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Band Plan Region 3 IARU guideline - ethics and operation Why LSB below 10 MHZ ?


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Who said that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb ? Nothing wrong means all money was accounted for. No stealing. No missing. wasn't that what Arulkandasamy went round to tell the Malaysians ? didn't Tuan Ibrahim of the spiritual leader said he was satisfied with 1 Mdb ?

Who was the Chairman of 1 Mdb ? Who signs the letters of approval for the movement of the fund ?

No money stolen ? The chairman said there was no money stolen.

Let us not talk about the audit report that Najib made it OSA. Djo Lo had just make a bargain with DOJ that he will return all the stolen money by the billions to DOJ. And the young man had been denying it all along.

Will Apandi say he declared as perfect because Najib asked him to say so ? Would Najib say he did not know who put the 2.6 billion in his account, when he had announce that it was a donation ?

Do we need to hear from our court anymore ? No sane person would say a man who is dead is alive and kicking. Period.

19/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The biggest promise I made was to give some pecuniary loan to a friend. The first request was RM300K. It was too much and I had to say if my late wife bequest was RM50K I might be able to fulfil it. Later I made a deep thought about it.

Imagine if I were to give a loan of RM300K and the promised payment was not honoured. I would be losing my whole life saving. And I did not receive the RM50K bequest. My daughter who was a single mother get the least among others. I had to give her about RM20K.  I told my friend that I had to break my promise.

I had given RM500 and RM3K loan. One promised to pay me back within a week but until now I have not seen him. The other is a poor small business man. I told him to pay back when he has enough. I can't force the poor man to fulfil his obligation.

I have written about this before but I can't bear to see the law makers in our parliament inciting the people to force the government to keep it's promises when the government is not able to honour them. Didn't their own mothers promised to God to raise a good and honest children and they themselves to obey the teachings of their religions ?

I am not telling everyone to break their promises. Honour them when we can.

Paying back a loan is our moral and legal responsibility. Traditionally we don't have law and written agreement on giving loans. There was nothing to tie us other than our moral responsibility.

We don't help anybody by pampering them. There is a saying that it is better to teach a man how to catch fish than giving him a fish a day. We don't help them to be independent. We instil laziness, dependency and bad habits in them.

Just look at the Chinese in our country. They have been here decades. They build their own schools and education system, they strive to build a prosperous country. And now we agree that they are richer and wealthier.

And now we are telling the university students to protest and not to pay back the loans they agreed to pay. They are only to pay when they get their jobs.

19/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Drone market in Malaysia is controlled and monopolized. Only China made drones are flooding the market. dJi Mavic Pro is one of the best China made Quad Copter. But the flaw lies on the quality of the batteries, which tend to swell in less than a year and with the price tag of above RM350. The newest Mravic came over RM6 - RM7K.

You do not find the American made drone here which is much cheaper and more advance than the Mavic Pro. The Americans will now turn their attention in buying the better and cheapere American made aircrafts. It is called AUTEL EVO.


The market price of Autel Evo is about USD1K. The factory price should be cheaper. This provides a great opportunity for someone to bring back and become an agent from the US factory and sell here at below RM4500.

I believe the unit quality is so much better than the China made drones. You just read the complaints about the bulging and swelling Mavic Pro batteries. I have three bulging ones. The supplier will always put the blame on me.

EVO comes with more sensors for obstacle avoidance, the flight time of 30 minutes and the 4K recording.

I have downloaded the software and the manual on this drone and will be campaigning it until dJI and the dealers do something with the poor battery quality. Looking at the advertisement the Mavic Pro batteries are still displaying a high price tag. The reason is simple. There is no competition yet of the kind in Malaysian market.

It is still hard for an individual to buy one from Amazon. One has to hassle with the custom and other import procedure. I remember bringing back a see-through telephone from Hawaii where the custom confiscated it because I had no import permit. A while later I saw plenty of similar phones along the Chow Kit street.

I think there will be people who take the task of stopping the American drones from entering the market. But joblessness will push for the new entrepreneurs, organizing themselves to battle up the monopoly. We hope to enjoy the quality gadgets freely and happily without any direct or indirect control from business community.

19/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I always maintain that the once dignified hobby called Amateur Radio does not belong to our own grand father and not made in Malaysia. It was born in the West with a grand package to be followed by those who promise to adhere by it's rules, regulation and culture.

As it becomes an international hobby there are myriads of people of all races with different languages, accents and ages were joining the brotherhood membership. A common standard had to be set especially the language to be adopted as PLAIN language for international communications.

Because it was a complex hobby and there was a need to have civil people as membership radio enthusiasts were required to sit for examinations. Inclusive were the ethics to be observed. In some countries anybody who want to be a ham must first prove that he must be SWL first. It was the best way a person can learn the practices of the operators. Through this manner the tradition will follow.

The butchering of ham radio philosophy began when the blind were given task to take care of amateur radio. The administers in the past were people to sit for radio examinations and Morse test themselves. In the old days exams were in written essay form, and in English. The new administrators are highly intelligent individuals who have no in-depth knowledge of the hobby. But instead of using rationality, they apply kindness and sentiments in running the administration. They totally ignore the concept of control to ensure the sanctity and the purity of the hobby would be maintained as a dignified hobby.

Today a licensee talks to anyone he likes. In the old days nobody dared to speak to one as his license would surely be revoked for life. The authority was always monitoring the band and had ways to catch the culprits. Amateur radio have lost it's dignity as more rogue people are penetrating the hobby. When they don't like you, they would cause all sort of disturbances without having any fear of being detected and caught.

Old people were very careful in using the ham lingo, never played around with words and pronunciations. They never confused between the PTT and the Microphone, the QRM and the QRN, the QRX and the QRT. Some are preaching the wrong things on the band thinking they were right.

Much damage has been done and beyond description. It is hard to revive the original philosophy.

I wonder what is the definition of amateur radio today. I always remember the key words 'not for pecuniary benefit','experimentation' and 'emergency purposes'. But money making has been the goal of many who stepped into this area. They devise ingenious methods in generating their own income.

The best guidance one can get hold of is the ARRL Handbook. I can't say of the new version. But the old version is good enough for the beginners and the old timers. It was considered as the Holly book for the amateur radio operators. Those who did not own the book due to it's high price, would put the questions on the band and Idris, 9M2GL, would start tom open it and read the answers word by word. That was our main reference. When I pointed out to 9W2TZ that I followed my practice according to the Handbook, he said the book was wrong. He said the RSGB was correct. Then I asked what was in the RSGB, he responded nothing.

Amateur radio is not a ground to show one's prowess, smartness and ingenuity in inventing words and terminology. It is not a free hobby that one can do what one's like and wishes.

17/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always asked what has technical education produce to elevate technical the country's prowess. I had challenged the technical education division to change a new format as to the promotion and funding of polytechnic staffs and institutions which require invention or innovative hardware as a prerequisite for the staff promotion. Until today I could not figure out whatever invention has Malaysia ever contribute to the world.

The engineers who run the technical education came up with an answer "We are to teach, not to invent. Ours is not a research station." What a naive answer. Instead of taking up the challenge, they paraded their level of competency. We would expect a PHD holder in technology to create something new that can capture the world's market.

We were on the same platform with Korea about 50 years ago. The Koreans left us too far behind. We crawled, bought parts and components, learning how to use them and continue to be consumers in technological products. China wants to sell military hardware to us, the Americans too and now Putin want to sell planes to Malaysia.

The whole scenario reflects our technical education system, the criteria laid out in the promotional procedures, the incentives for discovery and inventions and the curriculum design and contents. A man with a key is our leader and the political parties. It depends on how they see the relationship between technology and prosperity, technology and power.

Our vocational education cater for the low achievers and the mediocre for jobs. Our technical education should prepare the innovators and inventors. Our colleges should explore the more intricate high technology components and instruments making. I had suggested metallurgy and a few other disciplines to be taught.

I think the Malay minds, however educated they are, need to move out of their traditional thinking structure such as valuing people to ideas, jealousy and self interest. For many years educators have been political bigots.

From my observation, I come to a conclusion that our technical education will never improve our status quo.

17/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


As long as there is a signal handshake between the Remote Controller (RC) and the the drone you can continue to fly your drone. I usually made the decision to fly home to where it started depending on the remaining battery percentage, usually at 50%, which I now know is a false calculation. It has to be more than 50%. If the one way flight is 50% and the return flight is 50%, the final battery leftover on it's landing will be zero percent.But each flight is affected by the wind velocity and it's path does not follow a linier pattern.

This morning my drone flew from my home, in Lorong Bayu, to the city of Alor Setar, a distant I never dare to try before. The signal held each other due to it's height. By road it could be no less than 4 miles. I could not say it's distant by air. Looking at the video, it could have been about 4 miles or so.


As it was approaching City Plaza I called it home. The drone seemed to be slower. Why not there was a warning of a strong wind velocity all the time on my RC. I broke the DCA's rule by flying 1100 feet just to get the signal going. Could the remaining battery power bring home my drone ?

The numbers decreased so quickly that drove me to the panicky stage. I would not mind if it dropped half way as long as it did not dropped on any man, that it could even cause death. My heart began to beat at a faster rate. When it finally hover 1100 above my head, the fear never ceased as I was closely watching the descending rate and the the reduction of battery percentage. It was just like a race. I was relief as my Mavic Pro hit the ground.

As I pondered back on the flight, I realized that my total distant covered was about 8 miles. I have not flown that far before.

But I must not do it again. It is a very risky thing to do considering the wind velocity factor  and the non-linearity of the flight path. According to the drone staff, the battery factor is also depending on whether the recording is on or off.

In my opinion an objective must be set for every flight. The plans must be executed accordingly as to meet the target. We can manage the battery consumption and the job to be done by pre-planning for lifting the bird to the sky.

16/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Living in the two world, the yesteryears and today I appreciate much the technological progress in this world. The level of satisfaction that I get from the current gadgets and progress is higher than those who only know the world of today.

Only at dawn of our age we begin to see drone on sale, the wonderful cell-phone and men flying using a small gadget. Before I die I want to try grabbing whatever I can reach and toy with them for my satisfaction. It explains the reason why I procured a drone to fly and all other affordable technology in the market. How many of you are enjoying 3D movies at home ? I do. Probably 97% of my friends do not. Only just now I showed off my smart watch to a friend at a dinner party. I would have thought I could use it as a calculator, sending and receiving messages and many more.

And God has given me with the most wonderful things in life. I can eat whatever I want, crossing seas and continents, writing blogs, play around with my radio and fly my drone anytime I wish. When time comes I believe God will even give me a wife. I believe so much in God's [providence and sustenance. It is in God that I trust.

I walked to school a mile away, brought victuals with me and carried books in a basket bag. Backpack was unknown. My mother gave me twenty cent as I went to secondary school. There were no electric bulbs, no pipe water and the gasoline lamp to our delight came much later. Nobody complained of darkness nor complained of lack of fresh water. We captured rain water, enough for consumption and bathing. There wasn't any pollution, no factory and the environment was clean.

The best of the technology that we knew were cars, big motorcycles and radios. Only one or two in our village might have those. A house with a radio usually put the volume of the radio to the full volume. We were happy with it for it told us the time of the day and listen to songs and music.

Death rate were high. When contagious disease we heard people died everyday. We just accepted it as our fate.

I don't remember when exactly the first TV came in. It was in black and white. Rich people would place it in such a place that people in the village could come and view it as well. I don't also remember when there were group of people with strange dress came into our villages selling precious stones. We later knew they were from Naples.

People married at the young age of 12 to 16. Any unmarried girl above 20 were considered as old maid.

At 7 I already read a comic book on Dick Tracy, a spy with unbelievable gadgets like a watch with a phone, a scooter and other futuristic staffs. To us it was a mere fiction. never expect them to be real things available and widely used today.

We noticed the abrupt changes in our social and physical environments. We lost all the trees to the developers of the housing estates. Animals and the natives are chased out of their homes. Hill tops gave way to luxurious homes. The air is polluted. diabetes, heart diseases, kidney failures and stroke took place of the once deadly TB and cholera. There were fetus and young dead babies found in the garbage bins, kids of out of wedlock, morality declines and there are changing value systems.

There were thieves in the past who stole a penny. There are also thieves today who stole billions.

What choice do we have having have to live in the new world other than to make use whatever we can get hold of. We drive a car, go on the fast train, feel the comfort of air travel, converse with family and friends thousands of miles away visually, fly a drone and watch 3D movies at home.

15/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Wherever you go you will find people who always complaint. That's the spices of life created in this universe. It can be a habit or a profession, paid and unpaid.

Whatever comes across him will be his victim; the sun, the air, rain and storm, human and animal and finally on himself and God. "Why should I be so poor or so rich. Why should I be so ugly or so attractive ?" And God has never been fair.

Once a few teachers were complaining about the school co-operative and made so much noise and tumults until they were given the task to replace the old administrators. What happened was the body, not only running the business at a lost, thousands of ringgit went missing.

Never ever handover any job to complainants. Many organizations had suffered a big lost by these kind of men. It is our task to educated the masses so that they will not fall into a trap. By and by they will observes these people and study the result and soon will understand the danger that may befall them.

More often than not the complainants have their own agenda to perform and for their own benefit.

You can begin to recognize this selfish person when you see them complaint about every other thing, refusing to accept facts and reject the feelings of other people. They want to be only the winners. And they only want for themselves.

On the other side are people who always submit to every agony they received. Even if they got knocked on their heads they will say, "Thanks God that we are not stabbed." They would not complaint for any happening but all the time show their praises on God. These are the people who were most exploited, cheated and kicked. Leaders only arise among them when they are too helpless and suppressed till they are almost paralysed. The Orang Asli in Kelantan is one of such kind of people. They are chased out of their traditional land by the state government, the BEAST.

The understanding of human nature will make us closer to humanity, tolerance and patience.

14/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I left my workplace in 2000 to the school nearby where I served for three years before I retired. I was in Vocational Secondary School for 20 years, taking care of the school and taught computing from 1985 onwards.

Yesterday I receive an invitation from the school for an annual dinner which is to be held tonight. This is the first time in 18 years that I am invited. There are only a few old teachers left. The rest were either dead, retired or transferred to some other schools. My heart is still in touch with my old teachers, wherever they are. Without them the school was nowhere.

The school should forget me for I am in no position to contribute for the well being of the institution anymore. I am just an old dog, not worth a single penny. It underwent name changed and an altered environment, with new landscaping and building structures. There are new offices and teachers. The school is almost a stranger to me now after 18 years.

The world is nothing to me now. It is meaningless. Even if Donald Trump invited me for a dinner I would reject him. When I was in Ternate, Indonesia, a student of mine working under the new government told me Tun wanted to see me on the 20th of the same month. I had to decline.

Only my sentiment remain strong towards the school and the wonderful people who had work hard to glorify the name of the school. It was the acme of my carrier. It has become a spirit in my body.

It is a little touchy, a feeling that I feel when a school just came to remember an old helpless man like me. I don't have money to help anyone. I don't have power that people could share for a small benefit. My hair is white, my mobility is slow, and my body is full of diseases. Only death is awaiting ahead.

The only think I can say to the school is "Thank You."

14/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Leow, who had 9M2CP and 9V1CP, passed away yesterday. He had a brain cancer and had had an operation in Singapore a few months ago. I still heard him on the air after his operation. Before the authority gave 40 meter band to the licence B, I always had a regular contact with hin.

Leow was was considered a rare person with an exceptional skill that many do not have. He travelled the world over to do the repair work. His departure is a lost to many of his radio friends. We send our deepest condolences to his family members.

What the radio enthusiasts should know is that Leow was a DIY man who homebrewed s few Linier amplifier, even the capacitors was made using his own design. It is this hobby that could have affected his brain cell structure. During the testing of every transmission with the power source only about inches away from him the high frequency magnetic wave would have penetrated his body.

This is to remind those constructors to be more careful when building up a linier amplifier. How good is the shield can one make ? Many would fear TVI or RFI to connect to the antenna during the test thus only using a dummy load. A linier using valve would usually generate between 500 to 1000 watts. Imagine a radio signal of only 50 watts could reach the part of the globe in order to get some idea of it's power.

When the time comes, we can't escape even for a second. We will die in one way or another with  a cause. And many ham operators died because of the hobby; falling from a radio tower, the falling of the tower, and electrocuted while adjusting the antenna. But those are the cost of the hobby.

14/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving.[1] As an aspect of governance, it has been central to discussions related to problems in the public sector, nonprofit and private (corporate) and individual contexts. In leadership roles,[2] accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation within the scope of the role or employment position and encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

In governance, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of "being called to account for one's actions".[3][4] It is frequently described as an account-giving relationship between individuals, e.g. "A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about A's (past or future) actions and decisions, to justify them, and to suffer punishment in the case of eventual misconduct".[5] Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability.

Accountability is an element of a RACI to indicate who is ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the deliverable or task, and the one who delegates the work to those responsible. (Wiipedia).


I used to send someone to represent me in a meeting with my boss. I told him to act like me without any fear to give his view and to make his own decision without having to tell my boss that he would consult me for any decision. Whether it is good or bad I would bear the responsibility. Similarly, I have to answer for whatever things happen in my department instead of pointing fingers. That explains why Ministers in the Japan, Korea and the West resign for any mishap that befell their countries.

I would not squabble for a post merely for power. It carries a heavy burden of responsibility. The head cannot run away from accountability.

Imagine a chairman, a boss or a Minister who passed the buck to others and said he did not know what he sign things for. He was busy to read them. And he claimed that he even didn't know his own bodyguards went out to commit a heinous crime of murder. And what more he even said that he did  not know the money under his care was missing.

The Chinese saying 'Nang Pu Ti Nang, Kui Pu Ti Kui' seems to fit such a character.

In USA several persons were implicated with thefts and their misdeeds with our Malaysian money, yet many of our people said that the money is intact. And without any shame they were shouting in the parliament of their innocence. Do we need the court to say we are guilty before we admit it ?

It is a question of morality of a civil society. If we have no shame, and irresponsible then we are are immoral animals. Sometimes we see savage behaviours in our parliaments.

True, that to err is only human. But let us be accountable for our errors. It is better than to say that we are infallible and perfect. We brag of ourselves and blaming others for disasters.

13/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


A young man around 50 was killed in accident this evening. I remember meeting him in a Supermarket about a week ago. many things came to my mind when I saw him on his death bed early tonight. I too was knocked by a man many years ago, fainted with broken bones, and causing me perpetual internal injury. The man, I heard, was living not far away from my home. I still do know him but I am certain he knows where I live. Until today he has no courtesy to come and see me to say sorry. May he was dead before me. I would not dismiss the possibility.

And I think about the controversial politicians who had been hospitalized owing to stroke and heart disease. But they are still vocal with filthy mouths till today. They never think of death and their time may come very soon.

If they are sinners they would ask God to make them alive again and will be promising that they won't do any sin again on the earth surface.

How many of us do think of of death ? How many of us ever think that we are growing older day by day ? How many of us really feel God is always around us ? 

I believe that God gives and God takes. God has given me too much of abundance. I spent a lot of money but so far I never felt really broke and could not survive without begging. By abundance I mean the state of my health, the ability to travel the globe. able to eat good food and able to help people.

Despite my active life and loads of pleasure that I have, I always remember that my time will come soon for I am now 72. At time I felt I would not wake up the next morning or having a sudden chest pain. I told friends that I prefer a sudden death rather than having a prolong pain and sickness. Only God knows the answer.

However I felt sad reading news on the media about the death of people younger than me. There were people who regarded me as their enemies. There were people whom I knew not. There were kids who dies in wars and bus accidents. There were passenger planes shot down, and dived into the ocean bed.

We pray for bad people to die but they do not.

The reason is plain. Their turn have not come yet. Even then I expect big time sinners to repent and promise to to good things and to serve the community without any pecuniary gain.

13/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I smell shit when the high court gave back Shafiee's passport. I have always regard him as dishonest, cheaters, corruptors, and paying judges by the millions. During the Scorpion case when Najib's name was mentioned by the French, he went to Australia. During that time my extra sense smelt indirect deal with some people from France.

The whole story of donation things, the planning on how to make believe using personalities in Saudi Arabia, the so-called sending back the money and the diamond rings to the source were all must have come from him. He lied of the 9 million paid to him and twisting words after discovered are his trademarks. Shafiee is a snake, a big snake.

It has to be thoroughly investigate why the high court release his passport on the pretext to allow him to apply a working permit in Sabah. It was his style of lying and the judge believe him ?

Democracy is not allowing criminal activities to go around freely, to protect criminals, to contact other criminals or to go about maneuvering unlawful activities. It is just like giving a gun to any layman, saying he is not a criminal until he shoots someone. We don't give freedom to murderer, robbers or drug pushers on bail. It is similar to Najib and Rosmah. They both shouldn't be allowed bail. And it is similar to Shafiee.

If it is a Rule law then we follow the rule of law. It was shown to the court by the Ram Karpal that law must be equal to all citizens. Why didn't the judge follow the rule of law ?

That's why we need to have a special unit to monitor and to act on all fishy things that are going on in order to stop all form of corruptions and deceptions. Shafiee is a case that must always be observed and scrutinized. 

I think Shafiee is working hard to see the Saudis to twist and turn things up after the statement made by the visiting Arab Minister recently. That will kill the donation story and it spells the end of Najib. Since Shafiee had started the story it was him who must put the lies back onto the track. He has his ways to fix many things including the judges. I would not give him an inch of a leeway. Funny, the court did.

12/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO is full of hooligans and gangsters. There are tons of crooks and people who care for their own interest. I will never forgive Jamal Jamban, Ali Tinju, Zahid Hamidi, Ku Nan, Mahathir Khalid and all other robers and hypocrites who are very arrogant and selfish. Their behaviours are reckless and despicable.

We are now seeing what is happening to PKR election debut. They also had the past UMNO members inside them.

We must remember that the people had call UMNO members to abandon Najib or sacked him for his manners and actions before the GE14. Najib called the whole world to be loyal to him. They were not only adamant but they they caused plenty of ruckus everywhere, even throwing shoes and chairs during Tun Mahathir's events. I would not forget how Mahathir Khalid and Razali Ibrahim played their roles to kick Mukhriz out of Chief Minister's office.

It is true that Ram Karpal is not a Malay and a DAP man but what he said was indeed true. Tun Dr Asmah was even harassed. And we will not forgive that Tun pictures were banned throughout the country.

Those UMNO who are not happy with their leaders now can just quit politics and be an ordinary man like many of us.

The drawing line is the GE14 election. Rafedah Aziz did campaign for Harapan. To me I would accept her into BERSATU. Najib's lackeys can all go to hell and commit suicide.

We now see who Zahid Hamidi and his men really are. He had been filthy before the election and he is getting worse even now. He went to see Tun, not the other way round, to ask for advice from a man he insulted as Kutty from India. Obviously Tun would ask him to burn UMNO. If I were TUN I would even advise him to jump into the sea of fire with all of his suppotrters.

The assessment of UMNO members is not on how they are going to behave now but how they had behave before the GE14. Many from the grassroots had campaigned covertly against UMNO and Najib. These people never asked to join BERSATU or any party till now. Only the crooks do.

Look at Tajuddin Pasir Salak and his rogue personality. The whole bulk of his supporters have to be like him, as rude as he is.

I have had enough with the UMNO people, especially the Wanita branch, who loved Rosmah so much and shouted so much in Najib and UMNO's favour.

BERSATU can live without the additional UMNO members.

12/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When you are in amateur radio, without CW it is hard to qualify yourself as a full pledge ham as Ham Radio comes together with Morse codes. That was the way Ham Radio was born. To be in amateur radio like the CB, the Pirates or any other radio hobby do not require the codes section. You can do the world, chanting all the magic mantras, but without the ability in sending and deciphering the codes with your mind and hand you are lacking of something. You can still be a great person without it but you are lacking the traditional bundle that was born with it.

Some claim that they know better than anybody else but simply do not want to show of. Some claim that it is not relevant to amateur radio. No matter what the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Or else many would claim that they are better than the PHD guys, simply they just do not want to go for it.

They can be very great and lustrous but they are lack of one skill that was once very noble to be with a ham operator. You kill CW, you kill ham radio.

I am not a champion in Morse code. Neither I have an excellent skill. My standard is below a mediocre. If there is a scale of 1 to 100, I am at 26. I have two keys with me, the manual keyer and the electronic key. I make less mistakes with the manual key sending at about 12 words per minutes. A speed up to 25 wpm needs the electronic key, which I need to slept left and right with my fingers.

When I was a beginner I started with sending normal information of my setup, the signal strength, the rig, antenna and the power used, the weather condition and my location. With the stations that I already worked that chat was much longer, telling about the grand father's story. It was fun.

Contest was not my cup of coffee. Once in a while I joined in to help the other sides to gain some points. In the old days I did not have to submit my list. There was no internet yet until recently. I used only my manual key when I joined the contest. The key has been with me for more than 50 years and I am still using it from time to time.

At 12 wpm I used my head to copy. But if my counterpart were to send a very erratic Morse with changing tempo and at a very slow speed I have to write them down. A near perfect sending from 12 to 25 wpm would be good for mental copy.

In Malaysia the good CWers were Chin, Chow, Rajamani, Bahar, Zainal, Mazwan, Zol, Manan and of course Eshee and Idris. The newer ones are Iqbal, Piju, Azlan, Hairie, Amirul and a few others. For some reasons or the other you do not hear them anymore.

On my part I make a habit of listening to the codes which can be downloaded from the internet. Regular listening would train our brain to recognize the sound of a word, not a character anymore. Like thinking, listening would make our mind alert. A non-active brain is not good for our mental health.

If we do not use our brain wisely or that we do not it at all, the soul of sentiment will take control. Decisions will be made merely base on our emotions. We think that we are rational enough but it is not.

Physical exercise helps not only to our body but also our mind. You can feel it when you are deciphering the Morse codes. Healthy body and mental alertness support and corroborate with each other. Deciphering codes is a form of mental exercise.

It does not take a good CWer to encourage others to pick up Morse codes. I am just below the mediocre.



11/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Do we need stringent rule to force the people to understand the importance of respect, honesty and harmony ? Once in the United States newspapers were sold just by putting coins into a box where the buyer just picked the it according to the amount he put in, until the Asians arrived to take more than the paid figure. The savageness in our society seems to be rife.

Democracy is not an absolute freedom for someone to do anything he wants like robbing, bullying, taking away other people's peace of mind, and do not maintain peace, respect and harmony. But the rudeness, rogue behaviours and the act of destroying harmony are rampant under the name of freedom and democracy.

Media is carrying insults almost on every account, calling it freedom.

I believe that to expose the truth is a duty however detrimental it is. And it is our duty to fight injustice and against crimes. And it is our task not to provoke the other race that could cause conflict and bloodshed.

Democracy is not the question of right because everyone thinks that he is right. A thief says it is his right to steal from a member of society because he is made poor by them. He was defied a job. He had to go through hassles to put a table to sell something on the road side. He was ignored when he went begging for a pittance.

One can do anything at all as long as it does not affect any other people or taking away other people's freedom. When you play a music in your house you cause no harm to others. But if you use a loudspeaker and your music has become a strong noise disturbing your neighbours then you are robbing them of their right to sleep or rest in peace.

The mutual respect does not need law enforcement to keep an eye on us. It is a civility of mankind to enforce peace and harmony.


11/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was never in my dream that one day I would be making a video clip for my own entertainment. I had never known that there would be such thing as internet. It was an amazing invention that millions do not know how to appreciate. Everyone almost take it for granted.

People of the yesteryears like me did not sense the coming of the Youtube.

Only at 72, I started to appreciate this section of the website where we could watch movies and events at home on a mobile phone. People are uploading stuffs and watched by the whole world. Finally I ended up in the making of simple movies and uploaded too.

To me clips with songs and music could be very entertaining. Embedding the music is simple by following the available software. Uploading time has change from 4 or 8 hours per video to 10 minutes with the introduction of fiber optic. I picked up songs and music from the websites. BUT after uploading I get the warning that the songs were copy right.  Some copy right stuffs were allowed with conditions. After all I do not have any pecuniary motive.

The people who run the Youtube understood the predicament and pain of those who want to have the music embedded, and they provide the free non-copyright instrumentals. Unfortunately some are not to my taste though many are good ones. I like the oldies with melodies like Besame mucho, the Sound of Silence, Widuri, Aryati and a few Hindi songs. Almost all of those are copyright stuffs.

I never knew a Ham Radio friend of mine, Zainal Farid, could sing well until he told me that he wanted to put his song in my youtube clip. It was a wonderful news. Zainal is not a young man. He is a year younger than me. Zainal's singing Aryati intrigued me. It was beautiful. I requested him to sing several more songs for my purpose. I want to beat the copyright rule.

The oldies like the Rhythm Of The Falling Rain, The Green Grass of Home. Blue Ribbon, and plenty of Hindi songs are really soothing and beautiful. I asked Zainal to sing The Sound of Silence. He said the pitch of his voice is not parallel to the pitch of the instrument. But I know he can do it in time to come. My recent clips contain his nice voice. And I don't have to pay and haunted by the guardian of the songs.



Zainal's voice are in the clips above. He made the recording at home using a few equipments and software. It sounds great. Since he lived in Germany for a long time, he told us that he wanted to make more German songs. Never mind, I would just wait.

11/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Are the Malays making a living in Langkawi the natives of the island ? On my visit to the island three days ago, I had a bitter experience throughout the my siesta. At Kuala Kedah jetty someone coaxed me to do all the bookings at the counter. I obliged thinking it would be more convenient.

First was a car booking. The lady at the counter told me it was RM120 for two days, the hotel was RM400 for two rooms per night and the mangrove tour was RM250 for two hours. I was to take Mansor's kid from India but he wanted to follow too. He had a family of four. I also paid for the ferry which was RM103 one way.

On arriving the island I had to call a taxi company. I was taken to the car place. The rental was RM130, the man in-charge said. He had a Muslim head cover (Kopiah Lebai). I needed to pay RM220, RM60 of which will be returned on my sending back the car. He just kept quite when I told him I had paid RM40 at Kuala Kedah's jetty as a deposit. The petrol charge was RM30

I did not want to argue but took the car after I obliged to pay the Lebai chap. His manner was bad when attending to me. He was talking to one lady all the time while writing a kind of a receipt without even looking at me. He would never know whether I had had a horn on my head.

I took my guest to the mangrove tour area which was about 30 minutes away. It was a nice tour. We were all happy except for the lunch we had at the floating restaurant, I was charged RM71+ for a small plate of fried rice and a crab. My guest's price was RM266+ for a fish. It was a cut throat price. On the mainland it would cost us RM50, at most RM70.

The lodging was the Malibest Hotel. There were no phone, no bath tub and no tooth paste. According to some it was the one of the best hotels. To me it was just two stars. I could not say who the owner was.

But the two early experience with the car rental made me despise the Malays in Langkawi. I did not return the car with an empty tank. I filled RM30 fuel giving it much more than what they gave me. According to the Lebai, we could not claim back for gasoline even though it was 100% full.

There was no breakfast at the hotel and the food price was very expensive. 5 pieces of Roti Nan cost us RM100 on the Cenang Beach area.

I would not want to narrate more of the tour. Those who had visited the Cable car area could tell you more about their whole experience there. In short they were irresponsible robbers. Irresponsible because they didn't care to take care of the path though the parking fee was expensive enough.

Langkawi was to be nice but it was a disgrace, full of robbers everywhere. They are like a scavengers and ever ready to cut your throat and suck your blood. The Malays didn't seem to show their Muslim values, and they as as bad as all other crooks. In front of the jetty the taxis controlled the space that made loading and unloading for the visitors so very difficult. There is no better word but to describe they are worst than the hooligans.

That mad me questioned whether the Malays there are the native of Langkawi.


10/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I no longer heard stations I used to work before from Indonesia, both on SSB and CW. The CW Indonesian net is now totally disappeared and the spectrum is taken over by the pirate stations. I do not know where these people are. When I met the CWers in Jakarta Fest JARF and asked then about the CW activity everyone mentioned nothing.

In Malaysia we had had only about 250 hams before the coming of licence B. Each day there would be about at least 10 hams and there were several groups of them covering almost the whole spectrum. Almost all were either of the high social status and professionals. Everyone spoke in English covering a wide range of topics from simple personal experience to piloting an airplane and court cases. A few were the walking dictionary on technical matters.

The quality control was language, education and Morse codes. No hams talked to the pirates as their licences would be revoked without any warning. The authority was doing their job well. The essay type exam did not give any chance of luck like the modern objective questions. Hence the authenticity of the ham radio was well guarded from rogue persons becoming a ham. This maintained the status of amateur radio as the King of all hobies.

Today there are more than 20000 licence holders. They are from all walks of life with different experience, educational background and professions. Instead of buzzing the radio band, the numbers seemed to cut down by manifolds as compared when there were only about 250 licensees.

What could be the reason ?

The encroaching of the internet and the creation of multi type of chat programs where hams and the populace flocked to make known to the world that they exist, alive and kicking. Facebook became so popular that even the top politicians made it as their cup of coffee. Old hams have a new outlet to run away from the new breed of radio operators who embrace  the new philosophy of the hobby.

Men and other animals are always want to be with their own kinds. The addicted hams tried to burry their differences but did not attain similar satisfaction as they used to have before. The old hams were either went to meet God or found the radio band as a torturous place to relax; the band is very noisy, people tuning on the band, calling CQ over another person, using their own way of communication and there are smart preachers ready to bite on you.

When old hams go on Morse codes they love to chat. I never like just giving the signal report, not even mentioning the call sign.

I try to make a comeback but with full of fear. I only hope the rogue fellows have sold their rigs, for many are still struggling to make their ends meet. I do not like those who use their own style, lingo and terminology to be in the group chat. I guess the rest of the old hams throughout the world are of similar stand as I am.

But it is a fact many old hams are dying, getting tired and waiting to die. Many have migrated to Facebook and Whatsapp. Once the antenna dropped and broke, there was no interest to fix it back.

07/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a radio station too... Why Goldman Sachs (U.S. Financial Institution #1) Is In The DOJ's Sights

Why Goldman Sachs (U.S. Financial Institution #1) Is In The DOJ's Sights

Goldman partner put on leave

Goldman partner put on leave

The two criminal indictments laid by the US Department of Justice against the former Goldman Sachs South East Asia boss Tim Leissner and separately against his colleague Roger Ng and 1MDB proxy Jho Low make clear that these three men do not stand alone in their sights.

A series of devastating revelations and assessments point to a culture at Goldman Sachs (referred to throughout as ‘U.S. Financial Institution #1′) that promoted the closure of lucrative deals above the inconvenience of compliance and due diligence. Knowledge of this made it possible for Goldman’s Southeast Asia boss, Tim Leissner, to push through the 1MDB bond transactions despite major concerns and misgivings expressed by oversight committees within the bank.

Although the charges make clear that Leissner and Ng set out to deceive the oversight bodies in that they:

“knowingly and willfully conspired to circumvent and cause to be circumvented a system of international accounting controls at [Goldman Sachs], contrary to the FCPA [Foreign Corrupt Practices Act],

the documents insist time and again that this deliberate deception was was made possible by the bank’s own failings. There are numerous clear references to wider culpability at the bank and also to the fact that others working alongside the two men also knew what was going on, but failed to blow the whistle.

Moreover, the UK based Financial Times has reported there were in fact at least 30 employees at the bank who reviewed the deals including bank boss David Solomon and his predecessor, Lloyd Blankfein and yet apparently found nothing wrong.

The paper also identifies an ‘Italian’ partner at the bank cited in the court documents as Andrea Vella, who has long been whispered as one of the key senior parties involved. Vella has been put in leave following the allegations (he also faced controversy over his involvement in the bank’s highly controversial dealings in Libya where it was also accused of milking a weak government of the country’s cash).

For now the DOJ is not naming names, however there are references to a senior figure in New York, who was brought to meet Najib in the presence of Jho Low (a red flag in itself) and to colleagues who knew at every stage that Jho Low, who had been banned by the bank’s compliance department, was involved in the 1MDB deals, despite the fact that Leissner and Ng were failing to report his intermediary role to relevant parties. Worse, they were denying it when directly questioned.


The indictments explain why Ng and Leissner were willing to carry out the frauds against 1MDB, in that millions of dollars in cash rewards were sent to their accounts and accounts of their relatives from the money that was stolen and siphoned out to the false BVI Aabar accounts from the so-called Power Purchase bonds and Strategic Partnership bond the bank raised for 1MDB.

It is calculated that Leissner himself received some $200 million in proceeds. Others in the bank also had a financial incentive for their complicity in that they all received bumper bonusus as a result of keeping quiet.

Perniciously, the indictment also points out the damning fact that the financial advisors and experts from Goldman Sachs had knowingly and deliberately conjoured up a far more expensive instrument for financing 1MDB’s various investments than was necessary, namely the three bond arrangements totalling $6.5 billion, purely in order to get more money out of the Malaysian taxpayer for the benefit of the bank:

Goldman employees deliberately made the transaction more expensive

Goldman employees deliberately made 1MDB’s borrowing much more expensive by using a bond instrument to raise the money

Not only that, the FBI investigators detail how from the outset Jho Low met with these senior bankers along with top officials in 1MDB (including the legal counsel Jasmine Loo, ‘1MDB official #3′) and explained how key officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, including the ex-prime minister and his wife, would need to be bribed as part of the operation.

The meeting took place in February 2012 in London and after that Ng and Leissner (‘Co-Conspirator #1) informed colleagues at Goldman Sachs about the need to pay bribes to Najib and the Chairman and CEO of the Aabar sovereign wealth fund in Abu Dhabi, who all agreed to hide the matter from their compliance teams:


A number of as yet unnamed employees of Goldman Sachs agreed to hide the payment of bribes by the bank

Cakes To Madame R

The bankers had concurred, say the indictments, which then go on to describe exactly how what were termed as ‘American burgers’, ‘cakes’ and ‘pies’ were distributed by the conspirators to ‘Madam R’ or ‘Madam Boss’ as the wife of Najib was described in emails between them. ‘Pies’ were also distributed to Najib, the Abu Dhabi officials who set up the bogus off-shore structures and the conspirators themselves.

Tim Liessner even on occasion allowed one of his own personal accounts to be used to ferry some of the stolen 1MDB cash to Rosmah as a favour to Jho Low:

Leissner agreed to use his own company to transfer cash to buy 'Madame Boss' her 'cakes'

Leissner agreed to use his own company to transfer cash to buy ‘Madame Boss’ her ‘cakes’

A Structure Of Oversight Easily Evaded By Dealmakers

The indictment describes how although America’s most powerful bank had an impressive structure of oversight and compliance teams, which were actively looking at their biggest ever series of Southeast Asia deals in this case, the dealmakers around Tim Leissner and Roger Ng set out with the knowledge they could get around these safeguards against corrupt practice.

This was despite the fact that Goldman’s Compliance Group and Intelligence Group had already identified Jho Low as a toxic individual, who the bank had vetoed doing business with:

“muliple groups at [Goldman Sachs] had responsibility for managing and overseeing many of these compliance policies, including an anti-bribery policy…  These committees were responsible for reviewing, among other things, the compliance and reputational risks of the transactions. The firmwide committee included high-level executives at [Goldman Sach’s] headquarters in New York.
Before and during the three 1MDB bond deals, compliance personnel and committee members were focused on whether these and other transactions involved [Jho Low] – an individual with whom compliance and legal personnel at [Goldman Sachs] had determined [they] should not do business. [DOJ Indictment of Tim Leissner]

The revelation that Goldman Sachs’ compliance and legal teams had already barred doing any business with Jho Low represents a major blow for the bank, since the entire world knew and was talking about Jho Low’s involvement with 1MDB and yet Leissner and Ng were able to get the deals passed.

Although the indictments make clear that Leissner and his colleague Roger Ng did their best to keep Jho Low’s involvement in the 1MDB deals under wraps – on a number of occasions lying to officials from Goldman’s Compliance Group and Intelligence Group – they also make clear that these oversight bodies simply failed to dig deeper beyond gaining Leissner’s word that Jho Low was not involved. This at a time when it was common knowledge that Jho Low was the influential advisor to Najib over 1MDB.

The reason was that the culture of the bank promoted the ‘dealmakers’ above compliance:

“U.S. Financial Institution #1 [Goldman Sachs]‘s internal accounting controls were overseen and enforced by its compliance function (the ‘Compliance Group’) and part of its legal department, referred to internally as the “Business Intelligence Group” (the “Intelligence Group”). These groups worked in conjunction with, and as part of, various committees in reviewing transaction, including the three 1MDB bond deals, for approval.  However, the business culture at U.S. Financial Institution #1 [Goldman Sachs], particularly in Southeast Asia, was highly focused on consumating deals, at times prioritizing this goal ahead of the proper operation of its compliance functions” [DOJ Indictment of Jho Low and Roger Ng] 

In other words the intelligence and compliance divisions of this major institution were willing to rely on the word of Tim Leissner to dispel concerns they plainly had about the involvement of the mysteriously wealthy and politically connected Jho Low in the 1MDB bond deals underwritten by the bank, mainly because the culture at the bank prioritised cutting deals over “the proper operation of its compliance functions”.

The content of the indictment shows that the blind eye turning went further.  On no less than three occasions Tim Leissner tried to persuade his reluctant bank to take on Jho Low as a client in their “Private Wealth Management” (PWM) division, despite being flatly told that the ‘appetite of the bank’ was “zero” for this potential client, given the nature of his unexplained wealth and prominent media profile as an ostentatious spender.

During these attempts Leissner had made clear to the PWM division that Jho Low was an important partner in the bank’s Malaysian business.  Even so, the bank later went on to accept Leissner’s word that Jho was not involved in 1MDB and appears to have taken no steps to check if their executive was telling the truth, despite his clear vested interest in Jho Low and 1MDB.

It got worse, because the indictments go on further to show that Tim Leissner stuck out his neck once again by seeking to get the bank to stump up a staggering $300,000 donation for Rosmah’s Permata organisation, to be presented during her promotional visit to New York. Goldman Sachs’ hierachy refused.

Even more indicatively Leissner organised for a high level meeting to take place in New York in September 2013 between MO1 (Najib Razak) and unnamed senior figures of Goldman Sachs at which Jho Low and himself were present. A ‘family member’ of Najib’s was also present, who is presumed to be Riza Aziz.

Senior Goldman's figure met with Najib together with Jho Low after the bond deals as the bank lobbied to manage 1MDB's planned floatation of its energy business

Senior Goldman’s figure met with Najib together with Jho Low after the bond deals as the bank lobbied to manage 1MDB’s planned floatation of its energy business

Such indicators ought to have surely raised red flags at the bank that the person it had ‘zero appetite’ to do business with was indeed closely connected to their best Southeast Asia customers at 1MDB. As a result Goldmans needed to do more than just keep taking the word of the bogus ‘Dr’ Leissner, their new Southeast Asia head.

However, the bank did nothing until well after Sarawak Report published documents showing that billions had been diverted from 1MDB. Roger Ng departed in 2014, yet Leissner did not leave the bank until February 2016, on grounds that were made out as having nothing directly to do with misappropriation from the fund.

Indeed the indictment goes on to baldly state that others at Goldman Sachs, beyond Leissner and his co-conspirator Roger Ng were well aware of Jho Low’s role:

“The defendant Roger Ng, [Leissner] and other employees and agents of [Goldman Sachs] knew that the defendant Jho Low played a central role in the bond transactions, including by acting as an intermediary between [Goldman Sachs], 1MDB and other Malaysian and Abu Dhabi government officials.
Ng, Leissner and other employees and agents of [Goldman Sachs] also knew that bribes had been promised to these officials to secure 1MDB business for U.S Financial Institution #1.
Ng, Leissner and other employees and agents of [Goldman Sachs] conspired to conceal that and other information from [Goldman Sachs’s] Compliance Group and Intelligence Group to prevent those groups from attempting to stop U.S. Financial Institution $1 from participating in the lucrative transactions” [Indictment of Jho Low and Roger Ng].

What the above dry language makes clear is that the DOJ has identified there were a number of people at the bank besides the duo currently facing charges who were perfectly aware of what was going on at 1MDB and about the involvement of the toxic individual Jho Low. These people knew that Leissner and Ng were lying.

None of this is surprising, since the matter was perfectly obvious to casual onlookers from outside the bank as well.

Goldman’s Culture Put Profits Before Compliance

The finger pointing by the DOJ towards a broad and deliberate institutional failure by America’s most powerful bank, as opposed to a fraud perpetrated by a few individuals within it, continues in this devastating indictment.  In paragraph 20 of the charge against Jho Low and Roger Ng

“Based on, among other things, their experience at [Goldman Sachs] and in the region, the willingness of co-conspirators and colleagues to assists them, the high fees that the 1MDB deals would generate for [Goldman Sachs] if the deals were successful, and a system of internal accounting controls at [Goldman Sachs] that could easily be circumnavigated, NG, [Leissner] and others believed that they would have, and they in fact did have, repeated success in concealing Low’s involvement from, and pushing these deals through, [Goldman Sach’s] control functions to obtain very lucrative business for [Goldman Sachs], themselves and others.

Damning assessment: Leissner knew he could easily get round Goldman's controls and he did with the assistence of colleagues

Damning assessment: Leissner knew he could easily get round Goldman’s controls and he did with the assistence of colleagues

If Goldman Sachs are planning to dismiss the 1MDB fiasco as the fault of rogue bankers therefore, the all powerful bank has a battle on its hands. The DOJ indictment takes care time and again to assert the knowledge and involvement of others at the bank, who knew what these senior players were up to every step of the way.

The incentive was money for all concerned at the bank and a huge step forward in prestige in the region, which open up the prospect of further lucrative business. Goldman Sachs was a key and willing player at its most senior levels in the biggest kleptocracy scandal in history and America’s most powerful bank together with its famed ‘Masters of the Universe’ hierarchy ought to reap the consequences of that criminal engagement.

See the Indictment against Jho Low and Roger Ng click here

See the Indictment against Tim Liessner (to which he pled guilty) merous references to the wider involvement of staff at Goldman Sachs imply a widespread and concerted conspiracy at the bank to deceive compliance departments owing to the culture at the bank

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.25.04 Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.24.17 Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.29.26 Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.26.00 Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.49.01 Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.36.12


05/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Our goal is not merely to make money. We are to pursue peace, tranquility, and happiness. We should remember that once, a long time ago, we can sleep with doors and windows open. We didn't have a big iron padlock to secure our home when we were leaving our home for a few days. We just told our neighbor to look after it, use whatever supplies available in the house. No one knew about the dangerous drugs that could kill our generations except for the little hidden opium smokers.

We need to realize where we are lacking now, what happen to our youths, the state of tranquility, the  standard of our morality, our attitudes and the ignorance of public interest and their feelings.

Some Malay parents chose to send their kids to progressive religious schools to learn religion, ethics and moral values for the primary education fearing the moral decay of their kids. But not many are affordable. Poverty, joblessness and dropouts laid platform for the quest of criminal activities, theft, murders, gansterism and drugs.

How much have we spent to create an honourable and admirable individuals in our society ? Have we done enough to integrate young people of various races ?

I totally disagree using government's money to assist only the Malays. To help the Malays the resources must come from the Malays themselves. I have talked about the Tabung Ekonomi Islam before. I also have touched on the Zakat money. It is the moral duty of a government to help all races using public taxation thereby to maintain harmony and happiness among fellow Malaysians. Fairness is one of the ways to promote harmony.

During my trip to Tokyo I was intrigue with the hospitality of the Japanese. On arrival in Japan the first thing we did was to make enquiry where to go to our hotel. A lot of people at the rail station came to our help. It was drizzling when we were out of the station. A woman passed by. We asked for the direction to our hotel. She took us to the hotel quite some distant away. And on the next day another young man asked us to follow him to a Muslim restaurant about 4 KM away. We asked him to join us for the meal but he declined.

On another location Rusli, my partner, left his belonging somewhere. After reaching back to our hotel he realized about it and went back to search for the missing things at suspected locations. He found them back. And I dropped my backpack somewhere at the airport. After a long search and I made a police report, we went to make the search again following the trail that we had passed. We found the bag being placed on a seat nicely. I made a thorough check, nothing was missing.

There are many more occasions where we felt and experienced the hospitality and the courtesy of the Japanese. So much so I felt that Japan is the best place I ever visit on the earth surface.

To create such kind of ethical society we have to start at the top. We have to have politicians of a high moral value, who has and knows what shame is, who dare to say that Money cannot buy everything.

President Duarte dared to take international confrontation when he launched the war on drugs. The drug lords would surely used their ill-gotten gain to court supports and popularity. He had to take away lives of the adamant criminals. We need to go to the root and kill he weeds instead of spending millions on mere rehabilitation.

The concerted efforts of the government and rakyat are necessary in all areas. We have no choice but to address the social and moral issues, to deploy part of our resources to sow good habits, attitudes, responsibility and other goodness in our young generations.

It is not an easy task to give focus on the non-economic aspects of life. It would have been worst when people in governments and politics themselves were allowed to bully people in the streets as we had seen the hooliganism of UMNO and Najib's supporters. The police had been known to work with the underground dark side.

The dream of Utopia needs a big sacrifice. Sometimes money spend will not end in pecuniary return.

05/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Song by Zainal Farid 9M2ZA singging from his home


In the previous page I was trying to narrate my experience in Korea. It was very tough for me to look for words due to my poor command of English. With the clip I uploaded on the Youtube, it reliefs me from all the mental pressure.

By the way Zainal Farid was a rubber research scientist stationed in Germany for years on end until his retirement. He is intelligent, smart, good in Morse codes and computing and now he shows his talent in singing. He is no a young man. He is 71, a year before me. We are ham radio operators. My call sign is 9M2AR and his is 9M2ZA.

05/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib gathered the UMNO members to tell them the lost of GE14 was not due to him but because of the opposition slander. Slander is to denote lies and untruth that were being spread. Were all the 1000 UMNO members believe in Najib's words ?

Before GE14 the people were told that the opposition and the social media ran FITNAH rampantly. Sarawak Report was constantly attack and the editor was reported to the Interpol. The clip below was one of the denials by Rosmah. Why didn't believe her ? Simple. She did sue Utusan Malaysia for lies and defamation.




Najib has always denied that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb. Then he sacked Ghani Patail, replaced him with Apandi who cleared Najib, declared that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb and made the audit report as Official Secret Act. And later he sacked his Deputy. These were not a slander.

First he denied having 2.6 billion in his account. He threatened to sue the WSJ for lying. He did not pursue it and many months later he came out with a donation story. This too was not a slander.

Then our utility bills and many others changed in figures by 6%. This was what I hated most about Najib. And then rakyat were asked to leave the country if they didn't like the government policy. Najib and Zahid and the gangsters started to bully the masses. Arrogance and braggart had been the principal themes of the day. Cash were handed to the voters openly.

Those were not slanders either.

Only the gullible would believe Najib lies. Didn't he say that he is a Bugis Warrior who will fight to the end ?

The FBI-DOJ's forensic and detailed investigations had shown the trail of money. The seller of the pink diamond told everything about the sale. The one man whom Najib once denied he knew, Jho Lo, is now indicted. And Najib and Rosmah's names are now surfaced in the charged sheets.

Rosmah claimed the story about the RM24 nillion dollar ring was false. She was lying through her teeth after all arrangements were made with the suppliers to say what she wanted. The events were created saying the ring was brought in by her daughter's mother in law. Her body language showed it all. And I believe it was all planned by Shafiee. Others too sensed her lying. The custom did not say the ring was brought in by the Uzbek lady. But it was for Rosmah. Everyone could trace her lies in one explanation. There were contradictions. It was not a slander. And people are not stupid either.

04/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib and Zahid had sold their souls for money. It was them who drove the Malays apart to detest them for their greed  and casting the Islamic values away. The rogue behaviours of Mahathir Khalid in ousting Mukhriz, the arrogance of Najib to call the people to shift from loyalty to the King and the country to HIMSELF and to kick away his Deputy and Shafie Afdal for questioning him were the turning points where the Malays began to reject their own kinds. The declaration of Najib and Zahid that they were not originated from here had made them the PENDATANG and drew contempt from all the others. Calling Tun Mahathir the son of Kutty made the Indians and the Mamak distant themselves farther from BN and UMNO.

There are among the Malaysians who are determined to get back all the stolen money. They will organize themselves to form a covered team to kidnapped Najib and his family, to squeeze their eggs, to put them in cages of rats and to make them reveal where the stashed money are.

Yes UMNO is thinking that they might make a comeback. They thought they have the brain behind them, university degrees and PHDs. But forgetting that people are not only thinking outside the box but they have also reached the thought of beyond imagination.

Basically PH is thinking about the welfare and happiness of the rakyat while UMNO has nothing else but merely thinking of it's own welfare.

If UMNO feels that the Malays are having no future and has been losing their rights there is nobody else to be blamed but themselves. Now, imagine of their scary posture towards only one old man who will depart soon enough. There are attempts to woo Anwar Ibrahim whom they threw in jail without pity or morose. Where was Nazri and all other UMNO members while Anwar was languishing in prison  ? Ram Karpal had asked the very pertinent question "Where were they then before May 9 ? "

Najib is getting weaker as the Arabs are turning their face away and the DOJ's pressing charges on those criminals of 1Mdb which Najib's administration declared as clean and healthy. Even if he finally admits that he stole the money for the Malays, a big majority of them will ignore him.

The rakyat do not see Najib or Zahid stole the money with their own naked eyes but they see the pomposity of the UMNO leaders. They boasted, bragged of their greatness and popularity and their successes. And how they belittled and insulted older people through the media. They put away the Islamic values by their behaviours and consistent lies. They said that Najib was chosen by God to lead the Malays. They are too far away off from the teachings of Islam. God forbids bragging, boasting, cheating, lying and defaming the innocent people in public.

People know what Najib did to the country just before he left the post. He razed the national coffer to paralyze the new government. It was shocking to see the damage was too great. After the maiden PH budget UMNO says the budget is for the government. Obviously the new government has to raise to it's feet. No weak person has enough strength to lift another. Even before the budget the rakyat believed we will be back on our feet in two or three years time.

But Najib, Zahid and many other UMNO lackeys are showing that they are specie without morals and shame.

03/11/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof