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News from Hanafi 9W2TZ

Congratulation to the 9Ws for successful bid to be able to work on 40 meter band starting from next month.

And I wish those old 9M2s who hope to be rich by selling the HF sets made in Indonesia will be wealthy and happy with the good money they will be making. As I have promised myself that I have to finally withdraw from the hobby. And it follows suit that no one is welcome to talk about the hobby with me and they are not welcome to my house on matters pertaining to ham radio.

So enjoy the hobby and the money.



Today strength does not lie on numbers but on wits, brain, knowledge and technology. Some years ago UMNO was busy spreading the idea of building a dignified and respectable race entitled 'Membina Bangsa Bermaruah'. Because of bad characteristics of the party and the focus was more on money the whole thing died down and fading. BB ( Bangsa Bermaruah) is not people with vocal ability nor people with money but a race with great ability in developing the state of the art technology, a race with a culture of research and development, experiments with the huge knowledge they have.

There is no dignity among drug pushers, beggars, rappers and murderers in as much there is no dignity among Mat Rempit. There is no dignity among the lazy people and people with thousand excuses. There is no dignity among anyone who behave like ruffians and gangsters. There is no dignity among those who think pf nothing other than how to make money at any expense and cost, including the lobbying and lies. And there is no dignity in countries full of criminals.

Dignity and technology is not a static concept. Like the theory of relativity, it is also relative to the other nation and people. If we start by looking at ourselves as good and looking at the progress of the others, then our status quo remains as good. Our neighbor which starts as good improves to be better. In term of technological development Malaysia is as old as China. While Malaysia is busy with Mat Sabu and Communist terrorist past, China has leaped far beyond the earth surface.

Have we not seen our weakness microscopically ? The choice of officers in government agencies, the injection of false UMNO's doctrine, the quest for wealth which did not kill drug pushers and criminals, the lack of sight of the educationists, off-focus politicians and the rush to make money from the public are among some of the many things the politicians should look into. I remember an essay topic our teacher asked us to write 'Malaysia in year 2000' in 1962. If we were to ask each member of parliament to write an essay on 'Malaysia in 2035' we wonder what these people will write. In fact we can compile those and sell the essays like a hot cake. I bet.

We have to be free of those evils mentioned and achieve a certain standard and value. We don't push law and policy to enrich ourselves. We have to look at the curriculum and understand our kids. Our survival rate must be high. Our mental alert must be excellent. And at all time we have to be aware of things around us. If we fall asleep, we will forever be a race to be despised and insults. Even decades after independent we are duped as a race of mental subsidy. We had long given the Malays without forcing them to struggle. We help those who help themselves though many of those hardworking and knowledgeable people has reached the status of respectable, dignified and full of pride. The number is too small to be significant.

BB does not merely starts from the bottom. A leader must lead. People hear statements by politicians and the police and the judges in court. People judge. Winning an election and the cheers by the mass still does not qualify a person to be a BB. Your mental competitiveness is seen thru the technological progress you produce. If you talk science and mathematics kids will talk science and mathematics. If you talk on sex, people will talk of your sex too. Remember we are of a multi-racial country. You make a stupid move, your race will go down the mud.

06/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



When I saw a picture of an alien having 5 fingers and shape like a man, I immediately knew it was a hoax for I think the other dimension is beyond imagination. The creation of shape to represent gods and angels will have to be based on our experience. God creates angels from light and Satan from fire, telling us the nearest shape our mind can imagine. Others may not be shaped, may not occupy space but yet they exist in forms we can't see, which may not be called form.

When an apple dropped from a tree Newton put forward a concept of gravity, investigate the speed of the fall of any other objects of different weight. He observed the motions of objects, made conclusions and tested them. They turned out to be true. But we should understand that is within the framework of Newton's thinking. Later Einstein brought the idea of gravity as the interaction of time and space, showing us a new picture on gravity. Again the formula and tests seemed to be correct. People could produce an atom bomb with the concept of energy.

One truth has been replaced by another, with different frame of mind. Though Einstein conceptual theories are within the grasp of our mind but it takes a better mind to understand and visualize the picture. Yet they are within the reference of our experience of shape.

So later the scientists decide to look at atoms and molecules. They need the machines to do this. The design and constructions of the machines, the components used and the arrangement of the machines were commanded to either show the shape as it is or the suspected behavior. When oscilloscope was used to see a radio wave, we tend to think the waves shape like the ones we saw on the screen, because we design the machine that way. Hence the machines to see the atoms, molecules, electrons and even photons may not show the exact form.

Then we derive conclusions about electromagnetic waves as photons and therefore a particle. When things were out of logic, we are making it true and we gave name to it. We conclude that light can behave like a wave and it can behave like a particle. Observing a single electron can behave differently when being observed and not being observed, we named it duality etc. We just simply refuse to admit that we can't explain the phenomena. We even came up with the idea of nothing is really real.

Words has always have limitation no matter how you put them into formulae. Words are limited by our seeing and feeling. A blind man cannot know a shape or a picture of a beauty of a woman beside him, no matter how well you describe her. We are really blind people whether we are a normal moron or the brilliant scientists. Have we ignored or forgotten the classical story of blind men describing an elephant ?

If we ponder the scientific progress and the impact on mankind, we will find it is not worth and hundred of millions of people are suffering from humiliating, murdered, plundered, oppressed and lies. We are making weapons to destroy mankind and yet we are proud of the progress. People took the streets because they are jobless and prices were going up, land and properties are not within the reach of million of people.

Old people use to say 'Why worry about angels when mankind on the ground is not well fixed yet'. Some cries for leaders to have their hears bloomed with love and pity rather than  the drones to kill other humans.

The nearest thought to the dimension that our mind experience is about energy. It is a mental exercise for us to think whether God creates several other parallel earth like ours. If not why not and if there are why they are. I believe that our mind is much limited to take us to the second dimension. Science and philosophies began to meet. The story of the Tower of Bable, if true, where science and philosophy meets. So is the Anunarki's return. Quantum theory is to fix sciences to human beliefs.

05/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The Shell station I always go belongs to one Kelantanese. I don't know his name but I know his heart. He has a good heart. He used to run a sundry shop. When he could not manage the shop because he was busy with other jobs, he decided to sell it. He helped his former workers to get jobs for them.

The Shell station he owns is now having 6 workers when all other gasoline outlets have less number of workers. A few of my students worked here before they shifted for better opportunities. I know deep down in his heart, he is helping these people.

My main reason for filling my gas tank here is not because I believe Shell is better than any other brand of oil but because I hope my little support will help him to help the others. And I hope those other customers have the same intent.

The kiosk is located in Jalan Stadium. It is a little hidden.

I pray for the owners goodwill and pray he will be provided with prosperity and good health to continue to help the poor and the unfortunate.

05/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I stayed away from USA knowing the government is getting worse and worse each day. While the Eastern Barbarians are lifting the state of tyranny and looking a good care of their citizens, Bush and Obama were killing liberty and democracy. The members of the invisible government in Washington were seen behaving like a gangster even on the members of congress trying to intimidate them. Chenney, Rumsfeld and Bush family and thieves had plundered American coffers and left the men in the streets jobless. Many shop houses were taken over by the Asians.

Washington lied to the people, killed 3000 of it's own citizens on 11th of September 2001 and shifting the blame on the Muslims. It bailed out corporate bodies by the trillions, sent enormous amount to Israel every year, spent trillions on wars and military hardware. The most recent was it declares war on North Korea, intimidating Iran and Pakistan and warned China not to test American Patience.

I noticed the fellow Americans had been struggling to survive in even 1980's while schooling at Bloomington. I recognized my Jew lecturers whom I found as considerate and kind like any other race. The normal Americans were just like us here, friendly and courteous and helpful. I made a visit almost once in two years and each time I went I saw changes. The White Americans are not getting richer. I thought America would change when Clinton took office.

The worst happenings were after the Iraq war. With the Star War Weapon starting in the 80's and the continuing wars hardship climbed.  Disclosure after disclosure. Workers were fired. Unions were attacked. Executive Orders against American constitution signed. FEMA camps were set up. Protestors were arrested at the wee hours. Americans who question 911 were listed as terrorists and being called as one. Money went to private contractors by the billions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Financial institutions are held by Jews.

You should notice that every protest in all other countries were highlighted by the media but not the protests in the United States. Even in the last remembrance of 911, there were thousands of protestors who were shut out and there were multiple shields preventing them from reaching Ground Zero. So Bush was called to Bullshitting the Muslims.

Right now today people took up the street of Wall Street and spreading throughout the United States. It has been weeks. It was not highlight in our TV news. Our TV has been showing Najib almost all nights spitting at the opposition party.

The police is getting rough with the protestors. We are waiting to see what the Marshall Law is going to do to America. Right now too Chenny is slinging mud at Obama and Obama finds it hard to elivate his 'Yes We Can' image again.

 Deleted by youtube

Marshall Law is equivalent to our Zarurat. When we sent people to Kamunting under ISA, Marshall law will send people to FEMA camps which have been setup in the whole of the United States. If it does the whole country could come to a stand still. Washington had to bear another burden and cost to feed the prisoners, and Obama will go down real black in the history of America though the real satanic evils are the puppet players.

Compared to the Malaysian police NYPD acted like a beast by protecting the criminals. USA is no more our savior. It preys on us and invaded Muslim nations.

04/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To some people trying to learn and understand E=mc2 and quantum physic is as hard as learning Morse code. It took me a year to know the basic of Morse and to acquire the semi-skill ability. I need someone to describe me abstract concepts of both of the relativity and quantum. There are many things I don't know what the relativity was trying to tell me. Some like the motions Eastwards and Westwards and the velocity of light could be understood. But many others were beyond my understanding.

Please don't sue me when I am thinking aloud what I understand E=mc2 is. I am not a dummy but a blind moron trying to figure out something. What it is all about ? I think it is all about energy.  And it is about matter too. I hear somewhere that people say that matter is anything that has weigh and occupy space. So I see matter around me; my radio, my Morse key, my computers and my American dollar with Masonic symbol lying on my computer table.

Einstein said all these matters contain energy in themselves. If we are successful in destroying it, it will be replaced by the energy from it. They said that there is something called anti-matter with the opposite charge. Taking the matter into anti-matter will destroy the matter and hence will result in energy. If I want to know how much energy a certain matter keeps I have to multiply the mass of that matter by the square of the speed of light. So I think if I destroy a certain amount of mass the energy generate will be the amount of mass destroyed times the square the light velocity. Am I right ? There are many ways that the mass can be altered, some not understood by us why that happen.

Assume that I take one proton of hydrogen and weight it and I found it is 1 unit heavy. If I were to take another proton of hydrogen and try to force them to mix and finally they join up together, I would expect the weigh to be 2 unit. But the scientist observed it was that, it weigh less than 2. Say it is 1.7 unit. Where is another .3 ? It is said that the .3 generates the energy the amount of which you can compute by E=Mc2. Am I right or just simply guessing the wrong thing ?\

That's about the E=Mc2 as I understand. They said that the universe consist a sea of energy floating in the time and space. The sun floats in the time and space. So our world and other planets. Like you and me; assume that we can see the atoms and molecules of the air, and the waves from the radio and the sun, we will realize that those things are pressing against us. Those suns, planets and other things are not totally hanging freely with nothing squeezing them. They are surrounded by the time and space. It is this time and space that is pushing objects against each other. The very light will move to the heavy ones. Gravity as they called it is a factor of time and space. Do you believe it ?

At least Einstein has the concept of certainty unlike the quantum theory which try to equate Hinduism to science, reality and dream. Time travel seems to be realistic in our dream. Some dream give a real-like experience. Most of us would still remember our precious wet dream. Quantum talks of being able to be at different places in a single time.

From facts sciences has shifted to a heavy philosophy. Why not when it says that a person can be in several places at the same time. For every crazy idea they are trying to use mathematics to prove the statements. Then let us say something weird and put the idea into the form of numbers. Part of Einstein and Quantum can be true but when it drags us too far, it is just like a politician trying to mix the bluffs and the truth to cheat us.

What disturbed me about all these is human being is using the equations they made to search for God. The thinking began when they tried to explain the mysterious behavior of the sub-atomic particles. They start to think that science is a mystery, meditation is science, the Karma of Hinduism is in quantum philosophy. And what interest me most when the phrase ORDER OUT OF CHAOS is used. Order out of chaos is a Masonic motto. It was used by George Bush. And it is also a philosophy of the Ying and Yang of the Chinese.

To study energy, time and space and matters at the microscopic level science to me. But the many conclusions derived like time-travel, life is actually nothing and the universe does not exist is really weird.

04/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What I am about to say is meaningless to many of my friends. I urge for patience and try to understand what I am trying to convey.

In school we were taught the basic of old science like light and gravity, all came with convincing explanation and nothing was abstract. We see magnetic fields and the flux pattern using the iron filing. We see the 7 rain bow colors by passing a white light thru a prism. We separate water from impurities. We observe the concept of inertia. They were all convincingly seen and proved. To us we see science as a facts. Newton principles had inspired us to brave the journey to the outer space using the law of motion. Base on all the law and behavior observed we derive formulae. In short everything was concluded thru experiments and test.

Starting with the theory of relativity and quantum physic we see a great shift from factual experiments to abstract ideas of gravity, time, space, light and wave. They were a huge imaginations of the universe full of fields in which the earth, sun and other planets float on the space-time stuffs. They talk of the time and the space warp and the different in time between the earth and outside; 1 day at the outer sacwe can be 100 years on the earth. They say out there in a distant there is something that is sucking everything else, which they call Black Hole.

But that is not as bad as the quantum stuff, which the experiment on energy and matter resulted in things the logic cannot explain. When they fire an electron thru a  wall of TWO holes, they found that single electron produce several impacts on different part on the other side. Repeated experiment showed the same. Was it not a puzzle ? So they put instrument to closely observe what really did happen. When they fired it again they saw only TWO impacts. Without the eye to observe it, the impact was multiple. But with the eye only 2 impact. What has this eye to do with the number of impacts ?

I am waiting for someone to come up with a statement that electrons or photons are intelligent and were trying to hide something. Then they said people can go back in time if they can travel faster than light. They put a theory that matter can convert to energy and light wave can act like particles, and particles can behave like light wave. Putting the time, space and particles-energy behavior they plot an arc and put a symbol. They draw the opposite arc and put another symbol, represent present, future and past. Moving on the different parts of the drawing they plot formulae.

I would not call it a science. I call it imagination. What more if they put you on one point and say that at that particular point you are dead and at another point you are alive. And went on saying you can be alive at one time and dead at another. Nevertheless they were trying to move a particle from one point to another by converting it into a wave form. Till now it meets with no success yet.

Because of the unexplained phenomena by the rule of logic they said that life is not real. Life is a dream of dream.

Does it sound like 'Unlike poles attract and like poles repel' and things would fall at a 32 feet per second square ? It looks and sound like a philosophy. And they are seeking the Epics of Ramayana and Mahabaratta and the ancient theory to make people imagine the truth. This does not mean we should dismiss the new atomic theory, the quarks and neutrino and the photon-wave-particle relationship. These mysterious things may be of help and out of chaos there might be a new invention.

02/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




American Treasure, the movie, is a mere movie. It is nothing more than an entertainment. But it throws some light to us about American History and the Founding Fathers. By culture and tradition I would conclude that our predecessors are of higher thinking ability than the current generations. The American Founding Fathers, particularly the First President of the United States was a Freemason. Please do not immediately dismiss George Washington and regard him as an evil man. Nevertheless the impact of Masonry is absolutely great. Why not if Masonic symbols are all over the United States dollar bills.

Not only the Americans but also the world is becoming dumb, confuse and could even develop a sort of mental disorders. While Masonic is portrayed as tyrants by the actions of Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld, Clinton and Obama the American constitutions value Freedom and Liberty. Were not the constitutions drawn by the Masonic group ?

If Bush were to ask himself whether George Washington approve his action of squeezing freedom and liberty and the killings of 3000 Americans, would George Washington presented him with the highest award ? Or is it in the mind of George Bush that he is the Messiah ?

Then people were associating Masonic with Judaism. Jews worship ONE God and hold strong to the Torah, praying regularly like the Muslims, condemning Trinity and Jesus Christ. How would they worship Satan at the same time ?

But one thing the old Mason and the new Mason have in common; ONE PERFECT WORLD. If the Americans were to have enemies they would have hated the Catholics. They migrate away from England to escape persecution. Once upon a time I was informed that the reason why John F Kenedy was killed because he was a Catholic. From the beginning the Catholic churches were attacking the Secret Society and regarded the secret kept was sinful. The sudden hatred on Muslims by Bush could not have originated from the Protestant beliefs. Most likely he was under the influence of the Jews to shield Jews agenda on the murdered Palestinians.

Bush showed himself as a Jew, as a Catholic, as a Protestant and finally went for Masonic initiation, what do you make out of him ? If George Washington is alive he would surely piss on Bush's face.

You may be puzzled why I hate Bush so much. It is because he called us terrorists for things we did not do. He knew the world trade center was not the work of the Muslims yet he continue to strive by all illegal means to put the blame on the Muslims. He was responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, stealing their oil and poppies and allowing CIA to make money out of the Afghan's plants. His telling lies after lies was worse than any other Presidents and Prime Ministers. He created poverty among the fellow citizens. The Westerners even see him a transformed reptile. Bush is not a human being.

If the Mason approved Bush and they say Washington would give an A to him then the only puzzle left is why the Freedom and Liberty in the American constitution. Please do more research on George Washington; his thought, belief and philosophy and how and when he became a Mason. Understanding the total American history of the Founding Fathers would throw us light on George Bush and the American tyranny.

30/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


CW TEST 28/09/2011

Ham Radio in Malaysia used to be English till class B license was created and the authority changed hand from Telecom to Multimedia. Because the exam was in English and were of essay type, hams had to have a certain level of proficiency in the command of English. The daily conversations were all in this lingo too. Local contacts were joint by international community. Basically majority of the hams were educated and one had to undergo a police scanning to qualify for the final license.

Ham Radio then was almost synonymous with Morse Codes and SWLing., which means a ham should know Morse and must be a SWL before. Both required a good discipline to organize oneself and learned to be patient. It was extremely rare to find a rogue ham. What is a rogue ham ? A rogue ham, by nature of the entry level as a rude pirate, tend to carry the habit after getting the ticket. When stations were having a chat he would shout repeatedly on the band as to cause annoyance. He also allowed his friends to use his equipment and call sign though they were not licensees. He supported and encouraged pirates and tried to be their hero. He terrorized ham radio using the Minister and other dignitaries for his own benefit. He made ham as a war zone to create enmity among groups.

Talking over the radio and talking over the Ham Radio would be the same if not because of the tradition of the Amateur Radio. Ham Radio has two irrelevant to modern tradition; Morse Code and Radio Amateur Examination. Both are not relevant. Yet those are carried forward to make it different from the other radio comunication. The enthusiasts who want to carry with the tradition spent their time, money and effort to sit for the Morse exam. Again on the 28 th. September 2011 an estimated 12 out of 28 candidates passed the difficult test.

Morse code is not easy. It is a nerve breaking experience to pass the test and to master it. To those who tried hard and fail it is not a disgraced defeat. When you choose to fight a giant which all others had hid behind their doors you have taken a boldest step to fight a great battle. If you go down, you go down with a great honor. But never to give up the fight. And you plan to find a new way to win.

I am a beginner too. I tried hard to use a paddle, I still continue to make mistakes. I tried to learn copying high speed. I know I have to find a partner to spar at that speed. Sparring partner would help psychologically. To those who fail must try to get one. It took me ONE year to learn Morse. It took some people only a few months. But I know what is the most important thing to learn Morse codes.

First it is best to learn to recognize characters by sound. A new person who hears the sound of an 'A' would be told of the character he had heard, not the dit and dah. But by the sound. If you recognize 5 characters in 5 days, it will take you a month to recognize almost all the characters. Secondly you need repeated practice to listen to them. One of the ways is to listen to the intelligent passages. That's when the sparing partner is handy. Otherwise you have to be satisfied with listening to the software.

The phrase Practice Makes Perfect is not an empty saying. It is applicable to languages, sports, and all other doings.

I used to be on 2 meter with the intent of helping guys in things that I know. But I found rudeness on the band and prefer to stay away from it. So I heard evil deliberately annoying people who want to learn Morse on two meters. So I heard of people who terrorize others not to learn Morse codes. So I heard of people who challenged those who speak English on the band. What kind of people are those to be ham operators ?

The tradition of Ham Radio is not for profit motive. It is not for pecuniary gain or intend to make a living  out of  it. It is not a hobby of asserting intellectual superiority and of a nightly gathering to throw filth onto the others.

I am glad that this hobby had pushed me hard to learn and improve my English. It permits me to meet with many great and nice people. It always remind me that that there are still many good and sensible people around.

Good thing is always good. Bad is always bad. No matter how many million Malaysians say the bad thing is good, it will remain bad. When a race is discarding it's tradition it is losing it's identity. You don't change or throw your religious customs and teaching, just because you think it is not relevant to the modern world. Even Bush announced to the Americans on his mission to carry on the tradition of the Babylon to change the world though it was an evil one, the tradition of Illuminati and Masonry. Ham Radio was born and became a tradition and it should remain that way. Ham communities should strive to maintain the once highly respectable customary practice.

I am glad that soon we are going to have at least 10 more active 9M2s flying the Malaysian flags. Be reminded of the image of the country, race and creed when we go on the air. HF is not a 2 meter talk, not the pirate style communication. You can damage the nation and the whole of Malaysian ham communities by any irresponsible action of inappropriate SOP. Already we heard of funny happenings on 10 meters. So be warned. Learn to be humble and make sure we will not be accused as a nation of rogue hams.

29/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Fed up with politics of lies and cheat, I decided to take a rest. With the old speaker magnet and the Digi-Prepaid card I decided to experiment with magnetism. I went to buy two small magnets which cost me RM12 for two pieces. I places the magnet at various places on the card and try to make the card float in the air. I could not do it may be the speaker maget was too small or not suitable. The best I can get is the standing card as shown here.

I also wounded up two plstic bottles with copper wires and passed 6 volts DC. The field was not strong enough to hold the magnet afloat.

The principle is simple "Like poles repel".

I am sure if you experiment with various size of magnets arrange in different direction you may be able to get the levetron effect. Try to imagine the magnetic fields. Recording various distance and angle and magnet position enabled you to derive at a formula.

You can see the small thread on the speaker magnet on the picture here. I used it to see the magnetic field flow in the wire wound by allowing the magnet to move free. Passing AC voltage across the wire will make the magnet vibrate.Passing DC enable it to rotate.

The card can lie horizontally to the plane but one end must touch an object. It does not 100% float. Wait until I see the secret of levitron and how the magnets are arranged. If you have an old unused speaker with a a larger diameter please try to place the card within the parameter. You need to look for the correct spot.

If you get the card float in the air please let us all share the fun.

Kids have been successful in building up levitron projects. I saw a glass float in the midair without rotating but the guy did not tell the secret. There is nothing great about the experiment but it is a form of relaxation and it is also fun.

If you want to be crazy like TESLA, go ahead. You may end up with the great earth quake machine. It would be enough to swallow Wall Street and George W Bush. Good luck.

25/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Are you not surprise why NASA is abandoning the current space shuttle propulsion system and calling all the astronaut back to earth ? It looks like the end of the space race. Is it ?

I am nobody, can't even figure out a simple calculus. So what I am going to say here could be a 100% false.

The current propulsion system using a booster and the shuttle is extremely a costly affair. A huge country like Russia had been holding up this system for a very long time because of the high price. Russian could not afford it. Only recently Russia  was using a shuttle and the United States is not worried about it. Do you find it strange ?

If you have been reading about Nikolai Tesla about his crazy projects and play around with experiments on magnetism and the field, you will understand what is meant by UFO technology. UFO technology may not at all originated from the extra-terrestrial but from those who are crazy with Nikolai's project.

The basic of the new technology ( I think ) is to understand the earth magnetism and the interstellar magnetic fields. If we are near the earth the strongest field is the earth. And we have to know the polarity at each location. What you need to do is to have an object which creates it's own magnetic field to oppose the polarity. I think the term anti-gravity is appropriate term. Various methodology had been devised from the magnet and electromagnetic system to the DNA modification procedures. The Americans have been very successful in these and would not allow any American of foreign origin with the expertise left the country. From the missing person, I concluded that they may be murdered by the CIA. Of course my accusation may be wrong.

The United States Airforce already deployed the technology into the state of the art Stealth Plane, which could float in the air and did the noiseless vertical landing. The technology is not so complicated and the hardware does not require big space. It is cheaper and easier to build. It is time therefore to completely alter the space or the inter stellar vehicles. The United States have manufactured a large quantity of the anti-gravity propulsion crafts and are using them for spying and surveillance  purpose. China is mum on the UFO just above Chinese roofs.

NASA itself did some research and investigation on anti-gravity though the Military had been on it since 1940's. Progress by the non-military organizations were tremendous. And someone had to explain the missing of Dr Ning Li, who resigned to open up her own company. Dr Ning Li was a Chinese American and had attained enough expertise for anti-gravity propulsion system.

We just wait and see what will be the role of NASA. Right now it is assisting the Russians in tracking the space crafts launched, including the Russian Space Shuttle, BURAN.

If China does not come up with the anti-gravity crafts and the general technology of the new technology, she will always be behind the United States regardless of NASA's fading role.

Where are we now ? We are at the point of sexual stories, Mat Sabu Communist, UMNO the reformist and digit ONE '1'.

23/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You cut a body, take the heart out and examine it closely day and night; what will you see ? They say it is an organ, you stop it you stop life. Heart is where love, hate, happiness and anger come from. What if the heart stops ? Many calls it dead. But some says a person is not dead when his heart stops. A person is dead when his brain is dead. What does it imply then ? It means the heart and the brain are of different entity. Many movies show us that machines and puppets which were given lives without hearts appeal to be mankind with eyes that can cry, heart full of love and affection, kindness, pity and happiness.

What is a man without a heart ? Is he the same as animals ? Is he the same as a robot ? What is he ? When I look at Blair, Rumsfeld, Chenny and Bush I would stare trying to see inside them. Do they have hearts ? Do they have brain ? When I look at my cats I seem to see their call for affection when they came to caress me, call for food when hungry, protect their young and licking and kissing them.

During the era of slavery in the United States the Whites said that the Blacks were original sins, ape in human form thrown out of hell by God. They have black blood and black semen. That was how the descendent of the Puritans thought of the Blacks. They classified human beings into categories; inferior and superior races, God's chosen and the Pariahs.

And the Jews followed the Talmud which regard the non-Jews as dogs and animals to be killed or use as slaves. The gentiles are to serve the Jews and there is nothing wrong to take the life of the non-Jews. Talmud gives them the right to kill and to put away their hearts away.

Savage is the right words for heartless people. They don't choose people to kill. They kill and inflict injury even on their own people, friends and relatives. They would not have pity nor kindness. Killing and torturing is a fun and a game to them.

Obama should have known what people once thought of the Black people; the original sins from hell with black semen and blood.

If you have heart and it is full of greed then you are just like a savage too. You want everything, make the most money, never ever satisfied with billions and you will have no consideration on the others. First the political parties were formed made of patriots. Now the patriots have been replaced with greedy 'things' ( men ? ). What pity do they have on people other than manufacturing corporations and projects to rob from people. Like Freemasons they prey on the weakness of the people.

Science should examine the hearts and minds of these ruthless people when they die. I think they will die though they are promised with perpetual living by the modern medicine. Rumsfeld, Chinney, Bush and a few of our politicians must have been told they cannot die because science has achieve the maximum achievements. If they do die, it is of the human interest to see the shape of their heart and brain and to investigate the evil. If it is the brain that control emotion, I wonder whether the mental disorders cause the absent of love and pity.

Near the end of the World one of the signs will be 'the devil can make the dead rise up' and give you whatever you want. I don't say this. It was written hundred of years ago.

The Muslims pray 5 times a day, not appealing for hell to the heathen but the normal appeal for the true path, longevity and forgiveness to the dead parents. We pray for forgiveness to those who caused us injury and hope God will show them the right path. We never pray for a war to kill Jews or Christians.

I saw a Chinese man gave money to a Malay beggar, a Chinese teacher bought cat food for the stray cats, a Malay who help an old Chinese woman. And I know the Malaysians are still owning a richness of good heart, considerate and love among the fellow Malaysians. We don't have to win a war to be proud. We don't have to be a supreme military power to be fulfilling.

We still have hearts.

21/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



8 out of 10 evil politicians write their own auto-biography after out of their jobs. WHY ? They knew the masses were cursing them for their evil doings. In their books they would try to justify their cruelty and to portray themselves as angels and cared much for the welfare of the people. Dick Chenney and Mahathir are among these great and evil politicians. Both are continuing with their businesses. While one is gathering wealth with development project, the other is busy with the killing machines. Chinney is a blood thirsty Masonist Jew who is happy to see people are being murdered in cold blood.

When they write books they will throw slender on their own gangs and pissed them with pack of lies. They believe that they are some sort of a martyr, a superior being with a special power, no one can touch them. They are the hero, the savior and the best. They expect a praise from the people and well remembered when they die.

I passed by Mahathir's book in bookshops with a snub and deep curse in my heart. When many of his own men talked evil of him, I was thinking what good would he be writing of himself. Similarly with the criminal Chenney who has no morality in killing the 3000 Americans and tmillions of Iraqis. Indeed Chenny is a blood thirsty vampire.

Their books could not replaced the historical facts of their deeds. They are deceptive. Mahathir would not have mentioned his evil and stupid remarks, calling the Malays to sell their land for shares, passing law for land acquisition to rob the Malays of their land, privatized utilities for his friends, set up third bodies as gateways to sell products, create the brotherhood of Vincent Tan-Lim Khek Pheng-Syed Mokhtar-Mahathir, manipulated judiciary, disgracing the Malays and promoting the Mamaks. Did he mentioned how he killed Bank Bumiputera and Perwaja Steel ? Chenney would struggle hard to hide his crime in designing the bombing of Pentagon and World Trade Center in 2011. He would go all his way to deceive the Americans of his crime as a murderer.

Evil would ridicule the believers and asked 'Where is God when we need Him ?' implying that God does not come to help the innocent people killed by the American bombs. Mind you those bombs did not only kill the Muslims but also thousands of Christians. Chenney is either an Atheist or a hardcore Jews, the chosen race. Christianity had been kicked out by the Jews in the United States. And Chenney would not have mentioned of his role in his memoir. Freemasonry was not discuss and debunk because it is the sole secrecy of oath. After all the founding fathers and those who signed the Declaration of Independence were all Freemasons. Bush has always been proud of himself being a Mason and even declared it in his speech.

Every time you go pissing always remember that you are pissing at who and who. By some mysterious phenomena these evil murderers and traitors to their own people would not have a peaceful mind forever. Don't buy their books.

21/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 




The government must not allow the corporation to intimidate and threat her. We have seen the threat and the intimidation when Mahathir and Sammy Velu warned the government that it could be sued by the bodies which Mahathir himself created. If it is the corporate bodies can determine who will be the Prime Minister and when the Prime Minister is to be thrown out. Members of the Public Service must be alert and be strong enough to deal with any of corporate's intimidation and threat.

Corporations have done enough to kill animals, pollute the water and robbed away the free fresh air and water. Mahathir is the wicked evil who not only created corporation but also himself is siphoning our national coffer. One of the evils created by us is we permit monopoly by the corporation. Have the people in the Economic Planning Unit lost their religious conscience and morality ?

Giving money to Imam is good but not good enough. God's houses should be free of water and electricity. Am I wrong to call the boss of TNB and the water supplier evil and satan ? These are among the evil corporate bodies.




Did you try to figure out why Najib's administration prefer foreign consultants to the Malaysians ? The answer is simple. They deliver stuffs. They have experts in many areas. If you use to watch Hollywood movies you would know what they can do.  If you follow the Western technology you would know we are no match for them. If you observe the American politics you would understand how cunning the people in the invisible government are. Had I not said that with money you can command the powerful Satan to do work for you.

Why hiring all the experts to enhance yourself and destroy your opponent ? If I know people will vote me and I will win in any election I would not need any expert to boost me up. It is the intense fear of losing that has been causing all the hysteria. And Najib is aware how inefficient government agencies are, and the narrow mentality of the Malay intellectuals like the University teachers and Head Masters who were UMNO-inclined. UMNO didn't choose the best.

Most of Najib's predecessors would not concern of hiring outside experts to retain power. Money and resources were poured into their own constituencies. That will ensure of their next tenure. None ever bother of their popularity overseas. It is absurd to waste millions to buy international approval of you. You might as well resign and become a movie star.

Does Barisan believe in the prophesies of it's doom ? Or does the number juggling shows BN's deficit ?

The threat on BN does not come from Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang, but from it's own mind, words and deeds. If you robbed someone the threat is your action of robbing. They are the lies you told the people, the unfair treatment of the different races in your country, the amount of money you suck into your pocket and the pain you inflict on your people. And in your arrogant face.

Najib should have known Tony Blair before hiring his company for assistant. There were talks of indicting him for the war crime for killings people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The people of Britain had spitted on him. Look, this is the kind of people we are looking for advice. Have we not learn the cunningness of the British ? Blair and Bush are of the same bird; while Blair is cunning and treacherous, Bush is Barbaric and a transformed reptile.

deleted by youtube

Najib has two women in his life; his mother and his wife. If he seeks the help of his mother, her prayer will remove all the difficulty facing him. Puan Rahah is an admirable, God fearing lady. If he seeks the advice of his wife, then he needs extra help from Tony Blair.

Do you think all these are necessary ? Rather than wasting time and money, it would be more meaningful to ensure a quick success in putting down crimes, thefts, murder, drug consumption and distribution and enhancing people's welfare. The idea of robbing the public should not be in the mind and should be crushed to pieces. People must be given choices to pay or not to pay. If they don't want to pay the toll road there must be an alternative route for them. Otherwise the evil created by BN itself will haunt Najib and made him so very confused and scared to death.

Had the Bomoh not tell them that they have nothing to worry about ?

19/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



United States is ready to stage a False Flag attack on China and provoking the Middle Kingdom by sending UFO and surveillanc aircrafts into China. Obama warned China of the eminent attack if China put weapons in space. USA can put the Star War weapons but not China. China could not build air-craft carrier more than what she has now. The insistence that China's military is merely for defense was unacceptable by Washington.

The attention focus on China heightened after China had become another space power. As usual CIA are working hard to buy over the Chinese scientists as what it had done with the Germans and the Russians. Therefore more money will be spending to keep the United States ahead of military supremacy. Again the congressmen and the Americans will be bombarded with the idea of an imminent enemy attack from China and North Korea.

China is aware what is going on and will be very meticulous in every action and response because she has not reached the maximum strength yet. USA has all sort of weapons at hand ready to destroy the enemy. HAARP and other new technology may be deployed. No nuclear bomb from China had any ability to strike USA. Only the missiles in America can destroy itself. But if the Chinese framework of thinking is exactly identical to US's military thinking then we never know what can happen.

Modern way is not the body count. The superiority lies in the technology. Drone can carry bombs and nuclear warhead, lasers from satellites can destroy targets within seconds. When China tested her space weapon, Washington got damn wild.

United States know that China is not ready for full scale war yet. And I don't think China wants to go to war with the United States. She obviously wants the liberty to pursue the military technological development like any other country. And she has to be careful and always be prepared of the United States attack because America is one of the rogue nation. It attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. It may very well be using the Uighurs factor to create war with China.

If war with China and North Korea does not come into great clash within 10 years China will certainly would leap ahead to be at par with the great United States of America.

19/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If we combine land, capital and goods together into one entity and called it THING or Chattel, then we can give them ownership. Ownership is socially acceptable principle worldwide. You can own a car or a house, a land or a property. At the moment, but it may not be in the future, things that man does not claim ownership is air, sunlight, rain water and the near as well as far planets. But people already quarrel over the air quality and could even go to war over it.

We used to say that a person cannot own another person though historically and a present practice we claim we own another human being. A man owned a slave, a wife and a maid. Many women told their husbands that they are not things to be controlled. Hence no husband or wife can command the spouse to do anything ordered.

How did ownership come about ? There were many ways. You buy things with your money. You inherit them. Someone give them to you out of love, friendship or payment of your goodwill to him. You rob using a gun or the sweetness of your words. On the bigger scale you gather your gangs and walk into someone's property and evict him out of his house and kick him away. You go to the moon and plant a flag there and say the moon is yours. You go into North Korea and claim North Korea is yours.

The highest form of control and ownership is when we are being controlled without our knowing it. Our choice and liberty is limited by those who rule us thru various manipulations, rules and laws. You may be the slaves of financial institutions and corporate bodies who robbed your money by force. You have to pay a car insurance as dictated. Countries follow the command of another country or an International Bank owner. If we have to depend on people, government or other nation then we are never independent.

Many countries are called Neo-Colonists. Neo colonists are ruled by puppets. The masters regulate the power over the slave populace unknown to the slaves themselves ie. us.

To most of us there isn't any different between pre-1957 and years thereafter. Certainly there were huge differences between those divisive periods. Before, we go to shit free. Now you pay for your shitting. Before, the health department went into kampongs to spray insecticide, and today the department comes to your house looking for larvae and charged you for harvesting mosquitoes. Before there was no law to rob your land but now land grab has become a big profession. Before the government serves the people and today people must pay and serve the government ( Mahathir's words)

Our wealth began with tin and rubber. Rubber has been a very good natural crop ever. With the plastic technology the price came down for a while but now the price has returned to the attractive level as the plastics are getting more and more expensive. We were not hungry then despite the old GDP level. Even today people are not hungry because the unemployed can peddle drugs, break into houses, steal cars and anything at all they can get hold of.

There are differences between the independent day of 1957 and Malaysia day of 1963. The later was marked by the Indonesia confrontation because Sukarno saw Malaysia as a Neo-Imperialist and Neo-Colonialist. Pre-1957 had also been a period of Communist expansionism. Communism was also the idea of the NEW WORLD ORDER. While the Communist strive to take Malaya by force, the British used the Gunboat Diplomacy and later the Malay Rulers found it convenient to allow the British to manage the governments.

Whatever you call it, the British put Malaya under the Crown and later group this nation under Commonwealth. Compare with the other Europeans British was the most benevolent in managing colonies. Today let us see who owns the most properties in Malaya and Malaysia ? What happen to our wealth and who get the most dividend ? How many percent of the land still belongs to the British and how about the rest ? Who own whom and what ?

Things are so changed today that people play with words to suit themselves. A patriot is called a terrorist. A Malaysian can go to the United States and claim America belongs to him. After killing thousands of people they pointed fingers at the Muslims. A Muslim is called a Communist. Free citizenships in exchanged for a vote. A terrorist terrorist is called a hero and a patriot. Drugs are good for health and demanded for legalization.

What is a patriotism then ? There is a vast different between loving a country and loving a political party, loving a country of birth and a political leader. A land knows no money nor corruption. It does not know cruelty and tyranny. It gives us life and a place where we can lie and sleep. We will defend our land against the encroachment of the foreign powers, yet our leaders are selling it to the foreigners overseas. Do you notice how strange it is ? When we take our oath to defend the ownership of the land to the Malaysians, UMNO is selling them away. Then what is left in patriotism ?

Yes, what is left is to bow, swear and take an oath of allegiance to defend Putrajaya against the fellow Malaysians, not the foreigners. What is left is the big paradox.

Who owned us in the past is history. We want to know who owns us now. People who owns you are those who are taking your money away and controlled almost everything in the country. When the British were making money before 1957, we did not realize it. But today we know who are robbing us. You have to pay for almost everything the day you were born. You don't even know where the money you pay  go.

Nevertheless no matter what you say about the beauty of freedom and being a free man, there are still millions of people who prefer to be slaves, happy to serve to the best of their abilities the people they chose. Many wives would be happy to follow every command of their husbands. They prefer to be under the rule of the foreigners rather than under their own people. The members of secret societies are willing to die for their member and organizations.

One thing good about the Malaysian government compared to the Free America is we don't let our people die easily. Our medical care and expenditure could be one of the best in the world. Just now I went to a pharmacy to purchase the blood pressure tablet which was missing, I was surprised that one tablet cost me RM2.00 and I have to pay RM28.oo for 14 tablets. Imagine each of the sick patient is given about RM100 per month for the medicine. In USA you may die if you don't have insurance.

What does it mean to me ? I would give a vote to the Menteri Kesihatan for taking good care of the Malaysians. I would not consider my vote to BN but to the kind hearted man.

17/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was greatly amused when the opposition parties seem to be elated by Najib's announcement to repeal the ISA and claimed Najib followed the PKR's book, Jingga. Nazri said it will be replaced by another act which will be targeted against the terrorists only and the government will consult a few countries including the United States.

In several of my articles I mentioned that the Patriot Act in the United States is worse more than the ISA in many senses. I believe the new replaced law will again be attacked by the opposition. For a time being Najib is baiting the mass to vote for BN.

Wait until one hears the definition of a terrorists. In the United States terrorists are Muslims and those people who support the Palestinians. Terrorists are those who question the bombing of the trade center and oppose the American military spending. And worse is a terrorist is anyone a police, FBI or CIA or any member of security forces THINKS as a terrorist. A terrorist is a person who in his mind sympathize with the Muslims. It was asked how would the security forces could know what will be in the mind of the others, the answer was thru the observation of eyes, body language and behaviors. The most recent happening was a woman on a plane who looked like an Arab was arrested, handcuffed and interrogated.

To the Malaysian laymen who looked upon America as the god that brings light to the world, the announcement to consult the United States was a good thing for greater freedom and liberty. The torture done by the Americans are despicable. George W Bush told the Americans that 'You are with us or you are with terrorists..' If the Americans do not tow to the lines and policies of Washington, they are terrorists.

I don't make this up. You need to do a bit of intensive research to know what a Patriot Act is all about. What FEMA camps are. And the definition of terrorists and how to recognizes them.

I can't stop thinking where Najib got this idea from. Didn't he consulted APCO or the later drew all the plan for Najib ? To Najib APCO had never fail him. True indeed. He could meet Obama. Pictures of Rosmah in the USA media. Get the 'Yes, it was Anwar in the sex tape' and other things to discredit the opposition leaders internationally.

What I am saying here is only my expectations. If Malaysia consult the Jews for advice and study the Patriot Act, it will be happy to replace the ISA. After all it is from the United States.  What come from there has to be good. It comes from the Father of Democracy and Liberty. Are you happy with it too ? I just don't believe it.

16/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I asked those who hated political leaders why they did not simply shoot to kill them, the answers were simple "God will put me in hell". There was a strong conscience among the Muslims against violence. "God will take care of them and will throw them in hell". At least the Malaysian Muslims think that way. They yell their anger and after yelling it will subside. When senses prevail nobody would go that wild. But the American soldiers could kill unarmed civilians and children with laughter and joy.

I am sure many of the living old folks remember how their  minds had been bombarded by media and politicians about the evil of Communism. There is no freedom of speech, worship, thought and movement. Your every movement would be watched and monitored. Communist was so very evil. Today we are free to go to the Communist countries like Vietnam and China. Do you find those Communists oppress the people and kill democracy ?

On the other hand the most paranoid country in the world is the United States. They see ghosts and apparitions. They sense bomb everywhere. They see terrorists in the faces of those who oppose or questions policies. They handcuff people by their looks. The eye of the pyramid on the dollar bill is really at work. America is very shaky and unstable. The mental phobia is great. They see bombs are carried everywhere almost by every people.

I pity the American people. They are worse off then the people in the Communist China. Unemployment rate increase. People were evicted of their homes. I believe that there are more beggars and street people in America than in China+North Korea+Vietnam+Malaysia. During my stay and visits to the United States I found that murder happen almost everyday. Parks were infested with broken glasses. Houses were sprayed with paints. Young men would approach you and whisper for a Quarter. Those who can move to Canada would do so to find a new life. I saw many shops which were once belonged to the White Americans are now owned by the Asians. The American are told that the spending on the military is only 4% yet the amount of money spent on them could create almost a Full Employment.

Now Obama has become a shit among his own people. The PROMISED change never came. He became a parrot. Bush followed him around and finally pushed him down. The Republican made him like a Muslim. Another Republican made him looked like the Satanic Illuminati praising the Satan with the 'Thank you satan...thank you satan..." Democrats have been kicked out one by one. Who kicked them ? Am I wrong to say it is the work of the Jews in Washington ?

Many Americans hope all the chaos and madness in the United States will stop next year. And hope the Mayan calendar prophesy will be true. The nuclear bombs will explode or leak killing millions of the Americans. The typhoon and the cyclone will sweep away the planes and helicopters used by the people in the invisible government and the members of the congress.

They fear the bomb, indeed their own bomb. We just wait and see for another year.




The Malaysians will bow and prostrate to Goldman Sach.

The epicenter of Jewish power is Washington. It is here where the supreme military power lies. The number of Christians converted to Judaism is alarming. Those non-Jews and Christians who do not approve Jewish activities are branded as Terrorists. They insulted Christian by making fun of the bible , criticized the creation of universe, calling Jesus a bastard and Mary a prostitute. Jewish votes determine who should stay in congress and who should not.

The Christians should be worried of the advancing of Judaism in the West. Even the the Vactican Pope has been considered as anti-Christ. My observations on the Christian churches in most part of the United States were empty on Sunday. Judaism will kill Christianity in the West. The decay is inevitable because many policies are determined by the Jews. The Jews could not stand the Christian Trinity.

I can't explain why and how Chinney and Rumsfeld became so evil. Mac Caine and Bush are people with less brain and intelligence and proud to be called evil satan. These are murderers. They even murdered their fellow Christians by the tenth of thousands. Probably their mind have been modified by the Jews thru food-intake or other mind control procedures.

If the Christians believe that the Jews killed their god should they just sit quietly and be happy about it ? When a god is dead, it is dead.

Though the Muslims and the Jews worship the same God pray almost the same way yet they are miles apart in the disagreement. The Muslims are required to believe in the 4 revealed original books and allow to marry holders of the original books. Only Islam and Judaism are monotheistic religion. Yet the Jews are killing thousand of Muslims and called them terrorists.

Killing women and and children and unarmed civilians do not qualify the killer as a man or human. If my neighbor is a Jew and if my religion commands me to kill him, I would not do but instead would ask God to forgive me. Even Prophet Mohammed protected a Jew who had been hunted.

My question is are the Jews in Washington real Jews or are they Freemasonry ? Illuminati and Masonry do not believe in God's creation of mankind. Mankind were re-engineered by other being which was called Anunarki. If they are Masons then they could not be Jews. But AIPAC and other organizations are using the flag of David. The American Semites do not show agreements with what the Israelis do the Palestinians as well.

There are many questions yet to be answered.

 14/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Satan said "I will take the world and make every man vows at me and let them call me god". That is the oath of the Luciferian, the Satan; to create one world where everyone will worship the demon. Freemason began with a small group and still remain small but extremely powerful.

The main tool for the power build up is money. Money economy revolved a long time ago when the volume of trade increase tremendously. People would carry goods or gold for exchanges. But gold was heavy to carry, unsafe and difficult to split to smaller values for the exchange of small goods. An institution was set up to help keep the gold and documents proclaiming of the gold were issued. From here they took form of paper money valued at the amount of gold in the safety deposit. If you have 100 pound of gold you can have a cash nor more than 100 pound of notes.

When money economy replaced barter trade there seen an abrupt growth of crimes and immorality. Philosophers started to debate on the evil of money. Capitalists and greedy people with wealth made the farmers poor and a few got richer, bolder and powerful. Continuous debate, discussion and intellectual analysis finally ended up with socialism and perfect socialism which they called Communism.

Those were caused by money. Money is a very powerful tool. The Chinese has a saying 'If we have money we can command the Satan to pull the bullock cart for us'. To the founding Fathers of America money was not the final objective but a tool to build and create power without even the mass support. You don't buy the people with money to be strong. You build a strong and powerful military with the money you have. Steal or lured the scientists of the world to develop weapons.

While the United States are almost successful in having a strong military hardware under the control of a few Illuminati group in Washington, Malaysian is harnessing the police and other security forces chiefs and Judiciary to stay in power. You notice that the United States acts like a gangster terrorizing the other sovereigns which refuse to bow to it's demand, attacking anybody at all under the slogan FOR THE SECURITY AND SAFETY OF THE WORLD. It is indeed a bold statement meaning the Illuminati is owning the world and the savior of the whole mankind.

The believers call this FALSE MESSIAH. A false Messiah is a Dajjal, told as ONE EYED being, commanding for obedience and a promise of perfection and happiness. This eye is shown in the United States dollar bill. The United States was set up by Freemasonry groups.

Big money can buy banks, financial institutions, newspapers and people. You would not see who are the real people behind the banks and the media. Never be cheated by the numbers. Small number can be venomous and extremely dangerous. One bomb can kill millions of people. A million people could not fight a single tyrant.

If God wakes me up tomorrow as a young man of 25, I would swear to kill this virus one by one and work together with those oppressed to heal the world from the deadly filthy germ.

To those friends of mine who might not known or understand what I was talking about, it is enough for them to know that majority is not always strong. USA under a few illuminati group is controlling the world. The invisible few has the power as most cartoon shows says 'I AM THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE'.

12/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When two freedom are in conflict which should prevail ? This will set the limit of freedom and we say that there is no absolute freedom. You have the freedom of peace and you want to sleep in peace. Your neighbor made harassing noise by playing drums and guitars driving you crazy and you can't sleep; which freedom should prevail ? In this case the freedom of the drummer must be taken away because doing it effect and hurt the others, while your sleeping does not hurt or effect anybody.

Similarly the freedom of speech applies. A person can talk anything as long as he does not cause pain to the others. The exchanges of insults could result in a bloody conflict, which will result in the winning of the most powerful not the victory of the truth. There are still a great many of us who would not want to hurt the feelings of the others or try to avoid causing pain onto others.

Truth sometime hurt. Not talking about would cause fatal injury to the public. So people talk about corruption, nepotism and other evil doings. To formulate laws to say that telling the truth is a crime is certainly absurd and detestable. To call freedom fighters a terrorist is worse and can only come from the mouth of an evil.

Freedom is not an independent and isolated concept. It is enfolded into a culture, beliefs and practice. It is a shared public good. It is to be used within mutual respects  and tolerance for the benefit of all and final happiness. Within a certain society some freedom is curtailed for fear of uncertainty. Parents fear their children may choose a spouses of undesirable habits and characters. They think parent's choice of a spouse could ensure a good wife or a husband. One young Malaysian girl cried for her freedom to marry young.

Imposing one's will onto the others under the name of freedom is not a freedom. One has the liberty to practice what one wants but not to force by law, threat, decree or arms for someone else to follow one's way of thinking. Forcing one's will onto the others is dictatorship, evil and barbarous. Bombs and guns killed innocent children by the so-called Father of Democracy.

The fallacy of democracy and freedom is followed by the concept of majority. But majority is not always right. It can spoil a nation, kill a race and civilization and cause injury to the minority. The level of education, the ability to think and analyze and the number of educated people demand for detailed scrutiny of majority decision. That explains why bad people can be Presidents and Prime Ministers. Fool majority put them there. The strength of a few countable minority can be very strong and able to control the United States and the world. These are a handful of Jews. The concept of decision base on minority or majority does not hold water these days. Yet even meritocracy call for wisdom of those involved. It is the wisdom of goodness, truthfulness and happiness for the people.

Decision for the good of the people and the nation could not be based on major opinion but on scientific facts and data.  What is required is that those items must not be manipulated and invented.

Our concern today is the madness in our nation. You can hear and see them everyday in the media. Those are bad enough but there are worse things that you don't see. It is the duty of the Young patriots to find out and investigate the invisible hands managing our money. I have a strong haunch that even Takaful is controlled by the Jews. Further question is WHICH COMMERCIAL BANK REALLY BELONGS TO THE MALAYSIAN ? Please do the thorough investigation on the private companies and private financial institutions, including all companies belong to Mahathir Kutty.

Freedom and majority are merely images of games played by normal man. They don't give the truth and the best. They are mere tools of deception. Freemasonry is at our door step. It is in UMNO's house. The seriousness and the danger is real and frightful. When people worship a Mason, they worship Satan. There is no place in heaven for those who take Satan as their god.

11/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



This will be my last article on Aliens and UFOs because I have found the answer to my question. I have been wondering how on earth the aliens shown are similar to human beings, with head, a couple of hands and legs with 5 fingers ? It was beyond my thinking that God would creates other beings like us. If there is any other creation it would be in other forms unknown  to us. Mankind is fond of creating gods within the frame of their experiences.

I now conclude the aliens shown are false and a hoax to put in our mind that alien UFOs and ET do exist. Reagan had told the United Nation that we were not alone, and called all the nation to prepare to defend the world against the aliens invasion.

All the flying objects of all shapes fit my original beliefs that they were all man made, experimented and tested. A few UFO hunters did say the Roswell UFO were lies too.

The UFO stories has two objectives. The first one is to call the world to unite under one umbrella , THE NEW WORLD ORDER, to fight the alien invaders. The second is to make Illuminati looks like a very powerful secret society governed by a super-natural being from the other dimension, which would provide happiness and success and wealth to the followers.

The so-called alien technology on gravitation and propulsion came from mankind. It first started in Nazi Germany and later spread as the scientists dispersed to USA and South American nations.

You want to know the secret you study the history of Jews. Jews has a very long history. Many prophets of Muslims were Jewish though the last messenger is Prophet Mohammad. God gave the best brain to the Jews. The story of the Merchant of Venice somewhat gave us a picture of the mind and the heart of a Jew, who refused to show pity to get his right. In the modern world the whole bunch of them are concentrated in Washington, successfully hypnotized and command the American Presidents to pursue their agendas.

They used the internet to brainwash the world, especially the Muslim youths who hold strong to the teachings of Islam. Songs and pornographic materials are free to download. Songs from Masonic singers  like Madonna are feed into the minds of the new generations. Madonna does not interest me at all because I see her as an whore, doing sex for public viewing. Illuminati would hunt for famous people like that to push their agenda.

Now that we know the Illuminati and the Jews agenda, are we just going to lay idle about APCO and UMNO-Jewish agenda ? You can forget Mat Sabu. Keep on asking what has UMNO given to the enemy ? Their souls ? The secret of the nations ? The strong foundation for the breeding grounds ? To tell the truth, each day as I learned about the design of Illuminati, I really feel very scared about UMNO, about Najib and about the fate of the Malaysians. Why people are still blind ?

10/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Somehow I grew up not believing in ghost nor fearing of any haunted phenomena. I remember accepting a challenge to walk across a grave yard when I was 7. At the dawn of my age I came to know the scientific Westerners are saying a few national leaders are not as what we see. They are reptiles taking a form of a human being. They are real demons coming from the other world. I am not going to mention names of those reptiles shown on the video clip here. The myth and spirit has long gone. People only believe in facts and data, not something spiritual and ghost like.

The resurrection of what minds had been rejected for years began with the spread of literature on Illuminati. The symbols like pyramid, compass, owl and eye drove people to dig more on their origins and history. Ancient chronicles show us many mysterious things. Eventually we come to that we are not alone in this universe. Beings from the other planets known by several names. Words like sun god, vimana, anunarki etc. began to swirl into our minds. The acknowledgement of aliens are confirmed by scientists and other big names. A few say t aliens can take form of light, human or reptiles. The puzzle increases when someone says that there structures and pyramids on Mars and moon.

Whether it is true or not, you can choose to believe or reject it. I choose to believe that there are political leaders or their spouses who had been transformed from reptiles. They may not only confined to trhe White skin people, There are many monitor lizards in Southeast Asia too. One man who investigate Masonary said that these people ( reptiles ) do not have human or religious morality, know no sin nor hell. They lie and lie all the way. They destroy anybody who come their way. They will even ask you to take your own life to proof of your obedience to the society.

When I observed our government policy I sensed something spooky. It seems to qualify the characteristics described. They cheat and bully the people by licensing corporate bodies to rob and squeeze the citizens. They privatized utilities to enrich their friends. These are the characteristics of the illuminati group. There is no human feeling and no feeling of sorry nor regret. They can go to sleep with the crimes done. They continue to gather wealth by crooked means using slogans like 'for your own benefit' , 'for economic development' , 'we can show our achievement to the world' etc. They keep diverting people's attention away using TV and other media.

Yet my mind still cannot comprehend of demons aliens in human form controlling nations. I agree that Bush is bad and Chinney is an evil man, but to say they are reptiles transformed is is almost to impossible for my mind to accept it.

Once the politicians in Malaysia believed so much on magical powers. I am sure many would still remember Mona Fandi and Jeremy killing people. And almost all UMNO leaders at those time will have a shaman ( bomoh ) where they would consult and asked for protection. While people felt so spooky following the court case, I dismissed the reality of the shaman, and Mona Fandi. They said she could make herself invisible. I said she would be hung and burnt by the hell fire.

I may be asked whether God is a spirit. And I would say NO. A God is a God. It is beyond our mind to discuss God. We can't analyze God's reason and objective. God does not transform to take any form, human or not.

The Americans studied the eyes of their leaders and others to determine their natures. Those possessed by demons would look like reptilians. You must look at every politician's face eye to eye or from their image on the TV. You need to study by yourself the shapes of both the human and reptilians eyes. The eyes of Bush Senior and junior and Hillary were so distinct indicating they are reptilians. But I just could not believe it at any cost.

Literature says the willingness of the many to worship the Satan is the greed to achieve power and wealth. I would not believed even the Satan would give them the magical power like the tale of the ancient sorcerers or the magic wand, or even transformed a snake into a King or a Queen, or Bush or Obama. If their eyes are slimly elongated as the eyes of the cat, it must be some sensible explanation to it. Or else people would demand to examine the eyes of Najib, Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Lim Kit Siang and others. As for Ibrahim Ali, the people should not waste their time. Guess what is the shape of his eyes ?

The age of sorcerers is over. So it goes with a man with super natural power. Of course there are blood suckers and tyrants and Illuminati. They are just as human as we are. We can always defeat them if we have enough will to oust them.




A scientist works with data, translates experimental result into formula, and investigate the hypothesis to prove the truth. Scientists can explain happenings. An inventor and experimenter may not be a scientist. He may or may not know how to put the findings into formula, neither be able how to explain it. Any uneducated person can run an experiment by trial and error and would not be able to explain how it really works. When a backyard experimenter , John Hutchinson, became famous with his radio wave experiment, many scientists did not welcome him into the Scientist Community. He lacked the ability to mathematically explain the anti-gravity effect and other molecular structure.

John collected stuffs from junk yards of old military equipments and play around with them and discover radio wave could move objects and changed the metal structure. Different combination of frequencies and power were used, and he saw several effects. One of the latest experiments was the HAARP effect on weather.

Though he is not a scientist or a physicist and frowned upon by the more smart scientific professionals, his experiment and machines are dangerous enough to cause great problem, especially the HAARP effect.

I see that John would have been a million-air if he was unknown to the public but instead built a rain machine and paten it. Even the earth quake machine could pick up a lot of money.

It takes a long time and a hard work for a person to become a scientist. They may be very educated and smart. But if they work to make weapons to kill million of people then how could we respect such kind of people. They allow themselves to be tools of the murderers.

A successful experimenter like John could have been educated by the scientist to make him a better researcher. What he discovered is something important and of value to some community. I don't know whether John really understand the basic of electro-magnetic waves, oscillation, harmonic and resonant. If he has knowledge on physics pertaining to  matter and energy, time and space, frequencies and vibration, I think his status would be exalted.

Experiments would be very interesting when successful or when some is found to happen. Cracking a metal with radio wave means weapons to crack tanks and warships without even going to war.  

We sure respect the scientists for their contributions to humanity. At the same time we also observed their nature and characters. When Nikolai Tesla went to see Edison, he had had a tough time with Edison. When the Wright Brothers wanted to make an air-plane many dismiss the possibility because they say air-plane is denser than the air. Even on the concept of gravity different people see it in different way and perspective; some say gravity is created in a spinning body, others say it is the interaction of time and space.

John's popularity is recognized as a normal layman who discovered the secret of matter behavior by accident using the old surplus military junks. Well done.

08/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Recommended download

Bohemian Grove

 Video deleted . But please download



It happened sooner than I thought. When shit has become our guide in place of wisdom, sooner or later we will be doomed. UMNO and it's machinery agitated not only the local Chinese, Indians and the Malays but also foreigners else where. Statements and insanity broadcasted by the media called for people's judgment on the Malaysian politicians. In this case UMNO was the worse. Even the role of judges and those involved in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim have angered people of the world. You can fool most people most of the time but you can't fool everybody all the time.

Lee Kuan Yew's statement is something one has to consider and given an utmost attention. The statement was terse and strong. I called it the challenge to a duel put in a different way. Of course we don't want war with Singapore and we can just ignore LKY. Ignoring LKY does not mean we can go to sleep and continue to act like a mad dog and do whatever we want and say whatever we like to our own people. Ghadafi and Assad did not cause harm to the Americans. only dealing with their own protesting dissidents. And even that has called for foreign attack and intervention. We must not forget of the Confrontation event in the 60's, the American marines landed in Malaysia to defend the Malaysians against it's bully. Foreign government could protect the bullied people anywhere else.

Bullying our own citizens in the modern world would not let you go scots free. UMNO and Utusan Malaysia had been insulting China by calling Bersih Communist and attacking it thru Mat Sabu.

What if we really go to war with Singapore. Is UMNO saying Malaysia is strong enough to walk thru Singapore in two hours ? We have enough of ONE katak, Ibrahim Katak, under the coconut shelf. Is UMNO still blind at the purchase of Jewish soft ware from Singapore for our security forces ?

The assessment of an effective government is seen thru many angles and areas. People observe the statements made by the chief police and TV commentators, and the UMNO politicians. People see the uncontrolled crimes, the number of acid splashers, car thefts, drugs addicts, illegal immigrants, and all other government agencies. High corruption cases and poor administration are all taken into consideration. Then they are validated.

In the history of the world I have not come across any leaders who are paying million of dollars to consultants to enhance their popularity. I waited 65 years to see one. Then there had been numerous accusation on Ghani Patail on corruption and conspiracy of fixing up UMNO's political enemy. And Ghani is not a plain man like Chat Gila. He is in the judiciary. And the next Menteri Besar of Kedah, if UMNO wins, will be someone who only pass SRP/LCE. The list can go on and on without ending.

That's why people dare to challenge us to a duel. They know they would win; in the world court or in the battle field. In a way it is good for Lee Kuan Yew to call the Malaysian action as an act of war. Let wisdom be our guides and not the shit dropped from the bad mouth.

07/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Someone is hiding something about Area 51 and the story of alien encounter. While some are doing a thorough investigation about the alien visit, others have found another convincing documents about the real UFOs. UFO all started in Germany by the German Scientists. During the World War II, many scientists ran to the United States and took the task of developing the new secret vehicles for the United States military. A few escaped to South America and the German community is still in the continent till today, and are believed to building the saucer for the South American government too.

The American UFO technologies were said from Germany not from the aliens. I have been sceptical from the beginning looking at the aliens which have similar characteristics as a human. Hence all claim of the third encounter are untrue. You need to watch the documentary on Nazi UFO on the You Tube channel and follow the case closely.

Why then US military wants to play a game to make the people believe that the aliens are around us in human form ? One distinguish person said that the aim was to have a continuous funding, to make the Military Industrial Complex get as much money as possible.

As the unemployment is raising and the economy is getting bad US government continuance of siphoning public funds for war and military projects could have an adverse effect on the country. If the media decide to play fair and set no restriction to all sort of information the American citizens and the people of the world would understand the true design of a few interested group.

As for the theory of the new propulsion and anti-gravity system came from alien technology at the moment could be put on hold. They are human technology being experimented by various scientists throughout the world. The origin was from Germany. The most to produce them was USA. The military are using them for surveillance and probably spying in China and North Korea.

However I do not dismiss of the existence of the alien UFO. I have to keep my mind opened and have to be careful in assessing reports of the sighting by the ISS. We have to make a really critical analysis of the behavior of the objects observed by the Astronauts. Having said that saucer's technology could pick up very high speed and that the achievement in anti-gravity has reached it's excellence, sending a craft to the outer space and maneuvering it from the earth would be a simple task. NASA knows the truth.

If it is so that alien is still in human imagination than the myth of Illuminati could be thrown aside. The story of Anunarki and other ancient aliens were merely to make it looks and sound so powerful and supernatural. It was similar to the ancient Kings who were made devine to relate them to super beings coming from the sky of kingdom of heaven. A King's wrath could kill a person.

If you believe the 911 is truly the work of Osama then you know that US's defense was weak. With ability of mastering and controlling the space and supreme technology no Osama could touch America. This is more true than anything else. It is true than the design had a multi-purpose objectives including the step of robbing other people's wealth and to enrich a few.

It is a thought provoking when a strong country with state of the art weapons is experiencing a tough battle with fire and cyclones like Lee and Irene and probable earth quake which may be swallowing Washington and the White House any time. A wind and thunderstorm is normal. Flood happens. BUT it is not normal when the Washington Monument cracked and nature is showing it's force repeatedly hitting the UFO nation.

As for most of us, let us wait and see. How much more insane will Washington get into, and the shadow governments on it's relentless effort to go wild with the feeling of it's invincibility. They must remember their last battle with HAMAS, mere small group, called them to withdraw their tanks.

At a single moment when I came to believe that the aliens were in area 51, what came across my mind was 'Why the alien was so good to the rogue and cruel people' ? Were they devil ? Now let's continue to monitor the event.

07/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I plead to Allah the Al-Mighty to forgive me for writing on this topic which may be against the teaching of Islam. I just feel there might be parallel thought of many others similar to my thinking. So I am trying to put forward in a brief form what the others may be thinking.

God asks us to think of the Greatness and refrain from questioning things beyond our mind. But Scientists continue to investigate the detail and the hidden things beyond our mind. In Islam God conveys Wahyu and Wahi in various forms. The highest to the prophets is termed Wahyu. God sends Wahi to bees and the earth, to the other human in form of Ilham. Hence some people have minds beyond the other fellow humans. They contributed much to the research, investigation and the knowledge most of us don't know.

Islam says Isa ( Jesus ) will be back when nearing ends. The Christians believe in the same thing. The Jews do not believe in Isa and claimed they have killed Isa. I remember hearing a religious teacher saying that Isa will return at a place somewhere in Syria, an Arab land. Yet many try to imagine how Isa will be brought back to the world, otherwise there will be many people claim that they are Isa and sent by God to save the world.

Then people all over the world is discussing illuminati; the symbols, the signs and the members. The cult was traced back from the ancient Babylon, the capital of Mesopotamia. The Sumerian civilization and the Babylonians were excelled in Mathematics and Sciences and in geometry and algebra. The symbols of illuminati much come from this ancient civilization associated with this ancient culture, The Illuminati is a secret society with secrets which could never been told and broken to the others.

What is the secret of the secret society of eyes as a symbol, pyramid and horns ?

The secret is the parallel world or universe where the living being from the other world has visited this world. They called those as gods.

The Babylon and Sumeria is the current country of Iraq. In Iraq it was believed there was a building to be the star-gate where the being from the other world would come in form of a strong energy source. The building is called the Tower of Babel. Many leaders of the world from all religions under Interfaith tour program were brought to this tower and had seen the force of energy after the way was opened.

While the archeologists are doing the investigation of the ancient aliens and the flying saucers, it has been reported and confirm that the aliens are within us and we also learn their technology.

The illuminati believe the Babylonian god will come back. Some called it Anunarki. Anunarki will be back. For what purpose I have not found yet. But I will never ever relate Anunarki to Prophet Isa. If the Tower of Babel is in Iraq and it is a star-gate for human from the other world would come and visit, it could be the god of Illuminati. Could it be a Dajal ? Or the Dajal is the union of Washington-Pope-Israel ?

With plenty of alien spaceships and visit, we know life exist somewhere else. The Muslims were already told about these lives in the story of Israk and Mikraj. The fast moving animal or vehicle was already described.

There was a fear that the truth may happen by those who insult the prophet Isa. The Jews know their cruelty, murdering and killing, To them the Koran and Bible are threats and if the truth comes then the prophet Isa will be back either from Syria, Dyria-Iraq Border or possibly Iraq. So they want to destroy Syria and Iraq of the possible area where the prophet might return. To them the second killing must be done.

There are people who believed that religious reason was the objective rather than the quest for oil. If the prophet Isa came back to the earth it is seen from the sky on the so called alien vehicle. ( God forgive me for my rude conjecture).

You just observe the inhumanity of people in Washington and Israelis on the fellow human throughout the world including it's own country. Their behavior have been very abnormal and do not seem as human. It could be timely for God to send the savior Prophet Isa to save the horrible cruelty. Only God knows.

06/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you have to choose one, which one would you choose; Israel or China ? You can consult either your emotion or your reason. When I consult both, they gave the same answer. I chose China.In other word I chose Mat Sabu who stands for China and UMNO for Israel. Today Communist is almost dead, live only in it's name but practice in capitalist. Whatever Mat Sabu said could not inflict disaster to the people and the Malays. BUT without any noise the Jews is encroaching and penetrating UMNO and other corporate bodies in the country.

There are thousands and probably millions of Malaysians, Malays and others have been visiting China. Who came back as a Communist ? Many repeatedly went there to see the beauty of the 'Communist' country. This year I chose China not America which is inflicting pain and torture on the Muslims, arresting the anti-war dissidents, called it's own citizens terrorists and happily shooting women and children , behaving worse than wild animals. Today, when you talk of power in USA you are talking about Jews.

No UMNO protests against Jews encroachment into Malaysia or picketing in front of Ministry of Defense for the missing jet engine or the death of Bank Bumiputera etc.

UMNO is too desperate for issues and each day baiting the opposition and spending money to moles and greedy people to create cases and then the false flag attack.

One interesting question to UMNO is "What is in a person who call himself a Communist ? " If you ask me what do I see in a person who is a Jew, I say I do see a gun pointing at a child's head, chasing a Palestinian out of his house and land at 2 am and the phosphorous bomb on Palestinian land, the greed and power of Illuminati recruiting UMNO members to be in the secret society.

Mat Sabu made a hero out of a Communist could never be a threat as compared to the Jewish influence in UMNO.

Whatever I would like to advise the opposition party to look before you leap. Educate yourself to enhance your knowledge and strength. Take a good care of every word uttered. "Kerana pulut santan binasa"

05/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When you control the banks, media, corporate bodies, economy and the military you will almost be invincible. You ask the police and the military to protect you, not the country. That is what power is all about. But no problem cannot be unsolved. It will, sooner or later. History is not confined to the rise and fall of a nation but also the rise and fall of civilization. Strong and powerful government fall. Lustrous civilization only left clues but went missing. If Illuminati is that strong with people who control media and money and military, surely somewhere there are people who are more brilliant than the Illuminati who can work under the stealth background.

In science , if we follow the progress from the beginning the basic starts with elements. Then people talk of matter and atoms, proton and and electrons, and on and on. Later they talk of the opposite force, matter vs anti matter, proton and anti-proton, magnetic field and the reverse form, gravity and anti-gravity. It appears like the many co-incidences of nature as to light and darkness, day and night, male and female. Hence the crimes, illuminati and evils are not without challenges.  It takes a group of men to sit and plan as what the Jewish in Washington did.

Bad governments like to play on emotions rather than facts. Their main purpose is to cover their criminal activities and will indoctrinate the mass to side them. They use media to hide their evil crimes and their immoral activities like robbing and cheating trillion of dollars in various forms. America use 'FOR THE SECURITY OF THE AMERICANS'  and Malaysia use 'FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT'. The design is identical, to amass great wealth. Billions went missing in the Iraq War. Drugs became a good business of the CIA in Afghanistan. In Malaysia unnecessary projects were created to siphon the nation's money. Corporate bodies enjoy all the benefit. In Malaysia the most cheated are the Malays.

If the Malaysians feel bad, the Americas are facing worse problem. At least when flood strike us, our government would quickly sent aids of all forms to the victims. Tenth of thousands of Irene victims are yet waiting for the aid from their government. It would be a big joke for the congress to debate and pass the aid to the victims whereas there were no approval seek to attack the Libyans. Aids must be repaid by votes for the government or to admit that 911 was the work of Osama. Here BN government claimed all aids are from the government's money, when they are from the citizens.

How bad is our government compared to the American Republic ? Right now America does not show that it is a government run by a human being. It has no consideration on the Irene's victims. It does not invite or allow those who sacrifice themselves saving the victims of 911 to join the '911 Remembered' in a few days time. It tapped the phones of the 911 victims. It gave away free money of billion of dollars to corporate bodies and bankers while the citizens are suffering from joblessness and force closures. Many are moving away to seek survival. It arrests those suspect as terrorists at 2 - 3 am. Those who questions the 911 are branded as terrorists. Obama is not ashamed of lying to the people time and again. Bush is worse than a demon.

To fight an evil government use their own weapons. The clues are in John F Kenedy's words on secret society. It will be a hard fight but it could be very effective. The ancient art of war was to kill a King to win the war game. The combination of several tasks could give a fatal and decisive blow.

If America falls all other evil government will fall too.

03/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



After analyzing how the Jews network control America, I feel so very sorry for the Malays and the Muslims in this country because I know that we have somewhat sold our country to the Jews. The penetration has been so deep till no military and police secrets have ceased to be secret anymore. Every day tons of data flow out freely to foreign government. The Jews seized the opportunity to exploit the weakness of human nature and promised to deliver what Najib and UMNO had always wanted i.e to remain in power.

Even the American Defense and the police forced are using the software developed by Jewish company PTEC. Every phone conversation in USA could be heard in Israel.

Is UMNO blind or uneducated enough to know the work of the Jews operative in the government ? If you know who finance the American media and how they carry the Jewish agenda, you will see the similarity with Utusan Malaysia's operation. The case building technique is identical. I saw Najib is a mere pawn. There are people behind who brought the Jewish computer system into our defense and APCO inside Putrajaya.

I would have expected Ibrahim Ali or Khairy to do a thorough investigation on Jewish penetration into our national security system. Investigate the profit and loses of Utusan Malaysia and where the money to finance it's survival come from. Investigate the Jewish network in Malaysia and the running dogs. Mahathir himself had said that the Jews are controlling the world thru proxies.

You may simply dismiss my thought. But later on you will be struggling to search back this little article when everything has been too late. While some are blind to see thru the wall, a group have deliberately prostrating to Israel flag. APCO was not allowed to be debated in parliament. Why ? It is because of the deep penetration. Jews power has become that strong.

In the United States no Jews can be thrown out thru democracy. The American election system and tradition will somehow made any President a puppet. They finance the Presidential campaign. If they see Ron Paul is gaining popularity and support money would flow to his camp. Already Ron Paul who is gaining momentum was surprise at the amount of money he gets from the fund raising.

Even if APCO packs and go the Jewish network system has set a foot here.

You may ask what the Jews want from us; we are not an oil rich country and we are a small sovereign.

Every nation regardless of the size has it's own characteristic of some significance. Otherwise Goldman Sach would have not visit us.

I don't think so the vast majority of UMNO members deliberately want to sell our sovereignty to foreign nation. They are more blind or illiterate enough to see any invisible design. They could start by learning the modern history of the United States, know why JFK was killed and do a thorough investigation on the covered Jews activity and how smart they are in controlling the mind of the people throughout the world.

I think it is a high time for us to design our own wafer and produce our own microprocessor and chips. We must also design our own operating system. They don't have to be of the state of the art technology. As long as we can keep on using the comatiputer for record keeping and other office work and enable us to have local network communication.

We also do not need foreign expert to make ourselves popular among the nation of the world. There is always a sacrifice for every favor we ask beside the payment made. If we can't trust our people it means our whole education system fail to deliver. Remember it has been UMNO that is manipulating it since independence.

If UMNO still does not sense the peril of the Jewish network in our country, there is nothing that we can do but to feel sorry to the Malays and the nation. As usual the Malays would fall back on fate and leave everything to God. Those who do evil will end up in hell. So let they do whatever they like. This world is only temporary. God gives glory to the infidels in the world but gives heaven to the Muslims in the world thereafter. Hence the Malays can continue to lay at rest. QED and good luck.

01/09/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Look in your crystal ball

I remembered well an Indian man with a bird sitting by the roadside for fortune telling. To see your future the bird will be asked to pick up a card among the many. The Indian opened up the card and read your future. In other corner we find a palm reader. Later Muslims were told the practice is against the religious teaching. Only God knows what a person's future will be.

Does it mean a Muslim cannot think and plan what the future will be ? Were the Malays brought not to compute the probability and possibility and leave everything to God ? If so then the Muslims and the Malays cannot do the daily planning because they involve the near and far future ? No wonder the Malays have been selling their lands away. Yet unknowingly many send their kids to Arabic schools for fear the future would be morally disastrous for their kids.

We don't look at the crystal ball to see what the future is. We don't ask a parrot to tell us our future. Religion forbid a Muslim to seek another human to see or predict our future. One could not consult a satan but God. One is asked to pray seeking God's help for a certain decision. When the orthopedic doctor asked my wife to decide whether to proceed with the spinal surgery, we did pray for God's to show us the right path.

We compute the future on our own by looking at the data of facts and the causal effect and base on the human psychology and behavior. The prediction never end with IT WILL but on the probability and possibility. If you go fishing in a lake full of fish, you can predict the possibility of a high catch. If you go to the former tin mining lake it is highly probabale you may not catch any fish at all. We don't consult any shaman or saint or an Indian with a bird or a Gypsy with a crystal ball.

Now that we know aliens have visited our earth and the United State's military has possess the alien technology on propulsion and anti-gravity, what do you think the United States army will do ? Is there any ulama who will tell you, you are not allowed to make prediction or compute the possibility of the action that will take place ? 

Muslims are not allowed to predict the end of the world next year. Scientists do not believe in the prophesy either. But that does not stop you from searching for the possibilities, first thru the looking glass of religion. Didn't religion mentioned a series of happenings which are going mad right now ; same sex marriage, people selling God's words with a few cents, children fight the parents and many many more. We talk of the Dajjal and Christians talk of the anti-Christ. And everyone is opening their eyes wide looking at the coming of Jesus Christ. How Jesus is coming ?

A woman with a crystal ball or the Indian man do not know Nibiru is heading towards earth or a huge commet is coming this way. Many do not know that the aliens with the high speed vehicles are coming and go. There are star war weapons in the space. There are plenty of nuclear warheads. And there are mad men running the nations. Are Muslims barred from thinking the possibility of the near or far future ?

The failure of IMP, the smokeless steel mill, the death of Bank Bumiputera, the pendulum of education system, the incompetentcy of the Malays, the apostate issue and the broken of UMNO's protectitive field to shield the Malays are all due to the non-active computation of the future. Have the Malays been so short sighted or do they think it is a sin to plan and see the future ?

Scientific prediction is based on data and causal effect, of human behavior and characteristics, on observing the raise and false of the past nations. If ministers consult medium and shaman, judges flips a coin to pass judgment and every Muslim seek an Indian parrot and palm readers to see their future then it is truly that they are sinful.

Yet big names of the West do consult astrologers to see their future.

31/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't know what exactly Mat Sabu said. A few search thru Yahoo I came across a summary which said that Mat Sabu mentioned Mat Indra was the real hero. I suppose Mat Indra was a Communist terrorist. When he was fiercely attacked he responded by saying he did not remember anything, never mentioned the word communist. If it was so the opposition must learn something.

For every ceramah they must made their own recordings, a copy of which must be kept by the orator. Secondly they must think or discuss the topics before they are delivered. They have to think whether the statements could be manipulated.

Had the opposition taught of UMNO's strategy and what was meant by AT ANY COST ? That include handsome payment to DAP members to admit things accused  by the Utusan. Remember UMNO hired Jews to plan it's strategy. And Jews are not moron like many of us. Any of their blow is extremely fatal. They can make you a terrorist, a Christian or even a Communist.

UMNO had almost killed Keadilan. Having done this it is imploring of killing PAS. All these are done to protect evil and corruption. The Malays could not think as smart as the Chinese and are easily swayed. Mat Sabu's statement could easily make them forget about every evil of UMNO.

Self education is imperative else politicians outlook and knowledge will be limited. Both BN and PKR people have been making silly statements from time to time. BN always have advantage because it has bigger guns to fire. Error on the part of PKR would invite a fatal blow from all directions. BN employ psychologists and psychiatrists to study the mentality of the populace especially the Malays. A big bulk of the people believes in what the media tells them.

Right now most knowledge demands proficiency in English. One should study the origin and how communism come into existence, it's rise and fall. At the same time one need to know the birth of democracy and liberty; how and where it evolved. Also it is important to know the  beginning of Illuminati and capitalism. What the shadow government is and how it came about; the concept of Military Industrial Complex.

There is no different between capitalism base on Illuminati ideal and Communism and some other global concept and ideal. It is the idea of bringing all nations under one rule and one belief. There are many who rejects NWO because it carries the ideal. It has been argued that Chin Peng was not a nationalist because he murdered people for the Communist one world ideal. Likewise if Mat Indra was a Communist, he was just as good as Chin Peng.

Can you trace under what philosophy are we running our country ? At least the late Sukarno declared Indonesia was practicing Guided Democracy. Or shall we name it Rojak Democracy ? Whatever that suit us we adopt it, applied and then put it away for the next usage.

Modern politics is not a straight forward affair. You can't do whatever you like to the people as commanded by your emotion. It is not merely politics of the people. We are now facing with new elements i.e the aliens, NWO, advance technology. Your enemy can destroy us without declaring any war on us. If they us as a specie not worth to live because of the greed of the politicians, they could bring earth quake and cyclones to our land, or even kill the fish in our ocean.

Even how strong UMNO think it is, I don't think it will last forever. It could be less than another 25 years. 25 years is something SURE. If the quake swallows Putrajaya and all the bad UMNO members a few months time then UMNO will be gone forever. Many Americans do not find that as unfounded fear. A few is observing whether the recent Irene was the work of HAARP. And many are waiting to see what the aliens are going to do to us. To most of us it is most unlikely foreign intervention will occur whether from other nation, other being or the force of nature.

If UMNO dismiss all the above then UMNO has to decide and say who is Mat Sabu. Is he a Communist or a Muslim ?




The memory of 9/11 will be remembered soon. Bush, Chinney and Rumsfeld will be inserting of their innocents and continue with their blames on the so-called terrorists though it was clear the three buildings collapsed due to controlled demolition. Already everyone started to narrate where they were and what they did at the time of the bombing. Chinney was the most evil man alive in the United States today. ( Who is the most evil in Malaysia ? )

During the ceremony not all were invited especially the respondents because most of them knew what really happened that day. They invited the church to say sermon on that day and the church has difficult time to search for words. So far we have not hear anyone would be having the Koran burning ceremony. BUT we can be sure that tenth of thousands of the police and volunteers will be deployed to bar those who believe in THE INSIDE JOB from coming to New York.

I remember the date very well because it coincides with my birthday. That was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning of 11th September 2001. How quick the time fast. I felt the 911 was just yesterday. Today and each day we hear the phrase FOR OUR SECURITY from the mouths of those in Washington as if all the other countries in the world are not concern of their security. America can kill anybody in any part of the world for the security of the nation.

Like the American public, it never cross my mind that Americans can behave worst than the animals. Notice how Clinton and Bush lied to the public and the world and later Obama. They have no concern of the killings of women and children in Afghanistan and Palestinians but shown a sudden concerned to the rebels shot by Ghadafi or Assad. They can killed their own people, 3000 of them to find justification for war on the Muslims. Obama 'Yes we can ... yes we can..' can't keep the promise to the people. Instead he embraced Freemason.

The 911 opened up my mind to see the designed of people in Washington. I always see Henry Kissinger and Goldman Sach in my mind and how the group is manipulating the American Presidents. They are to see their employee will be the next President of the United States.

Locally Mahathir responded by labeling people in robbed as terrorists and religious schools as the breeding ground for terrorists. School children were barred from wearing the white head-ware ( ketayap) because it was seen as a Muslim symbol.

Yes I will always remember 911. I never celebrate it. I never get any gift nor wishes. I am happy with it.

29/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



 Deleted by You Tube

When we were kids, we used to look up the sky and appreciate it's beauty hours before the sun set. From the sight we tried to translate the happenings from the various shapes of the clouds. When clouds were arranged like the scale of a fish we would say there were lots of fish in the sea. Cloud shapes were numerous and we were thinking of them as angels in the sky.

Almost 60 years later we were informed that the activity of the electro-magnetic wave could shape things up up there. If every ham radio operators in the world were to focus their transmission at the same point something is bound to happen to the atmosphere at the point. The various effects could be the function of power and frequency.

There are people who said that HAARP was shot at the Irene to reduce the power and impact. It was reported Irene finally downgrade from a strong cyclone to thunderstorm. The damage was much lower than expected. But we don't have the conclusive evidence to show HAARP was applied.

People are toying around with the electromagnetic wave for the good use, hoping it would be utilized to cure cancer and other diseases instead of depending on oral drugs. But the military is believed to experiment with it to destroy nations. Quake in Haiti, China and Japan were associated with HAARP. Hours before the catastrophes colors of red, yellow and blue were seen in the sky above the affected areas.

Experiments can always go wrong and could cause in a devastating catastrophe. And if the ET think and feel like us, the first country they would destroy will be the United States by activating the nuclear arsenals to blast in their own silos.

The United States possess super technology and military power no nation can surpass. Do you believe it is easy for any moron to attack the World Trade Center in 2001 ?

29/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It had been a dream to create a perfection in the world. Reading the Adam Smith, the classical economist, he said that the world population would be checked by death due to hunger, war and natural calamities. Population explosion could create chaos and would robbed away happiness which mankind should possessed. With people of various differentiation of characters and emotional states resulted in the chaotic state.

New World Order is to achieve perfection where the population can live in happiness, safe and tranquility; no crook and murderer, enough food for everyone. To do this the world must be under a single control. This is the basic of the NWO. The new order is to be brought by the members of illuminati.

To check the world population it has to start from the killing of a Pariah groups ie the non-Jews and the non-European stock human being. The elimination begins with wars on the pariah countries. To justify the killings a case must be built. Henry Kissinger had started it by coining a word Terrorists even before the 9/11 event to point out that the Palestinians were terrorists and those supporting them were also terrorists. Iraq and Afghanistan would provide a double edge swords; oil and reducing the population. 9/11 was then created. And justification was made to murder the Muslims.

HAARP moved from a research body to a killing body. HAARP ( High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was to study the weather and atmospheric condition. Later experimented with weather modification, turning clouds into various shapes like a flying saucer to the killings of birds in a different parts of the world. It was believed the recent disaster in Japan was a result of HAARP experiment.

I will try to print pictures of HAARP weather modification experiments in the later articles.

Beside using bombs and tanks it is believed that HAARP would also kill using the weather and other form looked like natural disaster.

As a Muslim I recalled what my religious teacher told us when we were young; at the nearing of the end of the world a dajal would appear and it was so powerful that it could resurrect the deads, award us with whatever we want as long as we prostrate to it. Now we begin to see things we never ever thought possible before; the coming of the aliens, merciless murdering, criminals ruling the nations, and now HAARP.

28/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The first time I talked on the Ham Radio was from Eshee, Ismail Razak, house. Esheen was young then and I was about 25 years old. Now he is 84.

It was yesterday Saito, 9M2SX, rang me and a few other friends telling us of the misfortune of Eshee. Eshee had a blockage and the stroke hit his right part of the body. Manan, 9M2MP, Hairi and a few other boys from Perlis quickly made a trip to Penang on receiving the news. I waited until today.

On entering the room 212 at the Island Hospital I tapped a Morse code on his arm, giving my call call sign and Hanafi's call sign and told him to rest. He opened his eyes to look at us but he was too weak.

Old HAMs are fading. One by one went off the air. Some died and some are not happy with the current situation of hamming. A few gave up amateur radio. And I too am about to surrender my license when the 9Ws were given 40 meter band.

Eshee had been MART's treasurer for quite a long time during when ham radio was full of fun and great. He is among the best CWers in the country.

Every evening Eshee, Idris, Dato' Tan, Tungku Archie, Ibrahim Oxford, Rajamani, Arvatar Singh, Ari, Chow, Chong and many others would come on the band almost daily and the band became merrier, full of jovial stuffs. Ham radio was a joy then.

Eshee was a legend in many ways. And he is very well known internationally and well respected by the international ham radio community.

27/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Americans have mastered the alien UFO technology since 1980's and are testing the space crafts now and have flown them mostly into China. The technology was obtained from the crash alien UFOs in different parts of the world including from Roswel Mexico. A few aliens were captured and placed in Area 51. Scientists were called to work on the alien craft to find out how they work but restricted only a certain area of the craft. The space-craft contains 3 amplifiers. One of them is the propulsion system, small in size at the most bottom of the three layered saucer. The propulsion system works on base on the nuclear principal.

The aliens were smaller and were forced to assist.

Area 51 is in Nevada mountain desert not far away from Las Vegas had a very tight security.

Not every scientist was happy working with the government for several reasons. One of it was it was very oppressive.

Today, when you see UFO of various forms of lights you can be sure they could be the objects belonging to the American military. The Chinese may not be aware of this yet. This American conventional UFO can fly at a very high speed and will take 6 hours to the moon. Now the military is trying to place nuclear warheads on it.

With this the military is still hunting any alien UFO in any part of the world because they believe they can overpower the aliens and took back the spacecraft. They are hunting the Vimana Flying Object which they believe to be hidden in Afghanistan mountain.

Is America supreme now with the alien technology ? That's what Washington and military thinks. That's why they play god and commanding the world.

There is a simple principle; at any time there are smarter people then we are.

In short Area 51 is where several aliens were kept to assist in the building of the American conventional UFO and a place where the vehicles were tested.

This is not fiction, not lies and not a guess.

What bothers my mind is why the aliens shown in Area 51 and other places are like our human being; having heads, arms, legs and body identical to us. It could not be a co-incidence life somewhere else evolve like us. That would give a hard evidence for the Theory of Evolution. To say the creatures deliberately transform their shapes to the nearest possible human is a conjecture we have to think about.

It is absurd to say any living thing in any other part of our galaxy will evolve to be the same like having hands with five fingers each and have eyes to see. The theory of chance can only happen if the different phenomena comes from the same source. Mankind has to revert back to the Holly Books or books of tradition to trace on the origin of life after the big bang.

Let us all observe more what will be coming. Just be on the look out. May be we will find the answer.

25/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I saw in a You Tube clip an Israel army tore some kind of a legal letter shown by one American. What did it implies ? It means the soldier did not recognize the legal letter. It is a story of a man and a law. A group of people agreed to write a certain clause and called it a law for others to obey. What is the strength of law ? The wordings ? The people behind it ?

When countries were ruled by Kings, people believe their kings were descendents from gods and bestowed in them super natural powers which could cause those who opposed him their lives or illness. The power of the country's law was the fear of the ruler's super-natural power. And when the church came people were made to fear God's wreath, the disobedient could mean being strike by a lightning. People were made to fear God and obey the church. When Kings become Christians the divinity of the King and religion combined that made people obey.

Revolt against religion and it's law gave rise to freedom and liberty. The interdependent of individuals in a community requires some rules as to deal with any member of the community who might cause pain on the others like stealing, cheating or killing. When laws were created they were expected to be enforced and obeyed. Again the same question was asked; what was the strength behind the law ?

A man made a law. Another man may not recognize it. Though the power is put behind it there would still be many people who just can't accept and obey. The power is the guns and the bombs and any other weapons given to the people we called the police, army, special forces. Without these no person who refuse to accept the rules could be dealt with. Drug dealers and gun runners are among a few who do not accept the laws. And almost all over the globe mankind ignores religious dogma ( law ).

A strong and powerful man can respect no law if he chose too. Governments are of the habits not to respect laws, local or international. A strong and powerful nation can make their own rules for the other countries. Embargo and No Fly Zone are among the few that we have heard. Locally they made rules of law to tax the people, take their land, imprisoned without trial and sell the land to the foreigners. Powerful individual can create judges and police of his own style. They can call you a terrorist, you can't call them one.

When a new government takes over, it can brush all the old laws and agreement aside. It won't be strike by a lightning. It just does not recognize all those laws or parts of them. Likewise a man can ignore any law just like the Israel army was.

Notice who are the people who make a mockery of the law ? What is seditious to one is not to the other. Have you not heard people say "UMNO IS THE LAW" ?

24/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Obama knew his popularity has declined. He did not deliver his election promise to withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. He did not revive the economic illness brought by the Republicans. He continued to sign the hated executive orders against American constitution including the extension of the patriot Act. The church called him Anti-Christ. The Christians called him a Fanatic Muslims. He falsify his birth certificate and the Republican is attacking him fiercely. One thing he knew was the Americans like to hear phrases like


He first executed the plan by first letting the Americans know that he killed the head of the terrorist who planned to bomb and kill the Americans, Osma ben Laden. His administration was gauging his popularity by the news with the implanted group to arose the public for the celebration for Osama's death. The hill is still high for him to climb. He wants a second term. The 2012 Presidential campaign has begun. The main stream media under the Jews did not want Obama or Ron Paul and displayed less of them.

The shadow government, the Jews around him, wants Libyan oil. They convinced Obama to go to war with Libya to gain more popularity for his second term. He didn't realized the Jews are playing around with him. Greed to be a President for the second term he decided to go war without congress approval. Winning a war in Libya will make him a hero and he hope to be elected for the second term.

American politics is not a mere politics of mankind. In the backyard there are many serious threats. Wall Street is juggling with money to keep America from collapse economically. The East Coast quake posed a severe warning of the coming disaster. If it hit New York, it will hit Washington. A sudden hit would bring Obama and the other evils down deep in the earth crust. Washington should be swallowed for it's cruelty. None would believe it is the price of savagery. And also the possible interference of the aliens which are not something in imagination. Aliens threat is real.

As for the Malaysians, the happenings in Libya is a reminder that even a popular government can fall outside the common practice of election. It happened in Iraq and will continue to happen somewhere else. That's when the anger rises to a maximum peak and fear of death has vanished.

Obama might not bomb Malaysia in case of a major riot but we must keep in mind of any unknown possibilities. It would be wiser to think before we talk and do so as not to anger the populace. A government declaring war on it's own citizen is a foolish government. Don't ever think of winning an election only. It is best for Utusan Malaysia to shut it's mouth and UMNO think tanks not to plan evil.

24/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I thought I want to put politics aside until after Hari Raya but this morning I opened a letter box and found a letter addressed to my wife from Malacca. The letter with a picture of Zahid Hamidi was a request so that the receiver vote for UMNO. After all the cheatings, robbing and lying UMNO still got the heart of appealing to the Malays for a vote. True many people do not know that Mahathir, the Godfather, is siphoning the country's money like hell thru the mega projects and UMNO is taking away agriculture land for super markets, yet we expect UMNO to have some conscience of the sin towards the Malays and the general population.

What kind of people who are selling the souls of the Malays and then plead for their votes again ? And when they sold the Tanah Waqaf, they blamed PAS for their evil deeds ? And they work hand in hand with the Jews who are murdering civilians, women and children in Palestine.... Where is the conscience of UMNO ?

A mail would cost about 50 cents. That means million of ringgit are spent to woo voters. Where does UMNO gets the money from ? UMNO has been running an election campaign for more than 45 years. I have never traced any such a desperation in all those years at all. Does this mean Najib is the smartest leader among all and even above Mahathir ?

If UMNO still rules will it change return to the original philosophy of UMNO or will continue with the evil and scrupulous venture ? The Land Acquisition Act is still around and 1Malaysia company has just been formed to see where it can rob. As I have said before that UMNO is lucky because it is being blessed by blind voters, the kampong women who always submit to lies and cruelty.

Since UMNO like to swear on the Koran, I challenge all the UMNO ministers to swear by the Koran that they will not commit crime and working hand in glove with corporate bodies to rob the citizens of this country and to serve the Malays as stated in UMNO's original philosophy, and not to protect the past Minister who had design to cause difficulty to the rakyat. How could we vote the Wakaq Land seller who shifted the blame to others and use mosques to spread the lies ? How could we respect those who robbed the money belonging to Amanah Saham Kedah investors ?

UMNO wants the Malays to consider their votes, it has to kick off the 'samseng' and corrupt members and start to be a good Muslim. A good Muslim would be fair to all races and at the same time strive to preserve the goodness of the Malay customs and culture.

23/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Having a little knowledge does not make a person a pariah. He can survive and even become a successful person. But having a little knowledge and think he masters the world could be very dangerous. He thinks he knows everything and the rest are pariah. How do we know that a person is smart or a nut ? By listening to his arguments and statements he makes. I came across no less than 100 persons like this, pompous and haughty, vocal and aggressive, trying to teach other people with the little knowledge available. I found the dissemination of non-factual concepts went widespread.  Once it is thought to be the truth it would be very difficult to shake it away. No amount of proof would be accepted. And he would forever be a fool.

There are many people with sea full of knowledge who prefer to listen to others and try to learn something new. They want to learn more of the world, the sciences of physics and astronomy, of politics and economy, of things seen and unseen. Though colossal the amount of knowledge is, the hunger never end.

One habit of these people of lackness is they like to call the others 'stupid' and belittle them. A big portion of them is of a low to medium educational level.

The habit of expounding the little knowledge could be in anybody, including you and me. We tend to preach to people on healthy food and good medicine from our small reading and a little knowledge. Some may be true and some may be false for we may not know of the side effect, like the administration of various herbs for diabetes and mercury in our young.

For mutual discussions with our friends it is better to first declare that whatever we say may be wrong. We too just pick up the knowledge somewhere else. We usually say 'Correct me if I am wrong...' But if our listeners do not have any idea on the topic we are talking about, how would they know whether we are right or wrong ?

Disseminating knowledge for propaganda has a different characteristics. It is a deliberate effort to falsify information. Politicians and media are known to misinform the public for various reasons. It tends to heaven oneself and hell the others. We are the saviors and the others are the murderers. Truth has no place in propaganda.

So far I have not given any example of the wronged little knowledge here. I don't intend to. My experience was within the area of radio amateur and computing, which could be Greek to most of us.

But it is good to remind ourselves from time to time of the authenticity of any knowledge we are are going to inform the others. The profound knowledge would be good and safer and wiser, for we may be asked some deeper concept which we not be able to explain. We do see people who can't explain and say that they don't know and people who try to invent things to explain. I am fond of asking some pompous people of why the distant radio stations could be heard better at night to test them of their knowledge.

Superiority complex is a social disease which could inflict pain on oneself.

23/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Looking at the latest development in Libya, I would like to call all the UMNO members to wake up and set their focus right. Libya is heavily bombed by the United States and it's allies now. People like Obama, Bush, Mac Cain and many other congressmen are being hypnotized by the Jews. All the coming President will be the same; working with Israel government to murder million of Palestinians, to bomb the helpless people in the Arab countries under various pretext, disregard the Geneva Convention on humanitarian and torture. They are truly inhuman and evil.  The murdering spree in the Arab countries are at the command of the Jews who are putting the gun at American Presidents.

UMNO must wake up before it becomes too late. You allow the Jews in your home, giving them a special room which is barred from you. Just to ask the Jews to make yourself popular and your opposition as a demon you are sacrificing the future of the Malaysians ? Wouldn't one day they will put a gun at Najib's forehead ? With APCO on Najib's right and Jala on Najib's left we are beginning to see things we never saw before, like the issue of religion. Are you saying APCO and Jala has nothing to do with it ? But this is a mere small thing for a small test.

I foresee the possibility of a civil war in the future when the time ripe. Once there was a rumor about uranium in Kelantan. Then there was a talk  of some radio active earth somewhere. What does this indicate ? Uranium and oil would bring wealth and richness. Uranium is still a vital component of nuclear energy. This is the time when corruptions will go wild or gun will be put at our PM's head. By that time the Jews running dogs have multiplied. This fight for control could lead to civil war among us.

UMNO being stupid and evil tells the Malays that the Chinese is going to take over the country. And now is telling the Malays that PAS government is evil. They are blind to the design of the Jews to control the world and mastering the economy. If Bush and Obama can be their tools, don't you think our PM could not be one ? It is a high time for Najib to say sorry and thanking the APCO for the services rendered to him and honorably dismissed the service.

You want to know Libya, go there. Don't believe what the media tells you. What has been shown that the Americans are now killing the civilians, young and old, and blockade the entry of medicines to the injured. This is a serious war crime. Are our people still blind as to the danger of Jewish proxy government ? Have we not known who Goldman Sach is ? UMNO respect this kind of murderer and allowed him in our country ?

How about our patriot Ibrahim Ali and Khairy ? Do they know whatever is happening in Libya and even Syria ? And in what manner these can effect us ? Ask Ibrahim Ali about the male and female goats, he will be the expert to tell you how they breed.

The American policies are for Jews businesses and banks. The privatization of NASA will go in the hand of the Jews too.

They chased Jesus to kill him. They think they killed him and say they proud of it. Killing spree is nothing to them. They are drunk with blood, and only happy to see more and more blood. Is it good for UMNO to prostrate to them ?

21/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Reading several public comments I find that they are amusing but contain some truth. They said that the police is busy protecting the UMNO politicians and thinking what to do with those who wear Yellow shirts and planning what else to do to the opposition party.

I heard two stories which I took them for truth. A Malay family went fishing in a lake in the United States. They know of the fishing regulation. Looking around they saw nobody and broke the regulation. About 15 minutes later a police came and asked for the fishing license and pointed out their ebreaking a fishing regulation. The family was fined. Another was about a Malaysian in Singapore who threw a cigarette butt after making sure nobody noticed him. A minute later he was comprehended by a plain cloth policeman.

And during Mahathir's era thousands of policeman were used to look after his enemy; each special branch officer was given a certain small area to spy on the people.

Someone said if the splasher were to strike Anwar Ibrahim most politicians will be happy and may even give credit to them. If they themselves or any member of their families are splashed then only proper planning will take place.

I am trying to figure out the ethnicity of the splashers. Could all of them have been the Malays ? Or the Chinese ? Or the Indians ? From there more questions can be asked. I don't remember any government agency ever published the drug addicts, Mat Rempit, splashers and any other crime by race. Similarly there is no figure of those school kids who can't read and write until Form 5 by race. Hence it is difficult for the psychologists to determine the possible reasons for the crimes and the decay of the morality. Each race grew up in a different social and economic environment.

The failure to manage resources by the government and government agencies should awaken us on the inefficiency and the miss-focus of government agencies and the government. Officers are more concern with promotion and salaries and the possible source of increasing  income. I have mentioned before about busses and lorries speeding more than 110 km/h . The UMNO agencies have a good track record of managing failures.

Where do we put our resources ? To ensure UMNO will continue to rule and hence more than 70% are concentrated in this area. The local think-tank does not have any agenda on the wild youth but on how sabotage the opposition parties, like using the mosque to spread propaganda and lies.

Interestingly enough American public are voicing the same concern. They said the police is more interested in hunting the innocent people marked as suspect terrorist rather than the criminals and drug cartel.

Let us all ask Hishamuddin which ethnic group could be the acid splahers ? What things are really occupying his mind right now ; acid spasher ? Bersih 2.0 ?

20/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I just came back from the Friday prayer. At the mosque I pick up a leaflet from a heave of it on the mosques step. On reading a part of it I found it was article slurring at PAS government for  taking a Waqaf land in Alor Setar. Behind it it wrote a Surah. Why the Surah ? So that it will not be thrown away on the road. Now I see more to the meaning of AT ANY COST by Najib.

There are two things that I would like to express here. First of all this is the first time, at 65, I found leaflets in the mosque cursing political party. Even when Kedah was under UMNO there was no political leaflet at the mosque, because the Malays and the Muslims here did not find it proper to use mosque to spread hatred or to advertise tuition class or any other business enterprise. But today you already find all those materials. That's what the Malays are now.

Secondly the issue of Tanah Waqaf is not new in Alor Setar. Years before PAS UMNO had given away the land for shop houses and super market. PAS never brought it out in any of the election campaign, probably they were not aware of it. May till now PAS don't know which Tanah Waqaf had gone for commercial activities. And worst when the Zakat money was taken out for political purposes by the last Minister. And UMNO had reduced the agricultural land by a great amount to give ways to housing complexes and super markets, forgetting the importance of agriculture to national security. That's not talking about the Amanah Saham Kedah yet. My late sister, a strong Wanita UMNO, pumped her saving into it, which is now unseen. The UMNO ministers and politicians are getting richer.

AT ANY COST will not care even the monarchy, race, religion and even murder. Using mosque to distribute leaflet and design and plan in the way UMNO wants is extremely disgusting. That's what the uneducated politician who deemed to be a Kedah Minister if UMNO wins has and able to do; out of idea. Can't think of a better way other than using a mosque.

I am sure there are many other Muslims who picked and read the leaflets think like me.

UMNO is simply arrogant and simply refuse to learn. The current happening in Syria will certainly pushed Assad out. Assad opposition may be less than 5% yet the United States and European Unions already demanded Assad resignation or face the consequences as Libya. And even in Egypt where the pro-Israel Mubarak was put down is now facing a false flag attack, in which Israel will take the task of bombing Egypt under the pretext of protecting the Israelis.

Does that include in AT ANY COST ? Disrespecting the mosque for political gain and arousing the anger of the Muslim Malays ?

Let's observe Syria, Libya and Egypt.

19/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I did not watch TV anymore except once in a while, may be once a week for about 1 hour, mainly the religious channel on discussion and other topics pertaining to interesting religious subject. The last time I watched TV9 was last night on the belief on the prophets and messengers. What attracted me was the video was made in Jurusalem the holly city of the revealed religion, where several prophets were laid off.

The problem with our TV channels is it like to depict the bad nature of the Malay race, demonizing other people with loud vocal and happily doing so without any shame. Even the normal kampong folk put on the media would shout and yell at others hurling curses. It depicts the Malays as a race with a monstrous culture. And when I learned ASTRO was aligned to the American Jewish company in the United States, I quit subscribing to it.

Most of the news and other happenings were told by my wife. Just now she asked me why Mahathir is angry with Najib. "Was that in the news ?" I asked . She confirmed it.  I gave the benefit of the doubt to Najib, telling her that Najib might not be the person who required the 24 million ringgit diamond ring and the number of media officials, but the people under him. Some guys who want favor always suggest things to their bosses to get into the good book. Similarly Rosmah might have not expect the ring to cost that much. She commented nothing at my explanation.

It is hard to find unbiased news in the world. No mainstream media like the CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News etc will ever talk or analyzed the Inside Job story but instead would highlighted the NIST report. In the coming Presidential election Ron Paul was totally cast aside fearing his popularity would make him the next President. Malaysia will not dare to license any TV station to the opposition party.

The Malays are different from the Americans in ways they were brought up. The Malays are used to obeying rules without questions. They follow the religious dogma on dress and manners. When you tell them that they are being oppressed and cheated by the government they would not care and didn't feel the pressure. They would either ignore or dismiss it.  Many poor people still say 'If God gives me that much, I thank God for it. I am still living." Whereas the Americans are brought up base on total liberty and freedom. They were instilled with integrity and honesty. Most are open minded.

But when they found out that the politicians were lying and cheating them, they just could not accept it. The middle class is attacking the administration vigorously. In some states when the anti-labor labor law was about to implement the attack were very fierce until the Governor had to withdraw it. They are also calling for the Americans to boycott the mainstream media.

Najib's main concern is to maintain power AT ANY COST. Too much money was spent to demonize Anwar and to enhance his popularity. The waste is colossal. The middleman between Najib and APCO enjoys a big pay check. This wastage is not necessary at all. It is UMNO itself who is going to bring Najib down, not Anwar or Nik Aziz.

UMNO under Mahathir was injected with drug of money addiction. Million isn't enough. Billions isn't enough even at the age of over 80. And the MCA says, "If they can SAPU we can SAPU also."

While we are quarreling among ourselves and the Americans among themselves, take a little time to examine on topics of ancient civilization and UFO, entertain yourselves with the concept of Mayan Calendars, the message sent by aliens using the Crop Cycle, the sign of the Judgment Day, the shift of the earth magnetism, the prophesies of the revealed books and know the present immense power of the Jews. Will the Mayan calendar be true ? Will the civilization ends as prophesized ?

In the meantime boycott the TV which  is disgracing the Malays.

19/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof





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Liars, cheaters, robbers and suppressors all over the world are all sinners. You tell them about the day of judgment they will laugh at your face. You tell them they are very cruel they will tell you they are doing good to the nation and the people. They forget God because human beings bowed and worshipped them. The Crop Circle did communicate with us and even show how they look like and inform us about the collusion with Nibiru. The Dajjal may be around but the clerics need to examine more of the Holly Book, the church has to resolve the question of anti-Christ.

Aliens however is not a new phenomena. It already visited the earth people and set up the civilization for them. Somehow the Illuminati group is continuing with the ancient cult taught by the alien. So far the aliens that visit us can die like us. It is believed that our technology is more sophisticated than theirs though a few believe in their superiority.

Is alien mentioned in the Koran and all the other revealed books ?

If we are uncertain of the various phenomena and events, where mankind has disregard another human being, shooting and bombing civilians with jokes and laughter, where a President killed thousands of his own people and deny it vigorously, where the heart never feel enough with hundred of millions and crave for more, and men chose evil and devil to lead them THEN it is safer to ask for God's forgiveness. After all everyone on this earth is having the same God.

18/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The oldest politician in the world today is Castro of Cuba. Old mind decays fast. People of 60 are sure to experience mental slowness, forgetfulness and lost the power of thinking. I am not the only one in this category. Ibrahim Ali is one of them. My kids would laugh and dismiss anything I talked about what UMNO always do in the election including the fraud in election. Probably many others are having similar conception on elderly folks. So at what age are we suppose to quit active thinking, writing and even doing research investigation ?

On several occasions I heard comment that so and so is senile and forgettable. But I notice the persons concern did not talk right and straight. He would address another person by different name.

When I hear Ibrahim Ali threatened Najib, what came across my mind was either Ibrahim is suffer\ing from a kind of a heart disease or he has a severely decayed mind. Didn't he say that everyone can go to prostitute including Rahim Thamby but not Anwar ? Didn't he say throw Ambiga and Anwar in the sea or throw them off to the outer space ? If you did not hear them analyze his barking words again.

I think his mind needs a lot of recharging. If he wants to be a martyr there are two in front of him; the Jews in APCO and Idris Jala. I don't want to kill a Jew even how much I hate them. Don't tell us he is the sole defender of Islam in Malaysia and the rest isn't.

Today with a lot of free information at the corner he can study more and think more. Mental decay can be slowed down by constant thinking and analyzing, learn a little on the law of physics like 'every action there is always an equal opposite reaction', know about corporate government, NWO and how power is built. If he has the time to go calculus take a little time to do a simple exercise.

A mind can be recharged by always stay alert on the current happenings and understand how it link to the past history. When there is an issue at home, look for similar issue else where in the world. Compare and contrast and learn how those countries solve them. Keep our mind busy that way. This constant recharging will slow the decay.

Politicians who don't understand English would be missing a lot of things. They don't have to drive a car to a library or engage a tutor to tell them what's going on around the world. Everything can be found in front of them. They only need a tool ie able to understand English. Observe what some guys talk at UMNO national gathering or parliamentary debate. A few wanted to draw laughter with non-substantive topic, indicating either lack of knowledge or mental decay.

It is believed that a food supplement called GINKO and a special vitamin help the mind to stay alert. But I believe reading, thinking, analyzing and critical observation can recharge the old mind.

16/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you go on the Youtube and type election, voter or election voter fraud you will learn even Washington wants to cheat the Americans. Not all Americans are well educated and good enough to understand computer programming. The plain Americans are just like the plain Malaysians. They are as friendly as us and easily talking to even a stranger they meet at public places, bus stations and anywhere else. Many never leave their villages and hometown, didn't even travel to some other states or been to Hollywood, Las Vegas or New York. A big majority are simple people , and easy to follow.

Most of the local TV programs are localized. World news are limited and controlled and most would broadcast what we call LIES especially about the Muslims and terrorists.

But the smart ones are really smart.

Before I was involve in the biometric programming, I tried to get the bio-metric finger scanners in many computer shops. Ether the workers did not understand my slang or they have no idea about it. You mention biometric scanner to someone on the bus they would shook their heads. However the American Jews are very smart and cunning. Their mind never stop thinking and when you are in their area each one would look at you especially if we are of brown skin and 'shortie' like me.

Even Malaysian professionals like lawyers, politicians, teachers and many others don't know how exactly we can use computers to cheat, either using the software or the hardware. It would be easier to cheat thru the software regardless of any specially design hardware you make. Your eyes could not see what's going on inside the machine. You can only see the output. You can always fix the output in whatever manner you want no matter what the input may be.

You must also know that whatever you have in a computer at your home with any sort of protection the whole content is gathered at a super computer outside the country. You may ask the possibility of your money being stolen from a bank. But so far nothing is missing. Therefore you think the bank firewall is invincible.  Windows is not interested in stealing your money because they are richer than the whole country. Apple assets exceeds the assets of the United States.

It takes a smart individual to intercept the coded binary digits along the line and use the decoding machine to cause such a havoc. Right now we may not have such kind of people yet. We do have people who either used software to hack or learned from books the arts of hacking.

Our computer system is vulnerable. But most of us just would not care. We don't have anything valuable. Only people like me who write aggressive article attacking Obama, Bush and Jews and even our own government. I know they monitor it and know well much about me. But what do I care. I am just like many others who are concerned with human sufferings and corruptions and drug addictions. If I think Bush is evil, I will say so he is. Indeed he is. Had not Jews been killing innocent people and the American army murdering women and children of people other than the white Americans, just because they are Muslims.

Fellow Malaysians should not allow the EC to decide on the use of biometric or computer voting. Even now there are already fraud voters. I remember recently an arrest was made on a London judge by private citizens in the office. A citizen can also arrest any officer who is committing crime cheating the general public.

Najib should not worry of losing the GE13. The Sarawakians and the Sabahans will give the most Federal seats.

16/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Pasar Ramadzan on 15 th August 2011 at Darul Aman Stadium Alor Setar



A small aged nobody is very well known in the United States and the Shadow Government of the United States find he is dangerous and a threat  to their evil  design. Ron Paul is in Congress, not as a Republican and not as a Democrat. He didn't have a large army of professionals and bankers. Obama's administration labeled him as a terrorist. In the recent mocked Presidential campaign the computer result showed he lost by about a 100 votes. I really don't believe in those electronic voting anymore. Those in computing will tell you many thing.

Amazingly supporters and helpers came out of nowhere to provide free services and money, providing posters and helped him in the campaign. He himself was surprised at the big crowd wherever he went. He spoke what he thinks are the truth mainly about the Civil Liberty that America had thrown aside. He talked about unnecessary war. He was a medical doctor who either charged a small fee or provided free service to the poor.

What we can learn from Ron Paul adventure is Popularity could be obtain freely. We don't have to employ professionals to make ourselves popular, or pay the people before the voting days. A straight forward idea on issues and policies is easily understood and that's what the people want. Now the other candidates are trying to emulate him. At one time his supporters could raise a few million dollars within a few hours for him.

A large portion of the Americans and the Canadians are like the common Malays. They are ignorant; they would did not hear words like Illuminati, the Union of Americas, European Unions and would not know anything about political games. Because of this Ron Paul never try to talk about 911 as an Inside Job, AIPAC and what the American patriots are talking about. The simple plain message reach the grassroots.

What I hate most is the politics of threatening. Ibrahim Ali will not be more popular by threatening Najib. Under the assumption I do not like Najib, I would tow to Ibrahim Ali's dirty mouth of his words. Najib should investigate Ibrahim Ali. Who is actually behind him. The opposition party wants to beat Najib by clean election procedure, not as what Ibrahim is barking about.

I challenged Ibrahim Ali to compete with Najib in the coming election. He might get only 100 votes at the most.

Just type RON PAUL in the search engine to learn more about him and people who oppose him.

15.08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof





 Video Deleted by You Tube

Watch this video until it completes.  In fact the Malaysian EC is learning from it or the CIA is learning from us.




Never let a private corporation to be more powerful than the government. But Mahathir allowed this. Government, not only is scared of the corporative bodies, but these corporate bodies can also use our police force to protect them. Have you not seen this ? Who are in the corporate bodies if not the cronies and our former PM himself. The same police and the army will realize this long after their retirement. But it will be too late to regret.

All of us should be deeply concerned with this. The UMNO members should educate themselves so that they could see where the world is heading to and whether our leaders were put into trap or blackmailed. Again the main devil behind all these is money. The Central Bank of the United States is not only private but also run by Jews. The World bank is also run by Jews ( check David Duke video ). Goldman has been in Malaysia. APCO is in Malaysia. Mahathir had opened a big pipe for a few of his friends to suck in money, and be so powerful that even our public servants are worshipping and followed their order. They are so powerful that none went to jail when big money was disappeared.

General republic is not aware how the corporate bodies are in control of the nation and the people. The took land, pay a little to the people and chased them away. These are done in Sarawak and now in Peninsular Malaysia. Corporate bodies have been very powerful and even threatened the state and Federal governments. They buy the politicians and government servants to get their ways. They make the police to work for them and use organize crimes to threaten or kill those who come their way. They get people to create laws beneficial to them.

We have seen in the USA that the change of government did not effect these people. Before Obama came to power, he promised he would surely brought changes.  Bill Clinton promised changes. Finally the American see no change. These corporate individuals changed him.

At any time the government must be supreme, should be fearful of PLUS, GLC, Banks, Indah Water, CELCOM, MAXIS etc. The encroachment and the growing power of the corporate bodies was unseen. It posed a great danger to our people, society and generation. The West has already realized. The Malaysians have simply forgotten the missing trillion of ringgit without anyone going to jail. These have been going on for years, beginning from Mahathir's era.

Ibrahim Ali is barking at the wrong wrong tree. He should have look and investigate the GLC and Mahathir's company and sub-companies. He should compute the total money lost, resurrect the failure of IMP, the diminishing Bank Bumi, the smokeless steel mill of Perwaja, the Felda adventure, the 'Look like me but not me', Thamby Chik and his walkaway with million of ringgit, observe the PKZ affair closely and more of the magic tricks in the list. Most important is to find out where the money due to the Kelantanese from Petronas go to. Isn't Kelantan his own state ?

He is not sensitive enough to the power of the corporate body over the military. They can kick the army bases away to give ways to their projects. A patriot is not merely in Ibrahim Ali but in millions of other Malays. Others do weigh all the issues addressed too. But they don't go blindly charging like Don Quixote. The case of Anwar Ibrahim as Rahim Thamby Chik and Soi Lek with women never cause danger to the nation as compared to corporate control over the government, and of any plan design of Mahathir. Even the criminal murder of Altantuya would not destroy the country and later would bring hardship to the people.

We have seen that Democratic and Republican are the same. Likewise there would be a probability of the opposition would be controlled by the same body. Both political parties may be overpowered by the magic of money. Hence everyone is responsible to wake up and learn to understand what is going on now and what will happen in the future by the close observation. In my opinion and my observation I insist that the Malays have always been sleeping and when they finally wake up they see that the venomous snakes are around them.

But when the power is shifted from the government to individuals the whole population will suffer regardless of race or creed.

Learn from the West and observe the current happenings in Europe and particularly the United States.

15/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


to be cont



ISA, Internal Security Act, is Malaysian. Patriot Act started after the World Trade Center was bombed is American. Patriot Act (PA) can search and detain you on suspect a person is a terrorist. Criticsm against the United States may put a person under trouble. The Act permits the United States government to wire tap your phone, read your e-mail and demand your information from any relevant institution. The new clause under consideration is terrorist is including those who have intents or tendency or inclination of being a terrorist. A person who thinks he support the Palestinian is deemed a terrorist. They have an instrument to detact your intention. Patriot Act is not a story of non-existing thing but it is real, alive and kicking.

The most interesting aspect you should know is that you don't have to be a Muslim to qualify for a terrorist. Even a White American Congressman has been listed as one because he always criticize Obama's policy. A 3 or 4 year old kid could not run away from being listed as terrorist.

Comparing our ISA and Patriot Act the later is much worst. Further more it was manufactured in the United States.

To stop the Americans from protesting the genocide in Palestine Washington decided to demonize Islam and the Muslims using all the means. The big hit was to plan the bombing of the World Trade Center. The planning were on two  buildings. Silverstein wanted easy money, insuring the building 7 against terrorist attack, decided to pull the third building down too. Immediately after that the Muslims were quickly blamed. Even with the wiring and the free-fall demolition setup, Silverstein won 7 billion.

Each day it is becoming more and more clear of the crimes committed on the Arabs and the local Americans. Proofs shown that Bush and Obama are the members of Illuminati. Behind all these are the addictions of money. The greeds never stop. It went on and on.

If the Patriot Act is a tool to protect the few greedy people in Washington, ISA too can be diverted for the same reason. Look close who were the money sucking machine in our country and had used the ISA for his own purpose.

Though the ISA is not as severe as the Patriot Act it is feared of it's abuse. Once upon a time when the workers union went out strike many were detained under ISA, when it was originally formulated to fight the Malaysian Communist terrorists.

Right now and today we are far better than the fellow Americans laymen. Whoever still worship Washington and it's policy is a fool. We should not allow even Goldman Sach to enter our country. He is the the most top evil Jews around who controlled Bush, influenced Bush policy and the War on Iraq and sent money to Israel to kill the Palestinians boys and girls. We should not respect those who orchestrated the New York twin tower to blame the Muslims and cast freedom aside.

The Act designed to protect the American top criminals also protecting the drug  and prostitutions trades run by the high profiles. The abuse could be that horrible. Washington is full of Jews criminals and dangerous crooks.

 14/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My God, I wonder whether Malaysians are aware of the plan to control food and seed by an American company. Before today I did hear about it and just dismissed it. Then when I watched a 1 1/2 Youtube entitle 'Controlling Our Food' I remember about people talking about organic food in the country, about the upcoming of new land for the new genetic re-engineering technology. In the United States it started with the Soya bean and potato  and later expand to the cows. When the company went to sell their products to Europe and England a few scientists tested the food on rats. They caused cancer. Then they came to Asia.

Sorry, I am an ignorant person, do not know whatever had been going in Kuala Lumpur between the government and Mosanto. But I know Malaysia is excellent in research on food and rubber. We have renounce scientists on these areas. To me we do not need foreign companies to tell us what to do. What I fear most our politicians might have fall to the lies of those people.

The Indian scientists already saw the intent of Mosanto. The South Americans too are sufferings like the Indians. Mosanto sells seeds and insecticides. The seeds they well will kill the traditional ones. When we become dependent on their seeds they rise the price. We would not have our own seed anymore. These have been experienced by the south Americans and the Indians.

There are two things I would like the Malaysians who read this blog to do. Firstly start talking about Mosanto  while doing some research on it NOT focusing on the views of Mosanto but those against it. Secondly to watch and download topics on Controlling Our Food the full length version and watch it to understand the real fact of it. Thirdly to inform the politicians and help them to see the truth about Mosanto.

We don't choose our representative who can't speak and read English. Let them be educated and full of knowledge. When you explain how Mosanto design to control food production they can understand you.

From now onwards I will avoid ( not try to avoid ) all organic or genetic engineering foodstuffs. You listen to Mosanto scientist you are doomed. There are better scientists outside Mosanto. Malaysia has enough food scientists of our own, better then those business scientist.

13/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Why do you think Najib and the others try to prevent the court proceedings against Tajudin Ramli ? Why there is no feeling of shame against the world at large who are observing us so closely ? Can you guess ?

Your guess may be as good as mine. Mahathir does not want to go to court for fear of being ripped left and right till what's on the skin and inside the heart would be exposed brightly to the people. Najib, out of respect to Mahathir for putting him in power, has to oblige to the request. It is nothing more than the 'Kenang Budi'.

MAS had been a national pride with people's money in. It had been well taken care of by Aziz. It was profitable and successful. When a wise and efficient people run things they will be in order. When scrupulous and greedy people runs things they only think of plundering the money and all time want a profit. When MAS made money it was given to individual. When the individual cause it to bankrupt it was bailed out. Someone mentioned this was all the idea of Daim Zainuddin. Mahathir learnt much from Daim.

In Kedah there was a highly successful Pasaraya Peladang. There were large crowds and profit were large. A few years later the super market disappeared. We were told the management changed. Mahathir's kin replaced the old one.

That was really crazy.. From the selling of books on Mahathir by force to the government agencies to the hell of privatization yet it fell on the blind eyes. Added a few hundred more of the sins made, Mahathir should not be protected at all. Najib should take time to ponder and see what's in Mahathir's mind. Remember the younger politicians and Ministers may die first before him. Had he not desire to see Mukhriz to sit on the thrown and replaced whoever person he doesn't like ?

Tajudin Ramli is just a person being sued by MAS. Let them go to court. Let the world observe the proceedings. Let us see how the balls will be juggled. Can't the AG put a judge of Mahathir's choice and probably a DPP of the same kin ? Oh yes, the public is always aware every court set up, even observed whether big money travel thru the thick iron wall or a gun at the forehead.

Nazri mentioned let it be a WIN-WIN situation. I only know the win-win means Tajuddin just paid back the amount of the missing money. Assume that Tajuddin can afford to pay back the money, the question is 'Where would he get the money ?' Again we have to guess it needs to pinch a little out of the mega project profit. Hadn't Mahathir already set up his people to collect free money from the people like the IPP and the rest ? Or even from his own current project. How much profit is from the Twin Rail ?

Of course in Islam, there is such thing as forgiveness. If you hold to this principle of forgiveness then you need to forgive any other criminals too including your arch opponent Anwar Ibrahim.

If Mahathir is willing to repent and promise to keep quite and erase back the third party money collectors then I would agree with Najib's intent. Of course we don't ask for the withdrawal of his mega project. We are not that senseless like Ibrahim Ali.

13/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof





If you want to learn more of Mahathir's privatization you better look for a title THE LOOTING OF AMERICA by Catherine Austin. You need to listen carefully several time to grasp what she is trying to convey. It would be easier for the economist to understand her. May be about 10% of the open minded politicians would understand the explanation.

I have been thinking my economic theory is only true to me though I have been thinking that Mahathir has been a looter. But when I listen to her I finally confirm that Mahathir is a S**T, whether he lives or long after his death.

Let's all pray for good leadership who are really educated, learned and not easily follow what the people under them tell them. We may be having a Menteri Besar who just possess PMR certificate.

If you think you can't understand her then get somebody who can make difficult things simple. The difficulty is not the English used but the conceptual aspects of it. Try to understand on the shift of capital between the government and the corporation because it was what Mahathir was doing.

She answered our question 'Where has our money gone to'.

When Mahathir was in power he plundered the nation. Yet people worshipped him like a god. A few called him evil. Tyranny is one thing but looting is another. Those who called him genius are as s**t as he is. Did he ever teach Najib or any of his successor to do the things right ? UMNO is blessed by the a huge number of blind followers. They are destroying their generations.

One thing for sure Malaysia cannot copy the United States and trust the American dollar and it's economy. And Malaysia should not only think of taking money from the public for the big corporation. Million of rinnggit are paid the young children to telco companies belonging to Mahathir's friends. Profit from cigarettes and drugs are very immoral in as much as taking money from kids thru various forms of SMS.

Sometimes I wonder whether the education and other government policies are deliberate  so that we do not produce right thinking creative people who would be a threat to the evil ambition. This is the ambition of making money from the people even at the expense of future economic and national interest.

13/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There are Christian priests who refuse to believe in the prophesy of the coming End of The World in 2012 base on the cruelty of Israel in the Gaza and the increasing world power of the Jews. If we believe in it and whatever happens in Gaza and Afghanistan is considered as fate then we will not do anything and will leave everything to God.

No one can deny the smartness and the mental acuteness of the Jews, building fences, a few steps ahead to protect the interest and to build the security of the race. They created the AIPAC, ADL, Jewish Internet Defense and Security, creating espionage network team the world over by making all ethic group in the whole world as Jews, controlling the world bank, the central bank of America, producing tons of Youtube videos faking stories and lies about the Muslims to divert American and the world attention from the real happenings on September 11 2011 and getting friends with countries not hostile to Israel.

By demonizing the Muslims they can stop the European stocks from converting to Islam or to ensure the continuous hatred on Islam, hence would justify their occupation on the Arab land and continue to murder women and children in Gaza. At the same time the fierce attack on the bible particularly on the beginning of the world and trinity would pull the Americans to convert to Judaism. In any case the Jews will continue to stay supreme in the United States and filling the congress with Jewish representatives.

Those Americans who are anti-Israel are not happy with the killings of the innocent unarmed Palestinians who are both Muslims and Christians. And lately they even killed the Americans who visit the Gaza strip. The misery and the cruelty is untold. If you want to see real demons you just go to Gaza. You will see demons in human form.

Even the influential Jews in other countries like Great Britain abhorred the worst-than-animal Jewish army in the occupied land.

When we were just kids of about 14 we asked our American Peace Corpse teachers about Americans coming to Asia to kill the Vietnamese. If we kids could ask such a question, cant UMNO  members asked APCO about the killings in Patestine. And Mahathir who said that Jews ruled the world by proxy should have asked himself why he stayed mum at UMNO's deployment of the Jews company. Is he happy with the million of rinngit that goes into his pocket everyday ?

Golman Sach seems to have control over banks in Malaysia. Bank Negara is overseeing the banks here. What is really happening at the background ? We don't demand Najib to go to war with Israel. We just want to know whether he is awake ? Or is he still busy with the popularity campaign ?

The country should not leave everything to Wisma Putera to watch the world. Who will be affected by the declining dollar in USA and when will it hit us and to what impact ? How is the economy of other Asean countries doing economically today as compared to Malaysia ? All of our leaders must know and analyze the possible consequence.

All these have something to do with the Jews and the war for the Israel, and the Jewish financial activities in the United States.

Jewish community is small yet it can go against the whole world fearlessly.

Our concern is not to crush or destroy the Jews but to see the Palestinians are treated like human beings. What the Jews is doing now is they go into your house and chase you out just like that. Imagine of someone come into your village and chase you out claiming the village is theirs.  

Look at the mirror and see yourselves.

11/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In three of the schools I installed a biometric attendance program, all were fortunate to have a Computer Technician each. And all the three summoned me up and complained the system ceased to operate. The first school was found to format the hard disk erasing the MySql data files and the required drivers. The second school changed the time and date settings and I found numerous virus infecting the computer. The third consisted of database changes and the missing drivers. The last one was the school I used to go.

They always denied meddling with the computers. Yesterday a school called me up, also reporting the system halted."Nobody touch anything." they said. But this school is without a technician. On examining the IP number of the server some had change it from to Restoring the original number solved the problem immediately.

I believe that the government does not have good trainers to produce quality workers. In this case the technicians. They not only could not adapt well to the computer environment of the work place but also lack of competency. Most of the faulty computers  were sent outside for repair. I always inform my former school to ask Mr Ong, a Chinese teacher, to take care of the vital machines and not to trust the technician.  I was not wrong when the school administrator experienced the lost of important icons on the taskbar which the technician could not bring back till now.

Workers of no quality would be a burden to government agencies. I told one of my students who is now a lecturer to fail any of his student who can't and do not deserve a passing mark. He said he pitied them.. Failing them means robbing them of their bread and butter. By passing them he was doing a good job and God would reward him. If every lecturer, university professor and trainers passed the incompetent ones then the labor market will be full of low quality certified workers which will pose problem to the nation.

We are not asking for perfection. But not a 100% JONAH, complete spoilers. Persons with good characters and attitudes would however improve if given ample time and chance. People of bad characters were bad in schools, lazy to learn, play truants and difficult to change. Students of good characters and attitudes may be low achievers but with the willingness to learn and acquire more skills could enhance their competitiveness and quality.

The 'so so' standard is tolerable. If you go to a restaurant and being served with tasteless food is not as bad as food with plenty of big grain salts inside. At one locality during this fasting month only one out of a stretch of restaurants does not have customer. It is the one which had served me with the HOT FRESH orange.(I wrote about this in my previous article). It pays the price for the negligence.

The training institutions are responsible for producing quality workers. In some profession we can't afford even the medium quality good attitude workers. Similarly when we want to send representative for international competition, we only need the best.

Workers do not only comprise of the lower rank groups. Even the EO and managers and administrators could destroy the organizations. We have seen a lawyer defending the MACC on TBH's case and witnessed his total capacity. We gave away our heritage, the Pulau Batu Puteh, to Singapore as a result of our mentality and ineptness. The politicians is on the path of selling the nation to private companies. Even the government is bowing to company like PLUS and show fear of these companies.

The country with low quality workers are at stake. Worse is when our country is infested with drugs and our youth can't recognize between good and bad and the the moral decay is worsening. These are our liabilities. Government institutions are failing. So much so we started to see at private agencies as our guidance, which are not suppose to happen.

Politicians do not think straight, focused at the wrong things, chose wrong people to manage the country. They do not choose the best. For that reason we see the express busses are still running at 120 km/h right now, the Malay youths are losing their ID, going thru moral decay and the Malays are far behind the Chinese.

The most vital ingredient in molding up high quality citizens is quality education and quality training programs. Other than the curriculum contents the young must be trained how to think. The setting up of creative thinking. The ability to solve problems. To know and appreciate arts and beauty, possess survival skill, conquering difficulties and hardships.

No world class comes an easy way.

When we have unskilled computer technicians it is just one of those many. It reflects the whole system.

11/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



At last after a rigorous chase of the sugarless green tea I finally cought up with it at Tesco super store. Because I already purchased 6 bottles of Oolong tea, I only bought 6 bottles of these. I have been wondering which of the ethnic group had purchase most of this herbal drink.

I hope it is also good for the stomach and the intestine. I had had a minor pain on my right side of the stomach for about three to four months. I didn't tell my doctor about it for fear of further medical investigation. The doctor could have said 'you have 20% more to live'. I told myself to wait and if I were to die in the mean time, let it be.

By miracle the pain subsides. I don't feel it anymore now. Could it be due to this green tea ? It may not. It may just be a co-incidence.

Talking about health and death, I remember of a friend who was a heavy smoker,  finally decided to quit smoking. He told me, "Now that I have stopped smoking, I enjoy the taste of the plain drinking water. I taste it sweet and delicious...." He was about 45 then but a few years later he passed away.

Never had I thought I would live thru till the 21st Century. Now it is already 2011. I thank God for giving me chances to play around with the iPhone4, seeing my distant friends on Skype and Facetalk and running my own web page.

11/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Types of Mental Illness: List of Mental Disorders


There are several types of Mental Illness, disorder of mind. The symptoms and treatment of these vary greatly from type to type. Here is the list of such Mental Disorders…


Mental illness is a disorder of the mind. There are several different types of mental illnesses, with several disorders in each category. These vary from mild to severe and it is possible for these disorders to interrupt daily activities to the point that life becomes quite difficult.

The treatment for each mental disorder varies, with some counseling and therapy is enough, but with others medication is needed with the counseling, then with the more severe psychological disorders either short term or long term hospitalization is sometimes necessary because the patient is a danger to himself or others. This is a list of mental disorders that divides each mental disorder into different categories and discusses certain disorders.

There are four types of mental illness:

1. Organic brain disorders
These types of disorders are the direct result of physical (throughout the body) changes and diseases that affect the brain. These all lead to some degree of confusion and delusions in addition to anxiety and anger. Some of these diseases are:

A. Degenerative diseases:
1. Huntington disease-a genetic disease that consists of abnormal movements, dementia, and psychological problems.
2. Multiple Sclerosis-An immune system disorder that affects the central nervous system (brain & spinal cord).
3. Senile dementia-Alzheimer’s type
4. Parkinson’s Disease-Nerve disorder that causes tremors and paralysis.

B. Cardiovascular disorders-These are disorders related to the heart, the main one being strokes, there are several others such as TIA and disorders related to high blood pressure.

C. Trauma induced-These are all related to brain injury, hemorrhages and concussions.

D. Drug and Alcohol related-Intoxication, drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

2. Mood and Anxiety
Some of the major disorders in this category are: depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bipolar-affective disorder, PTSD, Panic disorders. These can be so mild that others might not even be aware that the patient has them, to affecting every moment of our daily life and leading to a total disability. Some causes for these diseases are previous situations, for example: especially traumatic events, such as sexual abuse victims and war vets usually have PTSD and several other phobias in addition. Some are genetic or congenital such as Bi-polar disease.

3. Personality disorder
It is a range of disorders that stem from long term use of poor coping skills. These can vary, but all of them consist of behaving in situations that are different than what society expects. They are chronic poor ways of reacting to other people, and also to very stressful situations. These also are pervasive and are not flexible. These conditions seem to be stable for a period of time and then a breakdown occurs seemingly all at once.

There are 3 clusters of personality disorder-

1. Odd unusual Behavior - including
a. Paranoid personality -a person feeling that everyone and everything is against them when in reality this is not true.
b. Schizoid Personality - apathetic to others and no desire to socialize.

2. Dramatic, emotional or erratic behavior
These include-
a. Antisocial personality -avoiding people
b. Borderline personality -erratic emotions and relating to people.
c. Histrionic personality -attention seekers-manipulators - Tends to exaggerate relationships-"everyone loves me"
d. Narcissistic personality -self centered person

3. Anxious fearful
a. Avoidant personality disorder-fear of taking risks, gullible, hyper-sensitive, avoids all things that include social interaction.
b. Dependent personality disorder-due to neglect-needy, has been abandoned and feel it will happen again.
c. Obsessive-compulsive personality-anxiety disorder, repetitive, compelling thoughts and obsessions concerning things that aren’t reality (i.e. cleaning things that are already clean).

4. Psychotic Disorders
This is a collection of diseases that severely affect the brain and thinking processes. These people have difficulty thinking rationally and their judgments are impaired. Living their daily life becomes very, very difficult. However, for even the worst of these disorders there is treatment available. The most prevalent symptoms of these diseases are usually delusions and hallucinations. Delusions believe certain facts even after those facts have been proven wrong. Hallucinations are similar to delusions in that the belief is wrong; however hallucinations are felt with the senses and are not thoughts. "Hearing things" or "seeing things" are examples of hallucinations. Some other symptoms are: strange behaviors (may be dangerous to themselves or others), lack of personal hygiene, decreased interest in doing things, strange speech patterns that are not understandable, mood swings, relationship difficulties, slow or strange movements.

The major Psychotic Disorders are:
1. Schizophrenia-these people have symptoms that last longer than six months, symptoms such as delusions, and hallucinations are usual symptoms of this disorder.
2. Schizophreniform – The people suffering from this disorder also have symptoms of Schizophrenia, but it doesn’t last longer than six months.
3. Schizoaffective disorder-these people have both schizophrenia and other mood or affective disorders such as bipolar disorder.
4. Delusional disorder-These people have delusions that last not less than a month. These delusions can be strange thoughts such as being followed, or, similar to paranoia, thinking others are ganging up against them.
5. Substance-abuse psychotic disorder-psychotic episodes -that are due to alcohol or drug withdrawal, these symptoms are usually confused speech, delusions, and hallucinations.

10/08/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof