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I thought my flight to KLIA is at 3 pm. When I rechecked the boarding pass it is printed as 17:15. I had an ample time to go for my lunch and rechecked every setting one by one. I unplugged the washing machine, the supply to my radio shack, and packing the phone accessories. And I have about 30 minutes more to linger, typing the current nonsense. Just to past time.

As I walk out of my house afterwards it signals the beginning of my trip to Kazakhastan and Uzbekistan. The flight from KLIA by Astana Air will be at 10.00 am tomorrow morning. In KLIA  I will be putting up at Barry Inn,a budget hotel of less then RM90. It is just fine for a night transit. The hotel shuttle will pick me up at KLIA2 but the next morning will be sending me to KLIA. Hotel transportation is all inclusive in the hotel charge.

My luggage weighed less than 20Kg. I had taken to the airport to ensure that it won't be more than allowed. And I have one small backpack given by the travel agency. Whatever I want to don tomorrow I must put in my backpack so that I will not have to open the luggage again. In my mind everything is set and I am ready to go.

My next trip probably will be to Lombok during the Raya Haji for a few days, followed by Bali excursion on the 22nd August. Wish me luck.


11/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It was about 24 years ago a girl scolded me for making a joke, "You old brut. Don't you realize that you are old and senile, white hair covering your head. Get ready to die." I was very shameful with the harsh confrontation. Now that I am 72 I am sure a slight mishap in a conversation would be met with a more hostile attack. So at the jogging track I decide not to greet or accost any girl anymore.

Thanks to the internet. I am able to express my feelings through my blog and the FB. I was trying to be cheeky by writing a little on a living partner and a spouse, their necessities as a companion as well as for accidence and illness. I threw the articles in the Facebook. They fell on the deaf ears until last week.

I posted a topic "Marrying A Poor Woman", "Needing A Spouse" and other topics related to money matters. First a student proposed me of a woman whose husband has just died. Then later a few other students were recommending of their aunties. There was a girl who sent me a message asking for my age and my kids. Were all those dropped instantly by accident ?

But what surprised me most was I was accosted by a young girl at the jogging track. She asked me many questions trying to be very intimate.

If they were not a coincidence then it could have been a special mysterious season.

I think I want to close the topic on marriage and searching for a spouse. I think I have found one who is willing to accept me despite of my age and weaknesses. If God willing, I will be getting married by the end of the year, before I die of course. She is 58 and I am 72. Till now I have not met her in person. Is it not an irony ?

This is about faith and it's philosophy, about the work of a miracle. And I think about the Barakah.

But the future is unknown. The hope and expectation may turn out to be a perpetual dream.

10/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Tomorrow will be my last day before I proceed for a week vacation in Kazakhastan and Uzbekistan. I need to make sure I will not miss anything that may be important to me; medicines and supplements, universal wall plug, alarm clock and it's batteries. The final check will be on the 10th July 2019.

I have a trouser to be brought in the hot weather but there was hole in the pocket. It has to be mended. It was at about 10am only, after finishing my blog, I started my car. The seamstress saw it and worked it out under as sowing machine for less than a minute and handed it back to me. There was no charge for the service. "It is a small job," she said.

Actually I am one of the regular customers. Sometimes the job was free. At other time they charged me RM2 or RM5 for a major repair. Because of their kindness and friendliness I would bring them food at a long regular interval, but not with any hope of getting free repair jobs. I always insist on the payment.

It was almost at lunch time. I had not taken my breakfast. It will be a brunch for me. I went to Majeed restaurant and enjoyed the delicious Mamak curry with fish. 15 minutes later I started to drive home, taking the Jalan Stadium route hoping to see the Goreng Pisang stall. It is a stall where a few elderly women were trying to make a few pittance as a sustenance to their families. I know that they are poor. This is the only profession for them. It is unlike some teachers or office workers with a steady high income yet making extra money with the making and selling food goodies, not to let their expertise unused. I treated these two categories of traders differently. On the first group I would ask for 4 pr 5 pieces of goreng pisang and paid the two or three ringgit. For the second category I paid as the quoted price.

But the goreng pisang stall in front of the Thai Watt has not started their business yet.

Then I remembered a Proton Outlet at Jalan Gangsa. I wanted to see the SAGA as displayed in the internet document. I just have enough money to buy one on cash term. It states the price is RM35K. So I wanted to see how the car looked like. There were 5 types of SAGA with different prices., differ in the accessories, with or without by a few thousands. The salesman said for every car here was a discount of RM2K, cash payment will be given RM100 of further deduction. I used to buy SAGA before, given another RM500 rebate. I was told that Chinese salesman deducted his own commission and gave it to the customer. "Give me RM500 discount for paying cash," I said to the Malay salesman. He shook his head left and right. And I walked away.

Wow I have RM35K with me. I have another half day to think what to do with the money.

09/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Only God knows what's coming, the future of the universe, and the future of mankind. But I have a strong faith, deeply profound in my heart, that even a mere prayer would be blessed without a great effort.

With women around everywhere my heart is close and if there is anyone that I like would ignore me. I know that the feeling and the happenings were due to the will of the Creator.

In my whole life I have never dream to meet and know a beautiful angel from heaven, who could sooth me with sensuous and refine words. I do not believe my eyes to see her in her picture, so beautiful at the age of 58, prettier than a movie star. You too will be wondering how lucky I am and would be enchanted by her look.

I have not meet her personally. I would not be able to predict my emotion and sentiment when I see the real person live. But beauty is not the person I am looking for. It has been in me that I need a companion who is simple and mediocre in her characteristic setting, a little witty and active. Her husband has just gone to meet God about 4 months ago after 7 years of agony in ailment, Her two children are married and she is living alone like me.

She appeared before my eyes by a sudden unexpectation, not in my imagination nor my dream. God works in a mysterious way, giving the task to one of my students to bring her along when I awoke from my sleep.

As I have just said that only God know what will happen in the future. May be a promise is only a dream forever. The hope could be shattered to pieces. Comparatively I am far behind almost all of the people you see. People might have thought I am rich when I hardly save for my travelling trips. When my purse went dry, I strive to make myself afloat. I am also old tired and losing mobility, sight and hearing. I forget names, events and other things. The other day someone at the hospital asked me, "Who drive you here ?" He figured out I could not drive and manage myself as my age must have told him.

Even my grandchildren were surprise when I opened up a bottle cap which their mother couldn't. Young people always reminded me that and this, as they viewed me as a senile person.

Above all I feel and realize my deficiencies.

It is as good as impossible for me to have an angel expressing the hope of our 'jodoh', the destiny determined by God.

09/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is like a joke when an old man like me is thinking about a marriage. But I seriously do, as friends are encouraging me to look for someone as a friend and a companion especially when I live alone. It is not for the joy of sex and sex and sex.

"Find me one," was my usual response. They then asked me for the criteria of a woman to be my spouse.

 "Poor, a good Muslim, good cook and knows how to drive"

Almost everyone said that it was almost impossible. How could a poor woman ever learn to take a driving course. And it not easy to find a poor person, pious and good in cooking. On the contrary I think about it differently. If God wishes He will send me one.

Assume that I am blessed with a woman of my wish, I am thinking hard of the welfare at the time when she is as my wife and at time after my death. Surely I do not want my wife to starve and to beg when I am away. Yes, I saw at least two women suffering from the bad fate. The husbands left nothing to them at their demised.

I also do not know how much should I give her for her pocket money for her own expenditure. She has to buy things that she love to have, like cosmetics. Would RM1K be enough monthly ? If I am a wealthy man I would put RM1/2 millions in her account and give her RM5K on every forth night.

For home cooking RM1K is more than enough for two persons. Together with eating out I figure RM2.5K. I figure a monthly expenditure of RM4K is safe enough.

That will be the minimum price of a non-working wife. A poor person who had never hold a big cash before would be thankful to have a pocket money of that much. A working woman would not find it enough. Instead of getting happiness and peace in the marriage the result would be otherwise. It is more peaceful to be alone and live alone and die alone.

But then people will ask again; is marrying a poor woman giving you a solution ? Will staying alone a solution ? That is when You have to rely on God, faith and fate.

08/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof




Promise is a horrid word for me. The first you must not believe and trust is the pledge to pay back your loan. There will be tons of swearing, oath, promises and even the name of God will be dragged in. "I will be strike by a lighting if I were to break my promise." But men are behind hands. 99% won't honour the loan made.

People take oaths in courts to tell the truth. Almost 100% of them don't.

I handed a quite pricey gift to a friend to convey to bridegroom in Kuala Lumpur as he sasid he was going to the wedding. He promised to deliver it. But weeks later he told me he lost the gift. This same person had broken many promises made that had upset my plans and schedules. He always cancelled them. But he finally got immediate comeuppance as he suffered from stroke, and he is literally rejected by his own family members. The road of full recovery is quite murky.

Lovers made plenty of promises but found them hard to fulfil. But they are not as bad as the politicians. Politicians lie, deceive people, fabricated documents, steal money, riding religion, incite people and promised heaven to the people.

To me it is better to avoid promises. Don't promise. The great hope would be shattered and broken into small pieces beyond redemption. I would erase the persons who made promises from my mind and let them label me as cruel or by any debase name.

Generally, a promise remains as a dream.

07/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


 Most of the time my mind would be occupied with something when I am on the walking or driving mode. It is never idle nor empty. The most stupid I would do is counting from one to hundred repeatedly at my evening walk. Past memories sometimes rekindled, displaying vivid image of the old home and the bushy environment. I tend to look down while walking, ignoring the people and the surrounding. It is not a vanity in me, not a sombong attitude.

Vanity is usually born in people who thinks he is powerful. smart, and wealthy. He commands and giving orders, praises himself and belittling the rest. He boasts of his achievements and abilities. He thinks he is the greatest and having no respect towards people and institutions. He has no limit in creating sins to himself.

I do not possess anything special to be appreciated, nothing great to show to people, no ingenuity, power nor money to parade to the masses. I don't have a PHD or Tan Sri or Dato' Sri. So are many other people who are like me. How could we be sombong and to have vanity in ourselves.

However, all of us may have prides in ourselves, which we obtain from the good jobs we do each day, being breadwinners to the family and extending our services to the society. We earn our pride in a wise way instead of thumping our chests to blazon our prowess.

Vanity tends to make one to forget God. The boast is so high, elevating one to the sky, that creates an impression of one is as powerful as the Creator. It is very disgusting.

07/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is five days more before I leave my house to Kuala Lumpur for my trip to Kazakhastan. It is time for me to get the Air Asia boarding pass. That won't  be a hassle. Just be at the travel agent's office for 20 minutes to get the ticket done. What will be a little burden is to drag my luggage to the car to weigh it at the airport. The home weighing machine and the airport machine always showed different reading; the airport shows heavier reading. I used the luggage bag given by Reliance Travel in the late 1970's for the trip to USA.

Imagine dragging it several times; at home, at the airport back and forth, and at home again.

On this trip I decide to bring my cameras stand so that I don't have to bother people in capturing my own picture on the cell-phone and the video cam. It has always been very uncomfortable requesting others to click for me. That is quite a weigh. It is easier to squeeze it in my luggage rather than to hand carry it. I hope everything would work fine with me.

At home I have to configure what to bring in my backpack. Small items like tooth brush and it's paste, the toothpick, comb, hair oil, electrical plugs and chargers, supplements and medicine, all need to be set aside. These items combined are quite bulky for the backpack.

I will have to start the morning with my usual breakfast at somewhere 15 minutes away. It takes about 20 minutes to complete. I figure it is best to start out at 9.30am for the travel office operates at 10 am. You see I always compute the hours and the minutes so that I can execute my work on time, to be as price as I could. My estimate for the total chores to be completed by noon.

Yesterday my hospitalized friend requested me to buy a soup for him. I only can do it after my short nap in the afternoon. With it I have to drive to the hospital again which is about 20 minutes away. This guy is a very lucky person. He marries a doctor who is a specialist who is now a Jusa when he was jobless. But he has some bequest properties. He had had help me a lot in his healthy times. It is my turn to do him a little favour.

At 5pm I need to do my walking exercise for at least 30 minutes. That will cover about 2.4km. But I will try to do a 60 minute walk, my usual time and distance. This is almost the end of my busy day.


06/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Many parents lamented that they had been ignorant and lazy in schools and they do not want their children to be like them. I am one of the parents who was indolent and disinterested in learning. Maturity came late. That was after a series of failures and frustrations.

If you are below 30 your mind is still fresh and able to absorbs limitless knowledge you acquire. You can remember a myriad of information, languages and technology through a formal or informal learning. But not a person like me. Rarely you can find a genius among the elders.

Though it is too late, some of us are still crawling to improve ourselves. But it is like walking on a slippery surface. We tend to fall down and in fact many fell several times. As for me, I cannot do the soldering job as my hand is shaky and the sight is getting poorer. My physical strength declines a great deal. My memory is getting rusty.

You do not wait till you are 40 or 50 plus to learn. Some of you can do it on the slippery ground and arrive at the other end of the field. Not all can. It is worth a try. Talk to your kids. Encourage them to learn Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, English and French. There are language classes. Or use computers for a start. Encourage them to take biology, chemistry, advance mathematics and other sciences. The best time to learn is at the young age. Let their doors be opened wider, visions enhanced and survival capacity assured.

The interviews with many poor people echoed identical form of regret, "I don't want my children to be like me." It is extremely hard for us to undo the past. It is not much because of the age but it is due to the decayed physical system. But there is nothing else that they can do if their siblings have their ways of thinking and doing things. May be it is just fated.

The last thing we can tell them is 'Don't be like me.'


06/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


AGE makes the philosophy on money different. Between a critically sick person and a healthy person the thoughts diverse.

A healthy smart man said cash is King. Though people say that money could not buy love but without it love will fade and break. Without it one cannot survive and own things and properties. A person can steal, rob, beg and kill to get cash for his living. Money is very important. With it we can fix witness, politicians, and judges in ways that it cannot be traced. We can make criminals look like angels.

A very sick and hopeless man who had seen shamans and doctors and was told his death would be coming was heard to lament that money is nothing compared to the wealth he has in his coffer. A millionaire, by the name of Chong, who frequented himself to China hoping to get a kidney told me the same thing. His beautiful wife who had been sending him for the dialysis treatment was later not seen anymore. My multiple stroke friend was telling everyone that his wife refuse to take care o him and want him to be in the Old Folk's home. He is wealthy and affluent but restricted by muscle immobility.

It is imperative to quantify the two as the degree will make the opinion different. A sick man can be critically sick, or a person with a mere small degree of cardio vascular block or a person with an ankle sprain. There are millions of active people with one or two minor ailments walking the streets. And of how much income and saving is to consider a person is wealthy ? 5K a month ? 500K ? A million ?

Obesity, chronic diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, Parkinson, immobility, and bed ridden are among the ailments under the serious category. And an income above RM5K and the savings of a few hundred thousands would come under the category of wealthy. So when I discuss the philosophy of money, it does not include the mediocre group of the men and money.

Some obnoxious people like me would grin and tease "Why Jamaluddin Jarji's 2 billion was not burried with him ? Not enough to stuff in his coffin ? Couldn't he buy life with the cash ? "

When the greedy and the corrupted get old and tired people want to see how they will make use of their wealth. We want to see how high the eagle will fly.


05/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A radio friend who is about 56 had a stroke more than one year ago. I think he had had a multiple stroke. He does not show much improvement from the time I saw about 6 months ago. He is now living in Kuala Lumpur to get some form of medication. I do not ask him the reason why he is back home in Alor Setar. He will return to KL in a few days time.

He has a sharp memory and his conversation was very lively, not like a sick man. I was amazed when the doctor mentioned a three digit number and asked him to answer when 7 was deducted from it. While my mind was computing, he came up with the answer. "Minus 7 again," the doctor said. He answered it again.

When the doctor left he asked me about my ham activity. I told him about the poor band condition and that I heard almost nothing on VHF. "Even new hams are not heard on the band," I said. I also informed him that by 2023 even two meter band may be taken away from the radio hobbyists. Then we lamented about the old days of hamming.

Hanafi, his name is, talked about people who have died; Chin, Sanggat and other young ham from Muar. And at his state of immobility he is joking about getting a new wife to take care of him. His current wife is a doctor, a specialist, who is extremely busy with her duty.

I have him the youtube url about a few shaman in Indonesia asking him to watch all their videos and to assess them. Probably one day he might want to try this non-rational miracle cure. I myself will try to make a trip to see Angga Praja Buana somewhere in East Java near Bandung.

In the evening I excused myself for I had not eaten my lunch and I need to do a little walking exercise.

05/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


"PH is a cruel government", said Najib.

PH never murdered Teoh Beng Hock, Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais. And even Altantuya Saribu. Do you know that one fine day Ghani Patail went to his office and waiting for him were Najib's officers who barred him from entering his office, giving him a letter and escorted him home ? Officers were ejected and transferred. Ministers an Najib's own Deputy were sacked. So Najib was an angel. BN was an angel.

If Najib wants to know the truth he can appeal to PH to hand the government to the people just for one week, then he will learn about cruelty. He and the UMNO criminals will be taken away to an unknown place, put in a cage full of hungry mice, stripped naked and ignored for a week. That will be enough to compare between his regime and the masses.

Why was Beng Hock bee kicked, bitten and pushed to the ground ? Without the show of morose BN's machinery said he committed suicide ?

Najib, Zahid and Tajuddin are not worth a cent in this country and the world. They should hara-kiri on themselves for being savage and bitches, immoral and killers. Yet Najib has the audacity in calling others cruel. What a debase human being, who knows no shame, walking naked in front of the world despite being labelled as kleptocrat and crook by the top people of the world.

I am waiting for the United States to issue an arrest warrant on Najib Razak. Not possible ? Nothing is impossible.

If PH is cruel enough they would have sent someone to DOJ to discuss the US warrant of arrest on the ex-bullshit Prime Minister. 

04/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is my view that these people are immoral and belonging to a specie without shame. They are Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Tajuddin Pasir Salak, Shahidan Kassim and Ku Nan. Two of them would have been long shot o death if they are to be in China and North Korea. And would be in incarceration if in United States. Another less conspicuous is Dr Wee Kah Seong who seems to want to hide the 1 Mdb's money given to KOJADI.

Najib and Zahid had been trying to deceive the people especially the UMNO members. To all of them stealing and corruption is a norm. They tried to justify the crimes by using the ill-gotten gain to send people to pilgrimage and to use part of the money for charitable work. Others saw it as an act of corruption to buy support and popularity.

The sermon of the last Friday prayer was about the commercial banks. Muslims were urge to withdraw their saving from other sources and to keep them in Islamic Bank. The interest is haram. It must be given to the religious body. This is one of the ways where people were duped and deceived. And it was highly probable that the Malays vote these crooks like the Colombians chose to love the drug Cartel Pablo Escobar.  The behaviors of Zahid and Najib were similar to this particular criminal.

Just look at the ways how Ku Nan, Najib and Zahid waded their way through to take the illegal money to avoid detection. You can be sure that the death of Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais had something to do with Najib. Shafiee was at these people's funeral for some purposes. The true devil has no moral, conscience and shame.

Yet the people still vote for them ?

03/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Smokes from cigarette can leave a long stain in cinemas, rooms and cars. Just there mere stains would repel me as the odour fill in the air around it. The inconsiderate smokers would still continue the smoking ban at public places and food stalls. I would always moved table when a person 6 feet away puffed away the pungent smoke from his heart.

I would suffered a cough, hard breathing and followed by flu on smelling the stain continuously for for an hour. It would be painful and intense.

It would be bad just to chuck a friend off just because he is a chain smoker. That is his personal life and habit. At the same time I have to see to my own health. The only solution is trying to avoid him as much as I can.

The other day a chain smoker friend told me about his car screen broke to pieces. Forgetting everything I offered to lend him my other car until he has done his repair. He agreed to borrow it. But a while later I remember about his smoking habit. It quickly haunted me with the cigarette stain when he returned the car.

I have to break my promise and had to be bold about it. It was no doubt a sinful act on my part. But the health consequences matter more. Cigarette can kill me.

It is not a sin  or a crime to smoke. I don't hate smokers. But I can't smell and inhale the smelly air they puffed out.


03/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof

PAS And UMNO Bid To Concoct Rules And Religion To Suit Themselves - COMMENT

PAS And UMNO Bid To Concoct Rules And Religion To Suit Themselves - COMMENT

The jaw-dropping behaviour and statements by politicians from PAS and UMNO in recent days and weeks provide a useful eye-opener (for anyone who might still need it) as to the sort of government Malaysians would be treated to with them back in charge.

The self-proclaimed religious party, PAS which now admits it was secretly in cahoots with Najib before the last election, whilst pretending otherwise, has already astonished the world with a series of outrageous self-justifications.  This includes the claim by president Hadi Awang that Islam permits party leaders to lie (about a recording admitting they received money from UMNO) if it benefitted the party’s political aspirations.

Hadi then proceeded to lie again about the terms of the settlement of its libel claim against Sarawak Report (for telling the truth about those payments) and denied PAS had agreed to pay the legal costs of its aborted action.

PAS leaders went one better today and made up another shocking and apparently bogus ‘Islamic’ claim when they pronounced that according to religion MPs should not be expected to declare their assets:

Islam does not allow the declaration of wealth as this would raise security concerns, says PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man [Malay Mail]


As Malaysians were still choking over that one a whole group of the party’s new UMNO buddies also came out of the woodwork today resisting the same requirement that they should declare their worth, which is of course a key measure under the new government to prevent corruption.

Why focus on the country’s leaders when they could be bullying lowly civil servants about such matters instead, demanded one Sarawak flunky of Abdul Taib Mahmud?  This was a disgraceful ‘witchhunt’ he went on to claim.

Apparently, politicians should be allowed to be massively corrupt and accumulate vast riches without the electors who put them into office being made aware of this tasty information.  Other former BN characters have raced to join in on the complaints.

Don’t let them game the system – they want back in control

It is a reminder of the sort of government Malaysians would now be suffering under, manned by multi-millionaire kleptocrats and supported by phoney men of religion, making up bogus doctrine to justify thefts from the people, were UMNO and PAS back in charge.

The defiance of norms of behaviour and indeed the basic rules has continued apace with this bunch. Perhaps, given the enormity of the charges and evidence they are faced with, they see little choice, apart from pleading guilty.

Yet the brass neck reveals an arrogance born out of years of being able to get away with anything. Former PM Najib, for example, is being tried for dozens of gross crimes and yet the man has not even had the decency to surrender up his seat to at least spare parliament and his constituents their blushes. Guilty or not, in any respectable democracy a man formally charged with such crimes would step down from parliament until the matter had been settled in court.

However, the UMNO tradition is to put the man first and public interest second, it seems.

Not only has the ‘honourable’ member for Pahang not stepped down, but he had the audacity to petition the court to give him days out of his time consuming and hugely expensive trial to go to parliament to debate this very matter of whether wealth (his his case alleged vast and illegally acquired wealth) should be declared.

Thankfully, the court denied such a ludicrous request. However, time and again this filthy rich fellow (who claimed he could not fund bail and yet funds more than ten barristers on his team) has managed to obstruct and delay the conduct of this trial as his various lawyers cook up excuses day after day to slow things down.

Najib does not want to ever go to jail, of course. However, what is amazing at least to international observers is how a man charged with such obnoxious crimes has not been kept inside on remand in the first place?  The answer appears to be because of his purportedly stolen riches, which have enabled him to find that bail money after all.

It gets worse. Even if Najib were to be eventually found guilty by the court (which would appear inevitable given the power of the evidence so far) he apparently expects to be allowed to wander around free on bail, pending two more rounds of appeals.

That was the old way in UMNO Malaysia.  A poor mother stealing food for a child would definitely have to appeal from behind bars.  However,  the criminally rich expect to mark bail using what has been judged to be stolen money.

If Guilty, Both Rich And Poor Should Be Jailed Not Bailed


New Malaysia should make clear that justice should be the same for all – people should be remanded according to their alleged crimes and not according to their pockets and if found guilty jailed not bailed.

In no sensible democracy on earth could such an outrageous concession be allowed for someone convicted of monstrous thefts walk free. Yet, in Malaysia ordinary folk can languish in jail for years waiting for their trials to be completed, whilst those found guilty of abusing the trust of the people and stealing in public office are apparently expected to be able to do just that.

The appeals process is there to pick up on potential miscarriages of justice.  However, if found guilty that person ought appeal from jail and not  abuse the process (using stolen money) to continue to create disruption, buy propaganda and cheerleaders, posture as politicians and even make up religious doctrines to justify themselves, instead of taking punishment well-deserved.

It’s exactly what these UMNO/PAS leaders will do, if they can get away with it. It’s their last chance saloon, so of course they will act like dangerous bandits in a shoot out.

Look how Najib’s fellow operator, ex-Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi, has reacted to the piling on of further charges of corruption on his part. Far from allowing the forces of law and order to do their part he has grabbed back the leadership of the party, hoping to blast his way out of the bunker he is in with whatever amunition he can muster.

Malaysia has changed its leadership with the foremost aim of restoring law and order, yet still too much of the past remains and these political throw backs and manufacturers of false doctrines of religion are taking full advantage. Treat these dangerous and desperate folk too lightly and they will only too readily regain hope of evading the law and regaining their status, by whatever means.

If they are allowed to get away with it, Malaysia will be treated to worse even than before. Government by crooks considered above the law, aided and abetted by self-appointed prelates, making mockery of a fine religion as they concoct doctrines on the spur of the moment, as and when it suits them.

A kleptocracy and theocracy would be rolled into a toxic compact for the benefit of themselves and abuse of everyone else.


02/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I do not have all the glamorous and sparkling experience when I ravelled in the United States. Briefly stated

                               1. I was robbed by homeless people in Los Angeles

                                2. Being conned by the Black Americans

                                 3. Duped on the free entry to Disneyworld

                                4. Picking up hitch-hikers who refused to leave the car

Those are the four that I can remember on reflection of my past visit to the country. This is just to remind you that the Europeans and Americans are not as civil and wealthy as some of us are thinking.

In the first case, my fuzzy memory, recalled happened around 1979 when I went to visit a friend in Los Angeles. At about 9am in the morning I took a bus to the Downtown LA. While walking on a street a tall White man hugged me from the back. Another took my purse. They ran away while examining the content of my purse. I chased them and asked for my purse. It was fortunate for me the purse was thrown back and one shouted," All we want is your money." I had USD20 in my purse. The rest were kept in my socks that I wore and the hidden pockets of my shirt. Imagine if they had had stabbed me.

On the second case, it happened around 1982 during my schooling at Indiana University. My home phone rang several time. The voice said I need to answer only one question to get a prize. The question was ,"In which hand the statue of liberty holds the torch ?" I did not know really. I just answered, "Right hand." The voice congratulate me and asked me to wait for a price. A minute later my door bell rang. On opening the door a black man asked me to pay him USD10 in order to pick up the price as it was written in an envelope. I smelt rat. Yet I paid him the amount and he gave me a thick envelope. As he went away I opened up the enveloped and saw several coupon books. They were sale coupons of various items and the discount rates.

The third case was during the semester break when my family decided to go to Disneyworld in Florida. Florida thousands of miles away from our home. When we were on the highway in Florida we saw big sign borads about several miles apart that reads "FREE DISNEYWORLD TICKET". The entry was not cheap. Surely we wouldn't want to miss the chance. So we followed the guide by the sign board until we reach a place. There were many people in groups with a guide each. My wife and I were garlanded with flowers. It was actually the office for property selling. We were asked to pay USD100 for the booking fee. Somehow we managed to slip away.

The last case was around the year 2002 when I took my front house neighbour to Lubbock Texas in December. It was very chilly and the daytime was short. While on the route I saw two hitch hikers, a pregnant woman and a man. They both thumbed for a ride. We stopped and picked them up. After a few hours travelling and it was almost dark we arrived at a town. I asked the hikers to leave the car. The man refused. He said that he was hungry and asked for money. I insisted saying that that was the place of our final destination. Finally the pregnant lady interfered and persuaded the man to leave the car. That stubborn man followed her and they walked away. We sped away.

Remember, bad people come from all races and colours.

02/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The plunderers of our national and other coffers are making a comeback, not only attempting to show that they are victims of political persecutions but also creating fears among the Malays that the non-Malays are taking over. They showed videos and pictures of DAP's demands on the Chinese right, statements made by Ram Karpal, the Penang DAP law representative who said that the Malays are not the natives, the issues of Hindu temples to be erected in front of Malay houses and all other news that some would regard as mere slanders.

The UMNO criminals know that if PH continues to rule the courts will find them guilty with the proofs laid on the table. Najib, Zahid and others would yell as loud as possible that PH is a cruel government and aiming at political persecution. And the Malays believe them in the Chinese language and the Chinese rights and other demands. Looking at another angle we could conclude that the DAP wants UMNO to return and to resume their plundering acts.

DAP is too hasty in wanting to set up The New Malaysia. Without the treacherous designs of UMNO-PAS the ordinary Malays will not make the non-Malays their foes, for they have been living and working with the other ethnic groups even before independent. The fire of hatred is being blown by the desperate politicians who were stealing and receiving public funds. This goes to PAS who is riding religion for their own gain.

UMNO is still having billions stacked under several individuals' names. These are all stolen money.

Once they make a comeback, they will strengthen themselves to ensure they will rule this country forever. They may even kill democracy and will become worst than they were before. DAP must be wise enough to notice it.

02/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have until 10th of July to spend my money in town before starting my journey to Kazakhstan by Air Astama. The problem is I only have RM200 to manipulate without having have to draw from my bank. I already took out RM500 as my pocket money for my trip. The travel agent informed me to bring along about USD100 and change the money when we arrive at our destination. There is no Uzbek and Kazak currencies in Malaysia.

I have figured out that I either cook my own curry or sambal tumis, or I just buy the curry from my usual shop. I would only spend less than RM5. I have 12 big prawns and about a kilo of small ones. Excluding rice that I cook, I can prepare at least two dishes. That will last me for the whole day. But with RM20 I can buy enough eggs to boil for the whole week and also fish crackers to accompany with each meal.

Starting from tomorrow the cooking chores will begin again. So far I find home cooking is more delicious and dainty. It doesn't take a long time to prepare the food. Only indolence is the main barrier. But it save us from taking poison like Ajinomoto and sugar. The Malay food stalls and restaurant like to add those ingredients, which eventually cause obesity and diabetes.

A full time house wife, currently known as domestic engineer, is ideal to prepare food for the family. It is also helping the home economy.

02/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Today is the 1st of July 2019. Time flies too fast that the day seems to be shorter. Life came into existence and gone. My cousin in-law, my radio friends and other unknown people have just gone to meet God.

Today is the era of a hand phone as the human social companion. Young and old walk with the phone in their hands and stare at the tiny rectangle object on busses, trains and even while taking strides. It was a rare situation in the early 21st century.

In the 1980s I never had thought I would have seen the face of the new lunar, crossing 1999 and now, like waking up from a sleep, is already July 2019. It seldom made people realize that ageing is catching up fast and quick, followed by slowness and illness of various types; heart, kidney failure, diabetes, Parkinson and senility. And on each day I ask myself when will I die. I don't know how long I have asking the same question.

But waiting can be a long time, creates tension and mental agony. To overcome the stress and to let the time flies people use the hand phone, stare at them, play game and chit chatting with their friends.

Do not regret any of your past. Forget them and move forward with the little time left to do something better and useful, both for the recent and the next world. As for me I want to see places, write blog and enjoy my hobbies.

01/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The Malaysians especially the Malays must wake up, and see the world around them, to think and to analyze, to compare and contrast, between nations and within this country. How far the rest have move forward and the point where we were and where we are today.

If education failed us to be wise then let observation and rationalization be our guidance. Let not our minds be misguided and influenced by others. Let not the stupid and evil people use us as their horses. Thanks to the modern technology that could open our visions and see the progress of the world. Then we can do the follow up by visiting those places and talk to the people.

Yesterday at the jogging track a teacher told me about her lady neighbour who just started the exercise get a good scolding from another neighbour for gossiping. That was a good lesson to stop the habit of knocking people door just to tell out stories of what she saw on the jogging track.

Of course it is not in our position to stop the gossipers and monger carriers. But we can always avoid them by walking away, do not buy the newspapers and other publications and even stop listening to TV and radio news. I watched TV just to enjoy the soccer match. The rest is not in my flavour.

Today I find Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia as the most creative countries. Indonesia is spreading it's cultural tentacles throughout the world, and very well received by the West. They fought corruption with the utmost effort. Their TV programs are of various types. The Vietnamese and Thai economy is rising up. leaving Malaysia far behind. The people do not beg for their livings from the governments.

Countries lke China, Korea and Japan are beyond our energy and capability to discuss. China has become the economic giant of the world.

The Malaysians are not educating the Malays to progress but vehemently inciting them to revolt. They create at atmosphere of  the state of war. They rob, steal, corrupt and spread racial hatred.

01/07/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


A genius and a miracle healer is a rare blessing from God to human being. And they can lose their ability when the time come. I believe by commercializing their skills in a big way, and deliberately broadcasting themselves to the world, they will slowly find the special gifts will diminish.

There are a few slip-disc shamans who never set a price for their service and would reject any amount seen as big. In Alor Setar there is a famous Chinese who treat patience during the night, charging them between zero to RM25. Last time there was an old man by the name of Tok Man who could work miracle for a very low fee. He was a farmer and already passed away. These two individuals did not publicize themselves, and most people know them through words of mouths.

Unlike the four shamans in Indonesia the advertisements were put in the Youtube. The treatments showed were very convincing and I tend to believe in one young man named Angga Praja Buana who claimed he could help in nerves ailments. His patients were from all over including Europe, Middl East and Australia, not to mention the Indonesians and the Malaysians. However I believe his ability to cure will evaporate one of these days.


Angga lives is East Java. You need to Google to find out his address and phone number.

The three others are Jagat Satria, Ningsih Tinampi and Putu Robinson in Bali. The last two deals with spirit, jins and other invisible beings.

Another bone and slip disc expert is Chris Leong who moves from place to place to treatment patience. Chris ability is not a divine gisf with magical power. It is a skill he acquires somewhere. But he too is a great person.

These people can cure what the doctors won't be able to do.

30/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have two rambutan trees planted by neighbour in front of my house. They are now bearing fruits, attractively red seen from far and plentiful of them. I rarely consume the fruit. So far I only plucked a couple of them just for as taste.

But this year there are a lot of Kerengga. It is a red ant as shown in the picture. In Malay we called this insect as Kerengga and it is and English world too. I never knew the English term is similar. Really it is something I just know today, 72 years later.

Yesterday Ah Hwa came to my house and I asked him to weed out the grass at the rear end of my house. I mixed up the chemical with water, put in the sprayer and handed to him. Within a few minutes the work would be over. I instructed him to take the rambutan home and also to give some to my neighbours.

I gave Ah Hwa a hook to pluck the fruits. His first attempt repulsed him owing to the huge number of Kerenggas that attacked him. I understood him. When I plucked just a single fruit, there were more than 10 of the ants attacked me. Ah Hwa almost gave up and decided to continue with cleaning my compound.

Somehow I saw him cutting down the extended parts of the Rambutan trees and burnt them. I didn't ask him how he did it with the Kerenggas on the war alert. And he was able to take some of the fruits home and divide the rest to my neighbours.

There is a new English word that I learned today; KERENGGA.

30/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is highly probable that the price of the same kind of good paid by you will be different from that of mine. I will pay less and you may pay more. What make it different is the method of payment. I pay rm35K cash for a Saga. You may pay rm40K in total for instalment.

People always quote the tagged price rather than the amount they actually depart with. Similarly they would tell RM400 for RM499. It is a psychological mechanism.

A hundred ringgit loan is not a hundred ringgit debt. A loan shark (Ah Long) would give you only RM80 and the interest of 30% per month. The initial debt is already RM120, not counting the monthly interest. For a loan of considerable amount one has to struggle to pay the interest on end and we must be surprise the debt would continue to grow.

You need to understand this well in order to wisely manage your domestic economy. Who knows one day you might become a Finance Minister. You may be misled by your own stupidity and live with debt your whole life.

As a poor man, I do not buy on instalment. I keep my pittance piece by piece, accumulate them until enough to purchase my desirable goods. In short I won't buy if I do not have cash money to buy. It goes with my car and other luxury items as well.

Someone asked me the criteria of a woman that I need as a spouse. I did not say that one of them is my wife must not pester me to buy items on instalments or on loan basis.

29/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Are you poor in English that you find it difficult to understand my writing ?

My English is of a lower standard lingo using simple words and broken grammar. It may be worst than yours. I always figure out everyone could understand my messages through a hard and slow reading. I do not have aptitude in any language as indicated by my GRE test result. It was my worst score that I get.

Mind you I was a low achiever in school, faring no better than my own students I taught. It is my determination to express myself in something that people would be teasing and laughing at my inability. Don't worry about conversing in broken English, Chinese or Tamil. It won't kill you and those will not convert us to their religion.

What you need to do is to read and listen to these foreign tongues. Try to pick up a few words, refer them in the dictionaries. The younger you are the better you can remember them.

The attainment of proficiency is for the younger generations. I would recommend the formation of the language schools like those in China and the United States. They are tools for the enrichment of knowledge and the advancement in technology.

Rejecting English, Chinese and other foreign languages is a darn fool, only love by the narrow minded individuals. To enter foreign technical colleges and universities would be advantages to the students mastering them. Instead we should encourage or make it mandatory for all of our students to pass in at least three languages, namely Malay, English and Mandarin.

Just help yourself and have faith in your own ability to learn things even if you are already old enough.

29/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Once we have visitors from Thailand to our school. I don't remember the exact year. Prior to the visit we made a brief meeting to ensure the visitors would feel happy and comfortable. We looked for the sponsor and the state government was willing to host the visitors. They provided meal and called in for musicians for the entertainment. We had several students of the Thai ethnicity.

The welcome board was prepared by the Thai boys and girls, written in the Thai language. We just want the visitors to feel like home.

When the visitors arrived we split them into groups and our tour guides were our teachers and a Thai student. They were taken to the classrooms, hostels, and workshops. Many of them went to the toilets to ease themselves. The word that I heard from their discussion among themselves was 'SAAD'. Saad means clean.

It was during the lunch tine the state exco member, Ahmad Bashah, welcomeds the visitors. He was the host. The music played a few Thai song. After lunched the guests took to the floor and danced with joy and happiness.

Lucky there were no outsiders and reporters. Otherwise they would make a big fuss over the Thai language and the songs being used to welcome the guests from Thailand.

29/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Muslims ran away from their own countries and settled in the non-Islamic nations where the Presidents or the Prime Ministers are of other faiths. Even people from Saudi Arabia chose the United States as their home. I am in no position to say why such an exodus from the Muslim to infidel's countries happened.If I were to put forward this question to the Malaysians I am sure here will be some hostile and fiery responses from different sectors. There will not be a debate to find the truth, instead emotions will ride over reason.

We would understand the cause if we were to these Muslims immigrants, for what reason they chose the infidel countries as their home.

At least at this juncture we can take the task of pondering over rhetoric and loud speeches of what will transpire if our nation is run by a religious bigots. It leads us to start thinking of the best Muslim country that we can be proud of to use as a model and a bench marking nation to follow.

The survival of the Muslim nations is due to the oil as the main resource. Sooner or later there will be a source of energy for machines and vehicles. Cars and train are already on the new energy system. Trains go so fast that one day the intercontinental travel will be by this mode of transportation. Abu Dhabi is diversifying it's economy yet we have to wait it's fate after the alternative energy comes into complete force.

Anybody at all who rejects liberalism and secularism will stay foot at the starting point.

Today the sermon at the mosque is about Islamic banking. Muslims are asked to throw their savings in the Islamic Bank and the yearly interest to be given to Baitul Mal. The interest is Haram for the owner of the money but not haram if it is given to the state religious body. Why should I keep my money in a bank that has lost millions that went missing in the previous years ? Why should I trust in the rude and incompetent officers whom I have encountered in Tabung Haji ?

It has been many a time that I found the Hajis beating the Red traffic light. They are subjects to a different norm.

I am of the opinion that the running of a state and a country cannot be done by people with myopic vision and with a narrow mentality. Only sentiments are deployed as their guardians.

But my view is not the answer as to the cause of the migrations.


29/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


My blood sugar reading this morning is 5.3. My BP is 150 which is considered high. Even in the '80s the American doctor at Ohio University advised me to stay away from salt. I don't worry much for I am no longer a young man. I consider my health is a blessing.

Once a year I would fall sick, a flu of 8 to 10 days, especially when I inhale smokes from cigarette at a long duration. I lost my total appetite and I felt weak, sleeping all day long. Sometimes without food and medication. When I regained my strength and fully recuperating I would be active again.

I have been wondering whether marriage would be the solution. But which woman would want to be my spouse and to be my slave literally; taking care of an old man for the whole of her life. She must be able to drive to buy medicine and food when I fall sick. And most of all she has to be a patient person.

Please take a little time to ponder on this narration.

I am not merely talking about myself. It may be about all of those who are still single and living alone in a home. When a friend by the name of Kamal was still single at 80 everyone of his friend was worry about him. There was someone who would phone him everyday to make sure he was alive and kicking. He finally got himself a wife and we feel very relief.

We may be healthy at time. We may be sick at another. Our BP and blood sugar may be erratic, up and down, and we may be diagnosed of having a critical deadly disease. What may kill you is invisible and you may not feel it. It is a heart attack.

A marriage is not solely for sex and companionship. It is also about to facilitate events in case of sickness and death.

28/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was young my purpose of travelling abroad was to see places and appreciate the beauty of exotic scenes. I wanted to know their culture and the way they live. My first solo trip was to Bangkok in 1965. But today, I travel to kill my boredom and to get away from the familiar sighting of the same environment. I am locked in my house like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

I do not have any desire of stepping on every land on the earth surface. Cold and ice are dreaded ideas for I had been the cold and experience icing for more than 8 months in total before. Enough is enough. I don't want to carry big bags with full of thick dresses. My travelling priority today is the price. It has to be affordable. Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Korea and Turkey are among the cheap places around. In just over a week's time I choose Uzbekistan for my visit. I will be in Kazakhastan for two night, and four nights at Uzbekistan. I will not be bringing along my drone, except for the handy cam and the normal cell-phone for capturing the spectacular images.

Many people keep the money they have and they want to accumulate till they become millionaires. I spend them all till I go broke, and hide myself back in my closet. What isn't enough for many others are enough for me. Some of my loaded friends said that travelling is a waste of money, no return and no benefit.

I pay RM6K for the 6 nights trip because I stay alone. If I share the rooms with someone else, it would only cost me RM5K.

My luggage is packed and labelled. The electronic items will be in my backpack.

I am waiting to fly.

28/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Individuals have different ways to control their blood sugar. I have my own way, which may not be suitable to others and I could maintain it to between 5.4 to 6.5 for more than 20 years.

I observe my food intake and the type of food taken. Basically I have three meals a day. For breakfast I usually take a small plate of rice with either fish, meat, egg or even prawn. Fish is more frequent than the rest. For lunch I take more fish than the others with a very small amount of rice. And for dinner I just take anything that can fill my stomach. I know that rice is a starch and it takes time to turn into glucose. People say it is bad for the body. But it provides energy. Further more with a little amount it won't give a ton of sugar in my body.

I might have excess sugar in my blood. It has to be drained out somehow. And exercise is the only answer. Imagine what a 5 km non-stop walking could do to my body and the blood sugar. 5 km is about an hour of slow walk. I used to jog when I was younger. At 72 I prefer walking to running.

Taking care of my own health does not mean I am not going to die. I am as mortal as anyone else and I might even die tomorrow. It is all in our fate. But at least I can enjoy the feeling of fitness everyday after the exercise, and I feel free from stress.

It is good to measure our BP and blood sugar after taking some rare or excessive food like steak, and all the seafood meals. We want to know what reading would beef or mutton gives us, the squids and the lobsters. By several measures we could conclude what are the safe and dangerous foods.

I heard somewhere that Papaya is chosen as the KING OF THE FRUITS for two years consecutively. One piece of papaya cost between a ringgit to two and the nutritious value is high as compared to durian which is too expensive. Moreover durians can kill a person if taken excessively.

Try to control your food intake and always do the daily exercise and then measure your blood sugar.


27/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


There is a view that old hams should forget and quit the hobby and give way to the new radio enthusiasts. Old hams should look for other things to do. I never agree with this idea. Why should an old ham must quit it and hand the activity to the others ? How many old hams quit just to give way to the new ones ? Of course it could be possible the withdrawal is due to the policy of the MCMC on the newer hobbyists.

The second view says that everyone can be a ham as this is a democratic country. Criminals, drug edicts etc has the right to be a ham. And one person even talked of suing the MCMC for not allowing the license B to come on the HF band.

Like an office leaves ham radio is not a RIGHT. It is a privilege. An authority has the right not to issue a license even if one pass the radio and Morse test. Like wise they can take away your license without having have to give you the reason.

To ensure the dignity and the high standard of the ham radio the members must not be a criminal, drug edits, rouge individuals and the people without ethics and no respects of the rules and regulations. One of the dark side of the hobby is that it can be made a political tools; the members use the equipments to tract the political enemies. In fact this has happened in our country.


26/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have written on the commercial airline before and I am writing about it again with the hope someone else is thinking like what I am thinking. If MAS is stubborn enough then let it be sold away and I think the consequences will be as what I am about to say.

In the 1980s, the world airlines were facing problems, including the United States. Airlines were closing down. In USA at least one carrier was bought by the employees. They sacked all highly paid officers and ran the plane by themselves. I do not know how much they have cut down the running cost. CEO is always highly paid. As a result many of the sacked officers plead to get back into the job with much lesser salaries even equal to the others.

When MAS is sold, it is highly probable that workers with high salary scales will be sacked and replaced.

The normal employees can run the airline and many other business ventures by themselves. In many instances there isn't any need to have directors, CEOs and other top posts.

I support for the sale of MAS. Let the new management deals with how to ensure profit;; income exceeds the expenditure. They would prefer to keep the workers and cast away the top guys with high salaries.

It is true thre must be a certain in an organization. We don't a one man boss answerable to his bigger boss. The whole group in the main office could take the lead. On critical issues they could debate and the views of other members. Clerks and ticketing managers have ample experience to contribute.

So far all governments are horrible. They choose their friends and relatives to be the top people in various offices and provide them with power and made agreements in favour of their friends. You can see the new owner of the airline will disband all agreements and negotiation made by the previous owners. I will do the same if I were a new government. All liabilities must be bored by the previous owner.

26/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


When De Caprio and Mirinda Kerr knew the merchandise given to them were from 1 Mdb source, they quickly returned the goods without questioning. These are what the Malays labelled as infidels. When UMNO is told that the money given by Najib belongs to 1Mdb, they demand for the proofs. They want to fight in court. And it as announced that 1Mdb sent the Muslims to Mecca for pilgrimage with 1 Mdb's profit everybody said Najib was a good man.

Is the reluctance to give back as what De Caprio and Mirinda nothing to do with religion but has something to do with the Malays who professed Islam ? To a third person they see the two as the Muslims and the infidels. The Muslims do not blame anybody for comparing the morality of UMNO and De Caprio. They have to ask themselves the same and identical question.

There is no BUTS and IFses. The infidels never seek for proofs. They behave according to their high degree of moral values. They do not wait for the court judgement. And the Penang media that has been told of the type of money they were given, has decided to return the cash to 1Mdb.

I have said before that the demeanours and behaviours of PAS, UMNO and the UMNO's gangsters had made Islam very repulsive, it was met with a very strong denials and rebuttals. They blamed the International media for spreading false image of the religion.

PAS has been criticizing our government as not running the way it should be run. It is a Muslim government. But they are are so very ignorant that there are many Muslims from the Muslim countries migrate to the infidel countries like Australia, America and all parts of Europe. The two combine parties will be worst than  Communist if they were to run the nation.

Yet they have the audacity to claim that they have the highest order of the moral value. They didn't even bother to ask where Najib get the money from, and believe his lies fabricated by his lawyer, to choose a name of a donator who is dead, as if Kerr and Caprio did not know about it.

This is what we termed as Morality. 

25/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


In Indonesia there is a loom of generosity by some individual to provide a free home for the very poor and the unfortunate. I guess it is undertaken by GTV Indonesia. The clip below is over one hour. You need to see it all until completion.

The story here is about Pak Jajang. But he is not the only one who is very lucky. If you want to see other episodes you need to go to the Youtube and search for Bedah Rumah. Bedah means operation and Rumah is a house. While other stories depicted the city area this one is in the Palm oil plantation. I suggest you should see several of the Bedah Rumah shows..

Once we looked down upon Indonesia is an inferior and irresponsible nation. I think in many ways they are better than us today.

25/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Then God creates colours; white, black, blue, green, yellow, purple, and red. Men studied them and categorized them, mixed the combination of two, three and more, minus and add black and white, till we see thousands of shades in the spectrum.

The main colours we always see are green and blue. While plants are green, the sky and the sea water are blue. We identify black with darkness and red with blood and danger. Some monks selected yellow as their holly dress. Yellow cloth were tied around big trees and stone structures to indicate some natural power in those objects. Royalties in Malaysia also choose yellow as the Royal colour.

Electrical engineers use the black wires as live and red as neutral. In USA instead of red they use white as neutral.  The social practice use black as an indicator of death. At the Chinese funeral relatives wear black, though some may wear white. At the King's funeral visitors need to don in black too. It is hard to point out the significant of black in the case of death. The Johor King bar the citizen from wearing black trousers with Malay costume. It is only worn by Johor Royalties in this manner.

Colours should not be used as a discriminating factor and the show of status. It can be used as identification symbols like the colour of the wires and the codes of the electronic components.

Sparkling and glittering colours that shines beautifully can seize your hearts and emotions, capturing your soul and could put you in a trance mode. People rushed to the North pole area to witness the aurora from the sky.

The choice of colours to use with your dress depend on your colour complexion, the time of the day and the weather. Green or blue may look striking on people with very fair skin. On the gloomy and rainy day red and yellow may kill the dark murk. White is not visible on the snowy places.

We don't make law and regulation to forbid others to use a certain colours and claim it belongs to a religion, a King or a President. Or else we buried the Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers with yellow and black cloth and coffins, and place around them with medals, money, gold and bodyguards.

God made colours for all mankind.

25/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The main advantage of travelling solo is you have the freedom of where to go and decide the time duration you would like to spend at your favourite spot. Other than the group package trip, we collect a few friends to go with. Going with friends required buddies of the same wavelength and the willingness to give and take. We are willing to submit to the majority's decision and interest. I met young girls travelled in twos or threes beyond the Malaysian border.

Travelling solo may be a little expensive as one has to pay more for a car rental and lodging. It may be a little quiet and boring. There is no one to talk to. Yet I had been going to have my siesta in Los Angeles many time alone at my younger age, moving around using the public transport, the local bus and the Greyhound. My next solo trip is to Bali on August 22-26 to attend the Ham Radio festival.

The alternative option is travelling in a group package. My next trip of this nature is to Uzbekistan from 12-19 July 2019. It will be a little hectic as the time is not ours. We have to follow the time set, almost no rest. On arriving the destination travellers do not go to the hotel straight away and even do not have any breakfast. Hotel check in will be at the end of the day. And the next day they will have to get ready at about 4 or 5 am.

Most package tours will take you for shopping at the chosen outlets. Sometimes to two or three outlets per day. This is something that I hate most for I seldom bring along extra money for shopping purposes. I would shy away from any souvenir that costs RM20 per piece.

Group travel like this can be fun or boring, depending on the people. Rather than singing or telling stories while the bus is moving, they choose to sleep, not even wanting to snap photos of the scenery. Some tour leader keep the trip alive by telling stories and jokes, and even ask the group to sing songs.

Those who do not like noise should not join any group tour. They should take a solo trip for for peace and quietness. A friend told me about a man who scolded the group members for singing and enjoying themselves and calling them whores while travelling on the Trans Siberian Railway. The group confronted the tour leader and demanded that he be sent home.

You might meet one or two persons in your group who are gluttony. In a rotating table meal they might finish the fish or prawns before it comes to you. I have been encountering with such people before. Interestingly the same persons seemed to be so religious and philosophical on the Whatsapp group. What a hypocrite.

Travelling alone free a person from any nasty companions, no argument, no disagreement and no unhappiness. If you need a companion just get a driver when you rent a car. In Surabaya I used a motorbike, riding pillion, called a Gojek. He took me around and be my cameraman.

There are many Malaysians who travelled alone to see places. They wrote articles on their adventures and it can be accessed by all.

24/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't remember people or the complicated locations I visited. Their facial outlook change, different from 50 years ago. They grow beards and moustaches, wrinkles all over and their bodies either shrink or getting bigger. I would remember back one or two persons a day later. And I do not remember the house my wife bought and rented to people despite my visiting it once more than 30 years ago.

You would immediately point out that it is the phenomena of ageing and senility. You may be right. But it is also a sign of a brain disease, a memory loss on selective items. It is the infrequent counter that will cause the rapid fading of the past.

People tend to suppress the unfavourable events in the lives. They only want to remember the sweet experience that once was a glamour and brightening the happy old days, the beautiful romance and their various successes. They prefer to publish their old pictures rather than the present ones.

But amazingly my old friends could remember me. My students could recognize me. How could they when I am so changed in my face and countenance, with black spots and white hair ? One person who accosted me was a primary school mate whom I would have totally forgotten after more than 60 years. That person must have a great photographic memory.

I even forgot the recent stuffs like the purse and the cell-phone whenever I leave my home. It happened several times that I had to rush home to get my purse to pay for my meals. On many occasions I have to write down the list of items I want to purchase when shopping. Only yesterday I had to go to ASB office to check my balance or else I would not remember it.

Situations do not worry me as my daily chores completed as usual, just like any normal guy.

I realize forgetfulness even embrace persons of age 45 and below. They forget to close the water taps, bringing their purses and hand phones with them. Then they would lament that they are getting old and senile.

24/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is a question that needs thinking to answer, whether from the external or internal perspective. External means how the others perceive us, the old people, and internal perspective is how do we look at ourselves. It is the internal perspective that majority of the onlookers do not understand. It may be very contrary to their perceptions.

I never know that I am old until someone called me uncle or grandpa, offering their seats when I boarded the bus or the train, and kissed my hands when I extended it for a mere handshaking. I always cursed those drove at 30 or 40 km/h on the road when I am behind the wheel. On a clear road to Perlis I would go between 80 to 90 km/h at night. My driving behaviour never seem to change as my mind does not feel the change in the age.

I still find the younger women attractive as I was a young man before. Only looking at the mirror I would realize I am not fit for them and I felt scary watching at my own image. That was the state of my mind.

What reminds the age and growing old by the internal factor is the relationship between the  mind and the physical mobility. Every time when I went for a walking exercise I put a target of the distant that I would want to cover within a certain time. That was what my mind said. But on walking younger people were overtaking me with their fast and wide strides. I tried to push myself to chase them but to no avail.

But I feel fit and healthy. And living alone provides me with much mental freedom, without any constraint to my movements and thinking, all together made me forget about being old. There is no one to bar me from doing things, and reminding me this and that. It is my faith that made me feel secure and safe.

Please reserve the question and answer to yourself, and wait till you become an old person. Time and again the same question was raised in the social media, "How old is old ? How old am I to qualify for a senior citizen ?"

23/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Arab Rice restaurants seem to be very popular among the Malays here in my town. There are always huge crowds seen to be having their meals, many dressed in Arabic robs and the Hajis. I really don't know how delicious  is the Arabic dish.

I think the Malays who flock to the Arab Rice stall is not because of the taste but rather on the sentiment, the feeling of being a Muslim. I could not assess how the Malays look upon the Arabs as the people of a higher and superior status.

I have a different view on the Arabs, a race that I cannot trust, embracing various religions of the world; the Christians, the Jews, and the Hindus. probably 98% of the Malays think all Arabs who dress in robs are Muslims and trustworthy. All the Saudi has is the Mecca and Medina for the world Muslims to visit.

Most Malaysians are not aware that Saudi Arabia is a good friend of Israel and many of the developmental projects were constructed by the Jewish companies. A few of their own citizens criticized the government of hypocrisy and corrupting the American Presidents to be in the American good book. Some of the Royal families are crooks and deceivers.

To me Arab Rice is not as tasty as the reality of the Arab's behaviours. No Arabic rob hung can attract me to the restaurant as I see them as stupid and arrogant as many other bad people. While he world is at peace the Arabs are still fighting among themselves.

I even assess the Arabs' stupidity through watching their fishing methods on the Youtube. You will understand me if you were to watch how the Arabs go fishing.

I am not asking the Malays to hate the Arabs or the Arab Rice. I just hope they must not use their blind sentiments to think that what is Arabic must be holly and approves by God.

23/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


"You must think and do as what I think and do"

We sometimes in a forceful or concealed way were trying to force our will on the others. There is always a tendency that we regard others are wrong and we want them to follow the right way. While some may agree with us , there are many may not in favour with our thought.

Authoritarian is one of the tools used to infuse our beliefs. Communism use physical force in destroying properties or arresting the dissenters. Religion might excommunicate you as non-conformist or infidels for disagreeing with the teaching. Your friends would label you as abnormal. All just because you are not in line with them.

However we are free to spread our beliefs and try to convince the rest to follow the same course. It is just not right to condemn anyone with their own philosophy and practices.

I have my own standard, belief and philosophy. I will not be happy if someone is telling me not to get involve in the hobby of flying drone, advising me what I should and should not do. Your passion in woodworking and gardening may be something I loathe.

It takes a wise man not to reveal his dislike with the preachers and  pretend to show an agreement, just to avoid confrontation and discord. That's how religion can survive in communism even after a long years of suppression.

People have been using a subtle way to spread their ideas and successfully pull a huge crowd to like them like exhibition, advertisement, deliberate public exposure and the glittering success of the idea.

People can make their own choice of life. What we may say bad for them, are construed otherwise. We claim that we are bringing light to them and relieve them from the long darkness. We said it to the aborigines and the natives who live in the forest with their tradition. We told them we want to bring them progress and better living conditions. The Communists say religions hinder progress and some others say religions are the cause of war and hatred.

Even God gives humans the choice to make. They can choose hell or heaven.

23/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


It is hard to find aspirin in my locality these days. Panadol or Paracetamol seems to dominate the fever and the head ache drugs. There are all sorts of Panadol for various ailments. It is good as it prevents blood clot. In the market Casparin is sold for cardiovascular purpose like the aspirin. It is available but the capsules are made in China. And China is well known in producing fake and low quality stuffs.

The pharmacies are selling a separate blood clot prevention drugs at a high cost. Aspirin is darn cheap and affordable by all. In Malaysia death isn't important as compared to money making. You have to buy life with money. Your hundred thousands saving can deplete to zero within a short time if you are admitted to private hospitals. We are so obsessed with money. Humanity is a matter of convenience for self interest.

I used to buy aspirin at Mico pharmacy. It has been out of stock for almost a year now. The order never came. The reason is simple. It is cheap and the profit is little. The agent will go for bigger commission and prefer to peddle the most profitable drugs and supplements.

I decide to order aspirin from the E-bay, the low dosage of less than 300 milligrams. It has been more than a week since the order it does not arrive yet. It is a little expensive but cheaper than the anti-clot drugs.

We cannot depend on the government to help the poor through the smart engineering. Ministers would get the VIP treatments. They may on the opposition side. Nione really know the plight of the lower citizens.

22/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


If I want to negotiate a crime activity with a French, I do not go to France to meet and talk to him in France. Neither would I prefer Malaysia. I would meet him in a third country under the pretext of doing a certain job in this place. Taking him on boat ride in the middle of the sea would be better and it will remain a secret.

Many such negotiations and planning of dubious stuffs as well as planting fabricated evidences were done this way. It also includes corruption.

If this covert activity is beyond the comprehension of our leaders, judges and other related organizations, then the situation will be too bad for the nation. It weakens the integrity and the capability of a sovereign. I am sorry to say that the PH government does not realize this by giving leeway to Shafiee to leave the country for Australia. Let the authority analyze all the possibilities that Shafiee can do. Let not my words be only understood after the nation realize it's failure and be defeated by dirty skunks.

PH had released Apandi Ali and now Shafiee out.

What a fool.


22/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Afterwards I will make my way to a place called Tunjang to see my cousin i n law's funeral. It is about 30 minutes away from my home. He passed away last night at a much younger age probably in the fifties. I would guess it was due to a stroke.

On the contrary it was me who had been thinking of dying all weeks long. All of a sudden I get very tired when doing my routine evening walk. I hardly finished 3.7 kilo meters now which I could do more than 5.6KM previously. This happened after a two hour of continuous breathing of s strong smell of smoke from a a friend who is a chain smoker. I got sick for about 10 days after that. I know my lung is no longer clean and healthy.

The last time I met this demise cousin was when I went to visit my wife's auntie who was sick and bed ridden in Sungai Petani. It was the last day of this year's Ramadan. We chat about cholesterol, medication and other diseases. I never expected that he would go first before me.

Death is coming to everyone, young or old. My religious teacher always say that 'work hard as if you are going to live forever and think of God as if you are going to die tomorrow."  Instead we never think of our death but spend our time in making enemies and trying to stab each other, torching each other's abode and their lives.

I pray God place his soul amongst the good men and in heaven.

22/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The 3 main parties in PH are either stupid or immature. DAP wants the push the Chinese agenda too quickly demanding the UEC and other educational rights. Keadilan wants to head the coalition and rule the country because of the number of seats they won. And Bersatu wants to ensure Najib is jailed and the lost money is recovered. It was the demand of DAP that made the Malays reject the new ruling party. Any subsequent by-elections the Malays won't go for PH.

In due course there will be an inevitable split in Keadilan. The members will either joined Bersatu or UMNO-PAS. The reason for the split is the greed for power within almost two years of PH in power. The leaders thought PH won because of its strength, underestimating the will of the voters. It looks like Keadilan is going to kick Bersatu and Amanah out. The Chinese will put pressure on DAP not to accept PKR as a coalition.

Within a few months time PH will break apart. If a fresh election is held PKR may be killed by the voters. DAP will stand strong. The rest of the future is unknown. But we can be sure Najib will escape and the national will surely ruined. This is what the components coalition of PH fail to compute.

Is PH stupid or immature ?

22/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Saudi Arabia had said there was no Arab donation. Any documents shown are surely fabricated and whoever shared in the fabrication efforts should be incarcerated without pity. Under the Money Laundering Law the persecution does not have to show proof. It is UMNO that has to show the source of the money. The DOJ court has allowed forfeiture as proofs have been shown by the money trail and the court was satisfied with it.

Our court does not need to see any new proofs.

And mind you if MCA does not know the source of the money, the party is equally guilty for not asking about it. It could have been given by the foreign government or from the tax payers money. In a Communist country the MCA and MIC chiefs would be shot without question.

You don't have to be a politician like Bung or a lawyer like Shafiee to argue out to make the stolen money legal for BN. People are in the know.

21/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Today is Friday, the day the Muslims would go to pray in the mosque, a weekly congregation like the Christians to their churches on Sunday. I believe that all humans has the same God.

Last Friday the sermon was about Muslims who criticise their own religion. It was a bizarre sermon, that said Muslims who reject the teaching of Islam must be killed. Any Muslim who has been dispel and categorized as infidel must also be killed. It is almost as similar to the Jewish teaching on the status of the non-Jews.

The teaching is no different from Amanat Hadi Awang that justify the killing of Malay infidels.

It however made Islam as a repulsive religion and create horror in people's minds that Muslims are born terrorists.

I formed a very negative perceptions on Muslim clerics and religious leaders. I no longer see these people as someone I can rely on except for death rituals and marriage ceremonies. Many of their lectures contain lies and fallacies yet were swallowed by the followers. They belittled women in many ways to assert the superiority of the male specie. They insulted and criticized those who are in disagreement with them. They are the cleanest, the purest and the people who never make any sin.

They talked and talked and talked. But they do not know the number of Malay youths who can't recite simple verses for prayers and even to say out 'syahadah'.

I and my God. I don't have to blazon to the world that I am a good Muslim and obey what God wishes of me. I do my best not to lie, causing no pain on other people, do not steal nor condoning stealing, and avoid cheating and deceiving other human being. Those are my private life.

I have had many Godly men working under me. There were those who always came late to work, losing expensive items under their care, sleeping in class in front of the students, giving free marks without any test and talking dirty words with female students. Their thinking were shallow and some were very greedy.

When I wanted to know anything about religion, I chose the 'non-ustaz'. Of course I chose those whom I knew to be good in Islamic knowledge.

It is scary to meet somebody who is aggressive and militant like. If he is for a Palestinian why not he enlisted himself in the Hamas army and go to war with Israel. If you were to ask him about the signs of the end of the world, he would provide you with a long lecture, listing all of the signs which are most of the present recurrences which he is condemning. Doesn't he know that he is condemning the work of God for setting them up as they are now ? Even many Arab Muslims say that Israel will never be defeated until the day when Jesus return to the earth.

At least in the meantime the Muslims could show that they do not enmity with the non-Muslims and with any deviants. Beating the war drum does not make them any better human being. preaching hatred is uncalled for.

21/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


To us 2000000rupiahs is about RM600.

I have been watching many clips depicting rewards given to the good guys in Indonesia amounting to that amount. The receivers were so shock, surprised and cried. Now I realize why the Gojek boy who took me for a ride around Surabaya had wanted to buy me Batik T-Shirts as a gift which I told him that I would decline. I gave him 100000 for half a day's ride. That amount meant something to them.

I remember giving RM5K to the maid looking after my late wife after I decided to send her home as a reward. Adding the salaries and monetary gifts from my relatives she must have about RM6K. When I went to Lombok to see her I further gave her about 4 million rupiahs. She told my in law that she paid all her loans and used the balance as a capital to run a fish business.

The only sad thing is that she never contact me again. If she did she would have got another RM7K of my wife bequest. Otherwise she would be better off and could do some other job with her husband. She has a big family. But I figure the RM6K would be about Rp18,000,000.

It would have been better if the givers do not make any video clips and send to the Youtube. Let the donation be sincere and without the seeking of popularity. God knows the good deeds. And I happen to know the givers who give quietly. I am not honest and sincere for narrating how much I gave away to my maid. I never hope nor advertise my blog. The writing is merely for self-fulfilment. However I publish one donation on the Facebook to Tabung Harapan Negara to encourage the others to do so. I felt I have performed my duty to my country.

Indonesia was once known as a poor and corrupt countries. Things are different today. There are many wealthy people and the numbers are rising. The people travel all over the world. They are selling their culture worldwide. These rich people are on the go to help the unfortunate people. Even the poor are helping the other poor and the needy.

I remember during my last trip to Jakarta 2 years ago and paid extra to the taxi driver. To me it wasn't much but he thanked me profusely. I knew it meant a lot to him. You are happy when a person is grateful to receive a small donation from you.

The Rp2 millions rewards will not last forever, not even 2 months. The poor and hard life began again when the money is spent. It however gives a few days of happiness.

21/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I think Najib has to ditch out a few hundred millions in a covered way to breakup PKR. This is his lifeline to escape court indictment after he found it is hard for him to escape the SRC criminal case. If PH is aware of this design then they would resolve this in the most amicable and intelligent ways. PKR need to tell the members that the party must not be splitted under any account. Anwar Ibrahim will be the next Prime Minister no matter what, good or bad. Azmin Ali should understand that greed will ruin the PH government.

It looks like the young members are not well educated and myopic in outlook. Many are still hoping for the gravy train and sustenance from the party, not on their vocations and professions.

I don't think my prediction is wrong. But that's the way I see displayed in my mind, after having studied Najib in all his dealings with foreign powers and consultants. He thinks it is easier for him to escape jail in Malaysia than in the United States.

I do not support Anwar but it is the best of the three devils; Azmin and Najib. We have to stand firm and united to get Naib into jail.

If you learn the technique of CIA in killing Russia's Soviet Union, you will know how heavily they financed the Communist propaganda's newspaper Pravda. I know the free Najib is still using the Jewish consulktant and all payments are paid through his family members who are lurking outside this country. My strong suspicion is his own  daughter by his second wife Rosmah the janda.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The first time I visited the Disneyland California was in the late 1970s when I went to visit my two friends, the Malaysian students at UCLA. I did not go to the toilet yet, probably it was in a hot summer day. It was in 1982 as I was on a transit to Athens Ohio, I went to the theme park again. It was around March, still cold and windy.

Though cold there were crowds and for every ride people had to queue up in a long line. I was queuing up for the Matterhorn ride when I felt like going to a toilet. I asked an Indian man behind me it's location. He pointed out to me the direction.

Following the path I could not find any toilet. The place was like a garden, with plants and flowers. I saw the word RESTROOM. Surely I thought it was a room to rest. I went back to the Indian man and told him that I could not find any toilet. "Do you see the word Restroom somewhere ? "He asked me. "Yes," I said. "That is the toilet. Go in further," he smiled.

Indeed it was the right place as I followed his instruction by going ahead on. The toilet was so clean and the fragrant odour was comfortable. I was such a dork, like a caveman dropped in a city. It was an amazing experience and left a deep impact in my mind.

I was glad I could bring back the concept to my work place and applied it. Some time later I found toilet's cleanliness in supermarkets and other public places in Thailand. Then spreading to Malaysian Highway rest area. The last I found was at Shell petrol station along Jalan Sultanah Alor Setar. At all these places there isn't any pungent smell. And clean too.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The economic welfare of our nation is not merely the function of the government. It is the function of all inhabitants and the non-human resources. The labour of the people and the wisdom of the government determined the state of the wealth of the nation.

However a treacherous leader of a nation alone could burn and ruin the economic progress of the country. This was what happen to Malaysia when we found from the court proceedings how Najib manipulated the public funds and the national coffer for his own and his party interests.

The most evil of Najib Razak was his giving government guarantee to foreign loan made by the non-government bodies, denied his doing but farmed the fund from the citizens to pay the interest. Despite the huge debt he could still send people for free pilgrimage and distributed millions to his friends, lawyers and ministers.

When Anwar Ibrahin was put in jail, it was due to matters of his own personal affair. But Najib's sins were on tearing people apart, causing severe agony to the public economic well being. The people work to pay for the loan Najib had made through his various dubious scheme. This man is what the Chinese termed as 'man is not a man, ghost is not a ghost', indescribable character worst than a savage. So is his current second wife.

God knows his crime and God lets some others see what he is trying to hide, that he is hiding the ill-gotten money by billions without shame and guilt in Australian and New Zealand's banks under various names, that his lawyers are helping him to make stealing legal and corrupting people to free him.

We survive because we still work; the farmers and fishermen. But we are saddened by the great debt and the lost of our money. It will not take a week, a month or a year to erect back the broken pillar. We can only pray for the best.

20/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Mila was my monthly Indonesian maid who had serve me very well and I paid her quite well too. She lived about 3 miles away among the Indonesians immigrants, staying together with several men whom she referred as her brother in-law. Her husband went back to Samudra to remove the kidney stone.

She had a good income and sent home a great deal each month to her family. In fact she was the breadwinner. Occasionally I paid for her trip home and provided her a few hundred ringgit as a supplement.

One day more than a year ago she called me saying that she was in Kuala Lumpur working in a massage parlour. It was her relative who brought her to her new work place. She introduced a new monthly maid to me, also her friend, living in the same area. And from time to time she would rang me up telling me that she was sick and informing me that her husband had a problem coming into the country. I suspected he had overstayed during his last visit here. But she promised to return to Kedah once her husband arrived in Kuala Lumpur. She said she would be coming back to Alor Setar to celebrate the Hari Raya.

Before the Raya day I called her. The automated reply said the number was not in service. I kept on calling till yesterday. But to no avail.

My suspicion her phone was confiscated by her relative and she is forced to be a prostitute. She simply goes missing.

I could not get any information about her. As for this new maid , I do not take her anymore. She spoiled my cooking utensils, the stove without informing me. She also spoiled my weed pump. She had been lying to me on her personal status on various issues. I just don't like dishonest and sneaky person to work in my home.

I remember Mila had been telling me that her husband does not like her to work in Kuala Lumpur.

19/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Politicians are lack of knowledge, bountiful of them, because they are not wise. They overlook many things they do not think about. They never learn about international politics, the concept of power and propaganda, the internal and external espionage, the story of Watergate, the notion on False Flag, 911, Internal Sabotage and how they are carried out. And how Mafia plays the game to manipulate who to rule the country. Yes, they are very complex and complicated.

Azmin should have have known that he has enemies within and without. Even before there was Bersatu and Tun Mahathir came into the limelight, there were people who were not happy him and accusing Azmin of snatching the Chief Minister's post from Wan Azizah. Some said he is a snake, ambitious and crazy for power.

The recent video clip was surely an inside job. The clip could have been true if a trap was set up. That's how the operative proceeds to destroy. President Sukarno was in Russia and the Russian sent a woman to his room to have sex with him. They recorded the sex scene. Then they blackmailed him. Sukarno being a brave man told the Russian that he would not submit to the Communist demand and he would be more proud if his clips were to be released to the Indonesians. And what most Malaysians are not aware of is that even Tun Razak was blackmailed in the same manner.

If the clip is false, Azmin should know that he is not safe to be in politics for his enemy will show themselves up and confront him openly as they know Anwar Ibrahim will be the next Prime Minister soon. Anwar will not forget how Umi Hafilda, Azmin's sister who made a road show to narrate her story with Anwar. Azwan Ali has a bad character too. Many regard Azmin's family is from a bad pool, pungent and filthy.

It is not a matter whether the Economic Minister is right or wrong, it is better for him to step down and leave everything to God. He won't be worst of than 25 millions of the Malaysians. We the pariahs have been long sufferings and becoming the victims of all the politicians who are backed by sinister police force and the sneaky lawyers.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Nay, I won't lend any money to anybody anymore, even to a good friend. Reports gathered that whoever borrow from friends always run away and those who borrow from banks are reluctant to pay back until forfeiture took place. The desperate ones would seek loan sharks which after some time did not pay on the due dates. But Ah Long in Malaysia has it's own way of frightening the borrowers. They begin by splashing paints on the properties, and even made the borrower feel that the siblings would be kidnapped.

One of the borrowers who is lurking around is a school headmaster. His modus operandi was calling the victims and telling them that they must keep the secret and not to divulge them. In a school he would borrow from many of the staffs and the canteen operators by the thousands. He never paid back. Some reported to the State Education Department but to  o avail. The director said that there was no proof for the department to act.

Many of my friends narrated their own stories about lending. In several cases the borrowers verbally attacked them by hurling curses on the Face Book. In amateur radio similar stories went around. It did not happen in the old good days when there were controls on the licensing conditions. A ham with the call sign 9W2JL ran away with RM500. He is a class A contractor.

I also lend RM3K to a businessman. It has been for 2 years. There is no news about the payment.

Oh one more thing; my FT855 is with 9M2RB. Rusli on loan basis.

Kindness has a limit. Buy food for a hungry person but not to give them money.

Now that I am retired I have less money to spend. A student pleading for a RM650 loan to start a business of selling hamburger. She lives about 100 km away. I told her that I would rather give her rather than lending. I banked in the amount and she never even thank me nor acknowledge receipt. I did not get any poorer but her attitude saddened me.

That's the kind of people we have around us. There are uncountable hypocrites lurking around. I met a greedy tour member on the Taiwan trip but she is depicting her angel behaviour on the Whatsapp group.

In my previous articles I wrote about somebody was trying to elicit a loan between RM50K to RM300K. Lucky I do not have such a big money. Imagine that RM300K will take my lifelong span to accumulate. And imagine if I were to depart with it for giving a loan.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib announced in parliament that Jho Lo has nothing to do in 1Mdb. The Public Prosecutor must not forget this. If by any mean the ex-Prime Minister is trying to blame the young Chinese man on the fiasco of 1Mdb, the court should know Najib is a man who no one can trust and has been cunning enough to hoodwink the world. His effort to deceive the American Presidents nonetheless failed several times.

Najib had been denying that he knew Jho Lo until proven by the picture captured on the yacht. The DOJ says they are working hand in hand. Lo did the joib for Najib. And Najib did not allow 1mdb and Jho Lo to be discussed in parliament. Apandi confirmed that there was nothing wrong in the management of 1 Mdb. Najib as a chairman ran things perfectly well. UMNO warlords and supporters claimed 1 Mdb was so profitable that the opposition parties were jealous with the success.

Before the new government Najib had been protecting his man well, the source of his cash. Did Najib was trying to purchase some land in Southern Thailand where Jho Lo was also purchasing a property with the help of his Thai friend ?

It was through Jho Lo that Najib was planning to hoodwink the world using the Arab friends. At this moment we have to accept the DOJ report is true and they are trying to get back more money stolen by Jho Lo from 1Mdb. The Singapore government had taken action and Abu Dhabi had sentenced two of Najib's friends for 15 years.

18/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


How is it a school boy who kicked his teacher and showing a samseng behaviour finally ended up being a member of parliament with an unchanged demeanour ? This depicts the type of voters we have in our country. We do not see one, two or three of such kind of political people but a few hundreds of them. They are still showing their savage like habits without any shame. One boasted "I am voted by the people".

Some have the guts to boast their professional and academic qualifications when they can't even finished a college degree. I wonder whether they wrote their own auto biography on themselves portraying their greatness.

The Malays were known to worship Al-Shaari the Arqam leader. They worshipped the Sky Kingdom man. Then they were called to worship Najib Razak as a divine man who is equal to Prophet Mohammad.

What has become of the voters who choose hooligans to lead the nation ? Is NOT KNOWING acceptable as an excuse ? Take a group of people living in a distant land and religion has not reach them. The Muslims say they will be in hell because they are infidels. They too do not know about any revealed religion. What say you ? And in our common law, not knowing the law is not an excuse.

The day will come when people will know who the samseng who kicked his teacher and even failed to go for higher education.

17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I discovered the cats that frequent my home for food are not actually stray cats. They all have homes. Even cats from my next door neighbour love to have the cat food which I catered.

With the Giant Supermarket closed I have to spend an extra 50% more for the cat food. At Giant I bought at RM16.00 per packet. At other places the price is RM31. Four to five packets would be enough for a month. Whenever I want to leave my home for a few days I would lay down a packet on the floor. They seem to know that I was away and would return after I returned from my trips.

I noticed even birds too would be looking for the extra cat food that were left by those cats. It made me happy for I could serve them as well. The sustenance of those animals comes from God. I do not starve by sharing a small portion of my pittance with them.

The affair and welfare of these animals are left to God to take care. I am sure some other people will supply them with food when I pass away.

A boy working as a parking attendance had been using part of his salaries to feed the stray cats where he works. His good deeds were observed. With the prayer of those cats he was surprise with a gift of a motorbike by some VIP.

During the last Hari Raya only a few boys visited my house for the Raya money. About 5 years ago there were hundreds of them. The reduced number saddened me. It made the Raya very gloomy. We would like to see groups of kids and happily gave away with a new paper cash. The Raya scenario glittered.

Similarly with the coming of the cats, stray or not, it made me feel that the animals still want and accept me as one of their friends and someone they could rely on. It adds spice and pepper to my life. I am still useful at least to the animals.

17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


SAHC, Sultan Abdul Hamid College, was the secondary school I went to. The 1961-1965 badge had been making the annual reunion since more than 30 years ago. But never once I attended. I was not a bright student then and the rest were from the elite classes and were holding glamorous vocations like medical doctors, lawyers, university lecturer and high government post. I would not be able to fit myself with the honourable and respectable people. That made me shy away from the meetings.

If I were to meet any I would not be able to remember them for I am sure many will change. It was only last night someone accosted me, introducing himself as Yusoff, one of the 1961-1965 badge students. he could recognize me but not me for he looked older and my memory is rapidly fading. Yusoff reminded me about the reunion. He broke a news that one of of members had just passed away, Dr Yin Tin Pee. I could remember Tin Pee from form 5A, a fair, tall and bright student. He was very friendly to all.

Yusoff pleaded that I should attend the meeting on 26th June 2019. He said it may be the last meeting for any of us. Tin Pee did not know he could not make to the meeting though he has agreed to present himself.

How would I carry and adjust myself being with people of higher echelon ? Tengku Kamaruzzaman is one of them, at whose house the group is will meet. He was one of the most humble Royal family that I ever met in school. He was tall and lean. I don't know how he looks like now.

I have been keeping myself aloof for a very long time now. I didn't even know many of my relatives have passed away. I don't know the world. The modern gadgets are my windows of the world. Communications are through Facebook and Whatsapp. Probably being old is one of the reasons why I prefer a solitary life.

I have not given my answer whether I would attend the gathering. I feel so small and lowly.


17/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


The court in Abu Dhabi has already sentenced the individuals in the 1Mdb case for 15 years, much faster than the court in Malaysia dealing with Najib and Rosmah. Our lawyers played a lot of twisted games and our court entertained them. Even in USA the 1Mdb offender is still under house arrest.

I am not talking only of the current courts but also the courts in the past. Comparatively we ought to be ashamed. No wonder our national coffer was easily plundered, our jet engine stolen and the murderers went off scot-free. Even the police stations where evidence were stored were burned.

Though I no no law, I laughed at the rule that the defence team can see all the documents to be used by the prosecutors in court but the witness are not given the list of questions before hand. Our stipulated laws are absurdly a jest rather than fairness.

Malaysians should have some moral values and shame. Najib Razak had no shame whatsoever even 1Mdb lost billions under his chairmanship and scrutiny. Despite of him being ridiculed by USA on his visit to help America to revive American economy, he boasted and bragged on his return to the country. And the shameless UMNO supporters called him a hero.

In fact the whole country has gone haywires. They even laugh at the idea of flying cars.

There are too many absurdities beyond imagination. It is hard to pick between black and white. We know who killed TBH, Najadi and Kevin Morais, and we know manipulations were made. And amazingly the law could be cheated by display of fallacies. The world will laugh to hear that stealing is not a crime until caught and the court says it is guilty.

Simply we don't have shame and morality.

16/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I just don't like both. Azmin does not come from a good family. We remember Aswan and the controversial Umi Hafilda. They seemed to be the most important people in the country. Whether Azmin is guilty or not in the current sex scandal, I would not like him to take any political post. Like Anwar supporters, Azmins has supporters of similar characters, which are not for the welfare of the people at large and the nation but for their own bellies.

Anwar too is not a grateful person. The genes follow his daughters having the same behaviours. He is a man who is hard to please. One of his mothers was a Wanita UMNO strong woman. The other was his step mother for his UMNO's father had married two wives.

In fact the better man would be Khalid Ibrahim, the first man to take charge of PNB. It is a pity that Malaysians politics always kill and destroy the good men like Aziz who brought profit to Malaysian Airline. They put in their own people. Whether ther are UMNO, PAS or Harapan, they are all useless people. As they declared their properties we heard millions in their possession. Ask us to declare we hardly show a thousand ringgit.

Whether DAP is a threat to the Malays, it is at the moment seems to be the best to the Malays. PAS condones crimes and theft and now making lying Syariah's compliance. UMNO is the most corrupt. Keadilan is just like UMNO and an very immature and short sighted. DAP still stands against corruptions.

Anwar Ibrahim can talk but will not meet the desire of the people. He will lick the Royal boots and kiss their hands. He cannot handle to corrupt Najib and his gangs. The moment he becomes a PM, Najib will escape the jail sentence.

16/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


I have read much about Huawei and Trump's challenged, the capitalist versus communist cell phones, that captured my interest to find out more about Huawei. I frequented the phone stalls several times, looking at the price of P30 and P20. They were not cheap, double the price of my current Oppo7. If Trump chose to ban this brand, it has to be something special.

There was a strong urge to buy and play around with it. But RM2 or RM3 K+ is not a toy to experiment with. I already have a good working OPP, a Samsung Note2, an iPhone4 and an iPhone6. The last was soaked in sea water in Maldives but could still be used to fly my drone after repair. iPhon4 is laid idle. The Samsung is brought about as a spare camera on the over sea trips.

I know that I should not entertain my lust and stay on with my possession. I should not waste any more money on the gadget that I hardly used even 5% of the applications.

Besides the phone I also have the desire to keep a backup drone aircraft beside my Autel Evo. I was thinking of procuring either Parrot Aanfi or Mavic Pro. What delayed my decision is the thought of the amount of money I had spent on my drones. I first purchased dJi Mavic Pro for RM5K. It dropped from the sky without reason and broke to pieces. I bought another one, imported from USA, about the same price. The total cost was about RM10K. It was a huge amount, almost half or a third the price of a good car. A Produa would be about RM20K+ and a Saga for RM35K. If I were to buy another drone, the total expenditure would be RM25K. It wouldn't be wise even if I have a few million dollars.

Fortunately enough my earnest in flying drone has subsides. The anxiety cools down. And I could proclaimed that I have won the battle within myself, overcoming my urge and lust. 

15/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof


Immediately what came into my mind was that the natives were murdered by poisoned indirectly or directly by the Kelantan's government. The indigenous small population were regarded the impediment to the Kelantan's state government who is more interested in making money for the state coffer. The Chief Minister had repeatedly said the land belongs to the state not the Orang Asli.

I know that the Islamic Party will never accept the responsibility of the death. PAS rides religion for the worldly gain of money. They are becoming liars and spinners wearing the hoods of Islam to gather the support of the bigots.

How could they hide from their philosophy of violence and murder ? At the last Friday Prayer the sermons talked of those Islam who criticize the religion must be murdered to death, identical to Hadi Awang's call to eliminate the infidels using verses of the Holly Quaran.

Even if the contractors poisoned the natives, PAS has to take the responsibility and accountability. It is easy to use the words 'mysterious death' which were not actually a mystery. UMNO and the Malays cannot accept the death of Adib Adam, the fireman, and blamed Tony Thomas and accusing the Indians for his death. The situation of Orang Asli is of no co-incidence.

It is the greedy Chief Minister of Kelantan who has to answer. Nobody else. 

15/06/2019 Abdul Rahman Raof