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 Ex-cop says tribunal probe will implicate A-G, Musa in ‘black eye’ case

UPDATED @ 01:08:45 PM 16-03-2012


March 16, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 — A former senior policeman wants Datuk Seri Najib Razak to set up a tribunal to investigate Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and Tan Sri Musa Hassan, saying that this would find the duo guilty of fabricating evidence in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s “black eye” incident.

Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, who was the investigating officer in the “black eye” case, claimed today that both men were never investigated for “evidence fabrication” and had only been cleared of “abuse of power” allegations.

He claimed this could be a “new lead” that would warrant the formation of the tribunal.

The former KL CID chief said only a tribunal endorsed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong could conduct a probe on Abdul Gani (picture) as the latter is currently the Attorney-General. Musa is a former Inspector-General of Police.

But Mat Zain predicted Najib’s refusal to heed his request, pointing out that Abdul Gani and Musa’s conviction would prove that Anwar had been victimised during the 13-year-old case.

“I believe that once it is proven that Gani and Musa fabricated evidence used during trial until it led to Anwar’s jail sentence, then this would in turn prove that Anwar has indeed been victimised all this time.

When this happens, not only would Gani and Musa face the possibility of imprisonment of up to 21 years, the government’s credibility would also be

 destroyed,” Mat Zain said in an open letter addressed to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar and copied to Najib today.

Despite this, Mat Zain said Najib and his government could not continue protecting Abdul Gani and Musa, claiming that proof of the duo’s guilt was too strong to be challenged and “even more conclusive than DNA”.

He even alleged that Najib was fully aware of this but was likely too afraid of the consequences to ensure both men are brought justice.

Explaining his claim that Abdul Gani and Musa have not been investigated for fabricating evidence, Mat Zain alleged that the first investigation by graftbusters into Anwar’s July 1, 2008 report that evidence was fabricated in his “black eye” case was a “decoy”.

This, he explained, was because the report was classified under section 15 of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 for “abuse of power for gratifications” and not for “giving or falsifying evidence” under section 192 of the Penal Code.

“As far as I know, the ingredients to prove fault under section 15 of the ACA Act is vastly different from the offence of falsifying evidence under the Penal Code... Section 15, in my experience, is totally irrelevant to the investigation on false evidence,” he said.

Mat Zain added that if Abdul Gani and Musa had nothing to hide at the time, they should have been the ones to advice the then Anti-Corruption Agency that its investigation scope was flawed.

“In short, Gani and Musa, Dr Abdul Rahman and I (the four suspects named in the ACA probe) were never, I repeat, were never, investigated for allegations of evidence fabrication according to section 192 of the Penal Code,” he said.

Mat Zain, who has been leading a one-man campaign against Abdul Gani and Musa, also declared full responsibility for his statements today, saying he was aware of the risks and consequences of his actions.

He said he was ready to testify in a “no-holds-barred” fashion before the tribunal for the sake of resolving the more-than-a-decade-old matter “once and for all”.


It would be uncalled for if BN is equating the opposition to traitors and UMNO is the loyalist. How about the other group who believe in the TRUTH. Are they traitors too ?

One characteristic found in the loyalists is they love the country and consider Malaysia and Malaysian first. They would not want to feed the Singaporean first then Malaysians second. They don't sell land and houses to foreigners and let the poor Malaysians pay expensive rents.

I am not a blind believer. Even on the case of Anwar Ibrahim I continue to analyze to examine the truth. If an opposition is wrong I would not right them.

How could we condoned power abuse, corruption and misappropriation of public fund ? How could we condone the robberies under different disguise ? And now there is a new game of criminals suing the victim just because  they have filthy lawyers behind them. Musa Hassan sued Anwar for defamation as if he was as clean as a white cloth.

No Truth Seekers are traitors and loyalists are not UMNO's.

And for the good of all we always tell everyone to learn from Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Syria. The hatred were so much, they even sodimized Ghadafi after his death. They kicked his corpse. We tell them even popular government can fall. And people keep records and ready for revenge.

I asked an influential UMNO member of what he thought on NFC's case. His reply was it was nothing. I did not to argue with a person who sees nothing in thing the law sees as a case to answer.

I cannot split apart Shahrizat and her husband because they sleep in the same bed and bore children with him. More so I could not stand to see her behavior in public, and her very arrogance in front of millions of people.

Would I be a traitor to say about the wild Wanita UMNO who dance on a satanic music ? One yell and the rest follow.

Even the Indians, Chinese and the Thais know only this country as their mother land, born and raised here, contributed to the wealth of the nation. We are all loyalists and patriots.


Taksin's war on drug was very highly successful. While UMNO and the police boasted of the decline in crime through pages of advertisement, drug menace is still number one.  The question is 'Is police on the take ? ' Or be part of the drug ring ?

We are not going to accuse or put it on denial. Drugs kill our generation. I put it totally on UMNO and the police for the failure.

We learn and understand how Thailand wage war on drug under Taksin. And in other aspects of crime, Thailand could boast the country is safer than Malaysia.

Where is the focus of UMNO ? How much effort was put to erase pushers and addicts ? You just go and ask an UMNO man, and he will blame everyone.

It will be too late when the Ministers kids and the police sons and daughters are addicts or pushers themselves. No amount of wealth will be useful to these people who get themselves involved in it.


16/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I think we need a standard for people's representatives. Every Wakil Rakyat from all parties must first undergo a certain course and pass the test before he can be a candidate. The syllabus is identical to what the government officers must know, on financial procedures and General Orders.

They must be told their roles to serve the people. They must be taught morals and ethics.

We can't effort to have Dick,Tom and Harrys in our Parliament or in the state council.  We can't afford to have liars lying to the people thru their teeth all the way.

If we don't set a standard entry for candidateship for people's representative we are certain to have problems as we are now. Each day we hear personal attack, a Minister behaving like unwanted criminals or a politician who talks nonsense.

15/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Didn't some politicians think they are above the law ? We need to educate them of their right and limitation.

Though a university and professional degrees help yet they are of no guarantee to good governance. They have to be instill with good conscience and morality.

The main work in office is to overseer and check the smooth running of their Ministries, to achieve all the target set. They have to do it  by themselves and not to simply leave everything to the departments under them.

How many percent of the Ministers time is spent on their respective portfolios ? How many percent are spent on thinking how to make money ?

There should be a mechanism to check and measure the level of morality.

Whatever a politician should possess a minimum level of qualified standard.


If Aspan Alias is right about the deployment of gangsters to cause great disturbance to an opposition rally by UMNO then we can know how and why BN won in Sarawak in the last election.

But I have always known BN's tactic from the beginning. It used SEBERKAS in it's early days, and continue to use young men to do the dirty work.

Yet it is continue to lose supporters day by day. Hooliganism made people more angry and hate the party. Imagine the complete resources used by UMNO to cheat the people, yet it is not enough for the party.

And by the vicious act, the Malays are losing many things and now turning away to even the Chinese leadership.

If Najib is in Pekan he is taking a big risk. No matter what amount of money and promises made, people would choose their lives and their generations.

Lynas is too risky. Hooliganism and gangsterism does not  pay. I am observing Taib Mahmud very closely. I wish I live long enough to see what may befell him. People like Idi Amin, Saddam and Ghadafi somehow fell apart.

Let the camera roles to photograph all these youths activities, and the people responsible for it. Pictures of Khairy's patriots and PERKASA vandals have been snapped for future use.

I was informed that Najib won by Orang Asli's votes. Are you happy to win by ONE vote ? I would lose my face if half of the population detest and loath me.

Gangsters will pay for their crimes.

There are things that need no predictions but bound to happen like getting old and tired. There are things you never expect to happen but become part of your life.

I never expect to be a nurse at the age of  65, taking care of my bed ridden wife who cant manage herself in every way. Once I saw my uncle looking after his wife who could speak but only response with her tired eyes. I praised and respected him in my heart. Now I know to manage her bowel and everything that she needs.

Secondly never did I dream someone to come to help me in many things, taking my kids place who were all in Kuala Lumpur making a living. My students, a husband and a wife, arrange a maid, cleaning my room and managing the whole setup, instructing the maid what to do at home.

Sometimes life is really full of surprises, both of good and bad. As a Muslim I have to accept whatever happens and never to blame God for any misfortune. I don't feel miserable and life is worth living. Rven my wife at time cracked joke though lying in bed.

I heard Pak Lah's wife is suffering from cancer. It is one of those things in life.

Ministers, lawyers and PHD holders should watch themselves. Lately they have been making foolish statements that insulted people's intelligence. By doing so it could disgrace their race, religion and universities they attended.

There are many qualified Malaysians and capable professionals of high caliber. They are not one or ten but by the tenth of thousands. I group myself under the 90th scale out of a hundred.

We wonder how they were there to become law makers when they do not have the right mental set up, and how a person get a PHD when stupid and foolish announcements were made to the world.

May be they think they are untouchable and invincible and therefore they can do what they like and say what they want. Or they are just lame stupid and they are there by fate and luck.

The public has no choice but to sneer and disrespect them. If only they know how much dirt were thrown on them they will be having a sleepless night.

You notice that there are highly educated politicians who seldom talk or made a fool of themselves, both from BN and PR. They know that the world is watching and hearing and observing their behaviors.

And our TV like to focus on those fools thinking people would easily believe their arguments. In stead, the longer they talk the more they reveal their true colors.

Think before you talk. The citizens are not simply believing the opposition. They weigh and analyzed,  and observed the relationship before making judgment.

When they are not certain they would ask how on earth a wife does not know what the husband does, and condoning every evil deed of her husband ?

And when NOH said the NFC met it's target they began to find out about Noh's education and his school record. Digging the past is never good but when a Minister started to talk something different from the facts then people will dig around.

What you do and what a Law Maker does are different. Yours will be forgotten but theirs will be recorded and permanently kept in the databases, world wide. Have some sense of shame.

 14/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



My radio time will be about 6 pm to 7.20 or just before the Maghrib prayer. I would switch on the radio, parked it on 7.043 and start to work on my computer. These days I don't work DX station a anymore.

I started on 7.043 since 2002. The frequency was very quiet then. Not many of us except for Zinal, Choo and me. Old hams were gone. Then Zainal went off leaving me alone.

There was no splatter and QRM then. No matter what I will stay foot.

At the prime time of the nite I would switch on the rig again. If I don't have work to do I would scan the CW band. But the band is always full of pirates both from Malaysia and Indonesia. During the days of Telecom I don't hear pirates from Malaysia. Strong CW stations overrode the noise.

I did monitor from time to time hearing old timers from Indonesia. Never the net.  for many reasons. Any station with their own style of SOP will be avoided forever. And I have stopped monitoring the VHF for a very long time.

I know there are a lot of unlicensed radio operators. They have friends to talk to including the 9Ws. I don't bother to know them. Even if I know them I will not talk about this hobby.

I will still hold to my principle that no wrong can be right. I don't sympathize with it at any cost. I would not beg for friends who can't think right. That's the way things go. Ham Radio is not a Kacang Puteh hobby.

At least two persons in the above picture have died. Chow, 9M2CF, is still alive and kicking. Now he is in Kuala Lumpur. Formerly he was in Penang. The picture was taken in Bangkok during the time when amateur radio was about to be lagalized. On the right is 9M2AP, Lok, who was working in the Telecom.  Three person on my left were people from the army.

Attending CW test in Cyber Jaya to give support has always been an opportunity for the hams to have eyeball. This coming test will be on the 28 th March 2012. I could not make it to test venue because I can't leave my sick wife. No doubt I have a good maid to care of her.


My sister was strong and healthy though she suffered from diabetes. She was suppose to go for her eye operation. She was told not to eat. So she went to the hospital but there was no bed. They asked her to wait. Late in the evening she went hypo. Nobody attended her and after the yelling by her son the nurses finally asked the boy to look for Glucose.

She was warded and a few later she passed away.

Then my wife said she was tired. Her feet was swollen. I took her to emergency unit by my car.She was able to walk using a walker. She was warded and given the Paretonal Dialysis.After the procedure she is unable to stand and walk until now. I did not see how such a procedure could almost paralyse her. She is now bed ridden. But the doctor still arrange for the subsequent visits.

On the last 3rd of March she had to go for Permanent Catherer. I had to arrange a transport to take her to the hospital. While at the ward I wrote in requesting for an emergency appointment to set date for AVF. The doctor said they will decide it.

I have no choice but to do the AVF at the private hospital where she is having her dialysis. We have to spend our own money.

When she was at the ward for her parentonal dialysis my wife was coughing badly. I told the doctor that my wife was having a flu. The doctor said I was wrong. It was the kidney problem that causing the cough. She was not treated for coughing until she was discharge.

At the Kedah Medical Center I informed the doctor of the cough. The drug was given and a few days later she recovered.

This is a true story without any emotional touch. It happened as it was.

I come to a conclusion that I will not proceed for any extended treatment on kidney or anything. I will keep to the basic normal treatment no matter what. If I were to die let me die naturally, not at the wrong diagnosis or procedure of the government health care.

I very much want to respect the doctors but with the kind of doctors who said the coughing was due to kidney problem and the doctor who did not want to set the AVF date while a patient in the hospital bed, I think something has gone wrong somewhere.

For a doctor asking a bed ridden to be carried for appointment at the clinic I think they must be out of their minds. What kind of people do we take in as doctors nowadays. Sorry docs.


This is what people are chasing for and willing to worship Satan and even be one of them. Lately politicians began to throw away money under different disguise to buy votes. But immediately after the election until the next one the populace have to pay them back in many forms. Only a couple of days ago I paid additional RM2.00 for a packet of adult diapers. But the Chinese say with money you can ask the Satan to pull a bullock cart for you.

Food on plane


A Law Maker must be wise, far sighted and always depend on his rationality and wisdom. But by accidence I watched the late nite news on  parliamentary report. One law maker was blaming the opposition for not giving a right report on Sabah and spread fallacy of the real condition in the country.  The other law makers supposedly from BN enjoyed the lashing.

Mind you these are the lawmakers. The poverty report was not made by the opposition. It was a Cabinet documents printed by the government. If it says that Sabah is the poorest then why blame the opposition of spreading the false news.

After saying that Sabah is a rich state with good roads and plenty of big houses he finally admitted that Sabah is poor because of the geographical factors. He began to contradict himself.

If he is just a layman like us he can talk anything and yell what he wants. But for a law maker to show his emotion and contradicted himself, the country will end up with draconian laws that will benefit Barisan National.

Those who elect fool were greater fools. They are making themselves poorer and the politicians richer. Whether they know it or not they are moving towards disaster.

A Law Maker must make sure his image is respected highly.

14/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


When I was seven I remember how our radio commentator belittle the Japanese soccer team. We were bragging then as if we will be the superior team forever. Our challenger was South Korea.

Malaysians as usual like to boast. Now we are not able to compete with the country we once condemned and belittled.

There are things that we need to learn, on how the Japanese and Korean excel in games and sports once we were good at.  OR are we always inferior to the Japanese, Koreans and the Chinese in every aspect ?

May be our every standard cannot exceeds Ibrahim Ali's. How true politics and politicians determine our sports ? But our government confirmed that the success or failure is games and sports are due to government that rule the country. Remember how BN exploit Kelantan success in the last Malaysia Cup by giving credit to BN's government ?

You can make your own judgment.


Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: ethical, honest

Synonyms: aboveboard, blameless, chaste, conscientious, correct, courteous, decent, decorous, dutiful, elevated, exemplary, good, high-minded, honorable, immaculate, incorruptible, innocent, just, kindly, kosher*, laudable, meet, meritorious, modest, moralistic, noble, praiseworthy, principled, proper, pure, respectable, right, righteous, saintly, salt of the earth, scrupulous, seemly, square, straight, true-blue, trustworthy, truthful, upright, upstanding, virtuous, worthy

Notes: moral  (noun) means the lesson or principle of a story or event - (adjective) relating to lessons or principles of right and wrong; morale  is a state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose or the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed Antonyms: amoral, bad, corrupt, dishonest, evil, immoral, sinful, unethical, unprincipled, vile


The modern Western concept of destiny is A Man Carves Out His Own Destiny. The Christians and the Muslims have been interpreting pre-destination for centuries. Shall a man leave everything to God ?

A Muslim must work hard and put his utmost effort to for achievement. After all the effort he then leaves everything to the Almighty.

Both implies that a person has to enhance himself, to make himself skillful and competitive. He has to depend on himself rather than help and aid from the others.

Attitude is not a small matter. It has a lot to do with hard work and laziness, persistence and easy to surrender. It determines behaviors and characters. It determines the degree of the rate of survival.

It has been quite sometimes the Malaysians were talking about 'Tidak Apa' or 'Cincai' attitudes. It is the attitude that ignores perfection and attention to detail. At the same time it is disseminating and inculcate laziness.

It ends up with incompetent race.

Thrill seekers who climb mountains and jump an air plane would always go to find challenges, to conquer the enemy and to tame the danger.

The education system must always think of building a strong individual.

The big question now is who is more competitive; the Malays or the Chinese ? The data may not be available. Meritocracy in jobs and other professions could be the indicator. when numbers show the difference.

Let us tell our young that if they need something they have to work hard for it.  They cannot depend on the charity of the others. Let us tell them not to choose easy subjects in colleges and universities. Let us tell them to always strive for excellence.

14/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

More than 35 years ago when UMNO was popular and BN won a land slide victory I already wrote a letter to the Prime  Minister, telling not to be too happy and over confident with it. I requested for the detail analysis on the number of Malays who did not vote for UMNO and investigate the reason for their rejection.

Unseen and untraced the number grew. And today UMNO has to sacrifice a huge resources to bring them back by putting fear in them if the Malays choose to change the government.

Today and in the far future no policy of UMNO can halt the coming destiny. With the crazy ongoing corruptions and plundering of public funds, and the rogue behaviors of UMNO women, the split will deepen.

We are seeing strange groups coming up like The Malay Patriots and PERKASA. What patriot and PERKASA when those Malays who oppose UMNO are as much patriots as the others. All Malaysians are patriotic enough to defend the beloved country. So were the Chinese who love this country as their mother land. And what can PERKASA do now other than calling for a hate campaign.

I did see a young women wearing a T-Shirt with the word PERKASA on it. And I was seeing Ibrahim Ali's face whom I detested very much.

Instead of building up the Malays to be a competitive and honorable race, we found more and more drug drug addicts, bag snatchers, garbage hunters and faithless youths. That's not to talk about smokers yet because smoking starts from Primary schools now.

The vigorous effort of image promotion by a few women in UMNO do not bring benefit the country. The drugs continue to flourish. The Malays are being pulled down the abyss day  by day. Criminals are ready to strike anywhere at any time. The Malays are wrapped by these evil.

The politicians are drunk with wealth, each day is planning to give what project to which friend. They are all under the name of development. They even shit on the Malays whenever they need the Malay land for their super markets or housing estates, and chase the fellow Malays out with a small compensation.

Being a hooligans and the deployment of hooligans against another Malays is another immoral and evil thing that UMNO is  capable of.

UMNO cheats the Malays from the beginning and now is appealing for their support using a racial card.

From the start I constructed a Dipole antenna using bamboo as a mast. I was with a bamboo for more than 25 years. It is cheap, easy to construct and more so Put it up and brought it down single handedly without much ado.

Since the man who promised the bamboo does not keep his promise, I decided to use an aluminium rod combine with the PVC pipe.

Yesterday I went to an aluminium shop attended by a young beautiful lady. She quoted me about RM36 for a 1 1/2 inch diameter and 20 feet long. Because I thought it is RM80 a piece, I ordered three pieces. The lady said those will be delivered today.

The good arrived this morning. I measured the internal diameter and rushed to the hardware shop asking for a 20 foot PVC of the required size. But there is no delivery. I have to carry it back. Because of the hassle I picked one about 4 feet long.


I fixed the mast, hoisted it up and raised my dipole like a flag. It is about 22 feet high and needed to be tested. The antenna work fine. The only setback is the coaxial cable because it is an old one, which is sure has experience decay.

If I were to use my half size G5RV I can go 20 and 15 meter without excessive SWR. Since I only want to talk to local friends this mono band antenna is ample.

There was no climbing done. There was no pressure exerted. It was light weight. I am not worried of it falling down.

My sick wife in her bed did ask me whether my antenna was up and I had started talking. I didn't realize she too took attention of it.

For a modest beginner who is not ambitious, I would recommend any simple and cheap antenna. Though vertical does not take up space the angle of radiation is low. It means your transmission could be heard by DX stations better than the local.

The choice is yours. Different people has different taste. Some prefer to start with expensive and the state of the art system.


The fact t that I manage to put up an antenna by myself without help, I feel very satisfied and fulfilling. It may be elementary. Yet it is a working system. And there are many more hams who DIY things including the yagi and the mast.

Old boy Rahid, 9M2NZ, offered me a free Rotary Dipole. True it is a simple but impressive and effective antenna. I have to decline the offer because putting it up is a little hassle as compared to the inverted V dipole.

Once upon a time the late 9M2AT, Tunku Archie, had wanted to give me a Yagi when I was leaving Ulu Tiram but I rejected it for the same reason. Moreover during those days DX stations were just like locals, booming into Malaysia like nobody's business. A simple dipole brought me throughout the world.

I am no expert in antenna. I use the archaic principle of an antenna should provide low lost. I always go for a bigger cable with screen wires as thick as possible. And it is 50 ohm because it matches most of the rigs. I just don't want to know or remember what RG stuffs are. You give the small coax and tell me it is a low lost cable, I would brush it aside.

Now I don't have anymore coaxial cable because I gave away to persons I don't remember. During the time of difficulty everyone offer to sell the stuff.

To survive it is better to depend on oneself.

14/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Najib probably is a victim of his own men. When a Head is surrounded by bad advisers and Deputies he could be spoiled by at least one of them. At one time I thought DPM was a clean and trustworthy. Later when I learned about some swindling going round and the award of the highway to an UMNO guy, I began to lose respect on him. Corrupt Ministers under Najib and officers who play for office and favor are the people who are giving problems to Najib.

When I was working someone asked me to pay for a certain expenditure for our boss's kenduri using the government fund. It happened it was me who chose to reject the verbal order. If it were to be somebody else probably a similar thing could have happen like the PMO's engagement expenditure. I believe it was not the fault of Najib. If PLOM is still at Putrajaya it could have been from the body. Otherwise some wise officer is playing for office and greater favor.

Shahrizat is the hell of a woman who is causing big problem for UMNO. When Najib thanked her for making the decision to quit, the lawyer should have read between the line.

It simply means Najib too think she should go.But a Mamak is a Mamak. The history of a Keling was recorded in the Malay Anal,Sejarah Melayu. The public outrage can cause Najib's downfall.

Many of the listed strategy can be backfired. Time and money were wasted.

Najib like any other sick men are very desperate for cures. There will be plenty of people offering goodies and promises of a sure cure. You give a green light to MACC it took away two lives. No matter what the court said, TBH will be classified as a murder.

The worst adviser is our own spouse.Don't tell us Shahrizat never slept with her husband and talked nothing about the RM250 million and what to do with them. Don't tell us that Rosmah said nothing to Najib. Most women I encountered with want their husbands to follow them.

BOMOH is another influential adviser. Mona Fandi was not the latest and the end. Now even Feng Sui master is consulted. Believing in a Bomoh could make some politicians arrogant.

Someone has to admit or argue out the engagement expenditure to clear the air. I don't think it was a directive from PM. It has to be someone else.

By now UMNO should have realized that it is difficult to hide things. It is not that people altogether hate UMNO but people just don't like the continuous robbery and arrogance.

As a PM Najib must also compute and make his own decision. He has to advise the party members that they are not to enmity the citizens PAS or UMNO, DAP or MCA. Malaysia belongs to all of us, not UMNO or the women in red.

I heard people mentioned Najib bin Rosmah. The implication is far fetch. It made life difficult for Najib.Notice the postponement of the GE13, to give time for the media to brainwash the general public.

He must be bold and warned Rosmah and Mahyuddin ot to cause more chaos. If he doesn't then he has to sacrifice and to gamble for his life.

Will Najib survive ? I think yes. But anything can happen. If the opposition can convince the

Pekan populace they can die or their kids can

 get deform by the Lynas red earth then Najib can bid good bye.

If I were given achoice between Najib and Mahyuddin, I choose Najib 100 times more than the former.  

At this point Mahyuddin is still making statements that drive the people to hate UMNO more. A Deputy on many occasions brought so much problem and the Head has to answer for the blunder.

At time we prefer to be alone. getting away from shaman and soothsayer, Feng Sui master and the spoilers.




14/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How can I say what my wife does is none of my business. How can I say I can do anything with a public fund loaned to me ? All the statements made by Shahrizat and her family is heard throughout the world. It is a story of a lawyer with a PHD husband who purchased properties and form companies under the name of the family members, using the leverage of public funds put as a fixed deposit. The kids were the directors of companies earning handsome salaries.

It is a story of cattle rearing which did not only meet the target but the meet for the Malaysian market was sold to the companies belonging to the same family in Singapore.

The world followed the many purchases of shop lots and other properties, spending public funds for personal use and how the Minister reacted to the scandal. People made judgment.

If 50% of the world sees UMNO is a corrupt party licensed by the AG, I think it is enough to bring us a very great shame. It concerns our morality and more so our race and religion. We are not surprised why a great number of Malaysians do not recognize some Kelings or Pakistani in origin as Malays.

Have we not seen Menteri Besar and Ministers behaved like gangsters and hooligans. Can you imagine if Queen Elezebeth made a F*****G sign to Obama in the public.

Just ponder Rais Yatim's statement on morality. He said it is a private property, which is a right of an individual including the Chief Minister and a Minister to be immoral.

What do we have here in Malaysia ? Mafia Chief Minister who threatened voters and deploy gangsters ? Immoral Menteri Besar with the f*****gesture and showing his ass to his opponents ? An immoral and shameless so called leader ?

The story of Shahrizat is the most classic in our history if you examine carefully. You can see the combination of a lawyer and a PHD to manipulate events to make them look legal. The hidden part of the law is seen so clearly ie the INTENT. Even the PKZ is more straight forward crime. Without the RM250 million of public money they can go nowhere.

I remember when a student was caught stealing said he stole because the others stole too. Hence stealing is legal because other UMNO members stole too. When Shahrizat barked back at Mahathir and Rafedah Aziz you should understand the dog language.I have been reading comments from readers on Shahrizat and many discuss shane and morality.


 The sight of a person with religious apparel caught committing crimes like pushing drug, robbing and lying could cause emotional outburst and anger. It degrades Islam. It brought shame to the Malays.

The Ministers and those people up there planning the robberies must try to learn that people are not cows and they are not the best thinkers. We are not fool. Don't let the general public compare you with a prostitute to gauge the level of morality, and conclude that you may be worst then the later. 

You can never be right or good if you use public fund to enrich yourself. A Minister cannot be a moral person if he used public money as his own and rob them as he likes.

When there is nothing left in UMNO then the Malays have to turn somewhere else to ensure Islam will flourish in the right manner, by the right ulama. And we are to be in a country run by people with moral conscience not by thieves.

Almost all killers and criminals never admit their guilt. Thru corruptions some escaped persecution.

The filthy episode is when a criminal is using UMNO as a shield. And Shahrizat drag Wanita UMNO in. Indeed a sad history of the Malays.

12/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


What seem to be popular government was cracking up and broke into pieces. High ranking officers in Syria were defecting and the rebels are gaining momentum. Assad did lobby from USA and Russia. His going down is a matter of time.

Of course Saddam and Ghadafi should provide examples to politicians in many places including our country. Our warning is not threatening nor do we pray for chaos and the demise of politicians and high ranking officers who thought they would survive anything.

It was not the millions who brought down Ghadafi or Saddam. It is merely a handful. These are the unhappy people who loath the arrogance government which continues to administer the nation in ways they think fit thinking they get the support and think they are invincible.

Time and again I reminded about the Jews who are still hunting the remaining of Nazis who murdered million of them. May those Nazis change their names and faces and run to remote place in South America. There are Malaysians who already have listed names to be subjected to punishment.

Mahathir still under estimate the Malaysians. Our AG too. And Mahyuddin simply never thought people can see his design. Right now the most arrogance is Shahrizat Jalil because she thinks otherwise.

If you start to see big guns who have retired are shooting hard at the government then you can be sure many officers had not been happy even at the time of their tenure. This is almost similar to the mind of the military defectors in Syria.

The Syrian rebels and of those in Libya are not without foreign support.  The dissidents will seek foreign nation to bring the popular government down. Those in politics and have been yelling at the government may not use any kind of force to change a government.

It is those not in the limelight that pose more danger, the intelligentsia, the few who could lay a long term plan, seeking a kind of covert aid from a strong country.

We should not under estimate the people of the Middle East and downgrade their security forces, and poor administration and the stupid populace. And therefore say revolution cannot happen here.

Assad and Ghadafi had been too long. Citizens with open minds started to see things.

No matter what Assad's days are numbered even with the harsh crackdown. Even Senator Mac Cain has called for the bombing of Syria.

Of course we don't want such an unhappy chaotic situation in our nation. The way things go does not warrant a better future.

I did not expect Najib to condone criminals or people who plunder public funds. To many of us, we are waiting to see; fate or causal effect.
10/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I thought I was done with web effect. But lately I just feel wanting to experiment with it again. Java applet does not work with every computer though flash is less a problem. Several applets on a single page like mine is very hazardous and torturous for the users. People just don't want to wait. Both Apple and Window computers experience the same amount of waiting time.

A second change is I am putting a utility to browse my former students from 1986 - 2000 on the top left. I also linked it to the my call book which is not complete. At one time I wanted to do away with ham radio because there were strong rumors of  perpetual killing of Morse codes in Malaysia. I even decided to throw my rigs in the deep sea and totally quit ham radio. I deleted most of the web pages having to do with amateur radio.

The use of 9M2AR as the URL is merely for economic reason. It looks like killing this url will also kill all the data. I have no choice but got to stick to this one. I paid for another domain but using the same server. It does not solve my problem.

My blog is organized into pages and each page contains more than 30 topics. The first is Myindex.asp and followed by index1 to this one. This index9.asp. Linking topics would reduce a page length and reduced the delay. But a long page with many flash movies and applet effects would certainly cause pain to the readers.

Experiments always take time and patience. I hope readers can bear with me until I get the right touch. Of course you can straight away seek the help of a Guru who will guide you as to the best web page design. In exploring I can feel the lightness and the heaviness, the the ease and the pain.

I always need a server that can give me a database facility. I can use mysql as well as MDB files and access them using the simplest codes. The easiest is the ASP. But ASP coders are not as smart as the PHP or java coders. As for a blind man a vague sight is a great achievement. ASP delivers what I want. The above search is confined for my students. Some hams might want to enter their call signs. Some might just want to key in anything to see what happen. So I extend it to both. Some call signs are in the database and some are not. If nothing is in the dtabases it will take you to the yahoo search page with the search words. All you need to do is to click the button.

It is fun actually. And it is fun to look at the magic of java applet and the animation. It is more fun to make a simple animation.

09/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Now my antenna is on the ground. The radio is quiet. I already cut wire for 7.043 and bought a couple of PVC stuffs to be used with this dipole. The man whom I already gave RM20 to bring back a bamboo about 400 meters away never came back and I am thinking of getting the mast for myself. If a need arises I can use my current 2 meter aluminum mast to make a slanting dipole.

In the good old days I would not allow my antenna  to rest on the ground. I would struggle to make sure I could transmit every day. Or at least I must listen listen to the daily conversation.

The last few days the activity had been very tight. My maid's daughters from Melaka and Seremban made a visit to see their mothers. My wife was discharged from hospital after her Permanent Catherer procedure and I had to arrange the transportation. I discovered my leaking pipes was hidden by the grass cutter. My student's daughter was warded.

I could not find my old soldering iron with a big tip that is needed for soldering on the antenna job. The new one cost almost RM200. I didn't buy one yet. It is really absurd to spend a few hundred ringgit to homebrew a simple dipole.

Rusli, 9M2RB, suggested that I buy a vacuum cleaner and I want to buy a electric grass cutter.  Too much money flown out after my wife meet with misfortune, one after another.

What compensated my distress was my maid and my student. Both are helping me by a great deal. The maid took a very good care of my wife and the student has been guiding me what and what not to do. She even fixed my new stove.

I think I need a new coaxial cable, at least 66' or 99' the most. Coax cable can't last forever. The property changes due to weathering. Excessive heat and a low quality cable can hardened and break the plastic inner dielectric insulator.

I was thinking of making a fast trip to Hatyai to buy a few things but my wife would be having problem in spite of a maid.

I really have to squeeze time, doing a lot of rushing. I have been waking up at 4 am to update my blog.

But I know I am not the only one who fell a ladder and hit by it. There are numerous other people facing bigger problems especially to make ends meet.

I used to say that 'slowly slowly catch the monkey'. That has been the saying on the ham radio for many years.

My maid asked me to but turmeric and sulphur to make a traditional itchy medicine for my wife. Sound easy but I have to go to two different places; sulphur is at the Chinese pharmacy and the turmeric at an Indian grocery. Both are located at different places away from each other.

But life must go on. Radio comes later.     08/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I am sorry  for my robbing your money in the past. Now I don't rob you but I help you to get rich by giving you RM250 million. Soon you will get more meat. Have you not enough with RM500 ?

Past is past. I am ready to forget the  past and promise to give you more if you let me be me. Are you not happy with your present income and big house and a good car ?

I am sorry that I ordered the AG and the judge to do what I want ed to do. The AG has been a good man and always be one. He never fix people, never accept corruption and never take any action though former high ranking officers accused him to be dishonest.

In the past I may made mistakes but now no more. Lynas is for the good of the nation. The cows are to feed the people. My wife lavish expenditure is for our own national pride.There is no more drugs and no more crime.

 You can be happy about that. Our youth are getting better and better.

In the past I may have plundered tons and tons of money. Today I stopped doing all those. I only developed the nations for your own good. You can feel the best of the twin rail, Iskandar etc. etc Food price is not increasing. You have an abundance of cash to spend about.

I am sorry in the past I may have neglected your education. Today there is no drop out. Every college and university graduates has a job to waiting.

Do I hear people say I killed people in the past ? Don't listen to any lie about anything. I have never do anything to hurt people, never manufacture evidences and never put pressure on government servants to kill my enemy.

In the past I may use public's money as I like. But this is history. I don't plunder Zakat money in any way at all, never sell the Wakaf Land to anyone anymore.

I never take your land by force anymore.

I am not a millionaire. So are all my friends and families. I don't  by condos because I can't afford.

In the past I may be using gangsters against my foe. Today I don't use gangsters or the police force or the FRU to ensure I am what I am.y

You see today you are as wealthy as I am. You enjoy cheap and good food.

In the past I am sorry I was evil. Today I am a good man. That's why I always wear Songkok when I enter your kampong and give you a talk. I pray 5 times a day. I have been to Mecca many time, don't you see ?

Soon I will forgive all the criminals and release them from jails. Their past crimes are the past. I will just forget them and forget any wrong doing. I don't push drug anymore. I don't rape your mother anymore. Just forget the past.          05/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

It has been more than 25 years I slept on the floor because I found it comfortable and cooling. I don't grumble, don't complaint and don't feel bad. But my student, on discovering her former Principal slept like a Homeless quietly went to a furniture shop ordering a Sofa-bed black in color. I paid RM800 for it. Tonight will be the first night I move from the floor onto a bed. Shall I be comfortable ?

This gadget takes up space and it chased my portable cloth cupboard out. The new home for my dress moved to a bedroom where nobody stays.

She said the sofa is washable. I don't see to do the washing yet. Certainly it would not be easy. So I decide to cover it with a bad sheet when I sleep over it and the cover away in the morning.

As my wife is getting sicker, my room is getting better. I can't explain the phenomena myself.     


04/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

How on earth my kids become so pro UMNO. I thought young men are anti-establishment and would harness their efforts to throw the bad government out. But it isn't that way. They would be laughing at hearing me cursing UMNO and the government, saying I have the misconception. These are educated kids.

So lately I just keep mum and say nothing about politics. I put a 14 inch TV in my shack to avoid sharing with anyone so that I can swear at the people I hate if I turn the set on. I had not watch the news from all channels for years now. My sources of information are Lim Kit Siang blog and Malaysian Insider.

My students I know seem to be pro-UMNO. LIkewise I prefer to be mum. And I didn't bother to give them my blog url. I would not hate them just because of their political beliefs. But I would hate women in red whenever I see one. I can't stand their support for Shahrizat whom I categorized as a person who condoned crime and lies. I even began to lost respect on university professors as I see like Sharizat's husband. The PHD is actually good for manipulating public fund and talking stupid lies.

I might as well respect Chat Gila and a poor honest man.

Yet my kids see things differently, as if they are being hypnotized and their minds have been modified by some sort of Mind Control Machine like HAARP.

No wonder then why we see young men have become hooligans of UMNO, attacking the opposition party members, singing UMNO song, trying to assult Guan Eng and Izzah. And most of all these are the Malays.

I should have sent them to Pondok School and learn Arabic and religion and tell the teachers to brainwash my kids to be PAS proponents all their lives. No wonder Mahathir wanted to close down the private religious schools because he deemed those schools as the breeding ground of terrorists. Mahathir simply think like a Jew.

Now that the government has raised teachers salary by leap and bound it can expect the teachers to instill UMNO as a savior into the children's minds.     



02/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Kids are suppose to learn foreign language in Primary School. How many do really put effort in trying to master it ? I saw two of my student's kids are not interested at all. At home they prefer to play with their ipad or the play station.

I think the parents must be briefed on the subject to keep them aware and alert, and the benefit of learning a foreign language. And the teacher should make sure the students they teach would learn something.

The kids that I know chose Arabic. Mandarin is also offered. I believe teachers should not only teach but also to make sure every kid can master the subject matter. By 12 months they should be fluent.

I can't see why and how the kids fail to learn if the teaching methods and procedures are well planned.

Parents should appreciate the effort to develop their kids to be the best. Learning languages should not be taken for granted. It is something serious and beneficial.

The other day when I visited Beijing and Shanghai I encountered with several Americans, both White and Black, conversing Mandarin with the Chinese very fluently.

The Ministry of Education should mount a follow up to ensure the investment and the public funds are fully utilized effectively.

Teaching and learning must be enforced with the competition at various level to encourage a serious learning of the subject.

Let us see our young practicing Arabic and Mandarin while they are not in school.The state and local education departments should give more attention rather than let things go without any notice.

In term of languages, the Malays are always behind the rest. A Chinese can speak at least three languages. Most speaks four. If the Malays are barred to converse in English, what is left is only Bahasa Melayu.

Both Arabic and Mandarin are hard language to master but 60% to 75% is ample enough to enhance the quality of our future generation.

Way back in 1964 I paid my way through to attend an evening class to learn Mandarin. Nobody drove or encouraged me. At that age I just find it fun and pleasure to study languages.         02/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof                       

This time the lost is 2.5 billion. One lady was trying to sympathize commenting that it is easy for the public to criticize than done. Both NFC and MAS gave the excuses of the century, showing the cow mentality. One putting the blame on fuel and the other said there is excessive meat to be sold in Malaysia alone.

There are at least two type of people who throw criticism; the professional critics and the people who have been successful in managing money. The later know what they are talking about. There isn't much different in managing millions and billions. It is not a political motive when I say anything has to do with UMNO members will be a JONAH. There are at least 10 businesses run by UMNO individuals went to hell without trace. If you follow the thread the devil was born during the regime of Mamak Kutty.

Your telling UMNO not to meddle with the appointments and elections of CEO and managers will fall on the deaf ears. Now they want Khairy to head the PUNB.

Surely MAS have had total spending more than the total revenue. Many are blaming the cronies who charged high price for everything. Who are the vendors ? How much do they charge ? How much does MAS pay to the CEO and other staffs ? Some even asked MAS to sell the million pound paintings on the wall. And even at the critical situation the politicians are trying to play game pertaining to Tajuddin Ramli, which had given much conjecture to what is happening.

In short our politicians care nothing to whatever happen but merely pretend to show concern.

We have people who totally blame the stupidity and the inefficiency of the Malays 'Keturunan Bodoh'. We are angry. I am angry too but could we blame the others when we are not only showing that we are incapable but also arrogance and defiance.

Do we need MAS ? NO. It brought us shame. You talk to these people they will talk like experts, pushing you away by their arguments. Like the PHD fellow from NFC giving justifications for pushing businesses in Singapore. How could we support UMNO when each day it is showing the evil deeds and the total failures. Out of the 2.5 billion we don't know how much was in the game of corruption and kickback.

One reader said that he had to take a 5.45 am flight to KK by MAS. You can count the number of people on the flight. Too many complaints and too many curses can finally put the organization down. It goes likewise to the government.

Just close MAS. We still AirAsia to fly. There are many cheaper international carriers that can take us around. Cathay is one of the cheapest besides Lankan and Thai.  No bail out can survive MAS. MAS is not a problem but UMNO is. It was an UMNO midas touch that turn MAS into JONAH.

01/03/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It has been some time since I stpped cleaning my shack as my focus were at something elses. New thing started to crop up. My frint house neighbor is blaming me for a cat that gave birth to kittens in their house. They said it was my cat and I should all the blame.  The  wife  angered  my  new maid  from

29/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

 Medan when the lady who is a Koranic teacher threw the kitten in my compund. The kitten were too small to know anything. When my wife heard about it on coming back from dialysis she cried like a baby.

The cats that I have are either stray or thrown by passers by because they know I feed cats. The first cat was a strange one jumping into our window and stayed in but now went missing. The rest gave birth and some kittens went missing. I have no heart to throw the kittens away.

At time I really wonder how a religious persons can be so cruel to animals. Her husband is an Imam. We have been good to them all the time even though the car belongs to them hit my house and cause big damage to my house. I never grumbled but the Chinese man who came to repair our house said it would cost us more than RM40000 to have a new roof.A couple of days ago my Kancil gave me a problem which cost me about RM825.00. So what else I don't have ? Much has been spent on my wife, an acquisition of maid, room cleaning, car problem and now kittens.

At least my shack is more organized than a few days before. My cloth has found a new home. Before this I was like a homeless. Nothing was organize. But the shack is still stuffy and hot. I need to repair and service my air-condition. It stopped running for years.

I am able to survive because my body has conditioned to the warm environment.


The Malays are given two choices. Either they chose the Chinese or corruption. Is it not a hard choice ? And they are made to believe that if the Chinese is chosen then the Malays will go to hell. Choosing corruption will not bring hell immediately to them.

Is it not a surprise to hear that many prefer to choose the Chinese to robbers and gagsters. Even Mahathir do not choose the Malays. By now people already know who Vincent Tan, Syed Mokhtar ( not original Malay ) and Ananda Krishnan. And he himself admitted that the NEP benefited the Chinese. Had not UMNO favored the MCA than the poor Malays whose lands were acquired for the benefit of the greedy gangs.

If the Malays prefer the Chinese to the UMNO Malays it could mean the later must have been so very bad. Very very very bad.

But many Chinese chose PAS instead of corruption. I have been hearing stories from the Chinese about Kelantan government. Surely it was a hard choice for the Chinese too.

Many of us have been under the Chinese bosses. The past experience dared us to be under the Chinese. Lim Kit Siang is always better than Chua Soi Lek in moral and ethical respect. Lim Guan Eng is twenty time better then Khairy or Ibrahim Ali.

29/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Corruption is one, gangsterism is another. UMNO resort to physical violence to stop an opposition candidate to talk when it can use all the media dan and night to discredit the others.

Does'nt UMNO and Mahathir mean BN will not choose a Chinese to lead the country ? That is exactly what Mahathir is saying and UMNO is saying. Voting for UMNO means a Malay dominance and continuous corrupt practices.

Actually we have to ponder deeply which to choose between good and bad. Good ethics, trustworthy, honesty and sincerity cut across the flat form of racial content. Badness is never a property of the Chinese or any other non-Malay group.

You have seen how the arrogance and adamant Shahrizat family is. How evil a Mamak Kutty can be, and continue to lie to cover the crimes done. You have seen how lives went missing while under MACC. And the more you yell at them the more they show you how dare they are to do what they want with people's money. Those were more than corruption. Can't they stop the drug or they are happy with the vendors ? The whole issue is MONEY.

Why not at least try to choose the Chinese if we need to. Give them a try. If they are not good we replace them back with good people. It won't hurt. The United States had chose a black to lead them and they can put him away at the end of this year.

The promise of UMNO has just been a rhetoric. They don't walk the talk. Instead they are corrupting the people.

Between corruption and the Chinese I would choose the good Chinese. Always reject the bad Malays.



With digital mode like RTTY I have to watch what I type and open my eyes to read the coming texts. With voice it would continue to tax my throat. With CW it was just very fine.

In HMA radio, without CW is just like a marriage without SEX. You don't feel the completion of life. There would be something missing. FLU. sore throat can take one away from ham radio if without Morse.


29/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Lately I don't feel so well. I would rest on my chair, close my eyes and called CQ with a borrowed iambic key from Hairi, 9M2GET. For the past 6 days of CQ call on 7.042 only one station from Indonesia came back.

But that did not stop me from continuous calling until I dozed off. And even I did not sleep I would still close my both eyes, relaxing, listening and response when it was my turn to reply.


Najib promised to give more power to MACC if BN wins in the next GE. What can you make out from that promise ?

It means Najib reconfirm that the MACC is not given the power but rather to follow the command of the corrupt leaders. Of course millions would be asking the same question; why not now ? Why must after the GE ? It also reaffirm that telling lies is just like waking up in the morning.

And Rakyat di Dahulukan is a great farce and outrageous lie as well.

MACC has been accused to be a political tool of UMNO. So is the AG. In the battle you can see  identical  mind from the two sides. It is the mi-

of fearlessness and stubbornness. On the government sides are the AG, MACC and the rest who think they are invincible and could get away with anything bad faith actions. On the other side are those who promise a deadly revenge when the government goes down. They will hunt the enemies like the Jews hunted the Nazis till the very day.

I have expected Najib to walk the talk and to be serious with his words. Instead lately he has been making ridiculous statements day after day. He insinuated that Shahrizat may not be charged in spite of the police recommendation. He said Lynas was always safe when the Australian government says it is not. He went on to support his wife extravagant expenditure.

I think Najib is challenging the rakyat to fight when he is supposed to serve the citizens. Those who criticized the government loves this country more than anything else.

May be Najib is over confident as the reception he gets when mixing with the people. Or the RM500 given., the promotion of teachers and all other goodies thrown out.

Supporting Shahrizat could be the worse thing that can happen. When Najib linked himself with Lynas as a champion, it is left to the conjecture.

Do you see why Australian university conferred an honorary degree to Rosmah ? It is about refugee and Lynas. They hope Malaysia will absorb the filth for them.

To lie is sinful and immoral. To celebrate Christman or Thaipusham is prohibited in Islam. IF both is nothing to you then it is up to the voters to decide.

You just notice that people are getting bolder and bolder. Some are not scared of FRU or any other intimidation. We just wait for the MRT tuck of war.

Such kind of bold opposition could result in Arab Spring.

I would like to advice Najib to stop lying and making insulting statements. He can still be the next PM even without those lies. Just declare the election date.     28/02/2012


Between a man and a machine it is a man who we should choose as our companion. The bond and compassion come together with jealousy and hatred. It brings sweet memories however bitter the old experience was. The ties between a Head Master and the students are not as strong as the ties between teachers and them. Some memories remain even how hard we try to forget them. School days are always at heart as compared to the college or university days. But many have gone. The girl I first fell in love has passed away. Cancer took her life when she was over 50. I last saw her when I was 20, and never met her again even though my present wife persuaded me to visit her before she passed away. Life must go on. Old pictures bring nostalgia.  

School days were ever the best.  Those were days of romance ,infatuation and frustration. Teachers should understand their students always guide them so that they won't go astray. Many of my students find spouses from the same school. A few are still single. As a teacher I do not recognize or remember many of them.

On the coming June there will be a mega re-union regardless of years of graduation. I will make a point to attend the function. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR SCHOOL.

 27/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Should we think for our future generation or left them to solve their own problems ? You will different answers from different ethnic groups.

If you look at the history of the United States and study the currency you can trace the plan for the future of America even began in the 18th Century, The Founding Fathers have laid out what the color and shape America should be.

If you ask the Malays 50 years ago and the elite Malays of today, they probably would answer 'WHO CARES'. That's the reason you see the Malays as what UMNO itself described.

Moral issue is utmost critical. Drugs and crimes followed by corruptions are killing not only our values but also making our young slaves of the corporate world. They work to pay the Telco companies, banks for expensive apartments and other necessities.

University graduates will have problems in finding jobs. Drug abuse will be as normal as cigarette smoking, and it is highly probable that they will be legalized as much as the legalization of same sex marriage.

Will you call their future their fate and destiny ? Look at the current trend and the attitudes of the Malay politicians.  They are busy making wealth for themselves and their kids.
27/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Take a close study of the United States congress you will find it is tainted with gangsterism and mobs. At least one Mayor is a Mafia himself. In democracy anybody can be a leader and a state man. Robbing and killing is part of their lives.

To be in politic a person must be able to lie, a hypocrite, keep a smiling face and good in talking. If you study how Zionist rule America you will find there are more things than the listed characteristics.

Though MAFIA has it origin in Sicily the system of organized crime is become a world wide phenomena. It is not a small time gang by the road side. They have lawyers, businessmen, police and including the hit man. They fear no one, no remorse and no regret. Morality and shame is non existence.

Most laymen are blind to recognize one. All the populace care is the daily availability of bread, a home to live in and other basic facilities. Where those things come from is not their concern. Whoever give them is a good man.

Even though the history of a Mayor is published people would still vote him, cheering at his presence. And the government find working with Mafia is comfortable in many ways. When you hear about CIA sell drugs you should not be surprise.

It takes a very strong non-political leadership to organize covert resistance and put the Mafia politicians away. They have to be brainy  as smart as the computer genius to oust the mob regardless of the later's popularity. In USA the blend is too strong and too complicated because they mix up with zionism.

We the Malaysians have to depend on the honest UMNO members to ensure this country is not run by MAFIA. The ordinary members must take the task to himself to observe and scrutinize and organize the ousting of such people.

If there are MAFIA mayors in the United States and European countries it could have been anywhere else. Right now one has to see the behavior of these people and how daringly they committed crimes and asking the leaders to protect them. It is always an art and a technique of a criminal who is a politician.

Mob kills people. If we are scared and stay to remain quiet only God knows what will happen to the nation. America has become a savage nation with savage soldiers urinating the dead and burning the Quaran.

You can see how Donald Rumsfeld behaves, just like a mob leader; very aggressive and arrogance. I am taling of USA not Taib Mahmud nor Shahrizat nor people who support the Lynas. It is not our work to check the party members. May it BN or PKR each member must be alert, read a little on International Mafia and know they operate.

Would you go against the mob or robbers if they feed you well ? Didn't Robinhood was made a hero in England and Francis Drke, the Pirate, knighted by the Queen ?

27/02/2012 - Abdul Rahman Raof