Validate the print via  http://9m2ar.com/qslcard.htm

If you need a QSL card, you can get it printed by using the printer of the browser. Beneath the QSL card image is the list of our QSOs. If you want the card of a certain date only to be printed please enter the date as seen and your call sign in the above box.Then click the button.

The date in my card may not be the same as your card for several reasons. My date will be one day ahead of yours because I am about 8 hours ahead of GMT zone. Secondly my computer time is not adjusted properly or the CMOS is giving us problem without our knowledge.

However I am trying to set my logbook program according to the GMT time.

Also my database is not up to date because on several occasion I forgot to make a backup when the virus were causing havoc.

On drawback about this web card is the appearance of the card would be distorted as you reduced the width of the browser.