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FBI is of course not MACC. The later did a professional job in investigating the issue of 1Mdb whereas Abu Kassim acted on something else. FBI traced the money trail, intercepted the phone conversation and encrypted Jho Lo's codes. When the Arabs said they never donate to Najib, we immediately know who the liars are. Instead of being ashamed for the lies have been exposed they continued to talk as if they are like people without face and dignity.

There was an interesting story about the pink diamond which Rosmah's latest declaration it was a gift by UAE. Formerly she said it was from Jho Lo. All the UMNO fellows backed Najib and insisted that the money was a donation. Even PAS supported Najib.

UMNO Vice President said that it was unfair for anyone to punish UMNO because of 1Mdb. He has forgotten of what he said about going to destroy those shops that show support to the opposition. He forget about Jamal and the Samseng went around to harass and bully the people on the street. He forget that UMNO members were arrogance and gangster like. Money were stolen everywhere, MARA, FELDA and many more agencies.

Tuan Ibrahim, a spiritual man, said that he believe ARUL KANDASAMY. He believes the 2.6 billions were the donation.

Let me say this, that even if the Malaysian court believe the 2.6 billion was a donation, we would say the court is without a head and mind. The Arabs denied of the donation. And FBI-DOJ's money trail showed neither. Those are the end, making the whole house of cards collapse.

Any sane mind would cease to show support to the present UMNO and PAS leaders. There have to be a new set of minds to loom back to be a powerful and dignified opposition, with dignity and honour, with responsibility and morality. The younger generation must get back all the money stolen from the national coffer through various means. UMNO still hide the cash by the billions, which they thought it was their right to keep.

03/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

showing an image of Abu Kassim


Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor and stepson Riza Aziz were referred to in several charge documents related to the indictment of fugitive financier Jho Low and senior Goldman Sachs bankers by the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

While not named in full, the DOJ documents mentioned "Malaysian Official #1" and described the person as a "high-ranking official in the Malaysian government and the MOF (Ministry of Finance) from in or around at least 2009 until in or around 2018 with high-level authority to approve 1MDB business decisions".

This comes as Jho Low was indicted, in absentia, alongside former Goldman Southeast Asia chairperson Tim Leissner and its former managing director Roger Ng for multiple counts of money-laundering involving billions in US dollars from 1MDB and conspiring to violate the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which also details alleged instances of bribery involving Malaysian and Abu Dhabi officials.

The charges mainly revolved around three main bond transactions involving Goldman in 2012 and 2013 - "Project Magnolia", “Project Maximus,” and “Project Catalyze".

The charge documents for Leissner stated that while the approximately US$6.5 billion raised by the three bond transactions was to support 1MDB projects, "more than US$2.7 billion was instead misappropriated by the defendant (Leissner) and his co-conspirators and distributed as bribes and kickbacks to government officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, including... Malaysian Official #1 and Abu Dhabi Official #1, as well as to other co-conspirators and their families, including Leissner, Co-Conspirator #1 (Low) and Co-Conspirator #2 (Ng)."

Read more: Jho Low's 1MDB indictment - US DOJ's full statement

On 'Project Maximus', the documents stated that Leissner was aware that "Malaysian Official #1", government officials from Abu Dhabi and 1MDB officials, among others, would receive money from the proceeds of the bond transactions that passed through various shell companies "beneficially owned and controlled by himself, co-conspirator #1 and others to influence those officials to execute the bond with US Financial Institution #1.

"Abu Dhabi Official #1 and a close relative of Malaysian Official #1, among others, received some of these funds."

As for Rosmah, the documents referred to her as the “wife of Malaysian Official #1” and claimed that money was used to pay for jewellery, including the infamous pink diamond necklace.

Read more: Who are 1MDB Officers 1, 2, 3 and the others in US list?

Other court documents on Low also alluded to Najib's stepson, Riza, as one of Low, Ng and Leissner's co-conspirators.

Referring to Riza as "a close relative of Malaysian Official #1" and 'Co-Conspirator #3', the DOJ claimed that proceeds from the bond transactions, dubbed 'Project Magnolia', were transferred to the latter. This was later used in the production of the Hollywood movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

"After Project Magnolia closed on or about May 21, 2012, more than US$500 million of the bond proceeds were allegedly misappropriated and diverted from 1MDB through numerous wire transfers to bank accounts in the name of shell companies beneficially owned and controlled by Low, Leissner, Ng, and other co-conspirators, including a high-level official at the Abu Dhabi entity that guaranteed the Project Magnolia bonds and a close relative of Malaysian Official #1.

"As alleged, the bond proceeds transferred to Malaysian Official #1's close relative were later used by the relative's US motion picture company to assist in the production of the film 'The Wolf of Wall Street," it added.

It was previously reported that the DOJ had accused Red Granite, the film production company co-founded by Riza, of using money stolen from 1MDB to finance films including The Wolf of Wall Street, Daddy's Home and Dumb and Dumber To.

Although never admitting liability or wrongdoing, Red Granite was to pay US$60 million in three instalments over a period of one year in a settlement reached with the US earlier this year.

The case was closed in September.



DOJ is really tough compared to Abu Kassim SPRM. It seemed Abu Kassim depended his decision base on his believed on Najib's words. Did Abu Kassim believed in Najib's words that he did notr know Saiful, that ghe did not know Djo Lo, that he did not have 2.6 billions in his account and other series of lies ?

03/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I can't say whether it happens with all the goods or only on selected ones. My experience was with otg USB storage and the 1 T byte HD storage. Both are advertised at an attractive price, the org RM20 for the 32 Giga and the HD is about RM117 for 1T.

You usually start by choosing the type and number you want. The type will start with 4giga and with 64giga, attached to it the additional price for each. After choosing you will be taken to the next step. The final step is the payment. This is where you have to be very careful before asking for the and entering the tac number. The price may not be RM20 anymore. Mine plus postage was RM49. For the HD I do not remember much but the displayed price was RM400+, the second time I tried was RM800+. It was a stark different from RM117 to RM400.

But for the smaller price you may not notice, hence entered the tac number and confirmed the purchase. My first experience on similar matter was about two months ago. I did not continue with the purchase, simply ignored and aborted it. I tried again a few days ago.

Though the otg price changed, I put a thought to it. A day before I made an inquire about the price of the otg in one of the local shops. It was RM49 for the 16 gig. Since this online stuff cost similar price for double the capacity, I decided to continue with the purchase.

Last night I saw in the that the 32 gig otg was tagged at RM20. I followed the step until the payment stage, it was still at RM20. I ordered another one.

So be very careful with the above online store. The error might be due to the programming mistakes or deliberate.

31/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


PH would not have won without anyone of the political party involved, PKR, Bersatu and DAP. It is not because of who has the most number of seats. But after winning, instead of building up the nation together, each claimed the credit and thumping chest as a hero. Would it wise for Anwar Ibrahim to say that he go for the vote of no-confident to oust Tun Mahathir when he comes back to parliament ? The root of all the problems in Pakatan today is Rafizi Ramli.

If PKR did not bring out about the winning was due to the party and that it has the most number of seats, there would not be the possibility of UMNO migration to Bersatu.

There are third people who are putting fire, pouring gasoline on Tun and also on Anwar. Anear's camp brought out the issue of Crooked Bridge and the Third National Car. Someone else was whispering to Tun Mahathir about Anwar did what was done by Najib though much lesser than Najib.

Tun will not live long. We don't to bet when he will go. But he will after settling with the big corruptions that almost bankrupt the nation. And when he goes It will be Anwar who will take his place unless Anwar's proxy who kept millions were brought to light and arrested. Rafizi should not be so naive and stupid, not to anticipate any possibility that can befall the party and the government.

In fact the Rakyat is thinking of an option in GE15. Even if they do not find PH no longer relevant they won't go back to UMNO for the saviour. Only the myopic Malays will go to PAS. It is not easy to predict. But it is much easier if Rafizi, Anwar and Tun Mahathir seat down together. Let Lium Kit Siang be there to advise all the parties.

Secondly, let me say here that there are poor Malays, Indians and the Chinese. As a teacher I had been to their houses. The poor Chinese did paid all their respective fees in schools without questions. Even the Principal caned them every month if they failed in Mathematics, Science, and Bahasa Malaysia. They find ways to make their living.

The media never highlighted the plight of the poor Chinese and the Indians. That what made the other race not happy with the affirmative action. It is imperative for the government to help the poor rather than any particular single race.

PH government should focus in helping all the people rather than rushing for the Prime Minister's post.


31/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual's choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards (together called stimuli).
Four major components of attitude are (1) Affective: emotions or feelings. (2) Cognitive: belief or opinions held consciously. (3) Conative: inclination for action. (4) Evaluative: positive or negative response to stimuli.

The new administrative assistant has the right attitude and work ethic to succeed in such a stressful and competitive environment.

Read more:

In Malay the word is SIKAP. While typing this part of the article a friend messaged me asking for a video clip of his school which I captured with my drone. I asked him to download from the Youtube. he came back telling me that the Youtube did not allow the file to be downloaded. When I requested him to use the Youtube downloader, his answer was "I'll try." Moment later he said ,"Done."

Some others might ask me what youtube downloader is, how to get it and would plead for more assistance.

The two showed persons with different attitudes. I would prefer those who want to try, strive to get the job done, work hard to achieve the target and ambition, will find ways to pay the loan made and very dependent on himself. If I am an employer I will reject the person with negative attitudes and will throw tons of excuses and lies.

The success of the Westerners in their voyages of discovery was due to their positive thinking, dared to face monumental challengers, to build huge ships, sailing across the hostile seas and oceans, fighting against giant turbulences and facing thge fierce storms. They have the mind of thinking BIG and turned their dreams into reality.

The Americans I know, make research findings as an element in their culture. They do research, apply statistical analysis even on a small things. Surely they are more rational than appealing to sentiment and emotion.

It is our bad attitudes that can ruin us especially in a competitive society. We can't afford to be indolent and completely dependent on others to enhance position. We can't afford to be greedy and corrupt. Our education system must not only catter our kids for the job market but also tot ensure that they would contribute to the tranquility, harmony, peace and happiness to the society.

When the government appealed for the Tabung Harapan, we showed an attitude differ from that of the Koreans. In difficult time we asked for higher renumeration, higher minimum wage, free toll and much more. Then we brought up the word PROMISE to pressure the government to meet our demand.

Thanks God that not everyone of us are having poor attitudes. They understand what survival is and the need for diligence and hard work to climb to the pinnacle of success. It is the attitude that matters most. If you are looking for an employee the thing you would be looking for a person with a desirable attitude.

31/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was indeed stupid for Abu Kassim to say the 2.6 billion was donation in 2015 when we all knew Najib lied from the start. Didn't Abu Kassim questioned why Najib first denied having the money until cornered by WSJ ? What evidence did he use to say it was a donation ? Najib even dared not sue the WSJ and DOJ.

Now I would say Abu Kassim was one of the men who tried to dis-informed the public by implanting many false documents. Is he a man of any morality at all ?

We. the rakyat, did not see any valid evident at all to believe it was a donation. We were trying to non partisan and tried our best with our full mental ability to scrutinize the truth or the fallacy of the situation. Abu Kassim recent statement showed his state of mind and he is not fit at all to be a man holding a government post. He didn't dare to make the statement to Malaysiakini for he knows he will be slashed to pieces by the learned readers.

Abu Kasim is nothing but a mole of Najib Razak.

A man like him should be burned to death.

30/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Let me say about the Malays in this country which will draw anger and hostility from the irrational minds.

Under the surveillance of UMNO over the years till the 21st Century individual Malays and the States under Malay rule have not shown anything to prove the Malays are superior and masters in every field. Instead there are numerous drug addicts, thieves and robbers, cheaters and beggars. The lucky ones either work with the government, Chinese towkeys or doing their own business.

Once the Malays own land and properties though they might not be wealthy but today they have to beg from the banks even to buy a small piece for their homes. Those with properties loved to sell away hoping to be wealthy forever.

There are too few Malays built their wealth on their own tireless effort. Ramly Burger, Brahim food and Faezah Rice are to name a few. The rest have tom depend on the Chinese. Many accumulate wealth through kickbacks and corruptions, using their power to force for bribery.  Even the wealth of a few Rulers found its' way through the Chinese millionaire and tycoons. Thus shown by the legacy of Djo Lo.

It is the laziness to think and the inability to forecast a distant future that has turned them into slaves.

How many Malay individuals own a large piece of land today ? All large estates are owned by other than the Malays. Young people today can't afford to buy a house that cost them nearly to a million ringgit. What Malay supremacy are they talking about ?

As I pointed out the number of real Malay millionaires who are doing the legal business on their own as compared to the non-Malays. The Malays confined themselves to selling food stuffs and the numbers are growing, enough to put bread on their tables.

Let ask the UMNO why they keep on saying only 30% of the Malays well of compared to the non-Malays ? Doesn't that show the status of economic inferiority ? And that is what they are yelling about Ketuanan Melayu ?

Look more into the comparative professions, the ability to speak multiple languages, and all other aspects of life and their progress.

I am sorry to say even some of the high ranking people, are courting the non-Malays to help them in making money.

Being beggars at the bottom and top, seeking bad money to enrich themselves, pushing and consuming drugs, rob and plundering people's money and national coffers do not put the Malays even near the respectable race. They do not deserve to be called TUAN.

The end of the Malay supremacy is done by themselves, using their myopic vision and irrational mind. They talk aloud, using verses of the Holly Books, flexing their muscles but dishonest and greedy. They stripped their own honor.

What supremacy do these grass root UMNO has ?

Hoping for money from Najib and Zahid Hamidi ?

29/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


SEANET means Southeast Asia Network, the gathering of radio amateur enthusiasts of Southeast Asia. During the network time the check in would start in countries around Southeast Asia and later opened up to the world. That explains why in the SEANET convention ham all over the world were invited. And SEANET began to move out the Southeast Asian region. SEANET conventions were held in India, China, Japan and Australia.

In those days there wasn't any internet. Hams never know how their counterparts whom they have been working for years look like. We told ourselves that we need to them at least once in our lifetime. But not all could make it to the meeting place.  I have not seen AP2AP or VU2AU till now.

I have not been on the air for more than 20 years now.  The old people are not there anymore. The whole culture has changed. Even the band condition were not like before. Gone are the days where a 10 foot antenna could copy signals that could break your S-meter. The polution, the use of different terminology and the free-for-all procedure took me away from the hobby. For more than 20 years I have not checked into the network.

Attending the convention is meaningless to me. I would have nobody to look forward to meet, and nobody to hug and cuddle. But there is nothing wrong if a person just want to enjoy and have some fun, in meeting some fellow hams and radio enthusiasts. We can merely regard it as a vacation as well.


Dr Ken Singh, 9M2KN, is one who never missed the SEANET convention. I remember when Malaysia was to host the convention he was the target of attack by one Zu and her friends.

Amateur radio has taken a new path and having a new philosophy. It is dead when Morse code ceases to be a requirement. It kills the interest of so many old hams. And it is shocking to know the composition of the amateur radio population.

The rare real hams are those who chat with their fingers. There are still many in the West but hard to find one in this region.

I am not fit to the new radio world. And it is not my principal hobby anymore.


29/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Rusli, a friend of mine, is on his way to Vladivostok to take a train ride to Moscow. The approximate journey is about 7000 kilo meters. That will be about 7 days on the train without any hopping off and hopping in. The picture on the left is showing Rusli on the left.

There were a group of them taking the trip under RARECATION, a tour company in Kuala Lumpur. I did not asked Rusli as to the total number. But it looks like there are 6 men and 11 women. 13 of them flew from KLIA to OSAKA, to Korea and Vladivostok. 4 fly straight to the peninsular and join the rest.

It looks like a very adventurous and interesting trip. Rusli will be updating me with pictures along the way. The last pictures were taken before they departed to Korea using a ferry.  They will sleep on the ferry for two nights. I gather that there is no free Wifi or even the Wifi service on the ferry. And I don't think there is any internet service on the train too.





At Vladivostok








28/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Looking at the scenario today, blazoned on the air, there were talked about big money by the millions and billions. They quarrel among themselves on the issue of millions stashed in their homes and banks and condos. Just look at ourselves, what do we have ?

and when they quarrel they called the other party by name, insulted their roots, and used whatever words that came into their minds. They were once friends.

We the lower portion of the lowly have almost nothing except for the meagre bread on our table. We have friends around us. We drink, eat and laugh together. We share secrets of our affairs with women and men. But we never realize that they were all save as long as we remain friends.

The cohesiveness will weaken as we indulge ourselves in politics of opposing philosophies. Or even in the same team but each having different motives. We may turn to be greedy. We may want to grab power and high posts. Your friends can become your enemies. There will be back stabbing. All the old secrets will be exposed, about the girl you kissed, about the things you picked up from a stall, about your sex life etc etc.

As a lowly men, we can somehow keep our morality and our self respect. We would feel shameful to face the public with our error made or errors of our family members. We would avoid ourselves to be in public for as long as we can. Our low status without greed or ambition we don't have any space to strip our own friends of their incapacity or obscurity.

At best try not to trust anyone. Keep a secret to yourself. Your friends can one day become your foes.


28/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I suspect TGHH needs money to fight Rewcastle in English court in April next year. His head is spinning where to get the money in case he lost the court case and his lawyer fee is huge enough for him to pay.

Hadi is not the Chief Minister of Kelantan. The job to request for Federal Government fund is the Menteri Besar working together with the Klantan Treasury. Unless he got the instruction from the Holly prophet in his dream again. His Deputy Tuan Ibrahim said that most of Hadi's actions came from the Prophet Mohammad. His trip to Iran was instructed by the prophet.

If I were LGE, I would call the treasury of Kelantan to Putrajaya and scrutinize the annual income of the state and it's expenditure. For the 8 months grants would be given in stages to the treasury office to pay the emoluments and salaries of the non-political civil service. In this way no money would be leaked to Hadi for his London trip.

As an Islamic state PAS can apply the Islamic methods and procedure in governing the state socially and economically. PAS should be able to do so as they are very great in their speeches. And TGHH would quote verses after verses of the Holly Book.

27/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


One evidence most people did not take into account is timeline. There are questions that could be answered immediately because they are as simple as one two three. If you take an hour or a day to answer the sum of two plus two, it shows something is wrong somewhere.

When Najib was interviewed, he had no lawyer beside him to feed him with the answer. So he said he assumed the 2.6 billion was from the Arab. When the Arab Finance Minister stripped him naked, he wrote a long essay in his Facebook but he did not mention he has a receipt. It took hours later to declare that he has a receipt. It indicates someone has told him about it.

Would it imperative to show all the documents 3 years ago when the WSJ accused him having the money in his account ? And to the DOJ too ? Or better still to take them to court. The public had insisted that he should sue the WSJ or DOJ for slander and lies in order to clear himself.

A document can always be forged though some just change the dates on them. The trick has become so stale these days. What more if they only emerge years later.

Besides Najib has proven that he has no credibility and telling lies through his teeth. Either he did them himself or paid someone to lie or both lie at the same time. This was seen in Arulkanda road show stun trying to convince the whole nation that 1mdb was sound and wealthy. Don't we remember what Tuan Ibrahim, the PAS Deputy said ? He believed Arul's explanation.

We don't delay to say the truth. We don't stutter as well. We don't take years to come up with the evidence. Don't worry Najib, you are not the only one who always lie and with full of excuses. There are many others who are like you. You yourself admitted when you asked other international figure to be investigated as well doing the dirty job. Tun wants to know them too. Will you take time to figure out who are they ?

We are computing how long Najib will take to expose them.

27/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Hitherto, none from Najib's family has cast their damnation on Najib's second wife who was no more a virgin when she married Najib. She had a husband and a child before this. A woman of this stature will never be respected by the traditional society. She was even disowned by her father.

from my observations and as I had stated repeatedly in this unknown blog that whatever touched by Najib Razak would turn into mud as oppose to the well known phrase, the Midas touch. Rational man does not believe in a phenomena we called SIAL (a person carrying bad luck) . It is a mystery the traditional people still believe.

Najib has been changing his defence from time to time, never to admit his wrong doing or his crimes done.

1. He denied having the 2.6 billion in his account. His supporters said that Najib would be stupid to
  keep money in the local bank.

2. He wanted to sue the WSJ for saying he had the money in his account.

3. He sacked his Deputy and other Ministers who questioned him.

4. It took a few months later to come up with his donation story. Zahid Hamidi told the Malaysians
   that he went to meet a donor himself. Later he said he met several donors.

5. It took him a few years later to show proof of the purported letter of such donation. But the 
  letterhead was improper and without the King's signature.

 There is something wrong with the letterhead. The “al” in Al Saud is spelled in all caps, ie as “AL Saud”. This is not conventional. In addiition, the name should carry the person’s title, ie “Prince Saud...” Again, the fact that it doesn’t is irregular.  Full disclosure: I have been living in the Middle East for nearly 10 years.

His actions, his lies and his spinning of things is similar to the small kids and young adults. In him we saw both the sanity and insanity. He seemed to be coached by his lawyer and his wife. What were found in the police raid to Pavilion and the house shone a clear proof of Rosmah's likings.

Her lifestyle seems to excel all the world leaders' spouses. Being a university graduate she wanted to be more than a Minister's wife. She wants to be in the Prime Minister's Department. She wanted to run an educational program. She wanted to be an ambassador and a Foreign Minister. She wanted to deal with Obama, Trump and Putin herself. And she herself admitted that she had no time to play badminton as she had national affairs to attend to.

The old folks would blame her for the problem faced by her husband. But people talked about the charm and black magic she used on Najib and the rest. Her own daughter and the her village folks talked about the same thing. I don't want to comment about it as I have not seen it nor do I believe in black magic.

I expect Najib's family to condemn her as the trouble maker and persuade Najib to divorce her.

Najib's case is only only on corruption. Proofs could emerge on his involvement with the murder of Kevin Morais and Hussein Najidi on matters on money, and PI Bala and Altantuya on matters of Najib's affair with the Mongolian lady. The penalty for murder is death by hanging.

Dont forget ACQUIESCE is to accept, agree, or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing. What if Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was murdered and Najib gave approval for his bodyguard to do the killing job.

If Saudi Arabia chucks Najib out then it is the end of him. He can make a request to have him and Rosmah be in the same cell. But he can bribe the wardens to provide him with a much better comfort. He still has billions stashed somewhere.

27/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Najib admits didn’t verify source of RM2.6b, assumed it was Saudi ‘donation’ 

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak has admitted today that he did not verify the source of the RM2.6 billion that had ended up in his bank account, which had allegedly been siphoned from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Speaking to Al Jazeera’s 101 East show, the former prime minister said he had assumed the money was “donations” connected to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud after the latter gave assurance of his support.

“The question is when I received the funds, was I aware of the source of the money or whether the source of the money is in dispute as to who owns the fund. Certainly, in my capacity, I would not have access to banking knowledge.

“Because whoever owns the fund is protected by the secrecy of the banking laws so when I received the funds, in all honesty, I thought it was a genuine donation and at that particular time, the knowledge that I had was based on a conversation with King Abdullah,” he told Al Jazeera reporter Mary Ann Jolley.

Najib also denied knowledge of the matter when Jolley pointed out that the United States Department of Justice report clearly showed the paper trail of the funds, and Najib’s authority as prime minister.

“Yeah, but that prime ministers do not have access to banking information,” Najib said.


A transcript of the interview was made available to Malay Mail. In the hour-long grilling, Najib lost his cool a couple of times.

The show will be aired on the news channel tomorrow morning at 11.30am Malaysian time.

Last month, Najib said he had requested the cash from the Saudi King, as a “contingency fund” to aid Barisan Nasional (BN) during the 2013 general election, to which the King then agreed to contribute an initial sum of US$800 million (RM3.31 billion today).

However, Najib claimed he only received US$681 million (then RM2.6billion) from the King’s various accounts, one of which came from a company named Tanore.

Tanore has been reported to be a supposed shell company used to wire funds from 1MDB to accounts of selected beneficiaries, including Najib’s

In May, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdull said there was no evidence that a Saudi monarch had deposited the money, citing investigations in the kingdom in 2015.

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What Anynomymous 1527658987 says is true and valid.


26/Oct/2018 at 11:59:23pm

There is something wrong with the letterhead. The “al” in Al Saud is spelled in all caps, ie as “AL Saud”. This is not conventional. In addiition, the name should carry the person’s title, ie “Prince Saud...” Again, the fact that it doesn’t is irregular.  Full disclosure: I have been living in the Middle East for nearly 10 years.
26/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


75% of the old UMNO guys must go. Those are the corrupt, the pompous and haughty, the arrogant, and the stupid. Politics is best to serve the people rather than to enrich oneself. We could see clearly the haughty and pompous leaders during the UMNO General assembly. The way they deliver the speeches projected themselves as the best and the smartest.

It is hard to shake away bad habits and attitudes, greed and selfishness. They can treat the laymen like dirt. I was one of the victims beside millions of others. Our boss addressed us as Penyu Tua and bragged and bragged. Thanks God he was long dead. The Tabung Haji bullied me so much for the error they themselves made. My own student was so very arrogant as a strong man of Najib Razak.

The used religion to command obedience, elevating Najib as Prophet Mohammad and now likened Zahid as one.

There are a few good ones who still hold to the old principal and known to be honest and sincere. The UMNO youths can still keep these people. And the youths must get back the money that is stacked by Najib by the billions. Some are still in Malaysia in term of pure cash, surprisingly in rooms of houses. If they work hard they could recover back the money, hand back to the government, and hope that their effort will be appreciated.

We call it a overhauling process.

The rakyat still wants a strong opposition party, non-tainted and clean personalities.

Zahid made a road show for himself, hoping all his ill gotten wealth could be protected. I believe he will be whispering to the people that UMNO still have billions, more than what the government has. He has said this before about UMNO is still having big money.

He is racing against time. And he has to pray a lot to God.

A vacuum will be created if PKR becomes stink. Within 2 years we will know the true nature of PKR. DAP will remain strong. PBB has to be revitalized by young blood. What will be transpired and will be filling the vacuum is waited to be seen. The honest UMNO members can jump into the vacuum and form a new party if the old guards are still adamant.  

26/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


There is nothing wrong with 1Mdb - Najib and Apandi

1 MDB makes profit and has a lot of money - Arulkanda

The enemy of Najib simply feel jealous to the 1Mdb because it made a lot of profit - The Pahang Malays and those chosen to make pilgrimage to Mecca

Before GE14 it was Arulkanda who was paid by Najib to make a road show explaining the real situation of 1Mdb that  was well and healthy and could sustain it's existence by itself. The effort made by Najib was very immense to convince the success of 1Mdb.

Today we all know that Najib took the rakyat's money to pay to the false IPIC and again to the tur one. Hence Najib has made two wrong things. The first one he lied to the people and purported promising Arulkanda 5 million ringgit to go round the country to lie to the people. If it was to cheat the public then it was an act of a crime. Secondly he used rakyat's money, not the 1Mdb's money to pay to the IPIC. It is called a misappropriation of fund.

Money of one heading, when excess and needs to be used for something else, needs a virement procedure and the request must be approved. That is only allowed within the same department.

His proclamation on the status of 1Mdb and his taking of BR1M's fund had not only indicated his bad faith and intention, but also also wrong as 1Mdb does not have a heading by itself in the cash book. Najib could not be a supreme being as to act in any way as he likes, for he is not a god or God. And his cabinet could not claim that the members gave full power and confidence to the prime Minister to do what he liked and deemed fit. Otherwise there was no need a cabinet.

Najib should not talk of his clear conscience because a thief who stole from a millionair's house too has a clear conscience for stealing from the rich. The Jews took over Palestine land because of their conscience as they only follow their Holly Book about Judea and Samaria.

If Najib had wanted to save Malaysia, he would not have made all the lopsided contracts and made payment even the projects were not carried out.

Najib's penalty should have not been thrown into a lockup but he must be tortured throughout his life.

26/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is the same Minister who twisted tales about the murder of Kharshphhi in Istanbul. There were a series of denials before the Arabs were cornered. Najib, through his Arab crook friends, must have appealed to the Saudi King to lie again to Malaysia.

Najib's demeanours in dealing with the fellow Malaysians on his money already proved he was guilty. The cook-up stories came too much later when he could have declared of his innocent earlier in the beginning. He denied having the money. Even if the King told him not to divulge the secret, he still have to say he had the money in his account.

Najib is truly a crook. And it has been his style to appeal to anybody at all to save him, to American Presidents, to Anwar Ibrahin, to Tun Mahathir. He simply do it without any shame or any guilt. I hope the judge understands enough of Najib's behaviour.

If the judge takes the Arab Minister's words as the truth, it is indeed very wrong. As Najib used to say 'IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE'. The money to fight terrorist should not be made a secret. This was what Najib had said before. Then later he change as the appreciation to Najib. If it was a mere gift, just made a TT to the Prime Minister.

DOJ was not wrong with the money trail. That was the real evidence and the fact.

The Arab has no credibility. They killed the innocent people in Yemen. They lied about Kharshoggi's murder. They did not do much to the plight of the Palestinians.

25/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Taxis in Kuala Lumpur rarely willing to take you to the destination you want unless you are willing to pay them a very high price. They refused to use the meter too. It was during that time I wished there were tuk-tuk.

It is not the work of the government to protect bad taxi drivers who sucked customer's blood. The welfare of the majority must be the first and the foremost. But the taxi associations didn't seem to bother the complaints which implies that it is their right to be arrogant and scrupulous, to be irresponsible and dishonest.

What are the associations for ? Just to strengthen the bad attitudes of the drivers ? They must stress on ethics, attitudes, cleanliness and customers satisfactions.

I had two taxis that hit my car at two different times and refused to repair the damaged done. I had my two subordinates who were charged RM35 each for a short trip.

Thanks to the alternative transportation approved by the government. We have the choice to make by the competition. But the taxis want a pure monopoly so that they can squeeze their customers. If taxis refuse to transport us we can now find somebody who is willing.

With their insolent behaviours I have a feeling that people will try to avoid them. They have only themselves to blame, not the government or the public.

A worker in my workplace married a taxi driver. She maid loans to buy household utensils and using another worker as a guarantor. But when she passed away, her husband, the taxi driver refused to reimburse to the friend. He enjoyed the TV set, the refrigerator, and the sofa sets. Years later his son, who became a car salesman,  accosted me and introduced himself as so and so. A sudden hatred seized me. I saw him as a Satanic son.

Surely there are a few exceptional cases where taxi drivers are not so bad as portrayed. By keeping quiet to their friends' rudeness they would be part of the crooks.


25/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Loyar Buruk means a Rotten Lawyer. It is a term given to laymen who are not lawyers and are not so educated. That fit me pretty well.

The ex-Prime Minister says "I take the money they wanted to charge me. I returned the money they also wanted to charge me..." We need to specify the term taking the money. If it implies corruption and stealing, you will be arrested as they fall under criminal activities.

When a thief is caught stealing he will be charged according to the crime and he has to go to court. If he is found guilty the judge will have to look at penalty as stated in the law book. Usually it says the penalty is a month jail, or a fine of RM1000 or both. There is nothing that says 'or by returning the stolen item'. If this is included then everyone who was caught stealing can go scot-free. A man who stole a tin of Milo was jailed for a month. Anybody could have paid for the Milo to take him off the hook.

A great many people had gone into incarceration for the missing of a few cents where he could have replaced it with even a thousand ringgit.

Najib shouldn't have complained. He has Shafiee with him who will use bombastic words which even the judge does not know the meaning. Then he can yell to disqualify the judge.

According to investigators, Najib returned some of the money to Tanor. Then the money was used to buy the pink diamond. Those people really follow the money trail.

The Loyar Buruk we are. But that's what we think the law is all about. The remedy is not as simple as what Najib had thought. He is a man just like us in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the people. The one big different between Najib and us is that we know what shame is. He doesn't.

24/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof




To achieve the standard of a high level ham is not easy. A Ham is a person. It differs from a ham station or the technology that goes with it. It is not a sophisticated machine, the ability to purchase and setup a very expensive station. A Ham can walk about to any location of the surface of the earth. Equipments and stations have a lot of limitation.

He understands the principle and the working of every portion of the equipments, able to compute values, the antenna length, understanding the waveforms and how to manipulate it. He knows the ethics and morality of hamming. And within him, he has the ability of sending and deciphering the traditional Morse codes.

N6TT is a sample we can study about. He does not use computer to send Morse codes nor to decode the message. Just observe the above clips and see how he operates CW. To me the elimination of CW means the death of ham radio, leaving only amateur radio that comprises of any type radio communication as a hobby. Today there have changes in radio terminology, lingo, SOP and culture. A few traditional ham radio still exist.

I am glad that there are people who still keep ham radio alive by constantly transmitting in this mode and there people who strive to be like these seasoned hams, who are very well verse in Morse codes. Though CW is not about speed alone, it is fun to enhance our capability to the higher speed. It keeps our brain alert and our mind awake.

I would still recommend 12 wpm for most of us, unless you have a sparring partner who can copy as fast as you are. At the slower speed we allow other short wave listener all over the globe to copy our conversation too. Imagine the kick a beginner has when he could copy 100% of the messages.

If you don't like CW then don't listen to it and do not stop the others from acquiring the skill.  

23/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It seems it was just like yesterday. But it was the day before, the 21st Oct. 2018. My student promised to pick me up at 6 pm for a seafood dinner at a location about 1 hour away, Kuala Perlis. I shifted my evening walk from the usual 5 pm to 4 pm. It would give me ample time to clean myself and to get ready for the trip. When I came back I saw a message that she got a sudden fever and had to cancel the trip. Nevertheless I drove alone to the same destination.

The meal was very delicious. It was the stall where her family loved to go. I decided to buy the fried squids and butter prawn morsel for her and her son and daughters. I knew her 18 year old daughter would love the butter-prawn very much. Her husband was in Kuala Lumpur attending his job.

When I arrived home and rang her doorbell she looked so morose. Her 18 year old daughter had an accident. "I asked her to go back to my mother's home to get some medicine. On the way back she hit a car in front. Now she and her elder sister are at the police station." She said that the damage was only to both of the cars. And they were about to settle. She refused to go and see them as she was so tired. She continued, "I rang my son at UUM (University Utara Malaysia) about 20 times but there was no reply." After consoling her I asked for an excuse to leave for my home. I asked her to call me if the need arises.

The next day, 22nd October 2018, I decided to call a maid to clean my house. her price is RM10 per hour. But I paid by the piece rate; outside cleaning and clearing is RM50 and the inside cleaning is another RM50. Within one and half hour she finished the outside job. There wasn't much work inside but only sweeping and mopping the hallway. She completed the job in less than an hour.

Having completed mopping, she wanted to wash the inside of the bathroom. It is a small room. She poured the CLOROX detergent by quite a large amount, giving a very pungent smell. I commanded her to leave the place for a while until the smell went away. About 15 minutes late the strong smell faded. She went in to continue washing. She was coughing endlessly. I asked her to quit. I asked her to drink a lot of water and I took her home.

30 minutes later she messaged me saying she got fever and fell sick. I rushed to a pharmacy trying to look for anything to neutralize the poison. I was told that a pure coconut water would be a good neutralizer. I bought a couple of packets from a nearby hawkers and delivered them to her.

It was during this a friend called me asking whether I was free. Another friend's car broke down about two miles away. He asked me to wait at home. He would pick me up in a few minutes time. It was about 3pm.

We arrived at a gasoline station where the problem vehicle was parked. We sat down and chat while waiting for a foreman to arrive. After fixing the trouble we left the place at about 8 pm.

I remembered ,my student and rang her up to know the state of her predicament. "Worse thing happened to me, Cikgu." Cikgu means a teacher.

"What about ?" I asked.

"Remember I told you about my son ? He never replied to my call until this morning. I decided to to to the university. First I went to his college. With the help of his friends we entered his room. Everything was intact. His friend told me that he was going home.

I was more panicked. I informed his father. His father put on the facebook about his missing son. I asked all of my friends to trace him too. Nowadays you know, there were a lot of news of murders and kidnaps. I went to the university office, to make a report to the Vice Canceller.

I had had a horrid idea of bad thing happened to him.

I came home to make a police report of a missing person. It was at this time my son rang me up. I felt release but very angry. I told him how much problem that he had caused to the whole family..."

His son is about 21 years old and a second year student at the Northern State University.

Then I received a message from the maid saying she felt cured and thanked me for the coconut water.  

23/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



How the man behind Khashoggi murder ran the killing via Skype

Reuters  |  Published:  |  Modified:

INSIGHT | He ran social media for Saudi Arabia’s crown prince. He masterminded the arrest of hundreds of his country’s elite. He detained a Lebanese prime minister. And, according to two intelligence sources, he ran journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by giving orders over Skype.

Saud al-Qahtani, a top aide for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is one of the fall guys as Riyadh tries to stem international outrage at Khashoggi’s death. Last Saturday, Saudi state media said King Salman had sacked Qahtani and four other officials over the killing carried out by a 15-man hit team.

But Qahtani’s influence in the crown prince’s entourage has been so vast over the past three years - his own rise tracking that of his boss - that it will be hard for Saudi officials to paint Qahtani as the mastermind of the murder without also raising questions about the involvement of Prince Mohammed, according to several sources with links to the royal court.

“This episode won’t topple MbS (Mohammed bin Salman), but it has hit his image which will take a long time to be repaired if it ever does. The king is protecting him,” one of the sources with ties to the royal court said.

Qahtani himself once said he would never do anything without his boss’ approval.

“Do you think I make decisions without guidance? I am an employee and a faithful executor of the orders of my lord the king and my lord the faithful crown prince,” Qahtani tweeted last summer.

Qahtani (photo) did not respond to questions from Reuters. His biography on Twitter changed in recent days from royal adviser to chairman of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, a role he had held before.

Prince Mohammed had no knowledge of the operation that led to Khashoggi’s death and “certainly did not order a kidnapping or murder of anybody”, a Saudi official said last Saturday. Officials in Riyadh could not be reached for further comment.

As the crisis has grown over the past three weeks, Saudi Arabia has changed its tune on Khashoggi’s fate, first denying his death, then saying he died during a brawl at the consulate, and now attributing the death to a chokehold.

A senior Saudi official told Reuters that the killers had tried to cover up what happened, contending that the truth was only now emerging. The Turks reject that version of the story, saying they have audio recordings of what happened.

The kingdom has survived other crises in the past year, including the fallout of the crown prince’s short-lived kidnapping of Lebanese prime minister Saad al-Hariri in 2017. Hariri, too, was verbally humiliated and beaten, according to eight Saudi, Arab and Western diplomatic sources. The man leading that interrogation: Saud al-Qahtani.

France intervened to free Hariri, but Western capitals did not take Riyadh to task for detaining a head of government - and Prince Mohammed emerged emboldened, according to these Saudi sources.

This time is different, with some Western capitals increasingly critical of the murder and the Saudi explanation.

Germany has announced it will stop arms sales, while Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement asking for an “urgent… clarification of exactly what happened Oct 2”.

President Donald Trump has swung between saying he is unhappy with the Saudi investigation but also that he does not want to jeopardise US arms sales to the country.

Skype call

To stem the fallout of the Khashoggi killing, the crown prince, commonly known by his initials MbS, allowed Qahtani to take the fall, according to one source close to the Saudi royal court.

Qahtani (photo) did not respond to questions from Reuters. His biography on Twitter changed in recent days from royal adviser to chairman of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, a role he had held before.

Prince Mohammed had no knowledge of the operation that led to Khashoggi’s death and “certainly did not order a kidnapping or murder of anybody”, a Saudi official said last Saturday. Officials in Riyadh could not be reached for further comment.

As the crisis has grown over the past three weeks, Saudi Arabia has changed its tune on Khashoggi’s fate, first denying his death, then saying he died during a brawl at the consulate, and now attributing the death to a chokehold.

A senior Saudi official told Reuters that the killers had tried to cover up what happened, contending that the truth was only now emerging. The Turks reject that version of the story, saying they have audio recordings of what happened.

The kingdom has survived other crises in the past year, including the fallout of the crown prince’s short-lived kidnapping of Lebanese prime minister Saad al-Hariri in 2017. Hariri, too, was verbally humiliated and beaten, according to eight Saudi, Arab and Western diplomatic sources. The man leading that interrogation: Saud al-Qahtani.

France intervened to free Hariri, but Western capitals did not take Riyadh to task for detaining a head of government - and Prince Mohammed emerged emboldened, according to these Saudi sources.

This time is different, with some Western capitals increasingly critical of the murder and the Saudi explanation.

Germany has announced it will stop arms sales, while Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement asking for an “urgent… clarification of exactly what happened Oct 2”.

President Donald Trump has swung between saying he is unhappy with the Saudi investigation but also that he does not want to jeopardise US arms sales to the country.

Skype call

To stem the fallout of the Khashoggi killing, the crown prince, commonly known by his initials MbS, allowed Qahtani to take the fall, according to one source close to the Saudi royal court.

A second senior Saudi official said Qahtani had been detained following his sacking by royal decree, but he continued to tweet afterwards. The sources with links to the royal court said he was not believed to be under arrest.

In the Khashoggi killing, Qahtani was present as he has been in other key moments of MbS’s administration. This time, though, his presence was virtual.

Khashoggi, a US-based Saudi journalist often critical of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, walked into the Istanbul consulate around 1pm on Oct 2, to pick up some documents that would allow him to marry.

Turkish security sources say he was immediately seized inside the consulate by 15 Saudi intelligence operatives who had flown in on two jets just hours before.

According to one high-ranking Arab source with access to intelligence and links to members of Saudi Arabia’s royal court, Qahtani was beamed into a room of the Saudi consulate via Skype.

He began to hurl insults at Khashoggi over the phone. According to the Arab and Turkish sources, Khashoggi answered Qahtani’s insults with his own. But he was no match for the squad, which included top security and intelligence operatives, some with direct links to the royal court.

A Turkish intelligence source relayed that at one point Qahtani told his men to dispose of Khashoggi. “Bring me the head of the dog”, the Turkish intelligence source says Qahtani instructed.

It is not clear if Qahtani watched the entire proceedings, which the high-ranking Arab source described as a “bungled and botched operation”.

A second senior Saudi official said Qahtani had been detained following his sacking by royal decree, but he continued to tweet afterwards. The sources with links to the royal court said he was not believed to be under arrest.

In the Khashoggi killing, Qahtani was present as he has been in other key moments of MbS’s administration. This time, though, his presence was virtual.

Khashoggi, a US-based Saudi journalist often critical of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, walked into the Istanbul consulate around 1pm on Oct 2, to pick up some documents that would allow him to marry.

Turkish security sources say he was immediately seized inside the consulate by 15 Saudi intelligence operatives who had flown in on two jets just hours before.

According to one high-ranking Arab source with access to intelligence and links to members of Saudi Arabia’s royal court, Qahtani was beamed into a room of the Saudi consulate via Skype.

He began to hurl insults at Khashoggi over the phone. According to the Arab and Turkish sources, Khashoggi answered Qahtani’s insults with his own. But he was no match for the squad, which included top security and intelligence operatives, some with direct links to the royal court.

A Turkish intelligence source relayed that at one point Qahtani told his men to dispose of Khashoggi. “Bring me the head of the dog”, the Turkish intelligence source says Qahtani instructed.

It is not clear if Qahtani watched the entire proceedings, which the high-ranking Arab source described as a “bungled and botched operation”.

Qahtani (photo) did not respond to questions from Reuters. His biography on Twitter changed in recent days from royal adviser to chairman of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, a role he had held before.

Prince Mohammed had no knowledge of the operation that led to Khashoggi’s death and “certainly did not order a kidnapping or murder of anybody”, a Saudi official said last Saturday. Officials in Riyadh could not be reached for further comment.

As the crisis has grown over the past three weeks, Saudi Arabia has changed its tune on Khashoggi’s fate, first denying his death, then saying he died during a brawl at the consulate, and now attributing the death to a chokehold.

A senior Saudi official told Reuters that the killers had tried to cover up what happened, contending that the truth was only now emerging. The Turks reject that version of the story, saying they have audio recordings of what happened.

The kingdom has survived other crises in the past year, including the fallout of the crown prince’s short-lived kidnapping of Lebanese prime minister Saad al-Hariri in 2017. Hariri, too, was verbally humiliated and beaten, according to eight Saudi, Arab and Western diplomatic sources. The man leading that interrogation: Saud al-Qahtani.

France intervened to free Hariri, but Western capitals did not take Riyadh to task for detaining a head of government - and Prince Mohammed emerged emboldened, according to these Saudi sources.

This time is different, with some Western capitals increasingly critical of the murder and the Saudi explanation.

Germany has announced it will stop arms sales, while Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement asking for an “urgent… clarification of exactly what happened Oct 2”.

President Donald Trump has swung between saying he is unhappy with the Saudi investigation but also that he does not want to jeopardise US arms sales to the country.

Skype call

To stem the fallout of the Khashoggi killing, the crown prince, commonly known by his initials MbS, allowed Qahtani to take the fall, according to one source close to the Saudi royal court.

A second senior Saudi official said Qahtani had been detained following his sacking by royal decree, but he continued to tweet afterwards. The sources with links to the royal court said he was not believed to be under arrest.

In the Khashoggi killing, Qahtani was present as he has been in other key moments of MbS’s administration. This time, though, his presence was virtual.

Khashoggi, a US-based Saudi journalist often critical of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, walked into the Istanbul consulate around 1pm on Oct 2, to pick up some documents that would allow him to marry.

Turkish security sources say he was immediately seized inside the consulate by 15 Saudi intelligence operatives who had flown in on two jets just hours before.

According to one high-ranking Arab source with access to intelligence and links to members of Saudi Arabia’s royal court, Qahtani was beamed into a room of the Saudi consulate via Skype.

He began to hurl insults at Khashoggi over the phone. According to the Arab and Turkish sources, Khashoggi answered Qahtani’s insults with his own. But he was no match for the squad, which included top security and intelligence operatives, some with direct links to the royal court.

A Turkish intelligence source relayed that at one point Qahtani told his men to dispose of Khashoggi. “Bring me the head of the dog”, the Turkish intelligence source says Qahtani instructed.

It is not clear if Qahtani watched the entire proceedings, which the high-ranking Arab source described as a “bungled and botched operation”.

The Arab source and the Turkish intelligence source said the audio of the Skype call is now in the possession of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (photo). The sources say he is refusing to release it to the Americans.

Erdogan said on Sunday he would release information about the Turkish investigation during a weekly speech today. Three Turkish officials reached by Reuters declined to comment ahead of that speech.

The senior Saudi official who laid out the official version of events – that Khashoggi had got into a fight – said he had not heard about Qahtani appearing via Skype, but that the Saudi investigation was ongoing.

Qahtani’s rise

Qahtani, 40, has earned a reputation at home as both a violent enforcer of princely whims and as a strident nationalist. In blogs and on social media, some liberal Saudi journalists and activists dubbed him the Saudi Steve Bannon for his aggressive manipulation of the news media and behind-the-scenes strategising.

Qahtani wrote odes on Twitter to the royal family under the pen name Dari, which means predator in Arabic. Some of his opponents on social media call him Dalim, a figure in Arabic folklore who rose from being a lowly servant to much greater heights.

According to his biography on his Twitter account, Qahtani studied law and made the rank of captain in the Saudi Air Force. After launching a blog, he caught the eye of Khaled al-Tuwaijri, the former head of the royal court, who hired him in the early 2000s to run an electronic media army tasked with protecting Saudi Arabia’s image, according to a source with ties to the royal court.

Tuwaijri is under house arrest and could not be reached for comment.

Qahtani rose to further prominence after latching onto Prince Mohammed, who was part of his father Salman’s court as Riyadh governor, then crown prince and finally king in 2015.

Tasked with countering alleged Qatari influence on social media, Qahtani used Twitter to attack criticism of the kingdom in general and Prince Mohammed in particular. He also ran a WhatsApp group with local newspaper editors and prominent journalists, dictating the royal court’s line.

When Riyadh led an economic boycott against Qatar in June 2017, Qahtani ramped up his attacks on the small Gulf state. Online, he urged Saudis to tweet the names of anyone showing sympathy with Qatar under the Arabic hashtag “The Black List”.

The high-ranking Arab official and Saudi sources with ties to the royal court said Qahtani was MbS’s “bad cop” late last year when 200 people, including Saudi princes, ministers and business tycoons, were detained and put under house arrest at the Ritz Carlton in an anti-corruption sweep. Qahtani oversaw some of the interrogations, the Arab official said.

The kidnapping of Hariri

The extent of Qahtani’s power is perhaps best illustrated by the kidnapping of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri last year, several of the Saudi and Arab diplomatic sources said.

The Saudis were incensed at the inability of Hariri, a Sunni Muslim and a Saudi client, to stand up to their regional rival Iran and Hezbollah, the Shi’ite paramilitary movement that acts as Tehran’s spearhead in the region. Hariri belonged to the same multi-party coalition government as Hezbollah.

The Saudis were particularly dismayed that Hariri had failed to deliver a message to a top adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to stop interfering in Lebanon and Yemen. Hariri claimed he had delivered the Saudi message, but an informer, planted by Qahtani in Hariri’s circle, gave the Saudis the minutes of the meeting which showed that he had not done so.

The Saudis lured Hariri (photo) to Riyadh for a meeting with MbS. Upon his arrival on Nov 3, 2017, there was no line-up of Saudi princes or officials, as would typically greet a prime minister on an official visit. Hariri later received a call that the meeting with the crown prince would take place the next day at a royal compound.

When Hariri arrived, he was ushered into a room where Qahtani was waiting for him with a security team, according to three Arab sources familiar with the incident. The security team beat Hariri; Qahtani cursed at him and then forced him to resign as prime minister in a statement that was broadcast by a Saudi-owned TV channel.

“He (Qahtani) told him you have no choice but to resign and read this statement,” said one of the sources. “Qahtani oversaw the interrogation and ill-treatment of Hariri.”

Another source said it was the intervention of French President Emmanuel Macron that secured Hariri’s release following an international outcry.

Macron claimed credit in May for ending the crisis, saying an unscheduled stopover in Riyadh to convince MbS, followed by an invitation to Hariri to come to France, had been the catalyst to resolving it. Lebanese officials confirmed to Reuters that Macron’s quick intervention secured Hariri’s return.

Saudi officials could not be reached for comment about the sequence of events or Qahtani’s involvement. French officials declined to comment when asked about Qahtani’s role.

An offer to return home

At least three friends of Khashoggi told Reuters that in the months after the journalist moved to Washington a year ago, he received multiple phone calls from MbS’s right-hand man urging him to return to Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi had balked, they said, fearing reprisals for his Washington Post columns and outspoken views.

Qahtani had tried to reassure the former newspaper editor that he was still well respected and had offered the journalist a job as a consultant at the royal court, the friends said.

Khashoggi said that while he found Qahtani gentle and polite during those conversations, he did not trust him, one close friend told Reuters. “Jamal told me afterwards, ‘He thinks that I will go back so that he can throw me in jail?’”

The second senior Saudi official confirmed that Qahtani had spoken to Khashoggi about returning home. The ambush in Istanbul seems to have been another way to get him home.

How much did the crown prince know about his trusted aide’s plan to abduct Khashoggi?

Most of the 15 hit-man team identified by Turkish and Saudi authorities worked for the kingdom’s security and intelligence services, military, government ministries, royal court security and air force.

One of them, General Maher Mutreb, a senior intelligence officer who is part of the security team of Prince Mohammed, appeared in photographs with him on official visits earlier this year to the United States and Europe.

The high-ranking Arab official and the Turkish intelligence source said it was Mutreb’s phone that was used to dial in Qahtani while Khashoggi was being interrogated.

Reuters tried to contact members of 15-man team but their phones were either switched off, on voicemail or no longer in service.

The Saudi official said Deputy Intelligence Chief General Ahmed al-Asiri (photo) put together the 15-man squad from the intelligence and security forces. Asiri was one of the five officials dismissed last Saturday.

Another key figure was Dr Salah al-Tubaigy, a forensic expert specialised in autopsies attached to the Saudi Ministry of Interior. His presence – equipped with a bone-saw, which Turkish sources say was used to dismember the journalist – is hard to explain in an operation Saudi officials now say was aimed at persuading Khashoggi to return home.

It is hard to imagine that the crown prince could have not known about such a delicate operation, the Saudi sources with ties to the royal court say.

The Saudi official who spoke last Saturday said an existing standing order provided authorisation to “negotiate” with dissidents to return home without requiring approval, but that the team involved with Khashoggi exceeded that authorisation.

Another Saudi official close to the investigation said that Qahtani decided on his own to organise Khashoggi’s kidnapping and that he asked Asiri to get a team together, but that their plans had gone wrong.

Qahtani’s final act may be to serve his boss by assuming the responsibility for the crisis that has hit Saudi Arabia since Khashoggi’s murder. The Saudi king has sacked Qahtani and ordered a restructuring of the general intelligence agency.

To head it, he named MbS.

- Reuters

The Arabs are capable of doing anything they wish to do. Knowing them Najib Razak saw this as an opportunity to save him from the crime of theft. He sent the military to Saudi Arabia under the pretext of protecting the Malaysians. It was in fact 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine'  exchanged strategy, the favourite phrase of the ex-Prime Minister.

If Saudi Arabia is so rich enough to be able to donate to Najib, the Kingdom should have help the suffering Palestinians without the need of aids from other normal Malaysians and even our MERCY.

Remember they do not only kill Khashoggi, they also bombed the Yemenis.


d to all. Yes money is important but it does not guarantee happiness.

23/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When we have the chance we seldom take the opportunity to seize it, to do the good and honourable things. Then we hope to go back in time to redo what we have not done. At times my cheeks were soaked with tears while I was praying remembering my mother and my wife, that I had not done well enough to take care of them. Only my belief that I will meet them again soon in the next world that keeps my hope alive.

By human design, basically,  people are divided into two categories, the ruling class and the working class. Both have the chance to serve the society in many ways. The working men laboured themselves to grow food, erect infrastructures, reaping products of sea and land, protect the masses, distributed the goods and services and to provide health care. The ruling class plan, created multiple path for human's welfare and prosperity and to take good care of the populace.

There are guide books for them to follow, given by God and written by humans.

BUT some swayed from the path to give sole priority to their lust and greed. They become adamant and arrogant. They squeeze the people and suck their blood. They forgot that God, forgot that they are getting old and tired each day. They forgot that they might slipped and fall. In agony they seek God's help. Many a time things were too late for them to repent for much damage had been done.

When they have the chance to serve the community, they don't.

While we have the chance, let is be honest, fair, sincere and be good to all. Yes money is important but it does not guarantee happiness.

22/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

(14 Oct. - 16 Oct. 2018)

The package name was Korea Trip 13th - 18th October. To me it was a deliberate attempt to mislead the people as the RM15.99 or the RM888.88 stuffs. We departed Kuala Lumpur on the 13th, arriving Korea on the 14th. Later we departed for home and left our hotel at 6 am on the 17th. 2018. I wouldn't count those two as visiting days.

I woke up at 4 am on the departure date to make sure I won't miss the domestic flight KLIA.

I was too lazy to count the numbers but we were told that there were 30 participants. There were two beautiful non-Malay Ladies, Eunice and Prem. Our tour leader from  Malaysia was Norainsyakiaty whom I addressed her AEN.

 Our Tour Leader From Malaysia AEN

There were three families, a few couples ( husband and wife and friend ) and me, a lone ranger. I figure I was the oldest. I thought I was not fit to any of the group members except one who was a countryman of mine living in Sarawak after being charmed by a Sarawak beauty.

This is the first tour leader whom I would describe as fantastic, studying from her early communication and interactions with the clients. POTO had never have one like this for I had been travelling with POTO to more than 5 countries.

When we arrived South Korea, we had had a hectic time. I had no sleep on the plane, tired and worn out. Yet the tour had already begun. The first was the Seaweed place where we were briefed about the foodstuffs. We were thought how to make foodstuff. Then participants were given opportunity to don the traditional dress.

After the Seaweed place we went to the museum. Sigh ! I am not going to narrate things anymore. let me print a few pictures for they speak louder than words.

The hotels we stayed in were between 2 to 3 stars. there weren't tooth brush and tooth paste. What to complaint as this was suppose to be the cheap Korean trip though I had to pay RM1300 for a single supplement.

The second day was to the main attraction, Nami island via several stoppages like the Sapphire and Ginseng shops. Whether there were Ginseng or any other herbal shops in Asia the sales agents who attended us were very fluent in Indonesian or Malay language. They were so glib in talking that you would feel you could die the soonest if you were to ignore their products. The products were not cheap. The average was RM1K.

 Nami island is a beautiful place. There are too many pictures to publish, beyond the space to accommodate all of them. There were thousands of visitors daily. I can't figure out how much does the authority collects each day.

My friend told me that his group were taken to riverside sea-food restaurants where can choose live fish, lobsters and other sea living things to to cook. Our tour did not take us there, not even to Jeju island either nor any of the theme park.

SEOUL CITY TOUR - Seoul city tour was an optional tour, paid together with a theme park visit, and it was quoted in USD. The average cost was USD100. For a couple it would be USD200. There were a family of 4 to 5. It would come to about RM1K on the average.

There are three routes you can choose for the Seoul City Tour which is about 18000 Won. You can hop in and hop out. It is a day ticket, from 8 am to 6 pm. The picture on the left is the bust stop where you have to wait. I paid the driver when hopping on the bus.



In Seoul the roads are wide. There are 5 lanes on each way. Adding all the lanes on a road there are 10 lanes altogether.

I think I want to stop here. The brief explanation here would give you some insight of what is inside South Korea.

Communication is a little hard unless we learn the basic Korean from the internet. Only a few could speak English. Our Korean tour leader speaks Korean English. A Korean friend in my Statistical Research class in Ohio spoke with an American slang. It would save visitors from  much hassle if they were to spend a little time before making a trip to Korea.

18/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Ask yourself whether you have even made promises to yourself, your wife and kids, friends and other people, and finally to God. It was only yesterday that my friend promised to come and pick me up at 6 pm to go for s dinner with her family. I changed my exercise time from 5 pm to 4 pm. When I came home I found she had to break her promise as she was strike with a sudden fever. It was a genuine case and I hade to excuse her.

Sadly enough there was a man who cried foul over a broken promise no matter whether the person is sick or had had some urgent thing to attend to.

But I am sure everyone of us did broke a promise made owing to unavoidable circumstances. More so we promised to God that we will be a good man for the rest of our lives but we never fulfilled all of our promises. We hurt fellow human being. We yell and cursed at fellow mankind and to degrade them to the lowest possible. We brag and thump our chest to show our prowess.

Simply, we broke our promises to God.

Whatever we must strive to fulfil our promises as best as we can. I promised to lend ,y friend RM50K but I had to break my promises since I could not come up with the amount and I needed to use the money for something else. I felt so sad and very sorry bout it. I asked the Tomato rice seller to bring his children from India and I will be taking them to Langkawi. He will bring them next month and I hope I can fulfil the simple promise or else I will break their hearts.

When we can afford to honour our promises and they are within our mean, then it is wise for us to make them happen.

Let me tell you a story a broken promised that I made to another friend who lamented that his car broke down and had to be in a workshop for about a week. I said I have two cars and willing to lend one for him. Two days before the delivery date I asked him to use the car to send me to the airport in the morning. Then he could take the car with him. he replied he could not do that because he was busy. Good or bad of me, I decided to cancel my lending the car to him. i took a taxi to the airport.

Sometimes we broke our promises over a certain unexpected cases without any deliberate intention.

I still remember a phrase 'if you want to know a person hear what he says about other people'.

23/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The Chief Minister of Selangor is trying to be a hero defending Zahid Hamidi's family from public attacks. In the first place he must asked Norhidayah not to use his 9 year old daughter in the battle against the public. Did the Minister request Hidayah to erase the uploaded video ?

Norhidayah had come to the limelight years even before BN lost the election. She had a faulty mouth denying that she was not rich enough to pay for the car she bought while his father who donned very expensive watches claimed he was a corporate man and had the mean to buy anything costly. She also said demonstration was a waste of time and useless, which she later organized one herself.

Why should she used her daughter to fight for her father who had asked fellow Malaysians to leave this country if they did not like to stay here ? She simply loved to invite nasty response. Similarly, Najib]s daughter did the same by bringing her daughter in the fore.

Only if Hidayah cared to know the minds of the people about her father. They called him a gangster. People see the father and the daughter are both arrogant Javanese. The anger was so intense, it lead to one person to say 'the smelly cibai produce a dirty offspring...' Of course her daughter is innocent and nothing wrong with her cibai too. If she had learn history, she would have been more careful in provoking the public.

Zabhid Hamidi's case pull the interest in the public. People began to investigate Yayasan Akar Budi by themselves. And they will investigate more and deeper on his pecuniary procurement. And he tio himself he has a team of lawyers to defend him. Why do Norhidayah needs her daughter to defend Zahid ? It is a shame to be called by despicable names.

22/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Ministers are to serve the public, not themselves. But without shame and guilt the proclaimed  that they are running businesses and become chairmen of 100 companies. They make use of the Ministerial post to enrich themselves thereby enabled them to hide any corruption activities behind their wealth.

Millions of voters remain poor after voting the so called leaders. They used money and rhetoric to fish support from the gullible.

Let me say what I think of the education Minister as an example. I do not say that he is making money out of his position but to my assessment he is one of the worst among all the new Ministers. The most pressing issue he must look into is the educational policy, not talking about the black shoes. He has to look at the economy of the country and know where we are heading to. Students are the future workforce. And he must prepare them for the future.

He must know the state of our social environment, of the state of the crimes, drug addictions, thefts and other woes. What cause them and the ages of those who are causing social turbulence. It is not about the black shoes.

His failure made me wonder the value and validity of his PHD.

Serving the people means to serve the majority not the minority. It is not to serve himself.

We the public have eyes to see and mind to think. We didn't ask the Ministers to follow us but we need them to serve us.

22/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am sorry to generalize taxi drivers as irresponsible blood suckers. I have not met even one good driver. Two knocked my car and refused to pay the damaged. They charged exorbitant price to the customers. My two workers were charged RM35 each from Sahab Perdana to their homes on the same route which were about 5 miles in total distant. They refused to use the meters or to transport customers  through a certain route. Many still remember the taxis in Kuala Lumpur went on strike.

As I have mentioned many time, that people who do not know how to thank God for giving them sustenance, do not ever think what Barakah is. No ill-gotten money would bring Barakah too. They will never be satisfied with their lives, with money in their pockets. I know of a few Indonesian maids who stole things and money, were living in misery, falling sick and died, parents and husbands passed away.

As they were showing their arrogance and hooliganism, people showed no pity on them but to curse and tried to avoid them. God gives God takes.

If Tun allows the Tuk-Tuk the customers will be extremely happy. We need cheap transport to the railway station and the airport. It is not available here. London, Bangkok, Tokyo and name it there are efficient transportation system for travellers by air. In Kuala Lumpur I would take a bus from KL Central to KLIA or KLIA2 for only RM10.

It is high time for the people in Langkawi to work for alternative transport like the tuk-tuk instead of the taxis. Let them pay for their arrogance.

To make sure tourists will not be cut throat, we can always introduce hop-in and hop-out bus. In Seoul I paid 1800 Won for the City-Tour hop-in and hop-out. I don't remember how much I paid in Spain. Taxi drivers can opt for some other jobs. There are thousands of other youths are without job. Why should the taxis monopolize the right to live only to themselves.

We have had enough with the gangster taxi drivers who love to cut throat. They are as bad as the politicians.

I remember paying only USD5 from Hollywood MGM area to the airport about 50 years ago.

Taxi drivers can strike again if they wish. We can always encourage alternative transportations.

21/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

I am not a pious man. I believe in science, technology, mathematics and God. I believe in the life thereafter, heaven and hell. I always feel that God is with me, giving me an abundance of sustenance and providence.

I don't know how much sins that I have made. But I am glad that never in my life I have intention of causing hardship to other people, telling lies or cheating for anybody's benefit. That does not mean the non-believers are bad people. Having conscience and morality could hinder a person from vices and committing crimes.

Try to figure out of a man who steal a huge sum of money and has the heart to murder anyone who across the crime. If he fears the future consequences, the comeuppance, God's retribution and his home in hell, he wouldn't have stolen and enrich himself. Didn't he remember that he won't live forever  and each day passed like a second away ? Did he think he would be pardoned by God, just by using the loot to send people for pilgrimage and built a few mosques or holly places with the ill-goten money ?

If anyone remembers God and fear of the great retribution he will not steal and lie, and attempt to cheat and bribe God. He will only seek the divine's help when he is caught and charged. How do we know Najib lied ? He did not answer of the 2.6 billion when asked but took a few months to come up with the donation story. He took severe actions on those who queried him about the money. He would have never sacked Ghani Patail nor we would not have heard of Kevin Morais was murdered. He took years to publish a document of the ill-gotten money, in which I am very sure was just recently made and planted. I also believe the Arabs were as crooked as he is.

And the story of Yayasan Akar Budi is more intriguing. There was no building as stated in the address registered, documents on financial statement and transaction. More stories will come out for us to know how sneaky Zahid Hamidi is.

People want to see the criminals who used God as their shield rot in jail with horns grow on their foreheads. They have done much damage to Islam. They have been using religion to secure themselves. The shameless lots can still walk throughout the globe parading their naked sins even after being called CROOK and the kleptocrat.

Let us ask the Islamic Party PAS the penalty for lying, stealing, cheating and corroborating with criminals. And let us Hadi Awang how the Prophet Mohammad looks like.

21/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In a month's time, I really don't know what will happen when I decide to come back on the ham band with 9M2RB on the old frequency. We were on 7.043 Mhz for many years chatting away day and night. I used the same frequency to work on Morse codes.

As a traditional ham operator I feel comfortable with the old style of communication procedure and the terms used. We would mention our call signs for every over. It is torturous to hear stations that simply pass the transmission back and forth. I would not say it wrong to follow the new style of communication. But I don't feel comfortable and would not welcome those with their own methods and lingo.

What if the hams who are adamant with their own style insist on breaking in ? They may argue theirs are the right ones. Still it is not comfortable for us and they can't force us to agree with them. After all they have more than 20000 people to comfort them.

As far as I am concerned the smart amateur operators are not fit to be in the inferior operators. Many of us were told that the way and the SOP we practised were wrong. Many old hams ceased to be on the air, running away from such a confrontation.

It is not that we are rejecting the new fellows. We are just not fit for them for our standards are much lower. We wish that they have some form of morality as not to disturb us when we are on the air. In the old days when Jabatan Telekom was in charge we were not scared of any rogue people coming to disturb us because in no time they will be arrested. MCMC is a different specie altogether.

20 meter is a skip band 90% of the time. I don't remember working stations in Johor during the night time. 

The 9W who fought hard for 40 meter instead of 20 and 15 was 9W2TZ for the reason he wanted to speak to the old 9M stations like the old days. Instead one by one chose to leave the band, giving all sort of excuses. He supplied a 40 meter antenna to those without them. He lent a rig to 9M2FX to raise the later on the band. The glorious days will never resurrect.

The reason why I want to come back with Rusli is that we have a lot to talk over travelling matters. We are to discuss Taiwan trip after his journey to Moscow via China using the Trans Siberian Railway. It is not to find kick to be on the radio.  i would prefer Morse to look for fulfilment.

New amateurs who are willing to adapt to our world and polite enough to respect our lingo may join us. I never welcome too smart people, trying to preach us what's right and wrong, and to show of their prowess.

Indonesians loved to break our conversation and talked something else. So much so we forget our topic of discussion. That was something that we never did when they were having a deep conversation, unless we have something to contribute to the topic.

20/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


From the beginning I said that Saudi Arabia is not a country to be trusted and pointed out that the Islamic value she practises is far below the non-Islamic country. It is not only a complicit to Najib's crime but it also committed crime by murdering it's critic. It has been denying of the crime for days. As usual the King will blame his officer for the dreaded killing.

Now the Kingdom is formulating lies to save Najib. It is a country without credibility. She loves in bombing and killing the innocent people, just because of their beliefs. It was the Saudis who convinced Hillary Clinton that Anwar Ibrahim was a terrorist.

The Palestinians accused the Arab Kings originated from a Jew sect. And they are the Jews who collected money from the Muslim's pilgrimage to kill the Palestinians. Of course we cannot believe the story completely. We need to thoroughly investigate the history of the Kingdom.

Corroborating with criminal is a sin. The Kingdom should realize the severity of God's wrath.

I was in Las Vegas Nevada and saw Arabs gambled with their National costumes instead of donning the Western dress. I was not surprise at all as I know in Bangkok there are streets named after them, signalling the number of Arab visitors in a city where prostitutions were rife.

The vices of the Arabs even extend to pornography. Sexual contents and Arab prostitutes has begun to fill the websites.

Now they invent the story on Khashoggi's death due to a brawl in the consulate. They learn much from Najib Razak on how to lie. And Najib waited for almost three years to come up with a perfect lie, forgetting the time frame as a prime witness. DOJ does not believe the Arab one bit. Sooner or later her close ally, USA, will call her a crook. 

20/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Some Malay food vendors are lofty and greedy. The quest for excessive profiteering would at least repel me away. The food can be delicious but I won't want to return to the stall or their restaurants again. There are cheap stalls around with a meal costing at most RM4.50 a plate, with a few types of morsels. There is a vendor that charged me only RM3.50  a plate with two small mackerels and vegetables.

The most expensive Malay food shop is at Pumpong Alor Setar where there is always a big rush. It provides a Kampong taste. But I never like the haughty male owner who once disputed the price his wife charged me. I told him that I did not cheat. But his wife wrote it. It was not cheap either. It has been almost a year that I stopped going to the place again.

Many Malays want to get rich quickly, simply hiking up their food twice or thrice a year without any reason. I am patient enough to look at alternatives and found that there are many outlets that sell tasty food at a very reasonable price. The Mamak shop which I considered as more expensive than most of the Malay vendors, are still selling at the old price, making it one of the cheapest today. A meal with meat is RM4.50 and with fish at RM5.50. That includes drink and vegetables.

I always pay more than the price to the unscrupulous vendors usually  by 50 or 80 cents. What is RM5 to a very delicious meal that costs RM4.20. Once I forget to bring my purse and they called it free. However I paid them back a few minutes later.

Reading through web pages I found there were a lot of complaints over the Online shop. I got cheated several times, mostly on goods sold by China. I would like to advise you to avoid Lazada and the FaceBook vendors.

The lofty and greedy vendors are bound to face competition. Sooner or later they will close shop. Ten they will start to throw the blames on other people.

20/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


A friend of mine was awarded a title Datuk and never used it till today. Nobody knows about it. And I got an AMN about 30 years ago and I did not inform anyone too. And most of you never know that Encik Mohd Khir Johari, an education Minister during the era of Tengku Abdul Rahman obliged not to receive any of the title at all.

Today we hear of rogue Datuk, with bad demeanour. How on earth were the Datukships awarded to them at their young age ? What were their contribution ? Even a drug addict was awarded with the title.

There seem to be the lost of moral value among the people in our society. We fail to recognize between the good and the bad, the honourable values and the stinking elements.

The value of the Datukships went down the drain as the holders became criminals, thieves and liars. It made some people lost respects to the title and try to avoid receiving any of them. Otrhers see it as valueless, as it does not accompany us when we step in into the eternal world. God does not accept it as coupon to redeem for our sins.

Like Khir Johari DAP is considering to decline the offer by any state in our territory. It is nothing strange. Even Dr Mahathir had returned them to the palace. When the Sultan of Kelantan stripped Dr Mahathir of the title given to him, it immediately became a joke and such a practice has become a mockery.

One characteristic that features a value of something is it's rareness, and a high degree of difficulty in acquiring it. It could not be bought with money, like the self-respect and an honour of a person. Opening it like a free market makes it just like a Kacang Puteh.

No tinted man should be a recipient like a hooligan or a drug addict or a past criminal. He must also serves this country beyond his remuneration value, praiseworthy in his community work without pecuniary return, and doing all in good faith and sincerity, a likeable by all in manners and behaviours.

Most of us are aware of ourselves. We are not qualified to receive any title. My body is not clean enough to don any of such title.

20/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In UMNO there are liars and despicable people worst than the Satan. Esmee Mat Isa, Jamal Yunoss, Lokman Adam, Noh Omar and all other UMNO gangsters. They can lie through their teeth. I judge Zahid through his countenance blazoned by the media in his speech, body movement and facial expression. Just playback all of his videos, his actions during the GE14 campaign.

Once there was a furore over his letter to the United States government trying to help a wanted gangster and a criminal. Then there were shouts about his brother collecting levies on the foreign workers amounting to millions. There were rumours his family keeping billions of cash. I remember well when he called the Malays to continue to support UMNO as he has a lot of cash to spend. And about his using the word PUKI MAK to scold the youth who blamed Najib for the downfall.

A person can be arrogant when he thinks he is so very powerful, or wealthy or smarter than the rest. Zahid has all the three. 

I have to admit that I do not know on what topic the MACC quizzed Zahid Hamidi. If it was about the misappropriation of funds belonging to the Yayasan Budi foundation set up by his family, it would have been short. The first time he met the MACC he had explained the error made by his staff and the money had been replaced. The fact that the interview took a long many hours meant the MACC wanted to know more about other things too.

This paragraph was typed  a few hours later .

I was right that Zahid was grilled on other matters to. There were 45 charges against him, mostly during his tenure as the Home Minister. Below were the charges against him

Criminal breach of trust

1. Criminal breach of trust involving RM537,513.64 from welfare foundation Yayasan Akal Budi between Jan 13, 2014 and Dec 23, 2014.

2. Criminal breach of trust involving RM38,070.49 from Yayasan Akal Budi between Feb 19, 2014 and Oct 29, 2014.

3. Criminal breach of trust involving RM107,509.55 from Yayasan Akal Budi between Jan 22, 2015 and Sept 23, 2015.

4. Criminal breach of trust involving RM708,134.47 from Yayasan Akal Budi between Jan 27, 2015 and Aug 21, 2015.

5. Criminal breach of trust involving RM3,914.84 from Yayasan Akal Budi on March 20, 2015.

6. Criminal breach of trust involving RM17,953,185.21 from Yayasan Akal Budi between June 23, 2015 and June 28, 2015 .

7. Criminal breach of trust involving RM30,635.80 from Yayasan Akal Budi on July 9, 2015.

8. Criminal breach of trust involving RM100,000 from Yayasan Akal Budi on Aug 20, 2015.

9. Criminal breach of trust involving RM1,300,000 from Yayasan Akal Budi on Nov 23, 2015.

10. Criminal breach of trust involving RM54,168.99 from Yayasan Akal Budi on Jan 11, 2016.

Receiving gratification

11. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM250,000 cheque from Mastoro Kenny IT Consultant & Services to help the company get a MyEG project on Jul 15, 2016.

12. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting 13 cheques worth RM8 million from Mastoro Kenny IT Consultant & Services to help the company get a MyEG project between Dec 7, 2016 and Jan 5, 2017.

13. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting 10 cheques worth RM5 million from Mastoro Kenny IT Consultant & Services to help the company get a MyEG project on Feb 8, 2017.

14. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM5 million cheque from Datasonic Group Bhd director Chew Ben Ben on April 26, 2017. Datasonic had won a direct tender contract from Home Ministry to supply Malaysian passport chips.

15. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM1 million cheque from Datasonic Group Bhd director Chew Ben Ben on April 26, 2017.

16. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM300,000 cheque from Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd director Azlan Shah Jaffril on Aug 3, 2017. Profound Radiance runs migrant visa one-stop centers in Pakistan and Nepal.

17. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM1 million cheque from Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd director Azlan Shah Jaffril on Jan 9, 2018.

18. Receiving gratification as Home Minister for accepting a RM700,000 cheque from Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd director Azlan Shah Jaffril on March 15, 2018.

Money laundering

19. Money laundering by depositing RM3.8 million as a fixed deposit on May 27, 2016.

20. Money laundering by depositing RM3 million as a fixed deposit on June 14, 2016.

21. Money laundering by depositing RM4.6 million as a fixed deposit on June 14, 2016.

22. Money laundering by depositing RM3 million as a fixed deposit on June 16, 2016.

23. Money laundering by depositing RM9,350,265.21 as a fixed deposit on July 13, 2016.

24. Money laundering by depositing RM5,460,361.14 as a fixed deposit on July 21, 2016.

25. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Aug 29, 2016.

26. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Sept 13, 2016.

27. Money laundering by depositing RM1.2 million as a fixed deposit on Nov 7, 2016.

28. Money laundering by depositing RM619,680.70 as a fixed deposit on Jan 6, 2017.

29. Money laundering by depositing RM3 million as a fixed deposit on Jan 9, 2017.

30. Money laundering by depositing RM1.2 million as a fixed deposit on Jan 17, 2017.

31. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Feb 15, 2017.

32. Money laundering by depositing RM1.2 million as a fixed deposit on April 14, 2017.

33. Money laundering by depositing RM6 million as a fixed deposit on April 28, 2017.

34. Money laundering by depositing RM8,348,040.90 as a fixed deposit on May 11, 2017.

35. Money laundering by depositing RM1.8 million as a fixed deposit on Aug 17, 2017.

36. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Oct 10, 2017.

37. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Nov 17, 2017.

38. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Dec 20, 2017.

39. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Jan 17, 2018.

40. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on Feb 14, 2018.

41. Money laundering by depositing RM700,000 as a fixed deposit on March 20, 2018

42. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on March 20, 2018.

43. Money laundering by depositing RM600,000 as a fixed deposit on April 11, 2018.

44. Money laundering by purchasing two bungalows in Mukim Kajang, Hulu Langat, Selangor for RM5.9 million on Jan 9, 2017.

45. Money laundering by ordering the conversion of RM6,885,270.20 in cash into 30 cheques to be used for fixed deposits between March 29, 2016 and July 15, 2016.

It is up to you to judge whether the charges were all fake aimed at victimizing Zahid. But I am sure even his supporters were not aware of the amount of money that went into his pocket.

Religion and race are always used as their shields to hide their criminal activities. Remember what he said about the reason why he was investigated ? "What's wrong with me for building the Tahfiz class  and pupils could recite the Holly Koran ?" And his wife lamenting on the Malays destroying among themselves.

Now on Zahid's side, they are sure to work hard to seek the help of the givers to deny giving money to the ex-Minister. The next thing I can think of is another donation story. Djo Lo played the donation theme also but the US court rejected the excuse outright. Too many similar story will make it stale.

Within UMNO too there are people who see Zahid as very arrogant, corrupt and ambitious too. Or else there would be waves of supporters at the solidarity gathering. Soon the 200 souls who came out will begin to learn how honest Zahid Hamidi is.

19/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Both Islam and Christianity have been discussing Predestination for decades. Predestination is equivalent to Qa.a dan Qadar. Whatever happens and done by mankind were all written during the time he was born till his death.

Using a sheer logic the debate went on till today.

But many says that It was mankind who carve their own destiny. He asks for it and he will get it. But people are rebutted the concept saying that men never ask to fall sick and be in misery. They pray to God to save them from disasters, calamities and poverty. Yet bad things always strike them.

It is at this juncture that a person's faith is tested. It is the critical time for him to believe or not in God.

Some say that good or bad brings benefit to someone, a society, a country or the world. Wars and calamities reduced the population of the earth. Fewer souls kill competition. There is a silver lining in the dark clouds. Even death would take our worries and torments away.

As far as I am concerned I believe that it is fate that put me in my present place and condition. I never knew that God will give me providence of a great abundance, beyond my expectation. I was given solutions to the problems I had been thinking, something that was nowhere.

Good life is not solely wealth and money. Happiness and satisfaction can come from anywhere, even of thinking of God alone. A vagabond sleeps soundly after having a free meal somewhere.

Try to be good, honest, sincere and fair while we have the air to breath, the sun to see. Try not to make others suffer by enriching ourselves.

13/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I see you are capitalising your court freedom to defend yourself through media interview and your Face book. You pretended to be shocked for your defeat in the GE14. insinuating PH were telling lies about you. Am I wrong ?

You have all the machinery on you, your Cyber-troopers. And you yourself have heard of all the accusation thrown on you. Why didn't you defend yourself then ? You denied having the 2.6 billion account thrown on you in the first place. You wanted to sue the WSJ but you did not. You take several months to come up with the donation story after several shuttle trips to Saudi Arabia.

Are those not strong enough for people to say you were lying ? You should have declared that it was a YES that you have the money in your bank donated to you personally. That was the defence you could ever have. And probably you may be still be a Prime Minister. That was the best time frame you could have cleared yourself, rather than kicking your deputy out for asking you about it.

Those were the time when you should not hide the truth of 1Mdb. You made the report unavailable and transferred your officers and Push Ghani Patail out.And that was the time when Kevin Morais was killed.

I do not say it was you who put him in the drum and cemented him. I just say he was murdered at the same time when Ghani Patail was sacked.

Before GE14 you did not publish the letter purported from Saudi Prince.

We the voters remember you denied knowing Jho Lo. Why ? Was it a national secret ? You twisted and turned when pictures of you were blazoned  in the media on the yacht.

So don't pretend you did nothing wrong and was taken aback when you were thrown out. Of course you were surprise because you thought the money by the millions given to voters would ensure of your victory. You believe very much that cash is KING.

You wife told the Malaysian citizens that she kept her savings from the young age to buy the million dollar jewelries. You pay people to write books on her and everyone you can hold to. You pay people to change documents for disinformation purposes. Oh, we know that.

Don't pretend that you don't know the reason why you lost the battle.

Now you are free by the judge. You are extremely lucky. It gives you time to manufacture stories to defend yourself which you had not done before because there were none then. You took a few months to come up with a simple answer.

You see, when you lie or asking people to lie for you, it is not the end of everything. It is up to the people who listen to you to believe you. Some may believe your lies but the majority do not. I don't. One day you said you did not know Saiful, the next day you admitted, when you were cornered with proofs of you meeting him. One day you said you have cash in BSI Singapore, the next day you said they were in units.

I will write more about you later as now it is already 3.00 am in the morning. I have just read about your interview with a media to defend yourself. I can't stand to hear your lies.

I know you have hijacked our money by the billions before the new government took over. To justify your action and to satisfy your conscience you termed it as the distribution of wealth. I know the Satan is bad but I never expect you could be worst than than the Satan. I am 72 now, not a politician, tired and sick. There is no way that I could teach you a lesson.

It is too remote for God to make me able to punish a man like you. I won't kill you but I will torture you every minute of the day until I get back the money you have absconded.

You know, I have read your mind. You may wonder how could I do that. But listen to me what I am going to say what I see. You instructed your henchmen to hijack the money because you want the new government to find their own fund to run the country. You think the national coffer under BN's government belongs to the old government.

That is wrong Najib because the money does not belong to BN. It belongs to the people. You have no pity whatsoever on the rakyat. I damn you.

I wish there are many young people out there who see you as the greatest criminal of the century, a specie hidden by God to be worst than the Satan. I hope and pray they will kidnap you and carry you to an unknown torture chamber and make you suffer perpetually.


12/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Kings are suppose to evolve from the vomit of the dragon and brought to Malaya in a glass box through the deepest part of the Seven Seas. Iskandar Zulkurnain had been the greatest and the greats to bear the generations of Kings and Sultans. They have the sovereign power endowed upon them by the God Al-Mighty.

Decades later the mythology transformed into a new shape, that Kings are the shadows of God in the world, the concept of Khalifatullah, was inculcated into the minds of the laymen in the country. They are to have the blood of the prophet Mohammad. Those who carry the DNA of the Holly prophet are given the title SYED. They are on the top portion of the social ladder, below the rulers.

When Najib declared himself a Bugis and he is the Warrior of the Bugis race, it surprised the uninformed populace like me. Then the Sultan of Selangor said he is a Bugis too.

A few years ago several of us went to Makassar. The local tour guide took us to the Bugis village where Najib came from. And only a few months ago we made a tour to Ternate. The tour guide told us that the Ruler of Kelantan was around the area too. At the museum we visited displayed Selangor's Royalty exibit.

Alas, only after the age of 72 I know the origin of Sultan Kelantan and Selangor . They are from Celebes or Sulawesi area. Would I mind of their origin and how they made themselves into Kings ? People do not mind, as they regard a King as a symbol of peace and unity, and believe a King would bring wealth, prosperity and tranquillity.

In the modern days no citizen perceive Kings to possess the divine power with unseen eyes all over the subjects. They rejected the mornarchial absolute right over them. Once Kings from all over the world could killed and decapitated anybody's on their own will without being questioned or challenged. When the King of Johor hacked his caddy boy to death it became a disturbing affair.

A King is not to make enemies with his subjects no matter what. He has to use his wisdom to resolve critical and personal issues. He has to learn from history about the falling of Kings and Dynasties, about the rise of the Republic, about the bloodshed in Middle East, and about Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia.

We the rakyat never knew that the Royal Highness of Selangor was a Bugis origin until he declared to the world. I discovered the Sultan of Kelantan was from the Sulawesi area just by accident.

But those are not the issues. We still need the Sultans and the Agong as the symbol of peace and prosperity. We even accept them as Khalifatullah.

But we now mind the origin of Najib and Zahid Hamidi because they mind the origin of Dr Mahathir. They showed their arrogance as if they are immortals and most powerful on the face of the earth. Zahid is now known as Diponegoro. He admitted that he was a Javanese.

To cool things down it will take some time. Let us replace the unhealthy air in the atmosphere. We don't want to see the vanishing institution of monarchy in 30 years time. And we don't want history books to be written on the trail of Malayan Sultanates. Everyone has to remember not to make any mistake, as it can be too expensive to mend them.

12/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Since the age of 10, I started not to believe in ghost. Take all the shamans in the world, I do not believe in anyone of them. To me the spiritual world did not exist. When people said that Rosmah Mansor had a strong sorcery power I brushed them aside.


No scientific man would believe in the mystery of magic, sorcerers and ghost.

On the late development of magic show which were sometimes called illusion, reason and rationality could not explain and comprehend the phenomena of their happenings. Then I saw bizarre things had been hitting the country one after the other as Rosmah Mansor was projecting herself as the most powerful lady in the country. A lady told me that when she was near Najib's wife she felt so scary.

Even after the fall of her husband we could see her donning the red color cloth on her body.

To a certain extend they were given a very special treatment where other leaders had never tasted when accused of committing crime.  They were still treated as VIP.

But if there were demons why can't  they be made invisible and walked out of the country to escape persecution ?

Is it not possible that there were only the lesser demons with some specialize skills were allowed to co-operate with mankind ? Or is not true that demons might find it hard to possess rational men with strong principles ?

There may be millions of other elements hidden in the universe that we have not discovered yet like the laws of physics and chemistry. Perhaps spirits and demons are part of these elements.

11/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


PH won the last GE14 was not because of you but because of us. When we casted our votes we did not think of you or Anwar Ibrahim. We wanted to throw Najib and his devilish wife out. But we salute you for your smartness in running the investigation on the vices of UMNO warlords.

Tell me that I am wrong to say both of you and Anwar thought PH won because of you and PKR. Leave PKR alone BN could never have fallen. Though BERSATU was small and Mahathir was an old man, Najib and his machinery only focussed their attack on Tun Mahathir and banned his picture everywhere in the country.

Of course we cannot give the credit to Tun only. Till today, tell us when did you ever say that PH won because of the voters choice and also when did you ever say 'THANK YOU' to us. You must understand that you are not the only smartest person in the nation. Among us there are a lot of wise, intelligent and smart personalities.

I would have wanted you in a team with Tony Phua and Lim Guan Eng. But we felt hurt when you called the old man '.....bulldozing...' You think you are so smart that you want to be the strategist for Anwar Ibrahim. Your mind has slowly changed towards authoritarianism.

Time is still early for you to wake up. We scold you not because we want you to vanish but we want you to think of us as voters and listen to us. We don't care if you are not in agreement with Azmin. We can always work out to put you in parliament, be a lawmaker and a Minister. Remember, if we can put PH as a government, we can also throw it down the drain.

It is not hard for you to say the word sorry. But it must come your heart. Then work hard to recover back the missing money. Tony Phua had done it well. He is not even a Minister in the PH government.

I fear very much that PH would be a single term party because of you. You should know that Anwar could win easily in PD without much hassle. Now there are complaints even on a small things done by Anwar, not by the opposition members but by BERSIH.

Work like a young man but think like 80.

11/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Whether there were proofs or not people will link Najib to the murder of Hussein Najadi, Altantuya, PI, Bala and Kevin Morais. Najadi and Kevin Morais pointed towards 1Mdb 2.6 billion and the charge sheet, PI Bala and Altantuya pointed to Najib's relationship with the Mongolian lady. To Najib, as long as it was not his hand that pull the trigger, he is not guilty as charged.

The hands that throw the bomb, the man who gave away the bomb to kill, the man who nodded his head when told the murdered had been carried out, are all complicit to the same crime. The day when Kevin Morais was reported dead I made an immediate conclusion that it was done under Najib's approval. It is exactly identical to an Atheist demanding a believer to show him God. Najib acts exactly like the Atheist from the beginning when he was accused of stealing the money.

As a Loyar Buruk, I am asking Najib whether he is a Muslim and whether he believes in God. "Mr Najib show me your God. That will be the concrete proof the existence of your God."

Is it not relevant to the murder case ? The situation is identical in status. Recently the judge mentioned about 'the sun rising in the West' in delivering the judgment. But no one question the judge what has the sun to do with the case.

Our haunch of Najib's involvement were not wrong.

Najib is lucky to be in Malaysia. And he has to thank Tun Mahathir for not encouraging the public to raise as what Lokman Adam and Zahid Hamidi had done. If the mob were to run wild, there will be warlords who would be losing the heads. Even the lost money could be discovered back quickly.

Many believe in Karma. It will come to Najib sooner or later. We will wait and see.

10/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Following the story of 1Mdb closely from the beginning and how Najib uses the Arab to influence the US Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, that Anwar Ibrahim was a terrorist, made me lost respect of the Saudis.

Later there were gossips such as

In the 7th century, the Banu Qaynuqa were living in two fortresses in the south-western part of the city of Yathrib, now Medina, having settled there at an unknown date. Although the Banu Qaynuqa bore mostly Arabic names, they were both ethnically and religiously Jewish. They owned no land, earned their living through commerce and craftsmanship, including goldsmithery. The marketplace of Yathrib was located in the area of the town where the Qaynuqa lived. The Banu Qaynuqa were allied with the local Arab tribe of Khazraj and supported them in their conflicts with the rival Arab tribe of Aws.

‘In the 1960′s the “Sawt Al Arab” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the Saudi Family.

You ought to see them behind the scene, the dress they don. You will be surprise. You may think that they are angels. Below is a story told by Rueters.

Turkey says will search Saudi consulate where journalist vanished Ece Toksabay, Daren Butler, Reuters  |  Published:  |  Modified:

Turkey said on Tuesday that it would search Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul where Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi vanished last week, and close ally Britain called on Riyadh to provide “urgent answers” over his disappearance.

Khashoggi was last seen one week ago entering the consulate in Istanbul to get documents related to his forthcoming marriage. His fiancée, waiting outside, said he never emerged and Turkish sources said they believe Khashoggi, a prominent critic of Saudi policies, was killed inside the mission.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan asked Saudi Arabia on Monday to prove its assertion that Khashoggi left the consulate.

The US State Department said it did not know what happened to Khashoggi and whether he was alive or not.

“We don’t know what has happened to him. We don’t have any information on that,” spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters adding: “We don’t want to make any judgments about what happened.”

Saudi Arabia has dismissed as baseless accusations that it killed or abducted Khashoggi, and on Tuesday Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu agency said Riyadh had invited Turkish experts and other officials to visit the consulate.

Britain urged the Saudi government to explain what happened. “Just met the Saudi ambassador to seek urgent answers over Jamal Khashoggi,” UK foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Twitter.

“Violence against journalists worldwide is going up and is a grave threat to freedom of expression. If media reports prove correct, we will treat the incident seriously - friendships depend on shared values,” he wrote.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy (photo) said the investigation was “continuing intensively”. The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations allowed for consulates to be searched by authorities of a host country with consent of the mission chief, he said.

“The consulate building will be searched in the framework of the investigation,” Aksoy said in a written statement.

There was no immediate comment on the report from the Saudi authorities.

News agency Anadolu later reported that a private plane that had arrived from Saudi Arabia at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was searched last Tuesday, the day Khashoggi was last seen. The search proved fruitless and the plane took off again afterwards, it said.

A Turkish security source had previously told Reuters that a group of 15 Saudi nationals, including some officials, had arrived in Istanbul in two planes and entered the consulate on the same day Khashoggi was there, and later left the country.

It was not immediately clear if the Anadolu report referred to one of those aircraft.

‘Forced disappearance’

Khashoggi left Saudi Arabia last year saying he feared retribution for his criticism of Saudi policy over the Yemen war and its crackdown on dissent, and since then wrote columns for the Washington Post newspaper. His disappearance sparked global concern.

In an essay in the Washington Post, Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, implored US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania to “help shed light on Jamal’s disappearance.”

“Although my hope slowly fades away each passing day, I remain confident that Jamal is still alive,” Cengiz (photo) wrote.

“Perhaps I’m simply trying to hide from the thought that I have lost a great man whose love I had earned.”

Trump said earlier on Tuesday he plans to speak with the Saudis without elaborating. Speaking at the White House, he said he did not have details about Khashoggi’s disappearance.

The UN human rights office urged both Turkey and Saudi Arabia to investigate what it called the “apparent enforced disappearance” and possible murder of Khashoggi.

“We call for cooperation between Turkey and Saudi Arabia to conduct a prompt and impartial investigation into the circumstances of Mr Khashoggi’s disappearance and to make the findings public,” UN human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told a Geneva news briefing.

The two countries have such an obligation under both criminal law and international human rights law, she said.

In July, the UN human rights office called on Saudi Arabia to release all peaceful activists, including women held for campaigning against a ban on driving as it was being lifted.

Khashoggi was once a Saudi newspaper editor and is a familiar face on political talk shows on Arab satellite television networks. He used to advise Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to the United States and Britain.

His disappearance is likely to further deepen divisions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Relations were already strained after Turkey sent troops to the Gulf state of Qatar last year in a show of support after its Gulf neighbours, including Saudi Arabia, imposed an embargo on Doha.

The two Turkish sources told Reuters on Saturday that Turkish authorities believe Khashoggi was deliberately killed inside the consulate, a view echoed by one of Erdogan’s advisers, Yasin Aktay, who is a friend of the Saudi journalist.

Erdogan told reporters on Sunday that authorities were examining camera footage and airport records as part of their investigation. He has also said Turkey has no documents or evidence regarding the case.

The European Union fully supports US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who called on Riyadh to investigate Khashoggi’s disappearance, EU policy chief Federica Mogherini said.

- Reuters


10/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Whoever decide to use an online system for vote casting must have an ulterior motive. The data alteration on the server side could be done at home, even from Timbaktu. All I need is just the IP, username, password, and database name. using the MySql database would be the easiest.

Even the coding only requires a few lines.

I am not talking about hacking. But by a normal procedure.

To me Azmin or Rafizi does not matter. But I do not believe the whole system is running in an honest manner. As I said the votes could be rigged from anywhere. Surely some members of PKR are literate and educated enough in the field of computing. And they should consider to declare it null and void. The manual and traditional method needs to be deployed.

Till today we still do not use AI machine. It is still a dumb machine until we programme it what to do. They put chips to recognize your voice or your face. Even an auto recording of voices and faces are pre-programmed.

It would be very interesting to know who proposed the online voting procedure.

Dirty mind wouldn't be good for the nation. And do not forget that we voters are still strong and we will decide what party to vote. They could not be pulled by their noses.  Even in PD they have decided who to vote for, with or without a campaign.

When winning one must try to avoid haughtiness and pomposity,

10/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Who should run religious and other form of education in this country ? Certainly it is not the work of a Minister other than the Education Ministry, or a Prime Minister's wife. Tahfiz class is a very interesting one. It a type of disguise to solicit fund from the public, the Malays in particular, who are willing to donate and sacrifice for the sake of God. It is an opportunity to some to make money by capitalising the good hearted Muslims.

Though I do not run a very detail investigation, I know of two personalities who are running the Tahfiz class. One, is my old friend whose wife is running a successful business. He resigned from his government job and assisted his wife , at the same with the abundant of money that he has, he undertook to open a Tahfiz school, all on his own.

There is another man whom I met during the tour to the Middle East. They were husband and wife, also running a Tahfiz school and seeking donations from the groups. The donations continued to flow for some time. I was about to join the group for the good of Muslim community. I hesitated. In the mean time the couple published their trips else where in Europe. I became suspicious and sceptical for I know the trip to Europe would cost at least  RM 12K per couple. The habit of glob trotting could consume more than RM100K in one and half years. Would that money better be used to build a small surau or to finance the Tahfiz class ? 

Zahid Hamid is yelling that he is doing a noble job of opening a Tahfiz school and the students could recite the whole Koran and even passed in SPM examination. That is not the issue. People raised the question of him running the school when it is not his job to do so. He is not the only UMNO man around to do the job. The second problem is he misappropriated the fund for his own use. If it was a crime then it was a crime.

Too many people are using religion to steal and committed crime. We have come across a drug smuggler who don in Islamic robe and a Koran in his hand. This is a fact. People don't yell at Zahid for running the Tahfiz though it was not his job to do so, but people shouted at him for misusing the money to pay for his bill. By our laymen standard we would have been imprisoned. No judge would give us the benefit of the doubt.

A friend commented there is no logic why a rich man would steal money when he already has plenty.

We all remember of a time when the whole of New York went into darkness. People broke into shops and supermarkets to loot. Even professionals and rich people were arrested too. It is a disease, insatiable lust and a habit. Zahid has this habit. The MACC must have their own mind to think and do not fear the roar of this man.

The case of Rosmah Mansor running PERMATA was also not a norm. There was the Ministry of Education in the building. She could consult and discuss the matter. The Ministry should run it, not a Prime Minister's wife. What has her degree in Anthropology got to do with children's education. Again she requested for funding from her husband who was the Prime Minister by the millions and was approved.

Some suspected she used part of the money for her own I didn't look the same way. I saw her as trying to show her power, overstepping on other people's toe. Could the wife of any other Ministers run any other institution similar to it with other name ?

It was still hot in people's mind about collecting levies from the foreign workers. weren't the money went to Zahid's brother ? I saw Zahid as a big snake.

10/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


How true is that Jho Lo is offering back the lost money in return for immunity ? Of course it would be easy for me to talk as I am not a Prime Minister or any politician at all.

First and foremost I will not totally dispel the idea. I would think deeply about it. And I want to know how much 1Mdb is losing and how much can we recover back the money. I won't deal for any recovery below 60%. I will consider if it is 80-85%. And I will accept it if it is 95%.

Then I will make a deal with Jho Lo as to the degree of immunity he would be willing to accept it. There is no total and absolute immunity. He has to bear some punishment. DOJ chose to get the money than to punish the offender.

The government's rejection of Mr Lo's offer must be depending on one of the two factors; either it is strong enough and with determination like the Jewish army to recover and get back the money or she doesn't mind losing the whole sum rather than to bow to Jho Lo.

That made Daim dilemma. Tun would reject the idea straight away. To me it is wiser to bring the matter up with the cabinet after seeking the view of the Counsel of Elders.

My point of contention is the quick recovery of money for a smooth take off of our economy. We can erase the 1Mdb debacle once and for all. But we need to see the money is back in our coffer first.

We are losing money in 1Mdb only, we also lost money right from our coffer. Actually there are ways to get back the money. We need to forget the rule of law. We have to forget the normal method. Do I have to spell the procedures one by one ?

09/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Whoever knows Noh Omar in school would know who Noh Omar was. MACC must arrest him on corruption charge as there are enough visual evidence of him giving cash to voters. Our society can't afford to have leaders who are from gang members, Mafia or crooks.

The target is to win so that they can continue to loot from fellow Malaysians.


09/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


The Technical Education managers warned and threatened the teachers ready to face the music if they dare enough to give any opposing view to their programs. The first they wanted to do was to scrap the Vocational Education and Training, to replace them with Technical Schools and Vocational Colleges. And this they did. It has been going on for about 20 years now. There a handful of engineers who were making decision. Others are not qualified.

What is happening today is a trade war between China and USA. China is looking for places to build factories and industries in this area. They have decided Penang, Thailand and Vietnam. The Thais are having problem because the labour force cannot supply specialist workers. They decide to bring in the workers from India.

The Malaysian representative commented "What the hell they scrapped vocational schools for ?" Penang has a training centre and probably could overcome the skill labour issue.

I remember, during the World War, the Americans have to look for all welders throughout the United States for ship building industries.

And today building industries are employing the Bangladeshis to do the welding job.

I remember during when the Vocational Division was to decide the type of PCs to be used in school an officer told the big boss to exclude me because I do not possess any computer training, education or certificate. But it was I who was called to develop a software for the division.

It was very nasty of me to bar them from using my program as I am not qualified in giving them input on matters pertaining to computing.

There is nothing that we can do having people who always despise and belittle all others who are educated than they are.

I am sad to think of what may happen to our young people. Rather than lamenting the issue let us wait and see. We will know soon when the Chinese set up their factories in Penang.

06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


We hail those people with Masters and PHD degrees for they are the people who would shape the country's future in the progress and advancement in technology, economic growth and inventions. The Ministry of education had begun to take engineers into the Technical Education Department to see a concrete progress in the field. We are having engineers managing technology education for more than 15 years now.

There are millions who do not have college or university education, who have never heard of the words linier regression. They work hard to find fish, plant foodstuffs, selling their products and transport the necessities to feed the masses. Thee are masters in their own destiny. Some become millionaires and very wealthy.

Though they may be less educated they understand that the knowledge is so vast and wide in the universe yet to be discovered. Each day there is a new finding and discovery. How much can a man grasp and learn and understand from his environment ?  In primary school we learn the basic of maths and science and 3R. In secondary knowledge is expanded and specialize as it is beyond one's ability to follow all the subjects. In colleges and universities they are more skewed, many to a single topic. In reality that topic has no end.

To a vegetable seller a person with a Master, PHD, Mdor engineering degree has to pay the same price. He will throw a smile if you him your 3,9 or 4 flat CGPA.

Success in life does not need a Master or PHD. It is a factor of hard work, patient and strong will power. For the Malays they don't have to look at some unknown personalities, just look at Ramly Burger.

The people do not bow or respect or even scared of powerful people. Neither do they care about your qualification. They judge you by your characters, honestly, sincerity and humility. You can be proud of your qualifications but people will just ignore them.


06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


I love to listen to Indian stations working on Morse codes. It just suit my taste with the procedures which the old hams used to practise. Many are using the manual keys and are transmitting at about 12 wpm. When they call CQ they will end with AR follow by K. There are literature about which one to use and at what instant.

AR means the end of transmission, K is to invite to transmit. In calling CQ I seek the rule of common sense. For my call 9M2AR, I might as well use only K. For 9M2ZAK he can use AR or AR plus K. I have been confusing before when I heard 9M2ZAK calling CQ using only K as it sounds like 9M2ZAKK.

Secondly the Indians would use AR at the end of his transmission, giving the call sign and finally using K. That suits my style and after the two stations finished I waited for a while. VU2JN called CQ again, Only then I answered, he picked me up giving me my signal report,

As usual, for the first time contact, I gave my his report, my name, my QTH (my location), my radio, antenna, power, and the weather report. He reciprocate the information and we later signed out with DITDITDITDAHDITDIT DIT DIT.

I would encourage Malaysian hams to monitor the Indians to familiarize themselves with the SOP.


06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


If you read Talmud then you may hate the Jews.

Jews are living side by side with the Muslims in Iran, Turkey, Egypt and everywhere else including in Israel. It is a religion nearest to Islam. Muslims can consume animal's meat slaughtered by the Jews. And their prayers are similar. Most of all they believe in ONE God, the same God as the Muslims.

A Jew can be an Atheist, hates the violence in Palestine and prefer to propagate peace and harmony.

Like any other people there are good Jews and bad Jews. There despicable Malay and Muslim criminals too. They murder, robbed, peddle drugs, cheat and lies. There re greedy Muslims as much as the greedy Jews. If you say the Jews are misers and stingy, so are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. Why should we throw our money foolishly.

Mahathir is not happy with the Jews when he thinks of Soros and Goldman Sachs. Goldman was regarded as helping Najib to plunder this country. The rest of the people are concern on the Jews treatment on the Palestinians. 

If there is anybody to help the Palestinians it should be the wealthy Arabs who should work together with Israel to provide medicines and food for them. Why should they spend for Salman Foundation in Malaysia ?

Remember in the yesteryears we were not allowed to enter China and other Communist states, so much so we imagine the Communists as people having horns on their heads and ready to bite any other human being. But now millions of us went to Vietnam and China over and over again, only to find the people are just like us.

We have been to Tel Aviv, Haifa and the whole of Israel. We did not find any Jew staring at our women with Hijab and head scarf. There were mosques in Israel too.

But we do not elevate Israel and the Jews as angle, the number one people to be respected. There are as many extremist Jews as the Muslims.

In my Mind, we cannot generalize Jews as the same.


06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


There was a report that the current PH government is sending Hishamuddin to Saudi to mend the broken relationship between the two countries. It was reported Saudi prince refuses to see any of the Pakatan representative, only the representative of the former Prime Minister. Malaysia found it important to negotiate the Haj quota of Malaysian pilgrimage.

I would never respect the nation's stand. If the Prince think Najib is better it means he is trying to protect a criminal and condoning sins and bad culture. Islam forbids such an act, and forbidding lying and evil deeds.

It is highly probable the stance is due to the perception that the oil will never depleted and Saudi will be the most wealthy nation forever.

Saudi's oil may come to an end one day. Alternative fuel may no longer be a military secret and release for commercial use. There is a new propulsion system that does require the liquid oil anymore. This can happen any time. Saudi will have to go begging, and have to depend on revenue from the Haj.

Malaysia should be worried about banning the pilgrimage or limiting the quota. Doing a Haji is once in a life time. A person has a long number of years to wait for his time. If banning is imposed the sins would fall on the Prince.

I never like Saudi's attitudes in bombing Yemen just to curb the Muslim Shieet. They are Muslims like the Iranians. If the sect is not accepted by God then God will take the task to punish them.

How Islamic are the Islamic Countries

A study conducted by Prof. Hussain Askari of George Washington University entitled *“How Islamic are the Islamic Countries”* showed that most of the countries that apply *Islamic Principles* in their daily lives are not ones that are traditionally Muslim.

New Zealand ranked 1st, 

Luxembourg 2nd, 

Ireland 3rd, 

Iceland 4th, 

Finland 5th, 

Denmark 6th 

Canada 7th. 

Malaysia 38th, 

Kuwait 48th, 

Bahrain 64th 

and the surprise *Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 131st*.

The study, published in the *Global Economy Journal* might be shocking to most of us but when we look around us and see the reality of the situation, we find that the results of the study are accurate and true.

As Muslims we seem to care only about performing religious Obligations/Rituals/Sunnah (prayer, fasting, niqab, beards, etc), reading the Qur’an and the Hadiths, but we don’t practice what we espouse. We listen to religious lessons and sermons more than the other people on the face of the earth, but we are still not the best of Nations. In the last 60 years, we have listened to 3,000 Friday sermons.

A Chinese merchant once said: “Muslim merchants come to me and ask me to put fake international labels and brands on their goods. When I invite them to eat, they refuse because the food is not Halal. So it is Halal for them to sell fake goods?”

A Japanese Muslim said: “I traveled to the West and saw Islam in practice applied in the daily life of non-Muslims. I traveled to the East, I saw Islam but did not see any Muslims. I thank Allah I knew Islam before I knew how Muslims act.”

Religion should not be reduced to Prayer and Fasting. It is a way of life and it is about how we treat others.

Performing a religious obligation is up to you and it is something between you and Allah. However, good ethics is something between you and other people. In other words, if we do not put Islamic ethics into action and practice, corruption will become rampant and disgrace will be our future.

We should not judge a person based on how he performs religious obligations for he might be a hypocrite.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Verily, the bankrupt of my nation are those who come on the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasting and charity, but also with insults, slander, consuming wealth, shedding and beating others.”

I believe *Islam* (external aspect of faith) is incomplete without *Imaan* (internal aspect of faith) and *Ihsaan* (social aspect of faith). Ponder, understand and realize this.

Lord Bernard Shaw is said to have said: Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers.

Lying is a great sin. The Prince should know this.

06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Note: I accidently erased 6 topics including this one. I am writing it again. It will not be the same as the original.


There isn't many old timers anymore on the band. The numbers began to shrink. It is global phenomena that happens with the new ITU regulation. Coded hams are paving away. CW or Morse codes are still there but the number of ragchewers are declining.

It was a few years ago there were stations on 7 MHZ padding their keys at about 35 words per minutes. JA1NUT and N6TT would work for hours, back and forth. A long chat like that would be different in the normal two stations who just net for the first time. There were a lot of BK when passing to each other. Call signs were transmitted for every 4 or 5 overs.

At that speed I didn't have time to write but only listened with my eyes close. There were no encryption of characters. But by the sound of words. To be able to recognize words we have to listen to them constantly, everyday till they became familiar.

I use a manual keyer. I could not not go at more than 20 wpm. When I called CQ on the band I would start at 12 wpm. It is comfortable speed and we can be sure that the other stations could copy us 100%. To me a good CWer is a person who can ensure the other party would be able to comprehend the total message.

But those experienced hams are telling all sort of stories, about their daily activities, family matters etc. They have no choice but to go much faster.

JA1NUT is a Japanese and N6TT is an American living in Los Angeles. They worked in English.


06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When I say WHAT'S NEXT I only expected misfortunes and bad luck would befall this country seeing the black aura around Rosmah Mansor. At that time I didn't know the story about his own blood farther cursed and disown her. I saw disaster after disaster, MH370, Kinabalu's tremor, MH17, flooding and asked whether they were just co-incidences or due to the evil she carried along.

I saw Rosmah persistent climbing on the ladder, showing her power, feared by all around her. I knew what was in her mind, "I am pretty. I am a university graduate....I will get what I want." One woman in a tour group with me mentioned the same phrase 'I will get what I want' when she narrated Rosmah's behavior while this lady was trying to woo Najib. The whole office heard what Rosmah was saying.

She got Najib as her husband. She was not a single lady but already married with kids. And Najib was not single either. Najib divorced his wife for this woman.

She created history by having a special office in the Prime Minister Department. It was called FLOM. The term First Lady was transferred from the Queen of the Country to the Wife of The Prime Minister. She had a jet plane designed for her.

When we have the Ministry of Education to look after education, learning and training of the kids and the workforce, she made her own PERMATA and demanding for millions of ringgit to run the school. If she were to concern of children's education, she could have talked to the Minister of Education who was a strong man of her husband.

Everyone has been trying to avoid the possible reason of the missing of MH370, the pilot suicide, angered by Najib's jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. The second sodomy was truly a fabricated one. Najib wanted to rid his main challenger, from whom he first seek for help when he lost the GE14. It was him who discussed with Saiful which he would obviously denied it. While the first sodomy happened when Anwar's enemies mobbed Tun Mahathir forcing Tun to believe in the lies.

To me it was an event that happened under the growing influence of a dark force surrounding Rosmah. While the whole country were mourning Rosmah was reported to pursue her diamonds and her bags. Then boom the MH17. News broke that Rosmah phone Putin, scolding the Russian President. Rosmah must have thought she was a very great person to confront a President of a strong nation.

The whole country started to talk about BOTOK. I didn't what it was. People also talked about diamond rings and Berkin bags. I started to look for more information about BOTOK and Rosmah's spending. My wife who was already bed ridden and very sick said to me, "Let her have anything she wants. She is a Prime Minister's wife...." She passed away in March 2015. My kids were all supporting Barisan Nasional government and were all against my ideal.

As news of 1Mdb started to loom, Najib denied it. He denied having millions in the local bank. He sued Harakah for re-printing foreign report on Najib's scandal. His supporters challenged the accusation of Najib having 2.6 billions in the country saying 'Najib is not so stupid to keep money in the local bank'. When WSJ repeated on Najb's money, he threatened to sue the portal within a week. Everybody waited.

In the meantime both the husband and the wife went on glob-trotting under various programs. Some amateurs traced the flight route and discovered Rosmah took a jet to herself to go to Bangkok. People gave advice for the Prime Minister and his wife to hear to the public cry. They never heed.

Months later Najib admitted of having the 2.6 billion in Am Bank. A few months later he came up with a donation story and shuttled up and down to Saudi Arabia. USA under DOJ started an investigation on money laundering on her soil.

The 2.6 were associated with 1mdb money, stolen away by crooked and sophisticated means, sharing among the looters. Najib had a share in it.

During the turmoil I already told my friends that Najib will say the money is for UMNO, just to make sure he will get the backing of the Malays and UMNO. He started to send people for pilgrimage, which is the most benevolent act to do. He went to umrah and Haj several time to show that he is a good Muslim, and do not commit any sin. His Minister, Ismail Sabry, elevate him to the level of the Prophet Mohammad.

As DOJ was making a momentum, both Najib and Rosmah tried to make contacts with Obama and Michel, so that the President will order the DOJ to halt investigation. Instead, Obama indirectly mentioned Najib during his farewell to the new President.

From Obama Najib shifted his allegiance to Trump. "Trump is my Golf Buddy," he declared. All the same he worked hard to make Trump to give a thumb up, to stop pursuing investigation.

He has one last straw. He has to prove to the world that the country is behind him. And he has to show to the people that the World looks up upon him as a great leader.

The reality of life is that Najib had made so much borrowings and becoming uncalled surety to whatever firms. 1Mdb was losing money. He tried to get China's help to cover the holes made. He has to make lopsided contracts with China's firms to cover the huge loan.

During the period of Najib there were several high profile murders had taken place; the death of Hussein Najadi who wanted to expose about 2.6 billion of Najib's money, the bombing of Altantuya by the body guards of the Prime Minister, the sudden death of PI Bala who claimed to expose of Najib's Altantuya's relation and the DPP Kevin Morais who was preparing the charge sheet on Najib Razak.

When I was asking WHAT'S NEXT PI Bala and Morais were still alive. I thought all other things were not significant but the mere natural disaster from the bad luck of Rosmah Mansor. I insinuated that Najib should divorce Rosmah to avoid bad happenings. Whether BN wins or not in GE14, he must get rid of her.

My WHAT'S NEXT was focussed on nothing more than natural disaster. But at the same time I belived God had begun to punish Rosmah. She became fatter and fatter. Her Botok and facial surgery had made her more ugly. Her fountain of youth had turn her to be more ugly looking.

Never did I expect Najib was going to fall in GE14. The thousands or millions of blue flags around the whole nation my village almost paralysed me. "Please God, dont make us suffer any more," I said. I refused to monitor the election result on May 9 2018.

On hearing the news I was very very cool.

We celebrated among a few of us. We did not vote for DAP, BERSATU OR PKR. We voted for Pakatan Harapan and we wanted Rosmah out. Certainly we were angry when Rafizi ramlee claimed that we voted for PKR.

I always know that Najib have a lot of friends and followers because he has given them favors, money, posts and extensions of their retirement period. I also know that he has lots more of his money by the billions. I joked with a friend yesterday, if the government would give me a full power I can get back almost all of the money within a week. But both Rosmah and Najib should be put under my custody.

My WHAT'S NEXT did not turn out as natural disasters or calamities. It comes around Najib and Rosmah. Both were charged in court and waiting for the trials.

This is not the end of the dark tunnel. The outlet is unknown and beyond our imagination. The ghost of Kevin Morais, PI Bala and Altantuya are beginning to resurrect. It starts with Kevin, then PI Bala. We don't know how and in what manner Altantuya will come to life. Najadi might be very remote.

It is too horrid to think of death by hanging. We will never expect that it will come this far.

06/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Immediately I told a friend that Najib was involved when Kevin Morais was dead and when it was announced PI Bala was had a hear atack. Later I found many others were having the same view as I was. The quick explosion and proliferation of horrid image automatically pointed out to Najib. Less than a thousand people read Sarawak Report or Malaysiakini to claim those portals were responsible for making up stories.

Malaysians are intelligent enough to see things and to put two and two together. Never assume that the citizens do not know of the setup of secret departments and the machinery behind Najib. The dissemination of information are quick to reach the whole world. Thus they have some idea of FEMA and MASANTO, giving them analytical work to do.

Whatever was published by Sarawakreport only gave confirmation to my initial belief. Other people even feared of Rafizi and Zetty might be killed like Morais. Even FBI believed the killing squad was moving covertly under the eyes of Najib and his men.  People were not wrong when Tun Mahathir's plane was tempered with.

If people believe in all what the media said the sale of Utusan and Berita would have not declined. They talked and discussed events around them. I even told my friend who seemed to be very shocked when I said PI Bala was murdered. I didn't tell the world about it. Yet later as I read the feedback from the readers of Malaysiakini I learned that identical notion ware in the minds of many others.

Of course there is no way to verify of it's authenticity. But we cannot dismiss it as something that is untrue, nor can we reject it as a darn fact. Only God knows the ultimate truth. But I am so very sure that Najib is a serial liar. He has been denying things from the beginning even before the 1Mdb scandal. And he has been doing a lot of boastings and bragging.

Millions have been wondering how SR and WSJ get all the details and names of those involved. No normal Malaysians would know of the existing nature and contents of the documents, even the picture of Najib on the yacht with Djo Lo and Prince Turki. There was a video and quickly taken off the Youtube showing Rosmah's high handed and stubborn manners.

Who told the people about the good and bad of Najib and Rosmah ? Let me put them in numbers.

1. The mainstream media.

2. Their own analytical mindes.

3. Najib and Rosmah themselves

4. The UMNO members

5. The alternative media including the SR, WSJ, Mkini etc.

Though there were talks of Rosmah and shamans and black magic, I never took them seriously. It might not be true at all. But I believe very much there were many shamans who came from all over trying to offer and give even free services to save both Najib and Rosmah from all the bad omen and bad deeds. I expect the present predicaments to happen after my death, and many years to come, even if after Najib had won GE14. I told many of my friends that one of the future Prime Ministers would see that he will be incarcerated.

I never expect it to be so soon.

I know that Najib is scared that he would be hanged.

Najib dear, don't be scared. Ismail Sabry had elevated you as a Prophet. And you said nothing about it. Didn't you say you are a chosen one ?

05/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

to accept, agree, or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing

Why was Ghani Patail sacked and his man was found cemented in an oil drum ? They happened almost at the same time, and later on Ghani's driver was shot. Would any sane man be blind enough not to see the murder of the Am Bank's top official, the bombing of Altantuya and the death of PI Bala were related to one same man ie Najib Razak ?

Any criminal would demand for proofs for their crimes. Saddam Hussein denied that he ordered for the shooting of the Kurds, yet he was hung. In my argument I would throw back the question to Najib asking him to show proof of his father doing something to his mother that resulted in him. Did anyone see the action of the couple ?

Najib is following the case very closely, even forgetting that he is facing numerous charges against him. And he is making a lot of statements trying to defend himself even before the case has come to conclusion.

If it is universally true that the killing of Kevin is related to the charge sheet and the death of PI Bala is too threatening to Najib then who else could be complicit in those horrible despicable acts ? Millions would named the former IGP and Shafiee as the principle accomplice. The definition of a murderer is not the gun that pull the trigger but the hand that pulls it, the man whose hand that holds the finger, any other man who ordered the killing and those who come under the word acquiesce.

Judgements as to who are guilty or not all come from fellow mankind. It could be from a single judge, a few judges, a group of people called juries AND by MILLIONS OF other people. All were looking at the motives, proofs and circumstances.

A view I plucked from Malaysiakini 


4/Oct/2018 at 10:16:43pm

It is not for Najib to deny Ravi's allegations or to tell the courts what must be done. This is a matter for the courts and the police. The law must take its course. Significantly the Kevin Morais murder like that of Altantuya's is mind boggling in that the motive for the dastardly crime is sorely lacking. The other similarity is in both cases is the shocking inhuman manner the bodies were disposed. Altantuya was blown to smithereens while Kevin was buried in a concrete filled drum. It appears those behind the murder wanted to make sure that 'dead man tells no tales'. The travesty of justice of the Altantuya trial is still fresh in our minds. The one that allegedly gave the order to Azila and Sairul was not called as a witness and the man with the most likely motive for the murder was let off Scot free. And the subsequent PI Balasubramaniam's SD saga that dealt with why Altantuya was murdered is even more bewildering. The entire episode smacked more of a cover-up instead of establishing the crime and dispensing justice. Hopefully the authorities will not treat the Kevin Morais murder the same way. The murder with its alleged connection to the 1MDB embezzlement probe, if disposed without a motive, will be another mockery of our system of crime and punishment.


05/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am a poor man but the providence is in abundance. The most valuable gift is the good health that I am enjoying. Like everybody else I have to pay for all sort of taxes and rates, for my own land and lodging, water, telephone and electricity. The cheapest is water and the most expensive is my telco bill.

I learn from friends, they pay the water bill once a year. Finding it interesting I followed them. When I received the first bill of RM6, I paid RM250 in one shot. I am lazy to compute when my credit will come to zero. It could be more than 2 years before I make another payment.

As for electricity and Telco I felt cheated by PH government. There is no real reduction at all. Why should PH let the rakyat paid for the loan made by Najib ? When I was working, I never paid any debt committed by my predecessor and I challenged their lawyers to sue me. I had expected the present government to dare whoever had given Najib the loan to bring the case to court. Iraq owed us millions during the era of Saddam. We do not claim back the money after his fall.

People like us are worrying about the monthly bills and expenditure. Just compare with all the big guys up there. Do they ever lament on such bills and payments ?

04/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Fate is inevitable. When citizens are so sure that all the stolen money wherever they are will be brought back to the country one day, the criminals and the rest should figure out the implications of their words. No matter what the outcome is,  new people will take over the country in 10 or 20 years time. And one has to learn how the Jews hunted the people who murdered them to understand the meaning of the statement. The whole generation will have to bear the consequences, as they were brought up with the stolen money. Angry people can be very savage.

The day will come when the crooked judges will beg for forgiveness and they will be treated like animals, and their generations will be punished as severely as possible. In the 1940s thousands of Chinese warlords in China were beheaded, for the cruelty and oppressive practices. And I mentioned briefly in the last article on the era of Pol Pot's regime.

In this case Najib's family and those who took money from them will have nobody to blame but themselves. Najwa's remark about the authority went too far on arresting her mother received very angry retaliations from the public. If the government give free hand to them to run the search and investigation only God knows what will happen.

The degree of turbulence depend on how adamant Najib's family and UMNO's bigots are. They have been advised to repent and to return all of the loots. Remember if Najib were not named to compete in the GE14 or retired honourably, BN would have still won the election.

Never think that people do not know how much work had been done to fabricate documents and evidences locally and internationally to fool the Malaysians and the world. Never think people don't know who is doing what to coerce the Arabs to falsify information. Judiciary must also know that people are angry when judges took Apandi's words as a Holly Book despite other concrete proof and evidences. The law have been booking the people. And now the people are booking the bad judges and the lawyers. who can ever forget with the court judgment using 'THE SUN RISE FROM THE WEST' ? The people do not use the flip-flop of the words but as to the facts and the truth before their eyes.

This is not a threatening note. But something that may exist if your vision could see beyond the universe. The future is not just tomorrow. It is an infinity.

You may not believe that when Najib took Rosmah as his wife there were people who have had visualize what is happening today. Her father had disowned her. Her daughter had no choice but to voice out her frustration on what her mother had done to the family.

Most serious of the offence is murder.


04/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


My mother a few days before she died she was happily telling old stories about her younger days. She could remember names and events. Of course it amazed me  great deal. But the Malays believe when a sick old people were about to die their minds could remember things vividly.

I am not going to talk about my mother but about myself. All of a sudden the past days rekindled in my mind, events happening about 50 years ago when I was teaching in Kiet Hwa Secondary School Alor Setar. Many of you were not born yet, including Syed Saddiq. TMJ may be about 10 years old. This reminiscence of the distant past is a clear sign that my days will be soon too.

There were two happenings that are zooming into my mind now.

One day as I walked in into my class there were a burst of cheers and hand clapping. I was astounded and surprise. It was not my birthday. "Why ? " I asked. On that particular day they were betting on the color of the shirt that I would don. I put on the red shirt. I have red, yellow, blue and white long sleeves. But never to expect my students were betting among themselves.

Secondly, in one of the classes 90% of them were girls. One of the girl's student would call me by any name she likes; ci kgu, pendek, handsome etc. She stayed in front seat. When I looked at her, she would wink an eye at me. I pretended not to notice. Let me named her as Huang Lai Hua.

One day I said to her, "Lai Hua, I challenge you to bald your head and I pay you RM500." She stood up and said, "I accept your challenge Cikgu. You bald your head tomorrow and I will give you a thousand ringgit." The argument went on for a week.

That was 50 years ago. Recently I saw her and all other students in the facebook. They were having a re-union in Kuala Lumpur. At time they had their re-union in Australia. Non of them knew that I could speak light Mandarin in Hokien in those years.

Sometimes I asked myself when am I going to die. It could be any day, any time. You just observe your old folks too whether they would change their behaviours before they go to meet God. Their memory would be very sharp on the eve of their death.

04/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Only a very small number would accept my insight as to why BN lost in the last GE ?

You would remember how Najib had been bragging on his greatness, of how he was welcome in the United States. Every night we heard of his boasting on TV3. Ismail Sabry even elevate Najib to the level of Prophet Mohammad. Najib was said to be a chosen one. And he was proud to hear the praises made on him.

Tun Mahathir who was labelled as a mean Prime Minister had never been telling people how great he was. If he ever lied, many people do not know because lying was never a cup of coffee to him, whereas Najib had been lying all the time during almost all of his speeches. His favourite phrases are "I don't know about it...If I know I wouldn't have done it......If they had told me I wouldn't have done it...."

People saw Rosmah as a woman who was running a country. She had an office in the Prime Minister's Department, taking over the job of foreign Minister in dealing with Putin and American Presidents, flying government's jets for her own interest.

Recently Mohd Taib scolded the UMNO members for asking the source of UMNO's fund. They should have also asked the origin from the beginning of the formation of UMNO. They have the right to know because the money did not come from UMNO's coffer. The treasurer didn't know that UMNO had so large amount of money. Any sane mind would not believe the billions dropped from the sky.

Mod Taib showed his arrogance. So were all the UMNO members. They thought they were very strong and powerful and invincible.

Najib believe in the power of money. He was too much. He even tried to bribe God by sending people to make pilgrimage with 1mdb's money. His henchman, Azeez said in parliament recently that the pilgrims could pray for the well being.....

While there were chaos and disarray on accusations and denials on robbery and Najib and Rosmah, I started to sense comeuppance against Rosmah. God has already punished her. She became fatter and fatter each day, more and more uglier as days passed. I jotted it down in my previous articles. I blamed the MH370 and Mh17 on her. Of course it is beyond our rational thinking of the relationship, unless we are not so sceptical on the mystery of universe.

With all the powerful BN's machine, Najib was shown the way out on 9th May 2018. Nobody expect that BN would be beaten. Najib himself did not believe the outcome.

I gave a long deep thought about it. God was kind enough to save the people of Malaysia.

The refusal of Najib to repent, to return the money stolen, and the continuance of being adamant and hard headed could bring him the very fearful ending. he should know that he could be hung to death.

Like me,  others believe in Karma, the bad things you do on others will return to you.


03/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

 Accused: Najib offered me RM3.5m to admit to killing Kevin Morais

Bernama  |  Published:  |  Modified:

The seventh accused in the murder of deputy public prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais told the Kuala Lumpur High Court today that he was offered RM3.5 million by former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak to plead guilty to the crime.

S Ravi Chandaran, 47, told the court that the offer was made through a Prisons Department officer. He also claimed he received an offer from Morais’s younger brother, Richard, to do the same.

Ravi Chandaran said this when cross-examined by N Sivananthan, the lawyer of military pathologist Dr R Kunaseegaran.

Sivananthan: You said Kunaseegaran offered RM1.5 million for you to admit guilt. This was done on Dec 29. 2017.

Ravi Chandaran: True.

Sivananthan: You also lodged a police report that on Jan 26, 2018, Richard Morais offered RM2 million to you to plead guilty.

Ravi Chandaran: Yes, true.

Sivananthan: In the same report you said in February 2018, there was a prisons officer who offered you RM3.5 million to plead guilty on behalf of Najib Abdul Razak.

Ravi Chandaran: Yes, true.

Ravi Chandaran also agreed to Sivananthan's suggestion that the amount of money offered to him by the individuals concerned for him to plead guilty totalled RM7 million.

He disagreed with the suggestion that he made up the story about the money, and that the named individuals had no reason to offer him said money.

When asked whether Kunaseegaran had ordered him to kill Morais, the accused said: "No."

To a question on whether Kunaseegaran had ordered him to do something to Morais, such as kidnapping him, the accused also replied in the negative. 

Previously, Ravi Chandaran told the court that Kunaseegaran had offered him RM1.5 million if he pleaded guilty to killing Morais.


Besides Kunaseegaran and Ravi Chandaran, R Dinishwaran, AK Thinesh Kumar, M Vishwanath and S Nimalan had pleaded not guilty to the murder of Morais during the victim's journey from Sentul to Subang Jaya on Sept 4, 2015.

All are charged under Section 302 read together with Section 34 of the Penal Code, which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

Dinishwaran, Thinesh Kumar, Vishwanath, Nimalan and Ravi Chandaran are represented by V Rajehgopal.

The prosecution is led by deputy public prosecutor Saiful Edris Zainuddin.

The hearing before Judge Azman Abdullah resumes on Friday.

- Bernama

Wong Fei Hoong

3/Oct/2018 at 5:53:35am

Sue bernama if Najib thinks its not true. Najib has been accused of the 1MDB case, partners in crime of Attantuya's murder, and now Morais killing and yet he dare not sue any of them. Keeping quiet is as good as guilty of the crime


3/Oct/2018 at 5:36:06am

U had a motive!!!


3/Oct/2018 at 4:33:39am

Ajib, you’re doomed. You put Msia on the international map as during your reign the most murders happened implicating the Malaysian govt & when the most cash was ever stolen from the government’s coffer. Yet you denied everything. How can that be? Well you had your chance then to bring the culprits to task as you were helming the force. How could you when you yourself were the implicated one? The very fact that you remained silent, what does that prove? Rem one word from you (Cash is King), all evils were carried out. At that point in time I was worried for men like Tony Pua and Rafizi who kept reporting your misdeeds and  kleptocracies from 1MDB. Thank God for your loss in GE14. How come after your time no more murders and no more kleptocracies. The money stays intact under LGE the MOF. No more -ve reports against happenings in Msia once you were gotten rid of. Ever thought of that? Looks like the Fat mama never stop her buying of diamonds and bijan. Where do you get your money from to let her? the govt of course and whoever is the know of your theft will not get to carry on living. This is the norm of your pattern. What is there to argue? Of course you are doomed and all eyes will be on you. What is there to argue? you may say whatever you like but we know for a fact who the culprit is! God is great, and removed you without a hitch else we see more murders and Msia will be like Venezuela, starvation beyond degree.

WaLid JumbLatt

3/Oct/2018 at 4:14:38am

Jibby.... Wat about Najadi.. Wat was Shafee doing at the rush rush funeral?


3/Oct/2018 at 3:32:10am

The last phonecall Hussain Najadi received, minutes before he was assassinated, was from Richard Dorais. Richard has reportedly boasted that he was under Najib's protection. Go figure.

Anonymous 2436471476414726

3/Oct/2018 at 3:05:27am

One must not only be clean but must be seen to be clean. When one is seen not to be clean then all sorts of allegation may be made against you.


3/Oct/2018 at 2:26:54am

Bernama did not create the news out of thin air. It is the testimony of one of the accused in the Kevin Morais court trial that implicated Najib. Bernama just reported it.

Anonymous #59082512

3/Oct/2018 at 2:15:37am

Don't u think it would real stupid for najib to openly declared it was him that offered that RM 3.5 million to the aneh?This one sound fishy indeed

Anonymous #59082512

3/Oct/2018 at 2:01:50am

Najib,sue them next Tuesday then


3/Oct/2018 at 1:53:40am

Fundamental question is whether the reporter reported objectively. There are far worse headlines paddled by the media including some Malaysiakini reporters/editors. Perhaps everyone should stop sensationalising. All the more reason for media council to be established ASAP so that it can establish journalistic rules and principles and errand media be disciplined by their peers.


3/Oct/2018 at 1:32:37am

Najib, if the news was not true , be brave enough to sue the newspaper. Don't just talk.


3/Oct/2018 at 1:32:19am

finish - habis  ....gantung tali ?


3/Oct/2018 at 1:24:26am

Didn't you know that you are implicated in the murders of Altantuya, Najadi and Kevin Morais??


3/Oct/2018 at 1:11:05am

Nobody wants Morais dead other than you Najis the Bugis Penyamun who avoided jail and death penalty. Now only a retrial is necessary to indict you.  👍👍👍


3/Oct/2018 at 1:05:31am

Richard rushed the cremation against family decision. Doctor no motive nor sustainable as there will be replacements if morais died. Najib direct suspect as morais made charge sheet. Needs a Retrial.


3/Oct/2018 at 12:46:12am

Why would anyone get hired killers to kill a prosecutor ? Just don't make sense.

Anonymous 621101460964937

3/Oct/2018 at 12:23:06am

Hmmm ..curiouser and curiouser as we go doen the rabbit hole. The report is 'mischevious'...but the actual claim that you tried to pay to cover the real murderer comment?!..

Jonah 2

3/Oct/2018 at 12:20:32am

The lanun could be right. Counsel for the accused are using the oldest trick in the book, suggestion,  to deflect blame. It is also confirmation that lawyers...especially Malaysian ones are probably some of the dumbest in the world. Semua F in SPM and A levels poonnn boleh jadi lawyer....


3/Oct/2018 at 12:20:13am

Morais suffered a needless and barbaric death. The truth is still out there. But whoever was responsible for ordering his death or killing him must be dragged through the courts and paraded for all to see that justice is done!


3/Oct/2018 at 12:07:20am

After independence, Msia was a very united, safe, peaceful & a rich nation with a super strong $ringgit (at par with Spore$ & a very strong RM1=US$2.10). And Malay is the national language while English is the official language (widely spoken by Malays) under the great leadership of the first PM Tku Abdul Rahman with his GOOD GOVERNMENT. And after Tku Abdul Rahman was cruelly forced out from office by a racist & hidden hands that provoked the slaughter of the Chinese on May13, it was downhill for Msia all the way until today:from the early 70's where a subtle form of "apartheid" was enforced under the guise of the so-called NEP where discrimination against the minorities, racism & corruption were institutionalised,every institution was corrupt & the $ringgit continue to free fall 200% against the $Spore & plunged 100% against the US$ until today under a CORRUPT & RACIST REGIME! Msia had descended from a GOOD government, to a CORRUPT government to an EVIL REGIME where murder/killings were committed with impunity the last 13 years!


3/Oct/2018 at 12:02:37am

Who would have the greatest motive to kill Morais? Sorry Najib, everyone knows who did it and it's not those poor buggers currently in the dock.


2/Oct/2018 at 11:56:52pm

Why u and why now?

Anonymous 2431261472204536

2/Oct/2018 at 11:39:21pm

The spirit of Atlantuya is powerful.

Capco MY Timbuktu

2/Oct/2018 at 11:38:56pm

Niajeep. Diam lah!

Anonymous 2401191456463140

2/Oct/2018 at 11:38:29pm

Richard Morais? How on earth are you involved?

Anonymous 2401191456463140

2/Oct/2018 at 11:36:39pm

Najib bro, dont tell us your carbon footprints are everywhere.


2/Oct/2018 at 11:31:56pm

Reporters know the inside story better & I trust this news of new Malaysia rather than the reign of Najib, the most incompetent PM @ No : 1 plunderer. Karma. The truth hurts Najib. Save yr soul for the devil


2/Oct/2018 at 11:27:36pm

Najib should allow the Malaysia  Courts decide. There is justice in the courts in new Malaysia.

Clever voter

2/Oct/2018 at 11:18:55pm

During Najib's reign corruption admittedly was free flow, with it came a few murder cases that were closed suspiciously. Within this context one would have viewed these cases rather cynically. Najib was the prime minister when all these cases happened. He chose to stay silent. Today any implications were not surprised.  As all of these scandals had political linked regretfully Najib as the prime minister was dragged into this mess. He could have made a lot of difference had he chose to make a stand but it's too late.


2/Oct/2018 at 11:18:13pm

Siapa nak percaya pencuri, pembohong, penipu, perompak, penyamun, penzina dan pembunuh ??


2/Oct/2018 at 11:16:17pm

Let us sit back and relax and watch as the life of the the great ex pm is unfolded . Let the truth be told .


2/Oct/2018 at 11:14:36pm

While I yet to see any reason(s) for the suspects murdered DPP, Najib still the main suspect. Please investigate thoroughly. Check the lawyer, bank accounts, etc. Am sure some clues can be found, unless they are still black sheep hidden in police force. Too many parties get implicated & resulted in conspiracy...


2/Oct/2018 at 11:10:11pm

Call up Gani Patail to testify. Public wants the truth. If really Morais was assigned to draft the prosecution paper and submitted to Gani, anything could have happened. Najib could be the strong suspect.


2/Oct/2018 at 11:09:27pm

Really? How much you wanna bet? Its got your (and your konchos) "fingerprints" splattered all over it

Pakcik Am

2/Oct/2018 at 11:08:11pm

Is Najib the only person wanting the DPP killed? Those who were working in the Prime Minister's office must show their patriotism to the country by giving info on Najib's horrible intentions and steps taken for the general good of the state.


2/Oct/2018 at 11:02:49pm


dugong dugon

2/Oct/2018 at 10:58:39pm

coming out from the tambi.....I am not convinced. However let the court decides


2/Oct/2018 at 10:56:04pm

Mongolian Altantuya, PI Balasubramaniam (body guard of Altantuya) AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi, DPP Kevin Morais all mercilessly murdered / "died" and ALL have one thing in common, they are all associated with just one very corrupt & evil man, or perhaps also a woman???!!!! Allah has heard the cry of the rakyat and those persecuted innocent victims who cry out to the heavens for Allah's mercy and justice!


2/Oct/2018 at 10:47:10pm

It’s about time.


2/Oct/2018 at 10:40:06pm

PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak and eight others cannot shake off the spectre of the Altantuya murder as a civil suit filed by the widow and family of the late P. Balasubramaniam over their forced exile in India which they say is worth RM840,000.The private detective, who was a witness in the murder trial of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, hurriedly left Msia after he signed a second statutory declaration (SD) in 2008 which purportedly cleared Najib's involvement in the case.The suit was filed by Balasubramaniam's widow, A. Santamil Selvi, and her children. The plaintiffs filed the suit in the High Court against nine people.The nine are Najib, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah, brothers Datuk Ahmad Johari Abdul Razak and Datuk Mohd Nazim Abdul Razak, senior lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham, his son Sunil Abraham, commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, carpet dealer Deepak & lawyer M. Arunapalam. Why was the PI Balasubramaniam and his family forced into exile in India??!


2/Oct/2018 at 10:40:03pm

Anyone who claimed to be given a 2.6 billion donation should have his head examined .26 million from a country is possible ( provided there were some underhand deals first ) but 2.6 billion without a constraint hassle string attached can only come from one who is mentally deficient


2/Oct/2018 at 10:32:31pm

The MACC chief may not know that maybe, the then AG Gani Patail may have got Kevin to assist in evaluating the investigation papers and drew up the charge sheets.  Just call up Gani Patail to testify!

Hang Jebat

2/Oct/2018 at 10:30:41pm

can we have the truth here. Looks like najib running circles around the Police and MACC


2/Oct/2018 at 10:28:55pm

Out of the seven accuse, the one who spoke of 3.5 million is the head and master mind the others are his kuli.


2/Oct/2018 at 10:25:37pm

Wah, 20mins after Bernama report comes out, you respond (according to MK timings). At the similar time another report comes out saying your other half might be arrested tomorrow, but no response from you.Either your Boys are on overtime and taking instructions or you are really one sorry SOB


2/Oct/2018 at 10:22:51pm

Cash 💰 is king 🤴 is a heartless bastardd murderer.

The Himalayans

2/Oct/2018 at 10:21:44pm

M01, no smoke without fire and you are the one trying to mislead the information and news reported by Bernama, remember Altantuya, hosssaini and many others were murdered and everyone knows the mastermind behind.

I'm Watching You!

2/Oct/2018 at 10:21:37pm

Jib, what is so mischievous? You know the truth, just like Altantuya. Nobody believes you anymore.

Anonymous 1058841433936091

2/Oct/2018 at 10:20:33pm

The accused made a police report!

Ikan Merah

2/Oct/2018 at 10:19:26pm

Again your good name is mention in this murder case. You need some good luck monkey for help. Cash is not everything. Ya, safie the hot monkey from india.

Vote BN out.

2/Oct/2018 at 10:17:32pm

Why would the accused person lie? Maybe Pakatan paid him to do so? That what you are thinking, Najis?


2/Oct/2018 at 10:14:43pm

Be strong  to face this trying time . It's  an Ujian ( test ) from the almighty God .  ( Classic Excuse by him )  !


2/Oct/2018 at 10:11:13pm

Najib, we will soon know the whole truth. Have you forgotten you have no more power to gag anyone? I believe Anthony Kevin Morais was murdered because he had prepared your charge sheet. Soon the walls are also going to speak.


2/Oct/2018 at 10:10:37pm

Najib, "Siapa makan cili dia yang rasa pedas"


2/Oct/2018 at 10:08:05pm

His message has been consistent all along: "Not guilty as CHARGED!" This makes for the BIGGEST psychology study of ALL TIME!


2/Oct/2018 at 10:07:18pm

Isn’t it shocking that no religious leaders utter a word about 1MDB. PAS is so silent about it. And the state imams and mufti says nothing about it too. What have the Agong and sultans done? Absolutely useless..! None even dare to reminding Muslim leaders about the sin of cheating, lying and stealing. It’s like to them the whole 1MDB saga does not exist at all! Perhaps Allah has a role in it..? And what about Jesus? Doesn’t he know? Seem like allah and Jesus are dead as well..


2/Oct/2018 at 10:01:00pm

Najis is a known murderer.


2/Oct/2018 at 9:59:18pm

The seventh accused did say you offered him $3.5m, and it was reported as such. Where is the sensationalism and what is so 'mischievous' about straightforward reporting?


2/Oct/2018 at 9:48:34pm

The headline is exactly what was said in court. Bernama was merely reporting. I fail to see the slant and sensationalism. Actually with what you’ve done even newspapers have run out of sensational headlines!


2/Oct/2018 at 9:44:11pm

It is true that Kevin Morais drew up the charge sheet on Najib.  So the suspicions are perhaps expected.  A fair trial will determine any collusion???


2/Oct/2018 at 9:42:38pm

If something is a hateful, sickening lie why describing it as ‘mischievous’? You should sue him till his pants drop..!


2/Oct/2018 at 9:41:21pm

Better to be mischevious than a plain old thief, liar and murderer like you Jibby.

Roger 5201

2/Oct/2018 at 9:40:28pm

Why is the report deemed mischievous, sensational and tabloidish just because Bernama reported the seventh accused's claim to have received RM3.5 million from the former premier?  If indeed this is not true, he should take this as an opportunity to clear his name.

Anonymous 287211434594786

2/Oct/2018 at 10:37:53pm

do you start to see some very faint light at the end of the tunnel??


2/Oct/2018 at 9:44:44pm

All spelled with an M - money, murder in Malaysia...


2/Oct/2018 at 9:36:16pm

Cash is not merely King, Cash is license to kill? Najib believes..


2/Oct/2018 at 9:35:17pm

Kevin, TBH, Najadi, Altantuya...all this gruesome murder happened when a particular person was the leader on the country. All these lead to...?????

Anonymous 15761504748288

2/Oct/2018 at 9:31:16pm

Grill Prison officer and Najib in court first. Establish their motive.

Pakcik Am

2/Oct/2018 at 9:30:27pm

Who will want this poorly paid DPP killed other than someone who had inside information that this DPP was working to draft a charge against him?


2/Oct/2018 at 9:27:33pm

I don't think these culprits who killed Anthony Kevin Morais ever imagined BN will lose power, Najib will lose his position as PM. These culprits will be brought to judgement and their wrong doing will be exposed. This is what we called, human only can plan, but God decides everything!


2/Oct/2018 at 9:27:12pm

Are these allegations investigated by the police and what are their findings ?


2/Oct/2018 at 9:21:06pm

The prison officer mentioned needs to be questioned in court

Pakcik Am

2/Oct/2018 at 9:19:10pm

Normally this will not be believed. But since Najib is charged with abusing his power to cause RM 2.6 billion to be paid into his personal account, there may be credibility in that story.


02/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


There are several things that I thought I couldn't live without them. The strongest ties was the ham radio. A Ham radio is a hobby involving using radio equipments to communicate among the members over the air. During my time a license can only be issued after a person has passed a Radio Examination in subjective format, held in English, and a pass in the Morse test.

Another Ham friend said "HAM RADIO IS IN MY BLOOD" to show deep the passion was. That was the situation during those period before the hobby took a new turn. I am not going to talk what the new turn is. I still keep the radio for any contingency purposes, any unknown events that might strike.

Today when it is losing it's essence, wrong terms and too bad a language used, and other haywire non-ethical and total departure from the traditional practices, I felt so frustrated and began to hate ham radio as a rogue hobby. Only last night I heard in Morse codes the ..._.. become ..  _  .. and number 5 ..... (5 dits) becomes ...... (6 dits), and in voice SEE YOU DOWN THE LOG has become SEE IN LOG.

Now I have totally lost interest in it. It ceases to be a passion of mine.

When computer came into our lives, I started to teach myself programming with the BASIC computer language and later migrated to Visual Basic. Though simple design they could produce amazing outputs of all sorts. There were wonderful applications that I had developed. Today I have quitted the Visual Basic programming for two reasons, the coming of newer languages that required payments occasionally and it is due my old age. The passion has vanished but it is not out of hatred nor frustration. I can always move to the X-Codes and other new languages if I want to.

My writing web application like the one in is just to occupy my time and to see whether I can produce soft wares as the experts do. Though I do not attain even 10% of it, I feel happy and satisfied with it. However web programming is never a passion, rather an experiment out of curiosity.

Ageing can do a lot of things to you. At least it has done to me.

02/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Being a common man, enough pittance to put bread on the table, could be happier than a man with a mountain of gold but being cursed and condemned by the world. At my age I feel like having a shrink stomach, have to limit the food intake however delicious it taste. Being weak there is no point having a beautiful young wife. Taib Mahmud begins to realize this and he is willing to give back his wealth to the people of Sarawak. It is a good omen.

A layman tastes more the spices of life than the aristocrats. I saw an elderly who travelled overseas to see places all on his own, no body guard or special forces to secure his safety. He can squat down to enjoy the Pasembor by the roadside. I yelled and shouted at players and referee during the soccer match. We don't have much manners and protocols to adhere to. We are free like a bird.

We do not lose our sanity, ability and expertise. We do our work by ourselves and understand the system and the procedures. A diamond that fell in a mud will still be a diamond. The most valuable aspects in a man is his morality, honesty, humility and sincerity. Generally a normal layman doesn't seem to have an arrogance in himself.

When you go to a waterfall, sun bathing on a beach or a Night Market you will be mixing with ordinary people. At time you see them having their meals on the grass near the roadsides. This is something that the big guns can never do.

02/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The chessboard is in front of Najib and the government. Both have started the first few moves. Chess as in war do use various strategies and traps to hoodwink and confuse the opponents. Decoys were even setup.

A mistake in the game could cause a blunder. A player must not only read an opponent's mind and intentions, but also setup total security defender.

I am no chess player nor a strategist. But I follow the timeline and observed the behaviour pattern according to time. I build cases base on those behaviours. They will be the proofs.

Though I am not an educated and well informed person like the defenders of justice, I sensed the judges deliver unjustifiable sentences at times. So much so some sages made remarks that WHEN A POOR STEAL TWO DOLLARS HE WILL BE IMPRISONED FOR TWO MONTHS, A THIEF WHO STOLE MILLIONS IS MADE INTO A KING. It is just like seeing a man stealing, is not considered breaking a law without a police report lodged.

We remember the Hand of God of Maridona when he used his hand to score a goal. The referee did not see but film clips proved it. We used to play the game in school and deliberately hit the pieces down and rearranged them back intentionally placed them at the wrong squares. The name of the game were cheating.

I am not wrong to say that Najib and his gangs have been faking documents, and putting dates to fit the timeline. It has been a common practices by organizations to backdated letters and documents. The moral question is which is more important; the truth or the document ? This is where morality and God comes in. The God fearing judges will go for the truth.

In the game of Chess with Najib, the prosecutors can't afford to go to sleep, leaving the chessboard unattended and be overconfident of winning. Many people were shocked to find the opponents killed their queens and leaving them impotent.

This is a warning. If heeded the country will suffer a disaster. It is too much now that we are paying for the sins of Najib. AG must think hard about forging and faking documents by Najib's gang.

01/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


English school students were told from time to time not to judge the book by it's cover.

It was only today my former student accosted me, "Sir, you are still healthy." He did a single round of jogging. I completed four rounds soaking my whole body with sweats. By one look he judged me as strong, fit and healthy. What nobody knew was how tired and exhausted I was on round at 2.4 km. I nearly gave up and wished for a short slumber. They saw the outward side of me, an artificial me. Only after entering the third round on the track I began to recover and completed my 5 km walk. Actually I am not a healthy man, wrapped with all kind of sickness, from heart to kidney.

Keep in mind that we are surrounded by unreal things, disguised with dress, make ups, and words. Crooks may hold the holly books in one hand, and uttering God's name loudly, and donning religious attires in yellow or white. Outwardly they look so good and so innocent but the real traits may be pungent and filthy. Artificiality is rife among the politicians.

So we have to be aware of superficiality to make sure we will not be conned and cheated.

It takes some pain to really know people especially those who are at a distant away. True or not we cannot believe of what we read or heard. Unless they paraded their characters themselves and disposed to the world by their actions.

In term of the state of health, we can only guess. You wouldn't say I am a dead man walking. But I am not contagious as to cause the others to suffer the same fate. But nobody would ever expect I would drop dead while convening my daily exercise. By the appearance I am superficially healthy.

01/10/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

 The creature on my Ceiling

There have been a weird sounds on my ceiling. Sometimes I heard the BOOM BANG sound like a very heavy object dropped from the roof. Sometimes I heard like some creatures running. It has been there for more than 20 years. I didn't care. My late wife said it was probably a fox. One portion of the ceiling isn't there for it was broken a long time ago. There were times I felt scared the creature would drop into the living room while I was in bed, and swallow me to death. This is a surreal happenings. I have always a hockey stick around me at all time, even in bed with me.

I called Ah Hwa to make an opening at the corner of my attic, to give a chance for whatever animal to escape when she feels like leaving. I heard nothing for about a week thinking it was all gone. Only a couple of nights ago the noise returned.

A friend said it is Musang. Let it be there for she would take care of the rats, mice and lizards. I feel at ease now. I told myself to ignore it and me to continue with my business.

And I believe it also takes care of a thief too, who adopt an entry method to your home through your rooftop.

I have stray cats that are not mine that I fed. I have a Musang I did not invite. After all I am not totally alone in this house by myself. 

It is a spice of life that I have to endure, casting the fear and brave the unknown. There are thousands more who live in the darkness and wilderness and uncertainties, And there those who have been betrayed by their own kind, like the Orang Asli in Kelantan.

30/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


If you have been following my blog , you will find this piece is a mere replay of the previous one. It is about a friend whom I have been lamenting for regarding me as a useless guy as I did not give a RM350K loan. I said I did not that amount of cash and even if I did I could not hand the money without any collateral attached. Then from RM350K the friend reduced to 50K.

In between the request I did ask the person to send me to the airport which is about 7 miles away and at other time to a railway station for 30 minutes of their time. All I get were excuses of all sorts. How could I oblige in giving them my money with their attitudes.

On my part there were moments of calmness. Never mind about losing friendship. And on their part, the business grew. Through twists and turns they manage to overcome their financial mess. As months passed the wife talked to me again over some matters on the phone.

A couple of weeks ago she was talking about a loan of RM30K as I have plenty of money to travel overseas for my vacation. I assumed she would be joking. I know that her net business income is RM18K a month, whereas I do not have any income anymore. I live on my meagre pension fund. I did not yell and shout, saying it is not enough with the increased cost of living. In fact I gave away some to help those who are much worse than me.

I did not response to her request sending a no-no message by keeping quiet about it.

It was yesterday that I asked for her help to pick me up at the pro-Dua service centre as I have to leave my car for the whole day for the changing of the timing belt and water pump. At almost midnight I receive a reply, indicating it could not be done. I think to her it is a tit for a tat.

To me I seek the help because I have had her several times sending her to the clinic when she was sick and her husband was away in Kuala Lumpur. I also did several other errands for the family before.

I might as well sacrifice RM50 more to take a Grab car from the service centre to my home and from my home to the workshop in the evening. Will I be forgetting this incidence and experience in the future ?

It doesn't matter for losing friends who only care for themselves, who only take but never give.

I have to console myself by believing in power of God to decide. I always talk about barakah, the providence of the Al-Mighty to fellow mankind. No amount of wealth and money would bring tranquillity and happiness to cheaters, criminals, liars, robbers and those who forget the sustenance given by God.

30/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The missing GST funds is a very dreaded and serious offence. The investigators, PAC, will come to a conclusion, which I guessed was used by Najib for the GE15 election. The money was distributed  among the UMNO divisions to corrupt the voters at any cost for the win.

Today it scarred everyone who knew about it as Najib is having his murdering squad under him. It is an intelligent conjecture as we have seen a series of murders and attempted murder that took place during Najib's era, the killing of Hussein Najadi, the death of PI Bala and the murder of kevin Morais. Finally there was an attempt to sabotage Tun Mahathir plane during the election campaign. And I believe they are from a branch of special police unit.

From the beginning Najib and his men were trying hard to cover about the missing fund alleged to be misused in months before the election. PAC will be listening to Najib and hear how he has to spin.

The stealing of money is now spread from 1mdb to government's funds. the story has not erupted yet. People may have no idea about this, even the country's judge who ignored that there were corruptions during the last GE. And Najib also used the money to get the suport of government officers.

UMNO branches and Ministers are now aware and begin to understand where the money come from. The cash they received were never from UMNO's account. To them whatever come from Najib and kept by their boss belongs to UMNO. They are putting it in the minds of the populace to avoid from being arrested and charged.

I believe that the investigators will establish the fact and will make a move.

The UMNO members who want to save themselves from persecution and incarceration will volunteer themselves to be witnesses for the government. The battle of the Bugis warrior is coming to an end.

What Najib had done to the people of Malaysia is worse than whatever the mind can think of. It is beyond imagination and very despicable act.

There is a last thing that Najib can do, to pray to God that he and his wife would be human being again. He can't replace the missing GST fund as he has distributed them. He called it the distribution of wealth among the citizens, including to his top lawyer, Shafiee.

I ask myself "Who is whispering into my mind about Najib's evil deed ? "

30/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The Sultanah of Trengganu may get a hundred million ringgit from Sarawak Report editor, But will that clear the image of Trengganu's Royalty ? I have never read the alleged book as it is too costly for me. Millions of other people cannot afford to buy the book and read about it. They are not interested.

In the course of court proceedings more facts will be revealed and shown with proofs. Again the ordinary people will be listening and making judgements. At the moment I too am anxious to know how and why the state of Trengganu was interested in making more money and how they get Djo Lo to be involved. Surely somebody did record as to the number of time the 'Fat Boy' as some called him, entered and leave the palace.

In short there will be a total exposure of not only the Trengganu Royal family but also the total history and origin of the Sultans in Peninsular Malaysia. People will be starting to create doubts in their mind on the right of the Kings to be Kings in this country of ours. There would be a tussle that may lead to the civil war or the displacement of the current system with a Republic.

It is imperative for the Sultanah to look before she leaps.

I do not support Rewcastle. Neither do I have any interest in the position of Royalty. But this is the case started with 1Mdb. We were shocked to hear of the interest to the loan and there weren't any money left to cover the debts. It is lucky that the new government did not leave the country to the masses for even a day. The angry mobbed could have altered this country to a Republic and ran amok, and there would have been a civil war after May 9, 2018. We have to be very careful about our action.

The problem with us is that we always think that we are invincible. If you start to think of the warfare in Iraq and other Muslim countries you would be able to trace back as to the original cause. try to think of the Cambodia dreaded event where lawyers, teachers and doctors were shot by young boys.

I am just an old layman. But I think lawyers should be cool and think over of my words here.

30/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Once I made a promise to myself not to buy Chinese made goods. It is not because I despise or hate China but I had witnessed and experienced buying fakes stuffs from them. A number of people from my tour group purchased Ipads which they thought were original but turned out to be fakes.

A few Malaysian Chinese narrated about them being tricked too.

In January this year I ordered a drone, Mavic Pro, which I thought were manufactured in the United States. There were thousands of clips made by US citizens showing American enthusiasts piloting the aircraft. I only discovered it's manufacturer when I went to the drone shop to pick up my good. I was surprised to read that it was made in China.

As I flew the machine I began to wonder the state of Chinese technology, that enable to make a very intelligent drone for export. It was a great toy that could fly 4 miles, 1500 feet up and could be on the air for 27 minutes. The picture was amazing and fantastically excellent.

I began to blame myself for my misconception of Chinese products. I should not generalize to all China's products

But about 3 weeks ago I found that three of my Mavic Pro batteries went bulky. One refused to be seated on battery compartment. I took them to the drone shop. I was told that there were three possibilities for the swollen. I only remember two of them ie that the battery must have been kept in the car for a long time and got overheated. Secondly I must have charged them to 100% and never to use them for a long time. This is exactly what had really happened. I always keep my battery at 100% charged after flying. No wonder.

Mavic Pro batteries can only be fully charged before flying. I usually flew for about 12 minutes which is about 50% of the battery usage. I was told to let it retain the remaining till the next flight. Reading about it, the writer mentioned the battery should be about 30 to 40% left when not flying. Never have it at zero or 100% level. The cells would be damaged.

They are making money out of the batteries, selling each at the price between RM350 to RM388. The shopkeeper said he has one with him and could sell me at the staff price, RM250. I grabbed t.

I don't know what sort of batteries DJI sold to the United States. If they cheat the Americans sooner or later they will have to pay for it. Now I know that my haunched of China's product is right. Surely I will not be buying the new DJI drone like the Pro2 or Mavic Zoom anymore. I will try to maintain the newly bought battery, and at the same time am looking for drones made in USA or even in Europe. They may be a little expensive but I believe they will preserve the total quality of their products.

If you read this article please tell your friends about it before they buy DJI Mavic Pro. The decision is theirs. Forget about local warranty for they will put the blame on you. They won't replace the swollen batteries for you.

29/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In the United States, collective bargaining has become a tradition. It is about an increase in wages and salaries. In this country there is a law on minimum wage. And when there is a law there is a will to break the law too. It is a global phenomena, a habit among fellow human.

There are two main effect of minimum and higher wages. They are inflation and the shift of employers alternatives.

The rise in wages must be followed by the corresponding growth in national income, not merely by GDP alone. Otherwise the value of money will be decreased. It could also follows by excessive demand over supply, as people will be thinking that they can buy more with higher wages. The moment there is a raise in wages, the prices of products and commodities will increase.

Secondly the employers will have to think of an action that they need to take. The first one is to transfer the burden on the customers by making them to pay more, or to look for workers who are willing to accept lower salaries. Shops may decide to close down to get rid of the current workers and may re-open again when they can hire workers who are willing to accept lower pay. That explains why firms in the United States were willing to employ Malaysian graduates from their universities, paying them only USD800 compared to USD2,5 or USD3K to the United States citizens.

American firms prefer to migrate to countries with cheaper labor cost like China or Vietnam. Firms in Malaysia would always prefer foreign workers for the same reason. It is found that foreign workers like Bangladeshis are more skilful than the Malaysian counterparts.

In the long run higher wages and and minimum pay will not be healthy for the country.

Any productive factory with good growth in income and productions will be paying satisfactory bonus to the workers without being pressured by any law and jurisdiction.

29/09/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I counted the 100000 Indonesian Rupiahs that are left after my last trip to Ternate. There are 52 pieces, quite a substantial sum. It indicates that going with a group of friends without the travel agent cost much less. Not only cheaper but also less hectic. The time is our own, whereas travel agencies are trying to make as much profit as possible and squeeze as much money as possible from their clients. But at time you need to go with them.

My next trip is to Korea on the coming August the 13th 2018 with POTO. Going with a partner would cost RM2750. Going alone is RM3400. The journey starts at 5pm from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. It will be a long wait at Hong Kong until 1.10 am. After arriving Inchun Korea at about 5am, we will start our tour without a rest. Even if we were to take a cheap flight on our own, we would straight away check in the hotel first, rest for a few hours before going for the tour. I wish I could take some naps during the flight.

Secondly what I do not like about travel agency is they demand for a quick and immediate booking fee. I contacted the Safirgotravel months before the cancelled trip to China's Silk Route. The trip was suppose to be on 11th of September last. But Safirgotravel cancelled it. I asked for the refund and till today I haven't receive any yet. There was a clause that said any cancellation must be made before a certain date to get back the full sum. But this cancellation was not made by me. It is uncalled for the company to delay the return of their client's money.

A long time ago I used to follow Reliance tour. I would consider the non-Muslim tour much cheaper than the Malay Muslim one. The only drawback was the status of the Halal Food. The nearest they can provide is fork-free meals.

The mood of the Malays today has changed from confining themselves to their cocoons to spreading out to see the world. Even the poor have a strong desire to see other countries. The less affordable would go to Indonesia, China and Vietnam as the prize tags are still low. The mediocre would be willing to spend on trips that cost below 5K. The wealthy one has no limit to their expenditures. There are RM25K to RM50K trips for each person. It is beyond the reach of the poor and the mediocre.

Muslim travel agencies bloom everywhere but they concentrate more on Haji and Umrah. A few seemed to be lazy and indolence. They only want to take a group with them and will not entertain a single traveller like me. I always know such a company won't last long.

With the 52 pieces of 100000 Indonesian Rupiah I certainly have a plan to visit the country again. I have Medan, Lombok and Madura in mind. For Medan is just for a siesta, Lombok to see my old poor maid who had taken a good care of my late wife, and to Madura to see whatever is happening to my monthly maid who promised to return but I have receive no news till today. Her other Indonesian friend too are anxious to know about her.

Rusli, my travel partner who is going to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railway after my coming back from Korea, had mentioned about Taiwan. That interest me as well. I have googled about Muslim food stalls and restaurants, and found plentiful of them in the Republic. The trip may be around March next year.

My age is one of the stumbling block that hinders me from travelling alone by car to distant places. If I am still on the 30th or 40s I would have driven my car to Bangkok or Krabi. It is a dread even thinking of Kuala Lumpur or Cameron Highland. Even at 50 or 60 I would still drive to the East coast with my drone to shoot some scenic areas that I had passed trough before.

I cannot predict what my mental and physical condition will be going alone at this age. There are numerous possibilities that I would not be able to figure out. At least I must a company who would talk and tell stories while driving, rather than getting one who will fall asleep along the way.

In the 80s I used to travel to Los Angeles every other year and roaming the city, as well as going places by bus, enjoying the Universal Studio, Disneyland, Knot Berry farm and other Orange Country area. All alone on my own. And on every trip I would break my journey in Hawaii, stayed there for 4 or 5 days before proceeding to the mainland.

I know I am old but I never feel one. I still drove my car at 100mph during the night time to Kuala Perlis which is about 1 hour away. I drove like a hell driver in the busy city. I walked 5km a day. Most of all I appreciate beautiful young girls, love to stare at their smooth whitish skin, and voluptuous breasts. So help me God.



I don't remember when I started to use my Macbook Pro. It could have been more than 10 years ago. It was strong and durable, never gave me any problem, no hanging and no virus problem. But it was defeated by only some minute small ants that entered the key-board and made it their home. Slowly my Macbook showed deterioration. Keys weren't working properly. The battery began to deplete. Now it needs a major repair.

Lucky I have another Mac that I bought from my former clerk's daughter for RM1.2K. I have been using it for video editing.

Apple computer doesn't come cheap. To buy a new one would be at least RM5K. I know the repairman would charge me more than 1K. Changing a new keyboard  and a battery would be very costly. But it is still cheaper than buying a new unit. The video editing application, the I-Movie, come together with it and it is free for the Mac buyer. I don't know when I will be taking it to the shop. Anyway I am not in a hurry.

Spending money this way is something unavoidable.

Yesterday my internet service was changed from the normal Streamyx to the Unify broadband. At the end of the day I realized that one of my handy talkie was missing. I never suspect the boys who came to install the new internet system could have took one, out of the 7 units placed on the table. The walkie talkie is China made, a Baofeng. It is not an expensive item. But I detest the poor attitude of such kind of workers. Comparing to computer repair the missing radio cost very much less.

The major expenditure will be on my small car, Mivi. I was told that the timing belt has to be changed with a new one. That would cost RM300. The company suggested that I should also change the water pump which is about RM150. The basic service of changing the oil and the filter would be about RM200. Again I have to do it.

For  a layman like me it will be a pinch. But we have to bear with the and to keep cool about the necessary expenses. There is always another choice, don't repair things and let they rot. What I can't prevent is theft.




You study his face carefully and you will know this man

Zahid has always thought that he is a popular guy even outside his constituency. Only if he cares to view back his words and deeds, the video footings of his speeches, the body language and his countenance, to realize why people called him a Samseng, arrogance and impertinence.

To accuse people of living UMNO as disloyal is showing the depth of his thought. He forget that it all began with UMNO who kicked and split the party, calling the whole populace to be loyal to an individual than the party. Zahid should have advised Najib not to break the party apart.

For 60 years there had been a great enmity between PAS and UMNO except during a short honeymoon period with ASRI. Let not be forgotten what Hadi had said about UMNO and to die as a martyr. PAS even said that UMNO members were infidels. And now Zahid is talking about a merger either with UMNO or with Pakatan.

Mustaffa and Anifah quit the party as it is moving away in a different direction. It has lost it's principle path and credibility. People see Zahid as a desperate person, looking for a straw to hang on. UMNO is taking opportunity to ignite fire between Anwar and Mahathir', which in fact could be a bitter poison for Anwar.  I can't make a conjecture as to how far Zahid had approach Rafizi on matters of Anwar and Mahathir.

Zahid must also understand of people's judgment made on Najib Razak. They regard a judge or a few judges are just like any other people. The members of the public too have followed Najib's vase from the beginning and millions have passed judgement base on the evidences by his lies, the time frame of him making statements, his shuttling to Saudi Arabia, his lies after meeting Trump. Whatever Najib had denied before popped out as the truth. That's the reason they did not believe in Apandi and they did not recognize his judgment that there was nothing wrong with 1 Mdb and subsequent happenings of Kevin Morais's death and putting the audit report under OSA.

For defending criminals Zahid has always been seen as dishonest and insincere, arrogant and Samseng. Nobody forget about his writing a letter to US court to exonerate the Malaysian criminal. Someone commented on seeing a Minister rubbing shoulders with local mafia chief.

He was sure enough that he would be a Prime Minister after Najib Razak. i don't know what will happen to the sneaky Zahid. At least the Islamic Party will be putting up a fight in PD against Anwar Ibrahim to gauge the party's strength.

To me UMNO is dead.  The Malays have no choice but to have faith in BERSATU and Pakatan Harapan to build up the future from the spoils of Najib Razak.