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During the era of Tun Abdul Razak as a Prime Minister I already wrote in asking UMNO to analyse every election result carefully and seriously giving attention to the percentage of the Malay voters who did not vote for UMNO. Any number how small it may be was always significant. UMNO had to find out why those Malays hated UMNO so much. It fell on deaf ears. Some UMNO top guns were heard saying that UMNO can go to sleep and the people will vote for UMNO. Even Mamak Kutty shared the same perception and believed the Malays can always be  fooled. "Let's rob them under the name of development'.

Now the party is alarmed. The number of anti-UMNO is increasing greatly. Fast Food analysis was made immediately after the fall of the 5 states. But I did not remember anyone mentioned corruptions, and inefficiency. Had people in UMNO were nationalists they would have work hard to investigate the hearts of the Malays.

Instead the normal team resort to apply the same manufacturing hollow grams. Inventing the non-existence in Anwar 1 and Anwar 2 sodomy, other prisoning of criminals, DAP and Christianity highlighted by the apostasy hunts, Chinese will oppress the Malays if PKR wins. WE KNOW. Eventually many others will know. Plan A must be followed by Plan B; giving away RM500 and Free ASTRO, fast and special promotions to the teachers and all the goodies of the budget 2012.

People with wisdom is able to see through the mind of the Kuttys, Achi and Nana Kutty, who they are and where they are, and what they think. But the Kutty is a new phenomena under Mamak Kutty though historically the name was mentioned in the Malay Anal about the Kutty who opened the door for the enemy to enter Kota Melaka.  They are so very daring robbing public funds in front of people's eyes. Malays tidak mudah lupa and are not docile and stupid not to realized they are being cheated since 1800 by all.

It should not be a matter of winning but a matter of why there are many Malays do not go for UMNO. One UMNO man told me that the moment he saw Umi Hafilda on the TV talking about Anwar, he decided to vote for PAS the next day. That was a simple answer given to a simple question. But I remember words 'the most important is winning even by ONE vote'.

Dr Mahathir is a man of science. May be he wants to go into quantum stuffs and go deep inside it and try to get the philosophy of the scientific theory. He said there will be no Arab spring here. After his science venture I am sure he will think differently.

Never take the Malays for granted. Don't be surprise if within a short distant they will choose Guan Eng to lead them. Had not UMNO call Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah to step down ?

23/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Will somebody tell me why the money allocated for cattle were used to buy a condo in Singapore ? Have I not talk on morality and lie ? It is not the morality of the Ministers and Wanita UMNO only but ours too. My wife has been siding Shahrizat and UMNO all along. So are so many other Malays who have been conned. True it would be unfair to blame everything on UMNO as well as the Jews. I have been trying hard to distinguish the good and the bad UMNO personnel. But things have gone too far. And Wanita UMNO were dancing at the purchase of the condos in Selangor and Singapore under the family name. Yet they called Wan Azizah to resign for the purchase of Singapore's condo and all other personal expenditure of Shahrizat ?

This is one Shahrizat. You need to see the worst of Mahathir and to know the total cost of the twin railway and the Iskandar. Yes I know why Mahathir pushed off Pak Lah, not because of the son-in law but something else. Twin Railway is good as long as we have enough money, and as long as it is of the low cost. How many flyovers do you see in China's railway track as compared to Malaysia ? The more you dig on him the more you know about the role of a certain category of people.

People have been making fun of Shahrizat's condo to put cows to rest. How about the condo in Singapore ? The condo in Singapore is large, 2282 square feet, was purched at S$4.1 million which is about RM9.9 million. Is Shahrizat saying that condo is for the Wanita UMNO to rest when they visit the Republic ? I am waiting to see her rolling her sleeve again and the women in red jump to show support for it.

Because they no longer could hide behind the crime of misusing public funds, they are resorting to threaten the Malays saying if PR were to win, the Malays will suffer because the Chinese will take over the country. And with the RM500 the people will certainly forget and forgive. You can bluff most people most of the time but you can't bluff all the people all the time. All honest UMNO men and women should join PAS to oust the immoral people out. You don't want the DAP, then you go for PAS.

Many Malays had expected Shahrizat and the Chairman of NFC to apologize, returned the money and everything back to the government. They could have regretted for accepting the project. Knowing the Malays, they will surely forgive and forget. Instead Shahrizat rolled her sleeve.

Now what to do with the condo in Singapore ? If you ask me I would say either sell it back or return to the government. Malaysian dignitaries inclusive of DAP, PAS, BN and others could go there to rest during their visit to the island. The normal rakyat could be invited to celebrate Hari Raya, Gong Xi Fa Chai, Deepavali, Merdeka festivities etc to the condo.

Else we just wait, what will be out about the condo in Singapore. Just be calm at anything you hear. My wife had already said it was from her own money. Somebody may be saying that it's all UMNO's affair. There is no business for them to question anybody's condo. Or, don't listen to PKR's slander, DAP has always want to ruin the Malays. ( Is it ? )

Hear to Mahathir's statements lately ; The Malays are facing another dilemma....The Malays are fighting each other.....Nowadays people can put faces on anybody's body.....During my time everyone is afraid of me.....Do you read what is in Mahathir's mind ? Please examine each of the statement carefully. Mahathir..oh  Mahathir. He called the Malays to sell their land and bough shares, he killed the Malay Reserve Land with the Land Acquisition Act, he wanted to do away with the King, he always create a third party guarding many things like the IPP,and many people can add more to the list. The real split of the Malays when he put Anwar in jail.

After GE12 UMNO was suppose to do the cleanup. But it chose to continue to do corrupt practices. About 4 years ago when a contractor whisper about Khairy I commented," They dare to do it again ? "  And again...and again...and again...and again. And finally they declare it OK and something to be celebrated. All religions prohibit arrogance and misuse of power. Even Freemason denounce it.

The error of UMNO is not it's failure to make people fear of the government but UMNO has been so engrossed with money making that it has no time to systematize the administration. They should have studied the past, the present and configure the future of the country and the whole people ( not merely of a single race ). 'Why are we today ?' has no short answer. It is the analysis of attitude, short sightedness, idleness and what we fail to think. Even if BN continues to rule problem will never end.

Many of us will go, leaving the future generation except for Mahathir. Who among UMNO will be configuring the future of the Malaysians and the country ? I see a very scary future.

21/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



ASB dividend has been announced. There is always a waiting when year ends. And there is always a plan what to do with the money. The amount is too little to buy even the cheapest Kancil. But in no time all will be spent. My old Kancil's insurance is around RM250 or may be more. That's the reason why I have been cursing the insurance company. But the cat food is much more than that. The average expenditure for cat's food is RM2400 a year. How could I throw the cats away when each time I looked at them they would looked back at my eyes with the mouth mewing saying something. I presume the animals know what I have in my mind.

Long distant traveling would swallow all the money. With the remainder I want to taste a little what the wealthy people had. A Five Star hotel would be good once a year. Once the money went dry I would stay at home, going back to Nasi Lemak for my meals.

ASB has two components; the dividend and the bonus. Bonus is just enough for a couple of seafood at Kuala Perlis. And the dividend is always on the Opportunity Cost framework. If I buy a radio, I have to forego my trip. But trip is always better because we can learn a lot on other people's country. The grass is not always green on the other side. We don't just go around to see the land and the city but the people and how they behave. We compare them with what we have here.

To many of us a few hundred ringgit is big enough. To some millions isn't meet their satisfaction. To hunt for wealth is not a crime provided they are seek legally and morally. To us we need some to relieve us from kid's expenditure when the schools start, and clear the unpaid bills. Though I need to be thankful to those who care, I cannot dance to the tune of the greedy lots who prey on the less educated poor folks, taking their land at low price and sell them at high profit. It would be disgusting.

Poverty does not recognize race or religion, Malays or Chinese or Indians. And other natives in Malaysia. All must be addressed and remembered. The government does not have to wait for an election to give RM500 or free ASTRO or any other thing, but it does not look sincere. It looks like a vote buying. If it is indeed a crime.

We all remember well the first time ASB. Khalid Ibrahim was the boss. I don't have to say what we get from him. He was not a politician then.

The government does not have to worry of the good deeds done. We do remember. But we also remember the evil of corruption and bad things which drive the Malays and the others to helplessness. Our generations have to pay for the waste. We don't want them to suffer.\

20/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


School's Head

Who owns schools today ? The answer is not so simple and no short essay can complete it. One type of school that has running for a long years is the Religious School. Though the funding and the facilities were inadequate parents still prefer to send their kids there. Only after 2001 there was a worldwide suspicious towards the Muslims. Washington was highly successful in making the world believe that Muslims were borne terrorists. Actually this is a smoke screen for the grand design of annexing the Muslim countries rich with black gold. At the same time it was a smoke screen for the Jewish cruelty over the Palestinians.

At that time Mahathir attacked private religious schools. And years later the schools were taken over. The government provide the teachers and chose it's own Head Masters. The Board of Governors and the owner of the school did not rebel or oppose the take over. Even the prestegious religious schools were controlled and it was the government who chose the Principal.

The Malays chose the former mission schools like St Michael and Convent not because they prefer the church. Convent was well known for tight discipline. And later it produce educational excellent. I happen to be a friend of a local Convent School Principal. Alor Setar had never been a problem under several non-Malay Headmistresses.

There had been mutual respects between the Muslims and the Christians in this country. Today is the age of reason. Remember the history of Christian persecutions in the West under the name of Christ ? We don't go to war under the name of religion after social liberalism. In the United States Jesus and religion is kept out of school. Charles Darwin is supreme over creation. But no church declares war on the United States, fight against the infidel and die as a martyr.

There had been a grave concern about some Christian Indians who were trying to work on the Muslim boys and girls. Parents are concerned because the Muslims believe in a path of ONE God as the Jews do. If the Christians says they are right and willing to die for it, so are the Muslims. The Atheists would laugh at people with religion and books have been written about it. It is therefore better for all to keep their feet in their boundaries as far as religion is concerned.

We don't declare war of religion today. There are millions of Christians who are drug addicts, believe in same sex marriages and adultery. So are the Muslims. Not the Jews. I think it is wise for the preachers to preach on their own kinds rather than the others.

So when we politicize schools we are not giving chance for peace and happiness. I am very sure no Muslim Headmistress would stop the Christians from going to church or will close the church down. PAS rule Kelantan and Kedah without any closure of the churches and temples.

20/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



On several occasions I hardly comprehend what the other guys were trying to say. They were doing some mobile radio transmission test. That was just a test. My not hearing it well does not make any different to them. Someone suggested a digital system must be used in such a situation. In the real situation I would not be able to help them because I don't have any digital gadget.

If the digital communication is so superior over telephony then it is better to deploy the digital mode altogether. For every expedition including the deep jungle tracking they have to carry along a note or a netbook along.

My suggestion to resort to Morse code in situation of unintelligible audio signal was met with sinister response 'Morse code is old fashioned'.

I can't stand any wicked statements. If in the age of reasons and scientific facts were to prevail then we have to undo with many things in life. One of the oldest and has been considered outdated by many is religion and religious practice. They are not in the same path as sciences and reasoning. The theory of creation never agrees with the Big Bang. So is the descendent of mankind. Even the idea of ownership and marriage is archaic. The West prefer the women to expose rather than hiding their bodies. Marriage is a loose word today.

It is imperative for those who reject old tradition need to reject religion too.

Who always push for the new things ? Business community. Once the world accept the new products they will be trapped. You have to depend on them and you are at their mercy. How much better off the Malaysian farmers with the new technology today as compared when they were using buffaloes to plough their land ? Instead they prefer to sell their land. And in some countries the seeds price increase. The corporation that supply them made huge profits. They do not have the old seed anymore. We are now the slaves of Telco companies and the automobile industries. You bury the old technology and be ready to be at the mercy of the new.

A person doing a radio business finds Morse code is a hindrance.

But the ground experience had prove that voice communication had always been poor under a poor antenna or low power. Simply we had to halt communication. So are you telling me that we can shift to using the hand phone to continue ?  Or seek digital system to solve the problem ?. At that juncture we could have continued the conversation using Morse code if the other side is well verse enough with it.

We have been yelling at politicians about their greed, fighting and quarrelling over projects, millions here and there. Look at ourselves, are we not the same ? The conception of old fashion is very selective. They only rejects what barred them from making money. If it is based on total principle then there will be no selectivity and no double standard. Husband and wife ownership is old fashion. Live in has taken the place of marriage. We don't tell our kids what to do. We don't own people and we don't own our spouses. We have to respect total freedom and liberty of children we called kids.

People who chose Ham Radio are people prefer classical hobby. Else click the Skype or Tango icon to have visual communication with the other guy. That's how Aimil showed me a beach in Malacca, and me showing the shops and the Kentucky girl to Rusli, and I sent back  life video of Shanghai to Rusli. The world is in my palm. Cell phone is far superior to ham radio.

Businessmen cares about profit and money. A few would go to the extend of twisting their friends arms. If they come on the air it is not to chat with friends for friends' sake but to test other people's equipment they repaired. They make use of us for their profit. They will suggest things to the authority to get their agenda going on. That's why you see some commercial repeater for pirates approved by the authority. The money making machine is very tempting and I have always warned the people in power not to get involve in those businesses.

I am sorry, we just see things in different ways. What may be apple to some are poisons to me.

When I want to sharpen my mind I would listen to Morse code. Mental deciphering needs alertness. My brain will be active. Otherwise it will be brain dead.  

19/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Not everything government is bad. I already acknowledge the great innovation in the bill payment and the processing of international passport. I would like to extend my thanks to two other institutions, namely the hospital and the pension department. Without the Medicare most of us would be having major problem when we are sick. Despite the many auditor's comments on government hospitals, the institution has provided free or cheap medicines to the sick. There are million of sick Malaysians suffering from diabetes and heart. If this is taken away we may have to spend more than RM100 each month just for medicine alone, or we may have to buy health insurance costing about RM200 per month.

And many pensioners said that they were very happy with the pension department because most payments were fast and quick, provide every document submitted were right and in order. I remember sending a mail of appreciation to the department for the efficient service.

Good departments depend much on the good heads running them. They are to serve the people and not themselves. They speak in the meetings, putting their cases well and convincingly for any financial bid.

A smile of a doctor is different from the smile of a politician. A politician send you a smile with his brainwave and the eye contact asking you to give him a vote. If mere smile is not enough he will give you RM500. When a doctor smiles he is sending you a message that you will be well. Health is always more expensive than wealth.

Compare to before I found the number of Chinese and Indians going to hospitals are greater today. That is another place where various races can meet and chat. We do chat while waiting and the intercourse has always been jovial, cordial and understanding. We know we are all the same. Dental department has always been pack. Outside dentist would charge us RM80 for RM2 in government hospital. So far so good and I am very satisfied with the Medicare program.

Many may not know that a big number of pensioners depend on the pension to survive, pay utility bill, the increasing quit rent and government dues. Each year the real income is reduced. Today we can't depend on our kids anymore because they are either unemployed or they themselves face difficulties to make ends meet. Those with income of RM1000 living in Kuala Lumpur even called for parent's support.

Pensioners like all others also need a car to move around. People like me can only afford to use Kancil, an old tin can. We have no mean to buy a new car. But when Takaful and other insurance company lobbied for higher premium for the third party, we feel the leeches are sucking our blood, inhumane and evil. What could be a nice word to describe Takaful other than the worst words from the seventh part of the hell ?

Thanks God that we have some compassionate officers among the evil demons preying on the people's money and land.

I pray for the longevity and prosperity of those involved in Medicare and pension departments. May God bless you.

18/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A judge found a former French President Jacques Chirac guilty of misusing public funds, diverting 1.4 million euros for political purpose. He was a President from 1995 to 2007. We also had heard of former Korean president and Arroyo had to pay for their crimes. Presidents and Ministers have never thought they could end up in jail or brutally murdered. So they continue to lie and commit crime covertly thinking people do not see behind the thick wall. In some countries the cold civil war continue between the old regime and the new administration. Little Napoleons should be banished too. And the sectarian war goes on, the war between those who were once corrupts and the new revolutionists.

The New World Order is a global idea. As nature creates, there is always an opposite force to anything from matter to anti-matter, electron and anti-electron to the consciousness of light and darkness, and the philosophy of good and evil. On the opposite side there will be global force with a single mind to oppose NWO. Anti-corporation has been shared in the Western world. The design of 9/11 has been attacked globally even by the White ' peace loving community' and the 'anti-war' groups. There will be global support of each other and distant minds meet. Thus oppression will be met with challenge of equal force. Even Putin is struggling right now.

Most people have plead at UMNO to look at themselves as to why the Malays hate the party. Winning through fraud and vote rigging does not mean UMNO does not have to examine the worst in the party. But sadly it shows it's obstinacy and arrogance, and suppressing the students, and celebrating at the wrong done. I have never thought that UMNO would resort to paying RM500, RM150 and RM100 to buy approval and favor. UMNO is so very desperate. Will this wash away the sins committed ? From the feedback of many readers they want every single cent of the taxpayers money to be returned to the government coffer.

I am not thinking whether UMNO will dominate or thrown out in the coming election. Downfall can always happen in manners we may not know about. Who would ever though that Chirac would be dragged to court and found guilty. What Arroyo did to her predecessor is now done on her. I have seen to many of 'God's Retribution'  around. Will it happen next ? Of course it is subject to discussion and debunking about God punishing sinful humans right now in our dimension.

Taking an example of our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman; one day the chief of police found him jogging in a Lake Garden alone and 'scolded' Tunku for being alone without any security force following him. Tunku just smile and told the good police officer to be calm and not to worry. This is a true story. Why the Tunku had no fear of being alone ? Easy answer. "I never did wrong to the people, never rob public money and never cheat people." Are you afraid of being killed ? Are you wearing the bullet proof vest ? How many body guards do you engage ?

Let's wait and see.

17/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Jihad is just a word. It happens to be an Arabic word. The Malaysian Muslims were made known what Jihad means. It is a fight against idleness, brave to conquer success, do not surrender to difficulties and hardship, fight for truth and righteousness, brave to defend oneself, one's nation and one's belief. The enemy of Jihad is idleness, fear, succumb to pressure and ignorance. It is the right of every human being to be strong and civilize and free to live peacefully in the world. Each has his own word of motivation and encouragement. The Muslims use Jihad as the battle cry to enhance civility, freedom and progress.

Whatever accusation thrown on the Muslim was identical to the criticism thrown on the church during the dark ages, where many were burnt to death or thrown with stones if they were deem as witches. The early scriptures regarded women as inferior and men were always the masters. Reasons were not tolerated. Christians were called to die as a martyr as much as the Muslims.

As much as the world called for freedom the Muslims also need their freedom to practice their beliefs. There is a freedom to wear Hijab. There is a freedom to reject some of the Western culture including the concept of Western Democracy. Civilization is not nakedness, free sex or same sex marriage. Jihad is not to change the content of the Holly book to suit our need or to say there are three gods in one or to say god needs to incarnate to preach to human beings. Jihad is not to kill unarmed enemies and innocent women and children, not even under the name of God or 'we are at war'.

In fact the Muslims have plenty of Jihad to do. They are to fight against ignorance, have to work hard to enrich their minds with knowledge, be progressive in sciences and mathematics and powerful enough to defend themselves against intellectual attack, brave enough to stand against temptation and corruptions, dare to say no to cheaters and liars. That's what Jihad is composed of. The West should understand it.

Certainly I would not agree if people are telling me to worship a god that has already dead. You yourself will not do it. And Judaism too rejects Paganism.

The reason for the demonizing of the Muslims in the United States is to instill the support of the killing of the innocent Muslims in Palestine, and all other Muslim countries. And to get the Americans to support the administration and the policy, where tons of American dollars could be siphoned by those involved in military hardware and security gadgets. The Military Industrial Complex is not for the benefit of the Americans but for the profit of the few 1%.

In reality the Americans do not only prey on the Muslims but also on the fellow White Christian Americans, who can't even have the feeling of pity over the persecuted Palestinians. Try to imagine how humane an American officer who distrust the fellow American lady with a diabetic problem, asking 80 plus White American women to open their diapers. They are not even Muslims.

Not everyone buys the Muslims are dangerous. In the age of reason no Muslim countries killed million of innocent people even with their Jihad or Hijab dress. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq and Afghanistan are witnesses as to the real evil.

Jihad is never an evil word. We have to really Jihad against our own idleness and stupidity, fight against corruption and nepotism, and dare to say NO to any evil leaders.

17/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Beware of robbers who come like helpers. During the emergencies and disasters such demons prowl in big numbers. I had an accidence once in Kuala Lumpur. My RM400 and my purse went missing. During the last flood in Alor Setar people complained of things missing from their homes. At that time there were many 4 X 4 sailing through the waters. Strangers went into houses under the pretext of extending their help. If the house was empty anything could happen.

There are protocols and procedures already set up during emergencies and disasters. Zones are created, where only certain personnel are allowed beyond the area.

This is something that the amateur radio enthusiasts must know so that they do not try to cross over the lines and  behave like heroes. Cases of looting and vandalism were reported even in countries like the United States during flood. And it has happened in this country too. So amateur must try to avoid unnecessary difficulties to the relevant authority. Nonetheless the strength of the ham radio operators lies in the communication equipment they have. And they can be useful in aiding the authority.

During one emergency the authority called 9M2AU and notified the amateur station to stand by in case help was needed. And 9M2AU did called other friends to stand by as well. In case the authority could not manage it, ham radio operators may be called for help and support.

One of the purposes of the Field Day is to make other agencies aware of the existence of Ham Radio and what it is able to provide. It is also good for the amateur radio to invite JPAM, Police and the other agencies during ham activities like SEANET comvention or Ham Radio National Convention.

In some of my articles I insisted that Hams must not be composed of criminals and drug addicts. Sadly enough we have some open minded hams who said that even criminals could be hams. Bad people have temptation. Under the banner of Heroes To Help, anything can happen. By now hams should already have known who are among them are greedy and would do anything for money and who are not. Putting them in the zone where they are not suppose to be could cause much more damage.

Even church and some so-called charitable organizations siphoned money they collected for the victims. Try to remember of all the cases of money collected during the last Tsunami. The complaints finally fade without any  arrest.

Remember there is a special frequency allocated for disaster and other calamities. Learn about it. Learn about the protocols and procedures. Let not others take the opportunity to steal and rob under the pretext of help. If you are not, others may.

16/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Though I have been bashing and lashing government departments time and again there are several innovations which have to be applauded. They made life easy and very convenient. One of them is the bill payment. I just need to go to Post Office to settle my electricity, phone and even quit rent. I have don't have to wait long for my turn. The service was fast and there were adequate number of counters. Only the water bill need to be paid at SADA's office.

Secondly the passport processing has shortened it's time from several days to just a single day. In fact only a few hours. Waiting is not a pain anymore. I remember I had to wait about a week in the good old days for a passport. Similarly the wait at the hospital's pharmacy is cut by more than 90%. The improvement was tremendous.

The persons who came up with the idea and setting up the procedures have always been forgotten. A few may be victims and may be deprived from promotion or award by their bosses. Smart people have creative minds. Some simply could not stand criticism.

Cracks in efficiency began when incapable but UMNO inclined Head of Department were chosen to run the organization, including the universities. These are selfish and greedy people who care for their self gain. They are to serve the political Masters.

My observation as a teacher was a big number was hard working and good at work. One or two were lazy, neglecting students and cheat the authority. By co-incidence those diligent and innovative teachers were very critical of the government. Surprisingly they follow all the instructions laid out by the government, except me. I chose what benefit the students and the school and rejected what was not. The government here includes the other relevant departments and the Ministry. The one called Pemuda would follow UMNO even to Jakarta by cheating the punch card and from time to time would leave the school compound without permission.

One of the worst departments was the police. The officers acted like they are the Masters and we are slaves. A lady cop could stare at you like a tiger. Several people refused to lodge crimes for fear of being scolded, shouted or stared.

Not only the government departments have 'sombong' officers. I met some at the motor outlets. You go to a few Proton outlets in Alor Setar nobody would come to attend you and the car doors were all locked. You walked in unseen and walked out unseen too. And the price tags of displayed car could be a wrong one. Had Proton started with a right thought it would have not faced problems like it is facing today. It has bad salesmen and bad strategy.

The Malays still have a lot to learn.

15/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Accusing UMNO as anti-Chinese, anti Christians, the destroyer of the Malay race, anti Royalty, corrupt and plunderers of the public funds would not be justified. It was UMNO that help the parents by giving RM100 each and money for the text books. And UMNO is trying to help the Muslims and the Malays to easily access the Halal cow meat by allowing someone with PHD degree to rear cattle. And UMNO gave money to the Chinese schools and is now increasing the Chinese language teachers for all races. And a Christian, Nicole David, is given a high recognition and Idris Jala given a big post. Without UMNO the Malays would not even dream to have a modern toilet.

If UMNO robbed it is for the good of the Malays. With that money UMNO can give to the Malays before an election. If UMNO members are not wealthy there will be no wealthy Malays. Hence the Malays should be proud there are wealthy Malays around. Taking away the agriculture land is not destroying the future of the Malays but making the owners of the Bendang richer, and with the development and the extension of the property business the GDP of the country increases. And had it not been for UMNO there will be no names like Ananda Krishnan, Fernandez and other prominent Indians. Thus UMNO is the savior. UMNO does no wrong.

Those who accused UMNO are not in the right state of mind. Right state of mind ? Who are not in the right state of mind ? If you don't have taste for expensive jewelry and handbags you are not in the right state of mind. If you rejects millions offered to you you must be a nut. If you don't use your power to ensure you stay in power then you must be a nut too. The trillion ringgit twin railway project of Mahathir is for the good of the nation. The purchasing of expensive military hardware is to strengthen our defense cabality. UMNO put the losers to lead the government is for the benefit of all the rakyat. UMNO is always in the right state of mind.

A friend told me that there are two kind of people with the wrong state of mind, distorted mentality and not able to recognize the right and wrong. They are the drug addicts and those who are drunk with powers. Let me give you one example; Raja Nong Chik said let UMNO decides on Shahrizat. Was the statement indicate the right state of  mind ? It is just like saying let the drug pushers decide whether the drug plantation should be destroyed or not. If you disagree with me it's OK. But it is true that many are blinded to good and bad. Drug addicts can kill their own parents, drunk politicians can kill their own race then they blame the others. They treat the public money as their own. Cheating and lying are part of their blood.

There is one thing good about the opposition i.e they don't want to die even if they know big election fraud is going on. They don't want to believe things they don't see. Many evil candidates are not popular candidates. Many would always see them as evil, demon and even infidel.

Whatever I chose to be a nut.

08/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Everybody seems to be very smart nowadays, talking about all stuffs including human investment and human capital as if they are of new things from the sky. The phrase may be bombastic and sound intellectual. Put in our laymen's term it simply means education and schooling. Try to ask the Minister of education and university professors why they call it human investment or human capital, and hear what they are going to tell you.

Most likely than not they will be talking to us in economic term. Human capital is nothing more than production, for  better GDP and for the wealth of our nation. There are two Malay words which you need to examine ie 'Pelajaran' and 'Pendidikan'. To teach and to educate carries diffirent meaning. Which one is called human investment ?

When women were not emancipated and mothers looked after their children it was the mothers who passed the good values to their children, provide total love and affections, educate morality, ethics and what is good and bad. Yet during that period we have the Ministry of Education. But now when mothers are busy working and the kids have surrogate mothers, we have 'Kementerian Pelajaran'.

Kementerian Pelajaran implies the teaching of knowledge, nothing more. Schools, colleges and universities are to prepare productive human capital capable of enhancing our economic and scientific progress. So every year we announced the number of super excellent students and super schools. We have pride in them because we see our potential capable human resource.

The world would be losing good citizenships if we focus merely on teaching but ignore other human development. We would be having educated people without compassion, full of greed, and arrogant. We would have Mafia and Drug Cartel running the nations of the world.

Schools today are not allowed to take the role of the parents though at least 30% of the parents do not have ample time with their children to show the kids what is right and wrong, good and bad. School's rules and regulations are not binding in court of law. Many have to close their eyes even on students who take drugs. The role of teaching is mainly to impart knowledge. Whether the students like it or not, it is not the concern of the teachers. Teachers know that they will be blamed even if the kids chose to fail in the exam.

In education we care about student's self esteem. We care about esthetic values. We care about emotional development. We care about manners, honesty, integrity and truthfulness. We care about dress and attire. We care about civility. We want the students to learn respect and be diligent and work hard for everything. We impart the important of patience but gallant in all their undertakings. We don't want them to grow as murderers, thieves, robbers and liars. That the schools don't do anymore because the whole system simply does not care about those anymore.

Once the Ministry encourage various competition which has the components of human development other than knowledge. Schools had had battle cry, pride of the beauty and cleanliness, happy when the winners were awarded for clean dormitory and good looking classrooms. Each award would be held at the Ministerial level attended by the Prime Minister or the Minister of Education. Now they talk about 'NO MONEY' for everything.

The money is none for education but plenty for buying votes.

Human capital is not sufficient without  human morality. Or else we would produce leaders who can kill innocent women and children without any compassion or feeling of guilt, leaders who have pride in cheating and robbing, entrepreneurs who care nothing more other than profit, bad citizens who prey on people, drug peddlers who care nothing about human sufferings, and officers who demand money for any illegal activities.

If you think our human investment methodology is right, I say it is dead wrong.

06/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



UMNO is adopting a technique which is no strange to many political analysts. It is called a FEAR VIRAL. Fear Viral is the art of putting fear among the Malays of the Malay doomsday if the opposition takes over. The same technique is applied by Bush and later administration to get the support of the American citizens. While Muslims threat is used by the Washington administration, UMNO is using the Chinese as the imminent threat.

The question of opposition party ruling Malaysia does not arise even if most of the states fell and Parliamentary seats went to Pakatan. BN will still rule the country on Sarawak and Sabah's tickets. Hence there is no such things as a Republic and Christian Malaysia or even non-UMNO Prime Minsiter. Pakatan must find the antidote to kill the Fear Viral, by carefully explain the real things, so that the element of fear will be removed. The Malays must be reminded that it was UMNO who had wanted to do away with the Sultans during Mahathir's era, even a few UMNO members already showed their dissatisfaction when Ambiga had an audience with the King. And in Trengganu an UMNO member called the ruler with despicable name. Indonesia is a Malay country yet it is a Republic. Keeping non-political Kings do not hurt our nation. England is a country with a King.

China is a Communist country and America as well as Europe are Christian nations, yet Islam flourish in those countries. There are million of Muslims in Beijing and Shanghai living like any other citizens, free to perform Haj and worship Allah Subhanahu Wataala. England and Europe are full of Muslims and as strong as any other Muslims. Muslim faith is not a factor of who rules but a factor of the Muslims themselves. Most Muslims provide early Islamic education under schools not run by UMNO for many years. The Pondok Schools started in the early era. It was Mahathir who had tried to close these schools. You have to ask UMNO what they have done to our educational system by making it too very secular. The 8 - 4 school hours would murder away the time for religious education. Already parents are sending their kids to Koran school at night. The sin of UMNO slowly push the Malays to the new values.

The Malays always have PAS and Keadilan to vote. These are the Malays not yet proven as thieves and robbers. When a private man sponsored Nik Aziz to a pilgrimage, the government sent a swarm of anti corruption people to harass him. Going to Mecca mind you, to a Holly land. When RM250 millions of public funds given to Shahrizat's family it was Wan Azizah who gets the blame. Sharizat and Wantia UMNO are dancing away with evil tune. How about the purchase of the military hardware which robbed billion of ringgit of public money ? And that's not to talk of the Malay land being robbed away yet.

The voters should not be fearful of DAP. Even if all the Malays vote for Pakatan, BN will still rule. All what UMNO wants the Malays to imagine will remain an imagination and fade away soon after GE13.

Grand corruptions in UMNO is not an imagination. It is real. Inefficiency is not imagination. UMNO can't fight drugs, crimes and allow millions of aliens into our country. The demise of Perwaja, Bank Bumi and Persekutuan Tanah Melayu is not an imagination. It happened before your eyes. The ailing of MAS and Proton and other privatized organizations are not the ghostly reflection by the opposition but in the hands of UMNO. The PKZ is not 52 million fables but 52 billions. It is OK for UMNO because they are Malays. It is not OK for Malays if they are PAS or Adil or DAP. What a double talk.

These are the lyrics and music UMNO is proudly dancing. And call the people to sink and kill themselves. As one dead old man said that there are two races that God will certainly place them in hell, namely the Jews and the Malays. Think about it and think hard and deep what he meant.

05/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



What is the Malay Agenda UMNO is talking about ? Come on the fellow Malays, there is no more special things UMNO has for you. The agenda to rob the Malay land ? The agenda to educate them so that they have bleak future ? The agenda of the Malay right ? What right are they talking about ? The right to be a Prime Minister ? The right to plunder public fund ? The right to cheat the FELDA people ?

UMNO has been telling the Malays that under DAP the Chinese will be a Prime Minister. Under UMNO any demon can be a Prime Minister as long as he is an UMNO man. It is the agenda of UMNO not the Malays. The agenda of making them more richer and more corrupt. And all along UMNO has been selling the Malays and made them more helpless. The rate of cheatings of millions of ringgit are very alarming involving top UMNO members. Now UMNO is attempting to define corruption as givers, not the takers.

The only right the Malays used to have was the Malay Reserve. Now, Mahathir took it away and it has dissipated. And each day it is taken away by greedy people, among them is Syed Mokhtar and turned them into free hold. UMNO twisted the robbery into 'under the name of development'. And today the Malays can't afford to buy a home. That's the UMNO Malay agenda; Shahrizat given money to buy two condos, Toyol wealthy enough to spend million of ringgit. Now these people are talking of millions not thousands. Even Eskays seek millions as commissionfor a certain dealing.

What Malay Agenda is UMNO talking about ? A Malay can used millions to buy handbags and diamonds ring ? 250 million easy loan ? The Takaful that sucks money from poor people ? Paying higher prices for food and utilities ?

The Malay Agenda is the creation of more leeches who prey on other Malays and other races, make more toll roads etc etc

There is no more Malay agenda. But there is always UMNO agendas. They fail in their endeavor to upheld the principles. They blame the others for their failures. They sell properties to foreigners. They allow millions to come in without legal documents. They fail to keep the youths as what the Jews do to their young people. The Malays have become Mat Rempit, drug addicts, thieves, liars, cheaters, robbers and even Christians.

What if the Malays say they prefer the Chinese to the Malays ?

Download the videos below and listen to them. Learn something from them.



04/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Dear Americans, I noticed the CIA and your government is trying hard to make you believe that 911 was the work of the Muslims by various media release as if they are against the government by blaming the American policy for the attack of the World Trade Center by Al-Queda. In this way they can continue to make you believe that the attack was foreign and not an inside job.

You have seen enough proof that those three buildings were brought down by the Controlled Demolition. Building 7 dropped the same way even without any plane impact. Your government could not find ways to convince you that it was not an inside job. So they have to play through your line of thinking that it was the government who was at fault, which angered the Muslims. You must not be swayed by the new propaganda technique.

I am not wrong to blame it on AIPAC and the Jews who are controlling your country. Now they are pushing hard for the Marshall Law just because of the Occupy Movement. The aim is not those protestors. The protestors could not sting, unpoisonous and  not dangerous to the Jewish design. The Marshall Law is targeting a few very dangerous individuals like David Duke and Alex Jones. David Duke could awaken the pure Americans to fight against the powerful Jews.

By now you should understand that the people you elect are the puppets of Jews, and will bow to the Jews demand. You must also see who and who are in the congress. The evil of American politics is the fund raising activities. And the candidates are not nationalists. Most of them would visit Israel to get the support of the Jews.

If you are Jews I hope you would be good enough to think and weigh the cruelty your brothers had done to those Palestinians. In the age of reasons do you still believe that God creates people differently ? And your God tells you to murder other people who are not Jews ? You should go for the truth. Think of the 911 carefully. The proofs were overwhelming that 911 was not from the plane attack. And nobody ever jealous of the freedom that you have. The world like to be America because of the democracy and liberty that you have.

Once again, the 911 is not a foreign attack but an inside job planned to create wars against the Muslims. You must always be alert of the new form of propaganda which wants you to think their way.

03/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A lot of my former students are contacting me via the Facebook. Some reminded me of my canning them. And things rekindled back into my mind. I remember canning a group of girls after getting permission from their mothers for running out of the hostel with a group of boys at midnight. It was the last day of their schooling. But one girl ran home and escape the punishment. Let me called her MM.

More than a year later she came back to school. She grew up to be a very beautiful young girl with a slightly dark complexion. But I remembered her as beautiful. What I don't remember in what year thing happened. When she came to see me we talked a lot on many things. And finally I reminded her that I had canned every other offender but one. She remained mum. I told her I needed to keep the punishment. So I took a ratan and touched her legs three times. Of course there was no paint. She cried and cried. About 15 minutes later when she was composed I apologized and continue with the chat.

I had not seen or heard from her since then. And I forgot her for a long time until recently after students are contacting me through computer and they invited me for their re-unions each year. MM is not heard until now. I did ask around but nobody seem to know her.

Students are students. They are cheeky. Some break rules. Some smoke. I punished them but I did not hate them and always talk to those whom I punished. BUT I could not tolerate anyone who pushed drugs. Drugs split families, created sub-human beings, increase crime rates and weakened a nation. We did have students who pushed grass and others and in my school it happened and the police did arrest one, but finally released him after getting information of the source. I am left with no choice but to degrade the boy's leaving certificate. It is up to his future employer to forgive for his past and accept him as his employee. The best I can do for him is not to remember his name. And in fact I don't remember him anymore even if I meet him again and again.

Canning a female student, hard or soft, has always been illegal in my country. I was willing to accept whatever consequences. I was teaching in a Chinese school before and the school's Principal laid canes on those who failed in vital subjects like Mathematics and Science. And my own Head Master, the late Mr Long Eng Hwa, also canned us for failing those important subjects. We appreciated him. We were proud of him. The school achievements in sports, politics and other competitions were very excellent. And while I was studying in Bloomington, my lady friend, a French, from Canada who was doing her PHD, pinched her small daughter. I was very surprise and told her to use psychology. She just smiled and said,"What psychology..."

I am very proud that many of my students are very successful in life, earning much much more than me, graduated from Japanese and Korean universities, and those who are running businesses are very successful and wealthy. I have a couple, husband and wife, living near my home now are always in contact with me. I canned the female but not the male. Their kids are closed to me and we always go out from time to time. MM may not feel the same way. She may still keep her anger. But I need to see her once before I die. I hope someone will direct me to her.

03/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am glad to be home. But I lost my precious camera. I remember putting it in the pouch of the front seat. Otherwise I could have give a detail narration of Beijing and Shanghai in detail as well as in sequence. Nevertheless I have a few snaps taken from my iPhone4 but it would be almost impossible to tell the complete story.

There were 18 of us including the tour leader with three male adults inclusive of me. There was one family from Sabah with a university lecturer in anthropology. I remember her as Saidatul. She and her mother spoke Mandarin like a native. Another was a family from Sungai Petani, a jovial and friendly Dato' Abu Hassan, his wife and a daughter who is an English teacher in Johor. The next was a trio from Kuantan Pahang; a young teacher and her daughter, who has just finished her law degree and one Hasnah who is a Demestic Engineer. The teacher and her daughter looked as of the same age. Hasnah is a charming lady. The rest were from Kuala Lumpur with 4 male kids. Najihah was our tour leader.

Beijing welcome us with a zero degrees Celsius. It was pretty cold. For the rest of the trip in Beijing I put on the thermal outfit and my old winter jacket. I did not enjoy most of the visits to business places like the jade factory, the Chinese tea outlet, the foot massage house and even to the normal shopping areas. There is nothing that we can learn from those visit except on how those people apply their persuasion on you to buy their products.

The best ever was the Great Wall visit. It was not free for you to go onto the Great Wall. The wind was chilly. About 5 in our group climbed to the first station. I dared not as I saw the steps were too steep. Here I took several pictures which went away with my missing camera.  Tien en Mien square was full of visitors. I would say it was more than 200000 lining up to witness a certain things. We did not join the queue but proceed to the Forbidden City. And the mosques we visited were old, poor but historical. We had our prayer at those mosques. There were Muslim areas and plenty of Muslim restaurants.

When we were taken for shopping I just followed suit. I only watched them buying. I bought almost nothing. We were at the mercy of those business guys; they return the Russian currencies which are not legal tender, a 20 yuan shirt was priced 180 yuan, and a shouting at you. They will chase you around after you walked away with the rejected bargaining price. My group members really spent their money. I saw them buying 30 T-Shirts each, 30 that and this. They buy extra bags and empty all the Yuans they had. But not me. I just observed their excitement.

Dato' and his wife and several in my group were jovial. They told stories, created jokes and made the company lively. In fact this is the best ever company I have been in the trip. You should have watched how these people acted when the posed to photography.

Dinner were lively. Food was good. Most of the time we did not finished the delicacies.

From Beijing to Shanghai was by a bullet train. It took us about 5 - 6 hours at the speed between 207 - 306 km/p. Unfortunately we could not appreciate the environment because it was dark. Five oclock was already dark in Winter. The train was clean and the seats were big and spacious. Snacks and drink were provided free. We arrived Shanghai at about 11 pm. The air was not cold. The next day we dressed ourselves like we are in Malaysia. The tour guide told us that it was supposed to be colder.

Shanghai is just like New York. There were plenty of sky-scrappers. The city is clean everywhere. There are Mac Donals, KFC and Pizza Huts as in Beijing too. Shopping Centers like Tesco and others found in USA and Kuala Lumpur are found here too. The people dress like the Wsterners and look like the Western people too except with the oriental facial structure. We were taken to see Shanghai by Night by the boat cruise. It was really beautiful and fantastic. Like in Beijing, the Muslim restaurant here served us with fantastic food too.

There are things behind that we don't know about. I think it is vital for us to realize the importance of our doings and actions. One of use talked to our young tour guide about the life under Communism and she responded by telling that our Malaysian government is very much more repressive. We repressed the people and the UMNO repress the Chinese.

This is not for us to argue but this is how many foreigners are looking at us. And from my other articles I have expressed my view as I saw them.

Even at the moment of this typing, I hear Najib is yelling in the TV outside my radio room. I know the real truth of why he talks so much. He has to lie to defend himself for fear of revenge as what had happened to Saddam, Aroyo and Ghadafi.

I hope to get more pictures from Najihah, our tour leader. Once I get them I will publish them here. As for my camera only miracle can help. But who knows.















































01/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In Morse OP means Operational Priority. But many use it to mean OPERATOR or NAME. I first use NAME then OP. I am going back to NAME. Watch the video ( Just a Radio Operator ) below. After listening to the last video below I realize why NAME was used from the beginning. I choose to be conservative.




22/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What's so great about Satanic Malays ruling a country ? A Satanic Malay respects no religion, fearless of God, lies publicly without shame and dance happily at the evil deeds done. He threatens everybody with everything he has. He says that it is better to worship a Satan than letting the Chinese rules this country.

If he is not a demon or a Satan and sincere in his words he would have convert to PAS and become an ordinary member to strengthen the Malays. If Malay Unity means that much let all UMNO members join PAS so that we can burn the Satanic Malay in hell. In fact it is not a race that is important. We would not show sympathy nor respect to a Malay drug pusher, murderer, robber and cheating all other Malays. How could we ? Corruption is one, robbing is another. I have known too much on how UMNO has been plundering public funds including the Ministers.

The truth does not decide by court or by UMNO's rhetoric. The truth is what you see happen in front of your own eyes. And these people are saying,"If you don't allow us to rob, you will be worse under the Chinese !" If the UNIted States offered free land and citizenships to the Malays I am sure there will be millions of Malays prefer to be under the Non-Malay rule. And the fact there are many Malays who are not afraid of DAP show how bad the ruling UMNO Malays can be. It is indeed despicable when they can celebrate the immoral things they have done.

Instead of saying sorry for the error done, they accused the opposition's conspiracy on NFC. NFC has nothing to do with the opposition and the citizens. It was given by Mahyuddin and Mahyuddin denied he did wrong. If he is in my constituency I will not vote for him. And why given to Sharizat's husband and kids ? The evil minded people could have thrown plenty of accusation between Shahrizat and Mahyuddin in the dark. In Government's General Order it is clear that actions which could provoke suspicion is prohibited. It was never a private money that is involved.

KNowing that the Malays would choose opposition the demon blackmailed and threatened the Malays of the consequences being under the Chinese.

Let me tell you something and please spread the words around. BN will not fall. It will continue to rule after GE13 because Sabah and Sarawak will keep BN in power. You just vote for the opposition throughout the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and let the opposition win the state and federal seats, BN will still rule. Your fear of Chinese rule will not happen. UMNO will continue to be dominant. You vote for PAS and DAP and Keadilan rather than voting for people who take your money, millions and billions of them, and give to their friends and families. You don't go for the people who don't believe in heaven and hell, people who take pride in the crimes they did.

Think about it. Analyze Sabah and Sarawak. You will come to the right conclusion. No matter whether you vote DAP or PAS or Keadilan, BN will be still in power.

You have seen the real evil and devil. They never feel sorry. They accuse you and me and others of conspiracy. It was the auditor who stated the error because it is their job to do so. We the civil servants would quickly correct ourselves following auditors' advice and comments. Even Mahathir said that UMNO is a corrupt party from the top to the bottom.

Never worry about the Chinese. Vote the alternatives just to weaken UMNO though they will continue to rule.

02/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof  



Does anyone who detest evil is categorized as PKR ? I am very sad to see women in the red who called themselve Muslims showed pride at the roar of evil. The more Shahrizat yell the more I see how evil she is and how immoral a Malay can be. A whore does not steal public fund. The sin is between her and her God. A person has to be very immoral and detestable to change the law of God to suit themselves. The heart has been blinded. The soul is full of filth, taking people's money without any feeling of shame because the shame is not in them. It is like an immoral woman. The more you see her as immoral, the more she will undress herself; she would show her nude body to the public. You shouted at her, she would opened her legs wide in the public. You yell at her, she would perform sexual act in the open. That's how I see Shahrizat and Khairy. This does not make me a PKR; nor Adil nor DAP. The roar of the devil is just like a woman who has lost her vanity and mmorality.

Mahyuddin fought hard because he took the public fund and gave to his party friend. It is not only sinful but also immoral. No amount of songkok and the Baju Melayu can squash away the filth. The roar of the devil does not create fear in those who know the truth.

How could the Malays chose persons like those to lead them ? It happened that UMNO had betrayed the Malays. No amount of roaring can change it. Then they blamed the Chinese. We have listened to the views of the world and they too see these people like I do. UMNO has been plundering public funds with the help of those in power. They made the law to justify their evil jobs.

No amount of talks, yelling and shouting can change facts. It is a fact that the world is a sphere in shape. No amount of argument, words and rhetoric to argue that it was not, can change it. It will remain a sphere. When you shoot an unarmed boy sitting by the roadside doing nothing, you are murdering him and you are a murderer. No amount of words or law can change it; may it be called a war or the rule of engagement or 'we are at war'. When you are growing old, no amount of roaring and shouting and yelling would make you younger.

If you refuse to admit your sin and guilt then go back to the Surah. Only those who don't believe in the Book of God will manipulate facts and roar like an evil.

Why other people be blamed when Muhyiddin gave so much money to Shahrizat's husband ? Why other people be blamed for the misuse of the public fund ? Those other people did not create such happenings. It was UMNO that created it. Why must all the Malays should bear the blame of dishonesty of UMNO ? Why should the Muslims support sinful acts ? When a devil roar the Muslims must not jump and dance.

Honesty and sincerity are more important than a race. A Malay can be a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Pagan. Likewise a Chinese. The individuals can be good or evil, philanthropists or thieves, builders or destroyers, doctors or murderers, angels or saints. I would choose a good Chinese and reject a Malay criminal, a good Chinese Muslim and reject a bad Malay Muslim, a moral Chinese and reject the evil Malay. What UMNO is doing is calling all the Malays to love all the Malays and reject all the Chinese. What they are doing is asking the Malays to give a mandate to an evil to rule. Of course there are bad Chinese as much as the bad Malays. We have to reject both.

If PAS is bad, Khairy is worst. Green is always better than red interpreted in any form.

Even if UMNO is dominant in PRU13, it will not turn all the sins into goodness. Hell will still be hell. The Malays will continue to suffer, and finally will sink away. If the Malays just open their eyes they would have seen how evil has UMNO been in destroying the Malays and the rakyat of all other races too. Our basic task is to reject the greed. Our generations will be destroyed by the greedy people, making our lives more and more difficult. And these people are proudly showing their true colors, the evil hearts, the satanic mind.

01/12/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Please bear with me. Because of my poor command of English it will be very difficult for me to express my concept. Those who are eloquent and agree with my explanation may want to put the idea in a more expressive way for the public to ponder the truth.

The spirit of the law has always been true universally and divine in nature. It does exist in this universe since the beginning. When concept is put into words it may deviate from the origin, may be incomplete and could cause chaos. For example if A takes his own money and gives them to his family and friends, there is nothing wrong with it. But when he takes a public money and gives to his family, friends and party members then there is a spirit of evil and wrongness, vile and vicious. To put these into words is not easy. If we misspell the words it would change and kill the spirit. A wrong done is wrong, no matter what the words say.

Who is the A then ? By the spirit and words it has to be anybody. The word anybody means all without exception. If words define A as so and so then it will open holes for some to escape. If anybody is too general then let it be general. Nobody can take public money and distributes them among families or friends. Twisting words is the profession of lawyers. Most make a living not for fighting for the truth and goodness but to twist words to suit their clients.

Criminals, murderers, pushers and others escaped persecution through the interpretation of the words of law. We know that Bank Bumiputera went bankrupt because of Mahathir and yet Mahathir is an idol now. There were criminal elements in Perwaja and nobody was imprisoned. And many other offences simply escape persecution, just because of the words of law.

Words of law are sometime against the spirit of law. There is a spirit of happiness and justice and living in peace and tranquility. The universal goodness is divine for the happiness of mankind. But a man can write words on NO FLY ZONE to impose on foreign countries and bomb and kill the innocence. And many are in favor of putting the universal truth and the divine spirit away. These are the politicians, the cartel, the criminals and the born evil demons.

Mankind can be crazy. If they can carve a wood or a stone then worshipped it as God, you should not be surprised if they chose a Moron or a Gangster to be their leaders. And they made law that support criminals and cheaters. Try to hit a thief or a robber who intrudes into your house. If you break his leg you can be in hell all your life. He can sue you for million and the authority will say you cannot take law into your own hand. You will have a tough time to prove of self defense.

Try to imagine a drug cartel running a country or a gangster becoming your President. Good or bad many people will give approval as long as they were given enough money and enough food. His background is irrelevant. But I can imagine the hell of drugs will be flowing into the country and he would start to plunder and rob public money in any way he can. Only God knows the hell what will happen. Certainly it will be hell, unseen by the blind. Yet people elect demons as their leaders, and worship those people more than the God. By now the Americans should have known who their leaders are. 

These stupid people are just like drug addicts, administering morphine into themselves knowing they will be destroyed by the drugs. They sing song in favor of the blood suckers. If you analyze the bus boycotting of routes they claim unprofitable then the fault goes back to them for choosing the demonic leaderships.

The NFC affair is the best example of the battle between the spirit of the law and the words of law. Taking public money to give to a friend, family or party members is bad, wrong and sinful. If an A is PM or DPM or anybody else therefore he is in the wrong. You can talk and talk until the end of the world saying that they are not wrong, yet they are truly wrong and lowly, contemptuous and disgraceful. If we are not thick skin we would have been shameful. The spirit of real and universal truth that taking public fund and giving to Shahrizat's husband at will is wrong.

When the Malays embraced Trinity you have to blame UMNO because they have ruled this country for so long and yet they fail in their endeavor to fulfill the original aim of the party. And worse they claim they are looking for the welfare of the Malays. In what ? Religion ? Race ? Wealth ? Or rather in fattening their family members and friends ?

Actually I am fed up with words of law, lawyers who are manipulating the words of law and people who reject the spirit of goodness for all. Public funds are not belonging to UMNO.

19/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Corruption: Definition and Concept Manifestations and Typology in the Africa Context.

 A presentation

 By Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo 


The Training for Members of parliament and members of Civil Society from English speaking West Africa: Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

                                                                                          Bitumani Hotel

                                                                                          Aberdeen, 4th – 8th September


I want to first of all commend the National Accountability Group and the Africa Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption and its Sierra Leone Chapter for organizing this training for members of Parliament and members of Civil Society from Anglophone West Africa. Indeed, this training, particularly in promoting the fight against Corruption is apt, one cannot therefore overemphasize its importance in ensuring good governance. I want to take this opportunity also to thank the National Accountability Group for extending an invitation to me to make a presentation in this all important training session for both Parliamentarian and members of Civil Society.

 My topic for presentation is entitled Corruption: Definition and Concepts; Manifestation and Typology in the Africa context. The main thrust of the paper will be centered on the financing of political parties and elections as a recipe for corruption; contracts and public works as interface for corrupt practices, and the consequences of corruption in the Socio –economic, political and institutional domains.

 The paper will be divided into three parts with an introduction.

The Introduction will deal with the definition of the concept Corruption. An attempt will be made to look at various definitions of corruption and a working definition will be provided to help us have a better perspective as to what corruption presupposes.

 The first part will look at the financing of political parties and elections. A critical analysis will be made aimed at bringing out the negative impact of such a practice on good governance in the Africa continent. Perhaps, the need for political parties and elections to be funded by an independent body or even from the National Budget will be looked at.

 The second part will take a critical look at contracts and public works as an interface for corruption practices. An attempt will be made to assess the cost of corruption in construction and infrastructure as a whole. The effects on governance of payments to obtain major contracts and concession will be analysed.

 The third part will contain an in-depth analysis of the consequences of corruption in the body politic of a state, including the Socio-economic, Political and institutional domains. This part will also include the consequences of corruption as a whole on the governance process of Africa States.

 The conclusion will be a critical synthesis of the three parts and the way forward.

Definition of the Concept Corruption.

 There is usually the difficulty to define concepts, because of their relativity one cannot put forward a dogmatic definition of the concept. However, that is not to say that we must not strive to put up an acceptable definition of corruption. We therefore need to determine what corruption is all about, so as to get a better perspective of it, identify it in our societies and outline ways and means of combating it. The need for an operational definition been critical if we are to agree on what constitutes corruption can therefore be overemphasized.

 Over the years we might have come across certain actions on the part of individuals, groups etc that we perceived as corrupt actions in both a generalized and specified environment. This however, does not constitute an overall perspective that would warrant an accepted definition of corruption. This is one of the most formidable obstacles to the study of corruption. According to Transparcy International source book 2000, tilled confronting corruption, The elements of A National Integrity system, by Jeremy Pope, Corruption is defined simply the misuse of entrusted power for private benefit.

 According to the Report of the Common Wealth Expert Group on Good Governance and the Elimination of Corruption, in the book Fighting Corruption – promoting Good Governance, produced by the Common Wealth Secretariat 2000, Corruption is generally defined as the abuse of public office for private gain. This definition has been encaged because of the widened scope of corruption to cover the abuse of all offices of trust for private gain, whether in the public or private sectors. Corruption manifest itself in various ways and it is useful to distinguish between Personal Corruption (motivated by personal gain) and Political Corruption (motivated by political gain). A further distinction can be made between individual corruption and organizational or institutional corruption. In the context of the state, corruption most often refers to criminal or otherwise unlawful conduct by Government Agencies, or by officials of these organizations acting in the course of their employment.

 Joseph Nye in his Article titled Corruption and Political Development: A Cost-Benefit Analysis, American political science review, Vol 61, No2, June 1967, defines corruption as a behavior which deviates from the normal duties of a public role because of private – regarding (family, close private clique), pecuniary or status gain, or violates rules against the exercise of private-regarding influence. This includes such behavior as bribery (use of reward to prevent the judgment of a person in a position of trust); nepotism (bestowal of patronage by reason of ascriptive relationship rather than merit); and misappropriation (illegal appropriation of public resources for private-regarding use).

 In all the definitions of corruption given so far, it could be observed that corruption is seen as among others, the abuse of public office, the abuse of all offices of trust, misappropriation, private gain etc.

 Corruption operates within a system and can even be said to be a product of an economic system, such as capitalism which has as its political philosophy of democratic pluralism. Most of the African states now prefer to practice democratic pluralism, characterized by multiparty system and a government in power which has won the majority of votes on the one hand, and an opposition on the other. This scenario is against the backdrop of the normative element in the nation of corruption which remains crucial. Which explains Lord Acton`s well-known aphorism, that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is the assumption that democratic, including ethnical constraints on the power of rules will reduce the tendency to corruption, which could be argued, has only partially been borne out in practice in Africa today. For it is widely known by citizens of African states that neither the existence of checks and balances nor the insistence on ethical performance on the part of Governments in Africa necessarily leads to honest Government serving the common interest. Corruption could therefore be also defined normatively, as a deviation from the public good.

 Again, the expansion of democracy, itself normatively defined as government of the people, by the people and for the people, in Abraham Lincoln’s famous phrase, has enhanced that definition, by sharpening the distinction between what is public from what is private. This is against the background that in a democracy, politicians become ‘people’s representatives’ and bureaucrats as ‘public servants’ precisely because these functions are deemed to be conducive to the common good. Corruption therefore becomes the improper behavior. It is the abuse of public office for private gain that constitutes corruption. To distinguish between public and private role and interests is however not as easy one. In every society particular in Africa the process of making and maintaining this distinction constitutes new challenges. There are cases in Africa where, political leaders, politicians, public servant, political parties etc becoming vehicles for the pursuit of personal or partisan goals in ways that are contrary to public policy, illegal and even unconstitutional. This could be seen during the late 1980s, during the National conferences of the early 1990s and the election campaigns. Africa had been characterized by impunity, but for the emergence of the free press in some African Countries.

 Africa is still today in a dilemma of how to separate private from public interests. Primordial sentiments still characterized most of the continent and as such is making it difficult to draw a line between primordial public which is the indigenous sphere defined in moral, ethnic and pre-colonial geographic terms, and the overlapping ‘civic’ public, amoral and to some extent abstract, inherited from the colonial state (Governance and the Economy in Africa. Tools for Analysis and Reform of Corruption IRIS, University of Maryland, 1996, p.9)

 Understanding the nature of corruption will be superficial if the impact of political economy on it is not fully analysed.

 It could be observed that democratic pluralism, capitalism and the liberal economic theory of the free market which are models for African Governance today are by nature recipes for corruption. This is not to say that there is no corruption in totalitarian societies, in fact it is worse in the latter case. According to John Girling in his book Corruption Capitalism and Democracy, the conditions of modern democracy have given rise, specifically to corporate political funding and, generally, to the penetration of market values, became ‘public’ office has expanded greatly, in regard to the function of politicians and the scope of government activity, which requires an elaborate centralized administration, financing important public works and welfare programmes; while the competitive growth of political parties involves increasingly costly electoral contests. This also increases the opportunities for private gain, which becomes legitimate under capitalism.

 It could be agreed therefore that corruption reflects the clash of values between the political and the economic. The fact remains that ‘public service’ is the raison d’etre of officials to serve the common interest, as defined by the mandate if the electoral majority and its political leadership. The irony of the situation however, the raison d’etre of the capitalist system in that of private profit, derived from the operation of the competitive market. Market values guide behavior. In this scenario therefore, buying voters, legislators and state officials is considered ‘good business’ if it produces cost effective results. From the stand point of democracy based on the sovereignty of the people, this is tantamount to corruption.

 In reality however, one will not fail to observe that the economic system has an undeniable impact on the political, which in democratic theory it should not have, but the other way round. Corruption therefore becomes another way of bridging the gap between theory and practice through establishing either legal or ‘acceptable’ (informal) channels of influence between wealth and power.

 Financing of political parties and elections as already established is rooted in both the capitalist and democratic systems and makes corruption a part of the political system.

 Part 1

Financing of political parties and elections as entrance gate for corruption.

 Financing of political parties and elections in Africa today has become a common practice. This is against the background that political parties are characterized by inadequate funds and resources, inadequate and weak structures; poverty of political supporters, ethnic, regional and tribal divide, lack of cogent ideology etc

 Without any gainsaying, political parties and elections in Africa are to a very large extent dependent on other source of finance other than their membership. To quote Thomas O’ Neill once a speaker of the House in the United Satates, he observed that there were four parts to any campaign; these included the candidate, the issues of the candidate, the campaign organization, and the money to run the campaign with. He stressed that without money one should forget about the other three. The fact remains that money will be needed to pay for office space, staff, salaries, bills, travel expenses, advertising in the mass media etc.

 It is argued that to win an election be it in Africa or in the developed world, the need to raise money particular in a scenario where the minority party or parties feel they are at a disadvantage and therefore, need more money to ensure a level playing field, cannot be over emphasized, However, since parties in Africa are usually poor, even in terms of funding of party activities, they usually solicit funding from agencies that usually impact the parties and elections negatively. If supported by big businesses, then the parties and those that are elected will be influenced. Such a senario will no doubt affect the democratic aspects parties and elections ought to uphold.

 It is for such a reasons aimed at good governance in the area of financing of political parties and elections that strict camp laws are been enacted to regulate campaign spending and contributions.

Most of the Africa States have such laws whether as part of the constitution or specific Parliamentary Act. For example, in Sierra Leone section 12 of the political parties Act 2002, stipulates that parties upon the receipt of their final certificate of registration submits to the political parties Registration Commission, detail information about their accounts disclosing their source of funding assets and expenditure including all contributions, donations or pledges of contributions or donation whether in cash or in kind. According to section 19 of the Act, the source of funding of a political party shall be limited to contributions or donations whether in cash or in kind. But as already established, the poverty of political membership makes for corrupt practices in that domain.

 Indeed, financing of political parties and elections constitute an entrance gate for corruption because among other things, both the party and those elected will be manipulated by those who paid the piper. Dancing to tune will entails, among others, the awarding of contacts, concessions, employment and other opportunities to those who sponsored the political parties and elections.

 Contracts and public works: An interface for corrupt practices.

Awarding of contracts have two corrupt implications, one is that contacts could be given as a result of political party influence from the government in power to the contractor who is also part of the political system. On the other hand however, the contractor in order to get a contract will give a bribe, while at the some time the contract will be inflated to line the pockets of both the giver and receiver of the contract. In such an arrangement there is a loot of public money.

 The other implication which is of significance is the impact of such contracts infested with corruption on public works. This is usually devastating, characterized by poor implementation of the said project as stated by Raj Kamal Jha in his article in the Global Corruption Report 2005 by Transparency, procurement had been completely manipulated and hijacked by contractors, and that quality had been compromised by sub-contracting work to small contractors. He went to argue that works are usually being awarded at high cost and contractors are assuring the best of quality in the execution of projects. However, when it comes to the actual execution of works, it is found that most of the works are being sublet or sub-contracted to small petty contractors who are not all capable of executing such big projects. These petty contractors are bringing poor equipment and materials, giving a big setback to the progress and quality of work.

 As citizens of the various Anglophone West African States such a phenomenon as described above is not new. Despite the existence of tender board procedures in each of our countries, there is usually a tendency to circumvent then all in the hope of receiving kickbacks.

 In grand corruption according to the UNDP publication on tilled corruption and Good Governance, USA 1997, p.24 when the government is a buyer or a contractor, there are several reasons to pay off officials. First, a firm may pay to be included in the list of pre qualified bidders and to restrict the size of the list. Second it may pay for inside information. Third, bribes may induce officials to structure the bidding specifications so that the corruption firm is the only qualified supplier. Forth, a firm may pay to be selected as the winning contractor. Fifth, once a fine has been selected as the contractor, it may pay to set inflated prices or to skimp on quality. Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler in their article entitled The economic cost of corruption in infrastructure, in the 2005 Global Corruption Report, state that it is a common scenario in Africa for budget decision makers that are corrupt to skimp the budget towards infrastructure spending so as to increase opportunities for corruption. If roads are more capital intensive than primary education, the budget may be skewed towards roads and away from education. And if there is more opportunity for corruption in road construction than in road maintenance, then roads may be built, allowed to fall apart, and then rebuilt.

 Consequences of Corruption

 Without doubt corruption has a negative impact on Socio-economic, political and institutional domains of the body politic of African states. Its impact is not only limited to the size of the payments involved, but the very process of extorting and giving bribes has distortionary effects that are socio-economic  and political, even in terms of economic growth.

 Despite the arguments on the part of certain authors that certain South East Asian economies have over the years, achieved spectacular economic growth, even though corruption is rampant in those states. However, most authors hold the view that corruption as a species of governance failure impacts economic growth negatively. Among other things, corruption does not alleviate the effect of existing administrative distortions as some have suggested. For example, bureaucratic delays are neither mitigated nor circumvented by the effects of corruption. Infact corruption reinforces bureaucratic delays and thus is not a cure. Its impact on the economy cannot therefore be over emphasized. Corruption has a more distortionary impact on the economy than taxation, because of the need to keep corruption secret. Efforts to avoid detection and punishment cause corruption to be more distortionary than taxation.

 Corruption slows down investment and economic growth, the fact that bribery contracts are unlike regular contracts that are enforceable.

 Corruption raises the cost of doing business. Officials may introduce certain conditions to ensure that they get bribes, through delays and unnecessary requirements.

 Corruption discourages new ideas and innovations.

 Corruption leads to the decline in real per capita incomes, inflation, a widening budget and balance of payment deficits, and declining official production and exports:

 Corruption promotes inequality among firms

 Corruption leads to a reduction in the quality of products.

 Corruption diverts funds from investment and other production activities.

 Politically, corruption leads to a loss of faith on the part of the people and thus its legitimacy and power.  Political equality and democratic values are undermined.

 Corruption strengthens bad governance, through the absence of the rule of Law, respect for human rights, no accountability, and transparency.

 Corruption has also led to massive neglect of the social sector, which has substantially decreased the quality of human resources in African states over the years. The provision of educational and health opportunities have been limited, this impacting negatively on the quality of life, labour, productivity, incomes, innovativeness, competitiveness, and poverty reduction in Africa States

 Donor’s creditability has also been eroded. There have been instances in which donors have been critical as to the commitment of Africa State in handling corruption in their respective states.

 Corruption has also led to the weakness of structure and institutions crucial for better governance.

Generally speaking, corruption is a species of governance failure and can only be mitigated when Africa states are committed to ensure Good Governance. Existing structures and institutions such as Anti-Corruption Commissions and Bureaus should be strengthened and the national Campaigns against corruption intensified in African Countries. Unless and until Africans are committed, corruption is the cancer that will eat up all the socio-economic and political achievements of the continent and Africa might not see the light of day.


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Probably Mahyuddin might have said to Sharizat,"Don't worry. You are not at fault. It is I who gave you everything. Nobody can accuse you as corrupt unless you yourself do it. The most they can call us is cronyism. But they have been calling us that from the beginning. We are not officers. We are ministers."

BUT Mahathir said,"Pak Lah's wife and family were given projects. We must throw out Pak Lah."

What would PERKASA chief say ? May be he would say, "It is alright because Shahrizat family is a Malay. Mamak is a Malay. Giving to Shahrizat's husband is better than giving to Nik Aziz."

We the poor man say,"A cheat is a cheat. Even though you escape the words of law, you are still a cheat. Would Mahyuddin give me 100 million for any project ? Would Mahyuddin provide a soft loan to Nurul Izzah ?

I hope the Malays would open their eyes wide and not to be swayed by the money showered on them. You get RM100 today, they are going to get them back the next day.

Rais Rule of Law only applies to you and me, not to the UMNO and MCA people. They cause a life (TBH) being taken away for a few thousand ringgit investigation. They kick the ball away when it involves more than 100 millions. They swarmed into Nik Aziz's house just because someone was sponsoring the MB a trip to pilgrimage. They attacked Selangor Menteri Besar for donating cows to the Muslims for sacrifice.

Remember, Datuk Harun Idris was imprisoned for abusing his post. Please read the presentation by Dr Abdubakar above on the offerings of contracts.

18/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There are three world news that I am going to pick up and give a short comment. Firstly about the former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo.who was not allowed to leave the country for medical treatment in Singapore for fear that she would flee into exile. Arroyo would be charged with vote rigging and corruption. Doesn't our government know the fate of some of the guys if a new government takes over in Malaysia ? Sure she knows. Here, in fact the charges will be double, triple or quadruple. If you charge each hundred ringgit given with one day  jail, therefore a thousand ringgit will be a hundred days jail. Try to compute the total number of days. It is this awareness that creates a great fear. And at any cost BN shall never be allowed to fall. YES BN will not fall by the certainty theory but by fate it can go deep down under by the uncertainty principle.

There was Estrada who was put to suffer and now Arroyo. If this country is the Philippine then the first to go is Mahathir and he shall go to people's court to answer. He will be shock to hear how he had betrayed the Malays, and now he is digging our well of money by the trillion in his mega project.

What do people do with the bad guys nowadays ? They don't kill. They apply the torture technique to make those bad guys suffer. Waterboarding was practiced by the Japanese before but that was not as bad as what the Vietcong did to American prisoners. They put rat in prisoners' cage. Either they eat the rat or the rat will eat them little by little.

We call it cruel, unjust and barbaric. Had not the Presidents and the rulers been barbaric as well ? The trio, Bush, Chenny and Rumsfeld, killed millions of innocent lives, including 3000 Americans in New York city.

There are the members of the public who are keeping records of the sins of politicians, everyone of them. I just believe it wasn't Arroyo who was at fault but somebody under her, like the Attorney General, police chiefs and other devils with human cloak.

The second news was about NASA hiring astronauts. It was announced that NASA will cease to function to work on space projects. The ISS astronauts were called back. The space station was empty. There will be no more Shuttle and space flight. It was a big disappointment. But I could not figure out the main reason for the abandonment. The first possible reason is there is a high probability that some lobby is going on to wrest the space job away from NASA by some other private agency, which must have argued they will be using the most modern technology that will reduce the cost by more than tenfold.

Secondly it is also possible due to the high NASA operating cost. USA is facing an acute economic situation now. It was seldom argued that the economic problems were due to excess expenditures on war and the financing of the state of Israel. The political strategy to get the support is 'FOR THE SUPERIORITY OF AMERICA AND FOR THE SECURITY OF THE NATION'. This is what the war mongers of the United States have been selling and gave them immunity to siphon public fund. But NASA insist the cost can escalate with the privatization. In the meantime it is sending astronaut to ISS via the Russian Soyuz. The number of veteran astronauts have been in decline because they are leaving NASA.

The third reason which I think it is very unlikely is that NASA was threatened by the ALIEN to stop the space program because the United States has move too far to destroy the space and polluted the galaxy with the testing of nuclear weapons and the HAARP technology.

The third news is about the US-Ausie military ties. Why now ? All along USA has it's military base in Guam. Japan and South Korea are it's two strong allies. There is no need for  base in Australia. But things do not go that way because by the computation of threat, the old base plus Japan-South Korea isn't enough. Korea, Taiwan and Japan could easily be wiped out by a single North Korea blow. China is gaining power and enhancing it's strength. That base is merely a preparation of the third world war.

As for the local news I don't find anything special and interesting. I have nothing more but to pray there will be a big earthquake hitting the Putrajaya covering the area of Illuminati symbol of compass and swallow all the corrupt politicians. In spite of that I think Syahrizat and her family will survive.

17/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



Imagine every head of department is running the department's canteen and cafeteria through his wife, and purchasing goods and other commodities from companies owned by his children. If UMNO allows Syahrizat to do it and no criminal action is taken then it will be legal for the others to do the same. There shall be no set precedence. Otherwise the whole country will see public offices will be run by families and cronies. To continue with it it would be better for the government to enact another law for ; only UMNO members can practice corruption.

It would be scary and terrified to think of members of public service or government involving themselves in Mafia and Drug Cartel. There are already literatures exposing those activities. What the police could not do they asked the secret society to do it for them. Morality and civility do not exist. They showered people with promises or money. Presidents would make promise after promise, all forgotten after gaining power. Some with a hundred dollar bill. All for vote. And in the art of cheating Obama needs to learn from Malaysia.

Robbers are robbers, whether they take a dollar or a million, whether they are paupers or presidents. With sophistication of law and the minds of evil many, robberies are done in some subtle ways. They robbed the poor for the rich. The art of robbing the poor for the rich and themselves is learnt from America. Insurance companies and corporations are the culprits, enhanced and nurtured by some governments to do the dirty jobs. And I also happen to know how the top brass people are robbing government departments.

So if those people can commit crime which has been whitewashed as 'nothing wrong', would it be okay for departmental head to pick up his family members to run the canteen and other contract work ? Would it be alright for a school principal to sell things to his own school ? So far Kahiry, Noh, Muhyiddin, Pak Lah and Syahrizat said that no wrong was done.

On several trips to USA I was  placed with a Chinese room mate. There were simple questions asked which I could not answer and felt so ashamed. When I watched the rowdy behavior of my students going for Friday prayer I asked them whether Islam was like that ? What would other religious group would think of the Muslims seeing such a demeanor ? When Alex Jose compared us with pirates had we not gone wild and barred him from entering Malaysia ? It was true that the British were treasure plunders and pirates but that should not be repeated and followed by us.

We want to be a civilize people and we have law to protect us from evil deeds. The law clearly prohibited corruptions and had defined it very well. There is no beating about the bush nor lawyer's argument. Bank Bumiputera's case was forgotten with one murdered and the criminals go scot free. Perwaja's money missing with nobody went to jail. The PKZ will face the same fate. And mind you, 'A crime is not a crime if it is not reported'. It is certainly a disgrace to the Malays and Islam. Are we going to say 'It is is the sin between Shahrizat's and the God. None of your business ?'

No wonder a small fry school principal bought school things from his friends and later from him after his retirement. Was it a coincidence that he has been an UMNO man ? Let all the head of departments choose their own families to deal business with the departments.

16/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Tony Fernandez is obviously smart. Can you imagine a carrier that gives a lot of cheap and free seats enjoys a huge profit. Don't tell us the government does not know what's really wrong with MAS. Again it says MAS run at a loss because of the increase fuel cost. Other airlines are using fuels too, including Air Asia.

To many of us profit is total revenue minus total expenditure. And that's what I believe. But most businesses compute the relationship in a long term; what they spend now will yield return in 10 - 30 years time. If anything goes wrong between the day the money is spent and the final target expectation then there is always a risk of a fatal loss. In the later system there is a need for a continuous monitoring of revenue-expenditure in the moving time frame. You must be clear to see the end at the present point. In my observations I noticed there were plenty of people who borrow to spend because they were expecting some sort of future income, like the salary in two week's time, the sale of chickens from the farm, the promised payment on loan they lent to friends etc.

I don't know how AirAsia thinks and do. I am sure in any undertakings the cost factor must be strongly addressed. Would you buy a drawing for 10 million ringgit and a dinner for RM50.00 per person. You can get a beautiful paintings at less than a thousand or get the school children to paint them ( I am not joking ). And I am sure there are a lot of caterers who are willing to sell dinner at RM10-RM15 a person. Cost cutting should cover the whole network. I think that was what Tony did.

Secondly we need to compute the revenue for each flight and how to maximize the revenue. Tony played around with psychology and simple mathematics. What is meant by free flight ? You bring your car for free servicing, you still have to pay for something. Do you fly Air Asia without paying even a single cent ?

Only last night I counted the number of passengers on MAS leaving and boarding the carrier to/from AOR-KUL ( Alor Setar - Kuala Lumpur). For MAS there were no more than 80 each way. But for Air Asia there were hundreds. In fact I and my wife on several occasions would pass time watching airplane. So I was computing and she was listening; if the plane has 300 seats and each seat cost RM200, MAS would get RM10000 if it had only 50 passengers. On the other hand if Air Asia has the full capacity of 300 seats and the average price for a seat is RM100, Air Asia would have reaped RM30000. The sales department needs some young genius guys to smartly compute for sale of maximum seats.

It would better to compute the revenue of each flight rather than to compute the total sum revenue, which means the losers will be covered by the flight that gain profit.

Also we need to think of terminal. It is not only cheap to build but it should also generate income. You build your own terminal and put Mac Donald, Kentucky etc etc. and if cleverly manipulated the income from rental can finance the operating cost of the terminal. I don't know how much has to be paid to the Malaysia Airport. Third party or middlemen always add to cost and push up the price.

I remember in the 80's recession when many airlines were closing shop, one airline was bought by the employees. Top brass managers with high salaries were not there anymore. The employees run the airline. I wonder how much money were paid as salaries to those people. In some firms the employees were willing to the lower salaries as long as they keep the jobs going. TERMINATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE LAST RESORT.

In reality there are many Tony Fernandez around. But as it has always been the politicians are now calling Tony cheat. IF Tony cheats then surely the cheated must have been a moron.  Who are the morons then ? Tony is one of the men in the board. He does not make decision. The board is. If I were to be Tony I would keep myself alert for any opportunity I can make profit both for me and my company. That's the name of business 'Strike at the opportunity'. Though I think buying a football club is risky, I am waiting to see how Toney is to turn it into a profit. The British has always been cunning and it is interesting to observe the Titans in action.

When you see politicians run any business you better stay away, stay far far away. The Malay tradition relates stories on a being called 'Gedembai'. This being would turn anything it touched into stones except for it's stomach. Failing in the competitive economy the easiest alternative is to make law to rob people and law to allow monopoly and to support corporate bodies.

Many organizations went broke or meet their death during the era of Mahathir. This includes MAS. The ghost of Perwaja  Steel, Bank Bumiputera, and others are haunting us. Why nobody went to jail ? Open your eyes and try to see who is the real evil and devil. It has always been a principle in administration that the manager is responsible and accountable for whatever mishap happened during his tenure.

14/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If our value does not fit the society we live in, it would be wiser for us to detach ourselves from that society and move somewhere else. It would be selfish of us to demand the society to leave us alone to lead our own way while at the same time we demand for their protection and generosity. Is society important after all ? A society is basically a group of people sharing the same belief, interest, culture and practice living within the same boundary. A race is a society. A nation of people sharing common interest and culture can be regarded as a society.

We can choose to live alone or with a group of people in our community. There are people who prefer to stay alone and want to do things their own way and what they like. When a member of their family passed away, the house was empty. Only a few distant relatives were seen. Similarly when they celebrate a wedding feast we don't see people. In big cities life in a condo is almost free because nobody knows anybody. Has anyone die alone in his abode ?

I believe that we can't stay alone. I need my neighbor to take care of my cats and look after my house when I am away. Likewise I will be watching his house against thieves. We need each other in many things. The least a member of a society can do is not to cause injury to another's feeling and to share a common value. The reciprocity of respect would bring happiness and tranquility.

If we choose to reject the norm of a society and reject them all, then the society too reject us. We want our right and likewise the society wants it's right. A shopkeeper may not want to sell things to you. A man may not allow you to pass his land. Your appeal to the law is an appeal to a society's norm. Since you want a total freedom then by right the law is not yours to appeal. You can yell for your right not to pay for tax, but the law can exercise it's right to rob you, whatever you want to call the law is. In the totally free world where lawless is, the survival of the fittest will take place. The law in the free world of yours is fitter than you are. And by the moral law I have all the right to reject you if you reject me.

People who wants absolute freedom and liberty rejects society's intervention in their personal or family life. What has happened was neighbors had ignored the domestic violence happening at their next doors. Nobody cares of the robberies or murder in front of their eyes. Nobody care when a group of youth administer drugs on themselves. In short mind your own business. Rais Yatim is one of the proponents of absolute civil right. The sin I made is between me and my God. So be it. At another time another Minister called the people to know what happen in the neighborhood, to report domestic violence and child abuse. Would indifference provide more security ?

The strength of a society depends on their cohesiveness. The bonding is converged by the acceptance of the norm and practice. There are ways of social interactions, death, festivities, sexual relationship and economic activities. It gives a louder and a stronger voice in political flat form.  A referendum is a concerted voice of a cohesive society, not of a single person. A free public sex it is not between you and God but also between you and your society. The group does not approve it. You are causing an emotional injury to the whole society. A mental injury is not something invisible and negligible, it is recognized by law. People are being sued for mental and emotional injury. Whenever there is a conflict between an individual liberty and public right of peacefulness, public liberty prevails.

In Malaysia we began to hear 'Mind your own business' and the fight for individual's right. There is nothing wrong with them. The women liberation group was pressing the government to stop 'child marriage'. Of course 'child marriage' is a taboo word in the Western World. But we must defined well with full understanding what these are. A marriage at a young age is rare now but not more than 60 years ago. What is young today is not as defined in those days. There are thousand of unmarried women whose age were above 40. 40 years ago 30 was already considered an old maid. There have been teenage girls who became housewives. And today there are so many 14 year old girls who fell in love and want to get married to their lovers. They too claim the right to marry. Why don't those 'mind your own business' people must mind other people's business.

It would be harsh to say that freedom and liberty can be found in the jungle. But it is. Try to be there and feel the freedom and tranquility. Nobody bothers you and you bother nobody. You do whatever you want and you cause no injury to nobody. In our urban world we can get all the full freedom if we dispense all the law and regulations. Even with all the liberty, the moment you step into my home you are not free to do whatever you want. Of course there are people who came into people's house and claim that house is his and he is free to do anything he likes.

Where actually can we find absolute freedom other than the jungle ? To this very day American police are arresting protestors in the whole nation. No American is allowed to think whatever he/she wants and does whatever he/she likes. It is believed that those people who were providing proof of the real happenings on the World Trade Center were dead, suspected death by murder. America want the whole nation to think as what the government thinks; that the Muslims are terrorists, torture on the Muslims is alright, sympathy with the Palestinians is the act of terror. And I have seen how the British immigration officers treated the Malaysians suspected of wanting to stay in England like animals.

If you take time to study the daily living in the United States and Europe today you will know more about freedom and liberty. Muslim women were not allowed to wear Barqa or Hijab. There had been protest and opposition to the building of mosques. American political elites express pride in Waterboarding which they call 'enhance torture'. Enhance torture is not a torture. To kill people freely is easy. Just say the word 'WAR' and then shoot every unarmed people. That is what freedom is. The freedom to invade and bomb other nation and the freedom to arrest and torture disidents.

To the Malaysians the word sex and free sex are not in our culture. Even in the United States people are proving that drugs, sex and homo-sexuality are the work of American Zionist to weaken the nation and the society so that the Jews can take control of the country. The Jewish youth are well disciplined, value religious morality, and are very well organized. The strong bond and mutual respects had built up a strong Jewish matrix of power. We may hate Jews but we have to understand how they built a strong race.

Drugs and sex weakened a race. You should know that there were attempts to legalize the sale and intake of drugs. The born free effect is freedom to consume and sale of anything, 'do whatever I like. I take drug it is my funeral. It is none of your business'.  We already are facing problems with our youths who oppose school's and parent's regulation. The Mat Rempit, drug abuse, bag snatching and other immoral activities are the result of 'Mind your own business'. In the West we heard of a mother and son taking drugs together, sexual intimacy within a family, wives swapping, walking nude in the street and same sex marriage. These are the liberty these Malaysians are calling for.

What liberty has the world ? Israel attacked Syria and soon on Iran with the support of the united States because they THINK those nations will make a nuclear bomb to obliterate Israel and the United States. America even warned China not to enhance military built up and questioned on the Chinese Aircraft Carrier. 'I can but you can't.' Freedom is for me and not for you. I can do free sex but not my kids. The policy of USA and Israel does not have to wait until the crime is committed but to halt any suspected crime potentiality.

How about American bankers telling our banks what to do ? How about Goldman Sach ordering Malaysians what to do ? So far we have not heard anybody yelling back 'get out of our business and mind on your own affair..'

What democracy are we talking about ? It is a democracy of convenience and my liberty but not yours. Kill all the Muslims because they are the potential threat to the Jews and Christianity. And this is the god our Sister of Islam is worshipping, the Satanic Freedom of the Murderers.

14/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof

What do we expect if there is an impasse ?



How many oversea trips had I made ? The first trip to the United States was at the end of 1970s. In 1982/83 I was in Athens and Bloomington. After that I made a regular visit at least once in two years. I was also in Europe during the severe winter.

On the coming 24th November I will make a trip to Beijing and Shanghai with a tour group. All those previous trips do not take away my fear and worry. I went around to ask people the dress they wore during their winter visit to China. I started to worry about the thermal dress which I used to wear many years ago called 'Long John'. I was trying to recall when was the last time I put on the thermal outfit. I can't remember. Then I was trying to recall the shoes I wore on all my trips to USA during the winter months. And that too I don't remember. I just plan to buy the jogging shoes because of it's lightness but with a fear the cold might penetrates it.

Then I have to find ways to go to Kuala Lumpur and back. My inquiry at MAS office disappointed me because there is no morning flight to KLIA. The flight from KLIA to Hong Kong will be at 1330 or 1.30 pm. Taking an early flight one day before means more expenditure. So I decided to take a train. I bought a first class ticket at a pensioner's price of RM66 for the bottom berth. That does not solve my problem yet. The arrival time at KLIA from Hong Kong will be at 7.55 pm. I would not be able to catch any plane. The train at KL Central will be at 9.50 pm. At what time will I will be out of the terminal ? Immigration, luggage wait and custom check will take time. If by a stroke of miracle I can catch the KLIA Transit at 8 pm, then I will be having just ample time to purchase the ticket and board the train. Surely it will be risky. But I have to keep that in mind.

The other alternative is to take a bus. The KL-Alor Setar bus terminal is far from KL Sentral. I hate to pay RM25 or RM50 to the taxi. I know there is an express terminal in Putrajaya. But  how to go to Putrajaya. I had to search the internet and I found a way. Do I buy the ticket on arrival at the station or buy now ? I went to the local express bus terminal. Bingo there are two bus companies doing the business Alor Setar - Putrajaya and back. I can buy the ticket here. That give me a great relief.

Having solve my own problem I have to make sure my wife is safe at home. In fact I had ask my former teacher to find a student who is willing to stay at my home for a week with a handsome payment. She found one. I told my wife. She does not agree because her sister in law has promised to look after her. Though we have promised to send our sister in law and my wife's brother for a trip to Mecca ( Umrah ) next year, I don't feel comfortable about it. My wife does not want to go to China and she wants to stay at home. But she is on the wheel chair. I used to take her along with me to oversea trips. She has been to Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Seri Langka. I promised her for a trip to Spain and Morocco if she takes care of her health. The problem with her she never followed doctor's instruction. And I have been in wars with her several time on medical instructions.

The 6 nights trip costs me RM3649 because I have to pay the extra RM649 for a single supplement, which means I pay for the second person in the room. Probably I will only buy the Chinese Yuan with the Malaysian 500. I seldom shopped when traveling. When people buy I just look at them and their goods. And there will be forced photography by a member of the tour agency. But you are not forced to buy the pictures. You tend to pity him and pay for the pictures. That RM500 would be just enough for unforeseen expenditures.

I am looking forward to enjoying the climb of the Great Wall of China. I wish myself luck.

12/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



One way or another we are all going to die. Immortality do not guarantee happiness to many people. Dracula never grew old but he got to live on blood. Many would experience mental stress as the changing culture and human demeanor would torture the minds. Most of us were happier when we were young than when we grow up. And so far we do not see the world go for the better. War, killings and poverty never end. The streets are infested with drugs. Prostitution, gangsterism, and thefts keep on climbing. Politicians have no shame to declare they are criminals and plunder people's money for their family's benefit. Drones were sent to kill innocent people. The Palestinians were driven out of their home at dawn.

Even the rich and wealthy are not happy with many things. Tunku Razali is not happy with UMNO. Politicians are scarred they may be thrown into jails or tortured or murdered. Even Dick Chenny and Rumsfeld and Bush are living with the guilt minds and fear of being indicted. They move around to fight against their own conscience forcing themselves into believing that they were doing the right things. Mahathir still made comments after comments. 

We do hear people say," I am tired of living." They are fed up with malicious lies, greed and avarice of the people in power.

How many million people are not scared of death ? Many say life and death are work of God. God does God's work and we do our work by taking good care of our health. If we know the angel of death is coming to take us away tomorrow then we are just ready to accept it. And those who signed themselves for military are ever willing to die to defend their nation, though the Americans military are created not to defend the United States but to murder innocent women and children in a far away land.

There are those who are willing to die to fight against evil, tyranny and despotic rulers. They would resort to the normal combat to wiring themselves with bombs. Whatever methods used they are to achieve the same goal. Suicide bombers are not worse than the normal combat. And it is the most fearful and the enemy would do anything to discourage suicide bombing. After all suicide bombing kills much lesser people than Hiroshima. 

Educated youths who see no future too are not afraid to die. They have a very hard time looking for jobs and making ends meet while the politicians reap millions from side businesses and unnecessary projects. In spite of the intense gas and water attack by the police the occupy wall street continued to fill up the streets. When an army veteran was injured the police stopped raiding for fear of more escalating war veterans involvement.

If protestors are made up of people who are willing to die then the fight back will be bloody and brutal. That can spell out the fall of a government, especially when foreign countries intervene. The number of Libyans who rebelled were too small yet Ghadafi's government was crushed.

Therefore any nation which wants to kill it's own citizens must get the approval of the United States. That means it also need to approve Israel killings of the Palestinians. Hence we are as Satanic as the Satanic nations.

Some countries dare to brag of their inefficiencies, corrupts and crimes. Syahrizat for instant has pride in her side job using millions of taxpayers money. She was making inflammable declaration of the right for UMNO to be a corrupt party and dragged in Wanita UMNO. She and Noh seems to say 'We are corrupt, so what ? ' , Najib seems to say,'Yes we are corrupt but we give you RM500. We promote teachers. We give you't corruption benefit you ? '

As long as our people are afraid of death, any protest will not be in great danger. The government has to put more secret service personnel with the people to read the mind of the populace. Whether in or out of danger it is despicable for any government to tell the people that it is alright for a Minister to commit crime. Crime is not defined by Nazri or Ghani Patail. If we want to accept man made law as a guide then refer to the definition of corruption by the government's Law Book. It is immoral for a Minister to say her doing business with the government's money is okay.

Remember, whatever is published on the websites are kept as records. Every of your statement and this very essay is kept and become history. The world would assess us, the Malays, the Mamak and it could very embarrassing. Only immoral people are without shame.

Each evil action and practice we made would bore a hatred. If it multiplies and the economy goes so bad and educated youths are out of jobs ( and the politicians are known to enjoy the luxuries of life with taxpayers money ) a more dangerous Arab spring could happen just anywhere. Will there not be a time when people are not afraid of being shot and killed ?  And we cannot dance to the American tune all the way to gain their support for our evil action against the people, because the United States current tyranny is under attack and slowly gaining support. The people are looking for ways to bring Bush, Chenny and Rumsfeld to court. I am sure Bush will be persecuted soon by international community.

The future generation can synchronize and zero beat their minds despite UMNO's effort to split the various races. Once this happen they can shake the nation. The opposition parties never pose any danger to the nation but a few hundreds of dissatisfied young people are. Saddam Hussein and Ghadafi were not brought down by general election. They won every election by landslide. Yet they fall. Now we are focusing on Syria and Yemen. What will happen next is yet to be seen.

The successes of the police to disperse protestors are not due to the road block or the gas or the water cannon. There are three main factors; firstly the protestors still value their lives. Secondly food are in abundance and those who have money can still buy food and those who are poor do not die of starvation. Thirdly the protestors are not rebels and therefore they do not have arms. In Libya arms were brought in by the Al-Queda group and the fighters get the air support from NATO.

The way to stop any possible smuggling of arms is not to push the people too hard and too far. Noh and Syahrizat has been very arrogance, because they think they are invincible and UMNO cannot go down. They were challenging the people, thinking the one hundred and five hundred ringgit vote buying could be a strong sheild. I would suggest to all politicians, BN or BA, to look for a book on the Vietnam and War in Cambodia to understand the heart of the soft spoken people. When they become vicious they eat the hearts of their enemies.

To stop the people from rising their the state of anger to 'no-fear of death' is to stop plundering people's money to give them to Ministers family or friends. Or the wife of a President or Prime Minister is directly doing business with the government. When I was in a stadium I heard people were swearing at our leaders and one said 'If I have a gun the first person I would shoot is....' I scolded the man and warned him to watch his mouth. There was no relationship between soccer and politics. Since FELDA was playing a home team and it was a main issue on the TV, these guys divert their anger at the politicians who spoke for FELDA.

Certainly the statement about shooting and gun is not ours to mention. It has never been our culture to kill people or politicians, even though they are bad and treacherous. But I found that Malaysian's mind has gone that far. In the United State even the intent has been considered a crime. Are we not creating militant minds by our actions and policies ? When Mahathir was a PM he believed that the Muslims and PAS were potential militants. I asked a PAS member about Mahathir's statement. He replied,"PAS is not a new party. We had been fighting Perikatan and now Barisan National since those days. We lost all the time. We fought again. We never have an iota of mind to overthrow the government by force. That's not our style." But a few people were so fed up with him, they were about to kill him. Had those people been other than the Malays, we would have not known what could have happen to Mahathir. Some of you can still remember the story while others may have forgotten.

ONE MALAYSIA - the people come first. One Malaysia - the UMNO minister's family come first. One Malaysia - the husband of a Minister comes first. Are we not telling the world who we are and what we are ? The people have another two additional faces to study, Noh and Syahrizat. Which part of Bush, Chinney, Ramsfeld, Syahrizat and Noh has a shadow of evil.

I don't want to live 15 or 30 years more to see violence struck our country. That will be the sure time UMNO will go and violence will erupt. At this rate of corruptions and nepotism would not go right. It is to remind you that Malaysia is a multi racial country.

Right now the government bangs hard on Budget 2012 to make people forget about the stolen jet engine, the missing millions, the C4, the death of TBH, the all round inefficient and incompetency, the kickback and the sinking submarine, the USD24 million diamond, MAS sickness, the increase drugs and crimes. And each day Mahyuddin is telling the people to vote UMNO because they are paid RM100 or RM500 from taxpayers money. The budget 2012 is the biggest ever smoke screen to cover up the billions stolen.

Whatever, the fear of death could save the evil politicians. But the landslide victory does not mean UMNO is immortal. You either think hard about it or leave everything to fate. The longer you live the more mental agony will besiege you. Our fate is not totally decided by us but by the international community. If Bush go to jail then it is likely others will follow.

11/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


PTT revisited

A mic with a PTT is hazardous when you go mobiling. Pressing the PTT while driving could run us into trouble. It could be under the traffic offence. It would be safer to opt for the VOX headset as shown by the picture on the left. It is a Motorola BDN6773A - Lightweight Adjustable Headset w/Swivel Boom Mic (No PTT Button) - See Optional VOX Interface - x03W. It is about USD50.

If we are using the normal microphone we can avoid using PTT by using the VOX. Almost all commercial transceivers have the VOX circuit.

You see, PTT is not another name for a microphone. And a microphone with a PTT is not a PTT either. A microphone is a microphone whether it has a PTT or not. the BDN6733A is a microphone without a PTT. Of course I am a bit harsh to some people for saying something they don't like to hear. Time and again I have been saying that Amateur Radio did not originate in Pokok Asam or Gajah Mati. It needs a really very great person to devise terms for the world like 70 to replace 73 or PTT to replace the microphone. If it is, then Malaysians would lead the world in aspects of Ham Radio.

Like HIV and Bird's flu many new self-made terms will spread. That's the reason the we are hearing CB style of talks on the band; 'roger here, roger there and roger everywhere'. This is the sin of no-CW. And these people are proud to be one. I saw someone wearing a T-Shirt at a hamfest written 'I don't regret for not taking CW'. It is just like saying 'I don't regret not marrying Lady Gaga'. Let's all not regret not marrying Siti Nurhaliza. What's the guy talking about ?

Years before the license B, I have not heard QRX is being used as it is being used today. I am not saying whether it is right or wrong. But we never used it as what these people are. We human are funny. We want to right the wrong by continuous repetition. And we finally believe the lies to be the truth. You just notice those 9M2 boys who fought hard for B tickets would stay silent at any abuse or wrong doings of their brethrens. And not even heard on the band. A few even pissed back on their faces. Even when MARTS is almost dead they just let it face it's own destiny.

I don't blame the user. It is the teacher who was at fault. Once a teacher taught a student that man was made from mud. Later another teacher said a man came from monkey. And now another teacher says man is made by ancient alien.

When you press the PTT to talk, you are not talking to the PTT. PTT is merely a switch. The main component of the microphone is the part that converts the wave vibration of our voice to electrical signals. Some microphones have circuits in them to process our audio. Try to open up your microphone and examine how the switch is designed. It is simple and cleverly attached to the mic.

09/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Being a Freemason, was George Washington who set the American Constitution evil ? By now our minds are full of contradictions. If the last 5 Presidents were Mason and were of the belief that they were to fulfill the will of the ancient tradition, then how come they started to kick away the constitutions set up by fellow Mason ? Freemason has always expressed humanity and kindness, and not to treat the fellow citizens like animals.

It is the habit of the new generation to change what was started by the founding fathers. I wonder how much of the ancient Mason's philosophy has been altered and in what area. I know for sure the part of religious beliefs and God has a new meaning, and wonder what is meant by God in Mason's perspective today. Does it accept Trinity and Paganism ?

We have seen how true the traditional theory of Newton has been. It contributed much to the space exploration through the principle of motion and inertia and force. When someone suggested that we need much fuel to travel the galaxy, I dismissed it as absurdity. Many of the classical theory works. And even Rutherford and Einstein had proven the truth. Today the quantum guys are disapproving the classical scientists.

When the quantum guys found that what they expected went wrong, they conclude things are never certain and matters and light can behave differently. To make matters worse they say nothing is realistic.

Degrading the past and changing what the founding fathers had set would lead to disastrous result. No matter how great technological progress may be the basic of a human being will remain the same; the need for food, protection from cold and heat, the unchanged type of emotions. These basics stay the same from the beginning. The progress in technology are varieties of mean to cater human satisfaction. The degree of satisfaction of people watching a staged drama 100 years ago is the same as the state of watching a 3D movie in cinema or at home.

The choice of the new life is obvious because it makes life more simple. Movements, communications, daily chores, and entertainment are changes unknown to those days. Traditional people living in the traditional world aloof from all others do not feel the pain if they do not know what an iPhone or a TV is. As long as they have enough food to eat and can sleep well and soundly, enough clothing and happily live in the community with the same tradition, their state of fulfilling would be the same as the people with a flying vehicles and visual communication.

Alor Setar 15 years ago is much less than Kuala Lumpur today. Are we saying those who live in Kuala Lumpur are better off and happier than the people in Alor Setar ? Progress and development are not without cost. The Americans are suffering more than the Malaysians or the Cubans or even the North Koreans. At 10 am you can still find hundred of people still sleeping on the roads. Someone is being shot almost daily. Workers are losing their jobs. Congressmen and women did not care the sufferings of their people. Technological progress do not lift the emotional and economic sufferings of citizens.

If technological progress ensure prosperity and luxury then we expect all the Western countries and countries where the Westerners live will be completely free of poverty and sadness and sufferings. Once the Eastern people used to think that perfection is found in the West. All Americans and Europeans are wealthy. Living in those countries would be a heaven. But it turn out that the grass is not always green on the other side.

When George Washington laid out the United States of America he never expect America to be as it is today. And when UMNO was first set up, nobody ever thought it would be like UMNO today. They don't have to tell the people what progress they brought . Those who live 100 years ago and are still living today would be able to compare and make the right judgment.

I would not approve the overthrown of the classical science because most of the modern technologies were developed under the classic principles. I would not approve the abrupt change in education system because the basic aim of education should be to produce good citizenships not merely to meet the agenda of vocations. It would be useless for an educated person like a lawyer who can murder people without any conscience, a Minister who is too busy governing a country having no time to attend his mother's funeral.

If a man change the phrases or paragraphs in a Holly Book then the whole book cease to be divine and they are no more God's words.

Those who are thinking of change as imperative, better think of it again and think it hard. Had George Washington been alive today he would have buried those Presidents alive for tearing down the path and philosophy towards human happiness and liberty. Leaders simply do not care and value human life, professing torture and wildly inflicting injuries on the people as what the Church had done on the people and what England did on the Puritans. America is too obsess with money and too phobia with the non-Whites wanting to eat their flesh.

So far I have not found anything that call the Mason to kill and murder any infidels. It professes liberty, industry, quest for knowledge, practicality, responsibility and kindness. Even before the 911 there had been changed and plan for change to keep control of resources and power over the Americans and the world.

Something that is good for one and bad for another cannot be universally good. Even many things that are confirmed good may have side effects. And the saying Order out of chaos could be used as an excuse for conquest and aggression. Remember imperialism carries the slogan 'Bring light to the darkness'. What light ? What darkness ? What is really a reality ? The reality is the force of greed and selfishness, the evil heart of people who seize power. Was it not 'seizing' when elections are full of fraud and lies and corruption and the lobbyist money ? Indeed it was a change when telling the truth is a crime and honesty is stupidity. The lies become so very normal by the head of states and nations. Lies pile up on top of each other.

Innovation and change are never identical. Innovation is a procedural shift. It is an improvement. A change is a material and philosophical replacements which has no connotation of improvement. It can be regressive or progressive. Paying bills at one point instead of paying them at separate centers is an innovation to bill payments. Killing or altering the constitution is not an innovation but a change. Taking away liberty or telling lies are never innovation.

When the greed plunder the land they brought along atmospheric change. Not only the air we breath in contain tons of dangerous dust, even the water we drink could kill us. We are buying water to drink instead of using  pipe. Rivers were polluted. Water turn from crystal clear to brown, black and grey. Many animals died and went into extinction. The greed and the politicians reap the money. They build the police and the army to protect them. They change themselves into a nation, and the real nation into nothing. Obey the Nation means obey me. Fight for the nation means fight for me.

It is not that the masses are silly and stupid but because they are helpless and powerless. Mao's 'Power is at the barrel of the gun' is just equal to 'Might is right'.

If we are believers then pray to God for the immediate punishments on the evil that is destroying the earth, the air and water, and the mankind. The time will come and the souls will resurrect the body and human realize the true existence of God to regret the evil they have done to the matter of the living and non-living.

Never trust the change without giving much thought to it.

08/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am really impressed by the CW skill of 9M2AVB who has just got the AA. Compare to several new international hams 9M2PJU and 9M2AVB are very much faster. Immediately after getting the ticket 9M2AVB started to chat on Morse with Piju. They are really good, much better than when I was first on the mode. With constant practice in no time they will be able to upgrade their speed to 30 - 35 words per minute. This is amazing for hams who has just passed the test.

When messages were sent word by word with ample spacing they are simply beautiful to hear. It was just like a music. 9M2PJU finally able to deliver CW with the correct tempo when ragchewing  with 9M2AVB.

There is always a different between sending and copying. People who can send may not be able to copy at all. The skill is when one is able to copy the code. For rubber stamp DX work the most important is being able to copy the call sign mentally not using machine. Signal strength, name, location and the ending stuffs are easy. Already one can go DXing with it.

To go chatting locally one needs to practice more on listening. At 7.025 MHZ you can hear Indonesian stations. This is where you can learn copying messages. In the local communication and chat there will always be questions and answers, and stories. If someone asks you a question you need to reply. If you don't answer the question even after it is repeated, the listeners are bound to think you can't read but you can send only. Of course you don't have to repeat what the other station sent to prove you can read him.

What's so great about CW ? My answer is, it is great because only a certain people can gain the skill. These people have something extra in them. It isolate the best and the good. I respect the good but I salute the best. The best keep the spirit of the traditional ham package alive and promoting the image of our people; that we are good in badminton, squash and even in Morse codes. 'WE CAN'.

We are proud to have a female station stepping into international arena with Morse code. It is a history and it should be recorded as our national treasure. It means many things. Women cannot be despised as a second class citizen. They could be better than men. We are just Malaysians yet we have capable human resources from all walks of life. What's so great about CW ? A woman can, a man cannot.

Most of us will die first before CW is dead. It will continue to carry the identity of Ham Radio. It is synonymous to Ham Radio. It makes CB different from Ham.

Now that you have CW, use it. Enjoy it, not to please anyone. Don't leave it just to please those who are against it. A small piece of gold is better then a million atoms of dust and pebbles. To the ham radio it symbolizes something. To a man it symbolizes resilience, strength, guts, adventurous, ability to survive and success. These people beat the hostile environment and kill the giant.

07/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I would usually bring a newspaper into the nasi kandar restaurant, placing the paper flat on the table in front of the plate of rice. I did the same day by day, eating while reading. The Europeans might despise me for lack of table manners. A man in the front on the left was watching me and the paper. I pretended not to notice him. Finally he made a remark on the topic I  was reading. I just smiled. I said I was merely searching for advertisement on travelling.Then he commented about Muammar Ghadafi. I responded by telling him Al-Qeada and the role it played in Libya, narrating the relationship between CIA and Al-Queda. He look amazed. Then he mentioned about 'great men joining the secret society' and no Malaysian debunk about it. I knew he meant Illuminati, and I talked about the organization and the New World Order. Finally he asked for my profession. I told him I was a retired teacher. 'What do you do now ? ' I told him that I do nothing. I used to write a biometric and s smart card program.

I finished my food. He continued with several other comments on several happenings and events in Malaysia. When he touched on the English language issue, that gave me a real kick. I started to talk about the vital knowledge through cheap publications in the 50's and the 60's. I showed to him how the current educational system regress to create problems to the younger generations. I told him about the thinking and the attitudes of the Malays. And the short sightedness of the Malay planners.

When I decided to make a move I asked him his profession and whether he was from Kuala Lumpur. He is a reporter stationed in Alor Setar the New Straits Time. His hometown is Penang. He gave a business card and took my phone number. I told him not to hesitate to call me when he need somebody to talk to. I did not give him my blog's address like I do not give to my students or my neighbors.

At the restaurant sometime I met big gun friends who are UMNO men. We sat and chat but never on politics. Either we talked about food, travel or their kids. I never treat them like enemies or strange specimens. A few of them were victims of the UMNO rivals themselves. The topic they like most had been on their children's education.

Currently I keep my eyes wide open to see the manner Israel is going to attack Iran. I know the Israel is at the advantage because it has already has a small troop in Iran providing the intelligence information. I just want to see whether Israel miss anything in their calculation. In the second war, Israel would have been beaten flat if USA did not come to it's help. I just believe it might not trigger the third world war. But who knows. Anything can happen.

That reporter is not the only one with political and social consciousness. Everybody can talk and dissect politics nowadays. Some are vocal and others choose to keep to themselves. Today politics have involved mafia, gangsterism, drugs and other illegal businesses, secret societies and lies and conspiracies. Drug lords and Mafia gangs could probably be more powerful and threaten even the Ministers. People may not even realize they are being governed by a Drug Lord.

I am a solitary person. I do not go around and join the company of others to discuss matters pertaining to the running of state or nation. Once coffee shops were centers for political discussion and debate. There were strong arguments but no physical fight. It would be a good place for reporters to spend their time and listen to people's views.

My blog does not aim at disseminating my political views but as a cushion to absorb my emotional outburst. I am angry at politicians when they tell lie. The avarice and greed and the evil deeds are seen through hard evidences like the spate of crimes, thefts and robberies, and the physical environment around. Whatever happens do not match what the politicians yell on the TV sets. Whatever is practiced is whatever defined as corruptions in the Anti-Corruption Act. Ministers and Presidents were making stupid statements and insulting people's mind.

I know that my blog is not known and unpopular, and any emotional feeling express will not pose any injury to anybody. Harakah, Malaysiakini, Lim Kit Siang and Soosan Loon draw million of readers. Someone asked me whether the Malaysian Special Branch ever knocked on my door because of a few fierce criticisms attacking high profile individuals. I can only grin.

I am convinced that I was not wrong in many things. When I pointed out the great error of UMNO and Mahathir to some of my friends they agreed. I was reading on someone who got a couple of Master degree from a University in a foreign land, not because he passed the exam but because the University knew him. Had that not been the case to many of the Malaysians ?

I will not go to find the reporter to convince or argue with him about the top Malays. He had asked many questions, which I think he will find the answer. But I know he has not seen the evil of Mahathir yet, who had destroyed the Malays. I know I will not see him again. Those who frequent the Nasi Kandar are all known by me. The Mamak will brief me about his customers.

06/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When Bill, 9M2WT, left us to meet God, he left with fewer old hams. The fading is rapid. Those who still live simply refuse to make a come back. Bill like many others was jovial both while hamming and outside the radio. I remember his telling me about golf from A to Z. His tales on traveling were as interesting as golf stories. He did relate how he and a friend miss an airplane and the experience they encountered in Ginza.

The first time I met Bill was when I went to Muar and stayed at 9M2DW's house for about a week. Bill took me for a delicious sea-food somewhere in Melaka.

One special thing about hams was that we never talk about politics during eyeball sessions. I would not care whether a person is a PAS, UMNO or DAP. We would talk about radio for hours, and the CWers would talk about keys, speed, QRP and all about CW stuffs. The last time we met Bill was in Port Dickson where Bill was telling us about his luggage had to go a thorough security check because it was suspected of carrying a bomb.

Bill passed away at 66 after a cancer attack. 9W2TZ, Hanafi, told me he called Bill when Bill was first hospitalize. It is good of Hanafi to pass the message around of Bill's departure. People like me who did not check local net and seldom browse personal web pages wouldn't have known if I did not receive the SMS about Bill.

I sure lost a good ham friend. May God bless his soul.

04/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Ownership is human emotion. And emotion is a wave of a certain frequency. The first emotion and ownership is when a mother gives birth to a baby. The feeling of love was immense, blooming in the close bond of two bodies. The sensation of ownership begins. The baby belongs to the mother. Even the animals show such a love and affection to the newborn. Without this invisible wave and bond the baby could be left alone without any care, anywhere after the birth, killing the feeling of ownership.

Either with feeling and emotion or with instinct both human and animals nurtured love, affection and ready to protect the young from hostile environment or intruder. Such compassion seems to be naturally exist in mankind. If these are natural then the principle of ownership would hold to be true. Then liberty is not natural too. The day you were born you need to depend on someone to live.

A country where marriage is unknown will have no binding family, no father or mother or brother or sister. A man can take any woman for a sex ride and leave her, and can take another at will. Babies born are sent to a place for someone to feed and grow and leave the place once he grows up. He knows no father nor mother. In here there is no existence of ownership and liberty is at it's fullest.

Historically people outside the family want to own you, not by feeling of love, but by the feeling of ego or greed. The West had experienced a bitter controlled by the Church on the people. And today the state want to own you and command your obedience with rules and edicts. What is left to the people is the freedom of movement, freedom of choice and speech (cannot speak the truth about the government). But slowly many of those freedom will be taken away.

Government's regulations and policy slowly takes away the freedom of choice. If you own a car you have to pay the amount of insurance set and pay all the due taxes. We have to buy vehicles because there is no public transportation in many areas. Encouraging monopolies by the government left us with little choices.

The excessive use of ownership would enforce the tyrant rule using forces like police, gangsters and the army.

If you are a proponent of freedom and liberty you will have to dismiss ownership principle. No one can own anyone else. When a kid tells the parent 'Don't tell me what to do' and the wife tells the same thing to the husband, the family ties should be void and family would cease to exist.. Freedom then is not given by a nation or constitution but by birth without the tie of emotion. Could it be possible ? The insistence that you own your wife and she owns you would be absurd. Claiming that we own our spouse and kids but rejecting the others can own us would be absurd too.

In a community where family is valued, natural liberty and freedom does not exist. We have to seek liberty from the state and religion and put it in the constitution

We always hear a phrase 'Who say this is your country..'. It implies to the non-ownership principle. Non-ownership should be without AND and IF. It has to be absolute. It has to be non-ownership of land too regardless how you obtain them; by buying, cheating or robbing. The power of buying itself is a form of tyranny. It gives advantage to people with money and power and eventually they will take all the land away and say they own those land. When the Communist took over China thousands of Landlords were beheaded. Communist at that time did not recognize private ownership.

Walking into any land with 'Who say this is your country' would mean might is right. That's what is happening in Palestine, It is always possible for the strong country simply to occupy any foreign land at will. All land belongs to God. Every soul has the right to occupy any space. No one in any country can claim he owns that country. So we have the right to stay in India, China or the United States. So we go to India and ask 'Who say this is your country ?'

There is no less who prefer to own or be owned. 'You are not one of us' is a rejection that may be painful because people desire to be belonged to a group, a political party or a gang member. And willing to abide by any set rules. Being accepted by the group give the feeling of security, oneness and strength. People want to be bound by kinship, race, religion and ideology.  To be disowned by any of those would be a disgrace and shame.

Yet there are people who don't want to be owned but wanting to own others. Selfishness has no place in our world. Some call it double standard. USA has been calling the world to practice freedom and the right of expression, when it killed Amendment 1 of the American Constitution and now busy arresting and barring the Americans from protesting and disallow question on 911. And Bush did say 'Either you are with us or you are with terrorists'. Hence the ownership principle is very rigid. Whether you like it or not you are owned by the state. Failing to comply with the command will end you up in jail.

If you believe a person cannot be owned, you might agree that you can own things or chattels. You may think whatever you buy and pay for belongs to you. Look at the agreement carefully on some of the things you buy. Some stuffs do not change the ownership. You can keep it but it is not yours. Computer and telephone Soft Wares of today are not yours despite you purchase them. I cannot write an iPhone soft ware unless I become a member. Even after I have written it, it will be Apple who will decide whether it be published or not. Apple Mac soft ware development will have to be paid annually by you. If you become a professional sportsman you are turned into a chattel and you belong to the Club who sign you up.

The poor, beggars, homeless and the desperate may not recognize private properties. The rich and wealthy buy all and own all. We all remember the story of the Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood robbed the rich and gave to the poor. In some countries the poor and the landless would occupy and land they can lay their feet. Robbing banks and other people's property is translated as the process of the distribution of income; the transfer of income by force.

There is a joy of being free. There is also a joy of being owned. Love, jealousy and affection produce fields  connecting the people concerned. When loves bind so strong with full of compassion the cohesion through ownership provide security and faithfulness. The traditional spouses do not end their marriages as what is happening now.

04/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The following article excerpt from the internet is found to be interesting. It is something which many of us may not be aware of. This historical perspective is not from the Muslim point of view. The Christians who are not in agreeable with it could argue with Michael F Blume who presented his research on the Christian Trinities. There are a few hundred articles and sources which are pointing the Christian Trinity to the tradition of Ancient Pagan. The question that bothers my mind is not of the Trinity issue but of Jesus being murdered by the Jews, because by definition the Christian is worshipping a dead god. Certainly it would be unwise to pull people of other faith to join in the worshipping of a dead person. The Muslims does not say Jesus was dead and murdered, but the Christian and the Jews said it. By the logic of mind and in the state of the art technology a dead man is a dead man, living no power nor magic. Yet the despotism of religion had taken toll and many were burnt as witches. The history of liberty is the story of religious despotism in Europe.

The Muslims are warned not to believe in the article below but merely to know other people's view of Paganism and Trinity.

Pagan Trinities

Michael F Blume


Throughout this study we endeavour to prove beyond doubt that the belief in  One God comprised of three, separate and distinct persons, has pagan connections.

We will quote from scientific sources in the field of archaeology and surveys of pagan religions to reveal the origin of a supposedly "Christian" doctrine.  This information has been acquired from the book, The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop.  You will see that this doctrine of the Trinity is actually an element of heathenism perverted into Christian terminology.

The historic roots of the Trinity should be enough to convince a person that the doctrine is extra-biblical.  Scholars admit that it was a developed doctrine which took centuries to formulate.  And it was not until the 8th century that it was fully completed.

(See the study called the Historical Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity, also written by myself).

This study shows us what pagans in prechristian times believed in comparison  with the Trinity as preached by most Christian churches today.  While God's people, the Hebrews, believed in absolutely one God, it was pagans who believed in a Trinity identical to modern-day teachings of the Trinity. Who was more correct? God's people, the Hebrews, or the pagans who were outside of God's commonwealth and aliens, enemies and strangers to Him (Eph.  2:12; 4:18; Col.  1:21)?

Some "Christians" have contended with me personally that these pagans were sincerely searching for truth, and received truth from God due to their earnest desire for truth.  This is impossible, since God would only deal with those who were under Mosaic Law during the times since the inception of Law.  Those who were outside of that group were without God and without hope.

Not until New Testament times, when Christ removed the partition between Jews and gentiles could Gentiles receive of God.  And it was also impossible for people to get unveiled revelations before Christ's death, according to 1 Corinthians chapter 2.


The mysteries, whatever may have been their origin, or for whatever purposes they were instituted, were definitely a corruption of the original worship of the One deity.

Just as in ancient Egypt, Brahminism restricted the teaching of monotheism to the highest initiates alone.  Jacolliot emphasizes this in his writing:

    "The worship of the one God or Zeus unrevealed, reserved to the priests, was forbidden to the lower classes, but THREE TEMPLES DEDICATED TO THE THREE PERSONS OF THE TRIMOURTI, BRAHMA, VISHNU, SIVA, opened their doors to the adoration of the people, all of whom were allowed to select one of the THREE PERSONAGES OF THE TRINITY they would prefer to worship."
Ancient Babylonians "distinctly acknowledged that there was One infinite and Almighty Creator, supreme over all."

So you can see how at the first the people realized there was only One God.  In early humanity, people recognized Him as the True God Jehovah, but soon some apostatized and called this One God by other names.  They then began changing His attributes and holiness.  They stopped worshipping the One God in truth, but still continued to believe in One God.  It then became corrupted all the more when they began a creed requiring devotion to a "trinity" of the One God.  Soon millions of gods crept into their religions and man was far removed from the original Monotheistic faith.  This was amongst pagans.

Wilkinson writes:

    "In the early ages of mankind the existence of a sole and omnipotent Deity, who created all things, seems to have been the universal belief; and tradition taught men the same notions on this subject, which, in later times, have been adopted by all civilized nations.

    "The Gothic religion taught the being of a Supreme God, Master of the Universe, to whom all things were submissive and obedient." (Wilkinson, Ancient Egyptians, vol. iv. p. 176)

The ancient Icelandic mythology referred to him as

    "the Author of everything that existeth, the eternal, the living, and the awful Being; the searcher into concealed things, the Being that never changeth." (Mallett, Northern Antiquities, vol. I. pp. 78.79).

There is evidence of the same thing in the ancient Hindostan.  Though the modern Hinduism recognizes millions of gods, the sacred Indian books reveal that originally it was far from this.  They believed in one, sole god.

Not only did the Hindus recognize a God of natural perfections but also his gracious character was praised.  They spoke of their God's dealings with a lost and guilty world.  The name Brahm - which is a derivation of the Hebrew Rahm, the "merciful or compassionate One" (Parkhurst's Hebrew Lexicon, sub voce, No.  V)- was this one God's name.

The Turks have a term "Er-Rahman" for their most high God; the "all-merciful one." The Hindus once knew their "most holy, most high God" as "The God of Mercy" or "a just God and a Saviour" also.  Their religious knowledge of creation was closely the same as it is in Genesis.

    Isaiah 45:21 says, "Tell ye, and bring them, near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the Lord? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me."
    Psalm 37:26 "He is ever merciful, and lendeth: and his seed is blessed."

So we see the earliest forms of various pagan religions were really derivations of the One God, Jehovah.  Their doctrines concerning the One God were obviously lacking specific truths as they has departed somewhat from true faith.  The more that people crept away from faith in God the more elaborate the concoctions became regarding their view of God, until a "trinity" of three persons was invented.

One of the Vedhas, speaking of Brahma, stated that

    "all beings are created from his mouth" (Asiatic Researches, vol.  vii.  p.  294, London, 1807).

Here we have the connection in the pagan belief with He, who, ever since man's fall, has been revealed to man as the "merciful and Gracious One," (Exodus 34:6), the Almighty One, who in the beginning "spake and it was done," "commanded and all things stood fast," who made all things by the "word of his power." The title of the true God was the first thing to be perverted.

Babylonians idolatrously recognized the Divine Unity, and God spoke of it in Isaiah 66:17.  Note that in the King James Version the word "tree" is in italics; showing that it was not in the Hebrew.  So you read it as,

    "purify themselves in the garden behind one in the midst..."

In that unity of the Babylonian god there were three persons, and to symbolize that pagan trinity they employed the equilateral triangle, just as Roman Catholicism does today.  The Egyptians were also notorious for using the triangle to denote the unity of a god consisted of three persons.


Raamah, the son of Cush, (Gen 10:7), conquered many peoples following the Noahic deluge.  "The Mysteries" of the Deluge were at that time introduced to many lands.  "The Mysteries" were an occultic embodiment of spiritual thinking that became widespread throughout the world.  All pagan religions arose from this single source of grave error.  Adherents were "initiated" into the religion through religious rites that were kept secret, thus inspiring curiosity and awe.  This religion of "Mysteries" was later divided into sects.  Brahminism was one sect which believed in the deity Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.  The "Trimourti", as they became know as - or Trinity of God - comprised this divine council.

Now keep in mind that a "trinity" existed in the pagan Brahman religion long before Jesus Christ ever walked the earth in the flesh and ages before a Christian church existed.

A so-called holy book entitled The Vedhas, published by the priests, established the dogma of the trimourti; trinity of God which soon developed into polytheism after time.  And a host of the most monstrous superstitions resulted.  This was supposedly 12,000 years before our time, under what was called the Brahmatma Vasichta-Richi.

In the Monastery of the Trinitarians of Madrid, the Roman Catholics pictured the pagan trinity as three heads on one body.  This type of imagery derived originally came from ancient Babylon.  The Dublin Catholic Layman, a very Protestant paper, described a Popish picture of the trinity:

    "At the top of the picture is a representation of the Holy Trinity.  We beg to speak of it with due reverence.   God the Father and God the Son are represented as a Man with two heads, one body, and two arms.  One of the heads is like the ordinary pictures of our Saviour.  The other is the head of an old man, surmounted by a triangle.  Out of the middle of this figure is proceeding the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove.   We think it must be painful to any christian mind, and repugnant to Christian feeling, to look at this figure." July 17, 1856

It seems these people felt the references to the descriptions of the Cherubim in the Bible gave them license to picture God as one body with three heads, for the Cherubims were of one body with the four faces of an Ox, Lion, Eagle and Man.  Yet these creatures were not theophanies of God, nor ever referred to as God in the Bible.  (See Ezekiel 10).

In ancient Assyria there has been found a certain figure representing the ancient pagan trinity.  It portrays a head and body of an old man with a "zero" or circle surrounding his body.  This circle represents the "seed" in pagan symbolism.  And lastly you see the wings and tail of the bird or dove extending from the old man.  This is unity of three persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the pagan trinity.


Pagan Siberia portrayed a trinity also.  It showed one body with three heads on it, as seen on a medal that sits in the Imperial Cabinet of old St. Petersburg.


India portrayed a similar Trinity under the name of "Eko Deva Trimurtti," or "One God, three forms".  (Col.  Vans Kennedy, Hindoo Mythology, p.  211). In Japan the Buddhists worship Buddha, with three heads, in exactly the same form, under the name of "San Pao Fuh".  (Gillespie, Sinim).

The trinity was recognized in all nations of the world proving that the Trinity of today came from the paganism of the ancient world.

It seems that pagans, who once knew Jehovah, and His three manifestations that would be revealed (not three persons), twisted this One God into a thrice divided god.  (Pagans made gods from everything.)

After the first 200 years of the Church, in order to appeal to the pagans, the compromising element of the church concocted a masterplan.  In realizing God manifested in three ways they felt they could lure pagans, with their polytheistic beliefs, into Christianity and thus increase Christian popularity.  The pagans jumped at such a similar dogma as their own, since they were not told to accept only one God in One person.  They already had three person in their ancient creeds, so they readily adhered to a "christianized" version of what they always believed.

Regardless of the proposals of the Trinitarian Christians, the Jews profusely reject such a notion being found in the Old Testament writings as a trinity of three person in One God.  In fact, one of the great barriers that keeps them from considering popular Christianity to this day is the doctrine of the Trinity.  And the Jew looks upon such erroneous Christianity as just another of the modernized pagan philosophies of polytheism.


A significant change occurred in the Babylonian triune god.  Their three persons became the eternal Father, the Spirit of God incarnate in a HUMAN MOTHER, and a divine Son, the fruit of that incarnation.
The Melchites at the Nicean Council in 325 AD avowed that the Holy Trinity consisted of "The Father, The Virgin Mary, and the Messiah their Son." (Nimrod, iii.  p.  329).
    "Heart of Jesus I adore thee; Heart of Mary, I implore thee; Heart of Joseph, pure and just; In these three hearts I put my trust." (What Every Christian Must Know and Do, Rev.  J.  Furniss, published by James Duffy, Dublin).
The edition with the above quote is now withdrawn from circulation to the general public, but is genuine beyond refute.

A similar Trinity is found in Ireland.  A card entitled "Paschal Duty, St.  Mary's Church, Bishopwearmouth, 1859" held the following quote headed by "Dear Christians."

    "Blessed be Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart, my life and my soul. Jesus Mary and Joseph, assist me always; and in my last agony, Jesus Mary and Joseph, receive my last breath.  Amen."
Also, in Furniss's Manual:
    "In the morning before you get up make the sign of the cross, and say, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and soul. (Each time you say this prayer, you get an indulgence of 100 days, which you can give to the souls in purgatory)" (Furniss, What Every Christian Must Know and Do, Rule of Life, p.  30).
The Roman Catholic Church is responsible for bringing paganism into the church world.  The pagan doctrine of a trinity was among the salvaged folly.  They went so far as to include the alternative pagan trinity of Father, Mother, and Son!

The pagan mother of the child was characterized by gentleness and mercy as centered in her.  Death, ending her career, caused her to become deified and changed into a pigeon to express the celestial gentleness of her nature.  She became known as "D'Iune" or "the Dove" (Fasti, lib.  ii.  461-464, vol. iii.  p 113).

Note the close proximity to the gentle character of the Holy Ghost in the Bible, that ascended upon Jesus in the bodily shape of a dove.

This Mother was worshipped by the Babylonians in the form of a Dove.  And this dove was commonly symbolized with an olive branch in her mouth, as she is in her human form also seen bearing an olive branch in her hand.  She had the name given to her as "Z'emir-amit" which means "The Branch-Bearer." (Layard, Ninevah and Babylon, p.  25).  Therefore, there can be no doubt that the story of the Flood must have had an influence upon these pagans.  Noah's dove returned with an olive branch.  But there is more a reason for this.

  "A Branch" was the symbol of the deified Son in paganism.  So we see how Roman Catholicism came to worship Mary as a person of their trinity instead of the Holy Spirit.

Once paganism crept into Christian circles in form of a trinity of persons, the trend toward further pagan beliefs began.  The leaven of error and heathenism spread.  It grew so much as to pull the adherents towards other pagan traditions with alternative Christian characters playing the roles of pagan players.

The Assyrian goddess Juno or "the Virgin Venus" was identified with the Air.  Why would "air" be identified with her? Well, the symbol for the pagan goddess of this trinity was the dove.  In Chaldee, the same word which is translated "air" is also translated "Holy Ghost".  "Juno imparts the generation of soul" (Proclus, lib. vi. cap. 22, vol. ii. p. 76).  And where does man's soul come from?  It comes from the Spirit of God, or, in paganism, the third person of the pagan trinity.

Now connect this with an Orphic Hymn:

    "O royal Juno, of majestic mien, Aerial formed, divine, Jove's blessed queen, Throned in the bosom of Caerulean air, The race of mortals is thy constant care; The cooling gales, thy power alone inspires, Which nourish life, which every life desires, Mother of showers and winds, from thee alone Producing all things, mortal life is known; All natures show thy temperament divine, And universal sway alone is thine, With sounding blasts of wind, the swelling sea And rolling rivers roar when shook by thee." (Taylor, Orphic Hymns, p.  50).
In the temple of Hieropolis in Syria a famous statue existed of Juno with a golden dove on her head, and was called Semeion.  Only in that country was it thus called, meaning "The Habitation".  And the golden dove shows what she was the habitation of - the Spirit of God - paganism's third person of the trinity.

A Goddess in India is called Sacti which means "The Tabernacle".  (Kennedy, Hindoo Mythology, pp.  246, 256).  In Babylon she was called Sacca and was the dwelling place of God (Chesney, Euphrates Expedition. vol. I. p. 381).


According to the Greeks and Romans, Cybele, the mother of the gods, and of Venus, the goddess of love, are in general very distinct.  Many have found it most difficult to identify the two.  But keep in mind the fundamental principle of the Mysteries and you have no trouble.

At first the Mysteries only had Adad as the "One God" (Macrobii Saturnalia lib. I. cap. 23. p. 73).  Adad, being triune, allowed three different forms of divinity when the Babylonian Mystery of Iniquity formed further.  The Babylonians used an equilateral triangle to display this concept, just as Trinitarians do today!! (Layard, Babylon and Ninevah, p.605).  The Egyptians did the same (Maurice, Indian Antiquities, vol. iv. p. 445. London, 1794).  These forms became the Father, Mother and Son.  Apuleius tells us that when he was initiated, the goddess Isis revealed herself to him as:

    "The first of the celestials, and the uniform manifestation of the gods and goddesses...  WHOSE ONE SOLE DIVINITY the whole orb of the earth venerated, and under a manifold form, with different rites, and under a variety of appellations;"
And going over many of these appellations, she declares herself at one instance as "Pessinuntica, the mother of the gods (i.e.  Cybele), and Paphian Venus."

Originally the Mysteries set out with the doctrine of the Unity of the godhead.  Wilkinson writes:

    "I have stated that Amun-re and other gods took the form of different deities, which, though it appears at first sight to represent some difficulty, may readily be accounted for when we consider that each one of those figures or emblems that were adopted, was only an emanation, or deified attribute of the Same Great Being to whom they ascribe various characters, according to the several offices he was supposed to perform."
Based on the question of the identification of Cybele and Astarte we see the following.  Fundamentally there was only one goddess - the Holy Spirit, represented as female, when the distinction of sex was wickedly assigned to the godhead.  This happened through a perversion of the Scriptural idea that all children of God were begotten by the Father, and born of the Spirit in a husband and wife scenario.

The Spirit of God was represented as the Mother in the form of a dove.  This was supposedly based upon the reference to the Spirit that "fluttered" at the creation.  This is the exact meaning of the term in Gen.  1:2.  "The Spirit fluttered on the face of the waters".  Therefore this goddess was called Ops, "the Flutterer", or Juno, "The Dove", or Kubele, "The Binder with Cords".  This last title had a reference to the "bands of love, the cords of man", referred to in Hosea 11:4 as "Khubeli Adam".  God supposedly draws man unto himself with such cords, and also bound Adam to God through the Spirit's indwelling while the covenant of Eden was unbroken.

The Romans joined the two terms Juno and Kubele - or as it was commonly pronounced, Cybele - together.  And on certain occasions they invoked their supreme goddess by the name of Juno Covella, "the Dove that binds with cords".   In "STATIUS", the name of the great goddess is Cybele:

    "Italo gemitus Almone Cybele Ponit, et Idaeos jam non reminiscitur manes."
The triune emblem of the supreme Assyrian divinity was pictured as a man holding a large ring.  Large wings protrude from an orb out of which the upper half of the man appears.  Instead of two feet there are two bands portrayed with the wings and tail of this dove.

It was only natural that once the "Christian" trinity was introduced this pagan trend would lead further until Mary-worship became an integral part of the Roman Catholic Church.  Just as Paganism birthed departures from the true God and this One God became three persons, so did paganism's traits appear within Christian circles, and there resulted a Trinitarian doctrine.  And as the pagan trinity spawned into mother worship, by linking motherhood with birthing of the Spirit, so, too, did the Roman Catholic Church (which allowed Trinity creeds within) begin to worship Mary the mother of Jesus.

Mariolatry (Mary worship) was only a natural byproduct of the Trinitarian doctrine of three person being Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  If you consider the Holy Spirit as a separate person whose only characteristics are "birthing" all into being, and "gentleness", then such a "person" is easily connected to motherhood.  But keep the Oneness of the Godhead in mind and you do not separate each manifestation as a person.  And you do not thereby assign a personality of a divine member of some trinity who is in question. Therefore Mary worship could only result from a Trinitarian view of the Godhead.  And this is precisely how paganism also developed over the ancient centuries into various forms.  It changes.  Christianity supposedly changed in the first four centuries into a Trinitarian-oriented concept of God. But truth does not change! When one looks at the things of God from that basis of concept, one will never accept any dogmatic assertion that is not explicitly taught in Scripture.  Therefore, Trinity-type doctrines are cast away by people, even today, who realize that it was a "developed doctrine", as admitted by Trinitarian scholars.

This alone sheds great insight into the pagan nature of a Trinity doctrine. It shows the potential spreading of leaven that can only come from that which has leaven already in it.


The terms that Trinitarians use for their persons of the "Godhead" are "God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost".  Trinitarians use these terms as though they were biblical terms, not even considering they may be extrabiblical.  And things that are extrabiblical usually lead one into directions that are unbiblical and even anti-biblical.  If God wanted man to look at Him as three persons He would have inspired men to write in terms which the Trinitarians later invented to describe Himself.  Yet only one of those terms has biblical basis, and that is "God the Father". Sonship denotes the humanity of Jesus, so it is contradictory to say "God the Son".  The terms "God the Son" and "God the Holy Ghost" are not in the Bible.

So where did the idea for these titles come from? How did man ever come to conceive such terms?

In Babylon, "the man whose name was Branch" was a counterfeit of the biblical messiah.  He was named "El-Bar" or "God the Son".  He is introduced by this name as the second in the list of Babylonian kings by Berosus (Berosus, in Bunsen's Egypt, vol.  i.  p.  710, Note 5).  He has been found under this name in the sculptures of Ninevah.  The name "Bar", the "Son", was prefixed by "El" or "God" (Layard, Babylon and Ninevah, p.  629).  He was worshipped in Egypt by the name of "Bar" in the earliest times.  (Bunsen, vol.i. p. 426).  In pagan Rome he was called the "Eternal Boy".

To understand the title of "Eternal Boy", you must consider the most sacred oath which the ancient pagans used.  That oath was "Per Jovem Lapidem" or "By Jupiter the Stone." (Aulus Gellius, I.  21, p.192).   This phrase sounds silly, but when you translate Lapidem into Chaldee you have "By Jove the Son". "Ben" in Hebrew is "Son".  In Chaldee there is a word "Eben".  "Eben" signifies a stone, as seen in Ebenezer, "the stone of help".

The Roman Jovis (nominative form of Jove) is just a form of the Hebrew "Jehovah".  So we see the "the Son of Jehovah" being perverted by the pagans into a second person - "God the Son" instead of the biblical "Son of God."

It is directly from the Roman perversion of "By Jupiter the stone" that you get "Jehovah the Son", or "God the Son".  This is plainly pagan! The pagan Romans had a "God the Son", but never in the scriptures can you find this.  The only source for such a so-called "Christian" version can only be roman paganism.  Is it any wonder the "Roman" Catholic Church promoted the trinity doctrine?

A religion called Mazdeism, or Zoroastrianism, the teachings of Zoroaster (Zarathustra), a reformer, who supposedly lived 7,000 years before Christ, teaches a form of Trinitarianism.  It seems Zoroaster was actually the Nimrod of the Bible who attempted to found Babel.  It also is likely that "Bacchus" and "Tammuz" were the same man.  His sacred book is the Zend Avesta from Persia.

    "Zoroaster taught that there are two gods contrary to each other in their operations, the one the author of all the Good the other of all the Evil in Nature.  The Good principle he calls Oromazes (Ahura-Mazda) and the other the Daemon Arimanius (Agra-Mainyus).  He says the one resembles Light and Truth, the other Darkness and Ignorance.  There is likewise a middle God between these two named Mythras, whom the Persians call the Intercessor or Mediator.  Mythras is that Yazata (spirit) of light and guardian of justice and truth."

You have three gods and one is called the Mediator.  Paganized Christians realized the Son of God was our Mediator, so they made Divine and eternal Person out of Him - God the Son.  One of the manifestation of the One God was thus turned into more than a manifested work of God, but a Person that eternally existed.

While there was originally a universal concept of One God in One Person this faith was soon corrupted as men swerved away from purity of true religion.  First the name, and thus attributes, of God were changed.  Then God was subdivided into three major Beings.  These became three gods in the pagan religions.  Pagans were noted to take a divine attribute and make a god out of it.  Trinitarianism is a subtle form of this same trend.

We have seen how one form of paganism pronounced the second person of their pagan trinity as "God the Son".  This was evident in Roman heathenism. Zoroastrianism added to this thought the idea that the second person was a "Mediator".   Thus the model for the Trinitarian view of the Sonship of God as a distinct person was in existence long before any Christians even existed - among pagans! Trinitarianism is the pagan soil in which the roots of the Mother-worship of Mary are firmly planted.

Without doubt may the issue be forever settled in our hearts, and may it be decreed that the Trinitarian portrayal of three distinct persons, comprising one God, is irrefutably the product of pagan inspiration.

Satan's scheme through the ages of time has always been to rob God of due glory.  Instead of people worshipping God the enemy has veered men's praise to be directed towards God's attributes rather than God.  Making His attributes out to be distinct persons the enemy has led folks to unknowingly honour an act of God rather than God.  This has brought about the robbing of true praise from the Lord Himself, and has left many in a mild form of idolatry.

God used the brazen serpent to heal the snake bites of His followers in the wilderness under Moses.  It was later discovered that the brazen serpent was in the temple years later.  The people had worshipped the means God used to touch them rather than God Himself.  The people committed idolatry.  It was a blessing to go through the means of the instrument of brass, but surely God was much higher than brazen images and is to be truly praised.

Jesus Christ, Himself, told of the greater praise to be directed toward God the Father when he told the rich young ruler, "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God." (Matt.  19:17)

Within the Christ was the Almighty God the Father.  Attention to the fleshly robe was always turned away by God that men might correctly worship He who was in Christ Jesus - The Father.

With these truths let us truly worship the One True God, and not be swerved away into a lesser honouring of God through the worship of His attributes rather than His Single Person, Himself, with one Name.

It is interesting to note that Greek philosophy which led up to the concept of one God in three persons (see my other study entitled "The Origin of the Doctrine of the Trinity") came from the same country, Greece, that was heavily entrenched into pagan doctrines.  As any historian studying ancient religions knows, these doctrines and myths are derivations of the original ancient Babylonian and Egyptian versions of various divinities with different names applied to them.

While modern Trinitarians propose that the works of Plato and Socrates, which were made before Christ, were the results of God having endowed upon the Greek seekers of truth such concepts of God, particularly when thinking of the LOGOS dogma, we find that such Greek philosophers who entered the church in the second century were obviously biased in a multi-god concept. It was only natural for a Trinity-type concept to enter Christianity by Greeks.  And Trinitarianism is the only manner in which one can conceive God as being more than one being, while at the same time maintaining that there is One God.  There seemed to have been an incredible urge for people to force a polytheistic view into Christianity.

Oneness doctrine, on the other hand, maintains an absolute Oneness of God as evident in Old Testament Scripture.  It is the closest one can get to believing in One God -- in fact, one could not be more of a "one God" than a Oneness adherent -- while maintaining that Jesus Christ is God Almighty, since it is the proposal that God is absolutely and indivisibly one.

posted on 02/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Number one I don't have to be a Harvard economic graduate. Number two I don't have to be a BULLSHIT. Number three Idris Jala and Eric Cantor are just like brothers. When Najib was asked about his generosity in the 2012 budget he said 'WE HAVE MONEY'. Everyday when I passed by the railway track I see Mahathir reaping tons of money from the rail project. And each day I went on toll road I saw PLUS swimming in pools of money. And I counted the number of SMS which made some corporate guys are getting richer and wealthier. And more and more.

The government can go bankrupt not because of subsidy but because of Barisan National in power. The auditor general reported on the misuse and waste of government agencies. How many billions were paid in the bailout and the support of private agencies formed by UMNO. It is indeed true that the corporate are richer and more powerful than the government. Jala never touched on the corruption and nepotism and the stupidity of UMNO and Barisan National.

Subsidy is not a new phenomena. Subsidy in some areas boost economic return. Almost all subsidies are indirect investment. There had been subsidy during the age of Tan Siew Sin and the government then was wealthy. And Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak never mentioned bankruptcy. Those days government had a lot of source for income. Today the wealth are given to private agencies. The economists have voiced on the effect of privatization showing the bad experience by some South American countries.

Is Jala asking somebody to go to hell for declaring that Malaysia has money ? He just see thing one way. The rest around him are either mentally blind or sheer stupid. Political stupidity should last only one generation not forever.

Eric Cantor was counting money when the Americans were hit by the typhoon and flood. Aids were not given unless there was cut somewhere else. These are the people without compassion.

How many million PLUS profit each day ? How much would it be in a month and in a year ?

When America faced recessions, many high ranking officers were kicked out. Sometimes I tried to compute the salary of the had of car maker as compared to the monthly sale. The operating cost could be higher then the annual return. Markets depend on the amount of money in people's possession. Subsidy can generate expenditure and give life to firms and industries.

The aim of a government is provide welfare and happiness to the citizens. Humanity is the sole purpose. Wouldn't anyone just ignore his son's death because he is busy with his work, because work is more important ? Normal and sound human being will give priority to the welfare and health of his family. It is a person that gives love and affection, and happiness. We don't sacrifice mankind for a machine. We built the machine to serve mankind. It is the people who put the people up there and form a government. All governments are the government for the people, not the government for the machine.

People without morality will not care about human sufferings. Have you not heard that the poor people deserve to die because they don't have health insurance or help ? If you have not, you can observe the many agonies of the poor. They have to pay more for many things including the third party car insurance when the rich is paying less. Their houses were taken away because they don't have money to pay the quit rent. They have to die if they can't afford operation or buy expensive medicines. They chase the beggars begging at their door steps. In USA foreclosures after foreclosures happened. People are losing jobs.

When you don't care about poverty and human sufferings you are not a human being and not worth wearing a human dress and talk like one. We have too many immoral people in this world. Enough is enough.

Let me quote someone,' We are not born for ourselves alone; and our country claims her share, and our friends their share of us. As all the earth produces is created for the use of man, so men are created for the sake of men, that they may mutually do good to one another'. Hence if you say citizens are unimportant then do not plea for them to put you there. They put you there not to do mischief on them but to serve them, not to serve the few powerful corporate greed. Don't ever step on the citizens and award them with the power to collect wealth, and you take part of share. Many people like me when pissing would imagine they pissing on the faces of the tyrants and the evils.

The question who is richer, the government or the corporate, must be seriously discuss and addressed. It would lead us to where our money go to.

01/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The Malaysians are negotiating education with the Chinese. As the Malays are sending their kids to Arab countries, the Chinese will be sending students to China for education. What I understand to enter Chinese universities the students must also pass the Art and Craft, evn into the Science Stream. When we talking of Chinese education, we are talking of technical education. The government and the NGO cannot stop anybody from going for skill and knowledge anywhere else. The first country which I hate our kids to go is England. Harvard, Cornell and MIT would be the best choice in the United States but the days should be over by now to the Muslims. To the Americans Muslims mean terrorists.

On the whole who has the best advantage to pursue the enhanced and advance sciences ? For Malay students who are poor in English, and blank in Chinese or any other languages, they only can go to the local universities and colleges like Ibrahim Ali. And our universities are not in the ranking list anymore. An ignorance person like me would blame the political system for the declining standard. Once upon a time during the era of Mahathir, all the head masters, school principals and university headmasters were required to be UMNO supporters.

Beside English, Japanese and Koreans should be made compulsory, else create another school system offering languages, calculus and and higher sciences. Some parents send their kids for foreign education since young. There are Malays who sent their kids to Chinese schools, surprisingly a big number is from Kelantan. And it is seen as a spiritual state.

In Malaysia I dare say the thinking of the Malay school scholars are different from the Chinese school scholars. It is not in the teaching methods or the curriculum but the learning of the language itself. You must learn the Chinese characters not the Romanized Mandarin. It builds the memory power and shape your character and attitudes.

In 1962, while in Form 2, I went to evening class learning Mandarin on my own accord. If our educators had thought of the future immediately after the independent, by now Malaysians would be well verse in at least three languages. Today only the Chinese are well verse in these languages; English, Malay and Mandarin.

The quest and desire for knowledge and skill is a factor of attitudes. Blind people see things in their own way and pissing words with false arguments. No matter what their worldview will never change even though they finally glimpse at the truth. It  is nobody but themselves who would lose. We tend to show our nationalistic prowess by rejecting foreign languages and detest things we considered difficult. This is called stupidity. We would always lag behind in the race and we will be lacking of extra skill.

If today was seen a long time ago the Malays would not have been so instable, fearful and helpless as it is now. I wonder how many of those in educational are seeing what is tomorrow and the coming years and put their feet at the right spot. Soon enough the Malays will fall into the traps the education policy makers are digging.

But education in China may not bring the gain that we want. The Chinese are very secretive in their technology. Malaysia have to let the Chinese know what sort of knowledge we are looking for and probably both countries can mutually work for the progress of sciences.

If we think we can leap without the Chinese help then we hope our own agencies would come out with something of truly our own that will earn us the respect of the world.

01/11/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have been a ham radio operator since early 1970s but I did not seriously participate in almost all the contests. I remember once or twice I joined in to support those stations working hard for the fun of it. Those were only the CW contest. In those days my CW was quite good for the low speed ham. Sending QSL Cards were not a big problem then because postage was cheap. The QSL Cards, considered as Printed Matter, posted by the hundreds to the Outward QSL Manager, the late Dato' Tan ( 9M2DW) and each post was no more than RM2. But not now. Postage was skyrocketed and drove me off from DXing.

9M2GET, Hairie participates in the CQ Worldwide Contest Multi-Operator with the call 9M2SM. Hanafi, 9W2TZ, was listed to support Hairie. I went to Arau to support and with the intent of meeting ham friends. At the time of typing this article 9M2SM has already achieved above 200,000 points.

I find that many foreign stations use a single suffix for the contest. It was easy for us to capture the callsigns and quick to put in the log. Hairie would feel a little easy if the authority were to give him a single prefix call for this contest.  What is a single prefix call ? 9M2A, 9M2Z is single prefix, 9M2AA, 9M2AR are double prefix callsign.

A person who participates in any radio contest and won the first position, would not become a millionaire. Te award is merely a certificate, a piece of paper which at time we have to spend some postage money to get it. This fits the philosophy of the ham radio as not for pecuniary motive. It is a challenge that ends up in satisfaction, the feeling of success and achievement even if you are at position of 200. There may be 50000 participants or more.

Sometimes we may counter with hostile remarks like 'What's so great about contest ?','What's so great about CW ?'. It is just lie people asking 'What's so  great about Ham Radio ?' , 'What's great about talking on the radio ? '  Just ignore any stupid remarks of those who are not in them. But surely students with 10As are in all ways better then students with no A at all. Engineers are much more better than the garbage hunter.

The contesters fly national flag. If you participate in CW you are not waving the flag but also the lustrous light of the country. We are capable and competitive. Malaysians too go CW which many cowards are scared of.

I would like to wish Hairie all the best of luck and the authority would consider providing a single prefix call sign for such as contest.

30/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



During our days when we first start hamming there were no computers as we have today. Our sole guide book was either RSGB or ARRL. I bought the ARR handbook before sitting for RAE. The last chapter in my book is Chapter 24 on Operating a Station. We would refer the book when there is some disagreement. We call it a bible.

We need to read the book carefully line by line on SOP and other procedures. And when I heard something strange I was trying to find out the truth. I am not going to point out any error made by others because they may not be an error by other defination. But it would be good for many of us to compare and contrast other literature with ARRL Handbook. But I do not know whether the current version has been changed in the concept and explanation.

New hams have their reading somewhere else showing different meaning to the same thing. I believe ARRL should be a standard book because during my SWL days I find the SOP both on telephony and Morse codes  follow the guideline of ARRL. My ARRL hand book is totally naked, the covers are missing and the pages are torn.

I read the IARU and the ARRL. I do find a little of some parts are not totally fit.

The error is too minor and would not put us in a bad practice. So long as it is pertaining to the tradition of Ham Radio. Even if the community is accepting the CB and pirate languages then it will as what it is.

29/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am too Newbie in quantum and in no position to agree or disagree with it. But when I watched the topic on reality and matter and followed the argument I think I traced a flaw. I hope somebody out there reads this comment and response to it in a big and serious way.

Reality is determined by our senses. The brain is the main master that tells us of the reality of existence. Things that we see are actually light that travels to our eyes and thru the electrical signals that made us see the image. Whatever we see are actually images in our brain, nothing more. The senses of feel, smell and sound are all determined by it. All those are only electrical signal in our brain. For example the bird that we see is not in the external world but is in fact an electrical signal in our brain. If the signal is disconnected there will be no bird. We say there is no bird because we do not see one.

Where is the fallacy then ?

Let us sit somewhere and we assume that there is no physical reality but we see objects thru deception. Then in our brain we see a bird flying passing us. Surely there will have to be something that brings light to our eyes, which we call source. There can never be an image behind our brain without the source. There will be no electrical signal sent back and force by neurons without the source. The image could not exist by itself. Hence the existence of the source itself proof the reality of existence of matter.

On the other hand there are things that our brain can't interpret. There are no words to describe them, no shape can be formed. They are outside our senses and outside our ability to imagine them.

What I agree with Quantum is the existence of creator and spirit which is beyond our mind to describe and to explain. We can't use the normal logic and the existing scientific principle and setup to argue God. The old logic reduced numbers to two states 1 and 0. In quantum there it is uncertain of the state of 1 or 0. What you expect to be 1 can be 0 and what is logically to be 0 is 1. A certain matter would behave differently when we observe them and return to the normal state when we don't.

Muslims and Jews could accept the idea of quantum theory much easier then the Christians. Moreover Christianity has much been influenced by Paganism and adapt it in the symbols and idols.

I believe that the law in ( not of ) nature is fixed though they may behave differently in different things. Electron flow in a vacuum may be different from you may imagine in transistor or capacitor, a property of a super-conductor is different from when it is very cold, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The space vehicles that is continuously moving in the outer space follow the scientific law of motion.

It is interesting to compare electrons in the classical atoms and the quantum atoms.

As long as mankind request a knowledge and work hard to get it, God will give them what they want. It would probably happen when quantum physic will re-explain the classical sciences in a new way.

27/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof   



There are thousands of Malaysian who are visiting China and Vietnam each year. These are the Communist countries. What evil does Rahim Noor saw in Communist that we do not ? I saw plenty of E-Bike both in China and Vietnam, which our government sees as a road hazard. I know the Vietnamese are beating us in Sports and economy. I did not see guns aiming at Chinese citizens in their daily activities. Everywhere young people were seen holding the cell-phone to their ears.

The West see threats in Muslim far more dangerous than the Communist. Isn't PERKASA compose of Muslim individuals with a long Keris ? Wouldn't PERKASA pose a greater threat to the world than a Communist ? The fact that Muslims are said to be terrorists, it follows that PERKASA is also a terrorist. You call the others pig, they would also call you pig. You call the others shit, they will also call you shit.

This country does not face threat from the Communist or BERSIH. The real threats are from drug kingpins and drug lords which may involved the forces we trust in, and the rising number of crimes and thefts. The real enemy is the corruptions and ineffectiveness of government agencies like the police, customs and immigration. The real enemy are those who make the rich richer and the poor poorer. How much can a hundred ringgit buy and how long will it last ?

If PERKASA and UMNO is blind as to who pose the real threat the Malays will continue to lose the momentum of progress. Drugs and greed hinder the mental progress of our generation. Ineffective education system with poor managers at the school and university level would also cause a lag in the attainment of the highest knowledge and wisdom.

If you want to be superior you have to be knowledgeable and master the state of the art technology. Science is so wide and you have to be good in everyone of it, not merely happy with consuming them. You need to produce them. You have to have the ability and capacity to create and invent. If you say it takes time to do it, then how long has UMNO rule the country, and how long has Ibrahim Ali been involved in politics ? North Korea and China woke up much later than Japan, yet they are leaping far forward.

Stupid statement by Rahim Noor was stupid because he was telling the Malays not to seek knowledge from both the Communist and the West. And PERKASA shows it's strength with the Keris. With the Keris Melaka was conquered by the Portuguese, and the whole of Peninsular Malaysia went to the British. Rahim, Eskay and Ibrahim Ali had disgraced the Malays by the silly action. It did not show strength but wikedness. The Chinese did not waste their time but continue with the hard work amassing money while the Malays were showing their anger with the Keris and condemnation.

Knowledge is meaningless if it is not transformed into frame and shape, which we call hardware. It is also meaningless if it is static. USA where the liberty to pursue knowledge was the tradition, organized and sped up the quest for knowledge after the Russian put it's first sputnik. It was under the era of JF Kenedy. The flat form became more sophisticated and the progress never seem to find the brake.

Whoever shared the same perception on Communism and the pursuit of liberty as Rahim Noor, must be be a nut. We would close doors where we can amass wealth of knowledge by denouncing Communism and Liberty. And none ever address the most critical issues of drug network that are murdering the future generation, the rising crimes that robbed away the mental tranquility of the mass and corruptions and nepotism of the Ministers and ineffective officers.

2011 is the height of UMNO schizophrenic and phobia of losing the election. Najib has tried very hard to stay in power. If he is not chosen I don't think it is due to his own fault but the scary aura of Rosmah because of the unending exposure of Rosmah's expensive taste and of her personal life. Believing what we read in the internet about the evil of others is not a sin so long as you do not spread them. Those who read tend to believe them without examining the truth of the matter.

2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar. People have been talking of the nuclear war and the war with the ET, and what has become of the earth crust and the return of the Anunarki. In this case, not knowing about it is better than knowing it.

27/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A new Libyan government is not a guarantee to the better government. In Iraq the populace are saying they were better of under Saddam Hessein. Any weakness of a new government will be complemented with mounting despotism to counter the possible opposition. It will be a year before we really know whether it is worst, equal or better than the rule of Ghadafi. Right now the Western media is making the killing of Ghadafi is justified with lots of additional pack of lies.

It is true that Libya will not be the same again because now the oil does not belong fully to the Libyans. The new leadership is not free to everything and anything he wants and what he likes. It is always the case of 'you are there because I made it possible', 'I do not give you five hundred ringgit for free'. The new Libyan government is put there by NATO.

Have you not seen new administrations and managements were far worst than the bad old ones ? I saw too many of them. Some, there were declining in standard and services. Some, businesses went bankrupt. Many Americans were saying 'America is not like before...' Each day the economy is getting worst and worst and the government became more and more tyrant.

You may have heard about theory X and Y. And theory Z. They were all about human nature; human being borne good or bad or both. Those theories were to describe the working class group. In reality it applies to all classes and categories of people of the world. Tradition tells us heaven and hell were created to house the good and bad people separately. It wasn't Ian MacGregor who was the first to tell us about the good and the bad people.

You can take up an attitude not to care about bad and evil as long you are not affected by them. A native in a deep jungle may not care what happen anywhere else. He would not care about the war or murder. Most less educated Malaysian Muslims would not care about politics and what you tell them. The desert people too may have the same attitude. They only start to ask questions when their homes were bombed and destroyed. Or when they are asked to find new homes because their lands are taken over to give way to flats and super markets.

If the old government is already good then it is quite difficult to have a new better government. If the old government is oppressive, cruel and highly despotic, then it would not be difficult to form a better nation. But the new must have all new faces. Otherwise the old bad ones will jump ship to play as good guys. I saw an UMNO man, who joined PAS when PAS took over. He seemed to be more vocal than the old PAS members. The double headed snake should be cut into two.

The first thing we hear about Libya was the new government announced of Islam as official religion. The West already expressed unhappiness over this issue. They start to attack Shariah's law. I smell that as the starting point of a potential clash of ideas. The rest will told by time. We have just to wait and see.

26/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you have noticed the sins of UMNO they were numerous, but the government always get away with them, by capitalizing the weakness of human beings. People can be bought either by RM100, RM500, minimum wage and salary hike. The last we heard were about Zahid's Hamidi's unawareness of the excessive payment in the purchase of military hardware from Turkey and the involvement of Syahrizat's family in the meat project.

I was wondering then why Ghadafi was even sodomized before he was killed. Had not been due to the deep hatred people would still be sane in treating a national leadership. Similarly Saddam was reduced to nothing before the people hang him.

The tyranny of a government may not be in a single hand of the President or a Prime Minister. The tyrants are those who do for the leader without being asked, and those who tell the leader what to do, or those who do in the name of the leader without the knowledge of the head. Kick backs and corruptions may be pocketed by the trusted officers.  Another evil is the wife of a President or a Prime Minister who plundered government's money to satisfy the expensive taste.

I had also mentioned about the excessive confidence of a leader due to landslide election victory and the power he has over military. He thought his invincibility would go unchallenged. Whether we like it or not, that was what we saw happening in Iraq and Libya. Ghadafi was very generous with his people. The rebels were few,  yet the majority of the people did nothing to see him went down.

If the Malaysians do not give a damn whether Zahid or Syahrizat made money or not, does it mean the law makers are going to keep blind eyes and pretend not to know anything ?

When I was working I rejected a security's company just because my brother in-law was working in the company. I rejected a cleaning company because it was owned by my friend. And when I discovered my school had a secret business deal with my friend, I stopped those deals. Later I was informed that an officer in a Ministry of Education gave a tender to his wife's company. And now the story of Syahrizat comes into a limelight.

I have heard so much about Khairy Jamaluddin and Rosmah Mansor's companies controlling most of government projects. I chose to dismiss them because I believe people like to spread lies. If there are anything evil it will somehow surface up somewhere. And someone somewhere is sure to keep the list of offenders and waiting for the time to  persecute the corrupts and the tyrants, as what the Jews did to those who murdered them in the WW2.

What Najib should have done was to remind the ministers and the cabinet members and himself to check themselves and the members of their family of any possible errors they may have committed without their realization and put things back in order again, to shake themselves off from any accusation of corruptions or nepotism. 

When Syahrizat was beaten in the last election it was really a good lost. Now we know why. But Mahathir as he was started all the dirty stuff, electing the losers into the government and put them in parliament. And I could not be wrong to name Mahathir as the worst Malaysian leader alive. Perwaja, Bank Bumiputera, Land Acquisition Act, the split of the Malays, the mocking of the judiciaries, the election of Khir Toyo as a Menteri Besar, the daily public curse on the Malays, the attack on Ulamas, the privatization of facilities and utilities and the total misuse of power were all under his nose. Yet the two Mamaks in my kampung are still praising Mahathir like a god.

A Prime Minister and a Minister MUST always know what's going on in the country and scrutinize the officers directly and indirectly under him. Our wives can cause havoc doing hell unknown to us. Our trusted workers can do hell and lying to us. Our strategist can drag us deep down in the mud.

The best for Syahrizat is to step down and spend time with the people. If Najib still wants her husband's company to run the meat's business then she could devote her time to ensure the goal of production met. If Najib thought the one and five hundred ringgit has boosted up his image and popularity, and ignore all those evil of corruption and nepotism there is nothing that we can do. Only fate will decide.

The fate can be very cruel. And disgusting. Try to imagine Dick Chenney, being called a War Criminal, wherever he goes. Just one voice out of a few thousand, would left a big impact in his mind. There will be books which record him as a War Criminal. And here in Malaysia people were ready to rejoice when they thought Mahathir was about to die despite his no  longer a leader. Eric Cheah, though escaped the prison term, could not maintain his happiness and the mental torture and the guilt took away his life.

UMNO has always thought it can escape everything, just by making people happy with corrupting them. It continues with the evil and ugly practice of nepotism. I would have not criticize Syahrizat if the project had meet it's objective. If the cow refuse to give birth I would not blame it but the rearing ground was not taken care of 'Hidup Segan Mati Tak Mau' ( wanting to lead an idle life and refusal to die), indicating the laziness. If a Chinese were to run the farm the cow will surely would double the target.

The insistence of perpetual corruption and nepotism with the help of security force is nothing more than the tyranny of nepotism. This however is not a Malaysian disease. Even Jebb Bush was doing business with USA government under George W Bush. Even in Communist China corruption is rife.

But here we have UMNO, not only to look after the Malays but also to show it is capable enough to administer the country. Instead it creates policies that are destroying the Malays slowly and painfully with the rising cost of rentals and lodging, failing in a drug war that rob away humanity from the Malay youths that turned them into thieves, bag snatchers, house breakers and garbage hunters. It creates education system that will be a period for the slow developers, and close job opportunities to vocational school students ( it sounds funny, but you need to know the present vocational system to understand it ). It is putting short sighted Ph.D people to run universities.

Had I been wrong to say that those people were thinking nothing but how to make money, even at the extend of selling the Malays ? The Malays have to try to think harder by the statement 'Selling the Malays'.

Who will go for the Cattle Farming to replace Syahrizat's Cattle Rearing company ?

25/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Last night I was watching the You Tube on the Change in American Religion. According to the Professor tradition cannot be divorced from religion because religion is a tradition. The changing environment and culture need to address by religion. Religion and churches have to move out of the tradition and to adjust itself to what the society wants. He quote a church in California with a new culture of enjoying, singing and dancing till they are naked. Even the bible needs to be re-written on matters pertaining to creation.

What strike me was I had touched on religious tradition before as it was called for a change some woman organization in Malaysia. I was arguing on the need to carry on the tradition of amateur radio. If a few clauses in the bible change it cease to be the words of God anymore. Similarly if a church provides wine, women, drinking and sex then it is no more a Christian church. These few days we hear of the gay priests.

When a tradition is undressed what is left is nakedness. Putting a cover on a nipple or covering only the pubic hair is still naked. What is left is a hologram. But the modernization of tradition does strip the tradition. The use of a microphone in a sermon does not strip religious tradition. The role of tradition to maintain an ID must be recognized. The organization of Freemason and the elaborate rituals membership and the eye-on-pyramid symbol is the traditional ID. The Chinese with Tai-Chi and the Dragon Dance. Amateur Radio with it's Morse codes.

It is believed that Science has been responsible for stripping off tradition. Science altered environment and the environment change man. Can man change sciences to follow man ? In the later sciences the study of constellations, power, energy and light  brought us back to the time of Greek and Babylon mythology, which full of symbols and passwords. It goes back to the traditional beliefs. The microscopic behaviors are the result of man's consciousness.

The Jews and the Muslims stick to tradition, and Bush the Mason announced he hoped he rightly carried on the ancient tradition of Babylon. To keep the tradition alive the layout of Washington's White House and roads follow the shape of Masonic symbols, and it is on the dollar bill until now. The vision of Illuminati is unchanged.

Killing Morse Code in Amateur Radio means killing Amateur Radio itself. If a Christian allows dancing, drinking, nakedness and adultery then he is a Christian no more. If a Christian drops the Ten Commandment he is a Christian no more. The pride of the Muslims is the tradition they hold for centuries. So were the Jews. Hence tradition is as important as man.

24/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The forthcoming cost cutting in military spending in Iraq must be very well monitored to make sure the flow of money to the Military Industrial Complex would not be from this cut. The tactic to get money has been to yell for the security threat from countries like North Korea, China and Iran. Any chaos in Iraq after the withdrawal will somehow ends in order. Order out of chaos is a natural phenomena. Those who are pro-Saddam would rise up if the present government fails to deliver better life for the people. There is no place for corrupt officials and officers and all must rebuild the nation that had been brought down to rubbles by the United States army.

Effort to put back Iraq's economy to the pre-war state has something to do with the oil. Obama must also address this issue now before the end of the year. The oil field must be returned to the Iraqi government. While job creation can happen in Iraq, at the same time American government can do likewise. Just be on the lookout for the greedy corporate bodies who are ever ready to divert this fun into their coffers.

No other Asian or Arab nations can ever be militarily stronger than America. And the people of the world have been looking up at the United States as their icons, follow it's culture and style, and had always believe that it is a wealthy, prosperous and progressive nation. America too must be restored to the previous state.

America must control the Central Bank and not to allow the private body to have a strong hand over it, not even a congressman can ask questions they want. Obama in his first Presidential campaign had already told the people about the evil of the Wall Street. Unfortunately enough when he came into power he as a President must have been intimidated by the people whom we called gangsters or mafia. He elected this mafia group to important posts. Please do make some research to find out who these mafia people are.

Those who are behind Occupy Wall Street and questioned the 911 bombings were not small men on the road. Secrets after secrets leaked out and the news travel fast. They are also in the security group, and Obama need to get the quick support to make a daring decision. America has sent their message thru Ron Paul. That is not a small number.

The immediate task is to bring the troop home and the divert the money for job creation.

America, England and Europe has been facing another threat which is real, unlike the military. It is the threat of the increase world population. While business corporations like Mac Donald and the car makers are happy with the market growth and expansion, those nations are worried about the increasing number of aliens immigration. Mexicans are flooding the United States. Asian populations increase rapidly till in some areas look like a location in Asia. You may not see even one Englishman in a town in England.

Aliens brought crimes and drugs with them.

There had been planned to reduce the world population to 1/3 rd. the present number. If you always open Yahoo, you will see the current world population published everyday. There are people who has suspicion over the Earthquake and flooding in many parts of the world, as a result of HAARP experiment to see it's effectiveness. A nuclear war or a disaster could check the world population. To keep it checked after the reduction the whole world must agree to follow the same rule and regulation. Bush Senior announced it as the New World Order.

Right now Obama has no time to focus on NWO but to survive his downwards popularity. He had lied to the people as promised in his election campaign.

22/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There are two different minds of two different people. Both are ham radio enthusiasts. The two were told not to sit for the CW test because it would not do any good at all for them. Months later one sat for the Morse test and passed. The other was pressuring the government to lift off the test.

Was it not puzzling ? I did not ask much question why the other sat for the test. I tried to find the answer thru observing their attitudes and behavior, the conclusion of which might not hold true to everyone. I believe it is generally true to most. These people are individuals with strong mind and forever would strive hard to get what they want on their own merits. Similarly there are three hams to passed both the RAE and CW test in the United States and got the US ticket were asked to sit for both RAE and CW again by the Malaysian authority. They did without any fight with the authority. These are the ways of Great Personalities.

During our time nobody persuaded us not to go for Morse. Therefore we have no choice. But with the current situation and heavy peer pressure they decide to march forward.

Assume that we have two different mind of different qualities; one smart and the other stupid. And both despise each other. The smart despise the stupid for being stupid. The stupid despise the smart for being stupid. Which one looks absurd and really stupid ? I was telling my students before that one father is proud and happy because his kid obtain 8As in the public examination and the other goes around and telling everyone that the kid got Es in every subject, which one would they prefer.

Two opposing thoughts are deemed to be natural. Smart and stupid, good and bad, darkness and brightness are complementary and a perfection of creation. Without villain there will be no heroes, without problem there will be no progress. It is the perfection of good and evil.

When a man has the time and opportunity to improve himself and he does so he always one step  further and an enhancement to his ability. The gain makes him better and wiser. His status quo elevates to a higher level. To him the relevancy does not matter but the quest to venture into challenging world. It does not merely apply to CW but to all other aspects of challenges. When they speak there is a clarity in their ideas and concepts, unlike the other full of confusion and illogical. 

Equality is merely a theoretical maxim. It is a limited concept in limited areas. A diligent man cannot be equal to an idler. They cannot have an equal treatment or services. Many would like to be in a company of a diligent and resourceful person rather than the idle and good for nothing guy. Imagine a world of work where everybody gets an equal amount of salary, from a scientist, a lawyer to a garbage collector.

The two minds represent the natural creation of good and bad, the heaven and hell, light and darkness, the smart and the weak.

20/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Today I visited two Proton outlets because I am thinking of buying a new Saga. The first Saga went to my son in Kuala Lumpur. I need Saga because the boot could accommodate my wife's wheel chair easily. I entered the first outlet. There were 3 or 4 Malay salesmen at the counter and a few Protons were on display. I went looking for Saga FL and only found Saga FLX. No salesman came to my assistant. I tried to open the door of the car. They were all lock. Then I went out. Nobody bother.

I went to the second outlet. There was one Saga FL but not Saga FLX. I opened the door and went in. A salesman quickly attended and said I can test drive a Saga FL if I want to. He seemed to be warm and friendly. In my heart I said that he was a good salesman. I had come across many Proton salesman who are lazy to move, answered question not asked and never even talked about the car at all. If I were Proton I would not have hired those lazy people to work.

The price tag of the FL in the second shop was about 40K on the road. I asked whether there was any other discount because I intend to  pay cash. He gave me a positive answer, took out his calculator and computed it. After minus the discount the price was RM42K. I ushered  to the price tag and asked him 40K becomes 42K after a discount. He told me the price tag was for the other Saga not on the one on display.

I just smiled and my mind was cursing the Syed and UMNO; Syed because he is in charge of Proton and UMNO because those the were the type of Malay salesmen they have after more than 50 years of independent. No wonder people still go for foreign cars in spite of a high tariff imposed. If one day you hear Proton is going to close shop, never show any sympathy. If our government tries to protect and aid this kind of a company, I think it is not helping the Malays. Without government protection these companies would have gone bankrupt long ago.

I am sure I was not the only one disappointed with these outlets. Remember it takes another 44 curses to bury Proton in the mud.

19/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When the American public pressed Obama to take action on Bush for War Criminal, Obama said, "I don't look at the fast. I look at the future." Obama carries the oath of Freemason to protect it's own members. Chenny, being a hardcore evil and a gangster, is defending hard of his crime and torture. Bush even admitted of the water boarding and said he would do it again if he is given the power. While many tcalled Bush a war crminnal for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, many European nations focused Bush-Chenney crime of torture. America is one of the signaturists of Geneva Convention on torture.

If all America is to adopt Obama's philosophy then all the ongoing court cases must be stopped because all court cases are of the past. But will it ? Obama selectively wants the Americans to forget his past as a Black American, the story of the Original Sin of why Black was created, his birth certificate and Washington's mafia killing of the innocents. And more so his past promised to change America and to bring back the military from Afghanistan.

10 years after 911 Bush, Chenny and Rumfeld are still under attack. The Occupy Wall Street protest has reached the one month mark and Washington under Eric Cantor was trying to stop the movement by continuous arrests. It has been the habits of the American Jews to start a jargon like terrorists for the patriots, and mobs to those who discover the secret of the Great American Robbers. Kissinger and Cantor were both Jewish, the great mafia chiefs.

When Obama put his own judge, he emulated what Mahathir did here. Truly indeed Malaysia was a model of suppression Washington was copying. Tyranny in America is getting worse. Arabs are not the only target. Even the White American babies and weak old White women on the wheel chair are searched vigorously by the TSA. That includes Ron Paul, the 2012 Presidential candidate. The Mafia section of Washington and the CIA sections are separated. The CIA is in every government of the world and today is well known for the drug business.

The future for Obama will be he will not totally retire even after 2012's defeat. He will join hands with Bush, Chenny and  Rumsfeld. The invisible government will still continue to rule thru their next puppet. I see Mac Caine and Perry as evil as Bush and Obama. That is what the future is. It will become worst nation run by a Mafia group. Please do a research on Mafia in American Government and the Role of CIA in Drug Trade.

Already America is not a safe place to live in, not because of the terrorist threat but because of the uncontrolled crime rate; everyday murder at schools and home, police may wake you up at 3 am and arrest you for keeping a Palestinian flag, you may be barred from election because you are listed as criminals and you express your feeling against the Official Report of 911 you may even be murdered. Many witnesses of the real happenings of 911 had been dead, even at a young age.

The executive order on arms are not to protect the public but to protect the politicians from being shot. Imagine if Bush and other war criminals do not have bodyguards they could have been assassinated by any of the angry American Public, who may of any ethnic group. The unemployed Americans will not want to forget the past and the murdering of the fellow Americans by Washington namely Bush. With the arm's act the war criminals will have no need to wear the bullet proof vest and run even in the United States.

Will Freemason save Bush, Chenny, Rmsfeld and Obama from being persecuted ? We will wait and see.

19/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I thought everyone using CW paddles is following the same style and method. Though I started to use paddle for about a year I am still at the level of low competency. My right paddle has always on the dit and the left is dah. When I notice all other friends are using  dit on the left paddle and dah on the right then I realized our brain and thinking do not work in the same way. Scientists say that some people think with the right brain and some with the left. Does it matter ?

It matters to me because I realize many people in the hobby do not have the same flow of thought as me. Some of what I see may not be visible to others. My two arguments on the status of CW in ham radio may not be within the grip of many, I stressed on either traditional amateur radio or not at all. I have been wondering how many see the same way I thought.

At least the maker of transceivers understood how the brain work and it allows the user to shift the paddle to choose for the dit or dah. I don't know how much of the thinking procedure differ from person to person, and how much it determines a person behavior.

However there is a possibility that the skill using the dit and the dah is acquired. What it means is one needs to learn how to use it in whatever setup like kicking a soccer ball with both legs. I am sure there are people who can do both ways, and even using bothe hands to send Morse codes. If it is not natural of our ability then we need to learn the skill. The success of which will prove that everyone can learn anything and any skill. And everyone is teachable.

CW key and paddles are expensive. We find no time to construct our own. The straight key which needs a direct press to produce sounds could be very easy to make. Recently I found that a micro-switch can be used as a straight key. The switch is small and cheap. What we need to do is to find a way to mount the micro-switch. It is good for speed of less than 14 words per minute. The Omron brand costs me only RM5 each.

Last night I heard a lot of CW stations on 40 meter, and I also heard 9M2PJU calling at a high speed. People simply find it different from the other mode and much rewarded with pleasure after the satisfying sessions of Morse communication. You don't need skill to use voice. It is CW that made ham radio something different.

How strong CW was to the amateur radio was seen from the use of the phrase 'Silent Key' for someone who passed away. The key that was heard everyday suddenly went quiet and silent and will never be heard anymore. For those who never use CW like the CB operators the term Silent Key is not suitable. In no way 'Silent Key' is to be used for hams who never used Morse in his life. Just use the normal term 'Pass Away'.

Don't take too seriously on the dit and dah of the paddle. The working of the brain is not our concern. It was determine at our birth. Call it pre-destined. It is just for our knowledge that different people use them differently.

18/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Crimes, drugs, morality, religion and corruptions and government cannot be separated. The rise in crime, the decline in morality, the decay in religious faith and the growth of corruptions are the result of a weak and failed government. Najib is struggling hard to buy the popularity, an attempt to weaken the populace by money, and if successful would continue to mismanage the country. Any social problem is not a problem of Najib only but it belongs to the whole of UMNO. I have much stressed on the important of knowledge as power and wisdom and ability.

I remember receiving instructions from the government as commanded by Mahathir on male's student attire. Students were banned from wearing a 'ketayap', a headdress alike the one used by the Jews. Mahathir was in fear that children with such a dress could grow up as a terrorist and he even put a ban on green color in the school. The attempt to weaken the Muslim by Mahathir has now shown the proof of the fading faith in Islam.

If you see 10 UMNO politicians talking and discussing what do you think they will be talking about ? By quantum concept the highest probability they will talk of how to win an election, the strategy of destroying the opposition leaders. After winning they will be talking about development in areas where they can grow wealthy. Matters on crime, religion, moral decay, drugs, analysis on education and religious decay will not be touched at all.

It is very true that the Malays are very different from the Jews, but in the United States many Christians were converted to Judaism. The Jews were able to convince about the flaw of Trinity, the creation and making the bible looked very stupid. They have been immensely successful in controlling the nation. The Jews do not only think of money. The Jewish youths are more strong, discipline and smarts than the White Americans. Jews have a relentless energy to pursue success and excellence.

Of course we are not Jews nor Jewish. Is that the reason why we fight back the accusation of the raising crimes and drugs by using advertisement in Newspapers of our successes in fighting crimes ? Is it the reason why we put the blame on DAP on the Malay conversion to Christianity ? Is that the reason why we blame the parents of the moral decay ? UMNO is so very weak in thinking and each day they are digging grave deeper and deeper. You see the Budget 2012 differently from what I am seeing.

I was amazed by the Jewish attack and making fun of the Christian creation and Trinity. It was convincingly delivered and I told myself that soon Christianity will die in North America and Judaism will be dominant. Compare with Malaysian Muslim leaders you will notice sex and money in their heads; they get thrill and kinky talking about Anwar's sex, and they are happy to give out money to the populace for votes. "The people must be thankful to the government," said Mahyuddin.

We have to remember that wealth and morality do not have positive correlation. Even without a government a nation's wealth can grow and prosper. Morality has something to do with knowledge, wisdom, faith, science and compassion. It needs to grow and propagate in a giving set of environment. It is more sensible to say morality in agricultural country is always better then in the industrial nation. The Jewish youths have a higher standard of morality than a Christian youth by leap and bound.

Only Rais Yatim said that morality is the function of the parent, not the state, when the world knows ethics and morality had a long history of growth and battle between church and mankind. Mind you Rais is a brainy man and an UMNO, and a Malay. I would very much would like to recommend Rais to consult books on ethics and morality to amuse himself.

What do you think a Prime Minister or any Minister would think if he is alone ? Again we never know. Then we would go on the probability again. The highest sensible thing for him to think is whether he would continue to hold the post next year and how to win an election. It is identical to when they are sitting in a group. Still nobody will discuss crimes, drugs and corruptions. If they use Rais Dogma then leave everything to the parents.

Have I not say that in UMNO they have various categories of Bureaus. I hope the committee members do not merely discuss projects which could earn them money like finding areas for toll roads. What were these people discussing during the meetings if they have the meeting at all. If a Muslim becomes a Christian, the first to be blamed is UMNO for it's secularism, power crazy and greed.

While there are exodus of American Christians to Judaism, how could a Muslim wants to be a Christian, a religion which is about to die in America ? Jews are so strong that if you are against them you won't be able to reach the Congress. It is no doubt about it. Hence politicians cannot shed away their responsibility and roles on youth morality, crimes and drug abuse. No amount of  money would buy an effective leadership and internal goodness. But isn't that the theme of 2012's budget ?

Follow the trail of money and you will know who are the real evil.

17/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I downloaded a book entitled 'The Moral and Dogma of the Ancient' to my iPhone. I found it to be over 6000 pages long and it is a book for Freemason. It has been more than a week, I manage to read 406 pages till now. It talks about Symbols of Masonry explaining what it means and how each is related to nature and cosmology. It also talk about knowledge and power, corruptions and avarices. Below I quote sentences which I think parallel to my thought. But it is merely a quotation of Freemason. Other religions talks about the avarice of mankind not fearing in God but fearing in man.

In the age of Elizabeth...the statesman, the merchant, the burgher, the sailor were all alike heroic, fearing God only, and men not at all. Let but a hundred or two years elapse, and in Monarchy or Republic of the same race, nothing is less heroic than the merchant, the shrewd speculator, the office seeker, fearing men only, and God not at all.

What it means is statesman and politicians and all other members of the society were truly honest and sincere to carry out duties without fear or favor. I used to say that today people fear man, not God and readily prostrate to evil and arrogant people.

As I read more and more I saw images of Malaysian politicians because the detailed descriptions are just like giving and support corporation. When Najib shows a huge support to property developers, I felt so very sorry for the people and the nation for it is robbing away the future of our populace.

At this juncture I find that the analysis on morality and ethics is amazing. The argument is very sound. Whatever is happening in USA today, about money and greed and about the value of money has been written in this book.

Are we going to dismiss what it says about economic greed and suppression and tyranny just because it is a Masonic literature ? There are many Christians who read the translation of the Koran, quoting the good parts applicable to the society, but did not embrace Islam. Likewise the Muslims who read bible and Talmud. Or even books on Communism. We need to know what are the parallel thoughts and what are not, what the Christians say about creation and what the Jews say. We need to know about Evolution and the Ancient Aliens. And today we need to know the Quantum Theory because we want to know it's philosophy, a theory on Karma and consciousness. Has it got to do anything with Judaism or Illuminati.

Who else talk about greed today ? No mainstream media will dare to talk about it and corruptions of government servants; the police, JKR officers, PUSPAKOM, customs and immigration officers, and the politicians. This particular book also mention of officers corrupt with position in place of money.

Here's another one what this book of Mason says, "...incapacity or baseness in a Senate, involves the country in war, sweeps away our fortunes, slaughters our sons....." It was written long before 911 and the Iraq war. Today the poverty in the United States is known to be the cost spent in the current war. The President lied to the people it is only 4% of the spending. This is what the anti-war movement all about.

It took evil to expose evil. Is it not ?

When you see so much evil, lies and deception you wish those would turn into stones or strike by lightning. Some had wish for the World War 3 and hope 2/3 of the world population will vanish. They look at prophesies and the known eventualities like the Nibiru and meteor crash against the earth, Nuclear proliferation in the atmosphere which would be killing millions of people and even natural catastrophes. How many pray for the earthquake to hit Putrajaya and areas where the greedy and the corrupt live.

Let everybody dies together and bury the evil and those who fear man, not God at all.

16/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I begin to see the young Malays on their motorbikes plundering the garbage cans everywhere looking for anything they can make money. Empty cans and plastic containers will be the main target. In the residential areas Indians with lorries and motorbikes would go around  looking for anything of value from homes where gates are opened and the Malay youths would go for the garbage bags.

While a big majority does not feel any concern, a few like me are worried. We asked ourselves, "What's happening today ? " I see those Malay guys as drug addicts or jobless, but owning expensive machines. The politicians have always been busy with politics, posts and money. Financial institution like Takaful has been busy with lobby and how to be dominant in siphoning money from the public.

The worst ever is the Ministry of Education that is designing a policy that will be locking the future of many uncompetitive Malays. This is something to do with the school-based examination system and the new vocational education system. Both do not compute the future effect on the slow learners and the failures and the future of nature of business. In the new system your kids must work very hard, be competitive and must attain excellence to survive. Or else you have to join UMNO for your kids' survival.

In the school-base examination there will be no chance for your kids who scores all Es in Form 5, to re-sit for the examination again after he left school. And in the vocational system the school leaver will have no other option but to go for vocation he is trained at. The discipline will not only cause the market overflow in some courses but also the difficulty of getting a place to run a business due to the high cost of building and rents and the property development will lag the number of school leavers. Even the property development will bring disastrous effect on the country in the future.

As the retiring age increase school leavers and university graduates have to depend on private organizations for jobs. The setting up of factories depend on the demand of the products and international labor market's price. Factories will move to China or Vietnam or to any other nations where the labor cost is low. Or else the government had to pay the factories not leave this country. Even the local firms are facing the problems of the demand for their products. The government has to step in to force the people to buy a new car after every 6 years to ensure Proton or Produa survive.

While those who are planning of the New World Order already thought about the population of the world and the  chaotic effect of it's excess, our politicians are busy planning to get votes by RM100, RM500 and increase salaries for the government servants. It would be better to distribute the money by creating more jobs.

Do you think the government is concern ? If so, are they smart enough ? Or do they compute the near and far future ?

Rhetoric does not solve problem. They are cheating their own race and their own generation. Each day you see the young people sleep on the five foot way by the hundreds, administering drugs in their bodies, plundering garbage and robs and steal.

Do not blame the Chinese if the Malay youth has become a garbage hunter.

16/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Don't take what I am going to say here seriously. To me this arithmetic is playing within my mind at the unconscious level. It is the arithmetic of numbers.

There are about 30 spots that ham can used simultaneously on 40 meter band on phone if we start with 7.030. The next spot will be 7.035, 7.040, 7.045, 7.050, 7.055 till 7.200. Of course to use 7.030, 7.031 etc is absurd. The separation of 5 KCS would eliminate nearby QRM. If we assume they are all occupied all the time by the same group and each group consist of 10 hams, what would be the situation ?

In a group of 10 and if they go on roundtable, and if each takes 1 minute, it be the next 9 minutes before it comes back to his turn. By about 6 overs it will be 1 hour. What are  you going to talk within the 6 minutes, a minute each time ? I am sure you will tend to repeat the same thing, "Your signal is 59 and the band condition is good." If one guy go long winded like me, the rest will be cursing like mad.

Hence simultaneous band usage will be 10 times 30 persons.

But it does not happen that way in real life. Even if the 30 frequencies are being used at the same time, users change. And let us assume for 1 hour we have new users then we are going to have 300 time 24 people in a day equals 7200 persons a day. Then the maximum capacity of hams coming on the band each day will be 7200 persons. But not everyone is coming on the band everyday.

Now we assume each person will come on the band once a week. Then the approximate number of hams can be on frequency will be 7200 times 7 equals 50400.

If you are in the abyss of these numbers big numbers do not make any sense  It would be meaningful to people with business intent because they can translate numbers into dollars and cents. That's the reason I never take pride to push and campaign for big numbers. People who are talking about looking friends thru radio seem to tell us that they do not have enough friends around. The close-knit community with organized activities like going to mosques and churches, cycling in the evening and attending daily community programs also could have a fulfilling day. To the Muslim the neighbors are the most important friends regardless of their race and creeds.

We don't take number for granted. It has to a meaningful number. Number 7, 13, or 666 for instant have their own significance.  So are the atomic numbers of elements; the maximum of electrons in each orbit. Scientists are playing around in adding and removing electrons in atom elements. In short numbers must be respected, valued and considered; not just simply mention them without consideration and rationality.

I think I should stop here arguing about numbers which I think need consideration and respects. Big numbers could turn out to be devil. It was put in a plan that the population of the world should be reduced to 500000000. More than that would create chaos in the world. The war is a chaos. After the big numbers has been reduced then there will be order in the world.

15/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




When Bush killed millions of innocent lives he purified himself saying "I killed the Muslims. Therefore it is OK". When he killed 3000 of his fellow citizens he said, "I do it for Lucifer. Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac and I sacrifice to fulfilled my task as a Mason ritual." When Chinney was hailed by thousands of his supporters who called him American Hero for killing the Muslims, there was one clear voice shouting "You are a War Criminal."

When the murderers went into Iraq and Afghanistan and killed the natives somehow they will be back into their society and community. How would they cope up with life ? Making adjustment will not be easy. There were reports of mental disturbances. These are problems to America. After 10 years of 911 Bush still could not settle down well like Jimmy Carter. The criminals are struggling hard to ensure he will not be taken to justice. The world court knows the truth. People are still asking questions. Further lies after 10 years indicate that they cannot sleep well yet.

It is a test of durability and resilience between Washington's administration and those who know the truth. Washington continue to spend money to cover up and paid for debunking 911. The episode of murder, lies, killing innocent people will go deep down in history and the kids will be let known about their Presidents, about their fathers who killed people in the Middle East until one day they will come face to face with the tribe their fathers killed and know who their fathers truly were.

A series of Patriot Acts to keep themselves save from being persecuted. Like Mahathir of Malaysia, the select people to run FEMA and Court Judges. They classified the lied and evil information. The term TYRANNY is the most correct and appropriate word to dexcribe the American government. Now, it is not run on phobia but rather on GUILT. Bush moved around with people to gain popularity and sympathy, making the people believe of his innocent.

The over 40000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who are suffering from the mental disorders is a very small percentage but it had a big impact to the family. Those who can lead a normal life are now against the War. The increasing popularity of Ron Paul indicates the resulting impact of the war. And Washington spend money and time to combat psychological war on it's own people.

It has always been a rule exist in ourselves that if we shoot at people who are shooting at us or ready to shoot at us, we would not feel guilty or bad about it. Our conscience will always be clear. But if we shoot the un-arm women and children not during the engagement our mind would be disturbed. Even when you laugh at each killing or torturing it is a clear indication that a disorder has begun. Even though they killed Muslim children there would be question haunted their minds, "What did these Muslim kids do to me ? "

At one time I was telling everyone how compassionate Americans were; they would stop their cars to let even small animals crossing the road, and helping fellow human being in distress. Starting from September 2001 I started to see evil faces and how they look like. They look like Rumsfeld, Chenny and Bush.

15/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



In his American Union address Obama said that America was a great nation and she carries light to enlightened the world. True indeed almost the whole world followed the culture of the Americans. So what America does we must follow. BUt we don't know one thing. America was planning to copy Malaysia on the method of toll highway run by private corporation running from Mexico to Canada.

In 1980's America was hit by a recession. Later the Malaysia followed it too. Mahathir was confused why must Malaysia followed whatever happened to the United States. Can't we follow our own financial management. There was no point for Malaysia to be under International command.

I can't explain the root of the recession because I don't know and because I am not an economist. But it was associated with the slowdown of businesses. Firms were closing down. Chrysler and General Motors were suffering. Many Airlines declared bankruptcy. People were losing jobs and businesses when rents and loans had to be paid. Bailout was not yet known at that time. Executive Officers were willing to work for lower salaries.

The Americans found not all companies fared bad and some survived well. Then they studied the successes of those businesses, of what cause some companies to do well. Several theories were put into books.

While businesses were lagging  a new technology surfaced in the market. Computers and laptops were gaining momentum with sophisticated soft wares. There were soft wares for offices, communications, games and all sort of other utilities. Because of the decreasing price the rush for the new technology flourished the market. This affect ham radio business.

Ham Radio business community found life was hard. Instead of blaming the lap top technology and later the iPhone, they threw the blame on Morse Code test. CW as it is called was blamed as the culprit that hinders the growth of radio sale. The best excuse was to say the CW was no longer relevant to operate ham radio. Like a few 9M who always approach the MCMC for no-CW, the American counterpart found somebody to go for lobbying.

Policy in America also had a personal touch and relationship. The law on disabilities though truly good, has to do with Kenedy's family. Some well known private institutions have a special preference because the top brass people sent their kids there. The justification on irrelevancy was merely a fallacy to hide the personal touch and the business lobby. Never think that Americans are not corrupt. Every each day now American corruptions are being exposed.

Ham radio shops were not the only one suffered from the economic downturn. Unemployment has been high for a long time. Asians were seen to take over businesses everywhere. Shops once seen to be owned by the White Americans are now owned either by the Chinese and the Indians. I can be sure that the number of beggars in some small towns in the United States are bigger than in Alor Setar. Clinton promised the change of new America but never materialized. Bush brought more miseries. Many Americans move to Canada to find a living. Obama promised the change but never happened too. A huge some of money went to Military spending and war. Jobless people increases.

What's the situation of ham radio business now ? From the day the FCC abolished CW till today what has been the volume of trade increase ? If an American has USD300 now he would opt to iPhone 4S instead of a transceiver. iPhone vendors are making more money than the ham radio sellers. Even Free For All Radio changed the new face of radio communication, without RAE and CW, iPhone would be preferable.

In the United States and probably somewhere else jobs and technology determines ham population, not the CW. No-CW failed to meet it's sale target.

Old hams probably prefer to go CW to avoid the no-CW hams. Recession or not, as long as the sound is heard, the hands would become itchy. If economy went that bad and one had to depart with expensive radio, the cheap QRP three watts small rig would be handy to make the hobby alive.

Even if the economy starts to revive again ham radio will have to face a very stiff competition against iPad/iPhone and laptop.

Now that Obama is talking about job creation, we have to wait and see. We want to see whether the Americans taste on ham radio remain the same or will continue the fading momentum no matter what.

14/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What I am witting here is as true as it is but I will not mention name and the historical perspective of the individuals concern. And I am not saying it is wrong for those who are having the business dealing or having any intent of doing it. But I feel it is the opportunity these people are taking with the IARU's regulation. All reasons and justifications are aim at advancing the intent.

What are the areas concern of the business opportunity ?

1. The selling of Transceivers.
Before the introduction of Class B, not many ham went Linear. The approximate number of about 250 active hams bought their equipments from Singapore, either from a fellow ham or the infamous ham shops. New hams like me were looking for second hand sets. In the 70's a the average price of a transceiver was RM800. In Malaysia one ham from Penang and one from Kuala Lumpur were known to sell rig. But the business was slow. With the slow ham growth due to the RAE once a year and the difficult Morse Test, it is difficult to make a living out of selling ham radio. The Penang man did not choose radio for a living but he had another big business. Radio was merely to help his fellow friends.

When someone brought the idea of Class B license and brought it to the Telecom which was the authority in those days, not everyone agrees for fear of abuse. A few 9M saw this as another opportunity and hailed. Subsequently business contacts with Singapore and China were made for the selling of 2 meter equipments. Bringing back the rigs from Singapore had never been a problem by any number. The number of hams who run radio business grew and in several states. Later when the 9Ws grew in number, the 9Ws also joined in the competition. The profit was lucrative. Equipments were also sold to non-hams.

The competition began. The monopoly by the Malay hams selling the ham gear needed to be broken. The 9Ws made money without going through the proper purchase. A few 9M decided to import rigs in a proper way and saw the cheap imported rigs from Indonesia could pick up cheaper prices. In the meantime they are looking to sell equipments to the government agencies. They are giving the impression that there is no other communication procedures can beat the ham radio equipments. Both VHF and HF sets were sold by a few hundred thousands to the government agencies.

Competition is getting stiffer.

2. CW Class
Not many ham were known to run a Morse class for a fee. But I did come across an advertisement for both RAE and CW class at a fee. It is difficult for me to pint point the individual concern in conducting Morse class. CW had been always free by volunteer teachers. It was in someone's thought some money could be made out of CW class. But when the IARU put a conditional clause on CW, the class B seized the opportunity to demand for the total abolishment, simply disregarding to the real reason for the FCC changed US radio regulation.

3.Upgrading Class
When the CW dummies found it hard to pass CW due some lacking, they want to push for the upgrading by some other ways. A few individuals agreed that the 9Ws need upgrading because of the lack of experience, knowledge of SOP and many other weak areas. They saw this as another opportunity to run the upgrading class where those who want to go to HF must apply and go for the upgrading class. After the course they will be accredited by this body. The are working hard to get the authority to elect them to run the show.

4.Commercial Repeaters
Someone came with the idea of making money thru the use of commercial repeaters. The first to attack of selling repeaters were the 9Ws. They were very successful and had been making money till now. But it did not include the frequency belonging to ham and they are not selling these repeaters to people deemed to be hams. One other approached the MCMC to talk about the training of would be ham by setting up the repeater and the members have to pay to use the repeater. By some deceptive reason the authority approved it, and we can't exactly say whether any other government servants are having any share to the profit of this kind of a repeater. As it is they have justification for this.

5.Proposing Hamfest
Hamfest or Ham Festival has long been a practice of the Western world. They are to get the ham community of the same interest to meet, hear lectures and buy equipments and all other things pertaining to ham radio. Later the Asian countries follow. Japan has hamfest. Indonesia too. The Indonesians colored it with cultural shows and other additional activities not found in Europe. But a Hamfest is a place where there would be a lot of equipments and antenna sold.

Someone saw this an opportunity to make money in Malaysia. Getting the sponsor by selling the idea earned him a few thousand dollars. Renting tents and selling foodstuffs are not cheap. But the fest did not turn out to be one. About 3 tents would be selling ham things as compared to the other international festivals. The idea of making money was successful. The organizer was ridding a few guys to make profit out of it.

6. The Selling of ESSB and Linear
Commercial Linear and ESSB has not come yet. They will come in a  bulk once the authority open up the band for the 9Ws. There are expensive as well as cheap linears which can accommodate 5 to 10 watts of input and the output of a few hundred watts. They are small and light unlike the old valve linear. Both the ESSB and the cheap Linear are expected to compete with the Indonesian signals that can drown stations nearby. With the opening of the market the number of these gadgets would find a good market.

Prior to this a person close to MCMC was rumored to make money by selling the RAE questions and answers as well as ensuring a pass in RAE for a few hundred ringgit. The rumor went rife and now has died down. The quest was never end.

I only hope that no MCMC personnel would be involve in any of those business by a direct investment or enjoying a commission in any earnings. I am sorry if any of those who are involved feel unhappy about this article. If you are not then there is nothing to think about, except when you think other hams could tell who you are. Whether I write this or not, if those people know it, they would have also talked about it. So I heard people talking. Otherwise I would have known anything.

Is it wrong to make business out of ham radio by the fellow hams ? It is more on the NO side than the YES. Only in my mind I would say YES it is wrong if and only if you know it is wrong and immoral. If you say it is nothing wrong then the answer is NO, nothing wrong. What is one man's thought as compared to 8000 other hams who oppose me ?

On the other hand those people with business mind is also helping the hams to get the equipments easily without so much pain.

I wrest my case.

13/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Amateur Radio has taken a new turn. It has been used as a tool for making money. It is from the direct selling of ham equipments, the setting up of commercial repeater for the illegal operators, the payment for question papers, the signing of the documents to the sponsoring of the empty hamfest. A few is pushing for the bigger market namely by the quick expansion of ham population. When they can't get to sell to the slowly expanded license 'A' holders, they push the products to the government agencies. At the same time they are pushing the authority to open up the 40 and 80 meter band to the 9Ws to market the 40-80 transceivers.

I am a strong believer that ham radio is a hobby without any pecuniary motive. It is disheartening to see the death of the old philosophy. Even virtue and morality has been dropped, when they argue that the criminals, drug pushers, murderers and crooks are welcome to the ham community. The decay in the value system and the lost in the sight could result in ham radio becoming a lawless and chaotic hobby. A few  9Ws are proud to be pirates and boasted of their being ones. Club stations were brought to their homes and operated illegally like nobody's business. The rogue gangs find support using the internet.

I have long feared that Malaysian Ham Radio would become cells of gangsters and terrorists. OR it could be a chaotic  world of a cultureless men. Truly indeed because it had happened that a ham strike another physically for being accused of CW transmission on 2 meter and another was constantly disturbed and being called name on the repeater. There have been an untold number of illegal transmission on HF disturbing the local and international communications. And hams accused of cheatings and had been jailed before.

There had been questions whether there is a need for test and examination to be a ham. Both of the current tests are not relevant anymore. Those who want for bigger market to sell their products should find this argument as opening to push for 'free for all amateur radio'. Any rebuttal against the abolishment of RAE could end up with words full of shits. It either be all or none at all. Would it not help in the expanding economy ?

If we take change is a must and mandatory then we must change everything. It has been argued that our Constitution is too old and needs changes. Clauses as to the Malay Right, Malay Prime Minister, the Monarchy and Religion must be changed also. No particular race shall have a special protection. The fit will survive. Have we not seen the changes made to Islamic law in this country ? And there were call even to change the ways of ablution just by bathing.

You also need to ask yourselves how much of our 11 years of learning in school are applied to the work we are doing now other than reading, writing and counting ? When there are no direct relationship, we call it irrelevant. When the Malays reject knowledge, language, skill and activities not relevant to their lives we should not be surprised. It is just because of their state of mind. A few would learn other foreign languages, study music, pay for Arts class, pay to learn swimming. What may be irrelevant to one is relevant to the others. Following Ivan Illich apprenticeship is more relevant to the formal education system.

We have to accept that many without RAE could operate any radio and able enough to construct various type of antenna and there are those who passed RAE that could not explain the mathematics of radio frequency filters, or even the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Without those people can operate radio. People have been buying transceivers and antenna instead of building one themselves. And there are tenth of thousands of people are on the air without RAE. Like the iPhone we don't have to be technical buddies to operate it.

Free for all means free for all. Anybody who chose to go on radio, can purchase the equipment and operate within a given frequencies. It suits what the fellow ham's ideology of every member of community, criminals or not. And there is no BUT nor IF. What physical or mental injury does the Free For All radio inflict ? The market will widely open. Those who want to make a living out of the radio equipments will be able to enjoy a big sale.

The greatness if Islam is in the unchanged tradition. The pride of the Jews and the Illuminati is also based on their tradition. The rites and rituals of Illuminati is not relevant to the modern age. Yet the Presidents and the top men had to undergo them. The tradition will maintain, and the Jews follow the tradition to claim the land from Judea and Sumeria. There will be no Illuminati and Greater Israel without the tradition. The truth of Islam before, now and in the future will also be unchanged 'Allah is the only God and Mohammed is His Messenger'.

If we don't want to provide free frequency for all and want to maintain an individual identity of CB, Ham and commercial radio then let the whole package of the tradition remains relevant or not, just like those religious practices. The Ham Radio must be pure and clean. The members must be ethical, with moral values. Specific rules and languages must be used not polluted by terms from other dimension. It is not a house of gamble or factory of money. It has to have RAE and CW, not because of it's relevancy but because of it's tradition.

If anyone wants to call it a cult then by all mean call it cult. The occult must live.

It is an agony to my ears to her 'CQ W6ZZZ' , 'CQ Ragchew', 'I want to QRX', 'I have not hold the PTT for a long time' , 'because of the bad band condition transmission on 144 Mhz will be heard on 7 Mhz ' and much more. And I was not wrong about the rogue people either for terrorizing HF bands with idiotic transmission. I would estimate no less than a thousand non-ham own more than 1 transceiver; HF and VHF. That we do not touch of hams allowing their call-signs being used yet.

So congratulation for welcoming all sort of people. I simply cannot comprehend anything anymore. Greed and money has changed and altered much.  Those who live long enough would see the different economically and socially. When moral value fades and good and bad become fuzzy, human will lose consciousness. That's why torture and murder are justified. Money has become god. Rhetoric is to justify evil.

13/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



There were two reasons why Freemason bloomed in the 18th Century America. There was a history of English Government's tyranny and secondly was the tyranny of the church. The dogma that the church was infallible and the extreme power and the tyrant of the state pushed for the development of a secret society to resist the despotism. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are rebellious words against absolute power that exploit the masses. English King still wanted to rule across the sea. The Puritans were escaping tyranny which followed them till the new land.

Masonry was a new religion adopting a little each from other world religion. The choice of Egyptian was because it was full of symbols and passwords which need higher order mind to decipher. If you notice Masonry is full of riddles and symbols. It stresses on reason, faith, science and philosophy and intellectuality.

The modern followers of Freemason like Bush have mixed up power and supremacy to Masonry. While Mason advocates love and affection, Bush advocates killing and murdering, forgetting his new religion originated in the Middle East namely Iraq. Bush took away what the founding father had placed in the American Constitution. He killed the First Amendment.

The new ideology of Freemason has been usurped by the Jews in America, to exalt the world Jewish supremacy, to justify the killings of the Palestinians and the Muslims. AND THE CHRISTIANS. Bush has been seen to wear two kind of dresses; the Mason and the Jews. 

However we need to find a secret and history of Illuminati and Masonry. But we know for sure Masonry does not believe in Trinity but in the existence of God addressed as an Architect of the universe. Hebrew terms were used to name the symbols.

American congressmen are now saying, "Yes we are Freemasons. So what's wrong with it ?" Would it not one day our members of Parliament admit the same thing and ask "So What ? " Many top brass in Malaysia has embraced Masonry. I can't guess the reason. At least we know why the past American Presidents did, to be free of the tyranny of England and church.

Many Americans are saying, "America today is not what it was like before." Before was Mason. Today is Jews. Today Washington is working hand in hand with Mafia and drug Lords who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana and heroine. Even a DEA was bought by the Cartel pushing him to convince for a new policy. CIA and politicians find drug money could finance military hardware and covered operations. Don't be surprise if someone is telling us that our police force is working under the cartel too. We were told how the police protected an Indian gangster in Kuala Lumpur before. Of course we could and should dismiss those false information.

The Christians recognize the United States as the father of Babylon. The anti-Christ has arrived and promise for the better world. Bush had announced that America is going to carry on with the want of the ancient rite and tradition, to prepare the world with the chosen people with light and to put away the savage races. By World War III nations of Asia and the Middle East will be destroyed, leaving the Union of America and Europe to enjoy the freedom and peacefulness. I would add, leaving Bill Clinton to call Monica Lewinsky to do the blowjob for him, Obama kissing and pressing Clinton's wife peacefully.

12/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I don't believe a Malay can be a genius and form a scientific vision. Without knowledge he will not go anywhere.  When he can't he will do fantastic juggling to remain afloat. When I worked we were commanded to visit a school with innovative methodology in teaching Mathematics and sciences. The first thing I would ask was the annual percentage of those subjects in the public examination. Unfortunately they were below average. And I told my teachers to stay put with our methods and not to learn from anyone else. Our science result had always been above 90% and 100% for many years out of students who did nor perform well in the SRP. Before when the non-graduates were teaching them the percentage never reach 50% and the whole thing changed over after graduate teachers took over. I have no choice but to conclude the graduate teachers were better because they have better knowledge and understanding of Mathematics and Sciences.

If you hear the debate or discussion between people with knowledge and people without you are bound to see the vast difference between them. The one with lesser knowledge would resort to shouts and insults after failing to present facts that have been debunked.

All men cannot be equal because of the unequal ability. The treatment and respects given to them will have to depend on how they behave. I found a bad worker who had caused much problem to the others was in a bad shape, played out by his wife. His land is stolen by a developer. And I had no pity on him. People who behave like a terrorist has no place in our community and must be treated as one.

BUT less knowledge and lower education does not make fool out of a man. As long as he does not spit on people and willing to learn and know what humble is we would respect him like any other respectable people. We should welcome individuals who have the urge to seek knowledge especially on science and mathematics regardless of his social status. The more he learns the more he realizes he needs to continue  with the quest for knowledge.

How many of us have been following quack, and believe in what he said, do whatever he asked ? Many of us would still remember a man in Pokok Sena who was trying to construct a helicopter that never flies until now. And a guy in Selangor who constructed many hobby projects and awarded as inventors. The pseudo intellect who can't use their own brain to design circuits and objects based on scientific principle and computation of complex mathematics could never be our pride.

Before you choose someone to be your leader you must know his academic and professional background among other things. Don't be trapped by the fallacy of their rhetoric. They think they talk facts which were not. They babble things they understood not. I would not forgive those who cheated me and made me their tools. The most vital aspect of a leader is a sound mind. He can think straight, logic and sharp with a strong reason.

A man cannot be good just because we say he is good. A man is good when he is good, good behavior and good thought, honest and truthful. Even we say he is bad, he is universally good. His goodness would not be altered by million words. Well and strong discipline are bound together to be a part of a strong individual. He is not a cancer on earth spreading germs for his own benefit to satisfy the unending greed for wealth and money by destroying the divine tradition. Not only Islam values tradition, the rising and powerful Masonry too is guarding the tradition of Babylon.

I am sorry that I have to mention Masonry. It is something not to our taste and likings. But we have to know a huge number of American Congressmen embraced Masonry and are not hiding their faith from the American public. They believe in the building of the perfect world and getting rid of those of criminal and rogue minds. The plan in the United States was set up in 1776 and American Presidents today are suppose to start executing the 18th Century Objective as carved on the Governing Stone of Georgia.

By our nature our feet are still on the ground, no match even for the 18th. Century Americans. We have enough people with the same state of mind to give away our country away by sheer laziness and stupidity, and by the disgrace defeat in the World Court. We can't think before and we can't think now. We would do anything to rule. Budget 2012 will not change the Malays and in fact a few will backfire and would increase hardship.

We have enough of stupidity, greed and ineffective planning in enhancing a strong race. We continue to allow the British to rob our money. Million of dollars were wasted on many things, payment for no return. Proton lost money. Government lost money. Had I not said that the British are cunning people ? That we do not question the USD24 million Rosmah Diamond ring yet.

If you are stupid but you think you are the smartest then surely it is a sad tragedy for the Malay race. We tract your stupidity via your words. We know lies and excuses, lack of knowledge and arrogance, laziness and incapable.

Nevertheless I also encountered with people who amazed me by their wits and intelligence, fruitful in their words, strong reasoning power, skilled in production. These are the people of higher order and we need as our officers and leaders. They are quick to see thru the thick wall of lies and bad intents. 70% of them are graduates. 30% of the less educated do not spit on people, they work hard to earn their livings and learn things from their friends and other acquaintances, do not inflict injury on others .

Simply, I cannot sympathize with laziness and stupidity and arrogance. My former clerk used to say to me, "Cikgu, why should we help them if they refused to help themselves. I don't have time for those people." After a brief ponder, I came to agree with her. Muslims, Christians, Jews and even Freemason does not have a place for idlers. You want something you got to work for it.

12/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I talked to my cats. I perceived they understood me. Of course I knew every of their command. I talked to my lap tops. Sometime directly to the machine and sometime the voice travel thru it to some other people.

People are not always better than animals or things. I don't talk to every man. Talking to intelligent and educated people seem to be more fun and enjoyable than talking to some others.

I don't need approval or popularity. That's the reason I can go without smoking because I don't need to accept their approval by accepting their offer.

A few things that I have in my room could fill my time and keep my mind occupied. The whole world is in my room. I don't have to travel to look for books. Even the small iPhone keeps many interesting books, giving the up-to-date news of the world.

How long will it take for me to enjoy the fun. Steve Job passed away at 56. I am now 64. I guess my bonus years will be occupied by talking to my cats and finding knowledge on the latest scientific theory.

To have some kick, I just have to say something to murderers like Bush and Chenney. or else how would I spend my bonus time ?

10/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

American Evil


Most Americans like to believe that the United States is "the good guy" and that America is a good and moral nation. But is that the truth? Or is America plagued by an evil and wickedness that is so deep and so pervasive that most of us would rather live in denial rather than face the true horror?

The following is a list of 16 reasons why the United States of America is unspeakably evil.....

#1) America is completely addicted to pornography:

The United States is the world's biggest producer of pornography, and Americans are more addicted to it than ever before.

Did you know that....

*89% of all porn is created in the United States?

*$2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006?

*89 dollars is spent on porn every single second of the day?

*260 new porn sites go online every single day?

*Porn revenue is larger than all of the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises?

*25% of total search engine requests are porn related?

*More than 70% of men from 18 to 34 visit a pornographic site in a typical month?

In fact, a recent survey revealed that Americans are so enslaved to pornography that 25 percent of American employees who have Internet access visit porn websites while they are at work.

#2) America has slaughtered over 40 million babies through abortion:

Since 1973, well over 40 MILLION innocent babies have been chopped up and slaughtered in American abortion mills.

American "doctors" have dissected them, burned them alive, sucked their brains out and yet the American people seem to care less about this issue than ever.

How far down the toilet has America gone as a society when America kills about a million babies a year, and nobody even gets upset about it anymore?

#3) Scientists are now creating abominations of nature including fluorescent cats, spider goats and human/pig hybrids:

Thanks to advances in genetic modification, bizarre cross-species beasts are not just found in science fiction novels any longer. Now fluorescent cats, spider goats, human/pig hybrids and other incredibly weird creatures have actually been created by our scientists.....

#4) America is now tolerating gay marriage:

Maine has become the 5th state to legalize gay marriage. Several other states are also now considering making it legal.

Recent polls have revealed a rising trend of support for gay marriage in America. Now almost half of all Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and among young adults recent polls indicate that there is overwhelming support for gay marriage.

It now seems that those who speak out for morality are those that will be persecuted in America:

-A Methodist retreat center recently refused to allow two lesbian couples to use a campground pavilion for a civil union ceremony. The state of New Jersey punished the Methodists by revoking the center's tax-exempt status—a vindictive attack on the Methodists' religious liberty.

-In Massachusetts, where judges imposed gay marriage a few years ago, Catholic Charities was ordered to accept homosexual couples as candidates for adoption. Rather than comply with an order that would be harmful to children, Catholic Charities closed down its adoption program.

-California public schools have been told they must become "gay friendly". That includes a curriculum that teaches children that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle.

-Even speaking out against homosexuality can get you fired. Crystal Dixon, an associate vice president at the University of Toledo, was fired after writing an opinion piece in the Toledo Free Press in support of traditional marriage.....fired for exercising her First Amendment rights!

#5) America has totally accepted the theory of Darwinian "evolution" even though the actual science clearly shows that there was a Creator:

America is supposedly "one nation under God", but the truth is that the United States has done everything that they can to push God out of the classrooms. This is especially true in the science classrooms of America, where Darwinism is taught as absolute truth without any room for debate no matter what science might actually say.

The truth is that the science tells a whole different story than what our children are learning in the classroom, but the government of the United States has made it certain that they will never hear the truth in any public school.

To learn more about the shocking truth about this issue, check this out.....

#6) America brutally tortures the helpless prisoners it captures:

The torture techniques that "good" America uses on prisoners include hooding, stripping detainees naked, subjecting them to extreme heat, cold, noise and light, and depriving them of sleep for up to 11 days.

This torture by American authorities often expands into more vicious forms of extreme torture such as vicious beatings, sexual degradation, sodomy, near drowning, and near asphyxiation.

Both Republicans and Democrats, Christians and non-Christians approve of this sadistic torture of helpless prisoners.....

#7) America is fighting wars with immoral depleted uranium weapons:

Did you know that America is using nuclear waste to fight all of these wars?

This is what happens to babies whose mothers are exposed to depleted uranium.....

If you don't know about the horrors of depleted uranium, than you need to find out about how the U.S. is using immoral weapons that are not only turning Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable hellholes forever, but are also slowly nuking and killing our own troops.....

#8) America's national debt is now over 10 TRILLION dollars:

Once upon a time, the United States was the biggest creditor in the world. But those days are long gone. Now America is the biggest debtor nation to ever exist on the earth.

America was once the richest nation in the world, but that was not nearly enough. Americans always had to have a bigger car, a bigger house and an endless supply of "stuff". So the government piled up debt, America's companies gorged on debt, and Americans made using credit cards into a national pastime.

Spending our own money wasn't even enough. We spent the money of our children, and of our grandchildren, and of their children, and now the national debt is well over 10 TRILLION amount that we will never be able to repay. And if you include the future liabilities that our government has committed us to such as future Social Security and Medicare payments, then the total is over 60 TRILLION dollars.

Now that many of our jobs have gone overseas, the price of gasoline is shooting through the roof, and people are losing their homes, do we find that Americans are learning their lesson?


Instead we are squeezing everything we can out of our plastic. Total credit card debt in America has reached almost a trillion dollars, and it is increasing at a rate which is four times faster than earlier this decade.

Instead of showing restraint, Americans have jammed the accelerator to the floor.

Prices are increasing dramatically while wages are remaining flat or even decreasing. Jobs are being outsourced and factories are being closed at a staggering pace. Our largest banks and financial institutions are teetering on the brink of failure. Homes are being foreclosed at record rates. Personal bankruptcies recently hit an all-time high. And so what is the answer the politicians give us? Wasting even more money and getting us into even more debt.

The truth is that the United States is headed for a financial collapse of unprecedented magnitude.....

#9) Child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, has become a national epidemic in America:

*It is estimated that there are over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America today.

*Approximately 95% of all teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused.

*Of all American prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault, two-thirds victimized children.

*Reported cases of child sexual abuse increased 322 percent from 1980 to 1990.

The truth is that tourists from the United States and Europe are a big part of the reason why human trafficking and child sex slavery is exploding around the world.....

#10) Divorce is at record levels, and it is as common in the church as it is in the broader society:

*The percentage of the population that is divorced: 10% (up from 8% in 1990, and 6% in 1980).

*Only 63% of American children grow up with both biological parents - the lowest figure in the Western world.

*The percentage of married people who reach their 50th anniversaries in America: 5%

If we are so "advanced", then why can't we stay married?

#11) The greed of the United States of America is absolutely stunning:

*1 billion people in the world go to bed without food every night.

*Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and 3/4 are children under the age of 5.

*More than 2.8 billion people, close to half the world's population, live on less than the equivalent of $2 a day.

*More than 1.2 billion people, or about 20 per cent of the world population, live on less than the equivalent of $1 a day.

*More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe water.

*About one-third of all children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition.

*The top fifth (20 per cent) of the world's people who live in the highest income countries have access to 86 percent of world gross domestic product. The bottom fifth, in the poorest countries, has about one percent.

*The assets of the world's three richest men exceed the combined gross domestic products of the world's 48 poorest countries.

The truth is that the greed of the "advanced" nations is leading us to a food crisis of horrific proportions.....

#12) Adultery and fornication are practically the national sports of America, and that has resulted in an explosion of STDs:

1 out of every four teen girls now has an STD and more than 25 percent of the residents of New York City now have herpes.....

#13) Murder is so common in the United States that it is a joke to the rest of the world:

The murder rate in the United States is among the highest of all developed countries, with rates in larger cities sometimes over 40 per 100,000 residents.

#14) False religions are exploding in America at a rate that is mind blowing:

False religion is spreading across America like a plague.

One big example of this is Oprah Winfrey's obsession with religion.

Imagine a religion where Jesus did not come to die on the cross, where there is no heaven, no hell, no sin, no salvation, no doctrine, where all spiritual paths in the world are equally valid and where "god" is in you and in everything else you see.

That is the religion of Oprah Winfrey.....

#15) The United States of America is leading the destruction of the environment of the world:

Most people do not realize that our reckless polluting has turned the Pacific Ocean into "the Great Pacific Garbage Patch" which is a "plastic soup" of trash, plastic, garbage and human waste an area about twice the size of the continental United States that stretches from Hawaii to Japan.....

#16) Meanwhile, more Americans than ever before have rejected Christianity, and even those who still practice Christianity don't even understand the basics of the Christian faith anymore:

09/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof


American Evil

The man you see on the left is one of the evil men in the United States. He is a big man in a Republican Party and made Israel as his first home and the United States the second home. He is a Jew.

He could not care less of the Americans because he is for the rich and wealthy mainly the Jewish organization, business and financial institutions. He commanded America to go to war with Iran and Iraq.

He called the Americans who protested as mobs. He called those who questioned 911 a terrorist. His name is Eric Cantor.

09/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof



There were wide grin on many faces. Najib was very generous with figures. All with big numbers. Teachers get the jump at the average of 40%. Sectors and departments are getting hundreds of a million. I would not want to criticize something that is good for the public. But there are a few things that I need to say as I feel it.

First and foremost is about the increase in loan's approval for the government servants. Because a house costs about RM500000, the government increase the loan up to RM450000. Sound great doesn't it ? But that's what the financial institutions want. Everyone wants to be a money lender. Salesmen prefer loan to cash. The more you owe the more you pay. And the longer you pay. I would expect the government to control the price of the house. No. Why ? Those corporate bodies have a bigger voice. So they taught Najib how to cheat the government servants.

Secondly I did not like what he said about the pensioners because I am one of them. I retired at the age of 56. At 64 I can develop soft ware, understand Einstein and Quantum. I write biometric and RFID programs. I can analyze things pretty good. Each month I have to pay an increase bill of electricity and water. Each year I have to pay an increase quit rent and a crazy insurance premium for a small old Kancil. The annual increase of expenditure including foodstuffs has increased by at least 40%. Thank you to Najib for his kindness to increase our pension by 2%.

Here is something which might not come across your mind. Najib is kind enough to stop all payment to the school. Education is totally free. But you have to pay to go to private schools. What does this mean ? It means schools will not have money to spend on your children on many extra things which would bring much benefit to your kids. I would like to provide reward and incentives to good students and to excellent classes by various means to enhance their pride and self esteem. Many of the extra hidden activities will be halted just by a few ringgit.

So brace for an aggressive inflation. A small packet of nut I bought for 80 cents some years ago is now sold at RM4.50, with less content. How about children's milk ?

I hail the incentive and allocations for research and development. Of course I hope all will go in the right direction which I very much doubt. 1 or 2 percent of the institution will however run it very well because of the brilliance heads. Like money goes to Belia, much will be offset by the low quality training which may be offered.

Najib was praising Takaful. I said Takaful is a robber, a great lobbyist . The last time when a student made a claim it said 'paying a ringgit and wanting an insurance ?' Then Hong Leong was heard to buy Takaful. I smell dirt about Takaful.

The rest is up to you to think. But let it be fair to Najib as well. It is true that without the opposition people will not get the benefit. I would like to call upon you to keep your eyes open on the behavior of the corporate bodies and see whether they are bigger than the government. Wait and see.

09/10/2011 - Abdul Rahman Raof