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Please tell the world what Malaysians hams say

1. The band propagation cause transmission on 144 mega hertz could be heard strongly on 7.043 ( 2 meter to 40 meter )

2. For a long distant communication 10 watts of power is better than 100 watts of power.

3. QRX means 'I am all ready'

10/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



About 3 months ago to my delight I found the POKKA brand Green Tea in a local super market. On examining the ingredient I found the sugar content was zero. I bought two bottles. I remembered talking with my radio friend 9M2AU, Aziz, about the exotic tea and my teacher friends were telling stories about how expensive the green tea was.

My first taste of the green tea was bitter. Consuming it after putting in the freezer gave a good feeling after a sip. I went to the super-store again. The second time I bought 10 bottles. The third time another 10. The 4th time it was out of stock. From Giant I made a search at Tesco. After two purchase it went out of stock. The next time I saw a new type of Green tea produce by the same company. It printed the word Jasmine in addition to the Green Tea label. The sugar content was 6g out of 100 mg. The sugarless green tea was not available anymore.

Beside the green tea were the Oolong tea. I don't know what it was and till now I do not find out about it. I bought a couple of bottles, tasted it. It was as bitter as the sugarless green tea.

On several visits to Giants and Tesco I did not find the green tea anymore. So I chose the Oolong tea since then. Only yesterday I emptied the remainder 6 bottles left at Giant.

I can't say of it's effect. My blood sugar tested showed the average of 4.5 for the last few mornings. And my uric acid came back to normal after the shocking reading of 590. My several blood test will be able to tell. Nevertheless the status of my current health could be due to something else, not the tea.

A bottle costs RM6.99. It is not cheap. The average per month expenditure would be RM420. That's not a small sum. That's why I used to say the most to suffer are the poor and low income group. There are still many who are jobless and small jobs of below RM800 a month. Yet there are people who could repair a mansion for 6.5 millions.

10/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After watching a YouTube about Corporate America, a question popped up my mind. Can a known murderer be squashed as one if majority votes him as a leader ? Can a police officer be charged on treason if he does not work for the country but for an individual and protect the same individual who commits crime ? America is now called corporate America because it is run by a private company. The Central bank of America is owned by a private person and who is a Jew. That's why billions of dollars were paid to these companies when they were in difficulties and trillion of dollars were sent to Israel each year. When Bush was running the corporation his brother was a main supplier of several items to the administration. And what's on the dollar was 100% Illuminati symbols and message.

It was claimed that any executive orders of the President was not binding and illegal because they were outside the Constitution of America. There is a need to form a real American government base on the Founding Fathers, made it a public government. The private government is named public merely for convenience and to blind the Americans. The Americans are looking for ways to bring Obama and Bush to court for treason. Bush is considered to be charged under war crime.

When I was working I always make an attempt to distinguish commands and orfers;  which command is for the government and which for the glory of individuals. The Financial Procedure and the General Order in my view were for the good of the nation and general public. If they asked me to pay RM500 to buy gift to a retired officer who don't even know me, I would not. UMNO likes to sell books on Mahathir etc with threatening smile, I would not obliged. Any order which is in conflict with the student's interest will not be obeyed. My satisfaction was far beyond the benefit of promotion.

Please try to list down all what Mahathir did and without anything missing. I only see he worked for his own benefit and interest. You have to see it thru IMP, Perwaja Steel, Bank Bumiputera, MAS, the manipulation of judiciary, PETRONAS, Mega Projects and the making of new companies to receive the privatization things. I see him using the police personnel for himself. He felt he was above all rule of laws. BUT there is nothing to indicate that he sold the nation to foreign country except for permitting the foreigners to buy and own properties in Malaysia at the expense of Malaysian citizens.

The iron-hand of the Jews was so strong, the Americans will not find any easy way to kill the corporate America except by revolution involving American military. In America anything can happen. If America falls it is most likely other tyrants and corporate government will fall too.

UMNO, PAS, DAP and all political parties must screen their members before anyone is chosen as a candidate. Right now I know of three persons whom I would described as mobsters with the dress of an angel; one in Melaka and one in Negeri Sembilan and one works for Pahang government. Good candidates are vital for the nation. Any good and honest member of a political party can be assured of his own safety in case any rogue new party came into power. They would be quickly put in a kangaroo court and executed like animals.

911 was a turn of history not only to the United States but also to the world. Firstly the Muslims were demonized. Secondly unknowingly the event woke the fellow Americans who finally see what really was happening in Washington. The corporate America is now under attack not by mere moron but by high ranking profiles and great scientists. As a result it woke up the world to see how the politicians are making money in politics.

How long can these few people use the security forces to protect their vested interest ? How long can they use the public funds to buy personal belongings worth million of dollars ? In the Philiphines Marcos era was not forgotten.

In Malaysia 59 years ago one communist terrorist told one military personnel, "You wait one day...." Though BN still rules, I begin to see his words are becoming the truth. The next 25 years is a short time. It is wise for the government to erase the seed of hatred that it is widely planting today by the words and the actions, and be on the right track again.  Individual interest must go. Some dirty Ministers must go. Bring Tajudin Ramli to court. Bring Mahathir to court. Put the non-partisan judge to run the job base on data and facts. Do not show pity on those who are ruining the nation and insulting the people.

If corporate America goes down, UMNO government will follow suit too.

09/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Brains are not exactly alike among the seemingly normal people. The brains of those with antisocial personality are different from normal brains. The prefrontal cortex has an area that would make a person possess aggressive behavior. And it is also hereditary. There are areas control basic emotions, such as aggression, sexual desire, and anger, and therefore increased activity in these regions would suggest stronger emotions.

Differences may also be cause by environmental factor other than genetics. "People who have antisocial fathers are also likely to be antisocial . This is also true for people who were not raised by their biological antisocial father. Birth and pregnancy complications also seem to produce ASPD. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Heavy Cigarette smoking during pregnancy correlate with conduct disorder. Other factors lead exposure and undernourishment. It appears that these deficiencies in the child's early developmental stages can create the type of brain damage that leads to ASPD."

So if you happen to come across behavior such as rudeness or interrupting people's conversation you should know that his mother or farther would be responsible for his behavior. And you can expect his kids will behave like him too.

There had been effort to classify skulls to suggest behavior and superior race and each structure is given a name. That particular skull structure would lead to a certain behavior. We don't know whether that classification group us under barbaric or moronic race.

It is believed that some countries must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapon because there is a tendency for these nations to use the weapons like a mad person. Even a simple gun must be controlled. One unsound mind with a gun could cause a great havoc to the society. Similar case is applied to a communication equipment. One person with unsound mind with it can cause problems to the whole world. The other night when a Malaysian with an unsound mind was re-transmitting on 7 MHZ the world knew what kind of people this country has. And whether the authority is efficient or not.

The Malaysian government has published about the alarming number of Malaysians who are suffering from mental sickness due to pressure. But we don't know how many are inherited from the parents.

There are many interesting articles about BRAIN which explains more things in detail. Please do read them.

09/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



False Flag and other lies to kill human lives local or abroad is not always a successful game.. There have been talks in the United States to bring George Bush for treason and in England the former Prime Minister under investigation for war crime. The Americans are looking for various options including accusing Bush as a war criminal. Before Bush killed the fellow Americans on 11th September 2001 the team of murderers have planned for various contingencies in case the conspiracy would be discovered even after Bush left the office. Most decisions and plans in the White House were done by the Jews ( refer to video by Dr. David Duke ).

Notice that Bush, Clinton and Obama were always together. Bush must make sure Obama's policy would save his soul. The Federal judge is chosen from a Jew. The FEMA camp was setup. Americans who questions the trade center bombings are listed as terrorists. Washington administration ordered NIST to explain why Building 7 collapsed to tell the people that it was not a planned demolition. Yet Silverstein had already admitted that he called for the pull down of the Building 7. Why ? He had a 7 billion interest in it.

NIST explanation did not match the real freefall and did not explain the molten core and the thermite. The Physicists and the scientists proven the collapsed using Newton's principle with experiments. The whole things prove those three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. That means those were not by the hijacked planed flown by Al-Queda. In fact the Americans have gathered more proofs on the False Flag prior to the 911, and collected evidences that the 911 killings were already known by the White House.

Bush, the Jews and Obama has the power . The American patriots had to think of a way to remove the Federal Judge or put the judge, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld under treson all together. The tug of war with invisible rope could easily be observed. Democracy in America favored the Jews because of the Fund Raising system. The AIPAC will make sure a group would finance Democrat and another the Republican. And Jews vote were strong and convincing.

There is also a talk on armed revolution. Obama is at all time prepare for it. However we cannot discount for any concerted military revolt against Obama for murdering Amendment 1. And Obama went to war with Libya without the approval of the Congress.

American patriots are saying that if the President of the United States put Israel first and ignore it's own citizen it is a treason. A few hundred trillion dollars were sent to Israel each year at the expanse of the Americans who have to experience foreclosures, unemployment, going into poverty. That's the treason.

I can assure you and the world that if there is a revolution in the United States it will spread to many other bad governments in the world. It will be exported and any strike would be fatal.

In Malaysia the law should see whether there have any act of treason by our leaders. What is the charge for deploying our security forces to protect one's own individual crime ?

Bush had had played a deadly and dangerous game. We just wait and observe what will be the outcome and the fate of Tony Blair and Bush. Will both of them be brought and charged under War Crime for killing million of Iraqis and Afghans. Let us not depend on the Bible or Torah or Talmud or any other Holly Book on the Judgment Day next year and do nothing to the Presidents and Rulers who kill their own people or oppressed them.

08/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was asked why I do not dedicate this page for Amateur Radio anymore. I did. But since ham radio has drifted far from it's original form and tradition it is just a religious teaching which deleted the tradition of religion in place of new rules and regulations. And in my opinion ham radio cease to be a grand hobby with people of high intellectual capacity, knowledgeable, and good in character. It is just a matter of opinion. No moron or barbarian or murderer or terrorist will admit any of those.

There are hams who monitor the band and listen but do not to get into it anymore for their own reasons. There those who have forgotten amateur radio. Being wise they said nothing, commented nothing. Don't think I am scared of rebuttals or gangsterism in ham radio because I don't fear people. I respect people but not the terrorists or hooligans. I just want to do what I want to do, not to waste time shouting and quarrelling with a bunch of bushes.

And I have my own philosophy and my political belief, about the causal effect of the people and the nation. It need a strong, educated and diligent people to build a strong nation. We need a skill and competitive people with admirable spirit to progress, people who can think for themselves and always strive for the better. If the Malaysian Chinese had been heavily subsidized like the Malays, probably they would not have been as strong and wealthy as now.

The days for the Malaysians to look at the United States for everything is over, especially starting from the day of Bush. He killed his own people and called us terrorists, killed millions of Iraqis and the Palestinians and the Afghans. He lied to the people and the world. If he changed any policy he was surely up to something, mainly favoring the Jews. Yet those people in the ham radio here are worshipping the Western standard.

Have we not asked ourselves why China has become a world power in Sports and Olympics, in economy and space technology ? Have we not seen and study the North and the South Koreans ?

Every time the radio operators demand something from the government they would quote the United States where today is moving towards a freefall downfall. Millions are unemployed and jobless. Their currencies are going down. Many started to buy gold and silver. Obama promised economic revival but failed. At one time Malaysia bought US currencies as a backup but experience a huge losses. Who never lose ? The Jews. Who never get poor ? Bush, Clinton and Obama.

The whole package of the United States including Ham Radio policy is a farce. It is Jewish.

So you can call me Socialist or Communist because I call you to emulate and study the secret of China, North Korea and China.

Lawlessness and rogue behavior of the Israel army and the Israelis in Palestine is very horrible. Hence I would not respect the people who are supporting pirates, talk to them, befriend them, portraying themselves as heroes. They just behave like a Zionist. That goes back to the old simple rule of logic. B is a murderer, A is a friend of B, then A is as good as B. I have said a harsh thing before and I am saying it again because I was asked why I do not give much space for amateur radio anymore in my blog.

08/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Just after the breaking of fast on 07/08/2011 Iqbal came to my house with his friend for a visit before he departed to Kuala Trengganu by bus. He was welcome in my shabby shack. We chat a bit on the possibility of me quiting HAM radio once the license B guys were given 40 meter on SSB. I also analyzed the characters of those people who are oppose to Morse and those who continue to face the challenges. I talked about the progress of China and the current downfall of the United States, not touching on the wave of protests and the formation of anti-America patriots. The time has come that we stop following the United States of America for guidance because Bush murdered his 3000 of his own people and millions of Palestinians, Afghans and the Iraqis.

Iqbal asked me how to decipher Morse codes by listening and I explained to him briefly, the basic of which is constant practice and listening.

At 9.30 pm he excuse himself to catch a 10 pm bus back to Kuala Trengganu.

07/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof (Sunday)



I have touched on Zakat's money several time. I also briefly mentioned about an UMNO Menteri Besar asked for the money for an election campaign and other project. The Ustaz in charged said,"He was a Menteri, I am nobody..." I did also mentioned these religious people tell us to fear God but not mankind, yet he passed such a remark.

When you say the Malays are stupid and possess low mental ability they will get mad. The best they can do is to blacklist you as anti-national and threatened the security of this nation. On the media these people talked about Thinking Outside the Boundary. Yet their world view remains the same.

I also mentioned about Tabung Ekonomi Islam to help the Muslims in various fields without having to take money from the non-Muslims. The JPA scholarship uses everybody's money and therefore it cannot be used for only one racial group. In fact the Tabung can also extend the aid to the other race out of goodwill and courtesy.

When Asri gave his views he is branded as Wahabis etc. This man has a dynamic thought different from most of the UMNO's ulama. And then they start to blame the Christians for giving aid to the needy Muslims. Asri only mentioned the Zakat's money. But I am asking more than that. How many needy Muslims can be helped with 24 million ringgit and monthly expenditure on FLOM ? How much of Mahathir and Syed Mokhtar companies set aside for the needy Muslims and scholarships ? How much of the UMNO's funds were allocated for all those purposes ?

Let me say something here which is very disgraceful of UMNO. Tanah Waqaf and the like which are for religious and Islamic purposes are now shop houses and supermarkets under UMNO's rule. Is that not evil ? The Muslims can easily forget it ?

The Christian churhes in USA provided free lodging for the Muslim students who were on tour, room for prayer and free food. None of the students ever informed of the intent to convert them. Then there are YMCA and YWCA hostels for the tourists. There were food aid to those poor nations by the Christians.

The Muslims in Malaysia even ignored the Saudara Baru, a few of whom had left Islam and gone back to their original religions. These annoying things are not the fault of Islam but the fault of the Malays who may have got the indestructible character, lazy to think, lazy to work hard and short sighted. I remember my superiors always say 'We will think of a way to cross the river when we come across it.' Every time when I talked about the future planning, that would be the answer.

Ask yourself what is the main focus of UMNO right now ?

Helping the Rakyat ? NO. How to increase utility price to give more money to the cronies, to save money for General Election by increasing taxes and reducing subsidies ? YES. How about Takaful ? Takaful belongs to Hong Leong. How about Biro Agama in UMNO ? It made a lot of people laugh. Now it is priding itself with greater Malay support.

You can't even provide aid to your own Muslims fellows but allow the Christians to do it.


Download Jews Insult Jesus

07/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



On Najib's left is a Christian, Idris Jala. On his right is a Jew, the APCO. In the playing field there is a battle between Muslims and Christians. The Jews believe in a single God. The Hebrew writing of Allah in their holly book without the bowel is Allah too. Jews and Muslims believe in the the same God; God in God form unknown to mankind, God without a wife or a son. In fact the Jews called Jesus a bastard, Mary as a whore and time and again using bible to prove that Jesus never said he was a God. If APCO is a referee  the Christians will always get a foul. Because the Jews had insulted Christians so much, there were calls for the Christians not to support the Jews. There were enough insults by the Jews on the Christian bibles. If Idris Jala were the referee he would blown the whistle against the Muslims.

How about Najib ? Najib has no time for all these because he thinks managing a nation is campaigning for popularity. He left everything to be done by his officers. What he never realize is that most of the government officers and other Malay administrators are people with a single track mind. And they will not think on anything they can't foresee. Probably there are more busy in posting up 1Malaysia posters in their buildings.

The moral decay of the Malay youth is not a recent phenomena. It had been posted in the opposition media before about Malay youth drinking beer and wild with their behaviors. Had they not known about the secular education system and the deteriorating curriculum contents. Have they not count the number of drug addicts among the Malay youths ? Have they not seen and compute what sort of the future generation of Malays e are going to have ?

Nay. Mahathir is busy with mega projects. Najib with building popularity. UMNO on ways to lobby for projects.

I came across an article in the mainstream media saying 'Those who reject the biometric are out of date." That's the typical mindset of the Malays who already thought they are very modern. They communicate important data using email thinking with all the firewalls it will be safe. That's why I say their thinking is following a single track mode. I wrote a computer software since 1980's and biometric in early 21st Century.\

If these people had been wise a long time before Idris Jala, even long before that, they would be very busy doing their real job better. School principals work for promotion and recognition from their bosses. Head of departments linked to UMNO will be busy with politicking. Religious administrators are busy doing jobs asked out of them. Never knew what's beyond. Ask them 'What would they think will be the face of Muslim youths in future....' they would not be able to see.

Managing the future and the future of our youths is not as simple as many thought. APCO,being a Jewish company, would be able to show how the Israelists train and educate their youths. Whether they produce supermen or Frankestine they met their purposes.

Many patriots in America began to see how the Jews are killing the Christian Faiths thru systematic approaches. You need to do more readings on the whole systematic processes how they do it.

If you see the Malays are converted to the Christians you need to ask UMNO to answer, nobody else. And I know what their answers will be. "That's the responsibility of their parents. Not us ? "

What's is UMNO's responsibility ? TO THINK A WAY HOW TO STAY IN POWER FOR THE CONTINUOUS ACTIVITY OF PLUNDERING NATION'S WEALTH and how to rob the people of their land ?




To live with a certain principle one has to bear all the consequences that may befell. Though the Westerners are well known for holding up to their principles and beliefs, yet there many including an American President who would simply cast away principle just to stay alive. When I was about 6 years old there were two Malay men approach me and my friends asking about the Chinese temple with the talking idol which would tell the 4 digit lottery numbers for those who worship it. I told them that we went in and out of the temple where we used to play hide and seek but never heard any idol talking. Even at that age we already knew that people were willing to shed their religious practice and beliefs aside and ever willing to worship Satan for money.

A few Malaysians were willing to sacrifice their jobs just because the boss were dishonest, and politically involved.

Helen Thomas had been working in American Congress as a reporter for several decades. At the age of 90 her mind was still sharp. Finally she was sacked and fired because of her remarked about the Zionists occupation of Israel. She never regret saying it and would never apologize for it. She said,ďIím not anti-Jewish; Iím anti-Zionist. I am anti-Israel taking what doesnít belong to it. If you have a home and youíre kicked out of that home, you donít come and kick someone else out.Ē She said the worst ever President was the Bush. Obama was a man without principle. She said she is a Semi but mum about her being a Jew.

Being jobless and kicked out of the job is something most Asian communities fear unless one is wealthy enough. How could I right the wrong , to say I saw what I did not see, to say good what is bad ? And worst is to invent and lie for money and position. When FELDA claimed it was profitable and had a huge amount of properties echoed by Najib, but at the same time borrowing million of dollars then we already saw, not only liars but also Malaysians without principles.

There have been question " What have we done for the Palestinians ? " Mahathir always asked the question and he himself just did nothing. Surprisingly it was the Americans and the Jews themselves are putting pressures on their government to take action against the Israel regime. The exposures on the plan and how the Jews expand the matrix of power were made by the Americans. It was the American White who questioned the bombing of the World Trade Center. And the momentum could even cause a fight between the American White with the government for the murdered Palestinians.

What had our governt do ? It arrested and locked up a Malay man for selling something to Pakistan because it was said to enable the Pakistani to enrich the uranium for nuclear bomb. Imagine our government did that for CIA ? We even try to distinguish the Al-Queda group among PAS members, sending agents dressing as Ulama to penetrate the holly places like mosques and Madarasah searching for terrorists and anti Mahathir elements.

Most of us are without principle. We follow blindly. We parroted what our TV says. I saw many youth wearing a shirt with 1Malaysia. I saw school buildings with 1Malaysia and everywhere else.

Malaysians who went out to support BERSIH will face with the discontinued scholarship. That is more than unprincipled. It is a Communist culture. They collect money from PAS, DAP and non partisan public and think that is their own money. They forget that their every single cent earned from the government is the money belongs to the citizens.

Are we Communist ? Or Nazis ? Or Godless ?

06/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I am sorry to say that UMNO thinks it is supreme and powerful. If they have guilt, conscience or believe in God, I don't think they would be so very arrogant and continue to lie and waste millions and millions of public fund, demand for kickback and declare war on the Rakyat. I hope the video above would shed some light on the greatness of the Al-Mighty, and will show some respects towards God.

05/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Sure, we are not alone and other life form has long been known to be differ from mankind. God, forgive me for saying that I have been observing UFO graphics from several sources which were not in form of solid element but rather than light, which to my mind fit the description of angles whom God created with light, as satan from fire and mankind from earth. There are many things that mankind will never know and understand especially of the WHYness. There are on several occasions that these UFO were almost in circler form and later moved away together and disappeared.

Why they were there is not known. What will happen next is also unknown. The facts that there are other life forms does not surprise me. I have been listening to Isra' Mikraj stories from time to time. Not only Jesus is living but also other prophets of Jews and Christians and Muslims.

Yet there are many human specie who imagine others like us or the mixture of various shapes they see like a face of a man with a nose of elephant trunks and with 12 hands and 10 eyes. They carved the object, gave a name to it and called the people to worship. Or they drew a figure of a man with wings to show how the angels look like.

Once upon a time a book entitled The Chariot of the God was trying to prove that Aliens landed on the earth to teach mankind to build civilization. Of course these were strongly dismissed by the scientists. Scientists beliefs are based on data, not mere story or hearsay. However we too are not scientists and we too dot believe in UFO. To me the hoax was a test of holographic images or drones or any spy objects of other nations.


When Reagan announced about the threat of UFO many accused him of a False Flag intention.

NASA photographs several UFOs, some in form of light, and some as solid objects. Now it is time for us to tell the astronauts and the scientists not to bother those sightings because they are made by nature. They came by themselves. The expected answers will be those UFOs are there because someone made them. They can't come into existence by themselves.

I believe Reagan was not lying about the third kind. But he called the world to get prepared to fight the alien. It reminded me of a story of Pharaoh of Egypt who made a powerful arrow to shoot to the sky to kill God. Men are already thinking and planning to use nuclear arsenals to shoot and break Noboru and other objects that are on the way to collide with the earth.

If the Mayans were taught by the aliens and there was no error in it's calendar then at least we can start to think and imagine about the religious prophesies.

To me and to the believers we are so certain that we are not alone in this universe.

However a few of NASA videos showing unknown objects could be explained. There was one fix object which did not seem to move at all. I think this is a man-made satellite put on the geosynchronous orbit orbit but had been dead for some time. Some moving objects are the many satellites which are out of this orbit. I focused more on the light energy moving around. It would be hard to say they are holographic image made by the satellites already in the orbits. Right now I would say they are foreign things.

04/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I finally realized that 911 was not only about Palestine and the economy of oil but the fear of Islamization of Europe and America. There were debates on Muhammad in the bible and many non-Muslims were discussing Allah as in Torah, and the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. The number has been alarming. If that continue to happen it can hinder imperialism and the genocide of the Palestinians. A big number of Rabbis in the United States and somewhere else protested the mass killings in Palestine saying Judaism did not ask the Jews to torture and murder, So it was true when Zashid Hamidi said there were good Jews and bad Jews. Malaysia chose the good Jews to work here. But we find the good Jews we employ is flying the flag of Israel.

The Jews of anti-Israel said that they are million of Jews around the world including in the Arab World are living peacefully with the Muslims, rejecting the view of oil-water relationship between both. Even in countries where the Jews were minority there were no persecution and murdering. There were many historical events where the persecuted Jews were protected by the Muslims especially during the Hitler Germany.

911 was to demonize the Muslims so that they would be hated and the spread of Islam would be halted. The blame on the Muslims and to label them as terrorist could give these few people fulfillment and satisfaction. At the same time they could plunder the Muslim banking account. After the incidences we notice American Presidents execute laws killing the American constitutions especially on Liberty, under the excuse of safety and to protect the American people. In fact Bush and Obama did not care about the welfare of the Americans. Out of poverty and hardship many Americans migrated during the time of Bush administration. And now the unemployment rate is high, Unions were murdered and protesters were arrested. Even the White Americans were called terrorists.

No matter what Washington said, the world has to agree that the three buildings were wired. Building 7 which was not hit by the plane also went free fall. As to who wired them would be left to conjecture. Yet up to today Washington, nuclear scientist and a few others would keep on mentioning America will be destroyed by the Al-Queda.

Even the Muslim world were influenced, and began to keep an eye on those religious group in their own country. And for every bombing and shooting the Al-Queda were blamed. When Oslo was bombed it is highly probable that 98% of the world population would blame the Muslim though it turned out to be a Jew.

In the United States things are getting more and more complex because the United States currencies are full of Illuminati symbols even with the word MASON on them. The proofs were of no co-incidence. It implies that USA is a Satan Nation. Mason and Lucifer, the Mark of the Beast and the Illuminati rituals are all satanic. The dollar confirmed of the Satan Worship. The year 1776 shown on the money was the birth of Masonary in the United States.

The American public now are of three categories. The first are those who stand up and fight. The second choose to do nothing because they believe in the prophesies of the End of the World because of the signs mentioned in the holly books. The third are those who want to continue to destroy the truth. If you tell them about building 7 they will insist it was the work of Osama ben Laden. If you tell hem that Oslo was not a Muslim job, it would fall on the deaf ears.

Islam is not a religion owned by the Arabs or the Malays. It belongs to those who believe in a SINGLE GOD and those who want to believe in it. Islam does not reject any other revealed books. It would be harmless for the Europeans or the Americans to convert to Islam. The Washingtone Jews should not use this as an excuse to demonize the Muslims. What the American public could not stand is the lies and the cheating.

I used to ask myself whether there is any good Jews in the world. With a few observations I can confirm that there are. They insist that the true Judaism does not preach murder and genocide.

04/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Mahathir, being the worst ever living man in Malaysia, had ruined the Malays and the country. I would always remember his speech at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia calling the Malays to sell their land and buy the shares. A few months later the share market went down the drain. Then he passed the Land Acquisition Act for his cronies to grab land for Housing Estates and super markets. He changed the Malaysian time not following the time zone, manipulating judiciary and change the court procedeengs and commanded the law to follow his style.

He was fond of privatization creating third party companies containing his cronies to handle businesses which must go thru these third party bodies. Indah Water, IPP and many other robber groups were formed under his regime. MAS, Perwaja, and Bank Bumi went dead or half dead due to his manipulation. He talked like a tyrant and continue to do so after retirement.

If he can publicly criticize the Malays, we too can call him a very ungrateful Mamak. Being a racist he slurred the Chinese and the Malays and slowly putting Mamaks in high ranking posts, including the losers.

Yet some stupid guys called him genius. A genius indeed because he can throw out Pak Lah and put Najib in to get the Mega projects he had always wanted. He chose a successor who brought the Jews in and purchased computer software from them. Don't tell us that he did not know about the taste of Rosmah on expensive stuff. While many rakyat had hard time to make ends meet, Rosmah was happily buying a 24 million ringgit diamond, Would you blame Najib or Mahathir ?

The more I examined his reign of terror the more I felt that Mahathir was responsible for the problem of the nation and the Malays. The assesment of the world on Mahathir was not wrong. A few officers who were casted aside by him won praise and offered good jobs by the foreign government and the United Nation. NOT HIM. 

A fair general election could pull Najib down due to Mahathir factor. He wants his son to be a Prime Minister. Yet the UMNO members are blind by his game. Najib should be more worried about Mahathir more about BERSIH. Just wait and see and observe Mahathir's game. Have you not seen the sign of opposition by UMNO members on Najib ?

03/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Quaran, Injil, Taurat and Zabur

A Muslim must believe in the 4 Books of God, Al-Quaran, the Bible, the Torah and Zimra ( Psalm ). Because these are the words of God put in a form to be understood by mankind the followers must not change the content. Though human's understanding and interpretation of each of the book may be different, the content must not be altered to suit any purpose.

But the wild human imagination try to see things in his own way. They draw angels as a person with a wing and a Satan in human form with the known appearance. I am sorry, I don't understand what the old and new testaments are. I know Torah but not the Talmud. Is there such a thing as the Original Bible and the new one ? Why Talmud is often mention rather than the Torah ?

Then there were talks about a Catholic Pope as anti-Christ and the Beast with 666 call sign. Isn't a pope a Christian ? Then why popes are attacked by the fellow Christians ?

The history of liberalism began in the Middle Ages was the struggle against the Church because of the unquestionable power of the Church over mankind. Religion gave no way for any completely free human actions. Mankind has to follow the rule of God. They want to choose their own destiny whether to go to heaven or earth. Many prefer to put religion away so that they can have their own way for full liberty like getting spouse of the same sex, free sex, wives swapping and all the things they want to do.

Religion may look archaic and old fashioned but it brings goodness to the community. It provides ownership ; one can own a wife, a husband and a kid. One can cherish one's love and care to the family one owned. It teaches us the importance of our neighbors and friends, to do good to them, help and assist them when the need arises. It teaches us to differentiate between efforts and destiny. A believer can always absorb shock when his kin is killed by an accident or his love one dies. They are predestine to die first and we will follow them later.

Religion tells us to fear God so as we do not commit sin by adultery, steal and rob, lie and cheat. Give charity. If we have Presidents and Ministers who fear God then we can at least assure of the absent of corruptions, cheat and lies. Leaders who do not fear God will be corrupt, cruel and tyrant. And they think nothing other than making money for themselves.

Persons who read the Quaran are not terrorist as those who read Bible, Torah and Zimra. But the Hollywood and Western media always show the young Muslims reading Quaran and relate them to terrorists. When the Florida priest burnt the Quaran did we have Muslims all over the world burnt the Bible though most of them have been altered ?

In Malaysia we have religious tolerance for decades and it was in USA too. The whole scenario changed after 911 and the 911 was 100% proven wired. Yet Bush is happy to mention Al-Queda and American Jews with the filthy mouth branded Muslims as terrorists. The God worshipped by Muslims and the Jews would not be Godly glad at that , and let the world witness who bombed Oslo.

In Jurusalem people of the 4 books pray together. To the Muslims Isa ( Jesus ) was never murdered but raised to another World by God and the first man behind him was killed and crucified. From several arguments among the Christians there are those who believe that God unlike us does not marry to have a son.  Jews in Israel said that any unmarried woman who bore a child had to be an whore.

Orthodox Christians and Jews practices probably are more alike to the Muslims customary life. In the modern era the common enemy should be the drugs, tyrant rulers, adulterers and rapers, and  people who demand total liberty to the choice of marriage and sex. On the other hand the sex movie makers are making fun of churches by depicting nuns and popes in their stories of sexual acts.

The younger generations who still hold strong to their religions are the Muslim and Jewish youths.

02/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The video below will tell you who recently bombed Oslow and why. The Jews may remove it . If is still a real and original clip, please do make a copy and distribute it to your friends. I have the original one. Friends who know me can contact me for a copy.

We are not anti Jews. We are not casting them of from the earth surface. They have the right to live. But you also must know who did Oslow and will not blame the wrong guy. The Jewish newspaper in Israel supported the bombing and the killings because the Talmud licensed them to kill the NON-JEWS. They can go to heaven doing that. Nevertheless NOT ALL JEWS support the killings and murdering like not all UMNO members are as dirty as hell.


02/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Americans are fond of experimenting. One of the things they did was they recorded speeches and playback in reverse. If Najib used 1Malaysia, Obama use YES WE CAN. The phrase when played back in reverse will sound THANK YOU SATAN. Notice Obama's hand. That's the sign of a Satan. How much did our citizens pay to go and meet those two guys up there ?

02/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof





You hate Communist so much don't you ? You observe their face while they mentioned the word. After almost b50 years of independent from the British how much has the British had help us to be a great nation ? Those who know would be able to tell you how much the British had cheated us and till now they still think the Malaysians can easily be bluffed and blackmailed. How do they judge our intelligence ? It didn't take the experience British to tell about Malaysians especially our political leaders, even the lowly less educated Malaysians can make judgment.

Am I too much to say that political parties could be fond of recruiting hooligans and teach them ways to deal with the political enemies ? Are we not fond of making our people lazy with policies which would bring down their skill and ability ? Are we not fond of promoting narrow minded people to the top government posts ? It is too bad that the Malaysians are beginning to buy degrees or obtain them in a very simple way.

Already quite a number of parents have lost confidence in government schools and are looking for alternative education.

The clips above tell us many hidden things about many things. Open up your mind. If you let your family watch TV1 or other Malaysian electronic media, you will be closing their minds and make them believe in things which do not contribute to national progress. TVs like to pull the Malays especially to bark at the opposition leaders.

So you think you are the smartest. Be it.

01/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One of the symbols in Illuminati is pyramid. Now let's grow up a bit to ponder what people are telling us.

If you are an artist or a designer, how many shapes can you draw ? Giving you a pencil and paper to draw you will start to draw shapes base on your experience. A straight line shapes need a minimum combination of three lines. The simplest three line shapes would be a triangle. The others would be a circle, perfect and imperfect. There will be many people who will draw triangles, flat or in the shape of a pyramid. The question is are we going to call these people Illuminati ?

Did the people who buried the dead under the pyramid followed the command of illuminati or the secret society adopt this symbol because that design converge the energy to a single point ? A pyramid or a dome could not be said deliberately put up by the illuminati. Similarly as to the sign of the Star of David. If we ask the kids to draw the stars of various shapes, some will draw the 5 points and others the 6 pointed stars. Businessman and many other people who design stars were just drawing the shape without knowing anything about the Star of David. But illuminati can choose this image as it's symbol.

But no ordinary person or an artist will draw an eye on the top of the pyramid. Hence this design is not natural. So whenever you see any shape or design you must ask yourself whether it is arranged and planned or it is just plain natural. Otherwise we will be saying learning about triangles of equal sides is a brainwashing by illuminati.

Somewhere there are people who sit together and discuss power and how to control the world. We don't need genius to be able to do the planning. It is a sort of brainstorming process. The Mafia, Secret Society, the Think Tank group and revolutionists would follow almost the same process. Mao Ze Tung wrote well what power really means. If you walk empty handed, the feeling is not the same as when you walk with a gun in your pocket. If you are poor and drive a car passing a petrol car, you would feel scared as compared to if you are a millionaire.

You need to figure out the money, weapon, media control and the control of banks. This was what exactly the Jews did in Washington in the creation of power. People forming secret society started with small groups, set the objectives and procedures, discussing the symbols to be used and executed it's plan. The different between the small secret society and the big one like Illuminati is in the power and ritual.

Just imagine Illuminati as any others. And literature concerning it should be analyzed before we believe them. KKK has it's own objectives and operational procedures.

We can't go around and bar everyone from using pyramid or the 6 pointed stars in their design of a logo. But the signs of little or zero-coincidence like the eye-over-pyramid should be forbiden. It is difficult to have 2 or 3 different persons on the different part of the glob to draw the eye on the top of the pyramid but there will be thousands of pyramid drawn, even by a boy in Katmandu.

If you want to be powerful, you must get a group of people around you; the police chief, the military general, the owner of all the media, the top banker and the Attorney General. Then you exchange favors. And you can control almost anything. This was what Mahathir did and I can't say about the others. You decide yourself. Then you have to ally yourself with the strongest foreign government. United States is almost a perfect country where the heart of the strongest secret society concentrates. But you have to promise to recognize the Jews and Jew's State of Israel. If you employ a Jewish company or having diplomatic ties with Israel that would be enough to get the international secret society's support.

A lot of people may be asking how the illuminati symbol came onto US dollar. Then you have to trace back the history of the first money with the symbol printed. I would give a leeway for the image of the burning twin tower buildings on the folded dollar. That's only the co-incidence but not on the eye-over the pyramid. And you need to learn about the beginning of the Satan Worship. The hand symbol for the face of the Satan and it's horn is of no co-incidence, not like the V shaped which was later meant for VICTORY.

The mosque minarets could never be a Mason because Islam has always be using the Minarets for Azan and never ever associate it with no other than the ONLY GOD, the God of all people. If you go into the galaxy as shown in this very background you will be se seeing wonders, beauty and perfection. Somehow you will be thinking of it's origin and the CREATOR. That is the GOD of all people, galaxy and universe. It is beyond our human mind to imagine. God is only ONE, God is Eternal, God will not give birth or never be born. Nor there is to God any equivalent. This God is worshipped by the Jews and the Muslims.

What split the people are the mankind. Ego, greed for wealth and power, wild imagination and the ability to form words and ideas gave ways to the various formation and expansion of bad ideas, the differentiation of the world view and the growth of values of every kind. Each of them needs an identity. A logo or symbol has to be created for the identity.

The idea of ONE world and ONE belief is not new. That was what each religion had tried to do. But failed. The birth of Communism was to attain perfection UTOPIA. Also failed. In short the world conquest effort is to bring the world into ONE entity. The United Nation is to unite the world for peace. The New World Order also has the same dream. European countries decided to do away with borders and use a single currency. Washinton is trying to do away with Canadian and Mexican border for a start.

No matter how strong a military power is World Unity under one flag and New World Order will never materialize. I think the Illuminati Secret Society to usurp power will not be successful as long as the people are well educated, critical and not mere followers like cows. The Americans already shouted for Treason and Impeachment of their Presidents. In no time the educated people in other cparts of the world too will be calling for Treason and Impeachment of the elected leaders  OR risk a civil war. In USA the patriots are on the rise.

The people and UMNO members especially must always keep their eyes open. They must rise above fear. Ask about the 14 million ringgit diamond purchased by Rosmah . If she used her own money then there is nothing that you can do. I am curious to examine the shape of the diamond to see whether it contains any illuminati symbol somewhere.

31/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



During my administration I developed several soft wares to facilitate various jobs. After leaving the school in 2000 a new Principal took over and he threw away anything to do with the machine and even decided to sell away the few PCs I bought on the ground that computer internet brought negative influence. I was called again to the school to revive computing a few years later when this Principal retired. Because I have a lot of free time,I obliged.

Soft wares that were missing and thrown were not replaced without any cost. I charged them a very small sum to redevelop an examination system. I did not charged them on the biometric attendance system but I was paid about 1 K for it. Regular maintenance and modifications requested were free all those years including the living certificate, finance, student database and hostel registration system. Soft ware which I refused to do for free was the library system, because the school had bought it for a few thousand ringgit.

One of my daily activities was going to school to make sure all the soft wares run well. This was the routine for several years.

Now the school acquired a computer technician who is suppose to repair or make sure the hardware is running without interruptions. From time to time I saw him doing something to the computers in the office. Each time he did that, I was called to see one of the programs installed refused to work. I informed the school not to do anything to the installed soft wares. They are to stay in the folders created and must not be changed or remove.

About one month ago I receive the same complaint and I did not want to do anything anymore. I asked the clerk to work using the program inside the office of the Senior Assistant. And the next day I was called to fix the biometric soft ware saying it refused to register those who came before 6.30 am but worked well other than that time. If a program has been running and able to register all time for many years why only now it changed the behavior ? I set to go and investigate. But I was stopped by the school guard. She wanted me to record my entry. For years I could enter the school freely and all the guards knew me, and this very day I had to do it. So I took it as my service is not required anymore. I returned home and did not contact the school anymore.

The story spread. The school rang me up and apologized saying the new company just took over the security work and they did not recognize me. I commented nothing and utered nothing. A few days ago they SMS me inviting to the school 'Anugerah Cemerlang'. I did not reply and stayed away from it. On last Thursday one of the teachers rang me up asking for assistant because she has just completed developing a software and need my comment. I agreed to help her but it will be outside the school compound. On arriving the teacher and the school administer was waiting for me. I was invited in. I did not pay attention but asking the teacher to open up her notebook. After the comment and explanation I moved home.

Of course I am nobody and do not qualify for any special treatment. The school security guard was doing the work. And as a former school administer I should understand the situation and respect  the school. At the same time they have to respect my decision too. I am not willing to provide any free assistant anymore to the institution. After all they are having several teachers who were certified in the world of computing and expert in Java and C languages. I am sure they can help the school to produce much more sophisticated programs.

If my service is important they would have taken the step to inform the security guard to allow me to enter without any hassle.  It made life easy for me. I do not have to spend hours to design free soft wares for them.  

30/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Before my new task as a school principal, I was at Kiet Hwa Secondary School. After leaving the school I lost contact with all the students. Only after many many years later I got a phone call from Tan Siew Hong who told me she was trying to locate me for quite some time. She expressed her desire to see me and she would bring along several friends. Finally we met at a Seafood Restaurant at Kuala Kedah.

Siew Hong is a successful business woman with three children who are doing very well. Her husband is a business man. We talked about the old time and asking each other about all other friends. Siew Hong and Loo Yen are living in Kuala Lumpur. Kim Heok is in Kangar. The rests are in Alor Setar.










Though the conversations were held in Hokien I did not have any problem at all. I asked about Hooi Fang. Hooi Fang will be arriving tomorrow but I manage to talk to her thru Loo Yen's phone.

When Siew Hong commented about my Hokien, I told her I could understand and speak a little Mandarin. Nobody knew I could read Mandarin I was teaching them. I taught Bahasa Malaysia.




They were telling stories which I did not remember at all. But Kim Heok also did not remember of my going to her house every Chinese New Year. She was never change. I quickly recognize her when I first saw her. One of her kid studied in Michegan on JPA's scholarship. I remember her as one of the poorest students.

Loo Yen's kids are also very successful and like Siew Hong she is also holding a good job and earned a handsome income. 'You should be proud of us," one of them told me.









Wee Cheng,a school Head Mistress and Beng Ho, a banker were busy phoning the other friends asking them to join the dinner.

"Hey how old are you all now ?" I quipped. "50 years cikgu. Kim Heok already got a grand child." We then all laugh.

From 8.00 pm we talked and talked until 11.30 pm. They planned to visit their other friends tomorrow starting at 8 am, to have a mee curry breakfast and going back to the old school.

On the 4th Hari Raya the 1992/93 students of Vocational School has already sent an invitation for the gathering which will be held at the school compund itself.

When I looked up my blood pressure would rise. When I look a round our common level, we will understand more things and know the joy of friendships.

29/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In an institution there are things which you must keep secret and there are things which you must leak out. I am not going to say what are things to be kept secret and not to be divulge to the public. But if your boss murdered or rape someone that is not something to be protected. The OSA ( Official Secret Act ) was used to protect criminals. Similarly when Manning released the video showing how American military shot un-armed civilians and children, he was charged as treason. The war criminals were heavily protected by the American administration and Pentagon. In fact when there was an army personnel was carrying the injured child his boss asked him not to help the victim.

Washington called it The Rule of Engagement. Malaysia will only denounce such an act as evil and horrible when the members of their family become victims. The fact that we follow their styles and rules in dealing with cases involving high profile individuals has put us in the lowest class among all other animals. We do not condone a murder and made heroes out of criminals and law breakers. Let this be a lesson to all political parties.

One Western writer blamed Religion for the reason for war. He said religion teaches hatred. But the attack was on Islam because he was so confident that the World Trade Center was the work of the Muslims. I am not too well informed even in my religious knowledge but I never remember my religious teacher ever mention a Muslim can take a non-Muslim's life. I remember several stories about our Prophet Mohammed even gave protection and food to an unfortunate Jews. On the other hand the Talmud licensed Jews to take a life of non-Jews, including the Christians.

To shoot an unarmed man and a child just because the victim was a Muslim would better suit the writer's conception of war. The Americans of Anglo Saxon origin had  to flee England as they were heavily persecuted by the English church and the King. How many Whites were killed by the fellow Whites because of the different religious beliefs and disagreements ?

The God would not give a different bible to the Christians. Yet we see the Old Testament and the New one. In fact there had been a view that President John F Kenedy was shot because he was a Catholic though the modern theory says he was shot by Illuminati. Whatever the gap between Christian and the Jews are much wider. Even Talmud justify the killing of the Christian.

The continuous killings of the Palestinians, Iraqis and the Afghans is driven by the greed and power crazy of any barbarian. From the murdering of the foreigners the Americans is zero-beating in killing it's own people. And that's the reason why the 3 buildings in the world trade centers were wired.

Obama is turning the United States into a Nazi state by his own free will using 'To Protect the American'. He killed the First Clause of the American Constitution. In Malaysia, if Najib does not do it, some officers in the government or a few of UMNO mad supporter is vigorously executing new made illegal rules to cheat and suppress, just like the Satanic American military who shoot helpless women and children.

28/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof   




I had wanted Malaysia to win to qualify for the World Cup Asian Zone. But my heart went astray when it was announced that our PM and the UMNO members were also watching the game in Jitra. Hitler was the first known Dictator who utilize the Olympic Game in Germany to enhance himself. Later it was followed by UMNO to exploit people's happiness and joy to vote for UMNO. It was done in Kelantan and it is about to be done for GE13 if Malaysia were to beat Singapore 2 - 0.

In fact this evening I went to Penang by bus and rushed back home to watch soccer. On the bus I saw a woman reading a comic book, quite thick in size, entitled Najib Transformasi. There is nothing wrong about the comic book but this is the first time in our history BN is using public funds to pay for personal enhancement.

Those years Chong Wei was brought to MCA propaganda activity, in which the Malaysian hero said he did not know it was a political ploy and they made him a tool.

Secondly I have heard our people were criticizing foreign coaches and players saying the Malaysians are smart enough. So we cancelled the participation of the import Players and subsequently we do not use foreign coach anymore. There are two things I have hated for quite a long time. First of all our players did not learn from them. Secondly we like to boast and brag.

The touch of politicians are not the Midas Touch. Most of what UMNO touched became stones. In Kedah the ASK, the LADA, Korperasi and other businesses went haywire. Only things that they took home did not turn into stones.

From sports to business and now they are taking up refugees which the Australian government did not want. You ask the UMNO members whether they are aware what the refugee thing with Australia is all about.

In the scientific world we are not to believe in ghost and super natural power. The Chinese words 'Soy Siew' translated in Kedah lingo as 'SEH' is like a bad aura. A 'seh' person would cause a bridge to collapse if he pass by, a business to go bankrupt if he is around, s sport deem to be doomed. It is scientifically nonsense. Today is not an era of magic or a sorcerer.

If not then how do we explain the lost ? Singapore had 1/3 of foreign born players ? Singapore has a foreign coach ? If you believe in these arguments you must be aware of the QUALITY FACTOR which contributes to the superiority. Singapore coach is of a better quality than the Malaysian not because of the racial factor. The Singapore players are of better quality. Only by coincidence the three forwards are foreigners .And finally the tactical move is better.

Anyway if UMNO takes the sports as an entertainment rather than a political tool, it would very much be appreciated. The mysterious 'soy siew' ( sial ) may not be a bad aura for UMNO. My wife was very unhappy for the defeat. I too was sad. The good news is UMNO would not be able to exploit it for the political campaign and propaganda.

27/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Aircraft carrier is a warship that carries aircrafts, and acts a mobile air-field. It is expensive to build. But a single carrier is enough to conquer a nation. Another expensive hardware is the Shuttle spacecraft.

This warship once considered invincible is now susceptible to missile attack. So it is important for the newly built aircraft carrier to include anti-missile system to protect itself againt any attack.

Sea supremacy is shown by the number of these crafts roaming in the ocean.

At the moment United States is ahead of any other country in owning these water giants. Washington deployed the hardware in the Iraq War providing the air-support to kill the innocent people.

Right now it has a fleet off North Korean water and ready to attack Iran.

27/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Assume that you are a Commander of a Warship and your boss order you to attack another warship owned by North Korea but you don't want North Korea to accuse Malaysia as the aggressor, what would you do ? As has long being practiced by seafarers they would change their flags as a deception. So you have to change your flag. Bring down all the Malaysian flags and fly the South Korean flags to make it look as if the North Korean is being attacked by South Korea. This is called the False Flag Attack.

That was what happened on 11 of September 2001 where the three buildings in New York were brought down by the bombed planted by a group of people and the Muslims were accused of the crime.This False Flag attack had been discussed and mentioned even before the 911 incidence. The reason why Washington created the False Flag Attack was to justify the killings and murdering of women and children of the Palestinians. The Muslims were so bad that all of them should be killed.

I hope UMNO will not think of any False Flag Attack in the near and far future. Our military capability is not the strongest and the country has too many internal enemies, which the nation itself had created. If by fate BN were to lose in the GE13 any False Flag to retain the power could end up in foreign intervention.

False Flag is not something new and it did not start in the West. The Malays use the term Batu Api, to make other two parties to fight. Today UMNO tells the Malays not to trust the Chinese, and they tell the Chinese that UMNO will meet to whatever the Chinese demands are. Though this is not amount to False Flag tactic, it is a tactic to win an election. Remember what Najib had said, "We will do anything and everything to defend Putrajaya." The statement is obviously dangerous and very threatening.

UMNO had used almost all of it's barrages except for one. It had attacked and almost buried Anwar from a sex maniac to a member of illuminati. It pays the jobless bloggers to work for the party. Does it move all the Malays to UMNO ?

When China Tipu Melayu, the Malays may find UMNO favorable. When UMNO Tipu Melayu, the Malays start to look for a save sanctuary. Yet they cannot find one. They keep on finding the price of a house rising from a few hundred thousand to millions. They can't afford to buy land and own a house. They pay high rentals, higher prices for food, goods, commodities and services. The younger ones go for drugs and become bag snatchers and house breakers. UMNO members can buy a mansion and renovate it for almost 10 millions. A wife of a VIP buys AN ornament for 14 to 15 millions.

No sanctuary for the Malays. They have to throw their identity and be a Malaysian, After all UMNO has taken away all the words Melayu starting from the independent Day till now. The term False Flag is meaningless to them. What is left "Nasib Batu Tenggelam, Nasib Kayu Timbul". They were not trained for survival and hardship. They want everything to come easy to them.

27/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I don't see how the bio-metric fingerprint system can get away with fraud. This is something politicians, lawyers and other professionals do not know about. Anything to do with computer can create greater and more false output and fraud. The data inside the database could be manipulated in a thousand and one ways. You can double, triple and multiply them. You can hide and retrieve them in ways and manners you want. A biometric system contains two database files namely the personal data and the finger print. A person can use 10 fingers to identify himself with 10 different persons. If I am an UMNO person I can vote for 10 persons even at a single point and the votes will be distributed set by the programmer. The programmer will arrange the distribution as instructed by the politician.

Hey I am not lying. I developed programs for the biometric system and I can do all that and more. Moreover using computer system the cheating process is faster. In USA there had been fraud in the election using the computer to the advantage of the ruling party. But was traced and the person in-charge bluffed saying it was a technical error. Of course if the data could be hacked the vote result could always be changed. Right now the indelible ink can prevent double vote provided the ink real. Secondly no buses shall be allowed to carry people to the voting places. It is these buses which are carrying people to vote at different places.

Today in Malaysia we are hearing a lot of crazy ideas and funny policies. The same rule of law is different to different people. What is seditious to opposition is not to UMNO or Ibrahim Ali. We hear Utusan Malaysia slahed Christianity and yet we see Najib went to see the Beast 666 at Vatican.

Now somebody came up with the idea of biometric hoping to get a nod from opposition parties. To me it is a big joke. I had wanted to give a free course on biometric finger print including the soft ware development but my offer fell on the deaf ear. That's the Malay mentality. If they are stupid they want others to be stupid as well. That's the type officers who were promoted.

27/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Israel says the land of Judea and Sumeria historically belongs to the Jews. That's the reason why Palestine is almost disappear from the map. Almost all land belongs to the Palestinians have been taken over. The country built it's nuclear weapons and is terrorizing the world with the help of Washington's military might. With space weapons, anti-missiles  and satellite defense system the Jews-Washington Illuminati is the Master. To them the rest of the world is savage consisting of people of inferior brain. Jews are the chosen people. Killing non-Jews is justified and it good for the religion.

In the far east where barbarians rule, the smaller nation states like Vietnam, Malaysia, and other Indo-Chinese are of no threat to the Jews and Washington. America just need a single Air-Craft carrier to conquer these countries. But many have forgotten that like the Jews, the Chinese also has it's own tradition. Zhong Guo ( Chong Kuo) means Middle Kingdom. China was the first nation created and it is at the center of the World. It is the sweat, the tears and the grime on PAN KU's body that gave rise to other nations and the people of the world.

Hence China has a pride in it's tradition too. But by foreign deception and planning and the internal problem it was conquered.  Like many others these weak nations realize the importance of sciences and technology to progress and be competitive in order to stop being bullied. But China has been behind Japan for quite some time. She believes that she needs a quantum leap to stay abreast with those strong military states like Israel and the United States. Right now trillion of dollars being spent by USA to spy and corrupt the Chinese to keep her military superiority.

China's achievement in Space Walk and stealth air-craft should be a pride to the weak nation-states of Southeast Asia. With strong China, the Eastern Block  will be able to find a 'Tai Ko' like Israel using Washington as a Tai Ko. But time and again China has stressed that the military built-up is merely to protect the country from being attacked.

How about us ? Our ambition was set earlier to be industrialize nation. Under Industrial Master Plan we started by constructing the steal meal. Now the steel mill is smokeless. It was destroyed by our own politicians, people like Mahathir, who has more interest in plundering people's money. He spoiled Bank Rakyat. He saw Perwaja went bankrupt. He plundered MAS using Tajuddin Ramli. He designed Mega Projects and demand them from Najib. He put weak people so that he can bully.

Weak people are so inefficient that the jet engine was stolen. They use the security forces to protect their corrupt practice. They chose incapable people to draw and design education system. They only concentrate in buying people with money and carry on intimidation. They buy computer software from Israel and employ Jews as advisers. When I asked several friends who would win a a war between Singapore and Malaysia. As patriots everyone favored Malaysia. I could not answer the question asked but I only know Singapore beat us 5 - 3 in the last soccer match. I always told my friends that we like to boast, and bully the weak.

While the Chinese has sent the Shenzhou 7 for the space walk and fly the J-20 Stealth, Malaysia is begging APCO to enhance our popularity. We have been buying old fighters and warships by the trillions at astronomical price including the kickback. The most cunning country that like to cheat us is Great Britain.

How far can we go without China as our Tai Ko ? Even if we are looking for a protector against foreign attack we would not be able to have it because we are anti-Communist. We keep on yelling the anti-Communist slogans.

China is not ahead of USA and Israel. But it is not too far behind. We are busy grabbing land to build houses and super-markets, finding new ways to make short cut to amass toll.

The United States as always wants to destroy China or any other nuclear country. Because from from the beginning the West regarded the Asians and the Yellow skin as barbaric and savage the Americans already started to run a campaign not to buy Chinese products. If China's GDP and NI rises and become strong economically she could possibly reduce the lag in the race. In a Central Plan economy and the practice is Communism development cost does not depend much on money but on natural resources, knowledge, strong spirit of nationalism and a strong agricultural base. The Chinese is as cunning as the British and the Americans. Let's see how rigorous US spy is digging inside China's military secret.

With Shenzhen 7 the Chinese called for the third world and the Asian countries to share the Asian pride. Indeed it is our pride. Finally the Barbarians and the Morons is doing the space walk. Yet already it was call a hoax.

25/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Muammar Ghadaffi had a big supporter. May be more than 85% of the population wants him to lead. The small number who dislike him finally get the support of foreign powers. We have to assume that the foreign intervention is lured by the Libyan oil. That's the only logic which many can think of today for the bombing and killing of Ghadaffis families. But there is a remote and not possible reason for the Western military attack on Libya ie. Ghdaffis' treatment on the opposition.

The world have witnessed how UMNO paid the people for the favor and all other behaviors. Whether the tactics are dirty or not, it is not for UMNO to judge. And UMNO could not get away by buying support or to drive the Malays to be anti imperialists. After all UMNO had been accusing the non-Malays and other Malays as traitors and unpatriotic. Calling the people to hate Americans and the West would not end instead it creates more anger.

The success of the police to crush Bersih Rally was not because of the well plan and efficient police force but because there was no original intention of Bersih's supporters to be militant nor the intent to put down the government. Militancy does not go by peaceful demonstration. They did not even have any aim to rebel nor to kill anyone. There was no strength in Bersih other than their demand for fair election. Because of those weaknesses the government can call them Communist or Christians. We call it BULLY.

If we have just 30% of the Malaysians are seeking and calling for helps from foreign nation to stop persecution, we can end up like Libya. Najib has to pay much more money to buy popularity overseas. Many leaders have visited many countries and meet many people. Yet they were being killed. If the voice of the 30% is heard we can expect anything to happen. The worst is Libya's lesson. We should be concern about this because there had been unfavorable comments by foreign government on Malaysian administration.

Political game at time is similar to underground mobsters. You seek the help of a mob not to kill you. He won't take away your life but he could ask somebody else to end it. Hence do not be too overconfidence after visiting nations. Never think we can be save. We too are playing the same game. The government always play the game with the rakyat.

Today the world's mob don't understand the word sovereign nation. They don't interfere but they conquer. They want to save people from being bullied and killed. The word government has been replaced by Malay government.. Later it may be expanded to Suppressive Malay government.. They will build up the image of their enemies to justify any military action. That what were done to the Muslim nations and Libya. The Israelists even called the Palestinians as Terrorists.

Foreign governments in Malaysia are not fools and uneducated. They have experts in Bahasa Malaysia. They watch our TV news and observed our leaders and officers and people at the background. They watch the arrogance of our people. They saw leaders giving enveloped to the people. They notice how police officers passing remarks. All our actions are recorded and preserved, good and bad.

The government should avoid the unhealthy future eventualities. There is no point to wage war against it's own people because the Malaysians have been fighting without arms. They went to jail and being stripped naked and laughed at, harassed and tortured. The most militant was biting a police officer and with that the person was severely punished.

What is the chance of foreign intervention militarily in this country. It is not 0%. It may very well be less than 3% because Malaysia does not have much resources to offer. A small hole is dangerous enough. It can tear into a bigger one.

Winning a GE means must have 100% supporters not 100% winning. In Libya Ghadaffi would win by a great majority as Saddam Hussein did. Those could be meaningless as long as as there are internal enemies.

23/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




If our youths were recruited with the purpose of spoiling their minds so that they would vote for UMNO and BN we do not do justice to our religion and our race. Telling them the Keadilan is Free Mason is saying that UMNO is good and clean. If the youths believe them, then UMNO is pulling the Muslim Malays into the unknown world of Illuminati and Freemasonary which eventually make the Malay youth move away from Islam. To claim that Putrajaya's landscaping is the same as the Vactican landscaping and the Illuminati symbol of the Twin Tower of Mahathir are by mere co-incidences will also applies to the Keadilan symbol of the eye.

BN had to prove that Anwar had gone to Illuminati's initiation. But Najib has shown to the world with videos and pictures that he visited Pope Bernedict who had met the Christian prophesy as the Head of Illuminati, a Satan, the Mark of the Beast with the name 666.

I feel sorry to these youths who were being recruited for training just to gather support for the government and support for the corrupt leaders and robbers of the Malay land.  If you care to list what Mahathir has been doing to plunder national coffers and put the people in difficulties then you will not be easily swayed by any other effort to brainwash you.

Thousands of youth are left jobless or with unsecured future after coming back from the training.




22/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We, the Muslims, do not bother much about Anti-Christ and Papacy. But to the other revealed religions it is something big and vital. Movies and videos were made to show Bush with the Papacy to narrate the relationship among evils. It has something to do with the Judgment Day. The Pope is said to be an Illuminati and a Satan (Please watch more videos about the Pope )


Then why Najib set out to meet the papacy, the 666, the Mark of the Beast ? Who arrange the meeting and made a plan for Najib to meet the Pope ? We the Malays are Muslims. It is true that we don't make enemy with the other creeds but it is good for us to learn about the other religions. Today the Malaysians have been exposed to the concept of Illuminati by UMNO to the youths trying to get support to hating the EYE of Keadilan which is a symbol of Illuminati.


The EYE is not the beginning or the end. There are many more. Several to be seen in UMNO and the government. A few with awareness and pride to be in Illuminati group but many like Siti Nurhaliza or Misha who were not aware that they were singing the Illuminati message.

In the USA the tentacles of Illuminati are everywhere, both in Democrats and UMNO. AIPAC is the body which will determine the running of the whole system. If Anwar is said to be an Illuminati, so is Mahathir and many others. That's why I call upon the UMNO members to be on the lookout and learn more what is it all about. You may not believe even the Pope is classified as a Satan and the Mark of The Beast.

Should we not be asking Najib what was he doing with the Pope ?

20/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Utusan created a good joke when saying BERSIH made it easy for Jews' penetration.

Why the Jews need to do the penetration when they are already in UMNO ? And they are very comfortable enough to have a home in Putrajaya and looking after our security and did the service to UMNO. I am sure Utusan also know which of their members had been to the Illuminati initiation ceremony. Almost 35 years ago I was already told about Illuminati group and who attended the initiation. To the Malays they would dismiss the news as a hoax because they simply could not believe a person in UMNO  can be a member of a Satanic secret society.

Though Parliament is supreme, in reality it is not. Somebody in there thinks he is above everythiug. When the topic on the Jews and APCO were brought up for discussion, it was banned. The debate and discussion would open up to the real truth. It would be nothing wrong if UMNO can prove that the Jews in UMNO is a matter of co-incidence. So far Zahid Hamidi had admitted that Jews are not our enemies but the Zionists are. So he differentiated between a Jew and a Zionist. At least we understand his stand.

If Jews are friends then why Utusan is talking about Jews in BERSIH ? Jews have no interest in BERSIH. UMNO may plan to put a mole just as it does to the opposition parties. It is more true for Utusan to say UMNO is penetrating BERSIH. When Jews are already comfortable in UMNO it does not need a NGO anymore except for espionage purposes.

Utusan must know and be serious about the security of this country. It simply cannot ignore the Jew's role in the party and what they have done. It should look into how much the military data has been passed to the foreign governments. Unless the paper is indirectly financed by a Jewish company. If we follow the philosophy of the New World Order, all the World media must come under the control of a few man. I even suspect after the Iraq War even Al-Jezeera has come under the few American Jews. It is highly probabale that Utusan Malaysia belongs to Jews.

Remember if the Jews side the opposition parties I am sure in no time UMNO will evaporate in the thin air. Via the Master plan UMNO would find itself useless and impotent and ready to be burnt.

But the Jews interest is in the money and it would help our neighboring countries to get all the police and military secrets. They already found those in UMNO. The party had paid APCO handsomely for the service.

Who is really a traitor ?

18/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Number 1

After more than 28 years I received a phone call from my student,"Cikgu, I Loo Yen and Hooi Fang will be coming back to Alor Setar in two weeks time and we are going to see you." For a little while my mind went blank. I could not recall her name but I could remember her face. " Who is still single ? "I asked. "We are all old now with husbands and kids. Our kids are getting married soon."

Hooi Fang was the most cheeky. She sat in the front desk, did not pay attention on my teaching but resting her cheek on the table and stared at me and time winking her eyes at me. One day I challenged her to shave her head bald. I would give her a hundred ringgit. And she challenged me back to shave my head for two hundred ringgit. After school I had not seen her. I was told she went to Kuala Lumpur. Certainly I am very anxious to meet her family. But unfortunately enough it will be on the fasting month.

Siew Hong told me that it was so very difficult to find my phone number. The best she could do was to get my old school phone and required my mobile phone from the school. I sent her a message telling her that I am not what I looked 30 years ago. Now I am sick and old and could not walk as fast as before.

My Head Master told me that my Bahasa class was the noisiest. I gave no excuse and said nothing. Why not ? Before a student write an essay I would discuss ideas. They would either clapped or laughed at the ideas. Topic on Kepercayaan Karut would be the noisiest because that would be the most jokes. Talking of the different type of ghosts would create fear among the girls. "Beware !!" I would say. "Beware of Hantu Gulung when you go out of your house at night." And on the junk food I would tell the story of Soilent Green where a factory made food out of a dead people. "You may be eating dead man taste like a cake."

Those were the days at Kiet Hwa Secondary school. I was there almost 5 years before moving to Vocational Secondary School.

Number 2

In 1965 I made my first visit to Bangkok for the Asian Games. That was just after I left school. On the train I met many people, young and old of various races. I was with a Burmese Muslim and a young Chinese boy. The train could not proceed after Hatyaii because of a great flood. That was a day of hell. People were looking for water. Several people get hurt. Because I carried medical aid stuffs, thread and needle, I provided some assistance. We were all tired till the next day. The train was able to move in the evening. Chinese man and woman gave me fruits and all kind of food, just because of my little help.

The Chinese boy took me to his relative's house for breakfast after arriving Bangkok and sent me to a hotel I wanted. Asian Game was to be opened the next day. On the first day I dressed myself in the Malay costume called 'Baju Melayu' with a songkok on. When I was in the stadium there were several Malaysian Chinese came to me, greeted me and we were conversing in Bahasa Malaysia.

Number 3

My wife is sick and heavy. Before I bought her a wheel chair, she had been using a Walker. In spite of it she would fall down. Every time she fell down there will be people coming to help picked her up. At least on 4 occasions. the  young Chinese men would rush and helped her up. Even on our visit overseas the Chinese family did not just ignore her. Every now and then they would come and push the wheel chair.

There are many more experience that I have had encountered other than the above three examples. And others experience the same things too. This is Ibrahim Ali might have not known or he is just an obstinate person. His poisonous words, threatening the Chinese and the Malays traitor, should be met with a severe reactions from Nature - may he be strike by a lightning.

We are going to live and die together as a Malaysians. We are going to build this nation and progress together. A patriot is not to fight Malaysians of other races. A patriot is to help the weak Malays by a direct contact with them and guide them to be independent and economically strong without attacking the others.

18/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Civil Liberty and human right has been an acceptable values until recent time. Even in a free country freedom has it's limit. Absolute freedom can end up with chaos, lawlessness and we might revert to the law of the jungles. Hence laws were enacted to protect the public against cheaters, robbers and bullies. Subsequently some politicians began to change laws to suit themselves, to legalize crimes they committed.

What constitute goodness has change somewhat. You can murder and killed people of different races, rob and rape, torture and murder. It is considered good for the Jews to murder the Palestinians and the American army to shoot the unarmed civilians including children in Afghanistan. Then laws were passed to legalize same sex marriage and now the legalization of drugs like marijuana.

A nation will start to suffer and becoming sick once the people has lost their directions. They would not know what values are and what is meant by morality. They do the wrong things because they think right. They award and praise criminals. They worship money and hunt for it regardless of it's origin.

I was very much disturbed when I came to know of a country and people who are fighting hard to make marijuana legal. If our political leaders are the members of drug cartel and lost their directions, they too will follow those nations. They would together fight to decriminalize drugs pushers and traffickers. I hope we can still see our path clearly and hold strongly to our traditional value system.

In the United States the DEA felt they could not win the war on drug because of the increase number of people arrested. It says the law and the war was not effective. As we all know there is a saying "If we can't beat them then we join them". To make things simple just legalize it. Now it is up to you to think of the possible failure in our country or in Malaysia.

At the same time I also read views from the anti-drug citizen in America who very much approve the cruel and barbaric law. During the era of Thaksin, Thailand was not only successful in putting drugs away but also other crimes. Drug pushers and thieves went missing. The government won the war.

If we can't think well then anything can happen. The public is hoping for our leaders to be able to analyze and judge with the right value. But at time we are worried to  hear a Minister making a statement which made us think they have lost the ability to judge and think soundly. Statements like BERSIH is a criminal indicates the mental state of a person. Using a government air plane for individual purposes is not wrong. Robbing land and money from the public is nothing sinful. These are among a few listed values which are changing.

I am sure you have read about the involvement of CIA and poppy business in Afghanistan and Poppy plantation in Turkey and drug legalization in Amsterdam. That's the sign of the decaying of the traditional value system. And we can't arrange things according to priority in term of usefulness and the degree of danger and detriment to our society.

A fearful new value is to say UMNO is above the law and UMNO members can do whatever they like similar to the ancient King. However one UMNO member has totally lost the value system. He thinks he is a King and above the Prime Minister. One good thing is still left in him is that he agrees that drugs kill and break up families.

17/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




In term of record keeping DAP is the most systematic among the opposition parties. I am sure it also keeps video records from the TV stations and other events. Observing statements by police and Ministers, there is a tendency that they will not remember what they said and the state of emotions they are in when issuing statements.

There are many running videos showing the events of Bersih's Rally. The videos are all over the world. I would suggest the IGP, AG and the UMNO people watch them too. Foreign media did capture the event. While the police checks each of the faces involved, ordinary man who believe in police brutality would also examine the faces of the Patriots and the police personnel  who attacked and punched the protestors. Pictures speak louder than words.

When Saddam Hussein was brought to trials old pictures re-surface because people did keep them. Nowadays these documents could have been kept in servers and computers outside the country. Of course if the government can lie, it's enemy can lie too. When BN is in power it can lie using the false evidence as much as the enemy can lie using identical proofs. And never say BN government can't fall. Even popular government which won by majority support collapsed. Don't ask how and why but it had happened. These are recent events.

YouTube is not a fun game or an entertainment online video. It is an eye opener. It made the dream of the information world come true. It made people difficult to tell lie to the world. These world of information can be compressed, stored and retrieved within a small space. The speed of distribution throughout the world is fast enough. A systematic political party would know how to organize records and files and quick enough to bring it up again.

UMNO once claimed to be the most capable because they have all the qualified professionals. Mahathir would belittle PAS which was accused as the weakest party and can never run a government. I remember very well Samy Velu's words "Can Quaran build up rods and highways". Are opposition parties that dumb and the country would cease to function economically ?

Laws and systems set up by the British were almost thrown out. UMNO members are seen to break laws without punishment. New laws are made to protect their own crimes. You can still remember when UMNO was trying to make a TUN immune to court just because Mahathrir was about to be dragged to court. The Rules of Law are to be applied onto the opposition. If Ibrahim Ali called the Malays to fight a Chinese it was seditious and he goes scott free. When the media is preaching hatred publicly everyday, it goes scott free.  BERSIH was said to be Communist and Christian organizations. That did not come from a system but a mere sentiments and guilt.

Have I not seen how the plain cloth act on the protestors in Egypt ? Have I not seen the plain cloth policeman deal with Bersih's supporter ? Now UMNO has to seek the help of APCO and paid her a few millions again to tell the You Tube to put away videos against the government of Malaysia.

Do you think the investors are going to listen to BERSIH or DAP or ADIL ? Mukhriz already encountered with this problem. Foreign media talks about stability in the country. To them shooting and physical violence is unstable. You go and tell the world that you are not a liar nor a gangster. Do you think they will listen to you ? You know what; foreigners were telling people that Rafedah Aziz and Goh Yen Yen were asking for money. Surely that's too bad. And those could not be called efficient and systematic.

Today is not the day when when we are telling the people to vote PAS because the moon give light to the people and vote for UMNO because the Kris can protect the Malays. Today is the day when Felda count the number of trees, convert to money value and tell the people Felda is rich and wealthy. Today is the day when every purchase must go thru a middleman of Mahathir's choice. Today is the day when every dealing must be followed by the kickback.

If UMNO wins the election the nation will be going down and down. The Malays will sink. They will sell their souls.

17/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I very much believe that my GRE test result tells my real ability. My worst was on language and my best was on the analytical side. The worst is really the worst, but the best is probably just below average. My average ability is ample to make me understand several documentaries I saw.

A portion of my mind  is reserve for intellectual exercise and daily thinking. I was told about truth and what is a fact. I cannot take what I hear and read as a fact, a quotation from someone even the authority is the truth. Lately I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos on various topics, some of which would provoke my thought. Right now I am watching about the truth whether a man really landed on the moon. The detail analysis of the pictures has opened up my mind to investigate of the real facts. It is unthinkable for NASA to lie to the people thoug there had been several videos which had proved both Bush and Obama had been lying to the people.

I also watched a video showing the President and the other living presidents were dancing. It is difficult to see whether the videos were doctored. Experts can doctored video without a trace. For that reasons the normal court would not admit audio and video tape as evidence.

In America many high profile groups, scientists and engineers are exposing the evil of Bush, Clinton, Obama and how the shadow government rules, and under whose supervision. What provoked my mind were the proofs accompanying each of the statements. The high profile individuals always narrate facts with proofs.

If you want to know and recognize Malaysian government during and after Mahathir's era, see more of the You Tube and read more foreign literatures on their research on their countries and the world. Again you have to ba careful not to blindly swallow what they are telling you. Most videos and literatures are with rebuttals. you also need to observe and analyzed the evidences.

If an average person like me can understand between lies and the truth, thousands of oother above average and learned intellect are sharper. They can recognize truth and lies better. They can also know our thinking ability by our behavior and the way we talk and would make conclusion about the whole status of a certain racial group. If we talk without thinking even the normal Malaysians would laugh at us. For a moron to be a moron nobody is ashame of on his behalf. If a Minister speaks like a Moron then most of us are ashame for him. As usual we would have a hard time defending him.

Let me refresh your memory on the First Arab Israel War. In media and newspapers show the strength of the Arab nations, with tanks and military power, giving the impression to the world that Israel will be wiped out within hours. A thought could deceive you. Those who had thought that Arab nations could walk over Israel were shockingly surprise. In no time Israel crushed them and remained weak until now. You should have taken that incident and event as a good lesson. Don't bully or act like a hooligan just by the feeling. Bringing the Guru Silat to show their power is just like the Arab nations showed off their military might before the war with Israel.

Some of us do re-oriented our thinking. Many of us don't. They just simply learnt nothing from examples and history. And continue to be arrogant, never seem to stop antagonizing the Chinese, Indian and the Malays. Yelling words full of lies. Don't you see then like them Don Quixote ?

If a big nation like America can lie what do you expect liars in Malaysia to do ? They would insult your intelligence very rudely and they do it everyday too. While Mahathir select judges and manipulate judiciary Obama elected a Jew as a Chief Judge. While ISA had been here here for more than 40 years, in America it is a new phenomena. They have just set up a FEMA camp. But in America every conspiracy is being exposed and the people are called to wake up and know what is going on.

However we cannot be conclusive about the NASA man-landing hoax. Neil Armstrong himself has to come out to admit the truth of the hoax. If there come a second American Revolution against the NWO and the Jews, it will certainly effect the fate of UMNO here. Tyrants will fall one by one. The war against suppression will spread like a wild fire. I am not stating a fact but a causal effect.

Spare a space of your thought to analyze both truth and lies when you hear things from anybody.

26/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The fight against occupiers were over. All nations under the rule of the foreigners are now independent. Those who fought the occupiers were known as nationalists. Today those who fought against the occupiers are called Terrorists. The creator of the new meaning was the Jews and Washington adopted it to justify atrocities against the Muslims. In Malaysia UMNO defines nationalists as those who defend UMNO and corruption.

In Malaysia and the United States the new occupiers are deceptions, lies, corruptions and gangsterism.  The secret society invested a lot of money to deceive the population to support the corrupt members who has link to the government. They corrupted the judiciary, lied to the young men and women just to gain support.

The American Nationalists also being called Terrorists are not lying idle and let things go by. The smart and educated and non-Jewish Americans are on the awakening, raised up and fought back. They were arrested, released, re-arrested and fought again. They produced documentaries of high quality to be downloaded, distributed thousands of free CDs, formed foundation and made movies about the American Secret Society which is taking over America.

The American War of Independence was long passed but the spirit of liberty flourish and remain high. They are fighting the almost invincible giant, the Military Industrial Complex and the mafia. Those secret society whose members including a few living Presidents are the new occupiers who took away civil liberty of the Americans.

It will come a day when a Malaysian nationalist will bring UMNO to court on the charge of treason. The population will be happy to hear of the reasons why it is so charged. There will be mountain of proofs to show that hey have betrayed the Malays and had wanted to turn the country into a Republic. They either fail to see or joined in the conspiracy of drugs distributions among the Malaysians.

The American nationalists somehow are in access of various documents and exposing American traitors and their evil programs.

Those who fought against corruption, nepotism, misuse of power and election frauds want to put back the country into the right track. We cannot succumb to cartel and kingpin. This country belongs to the Rakyat not to a few individuals. Yet the top guys are using money to divide the wealth among themselves by plundering whatever they can thru companies and corporations. The people have seen how the law protect these corporate bodies and people who are in them.

A nationalist in a new decade is facing a different enemy; a body of people who deceive other people. They used racial card to brainwash the Malays depicting those who support DAP as traitors to the Malays. They instill hatred and finally threatend government officers by recording their names and the ICs number and their voting stations. Votes for UMNO mean votes for the Malay survival.

There are many Malays who struggle to survive, selling goreng pisang and open stalls. The small time business communities are earning money honestly. Those are their liberties to engage in an honest living. Mahathir would have told these people to repay back  to the government for the kindness done. Giving a business license is a kindness ? Who are they to tell the individuals that they can't do this and that if permissions are not given. I also do come across parents who finance their kids to universities thru sweats and the selling of Goreng Pisang.

These people will not know what APCO, Illuminati, Secret Society and political party members, corporate robberies and NWO are. They would have not known the manner and how elections cheats came about. They do not know how a politician organized crimes of robbery. They would NOT know why Bank Bumiputera went into the drain, PERWAJA steel vanished and many more games of robbing. But we know who was the behind the Bank Bumiputera's bankruptcy.

A Neo-Nationalist does not fight the occupiers nor the Communist. He fights against those who robbed the people of their civil liberty . He fights the robbers, political gangsters the secret society which recruits politicians. He fights against corruptions and those who manipulate laws for themselves. He fights for the unity of all races. He fights for efficient government . These are the real patriots. They don't go around to campaign themselves.

Najib must open his eyes wide and make sure he is not run by any secret society.

16/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



No country in the world today can match America in the military might, not even China and Russia combined. The Star War weapons which were initiated in the late 70's and began to take shape in the 80's are ready to destroy any nuclear warhead in any country in the world. The number of WMD were by the thousands. America can go to war in any country even without sending it's troop overseas.

Convince of the invincible strength and unchallenged power a group of secret society members including all the 4 Presidents met and negotiated the division of the world among themselves. Resources already at hands are from Iraq, Libya, Arab Saudi and Afghanistan. Washington even tried to accuse China firing a missile 30 KM off Californian coast implying China sub-marine had penetrated American water. But the game of accusation as a pretext to create hatred is not new. American even plan to bomb their own warship just to invade Cuba.

I could not guess who would own the South East Asian nations. Brunei's oil has some British influence. Malaysian oil is almost finished;. Indonesia is still wealthy. But today the control of Black Gold is not the only item discussed. The American Secret Society also mentioned the control of drinking water. In this aspect it looks like Malaysia is a step away from the United States secret society. Mahathir already started it and privatization has followed suit. Mahathir gave energy control to his three wealthy friends who simply robbed from people as they like. So far in the United States only a few realized of ambition of the members of American Secret society.

President Kenedy was shot dead for his comment on this society warning the people of the danger to the American people. But the running dogs like Bush, Clinton and Obama have been promised the wealth and power over the control of oil, water and other energy sources. Like the Malaysian authority counting the use of the police to control the people, the American secret society sees it can use the powerful military capability to control the world.

Together with this fearful facts is the believe that the end of the world is not far ahead. The Jews saw the chaos in the Arab countries as the sign told by the Holy Book. The social scientists are studying the traditions of the Chinese, Mayans and all other available prophesies. The Muslims have seen the signs for quite a long time but could not say when the day of awakening would come, and when Jesus would be back. A few Philosophers are examining the movements of the meteor and other planets to compute the probability of the crash with the earth. Scholars are calculating the possibility of the 3rd World War.

To completely dismiss the end of the world to be next year or a few years time would not be so wise after witnessing the abrupt change of human behavior, the disappearance of human souls and humanity, the death of shame, ethics and morality, the words are full of lies and filthy propaganda. Those are the signs.

The believers of the final days are approaching will stay silence and cease to fight the tyranny of the secret society members.

At least there is ONE Malaysian who is aware of what is going in this country by the study of a Mafia like behavior of some guys in the country. Remember what I wrote before; they will not put Anwar away so quickly now. Tf they did they are not able to tell the Malays that Anwar Ibrahim is selling the country to the Chinese. The coming of a new leader would not be convenient to them.

Though remote, we cannot totally reject that they need the support of the Malays to further destroy the race. That's the reason why I remind the UMNO members to observe whether any of their friends became a member if Illuminati group. They are never satisfied with the amount of wealth they owned.

The powerful American military could not be destroyed by any foreign government. It has to come from it's own blood. I always believe that the mighty giant will go down too, killed by it's own family not by the external foe.

14/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was deeply touched by two episodes of American soldiers expressing their feeling while operating in the Middleast. These were young people who hated to be called Heroes on their return from the war. The Americans are beginning to wake up and began to see evil in their leadership. But it will be a long and a tough fight because the Jews were quick and early to move, converting millions of Americans to Judaism. Among all Bush was the worst and until now he is around to overseer Obama to carry his NWO, Illuminati plan.

I also began to see the truth in Libya about Western Media and Libya coverage. To cut short the American intervention is nothing more than robbing the black gold of Libya. The grand design is unending until God ends this world.

There are lists of the living evil in Washington, mostly Jews.

The biggest evil in this country is Mahathir. Please be cool and learn more about this man especially on how he sets up the government to rob from the people and the nation. The IPP, the Indah Water and many many more of his creations are running well under Najib. But Najib only inherits them from his Master who is determined to control the government. He reaps so much benefit from mega projects living almost nothing to the rest of UMNO members.

The creation of the Patriot Group to ensure evil would continue to prosper is unknown to many. Our police is supposed to clean the country of crimes and drugs not to protect their evil doings. They made Najib busy so that he has no time to think of the evil design of a secret society who is well  nurtured by someone in the political arena. They dare to call for Pak Lah resignation and now they dare to demand for Najib resignation. The Americans termed it an 'Invisible Government' who is running the nation at the background.

Why is it there is a lack of conscience and fearless of God ? Then you have to study the mind of the Mafia who has no fear nor shame. There is no guilt nor pity. When Mahathir used the police who are paid by the public to spy on people for his own personal benefit, we already knew that he was the worst ever living man around. While he retired a tycoon, the former military and police are opening stalls by the road sides. A police friend of mine told me that he was selling nasi lemak to send his children to school. He is already dead but his Master is busy running a facebook, writing memoirs to cover his evil sins, and making unnecessary comments.

Now that you own a computer try to paste the faces of evil people together amd look for similarities. You will find at least one common factor among them. Get their names from the youtube. They demonize people as terrorists to justify killings and invasions. They demonized others as Communists and invent things to cheat and lie to the people. Whether they are in America or Malaysia, they work the same way.

The two young American admitted that they had to carry out their duty but with full of guilt and all the way felt pity on the helpless and innocent people including the injured women and children. We can die for our country but why must we die for a corrupt man ? To those who called themselves patriots I would like to suggest that they put their whole hearts and effort to wipe out the drugs on the Malaysian streets and help the Malays to be competitive in every aspect, not merely by talking s**t. There is no point singing the UMNO song, wearing the Red T-Shirts and Red Sarong and scarf if you fail to stop your own race to be drug addicts, bag snatchers and vanishing identity. There is no point calling yourself a nationalist if you support an evil and corrupt man. You allow the corporate bodies to rob you protected by the law.

Evil make different law to different people. They can do what the other are bared to do. They have special immunity. No independent and learned people will choose the living evil. These people struggle and survive on their own. They are not beggars like most of the Malays.

Wake up from your sleep and look around for a living devil. If you found one will you be prostrating to him and idolize him as your god ? When you say UMNO can do no wrong therefore you are moving away from the Islam. And when you suppress anyone who pointed at the wrongs of UMNO then you are as equal as the living evil. If you worship the destroyer of the Malays you are one great walking evil.

 13/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I told someone that Mahathir is planning to put Najib away, pushing up Mahayuddin and Mahayuddin will pickup Mukhriz. He looked very puzzle and asked how on earth it could be done ? I pointed to him several ways. He did not believe me. It looks thing is becoming sooner than expected. As I have always believed that it will be UMNO members who will be killing each other. This has happened several time before. But people forget about party 46, the issue of illegal UMNO and the framing of Anwar Ibrahim when he was in UMNO.

The Anti-Bersih rally is now mounting a signature campaign demanding Najib to strip Ambiga and Anwar of their citizenship and called Najib to resign or lface the music. Surely those who do not like Najib including the Pakatan Rakyat will join in signing the referendum. Let there be more than 5 millions demanding Najib to bow to the demand or RESIGN.

Whose idea is this ? Lim Kit Siang ? Nik Aziz ? I have never heard of any harsh threat on a Prime Minister from Nik Aziz or Kit Siang.

Najib has to seek advice of how to strip Malaysian citizens of citizenship. Treason ? Disobeying Agong ? Hiring Jewish company ? Selling national secret abroad ? Negligence in the lost of jet engine ? Passing laws to legalize the selling of properties to foreigners ? Murdering Jalil of Bank Rakyat ? Making Perwaja Steel bankrupt ? Plundering PKZ money ? Demanding for mega project ? Telling the Singaporean to intrude Malaysian airspace for more than a thousand time ? Allowing Thamby Chik to walk away with million of ringgit ?

The world is reading the news, observing the Malaysian Malays and waiting to see what's next.

It was not only me thinking about the grand design of Mahathir, surprisingly I heard from other people too. Of course if Mahathir completely denies it and assume that he is honest enough and such an intention never cross his mind, then where does the idea of calling Najib to resign or prefer for election defeat come from ? The other alternative source could be from Najib's enemy in UMNO itself.

Another interesting point is about the PATRIOT. Who are the patriots ? A person who tells everybody that he is a patriot ?

We don't judge a person by what he says. Almost 90% of those charged in court would say they are innocent. If our judge were to say "Yes we believe your word. You are free" you can imagine how easy a judge work is.

A patriot, when knowing that only 30% of the Malays are successful entrepreneurs, would set to organize to set and plan how to increase the numbers. Things are not easy to do. And I see many would resign half way. A patriot, when knowing many Malays become drug addicts will plan effective measures to make sure that will halt immediately. A patriot will not sit and see the greedy people rob the Malay land, destroying the water catchment area for money. A patriot should be able to find out the status of the Malay students in schools; how many who can't read and write and how to overcome it; who are better in studies, the Malays or the Chinese.

A patriot should fight corruption because it is from there drugs creep in, illegal immigrants came in, people are paying more for government's negligence, the Malays were sold and the criminals escaped persecution.

If a patriot wants to fight a Chinese, go and fight alone but don't call all others to fight and in the meantime they would go and look for projects.

The wealth of a nation comes from the resources and the hard working people who toil the soil and the land. With or without the patriots or a government a nation with natural resources and hard working people will flourish. Historically a government was a King. The King only went to villages to collect tax. If the King didn't go to those villages the economic activity will be the same. There were churches and mosques in the villages. There were markets and normal businesses.

No hooligan can be a patriot and will never be one. If we can have a thousand patriot the Chinese can have a thousand patriots too for the Chinese. And there will be Indian patriots also. People who like to fight against each other like a savage do not have a place in the multi-racial society.

If you were to ask me who is the real patriot for the Malays, my answer is Tun Abdul Razak who had really done much to uplift the plight of the Malays from poverty and this great man was free from corruption.

Anyway we are waiting to see whatever is going to happen to Najib.

12/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In the age of enlightenment tyranny is alive and kicking. One American Secretary of States that the killing of innocent children is justified if they are Muslims ( though she did not mention the word in particular ). If even one American child is killed there will be a big consequence. But not every American agrees with her. Many do not believe in the barbaric acts of Washington. The government is ignoring the raising unemployment rate but spend most of it's money on modern space weapons. Even the White Americans are called terrorists.

This is a question of ethics, morality and value. The persistence on calling the Muslim terrorist to justify killings and invasions show unethical, immoral and uncultured those people can be. Hence it encourages immoral leasers to import such a thinking and policy. A tyrant thinks he would get away with it because tyranny is even practiced by the Americans.

If Washington and the Jews are saying Muslims should be killed because they are terrorists, what are we going to call the Muslims in our county to justify our actions on them ?. Are we going to say 'they are supporting the Christians and the Communist therefore we can knock and kick them and put them in jails ? A person without conscience is a person without moral and he does not believe in the eternal punishment. Try to talk about sin to him and observe his body language and facial expression.

Such an immoral person dares to swear to God on everything and anything because he does not believe in something he can't see except his own imagination. A non-Muslim has an excuse to eliminate a Muslim base on terrorism. That's why American army killed innocent children in Afghanistan more than the number killed with the Atom bomb in Hiroshima. There has never been any feeling of guilt.

If we import similar form brutality then by itself we are killing our Malay identity. Do blame the other ethnic group of robbing away the Malay right. Brutality and inhumanity are not our Muslim properties. Planting, framing and manufacturing evidences and other things to kill a Chinese or disgracing our foe are not Islamic as well. A person accepting a hundred ringgit in corruption case stayed in jail for several months or years, a person who took millions and billions can walk away free.  We call it 'lack of evidence'.

In reality we are now back in the dark ages when the word liberty was unknown. A slip of the tongue cost you your head. You can't ask question, seek for fairness nor gave your opinion. Many were accused as witches and were burnt to death. People live under the draconian rules.

At one time Wan Zaleha Radzi was in Alor Setar, I saw she was surrounded by many people. The Chinese shopkeepers rushed out the shop to shake hand with her. In another case a politician went to a shop for the delicious nasi kandar, nobody seems to notice him prentending not to know him. Money and power only draws some people not all the people.

Those who act savagely would be remembered. Those without moral will not be respected. And those without ethics and behave like animals will be frowned upon. You will go down in the history book as a criminal and a demon.

12/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Muslims and the Jews are more alike as compared to the Muslims and the Christians. Following the arguments between a Rabi and a Priest we would see the Muslims would put up the same arguments as the Jews. But we really don't know the role of the Jews in orchestrating the 911 to demonize all Muslims as terrorist. It was Henry Kissinger who first invented the label and sealed it. Talmud had attacked the Christians and followed by the common Jews who until today would insult the Christians on the trinity episode.

A Muslim like me could go to buy a Kosher meat while in the United States not the meat at any super market. Kosher meat is halal as the Jews slaughter the animals with the God's name. The Muslims and the Jews use the same God. Only ONE and the only God. Whereas the Christian says Jesust is the son. This conflict continues. Yet in Ghaza the Jews killed both the Muslims and the Christians.

Almost 60 years ago my religious teacher told us that the Jews were the most smart people given by God. We didn't ask him why. 60 years later I realize the truth of his saying. They have converted a big number of White Americans to Jews and controlling the United States. If it is expanding it's influence thru NWO and Illuminati, one day the whole world will be under them.

I can't exactly say how and in what manner Najib administration is hiring a Jewish company. Was it a condition Najib must comply in return for a certain favor from the United States ? The tentacle of the Jews around this region can be found in Singapore. The United States ambassador to Singapore is a Jewish. The defense advisor to Singapore is a Jewish. Najib's consultants too are Jewish. If we hold to the principle that Jews and Muslims are more alike then UMNO will not have any guilty feeling about the APCO's existence in the government. Hence if you cannot be a Jews then be a member of illuminati.

Even how complicated things are I see things as simple as 123. History of Malaya or Tanah Melayu had kept us informed about Hassan and Hussain, and about others too."make me a King, and you can have what you want. Do as what you like." The young Americans had shouted Treason at their Presidents and congressmen. The young Malaysians call it 'PATRIOTS'. Selling the countries and the secrecy to the foreigners is patriotic. Fighting to save the country from those and corruptions is labeled terrorist and communist.

My kids and other family members would dismiss my understanding as nonsense. Probably many other kampong Malays would not believe what's going on. To them UMNO is their savior. telling them about the conspiracy theory is just a waste of breath.

The Malaysian Jewish group would ask, "What has the Malays have got to lose if we befriend Israel and recognize it's existence ?" "What would the Malays got to lose even if we are the members of Illuminati ?"

To the opposition UMNO's dominance means the continuous corruption and the rule of tyranny. And the real patriotic Malays do not want to see UMNO being pulled by the nose.

By reason the Jews want a home. The task was hard. They have to get organize and be together to be strong. They have to be smart to get support and influence. They find ways to make money and climb to be the masters, to control newspapers, TV and banks. They have to find a strong nation to lean on ie the United States. They convert the Americans to get the support to elect the congressman to side them. They set the lobby team well.

Sure, that is their business. They have to do it to survive.

We are not telling the Malays to hate and fight the Jews. We are asking can the Malays think and plan as what the Israelis do instead of becoming slaves all the time. I personally feel sad to have the Malays like Ibrahim Ali, Rustam and Kahiry. They are good at threatening people rather than building a strong, independent and intelligent society. At least they should have asked the government why it must have an APCO consultants and why computer softwares wre brought from the Jews ? Where are all the Malay experts and champions who could develop soft wares and provide advice to the government.

True the government has taken control of all the media like what the Jews did and commanded the evil to do work for it. But the Jews do it for the survival of Israel. We are doing it to win the war against our own people. To say the least UMNO was not able to get the complete Malay support after 50 years of independent.

The Jews that I know do believe in God, the same God ours. They pray several times a day. It hard to find prostitutes in Israel. The common Malays do fear God, pray 5 times a day and try to avoid sins. The UMNO leaders ? God fearing people won't go around looking for illegal money and have consideration and  fair to what God made, the highest is the human being.

11/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Have we not asked ourselves why drugs are still on the street and the Malays are the most addicts ? Have you not seen how court cases were conducted, evidence went missing and evidence planted ? Have we not heard what Illuminati  is and who among the politicians attended the initiation ceremony ? Are you aware of the Illuminati symbol in the twin towers ?

Who are the 'YOU' ? You are the people, the workers, the police and the armies, the engineers and the lawyers and least but not last the politicians. Anyone among you can be anything; a man or a monster. When it is necessary they will stab and eat your flesh unsuspectingly. In the United States the same questions were asked. Those who opened their eyes even warned the President that he may be charged with treason. There is a growth of new nationalism. The secrets of Bush being a member of illuminati and went for initiation had been well documented and reported.

As a government servant I obeyed orders but not blindly. I know my target and my clients. Whatever orders that come which in my judgment and calculation would not benefit my client will not be obeyed. I was ready to fight and wiling to die for it.

UMNO was there to serve the Malays and Islam. If you are a Malay but not an Islam, you are not fit to be an UMNO. It has an oath to uphold Islam and the members are to be Muslim. As a Muslim one has to humble himself to the God, not a Satan. Going to an Illuminati iniation is not a Muslim practice. As an UMNO and a Muslim you have to observe among yourselves. Who join the Illuminati group, who join drug dealers, who work with a Mafia and who are cheating and robbing the Malays. You may or may not find any. But keep your eyes open.

The police and the military too must always think of their own family as well. They should think of their kids and their future generations. They are not going be in the force all their lives. They may retire jobless and become poor. Their kids may be hunted by the law  for running drugs. As a police force he must obey but keep the eyes open not only to watch the enemy they were told to see but also any other unknown enemy.

We can die for our country but not for an individual.  Islam forbids the Muslims from worshipping none other than Allah. We can show respects to fellow human beings but not to fear them. Hence if we find anyone lost their path, we show them the right path kindly with duel respects. If we close our eyes and they can't see the right path, they might pull us deep as well. We will regret later. When Samad Said went out to fight, he did not do it for himself. He thinks of the future generation, not his own grand children but the grand children of the politicians, the police, the army and every Malaysian citizens.

I discovered many were of the thought that our government was run by a Mafia and will never return to democracy during Mahathir's era. Mahathir had left a big impression on the people about himself. It was a false impression but his acts and behavior were seen by the rakyat as a whole, even by the police as a father of tyranny. At least we all know that Md Zain did open his eyes when he was serving.

I learn one thing about the arrest before the Bersih assembly. A person can be caught just by a mere suspicion. That's how Washington created Al-Queda and deal with the Muslim countries. All merely base on suspicion. And the build up concept that every Muslim is a terrorist. The first word of Muslim as a terrorist I heard was from an American Jews. Mahathir adopted the same idea.

But Illuminati had a powerful plan to control the mind of the people and made people the slaves. Please read more about Illuminati in the internet and watch the You tube about it. Find out also about the movement in Malaysia and see who are involve in the movement. WE hope none of the UMNO members belong to the this satanic association.

Besides we keep on asking ourselves about the drugs, the addicts and crimes. UMNO must take this issue as a very serious tasks. Drugs can also attack their kids and their generations. Each voice is important. Then let everyone speaks to make the voice more important. And let us all pray that sanity still prevail. When you hear some officers ramped their cars and killed people then we know people are getting more and more insane.

I always believe that if we are serious and we really want to do successful jobs we do it. The failures could be due to several reasons. If we are part of the party and share part of the lucrative trade then crimes would still continue. Or we do not give full attention instead focussing our attention to something else to gather wealth  and busy  with a certain club they we would go nowhere. Or we shift our generic task merely to serve and protect the corrupt politicians, crimes would not disappear.

The members of Illuminati are usually proud of being in the secret society. Psychologically they think they are at the top of the world and strong and invincible.

If UMNO change their focus and think of perpetual ruling then they are gravely mistaken. UM NO members can check each other by observing what his friends are doing. If you choose to join any evil that would surely spell the end of the Malays like the missing name of this country. Who threw it away if not UMNO ? In 25 years time those who still live will witness the great downfall. When most of us will die only one man would still live. Can you make a guess ?

10/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

planted ?


What took effect in your country in 2001 did affect many of us especially the Muslims who have been demonized as terrorists. The declaration made by Washington were pirated by our leaders too who had gone all the ways to murder religion and religious education.

America is truly a great nation of both good and evil. The hard work of the researches and scientists came to proof that the event of 911 was an inside job. With the growth of American awareness, Washington and the evil staffs working together with the media to fight against the truth movements. They have been making a lot of videos to counter attack, even to pay the Arabs or the Israelis to admit that they were responsible for the bombing of the World Trade center and went on to say Al-Queda had planned to bom American cities and railroads.

Let us assume those Arabs admitted that they really plan to destroy the Americans and bomb the cities and rail roads. Please do not sway from the facts of what really did happen before, after and on the date of the event. I remember it well because it fell on my birthday. There were questions on building 7 and the manner the building collapsed, on the disappearance of proofs, on the magic passport of Atta. Proffessors have given clear proofs and had pint pointed on the lies being told. Proofs shown by video recordings.

You just don't expect the government is going to keep quiet and let the truth movement go all out to awaken the Americans from sleep. They will fight and be on the lookout on how they do it. If you hold strongly and tightly on the issues and questions without answers you will still be as you are. Remember that there are many Americans who talked much about what they heard on 11th of September were found dead. Washington started to call you terrorists, and already open up a FEMA camp to ramp you there. Don't be surprise Washington will put bomb your own backyards to prove what Al-Quaeda was planning was the truth.

Our government would follow any orders from your government. We can't sell things which are suspected to be used as nuclear facility to any foreign country especially the Muslim country. One of our man was arrested without trial for selling something to Pakistan.

Morality has vanished in most people. They don't have guilt, soul nor shame. They don't have pity nor consideration. I can't say who they are and why God created such a creature.

America was like a second home for me. Before I went to school in Bloomington I visited your country. After schooling I made a visit almost every two years. After learning about what really happened especially on the issues of 911, I halted myself from a journey to your country. My sick wife had wanted to go back to Bloomingtin IN to see the 205 Redbud Hill apartment. Because of our old age we thought that would be our last wish.

It is unfortunate for us the old epic of monsters are really true. We do have monsters in the world. Your Holly Wood movies on the revival of vampires carry real messages.

The question is What should we do ? The believers would pray and pray and leave everything to God. The frustrated people would want to believe in the prophesies on the end of world next year.

10/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It is just my opinion that the police was playing fair at Bersih's rally yesterday. The arrest-release of the dissidents and Khairy shows that the real fear of the clash between Khairy-Ibrahim's supporters and Bersih's believers. The absent of Ibrahim Ali leave us with two guesses. Either IA is a law abiding citizen or he is a coward person. A Jihad leader was unheard of.

Whatever used by the police yesterday was under the order. That's what they were taught to do. You just wait until they retire they will add to the Pakatan's numbers. Out of the 10000 personnel there were bound to be a few bad hats. This applies to every group. Even before the release I already told my wife that those arrested will be discharge as soon as possible. Bringing the public to court would be a waste of time and energy because everyone will admit that they were only curious onlookers.

Having insulted Najib, the UMNO is now trying to cover by a special program namely to strengthen Najib. But it is up to Najib to think. He should be able to recognize his own people and the history of UMNO under his former Dr boss.

I have been observing the inefficient Head of Department who have been trying to cover their weaknesses by various political projects like 'Surat Pada Perdana Menteri' by Post Malaysia. Even Felda had put UMNO in trouble by bluffing the leadership of it's weakness, providing false arguments on the property value and profit. Otherwise it would not borrowed a few billions from EPF.

Deploying thugs would register in people's mind that UMNO is a MAFIA. Najib should warn people like Ibrahim Ali and Khairy to be more careful. You don't people to have a dirty perception on you, do you ?

And I had expected Khary and IA would gather thugs and vandals to attack the Bersih's supporters. It is good that the police id keep an eye on IA and Khairy. I would be happy if Kahiry and Mahfuz were put in the same lockup where two pairs of gloves were placed. Putting IA together he would himself inside his sarong.

So what now ? BN should not be too hysteric. Provide a fair election procedure as proposed. Promise people to repent. Appeal for the vote. Promise fairness to all races. Walk the talk.

A heavyweight can fall too. When they fall, they fall hard. Look at the world. Don't show your stupidity by reckless comments. It is better for a Ministry to have a spokesman. Or all Ministries go thru one single spokesman because the statement represent the government's view. Otherwise the public will be hearing different things from different Ministers. Right now Hashamuddin had been making a lot of blunders by his deeds and statement. The Kris act habit should stop.

It is hight time some ministers should be sent to learn history, world politics and mathematics of research.

Once again I would to give credit to the police  force for the fairness. It helps the people and the government. If a few hundred people were shot down probably it would spell the death of the BN government.

10/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To counter the accusation that 9/11 was not an inside job Washington tried to sway American's mind from the truth by the art of disinformation done professionally and paying the Arabs to admit that they were responsible for the attack on the trade center. No matter what the Arabs said it could not explain building 7 and the way the building fell. Even than Washington is trying to get rebuttals on the scientific findings of the experts.

We as an outsider are anxious to see how easy Washington is going to fool the American population. They had been successful in bringing down the Soviet Union by the covert means. Now they are applying the same tactic on the fellow Americans. Those who questions 9/11 are said to be terrorists.

Secondly we are observing in what manner the Malaysian authorities are following Washington's tactic.

Whatever lies told will somehow be discovered.

09/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



PM has given his words to BERSIH and offering a stadium for expressing unhappiness. His words were defied by all others. That's how UMNO had done to Pak Lah.

I don't know how many Malays were involved, the number arrested, by race and creeds. If you find there are a big number of Malays then you can start thinking the effectiveness of 'Kafir' and the 'The Christian funding campaign of Ibrahim Ali and the rest. I guess the least will be the Chinese. The Chinese way of campaigning is to reach as many people as possible, and will do so in their own effective ways. They prefer to stay out of trouble. Many are patient enough tp wait for 25 more years for the avenge.

I have expected about a few hundred Bersih's supporters only. Mind you there are a few million nationalists who are the supporters of Bersih. Khairy called himself a nationalist. Really ? A nationalist has no time to demand for money from contractors, accepting kickbacks, making business while at work. And never think a Chinese does not love this country like his Malay counterpart.

Give a chance to a fair election. You can't claim it is fair because you lose 5 states. Why not allow the opposition to own a TV station ? Go for a national debate. Use the indeletable ink. Do not issue a temporary IC. That will be a tough pre-election fight. People can hear to both arguments, lies and propaganda. They decide. BN can even win an absolute body-count as majority.

If BN refuses to step down then there is no point of having general election or allowing opposition parties to exist.

It would be a good debate if BN can pint point one by one what the party has done to the people like taking the Malays from darkness to the world of enlightenment. And we hear what the opposition party will have say about it . A  public debate in Bahasa would make the kampung Malays understand what things are all about. If UMNO has done good deeds then there is nothing to fear of. Similarly UMNO has always said to Anwar that if Anwar is innocent he should not be afraid to swear by the Quaran.

If a member of an opposition party defied the word of a Prime Minister it won't be a shock to the people. Mahathir Had challenge Tunku Abdul Rahman calling him Siam when he was called a Pakistani. His followers were taught to insult Pak Lah. Now Hisham defied Najib. Have they not seem that Najib's words may have contain some wisdom in it ?

Hooliganism is not patriotism. It is a piece of shit. The thugs that you use may one day shit back on you. I doubt whether a well known American university taught only a single Malaysian to behave like a thug.

BN should not be afraid of defeat in the next GE. It may very well be on it's side with a proper behavior. The advice of our King is very proper and very wise. We don't create enemy with our own rakyat. You don't challenge them to a fight just because you have the arms.

I cannot forget when someone said to me,"If you fight your tukang kebun, you are a damn fool. If they strike you with a parang you have all to lose." Kindness even to an aggressive person can suprise you with beautiful award. The welfare of the rakyat has to come first not the greedy corporate bodies. These people paid RM300,000 for a big piece of land and sold a small house for a million or two. Ask Khir Toyo how he got so much money.

09/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Bad people who wants their way will do anything and when they do it you may find you are in a difficult situation. Parents would bring letters either from a Palace or a Menteri requesting or commanding you to accept his son into your institution. I have faced with such a situation several time and I don't have problem with it. If the kid is not qualified then I would immediately ignore such a request or a command. And I was willing to bear the sequences. If my boss were to insist that I obey order I would fight back and fought hard. The rules and regulations stand. If they want a person without qualification being accepted then they would have to change the rule.

If a person was qualified but was not competitive enough and he was at the bottom of the list, I would send the name to my head-quarters to decide informing them of the situation. I would choose to follow the queue.

Only later I heard Rais Yatim told the world that Malaysia went on the Rule of the law. He stressed it over and over again during the interview with the BBC. The government of Malaysia did not say it was merely Rais own personal view.

A bad person would seek the help of politician to make a special rule for the lazy and stupid people. That's when problems began. When we play around with the rules and regulations it means we don't go by the rule of law anymore. At least we must be ashamed and have some morality. In this case there is no such thing as win-win. There is only ONE right answer. If you want it you must follow the rest.

I would choose to avoid such a person and stay away from the whole community who support him. It just does not support my taste and against my principle.

But I do know that there are less competitive persons who gain entry into universities. So if he passed his exam by the same way, we would be having some freak people somewhere.

Any exception to the law stated by the law itself is also a law, like on 'immunity'. Even 'immunity' is confined to a certain category. To enact a law protecting a person being persecuted because he is a TUN would not be acceptable by the community. Or to say all UMNO members can always go out of their offices any time they want without permission would be too much for an exception. They are called ABUSE.

My favorite words is 'How can an Imam is scared of a political man and not afraid of God. He always tell us fear God not man.'

The worst of animal behavior is to punish a person who is doing his job well. At time we made a hero out of an evil and victimized a good and an honest man. Doesn't many happenings in Malaysia today are actually out of order, filthy and sinful ?

09/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Today we hear of freak money and freak certificates. You can buy a degree and you con all your way even to become a VIP. Faking is a good business; IC, driving license, international passport, credit card and certificates. You just go to the place and pay the right amount. Finally the whole country is full of fraud people. If you want to know a freak you have to be a smart person and knowledgeable in various disciplines. By shooting a few questions you can find out whether a person is a freak.

Freaks are good in conning people and usually get what they want. They don't have the ability and skill except their quick evil mind. They act well to impress the victims. People would usually fell prey. Freaking and conning is a profitable profession.

Always beware at a person who comes from nowhere and he impress you so well. You need to dig his history well. A straight trust in him and giving him vital and secretive job could be fatal. A person who have been with you since the beginning is sure better than this new one. One new friend sometimes can break old friendships with several contemporaries who grew up and fight together.

Some organizations just do not open membership to everyone. Some hobbies too are controlled. The reason is to ensure of good memberships and to avoid fraud.  They have an elaborate rituals for the new members to follow. You cease to be a member when a certain set criteria fail. And you will be observed constantly. 

Beside freak we have people with vested interest and willing to go whatever way to achieve the goal. He will not care about the consequences. He would be using excuses after excuses and reasons after reasons with fallacies the others may not see. We term these people Parasites. You have to be critical and analytical enough to recognize a parasite.

A parasite when destroying things would hide his hand and would blame all other people. He starts the problem. He blame the problem starter which point at other people.

I would rather avoid a society or community with full of freaks and parasites.

08/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I paid almost 4K to get Hello Abd...Rahman on the phone simulator. Somehow I am sure I can have it on my iPhone 4. At least it kills my curiosity for a while knowing how people write an iphone program. Mine was a starting point, a step ahead. I have thousand tiring miles to creep. The question is 'Is it worth ?'

Similarly when people started to make vehicles to go to the moon and outer space many asked the same question "Is it worth ?" Of course different people has different answers. Crazy people can do crazy thing. The current venture is like looking at the space. You will be asking where is the end ? The quest for knowledge can never end because of it's colossal-ness. The xCode is merely an outer shell. It's nothing yet. Huge programs have been written and developed for us. We got to learn how to use and where to fetch them.

I am no more a young man. I always say this because I did not seize the opportunity to learn when I was young. While people are shouting and protesting and the politicians are getting sicker and sicker the wonder of technology still continue. It would be so much better for all to seek knowledge rather than shooting and bombing innocent people and children.

4K is a lot of money but it also has a medication effect. It satisfies your need and kills your curiosity. It is so much better than spending on women and wine.

Apple does not make things easy for us. XCodes version 4 is not free anymore. And even after you developed an iPhone application you can't run the test on your own phone or transfer it to your own. To test on your own phone you have to pay. You have to find another alternative and more complicated for non-computer wiz like many of us, too many steps and terms you may never know.

One other alternative is to use Java to write the application and learn how to interface and import. Then we have to understand the compilation method and convert to the native iPhone language. I have no choice but to start with Java again and understand each term and structure. What does it implies ? It means you can't stop learning. Some video tutorials are good but the file is too big. I can't download at home because of the slow wifi speed. Like a crazy people I have to bring my Macbook to the place where I can access a high speed Wifi.

But that's what I will have to do.

07/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


122 year old Malaysians

Someone showed me a list of names of people who were 122 years old in the EC's system. What did the Election Commission do with these names ? I can't figure out the mathematics of longevity of the Malaysians, and I can't figure out how these names are there. Some guys must be smart enough to hack into the EC's computer system. I remember a Malay student in Indiana university who would be lecturing if the professor was on leave. If some smart guys like these do not support the government, that mean there must be something wrong somewhere.

The joke was the whole list I saw were of 122 years old. Unbelievable. Either the list is a fraud or it is one of the dirty tricks of the EC. And every time there were elections you will find thousand of out-of-state busses everywhere ? Yes, this one I can figure out. That's the reason why the use of the undeletable ink was dropped during the last GE. The government's excuse for rejecting the ink had been a great insult to the people. It did not show the stupidity of those officers but the unwillingness of UMNO to lose any general election. They even can run amok and shoot everybody around if the opposition were to win. Could these fraud voters have two IC's to vote at two place ?

For BERSIH to be a communist, it simply does not make sense. There is nothing to gain. But for UMNO to be a Communist there is a UMNO to gain. The opposition parties will automatically be squashed. Only UMNO exist to do whatever it wants and when it wants. The Prime Minister can continue to rule until he is tired to do so. The could always learn from North Korea. Dictator and tyranny has always been associated with Communism. In a Communist state a leader can be in office almost his whole life.

In a true democratic country government always change; be it Australia, Great Britain or the United States. If that is what the people desire most therefore it is unthinkable if we say the people prefer communism. 'We will defend Putrajaya at any cost'. What does it show ? What does it main by at any cost ? The extreme of it is 'declare the opposition and those citizens who vote for opposition as traitors' and shoot them. The act to equate the oppositions as Communist and therefore they could be persecuted is halted by the fact that we need a lot of help from China and need Vietnam to sell our products. Hence Hishamudin had to modify his statement 'Communist without BERSIH'. From the day Communism was born till now there is no BERSIH in Communism.

If you record down the preaching of hatred you will find 99.99% of them comes from UMNO. You hear it almost everyday on TV. And Ibrahim Ali had the worst mouth that called the Malays to Jihad against the Christian and the Kafir. If you are telling me not to call the Sosilawati's murder a beast, how could I agree with you. If someone plundered millions from government's coffer we have to hate him and ask the others not to vote for him, and put him in jail. Could it be seditious ? Ibrahim Ali should long be charged under seditious act.

I talked to several Malays and asked them whether they think UMNO will fall in the next GE ? Almost all replied 'NO'. But everyone was surprise at the schizophrenic behavior of the party leaders. Whatever has gone into their mind ? What do they really see that made them so panicky ?

A person accused as a thief will never feel sacred if the police wants to search his house. Those who hide what they stole and with minds full of guilt would resist attempt for the search. It is really ugly to put the 122 year old people for someone to vote for them, giving temporary IC to Bangladeshis or citizenships to the Filipinos and the Indonesians to gain a seat in parliament.

Be gentlemen. If you want to win choose a wealthy, educated, honest, pious, sincerely and hardworking candidate. The problem with UMNO is the party chose the wrong candidate. The Malays can't afford any stupid candidate to represent them. A question 'What's going to happen to the Malays now ?' is a serious question. Such question occurred because of the negligence of the UMNO members and their leaders. They did not plan for the future because they were too busy thinking of projects which they called development to get quick and easy money by the billions.

It is nothing illegal or Communist or Christian to call for the EC to be fair. "We are fair" is not enough. "We are fair. That's the reason why BN lost 5 states." That's not enough too. We want to see no out-of-state busses, fake names and temporary IC squashed. Undi post-scam be done with.

If the EC is playing honest and good, it does not mean UMNO is going to lose.

If UMNO choose to wage war with the population that could spell the end of UMNO and BN. God gives us eyes to see, then use them to see around us and everywhere, not to sit comfortably in the air-condition room in Gua Musang and began to shout at people and declaring war on everybody. God gives us heart to love not to hate; with the good hearts we can always appeal for support and promise to repent. God gives us mind to think clean and to think how to serve our nation, not to think of millions here and billions there. God gives mouse to eat good food and to say 'sorry' whenever we can, not to call for war.

If our lives are fulfilling we can live until 122 years old.

07/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




UMNO has been going round to threaten the Malays to vote for Barisan Nasional because the party has done so much good to uplift the life of the Malays and the rakyat, providing them with development and wealth. And Mahathir had been echoing this for a long time and now his son is echoing his voice by demanding the Malays to repay the kindness of UMNO by voting the party.

So UMNO called the rakyat to thank the government. Does this make sense ? What I have been thinking all along is that it is the government of BN who should thank the rakyat. Firstly it was the rakyat who put them there. Secondly it was the rakyat who pay for their living, pay for their clothing, feed their children, and gave them chances to enjoy the luxury of life. The way UMNO shows the Kenang Budi is by arresting them, by robbing their land and cheating and lying to them.

UMNO does not put itself up there. It is the rakyat. They should be thankful and return their kindness by not cheating, bluffing and reject corruption.

If Mukhriz care to invite me for a discussion I am glad to point out to him how and in what manner his father had destroyed the Malays.




What right has United States to preach human right and liberty to the world ? Since the last few decades and the birth of NWO the civil right of the Americans was taken away with a series  of Presidential Executive Orders. Several states have outlawed the trade unions. Americans are not allowed to go to street protest to show support for the Palestinians or to question on the tragedy of the 911. If you study what were the type of executive orders were sign you would see democracy and civil liberty are at the tips of the tongue.

Hence the United States has lose the right to command the world to practise civil right and liberty to the people. The only thing left is to exercise the double standard by flexing it's muscle. In cases where there is a want to conquer the foreign land it would raise up the issue of freedom and human right like 'Libya kills it's own people' or 'those poor people are suppressed by the tyrant government'. This policy is pursued when the country would bring pecuniary benefit to Washington.

Because America cease to be the father of civil liberty the suppressed world population has nobody to appeal for help. The Malaysian government can always asks Washington to take care of it's own back yard in case Obama is advising Najib to be soft on the Malaysians who support BERSIH. Washington comes to believe that democracy and liberty could threaten the security of the nation. The freedom that does not threaten the national security is 'same sex marriage', the law of which has just been passed in New York.

A street protest can only brought the government down with foreign consent namely the United States. Each bullet killed a life would be taken as '....we must protect the people from being killed by their own government'.

Though the suppressed has no one to appeal for help, the world is observing on what is happening here. Mass killers are noted and would be persecuted at the appropriate time. Or the suppressed can wait until a new leader with a liberal mind comes to power and revive the principle of human liberty and human right. Till then Might Is Right.

Cracking on demonstrators to protect peace and tranquility could be accepted but to protect corruptions and crimes must be fought at any cost. The people may turn for help from the neighboring countries. Condemning Communism means cursing China and Hisham's comment looks like a five year old bluff trick 'Communism is only bad if Bersih is in there'. I can't help myself but laughing at the statement.

Once I commented about Communism while in a class and my lady American lecturer asked me 'What's wrong with Communism' .

In other words it implies that in the world there are communism with BERSIH and communism without BERSIH. Anyway the younger generations would not even know what Communism is because it is almost dead. And dead people will not rise again. Even Obama invited the Chinese leader to the United States and American companies open up factories in China. Hence my question to UMNO is what is the communism of Bersih all about ?

Malaysia is lucky just because America has denounced civil right and civil liberty and treated it's own people as what we are doing now; arrest after arrest.

Our election is this year. The Americans Presidential election will be the next year. It looks like the Americans will be learning a lot of things from Malaysia rather we from them. We believe democracy is harmful, now Washington too believes it is really harmful. I even saw articles discrediting Abraham Lincon. The corruptions in the UNited States are worst of all as the Fund raising tradition legally opens the window for acceptable corruptions. The most to donate will be given the favor. The American Jews are the smartest lot because they donate to both Democrats and Republicans.

Politicians treat the people just like pawns. Human life and freedom is of no value to them. Their personal interests always come first and it end there.

05/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I was working there were groups who were never happy with anything and would always complained. The great majority were so angry gave the jobs to them to be done. The ever worst thing to happen when a society dealing with business and money was given to these teachers, they hauled all the money. This is a very common happenings in the world today. Those with the big mouth with lesser education could ruin the whole nation and whenever they were in. That explains for the many chaotic events in many of the once successful business organization and a few even went bankrupt.

When Pak Lah was the Prime Minister both sides lambasted him; UMNO and DAP. Pak Lah was trying to be fair to all. He was considerate, kind, humane and a good man. I always categorize him as a good Prime Minister. But Mahathir did not like him and blamed him for the lost of the 5 states. In fact Mahathir wanted the mega projects he had planned for. Proofs later showed Pak Lah was not the factor but UMNO was. If you really know Mamak then you would understand their arrogance and 'ranggi'. He called the UMNO members to go against Pak Lah. I noticed even the dentist Khir Toyo was against Pak Lah.

Putting Pak Lah away brought financial gain to Mahathir. And now he began to criticize Najib for the reasons you can always guess. UMNO was hysteric at Pak Lah and bold enough to insult him. I even observed the behavior of his successors.

What is the opposition party is going to say now. In the near future they are going to bear the big pain till the next 20 years or so. They can compare the state of tyranny from the beginning to now and feel which is better. The current event looks stupid but that's how the people are. Putting in another words, you are the destroyers. You destroy the opportunity and a chance of liberalism under Pak Lah. You criticize him.

With so much crimes committed openly and unashamedly I don't think so UMNO will want to give up or give away the government to opposition even though the whole of Malaysia is won by the opposition. UMNO simply does not want to take any chance. No more gamble. That's why they go all out to squash the Bersih's rally. And Najib is active in East Malaysia. With East Malaysia UMNO can afford to lose the whole Federal seats in the Peninsular.

We have expected much liberalization during the reign of Pak Lah. One thing that the non-Malays should have seen in Pak Lah was he was a religious man. A learned religious man has morality, conscience and fair. Islam taught the Muslims to be fair and considerate to all other religious group.

The destroyer of freedom and liberalism comes both from UMNO and the opposition parties. We tend to lose our focus easily when our attentions are swayed. We become confused. We continue to choose the wrong leaders. We destroy ourselves. We choose that way. We choose to build a nation for the greedy. We can't recognize between the good and the bad.

We are all destroyers.

Now Najib has offered the rally to be held in a stadium. That is certainly fair. Even in the United States a few states only allow the protest rally to be held in a hall, smaller than the stadium. This happens in the 21st. Century America. The Truth Movement national protest at Washington DC on 25th December 2010 was crushed. That is in the land where liberty is exported to the whole world.

What is the most important is not the rally but the EC should pay attention to those grouses. EC must be fair and not to side the government. The government must win in the clean way to ensure of a Popular support. It has to be honest with the people and get the honest candidates for the election. Make sure the agencies which are supporting it do not insult people's intelligence. In short stop making the people hate it, and detest it. And even the Malays went to the extent of choosing the Chinese to govern them. For the last 5 years BN failed to investigate in detail and vigorously on why the Malays and other races hate it so much.

The graft busters must be independent and without any intervention anybody. Let it hauls the corrupt officials and the politicians. The judge must be seen to be fair and judiciary must not be manipulated. People are seeing 'Lebih Sudu Dari Bubur'. People are seeing even the corrupt police officer who broke all the departmental codes could go scott free.

Are those things difficult to do ? If the government is popular there is no need for the EC to be 'Lebih Sudu Dari Bubur'..

It is not a matter of who win or lose. And BN should never expect everybody to be satisfied and happy. Being a human being  a person can even throw curse on the Almighty God. They would curse everybody but themselves. The cultivation of hatred must be met intelligently.

If we chose to ignore all these then we will destroy the future of our generation.

04/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Tell me what is wrong ? Last night I decided to stop at one food shop. It is not a stall because it is big. It is not a restaurant because it does not look like one and there were no people. I ordered a plate of fried rice. "No oil please and make it hot." Fried rice without cooking oil might puzzle some people. In most hotels you don't see fried rice covered with oil as if no oil is used at all. Even some stalls provide you with oil-less 'nasi goreng'.

Secondly I ordered fresh orange but not so sweet. In this country before the blend orange juice is poured into the glass, some amount of liquid sugar is put in. When you say 'less sweet' the amount of sugar added will be less.

When the fried rice was served I was shocked to see the amount of oil covering the rice. It was too oily. I did not complaint but I was very angry at heart. Nevertheless I took it bit by bit thinking that I will not come to this shop again. About 5 minutes later the drink came. The boy put it on my table and went away. I saw no ice cube in it and the glass was a small one just like a coffee cup. When I held the glass to return for the ice cube, I felt it was hot. I told the boy that the drink was to be cold and not hot.

About 5 minutes later he brought the glass back, still without an ice cube and still hot. I took back to the boy telling him about the missing ice cubes. This time the glass never came back. I was about to finish my oily food when the owner came and I told him about the hot fresh orange. He went away and did not come back. I went to make my payment. At that time I saw the owner sent the fresh orange to my able. I just walked out.

My many experiences with stalls and restaurants were about the chicken stuffs. I would always made my order of fried rice without chicken. I even repeat it. Afterwards they were served with chickens. Whether I took the food or not they would still charge me.

Those were all from the Malay food shops.

I don't know whether you have ever taste any hot fresh orange. If you do, it means those Malay businessmen are not fools and stupid but I am.

Just imagine if these people somehow gain a place in politics and later become a member of parliament or even a Minister. They will surely do things in their stupid ways. Being a shop keeper the customer can pass a bad remark. But being a politician or a Minister a remark might end us up in jail.

We never realized how far and to what extent our stupidity can land us. Business will close down. Politicians will be insulted and cursed and eventually begin to lose respect.

Can we find a hot fresh orange anywhere else ?

04/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The space is too small for me to analyze the total history which lead to today's turmoil in term of schizophrenic fear among the UMNO members. Though the coming protest will not end as what had happened in Libya and Egypt, the government's fear mounted driven by the feeling of guilt. If somehow, which will never happen, the government falls, the guilty ones will have to suffer worse than a common criminals.

The government claimed that it has always been fair in all the elections. Otherwise the opposition parties would not be able to win even a single state. There are so much fallacies and follies which everybody should be able to see why they lost some states despite of all the cheatings done. Even UMNO members were puzzled why they lost the seats they were so sure to win counting the illegal voters they brought in. And when almost all the people voted for Pakatan Rakyat the limit to cheat had met the wall.

Today the distribution of voters are wide. This is the topic I am not going to touch here. Any problem faced by election commissions to favor UMNO and BN was actually of the making of Mahathir and UMNO. Yet Mahathir still talked too much now. Simply because he forgot what he had done or did not realize his mistakes. Looking back from the first PM till Mahathir, the worst was during his era.

How to expect an election commission to be fair when the body was told that it is the government who provide them with bread and butter. So they have to crack their heads off to make sure BN wins by various means. Postal votes would be very interesting. Giving temporary ID cards to Bangladesh or citizenships to the Indonesians is common. And the breaking up of voting areas. If one TV channel is given to the opposition party the advertising agencies would rush to the opposition TV station.

My mind simply stopped me from writing the few major errors of Mahathir. He would deny them vehemently. Whatever actions he takes now, it is too late. But things will never end here, not in 2011 or 2012. No matter what year 2037 will extremely be difficult for racial politics. If we were successful in building up Malaysian unity in the last 50 years things would not be as bad as now.

The worst began when business man became the core of UMNO members. It was Mahathir who put the morality of money first rather than nationalism and human welfare. It was the rush for money that UMNO and it's guardian became greedy. Everyone rushed for projects, mega projects, million here and there, robbing banks blatantly with Mahathir's instructions. If there had been focus on human welfare regardless of races, UMNO would have been well respected. But it turned out the MCA and the MIC chiefs that gain. A wealthy Indian never help the Indians, the wealthy Chinese never help the poor Chinese and the wealthy Malays keep enjoying more projects.

Time and effort went somewhere else. MONEY.

If Ibrahim Ali had move around the country, visit all the kampongs and cities and opened his eyes and minds he will realize that all along these years he lived under the coconut shell.

There was a rally in Penang just yesterday. The crowd was big. The government did not go down. The Malaysians' mind have not reached the point of maximum dissatisfaction. We are better off than the Middle Eastern countries. We live in luxury. We have money to spend around. We still have food to buy when we need them.

It will be good if the government consider to play fair. The people who have been supporting BN will continue to do so. If the people choose the alternative government, it is their choices. This is our country. We all live and die here. If the people choose UMNO and BN it is their prerogative.

If there is any fear, it is not the making of others. It was the making of UMNO.

Believe me when I say Mahathir wants to put Mukhriz up there.  After pushing Pak Lah, I am certain he has in mind to push someone else so that Mukhriz can go up faster.

02/07/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




From the day I decided to buy the MacBook I already planned to use the new note-book to facetime with my iPhone. Only this morning I explore and put both of them to work. Both need the Wifi to work. The iPhone will call the MacBook by the email address. So in the facetime setup on the computer the email address is put under Home. It needs only two parameters; name or any ID and the email address placed under home. And in the contact list it is the phone number that is important and the ID of the person.

The iPhone calls the Macbook using the email address and the Macbook calls the iphone using the phone number. I put the phone number as 012XXXXXXX without any 6 or - ( not 6012....)

The next problem is to get the database of friends who own either iphone4 or a MacBook. Of course the other easy and simple alternative is to use Skype or Yahoo Messenger video call. That would be the cheapest.

While I was at a Restaurant just now a passer-by commented of the clarity and the sharpness of the video I was watching while downloading a few YouTube movies. I notice the facetime picture on the Mac was sharp.

The fun is unending. You find money, not to keep and save them until you die. While you are still breathing you live a miserable life and accumulate wealth, hide the money in the attic and under ground. You eat the 50 cent nasi lemak with a half boiled egg to cut expenditure. You choose to buy a second hand Kancil car. You don't want to hear the words iPhone and iPad and MacBook.

The next step was an attempt to make my iPhone able to monitor my Macbook and control it from there. The system is called VNC ( Virtual Network Computer). You need to look for software to do it. There are several of them. After a setting my Mac screen was seen on my mobile phone and I controlled it using the phone. At the same time I call my Macbook on facetime. They both work fine concurrently.

I really enjoy it.

29/06/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


RealBasic on the Fly

I spent about 30 minutes today to explore RealBasic using the sample codes. I think it is better than the PureBasic. RealBasic is the OOB similar to Visual Basic 6 with a more advance features. I did not find it simple because I am more used to VB especially in creating a Browser. I told myself not to be in a hurry but to go each step of learning slowly. I have only 26 more days before the trial version expires. Mine is version 2. The current version is already the fifth.

As I have said before an old and jobless man finds it hard to get fulfillment in enjoying the technology. I would find it easier to purchase the anti-Virus software in the local shop rather from  the internet. It is a matter of cash versus credit card. Jobless people are not able to get a credit card. Using a pirated copy is of course immoral and disgusting. But people would refer back to the 'buy, beg, borrow or steal' motto. Otherwise my RealBasic adventure will end here.

Any application developed can be used on Windows or Linux beside the Mac. That's the beauty of it. It's portability simplified our lives. I would be using the CD to have it run  the software on MacBook and my Acer which is using Windows.

RealBasic looks like VB. I can pull the control onto the form. There are buttons, image box, list box, socket for internet and many more. A beautiful form could be created within a short time without codes. Codes are for actions and events and the command syntax is similar to VB and similar to other high level languages. The databases could be either MySql or Access using AdoDB to bind the records and file.

For younger people of say below 50 they will take a very short time to master. I will have to crawl like a tortoise. But I already decided to cast the PureBasic. My concentration will be limited to RealBasic and later to X-Code.

In the meantime I keep myself busy with YouTube files.

29/06/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I wasn't born in the year of a cat but I was as curious as the cat. Since Apple says it allows it's MacBook to provide a site or a special camp for Windows, I wanted to try it. Macbook user friendly facility allows an easy interface to allocate size and partitioning process. I followed step by step till the Windows installation. I brought my MacBook to a computer shop and paid for the installation.

The shop told me that they did not know how to toggle the operating systems. Every time they boot they could not boot to Mac OS. That would give me chance to explore. When I came home it took me quite some time trying to figure out. But I was not not successful. I decide to seek my Guru, the Internet. One guy even pointed out at the different version of Mac OS. Finally I found the right answer.

Press and hold down the Option button. I just did that. And the two operating systems appear. I just choose the one I need. QED. My teacher usually remarked QED after correcting our mathematical exercises. It merely means Quite Easily Done. What will I do with the Windows ? Nothing, just try to explore and experiment with some crazy soft wares which are used to create applications.

Last night I spent my time downloading You Tube files. Using Safari is easy to download. We don't have to use the third party utility. A few songs from Siti Nurhaliza and Sharifah Aini were downloaded. This morning I enjoyed listening to the downloaded videos thru the cheap external speakers. I think the HIFI is good enough for my small room. I have the whole range of Besame Muchos by different famous singers. They sound beautiful on my iPhone and gorgeous on my MacBook.

I have had a bad experience with Windows 7. It cannot run with several of my Visual Basic programs. Yet I installed it on my Mac. I can spend more time trying to run the old programs on this flat form.

Mac stuffs are expensive. A MacBook mouse costs RM250. The normal mouse is only about RM10. I don't know the price of the Real Basic yet. At the end of the trial period the company will e-mail me for the license. I won't be avle to pay them with the credit card because I have none. I am willing to pay USD100 and no more, just to experiment with it. It is claimed that Real Basic application can be used across all flat forms. Certainly that's a great  news.

All those activities aim at fulfilling my curiosity. And also to fill my time when I go away from Ham Radio. Today in Ham Radio we have too many smart and great personalities, Mr Knows All. Soon it will be made as a hobby controlled by a political party. As for computer only one type is a political computer, the 1Malaysia netbook.

So far there is no UMNOBasic compiler yet. Don't be surprise if it really comes into the market one of these days; UMNO-OS, BersihVirus, UMNO-Word, PAS-Worm, UMNO-Defender, DAP-EXE-Attacker.

28/06/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof