The Malays are not an intelligent race. Time and again I have said they have the myopic vision. They do not want to compute and lay out their future. Intelligent is not the degree and the profession that one holds. It is the ability to see and compute the future problems and setting the methods to resolve the future through the present tasks.

It's antonym would be better be known as STUPIDITY. Stupidity is the act of destroying the future through the present tasks and events.

Take a pause and give a thought about it.

His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor recently said that the Malays will be slaves in their own countries. Those who share the views must have been sleeping for the Malays have always been slaves in this country. They wash and drive cars that belong to the Chinese, Indians and the other Malays. They have been in the blue collar jobs even more than 80 years ago.

The Malays that I know want to be big bosses, have high salaries, and would do anything to fight for power and wealth. A few of them are lowly educated yet were made the Ministers. They are so greedy that they sell away the land they have then blaming the others for their plight. The bulks of these people end up themselves in the various political parties and become the hooligans and samseng of the countries.

The squabbles for political posts are nothing more than striking fires to their own homes. They simply love it without thinking what the future will be. 

I have been working before and I know how shallow the thinking of the officers above me. The whole department would praise the little knowledge on things they know.

To them there is no benefit in looking ahead and the far future.


14/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Shafiee said he would review the status of Ismee as the status as a witness. He said the witness was not consistence. This hotshot ;lawyer wanted to drop off the case, wanted it to stand without proceeding and now he wants to review the witness status. To disqualify him ?

A witness is a witness. If he lies and the defence can trance the lies and inconsistencies it is an advantage for the defence team to use it during submission.

Shafiee roared like a lion to put fear in the judges and the persecution's spines. He knows he would not be able to do it without meeting and convincing powerful people and discuss how money could be remitted without any trace. But he must not underestimate the people.

The defence is trying to show that Najib did not know anything about the money. The masses are saying it is an effort to play dumb and being cheated. Whereas Najib always told the Malaysians that he was a smart man and knows what he does, a capable Prime Minister, and always did the right thing. It was him who paid Aeulkanda to do the road show telling the nation that 1 Mdb was perfect and making huge profit. In short Najib was not dumb.

I would wish people like Shafiee be sent to China and even the whole proceedings run in China's court.

It is not the work of the hotshot lawyer to review the status of the witness to disqualify him like they did so on Anwar's Sodomy2 case. The persecution was asked to reject witness.

Remember, if the witness lies tell it during the submission. 


14/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


There are several things that belong to me are with someone else. Let me start with a diamond power supply. This PSU was given on loan to Aisha, 9W2TIA. She is to use it until she quits the hobby or decide to buy one on her own.

Secondly a Yaesu 101ZD which I gave to the late Khoo in Penang. Khoo also had some equipments of his own. The transceiver was good but not so in perfect order. I gave no condition to Khoo. Since Khoo has passed away, I do not have any idea where Khoo's equipments are.

Lastly is a Yaesu, a black box solid state and the power supply. Both originally owned by 9M2PZ, Manan Pawanteh. When I came back to Ham Radio around 2002 Manam gave me the rig and the PSU on loan to me. I had it on until I bought my own HF unit. Some months later Manan asked me for my rotator. It was a heavy duty stuff which I gave him, not on loan but a mere gift. He announced that his rig was regsrded as an exchanged with the rotator.

I agreed but asking him for his permission to transfer his PSU to the late Eshee since I heard Eshee was too bad economically. So the black box that was mine and the PSU that belongs to Manan were with Eshee till his death. On the funeral date, Eshee's brother approached me, requesting me to talk to Eshee's wife about getting rid of the equipments and to raise some funds for Normah.

I did not act immediately because I knew Hanafi, 9W2TZ, said that he always had contacts with Eshee's wife. I called Hanafi on the phone and had him informed what had transpired between me and Eshee's brother. Hanafi told me that all Eshees's equipments were sold out. That surprise me because Eshee was just dead. I asked 9W2TZ who sold those equipments and he said that he did not know about the sale.

It would have not been complicated if we were in the yesteryears hen the cooperation and ham spirit were strong.

Just open your ears wide when there is a license radio operator passed away. I had heard some of these before, "he gave me his rig when he was in hospital..." ..."He owed me RM7K, more than the equipments he has..."

This to remind you that none of the communication equipments and all other electronic staffs and cars etc are totally mine. I do not borrow anything from anybody nor their money. On the other hands there are people who borrow my money like 9W2JL, RM500, an ice kacang seller RM3K, and my Sony 2001 sold to a friend but unpaid till now.

Be careful of some radio hobbyists who are vultures flying around to look for preys.


14/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The phrase Longwinded Hams refers to a ham operator who would continuously talking for minutes even hours without lifting the PTT, so much so nobody could break in. We would expect an operator to un-press the microphone PTT at 1 minute the longest. The common practice is to release it at the end of every sentence. People would call for the BREAK or to ask a question as his sentence ends.

I usually coached a new full pledge ham how to make use of the PTT during the conversation. When I first knew about it, I said to myself that it was a brilliant idea.

The PTT Ham is the new license operator who call the microphone PTT, indicating they do not understand what PTT stands for. The LANJUT ham is the operator using the pirate word when passing away the transmission to others. And they are proud of their actions.

They are spreading the virus and the authority seems to adopt the same stand by doing nothing, their acceptance of the culture.


13/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have seen too many amazing movies that were so very realistic; 100 Dalmatians showing dogs that were not there, Dr. Doolittle depicting a doctor talking to animals. Arvatar and many more in the list. The movie technology is fast advancing and some of it were released in form of computer software available to the masses. i do not take pain to learn them all due to my advancing age. Imagine I am still on Windows XP and Photoshop 5.0 whereas others have been leap and bound,

There are still debates on 911 various video clips and of the Armstrong on the moon. The movies released for the public perusal were said to be faked though they were not done by the Hollywood.

In Malaysia there were videos being spread to discredit Anwar Ibrahim and now Azmin Ali. I have not seen any, and even if I see one I would not be able to make the right decision.

I know that movie producers like Hollywood go for quality, technology and money while the local amateur low grade producers are people with little knowledge, lowly educated, jobless and are hunting for a small pittance for daily survival. They always wish for big money from some politicians.

People with low education are not totally dumb and stupid. Many are greedy and smart enough how to get money into their pockets, though some through dubious means. They can change hats and attires or even sell their wives for money. But the profession of thievery does not rely merely on education. A Pariah and a Crown King can also steal.

People who fake things are just like animals, filthy and smelly. That's the reason why many just ignore these dirty dogs and move on with their lives. I pity them if they are school dropouts who mange to go to only Form 5 and their mothers gave them enough money to but the graphic and video software. And a few that I came across were pampered by the parents.

Many lowly educated and unemployed youths find their ways into politics. If you teach them an inch they brag that they know 10 miles. Once they made Power Point as a god of computer, the knowledge of which made them felt they were already master the world of computing. Our media love to give space to the pseudo-intellect like these which is not healthy for the nation. It made the whole country looks like a moron.


13/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Again, I have to stress that I am not a computer programmer nor a a computer savvy. But I developed my own software to help me in my job, to facilitate difficult task which gave me rewards at the end of the day. Coding is the flow of system thinking express in high level or assembly language that were transformed into electrical digital pulses. I used them in my radio hobby to teach me Morse codes and for logging my daily communications.

Nobody recognized me save my few close friends and my teachers.

It was during this time I met several people who were well verse in computing. The first were a group of MARA students who came to peddle their educational software to my school, pertaining to the managements of teachers and students. I told them that I already had them. They requested to see the applications. After looking at them there came a barrage of criticism that mine software was not good. I just smile and requested them to go and sell theirs somewhere else. Surely there would be buyers.

Then a teacher who always came to see me to talk about the various computer software in the market. He was someone I just knew but not from my school. He happened to go for a computer course and he criticised his lecturer for the poor knowledge of such and such a software. He boasted of his proficiency in the said software.  Decades later I heard he had passed away.

The last group I encountered with were the computer prodigies known as Computer Technicians sent to hold the named post in secondary schools. A few schools bought a biometric attendance system from me. I would say it was a sophisticated one. There were things I put in to make sure they would not steal the program and resell them. I warned the school not to move the files around.

Within a few months the school called me for the program refused to work. I found some files were missing and the folder names changed. Those school with genius technicians had altered the system, trying to hack the files etc. And in one school there was a new Chief clerk who was trying to parade her smartness and efficiency that making a two hundred ringgit payment so very difficult.

I marketed the biometric system and other software only after I have retired. But I hate to see those young computer genius who were trying to parade their skill, and the government servants who thought they were very powerful and strict. Never mind about my payment unpaid. Never mind about the problem biometric system. Let them solve the problems they created themselves.


12/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib had asked the accusers to show that he stole the money. In his line of defence he put the onus of proof on the his accusers. And I have been arguing that seen and visibility cannot be the main proof. UMNO's argument 'a thief is not a thief unless he is caught' seems to hold hold water among the criminals.

Following the defence logical thought let us ask ourselves how do we know that Najib is the son of Razak since we did not see Razak f**k Rahah ? Whoever saw the f*****g act of the couple ? He could be a bastard whose real father a Pariah from Australian descent.


12/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


There is nothing sinister for a person to have pride on his achievements. If he loves to talk about it, let him do it. In many speeches I listened to the speakers would give a long winded detail of his successes and awards given to him. During the long package tour, each one would be ask to introduce himself. Some took less than a minute and some more than an hour, listing all of the great things he did and the series of achievements in his life. They were all fun and entertaining.

What we should appreciate about those people is they did not condemn, belittle or criticize other people. They only talk about themselves.

When I think of myself, I have never been an achiever. I did not perform well in study, failed to go to the Pre-University class, bad in languages and have nothing to be proud of. If I were smart I would have been a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. By a strike of luck I ended up as a teacher. Yet the members of amateur radio fraternity called me stupid.

At 72, pondering back the past, I could not find any contribution I made to my country. All what I acquired were only for my self interest and my own fulfilment. I learned Mandarin and Thai merely for my own used. I learned Morse code because it was the pre-requisite to get the ham radio license then. I developed computer software just because I wanted to know how applications work.

I write block to sustain my thinking or otherwise my brain will rot and die. When others reach the sky I can't even touch the lowest branch of a tree yet my feet can't even touch the ground, not even a mediocre in all status and form.

This what made me a strong believer in the God the Merciful for giving me an abundance of life, to feel and taste what the rich and the famous always have. I ate exotic food, travelled 25% of the world, attended lectures by great professors and gave glittering colours to the schools I worked. Those were not within my capability and ability.

You may not believe me when I say that I prayed to God to show mercy to all good people of all religions and beliefs.

11/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



This is history. I could not recall the year and the date when it started to happen. It was after the jobless engineers were taken in into the education system to enhance technical education. During that time we had Vocational School, Technical School and Polytechnic. The heads of the vocational and technical schools were merely normal graduates some with technical background and some without.

The engineers in the ministry of education had in idea to replace all the non-engineer school's heads with the engineers. They started with the concept of The Centre of Excellence headed by excellent and qualified personalities. It began with 5 schools with 5 engineers leading the administration.

We were belittled and scorned. I was one of the non-engineer administrators and the most vocal. We passed the message to our big boss that we will see and observe the achievement and performance of those excellent and qualified engineers.

When the result of the public technical examination was announced I wrote in asking for the performance of those 5 schools. In fact we have known the whole results but we still wrote in. There was no reply. In the Federal meeting I put forward the same question, everyone was silent. Came the second year and third and the fourth, those centres of excellence fared the worst.

If you want to know the rest of the story you can investigate from the many retired officers and non-engineer principles.

These were all the ideal young men who failed at the taxpayers expense. The penalty should be shot to death. One of the chief of trouble makers who never changed his arrogant behaviour is still alive and kicking. I picked up his recent story from fellow travellers who had him in their tour group. You can imagine if I were the Pol Pot, I would still hunt these sinners who caused failures in technical education system.

And similarly the PKR youngsters are talking arrogantly about ONLY Anwar Ibrahim could push for REFORMASI. What reformasi are they talking about ? The Chinese already asked Anwar to name ONE. The Reformasi of kissing the hands of the Sultans ? I wonder whether these people can even built a flying car which to them might be something of a fantasy. Refer to one of my pages on my proposal of a flying car base on quad copters.

We also have these kind of people in amateur radio who claimed to be so smart and clever and the best. There are about 30000 of them now. We only have about 250 members in the past where ham radio had had it's glory and a pride. But now the new guys spoiled and ruined it in almost every area and aspect of the hobby.

If you notice, these are all the Malays in origin. Their myopic vision will never make them competitive and will continue to suffer till 2035 till they will all be doomed.

11/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Many of us are more interested in the daily living, of survival, having a home, peace and harmonious life. We love to see good and honest people around, not putting pressure and their will on others. We don't need high post, big money, power and fame. Neither do we bar those who hunt for them.

As money is said to be the roots of all evil, position and power too could lead to disharmony and chaos. To achieve them mankind can go to any extend namely to destroy their fellow humans. The anti climax of our society is that we finally see gangsters and mafia are taking control of a nation and become our leader. Some people just love it.

Why the rush for positions and power ? The ultimate aim is to amass as much wealth as possible using power as the tools. When I meet these people I would give them damn a shit. They thought people would vow and show respect to their arrogant countenance. he pompous and the braggarts are the most cursed and hated.

Probably people like to be a boss, feeling like being on top of the world, a specie with a super natural power, feared by all.

We may not be strong, powerful and rich but we have our own flavour of happiness. We are expert in our own traits and master in our own destiny. We carry our own pride within our bodies and spirits, the pride of being honest, humility, and independent. We do not bite people nor yelling at them. We don't use loud speakers to thump our chest to let the universe know our prowess.

Just because you were born with the silver spoon in your mouth and never muddied with childhood peer fight and never walk 3 miles to school under the blazing sun, you think you are a person with fame and has a pride of an eagle. Remember the Egyptian Queens were buried in gold and ornaments, now they put the Mummy in the museum to collect pittance from the tourists. Oh yes, some of us will write about you and your haughtiness and your sins and crimes too.

11/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always wanted Anwar Ibrahim to be released from jail. Tun had worked hard for his released on the same day when PH took over but the authorities insisted on the SOP. During the court proceedings and the day he went to jail, I heard PAS was still lamenting on the 4 witnesses rule that was not called for. The party still showed sympathy for him. We never heard the Sultans ever tried to discuss the matter of his incarceration.

On the day he was released, I already disagreed with his long speech, as if he was still the most popular figure. I expected him to thank God and the people for their concerns. Instead he put a canon in front of him and fired the Islamist party as hard as it could. It was just not proper.

There was a clear display and show that PH won because of Anwar Ibrahim and Keadilan was the main party. When I went to vote I voted for Pakatan and so were many millions of others. Until now Keadilan thinks it is the most popular party in PH.

Anwar acted like as if he was already a Prime Minister. He shuttled here and there, trying to show that he was a defender of Monarchies and the Sultans, kissing the hands of the Agong, and declared that he wanted to be remembered as the Defender of Islam.

He started to drag his family against Mahathir.

The ingratitude he showed and his lust for power are seen by the voters. Nobody can please this man as it is all in his genes.

PH is sure to break up no matter what. DAP will still be strong. Keadilan will be killed by PAS in the Malay area. Other PH of Malay base supporters will not go give their support to a man who knows no respect and gratitude to those who had help him. The Chinese will vote for DAP but will not vote for Anwar. They don't want him to become the next PM. Surely Malaysia will go back to be a corrupt nation.

Please do an honest study on Anwar Ibrahim on his plundering of our money when he was a finance minister.

09/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


My friend would always keep a few thousand ringgit of stash cash in his car. He has the reason for doing it. He said that when a friend wanted some money for his marriage he took the cash from his car and gave it away.

Surely you too would have kept something special that people may rarely bring along with them while travelling. I too have something special but are not strange. I keep a scissor and an eye-cup. What is the scissor for ? The cutting kit is use either to cut a little of banana leaf for ironing my clothing or a pandan leaf when I want to cook the Nasi Lemak. I saw many pandan plants around my kampong. I only need one small portion of it for the cooking.

What is an eye cup for ? An eye cup is very important item to remove any insect or dust that enters my eyes while I go for jogging. There are many insects around the jogging tract. On a certain month there will be numerous of them. It happened unfortunately yesterday that an insect entered my left eye, but I could not find the cup in my car. I had to figure out how to remove the insect away. Luck was with me when I managed to clean the insect out. Probably my grand child had thrown away the eye cup when they home for the Idil Fitri.

Also kept in my car are combs. They are companions for jogging items as the eye-cup. After the exercise and cleaning the face and head with the water I needed to keep my head neat again, where a comb is handy.

Fortunately these items do not attract thieves or mechanics at the car service centres. At Produa Mergong I have lost several items and even suspect the mechanic changed the working components with the faulty one. I only whispered my suspicion to the officer during my last servicing.

What are your special items that you keep in your car ?


09/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Words and phrases like Freedom, Democracy, Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Liberalism, Capitalism, and Socialism are not divine in nature that were brought down by prophets and messiahs. Many were born after the movements against the church authority in Europe. As the money economy spread capitalism began to rise. Decades later America lead the capitalist countries and claimed to be the father of democracy.

Today we have human right movements throughout the world. Every man has his own right. They termed it as natural justice. Democracy is the voice of the majority as oppose to totalitarianism.

It is true that authoritarian rule can oppress the citizens and cause physical and mental agony. No criminal is allowed to defence himself. He may be shot without questioning. North Korea or China will say the system is for the good of all the citizens. Problem makers should not be spared. There will be peace and tranquility in the nation.

Philosophically USA and other capitalist countries are against North Korea and China.

What is true today is freedom, democracy, socialism and totalitarianism and free enterprise are words that could be dispel with. America bans Huawei and taking other measures to control the world trade. The executive power of the President means it is a totalitarian practice. There are many new rules in the United States that restricts what they call individual freedom. They even set rules on the Muslim dress codes.

In countries where racism is strong, ONE MAN ONE VOTE is a pure nonsense. In the long run the dominant race will kill the minority. Democracy is a license for the majority to rob the right of the minority. It legalizes suppression and oppression.

And there is no place in the world that gives you a completely total freedom. That's why you see in every nation there are laws, rules and regulations. These could be very stringent in a democratic country like the United States.


08/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


For the two jail terms you underwent before, I sympathize with you. So were millions of others. The sodomy charges were made up and the evidences were fabricated.

But a handful of your friends knew you did make some small cheeky sins, being influenced by a Satanic friend. It was Tun Mhahathir who took you into UMNO that created controversial furore amongst the Senior UMNO members. Words went around about your selling of land to Israel. You siphoned the money and let your close friend who supplied you with young women to keep your ill gotten wealth. You and your friend became a sudden millionaire.

Tun knew all these but he never shamed you in public. Tun's bad advisors were more interested in putting you away under sodomy charge.

Your wife and daughters won on the sympathy's vote.

When PH won Tun worked hard to get you free. He had a problem with the King whose his hands you loved to kiss. Your behaviours were observed. They asked "where were the Kings when you were thrown in jail to suffer ? " They knew that you always think PH won because of you.

I have known you and your family since you were a schoolboy. I already made an assessment about you at my younger age. 60 years later I made another. I was not wrong. You are what you are. What PAS had said about you is very true.

Though this memo does not reach you and unread by people, I believe somehow God will make it delivered to you. You are about to break the PH and give back the country to UMNO, in a few months or years to come. At least you must be humble and not to brag that you are the best man in the country.


08/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



Amwar and company can kiss good bye soon. I don't know where the PKR supporters will go next. PH is disintegrating. No matter how strong DAP is the party will lose the Malay support and will either go to BERSATU or PAS. When Mahathir resigns and Anwar takes over, chaos will begin. He can speak but he can't do the economic job. He will replace Lim Guan Eng with somebody else also without any consultation with anyone. I believe Anwar will lose the Chinese votes as well. The Chinese will go to DAP.


I don't think Tun Mahathir will be active after his retirement. It will entertain him to see how Anwar Ibrahim will be dancing. The faster Tun resign the quicker will be the chaos. When crooks and Mafia rise again, it is Anwar Ibrahim who will be urinated while he is alive and after his death.


You do not probably realize or know how corrupt was Anwar Ibrahim before.


He will go to jail again. This time the crooks will jail him under corruptions. PKR will be kicked out by the masses.


07/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


If you choose me as a leader you must be sure that I cannot satisfy everybody's wants and desires. First of all the wants are different and may be in conflict with the interest of the many. Secondly the resource available is always limited. And among you there are many greedy folks who always want to have more than the others and would force me to plunder the public resources for your own benefit.


You don't have to take me to lead you. It is your choice.


I have had enough with people. There are good people and bad people who always criticize and want their ways. The stupid public elected them only to see a huge damage that these devils had made. In my school our science results had been very excellent achieving the 95% marks over the years. I didn't care how the teachers conducted their work. I knew them well as a good team. Then came a new teacher sent by the state education department. The science teachers came to see me reporting of the new teacher's attitude. He did not want to follow their SOP, did not attend the science committee meeting. This particular teacher manage to get friends and convinced them in many ways.


His friends came to see me as a middlemen to settle the problems of the teaching of science. They told me that science was going on the wrong approach. I asked the teachers,

                                    "What was the science result in the last few years ?"

                                     "Below 40%", they said.

                                     "What's the result then ?"

                                      "90 over."

                                      "Did you check this teachers' science result ?"

I told those middlemen to investigate this teacher's performance in the other school. And I told the teacher to leave for a new school where the methodology of teaching science is good.


I worked hard to put this type of teachers away. My science continued to stay per excellence over the years till I left the school. And as the other matter was on my school co-operatives where the dirty blokes were complaining a a lot and ran away with the money after they were elected to take over. I closed the co-operatives on my own accord, chose a teacher I knew as efficient and honest. The state co-operative aligned to national body under Proffesor Ungku Aziz made a report about my closing the body. I responded with a nasty letter, very nasty, till Ungku Aziz asked that my school be left alone. The school runs a bookshop and making a profit of nearly 1 million ringgit then.


Yes they even reported me to the number two man in the Ministry of Education. When they rang me up and talked about the closure of the school co-operative I said,"Do you think I am mad and I want to ruin my school ? If you do just sack me out." Secretly they sent someone to investigate my school and amazingly the officer told me about what had had transpired and he was was very impressed with the school.


Our school came out as a benchmarking school in the whole of Malaysia.


None of those were my pride. But I am to show you that a boss must not all the time to follow what others asked him to do.


I really hate what BERSIH, the Bar counsel, the NGOs and other organizations that was trying to force their will on others as if they were the most perfect.


A leader is not to make all decisions by himself following his own thinking. At the same time he must be aware what's is good or detrimental to the society as a whole.


Even if I put you as a leader, you won't get 100% approval from all walks of life.


Do not be too selfish.


06/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Shukri feels that his mission has accomplished. The people are still waiting. Those who are well informed plead no leniency on Rosmah, Najib and his accomplices. There shall be no special preferences between these high profile crooks and the ordinary laymen.


Courts were known to be tainted, freeing the crooks and incarcerate the innocence. People do not want this to repeat. They want Najib be jailed and canned.


There is a limit to forgiveness. It goes beyond this human world. If forgiveness has no limit then God does not create hell. All sinners will be forgiven. But that is not the case, there is still a judgement day.  The door to hell opens wide.


Najib'a strongmen who keep the money for Najib must not be too over confident and think that they are always under protection. Once the Jewish mentality takes control of the minds of the Malaysians, they will hunt and destroy these people whenever and wherever they are, even with a new identification and facial change.


 There are bound to be avengers. Only the people can deal with the high class mafia class. So far they are successful in corrupting PAS.


Shukri has done a lot. The task was heavy and monumental. I have a great hope on Koya to deal with a few top-cops and the few people in Finance Ministry. Sorry I lost confident on Mahyuddin Yassin.



06/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


About ten days before the Idilfitri I suffered from a severe stomach upset that even pushed my lungs.  I suffered the intense pain on the intermittent nights from midnight till 10 am in the morning I even thought I was going to die. The second day when my daughter arrived home, I totally lost my appetite. I could not push any kind into my mouth. All were tasteless. My body strength faded. I slept the whole day.


A day after the fever I forced myself to drive looking for the type of food that might revive my appetite. Tapai, a kind of yeast, was not available. I drove 14 miles looking for Laksa and found it. I managed to take in three table spoon of the dish. I didn't understand the reason for my stomach's rejection.


Effort to consume more food intake on the first day of the Raya did not show much progress. But I know it is a little more than the other days. There is no more unbearable stomach pain like those other ten days. The toiletry has not return to normal yet. But I believe it will take 2 or 3 days time.


Tomorrow I plan to go back to my jogging track and start with a slow walk. My target is only 1.2 km, and within 2 weeks to achieve back my usual 5 km distant.


I read about death on the recent road mishaps of the Balik Kampong trips. 60 is not a few. If food is killing me, others may die from other causes.


I don't plead from a doctor nor my siblings. I plead to god for a fast recovery.




05/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof

From Malaysiakini



Yoursay: At least, Apandi should be hauled up for obstructing justice

YOURSAY | ‘Apandi obstructed justice by declaring there were no wrongdoings involved in 1MDB...’

MACC not probing former AG, says source

Slumdog: At the very least former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali should be investigated for abuse of power, dereliction of duty, complicit and abetting in former premier Najib Abdul Razak’s alleged corruption and covering up a criminal act.

That should wipe the grin from his face.

Apandi has no more protection from Najib and Umno, so what are the police and MACC waiting for? I hope his actions are not swept under the carpet.

Roger 5201: The AG is supposed to be the legal counsel for the government of the day. He should act without fear and favour in the interest of the country.

What Apandi did was not only partisan, he obstructed justice by declaring there were no wrongdoings involved in 1MDB in the face of overwhelming kleptocracy.

Apandi should be investigated for undermining justice, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Unless Apandi has turned crown witness, it is strange that he is not being probed.

He had declared Najib to be free of corruption and denied that the Equanimity yacht belonged to Malaysia.

He also refused to claim back monies forfeited by the Swiss government saying it did not come from 1MDB. Strange indeed.

Beeja: Apandi and Twitter King (former police chief Khalid Abu Bakar) were heading critical institutions, which if functioning as they should, would have mitigated this disaster.

Their duty and obligation are to protect the nation and its people. Instead, they actively aided and abetted the alleged thieves and worked against the very interest they are paid to protect and safeguard.

An entire generation is left to pick up the tab for the 1MDB kleptocracy. Bad behaviour, particularly in public office, cannot be tolerated. Period.

Ipohcrite: Yes, both the former AG and former IGP should be probed for their dastardly roles in the cover-up of the 1MDB debacle and protecting the chief culprits. Otherwise, justice is truly denied.

Redmann: Are we sure MACC is "independent" of the executive and not dependent upon its good graces?

All and sundry are aware of the cover-up that Apandi engaged in to immunise his boss at that material time. All and sundry know that he is a flight risk which necessitated the travel ban.

Apandi has a wealth of intel and information on the operations of 1MDB, and yet the powers-that-be intend to let him be.

If this is the ‘New Malaysia’ we were promised, then it is safe to say that the rakyat was defrauded in giving its suffrage to the Pakatan Harapan.

Anonymous 770241447347646: MACC should investigate the former AG, as they should know that in life there are no free meals.

If he had rub Najib's back, what did Najib rub his back with?

The record shows that Najib was a very generous man, especially with the public's monies. He was a Santa Claus to all his loyal supporters.

The former AG would have been rewarded very well for his faithfulness.

Caripasal: It is obvious MACC is still practising selective prosecution. Not all corrupt politicians or civil servants from the previous administration will be prosecuted.

Only those corrupt politicians/civil servants who are not supportive of "the new master" or "politically worthless" will be investigated and charged.

A total revamp of MACC is impossible under the current PM.

Anticonmen: Some people can do the worst offences and get away scot-free but others can be penalised for trivial wrongs.

This is the sense of twisted justice. Twisted leadership with twisted logic.

Anonymous 1689721435778173: Indeed, a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) should be set up to inquire into Abdul Gani Patail’s sacking and the appointment of Apandi as AG, and also the conduct of Apandi in his capacity as AG.

Apandi free to attend stepson's call to English Bar, his lawyer thanks Harapan

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr 2019: Apandi now - “We are very thankful to the Pakatan Harapan government as the right to travel in and out of a country is a right of every Malaysian as long as the person is not charged in court or has any criminal conviction.”

Apandi then - Bersih chief Maria Chin and some others cannot travel although not charged in court.

What a chameleon. The government should not have rescinded the ban as Apandi must know how it feels to be not able to travel, although no charges were filed.

Fairview: Claims of his fundamental rights being violated sounds so pathetic because he didn’t understand that when he was AG.

Thanking the Harapan government through his lawyer is at least an acknowledgement that the BN government would have just shut out anybody against the then PM and his government.

Vijay47: Lawyer M Visvanathan, you seem to be offering a very profound sermon on the law, the Federal Constitution, and the right of every citizen, especially your client Apandi, to travel without let or hindrance.

Perhaps you should have acted on his behalf even during the regrettable time when he was the AG where despite his office, he displayed abysmal ignorance regarding, yes, the law and the Federal Constitution.

On the contrary, he often strayed deep into the dark side.


04/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


For a long time I supported PAS against UMNO but not to extend fully agreed with Amanat Hadi or violence action or even call other Muslims as infidels. I have hated privatization of Tun Mahathir as I believed it would burden the masses. I did not campaign for the Islamic party at all.


It was the time when I was so sure that Najib was cheating the Malaysians and PAS went all out to support his Kleptocratic stance, my trust on the party evaporate immediately. I was told by a few PAS members that money paid to PAS went through Hadi's son in law that went together with the developmental projects given by BN to a company run by Hadi's in law.


Then I traced lies after lies by Hadi and his strong men. I began to hate Kelantan Chief Minister on his treatment of the natives. To be fair I also detest the Perak MB on an identical issue. Then came the slander about the Muslims praying in the church, banning the the Iftar with believers of other religions and even predicted that Malaysia will be a Christian country if UMNO and PAS do not rule the country.


I have weighed Tun Mahathir, Najib and Hadi. None of them is in my favour. But Najib and Hadi are the most despicable people I have never want to forgive. Hadi can go all out to support a shameless and an immoral man that even the world called the Kleptocrat of the worst kind. And I always knew that God will not bless the mass Sembahyang Hajat that PAS had been making several times.


How could an Islamic party resort to brewing racial and social hatred among the Malays for their political gain ?


04/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


If you condemn a Jew killing a Palestinian child, you are called anti-semitic. I know as I am expressing my view, I will be condemned and cursed.


ASTRA was initiated to increase the number of Malays in the hobby which was said to be controlled by the non-Malays. That was what I was informed at the time when it was about to be formalised. But there was no mentioned of any manner of political affiliation. When the license B was approved the members of different political beliefs hide what was personal to themselves.


This was the period when the number of illegal stations cropped up by a great numbers. And it begins the pulling of influential UMNO strongman into the hobby to facilitate some hidden agendas, and as the protectorate of illegal radio stations and the licensee who broke radio regulations. Even before 40 meter was approved to the 9Ws we already heard Datuk's voice on the band.


Many clubs and activities were run on UMNO's ticket under the leadership of these UMNO chiefs. Many had hoped they could be given the A ticket without the CW test, or at least able to go to 40 meter band. These Warlords were seen as umbrellas to the illegal operators and the law breakers. They were Kings in Malaysian amateur radio. They can erect special repeaters, giving their own call signs and collect money from the enterprise. 


The other day on the Facebook it was flash the word MELAYU to stress the race in Malaysia Amateur Radio. It connotes the present UMNO-PAS attacked on the Chinese. The pollution has become so very serious among this special specie otherwise known as Taliban by our enemies.


But I had heard from somewhere that these UMNO warlords are dying down. So are the followers.



03/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Yes in the past people came and go. But the band remained merry with jovial hams all year round, carrying on obediently with the traditional SOP. In the month of Ramadan 40 meter would be occupied until the time was almost ripe for the Iftar. We did not have 2 meter then. So 40 was our home. I though the whole scenario would last forever.


During the fasting month Muslim hams would return after 10.30 pm and closed the station when the band began to close. Some went DXing. I never worked a station that just gave 59 and 73. I chatted. English was the tool. The DX band had been so good all the way for several years. I was only using a 30 foot dipole hanging on a bamboo mast. We talked to people we did not even know how they looked like for years. Internet was unknown.


There was a Southeast Asian net that even the whole world joined in. Anybody could be a net controller. It went on for several long years until one Indonesian Ham came in to tell us that SEANET was for the hams in Southeast Asia, not for extended nation. It shocked us as this was the first racism that we heard from a ham. And later ASTRA was formed on the racial basis too.


This was the starting point where ham radio in this area started to change it's taste.


Old hams began to withdraw themselves. New value and ego took over the old philosophy. The past will never recover.


I hope I could be at the next SEANET in Johore Baharu to talk about the possibility of reviving the old tradition. I know it will be very hard, extremely hard.


02/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


PAKATAN HARAPAN has let the voters down. The last was the Home Ministry's blind action on giving too much leeway to Apandi Ali who was seen as an accomplice to the 1 Mdb's theft. Apandi was even abetting Najib, putting a thick steel wall to protect the man who plundered our national coffer. Mahyuddin's mentality and the mindset of our MACC have disappointed the voters. He is allowing Apandi to do malice on behalf on Najib in London, carrying out Shafiees mission.


PH is not strong and intelligent enough, giving leniency to crooks and criminals. I am not disappointed about the promise of the toll. The voters just want the government to take over and to reduce it just by 10 or 15%. PH is no different from BN then.


At this rate PH must go. But we do not want UMNO as a replacement. PAS is worst than UMNO as it is riding Islam for it's own benefit and it also propagate lying and deceptions, twisting the religious teaching to justify it's actions.


But at this juncture the rural Malays have no choice but to revert back to UMNO and PAS. Many PH voters will do the same. I am not happy with the myopic visions of Mahyuddin, Rafizi and even Nurul Izzah who never seem to understand that it was the voters who put them there to get a clean and effective government. I never ask for extra money, for the abolishment of toll or for free money. But I hate to see the arrogant and the high handed ministers and officers.


If PH fails to let their heads role, they can brace for their demise in three years time.


02/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


When the Malaysian labour unions were demanding for the minimum wage law and threatened the government I immediately predicted it would be a darkness for the country. What all the unions need is a big fat salaries for their members and the extended retirement age. The salary scales for many top posts are crazy and made us see bitches and prowlers everywhere.


I don't know what the economists were thinking. And I don't know whether we are aware the various types of foreign investments in the country. Let me put it in a simple term so that you can grasp the idea of a firm.


You set to erect a factory of goods X. Are you selling X for the domestic use or for exporting purposes. If the government force you to comply with the minimum wage law, it will add cost and hence the price of X. Obviously the cost will have to be bored by the consumers. Domestic consumers will pay more. But the exported goods will be expensive overseas. The car makers were smart enough to make the exported versions cheaper and let the local consumers pay for them when the buy the local X.


It may work in a car industry. To foreign investors they would prefer the countries with the cheap labour cost minus the minimum wage rule. Many Malaysian graduates from USA's universities were employed in the United States for their salaries were at least 1/3 of the US citizens. The big firms chose China or Vietnam to manufacture their exported goods.


Some business community would prefer to sell cheap to their customers and will avoid workers who would be demanding for the minimum wage. This is where labourers offering lesser payments for jobs began to sneak in. The willingness of the foreigners to accept lower salaries is because it is better than having no job in their countries.


The whole enumeration system is not healthy to our economy.


You did not hear any words from our economists of the absurdities of salaries of people called the CEO. Millions of the regular people have to work for 200 years when the MAS and GLC top people needs only 10 months. No economies ever mentioned of the JUSA salary scales. I remember in 1980s when the airline in USA bought by their workers union and sacked all the high profile officers, allowing the common workers to run them.


We have a bunch of greedy and dishonest people who are managing the country. We have the greedy lay people who are lazy but crave for higher salaries. Who are running our economy ? The central banks and the other numerous commercial banks, the business communities and the normal workers and farmers.


If our education fails to mould their brains then our sufferings will never end.


02/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


This story is not to belittle anyone but merely to remind the younger people to regularly check their total health from time to time.


The other night at 3 am I went to the bathroom used by my kids when they come home. I have my own bathroom in the radio shack. I saw the water tap was running. It must had been from 10 pm. I didn't say anything about it the next day. Only at night as I went to check the tap she came in and I told her the tap was not close the other night. Instead of saying sorry she said it was me who did not turn off the valve. I just keppt quiet.


On Friday my son messaged me that he had departed Kuala Lumpur after the breaking up of the Ramadan fasting. I asked him the estimated arrival time. He replied that I should not wait for him. If he were to arrive late in the morning he would put a sleep in his car. I did not sleep early as usual. At 3 am I wrung his phone but there was no reply.


At 6 am I unlocked my gate and my house. In case he had arrived he could make his way in without disturbing me if were to fall asleep. At 10 am, I didn't see his car. I called him again asking his location. He said he would be coming back on Sunday. That would solve my problem. At about 9 pm just now he messaged me that he has arrived and going round looking for food.


And many years ago we had a meeting among the school heads and the officers from the Ministry. on one occasion the boss to compute the future intake given by a certain condition. I did the traditional method of computation and mentioned the numbers. The principals who were engineers gave different answers. i asked them as how they derive at the illogical answers. One said sarcastically 'LINEAR REGRESSION.' I was not an engineer, lower in status and we were always despised.


Our boss commented nothing. After the meeting I asked my boss of the correct answer which my boss agreed with mine.


It is not uncommon for the young people to think that the older people are senile. Even my grand children regard me as weak and handicapped. he other day when their mother could not removed the water bottle cover and I could remove it they showed their surprise, "Wow how grandpa can do it...how do you do it grandpa..? "


I submit the older people are getting slower and weaker. Forgetfulness is regular but we can still compute our dollar and cents, and wise enough to spend them.


01/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I started to write my blog in November2010 with a great deficiency in my English command. Even in my GRE test score it showed the worst in language skill. But that did not deter me from striving to express as much as I could. I understand the word is called attitude. It is to move on even without help, fearing no hostile environment.


In life the more languages you master the more chances you have in surviving challenges and skills. A few Malays might want to acquire the various language skill like Indian, Chinese and English. Private firms prefer those who are multi-lingual, at least English for the high level posts. Even if you are running a busines on your own English proficiency is vital for better expansion.


The worst attitude is laziness. It is something driven by the politicians to make people lazy by spoon feeding and giving free stuffs to the people. If he is given the power, he will simplify alter the failed grades to the passing scores, replace tests to be held in English to Malay so that the candidates can pass without having have to study hard. I never approve such bad attitudes even among my family members.


Any student from Malay or Chinese medium would be able to learn and converse in any other lingo if his attitude is right. Nikolai Tesla was an Austrian. He migrated and made a debut in the United States, There are other millions of the non-native English speakers who did not go to English school became very wealthy in the English speaking countries.


Let me say blindly right on your face that if you are a bigot to PAS and UMNO and submit to their total philosophy your race will never be progressive and will you will be lagging behind forever.


02/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



I can't remember how many times I have written about this topic. I wrote it over and over again after I made a new finding the types of men and women whom I can be sure will make your life very miserable.


Avoid a woman who does not have any guilt feeling when deceiving another. There are thousands around you but you will not be aware by their sweet talks and other artificial behaviours. It takes a long time for you to be with them before you know their true colours. And you can chuck straight away the women whom you first know that takes you around the expensive mall and comments the nicety things about a few hundred dollar shoes pr handbags. These are called gold digger.


There are women who love to say 'what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine...It the husband responsibility to provide sustenance to his wife...' This kind is illustrated when they always want the government to provide them free of everything. Their excuse the government has made a promise. It is not only you who should get rid of this specie, even the private firms will not employ such a person. If a firm goes to the extend whether you are on the PTPTN loan, it will automatically reject you.


A woman who keeps on pestering and repeating that you need to keep your promises is not good for you. Similarly those who cannot see their own mistakes but insist on putting the blame on others.


So far I have not found any woman who is suitable for me.


What I am saying about women is the same to men. A woman who is looking for a spouse must be selective. A marriage is forever and till death we depart.


One Datin prosed that I should agree to her choice of a spouse for me. I told her, "Find me a poor one, live a simple life, pious, obedient and a good cook."


"IT IS DIFFICULT," she said.




01/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



In the last two By-Election in Malaya the Malays voted against PH. It was not because they love Najib but they were unhappy with UEC and later on Matriculation issues. I believe this will carry on till the next GE15.


If you observe, Najib's supporters will be finding where the Malays like to gather. The most recent was at the Penang Nasi Kandar. And they will bring Najib to the spot to show as if the crowds flocked to welcome him. And this technique will continue to take place.


To the principled and well informed Malays, no amount of Najib's act would change their stands. They will still hate despite some might vote against PH. The Malays perceived that PH will kill the Malays. And even the palace said that the race will become slave in their own country. I believe UEC was demanded by DAP but the matriculation issue was poured by UMNO to incite the Chinese.


There is an effort to publish Najib's Nasi Kandar event on the Facebook. But there were filled with bad remarks on him. Najib's stealing of KWAP's money was clear despite all the spinning. Only PAS will say it is alright to steal, giving arguments of all sorts.


It is an irony that Najib's court proceedings do not the right way. Najib goes to court one day and he has 14 days of holiday. Then he goes to court for three days, he will be given 7 days of holidays. And people began to see CASH IS KING is happening again, for Najib still have billions in the country stashed in his close friends house.


His fate will be ascertained as the proceeding take place. It will dwindle as the money is seen to be stolen, no matter how great the spinning goes on. Remember when Najib was said to be shocked and surprise to see too much money in his account ? That was the time he sacked Ghani Patail who was on the course of charging him on the SRC money, and kicked his deputy out.


Such a criminal cannot be made a leader. It is this what all the PAS-UMNO leaders must accept. Otherwise the Hudud Law of PAS will cut back their tongues for lying, and probably their hands for supporting thieves.


UMNO must not have a second thought about Najib. I may agree that he is smart but how come 1Mdb's loan have to be paid by the government ? Judges and Ministers must not lost sight of the reality. If you take a crook in the same team as a witness, what can you expect ? So far these crooks are trying to make the judges lose their sight.


You see who is hung with the killing of Kevin Morais ? Are you being hypnotised ?


Those who see the truth will not support Najib anymore. If he makes Nasi Kandar for them, they may rush for the delicacies.


31/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor is concerned about the conflict and disunity among the Malays. Let me remind the Malays that this is not a new phenomena. As early as the late 50s one group of Malays called the other infidel. The place for these infidels is only HELL. This was a national phenomena. There should be no marriage between the two groups. They were not allowed to enter their respective villages and the houses. If their wives showed any sympathy for the infidel group the marriage would break down the 'talak' will dropped. Even the blood of the other Malay was 'halal'. And they must be slaughtered.


Today we hear there are billions of ringgit being challenged by the mother of a decease. Where did the money come from ? Millions moved into personal account which had been denied and several Ministers were sacked for asking the questions. People followed closely the DOJ report and discovered the multi-layer of cash movement to camouflage the theft. Yet the crooks drew a lot of Malay supporters. And the Malays who stood by their principles. How could HRH expect the Malays to unite ?


At the lower level there are scammers, cheaters, thieves, liars, drug addicts and pushers, crooks and people who run away with their loans. Being a Malay is not a passport to be a criminals. It hard to figure out how a victim of a crime act can hug and kiss his carnivore.


One group of Malays are sullen and reticent. If they don't like the authority they will wait for appropriate time to put a new one. The other type is roaming around inciting and giving hate speech. Not all the Malays love them.


In short there are good Malays and bad Malays, good non-Malays and the bad ones. the choice of friendships is yours.


30/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



Adib Adam was found dead. The Malays are made to believe that he was killed by the Indians. That's all I know. But that isn't all. UMNO jumped in incitings so that the AG should resign for his interference with the inquest. UMNO has a different agenda, to save the ex-Prime Minister and at the same time is campaigning  against the Indians and the Chinese to ensure they will have enough support to come back in GE15.


I would have guessed the temple and the Indians must have frequented to Tommy Thomas residence requesting the case to be closed. It is a mere conjecture.


Even if Adib was murdered the government or the opposition parties have to name the murderers. Surely the Indians will say NO. What are the Malays to do ? To declare war on the Indians ? To call the voters to oust Tun Mahathir ?


Most Muslims believe that birth and death is in the hand of God. And nobody can pinpoint who caused the final strike. If it a fate then it is a fate. There were several helicopters and plane that carried VIPs and Ministers exploded. People suspect sabotage. Tun M's plane too was sabotage before GE14. Whoever went out to protest or even made an inquest ?


When emotion flair and is controlling us, we have transformed into a savage.


Hw many PAS and UMNO members are pro Palestinians ? Then go to Israel and fight against the hatred enemy. Remember the Memali incidence ? It was Hadi who was responsible and he throws the blame on Tun Mahathir.


30/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



If you noticed Najib called the same witnesses twice and asking the same questions as before except for the Dr who banked in the money into Najib's account who added that Najib was shocked to see the extra money.


If this man had banked in the money and Najib told him that he was shocked, didn't he tell Najib that it was him who banked in that money. This Dr had been lying through his teeth. Who is this man to the ex-PM ? He is as good as Apandi, the hand picked man by Najib. The observant voters are never wrong about the Kleptocrat.


The crooks used the same line of defence; don't know, not aware, if I have known, gifts, donations. You see this in the NFC's case where the whole members of the family do not know what was going on. And the great Najib on Donations. Djo Lo on gifts from the rich parents. DOJ never bought what Djo Lo was trying to sell. Our Malaysian judge bought what the NFC liars were saying.


The time and the delay of Najib and Rosmah's cases are much wanted by the defence. My conjecture is not wrong to say that they are going to manufacture evidences as they used to do. We remember when questions were asked where so much money went to in the 1 Mdb's case, they came up with the answers, matching the total incredibly.


Najib is lucky that he is in Malaysia that he escaped charges on the murder of Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais. If this is China or North Korea he would have been shot 20 times even after his death.


30/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof



At home I am called stupid. At least that was what they called me on the Ham Radio and among the Ham Radio operators. I  responded admitting that I was not as smart as the rest, and dumb as well. When I ponder about it, it was just like a jest and enjoyed it as  fun. Some people simply feel they are the smartest lots. When I went to school in Indiana, there were Malaysians trying to find out my grade scores, the CGPA, wherein I had no interest in theirs. Then everybody was trying to tell everyone else of their 4 flat.


As a student I had friends of various academic standard; PHD candidates, a double Masters students and the normal guys like me. We were so jolly, respected each other and nobody ever uttered the word STUPID to anybody.


At home I have nothing hanging on my wall like the pictures of my graduation and commencement. There os nothing to show of my educational experience. No grandeur to depict. The reason is simple ie. I am just an ordinary man.


In the 80's I wrote to Indiana University applying for a scholarship to do a second Master degree program in Computing. The university replied asking me to write to the computer department for the placement. I gave a long thought about it. I decided not to be selfish for I just had returned from the school in 1983.


The Ham operators even laughed at me when I studied the linear amplifier circuit as if I was trying to read Greek language. I still wonder whether they could understand the flow of electrons in a diode, triode and pentode, or the function of a bias resistor. Would they made fun of me if they really know the electrons and the vacuum tubes ?


I just read a remark in a social media, "Can't speak English. Can't speak Mandarin. Want to have everything..." That's how we may look at others and others are looking at us.


Many a time we are trying to show our prowess, smartness to the world without realizing that we are making fools of ourselves. Today we used the media and broadcast the stupidity of other people days in and days out, boasting and bragging of our excellent minds superior to all the others. The greatest point is that we want the rest of the populace to follow our characters, habits, attitudes and styles.


29/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I cried hard from time to time when I remembered my late wife. I wish she is alive even in her sickness and bed ridden. I regretted I had not done much and lost my temper at time. But I took care of her, nursing her for more than 5 years at her weakest moment. Still that was not good enough. I should have been patient all the way till her last breath. It is too late now to show how much I love her.


We are only human. Even than there is a limit to your action and anger. You are not to be violent, not to hurt them physically and mentally. Love does not come from your mouth but from your hearts and deeds, the care and sacrifice, honesty and sincerity. Those are enough to show your love. Do it when your spouse is alive, else the regret will haunt you for the rest of your life.


My wife could not manage herself at all. She could not stand or walk. But she entertained me by telling me stories. She had a sharp memory. That's the reason I like to drive her along wherever I went to. Her narration killed all the boredom.


Before she passed away I asked for her forgiveness and she for mine.


The late P.Ramlee's song 'Gigi dan lidah lagi tergigit' ( even our teeth at time bit our tongue ) has a deep and profound meaning. The relationship will always come to term at the end of the day. And one has to always beware of the third party who are more likely to see one's separation with the spouse by pouring more fuel and igniting it and laughing all the way.


The best of a marriage is 'till death we depart'. Don't blame anybody if you fail. There is something missing in your life if you are not married, divorced and continued to stay single the whole of your life. You miss something that is called forgive and forgiven, the happiness of taking a good care of your spouse in health and in sickness.


29/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


They chose their own lives, rejecting our advice and created their own path. There is nothing that we can do and hope they would live a wonderful life forever. I have had such an experience with my kids who told me right in my face that I should not interfere with their future. I did. I never ask even a single pittance from them and they know I can always manage myself. I shall survive till my dying day, enough sustenance endowed upon me by the God Almighty, the God of all faith and race.


But my kids do not cast me aside altogether though our brain waves are not synchronized. They are worried about ny health and fear of my disability to manage myself. At 72 I am not as agile as I was at 30.  I clean my house and wash my clothing. I even do my own cooking.


I have declared to myself that I am a solitary man now. I like to be alone. I do not want to stay with my kids, neither do I want them to bother me. If they have any problem they must not burden me with them. That was what they wanted and spelled to me years ago. I promise to myself that I will get myself disappear if they were to bear the consequences of their doings.


Social life is becoming more and more difficult and complicated these days. People are losing their values and morality. They steal in subtle ways by  millions and deny them. They continue to lie without guilty conscience. They find it convenience to use religion for their own benefit, and as a tool to gather support. You don't know who are the good guys and who are the crooks. All foxes are dressing in sheep clothing.


Dress and Quaran in hands have never impressed me. Drug pushers have been known to carry the Holly Books in their sleeves like American drug dealers donning a big cross on their chests. They thought God would forgive them for every crime they committed.


The behavioural patterns of mankind are diagnosed as the sign of the end of time by the believers, both the Christians and the Muslims alike.


Compare the filial piety before the age of Western civilization and that of today there is a mark difference. Family separates. Parents named their neighbours as bequests of the properties. They pointed at the same sex marriage, free sex, nudities, drug usage and the earth is taken over by the demons. The diminishing filial piety is one of them.




26/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not necessary for a person to master all of the languages of the world but there should be people of a country who can speak all of the languages of the world.


I was amaze with the Cambodians when I visited the country wherein the tourist guides were explaining to their groups in different lingos. While I was in Beijing a group of American boys were conversing in Mandarin while on their shopping spree. And on my recent visit to Semporna I asked the tourist guide of where about he picked up Mandarin as his fluency amazed me.


The Chinese could speak almost all of the world's language like the Americans. They have foreign language education. In the USA it all began during John F Kennedy's era after the Russian sent out their first Sputnik. I can't say about the Chinese.


If the government is willing to provide funding I would set up a language school using the native speakers to be the teachers. A student is to study 5 languages, physics (theory and practical), mathematics, history, chemistry and religious education. The entry level is Form 1 and ends up at form 5.


Private funding would be better off to ensure of no complaint of dissatisfactions from the parents blaming the government of any unfairness. I prefer a full freedom of curriculum design without government interference. We provide a language pool for the tourist industry and other business organization.


The Chinese is smart enough to use this resource to advance and expand their business worldwide. Within a short time Chinese economy would excel the rest of the world. There is no doubt about it.


26/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A Muslim is not a Malay. But a Malay can be a Muslim. It is not in the name, race and language or dress. It is in a person's heart about the Oneness of God and His Prophet. He follows the teaching of his religion without having to show to anybody of his belief. A poor Muslim is not persuaded to visit Mecca or going for his pilgrimage. A rich Muslim needs to go for his pilgrimage ONCE in his life time.


God is not in Mecca. A Muslim can talk to his God from anywhere, in his small room or in the remote jungle of Borneo for God is everywhere. A sinner can repent wherever he is. Surely for a person who had been to the Holly Land of Mecca several times, and blaming the non-Muslim for holding his passport to prevent him on the same trip is having an ill intent feeling in his heart. His aim is to make the Malays hate the non-Muslims.


A virtue blooms when something good is done to animals and other human beings regardless of their race and creeds. He does not lie, gloat, cheat, steal and distant himself from corrupt practices. He has the element of shame and has a moral virtue.


God will answer his prayer whenever and wherever he is. If God does not wish to answer it, no matter where he is his wish will not be granted.


A Muslim does not belittle women or placed them under the second class citizens. He does not forbid any Muslim woman to be a Minister, a Chief Minister or even the Head of of a State. He treats them with love and respects. I am not going to say anything about women's achievements in this small space. You can always find out by yourselves.


If a Muslim man thinks he has done a lot of good deeds to a lot of people, and that he believes in God strongly, it is a good news for him, that the people will pray for his well being all the time in great numbers. Is it necessary for him to go mad, running amok, cursing his enemies for barring him going to Mecca ?


26/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A mad man has nothing to lose even if he walks naked in public or cursing hell to passersby. He may even challenge you to fight. Just ignore him. If it is entertaining enough, just smile and laugh at yourself and continue with your chores.


A man without shame is as good as animals, any animal. He does things at the wrong place and time. Dogs and chimpanzees are more intelligent and worthy as pets than a man, while it is too dangerous to take a mad man in your house.


So far I have not seen a normal man fighting against a mentally disturbed person. The most famous unsound person was Chad Gila, existed during the First Prime Minister's era. He did not a quarrel with anybody but almost ever man would give him some pittance. He took the coins and gave them to children. He has passed away. The second I saw in Alor Setar was Harun Gila, also has gone to meet God. Harun never shout or yell at people. He would tie a red cloth on his forehead and wore a black dress as an attire, no coat or necktie limke some others.


I would like to suggest to you to buy a popcorn and watch a madman to entertain yourself.



24/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Darwin said that humans' ancestors are monkeys. I don't know from which particular specie. Slowly we begin to learn that there are many different types of moneys; bourbons, chimpanzees, Orang Utan and about fifty more. 







Darwin's theory is oppose to the God's creation story where Adam was created from the earth. This makes a very interesting observations to seek whether Darwin was right, examining from the genetic flows of chromosomes that may be pictured by human behavioural traits.


What manners of human behaviours could be drawn similar or identical to monkeys ? You really have to make a long closer examination. But I know that animals have territory and among the same kind there occur fights to head their areas. The weaker animals are always on the run and at the mercy of the stronger ones. I also know that monkeys steal from people and from their own kinds. The weak would always submit to the stronger ones.


It has to take the whole animals types to compare to human behaviours. It would be unfair to the fellow humans since their ancestors were only monkeys.


Believing Darwin means men from all walks of life are one and the same and equal in status. But believing in Creation will make us see humans of different strata and divisions; the descendents of prophets, Emperors, Alien from the other universe and even the magical power of sorcerers, the vomiting of the white cows and the sea-serpents. Some even say that a man is God's disguise.


The evil deeds of human come from Satan, not from the animal ancestry. Thus a man brag, having an infinite lust and greed, crazy for power, arrogant and act like hooligans and barbarians. We don't see these only among the Malay race but from all over the world. At the moment Trump fit both the Creation theory and that of Charles Darwin.



24/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Many of us are still sleeping. We think everyone does respect and adore us due to our social status. position, profession or wealth. TMJ wants people to know that Mukhriz Mahathir did not bother him at Pahang palace. Now we have known and Malaysiakini does not open it to discussion for fear the abusive retaliation on Johor Royalty by angry readers.


UMNO and the Royalties should by now realize the feeling of the rakyat on their kings. It is sad if they are still sleeping and are not sensitive enough to know it. Why not TMJ find the truth by suggesting Referendum to have Republic or Constitutional Monarchy. Let the advantage be given to the Monarchy by allowing the Malays to make the choice.


Mukhriz is a Chief Minister, a man of a higher status. Why not TMJ comes to Kedah without any bodyguard and be among the ordinary lowly men. You can guess a thousand and one things that can happen to him. And believe me he may even be arrested if he is spotted travelling to Europe.


Only those who are desperate with money and hope they would get tons of cash would do the apple polishing job.


If the Johor King is so sure that the Johorean loves him then try to reduce the referendum voting only among the state inhabitants, again only reduced among the Malays. It would be good to see how the populace perceive with "I am People's slave" and the "Johor Race".



24/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The Drone Law in the United States is very strict and stringent. One of it says that the drone must be within line of sight of the pilot, meaning it must be visible. I cannot see a drone 300' away, totally invisible though it is not too far away. The Americans love to fly their drones more than 2 miles away. I wonder whether a 5000 dollar binocular could make it visible.


Almost all drones used are Chinese, dJI being the most popular and now in competing against Mavic Pro which is said to be Americans, but also belongs to the Chinese company. Billions of American dollars find their conduits to the Middle Kingdom. The total balance of payment favoured the Chinese.


The only way to discourage the Americans to pick flying drones as their hobby is to put a stringent rule. Many drone flyers were given tickets for flying on the private properties and at height above 400 feet. The distance and height limitation seem to be working well and it will slowly kills the interest. The flow of US money to China would be controlled a little bit.


USA is also waging war against the cell-phone maker, the Huawei. Huawei is cheaper and bigger than Apple. I many ways it is better than the American brand which is also bad in it's Bluetooth system. File transfer in Apple need to go through Itune but in the Android it can be executed through the Bluetooth protocol as well as the OTG thumb drives. I still have an iPhone4 and an iPhone6. But they are the pariahs of the cell phones. I used Oppo instead and Samsung as my secondary communication gadget.


We can somewhat figure out why the drone regulations are very stringent.

22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't condone any political party. If wrongdoing was done I would oppose it regardless whether it was from Haji Hadi or Tun Mahathir. I see stupid people from both parties, the ruling and the opposition.


I read many postings on the social media blaming the PH government on many policies to undermine Islam and the Malays, describing in detail the evil of those policies. Most of the time I passed no remark but there was one which was so long and absurd that I just wrote "Ha ha".


Those policies were actually created by BN government way back either in 2015 or earlier. The selling of the stamps of worshipping houses were fiercely attacked by the PAS lawmakers accusing PAKATAN HARAPAN of insulting Islam and aimed at making this country a Christian nation. The damage has been done by such an attack though they apologized later when pointed out that the stamps were printed and on sale way back in 2016.


The well informed readers would ask "Is Islam propagate lying ?" This will continue as lying seem to become the culture of the Islamic Party. We all know that the top leaderships had blazoned that Hadi won the case against Sarawak Report. And a few months later announced of it's withdrawal against the legal action because of the high cost. But words that came from the East Coast was PAS has enough money and could raise any amount from the donations and party members when there were rumours of the party excessive spending in GE14. The high legal fee therefore should not be the main problem. Again Hadi denied he paid 1.4 million to the portal to settle the legal withdrawal. The payment was a clause in the settlement. How was hadi claimed no payment was made ? Hence there were lies to cover another lie. Thus in the eyes of non-Muslims Islam is a party that propagates lying and bluffing.


Then came the burning of Perlis mufti's car by a PAS member who was caught and admitted the job was done by several members. He was paid RM500. The party said it was nothing to do with the crime and no one should relate the party members to the party. Is this not another form of lies and denials ? It was the party that blamed ASRI as anti Islam. It was the Islamic PAS members who carried out disgraceful crime. Was it wrong for the non Muslim to say PAS is a Taliban party for having the Taliban members bred by the top party members ?


PAS is a party of God, the champion of Islam. God sides the holly political party, the members of which will automatically go to heaven. How many time had they made the Sembahyang Hajat that God had bless ? The mass prayers asking God not to allow PH to win and making PAS as the Holy Ruler seemed to be ignored by God. Why didn't God answer to the holy Hadi who had met the Prophet several time in his dream ? And mind you he claimed the Holly Prophet instructed him to go to Iran. So he went.


Sadly enough PAS has many followers. It is a tragic affair for the Malays to be very blind and moronic bigots. Where God gives them the mind to think, they dispel it. They brought disgrace to their race and religion. God does forbid lying, cheating stealing, boasting and corrupting.

22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


What do I need popularity for ? I don't need praises or more wealth anymore. And I am just like many millions of others who are happy with our present lives. The reason why I posted my video clips to the Youtube were as a storage backups and at the same time I want those foreigners who happen to view my clips to have a rough idea of Malaysia.


Unlike many other posting that drew tenths of thousands and millions of viewers and subscribers mine only attract less than a hundred on the average. Only one drone footing draws more than 600 viewers. That made me wonder how it captures some people's interest. Altogether I have 279 subscribers only.


I don't hunt for subscribers nor for people to view mu stuffs. But to have 600+ viewers is great enough for me. I just Wow to a few those who achieve thousands of them. I don't want to emulate them on the presentation style. I do it in my own way. I love music. So I embed them in almost all of my clips. I do not talk because my pronunciations and slangs might be hard to comprehend. I put the messages in text form.



This is my most popular clip with 664 viewers


I bought the drone not to fly it as flying a kite but it is for an aerial photography. My target is to capture places of beautiful scenery in my country, which means I need to travel far and wide. The farthest I have been is Semporna and Bintulu. Unluckily Semporna ban drone in 99% of the islands.


If the view is spectacular and beautiful it makes me happy. You cannot value happiness with money. I would watch the clip over and over again trepeatedly like the Sandbank of Timba-Timba island Semporna. But it only draws a hundred over viewers. My Youtube channel is man4855.


Somehow people seem to know me. A few hugged me as if we were close friends or relatives. Yet I harly remember or know them. Probably it was the nature of my job that I have students all over. Those who accosted me I thanked them. Those who have become hardcore arrogant politicians, I ignored them. I don't want to selfie with any Prime Minister or any famous person.


But I do not hate those who want to be popular and famous. Human beings are not identical.


I don't bother whether the world knows me or not, knowing that I have a blog like this one or not. I don't need to be known and be popular. As I have repeatedly said that God's providence is beyond my need.


22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A Malaysian Ham Radio operator who works CW with the distant stations has done a great service to the nation and the people as he creates a good impression of the total inhabitants among the Westerners. The Malaysians has equal ability as the others. Morse is not a simple thing to fetch. It takes a certain level of mental acuteness and discipline to acquire it.


The amateur radio operators the countries where passing in Morse codes are not a mandatory prerequisite are learning and are proud to work on the mode using their fingers and brain. This is the feedback that I get from the Facebook group. Many put their CW contacts in the Youtube. They are not shy working at a lower speed. They call it a FUN mode.


You yourself will form a different conceptual formations if you were to work an American station and a Masai in Africa. You will tend to show respect towards other people of different background and culture. Most modern Europeans no longer regard the Asians as the Barbarians and inferior. The Koreans, Japanese and Chinese have been showing their prowess in the exported technologies. You can't figure out How many billions the Americans paid to buy te hobby drones to China, and the Androids as well as electrical stuffs from Korea.


Imagine the Malaysians who use the phone mode with an excellent English pronunciation and grammar, there will be a question marks on our educational level and how we acquire such a good English proficiency. It does not mean the voice mode is bad. We can still promote our country through our command of English language.


Remember, amateur radio needs to have a standard of civility with ethical hobbyists. The dignity of the radio fraternity should be preserved and protected from the rogue and unethical people. If we don't care about civility and sanctity and behave in anyway we want, then the original tradition is being murdered. You will see people running away from the hobby.


We do not assess ourselves. Grades are always given by others. We cannot pass up the blank paper to get a good grade. We have to show something to get some marks. In general the hard working people will despise the lazy one, who only want free and easy things.


We are not dumb. We can learn CW and we can also learn English. At least we have to master one of the two. And it is not hard to be ethical and civilize.


22/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Zoo Chimpanzee in Thailand

Wild monkey in Cambodia

Lately I have been watching a lot of video clips on animals and monkeys. The top picture is the chimpanzees raised by humans living in a zoo in Thailand. The second is a wild money in Cambodia. They named this one as Sok. Sok is vicious with most adults but very intimate with human babies.

The intelligence of chimpanzee is clearly seen. They communicate easily with humans and seem to understand human's commands.

The above zoo monkeys would keep the money given to them in their pockets. When taken for shopping they know which shop is selling ice cream and which sells cotton candy and pay the seller without the owners assistance.

In Cambodia mothers with small babies would go to the monkey place, hired a hammock and laid out the mattresses. When Sok saw the baby she would approach the little tot,
fondling and hugging and made sure nobody else would disturb the kid. Sok would act as a gurdian.

It was obvious that I would compare the behaviours of these animals with fellow humans.

Wild monkeys still live in the forests. But their homes were raided and robbed by humans under the name of developments. The chief Ministers, the Menteri Besar, not only couldn't care less of the monkeys they also dehumanized the Orang Asli. Monkeys steal when they are hungry, human steals even when they are wealthy.


21/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am very excited. There are two trips waiting for me. One will be on 12th July to Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan and the other on 22nd August to Bali. The first one is a package run by Tursina Travel from Kelantan and the second one is on my own. I have settled my plane and hotel fees for the Bali vacation. This trip begins in Alor Setar and ends at the same place, whereas the first one I have to put overnight in KLIA and the group will meet the airport at 7 am.

For a single person, I have to pay an extra of RM1K which is about RM200 a day. It means if they were to give me a single bed room, I will have to complain to the tour leader. Previously the POTO travel put me in a single room and they quickly fixed it after my complaint.

As always the excitement begins weeks or months before travelling. I would have to figure out the weather at the destination land to see what sort of attires and the luggage size. If the climate is cold and severe I need to bring thick clothing which requires a bigger bag. On these days I prefer to go abroad during summer, saving the weigh hassle. For both of these trips I have decided which bag to bring and the type of clothing I will be packing in.

I read about the drone regulation in Bali. Bali is a drone friendly country. But it is barred in Uzbekistan and Kazakhastan. Even without drone I have to bring a video camera and the phone camera. Both need charger and cable. As not to disturb the others it would be better for me to bring along the camera stand. I could capture myself.

I have to compute my everyday movement to make sure I would not forget to bring along the vital items with me.

For 5 day Bali excursion the cost is less than RM2K. The West Asian trip is almost RM7K. Each year I spend approximately RM10K just to see places. I always enjoy them, observing people's culture right in front of my eyes. It is also an escapism from monotony.

Did I ever have friends in the package trips ? When I was much younger I shared room. We were gregarious, creating jokes and sang all along the highway. Those were with the Mandarin and English tour, the multi-racial tour. Lately I prefer to stay aloof, having my own seat on the bus. We talked to each other. But many were couples and going with families. I would be at the back seat of the bus alone.

Every night I would fantasize the trip, and the joyous fun. The excitement is valueless.

20/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Anuar Musa claimed that money and other items seized by the police at Najib's and family residences belong to UMNO. Now that the police said they have established the source of those items it means Anuar Musa was lying in his attempt to wrest them. he had made a false claim. Therefore he has committed a crime and must be charged in the court of law. If found guilty he must be jailed.

The Malays must open their eyes of the great thievery of UMNO. It is a sin. The lost to the nation is not in a million but in billions of ringgit. They cannot pretend they don't know the source of the money as it has been proved in USA and Singapore. If they are so bigoted to Islam, they have to reject the stolen wealth given in any form under any name. It would have been different if the cash is from Najib's own pocket.

Remember Anuar Musa was almost going to met God. By God's will he is still alive. The longevity is not a credit to his goodness but it is a chance to him to repent and to have some fear in God. Sadly enough he does not change and continue to be arrogant and over bearing. Equally wrong are those who voted for him. Pretending to be dumb is inviting the wrath of the Almighty.

Remember, how many time PAS prayed for the opposition to fall before GE14 ? Did God answer the prayer ? Did Najib know BN would fall ? NO. Did Tun expect he would become PM again ? NO. Did anybody ever though that the Bugis warrior would go down the drain ? NO.

This is what we call the will of God. This is what Najib, Anuar Musa and the rest of UMNO never thought of. Yet you see these people continue to brag, riding religion and lying and calling the Chinese as Communists. Instead of uniting the people and be kind to all races, they are trying to split them.

Once Najib goes into the dungeon the rest of the recipients of the stolen money will have to follow like the mice and the Pied Piper. Anuar Musa has the MARA case in waiting. This is not a political persecution but about theft, cheat, lying and false claim.


 19/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Once a year I usually clean my radio shack. But it has turned to be a very disorganized and unkempt store full of everything here and there. Even my dresses are hung up on the wall. The sofa is filled up with bags and boxes. There isn't much that I can do about it but to arrange my radio stuffs to make it looks a little neat.

Once a year I would take an Indonesian made to do some cleaning and arranging. This year I have to do it alone as the maid had betrayed my trust for spoiling my stove, the weed sprayer and leaving tools all over the place. The time of the spring cleaning is when the Muslims are celebrating the New Year, the 1st of Syawal, a day after Ramadan. Kids and grandchildren would be coming home during his time. My daughter will be coming back on the 26th.

I know what my daughter will do. She will clear of the mess, rearrange things, so much so I will not be able to find my common tools and other important stuffs that belong to me. I have figured out what I will have to do first. I need to do a pre-spring cleaning and keep the important belongings in a safe place; my radio shack. That's where she would not go in. But there are so much work to do at so many parts of the house. Yesterday I finished one section of the hall. Just now I have completed 75% of the second section. And the time is running out. To be frank with you, I am damn worried when my kids are coming back.

Try to imagine an old man doing the domestic services single handed. I think in two days time I can finish 50% of the job, leaving the rest for daughter to work on.

At least I am happy that I found my axe, saw and some other tools back while clearing the mess. My wife diary and other books of records are kept intact for they contain plenty of information like gas suppliers, electrical contractors etc. She had been very systematic.

I don't have visitors anymore during the celebration. Unlike before when my wife was alive her relatives and friends would flock in from morning till night, chatting, cooking and eating. So I don't care about changing the house curtains which have been here since we first bought them. I did however think of going to interior decorator and make a deal for the new ones. On thinking over, I do not see any point rejuvenate my home. I don't have many days to live and I am living alone.

There is not an iota of feeling to buy a new cloth. I do not need them at all. But it came across my mind to buy fire crackers to play with my grandchildren. It is once in a year affair.

 18/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I am just an average man, may be far below it, in education, achievement, thinking, ability and other skills and endowment. To say I am poor there are millions more people who are poorer. To say I am stupid there are more uninformed people than me. But I have all the basic needs. And in some areas I am just a little more above some others, like the watch I don, the hobby I am in, the electronic stuffs that entertain me.

However I feel inferior when I am in public places for I am always shabby and messy in my attire and countenance, less active than all the rest, driving a small dingy car, realizing how old and weak compare to the younger people around me. But I could complete my job, did whatever the others went out to do. After all I do not expect flowers, salute and respects from anyone.

When I am talking about freedom, I am really a true free man. I make my own choice of everything. There is no voice that question me about my dress, where I want to go, what I want to eat, and what I want to do. I remember a friend advised me not to buy a drone for it was not for an old man to play with. There were people who told me to save my money rather than spending them on travelling trips. Another friend barred his father from going out of the house.

I detest all the nagging and fences put around me. I had been in those when I was working. Working lives were never free and full of restrictions. I will never want to work at whatever money anymore. It will be tied up by the time and the working hours. It stared at you with a vicious red eye when you are dreaming of going for a vacation.

Some people who are getting old were trying to fight against nature desiring to be young forever, doing plastic surgery and consuming expensive drugs, applying thick chemicals of cosmetics on the faces, consulting shamans and travelled the world looking for the fountain of youth.  Still fresh in my mind; my late wife whispered "Let me go..." as she was sufferings from a very critical illness. I tell you she passed away with a sweet and smiling face.

Her soul and spirit is looking after me. I never feel so lonely staying alone by myself.

I am happy to be me, fat or thin, old or ugly. I don't need a castle or exotic car to live. I write blog, fly drone, enjoy my vacation, going round to see places, sending Morse codes over amateur radio, eat what I like and do what I want.

Thank you God.


 18/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is not that my message was not delivered but because of the overbearing and arrogant behaviours and attitudes. When I wrote about it on the FB several responses were mean and hostile. I wrote about the Kedah team players whom I saw heavily smoking and at least two are still playing for the state. That was a long time ago. Now there are many new players. Again I saw these people puffing up cigarettes.

I notice this particular player could not play a 90 minute match. After half time he would feign injured and carried out.

Players who smoke would slow down even before 40 minutes. When they cannot run fast enough to chase the opponent's attackers they would resort to physical confrontation from the rear, pulling, pushing and kicking the rival's knee.

At least there were 60% of the fans who paid RM20 or more did not know the bad habits of their adored team, A coach like Robert Albert would not put such a player in a team.

Smoking leads to decreased lung capacity, which leads to shallow breathing, lower energy levels and lower immune system function. It filled the bronchioles and alveoli with “tar”… then, because nicotine is a vasocontrictor, it narrows the capillaries all over the body; it has the biggest impact in the lungs, where the capillaries do the very important work of exchanging oxygen and CO2 — but the capillaries all over the body are what carry oxygen to all your organs, so when they’re narrowed, no part of your body gets sufficient oxygen.

If you do not believe it, just observe a few of our Kedah's players. That does not mean players from other states are angels and health conscious. Players who think they are invincible would ignore the health facts. They forget that several people of the same profession had died in the playing field.

I can't speak for other teams because I have not seen them smoking. The spectators can observe the rate of their declining agility, speed and laziness to go for the ball.

Mind you I also see these smokers playing for the national team.

If you want to smoke it is your own business, as long as it does hurt or affect the others. People like me can get sick at smelling and inhaling cigarette smokes for 2 hours. People pay money to see the good performance of the team. They came from all over, even from the remote corner of the state with the family members. And the coach fielded heavy smokers in. The supporters beat the drum so loudly, yelling and shouting their heads off. They didn't know that they are being deceived.

 17/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is true media has the bias tendency in reporting. The KiniTV and Sinar Harian are anti-government and the Jom Tv is the pro-government TV. But look at the remarks and feedback that have the pros and cons of the arguments of the portals like Malaysiakini, Sarawak Report and Free Malaysia Today.

What were laid out by the readers of Malaysiakini contain factual substances and logical argument. If they are not true and contain a mere slander the parties concerned can always rebut and prove the fallacies of the slander. Only if the trial could be translated to people's court where judgement could be made and the guilty could be punished.

It is hard to find a noble court in Malaysia. In the past 98% of the high profile cases were taken by the Kangaroo court. The judge would find the accused guilty anyway following the instructions of the politicians. The man of law like Apandi Ali can make judgement and it was taken as the truth by judiciary. Courts had been regarded as dirty and filthy places when judges are corrupt and insincere. As the media incessantly voiced out that in Malaysia court allows criminals to walk free like any other man. It does not happen in any other country. At least Najib and Rosmah should be under the House arrest despite the bail.

The sanctity of Malaysian judiciary and the court lies in the people of law. The people of law should not lie, cheat and fabricate evidence. People are fed up with these people who are filthy in their behaviours. Such events and excuses will not happen in people's court. Lawyers must not trade peace and tranquility with money.

To elevate the court to it's greatest good, noble and divine the people of the law must be good, noble and divine themselves. Can our dream be endowed by God Almighty.

 17/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


When I met my office mates I usually asked them as to who are sick, dead and alive. There were always news of so and so have gone to meet God. Many were much younger than me. Retired teachers and workers whom we have not meet for a long time were almost forgotten. dedicated teachers like Cikgu Sharifah, Alaina, Teoh, Yusoff, Othman and many more disappeared from my vision. I don't know where they are and what they do. I will always remember cikgu Madiah who took pain to send me food when I was sick alone at home. My teachers had made me very happy in the work place for their utmost dedication.

Yes, we never tickled each other all the time. At time I scolded them and at time they confronted me. At the end of the day we were friends again. They brought glory to the lovely school and successes to the students. Then I shifted to another school and met several dedicated and hardworking staffs that gave life to the learning institution as well. Cikgu Narmi is always in contact with me till now.

I do not realize that today is a teacher's day. When it is blazoned I they began to emerge before my eyes like a fantasy movie, bringing back the nostalgic era. I have not wished anybody of this happy day. To me the glorious past is fading as we are growing old and will blow our last breath any time. A few old forgotten students posted their wishes. But there is nothing is of value anymore. Somehow I would like to thank them for the memory. To those teachers who are reading this FB, I take the opportunity to wish them Happy Ramadzan Almubarak and Happy Teachers Day. If you happen to meet the rest of the teachers please convey them my best regard.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I traced that Najib's defence lawyers had tempered with at least two witnesses, coaching them what to answer in court. That's the reason why they want to have the list of witnesses and demanded the prosecutor to tell rhem when the witnesses would be called. Several times they would recall and re-cross examine the same witnesses which I guessed after they have tempered the persons.

No where in the world the witnesses were let known especially the key who is sure to have a final and deadly strike. Tommy Thomas was right on the spot when he said that it was to the persecution who to call and when to call.

Only court in Malaysia allow the accused with a big crime to be free. In the United States he will be under house arrest despite paying billion dollar bill. Malaysian courts for a long time have been heaven to big time criminals. But so far the court is seemed to be fair. Fairness does not mean to allow secrets to any party. I only see it is erroneous to all to allow Najib to be free. To the United States the judges in Malaysia must have been very kind and humane.

Najib is well known for tempering with things and documents, even fabricated stories, documents and evidence. Then they were implanted in the shelves as real after destroying the original. Knowing Najib, I know that he will pay good for his own benefit. If he can pay the United States Presidents to influence the DOJ and the Swiss AG, what is the witness compared to those high ranking people.

Najib still has a few billions with him. Hand him to us the normal laymen and we will prove it and promise the money will be recovered. This is a challenge that I make. Within 7 days Rosmah and Najib with the rakyat we will get back everything without a hitch. The people can return the duo alive and kicking in due time.

I have seen too much corruptions and how the big time crooks did them. I accidently heard the bargain through the phone conversation as I was doing experiments with electronics stuffs. Contractors coming to my house at night trying to secure contract with attempted corruption. School heads tried to illicit commission from me when I installed application program at the institutions.

There are too many dishonest people that I have met, at least half of them were Malays and Indonesians.

We can always know whether a witness is telling the truth, lie or hiding something. Try to read the feedback in the Malaysiakini and assess by yourselves. Najib loves to say, "I don't remember....I must have forgotten...I think...if I have known it...." He said he did not know Saiful and Djo Lo until the pictures of their meetings surfaced. He insisted the money was a donation from King dead King Abdul Aziz then changed it to "I think..."

Lawyer with bad faith and trying to temper witnesses should be burnt like a witch.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Do you remember the number of time Najib had said "If I have known that....I wouldn't have done it.." The last I remembered him saying "I thought it was a donation...." which implies "...if I have known it was not a donation I would have not taken the money..."

When the money laundering law was enacted it already took account of such an answer. It would be used as a defence mechanism. "If I have known Djo Lo is going to steal the 1 Mdb's money, I wouldn't have signed those documents..." "If I have known that she was your wife, I would have not molested her."

We also remember the story about donations and gifts. Najib said the 2.6 billion was a donation. Interestingly by a dead King and now he said from Prince Turki. Djo Lo said it was his rich father who made a gift of the wealth to him. I would make an intelligent conjecture that PAS is saying the 9 million they received from UMNO was a rezeki or sustenance from God.

It is still fresh in our mind that Najib kicked Ghani Patail because there was a charged sheet prepared by Morais against him and replaced him with Apandi Ali. Apandi said, " Stop talking about 1 Mdb. There is nothing wrong with it. Everything is perfect. Najib is cleared from any wrong doing..." If Najib is indicted and we arrested Apandi Ali what do you think he will say ? "If I have known that Najib was wrong I would not have not cleared him..." The MACC chief had said before, "I thought Najib was innocent. I changed my mind after hearing from DOJ..." These are all excuses. If it is in China or North Korea these people would have been shot on the spot.

Najib has been a smart man. He always choose individuals whom he knows would facilitate his work. He called for undivided loyalty. He gave them enough incentives; money by the millions, posts and other awards.

If you ask me who is Najib's mastermind, I would say Shafiee and Djo Lo.

 16/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


UMNO and PAS are the two filthy parties, dirty to the core. Instead of finding ways to recover the lost billions and a huge loans made by Najib Razak, they are demanding for the new government to find the money and to take the responsibility. I am not a PH man. I never condoned any criminal, dishonesty and people of devious characters.

Following the current court proceedings on SRC case there is enough evidence showing Najb stole the Rakyat's money in a subtle way hoping it could not be traced. And from the study on the global scam on 1Mdb, Najib is wholly and totally responsible. He was the chairman of the body and the person who signed for approval.

What angered me most is the effort to corrupt and by influence the top brass including the Presidents and prosecutors of the world, believing that CASH IS REALLY A KING. There would be an amount that will blind even a strong willed individual. This is what I fear most will be undertaken by Najib, to corrupt the witnesses, and judges and other authorities through his lawyers. And to get the Royalties to act so that he could go scot free.

Millions suspect Najib had a hand in the murder of Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais. They do not simply accuse him blindly. Shafiee was seen at the scene of the funeral rites. This man had been running round fixing cases involving Najib, even on the French Scorpeen case. Though hidden, I smell rats.

You may call it nature but I call it God's work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, that implies to all phenomena. The bad things done to hide and suppressed the truth, will be having a force to push it out as much as one tries to hide it. If you call it nature, only the truth will be exposed. But if you call it God's work, the sinners will received the punishment. Some call it retribution. Others call it comeuppance. And others call it Karma.

There are 4 vicious UMNO men I hope will be strike by the lightning. They are Anuar Musa, Tajuddin, Ahmad Maslan and Noh Omar. I consider Noh as a gangster even when he was in school for kicking his own teacher. I heard he even said he was a lawyer in parliament. Anuar Musa claimed that the confiscated money and jewelries belong to UMNO. Ahmad Maslan asked the government to find money after his boss emptied the national coffer and even paid him millions. And Tajuddin is an extremely arrogant and vicious. Their words and behaviours are recorded and kept in the world data bank no matter whether they had erased them or not.

Now even the holly Hadi who once condemned UMNO as infidels is holding hands with the crooks and gangsters. We do not forget the Red shirts that took to the street and beating the Malays who disagreed with them. And I still am having video of the UMNO crooks throwing stones at Anwar Ibrahim in a mosque in Alor Setar.

Hadi is riding religion incessantly using verses after verses to put people in shame in the public. It was not a DAP or any non-Muslim individuals who are shaming another human being. It is the Islamic party members who are tirelessly dancing to the music of slandering. In fact this is prohibited in Islam. But PAS has a good appetite in it. They forget that corruption is a great sin. But they accept the money and denied it.

 15/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It has been several early mornings at about 2 to 3 am that I went out looking for food to complete my Sahur final meal of the day. There were not many cars or motorcycles on the road. I will have to pass at least three traffic lights to town. I would stopped at every red light though there were no cars nor the policeman. It is nothing noble or great. It is a matter of discipline. It is not because of the fear of the law or the authority.

For your info, not all but a few cars just overtook me and ran over the red light. Rarely there were cars followed me and waited for the green light. Of course I didn't care who were those who thought it was silly to follow the rule at the wee hours. Only the stupid people would follow the rule blindly.

What benefit did I get from my action ? Yes there is something that I get not in the form of material or awards from anyone. The gift I got was satisfaction. The Thai word is Kwamsuk (happiness). I choose to gather satisfaction through disciplining myself.

People are people. The multiplicity of habits and mental states in fact make the world lively and dynamic. It creates laws and regulations, the police and the army, the lawyers and the myriads of others.

Of course on many occasions I found drivers dressed in Hajis and Lebai outfits beat red light. It still puzzled me their mindset. Are the traffic laws infidel in nature ? Are Muslim to reject and disregard the law of the non-Islamic states ? Were these people having distorted minds ?

The other day I listened to a posting by one religious cleric about a Japanese youth on a motorbike who stopped behind a car at the red light. "If it is in Malaysia the motorbiker would have overtook the car and moved straight even when the light is not green. Islam is within the Japanese society." There are articles entitled 10 non Muslim countries that are more Islamic than the Muslim nations. They were depicting the good ethics, the behaviours of mutual respects, the honestly and responsibility.

People who have lost their valuables in Japan might be able to confirm that the lost things were found back at the suspected places. And while I was there many young Japanese helped me to walk to a distant restaurant without a whine.

Surely we cannot be an angel nor perfect in every way. But we can always try to do our best .




 15/05/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof