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I have said it before and I am saying it again. It is about the Malaysian footballers who are heavy smokers. I saw them myself and in this event witnessed who was the person who coaxed the other players to smoke. When I saw him in the Malaysian team I said 'Malaysia is finished'. However it amazed me when the team could win some of the games to enabled them to enter the final

Comparing the stamina, I concluded that Vietnam could play forever. It was quite impossible for Malaysian players who can't go more than 50 minutes unless their health prevent them. Smoking would tire them.

I don't know the view of our coaches and those in the soccer fraternity. May be they regard smoking is a trivial matter, otherwise they wouldn't have chosen them. There is no excuse to say that they did not know what their players did. There are gadgets to trace smokers. They can even do the visual check by looking at the teeth.

I wouldn't put such a player in a team however skilful he is.

I believe there are heavy politicking in Malaysian football. Again it's root is money. It means a lot to lobby to put a player in. They may seek the help of influential and powerful to force the coach to accept a person or the game of paying commissions by the chosen ones to respective individuals.

I also believe of the football runners, working on the transfer of players to teams that were wealthy enough to depart with a few pittance to them.

There are people who are non-players but who make soccer a livelihood for them. I am not talking about the food and other outside vendors who would opened up their businesses at the soccer location during the matches. I am talking about those who would penetrate themselves into the sport fraternity and made themselves close to the officials and players.

We can either ignore this contention or ponder over it.

Malaysian football seemed to better during the age of amateur soccer.


12/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not in the history book how the Kings really came about in the various states of Tanah Melayu and how they claimed the state to belong to them. The story of KIngs as the shadow of God possessing the divine power that called a Daulat is over. People are asking how some King became so very wealthy ?

Pictures of a wife of a King is now being distributed throughout the world showing her with wedding dress, busts exposed, which had degrade the respect towards the King.

Once a King's words was a law, unchallenged and believed to carry ultimate truth. Some Kings may still be thinking they are the smartest of the lot.

Manners meant a lot. People will start to question words uttered and actions done. Though the rakyat do not have lawyers, army and the power of making law and regulations, they have the will power and the strength to make a change. Just learn them from the past and recent history, of French Revolution, of the downfall of Saddam and Gadafi, and the disappearances of monarchical rules.

Do we seriously dare to go to vote whether we still need a King, a Republic or a Communism ? I challenge the world, the country and the people. Let us start the world back to only TWO layers; the Godly layer and the single human layer without Kings and Rulers. Mankind decides on whether to have a captain, the decision to come from one man or from the consensus of their group.

Just read on the birth of civility and republic, the dwindling of churches and concept of civil society.

We begin to see how people with power push forward to satisfy their insatiable greed. Once the people had wish they could out these people. Now they ever wish to mob and torture these beasts, to castrate the fellow lawyers who work for the crooks and the beasts. Royalties must be sensitive enough and open their eyes to brace for any eventuality.

While at peace nobody should show his arrogance, and having misconceptions of the support they have. The police may have guns and modern weapons that could kill, but they must not be too over confident. Just look back at history.

There are three states which are under people's watch; Kelantan, Trengganu and Johore. It is not wise for me to publish a photo of a Russian lady married to a Malaysian showing her bare breath without any iota of shame; the Trengganu story of how it get entangled in the 1Mdb that led to the billion ringgit lost and the the money trail of Pulau Kukup - who would get the billion and who would get the bones.

There is only one truth in here, the ultimate truth.

Don't be short sighted in our thinking of our future, what are to come and what will be vanished.

11/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO youth leader does not seem to understand what accountability and responsibility is and trying to limit the blame on the TH management. It was nit TH that put an orange shirt on Rafizi. It was the government, the BN government. And Azees , the car seller, is Rosmah's man. And Rosmah is the wife of Najib Razak. Najib was the UMNO big chief.

I myself had had a bitter experience over my wife behest where Tabung Hani was very arrogant enough tryingf hard to put the blame on me. From that day onwards I lost my trust on the institution. And later I read more news on it and informed people had been criticizing the TH for oil palm investment in Indonesia. It is very pertinent for the relevant Minister to let the public knows what really happen rather than to hide things like what UMNO has been doing and continue to do so till now.

I discussed with a lady about it today and her view was the people involved should be buried alive, including Rosmah Mansor. And the UMNO people would say "Let the court decide'. Oh, we know the story of the court on the billion ringgit JJ's money. It was not the court but the UMNO people who happen to reside in the court who had made gorgeous decisions.

The Muslims will make their own decision whether to continue to save in TH or not. I think they will. UMNO has been using race and religion to draw supports to simplify their robbing and thefts. Is it not TH a perfect institution where criminals can hide under the cover of religion ?

UMNO robbed from MARA, KWAP to Tabung Haji. Then they say they are not guilty until the court says so. They think court can erase the events of billions of ringgit that went missing that easy. That was Najib wanted to happen when he put Apandi to announce that 1Mdb was perfect and nobody should talk about it anymore. Every time they pointed at Apandi's words. His words were law.

The people want to know things. We don't want to wait for court proceedings. If UMNO is still strong on defending Najib then the party and the members will have to bear the consequences, which could be deadly for sure by 2035. Many would be hung and tongues cut for the foul mouths on their heads.

2035 will be too late for me and Tun to see what will happen to UMNO warlords including the youth chief.

11/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


We may not realize that some of us have been wasting their food almost everyday. They buy more than they consume and there are always the leftovers that go into the bins. We can even see eaters at buffet would fill their plates with enormous amount of foodstuffs and could not finish the lots.

Most agree much were thrown out during the fasting months.

Recently I developed a habit of buying food in limiting the amount at the same price. A ringgit of goreng pisang may be about 8 to 10 pieces but I always asked for only 4. For whatever I bought to satiate my hunger I would request for a reduce quantity." My stomach is getting smaller," I would tell the vendors.

That was about food. We are also wasting electricity and water allowing the fans to run and ligfht to be on without people around in the house. Again this is a sheer wastage. We should switch off anything that nobody is using.

It is not about saving money but it is silly to see the fan and the air-condition are running with  nobody to serve, and to buy food that nobody eats.

We can apply our prudence to all other areas and aspects of life as well.

Excessiveness may be a matter of taste. A single man without a family build a huge bungalow with grand lights and decoration, a huge plumpy soft bed with 10 pillows, surrounded by hundred thousand chairs and sofas, smart TV and thunderous HIFI unit. He enjoys living alone in a palace to satisfy his soul. By all means if he affords them all. But I am sure he won't by excess food and let it lies on the table for days.

I am glad that I don't have expensive taste nor having taste for expensive things. I live just above a bare minimum, supported by not being a smoker which saved me a lot of money, minimising my internet bill by dispelling the outdoor internet service, using a telco that I pay below RM8 a month, do not buy newspapers and drive a small fuel saving car.

10/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was my picture taken in Belgium around early 1980's. I was already a school principal then. I am now totally different in look and in physical shape. I am afraid to look at myself. I realize I am very ugly, white hair has taken the place of the black growth. What remain unchanged is the red jacket. It turned pale a little bit. I still keep it after more than 50 years later and donned it when I went for my holiday in Winter.

The picture on the left was last taken this year in October. Sure at 72 I could not be exactly as I was 30. I am not talking about me alone. I am taling about every young men an women out there who never want to think of being old. They fight hard to look young by all means and methods. The poorer one will simply purchase creams to apply on their faces. There are anti-wrinkles cream too.

The wealthy ones resort to plastic surgery and spent much on the genetic transplants.

Since the demised of my wife I lead a solitary life. I was advised to find somebody to look after me as I am getting more tired and sickly due to my ageing. I don't know what made them so sure that my wife will be nursing me and taking care of my welfare ? Could it not be possible  the other way round ?

I retired at the age of 56 in 2003, continue to live a mediocre life with a little savings for myself.

Despite being old, I don't feel much burden on my shoulder as I was younger. I do not have to bear the monumental responsibility of the job. It was torturing and I was never happy as I am now.

Friends always asked about my health. I told them that I have diabetes, heart problem, HBP, kidney and all sort of ailments. I did not control my diet, no food abstinence.

I am not worried of dying. I am only worried of suffering. However I tried to keep myself fit by doing some daily workout to loosen my muscles and to allow my blood to flow. I took Vitamin E and a few more supplements hoping that they are not fake. The medicine is too little to take into consideration. I ate day and night even at midnight. Only this morning, after almost 11 months, I checked my blood sugar level. The reading was not 5.2 but 7.3. I know to lower it down is easy. Just stop eating consistently before going to bed. I grade myself as a strong and healthy person.

Many friends of mines are weak after being strike by stroke. A few have gone to meet God. All of them were younger than me. What a tragedy. The main cause of their death was the heart failure.

I leave to God to guide and look after me. I feel that God is with me still helping and guiding my path.

How about the others who are of the same age without any pension nor wealthy siblings ? What if these people fall sick and hungry ? They can't enjoy the luxuries of live as I have been enjoying. The don't travel nor fly drone. I can only pray for them and pray so that the fellow politicians would understand the real plight of the poor people.

10/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty - Merriam Webster

I would totally reject those without any aesthetic sense and values. They ravage and plunder a beautiful and pleasing environment to erect structure for money or some other purposes with excuses and arguments.

I was a little surprise when I visited Disneyland California in late 70's to find a toilet that was named a restroom was so clean. Several visits to the United States and the Western countries of Europe I found the inhabitants gave a high ranking to the beauty of their environment.  To produce one needs a natural environment. I saw a few schools in Malaysia with a beautiful landscape.

I tried to develop a scene that was conducive for my students.


The structure you see above are build by the students.

I am not boasting that no other people but me only possess the aesthetic sense. But just go and visit the school again today. They destroyed all the green and put in the aimless structures.

While the world colleges and universities and small towns were made so attractive and beautiful the Malaysian Malays destroy them. If you are a visitor to Nami island South Korea you will see what Malaysia present to the Koreans, a disgraceful ugly corner that would put you in shame.

What is opened to the public must be of aesthetic value. Schools can shape the emotional development with conducive and beautiful environment. It enhanced their esteem.

Environmental scene somewhat measure the degree of the civility of a society. If you to Morocco and Egypt and then you stepped into Spain you will see a stark difference between them.

09/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When computer became popular many people took up programming as a hobby, which means they are teach themselves to plan algorithm and coding. I was one of them. That was somewhere in early 1980's. Visual Basic was a powerful beside the normal BASIC. Though simple in nature, a creative person can manipulate the language to do a very wonderful job. Since many of us were teachers we developed applications for our own schools.

I developed the students database, our student's intake, monthly test, leaving certificates and a few more that I could not recall. It was very convenient and quick for data retrieval. One of the bosses in the state education department rang me up asking whether his his relative was successful in his application to study in my school. Just by giving me the first name and read to him the address and the father's name. "Successful," I said.

He did not tell me of his surprise. He did not know I knew computer then. From time to time people from the department dropped by my school to see what sort of soft ware that we used to have. They came, and looked and went back. I learned that they also have computer wiz in the department and people in charge of computing.

Months later the Ministry of Education decide to accumulate various applications from different state. Kedah, my state, decide on school's time table. Two teachers were asked to develop. I was one of the two. The other one was Cikgu Munizar by the name. When the time came we were called again. We were told that the application would be briefed and explained by one officer from the state education department. We were asked to describe and brief him on our coding.

We both refused. We wanted the developer to do the briefing and to be able to answer questions.

We were sent to the door and nothing materialized after that. We knew we were branded as undesirable elements. But that's how they work. The officer wanted to desperately parade his ability and acumen.

The education department after that sent me for a computer course to learn a Word processing and a database system. That was something that I didn't understand.

This is at the state level. My Federal boss from the Ministry of Education came to my school to see what we did with computers that I requested for some money to buy. Earlier on I thought my teachers and student on word processing, filing system and BASIC programming. Don't ask me how much was my knowledge. It wasn't much but it was ample for our usage.

The boss found what we developed was good enough. In fact we won several awards in the Federal competition on several type of soft wares. He was impressed with them and wanted to know the learning period to gain such a skill etc. He asked me and my teacher, Mr Teoh Tek Eng, who took an arden interest to attended all my class, to design a syllabus. We down together, studied several books of various type and came came up with a finalized the topics. We submitted to Kuala Lumpur.

In the Federal Department there was one man, imported from MARA college to take charge of commercial studies. He took the syllabus and criticized it. He used the words "the Ministry could not accept it as it comes from someone without a degree in computing". We heard about it. But nothing hurt us.

Sometimes later students taking Commerce must all vocational schools must take computer data processing as a course. We saw about 99% of the syllabus was the parts we submitted. Still the officer concerned defied the order of calling me in discussion of what sort of computers to be purchased and used in the schools for the same argument, that I had no qualification.

After I have retired I wrote to the state education department that I wanted to teach biometric programming that would use thumbprint for various project for free of charge, aiming at the whole state. There was no reply. That's how they work. Those were the Malay officers.

Today everybody seems to show his knowledge on the use of the applications like Whatsapp and Facebook. When I told them that I can write the Whatapp and the Facebook programs, nobody said anything as if they heard nothing.

I don't claim I am a computer savvy. I have to admit my mind is slow and rusty now. I could not force my imagination to create substance out of words or change codes into actions. My mind is as good as total emptiness.

But I have always wished that the Education department called me to hear my view on computing for just a couple of hours. It will remain as a wish for the old folks who are as good as dead organism. And that's how they work.

Yet I still wrote some simple but wonderful codes for . Today there are new dimensions in programming the android and watches and the websites. As for the web I still used the classical methods as you may have seen in the above url.

What I narrated above is only one of the things that I am trying to show on the Malays. There are many more things other than the computer story. They want to erase what was not theirs and if possible they want to put their names on things that belong to other people. A living friend told a few friends in front of me that he made a radio antenna for me. Imagine he was not even a ham and I did not even knew him yet when I got my ticket and set up my station.

The Malays have been destroying themselves for a long time through their myopic vision, jealousy and having bad feeling towards the success and achievements of others.

The Malays I respect are those who can play chess well, those who work hard to achieve hard things to get, those who work with blood and sweats to accumulate wealth, those who talk less and do more work, those who reject corruptions honest and sincere.

09/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In Asia the Koreans and the Japanese have been praised by the world. But the world is still looking up at the Westerners and the United States. When USA started the Talent Show, almost half of the world follow it. They even professed the religion practiced by the White people. Why ?

The people tend to relate the technology, research and inventions to the mental prowess of the inhabitants, the people are smarter and more intelligent, and master every aspect of life. Why not when we buy airplanes from Boeng, and telecommunication system from them. If we follow the Olympic medal tally, Malaysia would fall far far behind. Yet we are very vocal and wnat to force our will on the others.

Is it not amazing that the Malays want to earn respect through the statute of law ? So says the law THE MALAYS MUST BE RESPECTED .

The bulk of the Malays must show that they are worthy of respects. Below I will list some of the dues that they must look into

1. Study hard in school. Be good in all subjects and pay attention in all of them. In secondary and college education choose the difficult subjects like additional mathematics, pure and other sciences. Have an early ambition and choose the subjects that will bring them to the vocations they choose. To be a lawyer for instant they have to be good in English.

 Learn as many languages as possible and let a Malay be well verse in at least 4 languages. Remember a Chinese can speak Malay, Mother tongue, Mandarin, and English.

2. Be a scientist, doctor, lawyer, engineer, inventors and create hitech stuffs. Export the invention to the world market.

3. They must work very hard in farmland, at sea and in estates and earn as much money as they can.

4. When they discuss topics they must show their brain prowess, good command of either English or Malay, presented facts with clarity and possess a very wide and deep knowledge on the subject matter.

5. See that there are no drug addicts and drug pushers, thieves and robbers, cheaters and liars. They must have good manners and ethics, show good examples when talking and debating.

6. Do not show laziness in getting something that is hard to get, by just asking for free stuffs, free marks, changing policy to suit them. Avoid behaving in a ruly manner if they do not get they are asking for.

7. They must strive hard to manufacture the hitech stuffs export them or for local consumption.

8. Be friendly to all races. Show concern on their plight. Sympathize with their problems. Get their cooperation on some relevant matters and extend help to them as well.

9. Exhibit competency in every aspect of life. The Malays do not have to submit for every pressure but use intellectuality and cordiality in presenting the rejection. Do not accept any form of corruptions or gifts.

10. be fair and just to all. The Malays are not emotional in dealing with matters.

11. The Malays must be capable of mastering games and sports like both the English and Chinese Chess, basket ball, badminton, swimming and Tai Chi.

12. Hajis, Lebai and ordinary Muslims show their ability in speak in multi-lingual chats, presenting facts with concrete and scientific reasoning, well verse in the internal working of technological stuffs around them.

All the aspects mentioned above must exist in general Malays in a massive number. The show of kindness and friendliness could bring the racial cohesiveness.

I put a question on a Facebook BAGAIMANA MAHU MEMBUAT MELAYU DISEGANI DAN DIHORMATI and among the interesting responses were BELIEVE AND BE CLOSE TO THE KORAN, GO TO SUBUH PRAYER. Imagine how would you expect the world to respect these kind of answers.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been two times PAS prayed to destroy Pakatan Harapan. The first time was before GE14. Was the prayer answered by Allah ? Now the party prayed again, for the same reason. PAS prefer not to work for the betterment of the country but instead acted a lot to destroy the nation. Nobody seemed to show interest in putting back the country on it's feet when we found our economy was destroyed by Najib. They were still behind a man who stole our money by the billions and cheated the people and tried to corrupt American President and DOJ.

I put part of the blame on PAS who created the poor image of Islam among the non-Muslims. The politics of lies and money had been traced. Denying and defending Najib were seen as the teaching of Islam.

PAS forget the idea of ICERD was not a recent event. It started in 1902. The Hindraft was formed when the chronic so called Muslim boys started to destroy Hindu Temples during  the reign of UMNO, the lover of the party. And they are quick to forget Najib had plundered national coffer and the money ended in gambling, movies, buying yacht and personal properties.

Even if the money were givern to UMNO it was still illegal and considered as theft. PAS was seen as the supporter of thieves.

Who else joined the prayers ? The gangsters, the criminals and the corrupts ?

This is real, not a mere blind wild accusation. When money is stolen and lost, whatever the court says, theft has been done. It has been a long time the judges were under the order of Najib and may still be working under him.

PAS and UMNO have been doing the maximum job to arouse the anti PH, putting fire to make the Malays reject PH and ICERD is the biggest ever effort, ending in the appeal to God for divine intervention.

This will be shown by the coming two by-elections, the two seats belong to BN. BN has called for PAS for support.

Let us wait and see.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I do not have comment on the anti-ICERD rally as not everyone of us has the same set of mind. And everyone who attended the rally has different view, intent and purpose. But it is a sign that we have failed to unite our people, not only to blame the government but also ourselves.

I looked at the Facebook comments that were trying to compare the ICERD and BERSIH. I think it is not wise to start the comparison and provocation. Some seized the opportunity to show that they are the Malay heroes who are champions of the Malays. Najib and Zahid had their own agenda, not even realizing even the PH members were at the rally too. They would hope very much the Malays will forgive them. The people maty be softened on Zahid but not on Najib. He has to return the money in his possession that he kept overseas, and repent.

The rally is sure a boom for the hawkers and food stalls. Food and drinks are sure to be sold out.

The police had done their best to ensure peace and no riot will break out. The banned on Suhakam to have it's rally on the same day is the best ever decision. I don't have even an iota of complaint. This is big rally and the world was witnessing the civility of the Malaysians.

We have bigger thing than the rally. We need to address the welfare of our people who are losing their jobs. Both the government and the private sectors ignore this issue. The private sectors are sacking people, the government is shrinking the services. The PH government should take very seriously and not to allow people getting who have been working for 20 years are kicked out without jobs. They have their school going kids to support.

No law makers will care much about this other than the mere rhetoric for the simple reason that they are all well fed, big money to enjoy the livings.

This is what all politicians must work together to resolve.

There is no better time than when Tengku was Prime Minister and Tan Siew Sin was the Finance Minister. Government created jobs to save the rakyat because the country had so much money. Later, the money is seen as a wealth to be divided among the Yang Berhormat. The worst is Najib, the man who attended the ICERD rally, trying to show that he is very concerned about the Malays.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I forgot in what year a big insect entered my right ear. Blood streamed out. I slept without any netting and I could not figure out how the big insect entered my house. It must have been 30 to 40 years ago. Rushing to hospital nothing was done as there was no doctor. I had to bear with the pain for 2 days before the doctor used a sucker to suck the insect out. The ear drum was damaged.

At 72 my hearing worsened. But I am not totally deaf. I still near noises around me. I could not hear a low voice that is two yards away. Even though someone is close to me I could not make out the meaning of the words if he or she talks too fast and mumbling or swallowing the words. I noticed my own kids were in tantrum when I asked them to repeat their sentences.

That is one of the reasons why I prefer to live and die alone. I will not give any problem to the people around me, who might have to communicate with me.

The solution is to use the hearing aid which I do not find it convenient. I still comprehend if words spoken are loud and clear enough. It is something like hearing the BBC and the CNN news, of which I could understand the CNN better than the BBC as the former pronounce the words clearly and distinctly. And it is easier to grasp the American English than the Malaysian English. All is about clarity of the words. I still can manage my daily activities in business and other counter communications.

But I would like to remind those who have old parents not to lose their tempers, showing anger and scold their fathers and mothers for being half deaf. It hurts them. And Islam says it is a great sin. Their lives will not have a Barakah. God will leave them on their own.

As I have repeatedly said that everyone will have his day of being old if he is not attack by a deadly stroke at an earlier age. Those without kids and family will have to bear the worst sufferings. You will know the price of rejecting and hurting your parents when they are dead and you are old. But then it is too late and it is your choice.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Take any man on the street and ask ourselves "Would he take 2 millions ringgit to betray his country ? " Probably many would accept to take the money regardless of their financial standing. Yet we cannot be surprised if he rejects the offer.

A person who feels that he has more than enough with even RM3K can simply ignore the extended luxury in life. The absent of temptation is brought by his happiness with what he has. A man chose a bicycle over other mode of transportation due to health reason. He can see the world through his TV screen. He has people who ever willing to come to his help when in sickness and hardship.

Greed has no boundary in some. His wealth can last him for generations. Yet he would not reject the millions offered, may it under the name of gift or corruption. A friend told me he didn't believe why a billionaire would still steal. I asked him back whether he would reject a million offered to him, for he is wealthy enough. He was stun and gapping, the sign that he would take the money.

I can resist temptation, not only because of a strong discipline in me but it is also due to the truth that I have more than enough with the modest living and income. I used the word abundance that God has endowed upon me. The man on the street may be similar to me in all aspects of life.

Happiness is not only about getting but also about giving. Just open our eyes and see how many people around us care to give away money to others. Some give a dollar to a beggar. Others give a million to the needy and the country.

You feel good and happy, and proud of yourself when you reject a huge corrupted money. You know your dignity and honesty. You dare to talk the truth, and fear no threat or malicious crooks. And most of all you know God knows and appreciate your sincerity. You keep to yourself and would care whether people know it or not.

A man of principle may not be a religious person. He can be an Atheist or his education may be low.

What we need is a fulfilling life. We do not want to be labelled as thieves and crooks and be the gang of sinners and the future inhabitants of hell.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I wasted so much money on China's products, from the computer storage, thumb drive to the Mavic Pro drone. All failed after some time. As I read more of the failed China's drone I found I was not the only victim. There are hundreds more who suffered the same fate. Their drones stopped and crashed without any known reason.

I know only a few do read my blog. If you do just spread my view to the others because Mavic Pro is an expensive aircraft that may last you only 4 or 6 months. If the drone does not crash yet without reason, the batteries will get swollen. The vendors expect Mavic users to buy every new battery at least one a year.

They are either smart or stupid enough to foresee the future outcome once the distrust on China's products spread. Already there emerge a competition with the American product Autel Evo drone which has yet to find the local supplier.

I am out of drone now. I have to wait until I can got hold of the American version. It is the risk that I don't want to take anymore. The Mavic is sold at almost 10K ringgit per piece now on the new version. Certainly it is a cut-throat price for the unreliable good.

Now you can own Mavic Pro for RM3.1K with a single battery and RM3.5 for two batteries, at a greatly reduced price but the battery remain expensive. I decide to bade good bye to products made in China and to say good bye to Lazada that is selling the China's stuffs.

Unfortunately the Japanese and the Koreans do not make drones yet. Theirs are more durable though more expensive. Those who have been using Koreans and Japanese would know how good the commodities are.

I have a feeling that Autel Evo fears China would clone theirs and sell the fake ones as the original. You name it, China can clone anything at all. You can still buy Autel from 11th Street, pay the company but the drone will be shipped from the United States.

China drone distributors will talked down the Western drones.

I don't trust them at all. Many cheat. They won't honour the warrant period, blaming you for all the faults.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have penned down on the topic several time since I started the blog.

Fate can be described either in general term or a specific connotation. It is specific when I use myself as an example. It is a topic beyond reason, unscientific and conjecture in nature. It is about faith and belief, which the science will dismiss them outrightly.

At this age and at this state I looked back at the past, the reminiscent of my past events. I had been a naught and mischievous boy, disinterested in studying and always play truants. Several teachers hit me and threw feather duster at me for not knowing how to answer question on the blackboard. My parent didn't care how I fared in school. All I wanted was to run away and worked on a ship and settled in a far away land.

I was lucky to have all Chinese friends who finally chose to discuss what were taught  by our teachers for the day. We quizzed each other on Science almost every night. Our Headmaster was Mr Long Eng Hwa who took so much concerned on student's achievements. Those who failed would be caned and those who passed in Mathematics, science and languages would be awarded.

There was  a bright Malay boy by the name of Syed Aswad. He taught me science beginning with elements, metal and non-metals. and what is an acid compared to alkali. I was not a loser when challenged in the science quizzed among the Chinese friends. It was in form two then.

On my own I attended a night class learning Mandarin and I kept notes on recording Hokien words. But my study was still bad. I didn't like reading books. My command of both English and Malay were poor. I was still a low achiever and always failed my English test.

Somehow I score a medium grade in the Lower certificate of Education.

Form 4 and Form 5 were my turning point. I began to acquire interest in study. But it was too late. I was still poor in English and Malay. I was not qualified for the 1st grade because of my language papers. I say it is my turning point as far as my attitude was concerned. I quitted the evening class after a year. And in form 4 and form 5 I took up Chess.

It was the Chess game that won me in the interview as a teacher. The interviewer asked me a lot of questions on the game which I could answer all of them. I ended up as a teacher from a mischievous boy.

There was a desire to continue my study in the university.

I worked hard in the University of Malaya. Only a few points more to gain a First Class. I was happy enough with a 2nd Class degree. 4 years after university days I was put as a Head Master. I never expected it. In the teachers college I followed the basic of technical education. In university I majored in history and minor in economics.

Playfully, a couple of years later I applied to do a master program in the United States. I won the scholarship and completed it with some good CGPA. My GRE score showed still showed the poor score in English ability.

You see, I was not a smart and a bright person. Neither did I pull any string to climb the occupational ladder. I an still weak in English. When I sat down to ponder of my position, I concluded that it was nothing other than my fate. I never had any bad feeling on other people. I never knew what back stabbing was in playing for an office.

Whatever became of me was given by God. I did not dream of stepping my feet in many parts of the world. I never expect to live in abundance of life, to live to this date, to fly a drone and eat luxurious food.

It was not me alone who is so lucky to be at this position. I am not talking about wealth and money. Many of us are just ordinary people, enough to spread bread on our table, and saving a little at a time for travelling.

People who have bad feeling towards others should be more careful. It is not good for health. They may die at their younger age, killed by a stroke, hypertension or other chronic diseases.

The Malaysian Muslims used to say that whatever good things come from God, whatever bad things were made by they themselves. I am not in a position to argue and debate on their jargon.

I feel in me of the Providence, the reasons for the good and bad that came before me.

Questions may be asked "Is it a fate that I to become a thief and a murderer ? " I don't know. I don't choose those profession. I tried to avoid them. I only want to do the best.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


You read the denial by Najib that he did not sell out Tanjung Pagar to Singapore. From the reading he seemed to twist and turn his statement. First he said it was done during Tun Mahathir's time. At the end he said the land was useless anyhow and even PH government would have sold it out.

UMNO people would have believe him. Similarly he changed his statement from the Donation to 'I think it was a DONATION'. Najib expects he can fool the people and the judges. That's why I somehow pray that DOJ will issue a summon of arrest on Najib for money laundering. The Malaysian authority could always discuss with DOJ of the possibility of charging a liar like this man.

He totally blamed on Tun on Tanjung Pagar but himself.

The selling was criticized during his time. He just ignored it but took to defend it only now.

We also saw how Zulkifli trying to escape on the tempering of the Audit Report by saying he was not even the chief yet during the time. What the public raised was not whatever post he held at the time but he was in the meeting to alter the report. It would have been easier for him to say that he followed Najib's order.

The Westerners could not be bought by the words that Najib and his team uttered. They would base on the concrete evidence of the money trail. And PH team must investigate thoroughly and not to accept the lame excuse. If Najib had to sell it for the reason he first mentioned then he should not say "I didn't sell it". He has to say he sold it because Tun found it not feasible to keep the railway land.

The tongue twisting stun is also used by the Indian lawyer Shafiee from the NONSENSE of the 9.5 million to HIS LAWYER FEES  to GIVEN TO NAJIB'S FRIEND.

Najib Oh Najib....what a strange specie

06/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


You may call me a snobbish person, too proud of myself and selfish, for I loath characters disagreeable to my taste. To be in agreeable group, we do not need a person who thinks he is smart enough to ask the group to follow and obey his command, who want to preach us what we should and should not do. He has to go out and get lost from the group or them members have to leave him alone. As far as I am concerned there is no compromise.

A friend told me that in a tour group of his travelling from Vladivostok to Moscow, there was one participant who demanded quietness from the whole team, no one should talk that can be considered as noise maker. The whole group challenged him of their right to enjoy and be merry while the sight seeing. They pay to enjoy, to be gay and joke and laugh. I suggested to my friend to throw him out of the train. In fact the group asked him to get away from them.

I do not hesitate to dislodge myself from a group where there is any disagreeable character trying to show his stature and act like a big boss. I just did, cutting myself out from a Whatsapp group when such a character emerge in the newly formed group.

The best of the Whatsapp group is the Senior Ham Radio where the old hams meet, joke and create entertainment for us to enjoy like we used to do during the hamming days. Most of us are retired though a few are making side income earning a huge income from their special skills. We have engineers, teachers and scientist. No one impose his will on others on any matters. Unlike the previous one, the Zenior Ham Group composes of  multi ethnicity brainy individuals.

I meet people of disagreeable attitudes. I still accosted and talked to them except to the one who run away with my money. I choose to break any friendship with such people. Of course the brief encounter is short and will cause no harm.

I am not so gregarious like the others in my late years. I prefer to be alone most of the time. Only when going for my meal at some distant away I would be looking for a company. If I found no one, I would go alone.

Somehow people of bad character have come into our once distinguished hobby, Amateur Radio. They broke rules and regulations of the hobby and nobody can stop them. They use foul language and hid their identity. They bragged and used the platform to parade their prowess. Hence they drove the old hams from the band.

But everyone would always right himself, believing in his perfection, well bred and useful to the society and the country.

06/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


 When the man was in power, haughtily and arrogantly, he acted as a God, showing himself as the most powerful person in the universe, using a military might to cross the border to kill thousands of innocent people just to fulfil his lust and thirst for blood. But he does not live forever. There was no Lucifer to come and help him to prolong his life for even a minute more. He just died at the age of 94.

George Bush was not the only man we are talking about. History has listed many more great men in the past, feared by many, commanding the world, but finally disappeared from the face of the earth.

Sadly enough we see such of the arrogant people before our naked eyes today in our country. Zahid Hamidi and Noh Omar are among the kind that we could termed as beast through their behaviours. Just download the many videos that  depicting them in public speeches.

Young people never compute the days when they would die. They thumped their chest, showing their greatness and prowess. A couple were about to lose their breath but still continue to show their arrogance, haughtiness and snobbery.

Many a time I surmised how Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi met their death, murdered by their own kind in a miserable way. At least Bush died a natural death.

The story of Malaysian politics is comes under the House of Fame. Najib has been struggling and spending big money to build an image of himself to fight the world's perceptions of him as a crook, a thief and a kleptocrat. He used millions of dollars to corrupt the DOJ and the President of the United States to drop the issue of 1Mdb.

You can't find no one in the world who tried to corrupt even God the Almighty. But you can find this kind of specie in Malaysia. They are so great with money they thought they can appease God by sending people to make pilgrimage.

When they do not think of death, they also do not think of heaven and hell and the judgement day. They do not think of God retribution and comeuppance.

The news of the Big Man's death does not bring sorrow and sadness. People might celebrate with dance and crackers, singing and enjoying the whole night. 

05/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


While changes and progress are rapidly moving and rushing we tend to forget there are things in and within us that remain static. In us we have love, greed, anger and other emotional domains. Within us we have God, religion, culture, ethics and morality. Se have to address and accommodate both the static and the dynamic domains.

We still believe in the basic of 3R, reading, writing and Arithmetic, the foundation we always want to retain. Else we just chuck them off and having men without them all. We won't die even if we dispel the 3R but the whole world prefer to educate their siblings with the basic skill.

The believers still want to hold to their Holly Books and guard them from any tempering and change, may be it be the Koran, Torah or the Bible. They have the house of worships and defend the place with their lives. The sentiments towards their religions and customs are strong and intact.

But technology changes. First it started out of necessities. Later, curiosities, that led to research and experiments and now for power and money. The quantum leap if when men could squeeze an elephant to a tiny unseen micron. There were wafers and microprocessors. All resulting in magical change in our daily life from home utensils to transportation, from giant computers to a mobile smart phones.

Now it has become an enigma to mankind. At which point where our young should start learning and what to learn. Curriculum is always lagging behind technological progress. Chasing it is almost impossible. And technology itself is huge and widespread.

Somehow we have to make decisions. We have to have a national philosophy on what we are going to pursue. Our ideal have been to pursue for happiness and tranquility, which is full of hindrances and obstacles to achieve.

We have our soul and spirit to look into, our social environment that we need to interact and respect. We have to be concerned of our ageing life, economy and politics. Education is part of our requirement without which we still survive.

As far as I am concerned I have made my own decision. But I have decided whether it is right or wrong. Let me give you a scenario of my environment which might be repulsive and unacceptable.

At home I have several PCs; one with Windows 10, two old ones with Windows XP and one Apple Mac. An Apple would be considered the most advance. I used the XP version to run my old program which I wrote in Visual Basic which is a very useful and powerful language that be used to developed a very wide range of applications. The applications can be used forever as long as the old operating system like the XP exist.

I do not see any reason why I should abandon the software that can serve me well. All that I wish my PCs will stay to operate till I die. I don't see why the children who had learned Visual Basic , C++ programming should abandon these languages for the new ones just to follow the progress. What we need is the supply of computers with the old system to continue in years to come.

The PC with the newer Windows is to be used to follow the new language and system programming like Xamarin, writing codes for the smart phones and even for watches. So is the Apple. In other words I maintain the old system together following the progress that keep on changing every two months.

The computer and phone industries will close down if they were to make things to last forever. To keep their business on they keep on changing their products and the soft ware. You are trapped by them. They would not keep the old stock or the spare parts. You have to buy the new ones.

They will add featured to the cell-phones to attract you to buy.

I used the phones for the phone purposes of communication which I seldom make a call, the Facebook, the Whatsapp, and the camera. They can come with the new phone version with whatever new facilities and features, those will not influence me to own one.

Similarly with the car I own. As long as the old car can serve me, I would not want to buy a new one.

In other words the decision to maintain the old should be well considered and take into account rather than  to throw them away. The archaic philosophy live; keep the old wife even if you have a new one, keep your faith and tradition even if there are free thinkers around. Tradition, the sentiments of love, jealousy and all the others keep us together, to reject the unwanted and the bad and to care of our kind.

We don't leave the old ones despite the ongoing progress. We have to make decision on what to follow and what to retain.

05/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof