That is the affair of the nation, the country and the people. It was not the affair of Najib Razak and Rosmah. It has to be discussed in the cabinet and parliament. Najib is just a man, who was mistakenly chose to be a Prime Minister by Dr. Mahathir.

The people tend to focus on similar answer though they are far apart. I too think of the same thing. They are negotiating and discussing how to steal money from the country and to make it looked legal. To our modern term it is called money laundering.


17/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime.

Najib Razak is known as a serial liar. I remember only a few of his lies

1. He said he did not know Saiful and admitted it later after being cornered. He said that he met with Saiful to discuss the boy's scholarship.

2. He said he did not know Jho Low. Again pictures showed that he was with Djo Lo and Prince Turki on a yatch. Why was he with them ?

3. When he was accused of keeping money in his account he first denied it. He threatened to sue several media, issued an arrest warren on the author of Sarawak Report saying the media published nothing but lies.

4. He lied about money kept in Singapore's bank to the parliament.

5. He said he didn't know the document's contents that he put his signatures on.

6. He and his wife said she kept money from younger days to buy expensive diamonds.

And there other numerous lies that I have had forgotten in detail.

When asked about 1Mdb before GE14 he tried to dodge them. He sent Arulkanda to lie for him in the road show that Arulkanda finally admitted that 1Mdb was in trouble even before he worked for the company.

He lied to the masses saying that 1Mdb was flourishing but made the audit report a national secret, sacked the former AG and suspected in the murder of Kevin Morais.

He should be charged in the court of law for lying.  He was coached what and how to lie by someone. He has a team to do it. Recently his lawyer was traced to have been lying about the 9.5 million ringgit that Najib gave him to ensure Anwar Ibrahim was in jail. He said that it was a nonsense.

Years later after the money trail was discovered he said that it was for his fee to UMNO and Barisan National. His admittance made the government charged him for money laundering and the income tax evasion. This lawyer thought he could not escape the tax evasion charged. So he came out with a new story. That the money was a loan from Najib Razak.


There were three different stories from a smart lawyer. Najib prepared a long story on the money he was accused of stealing. Najib should tell out the story a long time ago instead of running away and continued denying the whole thing was merely lies and the West was trying to bring down the democratically elected government.

The members of the public are not wrong in making a judgement. They don't want to walk as a free man. He has ruined the national coffer. He misused his power and not returning the GST money to the people.

Though we did not see what went on in the dark but we sensed millions changed hands. Ask the people and they will say the judges were corrupted.


15/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



No matter what we will go for Pakatan, not because we love the party but we have had enough with UMNO. After a long 60 years of UMNO the leaders are becoming arrogant and greedy and the Malay party did not serve the Malays but themselves. The worst in history is Najib being made a Prime Minister. The three by-elections recently spoke clearly. When we went for voting we voted Pakatan without much question. And Najib himself was attacking Dr Mahathir from the beginning to the end.

The issue of 1Mdb wasn't brought out by Tun Mahathir. As far as I know, it originated from Tony Phua. Mahathir came in later and picked up with him as news about were blazoned by Sarawak Report. Najib and UMNO denied of Najib keeping money in his account. As the WSJ published it, he threatened to sue the journal. He shuttled to Saudi Arabia several time and later came up with the donation story. We will never forgive Najib and his cronies. They are saved by the law and our civilization. Otherwise their houses would have been mobbed and burned when they lost the election.

The masses believed in Tun Mahathir. They know that the Prime Minister won't live much longer and we knew he could deal with Najib.

But PKR thought it was their victory. Recently Saifuddin credited Rafizi for the winning. When Anuar was release he thought the winning was because of him also, forgetting for a long many years PKR failed to unseat Najib. As Tun wanted to do the best, Rafizi called Tun a bulldozer. He wanted Tun to consult PKR for any ministerial appointments. The members of the public were shocked with Rafizi's statement. the Chinese said they voted for Tun and all wanted Najib to disappear.

Instead of consolidation PKR prefer a breaking up.

There were words that Anuar sold a piece of land to Israel when he was a finance Minister. The words went to Tun. We do not know of it's truth but I can assure you Anuar select a crony to look after the ill gotten gain. If it is not true Anuar must go to Tun and explain about the issue in good faith and not to hide of what had had happened. Remember, Anuar's enemy is still alive and kicking.

Anuar is confused now. What he should have done is to go and seek the truth from Tun. Who had informed the Prime Minister about any false news. Instead he is willing to listen to Rafizi. Najib knows Anuar can be easily influenced and tried to seek for his help. The rejection was due to the memory, that Najib had put him in jail. That's why Shafiee made a statement that it was Tun who wanted him to persecute Anwar.

The greed for power is seen in Anuar and Rafizi. They are not thinking of the country but for themselves. from the feedback we gather in the Malaysiakini, we conclude the supporters of Pakatan are getting angry with Rafizi. They regretted in supporting the Invoke. And now they began to see his true color. But none knows about the land deal with the Jews and which crony was holding to Anwar's properties.

PKR must not worry about Anuar going for by-election. The public will still vote UMNO out. If an independent candidate only were to fight him, there is a little risk. Anuar can lose if the voters see Rafizi Ramli behind him. I already asked people's view on Rafizi. They simply hate his attitude. Now we begin to see his greed. They say he is a changed man.

Deep in my mind the next Prime Minister will be Wan Azizah. The populace will celebrate except for Hadi Awang and other PAS members. To them the best brain are those who can talk. Ig God's wants it Tun will resign today or next week. Or God takes him away to the next world.

Wan Azizah is one step away from being a Prime Minister of Malaysia.


12/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't want to be a fool like the Malays in PAS, UMNO and PKR. At least in my life I do not have a dream to be a Prime Minister and ever fought for an office. Though I am not a pious person, I believe in God's providence. Let me tell you that when I went for the GE14 election, I never thought of PKR or Bersatu or DAP. I want the change in government. No Rafizi nor Tun Mahathir influenced me to throw Najib out. Millions of us wanted Najib to vanish for we knew he lied too much. He took months to tell about his 2,6 billion. And that was after the WSJ's exposure. the believe that Najadi and Kevin were killed by Najib was always in our mind.

Yet PKR has become very arrogant now, leading by Rafizi. If PKR does not believe me try to put Rafizi in places where PH had won by a big majority. People are angry at the power struggle. What this man said about Tun Mahathir is now coming back to himself.

The Malay leaders are always fools, immature and short sighted. They thought their thought has reached the sky, above all human race.

Instead of being stupid by following them, I better quit knowing their movements. After all I have a very short time to live. At 72 I could die faster looking at these leaders. I might do something else, going back to enjoy my hobbies whenever I can.

It is more fun to think and investigate the computer web coding with ASP and Visual Basic Script. It is a challenge. Only just now I solved the problem of getting the file names from the multipart form. I flipped through pages and pages of websites. Thousand are looking for ways to look for the file names in the simplest form. I need it to simplify several input data. I double my effort when I am planning an internet mail within a domain name. Images or any other attachments from the multipart form could be recorded in the database. There is no problem to list all the mail in the inbox but it is harder to put back the attachments.

And you might heard of the word COOKIES in computer. I heard it too since the beginning of a PC. I just ignored it. Only now I have to find out more about it for I must have a global variables to transfer information across the pages. First I started with a single cookies. Today I add another one to transfer a filename from multipart form to another input form.

About more than 50 years ago I had said that the Malays will kill among themselves if the Chinese and the Indians are not here. They are arrogant, selfish and greedy. Even if there were less than 40% of the bad Malays, there were too many.

But my computer and my mind do not betray me. They can't lie nor cheat me. I would be a lesser fool by ignoring those Malay leaders. Beside web programming I have drones to look into. The only drawback it is a very expensive hobby. Now there are drones that can fly for 30 minutes, with full sensors to avoid all round obstacles and with the ability to zoom. It is almost RM6K. It is fun to talk about drone than where to put Anwar for the election. They want to it quick because they think Tun is going to die soon.

Time is shrinking robbed by computer. I didn't even have time to go on ham radio, to hunt for Morse code stations. My is not over yet. The database for the email content is not ready yet. Other pages need much more improvements. How much of my thinking is in the codes below ?

The green lines aren't mine totally. I had to make the white ones.

The lines that look simple but are magical in nature are the ones in yellow,

The whole coding below produces the output on the left. Only if you care to ponder and think about it, you will realize the power of human mind. It is very resourceful if you use it wisely.

It does not give me millions or billions. It does not make me a Prime Minister. It gives me satisfaction and fulfilling.

It turns me into a lesser fool.

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11/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A very long time ago when ham radio was at a glamouring age ham radio operators chat with each other throughout the world via the air space. Cyber space was still unknown and unseen. Skypes, Whatsapp and Facebook were beyond imagination. Radio was the King then.

Those who wanted to join the hobby had to know English as it was the medium of conversation among the international members. The radio examination was made in English for the reason. So when we went hamming we chat. There were conversations, stories, jokes and other information. Some spoke for hours.

One possible reason was the ability to speak in English.

The shortest I ever had were to give my name, location, signal report, the weather, the antenna and it's height, the power output and bidding goodbye. That was when there was a pile up, meaning there were hundred of stations were waiting for the contacts. Having bored with vocal chats we would call our counterparts to shift to Morse codes or CW. This too was a long conversation.

The practice built a tradition, a ham tradition of respects and ethics, what we shouldn't do and tried to avoid. We follow the traditional pattern. New people would look for a teacher, frequent to his shack and learned a few tricks, started to be a short wave listener and happily sending signal reports and QSL cards. By the time we become a full pledge ham, we just follow the style and the practice.

Among the local hams we gathered every evening, telling stories, jokes and the new things that we knew. Mind you they were all in English.

But those were the gone days, that will be totally buried together with the old hams. The tradition has stopped. Surely some people had taken the task to stop them.

10/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There were three by-elections past the GE14 recent era, the Sungai Kandis, the Balakong and the Seri Setia. UMNO and PAS had taken the issue of the 100 day PH failing promises, and the Malay fate. They were attacking SST and Lim Guan Eng aggressively in parliament as a part of campaigning effort to discredit the PH government. PAS and UMNO joined hand with a fierce campaign, and confident of winning the Seri Setia seat.

The arrogance of UMNO can be seen on how they behave and argued during the parliamentary session. Bragging and boasting and belittling others seem to be their innate nature. The people witnessed their insulting Tun Mahathir during the last general election, the behaviour of Jamal Yunoss and Najib Razak even after losing the polls. Even today Najib thins he is still popular.

Maslan tried to incite the people to ramp the toll boost as PH does comply to it's promise. Noh Omar continue to bring up the water issue. Tuan Ibrahim gave D grade to the PH government. SST was vehemently rapped. Yet the rakyat chose Pakatan Harapan.

Rakyat know how race and religion were used to loot our national coffer, leaving it almost empty. They see UMNO leaders as gangsters and Samseng. Just look at Anuar Musa and Zahid Hamid and Lokman and Jamal Yunoss, before and after the derail of UMNO. They are the same. It was never wrong for the top people of the world to call Najib a crook.

Do we see any PH voters went out on the streets to protest on the undelivered promises ? The only dissatisfaction of Pakatan voters was Najib and Rosmah were not put in the dungeon and be vanished forever. Najib had razed this nation to the ground. He denied it but the people see it.

Harapan leaders must also understand the power of the people. If the populace can put them there, the people can also throw them and choose other good people from other parties. Let not the new leaders be arrogant, braggart  and immoral.

It is very hard for UMNO to survive. Those Malays who were convinced of their bleak future will jump on PAS ship. But many of the PAS voters voted the party with the intent of proving to themselves that they are real Muslims and that's a short cut path to heaven. They think they are the defenders of Islam. However the time will come when the masses will see the party is cruel and greedy for wealth and money. They have not realize what PAS is doing to the natives by rejecting their ancestral land, sending loggers and durian planters and pushing the traditional people away. The strength only lies in their rhetoric.

In spite of their efforts and joining hands with Barisan, the Malays still hold to PH. Who among them cared about the toll, the price of cars and the petrol ?

As a teacher I saw how my former students who have been in UMNO's boat behaved. In short they are very arrogant. They do not know what humility is. And if you had seen how the Wanita UMNO behaved too, you would want them to vanish too.

But finally God decides.


10/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



RM9.5m paid by Najib was to settle BN legal fees, says Shafee

Published:  |  Modified:

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has admitted to receiving RM9.5 million from former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, but said the payment was merely part of over RM20 million in fees owed to him for legal services rendered toward Umno and BN.

He said he had been providing litigation services for BN since the 1990s without any specific retainers during the terms of previous prime ministers, from Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Najib.

"Cases that were assigned to me and my firm ranged from election petitions to other serious litigations involving Umno and BN. I remember undertaking litigation works on behalf of Umno and some other clients in relation to the mega damages in defamation matters,” Shafee said.

Over this time, he claimed he and his firm accrued many uncollected bills for legal services rendered, as no payment was forthcoming from Umno despite promises, with the exception of "some small disbursements."

This was until a "chance meeting" with Najib in Sept 2013, where he raised the issue of the unsettled fees.

He alleged: "...At that time I was in need of money to purchase a property from a friend who desperately needed to dispose of that property in order to purchase a new one for his family.

Read more: Shafee: Dr M pushed for Najib to appoint me as Anwar prosecutor

“Najib learned for the first time that I have not been paid by Umno for all these years since the time of Mahathir, and he inquired from me what would be the fees that had accumulated over the years since early 1990s.

"I told him the total fees would be in the region of not less than RM20 million, but I was not asking for all that," his statement read.

"I told him that I would be happy if he could settle about RM11 million worth of legal work in 46 election petition files, the subject matter of the years in 2004 and 2006.

"Najib, however, agreed to pay RM9.5 million as complete settlement of the legal fees of the 46 election petition matters, but he had asked me to rationalise the paperwork later."

Shafee added that he agreed to this as he was “made to understand that Najib was made responsible for handing (sic) the party's funds”.

"I had at that time absolutely no knowledge of the source of the payments to me by Najib," he said, further stating that this was explained to the MACC in the course of their investigations into 1MDB.

"I am a regular advocate and solicitor who works for fees. Why am I being scrutinised when I collect fees for my Umno/BN work?

"If you allow lawyers to be harassed like this under purported money laundering investigations, etc., the future of the legal profession is impeded. This is a phenomenon the world bodies of the legal profession are watching."

The statement comes following "new information" revealed by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim that confirmed that Shafee had received two payments of RM4.3 million and RM5.2 million respectively from the former premier between 2013 and 2014.

The new evidence was submitted by a special task officer to the attorney-general in response to Anwar's appeal against his second sodomy conviction, which he later received a royal pardon for.

Anwar had argued at the Kuala Lumpur High Court that he was denied a fair trial because his prosecutor had received payment from Najib, who was his political rival. The appellate court is set to hear his appeal on Sept 14.

Below is Shafee's response to the allegation in full.

1. There have been allegations by many quarters regarding the RM9.5 million in two tranches of RM4.3 million and RM5.2 million in 2013 and 2014 respectively from Najib Abdul Razak's personal account in AmIslamic Bank Berhad when he was the prime minister.

2. One of these allegations is that these two payments were made as a reward for me to prosecute Anwar Ibrahim in the Sodomy II appeals at the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. I have denied this allegation on record in an affidavit that I have affirmed on Aug 3, 2017 in the proceeding brought about by Anwar in his originating summons in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur vide WA-24-36- 06/2017. I still maintain that the averment was and is the truth.

3. For purposes of prosecuting the appeals, I had suggested to the then-attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail that I would undertake the assignment pro bono.

However, when Gani suggested that an agreement be entered into between the government of Malaysia and me for purposes of that assignment, I had suggested RM1 to be the formal consideration amount.

It was counter-suggested by Gani that an amount of RM1,000 be placed as consideration. This culminated in a written agreement dated July 19, 2013 reflecting the terms of my appointment as the ad hoc deputy public prosecutor (DPP) pursuant to a fiat. This document remains confidential as provided for therein.

4. Gani and Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria of the Attorney-General’s Chambers are fully aware of this. The then prime minister Najib was also fully aware of this agreement for me to undertake the assignment, virtually pro bono.

5. For purposes of record I have never taken a single cent from the government of Malaysia or anybody else in relation to my undertaking of the prosecution of the appeals. I must stress that even the RM1,000 was never claimed by me to date. This can be confirmed from Hanafiah himself.

6. As a background to this ad hoc appointment of mine, Najib was not keen with the idea of appointing me as the prosecutor by way of fiat for these appeals because he did not want to offend the then AG, Gani. In fact, he was most reluctant.

However, it was Dr Mahathir Mohamad who insisted that I be appointed as the special prosecutor in the Anwar appeals, as Mahathir did not have the confidence that the AGC would be able to competently manage the appeals.

This is probably due to the fact that the AGC had lost the Sodomy II case in the High Court. Further, they had lost earlier in the Federal Court the Sodomy I case.

I remember being summoned on or about June or July 2013 (or thereabouts) by Mahathir through Matthias Chang to attend a meeting with Mahathir at the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya.

Soon, I learned that Najib, the prime minister, was also invited to meet Mahathir slightly earlier than the meeting between me and Mahathir. I learned subsequently that Mahathir had managed to persuade Najib to convince the attorney-general to appoint me by way of fiat as a special prosecutor in these appeals.

I was told of this after Najib had left the Perdana Leadership Foundation, by Mahathir himself. I learnt from Chang that my appointment as the special prosecutor was the first of the six demands Mahathir made to Najib at that meeting, for otherwise he would go against Najib.

Within a matter of days or so, I was communicated by the office of Mahathir and the Prime Minister’s Office that I should meet Gani for the purposes of the appointment as everything had been agreed to for my appointment.

I met Gani in the presence of Hanafiah. A written agreement has been drafted reflecting the terms of my appointment as mentioned earlier herein. This written agreement is within the knowledge of every concerned individuals who participated in this decision-making process and therefore there could not have been any misunderstanding that I should be paid any fees over and above the RM1,000.

7. I have acted for Umno, BN without any specific retainers during the terms of the previous prime ministers from Mahathir (as he then was), Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (as he then was) and Najib. During those terms, I acted very often for Umno, BN and sometimes, other component parties within BN such as MIC and MCA or Gerakan.

Cases that were assigned to me and my firm ranged from election petitions to other serious litigations involving Umno and BN.

I remember undertaking litigation works on behalf of Umno and some other clients in relation to the mega damages in defamation matters. I have personally rendered on countless occasions legal opinions as and when required by Umno, BN or any of its component parties.

I have been rendering this assistance to Umno sometime from the early part of the 1990s until now, but I have never been a member of Umno or any other political parties. My association with Umno and BN and the government under BN was purely as a solicitor and counsel, nothing more.

I have accrued many uncollected bills for my legal work from the days of Mahathir as the prime minister, especially during the period when Mohamed Rahmat was the secretary-general of Umno and BN. To complete the picture, I have also rendered legal services to the BN government and the respective prime ministers by providing urgent legal opinions and documentation.

The numerous files that have been opened with respect to all these works have not received any fees for a long time, as Umno had always promised me and my firm that the payment was forthcoming.

In some of these cases, some small disbursements were paid by Umno and BN and in some others, no disbursements were paid at all and my firm had to be saddled with the initial disbursements.

8. Sometime on or about September 2013, I chanced a meeting with Najib in the Prime Minister’s Office over various matters, and in that meeting, I had the occasion to raise with him the question of my needing to be paid for my services thus far for Umno and BN, as at that time I was in need of money to purchase a property from a friend who desperately needed to dispose of that property in order to purchase a new one for his family.

Najib learned for the first time that I had not been paid by Umno for all these years since the time of Mahathir, and he inquired from me what would be the fees that had been accumulated over the years since the early 1990s.

I told him the total fees would be in the region of not less than RM20 million but I was not asking for all that. I told him that I would be happy if he could settle about RM11 million worth of legal work in 46 election petition files, the subject matter of the years in 2004 and 2006.

Najib however, agreed to pay RM9.5 million as complete settlement of the legal fees of the 46 election petition matters but he had asked me to rationalise the paperwork later. I agreed to this arrangement.

Here, I must stress that I was made to understand that Najib was made responsible for handing the party's funds as this was a normal party practice. I had at that time absolutely no knowledge of the source of the payments to me by Najib.

9. As pointed out by Prime Minister Mahathir recently, who, when asked by journalists whether Tommy Thomas was a crony of Pakatan Harapan leaders, retorted, “Lawyers take cases that bring in their income.”

Am I any different to AG Thomas when he was engaged to represent Anwar and Lim Guan Eng, or for that matter Sulaiman Abdullah who was Anwar’s lawyer in Sodomy I and defamation cases (now a DPP on fiat against Najib), or Gopal Sri Ram who used to represent Anwar in the Sodomy II appeal (and now a DPP in the AGC)?

10. I am a regular advocate and solicitor who works for fees. Why am I being scrutinised when I collect fees for my Umno/BN work? If you allow lawyers to be harassed like this under purported money laundering investigations et cetera, the future of the legal profession is impeded. This is a phenomenon the world bodies of the legal profession are watching.

11. Sometime about a year ago, I have explained these matters to the MACC in the course of their routine investigations pertaining to the payment of RM9.5 million that became an issue because of the 1MDB matter.

I had brought with me documents showing the files that I have billed and my banking documents to reflect the receipt of the RM9.5 million and their disbursements. Recently, about three weeks ago, I have also given a further statement to the MACC (to a different investigation officer) pertaining to this RM9.5 million issue.

I have a further appointment at my request to see the same officer this coming Tuesday or Wednesday to show again the documents pertaining to the files that I have billed and other documents.

The recent statement that I had given to MACC was made after the MACC had frozen the relevant account of mine in CIMB Bank which received the RM9.5 million and the disbursements therefrom.

That particular account was frozen by MACC without any notification to me until I found out on my own when some of my cheques bounced and I had to replace them to the relevant payees with other cheques.

12. Najib would be able to confirm the reason for the RM9.5 million being paid to me.

13. I am surprised and appalled that Siti Rahayu Mohd Mumazaini, a lawyer formally with the firm of Tommy Thomas who now acts as a special officer to the attorney-general, deems it fit to affirm an affidavit disclosing the matters pertaining to the RM9.5 million payment to my account when they are purportedly the subject matter of active investigation by MACC.

Further, she has selectively mentioned some facts in a slanted fashion so as to invite adverse inferences to be drawn on me in relation to the RM9.5 million payment, as if that payment was relevant to the unfounded claims and allegations made by Anwar in his originating summons.

I personally refrained from explaining all this because the subject matter is under investigation, but now I am forced to bring forth the full details of these payments as Anwar himself and others similarly minded have been making unfounded allegations that attempt to link the RM9.5 million to my undertaking of the appeals against Anwar.


But I am now particularly forced to do this explanation in public as Siti Rahayu’s affidavit has been allowed to be in the public domain by Anwar and others although it has just been affirmed on Sept 5, 2018 and has not been read in court to make it a public document.

I would like to comment that Siti Rahayu obviously failed to understand the affidavit that I affirmed on Aug 3, 2017 (in two languages), when she alleged in her ultimate paragraph of her affidavit (paragraph 15) that the denial in Paragraph 28 of my said affidavit was untruthful, according to her.

I am shocked and appalled that a clear averment on my part can be misconstrued.

For clarity, that paragraph reads: “The rumours of the alleged RM9.5 million received by me for the prosecution of the Anwar appeals and the fact that the plaintiff (Anwar) avers that the prime minister Najib made the payment to the second Respondent (me) for that stated purpose is unsubstantiated, baseless and remain hearsay. The second Respondent (me) denies this allegation.”

14. It is so discouraging that a special officer to the august office of the attorney-general could lend herself to making conscious, deliberate and dishonest averments in her affidavit. I am reserving my rights to take the necessary steps against this unprecedented breach of confidentiality by a serving DPP.

15. I fear this sudden development initiated by Siti Rahayu within the attorney-general’s office as erroneously expressed in her affidavit is deliberate, to allow others like Anwar to take advantage of the misleading and motivated averments to be abused against me.

These recent developments, I fear, are a setting to victimise and demonise me and to put unfair pressure on the Attorney General’s Office to take actions against me. I fear that the Attorney General’s Office is being exploited to victimise me perhaps to discourage me in the defence of Najib in his case.

We all remember that he had NONSENSE the 9.5 million ringgit before. It means he denied it. It did not happen. That's what the word NONSENSE meant. When cornered only he came up with this story, like Najib denying the 2.6 billion that was in his account. WHY DID THEY LIED BEFORE AND THEN CAME UP WITH ALL SORTS OF STORIES. Both Shafie and Najib are real snakes in human forms.

he must be taken to court and grilled till he pisses shamelessly.

Below are the views which we can rely on



09/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We remember well when Najib gathered people around him and called the masses to be loyal on him. He showered them with money and office, extending their tenures in work places. This was when the issue of 1Mdb and the 2.6 billion in his account came to light. That was the time when he start to sack a few UMNO heads from the party. It was the act of showing a man is more important than the party.

Not everyone in the country were fools. Those who remembered Rukun Negara knew very well that loyalty was not to Najib. Loyalty was to the King and the country. And those who did not know it were still of the view that loyalty must be to the country. There were voices of discontent towards Najib coming from UMNO themselves, who believed that the party was more important than an individual.

As the issue heightened there were call for UMNO to oust Najib in order to win the General Election. Public judged Najib on several of his movements; his refusal to sue WSJ, his several trips to Saudi Arabia before coming up with the donation story, he did not inform any UMNO members of the money in his account, he remain mull while his some of his followers were denying the existence of the money for him, and he took 3 months to come up with the donation episode.

If UMNO had had chucked Najib off from the party, BN would have still rule the country.

Even today people were still questioning as to the source of money that Najib gave to Maslan and Shahrir by the millions. UMNO treasurer did  not know how much UMNO had. The ex-Prime Minister was actually killing the party. And with the hidden loots he is still paying selective people to erase proofs and evidences. Najib is good at cheating and lying.

UMNO knows that it would evaporate sooner or later. The party now revert to racial issue, putting fear among the Malays that Pakatan Harapan is trying to destroy the Malays and the Kings. They are talking of the Malay unity. People see what the vocal Answar Musa did to MARA and ask about the almost empty coffer and the big debts. What is worse is that UMNO is fighting for GST when almost the whole nation find it very taxing and cruel. There are many cheaper stuffs in the market today. Utility bills are free of the tax.

It is true that PH does deliver many of the promises. But many understand it is due to the severe damage left by Najib and they believe it will somehow recover in a few years to come.

Najib wants longer time so that he can still find ways to escape persecution. But it gives ample time for Kevin Morais case to be over. People know Najib was the murderer but could not show a solid proof , only left to the circumstantial evidence.

The man has been abusive and negligent, shameless and evading accountability. He must be punished severely.

Slowly loyalty to him will diminish. Loyalty must be to the nation.

09/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We have seen just before our eyes that a man can take people's money by the millions but never have any feeling of shame nor guilt, parading himself to the world of his will to fight, in order to keep the loot to himself. He uses the stolen money to corrupt the police, judiciary and all whoever can destroy and manipulate with evidences. He acts like a grand Mafia chief, shooting anybody who passed\through his way.

And we a man who claim that all the land in his state belongs to the government, robbing the ancestral land ownership and hacking the natives who have been there even before the coming of the British and the territorial states were formed. The most pungent of all is he calls himself a Muslim. In my assessment this man is worst than a beast.

Today is Friday, the day of Muslim congregation at the Friday Prayer. The Imam preached about the importance of Muslim unity and called all the Muslims to unite. In my heart I saw those two animal-men, a man who ran away with my money, robbers who looted from the poor. They are not non-Muslim but of the pure Malays and they called themselves Muslims.

I abhor them so much that I prefer not to know about them anymore rather praying to God to punish them harshly.

The very bad man cannot accept the fact that even the Malays do not like them to live, rather to have the Chinese to lead the nation for one simple reason. They have shown how filthy they are. The people have asked Najib to clear himself by suing WSJ and DOJ. He didn't. Instead he tried to corrupt them. What a specie.

He is so bad that he even tried to corrupt God by sending people to Mecca with the 1Mdb's money. He hoped for these people to pray for him so that God would forgive him for his sins.

Let me say something here; that God that rules the universe is not God for the Malays or the Muslims. It is the God for all mankind. Providence and sustenance are blessed to all. Though shall not kill applies to all. Goodness and sincerity is not endowed in only the Malays. Badness and greed are everywhere and within human kind. My eyes do not see Lokman Adam or Jamal Yunoss as good people because they are Muslim Malays. I cannot say Shahrizat is a good woman and she has the right to the RM250 millions. I cannot respect PAS people who justify the corrupt money into alms and donations from Najib. And I cannot forgive the man in Kelantan who claimed that the natives have no right over their ancestral land. This man is worst than the animal.

Noh Omar does not fall under this category as he is not so an educated man. I forgive him as he is a low educated and stupid though he has a bad blood of hooliganism. A Malay proverb would say he is just like a frog under a coconut shell. Nobody can beat Najib, not even the liars of the universe. I have never seen a man like him in my whole 72 years. And I never learned even one exist in the history of the world.

He is a man without conscience and the feeling of accountability. Even if he shoots a person he would put the blame on his gun or his fingers, not on himself. "Arrest the gun and the finger," he would yell and insist.


08/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Now anybody can upload video for sale but it has to be in the MP4 format. It is possible to extend it to other formats too but it is too cumbersome for me to put in more coding lines. I put up two video clips for experimental purposes and for entertainment. Users can upload them if they have any intention of selling the clips. If they are not for sale I will keep them here if the clips are interesting and beneficial to others.

But their uploads will not be visible if they do not type in their information on the left pane and giving the identical name to the box entitled PICT NAME. As usual the pin is to facilitate reviewing of the suppliers sale. It is a sort of a password. The item code is vital to ensure that no two products is having the same identity for their pictures may look alike. is almost done except for the email part. The email is to notify the buyers of the forwarding agent, the track number and the delivery date. The email codes cannot be run by the Exabytes server. I remember the server can execute my ASP mail codes about 12 years ago. It has been more than a week without any solution and the technical staff was trying to evade solutions through various maneuvers. It is a huge company with full of expertise yet they could not solve the problem.

To me the project is a mental exercise but it could be very useful. But I never trust some of the technical staffs in the company as they had been doing a lot of changes to my domain. Several programs cease to work. They could have been moving the database files around.

However I believe the email part will be resolved soon. I will stay dormant for a time being, only focussing on improving the layout of the page.

05/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you study the history of the world and of the behaviour of the inhabitants you will come across people who hold holly hobby books, donning the Godly dress preaching ethics and obedience BUT who were robbers, liar and cheaters whose goals were nothing less than the lust for wealth and money.

And you would also come across the kings and emperors who burned and raged the homes and agriculture and ran away with huge wealth as they were losing to the advancing enemies.

History always repeat itself for one obvious reason, for the mankind never change in their emotional and spiritual entity; the love and hate, the lust and insatiable greed, anger, happiness and sadness, jealousy and vengefulness.

I see this in UMNO and Najib. They have both of the above. But they are more strange than any other Malay specie. No UMNO member knows how much is UMNO's money. The treasurer too does not know of the amount. Yet they claim that all money kept by Najib belongs to the party. Morally and ethically things do not make sense.

Anwar Musa was once in charged of MARA. Rafizi had done a thorough investigation of how the people had twisted MARA for their own benefit. Najib has ruined the nation through 1 Mdb and misconstrued GST funds out of selfishness and savagery. Now they are holding the holly book and the Malay Kris blaming Pakatan Harapan is destroying the Malays.

Najib ravage and destroyed the national coffers leaving the new government with monumental burden of debts.

As I see it these people are unique specie without shame, morality and ethics. Taking away things that do not belong to themselves is never regarded as sinful. They believe it is their right. While their intent was nothing more than to corrupt, the told the people that they are helping the people. That's what they did during the last general election. Billions were given out. It was nobody's words 'I SCRATCH YOUR BACK YOU SCRATCH MINE. MONEY IS KING'  other than the insincere words of Najib Razak.

Their immorality is comprehensible by the world. Even Saudi King now begins to know what kind of person Najib is and why he frequented himself to Mecca several  times when the issue of 2.6 billion in his account was exposed. Even Najib was trying to get into the good book of Obama and Trump, both treated him with scorn. Yet he came back to brag of the great treatment the United States had given him.

This man is without shame.

Those who received money from Najib should ask themselves of the origin of the cash. Maslan and Shahril's millions couldn't have been taken from UMNO's pocket. Proof or not I will say PAS too receive money from Najib, in a direct way or indirect way. God knows about it.

Are they trying to justify it by saying the money is from God ? Didn't they say God chose Najib to rule Malaysia and going against Najib means defying God ?

Look at their mind and their way of thinking. Lim Guan Eng asked why the 16 millions of GST refund money were not returned within the specific time period of 2 weeks. The UMNO members asked for the RCI . The question was simple and straight forward as to why it was not returned ? Secondly, when Najib left no money for the returned fund, they asked the new government to pay.

Among us we see people without morality being chosen by the immoral people.

Only God knows of reasons for the creations of the good and evil. We really don't know we falls under which category though we think that we are good and perfect. But God creates the mirror before us to see ourselves, and to make us realize to be good and considerate.

We the people do see the demeanour of the politicians and the crooked officials. No one can tell us that we are right or wrong. We see, think and make conclusion. The moment Kevin Morais was found murdered we already thought it was the work of Najib. He can say he didn't know about it and didn't make the order to kill.

Najib and UMNO has gone too far.


04/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The additional feature is adding a webpage for each product.

Customers, after scanning the products, will finally decide to choose an item in the list. Clicking the text on the left pane will bring them to the purchasing procedure. To view more info they have to click the picture. The picture and the info will be displayed on the right pane.

If they were to hover the icon on the picture the icon will show an arrow or a hyperlink. It will be a hyperlink icon if there is a webpage on the product. By clicking on the image more information will be displayed. The picture above is showing a web page of Pak Chop on the right pane.

The suppliers can upload their own designed page or asked someone else to do for them. But the filename must be the same as the product code. In our system product codes must end with .htm eg. Radio001.htm or M001.htm. It is simple. They use the upload file facility only. No description. Nothing else. BUT they must also upload the pictures on the page unless the page only contain image done by photoshop or any other graphic soft ware.

The above sample would be easier if all those images are put in one picture using the Photoshop.

The second last thing that I want to deal with is to sending mail with messages on track number and the forwarding agents via the same application. Unfortunately the Exabytes Server always returned the Server Error. When I wrote to them they always beat about the bush and till now there isn't any solution. I asked Exabytes to try the codes themselves but instead they were asking me for my domain to execute the codes. even informing them of the files that they should test, there was nothing transpired . The whole episode has created an impression that some of the echnical staffs are not competent enough. They may think they are.


01/09/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have been labouring myself much on the lousy web application, The reason is simple. I am not a computer literate nor did I go for any computer course. Then I want to try an ASP codes to produce something like the other well known professional softwares. The worst thing is that I am already 72 and going 73 soon when September arrives. My brain is getting rotten.

But in me I always believe that anyone will get whatever he/she desires if he/she works hard for it. But there are still many things that I have to find out like how to shrink large pictures sent by people to my website. I need only 60k or a 100k pictures but the senders tend to send more than 1gigabyte images.

I am excited when things work. I have to put a deep thinking too as how to get results that I want. The listing of items and the information and the clicking responses are the examples. The next thing I would want to do on GPS tracing. It is only in my dream. I hope I will not die wuthin this few years.

Below are the samples of the application















Now I have time for my drone which I have left in the cold storage for quite some time.

There is one final thing that I want to do in six months time. It is about the payment to the respective banks. They are selling the service and if I want I need to buy it. But i desire to link to the bank, by writing codes to integrate my account info with the bank sofware.

I wrote to Maybank. The bank warned me to remove the logo. I removed it immediately though it is only my mere trial and experiment.

At least now I am trying to promote some food stalls in my locality. It is hard to get people to come in for the free advertisement. It is always free but vendors usually charge a small commission for a sale. I dream to have just about 0.2% or 0.1% charge later on, enough to pay for my server rental. I paid almost 1.5K for this hosting. It is a risky investment. But life is just like that in order to see progress. It may also fail.

Gaining or losing, the satisfaction and fulfilment is beyond description. it is a great euphoria and ecstatic for a man with a blind mind. The rest is left to God.


29/08/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have not been writing my blog for quite a long time since I was busy with some codings to develop an application that is similar to I knew it would a tough job for me because I am no expert in it nor having any computer education. What helped me was the internet itself where I had to do a lot of referencing.

Syntaxes is not ample as I discovered. You have to do a lot of thinking. I don't have anybody to ask but to explore. That took time for a series of trials. The last one is to create something like a chat session to enable the user or the customers to leave some comments and remarks. I had a tough time to make sure that when a name is once entered will stay there. Otherwise the user will have to type his name for every session. Messages are sent to the database in the server. That's all. It will not appear to all other people unless he lists them by pressing a Refresh button.

But this is isn't important. What is important that any person who wish to sell something can upload the picture and the information for buyers to preview. Because it is a beginning and a simple application I do not make any allowance for internet banking. Buyers can pay direct and inform the seller of his intent.

For the try I uploaded pictures on shop and restaurant as well as a maid. I sincerely hope people will make use of this site to advertise their product as it is free.

But I am glad and exited that I finally produce one. I am not a young man anymore. I am already 72 and making myself active mentally.

24/08/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This webpage hosting is from EXABYTES. The expiry date will be around 2024. I know I won't live that far. I wanted to test remote database with Mysql, Visual Basic and ASP and they all worked fine. While I was still working I developed a few MySql databases and worked on them remotely. But I retired in 2003 and now I am 72.

At this age I thought of making my website an income generator. I still need MySql database to store some data and the MDB files for some light job. I also need to know how to enable financial transaction through banks and credit cards. At this juncture I decided to have a new domain and an additional web hosting. I also decided on Exabyte.

It was yesterday that I went to Exabyte Penang hoping to consult them on several matters. But I failed. Nevertheless I got a new domain name and a web hosting for RM1419.50 for 5 years. May be I live long enough to play around with the new page.

I came home to start I was told to open the welcome e-mail from Exabyte. I did and saw the user name and the password. Repeatedly I tried to log into the CP(Control Panel). It didn't work. I informed the company and it was only successful this morning. I uploaded a few files and tested them. They worked fine. But some features was not displayed on the webpage when my 9M2AR.COM was able to display the feature. You may want to see how and . They are the same files but shows different display. How come ? I don't understand. I wrote to Exabyte and ask them to try.

Then I tried to enter FTP (file Transfer protocol) . Till now I am not successful. This too I told the Exabyte staff. In the meantime I want to create MySql database. I remember previously they have a Wizard to enable you to create and even import external MySql. This time it is not there anymore. However I still explore to create it.

I went into MySql database creation page. I entered the Username and the password. I created a database name customer and save it. That's it. That's all. I do not find anything to create field names, length etc. Funny. I think there are too many smart people now employed by the company, that even made things so difficult, not user friendly anymore.

I am not a programmer nor a computer wiz. But I do manage myself around to do things. I really don't know what is happening now and I hope things would be resolved as soon as possible. I don't understand why Exabyte made changes from time to time To make the system better ? Or making it worst ?

03/08/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am an old ham radio operator, beginning my ham life around 1975. There were only about 250 licensees before the 21st century. The whole lot of us would either work the stations out of Malaysia or stayed on the frequencies where we would be having daily chats among ourselves. We called the band which enabled our signals to reach each other as local band. It is between 7.001 mega-herz to 7.099 mega-herz, a 40 meter band.

We usually kicked the ball rolling at about 5pm when we came back from office work. Signals coming across the country were tremendously strong. Most of us were using the traditional dipole antenna. I used a bamboo to hook up my wire.

I do not remember anyone using sophisticated aerial like Yagi or Quad or even Magnetic Loop. A few were on Yagi to work distant stations. I used the same system both for local and outside the country.

My comment on the radio signal today is that they are weak and hardly readable. I have yet to hear local station as if it is from my next door neighbour. I don't know why. The current conjecture is that the band condition is very poor.

Many operators are having problem in setting up a proper antenna due to the lack of space. Those who live in a terrace house and in flats will have difficult time to work with other stations using the High Frequencies. Many have to opt for the Very High Frequency that does not require massive antenna. Even a 6 inch antenna could connect them throughout Malaysia using repeaters, or even the mixing of broadband internet and the repeater.

Though I am not in a favourable location, I still can push out good signal with a much taller bamboo. It has to be at least 30 feet. I don't even have a bamboo now. I use an aluminium pole which is extremely bad to hook my inverted-V dipole. It takes a large portion of my signal to the ground. The inverted V mast must be a non-conductor.

I saw several people hung their dipole to their metal tower. To my mind those will never perform well. But I commented nothing.

29/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



BERDIKARI is isn't a dreaded word. It means to stand on one's own feet. I don't mean to be racial but I noticed the Chinese are apt to organize their community for common interest and gain. Today I passed a mortuary centre, standing proudly funded by their own people. A few years ago it was just a small wooden structure with some rotten wooden walls.

They have various kinds of clubs and associations tying up their kin and trade together, accumulating enough pittance to build schools, paying for the teachers salaries, financing system, super-markets and international network of all sort of trades.

It is a high time for the Malays to start a machinery to organize themselves so that they can stand on their own feet without the help of the government. They try to ignore building themselves up with the tax money. They don't have to quarrel and fight with any other races. The failure of Tabung Ekonomi Islam was due to ignorance, short sightedness and stupidity. they have to have a foolproof system to safeguard the fund. If things were going well with the TEI by now the foundation's fund could have been by the billions.

Of course the Malays must have enough people of high integrity, morality, diplomatic skill and patience to look after the money. And enough smart, knowledgeable and far-sighted people to plan the use of the money. There will be no borrowing from anywhere. Let the Malays save themselves using their own ringgit.

On the part of the government, no tax shall be imposed on the fund collection.

This is the starter point of my view. Wisdom could see light on the brighter side.

There is no time to delay. The Malays have to start now without talking and campaigning. Just beware of opportunists and wolves in sheep's skins.

29/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am full of sins and have never been a good man in my whole life. I learned to recognize the good and the bad, with pain I tried to pick up the good and kept them in my heart. I wanted to serve the people, tried to be fair and honest to them. And I became the Head of a school, I first encountered with monumental problems with my subordinates who had been told how bad was I even before I reported to the school. A few came to help me narrating the evil stories that were going on. I am not going to say what they are.

But for the last 15 years before I left the schools the teachers co-operated to elevate the school until we became a bench-mark for other school to follow. We won several Federal prizes for many years. Parents from all over the country sent their children to get their education at my school.

Out of all the state education officers only two saw through my philosophy. I was firm in making decision and willing to be demoted or sacked. One of them is still in town and we are still friend till today. He said he never met anyone who could give an instant information in his life when he phoned me up inquiring about the status of his relative, for I developed my own computer software that records all of the student's information. God forgive me for writing my achievement. I don't mean to brag but to make some people ponder how great life is.

I could not describe how great my teachers were. I let them plan the school yearly program, select the persons in charge among themselves and did not oppose their decisions. But I told them they have to accept one or two things that would be under my control.

I gave the honour to my teachers and blue collar workers to represent me in receiving a few several awards because the credits were due to them. I would be there together with them during the ceremony.

Students were awarded in various forms, from free KFC meal to travelling for siesta. Beautiful and clean classroom, winners of the hostel dorms would enjoy the prizes.

The academic achievements of the public examinations showed amazing results. Students with low entry level scored several distinctions to prove that it was hard work that matters.

For more than 20 years as a school head I learned that you cannot please all people all the time, and an administrator cannot make war with everyone. He has to court friendship with his enemy. I can bet that there will be at least 80% of our enemy can turn to be our friends. And revenge does not pay at all.

I also noticed that those who are never happy with other people would either die faster or suffer from heart disease. Temperamental and hot tempered people are usually those who have HBP (high blood pressure) or excessive cholesterol content.

I know I must have offended many people. Some would have cursed me and prayed for my violent death. But I never regret doing my job as I was very sincere towards my students and teachers, and given them much as I probably could.

I retired in 2003. I feel the splendour of life blessed upon me by God, with great mobility, that enable me to travel far and wide at 72, able to taste exotic and great food, writing blog in the language that I always fail, flying drones for miles and enjoy a peaceful life.

I feel that there are people who pray for me for helping their kids to become useful men of the world. It is the Barakah, the Providence from God.

Thank you God.


29/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is a tragic affair that the minds of the Malays do not adept to global changes. I was all over the Southeast Asian region where the Chinese and the Malays live together and noticed that businesses in towns and cities are run by the Chinese. In fact the later is more consistent as they carry on their traits in other parts of the world; USA, England, Europe and else where.

Short sightedness, ego, the low survival rate, indolence , resistance to technological changes and rogue behaviours had left them behind in the competitive world. The cleric at the local mosque preaches the sanctity and the greatness of religion and called upon the congregation to reject liberalism for Islam is perfect. Tahfiz schools grew widely at a very rapid state with the absent of secular education. There were blames on the infidels who stole the Islamic knowledge of the Muslim scientists.

Islam is a way of life. Progress and technology provide help to facilitate our living and ways of doing things and make our life more exuberant and lively. Cars and motorbikes take people to mosques. Loudspeakers enabled the whole mosque to hear the recitals during the prayers. And jobs need knowledge and skills. We don't want the Tahfiz graduates to end without good jobs.

We also saw the politicians howling about the Malay land and the Ketuanan are threatened. It was the Malays and the UMNO people who were selling their lands away. The Malays can't afford to buy even a small piece of land. And what Ketuanan do the Malays have when they were trained to be beggars, penniless and vagrants. They just don't see things because they only care to enrich themselves, craving for posts to be leaders.

They are proud to parade their characters as seen in the parliamentary debate. Those represent the bunch of voters' mentality, the masses of the Malays.

When our country is burdened with debts, they are asking for more money. The Chinese donate by the millions. Najib asked the government to pay to the Felda people, the mess that he himself made. Whatever these people did had lost unthinkable amount of money.

When the Malays and the Islamic party were seen as condoning crimes then the image of Islam was threatened. It was seen as a repulsive religion. Bragging, belittling others, arrogance, lying, corrupting, cutting faces of Tun Mahathir, denying the crimes depict Islamic culture of the Muslim Malays.

For a Muslim to be respected he must be capable, a great inventor, knowledgeable, smart, competitive and of a high moral value. Who would praise a bunch of gangsters like Jamal and his gangs who were seen with Najib Razak in their caucus. Even the common Malays hated such behaviours.


28/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When you buy a computer you may have different reasons to do so. The aims can change from time to time. Most of us are mere users. I use this particular PC just to write my blog. Mind you I am using a very old software to produce the output as you are reading now. I have a very old laptop which I use to design pictures for my pin-badge, using an old version of Adobe Image Ready which the new PC does not support anymore. And I have also a very old used laptop for my radio logging using the software of my own design.

As a user I am sure you have no choice but to follow the progress. Technological change in the microchips and Central Processing Unit comes too often that change the circuitry and the structure of the whole hardware system. There were tremendous enhancement in speed and capability, and also in the computer operating system.

You are forced to spend money on the new Windows, from a just Windows to XP, to Windows 8 to 10 and the new ones. Some amazing soft wares and applications need online registration to avoid the fake ones. The progress comes with cost and the continued survival of the computer industries.

Some 15 or 20 years ago we thought we have everything that we wanted to do; the word processing, the access database and spread sheet. We produce volumes of information, records and data by those applications.

I was a developer then. I  1980 I learned the basic of BASIC language and making useful codes for database exam processing. Then I moved to Visual Basic, a superb but simple language, which also cen be used for writing chatting programs. It could do what COBOL or FORTRAN did. But as time passed and the system went to the modern phase one need to test and publish software from the company. I have to learn coding, design it and submitted for testing. And I have to pay for it. I cannot be independent anymore.

I come to think that how would we teach computing to the school children ? What you teach today will be obsolete the next day. School curriculum take months and years to develop.

My old database system and the data in the records are still valid and good. I still have lengthy records of my students from 1986 to 2000, and could retrieve them either online or from my own computer. As far as I am concern I am keeping and using the old system with the old laptops.

I think we need to educate our students using the old system and stay it that way for a long time to come. In this way we can resurrect MEMOS to supply the old computer systems. Students would be taught BASIC, Visual Basic and other old languages. Only at the college and university level we teach and use the latest to suit the latest available technology like the GPS co-ordinating system, remote sensing and communication.

Small scale businesses do not have to buy new hardware and soft ware for their accounting and record keeping system.


28/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Until today Najib is almost literally not charge under any of the law for deceiving the Malaysians. We know that 2.6 billions were in Najib's account without declaring or informing anyone. And that money was kept secret for several years. It was not declared to the income tax and to Bank Negara.

in 2015 when the WSJ published about the money the UMNO members denied and fought for him and Najib did not say anything about it instead threatened to sue the WSJ. He sacked Mahyuddin for asking him about the 2.6 billions.

Najib denied he knew Djo Lo but later when the picture of him was shown he just kept quiet. He lied to the country. It took a few months to come up with the donation story and during that time he made several trips to Saudi Arabia. If it was a donation he would have informed everyone from the beginning. He lied again that the money was for fighting the ISIS, than changed it when it was pointed out ISIS didn't even exist yet. There were a string of lies that were spewed. Couldn't Najib be charged for trying to deceive the people ?

Later he said he had returned the money to the donor. Yet he said the money was used for GE13.

As a chairman of 1Mdb Najib is accountable. Using the government's money to pay for 1Mdb was approved by him. He had signs many letters and documents. Even if he destroys those documents there were many questions could be drilled on him by good lawyers. Don't Pakatan Harapan have capable lawyers to trace Najib's criminal activities by trying to destroy evidence and even killing ?

Najib himself admitted that the HSR open tender was not closed yet till 28 December 2018. Yet he already signed the agreement with Singapore. Surely there is some kind of law to pin him by his deed. Similarly the 88% payment on the 13% job. His crime was making the kind of agreement that was illegal and disapproval by the auditor general. Again a good lawyer can put him behind jail over this matter.

His attempt to cheat was very clear. He finally said that the donor has passed away.

Even the CIA letter can be charged as treason. It was him who chose the officer and it was him who describe the nature of the work of the unit and he is solely responsible and accountable for what the unit did. Of course he will deny of knowing it. Ignorance is of no excuse and cannot be a scapegoat.

Pakatan Harapan needs to discuss to gather of poor and bad intent of Najib in doing work. The government has to work hard to dig the truth of Kevin Morais murder for we know it was done under Najib's order. You don't jail the murderer for only 2 years, do you. In this case 2 accused were already served their jail term. What a nonsense.


27/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A judge is a man, a human. We here that to err is only human. And with a sentiment he can be bias and a partisan. But a judge cannot allow criminals to escape punishment. Very recently a High Court dismissed a suit though it was highlighted that how could a man in Sabah signed something at the same time in Putrajaya. This cannot be a judgment error but it was a deliberate act with bad faith. This is what no country in the world can't afford to have for a judge. There need to be mechanism to reject the judgment and to strip the person as a judge.

In hearing a case I do not agree with a single judge running the show, except for minor offences like the traffics proceedings or a petty theft. Circumstantial evidence must also be looked seriously as physical evidence could have been destroyed or altered. This, no judge should ignore at all.

An unfair decision has been seen on Anwar Ibrahim's case, Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya. The public outcry may even led to to the vanishing MH370 plane. And they wanted to know who approved the use of C4 bomb and instructed the killing of Altantuya. Najib should be answerable for his own bodyguards who did the final act.

A judge must be of a person of high morality, having conscience, fearing God and having the feeling of shame in himself. In most foreign countries a person would resign from a post even if there were only scandals. Scandals may or may not be true. This is what I mean by shame and morality.

The word Kangaroo Court implies the existence of poor judge.

Many of us have pressured the new prime Minister to form a Kangaroo Court and put Najib to trial. But Tun rejected it all out. He wanted a fair trial. He did not see the possibility of the poor and bad judges around.

It is sad that we don't have many smart men around but we have plenty of rogue and evil figures in the country. A man like Najib deserves to be kidnapped, brought to a forest, stripped naked and tied to a tree for lying and destroying the country. But any of the judge can allow this monster to walkout of his crime free. There is without doubt three men were murdered by his order and throwing the blame on others. They were Hussein Najadi, PI Bala and Kevin Morais. There is no doubt about it at all though hard evidence cannot be shown.

The best judge is the laymen, the population.


26/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You may not believe in God though you may quote the Koran or the Bible as if you are a Saint. You show your arrogance and called others as liars when you yourself is a born liar. You insult a dead person and pray for others to die the soonest. There is one thing you do not know, that who is next on the death list. It could have been you.

For more than 20 years illness and sickness struck me, from blood-sugar to HBP. heart and kidney. I became so thin and looked sickly. As I am waiting for my turn to die, I was sad to see younger and money of my ham radio friends have gone first before me and a few are experiencing severe multiple blood clots repeatedly.

It was only yesterday I decided to dash 200 meters at my fastest speed without pain. I made 5.6 kilo-meters of walk like any other days. A lady whom I did not know accosted me yesterday when I overtook her. She asked me for my age. Many other people looked amazed when I told them that I am 72 and going 73.

You see, I believe in God and have a strong faith in the Al-Mighty. As an imperfect man I still commit sins but I do not insult and belittle a man nor show my arrogance nor lie to people.

I do not discount that I may die anytime. I feel fit and strong, and actively mobile like any young men. But I may also die of heart attack or hit by falling trees or knock down by a car.

While waiting I make myself useful at least to myself. I bough ten small fuses this morning after breakfast, put one in my PSU. I soldered the switch cable back to it's original position. It improved the look of my PSU as compared to what it was yesterday.

Yes God decides. But you need to do what you must; doing regular exercise, take care of the food intake, make the brain work at least once a day by deep thinking and doing analysis, reading and deciphering Morse codes. The rest leave to God whether to stop your life or allows it to continue.


 I flew my drone ignoring the call that people of my age should quit the useless activity.

Politicians do not seem to believe that they could be in the death list too by the way we judge through their words and deeds. I hate to mention names but you can see how they behave in the recent parliament. And they seem not to believe in the live after death and God's retribution for the sins they do.

Sins against God and sins against men could not be outwash the same way.

You see two MPs who were much younger than Tun Mahathir have gone to meet God. The reason is simple. They are listed on the upper part of the list.


25/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Council of Eminent Persons is seen a threatening unit and feared by Singapore as it is pushing the government to retender the rail construction. According to Najib the tender is not closed yet till 28th of December 2018. Yet Najib has already made an agreement with Singapore on he HRS. Many are putting poison and spread bad news about CEP.

The oppositions fears Mahathir more than anything else and want him to vanish, and even pray for his death. They are not afraid of Wan Azizah or Anwar Ibrahim, and ready to hang PKR members when Tun Mahathir walked away. Everyone of them wants to save Najib as he is believed to stash billions of ringgit hidden somewhere else.

CEP is a real brain, a dreaded CPU of the new government.

But it is not the CEP who will be making the final decision. They recommended decision to the cabinet and it is the Ministers who will be making the final approval. The enemy fears the cabinet might agree with the recommendation.

To me there is no harm about it. After all it can be disbanded after finishing 100 days job to start a government before there were Ministers in the new government. With CEP or not public and opposition can still urge and suggest to the government as to the course of actions to be taken.

Zetty is heading the PNB. Robert Kuok is a tycoon and Daim is also a wealthy man. They don't mind walking away. Even members of the public are giving their views in the alternative media. Some are very fruitful and could throw fear to some people. The cabinet can even pick them up and discuss them.

UMNO is always finding issues to attack and criticized Tun Mahathir. They still have the same proganda unit to plan the attack. We have seen how Zahid and the rest showed their acts in parliament. They forget that people are keeping their records for a long time. Even in my blog it showed how Zahid bragged and promised to throw the three UMNO men into the river if BN failed to wrest Selangor. And Noh who was a gangster while he was schooling and corrupting voters during trhe last election campaign.

BN does not sleep, ever planning to spear an attack and to defend themselves before being charged for corruptions. Zahid claimed that BN still has money in their safe.

25/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When a smart and powerful man committed a crime he always get away with it. It is impossible for a murdered man to die without any murder, an impossible for billions of money went missing without someone stealing it. No matter under what name stealing is given, it is still stealing and a crime has been committed.

A smart man will apply the loopholes that existed in law to plan the crime following the loopholes. Stealing can be done under the name of kickback, lopsided agreement, covertly moving the money around the banks of the world and finally ended up in one's own pocket.

In some countries they disbanded some laws and hang the criminals base on the circumstantial evidence and happenings, some depend on the proven lies and spins, and unanswerable questions.

I don't believe fairness and good treatment is always good to extract confession from this smart criminal. He must be subjected to torture. Similar mechanism had been applied by the British while ruling Malaya and by the Americans till today.

God knows that mankind are not always good and honest. They may be of the normal laymen or the heads of the states and leaders of the countries. That's why heaven and hell are created. Only the non-believers who will continue to lie through his teeth while claiming himself a religiously pious man.

The members of the public cannot be wrong to see a thief as a thief because the money went missing under his hand. The criminal would just say he does not about the money missing. If he had live in a Communist country he would already be shot.

23/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A COMPANY linked to Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is among several private Malaysian companies named in an elaborate scam which allegedly took in more than Rs5 billion (RM185 million) from Nepali workers over the last five years, the Nepali Times reports.

The Nepali news site in its report “Kleptocrats of Kathmandu and Kuala Lumpur”, named Bestinet Sdn Bhd together with a few other companies backed by powerful Malaysian politicians as profiteers of Putrajaya’s revised foreign worker application process.

Besides Bestinet, which is allegedly run by Zahid’s brother-in-law Amin Abdul Nor, the report also named Kathmandu-based affiliate, Malaysia VLN Nepal and One Stop Centre (OSC), as among the companies involved in the migrant worker registration scam.  

The report claimed that Zahid’s brother, Abdul Hakim Hamidi, and former home minister Azmi Khalid owned shares in the company.

Zahid, who was deputy prime minister, also held the home ministry portfolio before the fall of Barisan Nasional in the last general election.

“It all started five years ago when Malaysia’s home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi outsourced the registration process to a private company (Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd) which required Nepali migrant workers to apply for work visas through a Kathmandu-based affiliate, Malaysia VLN Nepal.

“The agency charged Rs3,200 (RM118) from every Malaysia-bound Nepali worker, and collected Rs1.95 billion from more than 600,000 workers between September 2013 and April 2018,” it said.

It claimed that Bestinet had partnered with Nepal Health Professional Federation (NHPF) to carry out biometric screening that charges Rs4,500 (RM167) from each migrant worker after Putrajaya made it compulsory for all Nepali migrants to undergo a biometric test in July 2015.

The report said the previous practice of applying visas independently cost a fraction of what workers had to pay to go through private companies for visa processing and biometric screening.

It said that all of the revised arrangements were put into place on an ad-hoc basis, without transparency and in the absence of any bilateral agreements between the governments of Nepal and Malaysia.

The newspaper said Nepal’s Labour Minister Gokarna Bista is reportedly cracking down on several Kathmandu-based companies set up to extort fees from overseas contract workers

Bestinet recently denied any involvement in Bangladeshi worker smuggling syndicate, saying it was not a recruitment agency nor was it involved in the operation of the foreign worker recruitment process in Malaysia or labour source countries.




22/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A day before my Ternate's trip one of the two power supply units cut my house supply when I switched it on. I decided to have a look at it as soon as I returned home. There were two tasks I need to complete after the trip, to change my car battery which had indicated it's weak power for the last 7 days and secondly to attend to my PSU.

Changing battery is simple. Just drive the car to the battery shop and changed it. But to fix the power supply unit is hard for me. At 72 my vision is bad, my hands are shaky and the solder is of a poor quality. It refuses to stick to the soldering points.

I suspected a short circuit that flowed to the earth. I cut the earth wire connection of the PSU's socket, checked every power outlet of any possible stray wire that might have touched the positive and the negative parts of the terminals. I cut the switch cable to trace the beginning part that might have caused the problem. I opened up the fuse compartment which showed the broken small fuse.

Nothing happened when I plugged in the PSU cable to the main. I realized I should replace the fuse first. But I failed to find one. I had to connect the fuse externally. I tried to power it on again. Nothing happened. Then I tried to solder the switch cable. After several attempts I failed. I had no flux and the solder might have been of low quality stuff. So I temporarily joined them using the minute crocodile clips.

At this juncture I could power on the PSU, connected the radio power cables and tested the transmission. All worked very fine. In a couple of day's time I will be looking for the solder flux and a better quality but of more expensive solder, and a few small fuses.

Have I been much younger with better vision and steadier muscles things might have been different. I used to repair my transceiver before on several occasions. But to say I am too old to do the repair work, I found older Americans could even work with lathe machine and doing soldering work on PC board. I am just 72. They are more than 80.

I hate to ask for people's help. I erected my radio antenna by myself, solder the coaxial plugs and setting up a complete radio station without asking for help and assistance. My work was always crude in look. Good or bad I feel proud as I do them myself.

22/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I just came back from Ternate, arriving home at about 9pm on 20th July 2018, after being in the island for four days and 2 days in Makassar. To my friends the island has no historical significant. None was interested in going to see the spice plantation. Even the hotel we stayed did not have spice exploration in it's sight seeing trip.

At our hotel in Ternate FAMBELA

We took one solid day to tour the interesting places, five of us, taking by the hotel car at the cost of Rupiah 50000, approximately RM150. It was worst a trip. Two of my friends took a bath in the blue-green clear water. I just enjoyed the scene. Other time we went to a very fine restaurant to have delicious sea-food. The meals were much cheaper and tastier than what they have at the hotels.

People go for snorkling here

Durians were not sold by the weight but by the numbers. I was not so keen. My friends did. We went to the town twice for the fruit, one in the afternoon and one at night. I didn't know how much were paid as out financier paid from our pool. For food, airport transportations and travelling each paid about RM300. My total expenditure was RM2.1k.

21/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I only have RM20 left in my purse. That would last me for only for one day for two meals. It means I have to skip my breakfast. I decided to take some cash out from Bank Rakyat. I have still have the ATM card with me.

At about 8 pm last night I rushed to Kedah Medical Centre as it the nearest place with an ATM machine. After shafting the card twice it says transaction was not approved. I was panicked. While walking to my car I had a morbid feeling of being a vagrant, a beggar life, asking myself what I would do if I have no money. I started to remember people coming to see me asking for a loan or an outright cash. Sometimes I was kind enough, other time I was a little harsh at them. I have maids who have been asking me to send home to Indonesia for an ailing parents, and even a fare for the flight home.

I drove fast to the next destination, to the main bank itself. After inserting my card and punching the number the message said that I need to use a new card. The change of card began on the 1st July 2017, almost a year ago.

Sadness and fear clung me. It looked like I have to use the money I reserve for my hotel and other expenditure in Kuala Lumpur on the coming 14th July.

I always budgeting my expenditure for a month, and will not spend more than what I have for that month. That explains why I stayed home for several days to make sure I could delay of my money draining away from my pocket.

I live on a meagre pension fund. I used the saving for my trip, and it always leaves me in a tight spot after my trip. People thought I am a loaded person, and approached for a huge loan even up to RM50K to RM300K. And one Haji Halim, a contractor seeking me for a RM500 and never paid until today.

Hve you ever been broke ? How did yo deal with the situation ?

13/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I talked to people eye to eye, using hand-phone, skype, whatsapp, radio and Morse codes. Not many could do as what I can do even though they have all those in front of their eyes. They are unable to talk using Morse codes.

I just have a chat with a Thai radio operator HS7JEN using the codes through radio wave. It was fun and satisfying. The feeling of achievements is on the successful decoding of the codes sound just by hearing. There is a pride within us, the coders, that nobody could take away from us. It is not an ego but the intense internal joy and satisfaction.

I used to talk to friends for hours on end, using my fingers, translating ideas into codes and my head to change the codes into words. My oversea partner, YB6LD, Don, has passed away at his young age. My local partner has a problem with his antenna system, 9M2ZN, Mazwan. But today I do  not spend much time in my radio shack anymore. Many a time I closed down my station just after working with only one station.

Once upon a time Morse codes is synonymous with Ham radio as far as it was adopted as a hobby. I learned it because I wanted to be in the amateur radio fraternity as it was a mandatory prerequisite for a radio license. I device a method to teach myself the code as there were no teachers and no computers to assist. The struggle instilled discipline in us, making us to be more resilient.

Right now  one Malaysian , a teacher by profession, Zaki Din, is in Germany to participate in some sort of Morse codes competition combining with a Thai national representing the Asian region. Both are very well verse in the codes. The Ham radio also called the code as CW, a short form of Continuous Wave.

There are thousands of people who prefer to have communications in CW among themselves rather than using their vocal chords.

Efforts in learning Morse could change a person's attitude and ethics.

12/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I was a kid I used to buy garlic pickles. Almost 72 years later I have never heard of it anymore. A week ago I met a retired friend who told me about him consuming garlic capsules everyday for quite some years and never felt tired when he went hill climbing. Following his story I checked the websites about it. The articles mentioned that garlic lowered blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the body.

I made an enquiry at random from Chinese shops where about I can find garlic pickles. They pointed at the market in China town. A small bottle cost me RM7.50. I did not count the number of garlic inside the plastic container. And I didn't remember how many I consumed them each day. The bottle lasted me for about a week.

I have not checked my blood pressure yet. It is too quick to make any summary of it's effect. I didn't get tired too quickly when I went for my evening walk. I would get tired for the first 2.5 kilo meters. Since the garlic consumption I could sustain my strength till 5 km. But it must also coincide with the sleep I have. For 3 or 4 hours of sleep I tend to get tired fast if I were to walk fast enough.

Today I replenish the pickles, buying a couple of bottles. I washed it first before I ate it to ensure chemicals would be drained off if any. I also bought ginger pickles but will not consume it till I return from my Ternate trip on the 20th July.

Right now I have two friends with chronic illness. Both of them have a wide knowledge on the disease they suffer. Yet they fell sick. I too may die anytime., garlic or not.

10/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



People have been buying medical insurance for decades, wealthy people, businessmen and professionals. I didn't care then as I thought me being a government servant would be safeguarded by the government hospital. I knew that I would still get free medical attention even after retirement.

I realized the benefit of such an insurance only after I left my job. My sick friends preferred private hospital to the government's. They bought insurance for the whole family and paid nothing for the whole treatment. Now even teachers have a special medical scheme for them.

My bank sent several insurance scheme even for an aged men of 65. I thought it was too expensive to depart with RM250 per-months. What if I did not fell sick within 10 years ? And after all I could get a free medical service in government hospital ? I just dismissed the attractive offer by the bank.

Insurance companies emerged everywhere looking for customers. Many approached me and lectured me of the benefit, very attractive. Not much to pay for. I was interested.

But when I told them of my age they only uttered the word 'sorry'.

Recently I had had a cataract operation in a private hospital. It was quite a substantial sum. I did not do in in the local hospital for it would take more than six months before the procedure. I talked to those who were having the operation together with me. All were financed by their insurance. 80% of them were business men.

It looks like insurance has been a way of life in most countries right now. They even wanted to make it mandatory for every citizen. I am sure we have heard of Obamacare in the United States. There was a talk previously about making it mandatory even in this country.

If Najib is still given a bodyguard and other ex-PM benefit, it is sure enough the government will not neglect his family in case anyone fell sick.


10/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib's camp is still thinking the Malays will come to pity him and will kneel at him. He believes in his coming back. He is trying to play victim and poor as he is aiming at killing his enemies, those who will fight against him in the court of law. And he is trying to show that he is a poor man now as his money is being blocked by the present government.

Najib is still having billion somewhere at home and abroad. If Zahid's family can keep over a billion locally, we would expect Najib to have more, hidden somewhere.

The people see his game and his art of escaping persecution. I read a message that said, "If Mahathir and company fails, we will take action."  What sort of action that will come will stay as a guessing game. A huge majority of the population hate Najib for many things that he had done. We don't know how much can they contain their patience.

It takes a few chaps only to strike fire to push for mob violence as what had happen during the French Revolution and the rise of People's Power in the Philippines. Time and again writers reminded Najib of Saddam and gadafi's fate. His current drama are making people losing their composures. They have listed the names of those devious people in Najib's camp, including the despicable lawyer and judges. A single swoop will net all these crooks. People's court will be very divastating.

You may not believe what I say. Let us just wait and see.

10/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A radio friend of mine received a letter from the local town council demanding him to dismantle a 70 foot antenna tower seen as illegal under Section 70(1). He need to apply for permission to build a tower on his own land, and he has to submit a plan. The plan must consist of a tower and the power house beneath the tower.

Panicking on receiving the letter he informed a few of his friends about the warning. We get together and discuss the matter, and decided to appeal to the local authority to allow it as it was only for the radio hobby, which also would benefit the country in case of emergency and natural disaster. We wrote a letter an appeal letter and posted.

A month later my friend received another letter of disapproval, quoting the same clause of Section 70(1). I made a search from the web on the regulation on clause 70(1) and found it. It said "no building is allowed to be built on private land without permission". Nothing about tower.

I suggested that he asked for a court hearing. Let the local council issue a summon.

I said that his small radio tower is not the real tower as built by the Communication companies which are more than 150', taking up a huge area as the structure of the base only is more than 15 feet in diameter, and with a power as well as a small shack below it. A structure can only be considered a building if it provides protection from rain or shine, whereas his small radio tower has a base of less than 1 foot. And nowhere one can find shade at all.

In court we could ask for self defence, I told him. Then we should ask to authority to define a building and show us the samples of the towers they have in their files.

It has been almost 4 months now from the first letter. Nothing has happened yet.

My friend is still waiting for the action of the town council.


09/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You may be a fantastic traveller but I don't think many of you could beat my travelling experiences. I have a fuzzy memory to put the experience in sequence. They came to my mind in random manners.

I have been mugged and robbed in early morning while taking a stroll at the back lane in Los Angeles. I was confronted by wild youths in Hawaii when I asked them for a direction but luckily the bus was around to enabled me to hop in. At a lodging home in Hawaii also they put me in a room with a lady I didn't know. I took boat rides from village to village and explore the places alone on the other side of Menam Chao Phraya, where I saw big trees were tied with yellow cloth around them. In Disneyland area California young couples approached me for some dollars for dinner. There were two hitch hikers that I picked up on my rented car somewhere in the United States refusing to leave the vehicle when we had arrived a city, till I drove the car to the police station to drop them there.

That was when I travelled alone at the age between 19 to 25.

In those days to go to the United States we had to fly via Japan. From Japan to Los Angeles the flight would stop at Honolulu. As far as I can remember I followed the route for at least ten times. Each time I would break journey at Hawaii and enjoy the scenery and the Hula Kodak Show. The last time in Hawaii I took a long rest on Waikiki Beach while waiting for the 2 am flight. I left my baggage at the airport and went to the beach, slept there, took a pipe water bath and stroll along the pathway where people were playing chess along the way. There were tables with chess sets for people to exercise their minds.

I was watching a game, between a Black and a White man. They played two games and the Black man won. He asked me whether I would have a game with him. Gladly I accepted the challenge. He lost the game. He asked me where I was from. While chatting he asked for another. I also won the second one. I said I had to stop lest my I might miss my flight. He gave a card and told me to look for him if I were to make a visit to Hawaii again.

In 2004 or 2005 I made another trip to USA. But this time with two radio friends. Our aim was to go to Dayton Ohio for the ham radio convention called Hamvention. Ohio was in the Mid West. The plane had to go to Los Angeles first and then to New York. From New York we planned to rent a car to proceed to Ohio. We decided to break journey and stayed in California for a week.

In California we drove almost throughout the state including Las Vegas.

I asked my friends to go to Mexico as I had been there to Tijuana before with a tour group. During that time the tour group entered the country and out of it without having have to show our passport. I thought the procedure was similar.

At the point we parked our car we saw Mexicans entered the border through a gate. So we followed them in. After enjoying the sight seeing and having the delicious rice with grilled fish food we decided to return to USA. But we did not remember the gate we came from.

After about 30 minutes of search we saw a long line of Mexicans going through a building. We followed them and to discover it was the border immigration. People were showing their passports. As our turn arrived the custom officer asked for entry documents. We had a hard time explaining about how we entered the country through the gate. We argued with the immigration showing our arrival date in USA. It took about 2 hours before we could convince them and were freed, allowed to enter USA again.

There wasn't any amazing special events that took place during my travel with organized tour groups.

I started to travel and explore when I was 19 until now. Now I am 72.


09/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Lately I have been watching the Youtube documentaries on Chinese Muslims in the Western states of China, on the marriage tradition and on the Halal Foods. These countries lies along the Silk Route. I failed to go to these places with the local tour agencies despite my booking payments because of the lack of quorum. This year I already paid RM1K about two months ago for the same trip.

I hope to see the fascinating rainbow mountain range and to observe the Chinese Muslim culture. I noticed so far from the clips they are pure Chinese and not a face of Middle Eastern Arabic people. They speak mandarin, eat with chop sticks, and using joysticks. Without the head scarves and the hats we wouldn't have guessed that they are Muslims.

Like every other Chinese they are hardworking people. Elderly people are very strong and active unlike some of the races in the world, who would be lazy and indolent, especially of the Street people in the United States.

I just want to look at these people with my own eyes, shake hands with them and eat their food. They also speak Arabic. To me assessment and estimation they are more advance and progressive than the local Malaysian Malays.

From the documentaries I noticed the local governments are Communist but the co-operation with the people is very friendly. The Chinese Premier was once making a visit to one of the newly opened mosques in one of the cities.

I hope the visit will materialize. It will be on the 11th. of September 2018. To me the time is short computing from today, yet no news is herd from the travel agency, Safirgotravel.


08/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Not being a lawyer or with the knowledge of law, I do know that criminals and the guilty people would strive to destroy or change whatever dates on the documents. And some even faked materials as evidences.

I know the story about 1Mdb about 2017 when it was exploded in 2015 as exposed by WSJ and DOJ. I heard the denials by Najib and his people. They were talking about the fake report by Sarawak Report. When Mahyuddin asked about it the later was sacked. Only then the donation story told. Later Najib said the money was returned.

I would have charged Najib for having kept the money in secret illegally from the date the money came in till the date he said he returned the money. Or I even might have shortened the timeline the money in his possession. It was obvious that when Hussein Najadi wanted all the transactions to be reported to Bank Negara that he was murdered. In my mind it was Najib who killed him through the third party. Such circumstantial was seen on the murder of Kevin Morais and PI Bala. The manipulations had been done. This is what Najib has to answer to God.

The DOJ Report can always corroborate the money trail. Now we do understand why torture was used to extract the truth.

People recorded the lies that have been told about the money. And lies about 1Mdb by Arulkanda and Najib and covered by Apandi Ali under OSA, and the actions taken on investigators. In court we can always show a string of lies told by Najib. If the authority does not remember them the members of the public and the media do keep records on them. Just appeal to them to come forward.

What I don't know who authorize payment to the false IPIC. If it was Najib, the authority can charge him under several acts as it involved millions of ringgit.

Once money is taken illegally it is called stealing. A crime has been committed. Giving back the money does not squashed the crime done.

But it is funny that Najib claimed he returned the funny. If it was a donation then why should he returned them. We are anxious to know how much have been spent out of the 2.6 billions. Can foreign countries financed the local election ? Again I am sure it is illegal and Najib can still be charged under it. At least he must informed his deputy and other UMNO members that he had 2.6 billions for the GE13 election. I remember even in 2015 all UMNO members denied that Najib has that much into his account in Malaysia. Why didn't he inform them ?


08/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am not a footballer but I always say that if anybody is shooting a goal he speed of the ball must be at 32 feet per second square. It a speed that the goalkeeper cannot catch the ball kicked away from him. Of course no layer can compute how fast does his ball travel. It means he has to kick the ball hard even he is near the goal post.

In the World Cup 2018 so far I saw 80%  of the kick to the goal reached the speed except for a few of the heading that saw jumping and clicking the head. The forceful headings with the forward momentum of the body.

Another important basic prerequisite is speed and stamina. All except the goal keeper must be able to run very fast with the ball. And the rest is tactical planning.

I hate to see players passing the ball to the opponents. If the same player has made a habit then I would blame the coach for not running the systematic coaching. This happened to our local state team. Winning or losing I would expect discussions during the viewing of recorded video clips.

Millions of soccer fans can't even kick a ball but they know what go wrong with a game, the weak players, who have skill and who are not, and who are careless not alert when in the field.

Playing well does not mean a team will emerge as a sure winner. We saw this in the ongoing World Cup tournaments. These are indicated by the penalty kicks where luck, psychology, a slight mishaps and other unknown intervening variables might come in, like a sudden change of thrust in wind velocity.

Teams with Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez however do failed to enter semi-final. Probably the other teams have players of similar skills or that it is telling us that teamwork is the most vital part of a game. Only the legacy of Pele required us to ponder what really made Brazil so supreme in those days when Pele was in.

Malaysia is still having a long way to go. Harimau was even beaten by a team from Papua New Guinea.


08/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The trip to Ternate is soon. As usual I would make a pin badge and a keychain as seen in the picture here. There will be five of us and I gathered the materials for the items.

The key chain is a little complicated because I need to put a mirror and a sticker. I started with it. The first one was fine. The second one was with the sticker sticking out by just less a millimeter.

There are two cups that I need to make a press. The first one is to stick a picture to a circular tin. The second one is to stick the first portion to the mirror and it's container. There are two compartments for the work.

On the second keychain, I failed in the first and the second presses. Probably it was due to my physical mobility error. Nothing came out. The mirror was also missing. They got stuck on the top part of the moulder.

It took me hours to clear the junk and the broken mirror. The machine detached into two parts. Though it made the work easier to clean, I took a long time to figure out how to put them back.

I was finally successful and continued with my work, producing 5 key chains and 5 pin-badges.

I am almost ready to pack up. I already booked a hotel room, Sky Star that provide a shutter service for additional RM15. The room is about RM85. The journey will begin on 14th July 2018.

08/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof



They are almost gone. I think it is due to ageing. Politics robbed much fun from me. I spent too much time though I tried to avoid it. The pull was uncontrollable strong that I lost so much free time to do other things. I totally stopped writing programming codes for computers. At one time I made quite a substantial sum of money developing soft wares. Even if I wanted to get involve into it again my brain is getting rotten.

The other hobby I used to have was the Ham Radio. I started it around 1975 and I was very unhappy with the new policy. It has lost much of the old essence of the traditional touch, in particular the abolishment of Morse codes. The new breed brought in the new values that many of my radio friends pull themselves away from the hobby. The spirit and the interest died down. Only once in a blue moon I would work a station or two in Morse codes.

In school I played chess, not as a school player. But the school chess team would always take me with them whenever they were having competition in Penang or in Perak. I had had two sparring partners, Lee Meng Khoon and Lee Meng Soon, two brothers who are now medical doctors. I never beat them. I became a chess champion while in Technical Teachers Training College. Years later I learned the Chinese Chess and would frequent a Chinese medical shop just to play the game with another hobbyist. Today I have lost touched with the game. I remember I played a couple of games in Hawaii and won both of the games. The Hawaiian friend seemed to be sad as I told him that I was only a visitor to the island from Malaysia. It was a pride moment for me.

Those were the three main hobbies I used to enjoy but has vanished altogether.

What remain is writting a blog in a language that I never passed in my life. I am not ashamed to bulldoze my fingers on this very keyboard.

My memory starts to fade. My mobility slows down. I am 72 and going 73, living alone and attending myself. I don't regret to be as what I am now. I find time to entertain myself with Youtube and Whatsapp application chatting with a few old friends. I go and see places whenever I have the chance. On the coming 14 I will be leaving my home for Ternate island in Indonesia.

I never expect to be as old as Dr Mahathir. If God decides to take me away I also would thank the Almighty. God has blessed me with abundance beyond my expectation. Thanks God.


07/07/2018 - Abdul Rahman Raof

There is nothing better than the good health that we should always hope to have the next moment and the next dad ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss