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I think Najib has to ditch out a few hundred millions in a covered way to breakup PKR. This is his lifeline to escape court indictment after he found it is hard for him to escape the SRC criminal case. If PH is aware of this design then they would resolve this in the most amicable and intelligent ways. PKR need to tell the members that the party must not be splitted under any account. Anwar Ibrahim will be the next Prime Minister no matter what, good or bad. Azmin Ali should understand that greed will ruin the PH government.

It looks like the young members are not well educated and myopic in outlook. Many are still hoping for the gravy train and sustenance from the party, not on their vocations and professions.

I don't think my prediction is wrong. But that's the way I see displayed in my mind, after having studied Najib in all his dealings with foreign powers and consultants. He thinks it is easier for him to escape jail in Malaysia than in the United States.

I do not support Anwar but it is the best of the three devils; Azmin and Najib. We have to stand firm and united to get Naib into jail.

If you learn the technique of CIA in killing Russia's Soviet Union, you will know how heavily they financed the Communist propaganda's newspaper Pravda. I know the free Najib is still using the Jewish consulktant and all payments are paid through his family members who are lurking outside this country. My strong suspicion is his own  daughter by his second wife Rosmah the janda.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The first time I visited the Disneyland California was in the late 1970s when I went to visit my two friends, the Malaysian students at UCLA. I did not go to the toilet yet, probably it was in a hot summer day. It was in 1982 as I was on a transit to Athens Ohio, I went to the theme park again. It was around March, still cold and windy.

Though cold there were crowds and for every ride people had to queue up in a long line. I was queuing up for the Matterhorn ride when I felt like going to a toilet. I asked an Indian man behind me it's location. He pointed out to me the direction.

Following the path I could not find any toilet. The place was like a garden, with plants and flowers. I saw the word RESTROOM. Surely I thought it was a room to rest. I went back to the Indian man and told him that I could not find any toilet. "Do you see the word Restroom somewhere ? "He asked me. "Yes," I said. "That is the toilet. Go in further," he smiled.

Indeed it was the right place as I followed his instruction by going ahead on. The toilet was so clean and the fragrant odour was comfortable. I was such a dork, like a caveman dropped in a city. It was an amazing experience and left a deep impact in my mind.

I was glad I could bring back the concept to my work place and applied it. Some time later I found toilet's cleanliness in supermarkets and other public places in Thailand. Then spreading to Malaysian Highway rest area. The last I found was at Shell petrol station along Jalan Sultanah Alor Setar. At all these places there isn't any pungent smell. And clean too.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The economic welfare of our nation is not merely the function of the government. It is the function of all inhabitants and the non-human resources. The labour of the people and the wisdom of the government determined the state of the wealth of the nation.

However a treacherous leader of a nation alone could burn and ruin the economic progress of the country. This was what happen to Malaysia when we found from the court proceedings how Najib manipulated the public funds and the national coffer for his own and his party interests.

The most evil of Najib Razak was his giving government guarantee to foreign loan made by the non-government bodies, denied his doing but farmed the fund from the citizens to pay the interest. Despite the huge debt he could still send people for free pilgrimage and distributed millions to his friends, lawyers and ministers.

When Anwar Ibrahin was put in jail, it was due to matters of his own personal affair. But Najib's sins were on tearing people apart, causing severe agony to the public economic well being. The people work to pay for the loan Najib had made through his various dubious scheme. This man is what the Chinese termed as 'man is not a man, ghost is not a ghost', indescribable character worst than a savage. So is his current second wife.

God knows his crime and God lets some others see what he is trying to hide, that he is hiding the ill-gotten money by billions without shame and guilt in Australian and New Zealand's banks under various names, that his lawyers are helping him to make stealing legal and corrupting people to free him.

We survive because we still work; the farmers and fishermen. But we are saddened by the great debt and the lost of our money. It will not take a week, a month or a year to erect back the broken pillar. We can only pray for the best.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Mila was my monthly Indonesian maid who had serve me very well and I paid her quite well too. She lived about 3 miles away among the Indonesians immigrants, staying together with several men whom she referred as her brother in-law. Her husband went back to Samudra to remove the kidney stone.

She had a good income and sent home a great deal each month to her family. In fact she was the breadwinner. Occasionally I paid for her trip home and provided her a few hundred ringgit as a supplement.

One day more than a year ago she called me saying that she was in Kuala Lumpur working in a massage parlour. It was her relative who brought her to her new work place. She introduced a new monthly maid to me, also her friend, living in the same area. And from time to time she would rang me up telling me that she was sick and informing me that her husband had a problem coming into the country. I suspected he had overstayed during his last visit here. But she promised to return to Kedah once her husband arrived in Kuala Lumpur. She said she would be coming back to Alor Setar to celebrate the Hari Raya.

Before the Raya day I called her. The automated reply said the number was not in service. I kept on calling till yesterday. But to no avail.

My suspicion her phone was confiscated by her relative and she is forced to be a prostitute. She simply goes missing.

I could not get any information about her bout this new maid as I do not take her anymore. She spoiled my cooking utensils, the stove without informing me. She also spoiled my weed pump. She had been lying to me on her personal status on various issues. I just don't like dishonest and sneaky person to work in my home.

I remember Mila had been telling me that her husband does not like her to work in Kuala Lumpur.

19/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Politicians are lack of knowledge, bountiful of them, because they are not wise. They overlook many things they do not think about. They never learn about international politics, the concept of power and propaganda, the internal and external espionage, the story of Watergate, the notion on False Flag, 911, Internal Sabotage and how they are carried out. And how Mafia plays the game to manipulate who to rule the country. Yes, they are very complex and complicated.

Azmin should have have known that he has enemies within and without. Even before there was Bersatu and Tun Mahathir came into the limelight, there were people who were not happy him and accusing Azmin of snatching the Chief Minister's post from Wan Azizah. Some said he is a snake, ambitious and crazy for power.

The recent video clip was surely an inside job. The clip could have been true if a trap was set up. That's how the operative proceeds to destroy. President Sukarno was in Russia and the Russian sent a woman to his room to have sex with him. They recorded the sex scene. Then they blackmailed him. Sukarno being a brave man told the Russian that he would not submit to the Communist demand and he would be more proud if his clips were to be released to the Indonesians. And what most Malaysians are not aware of is that even Tun Razak was blackmailed in the same manner.

If the clip is false, Azmin should know that he is not safe to be in politics for his enemy will show themselves up and confront him openly as they know Anwar Ibrahim will be the next Prime Minister soon. Anwar will not forget how Umi Hafilda, Azmin's sister who made a road show to narrate her story with Anwar. Azwan Ali has a bad character too. Many regard Azmin's family is from a bad pool, pungent and filthy.

It is not a matter whether the Economic Minister is right or wrong, it is better for him to step down and leave everything to God. He won't be worst of than 25 millions of the Malaysians. We the pariahs have been long sufferings and becoming the victims of all the politicians who are backed by sinister police force and the sneaky lawyers.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Nay, I won't lend any money to anybody anymore, even to a good friend. Reports gathered that whoever borrow from friends always run away and those who borrow from banks are reluctant to pay back until forfeiture took place. The desperate ones would seek loan sharks which after some time did not pay on the due dates. But Ah Long in Malaysia has it's own way of frightening the borrowers. They begin by splashing paints on the properties, and even made the borrower feel that the siblings would be kidnapped.

One of the borrowers who is lurking around is a school headmaster. His modus operandi was calling the victims and telling them that they must keep the secret and not to divulge them. In a school he would borrow from many of the staffs and the canteen operators by the thousands. He never paid back. Some reported to the State Education Department but to  o avail. The director said that there was no proof for the department to act.

Many of my friends narrated their own stories about lending. In several cases the borrowers verbally attacked them by hurling curses on the Face Book. In amateur radio similar stories went around. It did not happen in the old good days when there were controls on the licensing conditions. A ham with the call sign 9M2JL ran away with RM500. He is a class A contractor.

I also lend RM3K to a businessman. It has been for 2 years. There is no news about the payment.

Kindness has a limit. Buy food for a hungry person but not to give them money.

Now that I am retired I have less money to spend. A student pleading for a RM650 loan to start a business of selling hamburger. She lives about 100 km away. I told her that I would rather give her rather than lending. I banked in the amount and she never even thank me nor acknowledge receipt. I did not get any poorer but her attitude saddened me.

That's the kind of people we have around us. There are uncountable hypocrites lurking around. I met a greedy tour member on the Taiwan trip but she is depicting her angel behaviour on the Whatsapp group.

In my previous articles I wrote about somebody was trying to elicit a loan between RM50K to RM300K. Lucky I do not have such a big money. Imagine that RM300K will take my lifelong span to accumulate. And imagine if I were to depart with it for giving a loan.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib announced in parliament that Jho Lo has nothing to do in 1Mdb. The Public Prosecutor must not forget this. If by any mean the ex-Prime Minister is trying to blame the young Chinese man on the fiasco of 1Mdb, the court should know Najib is a man who no one can trust and has been cunning enough to hoodwink the world. His effort to deceive the American Presidents nonetheless failed several times.

Najib had been denying that he knew Jho Lo until proven by the picture captured on the yacht. The DOJ says they are working hand in hand. Lo did the joib for Najib. And Najib did not allow 1mdb and Jho Lo to be discussed in parliament. Apandi confirmed that there was nothing wrong in the management of 1 Mdb. Najib as a chairman ran things perfectly well. UMNO warlords and supporters claimed 1 Mdb was so profitable that the opposition parties were jealous with the success.

Before the new government Najib had been protecting his man well, the source of his cash. Did Najib was trying to purchase some land in Southern Thailand where Jho Lo was also purchasing a property with the help of his Thai friend ?

It was through Jho Lo that Najib was planning to hoodwink the world using the Arab friends. At this moment we have to accept the DOJ report is true and they are trying to get back more money stolen by Jho Lo from 1Mdb. The Singapore government had taken action and Abu Dhabi had sentenced two of Najib's friends for 15 years.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


How is it a school boy who kicked his teacher and showing a samseng behaviour finally ended up being a member of parliament with an unchanged demeanour ? This depicts the type of voters we have in our country. We do not see one, two or three of such kind of political people but a few hundreds of them. They are still showing their savage like habits without any shame. One boasted "I am voted by the people".

Some have the guts to boast their professional and academic qualifications when they can't even finished a college degree. I wonder whether they wrote their own auto biography on themselves portraying their greatness.

The Malays were known to worship Al-Shaari the Arqam leader. They worshipped the Sky Kingdom man. Then they were called to worship Najib Razak as a divine man who is equal to Prophet Mohammad.

What has become of the voters who choose hooligans to lead the nation ? Is NOT KNOWING acceptable as an excuse ? Take a group of people living in a distant land and religion has not reach them. The Muslims say they will be in hell because they are infidels. They too do not know about any revealed religion. What say you ? And in our common law, not knowing the law is not an excuse.

The day will come when people will know who the samseng who kicked his teacher and even failed to go for higher education.

17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I discovered the cats that frequent my home for food are not actually stray cats. They all have homes. Even cats from my next door neighbour love to have the cat food which I catered.

With the Giant Supermarket closed I have to spend an extra 50% more for the cat food. At Giant I bought at RM16.00 per packet. At other places the price is RM31. Four to five packets would be enough for a month. Whenever I want to leave my home for a few days I would lay down a packet on the floor. They seem to know that I was away and would return after I returned from my trips.

I noticed even birds too would be looking for the extra cat food that were left by those cats. It made me happy for I could serve them as well. The sustenance of those animals comes from God. I do not starve by sharing a small portion of my pittance with them.

The affair and welfare of these animals are left to God to take care. I am sure some other people will supply them with food when I pass away.

A boy working as a parking attendance had been using part of his salaries to feed the stray cats where he works. His good deeds were observed. With the prayer of those cats he was surprise with a gift of a motorbike by some VIP.

During the last Hari Raya only a few boys visited my house for the Raya money. About 5 years ago there were hundreds of them. The reduced number saddened me. It made the Raya very gloomy. We would like to see groups of kids and happily gave away with a new paper cash. The Raya scenario glittered.

Similarly with the coming of the cats, stray or not, it made me feel that the animals still want and accept me as one of their friends and someone they could rely on. It adds spice and pepper to my life. I am still useful at least to the animals.

17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


SAHC, Sultan Abdul Hamid College, was the secondary school I went to. The 1961-1965 badge had been making the annual reunion since more than 30 years ago. But never once I attended. I was not a bright student then and the rest were from the elite classes and were holding glamorous vocations like medical doctors, lawyers, university lecturer and high government post. I would not be able to fit myself with the honourable and respectable people. That made me shy away from the meetings.

If I were to meet any I would not be able to remember them for I am sure many will change. It was only last night someone accosted me, introducing himself as Yusoff, one of the 1961-1965 badge students. he could recognize me but not me for he looked older and my memory is rapidly fading. Yusoff reminded me about the reunion. He broke a news that one of of members had just passed away, Dr Yin Tin Pee. I could remember Tin Pee from form 5A, a fair, tall and bright student. He was very friendly to all.

Yusoff pleaded that I should attend the meeting on 26th June 2019. He said it may be the last meeting for any of us. Tin Pee did not know he could not make to the meeting though he has agreed to present himself.

How would I carry and adjust myself being with people of higher echelon ? Tengku Kamaruzzaman is one of them, at whose house the group is will meet. He was one of the most humble Royal family that I ever met in school. He was tall and lean. I don't know how he looks like now.

I have been keeping myself aloof for a very long time now. I didn't even know many of my relatives have passed away. I don't know the world. The modern gadgets are my windows of the world. Communications are through Facebook and Whatsapp. Probably being old is one of the reasons why I prefer a solitary life.

I have not given my answer whether I would attend the gathering. I feel so small and lowly.


17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The court in Abu Dhabi has already sentenced the individuals in the 1Mdb case for 15 years, much faster than the court in Malaysia dealing with Najib and Rosmah. Our lawyers played a lot of twisted games and our court entertained them. Even in USA the 1Mdb offender is still under house arrest.

I am not talking only of the current courts but also the courts in the past. Comparatively we ought to be ashamed. No wonder our national coffer was easily plundered, our jet engine stolen and the murderers went off scot-free. Even the police stations where evidence were stored were burned.

Though I no no law, I laughed at the rule that the defence team can see all the documents to be used by the prosecutors in court but the witness are not given the list of questions before hand. Our stipulated laws are absurdly a jest rather than fairness.

Malaysians should have some moral values and shame. Najib Razak had no shame whatsoever even 1Mdb lost billions under his chairmanship and scrutiny. Despite of him being ridiculed by USA on his visit to help America to revive American economy, he boasted and bragged on his return to the country. And the shameless UMNO supporters called him a hero.

In fact the whole country has gone haywires. They even laugh at the idea of flying cars.

There are too many absurdities beyond imagination. It is hard to pick between black and white. We know who killed TBH, Najadi and Kevin Morais, and we know manipulations were made. And amazingly the law could be cheated by display of fallacies. The world will laugh to hear that stealing is not a crime until caught and the court says it is guilty.

Simply we don't have shame and morality.

16/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I just don't like both. Azmin does not come from a good family. We remember Aswan and the controversial Umi Hafilda. They seemed to be the most important people in the country. Whether Azmin is guilty or not in the current sex scandal, I would not like him to take any political post. Like Anwar supporters, Azmins has supporters of similar characters, which are not for the welfare of the people at large and the nation but for their own bellies.

Anwar too is not a grateful person. The genes follow his daughters having the same behaviours. He is a man who is hard to please. One of his mothers was a Wanita UMNO strong woman. The other was his step mother for his UMNO's father had married two wives.

In fact the better man would be Khalid Ibrahim, the first man to take charge of PNB. It is a pity that Malaysians politics always kill and destroy the good men like Aziz who brought profit to Malaysian Airline. They put in their own people. Whether ther are UMNO, PAS or Harapan, they are all useless people. As they declared their properties we heard millions in their possession. Ask us to declare we hardly show a thousand ringgit.

Whether DAP is a threat to the Malays, it is at the moment seems to be the best to the Malays. PAS condones crimes and theft and now making lying Syariah's compliance. UMNO is the most corrupt. Keadilan is just like UMNO and an very immature and short sighted. DAP still stands against corruptions.

Anwar Ibrahim can talk but will not meet the desire of the people. He will lick the Royal boots and kiss their hands. He cannot handle to corrupt Najib and his gangs. The moment he becomes a PM, Najib will escape the jail sentence.

16/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have read much about Huawei and Trump's challenged, the capitalist versus communist cell phones, that captured my interest to find out more about Huawei. I frequented the phone stalls several times, looking at the price of P30 and P20. They were not cheap, double the price of my current Oppo7. If Trump chose to ban this brand, it has to be something special.

There was a strong urge to buy and play around with it. But RM2 or RM3 K+ is not a toy to experiment with. I already have a good working OPP, a Samsung Note2, an iPhone4 and an iPhone6. The last was soaked in sea water in Maldives but could still be used to fly my drone after repair. iPhon4 is laid idle. The Samsung is brought about as a spare camera on the over sea trips.

I know that I should not entertain my lust and stay on with my possession. I should not waste any more money on the gadget that I hardly used even 5% of the applications.

Besides the phone I also have the desire to keep a backup drone aircraft beside my Autel Evo. I was thinking of procuring either Parrot Aanfi or Mavic Pro. What delayed my decision is the thought of the amount of money I had spent on my drones. I first purchased dJi Mavic Pro for RM5K. It dropped from the sky without reason and broke to pieces. I bought another one, imported from USA, about the same price. The total cost was about RM10K. It was a huge amount, almost half or a third the price of a good car. A Produa would be about RM20K+ and a Saga for RM35K. If I were to buy another drone, the total expenditure would be RM25K. It wouldn't be wise even if I have a few million dollars.

Fortunately enough my earnest in flying drone has subsides. The anxiety cools down. And I could proclaimed that I have won the battle within myself, overcoming my urge and lust. 

15/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Immediately what came into my mind was that the natives were murdered by poisoned indirectly or directly by the Kelantan's government. The indigenous small population were regarded the impediment to the Kelantan's state government who is more interested in making money for the state coffer. The Chief Minister had repeatedly said the land belongs to the state not the Orang Asli.

I know that the Islamic Party will never accept the responsibility of the death. PAS rides religion for the worldly gain of money. They are becoming liars and spinners wearing the hoods of Islam to gather the support of the bigots.

How could they hide from their philosophy of violence and murder ? At the last Friday Prayer the sermons talked of those Islam who criticize the religion must be murdered to death, identical to Hadi Awang's call to eliminate the infidels using verses of the Holly Quaran.

Even if the contractors poisoned the natives, PAS has to take the responsibility and accountability. It is easy to use the words 'mysterious death' which were not actually a mystery. UMNO and the Malays cannot accept the death of Adib Adam, the fireman, and blamed Tony Thomas and accusing the Indians for his death. The situation of Orang Asli is of no co-incidence.

It is the greedy Chief Minister of Kelantan who has to answer. Nobody else. 

15/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof