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Lawyers, engineers and professionals sometimes do not grow up with age and qualifications. probably they think they are smart enough and rich enough no matter what happen to the country. All they care is for their own stomachs. And they think they are already great.

PH party members are the worst ever people I observed in my 72 years of my life, as immature and myopic. They started to quarrel and show their masteries soon after the people kicked BN out. They are trying to show off and indirectly giving a strong advantage to Najib and the opposition. It started with Rafizi, followed by DAP Youth and later by Ram Karpal. Ram Karpal blatantly showed that he was on the side of Najib rather than the persecuting team. If he is matured enough, he would have just stayed quiet. I noticed the DAP people also fired at him in the social media.

Najib and BN saw these conflicts and Najib even threw remarks on the non-communication between Azmin and Lim Guan Eng. it was not wrong for PAS to say that there is an effort to kick Tun Mahathir out.

It is not wrong to have differences but not at the time when dusts are not settled yet.

PH members underestimate BN's capability, did not realize that the party has gain enough experience after 62 years in power. They have strategists and thinkers and even private armies.

Putrajaya is not a big place. It is imperative for the new government to meet everyday for quick briefing and question and answers. It can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Then these Ministers must dissipate the outcome to the rest. And there must be a government's spoke person.

When PH Ministers go bonkers immediately he was blamed. That was not right. It would be wise he should be called and his mistakes pointed out and spell him the consequences of his action.

BN is using a lot of tactical approaches unknown to PH like that of poking into one's qualification. PH is dancing by BN's music till now. PH could have sued anyone for accusing the PH members as a liar. To whom did the person concern lie about his degree ? Did he projected his qualification during his campaign ?

The Malays saw PH as a party that will destroy them. The issue of UEC and Moorthy were not a trivial matter. There was the issue of a Christian cross on Penang's building that made them believe that DAP is heading towards making Malaysia a Christian country.

The Malays were told that Moorthy had told the United Nation that Indians are being discriminated. To get access to universities and government post they have to be Muslims. He does not apologize for the lie and he is still a Minister. It was his rhetoric that the Malays believe to cause Adib's death.

And the UEC is a bold attempt to show that Chinese will follow Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's tactic in taking over the country. Social media has been suggesting Lim Kit Siang as the Prime Minister.

Hence the support to PH will dwindle. But the Malays being less stupid than the other races do not foresee how Najib can escape from his crime.

What is PH doing now other than digging graves for themselves ?

20/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


God  made humans and non-humans, Satan and Angels. You never know that there is a human that is worst than the most sinister in the universe, a specie unknown to human. That this specie is known as Najib Abdul Razak.

He ate beef from Japan. The poor ate their planted tapioca. He went on his special made Jet plane and the natives had to walk miles and miles. He had millions and billions, the poor had nothing. But on the recent election campaign he visited the Orang Asli's house and ate with them. After winning he disappeared, now donning coat and tie, moved to court on luxurious car. Then he started rolling again in Semenyeh doing the same act.

He impoverished the people and the nation but pointing fingers at the newly formed government. He is telling the people that he is a victim of a bad and cruel government.

But we never forget how he can lie and lie denying he knew Saiful and Djo Lo until he was cornered. He said he did not have the money kept. He wanted to sue the foreign media for telling lies about the money in his bank. Again, when proven, he took him several months to come up with a donation story. When the Saudi finally said it wasn't a donation he changed to say 'I THOUGHT IT WAS A DONATION'.

To him lying was nothing, a habitual routine. To him boasting of his successes and his popularity was a fun that provided him with happiness and satisfaction.

He is still trying to act innocent on many matters including the death of Morais, Najadi, Bala and Altantuya. Circumstantial denied him. And many say he still have stashes of cash in foreign banks.

God knows Najib well and let him made his own choice, leaving him alone without any guidance. And many of us know who is Najib. I have no words to describe him. But let me tell you that even if he is going to die in one minute's time, he will continue to lie and corrupt.

I have learned the bad and the worst of the Satan. But God hides from many of us that there is a creation that is extremely despicable.

18/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Taiwan is only a few hours away yet the March temperature will be between 14 to 18 degrees Celsius. I could don only a normal T-Shirt if there is a sunshine without breeze. Coincidently the supposed trip will be from 14th March to 18th March. It will be three solid days of the tour. The company has not asked for the full payment. But according to my friend it is a confirmed visit.

At first I thought of going to Kuala Lumpur on the 13th and put up a night before the trip. The ETD, departure, will be at 2.25 pm. It means I could fly on the same date from my home town by the morning flight. Air Asia costs RM105. MAS might be RM250 for the return ticket. Since I do put a night there, I can make use of the money to choose MAS. It will be a little convenience as far as the luggage is concern. I will be bringing two bags with me, the backpacker and a medium sized empty bag, just for 'in case' thing. I don't usually go shopping during my trip.

The domestic ticket will be purchased tomorrow.

And as usual, I would buy a pair of new shoes. It has to be below RM80. The sole must be rubber and thick with strong resistance to slip. There are plenty at the night market but the sole is too thin. I have to try at BATA shop, probably at Aman Central. And in October I may be going to Africa. I might as well look for for a couple of them and keep one for the later use.

The long sleeve shirts need to be ironed. I will do it when I am free and put them aside till the departure date. There will be three of them, 6 think T-Shirts and 3 T-Shirts with coillars, and a pair of trousers. Those will fit one single bag.

There will be no food, not even for super. During my last experience I did not consume any and had to leave them in the hotel room.

But this time I will quite a substantial sum for some electronic goods like the ras-berry pie. I will think over about the FIMI S8SE drone, a Xiomi drone priced at RM2K or USD500. I have ample time to think about it.

From now till the departure time, I can fantasize the fun and feel the joy. It can make me forget all the sadness and misery.

18/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


In me, I have both. I tried to avoid sadness by completely put them off my mind, erasing from my memory, names, words and images. Let them be blank, a total blank. Not every effort to forget them were a success. A person who had hurt me deeply never thought that he or she has left a permanent deep scar deep in my heart, kept on coming back as if nothing has happened.

Memory of ham radio is painful and sad. Memory of my mother forced my tears down the cheeks. Memory of my wife has both the sadness and happiness.

The happiest moment of my life is freedom and living alone. Nobody questions my choice of eating, doing, and travelling. I keep my home according to my own standard, even on how to keep out mosquitoes, how not to waste electricity and where to place things that I always want to use. I don't even want to share bathroom and toilet.

I have a TV where I can watch 3D movies. And from time to time I would enjoy myself with the technology. I made movies, edited them and posted to the Youtube. I released my feeling through my blog.

I learned many new things that I never knew before, about the type of good rice to cook, about using gas in the kitchen, about blending stuffs and cook them. I enjoy them.

I find happiness by giving as well, pittance to help the needy, who a few turned out to be cheaters and scammers. I didn't become poorer by them nor feeling miserable.

I always feel that God is providing me with abundance, giving me a chance to play with my drone of sorts.

I have a strings of happiness these few days. My friend Rusli came to visit me and we went to Pedu dam where I could capture some panoramic view of the area, And experience a punctured tire that I had had wanted to change and being helped by the policemen. We were in the middle of the juggle at a very isolated part of the world.

Yesterday I was able to capture a game of soccer match between my state and another team, and I made several Youtube videos on the match. My Sambal Tumis I made today tasted so good and I enjoyed my meals very much.

I know I have the balance between happiness and sadness. My age will decide for my favour.

17/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


We booked a trip to Taiwan. It is supposed to be from 14th to 18th of March. To date we have no confirmation yet and the agent still does not ask us to pay the full payment. It scared me a little as there had been to many scams these days on the tour and pilgrimage schemes. The last was less then a couple of weeks ago where 120 people were stranded at KLIA airport as the agent did not turn out and the plane booking did not happen.

The Malays have gone bonkers and proudly and happily cheating and stealing around in the open and walk freely around without shame and conscience. My own student asked RM650 from me and didn't even say a word once the money was cashed in her account.

I hope the trip materialize. We paid RM600 for the booking fee.

I feel that the authorities are sleeping. Some are waiting for public reports instead of taking to investigate matters when published in the media.

Today there are hundreds of Malay travel agencies especially on the trips to Mecca. On every other year we heard of the scam, people stranded and their money went missing. We did not hear of the arrest nor court hearings.

The Taiwan trip was booked by my radio friend online. I do not know this company at all unlike the POTO, SAFIRGOTRAVEL, ANDALUSIA or ARBA. For many years I travelled with RELIANCE before. The popularity of the Muslim travel is only the availability of the Halal food.

You see the average daily cost is about RM1K a day. To places like Africa and USA it is about RM2K. That's a lot. You won't spend that much if you were to go by yourselves. Try to configure the profit. Hence the income is very lucrative. A RM10K trip could bring in a million if they can haul in 100 people. That will attract more people to be scammers.

But I still have faith in the coming trip. The quick confirmation facilitate my domestic flight booking from Alor Setar to KLIA and return. Or the next time I will have to do seek the adventure alone/

16/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been more than 20 years that I did not visit the Pedu damn in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. I waited for my ham radio buddy, Rusli to make a trip to my home, to make a go to the area again. The damn provide irrigation to the paddy land in the Northern state of Malaya. In facts several hills were used for several damns with different names.

Rusli arived my hometown on February 12, 2019. I told him that we would be going to Pedu, a place in the Northeast of Kedah state, on the 13, a day after his arrival.

At about 9.00 am we went for breakfast and pushed off to Kuala Nerang. I brought my drone to capture the water catchment scenes. We followed the signboard when we reached Kuala Nerang at about 11.30 am. It was really a hot day. The signboard said "PEDU RESORT'. That's just the place we loved to see.

The car climbed the hill as we were moving about 30 minutes later. We had to cover more than 30 km more before arriving Pedu.

Somewhere on the hilltop surrounded by thick forest, there was some funny sound from the car as we climbed the hill. I thought it was the road. Rusli thought it was an engine. At almost a flat area we pulled off. I went out of the car and saw the right tire was almost broken to pieces. We opened up the spare tire which was much smaller than the main. I found equipments were not in the box. There were only the wrench and the jack. I had a strong suspicion that the Produa Dua worker at the service centre must have been doing some hanky panky stuff. I lost several things before this.

Somehow Rusli was strong enough to force the four screws to rotate. We changed the tire but to our frustration there was no air. The sun was blazing on our heads. About 100 meters away we saw somewhat like a house. Rusli rushed to get help. But there wasn't anyone in it. Down below he saw two cars near the lake and people were fishing. Rusli approached them asking for a pump. There wasn't any. We decided to wait and stop for the passing cars.

We tried to stop several cars. Nobody stopped. There was a small lorry that was going down to the lake but telling us that they do not have the pump with them. About 10 minutes later I waved for a car to stop. When it stopped we saw that it was a police car, a Kancil, with two plain cloth police. We narrated our problem. The police did not carry the pump too but decided to try their spare tire. We found it was too big.

They said they would take the tire back to the police station and where ever they could fill in the air. Happily we thank the two policemen for the deed and went down to the lake side to find some shade. I took the opportunity to capture the scene while waiting.


45 minutes later we went up to our car, expecting for the police to arrive.

It was about 1.30 pm they came back and fixed the tire. We thanked them profusely and I gave them the pittance for the whole hard work which they rejected. Rusli asked for their names. We could remember Officer Fendi, a young policeman. The other one was a Sergeant something that I have forgotten the name.

We decided to quit the venture and heading for home with a spare tire on the front right portion of the car. About 200 meters we stopped for a photography and then slowly proceeded for home.

At 3 pm we arrived town, went to change both of the front tires.

I will write a letter to the area police HQ to thank the two officers for their good deeds, service and positive attitudes.

12/02/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof