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A few available old pictures found and scanned with Canoscan.



90% of the people requested either our PM moves his residence to the Lynas site or the toxic waste dump at Putrajaya. The Australian Government with a vast land reject the plant and our PM says it is safe.

This time it involves the people in Pahang. This would be bigger than Teoh Beng Hock and Anwar Sodomy, or even the Cow Condo. It could be the final episode of Najib. A little fuel thrown on Rosmah Mansor would turn the heat really hot.

Some asked 'Rakyat didahulukan or Wang didahulukan ?" It is a simple but a real serious question that determines whether Najib's rhetoric is a lie. Imagine what a politician can do for money.

It would be very interesting for us and to the world to see the fate of Najib in the coming GE13. I never expect the viral is spreading to PM's own state. Because Lynas is a matter of life and death things could not be easily swept under the carpet.

The ballot box rigging, once known and acted upon, will put away Najib for sure. This time it involves even the life of UMNO members. No RM500 or RM1000 can buy the vote.

People will begin to see things. From the responses of the readers I am very convince the people around will suffer. The only solution is for Najib and UMNO people to move their residences near the area. And I think Najib should take the challenge, put his family members in the house.

In short BN may have a new Prime Minister in place of Najib after GE13.

Blunder befell after blunder. The NFC is setting a battle against the police chief questioning police motive and integrity. One retired police chief is already enough for BN and now they are making another and another.

I see a very bad aura after witnessing the bright star of Najib lately. Bad things come over and over. So far I have not seen blood yet though I see the potentiality of it's coming.It would start from UMNO, not MCA or MIC nor DAP.

Once Najib's head locked to Saddam and Ghadafi we can pray for the best to happen. The kickoff will start in Kuantan because Lynas affects everybody's life. When Australian government says it post a grave danger, Najib says NO.

27/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Another cock-and-bull story from Mahathir

Kee Thuan Chye | Feb 25, 2012


Dr Mahathir Mohamad should talk straight or just shut up.

Whenever he rebuts allegations of wrongdoing during his tenure as prime minister, he appears to sound not only defensive but deceptive as well.

Now he says the government’s bailout of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in 2000, during his premiership, was “not the worst”. What does that mean? Is he saying that the bailout was all right simply because it was not the worst?

If he is still of sound mind and can understand this, let me say it is not all right. So what if it was not the worst act of using public funds? It was nonetheless committed. Should only the worst be held accountable?

That bailout cost Malaysians RM1.8 billion. And the government paid for the MAS shares at more than double their market price. Why was this so?

Well, Mahathir has become famous for blaming others; this time, he points to the Finance Ministry – for recommending the purchase at such a price. Has he forgotten he was the country’s chief executive officer then, and that it wouldn’t have gone through without his say-so, no matter which ministry or individual recommended it?

He says MAS had to be saved from bankruptcy because it was “necessary”. But why was MAS privatised to Tajudin Ramli in the first place when the latter had had no track record in the airline industry? Whom would Mahathir blame for this?

And what about the other bailouts? Bank Bumiputra, Renong, and Proton, which was bought by Petronas from DRB-Hicom when the latter was deep in debt?

Mahathir is always right

Mahathir tries to justify the MAS bailout by comparing it to the cancellation of the double-tracking project by his successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. But that doesn’t make it right. Would making such a comparison absolve Mahathir from the questionable use of public funds under his watch?

Did Mahathir have a personal stake in that project to make him so angry towards Abdullah for cancelling it, and therefore so unforgiving of the latter?

The way he’s been slamming Abdullah, almost at every chance he gets, indicates he has a personal axe to grind with the man. But he’s been doing it so often now that it’s really getting tiresome.

The thing about Mahathir is, he is always right and everyone else wrong. Less than two weeks ago, he refuted allegations that when he was prime minister, he cowed the judiciary.

Has he forgotten that in 1988, his ruling party, which then enjoyed a two-thirds majority in Parliament, passed an amendment to Article 121 of the Federal Constitution which effectively removed the judicial power from the courts and made the judiciary subservient to Parliament?

When former chief justice Dzaiddin Abdullah brought up three weeks ago that this was so, and de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz agreed, what was Mahathir’s response? “This is fitnah (slander),” he said. But why is it fitnah when the amendment was indeed made and we have seen the consequences of it?

To deflect from the real issue, Mahathir blamed Nazri for getting personal. “Nazri … you know, he never likes me,” he said. But what about Dzaiddin? Mahathir doesn’t mention it, but does Dzaiddin not like him too?

So that’s how Mahathir avoids facing up to the truth – use emotional prattle, throw the focus off himself onto others, make it seem that others are against him and that they want to run him down.

To aim insult at Nazri and aggrandise himself, he also said, condescendingly and arrogantly, “Let him be. It doesn’t hurt me. Let dogs bark, but mountains don’t crumble.”

He even asserted that he was blameless in the sacking of then Lord President Salleh Abas, which Dzaiddin claimed was due to the disagreement between Mahathir and Salleh over the role of the courts. Whom did Mahathir blame instead?

“It was the Agong (king) who wanted [Salleh] removed,” he said. That must have got people rolling on the floor with laughter. Given Mahathir’s track record in relation to royalty, are we to believe that he would have acceded to the request of removing Salleh if indeed the Agong had made it?

Not responsible for ISA arrests too

How did we entrust a man who talks like that with the nation’s most important job for 22 years? If we weren’t vigilant then, we should be vigilant now and make sure we don’t put into that office someone as reluctant to be accountable as that.

Mahathir was unwilling to be accountable for Operation Lalang too. Regarding that infamous swoop on 106 citizens in 1987 that detained them under the Internal Security Act, he passed the buck to the police.

He said: “Well, I would have handled it differently, except that the police wanted to do these things because they say it is necessary …” He washed his hands of the matter. He was effectively saying the police did it.

But if that was so, how come when it came to authorising the detention of 40 of the 106 to two years, Mahathir, who was also the home minister then, signed it? Did the police twist his arm and force him to do it too?

He is even down on record to have said, “I actually met all of the opposition members (beforehand) and assured them that they would not be arrested.”

But Lim Kit Siang, who was among the 40 detained for two years, has attested that he never met Mahathir beforehand. What does Mahathir have to say to that?

Perhaps it’s best not to ask him that question or he might come up with something that looks like a Uri Geller feat. Or Lim might get blamed for this too!

Actually, it’s not good to ask Mahathir any questions. Or to give him so much coverage in the media. He should be allowed the space only if he talks sense or if he admits to whatever mistakes he has made. But then infallible as he is, such an admission looks unlikely to happen.

The way it looks, the mountain is not going to crumble. If it does, the world would end – for Mahathir.


KEE THUAN CHYE is the author of the new book ‘No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians’.

26/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



You start to see how UMNO does to bring PAS down. The think tank listed several strategies and waited for the flag. UMNO has beat the war drum. You see UMNO is creating havoc in Kecah and Kelantan, inventing issues, and fully utilize the media. Then Najib will follow suit to check the situation. If he gets a big crowd then it would be a signal for an all out war.

Truly I see all the dirty tactics of UMNO even in the last election in Sarawak. Jumping party has always been going on every year. And it happens I know who the people involved in the dirty thinking for UMNO.

UMNO can confuse some but not all the minds. Once the people see through the veil no matter what they will not go for the dirty and corrupt government. There have been conjectures about the hiring and deploying of gangsters by BN and UMNO. The same thing was seen in Cairo during the protest. Even the United States deployed such lowly people to join up with Occupy Protestors to act rowdily.

UMNO's computation is simple. It assumes that all the Chinese will vote for DAP. If 50% of the Malays vote PAS that will spell the downfall of UMNO. Much will have to depend on Sabah and Sarawak. Can Taib Mahmud sustain the continuous attack ? Can Taib sustain vote rigging ? Najib has some doubt on Sabah and Sarawak. Even if both states gave majority of BN seats those people will demand more seats as Ministers.

Immediately after the False Flag Najib will announce the election date giving no time for the opposition to counter attack.

Will the strategy work ?

Again it will come back to Shahrizat. The UMNO guys down here will be saying, "Shahrizat and her family got the millions, we only get the left over of a few thousand." You can never know what they can do. The contractors who were once UMNO and had lost their bids to Rosmah and Khairy's leaderships will not keep quiet.

Rosmah Mansor, and Shahrizat Jalil will be a big issues. The Malays might not remember about the kick back on sub-marine, the missing jet engine and Teoh Beng Hock. If the opposition can smartly carve out all those issues then corrupt Ministers and former PM can start packing away to Antartica.

Please notice; those UMNO representatives who are vocal on Sharizat's case will gain more votes. If no action is taken against Shahrizat then UMNO can forget about dethroning Nik Aziz and Azizan. Azizan is 50 time better than Mahathir Khalid.

Will BN be gone after GE13 ? I don't know. I never thought the last election could bring the Tsunami that great. I did not make my business asking every head on their decisions.

In many ways I thank the government for many things but I simply could not stand the great corruptions, cheatings and plundering of public funds. It is sinful and immoral.

When I talked of an Arab Spring I am not talking of my support or involvement. I am merely stating my observations as I see as historical facts. It does not take 10 million people to bring down a popular government like Libya and Iraq. It only takes a few hundred and foreign support. I have always take serious the statement of Mr Lee Kuan Yew about an act of war. It carries a deep implication.

The good thing of Saddam and Ghadafi was that they were not tortured but killed.

I noticed that the target of attack by the public are the AG, Musa Hassan, Mahathir and Rahim Noor  beside a few corrupt politicians.






26/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Looking back and pondering the days when I was a young man I am glad that God gives me the two world. There were a world of changes, both on myself and the physical earth. I can still picture the virility of my youth, the joy of being with girls, how cheeky my hands were, spanking naughty young girls.

Today I see my wife lying in bed helplessly, old and tired. But I have been telling her that she would live longer than me. I have been telling my favorite student who has helped me a lot, that she too may be facing the old painful days.

The joy of being young is God given.



Is MARTS still alive ? It looks like even the MARETS's National Link and other repeater cease to function. I heard the financial situation is bad and the members are fading away.

It is in fact a sad history of Malaysian amateur radio. People are losing interest in MARTS, the authority legalize pirates, hams communicate with pirates, UMNO starts to use amateur radio for politics which I am sure will be met with PAS responses, the standard of procedures went down the mud.

As I see it MARTS was poisoned by the new

25/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

people with brilliant ideas. The ideas simply could not work. Somewhere there are lose screws yet to be fixed. With old hams getting tired of everything MART could go permanent QRT.

To me a Ham should make himself heard, both by the local and the DX counterparts. A Ham must work with a man not with the machine. I don't remember working any of the MART's committee members at all.

I heard the arguments in the AGM. I had a harsh words to say to myself about the people. They think they know when indeed they don't. The experience is not on their current professions but a lot depend on their involvements in hamming.


But Old Hams can be annoying too. Those who never came on the band does show bad example when the came on out of the blue. The SOP did not set a good example.

MARTS should stop fighting against each other and start thinking how to revive the old glory. Newsletters are not difficult to produce. At least to show that MARTS still exist.

And it looks like that MARTS and Ham Radio are digging themselves way deep in the ground, waiting for the dooms day to happen.

As far as I am concerned much of my disappointments are with the new hams for many things which were unknown in the yesteryears .



Who  robbed  the most ? You  don't  know many things about many ministers and how they went about to rob the people and the nation. By accident or design I happened to know the modus operandi. You will be shocking to know who among our leaders are doing it. And they simply don't care what people say because they have lost the morality. BUT not all UMNO members are bad. The worst of all is the Mamak Kuty. The Mamak and the Mami are invading Malaysia.

Mahathir said that Arab Spring ill not happen here. Today nothing can be certain. He said that because he feared the revolution would make him suffer. He should stop thinking the Malays today could be easily cowed like the Malays before. A great frustration could reject all the money given. It can happen with the help of the Malays and other Malaysians living overseas. And Mahathir knew this very well. That's why he called the Malaysians overseas to retur to the country during his tenure. Mamak is the same worldwide.

Shahrizat is one hell of a woman. She is now doing a road show. The road show for what ? To legalize the public funds for her family ? I hope the people will not be easily cowed by her sweet talk. May be Shahrizat will bring UMNO down. Let us wait and see.

I know Najib is a good man. But he has to understand how the system of public funds work. By now he must know the truth of NFC. It was a total farce.

Shahrizat is one. Wanita is another. She was trying to drag Wanita in to hide her family behind the cow farce. And Wanita must be brave to ignore her.

You are concern about corruption and misappropriation of public funds. I am more concerned on what is really happening to the Malays after 50+ years of UMNO's rule. Drug addictions are the scarriest followed by the diminishing ability of the young to own their own home. As a Muslim I am very concern of the morality of the Malay youths. I just could not bare Rais Yatim's Morality Belongs To Herself.

25/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The drama of an Imam who threw shoes at the three residing judges were interpreted different ways by different people. The Imam was angry because he was not allowed to talk and not given a chance to talk. To him justice was not done. Some wise men blamed the Imam for not hiring a lawyer. He need a representative to talk. That is a law. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. So it was the Imam who was wrong and the court was considered right.

The question is was justice done ? Could an innocent people go to jail or be hanged at the same situation ? Are you saying that he deserve the punishment and judged as guilty just because he is ignorance of the law.

We have seen and heard about the authority who did not act on crimes because they were not reported, which has a major implication. That's why the police claim the crime rate has reduced. The crimes rate may climb sky high. As long as it was not reported the police is saying there were none. Similarly to all other situations.

In Natural Justice a person has the right to defend himself. Why not hear him even though it is not according to procedure. The learned judge must consider justice first, procedure second. The words of law have been manipulated too many time to legalize crimes and to persecute the innocent. Had it not been debated about the importance of the SPIRIT of law ? The rational is to protect the innocence not to turn criminals into heroes.

Have you been seeing People's Court ? It is a real court, a real judge, a real people in conflicts. It shows the real court proceedings on TV. Good or bad, right or wrong, we will agree to every judgment made. We sense fairness. We see justice done.

Mankind, especially the Christians of the yester years, were subject to rules set by the Bible, which were adopted by some nation states. That law was considered divine. For many centuries they were obeyed. With the demise of church power the new law were enacted. In the 20th and 21 st century a country can create law to be imposed on other countries. The latest you are hearing a law that prohibit another nation from venturing into nuclear weapon.

The concept of laws to save and secure human welfare has changed to be repressive and Draconian in nature, to justify killing and murder, to protect politicians who committed crimes and to make it different to different category of people. To UMNO it is legal to PAS it is not.

To the Imam he was not given a fair trial. He wanted to be heard before the judgment was passed. The word contempt is meaningless and may carry repressive connotation. It appears like the law protects criminals. You can't hit a thief who stole your properties. In the game of soccer the law protects the corrupt referee who was clearly seen sided a team. You can't slap a man who spit on you.

Our judiciary is not without a bad record.  Good people do not manufacture evidence and manipulated things. There was a  call for the arrest of our AG. There was a public accusation on his demeanor. Judges were cowed by Mahathir. People saw how we lost Pulau Batu Puteh and how our Razak questioned Porntip. And many laymen applauded at the incidence.

You can't hang an innocent man based on his wrong procedure or at his yelling at lawyers and judges. If our lawyers or judges go to Russia and brought to court for talking aloud on the train, are they going to say 'We don't know the law of your country.....' Ignorance of the law is no excuse ?

But the Imam lost his case and a pair of shoes. The judges ignored him because there was no point giving attention to someone they regarded as wired. Some people laughed and regarded as a joke of a century in Malaysia.

24/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Hello, who is telling that the Malays are facing critical problem ? I was told Mahathir, the frog and a few others met to discuss the Malays. And Mahathir himself was a Prime Minister for a very long time. And UMNO has been in power for more than 50 years. UMNO has been claiming it has served the Malays well. If the Malays are having problem NOW didn't they have problems for the last 50 years ? Wait a minute, they are saying that UMNO failed or did not care about the Malays.

If the Malays are taking drug and the number multiplies what does UMNO do ? They just don't care at all. They are thinking and planning to plunder national coffers using various pretexts as smoke screens. If you list the sins of Mahathir on money making venture you will understand why they don't have time to address the issue of the Malay youths. They left to the police to do the job. And let me not elaborate about how the police work. In short UMNO care more about money than the welfare of the Malay youth whose morality has dwindled.

After more than 50 years the Malays are finding new jobs namely garbage hunter. In areas of housing estates young people on motorbikes would go around and collect plastic bottles, tin cans and anything that have money value. I put old computers and radios outside my gate and in no time they went missing. Some would go for bag snatching. And people refuse to make police report on bag snatchers because it never produce result. UMNO has no time to think about Garbage hunter and bag snatchers and drug pushers. Shahrizat said a few million Wanita supported her counting of money. So Wanita too just could not care less of the new profession of the Malays.

One of the most sensitive issues is the Malays cannot buy a land and a house in many places because of the high price. The disease has spread to the other races too. They are finding problems like the new Malay

generation. Don't tell us that UMNO has nothing to do with it. A kampong Malay make belacan to sell, the UMNO guys are running million ringgit projects; changing land status under the name of development. Force land acquisition at low price and sell at astronomical price. Mahathir himself had called the Malays to sell their land and buy shares. Some call them leechers and some called them vultures. Now they are talking of the Malay problem. Mahathir prefer Syed Mokhtar and his two Chinese friends and probably one Indian.

What is PERKASA afraid of ? The Chinese ? How about Mahathir ? Fear of Chinese take over ? Why fear now not 50 or 60 years ago ? WHY ONLY NOW but NOT BEFORE ? Assume so the fear is the truth and UMNO did not think about it before then it indicates that UMNO leaderships are short sighted. If they were short sighted before, they are also short sighted now. They are good at fanning racial sentiments at their failures in managing the welfare of the Malays.

What is the real problem for UMNO now ? It is the problem of uncertainty. They fear the Malays prefer the Chinese to rule them. Indeed many Malays have been disappointed with UMNO. They support corruption, and misappropriation of funds. When they see FELDA has money they plundered it. When they see EPF has fund their minds roll. So they work hard to fan the Malays not to vote the opposition.

It is not the Malay problem that they are thinking but fearing the Arab spring effect and the consequences that can befell on them. Not being voted is one but the fate of Gadafi and Saddam must not cross the continents. It is the fear of a brutal revenge.

If the Malays are as what they are now, it is the work of UMNO and BN including the wealthy woman Menteri.

22/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There are time we make simple things difficult and difficult things easy. Organizing and reorganizing my radio shack was hell before. I would clean it once a year. But lately I decided to make a monumental change. Books that piled up on each other are now invisible. Old junks were removed to give way for books. Printer, 4 old working PCs had been carried away and many other working gadgets were thrown.

I think it will take another before it get better. Now I have ample space to sleep. My student said she may buy the convertible seat which I can use for sleeping. Who is this particular student who cared much about me ? I taught her computing and get her and her friends a data entry job at UMNO HQ many years back. She is just a grateful person. I know some may think there is something behind.

I need to keep my cloth somewhere and properly and am working on it. My bathroom is small but the hardest to clean. I need to turn the yellow bowl white. I have tried Harpic but to no avail. Again the job is tough ahead. I just think that the work can never end. Lately I acquired a maid. I told her to leave my room because I want to  work on it by myself.

There is one thing I discovered about me. The degree of idleness in has dropped by more than 20 percent. A change in a young man towards the better is good for him but the change in a 65 year old man is a bad omen.

Nevertheless it is fun to change things. Sometimes I am faced with difficult decisions, whether to rid a precious but unused things around or to keep them. I was about to throw the Canoscan D646U image scanner away. I decided to keep it and get rid of a Canon Printer.

Placing the electronic gadgets and other hardware staffs outside my house make things easy because within a short period they will disappear. (This is Malaysia today) There were more than 200 pieces of shirts and trousers put in clear plastic bags with the hope someone would pick them. Some shirts were new and unused.

At the end of the day, I feel good. The road for a complete cleaning and reorganizing my shack is far a head. What matters I feel that things that used to be hard is now darn easy.

21/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I am just a small man. In fact a very very small man. What I wrote about Mahathir's privatization  fell on deaf ears. If you really see the evil of the Mamak Kutty you will outcast him as a foreigner rather than a local. The latest you may want to know is the blame for the costly healthcare is put on Mahathir. The evil of the Kutty is extremely sinful, planning nothing more than to rob the local by covert means. Below is one article which you can ponder and conclude about the role of some of the mamak immigrants.

Dr M to blame for costly healthcare, says anti-1 Care group

February 18, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — The Citizens’ Healthcare Coalition (CHC) has blamed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the country’s escalating cost of healthcare, linking this to sweeping healthcare reforms pushed through by the former prime minister during the 1980s.

CHC, a coalition of medical practitioners and consumer associations formed recently to protest against 1 Care, cited the corporatisation of the National Heart Institute (IJN) as an example and said it has become one of the country’s costliest specialist centres.

It claimed that waiting time for the needy and poor have become “inordinately long” at the institute and could go up to two years, while those who can afford it could pay to get their treatment overnight.

“This is what privatisation does and we can credit Tun Mahathir for this dismal state of affairs,” CHC representative Dr T. Jayabalan said in a statement here.

He added that in 1994 during Dr Mahathir’s tenure, pharmaceutical services were also privatised, but with the government becoming a stakeholder.

“Along with the privatisation came a 15-year monopoly for pharmaceutical supplies to the government health facilities by Pharmaniaga.

“It was a closed tender and this disallowed competition. It is common knowledge that competition will bring down prices,” he charged.

Under Dr Mahathir’s privatisation moves, Dr Jayabalan said the prices of generic drugs also soared, effectively denying lower-income earners access to the medicines.

He also cited a study carried out by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers in 2008 on drug prices pre- and post-privatisation, which revealed a 10.42 per cent increase from 1995 to 1995, compared to prices before privatisation.

“In addition, as a result of free market forces, there was a massive price increase of 64.04 per cent in the prices of drugs from 2001-2003.

“The study also indicates that drug prices do not match the inflation rate or the Consumer Price Index,” he said. As such, Jayabalan said Dr Mahathir’s argument in support of 1 Care was “warped”, insisting that healthcare should not be made to fit into a market system.

On Thursday, Dr Mahathir pointed to the rise in healthcare costs to the government, apparently making the case for Putrajaya’s proposal for a new contributory system called 1 Care.

The former prime minister would not delve deep into the matter, but said that the government could no longer shoulder the country’s healthcare burden on its own.

Disagreeing, Dr Jayabalan pointed out that the government has only been spending about two per cent of its annual gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare for the past 13 years although the World Bank recommends an expenditure of at least five per cent.

“It is therefore a little farfetched to say that the government can no longer continue subsidising healthcare.

“Knowing that 60 to 70 per cent of Malaysians are dependent on public facilities, it is a great disservice to the people to privatise healthcare and make the people pay for what ought to be the government’s responsibility and duty to its citizens,” he said.

Putrajaya’s 1 Care proposal has come under fire from industry practitioners and consumer associations who claim the system would force all wage-earners to contribute some 10 per cent of their income to a government-run insurance scheme. Under the scheme, critics say, the public would only receive limited benefit and still be forced to fork out hefty sums for basic healthcare.

According to one online news report, “1 Care aims to place private medicine under government control, a step further than former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s sweeping health privatisation upheavals in the 1980s that delivered a hefty windfall to Umno’s partners, including Dr Mahathir’s son, Mokhzani.”

Compare their deeds and their words of promises. They have all the lawyers to work for them, to make robbing legal. They pay you RM500 to cover the billions they plundered. All you know the five hundred will last you only for a couple of days and you go broke again. You must know whose money the 500 belong to and how they make those.

18/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Welcome 9m2rmt

There was quite a long wait for the new 9M2s to emerge since the last CW test. May be they were somewhere else while I locked myself on 7.043. Only last evening, 16/02/2012, 9M2RMT came back to my CQ call  amid a very strong RTTY signals. RTTY was not common before the previous months. On checking the RTTY frequencies, I found they are allowed to come on between 7.025 to 7.050. Compare to CW, the digital mode is harder to zero beat.

I copied Rahmat strong and clear. He was on Alinco and a dipole antenna, running 100 watts. Rusli, 9m2RB, who came in a little later was less strong. I have to congratulate him for his fine setup.

I am sad that a few of my friends do not want to sit for the CW test, refusing to accept my offer to teach them. The excuses given were lame and very unacceptable. But I know the real reason. They simply thought learning Morse is difficult.

It is typical of the Malays to brand themselves as incapable. Early withdrawal is certainly a sign of weakness and inept. It took more than 50 years to break the believe that the Malays are not cut for mathematics and sciences. The residue of the weak are still there. They can't themselves from the beginning.

In this picture you see three faces of people who overcame the hurdle. I saw more than than their faces. I saw their brains and hearts, the strong mind, the resilience, and the confidence.

To Rahmat I would like to welcome him again to my usual home band.

17/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



More than 15 years ago I finally submitted to my boss words who always mentioned 'government's money' when referring even to the private funds. What was a private fund then ? All moneys collected from the public including the rental or services given by the school. We had a private and government account. The government account recorded all the moneys from the government. Now I really know why my boss always mentioned government fund when we collect even a dollar from a student. It was about accountability and responsibility, about the spending of funds at our disposal. Public money must be well taken care of.

The philosophy of money and loan goes further than that. You may or may not have experience of people asked for a loan to finance their kids education, the initial expenditure in university entry. Out of pity you lend him 1K. Later you discovered that he gambled with the money or spend it in Pak Man Telo Pyramid Scheme.

The objective of the NFC is for the benefit of the Malaysians, not the Singaporeans or some other foreign citizens. The money

13/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

loaned to you is to rear the cattle to meet the objective. You must also know that the many things that you pay for are not yours. Read carefully the purchase agreements of some of the items. Companies can sue you for altering the car you bought in ways you like most. And of course you can't use the money lent to gamble, pay a prostitute, running drug ring and even invest in areas not relevant to the purpose the loan is given to you.

It takes a gangster and an immoral person to utter irresponsible words.

The nation has been borrowing money for development. Lenders don't simply put the money into our account. They sent their experts to see the progress and confirm the completion before payments were released. Even your payment to a bank loan will not give you the total ownership unless the total payment is settled. The bank can repossess your car or your home. If our government can give you the money and happy in whatever spending you make then the government must be thrown out. You have to be a cow to be cowed and bluffed, and being manipulated like a piece of shit.

Can you give your own money to whoever you like ? You have been hearing of private funds being freeze for financing bad people. Even your own hard earned money is not free  to be spent


you desire. What more if it is a public money. A public money loaned to you is still public. No government department can spend the money on whatever expenses it likes.

Bad governments are very hard to be overthrown by election. They have the police and the ring of gangsters to ensure of their winning. They pay to for vote riggings and change ballot boxes. Ballot boxes were easily replaced. The people who once did all the dirty stuffs would tell you stories but the cheatings. This even happen in the United States. The Americans can't do anything to throw out their evil Zionist government. Governments, other than the Europeans and the Americans, have been thrown out and the evil Presidents and Prime Ministers met their ill fated destiny.

The power of money to buy and legalize corruption is clearly seen in Malaysia. Money are thrown like bombs under various projects. When Marcos corrupt to win the EC there was a civil unrest to put him down. And we can never underestimate the strength and force of even a small minority and be over too confident on our invincibility.

Shahrizat is one lady and a family who has lost everything which could command respect from ALL . Money for cattle is not to enrich the family. She is putting UMNO to protect her bad deeds. Money can make people lost their morality and shame.



For many centuries people believe in the dominant element that ruled the universe; land, water, fire and air. Man originated from land or earth and the devil from fire. You burn a piece of wood you can see these four elements; fire, wind ( smoke ), fire and ash ( earth ). When the days of the Al-Chemist were gone people discovered more than 102 elements. All matter or things are the composition of a few of these element. Water composes of hydrogen and oxygen.

We would expect the 4 early elements would go dead in the modern time. It isn't. Agni or fire is still strong and feared. In fact fire is worshipped. When one enslave himself to learn martial art he got to submit and work together with those elements. Tradition, shamanism and devil worship still hold to the greatness of earth, water, fire and wind. And you might notice the soccer player would touch the earth and place their hands on their hearts after the touch. They are seeking the help of the earth to take care of them while playing.

To the modern scientist the belief is absolutely absurd.

In another thing a man told me that our body needs a third of water, a third of air and a third of food. But we have been told all along to drink a lot of water. It is good for our health and a large part of our body consist of water. Could I believe both in science and tradition ? Recently my wife was told to drink less water for the good of her kidney. Too much water would cause unnecessary swollen.

It really confuses me. May be the fallacy of a tradition has some inexplicable benefit. To science there is no 'may be'.

The world of magic like Harry Potter, Superman and many other had hit the box office. I myself enjoy Aladin as compared to Tron. Imagination and magic remain truly popular. Presidents and head of states are still consulting astrologers. And the Chinese Feng Sui has been a very expensive good in trade today. The Feng Sui master is a man in the 21st century.

But the mysth and mythology is not a laughing matter. The most modern science has disapprove Einstein E=Mc2 and is now saying that living itself is not real. If it is not real it is an imagination. Then even the magic wand and Aladin's lamp is as good as world wide web.

12/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


CW is for  human not machine

It is a matter of views, not right nor wrong. I am of the view that Morse code is for man not machine. It is not digital from the start and from the birth. RTTY for instant is digital and the bits has to be translated. Binary usually takes the form of 7 or 8 bits. Hence it is not the characteristic of the Morse codes. While CW can be sent with hands and rhythm, RTTY needs a keyboard.

We use machine to copy RTTY, we use our ears to copy Morse. When I worked Mazwan we both use our ears. We get the total message despite the errors made. I never want to use machine to copy or send Morse under any situation and circumstances. I participated in CW contest actively way back and so was Eshee. We were using straight keys. Of course we were out of date and not smart enough.

If you use machine to copy CW you may not be able to read all the CW messages especially the special Morse practiced by the Indonesians. It is a Morse with beautiful rhythm. And you will be cursing the senders for errors you can't comprehend but a man can. If a man can read a message and a machine can't then somebody has to be a nut.

This view is similar to the debate; which Phd in Islamic study is better, London or Egypt ?

Anyway there is no rule that prohibits a ham from using machine to send and copy CW. I feel the same person who send a line of message using a machine should be able to decode the same message at rest without the help of any machine. What if he can't ? That's not for me to answer. If you are good in CW and you need to play around with a machine. A person good in CW using Q-Codes in phone is not the same as CW-Blind using the same codes.

I remember attending a funeral where I heard surah Yasin was played using a machine. So mankind are not required anymore for the surah and doas ? Even the Talkin needs a tape recorder, the Azan in the mosque uses VCD etc. You may reject the comparison but it is from the same class of thought. The thinking pattern is the same. Only the degree and the sub-class differ in character.

Just ponder about it. I am not talking about good or bad, right or wrong. I am not asking anybody to abandon machine for doa during funeral or working on CW, but I merely express my opinion.

11/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I just came back from Kedah Medical Center and my wife is on a dialysis. The process will terminate at about 2 pm and will resume next Monday. She longed to come back home but the medical center will decide whether she can come back today or continue with her other treatment. She is having a cough. I also know she is scared of a huge bill. I told her that it won't cost 5K. The dialysis fee will be paid by the government and JPA has given the approval.

Last night I brought a wifi modem, a laptop which I didn't even used, the iphone used for browsing, and a sleeping bag. Why sleeping bag ? While at the hospital I could not sleep because the temperature was so cold. I had nothing but my normal clothing. With the sleeping bag I slept like a log, only to wake up at 8.00 this morning. Before sleeping I browsed Malaysian Insider, Lim Kit Siang and Yahoo. My interest is on NFC right now. So I have a sick wife and politics to attend to. Yahoo news was on Khairy's debate with Rafizi Ramli. Khairy is an UMNO strong man and Rafizi is an opposition camp. The report gave high credit to both because of the high degree of civility shown. It was done in London and in English.

I feel our students should be free to involve in politics because it would contribute to the growth of a nation building. If Khairy my hated politician, and Rafizi could show high degree of civility and debate in the best intellectual way I am sure the rest will be able to do so. The culture needs to be built and started somehow. I remembered well how Anwar Ibrahim was attacked on personality rather than the facts and crux of the issue.

If there were Europeans who attended the London debate they would surely have a high regard on the Malaysians.

At 9.00 am I came back after giving medicines to my wife. I washed my cloth and properties belonging to hospital, which I need to return tomorrow, I completed my other routine and rushed for my nasi kandar. I returned home to gather some more minor gadgets for my wife. I switched on the radio and heard 9M2NZ called CQ. I went back to his call and had a chat with him before I finalized my washing. When I arrived at the medical center my wife is on the treatment room. So I returned. The prayer time is around 2.00 pm. 1.30 pm I will get myself ready and move out. In the mean time I type this message.

You see our life needs variations. A politician must take care of his/her family and know their doings. A person taking care of someone needs to have something too. You can't be morose all the time.

As far as politics is concern I am not a total extremist. I may be emotional when come to know a person robbing public funds under several names and pretexts. Like the NFC; it would not have surfaced if everything went well. The Rakyat will not be angry if the money is not misused. I had not have any ill feeling when I heard about the monopolizing of the import permit as long as there was no robery. A politician can have 10000 import permit if he can sell things very much cheaper than the rest.

If I know a truth and I think things are for better then I am not scared to voice them out. The worst people can do is the end my life. Are you scared of death ? I am what I am. Let me be me.

10/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


WHEEL CHAIR CAR - Hope from Produa

Lately I have been running around trying to solve problem for my wife. My wife who could walk before her first kidney treatment now could not do so. The doctor persuaded me to bring her for the second treatment because of her unhealthy blood. That gave me a big head ache. I called several people to help putting my wife on my Kancil. It was a hard job. At the hospital I had to transfer her from the car onto the wheel chair. Three persons tried to carry her but she felt flat onto the road at the hospital compound. Three male hospital staffs came to help. After a hard job we were able to put her on the wheel chair. I took her to see the doctor.

The doctor said she would put her in a first class ward and asked me to go for registration. The registration counter said there was no bed and sent her to the normal ward for dialysis. The ward was full. There were full of sick people. The dialysis started at about 11.00 pm and ended at about 1.00 am. I went home because there was no place for me to sleep.

The next morning I went to the ward and was told that my wife has to be discharged and I was suppose to  bring her to the dialysis center, Kedah Medical Center. I told the doctor the deal with the center was not done yet. I need to arrange transportation and hand the JPA form which was not sign by the hospital yet. The doctor explained that the  medical data showed my wife was fit and in excellent condition. As for her unable to stand up it was for her to try. I tried to explain her condition before the treatment and after her first treatment. Before was better. Before she could stand and walk but now cannot. "Our data show she is OK," was the reply. What else could I say ? They were doctors. I was just surprise and felt sorry for the people as a whole. Do we get the right people for the job ? Smart people do not necessarily could think right. I felt the Malaysians have lost their total sense. The point is my wife can walk before treatment and became worst just after it.

But as a Muslim I have always believe in fate. I could blame anybody but to continue my effort to find the best for my wife.

I wrote emails to Proton and Produa a few days ago asking about wheel chair car. It would solve a lot of problem, not only for me but for a few thousands more. Produa was more caring. The next morning the company responded to my mail by phone, saying it does not manufacture such a car and advised me to consult Kebajikan Masyarakat for any modification. Proton did not response at all. I then rushed everywhere looking for any suitable car for modifications and to mechanic shops whether they are willing to do the modification. For 3 days I was not successful.

Browsing websites I found several companies supplied such a car. What else should I do ? Contact those companies ? Imagine the hassles and procedures and the cost for me to bring the car in. It would involve an AP, JPJ, custom and other relevant department. How much tax are they going to impose on the handicapped and poor people ? Do they have the compassion or the empathy ?

Yet I believe we still have some humane people in this country, who still have compassion and who are willing to do something about it. Why should only the non-Muslim countries and people do think of the unfortunate people but not the Muslim ?

I hope Produa will take the initiative to just design a body using the normal viva or Kancil engine to produce such a car. China has commercialize vehicles for the wheel chaired people.

I would like to thank the PRODUA for a quick response and hope the company will quickly initiate in producing mould for the simplest wheel chair car.

Let the world be built for the benefit of the poor and unfortunate people as well. You want to know the agony, you wait till you are in our shoes.

My running and shutlling between the hospital and the dialysis center is going on till the moment I am typing this essay. I am in the first class ward. My wife is waiting for her second blood dialysis which will take 4 hours for the session. My immediate hope is I can put her on the wheel chair and transfer her from the wheel chair onto the car home. I have arranged the transport from my home to the Kedah Medical Center. I still hope Produa will be able to produce such a car or a the current car which is easily converted to a wheel chair car by removing seats and with the ramp accessories as shown in the picture.

08/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof





Time and again I have always said that I do not trust any business run by UMNO. Several Amanah Saham run by UMNO state government failed badly. Come on, do you live just to be robbers ? And you are a Muslim and a Malay. Of course other races and nationalities are robbers too but they are not Muslim. Alex Jose who was banned by Tunku Abdul Rahman specifically pointed at a Malay race as descendent of pirates. Of course we were angry with Alex. Instead we are proving that we are.

Base on the exposure of NFC case alone by the Youtube you can see how those people arrogantly took public funds and manipulated them to put in their own pockets. The whole thing is a scam. Now they are striving to create documents and to show the new scenario of the so-called successful operation. And they dragged Najib and the Wanita UMNO in without showing respects to their own kind. Najib was fed with wrong figure to explain to the parliament, which rakyat could call him a liar. These demons even played out the Prime Minister. And the Wanita UMNO who had never known whatever is really happening in NFC was pulled in by Shahrizat.

Now the Chairman was saying he is very qualified because he graduated from Cornell and the kids too were capable. I don't have a PHD. Many millionaires are without even a college degree know that paper qualification and experience are different. At time we made a PHD looks like a PHD in 'robbering' and 'cheating'. The companies belonging to Shahrizat's family profited. NFC was running at a lost. Public fund was manipulated for their own benefit. You call that qualified ?

Every year we have award for 'Penternak Jaya','Petani Jaya' etc. These were people with success and experience. They don't have to have a degree in Bio-Technology. They don't sell their cattle for over RM4000 each whereas NFC's cost was over RM4000. Because nobody wanted to buy the expensive cow, they were sold to the family business at a lower discounted price. What an absurdity. The family is making profit and the company is making a lost. Choosing Shariza family's company instead of the Penternak Jaya has betrayed the Muslims and the Malays.

Are we Malays born robbers or suppoters of robbers ? Or are the Kelings born robbers ? A Youtube clip entitled Kami Penyamun though entertaining may have some deep truth in it. It is hilarious but displaying the truth. The footing is disrespectful but I suggest you just have a look at it. Go to Youtube and type Penyamun Malaysia. UMNO had a similar clip with the same song.

With all the happenings in this country the world is observing it and make judgment and will decide what to do with this country. There may be intervention if there is a mass appeal for international help to put the country in order. Don't forget Lee Kuan Yew's statement on 'an act of war'. If there is any covert aid against the government by any foreign nation, that will spell doom and the criminals will go together followed by the PERKASA and all the robbers. Though this is unlikely to happen, the possibility is there.

There are books written on Malay Pirates. Whether we like it or not the books are being circulated. Reading it and comparing with the real situation, it is good enough to confirm what we really are.


01/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It is already 31 st. today. My wife has to go for her blood test on the 2nd. But this morning I hardly brought her from her bed onto the wheel chair. She couldn't stand and I could't hold her. She shouted my neighbor's name calling for help. Nobody heard and I know my lady neighbor would not be able to lift her too. My wife is very heavy and huge. After about 30 minutes of struggle I managed to put her on chair, pushed her to the toilet, cleaning her bowel and did all the deed.

After bathing and cleaning her, I pushed her for breakfast and medication. I told her I had some work in town. First I went to the clinic where she is suppose to have the blood test. I showed the hospital card which says 2nd will be the blood test, 6th see a doctor to decide of the next step. I told the nurse of the problem. "She must come for the test,"she said.
                                     "What must I do ? "
                                     "Bring her in. You must. Find your own way ? "
                                     "But she could not even stand. How am I going to put her in a car, bring her down and up and down again ?"
                                     "Find a way. "
                                     "Nurse, you are not sick yet. You are still strong and healthy. Easy for you to talk. Wait for your turn. You may be worse
                                        than my wife. I bet. You just wait. You aren't sick yet."

My wife could stand and walk by a walker before admitting into the ward and lost those abilities at and after the time of discharging. If I did not take her to the hospital she could be worse. I can't blame the doctors because they had done their best. I went to the ambulance section. They said theirs only for emergency. They do not the service of taking any bad ridden patient for treatment. And I am still wondering how to take my wife to homo dialysis three times a week.

Try to imagine whether those of other people would be facing the same problem if they fall gravely sick.

31/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have a wide experience too in dealing with people on business matters. I have always remembered that I have to recognize between cronyism and qualification. I would not take my wife, kids and friends to run my organization regardless of their ability and qualification. There are other qualified people who can run things, probably better then my family. It will be wrong and immoral no matter what excuse I may give. People went to jail because of offering contract to their families.

When I heard what Shahrizat's husband explain his and his kids qualifications and therefore they are the only people who can run the NFC I was about to vomit. It is just like a country being run by a family; a father a Prime Minister, a mother a Deputy, a son as a Defense Minister and on and on. They may be all with PHDs from the world renown universities. Even a mafia and a drug kingpin can say he is most loyal and wanting to serve his country. Devil has always have it's own way of words.

He said his own left a good job to clean the cow dung. He mentioned it repeatedly. Can't you see what kind of man this PHD holder is ? His kid came back to clean the cow dung ? And he said he had been a very successful managers with such a report from auditors ? With so many PHDs family kids it failed to meet the target ? A man without even a secondary education could be a tycoon. Many are millionaires even without a college degree. So either Cornell is shit or this man is.

The country runs on Rule of Law isn't it ? JPA ( Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam ) has guidelines on what and what not to do on almost all aspects. Just refer to those documents about family's total involvement and cronyism when using public funds.

Ability and success does not come from PHDs or from which universities are you from. This does not need explanation. There are thousands of successful people around you. But with your PHDs you can understand better how to cheat in a subtle way, forming companies after companies making them look legal, straying away from the original target. The target is not to make profit out of condominium no matter how may billion the condos bring you profit. You were said to buy three condos including one in Singapore. Is this your PHD all about ?

You should learn history and go for it.

31/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What do you think ? A woman whose husband running around with women, even f*****g them in their home says that she does not care what her hubby does and it is none of her concern. A woman whose children become prostitutes and stealing money says she does not care about them because it is not her concern. It is indeed unthinkable. I remember a case in Bloomington IN while I was a student, about a child stole something from a super market and the parent and the kid were sent back to their homeland. That's not to talk about government officers who lost their jobs and being prison when their clerks misappropriated department's fund. And a woman who raise her children to be robbers and adulterers.

To call such a woman a bitch may not be appropriate but certainly you can't just ignore her. At least you might ask 'what kind of a woman she is..'

Tak Sin divorced his wife when the citizens accused the wife of selling the Thai interest to Singapore. I would salute him. Almost all the time that our spouse get a very special treatment just because we are somebody.

Many professions are there to serve the people such as doctors, engineers and lawyers. Yet some of these people could not care about the people. The priority is themselves. Sometimes I see lawyers as blood suckers and just one or two acted that way. They could defend criminals as long as they paid well. When lawyers get involve in crime like murdering and cleverly manipulated public funs for themselves and the family members, I just simply can't perceive what kind of people they are. Are they people ? It is really madness.

What make men different from animals among other things, mankind has values and morality. accepting the misappropriation of public funds as right is indeed immoral and very disgusting. Twisting words to escape responsibility and accountability is immoral. Using public funds for personal profit is immoral. This is what that is seriously missing today. It is a grave social error of human history. Lawyers who became politicians and using their wits to make money out of public fund are of disgrace to the human dignity. Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

The Pol Pot regime simply shot these kind of people. But I do not approve killing. Instead. I would approve torture on them. Let a rat work on their fingers for stealing, and mosquitoes on their mouths for their lies and bad mouths. Let 5 ants work on their chest for their greed. They think they can escape scot-free and escape persecution forever.

Let everyone be warned that there are some members of the society who are recording and filing demonic behavior of those in power, no matter from what political party.

We usually see ourselves through our own eyes. We see our position, political affiliation, wealth and security and think we are invincible. In the days when men submitted to authority without question, a leader was supreme. Today people put their feet on the TV screen when faces of some hated bitch were shown, followed by string of curses. People see us in different ways. with contempt and disdain. We are just like everyone else. We could follow the fate of the last Emperor of China. Or Saddam or Ghadafi.

You challenge the public, the public will challenge you back. Read what people say about some personalities.

I met several politicians in restaurants. I never even say 'hi..' because I did not think they were great or worth to be respected. The power and wealth belong to them. They can do all the manipulation and juggling. They can have the best lawyers and Presidents beside them, they are seen just like the Mamak selling the Nasi Kandar.

I heard when Ghadafi was dead, people still kicked his corpse. It was similar to the Kampuchean who cut the heart of Vietnamese refugee and grind it with their teeth out of a deep hatred just after the Vietnam war.

20 million supporters do not guarantee our status and position. Saddam won a landslide and he fell badly. It has never been the 20 million that cause stampede. It only take a handful of those who know the truth. Had that not been  happening to several world's leaders ?

Words and opinions could not create the truth. The best arguments of a lawyer and the million opinions that say the world is flat will never change the shape of the earth. It is really a madness when a woman has lost her morality and shame and say nothing to whatever crimes her husband does, including the f*****g of women around the house. Is such a woman exist ?

31/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




CUCU(chu chu)

Cucu means grand child. It is a term without gender. People all over, how isolated they are, have the same feeling and affection towards a CUCU. You tend to love your CUCU more than your own off spring.

There were several court cases where the grand parents were fighting for permanent custody of their grand child especially when the parents were divorcee or having social problems. Even a good working mother sometimes faced problem over her child custody.

When I should have about 8 CUCUS I only have two from my daughter. Like many other grand parent I find my cucu to be very smart and intelligent at her age. Of course we tend to be bias. But I know kids all over are smart. With proper guidance, care and education we can turn them into almost anything.

Some sowed racial hatred from young so that they grow up as chauvinist and claim the world as theirs. Some instill the concept of superiority. Kids could grow up with different values. They can't recognize the right and the wrong, good and bad.

A CUCU should grow up to be useful to the society and the world, smarter than the grand parent, honest, trustworthy and kind.

But things do not happen as they should be. The poor and the unfortunate would not know how to propagate the desirable qualities. My neighbor's family remain poor, out of ignorance and lack of education. The kids grew up to be drug addicts.

Our grand children will be our future. If we have a proper plan for them the nation will benefit. We must remember our resource will produce a positive effect if our system accommodates bright kids, and will have a negative effect if we ignore the spoilt children.

A CUCU is normal in human life. It is a result of our traditional practices. If the population is full of gay and other same sex marriages then there will be no dream of a CUCU, nor a baby. The whole society could collapse.

A baby can be a son and a grandson. He brought joy to the whole family. Love and care need be cherished. When my wife had a kidney failure my son was talking about kidney transfer. I told him that old people give kidney to the young ones, not the viuce versa. We the elders will vanished and replaced by the younger generations.

29/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof 




The decision has been made, that my wife has to go for homo dialysis three times a week for the rest of her life. It will be a new routine and a new life style. I have yet to register at the chosen dialysis center. The estimated cost will be about RM2000 a month. Hence there is little time left for me to travel.

I have been asking myself how long more will I and my wife are going to live. She is 62 and I am 64. The average life span in Malaysia is 75. That leave us almost 10 more years to make the best of what remain. While my wife will be in agony for the rest of her life, I could still enjoy Ham Radio and the state of the art technology. But my yearning to visit Spain and Cairo will left as a perpetual dream.

For the time being the money for travel would be diverted to purchasing medical equipment including a hospital bed. I considered myself lucky because we have some savings at time of turbulence and sickness. Only just now at the briefing on homo dialysis by the nurse at the ward one family was put to shock when the nurse mentioned the monthly financial commitment as they don't have anyone in the family working for the government. Literally speaking poor people will have to bid good bye first if they are critically sick.

Dialysis is not the end of the world.  After all we have visited so many places. She has been to England, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, India, Japan and the longest USA. She also had completed her pilgrimage. Her cycle of life is almost done. A Muslim is not worried about kids or spouses going away to meet God. We will follow behind. Many Muslims will not take legal action on cases pertaining to negligence or even death due to accidences. We don't question God on why somebody must go first and in what manner.

While I was at Shanghai airport I saw a young Jew reading a Holly Book. He looked educated. I said to myself that he was a good Jew and had wish myself to be a good Muslim, and continue to to be close to God.

My only drawback and problem is if I fall sick. Someone has to take my wife to the dialysis center. My kids have to take care of their own lives in Kuala Lumpur. They have a long way to go. As long as I am healthy and able to move around I will be able to manage her. I know I am not the only one in this situation. There are million of others weeping at their misfortune; the poor like the poor, the wealthy like the wealthy. What is use of money if our minds are constantly bombarded with sad and bad news, and our emotions stirred with unhappiness and misery or fear.

Just make do what we have. Life must go on.

26/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Do you want to be remembered after your death ? Some people do, with the hope they will be remembered as a hero.  Will they ? What could have happened will be more than 50% of the people would shit and urinate at their graveyards for being evil during their lifetime.

There is a great news for Ibrahim Ali. He can fill in the blank of the non-existing Hang Tuah. There is always a chance to change a name from Ibrahim to Hang Tuah. After all the Malays are needing of a hero. He need not worry about Hishamuddin Tun Hussain. Hishamuddin is only known as a Krisman. Hang Tuah is still free to be taken away.

Being Malays do not free them from hell. Being Malays are not immune to criminal act. Being Malays should not think they could command all the Malay support. Just try to find out how many Malays prefer Chinese to rule them.

Some people think with their brain but some with their buts. If you study their speeches and words you can sense which come from their brain and which from else where. I have been seeing people involved in NFC are running havoc, re-writing stuffs, trying to put things in order, seeking help from every powerful and stupid people.

I don't question whether NFC is good or bad. We want to know the tender process and procedure; why only two companies were involved ? In what year Sharizat's husband form a cattle company and when the kids were elected as the high ranking officers in the company ? The public has the right to know because their money was at stake. They also want to know about the condos in Singapore and Selangor purchased with the same fund.

We know the modus operandi of cleaning the dirt.

If 2012 is really a year of turbulence then we will know what the outcome would be. It is the point where the evil will totally end or devil will continue to run havoc plundering national coffer. Seeing through a religious perspective the devil will rule, Malaysia and the world. The savior will return in the midst of the chaos. Nver ever think of Ibrahim Ali is the coming savior.

25/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It is not fated but it must happen. The old are dying and will be gone. Even chattels cracked and weathered. There is always a hope the new replacements would be better, which may not all the time be. As time goes the number grows smaller. In no time we forget where they are. Malaysian ham radio is growing in  numbers but fading with old voices. Some passed away. Some migrated. Some simply have lost interest. Only one or two ageing hams are making themselves heard. I still have old hams to talk to. I still have hams to play CW with.

Younger people do not find oldies interesting. And the oldies could not understand what the young talk and discuss. When kids were talking among themselves I do not understand a thing. We manage to compromise on soccer or other sports. Even on software development I try to avoid showing off to the young people. They can criticize you until you fall apart. Nevertheless a few would come to join our conversation. We welcome them.

I would consider Rusli and me are the last rag chew Mohican. We talked like the old days, mainly on our daily activities and our plan . We discuss traveling because it is our interest. When 9M2DW was alive we would be hearing plenty of stories during his younger days. Matters pertaining to technical would go to 9M2GL, Idris. Eshee would assist us in CW. The expert in FT101 was 9M2DJ, who can instruct you to repair a rig live. When I feel like talking about songs and music I would look for Bahar, 9M2SB, and Pak Dolah, 9M2DS.

There were no Malay, Indian and Chinese hams. There was only ONE type of ham, Malaysian ham. MARTS was not born out of racial hatred.

Some new hams are extremely aggressive and even threaten people just because they think they have muscle or big numbers. They righted the wronged and boasted about it in public, because the authority just let them. I feel they miscalculated things.

The old faded hams who are still alive will soon will go forever. A few opted to internet. Zainal and Weng seem to be running around the wire. I only choose one or two to wire with. I Skyped with my students. We talked of romance and activities, about their children and schooling. I sensed the gap by the conversation. But I can manage it.

There are many hams that I have not heard on the band, not even once. When they go it will never be a silent key because they were not on CW and not on telephony. To me they don't exist.

I too was about to go. My definition of ham radio is a hobby with RAE and CW. That is the gist and the main core of it. When I go, my equipment will follow me too. I had packed and ready to take it to the deep sea but halted by news which favored me. If the new generations are taking over let they be the capable in knowledge and skill, able to compute the future and able to recognize who among them are using ham radio as tools to make money, and try to do so by influencing the authority.

Would you expect the remaining living old hams to come back with the new shocking phenomena; MCMC support pirate repeaters ? Very despicable and shame to ham radio.

I feel lucky to have met and talked to hams who are intellect and knowledgeable. The more of them would rejuvenate the old spirit of meaningful discussion. If the old fades there is nothing anyone can do.

23/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



The audit must be crazy to write a wrong report on NFC. Sahrizat's husband, the NFC Chairman, said the company is in order, only the government side that is faulty. That lives me wondering about the cattle and the long grass. The cattle that is short of the target belongs to the government ? How not to laugh to hear to funny stories. Similarly when three male sperms were found on Saiful the other two were ignored. And now the auditors are asked to admit they made faulty report.

You can start to analyze the state of our morality. How much value is left with us. Even when you shoot a person you don't blame yourselves but you are blaming the gun, at worst you blame your hand. In the good old days I still remember police arrested a group of people gambling. I was told the arrest will also include those who witness gambling. An accessory to a crime includes staying mum when your friend commit a crime. By not reporting or stopping him you are abetting the crime. Don't tell me Shahrizat did not know about NFC, her husband and kids running them ?

It is the state of morality that they ignore the male sperms found on Saiful other than Anwar and the denial of a Minister on the NFC.

If the Chairman is not Shahrizat's husband but a PKR member, what do you think will happen ?

Is the audit that crazy to count the cattle and says they belong to NFC when they really belong to the government ? Since when the government bought the cattle ?

I am waiting to hear the arguments on the law suit by Shahrizat.

You know what, it is a big qustion of morality.

23/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




For the last few months my wife was in agony. Her feet swell and followed by her hand. She could not lie to sleep and slept on the wheel chair. Her kidney scan will be next month. I really did not know what to do. The only thing I did every morning was checking her blood sugar level, took her to the toilet and bath her, helped her to urinate, clean her dress. For the last few days she lost her appetite. She asked me to take her to the hospital.

I took her to hospital at 9.00 am the next day. She was warded at 6 pm. While in the Emergency ward she cried of pain all the way. The transfer of bed was difficult but finally done.

After the third day a doctor told me my wife needs a dialysis her whole life, 3 days a week. In the meantime she would go a Peritoneal Dialysis treatment.

The ward staffs are working very hard and show efficiency in their work. While I was cleaning my wife a nurse came to clear the bag, I told the nurse, "If you are getting a husband find one like me."


It is the ward for kidney patients. There are so many sick people in the world. It was the second day in hospital when I heard my strong and healthy neighbor passed away. If you don't believe in destiny done. I do and I thank God making us as we are; in health and sickness we remember the Al-Mighty.

Without sickness there will be no nurses and doctors, no peritoneal dialysis and no medical progress. People make money out of birth, sickness and death.

These few days my radio friends do not hear me on the air because I was at the ward most of the time. When my sister in law looks after my wife at night they could hear me on the usual frequency.

Life must go on. We are at the very dawn of life. For the rest of our other days we have enjoyed living.

23/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What will happen to a Muslim who worship Allah and the devil at the same time ? A devil does not show up in a form of a creature with horns and tails. It always come in a human form, known to us, pretended to be our savior and rain us with money. When the devil visit an area it was welcome with elaborate ceremony. Words were sent to the people to welcome him with the financial reward. And the people queued up to pick the promised money. The whole process of Devil Worship took a few hours. A devil in human form has been robbing tons of public money covertly.

Many fear men not God, praise evil and cast away goodness. You see how they rushed to hold the hands of the devil and bow to it. And they believed in the lies told, grabbed the money given.

In the United States devil worshipping composes of elaborate rites and sacrifice. The devil does not appear in front of them. They chants in lingo alien to us. They congregate in a Satan Temple or in a remote house. They believe they will have extra power, protection from their enemies and able to walk through to be a Congressman or a President. In the ritual no devil appear in human form.

In Malaysia you can see the devil almost everyday and you also see the worshippers. 

If you remember our Prophet Moses; during his time there were group of people who made a cow out of their gold and worshipped it. A cow then has been a holly animal to a certain religion. And it was also a cow a devil created and passed to a friend. A cow is a cow and a devil is a devil. A devil does not only made cows but also made money out of public fund, not known to others. Though in human form the face and the words spoken are purely devil in character, shape and performance.

A Quantum physic implies a devil can be at several places at the same time. Which devil will tell you 'I am a devil...' , instead will be pounding phrases of it being your savior.

Especially the Malays who are easily conned by devil, alien and people. Not only easily conned but also easily cowed. It began way back in the beginning of modern history of the Malays. How easy Malaya was taken over by the British. The foolishness never end till the very date. They elect a thief who give them the stolen money and worship him like the people of Moses' era worshipping the golden cow. Then they suffer and curse the devil and later worship it again. And I always remember the old man's saying 'There are two kind of people the God will never forgive; the Jews and the Malays'.

People praised the devil. I abhor it. It is so low and dirty in spite of the power it has. I know how money was robbed and people were conned. I see how it enters the man body and who he was and who the others were. I need to compare their faces with the faces of good men. For a Muslim who choose evil, not knowing one is not an excuse.

16/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



To some, slaughtering of animals by the Muslims are cruel. But causing perpetual hurt to human being are not. It takes a few second for a slaughtered cow to die but it takes every minute of the tortured people to bear the pain, and the perpetual sadness of families who lost their young ones killed and maimed by the Christian army and politicians. A bomb that kill and a bomb that make people suffer are different. A dead person is dead, feeling no pain nor agony. A living suffers from mental and physical injury. When a phosphorous bomb, chemical weapons and other biological warheads were made was it not by intention to cause immense sufferings on human being ? Ask yourself the religion of those who manufacture, keep and use them. Who use agent orange in Vietnam ? Who use phosphorous bomb on the Palestinians ?

Isn't causing grief a cruel act ? You chop a hand and a leg of a child and you say it is justified and slaughtering animal is cruel. Of course urinating on dead Talibans is not cruel but that is the picture of how a Christian can be. You go to the United States and talk to the common people and listen to their grief. They lost their jobs and their homes. Some migrate to Canada and those staying over seas prefer not to go back home. Million of Americans are living under pressure and with mental stress. Washington is diverting their agony by telling them that Iranians are coming to kill them. And on 11th September/2001 Washington murdered it's own people and shifting the blame on others and later went to kill and severely ijured millions of civilians. Aren't Christians cruel. Is that the teaching of the bible ? Even a big number of Americans are saying the government is very cruel on them.

How extreme a physical pain can be ? Cutting a flesh with a sharp knife give different sensation of pain from a blunt and rusty knife. Your leg being hit hard by a baseball bat could be less pain than cutting your flesh. Giving a choice of chopping your finger and cutting your limb and die 5 seconds later I would choose the later. It would be more cruel locking your hand in a cage of hungry rats and let the rats enjoy your flesh.

Mental sufferings caused by another human could be so severe that the sufferers chose to commit suicide. Each suicide case was not without past stories. It was the pain inflicted by fellow human regardless of their creeds. How many people committed suicide in Christian lands especially the United States. They can no longer bare the severe pain caused the cruelty of another human being.

And how much hardship the greedy corporate and politicians have caused to the natives ? Insurance companies and property developers suck blood. The natives were treated like animals and each day more and more plunge into poverty. Women came out to prostitute themselves for living. Their traditional land were robbed. Once in every 5 years the politicians corrupt them for votes. This is not only cruel but also a savage.

Before charging at the Muslims the Christians must also look at themselves and always remember their religious and imperialistic history.

15/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Still Shabby No Matter What

The small furniture was bought in kit form at a tricky price which I call an Insulting Price RM69.99. Though there is a freedom to name a price but the business community should restraint from insulting consumers.

It was not easy to fix the boards together but the products of Malaysia is much better than the Chinese in term of instructions sheet given. The arrangement is just as what you see in the left pictures. I have an empty space on the top left corner of the table where I may place my old laser printer.



The next program is to change the curtain. The current one was purchased by my wife. Her taste of color does not match mine. May be I will buy two of different design and colors and combine them to dress the same door.

No matter what I do the shack will remain shabby. But it gives me space for future improvement. There are a lot of unwanted stuffs which I will dispose in due time. It may be much slower than my ageing.

I don't have a maid to help me. My wife could not move out of her wheel chair except to bed with my assistant. I wash, doing the house cleaning, feeding cats, nursing my wife and buy food. I am not a 40 year old man anymore.

I sleep in my shack without bed. Floor is very cooling. I left the door open in case my wife call for my help. This shack is my world. There is one old small washing machine on one corner. There is a small TV which I do not watch.

By my standard I am leaving a luxurious life though I am not wealthy. What is more wealthy other than good health. By my definition 'good health' is when I can move about, drive a car, going places and to do the simple prayer.

One ham who visited my shack commented 'why must a ham shack be shabby ? ' and we all laughed. One good answer is MONEY DECIDES.


14/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It was extremely shocking to hear one 9W was talking to himself alone for hours, seemingly trying to teach Science to people. It was like s Deejay broadcasting on RTM. My friend told me that this has been going on for almost two years. For years broadcasting on ham band and the authority allows it ? And I am sure other rogue hams approve this as well, otherwise they would have stopped his illegal behavior. This guy is a government servant. And hours later I heard non-licensee using call sign belonging to others. This is not only madness but also disgusting.

In fact I have narrowed down myself to only 40 meter HF band trying to avoid wired crackpots. Even on HF band these people were running havoc. The madness is getting worse. Gangsterism has crept in. People are threatened. They used CW messages calling people by name. They sent out poison pen letters. They show their greatness on blog. Who can imagine ham radio can degrade this far ? This is outrages.

Congratulation to the 9M2 who welcome criminals and drug pushers. The broadcaster is his product. The hams that lend their call signs to others are his products too. He will have scores or words to defend himself for all the misdemeanor on HF and VHF. Monsters have been created. When bad things happen they forgot who created the monsters.

Why blame everyone just because of a few bad hats? The rule 'punish the culprit' is not applicable in today's world. When America dropped bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, innocent people were killed. All Muslims are under attacked. The new rule is 'You are responsible for your race'.  The error of one is the error of all.

The authority cannot be passive. It will reflect our government's image and efficiency, experienced by the Malaysians and known throughout the world. If the MCMC does not nip the bad hats in the bud it will pose immense problems in the near future. Look back at what I said a few years ago. Was I wrong ?

You would not know the error unless you know the right answer. When we compare we see the different. It couldn't be worst without the previous better. It could not be worse without the previous bad. It could not be bad without the previous good. Yet many called to dismiss the past, the history. The many are the losers, the arrogance and the evil who want to hide the truth.

I understand my action will be met with opposite reaction, a strong and an equal opposite attack. As long as Malaysian ham radio allows broadcasters and using people's call sign on the ham band, the damage to ham radio is certainly done. The MCMC should be ashamed. It would be unthinkable for a radio authority to give a thumb up to the pirates or hail the broadcaster. The world would be upside down. It is very unthinkable for a ham to welcome and hail criminals and drug pushers to ham radio.

This is where our Malaysian ham radio is heading to.

13/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




It was in 1986 when I started to keep students' data inside my computer. I used Foxpro to develop program to store data of staffs and students and retrieved them for various use. I left the school in 2000 and I still keep their data with me now.

One of my students found me in the Facebook, called and told me that she wants to organize a reunion for 1988/1989 students. I told her the data is available in the school web page. I uploaded it in the server to be accessed using mysql database engine. The file is in a DBF format. She said she could not find them anymore and asked for my help.

Today there is so much changes to the system and application soft wares that old data format seem to be out of date. There would be error of 'installable ISAM not found' when retrieving with DAO and the the problem of selecting data with ADO. ADO allows data binding but not selecting. Soft ware to convert DBF to MDB needs to be purchased. Pensioners like me were dismissed by Credit Card guys. So the internet purchasing is out of question.

The other alternative is to create a mdb file with the same field names. There are 77 of them. Patiently I created a database with table of 77 fields. I made duplicates giving different names. Then I made simple codes to transfer the DBF to MDB.

                                Private Sub Command3_Click()
                                On Error Resume Next
                                 Do Until Adodc1.Recordset.EOF
                                 For i = 0 To 77
                                 Data1.Recordset.Fields(i) = Adodc1.Recordset.Fields(i)
                                 End Sub

Yes the system is archaic but it serves my purpose. I get what I want. Not only my student can use it but I can also peruse it from time to time. There is something for sure that happen to me. I can't remember many of the programming commands to instruct the computer. Whenever I developed soft ware I used to type the codes without any reference but now I think I have to refer to previous samples and examples. Degenerating began at 40 and getting worse at 60 and above.

One unknown ham radio operator whom I guessed as a license B guy knocked his key in Morse code calling me STUPID quite some time ago. I think he is right. I can't help going more and more stupid. Are you still smart ?

11/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It was a very long time ago while I was chatting with an American woman in Hawaii,a Chinese woman with a small child walked pass us. The kid fell and cried. Then American lady was laughing and gesturing at the kid saying 'All kids are the same'. Then we talked about kids. She said the new generation are more beautiful and taller than the old generation. She did observe well.

Kids want to be free from young. Try to take your small kids to public places, they wouldn't want you to hold them. They want to be independent and they meet another of the same they would stop to see or approach and send some kind of a message.

Secondly they have taste of fashions. They want to wear dress appealed to them. They would choose the fashion and color. Observe their reactions when you admire their dress. They will be elated.

No matter what people say kids are smart throughout the world. There is a Muslim saying,'Children are like a piece of clean white cloth, it is up to us to color it.' True we can develop a kid useful to all society or at the early age we start to teach them hatred. Had not a hollywood of the Jews teach hatred of the non-Jews ?

For God's sake we don't teach racist to our kids. The world will have no peace if everyone grows up as chauvinist and do nothing other then attacking the other races. If there is an impass then bloody conflict will be unavoidable.

Kids are all the same. Try not to make them different so as they become murderers and warriors. Let them grow as honest, sincere, responsible and considerate person.




With the verdict I think Anwar should thank the Almighty and the judge for being fair. Not guilty does not mean the others have no right to punish us. We thank the judge, not because he frees us, but because he struggled hard to shrug off the persistent devil. Anwar has always known that politic is very dirty. Being a Prime Minister will not promise happiness. So are the other rulers. Helping and serving the community, spending time in mosque or guiding the young could be very fulfilling.  Let the younger people hold the post if PKR were to win. My personal opinion is I will be happy if Nurul Izzah takes over the Premiership if and only if God want PKR to rule and Guan Eng be by her side and Anwar giving advice. I think Anwar can still make the changes even without being a Prime Minister.

Najib may gain more support and popularity by the court decision. But he needs to clean up misuse of power and corruptions in UMNO. Right now people are not happy with Shahrizat. I too don't like a woman whom I viewed as without shame rolling her sleeve and the others clapped like the dancing monkeys. BPR was sent to investigate Nik Aziz's about pilgrimage to Mecca and Khalid Ibrahim's Korban to the Kampong folks. Yet the the family of Shahrizat can go Scot-free with misappropriation of PUBLIC funds. Mahyuddin should also look at the moral law and the concept of morality when giving NFC to Shahrizat's husband. Taking action on Shahrizat is never detrimental to the party. May be UMNO can get back the seats they lost before.

How about Saiful. I know Saiful only by reading literature on him. Though hearing things are hearsay, I conclude that he has enemies. Enemies can create stories and lies. I understand that Saiful is a kind of a lobbyist. People who are not smart and want things will lobby for office, jobs or businesses. They will be looking for opportunities and approach big people hoping to go to the top by fast lane. I saw several opportunists similar to  Saiful; they meet politicians asking for jobs or favor for their kids. I saw Saiful with a few politicians, happily posting for pictures. He requested for help to be a pilot. His school mates exposed his demeanor during his school days.

And when the swab from Saiful was said to contain Anwar's semen and semen from other male, what conclusion can you make ? How on earth the sperm from the other male can get into Saiful's anus ? You can discuss this topic for days and you will enjoy every minute of it at  every possibility of sperm encroachment. Don't you want to know the identity of those other sperms ? But at least Saiful has become a celebrity. Will he continue to maneuver until he gets what he wants ? Why not UMNO chose Saiful as a candidate in his own Kampong ?

What has happened is not a comedy for us to enjoy. It wasted our resources. Time was wasted. It brought shame to children. Our kids grew up with the word SODOMY. The Malays had been the laughing stock. Whatever, Saiful will be on the limelight. People are waiting to see his marriage, his family and what will become of him in the future.

Anwar must forgive his enemies. Nature will take care of the sinners. Remember, in every prayer we request God to show the right path to us and all the other Muslims. And there is nothing wrong to request God to show the right path to the non-Muslim too.

09/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Educational excellence used to be a passport for employment. It isn't true anymore. If you have money you can buy your kids into piloting school or the nursing institutions. Many other similar institutions are growing in our country. Things could be worse when there is no public examinations. Once the school based examination system begins replacing SPM job market that need a high mental and physical skill will not get the best and the ablest. The low standard school will still give high grade to the students no matter how good the guidelines are. When you see a beautiful girl you say that she is beautiful. When I see the same girl, I say that she is very beautiful. The other adored her like an angel.

Hence there will be competition in educations, between the private and government schools. Private schools offer attractive plans like oversea education and respective professions trained by the institutions. The wealthy can afford private schools or professional institutions. The poor will have to depend on where the wind blows. Many will land in the low skill low level job. Younger generations do not compute their far distant future.

The ranking of educational institutions is inevitable. Shah Alam, VI, Chung Ling, Han Chiang, Kiet Hwa and Convent may be on the top ten and SMK Mergong and SMK Pulau Nyior may be unknown. Only recently Yahoo published the college in USA where graduates are popular in the work market. It will soon come to this country.

Below is a write up from for your perusal on one of the best college in the world. Try to apply.

MIT College Requirements

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is a private research university. Their programs include 32 academic departments (graduate and undergraduate) that emphasize science and technical research. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT is a highly competitive institution; therefore, the MIT undergraduate college requirements and application process is highly detailed.

  1. High School Coursework

    • MIT is a highly competitive university, so in order to meet MIT college requirements, students should prepare by taking upper level science and mathematics classes, such as calculus, chemistry and physics. The exact class requirements are four years of English, mathematics and sciences. Students should also take two or more years of history and social studies and a foreign language. An official transcript must be submitted with college applications.

    Create MIT Account

    • The first MIT college requirement for enrollment at the university includes creating an online MyMIT account. This online application includes basic information, such as student's biography and

      Two Essays

      • Students planning to enroll in MIT must write two essays in order to meet college requirements. Students need to write a short essay for their particular field of study as established by the department. As part of the general application requirement, students have to compose a long essay of at least 500 words based on questions stated on the application.

      Standardized Tests

      • Like many colleges and universities, MIT requires standardized test scores of potential applicants. Without official test scores, school transcripts will not be considered official. The college has no specific score requirement; however, SAT scores for potential MIT students usually fall between 660 and 770 on the Reasoning Test Critical Reading and between 730 and 800 on the Reasoning Test Math. The SATs should be taken at least six weeks before the application deadline for the school to get them in time.

      Forms from High Schools

      • High school students must have specific documents from teachers, guidance counselors and principals in order to meet MIT college requirements. Two high school teachers, one math or science teacher and one humanities teacher, should submit teacher evaluations. Principals or guidance counselors should submit a secondary school report form along with a transcript and letter of summary/recommendation. Principals or guidance counselors should submit a mid-year grade report form after students complete the fall semester of their senior year of high school. These forms are located on the MIT website.

      Self-Reported Coursework Form

      • To meet college application requirements for MIT, students must complete a self-reported coursework form. On this form, students write their estimated grades for academic work completed in high school.


      • Students enrolling in music and arts programs have to submit portfolios to the departments to meet MIT college requirements. Each department has submission requirements, so students should go to the departments' website for additional information. Complete application packets include the students' full names, date of birth and the words "Undergraduate Application Materials" on the envelope.

        09/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I had a tough time putting the new table to replace the smaller computer table I used to place my radio equipments. Somehow I managed to swap the positions and shifted my equipments here. When on CW my back leaned against the chair facing the two computers. The right laptop is an Acer where I logged people. The MacBook Pro is merely for entertainment. I watch movie, listening to songs, downloading You Tube and learn Science.

I really feel comfortable with this table. It gives me ample space to work on my computer. I can rest my two elbows while typing with ease. I feel like being surrounded but I feel secured.

The table costs me RM260. It is not cheap. I did not intentionally purchase for my radio shack. It was for a new old room. But the new old room could not accommodate it. The space is occupied by another small table. It took me some time to figure out what to do with this furniture.

We used to say 'You Plan BUT God decides'. This is the fate of this table. It is destined to be in my shack. To the world who is looking at the picture, let me remind you that Malaysian shacks are not as shabby as mine.

In a couple of moths time I am going to add something up on the table to accommodate my rig and a tuner. When I started as a Ham I only have a rig. n Oscar Block, a straight key, a 24 hour clock and a logbook. My MacBook came into my possession in 2011, Acer is much longer. All in the 21st Century. I have been using Dipole since 1975. Never complained.

07/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Some people simply like to talk. At time when you talk to yourself you will be called mad or eccentric. At time you must talk to yourself especially when you are writing numbers on a check. When a normal man is introduced to a radio and told that he can speak to the others via a radio wave his interest arise. With a little money he buys a set of a handheld radio and starts to talk to his friends and families. License was not required to own and talk because of the short distant and the frequency does not cause any disturbance to the other radio service.

Ham Radio was a structured hobby. A person has to pass a Radio Examination and a Morse Test. Equipments are expensive. A station is more elaborate than the normal walkie talkie communication. And there is another called Citizen Band Radio which enabled everyone to communicate WITHOUT a Radio Certificate or a Morse Test. Today the structure and organization of the CB is as sophisticated as the Ham Radio. CB has QSL card system, an annual international gathering and it's own system of SOP. In Malaysia there is a need to register a CB radio equipment. But people do not register it.

Why I chose Ham Radio instead of CB ? In the beginning I found the members of Ham Radio were composed of educated and able people. The standard was shown by their ability in radio and transmitter construction as well as the ability on Morse codes. I felt those two items made Ham Radio great and superior to CB. And during my short wave listening days I found the conversations among the Malaysian hams were interesting, fun and enjoyable. I have a very strong desire to be one of them.

What I could not understand why some people do not want to go CB ? You can work local as well as foreign countries. People in CBs are telling that they collect a lot of money from the exchanges of QSL cards. People who find ham radio difficult can always go to CB. I do not look down on CBers. They can achieve the fulfillment as much as the hams.

But CB is CB and Ham Radio is Ham Radio. They must either be recognized or the wall should be knocked down, meaning there is no CB and no Ham. There shall be no Radio Examination and no Morse Examination. A person can follow the CB SOP or HAM's or the mixture of both. There is no wall and no discrimination, no superior nor inferior. All will be on equal footing. If the identification is to be continued then the difference must be clear. Those who want ham must qualify both tests. Those who don't can always opt for CB, or join the community of Pirates, which are growing rapidly both in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Also growing in popularity is the internet communication which is more superb and fantastic. Each day the communication soft wares could be downloaded free for use. Skype, Yahoo, Fring, Tango and many others enabled us to chat and see each other on real time across the world. A few hams left amateur radio and opted for internet chat. We don't have to have heavy equipment or antenna. The cell phone will do all the job almost free. I visually communicated with my friend in Malaysia from Shanghai, Germany and Turkey.

Different people will give different reasons for their choice. You may be surprised to hear that they prefer Ham Radio because of the degree of difficulty and the challenges to be one. Overcoming the high wall provides a great satisfaction.

Let me remind and warn the Muslims; you will be hearing people who want to change the rules and regulation in Islam to attract the others. You don't change Islamic Law and Regulation to make it simple. If being a Muslim you are not in favor of a certain regulation you don't have to follow it but you don't call for the change. I remember a group of women in Malaysia talking about the unnecessary of ablution before praying because the bathing is clean enough. And I say that they should not talk about it. If they don't want to take ablution then go without it.

Even to be a member of a Secret Society there are rituals to be followed. Some even the need to drink the group's blood. Great things never came easy.

07/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I do not find it pleasurable hearing people quarrel about QSLing. And my remark is merely base on my experience and what I know about it.

A Ham Operator or a SWL usually has QSL card printed with his call sign on it. The card is to confirm stations he has heard or he has work. The SWL can post the card to the station he heard stating the time he heard and the signal report. Likewise a station can send a card to the other station stating the time and the strength of the counterpart. The receiver of the card can reply by sending back his card to confirm of his communication. In some countries a SWL needs to prove his listening by showing the cards before the RAE or to be a ham.

How are cards sent ? A card can be posted directly to the person or through a bureau. Sending via a bureau may take weeks, months or years. Radio society likes MARTS has two QSL bureaus; the inward and the outward bound. I have to be a member of MARTS before I can send or receive them. Say I have 200 cards to be sent out. I will bind those cards together, expose them and marked as Printed Matter. The postage cost me about ONE RINGGIT. They are addressed to QSL Outward Bureau. The QSL Manager sorts cards according to countries and post them by surface mail to various international bureau. The Inward Bureau gathered all the cards received and posted them to respective stations.

The postage was cheap then. It has been cheap when the government manage the service. Now a card sent may cost us 50 cent within the country.

Rich HAMS especially from UNited States would sent a card direct to you and put a dollar bill or the IRC ( International Reply Coupon ) and plus a self address envelop.  Some Hams enjoyed collecting the 'Green Stamp' and started telling everyone that Ham Radio can make money.

Today with the new technology they used Internet QSLing and try hard to make E-QSLing valid for awards.

I don't do QSLing anymore because of the high postage price. And I don't want to spend time on computer observing things pertaining to Amateur Radio like the International Logbook. I don't want to hope for the IRC or a dollar bill. And I think it would not be nice for me to ask or demand for a dollar though I think it is not wrong, Even the use of the bureau does not lower the expenditure. Hams are not wealthy enough to send a card direct to Europe or USA. If another ham needs our card badly he would not mind putting a dollar note together with his card.

In spite of all QSLing via the Bureau is the best choice especially if the QSL manager is within our town.




A Ham Radio in Malaysia begins with SWLing. The new comers will follow what their predecessors did. They follow the style and learn the terminology by listening. There was no internet to assist them. Likewise the Malaysian hams learned from their overseas contemporaries. At that time to break into a conversation the word 'break' was used. I don't remember anyone mentioned his call sign in between pause as it is used today. The word break to interrupt the conversation. In CW BK is used to pass to the counterpart after a question, After the answer is given BK is used to return the transmission. And to interrupt BK is used. No one mentions call sign in between pause because it could be misunderstood. BK is more convenient,

In the later period ideas changed. Break has been criticized. New people argued that 'break' is used to announce emergency. A Ham who wants to join the group should mention his call sign in between pause. Again it was counter rebuttal of why use 'break' at all. Use 'Emergency..emergency...'. Some wise guy suggest the usage of 'Mayday'. As I understood 'Mayday' is used by the first person, not by the third person. And Mayday is a distress call. You call when you are in distress; your ship is sinking, your plane has lost one of the engine.

If you drive a car and one of your tyres punctued, are you going to make a distress call 'Mayday...Mayday...' ? If you are lost in a forest and you have a radio with you, are you going to call 'Mayday...Mayday...' ?

Assume one day you find somebody has an accidence at a remote place and you are going to look for help, what will you do ? Are you going to go on HF band and call for help ? Are you going to a two meter repeater ? Are you going to use your cell phone and call 911 ? Say your phone is out of batery I am sure you will be looking for a repeater where there are people. Are you going to use 'Mayday..Mayday' or 'Break...break..' or 'Emergency...emergency...' ?

In my opinion when we need to break a conversation then 'break' is an appropriate word. You interrupt to ask for assistant. You interrupt to make a certain vital announcement. And you break in to join a conversation. But using call sign is better because the rest will not have to ask for our call sign again and we can avoid a pirate or irresponsible station trying to test their transmission.

Unfortunately for us almost the experience old timers had gone silent keys. We can't get their views and reasons for using 'Break' to interrupt the conversation to join the group.

Let me tell you another story about my advice on a new Ham how to study Morse. Before I even gave him a tip, he already lectured me his methodology and his fine system. Because he was so smart, I better stopped. Almost 2 or 3 years later I still did not hear him with the new call sign. I am sure he will show his smartness by saying USA has dropped CW.

05/12/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



We are getting too many crazy and arrogant people in the Malaysian ham radio. It is a hobby. Though it is useful during disaster, we have to remember there is a special frequency allocated for such a misfortune. We need a strong discipline in using radio frequencies. Frequencies allocated to the police is for the police. It is not a business for a ham to intrude into the police frequency even to announce car accident or a fight. This applies to all. Never think hams can solve every problem in the world.

JPAM with the communication equipment knows their frequencies. They are not allowed into ham band. However if JPAM find situations are too big to handle and request for ham assistant then amateur operators can come to their help, but still need to stick to the rule and procedure. Remember no politician is above the law and makes rules for amateur radio. Politicians will continue to lose respects if they continue to be rude and arrogance.

I am fond of using the term 'Keciwi' or 'Perak Jakun'. I expect a certain degree of mentality a ham should possess. Haywires have been everywhere on 2 meter band. The CMC has no control. And it permeates on HF where I could identify Malaysians disturbing even International Communication.

Decades ago students in Sixth Form must learn thinking. There are straight and crooked thinking. Distorted mentality is a blunder, could bring danger to oneself or the community. Facts, reasons and logic could be useful and guide us to enlightenment and wisdom. Sadly enough those who fought hard for license B took things lightly when their feet were hit by those whom they brought to fame. They have caused too much damage now. Whether I am in or I am out of the hobby much damage has been done and now the worst is yet to come.

Other institutions also use radio as a mean of communication. What special power of a ham to make a MOU with all other agencies to use amateur frequency for any purpose. Even if the MCMC permits all others to use a ham band for emergency then use it as only DURING emergency. Any call for a boss of Jabatan Masyarakat at any other time, use the telephone. And even during flood there is a governing body handling it. When hams are called to help, hams must abide by the procedures. I have talked before about looting during such a disaster. People who looks like helpers could be thieves and robbers.

Tsunami in Indonesia could be a lesson we can learn. ORARI has been helping the nation in areas identified. All disaster stations are given called signs ending with Z eg YB6MSZ or YB6FRZ. Only license hams can operate those stations and they have to follow a set of procedures. Because of the skips a few Malaysian stations stood by as relay stations. Sadly when our Malaysian set up a station in Medan, it did not show the courtesy of applying for the Indonesian call but instead using Malaysian call, until things went to order again.

We see too many overzealous persons who seem like going for help. The local complaints of the water pushed by the 4 X 4 into their houses. Nothing could be better than helping through the authorize body like the JPAM and the Police. Follow their instructions well.

Are we telling the JPAM that they are not capable ? Are we telling the police that they are not capable ? Are we saying that people who decide the spectrum totally forgotten of emergencies and disasters ? My emotion says some of us are Perak Jakun. My brain asks me to think on the positive side. My auntie used the term Pulut Kacau and Bubur Caca Murba. I say Amateur Radio is about to fall in the abyss.

Amateur radio has become a New Testament. Protestants say it is written for the betterment of mankind, change is vital for goodness. The trend of thought is alike. I believe that the old rule must stand. I believe in the cause and effect. Amateur Radio is not a New Testament and shall never be made one. If you can't think like a Muslim then think like a Jew.

05/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't have too many hobbies. The first I used to enjoy was Chess but never good at it at all. I knew if I were to play it in the right way it would discipline me in many things especially in planning and setting up strategies. Nevertheless I won a championship when I was in Technical Teachers' College in the late 60's. After that year stopped . 30 years later I started to the game again but not on the daily basis. All the way I suffered lost, beaten by my friends and a Form 2 students.

Today I have a deep respect for those who are good in the game, especially the kids who beat me. They have a capacity to face with more challenging problems.

My second hobby came much later, namely Ham Radio. My first appreciation of ham radio was the Morse code. Like Chess, I developed respect on those who are well verse with the sending and receiving. When I saw well known hams having fun with Morse key, my aim was to be a good Morse operator. I had been wondering how on earth they could copy the messages at high speed. They have to be sharp. I master the trade at the age of 63. It takes a special people to be a CWer.

Computing came in the early 80's. I started with learning BASIC programming, only later extended to the database, spread sheet and word processing. But I always have fun in software development by self taught. It is my last hobby. When I talk about computing I do not mean running applications but rather building them. It is also the hardest hobby to chase due to the fast leaping  technology, and there have efforts to control the software makings.

The last hobby is traveling. I enjoyed to see places and observed the culture of the others. There is much to learn. We can know where we are economically, scientifically and politically. The happiness is when we get to the famous places we saw on TV and magazines. United States was most visited. I lost count. At least 4 times in Hawaii when Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles must passed through the island. While most of my US visits were alone, there were several by tour group.

Chess, computing and traveling did not bring me in collusion with bad companies except for the Ham Radio. Many whispered the words RUDE and ARROGANCE permeated the hobby and the band. Instead of standing and fight to protect the once rosy hobby, the old guys prefer to stay away. These were not people without jobs and education but people of high ranks and know to manage success in their disciplines.

Some choose to make use of their remaining time in the House of God, and prepare for the next world. This could be the best to fill the time. Others want to continue seeing wealth accumulated to hills and mountains and care less about God and morality. Sceptics can still have time to think of Heaven and Hell.

03/01/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Thanks to those who give life to Ham Radio. Again I woke up early and monitored frequencies from 7.000 to 7.028 and heard many Ham Radio stations. There were the PY and VK stations beside the numerous Japanese. I also heard 10 wpm sending using straight key. In this free world everyone has his own right to define Ham Radio. I happen to define it a hobby with a Morse codes because it started that way for decades, and that was what the maker of Ham Radio designed it.

When a Japanese station work another Japanese they used CW international language. So the world manage to understand their sending.

At 6.30 signals were getting stronger and louder. I enjoyed just practicing the copying of the call sign with my eyes closed. But so far everyone seems to use OP instead of NAME. I have been using NAME for decades, then changed to OP in 2011. The other day I discovered OP means Operational Procedure and decide to go back to NAME. Since majority of CWers adopted Operator and to shorten it OP then let it be. I just want to stick to NAME.

During the early morning the pirates would still probably be sleeping. Hence there was a peace of mind. Mind you some Malaysians go pirating on CW probably using software or computer keyboard. They must have love CW too but have not find the right way to learn Morse. I believe they too recognize Ham Radio synonymous to Morse codes. Also I heard YD, YD1DDB joining in, which is a very encouraging for amateur radio because of the recognition given. The spirit of the hobby lives.

I also would like to thank those 9Ws who are struggling hard to sit for the test. For a long time to come we can still use the term 'Silent Key' to those who will be gone to meet God. To those who cant hear the chirps even how loud they came, I just wish them all the best in all their undertakings. They may lead a more superior living than most of us the real Ham Radio enthusiasts, who cling to the traditional package of the hobby.

By 7.15 am signals began to fade. A few could still be heard. May be the Japanese began to get ready for work. Today is 2nd of January 2012. While I am typing now I am listening to JA3MIX on 7.016. I too would like to go QRT now.




I am now watching a You Tube entitled War On Our World(2011), 594.7 MB long, and downloading it to my Macbook Pro to be burnt to a 720 MB CD. At the same time I also download Criminals Are Running Our World. They are all about how men turned into evil, and their becoming the modern barbarians. The War On Our World is showing how military expenditure robs many things from the people including bread and liberty, about the lies of the government, about compassion, justice and peace.

Watching it, making me realize that many fellow Americans are rising and fighting against the murdering and killing of the defenseless people. A war veteran's heart was opened by God to see the cruelty of the government.

We can learn a lot if we just learn and understand English and if we have the optimum of education. I have written much on the importance of learning and practicing foreign languages. Yet many Malays simply do not see the point. I was very sad to see people attacking English language. But you should try to encourage your friend to download the clip whether they can understand it or not. Insya Allah they will slowly grasp the philosophy behind it.

I think the normal Americans are giving a good and hard fight for the freedom of the Palestinians rather than us the Malay Muslims. Our Minister and Former leaders are busy with cattle and development, what and where to construct projects and condos. What companies to be formed for privatization and who will be the proxy. Our laymen prefer to leave everything to the government. The government has the Think Tank and will look after everything.

We need to grow up and think. We must understand the importance of building our Malaysian race and equipped ourselves with ample knowledge and skill, dare to face challenges and problems not running away from them, willing to learn from every source. We listen to our Ustaz and intellects, and the words of other people across the world. Knowledge and good attitudes are not only power but also free us from ignorance and foolishness.

Have our mind open wide enough ? I estimate more than 80% is still living under the coconut shell. This does not imply they are not educated or smart. They simply have no time to know things which they think are not relevant to them.





I did not usually switched on my rig at early morning. Today at 6 am I scanned from 7.000 to 7.028. The SSB signals from Indonesia and Malaysian's pirates were not heard. The whole spectrum was filled with stations from Japan. I did not hear computer Morse. Some were using straight keys and others electronic. Perfect sending does not mean a person uses keyboard. I also heard Chinese and Indonesian stations. The average strength from Japan is 569. The Indonesian came 599+

In my life as a ham operator I was fortunate to see a Japanese space scientist sent and receive CW at more than 40 wpm. No computer was used at all. A few local hams do not believe people can work Morse codes at a high speed without any external aid. They have to see one with their own eyes.

Some ears do not hear Morse code anymore. They were made that way.  You tell to go CB they refuse to budge, stare and shout at you. In ham radio the keys never be silent. The chirps will go on and on. Even in the no-CW countries the younger generations are picking up the soul and spirit of Amateur Radio. CW was born with Ham Radio. That was the lifeblood and symbol which will continue to live. Wake up early tomorrow and go to 7 MHZ. With a good band condition you will agree with me.

I believe, even if RAE and CW are done with, scrapped and thrown into  another dimension because of their irrelevancy, Morse codes will still live.





We were trained to believe in information we get from TV and Newspapers especially published by authority. And we are prone to advertisement. When I was young I am of the idea that smart people like the Americans could never be influenced by any form of persuasion. I was wrong. And later politicians lie, government departments lie too.

I found that in debates the participants like to quote so and so says in his book to prove a certain point. That is not a fact and not a raw data. Journalism to deceive people is running wild in the modern world to protect policies and to advance the conspiracies. The Fox News is telling the Americans that the Iranians are going to kill all the Americans and Muslims are potential bombers.

Always investigate the source of information. Compare with several others. Do not swallow everything you read or hear. Make use one of the highest gifts of God; the brain. Of course we need to learn how to use it. Rationalization though important, we cannot totally hold to it in everything, because the feeling of love and compassion need our emotions too.

Let's take our government. I would always say it is bad. But am I right ? Isn't there anything good at all of it ? I would provide proofs and information. But you have to see it through all angles. You may find somewhere there are good men.

When the world were divided into two blocks many countries barred their citizens from knowing the other side. Communist literature was made illegal. We are to know Communism is bad. And today we are to know that Muslims are terrorists. False information were injected and broadcast by media. Conspiracy and corruptions were hidden, making nations stink with lies and false promises. On several occasions I heard people condemned Ghadafi, which made wonder where they get the information from.

We need to know many things before we yell aloud. But many of us are actually blind. Not many sense the relationship between policy and corruption. Or a decision and corruption. Try to investigate the policy of bringing the Africans to Malaysia in the name of education and learning or the Chinese students into Malaysia, the choice of the contractors, land acquisition act, the use of the punch-card machine, scanning machines at the airport and thousands more. There is always the element of re-imbursement. Even the location of a bus station has something to do with money. It is termed 'You scratch my back, I will scratch yours'. People with vested interest and the want of money will never get tired to influence a policy. They will come out with all sort of excuses. You need to know the water policy to see how evil the business community can be. Very sad and very scary.

Information need to be distorted to hide the truth.

I like to question policies when I was still working because I know some were nonsense. When our boss in Kuala Lumpur was about to reture we were asked to collect funds to buy gift. I never paid. He never knew who I was and would never visit my house if I were dead. But those around him can still have the promotion and honor.

Right now my distrust on AMERICA has reached the peak. I loathe their policy on corporation, bailed them and blaming the Muslims for any problems they have. Somehow they were able to relate their failures to terrorists. But exposure after exposure of corruption between corporations and politicians and head of departments.

If you hear Clinton or Obama's speech to the world you will see the double standard and the lies. Misinformation continue to flow. Lame people will always point to USA as their saviors.



Unending Malay Agenda - ineptness

Mahathir wrote Malay Dilemma. And he mentioned it again in 2011 at his dawn. Was he correct in his assessment on the Malays ? It is up to you to decide, to agree or to debunk. I chose to do my own thinking rather than plucking what the others say or do. Either we like it or not we have to refer to our history though many oppose history to erase the truth. Each time we visit Taj Mahal or Forbidden City we will be narrated with their history. And there are sayings and proverbs popped out of history like 'Seperti Belanda Dapat Tanah'.

The takeover of Tanah Melayu by the British has it's origin from the wittiness of the British and stupidity of the Malays. Internal conflict simplified the intervention. The Un-federated Malay States prefer British Advisors to let the British do the thinking and administration for them. Life had been made easy. The Malays were pampered by the cunning British.  Nationalism in Tanah Melayu were brought by the Mamak and those who get the education in the Middle East.

Mahathir during the early age had already seen the design of the British and set himself to be self-independent in his thought, refused to be the British slave.

The Achenese unlike the rest were hard to penetrate and conquered. Again the strength is in the will power and unity. They stood together like Spartans. They have a great and proud history.

The survival rate of the Malays have always been lower than the rest. Many prefer easy life and if possible easy money without work. When they can't perform well in SPM they want the exam scrapped. When they can't study and get promotion for the better salary, they demand equal pay for all regardless of the level of education. Self discipline and self reliance is hard to maintain. They copy without examining the detail. But most of all they think they are already smart.

There have been efforts to break the stupidity and idleness. It was not without success but it was taken for granted and the name went unheard and unseen. Ask the young people today of these few names, none will know them. They will know sodomy better than anything else, because that's what we are putting in their mind.

I have heard the Malays talking about the greatness of the Jews and how they brought up their young and prepare their future generation. But at the same time they don't even want to think by themselves. They can't. They can't build a strong self, positive attitudes, and fearless mind and emotion. They are weakened by money, fear of losing their posts. The lack of education and ability to think thrown them on their back when attacked. They are good at yelling and threatening. The people they elect chose to make money, living a lavish life, lie to their own kind.

They are the same from the top to the bottom. Most but not all. The strong, the bravest, the self resilient, the want to move forward and the smartest continue to work hard and face all the challenges with ease. You discuss with them and hear their words, you will trace their wisdom.

If Mahathir thinks the Malays should revolutionize their thinking it has to start from the top. What agenda do we have to build a strong Malay ? Tell them not to work but spend their time on playing share ? Help to bail out corporations like the airplane and bus companies ?

I live in a small world; in the world of education and in the world of my radio hobby. There is no great and special story to tell and nothing great to be proud of. In education I saw failure after failure. And in the radio world I smell something stinking.




What Ten Commandments are obeyed in the West ? Religion is put at a remote side. When required it will come to the fore. Many regard it as outdated and irrelevant. The Random Theory has override the Determinant Theory. Destiny, fate and pre-written does not exist. It is mankind that decides his own destiny. None is scared of sin and God's retribution. In spite the Church is struggling hard to update the spirit of the Bible religion is considered archaic and old fashion. In fact the Western pornography is making fun of the priests and nuns. What more, there are gay priests.

The day has ended when we can look for the West for guidance and as our savior. They can do the unthinkable. They change policies for money, ban trade Unions, sabotage referendum, arrest without trials, bomb their own citizens and creating imaginary enemy, the Muslims. You notice these started from Bush to Bush and extended to Obama. In fact I had seen the business slow down in the United States in 1990's.

Right now the number of dissidents in North America is rising. They said that America is dead.

China has become a great competitor and America found it to be a great threat. Now we see US naval base in Australia and Singapore to contain China sea power. America even demanded China's explanation for the build up of Air-Craft carrier. China never stopped US military expansion.

While the Americans are killing the right of human beings it is exporting the idea to the Asians and the Middle Eastern states to weaken those foreign governments, and set an easy path for future intervention. It uses religion to slowly poison the minds of the North Koreans and the Chinese. They are shaping minds of others to worship and follow them.

You may not be aware that the CNN shown in USA is different from the one in Arab land and Asia. Each transmission delivers a specific purpose. The people unknowingly buy the propaganda materials.

If you want to follow America and the West on modernization then you have no choice but to reject your culture and religious beliefs. Culture is left as a show for tourists to enjoy. Our outfit and daily dressing are Europeans.

Can we still think ? Or are we losing the thinking ability ? The Malaysians, mind you, already bring back gay marriage idea from the United States and demanding for Human Right. What Human Right is there in America today ? Are we not anxious to study the Chinese and the North Korean minds to see their philosophy, idea, policy and technology ? At least we have something to compare and contrast. That does not mean we have to adopt and adapt. We just use our own mind to create and decide.

If you demand our leadership to follow everything America, the first will go is our Union, NDAA will close all the anti-government sites, I will be arrested and so are the other bloggers, and Pulau Jerejak has to be reopened to house the anti-government citizens.

Eventually it is not Malaysia who will be dead but the Malays who will be left behind by the idleness and stupidity. Have you not feel the chaos in the country today ? I am sorry if you don't. The Malay government and administration is under attack. Islam is under attack. Constitution is under attack. Why ? The inferiority, the inefficiency, the idleness and our inability were actually the target, else you have to submit and surrender.

It is time to turn our faces Eastwards and look how our Asian brothers elevate themselves up until the World strongest military power find then threatening with their growing strength. Emulate our strong neighbors now and forget the West for a time being.




Once again I am going express my view which I think has never been written before. Therefore what constitute a good ham could never be a standard or accepted as one.

Owning a very expensive and the state of the art transceiver, a superb antenna farm and other grand gadget does not make a good ham. And they do not make me a bad ham either. Equipments, wealth and position would not make me great too.

I believe that all hams should be able to distinguish between Ham Radio, CB and other radio services. Each has it's own characteristics. Knowing the boundary could stop an operator from mixing all into one. If I do not recognize the difference, and use CB and Pirate lingo in ham radio communication then it is simply just a sad episode of the hobby.  Hence the expensive hardware and the social position would not make a sense to me.

A lot of things are common sense. There is a reason why stations in communications should mention both call signs from time to time. If we talk to our friends using a telephone, it is different from talking through the airwave. This airwave is allocated to amateur radio. People are monitoring and the authority is monitoring too. Have you not heard stations which never mentioned their call sign at all ?

SOP and courtesy has always been important. Yet at time we cannot accept someone who would come on your frequency and shouted things.

I have always hate hams who sell their transceivers to non-licensees and and talk to them, and taught them how to cause mischief on the band. And they will find groups to support them and championing the pirates. They may even resort to physical violence. And hams who prey on their friends, cheat them of the money, claimed the rigs of a dead as theirs.

We have to use common sense in many cases; a group QSO and a one to one are not totally the same. Say in a group of 6 stations, if one complaints of a single station's problem which the rest do not find it as one, that may cause a lot of inconveniences. Always ask the others whether they are facing the same problem."I hear distorted audio from him, do you people find him distorted too ?" We also have hams condemning other hams who use America Radio rather than Alfa Romeo,  which means you can't apply the rule of common sense when working a weak foreign station.  A person may be an expert on antenna or repeater and a guru in Hitech stuffs, that does not right him in the wrong he does.

It is not easy to define a good ham. But it is sure wealth, hardware and position has nothing to do with it. Also it is easier to say things a good ham should avoid and understand the basic of SOP and not to use CB and pirate procedures in Ham Radio communication. And of course we don't make angels out of demons.

Never feel bad. Rome was not build in a day. Perfection is not for everyone to own. The more error we make the more we learn, and the wiser we become.




What civilization are we talking about today ? What light does the West brought into our dark world ? Have you not seen the present day savage  which was more savage then it has ever exist before. Today they dropped bombs onto innocent people and celebrate at the sufferings. They killed with joy whoever they decide to kill. They murdered their own kind and citizens of other countries. They arrest. harass and thrown people into detention without trial or the right to defense themselves. Yet they are calling the others barbarians.

Then let's all be barbaric and join the fun of killing at will. First we shoot to kill bag snatchers, drug addicts, drug pushers, gangsters, thieves and robbers. If you and I could not do it then let the authority do it. Anybody who has something to do with those criminals are taken to secret camps and let them be banished.

Then one Barbarian will call the other Barbarian. One Barbarian murdered innocent people under various pretext. The other operated against thieves and criminals. If we act Barbaricly what do you think will happen in our country ? It is said that in one country a bag snatcher will be chased by the public, poured with karosine and burnt. In another criminals just went missing. If the United States can say that they kill the Muslims for the safety of the Americans, we too can say our actions would provide peace and tranquility. It is for the good of all.

The Christians burnt more people than the Muslims drowned the adulterers with stones. The Christians shot thousands of defenseless children than the Muslim persecuted the law breakers. The Christians were believe to murder those 9/11 survivors who could show proofs of the Inside Job and now using great force to arrest the Americans without trial. What light and civilization is Hillary talking about ? And what fairness does the Christians give to the American Muslims, who are subjected to harassment and persecution ?

I remember an English man asked me about a Muslim slaughtering a cow, saying it was cruel to animal. I was about 18 then riding a train sitting in the same coach with the man. I don't remember whether he introduced himself as a Priest. But he was a very nice man. I explained to him the manner and procedure for slaughtering. I narrated the approximate time of the death. Then I asked him how long does it take for a fish or another sea animal to die when they were brought to fishing boat.

Barbarism was not made in non-White nation. Industrialization and deforestation financed by big corporation had caused much sufferings to fishes and animals. Barbarians are blood suckers, killing foreigners and arresting their own citizens without trial.

If killing is the way to ensure peace then barbaric law must take it's shape. Just make the criminals and those who have been causing trouble to the peace of mind of the citizens must be evaporated. Let's be barbaric and taste real peace. You can leave your house without locking your door, put your belongings anywhere and it will never be taken away. You will not worry about your kids became drug addicts. Your culture will be safe and secure.

Let's be Barbaric.




My friend's daughter scored flat As in the recent PMR national exam result. So were thousands of other students. Most, not all, shinning students come from a bright father. So was my radio friend, whose kids were successful in job and school.

Some 'big shot's' kids did not perform well all the way in schools. If they are university lecturers or holding high government posts, they would cast negative comments like 'learning by rote....objective quizs are a matter of luck...' They say the same straight A's students could not even express themselves in universities. Then these people worked hard to scrap the national exam, and looking for excuses and justifications.

Students' achievement do not merely be due to the bright father and mother. Attitudes have a lot to do with social environment. More boys than girls tend to fall into bad companies. They learn smoking at the early age, surfing adult videos and images, and happily playing truants. You go anywhere in the world you will see such a student.

Bright fathers who have time with their kids had make sure the kids do not fall in the bad companies. Many prefer to put their kids in school's hostels where the students time and activities are regulated. Even when rules were broken they won't be as bad when they stay home.

Whenever I was told of the high performance students the first thing I would ask 'Whose son or daughter ?' 'What is the father's occupation ?' I always want to see whether they are the sons or daughters of the farmers and fishermen, whether they are city dwellers or kampong folks.

But I found that Kampong boys were as smart as any others in the world. Their parents were farmers and many were rubber tappers. I did talk to some of the parents and assessed their minds. Though they were lowly educated but they have futuristic minds. They too see the importance of education want the best for their kids.

Exam had been very important in traditional China. The best from a village and prefecture would go to the city and sit for a higher degree. The best would be highly respected. And I believe exam is very important too. It discriminate positively between the smart and the less able, the knowledgeable and the moron. We need the doctor who knows diseases and medicines, who can diagnose us correctly.

It is true that anybody can do any work. You put unqualified people in any job you will see more chaos than orders. People who play for office will be loathed and hated for their inefficiency.

Many are pressing for meritocracy. It is shown by the the public examination's performance. Though mistakes and devil work can come from smart people I will have to bow to their mental ability.

You can see a child by looking at the father. More often than not 'Like Father Like Son...Like Father Like Daughter'. I would like to congratulate my radio friend, 9M2ZC, for his daughter's success in the recent PMR. And of other parents too who can share the joy of their kids.

How about me ? I have no A in my Form 3 examination. If I have been smart I would not be as what I was. But thanks God for everything that the Almighty has given me and many of us; food are in abundance and I can taste what the rich could.





( National Defense Authorization Act )

NDAA has just been passed by American Congress. Basically it is an act that prohibits any criticism on the government. If you say Malaysian ISA is suppressive then take a look at NDAA, the property of the Father of Democracy and Human Right. NDAA is the Mother of ISA. We have our saying 'Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin'. But theirs is just the reverse of the preached freedom. Remember Bush's rhetoric 'The Muslims hate our democracy that we have'. And only recently Hilarry Clinton visited Myanmar portraying the goodwill of America to relief the Burmese from authoritarian rules.

Soon enough the Americans will understand and experience what we have been complaining about. What human is there left to the Americans ? They are treated like animals at the airport and on the streets. It takes a long time for USA to ban arms. And it takes a very long time for Washington to close people's mouths.

The NDAA allows the police and the army to arrest citizens without trial. As I understand these people will be put in FEMA camps. Investigators were questioning the number of coffins at those camps. FEMA camps are all over the United States.

People who question 9/11 are already listed as terrorists. Wall Street and other Occupiers were deem helping the enemies. The enemies are the Muslims. Therefore at any time USA will always have an enemy. Before the enemy was the Communist. Now the Muslims. And there is another one in the making, the ALIEN. Our government, following USA style, also is creating fear and an enemy which everybody must fight. The enemy of the people is DAP.

Taking America as a model would confuse both the people and the government. To the people; what if our government replace the ISA with NDAA ? USA has the Patriot Act and now the NDAA, which are stripping what we call Human Right away. The American government says those are for the good of the Americans and to protect them against those who want to destroy them. Reviewing a few footage we notice the FOXNEWS are airing about the Iranians wanting to kill all the Americans.

It would be unthinkable for USA to be like a Nazi or the Godless communists. The world will always think America is freeing the world and bring freedom to them. It is really unthinkable.




Being ugly and short I was not only called Napolean by one radio friend from Brunei and called Pendek by one of my girl's student I also hardly found a girlfriend. Girls want tall, dark and handsome men those days. Besides I also hated school and had no interest in learning.

I don't know where the Ham who called me Napoleon is now, dead or alive. He has not been heard for a very long time. But the female student is still contacting me now. She is already 50. But time flies.

By fate, after having kids, I went to the United States, entering a school for 1 1/2 years. That was in 1982/83. And I bought a China made winter jacket from a mall. The same winter jacket is the one you are seeing on the left picture. Today is the end of 2011.

I never dressed up well or neatly even when I was working. Any shirt above RM60 was considered expensive. But today I would put on elegant Batik whenever I went for the Student's Reunion or the marriage festivals. Every time I want to pray I make sure my clothing is neat and clean though the chores are done at home, alone in my room.

I thought 64 is already at old age. Recently when I visited China I was told that 80 is considered old in the Middle Kingdom. It would not rejuvenate me as I am suffering from all sort of sickness. Nonetheless I still like looking at beautiful women, adored and appreciate their beauty.

I would download songs and music. Lately I found that music by James Last is very beautiful. I have a cheap and small amplifier speaker attached to my Mac Pro entertaining me with the soothing melody.

I am just one of the many lucky guys in the world, feel the taste of freedom, good food, beautiful places. More so I can still think and able to understand people. How could I not thanking God for all the wealth given to me.





With all the technology and comfort yet people are mumbling about their lives filled with problems. But I can't say what the BASIC PEOPLE have in their minds. Basic People are those who live aloof from the city life and the working community. They may not even own a bicycle. They feed their kids with tapioca or banana for the morning breakfast before walking about a mile to school. I have the chance of talking to a few. They never show remorse nor complaint, always thanking the Almighty for what they have.

The Basic People are preyed by the greedy people, cheated and exploited. Before the election politicians promise them the bright future to free them from poverty. But once won they never came back. The Basic People go back to their prayer, thanking God all the way, without any angry heart or the feeling of revenge.

Each day you read newspaper you will notice a lot of sick people. Problems are unending,  one after another; someone demand something, suing somebody, invent fallacy, play for post and promotion, winning contract and demanding money. A million is not enough. RM250 million is just good for condos. Somebody else struggle to escape imprisonment.

Muslims are told to always remember God. What is beyond one's control is a  destiny. Freemason call upon the members to always be optimistic. Science does not believe in destiny and persuade mankind to work hard to overcome problems and to deal with them with confidence. Suicide is forbidden in Islam. Yet the number of suicide worldwide is alarming. In USA suicide exceeds homicide in some years. These were young people below 24. The high profile people were seen to live in fear. They engaged body guards. Some fear of being thrown out of politics or being revenged by the enemies.

If you don't have problems with people your properties may give big head ache. A simple vehicle is enough to kill you when the tire punctured. Traffic tickets for offences you may not realize demanded your time and money.

While some are running from problems there are those who hunt them. At time they make other people's problem their own business. Solving problem for others could be a profitable profession. Sometimes they are are called consultants. Some are advisers. Some are opportunist. A number could not solve their own problems but busy with the problems of others.

There is as much problem creator as problem solvers. Your teen age kids may create plenty of problems for everybody. You park your car somewhere and someone else parks his car a foot behind you. And some simply find pleasure in giving problems to the others. You can try to solve them, avoid them or make them disappear by making problem makers evaporate.

At this age I find it is convenient to ignore petty things. If they are not petty then make them ones. Attend only to things that benefit me and enjoy whatever hobbies I have. Life is too short.




It looks like that Muslims are of various categories, mainly the extremist and the moderate. Those who believe this way will be able to distinguish between the two. I can't explain them. But I was trying to figure out why many Christians from England escaped to the present United States and why God sent two Bibles to the Christians. Had not church been considered so powerful that no one could question the scriptures and many were persecuted by fire and stones ? Wasn't the church burnt the Koran in Florida and revolt against the idea of a mosque near the Ground Zero as is 9/11 was the work of the Muslims ? No matter what proofs had shown on 9/11 the Muslims became the target. Wasn't those indicate extremism ? Doesn't the Catholic and the Orthodox are seen as extremist Christians ?

While the Christians claimed that nowhere in the New Testaments showed Christians promote cruelty, the Jews said the German Nazis had been murdering thousands of Jews. And it was the Christians who bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and innocent women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other hand the Talmud of Jews encourages the killing of the non-Jews.

Extremism owns by every creed and race. They give every other name like chauvinists. Extremists either declare war, murdered or insult others. They provoke to demand what they think are their rights.

The way things go the non-Muslims began to form concepts that Muslims have no feeling and mind to think. There is no thinking faculty in their minds, and could not make the right judgement. Similar conception was once held on the slaves working in the cotton farm in the United States. At first negros were regarded as the sin casted by God on earth. Some even thought that the semen or blood of their slaves were black as well.

Study shows that the immigrants have always been ungrateful and aggressive. They landed in North and South America, killed the natives and claimed those lands theirs. If we don't called those extremist because of no comparison of actions then what other term could be suitable ? True their minds are full of ideas and justifications for their actions. In my opinion the world would be better off without them. And even the Americans would be better off without them. They hold the Muslims in one hand to show to the people while sucking the American blood like leeches in defense spending and other military hardware.

If they kill a Muslim, you can't challenge them. If you agree with them you are a good Muslim. If you say nothing you are a moderate Muslim. If you hold a gun to fight back, you will be called a terrorist. Do you notice that some people can call you an idiot. The moment you call him back with the same name you will charge as racist, extremist or even terrorist ? Yes, Washington knows this and they believe in the words of Mao Tze Tung that power is at the barrel of the gun. Washington must be superior in military. If there is any impasse then silent them.

Please study more on what is going on in the United States today. I am sure you will see the reality in the mirror. Which people are without morality and civility. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.




Even how strong a Muslim men bind himself to religion and God, he does fully recognize women emancipation. Women as workforce help to contribute to the home economy and also to the GDP of a country. Though in Islam a man is the head of the family and he must provide the wants of his wife and children, many housewives did not bother to demand dress, make ups and ornaments from their men. They finance themselves.

There are families in this country where wives control the house. Their words are laws to be obeyed. Kid and husbands must observe the laws. We term this phenomena as Queen Control or just QC. Working husbands submit even to the non-working wives.

I would not submit to QC though I fully support women  right and freedom. QC takes away my freedom and liberty. But I never influence the QC-husband to show his manhood and to revolt against his wife.

I believe that women must work for their own security. It would not be responsible for her husband to bar her from working unless he has given enough money and property to her. I have seen too many helpless women who suffered after the demise of their husbands or their husbands divorce her.

From the beginning the Malaysian Muslims encouraged their girls to seek higher education. The female graduates showed promise in the jobs they landed in; efficient, strict, neat, systematic and even squeaking at errors done by their employees.

Emancipation is not without cost or side effect. Couples go out of the houses in the morning and meet again at 6 to 7 pm. No cooking is done at home. That give rise to the new economy whic I called the 'Stall Economy'. Local maids are not available anymore. Hence Malaysia has to bring in maids from the neighboring countries. Everything has a price to pay.

When women attended sports activities about 10% of them especially the young women would behave like men. The whistle and jeered, shouting and yelling. So far I have not seen one yet using swear words.

NOW is already the future.




How senile are we old people of over 60 ? A big majority of them cannot deny that they are forgetting things, names and faces. Never get angry when young people would always tell you things that you know much more. They don't allow you to keep cash in hand, to go out by yourselves, wrong that and wrong this. If you are thinking of personal liberty just forget it.

The point is we cannot look at ourselves. We would think we are able, capable and strong. So to see yourselves look at your close friends. You will see them old, crackpot, senile and would not be able to do algebra anymore. You too will believe they cannot be on their own. How old when you become senile ? The age is relative when viewed by different people. A kid may think you are already incapable when you are just 50 while all others would say you are very much strong, able and mentally capable.

You would feel rejected. So I prefer to be alone. Nobody would give instruction what and what not to do. If I really need to think I would put my thinking cap and explore the various possibilities, computing the causes and effects and came to a conclusion. I decided not to advise or tell the young people about how to plan their future and their lives. They have their own minds.

Old people are liability to the nation and to the children. They are only useful if they have tons of money and lots of properties. Kids sent their parents to the Old Folks Home or get maid to look after them. Today many of them are sick. Both I and my wife are sick too. I wash her cloth, nursing her, find food for her and manage her medical and health. But I myself am suffering from several ailments. If I fell sick I could not do those things anymore for my wife. I will be bed ridden for at least 10 days, alone and without help. I will certainly grow thinner.

I don't like to appeal to anybody to look after us. Kids sometimes hurt us without their knowledge because they have not arrive at the border yet. They thought they will never be here. And everybody is busy nowadays in the work place. They have to look after themselves and their families. People come and go. We will wait for our turn. Everybody will get his turn.

I tumbled over the internet categorizing people like me under unhealthy people because we are diabetic. That's the medical classification and terminology. To me I feel strong and healthy as I was 50 years ago. I traveled, and I was always in front with the tour guide while the other young people were dragging their feet. How could I say I am not healthy ? At least I thank God, giving me grace and space to feel how NOW as it is. 50 years ago I would not imagine the world is like NOW. We are in the world of Dick Tracy and Aladin.

My auntie said,"They want to know how senile I am, give me a few thousands. I will show them how senile I am." Once suffered from breath cancer about 30 years ago, now she is very much stronger and mentally alert than her children.

In spite of everything I say, our physical strength shrinks and deteriorate. Our memory quickly fade. But at least we are not as bad as the politicians who always forget things and what they promise.