When the country was being looted by tens of billion, there were deafening silence from one branch; the Rakyat hopes in vain & have to resort to having a 93 years old former PM coming out of retirement to save a country! Now the new Govt is faced with an uphill task of righting the wrongs, we have the same branch using the decisive 3Rs ...race, religion & royalty tactics to destabilise the govt of the day! Sad future for the country!
Dangerous ground that this sultan is claiming. Malaysia is a DEMOCRACY and the power of legislature of the country lies with the laws and governance of the people represented by their MPs in Parliament. The Sultan best remembers that his position and that of his kind does not take precedence over our constitution and rights of the citizens.
The Sultan talks like UMNO PAS, a lot of dangerous rhetoric, and little by way of cogent argument- seems like the true colours are showing- they must be hurting from Harapan’s people friendly policies- makes me think although Harapan isn’t reformist enough yet, just what they are doing now is already enough to uppend countless vested interests. I say please persist and continue to engage the public. Other NGOs and eminent persons should also speak up.
The Sultan needs to remember We are a constitutional monarchy, not feudal rulers like in the past. The constitution is supreme and from it draws the powers, rights, privileges and position of the Royals.
The rulers needs to remember their roles as advised and guided by the government of the day, to do so otherwise would be going against the provisions and spirits of the constitution.
We don't have an executive or feudal monarchy where the rulers insert themselves into affairs of state and the constitution has provided that the rulers' roles in the states are presently confined to their positions as head of the religious affairs in their respective states.
The government of the day should not brook any interference from any constitutional monarchs lest they get tangled up in affairs of state outside their preview.
Those who accuse must prove.

That's the law.
The course of world history has taught us that nothing is static. Monarchs are a vestige of an old order which increasingly has no relevance in the modern world. Often monarchs are parasitic and are a drain on the economy. Countries with powerful monarchs in the past are now republics - China, Russia, India, Afghanistan.

In the Malaysian context, we have a constitutional monarchy. Royal powers are confered by the constitution and they act on the Prime Minister's advice.

The Sultan of Johor I fear is overstepping his constitutional remit buy making inflammatory and political comments critical of the executive. If he is not careful, he may have his wings clipped.
Sultan Ibrahim should remember that the Malay monarchs are not to interfere or meddle in politics; and certainly not stir racial and religious unrest.
He still speak for himself.
Nothing great about Johor & Johor & Johor. Very sick to hear! Johor is just another state. Sabah & Sarawak are more special than the other state called Johor.
Anyone who undermines and abuses the rights and powers of the people or
Federal government has violated national laws and can be considered traitor.
Don't threaten the rakyat with stature, Constitution or whatever social contract you have in mind. If you want the monarch to be respect and retain its power show your relevance to the people of Malaysia. What did you royalties do when the previous regime was raping Malaysia poor. If you guys had the welfare and interest of the rakyat at heart we would not need to wait for a 93 year old ex PM to come extract us from the mess. With so much of power invested in your office and palace you could have collectively stop the national robbery but you did not. You want respect you got to earn it.
Cant understand why every international treaty got to do with 3R?. Shouldn't we fight against palm oil discrimination?, better governance, more practical education?
Perhaps it's time Johor seceded from the Federation.
No way that is going to happen. This royal only talk big to intimidate.
All hot air saja
Remember MO1 and Jho Lo? Luxurious mansion paid with public money. Billion ringgit yacht paid by retirement fund money. Private jet paid by illegal financing. Pink diamonds paid by the poor. What unbelievable, cruel and selfish misuse of rakyat money. WTF. About time this seizure of asset is done. PDRM and MACC please also immediately look into Altantuya's case next. Didn't the same people benefit from the Scorpene submarine 500mil commission? Time to seize passports and asset of the those linked to Altantuya case. People murdered dead. How come MO1 and his brothers Johari and Nazim Razak who threatened PI Bala subsequently also dead still so free and can go toilet whenever wherever. These people should not be allowed to travel and should seize their asset first and let them sue back for it. Govt should stop playing defense and attack hard. Not only seize houses but cars and shares in listed and unlisted companies. Freeze their bank accounts. Let these crooks families play defense for a change. Don't take for granted the rakyat patience. So if you remember the problems the country is facing why are you saying all this to put down our current sitting PM. You have no respect for our Prime Minister who is simply working hard to apply the rule of law, and so he should show you an equal amount of "lack of respect" from here on.
How does the Roman statue affect Islam , Malay privilege n the monarchy?? The sultan need to explain instead of complaining.
The fancy dressed man have not the brain to explain but, a loud mouth to complain.
In this day and age, I wonder whether hereditary monarchy still has a place. Most countries have already done away with this anachronism. In 1952 when King Farouk was deposed, he said something to the effect "The time will come when there are 5 queens left in the world; the Queen of England, the Queen of Spades, the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds" In Malaysia, we are blessed with nine hereditary rulers.
What a sad day for Johor!

Their head playing the race, religion and royalty card in full flush and shallow waters of knowledge brimming w ignorance!

Its time....
We need to have Constitution lesson in schools and not of Sejarah Melayu or Sejarah Islam!

Then rakyat can make up their mind as to how and why the Constitution was done in such a way! Rakyat can then agree of its relevance
And he together with his blood brothers never said anything when a fellow Bugis looted the country! Looks like its in the blood!
Problems will arise when the palace/royalty get involved in business. If any of them is dissatisfied the government becomes the punching bag. In Malaysia especially when there are 9 states with royal institutions the country needs a strong PM/government to meet the challenges. It appears that TDM is still needed to resolve the problem.
Anak borek, bapa rintek!? WHy doesnt the gracious Sultanah have a word with both husband and son? Soon, the fire they are lighting will engulf them!
This fellow n his son are always complaining.
A pair of nincompoops!
Rakyat Waiting for Prime Minister's reply, as governing of the country is under the Federal government, which was chosen by Rakyat
I'd rather listen to the arguments of our country's best legal minds on the Constitution. Anytime.
Don't be so hopeful, my friend! We have been placing too much reliance on wimpy lawyers, many from UITM and external degree which only teaches them to rob and be compliant, that's why we're here today courtesy of lawyers who had served in Govt, AGC, BAr Council and judiciary!

Pls do not glorify them!

The new PH govt seem to believe that lawyers will be the crusader, many Ministers ware lawyers, many new heads of Commissions and companies are lawyers, ie SC,EC,MCMC - just the likes of the profession of Arul Kanda
I think there's nothing wrong in accepting the Rome Statute, or ICERD. Maybe, our country should be fully democratised? You know, cut out the chaff completely?
Quote: "Previously Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had taken a swipe at Tunku Ismail for criticising Putrajaya's move to sign the Rome Statute."He is not an elected representative. He is only speaking for himself," Mahathir said." Unquote.
Same thing can be said here when speaking on the issue of monarchy in the country. Don't you think the right authority belongs to the Conference of Rulers with full consent of all the rulers? Isn't this wrong to speak without approval of all the rulers the policy matter supposedly affecting the rulers' right - if it is? Even to the extent of calling the govt led by Tun Mahathir which were voted in with full mandate of the Malaysians a traitor? Indirectly it can infer Tun M to be a traitor, is he? Is this because of the many controversies happened in Johor involving the palace - like the national park status been taken over as Sultanate land, the purported de-gazettement of a mangrove forest reserve on which a golf course and hotel project is situated,just a few?
How about other countries with kings and have already signed the Rome Statute , any complaints ??
The Rome Statute established the International Criminal Court. Every country that accepts it allows its citizens to complain to the ICC against their Government for human rights abuses such as genocide or a pogrom. Pakatan Harapan acted for the people in ratifying it.
Malaysia will remain in stone age while najibs pirates suck the wealth. Emigrate if you lucky rather than with najis partner's . India doing better after the maharajas disbanded by Indira Ghandhi. So I go back than in THAT age.
PH federal government needs to show its strength now. Time to reopen tax file for any back taxes unpaid. Simply add up how that person become so rich recently. Total up the billions and apply tax rate legitimately on both father and son. Need to show who is the real boss while Tun Dr M is still alive. Moreover, investigate all the land grabs/acquisitions starting from the Hoki Stadium that was taken over by the Astaka towers (and shifted out the central hoki stadium worth a lot more in the middle of town to the periphery), investigate the Federal Kastam Land taken over and sold for billions to China R&F, investigate Tenaga/TNB Lands and all others which BN govt close one eye. Maybe also cancel Projects and Businesses awarded by BN kleptocrat MO1 federal government. The PH federal government must play attacking football now to show who is who. The relevant parties could also speak up since they rightfully sign off the Rome Statute in the interest of the rakyat. Why is he saying this now when MO1 is under pressure? Is he such a buddy2 friend of MO1? How deep are the linkages if any? Is it because the cash flow is wearing thin? The PH government must go for the 2/3 majority now. Find justice for the rakyat, people murdered like Altantuya and maybe even a new Malaysia and amend the constitution up to date while Tun Dr M is alive will ensure a better way of electing the future Agong.
I was brought up to believe that Malaysia has a constitutional monarchy. Based on recent developments I am beginning to think otherwise.
Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. It was reported that Putrajaya had previously presented the matter to Yang di-Pertuan Agong in accordance with the constitution.
So much filthy money until give a treat to supermarket spending. To such people, it is just a sneeze but to many, it is like hitting jackpot. Seriously, only certain people have access to so much free money while so many suffer. That is the BIG WORRY
Many Singaporeans benefitted in the supermarket shopping! So much of looting like incident shamelessly done by the Johorean shoppers!
So a nation sitting by itself in the middle of nowhere with no international links --is that what we want? No foreign investment then. ok with that?
DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskander forgets time and time again that he is only a constitutional ruler. He has no say in anything. He can say what he wants but the Government need not follow what he says. Funnily his grandfather did everything the British wanted him to do.
And married many a British too, some dancer, waitress and cabaret woman! Is the lineage legitimate?
What are you talking about? Ibrahim (the present Sultan's great-grandfather) did marry a Romanian, Lady Marcella. Sultanah Ungku Maimunah Binti Ungku Abd Majid, the first Sultanah begat Ismail who succeeded Ibrahim in 1959 when his father passed away. Please do not make uninformed comments. Just go to Wikipedia and read before you write.
Ibrahim, then Ismail, then Iskander and now Ibrahim ... so his grandfather is Ismail whereas you probably meant his great-grandfather, his name-sake, Ibrahim, the first Malay Sultan to sign the MacMichael treaty that gave rise to the Malayan Union on 1 April 1946. This was the event that sparked Malay nationalism resulting in the formation of UMNO, etc, etc
No choice but to sign. He was reported to have cooperated with the Japs to take Singapore. If no sign, he gets booted from the throne to which there are other suitable candidates. The point is that the Brits used the royals as their instrument of colonisation and recolonisation after the war.

Subsequently, the Brits co-opted UMNO to continue their rule ad infinitum. The Federation of Malaya Constitution 1948 made vague references to 'independence' but no specifics and no timeline. For the Brits, it was the status quo ante i.e. pre-war. Happy days were here again for both the UMNO Malays and the Brits.

That was until Chin Peng called their bluff and saw the Brits off by the barrel of the gun beginning in Sungai Siput North in June 1948.
get a life bro
The country needs to move forward via a democratically govt.
Money, power, racism and destruction. This is Malaysia 🇲🇾
45k undergrads are deprived of daily balance diet, what has the in power both govt. and rulers done? The world must combine effort to deter and combat global crimes. This is safeguarding the world.
Pity to the poor students.....45,000 on Maggi instant noodle ?
may even Ubi Kayu ? like during Japanese time in Malaya ?
Please do something , PH government especially Maszlee ....!!
Earlier the son too made some strange remarks to this extent but the PM ignored it. Instead of crying 'violation of the federal constitution' and dragging in the so called 'social contract and Malay privileges' the sultan must explain in what manner the the Rome Statute has violated his power. After all the statue pertains to the ICC and four core international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression. The sultan must explain how the ICC's right to try these dastardly crimes impinges on the monarchy, Malay privileges, and the sanctity of Islam in our system of constitutional monarchy.
Its like the golf strike .
This royal is appealing to the same racist power base as the PAS-UMNO Taliban-kleps.
Anyone know how many pieces of the Rakyat land was "changed" to sultanate land over the past 10 years?
Reinstate the kleptocratic govt next GE. Then, Malaysia will be great again. Good Luck Malaysia. If thats what everyone want.
Over the top lah komen
There are a lot of people who criticise the ICC for legitimate reasons like technical stuff, bias, etc. But the Sultan is objecting to it on the grounds that it touches his "rights and powers". Rights and powers to do things that international legal experts would consider illegal? Hmm.
Keep Calm , please !
For the benefit of Malaysians like me, can some knowledgeble person connect the dots from Geneva to Rome to KL to Royal Palace!
What a disappointment! I had all the respect for HRH!!
Now you know his true colors
Well said....these many people have been fooled by his appearances...wolf in sheeps clothings!
Baru tau..? Tak baca sejarah ke - baca balik dari masa Kesultanan Melaka.. trace the lineage & history.
Rome Statute is about crime against humanity. Signing it is the right thing to do to protect the people, Malay, Chinese, Indians, etc, and people of all religion against such crime. It also protect the monarch in the event such crime is committed against them. I don't see anything wrong with signing it.
Sigh. Malaya is still being practiced as a feudal entity.
We should ask the Deputy DYMM Agong. Sultan Nazrin should give a good insight into this.
Deputy also the same. Maybe worse!
And why do you say that? Sultan Nazrin is respected. What have you against him?
He said the same as Johore shortly before GE14. Please search M'kini archives.
re ICERD, PH should not bother about Umno and PAS.

Except for Gen Y, Malays won't vote for PH. It was a strategic mistake for Mahathir to make a u-turn on ICERD after pledging at the UN.
The Agong (Chief) should be democratically elected by the people.

In early Arab and Islamic history, sultans were democratically elected by the local ummah. The sons of sultans were never elected sultan
And rotated among the territories of Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak? Afterall, the Agong is an additional monarchy created by the Federal Constitution.
Also if elected by the people, every one has a chance to be a royal for 5 years. It's the constitution that bestow royalty. Why not also give a chance to the people to serve as Agong, especially for Sabahans and Sarawakians? After all, they are equal partners in Malaysia.
The Agongship comes from Srivijaya where the Kings were elected.
Kalau MO1 masih PM, dia curi duit rakyat, pinda apa saja undang2 pun tiada yang bantah, termasuk raja-raja....ini sultan main apa wayang? Ada kaitan dengan Forest City ke?
He is like an absolute monarch. If he is right, then my understanding of what is meant by Constitutional Monarchy is wrong.
Let's continue to reward the rent seeker in the name of ...........
Isnt this fella brother in law to the agung....are these fellas trying to play a number on the rakyat...the army boys have not forgotten what daddy O did to the little brother of their comrade at the golf course.....best sultan step down or abdicate if he cant behave himself...otherwise prepare for direct rule from putrajaya......
If The Rome Statute governs the International Criminal Court (ICC), which tries four core international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression, how does that threaten the sanctity of Islam much less our constitution?
There are no special privileges in the Federal Constitution.

The Conference of Rulers, created by the British colonialists, may be redundant as there's Parliament.

During British days, the sultans were the spiritual heads of the local ummah, not heads of state. Islam is not about spiritualism (seeking) with the help of Knowers (Gurus).

Islam is a belief system created to give an identity to Arabs and help them rise above tribalism and feudalism and blood feuds which went on for generations.

Arabs refer to the Muslims in the Indian subcontinent as Hindu Muslims i.e. not real Muslims but Hindus who came to know Islam through various means.

So far, Arabs have taken a stand only on Muslims in the Indian subcontinent.
The DYMM Agong was informed. HRH is the head of the country no?
The ICC is a good attempt by the International community to hold accountable those who commit grievous crimes against humanity.
I don't see what is wrong with Malaysia aligning with the world community on the issue.
Can Malaysiakini explain why you disable comments on the news related Johor Sultan in Chinese language version?
Malaysiakini takut this leech la
The melayu who control Putra JAYA we’re corrupt to the bone and the Malays appear very stupid to allow this the way it is going or in realty the Malay from the very top to bottom inherently corrupt. The Sultan if Johor is stirring up hatered between the people fir fear of losing his powers. With such interference some countries have gone to the dogs or became a republic. Soon this country sold to the Chinese if not already sold to Jo Loh
Very happy birthday Sultan. 2019 is an interesting year in Malaysia. New Government still finding its feet, yet it is disappointing though that you see the raising of basic human rights as an somehow being against the Constitution. Maybe by the time we get to your next birthday, we will have cemented in ICERD for the benefit of all and put race and religion bias in the dust bin of history. A noble aim indeed.
After the formation of Malaysia, the Federal Constitution becomes the supreme law of the land. The only authorized interpretation of it is by the Federal Court.
Federal Constitution is about Malaya, not completely about Malaysia.
Hang jebat!
Times like this I wonder if a Republic would be better off....
Obviously!..long overdue. Time to rid these blood sucking leeches.
All those who in power are forgetting that without The people of Malaysia, they are zero. Better to keep those who power crazy out of ruling position. Leaders are the title which given by the people not God given rights. Please respect the people as the higher authority. You may be millioner or having higher position but all this will become zero when the people decide against unnecessary supremacy
Pity you get adviced by idiots. Go read the constitution and get it explained to you by one Ganesan the got shot lawyer aka Shaffie.
You have our sympathies Sir.
As Sultan of Johor, he doesn't has rights to say anything on between Federal Government and His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.
Wow, here we go again.
India, Indonesia, guys we envy you soooo much.
Well? Any retort from those wimpish PH leaders? The only thing forceful from you guys was the take or leave it smoking ban.
That Dzuklefly the housefly lost many thousands votes for PH due to his stupidity.
the dummy dzul is a key reason for the loss of semenyih and ch. in rantau it will be the same and this stoopid clown even shut down a chinese hospital there....as good as gone....total moron...
Pls do not politicise yr consumption choice! Smoke all you want in yr home hallways and bedroom and see for yourself the health effects to your family! Dont do it a t public places!

On last count, the tobacco boys have been crying that sales have dropped alarmingly, suddenly they are all concerned of govt coffers!
Who control Putrajaya ?... Jika Melayu yang berkuasa di Putrajaya, semua ini tidak akan terjadi.
Jika Melayu yang berkuasa di Putrajaya, kedaulatan Raja2 Melayu dipertahankan.
So the question is who actually is in control of Putrajaya ?
Tun Mahathir you idiot. Soon it will be Anwar Ibrahim. Must thank them for kicking out the corrupted melayu like you.
0123456789 - lagi satu bodoh sombong!
The people who voted for PH should be in charge.
Tun M.....two thirds majority all the way please.....
Needs more than 2 thirds to change anything on the royals. Also need the consent of the Conference of Rulers.

Like many others I can't see the connection between the Rome Statute and the privileges enshrined in our constitution. Can some knowledgeable ones enlighten us on this matter? Thank you.
Rome statute placed the royals under international law. Which they no like. Like Malaysia's special courts which placed them under Malaysian law.
And wonder who betrayed this country and sold a part of it to China. Like China before...the monarchy is seeing its end of days.
Close down UN, close down Rome Statute, close down every world organization, they don't respect us nor at least be sensitive to our constitution. Safe and peaceful at last. So clever.

Look like Queen Elizabeth, Spanish king, Belgium Queen, Japanese Emperor and all other monarchs of the countries that had rectified the Rome Statute are all idiots.
Sadly so......
The above non-Muslim monarchs are hopleless and useless who never take care of their race and religion. That's why their countries are 3rd world countries and their people are poor and uneducated. On top they don't benefit the country as no tourist is interested in them
Only Malaysia has very smart monarchs. He he he.
The rakyat voted for law implementation. The people of Malaysia is the real decision makers. Kindly respect the people’s power. No one is beyond the people .
You will read and understand in a twisted manner because you are not sincere or honest in how the Rome Statute is presented. Overly imaginative and insecure. If you don't break the laws than you have nothing to worry.
So joining the global civilization, basically the UN, to address international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression is now considered a violation of the federal constitution? Seriously? Perhaps its time for the UN to relook at its UN membership list and decide if its time to remove nations that do not adhere or respect internationally recognised laws of crimes against humanity and accepted norms of the civilized! President Trump may need to revisit his dossier on those banned from entering the USA?
How does the ICC under the Rome Statute affect the privileges, position, honors or dignities of the Rulers? A Ruler can only be sued in the Special Court under our Constitution with the consent of the AG. Our Constitution does not give the Rulers absolute immunity from criminal or civil prosecution or action. The Rome Statute does not come within the definition of "Law" in the Constitution. The powers of the Conference of Rulers is set out in Articles 38 (2) and (4) and 159 (5) of the Constitution. As for the ratification of the core UN human rights treaties, that like the Rome Statute, is an executive power to be exercised by the federal government under Section 1 (a), (b) and (d) of the Federal List in the Ninth Schedule as provided for in Article 74 of the Constitution. If any provision in the UN core human rights treaties are contrary to the Constitution, the federal government can enter reservations to those provisions in the treaties or conventions concerned. The ICC can prosecute individuals (but not states or organizations) for four kinds of crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression that have taken place after 1 July 2002. By its very definition, no Ruler can be prosecuted by the ICC because genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression are specifically defined in the Statute and do not apply to crimes committed under domestic or municipal law but only to crimes under international law. As a member of the international community, the comity of nations and the principle of jus cogens requires Malaysia to subscribe to and apply certain universally accepted norms and standards of conduct, action and behavior. For example the prohibition of genocide, maritime piracy, enslaving in general (to include slavery as well as the slave trade), torture, refoulement and wars of aggression and territorial aggrandizement. The Federal Constitution is a living organic document. It cannot exist in isolation or insularity to our responsibilities and obligations as a sovereign and independent state and responsible member of the international community. What moral authority is left if we as a nation do not practice what we preach or advocate to other nations whom we consider to be morally if not legally wrong?
Gerard, I suggest that you send a copy of your comments to His Royal Highness for his information.
I quote you: "no Ruler can be prosecuted by the ICC..". I disagree. They can be prosecuted under international law if they violate, regardless whether the ruler is a royal or not. And no domestic law can legalise genocide, etc.

E.g. Min Aung Liang, the defacto military ruler of Myanmar is now being investigated for genocide.

In practice, it does not matter whether the the country had ratified the Rome Statute or not. Any one who violates said statute and commits genocide etc could be brought and tried before the ICJ. Ratification is therefore just a formality.
The Aging have consented to the statute. So the state sultans should refer the matter to him instead of making public statements to embarrass the government of the day.
Leave to TM to handle .
That's probably the best thing to do. Unfortunately, the non Malays have to depend on TDM or a Malay leader of the same stature when it comes to issues affecting the Malays if one wants to maintain the peace. Often, just by applying logic is not the solution to a problem.
Sultan has spoken clearly on what he thought on the matter.Putrajaya has its own opinion on the issue.It is the obligation of Putrajaya to seek a proper and authoritative legal opinion on the issue so that Malaysians do not make unnecessary speculations.
Malaysians elected a new govt on 9th May, thereby giving Putrajaya the full authority and rights pertaining to national and international matters. Putrajaya is not obliged to seek permission for every decision everytime from all the state rulers. The Agong as head of state suffices for that.
I am an ignorant layman of a citizen , just as there are millions. So it will greatly enlighten us , the dumb ones, if HRH will kindly make us understand better how and why the signing of the Rome Statute contravenes the Federal Constitution and impinges upon all those rights and status enshrined in it. HRH’s knowledge and wisdom can help tell us why and how the ICC’s jurisdiction over the four core international crimes will affect us negatively as proclaimed. Your Royal Highness, please help us understand this Statute more clearly.
I am not as clever as HRH, I too need enlightenment how federal constitution is violated.
Royals above international law. Now royals also under international law with the ratification.
I believe Gerald Lourdesamy has done just that.

Alexander Pope’s pithy lines if paraphrased as i’m about to May shed some light on what’s afoot:

Things are seldom what they seem
Skimmed milk masquerades as cream
"The government must remember the social contract in the history of forming Malaya, where the privileges of Malays and the powers of the Agong and Malay rulers can't be touched or reduced." Not only has Tunku misremembered the formation of Malaysia, he has also misread the constitution. The 'social contract' was never mentioned until 1985, and the term 'privileges' doesn't even feature in the constitution.
The Federal Constitution is the only social contract in Malaya.
Constitution as interpreted by the Reid's Commission notes - especially as to the duration and purpose of those provisions for the Malays.
Sigh! Freedom of speech can be a double edged sword. Best leave this to the very brave politicians.
Yes, we should all live in our tempurong... No need to live in the global community
I guess those planning genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or law- breakers should have genuine fear of ICC. That’s good no. I am not sure whether stealing public lands is covered. Maybe you could tell us.
Malaysia will not change for betterment. We love racist policies and to support racism we need rulers special state. So Malaysia need to surpress the other races to keep the majority race supremacy and their leadership. 60 years racist law didn’t even win Singapore or Thailand. Enjoy the racism in Malaysia
Can we all refocus on the national agenda and purpose to make Malaysia a roaring tiger again.
You...mean roaring pussy? Lol😊
You would be frustrated with all these side distractions. Building a new Malaysia is not as easy as most people think. To be a roaring tiger again, we have to get rid of all these unproductive distractions.
If any disagreement on the interpretation of the Federal Constitution, the only authoritative body to resolve this is our Federal Court. So the felt aggrieved party should bring the matter before our Federal Court.
working hard tying to protect his garages of luxurious cars whilst Malaysian households are saving RM450/ month as estimated by LGE.
Two thirds majority can change the Constitution, right? I am only a student of the law. Any law professor can answer my question?
For royal privileges two thirds' not enough. Also must get consent of the Conference of Rulers. But there are other ways to skin the cat.
Those who should not speak do so while those who should speak cannot for fear of being charged as traitors. Sigh...
I don't want to go to jail. Freedom of speech? .... right?... WRONG!!!
four core international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression. .... was this in the constitution for escaping justice. Mahathir definitely knows what he is doing right for the country.
Oh the gushing display of love for SCUMNO
Yes I would like to critique BUT CANNOT as I may be arrested. And 10 years is a distinct possibility.
There r so many other problems like corruption that are more urgent to focus. Where were d royals when Najib was screwing d nation????
How to comment when we have draconian laws like the Sedition Act . If we agree with His Majesty we are anti government and if we our comments are unsavoury to His Majesty Special Branch would be knocking at our doors. All we can do is to think about it and not talk or publish the thoughts. That is also the same with comments on cockeyed judgments of the judiciary whereby TT will get very excited.
Mind Boggling ...... So much ado about nothing ...