I don't condone for any political party. If wrongdoing was done I would oppose it regardless whether it was from Haji Hadi or Tun Mahathir. I see stupid people from both parties, the ruling and the opposition.


I read many postings on the social media blaming the PH government on many policies to undermine Islam and the Malays, describing in detail the evil of those policies. Most of the time I passed no remark but there was one which was so long and absurd that I just wrote "Ha ha".


Those policies were actually created by BN government way back either in 2015 or earlier. The selling of the stamps of worshipping houses were fiercely attacked by the PAS lawmakers accusing PAKATAN HARAPAN of insulting Islam and aimed at making this country a Christian nation. The damage has been done by such an attack though they apologized later when pointed out that the stamps were printed and on sale way back in 2016.


The well informed readers would ask "Is Islam propagate lying ?" This will continue as lying seem to become the culture of the Islamic Party. We all know that the top leaderships had blazoned that Hadi won the case against Sarawak Report. And a few months later announced of it's withdrawal against the legal action because of the high cost. But words that came from the East Coast was PAS has enough money and could raise any amount from the donations and party members when there were rumours of the party excessive spending in GE14. The high legal fee therefore should not be the main problem. Again Hadi denied he paid 1.4 million to the portal to settle the legal withdrawal. The payment was a clause in the settlement. How was hadi claimed no payment was made ? Hence there were lies to cover another lie. Thus in the eyes of non-Muslims Islam is a party that propagates lying and bluffing.


Then came the burning of Perlis mufti's car by a PAS member who was caught and admit the job was done by several members. He was paid RM500. The party said it was nothing to do with the crime and no one should relate the party members and the party. Is this not another form of lies and denials ? It was the party that blamed ASRI as anti Islam. It was the Islamic PAS members who carried out disgraceful crime. Was it wrong for the non Muslim to say PAS is a Taliban party for having the Taliban members bred by the top party members ?


PAS is a party of God, the champion of Islam. God sides the holly political party, the members of which will automatically go to heaven. How many time had they made the Sembahyang Hajat that God had bless ? The mass prayers asking God not to allow PH to win and making PAS as the Holy Ruler seemed to be ignored by God. Why didn't God answer to the holy Hadi who had met the Prophet several time in his dream ? And mind you he claimed the Holly Prophet instructed him to go to Iran. So he went.


Sadly enough PAS has many followers. It is a tragic affair for the Malays to be very blind and moronic bigots. Where God gives them the mind to think, they dispel it. They brought disgrace to their race and religion. God does forbid lying, cheating stealing, boasting and corrupting.

22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


What do I need popularity for ? I don't need praises or more wealth anymore. And I am just like many millions of others who are happy with our present lives. The reason why I posted my video clips to the Youtube were as a storage backups and at the same time I want those foreigners who happen to view my clips to have a rough idea of Malaysia.


Unlike many other posting that drew tenths of thousands and millions of viewers and subscribers mine only attract less than a hundred on the average. Only one drone footing draws more than 600 viewers. That made me wonder how it captures some people's interest. Altogether I have 279 subscribers only.


I don't hunt for subscribers nor for people to view mu stuffs. But to have 600+ viewers is great enough for me. I just Wow to a few those who achieve thousands of them. I don't want to emulate them on the presentation style. I do it in my own way. I love music. So I embed them in almost all of my clips. I do not talk because my pronunciations and slangs might be hard to comprehend. I put the messages in text form.



This is my most popular clip with 664 viewers


I bought the drone not to fly it as flying a kite but it is for an aerial photography. My target is to capture places of beautiful scenery in my country, which means I need to travel far and wide. The farthest I have been is Semporna and Bintulu. Unluckily Semporna ban drone in 99% of the islands.


If the view is spectacular and beautiful it makes me happy. You cannot value happiness with money. I would watch the clip over and over again trepeatedly like the Sandbank of Timba-Timba island Semporna. But it only draws a hundred over viewers. My Youtube channel is man4855.


Somehow people seem to know me. A few hugged me as if we were close friends or relatives. Yet I harly remember or know them. Probably it was the nature of my job that I have students all over. Those who accosted me I thanked them. Those who have become hardcore arrogant politicians, I ignored them. I don't want to selfie with any Prime Minister or any famous person.


But I do not hate those who want to be popular and famous. Human beings are not identical.


I don't bother whether the world knows me or not, knowing that I have a blog like this one or not. I don't need to be known and be popular. As I have repeatedly said that God's providence is beyond my need.


22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A Malaysian Ham Radio operator who works CW with the distant stations has done a great service to the nation and the people as he creates a good impression of the total inhabitants among the Westerners. The Malaysians has equal ability as the others. Morse is not a simple thing to fetch. It takes a certain level of mental acuteness and discipline to acquire it.


The amateur radio operators the countries where passing in Morse codes are not a mandatory prerequisite are learning and are proud to work on the mode using their fingers and brain. This is the feedback that I get from the Facebook group. Many put their CW contacts in the Youtube. They are not shy working at a lower speed. They call it a FUN mode.


You yourself will form a different conceptual formations if you were to work an American station and a Masai in Africa. You will tend to show respect towards other people of different background and culture. Most modern Europeans no longer regard the Asians as the Barbarians and inferior. The Koreans, Japanese and Chinese have been showing their prowess in the exported technologies. You can't figure out How many billions the Americans paid to buy te hobby drones to China, and the Androids as well as electrical stuffs from Korea.


Imagine the Malaysians who use the phone mode with an excellent English pronunciation and grammar, there will be a question marks on our educational level and how we acquire such a good English proficiency. It does not mean the voice mode is bad. We can still promote our country through our command of English language.


Remember, amateur radio needs to have a standard of civility with ethical hobbyists. The dignity of the radio fraternity should be preserved and protected from the rogue and unethical people. If we don't care about civility and sanctity and behave in anyway we want, then the original tradition is being murdered. You will see people running away from the hobby.


We do not assess ourselves. Grades are always given by others. We cannot pass up the blank paper to get a good grade. We have to show something to get some marks. In general the hard working people will despise the lazy one, who only want free and easy things.


We are not dumb. We can learn CW and we can also learn English. At least we have to master one of the two. And it is not hard to be ethical and civilize.


22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Zoo Chimpanzee in Thailand

Wild monkey in Cambodia

Lately I have been watching a lot of video clips on animals and monkeys. The top picture is the chimpanzees raised by humans living in a zoo in Thailand. The second is a wild money in Cambodia. They named this one as Sok. Sok is vicious with most adults but very intimate with human babies.

The intelligence of chimpanzee is clearly seen. They communicate easily with humans and seem to understand human's commands.

The above zoo monkeys would keep the money given to them in their pockets. When taken for shopping they know which shop is selling ice cream and which sells cotton candy and pay the seller without the owners assistance.

In Cambodia mothers with small babies would go to the monkey place, hired a hammock and laid out the mattresses. When Sok saw the baby she would approach the little tot,
fondling and hugging and made sure nobody else would disturb the kid. Sok would act as a gurdian.

It was obvious that I would compare the behaviours of these animals with fellow humans.

Wild monkeys still live in the forests. But their homes were raided and robbed by humans under the name of developments. The chief Ministers, the Menteri Besar, not only couldn't care less of the monkeys they also dehumanized the Orang Asli. Monkeys steal when they are hungry, human steals even when they are wealthy.


21/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am very excited. There are two trips waiting for me. One will be on 12th July to Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan and the other on 22nd August to Bali. The first one is a package run by Tursina Travel from Kelantan and the second one is on my own. I have settled my plane and hotel fees for the Bali vacation. This trip begins in Alor Setar and ends at the same place, whereas the first one I have to put overnight in KLIA and the group will meet the airport at 7 am.

For a single person, I have to pay an extra of RM1K which is about RM200 a day. It means if they were to give me a single bed room, I will have to complain to the tour leader. Previously the POTO travel put me in a single room and they quickly fixed it after my complaint.

As always the excitement begins weeks or months before travelling. I would have to figure out the weather at the destination land to see what sort of attires and the luggage size. If the climate is cold and severe I need to bring thick clothing which requires a bigger bag. On these days I prefer to go abroad during summer, saving the weigh hassle. For both of these trips I have decided which bag to bring and the type of clothing I will be packing in.

I read about the drone regulation in Bali. Bali is a drone friendly country. But it is barred in Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan. Even without drone I have to bring a video camera and the phone camera. Both need charger and cable. As not to disturb the others it would be better for me to bring along the camera stand. I could capture myself.

I have to compute my everyday movement to make sure I would not forget to bring along the vital items with me.

For 5 day Bali excursion the cost is less than RM2K. The West Asian trip is almost RM7K. Each year I spend approximately RM10K just to see places. I always enjoy them, observing people's culture right in front of my eyes. It is also an escapism from monotony.

Did I ever have friends in the package trips ? When I was much younger I shared room. We were gregarious, creating jokes and sang all along the highway. Those were with the Mandarin and English tour, the multi-racial tour. Lately I prefer to stay aloof, having my own seat on the bus. We talked to each other. But many were couples and going with families. I would be at the back seat of the bus alone.

Every night I would fantasize the trip, and the joyous fun. The excitement is valueless.

20/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Anuar Musa claimed that money and other items seized by the police at Najib's and family residences belong to UMNO. Now that the police said they have established the source of those items it means Anuar Musa was lying in his attempt to wrest them. he had made a false claim. Therefore he has committed a crime and must be charged in the court of law. If found guilty he must be jailed.

The Malays must open their eyes of the great thievery of UMNO. It is a sin. The lost to the nation is not in a million but in billions of ringgit. They cannot pretend they don't know the source of the money as it has been proved in USA and Singapore. If they are so bigoted to Islam, they have to reject the stolen wealth given in any form under any name. It would have been different if the cash is from Najib's own pocket.

Remember Anuar Musa was almost going to met God. By God's will he is still alive. The longevity is not a credit to his goodness but it is a chance to him to repent and to have some fear in God. Sadly enough he does not change and continue to be arrogant and over bearing. Equally wrong are those who voted for him. Pretending to be dumb is inviting the wrath of the Almighty.

Remember, how many time PAS prayed for the opposition to fall before GE14 ? Did God answer the prayer ? Did Najib know BN would fall ? NO. Did Tun expect he would become PM again ? NO. Did anybody ever though that the Bugis warrior would go down the drain ? NO.

This is what we call the will of God. This is what Najib, Anuar Musa and the rest of UMNO never thought of. Yet you see these people continue to brag, riding religion and lying and calling the Chinese as Communists. Instead of uniting the people and be kind to all races, they are trying to split them.

Once Najib goes into the dungeon the rest of the recipients of the stolen money will have to follow like the mice and the Pied Piper. Anuar Musa has the MARA case in waiting. This is not a political persecution but about theft, cheat, lying and false claim.


 19/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Once a year I usually clean my radio shack. But it has turned to be a very disorganized and unkempt store full of everything here and there. Even my dresses are hung up on the wall. The sofa is filled up with bags and boxes. There isn't much that I can do about it but to arrange my radio stuffs to make it looks a little neat.

Once a year I would take an Indonesian made to do some cleaning and arranging. This year I have to do it alone as the maid had betrayed my trust for spoiling my stove, the weed sprayer and leaving tools all over the place. The time of the spring cleaning is when the Muslims are celebrating the New Year, the 1st of Syawal, a day after Ramadan. Kids and grandchildren would be coming home during his time. My daughter will be coming back on the 26th.

I know what my daughter will do. She will clear of the mess, rearrange things, so much so I will not be able to find my common tools and other important stuffs that belong to me. I have figured out what I will have to do first. I need to do a pre-spring cleaning and keep the important belongings in a safe place; my radio shack. That's where she would not go in. But there are so much work to do at so many parts of the house. Yesterday I finished one section of the hall. Just now I have completed 75% of the second section. And the time is running out. To be frank with you, I am damn worried when my kids are coming back.

Try to imagine an old man doing the domestic services single handed. I think in two days time I can finish 50% of the job, leaving the rest for daughter to work on.

At least I am happy that I found my axe, saw and some other tools back while clearing the mess. My wife diary and other books of records are kept intact for they contain plenty of information like gas suppliers, electrical contractors etc. She had been very systematic.

I don't have visitors anymore during the celebration. Unlike before when my wife was alive her relatives and friends would flock in from morning till night, chatting, cooking and eating. So I don't care about changing the house curtains which have been here since we first bought them. I did however think of going to interior decorator and make a deal for the new ones. On thinking over, I do not see any point rejuvenate my home. I don't have many days to live and I am living alone.

There is not an iota of feeling to buy a new cloth. I do not need them at all. But it came across my mind to buy fire crackers to play with my grandchildren. It is once in a year affair.

 18/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am just an average man, may be far below it, in education, achievement, thinking, ability and other skills and endowment. To say I am poor there are millions more people who are poorer. To say I am stupid there are more uninformed people than me. But I have all the basic needs. And in some areas I am just a little more above some others, like the watch I don, the hobby I am in, the electronic stuffs that entertain me.

However I feel inferior when I am in public places for I am always shabby and messy in my attire and countenance, less active than all the rest, driving a small dingy car, realizing how old and weak compare to the younger people around me. But I could complete my job, did whatever the others went out to do. After all I do not expect flowers, salute and respects from anyone.

When I am talking about freedom, I am really a true free man. I make my own choice of everything. There is no voice that question me about my dress, where I want to go, what I want to eat, and what I want to do. I remember a friend advised me not to buy a drone for it was not for an old man to play with. There were people who told me to save my money rather than spending them on travelling trips. Another friend barred his father from going out of the house.

I detest all the nagging and fences put around me. I had been in those when I was working. Working lives were never free and full of restrictions. I will never want to work at whatever money anymore. It will be tied up by the time and the working hours. It stared at you with a vicious red eye when you are dreaming of going for a vacation.

Some people who are getting old were trying to fight against nature desiring to be young forever, doing plastic surgery and consuming expensive drugs, applying thick chemicals of cosmetics on the faces, consulting shamans and travelled the world looking for the fountain of youth.  Still fresh in my mind; my late wife whispered "Let me go..." as she was sufferings from a very critical illness. I tell you she passed away with a sweet and smiling face.

Her soul and spirit is looking after me. I never feel so lonely staying alone by myself.

I am happy to be me, fat or thin, old or ugly. I don't need a castle or exotic car to live. I write blog, fly drone, enjoy my vacation, going round to see places, sending Morse codes over amateur radio, eat what I like and do what I want.

Thank you God.


 18/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not that my message was not delivered but because of the overbearing and arrogant behaviours and attitudes. When I wrote about it on the FB several responses were mean and hostile. I wrote about the Kedah team players whom I saw heavily smoking and at least two are still playing for the state. That was a long time ago. Now there are many new players. Again I saw these people puffing up cigarettes.

I notice this particular player could not play a 90 minute match. After half time he would feign injured and carried out.

Players who smoke would slow down even before 40 minutes. When they cannot run fast enough to chase the opponent's attackers they would resort to physical confrontation from the rear, pulling, pushing and kicking the rival's knee.

At least there were 60% of the fans who paid RM20 or more did not know the bad habits of their adored team, A coach like Robert Albert would not put such a player in a team.

Smoking leads to decreased lung capacity, which leads to shallow breathing, lower energy levels and lower immune system function. It filled the bronchioles and alveoli with “tar”… then, because nicotine is a vasocontrictor, it narrows the capillaries all over the body; it has the biggest impact in the lungs, where the capillaries do the very important work of exchanging oxygen and CO2 — but the capillaries all over the body are what carry oxygen to all your organs, so when they’re narrowed, no part of your body gets sufficient oxygen.

If you do not believe it, just observe a few of our Kedah's players. That does not mean players from other states are angels and health conscious. Players who think they are invincible would ignore the health facts. They forget that several people of the same profession had died in the playing field.

I can't speak for other teams because I have not seen them smoking. The spectators can observe the rate of their declining agility, speed and laziness to go for the ball.

Mind you I also see these smokers playing for the national team.

If you want to smoke it is your own business, as long as it does hurt or affect the others. People like me can get sick at smelling and inhaling cigarette smokes for 2 hours. People pay money to see the good performance of the team. They came from all over, even from the remote corner of the state with the family members. And the coach fielded heavy smokers in. The supporters beat the drum so loudly, yelling and shouting their heads off. They didn't know that they are being deceived.

 17/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is true media has the bias tendency in reporting. The KiniTV and Sinar Harian are anti-government and the Jom Tv is the pro-government TV. But look at the remarks and feedback that have the pros and cons of the arguments of the portals like Malaysiakini, Sarawak Report and Free Malaysia Today.

What were laid out by the readers of Malaysiakini contain factual substances and logical argument. If they are not true and contain a mere slander the parties concerned can always rebut and prove the fallacies of the slander. Only if the trial could be translated to people's court where judgement could be made and the guilty could be punished.

It is hard to find a noble court in Malaysia. In the past 98% of the high profile cases were taken by the Kangaroo court. The judge would find the accused guilty anyway following the instructions of the politicians. The man of law like Apandi Ali can make judgement and it was taken as the truth by judiciary. Courts had been regarded as dirty and filthy places when judges are corrupt and insincere. As the media incessantly voiced out that in Malaysia court allows criminals to walk free like any other man. It does not happen in any other country. At least Najib and Rosmah should be under the House arrest despite the bail.

The sanctity of Malaysian judiciary and the court lies in the people of law. The people of law should not lie, cheat and fabricate evidence. People are fed up with these people who are filthy in their behaviours. Such events and excuses will not happen in people's court. Lawyers must not trade peace and tranquility with money.

To elevate the court to it's greatest good, noble and divine the people of the law must be good, noble and divine themselves. Can our dream be endowed by God Almighty.

 17/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


When I met my office mates I usually asked them as to who are sick, dead and alive. There were always news of so and so have gone to meet God. Many were much younger than me. Retired teachers and workers whom we have not meet for a long time were almost forgotten. dedicated teachers like Cikgu Sharifah, Alaina, Teoh, Yusoff, Othman and many more disappeared from my vision. I don't know where they are and what they do. I will always remember cikgu Madiah who took pain to send me food when I was sick alone at home. My teachers had made me very happy in the work place for their utmost dedication.

Yes, we never tickled each other all the time. At time I scolded them and at time they confronted me. At the end of the day we were friends again. They brought glory to the lovely school and successes to the students. Then I shifted to another school and met several dedicated and hardworking staffs that gave life to the learning institution as well. Cikgu Narmi is always in contact with me till now.

I do not realize that today is a teacher's day. When it is blazoned I they began to emerge before my eyes like a fantasy movie, bringing back the nostalgic era. I have not wished anybody of this happy day. To me the glorious past is fading as we are growing old and will blow our last breath any time. A few old forgotten students posted their wishes. But there is nothing is of value anymore. Somehow I would like to thank them for the memory. To those teachers who are reading this FB, I take the opportunity to wish them Happy Ramadzan Almubarak and Happy Teachers Day. If you happen to meet the rest of the teachers please convey them my best regard.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I traced that Najib's defence lawyers had tempered with at least two witnesses, coaching them what to answer in court. That's the reason why they want to have the list of witnesses and demanded the prosecutor to tell rhem when the witnesses would be called. Several times they would recall and re-cross examine the same witnesses which I guessed after they have tempered the persons.

No where in the world the witnesses were let known especially the key who is sure to have a final and deadly strike. Tommy Thomas was right on the spot when he said that it was to the persecution who to call and when to call.

Only court in Malaysia allow the accused with a big crime to be free. In the United States he will be under house arrest despite paying billion dollar bill. Malaysian courts for a long time have been heaven to big time criminals. But so far the court is seemed to be fair. Fairness does not mean to allow secrets to any party. I only see it is erroneous to all to allow Najib to be free. To the United States the judges in Malaysia must have been very kind and humane.

Najib is well known for tempering with things and documents, even fabricated stories, documents and evidence. Then they were implanted in the shelves as real after destroying the original. Knowing Najib, I know that he will pay good for his own benefit. If he can pay the United States Presidents to influence the DOJ and the Swiss AG, what is the witness compared to those high ranking people.

Najib still has a few billions with him. Hand him to us the normal laymen and we will prove it and promise the money will be recovered. This is a challenge that I make. Within 7 days Rosmah and Najib with the rakyat we will get back everything without a hitch. The people can return the duo alive and kicking in due time.

I have seen too much corruptions and how the big time crooks did them. I accidently heard the bargain through the phone conversation as I was doing experiments with electronics stuffs. Contractors coming to my house at night trying to secure contract with attempted corruption. School heads tried to illicit commission from me when I installed application program at the institutions.

There are too many dishonest people that I have met, at least half of them were Malays and Indonesians.

We can always know whether a witness is telling the truth, lie or hiding something. Try to read the feedback in the Malaysiakini and assess by yourselves. Najib loves to say, "I don't remember....I must have forgotten...I think...if I have known it...." He said he did not know Saiful and Djo Lo until the pictures of their meetings surfaced. He insisted the money was a donation from King dead King Abdul Aziz then changed it to "I think..."

Lawyer with bad faith and trying to temper witnesses should be burnt like a witch.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Do you remember the number of time Najib had said "If I have known that....I wouldn't have done it.." The last I remembered him saying "I thought it was a donation...." which implies "...if I have known it was not a donation I would have not taken the money..."

When the money laundering law was enacted it already took account of such an answer. It would be used as a defence mechanism. "If I have known Djo Lo is going to steal the 1 Mdb's money, I wouldn't have signed those documents..." "If I have known that she was your wife, I would have not molested her."

We also remember the story about donations and gifts. Najib said the 2.6 billion was a donation. Interestingly by a dead King and now he said from Prince Turki. Djo Lo said it was his rich father who made a gift of the wealth to him. I would make an intelligent conjecture that PAS is saying the 9 million they received from UMNO was a rezeki or sustenance from God.

It is still fresh in our mind that Najib kicked Ghani Patail because there was a charged sheet prepared by Morais against him and replaced him with Apandi Ali. Apandi said, " Stop talking about 1 Mdb. There is nothing wrong with it. Everything is perfect. Najib is cleared from any wrong doing..." If Najib is indicted and we arrested Apandi Ali what do you think he will say ? "If I have known that Najib was wrong I would not have not cleared him..." The MACC chief had said before, "I thought Najib was innocent. I changed my mind after hearing from DOJ..." These are all excuses. If it is in China or North Korea these people would have been shot on the spot.

Najib has been a smart man. He always choose individuals whom he knows would facilitate his work. He called for undivided loyalty. He gave them enough incentives; money by the millions, posts and other awards.

If you ask me who is Najib's mastermind, I would say Shafiee and Djo Lo.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO and PAS are the two filthy parties, dirty to the core. Instead of finding ways to recover the lost billions and a huge loans made by Najib Razak, they are demanding for the new government to find the money and to take the responsibility. I am not a PH man. I never condoned any criminal, dishonesty and people of devious characters.

Following the current court proceedings on SRC case there is enough evidence showing Najb stole the Rakyat's money in a subtle way hoping it could not be traced. And from the study on the global scam on 1Mdb, Najib is wholly and totally responsible. He was the chairman of the body and the person who signed for approval.

What angered me most is the effort to corrupt and by influence the top brass including the Presidents and prosecutors of the world, believing that CASH IS REALLY A KING. There would be an amount that will blind even a strong willed individual. This is what I fear most will be undertaken by Najib, to corrupt the witnesses, and judges and other authorities through his lawyers. And to get the Royalties to act so that he could go scot free.

Millions suspect Najib had a hand in the murder of Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais. They do not simply accuse him blindly. Shafiee was seen at the scene of the funeral rites. This man had been running round fixing cases involving Najib, even on the French Scorpeen case. Though hidden, I smell rats.

You may call it nature but I call it God's work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, that implies to all phenomena. The bad things done to hide and suppressed the truth, will be having a force to push it out as much as one tries to hide it. If you call it nature, only the truth will be exposed. But if you call it God's work, the sinners will received the punishment. Some call it retribution. Others call it comeuppance. And others call it Karma.

There are 4 vicious UMNO men I hope will be strike by the lightning. They are Anuar Musa, Tajuddin, Ahmad Maslan and Noh Omar. I consider Noh as a gangster even when he was in school for kicking his own teacher. I heard he even said he was a lawyer in parliament. Anuar Musa claimed that the confiscated money and jewelries belong to UMNO. Ahmad Maslan asked the government to find money after his boss emptied the national coffer and even paid him millions. And Tajuddin is an extremely arrogant and vicious. Their words and behaviours are recorded and kept in the world data bank no matter whether they had erased them or not.

Now even the holly Hadi who once condemned UMNO as infidels is holding hands with the crooks and gangsters. We do not forget the Red shirts that took to the street and beating the Malays who disagreed with them. And I still am having video of the UMNO crooks throwing stones at Anwar Ibrahim in a mosque in Alor Setar.

Hadi is riding religion incessantly using verses after verses to put people in shame in the public. It was not a DAP or any non-Muslim individuals who are shaming another human being. It is the Islamic party members who are tirelessly dancing to the music of slandering. In fact this is prohibited in Islam. But PAS has a good appetite in it. They forget that corruption is a great sin. But they accept the money and denied it.

 15/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been several early mornings at about 2 to 3 am that I went out looking for food to complete my Sahur final meal of the day. There were not many cars or motorcycles on the road. I will have to pass at least three traffic lights to town. I would stopped at every red light though there were no cars nor the policeman. It is nothing noble or great. It is a matter of discipline. It is not because of the fear of the law or the authority.

For your info, not all but a few cars just overtook me and ran over the red light. Rarely there were cars followed me and waited for the green light. Of course I didn't care who were those who thought it was silly to follow the rule at the wee hours. Only the stupid people would follow the rule blindly.

What benefit did I get from my action ? Yes there is something that I get not in the form of material or awards from anyone. The gift I got was satisfaction. The Thai word is Kwamsuk (happiness). I choose to gather satisfaction through disciplining myself.

People are people. The multiplicity of habits and mental states in fact make the world lively and dynamic. It creates laws and regulations, the police and the army, the lawyers and the myriads of others.

Of course on many occasions I found drivers dressed in Hajis and Lebai outfits beat red light. It still puzzled me their mindset. Are the traffic laws infidel in nature ? Are Muslim to reject and disregard the law of the non-Islamic states ? Were these people having distorted minds ?

The other day I listened to a posting by one religious cleric about a Japanese youth on a motorbike who stopped behind a car at the red light. "If it is in Malaysia the motorbiker would have overtook the car and moved straight even when the light is not green. Islam is within the Japanese society." There are articles entitled 10 non Muslim countries that are more Islamic than the Muslim nations. They were depicting the good ethics, the behaviours of mutual respects, the honestly and responsibility.

People who have lost their valuables in Japan might be able to confirm that the lost things were found back at the suspected places. And while I was there many young Japanese helped me to walk to a distant restaurant without a whine.

Surely we cannot be an angel nor perfect in every way. But we can always try to do our best .




 15/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof