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I left the  Jalan Stadium Vocational School in year 2000 and served in the nearby school for three years before I retired from my job. We are just a day away from 2019. Believe me or not, there were gifts and presents from my staffs in memory of my departure are still not opened.

My kids and relatives opened up lockers and drawers to clear off the unwanted stuffs whatever belonged to my wife after her demise. I didn't know and care what were thrown out and what were not, except a few days ago when I wanted to search the picture of me getting a medal from the King of Malaysia some years ago. I didn't find a picture but I found the presents. They were still intact. I have not decided what I am going to do with them.

People still give me gifts and souvenirs. They are not of use to me. They have been lying there for months and even years. I am indifferent towards things I don't regularly used. I knew the monthly Indonesian maids did smuggled home plates, cups and bowls each time they came to work. Instead of accusing them I just told them that the need to ask me for things they want from me. I do not allow them to bring bags when they come to work. And I talked about barakah, the misfortune that would befell a dishonest person.

 In a way I seldom use those things. Instead of looking for them in the kitchen I would buy forks and spoons and bowls for my food consumption in the hall.

My needs are limited. I would put aside the things that I do not need. But I always keep the winter jacket, the thermal wears and a few long sleeve shirts for travelling during the cold season.

Likewise whenever I want to give to anybody I always think whether they would appreciate them. I love the lucky draw I won in Jakarta Ham Radio festival, a couple of walkie talkies. But now I do not want any more present from anybody anymore. I don't have a place to put them.



30/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



The new year is just a step away. I don't have any resolution nor a promise to face 2019. Decades ago, I had no dream of living to enjoy the 2020 or 2019 for that matter. What more do I need after the colossal providence and the abundance, of economic well being, of the good health, of the appetite to eat and of the ability to see places in the world.

The only new year look is the face of my house's fence that will be brightened by the new paint. I have wanted to have a new car but it is too much for me and beyond my mean to procure it. Oh I just remember buying a new drone from USA to replace the much talked Mavic Pro that dropped from the air without any reason.

Looking back, there were many changes within me. I change physically and biologically. Others do changed too. I totally dropped Chess, computer programming and ham radio from my hobbies, and they are almost diminished. Those were the high end hobbies.

There had been numerous things that didn't even crossed my minds several decades ago. They were about the technology of the internet, the cell-phone and drones. These are the greatest gifts that are within my possession. I flew the small flying machine, recorded the views, process the videos and posted them to the Youtube. Aren't they a big things for me, that not every people do it, even the younger agile men and women ?

In the past there was a young man with a bicycle would always choose my house to stop and asking for a few pittance for breakfast. He is not seen anymore. And there was a lady who would frequent my house once a month, to whom I would give twenty or fifty dollars, but never to been for the fast three months. I still went to pick up an Indonesian maid to clean my abode once a month. The next pick will be soon.

I just met a lady who is very unpredictable in her mind. I thought she would bring changes to my life but I realize I cannot put much hope on her. There is a fuzzy sign that she does not trust me in many ways. But my mind is always stronger than my sentiment and emotion. I know that I can overcome the agony and pain that may have strike me,

I always talk of my death. It is obvious for an old man to think about it. Death takes away all from you; your wealth, status, worries and everything else that you have. It is the end of the story.

2019 is the year of hope, full of them.

30/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



This year is the least extra money I have compared to all the previous years. The other day I went to service my Proton Saga and I saw a new Saga, auto priced at RM39K on the road. It made my mouth watery. But my extra money is not enough to buy it. I usually pay cash for my purchase because I pay less that way. If I don't have enough money to buy what I want, I would wait and accumulate it. The I decided to forget it.

But my house fence and the structure itself looked so very old and pale. The last time I painted was more than 45 years ago. I expressed my intention to Ah Hwa, the man who would come to repair some small work from time to time. Ah Hwa said the work is to be done by Ah Keong. They came to see me for the colour of the paints and seek the down payment. It was not cheap. he asked for RM1.5K. He admitted it is expensive but he would deliver the best and the quality work. With the extra money I agreed and paid him RM1.5K.

Today I asked him when will he be starting his work."Sunday...I will use the water jet..." I guessed it may take three or four days just to paint my gate. I am sure my house will look lively again.

There is a little more left of the extra money, just enough to buy a lady shoe and a handbag. I might as well buy both in case I want to give away to anyone on one of these days.

As for myself ? May be I have to be patient and wait for another year. I don't have anything to round up with  my ASB dividend anymore. I would spend them for travelling and on my drone hobby. The only catch is that travelling is getting more and more expensive. I used to go to New Zealand with RM7K but now it is more than RM14K. USA trip is RM24+K instead of a mere RM5K.

People tend to advise me to keep the extra money, to accumulate it. I worked hard for the money. It has to be spent on myself and my comfort. I never have any bequest from my family. In fact I hate my own family who are greedy to work out on what was left by my farther.

An extra money can be a thousand or two, not by the tenth of thousands. But it is extra. I have different pittance for my other expenditure, my pension.

30/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Eating habits differ. It is not my culture to practice double dips. I could only drink from the glass of my love one but from the glass of others. Unfortunately I have a few friends who love to dip into common curry, vegetables, soups and all other delicacies not paid by them. The moment that happened I would stop eating the food. Imagine a large steam fish for two or three had had become his to eat.

I have decided not to eat out with such persons anymore and to refrain myself from going out with the heavy smokers. The smell of their cars could kill me on the spot and when they talk the odour caused me great headache. If they go for the double dips the gravy, the soup and the rest will be polluted with nicotine.

Even if I practise such a culture, I have to reject it as a health hazard coming as  it comes from a chain smoker.

I always ask for extra spoons for the shared food. But the guys would just ignore them.

I have no choice but to put these guys aside. I will find excuses when they ask me to eating out. Good food is costly. Each meal comes to about RM80 and I paid for it. It would not matter if I could share the spreads. I can't afford to pay for them all the time.

It angered me but I did not want to hurt them by telling of their habits. The best I could do is to avoid them.

29/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



I am not an angle nor infallible. It is best therefore to take care of myself rather than become so very busy body about the affairs of others . At times however when the needs arises I would give a simple advice. If they don't heed it , it is their own funeral, whoever they may be. My only reservation is I would not care if they later faced the hell in their lives.

Gregariousness and eyeballing has not been my standard for a long time as I began to learn the selfishness of mankind. I don't know which hypocrite would made me and someone else a victim. A person without honesty and integrity, however rich and powerful he is, has no place in my life. We have seen too many of them around us and some are making a gamut of headlines.

At anytime I prefer honesty and sincerity to smartness. Smart people tend to manipulate things for their own well being. The most I distrust are lawyers.

You won't know people in reality, nor from their faces nor their positions. The gullible would easily be deceived by their glibness and smiling faces. Some depict themselves as the men of God. Most of these people would run away with your money.

I have been in ham radio since 1975 and we were able to contain the ethical hams for quite a long time before we relaxed our regulations and did ignored the concept of control. Then we have waves of rogue and bad people joining the community, some with extremely despicable attitudes. And I have been in education for more than 25 years and learned much about the corrupt Headmasters and Principals. They have neither shame nor conscience.

People came and lamented and I myself have been victims, and I am not wrong to say that one cannot trust anybody else regardless of his demeanour, status, countenance and title. You can talk to him if you will but not to trust him.

Certainly there are few with integrity, noble and respectable characters. We can never know who is who.

What is integrity then ? It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle. Moral principle possess a wide connotation across human relationship. Recently we read about Syazwan who made an unfounded allegation on Teresa Kok and threatened to attack a police station. There are school's principal asking money from canteen people and teachers insinuating reprisal if they did not show cooperation.

70% of the politicians are suspected as specie without shame, conscience and integrity. You see their hypocrisy in the parliament as if they are so concern about the poor people, but behind the scene they plundered as much as they could.

To avoid them is to stay alone and solitary. Any social intercourse should be as brief as possible.


28/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Yesterday I tested the front and rear obstacle avoidance of my Autel Evo drone. They worked fine. I am still bad in aperture and other camera settings. I have been trying to change the parameters but the data didn't lock. It rolled left and right to different numbers. The screen would turn totally while without any image and the image would quickly change if it appeared as a short display. I didn't know how they finally appeared.

I tried the auto mode but the picture doesn't seem to be good. The quality is inferior to my Mavic Pro that jammed for an unknown reason and dropped, broke to pieces. I have to acquire the Autel Evo through my friend as I do have any credit card. I think Autel is better than Mavic in many ways but for the picture quality as not an expert user.

I believe one day I will be able to handle the ISO and the shutter speed with ease in order to get a better picture. Today I managed to record videos using two different ISO and shutter speed setting and compared their quality. I was also successful in photographing my old school's structures and the building of the new ones over the football field, which I would oppose vehemently.

Someone in the United State passed a remark on the way to improve my clips using filters when facing the sun, and telling me the firmware updating is simple enough just by pressing the Update Button. I remember that I have not found the button.

Anyway that is not so urgent to me for I do not have the tilting of horizon issue. And the video is acceptable and good enough. Go to man4855 in the Youtube to see some of the footings using both the Mavic pro and the Autel Evo.

Today I flew without using a phone. I merely used the Remote Controller (RC). The day before I took a short shot without the phone. Today I stretched farther. But the signal was lost at even a few hundred feet away. My Mavic seemed to have a better signal range. I flew about 3.5 miles without sweat. The signal was still good.

Though I do not intend to go on long range I will have to need a medium range flight without signal lost. I need to try Autel Evo in an open space where buildings and trees will not be the hindrance.

However I may acquire a Used Mavic Pro for other purposes, depending on the price. Mavic will have to lower down the price and increase the quality of the drone and the bateries in order to compete with Autel Evo. Surely Autel will achieve improvements in camera and other aspects soon enough. Whatever concerns the electronic stuffs controlled by the firmware users can always download and upgrade them. This is the part that I need to give more focus and attention.

What I have been doing on making drone flying as my hobby is just to keep my time occupied. Radio world has been taken away by people who are strange to the old ham radio group. To my standard they have killed the authenticity of ham radio. There are hundreds of weird people around now.

I find drone as interesting as any other hobby. I can't exactly predict what I am going to do next.

26/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



I have been travelling since 19 years old. Now 72. A weird and dreadful age to think about. Yet when we were in Indonesia they were surprised when we told them of our years of living in the world.

Our mind could still work but our memory began to fade. When I am trying to recall the past experience they are so fuzzy that I could not recall the very detail of the events. Below are some of them. I will add the experience in the coming pages.

1. In Hawaii the bus trip was cheap. You pay a dollar to round a section of the island, hopped in and hopped out. By two trips you could cover the whole main island. Enough for sight seeing. The panorama was fantastic. Most of the time when I hopped in I saw many ladies chatting like the sounds of birds, features like the Hawaiians but sounds like Tagalog. IT means there were a lot of Pinoys working in Hawaii.

There was a White boy, about 10 or 12, who came to sit beside me. He looked at me and asked where I was from. "Malaysia," said I. He shook my hand and said," I am from (a place I forgot in USA) and I won a prize of this trip. " He was anxious to tell the world of his winning award. I do not remember the type of competition it was.

At another time an elderly woman accosted me and described the places while the bus passed them.

They were kind and friendly.

While waiting for the flight home past midnight, I kept my belongings at the airport locker and went back to Waikiki Beach, took a nap on the sand then went to play chess with a Black man. There were rows of tables with chess sets and there were crowds watching people playing the game. I had a few people watching my game. I won the first game,. The man asked me for the second one. I won again and excused myself. He insisted for the third game but I had to decline. He gave me a card," Malaysian, if you come back again, please call me."

2. I usually visited Los Angeles in December and stayed in Buena Park town about 2 hours away from Los Angeles. The hotel belongs to a Taiwanese lady. Beside the hotel was an Indian Briyani restaurant. A pack cost me USD12 but it was very delicious and it lasted me with two meals, plentiful indeed. I met MAS staffs residing at the same hotel. Mind you I took Rusli,9M2RB, and Rashid,9M2RS, to the same hotel when we were on the way to the Hamfest in Dayton Ohio.

Each day I would take a trip to one of these places; Disneyland, Beach, library, radio shop, Irvine and Southgate Super Malls and to the city of Los Angeles. The bus stop was in front of Train Mac Donald.

Many a time there were Americans waited for the bus too. You will them very friendly, accosting you and greeted you. We would talk about the fine weather and normal stuffs. One day I was there with only one man. After the normal greeting, the man talked about his bad mother in law and what she did to him. I knew he wanted to release his feeling and nodded at every point he was telling.

Imagine of you talking about being jilted by a lady to an unknown people. But it is good that we have FB to release our tension, feeling and emotion.

3, There are beggars in America too more than what we have in the state of Kedah or probably in our whole country. A street man once said to me Hollywood city, "Hi nice young man. You look find today." I smile back at him. "Would you mind providing me with a quarter for a meal ?" And one night at outside the Disneyland theme park a couple, a black boy and a young while girl, begged me for some money for a meal. They were both very hungry. I knew that they were runaways. They thanked me profusely when I gave them USD10, enough to buy them a couple of burgers.

Even in Las Vegas where soliciting and begging were illegal, a lady from some distant away shhh me and asked me for a quarter.

At 10 am you can still find people sleep on the streets in the city of Los Angeles, 20 to 40 of them found comfort on the slab slumbering.

4. On the way to Bangkok there was one White man sitting in front of me. It was in 1965 when I left schooling. We talked over many topics and he finally asked me my view about the cruelty of slaughtering animals for food. I asked him whether he ate fish. He nodded with "YES". I asked him whether he saw the fish breathing before they died. "How long does the fish suffer before the fish died ? " I asked him. I did not remember his rebutled after hearing my answer.

5. In London I was at a ham radio shop. When I was about to touch the dial of the rig, the Englishman whom I thought was the salesman shouted at me and barring me from touching the radio. He must had regarded me as a brown skinned savage.

6. In Belgium I went out one night to see the night life in town. I saw a woman selling chest nut. I took a small pack of the ready wrapped ones and paid more than the price tag, and walked away. The woman called me back, scolded me and handed the extra change. As I refused she scolded me in a language I did not understand. To cool her down I took the change. She was pleased and gave me an extra pack. On her insistence I took the nut. Only then I saw her smiling.

7. In Indiana University together with me taking a paper were two PHD students. one male from Nebraska and one female, a French from Canada. The lady always took her baby to the class. On one occasion the French lady pinched her baby daughter for not listening to her command. I told her to use psychology. her answer with a smile, "What psychology...."

8. In Ohio university I took a Statistical Research paper. The Malaysian students discouraged me from taking the paper because it was difficult to score even a C. I tool it having a Korean statistical lecturer in a Korean University teaching me the whole concept of the subject.

Then there came the final test, a paper for two hours. Fifteen minutes later there were streams of American students handed up the answer sheets while the Asian and African students remained till the time was up. I was panicked for I thought the Americans were so smart and sharp.

Outside those students were still lingering. I greeted them with ," Wow, you are so very smart..."They all smile. One said, "You either know or don't know the answers..."

A few days later when the result sheets were pinned on the board I saw 90% of the students scored E as predicted by the fellow Malaysians. The Korean lecturer scored a B. God gave me an A. The Americans who came out early were those who didn't know the answers. What a joke.

There will be many more coming for me to share my experience.

25/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Do we need to use our intelligence to make weapons of mass destructions and the machines of war and killing ? If they do not go to war themselves they would let the war to escalate in some other countries; in Syria and Yemen. OR show their might in dealing with other humans like the treatments of the Israelis over the Palestinians.

The Malaysians had taken the world by storm when they intelligently used their brain to fool the world with financial robbery. Smart lawyers are abetting them in a direct or indirect ways. Imagine of what will happen to all of us if there is another World War.

It took smart people to steal our money and hid it somewhere safely and lied to the people of their innocence, to run covert corruptions without being traced and to device methods of committing crimes unseen and unknown. If they have not done any damage to the world, they ruined the people and the country.

Lucky me for not being blessed by super intelligence brain which allows me openings to do devious things for my own benefit and interest. Isn't the murder of Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais planned by intelligent people with deceptive minds ? You just study how billions of ringgit were stolen and we the rakyat have to bear for all the loses. And there were a team of smart lawyers with concerted effort to save the criminals.

The world does not forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the slaughter of innocent women and children by guns and bombs that is still going on till today. What have these weapons done to the peace of the world ?

25/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



What if you have an accident and lost of something ? A long time ago I would feel desperate and miserable. Things start to change as age is catching up. The other day my RM5K drone dropped and broke to pieces, I did not feel bad and kept myself as nothing had happen. Similarly when I heard someone had a car accidence. My first question was whether the person involve is alive. We can buy a new drone and a new car. We cannot buy our life.

Within a short while I got a new one and resumed my video making

I lost a lot of money when people who owed me walked away as if the the money I gave them were theirs. Of course I will not forget them but it won't kill me or drove me to poverty. I noticed they were still living a miserable life; their cars were splashed with paints, wifi services terminated and continue to hunt for more loans. Some went bankrupts. I didn't pray for their comeuppance. The other faith would say it is a Karma.

However there are many unfortunate people who always look on the bright side of things. The disabled thanks God that they are alive. The poor thanks God that they do not die of starvation.

Till today God has given me aplenty of everything. I only that God can take them away at any moment, any day. A millionaire towkey lamented to me, "Cikgu, I have millions but what's the point if I have to come to dialysis here every other day." What if God takes away our health and sustenance ?

Just the other day I was so excited to go the mosque to give away some pittance for year 2019 that I knocked my gate while reversing my car. The gate bent. The next day Ah Hwa came to fix it and the auto gate gear machine. It is working again like new.

We need to learn to take things easy. There is a popular saying "life have  to go on". We can't alter the past. What we can try to do is to be more careful in doing things to avoid accidences and lost of our belongings, health and our love ones. The rest is determined by our fate.

Our troubles only stop when we stop breathing.

25/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



I struggle hard to suppress sadness and despair. I appeal to God to calm me down and bless me with coolness and to bring back my composure to normality. I have to face the pain and the agony that I know will go away. I need to occupy myself with other things to forget it.

What helps me a lot is my strong mind in my weak body. I have been disciplining myself since my young age. I could reject cigarette offered by my friends and made me a non smoker till today. I travelled alone worldwide and faced hostile environments. I had been mugged by the Homeless in the down town Los Angeles. And I faced challenges during my working days.

I won.

One way to avoid frustration is to be alone. I occupy myself with electronic gadgets, writing computer programs, reading e-book, writing block and play with drone. Human being can cause me sadness, frustration, anger and of course happy. The last does not come easy. And the most noble is to seek God's help.

I have seen a lot of bad people, bad in the sense they like to see people in pain, suppressing others from a better life and office position, whose life were never ended well. We all see what happens to Rosmah Mansor. Many of these people are either dead or sick till today. I never felt sorry for them. Neither do I feel happy at their disappearance.

May God forgive me for all my sins.

25/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



I have found out that the RC (Remote Controller) of my new drone, Autel Evo, has a monitor enough to fly my drone without any cell-phone attached to it. Parameters can be set through it, not necessarily using  the phone or tablet monitor. It is clear enough to see the image during the day time.

I have set my Evo to 720p and 24fps, the no color option, and the rest set to auto and it is ever ready to fly without extra gadget.

The problem now is not the aircraft anymore but what and where to capture the scenic view. I have missed capturing a few local events in town like the boat and the bicycle race, the colourful night procession on the last 18 December, the celebration of the coronation week of our King.

I am not concern of the distant it can cover. But more on the signal coverage. High buildings may block the waves as compared to the open line of sight view. Signal could get lost even within a few hundred feet, unless they have the facility to attach the RC to the higher antenna. The manufacturer has to redesign the RC to allow the 75 ohm cable to fit in. And they have to sell the suitable antenna. The RC must have the circuit that can reject the high SWR. This will ensure  long distant signal coverage.

There is always a risk of flying more than 3 miles away as the total distant will be double,6 miles. All drone flyers had their heart beat much faster fearing the battery would not deplete before it return to home position. And a few guys have lost their drones. I had this dreaded experience once with my Mavic Pro which flew more than 3.5 miles away and landed with almost zero power left.

My Mavic departed not because of the distant flight but due to the sudden stoppage of power or control during the flight. I cannot figure out of the sudden failure. I have been making almost 120 flights before the disaster. It is under warranty but the vendor didn't seem to hear of my narration. I just say Mavic technology is superb and the picture is nice, but I always lamented on the poor battery quality and it's price. The whole world complained about it. More so the local vendors are not to be trusted.

Considering all factors, machine and human, I would go for Autel Evo.

Autel claimed that it can fly for 30 minutes but on the RC so far showed about 26 or 27 minutes. That doesn't bother me much. I usually used only one battery and flew less than 20 minutes. It is long enough for a 12 - 18 minute video clip.

I don't know yet what will be the condition of the battery and the flying time using a mere RC without the phone.

24/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



I finally flew my Autel Evo drone. But there are a few more things that I have to learn and test especially on Obstacle Avoidance. I do not utiliize the maximum capacity of the camera for I maintain with the 720p recording resolution, which is ample enough for the Youtube and the picture is good enough for me.

I have to admit my prejudice against the China's products, as I felt cheated by the Chinese products I bought online. Even the thum drive I bought in Beijing could not be used at home. There are too many fake things. I felt the Mavic Pro batteries were not the original ones. They get swollen even less than a year and there were numerous battery sals on the net at exorbitant prices.

The technology of Mavic could be very superb. But I don't want to drain my money out of my pocket continuously to maintain the drone. The worst was it dropped from the sky for no reason. They talked of the false and fake warranty just to attract customers.

I believe someone in China will sell the fake and the clone Autel as well. If you buy an Autel Evo in Malaysia's shop you take a risk, the seller won't care about your welfare.

As I have no credit card, my friend made the order for me from Amazon. It arrived in less than three days. I was so scared to quickly meddle with it. I unboxed it slowly and started to follow the Youtube clip on the various steps taken, like opening up the legs of the drone, studying the propeller's matching location, removing and fixing them, looking at the RC controller's buttons and whatever attached to it. I took several days without flying it. I didn't fly it even after I learned to power on and off the aircraft and the RC.

I took a deep breath when I pulled down the two RC joysticks to see whether the prop would rotate, and then I stopped it. As to start lifting off I decided to find a large space area like a playing field or a parking place of the soccer stadium. My experience with Mavic Pro before that it did not take off and hover but instead it flew away horizontally at a high speed and crashed, luckily without any damage.

On 22nd December I braved myself and went for the first test.


Secondly I feared that my drone will not come back to where it started and get lost somewhere. I was not concerned with the precision landing. Precision can wait later. So I did my second test on the RTH (Return To Home) point. The clip shown below proves that it worked fine.


The color and the camera setting is quite of a hassle to me. I do not know about ISO, white balance or aperture at all. My knowledge on them is zero. And I hardly managed them as they always revert back to the original whenever I made the choice. I do not understand why. But by some luck I can change the resolution to 720p and 24fps. I put to Auto mode and it seemed to work well. This is shown in my third test.


The color is still strong. I don't know how soften it yet. My be I can reduce the strength through my video editing software. It needs a real expert to do this. Nevertheless it is not too bad. It is good enough to put it on the screen.

The only thing that surprise me is that my thought that Autel Evo is the American drone fell apart. It was not an American drone. It is still a Chinese company that opened up it's business in the United States. But I believe it has to meet the US standard and quality though assembled and manufactured in China. And I bought it directly from the seller in USA.

There is a conclusion that I can make about my involvement with the hobby. It is better to get entanggle with a machine rather than the human. Human being can hurt you and take away your happiness.

24/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



You may go round the universe 10 times and saw beautiful women, thousands of them but you can be sure of two things; that they may not be good and perfect and they will not choose us as their spouse. I have been travelling quite a lot following packages. I met and talked to many beautiful singles and widows and I have no desire to befriend any of them. They were all well bred and rich. I am what the Malays called Bangsat, a Vagabond and a savage type.

Years later I finally found almost a perfect beautiful women shown above . Believe me I won't exchange her with a billion ringgit if she were mine. I called her by her radio name as she is a ham radio operator with the call sign 9M2ELY. The first time I saw her was in Jitra a few years ago. I immediately wrote in my blog about a beautiful ham operator in Malaysia. And passed Morse codes as a class A amateur operator. The first Malay woman  ham operator shook the world in CW 9M2OUT. Ely is the second Malay female who got through the exam.

Observing her closely I found that she could be considered as an Iron Lady, among the few in this country, not by the political rhetoric but firm in managing her food business. She has been running food catering for several years.

That isn't all. She plays piano too.


With all the skills and successes a person is far from perfection if he or she neglect the soul within. I assess a person who is also close to God. That is our Muslim standard. She has all those within her. That's why I said she is almost perfect. I wouldn't trade her for any amount of money.

Yes I talked as if I own her. Nay, I just say if I were to own her. Any man can have a dream and a fantasy about any women. And we would say "If I were a King.....", "If I were a handsome and rich man...." and on and on. The stream of dreams will never end.


23/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



Yesterday I met a man at a marriage festival who had been working with me somewhere in 1973. He could steal remember me when I looked so much different from before. And a few years ago another man called me by my name and asked me to recall him. I couldn't. He said he was my school mate when we were about 7 to 8 years old. Anyone is sure to transform within 10 years.

To remember someone that a person knows more than 30 years ago with a changing feature is a marvel. These people must be special and wonderful.

I lost my memory, my hearing and my vision and will never be able to remember any person by any name after a long span of time. Even if I can see his image in my mind, I will not be able to remember his name. The name comes to my mind on and off. It had been a long time I tried to recall the name Saad Man. Years I would say. All of a sudden it emerged in my mind yesterday while driving.

There is one marvellous and amazing lady who has a great gift of remembering her acquaintances, friends and a few hundred of her students. Her name is Hajjah Nasriah Maghribi. It is hard to find even one in a million.

The wonderful people like these should be lawmakers and politicians. Mind you we do not realize that Malaysia has many wonder people like this.

The difference is so large and huge, when I even forgot where I was while behind the wheel at night. It took several minutes to configure out my location. And I even shot up beyond my house while going for home. In such a situation there was a great fear that I would not know who my wife was.

Those amazing people are old people and senior citizens. I just wish them all the best and may God bless them.

22/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof



 December is not only the name of a month, it is a month that many things could be done and postponements. It is a month of school holidays and a season for marriage festivals to happen. In a single village there could be 6 or 7 celebrations. And that would barred some people like me from travelling, just to attend the invitation.

While Christians are awaiting the much prepared Christmas, the others are busy in purchasing bags, shoes, and school attires for their kids.

The municipality already sent out assessment rate for 2019. I just paid them.

I am able to see my grandchildren who would return to this very home during the same month.

The Investment Saving Funds, the ASB, too had announce the 2019 dividend of 6.5% and a bonus of .05%. It is the lowest given out to the investors. It is alright for me because I seldom used the money for my daily expenditure. I used my pension money for all my commitments.

Somehow many people take the opportunity to make trips to far away land and enjoy their vacations while I have to postpone them. But December is a cold month in the Northern Hemisphere. I hate travelling in Winter. I have had enough experience with snow and icing. That was too much.

I made preparation to make payments that are due for 2019; the insurance and the car road tax, the community donation to the God House, the fee for the village security service and other minor fees. I have the mean to settle all the dues and therefore it is not a problem to me. To the poor they have to strive to look for funds and help from government agencies.

Today I have to attend the marriage festival at my cousin's house. I had to spend quite a number of hours there and by the time I returned home I will be tired and exhausted.

It is the last month of the Gregorian calendar.

22/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


At this point my saddest song is an Indonesian song Janji Janji Tinggal Janji.


It is a sentimental melody that seeps deep into my soul.

Old men do not detach themselves from music and still appreciate songs like Besame Mucho, Aryati, Kuch Ho Ta Hai and numerous more other local and international songs even with the native lyrics. Sad songs affect us when our tears wetted our cheeks. Widuri, another Indonesian song, could poke into your soul regardless of your age.

Janji Tinggal Janji means A promise that is never fulfilled, hanging in a perpetual motion. The song above is about two type of promises; the promise to go to honeymoon to the end of the world, and a promise to buy a pair of shoes made from the deer skin. "I don't blame you if you seek a new love somewhere else because the promises were never honoured'.

The song does not concern me for I have had no lovers and never made a promise. Old people do not have lovers to get married. Many married through matchmaking. Mine is a long story to tell.

But I had cried over a few women when they passed away, not because I love them. They were my subordinates who always joke and laugh with us together. Nor Azmah was about to deliver when I said "When you come out of hospital, I'll buy a big tiger prawn." And she responded that I must not break my promise. Then she died during the delivery. That made me cry like a baby. Hindun was much younger, a new clerk for 4 or 5 years, who always joke and argued dies in Kuala Lumpur due to cancer.

Being alone and solitary after my wife death I thought emotional turbulence would be over. About 4 years later a woman came into my heart. Day by day I began to realize that she would find me unfit for her in many things. Looking at the mirror I see darkness.

There is no song yet to narrate my feeling. The nearest touchy song I could recall is the above song because I said to her that I want to buy a pair of shoes and a bag for her. The promise may remain a promise if God determines our fate otherwise. I see dark cloud hovering over me.

21/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


There were nights that I could not close my eyes till the sun rise. They called it Insomnia. The next day I felt tired and sleepy but I failed to compensate it however hard I tried to sleep. Usually I have three places to sleep; the sofa, the chair and the hospital bed I bought for my late wife. The best is the sofa, in which is the best for a slumber.

Last night I slept well though I went to bed at past midnight. I had no dream, no nightmare, nothing. There were time when I had a real life dream even during the day napping.

If I do not have enough sleep, I would easily get tired when I went for evening walk. I had to push myself to complete the 5km walk. I am sure I will do well today, and achieve my target without any hindrance from rain or drizzle. I will end up in feeling fit and strong, a vital thing to do for my age and for a man who is living alone.

Keeping fit does not mean that I won't die. Death recognize no age. My younger working mates and friends have died before me. Keeping fit can somewhat keeps my mobility as strong as young people. The propensity for me to fall sick is reduced. In spite of all those I always ask myself when I am going to die.

I will have to try my best to clear my mind and feeling of any acute happenings in the country and the woman I love. They can make myself worried. The woman might chuck me or change her mind. Politics could scared me to death. Both would prevent me from dozing off.

To some sleep is a battle. They have to seek the help of medical doctors. Mainly they will be prescribed with sleeping pills.

Too much sleep is also bad. For an adult a 7 or 8 hour sleep is enough. I can accept 4 to 5 hours night slumber with short daytime naps at random, which are usually during the midday. I would always advise those who sleep to much to go for medical check up.

And of course another health hazard is smoking. It affects our lung no matter what one does. He can be a soccer player, but he is slowly killing himself. It is lucky that I don't smoke.

At least a good sleep, an hour of brisk walking and refraining myself from cigarette make me feel fit and healthy.

21/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Not everyone is born with the golden spoon in his mouth. There are many poor people who are grateful to God to lay bread on the table. Many sell goreng pisang and nasi lemak along the streets and the road. They are facing stiff competitions among themselves. Life is of course difficult for them. You don't about trips and travelling to them. If they save their pittance a ringgit a day, they only have one aim ie. to go to Mecca.

Most of the time I stopped to buy their sale was not because I was hungry or having a desire to own the products but because I wanted to help them. My  extra few cents would multiply if there were more people like me. The goreng pisang nevertheless could help myself too. I only asked two or three pieces for a dollar. I would ask them to keep the change.

I always pray to God to bless them with greater sustenance. I was happy to hear that their kids had just graduated from university and colleges. I never requested them to stop selling their delicious food. One Nasi Goreng hawker could serve the people with the very delicious food though his kid could now take care of him. But not everyone is so lucky as this man.

But there is always a reservation. What if the food is bad and tasteless ? What if the profit making is too excessive ? What if the seller is haughty and arrogant ?

I would have to stay away from them. If they want to help themselves they would have to take care of the potential customers too. The food must be edible. Always be friendly to the buyers and put a little smiling faces.

There are many generous and kind people around, stopping at the roadside stalls with similar intention, to help those poor people, at the same time they are helping themselves having a meal that keep them full and happy. I buy a dollar without change but they pay ten times more for 4 pieces of the fried banana.

21/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


New readers might not know why I penned down this blog in English. It is contrary to the show of my prowess in English.It is a great challenge for I never passed my English test all my life. Even in my GRE test score I fared the worst. Only in TOEFL I managed to score 620 points. It is a fight against my weakness

I don't broadcast my blog. A few might come across it only by chance or accident. After all it is a channel for me to release my feeling and emotion. My political view remains a view. They can be true or false, right or wrong.

I think even the Malay educated persons would understand my article expressed in a simple form with a few bombastic words.

Secondly I know whatever I write will be available everywhere throughout the globe. It gives a chance for the whole world to know what and how some Malaysians think, their ability to present facts and fictions. At least some might know that Malaysians are not a savage group living on trees, using blowpipes for hunting and fishing. It is not merely for local audience to peruse.

English is not merely the property of the well and highly English educated. Everyone can push through the barrier with his positive attitudes, the dare to take  challenges. I would despise people with the world of excuses, trying to defend their own ineptness.

Truly, my education is low and I am not an intellectual. Like many successful people I struggled to achieve my target. Many a time I failed. But failures did not halt my determinations. I still took the task of repairing the wall switch instead of buying a new one. That's attitude To do is better than to talk. To mend is better than to criticize.

20/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not a generous man though I wildly spent money. I can treat a person for a meal and he can eat as much as he wants, or buy an expensive present, spendthrift and extravagant in many ways , but whenever I decide to go for  trip I compute the cost.

"How much do I have to pay for a day" will be my main concern. Say take a trip to Vietnam which would cost me about RM2.5K for 3 days would be about RM800 a day. And I would not want to count the travelling days that only spent useless time on the plane. Safirgo Travel just posted the Canadian Package 7 nights 9 days that cost RM17,500 for a single traveller. Flying to Canada takes two days and coming home will be one day. Furthermore it provides only Half meals. Roughly I will have to pay more than RM2K each day. Is it worth ?

Where money is a limitation, I have to consider it deeply. In fact if you were to compute the price divides by the number of complete tour days you will find the average is RM1K per day. This is tolerable. Lately I have going to see places without the package. It was very much cheaper. We stayed in a comfortable 4 to 5 Star hotel and still completed our tour as those who went with the tour agents.

Safir has failed me twice in the China Silk Route adventure for failing to raise enough people. To get back the deposit was a great hassle. It took months. The said Canadian trip will be in Jun 2019, just a nice weather bout to Summer. And you cannot be so sure whether it will materialize.

Beside money, I also consider the weather. I try to avoid Winter as I will have to carry a big luggage containing thick Winter apparels. And Winter shoes are not light. The total preparation is more elaborate. Some simply loves to see snow. I have had plenty of snow and icing before, even carried my laundry under the heavy snowfall for laundry purpose.

These days even people without good jobs travel. They told me about their travelling experience and trying their best to find cheap lodgings and foods. They did see places but enjoyed less comfort. I felt sorry for them.

A few days ago I friend posted me a picture of him in a backpack room, sharing with numerous other people and wearing thick clothing. He is in London. With the cold temperature he will have a hard time even to snap pictures outside for he can't expose his hands outside. A windy day would be worse. If you were to offer me a free passage to the cold places, I may well reject it.

At this age I need good food and comfort. How much comfort and a good food can we get from the travel agencies ?

You can travel cheap if you go on your own sharing the trip with a few friends of the same wavelength. But you need to have someone to book the plane and the hotel, to rent a car or arrange the ground transportations and the local tour. Try to imagine how much the tour agency makes from a RM14 o RM18K trips. And if you are unlucky they will send their lousiest staff to accompany you. I have had one with shabby dress and a chain smoker.

A friend has just returned home from Trans-Siberian Rail trip to Moscow and spent about RM27K for himself, totalling RM54K counting his spouse in. That is the price of a comfortable car. No doubt the trip was enjoyable and interesting but for people with financial constraint that is a big amount.


20/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Pulau Kukup Issue-Why Involve Agong

asked TMJ

I dont have to comment anything because in my previous articles I have touched about Royalty before. But I will put forwards other people's view.


19/Dec/2018 at 9:24:33pm

Firstly, Minister Xavier should  not have involved the Ag. Agong. What does he hope to achieve? Common rakyat perception is that state land means land that belongs to the rakyat while sultanate land means sultan's land and like any private individual can do what he likes but now maintains as national park. But  future generations who become owners may think otherwise and who would dare to oppose? Hopefully it could be resolved amicably and re-gazetted as national park.


19/Dec/2018 at 9:24:08pm

You lost it with the rakyat, don't think that you are still enjoying the same popularity pre-GE14. It shows you are just another double faced pretender that always colluded with BN to rob the rakyat. - From a what? Can't I comment on Johor matters? Ptuii!!!

Kasturi Kechil

19/Dec/2018 at 9:05:46pm

Previous gormen approved gazetting the land? No wonder you were happy to support BN. You think Johoreans prefer elected gormen or absolute rule by birth?

Anonymous 8231440077354

19/Dec/2018 at 8:57:16pm

TMJ ,you are a constitutional ruler so stop behaving like an absolute monarchy. Stay away from politics and if you need to voice your opinions or displeasure, do it away from social forums.Use the existing protocol communications channels for this.Show some decorum as a royalty, time has changed so do change accordingly. Thanks


19/Dec/2018 at 8:44:25pm

When non-johorean speaks up, you asked outsiders not to interfere. When acting Agung voiced out, you asked why involved Agung. When Johorean Muhyddin voiced up, did you respond?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:43:02pm

TMJ, the land belongs to rakyat, no matter what the document of title states. You wouldn't be insisting the way you do, if you do not have plans for development 5 or 10 years later. This is not about the acting agong or the prime minister. This is about the rakyat. They are much more precious than any individual. The right thing to do is to transfer ownership back to the state government, or alternatively to liase with AGC and create a charitable trust for the benefit of rakyat. The rest is up to your conscience.


19/Dec/2018 at 8:40:32pm

Everybody seems to grab for themselves under the previous gomen. The poor rakyat can continue suffering. Wonder when this will stop. PH - you dare to be different?? I


19/Dec/2018 at 8:37:36pm

So attention should be elsewhere while the thieves comes through backdoor to steal?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:33:34pm

Why rush? Harapan till GE 15 to prove.


19/Dec/2018 at 8:33:34pm

The island was a national park. Belonged to the state. What's the idea passing it over to the sultan? What sultan wants, sultan gets? Abhorrent behavior. PH government should call a stop to all this nonsense. We didn't put a new government for all this to happen

Anonymous 2293481434643651

19/Dec/2018 at 8:31:53pm

Just return the land to the Federal.period!!!!


19/Dec/2018 at 8:31:14pm

How is the issue "settled"? Has the landgrab been aborted and has the land been returned legally to the state?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:26:35pm

WOW ! SAD ! So it's confirmed that the land was grabbed from the rakyat to become someone's private property, n the rakyat or the present government could do nothing about it. What a disappointing reality,n now the people wonder who is in charged of this nation; our fate would be under the the absolute power of someone not of our choice, back to the middle age era. A weak government is revealed ! Luckily Tun had done the right thing slashing someones' power back then. This is a very important issue which is concerning the rakyat's right; it revealed that they r living in a state of delusion of knowing nothing about how the rakyat feel. In the eyes of the people,they r now fighting with the rakyat for the piece of land which belongs to the rakyat WITH NO SHAME !

Anon 2000

19/Dec/2018 at 8:25:12pm

Can the Sultan just take over land that belongs to Malaysia as his own land? That’s pure theft, isn’t it? This is exactly what Jho Low, Najib and Rosmah did. They took money that belonged to Malaysia.


19/Dec/2018 at 8:24:11pm

I just hv my family vacation in kukup island and amaze the mother of the nature surrounding with all the mangrove trees. Only set back is the bad maintenance of the elevated wooden walkway seeing potholes everywhere. !!


19/Dec/2018 at 8:20:34pm

To the common man, what is regrettable is not only that the Agong but also other members of royalty have been dragged into the sorry tale of public land being appropriated for strange and unknown reasons.  No doubt his Majesty the acting King will be extremely relieved that coming from Perak, he has not been described as an outsider.   What continues to baffle us is the justification offered regarding the reclassification of Pulau Kukup that it will have no bearing on its status of a national park, at which point the agile mind would ask “Then why in the first place change the island’s standing to sultanate land?”, bringing to mind William Calley’s now famous line regarding Vietnam village My Lai that “we had to destroy it to save it”.  No, Your Highness, it ain’t over or settled until the fat lady sings and the land reverts to the people.

Anonymous 2319461440035118

19/Dec/2018 at 8:16:25pm

Dr Xaiver first is you should not mentioned what Acting Agong


19/Dec/2018 at 8:14:17pm

My Johore friends must be squirming with disgust. Land grab at Federal level has been stopped. Land grabbers going to jail.  Will the same happen at state level to save Malaysia from greed?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:11:34pm

We are being asked a question: whom do we trust more - the royalty or the politicians? From past behavior none. But there is a crucial difference - we can vote to change the government and challenge the government in court.   We have to accept our royalty and their actions or otherwise runs the risks of banishment.


19/Dec/2018 at 8:10:58pm

What is happening in Johor regarding Pulau Kukup is confusing. Why is state land being converted to sultanate land and more so it being a nation park? Who is responsible for its security, preservation and upkeep? Who foots the bill? Is it the sultan or the taxpayers?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:10:58pm

What is happening in Johor regarding Pulau Kukup is confusing. Why is state land being converted to sultanate land and more so it being a nation park? Who is responsible for its security, preservation and upkeep? Who foots the bill? Is it the sultan or the taxpayers?

Hank Marvin

19/Dec/2018 at 8:07:25pm

Minister Xavier should not have dragged the office of Agong. For one thing it was personal meeting between him and PM. Such should remain secret

Awang Top

19/Dec/2018 at 8:06:37pm

Dah gentar?


19/Dec/2018 at 8:02:41pm

Just return the land back to the rightful owners ie the Malaysian people. Stop stealing like Najib.


19/Dec/2018 at 8:01:40pm

Republic of Malaysia would be the solution? When the county was in the  brink of collapse due to kleptocracy, our royalty was there to act?

WaLid JumbLatt

19/Dec/2018 at 7:58:31pm

Tmj.... Says Oredi Settle... Which means he n Osman oredi Kaotim.... Let the matter die down n then suddenly sold to the Chinese kaChing kaChing kaChing

Tok Jangut

19/Dec/2018 at 7:58:21pm

Sultan land means sultan can develop

Anonymous 768161504478789

19/Dec/2018 at 7:58:15pm

Just grab the land, the sell it for a fortune.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:57:24pm

No standard.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:55:35pm

Stop stealing from the people. Some steal money and some steal land. A thief is a thief regardless. Greed . . .

Demi Rakyat

19/Dec/2018 at 7:53:37pm

Most Rakyat, including Johoreans are upset with the Sultan of Johor because he took land that belonged to the Rakyat and made it "his own". To us, this is totally unacceptable.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:50:28pm

Didn't know it was settled.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:50:11pm

Settled? really?...can someone plse explain to a lot of us on - was there a need to transfer the land?...we just want that reasoning....plse.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:49:51pm

TMJ is a spoilt brat


19/Dec/2018 at 7:49:19pm

So they want the kukup island also.?????? Take all lah.... Kukup mersing muar pasir gudang.... Indonesia.... Australia.... Netherlands.. Take all


19/Dec/2018 at 7:47:18pm

The issue is settled? Is Johore ruled by decree?


19/Dec/2018 at 7:45:39pm

Putrajaya is taking the necessary actions to reinstate the status back to national park. They are working hard on it. Please help them. Just give back the land lah.


19/Dec/2018 at 7:43:14pm

Yes, start the action to take back the land.

Jonah 2

19/Dec/2018 at 7:38:28pm

Does this fella have immunity. He stole govt properry. Why are the authorities not acting.  Do you want a Chinese or Singapore base at our doorstep. So much for the rule of law.


19/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Wow bills and rates started to flow in. My present lodging's rate is almost RM400 and my wife's house  is RM98. I plan to settle it tomorrow. There will be a long queue as usual at the city hall board. RM400 is not small but I do not have any complaint about the service rendered. They keep the grass short, clean the drain to ensure free flow of the water that could cause quick flood if blocked. They clear all the trashes. I am very satisfied with the job and it is worth the money paid.

The car road tax and insurance is another RM500. The land tax is about RM300. The community expenses are like my annual donation to the God's House, the village security and the death fee. I have been giving RM2.4K to the mosque, security fee is RM360 and the death fee is RM360. I have go put aside RM5K of my saving for the annual spending.

If I could waste my money somewhere else why can't I put a little for for my community. I burnt for my drone that I do not get any benefit. I made trips overseas sometimes twice a year.

Somehow it will be replenished by my ASB dividend by January. I don't expect much of it this year.

I donated 6K to THN for the love of my country and never expect for any favour or return. My only regret is those in the new government fail to merge into one strong unit, each has his own agenda and they do not understand the need of the people who vote for them. It is a very sad episode in our history. They have been selfish and irresponsible.

I am a mediocre, striving hard to save my pittance for the old age. Kids do not give me any sustenance and I never ask even a single cent from them. I have enough for myself and the extra is for the expenditure I described above.

If I were to get married, I have to take after my wife more than my siblings. I always want my grand daughter to be economically secured when they grow old enough and I do not want my wife to be poor and hungry when I die.

Money isn't everything. I don't need much more not because I am plenty but because I have just enough. I need a suitable companion to chat and joke, to laugh and quarrel, to agree and to disagree.

I only expect 5% of ASB dividend. If it is above 7% I may be able to spend someone else for the ASEAN  trip which cost less than the distant continents. Whatever, I am keeping my fingers cross.

19/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


 I am quite well verse with Mavic Pro but Autel Evo is not the exact replica of dJI Mavic. Not all drones have identical features. Only this morning I started to unboxed the Evo, examining what come with it. I study the charger, unlocked the battery and explored how to chare the remote controller and the battery, which ends need to face up or down. I think I have to mark the top face of the cables for easy fixing every time I want to fly. And markers have to be white as cables are black.

Similar how should the micro sd card be pushed in. After searching through the literature I opened up the compartment and found they already plugged one in. That simplified thing for me.

I powered up the controller. Then the drone. Pressing the right button as I saw how they did it on the Youtube. I fixed my Android to RC and started to glance the menu contents. I set the home point, the distant, the altitude, the aperture but I have yet to find out where to set the color. Though the maximum resolution is 4K 60fps, I changed it to 720p at 24fps. I don't have the 4K PC or the software that can process such a resolution. 720 was the lowest resolution.

So far I did that much. I don't know when I should start to fly and manoeuvre the aircraft. I think it will take many more days to do it.

Autel Evo is somewhat a copycat of Mavic Pro but they are not exactly the same. It is imperative for us to study any drone from different companies and brands.

19/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


 I thank God for many things. I feel the comfort and luxury of modern living. To me it is a wonder for I visualize the old past where everything was slow and a mile was a distant distance.

I just arrived home from Kuala Lumpur,250 miles away. Had not because of the three hour flight delay, I would have reached home by 7 pm. I left for KLIA2 at 3 pm. Imagine 200 years ago how people moved from place to place covering the same stretch of land space.

The cost could have been cheaper if the tickets were purchased three or months ago. I had paid RM150 for the returned trip before for several years. This was only three days ago and the price was doubled.

It is in fact a break for me, from the daily routine, seeing the same things days in and days out. A few hours of breathing a different air made me a little different. It gave me a feeling of relief and comfort. The peace of mind and the feeling of tranquility is the utmost important.

At the same time I wanted to take back the drone that Rusli helped me to purchase using his card. It is a risk to post it. People had been sending computers that went missing and the company refused to bear the responsibility. You may not agree if I were to say that the Malaysians cannot be trusted. I killed two birds with one stone.

Moreover this is the end of the year. Soon the ASB dividend will be announced. I figure it will be very little but it will hit the target I am aiming for. I may have 1 or 2 K to spend. To a point I can afford for this short trip. And I appreciate the modern progress that jerked me with the ecstasy of life, a shudder of great satisfaction.

You need to live in the two worlds to understand me, the old and the new realms, of the far past and today.

Thanks God I am back home in one piece.

19/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


 I hope love is blind as I an old and ugly and fell in love with a woman 35 younger than me. A friend of mine who is now 71, his wife is 34, has been married for more than 20 years. She married him because she loved him. He had asked her to open her eyes before marriage to compute all the real future of them. "I will be 80 nd old and stinky," he said. "I will be old too at that time," she replied.

But I am in a worst situation, poor in all aspects of what a man should not be. Not only being old and ugly, but my hearing and vision is poor too. Only a blind lady would accept me as her mate.

I had a wife before, sickly and bed ridden. I made sure she had a good vowel, clean them everyday, put her on the wheel chair to take her to a bath, combed her hair, powdered her face, dressed her and bought food for her.

I was happy doing all that my God. It gave meaning to my life. I really served humanity. And I am not scared to repeat the same chores again if I marry another wife and falls sick.

But she sees that I am weak and says she is not blind and looking for a companion to chat and to cherish each other then only God knows the rest. You need to be a believer and know the life in heaven to understand the mystery of life, of people whose spouses who awaits them in heaven. That's something that rational minds cannot perceived. They are beyond logic and emotion.

It is hard for a lady to take an imperfect person as her living partner for many good reasons. I cried when I think of my demise wife and I also cried for fear the love one would leave me.

18/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

DON'T THEY BELIEVE IN GOD ? concept of Barakah

 There is only One God and belongs to every living and non-living things in the universe. Each race and religion prays to the same God in his own ways and tradition. What I have been stressing is what we called Barakah or Barokah or whatever it is that fits the description. The English dictionary translates it as blessing.

When a son gives a small amount of pittance to his parent and look well after them God begged him with a Barakah, that we will see him living with happiness and satisfaction. He can lay bread on his table and thank God for the providence. He has the fulfilling life.

Most Asians still believe in doing good deeds in giving away to the needy though in only a small amount. They never expect nor hope for the return, neither from fellow mankind nor from God. They will be blessed with providence and thanks God for the sustenance.

I reminded a few friends about Barakah and discouraging them from being greedy, not to cheat, steal and run away with people's money and belongings. "You will never see them happy in their lives, remain greedy and never feel enough," I would tell them.

Indeed those who steal were seen to fall sick most of time, their health deteriorate, the family passed away and problems kept on coming. One businessman I observed was always having problems with authority. His electricity and internet services were discontinued, the stall rental was not paid. He made all kinds of loans; also unpaid. The business looked good. He never felt enough. By the look at his body I believe that he will attacked by some dangerous disease in time to come. From the whole scenario and his talks I believe that he dismissed my narration on Barakah. Only believers do believe in Barakah or call it blessing if you will.

From time to time I saw a Chinese lady went around the city and looking for stray cats and feed those animals. What does she gain from doing it ? There is only one answer to it. Both the husband and her believe in God. Through their experience they have felt the great providence.

Providence does not lie on the food and money only. The fulfilling of the soul, the happiness in the feeling, the peace in the mind and the good health we enjoy are the great blessing as well.

18/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I realized that my body aged before my mind when I miss words typed in my blog I think faster than the movement of my muscle. The neuromuscular coordination does not work well. The hands is lagging behind my mind. It had been my habit not to read back what I type immediately. It may takes months to know that I missed words in my sentences and misspelled many of the words. Misspelling is of course something else but leaving words is a clear indication of the body deterioration.

You see this phenomena in Tun Mahathir and other old folks. They have sharp minds but slow in mobility. It is the sign that our days are numbered. Mind you women live longer and their minds work better than men.

Not all men thing the same way. Many do not count the days by their weak body. They are cheated by their minds. They think they are young. They think they never die.

I am not afraid of the results of the missing words. I saw myself in my grey hair, the changing face, the broken teeth, the poor hearing and the blurry eyes. But I always tell myself the others will come through the same path.

As far as I am concern I strive hard to slow down the speed of declining mobility by daily exercise. Guys always asked for my age.

It is imperative to have a proof reading before something is published for the public perusal to ensure readers could understand what is conveyed.

To readers of my article I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. I have to say sorry.

17/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

Life And Excitements

If we put hatred, anger, distrust and suspicion in out hearts all the time before us, our life will be in miserable. Our face soured and wrinkled, the countenance show moodiness and sadness. That's what I observed among those who are involved in politics. Their minds are not stable, emotions dwindled, their visions faded. They spoke aloud as if they were the masters but knowledge wise were shallow and narrow.

Why not just jump out of the miserable life and get into some excitement and the jubilance. Get into sea fishing, bicycling, drone flying and going places and rejoice the friendships. The fragrance of life is not limited to the happy go lucky people only. Even the Godly individuals could enjoy the spices of life in many ways; like having a teh tarik session after the Subuh prayers.

The Muslims were told to stay away from the worldly affair as they are only temporary in nature, to limit our TV viewing, spend time in religious programs and activities and abstain from anything that could make us forget the prayer time.

The color of the world is made by us. It is colorful with sparkling beauty, fun and exciting. Leave them for the dark cave ? God is still in our mind wherever we go and whatever we do. God is still in out hearts when the Skype call comes from the other side of the world.

I really enjoy the elephant ride in Chiangmai, the 3D movies from my big TV at home, the making of a movie, the excitement of flying a drone four miles away, the daily shuttle to Kuala Lumpur and back within a few hours and to know a beautiful woman in my life.

Though I know I will die very soon, I hope to live a thousand years more with the same strength and energy. Why not if God's chemistry is set to work for me. Amin...

17/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Old folks still love and enjoy songs and music. 9M2MW, Malcom who is now a citizen of Australia, posted his singing the on the Senior Ham Group. HE must be about 80 now. Zainal, 71, sings the Tagalog, Thai, Malay, Tamil and Enlish melodies, accompanied by beautiful musical instruments. I put them on my new video footings.

People used to say that if you are good in music you are good in Morse codes. I don't know how true it is.

I don't know what makes me like The Sound of Silence, Besame Mucho, Aryati and Ye Sama. But they surely sooth my feeling, taking away any clot of worries and sadness. One Pak Mat, also a radio enthusiast, told me that he went all over the world to collect Besame Mucho in their local lingo. I am not so crazy to spend money going around to collect songs. But it is nothing strange as we are all crazy at one thing or another.


Zainal singing Aryati

I do not spend time listening to them everyday or spend on HIFI home equipments. Only if decide to listen to any I would just choose one of those songs or music.

Rocks and similar type of shouting songs are just noise to me. In one of the articles I mentioned about the 8 bit songs that have great influence on our mind and increase our memory ability. They are classical music which no young people would like them. It somewhat has a hypnotic effects.

Most of the lovely songs are copyrighted to be put in my clips. When Zainal start to sings, I an overcome the copyright stuff.


There are several songs sang by Zainal Farid in the above clip-Visit to Korea


17/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny, a man broke into our Senior Ham Group invited us for CW lesson class, and several days later kicked us out of the CW class group. That was last year and he came back again this year. So I asked who is he and should he invite us to go into his CW class group again ? To me he doesn't seem to be like a sound man.

Why should he invite us all when we all already knew Morse codes and I believe some of us are more proficient than him ? It is weird indeed, a phenomena which shouldn't have happened. Whoever allowed this man in the group should kick him out the soonest.

There were imperfections in the Malaysian amateur radio when ham radio is almost full of integrity and a dignified hobby. Though the authority was strict and feared by fellow hams, there were a few influential person could still buy their way through. There was a talk about someone's wife got through the RAE and CW test by dubious means. The the sole repeater in Kuala Lumpur were used by husband and wife on marketing chores and later made use of the Malaysia amateur satellite for the same personal reason. The rest of the hams dispise this man until today.

Amazingly when the new comers, namely licence B guys came in, they started to criticize the old hams. They were so brave that they went to correct the old hams during the communication saying about the wrongs of the SOP.  This was not the only one. People had been on the band for decades, these people were not even SWLs yet they became so very expert. Today they dare not come on the band anymore. They will have to swallow their own spits back when going DXing.

And worst they become the PTT HAM and the LANJUT HAM with all sort of new terminologies. They broke rules and laws and going against the philosophy of ham radio, making special repeaters approved by the MCMC who are new guys with power. To us ham radio has been turned upside down and losing the traditional identity.

Crazy things happen day by day, including this CW teaching group. WHY on earth he came to invite us to learn CW and then kicked us out. Try to ask any new guy to explain how the tune circuit work and let us hear.

17/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof

OF travelinhg

It has been a long time I did not visit USA, a place where wouldn't had missed during my working days. Every year I would stay in the same hotel, eat the same Indian Briyani and travelled to Universal Studio, Knot Berry Farm and Disneyland on busses. Other time I would relax in my hotel room . Once a while I took a Greyhound to Las Vegas. I was not scared to go even in December, during the Winter months. Los Angeles would still be warm.

It came across my mind to go back there again. But I found the Visa application is quite a hassle; online application, making a RM700 to a bank, setting the date for the interview and it cannot be sure of whether the application would be approved.

In the old days the agent would find a cheap flight ticket. I would pay only RM2.7K for the return flight.

I yearn to go back only blocked by the hassle.

But I need to empty my mind from worrying so much on things that I would not imagined to happen.

Going with a package trip within a short time is not possible. I just missed a trip to Maldives due to be held in January. The travel agent just told me the package is full and the next one will be in March. The September to December 2019 trip is being sold now. Any trip of my own means I have first to book the ticket three months ahead followed by the hotels at destination.

But my mind is in turbulence now with full of pressure that I need to release the soonest. Even a short trip may do the work. I will fly to Kuala Lumpur on the 18th December, tomorrow, and come back the same day after two hours at the airport. A brief task may make me forgot everything.

I remember when I was about to leave ham radio, it was just like the end of the world. It turned out I and my friends were able to shake ourselves off the hobby. Active travelling may help. But it needs money too as prices keep on climbing. I went to New Zealand before for RM7K but now it is almost RM20K. A  married couple have to pay RM40K. It is not a small amount.

It is still cheap to go to China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The cheapest distant land is Turkey which is less than RM5K.

If the stress is so great I could try to drive to Cameron Highland or Fraser Hill or even to the East Coast.

In future I will try to seek for a new US visa again and gamble with my luck.

17/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I talked to cats. I understood the meanings of the meows. And the cats understood when I called for food and I commanded them to be out of my house. I laughed at the jokes in the Youtube. I laughed when something tickles me.

I cried when I remember my mother, that I had not serve her as a good son. I cried during my prayer remembering my wife but I was happy that I had nursed her to the best of my ability. I cried when I feel hurt and about to separate from my love one.

What made us happy and sad are partly of human interaction. At time you wish you should not meet someone or anyone at all. A man or a woman can be toxic. That's the beauty of being alone. I think I will stay this way.

Truth is usually painful. So people prefer to lie and hide things. They are happy that way. Let them be.

I have a pride in me, that I am honest. It hard for me to lie. If I disagree with my boss I did not write a poison pen letter. I would argue intelligently and sign my name in. I even requested for demotion and rejecting promotion.

It is better to mind my own business rather than getting entangled with other people because sometimes they can make you cry. Once hurt and broken it will stay hurt and broken forever. That explains why I do not want to stay with my kids and decide to die alone.

I have narrated about people approaching me for a huge loans. There were people who were behind hands and took off with my loan. They didn't make me cry nor laugh but they made me realized of the human nature.

Movies often made me cry when they were so touching, depicting some true stories of human struggle against hostile natures, love and separations and the kindness and humility. Imagine a man like me, 72 years, with a staunch feeling and keras hati, still wetted the cheeks with the tears.

Cats that were hit by mankind will always afraid of human being though they may meow us for the food. I am not a cat but I still feel scared of human being for I don't know them well.

As I said before I believed very strongly in fate. God decides.

16/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


A Datin who was in our tour group asked me why I did not look for a spouse. I told her to look one for me. The criteria I always want must be

                                                1. A poor lady

                                                2. Pious

                                                3. A good cook

And the Datin shook her head "...almost impossible..." she retorted. Why do I want a poor lady ? I expect she would not demand much and her taste for luxury would be at the minimum. I can't afford to pay all the expensive items a wife may desire. Seeing the members of the tour team buying thousand dollar leather jackets frightened me. They paid hundreds of ringgit for magnetic freezer souvenirs without sweat.

I need a pious lady who also can guide in me in my duty to God, reminding me what are sins and what are not, and her obedience to God would give me a greater trust and believe in her.

And of course she has to be a good cook. We can save lots of money from eating out.

I think it is not hard to find but it is hard to find one who would accept a stodgy old man like me.

What if she is rich, pious and a good cook ? If she wants to spend her own money for herself surely I won't bother even if she wants to purchase a million ringgit pink diamond.

You see I never mention the word beauty. Beauty is something to adore and appreciate but not necessarily to own. We saw too many beautiful wives being robbed away by wealthy and powerful men, and they were happy to be with their new husbands.

A dream is a dream. A wish is a wish. God decides.

16/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When I said that Kedah footballers were smokers I got a nasty response from men and women. I saw the same person playing for Malaysia and I believed he must have influenced at least one key player to be in his smoking team.

You can present a million arguments against me. I still stand with my view that it is not good for any sportsman. And I do not stop anyone from expounding his view. The rest of the people in Malaysian soccer can ignore me. At least I know one coach would agree with me, Robert Albert, the former Kedah coach.

Even smokers agreed with me about losing stamina when I voiced my concerns in the casual chats. Players can run but quick to get tired and will be losing their speed and passing the ball erratically. They can win against a weak team or teams with similar smoker players.

I often gave advice, presented my view and even protested against some actions. If they dispel them and find it a disaster, it would be too late for them. This is inclusive of my family's rejection over my advice. Even my kids used to say, "Papa you must not interfere with the jobs we want to do..." And I had persisted on giving my stand on the amateur radio. And on many other things. One or two might heed and others did not. When bad things happened these people still try to blame me.

Whoever is listening to me on this cigarette matter ? It should be a part and parcel of the sports world, the dissemination of health education, the rules and regulations to be accepted in the team. It is not only about merely salaries and remuneration.

Indiscipline and ego could wreck the boat. I often heard the Malay phrase ' BODOH SOMBONG' ( stupid and arrogant). Once destroyed I never want to hear anyone lamenting and crying regret. It will be too late to say sorry.

We do not need smokers nor drug addicts in our national team. Cast them away and let them seek their own survival. They are not for Malaysian sports.

16/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Beside the Malays, there are also many poor Indians and the Chinese. It will be very noble if programs are created to group them together and to enhance their economic well being. I am not going to suggest what sort of programs and projects. But it is not difficult at all for the politicians to sit down together and discuss. Then proceed with the plans.

I think there are more problems with the Indians and the Malays, not at the ground side but with individuals who are given the task to carry on the job. A foolproof system is needed to prevent any abuse, corruptions and misappropriation of funds. Otherwise these people will hijacked the money to enrich themselves. The Malays have shown their colors so far in FELDA, MARA, 1MDB, Tabung Haji and whatelse.

I am not for the Chinese nor the Indians. I am for all.

So far we saw even the top people, the former Prime Minister, had been misusing the power, causing a strong turbulence in 1Mdb. When the US court does not allow bill, the Malaysian court does. With such kind of Malaysian mentality it is quite difficult to organize a foolproof system to help the poor.

We don't need a Malay, Indian and Chinese heroes. We need one to be  a hero for all. There are people of high integrity in our country whom could be bought with money nor could be halted by fear. Allocations are not to be given lump sum. It has to be made in progress method and has to be seen done by a group of officers from different Ministries. No purchase or sale of properties, if exist, is permitted.

Let me tell you about a football club that hunt for sponsorship to run. When a sponsor ruled that he would not give the total sum but progressively base on the written requirement the club rejected it. NO FLEXIBILITY was the excuse. So the club looked for another sponsor. When a new management took over it was found no money left in the coffer. Then we all know of whatever happened to the NFC, and the companies who were given loans guaranteed by Federal government. Then the salary of the soccer coach which was bigger than the Federal Minister. And it goes on with FELDA, MARA and even the purchase of military hard ware.

It might be painful to the Malays to hear my view. They must know their right is not to suppress the others or take other people's money for themselves. The concept of ffirmative action must be across the table, to enhance the life of the poor.

16/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


After the unexpected crash of my Mavic Pro for the unknown reason, I procured a very much desired American drone but made by a China's company that opened up a factory in USA. The drone is not with me yet. It is still at Rusli's house who helped me to order it from Amazon as I do not have any credit card. As it is an expensive item I dared not ask Rusli to post it for me. If the carrier worker were to steal it the forwarding company will not pay for the lost. None would want to take the responsibility. Sorry to say that Malaysians are not trustworthy.

I choose to take a flight to Kuala Lumpur, and bring back the stuff with me. The flight will be on the 18th December 2018, three days from now. And will be back on the same day two hours later after requiring it. If the security personnel refuses to allow my drone in then I will have to take a bus home, arriving on the next day. It will be quite a hectic trip by bus. Even after arriving town, I will still have to take a Grab to the airport for my car.

Those are the things that I will have to carry back.

In the meantime I am studying the drone through the Youtube footings. There were various tests made to compare it with a world renown drone, the dJI Mavic. I found it to be almost the same as the Mavic except that it is much heavier. The 4K 60fps does not impressed me much for I do not have the facility to process the 4K video. I would opt for the 720 or 1080 resolutions. A few made the range test showing the aircraft could fly 3.5 miles one way, giving the total distant of 7 miles with the return journey. I have tested with Mavic which flew about 4 miles away, giving approximately 8 miles in total.

But flying far is always a risky business.

If you have a drone, it would serve you well if you are a traveller. People don't fly drone for fun like flying kites. I prefer to record scenic view. We have to plan the theme and set the objective and be systematic about our activities. Otherwise you will sell it away in no time.

To me anything I do is just to kill time. Once Ham radio was something interesting to take away my time but it is now full of pollution, which I had been predicting to happen when the new people took over as the authority. 98% of the old radio enthusiasts ran away and camped themselves at the Whatsapp application.

Thanks to the new technology that made the change available to the masses; the internet and now the drones.


15/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Except for the politicians, I don't bother about people or being busy body. I have nothing to gain. While in universities, both local and away, I discovered fellow friends took pain to know how I fared and what grade did I achieved, whereas I did not have interest in theirs.

Together with me in University Malaya were a few Ministers and other politicians like the former Menteri Besar of Perlis and Pahang, a Minister in Ministry of Education and other big jobs. I didn't bother about them nor did I took any opportunity to seek for their favours.

While in Bloomington Indiana the same thing happened. A few fellow Malaysians who went around to find out each other's CGPA. Probably they wanted to compare who were smarter. I didn't tell mine. They had to go to the scoreboard to check the result after each test. Even my Korean statistical lady teacher who taught me the subject went to see mine. We took the same course. As she was teaching statistic in Korean university and I didn't understand a thing, she was kind enough to teach me.

It is not only on the academic achievements but also on any other aspects. It is hard for me to ask about personal matters from my close friends and their background, their earnings and salaries and even their educational background. I only want to know something if they behave erratically and in rogue manners.

Though competition is good in some aspects, I don't like to do so. A friend or a neighbour can have whatever they can afford I won't follow them. In the radio world, one can have as many equipments and the advance tower, I do not have an iota of jealousy or feeling to beat anyone. I live within my mean. I spend on whatever things I like.

This does not take away my care for the unfortunate, the sick and the weak. I gave in whatever way I can, to individual, friends and my local mosque. A friend had asked for a RM300K loan but I could fulfilled it. A beggar who asked for a dollar could have enjoyed a few fold more of the amount begged.

I gain nothing if I were to be busybody. And in that I do not have any heart feeling unnecessarily over other people affair, thought and their deeds. And I truly believe that when you throw things at people, you will get things thrown at you too.

15/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


The end comes when Najib called for allegiance and obedience to him, not to the party, kicking any UMNO man who questioned him about 1Mdb. This was the beginning of the breakup. Some members still supported him hoping to get the money from the man who was too generous to throw around by the millions. And those who have made millions through corruptions, kick backs and other dubious means believed they would still be safe under UMNO. They have been hiding their criminal activities through religion and declaring that they are the saviours of the Malays.

They plundered and plundered without stopping using lawyers and judges as their strong defences. Najib didn't believe that he could lose as he had spent much to corrupt almost every man he can get hold of.

These people had never satisfied with the wealth they have. The Ministers seemed to SAPU all. Isa, Zahid, Azees, Ku Nan, Najib are among the few charged. There are still others who are free but fear of them being brought to justice too.

When Najib chopped UMNO off he didn't see of it's fatal blow. Mahyuddin, Mukhriz, Shafiee and a few other sacked UMNO members were toxic enough to inject poison into other UMNO remnants.

Before the GE14 there were calls to oust Najib out but it was not heeded. UMNO still thought they were invincible.

It took a long time for some members to realize about Najib's lies. Then they began to see both Zahid and Najib only care to save themselves. They have hoped Anwar Ibrahim would them. But where were Nazri and Zahid when Anwar was thrown into jail for the crime he did not do ? They had hope for a riot and MAGERAN to happen by campaigning on ICERD and racial issue. The police and Zahid gang finally realized it was not possible for MAGERAN to happen as Mat Sabu is a Defence Minister though the IGP may side Najib and Zahid.

Zahid looked for PAS as an alliance to form a new government. PAS took a careful step to cover the proof of them taking money from UMNO. But many UMNO members didn't like the narrow minded Islamic party. Then they saw Zahid is trying to ally PKR and DAP to side him using Tun Mahathir as the deadly enemy. This too is nothing more than to save himself. Today he is slapped with another charge of giving loan using the Yayasan Budi's  money as if it belongs to him.

The national coffer is no doubt emptied by Najib. It is the money belong to the people.

The demise of UMNO has started to begin as there were exodus of the UMNO members to PH. Tun will not make UMNO an illegal party. It will burn by itself.

To get back the money Najib and Rosmah should be tortured till they tell all where they hide the money. And those who keep the money and refuse to surrender them must be tortured too. There is no other way to deal with the crooks.

The final prize of arrogance is reaped by Zahid and Najib themselves. Zahid must know that we kept the video showing his sinister speeches and remarks, so boastful and disgusting. He is not aware of what the rakyat is capable of. People watched how they carried themselves in parliamentary debates. They thought they were smart but the rest saw them otherwise.

I believe very much in the divine interference for Najib has been bragging so much of himself. It is the comeuppance of the sins. And PAS in defending the thieves and corruption will soon see what will happen to their King who was photograph marrying a Russian girl who walked with her breast exposed. And in April we will see what will become of Hadi in London's court. The great sins of PAS is denying accepting the stolen money from Najib either direct or indirectly and was solely responsible for dragging down the image of Islam.

15/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


They know marriage is not a play game. It is something tough. At 72 marriage is not for sex hunting anymore. It is more of a companionship. Then there is an extended need of economic security, family commitment, give and take and sacrifice. Choosing a spouse is not like buying apple and oranges by the roadsides. Many a time we find some of the apples are bad in the inside and the oranges are sour.

Friends always advise us to get married for for we may be ill and sick withal tenderly love and affection, a companion to accompany us and killing the loneliness. Do not be choosy and hunt for the beauty. 'Let it be pain in the eyes but not in the heart' they said, insinuating at a good but not so beautiful spouse.

I have been warned that young women may marry old men for his money and position. So we saw this in Siti Aishah who married our Selangor King and Taib Mahmud young wife clinging for his large property, and how he showered her with gold and diamonds. And some women might have the impression that I am a wealthy person. Remember, I told you about a friend seek a RM300K loan ?

What is left with me is the faith in God. A good woman may come to me without me going and hunting for her. People may say it is something impossible to happen. Why not if God wishes it to happen.

Lately a beautiful woman comes into my heart, about 35 years younger, an age that shuddered me for I might not be able to deliver what she might desire most; sex and penetration. Or she might have the conception that I am loaded with money. Am I to discuss with her or just wait for the development ?

But I do not have much hope. She might say NO and I need to accept it.

Then I could go on with my life, pursuing my hobbies in movie making and drone flying, travelling to see beautiful places in the world and wait for my death. 

14/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


There were men I wanted to eat alive before GE14. I had wanted to slash their hearts and munched them like what the Cambodians did to the Vietnamese refugees in the '60s. Pandikar Amin made himself as the most powerful man in the country, even above parliament, chasing out the opposition members out and vehemently showed his partisanship without any feeling of guilt.

Keruak was another man that I repeatedly expressed my hatred for making statements defending Najib on every occasion even before any of the Malayan opened up their mouth. All along those years I had been thinking whether he was a man or an brainless animal.

Then came Ismail Sabry who said that going against Najib meant going against Prophet Mohammad, elevating a kleptocrat to the level of a Prophet. Though he talked less than Keruak, it was despicable of him  trying to draw obedience by making a thief a godly man.

Shafiee the lawyer, is the most top evil man, I ever saw. I see him as an Indian, reminding me of Kelings who opened up the Sultan of Malaccas's gate to the Javanese and even corroborated with the Portuguese.

For Najib and Rosmah, the Bony and Clyde couple, I reserved them for the torture chambers, separating them from each other. Some called her a hypo. Some called her a Fat Mama. Others called her Lo Si Mah. The FLOM, as she was addressed by some, was seen to be above the Prime Minister, taking over the task of Wisma Putera, indealing with Putin, Hillary Clinton, Mrs and Mr Obama and finally the Trump. She would first inspect and taste the Jet, flew all over for shopping spree, spending millions to beautify herself, lying and showing an immense arrogance in public. I am not talking of the pink diamonds and other expensive jewelleries yet. Rosmah must be stripped naked in a dark chamber full of rats.

Najib will face castration centimeter by centimeter if he refuses to tell where he hid the stolen money.

These give us the picture on how those people will be treated by the masses when they go mad and gone wild. In Ukraine the masses merely get hold of those Ministers and threw them in the dustbins on the roadside.

13/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Whatsapp  is one of the most popular chat applications in the country today. Netizens form groups with unique names. One can apply to join the group. Like the Facebook and any other human grouping there are variety and multiplicity of people and characters though they are trying to gather gangs of the same feathers and interest.

I do not request to enter any group but somehow someone would put me in some of the groups. I don't even know many of the members.

There will be people who use the group to preach good things, what and what not to do, the moralistic and religious aspects of lives. Among all the groups I know the Senior Ham Group is considered the best as there isn't any moral and religious preacher trying to educate us to be the perfect man. There were full of funs, music, members singing and other self expressions. Not everyone found all topics would interest them. They would not comment or protest or barred any member from chatting on the topic. It was just the Ham radio we used to enjoy, except in computer communication we could extend our jokes on sex and any other tabooed stuffs.

So far I detached myself from two groups. I just didn't like someone who set rules and regulations on what could be posted and what not to be posted. And one group which I did not request to be in kicked me out for the reason unknown to me. I remembered I made corrections to some Morse codes things that they were publishing.

Generally I just read the comments and remarks. Their views may be different and I may not agree with them, but I would not response to it. Some were foolish, illogical and childish. I ignored them but did not detach myself.

I still believe in freedom. One has one's freedom to talk or to preach. The others have their freedom either to listen or reject it. That is the tolerance that we can bear to live with. To put restrictions is to display the sort of ego a person is. He may think he is the master attempting to control the others. In fact he should be kicked out. If not I shall kick myself out.

I find that the level of education shows differences. My Senior Ham Group consists of people with high education, knowledgeable and smart in their thinking. If you want to see fools just try to follow the Facebook remarks.

Surely a wise man may not be highly educated. But he is wise enough not to talk if he is aware that it is beyond his ability to talk for the subject may be too philosophical, scientific or required extreme intelligence.

On the other hand there are educated men who see things only through their own narrow telescope. All others view things n a wider scopes. One may prefer to hide. Many prefer exposure so that the public will know the truth.

What many people abhor most is when somebody is trying to force his will on the rest. With such a mindset he will will act as a dictator in the the group.

There is a different between preaching and telling or narrating. The readers can feel it though telling may have a certain hidden intention. It still gives a space for freedom. Even then preaching is not as bad as the person who is imposing regulations on others. I can't tolerate such a man. He must be disposed.

13/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have said it before and I am saying it again. It is about the Malaysian footballers who are heavy smokers. I saw them myself and in this event witnessed who was the person who coaxed the other players to smoke. When I saw him in the Malaysian team I said 'Malaysia is finished'. However it amazed me when the team could win some of the games to enabled them to enter the final

Comparing the stamina, I concluded that Vietnam could play forever. It was quite impossible for Malaysian players who can't go more than 50 minutes unless their health prevent them. Smoking would tire them.

I don't know the view of our coaches and those in the soccer fraternity. May be they regard smoking is a trivial matter, otherwise they wouldn't have chosen them. There is no excuse to say that they did not know what their players did. There are gadgets to trace smokers. They can even do the visual check by looking at the teeth.

I wouldn't put such a player in a team however skilful he is.

I believe there are heavy politicking in Malaysian football. Again it's root is money. It means a lot to lobby to put a player in. They may seek the help of influential and powerful to force the coach to accept a person or the game of paying commissions by the chosen ones to respective individuals.

I also believe of the football runners, working on the transfer of players to teams that were wealthy enough to depart with a few pittance to them.

There are people who are non-players but who make soccer a livelihood for them. I am not talking about the food and other outside vendors who would opened up their businesses at the soccer location during the matches. I am talking about those who would penetrate themselves into the sport fraternity and made themselves close to the officials and players.

We can either ignore this contention or ponder over it.

Malaysian football seemed to better during the age of amateur soccer.


12/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not in the history book how the Kings really came about in the various states of Tanah Melayu and how they claimed the state to belong to them. The story of KIngs as the shadow of God possessing the divine power that called a Daulat is over. People are asking how some King became so very wealthy ?

Pictures of a wife of a King is now being distributed throughout the world showing her with wedding dress, busts exposed, which had degrade the respect towards the King.

Once a King's words was a law, unchallenged and believed to carry ultimate truth. Some Kings may still be thinking they are the smartest of the lot.

Manners meant a lot. People will start to question words uttered and actions done. Though the rakyat do not have lawyers, army and the power of making law and regulations, they have the will power and the strength to make a change. Just learn them from the past and recent history, of French Revolution, of the downfall of Saddam and Gadafi, and the disappearances of monarchical rules.

Do we seriously dare to go to vote whether we still need a King, a Republic or a Communism ? I challenge the world, the country and the people. Let us start the world back to only TWO layers; the Godly layer and the single human layer without Kings and Rulers. Mankind decides on whether to have a captain, the decision to come from one man or from the consensus of their group.

Just read on the birth of civility and republic, the dwindling of churches and concept of civil society.

We begin to see how people with power push forward to satisfy their insatiable greed. Once the people had wish they could out these people. Now they ever wish to mob and torture these beasts, to castrate the fellow lawyers who work for the crooks and the beasts. Royalties must be sensitive enough and open their eyes to brace for any eventuality.

While at peace nobody should show his arrogance, and having misconceptions of the support they have. The police may have guns and modern weapons that could kill, but they must not be too over confident. Just look back at history.

There are three states which are under people's watch; Kelantan, Trengganu and Johore. It is not wise for me to publish a photo of a Russian lady married to a Malaysian showing her bare breath without any iota of shame; the Trengganu story of how it get entangled in the 1Mdb that led to the billion ringgit lost and the the money trail of Pulau Kukup - who would get the billion and who would get the bones.

There is only one truth in here, the ultimate truth.

Don't be short sighted in our thinking of our future, what are to come and what will be vanished.

11/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO youth leader does not seem to understand what accountability and responsibility is and trying to limit the blame on the TH management. It was nit TH that put an orange shirt on Rafizi. It was the government, the BN government. And Azees , the car seller, is Rosmah's man. And Rosmah is the wife of Najib Razak. Najib was the UMNO big chief.

I myself had had a bitter experience over my wife behest where Tabung Hani was very arrogant enough tryingf hard to put the blame on me. From that day onwards I lost my trust on the institution. And later I read more news on it and informed people had been criticizing the TH for oil palm investment in Indonesia. It is very pertinent for the relevant Minister to let the public knows what really happen rather than to hide things like what UMNO has been doing and continue to do so till now.

I discussed with a lady about it today and her view was the people involved should be buried alive, including Rosmah Mansor. And the UMNO people would say "Let the court decide'. Oh, we know the story of the court on the billion ringgit JJ's money. It was not the court but the UMNO people who happen to reside in the court who had made gorgeous decisions.

The Muslims will make their own decision whether to continue to save in TH or not. I think they will. UMNO has been using race and religion to draw supports to simplify their robbing and thefts. Is it not TH a perfect institution where criminals can hide under the cover of religion ?

UMNO robbed from MARA, KWAP to Tabung Haji. Then they say they are not guilty until the court says so. They think court can erase the events of billions of ringgit that went missing that easy. That was Najib wanted to happen when he put Apandi to announce that 1Mdb was perfect and nobody should talk about it anymore. Every time they pointed at Apandi's words. His words were law.

The people want to know things. We don't want to wait for court proceedings. If UMNO is still strong on defending Najib then the party and the members will have to bear the consequences, which could be deadly for sure by 2035. Many would be hung and tongues cut for the foul mouths on their heads.

2035 will be too late for me and Tun to see what will happen to UMNO warlords including the youth chief.

11/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


We may not realize that some of us have been wasting their food almost everyday. They buy more than they consume and there are always the leftovers that go into the bins. We can even see eaters at buffet would fill their plates with enormous amount of foodstuffs and could not finish the lots.

Most agree much were thrown out during the fasting months.

Recently I developed a habit of buying food in limiting the amount at the same price. A ringgit of goreng pisang may be about 8 to 10 pieces but I always asked for only 4. For whatever I bought to satiate my hunger I would request for a reduce quantity." My stomach is getting smaller," I would tell the vendors.

That was about food. We are also wasting electricity and water allowing the fans to run and ligfht to be on without people around in the house. Again this is a sheer wastage. We should switch off anything that nobody is using.

It is not about saving money but it is silly to see the fan and the air-condition are running with  nobody to serve, and to buy food that nobody eats.

We can apply our prudence to all other areas and aspects of life as well.

Excessiveness may be a matter of taste. A single man without a family build a huge bungalow with grand lights and decoration, a huge plumpy soft bed with 10 pillows, surrounded by hundred thousand chairs and sofas, smart TV and thunderous HIFI unit. He enjoys living alone in a palace to satisfy his soul. By all means if he affords them all. But I am sure he won't by excess food and let it lies on the table for days.

I am glad that I don't have expensive taste nor having taste for expensive things. I live just above a bare minimum, supported by not being a smoker which saved me a lot of money, minimising my internet bill by dispelling the outdoor internet service, using a telco that I pay below RM8 a month, do not buy newspapers and drive a small fuel saving car.

10/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was my picture taken in Belgium around early 1980's. I was already a school principal then. I am now totally different in look and in physical shape. I am afraid to look at myself. I realize I am very ugly, white hair has taken the place of the black growth. What remain unchanged is the red jacket. It turned pale a little bit. I still keep it after more than 50 years later and donned it when I went for my holiday in Winter.

The picture on the left was last taken this year in October. Sure at 72 I could not be exactly as I was 30. I am not talking about me alone. I am taling about every young men an women out there who never want to think of being old. They fight hard to look young by all means and methods. The poorer one will simply purchase creams to apply on their faces. There are anti-wrinkles cream too.

The wealthy ones resort to plastic surgery and spent much on the genetic transplants.

Since the demised of my wife I lead a solitary life. I was advised to find somebody to look after me as I am getting more tired and sickly due to my ageing. I don't know what made them so sure that my wife will be nursing me and taking care of my welfare ? Could it not be possible  the other way round ?

I retired at the age of 56 in 2003, continue to live a mediocre life with a little savings for myself.

Despite being old, I don't feel much burden on my shoulder as I was younger. I do not have to bear the monumental responsibility of the job. It was torturing and I was never happy as I am now.

Friends always asked about my health. I told them that I have diabetes, heart problem, HBP, kidney and all sort of ailments. I did not control my diet, no food abstinence.

I am not worried of dying. I am only worried of suffering. However I tried to keep myself fit by doing some daily workout to loosen my muscles and to allow my blood to flow. I took Vitamin E and a few more supplements hoping that they are not fake. The medicine is too little to take into consideration. I ate day and night even at midnight. Only this morning, after almost 11 months, I checked my blood sugar level. The reading was not 5.2 but 7.3. I know to lower it down is easy. Just stop eating consistently before going to bed. I grade myself as a strong and healthy person.

Many friends of mines are weak after being strike by stroke. A few have gone to meet God. All of them were younger than me. What a tragedy. The main cause of their death was the heart failure.

I leave to God to guide and look after me. I feel that God is with me still helping and guiding my path.

How about the others who are of the same age without any pension nor wealthy siblings ? What if these people fall sick and hungry ? They can't enjoy the luxuries of live as I have been enjoying. The don't travel nor fly drone. I can only pray for them and pray so that the fellow politicians would understand the real plight of the poor people.

10/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty - Merriam Webster

I would totally reject those without any aesthetic sense and values. They ravage and plunder a beautiful and pleasing environment to erect structure for money or some other purposes with excuses and arguments.

I was a little surprise when I visited Disneyland California in late 70's to find a toilet that was named a restroom was so clean. Several visits to the United States and the Western countries of Europe I found the inhabitants gave a high ranking to the beauty of their environment.  To produce one needs a natural environment. I saw a few schools in Malaysia with a beautiful landscape.

I tried to develop a scene that was conducive for my students.


The structure you see above were built by the students.

I am not boasting that no other people but me only possess the aesthetic sense. But just go and visit the school again today. They destroyed all the green and put in the aimless structures.

While the world colleges and universities and small towns were made so attractive and beautiful the Malaysian Malays destroy them. If you are a visitor to Nami island South Korea you will see what Malaysia present to the Koreans, a disgraceful ugly corner that would put you in shame.

What is opened to the public must be of aesthetic value. Schools can shape the emotional development with conducive and beautiful environment. It enhanced their esteem.

Environmental scene somewhat measure the degree of the civility of a society. If you to Morocco and Egypt and then you stepped into Spain you will see a stark difference between them.

09/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


When computer became popular many people took up programming as a hobby, which means they are teach themselves to plan algorithm and coding. I was one of them. That was somewhere in early 1980's. Visual Basic was a powerful beside the normal BASIC. Though simple in nature, a creative person can manipulate the language to do a very wonderful job. Since many of us were teachers we developed applications for our own schools.

I developed the students database, our student's intake, monthly test, leaving certificates and a few more that I could not recall. It was very convenient and quick for data retrieval. One of the bosses in the state education department rang me up asking whether his his relative was successful in his application to study in my school. Just by giving me the first name and read to him the address and the father's name. "Successful," I said.

He did not tell me of his surprise. He did not know I knew computer then. From time to time people from the department dropped by my school to see what sort of soft ware that we used to have. They came, and looked and went back. I learned that they also have computer wiz in the department and people in charge of computing.

Months later the Ministry of Education decide to accumulate various applications from different state. Kedah, my state, decide on school's time table. Two teachers were asked to develop. I was one of the two. The other one was Cikgu Munizar by the name. When the time came we were called again. We were told that the application would be briefed and explained by one officer from the state education department. We were asked to describe and brief him on our coding.

We both refused. We wanted the developer to do the briefing and to be able to answer questions.

We were sent to the door and nothing materialized after that. We knew we were branded as undesirable elements. But that's how they work. The officer wanted to desperately parade his ability and acumen.

The education department after that sent me for a computer course to learn a Word processing and a database system. That was something that I didn't understand.

This is at the state level. My Federal boss from the Ministry of Education came to my school to see what we did with computers that I requested for some money to buy. Earlier on I thought my teachers and student on word processing, filing system and BASIC programming. Don't ask me how much was my knowledge. It wasn't much but it was ample for our usage.

The boss found what we developed was good enough. In fact we won several awards in the Federal competition on several type of soft wares. He was impressed with them and wanted to know the learning period to gain such a skill etc. He asked me and my teacher, Mr Teoh Tek Eng, who took an arden interest to attended all my class, to design a syllabus. We down together, studied several books of various type and came came up with a finalized the topics. We submitted to Kuala Lumpur.

In the Federal Department there was one man, imported from MARA college to take charge of commercial studies. He took the syllabus and criticized it. He used the words "the Ministry could not accept it as it comes from someone without a degree in computing". We heard about it. But nothing hurt us.

Sometimes later students taking Commerce must all vocational schools must take computer data processing as a course. We saw about 99% of the syllabus was the parts we submitted. Still the officer concerned defied the order of calling me in discussion of what sort of computers to be purchased and used in the schools for the same argument, that I had no qualification.

After I have retired I wrote to the state education department that I wanted to teach biometric programming that would use thumbprint for various project for free of charge, aiming at the whole state. There was no reply. That's how they work. Those were the Malay officers.

Today everybody seems to show his knowledge on the use of the applications like Whatsapp and Facebook. When I told them that I can write the Whatapp and the Facebook programs, nobody said anything as if they heard nothing.

I don't claim I am a computer savvy. I have to admit my mind is slow and rusty now. I could not force my imagination to create substance out of words or change codes into actions. My mind is as good as total emptiness.

But I have always wished that the Education department called me to hear my view on computing for just a couple of hours. It will remain as a wish for the old folks who are as good as dead organism. And that's how they work.

Yet I still wrote some simple but wonderful codes for . Today there are new dimensions in programming the android and watches and the websites. As for the web I still used the classical methods as you may have seen in the above url.

What I narrated above is only one of the things that I am trying to show on the Malays. There are many more things other than the computer story. They want to erase what was not theirs and if possible they want to put their names on things that belong to other people. A living friend told a few friends in front of me that he made a radio antenna for me. Imagine he was not even a ham and I did not even knew him yet when I got my ticket and set up my station.

The Malays have been destroying themselves for a long time through their myopic vision, jealousy and having bad feeling towards the success and achievements of others.

The Malays I respect are those who can play chess well, those who work hard to achieve hard things to get, those who work with blood and sweats to accumulate wealth, those who talk less and do more work, those who reject corruptions honest and sincere.

09/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


In Asia the Koreans and the Japanese have been praised by the world. But the world is still looking up at the Westerners and the United States. When USA started the Talent Show, almost half of the world follow it. They even professed the religion practiced by the White people. Why ?

The people tend to relate the technology, research and inventions to the mental prowess of the inhabitants, the people are smarter and more intelligent, and master every aspect of life. Why not when we buy airplanes from Boeng, and telecommunication system from them. If we follow the Olympic medal tally, Malaysia would fall far far behind. Yet we are very vocal and wnat to force our will on the others.

Is it not amazing that the Malays want to earn respect through the statute of law ? So says the law THE MALAYS MUST BE RESPECTED .

The bulk of the Malays must show that they are worthy of respects. Below I will list some of the dues that they must look into

1. Study hard in school. Be good in all subjects and pay attention in all of them. In secondary and college education choose the difficult subjects like additional mathematics, pure and other sciences. Have an early ambition and choose the subjects that will bring them to the vocations they choose. To be a lawyer for instant they have to be good in English.

 Learn as many languages as possible and let a Malay be well verse in at least 4 languages. Remember a Chinese can speak Malay, Mother tongue, Mandarin, and English.

2. Be a scientist, doctor, lawyer, engineer, inventors and create hitech stuffs. Export the invention to the world market.

3. They must work very hard in farmland, at sea and in estates and earn as much money as they can.

4. When they discuss topics they must show their brain prowess, good command of either English or Malay, presented facts with clarity and possess a very wide and deep knowledge on the subject matter.

5. See that there are no drug addicts and drug pushers, thieves and robbers, cheaters and liars. They must have good manners and ethics, show good examples when talking and debating.

6. Do not show laziness in getting something that is hard to get, by just asking for free stuffs, free marks, changing policy to suit them. Avoid behaving in a ruly manner if they do not get they are asking for.

7. They must strive hard to manufacture the hitech stuffs export them or for local consumption.

8. Be friendly to all races. Show concern on their plight. Sympathize with their problems. Get their cooperation on some relevant matters and extend help to them as well.

9. Exhibit competency in every aspect of life. The Malays do not have to submit for every pressure but use intellectuality and cordiality in presenting the rejection. Do not accept any form of corruptions or gifts.

10. be fair and just to all. The Malays are not emotional in dealing with matters.

11. The Malays must be capable of mastering games and sports like both the English and Chinese Chess, basket ball, badminton, swimming and Tai Chi.

12. Hajis, Lebai and ordinary Muslims show their ability in speak in multi-lingual chats, presenting facts with concrete and scientific reasoning, well verse in the internal working of technological stuffs around them.

All the aspects mentioned above must exist in general Malays in a massive number. The show of kindness and friendliness could bring the racial cohesiveness.

I put a question on a Facebook BAGAIMANA MAHU MEMBUAT MELAYU DISEGANI DAN DIHORMATI and among the interesting responses were BELIEVE AND BE CLOSE TO THE KORAN, GO TO SUBUH PRAYER. Imagine how would you expect the world to respect these kind of answers.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been two times PAS prayed to destroy Pakatan Harapan. The first time was before GE14. Was the prayer answered by Allah ? Now the party prayed again, for the same reason. PAS prefer not to work for the betterment of the country but instead acted a lot to destroy the nation. Nobody seemed to show interest in putting back the country on it's feet when we found our economy was destroyed by Najib. They were still behind a man who stole our money by the billions and cheated the people and tried to corrupt American President and DOJ.

I put part of the blame on PAS who created the poor image of Islam among the non-Muslims. The politics of lies and money had been traced. Denying and defending Najib were seen as the teaching of Islam.

PAS forget the idea of ICERD was not a recent event. It started in 1902. The Hindraft was formed when the chronic so called Muslim boys started to destroy Hindu Temples during  the reign of UMNO, the lover of the party. And they are quick to forget Najib had plundered national coffer and the money ended in gambling, movies, buying yacht and personal properties.

Even if the money were givern to UMNO it was still illegal and considered as theft. PAS was seen as the supporter of thieves.

Who else joined the prayers ? The gangsters, the criminals and the corrupts ?

This is real, not a mere blind wild accusation. When money is stolen and lost, whatever the court says, theft has been done. It has been a long time the judges were under the order of Najib and may still be working under him.

PAS and UMNO have been doing the maximum job to arouse the anti PH, putting fire to make the Malays reject PH and ICERD is the biggest ever effort, ending in the appeal to God for divine intervention.

This will be shown by the coming two by-elections, the two seats belong to BN. BN has called for PAS for support.

Let us wait and see.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I do not have comment on the anti-ICERD rally as not everyone of us has the same set of mind. And everyone who attended the rally has different view, intent and purpose. But it is a sign that we have failed to unite our people, not only to blame the government but also ourselves.

I looked at the Facebook comments that were trying to compare the ICERD and BERSIH. I think it is not wise to start the comparison and provocation. Some seized the opportunity to show that they are the Malay heroes who are champions of the Malays. Najib and Zahid had their own agenda, not even realizing even the PH members were at the rally too. They would hope very much the Malays will forgive them. The people maty be softened on Zahid but not on Najib. He has to return the money in his possession that he kept overseas, and repent.

The rally is sure a boom for the hawkers and food stalls. Food and drinks are sure to be sold out.

The police had done their best to ensure peace and no riot will break out. The banned on Suhakam to have it's rally on the same day is the best ever decision. I don't have even an iota of complaint. This is big rally and the world was witnessing the civility of the Malaysians.

We have bigger thing than the rally. We need to address the welfare of our people who are losing their jobs. Both the government and the private sectors ignore this issue. The private sectors are sacking people, the government is shrinking the services. The PH government should take very seriously and not to allow people getting who have been working for 20 years are kicked out without jobs. They have their school going kids to support.

No law makers will care much about this other than the mere rhetoric for the simple reason that they are all well fed, big money to enjoy the livings.

This is what all politicians must work together to resolve.

There is no better time than when Tengku was Prime Minister and Tan Siew Sin was the Finance Minister. Government created jobs to save the rakyat because the country had so much money. Later, the money is seen as a wealth to be divided among the Yang Berhormat. The worst is Najib, the man who attended the ICERD rally, trying to show that he is very concerned about the Malays.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I forgot in what year a big insect entered my right ear. Blood streamed out. I slept without any netting and I could not figure out how the big insect entered my house. It must have been 30 to 40 years ago. Rushing to hospital nothing was done as there was no doctor. I had to bear with the pain for 2 days before the doctor used a sucker to suck the insect out. The ear drum was damaged.

At 72 my hearing worsened. But I am not totally deaf. I still near noises around me. I could not hear a low voice that is two yards away. Even though someone is close to me I could not make out the meaning of the words if he or she talks too fast and mumbling or swallowing the words. I noticed my own kids were in tantrum when I asked them to repeat their sentences.

That is one of the reasons why I prefer to live and die alone. I will not give any problem to the people around me, who might have to communicate with me.

The solution is to use the hearing aid which I do not find it convenient. I still comprehend if words spoken are loud and clear enough. It is something like hearing the BBC and the CNN news, of which I could understand the CNN better than the BBC as the former pronounce the words clearly and distinctly. And it is easier to grasp the American English than the Malaysian English. All is about clarity of the words. I still can manage my daily activities in business and other counter communications.

But I would like to remind those who have old parents not to lose their tempers, showing anger and scold their fathers and mothers for being half deaf. It hurts them. And Islam says it is a great sin. Their lives will not have a Barakah. God will leave them on their own.

As I have repeatedly said that everyone will have his day of being old if he is not attack by a deadly stroke at an earlier age. Those without kids and family will have to bear the worst sufferings. You will know the price of rejecting and hurting your parents when they are dead and you are old. But then it is too late and it is your choice.

08/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


Take any man on the street and ask ourselves "Would he take 2 millions ringgit to betray his country ? " Probably many would accept to take the money regardless of their financial standing. Yet we cannot be surprised if he rejects the offer.

A person who feels that he has more than enough with even RM3K can simply ignore the extended luxury in life. The absent of temptation is brought by his happiness with what he has. A man chose a bicycle over other mode of transportation due to health reason. He can see the world through his TV screen. He has people who ever willing to come to his help when in sickness and hardship.

Greed has no boundary in some. His wealth can last him for generations. Yet he would not reject the millions offered, may it under the name of gift or corruption. A friend told me he didn't believe why a billionaire would still steal. I asked him back whether he would reject a million offered to him, for he is wealthy enough. He was stun and gapping, the sign that he would take the money.

I can resist temptation, not only because of a strong discipline in me but it is also due to the truth that I have more than enough with the modest living and income. I used the word abundance that God has endowed upon me. The man on the street may be similar to me in all aspects of life.

Happiness is not only about getting but also about giving. Just open our eyes and see how many people around us care to give away money to others. Some give a dollar to a beggar. Others give a million to the needy and the country.

You feel good and happy, and proud of yourself when you reject a huge corrupted money. You know your dignity and honesty. You dare to talk the truth, and fear no threat or malicious crooks. And most of all you know God knows and appreciate your sincerity. You keep to yourself and would care whether people know it or not.

A man of principle may not be a religious person. He can be an Atheist or his education may be low.

What we need is a fulfilling life. We do not want to be labelled as thieves and crooks and be the gang of sinners and the future inhabitants of hell.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I wasted so much money on China's products, from the computer storage, thumb drive to the Mavic Pro drone. All failed after some time. As I read more of the failed China's drone I found I was not the only victim. There are hundreds more who suffered the same fate. Their drones stopped and crashed without any known reason.

I know only a few do read my blog. If you do just spread my view to the others because Mavic Pro is an expensive aircraft that may last you only 4 or 6 months. If the drone does not crash yet without reason, the batteries will get swollen. The vendors expect Mavic users to buy every new battery at least one a year.

They are either smart or stupid enough to foresee the future outcome once the distrust on China's products spread. Already there emerge a competition with the American product Autel Evo drone which has yet to find the local supplier.

I am out of drone now. I have to wait until I can got hold of the American version. It is the risk that I don't want to take anymore. The Mavic is sold at almost 10K ringgit per piece now on the new version. Certainly it is a cut-throat price for the unreliable good.

Now you can own Mavic Pro for RM3.1K with a single battery and RM3.5 for two batteries, at a greatly reduced price but the battery remain expensive. I decide to bade good bye to products made in China and to say good bye to Lazada that is selling the China's stuffs.

Unfortunately the Japanese and the Koreans do not make drones yet. Theirs are more durable though more expensive. Those who have been using Koreans and Japanese would know how good the commodities are.

I have a feeling that Autel Evo fears China would clone theirs and sell the fake ones as the original. You name it, China can clone anything at all. You can still buy Autel from 11th Street, pay the company but the drone will be shipped from the United States.

China drone distributors will talked down the Western drones.

I don't trust them at all. Many cheat. They won't honour the warrant period, blaming you for all the faults.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have penned down on the topic several time since I started the blog.

Fate can be described either in general term or a specific connotation. It is specific when I use myself as an example. It is a topic beyond reason, unscientific and conjecture in nature. It is about faith and belief, which the science will dismiss them outrightly.

At this age and at this state I looked back at the past, the reminiscent of my past events. I had been a naught and mischievous boy, disinterested in studying and always play truants. Several teachers hit me and threw feather duster at me for not knowing how to answer question on the blackboard. My parent didn't care how I fared in school. All I wanted was to run away and worked on a ship and settled in a far away land.

I was lucky to have all Chinese friends who finally chose to discuss what were taught  by our teachers for the day. We quizzed each other on Science almost every night. Our Headmaster was Mr Long Eng Hwa who took so much concerned on student's achievements. Those who failed would be caned and those who passed in Mathematics, science and languages would be awarded.

There was  a bright Malay boy by the name of Syed Aswad. He taught me science beginning with elements, metal and non-metals. and what is an acid compared to alkali. I was not a loser when challenged in the science quizzed among the Chinese friends. It was in form two then.

On my own I attended a night class learning Mandarin and I kept notes on recording Hokien words. But my study was still bad. I didn't like reading books. My command of both English and Malay were poor. I was still a low achiever and always failed my English test.

Somehow I score a medium grade in the Lower certificate of Education.

Form 4 and Form 5 were my turning point. I began to acquire interest in study. But it was too late. I was still poor in English and Malay. I was not qualified for the 1st grade because of my language papers. I say it is my turning point as far as my attitude was concerned. I quitted the evening class after a year. And in form 4 and form 5 I took up Chess.

It was the Chess game that won me in the interview as a teacher. The interviewer asked me a lot of questions on the game which I could answer all of them. I ended up as a teacher from a mischievous boy.

There was a desire to continue my study in the university.

I worked hard in the University of Malaya. Only a few points more to gain a First Class. I was happy enough with a 2nd Class degree. 4 years after university days I was put as a Head Master. I never expected it. In the teachers college I followed the basic of technical education. In university I majored in history and minor in economics.

Playfully, a couple of years later I applied to do a master program in the United States. I won the scholarship and completed it with some good CGPA. My GRE score showed still showed the poor score in English ability.

You see, I was not a smart and a bright person. Neither did I pull any string to climb the occupational ladder. I an still weak in English. When I sat down to ponder of my position, I concluded that it was nothing other than my fate. I never had any bad feeling on other people. I never knew what back stabbing was in playing for an office.

Whatever became of me was given by God. I did not dream of stepping my feet in many parts of the world. I never expect to live in abundance of life, to live to this date, to fly a drone and eat luxurious food.

It was not me alone who is so lucky to be at this position. I am not talking about wealth and money. Many of us are just ordinary people, enough to spread bread on our table, and saving a little at a time for travelling.

People who have bad feeling towards others should be more careful. It is not good for health. They may die at their younger age, killed by a stroke, hypertension or other chronic diseases.

The Malaysian Muslims used to say that whatever good things come from God, whatever bad things were made by they themselves. I am not in a position to argue and debate on their jargon.

I feel in me of the Providence, the reasons for the good and bad that came before me.

Questions may be asked "Is it a fate that I to become a thief and a murderer ? " I don't know. I don't choose those profession. I tried to avoid them. I only want to do the best.

07/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


You read the denial by Najib that he did not sell out Tanjung Pagar to Singapore. From the reading he seemed to twist and turn his statement. First he said it was done during Tun Mahathir's time. At the end he said the land was useless anyhow and even PH government would have sold it out.

UMNO people would have believe him. Similarly he changed his statement from the Donation to 'I think it was a DONATION'. Najib expects he can fool the people and the judges. That's why I somehow pray that DOJ will issue a summon of arrest on Najib for money laundering. The Malaysian authority could always discuss with DOJ of the possibility of charging a liar like this man.

He totally blamed on Tun on Tanjung Pagar but himself.

The selling was criticized during his time. He just ignored it but took to defend it only now.

We also saw how Zulkifli trying to escape on the tempering of the Audit Report by saying he was not even the chief yet during the time. What the public raised was not whatever post he held at the time but he was in the meeting to alter the report. It would have been easier for him to say that he followed Najib's order.

The Westerners could not be bought by the words that Najib and his team uttered. They would base on the concrete evidence of the money trail. And PH team must investigate thoroughly and not to accept the lame excuse. If Najib had to sell it for the reason he first mentioned then he should not say "I didn't sell it". He has to say he sold it because Tun found it not feasible to keep the railway land.

The tongue twisting stun is also used by the Indian lawyer Shafiee from the NONSENSE of the 9.5 million to HIS LAWYER FEES  to GIVEN TO NAJIB'S FRIEND.

Najib Oh Najib....what a strange specie

06/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


You may call me a snobbish person, too proud of myself and selfish, for I loath characters disagreeable to my taste. To be in agreeable group, we do not need a person who thinks he is smart enough to ask the group to follow and obey his command, who want to preach us what we should and should not do. He has to go out and get lost from the group or them members have to leave him alone. As far as I am concerned there is no compromise.

A friend told me that in a tour group of his travelling from Vladivostok to Moscow, there was one participant who demanded quietness from the whole team, no one should talk that can be considered as noise maker. The whole group challenged him of their right to enjoy and be merry while the sight seeing. They pay to enjoy, to be gay and joke and laugh. I suggested to my friend to throw him out of the train. In fact the group asked him to get away from them.

I do not hesitate to dislodge myself from a group where there is any disagreeable character trying to show his stature and act like a big boss. I just did, cutting myself out from a Whatsapp group when such a character emerge in the newly formed group.

The best of the Whatsapp group is the Senior Ham Radio where the old hams meet, joke and create entertainment for us to enjoy like we used to do during the hamming days. Most of us are retired though a few are making side income earning a huge income from their special skills. We have engineers, teachers and scientist. No one impose his will on others on any matters. Unlike the previous one, the Zenior Ham Group composes of  multi ethnicity brainy individuals.

I meet people of disagreeable attitudes. I still accosted and talked to them except to the one who run away with my money. I choose to break any friendship with such people. Of course the brief encounter is short and will cause no harm.

I am not so gregarious like the others in my late years. I prefer to be alone most of the time. Only when going for my meal at some distant away I would be looking for a company. If I found no one, I would go alone.

Somehow people of bad character have come into our once distinguished hobby, Amateur Radio. They broke rules and regulations of the hobby and nobody can stop them. They use foul language and hid their identity. They bragged and used the platform to parade their prowess. Hence they drove the old hams from the band.

But everyone would always right himself, believing in his perfection, well bred and useful to the society and the country.

06/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


 When the man was in power, haughtily and arrogantly, he acted as a God, showing himself as the most powerful person in the universe, using a military might to cross the border to kill thousands of innocent people just to fulfil his lust and thirst for blood. But he does not live forever. There was no Lucifer to come and help him to prolong his life for even a minute more. He just died at the age of 94.

George Bush was not the only man we are talking about. History has listed many more great men in the past, feared by many, commanding the world, but finally disappeared from the face of the earth.

Sadly enough we see such of the arrogant people before our naked eyes today in our country. Zahid Hamidi and Noh Omar are among the kind that we could termed as beast through their behaviours. Just download the many videos that  depicting them in public speeches.

Young people never compute the days when they would die. They thumped their chest, showing their greatness and prowess. A couple were about to lose their breath but still continue to show their arrogance, haughtiness and snobbery.

Many a time I surmised how Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi met their death, murdered by their own kind in a miserable way. At least Bush died a natural death.

The story of Malaysian politics is comes under the House of Fame. Najib has been struggling and spending big money to build an image of himself to fight the world's perceptions of him as a crook, a thief and a kleptocrat. He used millions of dollars to corrupt the DOJ and the President of the United States to drop the issue of 1Mdb.

You can't find no one in the world who tried to corrupt even God the Almighty. But you can find this kind of specie in Malaysia. They are so great with money they thought they can appease God by sending people to make pilgrimage.

When they do not think of death, they also do not think of heaven and hell and the judgement day. They do not think of God retribution and comeuppance.

The news of the Big Man's death does not bring sorrow and sadness. People might celebrate with dance and crackers, singing and enjoying the whole night. 

05/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof


While changes and progress are rapidly moving and rushing we tend to forget there are things in and within us that remain static. In us we have love, greed, anger and other emotional domains. Within us we have God, religion, culture, ethics and morality. Se have to address and accommodate both the static and the dynamic domains.

We still believe in the basic of 3R, reading, writing and Arithmetic, the foundation we always want to retain. Else we just chuck them off and having men without them all. We won't die even if we dispel the 3R but the whole world prefer to educate their siblings with the basic skill.

The believers still want to hold to their Holly Books and guard them from any tempering and change, may be it be the Koran, Torah or the Bible. They have the house of worships and defend the place with their lives. The sentiments towards their religions and customs are strong and intact.

But technology changes. First it started out of necessities. Later, curiosities, that led to research and experiments and now for power and money. The quantum leap if when men could squeeze an elephant to a tiny unseen micron. There were wafers and microprocessors. All resulting in magical change in our daily life from home utensils to transportation, from giant computers to a mobile smart phones.

Now it has become an enigma to mankind. At which point where our young should start learning and what to learn. Curriculum is always lagging behind technological progress. Chasing it is almost impossible. And technology itself is huge and widespread.

Somehow we have to make decisions. We have to have a national philosophy on what we are going to pursue. Our ideal have been to pursue for happiness and tranquility, which is full of hindrances and obstacles to achieve.

We have our soul and spirit to look into, our social environment that we need to interact and respect. We have to be concerned of our ageing life, economy and politics. Education is part of our requirement without which we still survive.

As far as I am concerned I have made my own decision. But I have decided whether it is right or wrong. Let me give you a scenario of my environment which might be repulsive and unacceptable.

At home I have several PCs; one with Windows 10, two old ones with Windows XP and one Apple Mac. An Apple would be considered the most advance. I used the XP version to run my old program which I wrote in Visual Basic which is a very useful and powerful language that be used to developed a very wide range of applications. The applications can be used forever as long as the old operating system like the XP exist.

I do not see any reason why I should abandon the software that can serve me well. All that I wish my PCs will stay to operate till I die. I don't see why the children who had learned Visual Basic , C++ programming should abandon these languages for the new ones just to follow the progress. What we need is the supply of computers with the old system to continue in years to come.

The PC with the newer Windows is to be used to follow the new language and system programming like Xamarin, writing codes for the smart phones and even for watches. So is the Apple. In other words I maintain the old system together following the progress that keep on changing every two months.

The computer and phone industries will close down if they were to make things to last forever. To keep their business on they keep on changing their products and the soft ware. You are trapped by them. They would not keep the old stock or the spare parts. You have to buy the new ones.

They will add featured to the cell-phones to attract you to buy.

I used the phones for the phone purposes of communication which I seldom make a call, the Facebook, the Whatsapp, and the camera. They can come with the new phone version with whatever new facilities and features, those will not influence me to own one.

Similarly with the car I own. As long as the old car can serve me, I would not want to buy a new one.

In other words the decision to maintain the old should be well considered and take into account rather than  to throw them away. The archaic philosophy live; keep the old wife even if you have a new one, keep your faith and tradition even if there are free thinkers around. Tradition, the sentiments of love, jealousy and all the others keep us together, to reject the unwanted and the bad and to care of our kind.

We don't leave the old ones despite the ongoing progress. We have to make decision on what to follow and what to retain.

05/12/2018 Abdul Rahman Raof