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I do not follow nor read on Najib's trial but only grasped the the flashed headlines that came cross my computer. I firmly believe that Najib's fate depends on how close he is with Rosmah at the present time. It is strange that I put away facts and logic aside, rather depending strongly on the mystery and astrology. Najib is in the dock because of Rosmah's bad aura which the Malays termed as SIAL. I penned this long before PH took over, trying to analyse the events to co-incidences at the time when the public asked the question as to who was the real Prime Minister, Najib or Rosmah.

But I read on people's input that say Najib can save himself by admitting his sins and return all the loots and repent. No one suggest a divorce which I strongly urge for Najib to do. It is a trade between Najib's freedom and Rosmah in incarceration.

As for the sins of the probable murder of Hussein Najadi only God will decide. If the top cop did not do it to protect Najib then they do know who mastermind the murder of Hussein and Kevin Morais.

The picture of Najib that I saw made me study it very closely. He is thinking all the time yet he sees darkness before him. He tried to get people's support and to revolt against the government. He hopes for Royal's armour, which is very risky indeed. The cost may be a new nation called a Republic of Malaysia. People began to dig about the roots and origin of Malayan Sultanate and who gave them the legitimacy.

The whole world is focussing on Najib's trial. A few including me, just don't care.

If Hadi and PAS think it is alright to steal as long as the loot is shared with the party and to send people to Mecca then Islam will be looked down as a bad religion. The world is observing it and PAS to bear it.

18/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been several times the people 'upstairs' had rejected my offer. The first was the offer to teach the finger biometric system program to teachers, which received no reply from the state education department. The second is my request to give a talk on flying car and drone technology to the students of Vocational College in my locality, which seemed to be rejected by the head of the college.

They either regarded me as unfit and unqualified or they were suffering from inferiority complex, with envy or jealousy.

In my 72 years of living I find that the Malays, generally, are susceptible to the call of sentiment and emotion rather than logic and reasoning. One can steal other people's idea and claim it is of his own, without feeling guilty or having an atom of shame. I remember when the state education department called several of us to develop a school time table software; we worked on it and ready to present to system to the Ministry of Education. The officer insisted that it should be him to bring the application and present. Surely we rejected for people might want to know the algorithm and the inside of the programming modules. Of course we decided not to hand our work to them.

And what more, they were sending me for a Visual Basic course, when I had already won school national awards on application written in the language.

And now with the sudden surge of drones in the market that generate billions of dollars in the world market, younger people in many parts of the world are building their own aircrafts. A few secretly build vehicles that can fly people using the same principle.

Because of my ample understanding of the working of the drones which I think not every student understand the principle working of the machine, I requested to talk about it for 2 1/2 hours to the students. I believe the college has enough equipment to construct and cut materials to make a flying vehicles. Nobody showed any interest at all.

I put in the Face Book about the flying car and about the possibility of making one. Only two clicked the like button. Try to talk about how to enhance the dignity and respect of the Malays, and probably thousands will reply to say ' close to God..'

The Malays do not seem to like something they see as difficult, like learning and seeking knowledge. Yet they want people to say that they are smart. They want big salaries and promotion in spite of their inadequacies.

Capable and knowledgeable Malays do express their frustrations as well. Some keep the feeling to themselves. Many of them retired as a poor citizen until their skills rot.

15/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof




When you talk about the flying cars to the Malays they will turn their heads away, not even the Head of College Vocational. I don't know for what reason. Even the Malay politicians made a joke out of it and made a fun in parliament and their election campaign.

I will explain the basic of the flying car as shown in the clip above, to put it in simple words and hope the readers could understand it. Here is the explanation.

1. Do not imagine a car as the ones you see on the road.

2. The flying car we are going to talk is using the drone principle of a quad copters or a hexa copters; quad is having four motors and propellers, hexa is using 6 motors and propellers. The main item in the project is the motor and the propellers. Without them the car will not fly.

3. For the car to fly the fan/propellers must rotate strong enough to lift the body of the car plus whatever on the vehicle. The weight of the car is in either pound or kilogram. Here we use Kilogram (Kg). The principle is if the weigh of the car is 100 kg, the propellers must push the air down at 200 kg. Double it. The pushing of the air is called thrust. The rotor is sold with the spec 50kg thrust, 75 kg thrust or 100 kg thrust. It also specifies the fan size to use. To get 200 Kg thrust we need to buy the 50Kg thrust motors, 4 of them which give the total trust of 200kg. But it is advisable to buy the 60Kg or higher thrust motor.

4. The 4 motors must be in pair of two; 2 running clockwise and two running counter clockwise. The diagram below show the positions of the motors.

How A Quadcopter Works With Motor Propeller Direction

Why the rotation must be in opposite direction ? If all the propellers rotate in the same direction, the body of the drone will rotate in opposite direction. It is the law of nature which human call it Newton's third law. A helicopter without the tail rotor will rotate all the time in opposite direction of the fan.

5. The role of the propellers are important; it provide lift by the thrust of air, move forward when the hind propellers rotate faster than the others, move backward when the front propellers are faster then than back ones, move to the right when the propellers 1 and 4 are faster. HOW TO GET THE SPEED OF THE ROTATION CHANGE ?

6. Electronic Speed Control For Quadcopter Motor DirectionWe need to attach the motor to a unit called Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Make sure the current rating of ESC equals or more than the current rating of the motor. In the picture here we don't see the wires on ESC. There are wires to the motor and wires to the other part too. Because there are 4 motors to control therefore we need to buy 4 units of ESC.

The image here is showing the ESC for small drones. Mind you it is easy to find the components that can handle a high ampere and voltage. Even in China which is exporting drones legal drone shops are difficult to find. And in many countries big drones are not allowed and forbidden by law.

However they are sold somehow and somewhere to individuals.



7. The ESC needs current to be sent to the rotor. They are brought to a point where they can get the electricity. The board is called the Power Distribution Board (PDB).

 It is at the PDB that the main power is connected. This is a mere connection. The drone has to be powered on and the propeller must rotate at a certain speed before it can lift the weigh as we have first described in the beginning. Again we have to shop for the correct rating. Our drone is to carry a man remember.

There are time that we need a full throttle meaning all the propellers will rotate with equal RPM. There are time when we only want to have rotator 3 and 4 to rotate faster than the others.

8. The drone needs what is called FLIGHT CONTROLLER ( FC ). The ESC being connected to FC will reacted to the command of the FC.

The Flight Controller is attached to a radio receiver (RX) and the RX is sold together with the the Remote Controller RC. We need either to make or buy a set of transmitter and a receiver. The common for drone is the 2.4Ghz remote control transmitter and a receiver.

9. The RC transmits several channels. Each channel has a function like the lift, the forward movement, the left and right and the turning left and right movement. You have to shop around and look for the best. The image I put here is only to provide a concept of a transmitter (RC) and the receiver (RX).

Top is TX and bottom is RX

Having fixed all the components the test must be thorough.



1. Need to configure out all the components so that they are suitable for the high current.

2. The body of the vehicle must be light. Weight all the components and record them; the roor and the propellers, the batteries, the PDB, the ESC, the FC, the screws and nuts, the aluminium or similar light materials and the pilot driver.

3. If there is a limitation to the FC current handling, then add more rotors. Only imagination and creativity can help.

4. NAZA FC all in one does not require a PDB and simpler to connect.

I have done the rough estimation as the cost of the project. It is about RM20K.


13/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


If I were given a mandate to be a prime Minister for a week, the first day I would do is to declare Johor without Sultan. After all Sabah, Sarawak and Penang do not have Sultans. In my whole life and I am about to die anytime now, I have never seen any member of a Royal family who acted like a Samseng though I heard about a Malayan King hacked someone to death. In sciences we are talking about genes and chromosomes that carry the traits of the ancestors.

No country in the world should create the immunity of a King and the Head of States. No King shall be a gangster, murderer and do whatever he likes over his subjects. Johor forget about God, humanity and civility. The Royalty's wealth and power given by the man made law do not scare any poor man.

TMJ is a boy, lack of discipline, braggart and thought he is Captain Malaya with a confuse mind. He thinks he is smart in every aspects of the games. Having own army does not mean Johor is invincible.

I would not make war with Johor's army. I would just disband them and place under Federal government.

The boy would be sent to a special school where he could learn logic, sciences, philosophy, history and religion with a small allowance of a hundred ringgit a week. He can join politics, going campaigning, form a party and be a Prime Minister, just like anybody else.

There is no restriction for the Royal family though Johor is without a King. They can go anywhere in the world, doing any business they like as long as they do not indulge themselves in corruptions, stealing money as what Najib did.

As for any other Kings in the country, they have the choice of remaining as Kings, join politics or going back to their homelands in Makassar and Sulawesi area as they themselves have declared.

Then, after the week passes away, I can step down and ready to die.




11/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof




11/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Let every citizen answer this question and don't beat about the bush. And the Sultans must answer the same question. Those who talk about absolute loyalty would not understand what it means until a King hack his father or mother to death or rape his wife in front of him.

I am not talking of Mahathir nor Johore Royalty. It was like that in the yesteryears before many of us were born. Kings would beheaded anyone they want. People were made to believe that bad omen would befell them if they disagree or challenge the King. It was the Kings who brought prosperity to the land and they were the shadow of God and divine in nature.

No sane man will give the right to the King to kill and manhandle anyone he likes. No sane man would agree with any law to allow the free killing. It is not in Islamic law or in any other jurisprudence.

A King might think he is popular among the rakyat and the people still desire monarchy. He might be right. But he may be wrong too. It would be best if he were to ask for a referendum whether the people wants the Constitutional Monarchy or a Republic. Many countries that used to have Kings had had their referendum and the people had made the choice.

10/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Historians do not live in the past. They gathered bits and pieces together to see the shape of the mole. Stories and traditions that passed from words of mouth came to a break in the age of enlightenment and civility and science come to the fore. People no longer believe in the divinity of a King, the shadow of God, the guidance of the faith. The Malay Anal documented on the origin of King from Alexander The Great.

The Sultan of Selangor announced that His Highness is a Bugis, meaning the ancestors were from Sulawesi area. I was in Ternate and was informed by the locals that the Sultan of Kelantan was from that area too. As for the rest I would not make any remark because I do not get any first hand information yet.

In this world where nations began with Kings only a few is still having the Royalties; Brunei and Saudi Arabia were the wealthiest. Saudi Arabia is having a big unseen problems.

In Malaya I do not foresee the reign of Kings will be forever. A misbehaviour of a member of Royal family has tarnished the good name of the Kings and already there are voices calling for the referendum, whether to make this country a Republic or not. It will just be a natural process in the modern environment that people will come to reject monarchy and demand back all the lands that taken by the Kings. The 1Mdb issue began in the Trengganu's palace. No matter how monumental the effort put in to cover up the case, it is time that will decide for the murky water to be replaced with the cleaner one.

I predicted 2035 will be the end of all, no matter what. With the current situation Johor and Selangor are inviting the hell.

07/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Who is richer and wealthier, the Chinese or the Malays ? Who is more advance and progressive, the Chinese or the Malays ?

In my own personal view, generally the Malays are still backwards in their pattern and methods of thinking, short sighted and lazy. Many still believe the men are superior to women, sciences and technology threaten religious beliefs, and even reject the idea of flying cars and flying men as nonsensical and absurd.

Generally too that the Chinese are richer and wealthier. For many long years the Malays depend on the government for jobs. The immigrants from India and Pakistan came to the country to make businesses. There were a few trades and business run by the Malays. The British pampered the Malays and provide them on many things. The Chinese had to organize themselves to provide schools and educations, sharing trades, crafts and other skills. They strive to make a living, plant whatever eatable plants where land were found. And they had kids they wanted their kids to excel in schools and education.

How could the Malays be wealthy working as a government servants compared to the tin miners and motor cycles importers ? And the Malay parents in the kampongs were illiterate and uneducated. Many did not see the value of education. Even if the know, they could not add additional support.

When the Malays failed in education and failed to get a proper job, they thought politics could help them, could bring them wealth.

Today the competition is stiff. It is not easy even to run a small business. It returns to the old law, the survival of the fittest. The Malays kill each other for a job, for a contract and demand even cash from the government.

Politicians have millions. As long as the people vote for them the more money they can make.

06/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Mat Hassan laughed at the idea of flying car, trying to convince the kampong folks that it is a nonsense. And I find at least 50% of the politicians are uninformed and lack of knowledge about sciences and current progress.

If anyone from government read this essay, I hope he can tell our PM to encourage the youth in building their own flying cars by lifting off all the taxes on things and components for the making of the vehicles. Within a week of the announcement by the custom I will make a trip to purchase the rotors, propellers and a few other relevant components and form a group of  builders. Mind you I am now 72. If I were younger by 40 years I would start despite the obstacles.


Flying car as shown in the footing is not like building an airplane. The government can always set rules and regulations on where the test could be made. Once successful the machine has to be registered and DCA will decide for further instructions.

Right now at least 10% of the drone lovers can build a vehicle as above with a little encouragement. Technical schools and colleges have all the facilities. Yes aluminium welding must be there. There are light materials sold in the market, else we build factories to manufacture carbon fibre.

To laugh and rejecting a progressive idea is very despicable. And they are good in cheating the voters.


06/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have heard Najib been telling lies, pretend stupid and spinning things since the issue of 1Mdb cropped up. It began with accusation from Tony Phua. Even Tun Mahathir and almost all UMNO members and the rakyat did not know what it was all about. Najib was very quiet and about, neither denying nor confirm it. He let his UMNO men replied for him.

They did. They said that Najib won't be silly to keep money in Malaysian bank, he would keep his wealth overseas. There were consensus denials that he has any. Later the Wall Street Journal mentioned about the 2.6 billion in the Am Bank. Najib was still quiet and his lawyer threatened to sue the Wall Street within a week. It was three months later after several trips to Saudi Arabia he came up with the donation story. In the meantime his team start to make false documents to justify the donations and putting words in Saudi's Prince mouth.

Time and again he says he wants to clear his name. Again only recently he said that let it be a direct broadcast so that the people would know the truth. That sounds good. He can prove his innocence and he is not a thief. We the people want to know the truth too.

But he keeps on stalling the court case, appealing for the the course of stay. How could he show that he is not guilty by not wanting to prove himself innocent. If he is , he is. People will judge whether the trial is fair or not as they have seen in the case of Anuar Ibrahim. But Anuar have never repeatedly said "Let's go to court to prove my innocence". It was Najib who repeatedly mentioned that he wants to clear his name.

Tun has made another great mistake after making a mistake of choosing him as a Prime Minister. Tun declared the rule of law too early to deal with despicable people. He should have discussed in detail with the PH and the cabinet members. Najib should have not been allowed bail in the first place like the South Korean leader before.

He is given freedom to lie to the people again. to go against the government, to work with the Johore monarchy against the government. He wants chaos to happen so that an emergency could be declared.

But there is one thing that I should state now and truthfully. If the rakyat starts to hate the rule of monarchy and the Kings, Najib and UMNO who must bear the responsibility. Remember, not all Malays will absolutely regard Kings as the shadow of God. They now know that some Kings are immigrant from Makassar and Sulawesi area, and will later ask the legitimacy of the Kingship and the power they have over the land. The Sultans themselves declare their fact of their origin, which the people are not aware of before.

Najib has  no choice but to prove that he is innocent by the course of arguments and rebuttals in court. We the rakyat will always be fair and make judgement. We will side Najib if we believe that he is a victim.

06/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


We need money to survive. If without bequest we have to work, beg or steal. Most of us are not wealthy even the people who run businesses, though most of the wealthy citizens come from the  business community. try to work for 60 years and accumulate your savings and see whether it will come to RM300000. Millions don't even have a saving of RM1000.

Once there was a debate about the Haram and Halal money, about the source where they originate. The notes in circulation are from all sort of sources; theft and robbery, the sale of drugs, prostitution, agricultural and manufacturing sectors and from other institutional jobs.

The Muslim clerics have justifications of these money. If a lottery money is given to you and you know it, it is not haram provided the money is used for public goods and services. If you don't know the source then it is free to use it without fear of any sin.

When someone gives you a thousand or a million ringgit, just take it and don't ask of it's source. Certainly only a good man would depart with his money for the welfare of the others.

As far as I am concern, a good government won't give away money to the rakyat freely. But it will create jobs and made them earn their salaries through the jobs. In the village there is always a commune job and let the people work in the commune like fish rearing and animal husbandry. There are no limit in projects creativity. I never agree with BR1M, for it does NOT contribute to the GDP.

Some wealthy men became rich through their enterprise. Others sell their lands to foreigners. Others rob from the public in a big way and give away a little of their loots. It is the later methods that we are to focus about. The Muslims who ask others to steal and use the money to go to pilgrimage will only realize that it is a  big sin. This is the perception of most Malay Muslims. It is the money that counts, not the source.

The morality has disappeared. The Muslims are inculcating that criminals and sinners should not be ashamed. Their minds have been corrupted. To them any man who gives them money is a good man.

05/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I believe the top cops who went for vacation together were all Najib's men. When they came back they played a judge saying that Najib was not involved in the high profile murder. How true is Karma ? Now there are groups who blamed the police for missing Koh and Amri. Zahid Hamidi immediately denied that it him who instructed the police to kidnap the two missing men.

When UMNO was talking about Jihad, it was talking about saving and hiding the crimes that will be emerge in the future.

No matter how they are trying to hide the truth sooner or later they will be caught with the pant down. It was the police who was trying to make Brown as a terrorist and put under Interpol Red Alert list. Anuar Ibrahim experienced almost similar situation.

People are observing the demeanour of these powerful individuals, and very close too.

I am sure Najib, during his freedom time, had called those whom he had put to the high position and JUSA to be loyal to him and to support him. I saw these people shaking hands with him at the court and the MACC's office. You cannot be courtesy to a person who had ruined our economy as you do not shake hands with the drug pushers.

So when the top cop said that the high profile murder has nothing to do with Najib, they are making the judgment. It was just the same as what Apandi Ali said that there was nothing wrong with 1Mdb. It was nothing but a mere trying to show their power. True powerful indeed they were, but we must not forget that God is more powerful and will work in a mysteriously to see the police receive the comeuppance.

I have seen many retired top police officers, observing their lives as a laymen. They are wealthy, having money to spend but they are ignored by many. When they died those who knew them said 'thank you God'.

But not every top cops are bad and evil, not everyone agrees with their superiors. The ones who were not involved in any dirty job would not have any guilty conscience. The real story of the missing Koh and Amri will surface. We will soon witness the result.

Several people have written articles exposing a few top cops on corruptions, leaving a permanent image on those who read them.

Remember people do observe. It is up to the top police to show that they are nor bias, honest in carrying out their duty and really serve the community.


05/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I used to respect an influential cleric by the name of Azhar Idrus known as Ustaz Azhar Idrus, but the respect waned when he commented on the femininity of women that are always weak in strength compared to men. He said that no women could beat men in sports.

Last night I watched another footing where he claimed that men always use their brain but women only want to fulfil their desire. If men do not take care of their female counterparts the later will go naked and expose their bodies.

Because he is a religious figures the followers will agree and believe in him.

The Arabs once regard the women are inferior and never use their brain.

Azhar has been living in a cocoon, and never seem to know what's going on in the world. He has not been even to a jogging track where women overtook men in the walking and running exercise. If he takes a hundred PAS men in the sport's field I can be certain that all will be beaten flat. Even a women soccer or hockey team could outwit a Malaysian state team.

Recently I visited Taiwan. On the way home I followed the women at the airport for I did not know what to do with the e-ticket. Things went to smoothly and the checked-in was very easy. I would have to make enquiries from several persons, whether to go to the check-in kiosk or to the counter.

When I worked my financial clerk who was a woman and those others in charge of money were superb in bookkeeping. The cashbooks were neat and well arranged. The male clerk and store keeper had caused a hell of havoc, and many numerous errors.

The English teachers were all women and the school English result in the public exam were very excellent. A few of these teachers had been travelling the world over on their own. What made them wise were their brains.

I do not underestimate the will, the capability and the intelligence of women in general. I can choose a woman as my general and my security guard. They are in combat, flying fighter jets and been to the outer space. Right here before us they are judges and lawyers.

Azhar was wrong. PAS rejected a women as the head of a state and the country showing how naive the clerics are. What a pity.

If men always seek their brains for doing things, they would not condone thefts and lies and to support Najib who had been traced for stealing a huge sum of money by DOJ and other foreign countries. These religious people have sinned themselves by disgracing Islam in the eyes of the rest. 

03/04/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Like many other people I have dreams and wishes but they were not as high as the sky and as big as a universe. They came at various stages of my life. At one time I wish I could see without a spectacle again. When I looked at the view of Semporna in Sabah I had wished I could be there one day. At this age I wish I could construct a drone that could fly me to the sky. The dreams appeared at random sometimes inspired by situations and events.

Most materialized with efforts, sweats and at time by chance and opportunity. I wanted to be a ham radio operator, I worked hard for it and my wished was granted. At 65 I had an eye operation and now I am able to see without spectacle. It will be within hours that my wish of going to Semporna will happen. Tomorrow by God's will I will be in Tawau.

I hope it will be a great trip. I will be bringing a drone, a handy cam, a Nikon camera and a phone camera with their accessories, with the hope to capture the scenic view of the exotic island of Mabul. The hope is the wish, for there might be obstacles on my expected journey.

What triggered the trip was a marriage invitation by a member of a Jordanian trip group in Tawau. It was published in the Whatsapp. I responded that I will attend the wedding invitation with my mind set on drone flying over he area capturing beautiful images. A couple of friends also agreed to make a trip. I then bought a ticket and booked the Promenade Hotel. All were done before the Taiwan trip which was on the 14th to March 2019. Taiwan was not in my dream. It was an on ad hoc decision.

The dream of building a quad copter is swirling around my mind. I have thinking on how to order the heavy weigh rotor without barrier from the customs and other authorities, the purchase of some carbon materials to make the vehicle light and the design of the machine. Unfortunately I am not as enegetic as before. I need a team to do it. But who knows, when I reach 80 God might grant my wish in a certain mysterious ways.

I also wish to have a companion of my taste. I believe God will see to it.

I never wish to be a millionaire, a politician nor a noble man. I love a simple life, a simple dress and a modest living. I pray To God to see that I will not be greedy, dishonest, cheaters and liars.

26/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


What I am penning down here is my mere imagination. I do not force anyone to believe the contents of my mind. What is true to me my be lies to all the other people. It is my view.

The people are being disappointed by the myopic Malays in Malaya today; the top cops, the judges, the politicians and the voters. They legalize the crimes of murder and theft, promote and protect them, and vote gangsters and the fools to be leaders. The top cops went for a purported vacation in a group and later made a statement that Najib was not involve in the high profile murder when the million eyes saw the several death were related to Najib.

They seemed to ignore of Najib's serial lies. And Tun again made a big mistake in hurriedly call for the Rule of Law, and Guan Eng honoured the folly of the past government. But Guan Eng is not a Malay.

That is about politics.

On the ground the Malays are selling their land away, approved by the Malay politicians and administrations till only the affluent afford the land and the properties but the rest are hardly reached to own a home.

I was in the hobby of Ham Radio. From my perspective it was the Malays who killed and destroy the sanctity and the glamour of the hobby and the philosophy.

The Malays called themselves Muslim and don in Hijab, but shockingly uploading pornographic materials by the thousands depicting girls and women wearing Hijab in sex acts.

One Malay guy was criticizing PH government, Tun Mahathir for retracting subsidy for sugar. He wants sugar to be subsidized. In short he wants sugar consumption to be rampant. There are many low mentality and uninformed Malays like him around.

The dwindling of morality, the absence of ethics and courtesy, rudeness in parliament, stupid decision of judges, the dishonesty of top police, the selling of land and properties to developers are all a sign of doomsday for the Malays.

In the old days there were Western comic's character called Jonah. Whatever done by Jonah were never right but he would keep doing them, thinking they were the right things to do. The current generations do not this character but a few might know Luncai, who is quite similar to Jonah.

It is indeed sad for the future generation and the present young men. I won't live till 2035 to see the demise of the Malays which were the result of their myopic vision and stupid mind like Noh Omar and Maslan and Anwar Musa. And of course many from Harapan too. The Harapan guys never realize that having a post means having more work, more to think, less sleep and have to struggle for finding time.

You don't need to put forward your argument for it would not alter my thinking whether they are right or wrong. Since many of you will still live, you just have to wait and see. So far most of my predictions have shown to be true.

25/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The concept of the divine power of King has long gone. In the yesteryears some tradition believes that Kings are heavenly endowed to bring light and prosperity to the mankind in this world. Others narrated them as the Shadow of God. In the Malay mythology the origin of Kings were always related to the myth of dragons and super powers, from Iskandar Zulkarnain.

Today people begin to ask where the kings come from and who gave them the power over the people. What make them claim that all land belong to them.

When I visited Sulawesi the locals told us that many of the Sultans in Malaya were from those area. In fact we heard a Sultan said that he is a Bugis.

People actually are not interested to know the origin of the Sultans and the power vested in them. so long as the Sultans do not make enemies with the inhabitants of the land. And they should know that nobody agrees with the absolute power of the King; to kill as he likes, to take people's wife, to confiscate public property and to commit crimes.

To be a patriot is not to obey a King but to be loyal to the country and willing to die to safeguard the homeland. Giving or selling the land to the foreign government is an act of treason and a traitor. To be loyal to one's country is not to be loyal to a leader.

At one time the most beautiful in the country was a Princess, the smartest was a Prince. Today there are many beautiful ladies around the country and a sea of clever laymen everywhere in our land. A wise man does not have to be a PHD holder, a Prime Minister, a Religious leader. It could be anyone on the street we see.

If we have seen a hooligan in our parliament, let us not see it among the noble and respectable family, nor a lawyer. A wise man talkss less or just remain silent. Or else the public response would be painful. Peole are watching. They have brain. They have memories.

The Sultans and the people should respect each other for peace, prosperity, tranquility and happiness.

It is sad that the statement has drawn some unfavourable response from the public. Do we need referendum of any kind ?



24/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Lately we have seen women running naked in Kuala Lumpur and other part of Southeast Asian countries without having any feeling of shame. There have been mountains of Malay pornographic clips posted on the internet and the Malay women talked on sexual intercourse openly with pride. Lawyers and religious people are lying to the general public. Politicians stole millions and walked everywhere without any shame. To justify their actions they campaign 'NOTHING TO BE SHAMEFUL'.

That's showing that morality is diminishing among the Malays and the Muslims in this country. What is left is a mere hypocrisy.

No amount of lying and denials can erase the truth. Only those who fear no retribution, comeuppance and God will continue to propagate crimes, lying and cheating. When Barisan Nasional stole the money they asked the present government to pay for the stolen lost, clearly shown the type of people with non existing morality.

The greatest liars and spinners I have ever seen in my life are Najib Razak and Shafiee. They changed their words by days and weeks following the situation. They do not have any guilt. And those who believe their changing lies are not fools but more than the stupid morons.

And we see gangsters being chosen by the people to lead them. A person who kicks his teacher behaves the sane way in parliament. They behave rowdily in court and parliament and show no respect to rules and laws. They are proud of their actions.

Some talked about the end of time as morality is fading away. May be.

But it is a sign that the Malays are going doom. They no longer use their brain. I predict 2035 will be the year where they will be buried by their own foolishness.

23/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not easy to find a person who would think about the welfare of others before him. People tend to hide their hypocrisy behind their words and manners. I noticed their Facebook and Whatsapp postings giving advice on how to be good through religious quotations but in real life they are very selfish.

Cutting queue, double dipping, blocking other cars while parking are a few instances of the undesirable social habits. I experience a bitter moment when travelling when the tour leader ignored my telling him/her that I do not take chicken and wanted to have it replaced with just an egg, or a tour member would take half of a fish for a ten members of the group, where the fifth person onwards were left with nothing. The same person would post all sorts of advice and religious teachings when he/she comes home.

Inconsiderate persons come from all walks of life. It would be worst if they are politicians who never ever things of the future and welfare of the people. Why ? Because they have never been poor and facing hard life and joblessness. But we can always avoid the normal men and women.

The other day when I was at the airport waiting to board a plane, I just stood up from my chair and a Chinese man who a bag on my chair. giving me an impression of a Taiwanese man whom others might termed as a man without any courtesy. Such type of a person can be from any race or creed and i have the most experience from the Muslim tour group. Tour leaders from POTO travel so far were not doing very well. They do not cater for individual but the majority, unlike the non-Muslim tour I went before.

I am a perfect person either. But by giving away to the inconsiderate, I believe they will one day will be confronted by the worst people than they have been.

The reward for being responsible and considerate is the happiness and fulfilment in oneself. Or it may come days, weeks, months or years later when one may find a very concerned person who will show his kindness.

I do not lose anything by avoiding s selfish person.


22/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Taiwan's economy and business is not as wonderful from my observation. The country is helping the business community by opening it to the tourist industry. Visiting the country is easy. Visitors are taken to shops and markets where you will not find the locals as customers but thousands of foreigners spending on very expensive souvenirs and other items. I think the idea works fine.

There were only 9 persons in my group. I think it is due to the poor marketing of our tour agency, which I thought it was a scam. The company only asking for the payment till the last minute.


I brought with me only 4000 Taiwan dollar, spent 180 on a bag as my backpack was broken. I spent on corns not on souvenirs. Things are cheaper here.

There were only two males, me and Rusli. The other 6 were housewives and one young girl. I didn't know their names until before I wanted to make a video clip. I guessed the most educated was Ruslina, graduated from Indiana University Bloomington where I had had my study. She is in satellite business. Two are working with Credit card companies, Suriani and Lynn. I do not know much about the other two elderly ladies, Salmah and Rokiah. I, Rusli and his wife wife, Robetoh, are all retired guys.

The daily programs were not hectic as our daily trips started at 9 am. Only on the last day we had to start at 5 am to go to the airport. In my opinion it is interesting to view the warm water valley, the craters, the flower valley and the Lehliu Geopark. But Taiwan is not the shopping heaven.

As for food, I only like two restaurants, the Alibaba and the Thai food.


How's about the temperature ? It says the temperature in March is between 14 to 25 Celsius. You can don even a T-Shirt if there is a sunshine. It would be chilly with the cool breeze. I carried a pullover with me in case of any strong wind blows.

I think China is a much better place.


20/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Once we used to know what shame is. We were always aware what were right and what were wrong. But animals don't. Today we go all out to tell the people of the world that there is nothing to be shameful of stealing, lying, committing crimes, and in some progressive society some go naked and do the sexual acts in public.

We begin to see people are approaching the realm of savagery. The Malays are losing their heads, now promoting pornographic movies showing students and individuals in sexual acts. They use religion and God's name to advance their goals.

To the real believers and people of high civility, the phenomena is a great human tragedy. But life has to go on. You either ignore it, fight back or pray for the best. But I still believe in the comeuppance, God's retribution will come to punish the savage politicians and their lawyers.

Even the ones who claim to be the messengers of God lie, not knowing that they have committed big sins by disgracing Islam and the others lost respect towards the religion. I see them as nothing more than hypocrites.

11/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A savage is an animal like behaviour, brutal, barbaric, demonic and sadistic. His master is the sentiment and emotion. He wants what belong to people through the use of force, steal, rob or lobby. He can't see the happiness in a society of people, and seek ways and means to destroy them. He chases others out of the boundary. Having control all the gains he will leave the land empty. There is a Malay word for it; 'KHIANAT'.

The victims distant themselves from the ruined land and seek happiness and pleasure somewhere else, finding sanctuary somewhere hiding from the savages. But one or two of the rouge demons were able to penetrate the new society having spoiled the once beautiful land. The damage done is beyond repair.

I am one of the victims, being chased out of my boundary but successfully find a new theme of sparkling pleasure. But I will never forget nor forgive the beasts that ruin the happiness of other people. They still move like marauders, wanting to enter every house where others live in peace and joy. Damn the barbarians.

When news came about the death of a barbarian, I do not feel happy. Neither did I feel sad. Let them die and let them fall sick. I don't care whether they go to heaven or hell. Let them kill each other and destroy themselves. The land destroyed will never go green again.

We toiled the soil in a newly found land, and grow new plants and fruits.

A savage is a savage. The minds and habits remain.

11/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am not going to spell who are the fake and snobbish persons I know. You wouldn't know who they are unless you peek them through their veils. We still addressed them as friends and neighbours even at the height of a mild confrontation. We still smile and talk to them and behave as if everything is normal.

I never like hypocrites. I never like people to are lazy and always want free things. I never like people who use religion and race to parade themselves as good and holly. And I never like a narrow minded individuals. I just hate braggarts.

I have a friend whom I know having little knowledge of everything but tried to convince people of his prowess in everything in the world. He could convince many people of his mental and social status. Truly, he is fake, lazy and stupid. When people of this category become politicians they will work their way up, convincing everybody in the country, becoming Ministers and stole in whatever way they could.

Fake and snobbish people are everywhere in our society, including in the amateur radio fraternity. In radio they ruined the hobby and then vanished from the scene.


10/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was a long time ago when I challenged the Polytechnics to pursue Research and Development as well and suggested the promotions must be based on individuals inventions or to build modified near to clone projects. I was only a manager of a small school. The engineers argued that 'Polytechnics are to teach and not to do the Research Work'. I don't know whether they are holding to the same stand as it was before.

The engineers is the education system I knew were always haughty and arrogant, despising managers who are non-engineers. They fought for special schools called the Centre of Excellence and only the engineers could be the principals. In several meetings I clashed with them on their thought and challenged them to see the outcome at each end of the year's public examination results.

I was not wrong. They performed badly. Today anybody can become the head of those schools.

In those days I knew that there were fellow hams who were doing experiments on laser and other scientific research. They took the tasks merely as hobbies. If they could do it, I expect those in the technical education would do be able to do more.

It is sad that the Malays do not think like the rest of the progressive people.

Those who are in politics are the worst. They do not see that the new competitive products to raise national income is to export technology and the products. China made billions selling their commercial drones. dJI sells cameras and other equipments. The drone market is almost controlled by China.

It is better for the politicians to understand the substance of technology, all areas and aspects, than to think how to make stealing legal. Politics is the environment of fights and quarrel today. It is all over the cloud. The mentality of the people at the roots are seen in the Facebook's expressions. I once asked 'How to make a Malay respectable ? " Answers that came was ' Be near to God...' And there are millions of them with such a mentality.

Whoever is thinking of finding alternative energies from nature ? Whoever is thinking seriously of investing in Research and Development, the making of instruments and tools, hardware developments and metallurgy ?

Ask the engineers in the technical education division.

Now that many have retired, what do they do ? What technical contributions have they produce for the nation ? In the free time they could prove that I am very wrong about them.  


08/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I had predicted the outcome of Semenyeh. It was not about Najib but the Malays saw the Chinese are taking over the country bit by bit and DAP is moving ahead at destroying the Malays and in a strong momentum towards the destroying the tradition.

The non Malays do not see it that way. They see their ways and forever blaming others as racists. The main issues shown as a tip of the iceberg are the recognition of Chinese education. The Chinese pushed it according to their own rules and condition. And secondly, Moorthy who told the world that the Indians do not have place in higher learning and government posts unless they became Muslims. And there were many Indians were attacking the Malays depicted by the Youtube.

Unlike the non-Malays, the Malays kept what they do not like in their hearts and only waiting for the right time to strike. Malaysia Baru is something the Semenyeh Malays find as a real threat. And UMNO is picking up the issues of Islam and the Malays are being insulted.

There is no point to argue and blame anybody for PH lost. PH does not have a very strong machinery and strategists to plan out the future. There were plenty of inexperience and immature people in the party.

Even a strong supporter of PH like me feels that DAP only care of personal interest, not the country and the people. Ram Karpal was seen to side Najib. DAP youths thought the party is strong enough to be defeated.

As long as the Malays feel that PH has threatened their religion and their culture, arrogant and weak, they will not vote for the party anymore. Moorthy is seen as an ultra Indian ready to strike against them. And Malaysia Baru is a finite doom of the Malays.

It is within this atmosphere, Najib and UMNO capitalize the chance and the opportunity. BN still has strategists, people of high calibre, with PHDs and experience. They are attacking the weak points of PH one by one. Lawyer Shafiee can play tricks on the weak PH government.

I saw weaknesses in TUN and the PH Ministers. I talked base on my experience as an administrator and my observations.

Go to the ground and read the Malay feelings. true or not, right or wrong, but that is what they feel. They would not care about Najib or about broken promises, but on the insults of the Malays and Islam. If the non-Malays don't want to see it that way, the Malays will change their votes against the new government.

03/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Ham Radio was something hard to get in the past. One has to know English and there wasn't any guessing game possible because the exam was in essay type. Either one had to be English educated or one had to teach oneself the language. And secondly one had to pass a Morse code test. To learn Morse itself was difficult as there was no teaching aids nor readily available that could be used. As such only the semi English educated and the elite group managed to enter the ham fraternity.

Before becoming a full pledge Short Wave Listener, I accidently discovered that putting two radios side by side could resolve signals that we did not understand before. Then I heard people talking among themselves whom I later knew as ham radio operators. Their chats were very interesting, jokes and high level sort of knowledge, on topics of travelling, sciences, radio and new stuffs on electronics and on matters of personal affairs.

I started to buy Electronic magazines. There were advertisements on ham radio "Talk To The World", something almost unbelievable. I went to Alor Setar city telecom and made an inquiry about it. The officer told me about it, about MARTS and about Radio Amateur Examination. Some time later I read in the newspaper about a Jamboree On The Air. In Penang it would be held at Coronation camp.

It was my first time that I met hams like Eshee, Malcom, Chow, Chong and a few others. I joined them on two consecutive days. A few week later I applied to be a SWL and given my membership number 65126. Eshee and Malcom had been my elmers till I get my ticket.

I remember the late Marzuki and Choo always came to see me and talked on how to go about to earn a ham license. Both were working in hospitals. Choo lived nearby and he already knew Morse codes before sitting for RAE. Marzuki devised his own method after hearing the tips from me.

Hariss, 9M2ALL, said that he came to my house. I didn't remember him then. he said he saw my large log book which I think was the biggest ever. 9M2AU was still a SWL. 9M2ZA,Zainal was not heard of also.

Later Choo and Marzuki had tickets on them. I don't remember well about Bahar and Pak Dollah.

MARTS had their meetings on the band. The rest listened. When the meetings were over the band were open to all. All were held in English. The daily conversations among fellow hams were held in English. Our brainwaves were of the same type and frequency. Daily conversations were cordial and fun. The boys from the Philippines and Singapore joined us. The Malaysians were using the roundtable format and the intelligent used of the PTT. The Indonesians were different. So whenever an Indonesian ham were to break in, it caused a haywire and confusion.

There were several groups on the frequency spectrum of 40 meters. When the group became to big some would call their friends to move somewhere else. There would be the average of 4 to 5 groups each day.

The Perlis gang came later. I remembered working Pawanteh 9M2PZ on Morse codes each time we came on the band. I didn't remember whoever got the license first, either Manan, Jamil or Pawanteh. Later came Non, Che Mat, and Azlan.

Though we have regular chatting, we do not see each other till we lost them. I saw raja Iskandar and Rajamani and Ong but I have not seen Lim Phang Choo and Ibrahim Oxford. The first and the last time I met the late Raden Lokman and Mukti(9M2FT) was in Port Dickson.

Now that we are all old and some have gone to see God, we do not find pleasure and glamour in ham radio anymore. But we are still communicating among ourselves through the social media.

If you are saying in Malaysia ham radio is the best ever over all the previous years, then live with it and digest it. This year the SEANET will be held in Johore, I hope the old and tired hams could come together and talk about the glorious time of ham radio while having a high tea somewhere, and laugh and recalling the reminiscence of the past. These are the old class ticket hams. It would just be fine for the less intelligent and sophisticated waiting to die hams.


03/03/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



The single cooking, sambal tumis, beats all the food I eat outside. It is very delicious and tasty, just the kind of taste that I always want to have. I have two teachers teaching me how to make the sambal and both of them instructed me to put sugar while cooking it. I defied both of them, refraining myself from the use of sweetie things in food that are not suppose to be sweet like curry and chilli stuffs. I also reject Ajinomoto to enhance the taste.

I put a lot of garlic to blend with onions. It is the big onions that sweetened the mixtures.

No wonder foods from the Malay shops would push up blood sugar and foods from the Indian shops do not.

I am not trying to brag, boasting of my cooking prowess. how could I when I only know of only ONE dish. But this one dish taste better then the various morsels outside. And I can be sure it does not contain poison like Ajinomoto and sugar.

My former Indonesian maids survived on a boil egg and the pounded chillies. There weren't extra dishes like gravy or vegetables soups. And when I ate the pounded chillies and a boiled egg, the taste was so yummy. You don't have to a be a champion chef to prepare a delicious meal.

It does not take a long time to prepare for any meal, not even an hour.

My Sambal Tumis are of different varieties with different type of chillies. No matter what they taste great.

28/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Drone market is commanded by China. The whole world spend billions for Mavic Pro, Autel Evo, Xiami Fimi and other lesser aircrafts. Once I thought Mavic was American as all the video clips I watched depict American flyers. Vendors in different countries behave differently, some selling low quality batteries and clone drones.

Similarly I thought Autel Evo was 100% American. But is is also a Chinese drone.

In less than a year my Mavic simply dropped from the sky and broke to pieces. Warranty is only a jargon. Autel dropped just 6' high and the gimbal motor spoil.

Quality drones are not cheap. 4 drones is equivalent to a small car in Malaysia. I can afford to by a Mavic for a replacement but I won't do it. I don't want to spend more money on something that does not serve me, and I don't want to be trapped by technological changes. Already I was told that dJI does not support Mavic Pro anymore. They have Mavic Pro 2 in the shelve and at a much higher price.

I have been in amateur radio for more than 48 years. But I spend much less than on my drones. I have to travel to take aerial pictures. And when my Mavic crashed I threw RM5K down the drain. Ordering Autel from United States cost me as much.

My strongest urge to buy a drone was when I was about to visit the island of Maldives. I saw plenty of footings taken in the area and I was amaze with the beauty. I bought a Mavic Pro a week before my trip. Three days later it crashed and the repair took two weeks and I could not take it with me to Maldives.

Unlike the ham radio, I can't fly the drone anytime I like and anywhere I wish. In fact I have to think of a theme or to have objectives for every flight. Panoramic scenes is one of the themes. And they have to be at different places. There might be more scenic beauties in Balkan than in Egypt.

Most videos I noticed were on the various tests and capabilities of the aircrafts. There were few efforts to capture fantastic scenic views.

Like radio drone movies can transmit understanding and culture to the other communities. It depicts the vision and mentality of the town and city planners, what people do and how they dress, the current progress and achievements.

Like everything else a drone pilot must have an ethic in himself to ensure the privacy of the others, the safety of other commercial aircrafts and to put a little effort to know the flight paths of airplanes and the air force training flights.

China is making a lot of cheap toy drones, easy to fly even by a 7 year old kid, with the limitation of the height and distance. Kids fly drones just like they fly kites. Adults are interested in photography and aerial scenes.

I have a habit that whenever I want to fly I would look for a place where there is no people around. But at time there were observers who would come around to ask a few questions; the price, the range it can go, the height and the duration of the battery. Kids usually asked about the distant and the height it can cover.

To me I do not believe in testing the prowess of the drone the maximum distant it can go. Some people like to test the range. What is important is how far it can fly forward in half of the battery level. Autel Evo would show whether the flight time will be 28, 27, 26 or 25. For 28 minutes it is better to fly only 14 or 12 minutes. At times even after flying 10 minutes there would be signal lost and the drone would return to the home point. Other time it could still fly for the whole 28 minutes, depending on the antenna orientation and the band condition. But if I fly the whole 28 or 26 minutes my drone will not be able to come back to the starting point.

The radius of between 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile would be ample for the photographic session, almost enough to cover the complete scenic view. Else you have to capture the location part by part.

As for the height it is good enough to be between 100 to 300 feet. Wherever there is no plane path and I need to ensure better antenna reception I would push higher then 400 feet. This is vital to fly and to capture the top of a small hill. It is safer to fly low if your drone has all round obstacle avoidance system. But you pay more for better technology.

I always told those who asked about the price that it was expensive go buy a good drone.

27/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


1. I have not been into my radio shack for quite some time. I do not know what's going on the bands. At least I can say something when old friends were to ask me about the current hams activities. News about radio comes from the Facebook which I rarely read them, except about the sickness and death of a certain amateur operators I do not know of.

Outside the shack I have a handy, a small Baofeng. It was yesterday and today I tried to scan on the 2 meter band. I heard nothing. I presume there was no activity on several repeaters either on Kedah Peak (Gunung Jerai) or on the Elephant Hill (Gunung Keriang). It could either be due to my insensitive Baofeng, or simply people are not active.

Then I think of the old hams. The living ones are Kamal Tan, Rajamani, Bahar, Tan, Lim, Rusli, Au, Chow, Rashid and a few more others who are missing from the band. If I were branded as a sombong guy, how about the rest ?

As for me, I am just scared of the 9Ws. Truly scared. And of a few rogue people who used to disturb us when we were on the band. I guessed these rogue people must have acquired the licence by now. It was the 9Ws who had come on the band and told us what were rights and what were wrongs on the SOP methods. Some even giggles at us when we were talking among ourselves. I have never come across such an insult since I became a ham in 1975. Till year 2002 things were still fine.

I heard that one or two old hams were blaming and condemning me as well and joined hands with the 9Ws. And these people are not heard themselves at all. What happen ?

It is a pity.

2. Today is Friday. I usually went to Majeed restaurant for a breakfast. The price at Majeed is reasonable and the taste is good too. Since I learn a little cooking, I tend to love my own for it suits my taste. This morning I decided not to eat out but to make a fried rice from the leftover Sambal Tumis and the remaining rice I cooked last night.

Though it was simple, the taste is suitable for me, better than many of the food stalls.

Afterwards I may go to Giant Supermarket to buy some fish and prawns for a week of cooking.

3. Najib was trying to explain the rm15 million given to hid lawyer. His explanation was identical to what Shafiee gave us on his RM9million fee. They are the same, fee over a period of service.

Whoever in the world wants to work if monthly payment is not made. You can stand a one month promise. Rakyat can't even wait for a year to wait for PH's government promises. As soon as as PH won, they immediately demanded for immediate prosperity.

As before Najib's gang will start to forge documents.

He can explain but it is up to us to believe. I won't believe a compulsive liar.

22/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a common phenomena worldwide where people with family were living alone by themselves and die alone without being known. Some rot and some only discovered a few days later from the pungent smell of the air by the passerby and the neighbours.

The young people think they are strong and healthy but their parents always know that they may fall sick and even die, and thus encourage their siblings to get a spouse rather than leaving alone. On the othet hand the young guys think that their parents will die first.

Many single old folks prefer to stay alone rather than living with their kids. I don't. They have hurt me, not knowing their doings. I talked to men and women of all races. We were of similar views. Yesterday a friend told me about a Chinese mother who fell and now hospitalized. She too live alone and does not want to stay with her kids.

There is a price of leading a solitary life. Freedom is traded with u known and lonely death. If one is sick one can still struggle to call for cab to seek medication. I would fall sick at least once a year, the least it is flu and sometimes fever and coughing. I would be horizontal for most of the days and forced myself to go out for food at night.

But to me the trade is worthwhile, for my mind is always free. Nobody forces me do and think what I would not like and hate. And I am willing to die alone and unknown.

I write about this because I got a news that my school mate, a person I knew, had just passed away and his death was discovered three days later. I immediately messaged to my kids who are still single and living alone. It is they themselves who can decide on themselves.

Compared today to yesteryears, there are more people die from stroke today, aged between 40 to 80. In the old days death was at the old age. When asked for the cause of the death, the old answers were 'Sakit Tua'( aged disease ). Ageing was a form of sickness that commonly took away life then.

My friend who died was 72. I am also 72. At 40+ we thought we would be as strong as ever and forever. Many of us do not want to figure the future of ourselves.

21/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Lawyers, engineers and professionals sometimes do not grow up with age and qualifications. probably they think they are smart enough and rich enough no matter what happen to the country. All they care is for their own stomachs. And they think they are already great.

PH party members are the worst ever people I observed in my 72 years of my life, as immature and myopic. They started to quarrel and show their masteries soon after the people kicked BN out. They are trying to show off and indirectly giving a strong advantage to Najib and the opposition. It started with Rafizi, followed by DAP Youth and later by Ram Karpal. Ram Karpal blatantly showed that he was on the side of Najib rather than the persecuting team. If he is matured enough, he would have just stayed quiet. I noticed the DAP people also fired at him in the social media.

Najib and BN saw these conflicts and Najib even threw remarks on the non-communication between Azmin and Lim Guan Eng. it was not wrong for PAS to say that there is an effort to kick Tun Mahathir out.

It is not wrong to have differences but not at the time when dusts are not settled yet.

PH members underestimate BN's capability, did not realize that the party has gain enough experience after 62 years in power. They have strategists and thinkers and even private armies.

Putrajaya is not a big place. It is imperative for the new government to meet everyday for quick briefing and question and answers. It can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Then these Ministers must dissipate the outcome to the rest. And there must be a government's spoke person.

When PH Ministers go bonkers immediately he was blamed. That was not right. It would be wise he should be called and his mistakes pointed out and spell him the consequences of his action.

BN is using a lot of tactical approaches unknown to PH like that of poking into one's qualification. PH is dancing by BN's music till now. PH could have sued anyone for accusing the PH members as a liar. To whom did the person concern lie about his degree ? Did he projected his qualification during his campaign ?

The Malays saw PH as a party that will destroy them. The issue of UEC and Moorthy were not a trivial matter. There was the issue of a Christian cross on Penang's building that made them believe that DAP is heading towards making Malaysia a Christian country.

The Malays were told that Moorthy had told the United Nation that Indians are being discriminated. To get access to universities and government post they have to be Muslims. He does not apologize for the lie and he is still a Minister. It was his rhetoric that the Malays believe to cause Adib's death.

And the UEC is a bold attempt to show that Chinese will follow Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's tactic in taking over the country. Social media has been suggesting Lim Kit Siang as the Prime Minister.

Hence the support to PH will dwindle. But the Malays being less stupid than the other races do not foresee how Najib can escape from his crime.

What is PH doing now other than digging graves for themselves ?

20/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


God  made humans and non-humans, Satan and Angels. You never know that there is a human that is worst than the most sinister in the universe, a specie unknown to human. That this specie is known as Najib Abdul Razak.

He ate beef from Japan. The poor ate their planted tapioca. He went on his special made Jet plane and the natives had to walk miles and miles. He had millions and billions, the poor had nothing. But on the recent election campaign he visited the Orang Asli's house and ate with them. After winning he disappeared, now donning coat and tie, moved to court on luxurious car. Then he started rolling again in Semenyeh doing the same act.

He impoverished the people and the nation but pointing fingers at the newly formed government. He is telling the people that he is a victim of a bad and cruel government.

But we never forget how he can lie and lie denying he knew Saiful and Djo Lo until he was cornered. He said he did not have the money kept. He wanted to sue the foreign media for telling lies about the money in his bank. Again, when proven, he took him several months to come up with a donation story. When the Saudi finally said it wasn't a donation he changed to say 'I THOUGHT IT WAS A DONATION'.

To him lying was nothing, a habitual routine. To him boasting of his successes and his popularity was a fun that provided him with happiness and satisfaction.

He is still trying to act innocent on many matters including the death of Morais, Najadi, Bala and Altantuya. Circumstantial denied him. And many say he still have stashes of cash in foreign banks.

God knows Najib well and let him made his own choice, leaving him alone without any guidance. And many of us know who is Najib. I have no words to describe him. But let me tell you that even if he is going to die in one minute's time, he will continue to lie and corrupt.

I have learned the bad and the worst of the Satan. But God hides from many of us that there is a creation that is extremely despicable.

18/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Taiwan is only a few hours away yet the March temperature will be between 14 to 18 degrees Celsius. I could don only a normal T-Shirt if there is a sunshine without breeze. Coincidently the supposed trip will be from 14th March to 18th March. It will be three solid days of the tour. The company has not asked for the full payment. But according to my friend it is a confirmed visit.

At first I thought of going to Kuala Lumpur on the 13th and put up a night before the trip. The ETD, departure, will be at 2.25 pm. It means I could fly on the same date from my home town by the morning flight. Air Asia costs RM105. MAS might be RM250 for the return ticket. Since I do put a night there, I can make use of the money to choose MAS. It will be a little convenience as far as the luggage is concern. I will be bringing two bags with me, the backpacker and a medium sized empty bag, just for 'in case' thing. I don't usually go shopping during my trip.

The domestic ticket will be purchased tomorrow.

And as usual, I would buy a pair of new shoes. It has to be below RM80. The sole must be rubber and thick with strong resistance to slip. There are plenty at the night market but the sole is too thin. I have to try at BATA shop, probably at Aman Central. And in October I may be going to Africa. I might as well look for for a couple of them and keep one for the later use.

The long sleeve shirts need to be ironed. I will do it when I am free and put them aside till the departure date. There will be three of them, 6 think T-Shirts and 3 T-Shirts with coillars, and a pair of trousers. Those will fit one single bag.

There will be no food, not even for super. During my last experience I did not consume any and had to leave them in the hotel room.

But this time I will quite a substantial sum for some electronic goods like the ras-berry pie. I will think over about the FIMI S8SE drone, a Xiomi drone priced at RM2K or USD500. I have ample time to think about it.

From now till the departure time, I can fantasize the fun and feel the joy. It can make me forget all the sadness and misery.

18/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


In me, I have both. I tried to avoid sadness by completely put them off my mind, erasing from my memory, names, words and images. Let them be blank, a total blank. Not every effort to forget them were a success. A person who had hurt me deeply never thought that he or she has left a permanent deep scar deep in my heart, kept on coming back as if nothing has happened.

Memory of ham radio is painful and sad. Memory of my mother forced my tears down the cheeks. Memory of my wife has both the sadness and happiness.

The happiest moment of my life is freedom and living alone. Nobody questions my choice of eating, doing, and travelling. I keep my home according to my own standard, even on how to keep out mosquitoes, how not to waste electricity and where to place things that I always want to use. I don't even want to share bathroom and toilet.

I have a TV where I can watch 3D movies. And from time to time I would enjoy myself with the technology. I made movies, edited them and posted to the Youtube. I released my feeling through my blog.

I learned many new things that I never knew before, about the type of good rice to cook, about using gas in the kitchen, about blending stuffs and cook them. I enjoy them.

I find happiness by giving as well, pittance to help the needy, who a few turned out to be cheaters and scammers. I didn't become poorer by them nor feeling miserable.

I always feel that God is providing me with abundance, giving me a chance to play with my drone of sorts.

I have a strings of happiness these few days. My friend Rusli came to visit me and we went to Pedu dam where I could capture some panoramic view of the area, And experience a punctured tire that I had had wanted to change and being helped by the policemen. We were in the middle of the juggle at a very isolated part of the world.

Yesterday I was able to capture a game of soccer match between my state and another team, and I made several Youtube videos on the match. My Sambal Tumis I made today tasted so good and I enjoyed my meals very much.

I know I have the balance between happiness and sadness. My age will decide for my favour.

17/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


We booked a trip to Taiwan. It is supposed to be from 14th to 18th of March. To date we have no confirmation yet and the agent still does not ask us to pay the full payment. It scared me a little as there had been to many scams these days on the tour and pilgrimage schemes. The last was less then a couple of weeks ago where 120 people were stranded at KLIA airport as the agent did not turn out and the plane booking did not happen.

The Malays have gone bonkers and proudly and happily cheating and stealing around in the open and walk freely around without shame and conscience. My own student asked RM650 from me and didn't even say a word once the money was cashed in her account.

I hope the trip materialize. We paid RM600 for the booking fee.

I feel that the authorities are sleeping. Some are waiting for public reports instead of taking to investigate matters when published in the media.

Today there are hundreds of Malay travel agencies especially on the trips to Mecca. On every other year we heard of the scam, people stranded and their money went missing. We did not hear of the arrest nor court hearings.

The Taiwan trip was booked by my radio friend online. I do not know this company at all unlike the POTO, SAFIRGOTRAVEL, ANDALUSIA or ARBA. For many years I travelled with RELIANCE before. The popularity of the Muslim travel is only the availability of the Halal food.

You see the average daily cost is about RM1K a day. To places like Africa and USA it is about RM2K. That's a lot. You won't spend that much if you were to go by yourselves. Try to configure the profit. Hence the income is very lucrative. A RM10K trip could bring in a million if they can haul in 100 people. That will attract more people to be scammers.

But I still have faith in the coming trip. The quick confirmation facilitate my domestic flight booking from Alor Setar to KLIA and return. Or the next time I will have to do seek the adventure alone/

16/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been more than 20 years that I did not visit the Pedu damn in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. I waited for my ham radio buddy, Rusli to make a trip to my home, to make a go to the area again. The damn provide irrigation to the paddy land in the Northern state of Malaya. In facts several hills were used for several damns with different names.

Rusli arived my hometown on February 12, 2019. I told him that we would be going to Pedu, a place in the Northeast of Kedah state, on the 13, a day after his arrival.

At about 9.00 am we went for breakfast and pushed off to Kuala Nerang. I brought my drone to capture the water catchment scenes. We followed the signboard when we reached Kuala Nerang at about 11.30 am. It was really a hot day. The signboard said "PEDU RESORT'. That's just the place we loved to see.

The car climbed the hill as we were moving about 30 minutes later. We had to cover more than 30 km more before arriving Pedu.

Somewhere on the hilltop surrounded by thick forest, there was some funny sound from the car as we climbed the hill. I thought it was the road. Rusli thought it was an engine. At almost a flat area we pulled off. I went out of the car and saw the right tire was almost broken to pieces. We opened up the spare tire which was much smaller than the main. I found equipments were not in the box. There were only the wrench and the jack. I had a strong suspicion that the Produa Dua worker at the service centre must have been doing some hanky panky stuff. I lost several things before this.

Somehow Rusli was strong enough to force the four screws to rotate. We changed the tire but to our frustration there was no air. The sun was blazing on our heads. About 100 meters away we saw somewhat like a house. Rusli rushed to get help. But there wasn't anyone in it. Down below he saw two cars near the lake and people were fishing. Rusli approached them asking for a pump. There wasn't any. We decided to wait and stop for the passing cars.

We tried to stop several cars. Nobody stopped. There was a small lorry that was going down to the lake but telling us that they do not have the pump with them. About 10 minutes later I waved for a car to stop. When it stopped we saw that it was a police car, a Kancil, with two plain cloth police. We narrated our problem. The police did not carry the pump too but decided to try their spare tire. We found it was too big.

They said they would take the tire back to the police station and where ever they could fill in the air. Happily we thank the two policemen for the deed and went down to the lake side to find some shade. I took the opportunity to capture the scene while waiting.


45 minutes later we went up to our car, expecting for the police to arrive.

It was about 1.30 pm they came back and fixed the tire. We thanked them profusely and I gave them the pittance for the whole hard work which they rejected. Rusli asked for their names. We could remember Officer Fendi, a young policeman. The other one was a Sergeant something that I have forgotten the name.

We decided to quit the venture and heading for home with a spare tire on the front right portion of the car. About 200 meters we stopped for a photography and then slowly proceeded for home.

At 3 pm we arrived town, went to change both of the front tires.

I will write a letter to the area police HQ to thank the two officers for their good deeds, service and positive attitudes.

12/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof